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Analysis of redirects in the wikt.

Total of 17114 redirects in dump of 26 November 2008.

classification occurs notes
English forms from conversion 8 (mostly) English forms that start with capital, redirecting to infinitive or singular, from conversion
Arabic vowel forms 289 Arabic redirects to forms without vowels and similar; these are not checked to see if they really are
Hebrew vowel forms 347 Hebrew redirects to forms without vowels and similar; likewise
Japanese forms 251 Japanese redirects from verb and adjective forms, not checked
Case forms (needed) 7091 variant cases needed for searches
Case forms (tbd) 261 variant cases that will be deleted, but still have links
Idioms 1354 redirects to different form of idiom
Proverbs 134 redirects to different form of proverb
Phrases (other) 689 other phrases or multi-word titles that closely match
Full stop (abbreviations) 192 redirect from form with dot(s) to without, presumably an abbrevation
Main page 6 redirects to Wiktionary:Main Page
Bad 551 bad redirects between English (a-z) forms, etc, listed below
Others 5941 others not classified, listed below (maximum of 1000)

Bad redirects[edit]

  • redirects between single word forms
  • these focus on English, only redirects where entry and target are a-z
  • includes cases of capitalized word redirecting to different lc target (first class in table supra)
  • should be entries for forms, alternate spellings, or may be errors
  • none are valid


  • other redirects not classified above (maximum of 1000)
  • may be errors, may not be, simply not classified at this time