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habit {n} (an action done on a regular basis) :: tập quán (習慣), thói quen
hackberry {n} (plant) :: cơm nguội
hacker {n} (one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data) :: tin tặc
Hadrian {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adrian ::
haematology {n} (scientific study of blood and blood-producing organs) :: huyết học
haemorrhoids {n} (a pathological condition) :: trĩ
hafnium {n} (chemical element) :: hafini
haggis {n} (traditional Scottish dish) :: haggis
Hagia Sophia {prop} (a former basilica, now a museum in Turkey) :: Hagia Sophia
haha {interj} (representation of laughter) :: ha ha, há há, hi hi, hí hí, hờ hờ, hô hố
Haikou {prop} (a city in China) :: Hải Khẩu
hail {n} (balls of ice) :: mưa đá
hail {v} (to call out loudly in order to gain the attention of) :: gọi
Hail Mary {n} (prayer) :: Kinh Kính Mừng
Hainan {prop} (province of China) :: Hải Nam
hair {n} (a pigmented keratinaceous growth on the human head) :: tóc
hair {n} (the collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals) :: lông
haircut {n} (act of cutting of hair) :: [Northern Vietnam] cắt tóc, [Southern Vietnam] hớt tóc
haircut {n} (way hair is cut) :: kiểu tóc
hairdresser {n} (professional for haircutting or hairstyling) :: thợ cắt tóc nữ
hairless {adj} (bald) SEE: bald ::
hairstyle {n} (the style in which someone's hair has been cut and arranged) :: kiểu tóc, kiểu đầu
haitch {n} (name of the letter H) SEE: aitch ::
Haiti {prop} (a country in the Caribbean) :: Ha-i-ti
Haitian Creole {n} (language spoken in Haiti) :: tiếng Hai Ti
Hakka {adj} (of the Hakka people) :: Khách Gia
Hakka {n} (a member of an ethnic group) :: người Khách Gia
Hakka {prop} (Hakka (Kejia) language) :: tiếng Khách Gia
halcyon days {n} (halcyon days) :: những ngày thanh bình
half {adj} (consisting of a half) :: phân nửa
half {n} (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided) :: nửa
half-life {n} (time in physics) :: chu kì bán rã, chu kỳ bán rã, chu kỳ nửa phân rã
half-line {n} (ray) SEE: ray ::
half past {n} ("half past one" as example of usage in other languages) :: một giờ rươi
hall {n} (meeting room) :: phòng
hall of fame {n} (hall which honors people of great importance to some field) :: đại sảnh danh vọng
hall of residence {n} (building for university students to live in) :: ký túc xá
Halloween {prop} (October 31st) :: Halloween, đêm trước ngày lễ Các Thánh
hallway {n} (corridor) SEE: corridor ::
halter {n} (animal's headgear) :: dây, dây thòng lọng
halva {n} (confection) :: bánh hanva, bánh mật
hamartia {n} (sin) SEE: sin ::
hamate bone {n} (one of the wrist bones) :: xương móc
hamburger {n} (sandwich) :: hăm-bơ-gơ
hamlet {n} (small village) :: xóm
hammer {n} (tool) :: búa
hammer and sickle {n} (symbol of communism) :: búa và liềm
hammock {n} (swinging couch or bed) :: cái võng, võng
Han {prop} (dynasty) :: nhà Hán, Hán triều (漢朝)
Han {prop} (Chinese ethnicity) :: người Hán (người + ), Hán tộc (漢族)
Han character {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character ::
Han Chinese {n} (the largest ethnic group indigenous to China) :: người Hán
hand {v} (to give, pass or transmit with the hand) :: [cho] đưa
hand {v} (to lead, guide, or assist with the hand) :: giúp, đỡ
hand {n} (part of the fore limb) :: tay
hand {n} (pointer of an analogue/analog clock) :: kim
hand {n} (side; part; direction, either right or left) :: phía, bên (side), hướng (direction), mặt (on one hand...)
hand {n} (servant, laborer, workman, trained for special duty; a performer) :: công nhân, nhân công (worker), thủy thủ (at sea)
hand {n} (handwriting; style of penmanship) :: chữ viết
hand {n} (personal possession; ownership; hence, control; direction; management) :: tay, quyền, quyền hành
hand {n} (that which is, or may be, held in a hand at once) :: ván (a), buộc (b)
hand {n} (set of cards held by a player in a card game) :: ván
hand {n} (actual performance; deed; act; workmanship; agency; hence, manner of performance.) :: tay
Handan {prop} (a prefecture-level city in north China) :: Hàm Đan
handbag {n} (small bag used by women) :: túi xách tay, bị cầm tay
handball {n} (team sport) :: banh để liệng
handbook {n} (a book of reference) :: sổ tay
handcuffs {n} (metal rings for fastening wrists) :: còng, còng tay, còng số tám, còng số 8
handful {n} (amount held in hand) :: nắm, vốc
hand-held {adj} (held in one hand) :: cầm tay
handkerchief {n} (cloth for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands) :: khăn tay
handle {n} (part of an object held in the hand when used or moved) :: cán
handlebar {n} (bar for steering) :: tay lái
handmade {adj} (made by hand) :: làm bằng tay, thủ công (手工)
handrail {n} (rail which can be held) :: tay vịn, thanh vịn
handsaw {n} (saw small enough to be used by one hand) :: cưa tay
handsome {adj} (of man: attractive) :: đẹp trai
hang {v} (to be or remain suspended) :: treo
hang {v} (to cause to be suspended) :: treo
hang {v} (to place on a hook) :: treo
hang {v} (to execute by suspension from the neck) :: treo
hang {v} (to be executed using gallows) :: treo
hang {v} (to decorate (something) with hanging objects) :: treo
hang {v} (computing: to stop responding) :: treo
hang {v} (computing: to cause (a program or computer) to stop responding) :: làm treo
hangar {n} (a large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept) :: hang ga`
hanger {n} (clothes hanger) :: móc
hangover {n} (illness caused by heavy drinking) :: dựng xiên, tồn tại
Hangzhou {prop} (a city of China) :: Hàng Châu
Hanoi {prop} (capital of Vietnam) :: Hà Nội (河內)
Hanyu Pinyin {prop} (standard romanization of Mandarin Chinese) :: Bính âm Hán ngữ (拼音+ 漢語)
Hanzi {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character ::
haply {adv} (perhaps) SEE: perhaps ::
happen {v} (to occur) :: xảy ra, xảy đến
happiness {n} (emotion of being happy) :: hạnh phúc (幸福)
happiness {n} :: hạnh phúc, phúc
happy {adj} (contented, joyous) :: mừng
happy {adj} (fortunate, lucky) :: sướng, sung sướng, may, may mắn, hạnh phúc
happy {adj} (content (to do something); having no objection (to something)) :: vui lòng
happy {adj} (appropriate, apt, felicitous) :: tài tình
happy birthday {interj} (good wishes for a birthday) :: chúc mừng sinh nhật, chức mừng sinh nhật, sinh nhật vui vẻ nhé
happy New Year {phrase} (Happy New Year) :: chúc mừng năm mới
Harbin {prop} (a sub-provincial city in northeastern China) :: Cáp Nhĩ Tân
harbor {n} (for ships) :: hải cảng, cảng
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor ::
hard {adj} (resistant to pressure) :: cứng, rắn
hard {adj} (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand) :: khó
hard {adj} (demanding a lot of effort to endure) :: khó khăn, khốn khó
hard {adj} (severe) :: khó tính, khó, khó khăn
hard {adj} (of drink: strong) :: mạnh
hard disk {n} (unit and all the disks within it) :: ổ đĩa cứng
hard disk drive {n} (hard drive or hard disk) :: ổ đĩa cứng
hard drive {n} (device used for storing large amounts of data) :: ổ đĩa cứng
hard-on {n} (rigid state of the penis) SEE: erection ::
hard rock {n} (rock music genre) :: hard rock
hard roe {n} (roe) SEE: roe ::
hardware {n} (material part of a computer) :: cương liệu, phần cứng, phần máy
hard-working {adj} (tending to work with ardour) SEE: hardworking ::
hardworking {adj} (taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly) :: chăm chỉ
hare {n} (animal) :: thỏ rừng
harem {n} (the private part of an Arab household) :: hậu cung
haricot {n} (common bean) SEE: common bean ::
harmonica {n} (wind instrument) :: khẩu cầm (口琴)
harp {n} (musical instrument) :: thụ cầm, hạc cầm, đàn hạc, đàn harp
harpoon {n} (spearlike weapon) :: lao móc
harpsichord {n} (musical instrument) :: đàn clavico
harrow {n} (device) :: bừa
Hartley County {prop} (county) :: Quận Hartley
Harvard {prop} (name) :: Harvard
harvest {n} (autumn, fall) SEE: autumn ::
harvest {n} (season of gathering the ripened crop) :: mùa gặt
harvest {n} (process of gathering the ripened crop) :: gặt, thu hoạch
harvest {n} (yield of harvesting) :: mùa màng
Haryana {prop} (state) :: Haryana
hashish {n} (marijuana generally) SEE: cannabis ::
hashish {n} (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant) :: hasit, cần sa
hasta la vista {phrase} (see you later) SEE: see you later ::
hat {n} (a head covering) :: , nón
hatch {v} (to emerge from an egg) :: nở
hatch {v} (of an egg, to break open) :: nở
hate {v} (to dislike intensely) :: ghét
hate {n} (hatred) SEE: hatred ::
hatred {n} (strong aversion) :: sự ghét, sự căm thù
haunt {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost ::
haunted house {n} (house believed to be a center for supernatural occurrences) :: nhà ma, căn nhà ma, căn nhà ma quái
Havana {prop} (capital) :: La Habana
have {v} (to possess) ::
have {v} (must) SEE: have to ::
have a bun in the oven {v} (To be pregnant; to be expecting a baby) :: đeo ba lô ngược /wear a backpack on the front/
have eyes bigger than one's belly {v} (have eyes bigger than one's stomach) SEE: have eyes bigger than one's stomach ::
have eyes bigger than one's stomach {v} (take more food than one can eat) :: con mắt lớn hơn cái bụng, no bụng đói con mắt, mắt to hơn bụng
have eyes on {v} (observe) SEE: observe ::
have one's eye on {v} (watch) SEE: watch ::
have sex {v} (take part in a sexual act) :: giao cấu, làm tình
have to {v} :: phải
Hawaiian {n} (Hawaiian language) :: tiếng Hawaii
Hawaiian goose {n} (Branta sandvicensis) SEE: nene ::
hawk {n} (predatory bird of Accipitridae) :: chim ưng, diều hâu
hawthorn {n} (type of shrub) :: sơn tra
hay {n} (grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder) :: cỏ khô
hay {v} (to cut green plants for fodder) :: cắt cỏ cho thú vật (literally: to cut grass for animals)
haya {n} (beech) SEE: beech ::
hazard {n} (chance) SEE: chance ::
hazel {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut ::
hazelnut {n} (fruit) :: hạt phỉ
he {determiner} (personal pronoun "he") :: [young man] anh ấy, [older or respected man] ông ấy, [child] , [informal or pejorative] hắn, [South] ổng, [South] ảnh
head {n} (bow of a vessel) SEE: bow ::
head {n} (cylinder head) SEE: cylinder head ::
head {n} (headache) SEE: headache ::
head {v} (to behead) SEE: behead ::
head {n} (headland) SEE: headland ::
head {n} (part of the body) :: đầu ()
headache {n} (pain or ache in the head) :: chứng nhức đầu
headlamp {n} (headlight) :: đèn pha
headland {n} (bit of coastal land that juts into the sea) :: mũi đất
headlight {n} (bright light in front of vehicle) :: đèn pha, pha, pha xe, đèn
head louse {n} (insect) :: chấy, chí
headmaster {n} (the most senior master in a school (male)) :: hiệu trưởng (校長)
head of state {n} (the chief public representative of a nation) :: nguyên thủ quốc gia, quốc trưởng
headphones {n} (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound) :: ống nghe, tai nghe
headpiece {n} (helmet) SEE: helmet ::
headquarters {n} (the military installation) :: tổng hành dinh
headquarters {n} (center of organisation's activity) :: trụ sở
headquarters {n} (a place) :: trung tâm
heads {n} (side of coin) :: mặt ngửa
headscarf {n} (piece of material worn over the head) :: khăn trùm đầu
headteacher {n} (The most senior teacher in a school) :: hiệu trưởng
head to toe {adv} (entirely; completely; over one's full body) :: từ đầu đến đuôi [literally, from head to tail]
headwaiter {n} (main supervisory waiter) :: người đầu bếp, đầu bếp
health {n} (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction) :: sức khỏe
health care {n} (prevention, treatment, and management of illnesses) :: y tế
healthcare {n} (health care) SEE: health care ::
healthy {adj} (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit: well) :: khỏe mạnh
hear {v} (to perceive with the ear) :: nghe
hearing {n} (sense used to perceive sound) :: thính giác
hearse {n} (vehicle for transporting dead) :: xe tang
heart {n} (an organ) :: tim ()
heart {n} (emotions or kindness) :: lòng
heart {n} (a shape or symbol) :: hình trái tim
heart {n} (a suit of cards) ::
heart {n} (centre or core) :: trung tâm (中心)
heart attack {n} (death) SEE: death ::
heart attack {n} (acute myocardial infarction) :: nhồi máu cơ tim
hearts {n} (plural of "heart") SEE: heart ::
heart-warming {adj} (eliciting tenderness and sympathy) :: ấm lòng
heat {v} (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space) :: đun
heater {n} (device that produces and radiates heat) :: bếp lò,
heating oil {n} (petroleum product used as a fuel in a heating system) :: ma-dút
heat rub {n} :: dầu gió
heat wave {n} (heat wave) SEE: heatwave ::
heatwave {n} (period of very hot weather) :: sóng nhiệt
heaven {n} (sky) :: trời
heaven {n} (paradise) :: thiên đường, thiên đàng
Heaven {prop} (All meanings) SEE: heaven ::
heavenly {adj} (extremely beautiful or pleasurable) :: tuyệt trần
heavenly stem {n} (set of ten terms in East Asian cultures) :: thiên can
heavy {adj} (having great weight) :: nặng
hebdomad {n} (period of seven days) SEE: week ::
Hebei {prop} (province of China) :: Hà Bắc
Hebraize {v} (convert to a Hebrew/Hebraic form) :: Do Thái hóa, Do Thái hoá
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the people) :: (thuộc) người Do thái, Do thái
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the language) :: (thuộc) tiếng Do thái, Do thái
Hebrew {n} (person) :: người Do thái
Hebrew {n} (language, see also: Biblical Hebrew) :: tiếng Hê-brơ, tiếng Do Thái
hectare {n} (unit of surface area) :: héc-ta
hectometer {n} (hectometre) SEE: hectometre ::
hectometre {n} (the length of 100 metres) :: hectomet
hedgehog {n} (animal) :: nhím
hee-haw {n} (cry) :: be be
hee-haw {interj} (cry) :: hô hố
heel {n} (anatomy: part of the foot) :: gót, gót chân
heel {n} (part of shoe) :: gót, gót giày
Hefei {prop} (a prefecture-level city in central China) :: Hợp Phì
Hegelian {adj} (of or pertaining to Hegel's ideas) :: Hê-ghen, Hê-gen
height {n} (distance from bottom to top) :: độ cao, cao
height {n} (height of a standing person or animal) :: chiều cao
Heihe {prop} (a prefecture-level city in northeastern China) :: Hắc Hà
Heilongjiang {prop} (province of China) :: Hắc Long Giang
Heilongjiang {prop} (Amur) SEE: Amur ::
heir {n} (one who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another) :: người thừa kế
helicopter {n} (aircraft) :: máy bay lên thẳng, máy bay trực thăng, trực thăng
helium {n} (chemical element) :: heli, hêli
hell {prop} (abode for the condemned) :: địa ngục (地獄)
Hellenize {v} (to become Hellenistic) :: Hy Lạp hóa, Hi Lạp hóa
Hellenize {v} (to make Hellenistic) :: Hy Lạp hóa, Hi Lạp hóa
hello {interj} (greeting) :: xin chào, chào (ông, , , anh, chị, em, quí vị — depending on gender and relative social status of person addressed)
hello {interj} (when answering the telephone) :: a-lô
hellspawn {n} (monster) SEE: monster ::
helmet {n} (protective head covering) :: mũ bảo hiểm, nón bảo hiểm
helot {n} (serf, slave) SEE: slave ::
help {n} (action given to provide assistance) :: giúp, giúp đỡ, trợ giúp, hỗ trợ
help {v} (transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something)) :: giúp, giúp đỡ
helpful {adj} (furnishing help; giving aid; useful) :: hay giúp đỡ
helping verb {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb ::
Helsinki {prop} (the capital city of Finland) :: Hiệu Sinh Kỳ, Hen-xin-ki
hematology {n} (study of blood and related organs) SEE: haematology ::
hemisphere {n} (half of the Earth) :: bán cầu (半球)
hemoglobin {n} (the iron-containing substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen) :: hemoglobin
hemorrhoid {n} (perianal varicosity) :: trĩ, bệnh trĩ
hemorrhoids {n} (haemorrhoids) SEE: haemorrhoids ::
hemp {n} (Cannabis sativa) :: cây gai dầu, gai dầu, cần sa, cây cần sa
hen {n} (female chicken) :: gà mái
Henan {prop} (Chinese province) :: Hà Nam
henceforward {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on ::
hentai {n} (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. manga or anime)) :: hentai, biến thái
hepatitis {n} (liver inflammation) :: bệnh viêm gan
Hepburn {prop} (romanization system for Japanese) :: hệ phiên âm La-tinh Hepburn
heraldry {n} (the profession of devising and blazoning arms) :: huy hiệu học
herb {n} (plant used to flavour food) :: cỏ, cây thảo
herbalism {n} ((obsolete) botany) SEE: botany ::
herbivore {n} (plant-eating organism) :: động vật ăn cỏ, động vật ăn thực vật
herd {n} (any collection of animals gathered or travelling in a company) :: bầy, đàn
here {adv} (in, on, or at this place) :: tại đây
here {adv} (to this place) :: đây, bên này
here {n} (this place) :: ở đây, đây, nơi đây
hereafter {n} (existence after death) SEE: afterlife ::
hereafter {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on ::
heresy {n} (dissension from religious dogma) :: dị giáo, tà giáo
here you are {phrase} (said when handing something over) :: của bạn đây, đây này
heritage {n} (property) :: di sản
heritage {n} (tradition) :: di sản
hermaphrodite {n} (individual or organism having both male and female gonads) :: người ái nam ái nữ
hermeneutics {n} (art and science of text interpretation) :: thông diễn học
hermit {n} (hermit crab) SEE: hermit crab ::
hermit crab {n} (crustacean) :: ốc mượn hồn, cua kí cư, cua ẩn sĩ
hernia {n} (part of the body protruding abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part) :: thoát vị
hero {n} (person of great bravery) :: anh hùng (英雄)
Herod {prop} (king) :: Herod
heroin {n} (powerful and addictive drug) :: bạch phiến
heron {n} (bird) :: diệc
herring {n} (fish in Clupea) :: cá trích
hertz {n} (the derived unit of frequency) :: hertz
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram {n} (plot of the absolute magnitude of stars) :: biểu đồ Hertzsprung-Russell
he shoots, he scores {phrase} (Score a goal) :: sút! vào!
hesitate {v} (to stop or pause respecting decision or action) :: chần chừ, do dự
heterosexual {adj} (sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex) :: dị tính luyến ái
heterotroph {n} (organism) :: sinh vật dị dưỡng
hexagon {n} (A polygon with six sides and six angles) :: lục giác, hình sáu cạnh
hexapod {n} (insect) SEE: insect ::
hey {interj} (exclamation to get attention) :: ê, này, ơi
hey {interj} (protest or reprimand) :: ê
Hezbollah {prop} (Lebanese Shia islamic organisation) :: Hezbollah
Hà Giang {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hà Giang
hi {interj} (friendly, informal greeting) :: chào (depending on the relationship between speaker and person addressed, one of the following terms may be appended: ông, , , anh, chị, em, quí vị)
Hội An {prop} (city in Vietnam) :: Hội An
hibernate {v} (winter sleep) :: ngủ đông
hibiscus {n} (flower) :: dâm bụt
hic {interj} :: hic, híc, hích, hix, hức
hiccough {n} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup ::
hiccough {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup ::
hiccup {n} (spasm of the diaphragm) :: cái nấc
hiccup {v} (to hiccup) :: nấc cụt, nấc
hick {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup ::
hidden {adj} (that has been moved out of sight; invisible or unapparent) :: ẩn
hidden {adj} (obscure) :: ẩn khuất
hidden {adj} (that has been hidden) :: giấu, ẩn
hide {v} ((transitive)) :: giấu
Hải Dương {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hải Dương
high {adj} (elevated; tall) :: cao cấp, cao ()
high {adj} (slang: stoned) :: phê
highland {n} (mountainous land) :: sơn nguyên
high-priced {adj} (expensive) SEE: expensive ::
high school {n} (secondary school) :: trường trung học phổ thông
high street {n} (the main street of any town) :: đường chính (塘正)
hight {v} (call) SEE: call ::
hight {v} (be called) :: được gọi là
highway {n} (main public road) :: xa lộ, đường ô tô, đường quốc lộ, quốc lộ
Hilary {prop} (male given name) :: Hilariô
hill {n} (elevated location) :: đồi
him {pron} (he) SEE: he ::
Hindi {n} (language) :: tiếng Hin-đi, tiếng Ấn Độ
Hindu {adj} (of or relating to Hinduism) :: Ấn-độ giáo
Hinduism {prop} (religion) :: Ấn-độ giáo
hinny {n} (hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey) :: con la, bạch đôi
hip {n} (joint) :: hông
Hải Phòng {prop} (city in Vietnam) :: Hải Phòng
hippocampus {n} (brain region) :: hồi hải mã
hippodrome {n} (horse racing course) :: trường đua ngựa
hippopotamus {n} (large African mammal) :: lợn nước, hà mã (河馬)
hiragana {n} (Japanese syllabary) :: hiragana
hire {v} (to employ) :: thuê, mướn
his {determiner} (attributive: belonging to him) :: của anh ấy, của nó, của hắn
Hispanic America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish) :: Hispanic America, Spanish America
histology {n} (study of microscopic structure) :: mô học
historian {n} (writer of history) :: nhà viết sử, sử gia
historian {n} (person who studies history) :: nhà viết sử, sử gia
historic {adj} (historical) SEE: historical ::
historical {adj} (pertaining to history) :: thuộc về sử học, lịch sử
historiography {n} (writing of history) :: thuật chép sử
history {n} (aggregate of past events) :: lịch sử (歷史)
history {n} (branch of knowledge that studies the past) :: lịch sử (歷史)
history {n} (record or narrative description of past events) :: lịch sử
history {n} (medicine: list of past and continuing medical conditions) :: lịch sử
history {n} (computing: record of previous user events) :: lịch sử
hit {v} (to give a blow) :: đập, đánh
hit {v} (to hit) SEE: strike ::
hitchhiker {n} (a person who hitchhikes) :: người xin có giang
hives {n} (medical condition) SEE: urticaria ::
Hạ Long {prop} (city in Vietnam) :: Hạ Long
Hạ Long Bay {prop} (city in Vietnam) :: vịnh Hạ Long
Hmong {n} (people) :: H'Mông
Hà Nam {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hà Nam
Hưng Yên {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hưng Yên
Hoahaoism {prop} (lay-Buddhist organization) :: đạo Hoà Hảo
hobby {n} (activity done for enjoyment in spare time) :: sở thích riêng, sở thích
Hoà Bình {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hoà Bình
Ho Chi Minh {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City ::
Ho Chi Minh City {prop} (largest city of Vietnam) :: Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Hồ Chí Minh
Ho Chi Minh City {prop} (Saigon) SEE: Saigon ::
hockey {n} (the sport) :: khúc côn cầu
hoe {n} (agricultural tool) :: cuốc
hogshead {n} (measure) :: Bơrin
Hohhot {prop} (capital of Inner Mongolia) :: Hô Hòa Hạo Đặc
hoisin sauce {n} (sauce used in Chinese cooking) :: tương đen
hoist by one's own petard {adj} (be hurt by one's own plot) :: gậy ông đập lưng ông
Hokkaido {prop} (a northern largest island of Japan, or a prefecture based in itself) :: Hokkaido, Hokkaidō, Đảo Hokkaido, Đảo Hokkaidō
Hokkien {prop} (dialect of the Chinese language) :: tiếng Mân Nam
Hokkien {prop} (Min Nan) SEE: Min Nan ::
hold {v} (to grasp) :: giữ, cầm, nắm
hold {v} (to contain) :: chứa, đựng
hole {n} (pit) SEE: pit ::
hole {n} (hollow in some surface) :: lỗ
holiday {n} (day on which a festival etc. is traditionally observed) :: ngày lễ
holiday {n} (day declared free from work by the government) :: nghỉ lễ
holiday {n} :: nghỉ hè
holiday {v} (to take a period of time away from work or study) :: nghỉ mát
holidayer {n} (one who is on holiday) SEE: holiday-maker ::
holiday-maker {n} (somebody on holiday) :: người đi nghỉ mát
Holland {prop} (the Netherlands, see also: Netherlands) :: Hà Lan (荷蘭)
hollow {n} (hollow in some surface) SEE: hole ::
hollow {adj} (having an empty space inside) :: rỗng
holmium {n} (chemical element) :: holmi, honmi
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany) :: Holocaust
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 11 million people by Nazi Germany) :: Holocaust
holy {adj} (dedicated to a religious purpose) :: thánh (), thần thánh
holy day of obligation {n} (feast day on which the faithful are expected to attend Mass) :: lễ buộc
holy family {prop} (Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Joseph) :: Thánh Gia, Thánh gia thất
Holy Father {prop} (God) :: Chúa Cha
Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Holy Trinity) SEE: Holy Spirit ::
Holy Land {prop} (that part of Asia in which most Biblical events are set) :: Đất Thánh
Holy Roman Empire {prop} (state) :: Đế quốc La Mã Thần thánh
Holy See {prop} (episcopal see of the Catholic Church) :: Tòa Thánh
holy shit {interj} (expression of surprise or the like) :: vãi
Holy Spirit {prop} (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity) :: Thánh Thần
home {n} (house or structure in which someone lives) :: nhà, [birthplace] nơi sinh, chỗ ở, gia đình, nhà ở, nhà cửa
home {n} (someone’s native land) :: quê, quê hương, tổ quốc
home {n} (childhood or parental home) :: nhà, quê hương, [lit. "place of burial"] nơi chôn
home {n} (place of the affections) :: nhà
home {n} (place of refuge or rest) :: [home for outcasts, handicapped, elderly, etc.; lit. "institution"] viện, [home for orphans] trại mồ côi
home {n} (goal (sports)) :: đích
homebrewed {adj} (homemade) SEE: homemade ::
homeland {n} (country which one regards as home) :: tổ quốc, (祖國)
homeless {adj} (lacking a permanent residence) :: vô gia cư, không cửa không nhà
homemade {adj} (made at home) :: cây nhà lá vườn
home page {n} (main or first page of a website) :: trang chủ, trang đầu, trang nhà, trang chính, trang nhất
home page {n} (web page set to open in a web browser) :: trang nhà, trang đầu
hometown {n} (place of birth or residence) :: quê hương, cố hương (故鄉)
homoerotic {adj} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual ::
homophobia {n} (fear, dislike, or hate of homosexuals) :: ghê sợ đồng tính luyến ái
homosexual {adj} (sexually attracted solely or primarily to the same sex) :: đồng tính, đồng tính luyến ái
homosexual {n} (person who is attracted solely or primarily to others of the same sex) :: giao hợp với người đồng tính
homosexuality {n} (sexual orientation) :: tính tình dục đồng giới, đồng tính luyến ái
Honduras {prop} (a country in Central America) :: Hôn-đu-rát
honest {adj} (scrupulous with regard to telling the truth) :: thành thật
honesty {n} (quality of being honest) :: tánh thành thật, tánh thanh liêm
honey {n} (sweet substance produced by bees) :: mật ong
honey bear {n} (sun bear) SEE: sun bear ::
honeycomb {n} (structure of cells made by bees) :: tảng ong
honeycomb stomach {n} (reticulum) SEE: reticulum ::
honeymoon {n} (period of time immediately following a marriage) :: tuần trăng mật
hong bao {n} (red envelope) SEE: red envelope ::
Hong Kong {prop} (coastal administrative region in south-east China) :: Hồng Kông, Hương Cảng (香港)
hongweibing {n} (Red Guards (China)) :: hồng vệ binh
honor {n} (token of praise or respect) :: danh dự
honorific {n} (title or term of respect) :: kính ngữ (敬語), kính cẩn
Honorius {prop} (male given name) :: Hônôriô
honour {n} (honour) SEE: honor ::
honour {v} (honour) SEE: honor ::
hood {n} (thug) SEE: thug ::
hoof {n} (tip of a toe of ungulates) :: guốc, móng
hook {n} (rod bent into a curved shape) :: móc
hook {v} (to steal) SEE: steal ::
hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook ::
hookah {n} (pipe) :: shisha
hooligan {n} (person that causes trouble or violence) :: du côn, lưu manh
hooray {interj} (elated expression of approval) :: hoan hô, vạn tuế (萬歲)
hooter {n} (slang: penis) SEE: dick ::
hooter {n} (owl) SEE: owl ::
hoover {v} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum ::
hoover {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner ::
hop {n} (the plant whose flowers are used in brewing) :: hoa bia
hope {n} (belief that something wished for can happen) :: hy vọng (希望)
hope {n} (person or thing that is a source of hope) :: nguồn hy vọng
hope {v} (to want something to happen, with expectation that it might) :: hy vọng (希望)
hopeless {adj} (desperate) SEE: desperate ::
hop to it {v} (hurry up) SEE: hurry up ::
horizon {n} (line that appears to separate the Earth from the sky) :: chân trời
horn {n} (growth on the heads of certain animals) :: sừng
horn {n} (any of several musical wind instruments) :: kèn
horn {n} (loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle) :: râu, sừng
horn {n} (diacritical mark) :: dấu móc, dấu râu
Horn of Africa {prop} (peninsula in East Africa) :: Sừng châu Phi
horny {adj} (sexually aroused) :: nứng
horror {n} (intense distressing fear or repugnance) :: sự khiếp, sự ghê rợn
horror movie {n} (motion picture which horrifies or frightens) :: phim kinh dị
horse {n} (members of the species Equus ferus) :: ngựa
horse-leech {n} (larger than the common leech) :: đỉa trâu
horseling {n} (foal) SEE: foal ::
horseling {n} (pony) SEE: pony ::
horsemeat {n} (horse meat) :: thịt ngựa
horsepower {n} (non-metric) :: mã lực (馬力)
horsepower {n} (metric) :: mã lực (馬力)
horseshoe {n} (metallic shoe of a horse) :: móng ngựa
horseshoe crab {n} (arthropod) :: sam
horticulture {n} (the science of caring for gardens) :: nghề làm vườn
hose {n} (flexible tube) :: ống vòi
hospital {n} (large medical facility) :: bệnh viện, nhà thương
host {n} (person or organisation responsible for running an event) :: người chủ trì, người tổ chức
host {n} (moderator) :: chủ tế
host {n} (computing: computer attached to a network) :: máy chủ
host {n} (computing: computer or software component that provides services) :: máy chủ dịch vụ
host {n} (biology: cell or organism which harbors another organism) :: vật chủ
host {v} (perform the role of a host) :: đăng cai, tổ chức
host {v} (computing: run software for a remote user or process) :: lưu trữ, phục vụ
host {n} (multitude of people arrayed as an army) :: đạo quân
host {n} (large number of items) :: loạt, hàng loạt
host {n} (consecrated bread) :: bánh lễ, bánh thánh
hostage {n} (person given as a pledge or security) :: con tin
hot {adj} (having a high temperature) :: nóng
hot {adj} (spicy) :: cay
hot-air balloon {n} (balloon-shaped aircraft filled with hot air) :: khinh khí cầu
hot chocolate {n} (beverage) :: nước sôcôla, sôcôla nóng
hot dog {v} (to perform a dangerous act as display) SEE: show off ::
hot dog {n} (frankfurter in a bun) :: bánh mì kẹp xúc xích
hotel {n} (establishment providing accommodation) :: khách sạn (客棧), lữ quán (旅館), ô ten
hothouse {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel ::
hotkey {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut ::
hotline {n} (telephone line that is able to give immediate assistance) :: đường dây nóng, đường dây khẩn cấp
hotline {n} (direct line between two people) :: đường dây nóng, đường dây khẩn cấp
hot pot {n} (communal meal in China) :: lẩu, ()
hot spell {n} (heatwave) SEE: heatwave ::
hot spring {n} (natural spring producing water whose temperature is greater than about 20°C (68° F)) :: suối nước nóng
hottie {n} (informal: hot-water bottle) SEE: hot water bottle ::
hot water bottle {n} (a flexible bottle for heat therapy) :: túi chườm nóng lạnh
hour {n} (time period of sixty minutes) :: giờ, tiếng
hourglass {n} (clock) :: đồng hồ cát
house {n} (human abode) :: nhà, nhà ở
house {n} (debating chamber for government politicians) :: nghị viện
housekeeper {n} (one who looks after the home by herself) :: bà quản gia
house of ill fame {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel ::
house sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus) :: chim sẻ
housewarming {n} (party) :: ăn tân gia, lễ tân gia
housewife {n} (female head of household) :: bà nội trợ
hover {v} (to place the cursor over a hyperlink) :: rê chuột, rê con trỏ
how {adv} (to what degree) :: thế nào, làm sao, sao
how {adv} (in what manner) :: như thế nào, làm sao, sao
how are you {phrase} (greeting) :: bạn khỏe không?, bạn có khỏe không?, [informal] khỏe chứ?
how come {adv} (why) :: tại sao, tai sao
howdy {interj} (hi) SEE: hi ::
however {adv} (nevertheless) :: tuy nhiên
howl {v} (To utter a loud, protracted, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do) :: , tru
how long {adv} (how long (length of time)) :: bao lâu
how many {determiner} (what number) :: mấy [below ten], bao nhiêu [above ten]
how much {determiner} (what quantity) :: mấy [below ten], bao nhiêu [above ten]
how much {adv} (what is the cost/price) :: cái này giá bao nhiêu?
how much does it cost {phrase} (how much is it?) :: cái này giá bao nhiêu?, giá bao nhiêu?, bao nhiêu tiền?, giá bao nhiêu tiền?
how much is it {phrase} (how much does it cost) SEE: how much does it cost ::
how old are you {phrase} (what is your age in years) :: bạn bao nhiêu tuổi? (replace bạn with an appropriate pronoun)
Hsinchu {prop} (a city in Taiwan) :: Tân Trúc
HSK {prop} (HSK) :: kiểm tra trình độ tiếng Hán, HSK
Hà Tĩnh {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hà Tĩnh
Hu {prop} (Chinese surname) :: Hồ ()
Huai'an {prop} (a prefecture-level city in eastern China) :: Hoài An
Huaibei {prop} (a prefecture-level city in eastern China) :: Hoài Bắc
Huainan {prop} (a city of China) :: Hoài Nam
Hualien {prop} (a city in Taiwan) :: Hoa Liên
Huang He {prop} (river of northern China) :: Hoàng Hà (黃河)
Huaqiao {n} (overseas Chinese) :: hoa kiều (華僑)
hubby {n} (husband) :: [informally] ông xã
Hubei {prop} (province in central China) :: Hồ Bắc
Hue {prop} (city, province of Vietnam) :: Huế (), [older name] Thuận Hóa (順化)
hug {n} (affectionate embrace) :: cái ôm
hug {v} (embrace) :: ôm
Hậu Giang {prop} (province of Vietnam) :: Hậu Giang
huh {interj} (to express amusement or subtle surprise) :: ủa
huh {interj} (expressing doubt or confusion) :: ủa
huh {interj} (to reinforce a question) :: hả
huh {interj} (to indicate that one didn't hear) :: cái gì
huh {interj} (tag question) :: nhỉ, nhể, nhở, à
huh {interj} :: [3] a!
Hui {n} (people) :: người Hồi
Huizhou {prop} (a city of China) :: Huệ Châu
human being {n} (person) :: con người, người
humanism {n} (ethical system) :: nhân văn chủ nghỉa (人文主義)
humanism {n} (humanitarianism) :: chủ nghĩa nhân đạo (主義人道)
humankind {n} (human race) SEE: mankind ::
humankind {n} (the human race) :: loài người, nhân loại
human race {n} (the human race) SEE: humankind ::
human right {n} (basic right that all humans should be guaranteed) :: nhân quyền
human rights {n} (basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed) :: nhân quyền (人權)
human trafficking {n} (criminal activity in which people are recruited, etc. to serve an exploitative purpose) :: buôn người
humble {adj} (thinking lowly of oneself) :: khiêm tốn, khúm núm
humble {v} (to make humble or lowly in mind, etc.) :: hạ thấp
humerus {n} (bone of the upper arm) :: xương cánh tay
humid {adj} (slightly wet) :: ẩm
humidity {n} (dampness, especially that of the air) :: độ ẩm, tình trạng ẩm ướt
hummingbird {n} (any of various small American birds in the family Trochilidae) :: chim ruồi, chim ong
humour {n} (something funny) :: sự hài hước
hump {n} (deformity of the human back) :: bướu
humpback whale {n} (Megaptera novaeangliae) :: cá voi lưng gù
humus {n} (group of compounds in soil) :: mùn
Hun {n} (German) SEE: German ::
Hunan {prop} (province of China) :: Hồ Nam
hundred {num} (cardinal number 100) :: một trăm, trăm
hundredth {adj} (ordinal of 100) :: thứ một trăm
hundred thousand {num} (100,000) :: trăm nghìn
Hungarian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Hungary) :: Hung-ga-ri
Hungarian {n} (person from Hungary) :: người Hung-ga-ri
Hungarian {n} (the language) :: tiếng Hung-ga-ri
Hungary {prop} (the country) :: Hung-ga-ri, Hung Gia Lợi
hunger {n} (need for food) :: đói
hunger strike {n} (a fast undertaken as a means of protest) :: tuyệt thực
hungry {adj} (affected by hunger; desirous of food) :: đói
hunt {v} (to chase down prey) :: săn bắn
hunt {n} (the act of hunting, shooting) :: sự săn bắn
hunter {n} (person who hunts game) :: người đi săn
huqin {n} (a musical instrument) :: hồ cầm (胡琴)
hurrah {interj} (expressing approval, appreciation, or happiness) :: hoan hô, vạn tuế (萬歲)
hurricane {n} (weather phenomenon) :: bão, bão táp, bão tố
hurry {v} (to do things quickly) :: vội vàng, vội
hurry {v} (to speed up the rate) :: mau lên, nhanh lên, vội lên
hurry up {v} (go faster) :: mau lên, nhanh lên, vội lên
hurt {v} (to be painful) :: nhức, đầu
hurt {adj} (pained) :: đau
hurt {adj} :: tổn thương , làm tổn thương
husband {n} (male partner in marriage) :: chồng
hush up {v} (to keep secret) :: ỉm
hustler {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute ::
hut {n} (small wooden shed) :: chòi
hut {n} (primitive dwelling) :: chòi
hutong {n} (lane) SEE: lane ::
hutong {n} (alley) SEE: alley ::
hybrid {n} (biology: offspring resulting from crossbreeding) :: tạp chủng (雜種)
hydra {n} (any of several small freshwater polyps of the genus Hydra and related genera) :: thuỷ tức
Hydra {prop} (one of Pluto's moons) :: Hydra
hydrate {n} (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules) :: hydrat
hydrodynamics {n} (study of fluids in motion) :: thủy động lực học, thuỷ động lực học
hydrofoil {n} (vessel) :: tàu cánh ngầm
hydrogen {n} (chemical element) :: hiđrô, hyđrô, hi-đrô, hy-đrô, khinh khí [obsolete; usually refers to the gas], hiđrô
hydrology {n} (science related to water) :: thủy văn học, thuỷ văn học
hydrolysis {n} (a chemical process of decomposition) :: sự thuỷ phân
hyena {n} (mammal) :: linh cẩu
hygiene {n} (conditions and practices that promote and preserve health) :: vệ sinh
hygrometer {n} (instrument that measures humidity) :: cái đo ẩm
hymen {n} (membrane which occludes the vagina) :: màng trinh
hymn {n} (a song of praise or worship) :: thánh ca
hyper- {prefix} (over, above, beyond) :: siêu, qua, quá
hyperbola {n} (geometric curve) :: hypecbon
hyperlink {n} (link from one electronic document to another) :: siêu liên kết
hypermetropia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness ::
hyperopia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness ::
hypersexuality {n} (extreme libido) :: chứng cuồng dâm
hypertrophy {n} (an increase in the size of an organ due to swelling of the individual cells) :: sự nở to
hypochondria {n} (psychological disorder) :: bịnh thần kinh
hypocrisy {n} (Claim, pretense, or false representation of holding beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually possess) :: đạo đức giả
hypocrite {n} (person practising hypocrisy) :: kẻ đạo đức giả, kẻ giả nhân giả nghĩa
hypotenuse {n} (The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle) :: cạnh huyền
hypothalamus {n} (a region of the brain, below the thalamus) :: vùng dưới đồi
hypothyroidism {n} (disease state) :: sự giảm hoạt động của tuyến giáp
hypotrochoid {n} (geometric curve) :: nội trocoit
hysteria {n} (behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion) :: ittêri