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dab {n} (fingerprint) SEE: fingerprint ::
dacryocystitis {n} (infection) :: tárapokabólga {f}
daddy {n} (father) :: pabbi
daddy longlegs {n} (cranefly) SEE: cranefly ::
daffodil {n} (flower) :: páskalilja {f}
dagger {n} (a stabbing weapon) :: rýtingur {m}
daily {adj} (that occurs every day) :: daglegur {m}
daily bread {n} (things needed to sustain physical life) :: daglegt brauð {n}
daily bread {n} (things needed to sustain spiritual life) :: daglegt brauð {n}
dairy {n} (place, where milk is processed) :: mjólkurbú {n}
dairy {n} (shop selling dairy products) :: mjólkurbúð {f}
dairy {n} (products produced from milk) :: mjólkurafurðir {f}
dairy product {n} (foodstuff made from milk) :: mjólkurvara {f}, mjólkurmatur {m}
daisy {n} (Bellis perennis) :: fagurfífill {m}
dale {n} (valley) :: dalur {m}
Dalmatia {prop} (region in Croatia) :: Dalmatía {f}
Dalmatian {adj} (relating to Dalmatia or its people) :: dalmatískur
Dalmatian {n} (person from Dalmatia) :: Dalmatíumaður {m}
Dalmatian {n} (breed of dog) :: dalmatíuhundur {m}
Dalmatian {prop} (extinct Romance language of Croatia) :: dalmatíska {f}
dam {n} (structure placed across a flowing body of water) :: stífla {f}
Damian {prop} (male given name) :: Damjan
damn {v} (theology: to condemn to hell) :: fordæma
damp {n} (Moisture) :: raki {m}
dance {n} (movements to music) :: dans {m}
dance {v} (move rhythmically to music) :: dansa
dancer {n} (person who dances) :: dansari {m}
dandelion {n} (plant, wild flower of the genus Taraxacum) :: fífill {m}
dandruff {n} (skin flakes) :: flasa {f}
Dane {n} (person from Denmark or of Danish descent) :: Dani {m}
Danelaw {prop} (part of Great Britain) :: Danalög {n-p}
dang {adj} (damn) SEE: damn ::
danger {n} (exposure to likely harm) :: hætta {f}, háski {m}, voði {m}
danger {n} :: hætta
dangerous {adj} (full of danger) :: hættulegur
Danish {n} (language) :: danska {f}
Danish {adj} (of Denmark) :: danskur
Danish {n} (native of Denmark) SEE: Dane ::
Danish crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow ::
danse macabre {n} (a conventional subject of artistic painting or drawing) :: dauðadans
Danube {prop} (river of Europe that flows to the Black Sea) :: Dóná {f}
dark {adj} (having an absolute or relative lack of light) :: dökkur, dimmur
darken {v} (to make dark(er) in colour) :: dekkja
darken {v} (to become dark(er) in colour) :: dökkna
dark-haired {adj} (having dark hair) :: dökkhærður
dark horse {n} (possessor of unexpected talents or favorable characteristics) :: [to be a dark horse] leyna á sér
dark matter {n} (particles of matter that cannot be detected by their radiation) :: hulduefni
darkness {n} (state of being dark) :: myrkur {n}, dimma {f}, nifl {n}, ljósleysa {f}
darknet {n} (the network) :: huldunet {n}
dark-skinned {adj} (having dark skin) :: hörundsdökkur
darling {n} (person who is dear to one) :: elskan
darling {adj} (dear, cherished) :: kær {m}, ástkær {m}
darn {adj} (damn) SEE: damn ::
darn {interj} (damn) SEE: damn ::
darn {v} (damn) SEE: damn ::
Darth Vader {prop} (Malevolent individual) :: Svarthöfði {m}
dash {n} (colloquial: hyphen) SEE: hyphen ::
data {n} (information) :: gögn {n-p}
databank {n} (database) SEE: database ::
database {n} (collection of information) :: gagnagrunnur {m}
database {n} :: gagnagrunnur
data type {n} (classification or category of data) :: gagnatag {n}, gagnagerð {f}
date {n} (fruit of the date palm) :: daðla {f}
date {n} (that which specifies the time of writing, inscription etc.) :: dagsetning {f}
date {n} (point of time at which a transaction or event takes place) :: dagsetning {f}
date {n} (pre-arranged social meeting) :: stefnumót {n}
date {n} (meeting with a lover or potential lover; a person so met) :: stefnumót {n}
date {n} (date palm) SEE: date palm ::
date of birth {n} (birthday) SEE: birthday ::
date palm {n} (Phoenix dactylifera) :: döðlupálmi
date tree {n} (date palm) SEE: date palm ::
dative {adj} (grammar: noting the case of noun which expresses indirect object) :: þágufalls-
dative {n} (dative case) SEE: dative case ::
dative case {n} (case used to express direction towards an indirect object) :: þágufall {n}
daughter {n} (female offspring) :: dóttir
daughter-in-law {n} (wife of one's child) :: tengdadóttir {f}
David {prop} (male given name) :: Davíð
daw {n} (Coloeus monedula) SEE: jackdaw ::
daw {v} (dawn) SEE: dawn ::
dawn {v} (to begin to brighten with daylight) :: daga, birta af degi
dawn {n} (morning twilight period) :: dögun {f}, dagrenning {f}, morgunsár {n}, afturelding {f}
dawn {n} (rising of the sun) :: sólarupprás {f}, sólris {n}, sólaruppkoma {n}
dawn {n} (time) :: dögun {f}
dawn {n} (beginning) :: dögun {f}
day {n} (period of 24 hours) :: dagur {m}
day before yesterday {n} (day before yesterday - translation entry) :: fyrradagur, fyrridagur
day before yesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday - translation entry) :: í fyrradag
daybook {n} (A daily chronicle; a diary) SEE: diary ::
daydream {n} (a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts) :: dagdraumur {m}, dagdreymi {n}
deacon {n} (lay leader of a Protestant congregation) :: djákni
dead {adj} (no longer alive) :: dauður, dáinn, látinn
dead {n} (those who have died) :: dánu {n}
dead as a dodo {adj} (unquestionably dead) :: steindauður {m}
dead as a doornail {adj} (unquestionably dead) :: steindauður
dead calm {n} (condition of a flat sea without waves) :: dauðalogn {m}
dead end {n} (street or path that goes nowhere) :: botnlangi {m}, blindgata {f}, botngata {f}
dead-end {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end ::
deadfall {n} (cheap, rough bar or saloon) SEE: dive ::
dead ice {n} (former glacier ice that is no longer connected to the active glacier) :: dauðís
dead meat {n} :: dauðans matur
dead or alive {adj} (wanted poster term) :: dauður eða lifandi; lífs eða liðinn {m}
Dead Sea {prop} (lake in the Middle East) :: Dauðahaf
deaf {adj} (unable to hear) :: daufur
dealer {n} (one who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers) :: díler {m}, eiturlyfjasali {m}
dear {adj} (loved; lovable) :: kær
dear {adj} (high in price; expensive) :: dýr {m} {f}, dýrt {n}
death {n} (cessation of life) :: dauði {m}, andlát {n}, fráfall {n}
Death {prop} (the personification of death) :: Dauðinn
death erection {n} (post-mortem priapism) :: dauðaholdris
deathlore {n} (study of human aspects of death) :: dauðafræði {f}
death penalty {n} (state punishment of death) :: dauðarefsing {f}
death sentence {n} (sentence) :: dauðadómur {m}
debauch {n} (orgy) SEE: orgy ::
debilitate {v} (to make feeble; to weaken) :: veikja
debone {v} (remove the bones from something) :: úrbeina
debtor {n} (a person or firm that owes money) :: skuldari {m}, skuldunautur {m}
debug {v} (to search for malfunctioning elements) :: [to comb] kemba, [to delouse] kemba
debugger {n} (computer program) :: kembiforrit {n}
decade {n} (a period of ten years) :: áratugur {m}
decadent {adj} (characterized by moral or cultural decline) :: hnignandi, hrörnandi, spilltur, úrkynjaður
Decalogue {prop} (the Ten Commandments) SEE: Ten Commandments ::
decathlon {n} (athletic contest) :: tugþraut {f}
deceive {v} (trick or mislead) :: blekkja
December {prop} (twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: desember {m}, desembermánuður {m}
decent {adj} (fair; good enough; okay) :: viðeigandi
deception {n} (instance of actions fabricated to mislead) :: blekking {f}
decide {v} (to resolve or settle) :: ákveða
deciduous tooth {n} (baby tooth) SEE: milk tooth ::
deciliter {n} (decilitre) SEE: decilitre ::
decilitre {n} (a unit of volume, decilitre) :: desilítri {m}
decimal fraction {n} (fractional part of a decimal number) :: tugabrot {n}
decimal system {n} (numerical system of counting in tens) :: tugakerfi {n}
decimate {v} (to collect or pay a tithe) SEE: tithe ::
decipher {v} (to decode or decrypt a code or cipher) :: dulráða
decipherment {n} (the analysis of documents written in ancient languages) :: dulráðning {f}, ráðning {f}
decision {n} (choice or judgement) :: ákvörðun {f}
decision {n} (result arrived at by the judges) :: úrskurður {m}
deckhand {n} (a member of the crew) :: háseti {m}
declaration of war {n} (a formal announcement by an entity that it is in a state of war with another entity) :: Stríðsyfirlýsing {f}
declension {n} (way of categorizing) :: fallbeyging {f}, beyging falla {f}
declination {n} (declension) SEE: declension ::
decompress {v} (To restore compressed data to its normal size) :: afþjappa
decorticate {v} (peel or remove the bark, husk or outer layer from something) :: afhýða
decoy {n} (animal used by hunters to lure game) :: lokkunarfugl {m}
decrepit {adj} (weakened or worn out) :: farlama, örvasa, hrumur
dee {n} (name of the letter D, d) ::
deed {n} (action) :: dáð {f}
deem {n} (an opinion, judgment) SEE: opinion ::
deep blue {adj} (dark blue) SEE: navy ::
deep down {adv} (Fundamentally, in essence) :: inn við beinið, undirniðri
deep freeze {n} (freezer) SEE: freezer ::
deeply {adv} (at depth) :: djúpt
deeply {adv} (to a deep extent) :: djúpt
deeply {adv} (profoundly) :: djúpt
deer {n} (animal of the family Cervidae) :: hjörtur (krónhjörtur), rádýr {n}
defamatory {adj} (damaging to someone's reputation) :: ærumeiðandi
defeat {v} (to overcome in battle or contest) :: sigra, vinna
defeat {n} (to be checked and sorted: the act of defeating or being defeated) :: ósigur {m}, tap {n}
defeatist {n} (someone who advocates defeatism, or has such an attitude) :: uppgjafarsinni {m}
defence {n} (defence) SEE: defense ::
defend {v} (ward off attacks from) :: verja
defender {n} (sports term) :: varnarmaður {m}
defenestrate {v} (eject from a window) :: henda út um glugga
defense {n} (action of protecting from attack) :: vörn {f}
defenselessness {n} (vulnerability) :: varnarleysi {n}
defibrillator {n} (device) :: hjartastillir {m}
definite {adj} :: ákveðinn {m}, ákv. {m}
definite article {n} (article introducing a noun and specifying it as the particular noun considered) :: ákveðinn greinir {m}, ákv. gr. {m}
definitely {adv} (without question and beyond doubt) :: eflaust {n}
definiteness {n} (the state or quality of being definite) :: ákveðni {f}
deflower {v} (to take the virginity of a woman or girl) :: afmeyja
defragmentation {n} (action of defragmenting) :: samstykkjun {f}
degauss {v} (to reduce a magnetic field) :: afsegulmagna, upphefja segulkraft
degree {n} (in geometry: unit of angle) :: gráða {f}
degree {n} (unit of temperature) :: gráða {f}
degree Celsius {n} (unit of temperature) :: selsíusgráða {f}, celsíusgráða {f}
dehumanize {v} (to take away humanity) :: [make inhuman] gera ómennskan {m}, [make an insensible beast] gera að tilfinningalausri skepnu {f}
deification {n} (Act of deifying) :: dýrkun {f}
Dei gratia {adv} (by the Grace of God) SEE: by the Grace of God ::
deionization {n} (use of ion exchange to remove ionic substances from a solution) :: afjónun {f}
deionize {v} (remove ions) :: afjóna
deionized {adj} (that has been prepared by deionization) :: afjónaður {m}
delay {n} (period of time before an event occurs) :: töf {f}
delete {v} (to delete) SEE: strike ::
deletion {n} (the act of deleting) :: eyðing {f}
deliberately {adv} (intentionally) :: viljandi, vísvitandi, af ásettu ráði, af yfirlögðu ráði
deliberately {adv} (slowly and carefully) :: yfirvegað, rólega
delicious {adj} (pleasing to taste) :: bragðgóður, ljúffengur
dell {n} (valley) SEE: valley ::
delta {n} (fourth letter of modern Greek alphabet) :: delta {n}
delta {n} :: delta {n} , ós {m} , árós {m}
delve {v} (to dig in the ground) :: grafa (með skóflu, with a shovel), moka
delve {v} (to search carefully for information) :: rannsaka, kanna
demand {v} (to request forcefully) :: heimta, krefja, útheimta
demarcate {v} (mark the limits or boundaries of something) :: afmarka
demersal {adj} (living near the bottom of a body of water) :: botnlægur {m}
democracy {n} (rule by the people) :: lýðræði {n}
democracy {n} (government under the rule of its people) :: lýðræði
Democratic Republic of the Congo {prop} (large central African nation, formerly called Zaire) :: Lýðræðislega Lýðveldið Kongó {n}, Austur-Kongó, Kongó-Kinsasa
demonstrative {n} (demonstrative pronoun) SEE: demonstrative pronoun ::
demonstrative {n} (demonstrative adjective) SEE: demonstrative adjective ::
demonstrative {adj} ((grammar) that specifies the thing or person referred to) :: ábendingar-
demonstrative adjective {n} (type of adjective) :: hliðstætt ábendingarfornafn {n}
demonstrative pronoun {n} (pronoun which replaces a noun) :: ábendingarfornafn {n}, sérstætt ábendingarfornafn {n}
demonstrator {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger ::
dendr- {prefix} (Used to form words concerning trees or branching) :: trjáhringja-
dendrochronology {n} (science of counting tree rings) :: árhringjatímatal, trjáhringjatímatal
denigration {n} (blackening or defamation) :: ófræging {f}, mannorðsspjöll {n}
denim {n} (textile with diagonal pattern) :: dením {n}
Denmark {prop} (country in Western Europe) :: Danmörk {f}
denominator {n} (The number or expression written below the line in a fraction) :: nefnari {m}
denotational semantics {n} (an approach to formalizing the meanings of programming languages) :: stærðfræðileg merkingarfræði {f}
de novo {adv} (anew) SEE: anew ::
dental {adj} (of or concerning the teeth) :: tann-
dental {adj} (phonetics) :: tannmæltur
dental calculus {n} (crust on the teeth) :: tannsteinn {m}
dental floss {n} (cord of thin filaments used to clean the areas between the teeth) :: tannþráður {m}
denture {n} (set of teeth, the teeth viewed as a unit) :: falskar tennur {f-p}
denture {n} (complete replacement of all teeth in a mouth) :: falskar tennur {f-p}
deny {v} (disallow) SEE: forbid ::
deodorant {n} (odor-controlling cosmetic for the underarm) :: svitalyktareyðir {m}
deontology {n} (Ethical study of duties, obligations, and rights) :: skyldufræði {f}
deoxyribonucleic acid {n} (deoxyribonucleic acid) :: deoxýríbósakjarnsýra {f}
departure {n} (the act of departing) :: brottför {f}
dependent clause {n} (subordinate clause) SEE: subordinate clause ::
depilation {n} (epilation) SEE: epilation ::
depilatory {adj} (that removes hair) :: [of or pertaining to depilation] háreyðingar-
depilatory {n} (preparation that removes hair from the body) :: [depilatory product] háreyðingarvara {f}
depleted uranium {n} (uranium that contains reduced U-235) :: sneytt úran {n}, rýrt úran {n}
deponent {n} (a deponent verb) :: aflagssögn {f}, deponenssögn {f}
deposition {n} (transformation of gas into solid) :: hélun {f}
depressed {adj} (suffering from clinical depression) :: þunglyndur
depression {n} (psychology: state of mind) :: þunglyndi {n}
depression {n} (economics: period of major economic contraction) :: Kreppa {f}
depth-first search {n} (algorithm where one starts at the root and explores as far as possible down before going up) :: lóðleit {f}, dýptarleit {f}
Derek {prop} (given name) :: Diðrik, Þiðrik
derisive {adj} (expressing or characterized by derision; mocking) :: háðslegur
derivative {n} (in analysis: function) SEE: derived function ::
derived function {n} (calculus: a function) :: afleiða {f}
dermatologist {n} (one who is skilled, professes or practices dermatology) :: húðsjúkdómafræðingur {m}
dermatology {n} (the study of the skin and its diseases) :: húðsjúkdómafræði {f}
dernier {adj} (final, last) SEE: final ::
derring-do {n} (valiant deeds in desperate times) :: þrekvirki {n}
descendant {n} (one who is the progeny of someone) :: afkomandi {m}, niðji {m}
descendant {n} (later evolutionary type) :: afkomandi {m}
describe {v} (to represent in words) :: lýsa
description word {n} (adjective) SEE: adjective ::
descry {v} (see) SEE: see ::
desecrate {v} (to profane or violate sacredness) :: vanhelga
desert {n} (barren area) :: eyðimörk {f}, auðn {f}, öræfi {n-p}
desert island {n} (an uninhabited island) :: eyðiey {f}, eyðieyja {f}
design {n} (plan) :: hönnun {f}
design {v} (to plan an artwork etc.) :: hanna
designation {n} (distinguishing mark or name) :: heiti
desire {v} (desire) SEE: want ::
desire {n} (something wished for) :: löngun {f}
desk {n} (table for writing and reading) :: skrifborð {n}
desktop {n} (a desktop computer) :: borðtölva {f}
desktop {n} (on-screen background) :: skjáborð {n}
desktop computer {n} (a computer of a size designed to be used on a desk) :: borðtölva {f}
desktop picture {n} (picture) :: skjáborðsmynd {f}
desolate {adj} (deserted) :: auður {m}, mannlaus {m}, yfirgefinn {m}
desolate {adj} (barren / lifeless) :: auðnarlegur {m}, ber {m}, eyðilegur {m}, gróðurlaus {m}, harðindalegur {m}, hrjóstrugur {m}, hörgralegur {m}, rýr {m}, óbyggilegur {m}
desolate {adj} (hopeless) :: vonlaus {m}, vansæll {m}
desperate {adj} :: Örvæntingafullur
despite {prep} (in spite of) :: þrátt fyrir
despondent {adj} (in low spirits from loss of hope or courage) :: krumpinn
dessert {n} (sweet confection served as the last course of a meal) :: eftirréttur {m}
destination {n} (the place set for the end of a journey, or to which something is sent) :: áfangastaður {m}
destiny {n} (predetermined condition; fate; fixed order of things) :: örlög {n-p}
destroy {v} (to damage beyond use or repair) :: eyðileggja, rústa, skemma
destruction {n} (act of destroying) :: eyðilegging {f}
destruction {n} (results of a destructive event) :: eyðilegging {f}
detail {n} (something small enough to escape casual notice) :: smáatriði {n}
detain {v} (to detain) SEE: hold ::
detect {v} (to detect) SEE: notice ::
determinant {n} (in mathematical sense) :: ákveða {f}
determine {v} (to set the limits of) :: ákveða
determine {v} (to ascertain definitely) :: ákveða
determined {adj} (decided or resolute) :: staðráðinn
deterministic {adj} (computing, having each stage depend only on the immediately previous state) :: löggengur {m}
detritivore {n} (organism that feeds on detritus) :: grotætur
deuce {n} (playing card) :: tvistur {m}
deuterium {n} (isotope of hydrogen, see also: heavy hydrogen) :: tvívetni {n}, þungt vetni {n}, þungavetni {n}
develop {v} (to progress) :: þróa
development {n} (music: transformation and restatement of previous material) :: úrvinnsla {f}
development {n} (music: second section of sonata form) :: úrvinnsla {f}
devil {n} (a creature of hell) :: djöfull {m}, fjandi {m}, skratti {m}, ári {m}, fjári {m}
devil {n} (the devil: the chief devil) :: djöfullinn {m}, andskotinn {m}, fjandinn {m}, skrattinn {m}, kölski {m}, fjárinn {m}, satan {m}
devil {n} (wicked or naughty person) :: andskoti {m}, fjandi {m}, djöfull {m}, skratti {m}
devil {v} (annoy or bother) :: djöflast í, plága, þjá
dew {n} (moisture in the air that settles on plants, etc) :: dögg {f}
dewlap {n} (pendulous skin under neck) :: hes {n}
dew point {n} (temperature) :: daggarmark {n}
diabetes {n} :: sykursýki {f}
diacritic {n} (diacritical mark) SEE: diacritical mark ::
diacritical mark {n} (symbol) :: komma {f}
diadem {n} (ornamental headband) :: ennishlað {n}, höfuðdjásn {n}
diaeresis {n} (diacritic placed over a vowel letter) :: tvídepill {m}
diagnosis {n} (identification of the nature and cause of an illness) :: greining {f}, sjúkdómsgreining {f}
diagonal matrix {n} (type of matrix) :: hornalínufylki {n}
dial {n} (sundial) SEE: sundial ::
dialect {n} (variety of a language) :: mállýska {f}
dialectology {n} (the study of dialects) :: mállýskufræði {f}
dialog {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals) :: samtal {n}
dialogue {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals) :: samtal {n}
diameter {n} (line) :: þvermál {n}
diamond {n} (rhombus) SEE: rhombus ::
diamond {n} (uncountable: mineral) :: demantur {n}
diamond {n} (gemstone) :: demantur {m}
diamond {n} (card games: card of the diamonds suit) :: tígull {m}
diaper {n} (absorbent garment worn by a baby, or by someone who is incontinent) :: bleia {f}, bleyja {f}
diarrhea {n} (medical condition) :: niðurgangur {m}, [informal] drulla {f}
diary {n} (daily log of experiences) :: dagbók {f}
diatomic {adj} (consisting of two atoms) :: tvíatóma
dibs {n} (a claim to the right to use or enjoy something exclusively or before anyone else) :: pant
dice {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance) SEE: die ::
dichasium {n} (cymose inflorescence) :: kvíslskúfur {m}
dick {n} (slang: penis) :: typpi {n}, drjóli {m}, göndull {m}
dicotyledon {n} (in botany) :: tvíkímblöðungar
dictation {n} (the process of speaking for someone else to write down the words) :: upplestur {m}
dictator {n} (totalitarian leader of a dictatorship) :: einræðiherra {m}
dictatorship {n} (a government led by a dictator) :: einræði {m}
dictionary {n} (publication that explains the meanings of an ordered list of words) :: orðabók {f}
die {v} (to stop living) :: deyja, drepast, andast, sálast, týna lífinu, skylja við, látast, láta lífið, lognast út af, falla frá, fara yfrum, verða bráðkvaddur
die {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance) :: teningur {m}
die hard {v} (be slow in changing) :: vera lífseigur {m}
die out {v} (to become extinct) :: deyja út
dieresis {n} (diacritic) SEE: diaeresis ::
dietitian {n} (person who studies or practices dietetics) :: næringarfræðingur {m}
diffeomorphic {adj} (mathematics: having a diffeomorphism) :: deildamóta {m}, diffurmóta {m}
diffeomorphism {n} (mathematics: differentiable homeomorphism between differentiable manifolds) :: deildamótun {f}, diffurmótun {f}
difference {n} (arithmetic: result of a subtraction) :: mismunur {m}
different {adj} (not the same) :: öðruvísi
differentiable {adj} (having a derivative) :: diffranlegur {m}, deildanlegur {m}
differential {n} (differential gear) SEE: differential gear ::
differential calculus {n} (calculus that deals with instantaneous rates of change) :: deildareikningur {m}, diffurreikningur {m}
differential gear {n} (differential gear) :: mismunadrif {n}, mismunadrifshjól {n}
difficult {adj} (hard, not easy) :: erfiður
digestion {n} (process in gastrointestinal tract) :: melting {f}
digger {n} (spade (playing card)) SEE: spade ::
digit {n} (numeral) :: tala, tölustafur
dignity {n} (quality or state) :: virðuleiki {m}, reisn {f}
dilation {n} (delay) SEE: delay ::
dilemma {n} (circumstance in which a choice must be made between two alternatives) :: valkreppa {f}, valtvenna {f}, valþröng {f}, ógöngur {f-p} (sbr. ógöngurök, ógöngurökfærsla)
dill {n} (fool) SEE: fool ::
dilute {v} (to add more of a solvent to a solution; especially to add more water) :: þynna
dilute {v} (to weaken) :: veikja, þynna
dilute {adj} (having a low concentration) :: þynntur {m}, þynnt {f} {n}
dilute {adj} (weak) :: veikur
dimensional {adj} (having a stated number of dimensions) :: -vídd {f}, -víður, -víddar-
diminutive {n} (grammar: word form expressing smallness) :: [diminutive suffix] smækkunarending {f}
dimorphism {n} (biology: occurrence of two distinct forms of any part) :: tvíbreytni {f}
dimorphism {n} (biology: occurrence in an animal species of two distinct types of individual) :: tvíbreytni {f}
dimorphism {n} (geology: property of existing in two distinct crystalline forms) :: tvíbreytni {f}
dimple {n} (skin depression, especially at corners of the mouth) :: spékoppur {n}
ding-a-ling {n} (dick) SEE: dick ::
dinghy {n} (small boat) :: julla
dining room {n} (room, in a home or hotel, where meals are eaten) :: borðstofa {f}
dinner {n} (main meal of the day) :: kvöldmatur {m}
dinner table {n} (table on which dinner is served) :: matarborð {n}
dinosaur {n} (extinct reptile) :: risaeðla {f}
diocese {n} (region administered by a bishop) :: biskupsdæmi {n}
diode {n} (electronic device) :: díóða {f}, tvistur {m}, tvískauta rör {n}, tvískauti {m}
diopter {n} (speculum) SEE: speculum ::
diphthong {n} (complex vowel sound) :: tvíhljóð {n}, tvíhljóði {m}
diploid {adj} (of a cell, having a pair of each type of chromosome) :: tvílitna
diplomat {n} (person who is accredited to represent a government) :: diplómat {m}
diplomat {n} :: diplómati
diplomatic mission {n} (group of people) :: sendiráð {n}
diplomatist {n} (diplomat) SEE: diplomat ::
direction {n} (indication of the point toward which an object is moving) :: átt {f}, stefna {f}
directions {n} (direction) SEE: direction ::
directly {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately ::
direct object {n} (the noun a verb is directly acting upon) :: beint andlag {n}
director {n} (supervisor, manager, see also: film director) :: leikstjóri {m}
dire wolf {n} (extinct canine) :: gramúlfur {m}, ógnarúlfur {m}
dirigible {n} (a self-propelled airship that can be steered) :: loftskip {n}
dirty {adj} (covered with or containing dirt) :: óhreinn
dis {v} (diss) SEE: diss ::
dis {n} (diss) SEE: diss ::
disaccharide {n} (a sugar consisting of two monosaccharides) :: tvísykra {f}
disallow {v} (to refuse to allow) SEE: forbid ::
disappear {v} (to vanish) :: hverfa
disappointment {n} (emotion) :: vonbrigði {n-p}
disapprove {v} (to refuse to approve) SEE: reject ::
disarm {v} (to deprive of arms) :: afvopna
disc {n} (disk) SEE: disk ::
discalced {adj} (shoeless) :: berfættur {m}
Disciple {n} (one of the twelve disciples of Jesus) :: lærisveinn {m}
disco {n} (discotheque) :: diskó {n}, diskótek {n}
disco {n} (type of music) :: diskó {n}
disco ball {n} (mirrored sphere) :: diskókúla {f}
discontent {n} (a discontented person) :: einhver sem er óánægður {m}, einhver sem er óánægð {f}, eitthvað sem er óánægt, eitthvert sem er óánægt {n}, uppreisnarseggur {m}
discontent {n} (dissatisfaction) SEE: dissatisfaction ::
discontention {n} (discontent) SEE: discontent ::
discotheque {n} (nightclub) :: diskótek {n}
discount {n} (reduction in price) :: afsláttur {m}
discourteous {adj} (impolite) :: ókurteis {m} {f}, ókurteist {n}
discrepancy {n} (inconsistency) :: misræmi {n}, ósamræmi {n}
discrete mathematics {n} (mathematical field) :: strjál stærðfræði {f}
discrete topology {n} (topology on a set consisting of all subsets of that set) :: sundurlaust grannmynstur {n}, strjált grannmynstur {n}
discrete variable {n} (variable) :: strjál breyta {f}
discretionary {adj} (available at one's discretion) :: geðþótta-, [chosen at will] valinn að vild {m}, [of one's own accord] að eigin ákvörðun
discretization {n} (act of discretizing) :: strjálun {f}
discretize {v} (convert continuous space into discrete space) :: strjála
discrimination {n} (distinct treatment on the basis of prejudice) :: mismunun {f}
discus throw {n} (athletic event where a discus is thrown) :: kringlukast {n}
disease {n} (an abnormal condition of the body causing discomfort or dysfunction) :: sjúkdómur, sýki, mein
disembowel {v} (to take or let out the bowels) :: aflima
disgrace {n} (condition of being out of favor) :: óvirðing {f}
disguise {n} (attire to hide/assume an identity) :: dulargervi {n}, dulbúningur {m}
disguise {n} (that which masks what's beneath) :: dulargervi {n}, dulbúningur {m}
disguise {n} (act of disguising) :: dulbúningur {m}
disgusting {adj} (repulsive, distasteful) :: viðbjóðslegur, ógeðslegur
dish {n} (vessel for holding/serving food) :: diskur {m}
dish {n} (specific type of food) :: réttur {m}, matarréttur {m}
dishwasher {n} (machine) :: uppþvottavél {f}
dishwasher {n} (person) :: uppvaskari {m}
disjoint {adj} (having no members in common) :: sundurlægur {m}, óskaraður {m}
disjunction {n} (logic) :: eðun {f}
disjunctive {n} (disjunction) SEE: disjunction ::
disk {n} (a thin, flat, circular plate) :: diskur {m}
disobedient {adj} (not obedient) :: óhlýðinn
disorder {n} (absence of order) :: ringulreið {f}, glundroði {m}
disorder {n} (physical or psychical malfunction) :: röskun {f}, kvilli {m}
disorient {v} (to cause to lose orientation or direction) :: rugla, rugla í ríminu, gera ringlaðan, láta tapa áttum, villa um fyrir, slá út af laginu, gera áttavilltan
disorientate {v} (to cause to lose orientation or direction) :: rugla í ríminu, gera ringlaðan, láta tapa áttum, gera áttavilltan
dispirited {adj} (without spirit) SEE: despondent ::
displacement {n} (physics: vector quantity which denotes distance with a directional component) :: tilfærsla {f}
diss {v} (to put someone down or show verbal disrespect) :: abbast, abbast upp á, dissa [slang]
diss {n} (insult or put-down) :: diss {n}
dissatisfaction {n} (unhappiness or discontent) :: óánægja {f}
dissect {v} (to study a dead animal's anatomy by cutting it apart) :: kryfja
dissipated {adj} (wasteful of health or possessions in the pursuit of pleasure) :: uppurinn {m}, eyddur {m}, sóaður {m}
distaff {adj} (of, relating to, or characteristic of women) :: kven-
distance {n} (amount of space between two points) :: fjarlægð
distant {adj} (far off) :: fjarlægur {m}
distress {n} ((cause of) discomfort) :: óþægindi {n}
distress {n} (serious danger) :: {f}, stórhætta {f}
distribute {v} (to divide into portions and dispense) :: deila út, útdeila, úthluta
distribute {v} (to supply to retail outlets) :: dreifa
distribute {v} (to deliver or pass out) :: útbýta, dreifa
distribute {v} (to scatter or spread) :: dreifa
distribute {v} (to apportion) :: dreifa
distribute {v} (to classify or separate into categories) :: skipta, flokka
distributive {adj} (math: property of functions) :: dreifinn {m}
distributivity {n} (fact of being distributive) :: dreifni {f}
ditch {n} (trench) :: skurður {m}, síki {n}, díki {n}, gröftur {m}, gröf {f}
ditransitive verb {n} (verb that requires a direct object and an indirect object) :: tvígild áhrifssögn {f}, tveggja andlaga sögn {f}
ditto {adv} (likewise) SEE: likewise ::
diurnal {adj} (happening during daylight; primarily active during the day) :: dagdýr
dive {v} (to swim under water) :: kafa
diver {n} (someone who dives) :: kafari {m}
diverse {adj} (different) :: fjölbreyttur, margvíslegur
diversity {n} (quality of being diverse; difference) :: fjölbreytni
divest {v} (undress) SEE: undress ::
divide {v} (split into two or more parts) :: hluta
divide and conquer {v} (Divide and conquer) :: deila og drottna
divide and rule {v} (Divide and conquer) :: deila og drottna
dividend {n} (arithmetic: a number or expression) :: deilistofn {m}
dividend {n} (finance: a payment of money by a company to its shareholders) :: arður {m}
divine service {n} (a service of public Christian worship) :: guðsþjónusta {f}
diving board {n} (springboard) SEE: springboard ::
divisibility {n} (property of being divisible) :: deilanleiki {m}
divisible {adj} (capable of being divided) :: deilanlegur
divisible {adj} (of an integer, that when divided leaves no remainder) :: deilanlegur
division {n} (act or process of dividing anything) :: skipting {f}, niðurskipting {f}, deiling {f}
division {n} (arithmetic: process of dividing a number by another) :: deiling {f}
division {n} (large military unit) :: herdeild {f}, deild {f}
division {n} (section of a large company) :: deild {f}
division {n} (biology: taxonomic classification of plants) :: skipting {f}, fylking {f}
division sign {n} (Symbol) :: deilingarmerki {n}
divisor {n} (arithmetic: a number or expression) :: deilir {m}
divorce {n} (legal dissolution of a marriage) :: skilnaður {m}, hjónaskilnaður {m}
divorcée {n} (a divorced woman) :: fráskilin kona {f}
divorcee {n} (a person divorced) :: fráskilinn karlmaður {m}
divvy up {v} (divide) SEE: divide ::
Djibouti {prop} (Republic of Djibouti) :: Djíbútí {n}
Djiboutian {n} (person) :: Djíbúti, Djíbútar
déjà vu {n} (something which one has or suspects to have seen or experienced before) :: déjà vu
DNA {phrase} (abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid (see deoxyribonucleic acid for full forms)) :: DNA {n} DKS {n}
do {v} (perform, execute) :: gera, gjöra
doable {adj} (possible to do) SEE: feasible ::
docent {n} (teacher or lecturer in university) :: dósent {m}
doctor {n} (physician) :: læknir {m}
doctor {n} (person who has attained a doctorate) :: læknir {m}, doktor {m}
doctor {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian ::
doctorate {n} (highest degree awarded by a university faculty) :: doktorsgráða {f}
doctor's office {n} (clinic of a doctor) :: læknastofa {f}
document {n} (original or official paper) :: skjal {n}
documentary {adj} (of, related to or based on documents/that serves to document something) :: heimilda-
documentary {n} (documentary film) :: heimildamynd {f}
documentation {n} (documents that explain the operation of a particular machine or software program) :: hjálparskjöl
dodo {n} (Raphus cucullatus) :: dúdúfugl {m}
dog {n} (animal) :: hundur {m}
dogfish {n} (bowfin) SEE: bowfin ::
dogfish {n} (small sharks of the Scyliorhinidae, Dalatiidae and Squalidae families) :: háfur {m}
doggerel {adj} (of a crude or irregular construction) :: illa kveðinn {m}, stirðkveðinn {m}
doggerel {adj} (comic or humorous verse) :: [of humorous style and irregular construction] kímilegur í stíl og óreglulegur að formi til
doggerel {n} (doggerel poem or verse) :: leirburður {m}, hnoð {n}, leirrensli {n}, lélegur kveðskapur {m}, lélegur skáldskapur {m}, vondur kveðskapur {m}
doghouse {n} (kennel) SEE: kennel ::
dog shit {n} (deceitful statements, etc) SEE: bullshit ::
dog shit {n} (fecal matter produced by a dog) :: hundaskítur {m}
dogshit {n} (dog excrement) SEE: dog shit ::
doldrums {n} (part of the ocean near the equator, abounding in calms which prevent sailing progress) :: kyrrabelti {n}
dole {n} (unemployment benefit) :: atvinnuleysisbætur {f-p}
doll {n} (a toy in the form of a human) :: dúkka {f}, brúða {f}
dollhouse {n} (miniature house for dolls) SEE: doll's house ::
doll's house {n} (miniature house for dolls) :: dúkkuhús {n}
dolly {n} (doll) SEE: doll ::
dolphin {n} (aquatic mammal) :: höfrungur
domain {n} ((mathematics) the set on which a function is defined) :: formengi {n}, frámengi {n}, skilgreiningarmengi {n}, óðal {n}
dome {n} (architectural element) :: hvolfþak {m}
domestic violence {n} (violence committed in a domestic setting) :: heimilisofbeldi {n}
Dominic {prop} (male given name) :: Dóminik
Dominica {prop} (Commonwealth of Dominica) :: Dóminíka
Dominican {n} (person from Dominican Republic) :: Dóminíki, Dóminíkar
Dominican {n} (person from Dominica) :: Dóminíkumaður, Dóminíkumenn
Dominican {adj} (from the Dominican Republic) :: dóminískur
Dominican Republic {prop} (country in the Caribbean) :: Dóminíska lýðveldið
don {n} (professor) SEE: professor ::
Donald Duck {prop} (Disney character) :: Andrés Önd {m}
donkey {n} (a domestic animal, see also: ass) :: asni
Don Quixote {prop} (the protagonist of a famous Spanish novel) :: Don Kíkóti {m}
don't {v} (do not) :: ekki + infinitive
don't count your chickens before they're hatched {proverb} (don't count on things if you don't have them yet) :: [count one's chickens before they're hatched] hrósa happi of snemma, [the cabbage isn't in the mouth though it is in the ladle] ekki er sopið kálið þótt í ausuna sé komið, [the cabbage isn't in the mouth though it is in the ladle] ekki er sopið kálið þó í ausuna sé komið, [the bird shall be caught before it's cooked] fyrr skal fuglinn veiddur en steiktur
don't let the door hit you on the way out {phrase} (good riddance) SEE: good riddance ::
don't look a gift horse in the mouth {proverb} (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely) :: ekki vera vanþakklátur
don't mention it {phrase} (it is too trivial to warrant thanks) :: ekki minnast á það, ekki að nefna það
donut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough) SEE: doughnut ::
doofer {n} (remote control for a television) SEE: remote control ::
doomsday {n} :: Dómsdagur
door {n} (portal of entry into a building, room or vehicle) :: dyr, hurð {f}
do-or-die {adj} (desperate effort) :: duga eða drepast
door frame {n} (frame into which a door is fitted) :: dyrakarmur {m}
door handle {n} (mechanism used to open or close a door) :: húnn {m}
doorhandle {n} (door handle) SEE: door handle ::
doorknob {n} (circular device attached to a door, the rotation of which permits the unlatching of a door) :: húnn {m}
dormer {n} (dormer-window) SEE: dormer-window ::
dormer-window {n} (upright window in a roof) :: kvistgluggi {m}
dormitory {n} (room for sleeping) :: svefnsalur {m}, [usually for students] heimavist {f}, kojuherbergi {n}
dormitory {n} (building or part thereof) :: heimavist {f}
dormouse {n} (rodent) :: heslimús
dorsal fin {n} (fin on a marine animal's back) :: bakuggi {m}
DOS {prop} (Disk Operating System) :: diskstýrikerfi {n}
dot {n} (small spot or mark) :: punktur {m}
dot {n} (diacritical mark) :: depill {m}
do the trick {v} ((idiomatic) to work) :: duga, nægja
dot product {n} (scalar product) SEE: scalar product ::
double bed {n} (a bed designed for two adults) :: hjónarúm, tvíbreitt rúm {n}
double bogey {n} (score) :: skrambi {m}
double chin {n} (a layer of fat under the chin) :: undirhaka {f}
double-dealer {n} (one who double deals) :: tvöfaldur í roðinu {m}
double-edged sword {n} (idiomatic) :: tvíeggjað sverð {n}
double negative {n} (phrase in which there are two negative words) :: tvöföld neitun {f}
double room {n} (hotel room with two beds or one double bed) :: hjónaherbergi {n}, herbergi með tvíbreiðu rúmi {n}
double-u {n} (name of the letter W, w) :: tvöfalt vaff
doubt {n} (uncertainty) :: efasemd {f}, vafi {m}, efi {m}
doubt {v} (to lack confidence in something) :: efast, efa
dough {n} (mix of flour and other ingredients) :: deig {n}
doughnut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough or batter) :: kleinuhringur {m}
dove {n} (bird of the family Columbidae) :: dúfa {f}
dowel {n} :: pinni {m}, láspinni, blindingur {m}, blindnagli {m}, blindingi {m}, [wood dowel] tréblindingi {m}, [wooden dowel] trétappi {m}
down {n} (soft, immature feathers) :: dúnn
downcast {adj} (feeling despondent) :: gneypur
downhill {adj} (easy) SEE: easy ::
downing {n} (defeat) SEE: defeat ::
download {n} (file transfer to the local computer) :: niðurhal {n}
download {v} (to transfer data from a remote computer to a local one) :: niðurhala, hlaða niður
down-to-earth {adj} (practical; realistic) :: jarðbundinn {m}
downtown {n} (either the lower, or the business center of a city or town) :: miðborg {f}, miðbær {m}
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak English? (English specifically)) :: talar þú ensku
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak...? (fill with the name of the current foreign language)) :: talar þú íslensku?
dozen {n} (twelve) :: tylft {f}, dúsin {n}, dúsín {f}
draft {n} (depth of water needed to float ship) :: djúprista {f}
draft animal {n} (draught animal) SEE: draught animal ::
drag {n} (street) SEE: street ::
dragon {n} (mythical creature) :: dreki {m}, lindormur {m}
dragoon {n} (horse soldier) :: dragóni {m}
drag queen {n} (male who dresses up in women's clothing) :: dragdrottning {f}, kjólasveinn {m}
drain {n} (conduit for liquids) :: ræsi
dramatist {n} (playwright) SEE: playwright ::
drape {n} (curtain, drapery) SEE: curtain ::
draught animal {n} (animal used to pull heavy objects) :: dráttardýr {n}
draughts {n} (game for two players) :: dammur {m}, dammtafl {n}
draw {v} (to produce a picture) :: teikna
draw {n} (tie as a result of a game) :: jafntefli {n}
draw {v} (to cause) SEE: cause ::
draw {v} (to disembowel) SEE: disembowel ::
drawbridge {n} (bridge which can be raised) :: vindubrú {f}
drawer {n} (open-topped box in a cabinet used for storing) :: skúffa {f}
drawers {n} (plural of drawer) SEE: drawer ::
dream {n} (imaginary events seen while sleeping) :: draumur {m}
dream {v} (see imaginary events while sleeping) :: dreyma
dream {v} (daydream) SEE: daydream ::
dreamer {n} (ladybird) SEE: ladybird ::
dreamish {adj} (resembling a dream) SEE: dreamlike ::
dreamlessness {n} (lack of dreams) :: draumleysi {n}
dreamlike {adj} (like something from a dream) :: draumkenndur, draumi líkur, dreymandi
dreamy {adj} (resembling a dream) SEE: dreamlike ::
dreary {adj} (drab) :: drungalegur
dreggy {adj} (muddy) SEE: muddy ::
dregs {n} (settled sediment) :: dreggjar {m-p}, botnfall {n}
dregs {n} (the worst and lowest) :: sori {m}, úrhrak {n}
drenched {adj} (completely wet; sodden) :: holdvotur
dress {n} (garment) :: kjóll {m}
dress {n} (apparel) :: klæðnaður {m}, fatnaður, föt {n-p}
dress {v} (to clothe (something or somebody)) :: klæða
dress {v} (to clothe oneself) :: klæða sig
dressing-down {n} (reprimand) SEE: reprimand ::
drift {n} (shallow place in a river) SEE: ford ::
driftwood {n} (floating piece of wood) :: rekaviður {m}
drill {v} (to make a hole) :: bora
drill {n} (tool) :: bor {m}
drink {v} (consume liquid through the mouth) :: drekka
drink {v} (consume alcoholic beverages) :: drekka
drink {n} (served beverage) :: drykkur {m}
drink {n} (served alcoholic beverage) :: drykkur {m}
drink-driving {n} (drink-driving) SEE: drunk driving ::
drinking game {n} (game involving drinking) :: drykkjuleikur {m}
drinking straw {n} (a long plastic or paper tube through which a drink is drunk) :: drykkjarrör {n}, rör {n}
drinking water {n} (water for humans) :: drykkjarvatn {n}
drive {v} (operate (a wheeled motorized vehicle)) :: aka
drive {v} (to travel by operating a motorized vehicle) :: keyra
driver {n} (person who drives a motorized vehicle, such as a car or a bus) :: ökumaður {m}, bílstjóri {m}
driver {n} (program acting as interface between an application and hardware) :: rekill {m}
driver's licence {n} (document) SEE: driver's license ::
driver's license {n} (documenting permitting a person to drive) :: ökuskírteini {n}, ökuleyfi {n}, [have a driver's license] hafa bílpróf
driving licence {n} (document) SEE: driver's license ::
drizzle {n} (light rain) :: úði {m}
dromedary {n} (Camelus dromedarius, the single-humped camel) :: drómedari {m}
drop {n} (small mass of liquid) :: dropi {m}
drop {v} (to allow to fall from one's grasp) :: detta
drop in the bucket {n} (an effort or action having very little influence, especially as compared to a huge problem) :: dropi í hafið
drop in the ocean {n} (drop in the bucket) SEE: drop in the bucket ::
droplet {n} (very small drop) :: dropi {m}, smádropi {m}, smádropi {m}
drought {n} (period of unusually low rain fall) :: þurrkar {m}
drown one's sorrows {v} (to drink alcohol heavily to deal with miserable feelings) :: drekkja sorgum sínum
drowsiness {n} (State of being drowsy) :: höfgi {m}
drug {n} (psychoactive substance ingested for recreational use, especially illegal and addictive one) :: eiturlyf {n}, fíkniefni {n}
drug dealer {n} (person who illegally sells drugs) :: eiturlyfjasali {m}, díler {m}
drugstore {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
drum {n} (musical instrument) :: tromma {f}
drum {n} (hollow, cylindrical object) :: tromla {f}
drum {v} (to beat a drum) :: tromma
drum {v} (to beat with a rapid succession of strokes) :: tromma
drum {v} (to review to establish memorization) :: berja
drummer {n} (one who plays the drums) :: trommuleikari {m}, trommari {m}
drumstick {n} (stick used to play drums) :: trommukjuði {m}
drunk {adj} (intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol) :: fullur {m}, drukkinn {m}
drunkard {n} (person who is habitually drunk) SEE: drunk ::
drunk driving {n} (driving under the influence of alcohol) :: ölvunarakstur {m}
drunkenness {n} (state of being drunk) :: ölvun {f}, drykkjuskapur {m}, óregla {f}, ölæði {n}
drunkness {n} (drunkenness) SEE: drunkenness ::
dry {adj} (free from liquid or moisture) :: þurr
dry {v} (to become dry) :: þorna
dry {v} (to make dry) :: þurrka
drydock {n} (dock that can be drained of water) :: þurrkví {f}
dryer {n} (household appliance for drying clothing) :: þurrkari {m}
dry ice {n} (carbon dioxide frozen in the solid state) :: þurrís {m}, kolsýruís {m}, kolsýrusnjór {m}
Dubai {prop} (one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates) :: Dúbæ
Dublin {prop} (the capital of the Republic of Ireland) :: Dyflinn {f}
duchess {n} :: hertogaynja {f}
duchy {n} (a dominion or region ruled by a duke or duchess) :: hertogadæmi {n}
duck {n} (aquatic bird of the family Anatidae) :: önd {f}, aliönd {f} [domesticated]
Duckburg {prop} (fictional city where Donald Duck lives) :: Andabær {m}
duckface {n} (facial expression) :: öndlit {n}
duckling {n} (young duck) :: andarungi {m}
duck soup {n} (something which is easy) SEE: piece of cake ::
ductus deferens {n} (vas deferens) SEE: vas deferens ::
dude {n} (colloquial: man) :: gaur {m}
dude {n} (colloquial: term of address for a young man) :: gaur {m}
dudette {n} (female equivalent of dude) :: gella {f}
due process {n} (legal concept) :: sanngjörn málsmeðferð {f}, tilhlýðileg málsmeðferð {f}
duke {n} (male ruler of a duchy) :: hertogi {m}
duke {n} (male holder of a dukedom) :: hertogi {m}
dulcour {n} (sweetness; dulcitude; suavitude) SEE: sweetness ::
dulse {n} (reddish brown seaweed that is eaten) :: söl {n}
dumb {adj} (unable to speak) SEE: mute ::
dumbledore {n} (beetle) SEE: beetle ::
dumbledore {n} (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee ::
dumbledore {n} (dandelion) SEE: dandelion ::
dummy {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier ::
dun {n} (colour) :: grámórautt {n}
dunce {n} (One backward in book learning) :: tossi {m}
dune {n} (a ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind) :: sandhóll {m}
dung {n} (manure) :: mykja {f}
dungeon {n} (underground prison or vault) :: dýflissa {f}
duo {n} (twosome, especially musicians) :: dúó {n}, par {n}
duologue {n} (conversation between two persons) :: tvítal {n}
Durex {prop} (condom) SEE: condom ::
Durex {prop} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape ::
durian {n} (fruit) :: dáraaldin {m}
dusk {n} (period of time at the end of day when sun is below the horizon but before full onset of night) :: ljósaskipti {f}, húm {m}, rökkur {n}
dusk {v} (to grow dusk) :: rökkva, húma, dimma
dusky {adj} (dark-skinned) SEE: dark-skinned ::
dust {n} (fine, dry particles) :: ryk {n}, duft {n}
dust jacket {n} (detachable protective cover of a book) :: kápa {f}
dustman {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector ::
dustpan {n} (flat scoop for assembling dust) :: fægiskófla {f}
dusty {adj} (covered with dust) :: rykfallinn
Dutch {adj} (of the Netherlands, people, or language) :: hollenskur {m}, niðurlenskur {m}
Dutch {n} (the Dutch language) :: hollenska
Dutch {n} (people from the Netherlands) :: Hollendingur {m}
Dutch clover {n} (Trifolium repens) SEE: white clover ::
Dutchman {n} (a Dutch man) :: Hollendingur {m}, Niðurlendingur {m}
Dutchwoman {n} (a Dutch woman) :: [not gender specific] Hollendingur {m}
duty {n} (that which one is morally or legally obligated to do) :: kvöð {f}, skylda {f}
duvet {n} (quilt) :: sæng {f}
dwarf {n} (being from folklore, underground dwelling nature spirit) :: dvergur {m}
dwarf {n} (small person) :: dvergur {m}
dwarf birch {n} (dwarf birch) :: fjalldrapi {m}, drapi {m}, hrís {n}
dwindle {v} ((intransitive) to decrease, shrink, vanish) :: dvína
dyadic {adj} (pertaining to the number two) :: tvíunda-
dyadic operation {n} (two-operand operation) SEE: binary operation ::
dye {n} (die) SEE: die ::
dye {n} (a colourant, especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied) :: litur {m}, litarefni {n}
dye {v} (to colour with dye) :: lita
dyed {adj} (colored with dye) :: litað
dyke {n} (ditch) SEE: ditch ::
dynamic {adj} (computing: happening at runtime instead of at compile time) :: kviklegur {m}, kvik-
dynasty {n} (A series of rulers or dynasts from one family) :: konungsætt {f}, keisaraætt {f}
dyscalculia {n} (pathology: difficulty with numbers) :: talnablinda {f}, reikniblinda {f}
dyslalia {n} (difficulty in talking due to a structural abnormality) :: mállýti {n}
dyslexia {n} (learning disability) :: lesblinda {f}
dyslexic {adj} (of or pertaining to dyslexia) :: lesblindu-
dyslexic {adj} (having dyslexia) :: lesblindur
dyslexic {n} (a person who has dyslexia) :: lesblindur (adjective)
dysostosis {n} (disorder of the development of bone) :: beinarýrð {f}
dysprosium {n} (chemical element) :: dysprósín