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fa {n} (fourth note of a major scale)  ::
fabric {n} (material made of fibers)  :: कपड़ा {m} /kapṛā/
face {v} (to face) SEE: look  ::
face {n} (front part of head)  :: चेहरा {m}, मुखड़ा /mukhaŗā/, मुख {m}
face {n} (computing: interface) SEE: interface  ::
Facebook {prop} (social-networking website)  :: फेसबुक /phesbuk/, फ़ेसबुक /fesbuk/
facet {n}  :: पहलू
face to face {adv} (in person)  :: आमने-सामने, सम्मुख
face-to-face {adv} (face to face) SEE: face to face  ::
facsimile {v} (fax) SEE: fax  ::
fact {n} (an honest observation)  :: तथ्य {m}
factory {n} (manufacturing place)  :: कारख़ाना {m}, फ़ैक्टरी {f}
fag {n} (homosexual)  :: गाँडू {m} /gāṅḍū/
fag-end {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt  ::
faggot {n} (male homosexual) SEE: fag  ::
fairheaded {adj} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
fairy floss {n} (fairy floss) SEE: candy floss  ::
fairyland {n} (the imaginary land or abode of fairies)  :: परियों का देश {m} /pariyõ kā deś/
fairy tale {n} (folktale)  :: परी कथा
Faisalabad {prop} (a city in Pakistan)  :: फ़ैसलाबाद /faisalābād/
faith {n} (feeling that something is true)  :: आस्था, धारणा, ईमान, यक़ीन {m}, विश्वास {m}
fake {n} (something which is not genuine, or is presented fraudulently)  :: नक़ल {f} /naqal/
fakir {n} (ascetic mendicant)  :: फ़क़ीर {m} /faqīr/
falcon {n} (bird of the genus Falco)  :: बाज़ /bāz/
Falkland Islands {prop} (overseas territory of the UK in the South Atlantic)  :: माल्विनास द्वीपसमूह {m} /maalvinaas dweepsamuuh/
fall {n} (season) SEE: autumn  ::
fall {v} (move to a lower position under the effect of gravity)  :: गिरना /girnā/, पड़ना /paṛnā/
fall ill {v} (become ill)  :: बीमार पड़ना
Fallopian tube {n} (duct)  :: गर्भनली {f} /garbhanlī/, डिम्बवाहिनियां /ḍimbavāhiniyā̃/
false {adj} (untrue, not factual, wrong)  :: झूठा /jhūṭhā/, खोटा /khōṭā/
false friend {n} (type of word)  :: झूठा दोस्त, झूठे दोस्त {p}
falsely {adv} (in a false manner)  :: झूठमूठ /jhūṭh-mūṭh/
falter {v} (To stammer) SEE: stammer  ::
family {n} (immediate family, e.g. parents and their children)  :: परिवार {m}, ख़ानदान {m}, बाल-बच्चे {m-p}
family {n} (group of people related by blood, marriage, law, or custom)  :: परिवार {m}, ख़ानदान {m}
family name {n} (surname) SEE: surname  ::
famine {n} (extreme shortage of food in a region)  :: अकाल {m} /akāl/
fan {n} (electrical device)  :: पंखा {m}
fan {n} (admirer)  :: प्रशंसक {m}
fanny {n} (buttocks) SEE: ass  ::
fanny {n} (vulva or vagina) SEE: pussy  ::
fanny {n} (Sexual intercourse with a woman) SEE: pussy  ::
fantastic {adj} (wonderful, marvelous, excellent, extraordinarily good)  :: अद्भुत /adbhut/
fantastical {adj} (fantastic) SEE: fantastic  ::
Fantizi {prop} (Traditional Chinese) SEE: Traditional Chinese  ::
faqir {n} (fakir) SEE: fakir  ::
far {adj} (remote in space)  :: दूर /dūr/
farang {n} ((Thailand) foreigner of Western ancestry)  :: फ़िरंगी {m}
fare {n} (money paid for a transport ticket)  :: किराया {m} /kirāyā/
Far East {prop} (East and Southeast Asia, see also: Far East)  :: सुदूर पूर्व /sudūr pūrv/
farewell {interj} (Goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
Faridabad {prop} (city in India)  :: फ़रीदाबाद /farīdābād/, फरीदाबाद /pharīdābād/
farm {n} (a place where agricultural activities take place)  :: खेत {m}, फ़ार्म {m}
farmer {n} (person who works the land and/or who keeps livestock)  :: किसान {m}
farming {n} (agriculture) SEE: agriculture  ::
Faroe Islands {prop} (group of islands between Scotland and Iceland)  :: फ़रो द्वीपसमूह /farō dvīpasmūha/
Farsi {prop} (Persian language) SEE: Persian  ::
fart {v} (to emit flatulent gases)  :: पादना, हवा छोड़ना, पाद मारना
fart {n} (an emission of flatulent gases)  :: पाद /pād/
fascism {n} (extreme totalitarian political regime)  :: फ़ासीवाद {m}
fashion {n} (current (constantly changing) trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons)  :: फ़ैशन {m}
fast {adj} (capable of moving with great speed)  :: तेज़ /tez/, तीव्र /tivra/
fast {adv} (with great speed)  :: झटपट /jhațpaț/, जल्दी से /jaldī se/
fast {n} (fasting) SEE: fasting  ::
fast food {n} (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly)  :: फ़ास्ट फ़ूड /fāsṭ fūḍ/
fasting {n} (act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food)  :: उपवास /upvās/
fasting {n} (period of time when one abstains from or eats very little food)  :: उपवास /upvās/
fat {adj} (carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one's body)  :: मोटा
fat {n} (specialized animal tissue)  :: वसा, चरबी {f}
Fatah {prop} (Fatah)  :: फ़तह
fate {n} (that which predetermines events)  :: क़िस्मत {f} /qismat/, नसीब {f} /nasīb/, तक़दीर {f} /taqdīr/
father {n} (male parent)  :: पिता {m}, वालिद {m}, बाप {m}, पिदर {m}
father-in-law {n} (one's spouse's father)  :: ससुर {m}, समधी {m}
fatherland {n} (fatherland)  :: जन्मभूमि /janmabhūmi/, वतन /vatan/, स्वदेश /svadeš/
fatigue {n} (weariness)  :: थकान {f} /thakān/
fatty acid {n} (acid)  :: वसीय अम्ल
fatwa {n} (legal opinion, decree or ruling issued by a mufti)  :: फ़तवा {m}
faucet {n} (tap) SEE: tap  ::
fault {n} (defect)  :: खोट {} /khoṭ/
fault {n} (mistake or error)  :: ग़लती {f} /ġalatī/, क़सूर {m} /qasūr/
fauna {n} (animals considered as a group)  :: जंतु {m}
fax {n} (document transmitted by telephone)  :: फ़ैक्स {m}, फैक्स {m}
FBI {prop} (Federal Bureau of Investigation)  :: एफ़ बी आई
fear {n} (uncountable: emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat)  :: डर {m}, भय {m}
fear {v} (feel fear about (something))  :: डरना
fearless {adj} (free from fear)  :: निर्भीक {m} /nirbhīk/
feather {n} (branching, hair-like structure that grows on the bodies of birds)  :: पंख {m} /paṅkh/, पर {m} /par/
February {prop} (second month of the Roman, Julian, and Gregorian calendars)  :: फ़रवरी {f} /farvarī/
feces {n} (digested waste material discharged from the bowels)  :: टट्टी, मल {m}
federation {n} (array of nations or states)  :: महासंघ {m}, फ़ेडरेशन
feed {v} (to give food to eat)  :: खिलाना /khilānā/
feel {v} (transitive: to experience an emotion or other mental state about)  :: महसूस करना
feeling {n} (sensation)  :: एहसास
feeling {n} (emotion)  :: जज़्बात, भावना {f}
feeling {n} (intuition)  :: ख़याल /khayāl/
felicitate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate  ::
felicity {n} (happiness) SEE: happiness  ::
fellatio {n} (oral stimulation of penis)  :: शिश्न चूषण {m}, फेलाशियो
feminine {n} (woman) SEE: woman  ::
feminism {n} (the social theory or political movement)  :: नारीवाद {m} /nārīvād/
fence {n} (barrier)  :: बाड़ {m}
fennel {n} (spice used in cooking)  :: सौफ
fenugreek {n} (spice)  :: मेथी
Ferrari {n} (Italian car)  :: फ़ेरारी
fertile {adj} ((of land etc) capable of growing abundant crops)  :: उपजाऊ /upjāoo/
fertilizer {n} (a natural substance that is used to make the ground more suitable for growing plants)  :: उर्वरक
festival {n} (event or community gathering)  :: त्योहार {m}, उत्सव {m}, पर्व {m}
fetus {n} (fetus)  :: भ्रूण {m}
fever {n} (higher than normal body temperature)  :: बुख़ार {m}
few {determiner} (indefinite, usually small number)  :: कुछ, कम
few {determiner} (small number)  :: कम
fiancé {n} (man who is engaged to be married)  :: दुलहा {m}, मँगेतर {m}, मंगेतर {m}, वर {m}, वाग्दत्त {m}
fiancée {n} (woman who is engaged to be married)  :: मँगेतर {f}, मंगेतर {f}, वाग्दत्ता {f}, दुलहिन {f}
field {n} (land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country)  :: क्षेत्र {m}
field marshal {n} (highest miliary rank after the commander in chief)  :: फील्ड मार्शल {m}
fifteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: पंद्रह {m} /pandrah/
fifth {adj} (Ordinal form of the number 5)  :: पांचवां /pāñcvā̃/
fiftieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number fifty)  :: पचासवां /pacāsavāṁ/
fifty {num} (cardinal number)  :: पचास /pacās/
fifty-eight {num} (cardinal number)  :: अट्ठावन {m}
fifty-five {num} (cardinal number)  :: पचपन {m}
fifty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: चौवन {m}, चव्वन {m}
fifty-nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: उनसठ {m}
fifty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: इक्यावन {m}, इकावन {m}
fifty-seven {num} (cardinal number)  :: सत्तावन {m}
fifty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: छप्पन {m}
fifty-three {num} (cardinal number)  :: तिरपन {m}
fifty-two {num} (cardinal number)  :: बावन {m}
fig {n} (fruit)  :: अंजीर
fight {v} ((intransitive) to contend in physical conflict)  :: लड़ना /laṛnā/, झगड़ना
fight {n} (battle)  :: युद्ध /yud'dha/, लड़ाई /laṛā'ī/, झगड़ा /jhagṛā/
fight fire with fire {v} (idiomatic)  :: विरोधपूर्ण तरीका इस्तेमाल करना
fig tree {n} (fig tree) SEE: fig  ::
Fiji {prop} (Republic of the Fiji Islands)  :: फ़िजी, फिजी
Fiji Hindi {prop} (Indo-Iranian language spoken by people of Indian descent in Fiji)  :: फ़ीजी हिन्दी {f}
file {n} (computer terminology)  :: फ़ाइल {f}
file {n} (cutting or smoothing tool)  :: रेती {f}
fill {v}  :: भरना /bʰaranā/
fill in {v} (fill) SEE: fill  ::
filling station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
film {n} (motion picture) SEE: movie  ::
film {n} (photographic film)  :: फ़िल्म {f}
film director {n} (person)  :: फ़िल्म निर्देशक {m} /filma nirdeśak/, निर्देशक {m} /nirdeśak/
film star {n} (movie star) SEE: movie star  ::
filter {n} (device for separating impurities from a fluid or other substance)  :: फ़िल्टर {m}, साफी {f}
filth {n} (dirt)  :: गंदगी {f}, गंद {m}
fin {n} (appendage of a fish)  :: पंख {m}, मीनपक्ष {m}
find {v} (encounter, locate, discover)  :: पाना
fine arts {n} (purely aesthetic arts)  :: ललित कला {f}, ललित कलाएँ {f-p}
finger {n} ((anatomy) extremity of the hand)  :: उंगली {f}
finger millet {n} (a plant grown as a cereal)  :: रागी
fingernail {n} (covering near the tip of finger)  :: नाख़ुन {m}
finish {v} (to complete)  :: अंत करना /anta karnā/, ख़त्म करना /xatm karnā/
finish {v} (to come to an end)  :: ख़त्म होना /xatm honā/
finished {adj} (processed or perfected)  :: पूरा /pūrā/, समाप्त /samāpt/
finish off {v} (to kill) SEE: kill  ::
Finland {prop} (Nordic country)  :: फ़िनलैंड, फिनलैंड
Finnic {adj} (Finnish) SEE: Finnish  ::
Finnish {prop} (language)  :: फ़िनिश /finiś/, फ़िनिश भाषा {f} /finiś bhāṣā/
fiqh {n} (Jurisprudence in the Islamic law)  :: फ़िक़्ह
firearm {n} (personal weapon)  :: अग्निशस्त्र {m}
fire brigade {n} (organization for preventing and putting out fires)  :: दमकल दस्ता, दमकल {f}
fire department {n} (fire department)  :: दमकल दस्ता {m}, दमकल {f}
fire extinguisher {n} (device for putting out a fire)  :: अग्निशमन यंत्र, अग्निशामक {m}
firefighter {n} (a person who puts out fires and saves lives)  :: अग्निशमक {m} /agniśmak/
firefly {n} (Lampyridae)  :: जुगनू
fireman {n} (someone skilled in fighting fire) SEE: firefighter  ::
fireplace {n} (open hearth)  :: चिमनी {f}
firewall {n} (computer software)  :: फ़ायरवॉल /fāyarvŏl/
firewood {n} (wood intended to be burned, typically for heat)  :: लकड़ी {f}
firework {n} (exploding device)  :: आतिशबाज़ी {m}
first {adj} (numeral first)  :: पहला /pahlā/
first language {n} (mother tongue) SEE: mother tongue  ::
first light {n} (dawn) SEE: dawn  ::
first love {n} (one's first feeling of romantic love)  :: पहला प्यार {m} /pahlā pyār/
fish {n} (vertebrate animal)  :: मछली {f}, मत्स्य {m}, माही {f}
fishing {n} (act or sport of catching fish)  :: मत्स्य पालन
fist {n} (clenched hand)  :: मुट्ठी {f}
fist {v} (to strike with the fist)  :: मुक्का मारना, घूंसा मारना
fit {n} (seizure)  :: मिर्गी {f} /mirgee/
fit {v} (make ready) SEE: prepare  ::
five {num} (five )  :: पाँच (numeral: )
fivefold {adj} (in fives)  :: पंचगुना
five past {n} (five past one)  :: एक बजा के पाँच मिनट
five thousand {num} (5000)  :: पांच हज़ार /paanch hazaar/
fizz {n} (carbonated beverage) SEE: soda  ::
fizzy drink {n} (fizzy drink) SEE: soda  ::
flag {n} (piece of cloth or often its representation)  :: झंडा {m}
flagellum {n} (whip) SEE: whip  ::
flagpole {n} (pole for flags)  :: झंडा फहराने का स्तम्भ
flagstaff {n} (flagpole) SEE: flagpole  ::
flame {n} (visible part of fire)  :: लौ {f}, ज्वाला {f}
flamenco {n} (a song or a dance in such a style)  :: फ़्लामेंको {m}
flange {n} (slang:vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
flapjack {n} (pancake) SEE: pancake  ::
flashlight {n} (battery-powered hand-held lightsource)  :: टार्च {m}
flat {n} (palm of the hand) SEE: palm  ::
flat {adj} (having no variations in altitude)  :: समतल /samatal/
flat {n} (apartment) SEE: apartment  ::
flea {n} (parasitic insect)  :: पिस्सू /pissū/
fleck {n} (lock) SEE: lock  ::
flee {v} (to run away; to escape)  :: भागना /bagana/
flexible {adj} (easily bent without breaking)  :: लचीला {m} /lacīlā/
flick {n} (film) SEE: film  ::
flick {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
flight {n} (act of flying)  :: उड़ान {f} /uṛān/
flip-flop {n} (bistable electronic circuit)  :: द्विमानित्र
flittermouse {n} (bat) SEE: bat  ::
flog {v} (to sell) SEE: sell  ::
flog {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
flog {v} (to steal) SEE: steal  ::
flood {n} (overflow of water)  :: बाढ़ {f} /bāṛh/
floor {n} (bottom part of a room)  :: फ़र्श {m}, भूतल {m}, ज़मीन {f}, तल {m}
floor {n} (storey of a building) SEE: storey  ::
Florence {prop} (city in Tuscany, Italy)  :: फ़्लोरेन्स {f}
floriculture {n} (the farming of flowers)  :: पुष्पकृषि /puṣpakr̥ṣi/
Florida {prop} (US state)  :: फ्लोरिडा /phlōriḍā/
flour {n} (ground cereal grains)  :: आटा {m}
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: run  ::
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: stream  ::
flower {n} (reproductive structure in angiosperms)  :: फूल {m}, पुष्प {m}
flu {n} (influenza)  :: इनफ़्लुएंज़ा /influ'enzā/
fluency {n} (linguistics: being fluent in a language)  :: रवानी {f} /ravānī/
fluently {adv} (expressing oneself easily)  :: रवानी से /ravānī se/
fluoride {n} (fluoride)  :: तरस्विनिक /tarasvinik/
fluorine {n} (chemical element)  :: तरस्विनी /tarasvinī/
flute {n} (woodwind instrument)  :: बांसुरी {f}, बंसी {f}
fluted {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
fly {n} (insect of the family Muscidae)  :: मक्खी {f}
fly {v} (to travel through air)  :: उड़ना /uṛnā/
flying {n} (flying (noun)) SEE: flight  ::
flying saucer {n} (disc-shaped unidentified flying object)  :: उड़न तश्तरी /uṛan taśtarī/
foam {n} (substance composed of a large collection of bubbles or their solidified remains)  :: झाग {m}, कोप {m}, फेन
foam rubber {n} (foam rubber) SEE: foam  ::
foe {n} (enemy) SEE: enemy  ::
foetus {n} (fetus) SEE: fetus  ::
fog {n} (cloud that forms at a low altitude and obscures vision)  :: कुहरा {m}, धुंध {f}
fog {n} (Scottish: moss) SEE: moss  ::
foil {n} (thin layer of metal put between a jewel and its setting to make it seem more brilliant)  :: डाक {m} /ḍāk/
foliage {n} (the leaves of plants)  :: पर्णसमूह /parNasamUha/
folk dance {n} (dance performed by the common people of a specific region)  :: लोक नृत्य {m} /lok nŕtya/
folklore {n} (tales, legends and superstitions of a particular ethnic population)  :: लोकसाहित्य {m}
follow {v} (to go or come after in physical space)  :: पीछा करना /pīćhā karnā/
fond {v} (be fond of, like) SEE: like  ::
font {n} (typesetting: a grouping of consistently-designed glyphs)  :: फ़ॉन्ट
food {n} (any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life)  :: खाना {m}, भोजन {m}
fool {n} (person with poor judgement or little intelligence)  :: मूर्ख {m}
foolish {adj} (lacking good sense or judgement; unwise)  :: मूर्ख /mūrkh/
foot {n} (part of animal’s body )  :: पैर {m}
foot {n} (part of human body )  :: पैर {m}, पांव
foot-and-mouth disease {n} (foot-and-mouth disease)  :: मुंहपका-खुरपका रोग /munhapkā-khurapkā rog/
football {n} (Association football)  :: फ़ुटबॉल, फ़ुटबाल, फुटबॉल
foothill {n} (hill at the base of a mountain)  :: तलहटी {f}
foothills {n} (plural of foothill) SEE: foothill  ::
fop {n} (vain man)  :: छैल {m} /chail/, दम्भी /dambhī/, बाँका /bāṃkā/
for {prep} (directed at, intended to belong to)  :: ... के लिए /... ke li'e/
forbidden {adj} (not allowed)  :: मना /manā/
force {n} (anything that is able to make a big change in person or thing)  :: ज़ोर {m} /zor/
force {n} (physical quantity)  :: बल /bal/
force {n} (waterfall) SEE: waterfall  ::
forcibly {adv} (in a forcible manner)  :: ज़ोर /zor/
Ford {n} (a make of a car)  :: फ़ोर्ड /fōrḍ/
forebrain {n} (part of the brain)  :: अग्रमस्तिष्क /agramastiṣk/
forehead {n} (part of face above eyebrows)  :: माथा {m}, माथ {m}, ललाट {m}
foreign {n} (foreigner) SEE: foreigner  ::
foreign {adj} (originating from or characteristic of a different country)  :: विदेशी /videśī/
foreign country {n} (country of which one is not a citizen)  :: विदेश {m}
foreigner {n} (person in a foreign land)  :: विदेशी {m}, अन्यदेशीय, परदेशी {m}
foreign language {n} (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place)  :: विदेशी भाषा {f}
forenoon {n} (morning) SEE: morning  ::
forest {n} (dense collection of trees)  :: जंगल {m} /jangal/, वन {m} /van/
for ever {adv} (forever) SEE: forever  ::
forever {adv} (for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time)  :: हमेशा के लिए /hameśā ke li'e/, कभी के लिए /kabhī ke li'e/
for example {prep} (as an example)  :: उदाहरण के लिए /udāharṇa ke li'e/
forgery {n} (invention) SEE: invention  ::
forget {v} (to lose remembrance of)  :: भूलना, भूल जाना
forget {v}  :: भूल जाना
forgetful {adj} (liable to forget)  :: भुलक्कड /bhulakkaḍ/
forgive {v} (transitive, to pardon)  :: माफ़ करना /māf karnā/, क्षमा करना /kṣamā karnā/
for instance {adv} (as an example) SEE: for example  ::
fork {n} (eating utensil)  :: काँटा {m} or कांटा {m}
form {n} (document to be filled in)  :: अर्ज़ी {f}, फारम
form {n} (level of pre-collegiate education) SEE: grade  ::
formaldehyde {n} (organic compound)  :: वम्रसुव्युद
Formosa {prop} (Taiwan) SEE: Taiwan  ::
formula {n} (in mathematics)  :: सूत्र {m}, फ़ॉरमूला {m}
formula {n} (drink given to babies)  :: बेबी फार्मूला
Formula One {prop} (discipline in motor racing)  :: फ़ॉर्मूला वन /formūlā van/
fort {n} (fortified defensive structure stationed with troops)  :: किला {m-p} /kila/
fortieth {adj} (ordinal form of forty)  :: चालीसवां /चालीसवां/
fortress {n} (fortified place)  :: गढी
forty {num} (the cardinal number occurring after thirty-nine)  :: चालीस /cālīs/
forty-eight {num} (48)  :: अड़तालीस /aṛtālīs/
forty-five {num} (45)  :: पैंतालीस /paiṃtālīs/
forty-four {num} (44)  :: चवालीस {m}
forty-nine {num} (49)  :: उनचास /unćās/
forty-one {num} (41)  :: इकतालीस /iktālīs/
forty-seven {num} (47)  :: सैंतालीस
forty-six {num} (46)  :: छियालीस {m}
forty-three {num} (43)  :: तैंतालीस {m}
forty-two {num} (Cardinal number)  :: बयालीस
forward {adj} (at the front)  :: अगला, आगे की ओर, अग्रस्थ
forward {adv} (towards the front)  :: आगे /āge/, सामने /sāmne/
forward {adv} (into the future)  :: भविष्य मे /bhaviṣya me/
forward {v} (send (something received) to a third party)  :: अग्रसरित करना /agrasrit karnā/, भेजना /bhejnā/, आगे को चलता करना /āge ko caltā karnā/
fountain {n} (spring) SEE: spring  ::
fountain {n} (artificial water feature)  :: सोता /sotā/
four {num} (the cardinal number 4)  :: चार (numeral: )
four by two {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
fourfold {v} (increase to four times as much)  :: चौगुना करना
fourteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: चौदह /chaudah/
fourth {n} (quarter) SEE: quarter  ::
fourth {adj} (ordinal form of the number four)  :: चौथा /cauthā/
fowl {n} (bird) SEE: bird  ::
fox {n} (Vulpes)  :: लोमड़ी {f}
fragile {adj} (easily broken or destroyed)  :: नाज़ुक
fragrance {n} (pleasant smell or odour)  :: इत्र, अतर, महक {f}
franc {n} (former currency of France and Belgium)  :: फ्रैंक /phraiṅk/
franc {n} (any of several units of currency)  :: फ्रैंक /phraiṅk/
France {prop} (country)  :: फ़्रांस {}, फ़्राँस {m}, फ़्रान्स {m}, फ्रांस {m}
francium {n} (chemical element)  :: क्षुद्रातु /kṣudrātu/
frankincense {n} (incense)  :: लोबान {m}, लोहबान
fraud {v} (defraud) SEE: defraud  ::
free {adj} (not imprisoned)  :: मुक्त, आज़ाद
free {adj} (unobstructed)  :: खुला
free {adv} (without needing to pay)  :: मुफ़्त
free {adj} (obtainable without payment) SEE: free of charge  ::
freedom {n} (not being imprisoned or enslaved)  :: स्वतंत्रता {m} /svatantratā/, आज़ादी {f} /āzādī/, स्वाधीनता {f}, मुक्ति {f}
freedom of speech {n} (right to speak without fear of harm) SEE: free speech  ::
free of charge {adj} (not requiring any payment - adjective)  :: मुफ़्त
free speech {n} (right to express an opinion in public)  :: अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता /abhivyakti kī svatantratā/
freeze {v} (become solid due to low temperature)  :: जमना
french {v} (prepare food by cutting it into strips)  :: खाद्यपदार्थके टुकडे करना
French {prop} (Romance language spoken in France)  :: फ़्राँसीसी {f}, फ़्रांसीसी {f}, फ़्रान्सीसी {f}
French {n} (people of France, collectively)  :: फ़्राँसीसी
French {adj}  :: फ़्राँसीसी
French Guiana {prop} (Department of French Guiana)  :: फ़्रेंच गयाना /frēnc gayānā/, फ्रेंच गयाना /frēnc gayānā, phrēnc gayānā/
French letter {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
Frenchman {n} (man of French birth or nationality)  :: फ्रांसीसी {m}, फ़्रांसीसी {m}
Frenchwoman {n} (a French woman)  :: फ्रांसीसी {f}
frequent {adj} (done or occurring often)  :: बार बार /bār bār/, बारंबार /bārambār/
fresh {adj} (new or clean)  :: ताज़ा /tāzā/
fresh air {n} (clean air from outside)  :: ताजा हवा {f} /tājā havā/
friction {n} (The rubbing of one object or surface against another)  :: घर्षण /gharSaN/, रगड़ /ragad/
friction {n} (A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact)  :: घर्षण /gharSaN/
Friday {n} (day of the week)  :: शुक्रवार {m}
fridge {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
friend {n} (person whose company one enjoys)  :: दोस्त {m} {f}, मित्र {m} {f}, साथी {f}, सखा
friendship {n} ((uncountable) condition of being friends)  :: दोस्ती {f}, मित्रता {f}
frog {n} (amphibian)  :: मेंढक {m}, मेंढकी {f}, मेंडक {m}, मेंडुक {m}
from {prep} (with the source or provenance of or at)  :: से
frosh {n} (frog) SEE: frog  ::
fructose {n} (monosaccharide ketose sugar)  :: फलधु /phaladhu/
fruit {n} (part of plant)  :: फल {m}
fruit {n} (food)  :: फल {m}
frying pan {n} (long-handled, shallow pan used for frying food)  :: कड़ाही {f}, कड़ाहा {m}, तवा {m}, फ्राइंग पैन
fuck {v} (to have sexual intercourse-obscene or vulgar)  :: चोदना
fucker {n} (one who fucks)  :: चूतिया /cūtiyā/
fuel {n} (substance consumed to provide energy)  :: ईंधन {m}
Fula {n} (people)  :: फ़ुला {m}
Fula {prop} (language)  :: फ़ुला {m}
full {adj} (containing the maximum possible amount)  :: पूर्ण
full stop {n} (The punctuation mark “.”)  :: दंड {m}, /-/ [Hindi symbol], पूर्ण विराम
fun {n} (enjoyment or amusement)  :: मज़ा {m} /mazā/
function {n} (mathematics: a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs)  :: फलन /falan/
fundament {n} (anus) SEE: anus  ::
funeral {n} (ceremony to honour a deceased person)  :: क्रियाकर्म {m}, अंत्येष्टि {f}, जनाज़ा {m} [Islam]
fungus {n} (any member of the kingdom Fungi)  :: कुकुरमुत्ता /kukurmuttā/, फफूंद /phaphūnd/
funk {n} (spark) SEE: spark  ::
funnel {n} (utensil used to guide poured liquids)  :: कीप {m}
funnel {n} (smoke flue, chimney) SEE: chimney  ::
funny {adj} (amusing; comical)  :: मज़ाक़िया
fur {n} (hairy coat of a mammal, especially when fine, soft and thick)  :: फर
furnace {n} (device for heating) SEE: oven  ::
furniture {n} (large movable items)  :: असबाब, फ़र्नीचर
furore {n} (uproar)  :: उत्तेजना /uttejnā/
furrow {n} (trench cut in the soil)  :: कुंड
furuncle {n} (boil) SEE: boil  ::
futile {adj} (incapable of producing results)  :: फ़ज़ूल, अकारथ
future {n} (the time ahead)  :: भविष्य {m}
fuzz {n} (police) SEE: police  ::
fuzzy melon {n} (vine) SEE: winter melon  ::
fuzzy melon {n} (fuzzy melon fruit) SEE: winter melon  ::
fylfot {n} (swastika) SEE: swastika  ::
fynbos {n} (fynbos)  :: केप फ्लोरल संरक्षित क्षेत्र