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übermensch {n} (figure in Nazi ideology)  :: surhomme {m}
UAE {prop} /juː.eɪ.iː/ (initialism of United Arab Emirates)  :: EAU
uber- {prefix} /ˈu.bɚ/ (slang: super, really, mega-)  :: mega-, super-
uberize {v}  :: ubériser
ubiquitous {adj} (widespread) SEE: widespread  ::
ubiquitous {adj} /juːˈbɪkwɪtəs/ (being everywhere)  :: ubiquiste, ubiquitaire, omniprésent
ubiquitous {adj} (seeming to appear everywhere at the same time)  :: ubiquiste, ubiquitaire
ubiquity {n} /juˈbɪkwɪti/ (omnipresence)  :: ubiquité {f}
udarnik {n} (shock worker, super-productive worker in the Soviet Union and the other countries from the Soviet Block, see also: Stakhanovite)  :: oudarnik {m}, ouvrier de choc {m}
udder {n} /ˈʌdɚ/ (organ formed of the mammary glands of female quadruped mammals)  :: pis {m}, tétine, mamelle
Udi {prop} (language)  :: oudi
Udine {prop} (province)  :: Udine
Udine {prop} (capital)  :: Udine
Udmurt {prop} (language)  :: oudmourte {m}
Udmurt {adj} (pertaining to Udmurts, Udmurtia, or the Udmurt language)  :: oudmourte
Udmurtia {prop} (a republic of Russia in the Caucasus region)  :: Oudmourtie {f}
udon {n} (udon)  :: udon {m}
UEFA {initialism} /juˈeɪfə/ (Union of European Football Associations)  :: UEFA
uey {n} (U-turn) SEE: U-turn  ::
Ufa {prop} (city)  :: Oufa {f}
UFO {n} /ju ɛf ˈoʊ/ (an unidentified flying object)  :: OVNI {m}
ufologist {n} /ˌjuːˈfɑlədʒɪst/ (person who studies UFOs)  :: ufologue {m} {f}, ovniologue {m} {f}
ufology {n} /ˌjuːˈfɑlədʒi/ (the study of UFOs)  :: ovniologie {f}
Uganda {prop} /juˈɡændə/ (Republic of Uganda)  :: Ouganda
Ugandan {n} (A person from Uganda or of Ugandan descent)  :: Ougandais {m}, Ougandaise {f}, Ougandien {m} [rare], Ougandienne {f} [rare]
Ugandan {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Uganda, the Ugandan people or the Ugandan language)  :: ougandais, ougandien {m} [rare]
ugh {interj} /ɯx]/ (to express disgust)  :: beurk
ugli {n} /ˈʌɡli/ (cross between a tangerine and grapefruit)  :: ugli
ugli fruit {n} (ugli) SEE: ugli  ::
uglify {v} /ʌɡlifaɪ/ (to make ugly)  :: enlaidir
ugliness {n} (condition of being ugly)  :: laideur {f}
ugliness {n}  :: laideur
ugly {adj} /ˈʌɡli/ (displeasing to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing)  :: laid, moche, vilain
ugly {adj} (offensive to one's sensibilities or morality)  :: vilain
ugly as sin {adj} (extremely ugly)  :: laid comme un pou, laid comme les sept péchés capitaux
ugly duckling {n} (one who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature)  :: vilain petit canard {m}, vilaine petite canarde {f}
uh {interj} /ʌː/ (expression of confusion or uncertainty)  :: euh
uh {interj} (space filler or pause during conversation)  :: euh
uhlan {n} /ˈ(j)uːlən/ (soldier with lance)  :: uhlan {m}
UK {prop} (Abbreviation of United Kingdom)  :: R.U. {m}, RU {m}
ukase {n} /juːˈkeɪz/ (proclamation from the Russian ruler)  :: oukase, ukase
ukase {n} (any absolutist or arrogant order)  :: oukase, ukase
ukha {n} (a soup in Russian cuisine)  :: oukha {f}, soupe de poisson {f}
ukiyo-e {n} /uː.ˈki.oʊ.ˌeɪ/ (Japanese woodblock print or painting depicting everyday life)  :: ukiyo-e {m}
Ukraine {prop} /juˈkɹeɪn/ (Eastern European country)  :: Ukraine
Ukrainian {n} /juːˈkɹeɪnɪən/ (ethnic/citizen)  :: Ukrainien {m} Ukrainienne {f}
Ukrainian {prop} (language)  :: ukrainien {m}
Ukrainian {adj} (relating to Ukraine or its people)  :: ukrainien {m}, ukrainienne {f}
ukulele {n} /juː.kə.ˈleɪ.li/ (small four-stringed guitar)  :: ukulélé {m}
Ulaanbaatar {prop} /ˌuːlɑːn ˈbɑːtə(ɹ)/ (the capital of Mongolia)  :: Oulan Bator {m}
Ulan-Ude {prop} (capital of Buryatia, Russia)  :: Oulan-Oudé {m}
ulcer {n} /ʌlsɚ/ (open sore)  :: ulcère {m}
ulcer {n} (peptic ulcer) SEE: peptic ulcer  ::
ulceration {n}  :: ulcération {f}
ulcerous {adj} /ˈʌl.sɚ.əs/ (of or relating to an ulcer, ulcers)  :: ulcéreux
ulexite {n} (mineral)  :: ulexite {f}
Ulric {prop} (male given name)  :: Ulric
Ulrica {prop} (female given name)  :: Ulrique, Ulrica
ulterior motive {n} (alternative or hidden reason)  :: motif secret {m}, arrière-pensée {f}
ultimate {adj} /ˈʌltəmɪt/ (final; last in a series)  :: dernier
ultimate {adj}  :: ultime
ultima Thule {n}  :: ultima Thulé
ultimatum {n} /ˌʌl.tɪˈmeɪ.təm/ (a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another)  :: ultimatum {m}
ultracold {adj} (close to zero Kelvin)  :: ultrafroid
ultrafilter {n}  :: ultrafiltre {m}
ultra light rail {n}  :: train ultraléger {m}, tram ultraléger {m}
ultramarine {n} /ˌʌl.tɹə.məˈɹiːn/ (pigment)  :: outremer {m}
ultramarine {n} (colour)  :: outremer {m}
ultramarine {adj} (colour)  :: outremer {m} {f}
ultranationalism {n} (extreme nationalism)  :: ultranationalisme {m}
ultraright {adj} (extremely right-wing)  :: extrême droitier, extrême-droite
ultrasonic {adj} (beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear)  :: ultrasonique, ultrasonore, ultra-sonore
ultrasound {n} (sound)  :: ultrason {m}
ultraviolet {adj} (radiation with wavelengths from 380 nanometre - 10 nanometre)  :: ultraviolet
ultraviolet light {n} (light bulb that emits ultraviolet light) SEE: black light  ::
Uluru {prop} /ˈuluɹu/ (giant rock in Australia)  :: Ayers Rock, Uluru
Ulyanov {prop} (surname)  :: Oulianov {m}
Ulyanovsk {prop} (city)  :: Oulianovsk {m}
Ulysses {prop} (Odysseus) SEE: Odysseus  ::
-um {suffix} /əm/ (Latinate singular grammatical number suffix)  :: -um
umami {n} /uˈmɑːmi/ (one of the five basic tastes, savoriness)  :: umami {m}
umbel {n} (type of flower cluster)  :: ombelle {f}
umbellifer {n} (any plant of the family Apiaceae/Umbelliferae)  :: ombellifère {f}
umbelliferous {adj} (bearing umbels)  :: ombellifère
umbelliferous {adj} (pertaining to a member of the family Umbelliferae)  :: ombellifère
umber {n} (grayling) SEE: grayling  ::
umbilical {adj} /ʌmˈbɪl.ɪkəl/ (of or relating to the navel or the umbilical cord)  :: ombilical
umbilical cord {n} (cord between foetus and placenta)  :: cordon ombilical {m}
umbilicus {n} (navel) SEE: navel  ::
umbra {n} (a shadow) SEE: shadow  ::
umbra {n} /ˈʌmbɹə/ (the central region of a sunspot)  :: ombre {f}
umbrage {n} /ˈʌm.bɹɪdʒ/ (feeling of anger or annoyance)  :: ombrage {m}
umbrage {n} (shadow)  :: ombrage {m}
umbrage {v} (to shade)  :: ombrager
umbrella {n} /ʌmˈbɹɛlə/ (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun)  :: parapluie {m}
umbrella {n} (the main body of a jellyfish, excluding the tentacles)  :: ombrelle {f}
umbrella pine {n} (stone pine) SEE: stone pine  ::
umbrella term {n} (term covering a broad category of things)  :: terme générique {m}
Umbria {prop} (region of Italy)  :: Ombrie {f}
Umbrian {n} /ˈʌmbɹi.ən/ (an inhabitant of Umbria)  :: Ombrien {m}, Ombrienne {f}
Umbriel {prop} (moon of Uranus)  :: Umbriel
umeshu {n} (Japanese liqueur)  :: umeshu {m}
umlaut {n} /ˈʊm.laʊt/ (diacritical mark)  :: tréma
ummah {n} /ˈʊmə/ (the worldwide Muslim community)  :: oumma {f}, umma {f}
umpire {n} /ˈʌm.paɪ.ə(ɹ)/ (a person who arbitrates between contending parties)  :: arbitre {m} {f}
umpire {v} (to act as an umpire in a game)  :: arbitrer
umpteenth {num} /ˈʌmp.tiːnθ/ (informal: occurring in a relatively large but unspecified position in a series)  :: énième {m} {f}, ixième {m} {f}
umptieth {adj} (a generic ordinal number)  :: n-ième, ennième, énième
un- {prefix} (denoting absence)  :: in-, mal, non-
un- {prefix} (denoting a lack of)  :: in-, non-
un- {prefix} (violative of; contrary to)  :: anti-, in-, non-
un- {prefix} (reversal or cancellation)  :: dé-, dés-
UN {initialism} (United Nations)  :: ONU
unable {adj} /ʌnˈeɪbəl/ (not able)  :: incapable {m} {f}
unacceptable {adj} /ˌʌn.æk.ˈsɛp.tə.bl̩/ (unsatisfactory; not acceptable)  :: inacceptable
unaccountably {adv} (not able to be explained logically. Without being accountable, or reasonable)  :: inexplicablement
unadorned {adj} /əˌnʌˈdɔːɹnd/ (Having no additional decoration)  :: dépouillé, sobre, sans fioritures, sans ornements, simple
unadvised {adj} (not advised)  :: malavisé
unaffectionate {adj}  :: inattentionné
unaffordable {adj} (too expensive to be afforded)  :: inabordable {m} {f}
unafraid {adj} /ʌnəˈfɹeɪd/ (not afraid, fearless)  :: sans peur
unaltered {adj} (remaining in its initial state)  :: inaltéré
unambiguous {adj} (clear, and having no uncertainty or ambiguity)  :: sans équivoque
unamusing {adj} (not amusing)  :: déplaisant {m}, déplaisante {f}, barbant {m}, barbante {f}, pas drôle {m} {f}
unanimity {n} /juːnəˈnɪmɪti/ (condition)  :: unanimité
unanimous {adj} /juˈnænəməs/ (based on unanimity)  :: unanime {m} {f}
unanimous {adj} (sharing the same view)  :: unanime {m} {f}
unanimously {adv} (in a unanimous manner)  :: unanimement
unanimousness {n} (unanimity) SEE: unanimity  ::
unannounced {adj} (not announced)  :: inopiné {m}
unapologetic {adj} (not apologetic)  :: impénitent
unarmed {adj} /ˌʌnˈɑɹmd/ (defenceless and lacking a weapon)  :: sans armes, non armé
unashamed {adj} (feeling or showing no shame, embarrassment or remorse)  :: éhonté
unassailable {adj} (secure against attack; impregnable)  :: inattaquable, inexpugnable
unassailable {adj} (undeniable, incontestable or incontrovertible)  :: indéniable, incontestable
unattainable {adj} (impossible to attain)  :: inatteignable
unattested {adj} (not existing in any documented form)  :: inattesté
unattractive {adj} (not handsome or beautiful or appealing)  :: tocard
unavailability {n} (state of being unavailable)  :: indisponibilité {f}
unavailable {adj} (not available)  :: indisponible
unavailing {adj} (fruitless, futile, useless)  :: inutile, vain, futile, infructueux
unavoidable {adj} (impossible to avoid)  :: inévitable
unbalance {v} (to cause to be out of balance)  :: désaxer, déséquilibrer
unbearable {adj} (so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable)  :: invivable, insupportable
unbeatable {adj} (that cannot be beaten, defeated or overcome)  :: imbattable
unbeknownst {adv} /ˌʌnbɪˈnoʊnst/ (Without the knowledge of)  :: à l’insu de
unbelief {n} /ʌnbɪˈliːf/ (lack of belief)  :: incrédulité {f}
unbelievable {adj} (incredible)  :: incroyable {m} {f}
unbelievable {adj} (implausible)  :: incroyable {m} {f}
unbelievably {adv} (in a manner one does not believe)  :: incroyablement
unbelievably {adv} (to an extent not to be believed)  :: incroyablement, extrêmement, très
unbelievably {adv} (contrary to expectations)  :: incroyablement
unbeliever {n} (infidel) SEE: infidel  ::
unbelieving {adj} (that does not believe)  :: incrédule
unbend {v}  :: redresser ; se détendre
unbibium {n} /ˌʌnˈbɪbi.əm/ (element)  :: unbibium {m}
unbiblical {adj} (not biblical)  :: anti-biblique
unbind {v} /ʌnˈbaɪnd/ (take bindings off)  :: détacher
unbinilium {n} (chemical element)  :: unbinilium {m}
unbirthday {n} /ʌnˈbɜːθ.deɪ/  :: non-anniversaire {m}
unbiunium {n}  :: unbiunium {m}
unbolt {v} (unlock by undoing bolts)  :: déboulonner, déverrouiller
unborn {adj} (still in mother's womb)  :: à naître
unboxing {n} (removal of something from its box)  :: déballage
unboxing {n} (automatic conversion of objects back to value types)  :: unboxing {m}
unbribable {adj} (incorruptible) SEE: incorruptible  ::
unbridle {v} (To remove the bridle)  :: débrider
unbridle {v} (To remove restraint)  :: débrider
unbroken {adj} (whole, not divided into parts)  :: entier {m}, entière {f}
unbroken {adj} (continuous, without interruption)  :: continu {m}, continue {f}
unbuckle {v} (to unfasten (the buckle of))  :: déboucler
unburstable {adj} (impossible to pop)  :: increvable
unbuyable {adj} (that one cannot buy)  :: inachetable
uncanny {n} /ʌnˈkæni/ (strange, mysteriously unsettling)  :: déroutant {m}, déroutante {f}, étrange, troublant
uncanny valley {n} (subtle differences from human behaviour that may cause negative reactions)  :: vallée dérangeante {f}
uncap {v} /ʌnˈkæp/ (remove a cap or cover from)  :: décapsuler
uncapable {adj} (not capable)  :: incapable
uncaringness {n} (state of being uncaring)  :: indifférence {f}
uncertain {adj} /ʌnˈsɜːtən/ (not known for certain; questionable)  :: incertain
uncertain {adj} (not yet determined; undecided)  :: incertain
uncertain {adj} (variable and subject to change)  :: incertain
uncertainly {adv} /ʌnˈsɝtn̩li/ (in an uncertain manner)  :: aléatoirement, confusément
unchain {v} /ʌnˈtʃeɪn/ (to remove chains from; to free; to liberate)  :: déchainer, déchaîner, libérer
uncheck {v} (to remove a checkmark)  :: décocher
uncivilized {adj} (used to describe people who display a marked lack of manners as defined by a given culture)  :: incivilisé {m}
unclasp {v} (to release the clasp from something)  :: dégrafer
unclassifiable {adj} (incapable of being classified)  :: inclassable
uncle {n} /ˈʌn.kʰɫ̩]/ (brother (or brother-in-law) of someone’s parent)  :: oncle {m}, tonton {m} [informal]
unclean {adj} /ʌnˈkliːn/ (not moral or chaste)  :: impur
unclear {adj} /ʌnˈklɪɚ/  :: flou
Uncle Sam {prop} (personification of the US government)  :: Oncle Sam {m}
Uncle Scrooge {n} (rich miser)  :: picsou {m}
unclouded {adj} (not cloudy; clear)  :: sans nuages
uncombinable {adj} (incapable of being combined)  :: incombinable
uncomfortable {adj} /ʌnˈkʌmf.tɚ.bəl/ (not comfortable)  :: inconfortable {m} {f}
uncomment {v}  :: décommenter
uncompromising {adj} (inflexible and unwilling to negotiate or make concessions)  :: carré {m}
unconditional {adj} /ˌʌnkənˈdɪʃənəl/ (without conditions)  :: inconditionnel
unconditionally {adv} (without condition)  :: inconditionnellement
unconscionable {adj} /ʌnˈkɒnʃənəbəl/ (not conscionable; unscrupulous)  :: sans scrupules
unconscious {adj} /ˌʌnˈkɒnʃəs/ (not awake)  :: inconscient
unconsciously {adv} (In an unconscious manner)  :: inconsciemment
unconsciousness {n} (the state of lacking consciousness)  :: inconscience
unconstitutional {adj} (contrary to the constitution)  :: anticonstitutionnel
unconstitutionality {n} (status of being unconstitutional)  :: inconstitutionnalité {f}
unconstitutionally {adv} (in a manner that is unconstitutional)  :: inconstitutionnellement
uncontrollable {adj} (Not able to be controlled, contained or governed)  :: incontrôlable
uncontrolled {adj} (not controlled)  :: incontrôlé
uncork {v} (to open by removing the cork or stopper from)  :: déboucher
uncountable {adj} (too many to be counted)  :: indénombrable {m} {f}
uncountable {adj} (mathematics: incapable of being enumerated by natural numbers)  :: indénombrable {m} {f}
uncountable {adj} (linguistics: about a noun which cannot be counted)  :: indénombrable {m} {f}
uncountable set {n} (infinite set that is not countable)  :: ensemble non dénombrable {m}
uncouth {adj} /ʌnˈkuːθ/ (unrefined, crude)  :: rustre {m} {f}
uncover {v} (to remove the cover of an object)  :: découvrir
uncreated {adj}  :: incréé
uncrushable {adj}  :: inécrasable {m} {f}
unction {n} /ʌŋkʃən/ (salve or ointment)  :: onction {f}
unction {n} (religious or ceremonial anointing)  :: onction {f}
uncurable {adj} (incurable) SEE: incurable  ::
undead {adj} /ʌnˈdɛd/ (being animate, though non-living)  :: mort-vivant {m}
undead {n} (those creatures which are dead yet still move)  :: mort-vivant {m}
undecagon {n} (11-sided polygon)  :: undécagone {m}
undefined {adj} (lacking definition or value)  :: indéfini
undefined {adj} (mathematics: without interpretation)  :: indéfini
undeniable {adj} (irrefutable, or impossible to deny)  :: indéniable
undeniably {adv} (in an undeniable manner)  :: indéniablement
undependable {adj} (not to be relied upon)  :: pas fiable {m} {f}
under {prep} /ˈʌndɚ/ (in a lower level than)  :: sous
under {prep} (subject of)  :: sous
under {prep} (less than)  :: moins de
under {prep} (beneath the surface of)  :: sous
under {adv} (In a way lower or less than)  :: dessous
under {adv} (In a way inferior to)  :: moins
under- {prefix} (under (in any sense): insufficient, insufficiently)  :: sous-
underage {n} (deficit in funds) SEE: deficit  ::
underage {adj} /ˌʌndəɹˈeɪdʒ/ (below legal age)  :: mineur
underage {adj} (still a minor)  :: mineur {m}
underbrush {n} (small trees)  :: sous-bois {m}
undercarriage {n} (landing gear) SEE: landing gear  ::
undercoat {n} (coat of paint applied before a topcoat)  :: sous-couche {f}
undercover {adj} (Performed or happening in secret)  :: clandestin, secret
undercover {adj} (Employed or engaged in spying or secret investigation)  :: secret
undercover {n} (A person who works undercover)  :: agent secret
undercut {v} (To undermine) SEE: undermine  ::
underdeveloped {adj} (having a low level of economic productivity and technological sophistication)  :: sous-développé
underdog {n} (competitor thought unlikely to win)  :: outsider {m}
underequipped {adj} (Lacking sufficient equipment)  :: sous-équipé {m}
underestimate {v} /ʌndɚˈɛs.tɨ.meɪt/ (to perceive as having lower value)  :: sous-estimer
underestimated {v} (underrated) SEE: underrated  ::
underestimation {n} (underestimate) SEE: underestimate  ::
underexpose {v} (in photography)  :: sous-exposer
underexpose {v} (to provide with insufficient publicity)  :: sous-exposer
underfeed {v} (to feed insufficiently)  :: sous-alimenter
underfoot {adv} /ʌndɚˈfʊt/ (under one's feet)  :: sous les pieds
underfoot {adv} (in the way) SEE: in the way  ::
underfur {n} (thick, soft undercoat) SEE: undercoat  ::
undergarment {n} (any garment worn underneath others)  :: sous-vêtement {m}
undergo {v} (to experience)  :: subir
undergo {v} (to suffer or endure)  :: subir
underground {adj} (below the ground)  :: souterrain
underground {adj} (hidden, furtive)  :: souterrain, clandestin
underground {adj} (outside the mainstream)  :: underground
underground {adv} (below the ground)  :: sous terre, sous la terre
underground {n} (movement or organisation of people who resist political convention)  :: résistance {f}, mouvement clandestin {m}, organisation clandestine {f}
underground {n} (movement or organisation of people who resist artistic convention)  :: underground {m}, mouvement d'avant-garde {m}
undergrowth {n} (plants which only reach a low height)  :: broussailles {f}, sous-bois {m}, maquis {m}
underhair {n} (pubic hair) SEE: pubic hair  ::
underhair {n} (undercoat) SEE: undercoat  ::
underhand {adj} /ˈʌn.də(ɹ)ˌ(h)ænd/ (dishonest and sneaky)  :: sournois
underline {n} /ˈʌndɚˌlaɪn/ (line underneath text)  :: soulignement
underline {v} (to draw an underline)  :: souligner
underline {v} (to emphasise or stress something)  :: souligner, attirer l’attention (sur)
underling {n} (a subordinate, or person of lesser rank or authority)  :: subordonné {m}, sous-fifre {m}
under lock and key {prep} (imprisoned) SEE: behind bars  ::
underlying {adj} (lying underneath)  :: sous-jacent {m}
underlying {adj} (basic or fundamental)  :: sous-jacent
underlying {adj} (implicit)  :: sous-jacent
undermine {v} /ʌndəˈmʌɪn/ (hinder, sabotage)  :: saper
undermine {v} (to dig, tunnel, hollow out as if making a cave or opening)  :: saper
underneath {adv} /ʌndɚˈniθ/ (below; in a place beneath)  :: dessous
underneath {prep} (under, below, beneath)  :: en dessous, dessous, sous
underneath {prep} (under the control or power of)  :: sous
underneath {adj} (under, lower)  :: du dessous {m} {f}, d'en dessous {m} {f}
underneath {n} (the part under or lower)  :: dessous {m}
under no circumstance {prep} (under no conditions)  :: en aucun cas, sous aucun prétexte
under no circumstances {prep} (never ever)  :: en aucun cas
under one's belt {prep} (within one's experience)  :: à mon actif, à ton actif, à son actif
under one's breath {prep} (softly)  :: à voix basse, dans sa barbe, entre ses dents
under one's hat {prep} (secret) SEE: secret  ::
underpad {n} (mattress protector) SEE: mattress protector  ::
underpants {n} (underwear)  :: caleçon {m} [Europe], calcif {m} [Europe, slang], bobettes {f-p} [Quebec]
underpass {n} (passage)  :: passage souterrain {m}
underpay {v} (to pay someone less than the value of their work)  :: sous-payer
underpin {v} /ˌʌn.dɚˈpɪn/ (To support from below with props or masonry)  :: étayer
underpin {v} (To give support to)  :: étayer, supporter, soutenir
underpinning {n} (a support or foundation of a structure)  :: soubassement {m}
underplay {v} (to make something seem less important) SEE: downplay  ::
underprivileged {adj} (deprived of opportunities and advantages)  :: défavorisé {m}
underrate {v} (to underestimate)  :: sous-estimer
underrated {adj} (not given enough recognition)  :: sous-estimé
underruff {v}  :: pisser, faire pipi
underscore {n} /ˈʌn.də(ɹ)ˌskɔː(ɹ)/ (an underline)  :: tiret bas {m}, souligné {m}, blanc souligné {m}, sous-tiret {m}
underscore {v} (to underline)  :: souligner
underscore {v} (to emphasize)  :: souligner
underscore {v}  :: souligner
undershirt {n} (for wifebeater) SEE: singlet  ::
underslide {n} (metal slide)  :: coulisse {f}
understand {v} /ˌʌndɚˈstænd]/ (to be aware of the meaning of)  :: comprendre
understand {v} (to understand) SEE: grasp  ::
understandable {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: compréhensible, [Canada] comprenable
understanding {n} (understanding) SEE: grasp  ::
understanding {n} /ˌʌndəɹˈstændɪŋ/ (mental process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, subjective by its nature)  :: compréhension {f}
understanding {n} (ability to grasp the full meaning of knowledge, ability to infer)  :: compréhension {f}
understanding {n} (sympathy)  :: compréhension {f}
understanding {n}  :: compréhension {f}
understatement {n} (Statement less than complete)  :: litote, peu dire
understood {adj} /ʌndəɹˈstʊd/ (comprehended)  :: compris {m}, comprise {f}, compris {m-p}, comprises {f-p}
understood {interj} (indication of comprehension)  :: compris
understudy {v} /ˈʌndɚˌstʌdi/ (to study or know a role to such an extent as to be able to replace the normal performer when required)  :: doubler
understudy {n} (performer who understudies)  :: doublure {f}
undertake {v} /ʌndəˈteɪk/ (to start an enterprise)  :: entreprendre
undertaken {v} /ʌndə(ɹ)ˈteɪkən/ (past participle of undertake)  :: entrepris {m}, entreprise {f}, entrepris {m-p}, entreprises {f-p}
undertaker {n} /ˈʌndə(ɹ)ˌteɪkə(ɹ)/ (funeral director)  :: croque-mort {m} {f}
undertaking {n} /ˈʌndə(ɹ)ˌteɪkɪŋ/ (That which is undertaken)  :: entreprise {f}
under the knife {prep} (undergoing a surgical procedure)  :: sur le billard, passer sur le billard
undertone {n} (implied meaning)  :: sous-entendu {f}
undertone {n} (colour)  :: nuance {f}
undertow {n} (flow of water)  :: courant de retour, reflux {m}
underuse {n} (the act of using (something) less than expected)  :: sous-utilisation {f}
under way {prep} (in operation or in process)  :: en cours
underway {adv} (in motion, in progress; being done or carried out)  :: en cours
underwear {n} /ˈʌndəweə/ (clothes worn next to the skin)  :: sous-vêtement {m}
underwhelm {v} (fail to impress)  :: décevoir
underwhelming {adj} (failing to interest)  :: décevant
underwired {adj} /ˌʌndəˈwʌɪəd/  :: armaturé
underworld {n} (part of society engaged in crime or vice)  :: pègre {f}
underworld {n} (world of the dead)  :: au-delà {m}, autre monde {m}
under wraps {prep} (in secrecy)  :: secret, caché
undeserved {adj} (not deserved, earned or merited; unjustifiable or unfair)  :: immérité, injustifié
undesirable {adj} (objectionable or not likely to please)  :: indésirable
undestroyable {adj} (Not able to be destroyed)  :: indestructible
undetectable {adj} (Unable to be detected)  :: indétectable
undies {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
undiluted {adj} (not diluted)  :: pur
undiluted {adj} (free from extraneous elements)  :: pur
undine {n} /ˈʌndiːn/ (female water-sprite or nymph)  :: ondine {f}
undo {v} /ʌnˈduː/ (to reverse)  :: annuler, défaire
undo {v} (to unfasten)  :: défaire, délier
undoer {n} (Agent noun of undo)  :: défaiseur {m}
undoubtedly {adv} /ʌnˈdaʊtɪdli/ (without doubt)  :: sans aucun doute, sans nul doute
undoubtfully {adv} (without doubt) SEE: undoubtedly  ::
undownable {adj} /ʌnˈdaʊn.ə.bəl/ (undeniably important; which cannot be played down or ignored)  :: primordial {m}, incontournable
undownable {adj} (invincible; which cannot be brought down or overcome)  :: inflexible, inamovible, irrépressible, résilient
UNDP {prop} (United Nations Development Programme)  :: PNUD
undress {v} /ʌnˈdɹɛs/ ((intransitive) remove one's clothing)  :: se déshabiller
undress {v} ((transitive) remove somebody’s clothing)  :: déshabiller
undressed {adj} (having partially or completely removed one's clothes)  :: déshabillé
undrinkable {adj} (not drinkable)  :: imbuvable
undulate {v} /ˈʌndjəleɪt/ (intransitive: move in wavelike motions)  :: onduler, ondoyer
undulated antshrike {n} (bird)  :: batara ondé
unduly {adv} (undeservedly, not warranted)  :: indument
unearth {v} (to uncover or find)  :: découvrir
unearth {v} (to dig up)  :: déterrer
uneasiness {n}  :: malaise
uneasy {adj} (Not easy; difficult)  :: pas facile, difficile
uneducated {adj} (not educated)  :: inculte {m} {f}
unemployed {adj} (having no job)  :: au chômage invariant, inoccupé, chômeur
unemployed {n} (the unemployed as a group)  :: les chômeurs {m-p}
unemployment {n} (joblessness)  :: chômage {m}
unemployment benefit {n} (money paid to the unemployed)  :: allocation chômage {f}
unending {adj} (never reaching an end)  :: éternel, sans fin, infini
unenroll {v}  :: désenrôler
unequivocal {adj} /ʌnɨˈkwɪvəkəl/ (without ambiguity)  :: sans équivoque
unerasable {adj} (that cannot be erased)  :: ineffaçable
uneven {adj} (odd) SEE: odd  ::
uneven bars {n} (set of apparatus)  :: barres asymétriques {f-p}
uneven bars {n} (event)  :: barres asymétriques, barres asymétriques {f-p}
uneventful {adj}  :: sans histoire
unexpected {adj} /ʌnɪkˈspɛktɪd/ (not expected, anticipated or foreseen)  :: inattendu, imprévu {m}, inopiné {m}
unexpectedly {adv} /ʌnɪkˈspɛktɪdli/ (in an unexpected manner)  :: surprenamment
unexplainable {adj} (inexplicable) SEE: inexplicable  ::
unfair {adj} /ʌnˈfɛɚ/ (not fair)  :: injuste, déloyal
unfairly {adv} (unjustly) SEE: unjustly  ::
unfairness {n} (state of being unfair)  :: injustice {f}
unfairness {n}  :: inéquité, injustice {f}
unfaithful {adj} (not having religious faith)  :: infidèle
unfaithful {adj} (not keeping good faith; disloyal; not faithful)  :: infidèle
unfamiliar {adj} /ˌʌnfəˈmɪli.əɹ/ (not familiar)  :: inconnu
unfashionable {adj} (not fashionable)  :: quétaine {mf} [Quebec]
unfasten {v} (to loose)  :: défaire
unfathomable {adj} (impossible to fathom; incomprehensible)  :: incompréhensible
unfathomable {adj} (difficult to penetrate)  :: insondable
unfavorable {adj} (causing obstacles or delay (of wind or weather))  :: défavorable
unfeasible {adj} (infeasible) SEE: infeasible  ::
unfindable {adj} (not findable)  :: introuvable
unfinished {adj} (not finished)  :: inachevé
unfinishedness {n} (quality of being unfinished)  :: inachèvement
unfit {adj} /ʌnˈfɪt/ (not fit; not having the correct requirements)  :: inapte
unflappable {adj} /ʌnˈflæpəbəl/ (remaining composed and level-headed at all times)  :: imperturbable
unfold {v} /ʌnˈfoʊld/  :: dérouler, déplier
unforeseeable {adj} (incapable of being foreseen)  :: imprévisible
unforeseen {adj} (not foreseen)  :: imprévu
unforeseen {adj} (not expected)  :: inattendu {m}
unforgettable {adj} (which is very difficult to forget)  :: inoubliable
unforgivable {adj} (not forgivable)  :: impardonnable
unfortunate {adj} /ʌnˈfɔːtjʊnət/ (not favored by fortune)  :: infortuné
unfortunate {adj} (marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune)  :: malencontreux
unfortunately {adv} (happening through bad luck)  :: malheureusement, malencontreusement
unfounded {adj} (not based on solid reasons or facts)  :: non fondé, dénué de fondement, infondé, sans fondement
unfreeze {v} (thaw) SEE: thaw  ::
unfreeze {v} (defrost) SEE: defrost  ::
unfriendly {adj} /ʌnˈfɹɛn(d)li/ (not friendly; hostile)  :: inamical
unfruitful {adj} (Not bearing fruit)  :: infructueux
unfurl {v} /ʌnˈfɝl/ (to unroll or release)  :: déployer, dérouler
unfurnish {v} (to remove furniture from)  :: démeubler
ungodly {adj} (unreasonable)  :: pas catholique
ungrammatical {adj} (in violation of one or more of the rules and conventions of a language)  :: agrammatical
ungrateful {adj} /ʌnˈɡɹeɪtfəl/ (not grateful)  :: ingrat
ungratefulness {n} (the state of being ungrateful) SEE: ingratitude  ::
unguent {n} (cream applied to the skin for a therapeutic purpose) SEE: ointment  ::
ungulate {adj} /ˈʌŋɡjələt/ (having hooves)  :: ongulé
ungulate {n} (hooved mammal)  :: ongulé {m}
unguligrade {adj} /ʌŋˈɡjuːlɪˌɡɹeɪd/ (that walks on hooves)  :: ongulograde
unhackable {adj} (Definition)  :: impiratable
unhappiness {n} (feeling of not being happy)  :: tristesse {f}, malheur
unhappy {adj} /ʌnˈhæpi/ (not happy; sad)  :: malheureux, triste
unhappy {adj} (not satisfied; unsatisfied)  :: mécontent
unharness {v} (to liberate) SEE: liberate  ::
unharness {v} (to remove the harness from a horse, etc.)  :: débrider, dételer
unhealthy {adj} /ʌnˈhɛl.θi/ (conducive to poor health)  :: malsain
unheard-of {adj} (previously unknown; unprecedented)  :: inouï
unheralded {adj} (Without prior warning; unexpected or unannounced)  :: sans tambour ni trompette, sans préavis
unhinge {v} /ʌnˈhɪndʒ/ (remove a leaf from its supporting hinges)  :: dégonder,
unhinge {v} (to mentally disturb)  :: déséquilibrer, troubler,
unholy {adj} (evil)  :: impie, maléfique
unhookable {adj} (Capable of being unhooked)  :: décrochable
unhorse {v} (remove from a horse)  :: désarçonner
unhurt {adj} (not hurt)  :: indemne
uni {n} /ˈjuː.niː/ (university)  :: fac
uni- {prefix} (one)  :: uni-
unibrow {n} (eyebrows that meet in the middle)  :: monosourcil {m}
unicameral {adj} /junɨˈkæməɹəl/ (having a single legislative chamber)  :: unicaméral, monocaméral
unicameralism {n} (principle of having single chamber legislative body)  :: monocamérisme {m}, monocaméralisme {m}
unicellular {adj} (having a single cell)  :: unicellulaire {m} {f}
Unicode {prop} /ˈjunɪˌkoːd/ (series of computer encoding standards)  :: Unicode {m}
unicolor {adj} (of one color)  :: unicolore
unicorn {n} /ˈjunɪkɔɹn/ (mythical beast)  :: licorne {f}
unicorn {n} (startup company)  :: licorne {f}
unicycle {n} (one-wheeled pedaled cycle)  :: monocycle {m}
unicyclist {n} (person who operates a unicycle)  :: unicycliste {m} {f}
unidentified flying object {n} (anything in the air not readily explainable)  :: objet volant non-identifié {m}, OVNI {m} [abbreviation]
unidirectional {adj} (pertaining to only one direction)  :: unidirectionnel
unifiable {adj} (able to be united or unified)  :: unifiable
unification {n} (act of unifying)  :: unification {f}
unifoliate {adj} (having a single leaf)  :: monophylle, unifolié
uniform {adj} /ˈjunəfɔɹm/ (unvarying)  :: uniforme
uniform {adj} (consistent)  :: uniforme
uniform {n} (distinctive outfit as a means of identifying members of a group)  :: uniforme {m}
uniform antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: batara unicolore
uniform continuity {n} (property of a function)  :: continuité uniforme {f}
uniformitarianism {n} /juːnɪfɔːmɪˈtɛːɹɪənɪzm/ (the scientific principle that natural processes operated in the past in the same way that they do today)  :: actualisme {m}, uniformitarisme {m}
uniformity {n} (a state of being uniform)  :: uniformité {f}
uniformize {v} /ˈjunifoʊɹmaɪz/ (to make uniform)  :: uniformiser
uniformly {adv} /ˈjunəfɔɹmli/ (in a uniform manner)  :: uniformément
uniformly continuous {adj} (property of a function)  :: uniformément continu
unify {v} /ˈjuːnɪfaɪ/ (cause to become one)  :: unifier
unilateral {adj} (Done by one side only)  :: unilatéral
unilateralism {n} (tendency of nations to act on their own)  :: unilatéralisme
unilaterally {adv} (in a unilateral way)  :: unilatéralement
unilingual {adj} (only knowing or spoken in one language)  :: unilingue {m} {f}
unilingualism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language)  :: monolinguisme {m}, unilinguisme {m}
unimaginable {adj} (unable to be imagined)  :: inimaginable
unimolecular {adj} (of a reaction involving a single molecule)  :: unimoléculaire
unimpeded {adj} (free from obstructions)  :: sans entrave, sans encombre
unimportant {adj} (not important or noteworthy)  :: sans importance
uninhabitable {adj} (not inhabitable)  :: inhabitable
uninhabited {adj} (not inhabited)  :: inhabité
uninjured {adj} (That did not suffer injury)  :: indemne
uninstall {v} (completely remove hardware or software)  :: désinstaller
uninstallation {n} (process of removing a program)  :: désinstallation {f}
uninstaller {n} (a program that uninstalls software)  :: désinstalleur {m}
unintelligence {n} (lack of intelligence)  :: inintelligence {f}
unintelligent {adj} (not intelligent)  :: inintelligent
unintelligently {adv} (in an unintelligent manner)  :: inintelligemment
unintelligible {adj} /ˌʌnɪnˈtɛlɨdʒɨbəl/ (not intelligible)  :: inintelligible
unintended {adj} (not intended; unplanned)  :: involontaire
unintentionally {adv} (in an unintentional manner)  :: involontairement, inintentionnellement
uninteresting {adj} (arousing little or no interest; boring or uneventful)  :: inintéressant
uninvite {v} (to cancel an invitation)  :: désinviter
union {n} (trade union) SEE: trade union  ::
union {n} /ˈjuːnjən/ (the act of uniting or the state of being united)  :: union {f}
union {n} (in set theory)  :: réunion {f}
union {n}  :: union {f}
unionist {n} (trade unionist)  :: unioniste {m}
unionization {n} (the act of forming a labour union)  :: syndicalisation {f}
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {prop} (a confederation of Communist states, see also: Soviet Union; USSR)  :: Union des Républiques Socialistes Soviétiques {f}
Union of the Comoros {prop} (official name for the Comoros)  :: Union des Comores
union suit {n} (one-piece underwear)  :: caleçon-combinaison
unipolar {adj} (having a single pole)  :: unipolaire
unique {adj} /juːˈniːk/ (one of a kind)  :: unique
uniqueness {n} (state or quality of being unique or one of a kind)  :: unicité {f}
unisex {adj} / ˈjuːnɪˌseks ]/ (designed to be suitable for any sex or gender)  :: unisexe
unisex {adj} (not distinguished on the basis of sex or gender)  :: épicène
unisexual {adj} (having characteristics of a single sex)  :: unisexe
unison {n} /ˈjunɨsən/ (music: the simultaneous playing of an identical note more than once)  :: unisson {m}
unit {n} /ˈjuː.nɪt/ (standard measure of a quantity)  :: unité {f}
unit {n} (number one)  :: unité {f}
unit {n} (organized group comprising people and/or equipment)  :: unité {f}
unit {n} (kilowatt-hour as recorded on an electricity meter) SEE: kilowatt-hour  ::
Unitarian {n} (a modern follower of Unitarian Universalism)  :: unitarien-universaliste {m}
Unitarianism {n} (the religious belief that God is a single person)  :: unitarisme {m}
Unitarian Universalism {prop} (religion which encourages theological liberalism)  :: universalisme unitarien {m}, unitarisme-universalisme {m}
unitary {adj} (having the quality of oneness)  :: unitaire
unitary {adj} ((government))  :: unitaire
unit circle {n} (circle of radius 1)  :: cercle unité {m}
unit circle {n} (circle of radius 1 with centre at the origin, used in trigonometry)  :: cercle trigonométrique {m}, cercle unité {m}
unite {v} /juˈnaɪt/ ((transitive) to bring together as one)  :: unir
united {adj} /juːˈnaɪtɪd/ (joined into a single entity)  :: uni, unifié
united {adj}  :: unis
United Arab Emirates {prop} /juːˌnaɪtɪd ˌæɹəb ˈɛmɪɹɪts/ (country in the Middle East)  :: Émirats arabes unis {m-p}
United Kingdom {prop} /juːˌnaɪ.tɪd ˈkɪŋ.dəm/ (Kingdom in Europe, see also: Great Britain)  :: Royaume-Uni {m}, Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord {m}
United Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain)  :: Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne {m}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)  :: Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande {m}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)  :: Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord {m}
United Nations {prop} (international coalition)  :: Organisation des Nations Unies {f}, Nations Unies {f-p} (Abbr: ONU)
United Nations Economic and Social Council {prop} (one of the six principal organs of the United Nations)  :: Conseil économique et social des Nations unies
United Nations General Assembly {prop} (one of the six principal organs of the United Nations)  :: Assemblée générale des Nations unies
United States {prop} /juːˌnaɪtɨd ˈsteɪts/ (the United States)  :: États-Unis {m-p}
United Statesian {adj} (of or pertaining to the United States of America)  :: étatsunien, états-unien [rare]
United States minor outlying islands {n} (regions of the United States)  :: Îles mineures éloignées des États-Unis {f-p}
United States of America {prop} /juːˌnaɪtɨd ˌsteɪts əv əˈmɛɹɨkə/ (country in North America)  :: États-Unis d'Amérique {m-p}, États-Unis {m-p}, É-U
United States Virgin Islands {prop} (a US overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Îles Vierges des États-Unis {m-p}
unit fraction {n} (fraction whose numerator is 1 and denominator a positive integer)  :: fraction unitaire {f}
unit interval {n} (the interval [0,1])  :: intervalle unité {m}
unit matrix {n} (identity matrix) SEE: identity matrix  ::
unit testing {n} (software testing methodology)  :: test unitaire {m}
unit vector {n} (vector with length 1)  :: vecteur unité {m}, vecteur unitaire {m}
unity {n} /ˈjuːnɪti/ (state of being one or undivided)  :: unité {f}
univerbation {n}  :: univerbation {f}
universal {adj} /ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːɹsl/ (of or pertaining to the universe)  :: universel
universal {adj} (common to all members of a group or class)  :: universel
universal {adj} (common to all society, world-wide)  :: universel
universal {adj}  :: universel {m}, universelle {f}
universal donor {n}  :: donneur universel {m}
universalism {n} (universality) SEE: universality  ::
universality {n} (the property of being universal)  :: universalité {f}
universal quantifier {n} (operator)  :: quantificateur universel
Universal Serial Bus {n} (computing standard for interconnecting PC devices)  :: USB {m}
universal value {n} (a value considered common for all or almost all mankind)  :: valeur universelle {f}
universe {n} /ˈjuːnəˌvɝs/ (the Universe)  :: univers {m}, Univers {m}
universe {n} (an entity similar to our universe)  :: univers {m}
universe {n}  :: univers {m}
Universiade {n} (a sport event)  :: Universiade {f}
university {n} /junɨˈvɝsəti/ (institution of higher education)  :: université {f}, fac {f}, univ {f}
university of life {n} (source of education by adverse experience) SEE: school of hard knocks  ::
univocal {adj} /juːnɪˈvoʊkəl/ (having only one possible meaning)  :: univoque, sans équivoque
Unix {n} /ˈjuːnɪks/ (operating system)  :: Unix
unjust {adj} /ʌnˈdʒʌst/ (not fair, just or right)  :: injuste
unjustice {n} (injustice) SEE: injustice  ::
unjustifiable {adj} (that cannot be justified)  :: injustifiable
unjustified {adj} (not justified)  :: injustifié
unjustly {adv} (in an unjust manner)  :: injustement
unkempt {adj} /ˌʌnˈkɛmpt/ (dishevelled; untidy; dirty; not kept up)  :: [talking about hair] ébouriffé {m}
unkillable {adj} (not killable)  :: intuable {m} {f}
unknown {adj} /ʌnˈnoʊn/ (not known)  :: inconnu
unknown {n} (variable)  :: inconnue {f}
unknown {n} (fact or place)  :: inconnu {m}
unlawful {adj} (prohibited)  :: illégal
unleaded {adj} /ˌʌnˈlɛd.əd/ (without lead)  :: sans plomb
unleash {v} /ʌnˈliʃ/ (to free from a leash)  :: déchaîner
unleashed {adj} (not leashed)  :: déchaîné, libéré
unless {conj} /ənˈlɛs/ (except on a specified condition)  :: à moins que, sauf si
unlike {adj} /ʌnˈlaɪk/ (dissimilar)  :: différent de
unlike {prep} (differently from)  :: différemment de
unlike {prep} (in contrast with; as opposed to)  :: à la difference de, contrairement à
unlike {adj} (not likely) SEE: unlikely  ::
unlikeliness {n} (property of being unlikely)  :: invraisemblance {f}
unlikely {adj} /ʌnˈlaɪkli/ (not likely)  :: peu probable, improbable
unlikely {adv} (in an improbable manner)  :: improbablement
unlimited {adj} (limitless or without bounds; unrestricted)  :: illimité
unlistenable {adj} (not suitable for being listened to)  :: inécoutable {m} {f}
unload {v} /ʌnˈloʊd/ (take off or remove the load from something)  :: décharger
unlock {v} (to undo or open a lock)  :: déverrouiller
unmanageable {adj} (not manageable; not readily submitting to handling)  :: ingérable
unmanly {adj} ((of a person) not manly: immature, effeminate or cowardly, etc.)  :: efféminé
unmanly {adj} ((of a behaviour or action) Cowardly, base.)  :: lâche
unmanned {adj} /ʌnˈmænd/ (not operated by a person or a crew)  :: sans équipage
unmarried {adj} (having no husband or wife)  :: célibataire
unmask {v} /ʌnˈmæsk/ (to remove a mask from someone)  :: démasquer
unmask {v} (to expose the true character of someone)  :: révéler, dévoiler, démasquer
unmask {v} (to remove one's mask)  :: se démasquer
unmissable {adj} (that cannot be missed)  :: imperdable
unmold {v} (remove something from a mold)  :: démouler
unnamed {adj} (having no name)  :: sans nom, innomé {m}
unnatural {adj} (not natural)  :: artificiel, innaturel {m}
unnecessary {adj} /ʌnˈnɛ.səˌsɛ.ɹi/ (not necessary)  :: inutile
unnerve {v} (deprive of nerve, force or strength)  :: affaiblir
unnerve {v} (upset)  :: énerver
unnoticed {adj} (not noticed)  :: inaperçu
UNO {prop} (United Nations Organization)  :: ONU {f}
unobserved {adj} (Not seen or observed)  :: inobservé
unobtainable {adj} (not able to be acquired or reached)  :: introuvable
unobtrusively {adv} /ˌʌn.əbˈtɹuː.sɪ (in a manner that is not noticeable or blatant)  :: discrètement, en catimini, en douce, en cachette
unoccupied {adj} (Not inhabited, especially by a tenant)  :: inoccupé, inhabité, vide
unoccupied {adj} (Not being used; vacant or free)  :: inoccupé, libre
unofficial {adj} (not official)  :: officieux
unopenable {adj} (that cannot be opened)  :: inouvrable
unpack {v} /ʌnˈpæk/ (to remove from a package)  :: déballer
unpaid {adj} /ʌnˈpeɪd/ (not paid for)  :: impayé
unpalatable {adj} (unpleasant to the taste)  :: dégoutant, peu appétissant[1], désagréable[2],
unpardonable {adj} (impossible to pardon or forgive)  :: impardonnable
unpleasant {adj} /ʌnˈplezənt/ (not pleasant)  :: déplaisant, pénible
unplug {v} /ʌnˈplʌɡ/ (disconnect from a supply)  :: débrancher
unpoppable {adj} (impossible to pop)  :: increvable
unpopular {adj} (lacking popularity)  :: impopulaire
unpopularity {n} (property or degree of being unpopular)  :: impopularité {f}
unprecedented {adj} /ʌnˈpɹɛsɪdɛntɪd/ (never before seen or done, without precedent)  :: sans précédent
unpredictable {adj} (unable to be predicted)  :: imprévisible
unpredictable {n} (unpredictable thing)  :: imprévisible
unprepossessing {adj} (unimpressive or unremarkable; dull and ordinary; nondescript.)  :: monotone, banal, ordinaire, médiocre
unprintable {adj} (not printable)  :: inimprimable {m} {f}
unproblematic {adj} (not problematic)  :: ne posant aucun problème, qui ne pose aucun problème
unproductive {adj} (not productive)  :: improductif
unprofessional {adj} (unbecoming of a professional)  :: non-professionnel
unpublished {adj} (not published)  :: inédit
unqualified {adj} (ineligible, not qualified)  :: non qualifié
unqualified {adj} (undescribed)  :: sans reservé, formidable, inconditionnel {m}, inconditionnelle
unquestionable {adj} (undeniable, obvious)  :: indiscutable
unquestionably {adv} (without doubt)  :: indubitablement, sans l'ombre d'un doute
unravel {v} /ʌnˈɹævəl/ (to separate the threads (of))  :: dénouer, démêler, résoudre
unreadable {adj} (that cannot be read or is not easy to read)  :: illisible {m} {f}
unreadable {adj} (not sufficiently interesting to be worth reading)  :: illisible
unreal {adj} /ʌnˈɹi.əl/ (not real)  :: irréel
unrealistic {adj} (not realistic)  :: irréaliste
unreason {n} (nonsense, folly)  :: déraison {f}
unreasonably {adv} (in an unreasonable manner)  :: déraisonnablement
unrecognizable {adj} (that cannot be recognized)  :: méconnaissable
unreconcilable {adj} (irreconcilable) SEE: irreconcilable  ::
unrelated {adj} (not connected)  :: sans rapport, sans lien, non lié
unreliability {n} (the quality of being unreliable)  :: manque de sérieux {m}, manque de fiabilité {m}
unreliable {adj} (not reliable)  :: non-fiable
unreliable narrator {n} (in literary theory)  :: narrateur incertain {m}, narratrice incertaine {f}; narrateur douteux {m}, narratrice douteuse {f}
unremarkable {adj} (not remarkable)  :: banal, commun, ordinaire
unremitting {adj} (incessant)  :: inlassable
unrequited {adj} (not reciprocated)  :: non réciproque, à sens unique
unrequited love {n} (love that is not reciprocated, even though reciprocation is desired)  :: amour non récompensé {m}, amour non échangé {m}, amour non partagé {m}, amour non-réciproqué {m}
unresistance {n}  :: non-résistance {f}, non résistance {f}
unresponsive {adj} (not responsive)  :: qui ne réagit pas
unresponsive {adj} (indifferent or apathetic)  :: insensible à
unrest {n} /ʌnˈɹɛst/ (state of trouble)  :: agitation
unrestrained {adj} (not held in check)  :: non restreint
unrestrained {adj}  :: non restreint {m}, non restreinte {f}
unrobe {v} (disrobe) SEE: disrobe  ::
unruly {adj} (wild)  :: indiscipliné, désobéissant, incontrôlable
unsafely {adv} (in an unsafe way)  :: dangereusement
unsaid {adj} (unspoken) SEE: unspoken  ::
unsatisfactory {adj} (inadequate, substandard or not satisfactory)  :: insatisfaisant
unsatisfied {adj} (dissatisfied) SEE: dissatisfied  ::
unsatisfying {adj} (not providing satisfaction)  :: insatisfaisant {m}, insatisfaisante {f}
unsaturated {adj} (capable of dissolving more solute)  :: insaturé
unsaturated {adj} (having one or more double bonds or triple bonds between carbon atoms)  :: insaturé
unsaturated {adj} (not chromatically pure)  :: insaturé
unscathed {adj} (not injured/harmed)  :: sain et sauf, indemne
unscrupulous {adj} (without scruples)  :: sans scrupules
unseal {v} (to break the seal of (something) in order to open it)  :: décacheter
unseasoned {adj} (not sprinkled with seasoning)  :: nature
UN Security Council {prop} (international organ)  :: Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies {m}, Conseil de sécurité {m}
unseemly {adj} (inconsistent with standards, etc.)  :: malséant
unselfish {adj} (not selfish; selfless; generous; altruistic)  :: généreux {m}, généreuse {f}
unsettling {adj} (That makes one troubled or uneasy)  :: dérangeant, inquiétant
unshackle {v} (to remove shackles)  :: déchainer
unshackle {v} (to remove restrictions or inhibitions)  :: émanciper
unshakable {adj} (not able to be shaken)  :: inébranlable
unshaven {adj} (unkempt) SEE: unkempt  ::
unsheltered {adj} (without shelter)  :: inabrité
unsightly {adj} /ʌnˈsaɪtli/ (displeasing to the eye)  :: disgracieux, inesthétique
unsigned {adj} (not accepting negative numbers; having only a positive absolute value)  :: non-signé
unsingable {adj} (impossible to sing)  :: inchantable
unsinkable {adj} (of a ship: that cannot be sunk)  :: insubmersible
unsolicited {adj} (not requested, welcome or invited)  :: volontaire, spontané
unspeakable {adj} (incapable of being spoken or uttered)  :: indicible
unspeakable {adj} (unfit to be described)  :: innommable
unspeakable {adj} (extremely bad)  :: innommable
unspoken {adj} /ʌnˈspoʊkən/ (not spoken; not said)  :: non-dit
unspoken rule {n} (rule that is understood but does not exist in written form)  :: règle non écrite {f}, loi orale {f}
unstable {adj} /ʌnˈsteɪbəl/ (not stable)  :: instable
unstable {adj} (readily decomposed or decomposable)  :: instable
unsteady {adj}  :: instable, branlant, fébrile
unstitch {v} (remove stitches from)  :: découdre
unstoppable {adj} (unable to be stopped)  :: inarrêtable, incoercible
unstressed {adj} (not stressed or accentuated)  :: inaccentué, atone
unsubscribe {v} (to cancel a subscription)  :: désinscrire, désabonner
unsubscription {n} (act of unsubscribing)  :: désinscription {f}, désabonnement {m}
unsuccessful {adj} (failed, not successful)  :: infructueux {m}
unsufferable {adj} (insufferable) SEE: insufferable  ::
unsure {adj} (uncertain)  :: incertain
unsustainable {adj} (Not sustainable)  :: insoutenable {m} {f}
unswerving {adj} (not deviating)  :: indéfectible, inébranlable
unsympathetic {adj} (not sympathetic)  :: antipathique
untameable {adj} (cannot be tamed)  :: indomptable
untangle {v} (to remove tangles or knots)  :: dénatter, dénouer
untapped {adj} (not tapped)  :: inexploité
untenable {adj} (Not able to be held, as of an opinion or position)  :: intenable
unthinkable {adj} /ʌnˈθɪŋkəbəl/ (incapable of being believed; incredible)  :: incroyable
unthinkable {adj} (inconceivable or unimaginable; extremely improbable in a way that goes against common sense)  :: inconcevable, impensable, inimaginable
untidy {adj} /ʌnˈtaɪdi/ (sloppy)  :: débraillé, négligé
untidy {adj} (unorganized)  :: désordonné, bordélique
untie {v} /ʌnˈtaɪ/ (to loosen, as something interlaced or knotted)  :: détacher, délier
untie {v} (to free from fastening or from restraint)  :: détacher
untie {v} (to become untied or loosed)  :: détacher
until {prep} /ʌnˈtɪl/ (up to the time of)  :: jusque, jusqu'à
until {prep} (before)  :: avant
until {conj} (up to the time that)  :: jusqu'à ce que, jusqu'au moment où
until {conj} (before)  :: avant que
until one is blue in the face {adv} (for a long time)  :: jusqu'à en perdre haleine
untimely {adj} (taking place at an inopportune time)  :: intempestif
untimely {adj} (early; premature)  :: vert
unto {prep} /ˈʌntuː/ (Up to)  :: jusqu'à
untouchable {n} (pariah) SEE: pariah  ::
untouchable {adj} (not able to be touched)  :: intouchable
untouchable {n} (member of the lowest caste)  :: intouchable {m} {f}
untouched {adj} (in its original state)  :: intouché
untoward {adj} /ʌnˈtɔɹd/ (unfavourable, adverse, or disadvantageous)  :: désavantageux, nocif, défavorable
untoward {adj} (unruly, troublesome)  :: irrégulierennuyeux
untoward {adj} (unseemly, improper)  :: inopportundéplacé
untrammel {v} (free or release from obstacles or hindrances)  :: liberer
untranslatability {n} (property of being untranslatable; inability to be translated)  :: intraductibilité {f}, intraduisibilité {f}
untranslatableness {n} (property of being untranslatable; inability to be translated)  :: intraductibilité {f}, intraduisibilité {f}
untranslated {adj} (not translated; in the original language)  :: intraduit
untreated {adj} (not treated)  :: non traité
untruism {n} (false statement) SEE: falsehood  ::
untruth {n} /ʌnˈtɹuːθ/ (lie or falsehood)  :: mensonge {m}, menterie {f}
untruthful {adj} (not giving the truth, lying)  :: menteur {m}
untruthful {adj} (dishonest)  :: malhonnête {m} {f}
untyped {adj}  :: non typé
ununbium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununbium {m}
ununennium {n} /uːnuːnˈɛniːəm/ (chemical element)  :: ununennium {m}
ununhexium {n} (element with atomic number 116)  :: ununhexium {m}
ununifiable {adj} (impossible to unify of be unified)  :: inunifiable
ununoctium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununoctium {m}
ununpentium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununpentium {m}
ununquadium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununquadium {m}
ununseptium {n} /uːnuːnˈsɛpti.əm/ (element with atomic number 117)  :: ununseptium {m}
ununtrium {n} (chemical element)  :: ununtrium {m}
unununium {n} (systematic name for roentgenium)  :: unununium {m}
unused {adj} /ʌnˈjuːzd/ (not used)  :: inutilisé
unused {adj} (not accustomed (to))  :: inaccoutumé
unuseful {adj} /ʌnˈjuːsfəl/ (not useful)  :: inutile {m} {f}
unusual {adj} /ʌnˈjuːʒuəl/ (unlike what is expected; differing in some way from the norm)  :: inhabituel, insolite
unusual {adj} (not usual)  :: inhabituel, inusuel
unvariable {adj} (invariable) SEE: invariable  ::
unveil {v} /ʌnˈveɪl/ (to uncover)  :: dévoiler, lever le voile
unveil {v} (to reveal oneself)  :: se dévoiler
unverifiable {adj} (Not capable of being verified, confirmed, checked or proven)  :: invérifiable
unverifiableness {n}  :: invérifiabilité {f}
unvisible {adj} (invisible) SEE: invisible  ::
unvisibly {adv} (invisibly) SEE: invisibly  ::
unvoiced {adj} (linguistics: voiceless) SEE: voiceless  ::
unvoluntary {adj} (involuntary) SEE: involuntary  ::
unwall {v} (to unblock)  :: démurer
unwarned {adj}  :: inaverti
unwavering {adj} (never doubted; always steady and on course)  :: inébranlable, constant
unwed {adj} (not married) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwed {n} (bachelor or a spinster) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwelcome {adj}  :: malvenu
unwieldy {adj} /ˌʌnˈwɪəl.di/ (difficult to carry, handle, manage or operate)  :: encombrant, lourd, peu maniable
unwilling {adj} /ʌnˈwɪlɪŋ/ (not willing; loath; disinclined; reluctant)  :: réticent
unwind {v} /ʌnˈwaɪnd/ (To wind off)  :: dérouler, débobiner
unwind {v} (To disentangle)  :: démêler
unwind {v} (To relax)  :: décompresser
unwind {v} (To be or become unwound)  :: se défaire
unwisely {adv} (in an unwise manner)  :: imprudemment
unwitting {adj} (unaware)  :: inconscient {m}
unwitting {adj} (unintentional)  :: involontaire
unwittingly {adv} /ʌnˈwɪtɪŋli/ (in an unwitting manner)  :: involontairement
unworthy {adj} /ʌnˈwɝði/ (not worthy)  :: indigne
unwrap {v} /ʌnˈɹæp/ (undo what is wrapped)  :: déballer
unwritten rule {n} (unspoken rule) SEE: unspoken rule  ::
unyielding {adj} (not giving in)  :: inflexible
unzip {v} (To decompress a zipfile)  :: décompresser
up {adv} /ʌp/ (away from earth’s surface)  :: en haut
up {adv} (higher in pitch)  :: haut
up {prep} (toward the top)  :: vers le haut, go up: monter
up {adj} (awake)  :: debout, levé
up {adj} (ready, willing)  :: partant {m}
up {adj} (standing)  :: debout
up {adj} (functional)  :: en marche {m} {f}
up {adj} (erect)  :: au garde-à-vous {m} {f}
up {n} (direction opposed to the pull of gravity)  :: haut {m}
up above {adv}  :: dans l'au-delà
upbeat {adj} /ʌpˈbit/ (Having a positive, lively, or perky tone, attitude, etc.)  :: optimiste
upblow {v} (blow up) SEE: blow up  ::
upbraid {v} /ˌʌpˈbɹeɪd/ (to reprove)  :: gronder, reprendre, reprocher, réprimander, sermonner
upbringing {n} (traits)  :: éducation
upbringing {n} (raising or training)  :: éducation
upcoming {adj} (of the relatively near future)  :: à venir, prochain
update {n} /ˈʌp.deɪt/ (action of making something up to date)  :: mise à jour {f}, actualisation {f}, update {m}
update {n} (action of advising someone so that they are up to date)  :: mise à jour {f}
update {v} (to make something up to date)  :: mettre à jour, actualiser, updater [computing]
update {v} (to advise a person so that they are up to date)  :: mettre au courant
up front {adv} (in an attacking position)  :: en pointe
upfront {adv} (beforehand) SEE: beforehand  ::
upfront {adv} (attacker) SEE: attacker  ::
upgrade {n} /ˈʌp.ɡɹeɪd/ (an improved component or replacement item)  :: mise à niveau {f}, upgrade {m}
upgrow {v} (grow up)  :: grandir
upgrowth {n} (process or result of growing up)  :: croissance {f}, dévelopement {m}
upheaval {n} /ʌpˈhi.vəl/ (process of being heaved upward, especially of the earth's crust)  :: soulèvement {m}, surrection {f}
upheaval {n} (sudden violent upset, disruption or convulsion)  :: bouleversement {m}
uphill {adv} /ˈʌphɪl/ (up a slope, towards higher ground)  :: en montée, en amont
up hill and down dale {adv}  :: par monts et par vaux
uphold {v} /ˌʌpˈhold/ (to support by approval or encouragement)  :: soutenir
upholsterer {n} /ʌpˈhəʊlstəɹə/ (a craftsman who upholsters furniture)  :: tapissier {m}, tapissier garnisseur {m}
upholstery {n} /əˈpɐl.stɹi/ (craft or business of upholstering furniture)  :: tapisserie {f} [d'ameublement]
upkeep {n} (maintenance; the act or effort of keeping something in good repair)  :: entretien {m}
upland antshrike {n} (passerine bird)  :: batara montagnard
uplift {v} /ʌpˈlɪft/ (to raise something or someone to a higher level)  :: élever, transcender, promouvoir, exalter
uplift {n} (tectonic upheaval)  :: soulèvement
uplift {n} (brassiere that raises the breasts)  :: balconnet
upload {v} /ˈʌpˌloʊd/ (to transfer data)  :: téléverser
upload {n} (file transfer)  :: envoi, téléversement {m}
upon {prep} /əˈpɒn/ (being above and in contact with another)  :: sur
upon {prep} (being directly supported by another)  :: sur
upon {prep} (at a prescribed point in time)  :: à
up one's sleeve {prep} (hidden, in reserve)  :: dans sa manche
upper {adj} /ˈʌpɚ/ (at a higher level, rank or position)  :: supérieur
upper {adj}  :: supérieur
upper arm {n} (section of an arm)  :: arrière-bras {m}
Upper Austria {prop} (state of Austria)  :: Haute-Autriche
Upper Canada {prop} /ˈʌpɚ ˈkænədə/ (Former colony)  :: Haut-Canada {m}
upper case {n} (capital letters, collectively)  :: majuscule {f}, haut-de-casse {m}
upper chamber {n} (upper house) SEE: upper house  ::
upper-crust {adj} (posh, upper-class)  :: huppé
uppercut {n} (in boxing)  :: uppercut {m}
upper house {n} (part of a parliament)  :: chambre haute {f}
Upper Lusatian {prop} (Upper Sorbian) SEE: Upper Sorbian  ::
Upper Silesia {prop} (region)  :: Haute-Silésie {f}
Upper Sorbian {prop} (a Slavic language spoken in part of Saxony)  :: haut-sorabe {m}
Upper Volta {prop} (former name of Burkina Faso)  :: Haute-Volta
uppity {adj} /ˈʌpəti/ (Presumptuous, above oneself)  :: arrogant, impertinent
Uppsala {prop} /ʊpˈsɑlə/ (city in eastern central Sweden)  :: Uppsala {m}
up quark {n} (up quark)  :: quark haut, quark up {m}
upright {adj} /ˈʌpɹaɪt/ (of good morals)  :: intègre
upright bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
uprightness {n} (The state of being moral, honest and honourable)  :: droiture {f}, rectitude {f}, intégrité {f}
uprightness {n} (The state of being erect or vertical)  :: aplomb {m}
upright piano {n} (a keyboard musical instrument)  :: piano droit {m}
uprising {n} (a popular revolt)  :: révolte {f}
uproar {n} /ˈʌpɹɔːɹ/ (noisy excitement)  :: clameur {f}
uproar {n} (confused noise)  :: clameur {f}
uproot {v} (eradicate) SEE: eradicate  ::
uproot {v} (extirpate) SEE: extirpate  ::
UPS {n} (uninterruptible power supply)  :: ASI {f}, ASSC {f}
upsadaisy {interj} (an affectionate encouragement)  :: oup-là, hop-là
ups and downs {n} (idiomatic)  :: des hauts et des bas
upscale {adj} (marked by wealth or quality) SEE: high-class  ::
upset {adj} /ˈʌpsɛt/ (angry, distressed, unhappy)  :: fâché [angry], bouleversé [distressed], contrarié [unhappy]
upset {adj} (of a stomach)  :: dérangé, perturbé, bouleversé, remué
upset {v} (make (a person) angry, distressed or unhappy)  :: énerver
upset {v} (disturb, disrupt, unfavorably alter)  :: bouleverser
upset {v} (tip, overturn)  :: renverser
upside down {adv} (inverted)  :: à l'envers, sens dessus dessous
upside down {adv} (in great disorder)  :: sens dessus dessous
upside down {adj} (inverted)  :: à l'envers
upsilon {n} /ˈupsi.lɔn/ (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: upsilon {m}
up someone's alley {prep}  :: dans les cordes de quelqu'un
upstairs {adv} /ˌʌpˈstɛɹz/ (up the stairs; on a higher floor or level)  :: en haut
upstand {v} (stand up)  :: ériger
upstand {n} (upturn)  :: bordure {f}
upstart {n} (newly rich or prominent)  :: parvenu {m}, arriviste {m}, nouveau riche {m}
upstream {adj} (Biology : towards the 5' end of a DNA molecule)  :: en amont; amont, montant
upstream {adv} (against the flow)  :: à contre-courant (vers la cime), en amont
up the ante {v} (raise the stakes)  :: faire monter les enchères, augmenter la mise, monter la barre, mettre la barre plus haut, surenchérir
up to {prep} (against, next to, near, towards)  :: à, jusqu'à
up to {prep} (capable of)  :: capable de
up to {prep} (as much as, no more than)  :: jusqu'à
up to {prep} (the option or decision of)  :: à
up to {prep} (the obligation or the duty of.)  :: à
up-to-date {adj} /ˌʌp tə ˈdeɪt/ (current; recent)  :: à jour
up-to-date {adj} (informed of the latest news)  :: à jour
up to here {prep} (overwhelmed, swamped)  :: jusqu'au cou /lit: up to the neck/
upwards {adv} (to a higher place)  :: en haut
upwards of {prep} (more than; in excess of)  :: plus de
up yours {interj} (exclamation of contempt) SEE: shove it up your ass  ::
uracil {n} (one of the bases of RNA)  :: uracile {m}
urad {n} (South Asian bean)  :: haricot urd, urd
uraeus {n} /juˈɹi.əs/ (representation of the sacred asp)  :: uræus, uraeus
Ural {prop} (river)  :: Oural
Ural Mountains {prop} (mountains)  :: Oural {m}
Ural owl {n} (Strix uralensis)  :: chouette de l'Oural {f}
Urals {prop} (Ural Mountains) SEE: Ural Mountains  ::
Urania {prop} /jʊˈɹeɪ.ni.ə/ (the Muse of astronomy)  :: Uranie {f}
uranian {adj} (Uranian) SEE: Uranian  ::
uranian {adj} (mythology)  :: ouranien
Uranian {n} (male homosexual)  :: uranien {m}
Uranian {adj}  :: uranien
uraninite {n} (form of uranium dioxide)  :: uraninite {f}
uranist {n} /ˈjʊəɹənɪst/ (uranist)  :: uraniste
uranium {n} /jʊˈɹeɪniəm/ (uranium (element))  :: uranium {m}
Uranus {prop} /ˈjuɹənəs/ (planet)  :: Uranus {m}
uranyl {n} (divalent radical UO₂²⁺)  :: uranyle {m}
uratolytic {adj}  :: uratolytique
urban {adj} /ˈɝbən/ (of the city; characteristic of city life)  :: urbain, citadin, - de ville
Urban {prop} (male given name)  :: Urbain {m}
urbane {adj} /ɜːˈbeɪn/ (courteous, polite, refined, suave, and sophisticated)  :: urbain
urban furniture {n}  :: mobilier urbain {m}
urbanism {n} (study of cities)  :: urbanisme {m}
urbanism {n} (urbanization) SEE: urbanization  ::
urbanist {n}  :: urbaniste
urbanite {n} (someone who lives in a city or similar urban area)  :: citadin
urbanity {n} /ɝˈbæn.ə.ti/ (polished and courteous behavior)  :: [literary] urbanité {f}, civilité
urbanity {n} (what is characteristically urban)  :: urbanité {f}
urbanization {n} (growth of cities)  :: urbanisation {f}
urbanization {n} (change in region)  :: urbanisation {f}
urban legend {n} (apocryphal story)  :: légende urbaine {f}
urban myth {n} (widely circulated story) SEE: urban legend  ::
urban regeneration {n} (urban renewal) SEE: urban renewal  ::
urban renewal {n} (redevelopment of urban areas)  :: renouvellement urbain {m}, rénovation urbaine {f}
urban sprawl {n} (growth of housing)  :: étalement urbain {m}
urchin {n} /ˈɝ.tʃɪn/ (mischievous child)  :: garnement {m}
urchin {n} (street kid)  :: gamin {m}, gamine {f}
urchin {n} (hedgehog)  :: hérisson
Urdu {prop} /ˈʊəɹduː/ (the Indo-Iranian language)  :: ourdou {m}
Urdu {adj} (relative to the Urdu language)  :: ourdou {m}, ourdoue {f}
urea {n} /jʊˈɹiːə/ (organic compound)  :: urée {f}
ureic {adj} (Of or relating to urea)  :: urique
uremia {n} (blood poisoning due to retention of waste products)  :: urémie {f}
ureter {n} /jʊəˈɹiːtəɹ/ (narrow duct that carries urine from the kidneys)  :: uretère {m}
urethra {n} /jʊˈɹiːθɹə/ (anatomical tube)  :: urètre {m}, urèthre {m}
urethral {adj} /jʊˈɹiːθɹəl/ (pertaining to the urethra)  :: urétral
urge {n} /ɜːd͡ʒ/ (a strong desire; an itch to do something)  :: pulsion {f}
urge {v} (to press, push, drive)  :: pousser, inciter
urge {v} (to press the mind or will of)  :: inciter
urge {v} (to provoke)  :: provoquer
urge {v} (to be pressing in argument; to insist)  :: insister
urgency {n} (quality or condition of being urgent)  :: urgence {f}
urgent {adj} /ˈɚdʒənt/ (requiring immediate attention)  :: urgent
urgently {adv} (with a sense of urgency)  :: urgemment, d'urgence
Ur-Germanic {prop} (hypothetical prehistoric ancestor language)  :: proto-germanique
Uri {prop} (canton of Switzerland)  :: Uri
Uriah {prop} (biblical character)  :: Urie {m}
Uriah Heep {n} (yes man) SEE: yes man  ::
Uriah Heep {v} (brownnose) SEE: brownnose  ::
uric {adj} (pertaining to urine)  :: urique
uric acid {n} (bicyclic heterocyclic phenolic compound)  :: acide urique {m}
Urim and Thummim {n} (sacred devices used for casting lots)  :: Ourim et Toumim
urinal {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
urinal {n} /ˈjʊɹɪnəl/ (fixture for standing urination)  :: urinoir
urinal {n} (latrine) SEE: latrine  ::
urinary {adj} (urinary)  :: urinaire
urinary bladder {n} (urinary bladder)  :: vessie {f}
urinary meatus {n} (urinary meatus)  :: méat urinaire {m}
urinary tract {n} (urinary tract)  :: urinaire {m} {f}, voies urinaires {f-p}
urinate {v} /ˈjɝɹɪneɪt/ (to pass urine from the body)  :: uriner
urination {n} (the process of eliminating liquid waste from the body)  :: miction {f}
urine {n} /ˈjʊɹɪn/ (liquid excrement)  :: urine {f}
URL {n} /ɜːl/ (URL)  :: URL {m} {f}
urn {n} /ɝn/ (a vase with a footed base)  :: urne
urn {n} (a vessel for ashes or cremains of a deceased person)  :: urne {f}
urogenital {adj} (relating to the urinary and/or the genital systems) SEE: genitourinary  ::
urography {n} (radiography of the urinary track)  :: urographie {f}
urolithiasis {n} (calculi in the urinary tract)  :: lithiase urinaire {f}, calcul urinaire {m}
urologic {adj} (of or pertaining to urology)  :: urologique
urological {adj} (of or pertaining to urology) SEE: urologic  ::
urologist {n} (doctor of urology)  :: urologue {m} {f}
urology {n} (branch of medicine dealing with urinary tract and urogenital system)  :: urologie {f}
Ursa Major {prop} /ˌɝsə ˈmeɪdʒɚ/ (large circumpolar constellation of the northern sky)  :: Grande Ourse {f}
Ursa Minor {prop} /ˌɝsə ˈmaɪnɚ/ (a circumpolar constellation of the northern sky)  :: Petite Ourse {f}
ursid {n} /ˈɜɹsɪd/ (any member of the family Ursidae, the bears)  :: ursidé {m}
Ursula {prop} (female given name)  :: Ursule {f}
urticaria {n} /ˌɜɹ.tɪˈkeə.ɹi.ə/ (medical condition)  :: urticaire {f}
Uruguay {prop} /ˈjʊɹ.ə.ɡwaɪ/ (country)  :: Uruguay {m}
Uruguayan {n} /uɹuˈɡwaɪən/ (a person from Uruguay)  :: Uruguayen {m}, Uruguayenne {f}
Uruguayan {adj} (of Uruguay)  :: uruguayen {m}, uruguayenne {f}
us {pron} /əs/ (objective case of "we")  :: nous, à nous
US {prop} /juː.ɛs/ (abbreviation of United States, see also: USA)  :: EU {m-p}
USA {prop} /juː ɛs ˈeɪ/ (United States of America)  :: ÉUA {m-p}
usability {n} /ˌjuːzəˈbɪlɪti/ (degree to which an object or device is easy to use)  :: convivialité {f}
usability {n} (easiness of use in computing)  :: ergonomie {f}
usable {adj} (capable of being used)  :: utilisable
usage {n} /ˈjuːsɪd͡ʒ/ (the manner or the amount of using; use)  :: usage {m}
usage {n} (habit or accepted practice)  :: coutume {f}, usage
US American {n} (inhabitant or citizen of the United States of America)  :: états-unien {m}, états-unienne {f}, étasunien {m}, étasunienne {f}, étatsunien {m}, étatsunienne {f}
USB port {n} (port for USB connection)  :: port USB {m}
US dollar {n} (official currency of the United States)  :: dollar américain {m}
use {v} (to use) SEE: consume  ::
use {n} /juːs/ (act of using)  :: usage {m}, emploi {m}, utilisation {f}
use {n} (usefulness)  :: utilité {f}
use {v} /juz/ (employ, apply)  :: utiliser, se servir (de...)
use {v} (rare: to habitually do)  :: avoir l'habitude de
use {v} (used to) SEE: used to  ::
useable {adj} (usable) SEE: usable  ::
use a sledgehammer to crack a nut {v} (idiom)  :: écraser une mouche avec un marteau, tuer une mouche avec un canon
use-by date {n} (The date by which it is advised that a perishable product be consumed)  :: date de péremption {f}
use case {n} (system scenario)  :: cas d'utilisation {m}
used {adj} /juːst/ (that has or have previously been owned by someone else)  :: seconde main, occasion, de seconde main
Usedom {prop} (island)  :: Usedom
used to {adj} /juːs(t).tu/ (accustomed to)  :: habitué [à]
used to {v} /juːzd/ (formerly and habitually or repeatedly)  :: use the imperfect tense of the verb that follows; can clarify with adverbs such as autrefois
used to {v} (formerly and habitually or repeatedly)  :: I used to eat cheese - Je mangeais du fromage; autrefois je mangeais du fromage
useful {adj} /ˈjuːsfəl/ (having a practical or beneficial use)  :: utile
useful idiot {n} (political sense)  :: idiot utile {m}, idiote utile {f}
usefully {adv} (in a useful manner)  :: utilement
usefulness {n} (quality of being useful)  :: utilité {f}
useless {adj} /ˈjuːs.ləs/ (without use or possibility to be used)  :: inutilisable
useless {adj} (unhelpful, pointless)  :: inutile {m} {f}
useless {adj} (good-for-nothing, not dependable)  :: bon à rien
uselessly {adv} (to no useful purpose)  :: inutilement
uselessness {n} (quality of being useless)  :: inutilité {f}
Usenet {prop} /ˈjuːz.nɛt/ (a world-wide distributed discussion system consisting of newsgroups classified hierarchically by subject)  :: Usenet {m}
user {n} /ˈjuːzəɹ/ (one who uses something, a consumer)  :: consommateur, utilisateur
user {n} (person who uses a computer)  :: utilisateur {m}, utilisatrice {f}
user-friendliness {n} (quality of being user-friendly)  :: convivialité {f}, ergonomie {f}
user-friendly {adj} (designed to be easy to use)  :: convivial {m}, ergonomique {m} {f}
user interface {n} (the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with)  :: interface utilisateur {f}
username {n} (a person's identification on an individual computer system)  :: nom d'utilisateur {m}, identifiant {m}
use up {v} (exhaust) SEE: exhaust  ::
ushanka {n} (a traditional Russian fur cap with earflaps)  :: chapka {f}
usher {n} /ˈʌʃ.ɚ]/ (person who escorts people to their seats)  :: ouvreur {m}
usher {n} (male escort at a wedding)  :: escorte {f}, garçon d'honneur {m}
usher {n} (doorkeeper in a courtroom)  :: huissier
usher {v} (to accompany or escort)  :: escorter
usherette {n} (a female usher)  :: ouvreuse {f}
Usonian {adj} /juːˈsoʊni.ən/ (of the USA)  :: états-unien {m}, étasunien, étatsunien
Usonian {n} (a citizen of the USA, as opposed to an inhabitant of America as a whole)  :: États-Unien {m}, Étasunien, Étatsunien
USSR {prop} /ˌju.ɛs.ɛsˈɑ(ɹ)/ (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)  :: URSS {f}
Ussuriysk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Oussouriisk {m}
Ust-Luga {prop} (Ust-Luga)  :: Oust-Louga
ustrinum {n} (The site of a funeral pyre in Ancient Rome)  :: ustrinum
usual {adj} /ˈjuːʒʊəl/ (most commonly occurring)  :: habituel/habituelle
usually {adv} /ˈjuːʒʊəli/ (most of the time)  :: généralement, habituellement, d'habitude, normalement, usuellement
usually {adv} (under normal conditions) SEE: normally  ::
usufruct {n} /ˈjuːz(j)ʊfɹʌkt/ (legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person)  :: usufruit {m}
usufructuary {n} /ˌjuːz(j)ʊˈfɹʌktʃʊˌəɹi/ (a person who holds property, or the use of assets, by usufruct)  :: usufructuaire {m} {f}
usurer {n} /ˈjuːʒəɹəɹ/ (one who loans money at exorbitant interest rates)  :: usurier {m}, usurière {f}
usuress {n} /ˌjuːʒəˈɹɛs/ (A female usurer)  :: usurière {f}
usurious {adj} /juːˈʒuːɹɪəs/ (Of or pertaining to usury)  :: usuraire
usurp {v} /juˈsɜɹp/ (to seize power)  :: usurper
usurpation {n} (wrongful seizure)  :: usurpation {f}
usurper {n} /juˈsɜɹpə(ɹ)/ (one who usurps)  :: usurpateur {m}, usurpatrice {f}
usury {n} /ˈjuːʒəɹi/ (exorbitant rate of interest in excess of any legal rates)  :: usure {f}
usury {n} (practice of lending money at illegal or unfair rates)  :: usure {f}
US Virgin Islands {prop} (Country in the Caribbean)  :: Iles Vierges américaines
ut {n} (first note of a major scale)  :: ut {m}
Utah {prop} /ˈjuːˌtɑː/ (a state of the United States of America)  :: Utah
utensil {n} /juˈtɛn.səl/ (device for domestic use, in the kitchen, or in war)  :: ustensile
utensil {n}  :: ustensile de cuisine
uterine {adj} /ˈjutəɹaɪn/ (of or pertaining to the uterus)  :: utérin
uterine tube {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
uterus {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
utilisation {n} (act of using)  :: utilisation
utilisation {n} (manner of using)  :: utilisation
utilise {v}  :: utiliser
utilitarian {adj} /juˌtɪl.ɪˈteɪɹ.i.ən/ (practical and functional, not just for show)  :: utilitaire {m} {f}, fonctionnel {m}, fonctionnelle {f}
utilitarian {n} (Someone who practices or advocates utilitarianism.)  :: utilitariste {m} {f}
utilitarianism {n} (the theory of the "greatest happiness for the greatest number of people")  :: utilitarisme {m}
utility {adj} /juːˈtɪl.ɪ.ti/ (state or condition of being useful)  :: utilité {f}
utility {adj} (something that is useful)  :: utilitaire {m}
utility knife {n} (cutting tool)  :: couteau à lame rétractable {m}, cutter
utility model {n} (an intellectual property right)  :: modèle d'utilité
utility pole {n} (tall cylinder)  :: pylône électrique {m}
utilizable {adj} (able to be utilized)  :: utilisable
utilization {n} (utilization) SEE: utilisation  ::
utilize {v} (utilise) SEE: utilise  ::
utmost {adj} /ˈʌtməʊst/ (Situated at the most distant limit)  :: extrême
utmost {adj} (The most extreme, ultimate)  :: plus grand {m}, suprême, extrême
utmost {n} (maximum)  :: maximum {m}, plus grand {m}
utopia {n} /juˈtoʊpi.ə/ (world in perfect harmony)  :: utopie {f}
utraquism {n} (Christian doctrine)  :: utraquisme {m}
Utrecht {prop} /ˈjuˌtɹɛkt/ (province of the Netherlands)  :: Utrecht {f}
Utrecht {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: Utrecht {f}
Utrecht velvet {n} (thick plush)  :: velours d'Utrecht
Utsunomiya {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Utsunomiya
utter {adj} /ˈʌtɚ/ (absolute)  :: absolu, total
utter {v} (say)  :: prononcer, proférer
utter {v} (use the voice)  :: émettre
utterance {n} /ˈʌt.əɹ.əns/ (an act of uttering)  :: émission sonore {f}, articulation {f}, prononciation {f}, expression {f}
utterance {n} (something spoken)  :: énoncé {m}, propos {m}, parole {f}, déclaration {f}
utterly {adv} (in complete manner) SEE: completely  ::
U-turn {n} (semi-circular turn)  :: demi-tour {m}, volte-face {f}, retournement {m}
U-turn {n} (reversal of policy)  :: demi-tour {m}, marche arrière {f}, revirement {m}, volte-face {f}
uvarovite {n} (mineral)  :: uvarovite {f}
uveitis {n} (inflammation of the uvea)  :: uvéite {f}
uvula {n} /ˈjuːv.jə.lə/ (appendage that hangs from the palate)  :: luette {f}, uvule {f}, uvula {f}
uvular {adj} /ˈjuːvjʊləɹ/ (of or relating to the uvula)  :: uvulaire
uxoricide {n} (a man who kills his wife)  :: uxoricide {m}
uxoricide {n} (the killing of one's wife)  :: uxoricide {m}
uxorious {adj} /ʌkˈsɔɹ.i.əs/ (Overly devoted or submissive to one's wife)  :: uxorieux {m}
Uyghur {n} /uj.ˈɡuɹ/ (ethnic group)  :: ouïghour {m}
Uzbek {n} (person)  :: Ouzbek {m}, Ouzbèke {f}
Uzbek {prop} (language)  :: ouzbek {m}
Uzbek {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Uzbekistan, its people or language)  :: ouzbek {m}, ouzbeke {f}
Uzbekistan {prop} (Republic of Uzbekistan)  :: Ouzbékistan {m}