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List of conversion script redirects with links[edit]


This is a list of redirects created in 2005 by User:Conversion script that have links from one or more pages and can't be (and perhaps shouldn't be) deleted.

Each one is almost certainly a problem of some kind:

  • if the link is unneeded (old cleanup lists, which I have blanked a few of), should be fixed
  • if the link can be broken (e.g. from various lists, which should be left as is), then delete the redirect manually
  • if the page should exist (German noun ;-), create it as a proper entry
  • if it was improperly moved to lower case, move it back, then check the lower case for links
  • other oddities ...

In any case if the link(s) is/are removed, you can just leave the redirect for the 'bot to catch next time.

this is a low priority task, don't worry about it

This list is added to by 'bot code.

This system/method is being worked out; as said above, don't worry about it! The important thing is to have the automation munch on what what would otherwise be a huge task (40K+ entries). We shall see how it goes. In any case, this will be restarted after an XML dump. Robert Ullmann 22:52, 4 December 2007 (UTC)

As of 3 January 2008, the automation will ignore (break) links from various clean-up lists, including this one. Also Project Gutenberg, Concordance:Engines as they are from sentence capitalization, and we have the lc word. The redirect is still listed here. Links from Project - German/missing are an indication that the entry should be kept, and updated to (presumably) a German noun. Robert Ullmann 12:47, 3 January 2008 (UTC)

December 2009: dropping all the 2008 reports, will start anew.

If you fix all (or almost all) of the redirects on a page, either delete it or tag it with <noinclude>{{delete}}</noinclude> (i.e. don't allow the delete tag to be transcluded here!). Any leftovers will get picked up again. You can strikethrough or simply remove entries done; or just leave the red link if you deleted the redirect (in any of those cases, others will know it has been done.)

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