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A major A-bomb A-flat A-flat major ABC Aaron Abdul Abdullah Abkhaz Abner Abraham Abruka Achilles' tendon Adam Adriatic Sea Advent calendar Ahriman Alexander the Great Alexius Ali Alvin American English Amos Andrew Anglican Anno Domini Antarctic Apache Aphrodite April Fools' Day April fool Aquarius Arabia Arctic Ocean Aries Aryan Asian Assamese Atlas Australian Ayyavazhi a cold day in Hell a friend in need is a friend indeed a little a.m. aah aardwolf aback abacus abalone abandon abate abbas abduct abide abode abort about absolutely absolve absorb abstract abuse academy acceleration accent accept access acclaim account accounting ace acetic acid acid acquaintance acquired immune deficiency syndrome across act action activity actor adapt add addict addiction addition address adequate adhan administration admire adolescent adorn adrenaline adult advance adventure adverse aesthetic affix affricate aforementioned afraid after age agnostic agony agreement aid air gun alarm clock albumen alcoholic alcoholism alga algebra algebraic geometry alive all but all right allegedly allergy alloy almond along alpha alter alternating current alternative amaretto ambassador amber ambergris ambiguous ambivalence amethyst ammonia ampere amputate analogue analysis analyst anarchy ancestor and and so on anemia anemone angle animal annual anomaly anonymous another answer anteater antenna anthem anthill anti- anti-Semitism antibody anxious anyhow anyone anything anywhere aorta aphid apology apostate apostrophe apparatus appendix applaud apple applied mathematics approach apricot aquifer arachnophobia arbitrary arc archbishop architect arduous are arguable argument aristocracy arm armor armour aromatic array arrogance arson arthropod article artifact artificial artist asbestos ash aspen aspiration aspirin ass assemble assembly aster astrology astronomy asylum asymptotic at home at once atavism ate atheism atlas atrophy attempt attentive attorney attraction attribute aubergine auburn aunt authority automobile autopsy autumnal equinox avalanche avarice await awake award awful axe axiom axis ayatollah aye-aye azalea azure


Baghdad Balkanization Baltic Basque Belfast Belgian Bern Big Dipper Bologna Boolean Bosnian Boston Brasilia Breton Bristol British Columbia British Isles Brittany Brussels sprout Bucharest Budapest Buddhism Byzantine baa baby back backbone bacteriology bad badge bag balance bald ball balloon balrog bamboo bamboo antshrike ban banana band bandy bang bank banker banner banter baptism bar barbarian barbed wire barber barefoot barrel barren base basil basin basis basket basketball bassoon batik battering ram battery bay bay leaf bazaar be beagle beam bear bear cub bearing beast beat beautiful beautify beaver bed beef beehive beekeeper beer beer belly before beginning behemoth behind belief belittle belong below bend benefactor benefit bent beside best bet beta betroth between bezel bias bible bid big brother bilge bill binary binoculars biodiversity bioinformatics bird of prey birdsong birth birthday birthday card birthday party bisexual bit bite bitter bitterling black black eye black magic black mulberry blackberry blackcurrant blacken blade blank bless blister blizzard block bloke blood blood vessel bloody blossom blow blue blue whale blueberry bluish blunt boar board boast body bodyguard boil bolt bomber bone boo book boot bootstrap bore bosom boson botany bottom boulder bow bowels box boxer boy boycott bracelet bracket brain brain cell brake branch brand new brass breadfruit breadth break bream breast cancer breastbone breastfeed bribe bridegroom bridesmaid bridge bright brilliant broad broadcast broke bronze brood broom broth brotherhood brown browser brunette brush bubble bucket budgerigar bug bulk bull bunny buoyancy burden burdock bureau bureaucracy bureaucrat burn burner business business card butane butcher buttercup buzzword by


Cambridge Cancer Cape Town Capeverdean Crioulo Capricorn Caracas Cardiff Care Bears Channel Islands Charles' Wain Chennai Cheshire Cat China Chisinau Christ Christian Christian name Christmas Eve Christmas carol Christmas present Chrysanthemum Throne Chuvash Cinderella Coke Constantine Copenhagen Corfu Corsica Corsican Cracow Crete Cypriot Cyril cabbage cacao cactus cake calculation calculator calendar calf caliphate call calligraphy calm calque camera camomile campfire can canary candy cane cannibal canoe canton canvas cape capitalism cappuccino captain captive car caracal caravan carbohydrate carbon carbon paper carboxylic carboxylic acid card card game cardinal cardinality care careful cargo carnivore carriage cart cartilage cast iron castanets castrate cat cat-o'-nine-tails catastrophe catch category cathedral cause caviar cedar celestial celestial body cell cell wall cello centaur century cerebral ceremony cf. chaff chain chair champagne chance change chapel chapter character characteristic charge charity chase chauvinism check cheek chemical cherry chessboard chest chest of drawers chestnut chewing gum chihuahua child childhood children chisel chlorophyll chocolate choice choir cholera chronic chrysanthemum chubby cinema cinnamon circumstance circus cirrhosis citrus civet civilization claim claque clarity class classy claw clean clerk click clipboard clock close close, but no cigar closed cloudberry clown club clue cobra cockerel coco-de-mer cocoa coconut cognition coin colchicine cold cold war collage collar collarbone colleague collect collection college colonel color colourless coma combat combine combine harvester comic comical comma command comment common common cold common hepatica common sense communication communist compact company compassion compete competition competitor compile complex compliment composition compote compound comprehension comprehensive computer language computerization conceal concern concrete condition conductor cone confession confluence congratulate congratulations congregation conjecture conjunction connection conscience consciousness consent consider consist consonant conspicuous conspiracy constant constitution constraint constructed language consume consumer consumption contact contagious contemporary contempt content context continue continuous contract contraction contribution controversial convertible mark cook cool cooper cooperate coordinate copier copper copula coral cord corgi cork corn corner cornflower corporal corpse corridor corrupt corset cosmonaut cost cotton cotton wool couch cough count countable counterfeit county course court courtyard cover cow cowardice cowberry craft craftsman crap crater creation creature credit creep criminal law criticise criticism criticize croak crocodile tears crooked crop cross crow crown crucifixion crude cruise control crumb crust cry crystal cube cube root cubic cubic meter cuisine culver cunning cunt cur current curse curve custard cut cycle cygnet cylindrical cymbal cytology


Dalmatian Darius De Morgan's laws Delhi Delphi Derek Disciple Djiboutian Donald Duck Dover Dracula Drina dachshund daddy dagger dairy dam damage damn danger dark date dawn day day after tomorrow day before yesterday daylight dead ice deal dear debate debris decade deceased decigram decimal decimal point deck declaration decline decompose decorate decoration decrease defeat defence defendant deficiency degree deity delete delivery delta demagogue demand demigod demolish demon denigrate denominator denounce density deny dependence depict deposit deprecate depression derelict derivative descendant desecrate desert deserter design desire despotism detail deter determinant determine develop development devil diagonal dialogue diameter diamond diaphragm dice dickhead die differ difference digest digestion digit digress dike dilute dim dimension diminutive dinar diplomat director dirty disco discourage discourse discredit discrepancy disdain disgust disgusting diskette dislike dismount dissertation distant distort disturb ditch ditto dive diverse divide dividend division divorce do doctor dodecahedron domain don't donkey dose doughnut down drachma draconian drain drake draught draw drawer drawing dress drink drive driver driver's license drone drop drum drunkard dry dugong duke dull dumb dummy dun-bar dunch duodenum during dusk duty dwarf dwelling


East East Germany East Sea Easter Sunday Ecclesiastes Egyptian pyramid Egyptologist Elgar Elsinore Esther Eurozone e-mail each eaglet earth easel east eat ebony echo eclipse ecologist ecology ecstasy edge edit editor effect effendi efficient egg yolk eggshell egyptology eh eigenvector eight eighteenth eighth eightieth either election electromagnetism electronics elegy element else elsewhere embed emerald empress encourage enema engine engine driver engineer engineering enterprise environment enzyme epic epicentre epidemic epilogue eponym epsilon equality equivalent eraser erection error erythrocyte escalator escape estimate estrogen eternity ethane ether evacuate evacuation evaporate eve even everyone evoke ewer example excellent exclamation mark exclude excrement excursion excuse excuse me expand expectation experiment expert explode exploit explorer export expression external extinct extract extreme eye eye for an eye


FBI Faroese Fennoscandia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Frankfurt-am-Main Frankfurt-an-der-Oder face facility fact fag faint fair fairy fall fall asleep fall in love fall in love with false fame familiar family family tree fan fantastic farmer fascist fast fat father favorite favourite fawn fear feed feel feeling feminine ferry fertile fertilizer fewer fiction field fifth fight figure file filter fin final financial market find fine finger finish fire fire engine firefly first first name first person fish fisher fishing fit five fjord flag flagpole flame flamethrower flash flat flatulence flesh flexible flight flightless flint float flock flood floor floppy floppy disk flora flow fluid flung flux fly fly agaric focus fog foil fold folder folk dance follow font fool foot football footstool for forbidden fruit force forego foreign forename foretell forget-me-not fork format formula fortnightly fortress forward four fourth fragrance frame free time freedom freesia freeze freezer freight frequency friction friend front frost fructose fruit fruit juice fry frying pan fuck fuck off fucker fuel full full moon full stop fun function furnish furrow future


Gemini Gilgamesh Glagolitic Glagolitic alphabet God Goddess Gollum Good Friday Goofy Gorizia Gothenburg Gotland Greenlander Gregorian calendar Gulf of Riga Gypsy gaffe gain galanga galingale galley game garden gardener garnet gas gate gay gelding gem gender genealogist general generally generation generosity generous genesis genetic genocide gentleman genus geometry geranium get lost ghee giant gift giggle gill ginger ginger beer girl give give up give up the ghost given name glazier globe gloomy glory glucose glue glyph go goal gold good goose pimples gooseberry gorge gosling gossip gourmet grace grammar grandchild granddaughter grandpa grandson grape graph grass gravitation great northern diver great white shark great-granddaughter green greenhouse effect greeting grey grid grief grieve ground grove growl growth grunt guardian guardian angel guest guide book guild guitarist gun gunpowder guts gutter gymnasium


Hamburg Haskell Hejaz Helsinki Hera Himalayas Hindustani Holy Ghost Holy Spirit Hyderabad habit habitable hair hairstyle hairy half half sister hallelujah halo halogen hammer hand handball handicraft hang hang up hangeul hanging happy harbinger hard hard-boiled hardship hardware harelip harm harmony harrow have hawk haystack head headphones headquarters headscarf heart heat heating heavy hydrogen heavy water hectare heel heifer hello helm hemisphere henry herb herd heritage hermaphrodite hermit hero herpetologist herpetology hers hexadecimal hexagon hide highlight hijab hijack his historic historical hit hoard hoarse hockey hole holiday home home country homeostasis homepage homicide homogeneous homograph homophone honey honour hook hooray horde horizontal horn horny horsefly horsepower horseshoe hot house how old are you? human humanity humanoid humor humour humpback whale hundred-first hunt hurrah hydrocarbon hydrofoil hymen hypernym hypnosis hypocorism hyponym hypothetical


I love you ID card IPA Icelander Indus Valley Civilization Interlingua Isaiah Ivorian Ixion ice ice age ice cream ice dancing icebreaker iconoclast icosahedron ideal gas identify ideology idolatry iff iguana ill illiterate illuminate illusion illustrious image imaginary part imagination immerse impala imperative imperfect imply impressive imprisonment improve impulse inch incisor incite incorporate increase individual industry inertia inevitable infant infantry infix inflection infrastructure ingratiate ingredient inkwell insectivore inside insolent install instant instant coffee instrument insulate insulator integer integral integration intelligence intelligent intercourse interest interjection intersection interval interview into introduction invade invasion invertebrate investigate invincible iodine iron ironing ironing board irrational island islander itch iterative itinerary ivory tower ivy


Jack Jakarta Janus Jehovah's Witnesses Job Judges Jutland jack jackal jade janissary javelin jawbone jealous jewelry job joint joke joker journalist judge judoka jump juniper junk just justice


Kabyle Kannada Karlovac Kashmiri Kazakh Khmer Khorramshahr Kiev Kings Kiswahili Klingon Kuiper belt Kurdish kappa kebab keep keeper key khaki kick kickboxing kid kidney kill kill two birds with one stone kind kindergarten kindle kindness kinetic kinetic energy kingdom kismet kiwi fruit kleptomania knife knight knock knot knot theory know knuckle


La Paz Lapland Latin Latvian Laurel and Hardy Lena Lent Leo Lhasa Liguria Like father, like son Lithuanian Livonia Lombardy London Lucifer label laboratory lady lair lakh lamb land landing landslide lane language laptop large intestine last late later laudanum laugh lawnmower lawsuit lawyer lead lead/experiment lead/experiment2 lean leap leapfrog learn learned leash leather leave lecture leg legato legible lemon lentil leprosy leukaemia leukemia leukocyte level lick life lift light like lilac lily of the valley lime limit line link lioness liqueur list listen literal litter little liturgy live liver living load loaf loanword lock loess lofty log in logic logician logistics loneliness look loophole loose loquat lord lorry lose loss loud love lovely low lower case lucrative lumbago lymph


Macedonian Madras Maharashtra Mahilyow Majesty Malayalam Malta Island Maltese Manila Mars Martian Matthew Maurice Mediterranean Melbourne Mesopotamia Mia Michael Milky Way Min Nan Minsk Missouri Monaco Monday Monopoly Mormon Mount Everest Muay Thai Muhu Muscat macaroni mace mad cow disease madness magic magnetic magnolia mail mailman main major make malevolence malfunction mallow malt mammary gland man mandarin mandarin orange mangle manipulate manly mantis march marine mark market market share marmalade marrow marry marsupial martial art marzipan masculine mass massacre mast masturbate match material matrix mauve may maze me mead mean meatball medallion meet megalomania meiosis melting point member membership memory mental menu mercenary merchant mermaid messiah metal metal detector metaphor meteor meticulous metric metro microbiology microorganism microscope microsecond microwave microwave oven middle midget milk milk tooth millionth mind mineral minimum minister minotaur mint minus minute misnomer miss missionary mistake mistress misunderstand mite mitigate mob mobile mode model moisten mole money monitor monk monologue monsoon moo mood moon moonlight morning star mortal mortar mother mother tongue motherland motion motor mount mouse moussaka mouth move mu muezzin mufti mug mulberry multicultural multiplication table murder muscle muse museum music chart musical instrument musician musk ox mustard mutt myself myth mythology


Naissaar Naples Narva Naypyidaw Nepalese Neptune Nicosia Nina Northern Ireland Novi Sad naan nacre nail naked nanosecond nap nasal cavity nase national anthem nationality natural natural numbers natural selection navy nebula necessarily necessity neck need needle needle in a haystack negative neglect negligence negotiate neigh neither nerve nest net neuter neutron star never mind new new moon newspaper next niche nickel nicotine night nihilist nimbus nine ninja no no problem noble gas nocturnal noise none nonsense nonsmoker noose north pole nose nostril notable nougat nuclear nuclear power nucleic acid nucleus nude nudism nudiustertian number numerator numismatist nurse nut nutmeg nylon


Old Norse Old Slavonic Old Testament Oslo Osmussaar oak oath oatmeal obedient obfuscate observe obsolete obtain occupation octahedron of off offer office offside offspring oil shale oink old man oligarch olive oil omniscient on on all fours on purpose on time one only opaque open operation operator opportunist optics optimize orangutan orbit order ordinal number organ organelle organic organic compound organism ornamental orphanage orthogonal oryx outer space outlook outstanding ouzo ovary over my dead body overall overseas owner ozone


Palermo Palm Sunday Paradise Parisian Pentium Perugia Peter Phantom Phnom Penh Piglet Pisces Pluto Po Polaris Pori Prague Proto-Germanic Prussia Psalms Pyongyang p.m. pace package painful painter paleontology palette palpable pan panda panic panorama pansy panther papal paper clip paprika paradigm paragraph parallel parallelepiped parallelogram parasite parcel parody parrot part participant particle pascal passion past patch pathetic pathology pause pavement pawa pawn pay peach pebble pee peel pen penalty pendulum peninsula people per perfect peril period permanent perpendicular persimmon person personal pronoun petunia phantom pharmacist phenomenon phew phi philanderer phobia phoenix phonetic alphabet phonology photocopy photography photon phrase phylum physician physicist piano pickpocket pie pier pig pike pilot pineal gland pink pint pioneer pistachio pitch pitchfork place plaintiff plan plane plant plantain plasma plastic plate play playwright plot plough plum plus pneumonia poem poet poetess point pointer poison police station policeman policy polish polite politically correct politician pollutant polygamy polygonal polyhedron polynomial polynya pompous pond poo poor poppy porn porridge port position positron postman postpone pot calling the kettle black powder powdered sugar power practice prairie dog praise pray prayer preamble precipitation precise predict prediction prefix prehistoric pretzel price priestess primate prime principality principle print printer prison privacy private problem procedure procurement produce product program promotion proper property prophet proposition prose prostitution protagonist protein protist prototype psi psychiatrist psychiatry psychopath psychosis publisher pufferfish pull pump pumpkin pupil puppet purpose pussy puzzle pyre python


quadrant quadratic quadrilateral quadrillion quality quarry quarter queen queen bee queer question queue quick quince quintillion quit quotient


Republic of China Reykjavik Rhine Richter scale Riga Rio de Janeiro Riyadh Rock Paper Scissors Rom Rome wasn't built in a day Ruhnu race radian radiation radio radish rafter rail railing railroad station railway station rain rainfall rake rakija ram rank ransom rape rare rarely rash rather rational ray reaction reactor read real real number realism really rebellion recalcitrant reception reciprocal record recreation rectangle rector red blood cell red herring red-handed red-throated diver redeem redemption redheaded referee reflexive pronoun regicide regular related relation relief religious remake remote control renown rent repeatedly repel reply republic request requirement rescind resistor resonance responsible rest resurrection retail rhombus rhubarb rib riddle rig right right angle rigid ring rise rix-dollar roach roadside bomb robe robot robotics rock rocking chair rocking horse rod rollercoaster rolling pin roof root rosehip rotation router row rowboat rubber ruble rug ruler rumor rumour runner rupee


Saaremaa Sabbath Sagittarius Saint Petersburg Salzburg Samosata Samuel Sarajevo Satanism Savoy Saxony Scandinavian Schwyz Scorpio Scorpius Scotsman Scottish Scottish Gaelic Sea of Japan Selma Serb Serbia Serbian Serbo-Croatian Shetland Islands Shiite Shiraz Sicilian Sindhi Skopje Slav Slavic Sleeping Beauty Slovak Slovene Slovenian Somali South African Star of David Sudeten Sudetenland Supreme Leader Supreme Leader of Iran Swedish sable sabre sack safe saffron sage sail saint sake salamander salami sale salmon salt salvation sanctuary sand sandpaper sarcophagus satisfied sauerkraut sauna saxophonist say scale scandal scarab scarlet scatter scenario schizophrenia school schwa science score scorn screw scroll bar sculpture sea cucumber sea horse sea level sea lion seafood seal seam seaman search seasickness season second second person secretary see seesaw sei whale seize seize the day semiconductor sense separate sequoia serene serious serviceberry set set on fire seven seven hundred and fifty seventieth sex sexually transmitted disease sexy shad shade shake sham shame shape sharp sharpener she-bear sheaf sheet shepherd shine shirt shit shoe shoehorn shoemaker shop shot shoulder blade shrine shrub shutter sick side sigh sight sign sign language silk sill silver singular singularity sink sinner sister sister-in-law situation six sixth skewer skin skirt slander slap slapdash slate slavery sledge sleeping bag sleet sleigh slide slip slipped disk slipper slivovitz slope small intestine smart smell smith smoke snare drum snout snow snowball snowball fight snowman snowplow so so-called socialism sociology sodomy soft soil solace soldier solid solidarity solstice something somnolent song sorbet sore sorrel sorry sort soul sound card sour source south pole sow space spaghetti spam spanner spare time speak of the devil speaker speed speed limit spell sperm whale spew sphinx spice spike spinach spinal cord spine spinning top spirit split spoil spore spot spread square square metre square root squat stable stadium stag party stage stalemate stamp stand star start steal steel steep stem sterile stick still stimulate stingy stink stock stock exchange stomach stone stop store straight strategic straw strawberry stream stretch strike while the iron is hot string strip strive stroke strong stronghold structure student study subject subpoena subsidy substance subtitle subtraction successful succumb suck sugar sugar beet suicide sulfuric acid sullen sum summit sumo sunlight sunrise sunset sunstroke superstition supper supply suppository sure surgery surprise surrealism suspicious swarm swede sweet swim switch swordfish symbol symbolise symbolize symmetry symphony synagogue synonym synopsis syntax syphilis syzygy


TV Taiwanese Taj Mahal Tajik Tamil Tiger Tamil Tigers Tashkent Tbilisi Tel Aviv Tel Aviv-Jaffa Telugu Template:center-centre-noun Template:center-centre-verb Template:color-colour (noun) Template:color-colour (verb) Template:program-programme-noun Teutonic Knights Thai There's more than one way to skin a cat Thessaloniki Thor Thuringia Tibetan Tigris Tirana Toronto Toulouse Tripoli Turin Turk Turku Tutankhamon tactic tail tailor take part take the bull by the horns talent tan tandoor tangerine tangible tangle tank target tattoo taxi tea tear technician technique tedious teetotaller telescope temple temporal temporarily ten tench tension term thanks that thaw the the ends justify the means theist theodicy therapy therefore thermistor thermodynamics thick thimble think third thirsty thought thousandth thread throne through throw thumbnail thunder thunderstorm thus thyme thymus tibia tickle tidal wave timber time times tin tipsy tiptoe tissue title to to wit toadstool toe toilet tom too too many cooks spoil the broth tool tooth tooth fairy torch torso torture touch tower toxicology trade union trademark traffic trail train train station tramp transaction transference transform transistor transitive translation transport trapezoid travel tree trend triangle trick tricky tricycle trigonometry trill trilobite tritium trough true trump trumpet trunk truth value tsar tsarina tube tuberculosis tuition tumor tuning fork tunnel turban turn turquoise tuxedo twilight twin two typhus tzar


UAE UFO Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Universal Declaration of Human Rights Uranus Urdu Uwe udder un- unavoidable uncle uncountable underground undertake undo unemployed unidentified flying object uniform union unit unity unusual up up-to-date upper case urge usage used to user utmost utter uvula uxoricide


Valletta Varna Venetian Venus Venusian Vilnius Virgin Virgo Vladivostok Volga Vormsi Vyborg vacation vagina vaginal flatulence value valve vampire vanilla variable variegated vast vegan vegetable vegetarian vegetarianism vehicle velocity venereal disease venison verandah vermilion vernal equinox vert very vet veterinarian vex vicar video villain viola violet violinist viper virgin virginity virtue virtuoso vision visit vole vowel voyager


Walloon Washington Wellington Welsh West Bank West Germany What's your phone number? Wheel of Fortune Wiktionary World Cup World War II wafer wake walk wallpaper waqf warm warning washing machine waste watch water water vapor waterfall wax weakness wear weasel weather forecast web wee weekday weekly weigh weight were wet whale shark what a lovely day what the fuck what's up wheelchair where whereas whether whey whisper white white blood cell white-billed diver whole whom whore why wicked will wily win wind windmill window wine wing winner wisdom wisdom tooth wish withdraw withers wont wood anemone wooden wooden spoon woof word word for word work workshop world worm wound wrapping paper wrath wreath write writing wrong




Yiddish year yeast yell yes yeti you young youth


Zagreb Zaire Zazaki Zealand Zeus Zulu zander zenith zero zeroth zombie zoology zucchini