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W>s x=0,z=0 f s x=$o(^wiki2(x)),t=^(x,"text") i t["==Translations==" s n=$$uni^wiki2(^("name")) w:($x+$l(n)>75) ! w ""_n_" " s z=z+1 i z=5000 r z dictionary free thesaurus dog encyclopedia Wikipedia portmanteau encyclopaedia cat gratis gratuit word book pound GDP Linux rain cats and dogs nonsense pie crow raven elephant Wiktionary:Entry layout explained brown December floccinaucinihilipilification month January February march April may June July august September October November grain of salt multiculturalism day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday antonym connotation denotation synonym dialect semantics false friend noun hour freedom of speech minute barter etymology swap Talk:barter polysemic trade verb adjective craft adjectival substantive trade wind deal merchandise product Wiktionary:Thesaurus considerations eagle head pumpkin name portmanteau word f fabaceous fable aardvark aardwolf Aaronic Aaron’s rod abaca abacist aback abaction abactor abacus abaft abalone abandon abandoned abandonment abase abasement abash abatable abate abatement abater abatis abattoir abbacy abbatial abbess abbey abbot abbotship abbreviate abbreviated abbreviation abbreviator abdicant abdicate abdication abdomen abdominal abduce abduct abduction abed abele abelian aberrance aberrant aberration abet abeyance abhor abhorrence abhorrent abide ability abiogenesis abjection abjure ablative ablaut ablaze able able-bodied ablet abloom ablution ably abnodate abnormality abnormally aboard methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylserylleucylphenylalanylal...serine abode abolish abolisher abolishment abolition abominable abominate abomination aboriginal aborigines abort aborted abortion abortional abortive abound about above abovesaid abrade Abrahamitic abrasion abreast abridge abridgment abroad abrogate abrupt abruptly abruptness abscess abscissa Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese on kun abscond odd quiz calendar millennium raptor week abashed leap nu hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia zomer winter Talk:hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia bone servant robot English today crude oil the absent absent-minded absinth absinthiated absinthin absolutely absolution absolutism absolve absorber absorbing absquatulate abstain abstainer abstersion abstinent abstracted abstractionist abstractness abstruseness absurdity abundantly aburst abuser abusive abut abuttal abysmal academian accadian accept acceptable acceptably acceptance acceptancy acceptor accessibility accessible accidental accidentally acclamation acclimate acclimature accordingly accordion accrual accurate accurately first name plural outer space alien definition season autumn summer spring Wiktionary:Deletion log Archive 2003-2004 color van die in een google foreign debt lens whatever transvestite domestic debt debt orange Polish language bbl premature birth accord wolf craggy planet star sky obfuscate can ppl zero number digit count noun mass noun oxymoron numeral LDP bureaucrat alphabet achievement acid tachygraphy polytheistic lightspeed growth quarter NAFTA shapeshift futurism German Help talk:FAQ pre-Columbian FAQ Mexico decade fortnight bellgirl alphabetism grass one two three five GUI YMCA AD crude Internet proper noun Roman numeral letter medicine year decrypt tables Irish second century clock millisecond polytheism Japan computer science few meat I love you beer encrypt act like a bull in a china shop pseudo- trade union entreprise union umbrella white-collar chairman Japan Socialist Party bit steganography BCE BC CE point sun man be is are metric quotidian -ity quality qualitative nigger cunt dick dickhead motherfucker biblical fart rape cum transfinite uncountable subjectivism doctrine port cod six Edward anti-Semitism hundo osteo- os accordionist queef jiffy date occultation lol RTFM language bot transitive verb adverb transitive Esperanto because World Exposition Carborundum flute interwiki railway woodwind tighten peso billion trillion morpheme eight nine ten singular grok crap everybody reality safety valve musician brassiere jitter weapon stock poppycock Roman numerals hell pencil conceal Dutch Netherlands RAM YWCA acronym operating system NATO USSR music secret most war BBC EU LED peace and country conjunction euro lifetime lifetime job nullify perfunctory embellish hamper relegate Iraq laconic meticulous viable Belgium Greece Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Serbia and Montenegro United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Germany Czech Republic France New Zealand Yugoslavia Israel European European Central Bank Estonia Latvia Lithuania Norway Sweden Finland Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt South Africa Poland treaty Austria Iceland Malaysia Philippines Solomon Islands Greenland inflation core inflation unemployment wage currently now bank Bank of England deficit fiscal tax apple economics urban open consensus slow policy fruit AA husband religion government big wall morning Mexican send market food meeting global globalisation world take quisling take part macrovirus but say sound card investment last increase yesterday company forecast also add acacia accommodation TDMA network frequency mobile mobile phone wireless work first digital PSTN radio nanosecond Asian barcode consent careful incorporated sole trader legal entity mobile station Base Station Subsystem network subsystem FDMA time shadowing deceptive shrink thou Andorra Afghanistan Antigua and Barbuda Albania Armenia Angola Argentina Azerbaijan Bangladesh Bulgaria Trucial States Bahrain Burundi Bolivia Brazil Bahamas Bhutan Botswana Belize Canada Switzerland Chile Cameroon China Colombia Cuba Cape Verde Cyprus Djibouti Denmark Dominican Republic sect pseudonym false Ecuador Spain Ethiopia blood AIDS disease Gabon Ghana Gambia epidemic Equatorial Guinea Guatemala Guyana Honduras Haiti Hungary Indonesia Ireland India Iran Italy Jamaica Kenya Cambodia Kiribati Comoros comma colon full stop early welcome necar new gas natural gas Kuwait Laos Lebanon Liechtenstein Liberia Luxembourg Monaco Madagascar Marshall Islands Mali Mongolia Mauritania Malta Mauritius Maldives Malawi Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Nicaragua Brasil mi translation love proprietary French standard feature Nepal Nauru Oman Panama Peru French Polynesia Papua New Guinea Pakistan Portugal Paraguay Qatar Romania Rwanda Sudan Singapore Slovenia Slovakia San Marino Senegal El Salvador Syria Swaziland Chad Togo Thailand Tonga turkey Trinidad and Tobago Tanzania Ukraine Uganda Uruguay Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe skill mortar current current account industrial financial financial market trade deficit MITI pollution automatic pollutant pollute software Interlingua computer french fries Spanish offset board Talk:acronym amigo abettor Portuguese abridgement precipitously absence absorbency absolute absorption absorbent abstention abstergent abstinence abstract absorb abstraction abstractionism absurd abuse abundance abundant abutment abyss abysm academic academy acanthus accelerate acceleration accelerator accomplished accomplish accent accentuate access acclaim accomplice accompany acclimatize acclimatization accompaniment accession accessory affix Greek lapidation WYSIWYG UFO smiley accost accountability accountable accountancy accountant accredit accreditation accrue accumulate accumulation accumulator accuracy accusation accusative accuse accustom Anguilla Netherlands Antilles Australia Aruba Bosnia and Herzegovina Barbados Burkina Faso Benin Brunei Belarus Vanuatu Uzbekistan Tuvalu burp Turkmenistan ace acerbity acetate acerbate acetylene ache Achilles Achilles heel achromatism acidification acidify acidosis initial public offering accomplishable poison quotation general choir phoenix map index Albanian Algerian Wales Tokelau East Timor Tajikistan Turks and Caicos Islands São Tomé and Príncipe Suriname Somalia Sierra Leone Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Sri Lanka South Korea North Korea Saudi Arabia storm Seychelles Saint Helena Russia Réunion Palau Niue Martinique Lesotho Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan retrovirus genome Indo-European money ask night army win drink cow Jupiter Schadenfreude Congo Ivory Coast British Virgin Islands Central African Republic Cook Islands Costa Rica Croatia Dominica Eritrea Fiji Georgia Guadeloupe Guinea Guinea-Bissau Jordan Moldova Puerto Rico Myanmar Burma Western Sahara baby Jan Mayen Svalbard yes Saint Lucia New Caledonia Wallis and Futuna Samoa American Samoa Bermuda French Guiana translationary skirmish stand Mayotte Micronesia Guam Grenada Faroe Islands Falkland Islands Norfolk Island Saint Kitts and Nevis bunk it pronunciation derivative Abominable Snowman yeti radar Icelandic Yiddish dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane QED HIV Macedonia Northern Marianas Saint Vincent and the Grenadines US Virgin Islands Vatican City Taiwan debt-laden president security fuck web browser thin ground data structure the grass is always greener on the other side DNA close picosecond know Indian o'clock mither create abscissin outdoors phillumenist efficacy couch potato dilettante kill buy drug after here next defer plant absinthe Finnish stylus Catalan give dare banana deoxyribonucleic acid tiger protester eleven twelve bomb henna Brazilian Catalonia Cayman Islands England fy jacobian kindling pulpit church small nuisance supersede mental tomato Union of Soviet Socialist Republics cherry Japanese Slovene bench solar system academician beige black blue gold green grey magenta mauve pink purple red silver violet white yellow grapefruit citrus prime number fourth third fifth metaphysics SARS Chinese trumpet tuba cowbell cane tempo sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth duel Italian musical soccer football zipper yourself yours your younger young you yet wrung copacetic wrote wrong writer write wring woven weave wove wound would worthwhile worst Talk:cane stone fruit fruit tree edible throne woman women laugh twig kindle king queen sausage Korean dollar colloquial Hawaiian cast see midnight mouse five past ten past quarter past twenty past twenty-five past half past twenty-five to twenty to quarter to ten to router five to noon keyboard dual age weekend weekday leap year hourglass been penny nickel counterfeit symptom Zuni pip pit nature krill plankton person Welsh present participle imperfect Hebrew Turkish Frisian Danish Russian Swedish Polish of Slovak or Hungarian Flemish thirteen fourteen million Czech cube hexahedron parallel eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth perpendicular triangle polygonal polygon rational square trapezoid qubit hemisphere quaff irrational fifteen seventeen sixteen nineteen twenty twenty two thirty forty fifty pi sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred one hundred one seven hundred and fifty thousand eleven hundred two thousand symbol jack X thee design sol humor hydraulic water zeal compass tetrahedron eighteen deuce chess knight skew currency five hundred polyglot blowjob ass cock tick copulate shit some adroit percent hand coin animal sieve at too toe it’s its el for an this Unicode regime handsome fall finish pristine raccoon epitaph zebra mongoose dear deer reindeer anoa zebra ostrich elk white stork musk ox red deer common eland Nelson’s elk Spanish chestnut User talk:Polyglot carcass lesser flamingo Chilean flamingo Andean flamingo alpaca Darwin’s rhea vicuña anarchy bighorn sheep trumpeter swan transcultural picture bush dog Chilean eagle black vulture griffon vulture yak lama eagle owl llama guanaco Volapük tonight xylophone X-ray mind myriad marsh buck kangaroo wombat koala hunt wiki last name boomerang uey U-turn feet feat to tree ate arabian oryx Asian lion scimitar horned oryx grey wolf bongo brindled gnu impala cockroach millipede predator bug snow leopard slender-horned gazelle example indicative subjunctive demonstrative pronoun boy girl centipede antecedent definite article adjunct relative pronoun affirmative possessive pronoun my his her our their subordinate clause genitive action cardinal number concrete dative main clause imperative main verb auxiliary verb infinitive vowel copula article direct object passive voice impersonal subject consonant indirect object case nominative case genitive case dative case accusative case noun phrase coordinating conjunction nominative indefinite article indefinite pronoun subordinating conjunction subject subject clause intransitive verb irregular negative clause present continuous future conditional superlative neuter personal pronoun direct verb ordinal number regular compound sentence stem tense degrees of comparison interjection ending declension comparative Castilian Spaniard kiwi Englishman kiwi fruit yeasty yeah mill hander leather again quack advertisement adjustment qua island quadrant quadrilateral quadrupedal prisoner of war species bird fish quail Quaker qualm quarantine Quebec Montreal belly dance air all almost amount amusement angle angry answer ant belly flop any approval argument arm balalaika art as balance beam floor exercise vocative peruke attributive twenty-four seven a cold day in Hell moon accident adore advice adversity Indonesian north east south west upas Korea boom gorrideon second hand earth snake ordinate thick northeast northwest southwest southeast wax beeswax laundry what contact lens left right parent father mother sibling brother sister child son daughter grandfather grandparent grandmother grandchild grandson granddaughter uncle aunt nephew niece cousin in-law father-in-law mother-in-law brother-in-law sister-in-law son-in-law daughter-in-law parents bee honey bathroom rite car wing cold hot warm temperature fresh expression cool Thai vleugel quadruple quintuplet septuplet quagmire rainbow xerox shishkabob pimple iceberg other not that finger flower good men male female thumb forefinger middle finger ring finger little finger pinky Norwegian duck rue apology vegetable tulip habitual hack Galician mine hers ours theirs very kingdom jump both hole wood former anterior astronaut crew remote complete project visit experiment learn bold how crimson azure Afrikaans collateral annually weekly quarterly half-yearly mortgage chocolate cream cyan pigment homonym dye maul skim milk kerosene candidate gossip martyr fuchsia available update homophone bergamot handcuffs rat unvariable upblow gray skimmed milk atmosphere indigo ivory navy maroon room tan lob sombrero benzoic khaki turtle hut pupa bronze backbone alligator antler comet hobby tadpole pajamas coral ebony lavender recipe suffix teddy bear lime travel orchid olive plum saffron tortoise pen copper chair lilac salmon ochre rose tin chairperson alloy chainsaw chain turquoise sill russet silly delineate sienna fascism however teal slate ultramarine vermilion helicopter moose mosquito hello hi gun goodbye primrose amber caracal enough computing computer-aided design computer language calculator boss tangerine city civic civilian clergy minister priest Yahweh Jehovah hallelujah mustard strawberry scarlet sepia lemon tower diesel grape fascist cinnamon emerald avocado tortilla omelette guava salsa om gay epilepsy epilogue episode equinox rice squid ray auburn egg hazel ruby sapphire chestnut charcoal carmine carnation amethyst buff beplaster unveil marina whitewash hamster soap opera snowplow fortune distinct mosque carsick carsickness gross domestic product semaphore flatfish luck guinea pig melancholy scalene palace handmaid handsaw safari handy hand-me-down pistil leaflet pamphlet brochure tract duct gnaw merger posh toilet bucket abdico proverb god YHVH AC DC bad able-bodiedness Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia island state bosque friend kind WWW benzoin hammock pronoun unveiler soak tamp soil mulch ban basin bat beat bed comely NB so hear touch bite smile think talk breath remember song sing cry tear eye breathe zs beg begin bel ben sound bran NY voice safe and sound safe positron payment acre Pernambuco Rio de Janeiro São Paulo save -able handful vert piece from read since oral draw pyramidic look vernacular jargon chromosome chromosomal slang pedantic pedant us gibberish gaffer cadre capital who knows we he she they gaffe me him them Taiwanese Canadian talent bepowder graft handicap polydactylous upbreed tooth wisdom tooth wisdom teeth ear nose mouth tongue leg foot knee neck canary phrase snail angel idiom predicate clause face mariposa IMF pizza mongrel millstone molar slug perfect precise desi who whose whom which slim British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland Northwest Territories smell pants translate re mea culpa grafter handicraft hammerhead unmask roach beetle Punjab Delhi Sikkim West Bengal Jharkhand Orissa Assam Manipur Tamil Nadu Pondicherry Karnataka Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh benzoyl handi-craftsman pyre carpe diem hajj saying sangría United Nations Canberra Sydney Perth Adelaide Melbourne Edmonton Winnipeg Toronto Halifax gans goose heel Ottawa swan juxtaposition lose loose chamois street road trail traffic path highway boulevard expressway avenue freeway lane alley superhighway sale Zulu zoom driveway Manaus Curitiba Brasilia pavement sidewalk Basque Romanian do Bulgarian chat given name womb virtue axe Arabic Maori Malacca Kuala Lumpur rain Turk British Briton republic hay deem hungry usage tak weather whether although thank you thank you very much Hyderabad New Delhi hard give birth mapa escritorio Bangalore Bhopal Mumbai Bombay Gangtok Chennai Madras Calcutta Georgetown ail nada alas opportunity force mass gravity center of gravity law velocity distance friction unit dimension transgender man of war businessman man of God homme de Dieu macadam child language dodo Uluṟu gravitation jellyfish wife Uluru Kata Tjuta liberal Ayers Rock hay fever experience train rail accomplishment eventually down Down syndrome mama Scotland palm ad hoc adherent admixture aforementioned against accused pain acidity pin larva festoon race maid maiden braid meringue hither thither hitherto hoist dish teetotal raspberry depleted uranium prime minister environment Hong Kong weapons of mass destruction science technology earthquake oil Lithuanian disguise disgust dismal pretzel foe Pays du Soleil Levant balderdash jerk bear sweet vapor water vapor bullshit darmstadtium citizen nationality human provenance family grammar there lead arise arose arisen Moslem Muslim Islam copyright cork facet eyelash eyelid awake advocate were bore beaten become befallen behold beheld bend bent bet betted bid bind bound bleed blow blew break broke broken breed bred bring broadcast repository poop browbeat build built burn burnt burned burst bust busted catch choose chosen cling clung icon come cost creep cut dig dive dove did done ductility fire drew dream drank drunk drive dwell eat fell fed feed feel felt blond fight flaxen flesh find found fit flee fling fly forbid forbidden forego forgo syntax sentence account enterprise entertain entertainer entertainment dart airtight tuition graduate linguistics foretell forget forgive forsake forsook freeze get given hidden go grow hang have sandbox hide hit hold hurt input pigeon imply infer interbreed polygamy interweave keep kneel knit known continent north pole south pole euphemism lay led lean gerund learned learnt leave lend lent let lie part of speech light lit past participle drivel baloney fórmula química lost reading make made mean meet mishear mislay mislead misspell mistake mistook misunderstand writing back archaic cliché bull contraction bog means tomorrow trousers paint machine sheep rod oar with wine wool pull the wool over somebody’s eyes rake -logy tractor canal conductor trite legal criminal cable intertwine rhetorical interior central comic comical ideal inflection 戦士 spell shirt spelling shoe skirt i.e. e.g. et cetera spelt speak substance straight thunder zenith secretary statement involuntary invisibly thy thine bug Graham bread Graham biscuit brief together why when where mow outbid grudzień miesiąc blud shoe polish chemical addition attack outdo outdid outdone attempt outgrow outgrew outgrown outran outsell outsold overcast overcome overcame overdo overdone claque shrike myself ourself ourselves y’all verbal boot chronology metaphor figure of speech pronominal neologism scissors separate brush cough building belief circle camera cheese bright bell conscious crime sin cheap common chin then theory weight pledge industrial output attend whistle though thing simple bubble self oneself herself bag boat body button chance bread before chalk basket condition complex cruel butter bridge branch curtain curve coat beautiful brick bone marrow cell stem cell leukocyte erythrocyte themselves overhang tendency overpaid override overrode overridden overran oversaw overseen overslept overthrow sleep sleeping partake partook partaken pay paid proofread proven put quit quitted report stay rebound rebuilt redid redone capitalism democracy politics re-laid remake repaid rerun resell rethought rewind rewound rewrote South China Sea ride rode ridden ring rung parasol rise risen run ran saw seen sell sold set sew sewed sewn shake shook sheared shed shine aesthetic allege ambivalent anomaly arbitrary arid assiduous asylum bourgeois browse candor capricious charlatan circuitous congregation diminutive filibuster empirical emulate engender fortuitous freight gargantuan iconoclast inconsequential increment mollify procrastination pugnacious volatile rancorous repeal sedentary simulate stevedore tout ambiguous adulation anachronistic contemporary brusque carp denigrate disdain unusual interest threat shat shoot shot show shrank shrunk shut sung sit sat slain slide slid sling slung slit smelled spoke smelt speed speeded spend spent spin spun spit spat split spoil spoilt spread sprang stole stolen stick stuck sting stung stink strewn stride stridden strive striven impact nettle stimulate stiffness stiff strike struck stricken string strung strived swore sworn sweep swept swell swelled swollen swim swam swum swing swung taken teach taught torn tell told thought throw threw tread trodden unbound underlay underlain understand understood undertake undertook undertaken underwrite underwritten undo undid undone unwound upheld upset wake waked wear wore worn wed wedded wet wetted won wind withdraw withdrew era charm incorporate ipso facto wildlife concern shape threaten Cornish round bi bib sot cause behemoth cook crush competition bitter cotton bottle behavior change cloth comb by box cloud brain goshawk sparrowhawk lark skylark phonetics analyst analysis anchovy anchor benefit cement cemetery mallard syllable greylag goose golden eagle heron long-eared owl act balance coal little owl certain ball brake cake care poetess clear base agreement cover collar control between iron connection buzzard bitters stork rock dove fricative great spotted woodpecker lesser spotted woodpecker black woodpecker robin IPA altitude applaud basis belly bestow bewilder blanket jeer venom get a move on vertebrate vermouth ice southern sovereign sovereignty spaceman spaceship spacecraft space station drawl decline acorn acolyte acknowledgement acoustics acoustical acoustic kanji effect dry doubt different difference dirty drawer deep end electric flat violin guitar piano bankruptcy crisis WVO demonym octopus penis testicle peregrine falcon chicken rooster swallow gull common gull nightingale guinea fowl apex tit great tit sparrow butterfly rumor rumour authority enforce impose power proportion partridge pheasant woodpecker green woodpecker alpine chough turtle dove owl tawny owl starling black grouse capercaillie blackbird barn owl vole American bison European bison wisent buffalo CRO camel dromedary ibex beaver fallow deer donkey horse hedgehog hare otter lynx badger weasel least weasel ermine polecat ferret dormouse muskrat rabbit mouflon squirrel pig wild boar mole fox US USA UN UK laser modem ram Christian dairy Occitan nit rim Rom sap plate goddess heart castle pawn dialogue logic checkmate capture dark dead death if true else join danger jewel judge list low long tall short shallow narrow wide high broad life liquid solid plasma melt sublimate condense evaporate fluid loss knowledge important house hospital doctor knife metal mountain salt sugar tail whip blade sword boiling brass heavy liver far near sharp dull old smooth rough river live fear guts vomit stomach suck stab pull push float count play flow dust sand stone fog smoke flame ash full decrease space vacuum matter volume someone none somebody nobody wow rotten snow meter whooping crane sandhill crane castling lift kral scabbard ether roebuck European Union orthodoxia augment key engine field heaven apostrophe bible deity crown covenant cute emit energy Europe horizontal Jew malleable orbit right angle artery vein sorry prince princess emperor empress principality empire monarchy baron barony duke duchess duchy countess county state federation earl organ organism digestion vertical dagger monarch head of state analog Africa Antarctica Oceania Asia subpoena North America tissue South America people dictatorship dictator totalitarian election vote communist communism socialism samurai longsword handle 東京 shogun display attachment m n Klingon still gaggle paddling romaji する stop crowd stroke washer torque throttle shock screwdriver nut glow plug drill crankshaft clutch cylinder valve gearbox cardoon artichoke hazelnut batch pinyin mare mandarin stallion foal filly calf vessel nozzle decorticator settling seafloor rate continuous powder cf. prefix gram flash crankcase pass dew blower dew point green-backed firecrown exhaust droplet hammer ewe solenoid humanoid investigate defeat ductile x-axis unbinilium array worship rational number integer persen celestial potable freshwater peer perch bass beard mustache coalesce seem seam exposé convoluted humongous abundant number brewer brew homebrewed home homebrewer commission pail upsidedown Argentinian workshop connoisseur stir temporarily Ukrainian Wiktionary:Webster verbal noun chemistry hyperbole teen pet hyperbola waffle ebb content attorney anime manga corporation CEO party platform plank faction opinion fact objective observation similarity gain quote quotation mark constitution miscellaneous revenue price asset deposit withdrawal ore gem gemstone hydrogen henry Manchu eloquence thermometer civilization band spoony girlfriend boyfriend Hindi transsexual User talk:Webkid governor leader mayor black hole singularity white hole neutron star proton neutron hoop pub moron delegate metrosexual harem dissertation Sabbath heet blooming squash zoology tangled tangle gourmet grooming ripen awakened simple past mildew molding Tibet lifting poor burglary significant other pyrenean upcurl orient etcetera device Kannada menu organizer note log in password suspension plea suit synergy floor scrub byproduct moisturize humid moisture lash mark forever homosexual dump community therefore wherefore incorrigible asthenia french kiss sake creationism franc corrigendum Wiktionarian outlet wire reason cryptography Dutchman Dutchwoman Netherlander want start welding anarchism sofa rhinoceros a cappella Cypriot Andorran wealth burden penguin coffee breakfast Antiguan Anguillan Armenian Angolan antarctic gender adult womanly Κύπρος dragonfly asteroids asteroid tuft translations Mediterranean locative hem loch peach evil instrumental instrumentalist twenty three twenty five thirty-one pipe prepositional quiet mayonnaise nadir maser mash mask mason masonry massacre massage particle rodent magician dank palpable brier extremity espanyol drag Palestine Britain Hawaii sunset bribe Faeroese South Dakota Laura magnesia cycle laundress Amsterdam localization localize locate hanap solidarity ich masturbation transliteration translatress rupee Low Saxon hart than artificial acorn-shell handkerchief handleable handmade pear stepfather happy hara-kiri unwise unwisely itinerary arrogant penultimate kidney Flanders Brussels luik Leuven synthesizer nuit postulate igloo kies aa wee aggression asinine Corsican ballroom brat churn penalty vlaamse gaai information Vietnamese cardinal stepmother User:Sergio1956/template Genoa size directory Kugel urination best regards sequence accentuation slingshot perseverate cornet pellet nocturnal diurnal quickly Windows excrement manure wolverine additive eclectic game stealth fighter original unprecedented precedent avid obsessive context garden tournament classic fast derive upgrow upgrowth nitrogen aeroplane silicon potassium dockyard enlistment granary faux amis silicon dioxide aircraft airplane paper file edit view image help link A.K.A. numb fulcrum Andrew zeroth silica methane quadrillion physics labour mammary gland breast udder osmosis window hardware firearm bullet passage dynamic memory refresh memory capitol smack-dab isolationism rifle centrifugal force twenty-one twenty-two twenty-four queer bicarbonate paper airplane essential go Dutch handball famished extreme spelunking bowels search parliament famine lìbero verlan tired nazi handbook lullaby ruin university AKA spider damp Australian damper Austrian successism photography Gambel’s Quail covey host flock hence Gaelic autocrat sense Platonic discreet ordinal southpaw nuance fervent pitch oops wishy-washy hey put down trustworthy order enhanced remake ouch feeler hyperlink call defenestrate magic know-it-all splash ABC Wikipedian bath ah aha ha Oh no kick kick out vivisection kick the bucket uh huh unh-uh kick wheel talk through one’s hat lift a finger rein sea loophole gallicize sangre tare please kick in kick in the pants hold up hold out hold off tack jag ni vond ένας hold a candle jaguar unus quattuor onze seize cop rot PTO WTO multiplication subtraction division sir dud dummy elf eve void tank wand cord kimono fan translation kopa duo syzygy eclipse Space Shuttle STS better locust moth Czechia millón prequel intermission moo mielo alpha beta gamma coke download astronomy giraffe con conmigo cloudless test glycolysis delta epsilon hot chocolate phoneme natural labyrinth lavatory huh lunar lune universe downstairs upstairs daily dancer dawn Athens Paris idea stud Dragon Quest go to war Kurdish Sardinian Moscow London eta Stockholm Madrid Ankara Hellas mint quaternion trigonometry quadratic homologous linear cubic line sphere polyhedron graph rook taurus beverage bicycle bike Tibetan Naples melody ψάρι laryngitis motorcycle polygyny tentacle mollusc peruvian arity kilometer decameter km nick NHL CFL TV plaintiff class Chordata phylum taxonomy genus negligence Jehovah's Witnesses burden of proof helium milk gross national product flight feather orthodontist chaos commercial at ampersand nymphomania carbon carbon paper carbon copy hyphen asterisk semicolon paragraph hectometre centimetre millimetre decimetre cm kappa respect twice thrice once mike prune tulipán metre café stein lambda mu California gift millimeter hectometer fuel petroleum Ashkenazi crazy corrupt subway TM NYC megametre gigametre kilo dam salty micrometre decametre kilometre cigarette event horizon atom nucleus pressure decibel area mile wok archduke archduchess Grand Duchy mayoress echo sonar milligram fag density millilitre milliliter un- beryllium boron neon phosphorus sulfur argon calcium titanium chromium manganese cobalt arsenic selenium krypton strontium molybdenum antimony tellurium xenon cerium neodymium promethium holmium hafnium tungsten platinum mercury francium radium lawrencium bohrium meitnerium ununtrium ununquadium ununpentium ununhexium ununseptium ununennium mipela yumipela yumi Scandinavia Scandinavian aluminum ol mollusk li decretage never accede bus dispela canoe kayak influence dignity esteem petting sexual foreplay school sex intercourse bellboy shopping cart heatwave modest betrayal imprint solubility invertebrate AI artificial intelligence rhea exobiology cassowary emu extraterrestrial pot cookbook deuterium fencing universal universala declaration titan drachma krona intermodal croissant tar voyager cigar Achaea Corinthia Arcadia Attica bolt screw vat pint la Phocis Tuscany Lombardy Persian moonrise moonset עברית sole function error pa foetus decigram centigram démocratie pan democrat pis half dutch cap cast pearls before swine jaundice envy decagram pálpebra gut regime change milkshake Nike flea crosswalk zebrapad well zebra crossing Albert louse insect arthropod jet inch eponym spade lexicon tool omnibus omega hook brook alb philistine thank Rhine maternal death der dijle french letter neurotic bill roadster condom steam engine engine driver fire engine jet engine engine trouble cowardice shoulder blade blade of grass razor blade oar blade quintillion town shop igneous Brittany Christian name surname Breton ceramic pilot champion real truth mysophobe macrocosm cognition eukaryote Thracian Texan assume deduce tepid quick expose cognitive vici Floridian scratch online New Mexican Piedmontese New Yorker alter tailor depose employee hallucination profit sweat fertilizer monopoly profit margin feasible education awareness consciousness spectrum extremes perception possiblities manifest Boolean accounting individual developer fork kosher transparent paradigm biofuel Genoese co-operative restaurant television steam lever salary punish punishment Michael semiconductor insulator resistor currant Neapolitan 1st Venetian accommodate accommodableness accomodator lavaret lava laurustine laurestina laurentian prescience thanks recycle trash laurel launch whither whence laughter thence regret ignore free time pragmatic Nachtwächter laudation laudanum laudably laudableness laughing falcon laughing gull laughing hyena polyarch simulacrum accurse accusable accusant Berlinese arachnophobia dice slogan safety produce problem own secure vague accusatory accuser Muscovite pop Budapest degree psycho mozzarella sextillion septillion infinity way will shall should might mission missionary ministry creed liturgical liturgy eucharist Christianity holy divine unholy eternal supernatural unnatural ordinary extraordinary pure impure bless blessed curse doom blessing condemn evangelist evangelize Christ messiah archangel minion cherub seraph plane bow protestant arrow armor slash fireball rock boulder weird strange forest grove muse bash crash rash cash gash dash wash hash sash thrash quash psycho- meal lunch dinner ea ei ele kennel kiss funkadelic college public school fraction consume Camelus dromedarius maximum minimum -um crook staff multi-billion multicolor multi-million multimillion multicolour multibillion accusingly cauliflower American English countdown gamble vodka octillion hairnet telethon phone marathon net navel side sloop mast luff accustomed multicultural switch jib address book simultaneous simultaneously simultaneity simultaneousness requiem grapes aceldama acephal acephala acephalous acerb Charles Christopher Daniel vegan vegetarian ship textile PLC LLC limited liability company real estate political consumerism Public Limited Liability Company Americanism Americanize Aachen visa acerbic harp Amharic splinter protagonist clairvoyance android birthday acervation acescence acescent acetabuliferous acetabuliform acetabulum acetal acetaldehyde Tagalog needle Englishwoman cryptology acetic closed acetify Christmas homogeneous armistice Serbian chop hilarity destructive respective warehouse accumbent accubation accomplisher logarithm desiccate vulpine lupine mercurial longbow Talk:vi acetimeter acetometer apothecary pleasure Talk:saw recycle bin accretive accrete accrescent accrescence etc. Merry Christmas accréditation scarecrow secrete Michelle ! bang Pennsylvania mate apron large intestine acetone acetosity orangeade oligarchy belt characteristic waist contain banal injure discharge walnut aspirin bitch flea bag movie equidistant attribute almond intersection alacrity voltage rust rectangle amalgam operation aphasia nefarious furtive surreptitious sylvan accountably rádió lemonade accouplement accourage accouter accouterments calculus algebra cosine sine tangent binomial associative commutative Arabic numeral dodecahedron icosahedron mail apostasy bagel torus parachute machine translation flu flue furnace heat factory last night after dark topsail wind instrument gnu Christmas tree esoteric flammable gasoline combustion nail inflammable nonflammable christmas light Christmas Eve North Pole South Pole snowstorm neige sinecure perdition snowblower blackboard whiteboard blizzard coefficient constant matrix operand vector scalar operator polynomial scalar product vector product Abu Dhabi Accra Addis Ababa Algiers Baghdad Bali Bangkok Barcelona Basel Belfast Berlin Cairo Cape of Good Hope Cape Town Caracas Central America Channel Islands Cologne Copenhagen Crete Dublin Edinburgh Florence Florida plastic insolent legerdemain onomatopoeia railroad gear bar sail hallowed obtuse acute pyramid illicit pyramid scheme Glasgow Guernsey rectangular The Hague Havana Helsinki Honolulu accoutre negro briskly economy political party slave campaign union risk investor US dollar ecology province morose nexus genetic kleptomania hilarious damage user slavery share Latvian Latviešu yearly zoo brain drain bald feckless draconian somnambulate Jakarta Java Jerusalem Juneau Kabul Kathmandu Khartoum Kiev Lagos La Paz Lhasa tomato sauce temple hallmark solstice Liguria Limassol Lisbon Liverpool Los Angeles Louisiana Lusaka Majorca Maine Manila Mantua Marseilles Melanesia Milan Montego Bay Montevideo Nairobi Nassau New England New Ireland cross pun step- consanguinity New York nice Nicosia Normandy Orange Free State Orleans Oslo Oxford Padua Palermo Panama City Philadelphia Piedmont Polynesia newbie lagen flotsam flood import disincarcerate Quito Quezon City Rhodes Riyadh Rome Saint-Pierre and Miquelon 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I'm fine, thank you my name is ... where is the toilet? what time is it? many thanks limb Micronesian Montserratian New Caledonian Reunionese Rwandan registered trademark Talk:my name is ... what is your name? Mahorais Mahoran Niuean New Zealander