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ha {interj} (a representation of laughter.)  :: ha
Haapsalu {prop} (town)  :: Haapsalu
Habacuc {prop} (Habakkuk) SEE: Habakkuk  ::
Habakkuk {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Habakkuk
Habakkuk {prop} (Jewish prophet of the Old Testament)  :: Habakkuk
Habakkuk {prop} (male given name)  :: Habakkuk
habit {n} (an action done on a regular basis)  :: vane {c}
habit {n} (action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness)  :: vane {c}
habitat {n} (natural conditions in which a plant or animal lives)  :: levested {n}, habitat {n}, udbredelsesområde {n}
Habsburg {n} (a member of the Habsburg noble family)  :: habsburger {c} [a member of the dynasty], Habsburg [the dynasty name]
hackberry {n} (shrub of the genus Celtis)  :: nældetræ {n}
hacker {n} (one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data)  :: hacker {c}
hackle {n} (an instrument with pins)  :: hegle {c}
haddock {n} (marine fish)  :: kuller
Hadrian {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adrian  ::
haemo- {prefix} (pertaining to blood)  :: hæmo-
haemophilia {n} (any of several hereditary illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding)  :: blødersyge
hafnium {n} (chemical element)  :: hafnium {n}
Haggai {prop} (book of The Bible)  :: Haggaj
haggle {v} (to argue for a better deal)  :: prutte, købslå
Hagia Sophia {prop} (a former basilica, now a museum in Turkey)  :: Hagia Sophia
hagiography {n} (study of saints)  :: hagiografi {c}
hagiography {n} (biography of a saint)  :: hagiografi {c}
haha {interj} (representation of laughter)  :: ha, ha ha, hæhæ
haiku {n} (Japanese poem of a specific form)  :: haiku {n} {c}
haiku {n} (poem of similar structure)  :: haiku {n} {c}
hail {n} (balls of ice)  :: hagl {n}
hail {v} (to greet)  :: hil
hair {n} (a pigmented keratinaceous growth on the human head)  :: hår {n}
hair {n} (the collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals)  :: hår {n}
hair {n} (one of the above-mentioned filaments)  :: hår {n}
hair-brush {n} (a brush used in hair care) SEE: hairbrush  ::
hairbrush {n} (a brush used in hair care)  :: hårbørste {c}
hairdresser {n} (professional for haircutting or hairstyling)  :: frisør
hair dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer  ::
hairdryer {n} (electrical appliance for drying hair)  :: hårtørrer {c}, føntørrer {c}
hairless {adj} (bald) SEE: bald  ::
hairnet {n} (net designed to keep hair up)  :: hårnet {n}
hairstyle {n} (the style in which someone's hair has been cut and arranged)  :: frisure {c}
hairy {adj} (of a person)  :: håret, behåret
hairy {adj} (of an animal)  :: lodden
hairy {adj} (of a body part other than the head)  :: håret, behåret
Haiti {prop} (a country in the Caribbean)  :: Haiti
Haitian {n} (person from Haiti)  :: haitianer {c}
Haitian {adj} (pertaining to the country, people, or language)  :: haitiansk, haitisk
hajj {n} (pilgrimage to Mecca)  :: hajj {c}
halberd {n} (hand weapon)  :: hellebard {c}, atgejr {c}
half {adj} (consisting of a half)  :: halv
half {n} (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided)  :: halvdel {c}
half-life {n} (time in physics)  :: halveringstid {c}
half-moon {n} (the moon in its first or last quarter)  :: halvmåne {c}
half-moon {n} (anything shaped like a crescent)  :: halvmåne {c}
half-open {adj} (partially open)  :: halvåben
half-open {adj} (mathematics: containing only one of its endpoints)  :: halvåben
half title {n} (book title)  :: smudstitel
half-year {n} (period of half a year)  :: halvår {n}
halibut {n} (fish of genus Hippoglossus)  :: helleflynder
hallelujah {interj} (exclamation to praise God)  :: halleluja {c}
hallow {n} (holy person)  :: helgen {c}
hallow {v} (to sanctify)  :: hellige, helliggøre
Halloween {prop} (31st of October)  :: allehelgensaften {c}
hallows {n} (plural of hallow) SEE: hallow  ::
hallucination {n} (sensory perception of something that does not exist)  :: hallucination
hallux {n} (big toe) SEE: big toe  ::
halo {n} (atmospheric phenomenon)  :: halo {c}
halo {n} (luminous disc around the heads of saints)  :: glorie {c}
halyard {n} (rope)  :: fald {n}
ham {n} (thigh of a hog cured for food)  :: skinke {c}
hamartia {n} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
Hamburg {prop} (state)  :: Hamborg
Hamburg {prop} (city)  :: Hamborg
hamburger {n} (sandwich)  :: hamburger {c}
Hamiltonian cycle {n} (graph theory: a cycle visiting all vertices once)  :: hamiltonkreds {c}
hamlet {n} (small village)  :: landsby
Hamlet {prop} (the main character of the play Hamlet)  :: Hamlet {m}
hammer {n} (tool)  :: hammer {c}
hammer {n} (part of a firearm)  :: geværhane {c}
hammer {n} (piano part)  :: hammer {c}
hammer {v} (to strike repeatedly)  :: hamre
hammer and sickle {n} (symbol of communism)  :: hammer og segl
hammerhead {n} (shark)  :: hammerhaj
hammerhead shark {n} (shark of the genus Sphyrna)  :: hammerhaj
hammock {n} (swinging couch or bed)  :: hængekøje {c}
ham radio {n} (ham radio) SEE: amateur radio  ::
hamster {n} (small, short-tailed European rodent)  :: hamster {c}
hamstring {n} (great tendon)  :: hase
hand {n} (part of the fore limb)  :: hånd {c}
hand {n} (pointer of an analogue/analog clock)  :: viser {c}
hand {n} (handwriting; style of penmanship)  :: håndskrift {c}
hand {n} (that which is, or may be, held in a hand at once)  :: håndfuld {c}
handbag {n} (small bag used by women)  :: håndtaske {c}
handball {n} (team sport)  :: håndbold
handball {n} (ball in team sport)  :: håndbold {c}
handball player {n} (person who plays handball)  :: håndboldspiller {c}
handbrake {n} (hand-operated brake in a car)  :: håndbremse
handcuff {n} (ring of a locking fetter for the hand)  :: håndjern
handcuffs {n} (metal rings for fastening wrists)  :: håndjern {n-p}
handful {n} (amount held in hand)  :: håndfuld {c}
handful {n} (breadth of hand)  :: håndsbred {c}
handful {n} (small quantity)  :: håndfuld {c}
hand grenade {n} (explosive device)  :: håndgranat {c}
handkerchief {n} (cloth for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands)  :: lommetørklæde {n}
handle {n} (part of an object held in the hand when used or moved)  :: håndtag {n}
handlebar {n} (bar for steering)  :: styr {n}, cykelstyr {n}
hand-me-down {n} (An item that is passed along for someone else to use)  :: aflagt stykke tøj
handset {n} (the part of a telephone containing both receiver and transmitter, held in the hand)  :: telefonrør {c} [not mobile phones]
handshake {v} (grasping of hands by two people)  :: håndtryk {n}
handsoap {n} (handsoap)  :: håndsæbe {c}
hands up {interj} (surrender!)  :: hænderne op!
handwriting {n} (characteristic writing of a particular person)  :: håndskrift {c}
handyman {n} (man who does odd tasks)  :: altmuligmand {c}
hang {v} (to be or remain suspended)  :: hænge
hanger {n} (clothes hanger)  :: bøjle {c}
hangover {n} (illness caused by heavy drinking)  :: tømmermænd {c-p}
hangover {n} (unpleasant relic left from prior events)  :: levn {n-p}
Hannah {prop} (mother of Samuel)  :: Hanna
Hannah {prop} (female given name)  :: Hanna, Hannah
Hanoi {prop} (capital of Vietnam)  :: Hanoi
hanse {n} (Hanseatic League) SEE: Hanseatic League  ::
Hanse {n} (German commercial league) SEE: Hanseatic League  ::
Hanseatic {adj} (of or pertaining to the German Hanse)  :: hanseatisk
Hanseatic city {n} (member-city of the Hanseatic League)  :: hansestad {c}
Hanseatic League {prop} (former commercial and military alliance)  :: Hansaen
Hans Island {prop} (island)  :: Hans Ø
hapless {adj} (very unlucky; ill-fated)  :: ulykkelig
haply {adv} (perhaps) SEE: perhaps  ::
happen {v} (to occur)  :: ske, hænde, indtræffe
happily ever after {adv} (happily until one's death)  :: og de levede lykkeligt til deres dages ende
happiness {n} (emotion of being happy)  :: lykke {c}, glæde {c}
happy {adj} (contented, joyous)  :: glad, lykkelig
happy {adj} (fortunate, lucky)  :: heldig
happy birthday {interj} (good wishes for a birthday)  :: tillykke med fødselsdagen, tillykke
happy Easter {phrase} (an expression used during Easter)  :: Glædelig Påske
happy New Year {phrase} (Happy New Year)  :: godt nytår
Happy Ramadan {phrase} (An expression used during Ramadan)  :: glædelig ramadan
Harare {prop} (capital of Zimbabwe)  :: Harare
harassment {n} (Persistent attacks and criticism causing worry and distress)  :: chikane {c}
harassment {n} (deliberate pestering or annoying)  :: chikane {c}
harbor {n} (for ships)  :: havn {c}
harbormaster {n} (official responsible for the enforcement of regulations in a port)  :: havnefoged {c}, havnechef {c}, havnekaptajn {c}, havnemester {c}
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor  ::
harbour {n} (harbor) SEE: harbor  ::
harbourmaster {n} (harbourmaster) SEE: harbormaster  ::
hard {adj} (resistant to pressure)  :: hård
hard {adj} (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand)  :: vanskelig
hard candy {n} (candy prepared from one or more syrups)  :: bolsje {n}
hard disk {n} (unit and all the disks within it)  :: harddisk {c}
hard drive {n} (device used for storing large amounts of data)  :: harddisk
hard hat {n} (construction helmet)  :: sikkerhedshjelm {c}, beskyttelseshjelm {c}
hard labor {n} (forced labor) SEE: forced labor  ::
hardly {adv} (barely, only just)  :: knap
hard nut to crack {n} (challenging problem to solve)  :: en hård nød at knække
hard of hearing {adj} (having difficulty hearing)  :: tunghør
hard-on {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) SEE: erection  ::
hard roe {n} (roe) SEE: roe  ::
hardware {n} (fixtures, equipment, tools and devices)  :: isenkram {n}
hardware {n} (equipment)  :: udstyr {n}
hardware {n} (material part of a computer)  :: hardware {c}
hardware {n} (electronic equipment)  :: maskinel {n}, hardware {n}
hardware {n} (metal implements)  :: udstyr {n}
hardware {n} (slang: firearm)  :: skydevåben {n}
hard water {n} (water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals)  :: hårdt vand {n}
hardy {adj} (inured to fatigue or hardships)  :: hårdfør, modstandsdygtig
hare {n} (animal)  :: hare {c}
harebell {n} (plant)  :: blåklokke {c}
harelip {n} (congenital malformation of the upper lip)  :: hareskaar
harem {n} (the private part of an Arab household)  :: harem
harem {n}  :: harem
harlequin duck {n} (Histrionicus histrionicus)  :: strømand {c}
harlot {n} (a female prostitute)  :: skøge {c}
harm {n} (injury; hurt; damage; detriment; misfortune)  :: skade, skade
harmful {adj} (likely to be damaging)  :: skadelig
harmonica {n} (wind instrument)  :: mundharmonika {c}, mundharpe {c}
Harold {prop} (male given name)  :: Harald
harp {n} (musical instrument)  :: harpe
harpoon {n} (spearlike weapon)  :: harpun {c}
harpsichord {n} (musical instrument)  :: cembalo {c}
harpsichordist {n} (one who plays the harpsichord)  :: cembalist {c}
harpy {n} (Fabulous winged monster with the face of a woman)  :: harpy {c}
harpy {n} (Obnoxious, shrewish woman)  :: furie {c}
harquebus {n} (obsolete matchlock firearm)  :: arkebuse {c}
harrow {n} (device)  :: harve {c}
harsh {adj} (rough)  :: ru, grov
harsh {adj} (severe or cruel)  :: grov
harvest {n} (autumn, fall) SEE: autumn  ::
harvestman {n} (arachnid)  :: mejere
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan {prop} (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)  :: Det hashemitiske kongerige Jordan {n}
hashish {n} (marijuana generally) SEE: cannabis  ::
hashish {n} (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant)  :: hashish, hash
hassium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 108)  :: hassium {n}
hassle {n} (trouble, bother, unwanted annoyances or problems)  :: besvær {n}, bøvl {n}, mas {n}
hassle {n} (fight or argument)  :: skænderi {n}, slagsmål {n}
hassle {v} (To trouble, to bother, to annoy)  :: chikanere, genere, plage
haste makes waste {proverb} (being too hasty leads to wasteful mistakes)  :: hastværk er lastværk
hat {n} (a head covering)  :: hat {c}
hat {n} (a role or capacity)  :: kasket {c}
hatch {n} (trapdoor) SEE: trapdoor  ::
hatch {v} (to shade an area) SEE: crosshatch  ::
hate {v} (to dislike intensely)  :: hade
hate {n} (hatred) SEE: hatred  ::
hateful {adj} (full of hate)  :: hadefuld
hatred {n} (strong aversion)  :: had
hatstand {n} (coat stand) SEE: coat stand  ::
hatted {adj} (wearing a hat)  :: hatteklædt
hat trick {n} (three achievements in a single game or similar)  :: hattrick {n}
Hattusa {prop} (city)  :: Hattusas
haulm {n} (an individual plant stem)  :: halm {c}
haunt {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
Havana {prop} (capital)  :: Havana
have {v} (to possess)  :: have
have {v} (to be related to)  :: have
have {v} (to partake of something)  :: have,
have {v} (auxiliary used in forming the perfect and the past perfect tenses)  :: have
have {v} (must)  :: skulle
have {v} (give birth to)  ::
have {v} (engage in sexual intercourse with)  :: have
have {v} (cause to, by command or request)  ::
have {v} (cause to be)  :: have,
have {v} (be affected by an occurrence)  ::
have a bun in the oven {v} (To be pregnant; to be expecting a baby)  :: have en bolle i ovnen
have another think coming {v} (be deluded)  :: tro om igen
have butterflies in one's stomach {v} (be nervous)  :: sommerfugle i maven
have eyes on {v} (observe) SEE: observe  ::
haven {n} (harbour)  :: havn {c}
haven {n} (refuge)  :: tilflugtssted {n}, refugium {n}, fristed {n}
have one's cake and eat it too {v} (to seek to have two things which are mutually incompatible)  :: man kan ikke både blæse og have mel i munden
have one's eye on {v} (watch) SEE: watch  ::
have the foggiest {phrase} ("I haven't the foggiest": I don't know)  :: jeg har ingen anelse
have to {v} (obligation)  :: skulle
Hawaii {prop} (state of the United States)  :: Hawaii
Hawaiian {prop} (Hawaiian language)  :: hawaiiansk {n}
hawk {n} (predatory bird)  :: høg {c}
hawk {n} (advocate of aggressive politics)  :: høg {c}
hawk {n} (plasterer's tool)  :: mørtelbræt {n}
hawk {v} (to sell)  :: falbyde
hawk {v} (to attempt to cough up, to clear the throat)  :: harke, rømme sig
hawser {n} (cable)  :: trosse {c}
hawthorn {n} (type of shrub)  :: tjørn {c}
hay {n} (grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder)  :: {n}
hay {v} (to cut green plants for fodder)  :: slå hø
haya {n} (beech) SEE: beech  ::
haystack {n} (a mound, pile, or stack of stored hay)  :: høstak {c}
hazel {n} (tree / shrub)  :: hassel {c}
hazel {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut  ::
hazel grouse {n} (bird)  :: hjerpe {c}, jærpe {c}
hazelnut {n} (shrub) SEE: hazel  ::
hazelnut {n} (fruit)  :: hasselnød {c}
HDMS {initialism} (His/Her Danish Majesty's Ship)  :: KDM
he {determiner} (personal pronoun "he")  :: han
he- {prefix} (the prefix he- for a male animal or a man)  :: han, han-
head {n} (part of the body)  :: hoved {n}
head {v} (to behead) SEE: behead  ::
headache {n} (pain or ache in the head)  :: hovedpine {c}
headache {n} (nuisance or unpleasant problem)  :: hovedpine {c}
headboard {n} (a vertical panel, either plain or upholstered, attached to the head of a bed)  :: hovedgærde {n}
headbutt {n} (sharp blow)  :: skalle {c}
headbutt {v} (to deliver a sharp blow)  :: nikke en skalle
headdress {n} (a decorative covering or ornament worn on the head)  :: hovedbeklædning {c}
headmistress {n} (female head teacher)  :: kvindelig rektor {c}
head office {n} (main admin centre)  :: hovedkontor {n}
head of government {n} (chief officer of the executive branch of a government)  :: regeringschef {c}
head of state {n} (the chief public representative of a nation)  :: statsoverhoved {n}
headphones {n} (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound)  :: hovedtelefoner {p}, høretelefoner {p}
headpiece {n} (helmet) SEE: helmet  ::
headquarters {n} (center of organisation's activity)  :: hovedkvarter {n}
headscarf {n} (piece of material worn over the head)  :: tørklæde
heads or tails {n} (heads or tails)  :: plat eller krone
headstone {n} (grave marker)  :: gravsten {c}
headwind {n} (wind that blows directly against the course of a vessel)  :: modvind {c}
health {n} (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction)  :: sundhed
healthy {adj} (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit: well)  :: sund
hear {v} (to perceive with the ear)  :: høre
hearse {n} (vehicle for transporting dead)  :: ligvogn {c}, rustvogn {c}
heart {n} (an organ)  :: hjerte {n}
heart {n} (emotions or kindness)  :: hjerte {n}
heart {n} (a shape or symbol)  :: hjerte {n}
heart {n} (a suit of cards)  :: hjerter {p}
heart {n} (centre or core)  :: hjerte {n}
heart attack {n} (acute myocardial infarction)  :: hjerteanfald {n}, hjertetilfælde {n}
heart failure {n} (chronic inability of the heart)  :: hjerteinsufficiens {c}, hjertesvigt {n}
heart failure {n} (cessation of the heartbeat; cardiac arrest)  :: hjertestop {n}, hjerteslag {n}
hearth and home {n} (a symbol of traditional family values)  :: hjemmets arne
heartless {adj} (without feeling)  :: hjerteløs
hearts {n} (plural of "heart") SEE: heart  ::
hearts {n} (the card suit (♥))  :: hjerter {c}
heart-shaped {adj} (having the supposed shape of a heart)  :: hjerteformet
heart to heart {adj} (sincere, serious, or personal)  :: fortrolig
he-ass {n} (he-ass, male ass, male donkey)  :: [♂♀] æsel {n}, hanæsel {n}, æselhingst {c}
heat {n} (thermal energy)  :: varme {c}
heat {n} (condition or quality of being hot)  :: varme {c}
heat {n} (period of intensity, particularly of emotion)  :: hede
heat {n} (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)  :: løbetid {?}
heat {n} (preliminary race, used to determine the participants in a final race)  :: heat, runde
heat {n} (one cycle of bringing metal to maximum temperature and working it until it is too cool to work further)  :: opvarmning {c}
heat {n} (hot spell)  :: hedebølge
heat {v} (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space)  :: opvarme
heat {v} (to arouse, to excite (sexually))  :: tænde
heat {n} (heating system) SEE: heating  ::
heat capacity {n} (the capability of a substance to absorb heat energy)  :: varmekapacitet {c}
heathen {adj} (not adhering to an Abrahamic religion)  :: hedning {c}
heathen {adj} (savage)  :: hedning {c}, barbar {c}
heathen {adj} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen  ::
heathen {n} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen  ::
Heathen {adj} (pertaining or adhering to the faith of Heathenry)  :: hedensk
Heathen {n} (adherent of the Germanic neo-pagan faith of Heathenry)  :: hedning {c}
heather {n} (plant)  :: hedelyng, lyng {n}
heating {n} (system)  :: opvarmning {c}
heat lightning {n} (Heat lightning)  :: kornmod
heat stroke {n} (severe hyperthermia)  :: hedeslag
Heavenly Father {prop} (A formal name for the Judeo-Christian God)  :: himmelske Fader {c}
heavy {adj} (having great weight)  :: tung
heavy metal {n} (type of metal)  :: tungmetal {n}
heavy water {n} (water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen)  :: tungt vand {n}
heavyweight {n} (large, heavy or impressive person)  :: sværvægter {c}
heavyweight {n} (weight class in boxing and other sports)  :: sværvægt {c}
hebdomadal {adj} (occurring once a week) SEE: weekly  ::
Hebrew {adj} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: hebraisk, hebræisk
Hebrew {prop} (language, see also: Biblical Hebrew)  :: hebraisk
Hebrew {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
Hebrew {adj} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrews {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Hebræerbrevet {n} [definite form]
Hebrides {prop} (group of islands)  :: Hebriderne {c-p}, [historic] Syderøerne {c-p}
he-cat {n} (male cat)  :: hankat {c}
Hecate {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Hekate
heckle {v} (insult, tease, make fun of, badger)  :: håne, fornærme
hedge {n} (thicket of bushes planted in a row)  :: (thicket of bushes) hæk {c}
hedgehog {n} (animal)  :: pindsvin {n}
hedonism {n} (philosophy)  :: hedonisme {c}
Hedwig {prop} (female given name)  :: Hedvig
heel {n} (anatomy: part of the foot)  :: hæl {c}
heel {n} (part of shoe)  :: hæl {c}
Heffalump {n} (fictional elephant-like creature)  :: Hafferlaf {c}
Hegelian {adj} (of or pertaining to Hegel's ideas)  :: hegelsk, hegeliansk
he-goat {n} (billy goat) SEE: billy goat  ::
Heibergian {adj} (Heibergian)  :: heibergsk
heifer {n} (young cow)  :: kvie eller skældsord (fede ko) om en tyk kvinde
Heilongjiang {prop} (Amur) SEE: Amur  ::
heinous {adj} (totally reprehensible)  :: afskyelig, frygtelig, grufuld, motbydelig
heir {n} (one who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another)  :: arving {c}
heiress {n} (a woman who stands to inherit)  :: arving {c}
heirloom {n} (valued possession passed down through the generations)  :: arvestykke {n}
Helen {prop} (female given name)  :: Helene
Helga {prop} (female given name)  :: Helga
helicopter {n} (aircraft)  :: helikopter {c}
Heligoland {prop} (island)  :: Helgoland {n}
helium {n} (chemical element)  :: helium {n}
helix {n} (curve)  :: skruelinje
hell {prop} (where sinners go)  :: helvede {n}
hell {interj} (hell!)  :: helvede!
Hellenist {n} (specialist in the study of Greek culture or history)  :: hellenist {c}
hello {interj} (greeting)  :: hej, dav, god dag [formal], hallo
hello {interj} (when answering the telephone)  :: hallo
hello {interj} (is anyone there?)  :: hallo
hellspawn {n} (monster) SEE: monster  ::
hellspawn {n} (fiend) SEE: fiend  ::
helmet {n} (protective head covering)  :: hjelm {c}
helot {n} (serf, slave) SEE: slave  ::
help {n} (action given to provide assistance)  :: hjælp {c}
help {v} (transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something))  :: hjælpe
help {interj} (cry of distress)  :: hjælp
helpful {adj} (furnishing help; giving aid; useful)  :: hjælpsom
helping verb {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb  ::
helpless {adj} (unable to defend oneself)  :: hjælpeløs
Helsinki {prop} (the capital city of Finland)  :: Helsinki
Helvetia {prop} (an ancient Celtic country in central Europe)  :: Helvetien {n}
he-man {n} (virile man)  :: rigtigt mandfolk
hematocrit {n}  :: hæmatokrit {c}
hemisphere {n} (half of the Earth)  :: halvkugle
hemisphere {n} (any half-sphere)  :: halvkugle
hemlock {n} (tree)  :: hemlock, skarntydegran
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Conium)  :: skarntyde {c}
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane  ::
hemp {n} (Cannabis sativa)  :: hamp {c}
hemp-nettle {n} (any weed of the genus Galeopsis in the Lamiaceae family)  :: hanekro
hen {n} (female chicken)  :: høne {c}
hen {n} (female bird)  :: høne {c}
henbane {n} (Hyoscyamus niger)  :: bulmeurt {c}
hence {adv} (from here)  :: heden, herfra
hence {adv} (as a result, therefore)  :: derfor
hence {adv}  :: deraf
henceforth {adv} (from now on)  :: fra nu af, for fremtiden, fremover
hen harrier {n} (bird)  :: blå kærhøg {c}
henpecked {adj} (plagued or overwhelmed by one's wife)  :: i sin hule hånd, tøffelhelt
Henrietta {prop} (feminine form of Henry)  :: Henriette, Henrikke
Henriette {prop} (female given name) SEE: Henrietta  ::
Henry {prop} (given name)  :: Henrik
hentai {n} (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. manga or anime))  :: hentai
hepatitis {n} (liver inflammation)  :: leverbetændelse, hepatitis
heptagon {n} (A polygon with seven sides and seven angles)  :: syvkant {c}
heptalingual {adj} (speaking seven languages)  :: syvsproget
heptalingual {adj} (written in seven languages)  :: syvsproget
heptathlon {n} (athletic contest)  :: syvkamp {c}
her {determiner} (belonging to)  :: hendes
her {pron} (she)  :: hende
Heracles {prop} (the son of Zeus, see also: Hercules)  :: Herakles
herald {n} (a messenger, especially one bringing important news)  :: herold {c}
heraldry {n} (the profession of devising and blazoning arms)  :: heraldik {c}
herb {n} (plant used to flavour food)  :: urt {c}
herbaceous {adj} (botany: not woody)  :: urteagtig
herbalism {n} ((obsolete) botany) SEE: botany  ::
herbivore {n} (plant-eating organism)  :: planteæder {c}
Hercules {prop} (The Roman name of Heracles, see also: Heracles)  :: Herkules
herd {n} (any collection of animals gathered or travelling in a company)  :: hjord {c}, flok {c}
herd {n} (a crowd, a mass of people; now usually pejorative)  :: hob {c}
herd {n} (herdsman)  :: hyrde {c}
herding dog {n} (herding dog)  :: Hyrdehund
here {adv} (in, on, or at this place)  :: her
here {adv} (to this place)  :: herhen
here {n} (this place)  :: her
hereafter {n} (existence after death) SEE: afterlife  ::
hereafter {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on  ::
here and there {adv} (from time to time) SEE: from time to time  ::
here and there {adv} (in one place and another)  :: her og der
hereditary {adj} (which is passed on as inheritance)  :: arvelig
hereditary {adj} (of a title, honor or right: granted to somebody's descendant after that person's death)  :: arvelig
hereditary {adj} (of a disease or trait: passed in the genes)  :: arvelig
heresy {n} (dissension from religious dogma)  :: kætteri {n}
heresy {n} (a controversial opinion)  :: kætteri {n}
heretic {n} (someone who believes contrary to fundamentals)  :: kætter {c}
heretic {adj} (heretical) SEE: heretical  ::
heretical {adj} (of or pertaining to heresy or heretics)  :: kættersk
hereto {adv} (so far) SEE: so far  ::
here you are {phrase} (said when you hand something over)  :: værsgo
heritage {n} (property)  :: arv {c}
Herman {prop} (given name)  :: Herman
hermaphrodite {n} (individual or organism having both male and female gonads)  :: hermafrodit {c}
hermaphrodite {adj} (having both male and female gonads)  :: tvekønnet, hermafroditisk
hermaphroditic {adj} (of or pertaining to hermaphrodism)  :: hermafroditisk
hermaphroditic {adj} (biology: possessing the reproductive organs of both sexes)  :: hermafroditisk
hermeneutical {adj} (concerning hermeneutics)  :: hermeneutisk
hermit crab {n} (crustacean)  :: eremitkrebs {c}
hernia {n} (part of the body protruding abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part)  :: brok
hero {n} (person of great bravery)  :: helt {c}
Herodotus {prop} (ancient historian)  :: Herodot
heroic {adj} (of or relating to heroism)  :: heltemodig, heroisk
heroin {n} (powerful and addictive drug)  :: heroin {c}
heroine {n} (female hero)  :: heltinde {c}
heroism {n} (the qualities characteristic of a hero, the display of them)  :: heltemod
heron {n} (bird)  :: hejre {c}
herpes zoster {n} (acute viral inflammation)  :: helvedesild
herring {n} (fish in Clupea)  :: sild {c}
hers {pron} (that which belongs to her)  :: hendes
Hertha {prop} (female given name)  :: Hertha
hertz {n} (the derived unit of frequency)  :: hertz {c}
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram {n} (plot of the absolute magnitude of stars)  :: Hertzsprung-Russell-diagrammet {n}
Herzegovinian {n} (a person from Herzegovina)  :: hercegoviner {c}
Herzegovinian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Herzegovina and its inhabitants)  :: hercegovinsk
hesitate {v} (to stop or pause respecting decision or action)  :: tøve, nøle, vakle, have/nære betænkeligheder
hesitate {v} (to stammer; to falter in speaking)  :: stamme, hakke i det
Hesse {prop} (state)  :: Hessen
he's unconscious {phrase} (he's unconscious)  :: han er bevidstløs
hetero {n} (heterosexual person)  :: hetero {c}
heterogeneity {n} (diversity) SEE: diversity  ::
heteronormative {adj}  :: heteronormativ
heteronormativity {n} (heteronormativity)  :: heteronormativitet {c}
heterosexism {n} (Discrimination in favor of heterosexuals)  :: heterosexisme {c}
heterosexual {adj} (sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex)  :: heteroseksuel
heterosexual {n} (a heterosexual organism)  :: heteroseksuel
hetman {n} (a historical military commander in various Eastern European countries)  :: hetman {c}
heuristic {adj} (relating to general strategies or methods for solving problems)  :: heuristisk
heuristic {n} (heuristic method, heuristics)  :: heuristik
he who laughs last laughs best {proverb} (success is better after you've endured ridicule)  :: den der ler sidst, ler bedst
he who laughs last laughs hardest {proverb} (he who laughs last laughs best) SEE: he who laughs last laughs best  ::
he-wolf {n} (male wolf)  :: hanulv {c}
hex {n} (an evil spell or curse)  :: forbandelse {c}
hex {n} (a witch)  :: heks {c}
hexadecimal {n} (number system with base 16)  :: hexadecimale talsystem {n}, sekstentalssystem {n}
hexadecimal {adj} (expressed in hexadecimal)  :: hexadecimal
hexalingual {adj} (speaking six languages)  :: sekssproget
hexalingual {adj} (written in six languages)  :: sekssproget
hexapod {n} (insect) SEE: insect  ::
hex head wrench {n} (screwdriver)  :: unbrakonøgle {c}
hex key {n} (hex head wrench) SEE: hex head wrench  ::
hey {n} (country dancing figure)  :: hej
heyday {n} (a period of success, popularity or power)  :: blomstringstid {c}, storhedstid {c}, velmagtsdage {c-p}
Hezbollah {prop} (Lebanese Shia islamic organisation)  :: Hizbollah
Hezekiah {prop} (biblical king)  :: Ezekias
hi {interj} (friendly, informal greeting)  :: hallo, goddag, hej!, dav
hiccough {n} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hiccough {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hiccup {n} (spasm of the diaphragm)  :: hikke {m}, hik {n}
hiccup {v} (to hiccup)  :: hikke
hick {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hidden agenda {n} (wish (and plan) to implement a particular idea without telling anybody)  :: skjult dagsorden
hide {v} ((transitive))  :: gemme, skjule
hide {v} ((intransitive))  :: gemme sig
hide {n} (skin of an animal)  :: skind
hide and go seek {n} (hide and seek) SEE: hide and seek  ::
hide and seek {n} (game)  :: gemmeleg {c}
hideout {n} (A place to hide)  :: skjulested {n}, tilflugtssted {n}, gemmested {n}
hiding place {n} (a place where something or someone may be hidden)  :: gemmested {n}, skjulested {n}
hierarchical {adj} (Pertaining to a hierarchy)  :: hierarkisk
hierarchy {n} (body of authoritative officials organised by rank)  :: hierarki {n}
hierarchy {n} (class of objects)  :: hierarki {n}, rangorden {c}
hieroglyph {n} (element of ideographic writing system)  :: hieroglyf
high {adj} (elevated; tall)  :: høj
high {adj} (slang: stoned)  :: høj, skæv
highbush blueberry {n} (common species of blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum)  :: amerikansk blåbær {n}
high court {n} (supreme court) SEE: supreme court  ::
High German {prop} (any of a group of West Germanic languages)  :: højtysk
High German {prop} (standard German)  :: højtysk
high jump {n} (athletics event)  :: højdespring {n}
high jumper {n} (athlete)  :: højdespringer {c}
high school {n} (secondary school)  :: gymnasium (ca.)
high street {n} (the main street of any town)  :: hovedgade {c}
hight {v} (call) SEE: call  ::
hight {v} (be called)  :: hedde
high tech {n} (high technology) SEE: high technology  ::
high technology {n} (specialized technological application)  :: hightech {n} {c}, højteknologi {c}
high tide {n} (the natural tide at its highest level)  :: flod {c}, højvande {n}
high tide {n} (the time of day when the sea has risen to its highest level)  :: flod {c}, højvande {n}
high treason {n} (Criminal disloyalty to one's country)  :: højforræderi {n}
highway {n} (main public road)  :: motorvej
highwayman {n} (a person who robbed travelers on roads)  :: landevejsrøver {c}
Hiiumaa {prop} (island of Estonia)  :: Dagø
hilarious {adj} (very funny; causing great merriment and laughter)  :: hylende morsom
hilarity {n}  :: munterhed
Hilda {prop} (female given name)  :: Hilda
hill {n} (elevated location)  :: bakke {c}
him {pron} (he) SEE: he  ::
him {pron}  :: ham
hinder {v} (to delay or impede movement)  :: hindre
hinder {adj} (of or belonging to that part in the rear)  :: bagest, bag-
Hindi {prop} (language)  :: hindi
Hindi-Urdu {prop} (Hindustani) SEE: Hindustani  ::
hindsight {n} (after-the-fact realisation or understanding)  :: bagklogskab {c}
Hindu {adj} (of or relating to Hinduism)  :: hinduistisk, hinduisk [rarely seen]
Hindu {adj} (of or relating to Hindus and their culture)  :: hinduistisk, hinduisk [rarely seen]
Hindu {n} (religious adherent)  :: hindu {c}, hinduist [rarely seen]
Hinduism {prop} (religion)  :: hinduisme {c}
Hindustan {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
Hindustani {prop} (language)  :: hindustani {n}
hinge {n} (device for the pivoting of a door)  :: hængsel {n}
hinge {n} (statistics: median of upper or lower half of a batch) SEE: quartile  ::
hinge {n} (philately: paper rectangle for affixing postage stamps) SEE: stamp hinge  ::
hinny {n} (hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey)  :: muldyr {n}, mulæsel {n}
hip {n} (joint)  :: hofte {c}
hip {n} (the fruit of a rose)  :: hyben {n}
hip bone {n} (bone)  :: hofteben {n}
hip flask {n} (pocket-size container for alcoholic beverages)  :: lommelærke
hippogriff {n} (creature)  :: hippogrif {c}
hippopotamus {n} (large African mammal)  :: flodhest {c}
hire {v} (to employ)  :: ansætte
hirsutism {n} (excessive and increased hair growth)  :: hirsutisme {c}
his {determiner} (attributive: belonging to him)  :: hans
his {pron} (that which belongs to him)  :: hans
His Imperial Majesty {pron} (His Imperial Majesty)  :: Hans Kejserlige Majestæt
hiss {n} (sound made by a snake, cat, escaping steam, etc.)  :: hvæse
hiss {v} (to make a hissing sound)  :: hvæse
historian {n} (writer of history)  :: historiker {c}
historian {n} (person who studies history)  :: historiker {c}
historic {adj} (historical) SEE: historical  ::
historical {adj} (pertaining to history)  :: historisk
history {n} (aggregate of past events)  :: historie {c}
history {n} (branch of knowledge that studies the past)  :: historie {c}
history {n} (record or narrative description of past events)  :: historie {c}, beretning {c}
hit {v} (to give a blow)  :: slå
hit {v} (to hit) SEE: strike  ::
hitchhike {v} (to try to get a ride in a passing vehicle while standing at the side of a road)  :: tomle, blaffe
hitchhiker {n} (a person who hitchhikes)  :: tomler, blaffer
hither {adv} (to here)  :: herhen, hid
hither and thither {adv} (In a disorderly manner)  :: hid og did
hitherto {adv} (up to this time)  :: hidtil
Hitler {prop} (Austrian surname held by Adolf Hitler)  :: Hitler {c}
hitman {n} (contract killer)  :: lejemorder, snigmorder
hive {n} (a box or basket for the reception and habitation of a swarm of honeybees) SEE: beehive  ::
Hmong {prop} (people)  :: hmong
hoard {n} (hidden supply)  :: forråd, skat
hoard {v} (to amass)  :: samle, hamstre, puge
hoarfrost {n} (frozen dew drops)  :: rim
hobble {n} (Short straps tied between the legs of unfenced horses)  :: fodreb {n}
hobble {n} (An unsteady, off-balance step)  :: humpen {c}
hobble {v} (To walk unevenly)  :: humpe, halte
hobby {n} (activity done for enjoyment in spare time)  :: hobby {n}
hobby {n} (Falco subbuteo)  :: lærkefalk {c}
hobby horse {n} (child's toy)  :: kæphest {c}
hobby horse {n} (topic about which someone loves to talk)  :: kæphest {c}
hockey {n} (the sport)  :: hockey {c}
hog {n} (animal of the family Suidae)  :: svin {n}
hogshead {n} (measure)  :: oksehoved
hogshead {n} (cask)  :: oksehoved
hogweed {n} (umbelliferous plant)  :: bjørneklo {c}
Hohenzollern {prop} (a noble family and royal dynasty)  :: Hohenzollern
Hohenzollern {n} (a member of the Hohenzollern family and dynasty)  :: hohenzoller {c}
Hokkaido {prop} (a northern largest island of Japan, or a prefecture based in itself)  :: Hokkaido
hold {v} (to grasp)  :: holde
hold one's horses {v} (idiomatic: to be patient)  :: klappe hesten, spise brød til
hold one's tongue {v} (refrain from talking about something, see also: shut up)  :: tie, tie stille
hole {n} (hollow in some surface)  :: hul {n}
hole {v} (to destroy) SEE: destroy  ::
hole punch {n} (tool)  :: hullemaskine {c}, hulapparat {n}
holiday {n} (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)  :: helligdag {c}
holiday {n} (day declared free from work by the government)  :: helligdag {c}, fridag {c}
holiday {n} (period of one or more days taken off work by an employee for leisure)  :: ferie {c}
holiday {n} (period during which pupils and students do not attend their school or university)  :: ferie {c}
holiday {n} (period taken off work or study for travel)  :: ferie {c}
holiday {n} (unintentional gap)  :: helligdag {c}
Holland {prop} (the Netherlands, see also: Netherlands)  :: Holland
hollow {n} (hollow in some surface) SEE: hole  ::
hollow {adj} (having an empty space inside)  :: hul
hollow {adj} (echoing, reverberating, as if in a hollow space)  :: dyb
hollow {adj} (without substance)  :: hul
hollow of the knee {n} (shallow depression located at the back of the knee joint) SEE: poplit  ::
holly {n} (any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex)  :: kristtorn
holme {n} (small island)  :: holm {c}
holmium {n} (chemical element)  :: holmium
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany)  :: Holocaust, jødeudryddelse {c}
Holocaust {prop} (the mass murder of 11 million people by Nazi Germany)  :: Holocaust
Holstein {prop} (region)  :: Holsten
holy {adj} (dedicated to a religious purpose)  :: hellig
Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Holy Trinity) SEE: Holy Spirit  ::
Holy Roman Empire {prop} (state)  :: Tysk-romerske rige
Holy See {prop} (episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: Hellige stol {c}
Holy Spirit {prop} (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity)  :: Helligånden {c} [definite form]
Holy Thursday {prop} (Maundy Thursday) SEE: Maundy Thursday  ::
Holy Thursday {prop} (Ascension Day) SEE: Ascension Day  ::
holy water {n} (water, sanctified)  :: vievand {n}
homage {n} (in feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to his or her lord)  :: lenshyldning {c}
homage {n} (demonstration of respect)  :: hyldest {c}, tribut {c}
homage {n} (artistic work imitating another in a flattering style)  :: hyldest {c}
home {n} (house or structure in which someone lives)  :: hjem {n}
home {n} (someone’s native land)  :: hjemland {n}
home {adv} (at home)  :: hjemme
home {adv} (homewards)  :: hjem, hjemad
homeless {adj} (lacking a permanent residence)  :: hjemløs
homelessness {n} (state of being homeless)  :: hjemløshed {c}
homeomorphism {n} (in topology)  :: homøomorfi {c}, homeomorfi {c}
homeopath {n} (a person who practices homeopathy)  :: homøopat {c}
homeopathic {adj} (of or pertaining to homeopathy)  :: homøopatisk
homeopathy {n} (system of treating diseases with very small amounts)  :: homøopati {c}
homeostasis {n} (ability to stabilize internal environment)  :: homøostase
homeowner association {n} (private association formed by a real estate developer)  :: boligejerforening {c}, ejerforening {c}, grundejerforening {c}, husejerforening {c} [very rare]
home page {n} (the main or first page of a Web site)  :: hjemmeside {c}
Homerian {adj} (of or relating to Homer)  :: homerisk
home school {n} (boarding school) SEE: boarding school  ::
homesickness {n} (missing one's home or family)  :: hjemve
homestead {n} (place that is one's home)  :: hjemsted {n}
hometown {n} (place of birth or residence)  :: hjemby {c}
homework {n} (work that is done at home)  :: lektier {p}, hjemmearbejde {n}
homoerotic {adj} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
homogeneity {n} (quality of being homogeneous)  :: homogenitet {c}
homogenized milk {n} (treated milk)  :: homogeniseret mælk
homomorphism {n} (notion in mathematics)  :: homomorfi {c}
homophobia {n} (fear, dislike, or hate of homosexuals)  :: homofobi
homophony {n}  :: homofoni {c}
homosexual {adj} (sexually attracted solely or primarily to the same sex)  :: homoseksuel
homosexual {n} (person who is attracted solely or primarily to others of the same sex)  :: homoseksuel {c}
homosexuality {n} (sexual orientation)  :: homoseksualitet {c}
homotopy {n} ((topology) continuous deformation of one continuous function to another)  :: homotopi {c}
Honduras {prop} (a country in Central America)  :: Honduras
hone {n} (sharpening stone)  :: slibesten {c}
honest {adj} (scrupulous with regard to telling the truth)  :: ærlig
honesty {n} (quality of being honest)  :: ærlighed {c}
honey {n} (sweet substance produced by bees)  :: honning {c}
honey buzzard {n} (Pernis apivorus)  :: hvepsevåge {c}
honeycomb stomach {n} (reticulum) SEE: reticulum  ::
honeymoon {n} (period of time immediately following a marriage)  :: hvedebrødsdage
honeymoon {n} (trip taken by a newly wed married couple)  :: bryllupsrejse
Hong Kong {prop} (coastal administrative region in south-east China)  :: Hongkong
Honolulu {prop} (the capital of Hawaii)  :: Honolulu
honor {n} (token of praise or respect)  :: ære
honour {n} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honour {v} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honour killing {n} (murder as a cultural practice)  :: æresdrab {n}, skamdrab {n}
hood {n} (headwear)  :: hætte {c}
-hood {suffix} (condition or state)  :: -hed
hooded {adj} (wearing a hood)  :: hætteklædt
hooded crow {n} (Corvus cornix)  :: gråkrage {c}
hoodiecrow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
hoof {n} (tip of a toe of ungulates)  :: hov {c}
hook {n} (rod bent into a curved shape)  :: krog {c}, knage {c}, hage {c}
hook {n} (type of cricket shot)  :: hook
hook {n} (golf shot that curves unintentionally)  :: hook
hook {n} (type of boxing punch)  :: hook
hook {v} (to attach a hook)  :: hænge
hook {v} (to catch with a hook)  :: få på krogen, få til at bide på
hook {v} (to connect)  :: koble
hook {v} (to steal) SEE: steal  ::
hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook  ::
hooker {n} (prostitute)  :: luder {c}, prostitueret {c}
hooknose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose  ::
hoopoe {n} (bird Upupa epops)  :: hærfugl {c}
hoopster {n} (basketball player) SEE: basketball player  ::
hooter {n} (owl) SEE: owl  ::
hoover {v} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
hoover {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
hop {n} (the plant whose flowers are used in brewing)  :: humle {c}
hop {n} ((plural) flowers of the hop plant)  :: humle {c}
hope {n} (belief that something wished for can happen)  :: håb
hope {n} (person or thing that is a source of hope)  :: håb
hope {v} (to want something to happen, with expectation that it might)  :: håbe
hopefully {adv} (it is hoped that)  :: forhåbentlig
hopeless {adj} (destitute of hope; having no expectation of good; despairing)  :: håbløs
hope springs eternal {proverb} (the feeling of hopefulness endlessly renews itself)  :: håbet er lysegrønt
horde {n} (wandering troop or gang)  :: horde {c}
horde {n} (a large number of people)  :: horde {c}
hordeolum {n} (infection) SEE: stye  ::
horizon {n} (line that appears to separate the Earth from the sky)  :: horisont {c}
horizontal {adj} (parallel to the plane of the horizon)  :: vandret
hormone {n} (substance produced by the body that effects physiological activity)  :: hormon
hormone {n} (synthetic compound with the same activity as a hormone)  :: hormon
horn {n} (growth on the heads of certain animals)  :: horn {n}
hornbill {n} (bird)  :: næsehornsfugl {c}
hornet {n} (a large wasp, of the genus Vespa, with a brown-and-yellow-striped body)  :: hveps {c}, gedehams {c}
Horn of Africa {prop} (peninsula in East Africa)  :: Afrikas horn
horn of plenty {n} (the cornucopia) SEE: cornucopia  ::
horny {adj} (sexually aroused)  :: liderlig
horoscope {n} (astrological forecast)  :: horoskop {n}
horror movie {n} (motion picture which horrifies or frightens)  :: horrorfilm {c}
horse {n} (members of the species Equus ferus)  :: hest {c}, hingst {c} [♂], hoppe [♀]
horse {n} (cavalry soldiers)  :: kavaleri {n}
horse-drawn {adj} (pulled along by horse)  :: hestetrukken, hestetrukket
horsefly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae)  :: klæg {c}
horseling {n} (foal) SEE: foal  ::
horseling {n} (pony) SEE: pony  ::
horsemeat {n} (horse meat)  :: hestekød {n}
horsepower {n} (metric)  :: hestekraft {c} (symbol hk)
horseradish {n} (plant)  :: peberrod {c}
horseradish {n} (condiment)  :: peberrod {c}
horseshoe {n} (metallic shoe of a horse)  :: sko
horsetail {n} (plant)  :: padderokke {c}, padderok {c}
hortensia {n} (hydrangea) SEE: hydrangea  ::
hose {n} (flexible tube)  :: slange {n}
Hosea {prop} (book of the bible)  :: Hosea
Hosea {prop} (prophet)  :: Hosea
hospitable {adj} (cordial and generous towards guests)  :: gæstfri
hospitableness {n} (quality of being hospitable)  :: gæstfrihed {c}
hospital {n} (building)  :: hospital {n}, sygehus {n}
hospitality {n} (act or service of welcoming, receiving, hosting, or entertaining guests)  :: gæstfrihed {c}
hospitality {n} (business of providing catering, lodging and entertainment service)  :: service {c}
host {n} (person who receives or entertains a guest)  :: vært
host {n} (person or organisation responsible for running an event)  :: vært
hostage {adj} (person given as a pledge or security)  :: gidsel {n}
hostess {n} (female host)  :: værtinde {c}
hostess {n} (female innkeeper)  :: værtinde {c}
hostility {n} (state of being hostile)  :: fjendtlighed {c}
hot {adj} (having a high temperature)  :: varm
hot {adj} (slang: stolen)  :: varm
hot {adj} (slang: physically very attractive)  :: hot, lækker
hotbed {n} (low bed of earth covered with glass)  :: varmebed, drivbænk
hot chocolate {n} (beverage)  :: varm kakao {c}
hotel {n} (establishment providing accommodation)  :: hotel {n}
hothouse {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
hotkey {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
hottie {n} (informal: hot-water bottle) SEE: hot water bottle  ::
hot water bottle {n} (a flexible bottle for heat therapy)  :: varmedunk
hound {n} (dog)  :: hund {c}
hour {n} (time period of sixty minutes)  :: time
hourglass {n} (clock)  :: timeglas {n}
hourglass figure {n} (a human body shape resembling an hourglass)  :: timeglasfigur {c}, hvepsetalje {c}
house {n} (human abode)  :: hus {n}
house {n} (bingo) SEE: bingo  ::
house {n} (genre of music) SEE: house music  ::
house arrest {n} (confinement of a person, by authorities, to his or her residence)  :: husarrest {c}
houseboat {n} (a vessel, such as a barge, used as a dwelling)  :: husbåd {c}
housefire {n} (large fire in a house)  :: husbrand {c}
household {n} (those living in the same residence)  :: husstand {c}
household appliance {n} (machine)  :: husholdningsmaskin {c}
house music {n} (type of electronic dance music with an uptempo beat and recurring kickdrum)  :: house
house of cards {n} (structure made by laying cards perpendicularly on top of each other)  :: korthus {n}
house of cards {n} (structure or argument built on a shaky foundation)  :: korthus {n}
house of ill fame {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
house of worship {n} (house of worship) SEE: place of worship  ::
house sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus)  :: gråspurv {c}
housewife {n} (female head of household)  :: husfru {c}
housework {n} (domestic household chores)  :: husholdningsarbejde
how {adv} (to what degree)  :: hvor
how {adv} (in what manner)  :: hvordan, hvorledes
how {adv} (used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)  :: hvor
how {adv} (in what state)  :: hvordan, hvorledes
how {conj} (in which way)  :: hvordan, hvorledes
how are you {phrase} (greeting)  :: hvordan har du det?, hvordan går det?
how do I get to {phrase} (how do I get to...?)  :: hvordan kommer jeg til ...?
how do I get to the airport {phrase} (how do I get to the airport?)  :: hvordan kommer jeg til lufthavnen?
how do I get to the bus station {phrase} (how do I get to the bus station?)  :: hvordan kommer jeg til busstationen?
how do I get to the train station {phrase} (how do I get to the train station?)  :: hvordan kommer jeg til banegården?, hvordan kommer jeg til stationen
how do you pronounce this word {phrase} (how do you pronounce this word?)  :: hvordan udtales dette ord?, hvordan udtaler man dette ord?
how do you English {phrase} (request for translation into English)  :: hvordan siger man...på engelsk?
howdy {interj} (hi) SEE: hi  ::
however {adv} (nevertheless)  :: dog
howitzer {n} (a cannon)  :: haubits {c}
howl {n} (protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf)  :: hyl {n}
how many {determiner} (what number)  :: hvor mange
how many languages do you speak {phrase} (how many languages do you speak?)  :: hvor mange sprog taler du?
how much {determiner} (what quantity)  :: hvor meget
how much does it cost {phrase} (how much is it)  :: hvad koster det?, hvor meget koster det?
how much do you charge {phrase} (how much do you charge?)  :: hvor meget koster det?, hvad koster det?
how much is it {phrase} (how much does it cost) SEE: how much does it cost  ::
how old are you {phrase} (what is your age in years)  :: hvor gammel er du?
how's it going {phrase} (how's it going? - informal greetings)  :: hvordan går det?
how's the weather {phrase} (how's the weather?)  :: hvordan er vejret?
howzit {interj} (what's up) SEE: what's up  ::
Hrodna {prop} (Grodno) SEE: Grodno  ::
hubris {n} (excessive pride or arrogance)  :: hybris, overmod
hue {n} (color or shade of color; tint; dye)  :: farve {c}, skær {n}
hue {n} (character; aspect)  :: afskygning {c}
hue {n} (the characteristic related to the light frequency that appears in the color)  :: farvetone {c}
hug {n} (affectionate embrace)  :: kram, omfavnelse, knus
hug {v} (embrace)  :: omfavne, kramme, knuse
huge {adj} (very large)  :: enorm, kæmpestor
hugely {adv} (hugely)  :: mægtig
huggable {adj} (capable of, or suitable for, being hugged)  :: krammelig
Hugh {prop} (male given name)  :: Hugo
Hugo {prop} (male given name) SEE: Hugh  ::
huh {interj} (to reinforce a question)  :: æh
hula hoop {n} (toy in the form of a large hoop)  :: hulahopring {c}
Huldah {prop} (biblical prophetess)  :: Hulda
human {adj} (of or belonging to the species Homo sapiens)  :: menneskelig
human {adj} (having the nature or attributes of a human species)  :: menneskelig, human
human {n} (a human being)  :: menneske
human being {n} (a human being) SEE: human  ::
human being {n} (person)  :: menneske {n}
human condition {n} (characteristics, key events and situations which compose the essentials of human experience)  :: conditio humana
humanism {n} (ethical system)  :: humanisme
humanist {n} (proponent of the group of ethical stances)  :: humanist {c}
humanize {v} (to make human)  :: humanisere
humankind {n} (human race) SEE: mankind  ::
human milk {n} (breast milk) SEE: breast milk  ::
human resources {n} (the personnel department of an organization)  :: personaleafdeling {c}
human right {n} (a basic right that all humans should be guaranteed)  :: menneskeret {c}
human rights {n} (the basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed)  :: menneskerettighederne {c-p}
human shield {n} (civilians placed in or around targets)  :: menneskelig skjold, human skjold
human trafficking {n} (criminal activity in which people are recruited, etc. to serve an exploitative purpose)  :: menneskehandel
humble {adj} (near the ground)  :: jordnær, ydmyg
humble {adj} (thinking lowly of oneself)  :: ydmyg
humble {v} (to bring low etc.)  :: nedgøre, ydmyge
humble {v} (to make humble or lowly in mind etc.)  :: ringagte
humiliation {n} (the act of humiliating or humbling someone; abasement of pride; mortification)  :: ydmygelse {c}
humiliation {n} (the state of being humiliated, humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission)  :: ydmygelse {c}
humility {n} (characteristic of being humble)  :: ydmyghed {c}
humour {n} (something funny)  :: humor {c}
humpbacked {adj} (having a hump on the back)  :: pukkelrygget
humpback whale {n} (Megaptera novaeangliae)  :: pukkelhval {c}
Hun {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
hunchbacked {adj} (having hunched back) SEE: humpbacked  ::
hundred {num} (cardinal number 100)  :: hundred, hundrede
hundred {n} (historical: administrative division)  :: herred {n}
hundreds and thousands {n} (sprinkles)  :: krymmel, drys
Hundred Years' War {prop} (a conflict between France and England, lasting 116 years from 1337 to 1453)  :: Hundredårskrigen
hung {adj} (suspended by hanging)  :: ophængt
hung {adj} (having with hanging additions or appendages)  :: behængt
hung {adj} (having a large penis)  :: veludrustet
Hungarian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Hungary)  :: ungarsk
Hungarian {n} (person from Hungary)  :: ungarer
Hungarian {prop} (the language)  :: ungarsk
Hungary {prop} (the country)  :: Ungarn
hunger {n} (need for food)  :: sult
hung over {adj} (suffering from a hangover)  :: bagstiv
hungry {adj} (affected by hunger; desirous of food)  :: sulten (to be hungry: at være sulten)
hunk {n} (large piece of something)  :: stort stykke, luns
hunk {n} (sexually attractive man)  :: tyr
hunt {v} (to chase down prey)  :: jage, gå på jagt efter
hunt {v} (to search for something)  :: søge, lede
hunt {n} (the act of hunting, shooting)  :: jagt {c}
hunter {n} (person who hunts game)  :: jæger {c}
hurricane {n} (weather phenomenon)  :: orkan {c}
hurricane {n} (meteorology: a wind scale for quite strong wind)  :: orkan {c}
hurry {v} (to do things quickly)  :: skynde sig
husband {n} (male partner in marriage)  :: mand {c}, ægtemand {c}, husbond {c} [antiquated, formal]
husband {v} (to conserve)  :: spare
husband and wife {n} (husband and wife)  :: mand og kone
hush {n} (silence)  :: stilhed {c}
hutong {n} (alley) SEE: alley  ::
hyacinth {n} (plant of the genus Hyacinthus)  :: hyacint
Hydra {prop} (mythical serpent)  :: Hydra
Hydra {prop} (one of Pluto's moons)  :: Hydra
hydrangea {n} (shrub)  :: hortensia
hydrate {n} (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules)  :: hydrat {n}
hydrate {v} (to absorb water)  :: hydrere
hydraulics {n} (engineering science that deals with liquid in motion)  :: hydraulik {c}
hydrocarbon {n} (compound of carbon and hydrogen)  :: kulbrinte {c}, karbonhydrid {n}
hydrochloric acid {n} (strong acid made by dissolving the gas, hydrogen chloride)  :: saltsyre {c}
hydrogen {n} (chemical element)  :: brint, hydrogen
hydrogen bomb {n} (thermonuclear bomb)  :: brintbombe {c}
hydrogen peroxide {n} (H2O2)  :: brintoverilte
hydrologist {n} (one who is skilled in, professes or practices hydrology)  :: hydrolog {c}
hydronium {n} (H3O+)  :: oxonium
hydronym {n} (name of a body of water)  :: vand-navn
hydrophilic {adj} (having an affinity for water)  :: hydrofil, vandelskende
hydrophobia {n} ((pathology) rabies, see also: rabies)  :: rabies, hundegalskab
hydrophobia {n} (fear of water, see also: aquaphobia)  :: hydrofobi
hydrophobic {adj} (lacking an affinity for water)  :: hydrofob, vandskyende
hydrophyte {n} (plant that lives in or requires an abundance of water)  :: vandplante, hydrofyt
hyena {n} (mammal)  :: hyæne
hygiene {n} (conditions and practices that promote and preserve health)  :: hygiejne {c}
hygienic {adj} (pertaining to hygiene)  :: hygiejnisk
hygrometer {n} (instrument that measures humidity)  :: hygrometer {n}
hymen {n} (membrane which occludes the vagina)  :: jomfruhinde, mødomshinde, mødom
hymn {n} (a song of praise or worship)  :: hymne {c}
hyper- {prefix}  :: hyper-
hyperbola {n} (geometric curve)  :: hyperbel {c}
hyperbole {n} (rhetorical device)  :: hyperbel {c}
hyperbolic {adj} (pertaining to a mathematical hyperbola)  :: hyperbolsk
hyperbolical {adj} (hyperbolic) SEE: hyperbolic  ::
Hyperion {prop} (a Titan, the son of Gaia and Uranus)  :: Hyperion
hyperlink {n} (link from one electronic document to another)  :: hyperlink {n}
hypermetropia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness  ::
hypernova {n} (the gravitational collapse of a massive star to form a black hole)  :: hypernova {c}
hyperopia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness  ::
hypertext {n} (uncountable: text for the Web)  :: hypertekst
hyphen {n} (symbol used to join words or to indicate a word has been split)  :: bindestreg {c}
Hypnos {prop} (Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep)  :: Hypnos {c}
hypnosis {n} (a trancelike state)  :: hypnose {c}
hypnotist {n} (person who uses hypnotism)  :: hypnotisør {c}
hypocrite {n} (person practising hypocrisy)  :: hykler {c}
Hypocrites {prop} (63rd sura of the Qur'an)  :: Hyklerne {c-p}
hypotenuse {n} (The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle)  :: hypotenuse {c}
hypothesis {n} (tentative conjecture in science)  :: hypotese
hypothesis {n} (assumption taken to be true)  :: hypotese
hypothesise {v} (to believe or assert)  :: hypotetisere
hypothetical {adj} (based upon a hypothesis)  :: hypotetisk
hyrax {n} (mammal of the order Hyracoidea)  :: klippegrævling
hyssop {n} (any of several aromatic bushy herbs, of the genus Hyssopus)  :: isop