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G20 {prop} (group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 economies)  :: مَجْمُوعَة اَلْعِشْرِين {f} /majmūʿat al-ʿišrīn/, مَجْمُوعَة ۲۰ /majmūʿat 20/
G8 {prop} (Group of 8)  :: مَجْمُوعَة اَلثُّمَانِيّ /majmūʿat aṯ-ṯumāniyy/, مَجْمُوعَة ٨ {f} /majmūʿat 8/
Gabon {prop} (Gabonese Republic)  :: اَلْغَابُون {m} /al-ḡabūn/
Gaborone {prop} (capital of Botswana)  :: جَابُورُون {m} /gaburun/, غَابُورُون {m} /ḡaburun/
Gabriel {prop} (male given name)  :: جِبْرِيل, جَبْرَائِيل, جَبْرْيَال /gabryāl/, غَبْرْيَال {m} /gabryāl/
Gabriel {prop} (archangel)  :: جِبْرِيل, جَبْرَائِيل, جَبْرْيَال /gabryāl/, غَبْرْيَال /gabryāl/, جَبْرَئِيل {m}
gadfly {n} (fly of the family Oestridae) SEE: botfly  ::
gadget {n} (any device or machine)  :: جِهَاز {m}
gadolinium {n} (chemical element)  :: جَدُولِينْيُوم {m} /gadulinyum/
Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic  ::
gaffer {n} (baby) SEE: baby  ::
gain {v} (acquire)  :: كَسَبَ
gainword {n} (a word a language has borrowed from another language) SEE: loanword  ::
galah {n} (fool) SEE: fool  ::
galaxy {n} (collection of billions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc)  :: مَجَرَّة {f}
galaxy {n} (the Milky Way) SEE: Milky Way  ::
Galicia {prop} (historical kingdom in Central Europe)  :: غَالِيسْيَا {f}
Galilee {prop} (region of northern Israel)  :: اَلْجَلِيل
gall {n} (bile) SEE: bile  ::
gall {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder  ::
gall bladder {n} (pear-shaped organ that stores bile)  :: مَرَارَة {f}
gallery {n} (institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art)  :: مُعَرَّض {m}
gallery {n}  :: فراغ للعرض / قاعَة عرض
galliard {n} (9-point type) SEE: bourgeois  ::
gallicize {v} (to make French as the culture, customs, pronunciation, or style)  :: فَرْنَسَ
galligaskins {n} (shalwar) SEE: shalwar  ::
gallium {n} (chemical element)  :: جَالْيُوم {m} /galyum/
gallows {n} (wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging)  :: مِشْنَقَة {f}
galpal {n} (close female friend) SEE: girlfriend  ::
Galway {prop} (county in Ireland)  :: مُقَاطَعَة غَالْوَايْ‏‎ {f}
Galway {prop} (city in Ireland)  :: غَالْوَايْ {m}
Gambia {prop} (The Republic of The Gambia)  :: غَامْبِيَا {f}
gamble {v} (to take a risk, with the potential of a positive outcome)  :: قِمَار {m} {f}
gamble {v} (to play risky games for monetary gain)  :: قِمَار {m} {f}
gambling {n} (activity characterised by a balance between winning and losing that is governed by a mixture of skill and chance)  :: قِمَار {m}
game {n} (playful activity, amusement, pastime)  :: لَعْب {m}
game {v} (to gamble) SEE: gamble  ::
gamelan {n} (genre of music)  :: غَامِيلَان {m} /ḡamilān/
gameness {n} (courage) SEE: courage  ::
game over {phrase} (message)  :: اِنْتَهَت اللُّعْبَة {f}
gamma {n} (the name of the third letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: غَامَا {f}
gamut {n}  :: سلم النغم, سلسلَة كاملَة {f}
Gan {prop} (one of Sinitic languages)  :: كَن {m}
Gandhi {prop} (surname Gandhi)  :: غَانْدِي
gang {n} (a company of persons)  :: عِصَابَة {f}
gang bang {n} (gang rape) SEE: gang rape  ::
Ganges {prop} (the sacred river)  :: اَلْغَانْج {m}, اَلْجَنْج {m} /al-gang/ [Egyptian spelling]
Gang of Four {prop} (leftist political faction)  :: عَصَابَةُ الْأَرْبَعَةُ {f} /sˤa:batu-lʔarbaʕatu/
gang rape {n} (rape by a number of people)  :: اِغْتِصَاب جَمَاعِيّ {m}
gangrene {n} (the necrosis or rotting of flesh)  :: غَنْغْرِينَة {f}, غَرْغْرِينَا {f}
gangue {n} (earthy waste substances occurring in metallic ore)  :: غَثّ {m}, شَوْب {m}, شَوَائِبُ الرِّكَاز {m}
gangway {n} (temporary bridge)  :: جسر مؤقث
gannet {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
Gansu {prop} (province of China)  :: قَانْسُو {m} /qansū/, غَانْسُو {m} /ḡansū/
Ganymede {prop} (in Greek mythology)  :: غَانِيمَادَس {m} /ḡanimādas/
Ganymede {prop} (satellite of Jupiter)  :: جَانِيمِيد {m} /ganimīd/
gaol {v} (jail) SEE: jail  ::
Gaoxiong {prop} (Kaohsiung) SEE: Kaohsiung  ::
garage {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
garage {n} (place to store a car, etc.)  :: كَرَاج {m}, جَرَاج {m} /garāž/ [Egyptian spelling]
garbage {n} (waste material)  :: زُبَالَة {f}, نُفَايَة {f}, قُمَامَة {f}, مُخَلَّفَات {p}
garden {n} (piece of land outside with flowers and plants)  :: حَدِيقَة {f}, جَنَّة {f} /janna/
gardener {n} (one who gardens)  :: بُسْتَانِيّ {m}
Garden of Eden {prop} (place where Adam and Eve first lived)  :: عَدْن, جَنَّة عَدْن {f} /jannat ʿadn/, جَنَّات عَدْن {f-p}
garlic {n} (plant)  :: ثُوم {m}, ثُومَة {f} [singulative]
garlic bread {n} (bread topped with garlic)  :: خُبْز بِالثُّومِ {m}
garlic press {n} (ustensil)  :: هراسة الثوم
garment {n} (single item of clothing)  :: لِبَاس {m}, مَلَابِس {m-p}, ثَوْب /ṯawb/
gas {n} ((uncountable, chemistry) state of matter)  :: غَاز {m}
gas chamber {n} (a sealed chamber in which people are executed with gas)  :: غُرْفَة اَلْغَاز {f} /ḡurfat al-ḡāz/
gash {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
gasket {n} (mechanical seal)  :: حَشِيَّة {f}
gasoline {n} (motor fuel)  :: بَنْزِين {m}
gas station {n} (a place which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car)  :: مَحَطَّة بَنْزِين {f} /maḥaṭṭat banzīn/, مَحَطَّة وَقُود {f} /maḥaṭṭat waqūd/
gastric acid {n} (acidic secretion of the stomach)  :: عُصَارَة هَضْمِيَّة {f} /ʿuṣāra haḍmiya/
gastric juice {n} (secretion of the stomach) SEE: gastric acid  ::
gastrinoma {n} (a tumour)  :: وَرَم غَاسْتْرِينِيّ {f} /waram ḡastrīniyy/
gastronomy {n} (study of the relationship between food and culture)  :: فَنّ اَلْأَكْل {m}
gate {n} (door-like structure outside)  :: بَوَابَةٌ {f} /bawāba(tun)/
gateau {n} (rich, iced cake)  :: كَعْكَة {f}
gather {v} (to bring together; to collect)  :: جَمَعَ
gatherer {n} (person who gathers things)  :: جَانٍ {m}
Gaul {prop} (region)  :: بْلَاد اَلْغَال {f-p}
Gaul {n} (person)  :: غَالِيّ {m}
gauze {n} (thin fabric with open weave)  :: شَاش {m}
gauze {n} (cotton fabric used as surgical dressing)  :: شَاش {m}
gay {adj} (homosexual, see also: lesbian)  :: مِثْلِيّ {m}, مِثْلِيَّة {f}
gay {n} (homosexual person, especially male, see also: lesbian)  :: لُوطِيّ {m}
gay marriage {n} (marriage between two people of the same sex)  :: زَوَاج مِثْلِيّ {m}
Gaza {prop} (city)  :: غَزَّة {f}
Gaza {prop} (Gaza Strip) SEE: Gaza Strip  ::
Gaza Strip {prop} (Gaza Strip)  :: قِطَاع غَزَّة {m}, غَزَّة {f}
gazelle {n} (antelope)  :: غَزَال {m}
gazetteer {n} (geographic dictionary or encyclopedia)  :: قَامُوس جُغْرَافِيّ {m}
Gdańsk {prop} (city of Poland)  :: غْدَانْسْك {m}
gecko {n} (lizard of the family Gekkonidae)  :: وَزَغَة {m}
gee {n} (name of the letter G, g)  :: غِي {m}, جِي {m}, جِي {m} /gī/
geek {n} (Australian: look) SEE: look  ::
geek {n} (expert in a technical field, particularly to do with computers)  :: غِيك {m}, مُهَوَّس {m}
gee up {interj} (direction to a horse) SEE: giddyup  ::
Ge'ez {prop} (Ethiopian language)  :: جِعِزِيّ {m}, جِعِزِيَّة {f}
geezer {n} (device for boiling water) SEE: geyser  ::
Gehenna {prop} (one of various hells in Abrahamic religions)  :: جَهَنَّم {m}
Gehinnom {prop} (Jewish realm of the afterlife) SEE: Gehenna  ::
Geiger counter {n} (device)  :: عَدَّاد غَايْغَر {m} /ʿaddād ḡayḡar/, عَدَّاد جَايْجَر {m} /ʿaddād gaygar/
geisha {n} (a Japanese entertainer)  :: غَيْشَا {f}
gel {n} (suspension of solid in liquid)  :: هُلَام {m}
gelatine {n} (protein derived through partial hydrolysis of the collagen)  :: جِيلَاتِين {m}, جِيلَاتِين {m} /jilatīn/
gelato {n} (Italian-style ice cream)  :: جِيلَاتِي {m}, جِيلَاتُو {m}
geld {n} (money) SEE: money  ::
geld {v} (castrate) SEE: castrate  ::
geld {n} (ransom) SEE: ransom  ::
gelding {n} (eunuch) SEE: eunuch  ::
gem {n} (precious stone)  :: جَوْهَرَة {f}
gemination {n} (phonetical phenomenon)  :: تَشْدِيد {m}
Gemini {prop} (constellation)  :: بُرْج اَلْجَوْزَاء {m}, اَلْجَوْزَاء {m-p}
Gemini {prop} (astrological sign)  :: بُرْج اَلْجَوْزَاء {m}, اَلْجَوْزَاء {m-p}
gemstone {n} (a gem)  :: جَوْهَرَة {f}
gender {n} (grammar: voice (of verbs)) SEE: voice  ::
gender {n} (grammar: division of nouns and pronouns)  :: جِنْس {m}
gender {n} (biological sex of persons or animals)  :: جِنْس {m}
gene {n} (unit of heredity)  :: جِين {m}
general {adj} (involving every part or member, not specific or particular)  :: عَامّ
general {adj} (not limited in application; applicable to a whole class or category)  :: عُمُومِيّ, عَامّ
general {n} (military rank)  :: لِوَاء {m}
generally {adv} (popularly or widely)  :: عُمُومًا
general population {n} (general public) SEE: general public  ::
general public {n} (members of the public who have no special role)  :: عَامَّة اَلنَّاس {p} /ʿāmmat an-nās/
generation {n} (period of around thirty years)  :: جِيل
generation {n} (single step in the succession of natural descent)  :: جِيل
generation {n}  :: جِيل {m}
generic {adj} (very comprehensive)  :: إِجْمالِيّ, جامِع, شامِل, شُمُولِيّ, عامّ, عُمُومِيّ, عَمِيم, كُلِّيّ, مُحِيط, مُطْلَق
generosity {n} (the trait of being willing to give one's money and/or time)  :: كَرَم {m}
generous {adj} (willing to give and share unsparingly)  :: كَرِيم
Genesis {prop} (the book of the Bible)  :: اَلتَّكْوِين {m}, سِفْر اَلتَّكْوِين {m}
Geneva {prop} (city)  :: جِنِيف {m}
Geneva Convention {prop} (international treaty)  :: اِتِّفَاقِيَّة جِنِيف {f} /ittifāqiyya jinēf/
Genghis Khan {prop} (Genghis Khan)  :: جِنْكِيز خَان {m}
genie {n} (an invisible Muslim spirit)  :: جِنّ {m}, {p}: جِنِّيّ
genie {n} (a fictional magical being)  :: جِنّ {m}, {p}: جِنِّيّ
genitalia {n} (genitals or sex organs)  :: أَعْضَاء تَنَاسُلِيَّة {f-p}
genitals {n} (genitalia) SEE: genitalia  ::
genitive {adj} (of or pertaining to the case of possession)  :: إِضَافِيّ, جَرِّيّ
genitive {n} (inflection pattern)  :: حَالَة اَلْمُضَاف إِلَيْهِ {f} /ḥalāt al-muḍāf ʾilayhi/, مَجْرُور {m}
genitive case {n} (genitive) SEE: genitive  ::
genius {n} (someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or skill)  :: عَبْقَرِيّ
Genoa {prop} (Italian city)  :: جِنُوَى {f} /jinowā/
genocide {n} (systematic killing of substantial numbers of people)  :: قَتْل اَلْعِرْقِيّ {m}
genome {n} (complete genetic information of an organism)  :: مَجِين {m}, جِينُوم {m} /jinūm/
genticide {n} (killing of a race or nation of people) SEE: genocide  ::
gentleman {n} (man of breeding)  :: جِنْتِلْمَان {m} /jentilmān/, شَهْم {m}, مُؤَدَّب {m}, مُهَذَّب {m}
gentleman {n} (polite term for a man)  :: اَلسَّيِّد {m}, سَيِّد {m}, أَفَنْدِي {m}, خَوَاجَا {m}
gentleman {n} (polite form of address to men)  :: سَادَتِي {m-p}
geodesy {n} (scientific discipline)  :: جِيُودِيسْيَا {f} /jiyudīsyā/
geographer {n} (a specialist in geography)  :: جُغرافيّ {m} /juḡrāfiy/
geographic {adj} (pertaining to geography)  :: جُغْرَافِيّ
geographical {adj} (geographic) SEE: geographic  ::
geography {n} (study of physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth)  :: جُغْرَافِيَا {f}
geoid {n} (surface of constant gravitational potential at zero elevation)  :: مجسم أرضي
geology {n} (the study of the earth)  :: جِيُولُوجِيَا {f} /jiyulūjiyā/, عِلْم اَلْأَرْض {m}, عِلْم اَلْإِرَاضَة {m}
geometry {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: هَنْدَسَة {f}, عِلْم اَلْهَنْدَسَة {m}
George {prop} (male given name)  :: جُورْج {m} /jorj/, جُورْج {m}, جُرْجُس {m} /jorjus/, خَضَر {m}, جُورْجِيوْس {m} /jorjiws/
Georgetown {prop} (capital of Guyana)  :: جُورْجْتَاوْن {m} /jurjtawn/, جُورْج تَاوْن {m} /jurj tawn/
Georgetown {prop} (district of Washington, DC)  :: جُورْجْتَاوْن {m} /jurjtawn/, جُورْج تَاوْن {m} /jurj tawn/
George VI {prop} (king of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952)  :: جُورْج السَادِس
Georgia {prop} (country)  :: جُورْجِيَا {f} /jorjiyā/
Georgia {prop} (state of the USA)  :: جُورْجِيَا {f} /jōrjiyā/
Georgian {prop} (language of the country Georgia)  :: جُورْجِيَّة {f} /jōrjiyya/
Georgian {n} (person from the country of Georgia)  :: جُورْجِيّ {m} /jōrjiyy/, جُورْجِيَّة {f} /jōrjiyya/
geospatial {adj} (geospatial)  :: جيومكانيّ, جيومكانيَّة {f}
ger {n} (yurt) SEE: yurt  ::
germ {n} (pathogenic microorganism)  :: جُرْثُومَة {f}
German {n} (native or inhabitant of Germany; person of German citizenship or nationality)  :: أَلْمَانِيّ {m}, أَلْمَانِيَّة {f}
German {prop} (the German language)  :: أَلْمَانِيَّة {f}, أَلْمَانِيّ {m}
German {adj} (of or relating to the country of Germany)  :: أَلْمَانِيّ
German {adj} (of or relating to the German language)  :: أَلْمَانِيّ
Germanic {adj} (relating to the Germanic peoples)  :: جَرْمَانِيّ
Germanic {adj} (relating to the language or group of languages known as Germanic)  :: جَرْمَانِيّ
germanium {n} (chemical element)  :: جَرْمَانْيُوم {m} /jarmanyum/
Germanization {n} (Making more German)  :: أَلْمَنَة {f}
Germanize {v} (make more German)  :: أَلْمَنَ
German Shepherd {n} (Medium sized breed of dog)  :: كَلْب اَلرَّاعِي اَلْأَلْمَانِيّ {m}
Germany {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: أَلْمَانْيَا {f}
Germinal {prop} (the seventh month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: جِرْمِينَال {m}
gerund {n} (verb form functioning as a verbal noun)  :: صِيغَة فِعْل {m} /ṣīḡat fiʿl/, مَصْدَر {m}
Gestapo {prop} (the secret police of the Nazi party in the Second World War)  :: جِيسْتَابُو {m} /gistābū/
gesture {n} (motion of the limbs or body)  :: لفتَة، لمحَة
gesundheit {interj} (said to someone who has just sneezed) SEE: bless you  ::
get {v} (to obtain)  :: اِسْتَلَمَ
get {v} (to receive)  :: اِسْتَقْبَلَ
get {v} (to become)  :: أَصْبَحَ
get down {v} (bring down (transitive)) SEE: let down  ::
get laid {v} (take part in a sexual act) SEE: have sex  ::
get lost {interj} (Go away!)  :: اُغْرُب عَن وَجْهِي! /uḡrub ʿan wajhi!/, إِبْتَعِد عَنِّي! /ʾibtaʿid ʿanni!/ [to a male], أُغْرُبِي عَن وَجْهِي, إِبْتَعِدِي عَنِّي [to a female]
get lost {v} (become lost)  :: ضَلَّ اَلطَّرِيق
get out of here {interj} (command to leave)  :: اُغْرُب عَن وَجْهِي! /uḡrub ʿan wajhi!/, إِبْتَعِد عَنِّي! /ʾibtaʿid ʿanni!/
get outta here {interj} (get out of here) SEE: get out of here  ::
get over {v} (recover) SEE: recover  ::
get rid of {v} (to remove)  :: تَخَلَّصَ ... مِن
get to know {v} (to become acquainted with someone)  :: تَعَرَّفَ
get up {v} (to rise from one's bed)  :: قَامَ, نَهَضَ, اَفَاقَ, تَسَلَّقَ, وَقَّفَ
get well soon {phrase} (expressing hope that someone recovers soon)  :: سَلَامْتَك [to a man], سَلَامْتِك [to a woman]
geyser {n} (boiling spring)  :: سَخَّان {m}
Ghana {prop} (The Republic of Ghana)  :: غَانَا {f}
ghazal {n} (a poetic form)  :: غَزَل {m}
ghee {n} (South Asian style clarified butter)  :: سَمْن {m}
Ghent {prop} (capital city of the province of East Flanders, Belgium)  :: جِينْت {m} /gent/, جِينْت {m} /jint/
ghetto {n} (area of a city in which Jews were concentrated)  :: غِيتُو {m}, غِيتُو {m} /getū/
Ghibelline {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the German emperors)  :: غيبلين {m}
ghost {n} (spirit appearing after death)  :: شَبَح {m}, خَيَال {m}, زَوْل {m}, طَيْف {m}, رُوح {m} {f}, شَبْح {m}
ghost {n} (soul) SEE: soul  ::
ghost town {n} (deserted town)  :: مَدِينَة الْأَشْبَاح {f}
ghoul {n} (a spirit said to feed on corpses)  :: غُول {f}
ghusl {n} (A full-body taken to restore the body to purity)  :: غُسْل {m}
gianduja {n} (Piedmontese chocolate preparation)  :: جَانْدُويَا {f}
giant {n} (mythical human)  :: عَمْلَاق {m}
giant roundworm {n} (Ascaris lumbricoides)  :: إِسْكَارِس {f}
giaour {n} (infidel)  :: كَافِر {m}
gibberish {n} (unintelligible speech or writing)  :: رَطَانَة {f}
gibberish {n} (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)  :: ثَرْثَرَة {f}, بَرْبَرَة {f}
gibbon {n} (small ape)  :: غِيبُون {m} /ḡibūn/
Gibraltar {prop} (British overseas territory)  :: جَبَل طَارِق {m}
giddyup {interj} (used to make a horse go faster)  :: ياللا
gift {n} (something given to another voluntarily, without charge)  :: هَدِيَّة {f}
gift {n} (a talent or natural ability)  :: قَرِيحَة {f}
Gifu {prop} (Gifu, Japan)  :: غِيفُو {m}
gig {n} (performing engagement by a musical group)  :: حَفْلَة {f}
gigabyte {n} (one billion bytes)  :: غِيغَابَايْت {m} /ḡīḡabayt/
gigantic {adj} (very large)  :: ضخم, هائل
gigolo {n} (male having sexual relationships for money)  :: عَاهِر {f}, فَاحِش {f}
Gihon {prop} (Biblical river)  :: جَيْحُون, جِيحُون
Gijón {prop} (city in Spain)  :: خِيخُوَن {f} /ḵiḵuwan/
Gilgamesh {prop} (legendary king of Uruk)  :: جِلْجَامِش {m} /gilgamiš/, جِلْجَامِش {m} /jiljamiš/
Gillard {prop} (surname)  :: غِيلَارْد {m} {f} /ḡilard/, جِيلَارْد {m} {f} /gilard/
gimel {n} (Semitic letter)  :: جِيم
gin {n} (alcoholic beverage)  :: جِين {m}
ginger {n} (plant)  :: زَنْجَبِيل {m}
ginger {n} (spice)  :: زَنْجَبِيل {f}
ginger {n} (colour/color)  :: بَني مائلُ إلى الحُمرَةِ /banī mā'ilu ilā al-humrati/
ginger {n} (person with reddish-brown hair)  :: بَني مائلُ إلى الحُمرَةِ /banī mā'ilu ilā al-humrati/
gingerbread {n} (type of cake)  :: كَعْكَة زَنْجَبِيلٍ {f}
gingiva {n} (gum) SEE: gum  ::
gingival {adj} (alveolar) SEE: alveolar  ::
ginseng {n} (any of several plants, of the genus Panax)  :: جِينْسِنْغ {m} /jinsinḡ/
ginseng {n} (root of such a plant, or the extract)  :: جِينْسِنْغ {m} /jinsinḡ/
gippo {n} (Egyptian) SEE: Egyptian  ::
giraffe {n} (mammal)  :: زَرَافَة {f}
girl {n} (young female person)  :: بِنْت {f}, فَتَاة {f}
girlfriend {n} (a female partner in a romantic relationship)  :: صَدِيقَة {f}, صَاحِبَة {f}
girlfriend {n} (a female friend)  :: صَدِيقَة {f}
Giro d'Italia {prop} (annual cycling race in Italy)  :: طَوَاف إِيطَالِيَا {m}
Giudecca {prop} (long island in the Venetian Lagoon)  :: جُودِيكَّا {f} /judēkka/
give {v} (transfer the possession of something to someone else)  :: أَعْطَى imperfect: يُعْطِي, وَهَبَ, مَنَح
give birth {v} (produce new life)  :: وَلَدَ
give me {v} (expression of preference)  :: أَعْطِنِي
give me liberty or give me death {phrase} (give me liberty or give me death)  :: أَعْطِنِي اَلْحُرِّيَّة أَو أَعْطِنِي اَلْمَوْت /ʾaʿṭinī l-ḥurriyya ʾaw ʾaʿṭinī l-mawt/
given {prep} (considering, taking into account)  :: أَخْذًا بِعَيْن الْاِعْتِبَار, بِالنَّظَر إِلَى
given name {n} (name chosen for a child by its parents)  :: اِسْم {m}
give or take {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
give up {v} (surrender)  :: تَنَازَلَ, تَخَلَّى, اِسْتَسْلَمَ
give what for {v} (scold) SEE: scold  ::
Giza {prop} (city in Egypt)  :: اَلْجِيزَة {f}, اَلْجِيزَة {f} /al-gīza/
glacier {n} (a large body of ice which flows under its own mass, usually downhill)  :: مَثْلَجَة {f}
gladiator {n} (a professional boxer) SEE: boxer  ::
gladness {n} (the state of being glad)  :: فَرَح {m}
Glagolitic {n} (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet)  :: أَبْجَدِيَّة غْلَاغُولِيتْسِيَّة {f} /ʾabjadiyya ḡlāḡūlitsiyya/
Glagolitic alphabet {n} (writing system) SEE: Glagolitic  ::
gland {n} (organ that synthesizes and secretes substance)  :: غُدَّة {f}
glans {n} (conical vascularized body forming the extremity of the penis) SEE: glans penis  ::
glans {n} (clitoral glans) SEE: clitoral glans  ::
glans clitoridis {n} (clitoral glans) SEE: clitoral glans  ::
glans penis {n} (conical vascularized body forming the extremity of the penis)  :: حَشَفَة اَلْقَضِيب {f} /ḥašafat al-qaḍīb/
Glasgow {prop} (the city Glasgow)  :: غْلَاسْكُو {m}
glasnost {n} (a policy of the Soviet Union)  :: غْلَاسْنُوسْت {m} /ḡlasnust/, جْلَاسْنُوسْت {m} /glasnust/
glass {n} (hourglass) SEE: hourglass  ::
glass {n} (substance)  :: زُجَاج {m}
glass {n} (drinking vessel)  :: كَأْس {m}, كُوب {m}, قَدَح {m}
glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror  ::
glass {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer  ::
glasses {n} (plural of "glass") SEE: glass  ::
glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
glee {n} (Joy; merriment; mirth; gayety; particularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast)  :: بَهْجَة {f}
Gliese 581 {prop} (star)  :: غْلِيزَا 581 {f} /glīzā 581/
glisten {v} (to reflect light with a glittering luster)  :: لَمَعَ
glitter {v} (to sparkle with light)  :: بَرَقَ
globalisation {n} (process of becoming a more interconnected world)  :: عَوْلَمَة {f}
global positioning system {n} (system determining precise location based on signals received from satellites)  :: نِظَام اَلتَّمَوْضُع اَلْعَالَمِيّ {m}, جِي بِي إِس {m} /jī bī ʾes/
Global Positioning System {prop} (system which enables a mobile receiver to determine its precise location)  :: نِظَام اَلتَّمَوْضُع اَلْعَالَمِيّ {m}, جِي بِي إِس {m} /jī bī ʾes/
global warming {n} (increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere to cause climate change)  :: الاِحْتِرَار الْعَالَمِيّ {m}
glory {n} (great beauty or splendour)  :: مَجْد {m}
glottal {adj} (articulated with the glottis)  :: حَنْجَرِيّ
glove {n} (item of clothing)  :: قُفَّاز {m}, كَفّ {m}
glover {n} (person who makes gloves)  :: قُفَّافِيزِي {m}
glue {n} (sticky adhesive substance)  :: غِرَاء {m}, لِزَاق {m}
gluten {n} (cereal protein)  :: غْلُوتِين {m}
glutton {n} (wolverine) SEE: wolverine  ::
glutton {n} (one who eats voraciously)  :: أَكَّال {m}, شَرَه {m}, نَهِم {m}
gluttonous {adj} (given to excessive eating; prone to overeating)  :: نَهِم, شَرِه
gluttonous {adj} (greedy)  :: جَشِع
gluttony {n} (the vice of eating to excess)  :: نَهَم {m}, شَرَه {m}, شَرَاهَة {f}
gnaw {v} (to bite something persistently)  :: نَخَرَ
Gnosticism {n} (Gnosticism)  :: غنوصيَة {f}
go {v} (die) SEE: die  ::
go {v} (lead (tend or reach in a certain direction)) SEE: lead  ::
go {v} (to move through space (especially from one place to another) )  :: ذَهَبَ, imperfect: يَذْهَبُ, رَاحَ
go {v} (to disappear )  :: اِخْتَفَى
go {n} (board game)  :: غُو {m}
go {v} (leave) SEE: leave  ::
go {v} (attack) SEE: attack  ::
go {v} (attend) SEE: attend  ::
go {v} (change) SEE: change  ::
go {v} (walk) SEE: walk  ::
go {v} (urinate, defecate) SEE: pee  ::
go {v} (of time: elapse, pass) SEE: elapse  ::
Goa {prop} (state in western India)  :: غْوَا {m}
goal {n} (result one is attempting to achieve)  :: هَدَف {m}
goal {n} (in many sports, an area into which the players attempt to put an object)  :: هَدَف {m}, مَرْمَى {m}
goalkeeper {n} (player that protects a goal)  :: حَارِس مَرْمَى {m}
goaltender {n} (player that protects a goal) SEE: goalkeeper  ::
goat {n} (animal)  :: مَاعِز {m}, عَنْزَة {f}
goatee {n} (beard at the center of the chin)  :: عُثْنُون {m}
go away {v} (to depart or leave a place)  :: اِبْتَعَدَ
Gobi {prop} (desert)  :: جُوبِي {m} /gūbī/
goblet drum {n} (drum from the Middle-East and North Africa)  :: دربوكَة {m}
goblin {n} (hostile diminutive humanoid in fantasy literature)  :: عِفْرِيت {m}
go crazy {v} (go nuts) SEE: go nuts  ::
god {n} (deity)  :: إِلٰه {m}
god {n} (idol)  :: إِلٰه {m}, وَثَن {m}, جِبْت {m}, بُد {m}, صَنَم {m}
god {n} (person in high position of authority)  :: رَب {m}
God {prop} (single deity of monotheism)  :: اَللّٰه {m}, إِلٰه, اَلرَّبّ {m}
God {prop} (single male deity of duotheism)  :: اِلٰه {m}
God bless you {interj} (said as a short prayer for the recipient)  :: حَيَّاك اَللّٰه, بَارَكَ اَللّٰه فِيكَ [to a woman: ... fīki]
God bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed)  :: صِحَّة health, يَرْحَمْكُم اللّٰه (may) Allah have mercy on you, يَرْحَمْكُم mercy on you
goddamn {interj} (an expression of anger, surprise, or frustration)  :: اللَعْنَة
goddamn {adj} (intensifier)  :: مَلْعُون {m}
goddess {n} (female deity)  :: إِلَاهَة {f}, إِلٰهَة
goddess {n} (adored or idealized woman)  :: مَعْبُودَة {f}
God-fearing {adj} (following the precepts of a religious practice and respects and reveres god and his authority)  :: وَرِع {m}, تَقِيّ {m}
God forbid {interj} (Don't let it be)  :: لَا سَمَحْ اللّٰه /lā samaḥ allāh/
God-given {adj} (given or sent by God or appearing so)  :: هِبَة إِلٰهِيَّة {f} /hiba ʾilāhiyya/, تَوْفِيق إِلٰهِيّ {m}
godhood {n} (state of being a god)  :: أُلُوهِيَّة {f}
God knows {phrase} (Only known to God; only known to the gods)  :: اَللّٰهُ أَعْلَم
godless {adj} (not acknowledging any deity or god; without belief in any deity or god)  :: مُلْحِد {m}, زِنْدِيق {m}
godlike {adj} (having characteristics of a god)  :: مُتَأَلِه {m}
godliness {n} (the condition and quality of being godly)  :: وَرَع {m}, تَقْوَى {f}
godly {adj} (of or pertaining to a god)  :: إِلٰهِيّ {m}
godsend {n} (an unexpected good fortune)  :: مُصَادَفَة سَعِيدَة {f} /muṣādafa saʿīda/, مِنْحَة إِلٰهِيَّة {f} /minḥa ʾilāhiyya/, ضَرْبَة حَظّ {f} /ḍarbat ḥaẓẓ/
Godspeed {interj} (The wish that the outcome of someone's actions is positive for them)  :: بِالتَوْفِيق, فِي مَعِيَّة اللّٰه
go Dutch {v} (split the cost)  :: تقاسم التكلفَة
God willing {interj} (God willing)  :: إِن شَاء اَللّٰه
Godzilla {n} (a fictional Japanese monster)  :: غدزيلا {m}, غودزيلا {m}, قوجيرا {m}
goer {n} (foot) SEE: foot  ::
Goethe {prop} (surname)  :: غُوتَه /gūtah/
Gogol {prop} (Gogol)  :: غُوغُول /ḡūḡul/, جُوجُول /gūgul/
Golaghat {prop} (worldwide)  :: جولاغات
gold {n} (element)  :: ذَهَب {m} {f}, إِبْرِيز {m}
Gold Coast {prop} (in Australia)  :: غُولْد كُوسْت {m} /ḡuld kūst/
golden {adj} (made of, or relating to, gold)  :: ذَهَبِيّ
golden age {n} (time of progress and achievement)  :: عَصْر ذَهَبِيّ {m}
goldenberry {n} (cape gooseberry) SEE: cape gooseberry  ::
golden eagle {n} (large bird of prey)  :: عُقَاب ذَهَبِيّ {m}
Golden Gate {prop} (Golden Gate Bridge) SEE: Golden Gate Bridge  ::
Golden Gate Bridge {prop} (suspension bridge in California)  :: جِسْر البَوَّابَة الذَهَبِيَّة {m} /al-jisr al-bawwāba l-ḏahabiyya/
Golden Horde {prop} (the Mongol invaders)  :: الْقَبِيلَة الذَّهَبِيَّة {f} /al-qabīla aḏ-ḏahabiyya/
golden parachute {n} (agreement on benefits)  :: مِظَلَّة هُبُوط ذَهَبِيَّة
golden ratio {n} (Irrational number)  :: الرَقْم الذَهَبِيّ
goldfish {n} (fish)  :: سَمَكَة ذَهَبِيَّة {f} /samaka ḏahabiyya/
goldsmith {n} (person who forges things out of gold)  :: صائغ {m}
golf {n} (ball game)  :: جُولْف {m} /golf/, جُولْف {m} /gulf/, غُولْف {m} /golf/, غُولْف {m} /gulf/, غُولْف {m}
Goliath {prop} (biblical giant)  :: جَالُوت {m} [Qur'ānic], جُلْيَات {m} [Christian]
go mad {v} (to become insane) SEE: go nuts  ::
Gomel {prop} (city)  :: غُومِيل {m}
Gomorrah {prop} (city in the Middle East)  :: عَمُورَة {f}
gondola {n} (narrow boat, especially in Venice)  :: غندول {m}, جندول {m}
gong {n} (percussion instrument)  :: جَرَس {m}, نَاقُوس {m}
gongfu {n} (kung fu) SEE: kung fu  ::
gonorrhea {n} (STD)  :: سَيَلَان {m}
go nuts {v} (to become mad)  :: أَصْبَحَ مَجْنُونًا
good {adj} (acting in the interest of good; ethical good intentions)  :: حَسَن, جَيِّد, طَيِّب
good {adj} (useful for a particular purpose)  :: حَسَن, جَيِّد
good {adj}  :: جَيِّد, طَيِّب, حَسَن
good {n} (the forces of good)  :: خَيْر {m}, فَائِدَة {f}
good afternoon {phrase} (greeting said in the afternoon)  :: مَسَاء اَلْخَيْر, مَسَاء اَلنُّور (the answer), اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم
goodbye {interj} (farewell)  :: مَعَ السَّلَامَة, إِلَى اللِّقَاء, وَدَاع, وَدَاعًا, فِي أَمَانِ اللّٰه (a possible reply to مع السلامَة), بَاي بَاي /bay bay/
good day {phrase} (greeting between sunrise and sunset)  :: نَهَارَك سَعِيد, مَسَاء اَلْخَيْر; مَسَاء اَلنُّور [response]
good-den {interj} (good evening) SEE: good evening  ::
good evening {n} (greeting said in the evening)  :: مَسَاء اَلْخَيْر, مَسَاء اَلنُّور [as a reply]
good fortune {n} (good luck) SEE: good luck  ::
Good Friday {prop} (The Friday before Easter Sunday, the commemoration of the day on which Christ was crucified)  :: جُمْعَة الْآلَام {f} /jumʿat al-ʾālām/, الْجُمْعَة الْعَظِيمَة {f} /al-jumʿa al-ʿaẓīma/
good luck {interj} (wish of fortune or encouragement)  :: بِالتَّوْفِيق!, حَظًّا سَعِيدًا!, حَظّ سَعِيد!, بِالنَّجَاح
good morning {interj} (when seeing someone for the first time in the morning)  :: صَبَاح اَلْخَيْر, صَبَاح اَلنُّور [in reply]
good night {phrase} (a farewell)  :: تُصْبِح عَلَى خَيْر, لَيْلَة سَعِيدَة /layla saʿīda/
good riddance {interj} (used to indicate that a loss is welcome)  :: رَحِيل غَيْر مَأْسُوف عَلَيْهِ
goods {n} (that which is produced, traded, bought or sold)  :: بَضَائِعُ, سِلَع, بِضَاعَة
Goofy {prop} (a Disney character)  :: بُنْدُق {m} /Bunduq/
Google {prop} (Google (in other scripts, the trademark may also be written in Roman letters))  :: جُوجْل {m}, غُوغْل {m}
goose {n} (a grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae)  :: إِوَزَّة {f}, وِزَّة {f}, وَزَّة {f}
go out {v} (to leave, especially a building)  :: خَرَجَ: imperfect: يَخْرُجُ
go out {v}  :: خَرَجَ
Gorbachev {prop} (Russian surname)  :: غُورْبَاتْشُوف /ḡurbatšūf/, غُورْبَاتْشُوف /gorbatšof/
gore {n} (triangular patch of fabric)  :: بَنِيقَة {f}
Gorgan {prop} (the old city)  :: جُرْجَان
gorilla {n} (ape)  :: غُورِيلَا {f}
Gorno-Altaysk {prop} (town, centre of the Altai Republic, Russia)  :: غُورْنُو-أَلْتَايْسْك {m} /gorno-ʾaltaysk/
Goryeo {prop} (a historical Korea)  :: غُورْيُو {f} /ḡuryū/, غُورْيُو {f} /goryo/
gospel {n} (first section of New Testament)  :: إِنْجِيل {m}
Gothenburg {prop} (city on the west coast of Sweden)  :: غوتنبرغ
Gothic {prop} (extinct Germanic language)  :: قُوطِيَّة {f}
got it {v} (Do you understand?)  :: فَهِمْتَ [to masc sg], فَهِمْتِ [to fem sg], فَهِمْتُمَا [to com d], فَهِمْتُم [to masc pl], فَهِمْتُنَّ [to fem pl]
go to sleep {v} (fall asleep) SEE: fall asleep  ::
go to work {v} (work) SEE: work  ::
gound {n} (mucus produced by the eyes during sleep)  :: غَمَص [semiliquid], رَمَص [solid]
go up {v} (to move upwards)  :: صَعِدَ, imperfective: يَصْعَدُ
gourd {n} (gourd fruit)  :: قَرْع {m}
gourd {n} (the dried and hardened shell of a gourd fruit)  :: قَرْع {m}
gourd {n} ((obsolete) any of the climbing or trailing plants from the family Cucurbitaceae)  :: قَرْع {m}
govern {v} (to exercise sovereign authority in)  :: حَكَمَ
government {n} (body with the power to make and/or enforce laws)  :: حُكُومَة {f}
governor {n} (leader of a region or state)  :: مُحَافِظ {m}, حَاكِم {m}
governor general {n} (governor or viceroy possessing some military authority)  :: حَاكِم عَامّ {m}
governor general {n} (representative of the monarch)  :: حَاكِم عَامّ {m}
grab {v} (to make a sudden grasping or clutching motion (at something))  :: قَبَضَ
graceful {adj} (showing grace)  :: رَشِيق, ظَرِيف, لَطِيف, صُبَاح, وَسِيم
gracefully {adv} (in a graceful manner)  :: بِرَشَاقَة, بِلَبَاقَة
gracefulness {n} (the state of being graceful)  :: حُسْن
grade {n} (rating)  :: دَرَجَة {f}
grade {n} (performance expressed by a number, letter, or other symbol)  :: دَرَجَة {f}
grade school {n} (elementary or primary school) SEE: primary school  ::
graduate {n} (from a university)  :: خِرِّيج {m}, خِرِّيجَة {f}
graduate {v} (to be recognized by a university as having completed the requirements of a degree)  :: دَرَّجَ, تَخَرَّجَ
graduation {n} (the action or process of graduating)  :: تَخَرُّج {m}
grain {n} (harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops)  :: حَبَة {f}
grain {n} (the crops from which grain is harvested)  :: حُبُوب {p}
gram {n} (unit of mass)  :: جْرَام {m} /gram/, غْرَام {m}, غْرَام {m} /gram/
grammar {n} (rules for speaking and writing a language)  :: قَوَاعِد {p}, نَحْو {m}
grammar {n} (study of internal structure and use of words)  :: عِلْم قَوَاعِد {m}
grammar {n} (book describing grammar)  :: قَوَاعِد {p}
grammar {n} (in computing: formal system specifying the syntax of a language)  :: قَوَاعِد {p}
grammary {n} (grammar) SEE: grammar  ::
grammatical case {n} (mode of inflection of a word)  :: حَالَة {f}
grammatical mood {n} (in grammar, type of the relationship)  :: حَالَة {f}
gramophone {n} (record player)  :: غْرَامَافُون {m}, فُونُوغْرَاف {m}
grampus {n} (killer whale) SEE: orca  ::
Granada {prop} (city in Spain)  :: غَرْنَاطَة {f}
grandchild {n} (child of someone’s child)  :: حَفِيد {m} [grandson], حَفِيدَة {f} [granddaughter]
granddaughter {n} (daughter of someone’s child)  :: حَفِيدَة {f}
grandfather {n} (grandfather (from either side))  :: جَدّ
grandfather clock {n} (pendulum clock)  :: سَاعَة جَدّ {f}
grandma {n} (grandmother (informal))  :: جِدَّة {f}, تيتة {f}
grandmother {n} (mother of someone's parent)  :: جَدَّة {f}
grandparent {n} (parent of one's parent)  :: جَدّ {m} [grandfather], جَدَّة {f} [grandmother]
Grand Prix {n} (any of several international races, especially one of a series for Formula One racing cars)  :: اَلْجَائِزَة اَلْكُبْرَى {f} /al-jāʾiza l-kubrā/, غْرَان بْرِي {m}
grandson {n} (son of one's child)  :: حَفِيد {m}
grand unification theory {n} (theory that unifies fundamental forces)  :: نَظَرِيَّة اَلاِتِّحَاد اَلْكَوْنِيّ اَلْعَظِيم {f} /naẓariyya l-ittiḥād al-kawniyy al-ʿaẓīm/
grape {n} (fruit)  :: عِنَب {m}
grapefruit {n} (a large, round tart fruit)  :: لَيْمُون هِنْدِيّ {m}, جْرِيب فْرُوت {m} /greyb frūt/, كْرِيفُون {m}, كَرِيفُون {m}, سِنْدِي {m}
grape juice {n} (grape juice)  :: عصير عنب {m}
grapevine {n} (the plant on which grapes grow)  :: جَفْنَة {f}
graphene {n} (large-scale, one-atom thick layer of graphite)  :: قرافين
graphic {adj} (drawn, pictorial)  :: غْرَافِيك {m} /ḡrafik/
grasp {v} (to grasp) SEE: hold  ::
grasp {n} (grip)  :: قَبْضَة {f}
grass {n} (ground cover plant)  :: حَشِيش {m}, عُشْب {m}
grass {n} (lawn)  :: حَشِيش {m}
grasshopper {n} (an insect of the order Orthoptera)  :: جُنْدُب {m}
grate {v}  :: بَشَرَ (bašara)
grateful {adj} (showing gratitude)  :: شَاكِر
gratis {adv} (free, without charge) SEE: for free  ::
gratis {adj} (free of charge) SEE: free of charge  ::
gratitude {n} (state of being grateful)  :: شُكْر {m}
gratulate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate  ::
grave {n} (excavation for burial)  :: قَبْر {m}, ضَرِيح {m}
grave {n} (grave accent) SEE: grave accent  ::
grave accent {n} (grave accent)  :: نَبْرَة خَفِيضَة {f} /nabra ḵafīḍa/
gravel {n} (small fragments of rock)  :: حَصَى {m}, حَصْبَاء {f}
graven image {n} (a carved idol or representation of a god used as an object of worship)  :: وَثَن {m} /waṯan/
graveyard {n} (tract of land in which the dead are buried)  :: مَقْبَرَة {f}, مَقْبُرَة {f}, مَدْفَن {m}
gravitational wave {n} (fluctuation in spacetime that propagates as a wave at the speed of light)  :: موجة ثقالية
gravity {n} (resultant force on Earth's surface)  :: جَاذِبِيَّة {f}
gravy {n} (sauce)  :: مَرَق {m}, مَرَقَة {f}, صَلْصَة {f}
gray {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember)  :: رَمَادِيّ, [of hair] أَشْيَب {m}, أَشْهَب {m} [of horses]
gray tape {n} (duct tape) SEE: duct tape  ::
grease {n} (animal fat)  :: شَحْم {m}
grease pit {n} (trench over which a vehicle can be driven)  :: حفرة فحص {f}
great {adj} (important) SEE: important  ::
great {adj} (very big, large scale)  :: عَظِيم, كَبِير
great {adj} (very good)  :: رَائِع, عَظِيم
Great Barrier Reef {prop} (Great Barrier Reef)  :: اَلْحَاجِز اَلْمُرْجَانِيّ اَلْعَظِيم {m}
Great Britain {prop} (island)  :: بِرِيطَانِيَا اَلْعُظْمَى {f} /biriṭāniyā l-ʿuẓmā/
greatcoat {n} (heavy overcoat)  :: مِعْطَف سَمِيك {m}
Greater London {prop} (City of London, Westminster and 31 other London boroughs)  :: لَنْدَن اَلْكُبْرَى {f}
great-grandfather {n} (father of grandparent)  :: اَلْجَدّ اَلْأَعْلَى {m}
Great Lakes {prop} (a group of five lakes on the United States-Canada border)  :: اَلْبُحَيْرَات اَلْعُظْمَى {f-p}
greatness {n} (The state, condition, or quality of being great; as, greatness of size, greatness of mind, power, etc)  :: عَظَمَة {f}
great power {n} (powerful state)  :: قُوَّة عُظْمَى {f} /quwwa ʿuẓmā/
Great Pyramid at Giza {prop} (Great Pyramid of Giza) SEE: Great Pyramid of Giza  ::
Great Pyramid of Giza {prop} (the largest and most famous of the Egyptian pyramids)  :: هَرَم أَكْبَر {m}, هَرَم خُوفُو {m}
Great Satan {prop} (pejorative: United States of America)  :: اَلشَّيْطان اَلْأَكْبَر
Great Wall of China {prop} (Chinese fortification)  :: سُور اَلصِّين اَلْعَظِيم {m}
Greece {prop} (Country in Southeastern Europe)  :: اَلْيُونَان {f}
greed {n} (selfish desire for more than is needed)  :: جَشَع {m}, طَمَع {m}
greedy {adj} (having greed; consumed by selfish desires)  :: طَمَّاع
Greek {n} (inhabitant, etc., of Greece)  :: يُونَانِيَّة {f}, يُونَانِيّ {f}
Greek {prop} (language of the Greek people)  :: يُونَانِيَّة {f}
Greek fire {n} (flammable substance)  :: نار الإغريق {m} /nār al-aʾgriq/
Greek Orthodox Church {prop} (Greek Orthodox Church)  :: الكَنِيسَة الأُرْثُوذُكْسِيَّة اليُونَانِيَّة {f} /al-kanīsa l-ʾurṯūḏuksiyya l-yābāniyya/
green {adj} (having green as its colour)  :: أَخْضَر {m}, خَضْرَاء {f}, خُضْر {p}
green {n} (colour)  :: أَخْضَر {m}, خَضْرَاء {f}, خُضْر {p}
green bean {n} (immature pods of any kind of bean)  :: فَصُولِيَة {f}
green card {n} (US work permit)  :: كَارْت أَخْضَر {m} /kart ʾaḵḍar/
greenery {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana  ::
greenhouse effect {n} (process by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere)  :: اَلاِحْتِبَاس اَلْحَرَارِيّ {m}
Greenland {prop} (a large self-governing island in North America)  :: جِرِينْلَانْدَ {f} /girinlanda/
green light {n} (green traffic light)  :: ضَوْء أَخْضَر {m}
green light {n} (permission)  :: ضَوْء أَخْضَر {m}
greenness {n} (state of being green (green in color))  :: خُضْرَة {f}
green tea {n} (leaves)  :: شَاي أَخْضَر {m} /šāy ʾaḵḍar/
green tea {n} (drink)  :: شَاي أَخْضَر {m} /šāy ʾaḵḍar/
Greenwich {prop} (town)  :: غْرِينِيتْش {m} /ḡrīnitš/
greet {v} (to address with salutations or expressions of kind wishes)  :: حَيَّى, اِسْتَقْبَلَ
greeting {n} (acknowledgement of a persons presence or arrival)  :: تَحِيَّة {f}
Gregorian calendar {prop} (calendar)  :: as opposed to the Julian calendar: التقويم الغربي {m} /at-taqwīm al-ġarbī/; as opposed to the Islamic calendar: التقويم الميلادي {m} /at-taqwīm al-mīlādī/, combining both specifications: التقويم الميلادي الغربي {m} /at-taqwīm al-mīlādī al-ġarbī/
Gregory {prop} (male given name)  :: غْرِيغُورِي {m} /gregorī/, غْرِيغُورِي {m} /ḡriḡurī/
Grenada {prop} (Caribbean country)  :: غْرِينَادَا {f}
grenade {n} (pomegranate) SEE: pomegranate  ::
grenade {n} (small explosive device)  :: قُنْبُلَة {f}, قُنْبُلَة يَدَوِيَّة {f}
grey {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember)  :: رَمَادِيّ, [of hair] أَشْيَب {m}, أَشْهَب {m} [of horses]
grey crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
grid {n} (rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size)  :: شَبَكَة {f}
grid {n} (electricity delivery system)  :: شبكَة كهرباء
grid {n} (in computing)  :: شَبَكَة حَاسُوبِيَّة /šabaka ḥāsūbiyya/
grid {n} (method of marking off maps)  :: شبكَة احداثيات
griffin {n} (mythical beast having the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle)  :: جرِيفِين /grīfīn/
griffon {n} (legendary creature) SEE: griffin  ::
grill {n} (barbecue)  :: شِوَاء {m}
grill {v} (cook food)  :: شَوَى, يَشْوِي {impf}
Grim Reaper {prop} (personification of Death)  :: حِفَاف الْأَرْوَاح {m}
grind {v} (to make smaller by breaking with a device)  :: طَحَنَ
grip {v} (to grip) SEE: grasp  ::
grip {n} (grip) SEE: grasp  ::
gripe {n} (Gyps fulvus) SEE: griffin  ::
grippe {n} (flu) SEE: flu  ::
grizzly {n} (grizzly bear) SEE: grizzly bear  ::
grizzly bear {n} (Ursus arctos horribilis)  :: دُبّ أَشْهَب {m}, دُبَّة شَهْبَاء {f}
grocer {n} (person selling foodstuffs and household items)  :: بَقَّال {m}
Grodno {prop} (city)  :: غْرُودْنُو {m}
groin {n} (long narrow depression of the human body that separates the trunk from the legs)  :: أُرْبِيَّة {f}, مَغْبَن {m}
groom {n} (bridegroom) SEE: bridegroom  ::
gross {adj} (disgusting)  :: مُقَرَّف {m}
gross {adj} (coarse, rude, obscene)  :: سَيِّء, جَارِح
gross {adj} (serious, flagrant, shameful)  :: معيب
gross {adj} (whole amount, total)  :: كُلِّيّ
gross national product {n} (economics)  :: مقاييس الدخل والإنتاج القومي
grosz {n} (one hundredth of a Polish zloty)  :: قرش {m} /qirsh/
grotesque {adj} (distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous)  :: غَرِيب
grotto {n} (small cave)  :: غَار {m}, مَغَارَة {f}
ground {n} (surface of the Earth)  :: أَرْض {f}
ground {n} (soil, earth)  :: أَرْض {f}
ground {n} (football field)  :: ملعب كرة قدم
ground {n}  :: أَرْض {f}
ground-effect machine {n} (hovercraft) SEE: hovercraft  ::
group {n} (number of things or persons being in some relation to each other)  :: مَجْمُوعَة {f}, جَمَاعَة {f}
grove {n} (orchard) SEE: orchard  ::
grow {v} ((intransitive) to become bigger)  :: نَمَى
growth {n} (increase in size)  :: تَنْمِيَة {f}, نُمُو
grow up {v} (to mature and become an adult)  :: كَبُرَ
Grozny {prop} (city in Russia)  :: غْرُوزْنِي {m}, جْرُوزْنِي {m} /grūznī/
grudge {n} (deep seated animosity)  :: بُغْض, ضَغِينَة
grumble {v} (to murmur or mutter with discontent)  :: قَمْقَمَ
G-spot {n} (sensitive, erogenous zone on the anterior wall of the vagina)  :: بُقْعَة جِي
G-string {n} (a scanty piece of underwear or lingerie)  :: جِي سترينج, ثُونْغ
guacamole {n} (avocado-based greenish dip)  :: غُوَّاكَامُولِي
Guadalajara {prop} (city in Spain)  :: وَادِي الْحِجَارَة {m}, مَدِينَة الْفَرَج {f}
Guadalajara {prop} (city in Jalisco, Mexico)  :: غْوَادَالَاخَارَا {f}
Guadalcanal {prop} (Pacific island)  :: جُوَادَالْكَانَال {m} /guwadalkanāl/
Guadalquivir {prop} (river in southern Spain)  :: الوَادِي الكَبِير {m}, النَّهْر الكَبِير {m}
Guadeloupe {prop} (overseas department of France)  :: جْوَادِلُوب {m} /gwadilub/
Guam {prop} (Territory of Guam)  :: غْوَام {m}
Guangdong {prop} (province of China)  :: كْوَنْغْدُنْغ {m}, غْوَانْغْدُونْغ {m} /ḡwanḡdunḡ/
Guangxi {prop} (province in China)  :: قْوَانْغْشِي {m} /qwanḡšī/, غْوَانْغْشِي {m} /ḡwanḡšī/, جْوَانْجْشِي {m} /gwangšī/
Guangzhou {prop} (Chinese city)  :: قْوَانْغْتْشُو {m}, غْوَانْغْجُو {m}
guar {n} (annual legume)  :: غَار {m-p}
guarantee {n} (anything that assures a certain outcome)  :: ضَامِن {m}
guarantor {n} (A person, or company, that gives a guarantee)  :: كَافِل
guard {v} (to protect from some offence)  :: حَرَسَ
Guardian {prop} (newspaper)  :: جَارْدِيَان {f} /gardiyan/, جَارْدِيَان {f} /jardiyan/
guardian angel {n} (spirit)  :: مَلَاك حَارِس {m}
Guatemala {prop} (country in Central America)  :: غْوَاتِيمَالَا {f} /ḡwatimālā/, جْوَاتِيمَالَا {f} /gwatimālā/
guava {n} (fruit)  :: جُوَافَة {f}
Guelph {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the Pope)  :: غولف {m}
guess {v} (to reach an unqualified conclusion)  :: خَمَّنَ, imperfect: يُخَمِّنُ
guest {n} (recipient of hospitality)  :: ضَيْف {m} {f}
guest worker {n} (guest worker)  :: عَامِل ضَيْف {m}, عَامِل أَجْنَبِيّ {m}
guidance {n} (advice)  :: هِدَايَةٌ /hida:ja(tun)/
guide {n} (someone who guides)  :: مُرْشِد {m}
guide {n} (document, book)  :: دَلِيل {m}
guide {v} (to serve as a guide person)  :: دَلَّ, [teach] هَدَى, أَرْشَدَ
guide book {n} (book that provides guidance)  :: دَلِيل {m}
Guilin {prop} (a city in the Guangxi province of China)  :: غُويْلِين {m} /ḡuylīn/, جُويْلِين {m} /guylīn/
Guillain-Barré syndrome {n} (disease of the peripheral nervous system)  :: مُتْلازِمَة غِيلان بَارِيه {f}
guilt {n} (responsibility for wrongdoing)  :: ذَنْب {m}, خِطْء {m}, إِثْم {m}, جُرْم {m}
guilty {adj} (responsible for a dishonest act)  :: مُذْنِب, مُذْنِبَة {f}
Guinea {prop} (Republic of Guinea)  :: غِينْيَا {f}
Guinea-Bissau {prop} (Republic of Guinea-Bissau)  :: غِينِيَّا بِيسَاو {f} /ḡiniyyā bisāw/
guinea pig {n} (rodent)  :: خِنْزِير غِينِيَّا {m} /ḵinzīr ḡiniyyā/
Guinevere {prop} (wife of King Arthur)  :: غوينيفير {f}
guitar {n} (musical instrument)  :: قِيثَارَة {f}, جِيتَار {m} /gitār/
Guiyang {prop} (a prefecture-level city in southwestern China)  :: جُوي يَانْغ {m} /guy yānḡ/, غُويْيَانْغ {m} /guyyang/
Guizhou {prop} (province of China)  :: قُويْتْشُو {m} /quytšū/, غُويْجُو {m} /ḡuyjū/
Gujarat {prop} (state in India)  :: غُوجَارَات {m} /ḡujarāt/
Gujarati {prop} (language)  :: غُوجَارَاتِيَّة {f} /ḡujarātiyya/
gulag {n} (Soviet labour camp)  :: مُعَسْكَر عَمْل {m}, غُولَاغ {m} /ḡulāḡ/, جُولَاج {m} /gulāg/
gulch {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
gulf {n} (geography)  :: خَلِيج {m}
Gulf of Aden {prop} (a gulf)  :: خَلِيج عَدَن
Gulf of Finland {prop} (arm of the Baltic Sea)  :: خَلِيج فِنْلَنْدَا {m}
Gulf of Mexico {prop} (gulf between USA and Mexico)  :: خَلِيج اَلْمَكْسِيك {m}
Gulf of Naples {prop} (Mediterranean gulf along the coast of Campania)  :: خَلِيج نَابُلِي {m}, خَلِيج نَابُولِي {m}
Gulf Stream {prop} (warm ocean current)  :: تَيَّار الْخَلِيج {m}
gull {n} (seabird)  :: نَوْرَس {m}
gum {n} (chewing gum) SEE: chewing gum  ::
gum {n} (flesh around teeth)  :: لِثَة {f}, لَثَة {f}
gum arabic {n} (substance from acacia trees)  :: علكة عربية /ealikat earabia/
gumbo {n} (gumbo) SEE: okra  ::
gummy bear {n} (candy)  :: دُبّ مَطَّاطِيّ {m}
gun {n} (a very portable, short weapon, for hand use)  :: مُسَدَّس {m}
gun {n} ((military) A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity)  :: مِدْفَع {m}
gun {n}  :: بُنْدُقِيَّة
gunboat {n} (small armed vessel)  :: زَوْرَق مِدْفَعِيَّة {f}
Gundeshapur {prop} (Sassanian city)  :: جُنْدَيْسَابُور
Gunma {prop} (Gunma, Japan)  :: غُونْمَا {f}
gunpowder {n} (explosive mixture)  :: بَارُود {m}
Guoyu {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin  ::
guru {n} (spiritual teacher)  :: مُعَلِّم رُوحِيّ {m}, جُورُو /gūrū/, غُورُو {m}
gut {n} (intestine) SEE: intestine  ::
gutter {v} (to cut or form into small longitudinal hollows) SEE: channel  ::
guy {n} (male, man)  :: رَجُل {m}
Guyana {prop} (country)  :: غْوِيَانَا {f}, غُويَانَا {f} /ḡuyānā/
guyline {n} (guy) SEE: guy  ::
guzzle {v} (To drink (or sometimes eat) voraciously)  :: أَسْرَفَ فِي اَلشَّرَاب
Gwangju {prop} (a city in South Korea)  :: جْوَانْجُو {m} /gwanjū/
gym {n} (sporting facility specialized for lifting weights and exercise)  :: صَالَة رِيَاضِيَّة {f} /ṣāla riyāḍiyya/
gymnastics {n} (a sport)  :: جُمْبَاز {m}
gynandromorph {n} (a person having certain physical characteristics of both sexes) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
gypsy {n} (member of the Rom people) SEE: Rom  ::
gypsy {n} (any itinerant person, or any person suspected of making a living from dishonest practices or theft)  :: غَجَرِيّ {m}, غَجَرِيَّة {f}
Gypsy {n} (a member of the Romani people) SEE: Rom  ::
gyrfalcon {n} (falcon) SEE: falcon  ::
Gyumri {prop} (city in Armenia)  :: غْيُومْرِي {f}