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i {n} (name of the letter I, i)  :: i
Iași {prop} (city in Romania)  :: Iași
I am {interj} (I'm) SEE: I'm  ::
iambic pentameter {n} (a poetic meter)  :: pentametru iambic
I am English {phrase} (I am English)  :: eu sunt englez {m}, eu sunt englezoiacă {f}
I am hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry) SEE: I'm hungry  ::
I am thirsty {phrase} (I'm thirsty) SEE: I'm thirsty  ::
I am twenty years old {phrase} (I'm twenty years old) SEE: I'm twenty years old  ::
Iberian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Peninsula Iberică {f}
Iberian Sea {prop} (Balearic Sea) SEE: Balearic Sea  ::
ibex {n} (type of wild mountain goat)  :: capră de stâncă {f}, ibex {m}
ibis {n} (Threskiornithid)  :: ibis {m}
Ibiza {prop} (island)  :: Ibiza {f}
Ibizan Hound {n} (Ibizan Hound)  :: ogar de Ibiza {m}
-ible {suffix} (able to be done)  :: -ibil
-ible {suffix} (expressing capacity or worthiness in a passive sense)  :: -abil, -ibil
ibrik {n} (A long-spouted pitcher)  :: ibric
ibuprofen {n} (pharmaceutical drug)  :: ibuprofen
I came, I saw, I conquered {phrase} (used to indicate a total swift victory)  :: am venit, am văzut, am învins, venii, văzui, învinsei
ICAO {initialism} (International Civil Aviation Organization)  :: ICAO, OACI, Organizația de Aviație Civilă Internațională {f}
ICAO spelling alphabet {n} (ICAO radiotelephony spelling alphabet)  :: alfabetul radio-fonetic ICAO {n}
ice {n} (water in frozen form)  :: gheață
ice {n} (frozen volatile chemical)  :: gheață carbonică {f}
ice {n} (frozen dessert)  :: înghețată {f}
ice {v} (to cool with ice)  :: răci
ice {v} (to freeze)  :: îngheța, congela
ice {v} (to murder)  :: răci
ice {v} (to cover with icing)  :: glasa
ice {n} (diamond) SEE: diamond  ::
ice bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear  ::
iceberg {n} (huge mass of floating ice)  :: aisberg {n}
icebox {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
ice cap {n} (permanent expanse of ice)  :: calotă glaciară {f}
ice cream {n} (dessert)  :: înghețată {f}
ice cream {n} (in a cone)  :: înghețată {f}
ice field {n} (expanse of floating ice)  :: câmp de gheață {n}, aisfild {n}
ice floe {n} (floe) SEE: floe  ::
Iceland {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Islanda {f}
Icelander {n} (a person from Iceland or of Icelandic descent)  :: islandez {m}, islandeză {f}
Icelandic {prop} (language)  :: islandez
Icelandic {adj} (of or relating to Iceland)  :: islandez
Icelandic {n} (Icelander) SEE: Icelander  ::
Icelandish {prop} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
Icelandish {adj} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
ice sculpture {n} (sculpture carved from ice)  :: sculptură în gheață {f}
ice-skate {v} (skate on ice)  :: patina
ice skating {n} (the act, or the sport, of skating on ice)  :: patinaj {n}, patinare {f}
ichneumon {n} (Herpestes ichneumon)  :: ihneumon {m}
ichthyologist {n} (expert in ichthyology)  :: ihtiolog {m}, ihtiologă {f}
ichthyosaur {n} (extinct reptile)  :: ihtiozaur {m}
icicle {n} (a spear-shape of ice)  :: țurțur {m}
icing {n} (sweet glaze used for baked goods)  :: glazură {f} (de zahăr)
icing {n} (process of forming a layer of ice)  :: acoperire cu gheață {f}
icing sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar  ::
icon {n} (religious painting)  :: icoană {f}
icon {n} (small picture, computer icon)  :: iconiță {f}
iconoclast {n}  :: iconoclast {m}, iconoclastă {f}
iconostasis {n} (a wall of icons)  :: iconostas, tâmplă, catapeteasmă
I could eat a horse {phrase} (very hungry)  :: am o foame de lup
ID {n} (identification or identity documentation) SEE: ID card  ::
ID card {n} (card or badge showing the official identity of the wearer)  :: carte de identitate, document de identitate {n}, card de identitate
-ide {suffix} (any of a group of related compounds)  :: -idă {f}
-ide {suffix} (a binary compound of a nonmetal)  :: -ură {f}
-ide {suffix} (any of a group of several elements)  :: -idă {f}
idea {n} (image formed in the mind)  :: idee {f}
idea {n} (result of mental activity)  :: părere {f}
idea {n} (conception of sthg to be done, plan, intention)  :: idee {f}
idea {n} (vague or fanciful notion)  :: bănuială {f}
ideal {n} ((algebra))  :: ideal {n}
idealism {n} (property of a person of having high ideals that are usually unrealizable)  :: idealism {n}
idealism {n} (an approach to philosophical enquiry)  :: idealism {n}
idealistic {adj} (of or pertaining to an idealist or to idealism)  :: idealist
idealization {n} (act or process of idealizing)  :: idealizare {f}
idealize {v} (transitive: to regard something as ideal)  :: idealiza
ideally {adv} (preferably)  :: ideal, în mod ideal
identically {adv} (in an identical manner)  :: identic
identifiable {adj} (capable of being distinguished and named)  :: identificabil
identity {n} (the sameness some individuals share to make up the same kind or universal)  :: identitate {f}
identity {n} (name or persona)  :: identitate {f}
identity {n}  :: identitate {f}
identity {n} (algebra: function) SEE: identity function  ::
identity card {n} (a card showing one's identity) SEE: ID card  ::
identity function {n} (A function whose value is always the same as its independent variable)  :: identitate
ideogram {n} (a symbol)  :: ideogramă {f}
ideologic {adj} (ideological) SEE: ideological  ::
ideological {adj} (of or pertaining to an ideology)  :: ideologic
ideological {adj} (based on an ideology)  :: ideologic
ideological {adj}  :: ideologic
ideologist {n} (one who theorizes or idealizes; one who advocates the doctrines of ideology)  :: ideologist {m} {n}, ideologiste {f-p}, ideolog {m}, ideologi {m-p}
ideologue {n} (advocate of a particular ideology)  :: ideolog
ideology {n} (doctrine, body of ideas)  :: ideologie {f}, ideologii {f-p}
ideology {n} (study of the origin and nature of ideas)  :: ideologie {f}
idiolect {n} (variant of a language used by a particular individual)  :: idiolect {n}
idiom {n} (expression peculiar to a given language)  :: idiom
idiomatic {adj} (pertaining or conforming to the mode of expression characteristic of a language)  :: idiomatic
idiomatical {adj} (idiomatical) SEE: idiomatic  ::
idiosyncrasy {n} (way of behaving or thinking)  :: particularitate {f}, idiosincrazie
idiosyncrasy {n} (language or behaviour particular to an individual or a group)  :: trăsătură {f}
idiosyncrasy {n} ((medicine) individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance)  :: idiosincrasie {f}
idiosyncrasy {n} (peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify)  :: caracteristică {f}, particularitate {f}
idiosyncratic {adj} (peculiar to a specific individual)  :: idiosincratic, idiosincrazic
idiot {n} (person of low general intelligence)  :: idiot {m}, idioată {f}, idioți {p}, idioate {f-p}
I'd like to kiss you {phrase} (I'd like to kiss you)  :: aș dori să te să te sărut, aș dori să te să te pup
I'd like to know {phrase} (phrase)  :: aș dori să știu
idol {n} (representation of anything revered)  :: idol {m}
idol {n} (cultural icon, especially popular person)  :: idol {m}
I don't care {phrase} (I don't care)  :: nu-mi pasă, nu mă interesează
I don't eat meat {phrase} (I don't eat meat)  :: nu mănânc carne
I don't eat pork {phrase} (I don't eat pork)  :: eu nu mănânc carne de porc
I don't know {phrase} (I don’t know)  :: nu știu
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak English (specifically English))  :: eu nu vorbesc englezește, eu nu vorbesc engleza, eu nu vorbesc limba engleză
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak (fill with the name of the current foreign language))  :: eu nu vorbesc română, eu nu vorbesc limba română
I don't think so {phrase} (I think that what has been said is untrue)  :: nu prea cred
I don't understand {phrase} (I don't understand)  :: nu înțeleg
if {conj} (supposing that)  :: dacă
if and only if {conj} (implies and is implied by)  :: dacă și numai dacă
iff {abbr} (abbreviation of if and only if)  :: ddacă
iffy {adj} (Of dubious authenticity, legitimacy or legality)  :: dubios
if the mountain won't come to Muhammad {proverb} (if one cannot get one's own way)  :: dacă nu vine muntele la Mahomed, merge Mahomed la munte
Ignatius {prop} (male given name)  :: Ignațiu
ignominy {n} (Great dishonor, shame, or humiliation)  :: ignominie {f}
ignorance {n} (condition of being uninformed or uneducated)  :: ignoranță {f}
ignorance is bliss {proverb} (Ignorance is bliss)  :: ignoranța e o binecuvântare
ignorant {adj} (characterized by ignorance)  :: ignorant {m} {n}, ignorantă {f}
iguana {n} (any of several members of the lizard family Iguanidae)  :: iguană {f}
iguana {n} (any member of the genus Iguana)  :: iguană {f}
iguana {n} (a green iguana (Iguana iguana))  :: iguană {f}
I hate you {phrase} (expression of intense dislike)  :: te urăsc
I have a cold {phrase} (I have a cold)  :: sunt răcit {m}, sunt răcită {f}
I have AIDS {phrase} (I have AIDS)  :: eu am SIDA
I have a question {phrase} (I have a question)  :: am o întrebare
I have asthma {phrase} (I have asthma)  :: Eu am astmă
I have cancer {phrase} (I have cancer)  :: eu am cancer
I have diabetes {phrase} (I have diabetes)  :: eu am diabet, eu sufăr de diabet
I have high blood pressure {phrase} (I have high blood pressure)  :: eu am supratensiune, eu am tensiune mare
I know {phrase} (response indicating agreement with prior statement before it was made)  :: știu
I live in Melbourne {phrase} (I live in Melbourne (example city))  :: eu locuiesc în Melbourne
ill {adj} (bad) SEE: bad  ::
ill {adj} (in poor health, suffering from a disease)  :: bolnav, abătut
illative case {n} (case used to indicate movement into something)  :: definitiv {n}
illegal {adj} (contrary to or forbidden by law)  :: ilegal, nelegal {m} {n}
illegal {adj} (prohibited by established rules)  :: ilegal
illegal alien {n} (person within a state without authorization)  :: imigrant ilegal {m}
illegal immigrant {n} (immigrant who has entered a country illegally)  :: imigrant ilegal {m}
illegal immigration {n} (migration that violates the immigration laws of a country)  :: imigrație ilegală {f}
illegally {adv} (in a manner contrary to the law)  :: ilegal {m}, nelegal {m}
illegitimate {adj} (against the law)  :: ilegitim {m}, nelegal {m}
ill-intentioned {adj} (malevolent) SEE: malevolent  ::
illiterate {adj} (unable to read and write)  :: analfabet {m}, anaflabetă {f}
illness {n} (an instance of a disease or poor health)  :: boală {f}
illogical {adj} (contrary to logic; lacking sense or sound reasoning)  :: ilogic {m} {n}, nelogic {m} {n}
illuminate {v} (to shine light on something)  :: ilumina, lumina
illuminate {v} (to decorate something with lights)  :: ilumina
illuminate {v} (to clarify or make something understandable)  :: clarifica
illuminate {v} (to decorate the page of a manuscript book with ornamental designs)  :: decora
illumination {n} (the act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated)  :: iluminație {f}, iluminare {f}
illusion {n} (anything that seems to be something that it is not)  :: iluzie {f}
illusionist {n} (one who works with illusion)  :: iluzionist {m}, iluzionistă {f}
illusive {adj} (illusory) SEE: illusory  ::
illusory {adj} (illusory)  :: iluzoriu
illustrate {v} (to clarify)  :: ilustra
illustrate {v} (to add explanatory or decoratory features)  :: ilustra
Illyria {prop} (region in the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Iliria {f} {n}
Illyrian {n} (inhabitant of the ancient Illyria)  :: ilir {m}
I lost my bag {phrase} (I lost my handbag) SEE: I lost my handbag  ::
I lost my handbag {phrase} (I lost my handbag)  :: mi-am pierdut geanta, mi-am pierdut poșeta
I lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys)  :: mi-am pierdut cheile
I lost my wallet {phrase} (I lost my wallet)  :: mi-am pierdut portofelul
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of affection or deep caring)  :: te iubesc, te ador
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of romantic feeling)  :: te iubesc
I love you {phrase} (platonic expression of inclination or liking)  :: Te ador
I'm {contraction} (I am)  :: eu sunt, sunt
I'm a Buddhist {phrase} (I'm a Buddhist)  :: sunt budist {m}, sunt budistă {f}
I'm a Catholic {phrase} (I'm a Catholic)  :: eu sunt catolic {m}
I'm a Christian {phrase} (I'm a Christian)  :: eu sunt creștin {m}, eu sunt creștină {f}
image {n} (graphical representation)  :: imagine {f}, poză {f}
image {n} (characteristic as perceived by others)  :: imagine {f}
image processing {n} (information processing for graphical data)  :: procesare de imagine {f}
imagery {n} (imitation work) SEE: imitation  ::
imaginability {n} (quality)  :: imaginabilitate
imagination {n} (image-making power of the mind)  :: imaginație {f}, fantezie {f}, forță de imaginare {f}
imagination {n} (construction of false images)  :: închipuire {f}, imaginare {f}, iluzionare {f}
imagination {n} (a mental image)  :: imagine {f}, imaginare {f}, închipuire {f}
imagine {v} ((transitive) to form a mental image of something)  :: imagina, închipui
I'm agnostic {phrase} (I'm agnostic)  :: eu sunt agnostic {m}, sunt agnostică {f}
I'm allergic to aspirin {phrase} (I'm allergic to aspirin)  :: eu sunt alergic la aspirină, sunt alergică la aspirină {f}
I'm allergic to penicillin {phrase} (I'm allergic to penicillin)  :: sunt alergic la penicilină {m}, eu sunt alergică la penicilină {f}
I'm allergic to pollen {phrase} (I'm allergic to pollen)  :: eu sunt alergic la polen {m}, eu sunt alergică la polen {f}
imam {n} (Muslim leader)  :: imam {m}
I'm a Muslim {phrase} (I'm a Muslim)  :: sunt musulman {m}, sunt musulmană {f}
I'm an atheist {phrase} (I'm an atheist)  :: sunt ateu {m}, sunt atee {f}
I'm a vegetarian {phrase} (I'm vegetarian)  :: sunt vegetarian {m}, sunt vegetariană
imbalance {n} (property of not being in balance)  :: dezechilibru
imbecile {n} (person with limited mental capacity)  :: imbecil
imbibe {v} (drink)  :: bea
imbibe {v} (take in)  :: îmbiba
I'm bleeding {phrase} (I'm bleeding)  :: sângerez
imbue {v} (to wet or stain completely)  :: a îmbiba
imbue {v} (to permeate or impregnate completely)  :: a impregna
I'm dying {phrase} (I'm dying)  :: mor
I'm gay {phrase} (I'm gay)  :: sunt gay
I'm hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry)  :: mi-e foame {m} {f}, (eu) sunt flămând {m}, (eu) sunt flămândă {f}, am (o) foame {m} {f}
I'm in love with you {phrase} (declaration of romantic feeling)  :: [male speaker] sunt îndragostit de tine, [female speaker] sunt îndragostită de tine
I miss you {phrase} (I miss you)  :: mi-e dor de tine
imitation {n} (act of imitating)  :: imitare {f}
imitation {n} (copy)  :: imitare {f}, imitație {f}
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (ethnic))  :: sunt evreu {m}, sunt evreică {f}
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (religious))  :: sunt evreu {m}, sunt evreică {f}
I'm looking for a job {phrase} (I'm looking for a job)  :: caut un loc de muncă
immaculate {adj} (having no stain or blemish, spotless, undefiled, clear, pure)  :: imaculat {m}, imaculată {f}
Immaculate Conception {prop} (The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: imaculata concepție
Immanuel {prop} (male given name) SEE: Emmanuel  ::
I'm married {phrase} (I'm married)  :: sunt căsătorit {m}, sunt căsătorită
immaterial {adj} (having no matter or substance)  :: imaterial
immaterial {adj} (irrelevant)  :: neimportant {m}
immaturity {n} (the state of being immature)  :: imaturitate {f}
immeasurable {adj} (vast)  :: nemăsurabil {m} {n}, de nemăsurat
immediate {adj} (without delay)  :: imediat
immediate family {n} (family unit consisting of parents and their children)  :: familie apropiată {f}
immediately {adv} (in an immediate manner)  :: imediat, fără întârziere, numaidecât, de îndată, îndată
immense {adj} (huge, gigantic, very large)  :: imens, uriaș
immerse {v} (to put under the surface of a liquid)  :: scufunda, scufunda
immersed {adj} (under the surface)  :: imersat, scufundat
immigrant {n} (person who comes to a country to settle)  :: imigrant {m}
immigration {n} (the act of immigrating)  :: imigrație {f}, imigrare {f}
imminent {adj} (about to happen, occur, or take place very soon)  :: iminent {m}
immiscible {adj} (not mutually soluble, unmixable)  :: neamestecabil
immobilize {v} (render motionless)  :: imobiliza
immoral {adj} (not moral)  :: imoral {m} {n}
immorality {n} (state or quality of being immoral)  :: imoralitate {f}
immortal {adj} (not susceptible to death)  :: nemuritor, imortal
immortal {n} (one that is not susceptible to death)  :: nemuritor {m}, nemuritoare {f}
immovable {adj} (incapable of being physically moved)  :: imobil, nemișcabil {m}, nemișcat {m}
immovable {adj} (steadfast)  :: ferm, fix, neclintit
immovable {adj} (impassive)  :: impasiv, netulburat
immovable {n} (That which can not be moved; something which is immovable)  :: bunuri imobiliare {n-p}, imobil {n}
immovable property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate  ::
immune system {n} (system that protects the body from foreign material and organisms)  :: sistem imunitar
immunodeficiency {n} (A depletion in the body's natural immune system)  :: imunodeficiență {f}
immunoglobulin {n} (glycoprotein protecting the host)  :: imunoglobulină {f}
immunologist {n} (person who studies immunology)  :: imunolog {m}, imunologă {f}
immunology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: imunologie {f}
immutable {adj} (unable to be changed without exception)  :: imuabil
I'm mute {phrase} (I'm mute)  :: sunt mut {m}, sunt mută {f}
I'm not religious {phrase} (I'm not religious)  :: nu sunt religios {m}, nu sunt religioasă {f}
imp {n} (demonic creature)  :: drăcușor {m}
impact {n} (a collision)  :: șoc {n}, impact {n}, coliziune {f}
impair {v} (have a diminishing effect on)  :: afecta in mod negativ , diminua efectul , a subrezi
impaired {adj} (Rendered less effective)  :: înrautățit {m} {n}, slăbit {m} {n}, diminuat {m} {n}
impala {n} (African antelope)  :: impala {f}
impart {v} (to give a part or share)  :: împărți
impartial {adj} (treating all parties, rivals or disputants equally)  :: imparțial, nepărtinitor {m}
impartiality {n} (The quality of being impartial; fairness)  :: imparțialitate, nepărtinitate {f}, obiectivitate {f}
impassable {adj} (incapable of being passed over, crossed, or negotiated)  :: impracticabil
impasse {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end  ::
impatience {n} (quality of being impatient)  :: nerăbdare {f}, impaciență {f}
impeachment {n} (the act of impeaching a public official)  :: destituire {f}
impedance {n} (physics, measure of opposition to flow of current)  :: impedanță
impede {v} (to get in the way of; to hinder)  :: împiedica
impediment {n} (hindrance; that which impedes progress)  :: impediment, piedică, obstacol
impenetrable {adj} (not penetrable)  :: impenetrabil, de nepătruns, de nestrăpuns
imperative {n} (imperative mood) SEE: imperative mood  ::
imperative mood {n} (imperative mood)  :: mod imperativ {n}, imperativ {n}
imperfect {adj} (not perfect)  :: imperfect {m} {n}
imperfection {n} (state of being imperfect)  :: imperfecțiune {f}
imperfection {n} (something that makes something else less than perfect)  :: imperfecțiune {f}
imperfective aspect {n} (grammatical term)  :: imperfect {n} (noun), aspect imperfect {n}
imperial {adj} (related to an empire)  :: imperial
imperial {adj} (related to the British measurement system)  :: imperial
imperialism {n} (the policy of extending power, by force)  :: imperialism
imperiousness {n} (being imperious)  :: imperiozitate {f}
impertinence {n} (Lack of pertinence; irrelevance)  :: irelevanță {f}
impertinence {n} (An instance of this; a moment of being impertinent)  :: impertinență {f}
imperturbability {n} (composure)  :: imperturbabilitate {f}
impervious {adj} (unaffected or unable to be affected by)  :: indiferent {m}, insensibil {m}
impervious {adj} (preventative of any penetration; impenetrable, impermeable)  :: impenetrabil {m}, impermeabil {m}, impermeabilă {f}
impervious {adj} (immune to damage or effect)  :: insensibil {m}
impetuous {adj} (describing one who makes arbitrary decisions)  :: impetuos
impetuous {adj} (characterized by sudden and violent force)  :: impetuos
implacable {adj} (not able to placate or appease)  :: implacabil
implacable {adj} (adamant or immovable)  :: imobil, nemișcabil, nemișcat, ferm, de neclintit
implant {v} (insert (something) surgically into the body)  :: implanta
implant {n} (anything surgically implanted in the body)  :: implantat {n}, implant {n}, implanturi {n-p}
implantation {n} (anatomy: way an organ becomes inserted into its place)  :: implantare {f}
implantation {n} (surgery: act of inserting an implant)  :: implantare {f}, implantație {f}, implantări {f-p}
implantation {n} (embryology: attachment of fertilized ovum)  :: implantare embrională {f}, implantare de embrion {f}
implantation {n} (physics: insertion of ions into crystal structure)  :: implantare {f}, inserție ionică
implicit {adj} (implied indirectly)  :: implicit
implicit {adj} (contained in the essential nature)  :: implicit, inerent
implicit {adj} (unquestioning or unconditional)  :: absolut
impoliteness {n} (state of being impolite)  :: impolitețe {f}
importance {n} (quality or condition of being important or worthy of note)  :: importanță {f}, însemnătate {f}
importance {n} (significance or prominence)  :: importanță {f}
important {adj} (having relevant and crucial value)  :: important
importantness {n} (importance) SEE: importance  ::
impose {v} (to establish or apply by authority)  :: impune
impose {v} (to be an inconvenience)  :: a se impune, dicta
imposing {adj} (magnificent and impressive because of appearance, size, stateliness or dignity)  :: impozant, măreț, impunător, falnic
impossibility {n} (The quality of being impossible)  :: imposibilitate {f}
impossible {adj} (not able to be done)  :: imposibil
impost {n} (tax)  :: impozit
imposter {n} (Someone who attempts to deceive by using an assumed name or identity or other devious disguise) SEE: impostor  ::
impostor {n} (someone who uses assumed identity)  :: impostor, impostoare {f}
imposture {n} (The act or conduct of an impostor; deception practiced under a false or assumed character; fraud or imposition; cheating)  :: impostură
impotence {n} (powerlessness)  :: impotență, lipsă de putere
impotence {n} (erectile dysfunction)  :: impotență
impoverish {v} (to make poor)  :: sărăci, pauperiza
impoverished {adj} (with no possessions or money) SEE: poor  ::
impracticability {n} (the quality or condition of being impracticable)  :: impractibilitate
impracticable {adj} (not practicable)  :: impracticabil, nepracticabil
imprecation {n} (act of imprecating, or invoking evil upon someone)  :: imprecație {f}, blestem {n}
imprecision {n} (lack of precision)  :: imprecizie {f}
impregnable {adj} (too strong to be penetrated)  :: inexpugnabil, impenetrabil
impregnate {v} (to cause to become pregnant)  :: însămânța
impregnate {v} (to add nutrients) SEE: fertilize  ::
impresario {n} (a manager or producer in the entertainment industry)  :: impresar {m}
impression {n} (indentation or depression made by pressure)  :: imprimare {f}
impression {n} (overall effect of something)  :: impresie
impression {n} (outward appearance)  :: impresie, aparență
impressionism {n} (movement in art)  :: impresionism
impressionism {n} (poetry: style)  :: impresionism
impressive {adj} (making, or tending to make, an impression; having power to impress)  :: impresionant, mișcător
impressive {adj} (appealing)  :: atrăgător, mișcător
impressiveness {n} (the quality of being impressive)  :: caracter impresionant, caracter mișcător
imprison {v} (to put in or as if in prison; confine)  :: întemnița, încarcera
imprisonment {n} (confinement)  :: întemnițare, încarcerare
improbable {adj} (not likely to be true)  :: improbabil {m} {n}
improper {adj} (unsuitable to needs or circumstances)  :: impropriu
improper fraction {n} (arithmetic: a vulgar fraction)  :: improprie fracție
improve {v} (to make something better)  :: îmbunătăți
improve {v} (to become better)  :: a se îmbunătăți
improved {adj} (that has been made better)  :: îmbunătățit
improvement {n} (act of improving)  :: îmbunătățire {f}
improvisation {n} (act or art of composing and rendering music, poetry, and the like, extemporaneously)  :: improvizare {f}
impudence {n} (quality of being impudent)  :: obrăznicie {f}, impudoare {f}, impudență {f}
impudence {n} (impudent language, conduct or behavior)  :: obrăznicie {f}
impulse {n} (sudden force that impels)  :: impuls {n}
impulsive {adj} (having the power of driving or impelling; giving an impulse; moving; impellent)  :: impulsiv
impulsive {adj} (actuated by impulse or by transient feelings)  :: impulsiv
impulsiveness {n} (the quality of being impulsive)  :: impulsivitate {f}
impureness {n} (condition of being impure)  :: impuritate {f}
impurity {n} (the condition of being impure)  :: impuritate, necurățenie
impute {v} (to attribute to a cause or source)  :: imputa
impute {v} (to ascribe sin or righteousness)  :: imputa
impute {v} (to attribute or credit to)  :: imputa
imputed {adj} (attributed to another person)  :: imputat
I'm rubber, you're glue {phrase} (I'm rubber, you're glue)  :: cine zice, ăla este
I'm single {phrase} (I'm single)  :: sunt celibatar {m}, sunt celibatară {f}
I'm sorry {phrase} (I'm sorry)  :: îmi pare rău, scuză
I'm straight {phrase} (I'm straight)  :: sunt straight
I'm thirsty {phrase} (I need a drink)  :: mi-e sete
I'm twenty years old {phrase} (I am twenty years old)  :: am douăzeci de ani
in {prep} (contained by)  :: în
in {prep} (surrounded by)  :: în
in {prep} (after a period of time)  :: în
in {prep} (into)  :: în
in {prep} (during)  :: în
in {prep} (a state)  :: în
in {prep} (language, script, or tone)  :: în
in {prep}  :: în
inability {n} (lack of the ability to do something; incapability)  :: incapacitate {f}, incapabilitate {f}, neputință {f}
inacceptable {adj} (unacceptable) SEE: unacceptable  ::
inaccessible {adj} (not able to be accessed; out of reach; inconvenient)  :: inaccesibil {m} {n}, neaccesibil {m} {n}
inaccessible {adj} (not able to be reached; unattainable)  :: inaccesibil, de neatins, neatingibil
inadequate {adj} (Not adequate)  :: inadecvat {m} {n}, neadecvat {m} {n}, inadecvată {f}, neadecvată {f}, nepotrivit {m} {n}
inadmissibility {n} (the state of being inadmissible)  :: inadmisibilitate {f}
inadmissible {adj} (Not admissible)  :: inadmisibil {m} {n}, inadmisibilă {f}, neadmisibil {m}
in advance {prep} (in advance) SEE: beforehand  ::
inanition {n} (Emptiness)  :: goliciune {f}
inanition {n} (A state of advanced lack of adequate nutrition, food or water, or a physiological inability to utilize them; starvation)  :: inanitie {f}
inappropriate {adj} (not appropriate or suitable)  :: inadecvat, necorespunzător, impropriu {m} {n}, inoportun {m} {n}, nepotrivit {m} {n}
inaudible {adj} (unable to be heard)  :: neauzibil, inauzibil
inauguration {n} (act of inaugurating)  :: inaugurare {f}
inbalance {n} (imbalance) SEE: imbalance  ::
incandescent {n} (incandescent lamp) SEE: light bulb  ::
incantation {n} (process)  :: descântare {f}
incantation {n} (formula)  :: incantație {f}, descântec {n}
incapable {adj} (not being capable)  :: incapabil
incarnate {adj} (flesh-colored) SEE: crimson  ::
incense {n} (A perfume often used in the rites of various religions)  :: tămâie {f}
incest {n} (sexual relations between close relatives)  :: incest
inch {n} (unit of length)  :: țol {m}
incident {n} (event or occurrence)  :: incident {n}, caz {n}
incident {n} ((minor) event incidental to others)  :: episod {n}, mic incident, minor incident {n}
incident {n} (event causing interruption or crisis)  :: incident {n}, deranjament {n}
incident {adj} (arising as the result of an event)  :: incidental
incident {adj} (physics: falling on a surface)  :: incident
incidentally {adv} (In an incidental manner)  :: apropo
incision {n} (cut)  :: incizie {f}
incisor {n} (tooth)  :: incisiv {m}
incite {v} (to rouse, stir up or excite)  :: incita, ațâța, stârni
incitement {n} (a call to act; encouragement to act, often in an illegal fashion)  :: incitare {f}, incitație {f}, stârnire {f}
inclination {n} (physical tilt or bend)  :: înclinare {f}
inclination {n} (slant or slope)  :: înclinație {f}, pantă {f}, povârniș {n}, înclinare {f}
inclination {n} (mental tendency)  :: tendință {f}, înclinație {f}
incline {v} (bend (something) out of a given plane or direction)  :: apleca
inclined plane {n} (simple machine)  :: plan înclinat
inclinometer {n} (instrument) SEE: clinometer  ::
include {v}  :: include
including {prep} (Such as, among which)  :: inclusiv
income {n} (Money one earns by working or by capitalising on the work of others)  :: venit {n}
income tax {n} (tax levied on income)  :: impozit pe venit {n}
incomparable {adj} (beyond comparison)  :: incomparabil, necomparabil
incomparable {adj} (not able to be compared) SEE: uncomparable  ::
incompatibility {n} (the quality or state of being incompatible)  :: incompatibilitate
incompetent {adj} (unskilled, lacking normally expected degree of ability)  :: incompetent
incomplete {adj} (not complete)  :: incomplet
inconceivable {adj} (unable to be conceived, unbelievable)  :: de neconceput, de neînțeles, de nepriceput, neconceptibil {m}, neverosimil {m}
inconducive {adj} (unconducive) SEE: unconducive  ::
inconsistency {n} (state of being inconsistent)  :: inconsistență
inconsistent {adj} (not consistent)  :: neconsistent, inconsistent
inconstant {adj} (not constant)  :: inconstant, variabil, nestatornic, neconstant [rare]
incontrovertible {adj} (Not capable of being denied, challenged, or disputed; closed to questioning)  :: irefutabil {m}, necontroversabil {m} [rare]
inconvenience {n} (something inconvenient or bothering)  :: deranj {n}, incomodare {f}, neplăcere {f}, inconveniență {f}
inconvenience {v} (to bother or discomfort)  :: deranja, incomoda, importuna
incorrect {adj} (erroneous)  :: incorect
incorrectly {adv} (in an incorrect manner)  :: incorect, în mod incorect
increase {v} (become larger)  :: crește, mări, spori, urca
increase {n} (increased amount)  :: creștere {f}, sporire {f}, mărire {f}
incredible {adj} (too implausible to be credible)  :: incredibil
incredible {adj} (amazing)  :: incredibil
incredible {adj} (marvellous)  :: incredibil
incredulity {n} (unwillingness to believe; doubt about the truth of something)  :: incredulitate {f}, scepticism {n}
incredulity {n} (religious disbelief)  :: necredință {f}
incredulousness {n} (incredulity) SEE: incredulity  ::
incriminate {v} (to accuse or bring criminal charges against)  :: incrimina
incriminate {v} (to indicate the guilt of)  :: incrimina, inculpa
incubation {n} (development of a disease from its causes, or its period of incubation)  :: incubație {f}
incubation period {n} (time between exposure and symptoms)  :: perioadă de incubație {f}, timp de incubație {m}
incubator {n} (chemistry: apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a reaction)  :: incubator {n}, incubatoare {n-p}
incubator {n} (apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a newborn baby)  :: incubator {n}
incubator {n} (apparatus used to maintain environmental conditions suitable for the hatching of eggs)  :: incubator {n}
incubator {n} (place to maintain the culturing of bacteria at a steady temperature)  :: incubator {n}
incubus {n} (an evil spirit)  :: incub {m}
inculcate {v} (to induce understanding or a particular sentiment in a person or persons)  :: inculca, înrădăcina
incumbent {adj} (imposed on someone as an obligation, especially due to one's office)  :: obligatoriu {m}, impus {m}
incumbent {adj} (being the current holder of an office)  :: titular {m}, beneficiar {m}
incunable {n} (very early printed book, specifically one printed before 1501; an incunabulum)  :: incunabul
incus {n} (a small anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear)  :: nicovală {f}
indebted {adj} (obligated to someone)  :: dator, îndatorat
indebtedness {n} (state of being in debt)  :: îndatorire {f}, îndatorare {f}
indebtedness {n} (amount owed)  :: datorie {f}, îndatorire {f}
indecent {adj} (offensive to good taste)  :: indecent, indecentă {f}
indeed {adv} (modal: truly; in fact; actually)  :: într-adevăr
indefensible {adj} (not capable of being defended)  :: neapărabil {m}, de neapărat, imposibil de apărat
indefensible {adj} (incapable of being justified)  :: nefundamentat {m}, nejustificabil, de neiertat
indefinite adjective {n} (an indefinite pronoun used as a determiner)  :: adjectiv nedefinit {n}
indefinite article {n} (word preceding a noun to indicate any member of the class of objects)  :: articol nehotărât {n}
indefinite pronoun {n} (Pronoun not specifying the identity of its referent)  :: pronume nedefinit {n}
independence {n} (state or quality of being independent)  :: independență {f}
independence {n} (state of having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood)  :: independență {f}
Independence Day {n} (annual celebration)  :: Ziua Independenței
independent {adj} (not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free)  :: independent, liber
independent variable {n} (independent variable)  :: variabilă independentă {f}
in depth {prep} (thorough, comprehensive) SEE: in-depth  ::
in-depth {adj} (thorough, comprehensive)  :: în adâncime
indescribable {adj} (impossible, or very difficult to describe)  :: indescriptibil, inexprimabil, de nedescris
indescribable {adj} (exceeding all description)  :: indescriptibil
indestructible {adj} (not destructible)  :: indestructibil {m} {n}
indeterminacy principle {prop} (uncertainty principle) SEE: uncertainty principle  ::
indetermination {n}  :: nedeterminare {f}
index {n} (alphabetical listing)  :: a cresta {f}, index
index {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
indexable {adj} (that can be indexed)  :: indexabil
index finger {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
India {prop} (the country)  :: India {f}
Indian {adj} (of or pertaining to India)  :: indian
Indian {adj} (of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: amerindian, indian {m} {n}
Indian {n} (a person from India)  :: indian, indianca {f}
Indian {n} (individual of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: indian {m}, amerindian {m}, indian american {m}, indiancă {f}, amerindiancă {f}
Indianapolis {prop} (capital of the State of Indiana, USA)  :: Indianapolis
Indian elephant {n} (Elephas maximus)  :: elefant indian {m}, elefant asiatic {m}
Indian Ocean {prop} (the ocean separating Africa, southern Asia, Australia and Antarctica)  :: Oceanul Indian {n}
Indian rhinoceros {n} (Rhinoceros unicornis)  :: rinocer indian {m}
Indian summer {n} (stretch of warm days in autumn)  :: vară indiană {f}
indicative mood {n} (indicative mood)  :: mod indicativ, indicativ {n}
indicator {n} (pointer)  :: indicator {m}
indicator {n} (chemical)  :: indicator {m}
indicator {n} (economic measure)  :: indicator {m}
indicator {n} (trafficator)  :: semnalizator {n}
Indies {prop} (East Indies) SEE: East Indies  ::
indifference {n} (the state of being indifferent)  :: indiferență {f}
indifferent {adj} (not caring)  :: indiferent {m} {n}, apatic {m} {n}
indifferent {adj} (mechanics: being in neutral equilibrium)  :: indiferent {m} {n}
indigenity {n} (indigenousness) SEE: indigenousness  ::
indigenous {adj} (born or engendered in, native to a land or region)  :: indigen {m} {n}, autohton {n}
indigenousness {n} (quality or state of being indigenous)  :: indigenitate {f}
indigestion {n} (condition caused by eating too quickly)  :: indigestie {f}
indign {adj} (disgraceful) SEE: disgraceful  ::
indignation {n} (anger aroused by some perceived offense or injustice)  :: indignare {f}
indignation {n} (self-righteous anger or disgust)  :: indignare {f}
indigo {n} (colour)  :: indigo {m}
indigo {adj} (colour)  :: indigo
indiscretion {n} (Want of discretion)  :: indiscreție {f}
indiscretion {n} (Indiscreet act)  :: indiscreție {f}
indispensable {adj} (not dispensable)  :: indispensabil
indispensable {adj} (not subject to exemption)  :: indispensabil
indisputable {adj} (not disputable)  :: indisputabil
indisputably {adv} (in a manner that is incapable of being disputed)  :: (în mod) indisputabil
indistinguishability {n} (the state of being indistinguishable)  :: indistingibilitate {f}
indistinguishable {adj} (not distinguishable)  :: indistingibil {m}, nedistingibil {m}
indium {n} (metallic chemical element)  :: indiu {n}
individual {n} (person considered alone)  :: individ
individual {adj} (relating to a single person or thing)  :: individual
individual {adj} (intended for a single person)  :: individual
individualism {n} (tendency for a person to act without reference to others)  :: individualism {n}
individuality {n} (person) SEE: person  ::
indoctrinate {v} (to teach with a biased or one-sided ideology)  :: îndoctrina
indoctrination {n} (act of indoctrinating)  :: îndoctrinare
Indo-European {n} (member of Proto-Indo-European ethnolinguistic group)  :: indo-european
indolence {n} (Habitual laziness or sloth)  :: indolență {f}, lene {f}
Indonesia {prop} (country)  :: Indonezia {f}
Indonesian {adj} (referring to Indonesia)  :: indonezian {m}
Indonesian {n} (person)  :: indonezian {m}, indoneziancă {f}, indonezieni {m-p}, indonezience {f-p}
Indonesian {prop} (language)  :: indoneziană {f}
inductance {n} (property)  :: inductanță {f}
in due time {prep} (eventually)  :: la termenul stabilit
indulgence {n} (act of indulging)  :: îngăduire {f}, tolerare {f}
indulgence {n} (tolerance)  :: indulgență {f}
indulgence {n} (pardon or release from the expectation of punishment in purgatory)  :: indulgență {f}
indulgent {adj} (prone to indulge)  :: indulgent {m} {n}, indulgentă {f}
Indus {prop} (the river)  :: Ind {m}
industrial {adj} (of or relating to industry)  :: industrial, de industrie
industrial {adj} ((of a society or country) having many industries)  :: industrial {m}, industrializat {m}
industrial complex {n} (military-industrial complex) SEE: military-industrial complex  ::
industrial espionage {n} (use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage)  :: spionaj industrial, spionaj economic
Industrial Revolution {prop} (major technological change in the late 18th and early 19th century)  :: Revoluția Industrială {f}
industrious {adj} (hard-working and persistent)  :: industrios, harnic, laborios
industry {n} (businesses of the same type)  :: industrie, branșă industrială
industry {n} (businesses that produce goods)  :: industrie
indweller {n} (inhabitant) SEE: inhabitant  ::
inedible {adj} (not edible; not appropriate, worthy, or safe to eat)  :: incomestibil, necomestibil
I need ... {phrase} (I need ... (something))  :: am nevoie de ...
ineffable {adj} (beyond expression)  :: inefabil
inefficient {adj} (not efficient; not producing the effect intended or desired; inefficacious)  :: neeficient, ineficient
in effigy {adj} (symbolizing)  :: efigie
inelastic {adj} (lacking elasticity)  :: neelastic {m} {n}
inelegant {adj} (not elegant)  :: inelegant
inequality {n} (unfair, not equal, state)  :: inegalitate
inequality {n} (statement that one quantity is less (or greater) than another)  :: inecuație {f}
inequation {n} (a statement that two expressions are not the same) SEE: inequality  ::
inert gas {n} (noble gas) SEE: noble gas  ::
inertia {n} (in physics)  :: inerție {f}
inertial frame of reference {n} (frame of reference)  :: sistem inerțial de referință {n}
in essence {prep} (essentially) SEE: essentially  ::
inessential {adj} (not essential)  :: neesențial {m} {n}, neimportant {m} {n}
inevitability {n} (the condition of being inevitable)  :: inevitabilitate
inevitability {n} (an inevitable condition or outcome)  :: inevitabilitate {f}
inevitable {adj} (impossible to avoid or prevent)  :: inevitabil {m} {n}, neocolibil {m} {n}
inevitable {adj} (predictable, or always happening)  :: inevitabil {m} {n}
inevitably {adv} (in a manner that this impossible to avoid)  :: inevitabil, în mod inevitabil
inexistent {adj} (nonexistent) SEE: nonexistent  ::
inexplicable {adj} (impossible to explain)  :: inexplicabil {m} {n}, inexplicabilă {f}, neexplicabil {m} {n}
inexplicably {adv} (in an inexplicable manner)  :: inexplicabil {m} {n}, neexplicabil {m} {n}
inexpressible {adj} (unable to be expressed)  :: inexprimabil, neexprimabil
in fact {prep} (actually, in truth)  :: de fapt
infamous {adj} (having a bad reputation)  :: infam, nerușinat, ticălos
infamy {n} (the state of being infamous)  :: infamie {f}
infant {n} (very young human being)  :: bebeluș {m}
infanteer {n} (soldier) SEE: infantryman  ::
infantry {n} (soldiers who fight on foot)  :: infanterie {f}
infantry {n} (the part of an army consisting of infantry soldiers)  :: infanterie {f}
infantry {n} (regiment of infantry)  :: regiment de infanterie {n}
infantry fighting vehicle {n} (an armoured combat vehicle designed to carry infantry)  :: mașină de luptă a infanteriei {f}, MLI {f} [abbreviation is more common]
infantryman {n} (soldier who fights on foot)  :: infanterist {m}
in favor of {prep} (in support of)  :: în favoarea, în avantajul
infect {v} (to bring into contact with a substance that causes illness)  :: infecta, contamina
infect {v} (to make somebody enthusiastic about one's own passion)  :: contagia
infected {adj} (having an infection)  :: infectat {m}, infectată {f}
infection {n} (the process of infecting)  :: infectare
infection {n} (uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host)  :: infecție
infectious {adj} (transmitted between persons as illness)  :: infecțios {m} {n}
infectious {adj} (able to infect others)  :: infecțios
infer {v} ((transitive) To conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence)  :: motiva, deduce, infera
infer {v} ((intransitive) To draw a conclusion (by reasoning))  :: conchide, concluziona, infera
inferior {adj} (of lower quality)  :: inferior
inferior {adj} (of lower rank)  :: inferior
inferior {adj} (located below)  :: inferior
inferiority complex {n} (a sense of inferiority)  :: complex de inferioritate {n}, sentiment de inferioritate {n}
infertile {adj} (not fertile)  :: infertil
infestation {n} (presence of a large number of pest organisms in an area)  :: infestație {f}
infidel {n} (non-believer)  :: necredincios {m}
infidelity {n} (unfaithfulness in marriage or other moral obligation)  :: infidelitate {f}
infinite {adj} (figuratively, very large)  :: infinit {m}, nelimitat, nesfârșit
infinite {adj} (boundless, endless)  :: infinit {m}, fără limită
infinite {adj} (greater than any positive quantity or magnitude)  :: infinit {m}
infinite {adj} (having infinitely many elements)  :: infinit
infinite series {n} (infinite series)  :: serii infinite
infinitive {n} (uninflected verb form)  :: infinitiv {n}
infinity {n} (endlessness, unlimitedness, absence of end or limit)  :: infinitate {f}
infinity {n} (a number that has an infinite, uncountable numerical value)  :: infinit {n}
infinity {n} (a number which is very large compared to some characteristic number)  :: infinit {n}, nesfârșit {n} (de mare)
infinity {n} (the symbol ∞)  :: infinit
infirm {adj} (weak; feeble)  :: infirm {m}, infirmă {f}
infirm {adj} (unstable)  :: instabil
infirmity {n} (feebleness)  :: infirmitate {f}, debilitate {f}
inflamed {adj} (affected by inflammation)  :: infectat, inflamat
inflammable {adj} (capable of burning)  :: inflamabil
inflammation {n} (act of inflaming, kindling, or setting on fire; also, the state of being inflamed)  :: aprindere, inflamare {f}
inflammatory {adj} (causing or caused by inflammation)  :: inflamator
inflatable {adj} (able to be inflated)  :: inflaționabil {m} {n} (prices); umflabil {m} {n} (pneumatically)
inflatable {n} (boat that may be inflated)  :: barcă pneumatică {f}
inflate {v} (to enlarge the volume occupied by an object)  :: umfla
inflated {adj} (filled with air)  :: umflat {m} {n}, umplut {m}{n} (cu aer)
inflated {adj} (containing excessive words)  :: umflat {m} {n}
inflation {n} (expansion or increase in size)  :: inflație {f}
inflation {n} (increase in prices)  :: inflație {f}
inflection {n} (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)  :: flexiune {f}
inflection {n} (change in pitch or tone of voice)  :: inflexiune {f}
inflection {n} (change in curvature from concave to convex or from convex to concave)  :: inflexiune {f}
inflexible {adj} (stiff, rigid)  :: neflexibil {m} {n}, inflexibil {m} {n}, rigid {m} {n}
inflexible {adj} (obstinate, stubborn)  :: rigid {m} {n}
inflorescence {n} (flower cluster)  :: inflorescență {f}
influence {n} (power to affect, control or manipulate)  :: influență {f}
influence {n} (action exerted by a person or thing with power to cause change)  :: influențare {f}, influență {f}
influence {n} (person or thing exerting such power or action)  :: influențător {m} {n}
influence {n} (electrostatic induction)  :: inducție {f}, influență
influence {v} (transitive: to exert an influence upon)  :: influența, înrâuri
influence {n} (action of flowing in; influx) SEE: influx  ::
influencer {n} (That which influences)  :: agent de influenţă {m}
influenza {n} (an acute contagious disease of the upper airways and lungs)  :: gripă {f}
influx {n} (inward flow)  :: afluență {f}, aflux {n}
inform {v} (instruct) SEE: instruct  ::
informatics {n} (branch of information science)  :: informatică {f}
information {n} (communicable knowledge)  :: informație {f}
informational {adj} (giving, related to information)  :: informațional {m}, informațională {f}
information science {n} (science)  :: știința informației {f}
information system {n} (data processing system)  :: sistem de procesare a informațiilor, sistem informațional
information system {n} (telecommunications system)  :: sistem de informare {n}
information technology {n} (the practice of creating and/or studying computer systems and applications)  :: tehnologia informației {f}, tehnica informației
information theory {n} (branch of applied mathematics)  :: teoria informației {f}
informative {adj} (providing useful or interesting information)  :: informativ {m}, informator {m}
infrared {adj} (having the wavelength in the infrared)  :: infraroșu {m} {n}, infraroșie {f}, infraroșii {m-p} {f-p} {n-p}
infrared radiation {n} (infrared radiation)  :: radiație infraroșie {f}
infrasonic {adj} (having low frequencies)  :: infrasonic {m}
infrastructure {n} (underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system)  :: infrastructură {f}
infrastructure {n} (basic facilities, services and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society)  :: infrastructură
infrequently {adv} (not frequently)  :: rar
infringe {v} (to break or violate a treaty, a law, a right etc.)  :: încălca
infringement {n} (violation)  :: violare {f}, infracţiune {f}, încălcare {f}
infuriated {adj} (extremely angry)  :: înfuriat {m} {n}
infuse {v} (to steep in a liquid)  :: infuza
infusion {n} (a product consisting of a liquid which has had other ingredients steeped in it to extract useful qualities)  :: infuzie {f}
infusion {n} (act of steeping or soaking a substance in liquid so as to extract medicinal or herbal qualities)  :: infuzare {f}
ingeniosity {n} (quality of being ingenious)  :: ingeniozitate {f}
ingenious {adj} (displaying genius or brilliance; tending to invent)  :: cu iscusință, iscusit, ingenios
ingenious {adj} (characterized by genius; cleverly done or contrived)  :: genial
ingenuity {n} (ability to come up with solutions to difficult problems)  :: ingeniozitate {f}, îndemânare {f}
ingenuous {adj} (Naive and trusting)  :: ingenuu, inocent
ingenuous {adj} (unsophisticated, simple)  :: ingenuu
ingest {v} (to take into, or as into, the stomach or alimentary canal)  :: ingera
in good time {prep} (before appointed time)  :: la timp
ingot {n} (solid block of more or less pure metal)  :: lingou {n}
ingredient {n} (substance present in a mixture)  :: ingredient
ingress {n}  :: intrare
Ingush {adj} (of, or pertaining to Ingushetia)  :: inguș
Ingush {n} (person)  :: inguș {m}, ingușă {f}
Ingush {prop} (Caucasian language)  :: ingușă {f}
inhabitant {n} (Someone or thing who lives in a place)  :: locuitor {m}, locuitoare {f}
inhalation {n} (the act of inhaling)  :: inhalare {f}
inhalation {n} (the substance which is inhaled)  :: inhalație {f}
inhale {v} (to draw air into the lungs)  :: inspira
inhale {v} (to draw something into the nose or lungs)  :: aspira, inhala
inherently {adv} (inherently, innately)  :: inerent, inalienabil
inherit {v} (to take possession of as a right)  :: moșteni
inherit {v} (to receive property or a title by legal succession etc.)  :: moșteni
inherit {v} (to receive a characteristic by genetic transmission)  :: moșteni
inheritable {adj} (able to be inherited)  :: ereditar
inheritance {n} (that which a person is entitled to inherit)  :: moștenire {f}
inheritance {n} (passing of title)  :: moștenire {f}
inheritance {n} (biological attributes passed to offspring)  :: moștenire {f}
inheritance {n} (programming: mechanism for making parts of superclass available to subclass)  :: moștenire {f}
inheritor {n} (heir) SEE: heir  ::
inhibit {v} (to hinder; to restrain)  :: inhiba
inhibition {n} (Act of inhibiting)  :: inhibare {f}, inhibiție {f}
inhibition {n} (State of being inhibited)  :: inhibiție {f}
inhibitor {n} (substance slowing a reaction)  :: inhibitor
inhumanity {n} (lack of compassion)  :: neomenie {f}, neumanitate {f}
inhumanity {n} (inhuman act)  :: neomenie {f}
inhumanly {adv} (in an inhuman manner)  :: neomenește, inuman
initialization {n} (process)  :: inițializare {f}
initiative {n} (a beginning; a first move)  :: inițiativă {f}
initiative {n} (the ability to act first or on one's own)  :: inițiativă {f}
inject {v} (to administer an injection to)  :: injecta
injectable {n} (a drug which is designed to be injected)  :: injectabil {m}
injection {n} (act of injecting, or something injected)  :: injecție {f}
injection {n} (medicine: something injected)  :: injecție {f}
injurious {adj} (causing injury)  :: păgubitor {m}, prejudicios, dăunător, vătămător
injury {n} (wound) SEE: wound  ::
injury {n} (damage or violation)  :: rană {f}
injustice {n} (absence of justice)  :: nedreptate {f}, injustiție {f}, strâmbătate {f} [archaic, popular]
ink {n} (coloured fluid used for writing)  :: cerneală {f}
in-law {n} (father-in-law) SEE: father-in-law  ::
in-law {n} (mother-in-law) SEE: mother-in-law  ::
inlay {n} (material placed within another material as decoration.)  :: incrustație {f}
in lieu {adv} (instead (of); in place (of))  :: in loc (de)
in lieu of {prep} (instead; in place of; as a substitute for)  :: în loc de
in light of {prep} (given, considering)  :: în lumina
in love {prep} (of a person or persons: enamored)  :: îndragostit
in love {prep} (followed by "with": enamored (of a person, etc.))  :: îndragostit de
in my opinion {prep} (according to me)  :: în opinia mea, după părerea mea
inn {n} (lodging)  :: han
inn {n} (tavern) SEE: tavern  ::
innate {adj}  :: nativ, înnăscut
inner {adj} (being or occurring inside)  :: intern, interior, lăuntric
Inner Mongolia {prop} (an autonomous region in northern China)  :: Mongolia Interioară {f}
inner product {n} (generalization of the dot product)  :: produs intern
innkeeper {n} (person responsible for the running of an inn)  :: hangiu {m}, hangiță {f}
innocent {adj} (pure, free from sin, untainted)  :: inocent {m}
innocent {adj} (not legally responsible for a wrongful act)  :: nevinovat {m}
innocuous {adj} (harmless)  :: inofensiv, nevătămător
in no time {prep} (very soon)  :: într-o clipă
innovative {adj}  :: inovator
innumerable {adj} (not capable of being counted) SEE: countless  ::
inoperable {adj}  :: inoperabil, neoperabil
in operation {prep} (operating)  :: în operație
inopportune {adj} (unsuitable for some particular purpose)  :: inoportun {m} {n}
inopportune {adj} (at an inconvenient or inappropriate time)  :: neoportun {m} {n}, inoportun {m} {n}
in order {adv} (for the purpose of) SEE: in order to  ::
in order to {phrase} (as a means of achieving the specified aim)  :: pentru a
inorganic {adj} (relating to a compound that does not contain carbon)  :: anorganic
inorganic chemistry {n} (chemistry of elements and non-carbon containing compounds)  :: chimie anorganică {f}
inorganic compound {n} (compound without carbon atoms)  :: compus anorganic
in other words {prep} (stated or interpreted another way)  :: adică
in parallel {prep} (at the same time)  :: concomitent, paralel
in parallel {prep} (connected side by side, instead of in series)  :: în paralel
in personam {adj} (law)  :: in personam
in place of {prep} (in place of)  :: în loc de
input {n} (something fed into a process)  :: intrare {f}, intrări {f-p}; (process): alimentare {f}
input {v} (to enter data)  :: introduce (date)
inquire {v} (to ask about something)  :: investiga, cerceta
inquisitorial {adj} (Of or pertaining to an inquisition)  :: inchizitorial
in relation to {prep} (by comparison with, compared with)  :: raportat la
in respect of {prep} (pertaining to)  :: , cu privire la, în ceea ce privește, în raport cu
insane {adj} (exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind)  :: nebun, alienat, dement, dezechilibrat psihic
insane {adj} (causing insanity or madness)  :: demențial, înnebunitor
insane {adj} (characterized by insanity or the utmost folly)  :: himeric, nebunesc, delirant
insane asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
insanity {n} (state of being insane)  :: nebunie {f}, insanitate {f}, demență {f}, alienație mintală {f},, alienare mintală {f}
inscribe {v} (to write or cut words onto something)  :: inscripționa, înscrie, grava
inscribe {v} (to draw a circle, sphere)  :: înscrie
inscrutable {adj} (difficult or impossible to comprehend, fathom or interpret)  :: inscrutabil, neexaminabil, necercetabil, neanchetabil, de necercetat
insect {n} (arthropod of class insecta)  :: [1] insectă {f}
insect {n} (contemptible or powerless person)  :: un nimeni, un zero
insecticide {n} (A substance used to kill insects)  :: insecticid {n}
insectivorous {adj} (feeding on insects)  :: insectivor {m}
insecurity {n}  :: insecuritate {f}
inseminate {v} (to disperse or plant seds) SEE: sow  ::
inseminate {v} (to cause to become pregnant) SEE: impregnate  ::
insemination {n} (act of sowing seed)  :: însămânțare
insensitivity {n} (condition of being insensitive)  :: insensibilitate {f}, nesensibilitate {f} [rare]
inseparable {adj} (unable to be separated)  :: inseparabil {f}
insert {v} (put in between or into)  :: insera, băga
insertion {n} (act of inserting, or something inserted)  :: inserție {f}, inserare {f}
inside {adv} (within the interior)  :: înăuntru
insidious {adj} (producing serious harm in a stealthy, often gradual, manner)  :: insidios
insignificance {n} (quality of being insignificant)  :: nesemnificanță {f}, neimportanță {f}
insignificant {adj} (not significant; not important)  :: nesemnificant {m} {n}, nesemnificativ {m} {n}, neimportant {m} {n}, nesemnificantă {f}
insincere {adj} (not sincere)  :: nesincer
insincerity {n} (property of being insincere)  :: nesinceritate
insinuate {v} (make way for by subtle means)  :: insinua
insipid {adj} (unappetizingly flavorless)  :: fără gust, insipid, fad, searbăd
insipid {adj} (flat; lacking character or definition)  :: fără caracter, insipid, anost
insipid {adj} (cloyingly sentimental)  :: fără spirit, nesensibil, nesimțitor, nespiritual
insipidity {n} (condition of being insipid)  :: insipiditate {f}
insist {v} (to hold up a claim emphatically)  :: insista
insistence {n} (state of being insistent)  :: insistență {f}
insolence {n} (Arrogant conduct; insulting, bold behaviour or attitude)  :: insolență, obrăznicie
insoluble {adj} (not soluble)  :: insolubil
insolvable {adj}  :: insolvabil, neplătibil
insomnia {n} (sleeping disorder)  :: insomnie {f}, nesomn {n}
insouciance {n} (carelessness, heedlessness, indifference, or casual unconcern)  :: impasibilitate {f}, nepăsare {f}, indiferență {f}
insouciance {n} (nonchalance)  :: nonșalanță {f}, degajare {f}, dezinvoltură {f}
inspection {n} (the act of examining something, often closely)  :: inspecționare {f}, controlare {f}, inspectare {f}
inspector {n} (person employed to inspect something)  :: inspector {m}, inspectoare {f}
inspector {n} (police officer ranking below superintendent)  :: inspector de poliție {m}, ofițer de poliție {m}
inspiration {n} (physiology: drawing of air)  :: inspirație
inspiration {n} (supernatural divine influence)  :: inspirație
inspire {v} (to inhale) SEE: inhale  ::
inspire {v} (to infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit)  :: inspira
inspire {v} (to infuse into; to affect, as with a superior or supernatural influence)  :: inspira
in spite of {prep} (despite)  :: cu toate că, în ciuda
installation {n} (act of installing)  :: instalație {f}, instalare {f}
installation {n} (something installed)  :: instalație {f}
installation {n} (work of installation art)  :: instalație {f}
instance {n} (case occurring, a case offered as an exemplification, an example)  :: caz {n}, exemplu {n}
instance {n} (recurring occasion, case)  :: întâmplare {f}, circumstanță {f}, incident {n}, ocazie {f}
instance {n} (in computing)  :: instanță {f}
instance variable {n}  :: variabilă instanță {f}
instant {n} (period of time)  :: moment {n}, clipă {f}
instant {n} (point in time)  :: moment {n}
instant {n} (instant beverage or food)  :: instant
instantaneous {adj} (occurring, arising, or functioning without any delay; happening within an imperceptibly brief period of time)  :: instantaneu {m}, momentan {m}
instantly {adv} (at once)  :: instant
instead {adv} (in the place of (it))  :: în loc de
institute {n} (college)  :: institut {n}
institution {n} (established organisation)  :: instituție {f}
institutional {adj} (rudimentary) SEE: rudimentary  ::
institutionalism {n} (stress of the importance of institutions)  :: instituționalism {n}
instruct {v}  :: instrui
instruction {n} (act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information)  :: instruire {f}, învățare {f}, învățământ {n}
instruction {n} (that which instructs, or with which one is instructed)  :: instrucțiune {f}, indicație {f}, învățătură {f}, îndrumare {f}
instruction {n} (single operation of a processor)  :: instrucțiune {f}
instruction set {n} (set of machine instructions that a particular CPU can execute)  :: set de instrucțiuni
instructor {n} (one who instructs; a teacher)  :: instructor {m}
instrument {n} (musical device)  :: instrument {n}
instrument {n} (measuring device)  :: instrument {n}, aparat {n}
instrumental {adj} (music)  :: instrumental
instrumental {adj} (pertaining to the instrumental case)  :: instrumental
insubstantial {adj}  :: nesubstanțial {m}
insufferable {adj} (not sufferable)  :: insuportabil, nesuportabil, nerăbdabil, nesuferibil
insufficient {adj} (Not sufficient)  :: insuficient {m} {n}, neîndestulător {m} {n}, nesuficient {m} {n}
insular {adj} (of, pertaining to, or resembling an island or islands)  :: insular
insular {adj} (separate or isolated from the surroundings)  :: izolat
insulation {n} (The act of insulating)  :: izolare {f}
insulation {n} (The act of separating a body from others)  :: separare {f}, izolare {f}
insulation {n} (a medium in which it is possible to maintain an electrical field with little supply of energy from additional sources)  :: izolație {f}
insulator {n} (substance)  :: izolator {n}, material de izolare {n}
insulin {n} (polypeptide hormone)  :: insulină
insulin shock therapy {n} (therapy)  :: terapie de șoc cu insulină {f}
insult {v} (to offend)  :: jigni, insulta
insult {n} (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude)  :: insultă {f}, jignire {f}, injurie {f}
insulting {adj} (containing insult, or having the intention of insulting)  :: insultător, ofensator
insultive {adj} (insulting) SEE: insulting  ::
insurance {n} (indemnity)  :: asigurare {f}
insurance {n} (business)  :: asigurări {f-p}
insure {v}  :: asigura
insurer {n} (one who insures)  :: asigurător {m}, asigurătoare {f}
insurmountable {adj} (incapable of being passed over)  :: insurmontabil {m}
intact {adj} (untouched)  :: intact
intangible {adj} (incapable of being perceived)  :: intangibil {m}, de neatins, nepalpabil {m}
integer {n} (integer)  :: întreg {m}, număr întreg {n}
integrability {n} (quality of being integrable)  :: integrabilitate
integrable {adj} (able to be integrated)  :: integrabil, integrabilă {f}
integrable function {n} (mathematics)  :: funcție integrabilă
integral {adj} (constituting a whole together with other parts or factors; not omittable or removable)  :: integral
integral {adj} (math: of, pertaining to, or being an integer)  :: integral
integral {n} (limit of sums)  :: integrală {f}
integrand {n} (function that is to be integrated)  :: integrant {m} {n}
integrate {v} (to form into one whole)  :: integra
integrate {v} (to subject to the operation of integration; to find the integral of)  :: integra
integrated {adj} (composed and coordinated to form a whole)  :: integrat {m} {n}
integrated circuit {n} (thin chip)  :: circuit integrat {n}, circuite integrate {p}
integrating {adj} (that integrates)  :: care integrează; integrator
integration {n} (act or process of making whole or entire)  :: integrare {f}
integration {n}  :: integrare
integrity {n} (steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code)  :: integritate {f}
integument {n} (outer protective covering of body)  :: tegument {n}, înveliș {n}
intel {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence  ::
intellect {n} (The faculty of knowing and reasoning; understanding)  :: intelect {m}
intellect {n} (That faculty in a particular person)  :: intelect {m}
intellect {n} (A person who has that faculty in great degree)  :: intelectual {m}, intelectuală {f}
intellectual {adj} (spiritual) SEE: spiritual  ::
intellectual {adj} (belonging to, or performed by, the intellect; mental or cognitive)  :: intelectual {m} {n}
intellectual {n} (intelligent person, interested in intellectual matters)  :: intelectual {m}, intelectuală {f}
intellectual property {n} (product of someone's intellect)  :: proprietate intelectuală {f}
intelligence {n} (capacity of mind)  :: inteligență {f}, judecată {f}
intelligence {n} (information about the enemy)  :: inteligență {f}
intelligence agency {n} (governmental agency devoted to information gathering)  :: serviciu de informații {n}
intelligent {adj} (of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright)  :: inteligent {m} {n}, deștept
intelligent design {prop} (intelligent design / Intelligent Design)  :: design inteligent
intelligible {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: inteligibil {m}
intended {n} (fiancé) SEE: fiancé  ::
intended {n} (fiancée) SEE: fiancée  ::
intense {adj} (strained; tightly drawn)  :: intens
intense {adj} (extreme in degree)  :: intens
intensify {v} (to render more intense)  :: intensifica
intensity {n} (quality of being intense)  :: intensitate {f}
intention {n} (course intended to follow)  :: intenție {f}
intentionally {adv} (intentional manner, on purpose)  :: intenționat, premeditat {m}
interaction {n} (situation or occurrence in which two or more objects or events act upon one another)  :: interacțiune {f}, interacționare {f}
interaction {n} (conversation or exchange between people)  :: interacțiune {f}
interatomic {adj} (between atoms)  :: interatomic {m} {n}
intercalate {v}  :: intercala, insera
intercalation {n}  :: intercalare {f}
interconnectedness {n} (state of being interconnected)  :: interdependență {f}, interdisciplinaritate {f}
interconnection {n} (A connection between multiple things)  :: interconectare, interconexiune
intercultural {adj} (between different cultures)  :: intercultural {m} {n}
interdisciplinary {adj} (of or pertaining to multiple distinct academic disciplines or fields of study)  :: interdisciplinar
interest {n} (finance: price of credit)  :: dobândă {f}
interest {n} (great attention and concern from someone)  :: interes {n}, interes material {n}
interest {n} (attention that is given to or received from someone or something)  :: interes {n}
interest {n} (involvement in or link with financial, business, or other undertaking)  :: interes {n}, preocupare {f}
interest {v} (to attract attention or concern)  :: interesa
interested {adj} (having or showing interest)  :: interesat {m}
interest group {n} (advocacy group) SEE: advocacy group  ::
interesting {adj} (arousing or holding the attention)  :: interesant
interface {n} (point of interconnection between entities)  :: interfață
interface {n} (chemistry, physics: thin layer or boundary between different substances, or phases of a single substance)  :: suprafață de separare
interface {n} (computing: point of interconnection between systems or subsystems)  :: interfață
interface {n} (computing: connection between a user and a machine)  :: interfață
interface {n} (computing, object-oriented: piece of code defining a set of operations that other code must implement)  :: interfață
interfere {v}  :: împiedica, stânjeni
interference {n} (act of interfering with something)  :: interferență {f}
intergalactic {adj} (occurring between galaxies)  :: intergalactic {m} {n}, intergalactică {f}
interior {adj} (having to do with the inner part of something)  :: intern, interior
interior {adj} (having to do with the inland parts of a country)  :: intern
interjection {n} (an exclamation or filled pause in grammar)  :: interjecţie {f}
interleave {v} (to insert (pages, which are normally blank) between the pages of a book)  :: interfolia
interleave {v} (to intersperse (something) at regular intervals between the parts of a thing)  :: intercala
interlineation {n} (a notation made between the lines)  :: adăugire la un act {f}
Interlingua {prop} (interlanguage based on Romance languages)  :: Interlingua
interlocutor {n} (A person who takes part in dialogue or conversation)  :: interlocutor {m}, interlocutoare {f}
intermediary {n} (an agent acting as a mediator between sides that may disagree)  :: intermediar {m}
intermediate frequency {n}  :: frecvență intermediară {f}
intermediate phalange {n} (bone)  :: falangă medie {f}
interment {n} (The act of burying a dead body; burial)  :: înhumare {f}, înmormântare {f}
interminable {adj} (existing or occurring without interruption or end)  :: interminabil
interminate {adj} (interminable) SEE: interminable  ::
interminated {adj} (interminable) SEE: interminable  ::
intermolecular {adj} (from one molecule to another)  :: intermolecular {m} {n}
intermolecularity {n} (state of bing intermolecular)  :: intermolecularitate {f}
internal combustion {n} (process where fuel is burned within an engine)  :: combustie internă, ardere internă
internal combustion engine {n} (a piston or a rotary heat engine)  :: motor cu ardere internă
international {adj} (between, concerning, or transcending multiple nations)  :: internațional
international auxiliary language {n} (language)  :: limbă auxiliară internațională {f}
International Court of Justice {prop} (UN court)  :: Curtea Internațională de Justiție {f}
International Phonetic Alphabet {prop} (standardized symbols for speech)  :: alfabetul fonetic internațional {n}
international relations {n} (study of relationships among countries)  :: relații internaționale
International System of Units {prop} (standard set of basic units of measurement)  :: Sistemul Internațional de Unități {n} (de măsură), Sistemul Internațional
Internet Protocol {n} (one of the computer networking protocols)  :: protocol de Internet {n}
Internet Protocol {n}  :: protocol pentru Internet
internist {n} (specialist in internal medicine)  :: medic internist, internist {m}, internistă {f}
internship {n} (job taken by a student)  :: stagiu {n}
interoperability {n} (military)  :: interoperabilitate {f}
interoperability {n} (computing)  :: interoperabilitate {f}
interpellation {n} (procedure)  :: interpelare {f}
interphase {n} (stage of cellular life cycle)  :: interfază {f}
interplanetary {adj} (existing or occurring between between planets)  :: interplanetar
interpolation {n} (math, science: process of estimating the value of a function)  :: interpolare {f}
interpret {v} (to explain or tell the meaning of)  :: interpreta
interpret {v} (to apprehend and represent by means of art)  :: interpreta
interpret {v} (to act as an interpreter)  :: traduce, interpreta
interpretation {n} (act of interpreting)  :: interpretare {f}
interpretation {n} (sense given by an interpreter)  :: interpretare {f}, semnificație {f}
interpretation {n} (artist's way of expressing his thought)  :: interpretare {f}
interpreter {n} (one who interprets speech)  :: interpret {m}, interpretă {f}, translator {m}, translatoare {f}, traducător {m}, traducătoare {f}
interpreter {n} (one who explains)  :: comentator {m}, interpretator {m}
interpreter {n} (computer program)  :: interpretor {n}
interrail {v} (to travel with InterRail)  :: a călători cu bilet InterRail
interrogation mark {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrogation point {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrogative pronoun {n} (pronoun used in a question)  :: pronume interogativ {n}
interrupt {v} (to disturb or halt an ongoing process or action)  :: întrerupe
interruption {n} (the act of interrupting, or the state of being interrupted)  :: întrerupere {f}
interruption {n} (a time interval during which there is a cessation of something)  :: întrerupere {f}
intersection {n} (junction of two or more paths, etc)  :: intersecție {f}, intersectare {f}
intersection {n} (in geometry)  :: intersecție {f}
intersection {n} (in set theory)  :: intersecție {f}
intersex {n} (condition) SEE: intersexuality  ::
intersexuality {n} (the state of having physical features of both sexes)  :: intersexualitate {f}
Interslavic {adj} (pertaining to contact between (individuals or groups of) different Slavic nations)  :: interslavă
Interslavic {prop} (auxiliary Slavic language)  :: limba interslavă {f}
interstellar {adj} (between stars)  :: interstelar {m} {n}, interastral {m} {n}
interstice {n} (small opening or space)  :: interstițiu {n}
interstitial {adj} (of, relating to, or situated in an interstice)  :: interstițial {m}
interval {n} (distance in space)  :: interval {n}, distanță {f}
interval {n} (period of time)  :: interval {n}
interval {n} (music: distance in pitch of notes)  :: interval {n}
interval {n} (sports:half time) SEE: half time  ::
interval variable {n} (variable)  :: variabilă de interval {f}
interventionism {n} (political practice)  :: intervenționism {n}
intervertebral {adj} (between the vertebrae)  :: intervertebral {m} {n}
intervertebral disc {n} (disc between the vertebra in the spine)  :: disc intervertebral {n}
interview {n} (conversation with journalist etc.)  :: interviu {n}
interview {n} (a formal meeting for the assessment of a candidate or applicant)  :: interviu {n}, interviu de prezentare {n}
interview {v} (to have an interview)  :: intervieva
intestine {n} (alimentary canal)  :: intestin, maț, intestine {n-p}
intestine {n} (subdivision of the alimentary canal)  :: intestin
in the event {conj} (if) SEE: if  ::
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king {proverb} (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)  :: în țara orbilor și chiorul e împărat
in the least {prep} (at all) SEE: at all  ::
in the light of {prep} (in light of) SEE: in light of  ::
in the process of {prep} (engaged in but not finished with)  :: în procesul de
in the sticks {prep} (a long distance away from anywhere of importance)  :: la dracu-n praznic
in the twinkling of an eye {prep} (immediately, instantaneously)  :: cât ai clipi din ochi, cât ai clipi
in three days {adv} (in three days - translation entry)  :: răspoimâine
inthronize {v} (enthrone) SEE: enthrone  ::
intimacy {n} (feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else)  :: intimitate {f}
intimate {adj} (closely acquainted; familiar)  :: intim
intimate {adj} (of or involved in a sexual relationship)  :: intim
intimate {adj} (personal, private)  :: intim, personal
intolerable {adj}  :: intolerabil {m} {n}, netolerabil {m} {n}
intolerance {n} (the state of being intolerant)  :: intoleranţă {f}
intolerance {n} (extreme sensitivity to a food or drug; allergy)  :: intoleranţă {f}
intoxicate {v} (To stupefy by doping with chemical substances such as alcohol)  :: intoxica
intoxicated {adj} (stupefied by alcohol)  :: beat, amețit {m} {n}, alcoolizat {m} {n}, îmbătat, băut
intoxicated {adj} (stupefied by any chemical substance)  :: intoxicat {m} {n}, otrăvit {m} {n}
intoxication {n} (poisoning)  :: intoxicație {f}
intracranial {adj} (pertaining to the inside of skull)  :: intracranial
intranet {n} (private computer network that uses the protocols of the Internet)  :: intranet {n}
intransitive {adj} (of a verb, not taking a direct object)  :: intransitiv
intransitive verb {n} (action verb not taking a direct object, see also: neuter)  :: intranzitiv {m}, verb intranzitiv {n}
intranslatability {n} (property of being untranslatable; inability to be translated)  :: netraductibilitate {f}
intrasexual {adj} (intrasexual)  :: intrasexual
intravaginal ejaculation latency time {n} (time between the start of penetrative vaginal intercourse and male ejaculation inside the vagina)  :: timp de latență al ejacularii intravaginale
introduce {v} (to cause someone to be acquainted)  :: prezenta
introduction {n} (act or process of introducing)  :: introducere {f}
introduction {n} (means of presenting one person to another)  :: prezentare {f}
introduction {n} (initial section of a book or article which introduces subject material)  :: prezentare {f}, introducere {f}
introvert {n} (one who focuses primarily on their own mind, feelings, or affairs)  :: introvertit
intuit {v} (know intuitively)  :: intui
inundation {n} (act of inundating)  :: inundare {f} {}, inundație {f}
invadable {adj} (able to be invaded)  :: invadabil
invader {n} (one who invades; an assailant; an encroacher; an intruder)  :: invadator
invariable {adj} (not variable)  :: invariabil {m} {n}, invariabilă {f}, nevariabil {m} {n}, neschimbabil {m} {n}
invariant {adj} (that does not vary)  :: constant, invariabil, invariant
invariant {adj} (that is not affected by a specified operation)  :: constant
invariant {n} (invariant quantity, function etc.)  :: invariant {m} {n}
invasive {adj} (invading a foreign country)  :: de invazie {}
invasive {adj} (in medicine)  :: invaziv
invent {v} (design a new process or mechanism)  :: scorni, născoci, inventa
invention {n} (something invented)  :: invenție {f}, invenții {f-p}
invention {n}  :: invenție {f}
inventive {adj} (of, or relating to invention)  :: de invenție, invențial
inventive {adj} (creative, or skilful at inventing)  :: inventiv
inventiveness {n} (quality of being inventive)  :: inventivitate {f}
inverse Fourier transform {n} (inverse transform of the Fourier transform)  :: transformată Fourier inversă {f}
inverse image {n} (set of points)  :: imagine inversă
invert {n} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
invertebrate {n} (animal without backbone)  :: nevertebrată {f}, nevertebrat {m}
invertebrate {adj} (lacking backbone)  :: nevertebrat {m} {n}
inverter {n}  :: invertor {n}
invest {v} (to clothe or wrap with garments) SEE: clothe  ::
investigate {v} (to inquire into, study)  :: investiga
investigator {n} (one who investigates)  :: investigator {m}
investor {n} (person who invests money in order to make a profit)  :: investitor {m}, investitoare {f}
in view of {prep} (considering)  :: dat fiind, având în vedere
invincibility {n} (state or quality of being invincible)  :: invincibilitate {f}
invisibility {n} (the state of being invisible)  :: invizibilitate {f}
invisible {adj} (unable to be seen)  :: invizibil {m}
invisible {adj} (not appearing on the surface)  :: ascuns {m}, invizibil {m}
Invisible Pink Unicorn {prop} (unicorn goddess)  :: Unicorn roz invizibil {m}
invite {v} (ask for the presence or participation of someone)  :: a invita
invite {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
invoice {n} (bill)  :: factură {f}
invoice {v} (to bill)  :: factura
involucre {n} (conspicuous bract)  :: involucru {n}
involuntarily {adv} (in an involuntary manner)  :: involuntar
involuntary {adj} (Without intention; unintentional)  :: involuntar
involuntary muscle {n} (involuntary muscle)  :: mușchi involuntar {m}, mușchi necomandabil {m}
involved {adj} (complicated) SEE: complicated  ::
iodine {n} (element)  :: iod {n}
ionic bond {n} (bond where atoms are connected by electrostatic attraction)  :: legătură ionică {f}
ionization {n} (any process that leads to dissociation)  :: ionizare {f}, ionizație {f}
ionize {v} (to dissociate atoms or molecules into electrically charged species)  :: ioniza
ionizing radiation {n} (high-energy radiation that is capable of causing ionization in substances)  :: radiație ionizantă {f}, iradiere ionizatoare {f}
ionosphere {n} (part of Earth's atmosphere)  :: ionosferă {f}
iota {n} (Greek letter)  :: iota
IP {prop} (inflectional phrase)  :: IP
IPA {initialism} (International Phonetic Alphabet)  :: AFI
Iran {prop} (country in Western Asia)  :: Iran {n}
Irani {adj} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Irani {n} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Iranian {n} (person from Iran or of Iranian descent)  :: iranian {m}, iraniană {f}
Iranian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Iran, the people or Iranian languages)  :: iranian {m} {n}, iraniană {f}
Iraq {prop} (country)  :: Irak {n}
Iraqi {n} (person from Iraq)  :: irakian {m}, irakiană {f}
Iraqi {adj} (from or pertaining to Iraq)  :: irakian
irascible {adj} (prone to anger)  :: irascibil
ire {n} (great anger)  :: mânie {f}, furie {f}
ire {v} (anger, fret)  :: înfuria, mânia
Ireland {prop} (island)  :: Irlanda {f}
Irene {prop} (female given name)  :: Irina {f}
iridium {n} (chemical element)  :: iridiu {n}
iris {n} (plant of the genus Iris)  :: iris {m}, stânjen {m}, stânjenel {m}
iris {n} (part of the eye)  :: iris {n}
iris {n} (photography, cinematography: diaphragm)  :: iris {n}
iris dilator muscle {n} (muscle)  :: mușchi dilatator de iris {m}
Irish {prop} (the language)  :: irlandeză {f}
Irish {n} (the people)  :: irlandez
Irish {n}  :: irlandez {m}, irlandeză {f}, irlandezi {p}, irlandeze {f-p}
Irish {adj} (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people)  :: irlandez
Irish {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: irlandez
Irish {adj}  :: irlandez
Irishman {n} (man from Ireland)  :: irlandez {m}
Irish setter {n} (a breed of gun dog)  :: setter irlandez {m}
Irishwoman {n} (woman from Ireland)  :: irlandeză {f}
irksome {adj} (disagreeable or troublesome by reason of long continuance or repetition; bothersome; annoying; irritating; wearisome; tedious)  :: enervant, supărător, plictisitor, fastidios
Irkutsk {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Irkuțk
iron {n} (element)  :: fier {n}
iron {n} (for pressing clothes)  :: fier de călcat {m}
iron {adj} (made of iron)  :: de fier, din fier
iron {adj} (strong, inflexible)  :: de fier
iron {v} (to pass an iron over clothing)  :: călca
Iron Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: Epoca Fierului {f}
iron curtain {n} (impenetrable barrier)  :: cortină de fier {f}
Iron Curtain {prop} (the dividing line between western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions)  :: Cortina de fier
iron fist {n} (ruthless control)  :: mână de fier {f}
ironic {adj} (characterized by irony)  :: ironic
ironically {adv} (In an ironic manner)  :: ironic
ironsmith {n} (blacksmith) SEE: blacksmith  ::
irony {n} (statement that may mean the opposite of what is written literally)  :: ironie {f}
irony {n} (condition contrary to expectations)  :: ironie {f}
irony {adj} (of or pertaining to iron)  :: feros {m} {n}
irrational {adj} (unfounded or nonsensical)  :: irațional {m} {n}, nerațional {m} {n}
irrational number {n} (real number that is not rational)  :: număr irațional {n}
Irrawaddy {prop} (river that flows through Burma)  :: Irrawaddy
irreconcilable {adj} (unable to be reconciled; opposed; uncompromising)  :: ireconciliabil {m}
irredeemable {adj} (not able to be restored)  :: iremediabil {m}, nerestaurabil {m}
irredentism {n} (an annexation doctrine)  :: iredentism {n}
irredentist {n} (adherent of irredentism)  :: iredentist {m}, iredentistă {f}
irredentist {adj} (irredentist)  :: iredentist, [rare] iredent
irreflexive {adj} (of a binary relation)  :: ireflexiv {m} {n}
irregular {adj} (non-standard)  :: iregular {m} {n}, nereglementar {m} {n}, neregulat {m} {n}
irregularity {n} (instance being irregular)  :: iregularitate {f}, neregularitate {f}
irregularity {n} (state or condition of being irregular)  :: iregularitate {f}, neregularitate {f}
irregularity {n} (object or event that is not regular)  :: iregularitate {f}
irregularity {n} (violation of rules)  :: violare de regulament
irregular plural {n} (plural not following regular rules)  :: plural neregulat {n}
irrelevance {n} (lack of relationship with the topic at hand, lack of importance)  :: irelevanță {f}
irrelevant {adj} (not related, not applicable, unimportant, not connected)  :: nerelevant {m}, irelevant {m}
irreproachable {adj} (free from blame)  :: ireproșabil {m} {n}
irresistibility {n} (quality of being irresistible)  :: irezistibilitate {f}
irresistible {adj} (not able to be resisted)  :: irezistibil {m} {n}
irresolute {adj}  :: nehotărât {m} {n}, indecis {m} {n}, indecisă {f}, șovăitor {m} {n}
irresponsible {adj} (lacking a sense of responsibility)  :: iresponsabil {m}, iresponsabilă {f}
irreversible {adj} (incapable of being reversed)  :: ireversibil
irritability {n} (state or quality of being irritable)  :: iritabilitate {f}; iritabilitate
irritable {adj} (capable of being irritated)  :: iritabil {m} {n}
irritate {v} (to cause or induce displeasure or irritation)  :: irita, enerva, agasa, sâcâi
irritated {adj} (experiencing a feeling of irritation)  :: iritat
irritation {n} (the act of irritating)  :: iritare {f}
irritation {n} (oversensitiveness of part of the body)  :: iritație {f}
is {v}  :: este, e
Isaiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Isaia {m}
Isaiah {prop} (prophet)  :: Isaia {m}
Isaiah {prop} (male given name)  :: Isaia {m}
-ise {suffix} (-ize) SEE: -ize  ::
Isernia {prop} (town)  :: Isernia
is it safe here {phrase} (is it safe here?)  :: aici este sigur?
Islam {prop} (religion)  :: islam
Islamic {adj} (Adjectival form of Islam)  :: islamic {m} {n}, islamică {f}
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan {prop} (Official name of Afghanistan)  :: Republica Islamică Afganistan {f}
Islamic Republic of Iran {prop} (full, official name of Iran)  :: Republica Islamică Iran {f}
Islamic Republic of Mauritania {prop} (official name of Mauritania)  :: Republica Islamică a Mauritaniei {f}
Islamic Republic of Pakistan {prop} (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)  :: Republica Islamică Pakistan {f}
island {n} (area of land completely surrounded by water)  :: insulă {f}
island {n} (entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from itself)  :: insulă {f}
isle {n} (isle) SEE: island  ::
Isle of Man {prop} (island)  :: Insula Man
-ism {suffix} (a principle, belief or movement)  :: -ism {n}
isolate {v} (transitive: to set apart or cut off from others)  :: izola
isolate {v} (transitive: to place in quarantine or isolation)  :: izola
isolate {v} (transitive, chemistry: to separate a substance in pure form from a mixture)  :: izola
isolate {v} (transitive: to insulate, or make free of external influence)  :: izola
isolate {v} (transitive, microbiology: to separate a pure strain of bacteria etc. from a mixed culture)  :: izola
isolate {v} (transitive: to insulate an electrical component from a source of electricity)  :: izola
isolated {adj} (in isolation)  :: izolat {m} {n}
isolation {n}  :: izolare {f}
isoleucine {n} (essential amino acid; C6H13NO2)  :: izoleucină {f}
isometric {adj} (exhibiting equality in dimensions)  :: izometric
isometric perspective {n}  :: perspectivă izometrică {f}
isoprene {n} (isoprene)  :: izopren {n}
isosceles {adj} (having two sides of equal length, used especially of an isosceles triangle)  :: isoscel
isotope {n} (atoms of the same element having a different number of neutrons)  :: izotop {m}
Israel {prop} (the state)  :: Israel {n}
Israel {prop} (Biblical: name given to Jacob)  :: Israel {m}
Israeli {n} (person from Israel or of Israeli descent)  :: israelian {m}, israeliană {f}
Israeli {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people)  :: israelian
issue {n} (act of sending out)  :: emisiune {f}
issue {n} (problem or concern)  :: problemă {f}
-ist {suffix} (One who follows a particular ideology, doctrine, belief system or theory)  :: -ist
-ist {suffix}  :: -ist {m}, -istă {f}
-ista {suffix} (follower) SEE: -ist  ::
Istanbul {prop} (largest city of Turkey and last capital of Ottoman Empire)  :: Istanbul
isthmus {n} (narrow strip of land)  :: istm {n}
Istro-Romanian {n} (person)  :: istroromân {m}
Istro-Romanian {prop} (language)  :: limba istroromână {f}, istroromână {f}
IT {initialism} (information technology) SEE: information technology  ::
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to Italy)  :: italian, italienesc
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to Italians)  :: italian, italienesc, italic
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Italian language)  :: italian, italienesc
Italian {n} (person)  :: italian {m}, italiancă {f}, italiană {f}
Italian {prop} (language)  :: italiană {f}
Italianism {n}  :: italienism {n}
Italianization {prop} (process of forced assimilation into the Italian culture)  :: italienizare {f}
Italianize {v} (transitive)  :: italieniza
Italianness {n} (quality of being Italian)  :: italianitate {f}
Italian Republic {prop} (official name of Italy)  :: Republica Italiană {f}
Italic {adj} (of or relating to the Italian peninsula)  :: italic
Italophile {n}  :: italofil {m}, italofilă {f}
italophone {adj} (Italian-speaking)  :: italofon
italophone {n} (Italian speaker)  :: italofon {m}, italofonă {f}
Italy {prop} (European country)  :: Italia {f}
it can't be helped {phrase} (it is inevitable)  :: ce sa-I faci, n-ai incotro
itch {n} (a sensation felt on an area of the skin that causes a person or animal to want to scratch)  :: mâncărime {f}
itch {n} (a desire)  :: dorință {f}
itch {v} (to feel the need to scratch)  :: mânca
item {n} (distinct physical object)  :: articol {n}, exemplar {n}, bucată {f}
item {n} (matter for discussion in an agenda)  :: punct de agendă {n}
itemize {v} (to state in items)  :: specifica, detalia
item of clothing {n} (garment) SEE: garment  ::
iteration {n} (repetition in a computer program)  :: iterație {f}, iterare {f}
I think so {phrase} (I think so)  :: cred că da
I think therefore I am {phrase} (philosophical proof of existence)  :: cuget, deci exist
itinerant worker {n} (worker moving from one temporary job to another)  :: muncitor itinerant {m}, muncitor migrator {m}
it's all Greek to me {phrase} (I don't understand any of this)  :: e chineză pentru mine (it's Chinese to me)
it's a pleasure {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
it's raining {phrase} (it's raining)  :: plouă
-itude {suffix} (suffix)  :: -itudine
-ity {suffix} (Used to form nouns from adjectives.)  :: -itate {f}, -tate {f}, -ătate {f}, -eață {f}, -ețe {f}, -ie {f}
Ivan {prop} (male given name)  :: Ioan {m}, Ivan {m}
Ivanovich {prop} (patronymic)  :: Ivanovici {m}
-ive {suffix} (adjectival suffix: of the nature of; tending to)  :: -iv {m}, -ivă {f}
I've lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys) SEE: I lost my keys  ::
Ivorian {n} (a person from Côte d'Ivoire or of Ivorian descent)  :: ivorian {m}, ivoriană {f}
Ivorian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Côte d'Ivoire)  :: ivorian
ivory {n} (material)  :: fildeș {n}, ivoriu {n}
ivory {n} (colour)  :: alb-ivoriu
ivory {adj} (made of ivory)  :: de fildeș, din fildeș
ivory {adj} (having colour of ivory)  :: alb-ivoriu
Ivory Coast {prop} (Côte d'Ivoire) SEE: Côte d'Ivoire  ::
ivy {n} (plant)  :: iederă {f}
I want to know {phrase} (I want to know)  :: vreau să știu
-ize {suffix} (suffix used to form verbs)  :: -iza