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j {letter}  :: letter
J {letter}  :: The tenth letter of the Spanish alphabet
ja {interj}  :: representation of laughter, ha
jaña {f} [Nicaragua]  :: girlfriend
jab {m} [boxing]  :: jab
jaba {f}  :: crate (for transporting bottles or cans)
Jabad {prop}  :: Chabad (Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidism)
jabalí {m}  :: wild boar
jabalí {m} [Mexico]  :: peccary
jabalina {f}  :: javelin
jabalina {f}  :: feminine noun of jabalí
jabata {f}  :: feminine noun of jabato
jabato {adj}  :: ballsy; bold
jabato {m}  :: brave person
jabato {m}  :: young wild boar
jabeba {f} [historical]  :: A type of flute intended to imitate the sound of an organ; used predominantly by Moriscos in medieval Spain
jabeque {m}  :: xebec
jabirú {m}  :: jabiru
jabón {m}  :: soap
jabonar {vi}  :: to soap up; to lather
jabonar {vt}  :: to soap oneself up
jabonarse {v}  :: reflexive of jabonar
jaboncillo {m} [Columbia]  :: soapberry
jabonera {f}  :: soap dish
jabonería {f}  :: soapmaking
jabonería {f}  :: soap shop
jabonoso {adj}  :: soapy
Jabárovsk {prop} {m}  :: Khabarovsk (city in Russia)
jabuticaba {f}  :: jaboticaba
jaca {f}  :: pony
jaca {f}  :: mare
jacal {m} [Mexico]  :: jacal
jacal {m} [Mexico]  :: hut, hovel, shack
jacalero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a jacal
jacalero {m}  :: A person who lives in a jacal, hut, shack, etc
jacarandá {m}  :: jacaranda (the tree)
jacaranda {f}  :: jacaranda
jacer {v}  :: obsolete spelling of hacer
jachkar {m}  :: khachkar
Jacinta {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Jacinto, comparable to the English Hyacinth
jacinto {m}  :: hyacinth
Jacinto {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Hyacinthus
Jacinto {prop} {m}  :: given name, comparable to the rare English Hyacinth
Jack el Destripador {prop} {m}  :: Jack the Ripper (19th century murderer)
jackfruit {m}  :: jackfruit
Jacky {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Jacqueline
jaco {m}  :: small horse
jaco {m} [slang]  :: heroin
Jacob {prop} {m}  :: Jacob (biblical figure)
jacobeo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to James
jacobeo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Camino de Santiago
jacobiano {adj}  :: Jacobian
jacobiano {m}  :: Jacobian
jacobina {f}  :: feminine of jacobino
jacobinismo {m}  :: Jacobinism
jacobino {adj}  :: Jacobin
jacobino {m}  :: Jacobin
jacobita {mf}  :: Jacobite
jacobita {adj}  :: Jacobite
Jacobo {prop}  :: James, the son of Zebedee in the Bible
Jacobo {prop}  :: James, the son of Alpheus in the Bible
Jacobo {prop}  :: James, the brother of Jesus; Santiago
Jacobo {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin; equivalent to Jacob or James
Jacqueline {prop} {f}  :: given name
jactación {f}  :: boastfulness; bragging
jactancia {f}  :: boastfulness
jactancia {f}  :: bragging
jactanciosa {f}  :: feminine noun of jactancioso
jactancioso {m}  :: braggart
jactancioso {adj}  :: boastful
jactar {vr}  :: to boast; brag
jactarse {v}  :: to brag; to boast
jaculatorio {adj}  :: abrupt, fleeting
jacuzzi {m}  :: jacuzzi
jade {m} [mineral]  :: jade
jadeante {adj}  :: panting, gasping
jadear {vi}  :: to gasp; to pant; to puff
jadeo {m}  :: a pant; a gasp
jadeo {m}  :: panting; gasping
jadeo {m}  :: labored breathing
jadiz {m}  :: alt form hadiz
jaenero {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Jaén, Spain
jaenero {m}  :: Someone from Jaén
jaenés {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Jaén, Spain
jaenés {m}  :: Someone from Jaén
jaez {m}  :: sort; ilk
jaez {m}  :: harness
Jafet {prop} {m}  :: Japheth
jagüey {m} [Latin America]  :: any of several trees of the mulberry or fig family, especially Ficus citrifolia, the shortleaf fig
jagüey {m} [Cuba, Mexico, South America]  :: a pool, waterhole or reservoir
jaguar {m}  :: jaguar (Panthera onca)
jaiba {f}  :: crab
jailbreak {m}  :: jailbreak
jaima {f}  :: Bedouin tent
Jaime {prop} {m}  :: given name
jainismo {m}  :: Jainism (religion and philosophy)
jainista {adj}  :: Jainist
jainista {mf}  :: Jainist
Jairo {prop} {m}  :: given name
jajá {interj}  :: haha
jaja {interj}  :: haha
jajajá {interj}  :: Hahaha
ja ja ja {interj}  :: Ha ha ha
jajaja {interj}  :: Hahaha
jalador {m} [Mexico]  :: door handle
jalao {m} [Dominican Republic, ]  :: sweet made from coconuts
Jalapa {prop}  :: Jalapa (department)
Jalapa {prop}  :: Jalapa (city)
jalapeña {f}  :: feminine noun of jalapeño
jalapeño {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the city of Jalapa
jalapeño {m}  :: an inhabitant or resident of Jalapa
jalapeño {m}  :: jalapeño (pepper)
jalar {vt}  :: to pull
jalar {vt} [familiar]  :: to draw (in); to attract
jalar {vt} [familiar]  :: to eat with great appetite
jalar {vi}  :: to pull (together)
jalar {vi} [familiar]  :: to hurry along; to get along
jalar {vi} [Mexico, familiar]  :: to function properly; to be in working order
jalbegar {v}  :: synonym of enjalbegar
jalbegue {m}  :: whitewash
jalea {f}  :: jelly, gelatine (substance)
jalea {f}  :: jelly, jello (dessert)
jalear {vt}  :: to urge on; to encourage
jaleo {m}  :: ruckus; uproar
jaleo {m}  :: confusion; hassle
jaleo {m}  :: applause; cheering
jaleo {m} [dance]  :: jaleo
jalisciense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Jalisco
Jalisco {prop} {m}  :: Jalisco (state)
jalón {m}  :: milestone
jalón {m}  :: landmark
jalón {m}  :: tug; pull; jerk
jalonar {v}  :: to mark
jalonar {v}  :: to mark out; stake out
jalonear {v}  :: to tug
jamacuco {m} [Spain, colloquial]  :: flip; freakout (sudden alteration of the mood, losing the calm)
jamaica {f}  :: roselle
Jamaica {prop}  :: Jamaica
jamaicana {f}  :: feminine noun of jamaicano
jamaicano {adj}  :: Jamaican
jamaicano {m}  :: Jamaican
jamaiquina {f}  :: feminine noun of jamaiquino
jamaiquino {m}  :: Jamaican
jamaiquino {adj}  :: Jamaican
jamba {f}  :: jamb
jambar {vp} [Mexico]  :: to gorge, to pig-out, to devour (stuff oneself with food)
jamelga {f}  :: feminine noun of jamelgo
jamelgo {m}  :: a skinny horse, typically one with poor temperament; a nag
Jamestown {prop}  :: Jamestown
Jammu y Cachemira {prop}  :: Jammu and Kashmir (portion of the territory which is governed by India)
jamón {m}  :: ham (meat)
jamón de York {m}  :: York ham
jamón ibérico {m}  :: jamón ibérico
jamón serrano {m}  :: A type of dry-cured ham from Spain
jamón york {m} [Spain]  :: ham (thinly-sliced soft ham)
jamón York {m}  :: alternative case form of jamón york
jamonero {adj} [attributive]  :: ham
jamonero {m}  :: A stand used to hold a ham (specifically, a jamón serrano)
jamás {adv}  :: never
jamás {adv}  :: ever
jam session {f}  :: jam session
Jaén {prop}  :: Jaén (province)
Jaén {prop}  :: Jaén (city)
Jandro {prop} {m}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Alejandro
janjaweed {m}  :: Janjaweed
Jan Mayen {prop}  :: Jan Mayen (Norwegian territory)
Jano {prop} {m} [Roman god]  :: Janus (Roman god of gates and doorways)
Jano {prop} {m} [astronomy]  :: Janus (moon of Saturn)
Januká {prop}  :: Hanukkah
janyar {m}  :: khanjar
jaño {m} [Nicaragua]  :: boyfriend
japchae {m}  :: japchae
Japhet {prop} {m}  :: Japheth (son of Noah)
japón {adj}  :: Japanese
Japón {prop} {m}  :: Japan
japonesa {f}  :: feminine noun of japonés
japonofilia {f}  :: Japanophilia
japonofilo {m}  :: Japanophile
japonés {adj}  :: Of or relating to Japan, Japanese
japonés {m}  :: A Japanese person
japonés {m}  :: The Japanese language
jaque {m} [chess]  :: check
jaque {m}  :: jeopardy
jaquear {v} [chess]  :: to check
jaquear {v}  :: to bother, to molest
jaqueca {f}  :: headache; migraine
jaque mate {m} [chess]  :: checkmate, mate
jaquetón {m}  :: great white shark
jaquir {v} [dated]  :: to forsake, to abandon
jara {f}  :: rockrose (plant in the genus Cistus or the genus Halimium)
jara {f}  :: a pointed stick that has been hardened by fire, and can be used as a projectile weapon
Jara {prop}  :: surname
jarabe {m}  :: syrup
jarabe {m}  :: juice
jarabe {m}  :: (liquid) remedy
jarabe {m}  :: a form of traditional Mexican dance music
jarabe de maíz {m}  :: corn syrup
jarabe de palo {m} [Spain]  :: euphemism for paliza
jaral {m}  :: thicket; clump
Jaramillo {prop}  :: surname
jarana {f}  :: a small guitar
jarana {f} [familiar]  :: horseplay; fooling around
jarana {f} [familiar]  :: revelry
jaranear {v}  :: to go on a spree
jaranear {v}  :: to party
jaranero {adj}  :: fun-loving
jaranero {m}  :: reveler
jarcha {f}  :: kharja
jarcia {f} [nautical]  :: rigging
jarcia {f}  :: fishing tackle
jarcor {m}  :: hardcore
jarcor {adj}  :: hardcore
jardincillo {m}  :: diminutive of jardín
jardincito {m}  :: diminutive of jardín
jardinería {f}  :: gardening
jardinera {f}  :: feminine noun of jardinero
jardinera {f}  :: Generic name for several types of planter, such as window box, jardiniere and plant stand
jardinero {m}  :: gardener
jardinero {m} [baseball]  :: outfielder
jardinillo {m}  :: diminutive of jardín
jardín {m}  :: garden
jardín botánico {m}  :: botanical garden, botanic garden
jardín de infancia {m}  :: kindergarten
jardín infantil {m}  :: kindergarten
jareta {f} [sewing]  :: casing (fold to introduce a cord or ribbon)
jareta {f} [sewing]  :: tuck
jargonza {f} [archaic]  :: zircon
jaripeo {m} [Central America]  :: rodeo
jaro {adj} [of an animal, chiefly a pig]  :: reddish, ruddy
jaro {m}  :: alternative form of aro (arum lily)
jarocha {f}  :: feminine of jarocho
jarocho {adj}  :: Of or from Veracruz (Mexican state)
jarocho {m}  :: Someone from Veracruz
jarope {m}  :: syrup
jarosita {f} [mineral]  :: jarosite
jarra {f}  :: jug, pitcher
jarra {f}  :: stein, mug
jarrete {m}  :: hock
jarrete {m} [anatomy]  :: back of the knee
jarrillera {f}  :: feminine noun of portugalujo
jarrillera {f}  :: feminine noun of jarrillero
jarrillero {adj}  :: Of or from the town of Portugalete in Spain
jarrillero {m}  :: An inhabitant of the town of Portugalete in Spain
jarrón {m}  :: vase
jarro {m}  :: jug; pitcher
jarro {m}  :: stein; mug
jarto {adj} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: full
Jartum {prop} {m}  :: Khartoum (capital of Sudan)
jartura {f} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: alternative form of hartura
jasídico {adj}  :: Hassidic
jasidismo {m}  :: Hassidism (a Jewish movement)
Jasón {prop} {m}  :: Jason
jaspe {m}  :: jasper
jaspeado {adj}  :: streaked; veined
jaspeado {adj}  :: mottled
jaspear {v}  :: to speckle
jatiboniquense {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality of Jatibonico, Cuba
jatiboniquense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Jatibonico, Cuba
jato {m}  :: A calf
jauja {f}  :: fun place
jaula {f}  :: cage
jaula {f}  :: crate
jaula de Faraday {f}  :: Faraday cage
jauría {f}  :: pack of hounds
Java {prop} {f}  :: Java (island)
Java {prop} {m}  :: Java (programming language)
javanesa {f}  :: feminine noun of javanés
javanés {adj}  :: Javanese
javanés {m}  :: Javanese
Javi {prop} {m}  :: given name
Javier {prop} {m}  :: given name, male form of Javiera, cognate to English Xavier
Javiera {prop} {f}  :: given name, female form of Javier, cognate to Xavier
javilla {f}  :: sandbox tree [Hura crepitans]
jayari {m}  :: A dish originating in Arequipa, Peru, made of a mixture of vegetables and abundant in chili
jazmín {m}  :: jasmine
jazz {m}  :: jazz
jazzband {m}  :: jazz band
jazzista {mf}  :: jazz musician; jazzer
jazzman {m}  :: jazzman
jazzístico {adj}  :: related or belonging to jazz
jazzístico {adj}  :: in a jazz manner, jazzy
jazzy {adj}  :: jazzy
jíbaro {m}  :: Jivaroan
jíbaro {m} [Puerto Rico]  :: One of the original Canarian settlers of Puerto Rico who lived as farmers in the mountainous regions
jíbaro {m} [Puerto Rico]  :: An ignorant person from a rural area
jíbaro {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: A drug trafficker
jíbaro {prop} {m}  :: the Jivaroan family of languages
jíbaro {adj}  :: Jivaroan
jíbaro {adj}  :: rustic; rural
jíbaro {adj} [Cuba, of an animal]  :: feral
jábega {f}  :: trawler
júbilo {m}  :: jubilation; joy
jícama {f}  :: jicama
jícara {f}  :: A small faience container used to serve hot chocolate or other hot beverages
jícara {f} [Latin America]  :: A small, woody container, typically made from the fruit of the calabash tree and used (especially in rural Mexico) to serve hot food in order to preserve its temprature
jícara {f} [Mexico, Central America, Philippines]  :: calabash
jícara {f} [El Salvador, Nicaragua, colloquial]  :: head
jícara {f} [Spain]  :: Part, or square, of a flat chocolate bar, which can be broken off easily (especially in Andalusia and Murcia)
jícaro {m} [Mexico, Central America]  :: calabash
JCE {initialism}  :: Juventud Comunista del Ecuador (Communist Youth of Ecuador)
JCE {initialism}  :: Junta Central Electoral (Central Electoral Council)
jácena {f}  :: girder
jean {m}  :: jeans
jeans {m}  :: jeans (trousers)
jebe {m}  :: alum
jebe {m} [Latin America]  :: rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
jebe {m} [Peru]  :: latex, rubber
jedi {mf}  :: Jedi
Jedi {m}  :: Jedi (a fictional order of beings)
jeep {f}  :: jeep
jeepney {m}  :: jeepney
jefa {f}  :: (female) boss
jefatura {f}  :: leadership
jefatura {f}  :: headquarters
jefaza {f}  :: feminine noun of jefazo
jefazo {m}  :: big shot (person with a reputation of importance)
jefe {m}  :: chief; president; head; leader of a business, political party, or other organization
jefe {m}  :: boss; supervisor; manager
jefe {m} [military ranks]  :: colonel; major; rank between captain and general
jefe {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: chief
jefe {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: dad, father
jefecillo {m}  :: diminutive of jefe
jefecito {m}  :: diminutive of jefe
jefe de estudios {m}  :: DoS; director of studies
jefe de prensa {m}  :: editor-in-chief
jefe de redacción {m}  :: editor in chief
jeffersoniano {adj}  :: Jeffersonian
jeffersonismo {m}  :: Jeffersonianism
Jehová {prop} {m}  :: Jehovah
Jehovah {prop} {m}  :: Jehovah
jeique {m}  :: obsolete spelling of jeque
jeje {interj}  :: hehe (imitating laughter)
jején {m}  :: gnat
jelo {interj}  :: hello, hi
jemer {m}  :: a Khmer person
Jemeres rojos {prop} {m}  :: Khmer Rouge
Jemer rojo {prop} {m}  :: Another term for Jemeres rojos
Jenócrates {prop} {m}  :: Xenocrates (philosopher)
jeneral {m}  :: obsolete spelling of general
jengibre {m}  :: ginger
Jenofonte {prop} {m}  :: Xenophon (historian and philosopher)
jeque {m}  :: sheik
jequesa {f}  :: the wife of a sheikh
jeraquización {f}  :: hierarchization
jerarca {mf}  :: leader; chief
jerarquía {f}  :: hierarchy
jerarquía {f}  :: rank
jerarquización {f}  :: hierarchy
jerarquizar {v}  :: to arrange hierarchically
jerbo {m}  :: gerbil
Jeremías {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Jeremiah (the book of the Bible)
jeremiada {f}  :: jeremiad
jerez {m}  :: sherry
Jerez {prop}  :: A city in Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain. The official name is Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez {prop}  :: A city in Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
jerezano {adj}  :: Of or from Jerez
jerezano {m}  :: Someone from Jerez
Jerez de la Frontera {prop} {m}  :: Jerez de la Frontera (city)
jerga {f}  :: jargon; slang
jerga {f}  :: straw pallet, coarse cotton fringe, (in New Mexican Spanish) any floor covering or mat
jergón {m}  :: straw mattress
Jericó {prop} {m}  :: Jericó (city)
jerigonza {f}  :: gibberish
jerigonza {f}  :: A language game like Pig Latin or backslang
jerigonza {f}  :: A game in which the letter p is inserted after every syllable (or sometimes distinguished as jeringozo, if every vowel)
jerigonzo {m}  :: alternative form of jerigonza
jeringa {f}  :: syringe
jeringar {v}  :: to syringe
jeringar {v}  :: give an enema
jeringar {v} [figurative]  :: to annoy, bother, hassle, irritate, nag (compare chingar)
jeringoso {m}  :: alternative form of jerigonza
jeringozo {m}  :: alternative form of jerigonza
jeringuilla {f}  :: syringe
Jerjes {prop} {m}  :: Xerxes
jermu {f} [vesre]  :: wife
jermu {f} [vesre]  :: woman
jerónima {f}  :: feminine noun of jerónimo
jerónimo {adj}  :: Hieronymite
jerónimo {m}  :: Hieronymite
Jerónimo {prop} {m}  :: given name
jeroglífico {m}  :: hieroglyphic
jeroglífico {adj}  :: hieroglyphic
jerosolimitano {adj}  :: alternative form of hierosolimitano
jerosolimitano {m}  :: alternative form of hierosolimitano
jerrejerre {m}  :: armadillo
jerárquicamente {adv}  :: hierarchically
jerárquico {adj}  :: hierarchical
jersey {m}  :: sweater, pullover
Jersey {prop}  :: Jersey
Jerusalén {prop}  :: Jerusalén (city)
Jesús {prop} {m} [Christianity]  :: Jesus
Jesús {prop} {m}  :: given name, traditionally popular in Spanish-speaking countries
Jesús {interj}  :: bless you, gesundheit (said after a sneeze)
Jesucristo {prop} {m}  :: Jesus Christ
jesuita {mf}  :: Jesuit
jesuita {adj}  :: Jesuit
Jesusa {prop} {f}  :: given name
jesusmariense {adj}  :: Of or from the province of Jesús María, Córdoba in Argentina
jesusmariense {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality of Jesus María, Santander in Colombia
jesusmariense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the province of Jesús María, Córdoba in Argentina
jesusmariense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Jesus María, Santander in Colombia
jesuítico {adj}  :: Jesuitic (of or relating to the Jesuits)
jesuítico {adj} [derogatory]  :: Jesuitic, deceitful, hypocritical
jet {m}  :: jet
jeta {f}  :: snout
jeta {f} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: sleep (act)
jeta {f} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: anger face
jeta {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: insolence, impudence, crust, rind
jeta {mf} [familiar]  :: face, mush, mug, scoundrel (impudent person)
jeva {f} [slang, Cuba]  :: woman
Jezabel {prop} {f} [biblical character]  :: Jezebel (biblical character Jezebel)
ji {f}  :: chi; the Greek letter Χ, χ
jiñada {f} [vulgar]  :: crap; shit (act of defecating)
jiñar {v} [colloquial]  :: to defecate; shit
jibarización {f} [colloquial, with a negative connotation]  :: reduction, diminishment
jibarizar {v} [colloquial, with a negative connotation]  :: to reduce, to diminish
jibia {f}  :: cuttlefish
jibión {m}  :: cuttlebone, cuttlefish bone
jicarazo {m}  :: A hit with a jícara
jicarazo {m}  :: cup of poison
jicarilla {m}  :: Jicarilla
jicoria {f}  :: hickory
jicote {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: bumblebee
jicote {m} [Honduras, Nicaragua]  :: bumblebee hive
jicotera {f} [Mexico]  :: bumblebee hive
jicotera {f} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: commotion; fuss, bustle
jicotillo {m} [colloquial, Mexico]  :: diminutive of jicote; a small bumblebee
jienense {adj}  :: alternative spelling of jiennense
jienense {mf}  :: alternative spelling of jiennense
jiennense {adj}  :: [of a person] From Jaén, Spain
jiennense {mf}  :: Someone from Jaén
jiga {f}  :: alternative spelling of giga
jilguero {m}  :: European goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis
jilote {m} [Central America, Mexico]  :: Immature, green ear of maize
jilote {m} [by extension, Mexico]  :: corn silk
jimador {m}  :: jimador
jimadora {f}  :: feminine of jimador
jimagua {adj} [Caribbean]  :: twin, identical
jimagua {mf} [Caribbean]  :: twin
jimar {v} [Mexico]  :: to harvest and process agave to make mezcal
Jimena {prop} {f}  :: given name
jimia {f}  :: ape
jimio {m}  :: ape
Jiménez {prop}  :: surname
jindama {f}  :: fear
jineta {f}  :: genet
jineta {f}  :: A style of riding of a horse that requires one to bend one's legs while vertical from the knees up
jineta {f}  :: A short sword once carried by an infantry captain
jineta {f}  :: A silk epaulette worn by sergeants
jineta {f}  :: A historical tax imposed on livestock
jineta {f} [dialectal]  :: A woman who rides a horse
jinete {mf}  :: horseman, horsewoman, rider
jinetear {vt}  :: to ride; to perform
jinetear {vt}  :: to break in a horse
jinetear {vi}  :: to ride horseback
jinetera {f} [Latin America]  :: prostitute
jingle {m}  :: jingle
jingoísmo {m}  :: jingoism
jingoísta {adj}  :: jingoistic
jingoísta {mf}  :: jingoist
jinjolero {m}  :: jujube (tree)
Jinotega {prop}  :: Jinotega (department)
jinotegana {f}  :: feminine noun of jinotegano
jinotegano {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Jinotega, Nicaragua
jinotegano {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Jinotega, Nicaragua
jiote {m} [Mexico]  :: rash
jipijapa {f}  :: Panama hat
jipiosa {f}  :: feminine of jipioso
jipioso {adj}  :: hippy
jipioso {m}  :: hippy
jira {f}  :: A large piece torn from a fabric
jira {f}  :: picnic
jirafa {f}  :: giraffe
jirafa {f}  :: boom microphone
jiráfido {m}  :: Giraffid
jirón {m}  :: rag; shred
jirón {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: gyron
jit {m} [baseball]  :: hit
jitomate {m} [Mexico]  :: tomato
JJOO {prop} {m}  :: initialism of Juegos Olímpicos
JLB {initialism}  :: Jorge Luis Borges
JMAF {m}  :: HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)
Jámblico {prop} {m}  :: Iamblichus (Greek philosopher)
jónica {f}  :: feminine noun of jónico
jónico {adj}  :: Ionian; Ionic
jónico {adj} [architecture]  :: Ionic
jónico {m}  :: Ionian
júnior {m}  :: junior, novice
Jánuca {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Januká
jo {interj}  :: stop, woah (especially when commanding a horse or imitative thereof)
jo {interj}  :: Used to express surprise, amazement, or confusion
Joaquina {prop} {f}  :: given name, a feminine form of Joaquín
Joaquín {prop}  :: given name
Job {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Job (the book of the Bible)
jocho {m} [slang, Mexico]  :: hot dog
jockey {m}  :: jockey
jockey {m} [Chile]  :: baseball cap
joconostle {m}  :: alternative form of xoconostle
jocoque {m} [Mexico]  :: strained yogurt
jocosamente {adv}  :: jocularly
jocosidad {f}  :: jocularity
jocoso {adj}  :: jocular
jocote {m}  :: mombin (fruit, tree)
joda {f} [vulgar, slang]  :: joke, crack, piss-take
joder {v}  :: to damage, break
joder {v}  :: to annoy, bug, bother, irritate
joder {v}  :: to put in a difficult situation
joder {v} [vulgar, Spain]  :: to fuck
joder {v}  :: to suck; to blow (be inferior or objectionable)
joder {interj} [Spain]  :: fuck!
jodible {adj}  :: fuckable, shaggable
jodidamente {adv} [colloquial]  :: fucking
jodido {adj} [Spain, vulgar]  :: fucking, darned, crappy
jodido {adj} [Spain, vulgar]  :: fucked, screwed
jodido {adj} [Spain, vulgar]  :: fucked up, screwed up
jodido {adj} [Mexico, vulgar]  :: screwed, crappy, fucked
jodido {adj} [colloquial]  :: difficult
jodido {adj} [Bolivia, colloquial]  :: screwed, difficult, annoying
jodienda {f} [colloquial, vulgar]  :: fucking (act of having sex)
jodienda {f} [colloquial, vulgar]  :: pain in the ass (nuisance)
jodontón {adj}  :: horny, randy
Joel {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Joel (the book of the Bible)
jofaina {f}  :: washbowl
jogging {m}  :: A form of exercise, running
Johannesburgo {prop} {m}  :: Johannesburg (a city in South Africa)
jojoto {m} [Colombia, Venezuela]  :: corn, maize
jojoto {adj} [Venezuela]  :: green, underripe
jojoto {adj} [Cuba]  :: bruised
jolgorio {m}  :: merrymaking
jolines {interj} [colloquial, euphemistic]  :: Expresses anger, upset, or annoyance. Euphemism for joder
jolines {interj}  :: Expresses surprise. cor!
jolín {interj} [colloquial, euphemistic]  :: Expresses anger, upset, or annoyance. Euphemism for joder
jolín {interj}  :: Expresses surprise. cor!
Jonay {prop} {m}  :: A legendary Guanche man from the island of Tenerife
Jonay {prop} {m}  :: given name from the Canary Islands
jonia {f}  :: feminine noun of jonio
Jonia {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Ionia
jonio {adj}  :: Ionian
jonio {m}  :: Ionian
jonrón {m} [baseball]  :: home run
jonronazo {m}  :: Great home run
jonronero {adj} [baseball]  :: Of or pertaining to a home run, or one who makes a home run
Jonás {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Jonah (the book of the Bible)
jopo {m}  :: Hairy tail
jopo {m} [colloquial]  :: asshole, butthole
jopo {m}  :: broomrape
jopo {m}  :: quiff
joputa {m} [colloquial, vulgar]  :: SOB (son of a bitch)
jora {f} [Latin America]  :: corn prepared for use in chicha (fermented beverage)
Jordania {prop} {f}  :: Jordan (country)
jordano {m}  :: Jordanian
jordano {adj}  :: Jordanian
Jordán {prop} {m}  :: Jordan [river]
Jordán {prop} {m}  :: Jordan, Guimaras, a city in Philippines
jorge {m}  :: cockchafer
Jorge {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to the English George
Jorgelina {prop}  :: given name
jornada {f}  :: day
jornada {f}  :: working day
jornada {f}  :: short hike or journey
jornada {f}  :: day trip, especially a trip that must be completed in one day (due to lack of water en route)
jornada {f}  :: arduous trail
jornal {m}  :: A day's pay
jornalera {f}  :: feminine noun of jornalero
jornalero {m}  :: day laborer
joroba {f}  :: hump
joroba {f} [colloquial]  :: pain in the neck
joroba {f} [Costa Rica]  :: trunk, boot (of a car)
jorobada {f}  :: feminine noun of jorobado
jorobadito {m}  :: diminutive of jorobado
jorobado {adj}  :: humpbacked
jorobado {m}  :: humpback
jorobar {vt}  :: to annoy
jorobar {vi}  :: to be annoying
jorongo {m} [Mexico]  :: full-length poncho
joropo {m}  :: joropo
jorovod {m}  :: khorovod
Jorramchar {prop}  :: Khorramshahr
José {prop} {m}  :: given name cognate to Joseph
José {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel)
José {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Joseph, father of Jesus
José {prop} {m}  :: The letter J in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Josefa {prop} {f}  :: given name
Josefina {prop} {f}  :: given name, cognate to Josephine
josefino {adj}  :: of or from San José
josefino {m}  :: a person from San José
Joselito {prop} {m}  :: given name
Josema {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Chema
Josemari {prop}  :: given name
José María {prop}  :: given name
Josué {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Joshua (the book of the Bible)
Josué {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Joshua
Josué {prop} {m}  :: given name
jota {f}  :: jot; iota
jota {f}  :: letter: j
jota {f}  :: a jack in a deck of cards
jota {f} [Mexico]  :: gay male
jota {f}  :: jota (Iberian folk dance)
jota {f}  :: jota (music to which a jota is danced)
jote {m} [Chile, Argentina]  :: turkey vulture
jote {m} [Chile, Argentina]  :: vulture
jote {m} [Chile]  :: alcoholic drink consisting of wine and cola
jote {adj} [Chile, colloquial, pejorative]  :: seeking out sexual liaisons, especially in a very studied manner with no intent of commitment
jotear {v} [Chile, colloquial]  :: To flirt with or woo someone, often with the intent of making a sexual conquest
jotería {f}  :: An effeminate or gay action, or saying, sentence, voice, accent, gesture, or posture (does not apply for masculine women)
jotita {f}  :: feminine noun of jotito
jotito {m}  :: diminutive of joto small child
jotito {m}  :: (effeminate boy) girl, faglet
joto {m} [vulgar, pejorative, Mexico, Honduras]  :: fag (male homosexual)
joto {m} [card game]  :: the joker card
joto {m} [card game, by extension]  :: the jack card
jotraba {m} [vesre]  :: work
joule {m}  :: joule
joven {adj}  :: young, youthful
joven {mf}  :: youth, young person
jovencita {f}  :: diminutive of joven
jovencito {m}  :: diminutive of joven
jovencísimo {adj}  :: superlative of joven, really young
jovenzuela {f}  :: Young woman; silly little girl
jovenzuelo {m}  :: youngster
jovial {adj}  :: Jovian
jovial {adj}  :: cheerful, jovial
jovialidad {f}  :: cheerfulness; joviality
jovialmente {adv}  :: jovially
joviano {adj} [Roman mythology]  :: Jovian (pertaining to the god Jove or Jupiter)
joviano {adj} [astronomy]  :: Jovian (pertaining to the planet Jupiter)
joya {f}  :: jewellery, jewelry
joya {f}  :: jewel
joya {f}  :: gem; treasure
joyel {m}  :: Small jewel
joyería {f}  :: jewelry shop / store
joyería {f}  :: jewelry
joyera {f}  :: feminine noun of joyero
joyería de fantasía {f}  :: costume jewellery
joyero {m}  :: jeweler
joyero {m}  :: goldsmith
joyero {m}  :: jewelry casket
joyita {f}  :: diminutive of joya
joystick {m}  :: joystick
Jápeto {prop} {f} [astronomy]  :: Iapetus (the moon of Saturn)
Júpiter {prop} {m}  :: Jupiter (planet)
Júpiter {prop} {m}  :: Jupiter (god)
Júpiter {prop} {m} [alchemy]  :: tin
J-Pop {m}  :: J-pop (Japanese pop music)
jáquima {f}  :: hackamore
Járkov {prop} {m}  :: Kharkiv (second largest city in Ukraine)
Jrushchov {prop} {m}  :: Khrushchev (the leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964)
Juº {abbr} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of Juan
Juan {prop} {m}  :: John (Biblical character)
Juan {prop} {m}  :: given name
Juan {prop} {m}  :: John (book of the New Testament)
Juana {prop} {f}  :: given name; equivalent to Jane
Juana {prop} {f}  :: Joanna (Biblical figure)
Juan Bautista {prop} {m}  :: John the Baptist
Juanca {prop} {m}  :: given name
juane {m}  :: juane
juanete {m}  :: bunion
Juanfran {prop}  :: given name
Juanita {prop} {f}  :: given name
Juanito {prop} {m}  :: given name
Juano {prop} {m}  :: given name
juarista {mf}  :: Juarista
juaz {interj}  :: ho; ha; tee-hee (laughter)
jubilación {f}  :: retirement
jubilación {f}  :: pension, retirement pension, old age pension
jubilado {adj}  :: retired
jubilado {m}  :: retired person
jubilar {v}  :: to retire
jubilar {v} [colloquial]  :: to get rid of
jubilarse {v}  :: to retire
jubilarse {v}  :: to rejoice
jubilata {mf} [colloquial]  :: retired person, OAP
jubilatorio {adj} [attributive]  :: retirement
jubileo {m}  :: jubilee
jubilosamente {adv}  :: jubilantly
jubiloso {adj}  :: jubilant
jubón {m}  :: doublet (article of men's clothing)
juchiteca {f}  :: feminine noun of juchiteco
juchiteco {adj}  :: Of or from Juchitán de Zaragoza
juchiteco {m}  :: Someone from Juchitán de Zaragoza
Judá {prop}  :: Judah (Biblical character and tribe)
judía {f}  :: feminine noun of judío
judía {f} [Spain]  :: green bean
judía {f} [Spain]  :: bean, bean seed
judía {f} [Spain]  :: bean plant
judaicamente {adv}  :: Jewishly
judaico {adj}  :: Jewish, Judaic
judas {m}  :: traitor
Judas {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Jude (the book of the Bible)
Judas {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Judas (one of the Apostles)
Judas Iscariote {prop} {m}  :: Judas Iscariot
judaísmo {m}  :: Judaism
judía verde {f} [Spain]  :: green bean
judeocristiano {adj}  :: Judeo-Christian
judeoespañol {m}  :: Ladino
judeopolaco {adj}  :: Judeo-Polish
judeoromano {adj}  :: Judeo-Roman
judería {f}  :: Jewish neighborhood
judicatura {f}  :: judiciary
judicial {adj}  :: judicial
judicialización {f}  :: judicialization
judicializar {v}  :: to judicialize
judicialmente {adv}  :: judicially
judiego {adj}  :: Jewish; relating to Jews
judión {m}  :: Large bean
judo {m}  :: judo
judío {adj}  :: Jewish
judío {m}  :: Jew; Jewish person
judoca {mf}  :: judoka
Jueces {prop} {mp} [bible]  :: Judges (the book of the Bible)
juegazo {m}  :: augmentative of juego
juego {m}  :: play
juego {m}  :: game; sport
juego {m}  :: gaming
juego {m}  :: set
juego {m}  :: kit
juego de la oca {m}  :: game of the goose, goose game
juego de manos {m}  :: sleight of hand
juego de mesa {m}  :: board game
juego de palabras {m}  :: pun, wordplay
juego de pies {m} [idiomatic]  :: footwork
juego limpio {m}  :: fair play
Juegos Asiáticos {prop} {mp}  :: Asian Games (sport event)
juegos de pólvora {m}  :: Fireworks
Juegos Olímpicos {prop} {mp}  :: Olympic Games (sport event)
Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno {prop} {mp}  :: Olympic Winter Games
Juegos Paralímpicos {prop} {m}  :: Paralympic Games
jueguecito {m}  :: diminutive of juego
jueguillo {m}  :: diminutive of juego
jueguito {m}  :: diminutive of juego
juelacha {interj} [colloquial, El Salvador, Guatemala]  :: whoa!, expression of surprise
juelule {interj} [El Salvador]  :: whoa!, expression of surprise
jueputa {interj} [Central America, pejorative, vulgar]  :: Son of a bitch!
juerga {f}  :: binge; spree
juerga {f}  :: partying
juerguista {mf}  :: reveler
juernes {m} [neologism]  :: A Thursday the day before a bank holiday
jueves {m}  :: Thursday
jueves {m}  :: the letter J in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
juey {m} [Puerto Rico]  :: blue land crab (Cardisoma guanhumi)
juez {mf}  :: judge
juez {mf}  :: umpire; referee; official
jueza {f}  :: female judge
juez de paz {m}  :: justice of the peace
juez pedáneo {m}  :: small-town judge, magistrate
jugabilidad {f}  :: playability (extent to which something is playable)
jugable {adj}  :: playable
jugada {f} [sports]  :: play
jugada {f}  :: trick
jugado {v}  :: past participle of jugar
jugador {m}  :: player
jugador {m}  :: gambler
jugadora {f}  :: feminine noun of jugador
jugadorazo {m}  :: great player; a helluva player
jugar {v}  :: to play
jugar {v}  :: to risk, take a chance
jugar con fuego {v} [idiomatic]  :: to play with fire
jugarreta {f}  :: prank
jugarse {v}  :: reflexive of jugar
jugarse el todo por el todo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to go all in
juglar {m}  :: minstrel
juglar {m} [archaic]  :: poet, reciter
jugón {m} [football, Spain]  :: playmaker
jugón {m} [Spain]  :: gamer
jugo {m}  :: juice (liquid from a plant)
jugo {m}  :: substance (the most vital part of something)
jugo de limón {m}  :: lemon juice
jugo gástrico {m}  :: gastric juice
jugosamente {adv}  :: juicily, deliciously
jugosidad {f}  :: juiciness
jugoso {adj}  :: juicy
jugárselo todo a una carta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put all one's eggs in one basket
juguera {f}  :: juicer
juguete {m}  :: toy
juguetear {vi}  :: to play; to cavort
juguetear {vi}  :: to fiddle; to toy
juguetería {f}  :: toy store
juguetera {f}  :: feminine noun of juguetero
juguetero {m}  :: toy vendor
juguetito {m}  :: diminutive of juguete
juguetón {adj}  :: playful
juguetonamente {adv}  :: playfully
juicio {m}  :: trial
juicio {m}  :: good judgement; reason
juicio {m}  :: opinion
juiciosamente {adv}  :: judiciously
juicioso {adj}  :: wise
juicioso {adj}  :: judicious
juida {f} [Mexico]  :: run, hurry, lam
juizio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of juicio
jujeño {adj}  :: of or from Jujuy
jujeño {m}  :: Someone from Jujuy
juju {f} [Spain, slang]  :: pussy, cunt, snatch (vagina)
jula {m} [colloquial]  :: idiot, twat
julai {m} [colloquial]  :: idiot, twat
Julia {prop} {f}  :: given name
juliana {f}  :: julienne
Juliana {prop} {f}  :: given name
juliano {adj}  :: Julian (of, or relating to Julius Caesar)
Julieta {prop}  :: Juliet, the lover of Romeo
Julieta {prop}  :: given name
Julián {prop} {m}  :: given name
julio {m}  :: July
julio {m}  :: joule
Julio {prop} {m}  :: given name
juliobrigense {adj}  :: Of or from Logroño
juliobrigense {mf}  :: Someone from Logroño
jumento {m} [equines]  :: donkey
jumento {m} [figuratively, pejorative]  :: idiot; fool
jumil {m}  :: A stink bug, especially the species Atizies taxcoensis, used as food in some parts of Mexico
jumo {m} [Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, slang]  :: drunkenness
jumpsuit {m}  :: jumpsuit
juncal {adj}  :: handsome
juncal {m}  :: reed bed
juncácea {f}  :: (plants) rush
juncia {f}  :: sedge
junco {m}  :: reed, rush
junco {m} [nautical]  :: junk (a Chinese ship)
jungiano {adj}  :: Jungian
jungla {f}  :: jungle
junio {m}  :: June
Juno {prop} {f}  :: Juno (asteroid)
Juno {prop} {f}  :: Juno (goddess)
junípero {m}  :: juniper
junquillo {m} [botany]  :: jonquil
junta {f}  :: council
junta {f}  :: joint, gasket
junta {f}  :: meeting (a gathering for a purpose)
junta {f}  :: contact, acquaintances
juntamente {adv}  :: together; jointly
juntar {vt}  :: to combine, to unite
juntar {vt}  :: to gather (together); to collect
juntar {vt}  :: to close partway
juntar {vr}  :: to join together
juntar {vr}  :: to gather together; to socialize
juntarse {v}  :: reflexive of juntar
juntero {m}  :: councillor
juntero {adj}  :: attributive of junta
juntillo {adj}  :: diminutive of junto
juntito {adj}  :: diminutive of junto
junto {adj}  :: together
junto {adj}  :: joined
junto {adj}  :: next to
junto {adv}  :: together
junto {adv}  :: (all) together, (in) total
junto {prep} [junto a]  :: next to
junto {prep} [junto con]  :: along with
juntura {f}  :: joint
juntura {f}  :: coupling (of train cars)
jupiteriano {adj} [Roman mythology]  :: Jovian (pertaining to the god Jove or Jupiter)
jupiteriano {adj} [astronomy]  :: Jovian (pertaining to the planet Jupiter)
jura {f} [dated, slang, El Salvador]  :: the police institution, especially the military police before the 1992 Peace Accords
jurado {m}  :: a member of a jury
jurado {m}  :: a jury
jurado {m}  :: a judge or referee
Jurado {prop}  :: surname
juramentación {f}  :: taking an oath
juramentado {m}  :: bound by oath
juramentado {m}  :: a Muslim Filipino (Moro) who takes an oath to attack and kill Christians until he is killed
juramentar {vt}  :: to swear in (to administer an oath to)
juramento {m}  :: an oath
juramento {m}  :: a sworn statement
jurar {vt}  :: to swear; to take an oath
jurar {vi}  :: to curse or swear
jurídicamente {adv}  :: legally, juridically
jurídico {adj}  :: legal; just
jurel {m}  :: jack (edible fish of the genus Caranx or Trachurus)
Juárez {prop}  :: surname
juridicista {mf}  :: juridicist
jurisconsulta {f}  :: feminine of jurisconsulto
jurisconsulto {m} [law]  :: jurist, jurisconsult
jurisdicción {f}  :: jurisdiction
jurisdiccional {adj}  :: jurisdictional, territorial
jurisprudencia {f} [legal]  :: jurisprudence
jurisprudencial {adj}  :: jurisprudential
jurista {mf}  :: jurist, lawyer
juro {m}  :: ownership
jurásico {adj}  :: Jurassic
jurásico {prop} {m}  :: Jurassic
justa {f}  :: tournament
justa {f}  :: joust
justamente {adv}  :: justly, fairly
justamente {adv}  :: precisely; exactly
justar {vi}  :: to joust
justicia {f}  :: justice
justicia {f}  :: the law
justiciable {adj} [legal]  :: justiciable, actionable
justicialismo {m}  :: justicialism, peronism
justicialista {adj}  :: Of or relating to justicialism
justicia mayor {f}  :: chief justice
justiciero {adj}  :: righteous
justiciero {m} [historical]  :: A justiciary
justificable {adj}  :: justifiable
justificación {f}  :: justification
justificadamente {adv}  :: justifiably
justificado {adj}  :: justified
justificante {m}  :: justification
justificante {m}  :: proof
justificar {v}  :: to justify
justificar {v}  :: to account for
justificativo {adj}  :: justifying
Justiniano {prop}  :: surname
justito {adj}  :: diminutive of justo
Justín {prop} {m}  :: given name: Justin
justo {adv}  :: right
justo {adv}  :: exactly
justo {adv}  :: tightly
justo {adj}  :: just, fair
Justo {prop} {m}  :: given name
justísimo {adj}  :: superlative of justo
Jutiapa {prop}  :: Jutiapa (department)
Jutlandia {prop} {f}  :: Jutland (peninsula belonging to Denmark)
juto {m}  :: Jute
juvenil {adj}  :: juvenile
juvenil {adj}  :: teenage
juvenil {adj}  :: youthful
juventud {f}  :: youth
juventud {f}  :: a youth, young person
juycio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of juicio
juyzio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of juicio
juzgado {m}  :: a court of law with a judge
juzgado {m}  :: a place for adjudicated individuals
juzgador {adj}  :: judging
juzgador {m} [archaic]  :: judge
juzgamiento {m}  :: judgment
juzgao {m}  :: alternative spelling of juzgado
juzgar {vt}  :: to judge
juzgar {vt}  :: to try (a case)
juzgar {vt}  :: to consider
juzgar {vt}  :: to pass judgment