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u {n} :: letter: u
{interj} :: yes, yep, ja, oui
u' {adv} :: where
u' {adv} [followed by che] :: everywhere, anywhere
U {letter} :: letter: u
uadi {m} :: wadi
Ubaldi {prop} :: surname
ubara {f} :: Houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata)
ubbia {f} :: groundless fear, prejudice
ubbidente {v} :: present participle of ubbidire
ubbidenza {f} :: alternative form of ubbidienza
ubbidiente {adj} :: obedient
ubbidientemente {adv} :: obediently
ubbidienza {f} :: Variant of obbedienza
ubbidire {vi} :: to obey
ubbioso {adj} :: full of groundless fears or prejudices
ubbligante {v} :: present participle of ubbligare
ubbligare {v} :: alternative form of obbligare
ubbriaco {adj} :: alternative form of ubriaco
ubbriacona {f} :: alternative form of ubriacona
ubbriacone {m} :: alternative form of ubriacone
ubero {m} :: synonym of mammella
ubertà {f} :: fertility (of a land)
Uberto {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Hubert
ubertosamente {adv} :: productively, fruitfully
ubertosamente {adv} :: abundantly
ubertosità {f} :: fertility, fruitfulness, productiveness
ubertoso {adj} :: fertile, productive, fruitful
ubertoso {adj} :: abundant
ubi {m} :: place (literary)
ubicante {v} :: present participle of ubicare
ubicare {v} :: to locate or site a building
ubicativo {adj} :: location (attributive)
ubicazione {f} :: site, location
ubichinone {m} [organic compound] :: ubiquinone
ubidente {v} :: present participle of ubidire
ubidire {v} :: alternative form of ubbidire
ubiero {m} :: alternative form of ubero
ubino {m} :: A type of Irish horse
ubiquista {adj} :: ubiquitous
ubiquista {mf} :: ubiquitarian
ubiquità {f} :: ubiquity
ubiquitario {adj} :: ubiquitous
ubiquitina {f} [protein] :: ubiquitin
ubiquitinante {v} :: present participle of ubiquitinare
ubiquitinante {adj} :: ubiquitinating
ubiquitinare {v} [biochemistry] :: To ubiquitinate
ubiquitinato {adj} :: ubiquitinated
ubiquitinazione {f} [biochemistry] :: ubiquitination
ubiquitinilato {adj} :: ubiquitinylated
ubiquo {adj} [rare] :: ubiquitous
ubriaca {f} :: feminine noun of ubriaco
ubriacamento {m} :: synonym of ubriacatura
ubriacante {v} :: present participle of ubriacare
ubriacantesi {v} :: present participle of ubriacarsi
ubriacare {vt} :: to get (someone) drunk; to intoxicate
ubriacarsi {v} :: reflexive of ubriacare
ubriacarsi {v} :: to get drunk; to become intoxicated
ubriacarsi {v} :: to carouse
ubriacatore {adj} :: drunken
ubriacatore {m} :: drunkard
ubriacatosi {v} :: past participle of ubriacarsi
ubriacatura {f} [colloquial] :: intoxication, inebriation, binge drinking
ubriacatura {f} :: infatuation
ubriachezza {f} :: drunkenness
ubriaco {adj} :: drunk [intoxicated]
ubriaco {adj} :: blotto
ubriaco {m} :: drunkard
ubriaco {m} :: blotto
ubriacona {f} :: (female) drunk, drunkard
ubriacone {m} :: drunk, drunkard, toper, blotto, binge drinker
ubriacone {m} :: alcoholic
ucase {m} :: alternative form of ukase
uccellabile {adj} :: catchable, huntable (of a bird)
uccellabile {adj} :: deceivable, gullible, cheatable
uccellaccio {m} :: bird of prey
uccellaccio {m} :: bird of ill omen
uccellaccio {m} :: dupe
uccellagione {f} :: hunting or shooting birds
uccellagione {f} :: The season for doing this
uccellagione {f} :: The birds killed
uccellaia {f} :: A large number of birds
uccellaia {f} :: A place where hawking takes place
uccellaia {f} :: Confused chatter
uccellaia {f} :: affair (of the heart)
uccellaia {f} :: deception
uccellaia {f} :: mockery
uccellaio {m} :: bird breeder or seller
uccellame {m} :: bag of gamebirds (caught by a hunter)
uccellamento {m} :: birdcatching
uccellamento {m} :: mockery; prank
uccellanda {f} :: fowling (bird-catching) site
uccellante {v} :: present participle of uccellare
uccellare {vt} :: to catch birds, fowl
uccellare {vt} :: to fool, trick
uccellatoio {m} :: A place for birdcatching
uccellatore {m} :: bird catcher
uccellatura {f} :: synonym of uccellamento
uccelletto {m} :: small bird
uccelletto {m} [in the plural] :: fowl
uccelliera {f} :: aviary
uccelliforme {adj} :: birdlike
uccellina {f} [nautical] :: jigger topgallant staysail
uccellinante {v} :: present participle of uccellinare
uccellinare {v} :: To catch small birds alive
uccellino {m} :: diminutive of uccello
uccellino {m} :: Little or young bird
uccello {m} :: bird
uccello {m} [slang, vulgar] :: willy [British], peter [US], dick; (the penis)
uccellone {m} :: big bird
uccellone {m} [vulgar] :: big cock
uccello rapace {m} :: bird of prey
-ucchio {suffix} :: Used with nouns to derive diminutives with a pejorative connotation
uccidente {v} :: present participle of uccidere
uccidentesi {v} :: present participle of uccidersi
uccider {v} :: apocopic form of uccidere
uccidere {vt} :: to kill
uccidersi {v} :: reflexive of uccidere
uccidersi {v} :: to kill oneself, or one another
-uccio {suffix} :: Diminutive suffix used to form adjectives and nouns. Usually benign, loving, affectionate, or friendly diminutive suffix
-uccio {suffix} [pejorative] :: Suffix with patronizing or pejorative connotations when attached to specific words
uccio {adj} :: miserable; poor
uccisione {f} :: a kill or killing
uccisione {f} :: a murder
ucciso {m} :: victim (killed person)
ucciso {m} [in the plural] :: The dead
uccisore {m} :: killer
uccisosi {v} :: past participle of uccidersi
-ucola {suffix} :: Used with feminine nouns to derive diminutives with a pejorative connotation
-ucolo {suffix} :: Used with nouns to derive diminutives with a pejorative connotation
ucraina {f} :: Ukrainian (female)
Ucraina {prop} :: Ukraine
ucraino {adj} :: Ukrainian
ucraino {m} :: Ukrainian
ucraino {m} [singular only] :: The Ukrainian language
ucronia {f} :: alternative history
ucronico {adj} :: alternative history (attributive)
UdC {initialism} :: Unione di Centro, an Italian political party
udente {v} :: present participle of udire
udente {adj} :: hearing
udibile {adj} :: audible
udibilità {f} :: audibility
udiente {adj} :: alternative form of udente
udienza {f} :: audience
udienza {f} [legal] :: hearing
udienza {f} :: conversation
Udine {prop} :: Udine (province, town)
Udine {prop} :: The letter U in the Italian phonetic alphabet
udinese {adj} :: Of or relating to Udine or the Udine people
udinese {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Udine
Udinese {prop} :: surname
Udinesi {prop} :: surname
udir {v} :: apocopic form of udire
udire {vit} :: to hear
udire {v} [uncommon] :: to attend, listen (to), pay attention (to)
udire {v} [by extension, uncommon] :: to understand
uditivo {adj} :: auditory
udito {m} :: hearing (sense)
uditofono {m} :: (small) hearing aid
uditorato {m} :: listener (in certain official contexts)
uditore {m} :: listener; (in plural) audience
uditore {m} [legal] :: magistrate, judge, auditor
uditore {m} :: student who attends the lectures but does not earn academic credit; auditor
uditorio {m} :: auditory, audience
uditrice {f} :: listener (female)
uditrice {f} [legal, female] :: magistrate, judge, auditor
uditrice {f} :: Female student who attends the lectures but does not earn academic credit; auditor
udizione {f} :: alternative form of audizione
udo- {prefix} :: rain-
udometria {f} :: udometry, pluviometry
udometrico {adj} :: udometric, pluviometric
udometro {m} :: udometer, pluviometer, rain gauge
udon {m} :: udon
UE {initialism} :: initialism of Unione Europea (EU)
Ueli {prop} :: given name, variant of Ulrico
Ufente {prop} :: A river that flows in Lazio
uff {adj} :: An expression of boredom, impatience or annoyance
uffa {interj} :: bother, what a bore, phew!
ufficiale {adj} :: official
ufficiale {m} :: officer
ufficialessa {f} :: female officer or official
ufficialetto {m} :: diminutive of ufficiale: a young male officer
ufficialità {f} :: official character, officiality
ufficialità {f} [collectively] :: officers
ufficializzante {v} :: present participle of ufficializzare
ufficializzare {vt} :: to make official, officialize
ufficializzare {vt} [by extension] :: to confirm, acknowledge, recognize
ufficializzazione {f} :: the act of making something official; officialization
ufficialmente {adv} :: officially, formally
ufficiante {v} :: present participle of ufficiare
ufficiare {v} :: alternative form of officiare
ufficiatore {m} :: alternative form of officiatore
ufficiatrice {f} :: feminine noun of ufficiatore
ufficiatura {f} :: officiation, officiating
ufficio {m} [archaic] :: moral duty
ufficio {m} [dated] :: task, duty
ufficio {m} [dated, by extension] :: beneficial intervention
ufficio {m} :: office
ufficiolo {m} [rare, especially in the plural] :: a morning prayer in honour of the Madonna
ufficiolo {m} [by extension] :: a booklet of such prayers
ufficio postale {m} :: post office
ufficiosamente {adv} :: unofficially, off-the-record
ufficiosità {f} :: unofficial character, unofficiality
ufficioso {adj} [rare, literary] :: gentle, dutiful, kind
ufficioso {adj} :: unofficial, off-the-record
Uffizi {prop} :: Uffizi (major art gallery in Florence)
uffizio {m} [literary] :: alternative form of ufficio
uffiziolo {m} [Tuscany] :: alternative form of ufficiolo
uficio {m} :: alternative form of ufficio
Ufita {prop} :: A river that flows in Campania
ufo {m} :: UFO
ufo {m} :: Only in the expression a ufo
UFO {initialism} :: UFO
ufologa {f} :: ufologist (female)
ufologia {f} :: ufology
ufologico {adj} :: ufological
ufologo {m} :: ufologist (male or of unspecified sex)
ufomania {m} :: A fixation with UFOs
Uganda {prop} :: Uganda
ugandese {adj} :: Ugandan
ugandese {mf} :: Ugandan
ugaritico {m} :: Ugaritic
ugaritico {adj} :: Ugaritic
ugello {m} :: nozzle
Ugento {prop} :: a town in the province of Lecce in Apulia in Italy
uggente {v} :: present participle of uggire
uggia {f} :: moroseness, crabbedness
uggia {f} :: boredom
uggia {f} :: shade
uggia {f} :: wet side of the mountain
uggiolamento {m} :: howling, whining
uggiolante {v} :: present participle of uggiolare
uggiolare {vi} :: To whine
uggiolare {vi} :: To howl
uggiolina {f} :: peckishness
uggiolio {m} :: whining (continuous)
uggiolio {m} :: howl, howling
uggiosamente {adv} :: boringly, tediously
uggiosamente {adv} :: troublesomely
uggiosamente {adv} :: dully
uggiosità {f} :: boredom
uggiosità {f} :: dullness, dreariness
uggiosità {f} :: troublesomeness
uggioso {adj} :: boring, tedious
uggioso {adj} :: troublesome
uggioso {adj} :: dull, gloomy, dreary (weather)
uggioso {adj} :: shady
uggioso {adj} :: damp, wet
uggire {v} :: To overshadow or shade
uggire {v} :: To annoy or harass
Ughi {prop} :: surname
Ughi {prop} :: Uto Ughi, Italian musician
Ugliano {prop} :: Ugljan (island of Croatia)
ugna {f} :: obsolete form of unghia
ugnante {v} :: present participle of ugnare
ugnare {vt} :: To chamfer or bevel
ugnatura {f} :: chamfer, bevel
ugnella {f} :: graver, burin
ugnello {m} :: claw (of a cat)
Ugo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Hugh
ugola {f} [anatomy] :: uvula
ugola {f} [by extension] :: throat
ugola {f} [figuratively] :: voice (singer)
Ugolino {prop} :: given name
ugonottismo {m} :: Huguenotism
ugonotto {adj} :: Huguenot
ugonotto {m} :: Huguenot
ugrico {adj} :: Ugric
ugrico {m} :: Ugric (languages)
ugrofinnico {adj} :: Finno-Ugric
ugrofinnico {m} :: Finno-Ugric (languages)
ugro-finnico {adj} :: alternative form of ugrofinnico
uguagliabile {adj} :: matchable, comparable
uguagliamento {m} :: equalization, equalizing
uguagliamento {m} :: equality
uguagliante {v} :: present participle of uguagliare
uguaglianza {f} :: equality
uguaglianza {f} [mathematics] :: identity
uguagliare {vt} :: To equal
uguagliare {vt} :: To equalize, to make equal
uguagliatore {adj} :: equalizing
ugual {adj} :: apocopic form of uguale
uguale {adj} :: equal, like, alike, same, identical, similar
uguale {adj} :: even; level; uniform
uguale {adv} :: the same, alike
ugualità {f} :: equality
ugualitario {adj} :: egalitarian
ugualitario {m} :: egalitarian
ugualitarismo {m} :: alternative form of egualitarismo
ugualmente {adv} :: equally
ugualmente {adv} :: all the same, just the same, anyway
uguanno {adv} :: this year
uhu {interj} :: alternative spelling of uh
uiguro {adj} :: Uyghur
uiguro {m} :: Uyghur (person; in plural, the people)
uiguro {prop} :: The Uyghur language
uistiti {m} :: marmoset (of genus Callithrix)
ukase {m} :: ukase
ukulelista {mf} :: ukulelist
ulano {m} :: ulan, uhlan
Ulbo {prop} :: Olib (island of Croatia)
ulcera {f} [pathology] :: ulcer, sore
ulceramento {m} :: synonym of ulcerazione
ulcerante {v} :: present participle of ulcerare
ulcerantesi {v} :: present participle of ulcerarsi
ulcera peptica {f} [pathology] :: peptic ulcer
ulcerare {v} :: to ulcerate
ulcerarsi {vr} :: To be ulcerated
ulcerativo {adj} [pathology] :: ulcerative
ulceratosi {v} :: past participle of ulcerarsi
ulcerazione {f} [pathology] :: ulceration
ulcerogeno {adj} [pathology] :: ulcerogenic
ulceroso {adj} :: ulcerous
Ulderico {prop} :: Ulric
ulente {v} :: present participle of ulire
uligano {m} :: thug, hooligan
uliginoso {adj} :: uliginose, marshy
ulire {v} :: alternative form of aulire
Ulisse {prop} :: Ulysses
Ulisse {prop} :: given name
ulisside {mf} :: adventurer (adventurous and daring person)
ulite {f} [medicine] :: gingivitis
uliva {f} :: (Variant of: oliva) olive (fruit)
uliva {m} :: (Variant of: oliva) olive (color)
uliva {adj} :: (Variant of: oliva) olive-green
ulivastro {adj} :: Variant of olivastro
ulivastro {m} :: Variant of olivastro
ulivella {f} [botany] :: synonym of olivella
ulivella {f} :: A tool used to make a small opening in a block of stone (in order to fix lifting gear)
uliveta {f} :: (Variant of: oliveto) olive grove
uliveto {m} :: (Variant of: oliveto) olive grove
ulivicoltore {m} :: (Variant of: olivicoltore) olive grower
ulivicoltrice {f} :: (Variant of: olivicoltrice) olive grower (female)
ulivicoltura {f} :: (Variant of: olivicoltura) olive growing
ulivista {adj} :: Relating to a centre-left coalition that has an olive tree as its symbol
ulivo {m} :: (Variant of: olivo) olive tree, olive
Ulma {prop} :: Ulm
ulmaria {f} :: meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)
ulmico {adj} :: alternative form of umico
ulna {f} [skeleton] :: ulna
ulnare {adj} [skeleton] :: ulnar
ulolante {v} :: present participle of ulolare
ulolare {v} :: alternative form of ululare
ulorragia {f} [pathology] :: bleeding from the gums
ulotrico {adj} :: ulotrichous
Ulrico {prop} :: given name, equivalent to Ulric
ULSS {initialism} [medical] :: unità locale socio sanitaria (local public health centre)
ulteriore {adj} :: further
ulteriormente {adv} :: further, even further
ulteriormente {adv} :: subsequently
ultima {f} :: the last woman, the last female
ultima {f} :: the last (grammatically feminine) thing
ultimabile {adj} :: finishable
Ultima Cena {f} :: the Last Supper
ultimamente {adv} :: lately, recently, of late
ultimante {v} :: present participle of ultimare
ultimare {vt} :: To finish, complete or finalize
ultimare {vt} :: To conclude
ultimativo {adj} :: final
ultimazione {f} :: finality
ultimazione {f} :: finalization
ultimissimo {adj} :: Very latest
ultimo {adj} :: last
ultimo {adj} :: recent, current
ultimo {adj} :: pertaining to last month
ultimo {m} :: last one
ultimogenito {adj} :: lastborn, youngest
ultimogenito {m} :: lastborn
ultimo ma non meno importante {adj} :: last but not least
ultore {m} [poetic] :: revenger, avenger, vindicator
ultore {m} [poetic] :: punisher, vindicator
ultrà {adj} :: ultra, extremist
ultrà {mf} :: ultra, extremist
ultrà {mf} [soccer] :: hooligan
ultra- {prefix} :: ultra-
ultrabasico {adj} :: ultrabasic
ultracellulare {adj} :: ultracellular
ultracentenario {adj} :: Over one hundred years old
ultracentenario {m} :: Person over one hundred years old
ultracentrifuga {f} :: ultracentrifuge
ultracentrifugante {v} :: present participle of ultracentrifugare
ultracentrifugare {vt} :: To ultracentrifuge
ultracentrifugazione {f} :: ultracentrifugation
ultracinquantacinquenne {adj} :: more than fifty-five years old
ultracondensatore {f} :: ultracondenser
ultraconservatore {adj} :: ultraconservative
ultraconservatore {m} :: ultraconservative
ultracorpo {m} :: body snatcher
ultracorto {adj} :: ultrashort
ultracustico {adj} :: ultracoustic, ultrasonic
ultradecennale {adj} :: For more than ten years
ultradestra {f} :: The extreme right wing of the political spectrum
ultradiano {adj} :: ultradian
ultrafiltrante {adj} :: ultrafiltration (attributive)
ultrafiltrazione {f} :: ultrafiltration
ultrafiltro {m} :: ultrafilter
ultralargo {adj} :: ultrawide
ultraleggero {adj} :: ultralight
ultraleggero {m} :: ultralight (aircraft)
ultramaratona {f} :: ultramarathon
ultramaratoneta {mf} :: ultramarathoner
ultramarino {adj} :: alternative form of oltremarino
ultramicrofotografia {f} :: ultramicrophotography
ultramicrometro {m} :: ultramicrometer
ultramicroscopia {f} :: ultramicroscopy
ultramicroscopico {adj} :: ultramicroscopic
ultramicroscopio {m} :: ultramicroscope
ultramicrotomo {m} :: ultramicrotome
ultramiliardario {m} :: multibillionaire
ultramoderno {adj} :: ultramodern
ultramondano {adj} :: Variant of oltremondano
ultramontanismo {m} :: ultramontanism
ultramontano {adj} :: ultramontanist
ultramontano {adj} :: Variant of oltremontano
ultranazionalismo {m} :: ultranationalism
ultranazionalista {adj} :: ultranationalist
ultranazionalista {f} :: ultranationalist
ultraortodosso {adj} :: ultra-Orthodox
ultrapastorizzazione {f} :: ultrapasteurization
ultraperiferico {adj} :: outermost
ultrapesante {adj} :: ultraheavy
ultrapiatto {adj} :: Very flat
ultrapiatto {adj} :: Very thin (of a wristwatch)
ultraportatile {m} [computing] :: ultrabook
ultrapotente {adj} :: ultrapowerful
ultrapreciso {adj} :: ultraprecise
ultrapurismo {m} :: ultrapurism
ultrapuro {adj} :: ultrapure
ultraquattordicenne {adj} :: more than fourteen years old
ultrarallentatore {m} :: ultra-slow-motion
ultrarapido {adj} :: high-speed
ultrarapido {adj} :: extra-fast, ultrarapid
ultrarealista {adj} :: ultrarealistic
ultrarosso {adj} :: Variant of infrarosso
ultras {mf} :: fanatical sports supporters
ultrasensibile {adj} :: ultrasensitive
ultrasessantacinquenne {adj} :: over-sixty-five-year-old
ultrasessantacinquenne {mf} :: over-sixty-five-year-old
ultrasessantenne {adj} :: More than sixty years old
ultrasessantenne {mf} :: A person more than sixty years old
ultrasessantenne {mf} :: An old age pensioner
ultrasettantacinquenne {adj} :: over seventy-five years old
ultrasettantenne {adj} :: More than seventy years old
ultrasettantenne {mf} :: Such a person
ultrasferico {adj} [mathematics] :: ultraspherical
ultrasinistra {f} :: far left (politically)
ultrasonica {f} :: ultrasonics
ultrasonico {adj} :: ultrasonic
ultrasonografia {f} :: ultrasonography
ultrasonografico {adj} :: untrasonographic
ultrasonoro {adj} :: ultrasonic
ultrasonoterapia {f} :: ultrasound therapy
ultrasottile {adj} :: ultrathin
ultraspinto {adj} :: ultrahigh (vacuum)
ultrastruttura {f} :: ultrastructure
ultrastrutturale {adj} :: ultrastructural
ultrastrutturalmente {adv} :: ultrastructurally
ultrastrutturistica {f} :: ultrastructure (study of)
ultrasuono {m} :: ultrasound
ultrasuonoterapia {f} [medicine] :: ultrasound therapy
ultraterreno {adj} :: ultramundane, other-worldly
ultratrentennale {adj} :: Lasting more than thirty years
ultraumano {adj} :: ultrahuman
ultraumano {adj} :: celestial, divine
ultravioletto {adj} :: ultraviolet
ultravirus {m} :: ultravirus
ultravuoto {m} :: ultravacuum
ultrice {f} :: revenger, avenger, vindicator [female]
ultrogenito {adj} [heraldry] :: That follows a first-born son
ultroneamente {adv} :: spontaneously
ululante {v} :: present participle of ululare
ululare {v} :: howl, bay
ululare {v} :: cry
ululato {m} :: howl
ululato {m} :: howling
ululone {m} :: toad
umaghese {adj} :: Of, or from, Umago
umaghese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Umago
Umago {prop} :: Umag (town in Croatia)
umanamente {adv} :: humanely
umanamente {adv} :: humanly
umanante {v} :: present participle of umanarsi
umanantesi {v} :: present participle of umanarsi
umanare {v} :: To make human (give human characteristics to)
umanarsi {vr} :: To incarnate
umanazione {f} :: incarnation
umanesimo {m} :: humanism
umanissimo {adj} :: Very humane, very compassionate
umanista {mf} :: humanist
umanistico {adj} :: humanistic
umanità {f} :: humanity
umanità {f} :: mankind
umanitario {adj} :: humanitarian
umanitarismo {m} :: humanitarianism
umanitaristico {adj} :: humanitarian
umanizzante {v} :: present participle of umanizzare
umanizzantesi {v} :: present participle of umanizzarsi
umanizzare {vt} :: to humanize
umanizzare {vt} :: to civilize
umanizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of umanizzare
umanizzarsi {vr} :: to become human
umanizzarsi {vr} :: to become civilized
umanizzatosi {v} :: past participle of umanizzarsi
umanizzazione {f} :: humanization
umanizzazione {f} :: incarnation
umano {adj} :: human
umano {adj} :: humane, compassionate
umano {m} :: human being
umano {m} [poetic, chiefly in the plural] :: mankind, human race
umanoide {adj} :: humanoid
umanoide {mf} :: humanoid
umazione {f} :: alternative form of inumazione
umberta {n} :: Only used in the term all'umberta
Umbertide {prop} :: A small town in the Perugia province of Umbria
umbertidese {adj} :: Of or from Umbertide
umbertino {adj} :: Umberto (attributive)
Umberto {prop} :: given name, cognate to Humbert
umbilico {m} :: navel (variant of ombelico)
umbonato {adj} :: umbonate
umbone {m} :: The boss of a shield
umbra {f} :: Female Umbrian; woman native or inhabitant of Umbria
umbrale {adj} [mathematics] :: umbral
umbretta {f} :: hammerkop, umber-bird or hammerhead
Umbria {prop} :: Umbria
umbrifero {adj} :: alternative form of ombrifero
umbro {adj} :: Umbrian, of Umbria, from Umbria
umbro {m} :: Umbrian; native or inhabitant of Umbria
umbro {m} :: Umbrian (language)
-ume {suffix} :: Used to form nouns, often derived from adjectives, usually with a collective and pejorative connotation
umettabile {adj} :: That can be moistened
umettamento {m} :: synonym of umettazione
umettante {v} :: present participle of umettare
umettante {adj} :: humectant
umettante {m} :: humectant
umettare {vt} :: To moisten
umettativo {adj} :: moistening, humectant
umettazione {f} :: moistening, dampening
umico {adj} :: humic, humus
umicolo {adj} :: humicolous
umidente {v} :: present participle of umidire
umidezza {f} :: humidity, damp, dampness
umidiccio {adj} :: dampish
umidiccio {adj} :: clammy
umidiera {f} :: terra-cotta stewpot, terra-cotta stewing pot
umidificante {v} :: present participle of umidificare
umidificante {adj} :: humidifying
umidificare {vt} :: to humidify
umidificato {adj} :: humidified
umidificatore {m} :: humidifier
umidificazione {f} :: humidification
umidire {v} :: synonym of inumidire
umidità {f} :: humidity
umido {adj} :: humid, damp, wet
umido {m} :: damp, humidity
umido {m} :: a sauce in which a food is cooked and served, especially one made from the food's own juices
umidore {m} :: synonym of umidità
umifero {adj} :: Rich in humus
umificazione {f} :: humification
umile {adj} :: humble
umile {m} :: (male of unspecified sex) A humble man/person
umile {m} :: (in plural) The humble
umile {f} :: (female) A humble woman
umiliamento {m} :: synonym of umiliazione
umiliante {v} :: present participle of umiliare
umiliante {adj} :: humiliating, shaming, degrading
umiliantesi {v} :: present participle of umiliarsi
umiliare {vt} :: to humiliate
umiliare {vt} :: to mortify
umiliare {vt} :: to control, to dominate
umiliarsi {v} :: reflexive of umiliare
umiliarsi {vr} :: to humiliate or humble oneself
umiliatore {adj} :: humiliating
umiliatosi {v} :: past participle of umiliarsi
umiliazione {f} :: humiliation
umilissimo {adj} :: humblest, very humble
umilità {f} :: Variant of umiltà
umillimo {adj} :: Very humble
umilmente {adv} :: humbly
umiltà {f} :: humility
umma {f} [Islam] :: ummah
umogeno {adj} :: humogenic (that produces humus)
umor {m} :: apocopic form of umore
umorale {adj} [anatomy] :: humoral
umorale {adj} :: moody
umoralismo {m} [obsolete, medicine] :: humoralism, humorism
umore {m} :: temper, temperament
umore {m} :: mood, humour / humor
umore {m} :: humour (supposed set of bodily fluids), (fluid of the eye etc)
umore {m} [rare] :: humour (something funny)
umoresca {f} :: humoresque
umoresco {adj} :: synonym of umoristico
umorismo {m} :: humour / humor (something funny)
umorista {m} :: humorist (male)
umorista {f} :: humorist (female)
umoristicamente {adv} :: humorously
umoristico {adj} :: humorous, funny
umorosità {f} :: dampness, humidity
umoroso {adj} :: damp, moist, humid
umus {m} :: humus
un {art} :: an, a
un {m} :: one
un {adj} :: one
un {pron} :: one
-un- {affix} [chemistry] :: -un-
un' {adj} [sometimes before a vowel or an h] :: apocopic form of una
un' {art} [sometimes before a vowel or an h] :: apocopic form of una
un' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel or an h] :: apocopic form of una
una botta e via {f} [sexuality] :: one-night stand
una buona parte {f} :: a great deal
una buona volta {adv} :: once and for all
una catena è resistente solo quanto il suo anello debole {phrase} :: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
una cosa da niente {f} :: a trifle, doddle, piece of cake
una goccia in un mare d'acqua {phrase} :: a drop in the bucket
una mela al giorno leva il medico di torno {proverb} :: alternative form of una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno
una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno {proverb} :: an apple a day keeps the doctor away (apples are good for your health)
unanime {adj} :: unanimous
unanimemente {adv} :: unanimously
unanimismo {m} :: unanimism
unanimità {f} :: unanimity
una rondine non fa primavera {proverb} :: one swallow does not a summer make (literally “one swallow doesn't make a spring”)
una tantum {adj} :: one-off
una tantum {adv} :: once only
una tantum {f} :: A one-off tax
una volta {adv} :: one time, once
una volta {adv} :: once, formerly
una volta {conj} :: once, when
una volta che {conj} :: once, when
una volta per tutte {adv} :: once and for all
una volta tanto {adv} :: for once
una volta tanto {adv} :: once and for all
un bel po' di {adj} :: a great deal of, quite a lot of, a lot of
unbinilio {m} :: unbinilium
un buon partito {n} :: a good match
un cammello è un cavallo disegnato da un comitato {phrase} :: a camel is a horse designed by a committee
unciale {adj} :: alternative form of onciale
uncin {m} :: apocopic form of uncino
uncinante {v} :: present participle of uncinare
uncinare {vt} :: To hook
uncinato {adj} :: hooked
uncinato {adj} :: barbed
uncinato {adj} [anatomy] :: uncinate, unciform
uncinato {m} [skeleton] :: hamate, hamate bone, unciform
uncinello {m} :: The hook part of a hook and eye
uncinetto {m} :: crochet
uncinetto {m} :: crochet needle, crochet hook
uncino {m} :: hook
uncino {m} :: brace (A cord, ligament, or rod, for producing or maintaining tension)
uncinuto {adj} :: alternative form of uncinato
undazione {f} :: synonym of ondeggiamento
undecagono {m} :: undecagon
undecennale {adj} :: eleven years (attributive)
undecimo {adj} [literary] :: eleventh
undecimo {m} [literary] :: eleventh (the one in eleventh position)
undecimo {m} [literary] :: eleventh (fraction)
underground {m} :: the underground (people who resist artistic convention)
understatement {m} :: understatement
undicenne {adj} :: eleven-year-old
undicenne {mf} :: eleven-year-old
undicennio {m} :: A period of eleven years
undicesimo {adj} :: eleventh
undicesimo {m} :: eleventh (the one in eleventh position)
undicesimo {m} :: eleventh (fraction)
undici {adj} :: eleven
undici {num} [cardinal] :: eleven
undici {fp} :: eleven o'clock
undicimila {adj} :: eleven thousand
undicimila {m} :: eleven thousand
unente {v} :: present participle of unire
unentesi {v} :: present participle of unirsi
Ungaretti {prop} :: surname
Ungaretti {prop} :: Giuseppe Ungaretti, Italian writer and poet
ungarettiano {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Giuseppe Ungaretti
ungarico {adj} :: Hungarian
ungaro {adj} :: Hungarian
ungente {v} :: present participle of ungere
ungentesi {v} :: present participle of ungersi
ungere {vt} :: to oil, lubricate
ungere {vt} :: to annoint
ungere {vt} :: to flatter
ungersi {v} :: reflexive of ungere
ungersi {vr} :: to be covered in grease
ungersi {vr} :: to apply cream to the hands, etc
ungherese {adj} :: Hungarian
ungherese {mf} :: Hungarian
ungherese {m} :: The Hungarian language
Ungheria {prop} :: Hungary
unghero {adj} :: alternative form of ungaro
unghia {f} [anatomy] :: nail, claw
unghiata {f} :: scratch
unghiato {adj} :: clawed, taloned
unghiatura {f} :: tab; crown (part of a watch that is turned to adjust the time)
unghiatura {f} :: chamfer, bevel
unghiatura {f} :: scratch (with the nails)
unghiella {f} :: crosscut chisel
unghiella {f} :: scoop
unghiello {m} :: small nail or claw
unghiello {m} :: spur (on the leg of an animal)
unghiolo {m} :: claw, nail (of an animal)
unghione {m} :: (long) nail, claw or talon
unghione {m} :: hoof
unghiuto {adj} :: alternative form of unghiato
ungimento {m} :: synonym of ungitura
un giorno o l'altro {adv} :: one day, some day, one of these days
ungitore {adj} :: lubricating
ungitore {adj} :: annointing
ungitura {f} :: oiling, greasing, lubrication
unguanno {adv} :: alternative form of uguanno
ungueale {adj} :: nail (attributive), ungual
unguentaceo {adj} :: ointmentlike
unguentaio {adj} [archaic] :: alternative form of unguentario
unguentante {v} :: present participle of unguentare
unguentare {vt} [rare] :: to anoint with ointment
unguentario {adj} :: Of or pertaining to an ointment
unguentario {n} [obsolete] :: An ointment merchant, perfumer
unguento {m} :: ointment, unguent, salve
unguento {m} [obsolete, rare, figurative] :: remedy
unguicolato {adj} :: unguiculate
ungulato {adj} :: ungulate
ungulato {m} :: ungulate
unguligrado {adj} [zoology] :: unguligrade
uni- {prefix} :: uni-
uniasse {adj} :: uniaxial (all senses)
uniassiale {adj} :: uniaxial
uniassico {adj} :: uniaxial
uniate {adj} :: Uniate
unibile {adj} :: unitable, joinable
unibilità {f} :: unitability
unica {f} :: only thing
unica {f} :: only person, only one (female)
unicamente {adv} :: only, exclusively, solely
unicamerale {adj} :: unicameral
unicameralismo {m} :: unicameralism
unicameralmente {adv} :: unicamerally
unicamerismo {m} :: alternative form of unicameralismo
unicellulare {adj} [biology] :: unicellular
unicellulato {adj} :: unicellular
unicità {f} :: uniqueness, oneness
unico {adj} :: only, sole, one, single
unico {adj} :: unique, unparalleled, unequalled
unico {m} :: only person, only one
uniconcettuale {adj} :: uni-conceptual
unicorde {adj} :: alternative form of monocorde
unicorno {adj} :: one-horned
unicorno {m} :: unicorn
unicorno {m} :: narwhal
unicum {m} :: unicum
unidimensionale {adj} :: one-dimensional
unidirezionale {adj} :: unidirectional
unidirezionale {adj} :: one-way (street, traffic)
unidirezionalità {f} :: unidirectionality
unidose {adj} :: single-dose (attributive)
Unie {prop} :: Unije (island of Croatia)
unifacciale {adj} :: unifacial
unifamiliare {adj} :: single-family (home)
unificabile {adj} :: unifiable
unificabilità {f} :: The ability to be unified or standardized
unificante {v} :: present participle of unificare
unificante {adj} :: unifying
unificare {vt} :: to unify
unificare {vt} :: to standardize
unificativo {adj} :: unifying
unificato {adj} :: unified
unificatore {adj} :: unifying
unificatore {m} :: unifier
unificatrice {f} :: feminine noun of unificatore
unificazione {f} :: unification
unifilare {adj} :: unifiliar
unifloro {adj} [botany] :: uniflorous
unifogliato {adj} [botany] :: unifoliate
uniformante {v} :: present participle of uniformare
uniformantesi {v} :: present participle of uniformarsi
uniformare {vt} :: to conform, adapt
uniformare {vt} :: to make uniform, level
uniformare {vt} :: to standardize
uniformarsi {vr} :: To conform, to comply, to abide
uniformatosi {v} :: past participle of uniformarsi
uniformazione {f} :: levelling
uniformazione {f} :: conformity
uniformazione {f} :: evenness
uniforme {adj} :: uniform
uniforme {adj} :: unchanging, unvarying, monotonous
uniforme {f} :: uniform, dress, habit
uniformemente {adv} :: uniformly
uniformismo {m} [geology] :: uniformism
uniformità {f} :: uniformity
uniformità {f} :: evenness
unigenere {adj} [biology] :: unigenous
unigenito {adj} :: only-begotten
unigeno {adj} :: synonym of unigenito
unikini {m} :: synonym of monokini
unilabiato {adj} [botany] :: unilabiate
unilaterale {adj} :: unilateral, one-sided
unilateralismo {m} :: unilateralism
unilateralità {f} :: unilaterality, one-sidedness
unilateralmente {adv} :: unilaterally, one-sidedly
unilatero {adj} :: unilateral
uniloculare {adj} :: unilocular
unimandatario {adj} :: synonym of monomandatario
unimento {n} :: union
unimento {n} :: combination
unimolecolare {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: unimolecular
uninazionale {adj} :: uninational (one-nation form of Conservatism)
uninervio {adj} [botany] :: uninervate
uninominale {adj} :: single-candidate (attributive)
uninominalismo {m} :: single-candidacy
uninominalista {adj} :: single-candidacy (attributive)
unionale {adj} [legal] :: European Union (attributive)
unione {f} :: union (all senses)
unione {f} :: combination, blend
unione {f} :: cohesion
Unione Africana {prop} :: African Union
Unione Europea {prop} :: European Union
unione sindacale {f} :: trade union
Unione Sovietica {prop} :: Soviet Union
unionismo {m} :: unionism
unionismo {m} :: trade unionism
unionista {mf} :: unionist
uniovulare {adj} :: uniovular, uniovulate (twins from the same ovum)
uniparo {adj} [botany, zoology] :: uniparous
unipetalo {adj} :: synonym of monopetalo
unipolare {adj} :: unipolar
unipolarità {f} :: unipolarity
uniporto {m} [biochemistry] :: uniport
uniproprietario {adj} :: Having had only one previous owner (of an item for sale)
unire {v} :: to unite, to put together
unire {v} :: to join
unirsi {v} :: reflexive of unire
unirsi {v} :: to unite, herd, get together, join up, join
unirsi {v} :: to join, merge with, mingle with
unirsi in matrimonio {v} :: to get married
unirsi in matrimonio {v} :: To become married, to espouse
unisessuale {adj} :: unisexual
unisessualità {f} :: unisexuality
unisex {adj} :: unisex
unisillabico {adj} :: synonym of monosillabico
unisillabo {adj} :: synonym of monosillabo
unisillabo {m} :: synonym of monosillabo
unisonanza {f} [music] :: unison
unisono {m} [music] :: unison
unità {f} :: unity
unità {f} :: unit
unitaglia {adj} :: one-size-fits-all
unitamente {adv} :: uniformly
unitamente {adv} :: together (with)
unitariamente {adv} :: unitarily, uniformly
unitarianismo {m} :: Unitarianism
unitariano {adj} :: Unitarian
unitarietà {f} :: unitariness
unitario {adj} :: unitary
unitario {adj} :: unit [attributive]
unitario {adj} :: unitarian
unitario {adj} :: unification [attributive]
unitarismo {m} :: Unitarianism
unitarista {adj} :: Unitarian
unità astronomica {f} :: astronomical unit
unità di misura {f} :: unit of measurement, unit of measure, unit
unitezza {f} :: uniformity, regularity
unitezza {f} :: compactness
unità immaginaria {f} [mathematics] :: imaginary unit
unitissimo {adj} :: Very close, very united
unitivo {adj} :: unitive, united
unito {adj} :: united
unito {adj} :: close
unito {adj} :: plain (colour)
unitore {adj} :: uniting, unitive
unitosi {v} :: past participle of unirsi
univalente {adj} :: univalent
univerbante {v} :: present participle of univerbare
univerbare {v} [linguistics] :: To univerbate
univerbazione {f} [linguistics] :: univerbation (process of forming a new single word from a fixed expression of several words)
universale {adj} :: universal
universaleggiante {v} :: present participle of universaleggiare
universaleggiare {v} :: synonym of universalizzare
universalismo {m} :: universalism
universalista {mf} :: universalist
universalistico {adj} :: universalistic
universalità {f} :: universality
universalizzante {v} :: present participle of universalizzare
universalizzantesi {v} :: present participle of universalizzarsi
universalizzare {vt} :: to universalize
universalizzarsi {v} :: reflexive of universalizzare
universalizzarsi {vr} :: to become universal
universalizzatosi {v} :: past participle of universalizzarsi
universalizzazione {f} :: universalization
universalmente {adv} :: universally
universamente {adv} :: alternative form of universalmente
universiade {f} :: Universiade
università {f} :: university
universitario {adj} :: university (attributive)
universitario {adj} :: academic
universitario {m} :: university student or lecturer
universo {m} :: universe
univitigno {adj} :: synonym of monovitigno
univocamente {adv} :: unambiguously
univocazione {f} :: synonym of univocità
univocità {f} :: unambiguousness
univoco {adj} :: unambiguous
univoco {adj} [mathematics] :: Having a single solution
univoltino {adj} :: univoltine
unnico {adj} :: Hunnish
unnilennio {m} [obsolete] :: unnilennium
unnilesio {m} :: unnilhexium
unniloctio {m} :: unniloctium
unnilpentio {m} :: unnilpentium
unnilpenzio {m} :: unnilpentium
unnilquadio {m} :: unnilquadium
unnilseptio {m} :: unnilseptium
unno {adj} :: Hunnic
unno {m} :: Hun
uno {num} :: one
uno {adj} :: one
uno {art} :: an, a
uno {pron} :: someone, a person
uno di questi giorni {adv} :: one of these days
unodue {m} :: one-two (punch)
uno sì e uno no {adj} :: every other (every second; each alternate)
uno sì, l'altro no {adj} :: synonym of uno sì e uno no
uno sì, uno no {adj} :: Variant of uno sì e uno no
un paio di palle {interj} [, idiomatic, slang, vulgar] :: my ass (expresses disapproval, disregard or disbelief)
un po' {adv} :: a bit, a little, slightly, somewhat
un po' {adv} :: a while, some time
un po' {adv} :: a trifle
un poco {adv} :: alternative form of un po'
un poco di {adj} :: Variant of un po' di
un po' di {adj} :: some, a little of, a bit of
unqua {adv} [obsolete] :: never
unqua {adv} [obsolete] :: ever
unquanco {adv} :: never, never before
unque {adv} [obsolete] :: alternative form of unqua
-unque {suffix} :: Used to derive indefinite adjectives, adverbs and pronouns
unquemai {adv} :: never
un soldo di pane {m} :: a penny bun, penny loaf
untante {v} :: present participle of untare
untare {v} :: synonym of ungere
untatore {adj} :: synonym of ungitore
untatura {f} :: synonym of ungitura
un tempo {adv} :: once, formerly
Untervaldo {prop} :: Unterwalden (Swiss canton)
unticcio {adj} :: lightly greased
unticcio {adj} :: slightly oily
unto {adj} :: greasy
unto {m} :: fat, grease
unto {m} :: flattery
unto {m} :: the anointed
untore {m} :: plague spreader
untosi {v} :: past participle of ungersi
untosità {f} :: Variant of untuosità
untoso {adj} :: Variant of untuoso
untuario {m} :: unguentarium
untume {m} :: any greasy substance that stains or soils something
untuosamente {adv} :: unctuously
untuosità {f} :: greasiness, oiliness
untuosità {f} :: grease
untuoso {adj} :: greasy, oily, unctuous
ununbio {m} :: ununbium
ununennio {m} :: ununennium
ununhexio {m} :: ununhexium
ununnilio {m} :: ununnilium
ununoctio {m} [chemistry] :: ununoctium
ununpentio {m} [chemistry] :: ununpentium
ununquadio {m} [chemistry] :: ununquadium
ununseptio {m} [chemistry] :: ununseptium
ununtrio {m} [chemistry] :: ununtrium
unununio {m} :: unununium
unzione {f} :: unction
uom {m} :: apocopic form of uomo
uomo {n} :: man
uomo {n} [archaic, by extension] :: person
uomo {n} [by extension] :: mankind
uomo avvisato mezzo salvato {proverb} :: forewarned is forearmed
uomo d'affari {m} :: businessman
uomo di casa {m} :: family man
uomo di casa {m} :: househusband, house husband
uomo di mondo {m} :: man of the world (worldly man)
uomo di paglia {m} :: straw man, figurehead, front man
uomo di poche parole {m} [idiomatic] :: man of few words
uomo di punta {m} [military] :: point man
uomo di punta {m} :: Person who plays the lead role in an activity
uomo d'onore {m} :: man of honour
uomo d'onore {m} :: synonym of mafioso
uopo {m} :: need
uosa {f} :: gaiters
-uoso {suffix} :: -ous, -ful, -y
uova strapazzate {fp} :: scrambled eggs (A dish made by beating and frying eggs, sometimes mixed with milk)
uovo {m} :: egg
uovo affogato {m} :: poached egg
uovo alla coque {m} :: soft-boiled egg
uovo all'occhio di bue {m} :: fried egg sunny side up
uovo all'ostrica {m} :: prairie oyster
uovo al tegamino {m} :: fried egg
uovo bazzotto {m} :: soft-boiled egg
uovo di giornata {m} :: new-laid egg
uovo di Pasqua {m} :: Easter egg
uovo in camicia {m} :: poached egg
uovo sodo {m} :: hard-boiled egg
uperizzante {v} :: present participle of uperizzare
uperizzare {v} :: synonym of pastorizzare
uperizzatore {m} :: synonym of pastorizzatore
uperizzazione {f} :: synonym of pastorizzazione
-uplo {suffix} :: Used to form nouns representing tuples or tuplets, and the corresponding adjectives
Uppsala {prop} :: Uppsala (city)
upupa {f} :: hoopoe
-ura {suffix} :: Used to form collective nouns
uracile {f} [organic compound] :: uracil
uragano {m} [weather] :: hurricane, cyclone
Ural {prop} :: Ural
Urali {prop} :: Urals
uralico {adj} :: Ural (attributive)
uralico {adj} :: Uralic
uralico {n} :: Uralic (language)
uralo-altaico {adj} :: Ural-Altaic
uranato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: uranate
urango {m} :: alternative form of orango
Urania {prop} [Greek god] :: Urania
uraniano {adj} :: Uranian
uranico {adj} :: uranian, heavenly, celestial
uranico {adj} [chemistry] :: uranic
uranifero {adj} :: uraniferous
uranifero {adj} :: uranium (attributive)
uranile {m} :: uranyl
uraninite {f} :: uraninite
uranio {m} [chemistry] :: uranium
uranio arricchito {m} :: enriched uranium
uranio impoverito {m} :: depleted uranium
uranismo {m} :: uranism
uranista {adj} :: Uranian
Urano {prop} :: Uranus (god, planet)
uranofane {f} [mineral] :: uranophane
uranofano {m} [mineral] :: uranophane
uranografia {f} :: uranography
uranografico {adj} :: uranographic
uranografo {m} :: uranographer
uranometria {f} :: uranometry
uranometrico {adj} :: uranometric
uranoplastica {f} [surgery] :: uranoplasty
uranorrafia {f} :: synonym of uranoplastica
uranoscopia {f} :: uranoscopy
uranoscopo {m} :: stargazer
uratolitico {adj} :: uratolytic
uraturia {f} [pathology] :: uraturia
urbanamente {adv} :: urbanely, politely, courteously
urbanesimo {m} :: urbanization
urbanista {mf} :: town planner
urbanistica {f} :: town planning
urbanistica {f} :: urban studies
urbanisticamente {adv} :: urbanistically
urbanistico {adj} :: urban
urbanistico {adj} :: town (attributive)
urbanistico {adj} :: urbane
urbanità {f} :: urbanity
urbanizzante {v} :: present participle of urbanizzare
urbanizzare {vt} :: to urbanize
urbanizzato {adj} :: urbanized
urbanizzazione {f} :: urbanization
urbano {adj} :: urban
urbano {adj} :: urbane
Urbano {prop} :: Urban
urbanocentrico {adj} :: urbanocentric
urbe {f} [literary] :: city
Urbe {prop} :: The city of Rome
Urbe {prop} :: A small town in the province of Savona
urbicidio {m} :: urbicide
urbinate {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Urbino
urbinate {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Urbino
Urbino {prop} :: Urbino
Urbisaglia {prop} :: a town in the province of Macerata in Marche in Italy
urceolato {adj} [botany] :: urceolate
urdu {adj} :: Urdu
urdu {m} :: Urdu
urea {f} :: urea
ureasi {f} [enzyme] :: urease
uredospora {f} :: uredospore
ureico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: ureic
ureilenico {m} [organic chemistry] :: ureylene
uremia {f} [pathology] :: uremia
uremico {adj} :: uremic / uraemic
ureo {m} :: uraeus
uretanico {adj} :: urethane (attributive)
uretano {m} [organic chemistry] :: urethane
ureterale {adj} [anatomy] :: ureteral, ureteric
uretere {m} [anatomy] :: ureter
ureterectomia {f} [surgery] :: ureterectomy
ureterite {f} [pathology] :: ureteritis
uretra {f} [anatomy] :: urethra
uretrale {adj} [anatomy] :: urethral
uretrectomia {f} [surgery] :: urethrotomy
uretrite {f} [pathology] :: urethritis
uretropessi {f} [surgery] :: urethropexy
uretroscopia {f} [surgery] :: urethroscopy
uretroscopico {adj} [surgery] :: urethroscopic
uretrotomia {f} [surgery] :: urethrotomy
urgente {adj} :: urgent
urgente {v} :: present participle of urgere
urgentemente {adv} :: urgently
urgentissimo {adj} :: Very urgent
urgenza {f} :: urgency
urgenza {f} :: hurry
urgenzante {v} :: present participle of urgenzare
urgenzare {v} :: To urge
urgere {vi} :: To be urgent; to be needed urgently
-urgia {suffix} :: -urgy
-urgia {suffix} :: relating to surgery
uria {f} :: guillemot, loom or common murre
-uria {suffix} [medicine] :: -uria
Uria {prop} [Biblical character] :: Uriah
Uria {prop} :: given name
uricemia {f} [pathology] :: uricemia
uricemico {adj} [pathology] :: uricemic, uricaemic
urico {adj} :: uric
uricosurico {adj} :: uricosuric
uricosurico {m} [pharmacology] :: uricosuric agent, uricosuric drug
uricotelismo {m} [biochemistry] :: uricotelism
uridililtrasferasi {f} [enzyme] :: uridyltransferase
uridiltransferasi {f} [enzyme] :: uridyl transferase (UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase)
Uriele {prop} [Biblical character] :: Uriel
Uriele {prop} :: given name
urina {f} :: urine
urinante {v} :: present participle of urinare
urinare {vi} :: to urinate
urinario {adj} [physiology] :: urinary
urinatoio {m} :: Variant of orinatoio
urinazione {f} :: urination
urinifero {adj} :: uriniferous
urinocoltura {f} [pathology] :: urine culture (to test for microorganisms)
urinoso {adj} :: urinous
urlamento {m} :: A prolonged scream or yell
urlante {v} :: present participle of urlare
urlante {adj} :: screaming, vociferous
urlare {vit} :: to scream, to yell
urlare {vi} :: to howl (of an animal)
urlare {vi} :: to squall
urlatore {adj} :: howling, shrieking
urlatore {m} :: A howling or shrieking person
urletto {m} [sometimes pejorative] :: diminutive of urlo; a small (usually feminine) scream
urlio {m} :: shouting, howling, shrieking, clamoring
urlo {m} :: scream
urlo {m} :: yell
urlo {m} :: howl (of an animal)
urlo {m} :: wail (of a siren)
urlone {m} :: shouter, bawler, yeller
urna {f} :: urn, pot
urna {f} :: ballot box
urna elettorale {f} :: ballot box
uro- {prefix} :: uro- (related to urine)
uro- {prefix} [zoology] :: uro- (having a tail)
uro {m} [zoology] :: aurochs, urus
-uro {suffix} [chemistry] :: -ide
-uro {suffix} [zoology] :: having a tail
urobatterio {m} :: urobacterium
urobilina {f} :: urobilin
uroboro {m} :: ouroboros, uroboros
urochinasi {f} [enzyme] :: urokinase
urocromo {m} :: urochrome
urofagia {f} :: urophagia
urogallo {m} :: grouse
urogallo {m} :: capercaillie or wood grouse
urogenesi {f} :: uropoiesis
urogenitale {adj} [anatomy] :: urogenital, genitourinary
uro-genitale {adj} :: alternative spelling of urogenitale
urografia {f} [medicine] :: urography
urogramma {m} :: urogram
urolitiasi {f} :: urolithiasis
urolito {m} :: urolith (urinary calculus)
urologia {f} [medicine] :: urology
urologico {adj} :: urological
urologo {m} :: An urologist
uromastice {m} :: the mastigure lizard
uroniano {adj} :: alternative form of huroniano
uronico {adj} :: uronic
uropatia {f} [pathology] :: uropathy
uropigeo {adj} :: uropygial
uropigio {m} :: uropygial gland
uropoiesi {f} :: uropoiesis
uropoietico {adj} :: uropoietic
uroporfirinogeno {m} [biochemistry] :: uroporphyrinogen
uroscopia {f} [medicine] :: uroscopy
urotropina {f} [organic compound] :: urotropine
urrà {interj} :: hurrah, hooray, hurray
ursigramma {m} :: ursigram
ursone {m} :: Canada porcupine, urson (Erethizon dorsatum)
urtacchiante {v} :: present participle of urtacchiare
urtacchiare {v} :: To bump or knock repeatedly
urtamento {m} :: bumping, knocking; bump, knock
urtamento {m} :: annoying; annoyance
urtante {v} :: present participle of urtare
urtante {adj} :: irritating, annoying
urtare {v} :: to bump into or knock against
urtare {v} :: to annoy or irritate
urtata {f} :: knock, bump
urtatina {f} :: tap (glancing blow)
urtatore {adj} :: bumping, knocking
urtatore {adj} :: annoying
urtatura {f} :: synonym of urtata
urtica {f} :: Variant of ortica
urticante {adj} :: urticant
urticchiante {v} :: present participle of urticchiare
urticchiare {v} :: To knock or bump lightly and repeatedly
urto {m} :: crash, collision
urto {m} :: knock, bump
urto {m} :: clash
urto {m} :: attack
urtone {m} :: violent knock, blow or crash
urtone {m} :: hard push or shove
urubù {m} :: vulture
urubù dalla testa nera {m} :: carrion crow the American black vulture (Coragyps atratus)
uruguaiana {f} :: Uruguayan (female)
uruguaiano {adj} :: Uruguayan
uruguaiano {m} :: Uruguayan
Uruguay {prop} :: Uruguay
uruguayano {adj} :: alternative spelling of uruguaiano
uruguayano {m} :: alternative spelling of uruguaiano
Usa {prop} :: USA
usabile {adj} :: usable
usabilità {f} :: usability
usa e getta {adj} :: disposable, throw-away
usante {v} :: present participle of usare
usantesi {v} :: present participle of usarsi
usanza {f} :: custom, tradition, (plural) ways
usanza {f} :: habit, custom
usanza {f} :: trend
usanza {f} [legal] :: usance, custom
usare {vt} :: to use something
usare l'effetto fionda {v} :: to slingshot
usare le maniere forti {v} :: to twist someone's arm
usarsi {vr} :: To be used
usatamente {adv} :: synonym of di solito
usato {adj} :: usual, customary, habitual
usato {adj} :: used, worn
usato {adj} :: second-hand
usato {adj} :: accustomed
usato {m} :: second-hand goods
usatto {m} :: A type of knee-high boot
usbeco {adj} :: Uzbek
usbeco {m} :: Uzbek
usbergo {m} :: hauberk
uscente {v} :: present participle of uscire
uscente {adj} :: outgoing (from a post)
uscere {m} :: alternative form of usciere
usciale {m} :: A large, glass door, especially one used as a room divider
usciere {m} :: usher
usciere {m} :: porter
usciere {m} :: janitor
uscio {m} :: door (especially a small, exterior door)
uscio {m} :: doorway, entry
usciolante {v} :: present participle of usciolare
usciolare {v} :: To eavesdrop from behind a door
usciolo {m} :: A small door, especially one in a birdcage
uscir {v} :: apocopic form of uscire
uscire {vi} :: to go out, leave, exit
uscire {vi} :: to get off, get out
uscire {vi} :: to disappear
uscire {vi} :: to flow, run [of a liquid]
uscire {vi} :: to descend, spring (from)
uscire {vi} :: to come out (be published)
uscire all'indietro {v} :: to back out (To reverse a vehicle from a confined space)
uscire dai gangheri {v} :: to lose patience, lose control, lose one's temper, lose one's rag, lose one's cool, blow one's top, go apeshit
uscire dai gangheri {v} :: to get crazy
uscire dai ranghi {n} :: break ranks (To publicly disagree with one's own group or organization)
uscire di nascosto {v} :: to sneak away (To leave a place, or a meeting, without being seen or heard)
uscirsene {v} :: synonym of andarsene
uscita {f} :: exit, way out
uscita {f} :: loophole
uscita {f} :: outing, trip
uscita {f} [publishing] :: release, run (of a publication)
uscita {f} [finance] :: outflow (of cash)
uscita {f} [electronics] :: output, connector
uscita di sicurezza {f} :: emergency exit
usciuolo {m} :: alternative form of usciolo
uscocco {adj} :: Uskok
uscocco {m} :: Uskok
username {m} [computing] :: username
usignolo {m} :: nightingale
usignolo {m} :: warbler
usignolo maggiore {m} :: thrush mightingale
usignuolo {m} :: alternative form of usignolo
usitatamente {adv} :: usually, as usual
usitato {adj} :: common, usual
USL {f} :: local health authority
USL {f} :: local health district
uso {m} :: use
uso {m} :: custom, habit
usofrutto {m} :: alternative form of usufrutto
usolante {v} :: present participle of usolare
usolare {v} :: alternative form of usciolare
usoliere {m} :: string
usometro {m} :: An apparatus for measuring the wear-resistance of a fabric
ussaro {m} :: hussar
ussita {adj} :: Hussite
ussita {mf} :: Hussite
ussitismo {m} :: alternative form of hussitismo
ussoricida {adj} :: alternative form of uxoricida
ussoricida {mf} :: alternative form of uxoricida
ussoricidio {m} :: alternative form of uxoricidio
usta {f} :: the characteristic smell left by wild animals and traced by hunting dogs
ustascia {adj} :: Ustashi
Ustica {prop} :: An island in the Tyrrhenian Sea
usticese {adj} :: Of, or from, Ustica
usticese {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Ustica
ustilagine {f} :: smut (fungus of order Ustilaginales)
ustionante {v} :: present participle of ustionare
ustionantesi {v} :: present participle of ustionarsi
ustionare {vt} :: To burn
ustionarsi {vr} :: To burn oneself
ustionatosi {v} :: past participle of ustionarsi
ustione {f} :: burn
usto {adj} :: burnt, flamed
ustorio {adj} :: burning
ustrina {f} :: alternative form of ustrino
ustrino {m} :: ustrinum
usuale {adj} :: usual, ordinary, everyday
usualità {f} :: usualness
usualmente {adv} :: usually
usuario {m} [legal] :: user
usucapente {v} :: present participle of usucapire
usucapibile {adj} [legal] :: That may be acquired by usucaption
usucapibilità {f} [legal] :: The ability to acquire via usucaption
usucapione {f} :: usucaption The acquisition of right or title to an object by means of the passage of time
usucapire {v} :: To acquire via usucaption
usucatto {adj} [legal] :: acquired via usucaption
usufruente {v} :: present participle of usufruire
usufruibile {adj} :: usable
usufruire {vi} :: To take advantage (of), to make use (of)
usufrutto {m} [legal] :: usufruct
usufruttuario {m} :: usufructuary
usura {f} :: usury, interest on a loan
usura {f} :: wear, damage caused by habitual use
usurabile {adj} :: subject to wear and tear
usurabilità {f} :: Property of being subjected to wear and tear
usuraia {f} :: usurer, loan shark (female)
usuraio {m} :: usurer, loan shark
usurante {v} :: present participle of usurare
usurantesi {v} :: present participle of usurarsi
usurare {vt} :: To wear out
usurario {adj} :: usurial, usurious
usurarsi {vr} :: To wear out
usuratosi {v} :: past participle of usurarsi
usurpamento {m} :: synonym of usurpazione
usurpante {v} :: present participle of usurpare
usurpare {vt} :: to usurp
usurpativamente {adv} :: By means of usurpation
usurpativo {adj} :: Relating to, or causing usurpation
usurpatore {m} :: usurper
usurpatorio {adj} :: Relating to usurpation or a usurper
usurpatrice {f} :: usurper (female)
usurpazione {f} :: usurpation, encroachment
-uta {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the feminine singular past participle of regular -ere verbs
-ute {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the feminine plural past participle of regular -ere verbs
utello {m} :: A glazed earthenware jar used to keep oil
utensile {adj} :: that serves, or is useful
utensile {m} :: tool, implement
utensileria {f} :: tools
utensileria {f} :: tool shop or room
utensilista {m} :: toolmaker
utente {mf} :: user
utente {mf} :: consumer (utilities etc)
utente {mf} :: subscriber (telephone)
utenza {f} :: use, consumption
utenza {f} :: user, consumers, customers, subscribers
utenza {f} :: account
uterino {adj} :: uterine
utero {m} [anatomy] :: womb, uterus, metra
uterorragia {f} :: synonym of metrorragia
-uti {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the masculine plural past participle of regular -ere verbs
uticense {adj} :: Utican
utile {adj} :: useful
utilissimo {adj} :: Very useful
utilista {mf} :: synonym of enfiteuta
utilità {f} :: utility
utilità {f} :: advantage, profit
utilitante {v} :: present participle of utilitare
utilitare {v} :: To make useful
utilitare {v} :: To take advantage
utilitaria {f} :: small car, city car, economy car, supermini, runabout
utilitario {adj} :: utilitarian
utilitarismo {m} :: utilitarianism
utilitarista {adj} :: utilitarian
utilitarista {mf} :: utilitarian
utilitaristico {adj} :: utilitarian
utilizzabile {adj} :: usable, that can be used
utilizzabilità {f} :: utilization
utilizzabilità {f} :: availability
utilizzante {v} :: present participle of utilizzare
utilizzante {adj} :: used, employed
utilizzare {vt} :: to use, make use of, utilize
utilizzato {adj} :: used, utilized
utilizzatore {m} :: user
utilizzatrice {f} :: user (female)
utilizzazione {f} :: use, utilization
utilizzo {m} :: utilization
utilizzo {m} :: availment (of credit)
utilmente {adv} :: usefully
utilmente {adv} :: profitably
-uto {suffix} :: Used with a stem to form the past participle of regular -ere verbs
-uto {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from nouns, in the sense of having the object represented by the noun; -ed
utopia {f} :: utopia
utopico {adj} :: utopian, ideal
utopista {mf} :: utopian
utopistico {adj} :: utopian
utraquismo {m} :: utraquism
utraquista {mf} :: utraquist
utraquistico {adj} :: utraquistic, adhering to utraquism
utriaca {f} :: synonym of triaca
utricolo {m} :: alternative form of otricolo
uva {f} :: grape
uva {f} [collective noun] :: grapes
uvaceo {adj} :: grape (attributive), grapelike
uvaggio {m} :: blend of different grapes used to make wine
uvea {f} [anatomy] :: uvea
uveaceo {adj} :: alternative form of uvaceo
uveale {adj} [anatomy] :: uveal
uveite {f} [pathology] :: uveitis
uvetta {f} :: raisin (fruit)
uvifero {adj} :: grape-bearing
uvina {f} :: synonym of fitolacca
uviopatia {f} [pathology] :: skin disorder produced by ultraviolet light
uvola {f} :: alternative form of ugola
uvoso {adj} :: Rich in grapes
uvulare {adj} :: uvular
uvulite {f} :: uvulitis
uxorato {adj} :: married, but especially used to describe a Roman Catholic priest who has left this office to get married
uxoricida {adj} :: uxoricidal
uxoricida {adj} :: That has killed her husband
uxoricida {m} :: uxoricide
uxoricida {f} :: wife that has killed her husband
uxoricidio {m} :: uxoricide (the killing of one's own wife)
uxorilocale {adj} :: uxorilocal
uxorilocalità {f} :: uxorilocality
uxorio {adj} :: uxorial
uxorio {adj} :: wife (attributive)
uzbeca {f} :: Uzbek (female)
uzbeco {adj} :: Uzbek
uzbeco {m} :: Uzbek
uzbeco {prop} :: the Uzbek language
Uzbekistan {prop} :: Uzbekistan
uzbeko {adj} :: alternative spelling of uzbeco
uzbeko {m} :: alternative spelling of uzbeco
uzza {f} [regional, Tuscany] :: A breeze, especially a moist, fragrant breeze at dawn or the evening
uzzolo {m} :: whim, fancy, urge, caprice