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j' {pron} :: Clitic form of je
{adv} [archaic] :: already
jaï-alaï {m} :: jai alai
jabisen {m} [musical instruments] :: shamisen
Jablines {prop} :: A small commune in the Seine-et-Marne department of Île-de-France
jablinois {adj} :: Of or from Jablines
jabot {m} [obsolete] :: stomach
jabot {m} :: bird’s crop
jabot {m} :: shirt-frill, jabot
jabot {m} [Louisiana French, ] :: bosom, breast
jabotage {m} :: jabbering
jaboter {vi} :: to jabber
jaboteur {m} :: jabberer
jaboteur {m} :: African thrush (Turdus pelios)
jaboteuse {f} :: feminine singular of jaboteur
jabotière {f} :: chiffon frill
jabotière {f} :: swan goose (Anser cygnoides)
jabreillaud {adj} :: Of or from Jabreilles-les-Bordes
Jabreilles-les-Bordes {prop} :: A very small commune in the Haute-Vienne department of Limousin
Jabrun {prop} :: A very small commune in the Cantal department of Auvergne
jabrunais {adj} :: Of or from Jabrun
JAC {prop} {f} :: Jeunesse agricole catholique
jacaltèque {m} :: Jacaltec (language)
jacarique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: jacaric
jacassage {m} [rare] :: chatter, chattering
jacassant {adj} :: jabbering
jacassement {m} :: chatter, chattering
jacasser {vi} [of a magpie] :: to caw
jacasser {vi} [figuratively] :: to chatter, to gossip, to jabber
jacasserie {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: chatter
jacasseur {m} :: talker; chatterer; gossip
jacasseuse {f} :: feminine noun of jacasseur
jacée {f} :: centaury, starthistle
jacent {adj} :: underlying
jachimovite {f} [mineral] :: jachymovite
jachère {f} :: fallow; fallow land (especially when left uncultivated on purpose)
jachérer {v} :: To plough fallow land
jacinthe {f} :: hyacinth
jaciste {mf} :: A member of the Jeunesse agricole catholique
jacker {v} [Canada] :: To jack up
jackette {f} :: feminine singular of jacky
jackpot {m} :: jackpot (all senses)
jacksonesque {adj} :: Jacksonesque
jacksonien {adj} :: Jacksonian
jacky {m} :: A person who pimps (excessively customizes)
Jacob {prop} :: Jacob (biblical figure)
Jacob {prop} :: given name
jacobée {f} :: ragwort
jacobien {adj} :: Jacobean
jacobien {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Jacques-d’Aliermont
Jacobien {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Saint-Jacques-d’Aliermont
Jacobienne {f} :: feminine singular of Jacobien
jacobin {adj} :: Jacobin
jacobin {m} :: Jacobin
jacobiniser {v} :: To jacobinize
jacobinisme {m} :: Jacobinism
jacobite {mf} :: Jacobite
jaconas {m} :: jaconet
Jacou {prop} :: A small town in the Hérault department of Languedoc-Roussillon
jacoumard {adj} :: Of or from Jacou
Jacoumard {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Jacou
Jacoumarde {f} :: feminine singular of Jacoumard
jacquaire {adj} :: relative to Santiago, but especially to Santiago de Compostela and the pilgrimage to that place
jacquard {m} :: jaquard (all senses)
jacquart {f} :: alternative form of jacquard
jacque {mf} :: alternative spelling of jaque [jackfruit]
Jacqueline {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Jacques
jacquemard {adj} :: Of or from Taninges
jacquemart {m} :: alternative form of jaquemart
jacquerette {f} :: earthnut (Lathyrus tuberosus)
jacquerie {f} :: peasants' revolt, jacquerie
jacques {m} :: a stupid person
jacques {m} :: a jemmy or crowbar
Jacques {prop} {m} :: given name, the French equivalent of James and Jacob, and formerly used as a generic name for peasants
Jacques {prop} {m} :: James (biblical character)
Jacques {prop} {m} :: surname
Jacques a dit {m} :: Simon says (children's game)
jacquet {m} :: A game resembling backgammon
jacqueter {v} [dated] :: to chat
jacquez {m} :: A vine variety used mostly as a rootstock
jacquier {m} :: jackfruit (plant)
jacquolandin {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande
jacquot {m} [colloquial] :: A name given to any chattering bird such as parrots, magpies and jays
jacquère {f} :: A grape variety from Savoie
jactance {f} :: boastfulness, bragging
jactance {f} :: banter
jacter {v} [colloquial, possibly, pejorative] :: To talk, speak
jacter {v} [colloquial, possibly, pejorative] :: To speak (a language)
jacter {v} [colloquial, possibly, pejorative] :: To chat
jaculatoire {adj} :: ejaculatory
jaculatoire {adj} :: fervent
jacutais {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Jacut-les-Pins
jacuzzi {m} :: jacuzzi
jadaïque {adj} :: jade (attributive)
jade {m} :: jade
Jade {prop} :: given name from the noun jade, popular in the 2000s
jadien {adj} :: jade (attributive)
jadis {adv} :: long ago, once, yesteryear, in times past
jadéite {f} [mineral] :: jadeite
jaguar {mf} [masculine] :: jaguar (cat)
jaguar {mf} [masculine] :: Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2)
jaguar {mf} [feminine] :: jaguar (car)
jaguar {mf} [feminine] :: Jaguar (British car manufacturer)
jaguarondi {m} :: jaguarundi (wild cat)
j'ai besoin de ... {phrase} :: I need ...
j'ai besoin de ton aide {interj} :: [familiar] I need your help
j'ai besoin de votre aide {phrase} :: [polite or plural] I need your help
jaillir {v} [of liquid, fire, etc.] :: to spurt out, gush forth
jaillir {v} [of person, animal] :: to spring out
jaillir {v} [of tower, obstruction] :: to thrust up, to jut out
jaillir {v} [of idea] :: to emerge from
jaillissant {adj} :: gushing, springing
jaillissement {m} :: spurt; gush
jaine {adj} :: feminine singular of jain
j'ai peur {phrase} :: I'm scared
jais {m} [mineralogy] :: jet
j'ai une question {phrase} :: I have a question
jalapine {f} :: jalapin
jalapique {adj} :: jalapic
jalon {m} :: a pole marking the border of a field or a road
jalon {m} [figuratively] :: an idea serving to indicate a direction in a study, a work, etc
jalonner {v} :: stake out, mark out (to mark off the limits by stakes)
jalousement {adv} :: jealously
jalouser {v} :: to be jealous of; to envy
jalousie {f} :: jealousy
jalousie {f} [historical] :: (latticework) screen
jalousie {f} :: Venetian blind
jaloux {adj} :: jealous
jamaïcain {adj} :: Jamaican (from or pertaining to Jamaica)
Jamaïcain {m} :: Jamaican (someone from or pertaining to Jamaica)
Jamaïcaine {f} :: feminine noun of Jamaïcain
jamais {adv} [ne ... jamais] :: never
jamais {adv} :: ever
jamais de la vie {interj} [colloquial] :: not on your life! not a chance! no way Jose! not in a million years! absolutely not!
jamalac {m} :: wax apple, jambul (or any similar plant of the genus Syzygium)
jamalaquier {m} :: synonym of jamalac
jamaïquain {adj} :: Jamaican
Jamaïque {prop} {f} :: Jamaica
jambage {m} [typography] :: downstroke
jambage {m} [architecture] :: jamb
jambalaya {m} [Louisiana French] :: jambalaya (rice-based dish from Louisiana)
jambalaya {m} [Louisiana French] :: a mixture of foods of any kind
jambe {f} :: leg
jambe de bois {f} :: a peg-leg, a wooden leg
jambe de bois {f} [colloquial] :: a knee blow to the thigh
jambier {adj} :: tibial
jambier {m} :: tibial (bone)
jambière {f} :: greave
jambière {f} [hockey] :: pad, shinguard
jambière {f} :: legging; knee sock
jambière {f} :: leg-warmer (for dancer)
jamblon {m} :: jambul, jambolan
jambon {m} :: ham
jambonneau {m} :: knuckle of ham (lower part of a leg of pork)
jamboree {m} :: jamboree
jambosier {m} :: Malabar plum (of the genus Syzygium)
Jambrès {prop} :: Jambres (Biblical magician)
jammer {v} [music, notably jazz] :: To jam; have a jam session
jan {m} :: Each of the two tables in trictrac
jaïn {adj} :: Jain
jaïn {m} :: Jain
jaïne {f} :: feminine noun of jaïn
Janine {prop} {f} :: given name, a variant of Jeannine popular in mid-twentieth century
jaïnisme {m} :: Jainism
janissaire {m} :: janissary (soldier)
Jannès {prop} :: Jannes (Biblical magician)
jansénisme {m} :: Jansenism
janséniste {adj} :: Jansenist
janséniste {mf} :: Jansenist
jante {f} :: wheel (of a bike, without the tire)
jante {f} :: rim (of a wheel), wheelrim
janvier {m} :: January
jaonnaise {adj} :: feminine singular of jaonnais
japchae {m} :: japchae
japon {m} :: japanware
japon {m} :: Japanese porcelain
Japon {prop} {m} :: Japan
japonais {m} :: the Japanese language
japonais {adj} :: Japanese
Japonais {m} :: A Japanese man, a male inhabitant of Japan
Japonaise {f} :: a Japanese woman, a female inhabitant of Japan
japonaiserie {f} [arts] :: Japonism, a style in art, or an artistic object, that reflects the influence of Japanese art
japoniser {v} :: nipponize (to make or become more Japanese)
japonisme {m} :: Japonism
jappement {m} [of an animal] :: yelp; whine
japper {v} :: to yap, yelp
japper {v} [Canada] :: to bark
jaque {mf} :: jackfruit
jaque {m} [historical] :: gambison
jaquemart {m} :: jack, quarter jack, bellstriker
jaquette {f} :: jacket (a removable or replaceable protective or insulating cover for an object)
jaquette {f} :: jacket (piece of clothing)
jaquette {f} :: cover (front and back of a book, magazine, CD or DVD)
jaquette {f} [slang] :: male homosexuality
jaquier {m} :: alternative spelling of jacquier
jaraï {adj} :: Jarai
jardin {m} :: garden
jardinage {m} :: gardening
jardin botanique {m} :: botanical garden (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons)
jardin d'enfants {m} :: a part-time crèche for toddlers in Switzerland
jardiner {v} :: to garden; to do some gardening
jardinerie {f} :: garden centre; shop selling gardening-related produce
jardinet {m} :: small garden
jardinier {m} :: gardener
jardinière {f} :: gardener (female gardener)
jardinière {f} :: An ornamental pot for the display of live flowers; a planter
jardinière {f} :: Diced, cooked vegetables served as a garnish
jardin potager {m} :: vegetable garden, kitchen garden
jardin public {m} :: public garden
jardin zoologique {m} :: zoological garden
jargon {m} :: jargon, specialised or unintelligible language
jargon {m} :: A jargon, zircon type
jargonnant {adj} :: babbling
jargonner {v} :: to babble
jarosse {f} :: red pea, red vetchling (Lathyrus cicera)
jarre {f} :: jar (made of clay or earth)
jarret {m} :: back of the knee
jarret {m} :: hock (joint)
jarretelle {f} :: suspenders (feminine), garter
jarretière {f} :: garter
jars {m} :: gander (male goose)
jas {m} [Provence] :: sheepfold
jaser {v} :: to chat, to gossip
jaseran {m} :: jazeraint (sort of protective chainmail)
jaseron {m} :: alternative form of jaseran
jaseur {m} :: talker, chatterer, gossip
jaseur {adj} :: talkative, gossiping
jaseuse {f} :: feminine noun of jaseur
jasmin {m} :: jasmine
Jasmin {prop} {m} :: given name, a rare masculine form of Jasmine
Jasmine {prop} :: given name of modern usage, cognate to English Jasmine
jaspé {adj} :: jaspé
jaspe {m} :: jasper (precious stone)
jasper {v} :: apply different colors of paint flowing together in order to make it look like jasper stone
jatropha {mf} :: jatropha
jatte {f} :: pan, bowl; skeel
jauge {f} :: a gauge
jaugeage {m} :: gauging
jauger {v} :: to sound (measure); to gauge by sounding
jaumière {f} [nautical] :: rudderpost, rudder post
jaunasse {adj} :: yellowish
jaune {adj} :: yellow
jaune {m} :: yellow
jaune {m} :: yolk (of egg)
jaune d'œuf {m} :: egg yolk
jaunement {adv} :: yellowishly
jaunet {m} [obsolete] :: gold coin
jaunir {vi} :: to go yellow, to turn yellow
jaunir {v} [of bananas] :: to ripen
jaunir {vt} :: to make yellow
jaunissant {adj} :: yellowing
jaunisse {f} [non-medical] :: jaundice
jaunissement {m} :: yellowing
jaunâtre {adj} :: yellowish
Java {prop} {f} :: Java (Island)
Java {prop} {m} :: Java (programming language)
javanais {m} :: javanais (French slang)
javanais {m} :: Javanese (language)
javanais {m} :: A coffee and chocolate flavored French pastry
javanais {adj} :: Javanese (of or relating to the island Java)
Javanais {m} :: Javanese (person from Java)
Javanaise {f} :: feminine noun of Javanais
javart {m} :: windgall, windpuff
javel {f} :: bleach
javelle {f} :: bundle, gavel (of corn); swathe
javellisation {f} :: chlorination
javelliser {vt} :: to disinfect using a commercial bleach, to chlorinate
javelot {m} :: javelin (weapon)
jazz {m} [music] :: jazz (music style)
jazzer {v} :: to jazz (play jazz music)
jazzifier {v} :: to jazzify, jazz up
jazzique {adj} :: jazz (attributive)
jazzique {adj} :: jazzy
jazzman {m} :: jazzman
jazzophile {m} :: A jazzophile
je {pron} :: I
jean {m} :: a pair of jeans
Jean {prop} :: John [biblical character]
Jean {prop} :: given name, traditionally very popular in France, also common as the first part of hyphenated given names
Jean-Baptiste {prop} :: John the Baptist [biblical character]
Jean-Baptiste {prop} :: given name
Jean-Baptiste {prop} :: surname
Jean-Charles {prop} {m} :: given name
Jean-Christophe {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Christophe
Jean-Claude {prop} :: given name, a popular combination of Jean and Claude
jean-foutre {m} [slang, dated] :: good-for-nothing, layabout, blackguard
Jean-François {prop} {m} :: given name
Jean-Guy {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Guy
Jean-Jacques {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Jacques
Jean-Joël {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Joël
Jean-Louis {prop} :: given name
Jean-Loup {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Loup
Jean-Luc {prop} :: given name
Jean-Marc {prop} :: given name
Jean-Marie {prop} :: given name, a popular combination of Jean and Marie
Jean-Michel {prop} :: given name, a popular combination of Jean and Michel
Jeanne {prop} {f} :: given name
Jeanne {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Joanna
jeannette {f} :: gold cross (worn from the neck)
jeannette {f} :: sleeve board (for ironing sleeves)
Jeannette {prop} :: given name, a diminutive form of Jeanne
Jeannine {prop} :: given name, a diminutive of Jeanne
jeannois {adj} :: Of or from Lac-Saint-Jean, Lac Saint-Jean or of several other similarly-named places in France
Jean-Noël {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Noël
Jean-Pascal {prop} :: given name, combination of Jean and Pascal
Jean-Paul {prop} :: given name
Jean-Philippe {prop} :: given name, a popular combination of Jean and Philippe
Jean-Pierre {prop} :: given name, a popular combination of Jean and Pierre
Jean-Yves {prop} :: given name, a popular combination of Jean and Yves
jeep {f} :: jeep
je m'appelle {phrase} :: my name is ..., I am ..., I'm ..
je-m'en-foutisme {m} [slang] :: don't-give-a-damn attitude
jeûné {adj} :: fasting; relating to fasting
je n'ai pas d'argent {phrase} :: I have no money
jeûne {m} :: fast (period without consuming nourishment)
je ne comprends pas {phrase} :: I don't understand
je ne parle pas anglais {phrase} :: I don't speak English
je ne parle pas français {phrase} :: I don't speak French
je ne pense pas {phrase} :: I don't think so
je ne pense pas {phrase} :: I think not
jeûner {vi} :: to fast; to go without food
je ne sais pas {phrase} :: I don't know
je ne sais quoi {m} :: A certain something, je ne sais quoi (intangible quality that makes something distinctive)
je ne te le fais pas dire {phrase} [colloquial] :: tell me about it
jeûneur {m} :: someone who fasts, a faster
jeûneuse {f} :: feminine noun of jeûneur
Jennifer {prop} :: given name
je pense bien {phrase} [colloquial] :: I think so
Jephthé {prop} :: Jephtha
jerez {m} :: alternative spelling of xérès
jerk {m} :: jerk (dance)
jerker {vi} :: to dance the jerk
jerrican {m} :: alternative spelling of jerricane
jerricane {m} :: jerry can
jersey {m} :: jersey
Jersey {prop} :: Jersey (island)
jersiais {adj} :: Jersey (relating to Jersey)
jersiais {m} :: Jèrriais (language)
Jersiais {m} :: person from Jersey
Jersiaise {f} :: feminine noun of Jersiais
je-sais-tout {m} [colloquial] :: know-it-all
Jessica {prop} :: given name borrowed from English, popular in the end of the 20th century
je suis enceinte {phrase} :: I'm pregnant
jet {m} :: throw
jet {m} :: spurt, spout, jet
jet {m} :: jet (airplane)
jeté {m} [ballet] :: jete
jeté {m} :: Strip of fabric or embroidery which is used as an ornament in the direction of the length or width of a table or bed
jetable {adj} :: disposable (designed to be thrown away after use)
je t'aime {phrase} [colloquial] :: I love you
jetée {f} :: pier; jetty
je te dis merde {phrase} [vulgar, theater, slang, idiom] :: break a leg! good luck!
je te garde un p'tit de ma chienne {interj} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, St.Martin Parish] :: you will answer for that!
je t'en prie {phrase} :: I beg you, please
je t'en prie {phrase} :: you're welcome, don't mention it (familiar, in response to a thank you)
jeter {v} :: to throw
jeter {v} :: to throw away, discard of
jeter {v} [card games] :: to throw away, discard
jeter {vr} :: to run in, as of a river
jeter {vr} [with "sur"] :: to rush oneself onto something or someone
jeter de l'huile sur le feu {v} [idiomatic] :: add fuel to fire
jeter des fleurs {v} [figuratively] :: [à] to say nice things to somebody, to compliment somebody
jeter l'ancre {v} :: to drop anchor
jeter l'argent par les fenêtres {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to throw money away
jeter le bébé avec l'eau du bain {v} [idiomatic] :: throw the baby out with the bathwater
jeter le gant {v} [idiomatic] :: throw down the gauntlet
jeter les bases {v} :: to lay the foundations
jeter l'éponge {v} [idiomatic] :: to throw in the towel, to pack it in, to chuck it in
jeter un coup d'œil {v} :: to glance; to look at (briefly)
jeter un froid {v} :: to cast a chill
jeter un œil {v} [idiomatic] :: to have a look (at)
jeteur {m} :: thrower
jeteuse {f} :: feminine noun of jeteur
jet-lag {m} :: jet lag
jetlagué {adj} :: jet-lagged
jeton {m} :: A game chip or token, a counter
jeton {m} :: A Scrabble tile
jetter {v} :: To cast (a metal statue)
jeu {m} :: game (activity performed for amusement)
jeu {m} :: play (in a theatre/theater)
jeu {m} :: set (of objects that belong together)
jeu {m} :: manner of handling a gun
jeu {m} :: play (mechanics: a space between two adjacent parts to allow free movement)
jeu {m} :: a pipe organ stop
jeu {m} :: a hand of playing cards
jeu décisif {m} [tennis] :: tiebreak
jeu de cartes {m} :: card game
jeu de dames {m} [uncountable] :: draughts; checkers (game)
jeu de dames {m} [countable] :: box containing checkers and a checkerboard
jeu de hasard {m} :: gambling game, game of chance, form of gambling
jeu de l'oie {m} :: Game of the Goose, a racing board game similar to snakes and ladders
jeu de mots {m} :: pun, play on words
jeu d'enfant {m} [idiomatic] :: child's play (something very easy)
jeu de paume {m} :: jeu de paume
jeu de platforme {m} :: platform game
jeu de rôle {m} :: role-playing game (type of game in which the players assume the role of a character)
jeu de rôle en ligne massivement multijoueur {m} [computer games] :: massively multiplayer online role-playing game
jeu de société {m} :: board game
jeudi {m} :: Thursday (day of the week)
jeune {adj} :: young
jeune {mf} :: youth, a young person
jeune fille {f} :: a girl; a maiden (unmarried woman/girl)
jeune marié {m} :: newlywed
jeune mariée {f} :: feminine noun of jeune marié
jeunement {adv} :: youngly
jeuner {v} :: alternative form of jeûner
jeunes années {fp} :: teenage years, youth, young days
jeunesse {f} :: youth
jeunet {adj} :: very young
jeunisme {m} :: youthism (cult of youth)
jeuniste {adj} :: youthist
jeunot {adj} :: youngish, quite young
jeunot {m} :: young'un
jeu vidéo {m} [video games, countable] :: video game
jeu vidéo {m} [video games, uncountable] :: video game industry
Jeux olympiques {prop} [sports] :: Olympic Games
Jeux paralympiques {prop} {mp} :: Paralympic Games
je vous aime {phrase} [formal] :: I love you
je vous en prie {phrase} :: please do, go ahead, be my guest
je vous en prie {phrase} :: you're welcome (after being thanked)
Jéhovah {prop} {m} :: Jehovah
ji {m} :: jay, letter: j
jihad {m} :: alternative form of djihad
jihadisme {m} :: jihadism
jihadiste {mf} :: jihadist
jingle {m} :: jingle (tune)
jinisme {m} :: Jainism
jéjunum {m} [anatomy] :: jejunum
jökulhlaup {m} :: jökulhlaup
JLB {m} [sports, moguls freestyle skiing] :: JLB
JLD {initialism} :: Juge des libertés et de la détention
Jnspj {initialism} :: je ne suis pas juriste (I am not a lawyer); IANAL
JO {prop} {mp} :: initialism of Jeux olympiques
JO {m} :: initialism of journal officiel
joailler {m} :: alternative spelling of joaillier, (male) jeweller
joaillerie {f} :: jewelry
joaillerie {f} :: jewelry-making
joaillerie {f} :: jewelry shop
joaillier {m} :: (male) jeweller
joaillière {f} :: a (female) jeweller
joaillère {f} :: alternative spelling of joaillière, a (female) jeweller
job {mf} [colloquial] :: job (employment role)
job {mf} [Quebec, Louisiana, colloquial] :: work
jobard {adj} :: gullible
jobard {adj} :: crazy
Jobier {prop} :: surname
Jocelyn {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Jocelyn
Jocelyne {prop} :: given name popular in mid-twentieth century, a feminine form of French Jocelyn, cognate to English Jocelyn
jockey {m} :: jockey
jodler {vi} :: to yodel
joggeur {m} :: jogger
joggeuse {f} :: feminine noun of joggeur
jogging {m} [uncountable] :: jogging (exercise)
jogging {m} [countable] :: jog (exercise)
jogging {m} :: jogging pants; jogging bottoms
johannique {adj} :: Johannic
Johnson {prop} :: surname
joie {f} :: joy (feeling of happiness or elation)
joie de vivre {f} :: joie de vivre, zest for life
joignable {adj} :: contactable, reachable, available
joindre {v} :: to join
joindre {v} :: to join up
joindre les deux bouts {v} [figuratively] :: make ends meet
joint {m} :: joint
jointif {adj} :: joined (together); contiguous
jointivement {adv} :: contiguously
jointoyer {v} :: To grout
jointoyer {v} :: To point (brickwork)
jointure {f} [anatomy] :: joint
joint-venture {f} [business] :: joint venture (a cooperative business partnership)
jojo {adj} [colloquial] :: cool, nice, good
joke {f} [Louisiana French, Quebec] :: joke
joker {m} [card games] :: joker
joker {m} [computing] :: wildcard
Joël {prop} [biblical character] :: Joel
Joël {prop} :: given name of biblical and Breton origin, cognate to English Joel
joli {adj} :: pretty; cute
joli {adj} [Louisiana French] :: jolly, nice, pleasant, agreeable
jolibois {m} :: mezereon
Jolibois {prop} :: surname
Jolicoeur {prop} :: surname
jolie laide {adj} [idiom] :: unconventionally attractive. Literally it means "pretty and ugly" but is not generally used in reference to ugliness; a more accurate translation would be unusual, flawed or quirky good looks
joliesse {f} :: prettiness
joliment {adv} :: prettily, cutely
Joliot {prop} :: surname
Joëlle {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Joël
Jonas {prop} {m} [religion] :: Jonah
Jonathan {prop} :: Jonathan (Biblical character)
Jonathan {prop} :: given name
jonc {m} [plant] :: rush, bulrush
jonc {m} :: cane, rattan
jonc {m} :: trim (of a car)
jonc {m} :: bangle, ring
jonc {m} [slang] :: gold, object made of gold
jonc {m} [slang, dated] :: dick (penis)
jonchaie {f} :: reed plantation
joncher {v} :: to scatter, sprinkle (e.g. flowers)
joncher {v} :: to cover (be widespread, be sprawled across/around)
joncier {m} :: Spanish broom
jonction {f} :: junction
jonction {f} :: link-up
jonctionnement {m} :: jointing
Jones {prop} :: surname
jonglage {m} :: juggling
jongler {v} :: to juggle
jongler {v} [dated] :: to entertain
jongler {v} [Louisiana French] :: to think, to ponder
jongler {v} [Louisiana French] :: to daydream
jonglerie {f} :: juggling
jongleur {m} [dated] :: an entertainer
jongleur {m} :: a juggler
jongleur {m} [Louisiana French] :: a daydreamer
jongleuse {f} :: feminine noun of jongleur
jonque {f} :: junk (type of ship)
jonquille {f} :: jonquil, daffodil
Joppé {prop} :: Joppa (previous name for Jaffa)
Jordan {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Jordan
Jordanie {prop} {f} :: Jordan (the country)
jordanien {adj} :: Jordanian
Jordanien {m} :: Jordanian person
Jordanienne {f} :: feminine noun of Jordanien
jordanisation {f} :: Jordanization
jordaniser {v} :: To Jordanize
jorkyball {m} :: A modified form of two-on-two association football influenced by squash and played in a four-walled court
José {prop} :: given name
Josée {prop} :: given name, feminine form of José
Joseph {prop} {m} :: Joseph (biblical figure)
Joseph {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate with English Joseph
Josette {prop} {f} :: given name, a diminutive of Joséphine
Joséphine {prop} {f} :: given name a female given name, the feminine form of Joseph
joséphisme {m} :: Josephinism
Josselin {prop} :: given name, a variant of Jocelyn
Josseline {prop} :: given name, variant of Jocelyne
Josué {prop} [biblical character] :: Joshua
Josué {prop} :: given name
jota {m} :: jota (dance)
joué {adj} :: irrevocable
jouabilité {f} :: playability, gameplay
jouable {adj} :: playable
jouable {adj} :: feasible
joual {m} [Canada] :: joual
joubarbe {f} :: houseleek
joue {f} :: cheek
jouer {v} :: to play (engage in games or play)
jouer {v} :: to play (produce music from a musical instrument)
jouer {v} :: to play [a role]
jouer au chat et à la souris {v} :: to play cat and mouse
jouer avec le feu {v} [idiomatic] :: play with fire (put oneself in a precarious situation)
jouer avec ses armes {v} [idiomatic] :: To play one's own game
jouer cartes sur table {v} [figuratively] :: to put one's cards on the table, to show one's cards, to show one's hand, to lay it on the line
jouer à la paume {v} :: to play real tennis
jouet {m} :: toy; plaything
joueur {m} :: player
joueur {adj} :: playful
joueur de deuxième but {m} [baseball] :: second baseman
joueur de premier but {m} [baseball] :: first baseman
joueur de troisième but {m} [baseball] :: third baseman
joueuse {f} :: player (female)
joufflu {adj} :: chubby-cheeked; puff-cheeked
joug {m} :: yoke
joug {m} :: balance beam
jouir {v} [followed by the preposition de] :: to enjoy
jouir {vi} :: to have an orgasm
jouissance {f} [legal] :: use, possession, enjoyment
jouissance {f} :: enjoyment, deep pleasure
jouissance {f} :: sexual pleasure, sensual delight; orgasm, climax
jouisseur {adj} :: seeking sensual pleasure
jouisseur {adj} :: showing enjoyment, delight, pleasure
jouisseur {m} :: sensualist
jouisseur {m} :: person reaching pleasure during sexual intercourse
jouisseuse {f} :: feminine noun of jouisseur
jouissif {adj} :: orgasmic
jouissif {adj} :: very pleasurable
jouissif {adj} [colloquial] :: very enjoyable
joujou {m} [childish] :: a toy; a plaything
joule {m} :: joule (unit of measure)
jour {m} :: day
jour {m} :: daylight, light
jour {m} :: opening, aperture
jour-amende {m} [French law] :: One of the days specified in a financial penalty whereby a certain amount of money (measured in units per day) must be paid by a fixed date, any unpaid days resulting in days in prison
Jourdain {prop} {m} :: Jordan (river)
jour de l'an {m} :: New Year's Day
jour de paie {m} :: payday
jour et nuit {adv} :: day and night (all the time, unceasingly)
jour fixe {m} :: fixed day
jour férié {m} :: bank holiday; public holiday
jour-homme {m} :: man-day (one person's working time)
journal {adj} :: That is relative to each day; journal
journal {m} :: diary, journal
journal {m} :: newspaper
journal {m} :: periodical
journal {m} :: newsbreak
journal {m} [computing] :: log
journalier {adj} [literally] :: daily, every day
journalier {adj} [figuratively] :: incertain, ephemerous, precarious
journalier {m} :: A journeyman, laborer employed on a daily basis
journal intime {m} :: diary, journal (daily log of experiences)
journalière {f} :: feminine noun of journalier
journalisme {m} :: journalism
journaliste {mf} :: a journalist
journaliste {mf} :: an anchorman or anchorwoman
journaliste {mf} :: a reporter
journaliste reporter d'images {mf} :: video journalist
journalistique {adj} :: journalistic
journalistiquement {adv} :: journalistically (in a journalistic way)
journalope {m} [neologism, derogatory, vulgar] :: hack (journalist)
journal télévisé {m} :: newsbreak
journée {f} :: day
journée {f} :: daytime
journellement {adv} :: daily (every day)
journée portes ouvertes {f} :: open house, open day, open doors day (an event/day during which a facility or institution is open to the public for inspection or tour)
jour ouvrable {m} :: workday
jour ouvrable {m} :: [Québec] weekday
jour pour jour {adv} :: to the day
jouser {v} [slang or dialectal, chiefly Quebec] :: alternative form of jouer. This verb is only used in the 3rd person (plural) of the present tense (ils/elles jousent)
joute {f} :: joust
jouter {vi} :: to joust (participate in jousting)
jouteur {m} :: jouster (one who jousts)
jouteuse {f} :: feminine singular of jouteur
jouvence {f} [dated] :: youth (state of being young)
jouvenceau {m} [dated] :: a male adolescent, a young man
jouvencelle {f} [dated] :: a female adolescent, a young woman; feminine noun of jouvenceau
Jouxtens-Mézery {prop} :: A commune in Vaud canton, Laussane district, Switzerland
jouxter {v} [literary] :: to be next to, to be adjoined to
jovial {adj} :: jovial, jolly
jovialement {adv} :: joyously
jovialité {f} :: joviality
jovien {adj} [astrology, astronomy] :: Jovian
joyau {m} :: jewel (valuable object for ornamentation)
joycien {adj} :: Joycean
joyeusement {adv} :: joyfully, joyously
joyeuses fêtes {interj} :: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; happy holidays
joyeuseté {f} :: joke
joyeuseté {f} :: mockery; disgrace
joyeux {adj} :: joyful, happy
joyeux anniversaire {phrase} :: happy birthday
joyeux Noël {interj} :: Merry Christmas
JRI {m} :: VJ (video journalist)
Jéricho {prop} {f} :: Jericho
Jérôme {prop} :: given name, cognate to Jerome
jérémiade {f} :: moaning, whining
jérémiade {f} :: jeremiad
Jérémie {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Jeremiah (prophet)
Jérémie {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Jeremy and Jeremiah
Jérémy {prop} {m} :: given name
Jérusalem {prop} :: Jerusalem
j'sais pas {phrase} [colloquial] :: alternative form of je ne sais pas
j'suis {contraction} [colloquial] :: I am, I'm
jésuite {adj} :: Jesuit
jésuitique {adj} :: Jesuitic, Jesuitical
jésuitiquement {adv} :: Jesuitically
jésuitisme {m} :: Jesuitism
Jésus {prop} {m} :: Jesus
Jèsus {prop} [dialectal, rare] :: Variant of Jésus; Jesus Christ
Jésus-Christ {prop} {m} :: Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth)
JT {initialism} :: journal télévisé (newsbreak)
j't'ai cassé {phrase} [slang] :: Emphasising a successfully delivered insult; gotcha, zing
jtm {interj} [internet slang, colloquial, text messaging, abbreviation] :: abbreviation of je t'aime
jubé {m} :: rood screen, jube
jubilé {m} :: jubilee
jubilant {adj} :: jubilant
jubilation {f} :: jubilation
jubilatoire {adj} :: exhilarating
jubiler {v} :: to be jubilant or ecstatic, to exult
jucher {vi} :: to perch
jucher {vp} :: to perch (oneself), to be perched
Juda {prop} {m} :: Judah (first son of Jacob)
judaïque {adj} :: Judaic
judaïque {adj} :: Jewish
judaïquement {adv} :: Jewishly
judas {m} :: Judas (traitor)
judas {m} :: judas (spyhole)
Judas {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Judas
judaïser {v} :: To Judaize
Judas Iscariote {prop} {m} :: Judas Iscariot
judaïsme {m} :: Judaism
judaïté {f} :: alternative form of judéité
Judée {prop} :: Judea
judéen {adj} :: Judean
Judéen {m} :: Judean
Judéenne {f} :: feminine singular of Judéen
judiciaire {adj} :: judicial
judiciairement {adv} :: judicially (using the processes of law)
judiciariser {v} :: To judicialize
judiciel {adj} :: synonym of judiciaire
judicieusement {adv} :: judiciously (with good judgment)
judicieux {adj} :: judicious (having good judgment)
judéité {f} :: Jewishness
Judith {prop} :: Judith; the Book of Judith
Judith {prop} :: given name
judo {m} :: judo
judéo-araméen {m} :: Judeo-Aramaic
judéocide {adj} :: Judeocidal
judéocide {m} :: Judeocide
judoka {mf} :: judoka
judokate {f} :: feminine noun of judoka
judéophobe {mf} :: Judeophobe
judéophobie {f} :: Judeophobia
juge {m} [law, religion] :: judge
juge {m} [sports] :: referee
juge de ligne {m} [tennis] :: line umpire, line judge
juge de touche {m} [sports] :: linesman
juge d'instruction {m} [legal] :: investigating magistrate
jugement {m} :: judgment
jugeote {f} :: common sense, intelligence
juger {v} [legal] :: To judge, to try
juger {v} :: [in general] To judge, to deem
jugerum {m} :: jugerum
jugeur {adj} [rare] :: judgmental
jugulaire {m} :: jugular (vein)
juguler {v} :: to stamp out, kick out, do away with (to get rid of)
juif {adj} :: Jewish
juif {adj} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: stingy
juif {m} :: Jew (follower of Judaism)
Juif {m} :: Jew (a person with a Jewish cultural or ancestral connection)
Juifs {prop} :: Jews
juillet {m} :: July
juillettiste {mf} :: A person who takes his/her holiday in July (instead or the more normal August)
juin {m} :: June
juive {f} :: feminine noun of juif
Juive {f} :: feminine noun of Juif
jujube {m} :: jujube
jujubier {m} :: jujube (tree)
juke-box {m} :: jukebox (a coin-operated machine)
Jules {prop} :: given name, cognate to Julius
Julia {prop} {f} :: given name
Julie {prop} {f} :: given name derived from Latin Julia
julien {adj} :: relating to Julius Caesar
Julien {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to the English Julian
julienne {f} [cooking] :: a julienne, a garnish of vegetables cut into long, thin strips
julienne {f} [botany] :: dame's rocket
julienne {f} [zoology] :: ling
Julienne {prop} {f} :: given name, the feminine of Julien. Cognate to English Juliana and Gillian
Juliette {prop} {f} :: given name of Latin origin
Juliette {prop} {f} :: Juliet
julio-claudien {adj} :: Julio-Claudian
jumeau {m} :: twin
jumelé {adj} :: paired
jumelage {m} :: twinning
jumelage {m} :: town twinning (pairing of towns or cities)
jumeler {vt} :: to twin
jumelle {f} :: A female twin; feminine noun of jumeau
jumelle {f} :: A pair of binoculars
jumelle {f} [heraldiccharge] :: gemel
jument {f} :: mare (female horse)
jumping {m} :: show jumping (equestrian discipline)
jumping {m} [sports and physical fitness] :: A form of movement in which a body propels itself through the air
Juneau {prop} :: surname
jungien {adj} :: Jungian
jungle {f} :: jungle (all senses)
junior {mf} [sport] :: junior
junior {adj} :: junior (all senses)
junior majeur {adj} [sports, North America] :: major junior (pertaining to the top-level competition leagues of the junior age group, above junior AAA)
junk-food {f} :: (anglicism) junk food (food with little or no nutritional value)
junkie {mf} :: junkie (addict)
Junon {prop} {f} [Roman god] :: Juno (goddess)
Junon {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Juno, the third asteroid discovered
junte {f} :: junta
jupe {f} :: skirt
jupe-crayon {f} :: pencil skirt
jupette {f} :: short skirt
Jupiter {prop} {m} :: Jupiter (planet)
Jupiter {prop} {m} :: Jupiter (Roman god)
jupitérien {adj} :: Jovian
jupon {m} :: petticoat, underskirt
jupon {m} [colloquial] :: a bit of skirt
jupon {m} [military] :: a sleeveless jacket worn over armor (medieval)
juré {m} :: juror (a member of a jury)
Jura {prop} :: Jura (département)
Jura {prop} :: Jura (Canton)
Jura {prop} :: Jura (island)
jurande {f} :: a corporation or confraternity in 18th century France
jurançon {m} :: A white wine from the south-west of France
jurassien {adj} :: of or pertaining to Jura (French mountains)
jurassien {adj} :: of or pertaining to Jura (Swiss canton)
jurassique {adj} :: Jurassic
Jurassique {prop} {m} :: Jurassic period
jurat {m} :: A sworn man, particularly:
jurat {m} [historical] :: A municipal officer of Bordeaux and certain other French towns prior to the French Revolution
jurat {m} [historical] :: A medieval court officer
jurat {m} [historical] :: A member of any association sworn to do nothing against its internal rules
jurée {f} :: feminine noun of juré
jurement {m} [archaic or literary] :: oath
jurement {m} [archaic or literary] :: blasphemy
jurer {v} :: to swear; to promise by oath
jurer {v} :: to swear; to say a swear word
jurer comme un charretier {v} [simile] :: to swear like a trooper, to swear like a sailor
jureur {m} :: juror
jureur {m} :: A person who swears
jureuse {f} :: feminine singular of jureur
juridiction {f} :: jurisdiction
juridictionnel {adj} :: jurisdictional, judicial
juridique {adj} [legal] :: judicial
juridiquement {adv} :: judicially
jurisconsulte {m} :: jurisconsult (legal expert)
jurisprudence {f} :: case law
jurisprudentiel {adj} :: jurisprudential
juriste {mf} :: jurist
juron {m} :: swearword
jury {m} :: jury
jus {m} :: juice
jusant {m} [nautical] :: ebb, low tide
jus de chaussette {m} [food, slang] :: bad coffee
jus de fruit {m} :: fruit juice
jus de pomme {m} :: apple juice
jus de raisin {m} :: grape juice
jus d'orange {m} :: orange juice
jusqu'à {prep} :: until
jusqu'à {prep} :: to [used together with depuis to indicate a time range]
jusqu'à {prep} :: up to
jusqu' {adv} :: apocopic form of jusque
jusqu'alors {adv} :: until then, up to that point
jusqu'au {contraction} :: jusque + au
jusqu'au bout {adv} :: all the way, to the bitter end
jusqu'au-boutisme {m} :: extremism, hardline view
jusqu'au-boutiste {adj} :: extremist, hardline
jusqu'aux {contraction} :: jusque + aux
jusqu'à ce que {conj} :: until (up to a given moment in time)
jusque {prep} :: until, up to
jusqu'en {contraction} :: jusque + en
jusques {prep} :: alternative form of jusque
jusquiame {f} :: henbane
jusqu'ici {adv} :: hitherto, heretofore, so far, up to now
jusqu'à nouvel ordre {adv} :: until further notice
jusqu'à pas d'heure {adv} [colloquial] :: until all hours, very late
jusqu'à preuve du contraire {adv} :: until proven otherwise; unless I'm much mistaken
jussie {f} :: synonym of jussiée
jussiée {f} :: primrose
jussif {m} :: jussive
Just {prop} {m} :: given name
justau {m} [colloquial] :: leotard; leo
justaucorps {m} [historical] :: jerkin
justaucorps {m} :: leotard
juste {adj} :: fair, just
juste {adj} :: reasonable
juste {adj} :: correct
juste {adv} :: exactly, precisely
juste {adv} :: upright, not crooked or bent
juste {adv} :: just, only
justement {adv} :: precisely, exactly; accurately
justement {adv} :: just (moments ago, recently), just then
justement {adv} :: actually, at that very moment
justement {adv} :: rightly, justly; fairly
justesse {f} :: rightness, correctness
justesse {f} :: justness
justesse {f} :: equity, justice, fairness
justice {f} :: justice
justice sociale {f} :: social justice
justiciable {adj} [legal] :: justiciable
justicier {m} :: A justicer (an upholder of the law)
justicier {m} :: A justice (a judge)
justicier {m} [historical] :: A justiciar or justiciary (a high-ranking medieval judge)
justicière {f} :: feminine noun of justicier
justifié {adj} :: justified
justifiable {adj} :: justifiable
justifiablement {adv} :: justifiably
justificateur {adj} :: justificatory
justificatif {adj} :: justifying (tending to justify)
justificatif {m} :: proof
justification {f} :: justification (reason, excuse, etc.)
justifier {v} :: to justify
Justin {prop} :: given name, equivalent to English Justin
Justine {prop} {f} :: given name
juter {v} :: to juice, to give off juice
juter {v} [vulgar] :: To cum, to spunk
juteux {adj} :: juicy (containing juice)
Jutland {prop} {m} :: Jutland
juveigneur {m} [largely historical] :: A younger or youngest son of a nobleman who is given apanage
juvénat {m} :: A type of French religious school
juvénat {m} :: seminary
juvénile {adj} :: youthful; young
juvénilement {adv} :: youthfully
juxtaposer {v} :: to juxtapose
juxtaposition {f} :: juxtaposition
j'y {contraction} :: je + y
Jézabel {prop} :: Jezebel