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Traditional Simplified Pinyin Meaning
用來 用来 yònglái in order to, so as to
xiū embellish, decorate, repair, mend, overhaul, build, construct, trim, prune
機場 机场 jīchǎng landing field, flying field, airfield, airport, airdrome, field, aerodrome
中東 中东 zhōngdōng Middle East
不用 不用 búyòng need not
妹妹 妹妹 mèimèi little_sister, sis, younger sister, little sister, sister
顧問 顾问 gùwèn counsellor, advisor, councillor, friend, consultant, counsellorship, counselorship, adviser, counselor
上市 上市 shàngshì go/appear on market
退休 退休 tuìxiū to retire, to go into retirement, to step down
kěn be willing/ready to
zǎo early, premature
權益 权益 quányì rights and interests
diàn shop, store, inn
gòu quite
決定 决定 juédìng decision, resolution
審查 审查 shěnchá examine, investigate
qīng light, agile, alert, easy, simple, rash, reckless, unimportant, frivolous, slight, neglect
chù m.[general]
wàng gaze into distance, observe
年紀 年纪 niánjì years, old age, age
交易 交易 jiāoyì deal, trade, transaction
房間 房间 fángjiān apartment, aspect, houseroom, room, chamber, bedroom
性格 性格 xìnggé fibre, make-up, mettle, humor, nature, complexion, capacity, mentality, mould, mold, being, streak, temperament, personality, character, fiber, disposition, strain, makeup, make
畢竟 毕竟 bìjìng after all, when all is said and done
詞典 词典 cídiǎn lexicon, dictionary
平衡 平衡 pínghéng balance
ó softly chant (poem); recite (poem) with cadence
be troubled by, suffer from, cause sb. suffering, bitter
slit, press-gang, help, solicit, lend a helping hand, canvass, draw, zoom, transport by vehicle, pull, release, press, cut, schlep, play (bowed instruments), tote, tug, gash, tow, bend, snake, schlepp, move (troops), solicitation, haul, chat, solicit (business), give a helping hand, drag out, force, play, slash, drum_up, claw, implicate, overstretch, empty the bowels, drag, trail, drag
大小 大小 dàxiǎo calibre, measurement, admeasurement, bulk, proportion, magnitude, extent, degree of seniority, dimension, girth, size, adults and children
jiā fine, beautiful, distinguished
保留 保留 bǎoliú continue to have, retain, hold back, reserve
玩具 玩具 wánjù yo-yo, bauble, plaything, toy, teether, knickknack
密切 密切 mìqiè osculate, intimate, close
不過 不过 búguò only, merely
打開 打开 dǎkāi unscrew, undo, break_out, open up, unbar, unpack, unwind, shoot, turn, switch_on, open, switch on, unroll, turn/switch on, unclose, straighten, unfold, crack, unwrap, ope, turn_on, turn on, chop
nán Yugoslavia, South, Nan, south, Surname, S, due south, austral, southern
luàn indiscriminate, riot, mix up, arbitrary, confused, throw into diorder, confuse, jumble, confusion, random, mishandle, in a turmoil, in a confused state of mind, snarl, in disorder, disturb
予以 予以 yūyǐ give
供應 供应 gōngyìng supply
文明 文明 wénmíng civilization, culture
àn according to, in accordance with
相處 相处 xiāngchǔ get along (with one another)
供應 供应 gōngyìng supply
相處 相处 xiāngchǔ get along (with one another)
消費 消费 xiāofèi expenditure
激烈 激烈 jīliè drastic, fierce, heated, acute, sharp, intense
付出 付出 fùchū pay, expend
競爭 竞争 jìngzhēng compete
基金 基金 jījīn finances, endowment fund, foundation, fundation, treasury, fund, corpus, endowment, exchequer, investment firm, investment trust, investment company
好處 好处 hǎochù pull, profit, advantage, stead, benefit, virtu, welfare, virtue, good, behoof, goodness, gain, pap, beauty, beaut
作家 作家 zuòjiā penster, scribe, ink-slinger, pen, inkslinger, writer, wright, novelist, litterateur, literator, tragedian, composer, author, penman, biobibliography, bookman
若是 若是 ruòshì conj.: if, supposing
金錢 金钱 jīnqián pewter, splosh, green, Oscar, siller, gelt, tin, coin, roll, dollar sign, funds, dollar mark, shekels, wealth, lucre, pecuniary, dinero, bankroll, dough, scratch, bread, means, moolah, shekel, shiner, cabbage, kale, spondulicks, pelf, oof, money, loot, wampum, brass, dollar
落實 落实 luòshí fix/decide in advance, ascertain, make sure, fulfill, implement, put into effect
現有 现有 xiànyǒu now available, existing
等於 等于 děngyū be equal to, tantamount to, equal, be equal, amount, reach, be, be equivalent to
懂得 懂得 dǒngde experience, know, live, understanding, understand, twig, gaum, grasp
改進 改进 gǎijìn improve
分配 分配 fēnpèi distribute, allot, assign
購物 购物 gòuwù shopping
世紀 世纪 shìjì one C, centred, C, century, age, hundred, 100
共識 共识 gòngshì wavelength, common understanding, consensus
分配 分配 fēnpèi distribute, allot, assign
航空 航空 hángkōng air, aerospace, aerial, air travel, air power, aeronautical, navigation, voyage, aviation, aeronautic
累積 累积 lěijī accumulate
法規 法规 fǎguī rule of law, proscription, ordinance, codification, laws and regulations, law, legislation, interdiction, rule, code, statutes, statute, canon, legislative act, law and regulations, prescription, prohibition, ban
程序 程序 chéngxù rules of order, parliamentary law, instruction, process, procedure, agenda, instance, parliamentary procedure, system, order, proceeding, programme, method, sequence, course, program
購物 购物 gòuwù shopping
貢獻 贡献 gòngxiàn contribution
特質 特质 tèzhí attribute, distinctive feature, make-up, particularity, ethos, a speciality, point, lineament, colour, identification, property, distinction, thing, speciality, difference, specialty, character, idiosyncrasy, feeling of identity, distinctiveness, specialness, makeup, spot, dimension, peculiarity, quality
任務 任务 rènwù imperative, assignment, cue, duty assignment, task, service, chore, labor, errand, job, lookout, undertaking, mission, military mission, duty, project, role
民意 民意 mínyì public_opinion, popular will
輕鬆 轻松 qīngsōng light, relaxed
軍事 军事 jūnshì war, martial, military affairs, legion, military
野生 野生 yěshēng desert, wild, godforsaken, waste, feral, uncultivated
dào m.[event]
形容 形容 xíngróng characterize, description, describe
展現 展现 zhǎnxiàn unfold before one's eyes
挑戰 挑战 tiǎozhàn a challenge to battle/contest
watercourse, stream, Yellow River, fluvial, river, drink
to run up, to lift, to rise
滿 mǎn quite, very
liàng m.[general]
qiú ball
tóng together, in common
其次 其次 qícì conj.: next, second
統治 统治 tǒngzhì dominate, rule
tiào ricochet, make omissions, sell grain, vault, hop, bounce, bound, omission, omit, palpitate, move up and down, skip over, beat, take, spring, skip, dance, hurdle, skip (over), jump, leap
嚴格 严格 yángé rigorously enforce, rigorous, tight, grim, strict
想起 想起 xiǎngqǐ retrieve, think back, envisage, hit, echo, remember, think_of, call to mind, recall, recollect, think of
lóu storey, Lou, tower, superstructure, storied building, story, floor, Surname, a storied building
投資人 投资人 tóuzīrén investor
修改 修改 xiūgǎi revise, amend, alter
幫忙 帮忙 bāngmáng assist, aid, smile, lend a hand, do a favour, help, oblige, give a hand, do favor, do a good turn
類型 类型 lèixíng category, species, genre, portrait, nature, stamp, cast, type
máo Mao, wool, bristle, nap, pilus, down, feather, mold, mildew, Surname, hair, 1 1 0 th yuan, 1 0 th yuan, dime, silk, cent, fur, marking
飯店 饭店 fàndiàn restraurant, restaurant, hotel
超越 超越 chāoyuè overpass, get_ahead, outdo, overshoot, outstrip, overstep, excel, outgo, outgrow, outmatch, overpeer, surpass, tower, exceed, overrun, outrun, transcend, cut_across, forerun, outclass, soar, transgress, antecede, beggar, break, outdistance, surmount
必要 必要 bìyào need
旁邊 旁边 pángbiān by the side of, side, adjacency, near by
依然 依然 yīrán notwithstanding, natheless, withal, even so, yet, nonetheless, nevertheless, all the same, however, still, as before
看出 看出 kànchū perceive, tell, see, espy, discover, discern, make out, descry
旅行 旅行 lǔxíng travel, journey, tour
熟悉 熟悉 shóuxī know sth. well, know sb. well, get into, ken, have an intimate knowledge of, acquaint, know sth., know ... well, familiar, know sth./sb. well, be familiar with, sb. well
不同 不同 bùtóng difference
zhuā clutch, cop, grab, press-gang, scrape, arrest, hent, catch, pay special attention to, be responsible for, scratch up, take charge of, paw, grasp, scratch, claw, nab, clapperclaw, glom, seize, capture, snatch, prehend, stress
餐廳 餐厅 cāntīng dining hall, restaurant, eating place, eating house, hall, dining_room, rathskeller, brasserie, dining room/hall, refectory, dining room, lunchroom, diner, inn
不妨 不妨 bùfáng there is no harm in, might as well
平等 平等 píngděng equal
困難 困难 kùnnán difficulty, straitened circumstances, dire straits
顏色 颜色 yánsè companion, countenance, pigment, coloring, tincture, dyestuff, colour, facial expression, tinct, grain, colouring, color
談到 谈到 tándào cite, speak_to, name, hit, about, speak, refer, speak about, mention, advert, allude, speak_of, speak of, talk about, bring up, touch_on, touch on, touch
彈性 弹性 tánxìng elasticity
從此 从此 cóngcǐ hereon, hence, henceforth, thereupon, therefrom, from now on, from then on
sound of laughter, haha
dài till
硬體 硬体 yìngtǐ hardware
種子 种子 zhǒngzi pippin, berry, pip, edible seed, key, spore, seed, canary seed
份子 份子 fènzǐ share for a joint undertaking, as in buy, member, gift of money, share for a joint undertaking, as in buying a gift
命運 命运 mìngyùn foredoom, lot, appointment, lottery, fortune, chance, dole, circumstances, allotment, predestination, cup, luck, fare, destiny, portion, kismet, fate, doom, line, fatality, weird, hazard, karma
看起來 看起来 kànqǐlái it looks as if, on the face of it, it appears, it seems, ostensibly, seemingly, apparently, it look as if
規範 规范 guīfàn constraint, norm
演奏 演奏 yǎnzòu give instrumental performance
癌症 癌症 yánzhèng carcinomatosis, cancer
藝術家 艺术家 yìshùjiā poet, creative person, longhair, artist, painter
guò too, excessively
得以 得以 déyǐ can, so that...can(may)...
日本人 日本人 rìběnrén Jap, Nipponese, Japanner, skibby, Nip, Japanese
jiē county fair, fair, place, market, toby, street
極為 极为 jíwéi all, absolutely, extremely, dead, utterly, entirely, eminently, exceedingly, vitally, helluva, definitely, superlatively, totally, completely
先進 先进 xiānjìn advance
難道 难道 nándào Do you really mean to say that...
出發 出发 chūfā depart, get_off, proceed, take_the_road, part, set out, start from, start out, sidetrack, start/proceed from, stray, take the road, sally out, sally_forth, proceed from, set_off, sally forth, take off, start, set forth, set off, digress, straggle, start off, move
市府 市府 shìfǔ city government
諮詢 谘询 zīxún seek counsel of
zuǐ spigot, mug, rattletrap, kisser, trap, puss, visage, spile, nib, smiler, beak, countenance, snout, physiognomy, bill, cake-hole, bazoo, spout, anything shaped or functioning like a mouth, mouth, gob, neb
諮詢 谘询 zīxún seek counsel of
péi companion, see, escort, accompany, keep ... company, keep sb. company, assist, keep company, compensate, company
tíng stay, cease, put_off, cessation, stop, switch off, cheese, stop over, cut off, halt, turn off, lie at anchor, pause, park
連接 连接 liánjiē associate, coupled, conjoin, join, cable, interface, tie_in, joint, tie in, couple up, connect, bring together, couple, relate, conjunct, unite, couple_on, tie, couple on, attach, link
外交 外交 wàijiāo diplomatics, diplomatic negotiations, diplomacy, nonintervention, diplomatism, diplomatic, foreign affairs
營業 营业 yíngyè do business
營業 营业 yíngyè do business
期待 期待 qídài look forward to
chew_out, vituperate, dispraise, condemnation, condemn, baste, scold, rate, curse, tear_apart, chide, call names, abuse, reprove, rebuke, fling, thunder, reproof, swear
期待 期待 qídài look forward to
授權 授权 shòuquán empower, authorize
授權 授权 shòuquán empower, authorize
面前 面前 miànqián in_front, in front of, in the front of, in the face of, front, presence, before
始終 始终 shǐzhōng all_the_time, from beginning to end, from start to finish, always, all along, evermore, throughout
理解 理解 lǐjiě understand, comprehend
正好 正好 zhènghǎo just, exactly
多麼 多么 duóme to what extent, to what degree, however, what, how
澳洲 澳洲 àozhōu Australia
理解 理解 lǐjiě understand, comprehend
特定 特定 tèdìng specifically, ad-hoc, given, specially designated, specific, specialized, ad hoc, specified
縣長 县长 xiànzhǎng praefect, head of a county, county magistrate, county head/magistrate, magistrate, county head
認真 认真 rènzhēn serious, earnest, take for real
樂團 乐团 yuètuán orchestra, philharmonic orchestra, philharmonic society/orchestra, dance orchestra, dance band, band, philharmonic society
認真 认真 rènzhēn serious, earnest, take for real
主力 主力 zhǔlì brunt, main force, backbone
福利 福利 fúlì well-being, fringe_benefit, material benefits, social welfare, weal, welfare
不得不 不得不 bùdébù cannot but, have to
生意 生意 shēngyì business enterprise, vocation, practice, merchant, dealing, patronage, deal, commercial enterprise, trade, biz, business, dealings, racket
qíng sensibility, soil moisture content, affection, feeling, state of affairs, circumstances, interest, emotion, sentiment, condition, mood, situation, kindness, love, inclination, favour, passion
從小 从小 cóngxiǎo from childhood, as a child
展出 展出 zhǎnchū exhibit
展出 展出 zhǎnchū exhibit
看看 看看 kànkàn think, consider
取代 取代 qǔdài replace, substitute for, replacement, supersede, substitute, supersession, supplant, displace, preempt, outplace, take the place of, displacement
全面 全面 quánmiàn overall, comprehensive, all-round, all-out
名稱 名称 míngchēng title, denotation, compellation, appellative, designation, name, denomination, calling, rubric, appellation
duì m.[general]
pài send, dispatch, assign, appoint
華人 华人 huárén Chinese, Ch. people
藉由 藉由 jièyóu depend/rely on
生氣 生气 shēngqì get angry, be angry
縣府 县府 xiànfǔ county government
衝擊 冲击 chōngjí lash, pound, charge, assault
資產 资产 zīchǎn resource, belongings, holding, material possession, asset, capital fund, competency, substance, property, capital, assets
shì offer, attempt, essay, flesh, try, seek, assay, test
發出 发出 fāchū voice, send_out, give_forth, send out, exhale, sound, fetch, pass off, shoot, effuse, issue, emanate, raise, give, shed, send/give out, utter, go, escape, proceed, send, give forth, give_off, give off, fall, eradiate, emit, flash, scintillate, issue_forth, give_out, give out, clank, reek, place, breathe
毫無 毫无 háowú completely lack
停止 停止 tíngzhǐ cease, flunk, desist, pass, suspend, stint, pass_off, break_up, stash, cut, stay, cessation, adjourn, rain_out, give, detain, blow_over, seize, give up, balk, cheese, abstain, refrain, knock_off, rest, abandon, break, knock off, drop, go, tie_up, stop, interdict, strike, lay_off, stow, cut off, discontinue, pause, leave_off, leave off, set aside, give_out, cut_out, give_up, delay, quit, cut out
基地 基地 jīdì base
感動 感动 gǎndòng be touched, be moved, affect, feel, stir, thrill, melt, magnetize, inspire, touch, reach, move
矛盾 矛盾 máodùn contradictory
藥物 药物 yàowù healer, pharmic, medicine, druggery, curative, drug, pharmaceuticals, medicines, medicaments, medicinal, medicament, pharmaceutical, medication, remedy, drugs
不幸 不幸 búxìng unfortunate
矛盾 矛盾 máodùn contradictory
改造 改造 gǎizào recast, rebuild, re-form, reconstruct, remake, transformation, remould, transmake, reform, transform, remodel, reorganize, retread, remold, remodify, reshape, remoulding, redo, alter, recreate, transmute, make over, refashion, revamp
感覺 感觉 gǎnjué feel, perceive, become aware of
董事長 董事长 dǒngshìzhǎng board chair
競爭力 竞争力 jìngzhēnglì competitive ability
中間 中间 zhōngjiān center, middle
毛澤東 毛泽东 máozédōng CCP leader, founder of PRC
tòng ache, pain
tòng ache, pain
採購 采购 cǎigòu choose and purchase
採購 采购 cǎigòu choose and purchase
duī m.[proximation]
shé ophidian, serpent, Indian python, snake, Python molurus, viper
有意 有意 yǒuyì have a mind to, be interested in
估計 估计 gūjì forecast, set, evaluate, rate, gauge, measure, count, assess, calculate, estimate, reckon, appraisal, compute, estimated, value, appraise, put, overrate, make, place, size_up
層次 层次 céngcì administrative levels, rank order, arrangement, arrangement of ideas, stratification, levels, gradation, level, grade, hierarchy, coat, place
主導 主导 zhǔdǎo leading, dominant, guiding
足夠 足够 zúgòu fully, enough, last, amply, suffice, sufficiently
lín circle, group, forest, wood, woods, line, circles, grove, collection of literary works, Lin, Surname, forestry
fàn food, meal, repast, cooked rice or other cereals, dinner
hào m.[general]
親自 亲自 qīnzì personally, in person, firsthand
主導 主导 zhǔdǎo leading, dominant, guiding
等到 等到 děngdào until
便宜 便宜 piányí cheap
更為 更为 gèngwéi (even) more
天空 天空 tiānkōng firmament, heavenly, empyrean, heavens, welkin, blue, canopy, cloud, the heavens, vault, air, sky, the sky, Aether, wild blue yonder, blue air, heaven, blue sky, space
反彈 反弹 fǎntán rebound
be similar/like, seem, appear
xiē a little bit
papa, dad, father
訓練 训练 xùnliàn train, drill
尋求 寻求 xúnqiú seek, explore
尋求 寻求 xúnqiú seek, explore
反彈 反弹 fǎntán rebound
手法 手法 shǒufǎ manoeuvering, artifice, manner, hanky-panky, legerdemain, tactical manoeuver, trick, tactical maneuver, maneuver, technique, play, tactic, manoeuvre, modus_operandi, prestidigitation, stroke, tact, skill, maneuvering, sleight, implement, touch, gimmick
私人 私人 sīrén one's own man, private, personal relative, personal friend/relative, personal friend, confidant
光碟 光碟 guāngdié compact disk, compact disc, CD ROM, compact_disk, CD
立法院 立法院 lìfǎyuàn general assembly, Legislative House, law-makers, Legislative Yuan/House, Legislative Yuan, legislature, House, legislative assembly
組合 组合 zǔhé make up, compose, unite
組合 组合 zǔhé make up, compose, unite
shāo a little bit, any, slightly, a little, mezzo, poco, a bit
層面 层面 céngmiàn storey, level, side, story, range, floor, coverage
中研院 中研院 zhōngyányuàn Academia Sinica
困擾 困扰 kùnrǎo perplexity, puzzle
熱鬧 热闹 rènào lively, buzzing with excitement
日後 日后 rìhòu in the future
shí truely, really, actually
熱鬧 热闹 rènào lively, buzzing with excitement
喜愛 喜爱 xǐài like, love, be fond of
喜愛 喜爱 xǐài like, love, be fond of
shí time (when), period, hour
美好 美好 měihǎo fine, happy, glorious
機車 机车 jīchē motorbike, motorcycle, put-put, pig, loco, engine, locomotive
韓國 韩国 hánguó South Korea, Corea, Korea, ROK, Korean
收入 收入 shōurù earning, incoming, gainings, finance, ingathering, proceed, receipts, income, coming-in, taking, pocket, earnings, fruit, revenue, proceeds, living
議員 议员 yìyuán councillor, member of legislative body, deputy, councilman, council member, legislator, solon, Congresswoman, Member of Parliament, assemblyman, Congressman
衛星 卫星 wèixīng man-made satellite, artificial satellite, moon, acolyte, satellite
shèng be superior to, surpass, succeed, win victory, be victorious, get the better of, can bear, carry, excel, be successful, win
zhù explanatory note, annotation
徹底 彻底 chèdǐ thorough, drastic, exhaustive, outright, complete
預定 预定 yūdìng predetermination, predetermine, forespeak, preordain, engage, budget, reserve, phase, slate, fix in advance, predestine, state, preconcert, prearrange, take, schedule, destine, bespeak, foreordain, predestinate
房屋 房屋 fángwū casa, premises, buildings, digging, houses, housing, tenement, house
提醒 提醒 tíxǐng remind, warn, alert to
gài cover, seal, affix seal, surpass, top, prevail over
營運 营运 yíngyùn operation, orbit, be in motion, gravitate, run (a program), do business, move
提醒 提醒 tíxǐng remind, warn, alert to
所在 所在 suǒzài ubiety, location, place, locality
詳細 详细 xiángxì detailed, minute
gài cover, seal, affix seal, surpass, top, prevail over
結論 结论 jiélùn ultimate, sequitur, consequent, ending, close, inference, closing, end matter, afterword, consequence, verdict, finality, back matter, conclusion, peroration, summation, summing-up, end, upshot, illation, outcome, conclusion (of a syllogism)
反正 反正 fǎnzhèng anyway, anyhow, in any case
niú ox, cattle, cow
yòu right side as side of precedence, right side, west, winger, right, the right side, the Right, the right
廣泛 广泛 guǎngfàn extensive, wide-ranging
廣泛 广泛 guǎngfàn extensive, wide-ranging
愉快 愉快 yūkuài be happy, be cheerful
zhèn m.[event]
愉快 愉快 yūkuài be happy, be cheerful
優勢 优势 yōushì ascendence, laterality, preponderancy, vantage, ascendancy, ascendent, transcendency, dominance, predominance, draw, gree, upper_hand, prevalence, advantage, mastery, ascendency, supremacy, advantageousness, control, preeminence, dominion, jump, edge, better, deadwood, overweight, superiority, domination, sovereignty, preponderance, ascendance, transcendence, prepotency, hank, asce
流程 流程 liúchéng workflow, course (of river, technological process, process, driftage, manufacturing/technological process/workflow, etc.), course (of river/etc.), course, manufacturing, manufacturing process, technological workflow, circuit, flow
put up, construct, join together, add (money/etc.)
階級 阶级 jiējí state, social class, degree, people, gradation, echelon, persuasion, position, order, class, remove, social status, notch, parity, social rank, sort, step, condition, rank, social station
境界 境界 jìngjiè confine, state, delimitation, extent reached, ambit, bourne, realm, hem, boundary, bourn, plane attained, region, precinct, mete, division
大部份 大部份 dàbùfèn most, gross, heft, generality, mass, majority, det.: most of, the majority of, bulk
限制 限制 xiànzhì restrict, confine
連續 连续 liánxù continuously, successively
客人 客人 kèrén stranger, guest, caller, client, visitant, invitee, company, visitor
秩序 秩序 zhìxù order, sequence
power, strength, ability, force, physical strength
power, strength, ability, force, physical strength
這兒 这儿 zhèēr now, here
yǎng keep in good repair, keep, cultivate, cultivation, form, maintenance, foster, give birth to, convalesce, sustain, nourish, support, provide for, convalescence, grow, raise, maintain, acquire, rest, recuperate
保守 保守 bǎoshǒu conservative
保守 保守 bǎoshǒu conservative
過去 过去 guòqù go over, pass by
市立 市立 shìlì city-established, municipal
引發 引发 yǐnfā trigger, motivate, set, evoke, initiate, evoke emotion, initiation
東方 东方 dōngfāng oriental, dawning, northeast, eastward, E, Orient, orient, orientation, the Orient, Surname, sunrise, eastern, eastern hemisphere, Dongfang, due east, East, the East, east, the east
大盤 大盘 dàpán grail, market quotation, current price
奧會 奥会 àohuì International Olympic Committee
財務 财务 cáiwù finance, financial affairs, financial
經歷 经历 jīnglì go through, undergo, experience
經歷 经历 jīnglì go through, undergo, experience
miàn m.[general]
錯誤 错误 cuòwù error, blunder
爺爺 爷爷 yéyé grandad, Grandpa, granddad, grandpa, (paternal) grandfather, gramps, granddaddy, grandfather
國會 国会 guóhuì Storthing, Oireachtas, Cortes, Congress, congress, diet, the Diet, duma, congressional, Capitol, parliament, house
差距 差距 chājù spatial difference
傷害 伤害 shānghài harm
委託 委讬 wěituō authorize, commend, consign
之所以 之所以 zhīsuǒyǐ conj.: why
tái m.[event]
趕快 赶快 gǎnkuài quickly, hastily
移民 移民 yímín emigrant/immigrant
商店 商店 shāngdiàn concern, hospital, business, store, shoppe, shop
委託 委讬 wěituō authorize, commend, consign
投票 投票 tóupiào ballot, tender, bid, poll, cast, cast a vote, vote
同事 同事 tóngshì brother, coadjutor, workmate, friend, yokefellow, co-worker, fellow worker, confrere, colleague, stablemate, companion, crew, workfellow, staff, socius, coworker, bedfellow, fellow, haver, rival, comrade
進而 进而 jìnér conj.: proceeding to the next step
將軍 将军 jiāngjūn problem, mate, general, high-rank officer, marshal, full general, shogun, aga, warlord, tycoon, check
球員 球员 qiúyuán ballplayer, player, ball team member
原來 原来 yuánlái original
lěng cool, rare, cold, unfrequented, feel cold, chill, frosty(in manner), shot from hiding, strange
感染 感染 gǎnrǎn infect, influence, affect
導演 导演 dǎoyǎn director
人間 人间 rénjiān the human world
ancient, age-old;not following current customs/practice
感染 感染 gǎnrǎn infect, influence, affect
財產 财产 cáichǎn aught, belonging, fortune, material possession, cash, riches, substance, assets, property, wealth, belongings, estate, seizin, thing, holding, possession, means, goods, asset, pelf, money, propertied, seisin, res, having
分享 分享 fēnxiǎng share (joy/rights/etc.), partake of
遺址 遗址 yízhǐ ruins, remains, monument, relics
發覺 发觉 fājué light upon, discovery, find, see, espy, discover, perceive, strike, come upon, detection, come across, happen upon, detect, chance upon, chance on
造型 造型 zàoxíng moulding, molding, style, mold, mold-making, fashioning, mould-making, modelling, model
一面 一面 yīmiàn at the same time, simultaneously
分享 分享 fēnxiǎng share (joy/rights/etc.), partake of
不只 不只 bùzhǐ not only, not merely, not_only
不禁 不禁 bùjīn can't help (doing sth.)
打破 打破 dǎpò shiver, better, explode, smash, crush, fall apart, discomfit, part, shatter, force, murder, wear, break, bust, drub, wear out
忽略 忽略 hūluè overpass, fail, pretermit, outlook, pass, overlook, neglectful, snub, cut, neglect, marginalize, miss, lose sight of, disregard, slur, ignore, forget
原有 原有 yuányǒu originally possess, previously exist
草案 草案 cǎoàn ground plan, plan, blueprint, a protocol, skeleton, a draft plan, a draft, sketch, rough, an outline, draft
害怕 害怕 hàipà dread, be afraid/scared, fearful, frighten, fear, frightened, shrink_from, be afraid, funk, scared, be scared, tremble
身為 身为 shēnwéi as, in the capacity of
性能 性能 xìngnéng operation, function (of machine, functioning, natural capacity, etc.), capability, behavior, capacity, performance, function, funtion, property, function (of machine/etc.)
活潑 活泼 huópō lively, vivacious, vivid
記錄 记录 jìlù record, note
清華 清华 qīnghuá Qinghua, National Tsing Hua University
綜合 综合 zònghé synthetical, comprehensive, multiple, composite
講話 讲话 jiǎnghuà parley, jaw, turn to, address, talk, speak, say, speak to
儘量 尽量 jǐnliàng to the best of one's ability
違反 违反 wéifǎn outrage, depart, offend, violate, go_against, deviate, infringe, diverge, vary, go against, violation, contravene, transgress, infringement, infract, breach, break, run counter to
偉大 伟大 wěidà great, mighty
金額 金额 jīné amount of money, sum_of_money, sum, money, penny, amount/sum of money, sum of money, amount
功課 功课 gōngkè task, schoolwork, homework, preparation, prep, subject, lesson
偉大 伟大 wěidà great, mighty
場地 场地 chǎngdì grounds, site, ground, yard, precinct, space, course, place, park, property
龐大 庞大 pángdà huge, immense
市區 市区 shìqū urban area, city proper, row, urban district, downtown, urban_area
巴黎 巴黎 bālí City of Light, French capital, capital of France, Paris
反省 反省 fǎnxǐng introspect, self-questioning
主角 主角 zhǔjiǎo leading role, title_role, star, protagonist, lead, principal, title role, name part
理事長 理事长 lǐshìzhǎng presiding officer, chairman_of_the_board, chairman of the board, council chairperson
背後 背后 bèihòu rear, in the rear, behind, rearward, at the back, backside, back end
龐大 庞大 pángdà huge, immense
反省 反省 fǎnxǐng introspect, self-questioning
犧牲 牺牲 xīshēng sacrifice oneself, die martyr's death, do sth. at the expense of self or sb. else
tiān God, Heaven, nature, weather, season
mán pretty, very, quite, more or less, pretty much, fairly, rather, somewhat, to some extent
以便 以便 yǐbiàn conj.: so that, in order to, with the aim of
犧牲 牺牲 xīshēng sacrifice oneself, die martyr's death, do sth. at the expense of self or sb. else
預防 预防 yūfáng prevent, guard against
zhēng be short of, disagree, argue, duel, arguement, compete, vie, dispute, contest, fence, be wanting, contend, debate, disputation, strive
種類 种类 zhǒnglèi kidney, description, race, form, nature, manner, variety, feather, ordering, ilk, style, class, order, stamp, type, genus, category, stripe, kind, strain, cast, shape, denomination, species, persuasion, league, classification, breed, sort
預防 预防 yūfáng prevent, guard against
就業 就业 jiùyè get or take up a job
本土 本土 běntǔ mainland, native, one's native country, metropolitan territory, continent
天氣 天气 tiānqì sky, elements, weather condition, atmospheric condition, weather
夫妻 夫妻 fūqī couple, spouse, pair, man and wife, husband and wife
zuǒ left side, east, the Left
優點 优点 yōudiǎn strong, merit, vantage, excellency, perfection, assets, beaut, advantage, excellence, upside, strong_point, good point, virtue, desert, desirability, strong point, long_suit, beauty, strong/good point, desirableness
嗯哼 嗯哼 ēnhēng well
就業 就业 jiùyè get or take up a job
事物 事物 shìwù proposition, pigeon, object, thing, affair, un
困境 困境 kùnjìng hell, soup, muddle, hell on earth, kettle of fish, embarrassment, mess, straits, stymie, hot potato, jam, hole, swamp, howdo-you-do, dilemma, spot, inferno, corner, difficult position, adversity, scrape, lurch, the pits, mire, box, fix, hot_potato, hardship, squeeze, pickle, dire straits, extremity, bind, puzzledom, morass, difficulty, quagmire, predicament
呼籲 呼籲 hūyū appeal to
呼籲 呼籲 hūyū appeal to
據說 据说 jùshuō they say, it is said, it is said that..., reputedly, allegedly
人事 人事 rénshì personnel, ways of the world, what is humanly possible, human affairs, occurrences in human life, consciousness of the outside world, personnel matters
大學生 大学生 dàxuéshēng man, university/college student, college man, university student, colleger, university, undergrad, undergraduate, college boy, college student, collegian, university_student, undergraduate student, geeks
wash, bathe, sack, develop (film), shuffle (cards/etc.)
農村 农村 nóngcūn country, village, countryside, rural area
數學 数学 shùxué mathematics
女士 女士 nǔshì senorita, lady, Ms., mum, Senora, educated girl, educated woman, madonna, madam, Miss, woman, ma'am, Madame, madame, gentlewoman, senhorita, dame, mademoiselle
風氣 风气 fēngqì mores, ethos, order_of_the_day, climate, established practice, genius, genius loci, atmosphere, tone, general mood, common practice, fashion
必然 必然 bìrán surely, inevitably, pardi, certainly
難得 难得 nándé hard to come by, rare, seldom
樂器 乐器 yuèqì chime, axe, musical instrument, instrument
果然 果然 guǒrán really, as expected, sure enough
安非他命 安非他命 ānfēitāmìng amphetamine sulphate, amphetamine, pep pill, pep bill, speed, benny, upper
chuáng bed
zhǐ point at/to/out
drama, play, show
除非 除非 chúfēi conj.: only if/when, unless
dìng subscribe to, agree on, revise, draw up, staple together, book (seats), conclude, order, book, subscribe, make corrections
研究員 研究员 yánjiùyuán fellowship, research worker, investigator, boffin, researcher, research_worker, research fellow
āi mild exclamation/sigh, Gosh!, My!
著手 着手 zhuóshǒu put hand to, initiatory, begin, set to, set_out, institute, proceed, start up, turn_to, fall, spring-clean, embark, go_about, undertake, accede to, enter upon, get to work, set about, commence, enter, put one's hand to, start
熱烈 热烈 rèliè ardent
àn press, push down
能源 能源 néngyuán energy sources, energy, juice, power sources, energy resources, the sources of energy, sources of energy
其餘 其余 qíyū etceteras, det.: others, remainder, the rest
找出 找出 zhǎochū rout out, find, unearth, rout up, rout, quest, observe, notice, grub, seek_out, dig_out, seek out, discover, find_out, root_out, spy, spot, detect, smoke out
影片 影片 yǐngpiàn celluloid, movie_film, flick, production, film, pic, movie
白色 白色 báisè White, white, whiteness, White (as symbol of anticommunism), white (color)
可以 可以 kěyǐ passable, pretty good, not bad
等待 等待 děngdài wait for, await
創作 创作 chuàngzuò create, produce, write
等待 等待 děngdài wait for, await
年度 年度 niándù (school/etc.) year
màn tardy, rude, slow down, slow, slow up, retard, lose, defer, supercilious, postpone, decelerate
缺點 缺点 quēdiǎn privilege, bug, failing, flaw, demerit, blemish, debit, limitation, mar, defect, glitch, foible, infirmity, blot, vice, drawback, disadvantage, imperfection, blemishment, weakness, tache, defection, shortcoming, malady, frailty, fault
接近 接近 jiējìn approach, near, be close to
數據 数据 shùjù data
quē be short of, lack
zhōng [aspect]
條例 条例 tiáolì rules, regulation, enactment, regulations, ordonnance, ordinance, statute, act, prescription, ordinances
yào healer, medicine, certain chemicals, drug, medicament, medicinal drug, aspirin, medication, remedy, physic
報告 报告 bàogào report, make known
身邊 身边 shēnbiān nearby, side, at hand
改為 改为 gǎiwéi change ... into, change to
指標 指标 zhǐbiāo directive, characteristic, guideline, quota, index, norm, indication, fingerboard, indicant, loadstar, guiding principle, target, needle, fingerpost, pointer, indicator
沿 沿 yán along
設定 设定 shèdìng frame, time
眼光 眼光 yǎnguāng brainstorm, eye, penetration, view, brainwave, way of looking at things, foresight, discernment, insight, vision, judgment, sight, taste
設定 设定 shèdìng frame, time
聰明 聪明 cōngmíng intelligent, bright, clever
聰明 聪明 cōngmíng intelligent, bright, clever
下列 下列 xiàliè listed below, following
打電話 打电话 dǎdiànhuà make telephone call
lift, raise, hold up, cite, propose
醫學院 医学院 yīxuéyuàn faculty of medicine, medical school, school of medicine
參考 参考 cānkǎo reference
大自然 大自然 dàzìrán wild, earth, nature, natural state, state of nature
ride/sit astride, ride astride, override, get_onto, sit on the back of, sit, stride, ride_on, ride, mount, pedal, sit astride, bestraddle
人際 人际 rénjì human relation
漢人 汉人 hànrén Han, Han people, people of Han Dynasty, Han person/people, Han person, people, the Hans, the Han people, Han ethnic group
剩下 剩下 shèngxià be left over, leave, be left (over), be left, remain
傳播 传播 chuánbò disseminate, propagate, spread
自從 自从 zìcóng since
傳播 传播 chuánbò disseminate, propagate, spread
冠軍 冠军 guànjūn champion
學會 学会 xuéhuì learned society, (scholarly) association
海洋 海洋 hǎiyáng briny, profound, main, deep, sea, oceanic, Neptune, brine, nautical, ocean, seas and oceans
彷彿 彷彿 fǎngfú seem, be like
東京 东京 dōngjīng Japanese capital, Tokio, Tokyo, Yeddo, Tongking, Yedo, capital of Japan, Edo, Tonkin
負擔 负担 fùdān burden, load, encumbrance
知名 知名 zhīmíng noted, famous
那兒 那儿 nǎēr that place
爭議 争议 zhēngyì controvert, controversy, dispute, disputation
實質 实质 shízhí quintessence, substantial, essence, meat, parenchyma, kernel, substantiality, measure, being, quiddity, solidity, substance, matter
查詢 查询 cháxún inquire into/about
查詢 查询 cháxún inquire into/about
校務 校务 xiàowù administrative affairs of school/college
部隊 部队 bùduì military personnel, troops, troop, regular army, soldiery, army, party, company
火車 火车 huǒchē choo-choo, railroad train, car train, marshalling_yard, puff-puff, train
幼稚園 幼稚园 yòuzhìyuán nursery school, preschool, infant_school, kindergarten
話題 话题 huàtí talking_point, theme, gambit, subject of a talk, ground, talk, talking point, topic, chapter, topic of conversation
感謝 感谢 gǎnxiè thank, be grateful
感謝 感谢 gǎnxiè thank, be grateful
獎金 奖金 jiǎngjīn pewter, gainings, money award, gratuity, bounty, stakes, subsidy, prix, premium, incentive, prize money, perquisite, purse, winnings, stake, prize, bonus, gratification
大師 大师 dàshī great master, lord, workmaster, artiste, Very Reverend, overlord, master, priest, maestro, non-Christian priest, Great Master
聯絡 联络 liánluò contact
聯絡 联络 liánluò contact
原始 原始 yuánshǐ original, firsthand, primeval, primitive
北市 北市 běishì capital of Republic of China on Taiwan
課題 课题 kètí task, problem, question for study, subject, topic, question for discussion, discussion, topical, question for study/discussion
路線 路线 lùxiàn track, path, cart track, way of life, itinerary, route, cartroad, course, road, channel, line, way, routeway, pipeline, curriculum
信仰 信仰 xìnyǎng belief
英雄 英雄 yīngxióng hero
契約 契约 qìyuē legal instrument, charter, bond, bargain, covenant, legal document, compact, stipulation, agreement, instrument, bargaining, pact, obligation, clause, paction, booking, affiance, indenture, promise, article, contract, concordat, official document, deed, handfast
訂定 订定 dìngdìng provide, prescribe
批評 批评 pīpíng criticize
法院 法院 fǎyuàn judicature, (law) court, judicatory, bar, courthouse, law court, court, tribunal, judiciary, banc, court of justice, jug, banco, forensic
訂定 订定 dìngdìng provide, prescribe
愛情 爱情 àiqíng god, warmheartedness, affection, love_affair, heart, kindness, tenderness, bosom, love, fondness, romantic love, affectionateness
依據 依据 yījù according to, on the basis of, judging by
適用 适用 shìyòng applicable, lend oneself, apply, be applicable, suit
學位 学位 xuéwèi academic_degree, degree, academic degree
水庫 水库 shuǐkù reservoir
qiān det.: thousand
民主 民主 mínzhǔ democratic
贊成 赞成 zànchéng endorsement, agree with, stand, assent, favor, cotton, uphold, subscribe, support, see, clear, approve, agree, sympathize, second, approve of, jibe, assist, indorse, optional, plump_for, favour, endorse
好奇 好奇 hàoqí curious, full of curiosity
好奇 好奇 hàoqí curious, full of curiosity
科威特 科威特 kēwēitè Koweit, Kuwait, capital of Kuwait
體會 体会 tǐhuì know/learn from experience, realize
體會 体会 tǐhuì know/learn from experience, realize
熊貓 熊猫 xióngmāo lesser panda, panda bear, binturong, giant panda, Ailurus fulgens, coon bear, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, red panda, panda, bear cat, cat bear, Arctictis bintourong, bearcat
暫時 暂时 zhànshí temporarily
wàn det.: ten thousand, myriad, multitudinous
較為 较为 jiàowéi fairly, kind of, rather, sort of, comparatively, kinda, a little, relatively
單純 单纯 dānchún simple, pure, plain, artless
透露 透露 tòulù expose, disclose, divulge, develop, impart, unrip, confide, sound, fall, disembosom, get around, reveal, let_on, disclosure, let on, leakage, divulgence, get out, discover, let out, leak, declare, break, give away, bring out
品牌 品牌 pǐnpái brand, make, trademark
候選人 候选人 hòuxuǎnrén aspirant, nominee, campaigner, candidate, candidate (for election)
單純 单纯 dānchún simple, pure, plain, artless
看來 看来 kànlái it looks as if, it appears, it seems, it look as if
內涵 内涵 nèihán intension, comprehension, intention, connotation
登記 登记 dēngjì register, check in
登記 登记 dēngjì register, check in
head, tuft, m.[general],
會長 会长 huìzhǎng president (of club/society/etc.)
核心 核心 héxīn nub, nucleus, meat, heart, core group, substance, center, core, the center, crux, essence, root, kernel, nitty-gritty, inwardness, pith, sum, marrow, bosom, gist
家具 家具 jiājù household goods, movable, furnishings, furniture, home furnishings, household stuff, implement, household furnishings, fitment
座談會 座谈会 zuòtánhuì colloquium, symposiac, panel_discussion, an informal discussion meeting, symposium, teach-in, forum, symposia, conversazione, panel discussion
症狀 症状 zhèngzhuàng symptom
huǒ fire;internal heat, anger, temper;firearms, ammunition
一帶 一带 yīdài neighborhood, area, region, district
患者 患者 huànzhě patient, subject, sufferer
很少 很少 hěnshǎo seldom
有名 有名 yǒumíng well-known, famous
依照 依照 yīzhào according to, in light of
忘記 忘记 wàngjì misremember, block, blank out, neglect, overlook, draw a blank, leave_out, disremember, fail, forget
小型 小型 xiǎoxíng spyglass, miniature, small-sized, bar, small-scale, pettiness
zhàn constitute, make up, account for
手段 手段 shǒuduàn resource, recourse, vehicle, wile, stratagem, gambit, artifice, instrument, twist, road, trick, ploy, shift, resort, polity, step, instrumentation, plan of attack, communication, artillery, finesse, means, channel, approach, implement, medium, gimmick, attack, device, refuge, method, instrumentality, stepping-stone, gateway, ministry, measure, way, tactic, expedient, quomodo, machinery, t
優秀 优秀 yōuxiù outstanding, excellent
倒是 倒是 dàoshì actually, contrariwise
明星 明星 míngxīng headliner, lucida, (movie/etc.) star, impersonator, (movie, famous performer, stardom, Venus, star, etc.) star, movie_star
吸收 吸收 xīshōu absorb, suck up, assimilate, recruit
吸收 吸收 xīshōu absorb, suck up, assimilate, recruit
人格 人格 réngé lot, fibre, fiber, character, spirit, selfhood, manhood, personality
指數 指数 zhǐshù exponential, index, index number, index (number), indicant, exponential function, exponent, power, index_number, indicator
做好 做好 zuòhǎo do well
動態 动态 dòngtài situation, the movement (in a certain sphere of human activity), development, trend, dynamic state, dynamic, trends
游泳 游泳 yóuyǒng fin, swim, bathe
不如 不如 bùrú be unequal/inferior to
出生 出生 chūshēng be born
出生 出生 chūshēng be born
suì accordingly, therewith, and then, and so, thereupon, so, with that, then
當作 当作 dāngzuò regard_as, regard as, look upon as, treat as, presume
huì can, be able to, be good at, be skillful in
學問 学问 xuéwèn lear, ology, lore, knowledge, learning, acquirement, learnedness, cognition, erudition, letter, eruditeness, scholarship
嘗試 尝试 chángshì attempt, try
全民 全民 quánmín whole/entire people, all the people
部落 部落 bùluò tribe
zhuàn knock_up, garner, take in, clear, make profit, earn, gain, draw, realize, make a profit, do, bring_in, get, pull_in, make, bring in, pick_up, pull in
聯合國 联合国 liánhéguó alignment, United Nations, United_Nations, alliance, confederation, coalition, confederate, alinement, UN
bǎi place, put, arrange
賺錢 赚钱 zhuànqián profit, gain, make profit, cash in on, earn money, make money
與會 与会 yǔhuì participate in conference
鳥類 鸟类 niǎolèi clutch, avian, avifauna, sanctuary, birdlife, feather, Aves, birds
答應 答应 dāyìng agree, promise
guà hang, put up, hitch, ring up
石頭 石头 shítou stony, chimney, rock, lapis, stone
挫折 挫折 cuòzhé frustratio, rebuff, defeat, founder, frustration, reverse, breakdown, blight, setback, throwback, abortion, backset, flivver, dash, cross
飛行 飞行 fēixíng fly
飛行 飞行 fēixíng fly
行程 行程 xíngchéng throw, travel, tenor, itinerary, route, journey, route/distance of travel, distance of travel, stroke, route of travel
理性 理性 lǐxìng reason
夫人 夫人 fūrén Lady, lady, memsahib, milady, Dona, Mistress, dona, grande dame, donna, Mrs, mum, Senora, grace, senora, Mrs., madam, Frau, miladi, missus, senhora, wife, ma'am, Madame, madame, missis, Ladyship, Signora, signora
lèi tire, build by piling up, pile up, strain, weary, toil, accumulate, involve, tired, burthen, work hard, accumulation, fatigued, wear out
轉變 转变 zhuǎnbiàn change, transform
轉變 转变 zhuǎnbiàn change, transform
本質 本质 běnzhí suchness, basic nature, intrinsic quality, substantial, essentiality, innate character, entity, essential quality, basics, inbeing, essential, nature, self, feather, intrinsic, quiddity, being, substance, metal, quintessence, principle, kind, hypostasis, essence, fiber, internal, spirit, inwardness, woof, basis, gist
上班 上班 shàngbān start work, go to work, be on duty
興奮 兴奋 xīngfèn excited
那邊 那边 nàbiān beyond, that side, there
興奮 兴奋 xīngfèn excited
帶動 带动 dàidòng drive, spur on, bring along
rapid, fast, violent
帶動 带动 dàidòng drive, spur on, bring along
捷運 捷运 jiéyùn Rapid Transit
zhū various, Zhu, det.: all, Chu
广 guǎng wide, spread, vast, expand, numerous
慶祝 庆祝 qìngzhù fete, celebration, keep, festive, commemorate, celebrate, observe, rejoice, felicitate
司機 司机 sījī driver
難過 难过 nánguò uncomfortable, feel bad, feel sorry, have hard time, bad, sad, have a hard time, be grieved, sorry
高雄市 高雄市 gāoxióngshì Kaohsiung city (a city in Taiwan)
習慣 习惯 xíguàn be accustomed/used to
出席 出席 chūxí attend, be present
出席 出席 chūxí attend, be present
外界 外界 wàijiè external world, external/outside world, the outside world, outside, environment, outside world, externality, external, the external world
女孩子 女孩子 nǔháizi babe, colleen, sissy, popsy, gal, girl
語法 语法 yǔfǎ phraseology, parlance, language, syntax, locution, sentence structure, grammar, expression, wording, phrasing, phrase structure, diction
page, leaf, m.[general], ,sheet of paper, sheet, piece, piece of paper, folio
閱讀 阅读 yuèdú study, read, peruse
tóu m.[general]
jiè lend
拍攝 拍摄 pāishè take (picture), shoot (film)
拍攝 拍摄 pāishè take (picture), shoot (film)
家族 家族 jiāzú tribe, covey, family line, race, household, menage, ilk, kinfolk, kin, clan, kinsfolk, phratry, kinship group, kindred, folk, people, kin group, sept, family
身心 身心 shēnxīn body and mind
專門 专门 zhuānmén special, specialized
可憐 可怜 kělián condole with, have pity on, sympathize with, abject, compassionate, lugubrious, feel for, pity
舞蹈 舞蹈 wǔdào dancing, saltation, nautch, dance, terpsichore, choreography, stage dancing
味道 味道 wèidào gustatory perception, gust, tang, taste perception, feeling, savor, flavor, taste sensation, savour, streak, flavour, relish, sapidity, smatch, soupcon, tincture, tasting, smell, smack, gustatory sensation, suggestion, snack, taste
個案 个案 gèàn case (in law/etc.)
事先 事先 shìxiān ahead, beforehand, in advance, in_advance, aforetime, aforehand
大專 大专 dàzhuān community colleges
下面 下面 xiàmiàn next, lower level, underside, following, underneath, subordinate, undersurface
xià m.[activity]
練習 练习 liànxí practice, exercise
就算 就算 jiùsuàn conj.: even if, granted that
南非 南非 nánfēi South Africa
表情 表情 biǎoqíng brow, air, countenance, glow, look, cast, visage, expression, facial expression, gesture, business, dramatics, facial gesture
particle: used when informing sb. of st.; expressing exclamation
藉著 藉着 jièzhe depend/rely on
以致 以致 yǐzhì conj.: so that, with the result that
自殺 自杀 zìshā commit suicide
助理 助理 zhùlǐ aide, adjunct, coadjutant, assistant, ancillary, auxiliary
自殺 自杀 zìshā commit suicide
dòng aperture, hole in the ground, kennel, puncture, excavation, perforation, bore, cave, howe, opening, gap, hole, orifice, scoop, hollow, cavity
測試 测试 cèshì test
臺北市 台北市 táiběishì Taipei
歐美 欧美 ōuměi Europe and America
獎勵 奖励 jiǎnglì reward, award
bēi m.[container]
體驗 体验 tǐyàn learn through practice/experience
浪費 浪费 làngfèi waste, squander
體驗 体验 tǐyàn learn through practice/experience
個人電腦 个人电脑 geréndiànnǎo personal computer, personal_computer, PC
本人 本人 běnrén myself, principal, in person, I, me, oneself, identity
kǒu opening, entrance, gate, crossing, intersection, river month
質疑 质疑 zhíyí call in question, challenge
質疑 质疑 zhíyí call in question, challenge
血液 血液 xiěyè blood
走向 走向 zǒuxiàng move toward, head for
形態 形态 xíngtài configuration, figuration, pattern, conformation, form, modality, appearance, contour, shape, morphology, morph
步驟 步骤 bùzòu process, instance, demarche, method, measure, approach, procedure, place, step, move
視覺 视觉 shìjué seeing, vision, visual sense, visual sensation, ocular, eyesight, sight, visual
正面 正面 zhèngmiàn right side, head, head-on, face, front, the right side, facade, obverse/right side, the obverse side, frontispiece, frontal, frontage, obverse side, obverse
收費 收费 shōufèi collect fees, charge
收費 收费 shōufèi collect fees, charge
促使 促使 cùshǐ incite, prod, prompt, spur, send, motive, induce, trigger, urge, bring on, cause, propel, shame, instigate, impel, actuate, motivate, bear on, push, get, move
補助 补助 bǔzhù subsidize
階層 阶层 jiēcéng section, circle, degree, social stratum, stratum, echelon, hierarchical, walk in life, walk_of_life, rank
期望 期望 qíwàng expectation, hope
實驗室 实验室 shíyànshì lab, science lab, laboratory
皮膚 皮肤 pífū leather, chap, integument, hide, cutis, complexion, brunet, cutaneous, bark, fell, derma, brunette, skin, transplant
病患 病患 bìnghuàn disease, illness, sickness, ailment, patient
武器 武器 wǔqì enginery, steel, arming, armament, weapons system, hardware, armored, armature, munition, weaponry, artillery, implements of war, armory, arms, ammunition, armor, weapon, arm, armoring
日益 日益 rìyì increasingly
大都 大都 dàdōu for the most part, mostly
jiǎng award, prize, reward
檢討 检讨 jiǎntǎo discuss thoroughly, self-criticize
螢幕 萤幕 yíngmù television set, silver screen, monitor, screen, projection screen, fluorescent screen
檢討 检讨 jiǎntǎo discuss thoroughly, self-criticize
禁止 禁止 jìnzhǐ estop, inhibit, bar, outlaw, banish, forbid, suppress, interdict, defend, taboo, veto, prohibit, enjoin, blackball, restrain, debar, proscribe, negative, disallow, relegate, nix, prohibition, ban
起來 起来 qǐlái to stand up, to rise
輔大 辅大 fǔdà FuJen Catholic University
旅客 旅客 lǔkè journeyer, guest, hotel guest, traveler, traffic, wayfarer, viator, rider, traveller, passer, passenger
繪畫 绘画 huìhuà painting
yòng use, good
yòng use, good
shēng unripe, green, raw, uncooked, unprocessed, crude, unfamiliar, strange, stiff, mechanical
腳步 脚步 jiǎobù footfall, tread, pace, foot, footstep, step
設計師 设计师 shèjìshī architect, designer, stylist
jiù relief, relieve, help, salve, salvage, rescue, save, succour
納入 纳入 nàrù take_in, bring ... into, to intake, integrate, to subsume, channel ... into, incorporate, channel into, bring into, to bring into, to fit into
南部 南部 nánbù meridional, the southern part of the country, southern part, South, south, the south
hài harm, injure, kill
計程車 计程车 jìchéngchē hack, taxicab, taxi, (metered) taxi, taximan, cab
guāng solely, merely, only
guì expensive, costly, highly valued
現代化 现代化 xiàndàihuà modernize
tear, split up, defeat, expose, eradicate, lay bare, cleave, expose the truth of, worn-out, break with, come apart, destroy, capture (city/etc.), defeat (enemy), broken, expose (lie/etc.), destruction, cut, separate, tattered, reveal truth, fall apart, beat, capture, split, not intact, rupture, get rid of, do away with, break
chuī fall through (of plans), wind, fall through, tout, play, gasconade, shoot a line, blow, break up, chuff, vaunt, boast, brag, gas, bluster, talk big, break off, toot, swash, play (wind instruments), huff, puff, land
勇氣 勇气 yǒngqì gameness, pluck, guts, mettle, braveness, grit, heart, moxie, courage, backbone, boldness, pride, gutsiness, nerve, pecker, courageousness, valour, spirit, spunk, gallantry, valor, virtue, audacity, bravery, pluckiness, gumption, sand, gut, valiance
現代化 现代化 xiàndàihuà modernize
氣候 气候 qìhòu situation, clime, climatic, climate, weather, climactic
化學 化学 huàxué chemical science, chymistry, stink, chemical, chemistry
巴西 巴西 bāxī Brazil
人權 人权 rénquán human rights
這麼多 这么多 zhèmeduō det.:so much/many
生涯 生涯 shēngyá career, pilgrimage, profession, time
文件 文件 wénjiàn page, documental, archive, writ, documents, data file, paper, document, judicial writ, literature, circular, documentation, portfolio, archives, file, written document, papers
簡直 简直 jiǎnzhí simply, really
導向 导向 dǎoxiàng orientation
儀式 仪式 yíshì religious rite, ceremonial occasion, deeds, practice, form, rituality, office, formality, ritual, circumstance, ceremony, formalness, exercise, powwow, observance, ceremonial, rite, works
用途 用途 yòngtú purpose, service, help, use, value, mileage, avail
生長 生长 shēngzhǎng grow, develop
舞台 舞台 wǔtái board, arena, bandstand, stage, proscenium, boards
féng meet, come upon
féng meet, come upon
生長 生长 shēngzhǎng grow, develop
義工 义工 yìgōng volunteer
科學家 科学家 kēxuéjiā scientist
業主 业主 yèzhǔ proprietor
軍隊 军队 jūnduì military personnel, troops, armed forces, armament, military, soldiery, force, Sabaoth, array, army troops, military unit, host, military force, cohort, battalion, legion, troop, regular army, army, armed_forces, rank
各自 各自 gèzì each, respective, severalty, oneself
如果說 如果说 rúguǒshuō conj.: if
案件 案件 ànjiàn a police case, law case, case (of law/etc.), a legal case, case
爆發 爆发 bàofā erupt, burst/break out
有如 有如 yǒurú seem, be like
各界 各界 gèjiè all circles, all walks of life
題目 题目 tímù exam questions, head, lemma, theme, thesis, examination questions, question, text, title, ground, subject, topic, exercise problems, chapter, caption, rubric, heading
街頭 街头 jiētóu street corner, street_corner, street (corner), street
kuān wide, broad, generous, lenient, comfortably off, well-off, relax, relieve, extend
有如 有如 yǒurú seem, be like
爆發 爆发 bàofā erupt, burst/break out
underside, bottom, base, end, ground
決策 决策 juécè policy decision
bào hold/carry in arms, adopt, hatch, brood
故宮 故宫 gùgōng former imperial palace, National Palace Museum, Palace Museum
傑出 杰出 jiéchū excel at, exceed, shine at, outstanding, stand_out
chuāng winnock, aspect, window, casement
說明 说明 shuōmíng explanation, illustration, show
糧食 粮食 liángshí victuals, victualage, provisions, nutrient, ration, sustentation, provision, provender, food, purveyance, sustenance, foodstuff, commissariat, cereals, bread, viands, grain
固然 固然 gùrán conj.: though, although
變遷 变迁 biànqiān vicissitudinary, change
變遷 变迁 biànqiān vicissitudinary, change
議題 议题 yìtí item on the agenda, head, question, topic for discussion, topic for/under discussion, topic under discussion, subject under discussion, under discussion, topic for
fán conj.: whatever
太多 太多 tàiduō det.: a lot of
民俗 民俗 mínsú folklore, folk, folk custom, folkways
唱片 唱片 chàngpiàn pressing, waxing, cut, disc, phonogram, phonograph record, record, disk, wax, phonorecord, platter, recording, gramophone record, phonograph recording
實驗 实验 shíyàn test, experiment
處於 处于 chǔyū go, be in, be (in a certain condition)
效益 效益 xiàoyì beneficial result, benefit
古典 古典 gǔdiǎn classical
構想 构想 gòuxiǎng proposition
期望 期望 qíwàng expect/hope earnestly
推薦 推荐 tuījiàn recommend
收集 收集 shōují collect, gather
推薦 推荐 tuījiàn recommend
mìng life, lot, fate, destiny
車輛 车辆 chēliàng voiture, vehicular traffic, vehicle, cars, vehicle traffic, car, vehicles, carriage, rolling_stock, equipment
收集 收集 shōují collect, gather
實踐 实践 shíjiàn practice
商人 商人 shāngrén merchandiser, trader, businessman, merchant, monger, trafficker, chapman, dealer, cit, merchantman, tradespeople, merchantry, bargainer, man of affairs
華航 华航 huáháng China Airlines
頭髮 头发 tóufǎ barba, chevelure, lock, head of hair, hair, tress, mane, hair (on human head)
實踐 实践 shíjiàn practice
描述 描述 miáoshù describe
潮流 潮流 cháoliú stream, tidal flow, tidal_current, tideway, trend, movement, wind, sea, fashion, tide, tidal current
若干 若干 ruògān det.: a certain number, how many
fāng just, only just/then
台灣人 台湾人 táiwānrén Taiwanese
領袖 领袖 lǐngxiù foreman, leader, head, guru, cob, doyen, cacique, Duce, duce, gaffer, chief, boss, soul, sovereign, honcho
眾多 众多 zhòngduō multitudinous, numerous
故意 故意 gùyì purposive, deliberate, willful, intentional
和諧 和谐 héxié harmonious, concordant
和諧 和谐 héxié harmonious, concordant
取締 取缔 qǔdì ban (publication old custom etc.), punish violator
取締 取缔 qǔdì ban (publication old custom etc.), punish violator
chōu lash, whip, thrash
大地 大地 dàdì terra_firma, mother earth, mold, earth, soli
大門 大门 dàmén barndoor, portal, main entrance, front_door, gate, door, entry, main door/gate, front door, main entrance/door/gate, entrance
zhuī reminiscence, to pursue, course, reminisce, trace, chase after, recall, follow, chase, pursue, go after, to chase after, look into, pursuit, heel, chevy, find out, get to the bottom of, seek, run after
性別 性别 xìngbié sexuality, grammatical gender, sexual distinction, sex, gender
yāo invite
入學 入学 rùxué enter a school, enrol, college, enter school, enter, start school, matriculate, enter college
傷害 伤害 shānghài injure, harm
更新 更新 gēngxīn renew, replace
chéng assume (form, color, etc.)
更新 更新 gēngxīn renew, replace
中學 中学 zhōngxué middle_school, grammar_school, secondary school, Ch. learning, middle school, high_school, grammar school
Wu, Wu Kingdom (222-280), a leading authority on Ming history, Wu Kingdom, southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang, Zhou period state, Surname
保障 保障 bǎozhàng ensure, guarantee, safeguard
書籍 书籍 shūjí volume, page, classic, books, fascicule, works, literature
四周 四周 sìzhōu all around, fringe, surrounding, periphery, environment, outer boundary, on all sides, on every side, vicinity
客觀 客观 kèguān objective
檢驗 检验 jiǎnyàn test, examine, inspect
蒐集 蒐集 sōují collect, gather
蒐集 蒐集 sōují collect, gather
檢驗 检验 jiǎnyàn test, examine, inspect
獨特 独特 dútè special, distinctive, unique
無奈 无奈 wúnài be helpless
ròu pulp, chilli, cabobs, meat, lobscouse, paella, meaty, fleshy, flesh, marmite
無限 无限 wúxiàn infinite, limitless
觀賞 观赏 guānshǎng enjoy sight of, see and enjoy
觀賞 观赏 guānshǎng enjoy sight of, see and enjoy
可能性 可能性 kěnéngxìng possible action, chance, potentiality, likelihood, probability, expectation, contingency, potential, opening, odds, eventuality, expectancy, possibility, feasibleness, capability, capableness, presumption, likeliness, possible, feasibility
無奈 无奈 wúnài be helpless
現代人 现代人 xiàndàirén contemporary, neoteric, modernist, modern man, Homo sapiens sapiens, modern
情勢 情势 qíngshì aspect, things, appearance, terrain, topographical features, trend of events, circumstances, situation, plight, swim, regime
推展 推展 tuīzhǎn expand
推展 推展 tuīzhǎn expand
師大 师大 shīdà normal university, National Taiwan Normal University
宣布 宣布 xuānbù declare, proclaim, announce
律師 律师 lùshī scribe, counsellor, advocate, gown, avocat, solicitor, barrister, lawyer, counsel, jurist, counselor, counselor-at-law, attorney
宣布 宣布 xuānbù declare, proclaim, announce
波斯灣 波斯湾 pōsīwān Persian Gulf
飲食 饮食 yǐnshí dietetic, fare, food and drink, trencher, refection, diet
睡覺 睡觉 shuìjiào turn_in, log Z's, doss, slumber, catch some Z's, go to bed, sleep, doss down, crash, go_to_sleep, hit_the_sack, kip
kòng free, with spare time
聯合 联合 liánhé unite, ally
可見 可见 kějiàn therefore
访 fǎng see, visit, pay a visit, seek by search, try to get, search, call on, seek by inquiry/search, seek by inquiry or search, seek by inquiry
電力 电力 diànlì electrical line of force, electrical energy, power, electricity, potential, electric power
失望 失望 shīwàng become disappointed, lose (hope/faith)
xiāng home village/town, country, countryside, native place, rural area, town, village, township (under county), township, country(side), home village, hamlet, home town
旅館 旅馆 lǔguǎn gasthaus, caravanserai, nonresident, roadhouse, hotel, lodge, hostler, hostel, fonda, ordinary, inn, hostelry
政黨 政党 zhèngdǎng political party
取消 取消 qǔxiāo cancel, abolish, nullify
地面 地面 dìmiàn (earth's) surface, ground, floor, region
防止 防止 fángzhǐ estop, guard against, preclude, prevention, inhibit, avoidance, help, cumber, prevent, forbid, prohibit, obviate, restrain, deter, avoid, head_off, debar, guard, help oneself, ward_off, constrain, ward, encumber, avert, ward off, disenable, forfend, shield, countercheck, forestall, keep_from, foreclose
取消 取消 qǔxiāo cancel, abolish, nullify
言論 言论 yánlùn lecture, open discussion, talking to, speech
差別 差别 chābié disparity, contrast, difference, discrepancy, differentiation, distinction, differential
失望 失望 shīwàng become disappointed, lose (hope/faith)
建造 建造 jiànzào build, construct, make
代價 代价 dàijià reward, cost, cost (of doing sth.), forfeit, expense, damage, wages, payoff, terms, toll, price, wage
dài wear, put on (of accessories)
gēn follow
常見 常见 chángjiàn commonly seen
房地產 房地产 fángdìchǎn blockbuster, real estate, realty, real_estate, real property, property
食品 食品 shípǐn menu, vivers, viand, chow, eatable, provisions, tuck, foodstuff, viands, nourishment, comestible, tack, nutrient, victual, food, grocery, victualage, cuisine
個別 个别 gèbié specifically, very few, specific, one or two exceptional, individual, exceptional
建造 建造 jiànzào build, construct, make
來賓 来宾 láibīn guest, visitant, invitee, visitor
重複 重复 chóngfù repeat, duplicate
jiān hold two or more jobs concurrently, do concurrently
意外 意外 yìwài accident, mishap
miǎo chronograph, m.[standard], ,s, sec, second
全體 全体 quántǐ great, entirety, general, ensemble, altogether, collectivity, entire, totality, whole body, whole, all, pie, crew, be-all, plenary assembly, en_bloc, wholeness, gamut
fāng direction, place, region
沒想到 没想到 méixiǎngdào unexpectedly
足以 足以 zúyǐ sufficient/enough to
損失 损失 sǔnshī loss
當場 当场 dāngcháng on the spot, then and there
舒服 舒服 shūfú comfortable
píng based on, according to
手術 手术 shǒushù operation
之內 之内 zhīnèi inside of, among, within
信任 信任 xìnrèn trust, have confidence in
xiě claret, blood, hematic, lifeline, lifeblood, sap
信任 信任 xìnrèn trust, have confidence in
公務員 公务员 gōngwùyuán jobholder, servant, public_servant, official, government official worker, functionary, government employee, public servant, officeholder, officialdom, officer, orderly, civil servant, government officials
浪漫 浪漫 làngmàn dissolute, debauched, romantic
浪漫 浪漫 làngmàn dissolute, debauched, romantic
業界 业界 yèjiè business circles
dòng ridgepole, m.[general],
暴力 暴力 bàolì violence, force
tuǐ ham, a leg-like support, underpinning, thigh, gamb, shank, supporter, leg
充實 充实 chōngshí substantiate, enrich, replenish
公會 公会 gōnghuì gild, trade association, consortia, lodge, club, order, governance, professional club, organisation, corporation, professional association, fellowship, consortium, establishment, organization, administration, society, trade council, guild, brass
也就是說 也就是说 yějiùshìshuō i.e.
升級 升级 shēngjí upgrade, go up (in grade/etc.), escalate
升級 升级 shēngjí upgrade, go up (in grade/etc.), escalate
指示 指示 zhǐshì indicate, point out, instruct
充實 充实 chōngshí substantiate, enrich, replenish
古蹟 古蹟 gǔjī antiquity, high spot, national monument
hái even/still more, in addition, passably, fairly, even
緊急 紧急 jǐnjí urgent, critical
創業 创业 chuàngyè start undertaking, do pioneering work
新竹市 新竹市 xīnzhúshì Hsin Chu(city in Taiwan)
創業 创业 chuàngyè start undertaking, do pioneering work
裡頭 里头 lǐtóu inside, interior
基因 基因 jīyīn gene
崇拜 崇拜 chóngbài worship, adore
崇拜 崇拜 chóngbài worship, adore
風景 风景 fēngjǐng view, aspect, vista, panorama, scenery, prospect, scene, sight, landscape
也好 也好 yěhǎo particle: showing hesitant acceptance; (in ~也好, ~也好/罷) showing the acceptance or introduction of choices
日期 日期 rìqí calendar, when, date
佛教 佛教 fójiào Bodhisattva, Buddhist religion, Buddhism
一一 一一 yīyī one_by_one, one after another, one at a time, one by one
當局 当局 dāngjú authorities, (appropriate, concerned) authorities, authority, (appropriate/concerned) authorities, authorization
jìn receive, eat, drink, take, introduce
格式 格式 géshì pattern, form, a style, a format, etiquette, format, style, the form of characters or letters
北部 北部 běibù the north, the northern part of the country, northern part
吸食 吸食 xīshí suck, take in (liquids/narcotics/etc)
天天 天天 tiāntiān everyday, every_day, daily, every day, each day
現況 现况 xiànkuàng current situation
zhǐ paper
huò commodity, idiot, money, blockhead, loading, goods
相反 相反 xiāngfǎn offending, adverse, opposite, converse, opposite, contrary, oppose, reverse
按照 按照 ànzhào according to, in the light of, on the basis of
unusual, special, extraordinarily
吸食 吸食 xīshí suck, take in (liquids/narcotics/etc)
見面 见面 jiànmiàn meet, see
見面 见面 jiànmiàn meet, see
發動 发动 fādòng start, launch, mobilize, arouse
公頃 公顷 gōngqīng m.[standard]
主機 主机 zhǔjī leader, lead plane, mainframe computer, host, server, mainframe, main engine
隨便 随便 suíbiàn informal, willful, do as one pleases, wanton, casual, random, careless
資本 资本 zīběn capitalization, principal, principal sum, finance, sth. capitalized on, corpus, working capital, capital
發動 发动 fādòng start, launch, mobilize, arouse
zhuāng install, fit, assemble, load, pack, hold
走進 走进 zǒujìn enter, step_in, walk in, go in
分類 分类 fēnlèi sort
bié det.: other, another
泰國 泰国 tàiguó Siam, Thai, Thailand
倫敦 伦敦 lúndūn capital of the United Kingdom, Greater London, metropolis, London, British capital
秘書 秘书 mìshū secretarial, secretary, clerk, amanuensis, secretarial assistant
部屬 部属 bùshǔ category, troops under one's command, staff, subordinate
高度 高度 gāodù highly, greatly
問卷 问卷 wènjuàn questionnaire
乾淨 干净 gānjìng clean, clear
肝炎 肝炎 gānyán hepatitis
來臨 来临 láilín arrive, come, approach
來臨 来临 láilín arrive, come, approach
non-Han peoples in North/West, whiskers, non-Han peoples in West, moustache, dewlap, non-Han peoples in North, non-Han nationalities living in the north and west, beard, Hu, Surname, moustache, beard or whiskers
保證 保证 bǎozhèng pledge, guarantee
能否 能否 néngfǒu can or not
肚子 肚子 dùzi kyte, venter, womb, tummy, belly, stomach, paunch, abdomen, breadbasket, wame, tripe
地震 地震 dìzhèn quake
指定 指定 zhǐdìng earmark, appointed, specify, set, domicile, appointment, ticket, fix, name, delegate, specified, express, named, consign, designate, assignment, state, depute, appoint, nominate, dictate, assign, destine, determine
時常 时常 shícháng now_and_again, always, frequently, from_time_to_time, somewhile, oft, often
民營 民营 mínyíng privately run (of enterprises)
確保 确保 quèbǎo secure, insure, ensure, assure, reassure, guarantee
新台幣 新台币 xīntáibì New Taiwanese dollars
hǎn cry out, yell
途徑 途径 tújìng track, path, pathway, footpath, avenue, gateway, channel, road, way, pipeline, curriculum
民營 民营 mínyíng privately run (of enterprises)
一路 一路 yīlù taking the same route, throughtout the journey, all the way, all along, going the same way, through
輸出 输出 shūchū export
敏感 敏感 mǐngǎn subtle, susceptible, vulnerable, be sensitive, sensitive
溫暖 温暖 wēnnuǎn warm
可怕 可怕 kěpà fearful, terrible
生理 生理 shēnglǐ physiological, peristalsis, autacoid, endocrinology, chyle, diastole, chyme, physiology, phagocyte
月亮 月亮 yuèliàng moonlight, Cynthia, moon, lune, Phoebe, Diana, lunar
輸出 输出 shūchū export
yán tumor, sarcoma, leukemia, cancerous, melanoma, malignant tumor, cancer, malignancy, neoplasm, carcinoma
溫暖 温暖 wēnnuǎn warm
動機 动机 dòngjī motif, need, reason, instance, ground, incentive, signal, intention, motive, motivation, inducement, cause
lián in succession, one after another
帶領 带领 dàilǐng lead (army/party/etc.), guide
帶領 带领 dàilǐng lead (army/party/etc.), guide
東南亞 东南亚 dōngnányǎ Southeast Asia
印表機 印表机 yìnbiǎojī printer
成分 成分 chéngfèn constitution, class/economic status, composition, economic status, component_part, ingredient, one's profession or economic status, profession, component part, grammatical constituent, class, constituent, one's class status, class status, element, component, metal
據了解 据了解 jùliǎojiě according to hearsay, it is said that
儒家 儒家 rújiā Confucian school
可怕 可怕 kěpà fearful, terrible
教育 教育 jiàoyū educate, teach, inculcate
設法 设法 shèfǎ contrive, think up a method, devise, try
儲存 储存 chúcún lay in/up, store, stockpile
搭配 搭配 dāpèi group, pair
傳輸 传输 chuánshū transmission, transmit
distant/apart from
圖書 图书 túshū picture_book, books
搭配 搭配 dāpèi group, pair
高科技 高科技 gāokējì high technology, high tech
zhì study, research, cure, govern, treat, government, eliminate, harness, rule, manage, wipe out, management, administration, administer, control, punish, treat (disease)
門口 门口 ménkǒu porch, portal, doorway, gateway, threshold, room access, door, entering, entrance
外在 外在 wàizài external, extrinsic
儲存 储存 chúcún lay in/up, store, stockpile
符號 符号 fúhào sign, denotation, mark, icon, symbolical, symbol, notation, token, insignia, note, symbolic
風貌 风貌 fēngmào view, scene, elegant appearance and bearing, appearance, style and features, style and feature
名詞 名词 míngcí phrase, noun, term, synonym, substantive, name
合併 合并 hébìng merge, amalgamate
利潤 利润 lìrùn profit
合併 合并 hébìng merge, amalgamate
qiǎng pillage, loot, vie for (work/etc.)
gàn do, work, fight
無數 无数 wúshù countlessness, thousand, limitlessness, infinitude, boundlessness, trillions, millions, myriad, innumerableness, unboundedness, billions, zillions, jillions, host, countless, legion, det.: innumerable, incalculability, million, infiniteness, innumerability, immensity, umpteen
奧運 奥运 àoyùn Olimpic Games, Olympic Games
jiù exactly, precisely, only, merely, just
句子 句子 jùzi sentence
娛樂 娱乐 yúlè amusement, entertainment, recreation
百貨 百货 bǎihuò general merchandise
分子 分子 fènzǐ member
厲害 厉害 lìhài terrible, devastating, tough, sharp
líng det.: zero, naught, nil
厲害 厉害 lìhài terrible, devastating, tough, sharp
殘障 残障 cánzhàng handicapped
殘障 残障 cánzhàng handicapped
國語 国语 guóyǔ putonghua, standard language, language, standard Chinese pronunciation, Mandarin Chinese, national language written and spoken, textbook for middle school students, middle school students, Mandarin, mandarin, textbook for primary, textbook for primary/middle school students, textbook for primary school students, vernacular, Mandarin_Chinese, common speech
少女 少女 shàonǔ signorina, tomato, puss, teens, Gill, bobbysocker, gill, trick, nymph, chick, pussy, missy, maiden, wench, bobbysoxer, demoiselle, girlish, damsel, girl, sheila, miss, jeune fille, squab, wren, pigeon, colleen, maid, burd, bud, lassie, virgin, girlishness, number, gal, skirt, fille, teenager, quean, lass, quail, shrimp, young girl, maidish
zuò regard as, take sb. or sth. for, act as, be, become
教堂 教堂 jiàotáng tabernacle, kirk, house_of_God, church, temple, fane, cathedral, church building, bema
det.: or so
風險 风险 fēngxiǎn peril, danger, risk, hazard
教科書 教科书 jiàokēshū textbook
黑色 黑色 hēisè black
資深 资深 zīshēn senior
資深 资深 zīshēn senior
就讀 就读 jiùdú study, attend school
曉得 晓得 xiǎode tell, know, ken
請問 请问 qǐngwèn Excuse me, may I ask...?
增進 增进 zēngjìn enhance, promote, further
增進 增进 zēngjìn enhance, promote, further
贏得 赢得 yíngdé nail down, rake_in, carry_off, nail, peg, conquer, try_for, gain, turn, win, garner, claim, earn, carry, capture, take, notch, nobble
犯罪 犯罪 fànzuì commit crime/offense
台幣 台币 táibì Taiwanese dollars
犯罪 犯罪 fànzuì commit crime/offense
偶爾 偶尔 ǒuěr once in a blue moon, from time to time, hardly ever, every so often, now and again, seldom, infrequently, on occasion, rarely, betweenwhiles, scarcely, unusually, occasionally, sporadically, every now and then, at times, now and then, once in a while
培訓 培训 péixùn cultivate, train
譬如說 譬如说 pìrúshuō for example, such as
上帝 上帝 shàngdì Creator, god, Yahveh, Almighty, almighty, Godhead, Jehovah, Being, Supreme_Being, God Almighty, Maker, Allah, deity, omnipotent, king, abba, Omniscience, omniscient, God, creator, Providence, Omnipotence, Deus, providence, Divine, lording, Lord, lord, maker, Supreme Being, judge, Dominus, Heaven, All-father, Adonai, Father-God, divinity, Father
zhòng plant, cultivate, sow
輩子 辈子 bèizi all one's life, lifetime
筆者 笔者 bǐzhě I, the author, (present) writer, penman, author, writer, spook, the author
喪失 丧失 sàngshī cost, forfeiture, forfeit, give_away, lapse, loss, bereaved, lose, jump
部長 部长 bùzhǎng commissar, manager, superintendent, cabinet minister, head of a section, minister, political commissar, ministerial, secretary, government minister, president, head of a department
寂寞 寂寞 jímò be lonely
培訓 培训 péixùn cultivate, train
設有 设有 shèyǒu set/put up