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OAS {initialism} (Organization of American States)  :: OAS (Organisatie van Amerikaanse Staten)
OK {n} (endorsement; approval)  :: oké, groen licht, goedkeuring
OK {adj} (all right, permitted)  :: oké
OK {adv} (OK)  :: oké/oke, goed
Oath of Abjuration {prop}  :: Akte van Verlating {m}
Obadiah {prop} (book of the Old Testament)  :: Obadja {m}
Obama {prop} (surname)  :: Obama
Occam's razor {prop} (both principles)  :: Ockhams scheermes {n}
Occident {prop} (the West)  :: Occident, Avondland
Occitan {prop} (the Romance language)  :: Occitaans {n}, Provençaals {n}
Oceania {prop} (geographical region)  :: Oceanië {n}
October {prop} (tenth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: oktober {m}
Odesa {prop} (Odessa) SEE: Odessa  ::
Odessa {prop} (Ukrainian city)  :: Odessa
Odia {prop} (Oriya) SEE: Oriya  ::
Odin {prop} (in Norse mythology, the supreme god)  :: Wodan, Odin
Odisha {prop} (state in India)  :: Orissa
Odyssey {prop} (epic poem describing the journey of Odysseus)  :: Odyssee {f}
Oghuz {prop} (Oghuz people)  :: Oguzen
Ohm's law {prop} (Ohm's observation)  :: wet van Ohm
Ojibwe {prop} (language)  :: Ojibwe {n}, Ojibwa {n}
Ojibwe {n} (member of Ojibwe people)  :: Ojibwa {p}, Ojibway {p}
Okazaki fragment {n} (one of many newly synthesized DNA fragments formed on the lagging template strand during replication)  :: Okazaki-fragment {n}
Olaf {prop} (male given name)  :: Olaf
Old Catholic {adj} (pertaining to a group of churches that split from the Roman Catholic Church)  :: oudkatholiek
Old Church Slavonic {prop} (the first literary and liturgical Slavic language)  :: Oudkerkslavisch {n}
Old Dutch {prop} (language)  :: Oudnederlands
Old East Slavic {prop} (language)  :: Oudrussisch {n}
Old English {prop} (ancestor language of modern English)  :: Oudengels
Old French {prop} (French language from 9th to the early 14th century)  :: Oudfrans {n}
Old Frisian {prop} (the Old Frisian language)  :: Oudfries {n}
Old High German {prop} (Old High German)  :: Oudhoogduits {n}
Old Irish {prop} (language)  :: Oudiers {n}
Old Low Franconian {prop} (language)  :: Oudnederfrankisch {n}
Old Low German {prop} (Old Saxon) SEE: Old Saxon  ::
Old Norse {prop} (language of Scandinavia before 1400 CE)  :: Oudnoords {n}, [somewhat proscribed] Oudnoors {n}
Old Norwegian {prop} (the Old Norse language of Norway)  :: Oudnoors {n}
Old Persian {prop} (Translations)  :: Oudperzisch {n}
Old Saxon {prop} (the Old Saxon language)  :: Oudsaksisch {n}
Old Slavonic {prop} (Old Church Slavonic)  :: Oudkerkslavisch {n}
Old Slavonic {prop} (Proto-Slavic)  :: Oerslavisch {n}
Old Spanish {prop} (the Old Spanish language)  :: Oudspaans {n}
Old Swedish {prop} (language)  :: Oudzweeds {n}
Old Testament {prop} (first half of the Christian Bible)  :: Oude Testament {n}
Old Turkic {prop} (language)  :: Oudturks {n}, Oerturks {n}, Gökturks {n}
Olenekian {prop} (subdivision of the Triassic period)  :: Olenekien
Oliver {prop} (male given name)  :: Oliver {m}
Olivier salad {n} (traditional Russian salad of boiled vegetables with mayonnaise)  :: huzarensalade {m} {f}
Oltenia {prop} (Oltenia)  :: Oltenië
Olympic {adj} (of or pertaining to the Olympic Games)  :: olympisch, olympische
Olympic {adj} (of or pertaining to mountain Olympus)  :: Olympisch
Olympic Games {prop} (international multi-sport event inspired by the ancient festival, see also: Olympics)  :: Olympische Spelen {p}
Olympic Winter Games {prop} (Olympic Winter Games)  :: Olympische Winterspelen {p}
Olympics {prop} (sport event, see also: Olympic Games)  :: olympiade {f}
Oman {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Oman
Ontario {prop} (Lake between Ontario province and New York State)  :: Ontariomeer
Ontario {prop} (Province in eastern Canada)  :: Ontario
Oort Cloud {prop} (cloud of comets in the Solar System)  :: Oortwolk {f}
Ophiuchus {prop} (zodiacal constellation of the northern summer)  :: Slangendrager {m}
Orange Free State {prop} (former province of South Africa)  :: Oranje Vrijstaat {f}
Orange-Nassau {prop} (royal house or family of the Netherlands)  :: Oranje-Nassau
Orient {prop} (Countries of Asia)  :: het Oosten {n}, Oriënt, Morgenland
Oriental {adj} (of or relating to the Orient or Asia, especially the Far East)  :: oriëntaal, oosters
Oriental {n} (person)  :: Oosterling {m}
Orinoco {prop} (river)  :: Orinoco {m}
Orissa {prop} (Odisha) SEE: Odisha  ::
Oriya {prop} (language)  :: Oriya
Orthodox {adj} (of the Eastern Christian Orthodox church)  :: orthodox, Oosters-orthodox
Orthodox Church {n} (the Eastern body of Christendom)  :: Orthodoxe Kerk {f}
Orthodoxy {prop} (the Eastern Orthodox Church and its foundations)  :: orthodoxie {f}
Orwellian {adj} (of or relating to Orwell, especially his dystopian novels)  :: Orwelliaans
Oscan {prop} (Language)  :: Oskisch {n}
Oslo {prop} (the capital and a county municipality of Norway)  :: Oslo
Osloite {adj} (from Oslo)  :: Osloër
Osloite {n} (someone from Oslo)  :: Osloër
Osmussaar {prop} (Island in northwest Estonia)  :: Osmussaar
Osnabrück {prop} (city in Lower Saxony)  :: Osnabrück, Osnabrugge, Osenbrugge
Osroene {prop} (ancient kingdom)  :: Osroene
Ossetia {prop} (region in the Caucasus)  :: Ossetië
Ostend {prop} (largest coastal city of Belgium)  :: Oostende {n}
Ottawa {prop} (capital of Canada)  :: Ottawa
Ottoman {n} (Turk from the period of Ottoman Empire)  :: Osmaan {m}
Ottoman {adj} (of the Islamic empire of Turkey)  :: Osmaans
Ottoman Empire {prop} (Turkish empire)  :: Ottomaanse Rijk, Osmaanse Rijk
Ouagadougou {prop} (capital of Burkina Faso)  :: Ouagadougou
Ouija {n} (a board with letters of the alphabet and "yes" and "no")  :: ouijabord
Our Lady {prop} (Virgin Mary)  :: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw {f}
Our Lady of Sorrows {prop} (the Virgin Mary in reference to her sorrows)  :: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Smarten {f}, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Zeven Weeën {f}
Outer Mongolia {prop} (East Asian region)  :: Buiten-Mongolië {n}
Overijssel {prop} (province of the Netherlands)  :: Overijssel
Oxford {prop} (city)  :: Oxford, Ossenvoord {m}
oaf {n} (imbecile)  :: pummel
oak {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus)  :: eik {m}, eikenboom {m}
oak {n} (wood)  :: eik {m}, eikenhout {n}
oak tree {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) SEE: oak  ::
oaken {adj} (made from the wood of an oak)  :: eiken, eikenhouten
oakwood {n} (wood populated with oaks)  :: eikenbos {n}, eikenbosje {n}
oar {n} (implement used to row a boat)  :: riem, roeiriem
oar {v} (row) SEE: row  ::
oasis {n} (well surrounded by fertile region)  :: oase {f}
oat {n} (a widely cultivated cereal grass)  :: haver {m}
oath {n} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
oath {n} (solemn pledge)  :: eed {m}
oath {n} (affirmed statement)  :: eed {m}
oatmeal {n} (meal)  :: havervlokken {m-p}, havermout {m}
oatmeal {n} (breakfast cereal, see also: porridge)  :: havervlokkenpap {m}, havermoutpap {m}
obdurate {adj} (Stubbornly persistent, generally in wrongdoing; refusing to reform or repent)  :: koppig, weerbarstig, hardleers, onverzettelijk
obdurate {adj} (Physically hardened, toughened)  :: keihard
obedience {n} (quality of being obedient)  :: gehoorzaamheid {f}
obedient {adj} (willing to comply with commands)  :: gehoorzaam
obediently {adv} (in an obedient manner)  :: gehoorzaam
obelisk {n} (A tall, square, tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point)  :: obelisk {m}
obese {adj} (extremely overweight)  :: obees, vetzuchtig, diklijvig
obesity {n} (act or state of being obese)  :: obesitas
obey {v} (to do as ordered by)  :: gehoorzamen
obfuscate {v} (make dark)  :: verduisteren
object {n} (thing)  :: object {n}, voorwerp {n}
object {n} (in grammar)  :: lijdend voorwerp {n}, meewerkend voorwerp {n}
object {n} (in object-oriented programming)  :: object {n}
object {v} (disagree with something or someone)  :: protesteren, ertegen zijn
objection {n} (act of objecting)  :: tegenspraak {f}
objection {n} (statement expressing opposition)  :: tegenwerping {f}, bezwaar {n}
objection {n} (official protest raised in a court of law)  :: bezwaar {n}
objective {adj} (relating to a material object)  :: objectief, objectieve, zakelijk
objective {adj} (not influenced by emotions)  :: objectief, objectieve, nuchter, nuchtere
objective {adj} (based on observed fact)  :: objectief, objectieve
objective {n} (material object)  :: object {n}
objective {n} (goal)  :: doel {n}, streefdoel {n}, doelstelling {f}
objective {n} (lens)  :: objectief {n}
objectively {adv} (in an impartial, objective manner)  :: objectief
objectivity {n} (The state of being objective)  :: objectiviteit {f}, zakelijkheid {f}
object-oriented programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses objects to design application and computer programs)  :: objectgeoriënteerd programmeren {n}
oblast {n} (region or province)  :: oblast
oblation {n} (deed or gift offered)  :: oblaat
obligation {n}  :: verplichting {f}
obligatory {adj} (binding)  :: verplicht
oblige {v} (to constrain someone by force or by social, moral or legal means)  :: verplichten
oblige {v} (to do someone a service or favour (hence, originally, creating an obligation))  :: een plezier doen
obliged {adj} (Under an obligation to do something for someone)  :: verschuldigd, verplicht
oblique {adj} (not erect or perpendicular)  :: schuin
oblique {adj} (not straightforward; indirect; obscure; hence, disingenuous; underhand; perverse; sinister)  :: indirect
obliterate {v} (to remove completely, leaving no trace; to wipe out; to destroy)  :: uitwissen
oblivion {n} (state of forgetfulness or distraction)  :: vergeetachtigheid
oblivion {n} (state of being completely forgotten)  :: vergetelheid {f}
oblivious {adj} (unaware)  :: onoplettend
oblivious {adj} (failing to remember)  :: vergeetachtig
oblong {adj} (longer than wide)  :: langwerpig
obloquy {n} (Abusive language)  :: laster {m}, smaad {m},
obnoxious {adj} (offensive, very annoying)  :: vervelend, onuitstaanbaar, onaangenaam, weerzinwekkend
oboe {n} (wind instrument)  :: hobo {m}
oboe d'amore {n} (instrument of the oboe family)  :: oboe d'amore {m}, liefdeshobo {m}
obscure {adj} (dark, faint or indistinct)  :: duister
obscure {adj} (hidden, out of sight or inconspicuous)  :: verborgen
obsequious {adj} (obedient, compliant with someone else's orders)  :: onderdanig
obsequious {adj} (fawning, subservient)  :: kruiperig, slaafs, onderworpen
obsequiousness {n} (the quality of being obsequious)  :: kruiperigheid, onderworpenheid
observance {n} (the custom of celebrating a holiday)  :: feestdag {m}
observation {n} (act of observing or being observed)  :: waarneming {f}
observation {n} (recording an event; the record of such noting)  :: waarneming {f}, waarnemen {n}
observation {n} (remark or comment)  :: opmerking {f}, waarneming {f}
observation {n}  :: observatie {f}
observation wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel  ::
observatory {n} (place where celestial bodies or natural phenomena are observed)  :: sterrenwacht {f}, observatorium {n}
observe {v} (to notice, to watch)  :: observeren, opmerken
observe {v} (to follow)  :: respecteren, in acht nemen, volgen
observe {v} (to observe) SEE: notice  ::
observer {n} (one who makes observations, monitors or takes notice)  :: observator {m}, waarnemer {m}
observer {n} (one who adheres or follows laws, guidelines, etc.)  :: nalever {m}
observer {n} (person sent to monitor but not to participate)  :: waarnemer {m}
observer {n} (aircraft crew member)  :: observator {m}
observer {n} (one manning an observation post)  :: observator {m}
obsession {n} (compulsive or irrational preoccupation)  :: obsessie {f}, bezetenheid {f}
obsession {n} (unhealthy fixation)  :: obsessie {f}, fixatie, dwangvoorstelling
obsessive {adj} (prone to cause obsession)  :: obsederend
obsessive {adj} (having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others)  :: obsessief, dwangmatig
obsessive {n} (person who is obsessed)  :: geobsedeerde {m}
obsidian {n} (a type of black glass produced by volcanoes)  :: lavaglas, obsidiaan
obsidian {adj} (poetic: black)  :: obsidiaan
obsidional {adj} (pertaining to a siege)  :: belegerkundig, obsidionaal; in compounds: beleger-, belegerings-
obsidional coin {n} (coin)  :: belegeringsmunt {f}, noodmunt {f}
obsolete {adj} (no longer in use)  :: verouderd, achterhaald
obsolete {adj} (in biology: imperfectly developed)  :: rudimentair
obstacle {n} (something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress)  :: obstakel {n}, belemmering {f}
obstetrician {n} (a physician who specializes in childbirth)  :: gynaecoloog
obstinate {adj} (adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course, usually unreasonably)  :: obstinaat, koppig, hardnekkig
obstreperous {adj} (attended by, or making a loud and tumultuous noise)  :: luidruchtig
obstreperous {adj} (noisily and stubbornly defiant)  :: weerbarstig
obstruct {v} (To get in the way of so as to hide from sight)  :: zicht belemmeren
obtain {v} (to get hold of, acquire)  :: verkrijgen
obtainable {adj} (capable of being obtained)  :: beschikbaar, verkrijgbaar
obtrude {v} (transitive)  :: opdringen
obtuse {adj} (intellectually dull)  :: afgestompt
obtuse {adj} (deadened, muffled, muted)  :: gesmoord
obtuse {adj} (botany, zoology: blunt)  :: bot
obverse {adj} (turned or facing toward the observer)  :: voorkant
obviate {v} (to bypass a requirement)  :: overbodig maken, omzeilen
obviation {n} (deterrence or prevention)  :: omzeiling {f}
obvious {adj} (easily discovered or understood; self-explanatory)  :: overduidelijk, voor de hand liggend, voordehandliggend
obviously {adv} (in an obvious manner; clearly apparent)  :: overduidelijk, vanzelfsprekend
ocarina {n} (a musical instrument)  :: ocarina {f}, ocarina {m}
occasion {n} (favorable opportunity)  :: gelegenheid {f}
occasion {n} (occurrence which brings with it some unlooked-for event; motive, reason)  :: aanleiding {f}
occasion {n} (particular happening)  :: gebeurtenis {f}, voorval {n}
occasion {n} (need)  :: noodzaak {f}, behoefte {f}
occasion {n} (special event or function)  :: gebeurtenis {f}
occasion {v} (give occasion to)  :: veroorzaken
occasion {n} (occurrence or incident) SEE: occurrence  ::
occasional {adj} (limited to certain occasions; not very often)  :: toevallig, nu en dan, af en toe, indicenteel, occasioneel
occasionally {adv} (from time to time; now and then; once in a while; at infrequent intervals)  :: af en toe, wel eens, nu en dan, soms
occiput {n} (back of the head or skull)  :: achterhoofd {n}
occluded front {n} (cold front that overtakes a warm front)  :: occlusiefront
occlusive {n} (plosive) SEE: plosive  ::
occult {v} (to cover)  :: verduisteren, bedekken
occult {adj} (secret; hidden from general knowledge; undetected)  :: verborgen, latent
occult {adj} (related to the occult)  :: occult
occult {n} (supernatural affairs)  :: occulte {n}, occultisme {n}
occultation {n} (astronomical event)  :: bedekking, occultatie
occupant {n} (person sitting in a vehicle)  :: inzittende {m}
occupant {n} (owner or tenant)  :: bewoner {m}
occupation {n} (activity or task with which one occupies oneself)  :: bezigheid {f}
occupation {n} (control of a country or region by a hostile army)  :: bezetting {f}
occupied {adj} (reserved)  :: bezet
occupied {adj} (busy)  :: bezig, bezet
occupied {adj} (militarily subjugated)  :: bezet
occupier {n} (one who occupies)  :: bezetter {m}
occupy {v} (to occupy) SEE: consume  ::
occupy {v} (have (taken) control of)  :: bezetten
occur {v} (take place)  :: plaatsvinden
occur {v} (present itself)  :: zich aanbieden, zich voordoen, plaatsvinden, voorkomen, gebeuren
occur {v} (meet or come to the mind)  :: invallen, opkomen, verschijnen
occur {v} (be present or found)  :: voorkomen
occurrence {n} (actual instance where a situation arises)  :: voorval {m}
ocean {n} (one of the large bodies of water)  :: oceaan {m}, wereldzee {f}
oceanography {n} (oceanic exploration and study)  :: zeekunde {f}
oceanology {n} (oceanography) SEE: oceanography  ::
oceanwater {n} (the water of the ocean)  :: oceaanwater {n}
ocelot {n} (feline carnivore)  :: ocelot {m}, pardelkat {f}
ochlocracy {n} (government by the masses)  :: ochlocratie {f}
ochre {n} (earth pigment)  :: oker {n}
ochre {n} (yellowish-orange colour)  :: oker {n}, okerkleur
ochre {adj} (having yellow-orange colour)  :: oker, okerkleurig
o'clock {adv} (indication of time (the translations below are of "one o’clock"))  :: één uur
o'clock {adv} (the translations below are of "at one o’clock")  :: om één uur
octagenarian {n} (octogenarian) SEE: octogenarian  ::
octagon {n} (polygon with eight sides and eight angles)  :: achthoek {m}
octagonal {adj} (shaped like an octagon)  :: achthoekig
octahedron {n} (a polyhedron with eight faces)  :: regelmatig achtvlak {n}
octane {n} (isomeric aliphatic hydrocarbons)  :: octaan
octangular {adj} (octagonal) SEE: octagonal  ::
octave {n} (interval)  :: octaaf
octave {n} (eight day period beginning on a feast day)  :: octaaf
octogenarian {n} (One who is between the age of 80 and 89, inclusive)  :: tachtiger {m}
octopus {n} (mollusc)  :: octopus {m}, inktvis {m}, kraak {m}
octothorpe {n} (octothorpe) SEE: hash  ::
ocular {adj} (seen by the eye) SEE: visual  ::
oculist {n} (optometrist) SEE: optometrist  ::
odalisque {n} (a female harem slave)  :: odalisk
odd {adj} (strange)  :: vreemd, merkwaardig, raar
odd {adj} (not divisible by two)  :: oneven, onpaar
odd {adj} (occasional; infrequent)  :: uitzonderlijk, zeldzaam
odd {adj} (left over after others have been grouped)  :: overblijvend, resterend
odd {adj} (casual, irregular)  :: onregelmatig
odd {adj} (about)  :: bij benadering, ongeveer
odd {n} (odd number) SEE: odd number  ::
odd number {n} (whole number that is not divisible by two)  :: oneven getal
oddball {n} (eccentric person)  :: kwast
oddity {n} (strangeness)  :: rariteit
odd-pinnate {adj} (pinnate with a single leaflet at the apex)  :: oneven geveerd
odds {n} (the ratio of the probabilities of an event happening to that of it not happening)  :: de kansen
odds and ends {n} (miscellaneous things)  :: brokstukken {n-p}, van alles en nog wat
ode {n} (a short poetical composition)  :: ode, lofdicht
odious {adj} (arousing strong dislike)  :: hatelijk, hatelijke
odor {n} (any smell) SEE: odour  ::
odour {n} (Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume)  :: reuk {f}
oedema {n} (edema) SEE: edema  ::
oenology {n} (scientific study of wines)  :: oenologie {f}
oesophagus {n} (the tube that carries food from the pharynx to the stomach)  :: slokdarm {m}
oeuvre {n} (complete body of works)  :: oeuvre {n}
of {prep} ((time) before, to)  :: voor
of {prep} (containing, comprising or made from)  :: met (a glass of water = een glas (met) water); van, uit (made of stone = gemaakt van steen / gemaakt uit steen)
of {prep} (linking class with example of class)  :: Noun compound through infixes: -s--e--en-
of {prep} (introducing subject matter)  :: over
of {prep} (possessive genitive: belonging to)  :: van (the car of Peter = de auto van Peter)
of {prep} (objective genitive: connecting noun with object)  :: van
of {prep} (indicative of age)  :: van
of age {prep} (old enough to be considered an adult)  :: meerderjarig, volwassen
of course {adv} (naturally)  :: natuurlijk, tuurlijk [informal], uiteraard
of late {prep} (recently)  :: de laatste tijd {f}
off {adv} (in a direction away from the speaker or object)  :: weg
off {adv} (into a state of non-operation or non-existence)  :: uit
off {adv}  :: af, uit
off {adj}  :: uit, bedorven
offal {n} (dead body) SEE: corpse  ::
offal {n} (refuse) SEE: refuse  ::
offal {n} (rejected parts of an animal)  :: slachtafval
offal {n} (animal's organs as food)  :: orgaanvlees
offal {n} (carrion) SEE: carrion  ::
offend {v} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
offend {v} (to hurt the feelings)  :: kwetsen
offend {v} (to physically harm, pain)  :: pijnigen, kwetsen, kwellen
offend {v} (to transgress or violate a law or moral requirement)  :: misdoen, kwetsen
offend {v} (to annoy, cause discomfort or resent)  :: ergeren, kwellen, irriteren
offend {v} (to feel or become offended)  :: zich ergeren (reflexive), aanstoot nemen
offender {n} (a person who commits an offense against the law)  :: schuldige {m} {f}
offensive {adj} (causing offense)  :: weerzinwekkend, walgelijk, beledigend
offensive {adj} (team sports: having to do with play directed at scoring)  :: aanvallend, offensief
offensive {n} (an attack)  :: offensief {n}, aanval {m}, inval {m}
offensive {n} (posture of attack)  :: klaar om aan te vallen
offensive foul {n} (offensive foul)  :: aanvallende fout
offer {n} (proposal)  :: voorstel {n}, aanbod {n}, bod {n}, aanzoek, aanbieding
offer {n} (something put forth)  :: voorstel {n}, bod {n}
offer {n} (law: invitation to enter binding contract)  :: bod {n}
offer {v} (to present something as a gesture of worship)  :: offeren
offer {v} (propose)  :: voorstellen, indienen, presenteren
offer {v} (place at disposal)  :: aanbieden, presenteren, vertonen, voorstellen
offer one's condolences {v} (offer sympathy to someone who has recently experienced the loss of a loved one)  :: condoleren
offertory {n} (the offering of sacremental bread and wine to God during a church service)  :: offertorium {n}
offertory {n} (money offered or donated during a church service)  :: collecte
offertory {n} (the part of a church service when offerings are collected)  :: collecte
office {n} (ceremonial religious duty or rite)  :: dienst {m}
office {n} (room(s) or building used for non-manual work)  :: bureau {n}, kantoor {n}
office {n} (major governmental division)  :: bureau {n}, dienst {m}, overheidsdienst {m}
office {n} (kindness) SEE: good offices  ::
office boy {n} (boy or junior clerk employed in a professional office)  :: kantoorknecht(je)
office chair {n} (desk chair used in an office)  :: bureaustoel {m}
office hours {n} (times when office workers are at their desks)  :: kantooruren {n}
office hours {n} (prearranged time when a person is available)  :: spreekuur {n}
officer {n} (contraction of the term "commissioned officer")  :: officier {m}
officer {n}  :: officier {m}
official {adj} (relating to an office; especially, to a subordinate executive officer or attendant)  :: officieel, ambtelijk
official {n} (office holder invested with powers and authorities)  :: beambte {m} {f}, functionaris {m} {f}, ambtenaar {m} {f}
officially {adv} (in an official manner)  :: officieel
off-licence {n} (liquor store) SEE: liquor store  ::
offline {adj} (of a system, not connected to a larger network)  :: ontkoppeld, offline
offset {n} (compensating equivalent)  :: compensatie
offset {n} (countertrade arrangement)  :: tegenpartij
offset {n} (time at which something begins)  :: begin
offset {n} (offset printing)  :: offsetdruk
offset {n} (difference in memory addresses)  :: offset
offset {n} (distance by which one thing is out of alignment with another)  :: sprong, verspringing
offshoot {n} (that which shoots off from a main stem)  :: uitloper {m}
offshore {adj} (located in the sea away from the coast)  :: buiten de kust
offside {n} (offside play)  :: buitenspel
offsplit {n} (secession)  :: afsplitsing {f}, afscheiding {f}
offspring {n} (singular offspring (male, female or sex unspecified))  :: afstammeling {m}, nageslacht {n}, nakomeling {m}, nazaat {m}, kind {n}
offspring {n} (plural or collective offspring (only males, only females, both sexes or sex unspecified))  :: afstammelingen {p}, kinderen {p}, kinders {p}, nageslachten {p}, nakomelingschap {n}, nakomelingen {p} [collective]
offspring {n} (other produce)  :: voortbrengst, productie
offspring {n}  :: oir {n}
off-white {n} (very pale colour that is almost white)  :: gebroken wit {n}, vuilwit {n}
off-white {adj} (of a very pale colour that is almost white)  :: vuilwit
often {adv} (frequently, many times)  :: vaak, dikwijls
oftenly {adv} (often) SEE: often  ::
ogle {v} (to stare flirtatiously)  :: lonken, gluren
ogonek {n} (diacritical mark)  :: ogonek
ogre {n} (brutish giant)  :: oger
ogre {n} (brutish man)  :: boeman
ogre {n} (large beast)  :: ondier {n}
oh {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: o
oh my God {interj} (excitement or shock)  :: oh, mijn God, lieve hemel, goeie genade
oh no {interj} (exclamation of alarm or concern)  :: o nee
ohm {n} (the derived unit of electrical resistance)  :: ohm {m} {n}
oi {interj} (exclamation to get attention) SEE: hey  ::
oil {n} (liquid fat)  :: olie {f}
oil {n} (petroleum-based liquid)  :: olie {f}, aardolie {f}, petroleum {m}
oil {v} (lubricate with oil)  :: oliën, smeren
oil {v} (to grease with oil for cooking)  :: invetten, oliën
oil field {n} (area under which are reserves of petroleum)  :: olieveld {n}
oil paint {n} (paint)  :: olieverf
oil palm {n} (Palm family of trees)  :: oliepalme
oil pipeline {n} (a gas pipeline)  :: oliepijpleiding {f}
oil rig {n} (oil-drilling platform)  :: boortoren
oil shale {n} (shale from which hydrocarbons can be produced)  :: olieschalie
oil well {n} (hole drilled into the earth from which petroleum is pumped)  :: oliebron {f}
oiler {n} (oil well) SEE: oil well  ::
oink {v} (to oink)  :: knorren
ointment {n} (viscous preparation, usually containing medication)  :: zalf {m} {f}, smeersel {n}
okapi {n} (Large ruminant mammal)  :: okapi {m}
old {adj} (of an object, concept, etc: having existed for a relatively long period of time)  :: oud
old {adj} (of a living being: having lived for relatively many years)  :: oud
old {adj} ((of an item) used, not new)  :: oud
old guard {n} (old guard)  :: oude garde
old maid {n} (elderly unmarried woman) SEE: spinster  ::
old wives' tale {n} (rumour, myth or superstition)  :: bakerpraatje {n}
old woman {n} (elderly woman)  :: oude vrouw {f}, ouwe vrouw {f}
old woman {n} (person who is always complaining)  :: oud wijf {n}
older sister {n} (a sibling's older sister)  :: oudere zus
old-fashioned {adj} (outdated or no longer in vogue)  :: ouderwets
old-fashioned {adj} (preferring the customs of earlier times)  :: ouderwets
old-growth forest {n} (forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance)  :: oerbos {n}, primair bos {n}
olfaction {n} (the sense of smell)  :: reukzin
olfactory {adj} (concerning the sense of smell)  :: olfactorisch
oligarch {n} (a member of an oligarchy)  :: oligarch {m}
oligarchy {n} (Government by only a few)  :: oligarchie {f}
oligarchy {n} (Those who make up an oligarchic government)  :: oligarchie {f}
oligarchy {n} (State ruled by such a government)  :: oligarchie {f}
olio {n} (medley)  :: diversen {p}
olive {n} (fruit)  :: olijf {m}
olive {n} (wood)  :: olijfhout {n}, olijvenhout {n}
olive {n} (colour)  :: olijfgroen {n}
olive {adj} (colour)  :: olijfgroen, olijfgroene
olive {n} (olive tree) SEE: olive tree  ::
olive oil {n} (oil pressed from olives)  :: olijfolie {f}
olive tree {n} (tree that produces olives)  :: olijfboom {m}
olla podrida {n} (miscellaneous assortment) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
-oma {suffix} (suffix forming nouns indicating disease or morbidity)  :: -oom
-oma {suffix} (suffix forming nouns indicating tumors or masses)  :: -oom
omasum {n} (the third part of the stomach of a ruminant)  :: boekmaag {m}
ombudsman {n} (official who investigates complaints)  :: ombudsman
omega {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: omega {f}
omega {n} (angular velocity) SEE: angular velocity  ::
omelette {n} (dish made with beaten eggs)  :: omelet {f}
omen {n} (something which portends or is perceived to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future; an augury or foreboding)  :: voorteken {n}
omertà {n} (code of silence amongst members of the Mafia or other criminal organization)  :: omerta {f}
omicron {n} (Greek letter)  :: omikron {m}
ominous {adj} (of or pertaining to an omen or to omens; being or exhibiting an omen)  :: onheilspellend
ominous {adj} (giving indication of a coming ill)  :: onheilspellend
omission {n}  :: weglating {f}
omit {v} (to leave out or exclude)  :: weglaten
omit {v} (to neglect or take no notice of)  :: verwaarlozen
omnibus {n} (vehicle)  :: bus
omnipotence {n} (unlimited power)  :: almacht {c}
omnipotent {adj} (having unlimited power, force or authority)  :: almachtig
omnipresent {adj} (being everywhere)  :: alomtegenwoordig, omnipresent
omniscience {n} (capacity to know everything)  :: alwetendheid {f}
omniscient {adj} (having total knowledge)  :: alwetend
omnium-gatherum {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
omnivore {n} (animal eating both plants and meat)  :: omnivoor {m}, alleseter {m}
on {adj} (in the state of being active, functioning or operating)  :: aan, op, actief
on {adv} (to an operating state)  :: aan
on {prep} (positioned at the upper surface of)  :: op
on {prep} (covering)  :: over
on {prep} (at the date of)  :: op
on {prep} (dealing with the subject of)  :: over
on {prep} (touching; hanging from)  :: bij (on me), aan (on a tree)
on {prep}  :: van
-on {suffix} ((physics) subatomic particles)  :: -on
on air {prep} (transmitting live)  :: rechtstreeks
on behalf of {prep} (speaking or acting for)  :: namens
on board {adv} (aboard) SEE: aboard  ::
on board {adj} (on or in a means of transportation)  :: aan boord
on earth {prep} (expletive giving emphasis after interrogative word)  :: in vredesnaam, in hemelsnaam, in godsnaam
on foot {prep} (walking, jogging, running)  :: te voet
on purpose {prep} (purposely, with intention)  :: expres, opzettelijk, met voorbedachte rade [formal]
on sale {prep} (available for purchase)  :: te koop
on sale {prep} (available for purchase at reduced prices)  :: koopje {n}, in solden
on the air {prep} (in the process of recording or broadcasting) SEE: on air  ::
on the contrary {prep} (opposite)  :: integendeel
on the edge of one's seat {prep} (in suspense)  :: op het puntje van zijn stoel
on the hook {prep} (liable) SEE: liable  ::
on the one hand {prep} (from one point of view)  :: enerzijds
on the other hand {prep} (from another point of view)  :: daarentegen, anderzijds
on the street {prep} (without a home)  :: op straat
on the tip of one's tongue {prep} (known but not quite remembered)  :: op het puntje van zijn tong
on the way {prep} (coming)  :: onderweg
on the whole {prep} (for the most part)  :: in het algemeen, grotendeels
on your mark, get set, go {phrase} (three-command start of racing)  :: op uw plaatsen, klaar, af!
on your marks {interj} (Interjection used to start a race, followed by "Get set, go!" or "Set, go!".)  :: op uw plaatsen
onanism {n} (masturbation)  :: onanisme
onboard {adv} (on a vehicle) SEE: on board  ::
once {adv} (one and only one time)  :: eens, een keer, eenmaal
once {adv} (formerly)  :: eens, ooit
once {conj} (as soon as)  :: zodra
once again {adv} (one more time)  :: wederom
once bitten, twice shy {proverb} (one is cautious in the future if hurt in the past)  :: door schade en schande wordt men wijs
once in a while {adv} (occasionally)  :: nu en dan
once more {adv} (one more time) SEE: once again  ::
once upon a time {adv} (traditional beginning of children’s stories, especially fairy tales)  :: er was eens
oncologist {n} (one who specialises in oncology)  :: oncoloog {m}
oncology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: oncologie {f}
one {pron} (impersonal pronoun)  :: expressed by nominalization when following an adjective
one {pron} (indefinite personal pronoun)  :: [archaic] men, je, ze [the people]
one {n} (neutral element in multiplication)  :: één {f}, eenheid {f}
one {n} (digit or figure)  :: één {f}
one {n} (dollar bill)  :: eendollarbiljet, eendollarsbiljet {n}
one {adj} (of a period of time)  :: op een, eens, ooit
one {adj} (a single, unspecified thing)  :: de, het ene, één
one {adj} (sole, only)  :: enige, ene
one {adj} (whole, entire)  :: één
one {adj} (the same)  :: één, dezelfde
one {adj} (being a preeminent example)  :: een
one {adj} (being an unknown person with the specified name)  :: een zekere, ene
one and a half {num} (one and a half)  :: anderhalf
one at a time {adv} (individually)  :: een voor een, een tegelijk
one brick short of a full load {adj} (not mentally sound; insane)  :: er zit een schroefje los [have a screw loose], ze niet alle vijf op een rijtje hebben [to not have all five in a row]
one for all, all for one {phrase} (motto: working for each other)  :: één voor allen, allen voor één
one hundred and one {num} (one hundred plus one)  :: honderdeen, honderdeneen
one hundred and one {n} (figure 101)  :: honderdeen, honderdeneen
one hundred one {num} (101)  :: honderdeneen {f}
one million {num} (cardinal number 1000000) SEE: million  ::
one moment, please {phrase} (one moment please)  :: een moment, alstublieft
one swallow does not a summer make {proverb} (one instance of an event does not necessarily indicate a trend)  :: een zwaluw maakt nog geen lente/zomer, één zwaluw maakt de lente niet [Belgium]
one thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000) SEE: thousand  ::
one-armed {adj} (having only one arm)  :: eenarmig, eenarmige
one-armed bandit {n} (gaming machine)  :: eenarmige bandiet {m}
one-eyed {adj} (having only a single eye)  :: eenogig
oneiric {adj} (resembling a dream; dreamlike) SEE: dreamlike  ::
oneirologist {n} (interpreter of dreams)  :: oneiroloog {m}, oneirologe {f}
oneirology {n} (the study of dreams)  :: oneirologie {f}
one-legged {adj} (having only one leg)  :: eenbenig
oneness {n} (state of being undivided)  :: eenheid {n}
one-night stand {n} (sexual encounter)  :: avontuurtje {n}
one-off {adj} (occurring once; one-time)  :: eenmalig
onerous {adj} (burdensome)  :: moeilijk, lastig
one's {pron} (belonging to one)  :: zijn
one's bark is worse than one's bite {phrase} (one acts in a threatening way but is relatively harmless)  :: Blaffende honden bijten niet
oneself {pron} (The person, previously mentioned)  :: zichzelf
onesidedness {n} (being onesided)  :: eenzijdigheid {f}
onesie {n} (baby garment)  :: romper {m}, rompertje {n}, kruippak {n}, kruippakje {n}
onesie {n} (adult jumpsuit)  :: romper {m}
ongoing {adj} (presently or currently happening; being in progress)  :: lopend
onion {n} (plant)  :: ui {m}, ajuin {m}
onion dome {n} (onion-shaped dome)  :: uikoepel {m}
online {adj}  :: online, aangesloten, verbonden
onlooker {n} (spectator) SEE: spectator  ::
only {adj} (alone in a category)  :: enig
only {adv} (without others or anything further; exclusively)  :: alleen
only {adv} (no more than)  :: maar, slechts
only {adv} (as recently as)  :: pas, net
only {conj}  :: maar
only child {n} (a person who has no siblings)  :: enig kind {n}
onomasiology {n} (branch of lexicology)  :: onomasiologie {f}
onomastics {n} (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names)  :: naamkunde {f}, onomastiek {f}
onomatopoeia {n} (property of a word of sounding like what it represents)  :: onomatopee {f}
onomatopoeia {n} (word that sounds like what it represents)  :: onomatopee {f}, klanknabootsing {f}
onomatopoeic {adj} (of or relating to onomatopoeia)  :: onomatopoëtisch
onomatopoeic {adj} (having the property of onomatopoeia)  :: onomatopoëtisch
onomatopoetic {adj} (concerning onomatopoeia) SEE: onomatopoeic  ::
onry {adj} (ornery) SEE: ornery  ::
onset {n} (rushing or setting upon)  :: aanval
onset {n} (medicine: initial phase of a disease or condition)  :: aanvang
onto {adj} (surjective) SEE: surjective  ::
ontogeny {n} (development of an individual organism)  :: ontogenie {f}
ontology {n} (study of being)  :: ontologie
onus {n} (legal obligation)  :: last {m}, plicht {f}
onus {n} (burden of proof)  :: last {m}, bewijslast {m}
onus probandi {n} (duty of a party in a legal proceeding) SEE: burden of proof  ::
onward {adv} (In a forward direction)  :: vooruit
onyx {n} (a banded variety of chalcedony)  :: onyx {m}
oocyte {n} (cell that develops into egg or ovum)  :: oöcyt {m}
oofless {adj} (poor) SEE: poor  ::
oomph {n} (strength, power, passion or effectiveness; clout)  :: animo,geestdrift,vitaliteit,
oomph {n} (sex appeal)  :: aaantrekkingskracht,sex-appeal,
oops {interj} (acknowledging a minor mistake)  :: oeps, oei, ai, amaai [Belgian Dutch expression]
oops {interj} (used sarcastically to acknowledge a major mistake)  :: oeps, oei
ooze {v} (to secrete or slowly leak)  :: afscheiden, druppelsgewijze lekken, zweten
op shop {n} (thrift shop) SEE: thrift shop  ::
opal {n} (a mineral consisting, like quartz, of silica, but inferior to quartz in hardness and specific gravity)  :: opaal
op-amp {n} (active circuit element)  :: operationele versterker
opaque {adj} (hindering light to pass through)  :: opaak, ondoorschijnend, ondoorzichtig
op-ed {n} (newspaper page containing signed articles)  :: opiniepagina {f}
op-ed {adj} (containing signed articles)  :: opinie-
open {adj} (not closed)  :: open
open {adj} (prepared to conduct business)  :: open
open {adj} (receptive)  :: open
open {adj} (public)  :: open
open {v} (to make something accessible)  :: openen, opendoen, openmaken
open {v} (to bring up (a topic))  :: aansnijden
open {v} (to make accessible to customers)  :: openen, openmaken
open {v} (to become open)  :: opengaan
open {v} (to begin conducting business)  :: opengaan
open sandwich {n} (slice of bread with toppings)  :: boterham {m} {f}
open sea {n} (part of the sea)  :: open zee {f}, volle zee {f}
open secret {n} (widely known fact not mentioned)  :: publiek geheim {n}
open set {n} (the set of all interior points)  :: open verzameling {f}
open-handed {v} (generous)  :: genereus
opening {n} (first performance of a show or play by a particular troupe)  :: première {m} {f}
opening {n} (first few moves in a game of chess)  :: opening {f}
opening {n} (unoccupied employment position)  :: vacature {f}
opening ceremony {n} (ceremony to mark the official opening of a building or event)  :: openingsceremonie
opera {n} (theatrical work)  :: opera {m}
opera singer {n} (someone who sings opera professionally)  :: operazanger {m}, operazangeres {f}
operant conditioning {n} (a technique of behavior modification)  :: operante conditionering {f}
operate {v}  :: aandrijven, opereren
operating room {n} (room in a hospital used for performing surgical operations)  :: operatiekamer {c}
operating system {n} (software which controls computer)  :: besturingssysteem {n}
operation {n} (method by which a device performs its function)  :: operatie {f}
operation {n} (military campaign)  :: operatie {f}
operative {adj} (effectual)  :: werkzaam
operative {adj} (functional)  :: werkzaam
operator {n} (one who operates)  :: bediener {m}
ophidiophobia {n} (ophiophobia) SEE: ophiophobia  ::
ophiophobia {n} (fear of snakes)  :: ofidiofobie
ophthalmological {adj} (pertaining to ophthalmology)  :: oogheelkundig
ophthalmology {n} (eye medicine)  :: oogheelkunde {f}
opiate {n} (drug, hormone or other substance derived from or related to opium)  :: opiaat {n}
opine {v} (to have or express an opinion)  :: van mening zijn dat, opiniëren
opine {v} (to state as an opinion)  :: van mening zijn, opiniëren, menen
opinion {n} (thought a person has formed about a topic)  :: mening {f}, opinie {f}, visie {f}, zienswijze {f}, gedachte {f}
opinion {n} (EU: A judicial opinion by an Advocate General delivered to the European Court of Justice)  :: conclusie {f}
opinion {v} (opine) SEE: opine  ::
opinion poll {n} (poll)  :: opiniepeiling
opium {n} (drug from opium poppy)  :: opium {m} {n}
opium {n} (anything that numbs or stupefies)  :: opium {m} {n}
opossum {n} (marsupial of the Didelphidae)  :: opossum, Amerikaanse buidelrat
opponent {n} (rival)  :: opponent, tegenstander
opportune {adj} (suitable)  :: passend, geschikt
opportune {adj} (at a convenient time)  :: gelegen, gunstig
opportunist {n} (someone who takes advantage of any opportunity)  :: opportunist {m}, opportuniste {f}
opportunistic {adj} (said of people who will take advantage of situations)  :: opportunistisch
opportunity {n} (chance for advancement, progress or profit)  :: kans {f}
opportunity {n}  :: kans {f}, mogelijkheid {f}
oppose {v} (to attempt to stop the progression of)  :: tegenhouden
oppose {v}  :: weerstaan
opposite {adj} (located directly across from)  :: tegenoverliggend, tegenovergesteld
opposite {adj} (of complementary or mutually exclusive things)  :: tegenovergestelde
opposite {adj}  :: tegengesteld
opposite {n} (contrary thing)  :: tegenovergestelde {n}
opposite {n} (opponent)  :: tegenstander {m}
opposite {n} (antonym)  :: tegenovergestelde {n}
opposite {adv} (in an opposite position)  :: tegenover
opposite {prep} (across from)  :: tegenover
opposite sex {n} (the other gender to which one is referring)  :: andere geslacht {n}
opposite side {n} (side seen as an adversary)  :: tegenpartij
opposition {n} (opposite)  :: oppositie {f}
opposition {n} (political)  :: oppositie {f}
oppress {v} (keep down by force)  :: onderdrukken
oppression {n} (act of oppressing, or the state of being oppressed)  :: onderdrukking {f}
oppression {n} (feeling of being oppressed)  :: bedruktheid {f}
oppression {n} (exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner)  :: onderdrukking {f}
oppressive {adj}  :: drukkend
opprobrium {n} (ignominy)  :: misprijzen
optical {adj} (incorporating light-sensitive devices)  :: optisch
optical fibre {n} (fibre used for transmitting light)  :: glasvezel {m}
optically {adv} (regarding or using optics)  :: optisch
optimate {n} (member of the patrician ruling class in republican Ancient Rome)  :: optimaat {m}
optimist {n} (a person who expects a favourable outcome)  :: optimist {m}
optimist {n} (a believer in optimism)  :: optimist {m}
optimist {n} (a small centre-board sailing dinghy)  :: optimist {m}
optimistic {adj} (expecting a good outcome)  :: optimistisch
optimistically {adv} (in an optimistic manner)  :: optimistisch
optimize {v} (to act optimistically)  :: optimistisch zijn/handelen
optimize {v} (to make (something) optimal)  :: optimaliseren, perfectioneren
optimize {v} (to make (something) more efficient)  :: optimaliseren, verbeteren
optimize {v} (to become optimal)  :: optimaliseren, verbeteren
option {n} (one of the choices which can be made)  :: optie {f}
option button {n} (radio button) SEE: radio button  ::
optional {adj} (not compulsory)  :: optioneel
optography {n} (the production of an optogram on the retina by the photochemical action of light on the visual purple; the fixation of an image in the eye)  :: optografie {f}
optometrist {n} (person trained in examining and testing the eyes for defects)  :: oogarts, optometrist {m}
opulence {n} (wealth)  :: rijkdom {m}, zeelde
opulence {n} (abundance)  :: overvloed {m}
opulent {adj} (luxuriant)  :: weelderig
or {conj} (conjunction)  :: of
or {n} (gold or yellow tincture)  :: goud, or
or {adj} (of yellow or gold tincture on a coat of arms)  :: goud
or else {phrase} (no matter what)  :: of anders
or words to that effect {phrase} (used to indicate a paraphrase)  :: of woorden van die strekking
oral {adj} (relating to the mouth)  :: mondelijk
oral sex {n} (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth)  :: orale seks {m}
orange {n} (tree)  :: sinaasappelboom {m}, appelsienenboom {m}
orange {n} (fruit)  :: sinaasappel {m}, appelsien {f}
orange {n} (colour)  :: oranje {n}
orange {adj} (having the colour of the fruit of an orange tree)  :: oranje, brandgeel, geelrood
orange blossom {n} (white flower of the orange tree)  :: oranjebloesem {m}
orange juice {n} (juice of squeezed oranges)  :: sinaasappelsap {n}; jus d'orange
orangeade {n} (orange-flavored soft drink)  :: sinaasappellimonade, appelsienlimonade
orangeade {n} (soda water and orange juice)  :: appelsiensap met spa bruis {n}
orangutan {n} (arboreal anthropoid ape)  :: orang-oetan
oratory {n} (eloquence) SEE: eloquence  ::
orb {n} (period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body) SEE: year  ::
orb {n} (circle) SEE: circle  ::
orb {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit  ::
orb {n} (spherical body)  :: bol {m}
orb {n} (poetic: the eye, as luminous and spherical)  :: oogappel
orb {n} (monarch's ceremonial sphere) SEE: globus cruciger  ::
orbit {n} (path of one object around another)  :: baan {f}
orbit {v} (circle another object)  :: omcirkelen, omlopen
orbit {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket  ::
orbital {adj} (Of or relating to the eye socket (eyehole))  :: orbitaal
orbital {n} (energy and probability density)  :: orbitaal {c}
orbital cavity {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket  ::
orbitational {adj} (orbital) SEE: orbital  ::
orc {n} (evil monstrous humanoid creature)  :: ork {m}
orc {n} (Orcinus orca) SEE: orca  ::
orca {n} (Orcinus orca)  :: orka {m}, zwaardwalvis {m}
orchard {n} (land for cultivation of fruit or nut trees)  :: boomgaard {m}, bongerd {m}
orchestra {n} (large group of musicians who play together on various instruments)  :: orkest {n}
orchestra {n} (semicircular space in front of the stage used by the chorus in Ancient theatres)  :: orkestra
orchestra {n} (the area in a theatre or concert hall where the musicians sit)  :: orkestbak
orchid {n} (plant)  :: orchidee {f}
orchid {adj} (colour)  :: lichtpaars
orchidectomy {n} (removal of testicles)  :: orchidectomie
ordain {v} (to prearrange unalterably)  :: vaststellen
ordeal {n} (a painful or trying experience)  :: kwelling {f}, ontbering {f}
ordeal {n} (trial in which the accused was subjected to a dangerous test)  :: beproeving
order {n} (arrangement, disposition)  :: volgorde {f}, orde {f}
order {n} (good arrangement)  :: orde {f}
order {n} (command)  :: order {m}, bevel {n}
order {n} (request for some product or service)  :: bestelling {f}, order {m}
order {n} (religious group)  :: orde {f}
order {n} (highest exponent in a polynomial)  :: orde
order {v} (to set in (any) order)  :: ordenen
order {v} (to set in (a good) order)  :: ordenen {m}
order {v} (to issue a command)  :: bevelen, verordonneren
order {v} (to request some product or service)  :: bestellen
order of knighthood {n} (order)  :: ridderorde {m}
orderliness {n} (regularity; proper arrangement)  :: orde
ordinal number {n} (grammar: word used to denote relative position in a sequence)  :: ranggetal {n}, rangtelwoord {n}
ordinal number {n} (arithmetic: number used to denote position in a sequence)  :: ranggetal {n}
ordinal number {n} (generalized kind of number to denote the length of a well-order on a set)  :: ranggetal {n}
ordinarily {adv} (usually or as a general rule)  :: gewoon
ordinary {adj} (normal, routine)  :: gewoon
ordnance {n} (arms and ammunition)  :: geschut {n}
ordure {n} (excrement, dung)  :: uitwerpselen {n-p}, afval {n}
ore {n} (rock that contains materials that can be economically extracted and processed)  :: erts {n}
oregano {n} (plant)  :: oregano
orfe {n} (Leuciscus idus) SEE: ide  ::
organ {n} (part of an organism)  :: orgaan {n}
organ {n} (musical instrument)  :: orgel {n}
organ {n} (official magazine, newsletter, or similar publication)  :: orgaan {n}
organelle {n} (a membrane bound compartment found within cells)  :: organel
organic {adj} (pertaining to an organ)  :: orgaan-
organic {adj} (chemistry: relating to the compounds of carbon)  :: organisch, organische
organic {adj} (of food and food products: grown without agrichemicals)  :: organisch, organische, biologisch
organic {n} (organic compound) SEE: organic compound  ::
organic chemistry {n} (chemistry of carbon containing compounds)  :: organische chemie
organic compound {n} (carbon containing covalent compound)  :: organische verbinding {f}
organise {v} (organize) SEE: organize  ::
organism {n} (living thing)  :: organisme {n}
organist {n} (musician who plays the organ)  :: organist {m}
organization {n} (quality of being organized)  :: ordening
organization {n} (group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules)  :: organisatie {f}
organization {n} (group of people consciously cooperating)  :: organisatie {f}
organize {v} (to arrange in working order)  :: organiseren
organize {v} (to constitute in parts, each having a special function; to systematize)  :: organiseren
organizer {n} (person arranging public events)  :: organisator {m}
organoleptic {adj} (of or pertaining to sensory properties of a particular substance)  :: organoleptisch
orgasm {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure)  :: orgasme {m}, klaarkomen {n} [vulgar]
orgasm {n} (orgasm) SEE: climax  ::
orgasmic {adj} (of or relating to orgasms)  :: orgastisch
orgulous {adj} (proud, haughty)  :: hoogmoedig, hooghartig
orgulous {adj} (swollen, augmented, excessive)  :: vergroot, overmatige
orgulous {adj} (threatening, dangerous)  :: bedreigend, gevaarlijk
orgy {n} (sexual group activity)  :: orgie
orient {v} (to familiarize with a situation or circumstance)  :: zich oriënteren
orientation {n} (the act of orienting)  :: oriëntatie {f}, oriëntering
orientation {n} (position relative to compass bearings)  :: oriëntatie {f}, plaatsbepaling, richting
orientation {n} (the oriented construction of a Christian church)  :: kerkbouwrichting
orientation {n} (an inclination, tendency or direction)  :: oriëntatie {f}, gerichtheid
orientation {n} (ability to orient)  :: oriënteringsvermogen
orientation {n} (introduction to a new environment)  :: oriëntatie, voorlichting
orientation {n} (adjustment to a new environment)  :: oriëntering
orientation {n} (the direction of print across the page)  :: oriëntatie
orientation {n} ((analysis, differential geometry))  :: oriëntatie
orientation {n} ((analytic geometry, topology))  :: oriëntatie
orifice {n} (orifice (see anus etc. for specific body cavities)) SEE: hole  ::
origami {n} (the Japanese art of paper folding)  :: origami
origin {n} (beginning of something)  :: oorsprong {m}, herkomst {f}
origin {n} (source of a river, information, goods, etc.)  :: oorsprong {m}
origin {n} (point at which the axes of a coordinate system intersect)  :: oorsprong {m}
origin {n} (ancestry)  :: oorsprong {m}, afkomst {f}, herkomst {f}
origin {n}  :: oorsprong {m}
original {adj} (relating to the origin or beginning)  :: oorspronkelijk
original {adj} (first in a series)  :: origineel, oorspronkelijk
original {adj} (newly created)  :: origineel, oorspronkelijk
original {adj} (fresh, different)  :: origineel, oorspronkelijk
original {adj} (pioneering)  :: origineel, vernieuwend
original {adj} (having as its origin)  :: afkomstig
original {n} (object from which all later copies and variations are derived)  :: origineel {n}
original {n} (person with a unique and interesting personality and/or creative talent)  :: unicum {n}
original {n} (archasm for an excentric) SEE: eccentric  ::
original sin {n} (state of sinfulness in each human)  :: erfzonde
originally {adv} (as it was in the beginning)  :: indertijd, in het begin, origineel
originally {adv} (creatively)  :: origineel, op een nieuwe manier
originate {v} (to take first existence, have origin)  :: voortkomen
oriole {n} (any of the various colourful passerine birds)  :: wielewaal
orison {n} (A prayer)  :: gebed {n}
ornamental {n} (plant serving to ornament)  :: sier-
ornate {adj} (elaborately ornamented, often to excess)  :: [formally] sierlijk, barok
ornate {adj} (flashy, flowery or showy)  :: [informally] bloemrijk, overladen
ornery {adj} (cantankerous, stubborn)  :: nors, mopperig, zeurderig
ornithology {n} (scientific study of birds)  :: vogelkunde {f}, ornithologie {f}
ornithophobia {n} (fear, dislike, or hate of birds)  :: ornithofobie {f}
ornithosis {n} (infection)  :: ornithose {f}, vogelchlamydiose {f}
orogenesis {n} (orogenesis)  :: orogenese {f}
orogeny {n} (the process of mountain building by the upward folding of the Earth's crust)  :: orogenese {f}
orphan {n} (person whose (parent or) parents have died)  :: wees {m} {f}, weeskind {n}, weesjongen {m}, weesmeisje {n}
orphanage {n} (a residential institution for the care and protection of orphans)  :: weeshuis
orphanarium {n} (orphanage) SEE: orphanage  ::
orthoclase {n} (potassium aluminum silicate)  :: orthoklaas
orthodontist {n} (orthodontic dentist)  :: orthodontist
orthodox {adj} (Adhering to established religious doctrine or tradition)  :: orthodox
orthodox {adj} (Adhering to whatever is traditional, customary, accepted)  :: orthodox, traditioneel
orthodoxy {n} (correctness in doctrine and belief)  :: orthodoxie
orthodoxy {n} (the beliefs and practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church) SEE: Orthodoxy  ::
orthogonal {adj} (of right angles)  :: orthogonaal, loodrecht
orthogonal {adj} (mathematical term)  :: orthogonaal
orthography {n} (study of correct spelling)  :: spelling {f}
orthography {n} (aspect of language study)  :: spelling {f}
orthography {n} (method of representing a language by written symbols)  :: spelling {f}
orthonormal {adj}  :: orthonormaal
oryx {n} (antelope)  :: oryx {m}
oscillation {n} (the act of oscillating)  :: trilling
osier {n} (plant)  :: katwilg {m}
-osis {suffix} (suffix for functional disorders)  :: -ose
osmium {n} (chemical element)  :: osmium {n}
osmosis {n} (movement of molecules)  :: osmose {f}
osprey {n} (bird of prey)  :: visarend {m}
ossicle {n} (small bone in the ear; auditory ossicle)  :: botje {n}, boontje {n}
osso buco {n} (Italian meat dish)  :: ossobuco {m}
ossuary {n} (a place where the dead are buried)  :: ossuarium {n}, knekelhuis {n}
ostensible {adj} (meant for open display; apparent)  :: klaarblijkelijk, kennelijk
ostensible {adj}  :: schijnbaar
ostensibly {adv} (ostensibly)  :: ogenschijnlijk, op het eerste gezicht, schijnbaar
ostentation {n} (display of excessive show in an attempt to impress others)  :: aanstellerij,uitsloverij
ostentation {n} (show or spectacle)  :: show, spektakel
osteo- {prefix} (bone)  :: osteo
osteoblast {n} (cell)  :: osteoblast
osteocyte {n} (mature bone cell)  :: osteocyt {f} {m}
osteopenia {n} (the medical condition of having low bone density, but not low enough to be considered osteoporosis)  :: osteopenie
osteoporosis {n} (bone disease)  :: botontkalking, osteoporose
ostracism {n} (in ancient Greece, the temporary banishment by popular vote)  :: ostracisme
ostracism {n} (banishment, exclusion from community)  :: verbanning, ostracisme, verwijdering, uitsluiting, banning
ostracism {n}  :: Verbanning, uitsluiting, doodverklaring
ostracize {v} (to ban a person from Athens for ten years)  :: verbannen
ostracize {v} (exclude someone)  :: verbannen, uitstoten, mijden
ostrich {n} (large flightless bird)  :: struisvogel {m}
other {adj} (not the one previously referred to)  :: ander
other {adj}  :: ander, andere
other {determiner} (not the one referred to)  :: ander, andere, anderen
other side {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
otherness {n}  :: anderszijn {n}
otherwise {adv} (differently, in another way)  :: anders, anderszins
otherwise {adv} (under different circumstances)  :: anders
otherwise {adv} (in all other respects)  :: afgezien van, behalve
otherwise {adv} (or else) SEE: or else  ::
otiose {adj} (resulting in no effect)  :: zinloos
otiose {adj} (reluctant to work)  :: lui
otiose {adj} (having no reason or purpose)  :: zinloos, overbodig, doelloos
otitis {n} (inflammation of the ear)  :: oorontsteking
otolaryngologist {n} (otorhinolaryngologist) SEE: otorhinolaryngologist  ::
otorhinolaryngologist {n} (medical doctor of ear, nose and throat)  :: keel-, neus- en oorarts {m} {f}, kno-arts {m} {f}
otter {n} (mammal)  :: otter {m}
otter civet {n} (Cynogale bennettii)  :: ottercivetkat
oubliette {n} (dungeon)  :: vergetelput {m}, vergeetput {m}, oubliëtte {f}
ouch {interj} (expression of one's own physical pain)  :: au
oud {n} (Arabic plucked string instrument)  :: oed {m}
ought {v} (indicating duty or obligation)  :: moeten, behoren
ounce {n} (28.3495 g)  :: [equals 100 g] ons {n}
our {determiner} (belonging to us)  :: ons, onze
ours {pron} (that which belongs to us)  :: het onze, de onze, die van ons
ourselves {pron}  :: onszelf
oust {v} (to expel; to remove)  :: verwijderen, verdrijven, verbannen
ouster {n} (forceful removal from power)  :: verdrijving
out {adv} (away from one's usual place or not indoors)  :: uit, weg
out {adv} (away from, at a distance)  :: uit: weg
out {adv} (away from the inside or the centre)  :: buiten
out {prep} (away from the inside)  :: uit
out {prep}  :: uit; usually expressed by the prefix uit-
out {n} (means of exit)  :: buiten
out {adj} (released, available for purchase)  :: uit
out loud {adv} (aloud)  :: voorlezen (verb)
out of {prep} (from the inside to the outside of)  :: uit
out of {prep} (not part of)  :: buiten
out of {prep} (with the motivation of)  :: uit
out of {prep} (not having anymore)  :: door ... heen
out of hand {adj} (not under control, out of control)  :: ongecontroleerd, in het wilde weg,
out of it {prep} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
out of line {prep} (inappropriate)  :: ongepast, buitensporig
out of order {prep} (not functioning properly)  :: buiten bedrijf, buiten werking
out of order {prep} (inappropriate or unsuitable)  :: ongepast
out of order {prep} (out of normal sequence)  :: niet op volgorde
out of sight, out of mind {proverb} (something not nearby is forgotten)  :: uit het oog, uit het hart
out of sorts {adj} (irritable or somewhat unwell)  :: uit zijn element
out of the blue {prep} (unexpectedly)  :: uit het niets, zomaar
out of the frying pan, into the fire {prep} (get from an already bad situation to a worse one)  :: van de regen in de drup
out of touch {adj} (out of touch with reality)  :: wereldvreemd
out of work {adj} (unemployed) SEE: unemployed  ::
out the wazoo {prep} (excessive or excessively; too much)  :: a volonte
outbid {v} (To bid more than somebody else)  :: overbieden
outbreak {n} (an eruption, sudden appearance)  :: uitbarsting, uitbraak {n}
outbreak {n} (a sudden increase)  :: uitbarsting, explosie
outbreak {n} (an outburst or sudden eruption, especially violent)  :: uitbarsting, uitbreken {n}
outbreak {n} (geological layer)  :: dagzoom {n}
outbuilding {n} (separate building associated with a main building)  :: bijgebouw {n}
outcome {n} (result)  :: resultaat {n}, uitkomst {f}
outcrop {n} (coming out of bedrock or of an unconsolidated deposit to the surface of the ground)  :: ontsluiting {f}
outcrop {n} (part of a rock formation that appears at the surface)  :: ontsluiting {f}
outdo {v} (to go beyond)  :: overtreffen
outermost {adj} (farthest outside)  :: buitenst
outfit {n} (set of clothing)  :: outfit {m}
outfit {n} (gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose)  :: set {m}
outfit {n} (cohesive group of people; a unit)  :: eenheid {f}
outfit {n} (sports team)  :: team {n}
outgrow {v} (to become too big or mature for some object, practice, condition, belief, etc)  :: ontgroeien, (Archaic) ontwassen
outgrow {v} (to grow faster or taller than someone or something else)  :: ontgroeien
outgrowth {n}  :: uitgroeisel {n}
outhouse {n} (outbuilding) SEE: outbuilding  ::
outlaw {n} (a fugitive from the law)  :: vogelvrije
outlaw {n} (person without legal rights)  :: vogelvrije
outlawed {adj}  :: [1] verboden, [2] vogelvrij
outlet {n} (wall socket) SEE: wall socket  ::
outlier {n} (a person or thing situated away from the main body or outside its proper place.)  :: buitenbeentje, alleenstaande
outlier {n} (part of formation separate from the rest)  :: uitloper
outlier {n} (value outside pattern in a statistical sample)  :: afwijkende waarde
outline {n} (outer shape of an object or figure)  :: omtrek
outlive {v} (to live longer than)  :: overleven
outmoded {adj} (obsolete)  :: achterhaald
outpatient {n} (patient)  :: poliklinische patiënt
outpost {n} (A military post)  :: voorpost {m}, buitenpost {m}
outpost {n} (An outlying settlement)  :: buitenpost {m}
output {n} (data sent out of the computer)  :: uitvoer
output {v} (produce or create)  :: produceren, opleveren
output {v} (send data to out of a computer)  :: als uitvoer geven, uitvoeren
outré {adj} (very unconventional)  :: extravagant, excentriek
outrage {n} (atrocity)  :: wandaad {f}
outrage {n} (offensive, immoral or indecent act)  :: belediging {f}
outrage {n} (anger)  :: woede, razernij
outrageous {adj} (shocking)  :: ongehoord, schandelijk, schokkend
outran {v} (Past tense of outrun)  :: de, den
outreach {v} (to reach further than)  :: overtreffen
outrun {v} (run faster)  :: ontlopen
outside {n} (outer surface)  :: buitenkant {m}
outside {n} (the space beyond some limit or boundary)  :: buitenaf
outside {adj}  :: buitenste
outside {adv} (on or towards the outside)  :: buiten
outside {prep} (on the outside of)  :: buiten
outsource {v} (transfer of business to a third party)  :: uitbesteden
outsourcing {n} (transfer business)  :: uitbesteding
outstanding {adj} (standing out from others)  :: bijzonder, prominent
outstanding {adj} (distinguished from others by its superiority)  :: bijzonder, vooraanstaand
outstanding {adj} (projecting outwards)  :: overhellend
outstanding {adj} (not settled or finished)  :: onopgelost
outstanding {adj} (owed as a debt)  :: uitstaand
outstrip {v} (to outrun or leave behind)  :: overtreffen, overvleugelen
outstrip {v} (to exceed, excel or surpass)  :: overtreffen, overvleugelen
outweigh {v}  :: zwaarder wegen
outwith {prep} (outside; beyond; outside of)  :: buiten
ouzo {n} (drink)  :: ouzo
oval {n} (shape like an egg or ellipse)  :: ovaal
oval {adj} (oval-shaped)  :: ovaal, eivormig
ovary {n} (female organ)  :: eierstok {m}, ovarium {n}
ovate {adj} (shaped like an egg) SEE: egg-shaped  ::
ovation {n} (prolonged enthusiastic applause)  :: ovatie {f}
oven {n} (chamber used for baking or heating)  :: oven {m}
oven glove {n} (glove designed to carry hot oven trays)  :: ovenwant {f}, ovenhandschoen {m}
oven mitt {n} (oven glove) SEE: oven glove  ::
over {adj} (ended)  :: voorbij
over {adv} (from upright to horizontal position)  :: om
over {adv} (again)  :: overnieuw, opnieuw
over {prep} (physical positioning: on top of; above)  :: over
over {prep}  :: over
over a barrel {prep} (in a helpless situation)  :: hopeloos, in de knel
over and above {adv} (supplementary)  :: bovenop
over and above {prep} (in addition to)  :: bovenop
over my dead body {prep} (absolutely not)  :: over mijn lijk
over there {adv} (in that place)  :: daar
overact {v} (act in an exaggerated manner)  :: overacteren
overall {adj} (all-encompassing)  :: globaal
overall {adv} (generally)  :: globaal
overalls {n} (loose fitting pair of pants with a bib)  :: tuinpak {n}
overboard {adv} (over the edge, off a boat)  :: overboord
overcapacity {n} (a capacity that is in excess of what is needed)  :: overcapaciteit
overcast {adj} (covered with clouds; overshadowed; darkened)  :: betrokken
overcast {adj} (in a state of depression; gloomy; melancholy)  :: neerslachtig
overcast {v} (to cover with cloud; to overshadow; to darken)  :: bewolken, verduisteren
overcast {v} (to be or become cloudy)  :: bewolkt zijn
overcoat {n} (garment)  :: overjas {f} {m}
overcome {v} (surmount, get the better of)  :: overwinnen
overdo {v} (to do too much of something)  :: overdrijven
overdose {n} (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug)  :: overdosis {f}
overdraw {v} (withdraw more money from an account than there is credit)  :: in het rood gaan
overdue {adj} (Late; especially, past a deadline or too late to fulfill a need)  :: achterstallig, over tijd
overeat {v} (eat too much)  :: overeten
overestimate {v} (to judge too highly)  :: overschatten
overestimated {v} (overrated) SEE: overrated  ::
overexposure {n} (exposure of film to light for a longer time than is required)  :: overbelichting
overfishing {n} (excessive fishing)  :: overbevissing
overflow {v}  :: overlopen, overstromen
overground {adj} (aboveground) SEE: aboveground  ::
overhang {v} (hang over, as an ornament)  :: overhangen
overhang seat {n} (Legislative seat distribution principle in certain countries)  :: overhangmandaat {n}
overhaul {n} (a major repair, remake, renovation, or revision)  :: opknapbeurt {f}, onderhoud {n}, herziening {f}
overhaul {v} (to modernize, repair, renovate, or revise completely)  :: opknappen, herstellen, renoveren, moderniseren
overhaul {v} (to pass, overtake, or travel past)  :: inhalen
overhead fan {n} (ceiling fan) SEE: ceiling fan  ::
overhead projector {n} (projector that projects an image over the heads of the viewers onto a screen)  :: overheadprojector
overhear {v} (To hear something that wasn't meant for one's ears)  :: luistervinken
overheat {v} (overheat) SEE: burn  ::
overheated {adj} (excessively heated)  :: oververhit
overlap {v} (to extend over and partly cover something)  :: bedekken
overlap {v} (to have an area, range, character or function in common)  :: overlappen
overlap {v} (Used of sets that have some elements in common)  :: overlappen
overlap {n} (something that overlaps)  :: overlap {m}
overlay {v} (overwhelm) SEE: overwhelm  ::
overload {v} (to load excessively)  :: overladen
overlook {n} (vista or point)  :: uitkijkpunt {n}
overlook {v} (to fail to notice; to look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it)  :: over het hoofd zien
overlook {v} (to pretend not to have noticed; to pass over without censure or punishment)  :: over het hoofd zien
overlord {n} (a ruler of other rulers)  :: opperheer {m}
overmorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow  ::
overmorrow {n} (day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow  ::
overnight {adv} (throughout the night)  :: 's nachts
overnight {adv} (in a very short amount of time)  :: van de ene dag op de andere
overnight {v} (stay overnight)  :: overnachten
overnourished {adj} (overweight) SEE: overweight  ::
overpay {v} (to pay too much)  :: teveel betalen
overplay {v} (To overdo or overact one's effect or role)  :: overdrijven, overacteren
overplay {v} (To present something more dramatically than necessary)  :: overdrijven, dramatiseren
overplay {v} (To overestimate one's strength in a game or event)  :: zich overschatten
overplay {v} (To accidentally hit (one's golf ball) beyond the green)  :: uitslaan
overpower {v} (overpower) SEE: compel  ::
overrate {v} (to esteem too highly)  :: overschatten
overrated {adj} (rated too highly)  :: overschat
override {v} (to ride a horse too hard)  :: afjakkeren
overripe {adj} (excessively ripe; spoiled; gone bad)  :: overrijp
overrun {v} (to defeat an enemy and invade in great numbers)  :: onder de voet lopen, overstromen
overrun {v} (to infest, swarm over)  :: onder de voet lopen, overrompelen, zwermen over, overstromen
overrun {v} (to run past, exceed)  :: overschijden, voorbijlopen, inhalen
overrun {v} (to continue for too long)  :: te lang doorbijlopen
overrun {n} (instance of overrunning)  :: overrompeling, overschrijding, overstroming
overrun {n} (amount by which something overruns)  :: overschrijding
overseas {adj} (across a sea)  :: overzees
overseas {adv} (abroad)  :: in het buitenland
overseas territory {n} (country or smaller territory)  :: overzees gebiedsdeel {n}, overzees territorium {n}
oversee {v} (to survey, look at something in a wide angle)  :: overzien, overschouwen
oversee {v} (to supervise, guide, review or direct the actions of a person or group)  :: toezien op, toezicht houden op, een oog(je) houden op
oversee {v} (to inspect, examine)  :: bekijken, toezien op
overseen {v} (past participle of oversee)  :: overzien
overseer {n} (one who oversees)  :: opzichter {m}
oversight {n} (supervision)  :: toezicht {n}
oversleep {v} (to sleep for longer than planned)  :: zich verslapen
overslept {v} (past tense of oversleep)  :: versliep
overslept {v} (past participle of oversleep)  :: verslapen
overspend {n} (amount overspent)  :: overuitgave {f}
overstay {v} (remain present after the agreed or appropriate time)  :: langer blijven dan
overt {adj} (open and not secret)  :: openlijk, onverholen
overtake {v} (to pass a more slowly moving object)  :: inhalen
overthrow {v} (to bring about the downfall of)  :: omverwerpen
overthrow {n} (removal by force or threat of force)  :: ondergang {m}
overtly {adv} (openly)  :: openlijk, onverholen
overtness {n} (state of being overt)  :: openheid
overture {n} (approach)  :: voorstel {n}
overturn {v} (to turn over, capsize)  :: kapseizen, omslaan
overturn {v} (to overthrow)  :: omverwerpen
overturn {v} (legal: to reverse, overrule)  :: intrekken
overview {n} (brief summary, as of a book or a presentation)  :: overzicht
overweening {adj} (over-confident)  :: zelfverzekerd, arrogant
overweight {adj} (of a person, heavier than is healthy)  :: te zwaar
overweight {adj} (of a vehicle, weighing more than is allowed)  :: te zwaar
overweight {n} (excess of weight)  :: overgewicht {n}
overwhelm {v}  :: overweldigen
overwhelming {adj} (overpowering)  :: overweldigend
overwinter {v} (to keep or preserve for the winter)  :: laten overwinteren
overwinter {v} (to spend the winter (in a particular place))  :: overwinteren
overwrite {v} (destroy old data)  :: overschrijven
oviduct {n} (duct through which an ovum passes)  :: eileider {m}
oviform {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped  ::
oviparous {adj} (egg laying)  :: eierleggend
ovoid {adj} (shaped like an oval)  :: eivormig, ovaal
ovoid {n} (something oval in shape)  :: eivorm {m}, ovaal {n}
ovoid {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped  ::
ovum {n} (gamete)  :: eicel {m} {f}
owe {v} (to be under an obligation)  :: schuldig zijn
owe {v} (to be in debt)  :: schuldig zijn
owl {n} (a bird)  :: uil {m}
owlet {n} (a young owl)  :: uilskuiken {n}
own {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
own {v} (have rightful possession of)  :: bezitten, hebben
own {adj} (belonging to (determiner))  :: eigen
owner {n} (one who owns)  :: eigenaar {m}, eigenares {n}, bezitter {m}, bezitster {f}
ox {n} (an adult castrated male of cattle)  :: os {m}
ox {n} (any bovine animal used as a beast of burden)  :: os {m}
oxbow lake {n} (crescent-shaped lake)  :: hoefijzermeer {n}
oxcart {n} (cart drawn by ox)  :: ossenkar {c}
oxeye daisy {n} (flower)  :: gewone margriet {m} {f}
oxhide {n} (skin of an ox)  :: ossenhuid {c}
oxidation {n} (chemical reaction)  :: oxidatie
oxide {n} (binary compound of oxygen)  :: oxide {n}
oxidization {n} (oxidation) SEE: oxidation  ::
oxtail {n} (meat from the tail of a cow)  :: ossenstaart {m}
oxygen {n} (chemical element)  :: zuurstof {f}
oxygen {n} (molecular oxygen)  :: zuurstof {f}
oxygenation {n} (process of treating something with oxygen)  :: zuurstofvoorziening
oxymoron {n} (contradiction in terms) SEE: contradiction in terms  ::
oxytocic {adj} (serving to promote uterine contractions)  :: oxytocisch
oxytocin {n} (hormone)  :: oxytocine {f}
oyster {n} (mollusk, see also: clam; mollusc; mussel)  :: oester {m} {n}
oystercatcher {n} (bird)  :: scholekster {m} {f}
ozone {n} (O3)  :: ozon
ozone hole {n} (region of the stratosphere over Antarctica that is depleted of ozone in the local spring)  :: gat in de ozonlaag {n}, ozongat {n}
ozone layer {n} (a region of the stratosphere)  :: ozonlaag {f} {m}