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wack {n} (eccentric)  :: galning {c}
wad {n} (substantial pile (normally of money))  :: bunt {c}
wade {v} (to walk through water or something that impedes progress)  :: vada
wading pool {n} (shallow pool)  :: plaskdamm {c}
waffle {n} (flat pastry)  :: våffla {c}
waffle iron {n} (a cooking appliance used to make waffles)  :: våffeljärn
wag {v} (to swing from side to side)  :: vifta
wag {v} (to not go to school)  :: skolka
wage {n} (money paid to a worker)  :: lön {c}
wage {v} (to conduct or carry out)  :: föra
wage slave {n} (one who feels compelled to work for wage)  :: löneslav {c}
waggon {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon  ::
Wagnerian {adj} (of or characteristic of Richard Wagner)  :: wagneriansk
wagon {n} (4-wheeled cart, see also: cart)  :: vagn {c}, kärra {c}
wagtail {n} (various small passerine birds)  :: ärla {c}
wainwright {n} (maker of waggons)  :: vagnsmakare {c}
waist {n} (part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach)  :: midja
waistcoat {n} (a sleeveless, collarless garment)  :: väst {c}
wait {v} (delay until some event)  :: vänta, bida
wait {v} (transitive: delay until) SEE: await  ::
waiter {n} (a server in a restaurant or similar)  :: kypare {c}, servitör, servitris
waiter {n} (someone who waits)  :: väntande
wait for {v} (wait) SEE: wait  ::
waiting list {n} (ordered list of people waiting to obtain a good or service)  :: väntelista, kölista, {c}
waiting room {n} (room)  :: väntrum {n} [especially at the doctor's office], väntsal {c} [especially at a train station]
waitlist {n} (waiting list) SEE: waiting list  ::
wait on {v} (wait for an event)  :: vänta på
waitress {n} (female waiter)  :: servitris
wait up {v} (stay awake)  :: vänta uppe, stanna uppe
waive {v} (to relinquish; to give up claim to)  :: avsäga sig, avstå från
wake {v} (to stop sleeping)  :: vakna
wake {v} (to make somebody stop sleeping)  :: väcka
wake {n} (period after death)  :: vaka {c}
wake {n} (path left behind a ship on the surface of the water)  :: kölvatten {n}
wakefulness {n} (state of being wakeful)  :: vakenhet {c}
wake up {v} (to (become) awake)  :: vakna
wake up {v} (to awaken (someone else))  :: väcka
wake up on the wrong side of bed {v} (to be irritable) SEE: get up on the wrong side of the bed  ::
Waldemar {prop} (male given name)  :: Valdemar
waldmeister {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff  ::
Wales {prop} (a constituent nation of the UK)  :: Wales
walk {v} (to move on the feet)  :: , gå till fots [idionomic]
walk {v} (colloquial: to avoid a criminal court case)  :: slippa lös
walk {v} (colloquial: to be stolen)  :: få fötter
walk {v} (to travel a distance by walking)  :: , promenera [in a relaxed manner], vandra [long distances]
walk {v} (to take for a walk)  :: gå ut och gå, gå ut med hunden [walk the dog]
walk {v} (colloquial: to leave, resign)  :: , sluta
walk {v} (to push vehicle alongside oneself)  :: leda
walk {n} (trip made by walking)  :: promenad {c}, vandring {c} [a longer distance]
walk {n} (distance walked)  :: promenad {c}, vandring {c} [a long distance]
walk {n} (manner of walking)  :: gång {c}
walk {n} (maintained place on which to walk)  :: gång
walkability {n} (being walkable)  :: promenadvänlighet {c}
walkable {adj} (able to be walked)  :: promenadvänlig
walkable {adj} (close enough)  :: på/inom gångavstånd
walker {n} (person who walks)  :: gående {c}, fotgängare {c}, vandrare {c}, gångare {c} [especially in walking races]
walker {n} (shoe designed for comfortable walking)  :: gångsko {c}
walking cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick  ::
walking frame {n} (framework device)  :: rullator {c}, gångstol {c}
walking stick {n} (cane)  :: käpp {c}, spatserkäpp {c}
walking stick {n} (insect) SEE: stick insect  ::
walkman {n} (any personal cassette player)  :: freestyle {c}
walk-on {n} (actor with a small part)  :: statist {c}
walk out on {v} (to abandon)  :: överge
wall {n} (defensive rampart)  :: vall {c}
wall {n} (structure built for defense surrounding an area)  :: mur {c}
wall {n} (substantial structure acting as side or division in a building)  :: vägg {c}
wall {n} (anatomy, zoology, botany: divisive or containing structure)  :: vägg
Wallachia {prop} (region in Romania)  :: Valakiet
wall barley {n}  :: vildkorn
wallet {n} (case for keeping money)  :: plånbok {c}
wallflower {n} (any of several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the Erysimum)  :: gyllenlack, kårel {c}
wallflower {n} (socially awkward person)  :: blyg viol, vägglus
Wallis and Futuna {prop} (an overseas territory of France in Oceania)  :: Wallis och Futuna
Walloon {n} (an inhabitant of Wallonia)  :: vallon
wallow {v} (to roll oneself about, as in mire; to tumble and roll about; to move lazily or heavily in any medium; to flounder; as, swine wallow in the mire)  :: vältra sig
wallow {v}  :: vältra sig
wallpaper {n} (decorative paper for walls)  :: tapet {c}
wallpaper {n} (computing: image used to cover a desktop)  :: skrivbordsbakgrund {c}, skrivbordsbild {c}
wallpaper {v} (to cover with wallpaper)  :: tapetsera
walls have ears {proverb} (be careful about what you say)  :: väggarna har öron, små grytor har också öron
wall socket {n} (electricity power point)  :: vägguttag {n}
walnut {n} (tree)  :: valnötsträ {n}
walnut {n} (nut)  :: valnöt {c}
Walpurgis night {n} (Walpurgis Night)  :: valborgsmässoafton {c}
walrus {n} (large Arctic marine mammal)  :: valross {c}
Walter {prop} (male given name)  :: Valter
waltz {n} (a ballroom dance)  :: vals {c}
waltz {n} (piece of music)  :: vals {c}
Wanda {prop} (female given name)  :: Vanda
wander {v} (to move without purpose or destination)  :: vanka
wanderer {n} (one who wanders)  :: vandrare {c}
wane {v} (to progressively lose its splendor, value, ardor, power, intensity, etc.)  :: avta
wangle {v} (falsify) SEE: falsify  ::
wank {v} (intransitive: to masturbate)  :: runka
wank {v} (transitive: to masturbate)  :: runka av
wank {n} (act of masturbation)  :: runk {c}
wannabe {n} (someone who wishes something but lacks the qualifications)  :: wannabe {c}
want {v} (desire)  :: vilja
want {n} (lack (of))  :: brist {c}
want {v} (lack) SEE: lack  ::
wanted {adj} (desired)  :: efterlyst, eftersökt
wanted {adj} (subject to immediate detainment)  :: efterlyst
wanton {adj} (lewd, immoral; sexually open/free)  :: lössläppt, lättfärdig
wanton {adj} (capricious, reckless of morals or justice)  :: ohämmad
wapiti {n} (the American elk)  :: wapiti {c}, wapitihjort {c}, vapiti {c}
war {n} (conflict involving organized use of arms)  :: krig {n}
war child {n} (child who has grown up in wartime)  :: krigsbarn {n}
war crime {n} (offense for violations of the law of war)  :: krigsbrott {n}
-ward {suffix} (forming adverbs)  :: -åt
ward off {v} (to parry, or turn aside)  :: avvärja
ward off {v} (to avert or prevent)  :: avvärja
wardrobe {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
wardrobe {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
wardrobe {n} (movable furniture for storing clothes)  :: garderob {c}, skåp {n}
wardrobe {n}  :: garderob {c}
wardrobe malfunction {n} ((euphemism) an accidental instance of indecent exposure)  :: fel på garderoben
ware {n} (product)  :: vara {c}
warehouse {n} (A place for storing large amounts of products)  :: lagerlokal {c}, lagerlokaler {p}, lager {n}, magasin {n}
warehouse {v} (To store, as in a warehouse)  :: lager
warfare {n}  :: krigföring {c}
war film {n} (film set in wartime)  :: krigsfilm {c}
warhead {n} (part of a missile, projectile, torpedo, rocket, or other munition)  :: stridsspets {c}
warlock {n} (male magic-user)  :: trollkarl
warlord {n} (high military officer in a warlike nation)  :: krigsherre
warm {adj} (having a temperature slightly higher than usual)  :: varm
warm {v} (to make or keep warm)  :: värma
war machine {n} (weapon)  :: krigsmaskin {c}
war machine {n} (resources)  :: krigsmaskineri {c}
warm-blooded {adj} (maintaining constant body temperature) SEE: endothermic  ::
warmonger {n} (one who advocates war)  :: krigshetsare {c}, krigsivrare {c}
warmth {n} (moderate heat; sensation of being warm)  :: värme {c} {n}
warn {v} (to make someone aware of impending danger)  :: varna
warn {v} (to notify someone of something untoward)  :: varna, förvarna
Warner {prop} (male given name of Germanic origin)  :: Verner
warning {n} (instance of warning someone)  :: varning {c}
warning {n} (something spoken or written that is intended to warn)  :: varning {c}
warning triangle {n} (a triangle used to warn other road users)  :: varningstriangel {c}
War on Terrorism {prop} (ongoing campaign by the US and its allies)  :: Kriget mot Terrorismen
War on Terrorism {prop} (common term for conflict against Islamic terrorism)  :: Kriget mot Terrorismen
warpath {n} (course of action that leads to hostility)  :: krigsstig {c}
warrant {v} (to justify) SEE: justify  ::
warrant {v} (to authorize) SEE: authorize  ::
warranty {n} (legal: an agreement which states that the goods or property in question will be in exactly the same state as promised)  :: garanti {c}
warrior {n} (person actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare)  :: krigare {c}
warrior {n} (person aggressively, courageously, or energetically involved in an activity)  :: krigare {c}
Warsaw {prop} (capital city of Poland)  :: Warszawa
warship {n} (ship built or armed for naval combat)  :: örlogsfartyg {n}
wart {n} (type of growth occurring on the skin)  :: vårta {c}
warthog {n} (a species of wild pig)  :: vårtsvin
wartime {n} (period of a war)  :: krigstid {c}, ofredstid {c}
wary {adj} (cautious of danger; timorously or suspiciously prudent; circumspect; scrupulous)  :: försiktig, varsam
wash {v} (to clean with water)  :: tvätta, tvaga (archaic), två (archaic)
wash {n} (painting)  :: lavering
washbasin {n} (basin used for washing, sink)  :: handfat
washboard {n} (board to do laundry)  :: tvättbräda {c}
washboard {n} (percussion instrument)  :: tvättbräda {c}
washer {n} (something that washes)  :: tvättmaskin {c}
washer {n} (person who washes for a living)  :: tvätterska {c} [woman]
washer {n} (flat disk)  :: bricka, packning
washing {n} (action of the verb "to wash")  :: tvätt {c}
washing {n} (textiles that have been or are to be washed)  :: tvätt {c}
washing machine {n} (machine that washes clothes)  :: tvättmaskin {c}
washing powder {n} (powder for washing clothes)  :: tvättmedel {n}
Washington, D.C. {prop} (federal capital of the United States of America)  :: Washington {n}, Washington, D.C. {n}
washing-up liquid {n} (the substance used to wash dishes)  :: diskmedel {n}
washproof {adj} (able to be washed without damage or loss)  :: tvättäkta
washroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
wash up {v} (wash one's hands and/or face (US))  :: tvätta händerna, ansiktet
wash up {v} (be carried on to land by water)  :: spola upp
wash up {v} (clean utensils, dishes, etc.) SEE: do the dishes  ::
wasp {n} (insect)  :: geting {c}
waste {n} (desolate place)  :: ödemark
waste {n} (loss, ineffective use)  :: spill, slöseri {n}
waste {n} (decay)  :: förfall
waste {n} (useless products, garbage)  :: skräp, avfall
waste {n} (excrement)  :: avföring
waste {adj} (barren)  :: öde
waste {adj} (excess)  :: överflödig
waste {adj} (superfluous; needless)  :: överflödig
waste {v} (to destroy)  :: ödelägga, föröda
waste {v} (to decay)  :: förfalla
waste {v} (to squander)  :: förspilla, förslösa
waste {v} (slang: to kill)  :: spilla, förspilla
waste {v} (to weaken)  :: föröda, försvaga
wastebasket {n} (wastepaper basket) SEE: wastepaper basket  ::
wastebasket {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can  ::
wasteful {adj} (inclined to waste)  :: slösaktig
wasteland {n} (region with no remaining resources; desert)  :: öken, ökenmark
wasteland {n} (barren and uninteresting place)  :: ödemark {c}
waste of time {n} (meaningless or fruitless activity)  :: slöseri med tid {n}
wastepaper basket {n} (small open container for discarded paper)  :: papperskorg {c}, rundarkiv {n}
waste sorting {n} (seperation of waste)  :: sopsortering, källsortering
waste time {v} (to allow time to elapse in an unproductive manner)  :: spilla tid, ödsla tid, förspilla tid
wastewater {n} (water containing waste products)  :: avloppsvatten {n}, spillvatten {n}
watch {n} (portable or wearable timepiece)  :: klocka {c}, ur {n}
watch {n} (particular time period)  :: vakt {c}, vaktpass {n}
watch {n} (person or group of people who guard)  :: vakt {c}, vaktpatrull {c}
watch {n} (group of sailors and officers)  :: vakt {c}
watch {n} (period of time on duty)  :: vakt {c}
watch {v} (to look at for a period of time)  :: se på
watch {v} (to observe)  :: observera, betrakta, iaktta
watch {v} (to be wary)  :: ta sig i akt, vara försiktig
watch cap {n} (knitted cap) SEE: beanie  ::
watchdog {n} (person)  :: tillsynsorgan {n} [organization], tillsyningsman {c} [person], tillsynsman {c} [person], vakthund {c}, väktare {c}, kontrollorgan {n} [organization], övervakningsorgan {n} [organization]
watchdog {n} (dog) SEE: guard dog  ::
watcher {n} (guard) SEE: guard  ::
watchlist {n} (list for special attention)  :: bevakningslista {n}
watchmaker {n} (person who repairs watches)  :: urmakare {c}
watch out {v} (to use caution)  :: se upp
watch pocket {n} (pocket for carrying pocket watch)  :: västficka {c}, klockficka {c}
watchtower {n} (observation tower)  :: vakttorn {n}
watchword {n} (a prearranged reply to the challenge of a sentry or a guard)  :: lösenord {n}, lösen {c}
watchword {n} (word used as expressive of a principle)  :: lösen {c}, motto {n}, slagord {n}, valspråk {n}, slogan {c}
watchword {n} (rallying cry)  :: stridsrop {n}, slagord {n}, slogan {c}
water {n} (mineral water) SEE: mineral water  ::
water {n} (clear liquid H₂O)  :: vatten {n}; vätur [obsolete]
water {n} (one of the basic elements)  :: vatten {n}
water {n} (body of water, or specific part of it)  :: vatten {n-p}, vatten {n}
water {v} (to pour water into the soil surrounding (plants))  :: vattna, ge vatten, vattna
water {v} (to provide (animals) with water)  :: vattna
water {v} (colloquial: to urinate)  :: kasta vatten
water {v} (dilute)  :: späda ut
water balloon {n} (small rubber or latex balloon, filled with water and used as an informal weapon)  :: vattenballong {c}
waterbird {n} (waterfowl)  :: sjöfågel {c}
waterboarding {n} (torture technique)  :: skendränkning {c}
water bottle {n} (A bottle used for carrying water)  :: vattenflaska
water carrier {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius  ::
water chestnut {n} (Eleocharis dulcis)  :: vattenkastanj {c}
water clock {n} (device for measuring time)  :: vattenur
water closet {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
water closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
watercolor {n} (a painting technique) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolor {n} (an artwork) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolor {n} (any paint used in this method) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolor {adj} (pertaining to the methods or products of watercolor) SEE: watercolour  ::
watercolorist {n} (a painter who paints watercolors) SEE: watercolourist  ::
watercolour {n} (painting)  :: akvarell
watercolourist {n} (artist who paints watercolours)  :: akvarellmålare, akvarellist
watercress {n} (Nasturtium officinale)  :: källfräne, källkrasse {c}, vattenkrasse {c}
water cycle {n} (the natural cycle of water through evaporation, condensation and precipitation)  :: vattnets kretslopp {n}
water diviner {n} (water diviner) SEE: dowser  ::
water dog {n} (water dog)  :: vattenhund
water down {v} (to dilute)  :: späda ut
water down {v} (to make weaker)  :: urvattna
water down {v} (to simplify)  :: urvattna
watered-down {adj}  :: urvattnad
waterfall {n} (flow of water over the edge of a cliff)  :: vattenfall {n}
waterfall {n} (waterfall-like outpouring)  :: vattenfall {n}, fors {c}
water fight {n} (activity where the participants get each other wet)  :: vattenkrig {n}
waterfowl {n} (birds that spend most of their non-flying time on water)  :: sjöfågel {c}
water hemlock {n} (plant in the genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane  ::
waterhole {n} (depression in which water collects)  :: vattenhål {n}
watering can {n} (utensil for watering plants)  :: vattenkanna {c}
watering pot {n} (watering can) SEE: watering can  ::
water level {n} (level of a body of water)  :: vattenstånd {n}
water level {n} (level of water table below ground)  :: grundvattennivå {c}
water level {n} (waterline of a ship)  :: djupgående {n}
water lily {n} (Any members of Nymphaeaceae)  :: näckros {c}
waterlogged {adj}  :: vattensjuk [of soil], vattendränkt, vattenfylld
watermark {n} (translucent design impressed on paper)  :: vattenstämpel {c}, vattenmärke {n}
watermelon {n} (plant)  :: vattenmelon {c}
watermelon {n} (fruit)  :: vattenmelon {c}
watermill {n} (mill powered by water)  :: vattenkvarn {c}, (Scanian dialect) vattenmölla {c}
water of crystallization {n} (water present in crystals)  :: kristallvatten {n}
water pipe {n} (water conduit)  :: vattenledning {c}, vattenledningsrör {n}
water pipe {n} (tobacco smoking device)  :: vattenpipa
water pipe {n} (narcotics smoking device)  :: vattenpipa {c}
water pollution {n} (water pollution)  :: vattenförorening {c}
water pox {n} (A common childhood disease caused by virus)  :: vattkoppor
waterproof {adj} (made or covered with material that doesn't let water in)  :: vattentät
waterproof {adj}  :: vattentät
water rail {n} (Rallus aquaticus)  :: vattenrall {c}
watershed {n} (boundary between adjacent catchment basins)  :: vattendelare {}
watershed {n} (critical point marking a change in course or development)  :: vattendelare {c}, vägskäl {n}, skiljeväg {c}
watershed {n} (drainage basin) SEE: drainage basin  ::
water shrew {n} (Eurasian water shrew)  :: vattennäbbmus
water ski {n} (ski used for water skiing)  :: vattenskida {c}
water ski {v} (ride on water skis)  :: åka vattenskidor
water skiing {n} (water sport)  :: vattenskidåkning {c}
waterskin {n} (container)  :: vattenlägel {c}; vattenskinn {n} [role games terminology]
water slide {n} (a recreational slide with water flowing down it)  :: vattenrutschbana {c}
water-soluble {adj} (dissolving easily in water)  :: vattenlöslig
watersport {n} (sexual practice)  :: pisslekar {c-p}
water strider {n} (any of a number of predatory insects in the family Gerridae)  :: skräddare {c}, vattenlöpare {c}, vattenmätare {c}
water tap {n} (a spout connected to a socket to provide water from the main water supply)  :: vattenkran
watertight {adj} (tightly made)  :: vattentät
water tower {n} (tank of water)  :: vattentorn {n}
watery {adj} (wet, soggy or soaked with water)  :: våt, vattnig, blöt, sur
watery {adj} (tearful) SEE: tearful  ::
waterzooi {n} (Flemish stew)  :: gryta {c}
watt {n} (derived unit of power)  :: watt {c}
waulk {v} (full) SEE: full  ::
wave {v} (to move back and forth repeatedly)  :: vanka, vanka av och an
wave {v} (to wave one’s hand)  :: vinka
wave {n} (moving disturbance, undulation)  :: våg {m}, bölja {f}
waveform {n} (mathematics)  :: vågform {c}
waveform {n} (physics)  :: vågform {c}
wavefunction {n} (notion in quantum mechanics)  :: vågfunktion {c}
wavelength {n} (the length of a single cycle of a wave)  :: våglängd {c}
wave number {n} (number of waves per unit length; the reciprocal of wavelength)  :: vågtal {n}
wave-particle duality {n} (concept applying to matter and radiation)  :: våg-partikeldualitet
waver {v} (to shake or tremble)  :: skälva
wax {n} (oily, water-resistant substance)  :: vax {n}
wax {v} (literary: grow)  :: växa {n}
wax {n} (beeswax) SEE: beeswax  ::
wax {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax  ::
wax paper {n} (semi-translucent, moisture-proof paper made with a waxy coating)  :: smörgåspapper {n}, smörpapper {n}
waxwing {n} (songbird of genus Bombycilla)  :: sidensvans
way {adv} (far) SEE: far  ::
way {n} (wide path)  :: väg {c}
way {n} (method)  :: sätt {n}, vis {c}
way {adv} (much) SEE: much  ::
waybill {n} (document that lists the final destination (and other details) of each part of a cargo)  :: fraktsedel {c}
wayfarer {n} (traveller)  :: vägfarande
way in {n} (entrance)  :: ingång {c}
Way of the Cross {n} (series of images)  :: korsväg {c}
way out {n} (exit)  :: utväg {c}
way too {adv} (to a high degree)  :: mycket, väldigt
wayward {adj} (given to wilful, perverse deviation from the expected norm; tending to stray)  :: egensinnig
wayward {adj} (obstinate, contrary and unpredictable)  :: opålitlig
W-boson {n} (fundamental particle)  :: W-boson {c}
WC {initialism} (abbreviation for water closet)  :: wc
we {pron} (the speakers, or the speaker(s) and other person(s) not being addressed (exclusive we: he or she or they and I))  :: vi
weak {adj} (lacking in force or ability)  :: svag
weak {adj} (dilute, lacking in taste or potency)  :: svag
weak {adj} (grammar: regular in inflection)  :: svag
weak {adj} (physics: one of the four fundamental forces associated with nuclear decay)  :: svag
weak {adj}  :: svag
weaken {v} (to make weaker)  :: försvaga
weaken {v} (to become weaker)  :: försvagas, mattas
weakling {n} (person of weak or even sickly physical constitution)  :: ynkling
weakling {n} (person of weak character)  :: ynkling
weakness {n} (condition of being weak)  :: svaghet {c}
weakness {n} (special fondness)  :: svaghet {c}
weal {n} (community welfare)  :: väl {n}, välstånd {n}
wealth {n} (riches; valuable material possessions)  :: rikedom {c}, förmögenhet {c}, välstånd {c}
wealth {n} (great amount; an abundance or plenty, usually of money)  :: rikedom {c}, förmögenhet {c}, välstånd {c}
wealth {n} (power, of the kind associated with a great deal of money)  :: makt {c}, mäktighet {c}, välgång {c}
wealthy {adj} (rich)  :: rik
wean {v} (to cease giving milk)  :: avvänja
wean {v}  :: avvänja
weapon {n} (instrument of attack or defense in combat)  :: vapen {n}
weapon of mass destruction {acronym} (weapon causing large-scale death or destruction)  :: massförstörelsevapen {n}
weaponsmith {n} (a person skilled at making edged weapons)  :: vapensmed {c}
wear {v} (to have on (clothes))  :: bära, ha på sig
wear {v} (to diminish due to use)  :: slitas
wear {v} (to exhaust physically)  :: trötta ut
wear {v} (to bring to other tack)  :: vända undan vinden
wear {n} (clothing)  :: klädsel {c}
wear {n} (damage)  :: slitage {n}, nötning {c}
weary {adj} (tired, fatigued)  :: trött
weary {adj} (expressive of fatigue)  :: trött
weary {v} (to make weary)  :: trötta, trötta ut
weary {v} (to become weary)  :: tröttna
weasel {n} (least weasel, Mustela nivalis)  :: vessla
weasel {n}  :: vessla
weather {n} (state of the atmosphere)  :: väder {n}
weather {n} (unpleasant or destructive atmospheric conditions)  :: väder {n}, väder och vind, vädrets makter {n-p}
weather {n} (nautical: windward side of a ship)  :: lovart
weather {v} (to expose to weather)  :: pröva
weather {v} (to endure an event)  :: uthärda, utstå, genomlida, övervara
weather {n} (situation) SEE: situation  ::
weather balloon {n} (meteorological balloon)  :: väderballong
weather forecast {n} (prediction of future weather)  :: väderprognos
weather forecaster {n} (person who forecasts the weather)  :: meteorolog {c}
weathering {n} (breaking down of rocks)  :: vittring {c}
weatherman {n} (weather forecaster)  :: meteorolog {c}
weather map {n} (map showing the analysis of meteorological quantities)  :: väderkarta {c}
weatherperson {n} (weatherman) SEE: weatherman  ::
weatherstrip {n} (material used to prevent cold air from entering)  :: fönsterremsa {c} [for windows]
weather vane {n} (a device showing the direction of the wind)  :: vindflöjel {c}
weave {v} (to form something by passing strands of material over and under one another)  :: väva
weave {v} (to spin a cocoon or a web)  :: spinna
weave {n} (a type or way of weaving)  :: väv {c}
weaver {n} (one who weaves)  :: vävare {c}, väverska {c}
weaver {n} (bird in the family Ploceidae)  :: vävare {c}, vävarfågel {c}
web {n} (the World Wide Web (also spelled Web))  :: webb {n}, webb {c}
web {n} (spiderweb) SEE: spiderweb  ::
web address {n} (URL)  :: webbadress {c}
web application {n} (computer application)  :: webbapplikation {c}
web browser {n} (a computer program used to navigate the World Wide Web)  :: webbläsare
webcam {n} (video camera viewed over a network)  :: webbkamera {c}
web colors {n} (complete palette of colors that are displayed on the web and on the computer)  :: HTML-färger
web conference {n} (meeting, presentation or communication conducted via the World Wide Web)  :: webbkonferens
web design {n} (creation of web pages)  :: webbdesign {c}
weber {n} (derived unit of magnetic flux)  :: weber {c}
webinar {n} (interactive seminar conducted via the World Wide Web)  :: webbinar
weblog {n} (blog) SEE: blog  ::
web page {n} (a single page in a website)  :: webbsida
web server {n} (software)  :: webbserver {c}
web server {n} (computer)  :: webbserver {c}
website {n} (a collection of pages on the World Wide Web)  :: webbplats, sajt, webbsajt, hemsida
wedding {n} (marriage ceremony)  :: bröllop {n}, vigsel {c}
wedding cake {n} (cake used as part of a wedding ceremony)  :: bröllopstårta {c}
wedding dress {n} (the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony)  :: brudklänning {f}
wedding gown {n} (wedding dress) SEE: wedding dress  ::
wedding ring {n} (a ring symbolizing marriage)  :: vigselring {c}
wedge {n} (simple machine)  :: kil {c}
wedge {n} (piece of food etc.)  :: bit {c}
wedge {n} (flank of cavalry)  :: kil {c}
wedge {n} (type of golf club)  :: wedge {c}
wedge {n} (group of birds flying in V formation)  :: plog {c}
wedge {n} (one of a pair of wedge-heeled shoes)  :: kilklackssko {c}
wedge {v} (to support or secure using a wedge)  :: kila
wedge {v} (to force into a narrow gap)  :: kila in, kila fast
wedge {n} (typography: háček) SEE: háček  ::
wedge-tailed eagle {n} (eaglehawk) SEE: eaglehawk  ::
wedgie {n} (prank in which a person's underpants are pulled up sharply)  :: kalsongryck {n}
Wednesday {n} (day of the week)  :: onsdag {c}
wee {adj} (small, little)  :: liten
wee {n} (urine)  :: kiss, pink, piss, urin
wee {v} (to urinate)  :: pinka, pissa, kissa
weed {n} (cigar) SEE: cigar  ::
weed {n} (the weed) SEE: tobacco  ::
weed {n} (unwanted plant)  :: ogräs
weed {n} (slang: marijuana)  :: gräs {n}
weed eater {n} (string trimmer) SEE: string trimmer  ::
weed out {v} (to remove unwanted elements)  :: rensa bort, gallra bort
week {n} (period of seven days)  :: vecka {c}
weekday {n} (weekday)  :: vardag {c}
weekend {n} (break in the working week)  :: helg {c}, veckoslut {n}
weekly {adv} (once every week)  :: en gång per vecka, en gång i veckan
weekly {adv} (every week)  :: varje vecka
weekly {adj} (of or relating to a week)  :: compounds with vecka {c}
weekly {adj} (happening once a week or every week)  :: compounds with vecka {c}
weekly {n} (publication that is published once a week)  :: veckotidning {c}
weep {v} (to cry, shed tears)  :: gråta, grina
wee small hours {n} (very early morning)  :: småtimmar {p}
wee-wee {n} (childish: male or female genitalia)  :: snopp {c}, pillesnopp {c} [male], snippa {c} [female]
weigh {v} (to determine the weight of an object)  :: väga
weigh {v} (to weigh out)  :: väga (upp)
weigh {v} (to determine the intrinsic value or merit of an object)  :: väga
weigh {v} (to have a certain weight)  :: väga
weighing {adj} (weighing)  :: vägning
weighing machine {n} (a mechanical device for determing the weight of an object or person)  :: våg {c}
weight {n} (physics: mass) SEE: mass  ::
weight {n} (force due to gravity)  :: tyngd {c}, vikt {c}
weight {n} (object to make something heavier)  :: vikt {c}, tyngd {c}
weight {n} (standardized measuring weight)  :: vikt {c}
weight {n} (weight for training muscles)  :: vikt {c}, tyngd {c}
weight {n} (statistics: multiplier)  :: vikt {c}
weight {n} (typography: boldness of a font)  :: vikt {c}
weight {v} (add weight)  :: göra tyngre
weight {v} (oppress)  :: tynga
weight {v} (in mathematics)  :: vikta
weight {v} (to bias, to slant)  :: vinkla
weightlessness {n} (having zero weight)  :: tyngdlöshet {c}
weightlifter {n} (person who competes for maximum weight lifted)  :: tyngdlyftare {c}
weightlifting {n} (sport in which competitors lift heavy weights)  :: tyngdlyftning {c}
weight loss {n} (reduction of body mass)  :: viktminskning {c}
Weimar Republic {prop} (Germany between 1919 and 1933)  :: Weimarrepubliken
weir {n} (adjustable dam)  :: regleringsdamm
welcome {adj} (whose arrival is a cause of joy)  :: välkommen
welcome {interj} (greeting given upon someone's arrival)  :: välkommen!, välkomna {p}, välkommen
welcome {n} (act of greeting someone's arrival)  :: välkomst {c}
welcome {v} (affirm or greet the arrival of someone)  :: välkomna
welcome {v} (to accept willingly)  :: välkomna
welcoming {adj} (hospitable)  :: välkomnande
weld {v} (to join materials (especially metals) by applying heat)  :: svetsa
welder {n} (one who welds)  :: svetsare {c}
welder {n} (item of equipment)  :: svetsmaskin {c}
welding {n} (action or process of welding)  :: svetsning {c}
welfare state {n} (a social system in which the state takes overall responsibility for the welfare of its citizens)  :: välfärdsstat {c}
welfare state {n} (a state or nation in which such a system operates)  :: välfärdsstat {c}
welfare trap {n} (situation)  :: arbetslöshetsfälla {c}
welkin {n} (sky) SEE: sky  ::
well {adv} (accurately; competently)  :: väl, bra
well {adv} (completely; fully)  :: väl-, genom-
well {adv} (to a significant degree)  :: väl
well {adj} (in good health)  :: frisk
well {interj} (used to introduce a statement that may be contrary to expectations)  :: tja, , nåja
well {interj} (to acknowledge a statement or situation)  :: nämen, tja
well {interj} (exclamation of surprise)  :: har man sett, nämen
well {interj} (used in conversation to fill space)  :: tja, öh, eh
well {n} (hole sunk into the ground)  :: brunn {c}
well {n} (spring)  :: källa
well {v} (to issue forth)  :: välla
well-behaved {adj} (having good manners and acting properly)  :: väluppfostrad
well-being {n} (state of health, happiness and/or prosperity)  :: välbefinnande {n}, välmående {n}
well-deserved {adj} (richly deserved)  :: välförtjänt
well-dressed {adj} (that dresses well)  :: välklädd
well-endowed {adj} (having a large penis)  :: välhängd, välutrustad
well-established {adj} (well-known) SEE: well-known  ::
well-founded {adj} (based on reasoning, evidence and good judgement)  :: välgrundad
Wellington boot {n} (Wellington boot) SEE: Wellington boots  ::
Wellington boots {n} (waterproof rubber boot)  :: gummistövel {c}
well-known {adj} (familiar, widely known)  :: välbekant
well-meaning {adj} (with good intentions)  :: välmenande, välment
well-ordering {n} (a type of total order)  :: välordning {c}
well-read {adj} (well informed and knowledgeable because of having read extensively)  :: beläst
well-timed {adj} (Happening at an opportune or advantageous time)  :: läglig, vältajmad, i rättan tid
well-to-do {adj} (rich)  :: välbärgad, välbeställd, förmögen, välsituerad
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to Wales)  :: walesisk, kymrisk
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to the Welsh language)  :: walesisk, kymrisk
Welsh {prop} (language)  :: kymriska, walesiska, välska
welshite {n} (mineral)  :: welshit
Welshman {n} (native or inhabitant of Wales)  :: kymrer {c}, walesare {c}
Welsh onion {n} (Allium fistulosum)  :: piplök {c}
Welshwoman {n} (woman who is a native or inhabitant of Wales)  :: kymriska {f}, walesiska {f}
welt {n} (strip of leather on a shoe)  :: rand {c}
weltanschauung {n} (worldview) SEE: worldview  ::
welter-weight {n} (boxer)  :: welterviktare {c}
wench {n} (a young woman)  :: jänta {f}, piga {c}
wench {n} (a promiscuous woman)  :: slyna {c}, slampa {c}
Wendish {adj} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian  ::
Wendish {prop} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian  ::
Wendy house {n} (toy house for children to play in)  :: lekstuga {c}
werewolf {n} (wolflike human)  :: varulv {c}
wergeld {n} (reparative payment)  :: mansbot {c}
west {n} (compass point)  :: väst, väster
west {adj} (towards the west)  :: västerut
west {adj} (western)  :: västlig
west {adj} (occidental)  :: västerländsk
West {prop} (Western world)  :: Väst
West Africa {prop} (An area of west Africa, spanning 16 African countries)  :: Västafrika {n}
West Bank {prop} (territory)  :: Västbanken
westerly {adj} (to/from the west)  :: västlig
western {adj} (pertaining to the west)  :: västlig
Western {adj} (of, situated in, or related to the West) SEE: western  ::
Western {n} (work of a genre dealing with Old West) SEE: western  ::
Western Africa {prop} (West Africa) SEE: West Africa  ::
western capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus)  :: tjäder {c}
westerner {n} (inhabitant of Europe and North America)  :: västerlänning {c}
Western Europe {prop} (Western Europe)  :: Västeuropa {c}
western osprey {n} (Pandion haliaetus) SEE: osprey  ::
Western Sahara {prop} (a territory in northern Africa)  :: Västsahara
Western Wall {prop} (ancient wall in Jerusalem, remnant of the Jewish Second Temple)  :: Västra muren {c}, Klagomuren {c}
West Frisian {prop} (language spoken in Friesland)  :: västfrisiska {c}
West Frisian {prop}  :: frisiska {c}
West Germany {prop} (former European country)  :: Västtyskland {n}
West Indian {adj} (of or from the West Indies)  :: västindisk
West Indies {prop} (islands of the Caribbean sea)  :: Västindien
Westman Islands {prop} (archipelago off the south coast of Iceland)  :: Västmannaöarna {c-p}
Westminster Abbey {prop} (large Gothic church)  :: Westminster Abbey {c}
Westminster Cathedral {prop} (chuerch)  :: Westminster Cathedral
wet {adj} (of an object: covered with or impregnated with liquid)  :: våt, blöt
wet {adj} (made of liquid or moisture)  :: våt, vätande
wet {v} (cover or impregnate with liquid)  :: fukta, blöta, väta
wet {v} (become wet)  :: vätas
wether {n} (castrated buck goat)  :: hammel, kastrerad bagge
wet job {n}  :: våtjobb {n}
wetland {n} (land that is covered mostly with water, with occasional marshy and soggy areas)  :: våtmark {c}
wet nurse {n} (woman hired to suckle another woman's child)  :: amma {c}
wet oneself {v} (lose control of one's bladder)  :: kissa på sig
wet one's pants {v} (wet oneself) SEE: wet oneself  ::
wet season {n} (rainy season) SEE: rainy season  ::
wetsuit {n} (close fitting, insulating garment)  :: våtdräkt {c}
wet t-shirt competition {n} (event) SEE: wet t-shirt contest  ::
wet t-shirt contest {n} (contest in which women wear wet t-shirts)  :: wet T-shirttävling {c}
whack {v} (to hit, slap or strike)  :: slå
whale {n} (large sea mammal)  :: val {c}
whale shark {n} (Rhincodon typus)  :: valhaj {c}
whaling {n} (practice of hunting whales)  :: valfångst
wharf {n} (man-made landing place)  :: kaj {c}
what {pron} (What? (interrogative pronoun))  :: vad
what {pron} (relative pronoun: that which; those that; the thing that)  :: vad
what {pron} (nonstandard relative pronoun)  :: som
what {adv} (in some manner)  :: vad
what {adv} (such)  :: vad, (uncountable), sådan (countable)
what {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: va!
what {determiner} (which)  :: vilken (which of, which kind of), vad för (which kind of)
what {determiner} (how much! (in an exclamation))  :: vilken, sådan
what about {adv} (used to make a suggestion)  :: vad sägs om att
what about {adv} (used to ask someone to consider something or someone that they have apparently not considered)  :: och...då
what a lovely day {phrase} (what a lovely day)  :: vilken härlig dag
what a pity {phrase} (used to express regret)  :: vad synd
what are you doing {phrase} (what are you doing)  :: vad gör du?, va göru? [text messeging], vad göru? [text messeging], vad håller du på med?
what can I say {phrase} (indicating that there is nothing to be said which would improve matters)  :: vad kan jag säga?
what day is it today {phrase} (what day is it today? (current day of the week or of the month))  :: vilken dag är det idag?, vad är det för någon dag idag?
what does XX mean {phrase} (what does XX mean?)  :: vad betyder XX?
whatever {determiner} (no matter which; for any)  :: vad som helst
whatever {determiner} (anything)  :: vad som helst
whatever {interj} (indicating the speaker does not care what someone says)  :: jaja
whatever {pron} (anything)  :: vad som helst
what for {adv} (For what reason; why)  :: varför, av vilken anledning
what goes around comes around {proverb} (the status returns to its original value)  :: som man bäddar får man ligga
what goes around comes around {proverb} (actions have consequences)  :: som man bäddar får man ligga, som man sår får man skörda, svinhugg går igen
what if {adv} (used to introduce suggestion)  :: tänk om
what if {adv} (used to introduce speculation about future)  :: tänk om
what if {adv} (used to introduce speculation about past)  :: tänk om
what is that {phrase} (what is that?)  :: vad är det?
what is the Wi-Fi password {phrase} (what is the Wi-Fi password?)  :: vad är Wi-Fi-lösenordet?, vad är lösenordet till Wi-Fi?
what is your name {phrase} (what is your name?)  :: vad heter du? [informal], vad är ditt namn? [formal], vad är Ert namn? [very formal]
what languages do you speak {phrase} (what languages do you speak?)  :: vilka språk talar du?
what's eating you {interj} (what is bothering you?)  :: vad gnager dig?
what's good {phrase} (what's up) SEE: what's up  ::
whatsoever {adj} (in any way)  :: alls
what's on your mind {phrase} (what is bothering you?)  :: vad har du på hjärtat?, vad tänker du på?
what's up {phrase} (informal, How are you?)  :: läget?
what's your job {phrase} (what's your job?)  :: vad är ditt jobb?
what's your phone number {phrase} (what's your phone number?)  :: vad har du för telefonnummer?
what the fuck {phrase} (An intensive form of what)  :: vad fan, vad ända in i helvete(t), vad i helvete
what the fuck {interj} (expressing astonishment)  :: vad fan, vad i helvete, vad ända in i helvete
what the fuck {interj} (expressing nonchalance)  :: vad fan
what the hell {phrase} (an intensive form of what)  :: vad i helvete?, vad tusan?
what the hell {phrase} (why not?)  :: vad fan
what time is it {phrase} (what is the time of day?)  :: vad är klockan?, hur mycket är klockan?, vad är hon?, hur mycket är hon?
wheal {n} (small raised swelling on the skin) SEE: weal  ::
wheat {n} (grain)  :: vete {n}
wheater {n} (bird)  :: steinskvätta {c}
wheat flour {n}  :: vetemjöl {n}
wheat starch {n} (starch obtained from wheat)  :: vetestärkelse
wheel {n} (a circular device facilitating movement or transportation)  :: hjul
wheel {n} (steering device in a vessel)  :: ratt {c}
wheel {v} (To roll along as on wheels)  :: rulla
wheel {n} (steering wheel and its implied control of a vehicle) SEE: steering wheel  ::
wheelbarrow {n} (a small cart)  :: skottkärra {c}, rullebör {c} [Southern Swedish]
wheelchair {n} (chair)  :: rullstol {c}
wheelhouse {n} (compartment for navigating)  :: kommandobrygga {c}, styrhytt {c}
wheelhouse {n} (cover for paddlewheels)  :: hjulhus
wheel of Fortune {prop} (Tarot card)  :: lyckans hjul {n}, lyckohjul {n}
whelk {n} (edible sea snail of the family Buccinidae)  :: vanlig valthornssnäcka {c}
when {adv} (direct question)  :: när
when {conj} (at what time)  :: när
when {conj} (at such time as)  :: när,
when {conj} (as soon as)  :: när,
when {conj} (at a time in the past)  :: när
when {pron} (what time; which time)  :: när
whence {adv} (from where; from which place or source)  :: varifrån, var i från, vadan
whence {conj} (conjunction)  :: därav
whence {conj}  :: varav, var av; varifrån, var i från, vadan
whenever {conj} (when) SEE: when  ::
whenever {conj} (at any time that)  :: närsom, när som helst, närhelst
whenever {conj} (every time that)  :: närhelst, varje gång, jämt när
when Hell freezes over {adv} (never)  :: när helvetet fryser till is
when in Rome {proverb} (adjust to local customs) SEE: when in Rome, do as the Romans do  ::
when in Rome, do as the Romans do {proverb} (behave as those around do)  :: ta seden dit man kommer [literally: “take to the custom from where you're at”]
when pigs fly {adv} (never, expressed by an idiom)  :: när grisar flyger
when push comes to shove {phrase} (when the pressure is on)  :: när det kommer till kritan
when the cat's away {proverb} (People take advantage of the absence of authority)  :: när katten är borta, dansar råttorna på bordet
when the cat's away the mice will play {proverb} (in the absence of a controlling entity, subordinates will take advantage of circumstances)  :: när katten är borta, dansar råttorna på bordet
where {conj} (at or in which place)  :: där, var
where {conj} (to which place or situation)  :: vart, dit
where {conj} (wherever)  :: vartän
where {conj} (legal: in the situation in which)  :: var
where {adv} (at or in what place)  :: var
where {adv} (to what place)  :: vart
where {adv} (from what place)  :: varifrån
where {pron} (the place in which)  :: där
whereabouts {n} (location)  :: vistelseort
whereafter {adv} (translation)  :: varefter
where are we {phrase} (where are we)  :: var är vi?
where are we going {phrase} (where are we going?)  :: var går vi?
where are you {phrase} (where are you?)  :: var är du?, var äru [text messaging]
where are you from {phrase} (in which country or region were you born or raised)  :: var kommer du ifrån?, varifrån är du?, varifrån kommer du?
where are your parents {phrase} (where are your parents?)  :: var är dina föräldrar?
whereas {conj} (but in contrast; whilst on the contrary…)  :: samtidigt som, medan
whereat {conj} (translation)  :: varpå
whereby {adv} (by which)  :: varmed
where can I find a hotel {phrase} (where can I find a hotel)  :: var kan jag hitte ett hotell
where does this bus go {phrase} (where does this bus go)  :: vart kör denna buss?
where does this train go {phrase} (where does this train go)  :: vart går detta tåg?
where do you live {phrase} (where do you live?)  :: var bor du?
wherefore {conj} (because of which)  :: varför
wherefrom {adv} (from which)  :: varifrån
whereinto {adv} (translation)  :: vartill
where is the toilet {phrase} (where is the toilet?)  :: var är toaletten?, var finns toaletten?
whereof {conj} (of what; of which; of whom)  :: varav
whereon {adv} (translation)  :: varpå
whereover {conj} (Over what)  :: varutöver
whereto {adv} (to what place; whither)  :: vart
whereunder {adv} (translation)  :: engligt vilket
whereupon {conj} (after which)  :: varefter, varpå
wherewith {adv} (with which)  :: varmed
wherewithal {n} (the ability and means to accomplish some task)  :: varmed
where you at {phrase} (where are you) SEE: where are you  ::
whet {v} (hone or rub on with some substance for the purpose of sharpening)  :: slipa, skärpa, fila
whether {conj} (introducing indirect questions)  :: om, ifall, huruvida
whether {conj} (if, whether or not)  :: om
whetstone {n} (stone used to hone tools)  :: brynsten {c}, bryne {n}, hen {c} [archaic, dialectal], slipsten
whey {n} (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled)  :: vassle {c}, vassla {c}
which {determiner} ((interrogative) what, of those mentioned or implied)  :: vilken {c}, vilket {n}, vilka {p}
which {determiner} ((relative) the one(s) that)  :: som, vilken {c}, vilket {n}, vilka {p}
which {pron} ((interrogative) what one or ones)  :: vilken {c}, vilket {n}, vilka {p}
which {pron} ((relative) who, whom, what)  :: som, vilken {c}, vilket {n}, vilka {p}
whichever {determiner} (any number of a group)  :: vilken {c}, vilket {n}
whichever {pron} (any number of a group)  :: vilken {c}, vilket {n}
while {n} (uncertain duration of time, a period of time)  :: stund {c}, tag {n}
while {conj} (during the same time that)  :: medan
while {conj} (although)  :: fastän
while {conj} (until) SEE: until  ::
while away {v} (spend time idly)  :: fördriva
whilst {conj} (while, at the same time)  :: medan
whim {n} (fanciful impulse)  :: nyck {c}, infall {n}
whimbrel {n} (a large wading bird, Numenius phaeopus)  :: småspov
whimsical {adj} (Given to whimsy; capricious; odd; peculiar; playful; light-hearted or amusing)  :: besynnerlig, egendomlig, konstig, märklig, underlig
whimsicality {n} (caprice) SEE: caprice  ::
whimsically {adv} (in a whimsical manner)  :: besynnerlig
whinge {n} (to complain or protest)  :: klaga, gnälla
whip {n} (rod or rope)  :: piska {c}
whip {n} (party policy enforcer)  :: inpiskare {c}
whip {v} (to hit with a whip)  :: piska
whip {v} (by extension, to hit with any flexible object)  :: piska
whip {v} (to mix food in a rapid aerating fashion)  :: vispa
whip {n} (whipped cream) SEE: whipped cream  ::
whiplash {n} (lash of a whip)  :: pisksnärt {c}
whiplash {n} (whiplash injury)  :: whiplashskada {c}
whipped cream {n} (thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating)  :: vispgrädde {c}
whipper snipper {n} (string trimmer) SEE: string trimmer  ::
whipping boy {n} (someone punished for the errors of others)  :: strykpojke {c}, strykgosse {c}
whipping cream {n} (cream suitable for whipping)  :: vispgrädde {c}
whippoorwill {n} (bird)  :: skriknattskärra
whirl {v} (To rotate, revolve, spin rapidly)  :: virvla, snurra
whirlpool {n} (swirling body of water)  :: strömvirvel {c}
whirlwind {n} (a violent windstorm of limited extent characterised by an inward spiral motion of the air)  :: virvelvind {c}
whisk {n} (quick, light sweeping motion)  :: svep {n}, viftning {c}
whisk {n} (kitchen utensil)  :: visp {c}
whisk {n} (bunch of twigs or hair etc, used as a brush)  :: borste {c}
whisker {n} (long projecting hair at the sides of the mouth of a cat)  :: morrhår
whisker {n} ((colloquial) very small distance between two things)  :: hårsmån
whiskey {n} (alcoholic drink)  :: whisky {c}, visky {c}
whiskey dick {n} (slang term for narcotic-induced penile flaccidity)  :: vinballe {c} [slang]
whisky {n} (whiskey) SEE: whiskey  ::
whisper {n} (act of speaking in a quiet voice)  :: viskning {c}
whisper {v} (to talk in a quiet voice)  :: viska
whistle {n} (device used to make a whistling sound)  :: vissla {c}, pipa {c}, visselpipa {c}
whistle {n} (act of whistling)  :: vissling {c}
whistle {n} (sound made by whistling)  :: vissling {c}
whistle {n} (sound similar to the sound made by whistling)  :: vissling {c}
whistle {v} (to produce a whistling sound)  :: vissla
whistle {v} (to move in such a way as to make a whistling sound)  :: vissla
whistle {n} (slang: a suit) SEE: suit  ::
whistle-blower {n} (one who reports a problem or violation to the authorities)  :: visselblåsare {c}
whistling duck {n} (bird of the genus Dendrocygna)  :: visseland {c}
white {adj} (bright and colourless)  :: vit
white {adj} (of or relating to Caucasians)  :: vit {c}, ljushyad, ljushyllt
white {n} (color/colour)  :: vitt {n}
white {n} (Caucasian person)  :: vit {c}
white {n} (albumen)  :: vita {c}
white {n} (white wine) SEE: white wine  ::
white bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear  ::
white-billed diver {n} (Gavia adamsii)  :: vitnäbbad islom {c}
white blood cell {n} (cytology: a type of blood cell that is involved with an immune response)  :: vit blodkropp {c}
whiteboard {n} (large vertical writing area)  :: vit tavla {c}, skrivtavla {c}, whiteboard {c}
white bream {n} (European fish)  :: björkna {c}
white cabbage {n} (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. alba)  :: vitkål {c}
white chocolate {n} (sweet)  :: vit choklad {c}
white clover {n} (Trifolium repens)  :: vitklöver {c}
white coffee {n} (coffee with milk added)  :: kaffe med mjölk {c}
whitecurrant {n} (shrub)  :: vita vinbär {n}
whitecurrant {n} (berry)  :: vita vinbär {n}
white dwarf {n} (white dwarf star)  :: vit dvärg
whitefish {n} (whiting) SEE: whiting  ::
whitefish {n} (beluga) SEE: beluga  ::
white fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox  ::
white-fronted goose {n} (Anser albifrons)  :: bläsgås
white gold {n} (A precious metal alloy consisting of gold and a platinum group metal)  :: vitguld {n}
white-haired {adj} (having white hair)  :: vithårig
white hole {n} (singularity)  :: vitt hål {n}
White House {prop} (the official residence of the President of the United States of America)  :: Vita huset {n}
white lie {n} (deliberate untrue statement which is intended to produce a favorable result)  :: vit lögn {c}
white lightning {n} (illegally distilled whiskey) SEE: moonshine  ::
white magic {n} (magic derived from benign forces)  :: vit magi {c}
white man's burden {n} (supposed responsibility of whites)  :: den vite mannens börda
whiten {v} (to make white or whiter; to bleach or blanch)  :: göra vit, göra vitare, bleka
whiten {v} (to become white or whiter; to bleach or blanch)  :: vitna
whiteout {n} (correction fluid) SEE: correction fluid  ::
white paper {n} (marketing document)  :: vitbok
white rhinoceros {n} (Ceratotherium simum)  :: trubbnoshörning {c}
white roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt  ::
White Russian {n} (Belarusian person) SEE: Belarusian  ::
White Russian {prop} (Belarusian language) SEE: Belarusian  ::
white sauce {n} (mayonnaise) SEE: mayonnaise  ::
White Sea {prop} (a sea to the northwest of Russia)  :: Vita havet {n}
white stork {n} (large wading bird, Ciconia ciconia)  :: vit stork {c}
white-tailed deer {n} (type of deer)  :: vitsvanshjort {c}
white-tailed eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla)  :: havsörn {c}
white tie {n} (men's most formal eveningwear)  :: frack {c}
white truffle {n} (species of truffle)  :: vit tryffel, albatryffel
white wagtail {n} (bird in the wagtail family)  :: sädesärla {c}
whitewall {n} (whitewall tire)  :: (vit) däcksida {c}
whitewash {v} (paint)  :: vitmena
whitewash {v} (cover errors)  :: vitmena
white water {n} (turbulent or frothy water)  :: forsar {p}, skum {n}
white water {n} (turbulent conditions)  :: turbulens {c}
whitewater rafting {n} (traveling by raft)  :: forsränning {c}
white whale {n} (a cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas) SEE: beluga  ::
white willow {n} (Salix alba)  :: vitpil {c}
white wine {n} (light coloured wine)  :: vitt vin {n}, vitvin
whither {adv} (to which place)  :: vart, varthän
whiting {n} (fish, Merlangius merlangus)  :: vitling
Whitsunday {n} (the Sunday of the feast of Pentecost)  :: pingstdagen {c}
whittle {v} (cut or shape wood with a knife)  :: karva, tälja
who {pron} (who? (interrogative pronoun))  :: vem (singular), vilka (plural)
who {pron} (who (relative pronoun))  :: som
whoa {interj} (stop, said to a horse)  :: ptrr
whoa {interj} (slow down)  :: sakta i backarna
whoa {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: oj då
who are you {phrase} (who are you?)  :: vem är du?
who are you and what have you done with someone {phrase} (Expression to drastic change of a person)  :: vem är du och vad har du gjort med någon
who cares {phrase} (reply to an unimportant statement) SEE: so what  ::
whodunit {n} (a crime novel or drama)  :: deckare
who knows {phrase} (a rhetorical question asked to show that the asker neither knows the answer nor who might know it)  :: vem vet?
who knows {phrase}  :: vem vet?
whole {adj} (entire)  :: hel
whole {adv} (colloquial: in entirety)  :: helt
whole {n} (something complete)  :: helhet {c}
wholegrain {n} (cereal grain that contains germ, endosperm, and bran)  :: fullkorn
wholemeal {adj} (containing or made from the whole grain)  :: fullkorns-
wholemeal bread {n} (bread)  :: fullkornsbröd {n}
whole note {n} (semibreve) SEE: semibreve  ::
whole number {n} (integer) SEE: integer  ::
whole number {n} (natural number) SEE: natural number  ::
wholesale {n} (sale of products, often in large quantities, to retailers or other merchants)  :: partihandel {c}, grossistverksamhet {c}, grosshandel {c}
whole shebang {n} (the entire thing)  :: allt, rubbet
wholly {adv} (to the fullest extent) SEE: completely  ::
whom {pron} (what person; object of a verb (accusative))  :: vem {s}, vilka {p}
whom {pron} (what person or people, object of a preposition (dative))  :: vem {s}, vilka {p}
whom {pron} (relative pronoun)  :: som, vilken {c}, vilket {n}, vilka {p}
whoopee cushion {n} (inflatable bag used as practical joke)  :: pruttkudde {c}
whooper {n} (whooping crane) SEE: whooping crane  ::
whooper {n} (whooper swan) SEE: whooper swan  ::
whooper swan {n} (the species of swan Cygnus cygnus)  :: sångsvan {c}
whoopie cushion {n}  :: pruttkudde {c}
whooping cough {n} (a contagious disease)  :: kikhosta {c}
whooping crane {n} (Grus americana)  :: prärietrana, trumpetartrana
whore {n} (prostitute)  :: hora
whore {n} (sexually promiscuous person)  :: slampa {c}
whore {v} (to prostitute oneself)  :: att hora
whore {v} (to pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
whoremaster {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
whoremonger {n} (frequent customer of whores)  :: sexköpare {c}, torsk {c}
whoremonger {n} (pimp)  :: hallick {c}, sutenör {c}, kopplare {c}
who's asking {phrase} (To identify an asking stranger)  :: vem frågar
whose {determiner} (of whom (interrogative))  :: vems
whose {determiner} (of whom (relative))  :: vars
whose {determiner} (of which (relative))  :: vars
why {adv} (for what reason)  :: varför
why {adv}  :: varför
why {n} (the reason)  :: därför
why not {adv} (why is that not true)  :: varför inte
why not {adv} (to state one has no objection)  :: varför inte
why not {adv} (to introduce a proposal)  :: varför inte
Wicca {prop} (neo-pagan religion)  :: wicca
Wiccan {adj} (of or pertaining to Wicca)  :: wiccansk
Wiccan {n} (follower of Wicca)  :: wiccan {c}
wick {n} (the porous cord that draws up liquid fuel for burning)  :: veke {c}
wicked {adj} (evil or mischevous)  :: elak, syndig
wicked {adj} (slang: awesome)  :: grym, fet
wicked {adv} (slang: very)  :: grymt, fett
wide {adj} (having a large physical extent from side to side)  :: vid, bred
wide-angle {adj} (having angle of view greater than 70°)  :: vidvinkel
wide-angle lens {n} (short focal length lens)  :: vidvinkellins {c}
widely {adv} (commonly, generally)  :: allmänt
widely {adv} (separated by a large distance)  :: vitt
widen {v} (to become wider)  :: vidga
widen {v} (to make wider)  :: vidga
widen {v} (to broaden or extend)  :: vidga, utvidga, utöka
wide open {adj} (open completely)  :: vidöppen
widespread {adj} (affecting a large area)  :: utbredd, omfattande
widow {n} (woman whose spouse has died)  :: änka {c}
widow {n} (woman whose husband is often away)  :: gräsänka {c}
widower {n} (a man whose spouse has died and who has not remarried)  :: änkeman, änkling {c}
widowhood {n} (The period of being a widow)  :: änkestånd {n}
widow's mite {n} (numismatics: lepton) SEE: lepton  ::
width {n} (measurement of something from side to side)  :: bredd {c}
wield {v} (to handle with skill and ease)  :: svinga, hantera
wiener {n} (childish word for the penis)  :: snopp {c}, pillesnopp
wife {n} (married woman)  :: hustru, maka, fru
wifebeater {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet  ::
wife carrying {n} (Scandinavian sport)  :: kärringkånk, kärringbärning {c}
Wi-Fi {n} (computing: wireless data communication standard)  :: Wi-Fi {n}
wig {n} (head of artificial hair)  :: peruk {c}
wiggle {v} (to move with irregular motions)  :: vicka
wigmaker {n} (person who makes wigs)  :: perukmakare {c}, perukmakerska {c} [female]
wigwam {n} (a Native American dwelling)  :: wigwam {c}
wiki {n} (collaborative website)  :: wiki
wikify {v} (to adapt (text) to a wiki, see also: wiki; -ify)  :: wikifiera
Wikipedia {prop} (online encyclopedia)  :: Wikipedia {c}
Wikipedian {n} (a person who uses, edits, or contributes to Wikipedia)  :: wikipedian {c}
Wikipedian {adj} (of or relating to Wikipedia)  :: wikipedia-
Wiktionarian {n} (A person who contributes to Wiktionary)  :: wiktionarian
Wiktionary {prop} (the collaborative project; a particular version of this project written in a certain language)  :: Wiktionary {c}
wilco {interj} (indication of agreement and compliance)  :: ska ske
wild {adj} (not domesticated or tamed)  :: vild
wild boar {n} (Sus scrofa)  :: vildsvin {c}
wild cat {n} (Felis silvestris) SEE: wildcat  ::
wild cat {n} (Lynx rufus) SEE: bobcat  ::
wildcat {n} (Felis silvestris)  :: vildkatt {c}
wildcat {n}  :: vildkatt {c}
wildcat {n} (Felix rufus) SEE: bobcat  ::
wildebeest {n} (gnu) SEE: gnu  ::
wilderness {n} (uncultivated tract of land)  :: vildmark {c}, ödemark {c}, obygd {c}
wildfire {n} (rapidly spreading fire)  :: löpeld
wildfire {n} (Greek fire) SEE: Greek fire  ::
wild goose {n} (species of wildlife goose)  :: vildgås {c}
Wild Hunt {n} (folk myth)  :: Odens jakt
wildlife {n} (animals and plants in their natural environment)  :: vilt {n}, natur {c}, fauna {c}, flora {c}
wildlife reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
wildlife sanctuary {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve  ::
wild rice {n} (any species of Zizania)  :: vildris {n}
wild strawberry {n} (Fragaria vesca)  :: smultron {n}
Wilhelmina {prop} (female form of William)  :: Vilhelmina
will {v} (indicating future action)  :: komma till att, komma att, skola, vilja, tänka; I will go to the storeJag ska gå till affären or Jag kommer att gå till affären
will {n} (act of choosing to do something; conscious intent or volition)  :: vilja {c}, önskan {c}
will {n} (legal document)  :: testamente {n}
will {v} (To bequeath)  :: testamentera
will {v} (to wish strongly)  :: vilja
William {prop} (male given name)  :: Vilhelm
willing {adj} (ready to do something that is not a matter of course)  :: villig
willingly {adv} (of one’s own free will)  :: gärna
will o' the wisp {n} (strange light)  :: irrbloss {n}
will o' the wisp {n} (delusionary goal)  :: bländverk {n}
willow {n} (tree)  :: pil {c}, vide
willow grouse {n} (Lagopus lagopus)  :: dalripa {c}
willow ptarmigan {n} (Lagopus lagopus) SEE: willow grouse  ::
willow tit {n} (bird)  :: talltita {c}
willpower {n} (strength of will)  :: viljestyrka
willy {n} (The penis)  :: snopp {c}
will you marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal)  :: vill du gifta dig med mig?
wilt {v} (to droop)  :: vissna
wily {adj} (sly, cunning)  :: lömsk, slug, illistig
wimp {n} (someone who lacks confidence)  :: fjant {c}, mes {c}
win {v} (transitive: achieve victory in)  :: vinna, segra
win {v} (obtain (someone) by wooing)  :: vinna
win {v} (intransitive: achieve by winning)  :: vinna, segra
win {n} (gain, profit)  :: vinning {c}, vinst {c}
win {n} (individual victory)  :: seger {c}, vinst {c}
win {n} (feat, achievement)  :: triumf, fullträff {c}, femetta {c}
winch {n} (machine)  :: vinsch
winch {v} (use a winch)  :: vinscha
wind {n} (movement of air)  :: vind {c}, blåst
wind {n} (flatus)  :: fis {c}
wind {v} (blow air through (a wind instrument))  :: blåsa
wind {v} (turn coils of something around)  :: vinda, rulla upp
wind {v} (tighten a clockwork mechanism)  :: vrida upp, skruva upp
wind {v} (to travel in a way that is not straight)  :: slingra
wind chimes {n} (chime made from suspended wooden, metal, etc. tubes, bells and rods that tinkle when moved by the wind)  :: vindspel {n}
windfall {n} (fruit fallen off a tree naturally)  :: fallfrukt
wind farm {n} (collection of wind turbines)  :: vindkraftspark {c}
windflower {n} (Anemone nemorosa) SEE: wood anemone  ::
windhover {n} (common kestrel) SEE: common kestrel  ::
wind instrument {n} (type of musical instrument)  :: blåsinstrument
windmill {n} (machinery)  :: väderkvarn; vindmölla, mölla (southern Sweden)
window {n} (opening for light and air)  :: fönster {n}, ruta, vindöga, glugg
window {n} (period of time)  :: fönster {n}
window {n} (area on a computer screen)  :: fönster {n}
window {n} (shop window) SEE: shop window  ::
window box {n} (flower box)  :: blomlåda
window cleaner {n} (person)  :: fönsterputsare {c}
window manager {n} (software)  :: fönsterhanterare {c}
windowpane {n} (piece of glass filling a window)  :: ruta {c}, fönsterruta
windpipe {n} (anus) SEE: anus  ::
windpipe {n} (trachea)  :: luftstrupe
wind power {n} (power harnessed from the wind)  :: vindkraft {c}
windproof {adj} (providing protection from the wind)  :: vindtät
windrow {n} (row of cut grain or hay)  :: hösträng {c}
windscreen {n} (windshield) SEE: windshield  ::
windscreen wiper {n} (a device to clear a windscreen) SEE: windshield wiper  ::
windshield {n} (screen located in front of a vehicle to protect from wind and weather)  :: vindruta {c}
windshield wiper {n} (device to clear a windshield)  :: vindrutetorkare {c}
windsurfing {n} (a marine sport)  :: vindsurfning {c}, brädsegling {c}
wind tunnel {n} (test facility)  :: vindtunnel {c}
wind turbine {n} (device)  :: vindkraftverk, vindturbin
windy {n} (fart) SEE: fart  ::
windy {adj} (orally verbose) SEE: long-winded  ::
windy {adj} (accompanied by wind)  :: blåsig
windy {adj} (unsheltered and open to the wind)  :: blåsig
windy {adj} (empty and lacking substance)  :: tom, ihålig
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from grapes)  :: vin {n}
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from other fruit or vegetables)  :: vin {n}
wine {n} (wine colour)  :: vinröd
wine {v} (drink wine)  :: dricka vin
wine cellar {n} (underground place for storing wine)  :: vinkällare
wine cellar {n}  :: vinkällare {c}
wine glass {n} (glass vessel for drinking wine from)  :: vinglas
wineskin {n} (bag for holding wine)  :: lägel {c}
wing {n} (part of an animal)  :: vinge {c}
wing {n} (part of an aircraft)  :: vinge {c}
wing {n} (extension to a main body)  :: flygel {c}
wing {n} (fraction of a political movement)  :: flygel {c}, kant {c}, flank {c}
wing {n} (panel of a car which encloses the wheel area)  :: stänkskärm {c}
wing {v} (to fly) SEE: fly  ::
wing {v} (to throw) SEE: throw  ::
wing chair {n} (chair)  :: öronlappsfåtölj
winged {adj} (having wings)  :: bevingad
winger {n} (offensive player)  :: ytter {c}
wing nut {n} (nut with wing-like projections)  :: vingmutter {c}
wingnut {n} (nut with winglike projections) SEE: wing nut  ::
winner {n} (one who has won or often wins)  :: vinnare {c}
winner {n} (point, goal (etc.) which wins a contest)  :: segermål {n}
winnow {v} (figuratively: to separate, sift, analyze, test)  :: sålla
win out {v} (be victorious)  :: segra
win over {v} (to persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
winter {n} (fourth season, marked by short days and lowest temperatures)  :: vinter {c}
wintergreen {n} (evergreen) SEE: evergreen  ::
winter solstice {n} (the moment when the hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun)  :: vintersolstånd {n}
winter sport {n} (sport played on ice or snow)  :: vintersport {c}
winter storm {n} (A winter storm)  :: vinterstorm {c}
winter swimmer {n} (one who participates in winter swimming)  :: vinterbadare {c}
winter vomiting disease {n} (the gastroenteritic illness caused by noroviruses)  :: vinterkräksjuka {c}
Winter War {prop} (war)  :: vinterkriget {n}
wintry {adj} (suggestive or characteristic of winter; cold, stormy)  :: vintrig
wipe {v} (remove surface substance)  :: torka, torka av
wipe {v} (erase a computer disk)  :: radera
wipe out {v} (to destroy or obliterate)  :: utplåna, utrota
wipe out {v} (to erase)  :: radera, sudda bort, sudda ut, sudda
wipe out {v} (to crash or fall)  :: välta, vurpa
wire {n} (thin thread of metal)  :: tråd {c}
wire {n} (metal conductor that carries electricity)  :: ledning {c}
wire {n} (sports: finish line of a racetrack)  :: målsnöre {n}
wire {v} (to fasten with wire)  :: fästa med ståltråd
wire {n} (informal: telegraph) SEE: telegraph  ::
wire {n} (informal: message transmitted by telegraph) SEE: telegram  ::
wire cutters {n} (hand tool)  :: sidavbitare {c}, avbitartång
wireless {adj} (not having any wires)  :: trådlös
wisdom {n} (element of personal character)  :: visdom {c}
wisdom {n}  :: visdom {c}
wisdom tooth {n} (rearmost molar in humans)  :: visdomstand {c}
wise {adj} (showing good judgement)  :: vis ', klok
wisent {n} (The European bison, Bison bonasus)  :: visent, europeisk bison
wish {n} (desire)  :: önskan {c}
wish {v} (to hope for an outcome)  :: önska
wish {v} (to bestow a thought)  :: tillönska
wishable {adj} (desirable) SEE: desirable  ::
wishful thinking {n} (illusion that what one would like is true)  :: önsketänkande {n}
wishing well {n} (well where wishes were thought to be granted)  :: önskebrunn {c}
wish list {n} (list of desired things)  :: önskelista {c}
wishlist {n} (a list of desired things)  :: önskelista {c}
wishy-washy {adj} (wavering or lacking in commitment, certainty, or support)  :: vacklande
wisteria {n} (a genus of about ten species of woody climbing vines)  :: blåregn {n}
wistful {adj} (full of longing)  :: längtansfull, vemodig
wistful {adj} (sad and thoughtful)  :: vemod {n}, melankoli {c}
wit {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence  ::
witch {n} (person who uses magic)  :: häxa {c}, trollpacka {c} [woman], trollkvinna {c} [woman], trollkarl {c} [man]
witch {n} (Wiccan) SEE: Wiccan  ::
witch {n} (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) SEE: Torbay sole  ::
witchcraft {n} (the practice of witches)  :: häxkonst {c}, häxeri {n}, trolldom {c}
witch doctor {n} (someone believed to heal through magic)  :: häxdoktor {c}
witching hour {n} (hour after midnight, when witches were thought to be active)  :: spöktimmen (def. singular)
witch's milk {n} (milk secreted from the breasts of newborn babies)  :: häxmjölk {c}
with {prep} (against)  :: med, mot
with {prep} (in the company of)  :: med
with {prep} (in addition to)  :: med
with {prep} (in support of)  :: med
with {prep} (by means of)  :: med
with a grain of salt {adv} (with common sense and skepticism)  :: med en nypa salt
with all due respect {prep} (phrase used before disagreeing with someone)  :: med all respekt
with bated breath {prep} (holding one's breath)  :: med återhållen andedräkt
with bated breath {prep} (eagerly)  :: med andan i halsgropen
withdrawal {n} (receiving from someone's care what one has earlier entrusted to them)  :: uttag {c} [money from a bank]
withdrawal {n} (type of metabolic shock)  :: abstinens {c}
withdrawal symptom {n} (symptom associated with the discontinuance of a drug)  :: abstinens, abstinensbesvär
withers {n} (part of the back of a draft animal)  :: manke {c}
withholding tax {n} (A withholding, a tax withheld from employees' salary and paid to the government)  :: källskatt {c}, preliminärskatt {c}
within {prep} (spatial enclosure)  :: inuti, inom
within {prep} (before the specified duration ends)  :: inom
within living memory {prep} (in living memory) SEE: in living memory  ::
with one's hand in the cookie jar {prep} (observed or apprehended while committing a theft)  :: tagen med fingrarna i syltburken
with one voice {prep} (in unison)  :: i en röst, i en ton
without {prep} (not having)  :: utan
without a doubt {prep} (probably) SEE: probably  ::
with pleasure {prep} (willingly, without argument)  :: gärna, med nöje, med glädje
withspeak {v} (speak against) SEE: oppose  ::
withspeak {v} (contradict) SEE: contradict  ::
withy {n} (osier) SEE: osier  ::
withy {n} (long, flexible twig of the osier) SEE: osier  ::
witness {n} (attestation of a fact or event)  :: vittnesmål {n}
witness {n} (one who has a personal knowledge of something)  :: vittne {n}
witness {n} (someone called to give evidence in a court)  :: vittne {n}
witness {v} ((transitive) to furnish proof of)  :: vittna om
witness {v} ((transitive) to take as evidence)  :: bevittna
witness {v} ((transitive) to see or gain knowledge of through experience)  :: bevittna
witticism {n} (witty remark)  :: kvickhet {c}
wizard {n} (person skilled with magic)  :: trollkarl {c}
wizard {n} (computing: program or script used to simplify complex operations)  :: guide {c}, assistent {c}
woad {n} (Isatis tinctoria)  :: vejde {c}
wobble {n} (unsteady motion)  :: vingla
wobbler {n} (tantrum) SEE: tantrum  ::
woe {n} (grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity)  :: sorg, ve
woebegone {adj} (in a deplorable state)  :: bedrövad
wog {n} (an offensive term for a dark-skinned person)  :: blatte {c}, babbe {c}
wog {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
woggle {n} (Boy Scout’s neckerchief clasp or slide)  :: sölja {c}
wok {n} (large round pan)  :: wokpanna {c}
wok {v} (to use a wok)  :: woka
wolf {n} (animal)  :: varg {c}, ulv {c}
wolfberry {n} (plant)  :: bocktörne {c}
wolfberry {n} (fruit)  :: gojibär {n}
wolf cub {n} (young wolf)  :: vargunge {c}
wolf down {v} (consume quickly)  :: glufsa i sig
wolffish {n} (fish)  :: havskattfisk {c}
Wolfgang {prop} (male given name)  :: Wolfgang
wolf in sheep's clothing {n} (a disguised danger)  :: ulv i fårakläder
wolfkin {n} (young or small wolf) SEE: wolf cub  ::
wolfling {n} (wolf cub) SEE: wolf cub  ::
wolfram {n} (tungsten) SEE: tungsten  ::
wolfram {n} (wolframite) SEE: wolframite  ::
wolframite {n} (wolframite)  :: volframit {c}
wolfsbane {n} (herbs of the genus Aconitum)  :: stormhatt {c}
wolf whelp {n} (young, esp. infant, wolf) SEE: wolf cub  ::
wolverine {n} (Gulo gulo)  :: järv {c}
woman {n} (adult female person)  :: kvinna {c}
woman {n} (wife) SEE: wife  ::
womanhater {n} (hater of women) SEE: misogynist  ::
womanhood {n} (state of being a woman)  :: kvinnlighet {c}
womanhood {n} (qualities considered typical for a woman)  :: kvinnlighet {c}
womanizer {n} (habitual seducer of women)  :: kvinnotjusare
womankind {n} (woman, taken collectively)  :: kvinnosläkt {n}
womanly {adj} (having the characteristics of a woman)  :: kvinnlig
womb {n} (uterus)  :: livmoder {c}
womb {n} (belly) SEE: belly  ::
Women {prop} (4th sura of the Qur'an)  :: Kvinnor {c-p}
wonder {n} (something that causes amazement or awe, a marvel)  :: under {n}, mirakel {n}
wonder {v} (to be affected with surprise)  :: förundras
wonder {v} (to ponder about something)  :: undra, fråga sig
wonderful {adj} (excellent, extremely impressive)  :: underbar
wonderfully {adv} (in a wonderful manner)  :: underbart, ljuvligt
wonderment {n} (state of wonder)  :: förundran
wont {n} (habitual way of doing things)  :: vana {c}
wont {adj} (accustomed or apt)  :: van
wont {v} (To make (someone) used to; to accustom)  :: vänja
wont {v} (To be accustomed)  :: [reflexive] vänja
woo {v} (to endeavor to gain someone's affection)  :: uppvakta, kurtisera, svärma
wood {n} (substance)  :: trä
wood {n} (wood from a particular species)  :: träslag {n}
wood {n} (woodland)  :: skog {c}
wood {n} (firewood)  :: ved {c}
wood anemone {n} (Anemone nemorosa)  :: vitsippa {c}
woodcarver {n} (a person who is skilled at woodcarving)  :: träsnidare {c}
woodchip {n} (chip of wood)  :: träflisa
woodchuck {n} (rodent of the family Sciuridae)  :: skogsmurmeldjur {n}
woodcock {n} (wading bird in the genus Scolopax)  :: morkulla
wood cudweed {n} (Gnaphalium sylvaticum)  :: skogsnoppa
woodcut {n} (printmaking)  :: träsnitt {n}
woodcutter {n} (lumberjack) SEE: lumberjack  ::
wooden {adj} (made of wood)  :: trä-
wooden spoon {n} (spoon made from wood)  :: träsked {c}
wooden spoon {n} (prize for coming last in a competition)  :: jumbopris {n}
wood grouse {n} (Tetrao urogallus) SEE: western capercaillie  ::
wood lemming {n} (wood lemming)  :: skogslämmel {c}
woodlouse {n} (any species of suborder Oniscidea)  :: gråsugga
wood mouse {n} (European rodent)  :: mindre skogsmus {c}
woodpecker {n} (bird in Picinae)  :: hackspett
wood pigeon {n} (Columba palumbus)  :: ringduva
wood pulp {n} (pulp from trees used to make paper)  :: pappersmassa {c}
woodruff {n} (herb)  :: myskmadra {c}
woods {n} (forest) SEE: forest  ::
wood sorrel {n}  :: harsyra {c}
wood strawberry {n} (Fragaria vesca) SEE: wild strawberry  ::
woodwind instrument {n} (musical instrument)  :: träblåsinstrument
woodwork {n} (working with wood)  :: träslöjd {c}, slöjd {c}
woodwork {n} (goalpost or crossbar)  :: målram {c}
woody {n} (erection) SEE: erection  ::
woody {adj} (covered in woods)  :: skogsbeklädd
woody {adj} (non-herbaceous)  :: vedartad
woof {n} (set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom)  :: väft
woof {n} (sound of a dog)  :: vov, voff
wooing {n} (courting) SEE: courtship  ::
wool {n} (hair of sheep, etc.)  :: ull {c}
wool {n} (cloth or yarn)  :: ylle {n}
woolly bear {n} (hairy caterpillar)  :: björnspinnarlarv
woolly hat {n} (beanie) SEE: beanie  ::
wop {n} (person of Italian descent)  :: spagge {c}, spaghettigubbe {c}
word {n} (unit of language)  :: ord {n}
word {n} (computing: fixed-size group of bits handled as a unit)  :: ord {n}
word {n} (promise)  :: ord {n}
word {v} (say or write using particular words)  :: formulera
word {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb  ::
word {n} (watchword) SEE: watchword  ::
wordbook {n} (lexicon) SEE: lexicon  ::
word for word {adv} (in exactly the same words)  :: ord för ord
word-hoard {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary  ::
wording {n} (choice of words)  :: formulering
word of mouth {n} (verbal means of passing of information)  :: mun till mun {c}
word order {n} (order of syntactic constituents)  :: ordföljd
word processor {n} (a computer software)  :: ordbehandlare {c}
word-stock {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary  ::
work {n} (labour, employment, occupation, job)  :: arbete {n}, jobb {n}
work {n} (place where one is employed)  :: arbete {n}, jobb {n}
work {n} (effort expended on a particular task)  :: arbete {n}
work {n} (result of a particular manner of production)  :: arbete {n}
work {n} (literary, artistic, or intellectual production)  :: verk {n}
work {n} (measure of energy expended in moving an object)  :: arbete {n}
work {v} (to do a specific task)  :: jobba, arbeta [as part of an employment]
work {v} (effect by gradual degrees (transitive))  :: arbeta
work {v} (shape, form, or improve a material)  :: bearbeta
work {v} (cause to happen)  :: åstadkomma
work {v} (cause to work)  :: driva
work {v} (function correctly)  :: fungera, [of machinery, or abstractly]
work {v} (influence)  :: bearbeta
work {v} (behave in a certain way when handled.)  :: fungera
workaholic {n} (person)  :: arbetsnarkoman {c}
workaholic {adj} (in the nature or manner of a workaholic)  :: arbetsnarkoman
workbench {n} (sturdy table)  :: arbetsbänk {c}, bänk {c}, hyvelbänk {c}, snickarbänk {c}, slöjdbänk {c}
workbook {n} (book used by a student)  :: arbetsbok {c}, övningsbok {c}, övningshäfte {n}
worker {n} (person who performs labor)  :: arbetare
workers of the world, unite {phrase} (workers of the world, unite)  :: proletärer i alla länder, förena er, proletärer i alla länder, förena eder!
work function {n} (The minimum energy needed to remove an electron from the surface of a material)  :: utträdesarbete {n}
working class {n} (social class doing physical work)  :: arbetarklass {c}
working life {n} (period spent in employment)  :: arbetsliv {n}
working week {n} (range of days of the week) SEE: workweek  ::
work-intensive {adj} (labor-intensive) SEE: labor-intensive  ::
work life {n} (part of life spent at work)  :: arbetsliv {n}
workmate {n} (coworker) SEE: coworker  ::
work out {v} (to calculate)  :: räkna ut, beräkna
work out {v} (to make sense of)  :: räkna ut, få rätsida
work out {v} (to conclude with the correct solution)  :: gå ut, gå ihop, stämma
work out {v} (to succeed)  :: fungera
work out {v} (to habitually exercise rigorously)  :: träna
workout {n} (an exercise session; a period of physical exercise)  :: träningspass {n}
workout {n} (activity that requires much physical or mental effort, or produces strain)  :: träning {c}
work permit {n} (authorization to work in a foreign country)  :: arbetstillstånd {n}
workplace {n} (place where someone works)  :: arbetsplats {c}
workroom {n} (A room where work is done)  :: arbetsrum {n}
workshop {n} (small manufacturing room)  :: verkstad {c}
workshop {n} (intensive course of education)  :: workshop {c}
workshy {adj} (disinclined to work)  :: arbetsskygg
worksome {adj} (industrious) SEE: industrious  ::
worksome {adj} (laborious) SEE: laborious  ::
workstead {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory  ::
workweek {n} (range of days of the week)  :: arbetsvecka {c}
world {n} (human collective existence)  :: värld {c}
world {n} (the Earth)  :: värld {c}
world {n} (inhabited planet)  :: värld {c}
world {n} (individual or group perspective or social setting)  :: värld {c}
world champion {n} (winner of world cup or world championship)  :: världsmästare
world-class {adj} (of a standard that ranks among the best in the world)  :: i världsklass
world cup {n} (event; competition)  :: världsmästerskap {n}, VM {n}
World Exposition {n} (a regular international exposition)  :: världsutställning {c}
world-famous {adj} (renowned in many parts of the world)  :: världsberömd
worldly {adj} (concerned with the human, earthly or physical rather than spiritual)  :: världslig
worldly {adj} (concerned with the secular rather than sacred)  :: världslig
world record {n} (the world's best score or time)  :: världsrekord {n}
world's oldest profession {n} (a euphemism for prostitution)  :: världens äldsta yrke {n}
World Trade Organization {prop} (World Trade Organization)  :: Världshandelsorganisationen {c}
worldview {n} (personal view of the world)  :: världsåskådning {c}
world war {n} (a war involving the major nations of the world)  :: världskrig {n}
World War I {prop} (war)  :: första världskriget {n}
World War II {prop} (war from 1939 to 1945)  :: Andra världskriget {n}
World War One {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I  ::
World War Two {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II  ::
worm {n} (animal)  :: mask {c}
worm {n} (contemptible being)  :: stackare {c}, kräk {n}
worm-eaten {adj} (eaten by worms, especially having a worm inside)  :: maskäten
wormhole {n} (a shortcut between distant parts of space)  :: maskhål {n}
wormwood {n} (Artemisia absinthium)  :: malört {c}, äkta malört {c}
worn {adj} (damaged and shabby from too much use)  :: sliten
worn out {adj} (damaged and useless due to hard or continued use)  :: utsliten, uttjänad
worn out {adj} (exhausted from exertion)  :: utmattad
worn-out {adj} (worn-out) SEE: worn out  ::
worried {adj} (thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen)  :: bekymrad, oroad
worry {v} (be troubled)  :: oroa sig
worry {v} (disturb the peace of mind of)  :: oroa
worry {v} (harass, irritate)  :: hetsa, ansätta, trakassera
worry {v} (seize or shake by the throat)  :: sätta tänderna i
worry {n} (strong feeling of anxiety)  :: oro {c}, bekymmer {n}, ängslan {c}
worry {v} (strangle) SEE: strangle  ::
worse {adj} (comparative form of bad)  :: värre
worsen {v} (transitive: make worse)  :: förvärra
worsen {v} (intransitive: get worse)  :: förvärras
worsening {n} (worse situation)  :: försämring {c}
worship {n} (devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object)  :: dyrkan
worship {n} (the religious ceremonies that express this devotion)  :: tillbedjan {c}
worship {n} (the ardent love of a person)  :: dyrkan {c}
worship {v} (to honor and adore, especially as a deity)  :: dyrka, tillbe
worst {adj} (Most inferior)  :: värst
worst comes to worst {adv} (if a bad situation develops)  :: i värsta fall
worsted {n} (yarn made from wool)  :: kamgarn {n}, redgarn {n}
wort {n} (liquid extract from the ground malt and grain soaked in hot water, the mash)  :: vört
worth {n} (value)  :: värde {n}
worthless {adj} (not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential)  :: värdelös
would {v} (indicating an action or state that is conditional on another)  :: skulle; We would be warmer if you hadn't opened the window! - Vi skulle vara varmare om du inte hade öppnat fönstret!
would {v} (indicating a possible (but not definite) future action or state)  :: skulle; We sat on the bench, wondering if the bus would be late this time. - Vi satt på bänken och undrade om bussen skulle bli sen den här gången.
would {v} (indicating an action in the past that was planned or intended)  :: skulle; The waiter said he would be right back. - Kyparen sa att han strax skulle komma tillbaka.
would {v} (indicating an action in the past that happened repeatedly or commonly)  :: bruka; In the winters, we would sit by the hole on the frozen lake and fish for hours. - På vintrarna brukade vi sitta vid vaken i den frusna sjön och fiska i flera timmar.
wouldn't hurt a fly {v} (is of very gentle nature (idiom))  :: inte göra en fluga illa, inte göra en fluga förnär
wound {n} (injury)  :: skada {c}, sår {n}
wound {n} (something that offends a person’s feelings)  :: sår {n}
wound {v} (hurt or injure)  :: skada, såra
wound {v} (hurt (someone's feelings))  :: såra
woundwort {n} (any of several plants formerly used for wounds)  :: syska {c}
wow {interj} (excitement)  :: oj
wrack {v} (rack) SEE: rack  ::
wraith {n} (A ghost or specter, especially seen just after a person's death)  :: vålnad {c}
wrangle {v} (to bicker)  :: gräla, käbbla, munhuggas
wrangle {n} (angry dispute)  :: gräl, käbbel, munhuggande
wrap {v} (to enclose completely in fabric, paper, etc)  :: slå in, paketera, emballera, linda in, klä in
wrap {n} (garment)  :: skynke {n}, sjal {c}
wrap {n} (food)  :: wrap {c}, crêpe {c}
wrap around one's little finger {v} (to successfully control or influence)  :: linda runt sitt finger, linda kring sitt finger
wrapper {n} (something that is wrapped around something else as a cover or protection)  :: omslag
wrapper {n} (a negligée or loose dressing gown)  :: linne
wrapping {v} (The material in which something is wrapped)  :: emballage
wrapping {n} (material) SEE: packaging  ::
wrapping paper {n} (paper used for wrapping parcels or presents)  :: omslagspapper [not necessarily decorative], presentpapper [decorative]
wrap up {v} (To fold and secure something to be the cover or protection)  :: packa in, slå in
wrap up {v} (To finish off a task completely)  :: avsluta, avrunda
wrap up {v} (To wear abundant clothing as protection from the weather)  :: bylta (på sig)
wrap up {v} (To summarize or recapitulate)  :: sammanfatta, avsluta, avrunda
wrasse {n} (Fish)  :: läppfisk {c}
wrath {n} (great anger)  :: vrede {c}
wreak {v} (to cause or inflict causing injury)  :: vålla
wreak havoc {v} (To cause damage, disruption, or destruction)  :: härja
wreath {n} (ornamental circular band)  :: krans {c}
wreath {n} (heraldry: support of a crest)  :: hjälmbindel {c}, bindel {c}
wreck {n} (ruined object or person)  :: vrak {n}
wreck {n} (collision)  :: sammanstötning {c}
wreck {v} (to cause severe damage)  :: fördärva
wrecker {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck  ::
wren {n} (bird of family Troglodytidae)  :: gärdsmyg {c}
wrench {n} (screw) SEE: screw  ::
wrench {n} (hand tool)  :: bändning, förvridning, ryck, skiftnyckel, vridning
wrestling {n} (sport)  :: brottning {c}
wretch {n} (exile) SEE: exile  ::
wretch {n} (unhappy, unfortunate, or miserable person)  :: stackare {n}
wriggle {v} (to twist one's body and move the limbs)  :: slingra, vifta, vicka
wring {v} (to squeeze or twist tightly so that liquid is forced out)  :: vrida ur
wring {v} (to obtain by force)  :: tvinga
wrinkle {n} (furrow in a smooth surface)  :: skrynkla {c}
wrinkle {n} (line or crease in the skin)  :: rynka {c}
wrinkle {v} (to make wrinkles in; to cause to have wrinkles)  :: skrynkla
wrinkly {adj} (having wrinkles)  :: skrynklig
wrist {n} (wrist)  :: handled {c}
wristwatch {n} (watch worn on the wrist)  :: armbandsur {n}
writ {n} (a written order)  :: skrivelse {c}
write {v} (to form letters, etc.)  :: skriva
write {v} (to send a letter to)  :: skriva (till)
write {v} (to be the author of)  :: skriva
write {v} (to be an author)  :: skriva, författa [works of fiction]
write {v} (record (data))  :: skriva
write off {v} (to reduce an asset's book value to zero)  :: avskriva, skriva av
write off {v} (to record an expenditure as an expense)  :: avskriva, skriva av
write off {v} (to record a notional expense)  :: avskriva, skriva av
writer {n} (person who writes; an author)  :: skribent {c} [of shorter articles, speeches, etc.], författare {c} [of books], skriftställare {c} [of several genres, may also publish and translate]
writer's block {n} (the temporary inability to write)  :: skrivkramp {c}
writer's cramp {n} (cramp in the writing hand)  :: skrivkramp {c}
writing {n} (written letters or symbols)  :: skrivkonst {c}, skrift {c}
Wroclaw {prop} (a city in southwestern Poland)  :: Wrocław, Breslau [historical, signifying "Breslau"]
wrong {adj} (incorrect)  :: fel, felaktig, inkorrekt
wrong {adj} (immoral)  :: fel
wrong {adj} (improper)  :: fel
wrong {adj} (not working)  :: fel
wrong {adv}  :: fel
wrong {n} (something immoral)  :: fel {n}
wrong {n} (opposite of right)  :: fel {n}
wroth {adj} (full of anger)  :: vred
wrought iron {n} (form of iron that is not cast)  :: smidesjärn {n}
WRT {prep} (abbreviated forms of prepositions denoting with respect to)  :: m.a.p.
wry {adj} (contorted)  :: förvriden, skev
wry {adj} (dryly humorous)  :: spydig, syrlig, ironisk, torr
wry {v} (to divert)  :: avleda
wry {v} (to twist)  :: förvrida
WSC {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin  ::
wuderove {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff  ::
wunderkind {n} (child prodigy) SEE: child prodigy  ::
wushu {n} (martial art)  :: wushu
wuss {n} (weak, ineffectual person)  :: mes {c}
wussy {n} (wuss) SEE: wuss  ::
WW1 {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I  ::
WW2 {prop} (WWII) SEE: WWII  ::
WWII {prop} (Abbreviation for WWII)  :: 2VK
Wymysorys {prop} (A West Germanic language spoken in the Polish town of Wilamowice.)  :: wymysöriska {c}