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gabardine {n} (type of woollen/ cotton-simulated cloth)  :: gabardén {m}
Gabon {prop} (Gabonese Republic)  :: Gabon {m}
Gabonese {n} (A person from Gabon or of Gabonese descent)  :: Gaboňan {m}, Gabonec {m}
Gabonese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Gabon or the Gabonese people)  :: gabonský
Gabriel {prop} (male given name)  :: Gabriel {m}
Gabriel {prop} (archangel)  :: Gabriel {m}
Gabriela {prop} (female given name)  :: Gabriela
Gad {prop} (seventh son of Jacob)  :: Gád {m}
gadfly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae) SEE: horsefly  ::
gadolinium {n} (chemical element)  :: gadolinium
Gaelic {adj} (relating to the Gaels or their language)  :: gaelský
Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic  ::
gaff {n} (minor error or faux pas) SEE: gaffe  ::
gaffe {n} (a foolish error, especially one made in public)  :: blbost {f}, kravina {f}, bota {f}
gaffer {n} (baby) SEE: baby  ::
gaffer {n} (chief lighting technician)  :: vrchní osvětlovač {m}
gaffer {n} (old man)  :: strejc {m}
gaffer {n} (glassblower) SEE: glassblower  ::
gaga {adj} (infatuated)  :: poblázněný
Gagauzia {prop} (Autonomous region)  :: Gagauzsko {n}
gage {v} (to measure) SEE: gauge  ::
gage {v} (gauge) SEE: gauge  ::
gain {n} (what one gains (profit))  :: zisk {m}
gainword {n} (a word a language has borrowed from another language) SEE: loanword  ::
gait {n} (manner of walking)  :: chůze {f}
galactic {adj} (relating to a/the galaxy)  :: galaktický
galactose {n} (the monosaccharide)  :: galaktosa {f}
galah {n} (fool) SEE: fool  ::
Galapagos Islands {prop} (the archipelago)  :: Galapágy
Galatians {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Galatským
galaxy {n} (collection of billions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc)  :: galaxie {f}
galaxy {n} (the Milky Way) SEE: Milky Way  ::
galaxy cluster {n} (cluster of galaxies)  :: kupa galaxií {f}
galaxy group {n}  :: skupina galaxií {f}
Galicia {prop} (Iberian kingdom, region of Spain)  :: Galicie {f}
Galicia {prop} (historical kingdom in Central Europe)  :: Halič
Galilean {adj} (of or pertaining to the region of Galilee)  :: galilejský
Galilean {adj} (of or pertaining to Galileo Galilei)  :: galileovský
Galilean {n} (person from Galilee)  :: Galilejec {m}
Galilee {prop} (region of northern Israel)  :: Galilea {f}
galimatias {n} (gobbledygook)  :: galimatyáš {m}
gall {n} (bile) SEE: bile  ::
gall {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder  ::
gallant {adj} (brave, valiant)  :: odvážný {m}, odhodlaný {m}
gallant {adj} (honourable)  :: úctyhodný {m}
gallant {adj} (polite and attentive to ladies)  :: galantní
gallantry {n} (chivalrous courtliness, especially towards women)  :: galantnost {f}
gall bladder {n} (pear-shaped organ that stores bile)  :: žlučník {m}
galleass {n} (vessel)  :: galeasa {f}
galleon {n} (large sailing ship)  :: galeona {f}
gallery {n} (institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art)  :: galerie {f}
gallery {n} (establishment that buys, sells, and displays works of art)  :: galerie {f}
gallery {n} (area of a theater, concert hall, or auditorium)  :: galerie {f}
galley {n} (ship propelled primarily by oars)  :: galéra {f}
galliard {n} (9-point type) SEE: bourgeois  ::
Gallic {adj} (of or relating to Gaul or France)  :: galský {m}
Gallicism {n} (a loanword borrowed from French)  :: galicismus {m}
gallium {n} (chemical element)  :: gallium {n}
gallivant {v} (roam about for pleasure)  :: toulat se
gallivant {v} (flirt, romance)  :: flirtovat
gallon {n} (a unit of volume used for liquids)  :: galon {m}
gallon {n} (a Gallon in the U.S. Customary System)  :: galon {m}
gallop {n} (fastest gait of a horse)  :: trysk {m}
gallop {v} (to ride at a galloping pace)  :: běžet tryskem, letět tryskem, jet tryskem
gallop {v} (to cause to gallop)  :: přinutit k trysku, pobídnout k trysku
gallows {n} (wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging)  :: šibenice {f}
galoot {n} (clumsy or uncouth person)  :: neotesanec {m}, hrubián {m}
galosh {n} (waterproof overshoe used to provide protection from rain or snow)  :: galoše {f}
Galápagos {prop} (the Galápagos Islands)  :: Galapágy {p}
galpal {n} (close female friend) SEE: girlfriend  ::
galvanic {adj} (of or pertaining to galvanism; electric)  :: galvanický {m}
galvanise {v} (galvanize) SEE: galvanize  ::
galvanization {n} (the process of galvanizing)  :: galvanizace {f}
galvanize {v} (to coat with a thin layer of metal by electrochemical means)  :: galvanizovat
galvanometer {n} (device to detect electric current)  :: galvanometr {m}
Gambia {prop} (The Republic of The Gambia)  :: Gambie {f}
Gambian {n} (person from Gambia)  :: Gambijec {m}
Gambian {adj} (of Gambia)  :: gambijský {m}
gamble {v} (to take a risk, with the potential of a positive outcome)  :: riskovat
game {n} (playful activity, amusement, pastime)  :: hra {f}
game {n} (wild animals hunted for food)  :: zvěř {f}
game {v} (to gamble) SEE: gamble  ::
game console {n} (video game console) SEE: video game console  ::
gamekeeper {n} (person employed to maintain the game)  :: hajný {m}
gameness {n} (courage) SEE: courage  ::
game over {phrase} (message)  :: konec hry
games console {n} (video game console) SEE: video game console  ::
gamete {n} (reproductive cell)  :: gameta {f}
game theory {n} (mathematical study of strategic situations)  :: teorie her {f}
gamma {n} (the name of the third letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: gama {f}
gander {n} (a male goose)  :: houser {m}, husák {m}
Ganesha {prop} (Hindu god)  :: Ganéša {m}
gang {n} (criminal group with a common background)  :: gang {m}
gang bang {n} (orgy) SEE: orgy  ::
gang bang {n} (gang rape) SEE: gang rape  ::
Ganges {prop} (the sacred river)  :: Ganga {f}
ganglion {n} (ganglion cyst) SEE: ganglion cyst  ::
ganglion cyst {n} (swelling)  :: ganglion {n}
gang rape {n} (rape by a number of people)  :: hromadné znásilnění {n}
gangrene {n} (the necrosis or rotting of flesh)  :: gangréna {f}
gangster {n} (street gang member)  :: zločinec {m}, gangster {m}
gannet {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
gannet {n} (sea bird)  :: terej {m}
Gansu {prop} (province of China)  :: Kan-su
gaol {v} (jail) SEE: jail  ::
Gaoxiong {prop} (Kaohsiung) SEE: Kaohsiung  ::
gap {n} (hiatus) SEE: hiatus  ::
gap {n} (opening allowing passage or entrance)  :: otvor {m}
garage {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
garage {n} (place to store a car, etc.)  :: garáž {f}
garage {n} (place where cars are serviced and repaired)  :: servis {m}, autoservis {m}, opravna {f}, autoopravna {f}
garbage {n} (waste material)  :: odpad {m}, odpadky {p}
garbage collector {n} (worker)  :: popelář {m}
garbage man {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
garbage truck {n} (waste collection vehicle)  :: popelářský vůz {m}
garbologist {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
garden {n} (piece of land outside with flowers and plants)  :: zahrada {f}
garden {n} (gardens with public access)  :: zahrada {f}
garden {n} (grounds at the front or back of a house)  :: zahrada {f}
garden cress {n} (the leafy plant)  :: řeřicha
gardener {n} (one who gardens)  :: zahradník {m}, zahradnice {f}
gargle {v} (to clean one's mouth)  :: kloktat
gargle {v} (to make such a sound)  :: kloktat
gargle {n} (liquid)  :: kloktadlo {n}
gargoyle {n} (carved grotesque figure on a spout)  :: chrlič {m}
garlic {n} (plant)  :: česnek {m}, knobloch {m}
garlic press {n} (ustensil)  :: lis na česnek
garment {n} (single item of clothing)  :: oděv {m}
garnet {n} (mineral)  :: granát {m}
garnish {v} (fetter) SEE: fetter  ::
garret {n} (an attic or semi-finished room just beneath the roof of a house)  :: podkroví {n}
gas {n} ((uncountable, chemistry) state of matter)  :: plyn {m}
gas {n} (fuel)  :: benzín {m}
gas bladder {n} (internal organ) SEE: swim bladder  ::
gas chamber {n} (a sealed chamber in which people are executed with gas)  :: plynová komora {f}
gash {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
gasoduct {n} (gas pipeline) SEE: gas pipeline  ::
gasoline {n} (motor fuel)  :: benzín {m}
gasp {v} (to draw in the breath suddenly)  :: zajíknout se
gasp {v} (to breathe laboriously or convulsively)  :: lapat po dechu, těžce dýchat
gas pipeline {n} (a gas pipeline)  :: plynovod {m}
gas station {n} (a place which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car)  :: čerpací stanice {f}, benzínka {f} [colloquial]
gas tank {n} (fuel tank)  :: benzinová nádrž {f}
gasteromycete {n} (group of fungi)  :: břichatka
gastric {adj} (Of or relating to the stomach)  :: žaludeční
gastric ulcer {n} (ulcer)  :: žaludeční vřed {m}
gastritis {n} (inflammation of the lining of the stomach)  :: gastritida {f}
gastroenteritis {n} (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestine)  :: gastroenteritida
gastroenterological {adj} (of or pertaining to gastroenterology)  :: gastroenterologický
gastroenterologist {n} (physician who specializes in gastroenterology)  :: gastroenterolog {m}
gastroenterology {n} (the study of the digestive system)  :: gastroenterologie {f}
gastroesophageal {adj} (of or relating to the stomach and to the esophagus)  :: gastroezofageální
gastroesophageal reflux {n} (medical condition)  :: gastroezofageální reflux {m}, jícnový reflux {m}
gastrointestinal {adj} (of or pertaining to the stomach and intestines)  :: gastrointestinální
gastrointestinal tract {n} (digestive tract) SEE: digestive tract  ::
gastronome {n} (gourmet) SEE: gourmet  ::
gastronomy {n} (study of the relationship between food and culture)  :: gastronomie {f}
gastropod {n} (member of a class of molluscs)  :: plž {m}
gastroscopy {n} (examination of esophagus, stomach and dodenum)  :: gastroskopie {f}
gate {n} (door-like structure outside)  :: brána {f}, vrata {p}
gate {n} (movable barrier)  :: závora {f}
gateau {n} (rich, iced cake)  :: dort {m}
gatekeeper {n} (A person who guards or monitors passage through a gate)  :: vrátný {m}, vrátná {f}
gather {v} (to bring together; to collect)  :: sbírat {impf}, sebrat {pf}, shromažďovat {impf}, shromáždit {pf}
gatherer {n} (person who gathers things)  :: sběrač {m}
Gatling gun {n} (a type of machine gun)  :: Gatlingův kulomet
Gaucher's disease {n} (genetic disease in which lipid accumulates in cells and certain organs)  :: Gaucherova choroba {f}
gaudy {adj} (very showy or ornamented)  :: nevkusný
gauge {n} (distance between the rails of a railway)  :: rozchod {m}
Gaul {prop} (region)  :: Galie {f}
Gaul {n} (person)  :: Gal {m}
Gaulish {adj} (of or pertaining to Gaul)  :: galský {m}
gaur {n} (Bos gaurus)  :: gaur {m}
gauze {n} (cotton fabric used as surgical dressing)  :: gáza {f}
gavotte {n} (French dance)  :: gavota {f}
gawk {v} (to stare or gape stupidly)  :: čučet, čumět
gawp {v} (gawk) SEE: gawk  ::
gay {adj} (happy, joyful and lively)  :: veselý
gay {adj} (homosexual, see also: lesbian)  :: homosexuální
gay {n} (homosexual person, especially male, see also: lesbian)  :: homosexuál {m}, gay {m}
gay marriage {n} (marriage between two people of the same sex)  :: registrované partnerství {n} (civil union)
Gaza {prop} (city)  :: Gaza {f}
Gaza {prop} (Gaza Strip) SEE: Gaza Strip  ::
Gazan {n}  :: Gazan
Gazan {adj}  :: gazský {m}
Gaza Strip {prop} (Gaza Strip)  :: Pásmo Gazy {n}
gazelle {n} (antelope)  :: gazela {f}
Gdańsk {prop} (city of Poland)  :: Gdaňsk {m}
GDP {n} (abbreviation of gross domestic product)  :: HDP
GDR {initialism} (German Democratic Republic)  :: NDR {f}
Gdynia {prop} (city)  :: Gdyně {f}
gear {n} (equipment or paraphernalia)  :: vybavení {n}
gear {n} (a wheel with grooves)  :: ozubené kolo {n}
gear {n} (a particular combination or choice of interlocking gears)  :: převod {m}, soukolí {n}
gear {n} (motor car transmission)  :: převod {m}
gearbox {n} (train of gears)  :: převodovka {f}
gear down {v} (arrangement of gears)  :: podřadit
geek {n} (Australian: look) SEE: look  ::
gee up {interj} (direction to a horse) SEE: giddyup  ::
geezer {n} (device for boiling water) SEE: geyser  ::
gegenschein {n}  :: protisvit
Gehenna {prop} (one of various hells in Abrahamic religions)  :: Gehenna {f}, džehenna {f}
Gehinnom {prop} (Jewish realm of the afterlife) SEE: Gehenna  ::
geisha {n} (a Japanese entertainer)  :: gejša {f}
gel {n} (suspension of solid in liquid)  :: gel {m}
gel {n} (any gel for a particular cosmetic use)  :: gel {m}
gelada {n} (primate)  :: dželada {f}
gelatine {n} (protein derived through partial hydrolysis of the collagen)  :: želatina {f}
geld {n} (money) SEE: money  ::
geld {v} (castrate) SEE: castrate  ::
geld {n} (ransom) SEE: ransom  ::
gelding {n} (eunuch) SEE: eunuch  ::
gelding {n} (castrated male horse)  :: valach {m}
gelid {adj} (very cold; icy)  :: ledový {m}, (of water also:) krahová {f}
gelignite {n} (explosive mixture of nitroglycerine and nitrate)  :: gelignit {m}
gem {n} (precious stone)  :: klenot {m}, drahokam {m}
Gemini {prop} (constellation)  :: Blíženci {m-p}
Gemini {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Blíženci {m-p}
gemstone {n} (a gem)  :: klenot {m}, drahokam {m}
gendarmerie {n} (military body charged with police duties)  :: četnictvo {n}, žandarmerie {f}
gender {n} (grammar: voice (of verbs)) SEE: voice  ::
gender {v} (engender) SEE: engender  ::
gender {n} (grammar: division of nouns and pronouns)  :: rod {m}
gender {n} (biological sex of persons or animals)  :: pohlaví {n}
gene {n} (unit of heredity)  :: gen {m}
genealogy {n} (the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors)  :: genealogie {f}
genealogy {n} (a record or table of such descent)  :: genealogický strom {m}, rozrod {m}
genealogy {n} (study and recording of descents)  :: genealogie {f}
general {adj} (involving every part or member, not specific or particular)  :: všeobecný, obecný
general {adj} (not limited in application; applicable to a whole class or category)  :: obecný {m}
general {n} (military rank)  :: generál {m}
generalissimo {n} (supreme commander)  :: generalissimus {m}
generalization {n} (inductive reasoning)  :: generalizace {f}, zobecnění {n}
generalize {v} (to infer or induce from specific cases to more general cases or principles)  :: zobecnit
generalized {adj} (made more general, less specialized)  :: zobecněný
general practitioner {n} (physician who provides primary care; family doctor)  :: praktický lékař {m}
general strike {n} (work stoppage)  :: generální stávka {f}
generation {n} (origination by some process; formation)  :: generování {n}, produkce {f}
generation {n} (act of generating or begetting; procreation)  :: generování {n}
generation {n} (period of around thirty years)  :: generace {f}
generation {n} (single step in the succession of natural descent)  :: generace {f}, pokolení {n}
generational {adj} (of, pertaining to, or changing over generations)  :: generační
generic programming {n} (style of computer programming)  :: generické programování {n}
generosity {n} (the trait of being willing to give one's money and/or time)  :: štědrost {f}
generous {adj} (noble in behaviour, magnanimous)  :: šlechetný
generous {adj} (willing to give and share unsparingly)  :: štědrý {m}
generous {adj} (of noble birth)  :: velkomožný
Genesis {prop} (the book of the Bible)  :: Genesis
genetic {adj} (relating to genetics or genes)  :: genetický {m}
genetic algorithm {n} (search heuristic)  :: genetický algoritmus {m}
genetic code {n} (the set of rules by which the sequence of bases in DNA are translated into the amino acid sequence of proteins)  :: genetický kód {m}
genetic engineering {n} (practice or science of genetic modification)  :: genetické inženýrství {n}, genové inženýrství {n}
geneticist {n} (scientist who studies genes)  :: genetik {m}
genetics {n} (branch of biology)  :: genetika {f}
Geneva {prop} (city)  :: Ženeva {f}
Geneva Convention {prop} (international treaty)  :: Ženevská úmluva {f}
Genevan {adj} (pertaining to Geneva)  :: ženevský
Genevan {n} (someone from Geneva)  :: Ženevan {m}
Genevieve {prop} (female given name)  :: Jenovefa {f}, Jenovéfa {f}, Genovefa {f}, Jenůfa {f}
Genghis Khan {prop} (Genghis Khan)  :: Čingischán {m}
genie {n} (an invisible Muslim spirit)  :: džin {m}
genie {n} (a fictional magical being)  :: džin {m}
genitalia {n} (genitals or sex organs)  :: přirození {n}, genitálie {f-p}
genitals {n} (genitalia) SEE: genitalia  ::
genitive {adj} (of or pertaining to the case of possession)  :: genitivní
genitive {n} (inflection pattern)  :: genitiv {m}, druhý pád {m}
genitive case {n} (genitive) SEE: genitive  ::
genius {n} (someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or skill)  :: génius {m}
Genoa {prop} (Italian city)  :: Janov {m}
Genoan {adj} (of or pertaining to Genoa)  :: janovský
Genoan {n} (one of Genoa)  :: Janovan {m}
genocide {n} (systematic killing of substantial numbers of people)  :: genocida {f}
genome {n} (complete genetic information of an organism)  :: genom {m}
genomics {n} (study of the complete genome of an organism)  :: genomika {f}
genotype {n} (combination of alleles)  :: genotyp {m}
-genous {suffix}  :: -tvorný, -genní, -rodý
genre {n} (kind; type; sort)  :: žánr {m}
genticide {n} (killing of a race or nation of people) SEE: genocide  ::
gentleman {n} (polite term for a man)  :: pan {m}, pán {m}
gentoo penguin {n} (penguin)  :: tučňák oslí
genuine {adj} (real, authentic)  :: pravý
genuineness {n} (the quality of being genuine; authenticity)  :: pravost {f}, originalita {f}
genus {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification between family and species)  :: rod {m}
genus {n} (taxon at this rank)  :: rod {m}
geobotany {n} (the branch of biogeography that is concerned with the geographic distribution of plant species)  :: fytogeografie {f}
geodesy {n} (scientific discipline)  :: geodézie {f}
geographer {n} (a specialist in geography)  :: geograf {m}, zeměpisec {m}
geographic {adj} (pertaining to geography)  :: geografický, zeměpisný
geographical {adj} (geographic) SEE: geographic  ::
geography {n} (study of physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth)  :: zeměpis {m}, geografie {f}
geoid {n} (surface of constant gravitational potential at zero elevation)  :: geoid
geologic {adj} (relating to geology)  :: geologický
geological {adj} (geologic) SEE: geologic  ::
geologist {n} (person skilled at geology)  :: geolog {m}
geology {n} (the study of the earth)  :: geologie {f}
geometer {n} (geometry mathematician)  :: geometr {m}
geometric {adj} (of or relating to geometry)  :: geometrický
geometrical {adj} (geometric) SEE: geometric  ::
geometric mean {n} (measure of central tendency)  :: geometrický průměr {m}
geometric progression {n} (sequence)  :: geometrická posloupnost {f}
geometric series {n} (infinite series of terms in geometric progression)  :: geometrická řada {f}
geometry {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: geometrie {f}
geometry {n} (type of geometry)  :: geometrie {f}
geomorphological {adj} (pertaining to geomorphology)  :: geomorfologický
geomorphologist {n} (geologist whose speciality is geomorphology)  :: geomorfolog
geomorphology {n} (the study of landforms)  :: geomorfologie {f}
geophysics {n} (branch of earth science)  :: geofyzika {m}
George {prop} (male given name)  :: Jiří {m}
George VI {prop} (king of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952)  :: Jiří VI.
Georgia {prop} (country)  :: Gruzie {f}
Georgia {prop} (state of the USA)  :: Georgie {f}
Georgia {prop} (female given name)  :: Jiřina {f}
Georgian {prop} (language of the country Georgia)  :: gruzínština {f}
Georgian {n} (person from the country of Georgia)  :: Gruzínec {m}, Gruzín {m}, Gruzínka {f}
Georgian {adj} (pertaining to the country, people or language of Georgia)  :: gruzínský
Georgian SSR {prop} (Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: Gruzínská SSR {f}
geostationary {adj} (fixed distance orbit)  :: geostacionární
geotropic {adj} (pertaining to geotropism)  :: geotropický {m}
ger {n} (yurt) SEE: yurt  ::
geranium {n} (common name for Pelargoniums)  :: pelargónie {f}
German {n} (native or inhabitant of Germany; person of German citizenship or nationality)  :: Němec {m}, Němka {f}
German {n} (member of the Germanic ethnic group)  :: Germán {m}
German {n} (member of a Germanic tribe)  :: Germán {m}
German {prop} (the German language)  :: němčina {f}
German {adj} (of or relating to the country of Germany)  :: německý {m}
German {adj} (of or relating to the German language)  :: německý {m}
German Democratic Republic {prop} (East Germany from 1949-1990)  :: Německá demokratická republika {f}
German Empire {prop} (Germany between 1871 and 1918)  :: Německé císařství {n}
Germanic {adj} (relating to the Germanic peoples)  :: germánský
Germanic {adj} (relating to the language or group of languages known as Germanic)  :: germánský
Germanism {n} (a word or idiom of the German language)  :: germanismus {m}
germanium {n} (chemical element)  :: germanium
German measles {n} (the disease rubella) SEE: rubella  ::
German Shepherd {n} (Medium sized breed of dog)  :: německý ovčák {m}
German silver {n} (nickel silver) SEE: nickel silver  ::
Germany {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: Německo {n}
germ cell {n} (a cell that is part of the germ line)  :: zárodečná buňka {f}
germination {n} (process of germinating)  :: klíčení {n}
gerontocracy {n} (government by elders)  :: gerontokracie {f}
gerontology {n} (branch of science)  :: gerontologie {f}
gerontophile {n} (person attracted towards the elderly)  :: gerontofil {m}
gerontophilia {n} (sexual attraction)  :: gerontofilie {f}
Gertrude {prop} (female given name)  :: Gertruda {f}
gerund {n} (verb form functioning as a verbal noun)  :: gerundium {n}
gesso {n} (mixture)  :: šeps
gestation {n} (period of time a fetus develops inside mother's body)  :: březost {f}
gesture {n} (motion of the limbs or body)  :: gesto {n}
gesture {n} (act or remark)  :: gesto {n}
gesundheit {interj} (said to someone who has just sneezed) SEE: bless you  ::
get {v} (to obtain)  :: dostat {pf}
get {v} (to receive)  :: dostávat
get {v} (to beget) SEE: beget  ::
get {v} (to getter) SEE: getter  ::
get across {v} (to cross; to move from one side (of something) to the other)  :: přejet
get across {v} (to make an idea evident; to successfully explain a thought or feeling)  :: objasnit
get along {v} (interact or coexist well, without argument or trouble)  :: vyjít {pf}, vycházet {impf}
get along {v} (survive; to do well enough)  :: vyjít
get away {v} (to avoid capture; to escape (from)) SEE: escape  ::
get away {v} (To start moving; to depart) SEE: depart  ::
get by {v} (subsist)  :: vyjít
get down {v} (bring down (transitive)) SEE: let down  ::
get drunk {v} (to intoxicate oneself with alcohol)  :: opít se
get laid {v} (take part in a sexual act) SEE: have sex  ::
get lost {interj} (Go away!)  :: táhni, zmiz, kliď se
get lost {v} (become lost)  :: zabloudit
get off {v} (To move from being on top of (a thing))  :: sundat
get off {v} ((transitive) To disembark from)  :: vystoupit
get off {v} (To stop, desist)  :: přestat
get off {v} ((transitive) To excite, arouse)  :: potěšit
get off {v} ((intransitive) To experience sexual pleasure)  :: pomilovat
get off {v} (To fall asleep)  :: usnout
get on {v} (to enter (a vehicle))  :: nastoupit
get on someone's nerves {v} (annoy or irritate)  :: lézt na nervy
get on with {v} (proceed with)  :: dát se do toho, jít na to
get over {v} (recover) SEE: recover  ::
get rid of {v} (to remove)  :: zbavit se
getter {n} (absorbing material)  :: getr {m}
get up {v} (to rise from one's bed)  :: vstávat {impf}, vstát {pf}
get well soon {phrase} (expressing hope that someone recovers soon)  :: brzké uzdravení
gewgaw {n} (a showy trifle, a toy)  :: cetka {f}
geyser {n} (boiling spring)  :: gejzír {m}
Ghana {prop} (The Republic of Ghana)  :: Ghana {f}
Ghanaian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Ghana or the Ghanaian people)  :: ghanský
Ghanaian {n} (person from Ghana or of Ghanaian descent)  :: Ghaňan {m}
Ghanan {adj} (Ghanaian) SEE: Ghanaian  ::
Ghanan {n} (Ghanaian) SEE: Ghanaian  ::
Ghaznavid {adj} (of or pertaining to the this dynasty, or to the empire that it ruled)  :: ghaznovský
Ghaznavid {n} (member of this dynasty)  :: Ghaznovec {m}
Ghent {prop} (capital city of the province of East Flanders, Belgium)  :: Gent {m}
ghetto {n} (area of a city in which Jews were concentrated)  :: ghetto {n}
Ghibelline {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the German emperors)  :: ghibellin {m}
ghost {n} (spirit appearing after death)  :: duch {m}, přízrak, strašidlo, zjevení, stín, fantóm, vidina, příšera
ghost {n} (false image in an optical device)  :: duch {m}
ghost {n} (false image on a television screen)  :: duch {m}
ghost {n} (soul) SEE: soul  ::
ghost town {n} (deserted town)  :: zaniklé sídlo {n}
ghost train {n} (fairground attraction)  :: strašidelná dráha {f}
ghoul {n} (a spirit said to feed on corpses)  :: ghůl {m}, vampír {m}, démon {m}
ghoul {n} (A graverobber)  :: vykradač hrobů {m}
giant {n} (mythical human)  :: obr {m}
giant {n} (Greek mythological creature)  :: gigant {m}
giant {n} (very tall person)  :: obr {m}
giant {n} (luminous star)  :: obr {m}
giant {adj} (giant)  :: obří, obrovský
Giant Mountains {prop} (the particular mountain range)  :: Krkonoše
giant panda {n} (mammal)  :: panda velká {f}
giaour {n} (infidel)  :: džaur {m}
gibberish {n} (unintelligible speech or writing)  :: páté přes deváté, hatmatilka {f}, galimatyáš {m}
gibberish {n} (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)  :: hatmatilka {f}, ptydepe {n}
gibbon {n} (small ape)  :: gibon {m}
giblets {n} (the organs of poultry)  :: droby {m-p}
Gibraltar {prop} (British overseas territory)  :: Gibraltar {m}
Gibraltar {prop} (Strait of Gibraltar) SEE: Strait of Gibraltar  ::
giddiness {n} (state of being giddy) SEE: dizziness  ::
giddyup {interj} (used to make a horse go faster)  :: hyjé
gift {n} (something given to another voluntarily, without charge)  :: dar {m}, dárek {m}
gift {n} (a talent or natural ability)  :: dar {m}, vloha {f}
gift {v} ((transitive) to give as a gift)  :: darovat, obdarovat {pf}, obdarovávat {impf}
gig {n} (performing engagement by a musical group)  :: štace {f}
gigahertz {n} (thousand of million of hertz)  :: gigahertz {m}
gigantic {adj} (very large)  :: obrovský {m}, obří
gigolo {n} (male having sexual relationships for money)  :: gigolo {m}, prostitut {m}
gigolo {n} (hired escort or dancing partner)  :: gigolo {m}
Giles {prop} (male given name)  :: Jiljí
Gilgamesh {prop} (legendary king of Uruk)  :: Gilgameš {m}
gill {n} (breathing organ of fish)  :: žábry {p}
gill {n} (mushroom organ)  :: lupen
gill cover {n} (operculum) SEE: operculum  ::
gimlet {n} (tool)  :: nebozez {m}
ginger {n} (plant)  :: zázvor {m}
ginger {n} (spice)  :: zázvor {m}
ginger {adj} (reddish-brown)  :: zrzavý
ginger {adj} (flavor)  :: zázvorový
ginger ale {n} (ginger beer) SEE: ginger beer  ::
ginger beer {n} (drink flavoured with ginger)  :: zázvorové pivo {n}
gingerbread {n} (type of cake)  :: perník {m}
gingiva {n} (gum) SEE: gum  ::
gingivitis {n} (inflammation of the gums)  :: gingivitida {f}
gippo {n} (Egyptian) SEE: Egyptian  ::
gippo {n} (Gypsy) SEE: Gypsy  ::
giraffe {n} (mammal)  :: žirafa {f}
girder {n} (main horizontal support in a building)  :: nosník, trám
girdle {n} (zodiac) SEE: zodiac  ::
girdle {v} (to gird, encircle, or constrain by such means)  :: opásat, obklíčit, obkroužit
girdle {n} (clitellum of an earthworm) SEE: clitellum  ::
girl {n} (young female person)  :: holka {f}, děvče {n}, dívka {f}
girl band {n} (band consisting of females) SEE: girl group  ::
girlfriend {n} (a female partner in a romantic relationship)  :: přítelkyně {f}, holka {f}
girlfriend {n} (a female friend)  :: přítelkyně {f}
girl group {n} (pop group made up of young women)  :: dívčí skupina
girl next door {n} (regular girl)  :: holka odvedle
Girl Scout {n} (a member of the Girl Scouts)  :: skautka {f}
Girondist {n} (Translations)  :: girondista {m}
girth {n} (the distance measured around an object)  :: obvod {m}
girya {n} (kettlebell) SEE: kettlebell  ::
Giselle {prop} (female given name)  :: Gizela {f}
gist {n} (the most essential part)  :: podstata {f}
give {v} (transfer the possession of something to someone else)  :: dávat {impf}, dát {pf}, darovat
give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime {proverb} (more worthwhile to teach someone than do it for them)  :: dej člověku rybu - nasytíš ho na jeden den; nauč ho chytat ryby - nasytíš jej na celý život
give back {v} (return)  :: vracet {impf}, vrátit {pf}
give birth {v} (produce new life)  :: porodit, rodit
give head {v} (slang: to perform oral sex on another person)  :: kouřit
give in {v} (to collapse or fall)  :: zhroutit se
give it up {v} (welcome onto stage [imperative])  :: potlesk [+ pro], přivítejte {pf}
give me {v} (expression of preference)  :: dejte mi, [informal] dej mi
given {prep} (considering, taking into account)  :: vzhledem k
given {n} (condition assumed to be true)  :: (daný) fakt {m}, axiom {m}, postulát {m}
given {adj} (already arranged)  :: daný {m}
given {adj} (currently discussed)  :: daný {m}
given name {n} (name chosen for a child by its parents)  :: jméno {n}, křestní jméno {n}
give or take {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
give out {v} (to issue)  :: rozdat
give someone a break {v} (rest) SEE: rest  ::
give up {v} (surrender)  :: vzdát se (oneself), vydat (somene else)
give up {v} (admit defeat)  :: vzdát se
give up the ghost {v} (to die)  :: vypustit duši
gizzard {n} (portion of the esophagus with ingested grit)  :: svalnatý žaludek {m}
glacial {adj} (relating to glaciers)  :: glaciální
glacial {adj} (cold and icy)  :: glaciální
glacier {n} (a large body of ice which flows under its own mass, usually downhill)  :: ledovec {m}
glad {adj} (pleased, happy, satisfied)  :: rád, radostný, šťastný
glade {n} (open space in the woods)  :: paseka {f}
gladiator {n} (a professional boxer) SEE: boxer  ::
gladiator {n} ((in ancient Rome) a person (professional or slave) who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat with another, or with a wild animal)  :: gladiátor {m}
gladiolus {n} (plant)  :: mečík {m}
Glagolitic {n} (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet)  :: hlaholice {f}
Glagolitic alphabet {n} (writing system) SEE: Glagolitic  ::
glance {n} (a brief or cursory look)  :: letmý pohled {m}
gland {n} (organ that synthesizes and secretes substance)  :: žláza {f}
glanders {n} (disease)  :: vozhřivka {f}
glandular {adj} (pertaining to a gland or glands)  :: žlázový, glandulární
glandular fever {n} (glandular fever) SEE: mononucleosis  ::
glans {n} (acorn or mast of the oak)  :: žalud {m}
glans {n} (conical vascularized body forming the extremity of the penis) SEE: glans penis  ::
glans penis {n} (conical vascularized body forming the extremity of the penis)  :: žalud
glasnost {n} (a policy of the Soviet Union)  :: glasnosť {f}
glass {n} (hourglass) SEE: hourglass  ::
glass {n} (substance)  :: sklo {n}
glass {n} (drinking vessel)  :: sklenice {f}
glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror  ::
glass {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer  ::
glassblower {n} (person skilled in the art of glassblowing)  :: sklář {m}
glass cutter {n} (glazier) SEE: glazier  ::
glasses {n} (plural of "glass") SEE: glass  ::
glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
glassmaker {n}  :: sklář {m}
glass wool {n} (insulating material)  :: skelná vata {f}
glassworks {n} (a factory that produces glass)  :: sklárna {f}
glaucoma {n} (eye disease)  :: glaukom {m}, zelený zákal {m}
glaze {n} (coating on pottery)  :: glazura {f}
glaze {n} (layer of paint)  :: lazura {f}
glaze {n} (meteorology: smooth coating of ice caused by freezing rain)  :: ledovka {f}
glazier {n} (craftsman who works with glass, fitting windows, etc)  :: sklenář {m}
glen {n} (secluded and narrow valley)  :: perina
glider {n} (aircraft)  :: kluzák {m}, větroň {m}
glimpse {v} (see briefly)  :: zahlédnout
glint {n} (short flash of light)  :: záblesk {m}, odlesk {m}
glioma {n} (type of tumour)  :: gliom {m}
glitch {n}  :: moucha {f}
glitter {n} (bright, sparkling light; brilliant and showy luster; brilliancy)  :: blesk {m}
gloat {v} (to exhibit a conspicuous sense of self-satisfaction)  :: mít školodibou radost
gloat {n} (an act or instance of gloating)  :: škodolibá radost {f}
global {adj} (spherical)  :: kulovitý {m}
globalisation {n} (process of becoming a more interconnected world)  :: globalizace {f}
globalisation {n} (process of world economy becoming dominated by capitalist models)  :: globalizace {f}
global variable {n}  :: globální proměnná {f}
global warming {n} (increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere to cause climate change)  :: globální oteplování
globe {n} (the planet Earth)  :: zeměkoule {f}
globe {n} (model of Earth)  :: glóbus {m}
globeflower {n} (plant of the genus Trollius)  :: upolín {m}
globus cruciger {n} (royal symbol of power)  :: královské jablko {n}
glockenspiel {n} (musical instrument)  :: zvonkohra
gloomy {adj} (imperfectly illuminated)  :: pochmurný {m}, temný {m}
gloomy {adj} (affected with, or expressing, gloom; melancholy)  :: pochmurný {m}, sklíčený {m}
glorious {adj} (exhibiting attributes, qualities, or acts that are worthy of or receive glory)  :: slavný {m}
glory {n} (great beauty or splendour)  :: sláva {f}
gloss {n} (glossary) SEE: glossary  ::
gloss {n} (surface shine)  :: lesk {m}
gloss {n} (superficially or deceptively attractive appearance)  :: pozlátko {n}, lesk {m}
glossary {n} (list of words with their definitions)  :: slovník pojmů {m}, slovníček pojmů {m}, glosář {m}
glossy {adj} (having a reflective surface)  :: lesklý {m}
glottal {adj} (of or relating to the glottis)  :: glotální
glottal stop {n} (plosive sound articulated with the glottis)  :: ráz {m}
glove {n} (item of clothing)  :: rukavice {f}
glover {n} (person who makes gloves)  :: rukavičkář {m}
glow {v} (to gaze, especially passionately at something)  :: vypadat nadšeně, být nadšený
glow {v} (to radiate thermal heat)  :: hřát, vyzařovat
glow {v} (to shine brightly and steadily)  :: zářit, vyzařovat
glow {v}  :: žhnout
glow plug {n} (plug that heats the combustion chamber)  :: žhavící svíčka {f}
glucose {n} (simple monosaccharide sugar)  :: glukóza {f}
glue {n} (sticky adhesive substance)  :: lepidlo {n}
glue {v} (join with glue)  :: přilepit
gluon {n} (massless gauge boson)  :: gluon {m}
glutamate {n} (salt or ester of glutamic acid)  :: glutamát {m}
glutamic acid {n} (the nonessential amino acid (α-amino-glutaric acid))  :: kyselina glutamová {f}
glutamine {n} (nonessential amino acid; C5H10N2O3)  :: glutamin {m}
gluten {n} (cereal protein)  :: lepek
gluten-free {adj} (containing no gluten)  :: bezlepkový
glutton {n} (wolverine) SEE: wolverine  ::
glutton {n} (one who eats voraciously)  :: žrout {m}, nenasyta {m} {f}
gluttonous {adj} (given to excessive eating; prone to overeating)  :: nenasytný
gluttony {n} (the vice of eating to excess)  :: obžerství {n}
glycogen {n} (polysaccharide that is the main form of carbohydrate storage in animals)  :: glykogen {m}
gnaw {v} (to bite something persistently)  :: hlodat {impf}, hryzat {impf}
gneiss {n} (common and widely-distributed metamorphic rock)  :: rula {f}
gnome {n} (legendary being)  :: skřítek {m}
gnome {n} (dwarf, goblin)  :: trpaslík {m}
Gnosticism {n} (Gnosticism)  :: gnosticismus {m}, gnóze {f}
gnu {n} (large antelope)  :: pakůň hřivnatý
go {v} (die) SEE: die  ::
go {v} (lead (tend or reach in a certain direction)) SEE: lead  ::
go {v} (to move through space (especially from one place to another) )  :: chodit, [on foot] jít {impf}, jet, jezdit, [by transport]
go {v} (of a machine, to work )  :: fungovat
go {v} (to take a turn )  :: chodit, šlapat [informal]
go {v} (to disappear )  :: odejít
go {v} (to be destroyed )  :: odejít, rozbít se
go {v} (to make (a specified sound) )  :: dělat
go {v} (to date )  :: chodit (s někým)
go {n} (turn at something)  :: tah {m}
go {n} (approval)  :: souhlas {m}
go {n} (board game)  :: go {n}
go {v} (leave) SEE: leave  ::
go {v} (attack) SEE: attack  ::
go {v} (attend) SEE: attend  ::
go {v} (change) SEE: change  ::
go {v} (walk) SEE: walk  ::
go {v} (urinate, defecate) SEE: pee  ::
go {v} (survive) SEE: survive  ::
go {v} (extend) SEE: extend  ::
Goa {prop} (state in western India)  :: Goa {f}
goal {n} (result one is attempting to achieve)  :: cíl {m}
goal {n} (in many sports, an area into which the players attempt to put an object)  :: brána {f}, branka {f}
goal {n} ((sport) act of placing the object into the goal)  :: gól {m}, branka {f}
goal {n} (point(s) scored)  :: gól {m}, branka {f}
goal area {n} (soccer: area of the pitch closest to goal)  :: brankové území {n}, malé vápno {n}
goal area {n} (ice hockey: semicircle in front of the goal)  :: brankoviště {n}
goalkeeper {n} (player that protects a goal)  :: brankář {m}
goal kick {n} (a set piece taken from the goal area after the ball has gone out of play)  :: kop od brány
goalkicker {n} (rugby player)  :: kopáč {m}
goal line {n} (in soccer)  :: branková čára {f}
goal line {n} (in ice hockey)  :: branková čára
goaltender {n} (player that protects a goal) SEE: goalkeeper  ::
goat {n} (animal)  :: koza {f} [female], kozel {m} [male]
goatee {n} (beard at the center of the chin)  :: bradka {f}
goat willow {n} (Salix caprea) SEE: sallow  ::
go away {interj}  :: běž pryč!
go away {v} (to depart or leave a place)  :: odejít
gob {n} (slang: mouth)  :: huba {f} [slang]
go bankrupt {v} (to become bankrupt)  :: krachovat, zkrachovat
gobble {v} (to make the sound of a turkey)  :: hudrovat
go belly-up {v} (go bankrupt) SEE: go bankrupt  ::
goblin {n} (hostile diminutive humanoid in fantasy literature)  :: šotek {m}, skřítek {m}, skřet {m}
goby {n} (gudgeon) SEE: gudgeon  ::
go crazy {v} (go nuts) SEE: go nuts  ::
god {n} (deity)  :: bůh {m}
god {n} (idol)  :: bůh {m}
God {n} (impersonal, universal, spiritual presence)  :: bůh {m}
God {n} (omnipotent being)  :: bůh {m}
God {prop} (single deity of monotheism)  :: Bůh {m}
God {prop} (single male deity of duotheism)  :: Bůh {m}
God bless you {interj} (said as a short prayer for the recipient)  :: Bůh ti žehnej
God bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed)  :: na zdraví
goddess {n} (female deity)  :: bohyně {f}
goddess {n} (adored or idealized woman)  :: bohyně {f}
godfather {n} (man present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner)  :: kmotr {m}
godfather {n} (mafia leader)  :: kmotr {m}
God forbid {interj} (Don't let it be)  :: chraňbůh
God helps those who help themselves {proverb} (good fortune comes to those who make an effort to accomplish things)  :: pomoz si sám a Bůh ti pomůže
God knows {phrase} (Only known to God; only known to the gods)  :: bůhví
godless {adj} (not acknowledging any deity or god; without belief in any deity or god)  :: bezbožný
godlike {adj} (having characteristics of a god)  :: božský
godmother {n} (woman present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner)  :: kmotra {f}
godsend {n} (an unexpected good fortune)  :: dar z nebes {m}
God willing {interj} (God willing)  :: dá-li Bůh
goer {n} (foot) SEE: foot  ::
gofer {n} (worker)  :: poskok {m}
go-getter {n} (one who is motivated or inclined to excel)  :: podnikavec {m}
Gogolian {adj} (of or relating to Gogol)  :: gogolovský
gokkun {n} (genre of pornography)  :: gokkun
gold {n} (element)  :: zlato {n}
gold {n} (coin)  :: zlaťák {m}
gold {n} (colour)  :: zlatá {f}
gold {n} (bullseye)  :: střed {m}
gold {n} (gold medal)  :: zlato {n}
gold {n} (anything or anyone considered to be very valuable)  :: zlato {n}
gold {adj} (made of gold)  :: zlatý {m}
gold {adj} (having the colour of gold)  :: zlatý {m}
golden {adj} (made of, or relating to, gold)  :: zlatý
golden eagle {n} (large bird of prey)  :: orel skalní {m}
Golden Horde {prop} (the Mongol invaders)  :: Zlatá horda {f}
golden parachute {n} (agreement on benefits)  :: zlatý padák {m}
golden plover {n} (Pluvialis dominic) SEE: American golden plover  ::
golden ratio {n} (irrational number)  :: zlatý řez {m}
goldfinch {n} (any of several passerine birds)  :: stehlík {m}
goldfish {n} (fish)  :: zlatá rybka {f}
goldilocks {n} (girl with golden hair)  :: zlatovláska {f}
goldilocks {n} (Aster linosyris)  :: hvězdnice zlatovlásek {f}
gold rush {n} (period of feverish migration into an area in which gold has been discovered)  :: zlatá horečka {f}
goldsmith {n} (person who forges things out of gold)  :: zlatník {m}
golf {n} (ball game)  :: golf {m}
golfer {n} (someone who plays golf)  :: golfista {m}, golfistka {f}
Golgotha {prop} (the crucifixion hill)  :: Golgota {f}
Goliath {prop} (biblical giant)  :: Goliáš {m}
Gollum {n} (fictional character)  :: Glum {m}
Golodomor {prop} (Holodomor) SEE: Holodomor  ::
go mad {v} (to become insane) SEE: go nuts  ::
Gomel {prop} (city)  :: Homel {m}
gondola {n} (narrow boat, especially in Venice)  :: gondola {f}
gondolier {n} (Venetian boatman who propels a gondola)  :: gondoliér {m}
gong {n} (percussion instrument)  :: gong {m}
gonorrhea {n} (STD)  :: kapavka {f}
go nuts {v} (to become mad)  :: zbláznit se
good {adj} (acting in the interest of good; ethical good intentions)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (useful for a particular purpose)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (of food, edible; not stale or rotten)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (of food, having a particularly pleasant taste)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (healthful)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (pleasant; enjoyable)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (of people, competent or talented)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (effective)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (favourable)  :: dobrý
good {adj} (beneficial; worthwhile)  :: dobrý
good {n} (the forces of good)  :: dobro {n}
good {n} (good result)  :: dobro {n}
good afternoon {phrase} (greeting said in the afternoon)  :: dobrý den
goodbye {interj} (farewell)  :: na shledanou, sbohem
goodbye {n} (an utterance of goodbye)  :: rozloučení {n}, sbohem {n}
good day {phrase} (greeting between sunrise and sunset)  :: dobrý den
good-den {interj} (good evening) SEE: good evening  ::
good evening {n} (greeting said in the evening)  :: dobrý večer
good faith {n} (good, honest intentions)  :: dobrá víra {f}
good for nothing {adj} (good-for-nothing) SEE: good-for-nothing  ::
good-for-nothing {adj} (useless, worthless)  :: budižkničemu
good-for-nothing {n} (person of little worth or usefulness)  :: budižkničemu {m}
good fortune {n} (good luck) SEE: good luck  ::
Good Friday {prop} (The Friday before Easter Sunday, the commemoration of the day on which Christ was crucified)  :: Velký pátek {m}
goodhearted {adj} (kind, generous and altruistic)  :: dobrosrdečný
good job {interj} (a phrase used to praise for a good job or efforts)  :: dobrá práce
good luck {interj} (wish of fortune or encouragement)  :: hodně štěstí!
good luck {n} (positive fortune)  :: štěstí {n}
good morning {interj} (when seeing someone for the first time in the morning)  :: dobré ráno
good-natured {adj} (of or pertaining to an amicable, kindly disposition)  :: dobrácký
goodnaturedly {adv} (in a good-natured manner)  :: dobrácky
goodness {n} (state or characteristic of being good)  :: dobrota {f}
good night {phrase} (a farewell)  :: dobrou noc
goods {n} (that which is produced, traded, bought or sold)  :: zboží {n}
good things come to those who wait {proverb} (patience is a virtue)  :: kdo si počká, ten se dočká
google {n} (a search using Google)  :: googlení {n}
google {v} (to search for on the Internet)  :: vygooglovat, googlit
Google {prop} (Google (in other scripts, the trademark may also be written in Roman letters))  :: Google {m}, Gúgl {m} [humble, rare], Gůgl {m} [humble, rare]
googolplex {num} (ten to the power of a googol)  :: googolplex
gook {n} (derogatory slur for an Asian person)  :: rákosník [usually Vietnamese]
go on {v} (continue)  :: pokračovat, vytrvat
goosander {n} (diving duck)  :: morčák velký {m}
goose {n} (a grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae)  :: husa {f}
gooseberry {n} (fruit)  :: angrešt {m}
goose bump {n} (raised skin caused by cold, excitement, or fear)  :: husí kůže {f}
goosebump {n} (goose pimple) SEE: goose pimple  ::
goose flesh {n} (goose pimple) SEE: goose pimple  ::
goose pimple {n} (bumps on the skin)  :: husí kůže {f}
goose skin {n} (goose pimple) SEE: goose pimple  ::
go out {v} (to leave, especially a building)  :: vycházet, vyjít
gopher {n} (a small burrowing rodent)  :: sysel {m}
Gorbachev {prop} (Russian surname)  :: Gorbačov {m}
Gordian knot {n} (mythical knot)  :: gordický uzel {m}
Gordian knot {n} (intricate problem)  :: gordický uzel {m}
gore {n} (thick blood)  :: [sedlá OR sražená] krev {f}
gore {v} (to pierce)  :: nabodnout, nabrat
gorge {n} (deep passage)  :: rokle {f}, soutěska {f}
gorge {v} (to eat greedily)  :: hltat, žrát
gorgonzola {n} (Italian cheese)  :: gorgonzola {f}
gorilla {n} (ape)  :: gorila {f}
gormless {adj} (lacking intelligence or understanding; foolish)  :: vypatlaný, tupý, nablblý, blbý
gorodki {n} (an ancient Russian folk sport)  :: gorodky {p}
gory {adj} (covered with blood, very bloody)  :: krvavý, zkrvavený
gory {adj} (unpleasant) SEE: unpleasant  ::
goshawk {n} (bird of prey)  :: jestřáb
gosling {n} (young goose)  :: house {n}
gospel {n} (first section of New Testament)  :: evangelium {n}
gospel {n} (account of the life, death, and teachings of Jesus)  :: evangelium {n}
gossamer {n} (cobwebs floating in the air)  :: babí léto {n}
gossip {n} (person)  :: drbna {f}, klepna {f}
gossip {n} (idle talk)  :: drb {m}
gossip {v} (to talk about someone else's private or personal business)  :: drbat [colloquial]
gotcha {contraction} (gotcha)  :: mám tě
goth {n} (punk-derived subculture of people who predominately dress in black)  :: gotické hnutí {n}
goth {n} (style of bleak rock music; gothic rock)  :: gothic rock {m}, gotický rock {m}
goth {n} (person who is part of the goth subculture)  :: goth {m}
go the extra mile {v} (to make an extra effort)  :: udělat něco navíc
Gothic {prop} (extinct Germanic language)  :: gótština {f}
Gothic arch {n} (arch in the shape of ogive)  :: gotický oblouk {m}
go through {v} (to examine or scrutinize)  :: projít, procházet
go through {v} (undergo, suffer, experience)  :: projít, procházet
got it {v} (Do you understand?)  :: chápeš?
got it {v} (I understand)  :: chápu
go to sleep {v} (fall asleep) SEE: fall asleep  ::
go to work {v} (work) SEE: work  ::
gouda {n} (semi-hard cheese)  :: gouda {f}
goulash {n} (A stew of beef or veal and vegetables, flavoured with paprika and sour cream)  :: guláš {m}
go under {v} (to fail by going bankrupt) SEE: go bankrupt  ::
gourmet {n} (gourmet; a person who appreciates good food)  :: labužník {m}
gout {n} (arthritic disease)  :: dna {f}, pakostnice {f}
govern {v} (to control the actions of)  :: ovládat
govern {v} (to exercise a determining influence on)  :: řídit
govern {v} (to control the speed or magnitude of)  :: ovládat [used with valve]
govern {v} ((intr.) to exercise political authority)  :: vládnout
governance {n} (the process, or the power, of governing; government or administration)  :: správa {f} [věcí veřejných], vládnutí {n}
government {n} (body with the power to make and/or enforce laws)  :: vláda {f}
governor {n} (leader of a region or state)  :: guvernér {m}
governor {n} (device which regulates or controls)  :: regulátor {m}
gown {n} (woman's dress)  :: šaty {m-p}
gown {n} (official robe)  :: talár {m}
gown {n} (dressing gown) SEE: dressing gown  ::
goy {n} (non-Jew)  :: gój {m}
grab {v} (to make a sudden grasping or clutching motion (at something))  :: chytit, uchopit
graceful {adj} (showing grace)  :: elegantní
gracefully {adv} (in a graceful manner)  :: elegantně
grade {n} (rating)  :: známka {f}
grade crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
grade school {n} (elementary or primary school) SEE: primary school  ::
gradient {n} (slope or incline)  :: sklon {m}, svah {m}
gradient {n} (rate of inclination or declination of a slope)  :: sklon {m}
gradient {n} (in calculus)  :: sklon {m}
gradual {adj} (proceeding by steps or small degrees)  :: postupný {m}, stupňovitý {m}
gradually {adv} (in gradual manner)  :: postupně
graduate {n} (from a university)  :: absolvent {m}
graduate {v} (to be recognized by a university as having completed the requirements of a degree)  :: promovat
graduated cylinder {n} (laboratory equipment)  :: odměrný válec {m}
graduate student {n} (university student working on a master's or Ph.D.) SEE: postgraduate  ::
graduation {n} (the action or process of graduating)  :: promoce {f}
graduation {n} (a commencement ceremony)  :: promoce {f}
graft {n} (small shoot or scion)  :: roub {m}
grafting {n} (act, art, or process of inserting grafts)  :: roubování {n}
grain {n} (harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops)  :: zrno {n}, zrní {n}
grain {n} (single seed of grain)  :: zrno {n}, zrnko {n}
grain {n} (the crops from which grain is harvested)  :: obilí {n}
grain {n} (linear texture of material or surface)  :: zrnitost
grain {n} (single particle of a substance)  :: zrnko {n}
grain {n} (unit of weight)  :: grán {m}
gram {n} (unit of mass)  :: gram {m}
grammar {n} (rules for speaking and writing a language)  :: mluvnice {f}, gramatika {f}
grammar {n} (in computing: formal system specifying the syntax of a language)  :: gramatika {f}
grammarian {n} (person who studies grammar)  :: gramatik {m}
grammar school {n} (UK secondary school or equivalent in another country)  :: gymnázium {n}
grammary {n} (grammar) SEE: grammar  ::
grammatical {adj} (acceptable as determined by the rules of the grammar)  :: gramatický
grammatical case {n} (mode of inflection of a word)  :: pád {m}
grammatical mood {n} (in grammar, type of the relationship)  :: způsob {m}, slovesný způsob {m}
grampus {n} (killer whale) SEE: orca  ::
granary {n} (storage facility)  :: sýpka {f}
grandaunt {n} (great-aunt) SEE: great-aunt  ::
grandchild {n} (child of someone’s child)  :: vnouče {n}
granddaughter {n} (daughter of someone’s child)  :: vnučka {f}
grand duchess {n} (grand duke’s consort)  :: velkovévodkyně {f}
grand duchess {n} ((grand)daughter of a Russian czar or emperor)  :: velkokněžna {f}
grand duchy {n} (a dominion or region ruled by a grand duke or grand duchess)  :: velkovévodství {n}
grand duke {n} (ruler or monarch of a grand duchy)  :: velkovévoda {m}
grand duke {n} (son or grandson of a czar)  :: velkokníže {m}
grandfather {n} (grandfather (from either side))  :: děda {m}, děd {m}
grandiloquent {adj} (overly wordy or elaborate)  :: velkohubý {m}
grandma {n} (grandmother (informal))  :: babička {f}
grandmaster {n} (Grandmaster) SEE: Grandmaster  ::
Grandmaster {n} (highest title for chess player)  :: velmistr {m}
Grand Master {n} (title)  :: velmistr {m}
grandmother {n} (mother of someone's parent)  :: babička {f}
grandnephew {n} (grandson of a sibling)  :: prasynovec {m}
grandpa {n} (grandfather (informal))  :: dědeček, děda
grandparent {n} (parent of one's parent)  :: prarodič
grand piano {n} (type of piano)  :: křídlo {n}
grandson {n} (son of one's child)  :: vnuk {m}
grandstand {n} (seating area)  :: hlediště {n}, bariéry {f-p}
granduncle {n} (great-uncle) SEE: great-uncle  ::
granite {n} (type of rock)  :: žula {f}
granny {n} (colloquial: grandmother)  :: babička {f}, bábinka {f}, babča {f}
granny {n} (colloquial, derogatory: an elderly woman)  :: stařena {f}
granodiorite {n} (intrusive igneous rock)  :: granodiorit {m}
granola {n} (breakfast and snack food)  :: müsli, cereálie {f-p}
grant {v} (To give over)  :: poskytnout
grant {v} (To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or request)  :: udělit
grant {v} (To admit as true what is not yet satisfactorily proved; to yield belief to; to allow; to yield; to concede)  :: připustit, uznat
grant {v} (To assent; to consent)  :: schválit
grant {n} (The thing or property granted; a gift; a boon)  :: grant {m}
grant {n} (Informal: application for money)  :: grant {m}
granulocyte {n} (blood cell)  :: granulocyt {m}
granulocytic {adj} (of or pertaining to granulocytes)  :: granulocytární
granulomatosis {n} (pathological condition)  :: granulomatóza {f}
granulomatous {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characterized by granulomata)  :: granulomatózní
grape {n} (fruit)  :: hrozen {m}
grape {n} (grapeshot) SEE: grapeshot  ::
grapefruit {n} (a large, round tart fruit)  :: grapefruit {m}
grape juice {n} (grape juice)  :: hroznový džus hroznová sťava
grapeshot {n} (type of shot)  :: kartáč {m}
grapevine {n} (the plant on which grapes grow)  :: vinná réva {f}
graph {n} (mathematical diagram)  :: graf {m}
graph {n} (an ordered pair in graph theory)  :: graf {m}
graphene {n} (large-scale, one-atom thick layer of graphite)  :: grafen
graphic {adj} (drawn, pictorial)  :: výtvarný
graphic {adj} (vivid, descriptive)  :: barvitý
graphical {adj} (of, related to, or using graphics)  :: grafický
graphical user interface {n} (type of user interface)  :: grafické uživatelské rozhraní {n}
graphics {n} (pictorial representation and manipulation of data)  :: grafika {f}
graphite {n} (form of carbon)  :: grafit {m}, tuha {f}
graphologist {n} (graphologist)  :: grafolog {m}
graphology {n} (study of handwriting)  :: grafologie {f}
graph theory {n} (study of networks of nodes and vertices)  :: teorie grafů {f}
grappa {n} (Italian grape-based spirit)  :: grappa
grasp {v} (to grasp) SEE: hold  ::
grasp {v} (to grip)  :: stisknout, uchopit
grasp {v} (to understand)  :: pochopit
grasp {n} (grip)  :: uchopení, sevření
grasp {n} (understanding)  :: porozumění
grass {n} (ground cover plant)  :: tráva {f}
grass {n} (lawn)  :: trávník {m}
grass {n} (marijuana)  :: tráva {f}
grasshopper {n} (an insect of the order Orthoptera)  :: kobylka {f}
grass snake {n} (Natrix natrix)  :: užovka {f}
grass widow {n} (woman whose husband is away)  :: slaměná vdova {f}
grateful {adj} (showing gratitude)  :: vděčný {m}
grater {n} (a tool with which one grates)  :: struhadlo {n}
gratis {adv} (free, without charge) SEE: for free  ::
gratis {adj} (free of charge) SEE: free of charge  ::
gratitude {n} (state of being grateful)  :: vděčnost {f}, vděk {m}
grave {n} (excavation for burial)  :: hrob {m}
grave {adj} (having a sense of seriousness)  :: vážný
grave {adj} (serious in a negative sense)  :: závažný
gravel {n} (small fragments of rock)  :: štěrk {m}
gravestone {n} (stone slab set at the head of a grave)  :: náhrobek {m}, náhrobní kámen {m}
graveyard {n} (tract of land in which the dead are buried)  :: hřbitov {m}, pohřebiště, krchov
gravid {adj} (pregnant; now used chiefly of egg-laying animals, or metaphorically)  :: těhotný, gravidní, březí
gravitation {n} (fundamental force of attraction)  :: přitažlivost {f}, gravitace {f}
gravitational {adj} (pertaining to gravitation)  :: gravitační
gravitational interaction {n} (gravitational interaction in physics)  :: gravitační interakce {f}
gravitational wave {n} (fluctuation in spacetime that propagates as a wave at the speed of light)  :: gravitační vlna {f}
graviton {n} (a hypothetical gauge boson)  :: graviton {m}
gravity {n} (gravitation, gravity force on two mass bodies)  :: gravitace {f}
gravure {n} (printing method)  :: hlubotisk {m}
gravy {n} (sauce)  :: šťáva z masa {f}
gray {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember)  :: šedý {m}
gray {n} (colour)  :: šedá
gray {n} (SI unit of absorbed radiation)  :: gray {m}
gray iron {n} (an alloy of iron, carbon, and silicon)  :: šedá litina {f}
grayling {n} (Thymallus thymallus)  :: lipan {m}
Graz {prop} (city)  :: Štýrský Hradec {m}
graze {v} (to feed or supply with grass)  :: pást
graze {v} (to eat grass from a pasture)  :: pást se {impf}
grease gun {n} (device for forcing grease into machinery)  :: maznice {f}
grease nipple {n} (fitting fixed to a piece of machinery)  :: maznička {f}
greasy {adj} (having a slippery surface)  :: mastný
great {adj} (important) SEE: important  ::
great {adj} (very big, large scale)  :: veliký {m}
great {adj} (very good)  :: skvělý {m}
great {adj} (important title)  :: veliký {m}
great-aunt {n} (aunt of one’s parent)  :: prateta {f}
Great Barrier Reef {prop} (Great Barrier Reef)  :: Velký korálový útes {m}
Great Britain {prop} (island)  :: Velká Británie {f}
Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom, see also: United Kingdom; Kingdom of Great Britain)  :: Velká Británie {f}
Greater London {prop} (City of London, Westminster and 31 other London boroughs)  :: Velký Londýn {m}
greatest common divisor {n} (largest positive integer or polynomial)  :: největší společný dělitel {m}
great-granddaughter {n} (the daughter of someone's grandchild)  :: pravnučka {f}
great-grandfather {n} (father of grandparent)  :: pradědeček {m}, praděd {m}
great-grandmother {n} (mother of one's grandparent)  :: prababička {f}, prabába {f}
great-grandson {n} (son of a grandchild)  :: pravnuk {m}
great-great-grandfather {n} (The father of someone's great-grandparent)  :: prapradědeček {m}
great haste makes great waste {proverb} (haste makes waste) SEE: haste makes waste  ::
Great Leap Forward {prop} (Great Leap Forward (in China))  :: Velký skok vpřed {m}
great power {n} (powerful state)  :: velmoc {f}
Great Pyramid at Giza {prop} (Great Pyramid of Giza) SEE: Great Pyramid of Giza  ::
Great Pyramid of Giza {prop} (the largest and most famous of the Egyptian pyramids)  :: Chufuova pyramida {f}
great spotted woodpecker {n} (species of woodpecker)  :: strakapoud velký
great tit {n} (bird)  :: sýkora koňadra
great-uncle {n} (uncle of one's parent)  :: prastrýc {m}
grebe {n} (any of several waterbirds in the family Podicipedidae)  :: potápka {f}
Grecism {n} (word or idiom of the Greek language used in another language)  :: grécismus {m}
Greece {prop} (Country in Southeastern Europe)  :: Řecko {n}
greed {n} (selfish desire for more than is needed)  :: chamtivost {f}
greedy {adj} (having greed; consumed by selfish desires)  :: chtivý {m}, chamtivý {m}
Greek {n} (inhabitant, etc., of Greece)  :: Řek {m}, Řekyně {f}
Greek {prop} (language of the Greek people)  :: řečtina {f}
Greek {adj} (of the Greek language, people or country)  :: řecký
Greek fire {n} (flammable substance)  :: řecký oheň {m}
Greek Orthodox Church {prop} (Greek Orthodox Church)  :: Řecká pravoslavná církev {f}
green {adj} (having green as its colour)  :: zelený
green {n} (colour)  :: zelená {f}
green {n} (member of a green party)  :: zelený {f}
green {n} (putting green) SEE: putting green  ::
greenery {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana  ::
green-eyed {adj} (having green eyes)  :: zelenooký
greenfinch {n} (European greenfinch, Carduelis chloris)  :: zvonek {m}
greengrocer {n} (person who sells fresh vegetables and fruit)  :: zelinář {m}
greenhorn {n} (inexperienced person)  :: zelenáč {m}
greenhouse {n} (building in which plants are grown more quickly than outside)  :: skleník {m}
greenhouse effect {n} (process by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere)  :: skleníkový efekt {m}
greenish {adj} (somewhat green)  :: zelenavý
Greenland {prop} (a large self-governing island in North America)  :: Grónsko {n}
Greenlander {n} (a person from Greenland or of Greenlandic descent)  :: Gróňan {m}, Gróňanka {f}
Greenlandic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Greenland, its people or language) SEE: Greenlandish  ::
Greenlandic {prop} (language) SEE: Greenlandish  ::
Greenlandish {prop} (language)  :: grónština {f}
green light {n} (green traffic light)  :: zelená {f}
green light {n} (permission)  :: zelená {f}
green tea {n} (leaves)  :: zelený čaj {m}
green tea {n} (drink)  :: zelený čaj {m}
green woodpecker {n} (Picus viridis)  :: žluna zelená {f}
greet {v} (to address with salutations or expressions of kind wishes)  :: zdravit
greeting {n} (acknowledgement of a persons presence or arrival)  :: pozdrav {m}
gregarious {adj} (of a person who enjoys being in crowds)  :: družný, společenský
gregarious {adj} (of animals that travel in herds)  :: stádní
Gregorian calendar {prop} (calendar)  :: gregoriánský kalendář {m}
Gregory {prop} (male given name)  :: Řehoř {m}
Grenada {prop} (Caribbean country)  :: Grenada {f}
grenade {n} (pomegranate) SEE: pomegranate  ::
grenade {n} (small explosive device)  :: granát {m}
grenade launcher {n} (weapon that shoots grenades)  :: granátomet {m}
Grenadian {n} (A person from Grenada)  :: Grenaďan {m}
Grenadian {adj} (pertaining to Grenada)  :: grenadský
grenadier {n} (soldier)  :: granátník {m}
grey {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember)  :: šedý {m}
grey {n} (colour)  :: šedá
grey heron {n} (the Old World wading bird Ardea cinerea of the heron family)  :: volavka popelavá
greyhound {n} (lean breed of dog used in hunting and racing)  :: anglický chrt {m}
greylag {n} (large European goose) SEE: greylag goose  ::
greylag goose {n} (Anser anser)  :: husa velká
greywacke {n} (breaking of the ground into furrows)  :: droba {f}
grid {n} (rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size)  :: mřížka {f}
grid {n} (electricity delivery system)  :: rozvodná síť elektrické energie {f}
gridiron {n} (rack or grate for broiling)  :: rošt {m}
gridiron {n} (any object resembling rack or grate)  :: rošt {m}
grief {n} (sadness)  :: žal {m}, smutek {m}
griffin {n} (mythical beast having the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle)  :: gryf {m}
griffon {n} (legendary creature) SEE: griffin  ::
griffon vulture {n} (Gyps fulvus)  :: sup bělohlavý
grill {n} (vehicle front cover)  :: mřížka {f}
grill {n} (barbecue)  :: gril {m}
grill {v} (cook food)  :: grilovat
grim {adj} (dismal and gloomy, cold and forbidding)  :: chmurný, krušný, depresivní
grimace {v} (to make grimaces)  :: šklebit se
grimoire {n} (book of instructions in the use of magic)  :: grimoár
Grim Reaper {prop} (personification of Death)  :: smrtka {f}
grind {v} (to make smaller by breaking with a device)  :: mlít, drtit
grind {v} (to rotate the hips erotically)  :: vrtět
grind {v} (to remove material by rubbing with an abrasive surface)  :: brousit
grinder {n} (sandwich) SEE: sub  ::
grip {v} (to grip) SEE: grasp  ::
grip {n} (grip) SEE: grasp  ::
grip {n} (A hold or way of holding, particularly with the hand)  :: sevření {n}, stisk {m}, uchopení {n}
grip {n} (A handle or other place to grip)  :: rukojeť {f}, držadlo {n}
gripe {n} (Gyps fulvus) SEE: griffin  ::
grippe {n} (flu) SEE: flu  ::
grit {n} (character trait)  :: odhodlanost {f}, vytrvalost {f}
Görlitz {prop} (city in Saxony, Germany)  :: Zhořelec {m}
groan {n}  :: zasténání {n}
groan {v} (to make a groan)  :: sténat
grocer {n} (person selling foodstuffs and household items)  :: hokynář {m}
groceries {n} (plural of grocery (store))  :: koloniály {m-p}, hokynářství {n-p}
grocer's {n} (shop selling groceries)  :: koloniál {m}, hokynářství {n}
grocery {n} (retail foodstuffs and other household supplies) SEE: groceries  ::
grocery {n} (shop or store that sells groceries)  :: koloniál {m}, hokynářství {n}
grocery store {n} (grocery) SEE: grocery  ::
Grodno {prop} (city)  :: Grodno {n}
groin {n} (long narrow depression of the human body that separates the trunk from the legs)  :: rozkrok {m}, tříslo {n}
groom {n} (bridegroom) SEE: bridegroom  ::
groove {n} (long, narrow channel)  :: rýha {f}, žlábek {m}, zářez {m}, drážka {f} [of an LP album]
groove {n} (fixed routine)  :: rutina {f}, vyjetá kolej {f} [figuratively]
groove fricative {n} (phonetics: hissing sound) SEE: sibilant  ::
grope {v} (to search by feeling)  :: tápat
grope {v} (to touch closely and sexually)  :: osahávat
groschen {n} (coin)  :: groš {m}
gross {n} (twelve dozen)  :: veletucet {m}
gross domestic product {n} (economic production of a particular territory)  :: hrubý domácí produkt {m}
gross national product {n} (economics)  :: hrubý národní produkt {m}
grosz {n} (one hundredth of a Polish zloty)  :: groš {m}
grotto {n} (small cave)  :: jeskyňka {f}
grotto {n} (artificial cavern-like retreat)  :: grotta {f}
ground {n} (surface of the Earth)  :: země {f}
ground {n} (bottom of a body of water)  :: dno
ground {n} (basis, foundation, groundwork)  :: základ {m}
ground {v} (to connect an electrical conductor)  :: uzemnit
ground {v} (to require a child to remain at home)  :: dát domácí vězení
ground {n} (terrain) SEE: terrain  ::
grounded {adj} (confined to one's room for some misdemeanor)  :: mít zaracha
ground-effect machine {n} (hovercraft) SEE: hovercraft  ::
ground floor {n} (floor of a building closest to ground level)  :: přízemí {n}
groundhog {n} (woodchuck) SEE: woodchuck  ::
ground ivy {n} (Glechoma hederacea)  :: popenec obecný
ground-to-air {adj}  :: země-vzduch
ground water {n} (underground water) SEE: groundwater  ::
groundwater {n} (Water existing beneath the earth's surface in underground streams and aquifers)  :: podzemní voda
group {n} (number of things or persons being in some relation to each other)  :: skupina {f}
group {n} (in group theory)  :: grupa {f}
group {n} (people who perform music together)  :: skupina {f}, kapela {f}
group {n} (in Unix)  :: skupina {f}
group {v} (put together to form a group)  :: seskupit
group {n} (functional entity consisting of certain atoms whose presence provides a certain property to a molecule) SEE: functional group  ::
group sex {n} (sexual practice)  :: skupinový sex {m}
grouse {n} (any of various game birds of the family Tetraonidae)  :: tetřev {m}
grout {n} (mortar used between tiles)  :: zálivková malta {f}
grout {v} (insert mortar between tiles)  :: spárovat
grove {n} (small forest)  :: háj {m}, lesík {m}
grove {n} (orchard) SEE: orchard  ::
grovel {v} (to crawl)  :: plazit se
grow {v} ((intransitive) to become bigger)  :: růst {impf}
grow {v} ((transitive) to cause something to become bigger)  :: pěstovat
growl {n} (deep threatening sound)  :: vrčení {n}
growl {n} (sound made by a hungry stomach)  :: kručení {n}
growth {n} (increase in size)  :: růst {m}, vzrůst {m}, nárůst {m}
growth {n} (act of growing)  :: růst {m}
growth {n} (something that grows or has grown)  :: porost {m}
growth {n} (pathology: abnormal mass such as a tumor)  :: bujení {n}
growth ring {n} (tree ring) SEE: tree ring  ::
Grozny {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Groznyj {m}
grue {v} (shudder) SEE: shudder  ::
grue {n} (shudder) SEE: shudder  ::
gruelling {adj} (so difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted)  :: vyčerpávající, vysilující
grumble {n} (the sound made by a hungry stomach)  :: kručení {n}
grumpy {adj} (unhappy and/or irritable)  :: mrzutý, nevrlý
Grus {prop} (spring constellation of the southern sky)  :: Jeřáb {m}
Guadalcanal {prop} (Pacific island)  :: Guadalcanal {m}
Guadalquivir {prop} (river in southern Spain)  :: Guadalquivir {m}
guaifenesin {n} (expectorant drug)  :: guaifenesin {m}
guanaco {n} (Lama guanicoe)  :: guanako
Guangdong {prop} (province of China)  :: Kuang-tung
Guangxi {prop} (province in China)  :: Kuang-si
Guangzhou {prop} (Chinese city)  :: Kanton {m}
guanine {n} (substance obtained from guano)  :: guanin {m}
guano {n} (dung from a sea bird or from a bat)  :: guáno {n}
guarantee {n} (anything that assures a certain outcome)  :: záruka {f}, garance {f}
guarantee {n} (written declaration)  :: záruka {f}
guarantee {n} (person who gives such a guarantee)  :: ručitel {m}
guarantee {v} (to give an assurance that something will be done right)  :: ručit, garantovat
guarantee {v} (to assume responsibility for a debt)  :: ručit
guarantee {v} (to make something certain)  :: zajistit, garantovat
guarantor {n} (A person, or company, that gives a guarantee)  :: ručitel {m}
guard {n} (person who or thing that protects something)  :: stráž {f}
guard {v} (to protect from some offence)  :: střežit
guardian {n} (guard or watcher)  :: strážce
guardian {n} (law: person legally responsible for a minor in loco parentis)  :: poručník
guardian {n} (superior in a Franciscan monastery)  :: kvardián
guardian angel {n} (spirit)  :: anděl strážný, anděl strážce
guardrail {n} (rail set alongside a dangerous place)  :: zábradlí {n}, zábradlí {n-p}
Guatemala {prop} (country in Central America)  :: Guatemala {f}
Guatemalan {n} (person)  :: Guatemalec {m}
Guatemalan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Guatemala or its people)  :: guatemalský
guava {n} (fruit)  :: guava
gudgeon {n} (Fish, Gobio gobio)  :: hrouzek {m}
Guelph {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the Pope)  :: guelf {m}
guenon {n} (monkey of the genus Cercopithecus)  :: kočkodan {m}
guerdon {n} (a reward, prize or recompense)  :: odměna {f}
Guernsey {prop} (island)  :: Guernsey
guerrilla {n} (irregular soldier)  :: partyzán {m}
guess {v} (to reach an unqualified conclusion)  :: hádat
guess {v} (to solve by a correct conjecture)  :: uhádnout
guess {v} (to suppose)  :: předpokládat
guess {n} (prediction about the outcome of something)  :: odhad {m}
guest {n} (recipient of hospitality)  :: host {m}
guest {n} (patron, customer)  :: host {m}
guest {n} (invited performer)  :: host {m}
guest book {n} (ledger for visitors to leave comments about an establishment)  :: návštěvní kniha {f}
guest book {n} (website feature functioning like a physical guest book)  :: návštěvní kniha {f}
guffaw {n} (a boisterous laugh)  :: řehot {m}
guffaw {v} (To laugh boisterously)  :: řehtat se
guide {n} (someone who guides)  :: průvodce {m}
guide {n} (document, book)  :: průvodce {m}
guide {v} (to serve as a guide person)  :: provést
guide book {n} (book that provides guidance)  :: průvodce {m}
guideline {n} (non-specific rule or principle)  :: směrnice {f-p}
guild {n} (association of tradespeople)  :: cech {m}
guillotine {n} (machine used for capital punishment)  :: gilotina {f}
guilt {n} (responsibility for wrongdoing)  :: vina {f}
guilt {n} (awareness of having done wrong)  :: vina {f}
guilt {n} (the fact of having done wrong)  :: vina {f}
guilt {n} (legal)  :: vina {f}
guilty {adj} (responsible for a dishonest act)  :: vinen {m}, vinný {m}
Guinea {prop} (Republic of Guinea)  :: Guinea {f}
Guinea-Bissau {prop} (Republic of Guinea-Bissau)  :: Guinea-Bissau {f}
guinea fowl {n} (bird)  :: perlička {f}
Guinean {adj} (from Guinea)  :: guinejský
Guinean {n} (someone from Guinea or of Guinean descent)  :: Guinejec {m}
guinea pig {n} (rodent)  :: morče {n}
guinea pig {n} (experimental subject)  :: pokusný králík {m}
guitar {n} (musical instrument)  :: kytara {f}
guitarist {n} (person playing or performing on the guitar)  :: kytarista {m}
Guizhou {prop} (province of China)  :: Kuej-čou
Gujarat {prop} (state in India)  :: Gudžarát
Gujarati {prop} (language)  :: gudžarátština
gulch {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
gulch {n} (act of gulping) SEE: gulp  ::
gulf {n} (geography)  :: záliv {m}
Gulf of Bothnia {prop} (arm of the Baltic)  :: Botnický záliv {m}
Gulf of Finland {prop} (arm of the Baltic Sea)  :: Finský záliv {m}
Gulf of Guinea {prop} (part of the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Guinejský záliv {m}
Gulf of Mexico {prop} (gulf between USA and Mexico)  :: Mexický záliv {m}
Gulf of Naples {prop} (Mediterranean gulf along the coast of Campania)  :: Neapolský záliv {m}
Gulf of Riga {prop} (inland body of water that is part of the Baltic Sea in eastern Europe and is near Latvia and Estonia)  :: Rižský záliv
Gulf Stream {prop} (warm ocean current)  :: Golfský proud {m}
gull {n} (seabird)  :: racek
gullet {n} (the throat or esophagus)  :: jícen {m}
gullibility {n} (quality of being easily deceived)  :: důvěřivost {f}
gullible {adj} (easily deceived or duped, naïve)  :: důvěřivý, naivní
gulp {v}  :: polknout
gum {n} (chewing gum) SEE: chewing gum  ::
gum {n} (flesh around teeth)  :: dáseň {f}
gum arabic {n} (substance from acacia trees)  :: arabská guma
gummy bear {n} (candy)  :: gumový medvídek {m}
gun {n} (a very portable, short weapon, for hand use)  :: pistole {f}
gun {n} (a less portable, long weapon)  :: puška {f}
gun {n} ((military) A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity)  :: dělo {n}
gunboat {n} (small armed vessel)  :: dělový člun {m}
gunfighter {n} (gunslinger) SEE: gunslinger  ::
gunmetal {n} (alloy of copper, tin and zinc)  :: dělovina
gunpowder {n} (explosive mixture)  :: střelný prach {m}
gunship {n} (armed ship)  :: dělový člun {m}
gunship {n} (armed helicopter)  :: bitevní vrtulník {m}, bitevní helikoptéra {f}
gunslinger {n} (person expert at the quick draw)  :: pistolník {m}
Guoyu {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin  ::
gurgle {v} (to flow with a bubbling sound)  :: bublat
gurgle {v} (to make such a sound)  :: bublat
gurgle {n} (gurgling sound)  :: bublání {n}
guru {n} (spiritual teacher)  :: guru {m}
Gustav {prop} (given name)  :: Gustav
Gustave {prop} (Gustav) SEE: Gustav  ::
gusto {n} (enthusiasm)  :: verva {f}, elán {m}
gut {v} (To eviscerate)  :: vykuchat
gut {n} (intestine) SEE: intestine  ::
gutsy {adj} (marked by courage)  :: kurážný
gutter {v} (to cut or form into small longitudinal hollows) SEE: channel  ::
gutter {n} (duct or channel beneath the eaves)  :: okap {m}
guy {n} (male, man)  :: chlap, chlápek {m}, chlapík {m}, maník {m}, borec {m}, colloquial, slang typ {m}
guy {n} (in plural: people)  :: (ty, Moravian ti) lidi, Moravian (ty) děcka,
Guy {prop} (male given name)  :: Kvido
Guyana {prop} (country)  :: Guyana {f}
Guyanese {adj} (pertaining to Guyana)  :: guyanský
Guy Fawkes Night {prop} (celebration)  :: Noc Guye Fawkese {f}
guyline {n} (guy) SEE: guy  ::
gym {n} (sporting facility specialized for lifting weights and exercise)  :: posilovna {f}
gym {n} (short form of gymnasium) SEE: gymnasium  ::
gymnasium {n} (place for indoor sports)  :: tělocvična {f}
gymnasium {n} (type of school)  :: gymnázium {n}
gymnast {n} (one who performs gymnastics)  :: gymnasta {m}, gymnastka {f}
gymnastic {adj} (pertaining to gymnastics)  :: gymnastický {m}
gymnastic {n} (gymnast) SEE: gymnast  ::
gymnastically {adv} (in a gymnastic manner)  :: gymnasticky
gymnastics {n} (a sport)  :: gymnastika {f}
gynaecologist {n} (specialist in diseases of the female reproductive system)  :: gynekolog {m}
gynandromorph {n} (a person having certain physical characteristics of both sexes) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
gynecologist {n} (gynaecologist) SEE: gynaecologist  ::
gynecology {n} (branch of medicine specializing in the problems of women)  :: gynekologie {f}
gypsum {n} (mineral)  :: sádrovec {m}
gypsy {n} (member of the Rom people) SEE: Rom  ::
gypsy {n} (any itinerant person, or any person suspected of making a living from dishonest practices or theft)  :: cikán {m}
gypsy {n} (member of the Rom people) SEE: Gypsy  ::
Gypsy {n} (a member of the Romani people) SEE: Rom  ::
Gypsy {n} (a member of the Romani people or another nomadic group)  :: cikán {m}
Gypsy {prop} (the language of the Romani people) SEE: Romani  ::
Gypsy {adj} (of or belonging to the Roma people) SEE: Romani  ::
Győr {prop} (city in Hungary)  :: Ráb {m}, Győr {m}
gyrfalcon {n} (falcon) SEE: falcon  ::
gyrfalcon {n} (Falco rusticolus)  :: raroh lovecký {m}
gyro {n} (Greek sandwich)  :: gyros {m}
gyrus {n} (anatomy)  :: závit {m}