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FYROM {acronym} (abbreviation of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  :: BJRM
Facebook {prop} (social-networking website)  :: Фејсбук {m}, Facebook {m}, Fejsbuk {m}
Falkland Islands {prop} (overseas territory of the UK in the South Atlantic)  :: Folklandska ostrva {n-p}, Malvinska ostrva {n-p}, Falklandski Otoci
Fallopian tube {n} (duct)  :: јајовод {m}; jajovod {m}
Falun Gong {prop} (a spiritual practice)  :: Фалун Гонг /Falun Gong/
Far East {prop} (East and Southeast Asia, see also: Far East)  :: Далеки Исток {m}; Daleki Istok {m}
Faroe Islands {prop} (group of islands between Scotland and Iceland)  :: Фарска Острва {m-p}, Farski otoci {m-p}, Farska Ostrva {n-p}
Farsi {prop} (Persian language) SEE: Persian  ::
Fata Morgana {n} (form of mirage caused by temperature inversion)  :: фатаморга̀на {f}; fatamorgàna {f}
Father {prop} (term of address for a Christian priest)  :: отац {m}; otac {m}
February {prop} (second month of the Roman, Julian, and Gregorian calendars)  :: фебруар {m}, вељача {f}; februar {m}, veljača {f}
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia {prop} (official name of Ethiopia)  :: Savezna Demokratska Republika Etiopija
Fez {prop} (city in Morocco)  :: Фес {m}; Fes {m}
Fiji {prop} (Republic of the Fiji Islands)  :: Фиџи {m}; Fȉdži {m}
Fijian {prop} (language)  :: fidžijski {m}, фиџијски {m}
Finland {prop} (Nordic country)  :: Фи̑нска̄ {f}; Fȋnskā {f}
Finn {n} (person from Finland)  :: Finac {m}, Finkinja {f}
Finnic {adj} (Finnish) SEE: Finnish  ::
Finnish {adj}  :: finski
Finnish {prop} (language)  :: фински {m}; finski {m}
Flanders {prop}  :: Фла̀ндрија {f}; Flàndrija {f}
Florence {prop} (city in Tuscany, Italy)  :: Фѝренца {f}; Fìrenca {f}
Florentine {adj} (of or relating to the Italian city of Florence)  :: фирѐнтӣнскӣ; firèntīnskī
Florentine {n} (a native or resident of the Italian city of Florence)  :: Фиренти́нац {m}, Фирѐнтӣнка {f}; Firentínac {m}, Firèntīnka {f}
Flying Dutchman {prop} (mythical ghost ship)  :: Лѐте̄ћӣ Хола́нђанин {m}; Lètēćī Holánđanin {m}
Flying Spaghetti Monster {prop} (spaghetti deity)  :: Leteće špagetno čudovište {m}
Formosa {prop} (Taiwan) SEE: Taiwan  ::
France {prop} (country)  :: Француска {f}; Francuska {f}
Francis {prop} (male given name)  :: Фрањо; Franjo
Frankfurt {prop} (Frankfurt-am-Main)  :: Франкфурт {m}; Frankfurt {m}
Frankfurt {prop} (Frankfurt-an-der-Oder)  :: Франкфурт {m}; Frankfurt {m}
Frederick {prop} (male given name)  :: Фридрих; Fridrik
French {prop} (Romance language spoken in France)  :: француски {m}; francuski {m}
French {n} (people of France, collectively)  :: французи {m-p}; francuzi {m-p}
French {adj} (of or relating to France)  :: фра̀нцӯскӣ; fràncūskī
French {adj} (of or relating to the French people)  :: фра̀нцӯскӣ; fràncūskī
French {adj} (of or relating to the French language)  :: фра̀нцӯскӣ; fràncūskī
French Guiana {prop} (Department of French Guiana)  :: Француска Гвајана {f}, Француска Гвијана {f}; Francuska Gvajana {f}, Francuska Gvijana {f}
French Polynesia {prop} (Overseas territory of France)  :: Francuska Polinezija {f}
French Republican Calendar {prop} (republican calendar used for twelve years in revolutionary France)  :: фра̀нцӯскӣ републѝка̄нскӣ калѐнда̄р {m}, фра̀нцӯскӣ ре̏волуциона̄рнӣ калѐнда̄р {m}; fràncūskī republìkānskī kalèndār {m}, fràncūskī rȅvolucionārnī kalèndār {m}
French horn {n} (musical instrument)  :: хорна {m}
French letter {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
French toast {n} (food prepared by dipping bread into egg batter and frying)  :: прженица; prženica
Frenchman {n} (man of French birth or nationality)  :: Француз {m}; Francuz {m}
Freud {prop} (surname)  :: Frojd
Freudian slip {n} (subconscious mistake in speech or action)  :: Фројдова о̀машка {f}; Freudova òmaška {f}
Friday {n} (day of the week)  :: пе́так {m}; pétak {m}
Frisbee {n} (a disk thrown for recreation)  :: frizbi
Fritz {n} (derogatory: a German person)  :: Švaba {m}
façade {n} (face of a building)  :: фаса́да {f}; fasáda {f}
fable {n} (fictitious narration to enforce some useful truth or precept)  :: басна {f}, сказна {f}, бајка {f}; basna {f}, skazna {f}, bȃjka {f}
fabric {n} (material made of fibers)  :: тканина {f}, материјал {m}, штоф {m}; tkanina {f}, materijal {m}, štof {m}
fabric softener {n} (a chemical agent used to prevent static cling and make fabric softer)  :: omekšivač {n}
facade {n} (façade) SEE: façade  ::
face {v} (to face) SEE: look  ::
face {n} (front part of head)  :: ли́це {n}; líce {n}
face {n} (computing: interface) SEE: interface  ::
face {n} (one's complete facial cosmetic application) SEE: makeup  ::
face {n} (amount expressed on a bill, note, bond, etc.) SEE: face value  ::
face to face {adv} (in person)  :: очи у очи; oči u oči
face value {n} (the stated value or amount)  :: номинална вредност {f}, номинална вриједност {f}; nominalna vrednost {f}, nominalna vrijednost {f}
facecloth {n} (flannel for washing the face)  :: trljačica {f}
face-to-face {adv} (face to face) SEE: face to face  ::
facility {n} (physical means of doing something)  :: infrastruktura, uređaji {m-p}
facsimile {v} (fax) SEE: fax  ::
fact {n} (an honest observation)  :: чињеница {f}; čȉnjenica {f}
fact {n} (something actual)  :: чињеница {f}; čȉnjenica {f}
fact {n} (something which has become real)  :: чињеница {f}; čȉnjenica {f}
fact {n} (something concrete used as a basis for further interpretation)  :: чињеница {f}; čȉnjenica {f}
fact {n} (an objective consensus on a fundamental reality)  :: чињеница {f}; čȉnjenica {f}
fact {n} (information about a particular subject)  :: чињеница {f}; čȉnjenica {f}
factor {n} (integral part)  :: činilac {m}
factory {n} (manufacturing place)  :: фабрика {f}, творница {f}; fabrika {f}, tvornica {f}
factotum {n} (jack-of-all-trades)  :: katica za sve {f}
faculty {n} (division of a university)  :: факу̀лте̄т {m}; fakùltēt {m}
fad {n} (phenomenon)  :: moda, modni trend, modni hir
fag {n} (homosexual)  :: педер {m}; peder {m}
fag-end {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt  ::
faggot {n} (male homosexual) SEE: fag  ::
failure to thrive {n} (pediatrics)  :: zastoj u rastu i razvoju {m}
failure to thrive {n} (adult medicine)  :: izostanak očekivanoga normalnog fiziološkog razvoja, kopnjenje, nazadovanje {n}, opća iznemoglost {f}
faint {v} (to lose consciousness)  :: onesvijestiti {pf}, onesvestiti {pf}
fair {n} (celebration)  :: ва́шар {m}, са́јам {m}; vášar {m}, sájam {m}
fair {n} (professional event, trade fair)  :: са́јам {m}; sájam {m}
fair game {n} (a goal or an object that may legitimately be sought)  :: dopuštena lovina {f}
fair-haired {adj} (having relatively blond hair)  :: плаво̀кос; plavòkos
fairlead {n} (device to guide a line)  :: (Ekavian) зе́валица {f}, (Ijekavian) зије́валица {f}; (Ekavian) zévalica {f}, (Ijekavian) zijévalica {f}
fairy {n} (mythical being)  :: вила {f}, вилењак {m}; vila {f}, vilenjak {m}
fairy godmother {n}  :: dobra vila {f}
fairy tale {n} (folktale)  :: бајка {f}; bajka {f}
faith {n} (feeling that something is true)  :: вера {f} / вјера {f}; vera {f} / vjera {f}
faith will move mountains {proverb} (proverb)  :: вера помера планине /vera pomera planine/
faithful {adj} (loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause)  :: веран, вјеран; veran, vjeran
fajr {n} (dawn prayer)  :: сабах-намаз {m}; sabah-namaz {m}
falafel {n} (Middle Eastern food)  :: фалафел {m}; falafel {m}
falcon {n} (bird of the genus Falco)  :: соко {m}, сокол {m}; soko {m}, [Croatian] sokol {m}
fall {n} (season) SEE: autumn  ::
fall {v} (move to a lower position under the effect of gravity)  :: па̏дати {impf}, у̀пасти {pf}; pȁdati {impf}, ùpasti {pf}
fallacy {n} (deceptive or false appearance)  :: obmana
fallacy {n} (false argument)  :: zabluda, logička pogreška
fallen {adj} (having collapsed)  :: srušen {m}
fallow {n} (ground left unseeded for a year)  :: у́гар {m}; úgar {m}
fallow {n} (uncultivated land)  :: у́гар {m}, па́рлог {m}; úgar {m}, párlog {m}
fallow {n}  :: úgar {m}
fallow deer {n} (Dama dama, a ruminant mammal)  :: jелен лопатар {m}; jelen lopatar {m}
false negative {n} (a result of a test that shows as absent something that is present)  :: lažno negativan rezultat {m}
false positive {n} (result of a test that shows as present something that is absent)  :: lažno pozitivan rezultat {m}, lažna uzbuna {f}
falter {v} (To stammer) SEE: stammer  ::
fame {n} (state of being famous)  :: сла̏ва {f}; slȁva {f}
familial {adj} (of or pertaining to a human family)  :: obíteljskī, оби́тељскӣ
familiar {adj} (known to one)  :: упознат; upoznat
familiar {n} (attendant spirit)  :: duh zaštitnik
family {n} (immediate family, e.g. parents and their children)  :: породица {f}, обитељ {f}; porodica {f}, obitelj {f}
family {n} (group of people related by blood, marriage, law, or custom)  :: обитељ {f}; obitelj {f}
family {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification, above both genus and species)  :: породица {f}; pòrodica {f}
family {n} (linguistics: a group of languages believed to have descended from the same ancestral language)  :: породица {f}; pòrodica {f}
family name {n} (surname) SEE: surname  ::
famine {n} (extreme shortage of food in a region)  :: глад {m}; glad {m}
famous {adj} (well known)  :: poznat
fan {n} (hand-held device)  :: лепеза {f}; lepeza {f}
fan {n} (electrical device)  :: ветрило {n}, вентилатор {m}; vetrilo {n}, ventilator {m}
fan {n} (admirer)  :: навијач {m} [sports], обожавалац {m}, обожаватељ {m}, љубитељ {m}; navijač {m} [sports], obožavalac {m}, obožavatelj {m}, ljubitelj {m}
fanaticism {n} (characteristic or practice of being a fanatic)  :: fanatičnost {f}
fanatism {n} (excessive intolerance of opposing views)  :: fanatizam {m}
fanny {n} (buttocks) SEE: ass  ::
fanny {n} (vulva or vagina) SEE: pussy  ::
fanny {n} (Sexual intercourse with a woman) SEE: pussy  ::
fantasise {v} (fantasise) SEE: fantasize  ::
fantasize {v} (intransitive: to indulge in fantasy)  :: фантазирати; fantazirati
fantastic {adj} (existing in or constructed from fantasy)  :: fantastično {n}, fantastičan {m}, fantastična {f}
fantastical {adj} (fantastic) SEE: fantastic  ::
far {n} (spelt) SEE: spelt  ::
far {adj} (remote in space)  :: далек; dalek
far {adv} (distant in space, time, or degree)  :: далеко; daleko
fare {n} (paying passenger)  :: путник {m}; pȗtnīk {m}
farewell {interj} (Goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
farewell {adj} (parting, valedictory, final)  :: završan {m}, završni {m}, konačan {m}, konačni {m}
far-fetched {adj} (not likely)  :: nategnut {m}
farm {n} (a place where agricultural activities take place)  :: фарма {f}; farma {f}
farm {v} (to work on a farm)  :: кметовати; kmetovati
farm {v} (to grow a particular crop)  :: род, жетва; rod, žetva
farmer {n} (person who works the land and/or who keeps livestock)  :: zemljodelac {m}, zemljoradnik {m}
farming {n} (agriculture) SEE: agriculture  ::
farsightedness {n} (condition of being unable to focus on near objects)  :: dalekovidost {f}
fart {v} (to emit flatulent gases)  :: прдети, прдјети, прдити {pf} ; прнути / прднути; prdeti, prdjeti, prditi {impf}, prnuti, prdnuti {pf}
fartlek {n} (training technique)  :: fartlek {m}
fascia {n} (dashboard) SEE: dashboard  ::
fascism {n} (extreme totalitarian political regime)  :: фашизам {m}; fašizam {m}
fashion {n} (current (constantly changing) trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons)  :: мода {f}; moda {f}
fashion {n} (popular trends)  :: moda {f}
fast {adv} (with great speed)  :: брзо; brzo
fast {v} (to abstain from food)  :: постити; postiti
fast {n} (train that only calls at some stations) SEE: express  ::
fast {n} (fasting) SEE: fasting  ::
fast food {n} (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly)  :: брза храна {f}, фаст фуд {m}; brza hrana {f}, fast fud {m}
fasting {n} (act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food)  :: пост {m}; post {m}
fasting {n} (period of time when one abstains from or eats very little food)  :: пост {m}; post {m}
fat {n} (vat) SEE: vat  ::
fat {adj} (carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one's body)  :: дѐбео, го̏ја̄зан, ту̑ст; dèbeo, gȍjāzan, tȗst
fat {adj} (thick)  :: дѐбео; dèbeo
fat {n} (specialized animal tissue)  :: ма̑ст {f}, са̏ло {n}, ло̑ј {m}; mȃst {f}, sȁlo {n}, lȏj {m}
fat {n} (refined substance chemically resembling the oils in animal fat)  :: ма̑ст {f}; mȃst {f}
fatalism {n} (doctrine that all events are subject to fate)  :: fatalizam {m}
fate {n} (that which predetermines events)  :: усуд {m}, судбина {f}, судба {f}; usud {m}, sudbina {f}, sudba {f}
fate {n} (inevitable events)  :: усуд {m}, судбина {f}; usud {m}, sudbina {f}
fate {n} (destiny)  :: судба {f}, судбина {f}; sudba {f}, sudbina {f}
father {n} (male parent)  :: отац {m}; otac {m}
fatherhood {n} (being a father)  :: očinstvo {n}
father-in-law {n} (one's spouse's father)  :: свекар {m} (husband's father), пунац {m} (wife's father); svekar {m} (husband's father), punac {m} (wife's father)
fatherland {n} (fatherland)  :: отаџбина {f}, домовина {f}; otadžbina {f}, domovina {f}
fathom {n} (unit of length)  :: хват; hvat
fatigue {v}  :: slabost , nesvjestica
fatty acid {n} (acid)  :: ма̑сна̄ киселѝна {f}; mȃsnā kiselìna {f}
fatwa {n} (legal opinion, decree or ruling issued by a mufti)  :: фе̏тва {f}, фа̏тва {f}; fȅtva {f}, fȁtva {f}
faucet {n} (tap) SEE: tap  ::
fault {n} (defect)  :: грешка {f}, грјешка {f}, мана {f}, кривња {f}; greška {f}, grješka {f}, mana {f}, krivnja {f}
fault {n} (geology fracture in rock)  :: расјед; rasjed {m}
fava bean {n} (Vicia faba)  :: bob {m}
favor {n} (deed in which help is voluntarily provided)  :: usluga {f}, molba {f}
favorite {adj} (preferred)  :: omiljen, najdraži
favorite {n} (expected or most probable to win)  :: favorit
favour {n} (favor) SEE: favor  ::
favour {v} (favor) SEE: favor  ::
favourite {adj} (favorite) SEE: favorite  ::
fawn {n} (young deer)  :: срнче {n}, лане {n}; srnče {n}, lane {n}
fax {n} (document transmitted by telephone)  :: факс {m}; fax {m}, faks {m}
fear {n} (uncountable: emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat)  :: стра̑х {m}, бо̏ја̄зан {f}; strȃh {m}, bȍjāzan {f}
fear {n} (a phobia; sense of fear induced by something or someone)  :: стра̑х {m}; strȃh {m}
fear {n} (extreme veneration or awe)  :: стра̑х {m}; strȃh {m}
fear {v} (feel fear about (something))  :: бојати се {impf}; bojati se {impf}
fearless {adj} (free from fear)  :: neustràšiv, неустрашив
fearlessly {adv} (in a fearless manner)  :: neustràšivo
fearlessness {n} (quality of being fearless)  :: neustràšivōst {f}, неустрашивост {f}
fearsome {adj} (frightening, especially in appearance)  :: zastràšujūćī
feasible {adj} (that can be done in practice)  :: izvodljivo, praktično, primjenljivo, izvediv
feast {n} (large, often ceremonial meal)  :: гозба {f}, gozba {f}, пир {m}, pir {m}
feat {n} (An accomplishment that's relatively rare or difficult)  :: postignuće {n}, čin {m}, podvig {m}, podhvat {m}
feather {n} (branching, hair-like structure that grows on the bodies of birds)  :: перо {n}; pero {n}
feathery {adj} (resembling feathers)  :: pèrnat
feathery {adj} (covered with feathers)  :: pèrnat
feature {n} (computing: beneficial capability of a piece of software)  :: funkcija, značajka
feature {n}  :: crte lica {f}, osobina {f}, svojstvo {n}
fecal {adj} (of or relating to feces)  :: fekalni {m}, фекални {m} /fekalni/
feces {n} (digested waste material discharged from the bowels)  :: измет {m}; izmet {m}
federal {adj} (pertaining to a league or treaty; derived from an agreement or covenant between parties, especially between nations)  :: са́везнӣ; savezni
federal {adj} (pertaining to the national government level)  :: фе̏дера̄лан, фе̏дера̄лнӣ; federalan, federalni
federalism {n} (system of government)  :: federalizam {m}
federation {n} (array of nations or states)  :: федерација {f}; federacija {f}
federative {adj} (federal) SEE: federal  ::
feed {v} (to give food to eat)  :: хранити {impf}, hraniti {impf}
feed {n} (encapsulated online content that you can subscribe to with a feed reader)  :: sažetak sadržaja {m}, kanal {m}, izvor {m}
feedback {n} (critical assessment of process or activity)  :: povratna informacija {f}
feedback {n} (signal that is looped back to control a system within itself)  :: povratna sprega {f}
feel {v} (transitive: to experience an emotion or other mental state about)  :: осећати {impf}, осетити {pf}, осјећати {impf}, осјетити {pf}; osećati {impf}, osetiti {pf}, osjećati {impf}, osjetiti {pf}
feeling {n} (sensation)  :: осећај {m}, osećaj {m}, osjećaj {m}, ocjeћaj {m}
feeling {n} (emotion)  :: osjećaj {m}, ocjeћaj {m}
feeling {n} (intuition)  :: osjećaj {m}, ocjeћaj {m}
felicitate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate  ::
felicity {n} (happiness) SEE: happiness  ::
fellate {v} (to perform oral sex)  :: радити фелацио, пушити; raditi felacio, pušiti
fellatio {n} (oral stimulation of penis)  :: felacija {f}, фелација {f}
fellow {n}  :: kolega {m}, suradnik {m}, drug {m}
felt {n} (cloth made of matted fibres of wool)  :: пуст {m}, филц {m}; pust {m}, filc {m}
felt {n} (hat made of felt)  :: pusteni šešir {m}
female {adj} (belonging to the sex that typically produces eggs, or the gender typically associated with it)  :: женски; ženski
female {n} (one of the feminine sex or gender)  :: женка {f}; ženka {f}
female ejaculation {n} (forceful expulsion of fluids from the vagina)  :: женска ејакула́ција {f}; ženska ejakulácija {f}
feminine {n} (woman) SEE: woman  ::
femininity {n} (femininity)  :: žènstvenōst {f}, жѐнствено̄ст {f}, žȅnskōst {f}, же̏нско̄ст {f}
feminism {n} (the social theory or political movement)  :: феминизам {m}; feminizam {m}
feminist {adj} (relating to or in accordance with feminism)  :: feministički
feminist {n} (advocate of feminism; person who believes in bringing about the equality of men and women)  :: феминиста {f}, феминисткиња {f}; feminista {f}, feministkinja {f}
feminist {n} (member of a feminist political movement)  :: феминиста {f}, феминисткиња {f}; feminista {f}, feministkinja {f}
feministic {adj} (feminist) SEE: feminist  ::
femur {n} (thighbone) SEE: thighbone  ::
fence {n} (barrier)  :: ограда {f}, плот {m}; ograda {f}, plot {m}
fender {n} (shield on a bicycle)  :: blatobran
fennel {n} (Foeniculum vulgare, the plant)  :: коморач {m}, коромач {m}; komorač {m}, koromač {m}
fermata {n} (holding a note beyond its usual duration or the notation representing it)  :: fermata {f}
fermion {n} (a particle with totally antisymmetric composite quantum states)  :: фермион; fermion
fermium {n} (chemical element)  :: фермиј {m}, фермијум {m}; fermij {m}, fermijum {m}
fern {n} (plant)  :: па̏пра̄т {f}; pȁprāt {f}
ferret {n} (the mammal Mustela putorius furo)  :: твор {m}, вретна {f}; tvor {m}, vretna {f}
ferrier {n} (ferryman) SEE: ferryman  ::
ferrous {adj} (of or containing iron)  :: željezan, železan
ferry {n} (boat)  :: трајект {m}, скела {f}; trajekt {m}, skela {f}
ferryman {n} (man who operates a ferry)  :: скелеђија {m}, скелеџија {m}; skeleđija, skelédžija
fertility {n} (the condition, or the degree of being fertile)  :: plodnost {f}
fertilizer {n} (a natural substance that is used to make the ground more suitable for growing plants)  :: ђубриво {n}, гнојиво {n}; đubrivo {n}, gnojivo {n}
fervor {n} (intense, heated emotion; passion, ardor)  :: žȃr {m}, gòrljivōst {f}, zános {m}
fervor {n} (passionate enthusiasm for some cause)  :: žȃr {m}, gòrljivōst {f}, zános {m}
fervour {n} (fervor) SEE: fervor  ::
fescue {n} (stick, etc., used chiefly to point out letters to children) SEE: pointer  ::
festival {n} (event or community gathering)  :: фестивал {m}, празник {m}; festival {m}, praznik {m}
fetish {n} (something nonsexual which arouses sexual desire)  :: фетиш {m}; fetiš {m}
fetish {n} (something believed to possess spiritual or magical powers)  :: фетиш {m}; fetiš {m}
fetish {n} (irrational or abnormal fixation)  :: фетиш {m}; fetiš {m}
fetishism {n} (paraphilia where the object of attraction is an inanimate object or a part of a person's body)  :: fetišizam {m}
fetus {n} (fetus)  :: фетус {m}; fetus {m}
feudal lord {n} (lord in a feudal system)  :: феуда́лац {m}; feudálac {m}
feudalism {n} (social system)  :: феудалѝзам {m}; feudalìzam {m}
fever {n} (higher than normal body temperature)  :: грозница {f}; groznica {f}
few {determiner} (indefinite, usually small number)  :: мало; malo
fiancé {n} (man who is engaged to be married)  :: вереник {m}, вјереник {m}, заручник {m}; verenik {m}, vjerenik {m}, zaručnik {m}
fiancée {n} (woman who is engaged to be married)  :: zaručnica {f}; вереница {f}, вјереница {f}; verenica {f}, vjerenica {f}
fiasco {n} (ludicrous or humiliating situation)  :: фијаско {m}; fijasko {m}
fiat lux {phrase} (let there be light) SEE: let there be light  ::
fickle {adj} (quick to change one’s opinion or allegiance)  :: prevrtljiv, nepostojan, prevrtljiv, mušičav, hirovit
fidget {v} (to move around nervously)  :: vrpoljiti se, врпољити се
field {n} (land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country)  :: поље {n}; polje {n}
field {n} (wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals)  :: па̏шња̄к {m}, по̏ље {n}; pȁšnjāk {m}, pȍlje {n}
field {n} (physics: region affected by a particular force)  :: по̏ље {n}; pȍlje {n}
field {n} (course of study or domain of knowledge or practice)  :: по̏ље {n}; pȍlje {n}
field {n} (in mathematics)  :: по̏ље {n}; pȍlje {n}
field {n} (sports: area reserved for playing a game)  :: тѐре̄н {m}; tèrēn {m}
field {n} (geology: region containing a particular mineral)  :: на̀лазӣште; nàlazīšte
field {n} (computing: area of memory or storage reserved for a particular value)  :: по̏ље {n}; pȍlje {n}
field marshal {n} (highest miliary rank after the commander in chief)  :: фе̏лдмарша̄л {m}; fȅldmaršāl {m}
fiend {n} (demon)  :: демон, demon
fiend {n} (very evil person)  :: злобник, zlobnik, душманин, dušmanin
fiend {n} (addict, fanatic)  :: зависник, фанатик, zavisnik, fanatik
fiercely {adv} (in a fierce manner)  :: жестоко, žestoko
fifteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: петнаест; petnaest
fifth {adj} (Ordinal form of the number 5)  :: пети {m}; peti {m}
fiftieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number fifty)  :: pedeseti
fifty {num} (cardinal number)  :: педесет; pedeset
fig {n} (tree or shrub)  :: смо̏ква {f}; smȍkva {f}
fig {n} (fruit)  :: смо̏ква {f}; smȍkva {f}
fig tree {n} (fig tree) SEE: fig  ::
fight {v} ((intransitive) to contend in physical conflict)  :: борити се {impf}; boriti se {impf}
fight {n} (conflict of will, strife)  :: борба {f}; borba {f}
fight fire with fire {v} (idiomatic)  :: кли̏н се кли̏ном ѝзбӣја̄; klȉn se klȉnom ìzbījā
fighter {n} (person who fights)  :: borac {m}, bojovnik {m}
fighter aircraft {n} (fighter aircraft) SEE: fighter plane  ::
fighter plane {n} (military aircraft)  :: borbeni zrakoplovi
figure out {v} (to calculate) SEE: calculate  ::
filbert {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut  ::
file {n} (collection of papers)  :: фасцикл {m}, датотека {f}; fascikl {m}, datoteka {f}
file {n} (computer terminology)  :: датотека {f}, фајл {m}; datoteka {f}, fajl {m}
file {n} (chess: vertical line of squares)  :: линија {f}; linija {f}
file {n} (cutting or smoothing tool)  :: турпија {f}; turpija {f}
filename {n} (name assigned to a file)  :: naziv datoteke {m}
filial piety {n} (respect to one's parents and ancestors)  :: štovanje starijih {n}
fill {v} (add contents to, so it is full)  :: pȕniti
fill {v} (enter, making it full)  :: pȕniti
fill in {v} (fill) SEE: fill  ::
fill up {v} (make full)  :: ìspuniti
filling {n} (in dentistry)  :: пломба {f}; plomba {f}
filling station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
filly {n} (young female horse)  :: ждребица {f}, ждријебица {f}; ždrebica {f}, ždrijebica {f}
film {n} (motion picture) SEE: movie  ::
film {n} (thin layer)  :: ко̏жица {f}, о̀пна {f}, па̏тина {f}, пре̏влака {f}; kȍžica, òpna {f}, pȁtina {f}, prȅvlaka {f}
film {n} (photographic film)  :: фи̏лм {m}; fȉlm {m}
film director {n} (person)  :: режисер; režiser {m}
filter {n} (device for separating impurities from a fluid or other substance)  :: филтер {m}; filter {m}
filth {n} (dirt)  :: прљавштина {f}, нечистоћа {f}; prljavština {f}, nečistoća {f}
filthily {adv} (in a filthy manner)  :: пр̏љаво; pȑljavo
fin {n} (appendage of a fish)  :: пера́ја {f}, плитва {f}; perája {f}, plitva {f}
final {n}  :: krajnje
final {adj}  :: poslednje
finale {n} (grand end of something, especially a show or a piece of music)  :: фина́ле {m} {n}; finále {m} {n}
finally {adv} (lastly)  :: на̏јзад, ко̀начно; nȁjzad, kònačno
find {v} (encounter, locate, discover)  :: наћи {pf}; naći {pf}
fine {n} (payment for breaking the law)  :: kazna {f}
finger {n} ((anatomy) extremity of the hand)  :: прст {m}; prst {m}
finger {n} (the breadth of a finger) SEE: digit  ::
fingernail {n} (covering near the tip of finger)  :: но̏кат {m}; nȍkat {m}
finish {n} (end)  :: cilj {m}
finish off {v} (to kill) SEE: kill  ::
finite {adj} (having an end or limit)  :: коначан, konačan, ограничен, ograničen
finity {n} (state or characteristic of being limited)  :: konačnost {f}
fiqh {n} (Jurisprudence in the Islamic law)  :: фикх {m}; fikh {m}
fir {n} (conifer of the genus Abies)  :: јела, је̑лка {f}; jéla {f}, jȇlka {f}
fire at will {phrase} (military command)  :: пуцај по вољи!; pucaj po volji!
fire extinguisher {n} (device for putting out a fire)  :: ватрогасни апарат; vatrogasni aparat
fire hydrant {n} (a device used by firefighters to obtain water from the main)  :: хидрант {m}; hidrant {m}
fire in the belly {n} (ardor, drive)  :: нагон {m}, nagon {m}
firearm {n} (personal weapon)  :: ватрено оружје {n}; vatreno oružje {n}
firefighter {n} (a person who puts out fires and saves lives)  :: ватрогасац {m}; vatrogasac {m}
firefly {n} (Lampyridae)  :: кресница {f}, кријесница {f}; kresnica {f}, krijesnica {f}
fireman {n} (someone skilled in fighting fire) SEE: firefighter  ::
fireman {n} (man who keeps the fire going underneath a steam boiler)  :: ložač {m}
fireman {n} (assistant on any locomotive)  :: ložač {m}
fireplace {n} (open hearth)  :: камин {m}; kamin {m}
fireproof {adj} (resistant to damage from fire)  :: vatrootporan, nezapaljiv, vatrostalan
firewall {n} (computer software)  :: заштитни зид {m}, сигурносна стијена {f}, ватрозид {m}, ватрени зид {m}, ватробран {m}, фајервол {m}, фајервал {m}; zaštitni zid {m}, sigurnosna stijena {f}, vatrozid {m}, vatreni zid {m}, vatrobran {m}, fajervol {m}, fajerval {m}
firewood {n} (wood intended to be burned, typically for heat)  :: дрва {n-p}, скосје {n}; drva {n-p}, skosje {n}
firework {n} (exploding device)  :: ватромет {m}; vatromet {m}
fireworks {n} (plural of firework)  :: ватромет {m}; vatromet {m}
fireworks {n} (event or display of fireworks)  :: ватромет {m}; vatromet {m}
firm {n} (business or company)  :: твртка, фирма {f}; tvrtka {f}, firma {f}
firm {v} (Australian, betting: to shorten) SEE: shorten  ::
firmware {n} (firmware)  :: ugrađeni softver {m}, firmver {m}
first {adj} (numeral first)  :: први {m}; prvi {m}
first aid {n} (basic care)  :: прва помоћ {f}; prva pomoć {f}
first cousin {n} (cousin) SEE: cousin  ::
first language {n} (mother tongue) SEE: mother tongue  ::
first lieutenant {n} (rank)  :: на̏тпоручнӣк {m}, на̏тпоручница {f}; nȁtporučnīk {m}, nȁtporučnica {f}
first light {n} (dawn) SEE: dawn  ::
first love {n} (one's first feeling of romantic love)  :: прва љубав {f}; prva ljubav {f}
fish {n} (vertebrate animal)  :: риба {f}; riba {f}
fish {n} (flesh of fish as food)  :: риба {f}; riba {f}
fish {n} (period of time spent fishing)  :: риболов {m}; ribolov {m}
fish {n} (derogatory slang: woman)  :: риба {f}; riba {f}
fisher {n} (person who fishes)  :: ribar {m}
fisher cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher  ::
fisherman {n} (person catching fish)  :: ribar {m}, рибар {m}, ribič {m}, рибич {m}
fishhook {n} (barbed hook for fishing)  :: удица {f}; udica {f}
fishing {n} (act or sport of catching fish)  :: риболов {m}, рибарство {n}; ribolov {m}, ribarstvo {n}
fishing hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook  ::
fishing rod {n} (rod used for angling)  :: штап за пецање {m}; štap za pecanje {m}
fishpond {n} (freshwater pond stocked with fish)  :: рибњак {m}; ribnjak {m}
fishy {n} (little fish)  :: рибица {f}; ribica {f}
fissure {n} (a crack or opening, as in a rock)  :: расцеп {m}; rascep {m}
fist {n} (clenched hand)  :: песница {f}; pesnica {f}
fit {v} (make ready) SEE: prepare  ::
five {num} (five )  :: пе̑т; pȇt
five hundred {num} (cardinal number 500)  :: petsto, pet stotina {f}
fixed point {n}  :: fiksna točka {f}
fixedly {adv} (in a fixed manner)  :: нѐтремице̄; nètremicē
flag {n} (piece of cloth or often its representation)  :: застава {f}; zastava {f}
flag {n} (true-or-false variable)  :: zastavica {f}
flag {n}  :: застава {f}; zastava {f}
flagellum {n} (whip) SEE: whip  ::
flagpole {n} (pole for flags)  :: јарбол за заставу {m}, јарбол {m}; jarbol za zastavu {m}, jarbol {m}
flagstaff {n} (flagpole) SEE: flagpole  ::
flail {n} (tool)  :: це̑п {m}, мла̑т {m}; cȇp {m}, mlȃt {m}
flail {n} (weapon)  :: мла̀тило {m}, мла̑т {m}; mlàtilo {n}, mlȃt {m}
flail {v} (to wave or swing vigorously)  :: размахи́вати, млата̀рати; razmahívati, mlatàrati
flail {v} (to thresh)  :: мла́тити; mlátiti
flame {n} (visible part of fire)  :: пламен {m}; plamen {m}
flamethrower {n} (device that projects a flame)  :: пламенобацач {m}, бацач пламена {m}; plamenobacač {m}, bacač plamena {m}
flamingo {n} (bird)  :: пламенац {m}; plamenac {m}
flange {n} (slang:vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
flapjack {n} (pancake) SEE: pancake  ::
flare {n} (widening of the lower legs of trousers and jeans)  :: trapez
flash {v} (to briefly illuminate a scene)  :: plamsaj
flash {v} (to telephone someone, only allowing the phone to ring once)  :: cimnuti / цимнути
flask {n} (container for a small amount of beverage)  :: pljoska {f}, ploska {f}, пљоска {f}, плоска {f}
flat {n} (palm of the hand) SEE: palm  ::
flat {adj} (having no variations in altitude)  :: раван, ravan
flat {n} (music: note played a semitone lower than a natural)  :: snizilica {f}
flat {n} (apartment) SEE: apartment  ::
flatfish {n} (fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)  :: plosnatica {f}
flatland {n} (land of relatively constant altitude)  :: ravnica {f}
flatter {v} (to compliment someone)  :: ла̏скати; lȁskati
flatterer {n} (one who flatters)  :: ласкавац {m} /laskavac/; laskavac {m}
flatulent {adj} (affected by gas in the intestine)  :: nadut
flax {n} (plant)  :: ла̏н {m}; lȁn {m}
flea {n} (parasitic insect)  :: бу̀ва {f}; bùva {f}, bùha {f}
flea market {n} (an outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios)  :: бу̀вља̄к {m}; bùvljāk {m}
fleck {n} (lock) SEE: lock  ::
fleece {n} (hair or wool of a sheep)  :: руно {n}, вуна {f}; runo {n}, vuna {f}
flerovium {n} (chemical element)  :: flerovij
fleur-de-lis {n} (heraldic charge)  :: љиљан {m}; liljan {m}
flex {v} (to tighten one's muscles)  :: napeti
flick {n} (film) SEE: film  ::
flick {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
flight {n}  :: лет {m} /let/
flight attendant {n} (member of the crew of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers)  :: stjuard {m}
flight code {n} (flight number) SEE: flight number  ::
flight number {n} (callsign)  :: број лета {m}; broj leta {m}
flinch {v} (to make a sudden, involuntary movement in response to a stimulus)  :: cimnuti {pf} [reflexive], lecnuti {pf} [reflexive], trznuti {pf} [reflexive]
flint {n} (hard fine-grained quartz which generates sparks when struck)  :: кре̏ме̄н {m}; krȅmēn {m}
flip-flop {n} (footwear) SEE: thong  ::
flip-flops {n} (thong) SEE: thong  ::
flipper {n} (mammal's wide limb for swimming)  :: perája {f}, пера́ја {f}
flirt {v} (to play at courtship)  :: флертовати; flertovati
flittermouse {n} (bat) SEE: bat  ::
float {n} (buoyant device)  :: plovak {m}
flock {n} (group of birds)  :: јато {n}; jato {n}
flock {n} (group of sheep or goats)  :: стадо {n}; stado {n}
flock {n} (people served by a particular pastor)  :: паства {f}, стадо {n}; pastva {f}, stado {n}
flock {n} (group of people)  :: пук {m}, светина {f}; puk {m}, svetina {f}
flog {v} (to sell) SEE: sell  ::
flog {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
flog {v} (to steal) SEE: steal  ::
flood {n} (overflow of water)  :: поплава {f}, потоп {m}; poplava {f}, potop {m}
flood {n} (large number or quantity)  :: pȍplava {f}
flood {v} (to overflow)  :: prepláviti
flood {v} (to cover as if by a flood)  :: potòpiti, popláviti
floof {v} (fluff) SEE: fluff  ::
floor {n} (bottom part of a room)  :: под {m}, патос {m}; pod {m}, patos {m}
floor {v} (cover with a floor)  :: подподити, патосати; podpoditi, patosati
floor {n} (storey of a building) SEE: storey  ::
floor {n} (dance floor) SEE: dance floor  ::
floor plan {n} (diagram)  :: тлоцрт {m}, tlocrt {m}
floorball {n} (hockey-like ball game)  :: unihokej
flooring {n} (floor)  :: патос {m}, под {m}; patos {m}, pod {m}
floppy disk drive {n} (floppy drive) SEE: floppy drive  ::
floppy diskette drive {n} (computer hardware device) SEE: floppy drive  ::
floppy drive {n} (device for reading floppy disks)  :: disketna jedinica {f}, disketni pogon {m}
floriculture {n} (the farming of flowers)  :: cvjećarstvo, cvećarstvo
flounce {v} (to decorate with flounce)  :: ukrasiti volanima
flounce {v} (to leave a group dramatically)  :: otperjati
flounce {n} (strip of decorative material along an edge)  :: volan {m}, karner
flounder {n} (any flatfish) SEE: flatfish  ::
flour {n} (ground cereal grains)  :: бра̏шно {n}; brȁšno {n}
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: run  ::
flow {n} (the movement of a fluid)  :: ток {m}, течење {n}; tok {m}, tečenje {n}
flow {v}  :: те̏ћи; tȅći
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: stream  ::
flower {n} (reproductive structure in angiosperms)  :: цвет {m}, цвијет {m}; cvet {m}, cvijet {m}
flowerpot {n} (a container in which plants are grown)  :: цвећњак {m}, саксија {f}; cvećnjak {m}, saksija {f}
flu {n} (influenza)  :: грип {m}, инфлуенца {f}; grip {m}, influenca {f}
flue {n} (pipe that carries gaseous combustion products away from their origin)  :: сулундар {m} /sulundar/, сулунар {m} /sulunar/
fluent {adj} (able to speak a language accurately and confidently)  :: tečan
fluff {n} (light fur etc)  :: malja, paperje
fluid {n} (any state of matter which can flow)  :: течност {f}; tečnost {f}
flukeworm {n} (worm in the class Trematoda)  :: metilj {m}
flummox {v} (To confuse; to fluster; to flabbergast)  :: zbuniti
fluorine {n} (chemical element)  :: флуор {m}; fluor {m}
flush toilet {n} (toilet that uses water to remove waste)  :: тоалет, шоља, клозетска шоља; toalet, šolja, klozetska šolja
flute {n} (woodwind instrument)  :: фрула {f}, флаута {f}; frula {f}, flauta {f}
fluted {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
fly {n} (insect of the order Diptera)  :: мува {f} [Bosnia, Serbia], муха {f} [Croatia, Bosnia], [diminutive] мушица {f}; muva {f} [Bosnia, Serbia], muha {f} [Croatia, Bosnia], [diminutive] mušica {f}
fly {n} (insect of the family Muscidae)  :: мува {f} [Bosnia, Serbia], муха {f} [Croatia, Bosnia], [diminutive] мушица {f}; muva {f} [Bosnia, Serbia], muha {f} [Croatia, Bosnia], [diminutive] mušica {f}
fly {v} (to travel through air)  :: letiti; лѐтети {impf}, лѐтјети {impf} [concrete]; lèteti {impf}, lètjeti {impf} [concrete]
fly {v} (to flee)  :: bježati
fly {v} (to cause to travel through the air)  :: poletjeti
fly {v} (to become accepted)  :: uklopiti
fly {v}  :: letjeti
fly {n} (act of flying)  :: let
fly {n} (strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants)  :: шлиц {m}; šlic {m}
fly {adj} (quick-witted)  :: му́дар; múdar
fly {adj} (well dressed)  :: обу̀чен; obùčen
fly fishing {n} (form of angling)  :: мушичарење {n}; mušičarenje {n}
flyer {n} (leaflet, often for advertising)  :: летак {m}; letak {m}
flying {n} (flying (noun)) SEE: flight  ::
flying saucer {n} (disc-shaped unidentified flying object)  :: летећи тањир {m}; leteći tanjir {m}
flyswatter {n} (device for swatting flies)  :: мухомлат {m}, мухоклепац {m}, клепац {m}; muhomlat {m}, muhoklepac {m}, klepac {m}
foal {n} (young horse)  :: ждребе {n}, ждријебе {n}; ždrebe {n}, ždrijebe {n}
foam {n} (substance composed of a large collection of bubbles or their solidified remains)  :: пена {f}, пјена {f}; pena {f}, pjena {f}
foam rubber {n} (foam rubber) SEE: foam  ::
fodder {n} (food for animals)  :: крма, крмиво, сплачина, помиjа
foe {n} (enemy) SEE: enemy  ::
foetus {n} (fetus) SEE: fetus  ::
fog {n} (cloud that forms at a low altitude and obscures vision)  :: магла {f}; magla {f}
fog {n} (Scottish: moss) SEE: moss  ::
foible {n} (a weakness or failing of character)  :: slabost {f}
foil {n} (shortened form of hydrofoil) SEE: hydrofoil  ::
foist {v} (force another to accept)  :: uvaliti
fold {v} (bend (thin material) over)  :: савити, сложити; saviti, složiti
folder {n} (organizer)  :: фасцѝкл {m}; fascìkl {m}
folder {n} (container of computer files)  :: fascikla {f}; дирѐкто̄ријум {m}, дирѐкто̄риј {m}, ма̏па {f}; dirèktōrijum {m}, dirèktōrij {m}, mȁpa {f}
folder {n} (person who folds things)  :: пресавијач {m}; presavijač {m}
folding {adj} (made to fold)  :: sklopiv, склопив
folic acid {n} (vitamin B9, a polycyclic heterocyclic carboxylic acid)  :: folna kiselina {f}
folk etymology {n}  :: pȗčkā etimològija {f}
folklore {n} (tales, legends and superstitions of a particular ethnic population)  :: фолклор {m}; folklor {m}
folkloristics {n} (formal academic study of folklore)  :: folkloristika
follow {v} (to go or come after in physical space)  :: слије́дити, пра̏тити; slijéditi, prȁtiti
follow {v} (to go or come after in a sequence)  :: слије́дити; slijéditi
follow {v} (to carry out in accordance to)  :: слије́дити; slijéditi
follow {v} (to live one’s life according to)  :: слије́дити; slijéditi
follow {v} (to understand)  :: пра̏тити; prȁtiti
follow {v} (to be a logical consequence of)  :: слије́дити; slijéditi
folly {n} (foolishness)  :: лудост {f} /ludost/
folly {n} (thoughtless action)  :: лудост {f} /ludost/
fond {v} (be fond of, like) SEE: like  ::
font {n} (a computer file containing the code used to draw and compose the glyphs)  :: pismenik {m}, font {m}
food {n} (any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life)  :: храна {f}; hrána {f}
food {n} (anything intended to supply energy or nourishment of other forms)  :: хра́на {f}, hrána {f}
foodstuff {n} (a material that may be used as food)  :: намирница {f}; namirnica {f}
fool {n} (person with poor judgement or little intelligence)  :: bedak {m}; глупак {m}, глупан {m}, будала {m} {f}, луђак {m}, бузда {m}, абдал {m}; glupak {m}, glupan {m}, budala {m} {f}, luđak {m}, buzda {m}, abdal {m}
fool {n} (jester)  :: dvorska luda {f}, šutnik {m}, šut {m}, luda {f}, luđak {m}
fool {v} (to trick; to make a fool of someone)  :: насамарити, nasamariti
foolish {adj} (lacking good sense or judgement; unwise)  :: будаласт, глуп; budalast, glup
fool's mate {n} (quickest possible checkmate)  :: budalin mat {m}
foosball {n} (table soccer)  :: стони фудбал {m}; stoni fudbal {m}, stolni nogomet {m}
foot {n} (part of animal’s body )  :: стопало {n}; stopalo {n}
foot {n} (part of human body )  :: стопало {n}, стопа {m}; stopalo {n}, stopa {m}
foot {n} (bottom of anything )  :: подножје {n}; podnožje {n}
foot {n} (unit of measure )  :: стопа {m}; stopa {m}
foot soldier {n} (infantryman) SEE: infantryman  ::
footage {n} (amount of film that has been used)  :: filmski materijal {m}, snimka {f}
foot-and-mouth disease {n} (foot-and-mouth disease)  :: шап {m}; šap {m}
football {n} (Association football)  :: фудбал {m}, ногомет {m}; fudbal {m}, nogomet {m}
football {n} (ball)  :: ногометна лопта {f}; nogometna lopta {f}
football {n} (US game) SEE: American football  ::
football player {n} (footballer) SEE: footballer  ::
footballer {n} (one who plays football)  :: ногометаш {m}, ногометашица {f}; nogometaš {m}, nogometašica {f}
footbridge {n} (bridge for pedestrians)  :: moštanica {f}
foothill {n} (hill at the base of a mountain)  :: predbrđe {n}
foothills {n} (plural of foothill) SEE: foothill  ::
footwear {n} (an item of clothing that is worn on the foot)  :: о̀бућа {f}; òbuća {f}
footwrap {n} (a strip of cloth worn around the feet)  :: обојак {m}; obojak {m}
fop {n} (vain man)  :: kicoš {m}, gizdavac {m}
for God's sake {interj} (Exclamation of anger, surprise, or impatience)  :: забога; zaboga
for ever {adv} (forever) SEE: forever  ::
for example {prep} (as an example)  :: на примјер, на пример; na primjer, na primer, primjerice
for free {prep} (without paying)  :: бесплатно, џаба; besplatno, džaba
for good {prep} (Forever; permanently)  :: zauvijek, jednom za svagda
for instance {adv} (as an example) SEE: for example  ::
forbid {v} (to disallow)  :: zabranjívati {impf}, zabraniti {pf}
forbidden {adj} (not allowed)  :: забрањен {m}; zabranjen {m}
forbidden fruit {n} (the fruit forbidden to Adam)  :: zabranjeno voće {n}
forbidden fruit is the sweetest {proverb} (forbidden things have more worthwhile short-term consequences)  :: забрањено во̀ће је најслађе во̀ће; zabranjeno vòće je najslađe vòće
force {n} (waterfall) SEE: waterfall  ::
forcibly {adv} (in a forcible manner)  :: присилно, prisilno, силом, silom
ford {n} (crossing)  :: брод {m}, газ {m}; brod {m}, gaz {m}
forearm {n} (part of the arm)  :: долактица {f}, подлактица {f}; dolaktica {f}, podlaktica {f}
foreboding {n} (sense of evil to come)  :: zla slutnja
foreboding {n} (evil omen)  :: predznak zla
forefinger {n} (first finger next to the thumb)  :: ка̀жипрст {m}; kàžiprst {m}
forego {v} (precede) SEE: precede  ::
forehand {n} (stroke in racket sports)  :: forhend {m}
forehead {n} (part of face above eyebrows)  :: чело {n}; čelo {n}
foreign {n} (foreigner) SEE: foreigner  ::
foreign {adj} (originating from or characteristic of a different country)  :: inozemni, иноземни
foreign country {n} (country of which one is not a citizen)  :: туђина {f}; tuđina {f}
foreign language {n} (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place)  :: страни језик {m}; strani jezik {m}
foreigner {n} (person in a foreign land)  :: стра́нац {m}, туђи́нац {m}; stránac {m}, tuđínac {m}
forenoon {n} (morning) SEE: morning  ::
foreplay {n} (foreplay)  :: пре̏дигра {f}; prȅdigra {f}
foreskin {n} (prepuce / foreskin)  :: prepucij {m}, prepucijum {m}, predkožica {f}, obrezak {m}
forest {n} (dense collection of trees)  :: шума {f}, лес {m}, луг {m}; šuma {f}, les {m}, lug {m}
forest {n} (any dense collection)  :: шума {f}; šuma {f}
forever {adv} (for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time)  :: заувек /zauvek/
foreword {n} (an introductory section)  :: predgovor {m}
forfeit {v} (to suffer the loss)  :: izgubiti
forfeit {v} (to give up in defeat)  :: predati
forge {n} (workshop)  :: kovačnica {f}
forgery {n} (invention) SEE: invention  ::
forgery {n} (the act of forging metal into shape)  :: skovati
forgery {n} (the act of forging, fabricating or producing falsely)  :: krivotvoriti
forgery {n} (that which is forged or counterfeited)  :: krivotvorina
forget {v} (to lose remembrance of)  :: заборавити, zaboraviti, сметнути, smetnuti
forget {v}  :: zaboraviti
forgetfully {adv} (in a forgetful manner)  :: за̏бора̄вно; zȁborāvno
forget-me-not {n} (plant of the genus Myosotis)  :: незаборавак {m}; nezaboravak {m}
forgive {v} (transitive, to pardon)  :: опра́штати {impf}, опро̀стити {pf}; opráštati {impf}, opròstiti {pf}
forgiveness {n} (the action of forgiving)  :: опроштење {n}; oproštenje {}
forgotten {adj} (of which knowledge has been lost, which is no longer remembered)  :: zaboravljen
forint {n} (unit of currency)  :: фори́нта {f}, фо̀рӣнт {m}; forínta {f}, fòrīnt {m}
fork {n} (pronged tool)  :: виле {f-p}, vile {f-p}, viljuška
fork {n} (eating utensil)  :: виљушка {f}, вилица {f}; viljuška {f}, vilica {f}
fork {n} (forklift) SEE: forklift  ::
fork {n} (gallows) SEE: gallows  ::
forklift {n} (small industrial vehicle)  :: vȉličār {m}, vìljuškār {m}; ви̏лича̄р {m}, вѝљушка̄р {m}
form {n} (document to be filled in)  :: формулар {m}; formular {m}
formal {adj} (being in accord with established forms)  :: fòrmālan
formal {adj} (official)  :: fòrmālan, slȕžben
formal {adj} (relating to the form or structure of something)  :: fòrmālan
formal {adj} (ceremonial)  :: cȅremonijālan
formal grammar {n} (description of a formal language)  :: formalna gramatika {f}
formal language {n} (set of finite strings)  :: formalni jezik {m}
formalism {n} (strict adherence to a given form of conduct, practice, etc.)  :: формализам {m}, formalizam {m}
formality {n}  :: formálnōst {f}
former {adj} (previous)  :: prethodni, bivši
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia {prop} (provisional designation of the Republic of Macedonia, see also: Republic of Macedonia; Macedonia)  :: бивша југословенска Република Македонија {f}, бивша југославенска Република Македонија {f}; bivša jugoslovenska Republika Makedonija {f}, bivša jugoslavenska Republika Makedonija {f}
formic acid {n} (methanoic acid)  :: mravlja kiselina {f}
formula {n} (in mathematics)  :: формула {f}; formula {f}
formula {n} (in chemistry)  :: формула {f}; formula {f}
fort {n}  :: utvrđenje {n}, tvrđava {f}
fortieth {adj} (ordinal form of forty)  :: četrdeseti
fortress {n} (fortified place)  :: твр̀ђава {f}, у̏тврда {f}, тврђа {f}; tvr̀đava {f}, ȕtvrda {f}, tvȑđa {f}
fortunately {adv} (in a fortunate manner)  :: nasreću
fortuneteller {n} (person who professes to predict the future in return for money)  :: гатар {m}, гатара {f}, врач {m}, врачара {f}; gatar {m}, gatara {f}, vrač {m}, vračara {f}
forty {num} (the cardinal number occurring after thirty-nine)  :: четрдесет; četrdeset
forty-eight {num} (48)  :: четрдесет и осам; četrdeset i osam
forty-five {num} (45)  :: четрдесет и пет; četrdeset i pet
forty-nine {num} (49)  :: четрдесет и девет; četrdeset i devet
forty-one {num} (41)  :: четрдесет и један; četrdeset i jedan
forward {adj} (at the front)  :: предњи; prednji
forward {adj} (without customary restraint)  :: напред, напријед; napred, naprijed
forward {adj} (expected in the future)  :: unapred
forward {adv} (towards the front)  :: напред, напријед; napred, naprijed
forward {adv} (into the future)  :: напред, напријед; napred, naprijed
forward {v} (send (something received) to a third party)  :: проследити, отпослати, пренијети, послати; proslediti, otposlati, prenijeti, poslati
fossil {n} (The mineralized remains of an animal or plant)  :: fòsīl {m}
fossil {n} (anything extremely old, extinct, or outdated)  :: fòsīl {m}
found {v}  :: osnovati
found {v} (melt) SEE: melt  ::
foundation {n} (act of founding)  :: utemeljenje, osnívānje, fundiranje, zasnivanje
foundation {n} (that upon which anything is founded)  :: по̏длога {f}, фунда̀мент {m}; pȍdloga {f}, fundàment {m}
foundation {n} (lowest and supporting part or member of a wall)  :: тѐмељ {m}, фунда̀мент {m}; tèmelj {m}, fundàment {m}
foundation {n} (legacy constituting a permanent fund of charitable institution)  :: фонда́ција {f}, за́дужбина {f}; fondácija {f}, zádužbina {f}
foundation {n} (cosmetic cream)  :: по̏длога {f}; pȍdloga {f}
foundling {n} (abandoned child, left by its parent)  :: нахоче {n}, наход {m}, находник {m}, нахоткиња {f}; nahoče {n}, nahod {m}, nahodnik {m}, nahotkinja {f}
foundry {n} (facility that melts metals)  :: ljevaónica {f}
fountain {n} (spring) SEE: spring  ::
fountain {n} (artificial water feature)  :: fòntāna {f}, фо̀нта̄на {f}
fountain {n} (structure from which a fountain issues)  :: fòntāna
four {num} (the cardinal number 4)  :: чѐтири; čètiri
four by two {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
four-letter word {n} (swear word) SEE: swear word  ::
four-stroke engine {n} (an engine in which the pistons perform four strokes per engine cycle)  :: четверотактни мотор {m}; četverotaktni motor {m}
fourteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: четрнаест; četrnaest
fourth {n} (quarter) SEE: quarter  ::
fourth {adj} (ordinal form of the number four)  :: четврти; četvrti {m}
fowl {n} (bird) SEE: bird  ::
fox {n} (Vulpes)  :: лѝсица {f}, ли́сац {m}; lìsica {f}, lísac {m}
fox {n} (cunning person)  :: лѝсица {f}; lìsica {f}
foxberry {n} (plant and berry Vaccinium vitis-idaea) SEE: lingonberry  ::
foyer {n} (lobby, corridor, or waiting room)  :: foaje {m}
fraction {n} (part of a whole)  :: dȉo {m}, òdsječak {m}
fraction {n} (arithmetic: ratio)  :: rázlomak {m}
fragile {adj} (easily broken or destroyed)  :: фра̏гӣлан, ло̀мљив; frȁgīlan, lòmljiv
fragility {n} (condition or quality of being fragile)  :: krhkost {f}, lomljivost {f}
fragment {n} (portion or segment of an object)  :: fràgment {m}, ùlomak {m}, òdlomak {m}
fragment {v} (to break apart)  :: fragmentírati
fragment {v} (to cause to be broken into pieces)  :: fragmentírati
fragmentation {n} (act of fragmenting or something fragmented; disintegration)  :: fragmentácija {f}
fragmentation {n} (process by which fragments of an exploding bomb scatter.)  :: fragmentácija {f}
fragmentation {n} (the breaking up and dispersal of a file into non-contiguous areas of a disk)  :: fragmentácija {f}
fragmentation {n} (the breaking up of a data packet when larger than the transmission unit of a network)  :: fragmentácija {f}
fragrance {n} (pleasant smell or odour)  :: арома {f}; aroma {f}
frame {v} (add a decorative border to a picture)  :: уоквирити /uokviriti/
frame {v} (cause a person to appear guilty)  :: сместити /smestiti/
frame {n} (structure of a person's body)  :: грађа {f} /građa/
frame {n} (rigid, generally rectangular mounting)  :: оквир {m} /okvir/, ram {m}, рам {m}
frame {n} (chunk of data)  :: оквир {m} /okvir/
framework {n} (the arrangement of support beams that represent a buildings general shape and size)  :: kostur {m}, konstrukcija {f}
framework {n} (a basic conceptual structure)  :: okvir, infrastruktura {f}, okosnica {f}
franc {n} (former currency of France and Belgium)  :: фра̏нак {m}; frȁnak {m}
franc {n} (any of several units of currency)  :: фра̏нак {m}; frȁnak {m}
francium {n} (chemical element)  :: франциј {m}, францијум {m}; francij {m}, francijum {m}
frankenword {n} (portmanteau word) SEE: portmanteau word  ::
frankfurter {n} (type of sausage)  :: виршла {f}, viršla {f}
frankincense {n} (incense)  :: та̀мјан {m}; tàmjan {m}
fraternal {adj} (of brothers)  :: бра̀тскӣ; bràtskī
fraternal nephew {n} (brother's son)  :: бра̏тић {m}, брата́нац {m} [of a woman], сино́вац {m} [of a man]; brȁtić {m}, bratánac {m} [of a woman], sinóvac {m} [of a man]
fraternal niece {n} (brother's daughter)  :: (of a woman) bratična, (of a man) sinovica (generic nećakinja "niece")
fraternity {n} (the quality of being brothers)  :: bràtstvo {n}
fraternity {n} (group of people associated for a common purpose)  :: bràtstvo {n}
fratricidal {adj} (of or pertaining to fratricide)  :: bratoùbilačkī
fratricide {n} (killing of one's sibling)  :: братоубиство {n}, братоубojство {n}, фратрицид {m}; bratoùbistvo {n}, bratoùbōjstvo {n}, fratrìcīd {m}
fratricide {n} (person who commits this crime)  :: братоубица {m}, братоубojица {m}; bratoubica {m}, bratoubojica {m}
freckle {n} (small pigmentation spot on the skin)  :: пега, пјега; pega {f}, pjega {f}
free {adj} (not imprisoned)  :: слободан; slobodan
free {adj} (unconstrained)  :: povoljno, voljno, neograničen, slobodan
free {adj} (unobstructed)  :: slobodan, otvoren
free {adj} (without obligations)  :: bezobavezno, slobodan
free {adj} (software: with very few limitations on distribution or improvement)  :: slobodan
free {adj}  :: slobodan /1/, besplatan /5/, oslobođen, pušten
free {v} (make free)  :: osloboditi {pf}
free {adj} (obtainable without payment) SEE: free of charge  ::
free of charge {adv} (without any payment - adverb) SEE: for free  ::
free of charge {adj} (not requiring any payment - adjective)  :: бесплатан; besplatan
free rein {n} (the absence of constraints)  :: razularenost
free software {n} (software that can be freely copied and modified)  :: slobodni softver {m}
free speech {n} (right to express an opinion in public)  :: слобода говора {f}, sloboda govora {f}
free time {n} (time that can be spent on one's own activities rather than work)  :: слободно време {n}, slobodno vreme {n}
freedom {n} (not being imprisoned or enslaved)  :: слобода {f}; sloboda {f}
freedom {n} (The lack of a specific constraint)  :: sloboda {f}
freedom {n}  :: слобода {f}; sloboda {f}; sloboda {f}
freedom of speech {n} (right to speak without fear of harm) SEE: free speech  ::
freeway {n} (road designed for safe high-speed motoring)  :: аутоцеста {f}; autocesta {f}
freezer {n} (stand-alone appliance)  :: замрзивач {m}; zamrzivač {m}
freezing rain {n} (rain which freezes upon contact with the ground)  :: ledena kiša
frequency {n} (rate of occurrence of anything)  :: učestalost {f}, čestoća {f}, čestost {f}, učestanost
frequent {adj} (done or occurring often)  :: чест; čest
fresh {adj} (new or clean)  :: свеж; svež
fresh {adj} (refreshing or cool)  :: svjež, osvježavajuć
fricative {n} (consonant)  :: фри̏катӣв {m}, стру̑јнӣк {m}, тјѐсначнӣк {m} (Ijekavian), тјѐсначнӣк {m} (Ekavian); frȉkatīv {m}, strȗjnīk {m}, tjèsnačnīk {m} (Ijekavian), tèsnačnīk {m} (Ekavian)
friction {n} (The rubbing of one object or surface against another)  :: trénje {n}, frìkcija {f}
friction {n} (conflict)  :: trénje {n}, frìkcija {f}
friction {n} (A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact)  :: trénje {n}, frìkcija {f}
fridge {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
friend {n} (person whose company one enjoys)  :: друг {m}, другар {m}, другарица {f}, пријатељ {m}, пријатељица {f}; drug {m}, drugar {m}, drugarica {f}, prȉjatelj {m}, prijatèljica {f}
friend {n} (boyfriend or girlfriend)  :: dȅčko {m}, djèvōjka {f}
friend {n} (person with whom you are acquainted)  :: pòznanīk, pòznanica {f}
friend {n} (person who provides assistance)  :: prȉjatelj {m}, prijatèljica {f}
friend {n} (person who backs something)  :: prȉjatelj {m}, prijatèljica {f}
friend {n} (object or idea that can be used for good)  :: prȉjatelj {m}, prijatèljica {f}
friend {n} ((sarcastic) form of address used to warn someone)  :: prȉjatelju
friend {v} (to add as a friend)  :: пријатељевати се; prijateljevati se
friend {v} (befriend) SEE: befriend  ::
friend zone {n} (situation)  :: пријатељска зо́на {f}; prijateljska zóna {f}
friendlily {adv} (friendly) SEE: friendly  ::
friendly {adj} (characteristic of friendliness)  :: пријатѐљскӣ; prijatèljskī
friendship {n} ((uncountable) condition of being friends)  :: пријатељство {n}; prijateljstvo {n}
frightened {adj} (afraid, suffering from fear)  :: уплашен {m}; uplašen {m}
fringe {n} (decorative border)  :: resa, rojta, kićanka
fringe {n} (peripheral part)  :: periferija
fringe {n} (part of the hair)  :: šiške
fringe {n} (light or dark band formed by the diffraction of light)  :: difrakcioni red
fringe {adj} (outside the mainstream)  :: marginalan, rubni
fringe {v} (to decorate with fringe)  :: ukrasiti resama, uresiti
fritter {n} (dish made by deep-frying)  :: krofna {f}, uštipak {m}
frog {n} (amphibian)  :: жа̏ба {f}, (male) жа́бац {m}; žȁba {f}, (male) žábac {m}
from {prep} (with the source or provenance of or at)  :: из, од; iz, od
from {prep} (with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at)  :: из, од; iz, od
from {prep} (with the separation, exclusion or differentiation of)  :: од; od
from cover to cover {adv} (from the first page to the last page)  :: od korica do korica
from soup to nuts {prep} (from the first course of the meal to the last)  :: od predjela do deserta
from soup to nuts {prep} (from beginning to end)  :: od glave do repa
from time to time {adv} (occasionally)  :: с времена на време; časomice, s vremena na vreme
front {adj} (located at or near the front)  :: prednji
front desk {n} (reception) SEE: reception  ::
frontiersman {n} (person who resides near a border) SEE: borderer  ::
frosh {n} (frog) SEE: frog  ::
frost {n} (cover of minute ice crystals)  :: мра̏з {m}, и̑ње {n}, сла́на {f}; mrȁz {m}, ȋnje {n}, slána {f}
frost {n} (cold weather that would cause frost)  :: мра̏з {m}; mrȁz {m}
frounce {v} (to crease, wrinkle) SEE: frown  ::
frounce {v} (to curl) SEE: curl  ::
frown {n} (facial expression)  :: мр̀ште̄ње {n}, мр̀гође̄ње {n}; mr̀štēnje {n}, mr̀gođēnje {n}
fructose {n} (monosaccharide ketose sugar)  :: фруктоза; fruktoza
frugal {adj} (economical, avoiding waste, thrifty)  :: štedljiv
frugality {n} (quality of being frugal; prudent economy; thrift)  :: štedljivost, skromnost, čuvarnost
frugivore {n} (animal that eats mostly fruit)  :: plodožder, plodojedac, plodojed
fruit {n} (part of plant)  :: во̀ће {n-p}, воћкa {f}, пло̑д {m}; vòće {n-p}, voćka {f}, plȏd {m}
fruit {n} (food)  :: воће {n}; voće {n}
fruit fly {n} (Drosophilidae)  :: vinska mušica {f}
frumpy {adj} (dowdy, unfashionable)  :: neukusno, demodirano, staromodno
frustrate {v} (to disappoint or defeat)  :: frustrírati
frustration {n} (act of frustrating)  :: frustrácija {f}
frustration {n} (thing that frustrates)  :: frustrácija {f}
frustration {n} (feeling of annoyance)  :: frustrácija {f}
fry {v} (to cook (something) in hot fat or oil)  :: пр̏жити {impf}; pȑžiti {impf}
frying pan {n} (long-handled, shallow pan used for frying food)  :: тигањ {m}; tiganj {m}
fuchsia {n} (plant)  :: фуксија; fuksija
fuck {v} (to have sexual intercourse-obscene or vulgar)  :: јебати {impf}, карати {impf}, туцати {impf}, кресати {impf}, прцати {impf}, шукати {impf}; jebati {impf}, karati {impf}, tucati {impf}, kresati {impf}, prcati {impf}, šukati {impf}
fuck {v} (to insert an object into a specified body part)  :: набити, пунити, трпати, јебати; nabiti, puniti trpati, jebati
fuck {v} (to put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation)  :: зајебати, зезнути, сјебати, најебати; zajebati, zeznuti, sjebati, najebati
fuck {v} (to break or destroy)  :: разјебати, сјебати [vulgar], развалити, баталити, уништити; razjebati, sjebati [vulgar], razvaliti, bataliti, uništiti
fuck {n} (an act of sexual intercourse)  :: јебање, карање, кресање, туцање, прцање; jebanje, karanje, kresanje, tucanje, prcanje
fuck {n} (sexual partner)  :: јебач {m}, јебачица {f}; jebač {m}, jebačica {f}
fuck {n} (highly contemptible person)  :: зајебант; zajebant
fuck {interj} (fuck!)  :: јеботе!, кврагу!, срање!; jebote!, kvragu!, sranje!
fuck around {v} (to behave immaturely)  :: зајебавати, јебати [vulgar]; zajebavati, jebati
fuck off {interj} (expression of disagreement or disbelief)  :: odjebi
fuck you {n} (fuck you)  :: jebi se
fuckable {adj} (sexually attractive)  :: pojebljiv, појебљив
fucker {n} (one who fucks)  :: jebač {m}, jebačica {f}
fuel {n} (substance consumed to provide energy)  :: паливо {n}, гориво {n}, огрев {m}, топливо {n}; palivo {n}, gorivo {n}, ogrev {m}, toplivo {n}
fuel {n}  :: gȍrīvo {n}
fugitive {n} (a person who is fleeing or escaping from something)  :: begunac {m}, begunica {f}, begunka {f}
fulcrum {n} (support about which a lever pivots)  :: uporište
full {adj} (containing the maximum possible amount)  :: пу̏н; pȕn
full {adj} (satisfied, in relation to eating)  :: си̏т; sȉt
full circle {n} ((geometry) arc of 360 degrees)  :: pun krug
full stop {n} (The punctuation mark “.”)  :: тачка {f}, точка {f}; tačka {f}, točka {f}
function {n} (what something does or is used for)  :: funkcija {f}, svrha {f}, функција {f}
function {n} (professional or official position)  :: funkcija {f}, služba {f}
function {n} (relation where one thing is dependent on another)  :: funkcija {f}
function {n} (mathematics: a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs)  :: funkcija {f}
function {n} (computing: routine that returns a result)  :: funkcija {f}
function {n} (biology: physiological activity of an organ or body part)  :: funkcija {f}
function {n} (chemistry: characteristic behavior of a chemical compound)  :: funkcija {f}
functionalism {n}  :: funkcionalizam {m}
functionality {n} (ability)  :: funkcionalnost {f}
fundament {n} (anus) SEE: anus  ::
fundament {n} (foundation) SEE: foundation  ::
fundamental {n} (a leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article)  :: ȍsnova {f}, tèmelj {m}
fundamental {adj} (pertaining to the foundation or basis; serving for the foundation)  :: fȕndamentālan, ȍsnovān, tȅmēljnī
fundamental force {n} (force between elementary particles) SEE: fundamental interaction  ::
fundamental interaction {n} (basic forces that act between elementary particles)  :: фундаментална интеракција {f}; fundamentalna interakcija {f}
fundamentalism {n} (religion)  :: фундаментализам {m}; fundamentalizam {m}
funeral {n} (ceremony to honour a deceased person)  :: са̀храна {f}, по̀греб {m}, спро̀вод {m}, [Islam] џена́за {f}; sàhrana {f}, pògreb {m}, spròvod {m}, [Islam] dženáza {f}
funerary {adj} (relating to a funeral)  :: pogrebni
funereal {adj} (relating to a funeral)  :: по̀гребнӣ; pògrebnī
fungicide {n} (substance used to kill fungus)  :: fungìcīd {m}
fungus {n} (any member of the kingdom Fungi)  :: gljȉva {f}
funk {n} (spark) SEE: spark  ::
funnel {n} (utensil used to guide poured liquids)  :: левак {m}, љевак {m}, лијевак {m}, ли̏јак {m}, ли̏ј {m}; levak {m}, ljevak {m}, lijevak {m}, lȉjak {m}, lȉj {m}
funnel {n} (smoke flue, chimney) SEE: chimney  ::
fur {n} (hairy coat of a mammal, especially when fine, soft and thick)  :: кр́зно {n}; kŕzno {n}
fur {n} (hairy skin processed to serve as clothing)  :: кр́зно {n}; kŕzno {n}
fur coat {n} (coat made of animal fur)  :: бу̑нда {f}; bȗnda {f}
furbelow {n} (ruffle) SEE: ruffle  ::
furlough {n} (period of unpaid time off used by an employer to reduce costs)  :: neplaćeni dopust, prisilni odmor
furnace {n} (device for heating in a factory, melting metals, etc)  :: пећ {f}; peć {f}
furnace {n} (device for heating) SEE: oven  ::
furniture {n} (large movable items)  :: намештај {m}, nameštaj {m}, намјештај {m}, namještaj {m}
furrier {n} (person who sells, makes and deals otherwise with fur)  :: kr̀znar {m}
furrow {v} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle  ::
furrow {n} (trench cut in the soil)  :: бразда {f}; brazda {f}
furrow {n} (deep wrinkle in the skin of the face)  :: бо́ра {f}; bóra {f}
fury {n} (extreme anger)  :: jarost {f}
fuse {n} (cord)  :: fìtīlj {m}
fuse {n} (device igniting charge)  :: upàljāč {m}
fuse {n} (device preventing overloading of a circuit)  :: osigùrāč {m}
fusible {adj} (able to be fused)  :: та̀љив; tàljiv
future {n} (the time ahead)  :: будућност {f}; budućnost {f}
future {n} (something that will happen in moments yet to come)  :: budućnost {f}
future {adj} (having to do with or occurring in the future)  :: будући; budući
future {n} (grammar) SEE: future tense  ::
future tense {n} (time form of a verb)  :: фу̀тӯр {m}; fùtūr {m}
futurism {n} (art movement)  :: Cyrillc: футуризам {m}; futurizam {m}
fuzz {n} (police) SEE: police  ::
fuzzy logic {n} (logic based on the notion of fuzzy set)  :: neizrazita logika {f}
fylfot {n} (swastika) SEE: swastika  ::