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-dä {suffix} :: The front vowel harmony form of the suffix -da
D {letter} :: letter: dee
-da {suffix} :: A suffix present in certain first infinitives, short form, the citation form of Finnish verbs
Daakia {prop} :: Dacia (ancient kingdom and Roman province)
daalia {n} :: A dahlia, member of the genus Dahlia
daami {n} :: dame
daami {n} [chess] :: queen
Daavid {prop} :: David. [biblical character]
Daavid {prop} [rare] :: given name
Daavid {prop} :: The letter "D" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to the ICAO spelling alphabet
daavidintähti {n} :: Star of David
Dacca {prop} :: archaic spelling of Dhaka
dadaismi {n} :: dadaism
dadaisti {n} :: dadaist
dadaistinen {adj} :: dadaistic
Dagestan {prop} :: Dagestan (Russian republic)
dagestanilainen {n} :: Dagestani (someone from Dagestan)
dagestanilainen {adj} :: Dagestani (of or pertaining to Dagestan)
daguerrotypia {n} :: daguerreotypy (art or technique)
daguerrotypia {n} :: daguerreotype (photograph produced with this method)
dahurianalppiruusu {n} :: purple azalea (species of rhododendron, Rhododendron dauricum)
dahurianlehtikuusi {n} :: Dahurian larch, Larix gmelinii
daimio {n} [historical] :: daimyo (Japanese feudal lord)
Dakota {prop} :: either of the two states North Dakota or South Dakota
daktyloskopia {n} :: dactyloscopy
daktyyli {n} :: dactyl
dalai-lama {n} :: Dalai Lama (the supreme head of Tibetan Buddhism)
dalismi {n} :: Dalism (artistic movement within surrealism, based on the ideas of Salvador Dali)
dalit {n} :: Dalit (outcaste)
dallari {n} [slang] :: walker (one who walks)
dallari {n} [colloquial] :: walker, walking frame (framework device used to support a walking person)
dallari {n} [familiar] :: Dalmatian (breed of dog)
dallinlammas {n} [rare] :: Dall sheep, Dall's sheep (species of sheep native to northwestern North America, Ovis dalli)
dallinpyöriäinen {n} :: spray porpoise, Phocoenoides dalli
dalmatia {n} :: Dalmatian (extinct language)
dalmatialainen {n} :: Dalmatian
dalmatiankoira {n} :: Dalmatian (breed of dog)
damaranseepra {n} :: Damara zebra, Equus quagga antiquorum, formerly E. burchellii antiquorum (subspecies of plains zebra, E. quagga)
damaski {n} :: A gaiter, spat
damaski {n} :: damask (cloth)
damaskihousut {n} :: damask trousers
damaskiteräs {n} [metallurgy] :: Damascus steel
damaskolainen {n} :: Damascene (person)
damaskolainen {adj} :: Damascene (of or pertaining to Damascus)
Damaskos {prop} :: Damascus (the capital city of Syria)
damasti {n} :: damask (fabric)
damastiliina {n} :: A length of damask cloth, often used as tablecloth
damavallabi {n} :: tammar wallaby, dama wallaby, Macropus eugenii
damešaani {n} :: demijohn, carboy
Dan {prop} [biblical character] :: Dan
danburiitti {n} [mineral] :: danburite
dandiedinmontinterrieri {n} :: Dandie Dinmont, Dandie Dinmont terrier
dandy {n} :: dandy
Danelagen {prop} [historical] :: Danelaw (part of England which was under Danish rule in 9th century)
Daniel {prop} :: Daniel (biblical book and prophet)
Daniel {prop} :: given name
dantroleeni {n} :: dantrolene (muscle relaxant)
darbuka {n} [musical instruments] :: darbuka
darbylainen {n} [religion] :: Darbyite
Dardanellit {prop} :: Dardanelles (strait between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara)
dareikki {n} [historical] :: daric (Persian coin)
Dareios {prop} :: Darius (any of several Persian kings)
Darfur {prop} :: Darfur
darmstadtium {n} :: darmstadtium
darra {n} [slang] :: hangover
darts {n} [games, sports] :: darts
darvinismi {n} :: Darwinism
darvinisti {n} :: Darwinist
darvinistinen {adj} :: Darwinistic
darwininsammakko {n} :: Darwin's frog, Rhinoderma darwinii
darwinismi {n} :: Darwinism
dasiitti {n} [geology] :: dacite
data {n} :: data
datša {n} :: dacha
data-arkisto {n} :: data archive
datagrammi {n} [computing] :: datagram
datanlouhinta {n} :: synonym of tiedonlouhinta
datanomi {n} :: A person who has completed a vocational education in data processing in a vocational school (ammattikoulu)
datanomi {n} :: This degree
datansiirto {n} :: data transmission
datansiirtoverkko {n} :: data transfer network, data transmission network
dataprojektori {n} :: data projector
datasähkö {n} :: power line communication
datasiirto {n} :: data transmission
datasiirtolaite {n} :: data transfer device, data transmission device
datasiirtoverkko {n} :: alternative form of datansiirtoverkko
datatekniikka {n} [dated] :: data technology
datatiedosto {n} [computing] :: datafile
dataverkko {n} :: data network
dateerata {v} [dated] :: To date (to note the time of)
dateerata {v} [dated] :: To date (to determine the age of)
dateeraus {n} [rare] :: synonym of päiväys
datiivi {n} [grammar] :: dative
datiiviadverbiaali {n} [grammar] :: dative adverbial (in Finnish grammar, a part of speech which expresses to whom or which something is happening)
datiivimuoto {n} [grammar] :: dative form
datiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: dative (noting dative, the case which expresses the remoter or indirect object)
daurianpika {n} :: daurian pika, Ochotona dauurica
davidinhirvi {n} :: Père David's deer, Elaphurus davidianus
dödö {n} [slang] :: deodorant
D-duuri {n} [music] :: D major
deadline {n} [colloquial] :: deadline
deaktivoida {vt} :: to deactivate (to make something inactive)
deaktivoida {vt} :: to disable (to deactivate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
dealeri {n} [colloquial] :: drug dealer
debata {vi} [slang] :: to die
debatointi {n} :: debating (act of taking part in a debate)
debatööri {n} :: debater (one who debates or participates in a debate; one who argues)
debatti {n} :: A debate
debentuuri {n} [finance] :: debenture (type of bearer bond)
debentuurilaina {n} [finance] :: debenture loan (way of borrowing money from multiple private investors by selling them securities called debentures)
debet {n} :: debit
debetpuoli {n} [accounting] :: debit side (left-hand side of an account in bookkeeping)
debetpuoli {n} [rare] :: cost; thus called because the costs are recorded on the debit side of an income statement account
debiili {n} [obsolete] :: A moron (person with IQ in the range 50–69)
debuggeri {n} [slang, computing] :: debugger
debytantti {n} :: debutant, debutante (debuting artist)
debytoida {vi} :: To debut
debyytti {n} :: debut (performer's first-time performance to the public)
deduktiivinen {adj} :: deductive
deduktiivisesti {adv} :: deductively
deduktiivisuus {n} [logic] :: deducibility (capability of being deduced, quality of being deducible)
deduktio {n} :: deduction
dee {n} :: letter: d
deejii {n} :: disk jockey, deejay
deeki {n} [rare] :: alternative form of deeku
deekis {n} [slang] :: A state of personal decline, especially one caused by alcoholism
deekkari {n} :: A student who spends so much time partying that it hampers his/her studies
deeku {n} [slang] :: A drunkard
deepavali {n} :: synonym of diwali
defaistinen {adj} :: alternative form of defaitistinen
defaitismi {n} :: defeatism
defaitistinen {adj} :: defeatist (willing to accept defeat without struggle)
defekti {n} :: defect
defektiivinen {adj} :: defective
defensiivi {n} :: defensive (means, attitude or position of defense)
defensiivinen {adj} :: defensive
defensiivisesti {adv} :: defensively
defensiivisyys {n} :: defensiveness
defenssimekanismi {n} [psychology, biology] :: synonym of puolustusmekanismi
deffa {n} [medicine, slang] :: synonym of defibrillaattori
defibrillaattori {n} [medicine] :: defibrillator
definiitti {adj} [mathematics] :: definite
definiitti {adj} [grammar] :: alternative form of definiittinen
definiittinen {adj} [grammar] :: definite
definiittipronomini {n} [grammar] :: definite pronoun (pronoun which refers to a defined object)
definiittisesti {adv} :: definitely
definiittisyys {n} [linguistics] :: definiteness (state or quality of being definite)
definiittisyys {n} :: (linguistics) definiteness (property of being either definite or indefinite)
definioida {v} [rare] :: To define
definitiivinen {adj} :: definitive
definitiivisesti {adv} :: definitively
definitiivisyys {n} :: definitiveness
definitio {n} :: definition
deflaatio {n} [economics] :: deflation
deformaatio {n} :: deformation
deformoida {vt} :: to deform (to change the form or looks of, usually negatively)
degeneraatio {n} :: degeneration
degeneroida {v} :: to degenerate (to cause to lose good or desirable qualities)
degeneroitua {vi} :: To degenerate
degeneroituma {n} [pathology, rare] :: synonym of rappeuma
degeneroitunut {adj} :: degenerated
deglasiaatio {n} :: deglaciation
degu {n} :: octodontid (rodent of the Octodontidae family)
degu {n} :: degu (any species of the genus Octodon)
degu {n} :: common degu, Octodon degus
dehydrokoolihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: dehydrocholic acid
deifikaatio {n} :: deification
deiksis {n} [linguistics] :: deixis
deismi {n} :: deism
deisti {n} :: deist
deistinen {adj} :: deistic
deittailla {v} [colloquial] :: to date (to take someone on a series of dates)
deitti {n} :: date (a lover or potential lover, or the person so met)
deka- {prefix} :: deca-
dekaani {n} :: dean (senior official in a university or college)
dekaani {n} [organic compound] :: decane
dekaaninvirasto {n} [academia] :: dean's office
dekaboraani {n} [chemistry] :: decaborane
dekabristi {n} [history, Russia] :: Decembrist
dekadenssi {n} :: decadence
dekadentisti {adv} :: decadently
dekadentti {adj} :: decadent
dekadi {n} :: decade (series of tens)
dekalogi {n} :: synonym of kymmenen käskyä
dekanoli {n} [chemistry] :: decanol
dekantoida {vt} :: to decant
dekantointi {n} :: decantation
dekantteri {n} :: decanter (vessel for decanting liquor)
dekantteri {n} :: clipping of dekantterilasi
dekantterilasi {n} :: beaker (flat-bottomed glass vessel, with a lip, used as a laboratory container)
dekkari {n} [colloquial] :: whodunit, detective story
dekkari {n} :: (informal) detective
dekkarikirjailija {n} :: crime novelist, crime writer, detective fiction writer, crime fiction writer, etc
dekkarikirjallisuus {n} :: crime fiction, detective fiction
dekki {n} :: tape deck
deklamaatio {n} :: declamation
deklamoida {v} :: to declaim (to recite, especially in theatrical way or as rhetorical exercise)
deklaraatio {n} :: declaration
deklinaatio {n} :: compass declination
deklinaatio {n} [astronomy] :: latitude or declination (angular distance of a heavenly body from the ecliptic)
deklinaatio {n} [grammar] :: declension, declination
deklinoida {v} [grammar] :: to decline (to inflect for case, number or gender)
deklinointi {n} [grammar] :: declension
dekolonisaatio {n} :: decolonization
dekoltee {n} :: cleavage
dekompressiotauti {n} [pathology] :: decompression sickness, the bends, caisson disease
dekongestantti {n} :: decongestant
dekonstruktiivinen {adj} :: deconstructive
dekonstruktio {n} :: deconstruction
dekoodata {v} :: To decode
dekoodaus {n} :: decoding
dekooderi {n} :: decoder
dekoraatio {n} :: decoration
dekoratiivinen {adj} :: decorative
dekoratiivisesti {adv} :: decoratively
dekoratiivisuus {n} :: decorativeness
dekreetti {n} :: decree (edict or law, especially one that has been issued by a monarch)
dekriminalisointi {n} :: decriminalization or decriminalisation
dekryptata {v} :: to decrypt
deksamfetamiini {n} [pharmaceutical drug] :: dextroamphetamine
deksmedetomidiini {n} [medicine] :: dexmedetomidine
dekstraani {n} :: dextran
dekstriini {n} :: dextrin
dekstrometorfaani {n} [chemistry] :: dextromethorphan
dekstroosi {n} :: glucose
dekstropropoksifeeni {n} [pharmaceutical drug] :: dextropropoxyphene
delata {vi} [slang] :: To die
delatiivi {n} [grammar] :: delative
delegaatio {n} :: A delegation, group of delegates
delegaatti {n} :: A delegate
delegoida {v} :: To delegate (to commit a task)
delegointi {n} :: Delegation; the act of delegating
delektaatio {n} [theology] :: delectation (great pleasure; delight)
delfiini {n} :: short-beaked common dolphin, Delphinus delphis
delfiini {n} [in plural] :: the family Delphinidae
delfiini {n} :: dolphin (carnivorous aquatic mammal of the taxonomic families Delphinidae, Platanistidae, Iniidae and Pontoporiidae, plus the extinct family †Lipotidae)
Delfiini {prop} :: the constellation Delphinus
delfinaario {n} :: dolphinarium
Delfoi {prop} :: Delphi
delikaatti {adj} :: delicate
Delila {prop} :: Delilah
delta {n} :: delta (Greek letter)
deltalihas {n} [anatomy] :: synonym of hartialihas
deltasiipi {n} :: delta wing
demagnetoida {v} :: to demagnetize
demagnetoida {v} :: to degauss
demagnetointi {n} :: demagnetization
demagnetointi {n} :: degaussing
demagogi {n} :: demagogue (orator or leader who gains favor by pandering to or exciting the passions and prejudices of the audience)
demagogi {n} [historical] :: demagogue (leader of the people)
demagogia {n} :: demagogy
demagoginen {adj} :: demagogic
demagogisesti {adv} :: demagogically
demagogisuus {n} :: The property of being demagogic
demari {n} [colloquial, politics] :: A social democrat
demarkaatio {n} :: demarcation (act of marking a temporary border, especially between belligerent parties)
demarkaatiolinja {n} :: A demarcation line
dementia {n} :: dementia
dementikko {n} :: A demented person (person who suffers from dementia)
dementoida {vt} :: To publicly deny or correct a claim
dementointi {n} :: Public denial
dementoitua {vi} :: To become demented
dementoituneisuus {n} :: dementedness (quality of being demented)
dementoitunut {adj} :: demented
dementoitunut {n} :: A demented person; a person who suffers from dementia
dementti {n} :: demented person (person who suffers from dementia)
demilitarisoida {v} :: demilitarize
demilitarisointi {n} :: demilitarization
demilitarisoitu {adj} :: demilitarized
deminutiivi {n} [grammar] :: diminutive
deminutiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: diminutive
deminutiivisuus {n} [linguistics] :: diminutiveness (state or quality of being diminutive)
demiurgi {n} :: Demiurge
demiurgi {n} :: demiurge
demo {n} :: demo (brief demonstration)
demobilisaatio {n} :: demobilization
demobilisoida {v} :: demobilize
demobilisointi {n} :: demobilization
demografi {n} :: demographer
demografia {n} :: demography
demografinen {adj} :: demographic
demografisesti {adv} :: demographically
demokraatti {n} :: democrat
demokraatti {n} [politics] :: Democrat (a member, ally or MP of a Democratic Party in some country)
demokraattinen {adj} :: democratic
demokraattinen {adj} :: In connection with US domestic politics also blue
demokraattinen sosialismi {n} :: democratic socialism
demokraattisemmin {adv} :: comparative of demokraattisesti
demokraattisesti {adv} :: democratically
demokraattisimmin {adv} :: superlative of demokraattisesti
demokraattistaa {vt} :: To democratize
demokraattistua {vi} :: To become democratic
demokraattisuus {n} :: The property of being democratic
demokratia {n} :: democracy
demokratiavaje {n} [politics] :: democratic deficit
demokratismi {n} :: democratism (principles or spirit of democracy)
demokratisoida {v} :: to democratize
demokratisointi {n} :: democratization (the act of making democratic)
demokratisoitua {vi} :: to become democratized
Demokritos {prop} :: Democritus (Greek philosopher)
demonauha {n} [music] :: demo band (tape recording produced for the purpose of demonstrating the music of an artist or a band to a producer)
demoni {n} :: demon
demoninen {adj} :: demonic
demonisesti {adv} :: demonically
demonisuus {n} :: The state of being demonic
demonologia {n} :: demonology
demonstraatio {n} :: demonstration, show
demonstratiivi {n} [grammar] :: demonstrative (demonstrative word)
demonstratiivinen {adj} :: demonstrative (that serves to demonstrate, show or prove)
demonstratiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: demonstrative (that specifies the thing or person referred to)
demonstratiivipronomini {n} [grammar] :: a demonstrative pronoun:
demonstratiivisesti {adv} :: demonstratively
demonstratiivisuus {n} :: demonstrativeness
demonstroida {v} :: To demonstrate
demonstrointi {n} :: demonstration (showing, explaining)
demoralisaatio {n} :: demoralization (state of being corrupted or subverted in terms of morale, discipline, courage, hope, etc.)
demoralisoida {v} :: To demoralize
demoralisointi {n} :: demoralization (act of corrupting or subverting morale, discipline, courage, hope, etc.)
demoralisoitua {vi} :: To become demoralised/demoralized
De Morganin laki {n} [logic] :: De Morgan's law
demota {v} [slang] :: To demonstrate
demystifioida {v} :: To demystify
demystifiointi {n} :: demystification (removal of mystery surrounding a topic or idea)
demytologisaatio {n} [religion, mythology] :: demythologization
denaari {n} :: denarius (old Roman coin)
denaturoida {v} :: To denature
denaturointi {n} :: denaturation
denaturoitu {adj} :: denatured
dendriitti {n} [cytology, metallurgy] :: dendrite
dendroklimatologi {n} :: dendroclimatologist (one who studies climate history from tree rings)
dendroklimatologia {n} :: dendroclimatology
dendrokronologia {n} :: dendrochronology
dendrologia {n} :: dendrology
denguekuume {n} :: dengue fever
denier {n} :: denier (unit of measure)
denier {n} :: denier (old coin)
denimi {n} :: denim
denitrifikaatio {n} :: denitrification
denominaali {n} [grammar] :: denominative
denominaalinen {adj} [grammar] :: denominative (deriving from a noun)
denominaatio {n} [religion] :: denomination (sect or religious sub-goup)
denotaatio {n} [logic, linguistics, semiotics] :: denotation
dentaali- {prefix} :: dental
dentaali {n} [phonetics] :: dental (sound produced with the tongue touching the teeth)
dentaali {adj} [anatomy, medicine] :: dental (of or concerning the teeth)
dentaali {adj} [phonetics] :: dental (made with the tongue touching the teeth)
dentaalihygienia {n} :: dental hygiene
dentaalispirantti {n} [phonetics] :: a dental non-sibilant fricative, IPA [θ] or [ð]
dentiini {n} :: synonym of hammasluu
deodorantti {n} :: deodorant
deodoranttisaippua {n} :: deodorant soap (soap formulated to kill and restrain the regrowth of smell-producing bacteria on the skin as opposed to ordinary soap which merely washes the bacteria away)
deodoroida {v} :: to deodorize
deoksiribonukleiinihappo {n} [genetics, biochemistry] :: deoxyribonucleic acid
deoksiriboosi {n} [chemistry] :: deoxyribose
deonttinen {n} [ethics, linguistics] :: deontic
deonttisuus {n} [ethics, linguistics] :: deonticity
departementti {n} [government] :: department, district (administrative subdivision below state, especially in Francophone countries)
depata {v} [slang] :: alternative spelling of debata
dependenssi {n} [rare] :: synonym of riippuvuus
dependenssi {n} [grammar] :: dependency (relationship between two words in which one depends on the other as in attribute - headword relation)
dependenssikielioppi {n} [linguistics] :: dependency grammar
depersonalisaatio {n} :: depersonalization
depis {n} [colloquial] :: depression
depolarisaatio {n} :: depolarization
depolarisoida {v} :: to depolarize
deponoida {v} [archaic] :: to deposit, store (to lay up or away for safekeeping)
deponoida {v} :: to deposit (to entrust one's assets to the care of another)
deponointi {n} :: depositing (act of depositing, specifically entrusting one's assets to the care of another)
deprekaatio {n} [religion] :: deprecation (praying against evil)
depressantti {n} :: depressant
depressiivinen {adj} :: depressive
depressiivisesti {adv} [psychiatry] :: depressively
depressiivisyys {n} [psychiatry] :: depressiveness
depressio {n} [psychology] :: depression
depressiokausi {n} [psychology] :: period of depression
depressiolääke {n} :: antidepressant
depressiopotilas {n} [medicine] :: depression patient
depressiotila {n} [psychology] :: depression, state of depression
deprivaatio {n} :: deprivation (act of depriving)
deprivaatio {n} :: deprivation (state of being deprived)
deregulaatio {n} :: deregulation
derivaatio {n} [linguistics] :: derivation (act of tracing origin or descent)
derivaatta {n} [mathematics] :: A derivative (derived function of a function)
derivaatta {n} [mathematics] :: A derivative (value of a derivative function for a given value of independent variable)
derivoida {vt} [mathematics] :: to differentiate (to calculate the derivative of a function)
derivointi {n} [mathematics] :: differentiation (process of determining the derived function of a function)
derivoituva {adj} [math] :: well-behaved (having a finite derivative of all orders at all points, and having no discontinuities)
derkku {n} :: A citizen of the former East Germany
derkku {n} [in plural, colloquial] :: East Germany
Derkkula {prop} :: A nickname of East Germany
dermataanisulfaatti {n} [chemistry] :: dermatan sulfate
dermatiitti {n} :: dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
dermatologi {n} :: dermatologist
dermatologia {n} :: dermatology
dermatologinen {adj} :: dermatological
dermatologisesti {adv} :: dermatologically
dermografia {n} [pathology] :: dermatographia
dervissi {n} :: Dervish (member of a Sufi Muslim ascetic fraternity)
des {n} [music] :: D-flat
desalinaatio {n} [technical] :: desalination (removal of salt from something, typically water)
desalinoida {v} [rare, technical] :: to desalinate (to remove salt from something, typically water)
desalinointi {n} [rare, technical] :: desalination (removal of salt from something, typically water)
desantti {n} :: A member of the Russian Airborne Troops, especially one who worked as a spy or a saboteur behind enemy lines during the Second World War
Des-duuri {n} [music] :: D-flat major
desentralisaatio {n} :: decentralisation/decentralization
desentralisoida {v} :: To decentralize
desentralisointi {n} :: decentralization
deses {n} [music] :: D double flat
desi {n} [colloquial] :: decilitre/deciliter
desi- {prefix} :: deci-
desibeli {n} :: decibel
desibeliasteikko {n} :: decibel scale
desibeliyksikkö {n} :: decibel unit, decibel
desideratiivi {n} [grammar] :: desiderative (verbal mood that has the meaning of wanting to do something)
design {n} :: design
designer {n} :: designer
design-huume {n} :: designer drug (alternative term to muuntohuume)
design-päihde {n} :: designer drug (alternative term to muuntohuume)
designtuote {n} :: design product
desigramma {n} :: decigram (SI unit)
desiili {n} [statistics] :: decile (any of the nine numerical values that divide an ordered sample into ten equally numerous subsets)
desiili {n} [by extension] :: decile (subset thus obtained)
desilitra {n} :: decilitre
desimaali {n} :: A decimal place or informally, a decimal
desimaalijärjestelmä {n} [math] :: decimal system
desimaaliluku {n} [mathematics] :: A decimal number
desimaalinen {adj} :: decimal
desimaalipilkku {n} :: decimal point
desimaalipiste {n} :: A decimal point
desimetri {n} :: decimetre/decimeter
desimetriaallot {n} [telecommunications] :: decimetre band, ultra high frequency (frequency area within which the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is measured in decimetres, i.e. from 10 cm to 1 m, and in which the frequency thus ranges from 300 MHz through 3 GHz)
desinfektio {n} :: disinfection
desinfektoida {v} :: To disinfect
desinfektointi {n} :: disinfection
desinfioida {v} :: To disinfect
desinfiointi {n} :: disinfection
desinfiointiaine {n} :: disinfectant
desinfiointilaite {n} :: disinfecting device
desjatiina {n} :: dessiatina (old Russian unit of area eq. to 10,925 sq.m.)
deskis {n} [slang, math] :: synonym of deskriptiivinen geometria
deskriptiivinen {adj} :: descriptive
deskriptiivinen geometria {n} [math] :: descriptive geometry
deskriptiivisana {n} [linguistics] :: descriptive word (word which uses phonetic elements descriptively, e.g. "scribble", "bubble", "lickety-split")
deskriptiivisesti {adv} :: descriptively
deskriptiivisyys {adv} :: descriptivity
deskriptio {n} :: description
deskrptiivisesti {adv} :: descriptively
desmarestinhyppyrotta {n} :: Desmarest's spiny pocket mouse, Heteromys desmarestianus (dipodid rodent found in continental Central America and Colombia)
desmoteplaasi {n} [organic chemistry] :: desmoteplase (glycoprotein with anticoagulant properties)
desorptio {n} :: desorption
despootti {n} :: despot
despoottinen {adj} :: despotic
despoottisesti {adv} :: despotically
despoottisuus {n} :: despoticalness
despotia {n} :: despotism, tyranny
despotismi {n} :: despotism
destalinisointi {n} :: destalinization
destruktiivinen {adj} :: destructive
detalji {n} :: detail
detaljipiirustus {n} [construction, engineering] :: detail drawing (large-scale drawing showing a part of a larger structure in sufficient detail to show exactly how the part is to be constructed)
detaljitieto {n} :: detailed information (individual piece of information, often insignificant for a person who does not master the whole)
detaljoitu {adj} :: detailed
detektori {n} [technical] :: A detector
determinantti {n} [linear algebra] :: determinant
determinatiivinen {adj} :: determinative
determinismi {n} :: determinism
deterministinen {adj} :: deterministic
deterministisesti {adv} :: deterministically
detoksikaatio {n} :: detoxication
detomidiini {n} [chemistry] :: detomidine
deuterium {n} :: deuterium
deuteroni {n} :: deuteron
devalvaatio {n} :: devaluation
devalvoida {vt} :: To devalue
devalvointi {n} :: devaluation
devalvoitua {vi} :: To be devalued
deverbaalinen {adj} [grammar, linguistics] :: deverbal
deviaatio {n} :: deviation
devoni {n} [geology] :: The Devonian
devonikausi {n} [geology] :: Devonian, Devonian period
devonikautinen {adj} [geology] :: Devonian
döfis {n} [Helsinki slang] :: smell
DI {initialism} :: initialism of diplomi-insinööri (This is the degree Master of Science (Technology).)
DI {initialism} :: initialism of diesel fuel (It is used on gas stations.)
dia {n} [photography] :: slide
diaari {n} :: journal, diary (official record of correspondence)
diaarinumero {n} :: journal number (in official journal record, a number that identifies a document)
diaario {n} :: alternative form of diaari
diabaasi {n} [mineralogy] :: diabase
diabeetikko {n} :: diabetic
diabeettinen {adj} :: diabetic
diabetes {n} :: diabetes (type I)
diabetes {n} :: diabetes (type II)
diadeema {n} :: alternative form of diadeemi
diadeemi {n} :: diadem (ornamental headband)
diadeemikaviokuonoyökkö {n} :: diadem leaf-nosed bat, diadem roundleaf bat, Hipposideros diadema (species of bat native to SE Asia)
diaesitys {n} :: slideshow
diafyysi {n} :: diaphysis
diagnoosi {n} :: diagnosis
diagnosoida {v} [medicine] :: to diagnose
diagnosointi {n} :: diagnosing
diagnostiikka {n} :: diagnostics
diagnostinen {adj} :: diagnostic
diagnostisesti {adv} :: diagnostically
diagnostisoida {v} :: alternative form of diagnosoida
diagnostisuus {n} :: The state of being diagnostic
diagonaali {n} :: diagonal
diagonaalihiihto {n} [dated] :: classic skiing (style of cross-country skiing)
diagonaalimatriisi {n} :: diagonal matrix
diagonaalinen {adj} :: diagonal
diagonaalityyli {n} [dated] :: classic skiing (style of cross-country skiing)
diagrammi {n} :: diagram
diaheitin {n} :: synonym of diaprojektori
diakehys {n} [photography] :: slide frame
diakoni {n} :: deacon (designated minister of charity in Early Churches)
diakonia {n} :: social work done by a church
diakoniaompeluseura {n} :: sewing club or sewing circle organized to support the charity work of deaconesses
diakoninen {adj} :: diaconal
diakonissa {n} :: deaconess
diakriittinen {adj} [orthography] :: diacritical
diakronia {n} :: diachrony (study of change over time)
diakroninen {adj} :: diachronic
diakuva {n} [photography] :: slide
dialekti {n} [linguistics] :: dialect
dialektiikka {n} :: dialectics
dialektikko {n} :: dialectician (one versed in dialectics)
dialektinen {adj} :: dialectic
dialektisesti {adv} :: dialectically
dialektologia {n} :: dialectology
dialogi {n} :: dialogue/dialog
dialoginen {adj} :: dialogical (related to or having the character of dialogue)
dialogisuus {n} :: The quality of being dialogical
dialyysi {n} [chemistry, medicine, rhetoric] :: dialysis
dialyysihoito {n} [medicine] :: dialysis treatment
dialyysilaite {n} [medicine] :: dialysis device
diamagneettinen {adj} [physics] :: diamagnetic
dianamarakatti {n} :: Diana monkey, Cercopithecus diana
dianetiikka {n} :: Dianetics
diapiiri {n} [geology] :: diapir
diapositiivi {n} [photography] :: slide, diapositive
diaprojektori {n} :: slide projector
diarioida {v} :: To diarize
diariointi {n} :: act or process of diarizing
diarisoida {v} :: dated form of diarioida
diasarja {n} :: slideshow (presentation of a series of photographic slides)
diasetyleeni {n} [chemistry] :: diacetylene
diasetyyli {n} [chemistry] :: diacetyl
diaspora {n} :: diaspora
diasporaseurakunta {n} :: diaspora parish (parish belonging to a religious denomination and existing outside the principal area or homeland of that denomination)
diastaasi {n} [enzyme] :: diastase
diastolinen {adj} :: diastolic
diasyyliglyseroli {n} [chemistry] :: diglyceride
diatoninen {adj} [music] :: diatonic
diatritsoiinihappo {n} [pharmacology] :: diatrizoic acid
diatsepaami {n} :: diazepam
dibatag {n} :: synonym of laamagaselli
dibbler {n} :: synonym of dippleri
dibentsotiofeeni {n} :: dibenzothiophene
diboraani {n} [chemistry] :: diborane
dibutyyliftalaatti {n} [chemistry] :: dibutyl phthalate
dickensiläinen {adj} :: Dickensian
didaktiikka {n} :: didactics (art and science of teaching)
didaktikko {n} :: A practitioner or teacher of didactics
didaktinen {adj} :: didactic
didaktisesti {adv} :: didactically
didyymi {n} [chemistry] :: didymium
dieetti {n} :: diet (controlled regimen of food and drink)
dieettihoito {n} [medicine] :: dietary treatment
dieettikeittiö {n} :: A commercial kitchen which specializes in preparing meals for people who follow a special diet, such as a gluten- or lactose-free one
dieettikokis {n} [colloquial] :: Diet Coke
dieettikokis {n} [colloquial, by extension] :: Any low-calorie cola drink
dieettikokki {n} :: A cook who specializes in preparing meals for people who follow a special diet, such as a gluten- or lactose-free one
dieettiruoka {n} :: diet food, dietetic food (food or drink whose recipe has been altered in some way to make it part of a body modification diet)
diesel {n} :: diesel car, diesel (automobile powered with a diesel motor)
diesel {n} :: diesel motor, diesel engine
diesel {n} :: diesel, diesel fuel
dieselajoneuvo {n} [automobile] :: diesel, diesel vehicle
dieselauto {n} :: diesel car (automobile powered with a diesel motor)
dieselöidä {vt} :: to dieselize (to install or to replace with a diesel engine)
dieselöinti {n} :: dieselization
dieseljuna {n} [rail transport] :: diesel train (train with a diesel-driven locomotive)
dieselkäyttöinen {adj} :: diesel driven
dieselöljy {n} :: diesel fuel, diesel
dieselmoottori {n} :: diesel motor, diesel engine
dieselvero {n} [colloquial] :: diesel tax (tax charged from owners of diesel-driven vehicles)
dieselveturi {n} :: diesel locomotive
dieselvoimala {n} :: diesel power plant
dieteetikko {n} :: dietitian
dietetiikka {n} :: dietetics
dietyleeniglykoli {n} [chemistry] :: diethylene glycol
dietyyliamiini {n} [chemistry] :: diethylamine
dietyylieetteri {n} [chemistry] :: diethyl ether
dietyyliftalaatti {n} :: diethyl phthalate
difenyyliamiini {n} [chemistry] :: diphenylamine
differenssiyhtälö {n} [math] :: difference equation (equation defining an ordered sequence of numbers through the differences between those numbers)
differentiaali {n} [mathematics] :: differential
differentiaaligeometria {n} [math] :: differential geometry
differentiaalilaskenta {n} :: differential calculus
differentiaalinen {adj} [mathematics] :: differential
differentiaalipsykologia {n} :: differential psychology
differentiaalivaihde {n} [rare] :: differential gear
differentiaaliyhtälö {n} [mathematics] :: differential equation
differentiaatio {n} [biology] :: differentiation
differentioida {vt} [mathematics] :: to differentiate (to calculate the differential of a function of multiple variables)
differentiointi {n} :: differentiation
differentioitua {vi} :: To be differentiated
differentioituva {adj} :: differentiable
differentoida {v} :: alternative form of differentioida
diffis {n} [mathematics, slang] :: A differential equation
diffraktio {n} :: diffraction
diffuusi {adj} [sciences] :: diffuse
diffuusio {n} :: diffusion
diformismi {n} :: dimorphism
difosfonaatti {n} [organic chemistry] :: bisphosphonate, diphosphonate
diftongi {n} [phonetics] :: diphthong
diftongiutua {vi} [grammar] :: To become a diphthong
diftongiutuma {n} [phonetics] :: diphthongisation (result of the prodess of diphthongisation)
diftongiutuminen {n} :: diphthongization
diftongoitua {v} :: synonym of diftongiutua
digamma {n} :: digamma
digammafunktio {n} [mathematics] :: digamma function
digata {vi} [slang, + elative/partitive] :: To dig, like
digestiivi {n} :: digestif (after-dinner drink)
digestiivikeksi {n} :: digestive biscuit
digestiivinen {adj} :: digestive
diggari {n} :: fan, digger (one who digs something); often in compounds, e.g. jazz-diggari ("jazz digger")
digi- {prefix} :: digi-
digiaika {n} :: Information Age, Computer Age, Digital Age (current era)
digiboksi {n} :: Digibox, set-top box (device that decodes digital signal and makes it viewable on an analogue TV set)
digikamera {n} :: digital camera
digikello {n} :: alternative form of digitaalikello
digikuilu {n} :: digital divide, digital gap
digikuvaus {n} :: digital photography
digimedia {n} :: digital media
diginatiivi {n} :: digital native
diginauhuri {n} :: digital recorder (recorder that stores the recorded data in digital form)
digisovitin {n} :: digital set-top box
digisyrjäytyminen {n} :: digital marginalization, digital exclusion (process of becoming marginalized in the society due to insufficient access to digital networks)
digitaaliarkistointi {n} :: digital archiving
digitaalielämä {n} :: digital life (part of life which a person spends in and with digital media)
digitaalikamera {n} :: alternative form of digikamera
digitaalikello {n} :: digital watch, digital clock
digitaalikeskus {n} :: digital exchange (digital telephone exchange)
digitaalikuvaus {n} :: alternative form of digikuvaus
digitaalilevy {n} :: digital disk (disk, such as CD or minidisk, which is capable of storing information in digital form)
digitaalimittari {n} :: digital meter (digital - as contrasted with analogue - measuring device)
digitaalinen {adj} :: digital
digitaaliäänite {n} :: digital recording (recording, especially of audio, in digital form)
digitaaliäänitys {n} :: digital recording (act of recording audio in digital form)
digitaalinäyttö {n} :: digital display
digitaalipiano {n} [musical instruments] :: digital piano
digitaaliradio {n} :: digital radio
digitaaliselektiivikutsu {n} [nautical] :: DSC (Digital Selective Call)
digitaalisesti {adv} :: digitally
digitaalisignaali {n} :: digital signal
digitaalistaa {vt} :: To digitise/digitize
digitaalistua {vi} :: To become digitised/digitized
digitaalisuus {n} :: digitality
digitaalitalous {n} :: digital economy
digitaalitekniikka {n} :: digital technology
digitaalitekniikka {n} :: digital engineering
digitaaliteknologia {n} :: digital technology
digitaalitelevisio {n} :: alternative form of digitelevisio
digitaalivalokuvaus {n} :: alternative form of digikuvaus
digitalis {n} :: digitalis (medical extract)
digitalisoida {vt} :: To digitize
digitalisointi {n} :: digitizing (act of digitalizing, especially on a system level)
digitalisoituminen {n} :: digitalisation, digitalization (of a system, event or process of becoming digitalized)
digitekniikka {n} :: digital technology
digitekniikka {n} :: digital engineering
digitelevisio {n} :: digital television
digitoida {v} :: to digitize
digitointi {n} :: digitizing (act of digitizing, especially on the signal level)
digitoituminen {n} :: digitisation, digitization (conversion of data or information from analog to digital form)
digi-tv {n} :: digital television
dihiilimonoksidi {n} [chemistry] :: dicarbon monoxide
diileri {n} [colloquial] :: dealer
diili {n} :: deal
diiva {n} :: diva
diivailla {vi} :: to act divalike
diivailu {n} :: acting diva, acting divalike (instance of acting divalike)
diivata {vi} :: To act like a prima donna
dikarboksyylihappo {n} [chemistry] :: dicarboxylic acid
dikdik {n} :: dik-dik (antelope of the genus Madoqua)
dikdikantilooppi {n} :: Salt's dik-dik, Madoqua saltiana (species of antelope)
dikloorimetaani {n} [chemistry] :: dichloromethane
dikotomia {n} :: dichotomy
diktaali {n} [nautical] :: dolphin (maritime structure)
diktaatti {n} :: A dictate
diktaattori {n} :: dictator
diktatorinen {adj} :: dictatorial
diktatorisesti {adv} :: dictatorially
diktatorisuus {n} :: dictatorialness (state or quality of being dictatorial)
diktatuuri {n} :: dictatorship
diktatuurimaa {n} :: dictatorship (country governed by a dictator)
diktatuurivaltio {n} :: dictatorship (country governed by a dictator)
diktio {n} :: diction (effectiveness and degree of clarity of word choice, and presentation of said words)
dilemma {n} :: dilemma [between two alternatives]
diletantismi {n} :: dilettantism
diletantti {n} :: dilettante (amateur)
diligenssi {n} :: A stage-coach, stagecoach
dilli {n} :: dated form of tilli
dimensio {n} :: dimension
dimensioanalyysi {n} [mathematics] :: dimensional analysis
dimensionaalisuus {n} [math] :: dimensionality
dimensioton {adj} :: dimensionless, unitless
dimetoksietaani {n} [chemistry] :: dimethoxyethane
dimetyyliamiini {n} [chemistry] :: dimethylamine
dimetyyliasetamidi {n} [chemistry] :: dimethylacetamide
dimetyylieetteri {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyl ether
dimetyylikarbonaatti {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyl carbonate
dimetyylisulfaatti {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyl sulfate
dimetyylisulfidi {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyl sulfide
dimetyylisulfoksidi {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyl sulfoxide
dimetyylitereftalaatti {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyl terephthalate
dimetyylitryptamiini {n} [chemistry] :: dimethyltryptamine
diminutiivi {n} [grammar] :: diminutive
diminutiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: diminutive
diminutiivisuus {n} [linguistics] :: synonym of deminutiivisuus
dimorfia {n} :: dimorphism
dimorfinen {adj} :: dimorphic
dimorfismi {n} [biology] :: dimorphism
dimotiki {n} :: Demotic Greek (modern vernacular Greek)
dinaari {n} :: dinar
dinaskivi {n} [mineral] :: ganister
džinni {n} :: jinn (spirit in Arabic and Islamic folklore)
dinosaurus {n} :: dinosaur
dinosaurus {n} [figuratively, colloquial] :: dinosaur (old-fashioned person or thing)
diodi {n} :: diode
diokeesi {n} :: diocese (administrative division of the Roman Empire)
diokeesi {n} [rare] :: diocese, bishopric (region administered by a bishop)
dioksidi {n} [chemistry] :: dioxide
dioksiini {n} [chemistry] :: dioxin
dioksipuriini {n} [chemistry] :: dioxipurine, xanthine
dioli {n} :: diol
Dionysos {prop} :: Dionysus (Greek god of wine)
dionyysinen {adj} :: Dionysian (of or pertaining to Dionysus)
dionyysinen {adj} :: dionysian (wild, irrational, and undisciplined)
dionyysinen {adj} [euphemism] :: Of or pertaining to lavish consumption of alcoholic drinks
diopsidi {n} [mineral] :: diopside
dioptaasi {n} [mineral] :: dioptase
diopteri {n} :: diopter (unit of measure of the power of a lens or mirror)
dioptri {n} :: diopter (unit of measure of the power of a lens or mirror)
dioptria {n} :: diopter (unit of measure of the power of a lens or mirror)
dioriitti {n} [mineral] :: diorite
dipata {vt} :: to dip (to lower into a liquid, especially a piece of food into a dipping sauce)
dipl {abbr} :: diplomi (diploma); used especially in abbreviating compound terms such as diplomi-insinööri > dipl.ins., diplomiekonomi > dipl.ekon., diplomikosmetologi > dipl.kosm.
dipl.ins. {prop} :: abbreviation of diplomi-insinööri
diploidi {adj} [cytology] :: diploid
diploidinen {adj} :: diploid
diplomaatti {n} :: diplomat
diplomaattiedustus {n} :: diplomatic representation
diplomaattikunta {n} :: diplomatic corps
diplomaattinen {adj} :: diplomatic
diplomaattipassi {n} :: diplomatic passport
diplomaattiposti {n} :: diplomatic bag
diplomaattisesti {adv} :: diplomatically
diplomaattisuhteet {n} :: diplomatic relations
diplomaattisuus {n} :: diplomacy (tact and subtle skill in dealing with people so as to avoid or settle hostility)
diplomatia {n} :: diplomacy
diplomi {n} :: diploma (document issued by an educational institution testifying that the recipient has earned a degree or has successfully completed a particular course of study)
diplomiekonomi {n} :: Formerly, a master's degree in business management or economics granted by the Hanken School of Economics, a Swedish-language business school in Finland. Currently the corresponding degree is called ekonomi magister in Swedish and kauppatieteiden maisteri in Finnish
diplomiekonomi {n} :: A person holding such degree
diplomi-insinööri {n} :: The academic degree granted to a person who has completed engineering studies at master's level in a Finnish university, or such person himself. Usually translated into English as Master of Science in engineering, and abbreviated as M.Sc. (Eng), or Master of Science (Technology) abbreviated as M.Sc.(Tech.). The Finnish abbreviation is DI. The word is used also to refer to corresponding foreign degrees and persons holding them
diplomijääkäri {n} [military slang] :: An infantry private whose service time is 12 months (normal infantry service time is 6 months)
diplomikauppias {n} :: An honorary title granted by the K-kauppiasliitto for a successful and respected member retailer
diplomikielenkääntäjä {n} :: Until 2009, a bachelor's degree in translation, granted by institutions called kieli-instituutti. These institutions have now been merged with universities
diplomikosmetologi {n} :: A cosmetologist who has passed an exam in her/his trade
diplomilaulaja {n} :: A former music degree granted by the Sibelius Academy, now part of the University of the Arts Helsinki
diplomipianisti {n} :: A former music degree granted by the Sibelius Academy, now part of the University of the Arts Helsinki
diplomisäveltäjä {n} :: A former music degree granted by the Sibelius Academy, now part of the University of the Arts Helsinki
diplomitehdas {n} :: diploma mill
diplomitutkinto {n} :: An examination leading to a degree which features the term diplomi (diploma) in its name
diplomityö {n} :: master's thesis (thesis submitted for a master's degree in some academic fields, e.g. engineering)
diplomiurkuri {n} :: A former music degree granted by the Sibelius Academy, now part of the University of the Arts Helsinki
dipoli {n} :: dipole
dipoliantenni {n} :: dipole antenna
dipolimomentti {n} :: dipole moment
dippaus {n} :: dipping (act of lowering something into a liquid, especially a piece of food into a dipping sauce)
dippauskastike {n} :: synonym of dippikastike
dippi {n} :: A dip sauce
dippikastike {n} :: dip (sauce)
dippleri {n} :: dibbler, Parantechinus apicalis (small Australian marsupial)
dipsomania {n} :: dipsomania (periodic alcoholism)
diptyykki {n} :: diptych
director cantus {n} :: In Finland, an honorary title awarded by the cathedral chapter to a distinguished cantor, or by the president of the republic to other musician
director musices {n} :: director musices (in Finland, an honorary title awarded by the cathedral chapter to a distinguished organist or by the president of the republic to other musician)
direktiivi {n} [legal] :: directive
direktiivi {n} :: directive (authoritative decision)
direktiivi {n} [grammar] :: directive, directive case
direktiivinen {adj} :: directive (serving to direct, indicate, or guide)
direktiivinen {adj} [grammar] :: directive (relating to the directive case)
direktoraatti {n} :: directorate
dirhami {n} :: dirham (currency of the United Arab Emirates)
dirhami {n} :: dirham (currency of Morocco)
dirika {n} [Helsinki slang] :: A boss
disakkaridi {n} [carbohydrate] :: disaccharide
disco {n} :: alternative form of disko
discotanssi {n} :: alternative form of diskotanssi
disinformaatio {n} :: disinformation
disjunktiivikonjunktio {n} [linguistics] :: disjunctive conjunction (conjunction expressing mutual exclusivity, e.g. "or")
disjunktiivinen {adj} :: disjunctive
disjunktio {n} :: disjunction
diskantti {n} :: treble
diskanttialue {n} [music] :: descant register (very high-pitched range of a voice or instrument)
diskanttiavain {n} [music] :: A treble clef
diskanttiääni {n} :: descant sound
diskanttiääni {n} :: descant voice
diskanttisäädin {n} [audio] :: treble control
diskata {vt} [colloquial] :: To disqualify
diskaus {n} [colloquial] :: disqualification
disketti {n} [computing, colloquial] :: diskette
diskiitti {n} [pathology] :: discitis (infection in the intervertebral disc space)
disko {n} :: disco, discotheque
diskofiili {n} :: discophile (collector of audio recordings)
diskografia {n} :: discography
diskojytä {n} :: disco rock (loosely defined subgenre of rock music typically played in discotheques; often used belittlingly)
diskomusiikki {n} :: disco music
diskontata {v} [economics] :: To discount
diskontinuatiivinen {adj} [linguistics] :: discontinuative
diskonttaus {n} [finance] :: discounting (act)
diskontto {n} [economics] ::  discount
diskonttokorko {n} [finance] :: discount rate (interest rate that a central bank charges for the funds it lends to banks)
diskonttokorko {n} :: (finance) discount rate (interest rate used to discount future cashflows in order to calculate their present value)
diskonttoliike {n} [archaic, banking] :: discounting business (bank's business of buying unexpired promissory notes, bills of exchange etc. at a discount compared to their nominal value)
diskopallo {n} :: disco ball
diskordianismi {n} [religion] :: Discordianism
diskota {vi} :: To party in a nightclub
diskotanssi {n} :: disco dance
diskoteekki {n} [dated] :: discotheque
diskreditointi {n} :: discredit (act of discrediting, causing loss of credibility)
diskreditointi {n} [finance] :: credit cancellation, cancellation of credit
diskreetisti {adv} :: discreetly
diskreetti {adj} :: discrete
diskrepanssi {n} :: discrepancy (inconsistency between facts or sentiments)
diskriminaatio {n} :: discrimination
diskriminantti {n} :: discriminant
diskriminoida {v} :: to discriminate (to make decisions based on prejudice)
diskriminointi {n} :: discrimination
diskursiivinen {adj} :: discursive
diskurssi {n} :: discourse
diskurssianalyysi {n} [linguistics] :: discourse analysis
diskurssimerkitsin {n} [linguistics] :: discourse marker
diskurssipartikkeli {n} [linguistics] :: discourse particle (particle that is used as a discourse marker)
diskusprolapsi {n} [pathology, jargon] :: spinal disc herniation (protrusion of a vertebral disk into the spinal canal)
diskussio {n} :: discussion (conversation or debate)
diskvalifioida {v} :: To disqualify
diskvalifiointi {n} :: disqualification
dislokaatio {n} :: dislocation
disneyläinen {n} :: Disneyan
disorganisaatio {n} :: disorganization (state of being disorganized)
dispersio {n} [optics] :: dispersion
disponibiliteetti {n} :: availability
dispositiivinen {adj} [legal] :: synonym of tahdonvaltainen
dispositio {n} :: disposition
dissata {v} [slang] :: to diss
dissata {v} [slang] :: to dislike
dissaus {n} [slang] :: diss
dissertaatio {n} [archaic] :: dissertation, doctoral thesis (formal exposition of a subject in order to complete the requirements for a doctoral degree)
dissidentti {n} :: dissident
dissimilaatio {n} [phonology] :: dissimilation
dissipatiivinen {adj} :: dissipative
dissonanssi {n} :: dissonance
dissonanssikvartetto {n} :: Dissonance, Dissonance quartet (nickname of Mozart's String quartet no. 19)
dissonoida {vi} [music] :: To dissonate
dissosiaatiohäiriö {n} [psychiatry] :: dissociative disorder (any of several mental disorders that affect consciousness)
dissosiatiivinen identiteettihäiriö {n} :: dissociative identity disorder
distaalinen {adj} :: distal
distikon {n} [prosody] :: elegiac couplet
distinktiivinen {adj} :: distinctive
distributiivi {n} [grammar] :: distributive case
distribuutio {n} :: distribution
disulfidi {n} [chemistry] :: disulphide
disulfiitti {n} [inorganic compound] :: disulfite
dityppimonoksidi {n} :: synonym of dityppioksidi
dityppioksidi {n} [chemistry] :: nitrous oxide
diureesi {n} [physiology] :: production of urine
diureetti {n} :: diuretic
diureettinen {adj} :: diuretic
diurnaalinen {adj} [science, medicine] :: diurnal
divaani {n} :: A divan (piece of furniture)
divaani {n} :: A divan (Muslim council of state)
divaani {n} :: A divan (collection of poems)
divali {n} :: synonym of diwali
divari {n} [colloquial] :: second-hand bookshop, used bookstore
divergenssi {n} [mathematics] :: divergence
divergentti {adj} :: divergent
diversifioida {vt} :: To diversify
diversifioitua {vi} :: To become diversified
diversiteetti {n} :: diversity
divertikuliitti {n} [pathology] :: diverticulitis
divertikuloosi {n} [pathology] :: diverticulosis
divestointi {n} [finance] :: divestment
divinaatio {n} :: divination
divisionismi {n} [painting, rare] :: pointillism
divisioona {n} :: division (a military unit)
divisioonankomentaja {n} [military] :: division commander
diwali {n} [Hinduism] :: Diwali
dixieland {n} [music] :: Dixieland
dj {abbr} :: DJ, disc jockey
Djibouti {prop} :: Djibouti
djiboutilainen {adj} :: Djiboutian
djiboutilainen {n} :: A Djiboutian person
DKK {abbr} :: diplomikielenkääntäjä
D-markka {n} :: D-mark, D-Mark (currency of Germany 1948 – 2002)
DNA-siru {n} :: DNA chip (collection of microscopic DNA spots attached to a solid surface, used to recognize DNA present in a sample)
dobermanni {n} :: Doberman
dobra {n} :: The official or principal currency of São Tomé and Príncipe, divided into 100 cêntimos
dodekaani {n} [chemistry] :: dodecane
dodekaedri {n} [geometry] :: dodecahedron
dodekafonia {n} [music] :: dodecaphony (composition technique)
dodo {n} :: dodo (exitinct bird of the family Columbidae)
dodo {n} :: dodo, †Raphus cucullatus (type species of the family)
dodo {n} :: solitaire (two extinct birds of the family Columbidae, more specifically Réunion soilitaire, Raphus solitarius and Rodriques solitaire, Pezophaps solitaria)
doffeli {n} :: alternative form of duffeli
doge {n} :: doge
doggilepakko {n} :: free-tailed bat (bat of the genus Tadarida within the family Molossidae)
doggilepakko {n} [in plural] :: the genus Tadarida
doggilepakko {n} :: European free-tailed bat, Tadarida teniotis (name species of the genus)
doggilepakko {n} :: Any of a few individual species in various other genera of the family Molossidae
dogmaatikko {n} :: dogmatist
dogmaattinen {adj} :: dogmatic
dogmaattisemmin {adv} :: comparative of dogmaattisesti
dogmaattisesti {adv} :: dogmatically
dogmaattisimmin {adv} :: superlative of dogmaattisesti
dogmaattisuus {n} :: dogmaticalness
dogmaelokuva {n} :: Dogme film (film produced by observing the rules set out in Dogme 95 manifesto)
dogmatiikka {n} :: dogmatics
dogmatismi {n} :: dogmatism
dogmi {n} :: dogma (authoritative principle, belief or statement of opinion)
dokata {vi} [slang] :: To drink (alcohol; especially in large amounts)
dokaus {n} [slang] :: drinking (occasion, practice or habit of heavy consumption of alcoholic drinks)
doktriini {n} :: doctrine
doktrinaalinen {adj} :: doctrinal (of or relating to a doctrine)
doku {n} [slang] :: drunkard
doku {n} [colloquial] :: documentary
dokudraama {n} [television] :: docudrama
dokumentaari {n} :: documentary (film, TV program, publication etc. which presents a social, political, scientific or historical subject in a factual or informative manner)
dokumentaarinen {adj} :: documentary
dokumentaarisuus {n} :: documentariness (quality of being documentary)
dokumentaatio {n} :: documentation
dokumentaatiokeskus {n} :: synonym of dokumentointikeskus
dokumentaatiokieli {n} [programming] :: documentation language
dokumentaatiopalvelu {n} :: documentation service
dokumentarismi {n} :: documentary arts (documentary literature, drama and film as a genre)
dokumentaristi {n} :: documentarian, documentarist (producer of documentaries)
dokumentinomainen {adj} :: documentarylike (resembling a documentary)
dokumentoida {v} :: To document
dokumentointi {n} :: documentation
dokumentointikeskus {n} :: information centre, databank (organization for collecting and distributing information, usually on a defined field)
dokumentti {n} :: document
dokumentti {n} :: documentary
dokumenttidraama {n} :: synonym of dokudraama
dokumenttielokuva {n} :: documentary (film)
dokumenttikamera {n} :: document camera, digital overhead, docucam, visualiser, visual presenter (device to display an object or document to an audience, sort of digital overhead projector)
dokumenttikirjallisuus {n} :: documentary literature (genre of literature)
dokumenttiohjelma {n} :: A documentary
dokumenttivalokuvaus {n} :: documentary photography (photography used to chronicle significant and historical events)
dolfiini {n} :: dolphinfish, dorado, mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus)
doliini {n} :: doline (depression in karstic terrain, usually caused by dissolution of the limestone rock)
doliini {n} :: sinkhole
dollari {n} :: dollar (unit of currency in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong and Singapore)
dollarihymy {n} :: a luxurious car, especially an American one
dollarilaina {n} :: dollar loan (loan denominated in dollars)
dollarinseteli {n} :: dollar bill
dollarisaatio {n} [economics] :: dollarization
dollmanninpuuhiiri {n} :: Dollman's tree mouse, African tree mouse, Prionomys batesi
dolomiitti {n} [mineral] :: dolomite
dolomiittikalkki {n} :: synonym of dolomiitti
dolomiittikivi {n} [geology] :: dolostone
domainnimi {n} [internet] :: domain name
domeeni {n} [taxonomy] :: domain (highest-level grouping of organisms)
domina {n} :: domina, dominatrix (dominant female in sadomasochistic practices)
dominanssi {n} :: dominance
dominantisti {n} :: dominantly
dominantti {adj} :: dominant
Dominica {prop} :: Dominica
dominicalainen {adj} :: Dominican (related to Dominica)
dominicalainen {n} :: A Dominican person (from Dominica)
dominikaani {n} :: Dominican (member of the order)
dominikaanilainen {adj} :: Dominican (related to the Dominican Republic)
dominikaanilainen {n} :: A Dominican person (from the Dominican Republic)
dominikaaniluostari {n} :: Dominican monastery
dominikaanimunkki {n} :: Dominican brother (monk belonging to Dominican order)
dominikaaninen {n} :: Dominican (of or belonging to the Dominican order)
Dominikaaninen tasavalta {prop} :: The Dominican Republic
dominikaaninunna {n} :: Dominican nun (nun belonging to Dominican ordr)
dominikaanisisar {n} :: Dominican sister (nun belonging to Dominican ordr)
dominikaaniveli {n} :: Dominican brother (monk belonging to Dominican order)
dominikaaniveljeskunta {n} :: Dominican brotherhood
dominio {n} :: dominion
dominoefekti {n} :: domino effect
dominoida {v} :: To dominate
dominointi {n} :: domination
dominonappula {n} :: domino piece
dominopeli {n} :: game of dominoes
dominoteoria {n} :: domino theory, domino effect (theory)
Don {prop} :: Don (river in Russia)
Donetskin kansantasavalta {prop} :: Donetsk People's Republic (secessionist state in eastern Ukraine)
dongarit {n} [slang] :: A pair of trousers
donitsi {n} :: doughnut (deep-fried toroidal piece of dough or batter)
donitsi {n} :: doughnut (spare tire that is smaller than the regular one)
donitsi {n} :: bobble (elasticated band used for securing hair, especially a voluminous one)
donjuan {n} :: Don Juan (man who obsessively seduces women)
donkata {v} [basketball] :: To dunk
donkikone {n} [nautical, slang] :: donkey, donkey engine (small auxiliary engine)
donkkaus {n} [basketball, colloquial] :: dunking
donkkaus {n} :: (basketball, coloquial) dunk shot
džonkki {n} [nautical] :: junk
donna {n} [slang] :: woman
doomi {n} [geology] :: dome
doorilainen {adj} :: Doric
doorilainen {n} :: Dorian
dopamiini {n} [neurotransmitter] :: dopamine
dopata {v} :: To dope; to use illicit drugs to enhance performance in sports
doping {n} :: doping (use of drugs to improve athletic performance)
dopingaine {n} [sports] :: doping substance
dopingskandaali {n} [sports] :: doping scandal
dopingtesti {n} [sports] :: doping test
dopingurheilija {n} [sports] :: doping sportsman
dopplerilmiö {n} [physics] :: Doppler effect
Doppler-ilmiö {n} [physics] :: Doppler effect
dopplertutka {n} :: Doppler radar (specialized radar that makes use of the Doppler effect to produce velocity data about objects at a distance)
dorianpuukenguru {n} :: Dorias´s tree kangaroo, Dendrolagus dorianus
dorka {n} [slang] :: dork, jerk, idiot, dorkface
dorka {adj} [slang] :: stupid, idiotic, jerklike
Dorkas {prop} :: Dorcas (biblical woman)
dorkasgaselli {n} :: dorcas gazelle, Dorcas gazelle, Gazella dorcas
dorkasti {n} :: idiotically, stupidly
dorsaalinen {adj} :: dorsal (anatomy: relating to the side in which the backbone is located, or the analogous side of an invertebrate)
dorsaalinen {adj} :: dorsal (anatomy: relating to the top surface of the foot or hand)
dorsaalinen {adj} :: dorsal (linguistics: of a sound produced using the top side of the tongue)
dosentti {n} :: docent (teacher or lecturer in university)
dosentuuri {n} :: docentship
dosetti {n} :: pill dispenser
dosimetri {n} :: dosemeter
douglasinpussihiiri {n} :: Julia Creek dunnart, Sminthopsis douglasi (small marsupial only found in riparian grassland's between Julia Creek and Richmond in Queensland, Australia)
douglaskuusi {n} :: Douglas-fir, Oregon pine (Evergreen conifer of the genus Pseudotsuga, especially the type species of the genus, Pseudotsuga menziesii, which is native to the western North America)
doula {n} :: doula
doupata {v} :: To dope; to use illicit drugs to enhance performance in sports
Downin oireyhtymä {n} [pathology] :: Down syndrome
Downin syndrooma {n} :: synonym of Downin oireyhtymä
D-pilari {n} [automotive] :: D-pillar
draama {n} :: drama
draamadokumentti {n} :: docudrama, drama documentary
draamaelokuva {n} :: drama film, drama movie
draamakasvatus {n} :: drama education
draamakirjailija {n} :: playwright
draamakirjailija {n} :: drama writer
draamakirjallisuus {n} :: drama literature
draamallinen {adj} :: dramatic (of or relating to the drama)
draamallisesti {adv} :: dramatically (as a drama)
draamallisuus {n} :: dramaticism (state or property of being dramatic in sense "of or relating to drama")
draamapedagogiikka {n} :: drama pedagogy, theatre pedagogy
draamateatteri {n} :: drama theater
draamaterapia {n} :: drama therapy
dragsteri {n} :: dragster (car)
draivi {n} [slang] :: drive (self-motivation)
draivi {n} [golf] :: drive (golf stroke)
Draken {prop} :: Saab 35 Draken (Swedish fighter jet, used by the Finnish Air Force in 1985 - 2000)
drakma {n} :: drachma (currency and coin)
drakma {n} :: drachm, dram (one eighth of the ounce apoth.)
Drakon {prop} :: Draco (Athenian lawgiver)
drakoninen {adj} :: draconian
dralon {n} :: dralon (fabric)
dramaatikko {n} :: playwright, dramatist
dramaattinen {adj} :: dramatic (striking in appearance or effect)
dramaattisesti {adv} :: dramatically (strikingly)
dramaattisuus {n} :: dramaticism
dramatiikka {n} :: dramatics
dramatisoida {v} :: To dramatize
dramatisointi {n} :: dramatization
dramaturgi {n} :: dramaturge (in the sense of literary adviser that selects and edits texts for a theater, opera, or film company, not playwright)
dramaturgia {n} :: dramaturgy
dramaturginen {adj} :: dramaturgic
drapeerata {vi} :: To drape (to cover or adorn with drapery)
drapeeraus {n} :: draping (act of designing or producing drapery)
drapeeraus {n} :: drapery (art of draping, draped piece of cloth)
drastinen {adj} :: drastic
drastisesti {adv} :: drastically
drastisuus {n} :: The state of being drastic
dravida {n} :: Dravidian (person)
dravidakieli {n} :: Dravidian, Dravidian language (any of the languages belonging to the Dravidian family of languages, spoken on the Indian subcontinent)
dravidakieli {n} [in plural] :: Dravidian (group of languages)
dreeni {n} [medicine] :: drain (hose or pipe, usually a temporary one, through which excess liquids are removed from the body)
dreeveri {n} :: drever
dreija {n} :: potter's wheel
dreijata {v} [ceramics] :: to throw (to make - a pot or other object - by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel)
dreijaus {n} [ceramics] :: throwing (act or event of shaping clay as it turns on a wheel)
dreseerata {v} :: to break in (to train a horse to follow the orders of the owner)
dreseerata {v} :: to train (to train an animal to follow the orders of the owner)
dreseeraus {n} :: dressage (schooling of a horse)
dresiina {n} :: alternative form of resiina
dresyyri {n} :: dressage (training of a horse)
drifteri {n} [nautical] :: drifter (sail)
drilli {n} :: A drill (exercise)
drillinki {n} [firearms] :: drilling
drillipora {n} [tools] :: eggbeater drill (type of hand drill which is driven by a hand-operated crank)
drinkki {n} :: drink (portion of alcoholic beverage, usually mixed)
drinkkibaari {n} :: A bar that specializes in mixed drinks
drinkkilasi {n} :: drink glass (any sort of glass commonly used for serving mixed alcoholic drinks)
dritteli {n} [historical] :: A unit of measure in trade of butter, about 51 kg
dritteli {n} :: (historical) A barrel which held this quantity of butter
drive-in-elokuvateatteri {n} :: drive-in movie theater
dromedaari {n} :: dromedary (Camelus dromedarius)
dromologia {n} [philosophy] :: dromology
drontti {n} :: dodo, Raphus cucullatus
drotsi {n} [historical] :: a high official in Nordic countries whose main responsibility was monitoring of the judiciary
dörtsi {n} [slang] :: door
druidi {n} :: druid
drumliini {n} [geology] :: drumlin
druusi {n} :: A Druze
dryadi {n} :: dryad
dryasmarakatti {n} :: Dryas monkey, Cercopithecus dryas (little-known species of guenon found only in the Congo Basin)
dösä {n} :: [Helsinki slang] bus
dösis {n} :: (Helsinki slang) bus stop
duaali {n} [mathematics] :: dual
duaaliavaruus {n} :: dual space
duaalitalous {n} [economics] :: dual economy (existence of two separate economic sectors within one country)
dualismi {n} :: dualism
dualisti {n} :: dualist
dualistinen {adj} :: dualistic
dualistisesti {adv} :: dualistically
dualistisuus {n} :: The property of being dualistic
Dušanbe {prop} :: Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan)
Dubai {prop} :: Dubai
dubata {vt} :: To dub (to copy the audio track onto a film)
dubbata {v} :: alternative form of dubata
dubbaus {n} :: dubbing
dubbeli {n} [card games] :: A doubleton (bridge term)
dublee {n} :: A piece metal covered with gold or other precious metal
dubletti {n} :: duplicate
dubletti {n} :: doublet (men's tight-fitting jacket, used in Europe in 15th to 17th century)
Dublin {prop} :: Dublin, the capital city of the Ireland
dubloni {n} :: doubloon (former Spanish gold coin)
dubnium {n} :: dubnium
duchesseperunasose {n} :: Duchess_potatoes
duetto {n} :: duet (a musical composition for two performers)
duffeli {n} :: duffel
duffelitakki {n} :: duffel coat
dugongi {n} :: dugong, Dugong dugon
dugongi {n} :: Any large marine mammal in the family Dugongidae, which includes dugong and the extinct Steller's sea cow
dukaatti {n} [historical] :: ducat (gold coin minted by various European nations)
duktio {n} :: duction (eye movement involving only one eye)
dulla {n} [slang] :: hashish (cannabis extract)
dumari {n} [sports, colloquial] :: An ump
dumdumluoti {n} :: dumdum, dumdum bullet, expanding bullet (bullet that expands on contact)
dumpata {v} :: To dump
dumping {n} :: dumping (selling goods at less than their normal price)
dumppaus {n} :: dumping (selling goods at less than their normal price)
dumpperi {n} :: dumper (vehicle)
dumpperi {n} :: haul truck (large dump truck, such as used in open-pit mines to transport blasted zone)
dumppi {n} :: anti-surge valve, diverter valve, bypass valve, blow-off valve, dump valve (in a turbocharged engine, a pressure relief valve fitted between the turbocharger and the cylinder inlet, which vents off eventual excess pressure)
Džungaria {prop} :: Dzungaria (region of Sinkiang, China)
dunkerinajokoira {n} :: Dunker, Norwegian hound (breed of hound of Norwegian origin)
dunkkis {n} [slang] :: smell, odor
duo {n} :: duo, twosome
duoraitiovaunu {n} :: tram-train
dupletti {n} :: duplicate
duplikaatti {n} :: duplicate
duraatio {n} :: duration
duraatioanalyysi {n} [finance] :: duration analysis
duralumiini {n} :: duralumin
duratiivinen {adj} [linguistics] :: durative
duratiivisuus {adj} [linguistics] :: durativity
durio {n} :: durian
durra {n} :: sorghum
džurtšen {n} [in plural] :: Jurchen (people)
džurtšen {n} :: Jurchen (person)
džurtšen {n} :: Jurchen (language)
durumvehnä {n} :: durum wheat (low-glutene, "hard" variety of wheat, especially suitable for producing dry varieties of pasta)
duthinkultamyyrä {n} :: Duthie's golden mole, Chlorotalpa duthieae
duuma {n} :: duma (lower house of the Russian parliament)
duunailla {v} [slang, ] :: to do, work
duunari {n} [slang] :: A manual worker
duunata {v} [slang] :: To do, make, work on
duunaus {n} :: alternative form of duuni
duuni {n} [slang] :: job, work
duuri {n} [music] :: major
duuri {n} :: (music) major key
duuriasteikko {n} [music] :: major scale
duurisointu {n} [music] :: major chord
duurisävellaji {n} [music] :: major key
duurivoittoinen {adj} [music] :: of a set of music, consisting mainly of pieces played in major key
duurivoittoinen {adj} [figuratively] :: successful, positive, happy
DVD-levy {n} :: DVD (optical disc)
DVD-soitin {n} :: DVD player
D-vitamiini {n} :: vitamin D
dyadi {n} [music] :: dyad
dybowskinmangusti {n} [rare] :: Pousargues's mongoose, Dologale dybowskii (species of mongoose living on African savannah)
dynaaminen {adj} :: dynamic
dynaamisesti {adv} :: dynamically
dynaamisuus {n} :: dynamicity
dynamiikka {n} :: dynamics
dynamiitti {n} :: dynamite
dynamiittimies {n} :: A criminal who uses dynamite in committing burglary
dynamiittipanos {n} :: dynamite charge
dynamismi {n} [philosophy] :: dynamism
dynamo {n} :: A small electric generator that produces direct current (DC) and which uses permanent magnets to produce the required magnetic field; a small dynamo
dynamo {n} :: A dynamo (energetic person)
dynamometri {n} :: dynamometer
dynastia {n} :: dynasty
dynorfiini {n} :: dynorphin
dysartria {n} [pathology] :: dysarthria
dysenteria {n} [disease] :: dysentery
dysfasia {n} [pathology] :: dysphasia
dysfemismi {n} :: dysphemism (use of a derogatory, offensive or vulgar word or phrase to replace a neutral one; such word)
dysforia {n} :: dysphoria
dysfunktionaalinen {adj} [especially in medicine] :: dysfunctional
dysgrafia {n} [pathology] :: dysgraphia (serious difficulty with writing)
dyskalkulia {n} [pathology] :: dyscalculia (serious difficulty with numbers and in doing arithmetic)
dyslalia {n} :: dyslalia
dysleksia {n} [pathology] :: dyslexia
dyspepsia {n} [pathology] :: dyspepsia
dyspraksia {n} [pathology] :: dyspraxia
dysprosium {n} :: dysprosium
dysrytmia {n} [pathology] :: dysrhythmia
dystokia {n} [medicine] :: dystocia (slow or difficult labour or delivery)
dystopia {n} :: dystopia
dystrofinen {adj} :: dystrophic
dyykata {v} [slang] :: to dive
dyykata {v} :: to dumpster dive
dyyni {n} :: dune
dzinni {n} :: jinn
dzongkha {n} :: Dzongkha (language)