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Rabat {prop} (capital of Morocco)  :: Rabat
rabbi {n} (Jewish scholar or teacher)  :: rabbiner {c}
rabbit {n} (mammal)  :: kanin {c}
rabies {n} (viral disease)  :: hundegalskab {c}, rabies {c}
raccoon {n} (nocturnal omnivore living in North America, Procyon lotor)  :: vaskebjørn {c}
raccoon dog {n} (Nyctereutes procyonoides)  :: mårhund {c}
race {n} (contest)  :: løb {n}
raceme {n} (botany: an inflorescence in which the flowers are arranged along a single central axis)  :: klase, blomsterklase
racemose {adj} (botany: having flowers arranged along a single central axis)  :: klaseagtig, racemøs
Rachel {prop} (younger daughter of Laban)  :: Rakel
racism {n} (race discrimination or dislike)  :: racisme {c}
racket {n} (implement)  :: ketsjer {c}
racoon {n} (raccoon) SEE: raccoon  ::
racquet {n} (an implement with a handle used to hit a ball)  :: ketsjer {c}
radiation {n} (transfer of energy via radiation)  :: varmestråling {c}
radiation {n}  :: stråling
radical {n}  :: radikal
radio {n} (technology)  :: radiofoni, radio
radio {n} (receiver)  :: radio {c}
radioactive {adj} (exhibiting radioactivity)  :: radioaktiv
radioactive decay {n} (physical process)  :: radioaktivt henfald {n}
radioactive fallout {n} (material from a radioactive plume)  :: radioaktivt nedfald
radioactive waste {n} (type of waste)  :: atomaffald, radioaktivt affald
radioactivity {n} (emission of ionizing radiation)  :: radioaktivitet {c}
radish {n} (plant)  :: radise
radish {n} (edible root)  :: radise {m} {c}
radius {n} (line segment)  :: radius
radix {n} (biology: root) SEE: root  ::
radon {n} (chemical element)  :: radon {n}
raft {n} (flat, floating structure)  :: flåde {c}
rag doll {n} (a doll made from cloth and rags)  :: kludedukke {c}
rage {n} (a violent anger)  :: raseri {n}, galskab {c}
rage {v} (act in an angry manner)  :: rase
Ragnarok {prop} (the final battle in Norse mythology)  :: ragnarok
ragout {n} (stew of meat and vegetables mixed together)  :: ragout {c}
Ragusa {prop} (Dubrovnik) SEE: Dubrovnik  ::
raid {n} (attack for the purpose of making arrests, seizing property, or plundering)  :: razzia {c}
rail {n} (means of transportation) SEE: railway  ::
rail {n} (metal bar that makes the track of a railroad)  :: skinne
railcar {n} (any railway carriage) SEE: railroad car  ::
railroad {n} (permanent road consisting of fixed metal rails) SEE: railway  ::
railroad {n} (transportation system) SEE: railway  ::
railroad car {n} (railroad vehicle)  :: togvogn {c}, jernbanevogn {c}
railroad crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
railroad station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station  ::
railroad tie {n} (piece supporting the rails of a railroad)  :: svelle {c}
railway {n} (track, consisting of parallel rails)  :: jernbane {c}
railway {n} (transport system using these rails)  :: jernbane {c}
railway station {n} (place where trains stop)  :: banegård {c}, jernbanestation, togstation
rain {n} (condensed water from a cloud)  :: regn
rain {v} (of rain: to fall from the sky)  :: regne
rainbow {n} (multicoloured arch in the sky)  :: regnbue {c}
rainbow trout {n} (Oncorhynchus mykiss (countable))  :: regnbueørred {c}
raindrop {n} (droplet of rainwater)  :: regndråbe {c}
rainforest {n} (forest in a climate with high annual rainfall and no dry season)  :: regnskov {c}
rainwater {n} (water sourced from rain)  :: regnvand {n}
raise {n} (increase in wages)  :: lønforhøjelse {c}
raisin {n} (dried grape)  :: rosin {c}
raisin bread {n} (raisin bread)  :: rosinbrød
rake {n} (garden tool)  :: rive {c}
rake {n} (a man habituated to immoral conduct)  :: libertiner [archaic]
Rakvere {prop} (Town in Estonia)  :: Rakvere
ram {n} (male sheep)  :: vædder {m}, stenbukken {c}
ram {n} (piston powered by hydraulic pressure)  :: stempel, stødslæde
ram {n} (battering ram) SEE: battering ram  ::
ramble {v} (wander) SEE: wander  ::
rampart {n} (defensive ridge of earth)  :: volden
ramrod {n} (device used with early firearms)  :: ladestok
ramson {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons  ::
ramsons {n} (Allium ursinum)  :: ramsløg {n}
ranch {n} (large plot of land)  :: ranch {c}
rancher {n} (person who operates a ranch)  :: rancher {c}
rancid {adj} (rancid) SEE: offensive  ::
rancid {adj} (being rank in taste or smell)  :: harsk
rand {n} (currency of South Africa)  :: rand {c}
random {adj} (all outcomes being unpredictable)  :: tilfældig
random {adj} (apropos of nothing)  :: overflødig, ligegyldig
range {n} (math: set of values of a function)  :: værdimængde {c}
Rangoon {prop} (Yangon) SEE: Yangon  ::
rank {n} (chess: one of the horizontal lines of squares)  :: række {c}
ransom {n} (money paid for the freeing of a hostage)  :: løsesum
rape {n} (act of forcing sexual activity)  :: voldtægt {c}
rape {v} (force sexual intercourse)  :: voldtage
rape oil {n} (rapeseed oil) SEE: rapeseed oil  ::
rapeseed oil {n} (vegetable oil)  :: rapsolie {c}
rapist {n} (someone who rapes someone else)  :: voldtægtsmand {c}, voldtægtskvinde {c}
rare {adj} (cooked very lightly)  :: rød
rare {adj} (very uncommon)  :: sjælden
raspberry {n} (plant)  :: hindbær {c}
raspberry {n} (fruit)  :: hindbær {n}
rat {n} (rodent)  :: rotte {c}
rate {n} (speed) SEE: speed  ::
rather {adv} (preferably)  :: hellere
rather {adv} (on the contrary)  :: tværtimod
rather {adv} (more precisely)  :: snarere
rather {adv} (somewhat, fairly)  :: noget
ratify {v} (give formal consent to)  :: ratificere
rational {adj} (reasonable; not absurd)  :: rationel
rationality {n} (quality or state of being rational)  :: rationalitet {c}
rat king {n} (conglomeration of rats with tails joined)  :: rottekonge {c}
rattle {n} (baby’s toy)  :: rangle, rasle
rattler {n} (rattlesnake) SEE: rattlesnake  ::
rattlesnake {n} (poisonous snake)  :: klapperslange
Rauma {prop} (Finnish city)  :: Rauma
raven {n} (bird)  :: ravn {c}
ravine {n} (a deep narrow valley)  :: ravine {c}
ravish {v} (rape) SEE: rape  ::
raw {adj} (uncooked)  ::
ray {n} (beam of light or radiation)  :: stråle {c}
ray {n} (mathematics: line extending indefinitely in one direction from a point)  :: stråle {c}
raze {v} (to demolish)  :: rasere
razor {n} (shaving knife)  :: kniv, barberkniv
razor {n} (shaving instrument)  :: barberhøvl {c}, skraber {c}
razorbill {n} (a large black and white auk, Alca torda)  :: alk {c}
re- {prefix} (again)  :: gen-
reaccept {v} (to accept again)  :: acceptere igen, modtage igen
reach {v} (to arrive at by effort)  ::
reaction {n} (action in response to an event)  :: reaktion {c}
reaction {n} (chemical transformation)  :: reaktion {c}
reactive {adj} ((in chemistry) able to react)  :: reaktiv, reaktionsdygtig
read {v} (look at and interpret letters or other information)  :: læse
read {v} (speak aloud words or other information that is written)  :: læse
readable {adj} (legible) SEE: legible  ::
reader {n} (person who reads a publication)  :: læser {c}
reading {n} (process of interpreting written language)  :: læsning {c}
reading {n} (value indicated by a measuring device)  :: aflæsning {c}
reading {n} (occasion in which material is read aloud)  :: forelæsning {c}
reading {n} (interpretation)  :: fortolkning {c}
reading {n} (something to read) SEE: reading material  ::
Reading {prop} (the town)  :: Reading
reading material {n} (anything produced for reading)  :: læsestof {n}
ready {n} (cash) SEE: cash  ::
ready, set, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go  ::
ready, steady, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go  ::
real estate {n} (property that cannot easily be moved)  :: fast ejendom {c}
realism {n} (concern for fact or reality)  :: realismen
realist {n} (one who sees things as they are)  :: realist {c}
realist {n} (advocate of artistic realism)  :: realist {c}
realistic {adj} (expressed or represented as being accurate)  :: realistisk
realistic {adj} (relating to the representation of objects, actions or conditions as they actually are or were)  :: realistisk
reality {n} (state of being actual or real)  :: virkelighed {c}
reality {n} (a real entity, event etc.)  :: realitet {c}
reality {n} (entirety of all that is real)  :: virkelighed {c}
reality {n} (an individual observer's subjective perception)  :: virkelighed {c}
reality check {n} (wake-up call)  :: realitetscheck {n}
realm {n} (sphere or influence)  :: sfære {c}
realm {n} (territory or state)  :: rige {n}
realpolitik {n} (pragmatic international government policy)  :: realpolitik {c}
real property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate  ::
realtor {n} (dealer in real estate)  :: ejendomsmægler {c}
reaper {n} (the Grim Reaper) SEE: Grim Reaper  ::
reap hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle  ::
reaping hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle  ::
reason {n} (that which causes: a cause)  :: årsag {c}
reason {n} ((the capacity of the human mind for) rational thinking)  :: fornuft
reason {n}  :: grund
reason {v} (to exercise the rational faculty)  :: ræsonnere, overveje
reason {v} (to carry on a process of deduction or of induction)  :: slutte
reason {v} (to arrange and present the reasons for or against; to examine, debate, discuss) SEE: debate  ::
reassess {v} (assess again) SEE: re-evaluate  ::
Rebecca {prop} (female given name)  :: Rebecca
Rebekah {prop} (sister of Laban and wife to Isaac)  :: Rebecca
rebel {v} (to resist or become defiant towards)  :: rebel
rebirth {n} (reincarnation)  :: genfødsel {c}, reinkarnation {c}
rebroadcast {v} (broadcast again)  :: genudsende
rebus {n} (puzzle)  :: rebus
recalcitrant {adj} (hard to deal with or operate)  :: genstridig, stædig
receipt {n} (written acknowledgement)  :: kvittering {c}, bon {c} [receipt from a cash registry]
receive {v} (get)  ::
Received Pronunciation {prop} (form of English pronunciation)  :: Dronningens engelsk, korrekt engelsk, højengelsk, britisk engelsk
receiver {n} (person who receives)  :: modtager {c}
receiver {n} (person who accepts stolen goods)  :: hæler {c}
receiver {n} (electronic device)  :: modtager {c}
receiver {n} (electronic device that receives and converts signal)  :: modtager {c}
recent {adj} (having happened a short while ago)  :: frisk, nylig
reception {n} (front desk)  :: reception {c}
receptive {adj} (capable of receiving something)  :: modtagelig
receptive {adj} (ready to receive new ideas or concepts)  :: modtagelig
receptivity {n} (the state of being receptive)  :: modtagelighed
recessive {adj} (in genetics)  :: recessiv
rechargeable {adj} (able to be recharged)  :: genopladelig
recipe {n} (instructions for making or preparing food dishes)  :: recept {c}
recipient {n} (one who receives)  :: modtager {c}
reciprocal {adj} (done by each of two people towards the other)  :: reciprok
recirculate {v} (to circulate again)  :: recirkulere
recirculation {n} (act or process of recirculating)  :: recirkulation {c}
recitation {n} (act of reciting)  :: recitation {c}
recite {v} (to recite) SEE: say  ::
recite {v} (to repeat aloud some passage, poem or other text previously memorized, often before an audience)  :: recitere
reckless {adj} (careless or heedless; headstrong or rash)  :: skødesløs, ubetænksom
reckless {adj} (indifferent to danger or the consequences)  :: letsindig
reclaim {v} (to recycle) SEE: recycle  ::
reclaim {v} (to tame or domesticate a wild animal) SEE: tame  ::
recognize {v}  :: anerkende, genkende
recoil {n} (pushback from a fired firearm)  :: rekyl {c}
recollect {v} (to recall past events)  :: erindre
recommend {v} (to commend to the favorable notice of another)  :: anbefale
reconciliation {n} (the reestablishment of friendly relations; conciliation or rapprochement)  :: forsoning
record {n} (information put into a lasting physical medium)  :: optegnelse, dokument
record {n} (vinyl disc/disk)  :: plade, grammofonplade
record {n} (computing: set of data relating to a single individual or item)  :: post
record {n} (most extreme known value of some achievement)  :: rekord {c}
record {v} (make a record of)  :: optegne, registrere
record {v} (make an audio or video recording of)  :: optage, indspille
record {v} (give legal status to by making an official public record)  :: bevidne, markere
record {v} ((intransitive) make audio or video recording)  :: indspille
record chart {n} (Ranking of music by popularity)  :: Hitliste
recorder {n} (musical instrument)  :: blokfløjte
record player {n} (analogue electronic device for playing gramophone records)  :: pladespiller {c}
recreation {n} (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates)  :: rekreation
recruit {n}  :: rekrut
rectangle {n} (quadrilateral)  :: rektangel
recycle {v} (to break down and reuse component materials)  :: genbruge, genanvende
recycle {v} (to reuse as a whole)  :: genbruge
recycling {n} (the practice of sorting and collecting waste materials for new use)  :: genbrug {n} {c}, genanvendelse {c}
red {adj} (having red as its colour)  :: rød
red {n} (colour)  :: rød
red admiral {n} (butterfly)  :: admiral {c}
Red Army man {n} (the lowest military rank of the Red Army)  :: rødarmist
red bandfish {n} (Cepola macrophthalma)  :: rød båndfisk {c}
red beet {n} (beetroot) SEE: beetroot  ::
red blood cell {n} (haemoglobin-carrying blood cell in vertebrates)  :: rød blodcelle {c}, rødt blodblodlegeme {n}, erytrocyt {c}
red-breasted merganser {n} (Mergus serrator)  :: toppet skallesluger {c}
red cabbage {n} (a variety of cabbage having red leaves)  :: rødkål
red card {n} (sports: card)  :: rødt kort {n}
red carpet {n} (a strip of red carpet laid for a VIP)  :: røde løber
Red Cross {prop} (Red Cross)  :: Røde Kors
redcurrant {n} (fruit)  :: ribs {n}
red deer {n} (Cervus elaphus)  :: kronhjort {c}
red fox {n} (Vulpes vulpes)  :: ræv {c}
redhaired {adj} (having red hair) SEE: redheaded  ::
red-handed {adj} (in the act of wrongdoing)  :: på fersk gerning
redheaded {adj} (having red hair)  :: rødhåret
red herring {n} (misleading clue)  :: falsk spor {n}
red-legged partridge {n} (red-legged partridge)  :: rødhøne {c}
red onion {n} (a type of onion with reddish purplish skin)  :: rødløg {c}
redox {n} (chemical reaction)  :: redoxproces {c}, redoxreaktion {c}
red panda {n} (Ailurus fulgens)  :: rød panda {c}, lille panda {c}, kattebjørn {c}
Red Sea {prop} (sea between Africa and Arabia)  :: Røde Hav
redshift {n} (change in wavelength)  :: rødforskydning
Red Square {prop} (Moscow square)  :: Den Røde Plads
red-throated diver {n} (loon)  :: rødstrubet lom {c}
redundant {adj} (superfluous)  :: overflødig
red wine {n} (red coloured wine)  :: rødvin {c}
reed {n}  :: siv
reel {n} (dance, music)  :: reel {c}
reel {n} (spool)  :: tromle {c}, rulle {c}, hjul {n}, trisse {c}
reel {n} (machine for winding yarns)  :: rulle {c}
reel {n} (compilation of film)  :: rulle {c}
reel {v} (to spin or revolve repeatedly)  :: rulle, spole, vinde
reel {v} (to bring or acquire something by spinning or winding something else)  :: rulle
reel {v} (to walk shakily or unsteadily)  :: vakle, rave, slingre
reel {v} ((reel back) to back off or step away unsteadily and quickly)  :: vakle
reelect {v} (to elect for a subsequent time)  :: genvælge
reelection {n} (the act of being elected after already being elected once)  :: genvalg {n}
re-evaluate {v} (evaluate again)  :: genvurdere
refer {v} (to direct to a source for help or information)  :: henvise
refer {v} (to allude to (grammar term))  :: henvise, referere
referee {n} (sport: umpire, judge, the supervisor of a game)  :: dommer {c}
referee {v} (to act as a referee)  :: dømme
referendum {n} (direct popular vote)  :: folkeafstemning {c}
referent {n} (that which a term denotes)  :: referent {c}
referral {n} (act or process of transferring)  :: henvisning {c}
refine {v} (to reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state; to free from impurities; to free from dross or alloy)  :: raffinere, rense
refine {v} (to purify from what is gross, coarse, vulgar, inelegant, low, and the like; to make elegant or excellent; to polish)  :: forbedre, forfine
refined {adj} (cultured, elegant)  :: raffineret, elegant, forfinet
refinement {n} (high-class style; cultivation)  :: raffinement {n}
refinement {n} (fine or subtle distinction)  :: raffinement {n}
refining {n} (process) SEE: refinement  ::
reflection {n} (careful thought or consideration)  :: refleksion {c}
reflexive {n} (reflexive pronoun) SEE: reflexive pronoun  ::
reflexive pronoun {n} (a part of speech)  :: refleksiv pronomen
refraction {n} (bending of any wave)  :: brydning {c}, refraktion {c}
refractive index {n} (ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to another medium)  :: brydningsindeks {n}
refrain {n} (burden of song)  :: refræn {n}
refrigerate {v} (freeze) SEE: freeze  ::
refrigerator {n} (appliance that refrigerates food)  :: køleskab {n}
refuck {v} (to fuck again (vulgar))  :: kneppe igen
refugee {n} (person seeking political asylum)  :: flygtning
refund {v} (to return (money) to (someone))  :: refundere
regarding {prep} (concerning)  :: vedrørende
regards {n} (greeting at the end of a letter)  :: hilsen
regent {n} (one who rules in place of the monarch)  :: regent
regime {n} (form of government)  :: regime
regime change {n} (overthrow of a government)  :: regimeskifte {n}
regiment {n} (army unit)  :: regiment {n}
Regina {prop} (female given name)  :: Regine
region {n} (any considerable and connected part of a space or surface)  :: region {c}
region {n} (an administrative subdivision)  :: region
register {n} (linguistics: style of a language used in a particular context)  :: register {n}
register {n} (cash register) SEE: cash register  ::
registration {n} (the act of signing up or registering for something)  :: registrering {c}
regret {v} (feel sorry about some past thing)  :: angre, fortryde
regret {v} (to feel sorry about anything)  :: beklage
regrettably {adv} (in a manner inspiring or deserving regret)  :: beklageligvis, desværre
regular {adj} (with constant frequency)  :: regelmæssig
regular {adj} (normal)  :: almindelig, normal
regular {adj} (obeying rules)  :: regelmæssig
regular {adj} (grammar)  :: regelmæssig
regular {adj} (frequent, steady)  :: fast, regelmæssig
regulate {v} (control) SEE: control  ::
regulation {n} (EU: self-effecting legislative act)  :: forordning {c}
Reichstag {prop} (the lower chamber of the federal parliament of Germany until 1945)  :: Rigesdag {c}
reign {n} (The period during which a monarch rules)  :: regeringstid {c}
Reims {prop} (city)  :: Reims
reincarnation {n} (rebirth of a mental capacity in a physical life form)  :: reinkarnation {c}
reindeer {n} (Rangifer tarandus)  :: ren {c}, rensdyr {n}
reinforced concrete {n} (building material)  :: armeret beton, jernbeton {c}
reinforcement {n} (act or state of reinforcing or being reinforced)  :: forstærkning {c}
reinforcement {n} (in plural: additional troops or materiel sent to support a military action)  :: forstærkning {c}
reinforcement {n} (behavioral psychology: process whereby a behavior with desirable consequences comes to be repeated)  :: forstærkning {c}
reinvent the wheel {v} (to do work unnecessarily)  :: opfinde den dybe tallerken [literally: invent the deep [soup] bowl]
reject {v} (refuse to accept)  :: afvise
rejoice {v} (be happy)  :: juble
relate {v} (to narrate) SEE: narrate  ::
related {adj} (standing in relation or connection)  :: relaterede
related {adj} (being a relative of)  :: beslægtet, i familie
relation {n} (way in which two things may be associated)  :: forhold {n}, relation {c}
relation {n} (member of one's family)  :: slægtning {c}, familiemedlem {n}
relational {adj} (relative) SEE: relative  ::
relationship {n} (connection or association)  :: forhold {n}
relative {adj} (conditional; depending on something else)  :: relativ
relative {n} (someone in the same family; someone connected by blood, marriage, or adoption)  :: pårørende, beslægtet, frænde
relative complement {n} (set of elements contained in one set but not another)  :: mængdedifferens {c}
relatively {adv} (proportionally)  :: relativt
relative pronoun {n} (pronoun that introduces a relative clause)  :: relativpronomen {n}, relativt pronomen, henførende stedord {n}
relax {v} (to calm down)  :: falde til ro, slappe af
release {n} (software: distribution of a computer software product)  :: version, udgave
release {n} (product made recently available)  :: udgave
reliable {adj} (fit to be relied on)  :: pålidelig
relief {n} (removal of stress or discomfort)  :: lettelse {c}
relief {n} (feeling associated with removal of stress or discomfort)  :: lettelse {c}
relief {n} (type of artwork)  :: relief {c}
relief printing {n} (printing method)  :: bogtryk {n}, højtryk {n}
religion {n} (system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death)  :: religion {c}
religious {adj} (concerning religion)  :: religiøs
religious {adj} (committed to the practice of religion)  :: religiøs
religious {adj} (highly dedicated)  :: religiøs
religious {n} (member of religious order)  :: religiøs person {c}
relish {n} (pleasing taste)  :: nydelse {c}
relish {v} (to taste or eat with pleasure; to like the flavor of)  :: nyde
reluctance {n} (unwillingness to do something)  :: utilbøjelighed {c}
remainder {n} (mathematics: amount left over after repeatedly subtracting the divisor)  :: rest {c}
remainder {n}  :: rest {c}
remaining {adj} (which remains)  :: resterende, tilbageværende
remand {v}  :: varetægtsfængsle
remark {n} (act of pointing out; notice or observation)  :: påpegning {c}, observation {c}, bemærkning {c}
remark {n} (expression of something noticed)  :: bemærkning {c}
remark {n}  :: bemærkning
remark {v} (to make a remark or remarks; to comment)  :: bemærke, sige
remark {v} (to express in words or writing, as observed or noticed)  :: bemærke
remedy {v} (To provide or serve as a remedy for)  :: afhjælpe
remember {v} (to recall from one's memory)  :: huske, erindre
remember {v} ((obsolete) to remind) SEE: remind  ::
remind {v} (Cause one to experience a memory; bring to a person's notice)  :: minde
reminder {n} (something that reminds)  :: påmindelse {c}
remit {v} (to postpone) SEE: postpone  ::
remnant {n} (small portion remaining of a larger thing or group)  :: rest {c}
remorse {n} (feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning)  :: skyldfølelse {c}, anger
remote control {n} (device used to operate an appliance or mechanical toy from a short distance away)  :: fjernbetjening {c}
remoulade {n} (condiment)  :: remoulade {c}, remulade {c}
ren {n} (a kidney) SEE: kidney  ::
renaissance {n} (rebirth or revival)  :: renæssance {c}
rendezvous {n} (meeting or date)  :: rendezvous {n}
rendezvous {n} (agreement to meet; a location or time agreed upon to meet)  :: rendezvous {n}
renegade {n} (outlaw or rebel)  :: lovløs, rebel {c}
renounce {v} (make renunciation)  :: give afkald
rent {n} (payment made by a tenant)  :: leje {c}, husleje {c}
rent {n} (payment made for the use of equipment or a service)  :: leje {c}
rent {v} (to occupy premises in exchange for rent)  :: leje
rent {v} (to grant occupation in return for rent)  :: leje ud
repeat {v} (do or say again)  :: gentage
repechage {n} (heat for competitors who have lost in a previous round)  :: opsamlingsheat
repentant {adj} (feeling sorrow for wrongdoing)  :: angrende
repercussion {n} (a consequence or ensuing result of some action)  :: efterfølge {c}
replace {v} (to substitute)  :: erstatte
reply {v} (to give a written or spoken response)  :: svare, besvare
reply {v} (to act or gesture in response)  :: svare, genmæle
reply {n} (written or spoken response)  :: svar {n}, besvarelse {c}
reply {n} (something given in reply)  :: svar {n}
report {n} (information describing events)  :: rapport {c}
reportedly {adv} (according to reports or rumors)  :: angiveligt
reported speech {n} (a form of speech used to express what another has said)  :: indirekte tale {c}
reproach {n} (mild rebuke, or an implied criticism)  :: bebrejdelse {c}
reproach {v} (to criticize or rebuke someone)  :: bebrejde
reproduction {n} (a duplicate)  :: reproduktion
reptile {n} (a cold-blooded vertebrate)  :: krybdyr {n}
republic {n} (a type of state)  :: republik {c}
republican {adj} (of or belonging to a republic)  :: republikansk
Republican {adj} (republican) SEE: republican  ::
republicanism {n} (republicanism as a form of government)  :: republikanisme {c}
Republic of Albania {prop} (Official name of Albania)  :: Republikken Albanien
Republic of Angola {prop} (official name of Angola)  :: Republikken Angola
Republic of Botswana {prop} (official name of Botswana)  :: Republikken Botswana
Republic of Burundi {prop} (official name of Burundi)  :: Republikken Burundi
Republic of China {prop} (state in East Asia)  :: Republikken Kina
Republic of Côte d'Ivoire {prop} (official name of Côte d'Ivoire)  :: Republikken Elfenbenskysten
Republic of Cuba {prop} (official name of Cuba)  :: Republikken Cuba
Republic of Equatorial Guinea {prop} (official name of Equatorial Guinea)  :: Republikken Ækvatorialguinea
Republic of Estonia {prop} (official name of Estonia)  :: Republikken Estland {c}
Republic of Finland {prop} (official full name of Finland)  :: Republikken Finland
Republic of Guinea {prop} (official name of Guinea)  :: Republikken Guinea
Republic of Ireland {prop} (country)  :: Republikken Irland
Republic of Korea {prop} (country)  :: Sydkorea, Republikken Korea
Republic of Latvia {prop} (Official name of Latvia)  :: Republikken Letland {c}
Republic of Lithuania {prop} (Official name of Lithuania)  :: Republikken Litauen {c}
Republic of Malawi {prop} (official name of Malawi)  :: Republikken Malawi
Republic of Niger {prop} (official name of Niger)  :: Republikken Niger
Republic of Seychelles {prop} (official name of Seychelles)  :: Republikken Seychellerne
Republic of South Africa {prop} (official name of South Africa)  :: Republikken Sydafrika
Republic of The Gambia {prop} (official name of Gambia)  :: Republikken Gambia
Republic of the Sudan {prop} (official name of Sudan)  :: Republikken Sudan
Republic of Turkey {prop} (official name of the country of Turkey)  :: Republikken Tyrkiet
Republic of Uganda {prop} (official name of Uganda)  :: Republikken Uganda
Republic of Zambia {prop} (official name of Zambia)  :: Republikken Zambia
Republic of Zimbabwe {prop} (official name of Zimbabwe)  :: Republikken Zimbabwe
reputation {n} (what somebody is known for)  :: anseelse
request {n} (formal message requesting something)  :: ansøgning
request {n} (state of being sought after)  :: efterspørgsel {c}
request {v} (to express the need or desire for)  :: anmode
request {v} (to ask somebody to do something)  :: anmode, henstille [formal]
requiem {n} (mass to honor and remember a dead person)  :: rekviem {n}
requiem {n} (musical composition composed for such a mass)  :: rekviem {n}
requiem {n} (piece of music composed to honor a dead person)  :: rekviem {n}
require {v} (ask) SEE: ask  ::
requisition {v} (to demand something)  :: rekvirere
reread {v} (to read again)  :: genlæse
reredos {n} (screen or decoration behind the altar in a church) SEE: retable  ::
resemblance {n} (state of resembling)  :: lighed {c}
resemblance {n} (that which resembles)  :: lighed {c}
resemblance {n} (comparison)  :: sammenligning
resemblance {n} (probability)  :: sandsynlighed
resemble {v} (compare) SEE: compare  ::
resemble {v} (to be like or similar to something else)  :: ligne, minde om
reservation {n} (limiting qualification)  :: forbehold {n}
reserve {v} (to reserve) SEE: hold  ::
reserved {adj} (set aside for the use of a particular person or party)  :: reserveret
residence {n} (place where one lives)  :: bopæl {c}
residence {n} (building used as a home)  :: bopæl {c}
residence permit {n} (right to legally reside in a country)  :: opholdstilladelse {c}
resident {n} (person living at a location or an area)  :: bosiddende
resignation {n} (act of resigning)  :: fratræden
resin {n} (secretion of plants)  :: harpiks {c}
resistance {n} (shortened form of electrical resistance)  :: modstand {c}, resistans {c}
resistivity {n} (capacity of resistance to electricity)  :: resistivitet {c}
resource {n} (something that one uses to achieve an objective)  :: resurse {c}, ressource {c}
resource {n} (personal capacity)  :: resurse {c}, ressource {c}
respect {n} (particular aspect of something)  :: henseende {n}
respectability {n} (quality of being respectable)  :: respektabelhed {c}
respectable {adj} (deserving respect)  :: respektabel
respectively {adv} (in a relative manner)  :: henholdsvis
respiratory system {n} (system of organs)  :: åndedrætssystem {n}
resplendent {adj} (shiny and colourful, and thus pleasing to the eye)  :: strålende
respond {v} (to say in reply, to respond) SEE: return  ::
responsibility {n} (the state of being responsible)  :: ansvar {n}
responsibility {n} (a duty, obligation or liability for which someone is responsible)  :: ansvar {n}
responsible {adj} (answerable for an act performed or for its consequences)  :: ansvarlig
responsible {adj} (able to answer reasonably for one's conduct)  :: ansvarsbevidst, ansvarlig
responsible {adj} (involving a degree of personal accountability)  :: ansvarsfuld
responsible {adj} (being a primary cause or agent of some event or action)  :: ansvarlig
responsible {adj} (able to be trusted)  :: ansvarsbevidst, pålidelig
rest {n} (relief afforded by sleeping; sleep)  :: hvile {c}
rest {n} (peace, freedom from trouble, tranquility)  :: ro
rest {n} (repose afforded by death)  :: hvile {c}
rest {v} (intransitive: take repose)  :: hvile
restaurant {n} (an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables)  :: restaurant {c}
restaurateur {n} (owner of a restaurant)  :: restauratør {c}
restless {adj}  :: hvileløs, urolig, rastløs
restlessness {n} (state or condition of being restless)  :: rastløshed {c}
rest on one's laurels {v} (to rely on a past success instead of trying to improve oneself further)  :: hvile på sine laurbær
restricted {adj} (limited within bounds)  :: afgrænset, begrænset
restrictive {adj} (confining; limiting)  :: restriktive
result {n} (that which results)  :: resultat {n}
resumé {n} (summary)  :: CV {n}
retable {n} (table or shelf behind an altar)  :: altertavle {c}
retail {n} (sale of goods directly to the consumer)  :: detailhandel {c}, detailsalg {n}
retarded {adj} (having mental retardation)  :: retarderet, udviklingshæmmet
retch {v} (To make an effort to vomit)  :: gylpe
reticulum {n} (the second stomach of a ruminant)  :: netmave {c}
retort {v} (to retort; to throw back) SEE: return  ::
retort {n} (sharp or witty reply)  :: replik {c}
retort {n} (flask used for distillation)  :: retort {c}, destillerkolbe {c}
retreat {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
retreat {n} (to turn back, retreat) SEE: return  ::
retroactive {adj} (extending in scope, effect, application or influence to a prior time or to prior conditions)  :: tilbagevirkende, retroaktiv
retrograde amnesia {n} (loss of memories from the period leading up to the amnesic episode)  :: retrograd amnesi
retronym {n} (A new coinage for an old concept)  :: retronym {n}
return {n} (answer) SEE: answer  ::
return {n} (finance: gain or loss from an investment)  :: afkast {n}
return ticket {n} (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place and back again)  :: returbillet {c}
Reuben {prop} (first son of Jacob)  :: Ruben
Reuben {prop} (male given name)  :: Ruben
reunification {n} (the unification of something that was previously divided; used especially of a country)  :: genforening {c}
reunion {n} (reunification) SEE: reunification  ::
reuptake {n} (Reabsorption of neurotransmitter by neuron)  :: neuronale genoptagelse
reuse {n} (returning a discarded item into something usable)  :: genanvendelse {c}, genbrug {n} {c}
reuse {v} (to use again)  :: genanvende, genbruge
Reuven {prop} (given name) SEE: Reuben  ::
revanchism {n} (political policy of endeavouring to regain lost territory)  :: revanchisme {c}
revanchist {n} (revanchist, vengeful person)  :: revanchist {c}
revanchist {adj} (advocating a policy of revanche)  :: revanchistisk
rev counter {n} (rev counter) SEE: tachometer  ::
reveal {v} (to uncover)  :: afsløre
reveille {n} (the sounding of a bugle or drum early in the morning to awaken soldiers)  :: reveille {c}
revelation {n} (the act of revealing or disclosing)  :: åbenbaring {c}
revelry {n} (joyful merry-making)  :: lyst
revenant {n} (supernatural being)  :: genganger {c}
revenge {n} (retaliatory action)  :: hævn {c}
revenge porn {n} (explicit media distributed as revenge)  :: hævnporno {c}
revenue {n} (all income for some treasury by taxation e.a.)  :: skatteindtægt {c}
revenue {n} (turnover, total sales)  :: indtægt {c}
revers {n} (lapel, reversed)  :: revers
reverse dowry {n} (bride price) SEE: bride price  ::
reviewer {n} (critic)  :: recensent {m}
revise {v} (to review, alter and amend, especially of written material)  :: revidere
revise {v} (to look over again)  :: repetere
revolt {n} (act of revolting)  :: oprør {n}, opstand {c}
revolution {n} (political upheaval)  :: revolution {c}
revolutionary {adj} (of or pertaining to a revolution in government)  :: revolutionær
revue {n} (form of theatrical; any entertainment featuring skits, dances, and songs)  :: revy {c}
rewind {v} (wind back) SEE: wind back  ::
Rexism {prop} (a fascist movement in Belgium)  :: rexisme {c}
Reykjavik {prop} (Capital of Iceland)  :: Reykjavik
Rügen {prop} (Germany’s largest island)  :: Rygen
rhagade {n} (linear scars or fissures found around the mouth)  :: rhagade
rhenium {n} (chemical element)  :: rhenium {n}
rhesus {n} (Macaca mulatta) SEE: rhesus macaque  ::
rhesus macaque {n} (Macaca mulatta)  :: rhesusabe {c}
rhesus monkey {n} (rhesus macaque)  :: rhesusabe {c}
rhetoric {n} (art of using language for persuasion)  :: retorik, velformuleret
rhetoric {n} (meaningless language)  :: retorik, kancellistil
rhetorical {adj} (part of or similar to rhetoric)  :: retorisk
rheumatoid arthritis {n} (chronic and progressive disease)  :: leddegigt
Rhine {prop} (river that flows through Europe)  :: Rhinen
Rhineland {prop} (land on both sides of the river Rhine)  :: Rhinlandet {n} [definite form]
Rhineland-Palatinate {prop} (state)  :: Rheinland-Pfalz
rhinencephalon {n} (smell-brain) SEE: smell-brain  ::
rhinoceros {n} (herbivorous pachyderm with horn(s))  :: næsehorn {n}
rhizosphere {n} (soil region influenced by plant roots)  :: rhizosfære
Rhode Island {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Rhode Island
Rhodes {prop} (island)  :: Rhodos
Rhodesia {prop} (historical name of Zimbabwe)  :: Rhodesia
Rhodesia {prop} (the area now occupied by Zimbabwe and Zambia)  :: Rhodesia
Rhodesian {adj} (from Rhodesia)  :: rhodesisk
Rhodesian {n} (Someone from Rhodesia)  :: rhodesier {c}
rhodium {n} (chemical element)  :: rhodium {n}
rhombus {n} (A parallelogram having all sides of equal length)  :: rombe {c}, rhombe {c}
rhubarb {n} (any plant of the genus Rheum)  :: rabarber {c}
rhyme {n} (word that rhymes with another)  :: rim {n}
rhythm {n} (variation of strong and weak elements of sounds over time)  :: rytme
rhythm {n} (tempo or speed of a beat, song, or repeated event)  :: rytme {c}
rhythm {n} (flow, repetition or regularity)  :: mønster {n}
rhythm {n} (rhythm section) SEE: rhythm section  ::
rhythm section {n} (section of a band maintaining the rhythm)  :: rytmesektion
rib {n} (curved bone)  :: ribben {c}
ribbit {interj} (the sound made by a frog or toad)  :: kvæk
ribbon {n} (long, narrow strip of material)  :: bånd {n}
rice {n} (plants)  :: ris {n}
rice {n} (seeds used as food)  :: ris {c}
rice cooker {n} (kitchen appliance)  :: riskoger {c}
ricefield {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy  ::
rice paddy {n} (field immersed in water dedicated for the cultivation of rice) SEE: paddy  ::
rice pudding {n} (milk pudding made from rice, milk, sugar and nutmeg)  :: risengrød {c}
rich {adj} (having wealth)  :: rig
Richard {prop} (male given name)  :: Richard {m}, Rikard {m}
Richmond {prop} (capital of Virginia)  :: Richmond
rickets {n} (disorder of infancy)  :: rakitis {c}, engelsk syge {c}
ricksha {n} (rickshaw) SEE: rickshaw  ::
rickshaw {n} (two-wheeled carriage)  :: rickshaw {c}
riddle {n} (sieve) SEE: sieve  ::
ride {v} (to transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, bicycle etc.)  :: [horse] ride, [bicycle] køre
ride {v} (to be transported in a vehicle as a passenger)  :: køre
ride {n} (instance of riding)  :: ridt {n}
rider {n} (driver) SEE: driver  ::
rider {n} (cyclist) SEE: cyclist  ::
ridiculous {adj} (foolish, absurd)  :: latterlig
rifle {n} (firearm with a rifled barrel)  :: riffel {c}
rift {n} (shallow place in a stream) SEE: ford  ::
Riga {prop} (capital of Latvia)  :: Riga
right {adj} (straight, not bent)  :: ret, lige
right {adj} (perpendicular)  :: ret, retvinklet
right {adj} (complying with justice, correct)  :: rigtig, korrekt
right {adj} (of direction)  :: højre
right {adj} (conservative)  :: konservativ, højre-
right {n} (legal or moral entitlement)  :: ret, rettighed
right {n} (right, not left, side)  :: højre side
right {n} (right-wing politicians and parties)  :: højre
right {v} (to correct)  :: rette, korrigere
right {v} (to set upright)  :: rette
right {adj} (all right, not requiring assistance) SEE: all right  ::
right angle {n} (angle of 90 degrees)  :: ret vinkel {c}
right away {adv} (very soon; immediately)  :: straks
right-handed {n} (of one who uses their right hand in preference to, or more skillfully than their left.)  :: højrehåndet
right now {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately  ::
right now {adv} (at this precise moment)  :: lige nu
rigorous {adj} (severe; intense)  :: intens
Rijeka {prop} (coastal city in Croatia)  :: Rijeka {c}
rim {n} (edge around something)  :: rand, indfatning (for any shape), fælg (only for wheels)
ring {n} (round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger)  :: ring {c}
ring {v} (to telephone someone)  :: ringe
ring binder {n} (folder)  :: ringbind {n}
ring finger {n} (finger between the middle finger and little finger)  :: ringfinger
ringmaster {n} (the person who manages the performers in a circus ring)  :: sprechstallmeister {c}
rip {v} (to fart) SEE: fart  ::
ripe {adj}  :: moden
ripe {adj} (intoxicated) SEE: intoxicated  ::
risk {n} (possible, usually negative, outcome)  :: risiko {c}
risk {n} (likelihood of a negative outcome)  :: risiko {c}
risk {n} (potential (conventionally negative) impact of an event)  :: risiko {c}
risk {v} (to incur risk to something)  :: risikere
rite {n} (ritual)  :: ritus {c}, rite {c}
rite of passage {n} (ceremony to celebrate a transition)  :: overgangsrite {c}
ritual {n} (rite)  :: ritual {n}
rivalry {n} (competition)  :: rivalisering {c}, rivalitet {c}
river {n} (large stream which drains a landmass)  :: flod {c}, å {c}
river {n} (any large flow of a liquid)  :: flod {c}
river horse {n} (hippopotamus) SEE: hippopotamus  ::
rix-dollar {n} (A rix-dollar)  :: rigsdaler
röntgen {n} (unit of exposure to ionizing radiation)  :: røntgen {c}
roach {n} (US: cockroach) SEE: cockroach  ::
road {n} (a way for travel)  :: gade {c}, vej {c}
roadside bomb {n} (explosive device)  :: vejsidebombe
roar {v} (of animals, to make a loud deep noise)  :: brøle
roar {n} (long, loud, deep shout)  :: brøl {n}
roar {n} (cry of the lion)  :: brøl {n}
roar {n} (deep cry of the bull)  :: brøl {n}
roar {n} (loud resounding noise such as sound of a motorbike or a similar engine)  :: brøl {n}
rob {v} (to steal from, using violence)  :: røve
rob {v} (to deprive of)  :: bestjæle, berøve
rob {v} (to burgle)  :: stjæle, tyvstjæle
rob {v} (to commit robbery)  :: begå røveri, røve
robber {n} (one who robs)  :: røver {c}
robbery {n} (act or practice of robbing)  :: røveri {n}
robbery {n} (attempt of taking the property of another by threat)  :: røveriforsøg {n}
robe {n} (long, loose outer garment)  :: kåbe {c}
Robert {prop} (given name)  :: Robert
Robeson Channel {prop} (strait)  :: Robeson kanal
robin {n} (Erithacus rubecula)  :: rødhals
robin {n} (Turdus migratorius)  :: vandredrossel {c}
robot {n} (intelligent mechanical being)  :: robot
robot {n} (machine to perform complex tasks)  :: robot {c}
robot {n} (traffic light) SEE: traffic light  ::
rob Peter to pay Paul {v} (to use resources producing no net gain)  :: give med den ene hånd og tage med den anden, tage fra den ene og give til den anden
rock crystal {n} (clear quartz)  :: bjergkrystal
rock dove {n} (Columba livia)  :: klippedue
rocket {n} (a rocket engine)  :: raket {c}
rocket {n} (arugula) SEE: arugula  ::
Rockies {prop} (Rocky Mountains) SEE: Rocky Mountains  ::
rocking chair {n} (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)  :: gyngestol {c}
rocking horse {n} (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing)  :: gyngehest {c}
rockmelon {n} (melon) SEE: melon  ::
rock paper scissors {n} (popular child's game)  :: sten, saks, papir
Rocky Mountains {prop} (mountain range)  :: Rocky Mountains
rococo {n} (style of baroque architecture etc.)  :: rokoko {c}
rococo {adj} (in the rococo style)  :: rokoko-
rod {n} (straight round stick, shaft, or bar)  :: stang
rod {n} (fishing rod or pole)  :: stang
rod {n} (stick or bundle used for punishment)  :: stav, spanskrør, ris
rod {n} (connector, part of a machine)  :: stang
rod {n} (microbiology: rod shaped microorganism)  :: stavbakterie
rod {n} (slang: pistol) SEE: pistol  ::
rodent {n} (mammal of the order Rodentia)  :: gnaver
roe {n} (roe deer) SEE: roe deer  ::
roe {n} (eggs of fish)  :: rogn {c}
roe deer {n} (small deer species, Capreolus capreolus)  :: rådyr
role conflict {n} (conflict)  :: rollekonflikt {}
role model {n} (a person who serves as an example)  :: forbillede {n}, rollemodel {c}
roleplay {n} (roleplaying game) SEE: roleplaying game  ::
roleplaying game {n} (type of game in which the players assume the role of a character)  :: rollespil {n}
roller {n} (slang: police) SEE: cop  ::
rollercoaster {n} (amusement ride)  :: rutschebane
rolling paper {n} (paper for rolling cigarettes)  :: cigaretpapir {c}
roly-poly {n} (A toy that rights itself when pushed over)  :: tumling
Rom {n} (a member of the Romani people)  :: roma {c}, romani {c}; sigøjner
Rom {prop} (language) SEE: Romani  ::
Rom {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani macrolanguage) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {n} (member of the Roma/Romani people) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani people)  :: roma {c}, romani {c}
Roman {adj} (of or from Rome)  :: Romer, romersk
Roman {adj} (of or from the Roman Empire)  :: romersk
Roman alphabet {n} (Latin alphabet) SEE: Latin alphabet  ::
Roman candle {n} (a type of firework)  :: romerlys {n}
Roman Catholic {adj} (of or pertaining to the (Roman) Catholic Church, Roman Rite of the Catholic Church)  :: romersk katolsk
Roman Catholic {n} (person who belongs to the (Roman) Catholic Church, Roman Rite of the Catholic Church)  :: romersk katolik
Roman Catholic Church {prop} (part of the Christian churches in union with the pope in Rome)  :: katolske kirke {c}, romersk-katolske kirke {c}
Romance {adj} (of or dealing with languages or cultures derived from Roman influence and Latin)  :: romansk
Roman Empire {prop} (empire)  :: Romerriget {n} [definite form]
Romani {n} (member of the Roma people) SEE: Rom  ::
Romani {prop} (language)  :: romani {n}
Romani {prop} (nomadic people) SEE: Roma  ::
Romania {prop} (South-Eastern European country)  :: Rumænien
Romanian {adj} (of or relating to Romania, its people, or language)  :: rumænsk
Romanian {n} (native of Romania)  :: rumæner {c}
Romanian {prop} (official language of Romania)  :: rumænsk
Romanization {n} (putting text into the Latin (Roman) alphabet)  :: transskription
Roman nose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose  ::
Roman numeral {n} (numeral represented by letters)  :: romertal {n}
Roman numerals {n} (system of numerals)  :: romertal {n}
Roman road {n} (road built by the Romans)  :: romervej {c}
Romans {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Romerbrevet {n} [definite form]
Romans {prop} (30th sura of the Qur'an)  :: Romerne {n-p}
Romansch {prop} (the Romance language)  :: rætoromansk
romantic {n} (person with romantic character)  :: romantiker {c}
romantic {n} (person who is behaving romantically)  :: romantiker {c}
romanticist {n} (advocate or follower of romanticism)  :: romantiker {c}
Rome {prop} (city)  :: Rom
Rome {prop} (empire)  :: Romerriget, Det Romerske Kejserrige
Romeo {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend  ::
Rome wasn't built in a day {proverb} (it takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive)  :: Rom blev ikke bygget på en dag
Ronald {prop} (male given name)  :: Ronald
roof {n} (the cover at the top of a building)  :: tag {n}
rook {n} (bird)  :: råge {c}
rook {n} (chesspiece)  :: tårn {n}
rookie {adj} (amateur) SEE: amateur  ::
room {n} (space)  :: rum {n}
room {n} (division in a building)  :: rum {n}
room {n} (one's bedroom)  :: soveværelse {c}, værelse
room {n}  :: værelse
rooster {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird)  :: hane {c}, kok {c}
rooster {n} (informant) SEE: informant  ::
root {n} (part of a plant)  :: rod {c}
root {n} (of a tooth)  :: rod {c}
root {n} (primary source)  :: rod {c}
root {n} (arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression)  :: rod {n}
root {n} (analysis: zero of a function)  :: rod {c}
root {n} (graph theory: node in a tree that has no parent)  :: rod {c}
root {n} (arithmetic: square root) SEE: square root  ::
rope {n} (thick, strong string)  :: tov {n}
rosé {n} (wine)  :: rose {c}, rosé {c}
Rosa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Rose  ::
rosary {n} (Catholic prayer beads)  :: bedekrans
rose {n} (flower)  :: rose {c}
Rose {prop} (female given name)  :: Rosa
Roseau {prop} (The capital of Dominica)  :: Roseau
rose-colored glasses {n} (overly optimistic perception of something)  :: rose bril {c}
rosehip {n} (the fruit of a rose plant)  :: hyben {n}
rosemary {n} (shrub)  :: rosmarin {c}
rose quartz {n} (reddish-colored quartz)  :: rosakvarts {c}
Rosetta Stone {prop} (large inscribed stone)  :: Rosettastenen
rosewater {n} (a liquid produced by steeping rose petals in water)  :: rosenvand {n}
rosin {n} (liquid resin) SEE: resin  ::
Rostov {prop} (Rostov-na-Donu) SEE: Rostov-na-Donu  ::
Rostov-na-Donu {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Rostov ved Don, Rostov-na-Donu
Rostov-on-Don {prop} (synonym of Rostov-na-Donu) SEE: Rostov-na-Donu  ::
rostrum {n} (zoology: beak) SEE: beak  ::
rosé wine {n} (pink coloured wine)  :: rosé {c}, rosevin {c}, rosévin {c}
rot {v} (to decay)  :: rådne
rotten {adj} (decayed, gone bad)  :: rådden
rotula {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap  ::
rouge {n} (blush) SEE: blush  ::
rough-legged buzzard {n} (Buteo lagopus)  :: fjeldvåge {c}
roughly {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
roundabout {n} (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island)  :: rundkørsel
roundabout {n} (fairground carousel)  :: karrusel
roundabout {n} (detour)  :: omkørsel
roundhouse kick {n}  :: cirkelspark
roundoff {n} (roundoff, a gymnastics move)  :: araberspring {n}
roundworm {n} (animal of the phylum Nematoida)  :: rundorm {c}
route {n} (course or way traveled)  :: rute {c}
router {n} (any device that directs packets of information using OSI layer 3)  :: router {c}
router {n} (a device that connects local area networks to form a larger internet)  :: router {c}
row {n} (line of objects)  :: række {c}, rad {c}
row {n} (in a table)  :: række {c}
row {v} (transitive:to propel over water using oars)  :: ro
row {v} (intransitive: to propel a boat or other craft over water using oars)  :: ro
row {n} (noisy argument)  :: spektakel {n}, tumult {c}, optøjer {p} {n}, ballade {c}, strid {c}, skænderi {n}, slagsmål {n}
row {n} (continual loud noise)  :: spektakel {n}, ballade {c}
row {v} (intransitive: to argue noisily)  :: skændes, skælde ud
rowan {n} (Sorbus aucuparia)  :: almindelig røn {c}, røn {c}, rønnebærtræ {n}
rowan {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Sorbus)  :: røn {c}
rowanberry {n} (fruits of the rowan)  :: rønnebær
rowboat {n} (small boat that is rowed)  :: robåd {c}
rowing {n} (action of the verb "to row")  :: ro
rowing {n} (the sport)  :: roning {c}
rowing boat {n} (rowboat) SEE: rowboat  ::
Roxana {prop} (the wife of Alexander the Great)  :: Roxana
Roxanne {prop} (female given name) SEE: Roxana  ::
royal {adj} (of or relating to a monarch or their family)  :: royal, kongelig
royal blue {n} (colour)  :: kongeblå
royal blue {adj} (colour)  :: kongeblå
royalism {n} (advocacy of a king or royal house)  :: royalisme {c}
royalist {n} (supporter of monarchy)  :: royalist {c}
Royal Navy {prop} (British navy)  :: Kongelige Flåde
royal poinciana {n} (flamboyant) SEE: flamboyant  ::
rösti {n} (traditional dish in Germanophone Switzerland made from fried potatoes)  :: rösti {c}
RSVP {v} (initialism meaning reply please)  :: s.u.
rub {v}  :: gnide ; skave
rubber {n} (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)  :: gummi {n} {c}
rubber {n} (eraser) SEE: eraser  ::
rubberneck {n} (tourist) SEE: tourist  ::
rubbish {n} (garbage) SEE: garbage  ::
rubbish {n} (nonsense)  :: vrøvl
rubbish bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag  ::
rubella {n} (disease caused by the Rubella virus infecting the respiratory tract)  :: røde hunde
rubeola {n} (measles) SEE: measles  ::
rubidium {n} (element with atomic number 37)  :: rubidium {n}
ruble {n} (Russian monetary unit)  :: rubel
ruby {n} (type of gem)  :: rubin {c}
rucksack {n} (a bag carried on the back) SEE: backpack  ::
rudder {n} (underwater vane used to steer a vessel)  :: ror {n}
rudder {n} (control surface of an aircraft)  :: ror {n}, haleror {n}, sideror {n}
ruddy duck {n} (Oxyura jamaicensis)  :: amerikansk skarveand {c}
ruddy shelduck {n} (duck)  :: rustand {c}
rude {adj} (bad-mannered)  :: uhøflig, uforskammet
rude {adj} (obscene, pornographic, offensive)  :: vulgær, sjofel, fræk, grov
rudimentary {adj} (basic; minimal)  :: elementær, simpel, fundamental, basal, simpel
rudimentary {adj}  :: rudimentær
Rudolph {prop} (male given name)  :: Rolf
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer {prop} (the red-nosed reindeer)  :: Rensdyret Rudolf
rue {n} (any of various perennial shrubs)  :: rude
ruff {n} (collar)  :: pibekrave {c}, præstekrave {c} [when worn by a priest in the Church of Denmark]
ruff {v} (play a trump card) SEE: trump  ::
ruffled {adj} (having ruffles)  :: kruset
rug {n} (wig) SEE: wig  ::
rug {n} (partial floor covering)  :: måtte {c}, tæppe {n}
Ruhnu {prop} (island in the middle of the Gulf of Riga)  :: Runø
ruin {n} (remains of destroyed construction)  :: ruin
ruin {v} (to cause the economical ruin of)  :: ruinere
ruin {v} (to destroy)  :: ødelægge
Ruism {n} (Confucianism) SEE: Confucianism  ::
rule {n} (regulation)  :: regel {c}
rule {n} (straight-edge) SEE: ruler  ::
rule of thumb {n} (a general guideline rather than a strict rule)  :: tommelfingerregel {c}
ruler {n} (measuring or drawing device)  :: lineal
rum {n} (distilled spirit)  :: rom {c}
rumen {n} (first stomach of ruminants)  :: vom {c}
ruminant {adj} (chewing cud)  :: drøvtyggende
ruminant {n} (artiodactyl ungulate mammal which chews cud)  :: drøvtygger {c}
ruminate {v} (to chew cud)  :: drøvtygge, tygge drøv
run {v} (to move quickly on two feet)  :: løbe
run {v} (to flow)  :: løbe, [about tears, poetic] trille, rulle
run {v} (to be a candidate in an election)  :: stille op
run {n} (the act of running)  :: løb {n}
run {n} (the route taken while running)  :: rute {c}
run aground {v} (to be immobilized by shallow water)  :: strande
run amok {v} (run amok)  :: gå amok
run away with {v} (to overwhelm) SEE: overwhelm  ::
rune {n} (letter or character)  :: rune {c}
runestone {n} (stone with a runic inscription)  :: runesten {c}
Réunion {prop} (Overseas department of France)  :: Réunion
runner {n} (somebody who runs, who moves at a fast pace)  :: løber {c}
runner {n} (strip of fabric used to decorate a table)  :: løber {c}
runner {n} (long, narrow carpet for a high traffic area)  :: løber {c}
running dog {n} (lackey) SEE: lackey  ::
runway {n} (section for landing or take-off)  :: landingsbane {c}
rural {adj} (pertaining to non-urban areas)  :: tyndtbefolket, rural
rush {n} (plant)  :: siv {n}
rush hour {n} (times of day when traffic jams are commonplace, principally due to commuting)  :: myldretid {c}
rusk {n} (light, soft bread, often toasted or crisped in an oven)  :: tvebak, krydder, skorpe
Russia {prop} (country in Asia and Europe)  :: Rusland
Russian {n} (a person from Russia)  :: russer
Russian {prop} (the Russian language)  :: russisk {n}
Russian {adj} (of or pertaining to Russia)  :: russisk
Russian doll {n} (wooden doll)  :: matrjosjka {c}, babusjka {c}, russisk dukke {c}
Russian Federation {prop} (Russia)  :: Den Russiske Føderation
Russian Orthodox Church {prop} (Russian Orthodox Church)  :: Den russisk-ortodokse kirke {c}
Russian oven {n} (a type of oven)  :: masseovn, russisk masseovn, finske masseovn
Russian SFSR {prop} (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)  :: Russiske SFSR, Russiske Socialistiske Føderative Sovjetrepublik
rusty {adj} (affected by rust)  :: rusten
rusty {adj} (of the rust color, reddish or reddish-brown)  :: rustfarvet, rustrød [reddish]
rusty {adj} (lacking recent experience, out of practice)  :: rusten
rut {n} (fixed routine, procedure, line of conduct, thought or feeling)  :: vane {n}, trummerum {n}
rutabaga {n} (edible root)  :: kålroe
Ruth {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Ruth
Ruth {prop} (female given name)  :: Ruth
ruthenium {n} (chemical element)  :: ruthenium {n}
rutherfordium {n} (chemical element)  :: rutherfordium {n}
ruthless {adj} (without pity or compassion)  :: skånselløs, skånselsløs
Rwanda {prop} (country)  :: Rwanda
rye {n} (the grass Secale cereale or its grains as food)  :: rug {c}
rye {n} (rye bread) SEE: rye bread  ::
rye bread {n} (type of bread)  :: rugbrød {n}
Rzeczpospolita {prop} (Poland) SEE: Poland  ::
Rēzekne {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Rēzekne