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Iași {prop} (city in Romania)  :: Jassy {p}
I am {interj} (I'm) SEE: I'm  ::
I am a doctor {phrase} (I am a doctor (a physician))  :: jestem lekarzem [male], jestem lekarką [female]
iamb {n} (a metrical foot)  :: jamb {m}
iambic pentameter {n} (a poetic meter)  :: pentametr jambiczny
I am blind {phrase} (I'm blind) SEE: I'm blind  ::
I am English {phrase} (I am English)  :: jestem Anglikiem {m}, jestem Angielką {f}
I am hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry) SEE: I'm hungry  ::
I am thirsty {phrase} (I'm thirsty) SEE: I'm thirsty  ::
I am tired {phrase} (I'm tired) SEE: I'm tired  ::
I am twenty years old {phrase} (I'm twenty years old) SEE: I'm twenty years old  ::
I am ... year(s) old {phrase} (I'm ... year(s) old) SEE: I'm ... year(s) old  ::
iatrogenesis {n} (any adverse effect resulting from medical treatment)  :: jatrogenia {f}
Iberian {adj} (Native to Iberia)  :: iberyjski
Iberian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Półwysep Iberyjski {m}, Półwysep Pirenejski {m}
ibex {n} (type of wild mountain goat)  :: koziorożec {m-an}
ibid. {abbr} (abbreviation of ibidem)  :: jw.
ibis {n} (Threskiornithid)  :: ibis {m}
Ibiza {prop} (island)  :: Ibiza {f}
iBook {n} (device)  :: iBook {m}
ibuprofen {n} (pharmaceutical drug)  :: ibuprofen
I came, I saw, I conquered {phrase} (used to indicate a total swift victory)  :: przybyłem, zobaczyłem, zwyciężyłem
I can't find my ... {phrase} (I can't find my ...)  :: nie mogę znaleźć mój ... {m}, nie mogę znaleźć moja ... {f}, nie mogę znaleźć moje ... {n}
I can't swim {phrase} (I can't swim)  :: nie umiem pływać
Icarus {prop}  :: Ikar {m}
ice {n} (water in frozen form)  :: lód {m}
ice {n} (frozen dessert)  :: lody {m-p}
ice {n} (diamond) SEE: diamond  ::
ice age {n} (period of extensive glaciation (glacial period))  :: epoka lodowcowa {f}
ice bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear  ::
iceberg {n} (huge mass of floating ice)  :: góra lodowa {f}
icebox {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
icebreaker {n} (ship designed to break through ice)  :: lodołamacz {m}
ice cream {n} (dessert)  :: lody {m-p}
ice cream {n} (in a cone)  :: lód {m}, lód w rożku {m} [in a cone], lód na patyku {m} [on a stick]
ice cream maker {n} (machine used to make homemade ice cream)  :: maszynka do lodów {f}
ice cube {n} (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks)  :: kostka lodu {f}
ice dancing {n} (figure skating)  :: pary taneczne {f-p}
ice floe {n} (floe) SEE: floe  ::
ice hockey {n} (hockey)  :: hokej na lodzie {m}
Iceland {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Islandia {f}
Icelandic {prop} (language)  :: islandzki
Icelandic {adj} (of or relating to Iceland)  :: islandzki
Icelandic Sheepdog {n} (Icelandic Sheepdog)  :: pasterski islandzki {m}
Icelandish {prop} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
Icelandish {adj} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
ice skate {n} (a light boot, fitted with a blade, used for skating on ice)  :: łyżwa {f}
ice skating {n} (the act, or the sport, of skating on ice)  :: łyżwiarstwo {n}
ichthyol {n} (ammonium salt of bitumen sulfonate)  :: ichtiol {m}
ichthyology {n} (branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish)  :: ichtiologia {f}
ichthyosaur {n} (extinct reptile)  :: ichtiozaur {m}
icicle {n} (a spear-shape of ice)  :: sopel {m}
icing {n} (sweet glaze used for baked goods)  :: lukier {m}
icing {n} (process of forming a layer of ice)  :: obladzanie {n}
icing sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar  ::
icon {n} (image)  :: ikona {f}
icon {n} (religious painting)  :: ikona {f}
icon {n} (exemplar)  :: ikona {f}, symbol {m}
icon {n} (small picture, computer icon)  :: ikona {f}, ikonka {f}
iconostasis {n} (a wall of icons)  :: ikonostas {m}
icosahedron {n} (a polyhedron)  :: dwudziestościan foremny {m}
I could eat a horse {phrase} (very hungry)  :: [lit.: I would eat a horse, including hoofs] zjadłbym konia z kopytami {m}, [I'm hungry as a wolf] jestem głodny jak wilk
ICU {n} (intensive care unit)  :: OIT, OITM, oddział intensywnej terapii
ID {n} (identification or identity documentation) SEE: ID card  ::
Ida {prop} (female given name)  :: Ida {f}
ID card {n} (card or badge showing the official identity of the wearer)  :: dowód osobisty {m-in}
ide {n} (fish)  :: jaź {m}
-ide {suffix} (any of a group of related compounds)  :: -yd {m}
-ide {suffix} (a binary compound of a nonmetal)  :: -ek
idea {n} (image formed in the mind)  :: idea {f}, pomysł {m}
ideal {adj} (being optimal)  :: idealny {m}
ideal {adj} (being perfect)  :: idealny {m}
ideal {adj} (conceptual)  :: pojęciowy, konceptualny
ideal {n} (a perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc.)  :: ideał {m}
ideal {n} ((algebra))  :: ideał {m}
ideal {n} (an unattainable state)  :: ideał {m}
ideal gas {n} (hypothetical gas)  :: gaz doskonały {m}
ideally {adv} (preferably)  :: doskonale, idealnie
identical {adj} (mathematics: exactly equivalent)  :: przystający {m}
identifier {n} (formal name used in source code to refer to a variable, function, procedure, package, etc.)  :: identyfikator {m}
identify {v} (to establish the identity of someone or something)  :: identyfikować
identity {n} (the sameness some individuals share to make up the same kind or universal)  :: tożsamość {f}
identity {n} (the difference or character that marks off an individual from the rest)  :: tożsamość {f}
identity {n} (name or persona)  :: tożsamość {f}
identity card {n} (a card showing one's identity) SEE: ID card  ::
identity matrix {n} (diagonal matrix with all diagonal elements equal to 1)  :: macierz jednostkowa {f}
ideogram {n} (a symbol)  :: ideogram {m}
ideologist {n} (one who theorizes or idealizes; one who advocates the doctrines of ideology)  :: ideolog {m}
ideologue {n} (advocate of a particular ideology)  :: ideolog
ideology {n} (doctrine, body of ideas)  :: ideologia
ides {n} (day in the Roman calendar)  :: idy {f-p}
idiolect {n} (variant of a language used by a particular individual)  :: idiolekt {m}
idiom {n} (expression peculiar to a given language)  :: idiom {m}
idiomatic {adj} (pertaining or conforming to the mode of expression characteristic of a language)  :: idiomatyczny
idiomatic {adj} (resembling or characteristic of an idiom)  :: idiomatyczny
idiomatical {adj} (idiomatical) SEE: idiomatic  ::
idiopathic {adj} (disease or condition having no known cause)  :: idiopatyczny {m}, idiopatyczna {f}, idiopatyczne {n}
idiosyncrasy {n} (way of behaving or thinking)  :: idiosynkrazja {f}, dziwactwo {n}
idiosyncrasy {n} (language or behaviour particular to an individual or a group)  :: idiosynkrazja {f}
idiosyncrasy {n} ((medicine) individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance)  :: idiosynkrazja {f}
idiosyncratic {adj} (peculiar to a specific individual)  :: specyficzny {m}
idiot {n} (person of low general intelligence)  :: idiota {m}, idiotka {f}
idle {adj} (averse to work or labor)  :: leniwy {m}
I'd like to know {phrase} (phrase)  :: chciałbym wiedzieć {m}, chciałabym wiedzieć {f}
idol {n} (representation of anything revered)  :: bożek {m}, bałwan {m}
idol {n} (cultural icon, especially popular person)  :: idol {m}
idolater {n} (one who worships idols)  :: bałwochwalca {m}
idolator {n} (idolater) SEE: idolater  ::
idolatry {n} (worship of idols)  :: bałwochwalstwo {n}
idolatry {n} (excessive admiration)  :: ubóstwianie {n}
I don't eat meat {phrase} (I don't eat meat)  :: nie jem mięsa, nie jadam mięsa
I don't know {phrase} (I don’t know)  :: nie wiem
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak English (specifically English))  :: nie mówię po angielsku
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak (fill with the name of the current foreign language))  :: nie mówię po polsku
I don't think so {phrase} (I think that what has been said is untrue)  :: myślę że nie
I don't understand {phrase} (I don't understand)  :: nie rozumiem
I don't want it {phrase} (I don't want it)  :: Nie chcę tego
idyll {n} (poem or short written piece)  :: idylla {f}
idyll {n} (carefree or lighthearted experience)  :: idylla {f}, sielanka {f}
i.e. {abbr} (that is)  :: tzn., tj., czyli
IED {n} (improvised explosive device, see also: improvised explosive device)  :: ajdik {m}, fugas {m}
if {conj} (supposing that)  :: jeśli, jeżeli, [improbable or counterfactual] gdyby, [colloquial] jak
if {conj} (whether)  :: czy
if {conj} ((computing))  :: jeżeli, jeśli
if and only if {conj} (implies and is implied by)  :: wtedy i tylko wtedy
iff {abbr} (abbreviation of if and only if)  :: wtw
if I'm honest {phrase} (to be honest) SEE: to be honest  ::
if I were you {phrase} (advice introduction)  :: na twoim miejscu
if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle {proverb} (proverb)  :: gdyby babcia miała wąsy, to by była dziadkiem, gdyby ciocia miała wąsy, toby była wujkiem
if only {phrase} (signifies a wish)  :: jeśli by, jeśliby, o ile
if the mountain won't come to Muhammad {proverb} (if one cannot get one's own way)  :: nie chce góra przyjść do Mahometa, musi Mahomet przyjść do góry
-ify {suffix} (to produce verbs meaning to make)  :: -fikować
igloo {n} (Inuit snow house)  :: igloo {n}, iglu {n}
Ignatius {prop} (male given name)  :: Ignacy
igneous rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: skały magmowe {p}
ignis fatuus {n} (will o' the wisp) SEE: will o' the wisp  ::
ignite {v} (to set fire to, to light)  :: zapalić, zapalać
ignition {n} (the act of igniting)  :: zapłon {m}
ignition {n} (initiation of combustion)  :: zapłon {m}
ignition {n} (system for activating combustion in an engine)  :: zapłon {m}
ignorance {n} (condition of being uninformed or uneducated)  :: ignorancja {f}, niewiedza {f}, nieuctwo {n}, nieznajomość {f}, nieświadomość {f}
ignorance is bliss {proverb} (Ignorance is bliss)  :: niewiedza to błogosławieństwo
ignorant {adj} (characterized by ignorance)  :: ignorancki
ignore {v} (to deliberately pay no attention to)  :: ignorować
Igor {prop} (male given name)  :: Igor {m}
iguana {n} (any of several members of the lizard family Iguanidae)  :: iguana {f}
iguana {n} (any member of the genus Iguana)  :: iguana {f}
iguana {n} (a green iguana (Iguana iguana))  :: legwan zielony
I hate you {phrase} (expression of intense dislike)  :: nienawidzę cię
I have a cold {phrase} (I have a cold)  :: jestem przeziębiony {m}, jestem przeziębiona {f}
I have a headache {phrase} (I have a headache)  :: boli mnie głowa
I have a question {phrase} (I have a question)  :: mam pytanie
I have high blood pressure {phrase} (I have high blood pressure)  :: Mam wysokie ciśnienie.
I have no money {phrase} (I have no money)  :: nie mam pieniędzy
Ijekavian {prop} (Ijekavian dialect(s))  :: jekawski {m}, ijekawski {m}
Ikavian {prop} (dialect or a group of dialects)  :: ikawski {m}
IKEA {prop} (international, originally Swedish retailer)  :: IKEA {f}
ikebana {n} (Japanese art of flower arrangement)  :: ikebana {f}
I know {phrase} (response indicating agreement with prior statement before it was made)  :: wiem
ikra {n} (red caviar)  :: ikra {f}
Il Duce {prop} (title assumed by Mussolini)  :: duce {m}
ileum {n} (last division of small intestine)  :: jelito kręte {n}
I like you {phrase} (I like you)  :: podobasz mi się [informal]
I live in Melbourne {phrase} (I live in Melbourne (example city))  :: mieszkam w Melbourne
ill {adj} (bad) SEE: bad  ::
ill {adj} (in poor health, suffering from a disease)  :: chory
ill {adv} (not well)  :: źle
ill {n} (a problem)  :: problem {m}
ill {n} (something damaging)  :: krzywda {f}
illative case {n} (case used to indicate movement into something)  :: illativus {m}
illegally {adv} (in a manner contrary to the law)  :: nielegalnie
illegible {adj} (not clear enough to be read)  :: nieczytelny {m}
illegitimate {adj} (against the law)  :: nielegalny
illicit {adj} (lacking licitness)  :: niedozwolony
ill-intentioned {adj} (malevolent) SEE: malevolent  ::
illiteracy {n} (inability to read)  :: analfabetyzm {m}
illiterate {adj} (unable to read and write)  :: niepiśmienny {m}
illiterate {adj} (having less than an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature)  :: analfabeta {m}
illiterate {n} (an illiterate person)  :: analfabeta {m}, analfabetka {f}
illness {n} (an instance of a disease or poor health)  :: choroba {f}
illogical {adj} (contrary to logic; lacking sense or sound reasoning)  :: nielogiczny {m}
illogically {adv} (in an illogical manner)  :: nielogicznie
illuminate {v} (to shine light on something)  :: iluminować, oświetlać
illusion {n} (anything that seems to be something that it is not)  :: złudzenie {n}, iluzja {f}
illusive {adj} (illusory) SEE: illusory  ::
illusory {adj} (illusory)  :: iluzoryczny {m}
illustration {n} (picture designed to decorate)  :: ilustracja {f}, rycina {f}
illustrious {adj} (dignified)  :: znamienity {m}, wspaniały {m}
Illyria {prop} (region in the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Iliria {f} {n}
ilmenite {n} (a weakly magnetic dark gray mineral)  :: ilmenit
I lost my backpack {phrase} (I lost my backpack)  :: zgubiłem plecak {m}, zgubiłam plecak {f}
I lost my bag {phrase} (I lost my backpack) SEE: I lost my backpack  ::
I lost my bag {phrase} (I lost my handbag) SEE: I lost my handbag  ::
I lost my glasses {phrase} (I lost my glasses)  :: zgubiłem okulary {m}, zgubiłam okulary {f}
I lost my handbag {phrase} (I lost my handbag)  :: zgubiłam torebkę {f}
I lost my wallet {phrase} (I lost my wallet)  :: zgubiłem portfel {m}, zgubiłam portfel {f}
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of affection or deep caring)  :: kocham cię
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of romantic feeling)  :: kocham cię
I'm {contraction} (I am)  :: jestem ... [the following noun is in the instrumental, adjective is in the nominative case]
I'm a Christian {phrase} (I'm a Christian)  :: jestem chrześcijaninem {m}, jestem chrześcijanką {f}
I'm afraid so {phrase} (unfortunately, yes)  :: obawiam się, że tak
image {n} (graphical representation)  :: obraz {m}
imagery {n} (imitation work) SEE: imitation  ::
imaginary {adj} (existing in imagination)  :: zmyślony {m}
imaginary {adj} (non-real part of a complex number)  :: urojona {f}
imaginary number {n} (number of the form bi)  :: liczba urojona
imagination {n} (image-making power of the mind)  :: wyobraźnia {f}
imagination {n} (construction of false images)  :: urojenie {n}
imagination {n} (a mental image)  :: wyobrażenie {n}
I'm allergic to aspirin {phrase} (I'm allergic to aspirin)  :: mam alergię na aspirynę
I'm allergic to nuts {phrase} (I'm allergic to nuts)  :: mam uczulenie na orzechy
imam {n} (Muslim leader)  :: imam {m}
I'm a Muslim {phrase} (I'm a Muslim)  :: jestem muzułmaninem {m}, jestem muzułmanką {f}
I'm a vegetarian {phrase} (I'm vegetarian)  :: jestem wegetarianinem, jestem wegetarianką
imbalance {n} (property of not being in balance)  :: brak równowagi {m}
I'm blind {phrase} (I'm blind)  :: jestem ślepy {m}, jestem ślepa {f}
I'm cold {phrase} (I'm cold)  :: mnie jest zimno
I'm deaf {phrase} (I'm deaf)  :: Jestem głuchy
I'm divorced {phrase} (I'm divorced)  :: jestem rozwiedziony (♂), jestem rozwiedziona (♀)
I'm fine, thank you {phrase} (expected, polite response to How are you?)  :: dziękuję, dobrze
I'm gay {phrase} (I'm gay)  :: [I'm gay] Jestem gejem, [I'm homosexual (masculine)] Jestem homoseksualistą, [I'm lesbian] Jestem lesbijką, [I'm homosexual (feminine)] Jestem homoseksualistką
I'm hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry)  :: [male:] głodny jestem, [female:] głodna jestem, chce mi się jeść
I miss you {phrase} (I miss you)  :: tęsknię za tobą
imitate {v} (to follow as a model)  :: naśladować
imitation {n} (act of imitating)  :: imitacja {f}, naśladowanie {n}
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (ethnic))  :: jestem Żydem {m}, jestem Żydówką {f}
I'm looking for a job {phrase} (I'm looking for a job)  :: szukam pracy
I'm lost {phrase} (I'm lost)  :: zgubiłem się {m}, zgubiłam się {f}, zabłądziłem
immaculate {adj} (having no stain or blemish, spotless, undefiled, clear, pure)  :: niepokalany
Immaculate Conception {prop} (The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: Niepokalane Poczęcie {n}
Immaculate Conception {prop} (December 8th (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary))  :: Niepokalane Poczęcie {n}
immaculateness {n} (characteristic of being immaculate)  :: niepokalaność {f}
I'm married {phrase} (I'm married)  :: jestem żonaty {m}, jestem mężatką {f}
immature {adj} (not fully formed)  :: niedojrzały {m}
immeasurable {adj} (impossible to measure)  :: niemierzalny {m}
immeasurable {adj} (vast)  :: niezmierzony {m}
immediate {adj} (without delay)  :: natychmiastowy, bezpośredni, bezzwłoczny, niezwłoczny, doraźny
immediately {adv} (in an immediate manner)  :: zaraz, natychmiast, doraźnie, natychmiastowo, bezpośrednio, niezwłocznie, bezzwłocznie
immense {adj} (huge, gigantic, very large)  :: ogromny, przeogromny, niezmierny
immensely {adv} (hugely; extremely; vastly)  :: niezmiernie
immerse {v} (to put under the surface of a liquid)  :: zanurzać {impf}, zanurzyć {pf}
immigrate {v} (to move in from another country or area)  :: imigrować
immigration {n} (the act of immigrating)  :: imigracja {f}
imminent {adj} (about to happen, occur, or take place very soon)  :: bliski {m}, nadciągający {m}
immobile {adj} (not mobile)  :: nieruchomy
immoral {adj} (not moral)  :: niemoralny
immortal {adj} (not susceptible to death)  :: nieśmiertelny {m}
immortality {n} (condition of not being susceptible to death)  :: nieśmiertelność {f}
immovable property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate  ::
immunity {n} (the quality of being resistant to infection)  :: odporność {f}
immunity {n} (exemption from legal prosecution)  :: immunitet {m}
immunity {n} (resistance to a specific thing)  :: odporność {f}
immunology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: immunologia
immunopathology {n} (the branch of immunology that studies the relation of the immune system to disease)  :: immunopatologia {f}
imp {n} (demonic creature)  :: chochlik {m}, diabełek {m}
impact {n} (the force or energy of a collision of two objects)  :: uderzenie {n}
impact {n} (a significant or strong influence)  :: wpływ {m}
impact {v} (to compress)  :: ściskać
impact {v} (to influence)  :: wpływać
impact {v} (to collide or strike)  :: uderzać, zderzać
impala {n} (African antelope)  :: impala {f}
impart {v} (communicate the knowledge of)  :: dzielić się
impasse {n} (deadlock or stalemate situation)  :: impas {m}, zastój {m}, matnia {f}, ślepa uliczka
impasse {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end  ::
impassionate {adj} (dispassionate) SEE: dispassionate  ::
impatient {adj} (restless and intolerant of delays)  :: niecierpliwy {m}
impatient {adj} (anxious and eager)  :: niecierpliwy {m}
impeachment {n} (the act of impeaching a public official)  :: impeachment {m}
impecunious {adj} (lacking money)  :: ubogi {m}
impedance {n} (physics, measure of opposition to flow of current)  :: impedancja
impedance coil {n} (a coil of wire designed to provide impedance in an electric circuit)  :: cewka indukcyjna {f}, cewka {f}, zwojnica {f}
imperative {n} (imperative mood) SEE: imperative mood  ::
imperative mood {n} (imperative mood)  :: tryb rozkazujący {m}
imperfective {adj} (related to the imperfective aspect)  :: niedokonany
imperfective aspect {n} (grammatical term)  :: aspekt niedokonany {m}
imperial {adj} (related to an empire)  :: cesarski, imperialny
imperial {adj} (related to the British measurement system)  :: imperialny
impertinent {adj} (insolent, ill-mannered)  :: impertynent {m}
impertinent {adj} (irrelevant)  :: niestosowny {m}, niemający związku {m}
impetuous {adj} (describing one who makes arbitrary decisions)  :: zapalczywy {m}, impulsywny {m}, porywczy {m}
implement {n} (a tool)  :: narzędzie {n}
implement {v} (bring about)  :: zrealizować, wprowadzić w życie
implementation {n} (result of implementing something)  :: implementacja
implicit {adj} (implied indirectly)  :: domyślny {m}, domniemany {m}, niejawny {m}
implicit {adj} (unquestioning or unconditional)  :: absolutny {m}, bezwarunkowy {m}
implied {adj} (suggested without being stated directly)  :: nie wprost, dorozumiany {m}
implosion {n} (action of imploding)  :: implozja {f}
imply {v} (to have as a consequence)  :: pociągać (za sobą)
imply {v} (to express suggestively rather than as a direct statement)  :: sugerować
impolite {adj} (not polite)  :: nieuprzejmy, grubiański, chamski
importance {n} (quality or condition of being important or worthy of note)  :: ważność {f}, doniosłość {f}
important {adj} (having relevant and crucial value)  :: ważny {m}
importantness {n} (importance) SEE: importance  ::
impossible {adj} (not able to be done)  :: niemożliwy
impossible {adj} (never happening)  :: niemożliwy
impotence {n} (powerlessness)  :: impotencja {f}
impotence {n} (erectile dysfunction)  :: impotencja {f}
impoverish {v} (to make poor)  :: zubożyć
impoverished {adj} (with no possessions or money) SEE: poor  ::
imprecise {adj} (not precise or exact)  :: niedokładny {m}
I'm pregnant {phrase} (I'm pregnant)  :: jestem ciężarna
impregnation {n} (act of making pregnant)  :: zapłodnienie {n}
impregnation {n} (fact or process of saturating with something)  :: impregnacja {f}
impressed {adj} (strongly affected, especially favourably)  :: pod wrażeniem
impression {n} (indentation or depression made by pressure)  :: odcisk {m}
impression {n} (overall effect of something)  :: wrażenie {n}
impressionism {n} (movement in art)  :: impresjonizm {m}
impressionism {n} (music: style)  :: impresjonizm {m}
impressionism {n} (poetry: style)  :: impresjonizm {m}
impressionist {n} (One who adheres to impressionism)  :: impresjonista {m}, impresjonistka {f}
impressive {adj} (making, or tending to make, an impression; having power to impress)  :: imponujący {m}
imprint {n} (the name and details of a publisher or printer, as printed in a book etc)  :: impressum
imprison {v} (to put in or as if in prison; confine)  :: uwięzić
improbable {adj} (not likely to be true)  :: nieprawdopododny
impromptu {adj} (improvised)  :: spontaniczny {m}, improwizowany {m}
improper fraction {n} (arithmetic: a vulgar fraction)  :: ułamek niewłaściwy {m}
improve {v} (to make something better)  :: poprawiać, poprawić, ulepszać, ulepszyć, polepszać, polepszyć
improve {v} (to become better)  :: poprawiać się, poprawić się
impudence {n} (quality of being impudent)  :: bezczelność {f}, zuchwalstwo {n}
impudence {n} (impudent language, conduct or behavior)  :: bezczelność {f}, zuchwalstwo {n}
impudent {adj} (Not showing due respect; impertinent; bold-faced)  :: bezczelny, zuchwały
impudently {adv} (shamelessly) SEE: shamelessly  ::
impulse {n} (sudden force that impels)  :: impuls {m}
impunity {n} (freedom from punishment or retribution; security from any reprisal or injurious consequences of an action, behaviour etc.)  :: bezkarność {f}
impure {adj} (impure)  :: nieczysty
impurity {n} (the condition of being impure)  :: nieczystość {f}
impute {v} (to attribute to a cause or source)  :: przypisać
impute {v} (to ascribe sin or righteousness)  :: przypisać
impute {v} (to attribute or credit to)  :: przypisać
I'm sick {phrase} (I'm sick/ill)  :: jestem chory {m}, jestem chora {f}
I'm single {phrase} (I'm single)  :: jestem nieżonaty {m}, jestem niezamężna {f}, jestem singiel {m}, jestem singielka {f}
I'm sorry {phrase} (I'm sorry)  :: przepraszam
I'm thirsty {phrase} (I need a drink)  :: [informal] pić mi się chce
I'm tired {phrase} (I am tired (in need of rest or sleep))  :: jestem zmęczony {m}, jestem zmęczona {f}
I'm twenty years old {phrase} (I am twenty years old)  :: mam dwadzieścia lat
I must go {phrase} (I must go)  :: muszę iść
I'm ... year(s) old {phrase} (I am ... year(s) old)  :: mam ... lata [2-4, 22-24, 32-34, etc.]; mam ... lat [5-21, 25-31, 35-41, etc.]; mam 1 rok [1 year old only]
in {prep} (contained by)  :: w
in {prep} (into)  :: do
in {prep} (language, script, or tone)  :: po [language], w [script]
inability {n} (lack of the ability to do something; incapability)  :: niemożność {f}, niezdolność {f}
inactive {adj} (Not active, temporarily or permanently)  :: nieaktywny
inactive {adj} (Not functioning or operating; broken down)  :: zepsuty {m}
inadmissible {adj} (Not admissible)  :: niedopuszczalny
in advance {prep} (in advance) SEE: beforehand  ::
in a flash {adv} (very quickly) SEE: quick as a flash  ::
inalienable {adj} (incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to another; not alienable)  :: niezbywalny
inane {adj} (lacking sense or meaning)  :: bezmyślny, głupi
inanely {adv} (in an inane manner)  :: bezmyślnie, głupio
inanimate {adj} (in grammar)  :: nieżywotny
in a nutshell {adv} (in summary)  :: w pigułce
in any event {prep} (at any rate)  :: tak czy owak
in a pinch {prep} (in a difficult situation)  :: w opałach
inapplicable {adj} (not applicable)  :: nieodpowiedni {m}
inappropriate {adj} (not appropriate or suitable)  :: niewłaściwy {m}, nieodpowiedni {m}
inaudible {adj} (unable to be heard)  :: niesłyszalny
inauguration {n} (act of inaugurating)  :: inauguracja {f}
in a way {prep} (to a certain degree, or in a certain sense)  :: w pewnym sensie
inbalance {n} (imbalance) SEE: imbalance  ::
in between {prep} (between)  :: pomiędzy
in between {prep} (in the space between)  :: pomiędzy
in-box {n} (electronic folder)  :: skrzynka odbiorcza {f}
incandescent {n} (incandescent lamp) SEE: light bulb  ::
incandescent lamp {n} (a type of lamp)  :: lampa żarowa {f}, żarówka {f}
incapacitation {n} (The act of incapacitating or the state of being incapacitated)  :: ubezwłasnowolnienie {n}
incarcerate {v} (to lock away in prison)  :: uwięzić
incarnate {adj} (flesh-colored) SEE: crimson  ::
in case of {prep} (in the event of)  :: w razie
incendiary {adj} (capable of causing fire)  :: zapalający {m}
incendiary {adj} (intentionally stirring up strife, riot, rebellion)  :: wichrzycielski {m}
incendiary {adj} (inflammatory, emotionally charged)  :: prowokacyjny {m}
incendiary {n} (something capable of causing fire)  :: bomba {f} zapalająca {f}
incense {n} (A perfume often used in the rites of various religions)  :: kadzidło {n}
incentive {n} (something that motivates)  :: zachęta {f}
incentive {n} (cash bonus)  :: bonus {m}, premia {f}
inception {n} (the creation or beginning of something)  :: początek {m}, rozpoczęcie {n}
incest {n} (sexual relations between close relatives)  :: kazirodztwo {n}
inch {n} (unit of length)  :: cal {m}
inch {n} (unspecified but very short distance)  :: włos {m}
incident {n} (event or occurrence)  :: wydarzenie {n}
incident {n} ((minor) event incidental to others)  :: incydent {m}
incident {n} (event causing interruption or crisis)  :: incydent {m}
incident {adj} (arising as the result of an event)  :: wynikający, towarzyszący
incident {adj} (physics: falling on a surface)  :: padający {m}
incipient {adj} (beginning, starting)  :: początkowy
incision {n} (cut)  :: cięcie
incisor {n} (tooth)  :: siekacz {m}
incite {v} (to rouse, stir up or excite)  :: podżegać {impf}
inclination {n} (slant or slope)  :: pochyłość {f}
inclination {n} (mental tendency)  :: skłonność {f}
inclination {n} (geometry: angle of intersection)  :: nachylenie {n}, inklinacja {f}
include {v} (to bring into as a part or member)  :: dołączyć {pf}, dołączać {impf}, uwzględniać {impf}, wkluczać {impf} [obsolete]
include {v} (to contain, as part of a whole)  :: zawierać {impf}, zawrzeć {pf}
income {n} (Money one earns by working or by capitalising on the work of others)  :: dochód {m}
income tax {n} (tax levied on income)  :: podatek dochodowy {m}
incommensurate {adj} (out of proportion with)  :: niewspółmierny {m}, nieproporcjonalny {m}
incompetence {n} (inability to perform)  :: inkompetencja {f}
incomprehensible {adj} (impossible or very difficult to understand)  :: niezrozumiały
inconceivable {adj} (unable to be conceived, unbelievable)  :: niepojęty {m}, niewyobrażalny {m}
inconsistent {adj} (not consistent)  :: niekonsekwentny, niespójny
inconspicuous {adj} (not prominent or easily noticeable)  :: niepozorny {m}, nierzucający się w oczy
inconspicuously {adv} (not prominent or easily noticeable)  :: niepostrzeżenie
inconvenient {adj} (not convenient)  :: niewygodny
increase {n} (increased amount)  :: wzrost {m}, zwiększenie {n}, przyrost {m}
incruental {adj} (bloodless) SEE: bloodless  ::
incubus {n} (an evil spirit)  :: inkub
incumbrance {n} (burden) SEE: encumbrance  ::
incumbrance {n} (interest, right, burden or liability) SEE: encumbrance  ::
incunable {n} (very early printed book, specifically one printed before 1501; an incunabulum)  :: inkunabuł
incunabulum {n} (book, single sheet, or image that was printed before the year 1501 in Europe)  :: inkunabuł {m}
indebted {adj} (obligated to someone)  :: zobowiązany {m}
indecision {n} (inability to decide on a course of action)  :: niezdecydowanie {n}
indecisive {adj} (not decisive)  :: niezdecydowany {m}
indecisive {adj} (inconclusive or uncertain)  :: nierozstrzygnięty {m}, nierozstrzygający {m}
indecisiveness {n} (condition of being indecisive) SEE: indecision  ::
indeclinable {adj} (not declinable)  :: nieodmienny {m}
indeed {adv} (modal: truly; in fact; actually)  :: naprawdę, w rzeczy samej, zaiste
indeed {adv} (degree: in fact)  :: naprawdę, w rzeczy samej
indefensible {adj} (not capable of being defended)  :: nie do obrony
indefensible {adj} (incapable of being justified)  :: nie do usprawiedliwienia
indefinite {adj} (without limit; forever, or until further notice; not definite)  :: nieokreślony {m}, nieograniczony {m}
indefinite {adj} (vague or unclear)  :: nieokreślony {m}, niewyraźny {m}
indefinite {adj} (an integral without specified limits)  :: nieoznaczona {f}
indefinite integral {n} (antiderivative)  :: całka nieoznaczona {f}
indefinite pronoun {n} (Pronoun not specifying the identity of its referent)  :: zaimek nieokreślony {m}
indelible {adj} (difficult to delete, remove or wash away)  :: [being difficult to delete or remove] nieusuwalny, [being difficult to wash away] niezmywalny
indelible {adj} (incapable of being canceled or forgotten)  :: niezatarty
indemnify {v} (To save harmless; to secure against loss or damage; to insure)  :: ubezpieczyć, zabezpieczyć
indemnify {v} (To make restitution or compensation for)  :: wynagrodzić, wypłacić odszkodowanie
independence {n} (state or quality of being independent)  :: niepodległość {f}
independence {n} (state of having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood)  :: niezależność {f}
independent {adj} (not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free)  :: niezależny, niezawisły, niepodległy
independent {adj} (not aligned with any political party)  :: niezrzeszony {m}
independent clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone) SEE: main clause  ::
independently {adv} (in an independent manner)  :: niezależnie
indestructible {adj} (not destructible)  :: niezniszczalny
in detail {adv} (with all particulars)  :: szczegółowo
index {n} (alphabetical listing)  :: spis {m-in}, indeks {m-in}
index {n} (economics: single number calculated from an array of prices or quantities)  :: indeks {m}
index {n} (mathematics: raised suffix indicating a power.)  :: wykładnik {m}
index {n} (programming: key indicating location of data)  :: indeks {m}
index {v} (to arrange an index)  :: indeksować
index {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
index finger {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
India {prop} (the country)  :: Indie {f-p}
Indian {adj} (of or pertaining to India)  :: indyjski
Indian {adj} (of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: indiański
Indian {n} (a person from India)  :: Hindus {m-pr}, Hinduska {f}
Indian {n} (individual of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: Indianin {m-pr}, Indianka {f}
Indianapolis {prop} (capital of the State of Indiana, USA)  :: Indianapolis
Indian English {prop} (Indian dialect of English)  :: indyjska odmiana języka angielskiego
Indian myna {n}  :: majna brunatna
Indian Ocean {prop} (the ocean separating Africa, southern Asia, Australia and Antarctica)  :: Ocean Indyjski {m}
Indian style {adv} (cross-legged)  :: siedzieć po turecku
Indian summer {n} (stretch of warm days in autumn)  :: pogodna jesień {f}
Indian summer {n} (late autumn of life)  :: pogodna jesień życia
indicate {v} (to point out; to discover; to direct to a knowledge of; to show; to make known)  :: wskazywać
indicate {v} (to show or manifest by symptoms)  :: ukazywać {impf}
indicate {v} (to signal in a vehicle the desire to turn right or left)  :: sygnalizować
indicative mood {n} (indicative mood)  :: tryb oznajmujący {m}
indicator {n} (pointer)  :: wskaźnik {m}
indicator {n} (needle or dial on a meter)  :: wskazówka {f}
indicator {n} (chemical)  :: wskaźnik {m}
indicator {n} (trafficator)  :: kierunkowskaz {m}
indictment {n} (accusation)  :: oskarżenie
indifference {n} (the state of being indifferent)  :: obojętność
indifferent {adj} (not caring)  :: obojętny {m}
indifferent {adj} (mediocre, usually used negatively)  :: mierny {m}, marny {m}
indigenous {adj} (born or engendered in, native to a land or region)  :: miejscowy, macierzysty {m}
indigestion {n} (condition caused by eating too quickly)  :: niestrawność {f}
indigo {n} (colour)  :: indygo
indigo {n} (dye)  :: indygo
indirect {adj} (not direct)  :: pośredni
indirect free kick {n} (soccer)  :: rzut wolny pośredni {m}
indirectly {adv} (in a indirect manner)  :: niebezpośrednio, pośrednio
indirect object {n} (grammatical term)  :: dopełnienie dalsze {n}
indirect speech {n} (reported speech) SEE: reported speech  ::
indispensable {adj} (not dispensable)  :: niezbędny
indisputable {adj} (not disputable)  :: bezdyskusyjny {m}
indium {n} (metallic chemical element)  :: ind {m}
individual {n} (single human as legal subject)  :: osoba fizyczna {f}
individuality {n} (person) SEE: person  ::
Indochina {prop} (region in Southeast Asia)  :: Indochiny {f-p}
indoctrinate {v} (brainwash) SEE: brainwash  ::
indoctrinate {v} (to teach with a biased or one-sided ideology)  :: indoktrynować
indoctrination {n} (act of indoctrinating)  :: indoktrynacja {f}
Indo-European {n} (member of Proto-Indo-European ethnolinguistic group)  :: Indoeuropejczyk {m-pr}
Indo-European {adj} (of or relating to languages originally spoken in Europe and Western Asia)  :: indoeuropejski
Indo-European studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: indoeuropeistyka {f}
indomitable {adj} (incapable of being subdued, overcome, or vanquished)  :: nieugięty
Indonesia {prop} (country)  :: Indonezja {f}
Indonesian {adj} (referring to Indonesia)  :: indonezyjski
indoors {adv} (in or into a building)  :: w domu, do domu, w budynku, do budynku
Induan {prop}  :: Ind
inductor {n} (passive electrical device)  :: cewka {f}, induktor {m}
in due course {prep} (when the time is right)  :: we właściwym czasie
Indus {prop} (the river)  :: Indus {m}
Indus {prop} (constellation)  :: Indianin {m}
industrial {adj} (of or relating to industry)  :: przemysłowy
industrial espionage {n} (use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage)  :: wywiad gospodarczy {m}
industrious {adj} (hard-working and persistent)  :: pilny {m}
industry {n} (businesses of the same type)  :: branża {f}
industry {n} (businesses that produce goods)  :: przemysł {m}
indweller {n} (inhabitant) SEE: inhabitant  ::
inedible {adj} (not edible; not appropriate, worthy, or safe to eat)  :: niejadalny {m}
I need ... {phrase} (I need ... (something))  :: potrzebuję [noun in genitive]
ineffable {adj} (beyond expression)  :: nieopisany {m}
ineffable {adj} (forbidden to be uttered)  :: ten, którego imienia się nie wymienia
ineffectual {adj} (futile)  :: bezskuteczny, nieskuteczny
inept {adj} (not able to do something)  :: neptek {m}, nieudolny, niezaradny
inequality {n} (statement that one quantity is less (or greater) than another)  :: nierówność {f}
inequation {n} (a statement that two expressions are not the same) SEE: inequality  ::
inert {adj} (in chemistry, not readily reacting with other elements or compounds)  :: obojętny
inert gas {n} (noble gas) SEE: noble gas  ::
inertness {n} (chemically unreactive)  :: obojętność {f}
inevitable {adj} (impossible to avoid or prevent)  :: nieunikniony {m}
in exchange {prep} (as an exchange)  :: w zamian
inexcusable {adj} (not excusable)  :: niewybaczalny
inexhaustible {adj} (impossible to exhaust)  :: niewyczerpany
inexorable {adj} (Unable to be persuaded: relentless)  :: nieugięty
inexorable {adj} (Impossible to stop or prevent: inevitable)  :: nieubłagany
inexorably {adv} (in an inexorable manner; relentlessly)  :: nieubłaganie, niepowstrzymanie
inexperienced {adj} (not experienced)  :: niedoświadczony
in fact {prep} (actually, in truth)  :: w istocie
infamous {adj} (having a bad reputation)  :: niesławny
infamy {n} (the state of being infamous)  :: niesława {f}
infanticide {n} (the murder of an infant)  :: dzieciobójstwo {n}
infantile {adj} (pertaining to infants)  :: dziecięcy
infantile {adj} (childish; immature)  :: infantylny, dziecinny
infantry {n} (soldiers who fight on foot)  :: piechota {f}
infantry {n} (the part of an army consisting of infantry soldiers)  :: piechota {f}
infantry fighting vehicle {n} (an armoured combat vehicle designed to carry infantry)  :: bojowy wóz piechoty {m}
infarction {n} (the process which causes an infarct)  :: zawał {m}
infatuation {n} (An unreasoning love or attraction)  :: zauroczenie {n}
infection {n} (the process of infecting)  :: infekcja {f}
infection {n} (uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host)  :: zakażenie {n}
infectious {adj} (transmitted between persons as illness)  :: zaraźliwy
infectious {adj} (spreading quickly between persons)  :: zaraźliwy
infectiousness {n} (state or condition of being infectious)  :: zaraźliwość {f}
infelicitous {adj} (unhappy or unfortunate)  :: nieszczęsny, niefortunny, nieudany {m}
infer {v} ((transitive) To conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence)  :: wnioskować, dedukować
infer {v} ((intransitive) To draw a conclusion (by reasoning))  :: wnioskować
inferior {adj} (of lower quality)  :: podrzędny {m}, pośledni {m}
inferiority complex {n} (a sense of inferiority)  :: kompleks niższości {m}
infernal {adj} (Of or relating to hell, or the world of the dead; hellish)  :: piekielny
infernal {adj} (diabolical or fiendish)  :: diabelski
infertility {n} (condition of being infertile - soil, etc)  :: [of soil] nieurodzajność {f}
infertility {n} (inability to conceive - people and animals)  :: bezpłodność {f}
infidel {n} (non-believer)  :: niewierny {m}
infidelity {n} (unfaithfulness in marriage or other moral obligation)  :: niewierność {f}
infidelity {n} (lack of religious belief)  :: niewiara {f}
infimum {n} (element of a set)  :: infimum {n}, kres dolny {m}
infinite {adj} (boundless, endless)  :: nieskończony {m}
infinite {adj} (greater than any positive quantity or magnitude)  :: nieskończony {m}
infinitely {adv} (endlessly)  :: nieskończenie
infinitive {n} (uninflected verb form)  :: bezokolicznik {m-in}
inflammation {n} (medical condition)  :: zapalenie
inflate {v} (to enlarge the volume occupied by an object)  :: dmuchać {impf}, nadmuchiwać {impf}, nadmuchać {pf}
inflation {n} (increase in prices)  :: inflacja
inflect {v} (grammar)  :: odmieniać {impf}, odmienić {pf}
inflection {n} (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)  :: odmiana {f}
inflection {n} (change in pitch or tone of voice)  :: modulacja {f}
inflexible {adj} (stiff, rigid)  :: sztywny
inflexible {adj} (obstinate, stubborn)  :: nieugięty
inflorescence {n} (flower cluster)  :: kwiatostan {m}
influence {n} (power to affect, control or manipulate)  :: wpływ {m}
influence {n} (action exerted by a person or thing with power to cause change)  :: wpływ {m}
influence {n} (electrostatic induction)  :: indukcja {f}
influence {v} (transitive: to exert an influence upon)  :: wpływać {impf}, wpłynąć {pf}
influence {v} (intransitive: to exert influence)  :: wpływać
influential {adj} (having considerable influence)  :: wpływowy {m}
influenza {n} (an acute contagious disease of the upper airways and lungs)  :: grypa {f}
inform {v} (to communicate knowledge to (an)other(s))  :: powiadamiać {impf}, powiadomić {pf}, informować {impf}, poinformować {pf}
informal {adj} (not formal or ceremonious)  :: potoczny
informant {n} (one who relays confidential information)  :: informator {m}
informatics {n} (branch of information science)  :: informatyka {f}
information {n} (communicable knowledge)  :: informacja {f}
information superhighway {n} (The Internet and all other computer networks in the 1990s)  :: infostrada {f}
information technology {n} (the practice of creating and/or studying computer systems and applications)  :: technologia informacyjna {f}
informer {n} (one who informs)  :: informator {m}
infrared {n} (infrared radiation)  :: podczerwień {f}
infrared {adj} (having the wavelength in the infrared)  :: podczerwony
infringe {v} (to break or violate a treaty, a law, a right etc.)  :: naruszać {impf}
in front of {prep} (at or near the front part of)  :: przed
in front of {prep} (in the presence of someone)  :: przy, w obecności
in front of {prep} (located before (something else))  :: przed
infuse {v} (to steep in a liquid)  :: zaparzać {impf}, zaparzyć {pf}
infusion {n} (a product consisting of a liquid which has had other ingredients steeped in it to extract useful qualities)  :: napar {m}
infusion {n} (act of steeping or soaking a substance in liquid so as to extract medicinal or herbal qualities)  :: zaparzanie {n}
in general {adv} (generally) SEE: generally  ::
ingenious {adj} (displaying genius or brilliance; tending to invent)  :: pomysłowy {m}
ingenious {adj} (characterized by genius; cleverly done or contrived)  :: pomysłowy {m}
ingot {n} (solid block of more or less pure metal)  :: sztaba {f}, sztabka {f}
ingrate {n} (an ungrateful person)  :: niewdzięcznik {m}, niewdzięcznica {f}
ingrate {adj} (ungrateful) SEE: ungrateful  ::
ingredient {n} (substance present in a mixture)  :: składnik {m}
Ingushetia {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Inguszetia {f}
inhabit {v} (to live or reside in some place)  :: zamieszkiwać
inhabit {v} (to be present in some place)  :: zajmować, wypełniać
inhabitable {adj} (fit to live in)  :: nadający się do zamieszkania
inhabitant {n} (Someone or thing who lives in a place)  :: mieszkaniec {m}, mieszkanka {f}
inhabited {adj} (having inhabitants)  :: zamieszkany
inhale {v} (to draw air into the lungs)  :: wdychać
inhale {v} (to draw something into the nose or lungs)  :: inhalować, wziewać, wdychać
in heaven's name {prep} (intensifier)  :: na miłość boską
inherent {adj} (natural part or consequence)  :: wrodzony {m}, właściwy {m}
inherit {v} (to receive property or a title by legal succession etc.)  :: dziedziczyć {impf}, odziedziczyć {pf}
inherit {v} (to receive a characteristic by genetic transmission)  :: dziedziczyć {impf}, odziedziczyć {pf}
inheritable {adj} (able to be inherited)  :: dziedziczny
inheritance {n} (that which a person is entitled to inherit)  :: spadek {m}
inheritance {n} (passing of title)  :: dziedziczenie {n}
inheritance {n} (biological attributes passed to offspring)  :: dziedziczenie {n}
inheritance {n} (programming: mechanism for making parts of superclass available to subclass)  :: dziedziczenie {n}
inheritor {n} (heir) SEE: heir  ::
inhibition {n} (State of being inhibited)  :: zahamowanie {n}
inhibitor {n} (substance slowing a reaction)  :: inhibitor {m}
inhumation {n} (The act of burial)  :: inhumacja {f}, pochówek {m}
inimical {adj} (harmful)  :: szkodliwy {m}
inimical {adj} (hostile)  :: nieprzyjazny {m}, wrogi {m}, złowrogi {m}
initialize {v} (to assign initial values to something)  :: inicjalizować
initialize {v} (to assign an initial value to a variable)  :: inicjalizować
injection {n} (act of injecting, or something injected)  :: zastrzyk {m}, wstrzyknięcie {n}
injection {n} (medicine: something injected)  :: zastrzyk {m}
injection {n} (set theory: one-to-one mapping)  :: iniekcja {f}
injective {adj} (inverse-deterministic)  :: różnowartościowa {f}
injunction {n} (the act of enjoining)  :: napomnienie
injunction {n} (an official writ)  :: nakaz sądowy {m}
injure {v} (to wound or cause physical harm)  :: ranić
injury {n} (wound) SEE: wound  ::
injury {n} (damage or violation)  :: szkoda {f}, uraz {m}, kontuzja {f}
injury time {n} (additional time played straight after each of the two halves)  :: doliczony czas {m}
injustice {n} (absence of justice)  :: niesprawiedliwość {f}
ink {n} (coloured fluid used for writing)  :: atrament {m}, tusz {m}
ink {n} (dark fluid ejected by squid etc)  :: atrament {m}
ink bottle {n} (inkwell) SEE: inkwell  ::
inkling {n} (suspicion or hint)  :: podejrzenie {n}
inkpot {n} (inkwell) SEE: inkwell  ::
inkwell {n} (container for ink)  :: kałamarz {m}
in-law {n} (father-in-law) SEE: father-in-law  ::
in-law {n} (mother-in-law) SEE: mother-in-law  ::
in layman's terms {prep} (phrased simply)  :: na chłopski rozum, po ludzku, [humorous] z polskiego na nasze
in lieu of {prep} (instead; in place of; as a substitute for)  :: zamiast + genitive, w miejsce + genitive
in light of {prep} (given, considering)  :: w świetle
in-line skate {n} (roller skate with all wheels aligned) SEE: rollerblade  ::
in memoriam {adv} (in memory of)  :: ku pamięci
in my opinion {prep} (according to me)  :: moim zdaniem
inn {n} (lodging)  :: zajazd {m}, karczma {f}
inn {n} (tavern) SEE: tavern  ::
innate {adj} (inborn)  :: wrodzony
innate {v} (cause to exist)  :: począć
inner {adj} (being or occurring inside)  :: wewnętrzny
inner emigration {n} (choice of remaining in a country during dictatorship)  :: emigracja wewnętrzna {f}
Inner Mongolia {prop} (an autonomous region in northern China)  :: Mongolia Wewnętrzna {f}
inner tube {n} (inflatable rubber tube)  :: dętka {f}
innocence {n} (absence of responsibility for a crime)  :: niewinność {f}
innocence {n} (lack of understanding about sensitive subjects such as sexuality and crime)  :: niewinność {f}
innocence {n} (lack of ability or intention to harm or damage)  :: niewinność {f}
innocent {adj} (pure, free from sin, untainted)  :: niewinny {m}
innocent {adj} (not legally responsible for a wrongful act)  :: niewinny {m}
innocent {adj} (naive, artless)  :: niewinny {m}, naiwny {m}
innocently {adv} (in an innocent manner)  :: niewinnie
innocuous {adj} (harmless)  :: niegroźny, bezpieczny
in no time {prep} (very soon)  :: migiem
innuendo {n} (A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing, an implication or insinuation)  :: insynuacja {f}
innumerable {adj} (not capable of being counted) SEE: countless  ::
in one's book {prep} (in one's opinion) SEE: in one's opinion  ::
in one's opinion {prep} (according to one's thinking)  :: w mojej opinii
in order {adv} (for the purpose of) SEE: in order to  ::
in order to {phrase} (as a means of achieving the specified aim)  :: żeby, aby, by, coby [dialectal]
inorganic {adj} (relating to a compound that does not contain carbon)  :: nieorganiczny
in other words {prep} (stated or interpreted another way)  :: innymi słowy
in parallel {prep} (at the same time)  :: równocześnie
in parallel {prep} (connected side by side, instead of in series)  :: równolegle
in person {prep} (actually present)  :: osobiście
input {n} (something fed into a process)  :: wkład
input {v} (to enter data)  :: wprowadzać dane
Inquisition {prop} (tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: inkwizycja {f}
Inquisition {prop} (harsh or rigorous interrogation)  :: inkwizycja {f}
inquisitive {adj} (too curious; overly interested; nosy)  :: ciekawski, wścibski
in relation to {prep} (concerning; in reference to)  :: odnośnie + genitive
in relation to {prep} (by comparison with, compared with)  :: w porównaniu z + instrumental
in return {prep} (in exchange, as a means of reciprocating)  :: w zamian
insalubrious {adj} (unhealthful)  :: niezdrowotny
insane {adj} (exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind)  :: szalony {m}, obłąkany {m}, porąbany [pejorative], pojebany [vulgar], jebnięty [vulgar], popierdolony [vulgar], pierdolnięty [vulgar], świrnięty [expressive], zdurniały [pejorative]
insane {adj} (used by, or appropriated to, insane persons)  :: szaleńczy {m}
insane {adj} (characterized by insanity or the utmost folly)  :: szaleńczy {m}
insane asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
insanity {n} (state of being insane)  :: obłęd
insatiable {adj} (not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased)  :: nienasycony {m}
in secret {prep} (secretly) SEE: secretly  ::
insect {n} (arthropod of class insecta)  :: owad {m}, robak {m}
insect {n} (contemptible or powerless person)  :: zero {n}
insectivorous {adj} (feeding on insects)  :: owadożerny
insecure {adj} (not secure)  :: niezabezpieczony
insecure {adj} (not comfortable in certain situations)  :: niepewny
inseminate {v} (to disperse or plant seds) SEE: sow  ::
insemination {n} (act of sowing seed)  :: zasiew {m}, posiew {m}
insemination {n} (act of making pregnant)  :: zapłodnienie {n}
insensate {adj} (having no sensation or consciousness)  :: bez czucia
insensate {adj} (senseless; foolish; irrational)  :: bezmyślny
insert {v} (put in between or into)  :: wstawić {pf}
inside {n} (interior or inner part)  :: wnętrze {n}, środek {m}
inside {adv} (within the interior)  :: wewnątrz, w środku
inside job {n}  :: robota wewnętrzna {f}, inside job {m} [chiefly in conspiracy theories]
inside out {adv} (with the inside turned to be on the outside)  :: na lewą stronę
inside out {adv} (of knowledge: thoroughly)  :: na wylot
insidious {adj} (producing serious harm in a stealthy, often gradual, manner)  :: podstępny, zdradliwy, zdradziecki
insidiously {adv} (in an insidious manner)  :: podstępnie
insignificant {adj} (not significant; not important)  :: nieistotny
insinuate {v} (ingratiate oneself)  :: przypochlebiać się
insinuate {v} (hint at (something))  :: insynuować
insinuation {n} (a suggestion or intimation by distant allusion)  :: insynuacja {f}
in situ {adv} (in its original position or place)  :: in situ
insofar {adv} (to such a degree or extent)  :: o ile
insofar as {conj} (to the extent that)  :: o tyle, o ile
insole {n} (inside sole of footwear)  :: wkładka {f}
insolent {adj} (insulting in manner or words)  :: bezczelny {m}
insolent {adj} (rude)  :: niegrzeczny {m}, chamski {m}
insomnia {n} (sleeping disorder)  :: bezsenność {f}
inspector {n} (person employed to inspect something)  :: inspektor {m}
inspiration {n} (physiology: drawing of air)  :: wdech {m}
inspiration {n} (supernatural divine influence)  :: natchnienie {n}
inspiration {n} (stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions)  :: natchnienie {n}
inspire {v} (to inhale) SEE: inhale  ::
inspire {v} (to infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit)  :: inspirować {impf}, zainspirować {pf}
in spite of {prep} (despite)  :: mimo, pomimo, wbrew
install {v} (set something up for use)  :: instalować {impf}, zainstalować {pf}
installation {n} (act of installing)  :: instalacja {f}, montaż {m}
installation {n} (something installed)  :: instalacja {f}
installer {n} (person who installs)  :: instalator {m}
installer {n} (program that installs software and prepares it for use)  :: instalator {m}
installment {n} (portion of debt)  :: rata {f}
instalment {n} (installment) SEE: installment  ::
instance {n} (recurring occasion, case)  :: zdarzenie {n}, okazja {f}
instantaneous {adj} (occurring, arising, or functioning without any delay; happening within an imperceptibly brief period of time)  :: momentalny, chwilowy
instantly {adv} (at once)  :: natychmiast, od razu
instant messenger {n} (application which allows instant text communication)  :: komunikator internetowy {m}, komunikator {m}
instead {adv} (in the place of (it))  :: zamiast
instead of {prep} (in lieu of; in place of; rather than)  :: zamiast
instill {v} (to cause a quality to become part of someone's nature)  :: wpajać {impf}, wpoić {pf}
instill {v} (to pour in drop by drop)  :: wkraplać {impf}, wkroplić {pf}
instinct {n} (a natural or inherent impulse or behaviour)  :: instynkt {m}
instinctive {adj} (related to or prompted by instinct)  :: instynktowny
institute {n} (organization founded to promote a cause)  :: instytut {m}
institute {n} (college)  :: instytut {m}
institutional {adj} (rudimentary) SEE: rudimentary  ::
institutionalize {v} (to establish as a normal practice)  :: zinstytucjonalizować
instrument {n} (musical device)  :: instrument {m}
instrument {n} (tool)  :: instrument {m}, narzędzie {n}
instrumental {adj} (music)  :: instrumentalny
instrumental {n} (instrumental case) SEE: instrumental case  ::
instrumental case {n} (case to express agency or means)  :: narzędnik {m}
insufferable {adj} (not sufferable)  :: nieznośny {m}
insufficient {adj} (Not sufficient)  :: niewystarczający {m}
insufficiently {adv} (not sufficiently)  :: niedostatecznie
insulate {v} (to separate or detach)  :: izolować
insulate {v} (to separate so as to prevent a transfer)  :: izolować
insulator {n} (substance)  :: izolator {m}
insulator {n} (structure)  :: izolator {m}
insulin {n} (polypeptide hormone)  :: insulina {f}
insult {v} (to offend)  :: obrazić {pf}, obrażać {impf}
insult {n} (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude)  :: zniewaga {f}, wyzwisko {n}, obraza {f}
insult {n} (anything that causes offence/offense by being of an unacceptable quality)  :: obraza {f}
insulting {adj} (containing insult, or having the intention of insulting)  :: obraźliwy
insultive {adj} (insulting) SEE: insulting  ::
insurance {n} (indemnity)  :: ubezpieczenie {n}
insurance {n} (business)  :: zakład ubezpieczeń {m}, towarzystwo ubezpieczeniowe {n}
insurgency {n} (rebellion; revolt; the state of being insurgent)  :: insurekcja {f}, powstanie {n}
insurgent {n} (rebel)  :: rebeliant {m}, rebeliantka {f}
insurmountable {adj} (incapable of being passed over)  :: nieprzezwyciężony, nie do pokonania
insurrection {n} (mutiny or rebellion)  :: insurekcja {f}, bunt {m}
integer {n} (integer)  :: liczba całkowita {f}
integral {n} (limit of sums)  :: całka {f}, całka oznaczona {f}
integral {n} (antiderivative) SEE: antiderivative  ::
integral calculus {n} (calculus of areas and volumes)  :: rachunek całkowy {m}
integrand {n} (function that is to be integrated)  :: funkcja podcałkowa {f}
integrated {adj} (composed and coordinated to form a whole)  :: zintegrowany {m}
integrated circuit {n} (thin chip)  :: układ scalony {m}
integration {n} (in mathematics)  :: całkowanie {n}
integration by parts {n} (method of integration related to the product rule of differentiation)  :: całkowanie przez części {n}
intel {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence  ::
intellectual {adj} (spiritual) SEE: spiritual  ::
intelligence {n} (capacity of mind)  :: inteligencja {f}
intelligence {n} (information about the enemy)  :: wywiad {m}
intelligence {n} (a department, agency or unit designed to gather such information)  :: wywiad {m}
intelligent design {prop} (intelligent design / Intelligent Design)  :: teoria inteligentnego projektu {f}
intelligentsia {n} (intellectual élite)  :: inteligencja {f}
intelligible {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: zrozumiały {m}
intend {v} (to fix the mind upon a goal)  :: zamierzać
intended {n} (fiancé) SEE: fiancé  ::
intended {n} (fiancée) SEE: fiancée  ::
intensive care unit {n} (intensive care unit) SEE: ICU  ::
intention {n} (course intended to follow)  :: intencja {f}
intentional {adj} (intended or planned; done deliberately or voluntarily)  :: zamierzony, umyślny
interactive {adj} (Responding to the user)  :: interaktywny {m}
inter alia {adv} (among other things)  :: między innymi
intercalary {adj} (of a time period, inserted between others)  :: przestępny {m}
intercalation {n}  :: interkalacja {f}
intercept {n} (coordinate of the point at which a curve intersects an axis)  :: przecięcie {n}
intercept {v} (to stop, deflect or divert)  :: przechwycić {pf}
intercept {v} (to gain possession of)  :: przechwycić {pf}
intercession {n} (a prayer to God on behalf of another person)  :: wstawiennictwo {n}
interchange {n} (highway junction)  :: węzel {m}
intercom {n} (an electronic communication system)  :: domofon {m} [entryphone]
intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse)  :: stosunek płciowy {m}
intercultural {adj} (between different cultures)  :: międzykulturowy
interdisciplinary {adj} (of or pertaining to multiple distinct academic disciplines or fields of study)  :: interdyscyplinarny
interest {n} (finance: price of credit)  :: odsetki {f-p}
interest {n} (great attention and concern from someone)  :: zainteresowanie {n}
interest {n} (involvement in or link with financial, business, or other undertaking)  :: interesy
interest {v} (to attract attention or concern)  :: interesować {impf}, ciekawić {impf}, zajmować {impf}
interested {adj} (having or showing interest)  :: zainteresowany
interesting {adj} (arousing or holding the attention)  :: ciekawy {m}, interesujący
interest rate {n} (percentage of money charged for its use per some period)  :: stopa procentowa {f}
interface {n} (point of interconnection between entities)  :: interfejs {m}
interface {n} (chemistry, physics: thin layer or boundary between different substances, or phases of a single substance)  :: granica międzyfazowa {f}
interface {n} (computing: point of interconnection between systems or subsystems)  :: interfejs {m}
interface {n} (computing: connection between a user and a machine)  :: interfejs {m}
interface {n} (computing, object-oriented: piece of code defining a set of operations that other code must implement)  :: interfejs {m}
interfere {v}  :: przeszkadzać, powstrzymywać
interference {n} (act of interfering with something)  :: ingerencja {f}
interference {n} (effect caused by the superposition of two systems of waves)  :: interferencja {f}
interferometer {n} (instrument)  :: interferometr {m}
interferon {n} (any of a group of glycoproteins, that prevent viral replication in infected cells)  :: interferon {m}
interfix {n} (an empty morph inserted between two morphemes)  :: śródrostek {m}
interim {adj} (transitional)  :: przejściowy
interim {adj} (temporary)  :: tymczasowy, tymczasowi {m-p}
interim {n} (a transitional or temporary period between other events)  :: w międyczasie {m}, tymczasem
interior {adj} (having to do with the inner part of something)  :: wewnętrzny
interior {n} (the inside of an enclosed structure)  :: wnętrze {n}
interjection {n} (an exclamation or filled pause in grammar)  :: wykrzyknik {m-in}
interlanguage {n} (pidgin) SEE: pidgin  ::
Interlingua {prop} (interlanguage based on Romance languages)  :: interlingua {f}
interlocutor {n} (A person who takes part in dialogue or conversation)  :: rozmówca, rozmówczyni {f}, interlokutor {m}, interlokutorka {f}
interloper {n} (one who interferes)  :: natręt {m}
intermediate frequency {n}  :: częstotliwość pośrednia {f}
interment {n} (The act of burying a dead body; burial)  :: pochówek {m}
intermittent {adj} (stopping and starting at intervals)  :: sporadyczny
intermittently {adv} (Stopping or starting at intervals)  :: sporadycznie {m}, nieregularnie {m}
intermolecular {adj} (from one molecule to another)  :: międzycząsteczkowy {m}
internal {adj} (inside of something)  :: wewnętrzny
internal {adj} (within the body)  :: wewnętrzny
internal combustion engine {n} (a piston or a rotary heat engine)  :: silnik o spalaniu wewnętrznym {m}
international {adj} (between, concerning, or transcending multiple nations)  :: międzynarodowy {m}
International Court of Justice {prop} (UN court)  :: Międzynarodowy Trybunał Sprawiedliwości {m}
Internationale {prop} (proletarian song)  :: Międzynarodówka {f}
International Phonetic Alphabet {prop} (standardized symbols for speech)  :: międzynarodowy alfabet fonetyczny {m}
international relations {n} (study of relationships among countries)  :: stosunki międzynarodowe
International Telecommunication Union {prop} (United Nations agency)  :: Międzynarodowa Unia Telekomunikacyjna {f}
internaut {n} (internaut)  :: internauta {m}, internautka {f}
internet {n} (the Internet, largest global internet) SEE: Internet  ::
Internet {prop} (specific internet consisting of the global network of computers)  :: Internet {m}, międzysieć
Internet address {n} (Any address used to identify a place or resource on the Internet)  :: adres internetowy {m}
Internet cafe {n} (place where one can use a computer with Internet)  :: kawiarenka (internetowa) {f}
internist {n} (specialist in internal medicine)  :: internista {m}
internship {n} (job taken by a student)  :: staż {m}
interpose {v} (to insert something (or oneself) between other things)  :: wstawić
interpose {v} (to interrupt a conversation by introducing a different subject or making a comment)  :: wtrącić
interpreter {n} (one who interprets speech)  :: tłumacz {m}, tłumaczka {f}, tłumacz symultaniczny {m}
interpreter {n} (computer program)  :: interpreter {m}
interracial {adj} (between or including two or more races)  :: międzyrasowy
interregnum {n} (period of time between the end of a sovereign's reign and the accession of another sovereign)  :: bezkrólewie {n}
interrogate {v} (to question or quiz)  :: przesłuchiwać, przesłuchać
interrogation {n} (act of interrogating or questioning)  :: przesłuchanie {n}, interrogacja {f}
interrogation {n} (question put; an inquiry)  :: zapytanie {m}, badanie {m}, interrogacja {f}
interrogation {n} (point, mark, or sign)  :: znak zapytania {m}, pytajnik {m}
interrogation mark {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrogation point {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrupt {n} (An event that causes a computer to temporarily cease)  :: przerwanie {n}
interschool {adj} (occurring or taking place between two or more schools)  :: międzyszkolny
intersect {v} (to cross each other; to cut each other)  :: przecinać, przecinać się, krzyżować, krzyżować się
intersect {v} (in mathematics)  :: przecinać, przecinać się
intersection {n} (junction of two or more paths, etc)  :: skrzyżowanie {n}
intersection {n} (in geometry)  :: punkt przecięcia {m}
intersection {n} (in set theory)  :: przekrój {m}, część wspólna {f}, przecięcie {n}, iloczyn zbiorów {m}
Interslavic {adj} (pertaining to contact between (individuals or groups of) different Slavic nations)  :: międzysłowiański
Interslavic {prop} (auxiliary Slavic language)  :: język międzysłowiański {m}
interstate {adv} (of, or relating to two or more states)  :: międzystanowy
interval {n} (distance in space)  :: interwał, odstęp {m}
interval {n} (period of time)  :: interwał
interval {n} (section of the real line)  :: przedział {m}
intervene {v} (to come between, or to be between, persons or things)  :: interweniować
interview {n} (conversation with journalist etc.)  :: wywiad {m}
interview {n} (a formal meeting for the assessment of a candidate or applicant)  :: rozmowa kwalifikacyjna {f}
interview {v} (to have an interview)  :: przeprowadzać wywiad {impf}
interwar {adj} (Relating to the time between two wars)  :: międzywojenny
interweave {v} (to combine two things through weaving)  :: przeplatać {impf}, przepleść {pf}
intestine {n} (alimentary canal)  :: jelito {n}, kiszka {f}, trzewo {n} [archaic]
intestine {n} (subdivision of the alimentary canal)  :: jelito {n}
in the act {prep} (in the process of doing something)  :: na gorącym uczynku
in the event {conj} (if) SEE: if  ::
in the event of {prep} (in case of) SEE: in case of  ::
in the flesh {prep} (with one's own body and presence)  :: we własnej osobie
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king {proverb} (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)  :: w kraju ślepców jednooki jest królem {n}
in the least {prep} (at all) SEE: at all  ::
in the light of {prep} (in light of) SEE: in light of  ::
in the loop {prep} (informed)  :: zaznajomiony, w grupie zainteresowanych
in the making {prep} (in the process of being made)  :: w trakcie tworzenia
in the midst of {prep} (in the middle of; amidst; amongst)  :: w środku
in the name of {prep} (with appeal to)  :: w imieniu
in the twinkling of an eye {prep} (immediately, instantaneously)  :: w mgnieniu oka
in the wake of {prep} (following)  :: po, w wyniku
in the wake of {prep} (as a result of)  :: na skutek
in three days {adv} (in three days - translation entry)  :: popojutrze
intimacy {n} (feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else)  :: intymność {f}
intimate {adj} (closely acquainted; familiar)  :: bliski
intimate {adj} (of or involved in a sexual relationship)  :: intymny
intimate {adj} (personal, private)  :: osobisty
intimate {v} (To suggest or disclose discreetly)  :: sugerować, zasugerować
into {prep} (going inside)  :: w
into {prep} (going to a geographic region)  :: do
intonation {n} (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking)  :: intonacja {f}
in touch {prep} (in contact, or in communication)  :: w kontakcie, na bieżąco
intoxicate {v} (To stupefy by doping with chemical substances such as alcohol)  :: otępić {pf}, odurzyć {pf}
intramolecular {adj} (between parts of a molecule)  :: wewnątrzcząsteczkowy {m}
intransigence {n} (intransigence)  :: nieprzejednanie {n}, nieustępliwość {f}
intransigent {adj} (unwilling to compromise or moderate a position)  :: nieprzejednany, nieustępliwy
intransitive {adj} (of a verb, not taking a direct object)  :: nieprzechodni
intransitive verb {n} (action verb not taking a direct object, see also: neuter)  :: czasownik nieprzechodni {m-in}
intrasexual {adj} (intrasexual)  :: wewnątrzpłciowy
intravenous {adj} (inside the veins)  :: dożylny {m}
intravenously {adv} (in an intravenous manner)  :: dożylnie
intrepid {adj} (fearless)  :: nieustraszony
intrigue {n} (plot or scheme)  :: intryga {f}
intrinsic {adj} (inherent)  :: wewnętrzny, rzeczywisty
introduce {v} (to cause someone to be acquainted)  :: przedstawiać {impf}, przedstawić {pf}
introduction {n} (act or process of introducing)  :: wprowadzenie {n}, wstęp {m}
introduction {n} (initial section of a book or article which introduces subject material)  :: wstęp {m}, przedmowa {f}
intruder {n} (someone who intrudes)  :: intruz {m}
intrusion {n} (forcible entry)  :: wtargnięcie {n}
in two shakes {adv} (very quickly)  :: w mgnieniu oka
Inuktitut {prop} (language)  :: eskimoski {m}, inuktitut {m}
inundate {v} (to cover with large amounts of water)  :: zalać
inundate {v} (to overwhelm)  :: przytłoczyć
inure {v}  :: przyzwyczaić się
invade {v} (to enter by force in order to conquer)  :: napadać {impf}, napaść {pf}, najeżdżać {impf}, najechać {pf}, zajmować {impf}, zająć {pf}
invader {n} (one who invades; an assailant; an encroacher; an intruder)  :: najeźdźca {m}, agresor {m}
in vain {adv} (without success)  :: daremnie, na darmo, na próżno
in vain {adv} (disrespectful manner)  :: nadaremno
invalid {adj} (not valid)  :: nieważny {m}
invaluable {adj} (of great value)  :: nieoceniony, bezcenny
invaluable {adj} (very useful)  :: nieoceniony
invariant {adj} (that does not vary)  :: niezmienny, niezmienny
invariant {adj} (that is not affected by a specified operation)  :: niezmienniczy
invariant {n} (invariant quantity, function etc.)  :: niezmiennik {m}
invent {v} (design a new process or mechanism)  :: wynaleźć
invented {adj} (imaginary) SEE: imaginary  ::
invention {n} (something invented)  :: wynalazek {m}
inventor {n} (inventor)  :: wynalazca {m}, wynalazczyni {f}
inverse function {n} (function that does the opposite of another)  :: funkcja odwrotna {f}
invert {n} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
invertebrate {adj} (lacking backbone)  :: bezkręgowiec
inverter {n}  :: falownik {m}, inwerter {m}, przetwornica {f}
investigate {v} (to inquire into, study)  :: prowadzić dochodzenie
investigate {v} (to examine)  :: badać
investigative journalism {n} (journalism in which the reporter deeply investigates a single topic)  :: dziennikarstwo śledcze {n}
investment {n} (placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use)  :: inwestycja {f}
investor {n} (person who invests money in order to make a profit)  :: inwestor {m}
inveterate {adj} (malignant) SEE: malignant  ::
invigilation {n} (act of invigilating)  :: inwigilacja {f}
invincible {n} (someone who cannot be defeated, destroyed or killed)  :: niezwyciężony {m}, niezwyciężona {f}
invincible {adj} (impossible to defeat, destroy or kill)  :: niezwyciężony {m}, niezwyciężona {f}
in vino veritas {proverb} (in wine, there is truth) SEE: in wine, there is truth  ::
invisible {adj} (unable to be seen)  :: niewidoczny, niewidzialny
invitation {n} (act of inviting)  :: zaproszenie {n}
invitation {n} (document or spoken words conveying the message by which one is invited)  :: zaproszenie {n}
invite {v} (ask for the presence or participation of someone)  :: zapraszać {impf}, zaprosić {pf}
invite {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
invoice {n} (bill)  :: faktura {f}
invoke {v} ((computing) cause to execute)  :: wywołać, wywoływać
involuntarily {adv} (in an involuntary manner)  :: niechcący
involved {adj} (complicated) SEE: complicated  ::
in wine, there is truth {proverb} (one tells the truth under the influence of alcohol)  :: w winie prawda
iodide {n} (binary compound)  :: jodek {m}
iodine {n} (element)  :: jod {m}
iodine {n} (antiseptic)  :: jodyna {f}
ion {n} (atom or group of atoms bearing an electrical charge)  :: jon {m}
ionization {n} (any process that leads to dissociation)  :: jonizacja {f}
ionize {v} (to dissociate atoms or molecules into electrically charged species)  :: jonizować
ionosphere {n} (part of Earth's atmosphere)  :: jonosfera {f}
iota {n} (Greek letter)  :: jota {f}
iota {n} (small amount)  :: jota {f}
iotation {n} (process occurring in Slavic languages or elsewhere)  :: jotacyzacja {f}
Iowa {prop} (A state in Midwest in US)  :: Iowa
IPA {initialism} (International Phonetic Alphabet)  :: IPA {f}, MAF {m}
iPhone {n} (device)  :: iPhone {m}
iPod {n} (device)  :: iPod {m}
ir- {prefix} (not; negation)  :: nie-
Iran {prop} (country in Western Asia)  :: Iran
Irani {adj} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Irani {n} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Iranian {n} (person from Iran or of Iranian descent)  :: Irańczyk {m}, Iranka {f}
Iranian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Iran, the people or Iranian languages)  :: irański {m}
Iraq {prop} (country)  :: Irak {m-in}
Iraqi {n} (person from Iraq)  :: Irakijczyk {m}, Irakijka {f}
Iraqi {adj} (from or pertaining to Iraq)  :: iracki {m}
irascible {adj} (prone to anger)  :: drażliwy, wybuchowy, gniewny
ire {n} (great anger)  :: wściekłość {f}, furia {f}
Ireland {prop} (island)  :: Irlandia {f}
Irene {prop} (female given name)  :: Irena {f}
iridium {n} (chemical element)  :: iryd {m}
iris {n} (plant of the genus Iris)  :: irys {m}, kosaciec {m}
iris {n} (part of the eye)  :: tęczówka {f}
Irish {prop} (the language)  :: język irlandzki {m-in}, iryjski {m}
Irish {n} (the people)  :: Irlandczyk {m-pr}, Irlandka {f}
Irish {n} (board game)  :: tryktrak irlandzki {m-an}
Irish {adj} (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people)  :: irlandzki
Irish {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: irlandzki
Irishman {n} (man from Ireland)  :: Irlandczyk {m}
Irish Sea {prop} (a sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland)  :: Morze Irlandzkie {n}
Irish setter {n} (a breed of gun dog)  :: seter irlandzki {m}
Irishwoman {n} (woman from Ireland)  :: Irlandka {f}
irk {v} (to irritate; annoy; bother)  :: drażnić
Irkutsk {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Irkuck {m}
iron {n} (element)  :: żelazo {n}
iron {n} (for pressing clothes)  :: żelazko {n}
iron {adj} (made of iron)  :: żelazny {m}
iron {adj} (strong, inflexible)  :: żelazny {m}
iron {v} (to pass an iron over clothing)  :: prasować
Iron Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: epoka żelaza {f}
Iron Age {prop} (mythology)  :: epoka żelaza {f}
Iron Curtain {prop} (the dividing line between western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions)  :: żelazna kurtyna {f}
ironic {adj} (characterized by irony)  :: ironiczny
ironing {n} (act of pressing clothes with an iron)  :: prasowanie {n}
ironing board {n} (a long board on which one can iron)  :: deska do prasowania {f}
iron lung {n} (a pneumonic device for assisted breathing)  :: żelazne płuco {n}
iron ore {n} (ore containing iron)  :: ruda żelaza {f}
iron out {v} (to remove with an iron)  :: rozprasować {pf}, rozprasowywać {impf}
ironsmith {n} (blacksmith) SEE: blacksmith  ::
irony {n} (statement that may mean the opposite of what is written literally)  :: ironia {f}
irony {n} (condition contrary to expectations)  :: ironia {f}
irony {adj} (of or pertaining to iron)  :: żelazny {m}
Iroquois {n} (hairdo) SEE: Mohawk  ::
Iroquois {n} (a person belonging to an Iroquois tribe)  :: Irokez {m}
Iroquois {n} (confederacy of five Native American tribes)  :: Irokezi
Iroquois {prop} (any of the Iroquois languages)  :: irokeski {m}
irrational {adj} (unfounded or nonsensical)  :: nieracjonalny, irracjonalny
irrational {adj} (mathematics: of a number)  :: niewymierny
irrational {n} (irrational number)  :: liczba niewymierna {f}
irrational number {n} (real number that is not rational)  :: liczba niewymierna {f}
Irrawaddy {prop} (river that flows through Burma)  :: Irawadi
irredentism {n} (an annexation doctrine)  :: irredentyzm {m}
irregular {adj} (non-standard)  :: nieregularny
irregular {adj} (in grammar, applied to verbs)  :: nieregularny
irrelevant {adj} (not related, not applicable, unimportant, not connected)  :: nieistotny, niezwiązany, niepowiązany
irreparable {adj} (that is unable to be repaired)  :: nie do naprawienia, nienaprawialny
irreplaceable {adj} (that cannot be replaced)  :: niezastąpiony {m}
irrepressible {adj} (Not containable or controllable)  :: niepowstrzymany {m}, niepohamowany {m}
irresistible {adj} (not able to be resisted)  :: nieodparty {m}
irresponsible {adj} (lacking a sense of responsibility)  :: nieodpowiedzialny {m}, lekkomyślny {m}
irresponsibly {adv} (in an irresponsible manner)  :: nieodpowiedzialnie
irreverent {adj} (lacking respect or seriousness)  :: bez szacunku
irreversible {adj} (incapable of being reversed)  :: nieodwracalny
irreversible {adj} (incapable of being reversed, recalled, repealed, or annulled)  :: nieodwołalny
irrevocable {adj} (unable to be retracted or reversed)  :: nieodwołalny
irrevocably {adv} (in an irrevocable manner)  :: nieodwołalnie, bezapelacyjnie
irrigation {n} (The act or process of irrigating)  :: irygacja {f}, nawadnianie {n}
irritable bowel syndrome {n} (functional disorder causing the nerves and muscles of the large intestine to be oversensitive)  :: zespół jelita drażliwego {m}
irritate {v} (to cause or induce displeasure or irritation)  :: drażnić, rozdrażniać
Irtysh {prop} (river in Siberia)  :: Irtysz {m}
is {v}  :: jest
Isaac {prop} (son of Abraham and Sarah)  :: Izaak {m}
Isaac {prop} (male given name)  :: Izaak {m}
Isabel {prop} (female given name)  :: Izabela {f}, Izabella {f}
Isabella {prop} (female given name) SEE: Isabel  ::
Isaiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Izajasza {f}, Izajasz {m}
Isaiah {prop} (prophet)  :: Izajasz {m}
Isaiah {prop} (male given name)  :: Izajasz {m}
isentropic {adj} (having a constant entropy)  :: izentropowy {m}
-ish {suffix} (appended to words)  :: -iczny, -yczny
-ish {suffix} (appended to adjectives)  :: -awy, -wat
-ish {suffix} (appended to roots denoting names of nations or regions)  :: -ski {m}
isinglass {n} (gelatine obtained from fish)  :: karuk {m}
Isis {prop} (ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility)  :: Izyda {f}, Izis {f} [obsolete]
is it going to rain {phrase} (is it going to rain)  :: będzie padać?
is it safe here {phrase} (is it safe here?)  :: jest tu bezpieczny?
Islam {prop} (religion)  :: islam {m}
Islamic {adj} (Adjectival form of Islam)  :: islamski {m}
Islamic Republic of Pakistan {prop} (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)  :: Islamska Republika Pakistanu
Islamism {n} (Islamic fundamentalism)  :: islamizm {m}
Islamophobia {n} (The fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims)  :: islamofobia {f}
island {n} (area of land completely surrounded by water)  :: wyspa {f}
island {n} (entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from itself)  :: wyspa {f}
islander {n} (person who lives on an island)  :: wyspiarz {m}, wyspiarka {f}
isle {n} (isle) SEE: island  ::
Isle of Man {prop} (island)  :: Wyspa Man
Isle of Wight {prop} (island and county off the south coast of England)  :: Wyspa Wight
islet {n} (small island)  :: wysepka {f}
-ism {suffix} (a principle, belief or movement)  :: -yzm {m}, -izm {m}
isn't it so {phrase} (isn't it so?)  :: czyż nie
isocost {n} (curve)  :: izokoszta {f}
isogloss {n} (line indicating geographical boundaries of a linguistic feature)  :: izoglosa {f}
isolation {n} (state of being isolated)  :: izolacja {f}, odosobnienie {n}
isolator {n}  :: izolator {m}
isomer {n} (chemistry: compounds)  :: izomer {m}
isomer {n} (physics: atomic nuclei)  :: izomer {m}
isomerase {n} (enzyme for the conversion of isomeric forms)  :: izomeraza
isometric {adj} (exhibiting equality in dimensions)  :: izometryczny
isomorphic {adj} ((mathematics) related by an isomorphism)  :: izomorficzny
isopentane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: 2-methylbutane)  :: izopentan {m}
isoprene {n} (isoprene)  :: izopren {m}
isoquant {n} (line of equal or constant economic production)  :: izokwanta {f}
isothermic {adj} (during which the temperature remains constant)  :: izotermiczny {m}
isothermic {adj} (of equal or constant temperature with respect to space, volume, or pressure)  :: izotermiczny {m}
isotonic {adj} (having the same osmotic pressure)  :: izotoniczny
isotopic {adj} (relating to isotopes)  :: izotopowy
isotropic {adj} (having properties which are equivalent in all directions)  :: izotropowy
Israel {prop} (the state)  :: Izrael {m-in}
Israel {prop} (Biblical: name given to Jacob)  :: Izrael {m}
Israel {prop} (given name)  :: Izrael {m}
Israeli {n} (person from Israel or of Israeli descent)  :: Izraelczyk {m}, Izraelka {f}
Israeli {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people)  :: izraelski {m}
ISS {prop} (International Space Station)  :: MSK
issuance {n} (act of issuing)  :: wydanie {n}
issue {n} (problem or concern)  :: problem {m}
-ist {suffix} (One who follows a particular ideology, doctrine, belief system or theory)  :: -ista {m}, -ysta {m}, -istka {f}, -ystka {f}
-ist {suffix} (A person who uses something)  :: -ista, -ysta {m}, -istka, -ystka {f}
-ist {suffix} (A person who holds biased views)  :: -ista {m}, -ysta {m}, -istka {f}, -ystka {f}
-ista {suffix} (follower) SEE: -ist  ::
Istanbul {prop} (largest city of Turkey and last capital of Ottoman Empire)  :: Stambuł {m}, Istambuł {m}
Istanbulite {n} (person from Istanbul)  :: stambulczyk {m}, stambułka {f}
is that so {phrase} (really)  :: doprawdy?
Istro-Romanian {prop} (language)  :: istrorumuński {m}
it {pron} (subject — inanimate thing)  :: to {n}
IT {initialism} (information technology) SEE: information technology  ::
it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings {proverb} (there are more developments yet to come)  :: dopóki piłka w grze, wszystko jest możliwe
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to Italy)  :: włoski
Italian {n} (person)  :: Włoch {m-pr}, Włoszka {f}
Italian {prop} (language)  :: (język) włoski
Italianism {n}  :: italianizm {m}
Italianization {prop} (process of forced assimilation into the Italian culture)  :: italianizacja {f}
Italianize {v} (transitive)  :: italizować
Italianness {n} (quality of being Italian)  :: włoskość {f}
Italian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Półwysep Apeniński {m}
Italian Republic {prop} (official name of Italy)  :: Republika Włoska {f}
Italophile {n}  :: italofil {m}
italophone {adj} (Italian-speaking)  :: włoskojęzyczny
Italy {prop} (European country)  :: Włochy {p}, Italia {f} [rare]
itch {n} (a sensation felt on an area of the skin that causes a person or animal to want to scratch)  :: świąd {m}, swędzenie {n}, świerzbienie {n}
itch {v} (to feel the need to scratch)  :: swędzieć, świerzbić
item {n} (distinct physical object)  :: rzecz {f}, przedmiot {m}, sztuka {f}
item of clothing {n} (garment) SEE: garment  ::
iterative {adj} (of a procedure that involves repetition)  :: iteracyjny
Ithaca {prop} (island)  :: Itaka {f}
I think so {phrase} (I think so)  :: myślę że tak
I think therefore I am {phrase} (philosophical proof of existence)  :: myślę, więc jestem
itinerary {n} (route or proposed route of a journey)  :: trasa podróży {f}, plan podróży {m}
it is easy to find a stick to beat a dog {proverb} (The one who wants to blame someone can always find an error in him)  :: jak się chce psa uderzyć, kij się znajdzie
it never rains but it pours {proverb} (unfortunate events occur in quantity)  :: nieszczęścia chodzą parami (misfortunes walk in pairs)
its {pron} (that which belongs to it)  :: jego, jej, swój, ów
it's all Greek to me {phrase} (I don't understand any of this)  :: to dla mnie chińszczyzna (it's Chinese to me)
it's a pleasure {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
it's a small world {phrase} (phrase used when meeting an acquaintance or personal connection in an unexpected place or context)  :: jaki ten świat mały
itself {pron} ((reflexive) it)  :: się
itself {pron} ((emphatic) it)  :: ono samo {n}
it's raining {phrase} (it's raining)  :: pada deszcz
it's snowing {phrase} (it's snowing)  :: pada śnieg
it's too expensive {phrase} (it's too expensive)  :: to jest za drogo
it takes two to tango {proverb} (some things need the active cooperation of two parties)  :: do tanga trzeba dwojga
-itude {suffix} (suffix)  :: -ituda {f}, -ość {f}
Ivalo {prop} (village in Northern Finland)  :: Ivalo
Ivan {prop} (male given name)  :: Iwan {m}
Ivano-Frankivsk {prop} (city)  :: Iwano-Frankiwsk {m}, Iwano-Frankowsk {m}
Ivano-Frankovsk {prop} (Ivano-Frankivsk) SEE: Ivano-Frankivsk  ::
Ivanovich {prop} (patronymic)  :: Iwanowicz {m}
Ivanovo {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Iwanowo {n}
I've {contraction} (I have)  :: mam
I've been raped {phrase} (I've been raped)  :: zostałem(am) zgwałcony(a)
I've been robbed {phrase} (I've been robbed)  :: zostałem obrabowany {m}, zostałam obrabowana {f}, obrabowano mnie
Ivorian {n} (a person from Côte d'Ivoire or of Ivorian descent)  :: Iworyjczyk {m}, Iworyjka {f}
Ivorian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Côte d'Ivoire)  :: iworyjski {m}
ivory {n} (material)  :: kość słoniowa {f}
Ivory Coast {prop} (Côte d'Ivoire) SEE: Côte d'Ivoire  ::
ivory tower {n} (overly-academic perspective)  :: wieża z kości słoniowej {f}
ivy {n} (plant)  :: bluszcz {m}
I want to know {phrase} (I want to know)  :: chcę wiedzieć
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (year))  :: urodziłem się w ... roku {m}, urodziłam się w ... roku {f}
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (place name))  :: urodziłem się w ... {m}, urodziłam się w ... {f} [the place name is in the dative case]
I wish {phrase} (I would very much like that to be so)  :: jeśli by, jeśliby, o ile
Iwo Jima {prop} (an island in Japan)  :: Iwo Jima {f}
Ixion {prop} (king of Lapiths)  :: Ixion {m}
Ixion {prop} (a Kuiper Belt object)  :: Ixion {m}
Izhevsk {prop} (capital of Udmurtia)  :: Iżewsk {m}