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ó {letter} /ˈɔ/ :: The letter o with an acute accent
ó {m} :: letter: o
ó {interj} :: o; hey (vocative particle)
ó {interj} :: [colloquial] look!
Õ {letter} /õ/ :: the letter O with a tilde
ô {interj} [colloquial] /ˈo/ :: hey (used to draw someone’s attention)
Óbidos {prop} /ˈɔβiðuʃ/ :: Óbidos (village/and/municipality)
óbito {m} :: a passing; a death
óblast {m} [political subdivision] :: oblast (a region or province in some countries)
óbolo {m} /ˈɔ.β :: obolus (silver coin)
óbolo {m} :: Charon's obol (a coin placed in or on the mouth of a dead person before burial)
óbvio {adj} :: obvious
ócio {m} /ˈɔ.sju/ :: leisure
ócio {m} :: laziness
óculo {m} [architecture] /ˈɔ :: oculus
óculo {m} :: eyeglass
óculos {mp} {m} /ˈɔ.ku.luʃ/ :: glasses, spectacles
óculos de sol {mp} :: sunglasses (tinted glasses worn to protect the eyes from the sun)
Ódin {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Odin
ódio {m} /ˈɔ.ðju/ :: hatred
ógea {f} :: hobby (Falco subbuteo)
óleo {m} /ˈɔ.lju/ :: oil (liquid substance extracted from animals, vegetals, or minerals)
óleo {m} :: olive oil
óleo {m} :: oil-based paint
óleo {m} :: oil painting
óleo {m} :: essential oil
Óleo {prop} :: Óleo (placename)
óleo de girassol {m} :: sunflower oil (vegetable oil)
óleo diesel {m} :: diesel (fuel)
óleo vegetal {m} :: vegetable oil (oil produced from plants)
ôlha {f} :: obsolete spelling of olha
Óliver {prop} {m} /ˈɔ.li.veʁ/ :: given name
-ómano {suffix} [European orthography] :: -mane (person who has a mania for)
-ômano {suffix} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of -ómano
ómega {m} [European orthography] /ˈɔmɨɡɐ/ :: omega (Greek letter)
ómega {m} [European orthography] :: the end
ômega {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ómega
ómi {m} :: eye dialect of homem
ómicron {m} [European orthography] :: omicron (Greek letter)
ômicron {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ómicron
ônibus {m} [Brazil] :: bus (vehicle)
ônibus escolar {m} [Brazil] :: school bus (transport for schoolchildren)
ônibus espacial {m} :: space shuttle (vehicle capable of travelling repeatedly between Earth and outer space)
-ónimo {suffix} :: -onym
ónix {m} [European orthography] /ˈɔ.nikʃ/ :: onyx (a banded variety of chalcedony)
ônix {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ónix
ôntico {adj} :: ontic
ónus {m} :: onus
ônus {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ónus
ónus da prova {m} [European orthography, legal] :: burden of proof (duty of a party in a legal proceeding)
ônus da prova {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ónus da prova
o {letter} /ˈɔ/ :: letter
o {art} :: the (masculine singular definite article)
o {pron} :: him, it (as a direct object; as an indirect object, see lhe; after prepositions, see ele)
-o {suffix} :: forms masculine singular nouns and adjectives
-o {suffix} :: forms the first-person singular present indicative of verbs
O {letter} :: letter
OAB {prop} {f} :: initialism of Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil
oabaçu {mf} :: rare form of babaçu
oaguaçú {mf} [obsolete] :: rare form of babaçu
oaguaçu {mf} :: rare form of babaçu
o amor é cego {proverb} :: love is blind (a person can see no faults in the person he loves)
oauassú {mf} :: obsolete form of babaçu
oauaçu {mf} [rare] :: obsolete spelling of babaçu
Ob {prop} {m} :: Ob (river)
oba {interj} [usually, childish] :: whee; yay (expression of pleasure or enjoyment)
Obama {prop} :: surname
o barato sai caro {proverb} /u ba.ˈɾa.tu ˈsaj ˈka.ɾu/ :: cheap objects or solutions can end up being expensive, because they don’t last as long, require high maintenance or are inefficient
obcecado {adj} :: obsessed
obcecado {adj} :: stubborn
obcecar {v} :: to blind (from facts, from the truth)
obedecer {v} /ɔβɨðɨˈseɾ/ :: obey (to do as ordered)
obediente {adj} :: obedient
obediente {adj} :: dutiful
obedientemente {adv} :: obediently
obediência {f} /ˌˈd͡ʒjẽ.si.ɐ/ :: obedience (the quality of being obedient)
obelisco {m} :: obelisk (a tall stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point)
obesidade {f} /ɔ.βɨ.zi.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: obesity
obeso {adj} /ɔ.ˈβe.zu/ :: obese
obituário {m} :: obituary (published notice of recent deaths)
obituário {m} :: obituary (biography of a recently deceased person)
objecção {f} :: obsolete spelling of objeção
objectiva {f} :: obsolete spelling of objetiva
objectivamente {adv} :: objectively
objectivas {n} :: obsolete spelling of objetivas
objectividade {f} :: obsolete spelling of objetividade
objectivo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of objetivo
objectivo {m} :: obsolete spelling of objetivo
objectivos {n} :: obsolete spelling of objetivos
objecto {m} :: [Portugal] superseded spelling of objeto
objecto voador não identificado {m} :: obsolete spelling of objeto voador não identificado
objecto voador não-identificado {m} :: obsolete spelling of objeto voador não identificado
objeção {f} /ɔb.ʒɛ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: objection
objetado {v} :: past participle of objetar
objetando {v} :: gerund of objetar
objetar {v} :: to object
objetar {v} :: to demur
objetiva {f} :: objective (lens closest to the object being examined)
objetividade {f} /ɔb.ʒɛˈða.ðɨ/ :: objectivity (the state of being objective, unbiased)
objetividade {f} [philosophy] :: objectivity
objetivo {adj} /ɔb.ʒɛˈ :: objective
objetivo {adj} :: unbiased
objetivo {m} :: aim; objective; goal
objeto {m} /ɔb.ˈʒɛ.tu/ :: object; thing
objeto {m} :: that to which emotions or an action is directed towards
objeto {m} [computing] :: object (class or structure)
objeto {m} [grammar] :: object (in a sentence, the receiver of an action)
objeto direto {m} [grammar] :: direct object (the noun phrase a verb is directly acting upon)
objeto indireto {m} [grammar] :: indirect object (phrase indicating the entity indirectly affected by the action)
objeto voador não identificado {m} :: unidentified flying object (anything not readily explainable appearing to move through or be suspended in the air)
objeto voador não identificado {m} :: UFO; alien spacecraft
objeto voador não-identificado {m} :: alternative spelling of objeto voador não identificado
obliqüidade {f} :: obsolete spelling of obliquidade
obliquidade {f} :: obliquity; obliqueness (the quality of being oblique)
obliquidade {f} :: obliquity (moral deviation)
obliquidade {f} :: an instance of beating around the bush
obliteração {f} :: obliteration (the total destruction of something)
obliterar {v} :: to obliterate, to null, to erase, to annihilate, to destroy completely, to eradicate
oblongado {adj} :: oblong (longer than wide)
oblongo {adj} :: oblong (longer than wide)
oblíquo {adj} :: oblique
oblíquo {adj} :: aslant
oblíquo {adj} :: asquint
obnubilação {f} [medicine] :: obnubilation (difficulty in thinking clearly)
obnubilação {f} :: obnubilation; obfuscation (the process of making or becoming confusing)
obnóxio {adj} :: obnoxious (very annoying)
obnóxio {adj} :: compliant with punishment
oboé {m} [musical instrument] /o.ˈβwɛ/ :: oboe
o bom filho a casa torna {proverb} :: to do something one has already done previously; to visit a place one has already been to
o bom é inimigo do ótimo {proverb} :: With limited resources, one should work with what they have rather than doing nothing and waiting for an improvement
obra {f} /ˈɔ.βɾɐ/ :: construction (process of constructing, building)
obra {f} :: construction site (place where a building is under construction)
obra {f} :: work (literary, artistic, or intellectual production)
obra cinematográfica {f} :: film or motion picture
obra de arte {f} :: work of art, objet d'art
obra prima {f} :: masterpiece (exceptional good piece of work)
obrar {vi} :: to work (to perform a work or labour)
obrar {vi} [Brazil, Ceará dialect, Portugal, archaic, colloquial] :: to defecate
obreia {f} :: wafer (disk of flour used to seal letters)
obreiro {m} /ɔ.ˈβɾɐj.ɾu/ :: worker, a mechanical or manual laborer
obreiro {adj} :: labouring, working (attributive)
obrigacional {adj} :: obligatory, mandatory
obrigada {interj} [used by a female] /obɾiˈɣaðə/ :: thanks
obrigado {interj} [used by a male] /ˌɔβɾiˈɣaðu/ :: thanks; thank you
obrigado {adj} :: obligatory; mandatory (required or commanded by authority)
obrigado {adj} [formal] :: grateful, thankful
obrigado {m} [legal] :: someone bound by a legal obligation
obrigado {m} :: a thank you (instance of expressing gratitude)
obrigado pela parte que me toca {phrase} :: A sarcastic thank you said as a (usually lighthearted) response to an offense
obrigadíssimo {adj} :: very grateful
obrigadíssimo {interj} :: thank you very much
obrigando {v} :: gerund of obrigar
obrigação {f} /ɔ.βɾi.ɣɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: duty
obrigação {f} [figurative] :: workplace
obrigar {v} :: to oblige; to force; to compel; to coerce (tell someone to do something against their wills, often by using threats of violence)
obrigar {v} [figuratively] :: to induce an action by leaving no other choices
obrigatoriamente {adv} :: mandatorily
obrigatoriedade {f} /o.ˌbɾi.ɡa.ˌto.ɾi.e.ˈda.d͡ʒi/ :: obligation
obrigatório {adj} /o.ˌbɾi.ɡa.ˈtɔ.ɾi.o/ :: mandatory; obligatory
obscenidade {f} :: obscenity (an obscene thing or act)
obscenidade {f} [specifically] :: obscenity; profanity; curse (an offensive word or expression)
obscenidade {f} [uncountable] :: obscenity (the quality of being obscene)
obsceno {adj} :: obscene (offensive to current standards of decency or morality)
obscurantismo {m} :: obscurantism (opposition to human progress)
obscurantismo {m} :: obscurantism (deliberate obscurity or vagueness)
obscurecer {vt} :: to obscure (to make obscure)
obscurecer {vi} :: to become obscure
obscuridade {f} /ɔbʃkuɾiˈðaðɨ/ :: obscurity
obscuridade {f} :: darkness, gloom
obscuro {adj} /ɔbʃˈkuɾu/ :: dark, gloomy
obscuro {adj} :: obscure
obsequioso {adj} :: obsequious; obedient (compliant with someone else’s orders)
obsequioso {adj} :: obsequious; fawning; subservient
observado {v} :: past participle of observar
observador {m} :: observer (someone who observes something)
observador {m} :: observer (person sent as a representative to monitor but not to participate in an event)
observando {v} :: gerund of observar
observação {f} /ɔb.sɨɾ.vɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: observation
observar {vt} /ɔb.sɨɾ.ˈvaɾ/ :: to observe, watch
observatório {m} /ɔb.sɨɾ.vɐ.ˈtɔ.ɾju/ :: observatory
observância {f} :: observance
observável {adj} :: observable
obsessivo {adj} :: obsessive (excessively preoccupied with something)
obsessão {f} /ˌˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: fixation, obsession
obsessão {f} [psychology] :: obsession (compulsive or irrational preoccupation)
obsessão {f} [theology] :: vexation caused by the Devil’s influence, without possession
obsidiana {f} :: obsidian (a type of black volcanic glass)
obsolescente {adj} :: obsolescent (in the process of becoming obsolete)
obsolescência {f} :: obsolescence (the state of being obsolete)
obsolescência planejada {f} :: planned obsolescence (policy of deliberately designing a product to become obsolete or useless soon)
obsolescência programada {f} :: planned obsolescence (policy of deliberately designing a product to become obsolete or useless soon)
obsoleto {adj} :: obsolete, outdated
obstáculo {m} :: obstacle (something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress)
obstetra {mf} [medicine] :: obstetrician (physician who specialises in childbirth)
obstetrícia {f} [medicine] :: obstetrics (care of women during and after pregnancy)
obstetrício {adj} :: obstetric (relating to obstetrics)
obstinado {adj} :: obstinate (adhering to an opinion, purpose or course, usually unreasonably)
obstruindo {v} :: gerund of obstruir
obstruir {v} :: to obstruct, block
obstrução {f} :: obstruction, obstacle
obstrução {f} :: occlusion
obstrução {f} :: stonewalling
obstrutivo {adj} :: obstructive (which causes obstructions)
obstétrico {adj} :: obstetric (relating to obstetrics)
obtemperado {v} :: past participle of obtemperar
obtemperando {v} :: gerund of obtemperar
obtemperar {v} :: to acquiesce
obtendo {v} :: gerund of obter
obtenção {f} /ɔb.tẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: obtainment
obtenível {adj} :: obtainable (capable of being obtained)
obter {v} /ɔbˈteɾ/ :: to obtain, get
obturado {v} :: past participle of obturar
obturador {m} [photography] :: shutter
obturando {v} :: gerund of obturar
obturação {f} :: obturation, clogging, obstruction
obturar {v} :: to block, clog, obturate
obtuso {adj} :: blunt (having a thick edge or point; not sharp)
obtuso {adj} :: obtuse; blunt (intellectually dull)
obtuso {adj} [geometry, of an angle] :: obtuse (greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees)
obtível {adj} :: alternative form of obtenível
obus {m} /o.ˈbus/ :: howitzer
obviamente {adv} :: In context of being known by simple observation; obviously; evidently; clearly
obviar {vt} :: to obviate (to avoid a future problem)
ocê {pron} :: eye dialect of você
oca {f} :: A cabin or hut made by indians
ocapi {m} :: okapi (Okapia johnstoni, a large ruminant of the Congo)
o caralho {interj} [vulgar] :: fucking no!
o caralho a quatro {phrase} [vulgar] :: et cetera
ocarina {f} [musical instruments] :: ocarina (an oval wind instrument)
ocasião {f} /ɔkɐˈzjɐ̃w̃/ :: occasion (favorable opportunity)
ocasionado {v} :: past participle of ocasionar
ocasional {adj} :: occasional (limited to certain occasions; not occurring very often)
ocasionalmente {adv} :: occasionally (at infrequent intervals)
ocasionando {v} :: gerund of ocasionar
ocasionar {v} :: to occasion, entail
ocasionar {v} :: to motivate
ocasionar {v} :: to provide (an opportunity)
ocasionar {v} :: to arise
ocaso {m} :: dusk (a period of time occurring at the end of the day during which the sun sets)
ocaso {m} [figurative] :: decline; downfall
Ocauçu {prop} :: Ocauçu (placename)
occidental {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ocidental
occidente {m} :: obsolete spelling of ocidente
Occidente {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Ocidente
occipício {m} [anatomy] :: occiput (back of the head or skull)
occipúcio {m} :: alternative form of occipício
occipital {adj} [anatomy] /ˈtaw/ :: occipital, pertaining to the back of the head
occipital {m} [skeleton] :: the occipital bone
occiput {m} [anatomy] :: occiput (back of the head or skull)
occitano {m} /ˌˈtɐ.nu/ :: Occitan (the Romance language)
occitano {adj} :: Occitan (of the Occitan language)
occitânico {m} :: Occitan (a Romance language spoken in southern France)
occitânico {adj} :: Occitan (relating to the Occitan language)
occlusão {f} :: obsolete spelling of oclusão
occorrer {v} :: obsolete spelling of ocorrer
occorrência {f} :: obsolete spelling of ocorrência
oceanógrafa {f} :: feminine noun of oceanógrafo
oceanógrafas {f} :: feminine noun of oceanógrafo
oceanógrafo {m} :: oceanographer (person who studies oceans)
Oceania {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Oceânia
oceano {m} /ɔ.ˈsjɐ.nu/ :: ocean
Oceano {prop} {m} [Greek god] /ɔ.ˈsjɐ.nu/ :: Oceanus (titan personifying the sea)
Oceano {prop} {m} :: Oceano (ocean)
oceano Antártico {prop} {m} :: oceano Antártico (ocean)
oceano Atlântico {prop} {m} :: oceano Atlântico (ocean)
oceanografia {f} :: oceanography
oceano Índico {prop} {m} :: oceano Índico (ocean)
oceano Pacífico {prop} {m} :: oceano Pacífico (ocean)
oceano Ártico {prop} {m} :: oceano Ártico (ocean)
oceanário {m} /ɔ.sjɐ.ˈna.ɾju/ :: oceanarium (park where visitors can see marine animals)
ocelo {m} [zoology] :: eye (mark on an animal resembling an eye)
ocelo {m} [zoology] :: the eye of arthropods
ocelote {m} :: ocelot (Felis pardalis, a feline of the Americas)
oceâneo {adj} :: oceanic
Oceânia {prop} {f} :: Oceânia (continent)
oceânico {adj} /ˌˈɐ.ni.ku/ :: oceanic (relating to the ocean)
oceânico {adj} :: Oceanian; Oceanic (of, from or relating to Oceania)
oceânico {m} :: Oceanian (person from Oceania)
oceânide {f} [Greek mythology] :: Oceanid (any of the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys)
ocidental {adj} /ˌɔ.si.ðẽ.ˈtaɫ/ :: west; western (of, facing, situated in, or related to the west)
ocidental {adj} :: Western (pertaining to the West)
ocidentalização {f} :: westernisation (the assimilation of Western culture)
ocidente {m} /ɔ.si.ˈðẽ.tɨ/ :: occident
ocidente {m} :: west
Ocidente {prop} {m} [geopolitics] :: the West; Occident (countries having European cultural roots)
ociosidade {f} /ɔ.sju.zi.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: idleness, inactivity
ociosidade {f} :: laziness
ocioso {adj} /ɔ.ˈsjo.zu/ :: idle (not engaged in any occupation or employment)
ocioso {adj} :: lazy; work-shy
ocioso {adj} [of a period of time] :: when there is nothing to do
ocioso {adj} :: not being used
oócito {m} [cytology] :: oocyte (cell that develops into an egg or ovum)
oclocracia {f} :: ochlocracy (government by the masses)
oclusiva {f} [phonetics] :: stop; plosive (consonant produced by blocking the passage of air)
oclusão {f} [chiefly medicine] /ˌo.klu.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: occlusion; obstruction (anything that obstructs a passage or vessel)
oclusão {f} [dentistry] :: occlusion (the alignment of the teeth when the jaws are closed)
oclusão {f} [articulatory phonetics] :: occlusion (closure of the vocal tract)
oco {adj} /ˈoku/ :: hollow
ocorrer {v} /ˌo.ko.ˈhe(ɻ)/ :: to occur, happen
ocorrência {f} /ˌo.ko.ˈhẽ.si.a/ :: occurrence (actual instance where a situation arises)
ocorrência {f} [uncountable] :: the intensity or quantity of something which occurs in a specific location or point in time; incidence
ocra {f} :: ochre (earth pigment containing silica, aluminium and ferric oxide)
ocre {m} :: alternative form of ocra
octaédrico {adj} :: octahedral
octaedro {m} /ˌok.ta.ˈɛ.dɾo/ :: octahedron (a polyhedron with eight faces)
octahedro {m} :: obsolete spelling of octaedro
octamérico {adj} :: octameric
octana {f} :: alternative form of octano
octanagem {f} :: octane number, octane rating
octano {m} [organic compound] /ok.ˈtɐ.no/ :: octane (isomeric aliphatic hydrocarbons)
octeno {m} [organic compound] :: octene
octeto {m} :: octet (group of eight)
octeto {m} [music, specifically] :: octet (group of eight musicians performing together)
octógono {m} /ɔˈktɔɣunu/ :: octagon
octil {m} [organic chemistry] :: octyl
octilhão {m} :: octillion (1027)
octilião {m} :: alternative form of octilhão
octingentésimo {ordinal num} :: eight hundredths
octogonal {adj} :: octagonal
octogésimo {ordinal num} :: eightieth
Octávio {prop} {m} :: given name, a spelling variant of Otávio
octóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: octoxide
oculista {mf} :: optician (a person who makes or sells lenses, spectacles)
oculista {mf} :: ophthalmologist (medical doctor specialising in the eye)
ocultador {m} :: concealer (someone of something that conceals)
ocultador {adj} :: which conceals
ocultar {vt} :: to conceal (to hide (something))
ocultismo {m} :: occultism (study of supernatural powers)
ocultista {mf} :: occultist (person who practises occultism)
oculto {adj} :: occult
o céu é o limite {proverb} :: the sky is the limit
ocupado {v} :: past participle of ocupar
ocupando {v} :: gerund of ocupar
ocupação {f} :: occupation, job
ocupação {f} :: employment
ocupar {v} :: to occupy (all senses)
o céu vir abaixo {v} [idiomatic] :: to rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
o céu vir abaixo {v} [idiomatic, of a situation] :: to become chaotic
odalisca {f} [historical] :: odalisque (a female harem slave)
ode {f} :: ode
Ode- {prefix} /ɔ.ðɨ/ :: a place-name prefix found in some river names and place names
Odemira {prop} {f} :: Odemira (city/and/municipality)
odeão {m} :: odeon (ancient Greek or Roman building)
odeom {m} :: rare form of odeão
Oder {prop} {m} :: Oder (river)
Odessa {prop} {f} :: Odessa (oblast)
Odessa {prop} {f} :: Odessa (city/regional capital)
Odeáxere {prop} [proscribed] :: alternative form of Odiáxere
Odi- {prefix} :: alternative form of Ode-
o diabo que carregue {phrase} :: alternative form of que o diabo carregue
odiado {v} :: past participle of odiar
odiador {m} :: hater (one who hates)
odiadora {f} :: feminine noun of odiador
Odiana {prop} {m} /ɔˈdjɐ.nɐ/ :: alternative form of Guadiana
odiando {v} :: gerund of odiar
odiar {v} /uˈðjaɾ/ :: to hate
Odin {prop} {m} [Norse mythology] /o.ˈd͡ʒĩ/ :: Odin (the supreme god)
odioso {adj} :: odious (arousing strong dislike)
odisseia {f} :: odyssey (extended adventurous voyage or quest)
Odisseia {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Odyssey (the return journey of Odysseus from Troy)
Odisseu {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] /ˌo.d͡ʒi.ˈsew/ :: Odysseus (Greek leader during the Trojan War)
odisséia {f} :: obsolete spelling of odisseia
Odisséia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Odisseia
Odivelas {prop} {f} /odiˈvɛlɐʃ/ :: Odivelas (city/and/municipality)
Odiáxere {prop} :: Odiáxere (parish/)
odómetro {m} [European orthography] :: odometer (instrument to measure distance travelled)
odômetro {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of odómetro
odontoblasto {m} [cytology] :: odontoblast (cell on the outer surface of the dental pulp)
odontológico {adj} :: odontological, dental
odontologia {f} :: dentistry (field of medicine which deals with the teeth)
odor {m} /ɔ.ˈðoɾ/ :: odour; smell
odorizar {v} :: to scent (to impart an odour to)
odre {m} :: goatskin, goatskin wine bag
Odysseu {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Odisseu
OEA {initialism} :: Organização dos Estados Americanos: OAS
Oeiras {prop} /oˈɐjɾɐʃ/ :: Oeiras (village/and/municipality)
o espírito está pronto, mas a carne é fraca {proverb} :: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (acheiving something is made impossible by frailty)
oeste {m} /ɔˈɛʃtɨ/ :: west (compass point)
ofício {m} /ɔ.ˈfi.sju/ :: craft, trade
ofício {m} :: profession, occupation
ofício {m} [religion] :: service (religious rite or ritual)
ofídico {adj} :: ophidian (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of snakes)
ofídio {m} /o.ˈfi.d͡ʒi.o/ :: snake
ofídio {adj} :: ophidian
ofegado {v} :: past participle of ofegar
ofegando {v} :: gerund of ofegar
ofegante {adj} :: out of breath, breathless (breathing with difficulty)
ofegante {adj} [figurative] :: exhausted, tired
ofegar {v} :: to pant, to puff (to breathe heavily)
ofegar {v} [figurative] :: to yearn, to long
ofendendo {v} :: gerund of ofender
ofender {v} /ɔ.fẽ.ˈdeɾ/ :: to offend
ofender {v} :: to displease
ofendido {v} :: past participle of ofender
ofendido {adj} :: offended
ofendido {adj} :: injured
ofensa {f} /o.ˈfẽ.sa/ :: insult; offense (act of offending)
ofensa {f} :: something which causes physical harm
ofensa {f} :: offensive; attack
ofensa {f} :: insult (anything that causes offence by being of an unacceptable quality)
ofensiva {f} /o.fẽ.ˈsi.vɐ/ :: [military] offensive (a large-scale attack)
ofensiva {f} :: [uncountable, military, sports, debating] offensive (the posture of attacking)
ofensivo {adj} :: offensive (causing offence)
ofensivo {adj} [military, sports] :: offensive (relating to attacks)
ofensor {m} :: offender (one who gives or causes offence)
ofensor {adj} :: offending; offensive (which offends)
oferecendo {v} :: gerund of oferecer
oferecer {v} /ɔ.fɨ.ɾɨ.ˈseɾ/ :: to offer, bid, tender
oferecer {v} :: to give, present
oferecer {v} :: to proffer
oferecido {v} :: past participle of oferecer
oferecimento {m} :: offering, offer
oferenda {f} :: offering (object given to a person or sacrificed to a god in order to appease them)
oferta {f} /ɔˈfɛɾtɐ/ :: offer
offício {m} :: obsolete spelling of ofício
offerecer {v} :: obsolete spelling of oferecer
offerecimento {m} :: obsolete spelling of oferecimento
officiaes {n} :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officiais {n} :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
official {adj} :: obsolete spelling of oficial
official {mf} :: obsolete spelling of oficial
officiays {n} :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officina {f} :: obsolete spelling of oficina
officio {m} :: obsolete spelling of ofício
offrecer {v} :: obsolete form of oferecer
offset {m} [programming] :: offset (byte difference between memory addresses)
offset {m} [printing] :: offset (a printing method)
oficiaes {n} :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
oficial {adj} /ɔ.fi.ˈsjaɫ/ :: official
oficial {m} :: officer, official
oficial de justiça {m} [legal] :: bailiff (legal officer to whom some degree of authority)
oficialmente {adv} :: officially
oficiays {n} :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
oficina {f} /ɔ.fi.ˈsi.nɐ/ :: workshop
oficina {f} :: automobile garage (a place where cars are serviced and repaired.)
oficio {m} :: obsolete spelling of ofício
oficioso {adj} :: obsequious
oficioso {adj} :: disinterested
oficioso {adj} :: unofficial
Ofiúco {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] :: Ophiuchus (zodiacal constellation of the northern summer)
ofidiofobia {f} :: ophiophobia (fear of snakes)
ofiuroide {m} :: brittle star (any of various echinoderms of the class Ophiuroidea)
Ofélia {prop} {f} :: given name
ofsete {m} :: alternative form of offset
oftalmologia {f} [medicine] :: ophthalmology (medical study of the eye)
oftalmologista {mf} /ˈʒis.tɐ/ :: ophthalmologist (medical doctor specialising in the eye)
oftálmico {adj} [medicine] :: ophthalmic (of or pertaining to the eyes)
ofuscante {adj} /o.fus.ˈkɐ̃.t͡ʃi/ :: obfuscating (that makes something more confusing in order to conceal the truth)
ofuscante {adj} :: blinding (of a light: so bright that it causes a person to go momentarily blind)
ofuscar {v} :: to outshine
ogano {adv} [now, rare] /ɔ.ˈɣɐ.nu/ :: this year (during the current year)
ogiva {f} :: ogive
ogiva {f} :: nose cone or warhead (of a missile)
ogre {m} [Portugal] /ˈɔɣɾɨ/ :: alternative form of ogro
ogro {m} /ˈo.ɡɾu/ :: ogre (brutish giant)
oguz {m} :: Oghuz (a member of the western Turkic people)
oh {interj} :: alternative form of ó
o hábito não faz o monge {proverb} :: clothes don't make the man
oh, gente {interj} [regional, chiefly Northeast Brazil] :: expresses surprise, dismay or admiration
Ohio {prop} {m} :: Ohio (state)
Ohio {prop} {m} :: Ohio (river)
ohm {m} :: ohm (the derived unit of electrical resistance)
oh minha nossa {interj} :: oh my gosh!
o homem é o lobo do homem {proverb} :: man is a wolf to man
o homem põe e Deus dispõe {proverb} :: man proposes, God disposes (things don’t always work out as planned)
oi {interj} /oj/ :: hi (informal greeting)
oi {interj} [colloquial] :: sorry? I beg your pardon? excuse me? (request to repeat a message that wasn’t heard clearly)
oiê {interj} [colloquial, usually, internet slang, possibly, childish] :: hiya!, howdy! (a greeting)
oiça {f} :: ear
OIAC {initialism} :: Organização Internacional de Aviação Civil: ICAO
-oico {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -oic
oie {interj} :: alternative form of oiê
oinc {interj} :: oink (onomatopoeia of a pig’s sound)
o inferno está cheio de boas intenções {proverb} :: alternative form of de boas intenções o inferno está cheio
oiro {m} /ˈoj.ɾu/ :: alternative form of ouro
oiros {mp} :: obsolete form of ouros
oitavar {v} [music] :: to octavate (to place a note one octave higher)
oitavo {adj} [ordinal] /oj.ˈ :: eighth
oiteiro {m} /oj.ˈtɐj.ɾu/ :: alternative form of outeiro
oitenta {num} /oj.ˈtẽ.tɐ/ :: eighty
oitenta {m} :: eighty
oito {adj} /ˈoj.tu/ :: eight
oito {m} :: eight (a value of eight or an object representing this value)
oito {m} :: eight (the digit 8)
oitocentos {adj} /oj.tu.ˈsẽ.tuʃ/ :: eight hundred; 800
oitocentos {m} :: eight hundred (the value of 800, or something with the value of 800)
oito ou oitenta {proverb} :: alternative form of ou oito, ou oitenta
oitubro {m} [Portugal, dialectal] :: alternative form of outubro
Oitubro {m} :: obsolete form of outubro
ojíbua {m} :: alternative spelling of ojibwa
oje {adv} :: obsolete spelling of hoje
ojeriza {f} :: aversion; repugnance (intense dislike)
ojibwa {m} :: Ojibwe (an Algonquian language)
ojibwa {adj} :: relating to the Ojibwe people
ojibwe {m} :: alternative form of ojibwa
ok {interj} :: alternative case form of OK
ok {m} :: alternative case form of OK
Ok {interj} :: alternative spelling of OK
OK {interj} /ˌɔ.ˈkej/ :: OK (indicates acknowledgement or acceptance)
OK {m} :: OK (an indication of acknowledgement or acceptance)
okara {m} :: okara (a food made from soybean pulp)
Okinawa {prop} {f} :: Okinawa (island/city/and/prefecture)
Oklahoma {prop} {m} :: Oklahoma (state)
okrug {m} [political subdivision] :: okrug (an administrative division of certain Slavic states)
olá {interj} /ɔ.ˈla/ :: hello; hi (greeting)
ola {f} /ˈ :: wave (a group activity in a crowd imitating a wave going through water, where people in successive parts of the crowd stand and stretch upward, then sit)
-ola {suffix} :: indicates a diminutive, sometimes pejorative
olaria {f} :: pottery (workshop where pottery is made)
Olaria {prop} :: Olaria (placename)
Olavo {prop} {m} :: given name
olíbano {m} :: frankincense; olibanum (gum resin from trees of the genus Boswellia)
oleado {adj} :: oiled (greased with oil)
oleado {m} :: tarpaulin (heavy, waterproof sheet of material)
oleaginoso {adj} :: oleaginous; oily (containing oil)
oleandro {m} :: oleander (Nerium oleander, a poisonous shrub)
olear {vt} :: to oil (to grease with oil)
oleento {adj} :: oily (smeared with or containing oil)
olefina {f} [organic chemistry] :: olefin
oleico {adj} [chemistry] :: oleic (of or pertaining to oleic acid)
oleira {f} :: feminine noun of oleiro
oleiro {m} :: potter
Oleiros {prop} /oˈlɐjɾuʃ/ :: Oleiros (village/and/municipality)
oleogravura {f} :: oleograph
oleoso {adj} :: oily (smeared with or containing oil)
olfacto {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of olfato
olfactório {adj} [European orthography] :: olfactory (relating to the sense of smell)
olfativo {adj} :: olfactory (relating to the sense of smell)
olfato {m} /ɔɫ.ˈfa.tu/ :: olfaction (the sense of smell)
olfatório {adj} :: alternative form of olfactório
Olga {prop} {f} /ˈɔw.ɡɐ/ :: given name
olha {f} [obsolete] /ˈo.ʎɐ/ :: a type of large, earthenware pan
olha {f} :: a stew prepared with meat, chickpeas, peas and other vegetables
olhadela {f} :: look, glance, glimpse
olhadura {f} :: glance, glimpse
olhar {v} /ɔˈʎaɾ/ :: to look
olhar {m} :: gaze; stare; look
olhar {m} :: glance
olhar antes de saltar {v} :: See: olhar antes de saltar
olhar antes de saltar {v} [idiomatic] :: to look before one leaps (to be circumspect)
olheira {f} [usually plural] /oˈʎe(j).ɾa/ :: dark circles under the eyes
olheiro {m} :: scout (one who seeks out promising talent)
olhete {m} :: amberjack (any fish of genus Seriola)
olhinho {m} [usually, childish] /oˈʎĩɲu/ :: diminutive of olho
olhômetro {m} [colloquial] :: "eye-meter", the ability to guesstimate
olho {m} [anatomy] /ˈo.ʎu/ :: eye
olho {m} [figuratively] :: eye, center (of a storm, etc.)
olho {m} [culinary] :: a hole in cheese, bread or similar items
olho {m} [geology] :: short for olho-d'água (spring, source)
olhão {f} /oˈʎɐ̃w/ :: augmentative of olho
Olhão {prop} /oˈʎɐ̃w/ :: Olhão (city/and/municipality)
olho bobo {m} [slang] :: wandering eye
olho da goiaba {m} :: anus
olho da rua {m} [idiomatic] :: the street, as residence of a homeless person
olho mágico {m} :: a peephole with fisheye lens in a door
olho nu {m} :: naked eye (unaided eyesight)
olho por olho {m} :: eye for an eye (the principle that a person who has injured another has to be penalised in the same way)
olho por olho, dente por dente {proverb} :: eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (people who injure another have to be penalised in the same way)
olho roxo {m} :: black eye (bruise around the eye)
Olhos-d'Água {prop} :: Olhos-d'Água (placename)
oléico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: oleic
oligarca {mf} :: oligarch (a member of an oligarchy)
oligarquia {f} [uncountable] :: oligarchy (government by only a few)
oligarquia {f} :: oligarchy (those who make up an oligarchic government)
oligarquia {f} :: oligarchy (state ruled by such a government)
oligonucleotídeo {m} [genetics] :: oligonucleotide (a short sequence of nucleotides)
oligopólio {m} [economics] :: oligopoly (control of a market by few people)
oligoqueta {m} :: oligochaete (any worm of the class Oligochaeta)
oligárquico {adj} :: oligarchic (of or relating to oligarchy)
olimpíada {f} [historical, Ancient Greece] :: Olympiad (period of four years)
olimpíada {f} :: Olympiad (an occurrence of the Olympic games)
Olimpíada {prop} {f} :: Olympics (international sport event)
Olimpíadas {prop} {fp} :: synonym of Olimpíada
Olimpo {prop} {m} :: Olimpo (mountain)
Olindina {prop} :: Olindina (placename)
Olisipo {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Olissipo
olisiponense {adj} :: Lisboner (of, from or relating to Lisbon)
olisiponense {mf} :: Lisboner; Lisbonite (someone from Lisbon)
Olissipo {prop} {f} :: an ancient Roman city in Iberia; modern Lisbon, Portugal
olissiponense {adj} :: alternative form of olisiponense
olissiponense {mf} :: alternative form of olisiponense
oliva {f} :: olive (tree)
oliva {f} :: olive (fruit)
oliveira {f} /ɔ.li.ˈvɐj.ɾɐ/ :: olive tree
Oliveira {prop} /ɔ.li.ˈvɐj.ɾɐ/ :: Oliveira (placename)
Oliveira {prop} {mf} :: surname
Oliveira de Azeméis {prop} {f} /oliˈvɐjɾɐ ðɨ ɐzɨˈmɐjʃ/ :: Oliveira de Azeméis (city/and/municipality)
Oliveira de Frades {prop} {f} /oliˈvɐjɾɐ ðɨ ˈfɾaðɨʃ/ :: Oliveira de Frades (village/and/municipality)
Oliveira do Bairro {prop} {f} /oliˈvɐjɾɐ ðu ˈβajʁu/ :: Oliveira do Bairro (city/and/municipality)
Oliveira do Hospital {prop} {f} /oliˈvɐjɾɐ ðu ɔʃpiˈtaɫ/ :: Oliveira do Hospital (city/and/municipality)
Oliveira dos Brejinhos {prop} :: Oliveira dos Brejinhos (placename)
Oliveira Fortes {prop} :: Oliveira Fortes (placename)
olivina {f} [mineralogy] :: olivine (green magnesium-iron silicate mineral)
Olivério {prop} {m} /ˌˈvɛ.ɾju/ :: given name
olmo {m} /ˈ :: elm
Olímpia {prop} {f} :: Olímpia (ancient city)
Olímpia {prop} {f} :: Olímpia (placename)
olímpico {adj} :: Olympic
Olímpio Noronha {prop} :: Olímpio Noronha (placename)
Oltênia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: Oltênia (historical region)
Olténia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: alternative form of Oltênia
Olívia {prop} {f} /o.ˈli.vjɐ/ :: given name
olvidar {v} /oɫ.vi.ˈðaɾ/ :: to forget
olvido {m} :: oblivion
olvidável {adj} :: forgettable
Olympo {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Olimpo
Olyssipo {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Olissipo
Omã {prop} {m} :: Omã (country)
-oma {suffix} [pathology] /ˈo.mɐ/ :: -oma (forms the names of tumours or masses)
-oma {suffix} [chiefly biology] :: -ome (forms the names of masses or sets)
Omaha {prop} {f} /ˈɐ/ :: Omaha (city)
omani {adj} :: Omani (of, from or relating to Oman)
omani {mf} :: Omani (person from Oman)
omaniano {adj} :: Omani (of, from or relating to Oman)
omanita {adj} :: Omani (of, from or relating to Oman)
omanita {mf} :: Omani (person from Oman)
Omar {prop} {m} /o.ˈmaʁ/ :: given name
omaso {m} :: omasum (the third part of the stomach of a ruminant)
ombro {m} /ˈõ.bɾu/ :: shoulder (joint between arm and torso)
ombudsman {m} :: ombudsman (official who investigates complaints)
OMC {prop} {f} :: acronym of Organização Mundial do Comércio: WTO
omeleta {f} {m} :: alternative form of omelete
omelete {f} {m} :: omelette (dish made with beaten eggs)
omelette {f} :: alternative form of omelete
o mesmo {pron} :: See: o mesmo
o mesmo {pron} [literary] :: third-person masculine singular personal pronoun; he or it
o mestre mandou {m} :: Simon says
ominoso {adj} :: of ill-omen
omissão {f} :: omission
omissão {f} :: lack
omitir {vt} :: to omit (to leave out or exclude)
omni- {prefix} :: omni- (all)
omnidireccional {adj} :: obsolete spelling of omnidirecional
omnidirecional {adj} [European orthography] :: omnidirectional (in every direction)
omnipotente {adj} [European orthography] :: omnipotent
omnipotência {f} [European orthography] :: omnipotence (unlimited power)
omnipresença {f} :: omnipresence
omnipresente {adj} [European orthography] :: omnipresent
omnisciente {adj} [Portugal] :: omniscient (having total knowledge)
omnisciência {f} [European orthography] :: omniscience
omnividente {adj} [European orthography] :: all-seeing; omnivident (able to see everything)
omnividência {f} [European orthography] :: all-seeingness; omnividence (the state or quality of being all-seeing)
omnívoro {m} [European orthography, ecology] :: omnivore (animal which eats both plants and meat)
omnívoro {adj} [European orthography, ecology, of an animal species] :: omnivorous (which eats both plants and meat)
omoplata {f} [skeleton, dated] /ˌˈpla.ta/ :: shoulder blade (bone)
OMPI {initialism} :: Organização Mundial da Propriedade Intelectual: WIPO
Omsk {prop} {f} :: Omsk (oblast)
Omsk {prop} {f} :: Omsk (city/regional capital)
o mundo dá voltas {proverb} :: what goes around comes around (actions have consequences)
o mundo dá voltas {proverb} :: long time no see
o máximo {adj} :: great
-ona {suffix} /ˈo.nɐ/ :: feminine noun of -ão
-ona {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -one
onça {f} /ˈõ.sɐ/ :: ounce (a unit of weight equivalent to 28.3495g)
onça {f} [historical] :: a gold coin weighing approximately an ounce
onça {f} :: jaguar (Panthera onca, a feline of the Americas)
onça {f} [Angola] :: leopard (Panthera pardus, a feline of Africa and Asia)
Onça de Pitangui {prop} :: Onça de Pitangui (placename)
onça d'água {f} :: alternative spelling of onça-d'água
onça-d'água {f} :: giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis, a mustelid of South America)
onagro {m} /o.ˈna.ɡɾo/ :: onager (Ancient Roman war machine)
onagro {m} :: onager (wild ass)
onanismo {m} :: onanism (masturbation)
onça-parda {f} :: cougar (Puma concolor)
onça-pintada {f} :: jaguar (Panthera onca)
oncogene {m} [oncology, genetics] :: oncogene (gene that contributes to the conversion of a normal cell into a cancerous cell)
oncogénico {adj} :: oncogenic
oncologia {f} :: oncology (branch of medicine that studies tumours)
oncologista {mf} :: oncologist (one who specialises in oncology)
onda {f} /ˈõ.dɐ/ :: wave (moving disturbance in a liquid)
onda {f} [physics] :: wave (moving disturbance in the energy level of a field)
onda {f} :: undulation (a wavy appearance or outline)
onda {f} [figurative] :: wave (sudden unusually large amount of something that is temporarily experienced)
onda {f} [figurative, slang] :: fashion; a temporary trend or manner
onda alfa {f} [neurology] :: alpha wave (electrical signal produced by the brain while the subject is relaxed)
onda de Alfvén {f} [physics] :: Alfvén wave (a hydromagnetic shear wave in a charged plasma)
onda de calor {f} :: heatwave (period of very hot weather)
onda de choque {f} [physics] :: shock wave (a powerful compression wave)
onda de Elliott {f} [finance] :: Elliott wave (a form of technical analysis)
onda de maré {f} :: tidal wave (large and sudden rise and fall in the tide)
onda dente de serra {f} [mathematics, engineering] :: sawtooth wave (function or waveform that ramps upwards and then sharply drops)
onda eletromagnética {f} [physics] :: electromagnetic wave (wave of electromagnetic radiation)
onda sonora {f} [physics] :: sound wave (longitudinal wave of pressure transmitted through any plastic material)
Onda Verde {prop} :: Onda Verde (placename)
onde {adv} /ˈõ.dɨ/ :: [interrogative] where (at what place)
onde {adv} :: [interrogative] where (to what place)
onde {conj} :: where (at or in which place or situation)
onde {pron} :: where (the place in which)
ondear {vt} :: to wave (to cause to move back and forth or up and down repeatedly)
ondear {vt} :: to wave (to make hair wavy)
onde há fumaça, há fogo {proverb} :: alternative form of onde há fumo, há fogo
onde há fumo, há fogo {proverb} [Portugal] :: where there's smoke, there's fire (if there is telltale evidence of some event, the event is probably occurring)
onde Judas perdeu as botas {adv} [idiomatic] :: (in) a very distant place
onde quer que {conj} [followed by a verb in the subjunctive] :: wherever (in any place, anywhere)
ondulado {adj} /õ.du.ˈla.ðu/ :: wavy
ondulado {v} :: past participle of ondular
ondulando {v} :: gerund of ondular
ondulação {f} :: undulation
ondulação {f} :: ripple
ondular {v} /õ.du.ˈlaɾ/ :: to undulate, ripple, wave
onerado {v} :: past participle of onerar
onerando {v} :: gerund of onerar
oneração {f} :: encumbrance
onerar {v} :: to encumber, overload
onerar {v} :: to overtax
oneroso {adj} :: onerous; burdensome (imposing or constituting a physical, mental or figurative burden)
onfalo- {prefix} :: omphalo- (relating to the navel)
onfalocele {f} :: omphalocele (hernia of the navel)
ONG {f} /ˈõɡ/ :: NGO; acronym of organização não-governamental
oni- {prefix} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omni-
onicofagia {f} [psychopathology] :: onychophagia (compulsive biting of one’s nails)
onidirecional {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnidirecional
onipotente {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnipotente
onipotência {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnipotência
onipresença {f} :: omnipresence
onipresente {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: omnipresent
onirólogo {m} :: oneirologist (interpreter of dreams)
onirologia {f} :: oneirology (the study of dreams)
onironauta {mf} [rare] :: oneironaut (explorer of dream worlds)
onisciente {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: omniscient (having total knowledge)
onisciência {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnisciência
onividente {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnividente
onividência {f} :: alternative form of omnividência
online {adj} /õ.ˈ :: online (connected to the Internet)
online {adj} :: online (which takes place over the Internet)
on-line {adj} :: alternative spelling of online
onomasiologia {f} :: onomasiology (branch of lexicology concerned with the names of concepts)
onomatopaico {adj} :: onomatopoeic (of, relating to or being an onomatopoeia)
onomatopeia {f} [uncountable] /ˌˌˈpɛj.a/ :: onomatopoeia (property of a word of sounding like what it represents)
onomatopeia {f} :: onomatopoeia (word that sounds like what it represents)
onomatopeico {adj} :: alternative form of onomatopaico
onomatopéia {f} :: obsolete spelling of onomatopeia
onomatópico {adj} :: alternative form of onomatopaico
onomástica {f} [linguistics] :: onomastics (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names)
onomástico {adj} /ˌˈmas.t͡ʃi.ku/ :: onomastic (relating to a personal or place name)
onsen {m} :: onsen (a Japanese hot spring)
ontem {adv} /ˈõ.tɐ̃j̃/ :: yesterday
ontológico {adj} :: ontological (of or relating to ontology)
ontologia {f} [philosophy] :: ontology (study of being)
Ontário {prop} {m} :: Ontário (province)
Ontário {prop} {m} :: Ontário (lake)
Ontário {prop} {f} :: Ontário (city)
Ontário {prop} {f} :: Ontário (town)
ONU {prop} {f} /ˈ :: UN; acronym of Organização das Nações Unidas
onívoro {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnívoro
onívoro {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of omnívoro
onyx {m} :: obsolete spelling of ónix
onze {num} /ˈõ.zɨ]/ :: eleven
onze {m} :: eleven
opa {interj} :: oops (acknowledging a minor mistake)
opa {interj} :: hey (protest or reprimand)
opa {interj} :: hey (informal greeting)
opa {f} :: a type of cape used by members of the clergy
opaco {adj} :: opaque (allowing little light to pass through)
opala {f} /o.ˈ :: opal (mineral)
opcional {adj} :: optional
OPEP {prop} {f} :: OPEC; acronym of Organização dos Países Exportadores de Petróleo
operacional {adj} :: operational (relating to operations)
operacional {adj} :: operational (functioning and ready for use)
operado {v} :: past participle of operar
operador {m} /ɔ.pɨ.ɾɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: operator
operador {m} :: surgeon
operadora {n} :: carrier
operando {v} :: gerund of operar
operação {f} /ɔ.pɨ.ˈɾɐ.sɐ̃w̃/ :: operation (method by which a device performs its function)
Operação Lava Jato {prop} {f} :: An investigation of money laundering in Brazil, carried off since 2014, involving the state-controlled oil company Petrobras
operar {v} /ɔ.pɨ.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to operate, function
operatório {adj} :: operative (relating to surgical operation)
opereta {f} [music] :: operetta (lighter version of opera with a frivolous story and spoken dialogue)
operário {m} /ɔ.pɨ.ˈɾa.ɾju/ :: worker, workman
operário {m} :: operative, operator
ophídio {m} :: obsolete spelling of ofídio
ophídio {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ofídio
opilação {f} [medicine] :: an obstruction in a duct
opilação {f} :: ancylostomiasis (hookworm infection)
opilar {v} [medicine] :: to cause obstruction in a duct of [an organ etc.]
opilião {m} :: harvestman; daddy longlegs (arachnid with very long legs)
opinação {f} :: opination (the process of forming or expressing opinions)
opinar {v} :: to opine (to have or express an opinion)
opiniar {v} [uncommon] :: alternative form of opinar
opinião {f} /ɔ.pi.ˈnjɐ̃w̃/ :: opinion (subjective thought)
opinoso {adj} :: opinionated (holding very strong opinions)
o pior cego é aquele que não quer ver {proverb} :: there are none so blind as those who will not see (literally: The worst blind people are those who do not want to see)
opção {f} :: option
opção americana {f} [finance] :: American option (option that can be exercised at any date between the issue date and the expiry date)
opção americana {f} :: See: opção americana
oponente {mf} :: opponent; rival
oponível {adj} [law] :: enforceable
o pão que o diabo amassou {v} [idiomatic] :: great suffering or strife in one's life
opor {v} /ɔ.ˈpoɾ/ :: to oppose
O Porto {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Porto
oportunidade {f} /ɔpuɾtuniˈðaðɨ/ :: opportunity (chance for advancement, progress or profit)
oportunismo {m} /ɔ.puɾ.tu.ˈniʒ.mu/ :: opportunism (the taking of opportunities)
oportunista {mf} /ɔ.puɾ.tu.ˈniʃ.tɐ/ :: opportunist (someone who takes advantage of any opportunity)
oportuno {adj} /ɔ.puɾ.ˈ :: opportune (at a convenient time)
oposicionista {mf} :: oppositionist
oposição {f} /ɔ.pu.ziˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: opposition (all senses)
oposição {f} :: resistance
oposto {adj} :: opposite
opportuno {adj} :: obsolete spelling of oportuno
opposição {f} :: obsolete spelling of oposição
oppôr {v} :: obsolete spelling of opor
opprimir {v} :: obsolete spelling of oprimir
o prazer é todo meu {phrase} :: the pleasure is all mine (a polite reaction to receiving thanks)
opérculo {m} [biology] :: operculum (flap-like cover in some animals and plants)
opressivo {adj} :: oppressive (tyrannical or exercising unjust power)
opresso {adj} :: oppressed
opressão {f} :: oppression
opressão {f} :: oppressiveness
opressor {adj} /ˌo.pɾe.ˈsoʁ/ :: oppressive (tyrannical or exercising unjust power)
opressor {m} :: oppressor (someone who oppresses)
oprimente {adj} :: oppressive (tyrannical or exercising unjust power)
oprimir {v} /ˌo.pɾi.ˈmi(ɹ)/ :: to oppress (to keep down by force)
ops {interj} :: oops (acknowledging a minor mistake)
optar {v} /up.ˈtaɾ/ :: to opt; to choose; to pick
optativo {adj} :: optional (left to personal choice)
optativo {m} :: optative (mood of verbs)
optimista {adj} :: obsolete spelling of otimista
optimista {mf} :: obsolete spelling of otimista
optimizar {v} :: obsolete spelling of otimizar
optoeletrônico {adj} [physics] :: optoelectronic
oq {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of o que
oq {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of o quê
o quê {pron} [interrogative] /u ˈke/ :: what (only in a sentence’s object)
o qual {pron} :: which; whom (relative pronoun)
o quanto {adv} :: how much time, money or effort
o quanto antes {adv} :: as soon as possible
o que {pron} /uk(ɨ)/ :: [interrogative] what
o que {pron} :: [relative] what
oqueá {f} :: a gold coin formerly used in Abyssinia
oquea {f} :: obsolete spelling of oqueá
oqueaa {f} :: obsolete spelling of oqueá
o que conta é a intenção {proverb} :: it's the thought that counts
o que está feito está feito {proverb} :: what's done is done
o que não mata, engorda {proverb} :: Every substance is certainly either edible or lethal
o que não mata, engorda {proverb} :: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (hardships build moral character)
o que é, o que é {phrase} [childish] :: Introduces a riddle
o que os olhos não veem o coração não sente {proverb} :: out of sight, out of mind (something not nearby is forgotten)
o que os olhos não veem, o coração não sente {proverb} :: alternative form of o que os olhos não veem o coração não sente
o que vem de baixo não me atinge {proverb} :: Insignificant people should be ignored
Oquinaua {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Okinawa
ora {adv} /ˈɔ.ɾɐ/ :: now
ora {conj} :: sometimessometimes
ora {interj} :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
ora {interj} :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
ora bolas {interj} :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
ora bolas {interj} :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
oracular {adj} [mysticism] :: oracular (of or relating to an oracle)
oracular {adj} :: oracular (prophetic; foretelling the future)
orçado {v} :: past participle of orçar
orador {m} :: orator; speaker (one who makes a speech to an audience)
orador {m} :: prayer (one who prays)
oradora {f} :: feminine noun of orador
orago {m} :: patron saint
oral {adj} :: oral
oralidade {f} :: orality (the quality of being oral)
oralização {f} :: oralization/oralisation
orçamental {adj} :: budgetary
orçamento {m} [finance, politics] :: budget
orçamentário {adj} :: budgetary (of or relating to budgets)
orçando {v} :: gerund of orçar
orangotango {m} :: orangutan (any ape of the genus Pongo, native to Borneo and Sumatra)
oração {f} /ɔ.ɾɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: prayer (practice of communicating with one's God)
oração {f} [grammar] :: clause
orar {v} :: pray (to petition a higher being)
orçar {v} :: to calculate, compute, reckon
orçar {v} :: to budget
orçar {v} :: to quote, estimate (supply a quotation / estimate for work)
oras {interj} :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
oras {interj} :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
oras bolas {interj} :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
oras bolas {interj} :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
oras bolas caçarolas {interj} :: sarcastic or humoristic rhythmic form of oras bolas
orata {f} :: gilt-head bream (Sparus aurata, a fish of the Mediterranean)
oratória {f} :: oratory
oratório {adj} /ɔɾɐˈtɔɾju/ :: oratorical
oratório {m} [music] :: oratorio (a composition with a religious theme, similar to opera)
oratório {m} :: chapel, oratory
oratório {m} :: shrine
Oratórios {prop} :: Oratórios (placename)
orbe {mf} :: orb (spherical body)
orbital {adj} [astrophysics] :: orbital (of or relating to an orbit)
orbital {adj} [anatomy] :: orbital (of or relating to the eye socket)
orbital de antiligação {m} [chemistry, physics] :: antibonding orbital (an orbital whose energy increases as its constituent atoms are brought closer together)
orbitar {v} :: to orbit
orbitelo {adj} :: orb weaver (said of spiders)
orc {m} [fantasy] :: orc (evil, monstrous humanoid creature)
orca {f} :: orca
Orcadas {prop} {fp} :: Orcadas (archipelago/and/council area)
Orcades {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Orcadas
oráculo {m} :: oracle
ordeiro {adj} /ɔɾ.ˈðɐj.ɾu/ :: orderly
ordeiro {adj} :: conservative
ordem {f} /ˈɔɾ.ðɐ̃j̃/ :: order (arrangement, disposition)
ordem {f} [uncountable] :: order (the state of being well arranged)
ordem {f} :: order; command
ordem {f} :: order (group of religious adherents)
ordem {f} :: order (society of knights)
ordem {f} [taxonomy] :: order (taxonomical rank)
ordem {f} :: peace; tranquility; harmony
ordem {f} [mathematics] :: order (number of elements in a set or related structure)
ordem {f} [mathematics] :: order (highest exponent in a polynomial)
ordem {f} [architecture] :: classical order
ordem {f} [Christianity] :: sacrament which makes someone member of the clergy
ordem de grandeza {f} [mathematics] :: order of magnitude
Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutónicos {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Teutonic Knights (a mediaeval religious and military order from Germany)
Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutônicos {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutónicos
ordenado {adj} /ɔɾ.ðɨ.ˈna.ðu/ :: ordered (past participle of ordenar)
ordenado {m} :: wages
ordenador {m} [Portugal] :: computer (electronic device)
ordenador {m} [computing] :: sorter (program or algorithm that sorts data)
ordenador {adj} :: which sorts data
ordenança {f} [military] :: orderly; batman
ordenação {f} /ɔɾ.ðɨ.nɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: ordering
ordenação {f} :: arrangement, layout
ordenação {f} :: ordination
ordenar {v} /ˌɔɾ.ðɨ.ˈnaɾ/ :: to sort; to order (to set in (any) order)
ordenar {v} :: to order (to issue a command)
ordenar {v} [Christianity] :: to ordain (admit into the ministry of the Christian church)
ordenha {f} :: milking (the act of extracting milk from an animal)
ordenhadora {f} :: feminine noun of ordenhador
ordenhar {v} /ˌoɹ.de.ˈɲa(ɹ)/ :: to milk (to express milk from mammal)
ordinal {adj} :: ordinal (indicating position in a numerical sequence)
ordinariamente {adv} :: ordinarily
ordinario {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ordinário
ordinario {m} :: obsolete spelling of ordinário
ordinário {adj} /ɔɾ.ði.ˈna.ɾi.u/ :: ordinary; customary; routine
ordinário {adj} :: bad; low-quality
ordinário {adj} [of a person] :: having low moral character
ordinário {m} :: a person with low-moral character
ordinário {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: prelate (a clergyman of high rank and authority)
ordália {f} [historical] :: ordeal (trial in which the accused was subjected to a dangerous test)
Oregão {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Oregon
Oregon {prop} {m} :: Oregon (state)
Orel {prop} {f} :: Orel (oblast)
Orel {prop} {f} :: Orel (city/regional capital)
orelha {f} [anatomy] /o.ˈɾɐ(j).ʎɐ/ :: ear
orelha {f} :: the corner (angular tip) of a paper, generally in the page of a book or similar
orelha-de-judas {f} :: wood ear (an edible fungus in the genus Auricularia which grows on wood)
Oremburg {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Oremburgo
Oremburgo {prop} {f} :: Oremburgo (oblast)
Oremburgo {prop} {f} :: Oremburgo (city/regional capital)
Orenburg {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Oremburgo
Orenburgo {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Oremburgo
orfanato {m} :: orphanage
Orfeu {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Orpheus (musician who failed to retrieve his wife from Hades)
organela {f} [cytology] :: organelle
organigrama {m} [Portugal] :: organigram, organogram, organizational chart
organismo {m} :: organism (living thing)
organismo {m} :: ‘nosso organismo’ our / the human body
organista {mf} :: organist (musician who plays the organ)
organizaçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of organização
organizacional {adj} :: organizational (of, relating to or produced by an organization)
organizado {adj} /ɔɾ.ɣɐ.ni.ˈza.ðu/ :: organized
organizador {m} [management] :: organizer
organização {f} /ɔɾ.ɣɐ.ni.zɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: organization; order (the condition of being organized)
organização {f} :: organization (the way something is organized)
organização {f} :: organization (group of people or entities with an explicit purpose)
organização {f} :: tidying (the act of tidying something up)
Organização das Nações Unidas {prop} {f} :: United Nations (international coalition)
Organização do Tratado de Segurança Coletiva {prop} {f} [geopolitics] :: Collective Security Treaty Organisation (military alliance of post-Soviet states)
Organização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte {prop} {f} [geopolitics] :: North Atlantic Treaty Organization; NATO; (military alliance of several North American and European countries)
Organização Internacional de Polícia Criminal {prop} {f} :: Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization)
Organização Mundial do Comércio {prop} {f} :: World Trade Organization
organização não-governamental {f} :: non-governmental organisation (organisation with no government participation)
organizar {v} /ɔɾ.ɣɐ.ni.ˈzaɾ/ :: to organize
organizável {adj} :: Able to be organized; organizable
orégano {m} :: oregano (Origanum vulgare, a herb of the mint family)
orégano {m} :: oregano (leaves of the oregano plant used to flavour food)
organoborano {m} [organic chemistry] :: organoborane
organoclorado {m} [organic chemistry] :: organochlorine
organograma {m} [Brazil] :: organigram, organogram, organizational chart
organoléptico {adj} :: organoleptic
organomercúrico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: relating to organomercury
organoplúmbico {adj} :: organolead (attributive)
orgasmo {m} :: orgasm
orgia {f} :: orgy
orgânico {adj} [chemistry] :: organic
orégão {m} :: alternative form of orégano
orgásmico {adj} :: orgasmic
orgástico {adj} :: orgasmic
orgulhado {v} :: past participle of orgulhar
orgulhando {v} :: gerund of orgulhar
orgulhante {adj} :: proud (being a cause for pride)
orgulhar {v} /ˌɔɾ.ɡu.ˈʎaɾ/ :: to make proud
orgulhar-se {v} :: to be proud (of)
orgulho {m} /ɔɾ.ˈɣu.ʎu/ :: pride
orgulhosamente {adv} :: proudly
orgulhoso {adj} :: proud
oriá {m} :: Oriya (an Indo-Aryan language spoken in India)
oricterope {m} :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer, an insectivorous mammal of Africa)
orientado {v} :: past participle of orientar
orientado {adj} :: oriented
orientado a objetos {adj} [programming] :: object-oriented (relating to or making use of the object-oriented programming paradigm)
orientadora educacional {f} :: feminine noun of orientador educacional
orientador educacional {m} :: school counselor (counselor who assists students in their personal, social, academic and career development)
oriental {adj} :: east; eastern (relating to or located in the east)
oriental {adj} :: Eastern; Oriental (relating to Asia and Asian culture)
oriental {mf} :: someone from Asia
oriental {mf} [historical] :: someone from Uruguay
orientalizar {vt} :: to easternize (to make eastern in character)
orientando {v} :: gerund of orientar
orientação {f} /oɾiẽntaˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: orientation
orientação {f} :: direction
orientação {f} :: vocational guidance
orientação {f} :: orienteering
orientação sexual {f} :: sexual orientation
orientar {v} :: to guide, conduct
orientar {v} :: to orient, orientate
orientar {v} :: to manage, oversee
oriente {m} /ɔ.ˈɾjẽ.tɨ/ :: east
Oriente {prop} {m} :: Orient (countries of Asia)
Oriente {prop} {m} :: Oriente (placename)
Oriente Médio {prop} {m} :: Oriente Médio (geographical region)
Oriente Próximo {prop} {m} :: Oriente Próximo (geographical region)
orifício {m} :: orifice (small hole)
origem {f} /ɔ.ˈɾi.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: origin
originado {v} :: past participle of originar
originador {m} :: originator (someone or something originates, creates or founds something)
original {adj} :: original (relating to the origin or beginning)
original {adj} :: original (being the first in a series)
original {adj} :: original (different; unique)
originalidade {f} :: originality
originalmente {adv} :: originally
originando {v} :: gerund of originar
originar {v} :: to cause
originar {v} :: to originate
originar {v} :: to provoke
originário {adj} :: original
originário {adj} :: native
origâmi {m} [uncountable] /ˌo.ɾi.ˈɡɐ.mi/ :: origami (the Japanese art of paper folding)
origâmi {m} [countable] :: origami (piece of art made by folding paper)
Orindiúva {prop} :: Orindiúva (placename)
Orinoco {prop} {m} :: Orinoco (river)
Oriol {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Orel
oriolo {m} :: oriole (any of various colourful passerine birds of the families Icteridae or Oriolidae)
Orion {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Orion (a giant-hunter)
Orion {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Orion (a constellation)
Orionte {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Orion
Orissa {prop} {f} :: Orissa (state)
Oristano {prop} {f} :: Oristano (city/and/province)
oriundo {adj} [formal, with de] /ˌo.ɾi.ũ.du/ :: from; native to
orixá {m} :: orisha (divine entity)
Orizânia {prop} :: Orizânia (placename)
orkuteiro {m} [Internet, 2000s] /ˌoʁ.ku.ˈte(j).ɾu/ :: a user of the now defunct social network Orkut
orla {f} :: border
Orlando {prop} {m} /oʁ.ˈlɐ̃.du/ :: given name
Orlando {prop} {f} :: Orlando (city)
orlar {v} :: to rim (to form a rim around something)
Orleans {prop} :: Orleans (placename)
Orleans {prop} :: alternative form of Orleães
Orleães {prop} {f} :: Orleães (city)
Orlândia {prop} :: Orlândia (placename)
ornamentação {f} /ˌoɹ.na.ˌmẽ.ta.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: ornamentation (the act or process of decorating)
ornamentação {f} :: ornamentation; decoration; adornment; embellishment
ornamentar {v} /ɔɾ.nɐ.mẽ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to adorn
ornamento {m} /ɔɾ.nɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: ornament
ornar {v} :: to adorn
ornato {m} /ɔɾ.ˈna.tu/ :: ornament
ornear {v} :: alternative form of ornejar
ornejar {vi} :: to bray (of a donkey: to make its cry)
ornejo {m} :: bray (the cry of a donkey)
ornitólogo {m} :: ornithologist (expert in ornithology)
ornitofobia {f} :: ornithophobia
ornitologia {f} :: ornithology (scientific study of birds)
ornitorrinco {m} :: platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus, a monotreme of Australia)
ornitóptero {m} :: ornithopter (aircraft that flaps its wings)
orografia {f} [geomorphology] :: orography (the scientific study, or a physical description of mountains)
orologia {f} [geomorphology] :: orology (the study of mountains)
orquídea {f} :: orchid
orquestra {f} /ɔɾ.ˈkɛʃ.tɾɐ/ :: orchestra
orquestra de câmara {f} [music] :: chamber orchestra (orchestra that plays chamber music)
orquestrar {vt} :: to orchestrate, compose music for dramatic performance
orquestrar {vt} :: to orchestrate, to arrange, direct elements
orquidáceo {adj} :: orchidaceous
orquidário {m} :: orchidarium, orchid garden
orthographia {f} :: obsolete spelling of ortografia
ortiga {f} :: alternative form of urtiga
ortigar {v} :: alternative form of urtigar
ortita {f} [mineral] :: orthite
ortólogo {adj} [genetics, of genes or sequences] :: orthologous (having been separated by a speciation event)
ortoclase {f} [mineral] :: orthoclase
ortodontista {mf} :: orthodontist (orthodontic dentist)
ortodoxia {f} :: orthodoxy (correctness in doctrine and belief)
ortodoxia {f} [uncountable] :: Orthodoxy (the Eastern Orthodox Church and its foundations)
ortodoxo {adj} :: orthodox (adhering to established religious doctrine or tradition)
ortodoxo {adj} :: orthodox (adhering to whatever is traditional, customary, accepted)
ortodoxo {adj} :: Orthodox (relating to the Eastern Christian Orthodox church)
ortodoxo {adj} :: Orthodox (relating to Orthodox Judaism)
ortoepia {f} :: alternative form of ortoépia
ortofosfórico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthophosphoric
ortogonal {adj} [geometry] :: orthogonal (relating to or containing right angles)
ortografia {f} [uncountable] /ˌoɻ.to.ɡɾa.ˈfi.a/ :: orthography (study of correct spelling)
ortografia {f} :: orthography (a specific system for writing in a language)
ortográfico {adj} :: orthographic
ortopedia {f} [medicine] :: orthopedics (branch of medicine concerned with the musculoskeletal system)
ortopedista {mf} :: orthopedist (doctor involved in orthopedics)
ortoépia {f} :: orthoepy (the correct pronunciation of words)
ortopolifosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthopolyphosphate
ortorexia {f} [psychology] :: orthorexia (obsession with healthy food)
ortorrômbico {adj} :: orthorhombic
ortovanadato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthovanadate
orvalho {m} /ɔɾˈvaʎu/ :: dew
os {pron} /uʃ/ :: third-person plural direct objective personal pronoun; them
-osa {suffix} :: feminine singular of -oso
Osaca {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Osaka
Osaka {prop} {f} /oˈza.kɐ/ :: Osaka (city)
o sangue é mais grosso que a água {proverb} :: blood is thicker than water (family relations are more important)
Osasco {prop} :: Osasco (placename)
osasquense {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of Osasco, Brazil
os brancos que se entendam {phrase} [ethnic slur] :: Said by someone who wishes to stay away from a fight or discussion between other people
Oscar {prop} {m} :: given name
Oscar {prop} {m} :: Academy Awards; Oscar
Oscar Bressane {prop} :: Oscar Bressane (placename)
os cães ladram, mas a caravana passa {proverb} :: the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on (life goes on even if people try to stop progress)
oscilador {m} :: oscillator
oscilação {f} :: oscillation (the act of oscillating)
oscilar {v} :: to oscillate (to swing back and forth, especially if with a regular rhythm)
osciloscópio {m} :: oscilloscope (instrument that displays a graph of continuously varying voltages or currents)
osco {adj} :: Oscan (of or pertaining to the Oscans, an ancient Italic people)
osco {m} :: Oscan (a member of the Oscan people)
osco {m} [uncountable] :: Oscan (an extinct Italic language, once spoken by the Oscan people)
oscular {v} [rare] /oskulˈaɾ/ :: to kiss, to osculate
os dados estão lançados {phrase} [idiomatic] :: the die is cast (events will proceed in an irreversible manner)
-ose {suffix} [chiefly biology and chemistry] :: forms the names of actions and processes; -osis
-ose {suffix} [pathology] :: forms the names of functional diseases or conditions; -osis
-ose {suffix} [chemistry] :: forms the names of sugars; -ose
Oseias {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Hosea (a prophet)
Oseias {prop} {m} [biblical] :: Hosea (a book of the bible)
Oseias {prop} {m} :: given name
o senhor {pron} [formal] /u sɨ.ˈɲoɾ/ :: second-person masculine singular personal pronoun; you
o senhor {pron} :: See: o senhor
os fins justificam os meios {proverb} :: the end justifies the means (morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary)
osga {f} :: gecko (any lizard of the family Gekkonidae)
Oséias {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Oseias
o silêncio é ouro {proverb} :: silence is golden (often the best choice is to say nothing)
oásis {m} /o.ˈa.zis/ :: oasis (well surrounded by vegetation in a desert)
Oslo {prop} {f} /ˈɔʒ.lu/ :: Oslo (capital city)
osmato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: osmate
osmirídio {m} :: osmiridium
osmómetro {m} [European orthography] :: osmometer (device used to measure osmotic pressure)
osmômetro {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of osmómetro
osmorregulação {f} :: osmoregulation
osmose {f} :: osmosis (movement of molecules through a membrane)
osmótico {adj} :: osmotic
-oso {suffix} /ˈo.zo/ :: -ous, -y
os opostos se atraem {proverb} :: opposites attract
Osório {prop} :: Osório (placename)
Osíris {prop} {m} [Egyptian mythology] /o.ˈzi.ɾis/ :: Osiris (god of the dead)
Osroene {prop} {f} [historical] :: Osroene (ancient kingdom)
ossatura {f} [anatomy] :: osteology (bone structure of a particular individual)
ossículo {m} /o.ˈsi.ku.lo/ :: diminutive of osso
ossículo {m} [skeleton] :: ossicle; earbone
osseta {adj} :: Ossetian (of, from or relating to Ossetia)
osseta {mf} :: Ossetian (member of the Ossetian people)
osseto {m} :: Ossetian (Eastern Iranian language spoken by the Ossetians)
Ossónoba {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: alternative form of Ossonoba
Ossônoba {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Ossonoba
osso {m} [anatomy] /ˈ :: bone
osso {m} [uncountable] :: bone (material)
osso {m} [figuratively] :: a difficulty
osso {adj} [slang] :: difficult
osso {adj} [slang] :: annoying
osso alveolar {m} [anatomy] :: alveolar bone (ridge on the maxilla)
ossobuco {m} :: osso buco (Italian meat dish)
osso do quadril {m} [skeleton] :: hip bone
osso duro {m} [idiomatic] :: tough cookie (person who can endure physical or mental hardship)
osso duro {m} :: See: osso duro
osso duro de roer {m} [idiomatic] :: hard nut to crack (problem that is challenging to solve)
osso duro de roer {m} [idiomatic] :: hard nut to crack (situation, person, group, etc. which is difficult to overcome or deal with)
osso duro de roer {m} [idiomatic] :: a brave or hardy person or organisation
osso nasal {m} [skeleton] :: nasal bone
Ossonoba {prop} {f} :: Ossonoba (ancient city)
osso palatino {m} [skeleton] :: palatine bone
osso piramidal {m} [skeleton] :: triquetral bone
osso pisiforme {m} [skeleton] :: pisiform bone
ossos do ofício {mp} [idiom] :: occupational hazard (hardships and unpleasant circumstances that occur in a given job)
osso semilunar {m} [skeleton] :: lunate bone
osso semi-lunar {m} :: obsolete spelling of osso semilunar
ossário {m} :: alternative form of ossuário
Ossétia {prop} {f} :: Ossétia (traditional region)
Ossétia do Norte {prop} {f} :: Ossétia do Norte (republic)
Ossétia do Sul {prop} {f} :: Ossétia do Sul (breakaway state)
ossudo {adj} :: bony (full of bones)
ossudo {adj} :: bony (having prominent bones)
ossuário {m} :: ossuary (a place where bones of dead people are kept)
ostíaco {m} :: alternative form of ostiaco
ostíaco {adj} :: alternative form of ostiaco
osteócito {m} [cytology] :: osteocyte
ostensivamente {adv} :: ostensibly; seemingly; apparently
ostentado {v} :: past participle of ostentar
ostentando {v} :: gerund of ostentar
ostentação {f} :: ostentation
ostentação {f} :: boasting
ostentação {f} :: show
ostentar {v} :: to display, flaunt
ostentatório {adj} :: ostentatious (relating to ostentatious)
osteoartrose {f} [pathology] :: osteoarthritis
osteoblasto {m} [cytology] :: osteoblast
osteoblástico {adj} :: osteoblastic
osteoclasto {m} [cytology] :: osteoclast
osteoclástico {adj} :: osteoclastic
osteogénese {f} [European orthography, physiology] :: osteogenesis (the formation and development of bone)
osteogênese {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of osteogénese
osteogénese imperfeita {f} [European orthography, pathology] :: osteogenesis imperfecta (disease characterised by bones that easily fracture)
osteogênese imperfeita {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of osteogénese imperfeita
osteomalacia {f} [medicine] :: osteomalacia (a softening of adult bones due to inadequate mineralisation)
osteomielite {f} [pathology] :: osteomyelitis (infection of the bone)
osteopatia {f} :: any disease of the bone
osteopatia {f} [alternative medicine] :: osteopathy (manipulation of bones and muscles)
osteopenia {f} :: osteopenia (low bone density)
osteoporose {f} [pathology] :: osteoporosis (disease that causes bones to become porous)
ostiaco {m} :: one of the Ket people of central Siberia
ostiaco {m} :: Ket (a Yeniseian language spoken by the Ket people)
ostiaco {adj} :: relating to the Ket people
ostra {f} /ˈoʃ.tɾɐ/ :: oyster (mollusk)
ostraceiro {m} :: oystercatcher (any bird of the genus Haematopus, which feed on shellfish)
ostracismo {m} [historical] :: ostracism (a ten-year banishment from the ancient city-state of Athens by popular vote)
ostracismo {m} :: ostracism (exclusion from a community)
ostracizado {v} :: past participle of ostracizar
ostracizando {v} :: gerund of ostracizar
ostracizar {vt} :: to ostracize
Ostrava {prop} {f} :: Ostrava (city)
ostreicultor {m} :: oysterman
ostricultor {m} :: alternative form of ostreicultor
ostrogodo {m} :: Ostrogoth (member of a tribe of estern Goths)
ostrogodo {adj} :: Ostrogothic (relating to the Ostrogoths)
o sujo falando do mal lavado {m} [idiomatic] :: pot calling the kettle black (somebody who accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser)
Osvaldo {prop} {m} :: given name
Osvaldo Cruz {prop} :: Osvaldo Cruz (placename)
Otacílio Costa {prop} :: Otacílio Costa (placename)
otalgia {f} [pathology] :: otalgia; earache
OTAN {prop} {f} /o.ˈtɐ̃/ :: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Otava {prop} {f} /o.ˈta.vɐ/ :: Otava (capital city)
o tempo cura tudo {proverb} :: time heals all wounds (negative feelings eventually fade away)
o tempo dirá {phrase} [idiomatic] :: time will tell (events and outcomes cannot be known beforehand)
o tempo e a maré não esperam por ninguém {proverb} :: time and tide wait for no man (literally: Time and tide wait for no one)
o tempo inteiro {adv} :: all the time (for the entire duration of)
o tempo inteiro {adv} :: all the time; frequently; often
o tempo todo {adv} :: synonym of o tempo inteiro
o tempo voa {proverb} :: time flies (time seems to pass quickly)
otimismo {m} :: optimism (a tendency to expect the best)
otimista {adj} /ˌɔ.ti.ˈmiʃ.tɐ/ :: optimistic (expecting a good outcome)
otimista {mf} :: optimist (person who expects a favourable outcome)
otimizar {vt} /ɔ.ti.mi.ˈzaɾ/ :: to optimize (produce an optimum state; make optimal)
otite {f} [pathology] :: otitis (inflammation of the ear)
-oto {suffix} [rare] :: forms diminutives
Oto {prop} {m} /ˈɔ.tu/ :: given name
otologia {f} [medicine] :: otology (the branch of medicine that deals with the ear)
otomano {adj} :: Ottoman (relating to the empire centred in Turkey from the 14th century to the 20th)
otomano {m} :: Ottoman (Turk from the Ottoman Empire)
otorrinolaringologia {f} [medicine] :: otorhinolaryngology
otorrinolaringologista {mf} [medicine] /ˌʁĩɾĩ.ɡo.lo.ˈʒis.tɐ/ :: otorhinolaryngologist
otária {f} :: South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens, a sea lion of South America)
otária {f} :: feminine noun of otário
otário {m} [pejorative] /ɔ.ˈta.ɾju/ :: sucker (person who is easily fooled)
otário {m} [pejorative] :: generic term of abuse
otário {adj} [pejorative, of a person] :: easily fooled
Ottawa {prop} {f} /o.ˈtaw.ɐ/ :: alternative form of Otava
Otto {prop} {m} :: given name; variant of Oto
Otávio {prop} {m} /o.ˈta.vju/ :: given name
ou {conj} /ow/ :: or (connects at least two alternative words, phrases, clauses, sentences, etc. each of which could make a passage true)
ou {conj} :: or (connects two equivalent names)
ou {conj} :: eitheror
ou {m} [logic] :: inclusive or (connective which yields true when at least one of the predicates is true)
-ou {suffix} :: A suffix indicating the third-person singular indicative preterite of a verb
Ouagadougou {prop} {f} :: Ouagadougou (capital city)
ou caga, ou desocupa a moita {phrase} [idiom, vulgar] :: Either do it, or let other people do it
oud {m} :: alternative spelling of ud
ou exclusivo {m} [logic] :: xor; exclusive or (logical operation that outputs true only when both inputs differ)
ouija {m} :: Ouija (a board with letters used to communicate with spirits)
ou oito, ou oitenta {proverb} :: One frequently takes things to the extreme, instead of searching for an equilibrium or a moderate way
ourelha {f} [dialectal] :: alternative form of orelha
ourégão {m} :: alternative form of orégano
Ouriçangas {prop} :: Ouriçangas (placename)
Ourinhos {prop} :: Ourinhos (placename)
ouriço {m} /o(w).ˈɾ :: hedgehog
ouriço {m} :: chestnut burr
ouriço {m} :: sea urchin
ouriço-cacheiro {m} /o(w).ɾɐ.ˈʃɐj.ɾu/ :: hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
ouriço do mar {m} :: alternative spelling of ouriço-do-mar
ouriço-do-mar {m} :: sea urchin (any marine echinoderm of the class Echinoidea)
ouriço terrestre {m} [rare] :: European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus, a species of hedgehog)
Ourique {prop} /owˈɾik(ɨ)/ :: Ourique (village/and/municipality)
ourives {mf} /o(w).ˈɾi.vɨʃ/ :: goldsmith (craftsman who makes things out of gold)
ourivesaria {f} :: jeweller's (shop)
ourivesaria {f} :: jewellery
ourivesaria {f} :: the art of the goldsmith
Ourém {prop} /owˈɾɐ̃j/ :: Ourém (city/and/municipality)
ouro {m} /ˈo(w).ɾu/ :: gold (element)
ouro {m} :: gold (coin)
ouro {m} :: gold (colour)
ouro {m} :: gold (medal)
Ouro {prop} :: Ouro (placename)
ouro branco {m} :: white gold (an alloy of gold and a white metal)
Ouro Branco {prop} :: Ouro Branco (placename)
ouro dos tolos {m} :: fool's gold (pyrite, a mineral often mistaken for gold)
ouro dos tolos {m} [figurative] :: anything that gives the illusion of wealth
Ouroeste {prop} :: Ouroeste (placename)
Ouro Fino {prop} :: Ouro Fino (placename)
Ourolândia {prop} :: Ourolândia (placename)
ouro negro {m} [figurative] :: black gold (petroleum)
ouropel {m} :: tinsel (thin strips of a glittering, metallic material used as a decoration)
Ouro Preto {prop} {f} :: Ouro Preto (placename)
ouros {m} {mp} [card games] /ˈo(w).ɾuʃ/ :: diamond (a suit of cards, )
Ouro Verde {prop} :: Ouro Verde (placename)
Ouro Verde {prop} :: Ouro Verde (placename)
Ouro Verde de Minas {prop} :: Ouro Verde de Minas (placename)
ousadia {f} :: audacity; daringness (fearlessness, intrepid daring)
ousar {v} :: to dare
ou seja {adv} [conjunctive] :: that is (used to introduce a clarification or explanation)
outdoor {m} /awt.ˈ(ð)ɔɹɨ/ :: billboard (very large advertisement along the side of a road)
outeiro {m} /o(w).ˈtɐj.ɾu/ :: hillock, knoll
outeyro {m} :: obsolete form of outeiro
outonal {adj} /owtuˈnaɫ/ :: autumnal
outono {m} /o(w).ˈ :: autumn
outorga {f} :: grant
outorgado {v} :: past participle of outorgar
outorgando {v} :: gerund of outorgar
outorgar {v} :: to grant, bestow
outra {pron} /ˈo(w).tɾɐ/ :: feminine singular of outro
outra vez {adv} :: again, once more
outra vez {adv} :: another time
outrem {pron} /ˈo(w).tɾɐ̃j̃/ :: other people
outridade {f} [philosophy, anthropology] :: alterity (entity in contrast to which an identity is constructed)
outro {pron} /ˈo(w).tɾu/ :: other (not the one previously referred to)
outro {pron} :: another (one more)
outro {pron} :: another (not the same)
outro {pron} :: another instance of someone or something that does something
outro eu {m} :: alter ego (alternate personality or persona)
outro mundo {m} :: afterlife; other side (supernatural realm inhabited by spirits)
outro mundo {m} :: See: outro mundo
outrora {adv} /ow.ˈtɾɔ.ɾɐ/ :: once, long ago
outrora {adv} :: formerly
outros {pron} /ˈo(w).tɾus/ :: others (other people)
outrossim {adv} :: also, too, as well, likewise
outsourcing {m} :: outsourcing (transfer of a business function to an external service provider)
outubro {m} /o(w).ˈtu.βɾu]/ :: October (month)
Outubro {m} :: superseded spelling of outubro
Outubro Rosa {prop} {m} [Brazil] :: The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a health campaign held every October, concerning breast cancer awareness
ou vai ou racha {phrase} :: it's all or nothing (something will either be successful or fail catastrophically)
ouvido {m} /o(w).ˈvi.ðu/ :: hearing
ouvido {m} :: ear (specially the inner part of this)
ouvido médio {m} [anatomy] :: middle ear (portion of the ear internal to the eardrum)
ouvidor {m} :: listener, hearer
ouvidor {m} :: ombudsman or a special judge or magistrate
ouvidora {n} :: feminine noun of ouvidor
ouvidoria {f} [government, management] /ow.ˌˈɾi.ɐ/ :: an ombudsman department
ouvinte {mf} :: someone who is listening to a speech or lecture
ouvir {vt} /owˈviɾ/ :: to hear (to perceive with the ear, without necessarily paying attention to it)
ouvir falar {v} :: [de] to hear of (to become aware of through second-hand knowledge)
ouvyr {v} :: obsolete spelling of ouvir
ova {f} /ˈɔ.vɐ/ :: roe (fish egg)
oval {adj} :: oval (shaped like an egg)
ovalado {adj} :: oval (shaped like an egg)
Ovar {prop} /oˈvaɾ/ :: Ovar (city/and/municipality)
ovariano {adj} [medicine] :: ovarian (relating to the ovaries)
ovócito {m} :: alternative form of oócito
oveiro {m} :: eggcup (a small dish used to support a boiled egg)
ovelha {f} /ɔ.ˈvɐ.ʎɐ/ :: a female sheep; a ewe
ovelha negra {f} :: See: ovelha negra
ovelha negra {f} [idiomatic] :: black sheep (nonconformist)
ovelha negra {f} [idiomatic] :: black sheep (disliked person)
ovelhinha {f} :: diminutive of ovelha
overdose {f} :: overdose (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug)
overflow {m} [computing] :: overflow (situation where a value exceeds the available range)
Overijssel {prop} {m} :: Overijssel (province)
oviduto {m} [anatomy] :: oviduct (duct through which an ovum passes)
Oviedo {prop} {f} :: Oviedo (city/regional capital)
ovni {m} :: alternative spelling of óvni
OVNI {m} :: UFO; alien spacecraft
ovnilogia {f} /ˌɔˈʒi.a/ :: ufology
ovo {m} /ˈ :: egg
ovo {m} [slang] :: testicle
ovo centenário {m} :: century egg (Chinese delicacy made by preserving an egg in charcoal and lime)
ovo de Páscoa {m} :: Easter egg (a dyed or decorated egg)
ovo estrelado {m} :: fried egg (egg that has been shallow fried)
ovoide {adj} :: oval (shaped like an egg)
ovoide {m} :: oval (a shape like an egg or ellipse)
ovo mole de Aveiro {m} :: A pastry from Aveiro, Portugal made of egg yolks and sugar
ovo quente {m} :: soft-boiled egg
ovos mexidos {mp} :: scrambled eggs (dish made by beating and frying eggs)
ovárico {adj} [anatomy] /o.ˈva.ɾi.ku/ :: ovarian (relating to the ovaries)
ovário {m} :: ovary
ovulação {f} [physiology] :: ovulation (release of an ovum from the ovary)
ovular {adj} :: oval (of or pertaining to an ovum)
ovular {v} :: to ovulate (to produce eggs or ova)
own {interj} :: aw (used to express affection)
oxalá {adv} /ɔ.ʃɐ.ˈla/ :: hopefully (I hope that)
oxalá {interj} :: I hope so; let’s hope so
oxalá {interj} :: God willing
oxalá {interj} :: I hope (that); let’s hope (that) (followed by present subjunctive)
oxalá {interj} :: God grant (that) (followed by present subjunctive)
oxalá {interj} :: let's hope that
oxe {interj} [regional, chiefly Northeast Brazil] /ˈoʃi/ :: clipping of oxente
oxente {interj} :: eye dialect of oh, gente
Oxford {prop} {f} /ˈɔks.fɔʁd͡ʒ/ :: Oxford (city)
Oxford {prop} {f} :: Oxford (university)
oxiácido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxyacid
oxicloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxychloride
oxicoco {m} :: cranberry (a species of berry shrub found in acidic bogs)
oxidante {m} [chemistry] :: oxidant
oxidante {adj} :: oxidizing
oxidação {f} :: oxidation
oxidar {v} :: to oxidize
oxidativo {adj} [chemistry] :: oxidative
oxidável {adj} :: oxidizable
oxigenado {v} :: past participle of oxigenar
oxigenando {v} :: gerund of oxigenar
oxigenação {f} :: oxygenation
oxigenar {v} :: to oxygenate
oxigenase {f} [enzyme] :: oxygenase
oxigênio {m} :: alternative form of oxigénio
oxigénio {m} [European orthography] /ɔksiˈʒɛniu/ :: oxygen
oxinitrato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: oxynitrate
oxirredução {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: redox (reaction)
oxirredutase {f} [enzyme] :: oxidoreductase
oxitocina {f} [hormone] :: oxytocin
Oxónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Oxónia (city)
Oxônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Oxónia
oxônio {m} [chemistry] :: oxonium
oxítona {f} [linguistics] :: oxytone (a word stressed on the last syllable)
oxítono {adj} [linguistics, of a word] :: oxytone (stressed on the last syllable)
oytavo {ordinal num} :: obsolete spelling of oitavo
oyto {adj} :: obsolete spelling of oito
oytubro {m} :: obsolete spelling of oitubro
Oytubro {m} :: obsolete form of outubro
Ozaca {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Osaka
Ozaka {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Osaka
ozônio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: ozone
ozónio {m} [European orthography, rare] /ɔ.ˈzɔ.nju/ :: alternative form of ozônio
ozonídeo {m} [chemistry] :: ozonide
ozonizado {v} :: past participle of ozonizar
ozonizando {v} :: gerund of ozonizar
ozonização {f} [chemistry] :: ozonization
ozonizar {v} [chemistry] :: To ozonize
ozono {m} [Portugal] /ɔ.ˈ :: alternative form of ozônio
ozonosfera {f} :: ozonosphere, ozone layer
ópera {f} [music] /ˈɔ.pɨ.ɾɐ/ :: opera
ópera {f} :: opera house
ópio {m} :: opium
óptica {f} [physics] :: optics (physics of light and vision)
óptico {adj} /ˈɔ(p).ti.ku/ :: optic; optical (relating to the eye or vision)
óptico {adj} :: optic; optical (relating to optics or optical instruments)
óptico {m} :: lensmaker (person who constructs lenses)
óptimo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of ótimo
óptimo {m} :: obsolete spelling of ótimo
óptimo {interj} :: obsolete spelling of ótimo
órbita {f} :: orbit (path of one object around another)
Órcadas {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Orcadas
Órcades {prop} {fp} :: alternative form of Orcadas
Óregão {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Oregon
Óregon {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Oregon
órfão {adj} :: orphan
órfão {m} :: orphan
órgão {m} [musical instruments] /ˈɔɾ.ɣɐ̃w̃/ :: organ
órgão {m} [anatomy] :: organ
órgão {m} :: institution
órgão de reflexão {m} :: think tank (group producing research and recommendations)
órgão do sentido {m} :: sense organ (an organic sensor)
órgão sensorial {m} :: sense organ (an organic sensor)
órgão sexual {m} [anatomy] :: sex organ (organ used in sexual reproduction)
Órion {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Orion
órix {m} :: oryx (any of several African antelopes of the genus Oryx)
órix da Arábia {m} :: Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx, a species of oryx)
órix árabe {m} :: Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx, a species of oryx)
Óscar {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Oscar
ósculo {m} [rare] :: kiss
ósculo {m} [biology] :: osculum (main opening in a sponge)
ósmio {m} :: osmium (chemical element)
ósseo {adj} /ˈɔ.se.u/ :: osseous, bony
ótica {f} :: alternative form of óptica
ótico {adj} [anatomy] /ˈɔ.ti.ku/ :: otic (related to the ear)
ótico {adj} :: alternative form of óptico
ótico {m} :: alternative form of óptico
ótimo {adj} /ˈɔ :: great; excellent (very good)
ótimo {adj} [computing] :: optimal (the best possible solution of a problem)
ótimo {m} :: the very best
ótimo {m} [computing] :: the optimal solution
ótimo {interj} :: great (expression of gladness)
óvni {m} /ˈɔ :: UFO; alien spacecraft
óvulo {m} [cytology, embryology] /ˈɔ :: ovum; egg cell (female gamete in animals)
óxido {m} [chemistry] :: oxide (binary compound of oxygen)