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ó {interj} [colloquial]  :: look!
ó {interj}  :: o; hey (vocative particle)
ó {letter}  :: The letter o with an acute accent
Õ {letter}  :: the letter O with a tilde
Óbidos {prop}  :: Óbidos (placename)
óbito {m}  :: a passing; a death
óblast {m} [political subdivision]  :: oblast (a region or province in some countries)
óbolo {m}  :: Charon's obol (a coin placed in or on the mouth of a dead person before burial)
óbolo {m}  :: obolus (silver coin)
óbvia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of óbvio
óbvio {adj}  :: obvious
ócio {m}  :: laziness
ócio {m}  :: leisure
óculo {m} [architecture]  :: oculus
óculo {m}  :: eyeglass
óculos {n}  :: glasses, spectacles
óculos de sol {mp}  :: sunglasses (tinted glasses worn to protect the eyes from the sun)
Ódin {prop}  :: alternative form of Odin
ódio {m}  :: hatred
ógea {f}  :: hobby (Falco subbuteo)
óleo {m}  :: essential oil
óleo {m}  :: oil-based paint
óleo {m}  :: oil (liquid substance extracted from animals, vegetals, or minerals)
óleo {m}  :: oil painting
óleo {m}  :: olive oil
Óleo {prop}  :: Óleo (placename)
óleo de girassol {m}  :: sunflower oil (vegetable oil)
óleo diesel {m}  :: diesel (fuel)
óleo vegetal {m}  :: vegetable oil (oil produced from plants)
ôlha {f}  :: obsolete spelling of olha
Óliver {prop}  :: male given name, Oliver
ômega {m}  :: alternative form of ómega
ómega {m}  :: omega (Greek letter)
ómega {m}  :: the end
ómi {m}  :: eye dialect of homem
ômicron {m}  :: alternative form of ómicron
ómicron {m}  :: omicron (Greek letter)
ônibus {m} [Brazil]  :: bus (vehicle)
ônibus escolar {m} [Brazil]  :: school bus (transport for schoolchildren)
ônibus espacial {m}  :: space shuttle (vehicle capable of travelling repeatedly between Earth and outer space)
ônix {m}  :: alternative form of ónix
ónix {m}  :: onyx (a banded variety of chalcedony)
ôntica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ôntico
ônticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ôntico
ôntico {adj}  :: ontic
ônus {m}  :: alternative form of ónus
ónus {m}  :: onus
ônus da prova {m}  :: alternative form of ónus da prova
ónus da prova {m} [legal]  :: burden of proof (duty of a party in a legal proceeding)
o {art}  :: the (masculine singular definite article)
o {pron}  :: him, it (as a direct object; as an indirect object, see lhe; after prepositions, see ele)
-o {suffix}  :: forms masculine singular nouns and adjectives
-o {suffix}  :: forms the first-person singular present indicative of verbs
OAB {prop}  :: initialism of [[w:Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil
oabaçu {m}  :: rare form of babaçu
oaguaçú {m} [obsolete]  :: rare form of babaçu
oaguaçu {m}  :: rare form of babaçu
o amor é cego {proverb}  :: love is blind (a person can see no faults in the person he loves)
oauassú {m}  :: obsolete form of babaçu
oauaçu {m} [rare]  :: obsolete spelling of babaçu
Ob {prop}  :: Ob (placename)
oba {interj} [usually, childish]  :: whee; yay (expression of pleasure or enjoyment)
Obama {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
o barato sai caro {proverb}  :: cheap objects or solutions can end up being expensive, because they don’t last as long, require high maintenance or are inefficient
obcecar {v}  :: to blind (from facts, from the truth)
obedecer {v}  :: obey (to do as ordered)
obediente {adj}  :: dutiful
obediente {adj}  :: obedient
obedientemente {adv}  :: obediently
obediência {f}  :: obedience (quality of being obedient)
obelisco {m}  :: obelisk (a tall stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point)
obesidade {f}  :: obesity
obeso {adj}  :: obese
obituário {m}  :: obituary (biography of a recently deceased person)
obituário {m}  :: obituary (published notice of recent deaths)
objecção {f}  :: obsolete spelling of objeção
objectivamente {adv}  :: objectively
objectividade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of objetividade
objectivo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of objetivo
objectivo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of objetivo
objecto {m}  :: [Portugal] superseded spelling of objeto
objecto voador não identificado {m}  :: obsolete spelling of objeto voador não identificado
objecto voador não-identificado {m}  :: obsolete spelling of objeto voador não identificado
objeção {f}  :: objection
objetado {v}  :: past participle of objetar
objetando {v}  :: gerund of objetar
objetar {v}  :: to demur
objetar {v}  :: to object
objetiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of objetivo
objetiva {f}  :: objective (lens closest to the object being examined)
objetividade {f}  :: objectivity (the state of being objective, unbiased)
objetividade {f} [philosophy]  :: objectivity
objetivo {adj}  :: objective
objetivo {adj}  :: unbiased
objetivo {m}  :: aim, objective
objeto {m} [computing]  :: object (class or structure)
objeto {m} [grammar]  :: object (in a sentence, the receiver of an action)
objeto {m}  :: object; thing
objeto {m}  :: that to which emotions or an action is directed towards
objeto direto {m} [grammar]  :: direct object (the noun phrase a verb is directly acting upon)
objeto indireto {m} [grammar]  :: indirect object (phrase indicating the entity indirectly affected by the action)
objeto voador não identificado {m}  :: UFO; alien spacecraft
objeto voador não identificado {m}  :: unidentified flying object (anything not readily explainable appearing to move through or be suspended in the air)
objeto voador não-identificado {m}  :: alternative spelling of objeto voador não identificado
obliqüidade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of obliquidade
obliquidade {f}  :: an instance of beating around the bush
obliquidade {f}  :: obliquity (moral deviation)
obliquidade {f}  :: obliquity; obliqueness (the quality of being oblique)
obliteração {f}  :: obliteration (the total destruction of something)
obliterar {v}  :: to obliterate, to null, to erase, to annihilate, to destroy completely, to eradicate
oblongada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oblongado
oblongadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oblongado
oblongado {adj}  :: oblong (longer than wide)
oblongo {adj}  :: oblong (longer than wide)
oblíqua {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oblíquo
oblíquas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oblíquo
oblíquo {adj}  :: aslant
oblíquo {adj}  :: asquint
oblíquo {adj}  :: oblique
obnóxio {adj}  :: compliant with punishment
obnóxio {adj}  :: obnoxious (very annoying)
oboé {m} [musical instrument]  :: oboe
o bom filho a casa torna {proverb}  :: to do something one has already done previously; to visit a place one has already been to
obra {f}  :: construction (process of constructing, building)
obra {f}  :: construction site (place where a building is under construction)
obra {f}  :: work (literary, artistic, or intellectual production)
obra cinematográfica {f}  :: film or motion picture
obra prima {f}  :: masterpiece (exceptional good piece of work)
obrar {v}  :: to work (to perform a work or labour)
obreia {f}  :: wafer (disk of flour used to seal letters)
obreiro {adj}  :: labouring, working (attributive)
obreiro {m}  :: worker, a mechanical or manual laborer
obrigacional {adj}  :: obligatory, mandatory
obrigada {interj} [used by a female]  :: thanks
obrigadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of obrigado
obrigado {adj} [formal]  :: grateful, thankful
obrigado {adj}  :: obligatory; mandatory (required or commanded by authority)
obrigado {interj} [used by a male]  :: thanks; thank you
obrigado {m}  :: a thank you (instance of expressing gratitude)
obrigado {m} [legal]  :: someone bound by a legal obligation
obrigadíssimo {adj}  :: very grateful
obrigadíssimo {interj}  :: thank you very much
obrigando {v}  :: gerund of obrigar
obrigação {f}  :: duty
obrigação {f} [figurative]  :: workplace
obrigar {v}  :: to force
obrigar {v}  :: to oblige, compel
obrigatoriamente {adv}  :: mandatorily
obrigatoriedade {f}  :: obligation
obrigatória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of obrigatório
obrigatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of obrigatório
obrigatório {adj}  :: mandatory; obligatory
obscena {adj}  :: feminine form of obsceno
obscenidade {f}  :: obscenity (an obscene thing or act)
obscenidade {f} [specifically]  :: obscenity; profanity; curse (an offensive word or expression)
obscenidade {f} [uncountable]  :: obscenity (the quality of being obscene)
obsceno {adj}  :: obscene (offensive to current standards of decency or morality)
obscura {adj}  :: feminine singular form of obscuro
obscurantismo {m}  :: obscurantism (deliberate obscurity or vagueness)
obscurantismo {m}  :: obscurantism (opposition to human progress)
obscuras {adj}  :: feminine plural of obscuro
obscurecer {vi}  :: to become obscure
obscurecer {vt}  :: to obscure (to make obscure)
obscuridade {f}  :: darkness, gloom
obscuridade {f}  :: obscurity
obscuro {adj}  :: dark, gloomy
obscuro {adj}  :: obscure
obsequioso {adj}  :: obsequious; fawning; subservient
obsequioso {adj}  :: obsequious; obedient (compliant with someone else’s orders)
observado {v}  :: past participle of observar
observador {m}  :: observer (person sent as a representative to monitor but not to participate in an event)
observador {m}  :: observer (someone who observes something)
observando {v}  :: gerund of observar
observação {f}  :: observation
observar {v}  :: to observe
observatório {m}  :: observatory
observância {f}  :: observance
observável {adj}  :: observable
obsessiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of obsessivo
obsessivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of obsessivo
obsessivo {adj}  :: obsessive (excessively preoccupied with something)
obsessão {f}  :: fixation, obsession
obsessão {f} [psychology]  :: obsession (compulsive or irrational preoccupation)
obsessão {f} [theology]  :: vexation caused by the Devil’s influence, without possession
obsidiana {f}  :: obsidian (a type of black volcanic glass)
obsolescente {adj}  :: obsolescent (in the process of becoming obsolete)
obsolescência {f}  :: obsolescence (the state of being obsolete)
obsolescência planejada {f}  :: planned obsolescence (policy of deliberately designing a product to become obsolete or useless soon)
obsolescência programada {f}  :: planned obsolescence (policy of deliberately designing a product to become obsolete or useless soon)
obsoleta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of obsoleto
obsoletas {adj}  :: feminine plural of obsoleto
obsoleto {adj}  :: obsolete, outdated
obstáculo {m}  :: obstacle (something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress)
obstetra {mf} [medicine]  :: obstetrician (physician who specialises in childbirth)
obstetrícia {f} [medicine]  :: obstetrics (care of women during and after pregnancy)
obstetrícias {adj}  :: feminine plural of obstetrício
obstetrício {adj}  :: obstetric (relating to obstetrics)
obstinado {adj}  :: obstinate (adhering to an opinion, purpose or course, usually unreasonably)
obstruindo {v}  :: gerund of obstruir
obstruir {v}  :: to obstruct, block
obstrução {f}  :: obstruction, obstacle
obstrução {f}  :: occlusion
obstrução {f}  :: stonewalling
obstrutiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of obstrutivo
obstrutivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of obstrutivo
obstrutivo {adj}  :: obstructive (which causes obstructions)
obstétrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of obstétrico
obstétricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of obstétrico
obstétrico {adj}  :: obstetric (relating to obstetrics)
obtemperando {v}  :: gerund of obtemperar
obtemperar {v}  :: to acquiesce
obtendo {v}  :: gerund of obter
obtenção {f}  :: obtainment
obtenível {adj}  :: obtainable (capable of being obtained)
obter {v}  :: to obtain, get
obturador {m}  :: shutter (photography)
obturando {v}  :: gerund of obturar
obturação {f}  :: obturation, clogging, obstruction
obturar {v}  :: to block, clog, obturate
obtuso {adj}  :: blunt (having a thick edge or point; not sharp)
obtuso {adj} [geometry, of an angle]  :: obtuse (greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees)
obtuso {adj}  :: obtuse; blunt (intellectually dull)
obtível {adj}  :: alternative form of obtenível
obus {m}  :: howitzer
obviamente {adv}  :: In context of being known by simple observation; obviously; evidently; clearly
obviar {vt}  :: to obviate (to avoid a future problem)
ocê {pron}  :: eye dialect of você
oca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oco
oca {f}  :: A cabin or hut made by indians
ocapi {m}  :: okapi (Okapia johnstoni, a large ruminant of the Congo)
o caralho {interj} [vulgar]  :: fucking no!
o caralho a quatro {phrase} [vulgar]  :: et cetera
ocarina {f} [musical instruments]  :: ocarina (an oval wind instrument)
ocas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oco
ocasião {f}  :: occasion (favorable opportunity)
ocasionado {v}  :: past participle of ocasionar
ocasional {adj}  :: occasional (limited to certain occasions; not occurring very often)
ocasionalmente {adv}  :: occasionally (at infrequent intervals)
ocasionando {v}  :: gerund of ocasionar
ocasionar {v}  :: to arise
ocasionar {v}  :: to motivate
ocasionar {v}  :: to occasion, entail
ocasionar {v}  :: to provide (an opportunity)
ocaso {m}  :: dusk (a period of time occurring at the end of the day during which the sun sets)
ocaso {m} [figurative]  :: decline; downfall
Ocauçu {prop}  :: Ocauçu (placename)
occidental {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ocidental
occidente {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ocidente
occipício {m} [anatomy]  :: occiput (back of the head or skull)
occipúcio {m}  :: alternative form of occipício
occipital {adj} [anatomy]  :: occipital, pertaining to the back of the head
occipital {m} [skeleton]  :: the occipital bone
occiput {m} [anatomy]  :: occiput (back of the head or skull)
occitana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of occitano
occitanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of occitano
occitano {adj}  :: Occitan (of the Occitan language)
occitano {m}  :: Occitan (the Romance language)
occitânica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of occitânico
occitânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of occitânico
occitânico {adj}  :: Occitan (relating to the Occitan language)
occitânico {m}  :: Occitan (a Romance language spoken in southern France)
occorrer {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ocorrer
occorrência {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ocorrência
oceanógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of oceanógrafo
oceanógrafas {f}  :: feminine noun of oceanógrafo
oceanógrafo {m}  :: oceanographer (person who studies oceans)
Oceania {prop}  :: alternative form of Oceânia
oceano {m}  :: ocean
Oceano {prop} [Greek god]  :: Oceanus (titan personifying the sea)
Oceano {prop}  :: Ocean (placename)
oceano Antártico {prop}  :: Antarctic Ocean (placename)
oceano Atlântico {prop}  :: Atlantic Ocean (placename)
oceanografia {f}  :: oceanography
oceano Índico {prop}  :: Indian Ocean (placename)
oceano Pacífico {prop}  :: Pacific Ocean (placename)
oceano Ártico {prop}  :: Arctic Ocean (placename)
oceanário {m}  :: oceanarium (park where visitors can see marine animals)
ocelo {m} [zoology]  :: eye (mark on an animal resembling an eye)
ocelo {m} [zoology]  :: the eye of arthropods
ocelote {m}  :: ocelot (Felis pardalis, a feline of the Americas)
oceâneo {adj}  :: oceanic
Oceânia {prop}  :: Oceania (placename)
oceânica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oceânico
oceânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oceânico
oceânico {adj}  :: Oceanian; Oceanic (of, from or relating to Oceania)
oceânico {adj}  :: oceanic (relating to the ocean)
oceânico {m}  :: Oceanian (person from Oceania)
oceânide {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Oceanid (any of the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys)
ocidental {adj}  :: Western (pertaining to the West)
ocidental {adj}  :: west; western (of, facing, situated in, or related to the west)
ocidentalização {f}  :: westernisation (the assimilation of Western culture)
ocidente {m}  :: occident
ocidente {m}  :: west
Ocidente {prop} [geopolitics]  :: West; Occident (countries having European cultural roots)
ociosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ocioso
ociosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ocioso
ociosidade {f}  :: idleness, inactivity
ociosidade {f}  :: laziness
ocioso {adj}  :: idle (not engaged in any occupation or employment)
ocioso {adj}  :: lazy; work-shy
ocioso {adj}  :: not being used
ocioso {adj} [of a period of time]  :: when there is nothing to do
oócito {m} [cytology]  :: oocyte (cell that develops into an egg or ovum)
oclocracia {f}  :: ochlocracy (government by the masses)
oclusiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oclusivo
oclusiva {f} [phonetics]  :: stop; plosive (consonant produced by blocking the passage of air)
oclusão {f} [articulatory phonetics]  :: occlusion (closure of the vocal tract)
oclusão {f} [chiefly, medicine]  :: occlusion; obstruction (anything that obstructs a passage or vessel)
oclusão {f} [dentistry]  :: occlusion (the alignment of the teeth when the jaws are closed)
oco {adj}  :: hollow
o cocô do cavalo do bandido {m} [label, en, derogatory, idiom]  :: a person or a thing that is extremely worthless
ocorrer {v}  :: to occur, happen
ocorrência {f}  :: occurrence (actual instance where a situation arises)
ocorrência {f} [uncountable]  :: the intensity or quantity of something which occurs in a specific location or point in time; incidence
ocra {f}  :: ochre (earth pigment containing silica, aluminium and ferric oxide)
ocre {m}  :: alternative form of ocra
octaédrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of octaédrico
octaédricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of octaédrico
octaédrico {adj}  :: octahedral
octaedro {m}  :: octahedron (a polyhedron with eight faces)
octahedro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of octaedro
octamérica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of octamérico
octaméricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of octamérico
octamérico {adj}  :: octameric
octana {f}  :: alternative form of octano
octanagem {f}  :: octane number, octane rating
octano {m} [organic compound]  :: octane (isomeric aliphatic hydrocarbons)
octeno {m} [organic compound]  :: octene
octeto {m} [music, specifically]  :: octet (group of eight musicians performing together)
octeto {m}  :: octet (group of eight)
octógono {m}  :: octagon
octil {m} [organic chemistry]  :: octyl
octilhão {m}  :: octillion (1027)
octilião {m}  :: alternative form of octilhão
octingentésimo {ordinal num}  :: eight hundredths
octogonal {adj}  :: octagonal
octogésimo {ordinal num}  :: eightieth
octóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: octoxide
oculista {mf}  :: ophthalmologist (medical doctor specialising in the eye)
oculista {mf}  :: optician (a person who makes or sells lenses, spectacles)
oculta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oculto
ocultador {adj}  :: which conceals
ocultador {m}  :: concealer (someone of something that conceals)
ocultadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ocultador
ocultadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ocultador
ocultar {vt}  :: to conceal (to hide (something))
ocultas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oculto
ocultismo {m}  :: occultism (study of supernatural powers)
ocultista {mf}  :: occultist (person who practises occultism)
oculto {adj}  :: occult
o céu é o limite {proverb}  :: the sky is the limit
ocupado {v}  :: past participle of ocupar
ocupando {v}  :: gerund of ocupar
ocupação {f}  :: employment
ocupação {f}  :: occupation, job
ocupar {v}  :: to occupy (all senses)
o céu vir abaixo {v} [of a situation]  :: to become chaotic
o céu vir abaixo {v}  :: to rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
odalisca {f} [historical]  :: odalisque (a female harem slave)
ode {f}  :: ode
Odemira {prop}  :: Odemira (placename)
odeão {m}  :: odeon (ancient Greek or Roman building)
odeom {m}  :: rare form of odeão
Oder {prop}  :: Oder (placename)
Odessa {prop}  :: Odessa (placename)
Odessa {prop}  :: Odessa (placename)
odiado {v}  :: past participle of odiar
odiador {m}  :: hater (one who hates)
odiadora {f}  :: feminine noun of odiador
odiadoras {n}  :: feminine plural of odiador
Odiana {prop}  :: alternative form of Guadiana
odiando {v}  :: gerund of odiar
odiar {v}  :: to hate
Odin {prop} [Norse mythology]  :: Odin (the supreme god)
odioso {adj}  :: odious (arousing strong dislike)
odisseia {f}  :: odyssey (extended adventurous voyage or quest)
Odisseia {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Odyssey (the return journey of Odysseus from Troy)
Odisseu {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Odysseus (son of Laertes; Greek leader during the Trojan War)
odisséia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of odisseia
Odisséia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Odisseia
Odivelas {prop}  :: Odivelas (placename)
odômetro {m}  :: alternative spelling of odómetro
odómetro {m}  :: odometer (instrument to measure distance travelled)
odontoblasto {m} [cytology]  :: odontoblast (cell on the outer surface of the dental pulp)
odontológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of odontológico
odontológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of odontológico
odontológico {adj}  :: odontological, dental
odontologia {f}  :: dentistry (field of medicine which deals with the teeth)
odor {m}  :: odour; smell
odorizar {v}  :: to scent (to impart an odour to)
odre {n}  :: goatskin, goatskin wine bag
OEA {initialism}  :: Organização dos Estados Americanos: OAS
Oeiras {prop}  :: Oeiras (placename)
o espírito está pronto, mas a carne é fraca {proverb}  :: the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (acheiving something is made impossible by frailty)
oeste {m}  :: west (compass point)
ofício {m}  :: craft, trade
ofício {m}  :: profession, occupation
ofício {m} [religion]  :: service (religious rite or ritual)
ofídia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ofídio
ofídias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ofídio
ofídica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ofídico
ofídicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ofídico
ofídico {adj}  :: ophidian (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of snakes)
ofídio {adj}  :: ophidian
ofídio {m}  :: snake
ofegando {v}  :: gerund of ofegar
ofegante {adj}  :: out of breath (breathing with difficulty)
ofegar {v}  :: to pant, puff
ofegar {v}  :: to yearn
ofendendo {v}  :: gerund of ofender
ofender {v}  :: to displease
ofender {v}  :: to offend
ofendido {adj}  :: injured
ofendido {adj}  :: offended
ofendido {v}  :: past participle of ofender
ofensa {f}  :: insult (anything that causes offence by being of an unacceptable quality)
ofensa {f}  :: insult; offense (act of offending)
ofensa {f}  :: offensive; attack
ofensa {f}  :: something which causes physical harm
ofensiva {f} [military]  :: offensive (a large-scale attack)
ofensivo {adj} [military, sports]  :: offensive (relating to attacks)
ofensivo {adj}  :: offensive (causing offence)
ofensor {adj}  :: offending; offensive (which offends)
ofensor {m}  :: offender (one who gives or causes offence)
ofensora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ofensor
ofensoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ofensor
oferecendo {v}  :: gerund of oferecer
oferecer {v}  :: to give, present
oferecer {v}  :: to offer, bid, tender
oferecer {v}  :: to proffer
oferecimento {m}  :: offering, offer
oferenda {f}  :: offering (object given to a person or sacrificed to a god in order to appease them)
oferta {f}  :: offer
offício {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ofício
offerecer {v}  :: obsolete spelling of oferecer
offerecimento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of oferecimento
officiaes {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officiaes {n}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officiais {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officiais {n}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
official {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oficial
official {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of oficial
officiays {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officiays {n}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
officina {f}  :: obsolete spelling of oficina
officio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ofício
offrecer {v}  :: obsolete form of oferecer
offset {m} [printing]  :: offset (a printing method)
offset {m} [programming]  :: offset (byte difference between memory addresses)
oficiaes {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
oficiaes {n}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
oficial {adj}  :: official
oficial {mf}  :: officer, official
oficial de justiça {m} [legal]  :: bailiff (legal officer to whom some degree of authority)
oficialmente {adv}  :: officially
oficiays {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
oficiays {n}  :: obsolete spelling of oficiais
oficina {f}  :: automobile garage, shop
oficina {f}  :: workshop
oficio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ofício
oficiosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oficioso
oficiosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oficioso
oficioso {adj}  :: disinterested
oficioso {adj}  :: obsequious
oficioso {adj}  :: unofficial
Ofiúco {prop} [zodiac constellations]  :: Ophiuchus (zodiacal constellation of the northern summer)
ofidiofobia {f}  :: ophiophobia (fear of snakes)
ofiuroide {m}  :: brittle star (any of various echinoderms of the class Ophiuroidea)
Ofélia {prop}  :: female given name, Ophelia
ofsete {m}  :: alternative form of offset
oftalmologia {f} [medicine]  :: ophthalmology (medical study of the eye)
oftalmologista {mf}  :: ophthalmologist (medical doctor specialising in the eye)
oftálmica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oftálmico
oftálmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oftálmico
oftálmico {adj} [medicine]  :: ophthalmic (of or pertaining to the eyes)
ofuscar {v}  :: to outshine
ogano {adv} [now, rare]  :: this year (during the current year)
ogiva {f}  :: nose cone or warhead (of a missile)
ogiva {f}  :: ogive
ogre {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of ogro
ogro {m}  :: ogre (brutish giant)
oguz {m}  :: Oghuz (a member of the western Turkic people)
oh {interj}  :: alternative form of ó
o hábito não faz o monge {proverb}  :: clothes don't make the man
oh, gente {interj} [regional, chiefly, Northeast Brazil]  :: expresses surprise, dismay or admiration
Ohio {prop}  :: Ohio (placename)
Ohio {prop}  :: Ohio (placename)
ohm {m}  :: ohm (the derived unit of electrical resistance)
oh minha nossa {interj}  :: oh my gosh!
o homem é o lobo do homem {proverb}  :: man is a wolf to man
o homem põe e Deus dispõe {proverb}  :: man proposes, God disposes (things don’t always work out as planned)
oi {interj}  :: hi (informal greeting)
oi {interj}  :: sorry? I beg your pardon? excuse me? (request to repeat a message that wasn’t heard clearly)
oiça {f}  :: ear
OIAC {initialism}  :: Organização Internacional de Aviação Civil: ICAO
-oico {suffix} [organic chemistry]  :: -oic
oinc {interj}  :: oink (onomatopoeia of a pig’s sound)
o inferno está cheio de boas intenções {proverb}  :: alternative form of de boas intenções o inferno está cheio
oiro {m}  :: alternative form of ouro
oiros {mp}  :: obsolete form of ouros
oitavar {v} [music]  :: to octavate (to place a note one octave higher)
oitavo {adj} [ordinal]  :: eighth
oiteiro {m}  :: alternative form of outeiro
oitenta {m}  :: eighty
oitenta {num}  :: eighty
oito {adj}  :: eight
oito {m}  :: eight (a value of eight or an object representing this value)
oito {m}  :: eight (the digit 8)
oitocentas {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oitocentos
oitocentos {adj}  :: eight hundred; 800
oitocentos {m}  :: eight hundred (the value of 800, or something with the value of 800)
oito ou oitenta {proverb}  :: alternative form of ou oito, ou oitenta
ojíbua {m}  :: alternative spelling of ojibwa
oje {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of hoje
ojeriza {f}  :: aversion; repugnance (intense dislike)
ojibwa {adj}  :: relating to the Ojibwe people
ojibwa {m}  :: Ojibwe (an Algonquian language)
ojibwe {m}  :: alternative form of ojibwa
ok {interj}  :: alternative case form of OK
ok {m}  :: alternative case form of OK
Ok {interj}  :: alternative spelling of OK
OK {interj}  :: OK (indicates acknowledgement or acceptance)
OK {m}  :: OK (an indication of acknowledgement or acceptance)
okara {m}  :: okara (a food made from soybean pulp)
Okinawa {prop}  :: Okinawa (placename)
Oklahoma {prop}  :: Oklahoma (placename)
okrug {m} [political subdivision]  :: okrug (an administrative division of certain Slavic states)
olá {interj}  :: hello; hi (greeting)
ola {f}  :: wave (a group activity in a crowd imitating a wave going through water, where people in successive parts of the crowd stand and stretch upward, then sit)
olaria {f}  :: pottery (workshop where pottery is made)
Olaria {prop}  :: Olaria (placename)
Olavo {prop}  :: male given name, Olaf
olíbano {m}  :: frankincense; olibanum (gum resin from trees of the genus Boswellia)
oleado {adj}  :: oiled (greased with oil)
oleado {m}  :: tarpaulin (heavy, waterproof sheet of material)
oleaginoso {adj}  :: oleaginous; oily (containing oil)
oleandro {m}  :: oleander (Nerium oleander, a poisonous shrub)
olear {vt}  :: to oil (to grease with oil)
oleenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oleento
oleentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oleento
oleento {adj}  :: oily (smeared with or containing oil)
olefina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: olefin
oleico {adj} [chemistry]  :: oleic (of or pertaining to oleic acid)
oleira {f}  :: feminine noun of oleiro
oleiro {m}  :: potter
Oleiros {prop}  :: Oleiros (placename)
oleogravura {f}  :: oleograph
oleoso {adj}  :: oily (smeared with or containing oil)
olfacto {m}  :: alternative form of olfato
olfactória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of olfactório
olfactórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of olfactório
olfactório {adj}  :: olfactory (relating to the sense of smell)
olfativo {adj}  :: olfactory (relating to the sense of smell)
olfato {m}  :: olfaction (the sense of smell)
olfatória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of olfatório
olfatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of olfatório
olfatório {adj}  :: alternative form of olfactório
Olga {prop}  :: female given name, Olga
olha {f}  :: a stew prepared with meat, chickpeas, peas and other vegetables
olha {f} [obsolete]  :: a type of large, earthenware pan
olhadela {f}  :: look, glance, glimpse
olhadura {f}  :: glance, glimpse
olhar {m}  :: gaze; stare; look
olhar {m}  :: glance
olhar {v}  :: to look
olhar antes de saltar {v} [idiomatic]  :: to look before one leaps (to be circumspect)
olhar antes de saltar {v} antes|de|saltar
olheira {f} [usually plural]  :: dark circles under the eyes
olheiro {m}  :: scout (one who seeks out promising talent)
olhete {m}  :: amberjack (any fish of genus Seriola)
olhinho {m} [usually, childish]  :: diminutive form of olho
olhão {f}  :: augmentative form of olho
olhão {v}  :: obsolete form of olham
olho {m} [anatomy]  :: eye
olho {m} [culinary]  :: a hole in cheese, bread or similar items
olho {m} [figuratively]  :: eye, center (of a storm, etc.)
olho {m} [geology]  :: short for [[olho-d'água spring, source]]
Olhão {prop}  :: Olhão (placename)
olho bobo {m} [slang]  :: wandering eye
olho da goiaba {m}  :: anus
olho da rua {m} [idiomatic]  :: the street, as residence of a homeless person
olho mágico {m}  :: a peephole with fisheye lens in a door
olho nu {m}  :: naked eye (unaided eyesight)
olho por olho {m}  :: eye for an eye (the principle that a person who has injured another has to be penalised in the same way)
olho por olho, dente por dente {proverb}  :: eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (people who injure another have to be penalised in the same way)
olho roxo {m}  :: black eye (bruise around the eye)
Olhos-d'Água {prop}  :: Olhos-d'Água (placename)
oléica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oléico
oléicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oléico
oléico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: oleic
oligarca {n}  :: oligarch (a member of an oligarchy)
oligarquia {f}  :: oligarchy (state ruled by such a government)
oligarquia {f}  :: oligarchy (those who make up an oligarchic government)
oligarquia {f} [uncountable]  :: oligarchy (government by only a few)
oligonucleotídeo {m} [genetics]  :: oligonucleotide (a short sequence of nucleotides)
oligopólio {m} [economics]  :: oligopoly (control of a market by few people)
oligoqueta {m}  :: oligochaete (any worm of the class Oligochaeta)
oligárquica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oligárquico
oligárquicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oligárquico
oligárquico {adj}  :: oligarchic (of or relating to oligarchy)
olimpíada {f} [historical, Ancient Greece]  :: Olympiad (period of four years)
olimpíada {f}  :: Olympiad (an occurrence of the Olympic games)
Olimpíada {prop}  :: Olympics (international sport event)
Olimpíadas {prop}  :: synonym of Olimpíada
Olimpo {prop}  :: Olympus (placename)
Olindina {prop}  :: Olindina (placename)
Olisipo {prop}  :: alternative form of Olissipo
olisiponense {adj}  :: Lisboner (of, from or relating to Lisbon)
olisiponense {mf}  :: Lisboner; Lisbonite (someone from Lisbon)
Olissipo {prop}  :: an ancient Roman city in Iberia; modern Lisbon, Portugal
olissiponense {adj}  :: alternative form of olisiponense
olissiponense {mf}  :: alternative form of olisiponense
oliva {f}  :: olive (fruit)
oliva {f}  :: olive (tree)
oliveira {f}  :: olive tree
Oliveira {prop}  :: Oliveira (placename)
Oliveira {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Oliveira de Azeméis {prop}  :: Oliveira de Azeméis (placename)
Oliveira de Frades {prop}  :: Oliveira de Frades (placename)
Oliveira do Bairro {prop}  :: Oliveira do Bairro (placename)
Oliveira do Hospital {prop}  :: Oliveira do Hospital (placename)
Oliveira dos Brejinhos {prop}  :: Oliveira dos Brejinhos (placename)
Oliveira Fortes {prop}  :: Oliveira Fortes (placename)
olivina {f} [mineralogy]  :: olivine (green magnesium-iron silicate mineral)
Olivério {prop}  :: male given name, Oliver
olmo {m}  :: elm
Olímpia {prop}  :: Olímpia (placename)
Olímpia {prop}  :: Olympia (placename)
olímpica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of olímpico
olímpico {adj}  :: Olympic
Olímpio Noronha {prop}  :: Olímpio Noronha (placename)
Olténia {prop}  :: alternative form of Oltênia
Oltênia {prop}  :: Oltenia (placename)
Olívia {prop}  :: female given name, Olivia
olvidar {v}  :: to forget
olvidável {adj}  :: forgettable
Olympo {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Olimpo
Olyssipo {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Olissipo
Omã {prop}  :: Oman (placename)
-oma {suffix} [pathology]  :: -oma (forming nouns indicating tumours or masses)
omani {adj}  :: Omani (of, from or relating to Oman)
omani {n}  :: Omani (person from Oman)
omaniana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of omaniano
omanianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of omaniano
omaniano {adj}  :: Omani (of, from or relating to Oman)
omanita {adj}  :: Omani (of, from or relating to Oman)
omanita {n}  :: Omani (person from Oman)
omaso {m}  :: omasum (the third part of the stomach of a ruminant)
ombro {m}  :: shoulder (joint between arm and torso)
ombudsman {m}  :: ombudsman (official who investigates complaints)
OMC {acronym}  :: WTO; acronym of Organização Mundial do Comércio
omeleta {f}  :: alternative form of omelete
omelete {f}  :: omelette (dish made with beaten eggs)
omelette {f}  :: alternative form of omelete
o mesmo {pron} [literary]  :: third-person masculine singular personal pronoun; he or it
o mesmo {pron} mesmo
o mestre mandou {m}  :: A children's game where the players follow the "master" and obey his or her commands as to what they should do while following him or her (e.g., walk on just one foot, clap your hands, etc.)
ominoso {adj}  :: of ill-omen
omissão {f}  :: lack
omissão {f}  :: omission
omitir {vt}  :: to omit (to leave out or exclude)
omni- {prefix}  :: omni- (all)
omnidireccional {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of omnidirecional
omnidirecional {adj}  :: omnidirectional (in every direction)
omnipotente {adj}  :: omnipotent
omnipotência {f}  :: omnipotence (unlimited power)
omnipresença {f}  :: omnipresence
omnipresente {adj}  :: omnipresent
omnisciente {adj} [Portugal]  :: omniscient (having total knowledge)
omnisciência {f}  :: omniscience
omnividente {adj}  :: all-seeing; omnivident (able to see everything)
omnividência {f}  :: all-seeingness; omnividence (the state or quality of being all-seeing)
omnívoro {adj} [ecology, of an animal species]  :: omnivorous (which eats both plants and meat)
omnívoro {m} [ecology]  :: omnivore (animal which eats both plants and meat)
omoplata {f} [skeleton, dated]  :: shoulder blade (bone)
OMPI {initialism}  :: Organização Mundial da Propriedade Intelectual: WIPO
Omsk {prop}  :: Omsk (placename)
Omsk {prop}  :: Omsk (placename)
o mundo dá voltas {proverb}  :: long time no see
o mundo dá voltas {proverb}  :: what goes around comes around (actions have consequences)
o máximo {adj}  :: great
onça {f} [Angola]  :: leopard (Panthera pardus, a feline of Africa and Asia)
onça {f} [historical]  :: a gold coin weighing approximately an ounce
onça {f}  :: jaguar (Panthera onca, a feline of the Americas)
onça {f}  :: ounce (a unit of weight equivalent to 28.3495g)
Onça de Pitangui {prop}  :: Onça de Pitangui (placename)
onça d'água {f}  :: alternative spelling of onça-d'água
onça-d'água {f}  :: giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis, a mustelid of South America)
onagro {m}  :: onager (Ancient Roman war machine)
onagro {m}  :: onager (wild ass)
onanismo {m}  :: onanism (masturbation)
onça-parda {f}  :: cougar (Puma concolor)
onça-pintada {f}  :: jaguar (Panthera onca)
oncogene {m} [oncology, genetics]  :: oncogene (gene that contributes to the conversion of a normal cell into a cancerous cell)
oncogénica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oncogénico
oncogénicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oncogénico
oncogénico {adj}  :: oncogenic
oncologia {f}  :: oncology (branch of medicine that studies tumours)
oncologista {mf}  :: oncologist (one who specialises in oncology)
onda {f} [figurative, slang]  :: fashion; a temporary trend or manner
onda {f} [figurative]  :: wave (sudden unusually large amount of something that is temporarily experienced)
onda {f} [physics]  :: wave (moving disturbance in the energy level of a field)
onda {f}  :: undulation (a wavy appearance or outline)
onda {f}  :: wave (moving disturbance in a liquid)
onda alfa {f} [neurology]  :: alpha wave (electrical signal produced by the brain while the subject is relaxed)
onda de Alfvén {f} [physics]  :: Alfvén wave (a hydromagnetic shear wave in a charged plasma)
onda de calor {f}  :: heatwave (period of very hot weather)
onda de choque {f} [physics]  :: shock wave (a powerful compression wave)
onda de Elliott {f} [finance]  :: Elliott wave (a form of technical analysis)
onda de maré {f}  :: tidal wave (large and sudden rise and fall in the tide)
onda dente de serra {f} [mathematics, engineering]  :: sawtooth wave (function or waveform that ramps upwards and then sharply drops)
onda eletromagnética {f} [physics]  :: electromagnetic wave (wave of electromagnetic radiation)
onda sonora {f} [physics]  :: sound wave (longitudinal wave of pressure transmitted through any plastic material)
Onda Verde {prop}  :: Onda Verde (placename)
onde {adv} [interrogative]  :: where (at what place; to what place; what place)
onde {conj}  :: where (at or in which place or situation)
onde {pron}  :: where (the place in which)
ondear {vt}  :: to wave (to cause to move back and forth or up and down repeatedly)
ondear {vt}  :: to wave (to make hair wavy)
onde há fumaça, há fogo {proverb}  :: alternative form of onde há fumo, há fogo
onde há fumo, há fogo {proverb} [Portugal]  :: where there's smoke, there's fire (if there is telltale evidence of some event, the event is probably occurring)
onde quer que {conj} [followed by a verb in the subjunctive]  :: wherever (in any place, anywhere)
ondulado {adj}  :: wavy
ondulado {v}  :: past participle of ondular
ondulando {v}  :: gerund of ondular
ondulação {f}  :: ripple
ondulação {f}  :: undulation
ondular {v}  :: to undulate, ripple, wave
onerando {v}  :: gerund of onerar
oneração {f}  :: encumbrance
onerar {v}  :: to encumber, overload
onerar {v}  :: to overtax
onerosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oneroso
oneroso {adj}  :: onerous; burdensome (imposing or constituting a physical, mental or figurative burden)
onfalo- {prefix}  :: omphalo- (relating to the navel)
onfalocele {f}  :: omphalocele (hernia of the navel)
ONG {f}  :: NGO; acronym of organização não-governamental
oni- {prefix}  :: alternative form of omni-
onicofagia {f} [psychopathology]  :: onychophagia (compulsive biting of one’s nails)
onidirecional {adj}  :: alternative form of omnidirecional
onipotente {adj}  :: alternative form of omnipotente
onipotência {f}  :: alternative form of omnipotência
onipresença {f}  :: omnipresence
onipresente {adj}  :: omnipresent
onirólogo {m}  :: oneirologist (interpreter of dreams)
onirologia {f}  :: oneirology (the study of dreams)
onironauta {n} [rare]  :: oneironaut (explorer of dream worlds)
onisciente {adj}  :: omniscient (having total knowledge)
onisciência {f}  :: alternative form of omnisciência
onividente {adj}  :: alternative form of omnividente
onividência {f}  :: alternative form of omnividência
on-line {adj}  :: alternative spelling of online
online {adj}  :: online (connected to the Internet)
online {adj}  :: online (which takes place over the Internet)
onomasiologia {f}  :: onomasiology (branch of lexicology concerned with the names of concepts)
onomatopaica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of onomatopaico
onomatopaicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of onomatopaico
onomatopaico {adj}  :: onomatopoeic (of, relating to or being an onomatopoeia)
onomatopeia {f}  :: onomatopoeia (word that sounds like what it represents)
onomatopeia {f} [uncountable]  :: onomatopoeia (property of a word of sounding like what it represents)
onomatopeico {adj}  :: alternative form of onomatopaico
onomatopéia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of onomatopeia
onomatópica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of onomatópico
onomatópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of onomatópico
onomatópico {adj}  :: alternative form of onomatopaico
onomástica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of onomástico
onomástica {f}  :: onomastics (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names)
onomásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of onomástico
onomástico {adj}  :: onomastic (relating to a personal or place name)
onsen {m}  :: onsen (a Japanese hot spring)
ontem {adv}  :: yesterday
ontológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ontológico
ontológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ontológico
ontológico {adj}  :: ontological (of or relating to ontology)
ontologia {f} [philosophy]  :: ontology (study of being)
Ontário {prop}  :: Ontario (placename)
Ontário {prop}  :: Ontario (placename)
Ontário {prop}  :: Ontario (placename)
Ontário {prop}  :: Ontario (placename)
ONU {acronym}  :: UN; acronym of Organização das Nações Unidas
onívora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of onívoro
onívoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of onívoro
onívoro {adj}  :: alternative form of omnívoro
onívoro {m}  :: alternative form of omnívoro
onyx {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ónix
onze {m}  :: eleven
onze {num}  :: eleven
opa {f}  :: a type of cape used by members of the clergy
opa {interj}  :: hey (informal greeting)
opa {interj}  :: hey (protest or reprimand)
opa {interj}  :: oops (acknowledging a minor mistake)
opaco {adj}  :: opaque (allowing little light to pass through)
opala {f}  :: opal (mineral)
opcional {adj}  :: optional
OPEP {prop}  :: OPEC; acronym of Organização dos Países Exportadores de Petróleo
operacional {adj}  :: operational (functioning and ready for use)
operacional {adj}  :: operational (relating to operations)
operado {v}  :: past participle of operar
operador {m}  :: operator
operador {m}  :: surgeon
operando {v}  :: gerund of operar
operação {f}  :: operation (method by which a device performs its function)
Operação Lava Jato {prop}  :: An investigation of money laundering in Brazil, carried off since 2014, involving the state-controlled oil company Petrobras
operar {v}  :: to operate, function
operatória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of operatório
operatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of operatório
operatório {adj}  :: operative (relating to surgical operation)
opereta {f} [music]  :: operetta (lighter version of opera with a frivolous story and spoken dialogue)
operário {m}  :: operative, operator
operário {m}  :: worker, workman
ophídia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ophídio
ophídias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ophídio
ophídio {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ofídio
ophídio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ofídio
opilação {f}  :: ancylostomiasis (hookworm infection)
opilação {f} [medicine]  :: an obstruction in a duct
opilião {m}  :: harvestman; daddy longlegs (arachnid with very long legs)
opinação {f}  :: opination (the process of forming or expressing opinions)
opinar {v}  :: to opine (to have or express an opinion)
opiniar {v} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of opinar
opinião {f}  :: opinion (subjective thought)
opinoso {adj}  :: opinionated (holding very strong opinions)
o pior cego é aquele que não quer ver {proverb}  :: there are none so blind as those who will not see (literally: The worst blind people are those who do not want to see)
opção {f}  :: option
opção americana {f} [finance]  :: American option (option that can be exercised at any date between the issue date and the expiry date)
opção americana {f} [&oth, opção, americana]  ::
oponente {mf}  :: opponent; rival
oponível {adj} [legal]  :: enforceable
o pão que o diabo amassou {v} [idiomatic]  :: great suffering or strife in one's life
opor {v}  :: to oppose
O Porto {prop}  :: alternative form of Porto
oportuna {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oportuno
oportunas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oportuno
oportunidade {f}  :: opportunity (chance for advancement, progress or profit)
oportunismo {m}  :: opportunism (the taking of opportunities)
oportunista {mf}  :: opportunist (someone who takes advantage of any opportunity)
oportuno {adj}  :: opportune (at a convenient time)
oposicionista {mf}  :: oppositionist
oposição {f}  :: opposition (all senses)
oposição {f}  :: resistance
oposta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oposto
oposto {adj}  :: opposite
opportuno {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oportuno
opposição {f}  :: obsolete spelling of oposição
oppôr {v}  :: obsolete spelling of opor
opprimir {v}  :: obsolete spelling of oprimir
o prazer é todo meu {phrase}  :: the pleasure is all mine (a polite reaction to receiving thanks)
opérculo {m} [biology]  :: operculum (flap-like cover in some animals and plants)
opressa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of opresso
opressas {adj}  :: feminine plural of opresso
opressiva {adj}  :: feminine singular form of opressivo
opressivas {adj}  :: feminine plural of opressivo
opressivo {adj}  :: oppressive (tyrannical or exercising unjust power)
opressão {f}  :: oppression
opressão {f}  :: oppressiveness
opresso {adj}  :: oppressed
opressor {adj}  :: oppressive (tyrannical or exercising unjust power)
opressor {m}  :: oppressor (someone who oppresses)
opressora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of opressor
opressoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of opressor
oprimente {adj}  :: oppressive (tyrannical or exercising unjust power)
oprimir {v}  :: to oppress (to keep down by force)
ops {interj}  :: oops (acknowledging a minor mistake)
optar {v}  :: to opt; to choose; to pick
optativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of optativo
optativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of optativo
optativo {adj}  :: optional (left to personal choice)
optativo {m}  :: optative (mood of verbs)
optimista {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of otimista
optimista {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of otimista
optimizar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of otimizar
optoeletrônica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of optoeletrônico
optoeletrônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of optoeletrônico
optoeletrônico {adj} [physics]  :: optoelectronic
oq {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of o que
oq {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of o quê
o quê {pron} [interrogative]  :: what (only in a sentence’s object)
o qual {pron}  :: which; whom (relative pronoun)
o quanto {adv}  :: how much time, money or effort
o quanto antes {adv}  :: as soon as possible
o que {pron} [interrogative]  :: what
o que {pron} [relative]  :: what
oqueá {f}  :: a gold coin formerly used in Abyssinia
oquea {f}  :: obsolete spelling of oqueá
oqueaa {f}  :: obsolete spelling of oqueá
o que conta é a intenção {proverb}  :: it's the thought that counts
o que está feito está feito {proverb}  :: what's done is done
o que não mata, engorda {proverb}  :: Every substance is certainly either edible or lethal
o que é, o que é {phrase} [childish]  :: Introduces a riddle
o que os olhos não veem, o coração não sente {proverb}  :: alternative form of o que os olhos não veem o coração não sente
o que os olhos não veem o coração não sente {proverb}  :: out of sight, out of mind (something not nearby is forgotten)
Oquinaua {prop}  :: rare spelling of Okinawa
ora {adv}  :: now
ora {conj}  :: sometimessometimes
ora {interj}  :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
ora {interj}  :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
ora bolas {interj}  :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
ora bolas {interj}  :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
oracular {adj} [mysticism]  :: oracular (of or relating to an oracle)
oracular {adj}  :: oracular (prophetic; foretelling the future)
orçado {v}  :: past participle of orçar
orador {m}  :: orator; speaker (one who makes a speech to an audience)
orador {m}  :: prayer (one who prays)
oradora {f}  :: feminine noun of orador
orago {m}  :: patron saint
oral {adj}  :: oral
oralidade {f}  :: orality (the quality of being oral)
orçamental {adj}  :: budgetary
orçamento {m} [finance, politics]  :: budget
orçamentária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of orçamentário
orçamentárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of orçamentário
orçamentário {adj}  :: budgetary (of or relating to budgets)
orçando {v}  :: gerund of orçar
orangotango {m}  :: orangutan (any ape of the genus Pongo, native to Borneo and Sumatra)
oração {f} [grammar]  :: clause
oração {f}  :: prayer (practice of communicating with one's God)
orar {v}  :: pray (to petition a higher being)
orçar {v}  :: to budget
orçar {v}  :: to calculate, compute, reckon
orçar {v}  :: to quote, estimate (supply a quotation / estimate for work)
oras {interj}  :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
oras {interj}  :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
oras bolas {interj}  :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
oras bolas {interj}  :: oh no! (expresses frustration or irritation)
oras bolas caçarolas {interj}  :: sarcastic or humoristic rhythmic form of oras bolas
orata {f}  :: gilt-head bream (Sparus aurata, a fish of the Mediterranean)
oratória {f}  :: oratory
oratório {adj}  :: oratorical
oratório {m}  :: chapel, oratory
oratório {m} [music]  :: oratorio (a composition with a religious theme, similar to opera)
oratório {m}  :: shrine
Oratórios {prop}  :: Oratórios (placename)
orbe {m}  :: orb (spherical body)
orbital {adj} [anatomy]  :: orbital (of or relating to the eye socket)
orbital {adj} [astrophysics]  :: orbital (of or relating to an orbit)
orbital de antiligação {m} [chemistry, physics]  :: antibonding orbital (an orbital whose energy increases as its constituent atoms are brought closer together)
orbitar {v}  :: to orbit
orbitela {adj}  :: feminine singular form of orbitelo
orbitelas {adj}  :: feminine plural of orbitelo
orbitelo {adj}  :: orb weaver (said of spiders)
orc {m} [fantasy]  :: orc (evil, monstrous humanoid creature)
orca {f}  :: orca
Orcadas {prop}  :: Orkney Islands (placename)
Orcades {prop}  :: alternative form of Orcadas
oráculo {m}  :: oracle
ordeira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ordeiro
ordeiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of ordeiro
ordeiro {adj}  :: conservative
ordeiro {adj}  :: orderly
ordem {f} [architecture]  :: classical order
ordem {f} [christianity]  :: sacrament which makes someone member of the clergy
ordem {f} [mathematics]  :: order (highest exponent in a polynomial)
ordem {f} [mathematics]  :: order (number of elements in a set or related structure)
ordem {f}  :: order (arrangement, disposition)
ordem {f}  :: order; command
ordem {f}  :: order (group of religious adherents)
ordem {f}  :: order (society of knights)
ordem {f}  :: peace; tranquility; harmony
ordem {f} [taxonomy]  :: order (taxonomical rank)
ordem {f} [uncountable]  :: order (the state of being well arranged)
ordem de grandeza {f} [mathematics]  :: order of magnitude
Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutônicos {prop}  :: alternative form of Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutónicos
Ordem dos Cavaleiros Teutónicos {prop}  :: Teutonic Knights (a mediaeval religious and military order from Germany)
ordenado {adj}  :: ordered (past participle of ordenar)
ordenado {m}  :: wages
ordenador {adj}  :: which sorts data
ordenador {m} [computing]  :: sorter (program or algorithm that sorts data)
ordenador {m} [Portugal]  :: computer (electronic device)
ordenança {f} [military]  :: orderly; batman
ordenação {f}  :: arrangement, layout
ordenação {f}  :: ordering
ordenação {f}  :: ordination
ordenar {v} [christianity]  :: to ordain (admit into the ministry of the Christian church)
ordenar {v}  :: to order (to issue a command)
ordenar {v}  :: to sort; to order (to set in (any) order)
ordenha {f}  :: milking (the act of extracting milk from an animal)
ordenhadora {f}  :: feminine noun of ordenhador
ordenhar {v}  :: to milk (to express milk from mammal)
ordinal {adj}  :: ordinal (indicating position in a numerical sequence)
ordinariamente {adv}  :: ordinarily
ordinario {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ordinário
ordinario {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ordinário
ordinária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ordinário
ordinárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ordinário
ordinário {adj}  :: bad; low-quality
ordinário {adj} [of a person]  :: having low moral character
ordinário {adj}  :: ordinary; customary; routine
ordinário {m}  :: a person with low-moral character
ordinário {m} [Roman Catholicism]  :: prelate (a clergyman of high rank and authority)
ordália {f} [historical]  :: ordeal (trial in which the accused was subjected to a dangerous test)
Oregão {prop}  :: alternative form of Oregon
Oregon {prop}  :: Oregon (placename)
Orel {prop}  :: Oryol (placename)
Orel {prop}  :: Oryol (placename)
orelha {f} [anatomy]  :: ear
orelha-de-judas {f}  :: wood ear (an edible fungus in the genus Auricularia which grows on wood)
Oremburg {prop}  :: alternative form of Oremburgo
Oremburgo {prop}  :: Orenburg (placename)
Oremburgo {prop}  :: Orenburg (placename)
Orenburg {prop}  :: alternative form of Oremburgo
Orenburgo {prop}  :: alternative form of Oremburgo
orfanato {m}  :: orphanage
Orfeu {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Orpheus (musician who failed to retrieve his wife from Hades)
organela {f} [cytology]  :: organelle
organigrama {m} [Portugal]  :: organigram, organogram, organizational chart
organismo {m}  :: ‘nosso organismo’ our / the human body
organismo {m}  :: organism (living thing)
organista {mf}  :: organist (musician who plays the organ)
organizaçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of organização
organizacional {adj}  :: organizational (of, relating to or produced by an organization)
organizado {adj}  :: organized
organizador {m} [management]  :: organizer
organização {f}  :: organization (group of people or entities with an explicit purpose)
organização {f}  :: organization; order (the condition of being organized)
organização {f}  :: organization (the way something is organized)
organização {f}  :: tidying (the act of tidying something up)
Organização do Tratado de Segurança Coletiva {prop}  :: Collective Security Treaty Organisation (intergovernmental military alliance of post-Soviet states)
Organização Internacional de Polícia Criminal {prop}  :: Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization)
Organização Mundial do Comércio {prop}  :: World Trade Organization
organização não-governamental {f}  :: non-governmental organisation (organisation with no government participation)
organizar {v}  :: to organize
organizável {adj}  :: Able to be organized; organizable
orégano {m}  :: oregano (leaves of the oregano plant used to flavour food)
orégano {m}  :: oregano (Origanum vulgare, a herb of the mint family)
organoborano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: organoborane
organoclorado {m} [organic chemistry]  :: organochlorine
organograma {m} [Brazil]  :: organigram, organogram, organizational chart
organoléptica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of organoléptico
organolépticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of organoléptico
organoléptico {adj}  :: organoleptic
organomercúrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of organomercúrico
organomercúricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of organomercúrico
organomercúrico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: relating to organomercury
organoplúmbica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of organoplúmbico
organoplúmbicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of organoplúmbico
organoplúmbico {adj}  :: organolead (attributive)
orgasmo {m}  :: orgasm
orgia {f}  :: orgy
orgânica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of orgânico
orgânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of orgânico
orgânico {adj} [chemistry]  :: organic
orégão {m}  :: alternative form of orégano
orgásmica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of orgásmico
orgásmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of orgásmico
orgásmico {adj}  :: orgasmic (of or relating to orgasms)
orgulhando {v}  :: gerund of orgulhar
orgulhante {adj}  :: proud (being a cause for pride)
orgulhar {v}  :: to make proud
orgulhar-se {v}  :: to be proud (of)
orgulho {m}  :: pride
orgulhosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of orgulhoso
orgulhosamente {adv}  :: proudly
orgulhoso {adj}  :: proud
oriá {m}  :: Oriya (an Indo-Aryan language spoken in India)
oricterope {m}  :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer, an insectivorous mammal of Africa)
orientada a objetos {adj}  :: feminine singular form of orientado a objetos
orientadas a objetos {adj}  :: feminine plural of orientado a objetos
orientado {adj}  :: oriented
orientado {v}  :: past participle of orientar
orientado a objetos {adj} [programming]  :: object-oriented (relating to or making use of the object-oriented programming paradigm)
orientadora educacional {f}  :: feminine noun of orientador educacional
orientador educacional {m}  :: school counselor (counselor who assists students in their personal, social, academic and career development)
oriental {adj}  :: east; eastern (relating to or located in the east)
oriental {adj}  :: Eastern; Oriental (relating to Asia and Asian culture)
oriental {n} [historical]  :: someone from Uruguay
oriental {n}  :: someone from Asia
orientalizar {vt}  :: to easternize (to make eastern in character)
orientando {v}  :: gerund of orientar
orientação {f}  :: direction
orientação {f}  :: orientation
orientação {f}  :: orienteering
orientação {f}  :: vocational guidance
orientação sexual {f}  :: sexual orientation
orientar {v}  :: to guide, conduct
orientar {v}  :: to manage, oversee
orientar {v}  :: to orient, orientate
oriente {m}  :: east
Oriente {prop}  :: Orient (countries of Asia)
Oriente {prop}  :: Oriente (placename)
Oriente Médio {prop}  :: Middle East (placename)
Oriente Próximo {prop}  :: Near East (placename)
orifício {m}  :: orifice (small hole)
origem {f}  :: origin
originado {v}  :: past participle of originar
originador {m}  :: originator (someone or something originates, creates or founds something)
original {adj}  :: original (being the first in a series)
original {adj}  :: original (different; unique)
original {adj}  :: original (relating to the origin or beginning)
originalidade {f}  :: originality
originando {v}  :: gerund of originar
originar {v}  :: to cause
originar {v}  :: to originate
originar {v}  :: to provoke
originária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of originário
originárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of originário
originário {adj}  :: native
originário {adj}  :: original
origâmi {m}  :: origami (piece of art made by folding paper)
origâmi {m} [uncountable]  :: origami (the Japanese art of paper folding)
Orindiúva {prop}  :: Orindiúva (placename)
Orinoco {prop}  :: Orinoco (placename)
Oriol {prop}  :: alternative form of Orel
oriolo {m}  :: oriole (any of various colourful passerine birds of the families Icteridae or Oriolidae)
Orion {prop} [constellation]  :: Orion (a constellation)
Orion {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Orion (a giant-hunter)
Orionte {prop}  :: alternative form of Orion
Orissa {prop}  :: Odisha (placename)
Oristano {prop}  :: Oristano (placename)
oriundo {adj} [formal, with de]  :: from; native to
Orizânia {prop}  :: Orizânia (placename)
orkuteiro {m} [Internet, 2000s]  :: a user of the now defunct social network Orkut
orla {f}  :: border
orlar {v}  :: to rim (to form a rim around something)
Orleans {prop}  :: alternative form of Orleães
Orleans {prop}  :: Orleans (placename)
Orleães {prop}  :: Orleans (placename)
Orlândia {prop}  :: Orlândia (placename)
ornamentação {f}  :: ornamentation; decoration; adornment; embellishment
ornamentação {f}  :: ornamentation (the act or process of decorating)
ornamentar {v}  :: to adorn
ornamento {m}  :: ornament
ornar {v}  :: to adorn
ornato {m}  :: ornament
ornear {v}  :: alternative form of ornejar
ornejar {vi}  :: to bray (of a donkey: to make its cry)
ornejo {m}  :: bray (the cry of a donkey)
ornitólogo {m}  :: ornithologist (expert in ornithology)
ornitofobia {f}  :: ornithophobia
ornitologia {f}  :: ornithology (scientific study of birds)
ornitorrinco {m}  :: platypus
ornitóptero {m}  :: ornithopter (aircraft that flaps its wings)
orografia {f} [geomorphology]  :: orography (the scientific study, or a physical description of mountains)
orologia {f} [geomorphology]  :: orology (the study of mountains)
orquídea {f}  :: orchid
orquestra {f}  :: orchestra
orquestra de câmara {f} [music]  :: chamber orchestra (orchestra that plays chamber music)
orquestrar {vt}  :: to orchestrate, compose music for dramatic performance
orquestrar {vt}  :: to orchestrate, to arrange, direct elements
orquidáceo {adj}  :: orchidaceous
orthographia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ortografia
ortiga {f}  :: alternative form of urtiga
ortigar {v}  :: alternative form of urtigar
ortita {f} [mineral]  :: orthite
ortóloga {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ortólogo
ortólogas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ortólogo
ortólogo {adj} [genetics, of genes or sequences]  :: orthologous (having been separated by a speciation event)
ortoclase {f} [mineral]  :: orthoclase
ortodontista {mf}  :: orthodontist (orthodontic dentist)
ortodoxia {f}  :: orthodoxy (correctness in doctrine and belief)
ortodoxia {f} [uncountable]  :: Orthodoxy (the Eastern Orthodox Church and its foundations)
ortodoxo {adj}  :: orthodox (adhering to established religious doctrine or tradition)
ortodoxo {adj}  :: orthodox (adhering to whatever is traditional, customary, accepted)
ortodoxo {adj}  :: Orthodox (relating to Orthodox Judaism)
ortodoxo {adj}  :: Orthodox (relating to the Eastern Christian Orthodox church)
ortoepia {f}  :: alternative form of ortoépia
ortofosfórica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ortofosfórico
ortofosfóricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ortofosfórico
ortofosfórico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: orthophosphoric
ortogonal {adj} [geometry]  :: orthogonal (relating to or containing right angles)
ortografia {f}  :: orthography (a specific system for writing in a language)
ortografia {f} [uncountable]  :: orthography (study of correct spelling)
ortográfica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ortográfico
ortográfico {adj}  :: orthographic
ortopedia {f} [medicine]  :: orthopedics (branch of medicine concerned with the musculoskeletal system)
ortopedista {n}  :: orthopedist (doctor involved in orthopedics)
ortoépia {f}  :: orthoepy (the correct pronunciation of words)
ortopolifosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: orthopolyphosphate
ortorexia {f} [psychology]  :: orthorexia (obsession with healthy food)
ortorrômbica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ortorrômbico
ortorrômbicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ortorrômbico
ortorrômbico {adj}  :: orthorhombic
ortovanadato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: orthovanadate
orvalho {m}  :: dew
os {pron}  :: third-person plural direct objective personal pronoun; them
-osa {suffix}  :: feminine singular form of -oso
Osaca {prop}  :: rare spelling of Osaka
Osaka {prop}  :: Osaka (placename)
o sangue é mais grosso que a água {proverb}  :: blood is thicker than water (family relations are more important)
Osasco {prop}  :: Osasco (placename)
osasquense {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Osasco, Brazil
os brancos que se entendam {phrase} [ethnic slur]  :: Said by someone who wishes to stay away from a fight or discussion between other people
Oscar {prop}  :: Academy Awards; Oscar
Oscar {prop}  :: male given name, Oscar
Oscar Bressane {prop}  :: Oscar Bressane (placename)
os cães ladram, mas a caravana passa {proverb}  :: the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on (life goes on even if people try to stop progress)
oscilador {m}  :: oscillator
oscilação {f}  :: oscillation (the act of oscillating)
oscilar {v}  :: to oscillate (to swing back and forth, especially if with a regular rhythm)
osciloscópio {m}  :: oscilloscope (instrument that displays a graph of continuously varying voltages or currents)
osco {adj}  :: Oscan (of or pertaining to the Oscans, an ancient Italic people)
osco {m}  :: Oscan (a member of the Oscan people)
osco {m} [uncountable]  :: Oscan (an extinct Italic language, once spoken by the Oscan people)
oscular {v} [rare]  :: to kiss, to osculate
os dados estão lançados {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: the die is cast (events will proceed in an irreversible manner)
-ose {suffix} [chemistry]  :: forms the names of sugars; -ose
-ose {suffix} [chiefly, biology, and, chemistry]  :: forms the names of actions and processes; -osis
-ose {suffix} [pathology]  :: forms the names of functional diseases or conditions; -osis
Oseias {prop} [biblical character]  :: Hosea (a prophet)
Oseias {prop} [biblical]  :: Hosea (a book of the bible)
Oseias {prop}  :: male given name
o senhor {pron} [formal]  :: second-person masculine singular personal pronoun; you
o senhor {pron} [&oth, o, senhor]  ::
os fins justificam os meios {proverb}  :: the end justifies the means (morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary)
osga {f}  :: gecko (any lizard of the family Gekkonidae)
os homens são todos iguais {phrase} [derogatory]  :: Every man has repetitive and predictable behaviour
Oséias {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Oseias
o silêncio é ouro {proverb}  :: silence is golden (often the best choice is to say nothing)
oásis {m}  :: oasis (well surrounded by vegetation in a desert)
Oslo {prop}  :: Oslo (placename)
osmato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: osmate
osmirídio {m}  :: osmiridium
osmômetro {m}  :: alternative form of osmómetro
osmómetro {m}  :: osmometer (device used to measure osmotic pressure)
osmose {f}  :: osmosis (movement of molecules through a membrane)
osmótica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of osmótico
osmóticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of osmótico
osmótico {adj}  :: osmotic
-oso {suffix}  :: -ous, -y
os opostos se atraem {proverb}  :: opposites attract
Osório {prop}  :: Osório (placename)
Osíris {prop} [Egyptian mythology]  :: Osiris (god of the dead)
ossatura {f} [anatomy]  :: osteology (bone structure of a particular individual)
ossículo {m}  :: diminutive form of osso
ossículo {m} [skeleton]  :: ossicle; earbone
osseta {adj}  :: Ossetian (of, from or relating to Ossetia)
osseta {n}  :: Ossetian (member of the Ossetian people)
osseto {m}  :: Ossetian (Eastern Iranian language spoken by the Ossetians)
Ossónoba {prop}  :: alternative form of Ossonoba
Ossônoba {prop}  :: alternative form of Ossonoba
osso {m} [anatomy]  :: bone
osso {m} [figuratively]  :: a difficulty
osso {m} [uncountable]  :: bone (material)
osso alveolar {m} [anatomy]  :: alveolar bone (ridge on the maxilla)
ossobuco {m}  :: osso buco (Italian meat dish)
osso do quadril {m} [skeleton]  :: hip bone
osso duro {m} [idiomatic]  :: tough cookie (person who can endure physical or mental hardship)
osso duro {m} duro
osso duro de roer {m} [idiomatic]  :: a brave or hardy person or organisation
osso duro de roer {m} [idiomatic]  :: hard nut to crack (problem that is challenging to solve)
osso duro de roer {m} [idiomatic]  :: hard nut to crack (situation, person, group, etc. which is difficult to overcome or deal with)
osso nasal {m} [skeleton]  :: nasal bone
Ossonoba {prop}  :: Ossonoba (placename)
osso palatino {m} [skeleton]  :: palatine bone
osso piramidal {m} [skeleton]  :: triquetral bone
osso pisiforme {m} [skeleton]  :: pisiform bone
ossos do ofício {n} [idiom]  :: occupational hazard (hardships and unpleasant circumstances that occur in a given job)
osso semi-lunar {m}  :: obsolete spelling of osso semilunar
osso semilunar {m} [skeleton]  :: lunate bone
ossário {m}  :: alternative form of ossuário
Ossétia {prop}  :: Ossetia (placename)
Ossétia do Norte {prop}  :: North Ossetia (placename)
Ossétia do Sul {prop}  :: South Ossetia (placename)
ossudo {adj}  :: bony (full of bones)
ossudo {adj}  :: bony (having prominent bones)
ossuário {m}  :: ossuary (a place where bones of dead people are kept)
ostíaca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ostíaco
ostíacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ostíaco
ostíaco {adj}  :: alternative form of ostiaco
ostíaco {m}  :: alternative form of ostiaco
osteócito {m}  :: osteocyte
ostensivamente {adv}  :: ostensibly; seemingly; apparently
ostentado {v}  :: past participle of ostentar
ostentando {v}  :: gerund of ostentar
ostentação {f}  :: boasting
ostentação {f}  :: ostentation
ostentação {f}  :: show
ostentar {v}  :: to display, flaunt
ostentatória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ostentatório
ostentatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of ostentatório
ostentatório {adj}  :: ostentatious (relating to ostentatious)
osteoartrose {f} [pathology]  :: osteoarthritis
osteoblasto {m}  :: osteoblast
osteoblástica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of osteoblástico
osteoblásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of osteoblástico
osteoblástico {adj}  :: osteoblastic
osteoclástica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of osteoclástico
osteoclásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of osteoclástico
osteoclástico {adj}  :: osteoclastic
osteogênese {f}  :: alternative form of osteogénese
osteogénese {f} [physiology]  :: osteogenesis (the formation and development of bone)
osteogênese imperfeita {f}  :: alternative form of osteogénese imperfeita
osteogénese imperfeita {f} [pathology]  :: osteogenesis imperfecta (disease characterised by bones that easily fracture)
osteomalacia {f} [medicine]  :: osteomalacia (a softening of adult bones due to inadequate mineralisation)
osteomielite {f} [pathology]  :: osteomyelitis (infection of the bone)
osteopatia {f} [alternative medicine]  :: osteopathy (manipulation of bones and muscles)
osteopatia {f}  :: any disease of the bone
osteopenia {f}  :: osteopenia (low bone density)
osteoporose {f} [pathology]  :: osteoporosis (disease that causes bones to become porous)
ostiaca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ostiaco
ostiacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ostiaco
ostiaco {adj}  :: relating to the Ket people
ostiaco {m}  :: Ket (a Yeniseian language spoken by the Ket people)
ostiaco {m}  :: one of the Ket people of central Siberia
ostra {f}  :: oyster (mollusk)
ostraceiro {m}  :: oystercatcher (any bird of the genus Haematopus, which feed on shellfish)
ostracismo {m} [historical]  :: ostracism (a ten-year banishment from the ancient city-state of Athens by popular vote)
ostracismo {m}  :: ostracism (exclusion from a community)
ostracizando {v}  :: gerund of ostracizar
ostracizar {vt}  :: to ostracize
Ostrava {prop}  :: Ostrava (placename)
ostreicultor {m}  :: oysterman
ostricultor {m}  :: alternative form of ostreicultor
ostrogodo {adj}  :: Ostrogothic (relating to the Ostrogoths)
ostrogodo {m}  :: Ostrogoth (member of a tribe of estern Goths)
o sujo falando do mal lavado {m} [idiomatic]  :: pot calling the kettle black (somebody who accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser)
Osvaldo {prop}  :: male given name, Oswald
Osvaldo Cruz {prop}  :: Osvaldo Cruz (placename)
Otacílio Costa {prop}  :: Otacílio Costa (placename)
otalgia {f} [pathology]  :: otalgia; earache
OTAN {acronym} [acronym]  :: NATO
Otava {prop}  :: Ottawa (placename)
o tempo cura tudo {proverb}  :: time heals all wounds (negative feelings eventually fade away)
o tempo dirá {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: time will tell (results of an action cannot be known beforehand)
o tempo e a maré não esperam por ninguém {proverb}  :: time and tide wait for no man (literally: Time and tide wait for no one)
o tempo inteiro {adv}  :: all the time (for the entire duration of)
o tempo inteiro {adv}  :: all the time; frequently; often
o tempo todo {adv}  :: synonym of o tempo inteiro
o tempo voa {proverb}  :: time flies (time seems to pass quickly)
otimismo {m}  :: optimism (a tendency to expect the best)
otimista {adj}  :: optimistic (expecting a good outcome)
otimista {mf}  :: optimist (person who expects a favourable outcome)
otimizar {vt}  :: to optimize (produce an optimum state; make optimal)
otite {f} [pathology]  :: otitis (inflammation of the ear)
-oto {suffix} [rare]  :: forms diminutives
Oto {prop}  :: male given name, Otto
otologia {f} [medicine]  :: otology (the branch of medicine that deals with the ear)
otomana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of otomano
otomanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of otomano
otomano {adj}  :: Ottoman (relating to the empire centred in Turkey from the 14th century to the 20th)
otomano {m}  :: Ottoman (Turk from the Ottoman Empire)
otorrinolaringologia {f} [medicine]  :: otorhinolaryngology
otorrinolaringologista {mf} [medicine]  :: otorhinolaryngologist
otária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of otário
otária {f}  :: feminine noun of otário
otária {f}  :: South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens, a sea lion of South America)
otário {adj} [pejorative, of a person]  :: easily fooled
otário {m} [pejorative]  :: generic term of abuse
otário {m} [pejorative]  :: sucker (person who is easily fooled)
Ottawa {prop}  :: alternative form of Otava
Otto {prop} dot=; variant of Oto
Otávio {prop}  :: male given name, Octavius
ou {conj}  :: eitheror
ou {conj}  :: or (connects at least two alternative words, phrases, clauses, sentences, etc. each of which could make a passage true)
ou {conj}  :: or (connects two equivalent names)
ou {m} [logic]  :: inclusive or (connective which yields true when at least one of the predicates is true)
-ou {suffix}  :: A suffix indicating the third-person singular indicative preterite of a verb
Ouagadougou {prop}  :: Ouagadougou (placename)
ou caga, ou desocupa a moita {phrase} [idiom, vulgar]  :: Either do it, or let other people do it
oud {m}  :: alternative spelling of ud
ou exclusivo {m} [logic]  :: xor; exclusive or (logical operation that outputs true only when both inputs differ)
ouija {m}  :: Ouija (a board with letters used to communicate with spirits)
ou oito, ou oitenta {proverb}  :: One frequently takes things to the extreme, instead of searching for an equilibrium or a moderate way
ourelha {f} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of orelha
ourégão {m}  :: alternative form of orégano
Ouriçangas {prop}  :: Ouriçangas (placename)
Ourinhos {prop}  :: Ourinhos (placename)
ouriço {m}  :: chestnut burr
ouriço {m}  :: hedgehog
ouriço {m}  :: sea urchin
ouriço-cacheiro {m}  :: hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
ouriço do mar {m}  :: alternative spelling of ouriço-do-mar
ouriço-do-mar {m}  :: sea urchin (any marine echinoderm of the class Echinoidea)
ouriço terrestre {m} [rare]  :: European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus, a species of hedgehog)
Ourique {prop}  :: Ourique (placename)
ourives {mf}  :: goldsmith (craftsman who makes things out of gold)
ourivesaria {f}  :: jeweller's (shop)
ourivesaria {f}  :: jewellery
ourivesaria {f}  :: the art of the goldsmith
Ourém {prop}  :: Ourém (placename)
ouro {m}  :: gold (coin)
ouro {m}  :: gold (colour)
ouro {m}  :: gold (element)
ouro {m}  :: gold (medal)
Ouro {prop}  :: Ouro (placename)
ouro branco {m}  :: white gold (an alloy of gold and a white metal)
Ouro Branco {prop}  :: Ouro Branco (placename)
ouro dos tolos {m} [figurative]  :: anything that gives the illusion of wealth
ouro dos tolos {m}  :: fool's gold (pyrite, a mineral often mistaken for gold)
Ouroeste {prop}  :: Ouroeste (placename)
Ouro Fino {prop}  :: Ouro Fino (placename)
Ourolândia {prop}  :: Ourolândia (placename)
ouro negro {m} [figurative]  :: black gold (petroleum)
ouropel {m}  :: tinsel (thin strips of a glittering, metallic material used as a decoration)
Ouro Preto {prop}  :: Ouro Preto (placename)
ouros {m} [card games]  :: diamond (card games: card of the diamonds suit)
Ouro Verde {prop}  :: Ouro Verde (placename)
Ouro Verde {prop}  :: Ouro Verde (placename)
Ouro Verde de Minas {prop}  :: Ouro Verde de Minas (placename)
ousadia {f}  :: audacity; daringness (fearlessness, intrepid daring)
ousar {v}  :: to dare
ou seja {adv} [conjunctive]  :: that is (used to introduce a clarification or explanation)
outdoor {m}  :: billboard (very large advertisement along the side of a road)
outeiro {m}  :: hillock, knoll
outeyro {m}  :: obsolete form of outeiro
outonal {adj}  :: autumnal
outono {m}  :: autumn
outorga {f}  :: grant
outorgando {v}  :: gerund of outorgar
outorgar {v}  :: to grant, bestow
outra {pron}  :: feminine singular form of outro
outra vez {adv}  :: again, once more
outra vez {adv}  :: another time
outrem {pron}  :: other people
outridade {f} [philosophy, anthropology]  :: alterity (entity in contrast to which an identity is constructed)
outro {pron}  :: another instance of someone or something that does something
outro {pron}  :: another (not the same)
outro {pron}  :: another (one more)
outro {pron}  :: other (not the one previously referred to)
outro eu {m}  :: alter ego (alternate personality or persona)
outro mundo {m}  :: afterlife; other side (supernatural realm inhabited by spirits)
outro mundo {m} mundo
outrora {adv}  :: formerly
outrora {adv}  :: once, long ago
outrossim {adv}  :: also, too, as well, likewise
outsourcing {m}  :: outsourcing (transfer of a business function to an external service provider)
outubro {m}  :: October (month)
Outubro {m}  :: superseded spelling of outubro
ou vai ou racha {phrase}  :: it's all or nothing (something will either be successful or fail catastrophically)
ouvera {v}  :: obsolete spelling of houvera
ouvido {m}  :: ear (specially the inner part of this)
ouvido {m}  :: hearing
ouvido médio {m} [anatomy]  :: middle ear (portion of the ear internal to the eardrum)
ouvidor {m}  :: listener, hearer
ouvidora {n}  :: feminine noun of ouvidor
ouvidoria {f} [government, management]  :: an ombudsman department
ouvi-la {v}  :: contraction of ouvir la
ouvinte {mf}  :: someone who is listening to a speech or lecture
ouvio {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ouviu
ouvir {vt}  :: to hear (to perceive with the ear, without necessarily paying attention to it)
ouvir falar {v} [indtr, pt, de]  :: to hear of (to become aware of through second-hand knowledge)
ouvyr {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ouvir
ova {f}  :: roe (fish egg)
oval {adj}  :: oval (shaped like an egg)
ovalado {adj}  :: oval (shaped like an egg)
Ovar {prop}  :: Ovar (placename)
ovariana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ovariano
ovarianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ovariano
ovariano {adj} [medicine]  :: ovarian (relating to the ovaries)
ovócito {m}  :: alternative form of oócito
oveiro {m}  :: eggcup (a small dish used to support a boiled egg)
ovelha {f}  :: a female sheep; an ewe
ovelha negra {f} [idiomatic]  :: black sheep (disliked person)
ovelha negra {f} [idiomatic]  :: black sheep (nonconformist)
ovelha negra {f} negra
ovelhinha {f}  :: diminutive form of ovelha
overdose {f}  :: overdose (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug)
overflow {m} [computing]  :: overflow (situation where a value exceeds the available range)
Overijssel {prop}  :: Overijssel (placename)
oviduto {m} [anatomy]  :: oviduct (duct through which an ovum passes)
Oviedo {prop}  :: Oviedo (placename)
ovni {m}  :: alternative spelling of óvni
OVNI {m}  :: UFO; alien spacecraft
ovnilogia {f}  :: ufology
ovo {m}  :: egg
ovo {m} [slang]  :: testicle
ovo centenário {m}  :: century egg (Chinese delicacy made by preserving an egg in charcoal and lime)
ovo de Páscoa {m}  :: Easter egg (a dyed or decorated egg)
ovo estrelado {m}  :: fried egg (egg that has been shallow fried)
ovoide {adj}  :: oval (shaped like an egg)
ovoide {m}  :: oval (a shape like an egg or ellipse)
ovo quente {m}  :: soft-boiled egg
ovos mexidos {n}  :: scrambled eggs (dish made by beating and frying eggs)
ovárica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ovárico
ováricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ovárico
ovárico {adj} [medicine]  :: ovarian (relating to the ovaries)
ovário {m}  :: ovary
ovulação {f} [physiology]  :: ovulation (release of an ovum from the ovary)
ovular {adj}  :: oval (of or pertaining to an ovum)
ovular {v}  :: to ovulate (to produce eggs or ova)
own {interj}  :: aw (used to express affection)
oxalá {adv}  :: hopefully (I hope that)
oxalá {interj}  :: God grant (that) (followed by present subjunctive)
oxalá {interj}  :: God willing
oxalá {interj}  :: I hope so; let’s hope so
oxalá {interj}  :: I hope (that); let’s hope (that) (followed by present subjunctive)
oxalá {interj}  :: let's hope that
oxe {interj} [regional, chiefly, Northeast Brazil]  :: short form of oxente
oxente {interj}  :: eye dialect of oh, gente
Oxford {prop}  :: Oxford (placename)
Oxford {prop}  :: Oxford (university)
oxiácido {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: oxyacid
oxicloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: oxychloride
oxicoco {m}  :: cranberry (a species of berry shrub found in acidic bogs)
oxidante {adj}  :: oxidizing
oxidante {m} [chemistry]  :: oxidant
oxidação {f}  :: oxidation
oxidar {v}  :: to oxidize
oxidativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oxidativo
oxidativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oxidativo
oxidativo {adj} [chemistry]  :: oxidative
oxidável {adj}  :: oxidizable
oxigenado {v}  :: past participle of oxigenar
oxigenando {v}  :: gerund of oxigenar
oxigenação {f}  :: oxygenation
oxigenar {v}  :: to oxygenate
oxigenase {f} [enzyme]  :: oxygenase
oxigênio {m}  :: See oxigénio
oxinitrato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: oxynitrate
oxirredução {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: redox (reaction)
oxirredutase {f} [enzyme]  :: oxidoreductase
oxitocina {f} [hormone]  :: oxytocin
Oxônia {prop}  :: alternative form of Oxónia
Oxónia {prop}  :: Oxford (placename)
oxônio {m} [chemistry]  :: oxonium
oxítona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of oxítono
oxítona {f} [linguistics]  :: oxytone (a word stressed on the last syllable)
oxítonas {adj}  :: feminine plural of oxítono
oxítono {adj} [linguistics, of a word]  :: oxytone (stressed on the last syllable)
oytavo {ordinal num}  :: obsolete spelling of oitavo
oyto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of oito
Ozaca {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Osaka
Ozaka {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Osaka
ozônio {m}  :: ozone
ozónio {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of ozônio
ozonídeo {m} [chemistry]  :: ozonide
ozonizando {v}  :: gerund of ozonizar
ozonização {f} [chemistry]  :: ozonization
ozonizar {v} [chemistry]  :: To ozonize
ozono {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of ozônio
ópera {f} [music]  :: opera
ópera {f}  :: opera house
ópio {m}  :: opium
óptica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of óptico
óptica {f} [physics]  :: optics (physics of light and vision)
óptico {adj}  :: optic; optical (relating to optics or optical instruments)
óptico {adj}  :: optic; optical (relating to the eye or vision)
óptico {m}  :: lensmaker (person who constructs lenses)
óptimo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ótimo
óptimo {interj}  :: obsolete spelling of ótimo
óptimo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ótimo
órbita {f}  :: orbit (path of one object around another)
Órcadas {prop}  :: alternative form of Orcadas
Órcades {prop}  :: alternative form of Orcadas
Óregão {prop}  :: alternative form of Oregon
Óregon {prop}  :: alternative form of Oregon
órfã {adj}  :: feminine singular form of órfão
órfão {adj}  :: orphan
órfão {m}  :: orphan
órgão {m} [anatomy]  :: organ
órgão {m}  :: institution
órgão {m} [musical instruments]  :: organ
órgão de reflexão {m}  :: think tank (group producing research and recommendations)
órgão do sentido {m}  :: sense organ (an organic sensor)
órgão sensorial {m}  :: sense organ (an organic sensor)
órgão sexual {m} [anatomy]  :: sex organ (organ used in sexual reproduction)
Órion {prop}  :: alternative form of Orion
órix {m}  :: oryx (any of several African antelopes of the genus Oryx)
órix da Arábia {m}  :: Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx, a species of oryx)
órix árabe {m}  :: Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx, a species of oryx)
Óscar {prop}  :: alternative form of Oscar
ósculo {m} [biology]  :: osculum (main opening in a sponge)
ósculo {m} [rare]  :: kiss
ósmio {m}  :: osmium (chemical element)
óssea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ósseo
ósseas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ósseo
ósseo {adj}  :: osseous, bony
ótica {adj}  :: alternative form of óptica
ótica {f}  :: alternative form of óptica
óticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ótico
ótico {adj}  :: alternative form of óptico
ótico {adj} [anatomy]  :: otic (related to the ear)
ótico {m}  :: alternative form of óptico
ótima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of ótimo
ótimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of ótimo
ótimo {adj} [computing]  :: optimal (the best possible solution of a problem)
ótimo {adj}  :: great; excellent (very good)
ótimo {interj}  :: great (expression of gladness)
ótimo {m} [computing]  :: the optimal solution
ótimo {m}  :: the very best
óvni {m}  :: UFO; alien spacecraft
óvulo {m} [cytology, embryology]  :: ovum; egg cell (female gamete in animals)
óxido {m} [chemistry]  :: oxide (binary compound of oxygen)