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  • de-: reversal, undoing, removing. intensifying. from, off.
  • dec-, deca-: ten. 10.
  • deci-: tenth part. 10-1.
  • deka-: ten. 10.
  • demi-: half. one that partly belongs to.
  • deoxy-: (chemistry) compounds that are formally derived from others by the replacement of a hydroxy group by a hydrogen atom.
  • deuter-, deutero-: second (in the sense of next after the first).
  • di-: two, twice or double. through, across. reversal, removal. apart. intensifying.
  • dia-, di-: through, across.
  • dichlor-, dichloro-: (chemistry) two chlorine atoms.
  • dinitro-: (chemistry) two nitro groups (-NO2).
  • dino-
  • dipl-, diplo-: double.
  • dis-, di-: reversal, removal. apart. intensifying.
  • dodec-, dodeca-: twelve.
  • down-
  • dys-: abnormal. difficult. impaired. bad.


  • eco-: habitat or environment. ecological, environmental (in the ecological sense).
  • ecto-: outside, external.
  • eigen-: own (adjective).
  • electr-, electro-: electricity, electric. electrolytic. electron.
  • em-: in, into, on, onto, within. covered. caused. provide with. as intensifier.
  • en-: in, into, on, onto, within. covered. caused. provide with. as intensifier.
  • end-, endo-: inside, within. taking in.
  • ennea-: nine.
  • ent-, ento-: inside, within, inner.
  • epi-: above, over, on, upon, outer. in addition to, besides, attached to. after. chemical entity related to or distinguished from (such) another.
  • equi-: equal, equally.
  • ethno-: race, people, cultural group.
  • eu-: good. well, easily. true.
  • Eur-, Euro-: Europe, especially as a political entity.
  • ever-: always.
  • ex-: out of, outside. not. former.
  • exa-: quintillion. 1018.
  • exbi-: 260.
  • exo-: outside, external, outer. turning out.
  • extra-: outside, beyond.


  • femto-: 10-15.
  • ferro-: iron (element). (chemistry) ferrous.
  • fluor-, fluori-, fluoro-: fluorine. fluorescence.
  • for-: from. against, so as to involve prohibition, exclusion, omission, failure, neglect, or refusal. destructively, detrimentally. completely, excessively, to exhaustion, to pieces.
  • fore-: before, in front of, front, foremast. earlier, beforehand.
  • forth-
  • Franco-: French.
  • full-, ful-: fully, completely, in full


  • gain-: against, contrary to.
  • gastr-, gastro-: stomach, gastric. cooking.
  • genito-: genital.
  • geo-: earth, ground, soil. geography.
  • gibi-: 230.
  • giga-: billion, 109. (computing) 230.
  • gen-, geno-: genetics, genus. family, tribe, race, offspring.
  • gymno-: naked.
  • gyn-, gyno-: women. female reproductive system. female reproductive organ.
  • gyro-: circle, circular, spinning, rotating.


  • haem-, haemat-, haemo-: blood.
  • hagi-, hagio-: Pertaining to saints.
  • half-
  • hect-, hecto-: hundred. 100.
  • heli-, helio-: sun.
  • hem-, hemat- : blood.
  • hemi-: half.
  • hemo- : blood.
  • hendeca-: eleven.
  • hept-, hepta-: seven. seven atoms, seven groups.
  • hetero-: other, different, other than usual. atoms of different kinds.
  • hex-, hexa-: six. six atoms, six groups.
  • hind-: back, rear, in reverse.
  • hinder-: positioned toward the rear, back.
  • hipp-, hippo-
  • Hispano-, Spanish
  • hist-, histio-, histo-: (biology) tissue.
  • hol-, holo-: whole, complete, total.
  • homeo-
  • homo-: man. same, similar, alike. homosexual.
  • homoeo-
  • hydro-: water, liquid. (chemistry) hydrogen. (mineralogy) hydrous compound. (zoology) hydrozoa.
  • hyper-: over, above, beyond. excessive. existing in more than three spatial dimensions. linked non-sequentially, bridging points within an entity (as a database or network) nonsequentially.
  • hypn-, hypno-: sleep. hypnosis.
  • hypo-: below, beneath, under, down. deficient, less than normal. (chemistry) in lower oxidation state, in low and usually the lowest position in series of compounds.


  • il-: not. in, within, into. toward, on, onto. lacking, without. covered. caused. provide with. as intensifier.
  • ill-: bad, wrong.
  • im-: not. in, within, into. toward, on, onto. lacking, without. covered. caused. provide with. as intensifier.
  • in-: not. in, within, into. toward, on, onto. lacking, without. covered. caused. provide with. as intensifier.
  • Indo-: India. East Indies. Indo-European.
  • inter-: among, between, amid. reciprocal.
  • intra-: inside, in, into, inward, interior, within. during, between.
  • ir-: not. in, within, into. toward, on, onto. lacking, without. covered. caused. provide with. as intensifier.
  • is-, iso-: equal, homogeneous, uniform. (chemistry) isomer. for or from different individuals of the same species.
  • Italo-: Italian.



  • ker-
  • kibi-: 210.
  • kilo-: thousand. 1,000. (computing) 210.
  • kuli-: community of one caste in orissa, so some "kuli & kulis" is equal to one caste "kuli & kulis" in schedule tribe that the kuli & kulis is the one & same caste in India.



  • macr-, macro-: large. long. inclusive.
  • mal-: bad, faulty. not. abnormal. inadequate.
  • many-, mani-: many, multiple.
  • mebi-: 220.
  • mega-: million, 106. (computing) 220. (computing, marketing) 210 * 103. great, large.
  • mes-, meso-: middle. intermediate.
  • meta-: transcending, encompassing, comprehensive. self-referential. analogies with metaphysics. classifications. change, transformation. (pathology) consequent on. (anatomy, zoology) behind. (botany, zoology) later, subsequent. (geology) analogies and derivatives of metamorphism. (chemistry) having fewer molecules of water. (chemistry) in isomeric benzene derivatives, having the two substituents in alternate positions.
  • metro-: city.
  • micr-, micro-: very small. 10-6. microscopy. microphotograph, microfilm.
  • mid-: middle, between, with.
  • midi-
  • milli-: 10-3. thousand.
  • mini-: small, brief.
  • mis-: bad, wrong. lack, failure. opposite, not. unfavorable.
  • miso-: hatred.
  • mon-, mono-: one, single, alone.
  • multi-: many.
  • myria-: ten thousand. 10,000.
  • myxo-: mucus.


  • nano-: 10-9. nanotechnology. nanoscale.
  • naso-: nose.
  • necr-, necro-: death.
  • neo-: new, recent.
  • new-: new, recent.
  • non-: not, other than. reverse. absent, lacking. unimportant, worthless, of little or no consequence.
  • non-, nona-: nine.


  • oct-, octa-, octo-: eight.
  • off-
  • olig-, oligo-: few.
  • omni-: all, universal.
  • on-: on, toward, forward.
  • orth-, ortho-: straight. upright, vertical, perpendicular. right, proper, correct. (chemistry) having extra proportion of water, hydrated, hydroxylated. (chemistry) in isomeric benzene derivatives, having the two substituents in adjacent positions. (physics)) of any molecule of the form X2 wherein the two nuclei have parallel spin.
  • other-: different, other, alternative.
  • out-: external. surpassing, exceeding, greater, beyond.
  • over-: above, higher. superior. excessive, surpassing, exceeding.
  • ov-, ovi-, ovo-: egg. ovum.


  • palaeo-, pale-, paleo-: very old, prehistoric, ancient. very early, primitive, archaic.
  • par-, para-: beside, near, alongside, beyond, aside. abnormal. incorrect, faulty. resembling, related, almost. subsidiary, accessory. (chemistry) in isomeric benzene derivatives, having the two substituents in opposite positions.
  • pebi-: 250.
  • pent-, penta-: five.
  • peta-: (United States of America) quadrillion, 1015. (Great Britain) septillion, 1024.
  • phon-, phono-: sound, voice, speech.
  • photo-: light, electromagnetic radiation, radiant energy. photograph.
  • phys-, physi-, physio-: nature. physical.
  • pico-: 10-12. very small.
  • post-: after. beyond.
  • poly-: many. polymer.
  • praeter-: beyond.
  • pre-: front, anterior (in space). before, earlier, prior (in time).
  • preter-: beyond.
  • prot-, proto-: first, beginning, primary. (linguistics) hypothetical ancestor of a family of languages.
  • pseud-, pseudo-: false, fake, spurious. pretentious. temporary, substitute.
  • psych-, psycho-: mind. brain.
  • pter-, ptero-: wing, feather.
  • pyro-: fire, heat. fever. (chemistry) ortho acid.



  • radi-, radio-: radiation. (anatomy) radius (bone).
  • re-: again, anew. backward.
  • robo-: robot.
  • ribo-: set of 3 CHOH molecules


  • same-: same, similar.
  • schiz-, schizo-: split, cleft. schizophrenia.
  • self-: self, ones own
  • semi-: half. partial, incomplete.
  • sept-, septa-, septem-, septi-: seven.
  • sex-, sexa-: six.
  • Sino-: China.
  • step-: related via marriage of parent.
  • sub-: under, beneath, below. subsidiary, secondary, subordinate. almost, nearly, somewhat.
  • sui-
  • super-: above, over, upon. superior in size, quality, number, degree, status, title, or position. inclusive.
  • supra-: above, over, on top. greater than, transcending.
  • syl-: with, together.
  • sym-: identical. with, together. concomitant.
  • syn-: identical. with, together. concomitant.