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Traditional Simplified Pinyin Meaning
回家 回家 huíjiā return home
獨立 独立 dúlì stand alone
英國 英国 yīngguó Britain, Great_Britain, England, chapel, Great Britain, English, UK, reeve, John_Bull
投資 投资 tóuzī invest
理論 理论 lǐlùn theory
面臨 面临 miànlín have, face, confront, envisage, flank, present, be faced with, be up against, bide, meet
選手 选手 xuǎnshǒu participant, basketeer, athlete selected for a sports meet, basketball player, jock, contestant, cap, cager, athlete, player, champ, performer, player selected as contestant
分鐘 分钟 fēnzhōng m.[standard]
內部 内部 nèibù entrails, bowel, interior, inner, within, bosom, inside, innards, internal, inward
西方 西方 xīfāng the Occident, West, New World, occidental, westward, west, the West, the west, Hesperian, occident, Western, sunset, western hemisphere, western
人家 人家 rénjiā I (used by females), dwelling, I, sb. else, sb. else's house, family, household
準備 准备 zhǔnbèi prepare, get ready
眼睛 眼睛 yǎnjīng eye
conj.: if, supposing
yǎn eye, small hole, aperture, salient/weighted point, salient/weighted point
離開 离开 líkāi leave, depart/deviate from
競爭 竞争 jìngzhēng competition
專利 专利 zhuānlì patent
成果 成果 chéngguǒ product, achievement, outcome, gain, production, fruit, positive result, progeny, job
huó alive, live, vivid, save (sb.'s life), activate, save, be
心情 心情 xīnqíng cognitive state, cue, frame of mind, form, stomach, pulse, humor, feeling, temper, state of mind, cheer, humour, frame/state of mind, mood, vein, spirit, feelings, frame, frame_of_mind, habit of mind, mind, tune
介紹 介绍 jièshào introduce, present, recommend, suggest, let know, brief
現場 现场 xiànchǎng scene (of an incident), location, site, locale, scene of a crime, locality, live, scene, spot, field
突然 突然 túrán suddenly, presto, unexpectedly, abruptly, at once, all_at_once, all together, all of a sudden, all at once
客戶 客户 kèhù clientage, custom, customer, client, business, patronage, clientele
jiān locality, room
印象 印象 yìnxiàng effect, mark, impress, embossment, impressional, image, imprint, engram, sound, intuition, impression
huā spend, expend, cost
hǎi water, foam, bottom, main, huge group of people, Surname, sea catfish, the sea, sea, mare, drink, fishpond, briny, great capacity, Neptune, billow, huge group of things, depth, waters, pond, wave, brine, big lake
真正 真正 zhēnzhèng genuine, true, real
保持 保持 bǎochí keep, maintain, preserve
時期 时期 shíqí epoch, season, date, period_of_time, phase, day, occasion, estate, period, length, period (of time), phase angle, stage, conjuncture, chapter, times, era, leg, guardianship
céng m.[proximation]
保持 保持 bǎochí keep, maintain, preserve
方便 方便 fāngbiàn convenient
幫助 帮助 bāngzhù aid, bridge_over, help, bestead, bring_on, tide_over, serve, support, facilitate, accommodate, carry_through, assist, administer, attend_to, assistance, befriend, further, favour
基礎 基础 jīchǔ base, foundation
個人 个人 gèrén individual person, man_jack, personal, individual (person), man jack, individual, individuality, identity
新竹 新竹 xīnzhú Hsin Chu(city in Taiwan)
plum, Lee, Surname, Li
shēng give birth to, bear, grow, get, have, cause to happen, make (a fire), exist, live
圖書館 图书馆 túshūguǎn library
她們 她们 tāmen they (female)
美元 美元 měiyuán m.[standard]
study, read, attend school, take, read aloud, read (aloud), peruse
以來 以来 yǐlái since
或許 或许 huòxǔ possibly, in all probability, peradventure, conceivably, mayhap, likely, perhaps, perchance, probably, maybe, haply, in all likelihood, belike
subject, course, class
病人 病人 bìngrén shut-in, patient, subject, sufferer, case, valetudinarian, invalid
實驗 实验 shíyàn experiment, test
有時候 有时候 yǒushíhòu from time to time, on_occasion, occasionally, somewhile, otherwhile, now and again, sometimes, now and then, at times, on occasion, whiles, once in a while
辦理 办理 bànlǐ handle, manage, attend, conduct, enact, transact, transaction
部門 部门 bùmén category, section, department, service, instrumentality, branch, realm, sector, ministry, province, divisional, classification, departmental, division
類似 类似 lèisì analogize, conform, analogic, be similar to, resemble, similar, analogous
廣告 广告 guǎnggào advertisement
sòng accompaniment, escort, see sb. off, see sb. off/out, to dispatch, see ... off, accompany, to deliver, send, direct, serve, guide, give as a present, deliver, see sb. out, see, lead, see ... out, conduct, give, to send, carry, delivery, carriage, take, hospitalize
gòu be enough/sufficient/adequate
新加坡 新加坡 xīnjiāpō Singapore
擔心 担心 dānxīn worry, feel anxious
商業 商业 shāngyè business enterprise, commercial, people, mercantilism, commercial pursuit, commercial enterprise, business sector, merchantry, trade, mercantile pursuit, business, commerce
掌握 掌握 zhǎngwò take ... into one's hands, know well, master, have in hand, grasp, command, possess, control
兩岸 两岸 liǎngàn both sides of a river, both sides of the Taiwan Straits (I.e., Chinese Mainland and Taiwan)
mén door, gate
方案 方案 fāngàn formula, plan, scheme, projection, programme, proposal, schema, strategy, project, design, program
至少 至少 zhìshǎo leastwise, leastways, at (the) least, at_least, only, fully, even a little, at least, at any rate, in the least, at least, at the least
看法 看法 kànfǎ side, view, mentality, idea, outlook, a way of looking at a thing, opinion, thought, sight, standpoint, hypothesis, attitude, hobbyhorse, viewpoint, possibility, theory, slant, pronouncement, way of looking at sth., thinking, supposition, supposal
原本 原本 yuánběn originally, formerly
措施 措施 cuòshī measure, demarche, corrective, move, step
表現 表现 biǎoxiàn show, display, show off
社團 社团 shètuán gild, college, lodge, association, organization, club, body of persons, society, mass organization, order, league, guild, confraternity, corporation
jiǔ det.: nine
展開 展开 zhǎnkāi spread out, unfold, open up, launch, develop
be like, measure up to
博士 博士 bóshì Ph.D, master of any trade/craft, master of any craft, Dr., holder of doctoral degree, master of any trade, Erudite, doctoral, Doctor_of_Philosophy, Ph.D., court academician, craft, "Erudite", Doctor of Philosophy, doctor
道路 道路 dàolù track, path, runway, steps, route, course, toby, road, thoroughfare, way
jìng unexpectedly
項目 项目 xiàngmù event, head, item, particular, article, point, specific, entry, listing, clause, project
學院 学院 xuéyuàn seminary, college, school, hall, institute, academy, faculty
代表 代表 dàibiǎo represent, indicate
同意 同意 tóngyì agree, consent, approve
原住民 原住民 yuánzhùmín aborigine
策略 策略 cèluè coup, resource, enginery, wile, stratagem, gambit, practice, plant, diplomacy, artifice, trap, twist, tactical manoeuver, policy, game, mechanism, game plan, ambush, chicanery, finesse, lying in wait, maneuvering, joker, tactics, gimmick, manoeuvering, plan, device, art, tactical maneuver, maneuver, measure, play, tactic, manoeuvre, mechanics, tack, ambuscade, trickery, strategy, setup, r
bái white, clear, pure, plain, wrongly written/mispronounced,
平均 平均 píngjūn average
suǒ place, office, bureau, institute
kào depend/rely on
互相 互相 hùxiāng mutual, each other, mutually, one another, reciprocally
地位 地位 dìwèi station, estate, importance, appointment, character, footing, capacity, chair, estate of the realm, level, situation, status, standing, position, spot, connection, space, sphere, quality, place, condition
體育 体育 tǐyù training, physical education, athletics, sports, gymnastic, physical_education, physical training, physical culture, physical education/training, gym
yàng m.[kind]
亞洲 亚洲 yǎzhōu Orient, Asian, Asia
採取 采取 cǎiqǔ operate, assume, adopt, accept, strike, take, take up, take over, borrow
畢業 毕业 bìyè graduate, finish school
相同 相同 xiāngtóng be identical/alike, uniform, be identical, overlap, alike, identical, be alike
欣賞 欣赏 xīnshǎng appreciate, enjoy, admire
法律 法律 fǎlù constitution, juridical, legal, jus, judiciary, statute law, law, codex, legislation, jurisprudence, lex, code, Themis, statute, judicial, practice of law, prescript, forensic, natural law
vocable, words, phrase, a kind of poetry originating in Tang dyn, statement, a form of classical poetry, part of speech, speech, Ci, Chinese poetry, term, word
大型 大型 dàxíng large-size (machines/factories/etc.)
中華 中华 zhōnghuá the Chinese nation, China
台大 台大 táidà National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University Hospital
意思 意思 yìsī significance, token of infection, intention, interest, idea, trace, meaning, thought, opinion, substance, etc., import, a token of appreciation/etc., indirect request, wish, a token of affection, desire, appreciation, fun, signification, gratitude, sense, hint, a token of affection/appreciation/etc., suggestion, mind, intent
在一起 在一起 zàiyīqǐ be togather
持續 持续 chíxù perennate, hang on, carry_over, persist, steady, keep, carry over, keep on, proceed, stretch, carry_on, retain, sustain, persevere, continuity, endure, stay, continue, hang in, hold, maintain, run, span, go on, run for, last, go along, exist, hold on
qún m.[general]
慢慢 慢慢 mànmàn slowly; gradually
高雄 高雄 gāoxióng Kaohsiung, a city in Taiwan, Gaoxiong, Kaohsiung(a city in Taiwan)
製造 制造 zhìzào make, manufacture, engineer, create, fabricate
醫療 医疗 yīliáo treat, cure
邀請 邀请 yāoqǐng invite
滿足 满足 mǎnzú fulfill, fit, cope with, fill, be satisfied/contented, gloat, contented, arrive, be satisfied, satisfy, sate, gratify, serve, meet, appease, replete, supply, satisfied, fulfill, suffice, assuage, satiate, content, be contented, conform to, suit, match
速度 速度 sùdù pacing, wings, rate, quickness, fastness, velocity, swiftness, lick, pace, rapidity, speed, career, tempo
重點 重点 zhòngdiǎn taproot, accent, emphasis, focal point, point, keystone, hinge, salient point, stress, gravity
保存 保存 bǎocún preserve, conserve, keep
評估 评估 pínggū estimate, evaluate
限制 限制 xiànzhì restrictiveness
符合 符合 fúhé fulfil, conform, fit, tally with, fill, come_up_to, cohere, satisfy, accord, coincide, assort, equate, answer, tally, consist, meet, be in keeping with, chime_in, fulfill, look, accord/tally with, relate, chime, live up to, square, accord with, conform to, correspond
利益 利益 lìyì privilege, profit, vantage, favor, interest, behoof, account, goodness, gain, increment, avail, boon, plus, commodity, lucre, advantage, stead, boot, benefit, welfare, good, asset, behalf, percentage, stake, favour
組成 组成 zǔchéng form, make up (into), compose
檢查 检查 jiǎnchá check, inspect, examine
看見 看见 kànjiàn seeing, behold, see, descry, show, perceive, lay eyes on, lamp, spy, show up, sight, catch sight of, catch sight of
瞭解 瞭解 liǎojiě understand, comprehend, find out, acquaint oneself with
立刻 立刻 lìkè in a short time, at_once, promptly, offhand, at once, anon, instantly, straightway, now, slapbang, pronto, right_away, immediately, without delay, right away, forthwith, presto, at a time, before long, in a minute, swith, directly, in no time, incontinent, subito, without_delay, in real time, shortly, tout-de-suite, away, soon, presently, in a few seconds, very fast, chop-chop, at o
女兒 女儿 nǔér daughter, girl
shù det.: several
上課 上课 shàngkè attend class, go to class;give lesson/lecture
整合 整合 zhěnghé integrate
更多 更多 gèngduō det.: more
唯一 唯一 wéiyī sole, one and only, only, unique
人數 人数 rénshù number of people
的確 的确 díquè certainly, surely
主題 主题 zhǔtí motif, lemma, musical theme, theme, thesis, idea, literary argument, argument, motive, leitmotiv, matter, subject_matter, keynote, issue, subject, topic, mythos, melodic theme
用戶 用户 yònghù customer, subscriber, enjoyer, user, consumer
快速 快速 kuàisù expeditious, high-speed, fast, rapid, clip
設施 设施 shèshī installation, facilities
文學 文学 wénxué literary, philology, letters, letter, literature
那裡 那里 nàlǐ that place
dào conj.: to
měi beautiful, pretty
需要 需要 xūyào need, demand
失去 失去 shīqù desert, shear, outgrow, loss, lost, miss, lose
做為 做为 zuòwéi excuse, to be as, to look upon as, purport, roof, to take for, to regard as, look on as, regard as, take for
複雜 复杂 fùzá complicated, complex
jiè m.[event]
作用 作用 zuòyòng action, function, effect, intention, motive
調整 调整 tiáozhěng adjust, readjust, regulate, restructure, balance
zhàn constitute, make up, account for
要求 要求 yāoqiú demand, request
高中 高中 gāozhōng senior middle school, senior high school, senior_high_school
動作 动作 dòngzuò demeanor, motion, behavior, performance, demeanour, play, turn, operation, operative, looseness, agency, gesticulation, movement, gesture, comportment, business, action, move
模式 模式 móshì example, normal, rule, formula, pattern, form, shape, style, way, mode, convention, fashion, model
duó to what degree, how...
吸引 吸引 xīyǐn engross, arrest, appeal, fascinate, attraction, fetch, draw, transfix, pull in, entrance, pull, enamour, spellbind, enamor, capture, trance, captivate, call, grip, fascination, absorb, bewitch, tempt, becharm, speak_to, fix, engage, catch, rivet, enchant, beguile, charm, seduce, take, enwrap, magnetize, draw in, attract
記得 记得 jìde come to mind, think back, remember, recollect, recall, rememberance, mind, retain, place, spring to mind, bear in mind
mài bring, parade, prostitute, make living at, go, sell out, show off, negotiate, exert to the utmost, tout, not spare, deal, betray, make living by, at, sell, make living by/at, betrayal, trade, fetch, market, bring in
example, instance, precedent, case, rule, regulation
推廣 推广 tuīguǎng popularize, spread, extend
本來 本来 běnlái originally, at first, of course
具體 具体 jùtǐ concrete, specific, particular
太太 太太 tàitài lady, memsahib, Dona, dona, Mrs, mum, Senora, senora, Mrs., mistress of a household, madam, Frau, goodwife, missus, senhora, married woman, wife, vrouw, Madame, madame, missis, wahine, Signora, signora
之中 之中 zhīzhōng inside, among, within
宗教 宗教 zōngjiào theology, community, religious, cult, creed, faith, religion
jiù old, aged, onetime, bygone, used, worn, past, former
反應 反应 fǎnyìng reaction, response, repercussion
觀眾 观众 guānzhòng onlooker, TV audience, attendance, audience, spectator, viewers, followers, crowd, gallery, viewer, following, house, viewing audience
立場 立场 lìchǎng view, stance, language, stand, ground, capacity, standing, situation, position, perspective, standpoint, stand(point)
旅遊 旅遊 lǔyóu travel
因而 因而 yīnér conj.: consequently
理念 理念 lǐniàn sense, conception, idea
它們 它们 tāmen they, they (non-human)
上面 上面 shàngmiàn surface of, aspect, higher authority, upper side, the higher authorities, on top/surface of, on surface of, top, the higher-ups, top side, upside, on top of, respect, above, on top, regard
huí return, go back
zhī m.[general]
少年 少年 shàonián nipper, covey, early youth (10-16), juvenility, adolescent, youngster, teens, gossoon, boy, boy or girl of early youth, spalpeen, juvenile, callan, callant, shaver, lad, laddie, juvenile person, teenager, stripling, young boy, early youth, younker
輔導 辅导 fǔdǎo coach, tutor
爭取 争取 zhēngqǔ strive for, fight for, wrangle, work hard for, contest, go for, strive/fight for, contend, try_for, woo, try for, strive, win over, scramble, do all one can to
輔導 辅导 fǔdǎo coach, tutor
想到 想到 xiǎngdào imagine, ideate, think, envisage, anticipate, bethink, dream, recollect, think_of, call to mind, think of, occur, conceive of
可能 可能 kěnéng possible, probable
尊重 尊重 zūnzhòng respect, value, esteem
for, on behalf of
地點 地点 dìdiǎn location, site, locale, locality, topographic point, point, venue, spot, situs, land site, place, locus
det.: which, what
dǎng section, Dang, political party, CCP, KMT, Ku_Klux_Klan, clique, The Party, party, tong, kinsfolk, the Party, faction, gang
進步 进步 jìnbù progress, advance, improve
choose, wish, care, want, desire, incline, propose
危機 危机 wéijī ambush, clutch, climacteric, crisis, precipice, hump, conjuncture, juncture, sharpness, gravity, edge
正常 正常 zhèngcháng normal, regular
角度 角度 jiǎodù aspect, perspective, degree, arcdegree, point of view, angle
尚未 尚未 shàngwèi as yet, til now, heretofore, yet, thus far, so far, until now, up to now, hitherto, not_yet, not yet
院長 院长 yuànzhǎng director/president (of museum/institute/etc.), head of branch of government
習慣 习惯 xíguàn habit, custom
環保 环保 huánbǎo environmental protection
交流 交流 jiāoliú exchange, interflow, interchange
困難 困难 kùnnán difficult
need, want, require
完整 完整 wánzhěng complete, integrated, intact
費用 费用 fèiyòng tax, cost, expense, expenditure, due, rate, exes, outlay, outgo, fee, terms, toll, price, disbursement, fare, expenses, disbursal, retainer, pay, damage, charge, monetary value, consideration, outgoing
完整 完整 wánzhěng complete, integrated, intact
上述 上述 shàngshù above-mentioned
呈現 呈现 chéngxiàn assume, crop out, dish, appearance, show, lay out, present, basset, appear, take_on, emergence, emerge, come forth
照顧 照顾 zhàogù look after, care for, attend to, patronize (as customer)
達成 达成 dáchéng reach (an agreement)
培養 培养 péiyǎng foster, train, develop, culture
垃圾 垃圾 lèsè leavings, crap, sordes, trumpery, culch, garbage, filth, debris, cultch, sweeping, trashery, raffle, slush, truck, detritus, rubbish, trash, dirt, muck, litter, offscouring, offal, rubble, recrement, dust, rejectamenta, refuse, junk, gook
picture, drawing, chart, map
擴大 扩大 kuòdà enlarge, expand, extend, swell, dilate
piān m.[general]
比例 比例 bǐlì proportional, rate, proportionality, quotient, proportion, proportionment, scale, ratio, balance
風格 风格 fēnggé plan, signature, idiom, kind, aroma, manner, idiosyncrasy, negligence, style, mode, tone, expressive style, artistic style, touch
難以 难以 nányǐ be difficult to
機關 机关 jīguān mechanism, stratagem, scheme, intrigue
情緒 情绪 qíngxù form, pulse, humor, depression, temper, feeling, spirits, monkey, emotion, sentiment, humour, soulfulness, mood, heartbeat, heartstrings, sulks, chord, vein, feelings, emotional state, spirit, frame_of_mind, sentiments, moodiness, emotions, steam, tune, soul
勞工 劳工 láogōng work_force, navvy, galley slave, manual laborer, labor, mazdoor, peon, proletariat, working class, laborer, worker, workman, industrialist, labour, drudge, workingman, labourer
一旦 一旦 yīdàn conj.: once, some time or other
多媒體 多媒体 duōméitǐ multi-media
qiú seek, try, strive for
絕對 绝对 juéduì absolutely, definitely
資料庫 资料库 zīliàokù data bank, database, data base, databank
選舉 选举 xuǎnjǔ election
不可能 不可能 bùkěnéng impossibly
馬上 马上 mǎshàng in a short time, at_once, instantaneously, promptly, at once, incontinent, in the same breath, directively, instantly, slapbang, pronto, right_away, immediately, shortly, without delay, right away, tout-de-suite, forthwith, presently, in_no_time, at a time, soon, hereupon, in a few seconds, before long, at one time, outright, straightaway, in a minute, directly, momently, in a f
說話 说话 shuōhuà philosophize, thrum, talk, peach, babble out, speech, articulate, chat, speak, babble, gossip, blab out, sing, address, tattle, blab, mouth, say
享受 享受 xiǎngshòu enjoy
工廠 工厂 gōngchǎng layout, mill, factory, remuneration, workshop, industrial plant, plant, hacienda, manufactory, works, shop
食物 食物 shíwù scran, board, ingesta, sustentation, provender, viand, chow, aliment, pabulum, edibles, prog, nurture, cheer, eatable, edible, alimentary, eatables, chowchow, nutrient, diet, bread, trencher, sustenance, nutriment, nosh, nutrition, victuals, cib., vivers, eating, toke, meat, cib, grub, peck, viands, comestible, nourishment, fare, victual, food, commons, fodder, scoff, victualage, muckamuck, ta
消息 消息 xiāoxí communication, witting, message, item, news, peep, info, intelligence, notice, information, advertisement, tidings, advert, word
fān m.[event]
趨勢 趋势 qūshì stream, gravitation, tendency, wind, tide, drift, sequel, trend, current, direction, inclination, tendence, momentum, flow
房子 房子 fángzi building (of less than three stories), room, building, property, house
觀點 观点 guāndiǎn view, aspect, stand, point_of_view, light, eyes, framework, sentiment, bet, standpoint, point of view, eye, viewpoint, slant, perspective, position, angle
購買 购买 gòumǎi invest, take, buy, make purchases, go shopping, purchase
普遍 普遍 pǔbiàn universal, general, widespread, common
設立 设立 shèlì establish, found
差異 差异 chāyì gap, departure, spread, variance, divergence, difference, diversity, discrepancy, imparity, disparity, contrast, interval, differentia, distinction
chā be short, lack
另外 另外 lìngwài in addition, moreover, besides
統一 统一 tǒngyī unify, unite, integrate
青年 青年 qīngnián young people, adolescent, youngster, springal, boy, youth, youths, stripling, young, hobbledehoy, younker
統一 统一 tǒngyī unify, unite, integrate
行政院 行政院 xíngzhèngyuàn Executive Yuan
規模 规模 guīmó magnitude, dimensions, extent, scale, scope
破壞 破坏 pòhuài violate, destroy
想要 想要 xiǎngyào please, wish, like, desire, desirable, desiderate, purport, feel_like, wish well, propose, desired, purpose, direct, want to, feel like, aim, want, calculate
huàn adjourn, barter, exchange, commute, reseat, trade, conversion, convert, change
xuǎn select, pick, elect, choose, take, pick out, van
人力 人力 rénlì strength, manpower, resources, manual labor
měi America, United States
水準 水准 shuǐzhǔn level, plane, standard
shǒu m.[general]
河川 河川 héchuān river and creek, rivers, river
文字 文字 wénzì writing, phraseology, writing style, language, endearment, script, written language, text, writing phraseology, writing style/phraseology, character, textual, characters, symbolic representation, version, word-sign, literal, letter, word, literalness
立即 立即 lìjí at_once, off-hand, promptly, at once, down, instantly, directively, straightway, herewith, thereupon, ex tempore, without_delay, pronto, right_away, instant, straight, immediately, in_short_order, right away, instanter, straightaway, in short order, off-the-cuff
適當 适当 shìdàng beseem, proper, suitable, suit
醫師 医师 yīshī medico, MD, Aesculapius, physician, hakim, leech, Dr., powwow, medic, Aesculapian, doc, doctor
shǔ belong, be born in the year of, belong to, be subordinate to, be
zhòng heavy, weighty, important, considerable in amount/value
就是說 就是说 jiùshìshuō that is to say, in other words, namely
結婚 结婚 jiéhūn middle-aisle, intermarry, mate, conjoin, get married, couple, married, espouse, pair, marry, unite, get_married, get hitched with, spouse, splice, hook up with, wed
yǒu be, exist, also
日子 日子 rìzi yom, day, a particular day, livelihood, life, date, days, time
fēi run counter to, not conform to
貿易 贸易 màoyì deal, carriage trade, trade, business, commerce
相當 相当 xiāngdāng match, balance, correspond to, be equal to
參觀 参观 cānguān visit, tour
公開 公开 gōngkāi bare, air, unclose, publish, come_out, make known to the public, publicize, divulgate, overt, publicise, public, disclosure, make known to public, unfurl, make public
順利 顺利 shùnlì smooth, successful, without a hitch
nán baron, male, man, steady, mankind, male person, boy, chauvinism, creature, son
銷售 销售 xiāoshòu sell, market
bàn punish (by law), manage, get ... ready, set_up, buy a fair amount of, set up, run, management, handle, tackle, attend to, do, punish, bring ... to justice
銷售 销售 xiāoshòu sell, market
維護 维护 wéihù safeguard, defend, uphold
投入 投入 tóurù throw/put into
chēng call
加上 加上 jiāshàng add into
民進黨 民进党 mínjìndǎng Democratic Progressive Party
surely, must, certainly, have to, necessarily
自由 自由 zìyóu freedom, liberty
有限 有限 yǒuxiàn limited, finite
預算 预算 yūsuàn estimate, forethought, budget, estimation, budgetary
計算 计算 jìsuàn count, calculate, compute
效率 效率 xiàolù sufficiency, effectualness, effectuality, productiveness, usefulness, efficiency, effectivity, effectiveness
樣子 样子 yàngzi tendency, pattern, form, manner, likelihood, way, resemblance, semblance, sample, guise, fashion, wise, model, air, mien, appearance, shape, suggestion, gesture, sort
訪問 访问 fǎngwèn visit, call on, interview
位於 位于 wèiyū be situated, situated, locate, precede, lie, come, nestle, subsist, underlie, sit, be located, skirt, rank
訪問 访问 fǎngwèn visit, call on, interview
接觸 接触 jiēchù come into contact with, get in touch with, engage, contact
流行 流行 liúxíng prevalent, popular, fashionable, in vogue, spread, rage (of contagious disease)
particle: indicating exclamation/suggestion/mild imperative/etc.
股市 股市 gǔshì stock exchange, securities market, stock market, stock_market
召開 召开 zhàokāi convene, convoke
運作 运作 yùnzuò operate, work
出版 出版 chūbǎn come off the press, publish, come out
jiè depend/rely on
觀光 观光 guānguāng rubberneck, take in, visit, sightsee, travel to, go sightseeing, tour
降低 降低 jiàngdī reduce, cut down, drop, lower
大約 大约 dàyuē about, around, probably, likely
來源 来源 láiyuán resource, wellspring, origin, provenance, quarter, root, source, beginning, springhead, fodder, fount, quarry, fountain, mint, parentage, whence, paternity
理由 理由 lǐyóu excuse, reasoning, reason, wherefore, argument, meaning, account, cause, room, alibi, substance, warranty, matter, justification, occasion, score, warrant, ground, sake, why, grounds, consideration, self-justification, skill
不斷 不断 búduàn unceasing, continuous
一點 一点 yīdiǎn a little, a bit
回答 回答 huídá answer, reply
青少年 青少年 qīngshàonián adolescent, stilyaga, teens, young person, teenager, teenagers, young people and teenagers, youths, youth, stripling, hobbledehoy, youngsters, younker
基本 基本 jīběn basic, elementary
一般 一般 yībān generally
看看 看看 kànkàn see, look at, watch, read, look upon, regard, call on, visit
合理 合理 hélǐ plausible, rational, reasonable, legitimate, equitable, sensible
cǎi pick, gather
gēn conj.: and
生物 生物 shēngwù living thing, organism
中華民國 中华民国 zhōnghuámínguó Republic_of_China, Republic of China
直到 直到 zhídào until, up to
jiào ask
air, gas, smell, atmosphere, spirit
給予 给予 gěiyǔ bring, feed, offer, afford, hold_out, impart, adduce, lend, grant, contribute, given, concede, give to, give, bestow, add, put, render, deal, ladle, administer, assign, give_in, allow
中文 中文 zhōngwén Chinese, Ch. (written) language, Ch. language, Sinitic
法國 法国 fàguó France
答案 答案 dáàn result, script, resolution, solution, answer, key
規定 规定 guīdìng provide, formulate, fix, set
可能 可能 kěnéng possibility
準備 准备 zhǔnbèi intend, plan
金融 金融 jīnróng finance, banking
zhōu m.[standard]
xià put sth. into, apply, form (opinion/etc.)
農民 农民 nóngmín mujik, farmhand, granger, boor, farm worker, peasantry, countrymen, farmer, agriculture, husbandman, muzhik, peasant, fieldhand, moujik, fellah, muzjik
法令 法令 fǎlìng constitution, laws, ordinance, rescript, act, law, decretal, legislation, enactment, edict, law and decrees, regulation, ukase, decrees, decree, doom, ordonnance, statute, fiat, prescript, assize, commandment, legislative act
訊息 讯息 xùnxí communication, message, news, signal, info, data, intelligence, dispatch, information, messages, tidings, word
公里 公里 gōnglǐ m.[standard]
剛剛 刚刚 gānggāng just now, scarcely, fresh, only, exactly, a moment ago, hardly, but, just
hóng in vogue, famous, redden, red, popular
jiào compare
shēng m.[activity]
bèi -fold, multiplication, diameter, double, times, twice as much
jiā dramatise, plant, embroider, intercalate, lard, put in, blow up, inflict, deliver, aggrandize, plus, dramatize, increase, augment, embellish, augmentation, confer, append, add, pad, summate
民主 民主 mínzhǔ democracy, democratic rights
臺北 台北 táiběi Taibei, Taipei
無論 无论 wúlùn conj.: no matter what/how/etc., regardless
辦公室 办公室 bàngōngshì agency, office, authority, government agency, bureau
一方面 一方面 yīfāngmiàn conj.: on one side, on the one hand..., on the other hand..., for one thing..., for another...
良好 良好 liánghǎo good, well
level, rank, grade
遊戲 遊戏 yóuxì recreation, game
dào doctrine, Daoism
jiǔ libation, bracer, plonk, wine, tipple, poison, pottle, spirits, creature, vin, cup, drink, hooch, arrack, medicine, alcohol, bottle, hootch, alcoholic drink, rum, bibble, potation, belly-wash, alcoholic beverage, Bacchus, booze, liquor, juice, fortifier, inebriant, lotion, intoxicant
形象 形象 xíngxiàng imagery, figure, form, picture, persona, image
pǎo travel, race, be away, escape, course, run errands, skirr, double, walk, be away/off, run away, be off, run about doing sth., run, drive, paw the earth, run about doing ..., ride, leg
選擇 选择 xuǎnzé choice
導致 导致 dǎozhì bring, lead, bring_about, lead to, incite, result in, conduce, bring about, produce, bring_on, render, set off, spark_off, inspire, inflict, cause, land
提到 提到 tídào mention, refer to
氣氛 气氛 qìfēn mood, air, look, feeling, aura, aurae, spirit, smell, genius loci, feel, flavor, atmosphere, tone, karma, ambiance, ambience
dòng concuss, get moving, travel, go, use, eat or drink, act, arouse, stir, disturb, alter, touch, change, dynamic, locomote, move
院士 院士 yuànshì academician
zhǐ refer to
充分 充分 chōngfèn full, ample, abundant
現代 现代 xiàndài modern
必要 必要 bìyào necessary, indispensable
生態 生态 shēngtài ecological, ecosystem, biology, ecology, biota
汽車 汽车 qìchē automotive vehicle, machine, wheels, motorcar, motor vehicle, car, automotive, auto, wheel, autocar, motor, automobile, hoot, mobile, bus
例子 例子 lìzi exemplification, example, representative, illustration, instance, piece, case
有點 有点 yǒudiǎn kind_of, pretty, more or less, fairly, a_little, rather, something, somewhat, a bit, to some extent
博物館 博物馆 bówùguǎn museum
權力 权力 quánlì influence, rod, authoritativeness, clutches, whip_hand, dominance, say-so, reins, force, emirate, might, pretension, station, commission, grasp, leverage, danger, authority, place, power, arm, disposal, puissance
族群 族群 zúqún clan, race, tribe, group
a form of address for a married woman one generati, mummy, mum, mother, ma, mama, mam
qiáng wall
chuán bottom, body, ship, catcher, bow, bark, boat, shipboard, prow, watercraft, craft, drone, vessel, keel, sailer
基金會 基金会 jījīnhuì monetary fund, fundation, foundation, fund
shī verse form, poem, canto, verse, rhyme, number, song, poesy, poetry
雜誌 杂志 zázhì journal, bulletin, mag, magazine, periodical
生存 生存 shēngcún live, exist
qiě conj.:
tiān sky, heaven
小孩子 小孩子 xiǎoháizi dot, tyke, tiddler, pickaninny, child
生存 生存 shēngcún live, exist
大樓 大楼 dàlóu mansion, massif, hall, block, manse, edifice, building, multi-storied building, residence, mansion house
最好 最好 zuìhǎo had better, it would be best
讀書 读书 dúshū read, study, attend school
見到 见到 jiàndào see, meet, perceive
最佳 最佳 zuìjiā first-rate, best, superlative, optimum
出去 出去 chūqù go_out, go/get out, get_out, go out, get out, go, exit
想法 想法 xiǎngfǎ view, stance, mentality, idea, notion, sentiment, judgment, construct, thought, opinion, conception, viewpoint, judgement, belief, mind-set, what one has in mind, persuasion, perspective, concept, mind, impression
bāng help
醫生 医生 yīshēng Galen, MD, physician, Dr., medic, doc, hakeem, medico, Aesculapius, medical man, surgeon, leech, doctor
堅持 坚持 jiānchí persist in, insist on
創作 创作 chuàngzuò creative work, creation
廣場 广场 guǎngchǎng mews, agora, public square, concourse, carrefour, piazza, plaza, square, campus, place
成員 成员 chéngyuán member
留下 留下 liúxià stay, leave behind, leave, allocate, devote, entail, stick, stay behind, leave_behind, stay put, stick around, remain
森林 森林 sēnlín woodsy, jungle, forest, sylva, woods, wood, timberland, woodland, bocage, forestry, timber, greenwood
suàn consider, regard/count as
grain, m.[general],
separately, differently
男女 男女 nánnǔ men and women
特性 特性 tèxìng attribute, distinctive feature, tang, a character, appanage, a characteristic, nature, trait, differentiation, data, habit, lineament, shtick, tone, distinction, identity, property, characteristic, specificity, ring, specialty, hair, character, cast, idiosyncrasy, specific, diagnosis, chemistry, feature, peculiarity, quality
影像 影像 yǐngxiàng simulacrum, blip, mental image, picture, portrait, video, image
zāo by
強烈 强烈 qiángliè strong, intense, violent
èi mild exclamation/sigh
解釋 解释 jiěshì explain, interpret, analyze
儘管 尽管 jǐnguǎn conj.: even though, despite
主動 主动 zhǔdòng on one's own initiative
of surprise
演出 演出 yǎnchū show, perform
文章 文章 wénzhāng nonsense, hidden meaning, writing, hidden, written material, article, implied meaning, essay, writings, literary works, patch, hidden/implied meaning
理想 理想 lǐxiǎng ideal,
重大 重大 zhòngdà great, major, crucial, weighty, whang, fatal, significant, grave
jiǎo foot, leg, base
演出 演出 yǎnchū show, perform
危險 危险 wéixiǎn dangerous, perilous
背景 背景 bèijǐng context, circumstance, locale, background, ground, stage setting, mise en scene, groundwork, background knowledge, frame, milieu, backcloth, scene, setting, backdrop
不少 不少 bùshǎo not few, many
chàng cry, chant, chirm, tune, vocalize, call, sing
即將 即将 jíjiāng in a short time, promptly, on the point of, at once, instantly, pronto, immediately, shortly, without delay, tout-de-suite, right away, forthwith, presently, soon, in a few seconds, before long, straightaway, in a minute, about to
大部分 大部分 dàbùfèn det.: most of, the majority of
通訊 通讯 tōngxùn communication, news report, newsletter
越來越 越来越 yuèláiyuè more_and_more, more and more
考試 考试 kǎoshì examination, test
學期 学期 xuéqī school term, semester
fǎn counter, revolt, rebel, oppose, combat
心靈 心灵 xīnlíng psychical, mind, psyche, soul, spirit, mens, heart
huò harvest, capture, obtain, get, catch, poll, be able to, reap, gather in, win
既然 既然 jìrán conj.: since, as, now that
shè set up, found
顧客 顾客 gùkè chap, client, shopper, correspondent, constituency, patronage, trade, market, guest, clientele, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, pressman, customer agent, customer, business
家人 家人 jiārén relation, homefolk, inmate, kindred, household, relative, people, folks, kin, family members, family, kinsfolk, house
紛紛 纷纷 fēnfēn in droves, one_after_another, numerous and in great confusion
提升 提升 tíshēng promote, hoist, elevate
gǎo work, set up, work out, organize, cause, etc., produce a certain effect, secure, manage, get hold of, carry, produce, organization, generalized doing: do, start, get, do, be engaged in, generalized doing: work/manage/etc., make, generalized doing: do/work/manage/etc.
提升 提升 tíshēng promote, hoist, elevate
隨時 随时 suíshí whenever, whene'er, always, readily, whenever necessary, at all times, as occasion demands, at any time
譬如 譬如 pìrú for example, such as
子女 子女 zǐnǔ sons and daughters, children
確定 确定 quèdìng find, determination, make a point, pin down, narrow down, corroborate, prove, jell, settle, express, ensure, clench, assure, confirm, decide firmly, see, certain, define, clinch, nail_down, ascertain, determinate, guarantee, nail down, insure, fix, nail, peg, sustain, state, stipulate, secure, make_sure, seal, make sure, verify, find out, affirm, determine
公平 公平 gōngpíng fair, just, impartial
公平 公平 gōngpíng fair, just, impartial
視為 视为 shìwéi regard_as, deem, count, regard as, consider as, repute, look_on, regard/consider as, look_at, call, regard
技巧 技巧 jìqiǎo technics, artifice, superior skill, acquisition, acquirement, cunning, trick, dexterity, accomplishment, mechanism, craft, craftsmanship, technique, artistry, handiwork, mastery, handicraft, finesse, attainment, sleight, skill, implement, execution, prowess, ingenuity, art, method, dish, mechanics, knack, cup of tea, management, bag, proficiency, address, facility, virtuosity, workman
接著 接着 jiēzhe next, immediately after
huà painting, pictures
領導 领导 lǐngdǎo lead, exercise leadership
領導 领导 lǐngdǎo lead, exercise leadership
小心 小心 xiǎoxīn beware, watch_out, keep one's eyes skinned, keep one's eyes peeled, careful, cautious, be careful, see, watch, guard, ware, cautionary, keep one's eyes open, take care, look_out, look out
主辦 主办 zhǔbàn sponsor, direct, direction, host, give
探討 探讨 tàntǎo inquire into, explore
repair, attendance, go, go to, come, seek, attend, betake
huí m.[general]
探討 探讨 tàntǎo inquire into, explore
回去 回去 huíqù go_home, go_back, retrocede, go back, be back, go, return
弟弟 弟弟 dìdì brother, little brother, younger brother, cadet, little_brother, viscount
fēng wind, common practice, custom, general mood, style, news, information
小學 小学 xiǎoxué primary school, elementary school
興建 兴建 xīngjiàn build, construct
興建 兴建 xīngjiàn build, construct
狀態 状态 zhuàngtài repair, form, lie, state (of affairs), state of affairs, fix, status, going, plight, phase, condition, state, trimness, attitude, trim, shape, situation, posture, position, fettle, mode, predicament
支援 支援 zhīyuán backstop, support, side, help, patronize, root, stand by, bear, angel, hold out, back, see through, assist, assistance, sustain, back up
還是 还是 háishì conj.: or
治療 治疗 zhìliáo treatment, cure
衣服 衣服 yīfú clothes, wearing apparel, toggery, gear, tog, wear, bib-and-tucker, drapery, thing, dress, duds, vestment, wardrobe, clout, apparel, clothing, dud, wrapping, vesture, clobber, habit, robe, togs, livery, habilimentation, array, hull, garb, attire, attirement, stitch, rig, garment, raiment, wearable, dressing
名字 名字 míngzi first_name, forename, moniker, monaker, first name, monicker, cognomen, given name, name, patronymic, appellation
參考 参考 cānkǎo consult, refer to
女孩 女孩 nǔhái babe, damosel, quiff, number, young lady, damoiselle, gal, little girl, missy, young woman, demoiselle, damsel, fille, baby, girl, miss, petticoat, child, female child, mouse, she, colleen, daughter, damozel, moppet
男性 男性 nánxìng brother, male, him, man, male sex, adult male, mankind, masculine, mother's son, masculinity
教室 教室 jiàoshì classroom, schoolroom
太陽 太阳 tàiyáng Apollo, luminary, daystar, digit, sunlight, solar, sunshine, Phoebus, lamp, sun, Sol, fireball
zài be at/in/on
kǒu m.[general]
chén Surname
稱為 称为 chēngwéi call as
國民 国民 guómín citizen, country, citizenry, a people, nationality, nation, folk, subject, people, nationals, national, commonwealth, son, land
研討會 研讨会 yántǎohuì workshop, seminar, symposium
飛機 飞机 fēijī aerocraft, airplane, machine, craft, aeroplane, ship, aero, avion, aeronef, plane, aircraft
建築師 建筑师 jiànzhúshī surveyor, architect
wáng Rex, ameer, king, prince, emeer, monarch, shah, emir, amir, Surname, sovereign, Wang
究竟 究竟 jiùjìng actually, exactly, after all, in the end
huā flower, blossom, pattern, design, courtesan, prostitute
確實 确实 quèshí really, certainly, truly, indeed
公路 公路 gōnglù trunk road, calzada, route, main road, highroad, highway, road, thoroughfare, causeway, chaussee
至今 至今 zhìjīn thus_far, up_to_now, until_now, so far, to this day, up to now, to date, hitherto, erenow
天下 天下 tiānxià rule, world, China, domination, everywhere under heaven
考量 考量 kǎoliáng consider, think
考量 考量 kǎoliáng consider, think
guǎn run, manage, administer, have charge of, subject to discipline, bother about
少數 少数 shǎoshù det.: a few
判斷 判断 pànduàn judge, determine
kuài soon, quickly
扮演 扮演 bànyǎn play part of, play part of
判斷 判断 pànduàn judge, determine
扮演 扮演 bànyǎn play part of, play part of
相對 相对 xiāngduì be opposite, be face to face
校方 校方 xiàofāng school authorities
早已 早已 zǎoyǐ already, since, long ago, long ago/since, long since
讀者 读者 dúzhě audience, subscriber, reader
大會 大会 dàhuì synod, moot, conference, plenary meeting, congress, rally, plenum, mass meeting, plenary session
工人 工人 gōngrén navvy, hired man, operative, working person, laborer, shopworker, esne, working man, hired hand, worker, workpeople, workman, hand
數量 数量 shùliàng magnitude, scalar, aggregate, deal, measure, numerical quantity, measurement, sum, worth, amount, quantity, number
材料 材料 cáiliào making, aggregate, stuff, ingredients, food, ingredient, data, fodder, material, datum, stock, makings, data point, timber
建議 建议 jiànyì proposal, suggestion
特徵 特征 tèzhēng impress, trait, hallmark, cachet, stamp, characteristic, speciality, cast, feature, characteristic marks, features, artistic style, touch, trademark, earmark, particularity, nature, genius, imprint, lineament, mold, shtick, distinction, specificity, physiognomy, idiom, signature, character, salience, diagnosis, syndrome, stigma, stylemark, signalment
shā abatement, fight at close quarters, killing, go into battle, burn, reduction, slaughter, burn (of medicine), fight, smite, abate, massacre, diddle, reduce, weaken, liquidate, smash, kill, slay, smart
算是 算是 suànshì regard_as, considered to be
革命 革命 gémìng revolt
革命 革命 gémìng revolt
國人 国人 guórén landsman, fellow countrymen, countryman, countrymen, compatriots
paella, variegated carp, gudgeon, bighead, Yu, Surname, Argonaut, salmon, fish, catfish
操作 操作 cāozuò operate, manipulate
統計 统计 tǒngjì statistics
操作 操作 cāozuò operate, manipulate
德國 德国 déguó Deutschland, autobahn, FRG, Germany, German, Reich, Federal Republic of Germany
顯然 显然 xiǎnrán evidently, manifestly, clear, visibly, plainly, plain, distinctly, clearly, patently, apparently, obviously
信心 信心 xìnxīn trustfulness, trustingness, confidence, belief, affiance, religion, feeling, fay, trust, positiveness, notion, reliance, religious belief, faith, hope, impression
放棄 放弃 fàngqì depart, chuck up the sponge, scuttle, dispense with, throw in the towel, abort, throw in, flunk, foreswear, abnegate, pass, free, lay_down, abandonment, disclaim, part_with, pass_up, abdicate, release, ditch, abjure, jettison, waive, surrender, leave, give, recant, desert, give up, divest, yield, forswear, break, abandon, unguard, back_down, yield up, demit, relinquish, break_with, drop
dǒng have, comprehend, understanding, understand, compass, grasp, get the picture, glom, know, apprehend, twig, savvy, follow, make out, dig
治療 治疗 zhìliáo treat, cure
生活 生活 shēnghuó live
分析 分析 fēnxī analysis
máng hurry, hasten
jiàn establishment, erection, build, proposal, propose, set up, establish, found, advocate, erect, construction, construct
一生 一生 yīshēng lifetime, all, existence, life, throughout one's life, all one's life, career, all/throughout one's life
hēi black, dark, wicked, sinister, vicious, be greedy, extort
小說 小说 xiǎoshuō novel, offprint, fiction
主席 主席 zhǔxí chairwoman, presiding officer, president (of organization, chair, chair (of meeting), prolocutor, chairperson, subchairman, chairmanship, state), chairman, chair/president (of organization/state), moderator, president
政大 政大 zhèngdà National Chengchi University
集團 集团 jítuán population, aggregate, circle, clique, grouping, bloc, phalanx, group, knot, aggregation
報名 报名 bàomíng register, inscribe, enter, enroll, enrol, enter one's name, sign up, recruit
理想 理想 lǐxiǎng ideal
著名 着名 zhùmíng famous, celebrated
道德 道德 dàodé value orientation, value-system, moral, code, moral principle, morals, morale, ethical motive, ethic, virtue, morality_play, morality, ethics, virtuousness, moral excellence
哪裡 哪里 nǎlǐ where
消失 消失 xiāoshī disappear, vanish, dissolve
消失 消失 xiāoshī disappear, vanish, dissolve
經由 经由 jīngyóu via, by way of
前面 前面 qiánmiàn front end, face, forepart, front, in front, ahead, preceding, above, fore, forgoing, frontage, obverse
遇到 遇到 yūdào come across, run_into, receive, meet with, encounter, run into, meet, befall
mention, refer to, promote, bring up
jiào cry, shout, yell
心態 心态 xīntài state_of_mind, state of mind, psychology
集中 集中 jízhōng concentrate, centralize, focus, put together
集中 集中 jízhōng concentrate, centralize, focus, put together
建築物 建筑物 jiànzhúwù foundation, shebang, erection, superstructure, buildup, architecture, construct, construction, edifice, building, structure, place, tenement, property, house, fabric
畫面 画面 huàmiàn frame, tableau, picture plane, picture, general appearance of a picture, picture_plane, appearance, TV screen, video
jiào cry, shout, yell
dìng decide
shèn muchly, extremely, very, bally, assai, more, what, more (than), molto, greatly
可惜 可惜 kěxí it's a pity, unfortunately, it's too bad
醫學 医学 yīxué medicine, practice of medicine, medical science, leechcraft, physic, iatrology, medical
輸入 输入 shūrù import, input
bǎi cent, centum, century, hundred, det.: hundred
輸入 输入 shūrù import, input
型態 型态 xíngtài format
道理 道理 dàolǐ thread, principle, the right way, theory, reason, argument, sense, order, truth, rationality
愈來愈 愈来愈 yūláiyū even more, more_and_more, more and more
色彩 色彩 sècǎi hue, tincture, palette, tint, blazonry, leavening, tinct, grain, color, shade
現實 现实 xiànshí reality, actuality
婚姻 婚姻 hūnyīn connubiality, wedlock, marital, union, marriage, married couple, matrimonial, match, man and wife, matrimony
地球 地球 dìqiú the earth/globe, globe, world, Earth, ball, terrene, earth, the globe, the earth
指導 指导 zhǐdǎo guide, direct
指導 指导 zhǐdǎo guide, direct
架構 架构 jiàgòu construction, framework
進口 进口 jìnkǒu import
進口 进口 jìnkǒu import
論文 论文 lùnwén disquisition, memoir, paper, discourse, theme, treatise, thesis, article, tractate, dissertation
出國 出国 chūguó go abroad (from one's own country)
出國 出国 chūguó go abroad (from one's own country)
商品 商品 shāngpǐn article, product, merchandise, commodity, wares, ware, goods
市長 市长 shìzhǎng alcalde, city manager, mayor, portreeve, mayoral, civic leader, provost, civil leader, burgomaster
分為 分为 fēnwéi divide ... into, fall_into, divide(into)
mèng dream
以前 以前 yǐqián langsyne, ago, in the past, formerly, prevenient, before, previously
恐怕 恐怕 kǒngpà perhaps
死亡 死亡 sǐwáng be dead/doomed
哥哥 哥哥 gēgē big brother, elder brother, big_brother
檔案 档案 dǎngàn data file, documentation, record, archive, archives, file, dossier
死亡 死亡 sǐwáng be dead/doomed
滿意 满意 mǎnyì satisfy, well-pleasing, pleased, satisfied
滿 mǎn det.: entirely, wholly
可愛 可爱 kěài lovable, likeable, lovely
上海 上海 shànghǎi Shanghai
可愛 可爱 kěài lovable, likeable, lovely
休閒 休閒 xiūxián lie fallow
休閒 休閒 xiūxián lie fallow
有趣 有趣 yǒuqù merry, fascinating, interesting, fun, amusive, comic, amusing
職業 职业 zhíyè metier, vocation, iceman, mystery, engagement, work, walk of life, employment, job, occupational group, ploy, craft, trade, avocation, employ, racket, pursuit, profession, situation, line, occupation, position, calling, walk_of_life, career, billet, duty, living, shop
說法 说法 shuōfǎ way of saying sth., wording, formulation, statement, version, argument
英文 英文 yīngwén English, English (language), English language, English_language
緊張 紧张 jǐnzhāng be nervous
緊張 紧张 jǐnzhāng be nervous
預計 预计 yūjì estimate, view, predict, expect, calculate in advance, anticipate
兄弟 兄弟 xiōngdì brothers
體系 体系 tǐxì scheme, setup, system of rules, system, superstructure, cosmos, schema
jiān m.[general]
專案 专案 zhuānàn case, special case for investigation
孔子 孔子 kǒngzǐ Confucius
報導 报导 bàodǎo report
一半 一半 yíbàn det.: one half, in part, half
疾病 疾病 jíbìng trouble, attack, evil, ailment, affection, misery, malfunction, complaint, infirmity, disease, ill, illness, malady, decline, sickness, condition
其它 其它 qítā det.: others, the rest, other, else
外國 外国 wàiguó foreign, foreign country, outland, outremer
牠們 牠们 tāmen they (animal)
報紙 报纸 bàozhǐ paper, headliner, newspaper publisher, tabloid, copyreader, newspaper, rag, courant, newsprint, sheet, gazette, dailies
gǒu dog
協調 协调 xiétiáo coordinate, harmonize, bring into line
協調 协调 xiétiáo coordinate, harmonize, bring into line
niàn study, read, attend school, think_of, read aloud, think of, miss
哲學 哲学 zhéxué ism, philosophic, philosophical, philosophy, school of thought, doctrine
碰到 碰到 pèngdào come across, run_into, encounter, come_across, run into, touch, run_across, meet
提昇 提昇 tíshēng promote, hoist, elevate
提昇 提昇 tíshēng promote, hoist, elevate
關於 关于 guānyū about, with regard to, concerning
同仁 同仁 tóngrén fraternity, fellow worker, confrere, brotherhood, colleague
深入 深入 shēnrù thorough, deep-going
漫畫 漫画 mànhuà takeoff, cartoon, caricature
資金 资金 zījīn principal_sum, fund, bankroll, finance, coffer, ante, grubstake, munition, wherewithal, capital, working capital
比較 比较 bǐjiǎo compare, contrast
作業 作业 zuòyè work
比較 比较 bǐjiǎo compare, contrast
想像 想像 xiǎngxiàng imagine, ideate, suppose, picture, image, trow, envision, figure, dream, conceit, woolgather, conceive of, project, see, daydream, think, presume, envisage, stargaze, depicture, visualize, vision, feign, fancy, conceive, conjure_up, fantasy
duǎn short, brief
即可 即可 jíkě then could do something
西 西 W, Spain, west, occident, due west, western
xiāng each other, mutually
位置 位置 wèizhì positioning, site, stand, stance, about-face, lie, locality, spatial relation, setting, situs, locus, slot, ubiety, station, location, emplacement, ubication, situation, niche, positional, position, place, seat
cuò wrong, mistaken, bad, poor, confused, complex
穩定 稳定 wěndìng stable, steady
尋找 寻找 xúnzhǎo comb, locate, quest, search, scout, chase, reconnoiter, look_around, look_for, look, look for, find_out, pick, reconnoitre, prospect, hunt, seek, rummage, shop
niǎo beak, caprimulgiform bird, jay, carinate bird, birdie, bird, carinate, chaffinch, flying bird, fowl
department (in a college)
如此 如此 rúcǐ so, such
department (in a college)
穩定 稳定 wěndìng stable, steady
長大 长大 zhǎngdà vegetate, be brought up, grow_up, maturate, grow, grow up, bulk, age, mature
促進 促进 cùjìn rush, help, step_up, advancement, progress, acceleration, subserve, encourage, facilitate, anticipate, accelerate, assist, fillip, expedite, advance, promotive, boost, further, provoke, hurry, redound, cultivate, induce, hasten, catalyze, speed, promote, contribute, impel, promotion, push, forward, stimulate, whet
人文 人文 rénwén letters, humanity, humanities
衝突 冲突 chōngtú conflict, clash
廚房 厨房 chúfáng office, cookery, cookhouse, kitchen, cookroom, but, caboose
海外 海外 hǎiwài oversea, overseas, abroad
表演 表演 biǎoyǎn perform, act, play, demonstrate
表演 表演 biǎoyǎn perform, act, play, demonstrate
再度 再度 zàidù once again, anew, eftsoons, second time, again, a second time, once more/again, once more
huà draw, paint, draw line/sign, mark, decorate with painting/pictures
電信 电信 diànxìn telegraphy, telecommunications, telecommunication, telecom
反映 反映 fǎnyìng reflect, mirror, make known
běi atomic number 97, northward, north, berkelium, Bk, northern
反映 反映 fǎnyìng reflect, mirror, make known
jìn almost
障礙 障碍 zhàngài discouragement, bottleneck, clog, bar, encumbrance, embarrassment, malfunction, jam-up, baffle, impediment, obstruction, rub, roadblock, stay, rubber, disturbance, balk, holdback, bunker, stymy, remora, obstacle, barrier, stumbling_block, hitch, handicap, lesion, hedge, snag, drawback, let, wall, crab, difficulty, penalty, hang-up, facer, hindrance, hurdle
焦點 焦点 jiāodiǎn focal point, point at issue, focal, focus, focal_point, central issue
忽然 忽然 hūrán suddenly
到處 到处 dàochù universally, everywhere, everyplace, far and near, about, around, far and wide, all_over, high_and_low, all over, throughout, high and low, far_and_near, passim, abroad, at all places
植物 植物 zhíwù vegetal, flora, herb, plant, grower, vegetable, plant life, vegetation, botanical, vegetive, dwarf, vegetative
顯得 显得 xiǎnde seem, look, appear
不一定 不一定 bùyīdìng not sure, maybe
攝影 摄影 shèyǐng photography
suí v.2 right after v.1
概念 概念 gàiniàn estimate, conception, view, intention, image, estimation, idea, notion, concept, construct, paradox, approximation, impression
面積 面积 miànjī area unit, area, superficies, superficial, acreage, expanse, surface_area, square_measure, surface area, content, space, square measure
為何 为何 wèihé why, for what reason
高達 高达 gāodá reach up to
關鍵 关键 guānjiàn nub, turning_point, issue, crux, anchor, crux of the matter, juncture, hinge, mainstay, linchpin, lynchpin, key, backbone
作法 作法 zuòfǎ course of action, technique of writing, way of doing things, mode, practice, course, model
來到 来到 láidào arrive, come
如何 如何 rúhé how about it
來到 来到 láidào arrive, come
胡適 胡适 húshì philosopher, leading intellectual, leading intellectual, philosopher, exponent of vernacular writing, leading intellectual, philosopher, expon, exponent of vernacular writing
dào actually
人人 人人 rénrén everybody
仔細 仔细 zǐxì careful, be careful, look out
yuán originally, formerly
成就 成就 chéngjiù achievement, accomplishment, success
shì depend
行銷 行销 xíngxiāo sell
好幾 好几 hǎojǐ det.: several
辛苦 辛苦 xīnkǔ try, endure hardship, work hard, tug, tote, lug
年輕人 年轻人 niánqīngrén kid, sapling, young people, youngster, jack, young, young buck, chicken, kipper, youngling, punk, laddie, young_man, loon, young man, youth, stripling, shaveling, junior, sprat, whiffet, cub, springald, younker
xìn letter, mail, message
漸漸 渐渐 jiànjiàn gradually, by degrees, little by little
zhēn real, true
教材 教材 jiàocái textbook, teaching material
suǒ m.[general]
自然 自然 zìrán natural, free from affectation
動詞 动词 dòngcí verb
整理 整理 zhěnglǐ put in order, arrange
整理 整理 zhěnglǐ put in order, arrange
男生 男生 nánshēng brother, sonny boy, man, male, laddie, lad, boy student, male student, boy, schoolboy, sonny, cub, man student
遊客 遊客 yóukè traveler, holidaymaker, tourist, traveller, visitor, pilgrim, sightseer, tourism
děng till
女生 女生 nǔshēng schoolgirl, girl student, female student, female, girl, woman student, co-ed
duì m.[general]
懷疑 怀疑 huáiyí suspect, doubt
痛苦 痛苦 tòngkǔ be painful; pain
懷疑 怀疑 huáiyí suspect, doubt
痛苦 痛苦 tòngkǔ be painful; pain
交換 交换 jiāohuàn reciprocate, switching, barter, exchange, commute, switch, communicate, interchange, bandy, shift, trade, batter, truck, swop, change, counterchange, swap, clear, buy, transpose, change over, commune, turn around
互動 互动 hùdòng relate
互動 互动 hùdòng relate
設置 设置 shèzhì set/put up, install
zhāng Surname
設置 设置 shèzhì set/put up, install
liú continue, stay, keep, leave behind, leave, grow, accept, (let) grow, leave (sth.), let grow, ask ... to stay, take, bide, wear, study in a foreign country, save, reserve, reservation, ask sb. to stay, remain
居住 居住 jūzhù inhabit, occupy, shack_up, locate, domicile, shack, abide, subsist, settle, live, howff, reside, indwell, populate, lodge in, quarter, dwell, people, belong, bide, hang_out, house, residence
因應 因应 yīnyìng in response to
丈夫 丈夫 zhàngfū masterman, man, papa, manliness, mister, goodman, married man, husband, hub, hubby
紀錄 纪录 jìlù minutes, notes, record, record
answer, reply, return (a call/etc.), reciprocate
ài love
畫家 画家 huàjiā painterly, creative person, artist, painter, penman, artists
數字 数字 shùzì numeral, numerical, digit, amount, number, numeric, figure, digital, quantity
一向 一向 yīxiàng typically, all_along, up to now, always, consistently, all along, usually, forever
連線 连线 liánxiàn connect
以免 以免 yǐmiǎn conj.: in order to avoid, so as not to
固定 固定 gùdìng set, plant, imbed, fix, strap, jell, fixed, affix, peg, stick, clench, rivet, regularization, rigidify, embed, infix, anchor, fixate, hold, regularize, implant, stitch, stabile, engraft, fasten, immobilize, moor, peg down, flat
通信 通信 tōngxìn communicate by letter, correspond
連線 连线 liánxiàn connect
通信 通信 tōngxìn communicate by letter, correspond
恢復 恢复 huīfù resume, renew, recover, regain, restore, reinstate, rehabilitate
修正 修正 xiūzhèng revise, amend, correct
修正 修正 xiūzhèng revise, amend, correct
景觀 景观 jǐngguān view, perspective, aspect, scene, prospect, vista, panorama, landscape
线 xiàn thread, string, wire
縣市 县市 xiànshì county and city
他人 他人 tārén others, another person
恢復 恢复 huīfù resume, renew, recover, regain, restore, reinstate, rehabilitate
基於 基于 jīyū on the basis of, in view of, because of
只是 只是 zhǐshì conj.: however, but then
實現 实现 shíxiàn realize, achieve, bring about
演講 演讲 yǎnjiǎng lecture, speech
男子 男子 nánzǐ man, male
實現 实现 shíxiàn realize, achieve, bring about
具備 具备 jùbèi be provided with, supply, render, have, furnish, possess, provide, possession
奇怪 奇怪 qíguài wonder
空氣 空气 kōngqì air, airspace, atmosphere, aerial, deflector, atmospherics
會員 会员 huìyuán member
have, withdraw, choose, assume, take away, adopt, assumption, select, draw_out, withdrawal, obtain, remove, take, fetch, get, aim at, pick_up, sponge, adoption
深刻 深刻 shēnkè deep, profound
漂亮 漂亮 piàoliàng posh, handsome, brilliant, remarkable, splendid, beautiful, smart
cài vegetable, greens, dish, course, food
希望 希望 xīwàng hope
相互 相互 xiānghù each other, mutually, one another, in return, reciprocally
多數 多数 duōshù trillions, millions, mort, relative majority, throng, det : majority, prevalence, multitude, lac, Host, host, bulk, horde, raft, million, lakh, rimption, pack, skit, strength, acre, generality, ruck, chunk, number, shoal, multiplicity, billions, preponderance, jillions, zillions, grist, world, majority, meiny, regiment, legion, mass, plurality
總經理 总经理 zǒngjīnglǐ CEO, general_manager, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, executive, managing director, general manager, president
很多 很多 hěnduō many, much
shōu receive, accept, take in/back, gather in, conclude, stop
權利 权利 quánlì privilege, claim, merit, title, entitlements, escheatage, right, dib, authority, competency, obligation, pretension, prescription, dibs
照片 照片 zhàopiàn snapshot, shot, likeness, picture, photo, icon, image, caption, exposure, photograph, pic, ikon
bìng disease
物質 物质 wùzhí stuff, material, substance, materiality, matter
宿舍 宿舍 sùshè berth, serai, hall, dorm room, lodging_house, dormitory room, dorm, hostel, billet, dormitory, living quarters, house
be, mean
教練 教练 jiàoliàn training, drillmaster, wise man, tutor, drilling, handler, coacher, coach, instructor, private instructor, trainer, mentor
宇宙 宇宙 yǔzhòu all, cosmic, existence, world, creation, system, macrocosm, metagalactic, nature, cosmos, universal, universe
更加 更加 gèngjiā (even) more
住宅 住宅 zhùzhái shebang, dwelling_house, dwelling, roof, abode, residential, home, toft, howff, housing, habitation, homesite, tenement, place, residence, house, property
明白 明白 míngbái clarify, downright, recognize, agnize, tumble, follow, make out, catch, understand, discern, think, know, seize, agnise, twig, realize, get, realization
竟然 竟然 jìngrán unexpectedly, to one's surprise
guāng light, ray, brightness, honor, glory, luster
迅速 迅速 xùnsù fast, speedy, rapid, prompt
shuì sleep
大多數 大多数 dàduōshù det.: most of, the majority of
不良 不良 bùliáng unhealthy, harmful, bad
自動 自动 zìdòng automatic
ó particle: used when informing sb. of st. (to draw people's attention); indicating mild imperative/suggestion/exclamation/guess/etc.
突破 突破 túpò make a breakthrough, surmount
後面 后面 hòumiàn rear, back, in the rear, latter, behind, rearward, at the back
污染 污染 wūrǎn pollute, contaminate
污染 污染 wūrǎn pollute, contaminate
陸續 陆续 lùxù continuously, one after another, in succession
fēi hover in the air, flight, hover, volatilize, wing, disappear through volatilization, flutter, skip, hover/flutter in the air, fly, blow, flutter in the air, flit
內心 内心 nèixīn interior, inner being, conscience, inside, breast, bosom, innermost being, incenter, heart
女子 女子 nǔzǐ lady, female, femme, young lady, adult female, missy, young woman, fem, moll, womankind, fille, damsel, girl, miss, woman, wren, blade
玻璃 玻璃 bōlí plastic, vitrum, putty, vitreous, nylon, window, windowpane, cutter, glass
shén god, supreme, architect, Thor, superpersonality, Providence, providence, Deus, immortal, energy, numen, Being, divine, being, Surname, maker, Allah, vitality, look, deity, spirit, gum, omnipotent, anthropomorphism, expression, mind, soul, omniscience, immortality, omniscient, kami, Elohim, divinity
zhōng China
市民 市民 shìmín citizen, burgess, citizenry, metropolitan, townsman, townsfolk, town, towner, civic, residents of a city, townee, burgher, townspeople
承認 承认 chéngrèn receive, acknowledge, okay, approbate, validate, recognize, avow, admittance, count, confess, sanctify, grant, countersign, avouch, admit, acknowledgement, reckon, own, sanction, give diplomatic recognition, concede, cede, give, ratify, agree, recognise, accept, recognition, yield, allow, endorse, profess
不滿 不满 bùmǎn resentful, dissatisfied
不滿 不满 bùmǎn resentful, dissatisfied
年齡 年龄 niánlíng summer, age
jìn det.: close
記憶 记忆 jìyì memory
打算 打算 dǎsuàn mean, specify, plan, think, intention, propose, design, purpose, contemplate, allot, destine, calculate, intend, designate, be after
應用 应用 yìngyòng apply, use
老闆 老板 lǎobǎn proprietor, chief, shopkeeper, Tuan, baas, honcho, hirer, storekeeper, milord, bwana, mugwump, cit, market keeper, buckra, governor, boss, joss, tradesman, employer, guv
成熟 成熟 chéngshú ripe, mature
成熟 成熟 chéngshú ripe, mature
jìn enter, come/go into, advance
證明 证明 zhèngmíng prove, testify, bear out
證明 证明 zhèngmíng prove, testify, bear out
國立 国立 guólì run, state, state maintained, national, state-run, state-maintained, national run, state/national maintained/run, national maintained
施工 施工 shīgōng work on (of construction)
施工 施工 shīgōng work on (of construction)
kǒu mouth
míng name, fame, reputation
叫做 叫做 jiàozuò clepe, be known as, be called, call
agree with, set (of sun), set, take in, join, receive, be admitted into, become a member of, enter, descend, infiltrate, conform with, conform to, interlard
包含 包含 bāohán comprehend, consist of, subtend, imply, boast, go, colligate, include, hold, encompass, embrace, bear, carry, comprise, incorporate, cover, embody, connote, consist in, house, subsume, contain
場所 场所 chángsuǒ site, digging, terrain, locality, point, arena, scene, room, locus, location, locale, stead, scene of action, lieu, amenity, meridian, where, spot, space, land site, place, seat
hòu rear, back, behind
xíng go, travel, prevail, circulate, be current
休息 休息 xiūxí repose, have, lie dormant, respire, take time off, have a rest, take a rest, take off, relax, take_time_off, have/take a rest, rest
從來 从来 cónglái all along, at all times, always
dōng east
要是 要是 yàoshì conj.: if, suppose, in case
適應 适应 shìyìng be accustomed to, conform, be used to, fit, humor, gear, orient, phase, adjust, accommodate, be accustomed, be inure to, get used to, adaptation, adapt, suit
工會 工会 gōnghuì trade/labor union
yuán primary, original
聽說 听说 tīngshuō hear, understand, learn, rumor, hear that..., hear/understand that..., be told, understand that..., hear of
高級 高级 gāojí high-level, high-class, quality
距離 距离 jùlí distance
不易 不易 búyì uneasy
有沒有 有没有 yǒuméiyǒu have or not have
不易 不易 búyì uneasy
人性 人性 rénxìng reason, hypostasis, humanitarianism, normal human feelings, humanness, humanity, humanism, human nature, flesh, humanistic, manhood
走到 走到 zǒudào go to
pāi clap, pat, lick sb.'s boots
規則 规则 guīzé rule, regulation
以外 以外 yǐwài other than, except, beyond, outside
關懷 关怀 guānhuái show loving care/concern for
關懷 关怀 guānhuái show loving care/concern for
另一方面 另一方面 lìngyīfāngmiàn conj.: on the other hand
實力 实力 shílì strength, actual strength, efficiency
kào lean against, keep to, get near, come up to, near, depend/rely on
假如 假如 jiǎrú conj.: if, supposing, in case
研發 研发 yánfā research and develop, R&D, research and develop something, research and development
攻擊 攻击 gōngjí attack, assault, accuse, vilify
攻擊 攻击 gōngjí attack, assault, accuse, vilify
幹部 干部 gànbù organizer, staff, cadre
資格 资格 zīgé claim, credential, prerequisite, character, capability, qualifications, requirement, qualification, capacity, root/basis part of a character, status, sufficiency, seniority, competence, fitness, competency, condition
引進 引进 yǐnjìn recommend, introduce from elsewhere
引進 引进 yǐnjìn recommend, introduce from elsewhere
做到 做到 zuòdào achievement, accomplishment, achieve, accomplish
吃飯 吃饭 chīfàn feed, dine, make a living, keep alive, have a meal, eat
保險 保险 bǎoxiǎn insurance
發行 发行 fāxíng issue, publish, distribute, put on sale
發行 发行 fāxíng issue, publish, distribute, put on sale
huài spoiled
證券 证券 zhèngquàn document, bond, bill, stock certificate, security, certificate, portfolio, bond certificate, negotiable securities, stock
大幅 大幅 dàfú to a great extent
還有 还有 háiyǒu conj.: furthermore, in addition
公斤 公斤 gōngjīn m.[standard]
性質 性质 xìngzhí kidney, attribute, fibre, description, affection, temper, nature, self, mold, temperament, property, composition, character, hair, bent, kind, disposition, habitude, meridian, dimension, quality, note, sort
某些 某些 mǒuxiē little, some, det.: come
幸福 幸福 xìngfú happy
幸福 幸福 xìngfú happy
以上 以上 yǐshàng the above/foregoing/above-mentioned
明確 明确 míngquè define, make clear/definite, make definite, definite, make clear
聯盟 联盟 liánméng conference, alliance, coalition, hookup, ally, Verein, confederacy, federacy, circuit, combination, Bund, confederation, federation, union, bloc, league, axis
主持 主持 zhǔchí preside, head, care of, take care of, preside over, chair, minister, sponsor, direct, uphold, direction, take charge/care of, take charge of, moderate, emcee, celebrate, manage, host, mastermind, officiate, stand for, managment, run, take charge, compere
一再 一再 yīzài repeatedly, again and again, time and again, over_and_over
保育 保育 bǎoyū child care
師生 师生 shīshēng teacher and student
立委 立委 lìwěi legislator
gǎi alteration, rectification, transformation, change, correct, put ... right, transform, rectify, revision, switch over to, ameliorate, revise, put right, amend, correction, gybe, alter
nián age, New Year, a period in one's life, a period in history, harvest
保育 保育 bǎoyū child care
多半 多半 duōbàn det : the greater part
管道 管道 guǎndào pipeline, conduit, piping, channel (for communication/etc.)
絕不 绝不 juébù to no degree, by no means, scarcely, nowise, not by a long sight, not by a blame sight, never, ne'er, hardly
bào newspaper, periodical, bulletin, telegram
認同 认同 rèntóng identify, have meeting of the minds
認同 认同 rèntóng identify, have meeting of the minds
一致 一致 yīzhì symphonize, coheiress, identical, quadrate, accord, coincide, equate, homologize, answer, comport, concur, consist, unanimous, chime_in, agree, jibe, unite, square, correspond, consort
最多 最多 zuìduō the majority
股票 股票 gǔpiào capital stock, share, stock certificate, security, share certificate, stock
作者 作者 zuòzhě composer, author, writer, wright, paragrapher, auteur, paternity
dǎo island, isle
細胞 细胞 xìbāo cell
病毒 病毒 bìngdú worm, viral, virus
衛生 卫生 wèishēng hygiene, health, sanitation
抗議 抗议 kàngyì protest
免費 免费 miǎnfèi be free of charge, free_of_charge, gratuitous, gratis
抗議 抗议 kàngyì protest
教育局 教育局 jiàoyūjú Bureau of Education
na particle: formed by linking syllable ending in n with particle a
農業 农业 nóngyè farm, farming, geoponics, husbandry, agricultural, plow, agriculture
管制 管制 guǎnzhì regulate, govern, guard, break_in, tie_up, tutor, regularize, put under surveillance, order, control
一定 一定 yīdìng certain
自動化 自动化 zìdònghuà automation
展示 展示 zhǎnshì reveal, lay bare
展示 展示 zhǎnshì reveal, lay bare
情感 情感 qínggǎn affect, friendship, sensibility, bond, emotion, bosom, breast, sentiment, emotional, chasm, feeling, feelings
一邊 一边 yībiān at the same time, simultaneously;on the one/other hand
自動化 自动化 zìdònghuà automation
wàng forget, overlook, neglect
拒絕 拒绝 jùjué deny, rebut, bar, repel, naysay, scout, abnegate, overrule, reject, decline, disclaim, eliminate, refusal, deduct, turn away, snub, shut, thumb, debar, abjure, override, exclude, recant, turndown, withhold, renunciate, retract, repudiate, forswear, turn_down, turn down, nill, kick, brush_off, repulse, rule out, brush off, recoup, pass up, rebuff, rejection, renounce, refuse, nix, foreclose
只有 只有 zhǐyǒu conj.: only, alone
妻子 妻子 qīzǐ frow, feme, married woman, wifelike, wife, woman, femme, missis, squaw
行業 行业 hángyè metier, mystery, profession, line, game, craft, calling, trade, industry, biz, walk_of_life, racket, living
經理 经理 jīnglǐ amaldar, intendant, manager, steward, executive, managing director, exec, director, skipper, syndic, executive director
那樣 那样 nàyàng that kind of, like that
和平 和平 hépíng mild, peaceful
和平 和平 hépíng mild, peaceful
greet, cry, weep
chéng wall, city wall, city, kasbah, town, township, burgh, castle, burg
gēn m.[general]
主人 主人 zhǔrén lord, housemaster, host, symposiarch, marse, bwana, padrone, boss, master, baas, provider, mast, owner, landlord
chǎng factory, mill, plant, works, yard, depot
chǎng factory, mill, plant, works, yard, depot
大人 大人 dàrén grownup, adult, milord, respectful salutation for one's seniors/, grown-up, respectful salutation for one's parents, Your Excellency, panjandrum, Highness, respectful salutation for one's parents/seniors/etc., Tuan, Bahadur, bahadur, sahib
機器 机器 jīqì enginery, life, machinery, machine, plant, apparatus, engine, gizmo
不得 不得 bùdé must/may not, not be allowed
qiáo backbend, fret, span, pons, pier arch, bridge, spar
以下 以下 yǐxià the following
vector, width of cloth, size, piece, m.[general],
公分 公分 gōngfēn m.[standard]
失敗 失败 shībài be defeated, fail, lose
失敗 失败 shībài be defeated, fail, lose
真實 真实 zhēnshí true, real, authentic, factual
主張 主张 zhǔzhāng advocate, stand for, maintain, hold
外面 外面 wàimiàn surface, outward appearance, without, outside, exterior
shǒu det.: first
zhí directly, straight, continuously, just, simply
真實 真实 zhēnshí true, real, authentic, factual
車子 车子 chēzi vehicle
星期 星期 xīngqí Sunday, week
表面 表面 biǎomiàn crust, superficial, facing, show, exterior, obverse, rind, face, superficies, top, outside, appearance, facade, surface, bosom, window dressing
紐約 纽约 niǒuyuē New York (city in American)
做法 做法 zuòfǎ way of doing sth., modus_operandi, practice, manner, method, making sth., way of making sth., shtick, way, way of doing, way of doing/making sth., personal manner
創意 创意 chuàngyì create new meanings, get-up-and-go, unique idea, new idea
台中 台中 táizhōng Taichung (big city in Taiwan)
nǎi therefore
構成 构成 gòuchéng constitute, form, compose, make up
網際 网际 wǎngjì internet
怎麼辦 怎么办 zěnmebàn what should someone do?
事務 事务 shìwù pursuit, shebang, routine, affair, work, concern, general affairs, desk, business, matter, transaction
眼前 眼前 yǎnqián before one's eyes
構成 构成 gòuchéng constitute, form, compose, make up
警察 警察 jǐngchá police officer, cop, trooper, bluecoat, finest, jack, peon, policeman, police force, constable, policemen, flattie, fuzz, constabulary, shamus, bull, bobby, robert, copper, tipstaff, rozzer, flatfoot, john, peeler, Vopo, law, runner, officer, gumshoe, pig, police, the police, beetle-crusher, flic
個性 个性 gèxìng kidney, specific property, personalism, fibre, individuation, personhood, particularity, fiber, character, individual character, self-identity, mentality, idiosyncrasy, spirit, individuality, individualism, selfhood, personality
研究院 研究院 yánjiùyuàn research institute, academy
意願 意愿 yìyuàn will, wish, desire, inclination, aspiration, request, pleasure
視訊 视讯 shìxùn visual signal, video, display
體制 体制 tǐzhì frame, organization, system of organization, framework, system, apparatus, framing, organisation
經濟部 经济部 jīngjìbù Ministry of Economic Affairs
感受 感受 gǎnshòu perception, sentiment, mood
負責人 负责人 fùzérén sponsor, point man, leading cadre, person in charge, undertaker, keeper
陽光 阳光 yángguāng sunray, shine, sun, sunlight, sunshine, sunbeam