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nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs adj
monochromated scanning transmission electron microscope n
catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia n
close the stable door after the horse has bolted v
granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor n
hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire adj
caught between the devil and the deep blue sea adj
a little from column A, a little from column B n
massively multiplayer online role-playing game n
slip into something a little more comfortable v
damned if one does and damned if one doesn't adj
pinch and a punch for the first of the month n
your mission, should you choose to accept it n
from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious adj
let go an anchor to the windward of the law v
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate n
sell one's birthright for a mess of pottage v
surface-conduction electron-emitter display n
emergency position indicating radio beacon n
fee simple subject to condition subsequent n
fee simple subject to executory limitation n
hold with the hare and run with the hounds v
nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine num
have more chins than a Chinese phone book v
have to do with the price of tea in China v
information and communications technology n
polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate n
scanning transmission electron microscope n
attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder n
caught with one's hand in the cookie jar adj
fee simple subject to executory interest n
kill the goose that lays the golden eggs v
let the perfect be the enemy of the good v
not touch something with a ten foot pole v
rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic v
right of public access to the wilderness n
stimulated emission depletion microscope n
stimulated emission depletion microscopy n
acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis n
born with a silver spoon in one's mouth adj
cut one's coat according to one's cloth v
defense-independent pitching statistics n
hello yourself, and see how you like it int
pairwise linkage disequilibrium diagram n
program evaluation and review technique n
serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase n
transmissible spongiform encephalopathy n
well ain't that the catfish in the trap int
complex post-traumatic stress disorder n
cross-platform application development n
cross that bridge when one comes to it v
cut off one's nose to spite one's face v
high-performance liquid chromatography n
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor n
snatch defeat from the jaws of victory v
snatch victory from the jaws of defeat v
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease n
cross-platform application management n
cryo-transmission electron microscopy n
functional magnetic resonance imaging n
keep one's cards close to one's chest v
levator labii superioris alaeque nasi n
march to the beat of a different drum v
not be able to get a word in edgeways v
ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency n
serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitor n
the straw that broke the camel's back n
throw the baby out with the bathwater v
Universal Declaration of Human Rights proper n
beat one's head against a stone wall v
down the road, not across the street adv
implicational propositional calculus n
not the sharpest knife in the drawer n
out of the frying pan, into the fire adv
put one's money where one's mouth is v
redundant array of independent disks n
take the wind out of someone's sails v
Thurston's geometrization conjecture n
accountable property officer's bond n
acquired immune deficiency syndrome n
angels dancing on the head of a pin n
fucked by the fickle finger of fate adj
give somebody a piece of one's mind v
have eyes bigger than one's stomach v
have eyes in the back of one's head v
high-pressure liquid chromatography n
integrated services digital network n
law of diminishing marginal utility n
a little bit of bread and no cheese int
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug n
on opposite sides of the barricades adj
person of ordinary skill in the art n
pull oneself up by one's bootstraps v
shoot first and ask questions later v
transitive verb with animate object n
warm the cockles of someone's heart v
weakly interacting massive particle n
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line n
automatic number plate recognition n
Banbury story of a cock and a bull n
continuously variable transmission n
erasable programmable logic device n
evolutionary developmental biology n
extraordinary optical transmission n
a few sandwiches short of a picnic adj
hydrostatic pressure relief system n
intercontinental ballistic missile n
jack of all trades, master of none n
kick the tires and light the fires v
learning content management system n
logarithmic trigonometric function n
more than one can shake a stick at adj
nicotinamide adenine trinucleotide n
organic electroluminescent display n
organizational breakdown structure n
play both sides against the middle v
pull the wool over somebody's eyes v
put one foot in front of the other v
radio frequency integrated circuit n
raise the flag and see who salutes v
run around like a headless chicken adv
take a licking and keep on ticking v
vascular endothelial growth factor n
walk and chew gum at the same time v
attachiamenta de spinis et boscis n
automatic data processing machine n
Automatic Location Identification n
childhood disintegrative disorder n
crankcase emission control system n
differential scanning calorimetry n
eat someone out of house and home v
Federal Communications Commission n
greatest thing since sliced bread n
have butterflies in one's stomach v
have eyes bigger than one's belly v
have to do with the price of fish v
high-frequency gravitational wave n
infectious bovine rhinotracheitis n
knock the living daylights out of v
lead someone down the garden path v
locational based marginal pricing n
make a mountain out of a molehill v
massively multiplayer online game n
more than one can poke a stick at adj
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide n
non-volatile random access memory n
not give somebody the time of day v
not to put too fine a point on it int
one of his majesty's bad bargains n
private limited liability company n
probabilistically checkable proof n
seem like a good idea at the time v
send shivers down someone's spine v
separate the wheat from the chaff v
severe acute respiratory syndrome n
standard temperature and pressure n
take a leaf out of someone's book v
transmission electron diffraction n
very long baseline interferometry n
wouldn't shout if a shark bit him v
according to one's understanding adv
before you can say Jack Robinson adv
blow this for a game of soldiers int
bovine malignant catarrhal fever n
bovine spongiform encephalopathy n
chief petty officer second class n
close enough for government work adj
cosmological perturbation theory n
could not get elected dogcatcher v
distinction without a difference n
generalized continuum hypothesis n
get out of bed on the wrong side v
get out while the getting's good v
Heisenberg uncertainty principle n
individual voluntary arrangement n
international auxiliary language n
kiss the ground someone walks on v
know like the back of one's hand v
leave nothing to the imagination v
lithium-drifted silicon detector n
Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool n
make a silk purse of a sow's ear v
neighbouring group participation n
nicotinic acetylcholine receptor n
nuclear hydrogen detection meter n
one step forward, two steps back n
Personal Social Health Education n
pervasive developmental disorder n
Public Limited Liability Company n
put all one's eggs in one basket v
a riddle wrapped up in an enigma n
Small Computer Systems Interface n
small ubiquitin-related modifier n
stochastic differential equation n
take a long walk on a short pier v
things that go bump in the night n
throw one's toys out of the pram v
time-of-flight mass spectrometry n
transmission electron microscope n
transmission electron microscopy n
vested remainder subject to open n
wake up on the wrong side of bed v
wear one's heart on one's sleeve v
weighted-average cost of capital n
acquiring financial institution n
act of independent significance n
anally inflicted death sentence n
Automatic Number Identification n
between a rock and a hard place adv
bite off more than one can chew v
borderline personality disorder n
chief petty officer first class n
dictatorship of the proletariat n
dispute resolution organization n
double-nosed andean tiger hound n
elementary symmetric polynomial n
everything but the kitchen sink n
get up on the wrong side of bed v
give somebody the cold shoulder v
go in one ear and out the other v
ground proximity warning system n
have one's fingers in many pies v
have one's work cut out for one v
have someone by the short hairs v
have someone's guts for garters v
hide one's light under a bushel v
hold someone's feet to the fire v
kick someone when they are down v
library and information science n
make a stick for one's own back v
plain as the nose on one's face adj
psychological refractory period n
put one's shoulder to the wheel v
ride a horse foaled by an acorn v
scrape the bottom of the barrel v
secondary ion mass spectrometry n
shareholders' derivative action n
shoot through like a Bondi tram v
Sir David's long-beaked echidna n
step in front of a moving train v
straight from the horse's mouth adv adj
tactical aeromedical evacuation n
wait for the other shoe to drop v
web-based operating environment n
where the rubber meets the road n
wrap around one's little finger v
able to get a word in edgewise adj
accountable disbursing officer n
alternative dispute resolution n
aniridia-Wilms' tumor syndrome n
application protocol data unit n
article of extraordinary value n
as near as makes no difference adv
between the jigs and the reels adv
burn one's candle at both ends v
Carriage and Insurance Paid to n
cavity quantum electrodynamics n
collateralized debt obligation n
collateralized loan obligation n
computed axial tomography scan n
cosmological natural selection n
critical micelle concentration n
deposit interest retention tax n
dissociative identity disorder n
electrical discharge machining n
enough to make the angels weep n
enterprise feedback management n
erythrocyte sedimentation rate n
exception that proves the rule n
fly by the seat of one's pants v
four score and seven years ago adv
from the bottom of one's heart adv
genuine issue of material fact n
geographic information science n
Gilles de la Tourette syndrome n
give something up as a bad job v
have one's cake and eat it too v
hirsuties papillaris genitalis n
immunogold electron microscopy n
indiscernibility of identicals n
inverse trigonometric function n
law of unintended consequences n
leave somebody holding the bag v
light at the end of the tunnel n
like a cat in a strange garret adj
like shooting fish in a barrel adj
look what the cat's dragged in int
nail one's colours to the mast v
one brick short of a full load adj
ordinary differential equation n
out of the corner of one's eye adv
parasympathetic nervous system n
partial cloverleaf interchange n
performance measurement system n
post-traumatic stress disorder n
put oneself in someone's shoes v
put something into perspective v
a quick drop and a sudden stop n
quantized electronic structure n
seigen jikan ga ippai ni natta n
sexually transmitted infection n
single-point urban interchange n
soil mechanics and engineering n
stratified columnar epithelium n
supersonic heterodyne receiver n
take something in one's stride v
think one's shit doesn't stink v
three-center two-electron bond n
United States of North America n
wear something on one's sleeve v
work one's fingers to the bone v
accelerator mass spectrometry n
agonistic monoclonal antibody n
all the way to Egery and back n
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis n
angiotensin converting enzyme n
araneomorph funnel-web spider n
Arse Inflicted Death Sentence n
blow someone out of the water v
brake mean effective pressure n
Brazilian whiteknee tarantula n
bring one's arse to an anchor v
cell-mediated immune response n
certified safety professional n
chronic granulomatous disease n
clair comme de l'eau de roche adj
clear and convincing evidence n
comfortable in one's own skin adj
conditional assembly language n
country code top-level domain n
a day late and a dollar short adv
different as chalk and cheese adj
differential thermal analysis n
dividend equilisation reserve n
division property of equality n
dot the i's and cross the t's v
emergency locator transmitter n
enterprise architecture model n
federal question jurisdiction n
follow in someone's footsteps v
genetically modified organism n
geographic information system n
get one's knickers in a twist v
have had one's Weet-Bix today v
have one's feet on the ground v
have one's head in the clouds v
International System of Units n
isobutylphenyl propionic acid n
kill two birds with one stone v
know something inside and out v
laugh all the way to the bank v
law of conservation of energy n
legend in one's own lunchtime n
lie back and think of England v
like rats from a sinking ship adv
like taking candy from a baby adj
lose the number of one's mess v
make an exhibition of oneself v
make hay while the sun shines v
mathematical function program n
mean distance between failure n
Mobile Army Surgical Hospital n
multiple chemical sensitivity n
multiple personality disorder n
naked as the day one was born adj
not all it's cracked up to be adj
oblique system of coordinates n
optical character recognition n
paranoid personality disorder n
partial differential equation n
performance management system n
performance monitoring system n
plasma wakefield acceleration n
potassium selective electrode n
premium-rate telephone number n
preponderance of the evidence n
programmable logic controller n
programmable read-only memory n
pseudorandom number generator n
put one's foot in one's mouth v
put the cart before the horse v
put the cat among the pigeons v
put words in somebody's mouth v
Reissner-Nordström black hole n
run something up the flagpole v
saggar maker's bottom knocker n
scanning tunneling microscope n
shipshape and Bristol fashion adj
single-minded branding moment n
spread spectrum communication n
supplemental restraint system n
sweep something under the rug v
talk somebody under the table v
Transmission Control Protocol n
trinucleotide repeat disorder n
triple negative breast cancer n
trivial functional dependency n
until one is blue in the face adv
valley of the shadow of death n
value over replacement player n
variegated star macromolecule n
Vehicle Identification Number n
without troubling the scorers adv
wrong place at the wrong time n
address verification service n
Advanced Encryption Standard n
all fur coat and no knickers adj
all one's eggs in one basket n
another nail in one's coffin n
application delivery network n
Australasian pig-nose turtle n
be on the horns of a dilemma v
between Scylla and Charybdis adv
bite of the reality sandwich n
bite the hand that feeds you v
black and gold garden spider n
bone-eating snot flower worm n
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed adj
built like a brick shithouse adj
business continuity planning n
California dogface butterfly n
caught with one's pants down adj
chief cook and bottle washer n
chronic cellular dehydration n
collective investment scheme n
cost per available seat mile n
dictatorship of the majority n
dry as a dead dingo's donger adj
dynamic random access memory n
expected date of confinement n
face that would stop a clock n
fall off the back of a lorry v
familial Mediterranean fever n
follicle stimulating hormone n
for all intents and purposes adv
germanium antimony telluride n
glass transition temperature n
go back to the drawing board v
go from strength to strength v
hang on someone's every word v
haul somebody over the coals v
have a word in someone's ear v
human chorionic gonadotropin n
human immunodeficiency virus n
hydrogen potassium carbonate n
hyperbolic navigation system n
identification friend or foe n
industrial methylated spirit n
international rules football n
just what the doctor ordered n
know every trick in the book v
leave everything on the road v
levator palpebrae superioris n
like a cat on a hot tin roof adj
like a lamb to the slaughter adv
like feeding time at the zoo adj
like water off a duck's back adj adv
liquid scintillation counter n
little brown fucking machine n
make it up as one goes along v
mathematical markup language n
military load classification n
multicultural London English n
nuclear quadrupole resonance n
online public access catalog n
orally disintegrating tablet n
organic light-emitting diode n
parental alienation syndrome n
penny wise and pound foolish adj
penny-wise and pound-foolish adj
Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen n
plasma wakefield accelerator n
positron emission tomography n
potassium antimonyl tartrate n
pot calling the kettle black n
probability density function n
put hair on somebody's chest v
put words in someone's mouth v
quaternary ammonium compound n
radial distribution function n
reflexive possessive pronoun n
ridden hard and put away wet v
Ritz's combination principle n
rub salt in someone's wounds v
scanning electron microscope n
see the forest for the trees v
sell someone a bill of goods v
Seventh-day Adventist Church n
sexually transmitted disease n
shuffle off this mortal coil v
singular value decomposition n
springing executory interest n
standard electrode potential n
standard normal distribution n
strictly decreasing function n
strictly increasing function n
strong equivalence principle n
strongly connected component n
submillimeter wave radiation n
sudden infant death syndrome n
sweep someone off their feet v
think with one's little head v
throw a spanner in the works v
tickle somebody's funny bone v
traditional Chinese medicine n
trip over one's own two feet v
variable tandem repeat locus n
wake up and smell the coffee v
whatever creams your twinkie int
acceleration due to gravity n
advanced traffic management n
albatross around one's neck n
Armalite and the ballot box n
breathe down someone's neck v
bring a knife to a gunfight v
burn a hole in one's pocket v
carry the message to Garcia v
Chinese restaurant syndrome n
chosen aggression principle n
cosmic background radiation n
Cost, Insurance and Freight n
cry all the way to the bank v
deduced amino acid sequence n
delay differential equation n
diminished radix complement n
directed acyclic word graph n
discretionary fiscal policy n
do as I say and not as I do v
double replacement reaction n
driving under the influence n
everybody and their brother pronoun
Financial Intelligence Unit n
follow somebody off a cliff v
fruit of the poisonous tree n
get on like a house on fire v
give somebody the brush-off v
give somebody the runaround v
go the way of the dinosaurs v
go to extraordinary lengths v
go to the ends of the earth v
hanged, drawn and quartered adj
have a frog in one's throat v
have one's back to the wall v
have the time of one's life v
hedgehog signalling pathway n
hit one out of the ballpark v
hypothetical taxonomic unit n
improvised explosive device n
inertial frame of reference n
intermediate cuneiform bone n
inverse hyperbolic function n
ion exchange chromatography n
keep one's head above water v
keep the home fires burning v
keep the wolf from the door v
leave somebody high and dry v
like a bull in a china shop adj adv
like a kid in a candy store adj
low temperature flexibility n
make a spectacle of oneself v
materials recovery facility n
measure of central tendency n
mesoscale convective system n
modified Newtonian dynamics n
murder in the second degree n
must have killed a Chinaman v
negative side waterproofing n
never in a month of Sundays adv
nonverbal learning disorder n
nothing to write home about adj
offensive line of scrimmage n
one card shy of a full deck adj
optical rotatory dispersion n
paint oneself into a corner v
persistent vegetative state n
positive side waterproofing n
pour oil on troubled waters v
prebiotic organic synthesis n
precession of the equinoxes n
present perfect progressive n
put one's best foot forward v
queer as a clockwork orange adj
respiratory syncytial virus n
sacrament of reconciliation n
satellite navigation system n
Schrödinger's wave equation n
seasonal affective disorder n
shifting executory interest n
sing from the same hymnbook v
slow as molasses in January adj
a sprat to catch a mackerel n
spooky action at a distance n
standard hydrogen electrode n
stand on one's own two feet v
start off on the wrong foot v
static random access memory n
statistical process control n
stick out like a sore thumb v
subject matter jurisdiction n
tactical air control center n
take one's eye off the ball v
take somebody's word for it v
take something to the grave v
taste of one's own medicine n
temporary restraining order n
throw one's hat in the ring v
to all intents and purposes adv
travelling salesman problem n
uniform resource identifier n
the whole world and his dog n
White Cloud Mountain minnow n
abstract harmonic analysis n
accident waiting to happen n
Admiral of the Narrow Seas n
antisocial behaviour order n
asynchronous transfer mode n
attention deficit disorder n
at the end of one's tether adj
autistic spectrum disorder n
automatic distance control n
bare-eared Squirrel Monkey n
bastard operator from hell n
battledore and shuttlecock n
beat somebody to the punch v
be glad to see the back of v
bone morphogenetic protein n
born on the Fourth of July adj
British overseas territory n
by the skin of one's teeth adv
change horses in midstream v
circularly polarized light n
composite board insulation n
conventional mortgage loan n
darken somebody's doorstep v
database management system n
de bonis non administratis adj
deep geological repository n
digital audio broadcasting n
discrete Fourier transform n
document management system n
eat out of somebody's hand v
electron transfer reaction n
err on the side of caution v
everyone and their brother pronoun
feedback transfer function n
first cousin twice removed n
fluorine absorption dating n
flying purple people eater n
for all intensive purposes adv
frequently asked questions n
future perfect progressive n
gentleman of the back door n
get inside someone's pants v
get one's affairs in order v
get one's foot in the door v
give somebody the heave-ho v
Greek Christian Scriptures n
healthy participant effect n
hear through the grapevine v
heat death of the universe n
Himalayan striped squirrel n
horse of a different color n
identity of indiscernibles n
in any way, shape, or form adv
integrated optical circuit n
internal combustion engine n
in the reign of Queen Dick adv
in the twinkling of an eye adv
keep it on the barber pole v
keep one's eye on the ball v
kiss the gunner's daughter v
knee-deep in the Big Muddy adj
knee high to a grasshopper adj
knock somebody's socks off v
lateral geniculate nucleus n
law of diminishing returns n
leave someone in the lurch v
leave to one's own devices v
let the cat out of the bag v
like a duck takes to water adv
like the back end of a bus adj
live on top of one another v
logical mechanical element n
lower esophageal sphincter n
lysergic acid diethylamide n
magnetic resonance imaging n
make a virtue of necessity v
man on the Clapham omnibus n
master chief petty officer n
medial collateral ligament n
membrane mimetic chemistry n
mop the floor with someone v
murder in the first degree n
mutual assured destruction n
Natterer's slaty antshrike n
New Guinea flightless rail n
New Zealand primitive frog n
Next Generation Networking n
none of someone's business n
not have a leg to stand on v
not worth a brass farthing adj
nuclear magnetic resonance n
off like a bride's nightie adj
on the straight and narrow adv
on the tip of one's tongue adj
operational service period n
operational taxonomic unit n
packaged petroleum product n
People's Republic of China n
perfect gold standard test n
perfect passive participle n
personal digital assistant n
petty officer second class n
pin the tail on the donkey n
play someone like a fiddle v
polyunsaturated fatty acid n
pop a cap in someone's ass v
posterior auricular muscle n
practice what one preaches v
present perfect continuous n
put one's affairs in order v
put the pedal to the metal v
quality-adjusted life year n
quantum process tomography n
read somebody the riot act v
reel-to-reel tape recorder n
refractive index increment n
regular star macromolecule n
Roosmalens' Dwarf Marmoset n
rub somebody the wrong way v
scare the bejeebers out of v
search engine optimization n
second cousin once removed n
senior chief petty officer n
speak with a forked tongue v
squint like a bag of nails v
stop someone in his tracks v
straight from the shoulder adj adv
strong nuclear interaction n
Subscriber Identity Module n
swear on a stack of Bibles v
sympathetic nervous system n
take leave of one's senses v
take the bull by the horns v
threatening telephone call n
too big for one's britches adj
Trinidadian and Tobagonian n adj
Turing computable function n
unidentified flying object n
unlimited register machine n
upper esophageal sphincter n
vast right-wing conspiracy n
weapon of mass destruction n
when the shit hits the fan adv
whistle past the graveyard v
without loss of generality adv
worth one's weight in salt adj
accelerated graphics port n
accessory before the fact n
all it's cracked up to be n
all mouth and no trousers adj
all over but the shouting adj
all over hell's half acre adv
aminoacyl tRNA synthetase n
answer the call of nature v
anterior auricular muscle n
anterior cingulate cortex n
argumentum ad etymologiam n
argumentum ad verecundiam n
armored personnel carrier n
armoured fighting vehicle n
at Her Majesty's pleasure adv
at the top of one's lungs adv
at the top of one's voice adv
Australian rules football n
automatic leveling system n
back to the drawing board adv
beat someone's brains out v
beyond a reasonable doubt n
biochemical oxygen demand n
black-footed rock wallaby n
blow someone's brains out v
bond for general purposes n
bovine papular stomatitis n
brilliant rummynose tetra n
capacity utilization rate n
the calm before the storm n
cellular glass insulation n
central business district n
chorionic villus sampling n
civil enforcement officer n
closest point of approach n
combined statistical area n
content management system n
difference of two squares n
digital rights management n
dimber damber upright man n
discontinuity in the flow n
do something with mirrors v
double lock standing seam n
down to the short strokes adj adv
easy as falling off a log adj
economical with the truth adj
electron capture detector n
emergency medical service n
enough X to choke a horse n
enthalphy of vaporization n
fall off the turnip truck v
field emission microscope n
field emission microscopy n
first cousin once removed n
follicular dendritic cell n
forward transfer function n
future perfect continuous n
a gentleman and a scholar n
get one's marching orders v
get this show on the road v
give somebody a hard time v
global positioning system n
a good voice to beg bacon n
green fluorescent protein n
the Green, White and Gold n
hatch, match and despatch n adj
have another think coming v
have bats in one's belfry v
have one's ducks in a row v
have one's wits about one v
Hebrew Aramaic Scriptures n
Himalayan griffon vulture n
hoist by one's own petard adj
a hundred and ten percent n
Human Resource Management n
hyperbaric oxygen chamber n
inductive voltage divider n
infantry fighting vehicle n
in no way, shape, or form adv
instrument landing system n
intermediate vector boson n
inverse Fourier transform n
iris pigmented epithelium n
Japanese giant salamander n
keep somebody in stitches v
keyhole limpet hemocyanin n
key performance indicator n
knocking on heaven's door adj
lesser spotted woodpecker n
life estate pur autre vie n
like a hole in one's head adv
limited liability company n
lithium aluminium hydride n
live paycheck to paycheck v
lowest common denominator n
magnetic levitation train n
Major Mitchell's cockatoo n
make someone's skin crawl v
make someone's teeth itch v
medial geniculate nucleus n
metropolitan area network n
monkey humping a football n
multifunction array radar n
mutual admiration society n
non-esterified fatty acid n
normal hydrogen electrode n
northern bottlenose whale n
Northern Mariana Islander n
nuclear response function n
an offer one can't refuse n
off the top of one's head adv
on the edge of one's seat adj
on the spur of the moment adv
overspray surface texture n
package management system n
paradoxical rage reaction n
partial ordering relation n
party political broadcast n
Pauli exclusion principle n
peripheral nervous system n
personal flotation device n
petty officer first class n
petty officer third class n
phase contrast microscope n
phase contrast microscopy n
pilot balloon observation n
poacher turned gamekeeper n
polar stratospheric cloud n
polycystic ovary syndrome n
polymerase chain reaction n
pray to the porcelain god v
pressure retarded osmosis n
private enterprise number n
probability mass function n
put one's ass on the line v
put somebody in his place v
Quebracho crested tinamou n
rear admiral (lower half) n
rear admiral (upper half) n
reverse domestic violence n
root mean square velocity n
saturation vapor pressure n
a scholar and a gentleman n
school crossing attendant n
Schrödinger wave function n
sequential manual gearbox n
shoot oneself in the foot v
smooth as a baby's bottom adj
snowball's chance in hell n
something for the weekend n
Sooretama slaty antshrike n
southern bottlenose whale n
specific fuel consumption n
stare someone in the face v
Stoliczka's mountain vole n
straight out of the chute adv
strongly symmetric matter n
subpoena ad testificandum n
superior auricular muscle n
take with a pinch of salt v
tear a strip off somebody v
theoretical oxygen demand n
thick as two short planks adj
throw caution to the wind v
tighten the purse strings v
Tinker to Evans to Chance n
Tinker to Evers to Chance proper n
transient ischemic attack n
underwater basket weaving n
up and down straight draw n
up-and-down straight draw n
vegetative nervous system n
volatile organic compound n
wait for the ball to drop v
wear rose-colored glasses v
whatever floats your boat pronoun int
world's oldest profession n
accessory after the fact n
accretion of lithosphere n
affirming the consequent n
all singing, all dancing adj
ammonium laureth sulfate n
arbitrage pricing theory n
around Robin Hood's barn adv
at the end of one's rope adv
Australian rhyming slang n
autism spectrum disorder n
automated clearing house n
automated teller machine n
automatic teller machine n
autonomic nervous system n
azimuthal quantum number n
bad taste in one's mouth n
balance of probabilities n
be left holding the baby v
the beast with two backs n
Big Bend patchnose snake n
big fish in a small pond n
biological oxygen demand n
blow this popsicle stand v
Bolivian marching powder n
Bolivian slaty antshrike n
bond dissociation energy n
build a better mousetrap v
buy straw hats in winter v
call 'em as one sees 'em v
carbon emissions trading n
carry coals to Newcastle v
cast pearls before swine v
caustic sulphite caramel n
character user interface n
chronic fatigue syndrome n
circular polarized light n
clean as a hound's tooth adj
climbing maidenhair fern n
colony collapse disorder n
come out of the woodwork v
coming out of one's ears v
common or garden variety n
compact fluorescent lamp n
congestive heart failure n
conjugate acid-base pair n
copy number polymorphism n
count angels on pinheads v
critical Reynolds number n
Daniel come to judgement n
deep inelastic collision n
diastolic blood pressure n
digital service provider n
discrete choice analysis n
don't knock yourself out v
down with his apple-cart int
easy peasy lemon squeezy adj
Einstein field equations n
enzootic bovine leukosis n
error of the second kind n
Euler's totient function n
everybody and his cousin n
finite capacity planning n
Fischer indole synthesis n
floating point operation n
Flying Spaghetti Monster n
footloose and fancy free adj
fully qualified hostname n
gender identity disorder n
gender identity syndrome n
generic top-level domain n
get into someone's pants v
get off one's high horse v
get one's butt somewhere v
get one's juices flowing v
get on somebody's nerves v
get up with the chickens v
get what's coming to one v
give as good as one gets v
give somebody the creeps v
give someone the slipper v
go for a roll in the hay v
grand unification theory n
graphical user interface n
great spotted woodpecker n
grin like a Cheshire cat v
harassing telephone call n
have a bone in one's leg v
have a dog in this fight v
have a mind like a sieve v
have ants in one's pants v
have the wolf by the ear v
hell and half of Georgia n
hit the nail on the head v
hold over someone's head v
horizontal gene transfer n
hydraulic retention time n
hydrogen sodium arsenate n
hydrogen spectral series n
in a league of one's own adv
irritable bowel syndrome n
just another pretty face n
keep someone in the dark v
keep someone in the loop v
keep up with the Joneses v
kick with the other foot v
Kirchhoff's circuit laws n
last of the big spenders n
leader of the free world n
Leader of the Opposition n
leaf protein concentrate n
Le Chatelier's principle n
letter of recommendation n
letters after one's name n
light dependent resistor n
live life to the fullest v
loosen the apron strings v
loosen the purse strings v
the long and short of it n
marginal cost of capital n
Mediterranean flour moth n
motherhood and apple pie n
never in a million years adv
non-baryonic dark matter n
northern red-backed vole n
not give a tinker's cuss v
not give a tinker's damn v
not know which end is up v
not leave one's thoughts v
not the end of the world n
number one with a bullet adj
old wine in a new bottle n
one country, two systems n
open ended straight draw n
paint with a broad brush v
party of the second part n
past perfect progressive n
peak vehicle requirement n
perpetual motion machine n
Peruvian slaty antshrike n
phase transfer catalysis n
piss in someone's pocket v
Planalto slaty antshrike n
play one against another v
power line communication n
prawn cocktail offensive n
present sense impression n
propwash deflection unit n
public access television n
punch above one's weight v
punch below one's weight v
put one's hands together v
put the shits up someone v
put two and two together v
quadrature of the circle n
quantity theory of money n
rain on someone's parade v
raise somebody's hackles v
reality distortion field n
remote method invocation n
remote sensing scientist n
repetitive strain injury n
reverse cowgirl position n
rocket propelled grenade n
rubber baby buggy bumper n
scandal of particularity n
Schwarzschild black hole n
second moment of inertia n
section automatic weapon n
set the wheels in motion v
sex reassignment surgery n
Siberian flying squirrel n
single transferable vote n
skeleton in the cupboard n
social conflict paradigm n
sodium hydrogen arsenate n
somewhere along the line adv
special purpose language n
stand in someone's shoes v
static memory allocation n
steal somebody's thunder v
stop and smell the roses v
substitution of attorney n
sulphite ammonia caramel n
Sydney funnel-web spider n
take something in stride v
take things as they come v
three sheets to the wind adj
throw in at the deep end v
to one's heart's content adv
total quality management n
tricarboxylic acid cycle n
trip the light fantastic v
Twelve Days of Christmas n
two birds with one stone n
two dimensional universe n
Uniform Resource Locator n
universal Turing machine n
until the cows come home adv
Van Allen radiation belt n
Von Kármán vortex street n
von Willebrand's disease n
water of crystallization n
weak nuclear interaction n
the whole shooting match n
wolf in sheep's clothing n
work breakdown structure n
worth its weight in gold adj
wrong side of the tracks n
absorption of radiation n
accidentally on purpose adv
air mass classification n
algebraic number theory n
Alice B. Toklas brownie n
allocation of resources n
all sizzle and no steak n
all-trans retinoic acid n
American cocker spaniel n
amniotic fluid embolism n
arbitrage pricing model n
armoured combat vehicle n
atomic force microscope n
atomic force microscopy n
attorney's work product n
batten down the hatches v
bet one's bottom dollar v
bird of one's own brain n
bite someone's head off v
black and white warbler n
Bornean clouded leopard n
calcium channel blocker n
calibrated focal length n
California Spangled Cat n
cat that ate the canary n
central processing unit n
Chatham Islands Penguin n
chief executive officer n
chief financial officer n
chief operating officer n
coefficient of friction n
come hell or high water adv
come out of one's shell v
commission de bene esse n
conjunctive normal form n
constant of integration n
consume mass quantities v
coronary artery disease n
corridor of uncertainty n
Cotswold morris dancing n
could have done without v
cross console emulation n
cut somebody some slack v
cyclic redundancy check n
disjunctive normal form n
doctrine of equivalents n
domestic policy council n
draw a line in the sand v
drive the porcelain bus v
dwarf spheroidal galaxy n
Einstein field equation n
electron spin resonance n
elegant crested tinamou n
embarrassment of riches n
entry point for the eye n
error of the first kind n
fall at the last hurdle v
fall between two stools v
fall through the cracks v
fee simple determinable n
ferric ammonium citrate n
Finnish forest reindeer n
first come first served n
foreign accent syndrome n
foreign exchange market n
freshwater pearl mussel n
get down to brass tacks v
get one's wires crossed v
get something over with v
give hostage to fortune v
give it one's best shot v
give somebody an earful v
go the way of all flesh n
great black-backed gull n
greatest common divisor n
Guianan slaty antshrike n
hairy-eared dwarf lemur n
have one's ears lowered v
have one's heart set on v
have one's number on it v
have tickets on oneself v
Heaviside unit function n
hot on somebody's heels adj
hurt someone's feelings v
IBM Pollyanna Principle n
indirect maternal death n
initial public offering n
inquisition post mortem n
instant mashed potatoes n
intelligent dance music n
international call sign n
International Date Line n
International Load Line n
in the year of our Lord adv
ion selective electrode n
Japanese bunching onion n
keep a weather eye open v
keep oneself to oneself v
keep one's options open v
Kirchhoff's current law n
Kirchhoff's voltage law n
knight in shining armor n
Lady Amherst's pheasant n
lead down a garden path v
leave no stone unturned v
leave well enough alone v
lesser included offense n
let the good times roll v
lie through one's teeth v
lieutenant junior grade n
lights, camera, action! int
like a hole in the head adv
like watching paint dry adj
liquid mirror telescope n
look out for number one v
lower respiratory tract n
macro level orientation n
mad dogs and Englishmen n
make a name for oneself v
marriage of convenience n
Mediterranean fruit fly n
micro level orientation n
mind one's own business v
minimum connecting time n
monadic predicate logic n
morning, noon and night adv
motion of no confidence n
mystery meat navigation n
natural family planning n
Newfoundland speed bump n
nonessential amino acid n
North Island brown kiwi n
not bear thinking about adv
not long for this world adj
not worth a plug nickel adj
of biblical proportions adj
offer one's condolences v
oh my goodness gracious int
on a need-to-know basis adv
open a can of whoop ass v
parallelogram of forces n
party of the first part n
past perfect continuous n
path integral formalism n
Paul Allen's flower fly n
pay one's last respects v
penny for your thoughts n
personal locator beacon n
personal online desktop n
personal video recorder n
polar moment of inertia n
possibility of reverter n
power behind the throne n
price out of the market v
principle of relativity n
private branch exchange n
programmed function key n
protected membrane roof n
public key cryptography n
pull someone down a peg v
pulmonary function test n
pulse detonation engine n
purchase price variance n
pure as the driven snow adj
purely imaginary number n
put out of one's misery v
put the plug in the jug v
put through the wringer v
radio cassette recorder n
random number generator n
rate of climb indicator n
real estate development n
recovery time objective n
reverse Polish notation n
ride tall in the saddle v
role-playing video game n
roll out the red carpet v
Romeo and Juliet couple n
rural sanitary district n
scare out of one's wits v
secondary modern school n
see a man about a horse v
service level agreement n
seven hundred and fifty num n
seven minutes in heaven n
shit or get off the pot v
shout from the rooftops v
sign on the dotted line v
single point of failure n
sleeves from one's vest n
slip through the cracks v
slot-loading disc drive n
snap someone's head off v
snow on the mountaintop n
social insurance number n
soft as a baby's bottom adj
south american sea lion n
spotted cucumber beetle n
squeal like a stuck pig v
steely-eyed missile man n
stick in someone's craw v
stream of consciousness n
supermassive black hole n
survival of the fittest n
suspend one's disbelief v
suspension of disbelief n
systematic element name n
systolic blood pressure n
tail between one's legs adv
take a shot in the dark v
talk like an apothecary v
tar with the same brush v
thank one's lucky stars v
Thompson submachine gun n
thorn in someone's side n
throw down the gauntlet v
to hell in a handbasket adv
too big for one's boots adj
total ordering relation n
touch with a barge pole v
try out one's own chops v
turn and bank indicator n
tyranny of the majority n
undress with one's eyes v
until hell freezes over adv
upper respiratory tract n
urban sanitary district n
Vancouver Island marmot n
Van de Graaff generator n
virtual private network n
weakly symmetric matter n
western slaty antshrike n
wet t-shirt competition n
what the doctor ordered n
whistle-stop train tour n
white coat hypertension n
who's a pretty boy then int
winter vomiting disease n
work someone's butt off v
work someone's tail off v
yellow woodland anemone n
Young Earth Creationism n
zig when one should zag v
accident and emergency n
acres of column inches n
add one's twopenn'orth v
agreement in principle n
air traffic controller n
alarums and excursions n
all fingers and thumbs adj
all mouth and trousers adj
all talk and no action adj
all things being equal adv
American black vulture n
American golden plover n
apple of someone's eye n
at the end of the road adj
at this moment in time adv
bark up the wrong tree v
base station subsystem n
bat for the other team v
behind somebody's back adv
be in a spot of bother v
better late than never adv
beyond one's pay grade adj
beyond the black stump adv
Bill Gates' flower fly n
bitter pill to swallow n
blot on the escutcheon n
blow out of proportion v
bovine ephemeral fever n
Boyce-Codd normal form n
breakfast of champions n
burst someone's bubble v
butterfly upon a wheel n
by the looks of things adv
calculus of variations n
call it as one sees it v
carbonate of potassium n
carry one's own weight v
cast up one's accounts v
central nervous system n
certificate of deposit n
a chicken in every pot n
Chinaman on one's back n
chip off the old block n
chip on one's shoulder n
cite chapter and verse v
cockpit voice recorder n
collect one's thoughts v
colour retention agent n
come out of the closet v
command line interface n
common European earwig n
computation tree logic n
Coney Island whitefish n
contradiction in terms n
coronary heart disease n
Count Branicki's mouse n
crime against humanity n
cry like a little girl v
cuckoo for cocoa puffs adj
cut someone some slack v
daddy long-legs spider n
damn with faint praise v
day late, dollar short adj
decimal without a zero n
deer in the headlights n
definition by pointing n
digital video recorder n
dilation and curettage n
Doctor of Musical Arts n
don't hold your breath v
draw one's last breath v
Eastern Arabic numeral n
eat one's own dog food v
economy class syndrome n
eeny, meeny, miny, moe n
electron wave function n
enterprise service bus n
Eurasian black vulture n
European garden spider n
European river lamprey n
executive ego function n
expression of interest n
fan camera photography n
fast Fourier transform n
fetal alcohol syndrome n
field emission display n
first fundamental form n
float like a butterfly v
floppy infant syndrome n
for the love of Christ int
full English breakfast n
funding liquidity risk n
geostrophic wind level n
get a word in edgewise v
get down with the kids v
get off of one's cloud v
get off someone's back v
get one's act together v
get on somebody's case v
get something straight v
give a hundred percent v
give somebody the slip v
give somebody what-for v
give someone the chair v
give someone the shits v
give the devil his due v
glass fiber insulation n
glutton for punishment n
goods and services tax n
go off the reservation v
go the way of the dodo v
go through the motions v
greater alar cartilage n
greater saphenous vein n
gross domestic product n
gross national product n
group specific antigen n
guaranteed equity bond n
handle with kid gloves v
hang out one's shingle v
happy as a pig in shit adj
harden someone's heart v
have a bun in the oven v
have a whale of a time v
have egg on one's face v
have had it up to here v
have other fish to fry v
hemlock woolly adelgid n
high probability trade n
hit the ground running v
hold the purse strings v
holy crap on a cracker int
hundreds and thousands n
hydrogen gas electrode n
ICAO spelling alphabet n
in front of one's nose adv
in one hell of a hurry adv
Invisible Pink Unicorn n
in vitro fertilization n
John Lennon spectacles n
keep one on one's toes v
keep one's eyes peeled v
keep one's lips sealed v
keep one's own counsel v
Kerr-Newman black hole n
kitchen table software n
know shit from Shinola v
know someone from Adam v
ladles and jellyspoons n
lateral cuneiform bone n
lateral pectoral nerve n
law of double negation n
law of excluded middle n
least significant byte n
left, right and center adv
lemniscate of Bernouli n
l'esprit de l'escalier n
let bygones be bygones v
licence to print money n
like a bat out of hell adv
like a dog with a bone adj
like a million dollars adj
like death warmed over adj
like nobody's business adv
like two peas in a pod adj
liquid crystal display n
little man in the boat n
little of the creature n
local exchange carrier n
lock, stock and barrel n
loop transfer function n
make a fool of oneself v
make out like a bandit v
Manhattan clam chowder n
manner of articulation n
manoeuvre the apostles v
master data management n
metal cluster compound n
mind one's p's and q's v
mine arse on a bandbox n
mix apples and oranges v
molecular beam epitaxy n
most likely to succeed adj
Mother Carey's chicken n
Mountain Standard Time n
mutton dressed as lamb n
neither here nor there adj
network interface card n
nigger in the woodpile n
northern blot analysis n
nose to the grindstone adv v
no skin off one's back n
no skin off one's nose n
notch on one's bedpost n
no way to treat a lady n
obstruction of justice n
one-eyed trouser snake n
on the same wavelength adv
petrol filling station n
piss money up the wall v
the pick of the litter n
platelet function test n
play one's cards right v
point of inevitability n
political price fixing n
poor as a church mouse adj
possession of interest n
principal ideal domain n
products of conception n
proof by contradiction n
public domain software n
public key certificate n
public limited company n
pull out all the stops v
put someone in mind of v
Raman optical activity n
read between the lines v
regression to the mean n
request for production n
research octane number n
right of first refusal n
Rorschach inkblot test n
rough around the edges adj
rule with an iron fist v
Saturday night special n
scare the pants off of v
scratch someone's back v
secret of Polichinelle n
send to an early grave v
service set identifier n
set the Thames on fire v
seventh inning stretch n
shoot off at the mouth v
short circuit operator n
show one's true colors v
show somebody the door v
sick building syndrome n
simple harmonic motion n
single union agreement n
skeleton in the closet n
sleeping at the switch adj
smoking stool syndrome n
snug as a bug in a rug adj
social networking site n
social security number n
somatic sensory cortex n
Southern blot analysis n
southern elephant seal n
space polar coordinate n
specific heat capacity n
Speech from the Throne n
spiny softshell turtle n
squad automatic weapon n
stand the test of time n
statute of limitations n
stick one's tongue out v
surface boundary layer n
swings and roundabouts n
tactical air commander n
take something as read v
take up the cudgel for v
talk someone's ear off v
talk through one's hat v
thin edge of the wedge n
thinking man's crumpet n
threatening phone call n
three guys in a garage n
three skips of a louse adv
throw down one's tools v
throw somebody a curve v
tickle someone's fancy v
tight as a duck's arse adj
toey as a Roman sandal adj
transverse flow effect n
under no circumstances adv
Universal Postal Union n
universal product code n
unsaturated fatty acid n
user datagram protocol n
ventral tegmental area n
vinyl composition tile n
virgin fields epidemic n
von Willebrand disease n
water under the bridge n
way out of a paper bag n
when Hell freezes over adv
white-tailed sea eagle n
work someone's ass off v
write one's own ticket v
wrong end of the stick n
wrongful death statute n
zero one infinity rule n
African cherry orange n
after one's own heart adj
age standardized rate n
airmass source region n
all hat and no cattle adj
all talk and no cider adj
all things considered adv
ambassador of Morocco n
American as apple pie adj
American painted lady n
argumentum ad Lazarum n
argumentum ad nauseam n
argumentum ad numerum n
argumentum ad populum n
arithmetic logic unit n
as good as one's word adj
as luck would have it adv
ass with two panniers n
at the end of the day adv
at this point in time adj
Australian Cattle Dog n
avoid like the plague v
away with the fairies adj
barefoot and pregnant adj
been there, done that int
behind the eight-ball adj adv
bet dollars to donuts v
binary numeral system n
binge eating disorder n
birth control glasses n
blow up in one's face v
bottom of the harbour n
bovine viral diarrhea n
box and whiskers plot n
breakeven load factor n
breaking and entering n
break someone's heart v
break the fourth wall v
British Approved Name n
bulletin board system n
burn the midnight oil v
canary in a coal mine n
capillary refill time n
carry someone's water v
catch a falling knife v
Central European Time n
central limit theorem n
central location test n
Central Standard Time n
chemical beam epitaxy n
chromate of potassium n
circular firing squad n
class action lawsuits n
clean someone's clock v
Cleese's woolly lemur n
Cockney rhyming slang n
cocktail party effect n
cold as a witch's tit adj
Colored People's Time n
come in from the cold v
common green lacewing n
copy number variation n
count one's blessings v
country of provenance n
course authoring tool n
cramp someone's style v
credit default option n
Cumberland Rum Butter n
daughter of the manse n
day-after recall test n
daylight savings time n
De Broglie wavelength n
de facto corporations n
degrees of comparison n
Delivered At Frontier n
Delivered Duty Unpaid n
dictated but not read adj
digital converter box n
direct inward dialing n
direct maternal death n
do a disappearing act v
Document Object Model n
do well by doing good v
drink from a firehose v
drinking man's degree n
drink under the table v
drive one up the wall v
dual sensory impaired adj
dynamic IP addressing n
easier said than done adj
Eastern European Time n
eastern grey kangaroo n
Eight Section Brocade n
electronic body music n
emperor's new clothes n
the end of one's rope n
euglobulin lysis time n
every man for himself int adj
every nook and cranny n
expect the unexpected v
extended playing time n
false memory syndrome n
family of orientation n
family of procreation n
Fibber McGee's closet n
fight a losing battle v
file allocation table n
fill somebody's shoes v
fire on all cylinders v
floppy diskette drive n
flour treatment agent n
forty minutes of hell n
fourth freedom rights n
fraternal birth order n
Friday the thirteenth n
fugitive from justice n
gee haw whimmy diddle n
geographic North Pole n
get bent out of shape v
get in someone's hair v
get into one's stride v
get one's ass in gear v
get one's head around v
get on someone's wick v
get someone's back up v
get up someone's nose v
give someone his head v
give someone what for v
global warming denial n
global warming denier n
go along for the ride v
go down the wrong way v
Gordie Howe hat trick n
grease someone's palm v
green about the gills adj
Greenwich Time Signal n
grey-necked wood rail n
have one's hands full v
have one's hands tied v
have one's name on it v
have seen better days v
have someone's number v
have something to eat v
hear on the grapevine v
hell west and crooked adj
Helmholtz free energy n
Home Information Pack n
hook, line and sinker adv
hop, skip, and a jump n
hot metal typesetting n
hydrosulphite of soda n
the icing on the cake n
inferior nasal concha n
infinitive of purpose n
initial mass function n
in no uncertain terms adv
Java stored procedure n
jump on the bandwagon v
keep a close watch on v
keep one's mouth shut v
keep one's nose clean v
kicking and screaming adv
la belle indifference n
lateral gene transfer n
laughing heir statute n
least significant bit n
lesser saphenous vein n
let sleeping dogs lie v
licence to crenellate n
limited overs cricket n
machine of government n
magnetic flux density n
male pattern baldness n
marchand de vin sauce n
maternal half brother n
mauvais quart d'heure n
medial cuneiform bone n
megaspore mother cell n
ministry of education n
modified aspect ratio n
modulus of elasticity n
most significant byte n
Mother of God's plant n
move heaven and earth v
nail Jell-O to a tree v
neither fish nor fowl n
New Year's resolution n
no prize for guessing n
North American Indian n adj
not have the faintest v
not in Kansas anymore adj
not know what hit one v
nudge nudge wink wink int
number needed to harm n
obstructing the field adj
off like a prom dress adj
Old Earth Creationism n
on an irregular basis adv
on-base plus slugging n
one hundred and eight num
one hundred and seven num
one hundred and three num
on the toss of a coin adv
orange blister beetle n
original aspect ratio n
out of house and home adv
outstay one's welcome v
Pacific Standard Time n
partially ordered set n
party and party costs n
paternal half brother n
pearly penile papules n
philosophy of science n
piss like a racehorse v
place of articulation n
plane polarized light n
play well with others v
plumbate of potassium n
point of articulation n
Prince Charlie jacket n
printed circuit board n
Protestant work ethic n
pteroyl glutamic acid n
public address system n
pudding basin haircut n
pull oneself together v
pull one's finger out v
pull one's own weight v
put food on the table v
put one past somebody v
put someone's back up v
put the clock forward v
put through its paces v
quadruple star system n
quantum cascade laser n
queer someone's pitch v
question the question v
radio cassette player n
rattle someone's cage n
rebel without a cause n
relative future tense n
relocatable power tap n
remote procedure call n
request for admission n
rest on one's laurels v
retracted tongue root n adj
return to our muttons v
revenue sharing grant n
ride with the punches v
Riemann zeta function n
rob Peter to pay Paul v
roll up one's sleeves v
Roman square capitals n
rotary printing press n
Rube Goldberg machine n
rub salt in the wound v
Saint Anthony's cross n
school of hard knocks n
second freedom rights n
second moment of area n
see a man about a dog v
see something through v
send somebody packing v
sequins in their eyes n
settle someone's hash v
shadow banking system n
shake the pagoda tree v
shielded twisted pair n
shoot one's mouth off v
short message service n
Siamese fighting fish n
sick to one's stomach adj
sieve of Eratosthenes n
simple quadruple time n
sink one's teeth into v
six bob a day tourist n
sleep with the fishes v
social ecology theory n
sodium lauryl sulfate n
space fixed reference n
special warranty deed n
sport utility vehicle n
Stations of the Cross n
stick one's nose into v
storm in a tea-kettle n
Sunday school service n
sun protection factor n
surface of revolution n
take one for the team v
take one's hat off to v
talk one's way out of v
tear up the pea patch v
terminal control area n
thin end of the wedge n
think of the children int
third party processor n
thunder and lightning n
time and motion study n
top of mind awareness n
touch of the tarbrush n
tube feeding syndrome n
tumor necrosis factor n
UK Independence Party n
under no circumstance adv
universe of discourse n
up hill and down dale adv
verbatim et literatim adv
very important person n
vote of no confidence n
wait on hand and foot v
walk all over someone v
watch the world go by v
western blot analysis n
western grey kangaroo n
West Lothian question n
whiskey tango foxtrot int
white English bulldog n
who writes this stuff int
Wilson's storm petrel n
window of opportunity n
wind up one's bottoms v
wreck of the Hesperus n
X-ray absorbing glass n
yeoman of the chamber n
acknowledge the corn v
add fuel to the fire v
add insult to injury v
adiabatic lapse rate n
admiral of the fleet n
African mole cricket n
after school special n
alkaline earth metal n
all bark and no bite adj
all but dissertation n
all else being equal adv
all the tea in China n
ampulla of Lorenzini n
analysis of variance n
argument from design n
asleep at the switch adj
at a moment's notice adv
at the best of times adv
at the drop of a hat adv
back, crack and sack n
barrel nut connector n
baryonic dark matter n
basal metabolic rate n
beat around the bush v
beat the crap out of v
beat the shit out of v
begging the question n
benefit of the doubt n
bilateral gill trama n
bird dropping spider n
blessing in disguise n
blot one's copy book v
blue screen of death n
blue-sided leaf frog n
bolt out of the blue n
bounce off the walls v
branch of government n
bring down the house v
bring home the bacon v
bring owls to Athens v
British racing green n
British thermal unit n
bromide of potassium n
brown adipose tissue n
brown recluse spider n
burden of persuasion n
burden of production n
call a spade a spade v
call someone's bluff v
capital of the world n
cast the first stone v
cherry Bakewell tart n
chicken of the woods n
Chinese mountain cat n
Christmas number one n
class action lawsuit n
clean bill of health n
clear someone's name v
cocktail party graph n
co-creating with God n
cold as a wagon tire adj
collective call sign n
come out in the wash v
complete blood count n
conflict of interest n
conservation of mass n
constant speed drive n
consumer price index n
court of last resort n
cream in one's jeans v
cri du chat syndrome n
crime against nature n
cross someone's palm v
cross someone's path v
day before yesterday n adv
day count convention n
daylight saving time n
debtor in possession n
deep vein thrombosis n
de facto corporation n
de facto segregation n
defective on arrival adj
defense in abatement n
degree of ionization n
delusion of grandeur n
demurrer to evidence n
a different ballpark n
diamond in the rough n
digital print matrix n
digital still camera n
divergent gill trama n
don't get me started v
do someone's head in v
dragon boat festival n
draw the short straw v
dressed to the nines adj
drop somebody a line v
drunk and disorderly adj
dry bulb temperature n
ear, nose and throat n
East Indian Catholic n
edge covering number n
election of remedies n
elephant in the room n
essential amino acid n
essential fatty acid n
ethic of reciprocity n
European spider crab n
evening primrose oil n
exercise in futility n
extended basic block n
factor of production n
fair suck of the sav int
fall over one's feet v
fast food restaurant n
feather in one's cap n
fifth freedom rights n
fight fire with fire v
fight tooth and nail v
find a friendly bush v
finer than frog hair adj
first freedom fights n
fish for compliments v
flight data recorder n
floppy baby syndrome n
for all one is worth adv
force someone's hand v
forum non conveniens n
fo shizzle my nizzle int
freedom of the press n
friend with benefits n
frog in one's throat n
fruit of one's loins n
fuming sulfuric acid n
garden path sentence n
gentleman of leisure n
George Foreman grill n
get away with murder v
get down to business v
get one's claws into v
get one's finger out v
get out at Haymarket v
get the ball rolling v
get to the bottom of v
get with the program v
give one enough rope v
give somebody a hand v
give someone the eye v
give the time of day v
go against the grain v
go from zero to hero v
golden palace monkey n
good enough for jazz adj
go to someone's head v
go to the mattresses v
great northern diver n
great saphenous vein n
green monkey disease n
grey red-backed vole n
grievous bodily harm n
hail fellow well met n
harassing phone call n
hard pill to swallow n
hate somebody's guts v
have an axe to grind v
have second thoughts v
high dependency unit n
His Imperial Majesty pronoun
hold somebody's hand v
home field advantage n
hooray for Hollywood n
hot under the collar adj
hybrid wave function n
hydrosulfite of soda n
illegal forward kick n
indefinite call sign n
in flagrante delicto adv
inside straight draw n
in the driver's seat adj
inversion of control n
itchy trigger finger n
Jack Russell terrier n
jump someone's bones v
Justice of the Peace n
Kármán vortex street n
keep one's pecker up v
keep somebody posted v
kettle fur collector n
kill the fatted calf v
King Charles spaniel n
king oyster mushroom n
knock out of the box v
K-T extinction event n
ladies and gentlemen n
laugh one's head off v
law of Hobson-Jobson n
law of large numbers n
letter of relaxation n
letter to the editor n
light someone's fire v
like a million bucks adj
like a ton of bricks adv
liocranid sac spider n
Long Island iced tea n
look down one's nose v
loop quantum gravity n
lose one's virginity v
Lou Gehrig's disease n
low-dose CT scanning n
lump in one's throat n
lump to one's throat n
Madagascar wood rail n
maior et sanior pars n
make a monkey out of v
make an honest woman v
make head or tail of v
make the welkin ring v
mandement van spolie n
master of ceremonies n
match made in heaven n
maternal half sister n
member for Barkshire n
Member of Parliament n
Mexican jumping bean n
Missouri Fox Trotter n
monkey in the middle n
monkey on one's back n
Monster Raving Loony adj
most significant bit n
motion of confidence n
motor neuron disease n
Mull of Kintyre rule n
multiple star system n
national speed limit n
the name of the game n
needle in a haystack n
net operating income n
night watchman state n
noble eightfold path n
non brewed condiment n
northern birch mouse n
north temperate zone n
Norwegian Forest Cat n
nothing to sneeze at n
not in the slightest adv
nuclear pore complex n
nuclear reactor core n
nutty as a fruitcake adj
odium generis humani n
off the beaten track adj adv
Old English Sheepdog n
one hundred and five num
one hundred and four num
one hundred and nine num
on your horse, amigo int
open one's big mouth v
open source religion n
oriental turtle dove n
the other way around adv
partial false friend n
passion of a convert n
past imperfect tense n
pay through the nose v
penny in the fusebox n
personal water craft n
pickin' and grinnin' n
pick someone's brain v
planetary gear train n
player versus player n
poke one's nose into v
pop someone's cherry v
Portuguese Water Dog n
power of appointment n
power of termination n
preposition of place n
process window index n
producer only market n
producer price index n
punch bowl waterfall n
put one's foot in it v
put one's mind to it v
quake in one's boots v
quantum unit of spin n
quare clausum fregit n
random access memory n
read somebody's lips v
red brick university n
reductio ad absurdum n
relative atomic mass n
remote keyless entry n
Republic of Djibouti n
request for proposal n
respecter of persons n
reverse implied odds n
Rocky Mountain fever n
rough up the bullpen v
rubber band airplane n
ruffle some feathers v
running the gauntlet n
run off at the mouth v
Saint Andrew's cross n
Saint Anthony's fire n
satanic ritual abuse n
saturated fatty acid n
save someone's bacon v
scimitar horned oryx n
scream bloody murder v
Secretary of Defense n
security market line n
see you next Tuesday n
separation of powers n
sergeant first class n
serve somebody right v
shape up or ship out v
short exact sequence n
show a little ginger v
skull and crossbones n
small saphenous vein n
smell of an oily rag n
smoke like a chimney v
Southern yellow pine n
south temperate zone n
spiral of Archimedes n
splice the mainbrace v
spread like wildfire v
spring in one's step n
standard of identity n
step up to the plate v
stew in one's juices v
stick one's neck out v
string someone along v
strong nuclear force n
subpoena duces tecum n
sulphur bottom whale n
sure as eggs is eggs adv
swear like a trooper v
swing for the fences v
take someone's point v
take to the cleaners v
take up the gauntlet v
taking it up the ass n
talk a mile a minute v
terms and conditions n
theory of everything n
theory of relativity n
think aloud protocol n
Third Freedom Rights n
three hots and a cot n
three up, three down n
throw up one's hands v
til death do us part adv
tobacco mosaic virus n
too much information int
toxic shock syndrome n
travelling wave tube n
triple witching hour n
trip to the woodshed n
turn over a new leaf v
turn the other cheek v
turn up for the book n
twiddle one's thumbs v
two thousand and one num
under the impression adv
under the microscope adv
Universal Serial Bus n
vanity license plate n
violet red bile agar n
vote with one's feet v
water vapor pressure n
wave field synthesis n
weights and measures n
the whole nine yards n
wheeling and dealing n
white adipose tissue n
wipe the slate clean v
with all due respect adv
worse comes to worst adv
zonal kinetic energy n
abbot of the people n
abuse of discretion n
Academy of Sciences n
access control list n
ace up one's sleeve n
ad hominem argument n
Aegis class cruiser n
African clawed frog n
African hunting dog n
a-h conduction time n
ahead of one's time adj
air traffic control n
all in a day's work adj
American wire gauge n
anatomy of function n
angle for farthings v
angle of reflection n
angle of refraction n
any port in a storm n
arse end of nowhere n
as a matter of fact adv
as far as one knows adv
as much as possible adv
assault and battery n
as soon as possible adv
assume the position v
at a loss for words adj
at one's fingertips adj
at sixes and sevens adj
available seat mile n
average atomic mass n
Bachelor of Science n
bada bing bada boom int n
balance of payments n
basin of attraction n
Basque Shepherd Dog n
battle of the sexes n
be cruel to be kind v
bee in one's bonnet n
behind closed doors adv
behind in the count adj
be in possession of v
belt and suspenders n adj
belt of the crozier n
bend over backwards v
bend somebody's ear v
be out like a light v
best bib and tucker n
best friend forever n
best of both worlds n
beta carbon nitride n
betwixt and between adj adv
bicarbonate of soda n
big hairy armadillo n
bill of particulars n
bit by a barn mouse v
Black Forest gâteau n
blame America first v
blast from the past n
block level element n
blow one's own horn v
blow someone's mind v
blow this pop stand v
boots on the ground n
bottoming the house v
bottom of the ninth n
boys and their toys n
breath of fresh air n
but seriously folks int
by hook or by crook adv
by leaps and bounds adv
by the Grace of God adv
capital market line n
caps and small caps n
captain of industry n
Caribbean monk seal n
catch someone's eye v
center of curvature n
centre of curvature n
Certificate of Need n
chamber of commerce n
Channel Island milk n
characters per inch n
checks and balances n
chicken cordon bleu n
chief legal officer n
chief petty officer n
Chinese Crested Dog n
Christmas tree bill n
Christmas tree farm n
circling the wagons n
click one's fingers v
close, but no cigar adj
come to think of it adv
common clothes moth n
corruption of blood n
cost a pretty penny v
country and western n
cover someone's ass v
cowboys and Indians n
Cox's Orange Pippin n
crack one's fingers v
credit default swap n
critical tide level n
cross cover version n
crossed loop sensor n
cross one's fingers v
cry someone a river v
cult of personality n
cute as a bug's ear adj
damn by association v
death by spellcheck n
death valley driver n
Delivered Duty Paid n
deoxy sugar alcohol n
Divine Mercy Sunday n
domain name service n
domain of discourse n
double acute accent n
double belly buster n
double yellow lines n
driving van trailer n
drown one's sorrows v
eat one's heart out v
eddy kinetic energy n
effing and blinding n
empty nest syndrome n
European water vole n
extensive form game n
eye of the beholder n
facts on the ground n
fair weather friend n
fall by the wayside v
fall on one's sword v
family home evening n
few and far between adj
fifth cranial nerve n
first past the post n
five o'clock shadow n
fix someone's wagon v
flag of convenience n
fly in the ointment n
food waste disposer n
for crying out loud adv
for old times' sake adv
for the life of one adv
for the love of God int
for what it's worth adv
foul bill of health n
fox in the henhouse n
Free Alongside Ship adj
freedom of contract n
freedom of movement n
freedom of religion n
freedoms of the air n
from cover to cover adv
from here to Sunday adv
from pillar to post adv
front double biceps n
full frontal nudity n
game with a purpose n
general of the army n
get off one's chest v
get one's skates on v
get somebody's goat v
gird up one's loins v
give a sneck posset v
give away the store v
give somebody pause v
glacial acetic acid n
good luck with that int
goods and sales tax n
go out of one's way v
go round in circles v
go through the mill v
go to great lengths v
grade point average n
great crested grebe n
hand it to somebody v
hang in the balance v
hang up one's boots v
have a bone to pick v
have one's hand out v
have someone's hide v
hear the grass grow v
heavy goods vehicle n
Himalayan field rat n
hit someone for six v
home away from home n
hot off the presses adj
house cooling party n
house of correction n
house of ill repute n
House of Parliament n
in aid to this fact adv
in all my born days adv
in one's good books adj
in one's right mind adj
in the here and now adv
in the nick of time adv
in this day and age adv
iris dilator muscle n
island of stability n
Japan Standard Time n
Jesus Harold Christ int
John Lennon glasses n
jolly someone along v
jump to conclusions v
keep one's shirt on v
keep up appearances v
keys to the kingdom n
land of opportunity n
lead a charmed life v
left arm unorthodox n
lend a helping hand v
let one's hair down v
let someone have it v
Letters and Science n
level playing field n
ligand field theory n
lithium ion battery n
little girls' rooms n
little spotted kiwi n
liver function test n
long arm of the law n
lost with all hands adj
love at first sight n
The Lord's Anointed n
lysergic acid amide n
mad as a March hare adj
maestro di cappella n
magnetic North Pole n
maison de tolérance n
make a break for it v
make a pig's ear of v
make no bones about v
make oneself scarce v
Malabar flying frog n
mapping class group n
Markov jump process n
means of production n
measure of location n
message in a bottle n
methyl ethyl ketone n
military load class n
Monte Carlo fallacy n
more often than not adv
mouthful of marbles n
move the goal posts v
move the yardsticks v
music to one's ears n
myelin protein zero n
my fellow Americans n
nail polish remover n
Nato reporting name n
natural killer cell n
nature of the beast n
nerve growth factor n
net tangible assets n
Newton's second law n
north of the border n
no slave to fashion n
no strings attached adv
not give a monkey's v
not on your tintype int
noughts and crosses n
nut behind the bolt n
off the beaten path adj adv
off the reservation adj adv
old time used to be n
once in a blue moon adv
one hundred and one num n
one hundred and six num
one hundred and ten num
one hundred and two num
one hundred million num
one hundred percent adj adv
on first name terms adj
on one's high horse adj
on pins and needles adj
on top of the world adj
order of knighthood n
order of operations n
order of precedence n
order of succession n
Ordnance Survey map n
the other way round adv
out of one's league adj
out of the ordinary adj
out of the question adj
painting by numbers n
parade of horribles n
parallel gill trama n
pass under the yoke v
past historic tense n
pièce de résistance n
piece de resistance n
piffy on a rock bun n
piggy in the middle n
Pimentón de La Vera n
place on a pedestal v
play fast and loose v
play to the gallery v
point of inflection n
points in the paint n
point the finger at v
polar covalent bond n
preach to the choir v
price on one's head n
prick up one's ears v
private first class n
proof by exhaustion n
proof of technology n
pull an all-nighter v
pull one's socks up v
pull somebody's leg v
pull the fire alarm v
put one's back into v
put one's finger on v
put one's foot down v
put someone down as v
put the hammer down v
put up the shutters v
quantum Hall effect n
quantum spin liquid n
quartz halogen lamp n
quick on one's feet adj
quick on the uptake adj
radius of curvature n
rake over the coals v
reach for the stars v
read someone's mind v
red blood cell cast n
red, white and blue n
regal horned lizard n
Rice Krispie square n
ride roughshod over v
rigid body dynamics n
ring someone's bell v
rise from the ashes v
rocking chair money n
run for one's money n
run into the ground v
run somebody ragged v
run someone through v
scotch on the rocks n
scratch the surface v
second order stream n
see someone's point v
see someone through v
Seifert fiber space n
sell down the river v
sell ice to Eskimos v
sell like hot cakes v
sell past the close v
shoot the messenger v
shortness of breath n
sickle cell anaemia n
sight for sore eyes n
sing the praises of v
slip someone's mind v
small molecule drug n
snakebite and black n
snow on the rooftop n
solid of revolution n
sow one's wild oats v
sphere of influence n
sphere of knowledge n
spinous spider crab n
split an infinitive v
spot the difference n
squaring the circle n
stark bollock naked adj
stars in one's eyes n
steel pan orchestra n
stick it to the man v
stick one's nose in v
stick to one's guns v
stock ticker symbol n
streak of good luck n
striped field mouse n
suck someone's cock v
suffer fools gladly v
sugar honey ice tea int
swallow one's pride v
take it to the bank v
take it up the arse v
take out of context v
take to one's heels v
take to the streets v
tall drink of water n
tall poppy syndrome n
tangled nest spider n
tear one's hair out v
tell the difference v
tempest in a teapot n
theory of knowledge n
third bridge guitar n
three true outcomes n
through and through adv
throw cold water on v
throw to the wolves v
throw under the bus v
tie someone's hands v
Time Sharing Option n
tired and emotional adj
to a fare-thee-well adv
to n decimal places adj adv
toot one's own horn v
totally ordered set n
trahison des clercs n
trinary star system n
trouble in paradise n
turn in one's grave v
turn into a pumpkin v
turn of the century n
twenty to the dozen adv
twist someone's arm v
uncoated free sheet n
under the influence adv
unit of measurement n
up against the wall adj
upset the applecart v
up someone's street adj
van der Waals force n
video games console n
visual display unit n
warrant of attorney n
wash one's hands of v
wet behind the ears adj
wet t-shirt contest n
whistle in the dark v
white nose syndrome n
wind back the clock v
wipe somebody's eye v
with an eye towards prep
with no further ado adv
without further ado adv
work one's butt off v
work one's tail off v
worst case scenario n
writing on the wall n
yellow dog contract n
yellow wood anemone n
according to Hoyle adv
actual bodily harm n
against the collar adv
ahead in the count adj
ahead of the curve adj
aids to navigation n
alien nucleic acid n
allegro non troppo adv
all over the place adv
along the lines of prep
angle of incidence n
Anton Piller order n
apple dumplin shop n
apples and oranges n
apropos of nothing adv
Arctic wolf spider n
art for art's sake n
as a matter of law adv
ass over teakettle adv adj
attorney of record n
available ton mile n
baby of the family n
back double biceps n
back gammon player n
back of one's mind n
back to square one adj adv
Backus normal form n
baker's half dozen n
bat for both sides v
Bayard of ten toes n
be-all and end-all n
bear false witness v
behind the counter adj
bells and whistles n
belly of the beast n
bigger fish to fry n
bill of quantities n
binary star system n
birds of a feather n
bleeding time test n
blind thrust fault n
blood in the water n
blow one's chances v
board of directors n
bolt from the blue n
bone of contention n
book of condolence n
Boston baked beans n
bottom of the line adj
brand spanking new adj
breach of contract n
bread and circuses n
breed like rabbits v
bright as a button adj
bring to the table v
Buckley's and none n
burn one's bridges v
burn one's fingers v
burst out laughing v
butter of antimony n
call on the carpet v
capo di tutti capi n
carry one's weight v
cat and mouse game n
centre of buoyancy n
centre of symmetry n
Channel Island fox n
Charlie Brown tree n
Charpy impact test n
cheap and cheerful adj
cheap like borscht adj
child of the manse n
Chinese desert cat n
Chinese fire drill n
clean as a whistle adj
clean up one's act v
clear one's throat v
a cold day in Hell n
coals to Newcastle n
coastal motor boat n
cock of the plains n
collie eye anomaly n
come home to roost v
come to grips with v
come to terms with v
commander in chief n
common death adder n
cool as a cucumber adj
couldn't care less v
court of cassation n
crank angle degree n
creating one flesh v
cry one's eyes out v
damn the torpedoes v
damsel in distress n
data transfer rate n
day after tomorrow n adv
dead as a doorknob adj
dead as a doornail adj
dead letter office n
death by chocolate n
declaration of war n
divide and conquer v n
diving bell spider n
division of labour n
do a Reggie Perrin v
domain name server n
domestic hot water n
do one's damnedest v
do one's darnedest v
dot matrix printer n
double star system n
down for the count adj
down on one's luck adj
down to a fine art adj
drink the Kool-Aid v
drive Irish tandem v
drop in the bucket n
drop off the radar v
drug in the market n
drug on the market n
dry film thickness n
dry powder inhaler n
due process of law n
dynamic IP address n
earned run average n
eat one's Wheaties v
eat someone's dust v
economies of scale n
egg and spoon race n
electronic car key n
employment at will n
English strong ale n
the end all-be all n
err on the side of v
every five minutes adv
eyeball to eyeball adj adv
fall off the wagon v
fall on one's face v
false killer whale n
feast for the eyes n
feather one's nest v
fight to the death v
fire and brimstone n adj
first among equals n
first and foremost adv
first in first out n
first line manager n
first order stream n
first port of call n
floor plan lending n
flotsam and jetsam n
fly in the face of v
fly off the handle v
fly the freak flag v
for goodness' sake adv
for the heck of it adv
for the hell of it adv
for the sake of it adv
for the time being adv
fourth normal form n
fragile X syndrome n
frame of reference n
frame work knitter n
fresh country eggs n
fresh off the boat adj
Fresnel zone plate n
from the ground up adv
front of the house n
fruit of the union n
fucked in the head adj
full dress uniform n
Fu Manchu mustache n
Galápagos sea lion n
garage door opener n
get off the ground v
get one's end away v
get one's feet wet v
get one's hands on v
get one's leg over v
get one's own back v
ghost at the feast n
giant house spider n
give a flying fuck v
give a person line v
give it some welly v
goat's milk cheese n
go down the toilet v
God Save the Queen proper int
go in the out door v
gone down the tube v
Good Samaritan law n
go off half-cocked v
go to the bathroom v
gourmet jelly bean n
grains of paradise n
great circle route n
great crested newt n
Great Leap Forward n
great spotted kiwi n
ground glass joint n
hairy ball theorem n
happily ever after adv
harsh one's mellow v
have another think v
have a screw loose v
head and shoulders adj
head for the hills v
head of government n
head of navigation n
heads of agreement n
heart rate monitor n
heavy metal umlaut n
hell or high water n int adv
herbes de Provence n
Her Royal Highness pronoun
His Royal Highness pronoun
hither and thither adv
hit the ball twice adj
hog line violation n
Holy Mother of God int
horses for courses n
hot from the press adj
ice cream headache n
ice cream sandwich n
ifs, ands, or buts n
I'll drink to that int
in Abraham's bosom n
in all one's glory adj
in black and white adv
indirect free kick n
inferior vena cava n
injuria sine damno n
in one's own right adv
in process of time adv
in propria persona adv
in something's way adj
interest rate swap n
in terrorem clause n
in the first place adv
in the thick of it adj adv
ion exchange resin n
I've got your nose n
Jack in the pulpit n
jack of all trades n
jump at the chance v
jump through hoops v
junior high school n
just a bit outside adj
keep an eye peeled v
keep one's counsel v
keep one's hair on v
key set identifier n
kill the messenger v
King Charles' head n
Kuiper belt object n
Land of the Dragon n
land on one's feet v
last burst of fire n
last but not least adv
laugh like a drain v
laugh like a hyena v
lay at the feet of v
lay it on the line v
lay the groundwork v
lay the smack down v
learn the hard way v
lemon meringue pie n
let go and let God v
let somebody in on v
let something slip v
letter of attorney n
light a fire under v
light as a feather adj
like a dog in heat adj
like a dog on heat adj
like it or lump it v
like riding a bike adj
like white on rice adj adv
Lily of the Valley n
line of operations n
line of succession n
line one's pockets v
litigant in person n
little girl's room n
look the other way v
lose one's marbles v
mad as a cut snake adj
Madidi titi monkey n
magic lantern show n
main group element n
make an example of v
make quick work of v
make short work of v
make someone's day v
make up one's mind v
many happy returns n
match made in hell n
means of transport n
medium of exchange n
melon ball scooper n
middle of the road adj
money for old rope n
Monte Carlo method n
more cry than wool n
move the goalposts v
much of a muchness adj
murder in the dark n
naked as a jaybird adj
Neanthe bella palm n
Newton's first law n
Newton's third law n
New York breakfast n
normal for Norfolk adj
no room at the inn n
north by northeast n
northeast by north n
North Holland Blue n
northwest by north n
not a pretty sight n
not be caught dead v
not win for losing v
noun of assemblage n
now you mention it adv
nursery web spider n
oil of wintergreen n
Okarito brown kiwi n
on a losing wicket adj
on a regular basis adv
one step at a time adv
on good terms with adj
on the back burner adj adv
on the right track adv
open and affirming adj
open and shut case n
open reading frame n
Order of Australia n
order of magnitude n
out of one's depth adj
out of one's sight adv
out of the running adj
out of whole cloth adj
outside gross area n
out to get someone adv
pain and suffering n
paint the town red v
pair of eyeglasses n
pair of spectacles n
pale in comparison v
pang of conscience n
par for the course adj
partition of unity n
party sausage roll n
paulo post futurum adv
peace for our time n
pedal steel guitar n
perish the thought int
Peter Pan syndrome n
pick of the litter n
piece of furniture n
pile on the pounds v
pill in the pocket n
plaintiff in error n
play second fiddle v
play silly buggers v
play the race card v
play the same tape v
play the white man v
point of no return n
point of reference n
pope's living room n
pound the pavement v
proud as a peacock adj
pull one's head in v
pull the other leg v
Puritan work ethic n
pushing up daisies adj
put heads together v
put oneself across v
put the clock back v
put the feedbag on v
put up one's dukes v
quarter of an hour n
race to the bottom n
rain cats and dogs v
rain dogs and cats v
rapid eye movement n
rare earth element n
reap what one sows v
rear double biceps n
reduction in force n
reinvent the wheel v
restraint of trade n
reverse the charge v
ride the short bus v
right of sepulchre n
right on the money adj
rob somebody blind v
rocking horse shit n
rogue access point n
roll in the aisles v
run circles around v
run oneself ragged v
run roughshod over v
run something past v
Saimaa ringed seal n
sale and leaseback n
same gender loving adj
San Andreas faults n
scratch one's head v
seat of government n
second normal form n
Secretary of State n
service of process n
shape memory alloy n
shoulder to cry on n
single malt whisky n
single star system n
sit on one's hands v
six and two threes n
six ways to Sunday adv
skin forming alloy n
slip of the tongue n
slippery as an eel adj
small man syndrome n
smooth fox terrier n
snake in the grass n
snakes and ladders n
sodium vapour lamp n
soldier of fortune n
something or other n
son of the morning n
southeast by south n
southwest by south n
space power system n
specific leaf area n
spectrum of autism n
sprain one's ankle v
spur of the moment n
square tab shingle n
standard of living n
standing room only adj
stand one's ground v
St. Anthony's fire n
start from scratch v
statement of claim n
state of beingness n
state of emergency n
stick one's oar in v
stock market crash n
stretch one's legs v
striped shield bug n
stubborn as a mule adj
stuff and nonsense n
sulphide of carbon n
superior vena cava n
suppli al telefono n
tactical call sign n
take a dim view of v
take it like a man v
take it up the ass v
take out the stops v
take out the trash v
take the offensive v
talk a blue streak v
talk out one's ass v
tall in the saddle adj adv
tan someone's hide v
Tasmanian blue gum n
taste like chicken v
Tea Party movement n
tender loving care n
terminus ante quem n
terminus post quem n
term of endearment n
Texas cattle fever n
thanks for nothing int
thief in the night n
think better of it v
think the world of v
thin on the ground adj
third order stream n
thorn in the flesh n
three day eventing n
throw away the key v
throw in the towel v
ticker tape parade n
tickle the ivories v
Tierce de Picardie n
tip of the iceberg n
Tom, Dick or Harry n
tools of ignorance n
toss one's cookies v
total false friend n
to the manner born adj
tough nut to crack n
toxic oil syndrome n
traffic signal box n
trailer park trash n
trick of the trade n
triple star system n
trip over the wire v
trouble and strife n
turn up one's nose v
two pennies' worth n
under lock and key adj
under one's breath adv
university of life n
until Kingdom come adv
upper middle class n
up someone's alley adj
video game console n
vitriolic acid air n
vote of confidence n
water over the dam n
weak nuclear force n
the whole caboodle n
what in God's name int
white man's burden n
with flying colors adv
word on the street n
world trade center n
wrestle with a pig v
writ of assistance n
yield up the ghost v
York Chocolate Cat n
abstract of title n
abuse of distress n
accident of birth n
according to plan adv
act of parliament n
Act of Parliament n
address of record n
against the clock adv
against the grain adv
agree to disagree v
ahead of the game adj
alive and kicking adj
all else the same adv
all eyes and ears adj
all hands on deck int
all kidding aside adv
all of the sudden adv
all one's marbles n
all over the shop adj
all well and good adj
angry fruit salad n
apron string hold n
area of influence n
around the corner adj
around the wicket adv
Assemblies of God n
assume the mantle v
as the crow flies adv
at the expense of prep
avoir du pois lay v
babe in the woods n
babes in the wood n
back to back jack n
bacon and cabbage n
balance the books v
ball of the thumb n
balls to the wall n
bang for the buck n
barrel of monkeys n
base rate fallacy n
beat a dead horse v
bed and breakfast n
been to the rodeo v
beer and skittles n
behind the scenes adj
believe it or not adv
belle of the ball n
bent as a two bob adj
be on its way out v
be still my heart v
best of the bunch n
be that as it may adv
between the pipes adj
big girl's blouse n
big man on campus n
bike jockey strap n
bill of attainder n
bill of materials n
bird in the bosom n
bite one's tongue v
black box warning n
black drop effect n
blind carbon copy n
blind man's bluff n
blow hot and cold v
blue swimmer crab n
board and lodging n
breach of promise n
break in the case n
break the back of v
bricks and clicks n
bricks and mortar n
bring to the boil v
bubble and squeak n
built like a tank adj
business as usual n
butter of arsenic n
by one's own hand adv
by the same token adv
called to the bar adj
call off the dogs v
Canadian red pine n
carbonate of lime n
carry a torch for v
castle in the air n
catch and release n
cat scratch fever n
caught and bowled adj v
caught in the act v
caught on the hop v
center of gravity n
centre of gravity n
centre of inertia n
change of innings n
change one's mind v
change one's tune v
chewie on ya boot int
chew somebody out v
child safety seat n
choke the chicken v
circle of friends n
circle the wagons v
citric acid cycle n
clear view screen n
clicks and bricks adj
clicks and mortar n
closed cut valley n
close of business n
coated felt sheet n
coffee table book n
combat armor suit n
comedy of manners n
come into its own v
comme ci comme ça adj adv
concert bass drum n
copious free time n
corner the market v
country of origin n
covenant of title n
cover one's bases v
cream of the crop n
creep someone out v
crème de la crème n
crossing the line n
cross of Lorraine n
cross one's heart v
cross the Rubicon v
crown green bowls n
cube with handles n
curse of Scotland n
data flow diagram n
date with destiny n
dative of purpose n
Davy Crockett hat n
dawn of a new day n
dead in the water adj
dead man's switch n
dead to the world adj
dead tree edition n
degree of freedom n
Delivered Ex Quay n
Delivered Ex Ship n
deliver the goods v
devil's food cake n
dog and pony show n
dog in the manger n
Dolly Varden cake n
do the hard yards v
double play depth n
double sheet bend n
down in the dumps adj
down in the mouth adj
down to a science adj
draw the curtains v
drink like a fish v
drop in the ocean n
ducks on the pond n
dwarf sperm whale n
east by northeast n
eastern red cedar n
every which where adv
extract the urine v
face mask penalty n
fair market value n
fall on deaf ears v
fall over oneself v
famous last words n
fear and loathing n
fifth normal form n
fill in the blank n v
film badge holder n
fine as frog hair adj
first class match n
first normal form n
fish out of water n
flat as a pancake adj
flea in one's ear n
flog a dead horse v
floppy disk drive n
flowers of sulfur n
flow of attention n
for all the world adv
for another thing adv
for Christ's sake adv
forever and a day adv
for ever and ever adv
for heaven's sake adv
for love or money adv
for the last time adv
for the most part adv
fountain of youth n
frames per second n
free as in speech adj
freedom of speech n
friend of Dorothy n
from dusk to dawn adv
from side to side adv
from soup to nuts adv
from time to time adv
fuck like rabbits v
fuck me backwards int
fuck someone over v
full motion video n
full to the gills adj
get a kick out of v
get a rise out of v
get one's back up v
get one's kit off v
get the bacon bad v
get the better of v
get to grips with v
get to one's feet v
Gibbs free energy n
give a rat's arse v
give oneself airs v
give someone five v
give up the ghost v
go by the wayside v
go chase yourself int
go down that road v
go down the tubes v
God Save the King proper int
go on the rampage v
go out the window v
go the extra mile v
go without saying v
great green macaw n
great grey shrike n
great white shark n
grind one's gears v
guardian ad litem n
hall of residence n
hammer and sickle n
harrowing of hell n
have a quiet word v
have the hots for v
head down, bum up n
head of household n
here goes nothing int
hiding to nothing n
hit the headlines v
hold all the aces v
hold one's breath v
hold one's horses v
hold one's liquor v
hold one's tongue v
hold that thought v
hold up one's end v
hope against hope v
hot and sour soup n
hot melt adhesive n
hot off the press adj
how's your father n
hunch cuddy hunch n
hung like a horse adj
hustle and bustle n
ice hockey player n
in all likelihood adv
in broad daylight adv
income tax return n
in forma pauperis adv n
in layman's terms adv
in one's own time adv
in the altogether adj
irons in the fire n
Jack o' the clock n
Jack out of doors n
Japanese sea lion n
key to the midway n
kicking in danger n
kick in the pants n
kick off the team v
kid on the square v
killing me softly v
knock oneself out v
lady of the night n
lap sash seatbelt n
laser eye surgery n
last in first out adj
law of the jungle n
law of the tongue n
left arm orthodox n
leg before wicket adj n
let somebody down v
letter of comfort n
letter of the law n
a life of its own n
lick one's wounds v
life of the party n
like the clappers adv
like the new time adv
limaçon of Pascal n
line of scrimmage n
little black book n
little boy's room n
live and let live v
live off the land v
long in the tooth adj
long time no hear int
lord of the flies n
Lord of the Manor n
lose one's temper v
lower the boom on v
made in the shade adj
make a difference v
make common cause v
Mandate of Heaven proper n
man in the street n
man on the street n
man's best friend n
Marcus Bains line n
Master of Science n
means of exchange n
mean the world to v
meat and potatoes n
metal halide lamp n
middle of nowhere n
middle voice verb n
missing in action adj
mobile speed bump n
mode of discourse n
mode of transport n
moment of inertia n
moment of silence n
money market fund n
moral high ground n
mouth of a sailor n
neck of the woods n
net present value n
neutron drip line n
New Age traveller n
new lease on life n
nineteen oh eight n
nineteen oh seven n
nineteen oh three n
no longer with us adj
non compos mentis adj
northeast by east n
northern hawk owl n
northwest by west n
noscitur a sociis n
no screaming hell n
nose out of joint n
no shit, Sherlock int
no spring chicken n
not on your nelly adv
noun of multitude n
of blessed memory adj
off one's own bat adv
off one's trolley adj
off the back foot adv
oil of turpentine n
Old Red Sandstone n
on a full stomach adv
one finger salute v
one of these days adv
one of those days n
on one's deathbed adj
on second thought adv
on the face of it adv
on the other hand adv
open proxy server n
organ pipe cactus n
out of commission adj
out of harm's way adv
out of one's mind adj
out of proportion adj
out of this world adj
out the ying yang adv
over my dead body adv
oyer and terminer n
pair of compasses n
pair of underwear n
palm tree justice n
Papua New Guinean n adj
Parker House roll n
pâté de foie gras n
peace in our time n
peaches and cream n adj
peanut butter cup n
Père David's deer n
persona non grata n
pick up the phone v
piece of clothing n
pig in the middle n
pigs in a blanket n
place of decimals n
plane of ecliptic n
player vs. player abbr
play with oneself v
plea in abatement n
plea of the crown n
point of interest n
point of purchase n
polygon of forces n
powder one's nose v
power of attorney n
process hot water n
pull one's weight v
purple of Cassius n
push the boat out v
push the envelope v
put into practice v
put one's feet up v
put the kibosh on v
pygmy giant panda n
pygmy sperm whale n
quack like a duck v
Queen Anne's lace n
queen of diamonds n
queen of puddings n
rabid wolf spider n
radio alarm clock n
ragged red fibers n
raise the spectre v
rare earth magnet n
ready, aim, fire! int
red neck syndrome n
red rag to a bull n
red ring of death n
red slender loris n
red under the bed n
remain to be seen v
Rift Valley fever n
right as a trivet adj
ring off the hook v
road fund licence n
round of applause n
rules of the road n
run for the hills v
run for the roses n
run in the family v
run like the wind v
run out the clock v
salt of the earth n
same old same old n
San Andreas fault n
sarong party girl n
save one's breath v
school bus yellow n adj
school of thought n
scratch and sniff adj
screwed the pooch v
search and rescue n
see something out v
sell wolf tickets v
sent to the Tower v
set in one's ways adj
seven deadly sins n
shadow of a doubt n
shit on a shingle n
shiver my timbers int
short and curlies n
short of a length adj
short sharp shock n
short short story n
sign of the cross n
sign of the times n
skate on thin ice v
slap on the wrist n
slap someone five v
sleep like a baby v
Slough of Despond n
smelling the barn v
smell like a rose v
smoke and mirrors n
sodium vapor lamp n
sooner than later adj
southeast by east n
southwest by west n
Spanish Water Dog n
speak for oneself v
sphincter of Oddi n
spin one's wheels v
spiny spider crab n
spirit of the law n
spoilt for choice adj
spotted eagle ray n
square leg umpire n
stable of bitches n
stage of the game n
stand and deliver v
stand stock still v
Stars and Stripes n
Statue of Liberty proper n
statute of frauds n
St Ignatius' bean n
stretch the truth v
strut one's stuff v
suck donkey balls v
suffice it to say adv
sulfide of carbon n
summer and winter v
sweet young thing n
sword and sorcery adj
sword of Damocles n
table of contents n
take a chill pill v
take advantage of v
take exception to v
take French leave v
take into account v
take no notice of v
take sitting down v
take the red pill v
take to the hills v
ten pound tourist n
Texas blind snake n
third normal form n
throw in the bark v
throw off balance v
throw the book at v
throw to the dogs v
throw to the wind v
tie up loose ends v
tilt at windmills v
time and material n
time of departure n
time of the month n
tip the scales at v
tongue and groove n
total return swap n
to tell the truth adv
tower of strength n
train of thoughts n
true lover's knot n
turn the air blue v
twist in the wind v
under one's thumb adj
under the counter adv adj
under the weather adj
vent one's spleen v
video arcade game n
vitamin B complex n
walk on eggshells v
watch like a hawk v
watch one's mouth v
wear the trousers v
weather the storm v
wet one's whistle v
whatever it takes n adv
what's eating you int
when he's at home adv
when it's at home adv
whistle and flute n
white man's grave n
whole ball of wax n
why in God's name int
with bated breath adv
worth every penny adj
worth one's while adj
year in, year out adv
yellow brick road n
yield to maturity n
yuppie food stamp n
zone of avoidance n
Abbot of Misrule n
above and beyond prep adv
above one's bend adv
abuse of process n
across the board adj
active dry yeast n
add fuel to fire v
ad modum Donders adv
advance fee scam n
aerial ping pong n
against all odds adv
Air Vice Marshal n
all in good time adv
all over grumble adj
all over the map adj adv n
Amazon milk frog n
apical germ pore n
apple leaf midge n
apple of discord n
apple of Grenada n
apples and pears n
arm to the teeth v
around the clock adv
around the world adv n
ars gratia artis n
article of faith n
arts and letters n
ask for the moon v
at full throttle adv
at latter Lammas adv
atomic mass unit n
at the high port adv
at the same time adv
autem quaver tub n
axis of rotation n
axis of symmetry n
baby grand piano n
Bachelor of Arts n
Bachelor of Laws n
balance of trade n
bangers and mash n
bare one's teeth v
barrel of laughs n
beat to quarters v
beef to the hoof adj
beginning of day n
beg the question v
behind the curve adv
behind the times adj
behind the wheel adj
bend one's elbow v
bent on a splice adj
beside the point adj adv
be the way to go v
bill of exchange n
bird of paradise n
bite the big one v
Black and Decker n
black hat hacker n
blind man's buff n
block and tackle n
blow a backsight v
blow the whistle v
blue circle rate n
board of appeals n
Boston cream pie n
Botany Bay dozen n
bowl of cherries n
Brahms and Liszt adj
bread and butter n
bread and scrape n
breakfast in bed n v
break new ground v
break one's duck v
break one's fast v
breath of heaven n
bundle of energy n
bundle of nerves n
bureau de change n
bury the hatchet v
bust one's chops v
busy as a beaver adj
capture the flag n
Carriage Paid To n
carrot and stick n
cash on delivery n
cat and dog life n
cease and desist v n
centre of effort n
chain of custody n
champ at the bit v
chance one's arm v
chest of drawers n
chew the scenery v
Chinese New Year n
chomp at the bit v
chuck you Farley int
clear as crystal adj
close one's eyes v
cock of the walk n
code of practice n
coign of vantage n
combined gas law n
come from behind v
come full circle v
come into effect v
coming and going n
commit to memory v
contract of sale n
cops and robbers n
Cost and Freight n
could do without v
course of action n
covenant of salt n
credit card tart n
crime of passion n
culture of death n
cut a wide swath v
cute as a button adj
cut like a knife v
cut of one's jib n
cut one's losses v
cut to the chase v
cut to the quick v
cycle per second n
cytotoxic T cell n
day of reckoning n
dead man's brake n
dead man walking n
dead set against adj
dean and chapter n
Dear John letter n
deep pile carpet n
de Moivre number n
De Morgan's laws n
density of light n
direct free kick n
do someone proud v
down to the wire adj adv
drag one's heels v
drain the lizard v
draw and quarter v
dree one's weird v
drunk as a skunk adj
dry cell battery n
ducks and drakes n
dyed in the wool adj
early day motion n
easy on the eyes adj
eat like a horse v
end of the world n
estoppel by deed n
even as we speak adv
eye of the storm n
fair to middling adj
fall off a truck v
fast busy signal n
father of chapel n
feat of strength n
fend for oneself v
fiddle the books v
figure of speech n
fire in the hole int
fish or cut bait v
fit like a glove v
fixed head coupé n
flash in the pan n
flog the dolphin v
Fly River turtle n
food for thought n
forces of nature n
for good and all adv
for good measure adv
fork in the road n
for mercy's sake adv
for one's liking adv
from the word go adv
front and center int adv
frozen cow juice n
fuck somebody up v
fuck someone off v
full speed ahead n
full tilt boogie adv n
full to the brim adj
gay for the stay adj
get a wriggle on v
get by the balls v
get carried away v
get into trouble v
get it over with v
get out of Dodge v
get out of there v int
get the job done v
get to the point v
giant forest hog n
go down the road v
go fuck yourself int
go out on a limb v
go the whole hog v
go to the toilet v
go with the flow v
grace and favour n
grand theft auto n
great horned owl n
green bottle fly n
green sea turtle n
grin and bear it v
grit one's teeth v
hammer and tongs adv
handbags at dawn n
handled the ball adj
hang by a thread v
haul one's ashes v
have a good time v
have a handle on v
have a word with v
have been around v
have it going on v
have it your way int
have the biscuit v
have the wind up v
having said that conj
hearts and minds n
hedge one's bets v
the hell with it int
hide and go seek n
high speed steel n
hip and shoulder n
hit one's stride v
hit the big time v
hit the pavement v
hive of activity n
holding the ball n
hold one's urine v
hold one's water v
hot and bothered adj
hot stove league n
hot water bottle n
hot water heater n
house of worship n
hush one's mouth v
ice cream sundae n
ice skating rink n
in a cleft stick adj
in and of itself adv
infield fly rule n
in heaven's name adv
in loco parentis adv
in one's element adj
in one's opinion adv
in point of fact adv
in so many words adv
in the fast lane adv
in the limelight adj
in the same boat adj
in the same vein adj adv
in the short run adv
in with a chance adj
item of clothing n
jack of diamonds n
keep a cool head v
keep an eye open v
keep on truckin' v
kick like a mule v
kick up the arse n
killed in action adj
killer green bud n
king of diamonds n
king of the hill n
kiss and make up v
kit and caboodle n
kit and kaboodle n
knock for a loop v
know beans about v
know one's stuff v
Laotian rock rat n
Latter Day Saint adj n
lay a foundation v
lay down the law v
leave of absence n
letter of credit n
letter of marque n
lettre de cachet n
lick one's chops v
life after death n
line in the sand n
line of best fit n
little by little adv
little green man n
live free or die n
liver and onions n
locked rotor amp n
long arm statute n
long QT syndrome n
long story short adv
long time no see int
Lord love a duck int
lose one's lunch v
lose one's shirt v
lose one's touch v
main battle tank n
make do and mend v
make someone cry v
make the most of v
making ends meet v
man of few words n
man of the cloth n
Man of the Match n
man of the world n
Marie Rose sauce n
mass of maneuver n
matter of course n
matter of record n
meat and two veg n
meet one's maker v
metes and bounds n
milk of magnesia n
money of account n
month of Sundays n
motte and bailey n
mover and shaker n
my sainted uncle int
nape of the neck n
near the knuckle adj
nervous as a cat adj
Nigel no friends n
nineteen oh five n
nineteen oh four n
nineteen oh nine n
no harm, no foul n
normal form game n
not in the least adv
not on your life adv
not worth a dime adj
nullius in bonis n
null path length n
off one's rocker adj
off one's rocket adj
off the deep end adj
old as the hills adj
old hag syndrome n
once and for all adv
once upon a time adv
one and the same adj
one for the road n
one in a million n
on the back foot adj
on the defensive adj
on the half hour adv
on the plus side adv
on the same page adv
on the up-and-up adj
operation of law n
order of the day n
out of character adj adv
out of condition adj
out of one's way adj int
out of the woods adj
out on one's ear adv
out on the tiles adj
over open sights adv
over the counter adv
over the transom adv
pain au chocolat n
pain in the arse n
pain in the butt n
pain in the neck n
paint by numbers v
pardon my French v
partner in crime n
pick up stitches v n
piece of crumpet n
pig in a blanket n
pine woods snake n
pins and needles n
pissed as a newt adj
piss one's pants v
pit bull terrier n
plain and simple adv
plaster of Paris n
player vs player abbr
play hard to get v
pleased as Punch adj
poetry in motion n
point of contact n
point the finger v
poison dart frog n
pony in the barn n
poor man's pizza n
poor man's steak n
poor white trash n
pop the question v
potash of sulfur n
presence of mind n
promote to Glory v
proof by example n
proof of concept n
prudent man rule n
pull the trigger v
purple dye murex n
put a foot wrong v
put a sock in it v
put pen to paper v
put the blame on v
quick as a flash adj adv
quick time event n
quiet as a mouse adj
rack one's brain v
rag and bone man n
rags and tatters n
raise one's hand v
raise the stakes v
read like a book v
red man syndrome n
rhythm and blues n
rich tea biscuit n
right of counsel n
right of reentry n
ring the changes v
road to Damascus n
root mean square n
Ross River fever n
Ross River virus n
rough and tumble v
rub of the green n
run around after v
run hot and cold v
running on empty v
run out of steam v
run rings around v
run something by v
run up the score v
Saint Agnes' Eve n
salmon and trout n
send to Coventry v
set one's cap at v
sex and shopping n
sex on the beach n
shaggy dog story n
shake one's head v
ship of the line n
shirts and skins n
shit one's pants v
shit out of luck adj
shoot one's bolt v
shoot one's load v
shoot the breeze v
shot in the dark n
shut one's mouth v
signed Mass card n
sing like a bird v
sit on the fence v
skin in the game n
skinny as a rail adj
slave to fashion n
sleep like a log v
smells and bells n
snap of a finger adv
sober as a judge adj
son of privilege n
son of the manse n
sort oneself out v
spank the monkey v
speak in tongues v
speak one's mind v
spill one's guts v
spill one's seed v
spirits of salts n
squeaky bum time n
stab in the back n v
standard of care n
stand from under v
stand on its own v
stand up against v
stark raving mad adj
state of affairs n
state of the art adj n
steady as a rock adj
steal a march on v
steel cage match n
stick in the mud n
sting like a bee v
stone cold sober adj
stop the presses v
strike a balance v
stuff one's face v
St. Vitus' dance n
sweat like a pig v
swim with sharks v
Swiss Army knife n
sword and sandal adj
Tail End Charlie n
take a back seat v
take for granted v
take it in turns v
take one's leave v
take one's lumps v
take the biscuit v
take the liberty v
tale of the tape n
talk of the town n
talk out of turn v
talk to the hand v
tenancy for life n
that's what's up int
thick as a brick adj
thick as a plank adj
thick as thieves adj
think of England v
through the roof adv adj
throw for a loop v
throw money away v
thumb one's nose v
time out of mind n adv
toad in the hole n
to beat the band adv
too posh to push adj
to say the least int
tough row to hoe n
tower of silence n
train of thought n
trans fatty acid n
Tukeit Hill frog n
turn a blind eye v
turn of the year n
turn on its head v
turn upside down v
two pot screamer n
under one's belt adj
under one's feet adv
under one's nose adv
under one's wing adj
under the covers adj adv
up and over door n
up one's own ass adj
up the ying yang adv
up with the lark adj
Urim and Thummim n
use one's noggin v
virgin olive oil n
visual call sign n
walk a tightrope v
walk in the park n
walk in the snow n
watch one's step v
water to my mill pronoun int
way of all flesh n
Way of the Cross n
way of the world n
well, well, well int
wet the shamrock v
what a way to go int
what do you know int
wheel of fortune n
when, as, and if conj
white as a sheet adj
white blood cell n
white glove test n
white hat hacker n
wide of the mark adj
wild goose chase n
will o' the wisp n
wire fox terrier n
with a vengeance adj adv
within an ace of adv
word on the wire n
word to the wise n adv
work in progress n
worth one's salt adj
wrap in the flag v
xenon flash lamp n
year of our Lord adj
zero coupon bond n
absence of mind n
ace in the hole n
ace of diamonds n
aces and spaces n
across the pond adj adv
act of Congress n
against the law adj
age of judgment n
age of majority n
all of a sudden adv
all the marbles n
along the lines adv
alpha and omega n
angle of attack n
Angry Young Man n
answer the helm v
around the bend adj
around the Horn adv
arse about face n
arts and crafts n
as best one can adv
Asian black rat n
Assembly of God n
at arm's length adj
at death's door adj
at first glance adv
at full stretch adv
at the hands of prep
at the mercy of adj
an axe to grind n
axiom of choice n
back in the day adv
bad to the bone adj
bag and baggage n adv
bait and switch n
ball on a stick n
baptism by fire n
baptism of fire n
baron and femme n
bash the bishop v
beast of burden n
beat one's meat v
before the mast adj
behind its time adv
be it as it may adv
be off with you int
best laid plans n
better than sex adj
beyond the pale adj
the bee's knees n
bide one's time v
bite the bullet v
bit on the side n
bits and pieces n
black and white n adj
blink of an eye n
blood and tommy int
blow one's nose v
Bo Diddley beat n
body mass index n
bonheur du jour n
borax bead test n
bought the farm v
bounce a cheque v
box the compass v
boy in the boat n
brace of shakes n
brave new world n
bucket of bolts n
buff the muffin v
burden of proof n
burn to a crisp v
bust one's butt v
buy someone off v
buy someone out v
by all accounts adv
by one's lights adv
call it a night v
car door handle n
carry water for v
carte de visite n
carved in stone adj
cashed up bogan n
cast one's vote v
cause of action n
change of heart n
change of state n
change of venue n
chase a rainbow v
cheese and rice int
cheval de frise n
chili con carne n
chili con queso n
chili sin carne n
chop and change v
clear the decks v
climb the walls v
code of conduct n
color by number n v
come down to us v
come to nothing v
comrade in arms n
cool one's jets v
corn on the cob n
cotton wool bud n
could care less v
coup de théâtre n
coureur de bois n
court of equity n
crap on a stick int
cream of tartar n
crème de cassis n
crème de menthe n
cross the aisle v
cross the floor v
cry blue murder v
cry like a baby v
cry out against v
Cuban red macaw n
cuff on the ear n
cut one's teeth v
cut the mustard v
cycle of fifths n
daft as a brush adj
day care center n
day in, day out adv
dead and buried adj
dead cat bounce n
dead man's hand n
dead on arrival adj
deep sky object n
deep square leg n
degree of glory n
den of iniquity n
deus ex machina n
dice with death v
do a number one v
dog in the hunt n
done and dusted adj
do one's utmost v
do's and don'ts n
dotted bar line n
double bar line n
double dog dare v
double gut shot n
double or quits n
drag one's feet v
dream come true n
dribs and drabs n
drink and drive v
drop like flies v
drop one's guts v
drop the f-bomb n
drop the gloves v
drunk as a lord adj
dum dum bullets n
dye in the wool v
earn one's keep v
Easter egg hunt n
Easter egg roll n
eat like a bird v
eat one's words v
eat one's young v
editor in chief n
egg somebody on v
empty the bench v
end of the line n
end of the road n
enfant de coeur n
esprit de corps n
estate for life n
every which way adv
exit stage left n v
ex proprio motu adv
eye of a needle n
façon de parler n
fair and square adv
falling in love n
farm the strike v
fast clear down n
fat of the land n
feast or famine n
feed the dragon v
feel one's oats v
fight in armour v
figure of merit n
find one's feet v
fire alarm horn n
fire and forget n
fire engine red adj n
first bite free n
first day cover n
fit as a fiddle adj
fit for purpose adj
fits and starts n
flap one's gums v
flesh and blood adj n
flight of fancy n
flowers of wine n
flow of emotion n
fluoro acid air n
flying jib boom n
fly on the wall n
fold one's tent v
fool to oneself v
force de frappe n
force of nature n
force with arms v
for fuck's sake adv
for Pete's sake adv
for pity's sake adv
for that matter adv
for the love of prep
for the present adv
for the sake of prep
for XYZ reasons adv
freak of nature n
free as in beer adj
freedom to roam n
free fatty acid n
free trade area n
from the get-go adv
front foot shot n
fudge the issue v
full of hot air adj
full of oneself adj
game the system v
gas and gaiters n
get a handle on v
get off lightly v
get out of here v int
get out of town int
get the drop on v
get the hang of v
get the picture v
get the wind up v
get up the yard int
giant wood rail n
gift of the gab n
give a bad name v
give a monkey's v
give it a whirl v
give it the gun v
give of oneself v
give the finger v
give the lie to v
glace de viande n
go by the board v
God of the gaps n
go down the pan v
go for a burton v
go for the gold v
Good King Henry n
goody two shoes n
go off at score v
go off the boil v
go so far as to v
go the distance v
go through hell v
go through with v
got it going on v
go with someone v
grasp at straws v
grass mud horse n
green with envy adj
grind to a halt v
guest of honour n
guinea hen weed n
hair of the dog n
hang out to dry v
happy as a clam adj
happy as a lark adj
hard disk drive n
hard of hearing adj
have a crack at v
have a look-see v
have an eye for v
have a way with v
have the run of v
have to do with v
have truck with v
head over heels adv
hearth and home n
heart of hearts n
hex head wrench n
the hell out of adv
high and mighty adj n
high on the hog adv
hit the ceiling v
hit the jackpot v
home sweet home n
hook someone up v
horny goat weed n
hot diggety dog int
ice cream maker n
ice cream truck n
if, as and when adv
in a family way adj adv
in for the kill adv
in good spirits adv
in high dudgeon adv
in high spirits adv
in one's armour adj
in one's pocket adj
in pari materia adv
in short supply adj
in the ballpark adj
in the doghouse adj
in the hospital adj
in the hot seat adv
in the light of prep
in the long run adv
in the thick of prep
it's about time int
Jedi mind trick n
Jekyll and Hyde n
je ne sais quoi n
Jesus H. Christ int
jump the lights v
keen as mustard adj
keep an eye out v
keep one's cool v
keep one's head v
kernel of truth n
Kerr black hole n
kick some tires v
kick the bucket v
land down under n
law of averages n
lay a finger on v
learn the ropes v
less than three v
lieu de mémoire n
light bulb joke n
line and length n
line of centers n
live in poverty v
loaded for bear adj
locust bean gum n
long row to hoe n
look forward to v
Lord be praised int
Lord of Misrule n
lose oneself in v
lose one's head v
lose one's mind v
lose one's shit v
low back merger n
low Earth orbit n
lower leaf zone n
mad as a hatter adj
mad cow disease n
maiden of honor n
make a decision v
make a go of it v
make it hot for v
make the rounds v
make tracks for v
margin of error n
Mary Bell order n
matron of honor n
meals on wheels n
meaning of life n
meet one's doom v
member of staff n
mend one's pace v
mend one's ways v
mess of pottage n
mild and bitter n
minute of angle n
mode of thought n
moment of force n
moment of truth n
moo goo gai pan n
moon on a stick n
Moreton Bay bug n
move one's body v
muriate of soda n
my sainted aunt int
needless to say adv
New High German n
New World Order n
New York minute n
New York reload n
next to nothing adv
nickel and dime adj v n
nine day wonder n
nineteen oh one n
nineteen oh six n
nineteen oh two n
nitrate of soda n
node of Ranvier n
no great shakes adj
no holds barred adj
north and south n
not have a bean v
nugget of truth n
odd and curious adj
offer the light v
off one's chump adj
oh dark hundred n
old age pension n
old boy network n
old college try n
old wives' tale n
on a shoestring adv
once in a while adv
one hundred one num
only in America adv
on one's uppers adj
on the contrary adv
on the down-low adv
on the heels of prep
on the one hand adv
on the qui vive adv
on the spectrum adj
open air museum n
open floor plan n
open half space n
open the attack v
open the kimono v
the other place n
out of business adj
out of practice adj
out of the blue adv
out of the loop adj
out of thin air adv
outside the box adj
over one's head adj
over the wicket adv
pain in the ass n
pain in the bum n
paint the wagon v
pair of glasses n
part and parcel n
passage of time n
pass the parcel n
patience of Job n
pat on the back n
pay as you earn n
pay the fiddler v
pay the freight v
pay the penalty v
peace and quiet n
peak flow meter n
pearl of wisdom n
pelt of the dog n
person of color n
a piece of cake n
pick one's nose v
pick up the tab v
pistols at dawn n int
play the ponies v
plead the fifth v
plead the Fifth v
plug the runner v
police car blue n adj
pop one's clogs v
pound the table v
praise the Lord int
press the flesh v
print on demand n
prisoner of war n adj
profit and loss n
propose a toast v
prop up the bar v
pull a fast one v
pull the string v
pure and simple adj
push one's luck v
put a damper on v
put a lid on it v
put out feelers v
put the boot in v
put the make on v
put the wind up v
put to the test v
queen of beasts n
queen of hearts n
queen of spades n
quit claim deed n
quoi ci quoi ça int
rabbit ear mite n
race car driver n
rack and pinion n
red circle rate n
red velvet cake n
reign of terror n
retire the side v
rhyme or reason n
ride one's luck v
right to choose n
ring one's bell v
rite of passage n
room for a pony n
root beer float n
rough and ready adj
round the clock adv
round the twist adj
royal red prawn n
rub elbows with v
rule the school v
run a red light v
run around with v
salt and pepper adj
salut des armes n
scared to death adj
screw the pooch v
scrimp and save v
second new ball n
seeing eye ball n
see someone out v
sell one's soul v
sense of humour n
seven card stud n
shake one's ass v
sharp as a tack adj
shed light upon v
shift his tides v
shit for brains n
shoot the boots v
shot in the arm n
shut one's face v
six of the best n
sixty cycle hum n
slap and tickle n
sleight of hand n
slip of the pen n
slow as a snail adj
smash the stack v
soak the runner v
solid as a rock adj
sooner or later adv
sound as a bell adj
spare tire well n
spare tyre well n
spill the beans v
spin the bottle n
spirits of wine n
split the house v
stand to reason v
start by saying v
state of matter n
status quo ante n
stay the course v
steak au poivre n
St. Elmo's fire n
stiff upper lip n
stone the crows int
stop loss order n
stop the lights int
strap on a pair v
strike it lucky v
strong as an ox adj
sturm and drang n
sulfate of soda n
sulfite of soda n
sure of oneself adj
sweep the board v
sweeten the pot v
swim the Thames v
syrup of ipecac n
take a breather v
take a crack at v
take a load off v
take a shine to v
take delight in v
take issue with v
take it from me v
take lying down v
take one's time v
take the mickey v
take the plunge v
talk in circles v
tar and feather v
tea and toaster n
term of address n
test the waters v
theory of games n
the thing of it n
thick of things n
Third World War n
three card brag n
three of a kind n
tight as a tick adj
time after time adv
time and a half n
time of arrival n
tipping it down v
tip wage credit n
to my knowledge adv
too big to fail adj
too hot to hold adj
Too Many Mouths n
to one's liking adj
top dead center n
top of the hour n
top of the line adj
top of the shop n
to the power of prep
towers of Hanoi n
Toy Fox Terrier n
track and field n
trial and error n
trial by ordeal n
triple dog dare v
turn a deaf ear v
turn one's back v
turn the corner v
turn the tables v
turn to custard v
two second rule n
under one's hat adj
under the knife adj adv
under the radar adv
under the table adj adv
unit of measure n
up one's sleeve adv
upper leaf zone n
up to something adj
valley of death n
value added tax n
vers de societe n
vitriol of Mars n
voice call sign n
vow of chastity n
washing of feet n
wattle and daub n
wee small hours n
West Nile fever n
West Nile virus n
where it counts adv
with both hands adv
within ames ace adv
within the pale adv
without a doubt adv
with respect to prep
work of fiction n
yabba dabba doo int
year of the pig n
yield the ghost v
above the fold adj
above the salt adj
acid of apples n
Adam and Steve n
ad valorem tax n
after the fact adv
age of consent n
air kerma rate n
all and sundry n
all decked out adj
all over again adv
all systems go int
angel of death n
an apple a day n
apple of Sodom n
as all get-out adv
at first blush adv
attar of roses n
back and forth adv n
back foot shot n
back o' Bourke n
back of beyond n
back to basics adv n
back to nature adj
bag of antlers n
bag of rations n
bag valve mask n
ball and chain n
bang to rights adj v
base over apex adv
bat an eyelash v
bat a thousand v
bear the scars v
bees and honey n
behind the arc adv
behind the bit adj
believe you me adv
below the belt adj
below the fold adj
bend the truth v
big O notation n
bill of credit n
bill of health n
bill of lading n
bill of rights n
Billy no mates n
bind on pickup adj v
birds and bees n
bish bash bosh int
bit of alright n
bit of crumpet n
black and blue adj
Black and Tans n
blade of grass n
blah blah blah int
bleed to death v
blind as a bat adj
block of flats n
blow off steam v
blow one's top v
blue book exam n
blues and twos n
boogie on down v
born in a barn adj
bounce a check v
bow and scrape v
box on the ear n
break the bank v
break the buck v
break the seal v
brick by brick adv
bring to light v
bump and grind n v
bunch of fives n
bust one's ass v
butter of zinc n
by a long shot adv
by the numbers adv
call of nature n
call the shots v
call to prayer n
can do without v
cap it all off v
Carré de l'Est n
cast out nines v
catch sight of v
catch some z's v
center of lift n
centre of lift n
centre of mass n
chain of title n
change of life n
cheap as chips adj
chef de partie n
Chief of Party n
chief of staff n
chief of state n
choke the luff v
City of London n
clean and jerk n
close the face v
cloud on title n
code of honour n
come a cropper v
come down with v
come to a head v
come to nought v
cook the books v
copy and paste v
cost of living n
cost the earth v
coup de maitre n
court poor box n
crash and burn v
crème de cacao n
crêpe de chine n
crêpe de Chine n
crepe de Chine n
cross my heart adv
cross the line v
curds and whey n
cut the cheese v
dammit to hell int
damn and blast int
date rape drug n
dead as a dodo adj
Dead Sea apple n
dead to rights adv
dea ex machina n
de haut en bas adv
depth of field n
design to cost n
a dime's worth n
dip a toe into v
do a number on v
do a slow burn v
Doctor of Arts n
dodge a bullet v
do it yourself n
don't go there int
do one's thing v
do the honours v
do unto others v
down the banks n adv
down the drain adv
down the hatch adv
down the tubes adv
drag the chain v
draw a bead on v
drop a bollock v
drug of choice n
drunk as Chloe adj
dry one's eyes v
duck and cover v
dulce de leche n
each and every determiner
eat humble pie v
eat like a pig v
elixir of life n
end of terrace n adj
estate in land n
every man Jack pronoun
every so often adv
extra base hit n
eye for an eye n
face the facts v
face the music v
faint of heart adj n
fall back upon v
fall of wicket n
fast yellow AB n
faute de mieux adv
feed the meter v
feed the troll v
feel sorry for v
fend and prove v
fever and ague n
field of force n
field of honor n
field of study n
fight the tape v
first aid kits n
fish and chips n
fit to be tied adj
five card stud n
flick the bean v
flip one's lid v
flip one's wig v
foot and mouth n
force of habit n
for God's sake int
for the asking adv
for the record adj
four of a kind n
free as a bird adj
free cash flow n
free of charge adj adv
friend of mine n
friend of ours n
front of house n
gagging for it adj
game of chance n
game of gotcha n
get in the way v
get on with it v int
get outta here int
get stuck into v
get through to v
get with child v
girl next door n
give a blowjob v
give it a shot v
give it up for v
given her head v
give some skin v
give the elbow v
give two hoots v
go all the way v
go to bed with v
go to the dogs v
go to the wall v
go up in smoke v
grab some pine v
great grey owl n
Hand of Fatima n
Hand of Miriam n
hand over fist adv
happy as Larry adj
haul his ashes v
have it coming v
have it in for v
have one's way v
have the blues v
have the floor v
heads or tails n
heart of glass n
heart to heart n adj
hell and tommy int
hell in a cell n
hell on wheels n
here and there adv
hex head screw n
high as a kite adj
hip hip hooray int
hit a home run v
hit the bottle v
hit the bricks v
hold one's own v
hold the phone int v
Hong Kong foot n
horn of plenty n
hors de combat adj
horse and cart n
house of cards n
House of Lords n
hybrid hot tub n
ice cream cone n
ice cream soda n
if and only if conj
in a pig's eye adv
include me out v
India pale ale n
India Pale Ale n
in fine fettle adj
in hot pursuit adv
in its infancy adv
in one sitting adv
in one's sight adv
in one's stead adv
in other words adv
in relation to prep
in short order adv
in the eyes of prep
in the face of prep
in the gristle adj
in the running adj
in the wake of prep
I should cocoa int
J. Arthur Rank n
jack of hearts n
jack of spades n
jelly roll pan n
John Q. Public n
jump the queue v
jump the shark v
just like that adv
keep a lookout v
keep an eye on v
keep away from v
kettle of fish n
kick the habit v
kick the tires v
kick up a fuss v
king of beasts n
king of hearts n
king of spades n
know the score v
learn by heart v
leave for dead v
left and right adv
lend itself to v
lest we forget int
let oneself go v
like hot cakes adv
limb from limb adv
line of battle n
line of beauty n
line of credit n
live the dream v
lose one's rag v
lost and found n
lost for words adj
lower the boom v
mac 'n' cheese n
maid of honour n
make a hash of v
make a killing v
make a meal of v
make a mistake v
make an effort v
make away with v
make ends meet v
make it snappy v
make old bones v
make one's way v
make the grade v
man about town n
man of letters n
mark to market v
Master of Arts n
matter of fact n
mean free path n
mean solar day n
ménage à trois n
mind the store v
min min lights n
miss the point v
name and shame v
neon glow lamp n
never you mind int
new jack swing n
New Year's Day n
night soil man n
nip in the bud v
no matter what pronoun adv
not a patch on adj
not equal sign n
nothing to see n
not to mention conj
nuts and bolts n
off one's face adj
off one's game adj adv
off the charts adv
off the ground adj
off the record adv
of the essence adj
oggy oggy oggy int
oh dark thirty n
oil of mirbane n
oil of vitriol n
old boys' club n
on bended knee adv
on deck circle n
one eighty out adj
one fell swoop n
on one's hands adj
on one's watch adv
on the face of adv
on the lookout adj
on the warpath adj
on top of that adv
organ of state n
out of context adv
out of control adj
out of fashion adj
out of nowhere adv
out of service adj
out of the way adj
out of wedlock adv
out the window adj adv
over and above adj
over and under n
paglia e fieno n
part of speech n
pay one's dues v
person of size n
piece of eight n
piece of paper n
pie in the sky n
ping pong ball n
ping pong show n
piss up a rope v
pitch and putt n
place an order v
plates of meat n
play it by ear v
play Old Harry v
play the field v
play with fire v
point of order n
point of pride n
point the bone v
polar bear dip n
pop the cherry v
pork and beans n
post oak bluff n
pound of flesh n
powers that be n
pride of place n
proxy in blank n
pull my finger v
pull up stumps v
Punch and Judy n
puppy dog eyes n
put down roots v
put on the dog v
put the bee on v
queen of clubs n
Queen of Sheba n
rack and snail n
radial arm saw n
rags to riches n
Ramos gin fizz n
red blood cell n
red letter day n
red letter law n
red yeast rice n
ride the rails v
right and left adv
right of entry n
rob the cradle v
rock the house v
roll in wealth v
room and board n
round the bend adj
round the Horn v
rub up against v
rule the roost v
run for office v
run like a top v
run up against v
safe and sound adj
safe as houses adj
salt dough map n
same old story n
Santa Ana wind n
sea whip coral n
second to none adj n
see eye to eye v
sell a bargain v
sense of craft n
sex on a stick n
shake and bake n adj
shark fin soup n
sheet of paper n
shoot the bull v
shoot the moon v
shoot the shit v
short on looks adj
shuck and jive v n
sick and tired adj
sigh of relief n
six feet under adj
skin and bones n
slash and burn adj n v
slice and dice v
Slip Slop Slap n
smash and grab n
smell the barn v
snatch and run n
son et lumière n
song and dance n
son of a bitch n
son of a whore n
soon to follow adj
speed of light n
speed of sound n
spirit of salt n
spirit of wine n
spit the dummy v
spring to mind v
stand a chance v
stap my vitals int
state of being adj n
stay the night v
steal a glance v
step on a duck v
step on a rake v
St John's wort n
stoop and roop adv
stop on a dime v
store of value n
stroke of work n
style of cause n
suffice to say adv
suicide by cop n
suit of armour n
sulphur of ivy n
sweet as a nut adj
sweet fuck all n adj
sweet gum tree n
swim the Tiber v
swing the lead v
take a bead on v
take a licking v
take a picture v
take a stab at v
take away from v
take it out on v
take the field v
take the fifth v
take the reins v
take the stand v
take the wheel v
take to pieces v
terminus a quo n
test tube baby n
thanks a bunch int
that is to say adv
that's just me int
theater of war n
there and back adv
thick and thin n
thin as a rake adj
three wise men n
throw a sickie v
throw a wobbly v
tip of the hat n
tip one's hand v
tip the scales v
tool of choice n
tooth and nail adv
to some extent adv
to the gunnels adv
to the tune of adj
tower of Babel n
Tower of Babel proper n
tree of heaven n
trick or treat int
tried and true adj
try one's hand v
turn of events n
turn of phrase n
turn on a dime v
twice as small adj
two fat ladies n
under the pump adv
under the wire adv
under the yoke adj adv
the upper hand n
up to standard adj
use one's head v
use one's loaf v
US survey acre n
US survey foot n
Van Allen belt n
victory at sea n
viola da gamba n
vitamin A acid n
vote of thanks n
vow of poverty n
vow of silence n
walk away from v
walk the plank v
waste of space n
watch your six v
a whole nother determiner
whack the illy v
what the Devil int
wheel and axle n
wheel and deal v
wipe the floor v
with open arms adv
with regard to prep
the world over adv
word of finger n
word of honour n
work the crowd v
worse for wear adj
wrong side out adj
zone of action n
above the law adj
ace of hearts n
ace of spades n
acid of amber n
acid of lemon n
acid of sugar n
act one's age v
ahead of time adv
all over with adj
all that jazz n
all the while conj
all very well adj
any old thing pronoun
apple of love n
arm and a leg n
arrow of time n
arse over tit adv
ashes of rose n
as it happens adv
as opposed to prep
at loose ends adj
at peace with prep
attack au fer n
at the double adv
at the moment adv
baby on board n
back to front adv adj
bang on about v
bank of issue n
bat an eyelid v
battle it out v
bear off from v
beast of prey n
beck and call n
bed and board n
beg to differ v
be sold a pup v
best of breed n
bête de scène n
be up against v
bill of costs n
bill of entry n
bill of goods n
bill of sight n
bill of store n
bind on equip adj v
bite the dust v
bits and bobs n
the big sleep n
black and tan n
Black and Tan n
black as coal adj
blaze a trail v
blow a gasket v
body of water n
bond for deed n
boom and bust n
bow and arrow n
bowl a googly v
boy next door n
break a sweat v
break one off v
break the ice v
bring it weak v
bring to heel v
bring to mind v
bundle of His n
bundle of joy n
bury the lead v
bury the lede v
bust ass cold adj
busy as a bee adj
butter of tin n
by your leave adv n
call it a day v
call it quits v
call the ball v
call to order v
car boot sale n
Carry On film n
carry the bat v
carry the can v
case in point n
cat and mouse n
catch big air v
catch some zs v
cheek by jowl adv
chemin de fer n
chuck it down v
claim to fame n
clair de lune n adj
clamp down on v
clear the air v
close of play n
close to home adv
close up shop v
come in handy v
come out with v
come the acid v
come to grief v
come to grips v
come to Jesus v
come to light v
come to terms v
come what may adv
coming of age n
comme il faut adj
commit a bill v
could do with v
coup de grâce n
crack down on v
crack of dawn n
crock of shit n
cross of gold n
cry the blues v
cup of coffee n
cut and dried n
cut and paste v
cut one loose v
date of birth n
day and night adv n
day for night n adv
dead of night n
dead or alive adj
deaf and dumb adj n
deep blue sea n proper
dine at the Y v
dirty old man n
do the dishes v
do the honors v
do the rounds v
dots per inch n
drag and drop n
draw the line v
dress to kill v
drop the ball v
drop the writ v
drum and bass n
east by north n
east by south n
eat my shorts int
eat one's hat v
eff and blind v
ex post facto adj
facts of life n
fade to black v
fade to white v
fake the funk v
feel the burn v
feel the heat v
fetus in fetu n
field of fire n
field of view n
fill the bill v
fin de siècle adj
first aid kit n
flip the bird v
for ever more adv
for one thing adv
for the birds adj
for the nonce adv
frame of mind n
free and easy adj
free on board adj
Free On Board adj
frog and toad n
full of beans adj
fun and games n
game of skill n
get a jump on v
get a load of v
get a move on v
get around to v
get away with v
get cold feet v
get down with v
get over with v
get the drift v
get the elbow v
get the knack v
get the point v
gild the lily v
gin and tonic n
give and take n
give the boot v
give what for v
go along with v
God bless you int
God in heaven int
go fly a kite v
go for a song v
go off on one v
goo goo ga ga int
go the way of v
go to Canossa v
go to Halifax v
go to the mat v
go up against v
grain of salt n
guilty as sin adj
half and half adj adv n
hall of shame n
hand and foot n
hand in glove adv
hang the moon v
hard as nails adj
hardy har har int
have it large v
head of state n
heart of gold n
hell on earth n
hex head bolt n
hide and seek n
hide nor hair n
hill of beans n
hit the books v
hit the rocks v
hit the trail v
hold a candle v
hold a grudge v
hold the fort v
honest to God adv adj
honey do list n
hop a freight v
hot and heavy adj adv
hot cross bun n
hot iron test n
hot melt glue n
hunt and peck n v
ice cream bar n
ideal gas law n
ides of March n
I don't think int
in advance of prep
in a nutshell adv
in cold blood adv
in due course adv
in full swing adj
in God's name adv
in good hands adv
in harm's way adv
in medias res adv adj
in my opinion adv
in one's cups adj
in one's eyes adv
in one's face prep
in one's time adv
in order that conj
in the closet adj
in the future adv
in the groove adj
in the hopper adj
in the making adj
in the offing adj
in the sticks adv
in the toilet adj
into thin air adv
in two shakes adv
jack of clubs n
jaws of death n
Jew by choice n
joie de vivre n
join the club int
just a minute n int
just a second n int
just the same adv
keep a lid on v
killer T cell n
king of clubs n
kiss and ride n
kiss and tell v
kiss of death n
kith and kine n
knock on wood v
lab on a chip n
labor of love n
lady or tiger n
lap of luxury n
law and order n
lean and mean adj
leap of faith n
learn to play v
life and limb n
life of Riley n
lift a finger v
line of force n
line of march n
line of nodes n
line of sight n
lo and behold int
lock and load v
look and feel n
loop the loop v
lose the plot v
made in China adj
made in Japan adj
maid of honor n
make a living v
make a muscle v
make an offer v
make a splash v
make light of v
make off with v
make or break v
map of Tassie n
mark to model n v
marry come up int
minute of arc n
mise en abyme n
mise en place n
mise en scène n
miss the boat v
miss the mark v
mists of time n
mix and match v
more and more adv
Mother of God n
Mutt and Jeff n adj
my giddy aunt int
neck and crop adv
neck and neck adj
ne plus ultra n
net call sign n
never say die int
New Age music n
new car smell n
nice and easy adj adv
a notch above adj
no man's land n
nom de guerre n
none the less adv
north by east n
north by west n
not all there adj
not a sausage n
nothing to it n
null and void adj
nunc pro tunc n
odds and ends n
of all people adj
off one's dot adv
off one's nut adj
off the books adj
off the chain adj
off the clock adj
off the radar adj
off the rails adv
off the wagon adv
on account of prep conj
on a par with prep
on a sixpence adv
on cloud nine adj
one and one's int
one at a time adv
one of a kind n
on its merits adv
on one's feet adv
on one's head adj
on one's mind adj
on one's toes adj
on the bounce adj
on the bubble adj
on the button adv
on the carpet adj adv
on the double adv
on the ground adj
on the ladder adj
on the market adj
on the record adj adv
on the square adj
on the street adv
on the uptake adv
on your marks int
open the face v
the other day adv
out and about adj
out of bounds adj adv n
out of breath adj
out of kilter adv
out of pocket adv adj
out the wazoo adj
over a barrel adj
over and over adv
over the edge adj
over the hill adj
over the moon adj
pair of pants n
pair of specs n
park and ride n
pass the buck v
pass the time v
pay the bills v
pay the piper v
peace of mind n
peas and rice int
pick and roll n
pick up speed v
piece of cake n
piece of piss n
piece of shit n
piece of work n
pig in a poke n
pinch of salt n
piss and moan v
play for love v
play on words n
play the fool v
plug and play n
point in time n
point of sail n
point of sale n
point of view n
pop a wheelie v
prime of life n
pros and cons n
pull the plug v
pull up a pew v
pump and dump n
put an end to v
put a stop to v
put on weight v
rain or shine adv
raise a stink v
raise the bar v
rank and file n
rate of climb n
red cunt hair n
red face test n
rest his soul int
rest in peace v
ride the pine v
ride the wave v
right as rain adj
right to life n
right to roam n
ring of steel n
ring of truth n
rip to shreds v
rise over run n
rock and roll n v
rock the boat v
rule of thumb n
run away with v
run batted in n
run the gamut v
S. of III Ch. abbr
said and done adj
sands of time n
score a brace v
second of arc n
see the light v
seised in fee adj
seize the day v
send away for v
set in motion v
set the stage v
shed light on v
show and tell n
show of force n
show of hands n
show the flag v
sick as a dog adj
side of bacon n
sign into law v
silly mid off n
slab on grade n
snick or snee v
south by east n
south by west n
spend a penny v
spic and span adj
spoils of war n
staff of life n
stake a claim v
stake of Zion n
state of mind n
steal a march v
stem and leaf n
stem the rose v
stem the tide v
still and all adv
suck hind tit v
sugar of lead n
sugar of milk n
suit of armor n
sunny side up adj
surf and turf n
syrup of figs n
tai chi chuan n
take a bullet v
take a chance v
take a gamble v
take a gander v
take a number v
take a powder v
take a tumble v
take a wicket v
take by storm v
take its toll v
take on board v
take the cake v
take the fall v
take the heat v
take the hint v
take the lead v
take the piss v
take to heart v
talk the talk v
ta ta for now int
tears of wine n
ten foot pole n
this and that pronoun
throw in with v
thus and such n
time of pitch n
tip one's hat v
tip the scale v
toil and moil v
toss and turn v
to the letter adv
touch a nerve v
tour de force n
tout de suite adv
trier of fact n
true or false adj
truth be told int
truth or dare n
turn a phrase v
turn a profit v
turn the page v
turn the tide v
turn to stone v
twist of fate n
two and eight n
two left feet n
two of a kind n
two thumbs up n
type II error n
under a cloud adj
under a spell adj
under the gun adj
unity of time n
unring a bell v
up against it adj
up in the air adv adj
ups and downs n
up shit creek adj
up the middle adj
up to no good adj
up to scratch adj
vale of tears n
Value at Risk n
walk the beat v
walk the line v
walk the talk v
walk the walk v
wall of sound n
warp and woof n
warts and all adj adv
waste of time n
way back when n
wear and tear n
well, I never int
west by north n
west by south n
what have you pronoun
what on Earth int
what the fuck int
wheel of life n
when pigs fly adv
white as snow adj
white on rice adj
white van man n
who shot John n
wine and dine v
with a bullet adj
with bells on adj
with the spin adj
word for word adj adv
word of faith n
word of honor n
word of mouth n
work the room v
you know what int
zip one's lip v
ace of clubs n
acid of ants n
acid of milk n
acid of salt n
Adam and Eve proper v
aid and abet v
air du temps n
all fired up adj
all the best n
all the less adv
all the more adv
all the rage adj
all the same adv
all the time adv
all to smash adj
arm the lead v
as per usual adv
at all costs adv
at all hours adv
at a premium adv
at full tilt adv
at long last adv
at the ready adj
at the wheel adj adv
axis of evil n
baba au rhum n
babe in arms n adj
bad hair day n
bag for life n
bag of bones adj
bag of fruit n
bag of words n
ball in hand n
bang up cove n
bear down on v
bear in mind v
bear in with v
beat the rap v
beat to pulp v
bed of pelts n
bed of roses n
beef on weck n
bell the cat v
be seized of v
be taken ill v
be there for v
bet the farm v
bill of fare n
bill of sale n
bird of prey n
bit of rough n
bit of skirt n
blue eye cod n
blue sky law n
body of work n
bog iron ore n
boil down to v
burn in hell v
buy the farm v
by all means adv
by and large adv
by a whisker adv
by virtue of prep
café au lait n
cake of soap n
call it even v
can of worms n
Cap and Ball adj
carry a tune v
cash in hand n
catch a buzz v
catch a cold v
catch a crab v
cause a stir v
chew the cud v
chew the fat v
chip and PIN n
clear as mud adj
close as wax adj
coat of arms n
cock a snook v
come down to v
come on down int
come to hand v
come to life v
come to mind v
come to pass v
come up with v
court of law n
crack a crib v
cri de coeur n
cry for help n
cut it close v
cut red tape v
cut the crap v
cut to black n
days of yore n
death by cop n
de bene esse adv
dime a dozen adj
do away with v
dog and bone n
do one's nut v
do the nasty v
do the trick v
down and out adj
down at heel adj
draw a blank v
duty of care n
easy does it int
eat the wind v
ebb and flow n v
E flat major n
end of story n
face to face adv
fact of life n
fall back on v
fall in line v
fall in love v
fall in with v
far and away adv
far and wide adv
fat as a cow adj
feet of clay n
fight shy of v
first of all adv
fit as a lop adj
fleur de sel n
flip a bitch v
flog the log v
fly the coop v
fly the nest v
folie à deux n
for a change adv
for my money int
for the lose adv
for the loss adj
four oh four adj
four one one adj
fresh out of adj
from on high adj adv
full of shit adj
get a leg up v
get off with v
get stuck in v
get taken in v
get the boot v
get the chop v
get the hint v
get the sack v
get the time v
gimme a five v
give a light v
give it a go v
give or take adv
give rise to v
go for broke v
good as gold adj
good for you adj int
good old boy n
go Pete Tong v
go to blazes v
go to ground v
a great deal adv n
gra mo chree n
Gulf of Riga n
half a dozen num
hall of fame n
hand in hand adv
hang a Louie v
hang an arse v
hang a Ralph v
hang a right v
hard done by adj
have a break v
have a heart v
have in mind v
have it made v
head of hair n
head to head adv
head to wind adj
here and now adv n
high and low adv
hit the deck v
hit the head v
hit the road v
hit the rock v
hit the roof v
hit the sack v
hit the silk v
hit the spot v
hot and cold adj adv
hunk of junk n
in any event adv
in good time adv
in hot water adj
in love with prep
ins and outs n
in the black adj
in the cards adj
in the clear adj
in the flesh adv
in the money adj
in the nuddy adj
in the right adj
in the woods adj
in the works adj
in the wrong adj
in virtue of prep
in your face int
item of data n
jack the lad n
jaws of life n
jeu de paume n
Jim Crow law n
jump for joy v
jump the gun v
just as well adv
just for fun adv
just in case adv
just in time adv
keep in mind v
keep it down v
keep it real v
keep tabs on v
keep up with v
kick the can n
kiss my arse int
kiss of life n
kith and kin n
knock it off v
lay hands on v
like a train adv
line of fire n
line of life n
load of crap n
look down on v
lots of love int
love to bits v
made of fail adj
make a point v
make a scene v
make a stink v
make do with v
make eyes at v
make game of v
make good on v
make the bed v
make the cut v
man of parts n
man of straw n
mark of Cain n
Men in Black n
miss a trick v
more like it adj
more or less adv
muscle in on v
nine one one n
nine to five adv n
nip and tuck adj n
a non domino adj
no love lost n
nom de plume n
no mean feat n
nose to tail adj adv
not a chance adv
note to self adv
not even one determiner
not half bad adj
no thank you int
not much cop adj
now and then adv
of even date adj
off the hook adj
off the mark adj
off the wall adj
of two minds adj
on a go-slow adj
on all fours adj adv
on behalf of prep
one fat lady n
on one's own adj
on one's way adj
on the alert adj
on the anvil adv
on the bench adj
on the blink adj
on the brain adj
on the brink adj
on the cards adj
on the cheap adv
on the clock adj adv
on the fence adj
on the fritz adv
on the house adj
on the latch adj
on the level adj
on the loose adj
on the point adj
on the prowl adj
on the rocks adj
on the ropes adj
on the shelf adj
on the skids adj
on the verge adj
on the wagon adj
on the watch adj
on the whole adv
on your bike int
out of joint adj
out of order adj
out of phase adj
out of place adj
out of print adj
out of sight adj
out of sorts adj
out of stock adj
out of touch adj
out of whack adj
out the door adv
out to lunch adj
over and out int
over the top adj adv
pan and scan adj n v
pass the hat v
pave the way v
peau de soie n
pick 'n' mix n
pick up line n
piece of ass n
pile of shit n
piss it down v
piss on that int
pitch a tent v
plat du jour n
play it safe v
pork pie hat n
port of call n
prise de fer n
pro hac vice adj adv
pull a Homer v
put down for v
put in place v
put it there v
put one over v
put to death v
put to sleep v
quid pro quo n
rag the puck v
raise a hand v
raring to go adj
ray of light n
read my lips adv
ride herd on v
right of way n
rod from god n
roman à clef n
run afoul of v
run off with v
run on fumes v
sale of work n
save the day v
see you soon int
send out for v
set for life adj
set in stone adj v
set of pipes n
set the pace v
set to music v
shame on you int
shit a brick v
shoot 'em up n
shot on goal n
shut up shop v
silly mid on n
sine qua non n
sink or swim v
sis boom bah int
sly as a fox adj
Song of Sol. abbr
son of a gun n
soup du jour n
spit of land n
stand in for v
stand on end v
stand up for v
step by step adv
stick it out v
stick up for v
stir the pot v
sum of parts n
take a break v
take a spill v
take a stand v
take a whizz v
take care of v
take it away v
take it easy v
take the con v
take the rap v
take to task v
take up with v
team up with v
test of time n
thumb a lift v
thumb a ride v
tie the knot v
time of year n
tió de Nadal n
to an extent adv
toe the line v
to the death adv
to the gills adv
to the point adj
to the quick adv
tour of duty n
true to life adj
T Tauri star n
turn a trick v
type I error n
up and leave v
up for grabs adj
up the creek adj
up the river adv
up the wazoo adv
up to eleven adv
walk of life n
walk the dog v
wall of text n
war of words n
watch in two n
wax and wane v
what is more adv
why on Earth int
work to rule v
write a test v
year to date n
yes to death v
you knows it int
zone of fire n
ace of aces n
acid of air n
all at once adv
all the way adv
all up with prep
any and all determiner
as all hell adv
as of right adj
as you like int
as you wish int
at a canter adv
at a glance adv
at any rate adv
at one time adv
at one with prep
B. I. O. T. init
bad for you adj
Ba Duan Jin n
bag of wind n
bail out on v
be all ears v
bear a hand v
beat 'em up n
be my guest v
Ben Wa ball n
be on about v
best of all adj n
be the case v
bite to eat n
the big six n
blow a fuse v
blow a kiss v
boy in blue n
break a law v
break a leg v
bring it on int v
bust a move v
by means of adv
by no means adv
by the book adv
by the time adv
can of corn n
cap in hand adv
cast a pall v
catch a tan v
cease to be v
chalk up to v
chi chi man n
close in on v
cold as ice adj
come of age v
come off it int
crack a fat v
cry out for v
Ct. of App. abbr
a cut above adj
a cut below adj
cut a caper v
cut and run v
cut a swath v
cut it fine v
day and age n
did not bat n
dig up dirt v
do a jobbie n
dog and cat n
dog eat dog adj
dog my cats int
do not want int
do right by v
dot dot dot int
down a shot v
draw a bath v
drop a bomb v
drop a dime v
drop a hint v
drop a line v
duke it out v
easy as ABC adj
easy as pie adj
eat for two v
eat my dust int
feed out of v
feu de joie n
fish to fry n
flare up at v
for sake of prep
for the win adv
four by two n
free to air adj
from A to Z adv
from now on adv
full and by adv
gas and air n
get back at v
get back to v
get in with v
get on with v
get over on v
get the axe v
get tied up v
get to know v
get wind of v
give a damn v
give a fuck v
give a ring v
give a shit v
give a toss v
give lie to v
a good deal adv n
go it alone v
good on you int
go out with v
go to sleep int v
grab and go v
grow a pair v
grow out of v
half a mind n
Hand of God n
hang a left v
hat in hand adv
have a ball v
have a bath v
have a clue v
have a flat v
have a look v
have a pair v
have a seat v
have at you int
have a wank v
have it off v
head to toe adv
hem and haw v
hit and run n v
hit the gas v
hit the hay v
hit the net v
hole in one n
hot as hell adj
hot dog bun n
hot to trot adj
hue and cry n
hum and haw v
if needs be adv
if you like adv
if you will adv
ill at ease adj
in a canter adv
in a lather adj
in a minute adv
in any case adv
in a one-er adv
in a pickle adj
in a stound adv
in bed with prep
in due time adv
I never did int
in favor of prep
in front of prep
in light of prep
in place of prep
in spite of prep
in the buff adj adv
in the dark adv adj
in the dock adj
in the know adj
in the loop adj
in the mood adj
in the nude adv
in the past adv
in the pink adj
in the swim adj
in the wind adj
in the zone adj
in too deep adj
keep out of v
king of six n
kiss my ass int
land of Nod n
lay a venue v
lay to rest v
lend a hand v
lend an ear v
let her rip v
let one rip v
lie in wait v
li hing mui n
like a hawk adv
line of dip n
live in sin v
make a face v
make fun of v
make it big v
malum in se n
mano a mano n adj adv
me and thee n
mom and pop n
most of all adv
next of kin n
no host bar n
nom nom nom int
no one else pronoun
no way Jose adv
a number of determiner
odd one out n
off the bat adv
of that ilk adj
of the like adj
one and all n
on or about prep
on the ball adj
on the come adv
on the cuff adj
on the game adj
on the hoof adj adv
on the horn adj
on the hour adv
on the line adj adv
on the make adj
on the mend adj
on the move adj
on the nail adv
on the nose adv
on the outs adj
on the pill adj
on the piss adj
on the pull adj
on the spot adv
on the take adj
on the town adj
on the trot adv
on the wane adj
on the wing adv
on thin ice adj
out of date adj
out of hand adv adj
out of line adj
out of luck adj
out of town adj adv
out of tune adj
out of view adj
out of work adj
pen and ink n
pitch a fit v
poco a poco adv
pray in aid v
Pr. of Man. abbr
pull a face v
pull an oar v
put at ease v
put down to v
put in with v
put on airs v
put paid to v
put to rest v
put up with v
quite a bit n
quite a few adj
ring a bell v
rot in jail v
rule of law n
run and gun v
rus in urbe n
set on fire v
set to work v
set up shop v
sex on legs n
shake a leg v
shake on it v
shed a tear v
ship of war n
skip a beat v
sleep on it v
smell a rat v
snap out of v
sneak up on v
so to speak adv
spin a yarn v
spit it out v
stand up to v
a super lot n adv
take a bath v
take a bite v
take a crap v
take a dive v
take a dump v
take a hike v
take a hint v
take a joke v
take a leak v
take a look v
take a risk v
take a seat v
take a shit v
take a spin v
take or pay n
tee hee hee int
ten a penny adj
term of art n
there ya go int
throw a fit v
thus and so n adj
tic tac toe n
time of day n
tip the can n
tit for tat n adj
to that end adv
to the brim adv
to the fore adv
to the full adv
to the hilt adv
to the last adv
to the moon adv
to this end adv
to what end adv
tub of lard n
tug of love n
turn a hair v
turn one on v
two a penny adj
two by four n
two for two adj
uno ab alto n
up the ante v
up the duff adj
up the wall adj
up to snuff adj
up to speed adj adv
walk it off v
walk out on v
way of life n
wet the bed v
whoop it up v
win the day v
word of God n
work of art n
worth a try adj
X's and O's n abbr
you know it int
you name it n
act a fool v
act of God n
all in all adv
arm in arm adv
as it were adv
ask for it v
as long as conj
as of late adv
as soon as conj
as well as conj
at a pinch adv
at a stand adv
auto da fe n
aw hell no adv
be able to v
a bit much n
bit by bit adv
bust a cap v
buy to let v
by dint of prep
by the bye adj adv
by the way adv
come on to v
cop a feel v
cop a plea v
cup of joe n
cup of tea n
cut it out v
cut no ice v
dot to dot n
eau de nil n adj
end of day n
face up to v
feel up to v
felo de se n
for a song adv
full of it adj
gang up on v
get a grip v
get a life v
get a rise v
get a room int
get off on v
get out of v
get rid of v
gin and it n
give a gun v
go all out v
go back on v
go down on v
go in with v
good to go adj
go to hell v
go too far v
go to seed v
go to town v
go to work v
have a cow v
have a fit v
hit a snag v
hit it big v
hit it off v
home in on v
if need be adv
I like pie int
I must say adv
in a flash adj adv
in a hurry adj adv
in a jiffy adv
in a pinch adv
in a state adj
in back of adv prep
in face of prep
in lieu of prep
in no time adv
in the act adv
in the air adv
in the end adv
in the raw adj
in the red adj
in the way adj
in view of prep
jack it in int
keep it up v
kiss up to v
a la carte adv
à la carte adj adv
lay an egg v
live a lie v
live it up v
look up to v
mad for it adj
make a leg v
man of God n
man of war n
mwah ha ha int
not at all adv
off and on adv
oh my days int
oh my gosh int
oh my heck int
on and off adv
on a stick adj
one by one adv
on pain of adv
on the air adv
on the dot adv
on the fly adv
on the job adj
on the lam adj
on the rag adj
on the run adj
on the sly adv
on the way adj
out of fix adj
out of gas adj
pay for it v
pur et dur n
rake it in v
rub off on v
run a bath v
run a mile v
run for it v
run out on v
S. of Sol. abbr
sad to say adv
show a leg v
sit in for v
so much as adv
step on it v
suck it up v
swot up on v
take a bow v
take a dip v
tie one on v
to a fault adv
to and fro adv v adj n
to be sure adv
to die for adj
to do with prep
top it off v
to the day adv
to the max adv adj
tug of war n
two by two adv
up in arms adj
up the gut adv
up to date adj
up to here adj
U.S. of A. n
walk in on v
what it do int
what of it int
zero in on v
add up to v
as a rule adv
as far as adv
at a loss adv adj
at a time adv
be in for v
Bel & Dr. abbr
by and by adv n
by the by adv
cut a rug v
di di mau v
do a bunk v
Dos a Dos n
far be it v
get a fix v
get it on v
get it up v
get on up v
get up to v
go for it int v
go in for v
go in off v
go to bed v
go to pot v
go to war v
ham it up v
have a go v
hit a six v
hop n pop v
in a bake adj
in a bind adj
in aid of prep
in a walk adv
a la mode adj adv
à la mode adj
let in on v
let it be v
mix it up v
no can do int
not a one pronoun
of a kind adj
oh my God int
on a dime adv
on a pair adj
on a roll adj
on a whim adv
on the go adj
on top of prep
ooh la la int
out of it adj
rub it in v
see a man v
sit in on v
sod a dog int
sweet F A n
to a hair adv
up or out n
up to bat adj
up to par adv
way to go int n
woe is me int
yuk it up v
B. C. A. init
B. M. A. init
be in on v
be on to v
C. E. F. init
do it up adj
G. E. A. init
a into g abbr
in a row adv
in a way adv
IP in IP n
to a man adv
D and C abbr
I and I pronoun
Q and A abbr
R and R abbr
C of E init
A to Z n adv
to a T adv
A & E init
A & R init
B & B init
R & B abbr
R & D init