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mañana {adv} (tomorrow) SEE: tomorrow  ::
Maastricht {prop} (capital of the province of Limburg in The Netherlands)  :: Маастрихт {m} /Máastriht/
mac {n} (mackintosh) SEE: mackintosh  ::
macadamia {n} (macadamia nut) SEE: macadamia nut  ::
Macau {prop} (a city just west of Hong Kong)  :: Макао {n}, А́омън {m}, А́омен {m}
Macedonia {prop} (ancient kingdom)  :: Македо́ния {f}, Анти́чна Македо́ния {f}
Macedonia {prop} (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, see also: former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  :: Македо́ния {f}, Репу́блика Македо́ния {f}
Macedonia {prop} (modern geographical region)  :: Македония {f}
Macedonia {prop} (region of Bulgaria)  :: Пиринска Македония, Македония {f}
Macedonia {prop} (region of northern Greece)  :: Гръцка Македония, Южна Македония {f}
Macedonian {adj} (of Macedonia or its people or language)  :: македонски /makedónski/
Macedonian {n} (person from Macedonia)  :: македонец {m} /makedónec/, македонка {f} /makedónka/
Macedonian {prop} (Slavic language of Macedonia)  :: македонски {m} /makedónski/
Macedo-Romanian {prop} (Aromanian) SEE: Aromanian  ::
MacGyver {v} (to jury-rig) SEE: jury-rig  ::
machine {n} (mechanical or electrical device)  :: маши́на {f}
machine code {n} (machine language) SEE: machine language  ::
machine gun {n} (type of firearm)  :: карте́чница {f}
machine language {n} (set of instructions for a computer)  :: машинен език {m} /mašínen ezík/
machine translation {n} (act of translating something by means of a machine)  :: компютърен превод {m} /kompjútǎren prevód/
machine-washable {adj} (dishwasher-safe) SEE: dishwasher-safe  ::
machinist {n} (operator) SEE: operator  ::
macintosh {n} (raincoat) SEE: mackintosh  ::
mackerel {n} (edible fish)  :: ску́мрия {f}
mackerel bird {n} (wryneck) SEE: wryneck  ::
mackintosh {n} (raincoat in general) SEE: raincoat  ::
macpalxochitl {n} (Mexican hand tree) SEE: Mexican hand tree  ::
macrocosm {n} (the universe) SEE: universe  ::
macroeconomics {n} (study of the entire economy)  :: макроикономика /makroikonomika/
macrosporangium {n} (megasporangium) SEE: megasporangium  ::
Madagascar {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Мадагаска́р {m}
madam {n} (polite term of address to a woman)  :: госпожа́ {f}, мада́м {f}
Madonna {prop} (Virgin Mary) SEE: Virgin Mary  ::
madrasa {n} (madrasah) SEE: madrasah  ::
madrasah {n} (school for Islamic theology)  :: медресе́ {n}
madrassah {n} (madrasah) SEE: madrasah  ::
Madrid {prop} (capital of Spain)  :: Мадри́д {m}
Madrileño {adj} (of Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian  ::
Madrileño {n} (Someone from Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian  ::
madrone {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree  ::
mafia {n} (a crime syndicate)  :: мафия {f} /máfija/
Magadan {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Магадан {m} /Magadán/
Magas {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Мага́с {m}
magazine {n} (periodical)  :: списа́ние {n}, журна́л {m}
Magdalene {prop} (biblical character) SEE: Mary Magdalene  ::
magenta {adj} (colour)  :: пу́рпурен
magenta {n} (colour)  :: пу́рпурен цвят {m}
Maghreb {prop} (region in Africa)  :: Магре́б {m}
magic {n} (use of supernatural rituals, forces etc.)  :: ма́гия {f}, вълшебство́ {n}
magician {n} (practitioner of allegedly supernatural magic)  :: вълше́бник {m}, чароде́й {m}, маг {m}, магьосник {m}, вещер {m}
magma {n} (molten matter)  :: ма́гма {f}
Magna Carta {prop} (Magna Carta)  :: Велика харта на свободите {f}
Magna Graecia {prop} (Ancient Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily)  :: Магна Греция
magnesium {n} (chemical element)  :: магне́зий {m}
magnet {n} (piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism)  :: магни́т {m}
Magnetic North {n} (magnetic north) SEE: magnetic north  ::
magneto- {prefix} (magnet-) SEE: magnet-  ::
magnifying glass {n} (instrument)  :: лу́па {f}
Magnitogorsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Магнитогорск {m} /Magnitogórsk/
magnitude {n} (energy of earthquake)  :: магнитуд {m} /magnitúd/
magpie {n} (bird of genus Pica)  :: сврака {f}
Magyar {adj} (Hungarian) SEE: Hungarian  ::
Maharashtra {prop} (state in western India)  :: Махаращра
Maharastra {prop} (Maharashtra) SEE: Maharashtra  ::
Mahilyow {prop} (Mogilev) SEE: Mogilev  ::
maiden {adj} (virgin) SEE: virgin  ::
maiden {n} (female virgin)  :: де́вственица {f}, деви́ца {f} /kunvārī/
maiden {n} (unmarried young female)  :: госпо́жица {f} /gospóžica/, дево́йка {f}, деви́ца {f}
maidenhair fern {n} (maidenhair) SEE: maidenhair  ::
maiden name {n} (married woman's original last name)  :: моминско име {n} /móminsko íme/
maieutics {n} (Socratic method) SEE: Socratic method  ::
mail {n} (electronic mail)  :: по́ща {f}, електро́нна по́ща {f}, имейл {m}
mail {n} (organisation)  :: по́ща {f}, по́щенска слу́жба {f},
mail {n} (parcels and letters)  :: (letters being delivered) по́ща {f}; (a parcel being delivered) пра́тка {f}
mail {n} (postal delivery system)  :: по́ща {f}
mailbox {n} (box into which mail is put)  :: пощенска кутия {f} /poštenska kutija/
maillechort {n} (nickel silver) SEE: nickel silver  ::
mailman {n} (post office employee)  :: пощальон {m} /poštalʹón/
main {n} (high seas) SEE: high seas  ::
main {n} (mainland) SEE: mainland  ::
main {n} (strength) SEE: strength  ::
mainland China {prop} (area under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)  :: континентален Китай /kontinentalen Kitaĭ/
maintain {v} (to maintain, to consider) SEE: hold  ::
maintenance {n} (child support) SEE: child support  ::
maintenance {n} (legal: payment made to a spouse after a divorce) SEE: alimony  ::
maize {n} (corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays)  :: царевица {f}
majestical {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic  ::
Majesty {pron} (term of address for royalty and imperiality)  :: вели́чество {n}
majiang {n} (mahjong) SEE: mahjong  ::
majlis {n} (council, assembly, or public meeting, in some Muslim countries or territories)  :: маджли́с {m}
major {n} (major premise) SEE: major premise  ::
Majorca {prop} (island)  :: Майорка {f}
majuscule {n} (upper-case letter) SEE: capital letter  ::
make an exhibition of oneself {v} (to embarrass oneself in public)  :: излагам се
Makedonski Brod {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Брод {m} /Brod/
make ends meet {v} (get by financially)  :: свързвам двата края /svǎrzvam dváta krája/
make friends {v} (to create friendships)  :: сприятелявам се /sprijateljávam se/
make haste {v} (to rush)  :: бързам
make love {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulate  ::
make sense {v} (be coherent)  :: има смисъл
make the news {v} (make news) SEE: make news  ::
makeup {n} (cosmetics)  :: грим {m}
make use {v} (make use of something) SEE: take advantage  ::
Makeyevka {prop} (Makiyivka) SEE: Makiyivka  ::
Makhachkala {prop} (capital of Dagestan, Russia)  :: Махачкала {f} /Mahačkalá/
malar {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
malar bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
Malawi {prop} (Republic of Malawi)  :: Мала́ви {m}
Malay {adj}  :: [malajski] малайски
Malay {n}  :: [malajski] малайски
Malay {prop}  :: [malajski] малайски
Malayization {n} (Malayisation) SEE: Malayisation  ::
Malaysia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Мала́йзия {f}
Malaysian {prop} (Malay) SEE: Malay  ::
Maldives {prop} (country in South Asia)  :: Малди́ви {p}
Maldivian {prop} (language) SEE: Dhivehi  ::
male {adj} (belonging to the sex having testes and/or XY chromosomes)  :: мъжки {m}
male {adj} (grammatically masculine) SEE: masculine  ::
male {adj} (having an external plug)  :: мъжки {m}
male {n} (animal of masculine sex)  :: саме́ц {m}
male {n} (human of masculine sex or gender)  :: мъж {m}
male {n} (plant of masculine sex)  :: (doesn't exist)
maledict {v} (berate) SEE: berate  ::
maledict {v} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
malediction {n} (curse) SEE: curse  ::
maleficent {adj} (harmful or evil in intent or effect)  :: вреден {m} /vréden/
male member {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
malevolently {adv} (malevolently) SEE: maliciously  ::
malfeasor {n} (wrongdoer) SEE: wrongdoer  ::
malicious {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite)  :: злобен /zlóben/, злостен /zlósten/
maliciousness {n} (maliciousness) SEE: malevolence  ::
malkin {n} (cat) SEE: cat  ::
Malko Tŭrnovo {prop} (town)  :: Малко Търново /Malko Tŭrnovo/
mall {n} (enclosed shopping centre)  :: търго́вски це́нтър {m}
mallard {n} (a common and widespread dabbling duck, Anas platyrhynchos)  :: дива патица /diva patica/, зеленоглавка /zelenoglavka/
malleus {n} (tripus) SEE: tripus  ::
mallophagan {n} (chewing louse) SEE: chewing louse  ::
Malmö {prop} (city in Sweden)  :: Малмьо
malt {n} (sprouted grain used in brewing)  :: слад {m}, малц {m}
Malta {prop} (republic)  :: Ма́лта {f}
malt-o-meal {n} (cream of wheat) SEE: cream of wheat  ::
malt whiskey {n} (malt whisky) SEE: malt whisky  ::
malware {n} (software developed to cause harm to a computer system)  :: злонамерен софтуер {m}
mama {n} (mother) SEE: mother  ::
mama {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
mama's boy {n} (momma's boy) SEE: momma's boy  ::
mamma {n} (mother) SEE: mother  ::
mamma {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
mammal {n} (animal of the class Mammalia)  :: боза́йник {m}
mammalian {n} (any mammal) SEE: mammal  ::
mammary {n} (breast) SEE: mamma  ::
mammary gland {n} (milk-secreting gland)  :: млечна жлеза {f} /mléčna žlezá/
mammoth {n} (elephant-like mammal)  :: маму́т {m}
man {n} (adult male human)  :: мъж {m}
man {n} (human)  :: чове́к {m}, хо́ра {p} [plural], лю́де {p} [plural, archaic]
man {n} (piece in board games)  :: фигура {f}
Man {prop} (genus Homo)  :: човек {m} /čovek/
manageable {adj} (capable of being managed)  :: управляем {m} /upravljáem/
manager {n} (person whose job is to manage something (for female equivalents, see manageress))  :: ме́ниджър {m}, дире́ктор {m}, ръководи́тел {m}
Managua {prop} (capital of Nicaragua)  :: Мана́гуа {f}
Manama {prop} (the capital city of Bahrain)  :: Манама {f} /Manáma/
Manchester {prop} (major city in the north-west of England)  :: Манчестър {m}
Manchuria {prop} (Manchuria)  :: Манджу́рия {f}
Manchurian Plain {prop} (Northeast China Plain) SEE: Northeast China Plain  ::
Mandaeism {prop} (a monotheistic religion of the Iraq region)  :: мандаянизъм {m} /mandayanizŭm/
mandarin {n} (fruit) SEE: mandarin orange  ::
mandarin {n} (mandarin duck) SEE: mandarin duck  ::
mandarin {n} (tree) SEE: mandarin orange  ::
Mandarin {prop} (Standard Mandarin, see also: Chinese)  :: мандари́н {m}
mandarin duck {n} (bird)  :: мандаринка {f} /mandarinka/
mandarin orange {n} (fruit)  :: мандари́на {f}
mandatory {adj} (obligatory)  :: задължителен
Mandela {prop} (surname)  :: Манде́ла {m} {f}
mandolin {n} (kitchen tool) SEE: mandoline  ::
mane {n} (longer hair growth around head of male lions)  :: гри́ва {f}
mane {n} (longer hair growth on back of neck of a horse)  :: гри́ва {f}
manga {n} (comic done in Japanese style)  :: ма́нга {f}
manga {n} (comic originated in Japan)  :: ма́нга {f}
manganese {n} (chemical element)  :: манга́н {m}
mango {n} (fruit)  :: ма́нго {n}
manhater {n} (misandrist) SEE: misandrist  ::
manhater {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope  ::
manhattan {n} (cocktail) SEE: Manhattan  ::
manicure {n} (cosmetic treatment for the fingernails)  :: маникю́р {m}
-manifold {n} (manifold) SEE: manifold  ::
manifold {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum  ::
manipulable {adj} (manipulatable) SEE: manipulatable  ::
manipulatable {adj} (gullible) SEE: gullible  ::
manita {n} (Mexican hand tree) SEE: Mexican hand tree  ::
mankind {n} (human race)  :: чове́чество {n}
mankind {n} (the human race) SEE: humankind  ::
manna ash {n} (Fraxinus ornis)  :: мъждрян
man-of-war {n} (cnidarian) SEE: Portuguese man-of-war  ::
man-of-war {n} (man of war bird) SEE: magnificent frigatebird  ::
manpower {n} (workforce) SEE: labour force  ::
mansard {n} (mansard roof) SEE: mansard roof  ::
mansard roof {n} (a roof with a shallower slope descending into a steeper slope)  :: мансарда {f} /mansárda/
mantis {n} (any of various large insects of the order Mantodea)  :: богомолка {f} /bogomólka/
mantle {n} (clothing like an open robe or cloak)  :: аба /abá/
mantle {n} (fireplace shelf) SEE: mantel  ::
mantra {n} (the hymn portions of the Vedas)  :: ма́нтра {f}
manual {adj} (performed with the hands)  :: ръчен {m} /rǎčen/
manual {n}  :: наръчник (narǎčnik) {m}
manure {n} (excrement)  :: тор {m}
manus {n} (hand) SEE: hand  ::
manuscript {n}  :: ръкопис {m}
Manx {prop} (Manx Gaelic) SEE: Manx Gaelic  ::
many {determiner} (an indefinite large number of)  :: мно́го
manyplies {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum  ::
many thanks {phrase} (many thanks)  :: много благодаря, много ви благодаря
Maoism {n} (philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong)  :: маои́зъм {m}
Mao jacket {n} (Mao suit) SEE: Mao suit  ::
Maori {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to the Māori)  :: маорски
Maori {prop} (indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand)  :: маори {p}
map {n} (visual representation of an area)  :: ка́рта {f}
maple {n} (tree of the Acer genus)  :: клен {m}
marabunta {n} (spider wasp) SEE: spider wasp  ::
marathon {n} (road race)  :: маратон {m} /maraton/
march {n} (formal, rhythmic way of walking)  :: марш {m}
march {n} (smallage) SEE: smallage  ::
march {n} (song in the genre of music written for marching)  :: марш {m}
march {n}  :: граница {f} /granítsa/
march {n}  :: марш {m} /marš/, маршируване {n} /marširuvane/
march {v}  :: марширувам /marširuvam/
March {prop} (third month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: март {m}
marchioness {n} (wife of a marquess)  :: маркиза {f} /markíza/
marchland {n} (borderland) SEE: borderland  ::
mare {n} (female horse)  :: коби́ла {f}
mareogram {n} (marigram) SEE: marigram  ::
Margaret {prop} (female given name)  :: Маргарита {f}
margarine {n} (spread)  :: маргари́н {m}
marguerite {n} (oxeye daisy) SEE: oxeye daisy  ::
Marie {prop} (female given name) SEE: Mary  ::
marijuana {n} (the drug)  :: марихуа́на {f}
Marina {prop} (female given name)  :: Марина
marinade {v} (marinate) SEE: marinate  ::
mariner {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
mariner's compass {n} (compass) SEE: compass  ::
mariticide {n} (a man who kills his wife) SEE: uxoricide  ::
maritime law {n} (body of law) SEE: admiralty law  ::
mark {n} (academic score)  :: оце́нка {f}
marker {n} (marker pen) SEE: marker pen  ::
market {n} (flea market) SEE: flea market  ::
market {n} (spacious site for trading)  :: паза́р {m}
market {v} (to sell) SEE: sell  ::
marketableness {n} (marketableness) SEE: marketability  ::
Marks {prop} (surname)  :: Маркс {m} {f}
markup {n} (percentage or amount added to buy-in price)  :: надценка {n} маржа {n}
marmot {n} (rodent of the genera Marmota)  :: мармот /marmot/
marquess {n} (title of nobility)  :: маркиз {m} /markíz/
marquis {n} (nobleman) SEE: marquess  ::
marriage {n} (state of being married)  :: брак {m}, жени́тба {f} [of men]
marriage {n} (wedding)  :: сва́тба {f}, бракосъчета́ние {n}
married {adj} (In a state of marriage; having a wife or a husband)  :: же́нен {m} [of men], оже́нен {m} [of men], омъ̀жена {f} [of women]
marrow {n} (substance inside bones)  :: ко́стен мо́зък {m}
marry {v} (to take a husband or wife)  :: оженвам се, оженя се
marry up {v} (join) SEE: join  ::
Mars {prop} (god of war)  :: Марс {m}
Mars {prop} (planet)  :: Марс {m}
Marseilles {prop} (city in France)  :: Марси́лия {f}
marsh {n} (area of low, wet land)  :: блато {n}, мочурище {n}, тресавище {n}
Marshall Islands {prop} (Republic of the Marshall Islands)  :: Маршалови острови {m-p}
marshmallow {n} (plant)  :: лечебна ружа {f}
marshrutka {n} (share taxi)  :: маршру́тно такси́ {n}
marshy {adj} (of, or resembling a marsh; boggy)  :: мочурлив, блатист
marten {n} (mammal)  :: бя́лка {f}
martial art {n} (fighting style)  :: бо́йно изку́ство {n}
martial law {n} (rules by military authorities)  :: военно положение {n} /voénno položénie/
martyr {v} (persecute) SEE: persecute  ::
martyr {v} (torture) SEE: torture  ::
marvel {n} (astonishment) SEE: astonishment  ::
marvel {n} (miracle) SEE: miracle  ::
marvellous {adj} (exciting wonder) SEE: marvelous  ::
Marx {prop} (surname)  :: Маркс
Marxism {n} (ideology)  :: марксизъм {m} /marksizăm/
Marxism {n} (philosophy)  :: маркси́зъм {m}
Mary {prop} (biblical mother of Jesus)  :: Мария {f} /Maríja/
Mary {prop} (female given name)  :: Мари́я {f}
masculine {adj} (of the male sex; biologically male, not female; manly)  :: мъ́жки
masculine {n} ((grammar))  :: мъ́жки род {m}
masdar {n} (verbal noun) SEE: verbal noun  ::
mash {n} (mashed potatoes) SEE: mashed potatoes  ::
masjid {n} (mosque) SEE: mosque  ::
mask {n} (cover for the face)  :: ма́ска {f}
mason {n} (Freemason) SEE: Freemason  ::
mason {n} (one who builds with stone or brick)  :: зидар {m}
mason wasp {n} (potter wasp) SEE: potter wasp  ::
masquerade {v} (disguise) SEE: disguise  ::
Masr {prop} (Egypt) SEE: Egypt  ::
massage {n} (rubbing, kneading, or hitting muscled part of a body)  :: маса́ж {m}
masseur {n} (a person who performs massage)  :: масажист {m} /masažíst/
massive astrophysical compact halo object {n} (massive compact halo object) SEE: massive compact halo object  ::
mass media {n} (public communication that reaches a large audience)  :: сре́дства за ма́сова информа́ция {n-p}
mast {n} (support of a sail)  :: ма́чта {f}
mastectomy {n} (surgical procedure to remove all or part of the breast)  :: мастектомия {f}
master {n} (captain of a merchant ship)  :: капита́н {m}
master {n} (expert at something)  :: ма́йстор {m}
master {n} (original of a document or of a recording)  :: оригина́л {m}
master {n} (owner of an animal or slave)  :: со́бственик {m}, стопа́нин {m}, господар {m}, хазя́ин {m}
master {n} (schoolmaster) SEE: schoolmaster  ::
master {n} (someone who has control over something or someone)  :: господар {m}
master {n} (tradesman who is qualified to teach apprentices)  :: ма́йстор {m}
masterpiece {n} (piece of work that has been given much critical praise)  :: шедьо́вър {m}
master reset {n} (factory reset) SEE: factory reset  ::
master's {n} (master's degree) SEE: master's degree  ::
masterwork {n} (piece of quality indicative of having been made by a master) SEE: masterpiece  ::
masterwort {n} (Aegopodium podagraria) SEE: ground elder  ::
mastery {n} (philosopher's stone) SEE: philosopher's stone  ::
masticate {v} (chew) SEE: chew  ::
masturbate {v} (to masturbate)  :: мастурбирам /masturbiram/, онанирам /onaniram/
masturbation {n} (manual erotic stimulation of the genitals)  :: мастурба́ция {f}, чикия {f} [slang]
match {n} (device to make fire)  :: кибрит {m}
match {n} (sporting event)  :: мач {m}
mate {n} (checkmate) SEE: checkmate  ::
mate {n} (nautical: first mate) SEE: first mate  ::
mate {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulate  ::
material {n} (matter)  :: материа́л {m}
maternal grandfather {n} (one's mother's father)  :: прадядо {m}
maternal uncle {n} (brother of one's mother)  :: вуйчо {m}
mathematics {n} (field of study)  :: матема́тика {f}
matrix {n} (geological matrix) SEE: geological matrix  ::
matrix {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
matryoshka {n} (Russian doll) SEE: Russian doll  ::
Matthew {prop} (biblical disciple)  :: Мате́й {m}
Matthew {prop} (male given name)  :: Мате́й {m}
mattress {n} (a pad on which a person can recline and sleep)  :: матра́к {m}, дюше́к {m}
mattress pad {n} (mattress protector) SEE: mattress protector  ::
mattress topper {n} (mattress protector) SEE: mattress protector  ::
matzo {n} (thin, unleavened bread)  :: маца́ {f}
maunch {v} (munch) SEE: munch  ::
Mauritania {prop} (Islamic Republic of Mauritania)  :: Маврита́ния {f}
Mauritian {prop} (Mauritian Creole) SEE: Mauritian Creole  ::
Mauritius {prop} (Republic of Mauritius)  :: Маври́ций {m}
may {n} (the hawthorn bush or its blossom)  :: глог {m} /glog/
May {prop} (fifth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: май {m}
maybe {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty)  :: може би /može bi/
May bug {n} (cockchafer) SEE: cockchafer  ::
Maykop {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Майко́п {m}
mayonnaise {n} (dressing)  :: майоне́за {f}
mayor {n} (leader of a city)  :: кмет {m}
may the Force be with you {phrase} (wish someone luck)  :: нека Силата бъде с теб
Maytime {n} (Maytide) SEE: Maytide  ::
Mazandaran {prop} (northern province of Iran)  :: Мазендеран {m}, Мазандаран {m}
Möbius band {n} (Möbius strip) SEE: Möbius strip  ::
Möbius strip {n} (one-sided surface)  :: лист на Мьобиус {m} /list na Mjobius/
McDonald's {prop} (fast-food restaurant)  :: Макдо́налдс {m}
me {pron} (direct object of a verb)  :: мене /méne/, ме /me/
mead {n} (alcoholic drink)  :: медови́на {f}
meadow {n} (field or pasture)  :: лива́да {f}, поля́на {f}, лъка́ {f}
meadow mushroom {n} (Agaricus campestris) SEE: field mushroom  ::
meal {n} (food that is prepared and eaten)  :: я́дене {n}
mean {v} (to convey, indicate)  :: означа́вам {impf}, зна́ча {impf}
meaning {n} (symbolic value of something)  :: значе́ние {n}
mean proportional {n} (geometric mean) SEE: geometric mean  ::
means of transport {n} (mode of transport) SEE: mode of transport  ::
measurement {n}  :: мерене, измерване, мярка
measuring jug {n} (jug for measuring liquids) SEE: measuring cup  ::
measuring tape {n} (tape measure) SEE: tape measure  ::
meat {n} (animal flesh used as food)  :: месо́ {n}
meat {n} (totem) SEE: totem  ::
meatatarian {n} (meatarian) SEE: meatarian  ::
meat floss {n} (rousong) SEE: rousong  ::
meat jelly {n} (aspic) SEE: aspic  ::
Mecca {prop} (city in Saudi Arabia)  :: Ме́ка {f}
mechanical larynx {n} (electrolarynx) SEE: electrolarynx  ::
mechanics {n} (a branch of physics)  :: механика {f} /mehánika/
mechanism {n} (mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion)  :: механи́зъм {m}
Mechelen {prop} (city)  :: Мехелен
medal {n} (stamped metal disc)  :: медал {m} /medál/
meddle {v} (to have sex) SEE: have sex  ::
meddle {v} (to interfere in affairs)  :: меся се
mediaeval {adj} (medieval) SEE: medieval  ::
Median {n} (Mede) SEE: Mede  ::
mediate {adj} (intermediate) SEE: intermediate  ::
medic {n} (doctor) SEE: doctor  ::
medic {n} (paramedic) SEE: paramedic  ::
medical record {n} (details about a patient's previous medical experiences) SEE: medical history  ::
medicine {n} (field of study)  :: медици́на {f}
medicine {n} (substance which promotes healing)  :: лека́рство {n}
medicine cabinet {n} (bathroom cabinet) SEE: bathroom cabinet  ::
medicine chest {n} (medicine cabinet) SEE: medicine cabinet  ::
medieval {adj} (brutal) SEE: brutal  ::
Medieval Greek {prop} (Byzantine Greek) SEE: Byzantine Greek  ::
Mediterranean {prop} (Mediterranean Sea) SEE: Mediterranean Sea  ::
Mediterranean Sea {prop} (the sea between Europe and Africa)  :: Средиземно море {n} /Sredizémno moré/
med school {n} (medical school) SEE: medical school  ::
Medvedev {prop} (transliteration of Медве́дев)  :: Медве́дев /Medvédev/
meek {adj} (humble, modest, or self-effacing)  :: мек
meet {v} (encounter by accident)  :: сре́щам
meeting {n} (gathering for a purpose)  :: събра́ние {n}, заседа́ние {n}, сре́ща {f}
megaliter {n} (megalitre) SEE: megalitre  ::
megameter {n} (megametre) SEE: megametre  ::
megapolis {n} (megapolis) SEE: megalopolis  ::
megastore {n} (superstore) SEE: superstore  ::
megatsunami {n} (a very large tsunami)  :: мегацунами {n} /megacunámi/
Megrelian {n} (Mingrelian) SEE: Mingrelian  ::
meitnerium {n} (chemical element)  :: мейтнерий {m} /méjtnerij/
Melanesia {prop} (part of Oceania)  :: Мелане́зия {f} /Melanézija/
Melbourne {prop} (city in Australia)  :: Ме́лбърн {m}
melilot {n} (plant of the genus Melilotus) SEE: sweet clover  ::
melodrama {n} (romantic drama)  :: мелодрама {f} /melodráma/
melody {n} (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase)  :: мело́дия {f}
melon {n} (fruit)  :: пъ̀пеш {m}
melongene {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant  ::
melt {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot  ::
melt {n} (melt sandwich) SEE: melt sandwich  ::
member {n} (in set theory) SEE: element  ::
member {n} (logic: one of the propositions making up a syllogism) SEE: premise  ::
member {n} (one who officially belongs to a group)  :: член {m}
member {n} (part of a discourse, period, sentence, or verse) SEE: clause  ::
member's bill {n} (private member's bill) SEE: private member's bill  ::
membership {n} (fact of being a member)  :: членство {n} /člénstvo/
meme {n} (unit of cultural information)  :: мем {m}
memoirs {n} (autobiography) SEE: memoir  ::
memorial service {n} (funeral) SEE: funeral  ::
memorize {v} (to commit to memory, to learn by heart)  :: запаметявам /zapametjávam/
memory {n} (ability to recall)  :: па́мет {f}
mendacious {adj} (false) SEE: false  ::
mendaciousness {n} (mendacity) SEE: mendacity  ::
mendelevium {n} (chemical element)  :: менделе́вий {m}
menorah {n} (nine-branch candelabrum) SEE: hanukkiah  ::
Menshevik {n} (member of a faction of the Russian revolutionary movement)  :: меншевик {m} /menševík/
menstruation {n} (periodic discharging of the menses)  :: менструа́ция {f}
mental breakdown {n} (nervous breakdown) SEE: nervous breakdown  ::
mental hospital {n} (facility designed to treat persons with mental disorders)  :: психиатрична болница {f}
mental institution {n} (psychiatric hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
mention {v} (mention) SEE: cover  ::
menu {n} (details of the food to be served at a banquet)  :: меню́ {n}
menu {n} (printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant)  :: меню́ {n}
meow {n} (cry of a cat)  :: мяу
mercenary {n} (person employed to fight)  :: нае́мник {m}, нае́мница {f}
merchant {n} (person who traffics in commodities)  :: търго́вец {m}
merchant {n} (trading vessel) SEE: cargo ship  ::
merchantman {n} (cargo ship) SEE: cargo ship  ::
merchantman {n} (merchant) SEE: merchant  ::
merchant ship {n} (marine cargo vessel) SEE: cargo ship  ::
mercury {n} (element)  :: живак {m}
Mercury {prop} (planet)  :: Мерку́рий
Mercury {prop} (Roman god)  :: Мерку́рий
mercy killing {n} (euthanasia) SEE: euthanasia  ::
merger {n} (type of sound change merging two or more sounds) SEE: phonemic merger  ::
mergirl {n} (mermaid) SEE: mermaid  ::
Merkel {prop} (surname)  :: Ме́ркел {m} {f}
merogamy {n} (merogony) SEE: merogony  ::
merry {adj} (jolly and full of high-spirits)  :: весел /vesel/
merry Christmas {phrase} (good wishes at Christmas time)  :: Весела Коледа
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year {phrase} (traditional greeting for the Christmas and the new year)  :: Весела Коледа и Щастлива Нова Година /Vesela Koleda i Shtastliva Godina Nova/
merry-go-round {n} (carousel)  :: въртележка {f} /vǎrteležka/
mesencephalon {n} (midbrain) SEE: midbrain  ::
mesh {n} (computing: polygon mesh) SEE: polygon mesh  ::
mesne {adj} (intermediate) SEE: intermediate  ::
mesophryon {n} (glabella) SEE: glabella  ::
Mesopotamia {prop} (region between Euphrates and Tigris)  :: Месопота́мия, Междуречие, Двуречие
mesoregion {n} (meso-region) SEE: meso-region  ::
mess {n} (church service) SEE: Mass  ::
message {n} (communication, concept or information conveyed)  :: съобще́ние {n}
Messiah {prop} ((Christianity) Jesus)  :: Меси́я {m}
Messina {prop} (town)  :: Месина {f}
metacarpal bone {n} (metacarpal) SEE: metacarpal  ::
metal {n} (atomic element or material made of such atoms)  :: мета́л {m}
metalanguage {n} (linguistical term)  :: метаезик {m} /metaezík/
metallurgic {adj} (metallurgical) SEE: metallurgical  ::
metallurgist {n} (person skilled in metallurgy)  :: металу́рг {m}
metamorphic rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: метаморфни скали
metaphysics {n} (branch of philosophy that studies first principles)  :: метафизика {f} /metafízika/
meteor {n} (streak of light)  :: метеор {m} /meteór/
meteorite {n} (remains of a meteor)  :: метеори́т {m}
meteorologic {adj} (meteorological) SEE: meteorological  ::
meteorology {n} (science)  :: метеорология {f}
meter {n} (measuring instrument)  :: измери́телен у́ред {m}, броя́ч {m}
meter {n} (unit of length) SEE: metre  ::
meter {v} (to measure) SEE: measure  ::
methamine {n} (hexamine) SEE: hexamine  ::
methanal {n} (formaldehyde) SEE: formaldehyde  ::
methinks {contraction} (it seems to me)  :: струва ми се
method {n} (process by which a task is completed)  :: ме́тод {m}
Methodism {n} (Methodist Christian movement founded by John Wesley)  :: методизъм {m}
Methodist {prop} (a member of the Methodist Church)  :: методист
methyl bromide {n} (methyl bromide) SEE: bromomethane  ::
methylpropane {n} (isobutane) SEE: isobutane  ::
methylpropene {n} (isobutylene) SEE: isobutene  ::
meticulosity {n} (meticulousness) SEE: meticulousness  ::
metonymic {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym  ::
metonymy {n} (metonym) SEE: metonym  ::
metre {n} (unit of length)  :: ме́тър {m}
metric system {n} (International System of Units) SEE: International System of Units  ::
metro {n} (underground railway)  :: метро́ {n}
metronome {n} (a device used in music)  :: метроном {m}
metropole {n} (city) SEE: metropolis  ::
metropolis {n} (colony’s mother city)  :: метрополия {f}
metropolis {n} (metropolitan archbishop) SEE: archbishopric  ::
metrosexual {n} (man concerned with personal appearance)  :: метросексуален /metroseksualen/
mettle {n} (metal) SEE: metal  ::
Meuse {prop} (river)  :: Маас /Maas/
mew {n} (crying sound of a cat) SEE: meow  ::
mew {v} (meow) SEE: meow  ::
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Mexico)  :: мексикански
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl  ::
Mexican {adj} (of or pertaining to the Mexica people) SEE: Mexica  ::
Mexican {n} (Mexica) SEE: Mexica  ::
Mexican {n} (Nahuatl language) SEE: Nahuatl  ::
Mexican {n} (person from Mexico or of Mexican descent)  :: мексиканец {m}, мексиканка {f}
Mexico {prop} (country)  :: Ме́ксико {n}
Mexico {prop} (Mexico City) SEE: Mexico City  ::
Mexico City {prop} (capital of Mexico)  :: Мексико {m} /Méksiko/
Miami {prop} (city in Florida, United States)  :: Маями
Micah {prop} (Biblical character: minor prophet and author)  :: Михей
Michael {prop} (male given name)  :: Михаил, [transliteration] Майкъл {m} /Majkăl/
Michelle {prop} (female given name) SEE: Michaela  ::
Michigan holly {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
Michurin {prop} (town)  :: Мичурин
micro- {prefix}  :: микро-
microbe {n} (microorganism)  :: микро́б {m}
microcredit {n} (microloan) SEE: microloan  ::
microeconomics {n} (study of small-scale economic activities)  :: микроикономика {f}
micrometre {n} (micrometer) SEE: micrometer  ::
microorganism {n} (an organism too small to be seen by unaided eye)  :: микрооргани́зъм {m}
microphone {n} (transducer of sound waves to electricity)  :: микрофо́н {m}
microregion {n} (micro-region) SEE: micro-region  ::
Microsoft {n} (Transliterations and translations)  :: Майкрософт {m} /Májkrosoft/
microwave {n} (electromagnetic wave)  :: микровълна́ {f}
microwave {n} (microwave oven) SEE: microwave oven  ::
microwave oven {n} (oven using microwave energy)  :: микровълно́ва фу́рна {f}
micturate {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate  ::
midday {n} (12 o'clock during the day) SEE: noon  ::
middle {adj} (located in the middle; in between)  :: сре́ден
middle {n} (centre, midpoint)  :: среда {f}
middle {n}  :: среден
Middle-earth {prop} (Middle Earth) SEE: Midgard  ::
Middle Earth {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
Middle Earth {prop} (Middle-earth) SEE: Middle-earth  ::
Middle Earth {prop} (Midgard) SEE: Midgard  ::
Middle East {prop} (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa)  :: Бли́зък И́зток {m}
middle finger {n} (finger between the forefinger and the ring finger)  :: сре́ден пръст {m}
Middle Greek {prop} (Byzantine Greek) SEE: Byzantine Greek  ::
middleman {n} (intermediary) SEE: intermediary  ::
Middle Saxon {prop} (Middle Low German) SEE: Middle Low German  ::
Midgard {prop} (Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
midhusband {n} (accoucheur) SEE: accoucheur  ::
midmost {adj} (middlemost) SEE: middlemost  ::
midnight {n} (12 am)  :: полунощ {f}
midshipman {n} (midshipman fish) SEE: midshipman fish  ::
midway {adv} (halfway) SEE: halfway  ::
midwife {n} (person who assists women in childbirth)  :: акуше́рка {f}
mielie {n} (maize) SEE: maize  ::
migrant smuggling {n} (human smuggling) SEE: human smuggling  ::
migrant worker {n} (guest worker) SEE: guest worker  ::
Milan {prop} (city and capital)  :: Милано
mildew {n} (growth of minute fungi)  :: пле́сен {f}
mile {n} (measure of length)  :: ми́ля {f}
mile {n} (Roman measure of length) SEE: Roman mile  ::
militarisation {n} (process) SEE: militarization  ::
military {adj} (characteristic of members of the armed forces)  :: вое́нен
military engine {n} (siege engine) SEE: siege engine  ::
militia {n} (army of trained civilians called upon in time of need)  :: милиция {f} /milícija/
milk {n} (liquid)  :: мля́ко {n}
milk {n} (semen) SEE: semen  ::
milk {v} (to express milk from mammal)  :: доя́
milk cow {n} (dairy cow) SEE: dairy cow  ::
milkmaid {n} (a young woman who milked the cows on a farm)  :: доячка {f} /dojačka/
milkmaid's yoke {n} (carrying pole) SEE: carrying pole  ::
milkshake {n} (milk and ice cream beverage)  :: млечен шейк {m} /mléčen šejk/
milk tea {n} (bubble tea) SEE: bubble tea  ::
milk-white {adj} (having a slightly white-blue color, that of milk)  :: млечнобял /mléchnobyál/
Milky Way {prop} (galaxy)  :: Мле́чен път {m}
mill {n} (building housing a grinding apparatus)  :: ме́лница {f}
mill {n} (grinding apparatus)  :: ме́лница {f}
mille-feuille {n} (a type of pastry with several layers of puff pastry)  :: милфей {m}, наполеон {m}
millennium {n} (thousand-year period)  :: хилядоле́тие {n}
millet {n} (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food)  :: просо́ {n}
milli- {prefix} (prefix)  :: мили-
milliard {num} (10^9)  :: милиард
milliliter {n} (milliliter) SEE: millilitre  ::
millilitre {n} (a unit of volume)  :: милилитър {m}
millimeter {n} (millimetre) SEE: millimetre  ::
millimetre {n} (unit of measure)  :: милиме́тър {m}
million {num} (cardinal number)  :: милио́н {m}
millionaire {n} (somebody whose wealth is greater than one million)  :: милионе́р {m}
millipede {n} (elongated arthropod)  :: стоножка {f} /stonóžka/
milt {n} (the organ spleen) SEE: spleen  ::
Miltiades {prop} (given name)  :: Милтиад /Miltiad/
mimic {n} (imitation) SEE: imitation  ::
mina {n} (myna) SEE: myna  ::
minarchical {adj} (minarchic) SEE: minarchic  ::
minaret {n} (mosque tower)  :: минаре {n}
mince {n} (finely chopped meat)  :: кайма́ {f}
mince {n} (finely chopped mixed fruit) SEE: mincemeat  ::
mincer {n} (a kitchen utensil used for mincing meat) SEE: meatgrinder  ::
mind {n} (ability for rational thought)  :: мисъл {f}, разум {m}, акъл {m}, ум {m}
mind {v} (to remember) SEE: remember  ::
mindfulness {n} (awareness) SEE: awareness  ::
mind one's own business {v} (to concern oneself only with what is of interest to oneself and not interfere in the affairs of others)  :: гледай си работата
mine {n} (exploding device)  :: ми́на {f}
mine {n} (place from which ore is extracted)  :: ми́на {f}, рудни́к {m}, рудни́ца {f}
mine {pron} (that which belongs to me)  :: мой /moj/
minecart {n} (a wheeled container that travels on tracks, used for moving mining materials)  :: вагонетка {f} /vagonétka/
mineral lick {n} (salt lick) SEE: salt lick  ::
mineralogy {n} (the study or science of minerals)  :: минерало́гия {f} /mineralógija/
mineral water {n} (water containing dissolved minerals)  :: минера́лна вода́ {f}
miner's disease {n} (eye condition) SEE: nystagmus  ::
mingle-mangle {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
minibus {n} (a small bus)  :: минибу́с {m}
minigolf {n} (miniature golf) SEE: miniature golf  ::
minikin {n} (3-point type) SEE: excelsior  ::
minimart {n} (convenience store) SEE: convenience store  ::
minion {n} (loyal servant of another more powerful being)  :: любимец
minister {n} (politician who heads a ministry)  :: мини́стър {m}
ministry {n} (government department)  :: министерство {m}
ministry {n} (ministration) SEE: ministration  ::
minium {n} (red lead)  :: миниум /minium/
mink {n} (mink coat) SEE: mink coat  ::
Min Nan {prop} (Hokkien) SEE: Hokkien  ::
Minorca {prop} (An island of Spain)  :: Менорка {f}
minority cabinet {n} (minority government) SEE: minority government  ::
minotaur {n} (monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man)  :: минотавър {m}
Minsk {prop} (capital of Belarus)  :: Минск {m}
mint {n} (plant)  :: ме́нта {f}
minus {n} (minus sign) SEE: minus sign  ::
minute {n} (unit of time)  :: мину́та {f}
Mir {prop} (an international space station)  :: Мир {m}
miracle {n} (wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers)  :: чу́до {n}
mirage {n} (an optical phenomenon)  :: мира́ж {m}
mirage {n} (illusion) SEE: illusion  ::
mirror {n} (smooth reflecting surface)  :: огледа́ло {n}
mirror ball {n} (disco ball) SEE: disco ball  ::
misanthropist {n} (misanthrope) SEE: misanthrope  ::
misappropriate {v} (to embezzle) SEE: embezzle  ::
misbegotten {adj} (by figurative extension: ill-conceived) SEE: ill-conceived  ::
misbegotten {adj} (of a person: born out of wedlock) SEE: illegitimate  ::
misbegotten {n} (one born out of wedlock) SEE: bastard  ::
mischief {n} (harm or evil caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause)  :: беля {f} /belja/
miscomprehend {v} (misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand  ::
misconduct {n} (bad behavior) SEE: misbehavior  ::
misconduct {v} (misbehave) SEE: misbehave  ::
misconduct {v} (mismanage) SEE: mismanage  ::
mise en scène {n} (the arrangement of props and actors on a stage or for film)  :: мизансцен {m} /mizanscén/
misery {n} (great unhappiness)  :: нещастие {n} /neštástie/, страдание {n} /stradánie/
misinform {v} (give or deliver false information)  :: дезинформи́рам {impf} {pf}
misinformation {n} (disinformation) SEE: disinformation  ::
mislay {v} (to leave something in the wrong place and then forget where one put it) SEE: misplace  ::
mislead {v} (trick or mislead) SEE: deceive  ::
misogynist {adj} (misogynistic) SEE: misogynistic  ::
miss {n} (Miss) SEE: Miss  ::
miss {n} (unmarried woman)  :: госпо́жица {f}
Miss {n} (title)  :: госпо́жица {f}
missed miscarriage {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
missile {n} (self-propelled, guidable projectile)  :: раке́та {f}
mission {n} (set of tasks that fulfills a purpose)  :: мисия {f} /mísija/
missionary {n} (person traveling to spread a religion)  :: мисионе́р {m}
Mississippi {n} (state)  :: Мисиси́пи
Missouri {prop} (river)  :: Мисури /Misúri/
Missouri {prop} (US state)  :: Мисури /Misúri/
misspell {v} (to spell incorrectly)  :: неправилно пиша /nepravilno pisha/
mistake {n} (an error)  :: гре́шка {f}
mister {n} (title of adult male)  :: господи́н {m}
mistress {n} (woman in extramarital relationship)  :: любо́вница {f}
mistress {n} (woman of authority)  :: госпо́дарка {f}
misunderstand {v} (to understand incorrectly, while believing one has understood correctly)  :: разбирам погрешно
mite {n} (lepton) SEE: lepton  ::
mitochondrion {n} (respiratory organelle)  :: митохондрия {f}
mitre {n} (a covering for the head, worn on solemn occasions by church dignitaries)  :: митра {f}
mitt {n} (mitten) SEE: mitten  ::
mix {v} (combine items from two or more sources normally kept separate)  :: смесвам, съчетавам, комбинирам
mix {v} (stir two or more substances together)  :: забърквам, разбърквам
mixed marriage {n} (marriage between people of different races, cultures, religions, etc)  :: смесен брак {m}
Mixter {n} (Mx) SEE: Mx  ::
Mizoram {prop} (state)  :: Мизорам {m}
mizzen {n} (mizzenmast) SEE: mizzenmast  ::
mmole {n} (millimole) SEE: millimole  ::
moat {n} (defensive ditch)  :: ров {m}
mob {n} (mafia) SEE: mafia  ::
mobile {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
mobile elevating work platform {n} (aerial work platform) SEE: aerial work platform  ::
mobile phone {n} (portable telephone)  :: моби́лен телефо́н {m}
mobile telephone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
mobilisation {n} (mobilization) SEE: mobilization  ::
mobilization {n} (marshalling of troops and national resources in preparation for war)  :: мобилиза́ция {f}
mobilize {v} (mobilise) SEE: mobilise  ::
mocker {n} (mocking bird) SEE: mocking bird  ::
mode {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood  ::
model aircraft {n} (aircraft made to a smaller scale)  :: авиомоде́л {m}
modem {n} (device that encodes digital computer signals into analog/analogue telephone signals)  :: модем {m}
modern {adj} (pertaining to the current time and style)  :: моде́рен
modicum {n} (small amount)  :: малко количество {n}, минимално количество {n}
module {n} (abelian group) SEE: abelian group  ::
module {n} (self-contained component of a system)  :: мо́дул {m}
Moesia {prop} (an ancient region and later Roman province situated in the Balkans)  :: Мизия
Mogilev {prop} (city)  :: Могильов {m} /Mogilʹóv/
Mohammad {prop} (male given name) SEE: Muhammad  ::
Mohammad {prop} (prophet) SEE: Muhammad  ::
Mohican {n} (hairstyle) SEE: Mohawk  ::
moiety {n} (half) SEE: half  ::
moist {adj} (slightly wet)  :: влажен /vlážen/
moist towelette {n} (wet wipe) SEE: wet wipe  ::
moisturizer {n} (moisturising cream) SEE: moisturising cream  ::
mojibake {n} (corrupt characters or letters)  :: маймуница {f}
Moksha {prop} (language)  :: мъкша́нски {m}
mold {n} (hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance)  :: калъп {m} /kalăp/
mold {n} (woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi)  :: пле́сен {f}
Moldavia {prop} (Moldova) SEE: Moldova  ::
Moldova {prop} (country)  :: Молдо́ва {f}
Moldovan {adj} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian  ::
Moldovan {n} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian  ::
Moldovan {prop} (Moldavian) SEE: Moldavian  ::
moldy {adj} (mouldy) SEE: mouldy  ::
mole {n} (burrowing insectivore)  :: къртица {f}
mole {n} (dark spot on the skin)  :: бе́нка {f}
mole {n} (mole rat) SEE: mole rat  ::
molecule {n} (group of atoms held together by chemical bonds)  :: моле́кула {f}
moll {adj} (minor) SEE: minor  ::
mollie {n} (Molotov cocktail) SEE: Molotov cocktail  ::
mollusc {n} (soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Mollusca, see also: clam; oyster; mussel)  :: молу́ска {f}, мекоте́ло {n}
Molotov cocktail {n} (simple incendiary bomb)  :: кокте́йл Мо́лотов {m}
molybdenum {n} (chemical element)  :: моли́бден {m}
mom {n} (mother) SEE: mum  ::
moment {n} (moment of force)  :: момент на сила {m}
moment {n} (very brief period of time)  :: миг {m}, моме́нт {m}, мину́та {f}
moment of force {n} (moment of force)  :: момент на сила {m}
mommy {n} (mum) SEE: mum  ::
Monaco {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Мона́ко {f}
monarch {n} (ruler)  :: монарх {m}
monarchy {n} (form of government with a hereditary head of state)  :: мона́рхия {f}
monastery {n} (building for monks)  :: манасти́р {m}
Monastir {prop} (former name of Bitola in Macedonia)  :: Битоля /Bitolja/
Monday {n} (day of the week)  :: понеде́лник {m}
monetisation {n} (monetization) SEE: monetization  ::
money {n} (means of exchange and measure of value)  :: пари́ {f-p}
moneyless {adj} (having no or very little money)  :: безпаричен
Mongol {n} (A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian) SEE: Mongolian  ::
Mongolia {prop} (Central Asian country)  :: Монго́лия {f}
Mongolian {adj} (designating or affected with Down syndrome) SEE: Mongol  ::
Mongolian {adj} (of or relating to Mongolia or its peoples, languages, or cultures)  :: монголски {m}
Mongolian {adj} (resembling or having some of the characteristic physical features of the Mongoloid racial type) SEE: mongoloid  ::
Mongolian {n}  :: монголец {m}, монголка {f}, монголски
mongoloid {n} (person with Down syndrome) SEE: Mongol  ::
mongoose {n} (a small carnivore of the family Herpestidae)  :: мангу́ста {f}
Monika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Monica  ::
moniker {n} (signature) SEE: signature  ::
monitor {n} (computer display)  :: монито́р {m}
monitor {n} (ironclad) SEE: ironclad  ::
monitor {n} (monitor lizard) SEE: monitor lizard  ::
monk {n} (male member of monastic order)  :: мона́х {m}, калу́гер {m}
monk {n} (slang: judge) SEE: judge  ::
monk {n} (slang: loner) SEE: loner  ::
monkey {n} (primate)  :: майму́на {f}, майму́н {m}
monkey bars {n} (jungle gym) SEE: jungle gym  ::
monkey-eating eagle {n} (Philippine eagle) SEE: Philippine eagle  ::
monk's hood {n} (monkshood) SEE: monkshood  ::
monocotyledon {n} (Plant belonging to Monocotyledones or Liliopsida)  :: едносемеделни
monocracy {n} (autocracy) SEE: autocracy  ::
monogermane {n} (germane) SEE: germane  ::
monoglottism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) SEE: unilingualism  ::
monogram {n} (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark)  :: моногра́ма {f}
monolingualism {n} (condition of being able to speak only a single language) SEE: unilingualism  ::
monopoly {n}  :: монопол
Monopoly {prop} (a board game)  :: Монополи
monotheism {n} (belief in one God)  :: монотеи́зъм {m}
monsoon {n} (tropical rainy season)  :: мусон
monster {n} (terrifying dangerous creature)  :: чудо́вище {n}, мо́нстър {m}
monstrous {adj} (enormously large)  :: зверски, чудовищен
monstrous {adj} (freakish or grotesque)  :: зверски, чудовищен
monstrous {adj} (hideous or frightful)  :: зверски, чудовищен
monstrous {adj} (of, or relating to a mythical monster)  :: зверски, чудовищен
Montana {prop} (US state)  :: Монтана {f} /Montana/
Montenegro {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Че́рна гора́ {f}
Montevideo {prop} (capital of Uruguay)  :: Монтевиде́о
month {n} (period into which a year is divided)  :: ме́сец {m}
Montreal {prop} (a city in Quebec)  :: Монреал {m} /Monreál/
monument {n} (structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons)  :: па́метник {m}, монуме́нт {m}
mooch {n} (moocher) SEE: moocher  ::
mood {n} (grammatical mood) SEE: grammatical mood  ::
mood {n} (mental state)  :: настроение {n} /nastroénie/, разположение {n} /razpoložénie/
moon {n} (any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet)  :: спъ̀тник {m}
moon {n} (largest natural satellite of planet Earth)  :: луна́ {f}
Moon {prop} (sole natural satellite of the Earth)  :: Луна́ {f}, луна́ {f}
moonbeam {n} (moonlight generally) SEE: moonlight  ::
moon-blind {adj} (moon blindness) SEE: moon blindness  ::
moon-blind {adj} (night-blind) SEE: night-blind  ::
moon blindness {n} (night blindness) SEE: night blindness  ::
moonbounce {n} (bouncing castle) SEE: bouncing castle  ::
moonrat {n} (gymnure) SEE: gymnure  ::
moonscape {n} (view of an area of the Moon)  :: лунен пейзаж {m} /lúnen pejzáž/
moonwalk {n} (dance style)  :: лунна походка {f}
moose {n} (largest member of the deer family (Alces alces))  :: лос {m}
moot {n} (debate) SEE: debate  ::
moot {n} (discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
moped {n} (two-wheeled vehicle)  :: мотопед {m} /motopéd/
moral {n} (moral practices or teachings)  :: морал {m}
moral {n} (the moral significance or practical lesson)  :: поука {f}
morality {n}  :: етика /etika/
moral philosophy {n} (ethics) SEE: ethics  ::
Moravia {prop} (historical region)  :: Моравия {f} /Morávija/
moray eel {n} (brightly colored marine eel) SEE: moray  ::
mordacious {adj} (corrosive) SEE: corrosive  ::
Mordvin {adj} (relating to Mordovia) SEE: Mordovian  ::
Mordvinia {prop} (republic of Russia) SEE: Mordovia  ::
Mordvinian {adj} (pertaining to Mordvinia) SEE: Mordovian  ::
Mordvinian {n} (someone from Mordvinia) SEE: Mordovian  ::
more {adv} (comparative of much)  :: повече
more {adv} (word to form a comparative)  :: по- (before adjectives and adverbs as a prefix), по̀ (before verbs, nouns and prepositions), повече (before verbs)
more {determiner} (comparative of many)  :: още, повече
more {determiner} (comparative of much)  :: още, повече
more Catholic than the Pope {adj} (adhering more stringently to Roman Catholic practice than is required)  :: пò католик от папата
Morgan le Fay {prop} (half-sister of King Arthur)  :: фея Моргана {f}, Моргана {f}
morgue {n} (haughty attitude) SEE: arrogance  ::
morgue {n} (place for dead people)  :: мо́рга {f}
Mormon {adj} (pertaining to the faith established by Joseph Smith, Jr)  :: мормонски {m} /mormónski/
morning {n} (part of the day between dawn and midday)  :: су́трин {m}, у́тро {n}, предиобед {m}
morning {n} (the part of the day after midnight and before midday)  :: су́трин {m}, у́тро {n}
morning after {n} (hangover) SEE: hangover  ::
morning glory {n} (erection present on waking) SEE: morning wood  ::
morning person {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird  ::
morning tent {n} (morning erection) SEE: morning wood  ::
Moroccan {adj} (pertaining to Morocco)  :: марокански
Moroccan {n} (person from Morocco)  :: мароканец {m}, мароканка {f}
Morocco {prop} (country)  :: Маро́ко {n}
moron {n} (idiot) SEE: idiot  ::
morph {n} (allomorph) SEE: allomorph  ::
morpheme {n} (smallest linguistic unit)  :: морфе́ма {f}
Morpheus {prop} (Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams)  :: Морфей
morrow {n} (morning)  :: утро {n} /útro/
mortally {adv} (lethally) SEE: lethally  ::
mortar {n} (mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)  :: хороса́н {m}
mortar {n} (short large-bore cannon)  :: минохвърга́чка {f}
mortar {n} (vessel used to grind ingredients)  :: хава́н {m}
mortgage {n} (special form of secured loan)  :: ипоте́ка {f}
mortgage {v} (to borrow against a property)  :: ипотеки́рам
mortician {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker  ::
mortuary {n} (morgue) SEE: morgue  ::
mosaic {n} (artwork)  :: моза́йка {f}
Moscow {prop} (Capital city of Russia)  :: Москва́ {f}
Moses {prop} (the biblical patriarch)  :: Моисе́й {m}
mosque {n} (a place of worship for Muslims)  :: джами́я {f}
mosquito {n} (small flying insect of the family Culicidae, known for biting and sucking blood)  :: кома́р {m}
moss {n} (bog) SEE: bog  ::
moss {n} (plants of the division Bryophyta)  :: мъх {m}
mostly {adv} (for the most part)  :: в по-голямата си част, главно, в повечето случаи, обикновено
moth {n} (insect similar to a butterfly)  :: моле́ц {m}, нощна́ пеперу́да {f}
mother {n} (female (human) who parents a child, gives birth to a baby, or is pregnant)  :: ма́йка {f}
mother {n} (motherfucker) SEE: motherfucker  ::
mother {n} (one’s female parent)  :: ма́йка {f}
mother {n}  :: ма́йка {f}
motherfucker {n} (generic term of abuse)  :: копеле /kopele/
mother-in-law {n} (spouse’s mother)  :: свекъ̀рва {f} [husband's mother], тъ̀ща {f} [wife's mother]
motherland {n} (the country of one's ancestors)  :: ро́дина {f}
mother-naked {adj} (in the buff) SEE: in the buff  ::
mother-of-pearl {n} (the hard pearly inner layer of certain mollusk shells)  :: седе́ф {m}
mother tongue {n} (one's native tongue)  :: ро́ден ези́к {m}, ма́йчин ези́к {m}
motion picture {n} (movie) SEE: movie  ::
motor {n} (engine)  :: мото́р {m}, дви́гател {m}
motorbiker {n} (motorcyclist) SEE: motorcyclist  ::
motorcar {n} (enclosed passenger vehicle powered by engine) SEE: automobile  ::
motorcaravan {n} (motor home, recreational vehicle) SEE: motor home  ::
motorcycle {n} (open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels)  :: мотоцикле́т {m}
motor home {n} (recreational home on wheels)  :: кемпер {m}
motorway {n} (broad highway)  :: а́втомагистра́ла {f}
motto {n} (sentence, phrase or word forming part of an heraldic achievement)  :: девиз {m} /deviz/
mouflon {n} (sheep)  :: муфлон /muflon/
mould {n} (mould) SEE: mold  ::
mould {v} (mould) SEE: mold  ::
mouldwarp {n} (mole) SEE: mole  ::
mouldy {adj} (neglected) SEE: neglected  ::
mound {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
mount {n} (mountain) SEE: mountain  ::
mountain {n} (large mass of earth and rock)  :: планина́ {f}
mountain climbing {n} (mountaineering) SEE: mountaineering  ::
mountain sickness {n} (altitude sickness) SEE: altitude sickness  ::
Mount Everest {prop} (world’s highest mountain, located in the Himalayas)  :: Еверест
Mount Kilimanjaro {prop} (Kilimanjaro) SEE: Kilimanjaro  ::
Mount McKinley {prop} (Denali) SEE: Denali  ::
mouse {n} (computing: input device)  :: ми́шка {f}
mouse {n} (rodent of the genus Mus)  :: ми́шка {f}
mouse mat {n} (mouse pad) SEE: mouse pad  ::
mousepad {n} (mouse pad) SEE: mouse pad  ::
moussaka {n} (baked dish)  :: мусака {f}
moustache {n} (hair on upper lip)  :: муста́к {m}
mouth {n} (the opening of a creature through which food is ingested)  :: уста́ {f}
mouth organ {n} (mouth organ) SEE: harmonica  ::
mouth ulcer {n} (aphthous ulcer) SEE: aphthous ulcer  ::
movable property {n} (personalty) SEE: personalty  ::
movement {n} (physical motion)  :: движение {n} /dviženie/
movie {n} (motion picture)  :: филм {m}
moviehouse {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
moviemaker {n} (a person who makes movies as a profession) SEE: filmmaker  ::
moviemaking {n} (the production of movies) SEE: filmmaking  ::
movie theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
mow {v} (to cut something down)  :: кося́ {impf}
mower {n} (lawnmower) SEE: lawnmower  ::
Mozambique {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Мозамби́к {m}
Mr {n} (abbreviation of Mister)  :: г-н
Mr. {n} (Mr) SEE: Mr  ::
Mrs {abbr} (title before woman's name)  :: госпожа́ {f}
much {determiner} (a large amount of)  :: мно́го
much obliged {adj} (grateful) SEE: grateful  ::
much obliged {adj} (thank you) SEE: thank you  ::
muckamuck {n} (person in a position of authority) SEE: big cheese  ::
muckety muck {n} (muckamuck) SEE: muckamuck  ::
mucus {n} (slippery secretion)  :: слуз {f}
mud {n} (mixture of soil and water)  :: кал {m}, тиня {f}
mud cake {n} (Mississippi mud pie) SEE: Mississippi mud pie  ::
muezzin {n} (person who issues call to prayer)  :: мюези́н {m}
muff diving {n} (cunnilingus) SEE: cunnilingus  ::
muffin {n} (individual cake)  :: мъ̀фин {m}
muffler {n} (part of exhaust pipe)  :: заглуши́тел {m}
muffler {n} (scarf) SEE: scarf  ::
mufti {n} (Muslim scholar)  :: мюфтия {m}
mug {n} (large cup)  :: ча́ша {f}
mug {n} ((slang) the face)  :: мутра {f}
Muggle {n} (non-magical person)  :: мъгъл {m} /mǎ̀gǎl/
mugwort {n} (Artemisia vulgaris)  :: див пелин {m}
Muhammad {prop} (the prophet who introduced Islam)  :: Мохамед {m}
mujahid {n} (a Muslim engaging in jihad)  :: муджахидин {m}
mujahideen {n} (mujahid) SEE: mujahid  ::
mulatto {n} (A person of mixed black and white descent)  :: мулат {m} /mulat/
mulberry {n} (the tree)  :: черница {f}
mule {n} (offspring of male donkey and female horse)  :: муле {n}
mullah {n} (a Muslim religious scholar and teacher)  :: молла́ {m}
multicolor {adj} (multicolored) SEE: multicolored  ::
multicolored {adj} (having multiple colors)  :: многоцветен {m}
multicultural {adj} (relating to several different cultures)  :: междукултурен {m}
multiculturalism {n} (societal idea)  :: мултикултурализъм {m} /mùltikulturalízǎm/
multi-hydrocarbon {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly  ::
multi-platform {adj} (cross-platform) SEE: cross-platform  ::
multiplatform {adj} (cross-platform) SEE: cross-platform  ::
multiple personality disorder {n} (dissociative identity disorder) SEE: dissociative identity disorder  ::
multi-tasking {n} (multitasking) SEE: multitasking  ::
mum {n} (mother (informal, familiar))  :: ма̀ма {f}
mumijo {n} (shilajit) SEE: shilajit  ::
mummy {n} (child's term for mother)  :: ма́ма {f}
mummy {n} (embalmed corpse)  :: му́мия {f}
mummy's boy {n} (momma's boy) SEE: momma's boy  ::
Munich {prop} (capital of Bavaria)  :: Мюнхен {m} /Mjúnhen/
Muntenia {prop} (Muntenia)  :: Мунтения {f} /Muntenija/
murder {n} (an act of deliberate killing)  :: уби́йство {n}
murder {n}  :: уби́йство
murder {v} (to murder someone) SEE: remove  ::
murderer {n} (person who commits murder)  :: уби́ец {m}, уби́йца {f}
murderess {n} (woman who commits murder)  :: уби́йца {f}
Mureș {prop} (river)  :: Муреш
Muriel {prop} (female given name)  :: Мюриъл {f}, Мюриел {f}
murky {adj} (gloomy) SEE: gloomy  ::
murky {adj} (hard to see through)  :: мътен
murky {adj} (obscure) SEE: obscure  ::
Murmansk {prop} (city)  :: Му́рманск {m}
murrey {n} (mulberry) SEE: mulberry  ::
muscle {n} (contractile tissue)  :: му́скул {m}
muscleman {n} (bodyguard) SEE: bodyguard  ::
museum {n} (building or institution)  :: музе́й {m}
mushroom {n} (champignon) SEE: champignon  ::
mushroom {n} (fruiting body of a fungus)  :: гъ́ба {f}, печу́рка {f}
music {n} (sound, organized in time in a melodious way)  :: му́зика {f}
musical {n} (stage performance, show or film)  :: мю́зикъл {m}
musical box {n} (music box) SEE: music box  ::
musical instrument {n} (a device, object, contrivance or machine used to produce musical notes or sounds)  :: музика́лен инструме́нт {m}
musician {n} (person who performs or writes music)  :: музика́нт {m}
music notation {n} (system which represents aurally perceived music) SEE: musical notation  ::
musicology {n} (study of music)  :: музикология {f}
musk mallow {n} (Abelmoschus moschatus) SEE: abelmosk  ::
musk mallow {n} (Malva lcea) SEE: vervain mallow  ::
muskrat {n} (Ondatra zibethicus)  :: мускус
Muslim {n} (believer of Islam)  :: мюсюлма́нин {m}, мюсюлма́нка {f}
muslin {n} (very different styles of fabric) SEE: fabric  ::
musquash {n} (Ondatra zibethicus) SEE: muskrat  ::
muss {n} (mess) SEE: mess  ::
mussel {n} (any small edible bivalve shellfish, see also: clam; oyster; mollusc)  :: мида {f}
Mussolini {prop} (surname)  :: Мусолини /Musolíni/
must {v} (be required to)  :: тря́бва
mustache {n} (moustache) SEE: moustache  ::
mustard {n} (condiment)  :: горчи́ца {f}
mutable {adj} (changeable)  :: променлив {m} /proménliv/
mutation {n} (mutant) SEE: mutant  ::
mute {adj} (not having the power of speech)  :: ням
mute {n} (person unable to speak)  :: глухоням
mutinous {adj} (of, pertaining to, or constituting mutiny)  :: размирен {m} /razmíren/
mutiny {n} (organized rebellion)  :: бунт {m} /bunt/
mutual {n} (mutual fund) SEE: mutual fund  ::
mutual {n} (mutual organization) SEE: mutual organization  ::
mutual society {n} (mutual organization) SEE: mutual organization  ::
muzzle {n} (device to stop an animal from biting)  :: намо̀рдник {m}
muzzle compensator {n} (muzzle brake) SEE: muzzle brake  ::
my {determiner} (belonging to me)  :: мой
Myanmar {prop} (Burmese) SEE: Burmese  ::
Myanmar {prop} (Southeast Asian country)  :: Миа́нмар {m}, Би́рма {f}
mycologist {n} (a person who studies, professes or practices mycology)  :: миколог {m}
Mykolaiv {prop} (a city in Ukraine)  :: Никола́ев {m}
my name is {phrase} (a way to identify oneself)  :: ка́звам се...
myocardial infarction {n} (heart attack) SEE: heart attack  ::
myopia {n} (disorder of vision)  :: късогледство
myself {pron} (me, reflexive case of I)  :: се́бе си, се
mysterious {adj} (of unknown origin)  :: таи́нствен
mystery {n} (something secret or unexplainable)  :: мисте́рия {f}
myth {n} (divine story)  :: мит {m}
mythologic {adj} (mythological) SEE: mythological  ::
mythology {n} (collection and study of myths)  :: митология {f} /mitológija/