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fable {n} (fictitious narration to enforce some useful truth or precept) :: [Bokmål] fabel {m}; [Nynorsk] fabel {m}
fabric {n} (framework underlying a structure) :: [Bokmål] byggesten {m}, struktur {m}
fabric {n} (material made of fibers) :: [Bokmål] tøy {n}, stoff {n}
fabric {n} :: tekstil
fabric softener {n} (a chemical agent used to prevent static cling and make fabric softer) :: [Bokmål] tøymykner {m}
fabulous {adj} (very good; wonderful) :: fabelaktig
face {v} (to face) SEE: look ::
face {n} (front part of head) :: ansikt {n}, fjes {n}; [Nynorsk] andlet {n}
face {n} (facial expression) :: mine {m}
face {n} (public image) :: anseelse {m}
face {n} (geometry: bounding surface of a polyhedron) :: flate {m}, side {m}
face {n} (surface, especially a front or outer one) :: side {m}
face {n} (slang: the mouth) :: kjeft {m}
face {n} (cards: side that shows card's value) :: [Bokmål] fremside {m} {f}
face {v} (position oneself/itself towards) :: rett ut mot, vende seg mot
face {v} (deal with, confront) :: konfrontere
face {n} (computing: interface) SEE: interface ::
face {n} (one's complete facial cosmetic application) SEE: makeup ::
face {n} (amount expressed on a bill, note, bond, etc.) SEE: face value ::
Facebook {prop} (social-networking website) :: facebook, fjesbok {f}
facelift {n} (plastic surgery to the face) :: [Bokmål] ansiktsløft {n}, ansiktsløfting {m} {f}, ansiktsløftning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] ansiktsløfting {f}
facelift {n} (improvement of the appearance of something) :: [Bokmål] ansiktsløft {n}, ansiktsløfting {m} {f}, ansiktsløftning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] ansiktsløfting {f}
face to face {adv} (in person) :: [Bokmål] ansikt til ansikt, under fire øyne
face-to-face {adv} (face to face) SEE: face to face ::
face value {n} (the stated value or amount) :: [Bokmål] pålydende verdi {m}, valør {m}; [Nynorsk] pålydande verdi {m}, valør {m}
facial expression {n} (expression or countenance that seems to an onlooker to be represented by the appearance of a person's face) :: [Bokmål] ansiktsuttrykk {n}; [Nynorsk] andletsuttrykk, ansiktsuttrykk {n}
facilitate {v} (to make easy or easier) :: [Bokmål] gjøre lettere, forenkle; [Nynorsk] gjere lettare, forenkle, forenkla
facility {n} (physical means of doing something) :: [Bokmål] fasilitet {m}; [Nynorsk] fasilitet {m}
facsimile {v} (fax) SEE: fax ::
fact {n} (an honest observation) :: faktum {n}
facticity {n} (state of being in the world without any knowable reason for such existence, or of being in a particular state of affairs which one has no control over) :: faktisitet
faction {n} (group of people) :: [Bokmål] fraksjon {m}
factor {n} (integral part) :: faktor {m}
factor {n} (mathematical sense) :: faktor {m}
factor {n} (influence) :: faktor {m}, årsak {m}
factor {v} (to find all factors of a number) :: faktorisere
factorial {n} (mathematical operation or its result) :: [Bokmål] factorial {n}
factorise {v} (to create a list of the factors of) SEE: factorize ::
factorise {v} (to divide an expression into a listing of items) SEE: factorize ::
factorize {v} (create a list of factors) :: [Bokmål] faktorisere
factorize {v} (divide an expression into listing items) :: [Bokmål] faktorisere
factory {n} (manufacturing place) :: fabrikk {m}
fact sheet {n} (a printed presentation of data that shows the most important or relevant facts) :: [Bokmål] faktaark {n}; [Nynorsk] faktaark {n}
faculty {n} (scholarly staff at colleges or universities) :: [Bokmål] fakultet {n}; [Nynorsk] fakultet {n}
faculty {n} (division of a university) :: [Bokmål] fakultet {n}; [Nynorsk] fakultet {n}
faculty {n} (ability, skill, or power) :: [Bokmål] evne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] evne {f}
fad {n} (phenomenon) :: trend {m}
fade {v} (to become faded) :: [Bokmål] svekkes [reflexive], forgå, falme
faded {adj} (of colour that has lost its intensity) :: [Bokmål] falmet
fag {n} (homosexual) :: soper {m}
fag-end {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt ::
faggot {n} (male homosexual) SEE: fag ::
fail {v} (be unsuccessful) :: [Bokmål] mislykkes
fail {v} (not achieve a goal) :: [Bokmål] mislykkes
fail {v} (be negligent) :: svikte
fail {v} (cease to operate) :: feile
failure {n} (state or condition opposite of success) :: fiasko {m}, misære {m}
failure {n} (termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function) :: [Bokmål] svikt {m}; [Nynorsk] svikt {m} {f}
faint {v} (to lose consciousness) :: svime av; [Bokmål] besvime
faint-hearted {adj} (lacking courage, timid) :: [Bokmål] forknytt
fairheaded {adj} (blond) SEE: blond ::
fair sex {n} (women) :: [Bokmål] det smukke kjønn {n}
fairway {n} ((nautical) a navigable channel in a harbour) :: [Bokmål] farvann {n}
fairy {n} (mythical being) :: fe
fairy floss {n} (fairy floss) SEE: candy floss ::
fairy ring {n} (ring of fungi) :: heksering {m}
fairy tale {n} (folktale) :: [Bokmål] eventyr {n}; [Nynorsk] eventyr {n}
faith {n} (feeling that something is true) :: tro {m}
faith {n} (confidence in the intentions or abilities) :: [Bokmål] tillit {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tillit {m} {f}
faithful {adj} (loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause) :: [Bokmål] trofast; [Nynorsk] trufast
faithful {adj} (having faith) :: troende
faithful {adj} (reliable; worthy of trust) :: [Bokmål] etterrettelig, trofast; [Nynorsk] trufast
faithful {adj} (consistent with reality) :: tro
fakir {n} (ascetic mendicant) :: fakir {m}
falcon {n} (bird of the genus Falco) :: [Bokmål] falk {m}; [Nynorsk] falk {m}
Falkland Islands {prop} (overseas territory of the UK in the South Atlantic) :: Falklandsøyene
fall {n} (season) SEE: autumn ::
fall {n} (act of moving in gas or vacuum under the effect of gravity from a point to a lower point) :: fall {n}
fall {v} (move to a lower position under the effect of gravity) :: falle
fall {v} (prostrate oneself) :: kaste seg
fallacy {n} (false argument) :: [Bokmål] tankefeil {m}
fall asleep {v} (to pass into sleep) :: [Bokmål] sovne, falle i søvn
fallen {adj} (having dropped by the force of gravity) :: [Bokmål] fallen; [Nynorsk] fallen
fallen {adj} (killed in battle) :: [Bokmål] fallen; [Nynorsk] fallen
fallen {adj} (having lost one's chastity) :: [Bokmål] fallen; [Nynorsk] fallen
fallen {adj} (having collapsed) :: [Bokmål] fallen; [Nynorsk] fallen
fall equinox {n} (autumnal equinox) SEE: autumnal equinox ::
falling star {n} (shooting star) SEE: shooting star ::
fall in love {v} (to come to have feelings of love) :: forelske
fall into place {v} (assume a clear and complete form) :: [Bokmål] falle på plass
fallout {n} (event of airborne particles falling to the ground) :: [Bokmål] nedfall {n}; [Nynorsk] nedfall {n}
fallout {n} (particles that fall to the ground) :: [Bokmål] nedfall {n}; [Nynorsk] nedfall {n}
fallow {adj} (of land, left unseeded) :: [Bokmål] brakk; [Nynorsk] brakk
fallow deer {n} (Dama dama, a ruminant mammal) :: dåhjort, dådyr
false friend {n} (type of word) :: [Bokmål] falsk venn {m}; [Nynorsk] falsk ven {m}, falsk venn {m}
false negative {n} ((statistics) type II error) SEE: type II error ::
falter {v} (To stammer) SEE: stammer ::
fame {n} (state of being famous) :: [Bokmål] berømthet {m} {f}
familial {adj} (inherited) SEE: inherited ::
familiar {adj} (acquainted) :: [Bokmål] kjent
family {n} (immediate family, e.g. parents and their children) :: familie {m}
family {adj} ((slang) homosexual) :: skeiv
family car {n} (car suitable for a family) :: [Bokmål] familiebil {m}; [Nynorsk] familiebil {m}
family member {n} (person belonging to a family) :: [Bokmål] familiemedlem {n}; [Nynorsk] familiemedlem {m}
family name {n} (surname) SEE: surname ::
family tree {n} (family tree) :: stamtre {n}
famine {n} (extreme shortage of food in a region) :: [Bokmål] hungersnød {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] hungersnaud {f}, hungersnød {f}
famous {adj} (well known) :: berømt
fan {n} (hand-held device) :: vifte
fan {n} (electrical device) :: vifte
fan {n} (admirer) :: fan {m}; [Bokmål] tilhenger {m}; [Nynorsk] tilhengjar {m}
fanatic {n} (one who is zealously enthusiastic) :: [Bokmål] fanatiker {m}; [Nynorsk] fanatikar {m}
fan base {n} (fans of a thing or person taken as a group) :: fanbase
fan blade {n} (rotating blade of a fan) :: [Bokmål] vifteblad {n}; [Nynorsk] vifteblad {n}
fanciful {adj} (imaginative or unreal) :: [Bokmål] fantasifull; [Nynorsk] fantasifull
fan heater {n} (heater with a fan) :: [Bokmål] vifteovn {m}; [Nynorsk] vifteomn {m}
fanny {n} (buttocks) SEE: ass ::
fanny {n} (vulva or vagina) SEE: pussy ::
fanny {n} (Sexual intercourse with a woman) SEE: pussy ::
fanny pack {n} (pouch) :: rumpetaske {m} {f}
fantasia {n} (form of composition) :: fantasi {m}
fantasise {v} (fantasise) SEE: fantasize ::
fantasize {v} (intransitive: to indulge in fantasy) :: fantasere
fantastic {adj} (wonderful, marvelous, excellent, extraordinarily good) :: fantastisk
fantastical {adj} (fantastic) SEE: fantastic ::
fantastical {adj} (fanciful) SEE: fanciful ::
Fantizi {prop} (Traditional Chinese) SEE: Traditional Chinese ::
faqir {n} (fakir) SEE: fakir ::
far {n} (spelt) SEE: spelt ::
far {adj} (remote in space) :: langt borte, fjern
far {adj} (remote in time) :: fjern
far {adv} (distant in space, time, or degree) :: langt
far {adv} (to or from a great distance, time, or degree) :: langt
farce {n} (style of humor) :: [Bokmål] farse {m}; [Nynorsk] farse {m}
fare {n} (money paid for a transport ticket) :: billettpris {m}
Far East {prop} (East and Southeast Asia, see also: ) :: Det fjerne østen; [Nynorsk] Det fjerne Austen
fare dodger {n} (a person who deliberately avoids payment for public transport) :: [Bokmål] blindpassasjer ["blind passenger"]
farewell {interj} (Goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
farm {n} (a place where agricultural activities take place) :: [Bokmål] gård {m}, bondegård {m}, gårdsbruk {n}; [Nynorsk] gard {m}
farm {v} (to grow a particular crop) :: dyrke
farmer {n} (person who works the land and/or who keeps livestock) :: [Bokmål] bonde {m}, gårdbruker {m}, gardbruker {m}; [Nynorsk] bonde {m}, gardbrukar {m}
farming {n} (agriculture) SEE: agriculture ::
farm worker {n} (person who works on, but does not own, a farm) :: [Bokmål] gårdsarbeider; [Nynorsk] gardsarbeidar
Faroe Islander {n} (inhabitant of the Faroe Islands) SEE: Faroese ::
Faroe Islands {prop} (group of islands between Scotland and Iceland) :: Færøyene; [Nynorsk] Færøyane {f-p}
Faroese {adj} (pertaining to the Faroese language, people or Faroe Islands) :: [Bokmål] færøysk; [Nynorsk] færøysk
Faroese {n} (person from the Faroe Islands) :: [Bokmål] færøying {m}; [Nynorsk] færøying {m}
Faroese {n} (language) :: [Bokmål] færøysk {m}; [Nynorsk] færøysk {m}
Faroish {n} (person from the Faroe Islands) SEE: Faroese ::
Faroish {prop} (language) SEE: Faroese ::
Faroish {adj} (pertaing to the Faroish language, people or Faroe Islands) :: [Bokmål] færøysk; [Nynorsk] færøysk
farrier {n} (person who trims and shoes horses' hooves) :: [Bokmål] hovslager {m}; [Nynorsk] hovslagar {m}, hóvslagar {m}
farrow {n} (litter of piglets) :: [Bokmål] kull {n}, kull grisunger {n}; [Nynorsk] kull {n}, kull grisungar {n}
farrow {v} (give birth to (a litter of piglets)) :: [Bokmål] grise, få grisunger; [Nynorsk] grise, få grisungar
Farsi {n} (Persian language) SEE: Persian ::
farsightedness {n} (condition of being unable to focus on near objects) :: hypermetropi
fart {v} (to emit flatulent gases) :: fise, fjerte, proppe, prompe, slippe en vind
fart {n} (an emission of flatulent gases) :: fis {m}, propp {m}, promp {m}, vind {m}; [Bokmål] fjert {m}; [Nynorsk] fjert {m}
fascia {n} (dashboard) SEE: dashboard ::
fascination {n} (the act of fascinating, bewitching, or enchanting; enchantment; witchcraft) :: fascinasjon, forheksing, fortrylling
fascination {n} (the state or condition of being fascinated) :: fascinert {f}, forhekset, fortryllet
fascism {n} (extreme totalitarian political regime) :: [Bokmål] fascisme {m}, fasisme {m}; [Nynorsk] fascisme {m}, fasisme {m}
fascist {adj} (of or relating to fascism) :: [Bokmål] fascistisk, fasistisk; [Nynorsk] fascistisk, fasistisk
fascist {adj} (supporting the principles of fascism) :: [Bokmål] fascistisk, fasistisk; [Nynorsk] fascistisk, fasistisk
fashion {n} (current (constantly changing) trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons) :: mote {m}
fashion {n} (popular trends) :: mote {m}
fashion-conscious {adj} (interested in the latest fashions) :: [Bokmål] motebevisst; [Nynorsk] motebevisst
fashion house {n} (company employed in fashion) :: [Bokmål] motehus {n}; [Nynorsk] motehus {n}
fashion show {n} (event) :: [Bokmål] moteshow {n}; [Nynorsk] moteshow {n}
fast {adj} (firmly or securely fixed in place) :: fast
fast {adj} (of sleep: deep or sound) :: dyp
fast {adj} (of a dye: not running or fading) :: fargeekte
fast {adj} (capable of moving with great speed) :: rask, kjapp; [Bokmål] hurtiggående
fast {adj} (ahead of the correct time or schedule) :: før, for tidlig
fast {adj} (of photographic film: more sensitive to light than average) :: rask
fast {adv} (in a firm or secure manner) :: fast
fast {adv} (of sleeping: deeply or soundly) :: dypt
fast {adv} (with great speed) :: raskt, kjapt, hurtig
fast {v} (to abstain from food) :: faste
fast {n} (train that only calls at some stations) SEE: express ::
fast {n} (fasting) SEE: fasting ::
fasten {v} (to attach or connect in a secure manner) :: spenne fast; [Bokmål] feste; [Nynorsk] feste
fast food {n} (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly) :: [Bokmål] hurtigmat {m}; [Nynorsk] snøggmat {m}
fasting {n} (act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food) :: faste {m}
fasting {n} (period of time when one abstains from or eats very little food) :: faste {m}
fast-moving {adj} (moving rapidly) :: [Bokmål] hurtiggående
fat {adj} (carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one's body) :: feit, korpulent
fat {n} (specialized animal tissue) :: [Bokmål] fett {n}; [Nynorsk] feitt {n}
fat {n} (refined substance chemically resembling the oils in animal fat) :: [Bokmål] fettstoff {n}; [Nynorsk] feittstoff {n}
fatal {adj} (proceeding from fate) :: skjebnebestemt
fatal {adj} (foreboding death) :: skjebnesvanger, fatal
fatal {adj} (causing death) :: fatal
fat content {n} (amount of fat) :: [Bokmål] fettinnhold {n}; [Nynorsk] feittinnhald {n}
fate {n} (that which predetermines events) :: [Bokmål] skjebne {m}; [Nynorsk] lagnad {m}
fate {n} (inevitable events) :: [Bokmål] skjebne {m}; [Nynorsk] skjebne {m}
fate {n} (destiny) :: [Bokmål] skjebne {m}; [Nynorsk] skjebne {m}
father {n} (male parent) :: far, pappa, fader
father {n} (term of address for a priest) :: [Bokmål] fader {m}; [Nynorsk] fader {m}
father figure {n} (one who represents, behaves as, or is regarded as a father) :: [Bokmål] farsfigur {m}; [Nynorsk] farsfigur {m}
fatherhood {n} (being a father) :: [Bokmål] farskap {n}
father-in-law {n} (one's spouse's father) :: [Bokmål] svigerfar {m}; [Nynorsk] svigerfar {m}, verfar {m}
fatherland {n} (fatherland) :: fedreland {n}
fatherless {adj} (without a living father) :: [Bokmål] farløs, farlaus; [Nynorsk] farlaus
fatherlessness {n} (state or quality of being fatherless) :: [Nynorsk] farløyse {f}
Father's Day {n} (holiday in celebration of fatherhood) :: farsdag
fathom {n} (unit of length) :: favn
fat-soluble {adj} (dissolving easily in fat) :: [Bokmål] fettløselig
fatty acid {n} (acid) :: [Bokmål] fettsyre {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] feittsyre {f}
faucet {n} (tap) SEE: tap ::
fault {n} (mistake or error) :: skyld {m} {f}
fault {n} (geology fracture in rock) :: forkastning {m} {f}
fault tolerance {n} :: [Bokmål] feiltoleranse {m}
faun {n} (a mythical creature) :: faun {m}
fauna {n} (animals considered as a group) :: [Bokmål] fauna {m}; [Nynorsk] fauna {m}
favor {n} (deed in which help is voluntarily provided) :: [Bokmål] tjeneste {m}; [Nynorsk] tenest, teneste {f}
favorable {adj} (pleasing) SEE: favourable ::
favorable {adj} (useful) SEE: favourable ::
favorable {adj} (opportune) SEE: favourable ::
favorable {adj} (auspicious) SEE: favourable ::
favorite {adj} (preferred) :: favoritt, yndlings
favour {n} (favor) SEE: favor ::
favour {v} (favor) SEE: favor ::
favourable {adj} (opportune) :: [Bokmål] gunstig; [Nynorsk] gunstig
favourite {adj} (favourite) SEE: favorite ::
fax {n} (document transmitted by telephone) :: [Bokmål] faks {m}, telefaks {m}; [Nynorsk] faks {m}, telefaks {m}
fealty {n} (fidelity to one's lord) :: troskap {m}
fealty {n} :: troskapsed {m}
fear {n} (uncountable: emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat) :: [Bokmål] frykt {f}
fear {v} (feel fear about (something)) :: [Bokmål] frykte
fearless {adj} (free from fear) :: [Bokmål] fryktløs; [Nynorsk] fryktlaus
fearlessly {adv} (in a fearless manner) :: [Bokmål] fryktløst
fear of missing out {n} :: [Bokmål] gåglippavangst {m}
feast {n} (large, often ceremonial meal) :: etegilde {n}
feather {n} (branching, hair-like structure that grows on the bodies of birds) :: [Bokmål] fjær {m} {f}, fjør {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fjør {f}
February {prop} (second month of the Roman, Julian, and Gregorian calendars) :: [Bokmål] februar {m}; [Nynorsk] februar {m}
fecal matter {n} (feces) :: fekalia {p}
feces {n} :: [Bokmål] avføring {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] avføring {f}
feckless {adj} (lacking purpose) :: hjelpeløs, initiativløs
feckless {adj} (without skill, ineffective) :: hjelpeløs, udugelig, ubehjelpelig
federal {adj} (pertaining to a league or treaty; derived from an agreement or covenant between parties, especially between nations) :: [Bokmål] føderal; [Nynorsk] føderal
federal {adj} (pertaining to the national government level) :: [Bokmål] føderal; [Nynorsk] føderal
Federal Republic of Germany {prop} (Germany's official name) :: [Bokmål] Forbundsrepublikken Tyskland {m}; [Nynorsk] Forbundsrepublikken Tyskland {m}
Federated States of Micronesia {prop} (official name of Micronesia) :: [Bokmål] Mikronesiaføderasjonen; [Nynorsk] Mikronesiaføderasjonen
federation {n} (array of nations or states) :: føderasjon {m}
federative {adj} (federal) SEE: federal ::
fee {n} (monetary payment charged for professional services) :: [Bokmål] avgift {m}, gebyr {n}, honorar {n}; [Nynorsk] honorar {n}
feeble {adj} (deficient in physical strength) :: svak, blek
feeble {adj} (wanting force, vigor or efficiency in action or expression) :: svak, blek
feed {v} (to give food to eat) :: mate; [Bokmål] fôre
feed {v} (to eat, see also: eat) :: leve av
feed {v} (to give to a machine for processing) :: mate
feed {n} (encapsulated online content that you can subscribe to with a feed reader) :: mating {m}
feeding bottle {n} (feeding bottle) :: [Bokmål] tåteflaske {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tåteflaske {f}
feel {v} (transitive: to sense by touch) :: føle, kjenne
feel {v} (transitive: to experience an emotion or other mental state about) :: føle
feel {v} (transitive: to think or believe) :: føle
feel {v} (intransitive: to search by touching) :: kjenne etter, føle
feel {v} (copulative: to seem) :: føle
feel {n} (quality) :: [Bokmål] berøring {m}
feel {n} (mental impression) :: [Bokmål] følelse {m}
feeler {n} (an antenna or appendage used to feel, as on an insect) :: [Bokmål] føletråd {m}
feeling {adj} (emotionally sensitive) :: følsom
feeling {n} (sensation) :: [Bokmål] følelse {m}; [Nynorsk] følelse {m}
feeling {n} (emotion) :: [Bokmål] følelse {m}; [Nynorsk] følelse {m}
feeling {n} (in plural: emotional state or well-being) :: [Bokmål] følelser {p}; [Nynorsk] følelsar {p}
feeling {n} (in plural: emotional attraction or desire) :: [Bokmål] følelser {p}; [Nynorsk] følelsar {p}
feeling {n} (intuition) :: [Bokmål] følelse {m}; [Nynorsk] følelse {m}
feet of clay {n} (a hidden weak point) :: [Bokmål] leirføtter {p}
feign {v} (to make a false show) :: simulere, spille
felicitate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate ::
felicitous {adj} (auspicious, fortunate, lucky) SEE: auspicious ::
felicity {n} (happiness) SEE: happiness ::
feline {n} (cat) SEE: cat ::
Felix {prop} (male given name) :: Felix
fell {n} (animal hide) :: fell {m}
fell {n} (rocky ridge) :: fjell {n}
fellow man {n} (kindred member of humanity) :: [Bokmål] medmenneske {n}; [Nynorsk] medmenneske {n}
fellowship {n} (Company of people that shares the same interest or aim) :: [Bokmål] fellesskap
fellow traveller {n} (one who travels together with another) :: [Bokmål] medpassasjer {m}; [Nynorsk] medpassasjer {m}
felt {n} (cloth made of matted fibres of wool) :: filt {m}
felt {n} (hat made of felt) :: filthatt {m}
felt-tip pen {n} (pen that holds ink conveyed to a writing surface by a felt nib) :: tusj {m}, tusjpenn {m}
female {adj} (belonging to the sex that typically produces eggs, or the gender typically associated with it) :: [Bokmål] kvinnelig, hun-, hunn-, hunlig, hunnlig; [Nynorsk] kvinneleg, ho-, holeg
female {adj} (having an internal socket) :: hunn-
female {n} (one of the feminine sex or gender) :: kvinne
feminine {n} (woman) SEE: woman ::
feminine {adj} (of the female sex) :: [Bokmål] feminin; [Nynorsk] feminin
feminine {adj} (belonging to females) :: [Bokmål] feminin; [Nynorsk] feminin
feminine {adj} (having the qualities associated with women) :: [Bokmål] feminin; [Nynorsk] feminin
feminine {adj} (of the feminine grammatical gender distinction) :: hunkjønn; [Bokmål] feminin; [Nynorsk] feminin
femininity {n} (femininity) :: [Bokmål] femininitet {m}; [Nynorsk] femininitet {m}
feminism {n} (the social theory or political movement) :: [Bokmål] feminisme {m}; [Nynorsk] feminisme {m}
feminist {adj} (relating to or in accordance with feminism) :: [Bokmål] feministisk; [Nynorsk] feministisk
feminist {n} (advocate of feminism; person who believes in bringing about the equality of men and women) :: [Bokmål] feminist {m}; [Nynorsk] feminist {m}
feminist {n} (member of a feminist political movement) :: [Bokmål] feminist {m}; [Nynorsk] feminist {m}
feministic {adj} (feminist) SEE: feminist ::
femur {n} :: lårbein {n}
fence {n} (barrier) :: [Bokmål] gjerde {n}; [Nynorsk] gjerde {n}
fence {n} (someone who hides or buys and sells stolen goods) :: [Bokmål] heler {m}; [Nynorsk] helar {m}
fencepost {n} (post holding up a fence) :: [Bokmål] gjerdepåle {m}, gjerdestolpe {m}; [Nynorsk] gjerdepåle {m}, gjerdestolpe {m}
fencing {n} (sport) :: [Bokmål] fekting {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fekting {f}
fender {n} (nautical term) :: [Bokmål] fender {m}; [Nynorsk] fender {m}
fennec {n} (fox) :: ørkenrev {m}
fennec fox {n} (fox) SEE: fennec ::
Fenrir {prop} (mythical wolf) :: [Bokmål] Fenrisulven {m}; [Nynorsk] Fenrisulven {m}
fenugreek {n} (spice) :: bukkehornkløver
feral pigeon {n} (pigeon adapted to city life) :: [Bokmål] tamdue {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tamdue {f}
Ferdinand {prop} (male given name) :: Ferdinand
fermion {n} (a particle with totally antisymmetric composite quantum states) :: [Bokmål] fermion {n}; [Nynorsk] fermion {n}
fermium {n} (chemical element) :: fermium
fern {n} (plant) :: [Bokmål] bregne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] bregne {m}
ferret {n} (the mammal Mustela putorius furo) :: frett
ferric chloride {n} (FeCl3) :: [Bokmål] jernklorid {n}; [Nynorsk] jernklorid {n}
Ferris wheel {n} (ride at a fair consisting of large wheel) :: pariserhjul {n}
ferrous {adj} (of or containing iron) :: jern-, jernholdig
ferry {n} (boat) :: [Bokmål] ferge {m} {f}, ferje {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] ferje {f}
fertile {adj} ((of land etc) capable of growing abundant crops) :: [Bokmål] fruktbar; [Nynorsk] fruktbar
fertile {adj} ((biology) capable of reproducing) :: [Bokmål] fruktbar; [Nynorsk] fruktbar
fertility {n} (the condition, or the degree of being fertile) :: [Bokmål] fruktbarhet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fruktbarheit {f}
fertilizer {n} (a natural substance that is used to make the ground more suitable for growing plants) :: [Bokmål] gjødsel {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] gjødsel {f}
fertilizer {n} (a chemical compound created to have the same effect.) :: [Bokmål] kunstgjødsel {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] kunstgjødsel {f}
fess up {v} (confess) SEE: confess ::
festival {n} (event or community gathering) :: [Bokmål] festival {m}; [Nynorsk] festival {m}
festschrift {n} (collection published as a memorial or tribute to a scholar) :: festskrift
fetch {v} (To retrieve; to bear towards; to get) :: hente
fetch {v} (To obtain as price or equivalent; to sell for) :: [Bokmål] innbringe
fetial {n} (member of Roman college of priests) :: fetial
fetus {n} (fetus) :: [Bokmål] foster {n}; [Nynorsk] foster {n}
feud {n} (A state of long-standing mutual hostility) :: feide {m}
feudal {adj} (of, or relating to feudalism) :: [Bokmål] føydal; [Nynorsk] føydal
feudalism {n} (social system) :: [Bokmål] føydalisme {m}; [Nynorsk] føydalisme {m}
feudalistic {adj} (of feudalism) SEE: feudal ::
fever {n} (higher than normal body temperature) :: feber {m}
fever {n} (usually in combination: any of various diseases) :: feber {m}
fever {n} (state of excitement (of a person or people)) :: feber {m}
few {determiner} (indefinite, usually small number) :: , noen
few {determiner} (small number) ::
fewer {determiner} (comparative of few; a smaller number) :: færre
few-flowered sedge {n} (sedge species) :: sveltstarr
fey {adj} (doomed to die) :: feig
Führer {n} (leader exercising the powers of a tyrant) :: [Bokmål] fører {m}, führer {m}
fiancé {n} (man who is engaged to be married) :: [Bokmål] forlovede {m}
fiancé {n} (person engaged to be married) :: [Bokmål] forlovede {m}
fiancée {n} (woman who is engaged to be married) :: [Bokmål] forlovede {m}
fiasco {n} (ludicrous or humiliating situation) :: fiasko {m}
fiat lux {phrase} (let there be light) SEE: let there be light ::
fib {n} (a more or less inconsequential lie) :: [Bokmål] hvit løgn {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] kvit løgn {f}, kvit lygn {f}
fiber {n} (fibre) SEE: fibre ::
fiberglass {n} (fibreglass) SEE: fibreglass ::
fibre {n} (single elongated piece of material) :: [Bokmål] fiber {m}; [Nynorsk] fiber {m}
fibre {n} (dietary fibre) SEE: dietary fibre ::
fibreglass {n} (composite material) :: [Bokmål] glassfiber {m}, fiberglass {n}; [Nynorsk] glasfiber {m}, fiberglas {n}
fibre optic {adj} (relating to fibre optics) :: [Bokmål] fiberoptisk
fibre optics {n} (transmission of light through fibres) :: [Bokmål] fiberoptikk {m}
fiction {n} (literary type) :: [Bokmål] fiksjon {m}, skjønnlitteratur {m}; [Nynorsk] fiksjon {m}, skjønnlitteratur {m}
fictionalise {v} (create a fictional version) :: [Bokmål] fiksjonalisere
fictionalize {v} (fictionalize) SEE: fictionalise ::
fictitious {adj} (invented) :: fiktivt
fictive {adj} (fictional, fanciful or invented) :: fiktiv
fiddle {n} (instrument) :: fele {m} {f}
fiddler {n} (one who plays the fiddle) :: [Bokmål] spellemann {m}, spillemann {m}; [Nynorsk] spelemann {m}
fidget {v} (to move around nervously) :: sprelle
field {n} (land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country) :: [Bokmål] felt {n}
field {n} (wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals) :: åker {m} [for crops]
field {n} (physics: region affected by a particular force) :: felt {n}
field {n} (course of study or domain of knowledge or practice) :: fagfelt {n}, felt {n}
field {n} (in mathematics) :: kropp {m}
field {n} (sports: area reserved for playing a game) :: bane {m}
field {n} (geology: region containing a particular mineral) :: felt {n}
field hospital {n} (medical unit) :: lasarett
field marshal {n} (highest miliary rank after the commander in chief) :: feltmarskalk {m}
field of view {n} (angular extent of what can be seen) :: [Bokmål] synsfelt {n}; [Nynorsk] synsfelt {n}
field of vision {n} (area that a person, etc., can see without turning the head) :: [Bokmål] synsfelt {n}; [Nynorsk] synsfelt {n}
field poppy {n} (Papaver rhoeas) SEE: corn poppy ::
field ration {n} (prepackaged meal) :: [Bokmål] feltrasjon {m}; [Nynorsk] feltrasjon {m}
fiendish {adj} (sinister, evil) :: djevelsk
fierce {adj} (extremely violent, severe, ferocious or savage) :: voldsom
fiery {adj} (having the colour of fire) :: [Bokmål] brannrød; [Nynorsk] brannraud
fiery {adj} (tempestuous or emotionally volatile) :: [Bokmål] flammende, fyrig; [Nynorsk] fyrig
fiery {adj} (spirited or filled with emotion) :: [Bokmål] ildfull, fyrig; [Nynorsk] fyrig
fifteen {num} (cardinal number) :: femten
fifteenth {adj} (ordinal form of number fifteen) :: femtende
fifth {adj} (Ordinal form of the number 5) :: femte (abbreviation 5.)
fifth {n} (one of five equal parts of a whole) :: [Bokmål] femdel {m}, femtedel {m}; [Nynorsk] femdel {m}, femtedel {m}
fifth columnist {n} (a member of a fifth column) :: [Bokmål] femtekolonnist {m}
fifth wheel {n} (a type of trailer hitch) :: [Bokmål] svingskive {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] svingskive {f}
fifties {n} (the decade of the 1950s) :: [Bokmål] 1950-tallet {n}
fiftieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number fifty) :: [Bokmål] femtiende; [Nynorsk] femtiande
fifty {num} (cardinal number) :: femti
fifty-five {num} (cardinal number) :: førtifem
fifty-four {num} (cardinal number) :: førtifire
fig {n} (tree or shrub) :: fikentre {n}
fig {n} (fruit) :: [Bokmål] fiken {m}; [Nynorsk] fiken {m}
fight {v} ((intransitive) to contend in physical conflict) :: slåss, kjempe
fight {v} (to strive for) :: kjempe for
fight {v} ((transitive) to engage in (a physical conflict)) :: slåss
fight {v} ((transitive) to contend in physical conflict against) :: slåss
fight {v} (to counteract) :: bekjempe
fight {n} (occasion of fighting) :: slåsskamp
fight {n} (battle) :: slag
fight {n} (physical confrontation) :: slåsskamp
fight {n} (martial arts match) :: kamp
fight {n} (conflict of will, strife) :: kamp
fight {n} (will or ability to fight) :: stridslyst
fighter {n} (aircraft type) :: [Bokmål] jagerfly {n}, kampfly {n}; [Nynorsk] jagarfly {n}, kampfly {n}
fighter {n} (boxer) SEE: boxer ::
fighter aircraft {n} (fighter aircraft) SEE: fighter plane ::
fighter plane {n} (military aircraft) :: [Bokmål] jagerfly {n}; [Nynorsk] jagarfly {n}
fight fire with fire {v} (idiomatic) :: bekjempe ild med ild
fighting game {n} (video game genre) :: slåssespill
fig tree {n} (fig tree) SEE: fig ::
figurative {adj} (metaphorical; not literal) :: [Bokmål] billedlig; [Nynorsk] biletleg
figure eight {n} (figure eight) SEE: figure of eight ::
figurehead {n} (carved figure on the prow of a sailing ship) :: [Bokmål] gallionsfigur {m}; [Nynorsk] gallionsfigur {m}
figurehead {n} (someone in a nominal position of leadership) :: [Bokmål] gallionsfigur {m}; [Nynorsk] gallionsfigur {m}
figure of eight {n} (shape of an eight) :: [Bokmål] åttetall {n}; [Nynorsk] åttetal {n}
figure out {v} (come to understand) :: [Bokmål] finne ut
figure skating {n} (sport where people perform spins, jumps and other moves on skates) :: kunstløp
Fiji {prop} (Fiji - a country in Oceania comprising over 300 islands) :: [Bokmål] Fiji; [Nynorsk] Fiji
Fijian {n} (a person from Fiji or of Fijian descent) :: [Bokmål] fijianer {m}; [Nynorsk] fijian {m}, fijianar {m}
Fijian {adj} (of, or relating to, Fiji, its people, or its language) :: [Bokmål] fijiansk; [Nynorsk] fijiansk
Fijian {prop} (language) :: [Bokmål] fijiansk {m}; [Nynorsk] fijiansk {m}
filbert {n} (shrub) SEE: hazel ::
filbert {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut ::
file {n} (collection of papers) :: arkiv {n}
file {n} (computer terminology) :: [Bokmål] fil {m} {f}
file {v} (to commit papers) :: arkivere
file {v} (to archive) :: arkivere
file {v} (to store computer data) :: lagre
file {v} (to make a formal request) :: inngi; [Bokmål] fremme
file {n} (chess: vertical line of squares) :: [Bokmål] linje {f}
file {n} (cutting or smoothing tool) :: [Bokmål] fil {m} {f}
file extension {n} (string of characters) :: [Bokmål] filetternavn {n}, filendelse {m}, filnavnsuffiks {n}; [Nynorsk] filetternavn {n}, filending {f}, filnavnsuffiks {n}
file size {n} (length of a file) :: [Bokmål] filstørrelse {m}
filial {adj} (pertaining to a son or daughter) :: [Bokmål] sønnlig [sonly], datterlig [daughterly]; [Nynorsk] barnleg
filibuster {n} (freebooter) :: fribytter {m}
filibuster {n} (long speech given in order to delay progress or the making of a decision) :: filibuster {m}
Filipino {n} (One of two national languages of the Philippines) :: [Bokmål] filippinsk {m}; [Nynorsk] filippinsk {m}
Filipino {n} (Native or inhabitant of the Philippines) :: [Bokmål] filippiner {m}; [Nynorsk] filippinar {m}
Filipino {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Philippines or its people) :: [Bokmål] filippinsk; [Nynorsk] filippinsk
filling {n} (in dentistry) :: [Bokmål] plombe {m}; [Nynorsk] plombe {m}
filling station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station ::
film {n} (motion picture) SEE: movie ::
film {n} (thin layer) :: [Bokmål] film {m}; [Nynorsk] film {m}
film {n} (photographic film) :: [Bokmål] film {m}; [Nynorsk] film {m}
film director {n} (person) :: [Bokmål] filmregissør
filmmaker {n} (producer or director of films / movies) :: [Bokmål] filmskaper {m}; [Nynorsk] filmskapar {m}
film speed {n} (attribute of light sensitivity) :: [Bokmål] filmhastighet {m} {f}
film star {n} (movie star) SEE: movie star ::
filter {n} (device for separating impurities from a fluid or other substance) :: filter {n}
filth {n} (dirt) :: skitt {m}
filthy {adj} (covered with filth; very dirty) :: møkkete; [Bokmål] ureinslig, urenslig; [Nynorsk] ureinsleg
filthy {adj} (obscene or offensive) :: slibrig
fin {n} (appendage of a fish) :: finne {m}
fin {n} (appendage of a cetacean or other marine animal) :: finne {m}
fin {n} (aircraft component) :: finne {m}
fin {n} (hairstyle) :: hanekam
fin {n} (device used by divers) :: svømmeføtter, finner
final {n} (sports: last round in a contest) :: [Bokmål] finale {m}; [Nynorsk] finale {m}
finale {n} (grand end of something, especially a show or a piece of music) :: [Bokmål] finale {m}; [Nynorsk] finale {m}
finally {adv} (ultimately) :: [Bokmål] til slutt; [Nynorsk] til slutt
financial {adj} (related to finances) :: [Bokmål] finansiell; [Nynorsk] finansiell
financial crisis {n} (period of economic slowdown) :: [Bokmål] finanskrise {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] finanskrise {f} {m}
financier {n} (person profiting from financial transactions) :: [Bokmål] finansmann {m}; [Nynorsk] finansmann {m}
financing {n} (funding) SEE: funding ::
finback {n} (fin whale) SEE: fin whale ::
finch {n} (any bird of the family Fringillidae) :: [Bokmål] fink {m}, finke {m}; [Nynorsk] fink {m}
find {v} (encounter, locate, discover) :: finne
find {v} (point out) :: finne
find {v} (decide that) :: finne
find {v} (determine, judge) :: finne
find {n} (anything found) :: funn {n}
find {n} (act of finding) :: funn {n}
find {v} (discover) SEE: discover ::
finder {n} (discoverer) SEE: discoverer ::
finders, keepers {proverb} (whoever finds something is allowed to keep it) :: [Bokmål] finner'n er vinner'n (finneren er vinneren); [Nynorsk] finnaren er vinnaren
find oneself {v} (to learn what kind of person one is) :: [Bokmål] finne seg selv
find oneself {v} (to be in a particular state of mind) :: [Bokmål] befinne seg, føle seg
find oneself {v} (to find (something) for oneself) :: [Bokmål] finne seg
find out {v} (to discover) :: finne ut
fine {adj} (of superior quality) :: flott
fine {adj} (of weather: sunny and not raining) :: fint
fine {adj} (being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory) :: fin, bra
fine {adj} (good-looking, attractive) :: fin, pen
fine {adj} (made up of particularly small pieces) :: fin
fine {adv} (expression of agreement) :: fint, bra
fine {n} (payment for breaking the law) :: bot {m}
fine {v} (to issue a fine as punishment) :: bøtelegge, ilegge bot
finger {n} ((anatomy) extremity of the hand) :: finger {m}
finger {v} (to penetrate and sexually stimulate with one's finger) :: [Bokmål] fingre
finger {n} (the breadth of a finger) SEE: digit ::
finger food {n} (Food that can be eaten with one's hands) :: [Bokmål] fingermat {m}; [Nynorsk] fingermat {m}
finger millet {n} (a plant grown as a cereal) :: [Nynorsk] korakan
fingernail {n} (covering near the tip of finger) :: [Bokmål] fingernegl {m}, negl {m}
fingerprint {n} (the pattern of ridges on the tips of the fingers) :: fingeravtrykk {n}
fingerprint {n} (the patterns left on surfaces where fingertips have touched) :: [Bokmål] fingeravtrykk {n}; [Nynorsk] fingeravtrykk {n}
fingerprint {n} :: fingeravtrykk {n}
finish {n} (end) :: avslutning {m} {f}, slutt {m}
finish {n} (protective coating) :: toppstrøk {n}, finish {m}
finish {v} (to complete) :: fullføre, avslutte
finish {v} (to come to an end) :: avslutte
finished {adj} (processed or perfected) :: ferdig
finishing move {n} (final blow) :: nådestøt {n}, nådeskudd {n}
finish off {v} (to kill) SEE: kill ::
finite {adj} (having an end or limit) :: endelig, avsluttet
finiteness {n} (the state of being finite) :: endelighet
Finland {prop} (Nordic country) :: Finland
Finn {n} (person from Finland) :: [Bokmål] finlender {m}, finlending {m}, finne {m}; [Nynorsk] finlendar {m}, finlending {m}, finne {m}
Finnic {adj} (Finnish) SEE: Finnish ::
Finnish {adj} (of Finland) :: [Bokmål] finsk, finlandsk; [Nynorsk] finsk, finlandsk
Finnish {adj} (of the Finnish language) :: [Bokmål] finsk; [Nynorsk] finsk
Finnish {n} (language) :: [Bokmål] finsk {m}; [Nynorsk] finsk {m}
Finnmark {prop} (county in Norway) :: [Bokmål] Finnmark; [Nynorsk] Finnmark
Finno-Ugric {adj} (of or relating to Finno-Ugric) :: [Bokmål] finsk-ugrisk; [Nynorsk] finsk-ugrisk
fin whale {n} (Balaenoptera physalus) :: finnhval {m}
Fiordland penguin {n} (Penguin) :: skogpingvin
fir {n} (conifer of the genus Abies) :: [Bokmål] edelgran; [Nynorsk] edelgran
fire {v} (to heat pottery, etc.) :: brenne
fire {v} (to terminate the employment of) :: gi sparken, sparke, avskjedige
fire {v} (transitive: to shoot) :: avfyre
fire {v} (intransitive: to shoot) :: fyre
fire {v} (physiology: to cause action potential in a cell) :: fyre
fire {interj} (cry of distress indicating that something is on fire) :: [Bokmål] brann
fire {v} (farriery: to cauterize) SEE: cauterize ::
fire {n} (oxidation reaction) :: [Bokmål] ild {m}; [Nynorsk] eld {m}
fire {n} (instance of this chemical reaction) :: bål {n} [campfire]
fire {n} (damaging occurrence of fire) :: brann {m}
fire {n} (alchemy: one of the basic elements) :: [Bokmål] ild {m}; [Nynorsk] eld {m}
fire {n} (heater or stove used in place of real fire) :: [Bokmål] ovn {m}; [Nynorsk] omn {m}
fire {n} (elements to start a fire) :: fyr {m}
fire {n} (in-flight bullets) :: [Bokmål] ild {m}; [Nynorsk] eld {m}
fire alarm {n} (device which warns people of a possible fire) :: [Bokmål] brannalarm {m}; [Nynorsk] brannalarm {m}
fire alarm {n} (sound or other warning made by a fire alarm) :: brannalarm {m}
fire alarm {n} (response to a fire by the fire department) :: brannutrykning {c}
firearm {n} (personal weapon) :: [Bokmål] skytevåpen {n}; [Nynorsk] skytevåpen {n}, skjotevåpen {n}
firebrand {n} (torch or other burning stick) :: fakkel {m}
fire brigade {n} (group within a corporation or industrial site) :: brannvern {n}
fire brigade {n} (organization for preventing and putting out fires) :: [Bokmål] brannvesen {n}; [Nynorsk] brannstell {n}
fire company {n} (an organization whose purpose is to extinguish fires) :: brannvesen {n}
firecracker {n} (a firework) :: kinaputt {m}
fire department {n} (fire department) :: [Bokmål] brannvesen {n}; [Nynorsk] brannstell {n}
fire door {n} (a fireproof door designed to stop fires spreading through buildings) :: [Bokmål] branndør {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] branndør {f}
fire engine {n} (fire truck) :: brannbil {m}
fire extinguisher {n} (device for putting out a fire) :: slokkingsapparat {n}; [Bokmål] brannslukker {m}
firefighter {n} (person who puts out fires) :: [Bokmål] brannkonstabel {m}, brannmann {m}; [Nynorsk] brannkonstabel {m}, brannmann {m}
firefly {n} (Lampyridae) :: [Bokmål] lysbille {m}, ildflue {f} {m}; [Nynorsk] lysbille {f}
firefox {n} (red panda) SEE: red panda ::
firehose {n} (thick, high-pressure hose) :: brannslange {m}
fire house {n} (fire station) SEE: fire station ::
firehouse {n} (fire station) SEE: fire station ::
fireman {n} (someone skilled in fighting fire) SEE: firefighter ::
fireman {n} (male skilled in fighting fire) :: brannmann {m}
fireman {n} (man who keeps the fire going underneath a steam boiler) :: [Bokmål] fyrbøter {m}
fireplace {n} (open hearth) :: grue {c},; [Bokmål] ildsted {n}
fireproof {adj} (resistant to damage from fire) :: [Bokmål] brannsikker; [Nynorsk] brannsikker
fire-resistant {adj} (resistant to fire) :: [Bokmål] brannsikker; [Nynorsk] brannsikker
fire station {n} (building for firefighters) :: [Bokmål] brannstasjon {m}; [Nynorsk] brannstasjon {m}
fire truck {n} (fire truck in general) SEE: fire engine ::
firewall {n} (fireproof barrier) :: [Bokmål] brannmur {m}; [Nynorsk] brannmur {m}
firewall {n} (computer software) :: [Bokmål] brannmur {m}; [Nynorsk] brannmur {m}
firewood {n} (wood intended to be burned, typically for heat) :: ved {m}
firework {n} (exploding device) :: fyrverkeri
fireworks {n} (plural of firework) :: [Bokmål] fyrverkerier {n-p}
firmament {n} (the vault of the heavens; the sky) :: [Bokmål] hvelving {m}
first {adj} (numeral first) :: [Bokmål] første; [Nynorsk] første, fyrste
first {adv} (before anything else) :: [Bokmål] først; [Nynorsk] først, fyrst
first aid {n} (basic care) :: [Bokmål] førstehjelp {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] førstehjelp {f}
first and foremost {adv} (primarily; most importantly) :: [Bokmål] først og fremst; [Nynorsk] først og fremst
first class {adj} (belonging to the best group in a system of classification) :: [Bokmål] førsteklasses; [Nynorsk] fyrsteklasses, førsteklasses
first come, first served {proverb} (people will be dealt with in the order they arrive) :: [Bokmål] den som kommer først til mølla, får først malt
first cousin {n} (cousin) SEE: cousin ::
first cousin once removed {n} (child of a first cousin) :: fetterbarn {n} (child of male first cousin), kusinebarn {n} (child of female first cousin)
first day cover {n} (first day cover) :: [Bokmål] førstedagsbrev {n}; [Nynorsk] førstedagsbrev {n}
first-degree murder {n} (premeditated murder) :: overlagt drap
First Lady {n} (the wife of the President of a country) :: [Bokmål] førstedame {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fyrstedame {f}, førstedame {f}
first language {n} (mother tongue) SEE: mother tongue ::
first lieutenant {n} (rank in the United States) :: løytnant {m}; premierløytnant {m} [dated]
first light {n} (dawn) SEE: dawn ::
first name {n} (name chosen by parents) :: fornavn {n}
first person {n} (the form of a pronoun verb used when the subject of a sentence is making the statement) :: første person {m}
first world problem {n} (frustration or complaint) :: [Bokmål] i-landsproblem {n}; [Nynorsk] i-landsproblem {n}
First World War {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I ::
fish {n} (vertebrate animal) :: fisk {m}
fish {v} (intransitive: to try to catch fish) :: fiske
fishball {n} (pulverized fish shaped into a ball) :: [Bokmål] fiskeboll
fishbone {n} (bone of a fish) :: fiskebein {n}
fishcake {n} (mixture of flaked fish, mashed potato and season made into a patty and shallow fried) :: [Bokmål] fiskekake {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fiskekake {f}
Fisher {prop} (Equivalent surnames of "fisher" in other languages) :: Fisker
fisherman {n} (person catching fish) :: [Bokmål] fisker {m}; [Nynorsk] fiskar {m}
fishery {n} (fishing) :: [Bokmål] fiskeri {n}; [Nynorsk] fiskeri {n}
fishery {n} (place related to fishing) :: [Bokmål] fiskeri {n}; [Nynorsk] fiskeri {n}
fishery {n} (fishing company) :: [Bokmål] fiskeri {n}; [Nynorsk] fiskeri {n}
fisheye lens {n} (wide-angle lens with extremely wide field of view) :: [Bokmål] fiskeøyeobjektiv {n}, fisheye-objektiv {n}; [Nynorsk] fiskeaugeobjektiv {n}, fisheye-objektiv {n}
fish finger {n} (stick of processed fish) :: fiskepinne
fish food {n} (food for fish) :: [Bokmål] fiskefor {n}, fiskefôr {n}; [Nynorsk] fiskefor {n}, fiskefôr {n}
fishhook {n} (barbed hook for fishing) :: [Bokmål] angel, fiskekrok; [Nynorsk] ongul, ongel
fishing {n} (act or sport of catching fish) :: fisking {m} {f}; [Bokmål] fiske {n}; [Nynorsk] fiske {n}
fishing {n} (business of catching fish) :: fisking {m} {f}; [Bokmål] fiske {n}, fiskeri {n}; [Nynorsk] fiske {n}, fiskeri {n}
fishing boat {n} (boat used for fishing) :: [Bokmål] fiskebåt {m}, fiskefartøy {n}; [Nynorsk] fiskebåt {m}, fiskefartøy {n}
fishing hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook ::
fishing rod {n} (rod used for angling) :: [Bokmål] fiskestang
fishing vessel {n} (fishing vessel) SEE: fishing boat ::
fish ladder {n} (structure to facilitate migration of fish) :: laksetrapp {m} {f}
fishmonger {n} (person who sells fish) :: [Bokmål] fiskehandler {m}; [Nynorsk] fiskehandlar {m}
fishmonger {n} (archaic: a pimp) :: hallik {m}
fishmonger {n} (fishmonger's) SEE: fishmonger's ::
fishmonger's {n} (shop that sells fish) :: fiskebutikk {m}, fiskehandel {m}
fish sauce {n} (condiment composed of fermented fish) :: [Bokmål] fiskesaus {m}
fish stick {n} (rectangular piece of processed fish) SEE: fish finger ::
fish tank {n} (container designed for holding water and marine life) :: [Bokmål] fisketank {m}; [Nynorsk] fisketank {m}
fishway {n} (fish ladder) SEE: fish ladder ::
fishwife {n} (a woman who sells or works with fish) :: fiskerkone {m} {f}
fishy {n} (little fish) :: [Bokmål] småfisk
fission {n} (process whereby one item splits to become two) :: spalting; [Bokmål] fisjon {m}; [Nynorsk] fisjon {m}
fission {n} (process of splitting an atom) :: fisjonere, spalte; [Bokmål] fisjon {m}; [Nynorsk] fisjon {m}
fist {n} (clenched hand) :: neve {m}, knyttneve {m}
fistful {n} (fistful) :: [Bokmål] neve {m}, håndfull {m}
fit {adj} (good-looking (female)) :: deilig
fit {v} (to conform to in size and shape) :: [Bokmål] passe; [Nynorsk] passe
fit {v} (to tailor) :: [Bokmål] passe; [Nynorsk] passe
fit {v} (to have right size and cut, as of clothing) :: [Bokmål] passe; [Nynorsk] passe
fit {n} (degree to which something fits) :: [Bokmål] passform {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] passform {f}
fit {n} (seizure) :: [Bokmål] anfall {n}; [Nynorsk] anfall {n}
fit {v} (adjust) SEE: adjust ::
fit {v} (make ready) SEE: prepare ::
fitness {n} (cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique) :: [Bokmål] egnethet, [dialectal] eignahet {f} {m}
five {num} (five ) :: fem
five {n} (digit) :: [Bokmål] femtall {n}
five {n} (five-dollar bill) :: [Bokmål] femmer {m} [also used for the Norwegian 5-krone coin]
five {n} (five-minute rest) :: [Bokmål] femminutter {m}
five hundred {num} (cardinal number 500) :: fem hundre
five thousand {num} (5000) :: fem tusen
fix {n} (an instance of fixing) :: reparasjon {m}
fix {n} (a difficult situation or dilemma) :: dilemma {n}, knipe {c}
fix {n} (a single dose of an addictive drug) :: skudd {n}, fix {m}
fix {v} (to mend or repair) :: [Bokmål] reparere, fikse, bøte, vøle; [Nynorsk] bøta/bøte, fiksa/fikse, reparera/reparere, vøla/vøle
fix {v} (to attach; to affix; to hold in place) :: feste
fix {v} (to prepare) :: ordne
fix {v} (to make a contest, vote, or gamble unfair) :: fikse
fix {v} (to render an animal infertile) :: gjelde
fix {v} (to map (a point or subset) to itself) :: fiksere
fix {v} :: [Nynorsk] fikse, reparere
fizz {n} (carbonated beverage) SEE: soda ::
fizzy drink {n} (fizzy drink) SEE: soda ::
fjeld {n} (Rocky, barren plateau) :: høyfjell {n}
fjord {n} (long, narrow, deep inlet) :: [Bokmål] fjord {m}; [Nynorsk] fjord {m}
flag {n} (piece of cloth or often its representation) :: flagg {n}
flag {n} :: flagg
flag-bearer {n} (one who carries a flag) :: [Bokmål] flaggbærer {m}; [Nynorsk] flaggberar {m}
flagellum {n} (whip) SEE: whip ::
flag of convenience {n} (flag of a chosen country of registration) :: [Bokmål] bekvemmelighetsflagg {n}
flagpole {n} (pole for flags) :: [Bokmål] flaggstang {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flaggstong {f}
flagship {n} (ship occupied by the fleet's commander) :: [Bokmål] flaggskip {n}; [Nynorsk] flaggskip {n}
flagship {n} (the most important one out of a related group) :: [Bokmål] flaggskip {n}; [Nynorsk] flaggskip {n}
flagstaff {n} (flagpole) SEE: flagpole ::
flame {n} (visible part of fire) :: [Bokmål] flamme, lue; [Nynorsk] flamme, lue
flamethrower {n} (device that projects a flame) :: flammekaster {m}
flamingo {n} (bird) :: flamingo {m}
flammable {adj} (capable of burning) :: brennbar
Flanders {prop} :: Flandern
flaneur {n} (one who wanders aimlessly) :: flanør {m}
flange {n} (rib or rim for strengthening) :: flens {m}
flange {n} (slang:vulva) SEE: vulva ::
flapjack {n} (pancake) SEE: pancake ::
flare {n} (source of brightly burning light or intense heat) :: [Bokmål] fakkel {m}; [Nynorsk] fakkel {m}
flare {n} (flame from burn-off of waste gas) :: [Bokmål] fakkel {m}; [Nynorsk] fakkel {m}
flash {n} (short for camera flash) :: [Bokmål] blits {m}; [Nynorsk] blits {m}
flashback {n} (a dramatic device in which an earlier event is inserted into the normal chronological flow of a narrative) :: [Bokmål] tilbakeblikk {n}; [Nynorsk] tilbakeblikk {n}
flashlight {n} (battery-powered hand-held lightsource) :: [Bokmål] lommelykt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] lommelykt {f}
flash point {n} (the lowest temperature at which a liquid can form an ignitable mixture) :: antennelsestemperatur {m}, flammepunkt {n}
flash point {n} (figuratively; a hotspot) :: brennpunkt {n}, kritisk punkt
flashpoint {n} (the lowest temperature at which a liquid can form an ignitable mixture) :: antennelsestemperatur {m}, flammepunkt {n}
flashpoint {n} (figuratively; a hotspot) :: brennpunkt {n}, kritisk punkt
flask {n} (laboratory glassware) :: [Bokmål] kolbe {m}; [Nynorsk] kolbe {m}
flat {n} (palm of the hand) SEE: palm ::
flat {adj} (having no variations in altitude) :: flat
flat {adj} (of a tyre: deflated) :: flat
flat {adj} (without variations in pitch) :: monoton
flat {adj} (lowered by one semitone) :: -es
flat {adj} (with its carbon dioxide having come out of solution) :: doven
flat {adj} (uninteresting) :: dødt {n}
flat {adj} (unable to generate power) :: dødt {n}
flat {n} (apartment) SEE: apartment ::
flat as a pancake {adj} (extremely flat) :: [Bokmål] flat som en pannekake; [Nynorsk] flat som ei pannekake
flatbed truck {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck ::
flat-chested {adj} (having small breasts) :: [Bokmål] flatbrystet, flatbrysta; [Nynorsk] flatbrysta
flatfish {n} (fish of the order Pleuronectiformes) :: flatfisk {m}, flyndrefisk {m}
flatmate {n} (a person with whom one shares a flat) :: [Bokmål] bofrende {m}
flatter {v} (to compliment someone) :: [Bokmål] smigre; [Nynorsk] smigre
flattering {adj} (attractive or good-looking; that makes one look good) :: [Bokmål] flatterende
flavor {n} (the quality produced by the sensation of taste) :: smak
flaw {n} (crack or breach) :: [Bokmål] feil {m}, brist {m}, skavank {m}
flaw {n} (defect, fault) :: [Bokmål] feil {m}, brist {m}, brist {m}
flax {n} (plant) :: [Bokmål] lin {n}; [Nynorsk] lin {n}
flay {v} (to strip skin off) :: flå
flea {n} (parasitic insect) :: [Bokmål] loppe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] loppe {f}
flea market {n} (an outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios) :: [Bokmål] loppemarked {n}; [Nynorsk] loppemarknad {m}
fleck {n} (lock) SEE: lock ::
fleck {n} (small spot) :: flekk {m}
flee {v} (to run away; to escape) :: [Bokmål] flykte, rømme; [Nynorsk] flykte, rømme
fleet {n} (group of vessels or vehicles) :: [Bokmål] flåte {m}, [vehicles] vognpark {m}; [Nynorsk] flote {m}, flåte {m}, [vehicles] vognpark {m}
fleeting {adj} (passing quickly) :: [Bokmål] flyktig; [Nynorsk] flyktig
Fleming {n} (native or inhabitant of Flanders) :: [Bokmål] flamlender {m}
Flemish {adj} (of or relating to Flanders) :: [Bokmål] flamsk; [Nynorsk] flamsk
flense {v} (To strip the blubber or skin from, as from a whale, seal, etc) :: [Bokmål] flense; [Nynorsk] flense
fleshy {adj} (having considerable flesh) :: [Bokmål] kjøttfull; [Nynorsk] kjøtfull, kjøttfull
fleur-de-lis {n} (heraldic charge) :: lilje {m} {f}
flex {n} (insulated electrical wiring) :: [Bokmål] ledning {m} {f}
flexibility {n} (quality of being flexible) :: [Bokmål] fleksibilitet {m}, bøyelighet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fleksibilitet {m}
flexible {adj} (easily bent without breaking) :: fleksibel
flexitime {n} (arrangement that allows employees to set their own working hours) :: [Bokmål] fleksitid {m} {f}
flick {n} (film) SEE: film ::
flick {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema ::
flight {n} (act of flying) :: [Bokmål] flyging {m} {f}, flyvning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flyging {f}
flight {n} (instance of flying) :: [Bokmål] flyging {m} {f}, flyvning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flyging {f}
flight {n} (journey made by an aircraft) :: [Bokmål] flyreise {m} {f}, flytur {m}; [Nynorsk] flyreise {f}, flytur {m}
flight code {n} (flight number) SEE: flight number ::
flight deck {n} (aircraft cockpit) SEE: cockpit ::
flightless {adj} (unable to fly) :: [Bokmål] flygeudyktig; [Nynorsk] flygeudyktig
flight number {n} (callsign) :: [Bokmål] rutenummer {n}
flimsy {adj} (weak, shaky, flexible) :: [Bokmål] spinkel; [Nynorsk] spinkel
fling {n} (short sexual relationship) :: [Bokmål] eventyr {n}, affære {m}
flint {n} (hard fine-grained quartz which generates sparks when struck) :: flint
flippant {adj} (lacking respect) :: eplekjekk, flåset, flåsete
flipper {n} (paddle-like rubber covering for the foot) :: [Bokmål] svømmefot {m}; [Nynorsk] svømmefot {m}, symjefot {m}
flipper {n} (kitchen spatula) SEE: spatula ::
flittermouse {n} (bat) SEE: bat ::
float {n} (buoyant device) :: [angling float] dupp {m}
floating dock {n} (floating dry dock) :: [Bokmål] flytedokk {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flytedokk {f}
floating-point number {n} (number of the form a x bc) :: flyttall {n}
floating-point number {n} (computing) :: flyttall {n}
floccinaucinihilipilification {n} (act or habit of describing or regarding something as unimportant) :: bagatellisering {m}
flock {v} (to congregate) :: flokke
floe {n} (a low, flat mass of floating ice) :: [Bokmål] flak {n}, isflak {n}; [Nynorsk] flak {n}, isflak {n}
flog {v} (to sell) SEE: sell ::
flog {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat ::
flog {v} (to steal) SEE: steal ::
flood {n} (overflow of water) :: [Bokmål] flom {m}, oversvømmelse {m}; [Nynorsk] flaum
flood {v} (to overflow) :: oversvømme
flooded {adj} (filled with water) :: [Bokmål] oversvømt
flooding {n} (act of flooding) :: [Bokmål] oversvømmelse {m}
floodlight {n} (powerful artificial illumination with a broad beam) :: [Bokmål] flomlys {n}
floodlight {v} (illuminate with floodlights) :: [Bokmål] flombelyse
floodlit {adj} (lit by floodlights) :: [Bokmål] flombelyst
floof {v} (fluff) SEE: fluff ::
floor {n} (bottom part of a room) :: gulv {n}
floor {n} (storey of a building) SEE: storey ::
floor {n} (dance floor) SEE: dance floor ::
floorball {n} (hockey-like ball game) :: [Bokmål] innebandy
floorboard {n} (any of the long boards laid over joists to make a floor) :: golvplanke {m}, gulvplanke {m}
flop {n} (failure, especially in the entertainment industry) :: [Bokmål] flopp {m}; [Nynorsk] flopp {m}
Flora {prop} (the goddess of flowers) :: Flora
Florida {prop} (US state) :: [Bokmål] Florida; [Nynorsk] Florida
florist's {n} (a shop that sells flowers) :: [Bokmål] blomsterbutikk {m}; [Nynorsk] blomsterbutikk {m}
floss {n} (a thread, used to clean the area between the teeth) :: [Bokmål] tanntråd {m}; [Nynorsk] tanntråd {m}
flounce {v} (to make spastic motions) SEE: flounder ::
flounder {n} (any flatfish) SEE: flatfish ::
flounder {n} (Platichthys flesus) :: skrubbe {c}
flour {n} (ground cereal grains) :: mjøl {n}; [Bokmål] mel {n}
flourishing {adj} (growing, thriving) :: [Bokmål] blomstrende
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: run ::
flow {n} (the movement of a fluid) :: flom {m}, strøm {m}
flow {n} (the rising movement of the tide) :: flo {f} {m}
flow {v} (to move as a fluid) :: flomme, strømme, fløda, fløyma
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: stream ::
flower {n} (reproductive structure in angiosperms) :: [Bokmål] blomst {m}; [Nynorsk] blom {m}, blome {m}, blomster {m}
flowerbed {n} (place where flowers are grown) :: [Bokmål] blomsterbed {n}; [Nynorsk] blomsterbed {n}, blomebed {n}
flower girl {n} (participant in a wedding procession) :: [Bokmål] blomsterpike {m} {f}
flowering {adj} (of a plant) :: [Bokmål] blomstrende
flowerpot {n} (a container in which plants are grown) :: [Bokmål] blomsterpotte {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] blomepotte {f}, blomsterpotte {f}
flowmeter {n} (device for measuring flow) :: [Bokmål] strømmåler {m}; [Nynorsk] straummålar {m}
fluctuate {v} (to vary irregularly; to swing) :: svinge, fluktuere
fluent {adj} (able to speak a language accurately and confidently) :: flytende
fluently {adv} (expressing oneself easily) :: flytende
fluff {n} (light fur etc) :: [Bokmål] hybelkanin {m}; [Nynorsk] hybelkanin {m}
fluid {n} (any state of matter which can flow) :: [Bokmål] væske {m} {f}, fluid {n}; [Nynorsk] væske {f}, fluid {n}
fluid {adj} (of or relating to fluid) :: [Bokmål] flytende; [Nynorsk] flytande
fluid {adj} (in a state of flux; subject to change) :: [Bokmål] flytende; [Nynorsk] flytande
fluid {adj} (moving smoothly) :: [Bokmål] flytende; [Nynorsk] flytande
fluid mechanics {n} (branch of mechanics dealing with fluids) :: [Bokmål] fluidmekanikk {m}, væskemekanikk {m}; [Nynorsk] fluidmekanikk {m}, væskemekanikk {m}
flukey {adj} (lucky) SEE: lucky ::
fluorescent lamp {n} (gas-discharge lamp) :: lysrør {n}, lysstoffrør {n}
fluorine {n} (chemical element) :: [Bokmål] fluor {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] fluor {m} {n}
flush {adj} (smooth, even, aligned; not sticking out) :: nettopp
flush {adj} (wealthy or well off) :: rik
flush toilet {n} (toilet that uses water to remove waste) :: [Bokmål] toalett {n}, vannklosett {n}, wc {n}; [Nynorsk] toalett {n}, vasskosett {n}. wc {m} {n}
flute {n} (woodwind instrument) :: [Bokmål] fløyte {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fløyte {f}
fluted {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
flutter {v} (to flap or wave quickly) :: blafre
flutter {v} (to flap the wings without flying) :: flakse
flux {n} (a chemical agent for cleaning metal prior to soldering or welding) :: Fluks {m}
flux {n} (the rate of transfer of energy (electric flux, magnetic flux)) :: Fluks {m}
fly {n} (insect of the order Diptera) :: [Bokmål] toving {f} {m}, tovinge {m}; [Nynorsk] toveng {m}
fly {n} (insect of the family Muscidae) :: [Bokmål] flue {f} {m}; [Nynorsk] fluge {f}
fly {n} (fishing lure) :: [Bokmål] flue {f} {m}; [Nynorsk] fluge {f}
fly {v} (to travel through air) :: [Bokmål] fly, flyge; [Nynorsk] fly, flyge
fly {v} (to flee) :: fly
fly {n} (piece of canvas that covers the opening of a tent) :: gylf {m}
fly {n} (strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants) :: glidelås {m}, gylf {m}
fly agaric {n} (Amanita muscaria) :: [Bokmål] rød fluesopp {m}
fly ash {n} (residue generated in combustion) :: [Bokmål] flygeaske {m} {f}
flyer {n} (leaflet, often for advertising) :: flyveblad, flygeblad, løpeseddel
fly fishing {n} (form of angling) :: [Bokmål] fluefiske {n}; [Nynorsk] flugefiske {n}
flying {n} (flying (noun)) SEE: flight ::
flying buttress {n} (buttress that stands apart from the structure that it supports) :: strebebue {m}
Flying Dutchman {prop} (mythical ghost ship) :: [Bokmål] den flygende hollender {m}, Dødsseileren {m}
flying fish {n} (tropical marine fish) :: [Bokmål] flygefisk {m}, flyvefisk {m}; [Nynorsk] flygefisk {m}
flying saucer {n} (disc-shaped unidentified flying object) :: flygende tallerken
Flying Spaghetti Monster {prop} (spaghetti deity) :: Flygende spaghettimonster
fly on the wall {n} (quiet, non-participating or unseen observer) :: [Bokmål] flue veggen; [Nynorsk] fluge veggen
flywheel {n} (a rotating mass used to maintain the speed of a machine within certain limits while the machine receives or releases energy at a varying rate) :: [Bokmål] svinghjul {n}; [Nynorsk] svinghjul {n}
foal {n} (young horse) :: føll {n}, fole {m}
foam {n} (substance composed of a large collection of bubbles or their solidified remains) :: [Bokmål] skum {n}; [Nynorsk] skum {n}
foam {n} (foam rubber) :: [Bokmål] skumgummi {m}; [Nynorsk] skumgummi {m}
foam rubber {n} (foam rubber) SEE: foam ::
fob {n} (chain or ribbon) :: [Bokmål] urkjede {m}
focal length {n} (distance) :: [Bokmål] brennvidde {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] brennvidd {f}, brennvidde {f}
focus {n} (in optics) :: [Bokmål] fokus {n}; [Nynorsk] fokus {n}
focus {n} (concentration of attention) :: [Bokmål] fokus {n}; [Nynorsk] fokus {n}
foe {n} (enemy) SEE: enemy ::
foehn {n} (warm dry wind blowing down the northern sides of the Alps) :: [Bokmål] føn {m}, fønvind {m}; [Nynorsk] føn {m}, fønvind {m}
foetus {n} (fetus) SEE: fetus ::
fog {n} (cloud that forms at a low altitude and obscures vision) :: tåke {m} {f}, skodde {m} {f}
fog {n} (mist or film clouding a surface) :: dugg {m}
fog {n} (state of mind characterized by lethargy and confusion) :: uklarhet {m}
fog {n} (photography: blur on a developed photographic image) :: uskarphet {m}
fog {v} (to become obscured in condensation or water) :: dugge
fog {v} (to cover with or as if with fog) :: dugge
fog {v} (to make confusing or obscure) :: tåkelegge
fog {n} (Scottish: moss) SEE: moss ::
fogbank {n} (bank of fog) :: [Bokmål] tåkebanke {m}; [Nynorsk] tåkebanke {m}
foggy {adj} (obscured by mist or fog) :: [Bokmål] tåkete, tåket; [Nynorsk] tåkete
fog light {n} (one of a pair of lights, mounted at the front of a car) :: [Bokmål] tåkelys
foie gras {n} (fattened liver of geese or ducks) :: gåselever {m}
foil {n} (thin sheet of metal) :: [Bokmål] folie {m}; [Nynorsk] folie {m}
foil {n} (thin aluminium/aluminum or tin used for wrapping food) :: [Bokmål] folie {m}; [Nynorsk] folie {m}
folder {n} (container of computer files) :: mappe {m}
foliage {n} (the leaves of plants) :: bladverk {n}, løvverk {n}
folk {n} (inhabitants of a region) :: folk {n}, befolkning {m} {f}
folk dance {n} (genre of dance) :: [Bokmål] folkedans {m}; [Nynorsk] folkedans {m}
folk dancer {n} (person who does folk dancing) :: [Bokmål] folkedanser {m}; [Nynorsk] folkedansar {m}
folk dancing {n} (activity) :: [Bokmål] folkedans {m}; [Nynorsk] folkedans {m}
folk etymology {n} (false etymology) :: [Bokmål] folkeetymologi {m}; [Nynorsk] folkeetymologi {m}
folklore {n} (tales, legends and superstitions of a particular ethnic population) :: [Bokmål] folklore
folk music {n} (music originating from a specific region) :: [Bokmål] folkemusikk {m}; [Nynorsk] folkemusikk {m}
follow {v} (to go or come after in physical space) :: følge
following {adj} (next in sequence or time) :: [Bokmål] følgende, påfølgende
following {adj} (to be specified) :: [Bokmål] følgende
follow-up {n} (action) :: [Bokmål] oppfølging {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] oppfølging {f}
fond {v} (be fond of, like) SEE: like ::
fond {v} (be fond of, have affection for) :: være glad i
food {n} (any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life) :: mat {m}, føde {m} {f}, næring {m} {f}
food bank {n} (a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to feed the hungry) :: [Bokmål] matsentral {m}
food poisoning {n} (any food-borne disease) :: [Bokmål] matforgiftning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] matforgifting {f}
food web {n} (diagram showing the organisms that eat other organisms in a particular ecosystem) :: næringsvev {m}, næringsnett {n}
fool {n} (person with poor judgement or little intelligence) :: tosk {m}, dust {m}, tulling {m}
fool {n} (jester) :: narr {m}
fool {v} (to trick; to make a fool of someone) :: narre, lure
foolish {adj} (lacking good sense or judgement; unwise) :: [Bokmål] tåpelig, dum
foolproof {adj} ((device) fail-safe) :: [Bokmål] idiotsikker; [Nynorsk] idiotsikker
foot {n} (part of animal’s body ) :: pote labb
foot {n} (part of human body ) :: [Bokmål] fot {m}; [Nynorsk] fot {m}
foot {n} (unit of measure ) :: [Bokmål] fot {m}; [Nynorsk] fot {m}
foot {v} (kick) :: sparke
foot {v} (pay) :: betale
footage {n} (amount of film that has been used) :: filmmateriale {n}
foot-and-mouth disease {n} (foot-and-mouth disease) :: munn- og klovsyke
football {n} (Association football) :: fotball
football {n} (ball) :: fotball
football {n} (practise of any of these games) :: fotball
football {n} (US game) SEE: American football ::
footballer {n} (one who plays football) :: [Bokmål] fotballspiller {m}, fotballspeller {m}; [Nynorsk] fotballspelar {m}
football pitch {n} (playing field on which the game of football is played) SEE: soccer field ::
football player {n} (footballer) SEE: footballer ::
footbridge {n} (bridge for pedestrians) :: [Bokmål] gangbro {m} {f}, gangbru {m} {f}, fotgjengerbro {m} {f}, fotgjengerbru {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] gangbru {f}, fotgjengarbru {f}
foothold {n} (a solid grip with the feet) :: [Bokmål] fotfeste {n}; [Nynorsk] fotfeste {n}
footnote {n} (comment at the bottom of a printed page) :: [Bokmål] fotnote {m}; [Nynorsk] fotnote {m}
footpath {n} (path for pedestrians) :: [Bokmål] gangsti {m}, gangvei {m}, (pavement) fortau {n}; [Nynorsk] gangstig {m}, gangsti {m}, (pavement) fortau {n}
footprint {n} (The impression of the foot) :: [Bokmål] fotspor {n}; [Nynorsk] fotspor {n}
footsie {n} (flirting game) :: [Bokmål] benflørting {m} {f}
foot soldier {n} (infantryman) SEE: infantryman ::
footstool {n} (a low stool) :: [Bokmål] krakk {m}; [Nynorsk] krakk {m}
footwear {n} (an item of clothing that is worn on the foot) :: [Bokmål] fottøy {n}, skotøy {n}; [Nynorsk] fottøy {n}, skotøy {n}
for {conj} (because) :: for, fordi
for {prep} (towards) :: mot, for
for {prep} (directed at, intended to belong to) :: til
for {prep} (supporting) :: for
for {prep} (because of) :: for
foraging {n} (the act of searching for food) :: matauk {m}
forbid {v} (to disallow) :: forby; [Bokmål] nekte; [Nynorsk] nekte
force {n} (anything that is able to make a big change in person or thing) :: kraft {m} {f}
force {n} (physical quantity) :: kraft {m} {f}
force {n} (group that aims to attack, control, or constrain) :: styrke {m}
force {n} (ability to attack, control, or constrain) :: styrke {m}
force {n} (law: unlawful violence or lawful compulsion) :: tvang
force {v} (compel (someone to do something)) :: tvinge
force {v} (cause to occur, overcoming resistance) :: påtvinge
force {n} (waterfall) SEE: waterfall ::
force of nature {n} (a mighty natural force which is beyond human control) :: [Bokmål] naturkraft {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] naturkraft {f}
ford {n} (crossing) :: vadeplass {m}, vadested {n}
ford {v} (to cross a stream) :: vade
forearm {n} (part of the arm) :: [Bokmål] underarm {m}; [Nynorsk] underarm {m}
forecast {v} (estimate future conditions) :: forutsi, predikere
forecastle {n} (nautical: raised part of the upper deck at bow) :: ruff {m}; [Bokmål] bakk {m}, bakkdekk {n}
forefather {n} (ancestor) :: [Bokmål] forfader {m}, stamfar {m}; [Nynorsk] forfar {m}, [old] forfader {m}, stamfar {m}
forefinger {n} (first finger next to the thumb) :: [Bokmål] pekefinger {m}; [Nynorsk] peikefinger {m}
foregoing {adj} (occurring before or in front of something else) :: foregående, forrige
forehead {n} (part of face above eyebrows) :: [Bokmål] panne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] panne {f}
foreign {n} (foreigner) SEE: foreigner ::
foreign {adj} (located outside one's own country or place) :: [Bokmål] utenlandsk; [Nynorsk] utanlandsk
foreign {adj} (originating from or characteristic of a different country) :: [Bokmål] utenlandsk; [Nynorsk] utanlandsk
foreign {adj} (relating to a different nation) :: [Bokmål] utenlandsk; [Nynorsk] utanlandsk
foreign affairs {n} (policy) :: [Bokmål] utenrikssaker {p}
foreign body {n} (unwanted intruding object) :: [Bokmål] fremmedlegeme {n}
foreign country {n} (country of which one is not a citizen) :: [Bokmål] utland {n}, fremmed land {n}; [Nynorsk] utland {n}
foreigner {n} (person in a foreign land) :: [Bokmål] utlending {m}; [Nynorsk] utlending {m}
foreign language {n} (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place) :: [Bokmål] fremmedspråk {n}
foreign minister {n} (cabinet official) :: [Bokmål] utenriksminister {m}; [Nynorsk] utanriksminister {m}
foreland {n} (headland) SEE: headland ::
foreleg {n} (either of the two legs towards the front of a four-legged animal) :: [Bokmål] forbein {n}; [Nynorsk] forbein {n}, frambein {n}
foreman {n} (leader of a work crew) :: [Bokmål] formann {m}, arbeidsformann {m}; [Nynorsk] formann {m}, arbeidsformann {m}
foreman {n} (member of a jury who presides over it and speaks on its behalf) :: [Bokmål] juryformann {m}; [Nynorsk] juryformann {m}
forename {n} (a name that precedes surname) :: fornavn {n}
forenoon {n} (morning) SEE: morning ::
foreperson {n} ((male or female) leader of a work crew) :: [Bokmål] formann {m}, forkvinne {m} {f}, arbeidsformann {m}, arbeidsforkvinne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] formann {m}, forkvinne {f}, arbeidsformann {m}, arbeidsforkvinne {f}
foreperson {n} ((male or female) member of a jury who presides over it and speaks on its behalf) :: [Bokmål] juryformann {m}, juryforkvinne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] juryformann {m}, juryforkvinne {f}
foresee {v} (to anticipate) :: forutse
foreseen {v} (past participle of foresee) :: forutsett
foreskin {n} (prepuce / foreskin) :: [Bokmål] forhud {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] forhud {f}
forest {n} (dense collection of trees) :: skog {m}
forested {adj} (covered in forest) :: [Bokmål] skogkledd; [Nynorsk] skogkledd
forest fire {n} (fire) :: [Bokmål] skogbrann {m}; [Nynorsk] skogbrann {m}
foretaste {n} (taste taken in advance) :: [Bokmål] forsmak {m}; [Nynorsk] forsmak {m}, føresmak {m}
foretell {v} (to predict the future) :: forutsi
forewoman {n} (female leader of a work crew) :: [Bokmål] forkvinne {m} {f}, arbeidsforkvinne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] forkvinne {f}, arbeidsforkvinne {f}
forewoman {n} (female foreman of a jury) :: [Bokmål] juryforkvinne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] juryforkvinne {f}
for example {prep} (as an example) :: for eksempel; [Nynorsk] til dømes
forge {n} (furnace or hearth) :: [Bokmål] esse {m}; [Nynorsk] esse {f}
forge {n} (workshop) :: [Bokmål] smie {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] smie {f}
forge {v} (to shape a metal) :: [Bokmål] smi; [Nynorsk] smi
forgery {n} (invention) SEE: invention ::
forgery {n} (the act of forging, fabricating or producing falsely) :: [Bokmål] falskneri {n}, forfalskning {m} {f}, forfalsking {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] falskneri {n}, forfalsking {f}
forgery {n} (that which is forged or counterfeited) :: [Bokmål] falskneri {n}, forfalskning {m} {f}, forfalsking {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] falskneri {n}, forfalsking {f}
forget {v} (to lose remembrance of) :: [Bokmål] glemme, glømme; [Nynorsk] gløyma
forget {v} (to cease remembering) :: [Bokmål] glemme, glømme; [Nynorsk] gløyma
forgetfulness {n} (proneness to let slip from the mind) :: [Bokmål] glemsomhet {m} {f}
forgetfulness {n} (loss of remembrance) :: [Bokmål] glemsomhet {m} {f}
forgetfulness {n} (failure to bear in mind) :: [Bokmål] forglemmelse {m}
forget-me-not {n} (plant of the genus Myosotis) :: [Bokmål] forglemmegei {m}; [Nynorsk] minneblom {m}, forgløymmegei {m}
forgivable {adj} (able to be forgiven) :: [Bokmål] tilgivelig
forgive {v} (transitive, to pardon) :: tilgi, forlate
forgiveness {n} (the action of forgiving) :: [Bokmål] tilgivelse {m}
for God's sake {interj} (Exclamation of anger, surprise, or impatience) :: for Guds skyld, Gudskjelov
for good measure {prep} (in excess of the required minimum) :: [Bokmål] for godt måls skyld
forgotten {adj} (of which knowledge has been lost, which is no longer remembered) :: [Bokmål] bortglemt
for hours {adv} (taking many hours) :: [Bokmål] i timevis; [Nynorsk] i timevis
for instance {adv} (as an example) SEE: for example ::
fork {n} (pronged tool) :: [Bokmål] gaffel {m}; [Nynorsk] gaffel {m}
fork {n} (eating utensil) :: [Bokmål] gaffel {m}; [Nynorsk] gaffel {m}
fork {n} (intersection) :: [Bokmål] forgrening {m} {f}, forgreining {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] forgreining {f}
fork {n} (point where a waterway splits) :: [Bokmål] forgreining {m} {f}, forgrening {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] forgreining {f}
fork {n} (tuning fork) SEE: tuning fork ::
fork {n} (forklift) SEE: forklift ::
fork {n} (UK: crotch) SEE: crotch ::
fork {n} (gallows) SEE: gallows ::
forklift {n} (small industrial vehicle) :: [Bokmål] gaffeltruck {m}, truck {m}; [Nynorsk] gaffeltruck {m}, truck {m}
form {n} (document to be filled in) :: [Bokmål] skjema {n}; [Nynorsk] skjema {n}
form {n} (level of pre-collegiate education) SEE: grade ::
formal {adj} (being in accord with established forms) :: formell
formaldehyde {n} :: formaldehyd
formality {n} (The state of being formal) :: [Bokmål] formalitet {m}; [Nynorsk] formalitet {m}
formality {n} (specific requirement) :: [Bokmål] formalitet {m}; [Nynorsk] formalitet {m}
formation {n} (military: arrangement of moving troops, ships, or aircraft) :: formasjon {m}
former {adj} (first of aforementioned two items) :: [Bokmål] førstnevnt
formerly {adv} (at some time in the past) :: [Bokmål] tidligere
formerly {adv} (previously; once) :: [Bokmål] tidligere
formic acid {n} (methanoic acid) :: maursyre {f}
formidable {adj} (causing fear, dread, awe or admiration as a result of size, strength, or some other impressive quality) :: formidabel
formidable {adj} (difficult to defeat or overcome) :: formidabel
Formosa {prop} (Taiwan) SEE: Taiwan ::
formula {n} (in mathematics) :: [Bokmål] formel {m}; [Nynorsk] formel {m}
formula {n} (in chemistry) :: [Bokmål] formel {m}; [Nynorsk] formel {m}
fornication {n} (sexual intercourse, especially on the part of an unmarried person) :: [Bokmål] utukt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] utukt {f}
for now {prep} (at the moment; until later) :: [Bokmål] inntil videre, foreløpig; [Nynorsk] inntil vidare, foreløpig
forsake {v} (to abandon) :: forlate
for sale {prep} (being offered for purchase) :: [Bokmål] til salgs; [Nynorsk] til sals
fort {n} (fortified defensive structure stationed with troops) :: [Bokmål] festning {m} {f}, fort {n}; [Nynorsk] festning {f} {m}, fort {n}
forthcoming {adj} (approaching) :: [Bokmål] kommende, forestående
forthcoming {adj} (available) :: innkommende
forthcoming {adj} (considerate) :: imøtekommende
forthcomingness {n} (the state or quality of being forthcoming (considerate)) :: imøtekommenhet {c}
fortieth {adj} (ordinal form of forty) :: førtinde
fortified {v} (used as adjective) :: [Bokmål] befestet
fortify {v} (increase the defenses of) :: [Bokmål] befeste
fortnight {adv} (period of two weeks) :: [Bokmål] to uker {p}, fjorten dager {p}; [Nynorsk] to veker {p}, fjorten dagar {p}, fjortendagar {p}
fortress {n} (fortified place) :: [Bokmål] festning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] festning {f} {m}
fortunate {adj} :: heldig
fortunately {adv} (in a fortunate manner) :: [Bokmål] heldigvis; [Nynorsk] heldigvis
fortune {n} (good luck) :: flaks
fortune favors the bold {proverb} (luck favors the adventurous) :: [Bokmål] lykken står den kjekke bi
forty {num} (the cardinal number occurring after thirty-nine) :: førti
fortysomething {n} (quadragenarian) SEE: quadragenarian ::
forum {n} (place for discussion) :: forum {n}, fora {p}
forum {n} (gathering for the purpose of discussion) :: forum, fora {p}
forum {n} (form of discussion) :: forum {n}, fora {p}
forum {n} (Internet message board) :: forum {n}, fora {p}
forward {adj} (at the front) :: fremre
forward {adj} (without customary restraint) :: direkte
forward {adj} (expected in the future) :: framtidig
forward {adv} (towards the front) :: framover
forward {adv} (in the usual direction of travel) :: framover
forward {adv} (into the future) :: framover, heretter
forward {v} (send (something received) to a third party) :: [Bokmål] videresende; [Nynorsk] vidaresende
forward {n} (player nearest to the opposing soccer team) :: [Bokmål] spiss {m}, angriper {m}; [Nynorsk] spiss {m}
forward {n} (centre or winger in ice hockey) :: forward {m}
forward {n} (small forward or power forward position) :: forward {m}
forward {n} (front part of a vessel) :: baug {m}
forwarding {n} (The act by which something is forwarded.) :: [Bokmål] videresending {m} {f}
forward slash {n} (slash) SEE: slash ::
fossil {n} (The mineralized remains of an animal or plant) :: [Bokmål] fossil {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] fossil {n}
foster child {n} (a child in foster care) :: pleiebarn {n}; [Bokmål] fosterbarn {n}; [Nynorsk] fosterbarn {n}
fosterling {n} (foster child) SEE: foster child ::
foul-mouthed {adj} (of a user of bad language) :: [Bokmål] rappkjeftet
foul one's own nest {v} (foul one's own nest) :: [Bokmål] skite i eget reir
foul-smelling {adj} (having a bad odour) :: [Bokmål] illeluktende
found {v} (to start an organization) :: grunnlegge
found {v} (to begin building) :: grunnlegge
found {v} (melt) SEE: melt ::
foundation {n} (that upon which anything is founded) :: fundament
foundation {n} (lowest and supporting part or member of a wall) :: grunnmur
foundation {n} (endowed institution or charity) :: [Bokmål] stiftelse {m}; [Nynorsk] stiftelse {m}, stifting {f}
foundation stone {n} (stone laid during construction) :: [Bokmål] grunnstein {m}; [Nynorsk] grunnstein {m}
founder {n} (one who founds, establishes, and erects; one who lays a foundation; an author) :: [Bokmål] grunnlegger {m}; [Nynorsk] grunnleggar {m}, grunnleggjar {m}
fountain {n} (spring) SEE: spring ::
fountain {n} (artificial water feature) :: springvann; [Bokmål] fontene {m}; [Nynorsk] fontene {f}
fountain of youth {n} (anything reputed to have the power to restore health and vitality) :: ungdomskilde {m}
fountain pen {n} (pen containing a reservoir of ink) :: [Bokmål] fyllepenn {m}; [Nynorsk] fyllepenn {m}
four {num} (the cardinal number 4) :: fire
four by two {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew ::
four-eyes {n} (person who wears spectacles) :: brilleslange {m}
fourhorn sculpin {n} (a species of fish) :: [Bokmål] hornulke; [Nynorsk] hornulke
four-leaf clover {n} (clover with four leaves) :: [Bokmål] firkløver {m}; [Nynorsk] firkløver {m}
four-letter word {n} (swear word) SEE: swear word ::
four-poster {n} (four-poster bed) :: [Bokmål] himmelseng {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] himmelseng {f}
four-stroke engine {n} (type of engine) :: firetaktsmotor
fourteen {num} (cardinal number) :: fjorten
fourth {n} (quarter) SEE: quarter ::
fourth {adj} (ordinal form of the number four) :: fjärde
four-wheel drive {n} (transmission system) :: [Bokmål] firehjulsdrift {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] firehjulsdrift {f}
four-wheeler {n} (vehicle with four wheels) :: firehjulsvogn {c}
fowl {n} (bird) SEE: bird ::
fox {n} (Vulpes) :: rev {m}
fox {n} (any of the species in the tribe Vulpini) :: [Bokmål] rev {m}; [Nynorsk] rev {m}
foxberry {n} (plant and berry Vaccinium vitis-idaea) SEE: lingonberry ::
foxglove {n} (plant of the genus Digitalis) :: [Bokmål] revebjelle {c}; [Nynorsk] revebjølle {f}
foxhole {n} (fox's burrow) :: [Bokmål] revehi {n}; [Nynorsk] revehi {n}
foyer {n} (lobby, corridor, or waiting room) :: [Bokmål] foajé {m}; [Nynorsk] foajé {m}
fractal {n} (self-similar geometric figure) :: fraktal {m}
fractal {n} (figure irregular at all scales) :: fraktal {m}
fractal {adj} (having the form of a fractal) :: fraktal
fraction {n} (part of a whole) :: andel {m}, brøkdel {m}
fraction {n} (arithmetic: ratio) :: brøk {m}; [Bokmål] brøk {m}
fraction {n} (chemistry: component separated by fractionation) :: fraksjon {m}
fracture {n} (act of breaking, or something broken) :: [Bokmål] fraktur {m}; [Nynorsk] fraktur {m}
fragile {adj} (easily broken or destroyed) :: [Bokmål] skjør; [Nynorsk] skøyr
fragment {n} (portion or segment of an object) :: [Bokmål] fragment {n}, bruddstykke {n}; [Nynorsk] fragment {n}
fragrance {n} (pleasant smell or odour) :: [Bokmål] duft {m}, aroma, godlukt
fragrant {adj} (sweet-smelling) :: [Bokmål] velluktende; [Nynorsk] velluktande
frame {v} (add a decorative border to a picture) :: innramme
frame {n} (structural elements of a building or other constructed object) :: bjelkelag {n}, rammeverk {n}, armatur {m}
frame {n} (structure of a person's body) :: beingrind {m} {f}
frame {n} (rigid, generally rectangular mounting) :: ramme {m} {f}
frame {n} (piece of photographic film containing an image) :: frame {m}, ramme {m}
framework {n} (the arrangement of support beams that represent a buildings general shape and size) :: [Bokmål] rammeverk {n}; [Nynorsk] rammeverk {n}
framework {n} (a basic conceptual structure) :: [Bokmål] rammeverk {n}; [Nynorsk] rammeverk {n}
framework agreement {n} (preliminary agreement) :: [Bokmål] rammeavtale {m}; [Nynorsk] rammeavtale {m} {f}
France {prop} (country) :: Frankrike
Francis {prop} (male given name) :: Frans
francium {n} (chemical element) :: francium
frank {adj} (bluntly honest) :: frank
Frank {n} (one of the Franks) :: [Bokmål] franker {m}; [Nynorsk] frankar {m}
Frank {prop} (male given name) :: Frank
frankenword {n} (portmanteau word) SEE: portmanteau word ::
Frankish {adj} (of or pertaining to the Franks) :: [Bokmål] frankisk; [Nynorsk] frankisk
frankly {adv} (in a frank, open or (too) honest manner) :: [Bokmål] beint fram; [Nynorsk] beintfram
frankly {adv} ((speech act) In truth, to tell the truth) :: [Bokmål] ærlig talt, oppriktig talt; [Nynorsk] ærleg talt
fratricide {n} (killing of one's sibling) :: [Bokmål] brodermord {n}; [Nynorsk] brodermord {n}, brormord {n}
fratricide {n} (person who commits this crime) :: [Bokmål] brodermorder {m}; [Nynorsk] brodermordar {m}, brormordar {m}
fraud {n} (an act of deception) :: bedrageri {n}, svindel {m}
fraught {adj} (charged or accompanied with) :: full
fray {v} (to unravel) :: rakne
fray {v} (to cause exhaustion to a person's mental strength) :: rakne
freckle {n} (small pigmentation spot on the skin) :: [Bokmål] fregne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] frekne {f}
freckled {adj} (having freckles) :: [Bokmål] fregnet, fregnete; [Nynorsk] freknete
Frederick {prop} (male given name) :: Fredrik
free {adj} (not imprisoned) :: fri
free {adj} (unconstrained) :: fri, løs
free {adj} (mathematics: unconstrained) :: fri
free {adj} (unobstructed) :: åpen, fri
free {adj} (not in use) :: ledig
free {adj} (without obligations) :: fri, ledig
free {adj} (software: with very few limitations on distribution or improvement) :: fri
free {adj} (without) :: fri, uten
free {adv} (without needing to pay) :: gratis
free {v} (make free) :: frigjøre, frigi, befri, løslate
free {adj} (obtainable without payment) SEE: free of charge ::
-free {suffix} (free from; without) :: -fri
freebooter {n} (A pirate, or person who pillages and plunders) :: fribytter {m}
freedom {n} (not being imprisoned or enslaved) :: fridom {m}; [Bokmål] frihet {m}
freedom {n} :: frihet
freedom fighter {n} (fighter) :: [Bokmål] frihetskjemper {m}
freedom fries {n} (french fries) SEE: french fries ::
freedom of movement {n} (the right of a citizen to travel within a state, and to leave and return to that state) :: [Bokmål] bevegelsesfrihet {m} {f}
freedom of religion {n} (the right to hold any religious beliefs) :: [Bokmål] religionsfrihet {m} {f}
freedom of speech {n} (right to speak without fear of harm) SEE: free speech ::
freedom of the press {n} (right of media to disseminate ideas and opinions) :: [Bokmål] pressefrihet {m} {f}
freedom to roam {n} (right to access public or privately owned land) :: allemannsretten
free kick {n} (kick played without interference of opposition) :: [Bokmål] frispark {n}; [Nynorsk] frispark {n}
freelance {v} :: frilans
freelancer {n} (who freelances) :: frilanser
freemason {n} (freemason) SEE: Freemason ::
Freemason {n} (member of the Free and Accepted Masons) :: [Bokmål] frimurer {m}; [Nynorsk] frimurar {m}
freemium {n} :: [Bokmål] freemium
free of charge {adj} (not requiring any payment - adjective) :: gratis
free-range {adj} (pertaining to animals that are allowed to roam freely) :: [Bokmål] frittgående
free software {n} (free of charge software) SEE: freeware ::
free speech {n} (right to express an opinion in public) :: [Bokmål] ytringsfrihet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] ytringsfridom {m}
free-standing {adj} (free-standing) SEE: freestanding ::
freestanding {adj} (standing or set apart) :: [Bokmål] frittstående; [Nynorsk] frittståande
freethinker {n} (person who has formed their opinions using reason and rational enquiry) :: [Bokmål] fritenker {m}; [Nynorsk] fritenkar {m}, fritenkjar {m}
free time {n} (time that can be spent on one's own activities rather than work) :: [Bokmål] fritid {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fritid {f}
free trade {n} (trade free from government interference) :: [Bokmål] frihandel {m}; [Nynorsk] frihandel {m}
freeware {n} (free of charge software) :: gratisprogram {n}
freeze {v} (to become solid due to low temperature) :: fryse
freeze {v} (to lower something's temperature to freezing point) :: fryse
freeze {v} (to become motionless) :: fryse
freezer {n} (part of a refrigerator) :: fryser
freezer {n} (stand-alone appliance) :: dypfryser
freezer burn {n} (desiccation caused by being kept in a freezer too long) :: [Bokmål] fryser brenne
freezing point {n} (temperature) :: [Bokmål] frysepunkt {n}; [Nynorsk] frysepunkt {n}
Freiburg {prop} (a German city) :: Freiburg
freight {v} (to transport goods) :: frakte
freighter {n} (vessel used to carry freight) SEE: cargo ship ::
freight train {n} (train used for transportation of freight) SEE: goods train ::
french {v} (to kiss another person) SEE: French kiss ::
french {v} (to kiss) SEE: French kiss ::
French {n} (Romance language spoken in France) :: [Bokmål] fransk {m}; [Nynorsk] fransk {m}
French {n} (people of France, collectively) :: franskmenn {m-p}
French {n} :: [Nynorsk] fransk språk
French {adj} (of or relating to France) :: [Bokmål] fransk; [Nynorsk] fransk
French {adj} (of or relating to the French people) :: [Bokmål] fransk; [Nynorsk] fransk
French {adj} (of or relating to the French language) :: [Bokmål] fransk; [Nynorsk] fransk
French bread {n} (a long thin loaf of bread) SEE: baguette ::
french fries {n} (deep fried strips of potato) :: pommes frites {m}
French Guiana {prop} (Department of French Guiana) :: [Bokmål] Fransk Guyana; [Nynorsk] Fransk Guyana
Frenchify {v} :: [Bokmål] forfranske
French kiss {n} (tongue kiss) :: [Bokmål] tungekyss {m} {n}, fransk kyss {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] tungekyss {m} {n}, fransk kyss {m} {n}
French kiss {v} (to give someone a French kiss) :: [Bokmål] kline
French letter {n} (condom) SEE: condom ::
Frenchman {n} (man of French birth or nationality) :: [Bokmål] franskmann {m}; [Nynorsk] franskmann {m}
French Polynesia {prop} (Overseas territory of France) :: [Bokmål] Fransk Polynesia; [Nynorsk] Fransk Polynesia
French Republic {prop} (country) :: [Bokmål] Republikken Frankrike {m}; [Nynorsk] Republikken Frankrike {m}
French Republican Calendar {prop} (calendar used for twelve years in revolutionary France) :: [Bokmål] franske revolusjonskalender {m}, franske republikanske kalender {m}
French Riviera {prop} (French Riviera) :: Rivieraen
French stick {n} (a long thin loaf of bread) SEE: baguette ::
French toast {n} (food prepared by dipping bread into egg batter and frying) :: arme riddere {m-p}
Frenchwoman {n} (a French woman) :: [Bokmål] franskmann {m}; [Nynorsk] franskmann {m}
frenetic {adj} (fast, frantic, harried, or frenzied) :: frenetisk
frequency {n} (rate of occurrence of anything) :: [Bokmål] hyppighet {m} {f}
frequency {n} (property of occurring often rather than infrequently) :: [Bokmål] hyppighet {m} {f}
frequency {n} (number of occurrences divided by time) :: frekvens {m}
frequent {adj} (done or occurring often) :: hyppig
fresco {n} (artwork made by applying water-based pigment to wet or fresh lime mortar or plaster) :: [Bokmål] fresko {m}; [Nynorsk] fresko {m}
fresh {adj} (new or clean) :: fersk
fresh {adj} :: frisk
freshman {n} (a person of either sex entering the first year of an institution) :: første klasse, førstis ( slang )
freshness {n} (freshness) :: [Bokmål] friskhet {m} {f}
fresh water {n} (water with little salt) :: [Bokmål] ferskvann {n}; [Nynorsk] ferskvatn {n}
freshwater {adj} (living in fresh water) :: [Bokmål] ferskvanns-; [Nynorsk] ferskvass-
freshwater {n} (fresh water) SEE: fresh water ::
fret {v} (to bind, tie) SEE: bind ::
fret {v} (to be anxious, to worry) :: fortvile
fret {n} (one of the pieces of metal, etc., across the neck of a guitar or other string instrument) :: [Bokmål] bånd {n}, tverrbånd {n}; [Nynorsk] band {n}, tverrband {n}
Freudian {adj} (relating to or influenced by Sigmund Freud) :: [Bokmål] freudiansk; [Nynorsk] freudiansk
Freudian {adj} (susceptible to analysis in terms of unconscious thoughts or desires) :: [Bokmål] freudiansk; [Nynorsk] freudiansk
Freudian {n} (a follower of Sigmund Freud) :: freudianer {m}
Freya {prop} (Norse goddess of love) :: Frøya
Freya {prop} (female given name) :: Frøya
fricassee {n} (meat or poultry cut into small pieces, stewed or fried and served in its own gravy) :: frikassé {m}
fricative {n} (consonant) :: [Bokmål] frikativ {m}, spirant {m}; [Nynorsk] frikativ {m}, spirant {m}
friction {n} (The rubbing of one object or surface against another) :: [Bokmål] friksjon {m}; [Nynorsk] friksjon {m}
friction {n} (A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact) :: [Bokmål] friksjon {m}; [Nynorsk] friksjon {m}
Friday {n} (day of the week) :: fredag
fridge {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator ::
fried egg {n} (egg that has been shallow fried) :: speilegg {n}
friend {n} (person whose company one enjoys) :: venn {m}, venninne {f}
friendless {adj} (without friends) :: [Bokmål] vennelaus, venneløs; [Nynorsk] venelaus, vennelaus
friendlily {adv} (friendly) SEE: friendly ::
friendliness {n} (the quality of being friendly) :: [Bokmål] vennlighet {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] venlegheit {f}, vennlegheit {f}, vennligheit {f}
friendly {adj} (approachable, warm) :: [Bokmål] vennlig; [Nynorsk] venleg, vennleg
friendly {adj} (characteristic of friendliness) :: [Bokmål] vennlig
friendly {n} :: vennlig, sympatisk
friendly {n} (sports: game) SEE: exhibition game ::
friendly match {n} (exhibition game) SEE: exhibition game ::
friendship {n} ((uncountable) condition of being friends) :: [Bokmål] vennskap {n}; [Nynorsk] venskap {m} {n}, vennskap {m} {n}
friendship {n} ((countable) friendly relationship) :: [Bokmål] vennskap {n}; [Nynorsk] venskap {m} {n}, vennskap {m} {n}
friend with benefits {n} (friend with whom one has a casual sexual relationship) :: pulevenn {m}, knullekompis {m}
Friesland {prop} (province of the Netherlands) :: Frisland {n}
frieze {n} (architecture: space between architrave and cornice) :: [Bokmål] frise {m}
frigate {n} (An obsolete type of sailing warship) :: [Bokmål] fregatt {m}; [Nynorsk] fregatt {m}
frigate {n} (A 19th c. type of warship) :: [Bokmål] fregatt {m}; [Nynorsk] fregatt {m}
frigate {n} (A modern type of warship) :: [Bokmål] fregatt {m}; [Nynorsk] fregatt {m}
fringe {n} (peripheral part) :: [Bokmål] ytterkant {m}; [Nynorsk] ytterkant {m}
Frisbee {n} (disk) :: frisbee
Frisian Islands {prop} (archipelago) :: [Bokmål] De frisiske øyer; [Nynorsk] Dei frisiske øyane
frivolous {adj} (silly; especially at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate manner) :: frivol
Frodo {prop} (male given name) :: Frode
frog {n} (amphibian) :: frosk {m}
frogspawn {n} (frogs' eggs) :: [Bokmål] froskerogn {m} {f}
from {prep} (with the source or provenance of or at) :: fra
from {prep} (with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at) :: fra
from {prep} (with the separation, exclusion or differentiation of) :: fra; mot [when used as protection from someone/something]
from A to Z {prep} (comprehensively) :: [Bokmål] fra A til Å
from now on {adv} (from now, indefinitely) :: [Bokmål] fra nå av, fra og med nå
from time to time {adv} (occasionally) :: [Bokmål] fra tid til annen, nå og da, av og til, i ny og ne; [Nynorsk] frå tid til annan, nå og då, av og til
front {n} (facing side) :: [Bokmål] front {m}, forside {m} {f}, framside {m} {f}, fremside {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] front {m}, framside {f}
front {n} (main entrance side) :: front {m}, fasade {m}
front {n} (meteorology: interface between airmasses) :: front {m}
front {n} (military: area or line of conflict) :: front {m}
front desk {n} (reception) SEE: reception ::
frontier {n} (part of a country that fronts or faces another country or an unsettled region) :: [Bokmål] landegrense {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] landegrense {f}
frontispiece {n} (publishing: title page) SEE: title page ::
front page {n} (initially visible page of a publication) :: [Bokmål] forside {m} {f}, fremside {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] forside {f}
frosh {n} (frog) SEE: frog ::
frost {n} (cover of minute ice crystals) :: [Bokmål] rim {n}, frost {m}; [Nynorsk] frost {m}
frost {n} (cold weather that would cause frost) :: [Bokmål] frost {m}, kulde {m}; [Nynorsk] frost {m}
frostproof {adj} (resistant to frost) :: [Bokmål] frostsikker; [Nynorsk] frostsikker
frounce {v} (to crease, wrinkle) SEE: frown ::
froward {adj} (Disobedient, contrary, unmanageable) :: [Bokmål] trassig, egenrådig, ustyrlig, ulydig
frown {v} (to look with disfavour or threateningly) :: [Bokmål] skule
frozen {adj} (in the state of that which freezes) :: [Bokmål] frossen, frosset, tilfrosset
fructose {n} (monosaccharide ketose sugar) :: fruktose, fruktsukker
frugal {adj} (economical, avoiding waste, thrifty) :: måteholden, frugal; [Bokmål] nøysom, sparsommelig
frugality {n} (quality of being frugal; prudent economy; thrift) :: [Bokmål] måtehold, sparsommelighet
fruit {n} (part of plant) :: [Bokmål] frukt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] frukt {f}
fruit {n} (food) :: [Bokmål] frukt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] frukt {f}
fruit {n} (figuratively: positive end result or reward of labour or effort) :: [Bokmål] frukt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] frukt {f}
fruitful {adj} (favorable to the growth) :: fruktbar
fruitful {adj} (productive, yielding benefits) :: [Bokmål] fruktbar; [Nynorsk] fruktbar
fruitiness {n} (quality of being fruity) :: [Bokmål] fruktighet {m} {f}
fruit juice {n} (juice of fruit) :: [Bokmål] fruktsaft {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fruktsaft {f}
fruitless {adj} (unproductive; useless) :: [Bokmål] verdiløs, verdilaus; [Nynorsk] verdilaus
fruit salad {n} (salad made of fruit) :: [Bokmål] fruktsalat {m}; [Nynorsk] fruktsalat {m}
fruit tree {n} (a tree that bears a crop of edible fruit on a regular basis) :: [Bokmål] frukttre {n}; [Nynorsk] frukttre {n}
fruity {adj} (containing fruit or fruit flavouring) :: [Bokmål] fruktig; [Nynorsk] fruktig
frustrating {adj} (discouraging; causing annoyance or anger by excessive difficulty) :: [Bokmål] frustrerende
frustration {n} (feeling of annoyance) :: [Bokmål] frustrasjon {m}; [Nynorsk] frustrasjon {m}
fry {v} (to cook (something) in hot fat or oil) :: steke
fry {n} (young fish) :: [Bokmål] yngel {m}; [Nynorsk] yngel {m}
frying pan {n} (long-handled, shallow pan used for frying food) :: [Bokmål] stekepanne {m} {f}, steikepanne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] steikepanne {f}, steikjepanne {f}
fuchsia {n} (plant) :: [Bokmål] fuksia {m}; [Nynorsk] fuksia {m}
fuchsia {n} (colour) :: fuksia
fuck {v} (to have sexual intercourse-obscene or vulgar) :: pule, knulle, jokke
fuck {n} (an act of sexual intercourse) :: knull {n}, ligg {n}, nummer {n}
fuck {interj} (fuck!) :: faen!, helvete!
fuckable {adj} (sexually attractive) :: pulbar
fucked {adj} (very drunk) :: drita, dritings
fucking {n} (an act of sexual intercourse) :: knull {n}
fucking {adj} (as an intensifier) :: jævla
fucking {adj} (offensive or worthless) :: forpult
fuck off {v} (go to hell, disappear, screw oneself) :: dra til helvete
fuck off {interj} (go away!) :: dra til helvete!, drit og dra!
fuck you {n} (fuck you) :: faen ta deg, føkk deg
fuel {n} (substance consumed to provide energy) :: [Bokmål] brennstoff {n}, brensel {n}, drivstoff {n}; [Nynorsk] brennstoff {n}, brensel {n}, drivstoff {n}
fuel cell {n} (electrochemical device) :: brenselcelle {m} {f}
fuel gauge {n} (measuring instrument) :: [Bokmål] drivstoffmåler {m}
fuel tank {n} (a container of fuel) :: [Bokmål] drivstofftank {m}; [Nynorsk] drivstofftank {m}
fugitive {n} (a person who is fleeing or escaping from something) :: rømling {m}
fugitive {adj} (fleeing or running away) :: flyktig
fugitive {adj} (transient, fleeting or ephemeral) :: diffus
fugitive {adj} (elusive or difficult to retain) :: diffus
fulcrum {n} (support about which a lever pivots) :: dreiepunkt {n}, dreiningspunkt {n}, hvilepunkt {n}, omdreiningspunkt {n}
fulfilment {n} (being fulfilled) :: [Bokmål] oppfyllelse {m}, oppfylling {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] oppfylling {f}
full {adj} (containing the maximum possible amount) :: full
full {adj} (complete) :: fullstendig, komplett
full {adj} (total, entire) :: hel
full {adj} (satisfied, in relation to eating) :: mett
full {adj} (of a garment: ample, wide) :: vid
full {n} (phase of the moon) SEE: full moon ::
full-blooded {adj} (of purebred ancestry) :: [Bokmål] fullblods; [Nynorsk] fullblods
full moon {n} (phase of moon when in opposition to sun) :: [Bokmål] fullmåne {m}; [Nynorsk] fullmåne {m}
fullness of time {n} (time that is not too soon) :: [Bokmål] tidens fylde
full stop {n} (The punctuation mark “.”) :: [Bokmål] punktum {n}
full throttle {n} (a maximum setting on an engine or motor control) :: full gass, fullt pådrag, fullt gasspådrag, bånn gass, bånn pinne, klampen i bånn
full-time {adj} (Involving a full amount of time spent on some activity) :: heltids
full-time {adv} (Spending a full amount of time) :: [Bokmål] heltid; [Nynorsk] heiltid
fulminic acid {n} (HCNO) :: knallsyre {m} {f}
fume {v} (to emit fumes) :: ryke
fun {n} (enjoyment or amusement) :: moro
fun {n} (playful, often noisy, activity) :: moro
function {n} (what something does or is used for) :: funksjon {m}
function {n} (professional or official position) :: post {m}, stilling {m}
function {n} (official or social occasion) :: [Bokmål] tilstelling {m} {f}, tilstelning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tilstelling {f}
function {n} (relation where one thing is dependent on another) :: funksjon {m}
function {n} (mathematics: a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs) :: funksjon {m}
function {n} (computing: routine that returns a result) :: funksjon {m}
function {n} (biology: physiological activity of an organ or body part) :: funksjon {m}
functional {adj} (in good working order) :: [Bokmål] funksjonell; [Nynorsk] funksjonell
functional {adj} (useful, serving a purpose) :: [Bokmål] funksjonell; [Nynorsk] funksjonell
functionalism {n} (architecture) :: [Bokmål] funksjonalisme {m}; [Nynorsk] funksjonalisme {m}
functionalist {adj} (relating to functionalism) :: [Bokmål] funksjonalistisk; [Nynorsk] funksjonalistisk
functionality {n} (ability) :: Bokmal: funksjonalitet {m}; [Nynorsk] funksjonalitet {m}
functional requirement {n} (a condition or capability) :: [Bokmål] funksjonelt krav {n}
functional requirement {n} (description of any of the functions of a software system) :: [Bokmål] kravspekk {m}, kravspesifikasjon {m}
functioning {adj} (functional) SEE: functional ::
fund {n} (sum or source of money) :: [Bokmål] fond {n}; [Nynorsk] fond {n}
fundament {n} (anus) SEE: anus ::
fundament {n} (foundation) SEE: foundation ::
fundamental {n} (a leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article) :: fundamental
fundamental particle {n} (elementary particle) SEE: elementary particle ::
funding {n} (money provided as funds) :: [Bokmål] finansiering {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] finansiering {f}
funeral {n} (ceremony to honour a deceased person) :: begravelse {m}, jordfestelse {m}
funeral director {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker ::
funereal {adj} (relating to a funeral) :: begravelses-
fungus {n} (any member of the kingdom Fungi) :: sopp
funicular {n} (rail transit system) :: [Bokmål] kabelbane; [Nynorsk] kabelbane
funk {n} (spark) SEE: spark ::
funnel {n} (utensil used to guide poured liquids) :: [Bokmål] trakt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] trakt {f}, trekt {f}
funnel {n} (smoke flue, chimney) SEE: chimney ::
funnel chanterelle {n} (Craterellus tubaeformis) :: [Bokmål] traktkantarell {m}
funny {adj} (amusing; comical) :: artig; [Bokmål] morsom, gøy; [Nynorsk] morosam
funny {adj} (strange; unusual) :: rar, merkelig
funny farm {n} (informal term for lunatic asylum) SEE: madhouse ::
fur {n} (hairy coat of a mammal, especially when fine, soft and thick) :: [Bokmål] pels {m}; [Nynorsk] pels {m}
fur {n} (pelt used to make, trim or line clothing apparel) :: [Bokmål] pelsverk {n}; [Nynorsk] pelsverk {n}
fur coat {n} (coat made of animal fur) :: [Bokmål] pels {m}; [Nynorsk] pels {m}
fur farm {n} (farm where fur-bearing animals are raised) :: [Bokmål] pelsdyrfarm {m}; [Nynorsk] pelsdyrfarm {m}
furious {adj} (transported with passion or fury) :: olm; [Bokmål] rasende
furious {adj} (rushing with impetuosity) :: med voldsom kraft
furnace {n} (device for heating) SEE: oven ::
furnish {v} (to provide with furniture or other equipment) :: innrede, møblere
furnished {adj} (supplied with furniture) :: møblert
furniture {n} (large movable items) :: [Bokmål] møbel {p}, møbler {p}; [Nynorsk] møbel {p}, møblar {p}
furore {n} (uproar) :: furore
furrow {n} (trench cut in the soil) :: [Bokmål] fure {m}
furrow {n} (deep wrinkle in the skin of the face) :: [Bokmål] fure {m}
fursuit {n} (animal outfit in the furry subculture) :: [Bokmål] fursuit
furthermore {adv} (In addition; besides; what's more; used to denote additional information) :: [Bokmål] videre, dessuten, i tillegg; [Nynorsk] vidare, dessutan
furuncle {n} (boil) SEE: boil ::
fuse {n} (cord) :: lunte {c}
fuse {n} (device igniting charge) :: tennsats {m}, fenghette {c}
fuse {n} (device preventing overloading of a circuit) :: [Bokmål] sikring {m}; [Nynorsk] sikring {f} {m}
fuselage {n} (main body of aerospace vehicle) :: [Bokmål] flykropp {m}; [Nynorsk] flykropp {m}
fusion {n} (merging of elements into a union) :: [Bokmål] fusjon {m}; [Nynorsk] fusjon {m}
fusion {n} (nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine) :: sammensmelting; [Bokmål] fusjon {m}; [Nynorsk] fusjon {m}
fuss {n} (excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something) :: kjas
futile {adj} (incapable of producing results) :: [Bokmål] nytteløs, nyttelaus; [Nynorsk] nyttelaus
futtock {n} (Futtock: The curved rib-like timbers of a ship's frame) :: vrbord {m}
future {n} (the time ahead) :: framtid {m} {f}
future {n} (something that will happen in moments yet to come) :: framtid {m} {f}
future {adj} (having to do with or occurring in the future) :: [Bokmål] framtidig, fremtidig; [Nynorsk] framtidig
future {n} (grammar) SEE: future tense ::
future tense {n} (time form of a verb) :: futurum {n}
futurism {n} (art movement) :: futurisme {m}
fuzz {n} (cop) SEE: cop ::
fuzz {n} (police) SEE: police ::
fuzzy {adj} (covered with fuzz or loose fibres) :: [Bokmål] lodden, ullen; [Nynorsk] loden, ullen
fuzzy {adj} (vague or imprecise) :: [Bokmål] ullen, uklar; [Nynorsk] ullen, uklar, uklår
fuzzy {adj} (not clear; unfocused) :: [Bokmål] uklar; [Nynorsk] uklar, uklår
FXML {initialism} :: FXML {n}
fylfot {n} (swastika) SEE: swastika ::
fynbos {n} (fynbos) :: fynbos