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each {determiner} (every) :: każdy
each {determiner} (per) :: każde
each and every {determiner} (each without exception) :: wszyscy bez wyjątku, wszystkie bez wyjątku
each other {pron} (to one another; one to the other) :: nawzajem
eager {adj} (excited by desire in the pursuit of any object) :: gorliwy
eagle {n} (any of several large carnivorous birds in the family Accipitridae) :: orzeł {m-an}, bielik {m-an}
eagle {n} (a gold coin with a face value of $10.00) :: dziesięciodolarówka {f}
eagle owl {n} (large owl of genus Bubo) :: puchacz {m-an}
ear {n} (organ of hearing) :: ucho {n}
ear {n} (slang: police informant) :: konfident {m}, szpicel {m}
ear {n} (fruiting body of a grain plant) :: kłos {m}
ear {v} (archaic: to plough) :: orać
ear {v} (plough) SEE: plough ::
ear {n} (external part of the organ of hearing) SEE: pinna ::
earache {n} (pain in the ear) :: otalgia, ból ucha
earcap {n} (A cap or cover to protect the ear from cold) :: nausznik {m}
eardrum {n} (membrane separating outer and middle ears) :: błona bębenkowa {f}
earlier {adj} (comparative of early) :: wcześniej
ear lobe {n} (a part of the ear) :: małżowina {f}
early {adj} (at a time in advance of the usual) :: wczesny
early {adj} (arriving at a time before expected) :: wczesny
early {adj} (near the start or beginning) :: wczesny, początkowy
early {adv} (at a time before expected) :: wcześnie
early bird {n} (one who wakes early) :: ranny ptaszek {m}, skowronek {m}
early riser {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird ::
earmuff {n} (garment to keep the ears warm) :: nausznik {m-in}, nauszniki {m-in-p}
earn {v} (transitive: receive (money) for working) :: zarabiać {impf}, zarobić {pf}
earn {v} (deserve) :: zasłużyć {pf}
earn {v} (intransitive: receive money for working) :: zarabiać {impf}, zarobić {pf}
earphone {n} (sound device held near the ear) :: słuchawki {p}
earphones {n} (small speakers worn over the ears) :: słuchawki {f-p}
earring {n} (piece of jewelry) :: kolczyk {m}
ear shell {n} (abalone) SEE: abalone ::
earth {n} (soil) :: ziemia {f}
earth {n} (any general rock-based material) :: ziemia {f}
earth {n} (electrical connection) :: uziemienie {n}
earth {n} (one of the four basic elements) :: ziemia {f}
earth {n} (one of the five basic elements) :: ziemia {f}
earth {v} (connect electrically to the earth) :: uziemić
earth {v} (to bury) :: zakopać
earth {prop} (our planet, third out from the Sun) SEE: Earth ::
Earth {prop} (third planet of the Solar System) :: Ziemia {f}
Earth {prop} (personification of Earth) SEE: Mother Earth ::
Earthling {n} (inhabitant of the planet Earth) :: Ziemianin {m}, Ziemianka {f}
earth pig {n} (aardvark) SEE: aardvark ::
earthquake {n} (shaking of the surface of a planet) :: trzęsienie ziemi {n}
earthworm {n} (worm (animal)) :: dżdżownica {f}
earwax {n} (waxy substance secreted by the ear) :: woskowina
earwig {n} (the insect) :: skorek {m}, zausznik {m}, szczypawka {f}
easel {n} (upright frame for displaying or supporting something) :: sztaluga {f}
easement {n} (legal right to use another person's property) :: serwitut
east {n} (compass point) :: wschód {m-in}
east {adj} (in or towards the east) :: wschodni
east {adj} (meteorology: easterly) :: wschodni
east {adj} (of or pertaining to the east) :: wschodni
east {adj} (from the East) :: wschodni
east {adv} (towards the east) :: na wschód, ku wschodowi
East African {adj} (relating to East Africa) :: wschodnioafrykański {m}
East Asian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to East Asia) :: wschodnioazjatycki {m}
East Berlin {prop} (the Soviet sector of Berlin between 1949 and 1990) :: Berlin Wschodni {m}
East China Sea {prop} (a sea) :: Morze Wschodniochińskie {n}
East Coast {prop} (the eastern seaboard of the United States) :: Wschodnie Wybrzeże {n}
Easter {n} (Christian holiday) :: Wielkanoc {f}, Pascha {f}
Easter Bunny {prop} (Symbolic rabbit sometimes depicted delivering Easter eggs to children) :: zając wielkanocny {m}
Easter egg {n} (a dyed or decorated egg) :: jajko wielkanocne {n}, [dyed] pisanka {f}
Easter Island {prop} (Island in the Pacific) :: Wyspa Wielkanocna {f}
eastern {adj} (related to the east) :: wschodni
eastern {adj} (blowing from the east) :: wschodni {m}
Eastern Bloc {prop} (The largely Communist countries of the eastern world) :: blok wschodni {m}
Eastern Europe {prop} (Eastern Europe) :: Europa Wschodnia {f}
Eastern European {adj} (Eastern European) :: wschodnioeuropejski {m}
Eastern Herzegovinian {n} (a Shtokavian subdialect) :: wschodniohercegowiński
Eastern Orthodox {adj} (pertaining to the Eastern Orthodox Church) :: prawosławny
Easter Sunday {prop} (Easter Sunday) :: Niedziela Wielkanocna {f}
East Flanders {prop} (East Flanders) :: Flandria Wschodnia {f}
East German {adj} (East German) :: wschodnioniemiecki {m}
East Punjab {prop} (state in India) :: Pendżab {m}
East Sea {prop} (South China Sea) SEE: South China Sea ::
East Sea {prop} (Baltic sea) SEE: Baltic Sea ::
East Sea {prop} (Sea of Japan) SEE: Sea of Japan ::
East Sea {prop} (Dead Sea) SEE: Dead Sea ::
East Sea {prop} (East China Sea) SEE: East China Sea ::
East Slavic {adj} (of or relating to the East Slavs) :: wschodniosłowiański {m}
East Timor {prop} (Country in Oceania) :: Timor Wschodni {m-in}
East Timorese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to East Timor or the East Timorese people) :: wschodniotimorski
East Turkestan {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang ::
eastward {adv} (towards the east) :: na wschód
easy {adj} (comfortable) SEE: comfortable ::
easy {adj} (requiring little skill or effort) :: łatwy, lekki, prosty
easy {adj} (consenting readily to sex) :: łatwy {m}, łatwa {f}
easy come, easy go {proverb} (easily won and easily lost; usually said when resigned to a loss) :: łatwo przyszło, łatwo poszło
eat {v} (to ingest, see also: consume; ingest) :: jeść {impf}, zjeść {pf}
eatable {adj} (able to be eaten) SEE: edible ::
eater {n} (one who eats) :: zjadacz
eatery {n} (a restaurant or café) :: knajpa
eating disorder {n} (psychological disorder) :: zaburzenia odżywiania
eat like a bird {v} (to eat small amounts) :: jeść jak ptaszek
eau de toilette {n} (lightly scented perfume) :: woda toaletowa {f}
eaves {n} (underside of a roof) :: okap {m}
eavesdrop {v} (to hear a conversation one is not intended to hear) :: podsłuchiwać {impf}, podsłuchać {pf}
ebb {n} (receding movement of the tide) :: odpływ {m}
ebb {n} (low tide) :: odpływ {m}
ebonite {n} (product of vulcanizing rubber with sulfur) :: ebonit {m}
ebony {n} (wood) :: heban {m-in}
ebony {n} (tree) :: heban
ebony {n} (colour) :: heban {m-in}
ebony {adj} (made of ebony wood) :: hebanowy
ebony {adj} (deep, dark black colour) :: hebanowy
e-book {n} (electronic book) :: e-book {m}, książka elektroniczna {f}, e-książka {f}, ebook {m}, eBook {m}
e-book reader {n} (e-reader) SEE: e-reader ::
Ebro {prop} (Spanish river) :: Ebro {n}
eccentric {adj} (deviating from the norm) :: ekscentryczny {m}, ekscentryczna {f}, ekscentryczni {m-p}, ekscentryczne {f-p}
eccentric {n} (person who does not behave like others) :: ekscentryk {m}, ekscentryczka {f}, ekscentrycy {m-p}, ekscentryczki {f-p}
eccentricity {n} (a ratio between distances in a conic section) :: ekscentryczność {f}, mimośród {m}
ecchymosis {n} (skin discoloration) SEE: bruise ::
Ecclesiastes {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Księga Koheleta {f}
ecclesiastical {adj} (pertaining to the church) :: kościelny, eklezjalny
Ecclesiasticus {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Mądrość Syracha {f}
ecclesiology {n} (branch of theology) :: eklezjologia {f}
ecdysiast {n} (stripper) :: striptizer {m}, striptizerka {f}
echelon {n} ((military) formation of troops) :: eszelon {m}
echidna {n} (any of the four species of small spined monotremes) :: kolczatka {f}
echo {n} (reflected sound) :: echo {n}
echo chamber {n} ((derogatory) communication space which refuses the input of outsiders) :: kółko wzajemnej adoracji {n}
echolalia {n} (echoing of words or phrases) :: echolalia {f}
echolocation {n} (use of echos to detect objects) :: echolokacja {f}
eclectic {adj} (selecting a mixture of what appear to be best of various doctrines, methods or styles) :: eklektyczny
eclipse {n} (passage of a planetary object between others) :: zaćmienie {n}
ecliptic {n} (Earth's orbital plane) :: ekliptyka {f}
eco- {prefix} (concerning ecology or the environment) :: eko-
ecofeminism {n} (a sociopolitical movement combining feminism and environmentalism) :: ekofeminizm {m}
ecologic {adj} (related to ecology) SEE: ecological ::
ecological {adj} (relating to ecology) :: ekologiczny
ecologically {adv} (in an ecological manner) :: ekologicznie
ecologist {n} (A scientist who studies ecology) :: ekolog {m}
ecology {n} (branch of biology) :: ekologia {f}
econometrics {n} (branch of economics) :: ekonometria {f}
economic {adj} (pertaining to an economy) :: ekonomiczny {m}
economic {adj} (cheap) :: ekonomiczny {m}
economic {adj} (pertaining to the study of money) :: ekonomiczny {m}
economical {adj} (relating to economy) SEE: economic ::
economically {adv} (in an economic or profitable manner) :: ekonomicznie
economics {n} (study) :: ekonomia {f}, ekonomika {f}
economist {n} (expert in economics) :: ekonomista {m}, ekonomistka {f}
economy {n} (effective management of the resources of a community or system) :: gospodarka {f}
economy {n} (production and distribution and consumption) :: ekonomia {f}
ecosystem {n} (system of an ecological community and its environment) :: ekosystem {m}
ecotone {n} (a region of transition) :: ekoton
ecru {adj} (beige) SEE: beige ::
ecstasy {n} (intense pleasure) :: ekstaza {f}
ectoplasm {n} (parapsychology: visible substance believed to emanate from spiritualistic mediums) :: ektoplazma
Ecuador {prop} (country in South America) :: Ekwador {m-in}
Ecuadorian {n} (person from Ecuador) :: Ekwadorczyk {m}, Ekwadorka {f}
Ecuadorian {adj} (pertaining to Ecuador) :: ekwadorski
ecumenism {n} (philosophy) :: ekumenizm
ecumenopolis {n} (planet-wide city) :: ekumenopolis {n}
eczema {n} (acute or chronic inflammation of the skin) :: egzema {f}, wyprysk {m}
-ed {suffix} (having an object of a particular quality) :: -y {m}, -ny {m}
eddy {n} (air or water running in an opposite direction to the main current) :: wir {m}
edema {n} (excessive accumulation of serum in tissue) :: obrzęk {m}, opuchlizna {f}
Eden {prop} (garden) :: Eden {m}
Eden {n} (paradise on Earth) :: Eden {m}
edentate {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless ::
edentulous {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless ::
Edgar {prop} (male given name) :: Edgar {m}
edge {n} (boundary line of a surface) :: krawędź {f}, skraj {m}, rąbek {m}, obrzeże {n}, kraniec {m}
edge {n} (joining line between two vertices of a polygon) :: krawędź {f}
edge {n} (thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument) :: ostrze {n}
edge {n} (in graph theory: any of the pairs of vertices in a graph) :: krawędź {f}
edible {adj} (that can be eaten without harm; suitable for consumption) :: jadalny
edict {n} (a proclamation of law) :: edykt {m}, dekret {m}
Edinburgh {prop} (capital of Scotland) :: Edynburg {m}
edit {n} (a change to the text of a document) :: edycja {f}
edit {v} (to change a text, or a document) :: edytować, redagować
editable {adj} (capable of being edited) :: edytowalny {m}
Edith {prop} (female given name) :: Edyta {f}
edition {n} (literary work) :: wydanie {n}
edition {n} (whole set of copies) :: nakład {m}
editor {n} (person who edits) :: redaktor {m}
editor {n} (program for modifying text files) :: edytor {m}, edytor tekstu {m}
editor {n} (someone who manipulates video footage and assembles it into the correct order) :: montażysta {m}, montażystka {f}
Edmonton {prop} (city in Canada) :: Edmonton
Edom {prop} (name given to Esau in the Hebrew Bible) :: Edom {m}
Edom {prop} (region whose inhabitants traditionally traced their ancestry to Esau) :: Edom {m}
e-dress {n} (e-mail address) SEE: e-mail address ::
education {n} (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment) :: edukacja {f}, oświata {f}, kształcenie {n}
education {n} (facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally) :: wykształcenie {n}
educative {adj} (educational) :: wychowawczy {m}
educator {n} (teacher) SEE: teacher ::
Edward {prop} (male given name) :: Edward {m-pr}
eel {n} (any fish of the order Anguilliformes) :: węgorz {m}, węgorzokształtne {p}
eeny, meeny, miny, moe {n} (similar children's counting-out games in other languages) :: entliczek pentliczek czerwony stoliczek na kogo wypadnie na tego bec
Eeyore {n} (negative or pessimistic person) :: Kłapouchy {m}
effect {n} (result of an action) :: efekt {m}, rezultat {m}, wynik {m}
effective {adj} (having the power to produce a required effect or effects) :: efektywny
effectivity {n} (the ability or power to be effective) :: skuteczność {f}, efektywność {f}
effectivity {n} (a measure of the effectiveness of something) :: efektywność {f}, skuteczność {f}
effeminacy {n} (the quality of being effeminate) :: zniewieściałość {f}
effeminate {adj} (of a man, behaving like a woman) :: zniewieściały
efficacity {n} (efficacy) SEE: efficacy ::
efficacy {n} (ability to produce effect) :: efektywność {f}, skuteczność {f}
efficiency {n} (extent to which time is well used) :: efektywność {f}
efficiency {n} (extent to which a resource is used for the intended purpose) :: sprawność {f}
effigy {n} (dummy or other crude representation) :: kukła {f}
efflower {v} (leatherworking: remove an outer surface with a knife) SEE: graze ::
effort {n} (endeavor) SEE: endeavor ::
effort {n} (the amount of work involved in achieving something) :: wysiłek {m}, staranie {n}
e.g. {adv} (abbreviation for “for example”) :: [na przykład] np.
egalitarianism {n} (political doctrine of universal equality) :: egalitaryzm {m}
egg {n} (body housing an embryo) :: jajo {n}, jajko {n}
egg {n} (egg of domestic fowl as food item) :: jajko {n}
egg {n} (ovum) :: komórka jajowa {f}
egg cell {n} (ovum) SEE: ovum ::
egghead {n} (pejorative: bald person) :: łysol {m}
egghead {n} (pejorative: intellectual) :: jajogłowy {m-pr}
eggnog {n} (alcoholic beverage) :: kogel-mogel {m}
eggplant {n} (plant) :: bakłażan {m}, oberżyna {f}
eggplant {n} (edible fruit) :: bakłażan {m}, oberżyna {f}
eggshell {n} (object) :: skorupka jajka {f}
egg white {n} (albumen) SEE: albumen ::
egg yolk {n} (central part of an egg) SEE: yolk ::
egocentric {adj} (egotistical) :: egocentryczny
egocentric {n} (person who is egocentric) :: egocentryk {m}, egocentryczka {f}
egocentrism {n} (following ones egotistical desires) :: egocentryzm {m}
egocentrist {n} (an egocentric person) :: egocentryk {m}, egocentryczka {f}
egoist {n} (advocate of egoism) :: egoista {m}, egoistka {f}
egoist {n} (self-centered or selfish person) :: egoista {m}, egoistka {f}
egotism {n} (belief that one is superior) :: egotyzm {m}
egotist {n} (egocentric or self-centered person) SEE: egoist ::
egregious {adj} (conspicuous, exceptional, conspicuous) :: rażący {m}
egress {n} (exit) SEE: exit ::
egret {n} (Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea) :: czapla {f}
Egypt {prop} (country in North Africa) :: Egipt {m-in}
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egypt) :: egipski {m}
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egyptians) :: egipski {m}
Egyptian {n} (person from Egypt) :: Egipcjanin {m}, Egipcjanka {f}
Egyptian {prop} (language) :: egipski
Egyptian Arabic {prop} (Egyptian Arabic) :: egipski arabski {m}
Egyptologist {n} (A person; one who is skilled professes or practices Egyptology) :: egiptolog
eh {interj} (used as a tag question) :: , nie, co, prawda
Eid al-Fitr {prop} (religious celebration) :: Id al-Fitr {m}
eider {n} (duck of genus Somateria) :: edredon {m}
Eifelian {prop} :: Eifel
Eiffel Tower {prop} (tower in Paris) :: wieża Eiffla {f}
eigenvalue {n} (scalar multiplier of an eigenvector) :: wartość własna {f}
eigenvector {n} (vector not rotated by linear transformation) :: wektor własny {m}
eight {num} (cardinal number 8) :: osiem, [collective] ośmioro
eight {n} (The digit/figure 8) :: ósemka {f}
eight {n} (Playing card with value 8) :: ósemka {f}
eighteen {num} (cardinal number) :: osiemnaście, [collective] osiemnaścioro
eighteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number eighteen) :: osiemnasty (abbreviation 18.)
eighth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eight) :: ósmy
eighth note {n} (eighth note) SEE: quaver ::
eight hundred {num} (cardinal number 800) :: osiemset
eighties {n} (the decade of the 1980s) :: lata osiemdziesiąte {p}, lata 80. {p}
eightieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eighty) :: osiemdziesiąty (abbreviation 80.)
eight thousand {n} (cardinal number) :: osiem tysięcy
eighty {num} (80) :: osiemdziesiąt
eighty-eight {num} (88) :: osiemdziesiąt osiem
eighty-five {num} (the cardinal number 85) :: osiemdziesiąt pięć
eighty-four {num} (84) :: osiemdziesiąt cztery
eighty-nine {num} (89) :: osiemdziesiąt dziewięć
eighty-one {num} (81) :: osiemdziesiąt jeden
eighty-seven {num} (87) :: osiemdziesiąt siedem
eighty-six {num} (cardinal number 86) :: osiemdziesiąt sześć
eightysomething {n} (octogenarian) SEE: octogenarian ::
eighty-three {num} (83) :: osiemdziesiąt trzy
eighty-two {num} (82) :: osiemdziesiąt dwa
einstein {n} (one mole of photons) :: einstein
Einstein {prop} (Albert Einstein) :: Einstein
einsteinium {n} (element with atomic number 99) :: einstein {m}
either {determiner} (each of two) :: oba
either {adv} ((after a negative) as well) :: też nie
either {conj} (introduces the first of two options) :: albo... albo..., [with negative] ani... ani...; albo ... albo
ejaculation {n} (ejection of semen through the urethra) :: wytrysk {m}, ejakulacja {f}
eject {v} (to compel to leave) :: wyrzucać {impf}, wyrzucić {pf}
eject {v} (to project oneself from an aircraft) :: katapultować się
eject {v} (to cause to come out of a machine) :: wysuwać, wysunąć
eject {v} (to come out of a machine) :: wysuwać się {impf}, wysunąć się {pf}
ejector {n} (ejector) :: wyrzutnik {m}
Ekavian {prop} (Dialect or a group of dialects) :: ekawski {m}
elaborate {adj} (detailed) :: drobiazgowy {m}
elaborate {v} (to give further detail or explanation) :: rozwinąć
elapse {v} ((of time) to pass or move by) :: upływać {impf}
elastic {n} (elastic band) SEE: elastic band ::
elastic band {n} (loop of rubber or similar material) :: gumka {f}
Elbe {prop} (European river) :: Łaba {f}
Elbląg {prop} (a city in Poland) :: Elbląg {m}
elbow {n} (joint between upper arm and forearm) :: łokieć {m}
elbow {v} (to push with the elbow) :: uderzyć z łokcia
elder {adj} (greater than another in age or seniority) :: starszy
elder {n} (Sambucus) :: bez {m}
elder {n} :: bez {m}
elderberry {n} (elder tree) SEE: elder ::
elderberry {n} (fruit) :: bez czarny {m}
Eleanor {prop} (female given name) :: Eleonora {f}
elect {v} (to elect) SEE: choose ::
elect {v} (to choose or make decision) :: postanowić
elect {v} (to choose in election) :: wybierać
election {n} (process of choosing a new leader or representatives) :: wybory {p}
elector {n} (person eligible to vote) :: wyborca {m}
elector {n} (in the Holy Roman Empire, a participant in the election of the emperor) SEE: Elector ::
Elector {n} (elector or prince-elector) :: elektor Rzeszy {m}
electoral {adj} (of, or relating to elections) :: wyborczy
electric {adj} (electrical) :: elektryczny
electrical tape {n} (plastic tape) :: taśma izolacyjna {f}
electric chair {n} (device used for performing execution by electrocution) :: krzesło elektryczne {n}
electric charge {n} (electric energy of a charged body) :: ładunek elektryczny {m}
electric current {n} (measurement of the rate of flow of electric charge) :: prąd {m}
electric fence {n} (electric fence) :: elektryczny pastuc {m}
electric field {n} (region around a charged particle) :: pole elektryczne {n}
electric guitar {n} (guitar which requires electronic amplification) :: gitara elektryczna {f}
electrician {n} (tradesman who works with electrical equipment) :: elektryk {m}
electricity {n} (form of energy) :: elektryczność {f}
electricity meter {n} (a device that measures the consumption of electricity) :: licznik prądu {m}, licznik energii elektrycznej {m}
electric motor {n} (motor) :: silnik elektryczny {m}
electric multiple unit {n} (multiple unit powered by electricity) :: elektryczny zespół trakcyjny {m}
electric vehicle {n} (vehicle that uses an electric motor as the means of propulsion) :: pojazd elektryczny {m}
electrification {n} (the act of electrifying, or the state of being charged with electricity) :: elektryfikacja {f}
electrochemical {adj} (of or relating to a chemical reaction brought about by electricity) :: elektrochemiczny {m}
electrochemical {adj} (of or relating to electricity produced by a chemical reaction) :: elektrochemiczny {m}
electrochemical cell {n} (device) :: ogniwo elektrochemiczne {n}
electrochemistry {n} (chemistry pertaining to electricity) :: elektrochemia {f}
electrocution {n} (a severe electric shock) :: porażenie prądem {n}
electrode {n} (the terminal through which electric current passes) :: elektroda {f}
electroluminescence {n} (generation of light by application of an alternating current or by electric discharge) :: elektroluminescencja {f}
electrolysis {n} (chemical change) :: elektroliza {f}
electrolytic {adj} :: elektrolityczny {m}
electromagnetic interaction {n} (electromagnetic interaction) :: oddziaływanie elektromagnetyczne
electromagnetic spectrum {n} (electromagnetic spectrum) :: widmo fal elektromagnetycznych {n}
electromagnetism {n} (a fundamental force) :: elektromagnetyzm {m}
electron {n} (the negatively charged subatomic particles that orbit atoms) :: elektron {m}
electron {n} (an alloy) :: elektron {m}
electronegative {adj} (tending to attract electrons) :: elektroujemny {m}
electronegativity {n} (degree of electron attraction) :: elektroujemność {f}
electron hole {n} (lack of an electron) SEE: hole ::
electronic {adj} (pertaining to electrons) :: elektronowy {m}
electronic {adj} (operating on behavior of electrons) :: elektroniczny {m}
electronic {adj} (generated by electronic device) :: elektroniczny {m}
electronic book {n} (e-book) SEE: e-book ::
electronic cigarette {n} (electronic cigarette) :: papieros elektroniczny, e-papieros
electronic mail {n} (email) SEE: email ::
electronics {n} ((physics)) :: elektronika {f}
electron volt {n} (a unit for measuring the energy of subatomic particles) :: elektronowolt {m}
electropositive {adj} (tending to release electrons) :: elektrododatni {m}
electrum {n} (fossil resin) SEE: amber ::
elegance {n} (grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners) :: elegancja {f}
elegance {n} (restraint and grace in style) :: elegancja {f}
elegantly {adv} (gracefully) :: elegancko
elegy {n} (mournful or plaintive poem or song) :: elegia {f}
element {n} (simplest or essential part or principle of anything) :: pierwiastek {m}, element
element {n} (chemistry: simplest chemical substance) :: pierwiastek {m}
element {n} (alchemy: one of the four basic building blocks) :: żywioł {m}
element {n} (something small) :: odrobina {f}
element {n} (set theory: object in a set) :: element {m}
element {n} (heating element) :: element {m}
elemental {adj} (basic, fundamental, elementary) SEE: elementary ::
elemental {n} (fantastic creature) :: żywiołak {m}
elementary {adj} (relating to the basic, essential or fundamental part of something) :: podstawowy {m}, elementarny {m}
elementary {adj} (relating to an elementary school) :: podstawowy {m}
elementary {adj} (relating to a subatomic particle) :: elementarny {m}
elementary particle {n} (subatomic particle that does not consist of smaller particles) :: cząstka elementarna {f}
elementary school {n} (school for children) SEE: primary school ::
elephant {n} (mammal) :: słoń {m-an}, słonica {f}
Elephant {prop} (105th sura of the Qur'an) :: Słoń {m}
elephant dose {n} (large amount) :: końska dawka {f}
elephantiasis {n} (disease) :: słoniowacizna {f}
elephant seal {n} (mammal of the genus Mirounga) :: słoń morski {m}
elevate {v} (promote) SEE: promote ::
elevated railway {n} (railway) :: kolej nadziemna {f}
elevator {n} (permanent construction) SEE: lift ::
eleven {num} (the cardinal number occurring after ten and before twelve) :: jedenaście. [collective] jedenaścioro
eleven hundred {num} (one thousand one hundred) :: tysiąc sto
eleventh {adj} (ordinal form of eleven) :: jedenasty (abbreviation 11.)
elf {n} (mythical, supernatural being) :: elf {m}
elf {n} (very diminutive person) SEE: dwarf ::
elflock {n} (lock of hair that is tangled) :: kołtun
elide {v} (to leave out or omit) :: pominąć, pomijać, opuszczać, opuścić
elide {v} (to conflate) :: połączyć
eligibility {n} (quality of being eligible) :: wybieralność {f}, obieralność {f}, elekcyjność {f}
eligible {adj} (meeting the necessary requirements to participate; worthy of being chosen) :: gotowy {m}
eliminate {v} (completely destroy) :: likwidować {impf}, zlikwidować {pf}, eliminować {impf}, wyeliminować {pf}
Elisabeth {prop} (female given name) SEE: Elizabeth ::
elision {n} (the omission of a letter or syllable) :: elizja {f}
elite {adj} (of high birth or social position) :: elita {f}
elixir of life {n} (elixir that brings immortality) :: eliksir życia {m}; eliksir długowieczności {m}
Elizabeth {prop} (female given name) :: Elżbieta {f}
Elizabeth {prop} (mother of John the Baptist) :: Elżbieta {f}
Elizabethan {adj} (pertaining to the reign of Elizabeth I of England) :: elżbietański
elk {n} (Alces alces) SEE: moose ::
Elliott wave {n} (wave pattern) :: fala Elliotta {f}
ellipse {n} (curve) :: elipsa {f}
ellipsis {n} (typographic mark) :: wielokropek {m}
ellipsis {n} (omission of word or phrase) :: wyrzutnia {f}, elipsa {f}
ellipsoid {adj} (shaped like an ellipse) SEE: elliptical ::
elliptic {adj} (relating to an ellipse or its mathematical definition) :: eliptyczny
elliptical {adj} (oval) :: eliptyczny {m}
elliptical {adj} (showing ellipsis) :: eliptyczny {m}
elliptical {adj} (in math) SEE: elliptic ::
elm {n} (tree of genus Ulmus) :: wiąz {m}
Elohim {prop} (name for God) :: Elohim {m}
elope {v} (run away with a paramour) :: uciec {pf}
elope {v} (run away to get married) :: uciec (by się pobrać)
eloquence {n} (the quality of artistry and persuasiveness in speech or writing) :: elokwencja {f}
El Salvador {prop} (country in Central America) :: Salwador
elsewhere {adv} (in or at some other place) :: gdzie indziej
elsewhere {adv} (to some other place) :: gdzie indziej, [archaic] indziej
Elsinore {prop} (Danish city) :: Helsingør {m}, [historical] Elsynor {m}
elucidate {v} (make clear) :: objaśniać, wyjaśniać
elusive {adj} (evading capture, comprehension or remembrance) :: nieuchwytny {m}
elvish {adj} (of or having to do with elves) :: elfi {m}
emaciation {n} (the state of being emaciated) :: wychudzenie {n}
e-mail {n} (email) SEE: email ::
e-mail {v} (email) SEE: email ::
email {n} (system) :: e-mail {m}, [colloquial] mejl {m}, poczta elektroniczna {f}
email {n} (message sent via email) :: e-mail {m}, [colloquial] mejl {m}, mail {m}
email {n} (an email address) :: e-mail {m}, [colloquial] mejl {m}, adres mailowy {m}, adres mejlowy {m}, mail {m}
email {v} (to send an email or emails to) :: mailować, mejlować
email address {n} (e-mail address) SEE: e-mail address ::
e-mail address {n} (unique identifier) :: adres mailowy {m}, adres mejlowy {m}, adres poczty elektronicznej {m}
emanation {n} (act of flowing) :: emanacja {f}
emancipate {v} (To set free from the power of another) :: emancypować {impf}, wyemancypować {pf}
emancipation {n} (act of setting free from the power of another) :: emancypacja {f}, wyzwolenie {n}
embankment {n} (artificial mound of earth and stone) :: wał przeciwpowodziowy
embarge {n} (embargo) SEE: embargo ::
embargo {n} (an order by the government prohibiting ships from leaving port) :: embargo {n}
embargo {n} (a ban on trade with another country) :: embargo {n}
embargo {n} (a temporary ban on making certain information public) :: embargo {n}
embassy {n} (organization representing a foreign state) :: ambasada {f}
ember {n} (glowing piece of coal or wood) :: żar {m}
embezzle {v} (to steal money that one has been trusted with) :: sprzeniewierzyć
embiggen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge ::
emblem {n} (representative symbol) :: godło {n}, emblemat {m}
embolism {n} (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus) :: zator
embrace {v} (to hug (a person)) :: objąć, uściskać
embrace {v} ((metaphorical) to enfold or include (ideas, principles, etc)) :: obejmować
embrace {n} (hug) :: objęcie {n}, uścisk {m}
embroider {v} (to stitch a decorative design on fabric with needle and thread) :: haftować
embroider {v} (to add imaginary detail to a narrative) :: koloryzować {impf}
embroiderer {n} (person who embroiders) :: hafciarz {m}
embroideress {n} (female embroiderer) :: hafciarka {f}
embroidery {n} (ornamentation) :: haft {m}
embroil {v} (to draw into a situation) :: uwikłać się
embryo {n} (fertilized egg before developing into a fetus) :: zarodek {m}, embrion {m}
embryo {n} (in humans: the cell growth up to the end of the seventh week in the mother's body) :: zarodek {m}, embrion {m}
emcee {v} (Act as the master of ceremonies) :: emce {m}
em dash {n} (typographical symbol '—') :: pauza {f}
emerald {adj} (rich green colour) :: szmaragdowy {m}
emerald {n} (gemstone) :: szmaragd {m}
emerald {n} (colour) :: kolor szmaragdowy {m}
emergence {n} (the arising of emergent structure in complex systems) :: emergencja {f}
emergency escape {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape ::
emergency stairs {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape ::
emery {n} (mineral) :: szmergiel {m}
Emesa {prop} (The former name of a city in western Syria) :: Emesa {f}
Emil {prop} (male given name) :: Emil
Emile {prop} (Emil) SEE: Emil ::
Emily {prop} (given name) :: Emilia
eminent {adj} (remarkable, great) :: znaczący {m}, wspaniały {m}
eminent {adj} (of a person: distinguished, noteworthy) :: znakomity {m}, znamienity
eminent domain {n} (government's right to expropriate private land) :: wywłaszczenie, ekspropriacja
emir {n} (Islamic prince or leader) :: emir {m}
emirate {n} (country ruled by an emir) :: emirat {m}
emissive {adj} (of, pertaining to, or having the capacity to emit radiation or matter; emitting) :: emisyjny {m}
emitter {n} (that which emits) :: emiter {m}
emitter {n} (terminal of a transistor) :: emiter {m}
emmer {n} (Triticum dicoccon) :: pszenica płaskurka {f}
emoji {n} (digital graphic icon) :: emoji {n}
emoticon {n} (representation of an emotion of the writer) :: emotikona {f}, buźka {f}, uśmieszek {m-in}, emotikon {m-in}
emotion {n} (person's internal state of being) :: emocja {f}
emotionality {n} (state or quality) :: emocjonalność {f}
empathize {v} (to feel empathy for another person) :: współczuć {impf}
empathy {n} (intellectual identification with another person) :: empatia
empathy {n} (capacity to understand another person's point of view) :: empatia {f}
emperor {n} (ruler of an empire) :: imperator {m}, cesarz {m}
emperor penguin {n} (largest penguin) :: pingwin cesarski
emphasize {v} (stress) :: podkreślać {impf}, podkreślić {pf}
emphyteusis {n} (right) :: emfiteuza
empire {n} (political unit) :: imperium {n}, cesarstwo {n}
empire {n} (state ruled by an emperor) :: imperium {n}
empiric {n} (unqualified or dishonest practitioner) SEE: charlatan ::
empiricism {n} (pursuit of knowledge purely through experience) :: empiria {f}
empiricism {n} (philosophical theory) :: empiryzm {m}
employ {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use ::
employed {adj} :: zatrudniony
employee {n} (individual who provides labor to a company or another person) :: pracownik {m}, pracownica {f}
employer {n} (person or entity which employs others) :: pracodawca {m}
emporium {n} (a market place or trading centre, particularly of an ancient city) :: emporium {n}
empress {n} (female monarch of an empire) :: cesarzowa {f}, imperatorowa {f}
emptiness {n} (the state or feeling of being empty) :: pustka {f}
empty {adj} (devoid of content) :: pusty {m}, próżny {m}
empty {v} (to make empty) :: opróżnić
empty set {n} (unique set that contains no elements) :: zbiór pusty {m}
empty space {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum ::
empyema {n} (collection of pus) :: ropniak {m}
Emsian {prop} :: Ems
emu {n} (Dromaius novaehollandiae) :: emu
enable {v} (to give power, sanction or authorization to; to provide with abilities, means, opportunities) :: uzdolnić {pf}, upełnomocnić {pf}
enable {v} (to activate a function of an electronical or mechanical device) :: aktywować {impf} {pf}, włączać {impf}, odblokować {pf}
enamel {n} (coating that dries to a hard, glossy finish) :: emalia {f}
enamel {n} (covering on the tooth) :: szkliwo {m}
enamor {v} (to inflame with love) :: oczarować, rozkochać
enantiomer {n} (one of a pair of mirror-image stereoisomers) :: enancjomer
enantiotropic {adj} :: enancjotropowy
Enceladus {prop} (moon of Saturn) :: Enceladus {m}
encephalopathy {n} (condition affecting the brain) :: encefalopatia
enchant {v} (to attract and delight) :: oczarować
enchanter {n} (A spellcaster, conjurer, wizard, sorcerer or soothsayer) :: czarodziej {m}, czarownik {m}
enchantress {n} (attractive woman skilled at using magic) :: czarodziejka {f}
encipher {v} (to encrypt) :: zaszyfrować {pf}
enclave {n} (entity completely surrounded by another) :: enklawa {f}
enclitic {n} (clitic which joins with the preceding word) :: enklityka {f}
encoding {n} (character encoding (computing)) :: kodowanie {n}
encompass {v} (encircle) :: otaczać {impf}, otoczyć {pf}
encompass {v} (include) :: obejmować {impf}
encore {n} (brief extra performance after the main performance is complete) :: bis {m}
encore {interj} (please perform again) :: bis!
encounter {n} (unplanned meeting) :: spotkanie {n}
encourage {v} (mentally support or motivate) :: wspierać, dodawać odwagi, popierać, dopingować
encourage {v} (spur on, recommend) :: namawiać {impf}, namówić {pf}, zachęcać {impf}, zachęcić {pf}
encourage {v} (foster, give help or patronage) :: popierać
encouragement {n} (the act of encouraging) :: zachęcanie
encroach {v} (to intrude unrightfully on someone else’s rights or territory) :: naruszać
encrypt {v} (to conceal information by means of a code or cipher) :: szyfrować
encumbrance {n} (burden) :: obciążenie {n}
encumbrance {n} (interest, right, burden or liability) :: obciążenie {n}
encyclopaedia {n} (encyclopedia) SEE: encyclopedia ::
encyclopedia {n} (comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topics) :: encyklopedia {f}
encyclopedic {adj} (of or relating to comprehensiveness and other characteristics of an encyclopedia) :: encyklopedyczny
encyclopedic {adj} (in lexicography) :: encyklopedyczny
end {n} (extreme part) :: koniec {m}
end {n} (death) :: śmierć {f}, koniec {m}
end {n} (period in curling) :: meta {f}
end {v} (ergative, intransitive: be finished, be terminated) :: kończyć się
end {v} (transitive: finish, terminate (something)) :: skończyć {pf}, zakończyć {pf}
endangered {adj} (in danger, at risk) :: zagrożony {m}
en dash {n} (typographical symbol –) :: półpauza {f}
endeavor {n} (a sincere attempt) :: dążenie {n}, próba {f}, usiłowanie {n}
endeavor {n} (enterprise; assiduous or persistent activity) :: przedsięwzięcie {n}
endeavor {v} (attempt through application of effort) :: usiłować, starać się
endemic {adj} (native to a particular area) :: endemiczny
endemic {adj} (peculiar to a particular area) :: endemiczny
endemic {adj} (prevalent in a particular area) :: endemiczny
endemic {n} (individual or species that is endemic) :: endemit {m}
ending {n} (grammar: last morpheme of a word) SEE: termination ::
endogamous {adj} (of a marriage, within a social group) :: endogamiczny
endogamy {n} (the practice of marrying within one's own social group) :: endogamia {f}
endoplasmic reticulum {n} (network of membranes) :: retikulum endoplazmatyczne {n}
endorphin {n} (any of a group of peptide hormones) :: endorfina {f}
endoscopy {n} (examination using an endoscope) :: endoskopia {f}
endure {v} (to endure) SEE: take ::
endure {v} (endure, undergo) SEE: suffer ::
enduring {adj} (long-lasting) :: trwały {m}, wytrzymały {m}
end user {n} (the final consumer of a product; the intended recipient or user) :: użytkownik końcowy {m}
enemy {n} (someone who is hostile to, feels hatred towards, opposes the interests of, or intends injury to someone else) :: wróg {m}, nieprzyjaciel {m}, przeciwnik {m}
enemy {adj} (of, relating to, or belonging to an enemy) :: wrogi
energetic {adj} (Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy) :: energiczny
energetically {adv} (in an energetic manner) :: żwawo
energy {n} (impetus behind activity) :: energia {f}
energy {n} (physics) :: energia {f}
energy drink {n} (caffeinated soft drink) :: napój energetyczny {m}
engaged {adj} (agreed to be married) :: narzeczony {m}, narzeczona {f}
engagement {n} (period of time when marriage is planned or promised) :: zaręczyny {f-p}
engine {n} (mechanical device) :: silnik {m}, motor {m}
engine {n} (computer program) :: aparat {m}, mechanizm {m}, silnik {m}
engine {n} (locomotive) SEE: locomotive ::
engine displacement {n} (volume of air/fuel mixture) :: pojemność skokowa {f}, objętość skokowa {f}
engine driver {n} (person) :: maszynista {m}
engineer {n} (person qualified or professionally engaged in engineering) :: inżynier {m}
engineer {n} (locomotive operator) :: maszynista {m}
engineering {n} (application of science to the needs of humanity) :: inżynieria {f}
engine-generator {n} (generator with engine) :: agregat prądotwórczy {m}, agregat {m} [colloquial]
England {prop} (region of Great Britain) :: Anglia {f}
english {n} (spinning or rotary motion around the vertical axis) :: angielski
English {adj} (of or pertaining to England) :: angielski
English {adj} (of or pertaining to the English language) :: angielski
English {n} (people from England) :: Anglik {m-pr}, Angielka {f}
English {n} (the English language) :: [język] angielski
English horn {n} (cor anglais) SEE: cor anglais ::
Englishman {n} (male native or inhabitant of England) :: Anglik {m-pr}
Englishwoman {n} (a female native or inhabitant of England) :: Angielka {f}
enhance {v} (improve something by adding features) :: poprawiać, poprawić, polepszać, polepszyć
enigma {n} (riddle, or a difficult problem) :: zagadka {f}, enigma {f}
enjail {v} (put in jail) SEE: imprison ::
enjambment {n} (a technique in poetry) :: przerzutnia {f}
enjoy {v} :: lubić
enjoy your meal {phrase} (bon appétit) SEE: bon appétit ::
enlarge {v} (make larger) :: powiększać / powiększyć, rozszerzać / rozszerzyć
enlargement {n} (Act of making larger) :: powiększenie {n}, zwiększenie {n}
enlargen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge ::
enlarger {n} (optical device used to make enlarged prints) :: powiększalnik {m}
enlighten {v} (to supply with light) :: oświecać, uświadamiać
enlighten {v} (to make clear to the intellect) :: oświecać, uświadamiać
enlightenment {n} (act of enlightening, state of being enlightened) :: oświecenie
enlightenment {n} (philosophy and psychology related to achieving clarity of perception, reason and knowledge) :: oświecenie {n}
Enlightenment {prop} (the Enlightenment) :: Oświecenie {n}
enmity {n} (hostile or unfriendly disposition) :: wrogość {f}, nieprzyjaźń {f}
ennui {n} (listlessness, boredom) :: znużenie {n}
enough {determiner} (sufficient) :: dość, wystarczająco
enough {adv} (sufficiently) :: dość, dosyć, wystarczająco, na tyle
enough {interj} (stop!) :: dosyć, starczy, wystarczy, dość
en passant {n} (chess move) :: w przelocie
enqueue {v} (to add an item to a queue) :: zakolejkować {pf}
enrage {v} (to fill with rage) :: rozwścieczać, wkurzać, denerwować, wkurwiać [vulgar]
enriched uranium {n} (uranium enriched with a higher amount of U-235) :: wzbogacony uran {m}
enrichment {n} (the act of enriching) :: wzbogacenie {n}
enrichment {n} (the process of making enriched uranium) :: wzbogacenie {n}
en route {prep} (on the way) :: w drodze
en route {prep} (along the way) :: po drodze
ensign {n} (military officer) :: chorąży {m}
ensign {n} (banner) :: bandera {f}
enslave {v} (to make subservient; to strip one of freedom; enthrall) :: zniewolić {pf}
enslavement {n} (the act of enslaving or the state of being a slave; bondage) :: zniewolenie {n}
ensmallen {v} (Make smaller) :: pomniejszyć, pomniejszać
ensue {v} (to occur as consequence) :: wynikać, następować
ensure {v} (assure) SEE: assure ::
ensure {v} (make sure or certain) :: zapewnić {pf}, zapewniać {impf}, upewnić {pf}, upewniać {impf}
enter {v} (to go into (a room, etc.)) :: [on foot] wchodzić {impf}, wejść {pf}
enteric {adj} (of, relating to, within, or by way of the intestines) :: jelitowy {m}
enter into {v} (enter into) SEE: penetrate ::
enterprise {n} (company, business, organization, or endeavor) :: przedsiębiorstwo {n}
entertain {v} (to amuse) :: bawić {impf}, zabawiać {impf}
entertaining {adj} (amusing) :: zabawny, zajmujący
entertainment {n} (activity designed to give pleasure or relaxation) :: rozrywka {f}, zabawa {f}
entertainment {n} (show for enjoyment) :: widowisko {n}
enthalpy {n} (a measure of the heat content) :: entalpia {f}, zawartość cieplna {f}
enthral {v} (hold spellbound) SEE: enthrall ::
enthral {v} (make subservient) SEE: enthrall ::
enthrall {v} (make subservient) :: zniewolić {pf}
enthronement {n} (the act of enthroning or the state of being enthroned) :: intronizacja
enthusiasm {n} (feeling of excited, lively interest) :: entuzjazm {m}
enthusiast {n} (person filled with or guided by enthusiasm) :: entuzjasta {m}, entuzjastka {f}
enthusiastically {adv} (in an enthusiastic manner) :: entuzjastycznie
entice {v} (to lure; to attract by arousing desire or hope) :: nęcić {impf}, kusić {impf}, wabić {impf}, mamić {impf}
entire {adj} (internal; interior) SEE: internal ::
entire {n} (stallion) SEE: stallion ::
entire {adj} (whole) :: cały
entirely {adv} (to the full extent) :: całkowicie, zupełnie
entitle {v} (to dignify by an honorary designation) :: tytułować
entitle {v} (to give a title to a book etc.) :: tytułować
entitle {v} :: tytułować
entitled {adj} (having ownership) :: uprawniony, roszczeniowy
entitledness {n} (feeling convinced of one's superiority or deservingness) :: roszczeniowość {f}
entity {n} (that which exists as an individual unit) :: jednostka {f}, istnienie {n}
entity {n} (something that has properties of being real) :: istnienie {n}
entity {n} (state or quality of existence) :: istnienie {n}
entomology {n} (study of insects) :: entomologia {f}, owadoznawstwo
entomophilic {adj} (pollinated by entomophily) :: owadopylny
entomophily {n} (pollination by insects) :: owadopylność {f}
entrance {n} (place of entering) :: wejście {n}
entrance examination {n} (examination used by an educational institution to select which students it will grant admission to) :: egzamin wstępny {m}
entrepreneur {n} (person who organizes and operates a business and assumes the associated risk) :: przedsiębiorca {m}
entrepreneurial {adj} (having the spirit, attitude or qualities of an entrepreneur; enterprising) :: przedsiębiorczy {m}
entrepreneurship {n} (quality of being an entrepreneur) :: przedsiębiorczość {f}
entresol {n} (an intermediate floor in a building) :: antresola {f}
entropy {n} (term in thermodynamics) :: entropia {f}
entropy {n} (measure of the amount of information in a signal) :: entropia {f}
entropy {n} (tendency of a system to descend into chaos) :: entropia {f}
entry {n} (act of entering) :: wejście {n}
entry {n} (permission to enter) :: wstęp {m}, wjazd {m}
entry {n} (doorway that provides a means of entering a building) :: wejście {n}
entry {n} (article in a dictionary or encyclopedia) :: hasło {n}
entry {n} (record in a log or in a database) :: wpis {m}
entryphone {n} (an electronic communication system, see also: intercom) :: domofon {m}
enumerate {v} (to specify each member of a sequence individually in incrementing order) :: policzyć {pf}
enumerate {v} (to determine the amount of) :: odliczyć {pf}, odliczać {impf}
envelope {n} (wrapper for mailing) :: koperta
envier {n} (one who envies) :: zawistnik {m}, zawistnica {f}, zazdrośnik {m}, zazdrośnica {f}
envious {adj} (feeling or exhibiting envy) :: zawistny
environment {n} (area around something) :: środowisko {n}
environment {n} (natural world or ecosystem) :: ekosystem {m}
environment {n} (political or social setting, arena or condition) :: środowisko {n}
environment {n} (software or hardware on a computer) :: środowisko {n}
environmentalist {n} (one who advocates for the protection of the biosphere) :: ekolog {m}, zielony {m}
envisage {v} (to conceive or see something within in one's mind) :: przedstawiać
envy {n} (resentful desire of something possessed by another) :: zazdrość {f}
envy {v} (to feel displeasure towards (someone) because of their good fortune, possessions) :: zazdrościć {impf}
enzymatic {adj} (of, relating to, or caused by enzymes) :: enzymatyczny
enzyme {n} (catalytic protein) :: enzym {m}
eon {n} (eternity) :: wieczność {f}
eon {n} (geological time period) :: eon {m}
epenthesis {n} (insertion of a phoneme or letter into a word) :: epenteza {f}
epenthetic {adj} (of or pertaining to epenthesis) :: epentetyczny
epenthetic {adj} (inserted into a word) :: epentetyczny
ephemeral {adj} (lasting for a short period of time) :: ulotny {m}, efemeryczny {m}
ephemeral {adj} (existing for only one day) :: efemeryczny
ephemerally {adv} (in an ephemeral manner) :: efemerycznie
Ephesians {prop} (book of the Bible) :: List do Efezjan
Ephesus {prop} (ancient city) :: Efez
Ephraim {prop} (the younger son of Joseph) :: Efraim {m}
Ephraim {prop} (given name) :: Efraim {m}
epic {n} (extended narrative poem) :: epos {m}, epopeja {f}
epic {adj} (of, or relating to, an epic) :: epicki {m}, epiczny {m}
epicene {n} (transvestite) SEE: transvestite ::
epicene {n} (transsexual) SEE: transsexual ::
epicene {adj} (effeminate) SEE: effeminate ::
epicene {n} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite ::
epicene {adj} (having no sexual characteristics) SEE: asexual ::
epicene {adj} (androgynous) SEE: androgynous ::
epicene {n} (androgyne) SEE: androgyne ::
epicentre {n} (point above earthquake) :: epicentrum {m}
epicentre {n} (focal point of activity) :: epicentrum {m}
Epicureanism {n} (system of philosophy based upon the teachings of Epicurus) :: epikureizm {m}
epicycloid {n} (locus) :: epicykloida {f}
epidemic {n} (widespread disease) :: epidemia {f}
epidemic {n} (occurrence of such disease) :: epidemia {f}
epidemic {adj} (like an epidemic) :: epidemiczny
epidemiologist {n} (Scientist specialized in epidemiology) :: epidemiolog {m}
epidermis {n} (skin's outer layer in animals) :: naskórek {m}
epididymis {n} (tube) :: najądrze {n}
epigenetics {n} (The study of the processes involved in the genetic development of an organism, especially the activation and deactivation of genes) :: epigenetica {f}
epigenetics {n} (The study of heritable changes caused by the activation and deactivation of genes without any change in DNA sequence) :: epigenetica {f}
epiglottis {n} (cartilaginous organ in the throat) :: nagłośnia {f}
epigraph {n} (inscription) :: epigraf {m}
epilate {v} (to remove hair) SEE: depilate ::
epilator {n} (electrical device) :: depilator
epilepsy {n} (medical condition) :: padaczka {f}, epilepsja {f}
epilogue {n} (brief oration or script at the end of a literary piece) :: epilog {m}, posłowie {n}
epinephrine {n} (epinephrine) :: epinefryna {f}
epiphany {n} (manifestation or appearance of a divine or superhuman being) :: olśnienie {n}
Epiphany {n} (Christian feast) :: Objawienie Pańskie {f}, Epifania {f}
epiphenomenalism {n} (doctrine) :: epifenomenalizm
epiphenomenon {n} (philosophy, psychology: mental state or process that is an incidental byproduct of physiological events) :: epifenomen {m}
epiphysis {n} (pineal gland) SEE: pineal gland ::
epiphyte {n} (plant that grows on another) :: epifit {m}
Epirus {prop} (region; historical kingdom) :: Epir {m}
Epirus {prop} (one of the 13 peripheries) :: Epir {m}
episcopal {adj} (related to a bishop) :: biskupi
episode {n} (incident or action connected with a series of events) :: epizod {m}
episode {n} (installment of a drama told in parts) :: odcinek {m}
epistle {n} (a letter) :: list {m}
epistle {n} (book of the New Testament) :: list {m}
epitaph {n} (inscription on a gravestone) :: epitafium {n}
epithalamium {n} (song or poem celebrating a marriage) :: epitalamium {n}
epithelium {n} (membranous tissue) :: tkanka nabłonkowa, tkanka graniczna, nabłonek
epithet {n} (term used to characterize a person or thing) :: epitet {m}
epithet {n} (term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person) :: epitet {m}
epithet {n} (abusive or contemptuous word or phrase) :: epitet {m}
epitome {n} (embodiment or encapsulation of) :: ucieleśnienie {n}
epitrochoid {n} (geometric curve) :: epitrochoida
e pluribus unum {proverb} (e pluribus unum - a United States' motto) :: z wielu jeden
epoch {n} (particular period of history) :: epoka {f}
epochal {adj} (of or pertaining to an epoch) :: epokowy {m}
epochal {adj} (highly important) :: epokowy {m}, przełomowy {m}
eponym {n} (name of a person that has given rise to the name of something) :: eponim {m}
eponym {n} (word formed from a person’s name) :: eponim {m}
epoophoron {n} (a group of tubules, a remnant of the Wolffian body, often found near the ovary or oviduct) :: nadjajnik
epopee {n} (an epic, saga) :: epopeja {f}
epoxide {n} (cyclic ether) :: epitlenki
epyllion {n} (little epic poem) :: epyllion
equal {adj} (the same in all respects) :: równy, jednakowy
equal {adj} (mathematics: exactly identical) :: równy
equality {n} (fact of being equal) :: równość {f}
equality {n} (equal treatment of people irrespective of social or cultural differences) :: równość {f}
equal sign {n} (symbol) :: znak równości {m}, równa się
equation {n} (mathematics: assertion) :: równanie {n}
equator {n} (circle around the earth) :: równik {m}
equatorial {adj} (of, near, or relating to the equator) :: równikowy
Equatorial Guinea {prop} (country in Western Africa) :: Gwinea Równikowa
equestrian {adj} (of horseback riding or horseback riders) :: jeździecki
equilibrist {n} (tightrope walker) :: ekwilibrysta {m}, ekwilibrystka {f}
equilibrium {n} (condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced) :: równowaga {f}
equilibrium {n} (physics: state of a body at rest or in uniform motion in which the resultant of all forces on it is zero) :: równowaga {f}
equilibrium {n} (chemistry: state of a reaction in which the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are the same) :: równowaga {f}
equilibrium {n} (mental balance) :: równowaga psychiczna {f}
equine {adj} (Of or relating to a horse or horses) :: koński
equinox {n} (intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator) :: równonoc {f}, ekwinokcjum {n}
equinumerous {adj} (of equal cardinality) :: równoliczny {m}
equipment {n} (whatever is used in equipping) :: sprzęt {m}
equivalence relation {n} (binary relation) :: relacja równoważności {f}
equivalent {adj} (similar or identical in value) :: odpowiedni, odpowiadający, ekwiwalentny
equivalent {n} (anything that is virtually equal to something else) :: odpowiednik {m}, równoznacznik {m}, zamiennik {m}
Equuleus {prop} (second smallest constellation of the northern sky) :: Źrebię {n}
-er {suffix} (used to form the comparative of adjectives) :: bardziej [used before the adjective]
-er {suffix} (used to form the comparative of adverbs) :: bardziej [used before the adverb]
era {n} (time period) :: era {f}
eradicate {v} (to pull up by the roots) :: wykorzenić
eradicate {v} (to completely destroy; to reduce to nothing radically) :: wytępić
eradication {n} (act of plucking up by the roots) :: wykorzenienie {n}
erase {v} (to remove markings or information) :: wymazywać {impf}, wymazać {pf}, ścierać {impf}, zetrzeć {pf}
eraser {n} (thing used to erase something written or drawn) :: gumka {f}
erbium {n} (chemical element) :: erb {m}
e-reader {n} (device) :: czytnik książek elektronicznych {m}, czytnik e-książek {m}, czytnik e-booków {m}, e-czytnik {m}, czytnik ebooków {m}
erect {v} (to put up by the fitting together of materials or parts) :: wznieść
erection {n} (act of building) :: wzniesienie {n}, erekcja {f}
erection {n} (physiology: process by which a penis becomes erect) :: erekcja {f}
erection {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) :: wzwód {m}, erekcja {f}
eremite {n} (hermit) SEE: hermit ::
ereyesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday ::
ereyesterday {n} (the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday ::
ergo {conj} :: więc
ergonomics {n} (science of the design of equipment) :: ergonomia {f}
Eric {prop} (male given name) :: Eryk
Eridanus {prop} (constellation) :: Erydan {m}
Eris {prop} (dwarf planet) :: Eris {f}
Eritrea {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Erytrea {f}
ermine {n} (Mustela erminea) :: gronostaj {m}
ermine {n} ((heraldry) a white field with black spots) :: gronostaj {m}
erogenous zone {n} (erogenous zone) :: strefa erogenna {f}
Eros {prop} (God of love) :: Eros {m}
erosion {n} (the result of having being eroded) :: erozja {f}
erosion {n} (the changing of a surface by mechanical action) :: erozja {f}
erosion {n} (destruction by abrasive action of fluids) :: erozja {f}
erotic {adj} (tending to arouse sexual desire) :: erotyczny {m}
err {v} (sin) SEE: sin ::
err {v} (make a mistake) :: popełnić błąd
errand boy {n} (male employed to run errands) :: chłopak na posyłki
errant {adj} (straying from the proper course or standard) :: błędny
errata {n} (added page listing the errors which were discovered after printing) :: errata {f}
erratum {n} (corrigendum) SEE: corrigendum ::
error {n} (mistake) :: błąd {m}
error {n} (difference between a measured or calculated value and a true one) :: błąd pomiaru {m}
error {v} ((nonstandard) To make a mistake; to result in an error) SEE: err ::
error message {n} (message displayed when a failure condition occurs) :: komunkat o błędzie {m}
erstwhile {adv} (erstwhile) SEE: formerly ::
erudition {n} (profound knowledge, especially that based on learning and scholarship) :: erudycja, oczytanie {n}
eruption {n} (violent ejection, such as that of lava from a volcano) :: erupcja {f}
Erythraean Sea {prop} (Red Sea) SEE: Red Sea ::
erythrocyte {n} (red blood cell) SEE: red blood cell ::
erythronium {n} (vanadium) SEE: vanadium ::
Esau {prop} (son of Isaac and Rebekah) :: Ezaw {m}
Esbjerg {prop} (Danish city) :: Esbjerg {m}
escalade {v} (to scale the walls of a fortification) :: wspinać się
escalation {n} (a deliberate or premeditated increase in the violence or geographic scope of a conflict) :: eskalacja {f}
escalator {n} (mechanical device) :: ruchome schody {p}, eskalator {m}
escape {n} (act of leaving a dangerous or unpleasant situation) :: ucieczka {f}
Escaut {prop} (the river Scheldt) SEE: Scheldt ::
eschatological {adj} (pertaining to eschatology) :: eschatologiczny {m}
eschatology {n} (system of doctrines concerning final matters, such as death) :: eschatologia {f}
escutcheon {n} (coat of arms) :: tarcza herbowa {f}
Esdras {prop} (any of four books) :: Księga Ezdrasza
esker {n} (ridge created under glacier) :: oz {m}
Eskimo {prop} (group of native peoples) :: Eskimosi {p}
Eskimo {n} (member of the Eskimo people(s)) :: Eskimos {m}, Eskimoska {f}
Eskimo {adj} (of, or relating to an Eskimo, Eskimos or their language, languages) :: eskimoski
esoteric {adj} (Understood only by a chosen few or an enlightened inner circle.) :: ezoteryczny {m}, tajemny {m}
esoteric {adj} (having to do with concepts that are highly theoretical) :: zawiły {m}, niezrozumiały {m}
esoteric {adj} (confidential; private) :: ezoteryczny {m}, tajny {m}, skryty {m}
esoterism {n} (inward forms of faith and religion) :: ezoteryka
espadrille {n} (light shoe) :: espadryla, espadryl
especially {adv} (particularly) :: szczególnie, zwłaszcza, w szczególności
especially {adv} (in a special manner) :: szczególnie
Esperantist {n} (specialist or speaker of Esperanto) :: esperantysta {m}, esperantystka {f}
Esperanto {prop} (auxiliary language) :: esperanto {n}
espionage {n} (act of learning secret information through clandestine means) :: szpiegostwo {n}, wywiad {m}
espousal {n} (betrothal) SEE: betrothal ::
espouse {v} (become married to) :: poślubić, ożenić się, wyjść za mąż
espresso {n} (strong type of coffee) :: espresso {n}
esprit de corps {n} (shared spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion) :: poczucie solidarności
essay {n} (written composition) :: esej {m}
essayist {n} (one who composes essays; a writer of short compositions) :: eseista {m}, eseistka {f}
essence {n} (inherent nature) :: esencja {f}
essential {adj} (necessary) :: niezbędny {m}
essential {adj} (of high importance) :: zasadniczy {m}
essential {adj} (in basic form) :: podstawowy
essential amino acid {n} (amino acid which is a dietry requirement) :: aminokwas egzogenny {m}
essential oil {n} (volatile oil used to make perfumes and flavourings) :: olejek eteryczny {m}
-est {suffix} (superlative of adjectives and adverbs) :: naj-, najbardziej (before the adjective or adverb)
-est {suffix} (second-person singular present tense of verbs) :: -esz, -isz, -ysz, -asz
establish {v} (To make stable or firm; to confirm) :: ustanowić, ustalić
establish {v} (To form; to set up in business) :: założyć
establish {v} (To found; to institute) :: założyć, ustanowić
establish {v} (To appoint, as officers, laws, regulations, etc.; to enact; to ordain) :: wyznaczyć, ustanowić
establish {v} (To prove and cause to be accepted as true; to establish a fact; to demonstrate) :: ustalić
establishment {n} (the act of establishing) :: założenie {n-p}, zakładanie {n-p}, ustanowienie {n-p}, ustanawianie
estate {n} (body style of cars) SEE: station wagon ::
estate car {n} (station wagon) SEE: station wagon ::
esteem {v} (to regard with respect) :: szanować
ester {n} (compound with carbon-oxygen double bond joined via carbon to another oxygen atom) :: ester {m}
Esther {prop} (female given name) :: Estera {f}
Esther {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Księga Estery {f}
Esther {prop} (the heroine of the Book of Esther) :: Estera
estimate {n} (rough calculation or guess) :: oszacowanie {n}
estimate {n} ((construction and business) a document specifying how much a job will probably cost) :: kosztorys {m}
estimate {v} (to calculate roughly) :: szacować
Estonia {prop} (country) :: Estonia {f}
Estonian {n} (person) :: Estończyk {m}, Estonka {f}
Estonian SSR {prop} (former soviet republic) :: Estońska SRR
estragon {n} (tarragon) SEE: tarragon ::
estuary {n} (place where ocean tides and river water merge) :: estuarium {n}
Estuary English {prop} (variety of English accent) :: Estuary English {n}
eSwatini {prop} (Swaziland) SEE: Swaziland ::
Esztergom {prop} (a city in Hungary) :: Ostrzyhom {m}
et al. {phrase} (and others) :: i in.
etc. {phrase} (and so on, see also: and so forth) :: itp., i tym podobnie, i tym podobne, itd., i tak dalej, etc.
et cetera {phrase} (noting the omission of the remainder of a list) SEE: etc. ::
etch {v} (to engrave) :: ryć, wytrawiać {impf}, wytrawić {pf}
etching {n} (art of producing an image) :: trawienie {n}, akwaforta {f}
etching {n} (image created by this process) :: akwaforta {f}
eternal {adj} (lasting forever) :: wieczny {m}, wieczysty {m}
eternal life {n} (immortality) SEE: immortality ::
eternal life {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife ::
eternally {adv} (forever) :: wiecznie
eternal sleep {n} (death (euphemism)) :: wieczny sen {m}
eternity {n} (infinite time) :: wieczność {f}
eternity {n} (time extending infinitely far into the future) :: wieczność {f}
eternity {n} (period of time that elapses after death) :: wieczność {f}
eternity {n} (informal: a comparatively long time) :: wieczność {f}
ethane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6) :: etan {m}
ether {n} (organic chemistry: a compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups) :: eter {m}
ether {n} (organic chemistry: diethyl ether, C4H10O) :: eter {m}
ether {n} (the fifth classic physical element) :: eter {m}
ether {n} (archaic: space filling substance) :: eter {m}
ethereal {adj} (Pertaining to the hypothetical upper, purer air, or to the higher regions beyond the earth or beyond the atmosphere) :: eteryczny {m}, nieziemski {m}, niebiański {m}
ethereal {adj} (Consisting of ether; hence, exceedingly light or airy; tenuous; spiritlike; characterized by extreme delicacy) :: eteryczny {m}, lekki {m}, zwiewny {m}
ethereal {adj} (Delicate, light and airy) :: eteryczny {m}, lekki {m}, zwiewny {m}
ethical {adj} (of or relating to the study of ethics) :: etyczny {m}
ethical {adj} (of or relating to the accepted principles of right and wrong, especially those of some organization or profession) :: etyczny {m}
ethical {adj} (morally approvable, when referring to an action that affects others; good) :: etyczny {m}
ethics {n} (study of principles governing right and wrong conduct) :: etyka {f}
Ethiopia {prop} (country in Eastern Africa) :: Etiopia {f}
ethnic cleansing {n} (ethnic cleansing) :: czystka etniczna {f}
ethnocentrism {n} (tendency) :: etnocentryzm {m}
ethnographic {adj} (of, or relating to ethnography) :: etnograficzny
ethnography {n} (branch of anthropology) :: etnografia {f}
ethnology {n} (branch of anthropology) :: etnologia {f}
Etna {prop} (volcano in Sicily, Italy) :: Etna {f}
Etruria {prop} (ancient country) :: Etruria {f}
Etruscan {adj} (pertaining to the region and culture of Etruria) :: etruski
Etruscan {n} (inhabitant of Etruria) :: Etrusk {m}, Etruska {f}
Etruscan {prop} (extinct language of Etruria) :: język etruski
et tu, Brute {phrase} (expression of betrayal) :: I ty, Brutusie, przeciw mnie?
etude {n} (piece of music) :: etiuda {f}
etymological {adj} (of or relating to etymology) :: etymologiczny {m}
etymology {n} (study of the historical development of languages, particularly of individual words) :: etymologia {f}
etymology {n} (account of the origin and historical development of a word) :: etymologia {f}, źródłosłów {m-in}
Euboea {prop} (Greek island) :: Eubea {f}
eucalyptus {n} (any of many trees of genus Eucalyptus) :: eukaliptus
Eucharist {n} (sacrament) :: eucharystia {f}
Eucharist {n} (ceremony) :: eucharystia {f}
Eucharist {n} (subtances) :: eucharystia {f}
eucharistic {adj} (pertaining to the Eucharist) :: eucharystyczny {m}
Euclidean geometry {n} (mathematical system) :: geometria euklidesowa {f}
Euclidean space {n} (ordinary space) :: przestrzeń euklidesowa {f}
Euclidian space {n} (Euclidean space) SEE: Euclidean space ::
Eugene {prop} (male given name) :: Eugeniusz {m}
Eugenia {prop} (female given name) :: Eugenia
eugenic {adj} (of or relating to eugenics) :: eugeniczny
eukaryote {n} (any of the single-celled or multicellular organisms whose cells contain at least one distinct nucleus) :: jądrowiec {m}, eukariont {m}
eukaryotic {adj} (having complex cells) :: eukariotyczny
Euler's formula {prop} (Euler's formula) :: wzór Eulera {m}
eulogy {n} (an oration to honor a deceased person) :: laudacja {f}
eunuch {n} (castrated human male) :: eunuch {m}, kastrat {m}, rzezaniec {m}, trzebieniec {m}
eunuch {n} (such a man who was harem guard or in Middle Eastern courts under Roman Emperors, important officials of the state) :: eunuch {m}
Euphemia {prop} (female given name) :: Eufemia {f}
euphemism {n} (use of a word or phrase to replace another word with one considered less offensive) :: eufemizm {m}
euphemism {n} (word or phrase that is used to replace another in this way) :: eufemizm {m}
euphemistically {adv} (in a euphemistic manner) :: eufemistycznie
euphoria {n} (an excited state of joy) :: euforia {f}
euphuism {n} (style of writing) :: eufuizm {m}
Eurasia {prop} (the largest landmass on Earth, consisting of Europe and Asia) :: Eurazja {f}
Eurasian {adj} (pertaining to Eurasia) :: eurazjatycki
Eurasian blackbird {n} (Turdus merula) :: kos zwyczajny {m}
Eurasian black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus) :: sęp kasztanowaty
Eurasian Economic Union {prop} (economic union, see also: EAU; EAEU) :: Unia Euroazjatycka {f}
Eurasian lynx {n} (Lynx lynx) :: ryś euroazjatycki {m}, ryś {m}
Eurasian siskin {n} (Spinus spinus) :: czyż {m}, czyżyk {m}
Eurasian sparrowhawk {n} (Accipiter nisus) :: krogulec {m}
Euripides {prop} (a Greek tragedian) :: Eurypides {m}
euro {n} (currency unit of the European Monetary Union) :: euro {n}
euro area {n} (Eurozone) SEE: Eurozone ::
Eurodance {n} (A type of European synthesizer-driven dance music) :: eurodance {m}
Eurodeterrent {prop} (proposed unified nuclear deterrent of the European Union) :: Eurodeterrent
Europa {prop} (princess abducted to Crete by Zeus) :: Europa {f}
Europa {prop} (a moon of Jupiter) :: Europa {f}
Europe {prop} (European Union) SEE: European Union ::
Europe {prop} (continent) :: Europa {f}
European {adj} (relating to Europe or the European Union) :: europejski, europejska {f}
European {n} (person) :: Europejczyk {m-pr}, Europejka {f}
European alder {n} (black alder) SEE: black alder ::
European beaver {n} (European beaver) :: bóbr europejski {m}, bóbr zwyczajny {m}
European bison {n} (the wisent species Bison bonasus) :: żubr {m}
European bullhead {n} (species) :: głowacz białopłetwy, głowacz pospolity
European Central Bank {prop} (central bank for the European Union) :: Europejski Bank Centralny {m-in}
European Commission {prop} (executive branch) :: Komisja Europejska {f}
European hedgehog {n} (Erinaceus europaeus) :: jeż zachodni, jeż europejski
Europeanisation {n} (assimilation) :: europeizacja {f}
European redbud {n} (Judas tree) SEE: Judas tree ::
European smelt {n} (Osmerus eperlanus) :: stynka
European toad {n} (Bufo bufo) :: ropucha szara
European Union {prop} (European supranational organisation) :: Unia Europejska {f}
europium {n} (chemical element) :: europ {m}
Euroscepticism {n} (scepticism of increasing powers of the EU) :: eurosceptycyzm {m}
Eurovision {prop} (television network) :: Eurowizja {f}
Eurozone {prop} (those European Union members whose official currency is the euro) :: Strefa euro
Eurydice {prop} (mythology) :: Eurydyka {f}
Eustachian tube {n} (tube that links the pharynx to the cavity of the middle ear) :: trąbka Eustachiusza {f}
Euterpe {prop} (the Muse of music and lyric poetry) :: Euterpia {f}
euthanasia {n} (practice of killing a human being or animal) :: eutanazja {f}
Euxine Sea {prop} SEE: Black Sea ::
evacuate {v} (to move out of an unsafe location into safety) :: ewakuować
evaluate {v} (to draw conclusions from by examining) :: oceniać {impf}, ocenić {pf}
evaluate {v} (to compute or determine the value of) :: obliczyć {pf}, zwartościować {pf}
evaluation {n} (assessment) :: ocena {f}
evaluation {n} (completion of a mathematic operation) :: ewaluacja {f}, wartościowanie {n}
evangelical {adj} (pertaining to the doctrines or teachings of the Christian gospel or Christianity in general) :: ewangelicki
evangelist {n} (writer of a gospel) :: ewangelista {m}
evangelistary {n} (book containing selections from the Gospels) :: ewangeliarz {m}
evangelize {v} (tell people about Christianity) :: ewangelizować, głosić dobrą nowinę
evaporate {v} (to transition from a liquid state into a gaseous state) :: parować
evaporation {n} (process of liquid converting to the gaseous state) :: parowanie {n}
evaporation {n} (process to increase concentration) :: odparowanie {n}
eve {n} (day or night before) :: wigilia {f}, przeddzień {m-in}
Eve {prop} (the first woman) :: Ewa {f}
Eve {prop} (given name) :: Ewa {f}
Evelyn {prop} (female given name) :: Ewelina
even {adj} (flat and level) :: równy, gładki, płaski
even {adj} (without great variation) :: równomierny, jednolity, jednostajny
even {adj} (equal) :: równy
even {adj} (arithmetic: divisible by two) :: parzysty
even {v} (to make even) :: wyrównać
even {adv} (implying extreme example) :: nawet
even {adv} (emphasising comparative) :: nawet, jeszcze
even {n} (Evening of the day) :: poranek
even function {n} (unaffected by sign) :: funkcja parzysta {f}
evenhanded {adj} (having no partiality) :: sprawiedliwy, bezstronny {m}
even if {conj} (irrespective of) :: niezależnie od (kogoś/czegoś), bez względu na (kogoś/coś)
evening {n} (time of day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight) :: wieczór {m}
evening {n} (figurative: concluding time period) :: zmierzch {m}
evening primrose {n} (flowering plant of the genus Oenothera) :: wiesiołek {m}
Evenki {prop} (language) :: język ewenkijski {m}
event {n} (occurrence) :: wydarzenie {n}, impreza {f}, przypadek {m}, zdarzenie {n}
event {n} (point in spacetime (physics)) :: zdarzenie {n}
event {n} (computing: action which triggers an event handler) :: zdarzenie {n}
event {n} (probability theory: a set of some of the possible outcomes) :: zdarzenie {n}
event horizon {n} (gravitational sphere within which light cannot escape) :: horyzont zdarzeń {m}
even though {conj} (although) :: chociaż
eventually {adv} (in the end) :: w końcu
ever {adv} (always) :: zawsze
ever {adv} (at any time) :: kiedykolwiek
Everest {prop} (Mount Everest) SEE: Mount Everest ::
evergreen {adj} (of plants, that do not shed their leaves) :: zimozielony
evermore {adv} (always) :: zawsze
Evertonian {n} :: Evertończyk {m}, Evertonka {f}
every {determiner} (all of a countable group) :: każdy
everybody {pron} (all people) :: wszyscy {m-pr-p}, każdy
every cloud has a silver lining {proverb} (in every bad situation there is an element of good) :: nie ma tego złego, co by na dobre nie wyszło
every day {adv} (daily) SEE: daily ::
everyone {pron} (every person) :: każdy; wszyscy {p}, wszelaki [literally]
everything {pron} (all the things) :: wszystko {n}
everywhere {adv} (at all places) :: wszędzie
evict {v} (to expel) :: eksmitować
eviction {n} (the act of evicting) :: ewikcja {f}
evidence {n} (facts presented in support of an assertion) :: dowód {m}
evidence {n} (anything admitted by a court as proof) :: dowód {m}
evident {adj} (obviously true) :: jasny, oczywisty
evidently {adv} (obviously) :: ewidentnie, zauważalnie
evil {adj} (intending to harm) :: zły
evil {n} (moral badness, wickedness) :: zło {n}
evildoer {n} (person who performs evil acts) :: złoczyńca {m}
evil eye {n} (wicked look) :: złe oko
evoke {v} (to cause the manifestation of) :: wywoływać, przywoływać
evolution {n} (general: a gradual process of development) :: ewolucja {f}
evolution {n} (biology: change in the genetic composition of a population over time) :: ewolucja {f}
evolution {n} (military: One of a series of ordered movements) :: ewolucja {f}
evolution {n} (turning movement of the body) :: ewolucja {f}
evolutionary {adj} (of or relating to evolution) :: ewolucyjny
evolutionary biology {n} (sub-field of biology) :: biologia ewolucyjna {f}
evolutionary developmental biology {n} (branch of biology) :: ewolucyjna biologia rozwoju {f}
evolutionism {n} (any evolutionary theory or belief system) :: ewolucjonizm {m}
ew {interj} (expression of disgust or nausea) :: fuj, ble
ewe {n} (female sheep) :: owca {f}
ex {n} (name of the letter X, x) :: iks {n}
ex {n} (colloquial: former partner or spouse) :: eks {m} {f}, były {m}, była {f}
ex- {prefix} (former) :: eks-
exact {adj} (precisely agreeing) :: dokładny
exactly {adv} (in an exact manner) :: dokładnie
exactly {interj} (signifying agreement or recognition) :: właśnie, no właśnie, dokładnie
exaggerate {v} (to overstate, to describe more than is fact) :: wyolbrzymiać, przesadzać
exaggeration {n} (act of exaggerating) :: przesada {f}
examination {n} (inspection by a doctor) :: badanie {n}
examination {n} (formal test) :: egzamin {m}, sprawdzian {m}
exam paper {n} (paper on which questions of an examination are written) :: arkusz egzaminacyjny {m}
example {n} (something representative of a group) :: przykład {m-in}
example {n} (something serving to explain or illustrate a rule) :: przykład {m-in}
example {n} (something serving as a pattern of behaviour) :: przykład {m-in}
exasperate {v} (frustrate, vex, annoy) :: wkurzać
excavation {n} (act of excavating, or of making hollow) :: wykopalisko {n}
excavation {n} (cavity formed by cutting, digging, or scooping) :: wykop {m}
excavator {n} (vehicle, often on tracks, used to dig ditches etc; a backhoe) :: koparka {f}
excellence {n} (the quality of being excellent) :: świetność {f}
excellent {adj} (of the highest quality) :: świetny {m}, doskonały
excellently {adv} (very well) :: świetnie
except {v} (to exclude) :: wykluczać / wykluczyć, wyłączać
except {prep} (with the exception of) :: z wyjątkiem, oprócz
except {conj} (with the exception that) :: poza tym że
exception {n} (that which is excepted or taken out from others) :: wyjątek {m}
exception {n} (computing: an interruption in normal processing) :: wyjątek {m}
exceptional {adj} (forming an exception) :: wyjątkowy {m}
exceptional {adj} (superior due to exception or rarity) :: wyjątkowy {m}
exceptionally {adv} (unusual, remarkable or exceptional degree) :: wyjątkowo
excerpt {n} (a clip, snippet, passage or extract from a larger work) :: fragment {m}, urywek {m}
excess {n} (state of surpassing limits) :: zbytek {m}, nadmiar {m}, nadwyżka {f}
excess {n} (degree by which one thing exceeds another) :: nadmiar {m}
excess {n} (undue indulgence of the appetite) :: nieumiarkowanie {n}
excess {n} (geometry: spherical excess) :: nadmiar {m}
excessive {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something) :: nadmierny, wygórowany {m}
excessively {adv} (to an excessive degree) :: nadmiernie, przesadnie
excessively {adv} (in excess) :: w nadmiarze
exchange {n} (act of exchanging or trading) :: wymiana {f}
exchange {n} (place for conducting trading) :: giełda {f}
exchange {v} (To trade or barter) :: wymieniać, zamieniać
exchange {v} (To replace with a similar item) :: wymieniać, zamieniać
exchange rate {n} (currency rate (finance)) :: kurs {m}, kurs wymiany {m}
exchequer {n} (treasury) SEE: treasury ::
excise {n} (excise tax) SEE: excise tax ::
excise tax {n} (any of various taxes levied on the production or sale of certain goods) :: akcyza {f}
excitement {n} (state of being excited) :: podekscytowanie
exclamation {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark ::
exclamation {n} (loud calling or crying out; outcry) :: okrzyk {m}
exclamation mark {n} (punctuation “!”) :: wykrzyknik {m}
exclamation point {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark ::
exclave {n} (a country's territory not connected to the main part) :: eksklawa {f}
exclude {v} (to bar from entering; keep out) :: wykluczać, wyłączać {impf}
exclusive {adj} (of high quality and/or renown) :: ekskluzywny {m}
exclusively {adv} (to the exclusion of anything or anyone else) :: wyłącznie
excommunicate {v} (to officially exclude someone from membership of a church or religious community) :: ekskomunikować
excommunication {n} (act of excommunicating, disfellowshipping or ejecting) :: ekskomunika {f}
excrement {n} (human and animal solid waste) :: kał {m}, ekskrementy {m-p}, odchody {m-p}
excrete {v} (to discharge material) :: wydalać {impf}, wydalić {pf}, wydzielać {impf}, wydzielić {pf}
excretion {n} (process of removing from the body) :: wydalanie {n}
excruciating {adj} (Causing great pain or anguish, agonizing) :: rozdzierający {m}
excursion {n} (brief recreational trip) :: wycieczka {f}
excusable {adj} (possible to excuse) :: wybaczalny
excuse {v} (forgive, pardon) :: wybaczyć
excuse {v} (allow to leave) :: usprawiedliwić
excuse {v} (explain with the aim of alleviating guilt or negative judgement) :: usprawiedliwić
excuse {n} (explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgement) :: wykręt {m} [dishonest], wymówka {f} [dishonest], usprawiedliwienie {n}, pretekst {m}
excuse me {phrase} (request to repeat) :: proszę?
excuse me {phrase} (request for attention) :: przepraszam
excuse me {phrase} (request to pass) :: przepraszam
excuse me {phrase} (sorry, as apology) :: przepraszam
excuse me {phrase} (request for an apology) :: proszę o wybaczenie
executable {adj} (capable of being executed) :: wykonywalny {m}
executable {n} (file that can be run) :: plik wykonywalny {m}
execute {v} (To start a defined process, without regard to whether it runs to completion or not) :: uruchomić, rozpocząć, zacząć
execute {v} (To start, launch or run software) :: uruchomić, wystartować, wykonać
execution {n} (act of executing or the state of being executed) :: wykonanie {n}, egzekucja {f}
execution {n} (act of putting to death or being put to death as a penalty) :: egzekucja {f}
execution {n} (manner or style of a performance etc) :: wykonanie {n}
execution {n} (carrying into effect of a court judgment, or of a will) :: egzekucja {f}
execution {n} (formal process by which a contract is made valid and put into binding effect) :: wykonanie {n}, egzekucja {f}
executioner {n} (the person who carries out the execution) :: kat {m}, oprawca {m}
executive {adj} (designed for execution) :: wykonawczy
executive branch {n} (branch of government) :: władza wykonawcza {f}
executive committee {n} (the cabinet of ministers for a city government) :: komitet wykonawczy {m}
exegesis {n} (formal written exposition or explanatory essay) :: egzegeza {f}
exegete {n} (a person skilled in exegesis) :: egzegeta {m}
exegetic {adj} :: egzegetyczny
exegetical {adj} (exegetic) SEE: exegetic ::
exemplar {n} (role model) SEE: role model ::
exemplary {adj} (deserving honour, respect and admiration) :: wzorowy {m}
exemplary {adj} (of such high quality as to serve as an example, see also: ideal; perfect) :: przykładny {m}
exempt {adj} (free from duty or obligation) :: zwolniony {m}
exercise {n} (any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability) :: ćwiczenie {n}
exercise {n} (physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness) :: ćwiczenie {n}
exercise {v} (to perform activities to develop skills) :: ćwiczyć
exercise {v} (to take action, enforce) :: użyć władzy
exercise book {n} (booklet for students) :: zeszyt {m}
exhalation {n} (meteor) SEE: meteor ::
exhausted {adj} (in a state of exhaustion) :: wyczerpany
exhibit {v} (display or show (something) for others to see) :: pokazywać, pokazać
exhibit {v} (display publicly) :: wystawić, wystawiać
exhibition {n} (large scale public showing of objects or products) :: wystawa {f}
exhibition game {n} (practice game) :: mecz towarzyski {m}
exhibitionism {n} (practice of displaying one's private bodily parts in public) :: ekshibicjonizm {m}
exhibitionist {n} (one who attempts by his behaviour to draw attention to himself) :: pozer {m}, pozerka {f}
exhibitionist {n} (someone who exposes their genitalia in public) :: ekshibicjonista {m}, ekshibicjonistka {f}
exhibition match {n} (exhibition game) SEE: exhibition game ::
exhilarate {v} (to cheer) :: rozweselić {pf}
exhilarating {adj} (refreshingly thrilling) :: ekscytujący {m}, emocjonujący {m}
exhort {v} (urge) :: namawiać, zachęcać
exhumation {n} (the act of digging up that which has been buried) :: ekshumacja {f}
exhume {v} (To dig out of the ground; to take out of a place of burial; to disinter) :: ekshumować
exile {n} (the state of being banished from one's home or country) :: wygnanie {n}
exile {n} (someone who is banished from one's home or country) :: wygnaniec {m}
exile {v} (to send into exile) :: wygnać
exist {v} (to be) :: istnieć, egzystować
existence {n} (state of being, existing, or occurring) :: egzystencja {f}, istnienie {n}
existent {adj} (existing; having life or being, current; occurring now) :: istniejący
existentialism {n} (philosophical movement) :: egzystencjalizm {m}
existing {adj} (that exists) :: istniejący
exit {n} (way out) :: wyjście {n}
exit {n} (passage from inside to outside) :: wyjście {n}
exit {n} (action of leaving) :: wyjście {n}
exit {v} (go out) :: wyjść, wychodzić
exit {v} (leave) :: wyjść, wychodzić
ex libris {n} (bookplate) :: ekslibris
Exodus {prop} (departure of Hebrew slaves) :: Exodus {m}
Exodus {prop} (book of Torah and Old Testament) :: Księga Wyjścia {f}, Exodus {m-in}
exogamous {adj} (of or relating to exogamy) :: egzogamiczny
exogamy {n} (marriage) :: egzogamia {f}
exophthalmos {n} (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball) :: wytrzeszcz {m}
exorcism {n} (ritual driving out of evil spirits) :: egzorcyzm {m}, egzorcyzmowanie {n}
exorcist {n} (a person who practices exorcism) :: egzorcysta {m}
exoskeleton {n} (hard outer structure) :: szkielet zewnętrzny {m}, egzoszkielet {m}
exosphere {n} (the uppermost layer of a planet's atmosphere) :: egzosfera {f}
exotic {adj} (foreign, with the connotation of excitingly foreign) :: egzotyczny {m}
exotic {adj} (non-native to the ecosystem) :: egzotyczny {m}
expansion {n} (act of expanding) :: ekspansja {f}
expatriate {n} (person living outside own country) :: ekspatriant {m}, emigrant {m}
expatriate {n} (person banished from their own country) :: wygnaniec {m}
expatriate {v} (banish) :: wypędzać, wygnać
expatriate {v} (withdraw from one’s country) :: wypędzać, wygnać
expect {v} (to expect) SEE: look ::
expect {v} (to look for, look forward to, anticipate) :: spodziewać się, oczekiwać
expectorate {v} (spit) SEE: spit ::
expedite {v} (accelerate progress) :: przyspieszyć
expedition {n} (An important enterprise, implying a change of place) :: ekspedycja {f}, wyprawa {f}
expel {v} (to eject) :: wyrzucać {impf}, wyrzucić {pf}, wydalać {impf}, wydalić {pf}
expel {v} (to remove from membership) :: wykluczać {impf}, wykluczyć {pf}, wydalać {impf}, wydalić {pf}
expel {v} (to deport) :: wypędzać {impf}, wypędzić {pf}, wyganiać {impf}, wygonić {pf}, wygnać {pf}
expense {n} (a spending or consuming; disbursement; expenditure) :: wydatek {m}
expensive {adj} (having a high price or cost) :: drogi {m}
expensively {adv} (in an expensive manner) :: drogo
experience {n} (event(s) of which one is cognizant) :: doświadczenie {n}
experience {n} (activity which one has performed) :: doświadczenie {n}
experience {n} (collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge) :: doświadczenie {n}
experience {n} (the knowledge thus gathered) :: doświadczenie {n}
experience {v} (to observe or undergo) :: doświadczyć
experienced {adj} (having experience) :: doświadczony
experiment {n} (test under controlled conditions) :: eksperyment {m-in}, doświadczenie {n}
experiment {v} (to conduct an experiment) :: eksperymentować, przeprowadzać doświadczenie
experimental {adj} (of or pertaining to an experiment) :: eksperymentalny
expert {n} (person with extensive knowledge or ability) :: ekspert {m}
expertise {n} (advice or opinion of an expert) :: ekspertyza {f}
expiation {n} (an act of atonement) :: ekspiacja {f}
expire {v} (die) SEE: die ::
expire {v} (become invalid) :: wygasnąć
expired {adj} (dead) SEE: dead ::
expiry {n} (death) SEE: death ::
explain {v} (report) :: wyjaśniać {impf}, wyjaśnić {pf}; objaśniać {impf}, objaśnić {pf}
explanation {n} (the act or process of explaining) :: objaśnienie {n}, wyjaśnienie {n}
expletive {n} (profane, vulgar term) SEE: swear word ::
explicit {adj} (very specific) :: szczegółowy, jasny, wprost
explode {v} (to explode (intransitive)) :: wybuchać, wybuchnąć
exploit {n} (heroic or extraordinary deed) :: wyczyn {m}
exploit {v} (use for one’s advantage) :: wykorzystywać, wyzyskiwać
exploitation {n} (act of exploiting) :: wykorzystanie {n}, wyzysk {m} [pejorative], spożytkowanie {n}
explorer {n} :: odkrywca {m}
explosion {n} (violent release of energy) :: wybuch {m}, eksplozja {f}
explosion {n} (sudden increase) :: gwałtowny wzrost
explosive {adj} (with the capability to, or likely to, explode) :: wybuchowy {m}
explosive {adj} (easily driven to anger) :: wybuchowy {m}
exponent {n} ((in mathematics) the power to which something is raised) :: wykładnik {m}
exponential {adj} (expressed in terms of a power of e) :: wykładniczy {m}
expose {v} (to reveal, uncover, make visible, bring to light, introduce to) :: odsłonić, ukazać
expose {v} (to subject photographic film to light) :: naświetlić
exposition {n} (action of putting something out to public view) :: wystawa {f}
express {v} (to convey meaning) :: wyrażać {impf}, wyrazić {pf}
expression {n} (particular way of phrasing an idea) :: wyrażenie {n}, zwrot {m-in}
expression {n} (colloquialism or idiom) :: wyrażenie {n}, zwrot {m-in}
expression {n} (facial appearance) :: mina {f}, wyraz twarzy {m-in}
expression {n} (mathematics: arrangement of symbols) :: wyrażenie {n}
expression {n} ((computing) a piece of code in a high-level language that returns a value) :: wyrażenie {n}
expressionism {n} (movement in the arts) :: ekspresjonizm {m}
expressly {adv} (in an expressive or explicit manner) :: wyraźnie
express train {n} (a train making limited stops) :: pociąg pospieszny {m}
expressway {n} (US: divided highway) :: autostrada {f}
expressway {n} (NZ: high speed road, not built to freeway standards) :: droga ekspresowa {f}
expressway {n} (freeway) SEE: freeway ::
expropriate {v} (to deprive a person of their property) :: wywłaszczać {impf}, wywłaszczyć {pf}
expropriation {n} (act of expropriating) :: wywłaszczenie {n}
expulsion {n} (the act of expelling or the state of being expelled) :: wydalenie {n}
exquisite {adj} (especially fine) :: wyśmienity, wyborny
extant {adj} (still in existence) :: istniejący {m}
extended family {n} (family (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren etc)) :: rodzina rozszerzona {f}
extension {n} (anatomy: that property of a body by which it occupies a portion of space) :: rozciągłość {f}
extension {n} (computing: optional software component) :: rozszerzenie {n}
extension cord {n} (an electrical cord) :: przedłużacz {m}
extensive {adj} (wide) :: rozległy
extent {n} (space, area, volume to which something extends) :: stopień {m}
exterior {adj} (being from outside a country) SEE: foreign ::
exterior {adj} (external) SEE: external ::
exterior {adj} (outer) SEE: outer ::
extermination camp {n} (death camp) SEE: death camp ::
external {adj} (outside of something) :: zewnętrzny
extinct {adj} (extinguished, no longer alight (of fire, candles etc.)) :: wygasły {m}, zagasły {m}
extinct {adj} (no longer used; obsolete, discontinued) :: martwy {m}
extinct {adj} (having died out) :: wymarły {m}
extinct {adj} (no longer erupting) :: wygasły {m}
extinction {n} (the action of making or becoming extinct) :: wygaszenie {n}, wymarcie {n}, wytępienie {n}
extinct language {n} (dead language) SEE: dead language ::
extinguish {v} (to put out, as in fire; to end burning; to quench) :: stłumić, ugasić, zgasić
extinguish {v} (to destroy or abolish something) :: stłumić
extinguish {v} (to obscure or eclipse something) :: ugasić
extinguish {v} ((literally) to hunt down (a species) to extinction) :: wymazać
extirpate {v} (to pull up by the roots) :: wykorzenić {pf}
extirpate {v} (to destroy completely) :: wyplenić {pf}
extirpate {v} (to surgically remove) :: usunąć
extra {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on ::
extraction {n} (act of extracting) :: wydobywanie {n}
extraction {n} (one's origin, lineage or ancestry) :: pochodzenie {n}
extraction {n} (removal of a tooth from its socket) :: usunięcie {n}
extractor hood {n} (kitchen device) :: wyciąg {m} [kuchenny]
extragalactic {adj} (originating outside of a galaxy) :: pozagalaktyczny
extramarital {adj} (taking place outside marriage) :: pozamałżeński
extra-natural {adj} (supernatural) SEE: supernatural ::
extraordinary {adj} (not ordinary) :: niezwykły {m} , nadzwyczajny
extrapolation {n} (calculation of an estimate) :: ekstrapolacja {f}
extrasensory perception {n} (supposed ability to obtain information without the use of normal sensory channels) :: postrzeganie pozazmysłowe {n}
extraterrestrial {adj} (originating from outside of the Earth) :: pozaziemski
extraterrestrial {n} (being originating from outside of the Earth) :: kosmita {m}, kosmitka {f}
extra time {n} (an additional period played at the end of some games of football) :: dogrywka {f}
extravagance {n} (excessive expenditure) :: ekstrawagancja {f}
extravagant {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something) :: ekstrawagancki {m}
extravaganza {n} (event or display of fantastic or chaotic behaviour or conduct) :: fanaberie {f-p}
extreme {adj} (of a place, the most remote, farthest or outermost) :: skrajny
extreme {adj} (in the greatest or highest degree; intense) :: skrajny
extreme {adj} (excessive, or far beyond the norm) :: nadzwyczajny
extreme {adj} (drastic, or of great severity) :: skrajny, drastyczny
extreme {adj} (of sports, difficult or dangerous; performed in a hazardous environment) :: ekstremalny
extreme {n} (greatest or utmost point, degree or condition) :: skrajność {f}
extreme {n} (each of the things at opposite ends of a range or scale) :: ekstremum {n}, ekstrema {n-p}
extreme {n} (drastic expedient) :: skrajność {f}
extremism {n} (extreme ideas or actions) :: ekstremizm {m}
extremity {n} (limb) SEE: limb ::
extremum {n} (mathematics) :: ekstremum {n}
eye {n} (organ) :: oko {n}
eye {n} (hole in needle) :: ucho {n}
eye {n} (of a hurricane) :: oko {n}
eye {n} (of a potato) :: oczko {n}
eye {v} (to observe carefully) :: przypatrywać się
eyeball {n} (ball of the eye) :: gałka oczna {f}
eyebright {n} (any of the flowering plants of the genus Euphrasia) :: świetlik {m}
eyebrow {n} (hair that grows over the bone ridge above the eye socket) :: brew {f}
eyebrow pencil {n} (makeup used to define or draw on the eyebrows) :: ołówek do brwi {m}
eye for an eye {n} (compensation for an injury) :: oko za oko, ząb za ząb, oko za oko
eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth {proverb} (compensation for an injury) :: oko za oko, ząb za ząb
eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
eyelash {n} (hair growing on the edge of an eyelid) :: rzęsa {f}
eyelid {n} ((anatomy) a thin skin membrane that covers and moves over an eye) :: powieka {f}
eyeliner {n} (makeup) :: kredka do oczu {f}
eye of a needle {n} (small gap in a needle) :: ucho (igielne) {n}
eye of the storm {n} (region of calm weather) :: oko cyklonu {m}
eye patch {n} (patch worn to cover one eye) :: przepaska na oko {f}, opaska na oko {f}
eye shadow {n} (makeup around the eyes) :: cień do powiek {m}
eyesight {n} (faculty of sight) :: wzrok {m}, widzenie {n}
Eyetie {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
eye tooth {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth ::
eye up {v} (To examine) :: lustrować
eyewitness {n} (person who has seen and can testify about an event) :: naoczny świadek {m}
eyot {n} (islet) SEE: islet ::
eyrie {n} (bird of prey's nest) :: orle gniazdo {n}
Ezekiel {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Ezechiel {m}
Ezekiel {prop} (prophet) :: Ezechiel {m}
Ezekiel {prop} (male given name) :: Ezechiel {m}
Ezra {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Księga Ezdrasza {f}
Ezra {prop} (Jewish high priest) :: Ezdrasz {m}
Ezra {prop} (male given name) :: Ezdrasz {m}