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Pacific Ocean {prop} (the world's largest body of water)  :: Ти́хи океа́н {m}
pacifier {n} (for a baby)  :: залъгалка {f}
package {n} (something which is packed)  :: паке́т {m}
packet {n} (small pack)  :: паке́тче {n}, паке́т {m}
packing needle {n} (large needle)  :: губерка
paddleboat {n} (pedalo) SEE: pedalo  ::
paddy {n} (wet land where rice grows)  :: оризище {m}
paddy field {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy  ::
Padishah {n} (Padishah)  :: падиша́х
padlock {n} (type of lock)  :: катина́р {m}
paean {n} (any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph)  :: пеан
pagan {adj} (relating to non-Abrahamic religions)  :: ези́чески
pagan {n} (person not adhering to any major or recognized religion)  :: ези́чник {m}
page {n} (boy child) SEE: boy  ::
page {n} (one side of a leaf of a book)  :: страни́ца {f}
page {n} (Internet: web page) SEE: web page  ::
pagoda {n} (a tiered tower with multiple eaves)  :: па́года {f}
pail {n} (bucket) SEE: bucket  ::
pain {n} (ache or bodily suffering)  :: бо́лка {f}
painkiller {n} (a drug that numbs the pain in the body)  :: пенкилер {m}
paint {n} (substance)  :: боя́ {f}
painter {n} (artist)  :: худо́жник {m}
painting {n} (an illustration or artwork using paint)  :: картина {f}
painting {n} (the action of applying paint)  :: живопис {m}
pair {n} (number of things resembling one another, or belonging together) SEE: set  ::
pair {n} (two similar or identical things)  :: дво́йка {f}
pair {n} (two people in relationship)  :: двойка {f} /dvójka/
pair of compasses {n} (tool used to draw circles)  :: пергел {m}
pair of eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of specs {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of spectacles {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pajamas {n} (clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in)  :: пижа́ма {f}
Pakistan {prop} (country in South Asia)  :: Пакиста́н {m}
Pakistani {n} (A person from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent)  :: пакистанец {m}, пакистанка {f}, пакистанци {p}
Pakistani {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Pakistan, or its people)  :: пакистански {m}, пакистанска {f}, пакистанско {n}, пакистански {p}
palace {n} (large, lavish residence)  :: дворе́ц {m}
Palace of Westminster {prop} (building in London housing the House of Commons and House of Lords)  :: Уестминстърски дворец {m}
palate {n} (roof of the mouth)  :: небце {n}
Palau {prop} (Republic of Palau)  :: Палау
pale {adj} (light in color)  :: блед {m}
pale {v} (to become pale)  :: бледнея, избледнявам, избледнея
pale {n} (wooden stake)  :: кол {m}
Palestine {prop} (West Bank and Gaza Strip collectively)  :: Палести́на {f}
Palestinian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Palestine and/or the Palestinian people)  :: палестински
Palestinian {n} (inhabitant of Palestine or Arab of Palestinian descent)  :: палестинец {m}, палестинка {f}
palish {adj} (somewhat pale)  :: бле́дничък
palladium {n} (chemical element)  :: паладий {m} /paládij/
palm {n} (inner, concave part of hand)  :: длан {f}
palm {n} (palm tree) SEE: palm tree  ::
palm tree {n} (tropical tree)  :: па́лма {f}
palpable {adj} (capable of being touched)  :: осезаем
palpable {adj} (obvious)  :: очевиден {m}, ясен {m}, явен {m}
pamphlet {n} (booklet) SEE: booklet  ::
Panama {prop} (country)  :: Пана́ма {f}
Panamanian {n} (person from Panama)  :: панамец {m} /panámets/, панамка {f} /panámka/, панамци {m-p} /panámtsi/, панамки {f-p} /panámki/
Panamanian {n} (person from Panama City)  :: панамец {m} /panámets/, панамка {f} /panámka/
Panamanian {adj} (pertaining to Panama)  :: панамски {m} /panámski/, панамска {f} /panámska/, панамско {n} /panámsko/
pan-Arabism {n} (movement)  :: панарабизъм
pancake {n} (thin batter cake)  :: палачи́нка {f}
Panchatantra {prop} (a collection of Sanskrit and Pali animal fables in verse and prose)  :: Панчатантра
pancreas {n} (gland near the stomach)  :: панкреас {m}
panda {n} (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)  :: па́нда {f}
panda bear {n} (panda) SEE: panda  ::
Pangaea {prop} (supercontinent prior to Triassic)  :: Пангея {f} /Pangeya/
panic {n} (overpowering fright)  :: паника {f}
panpsychism {n} (the doctrine that all matter has a mental aspect)  :: панпсихизъм {m} /panpsixízǎm/
pansexuality {n} (sexual orientation)  :: пансексуалност {f} /panseksualnost/
Pan-Slavism {n} (movement)  :: панславизъм {m} /panslavízǎm/
pant {n} (a pair of pants) SEE: pants  ::
pantheism {n} (belief that the universe is divine)  :: пантеизъм {m} /panteízǎm/
panties {n} (short underpants for women or girls)  :: гащички {p}
pantry {n} (storage room)  :: килер {m} /kilér/
pants {n} (garment covering the body from the waist downwards)  :: пантало́ни {p}, пантало́н {m}
panty {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
pap {n} (porridge) SEE: porridge  ::
papa {n} (Father (familiar, conversational)) SEE: dad  ::
papaya {n} (fruit)  :: папа́я {f}
paper {n} (sheet material)  :: харти́я {f}
paper {n} (written document shorter than a book)  :: докуме́нт {m}, статия́ {f}
paper {n} (newspaper) SEE: newspaper  ::
paper {v} (to document) SEE: document  ::
paper clip {n} (paper clip)  :: кла́мер {m}
paperweight {n} (small, decorative, somewhat weighty object)  :: преспапие́ {n}
papier-mâché {n} (paper mixed with glue to create a sculptural object)  :: папие-маше {n}, папиемаше {n}
Papua New Guinea {prop} (country in Oceania)  :: Папу́а Но́ва Гвине́я {f}
parachute {n} (a device designed to control the fall of an object)  :: парашу́т {m}
parachute {v} (to jump with a parachute)  :: скачам с парашут
parade {n} (organized procession)  :: пара́д {m}
paradise {n} (heaven)  :: рай {m}, небеса́ {n-p}
paradox {n} (apparent contradiction which is nonetheless true )  :: парадокс {m} /paradóks/
paraffin {n} (kerosene) SEE: kerosene  ::
paragon {n} (model or pattern)  :: образéц {m}
paragraph {n} (passage in text)  :: парагра́ф {m}
Paraguay {prop} (country in South America)  :: Парагва́й {m}
paranoia {n} (A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution)  :: параноя {f} /paranoja/
parasite {n} (useless person who always relies on other people's work and gives nothing back)  :: парази́т {m}
paratyphoid fever {n} (acute infectious intestinal disease)  :: паратиф {m}
parcel {n} (package wrapped for shipment)  :: колет {m}, паке́т {m}
parent {n} (person from whom one is descended)  :: роди́тел {m}
parent {n}  :: родител {m}
parents {n} (one's parents)  :: роди́тели {m-p}
Paris {prop} (capital of France)  :: Пари́ж {m}
Paris {prop} (Trojan prince)  :: Па́рис {m}
parish {n} (part of a diocese)  :: енория {f}
parish church {n} (religious centre of a parish)  :: енорийска църква {f}
park {n} (ground for recreation)  :: парк {m} {}
parliament {n} (institution with elected or appointed members)  :: парламент {m}
parrot {n} (kind of bird)  :: папага́л {m}
parsley {n} (herb)  :: магдано́з {m}
part {n} (fraction of a whole )  :: част {f}
partake {v} (to take part in an activity)  :: уча́ствам
Parthenon {prop} (ancient temple to Athena)  :: Партенон {m}
participant {n} (one who participates)  :: уча́стник {m}
participate {v} (to join in, to take part, to involve oneself)  :: уча́ствувам {impf}, взе́мам уча́стие {impf}, взе́ма уча́стие {pf}
participation {n} (act of participating)  :: участие {n} /učástie/
particle {n} (body with very small size)  :: части́ца {f}
particle {n} (word)  :: части́ца {f}
particle physics {n} (particle physics)  :: физика на елементарните частици
partisan {n} (adherent to a party)  :: алебарда {f} /alebárda/
partisan {n} (member of a body of detached light troops) SEE: guerrilla  ::
partner {n} (someone who is associated with another in a common activity or interest)  :: партньор {m} /partnjór/
partner {n} (dancing partner)  :: партньор {m} /partnjór/, партньорка {f} /partnjórka/
part of speech {n} (the function a word or phrase performs)  :: част на ре́чта {f}
partridge {n} (any bird of the genera Perdix or Alectoris)  :: яребица {f}
parturition {n} (act of giving birth)  :: раждане {n} /raždane/
party {n} (social gathering)  :: заба́ва {f}
party {n} (political group) SEE: political party  ::
party wall {n} (commonly shared wall)  :: калка́н {m}
pascal {n} (SI unit of pressure and stress)  :: паска́л {m}
pasha {n} (title)  :: паша́ {m}
pass {n} (password) SEE: password  ::
passenger {n} (one who rides or travels in a vehicle)  :: пасаже́р {m}, пасаже́рка {f}, пъ̀тник {m}, пъ̀тница {f}
pass gas {v} (break wind) SEE: break wind  ::
passion {n} (any great emotion)  :: страст {f}
passion fruit {n} (edible fruit)  :: мараку́я {f}
pass on {v} (To die) SEE: die  ::
passport {n} (official document)  :: па́спорт {m}
password {n} (word used to gain admittance)  :: паро́ла {f}
past {adj} (ago) SEE: ago  ::
past {n} (period of time that has already happened)  :: мина́ло {n}
past {adj} (having already happened; in the past)  :: минал
pastirma {n} (highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef)  :: пастърма
pastor {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
pasture {v} (graze) SEE: graze  ::
pasture {n} (land on which cattle can be kept for feeding)  :: па́сбище {n}, па́ша {f}
patch {n} (figuratively: fit) SEE: fit  ::
patch {n} (paltry fellow) SEE: fool  ::
patch {n} (computing: file describing changes made to source code)  :: ъпдейт {m} /ǎpdéjt/
patch file {n} (patch) SEE: patch  ::
paternal grandfather {n} (one's father's father)  :: прадядо {m}
paternal uncle {n} (brother of one's father)  :: чичо {m}
paternity {n} (fatherhood) SEE: fatherhood  ::
patient {adj} (not losing one's temper while waiting)  :: търпели́в
Patras {prop} (city of Greece)  :: Патрай /Patraj/
patriarch {n} (male leader)  :: баща {m} /baštá/, патриарх {m} /patriárh/
patriot {n} (person who loves, supports and defends their country)  :: родолю́бец {f}, патрио́т {m}
patriotism {n} (love of one's own country)  :: патриоти́зъм {m}
patron {n} (supporter)  :: ага́ {m}
patron {n} (wealthy individual who supports an artist etc.)  :: ага́ {m}
patsy {n} (a person who is taken advantage of)  :: карък {m} /karák/
Paulette {prop} (female given name)  :: Полет {f} /Polet/
pauper {n} (one who is extremely poor)  :: бедняк {m} /bednják/, сиромах {m} /siromáh/
pavement {n} (footpath)  :: тротоар {m} /trotoár/
pavilion {n} (cartiliginous part of the outer ear) SEE: pinna  ::
paw {n} (soft foot of an animal)  :: ла́па {f}
pawn {n} (chess piece)  :: пешка {f} /péška/
pawnshop {n} (business premises of a pawnbroker)  :: зало́жна къ̀ща {f}
pay {v} (to give money in exchange for goods or services)  :: пла́щам {impf}, платя́ {pf}
pay attention {v} (to be attentive)  :: насочвам внимание
payment {n} (the act of paying)  :: плащане {n} /pláštane/
Pazardzhik {prop} (a town in southern Bulgaria)  :: Пазарджик
pea {n} (plant)  :: грах {m}
peace {n} (tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence)  :: мир {m}, споко́йствие {n}
peace {n} (state of being free from war)  :: мир {m}
peace {n}  :: мир
peach {n} (tree)  :: пра́скова {f}
peach {n} (fruit)  :: пра́скова {f}
peachtree {n} (peach) SEE: peach  ::
peacock {n} (pheasant of one of the genera Pavo and Afropavo)  :: пау́н {m}
peanut {n} (a legume resembling a nut)  :: фъстък {m}
peanut butter {n} (a spread made from ground peanuts)  :: фъстъчено масло {n}
pear {n} (fruit)  :: кру́ша {f}
pear {n} (tree)  :: кру́ша {f}
pearl {n} (mother-of-pearl) SEE: mother-of-pearl  ::
pearl {n} (rounded shelly concretion produced by certain mollusks)  :: би́сер {m}, пе́рла {f}, маргари́т {m}
pearl {n} (fringe or border) SEE: fringe  ::
pearl diver {n} (dishwasher) SEE: dishwasher  ::
Pearl Harbor {prop} (a harbor on Hawaii)  :: Пърл Харбър {m} /Pǎrl Hárbǎr/
pear tree {n} (a tree of the genus Pyrus)  :: кру́ша {f}
peasant {n} (member of the agriculture low class)  :: се́лянин {m}, се́лянка {f}
peat {n} (soil)  :: торф {m} /torf/
pecker {n} (slang for penis) SEE: dick  ::
pecker {n} (slang for woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker  ::
pecker {n} (slang for courage) SEE: courage  ::
peckerwood {n} (woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker  ::
pedagogy {n} (profession of teaching)  :: педагогика {f}
pedal {n} (lever operated by one's foot)  :: педа́л {m}
pedalo {n} (small boat propelled by pedals)  :: во́дно колело́ {n}
peddler {n} (itinerant seller of small goods)  :: амбулантен търговец {m}
pederast {n} (practitioner of pederasty)  :: педераст {m} /pederást/
pederasty {n} (pederasty)  :: педерастия {f} /pederastija/
pedestrian crossing {n} (place for pedestrians to cross a street)  :: пешехо́дна пъте́ка {f}
pedigree {n} (chart of ancestors)  :: родословие {n} /rodoslóvie/
pedophile {n} (an adult who is sexually attracted to children)  :: педофил {m}
pee {n} (liquid excrement) SEE: urine  ::
pee-pee {n} (childish: urine) SEE: wee-wee  ::
pee-pee {n} (childish: genitalia) SEE: wee-wee  ::
Pehčevo {prop} (a town in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Пехчево {n} /Péhčevo/
pekan {n} (fisher) SEE: fisher  ::
Peking {prop} (Beijing) SEE: Beijing  ::
pelican {n} (any of various seabirds of the family Pelecanidae)  :: пеликан {m}
pelmeni {n} (Russian dumplings)  :: пелме́н {m}, пелме́ни {m-p} [usually plural]
Peloponnese {prop} (region of Greece)  :: Пелопонес {m}
pelvis {n} (bone)  :: таз {m} /taz/
pen {n} (wing) SEE: wing  ::
pen {n} (writing tool)  :: писа́лка {f}
penal code {n} (penal code) SEE: criminal code  ::
pencil {n} (graphite writing-instrument)  :: мо́лив {m}
pencil box {n} (container for stationery) SEE: pencil case  ::
pencil case {n} (object purposed to contain stationery)  :: кути́я за мо́ли́ви {f}
pendant {n} (a piece of jewellery hung from a chain worn around the neck)  :: огърлица {f}
penguin {n} (flightless sea bird)  :: пингви́н {m}
penicillin {n} (penicillin)  :: пеницилин {m} /penicilín/
peninsula {n} (a piece of land projecting into water)  :: полуо́стров {m}
penis {n} (male organ for copulation and urination)  :: пе́нис {m}, кур {m} [vulgar], хуй {m} [vulgar], пи́шка {f} [childish]
penis {n} (penis) SEE: member  ::
penny {n} (one-cent coin in US and Canada) SEE: cent  ::
penology {n} (study of punishment and prevention of crime)  :: пенология {f}
Pentecost {prop} (Christian festival)  :: петдесетница {f} /petdesètnitsa/
Pentecostalism {n} (Christian religious movement)  :: петдесятничество {n}
penumbra {n} (partially shaded area around a shadow, especially an eclipse)  :: полуся́нка {f}
Penza {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Пенза {f} /Pénza/
peony {n} (Paeonia genus of flowering plants)  :: божу́р {m}
people {n} (a body of human beings; a group of two or more persons)  :: хо̀ра {p}, лю̀де {m-p}
people {n} (a group of persons forming or belonging to a particular nation etc.)  :: наро́д {m}, на́ция {f}
people {n} (a person's ancestors, relatives or family)  :: род {m}, семе́йство {n}, ли́ния {f}
people {v} (to fill with people)  :: населвам, населя
people {v} (to inhabit, to occupy)  :: обитавам, живея, населявам
people's republic {n} (people's republic)  :: народна република {f} /narodna republika/
People's Republic of China {prop} (official name of China)  :: Кита́йска наро́дна репу́блика {f}
pepper {n} (spice)  :: пи́пер {m}
Pepsi {prop} (the brand of drink)  :: Пепси /Pépsi/
percent {n} (a part or other object per hundred)  :: проце́нт
perch {n} (fish of the genus Perca)  :: костур {m} /kóstur/
perdition {n} (eternal damnation)  :: ад {m} /ad/
perdition {n} (hell)  :: ад {m} /ad/
peregrine falcon {n} (Falco peregrinus)  :: со́кол ски́тник {m}
perestroika {prop} (reform in the Soviet Union in 1980s)  :: перестро́йка {f}
perfect {adj} (fitting its definition precisely)  :: съвършен /sǎvǎršen/
perfective {adj} (relative to the perfect tense or perfective aspect)  :: свърше́н
perfective aspect {n} (grammatical term)  :: свърше́н вид {m}
perform {v} (to do something)  :: извършвам
perform {v} (to do something in front of an audience)  :: изпълня́вам, предста́вям
perfume {n} (pleasant smell)  :: благоуха́ние {n}, арома́т {m}
perfume {n} (substance providing a pleasant smell)  :: парфю́м {m}
perfume {n}  :: благоухание n , парфюм m
perfume {v} (to apply perfume to)  :: парфюмирам
perhaps {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty)  :: мо́же би
Pericles {prop} (Greek politician)  :: Перикъл {m} /Perik'l/
perineum {n} (anatomical term)  :: перинеум /perineum/
period {n} (history: period of time seen as coherent entity)  :: пери́од {m}
period {n} (menstruation) SEE: menstruation  ::
periodic table {n} (chart)  :: периодична система на елементите {f} /periodíčna sistéma na eleméntite/
peristalsis {n} (rhythmic contraction of the digestive tract)  :: перисталтика
perjury {n} (deliberate giving of false or misleading testimony under oath)  :: лъжесвидетелство {n}
perky {adj} (lively or enthusiastic)  :: закачлив, игрив
Perm {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Перм /Perm/
permission {n} (authorisation)  :: разреше́ние {n}, позволе́ние {n}
permission {n} (act of permitting)  :: позволе́ние {n}
permutation {n} (one-to-one mapping)  :: пермутация {f}
permutation {n}  :: пермутация {f} /permutat͡sija/
pernicious {adj} (causing much harm)  :: пагубен /páguben/
pernicious {adj} (causing death or injury)  :: гибелен /gíbelen/, пагубен /páguben/
Pernik {prop} (town)  :: Перник
perpetrator {n} (one who perpetrates)  :: извършител {m} /izvǎršítel/, виновник {m} /vinóvnik/
perpetuity {n} (the quality or state of being perpetual)  :: ве́чност {f}
Perpignan {prop} (city in Pyrénées-Orientales, France)  :: Перпиня̀н {m}, Перпиня̀ {m}
Persephone {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Персефона {f} /Persefona/
Persepolis {prop} (ancient city of Persia)  :: Персеполис
Perseus {prop} (mythical Greek warrior)  :: Персей {m} /Perséj/
Perseus {prop} (constellation)  :: Персей {m} /Perséj/
Persia {prop} (Iran) SEE: Iran  ::
Persian {prop} (Persian language)  :: перси́йски {m}, фарси́ {m}
Persian {n} (member of ethnic group)  :: персиец {m}, персийка {f}
Persian {n}  :: перси́ец {m}, перси́йка {f}
Persian {adj}  :: перси́йски {m-p}
Persian Gulf {prop} (gulf between Iran and the Arabian peninsula)  :: Перси́йски зали́в {m}
person {n} (individual)  :: чове́к {m}
person {n} (specifically a human being, see also: human; human being; man)  :: чове́к {m}
person {n} (linguistic category)  :: род {m}
persona non grata {n} (a person who is not welcome)  :: персона нон грата
perspicacity {n} (Acute discernment or understanding; insight)  :: проницателност /pronitsatelnost/
perspiration {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
perspire {v} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
persuade {v} (convince)  :: убеждавам /ubeždavam/
Perth {prop} (in Western Australia)  :: Пърт {m} /Pǎrt/
pertinent {adj} (pertaining)  :: уместен, подходящ
pertussis {n} (whooping cough) SEE: whooping cough  ::
Peru {prop} (country in South America)  :: Перу́ {m}
perusal {n} (studying something carefully)  :: изучаване {n}
Peshawar {prop} (capital of North West Frontier Province, Pakistan)  :: Пешавар {m} /Pešavár/
pesto {n} (an Italian sauce especially for pasta)  :: пе́сто {m}
pet {n} (an animal kept as a companion)  :: дома́шен люби́мец {m}, пито́мец {m}
peta- {prefix} (SI prefix)  :: пета-
petasus {n} (low-crowned hat worn by the Ancient Greeks and Romans)  :: петасос
Peter {prop} (male given name)  :: Петър {m}
Petrarchan sonnet {n} (type of sonnet)  :: италиански сонет {m}, петраркистки сонет {m}
Petrich {prop} (town)  :: Петрич
petrol {n} (gasoline) SEE: gasoline  ::
petroleum {n} (oil) SEE: oil  ::
petrol station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
Petrozavodsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Петрозаводск {m} /Petrozavódsk/
Peugeot {prop} (French manufacturer of cars)  :: Пежо /Pežó/
Peugeot {n} (car manufactured by Peugeot)  :: Пежо {n} /Pežo/
phalange {n} (phalanx) SEE: phalanx  ::
phalanx {n} (finger or toe bone)  :: фаланга {f} /falánga/
phallus {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
pharaoh {n} (supreme ruler of ancient Egypt)  :: фарао́н {m}
pharmaceutics {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
pharmacist {n} (professional who dispenses prescription drugs)  :: фармаце́вт {m}, аптекар {m}
pharmacology {n} (science that studies the effects of chemical compounds on living animals)  :: фармакология {f} /farmakologija/
pharmacy {n} (a place where prescription drugs are dispensed)  :: апте́ка {f}, дроге́рия {f}
phase {n} (distinguishable part of a sequence)  :: фа́за {f}
pheasant {n} (bird of family Phasianidae, often hunted for food)  :: фазан {m}
Philadelphia {prop} (largest city in Pennsylvania)  :: Филаде́лфия {f}
philander {n} (lover) SEE: lover  ::
philanthropy {n} (charity) SEE: charity  ::
philately {n} (stamp collecting)  :: филателия {f}
philia {n} (friendship) SEE: friendship  ::
Philip {prop} (male given name)  :: Филип {m}
Philippine eagle {n} (species of eagle endemic to the Philippines)  :: орел маймунояд {m}
Philippines {prop} (Republic of the Philippines)  :: Филипи́ни {p}
philistine {adj} (lacking in appreciation for art or culture)  :: филистер {m}, простак {m}
Philistine {adj} (philistine) SEE: philistine  ::
philology {n} (historical linguistics)  :: филоло́гия {f}
philosopher {n} (person devoted to studying philosophy)  :: филосо́ф {m}
philosopher's stone {n} (philosopher's stone)  :: философският камък {m} /filosófskijət kámək/
philosophy {n} (academic discipline)  :: филосо́фия {f}
phobia {n} (irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety)  :: фо́бия {f}
phoenix {n} (mythological bird)  :: фе́никс {m}
phone {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone  ::
phone number {n} (telephone number) SEE: telephone number  ::
phonograph {n} (archaic record player) SEE: gramophone  ::
phonology {n} (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages)  :: фоноло́гия {f}
phosphorus {n} (element)  :: фо́сфор {m}
photo {n} (photograph)  :: фотогра́фия {f}
photocopy {n} (copy made using a photocopier)  :: ксероко́пия {f}
photogenic {adj} (looking good when photographed)  :: фотогеничен {m}
photograph {n} (picture)  :: фотогра́фия {f}
photograph {v} (to take a photograph)  :: фотографи́рам {impf} {pf}, снима́м {impf}
photographer {n} (one who takes photographs)  :: фотограф {m} /fotograf/
photography {n} (art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces)  :: фотогра́фия {f}
photon {n} (quantum of light)  :: фото́н {m}
photosynthesis {n} (biological process)  :: фотосинтеза {f}
phrase {n} (short written or spoken expression)  :: фра́за {f}, и́зраз {m}
phrase {v} (to express by means of words)  :: изразявам
phrase book {n} (book of everyday expressions and vocabulary)  :: разговорник {m} /razgovórnik/
phrasebook {n} (book used to learn foreign language) SEE: phrase book  ::
phraseology {n} (phrasebook) SEE: phrase book  ::
Phrygian cap {n} (conical close-fitting cap with the top bent forward)  :: фригийска шапка {f}, шапка на свободата {f}
phycology {n} (study of algae)  :: алгология {f}
physical examination {n}  :: преглед {m}
physicist {n} (person whose occupation specializes in the science of physics)  :: физик {m}
physics {n} (branch of science)  :: фи́зика {f}
piano {n} (a keyboard musical instrument)  :: пиа́но {n}
pick {v} (to pick) SEE: choose  ::
pick {n} (music: plectrum) SEE: plectrum  ::
pickaxe {n} (heavy iron tool)  :: кирка {f}
pickpocket {n} (one who steals from the pocket of a passerby)  :: джебчия {m}
picnic {n} (a meal eaten outdoors)  :: пикни́к {m}
pico- {prefix} (In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10−12)  :: пико-
picometer {n} (picometre) SEE: picometre  ::
picometre {n} (10-12 of a metre)  :: пикометър {m}
picture {n} (representation of visible reality produced by drawing, etc)  :: карти́на {f}
picture {n} (painting) SEE: painting  ::
pie {n} (type of pastry)  :: пиро́г {m}
pie {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza  ::
piece {n} (object played in a board game)  :: фи́гура {f}
piece of clothing {n} (garment) SEE: garment  ::
piece of paper {n} (sheet or scrap of paper)  :: кни́га {f}
Piedmont {prop} (region)  :: Пиемонт
pier {n} (raised platform built from the shore out over water)  :: при́стан {m}, кей {m}
pier {n} (rectangular pillar, or similar structure, that supports an arch, wall or roof)  :: коло́на {f}, стълб {m}
Pieria {prop} (Greek prefecture)  :: Пиерия /Pierija/
piety {n} (reverence and devotion to God)  :: набожност
pig {n} (mammal of genus Sus)  :: свиня́ {f}
pig {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet  ::
pig {n} (pork) SEE: pork  ::
pigeon {n} (bird of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae)  :: гълъ́б {m}
piggy bank {n} (a small container to store small saved coins in)  :: касичка {f}
piglet {n} (young pig)  :: прасе́нце {n}, прасе́ {n}
pigling {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet  ::
pike {n} (any fish of the genus Esox)  :: щука {f}
pilaf {n} (dish)  :: пилаф {m}
pilaff {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
pilau {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
pill {n} (small object for swallowing)  :: хапче {n}, хап {m}
pillory {n} (a framework on a post used as a means of punishment and humiliation)  :: позорен стълб {m} /pozóren stǎlb/
pillow {n} (soft cushion used to support the head in bed)  :: възгла́вница {f}
pilot {n} (controller of aircraft)  :: летец {m}
pilot project {n} (prototype, proof of concept)  :: пилотен проект {m}
pimp {n} (prostitution solicitor)  :: сводник {m} /svódnik/
pimple {n} (inflamed spot on the surface of the skin)  :: пъ̀пка {f}, пъ̀пчица {f}
pin {n} (jewellery attached with a pin) SEE: brooch  ::
pinata {n} (candy-filled container that is hit with a stick)  :: пиня́та {f}
pine {n} (tree of the genus Pinus)  :: бор {m}, мура {f}
pineapple {n} (plant)  :: анана́с {m}
pineapple {n} (fruit)  :: анана́с {m}
pine tree {n} (pine) SEE: pine  ::
ping pong {n} (table tennis) SEE: table tennis  ::
pink {n} (flower)  :: карамфил {m}
pink {n} (pale red colour)  :: ро́зов цвят {m}
pink {adj} (colored/coloured between red and white)  :: ро́зов {m}
pinkie {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger  ::
pinky {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger  ::
pinna {n} (visible part of the ear)  :: ушна́ ми́да {f}
Pinocchio {prop} (protagonist)  :: Пинокио {m}
pin-up {n} (person)  :: хубаво момиче {n}
Pinyin {prop} (romanization of Mandarin Chinese)  :: пини́н {m}
pioneer {n} (member of a child organization in the Soviet bloc)  :: пионе́р {m}
pious {adj} (of or pertaining to piety)  :: набожен
pious {adj} (practiced under the pretext of religion)  :: набожен
pipe {n} (hollow tube)  :: тръба́ {f}
pipe {n} (smoking tool) SEE: tobacco pipe  ::
piper {n} (bagpiper) SEE: bagpiper  ::
pipette {n} (small glass tube used for transferring liquid)  :: пипета {f}
pip-squeak {n} (small and insignificant person)  :: нищожество {m}
piracy {n} (robbery at sea)  :: пиратство {n} /piratstvo/
piranha {n} (South American fish)  :: пира́ня {f}
pirate {n} (one who plunders at sea)  :: пира́т {m}
pirog {n} (a baked case of dough with a sweet or savoury filling)  :: пиро́г {m}
Pisces {prop} (constellation)  :: [Klas Ribi] Клас Риби
pismire {n} (ant) SEE: ant  ::
piss {v} ((vulgar) to urinate)  :: пишкам, пикая, чуркам
pisser {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
pisser {n} (vulgar slang for toilet) SEE: shitter  ::
piste {n} ((skiing) a downhill trail)  :: писта {f} /písta/
pistol {n} (handgun)  :: пистоле́т {m}
pit {n} (hole in the ground)  :: я́ма {f}
pit {n} (mine) SEE: mine  ::
pit {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit  ::
pitaya {n} (dragon fruit) SEE: dragon fruit  ::
pitchfork {n} (farm tool with tines)  :: вила {f} /víla/
pith {n} (spinal cord; marrow) SEE: spinal cord  ::
pitiless {adj} (having no pity)  :: безмилостен
pizza {n} (baked Italian dish)  :: пи́ца {f}
place {n} (location, position)  :: мя́сто {n}
place {n} (open space, courtyard, market square)  :: площа́д {m}
placenta {n} (anatomy: placenta)  :: плаце́нта {f}
plagiarism {n} (copying of someone's ideas)  :: плагиа́тство {n}, плагиа́т {m}
plague {n}  :: тормози /tormozi/
plain {n} (an expanse of land with relatively low relief)  :: равнина {f} /ravnina/
plaintiff {n} (party bringing a suit in civil law against a defendant)  :: тъжител {m}
plait {n} (braid)  :: пли́тка {f}
plan {n} (set of intended actions)  :: план {m}
Planck's constant {n} (constant)  :: константа на Планк {f} /konstánta na Plank/
planet {n} (each of the seven major bodies which move relative to the fixed stars in the night sky)  :: плане́та {f}
planet {n} (rocky or gaseous spherical bodies orbiting the Sun)  :: плане́та {f}
planet {n} (similar body in orbit around a star)  :: плане́та {f}
planetary nebula {n} (nebulosity)  :: планетарна мъглявина {f}
plant {n} (organism capable of photosynthesis)  :: расте́ние {n}
plant {n} (factory) SEE: factory  ::
plantigrade {adj} (walking with the entire sole of the foot)  :: който ходи на цяло стъпало, плоскостъпен
plastic {n} (synthetic thermoplastic polymer)  :: пластма́са {f}
plasticine {n} (modeling clay)  :: пластили́н {m}
plate {n} (Cockney rhyming slang: foot) SEE: foot  ::
plate {n} (flat dish)  :: чини́я {f}
platform {n} (travel: raised structure for passengers)  :: платфо́рма {f}
platinum {adj} (colour)  :: плати́нен {m}
platinum {adj} (musical recording)  :: плати́нен {m}
platinum {n} (metal)  :: плати́на {f}
platinum {n} (colour)  :: плати́на {f}, плати́нен {m}
Plato {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Платон {m} /Pláton/
platoon {n} (unit of 30-40 soldiers)  :: взвод {m} /vzvod/
platypus {n} (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)  :: птицечовка {f}
play {v} (act in a manner such that one has fun)  :: игра́я {impf}
play {v} (produce music using a musical instrument (transitive sense), affecting a noun)  :: игра́я {impf}
Playboy {prop} (the adult magazine)  :: Плейбой {m} {n} /Pléyboy/
player {n}  :: играч
playhouse {n} (venue for performing plays) SEE: theater  ::
playing card {n} (one of usually 52 rectangular pieces of card)  :: ка́рта за игра́ {f}, ка́рта {f}
playwright {n} (writer of plays for the theatre)  :: драмату́рг {m}
playwriter {n} (playwright) SEE: playwright  ::
plaza {n} (a towns' public square)  :: пло́щад {m}
plea {n} (appeal, petition, entreaty)  :: апел {m}, петиция {f}, молба {f}
plea {n} (excuse)  :: извинение {n}
please {adv} (interjection to make a polite request)  :: мо́ля
pleased to meet you {phrase} (polite formula used when being introduced to somebody)  :: ра́двам се да се запозна́ем, прия́тно ми е, дра́го ми е
please pass the salt {phrase} (please pass the salt)  :: моля, преми́навам че сол
please repeat after me {phrase} (phrase)  :: моля се повтаря след мен /mólja se povtárja sled men/
pleasing {adj} (giving pleasure)  :: приятен /prijáten/
pleasure {n} (a state of being pleased)  :: удоволствие {n}, наслада {f}
pleat {n} (plait) SEE: plait  ::
plectrum {n} (music: small piece for plucking strings)  :: перце {n} /perce/
Pleiades {prop} (Greek mythology)  :: Плеяди
Pleiades {prop} (astronomy)  :: Плеяди
plenary {adj} (fully attended)  :: пленарен /plenáren/
plenipotentiary {n} (person invested with supreme authority)  :: упълномощен {m}, пълномощник {m}
plenipotentiary {n}  :: пълномощен (pǎlnomošten)
plenty {n} (a more than adequate amount)  :: изоби́лие {n}
Pleven {prop} (city)  :: Плевен {m} /Pléven/
Pliny {prop} (Roman praenomen)  :: Плиний (Plinij)
plough {n} (device pulled through the ground)  :: плуг {m}
plov {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
Plovdiv {prop} (city)  :: Пловдив {m} /Plóvdiv/
plow {n} (plough) SEE: plough  ::
plow {v} (plough) SEE: plough  ::
plum {n} (the fruit)  :: сли́ва {f}
plum tree {n} (tree that bears plums) SEE: plum  ::
plural {n} (the plural number)  :: мно́жествено число́ {n}
plural {n} (word in plural form)  :: мно́жествено число́ {n}
plush {n} (textile fabric)  :: плюш {m} /pljuš/
plutonium {n} (chemical element)  :: плуто́ний {m}
Plymouth {prop} (a city in Devon, England)  :: Плимът {m}
Po {prop} (longest river in Italy)  :: По /Po/
pocket {n} (bag stitched to an item of clothing)  :: джоб {m}
Podgorica {prop} (capital city of Montenegro)  :: Подгорица {f}
poem {n} (literary piece written in verse)  :: стихотворе́ние {n}, пое́ма {f}
poem {n}  :: поема /poema/
poet {n} (person who writes poems)  :: пое́т {m}
poetess {n} (female poet)  :: поете́са {f}
poetry {n} (class of literature)  :: пое́зия {f}
pogrom {n} (riot with the intent to massacre or terrorize a certain group, usually Jews)  :: погро́м {m}
point {n} (geometry: zero-dimensional object)  :: то́чка {f}
point {n} (unit of scoring in a game or competition)  :: точка {f}
pointer {n} (advice) SEE: advice  ::
pointer {n} (anything that points or is used for pointing)  :: показа́лка {f}
pointer {n} (computing: icon indicating mouse position) SEE: cursor  ::
poison {n} (substance harmful to a living organism)  :: отро́ва {f}
poison {v} (to use poison to kill or paralyse)  :: тровя {impf}, отравям {pf}
poison hemlock {n} (poisonous plant) SEE: hemlock  ::
poker {n} (metal rod for poking)  :: ръжен {m} /rǎ̀žen/
poker {n} (card game)  :: покер {m} /póker/
Poland {prop} (European country)  :: По́лша {f}
polao {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
polar bear {n} (Ursus maritimus)  :: бяла мечка {f} /bjála méčka/, полярна мечка {f} /poljárna méčka/
pole {n} (extreme of an axis)  :: по́люс {m}
pole {n} (magnetic point)  :: по́люс {m}
Pole {n} (person from Poland)  :: поляк {m} /polják/
polecat {n} (Mustela putorius)  :: прът
polecat {n} (skunk) SEE: skunk  ::
police {n} (an organisation that enforces the law)  :: поли́ция {f}
policeman {n} (a member of a police force)  :: полица́й {m}
police officer {n} (an officer in a law enforcement agency)  :: полица́й {m}
police station {n} (building of police force)  :: полицейски участък {m}
policy {n} (principle of conduct)  :: поли́тика {f}
polish {n}  :: политура {f}, блясък {m}, изтънченост {f}
polish {v}  :: излъсквам /1/, шлифовам /2/
Polish {adj} (of Poland or its language)  :: полски
Polish {prop} (the language of Poland)  :: полски {m} /pólski/
polish off {v} (To finish completely, especially a food)  :: излапвам
politburo {n} (the governing Communist council)  :: политбюро́ {n}
polite {adj} (well-mannered)  :: учти́в
political correctness {n} (being politically correct)  :: политическа коректност {f} /politíčeska koréktnost/
political party {n} (political organization)  :: па́ртия {f}
politician {n} (one engaged in politics)  :: поли́тик {m}
politics {n} (a methodology and activities associated with running a government)  :: поли́тика {f}
polo {n} (ball game)  :: по́ло {n}
polonium {n} (chemical element)  :: поло́ний {m}
poltergeist {n} (a disruptive ghost)  :: полтъргайст {m} /poltǎrgajst/
poltroon {adj} (cowardly) SEE: cowardly  ::
polyclinic {n} (a clinic in which diseases of many sorts are treated)  :: поликли́ника {f}
polyethene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene  ::
polyethylene {n} (polyethylene)  :: полиетилен {m}
polyglot {adj} (Versed in, or speaking, many languages)  :: полиглот {m} /poliglot/
polyglot {n} (one who masters, notably speaks, several languages)  :: полиглот {m}
polygon {n} (plane figure bounded by straight edges)  :: многоъгълник {m}, многоъгълник {m}
polygonal {adj} (having many angles)  :: многоъгълен {m} /mnogoŭgŭlen/
polyhedron {n} (geometry: solid figure)  :: полиедър {m}, многостен {m}
polysemic {adj} (having a number of meanings, interpretations or understandings)  :: многозначен /mnogoznáčen/
polysynthetic {adj} (polysynthetic)  :: полисинтетичен /polisintetíčen/
polytheism {n} (belief in the existence of many gods)  :: политеи́зъм {m}
polythene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene  ::
pomegranate {n} (shrub/tree)  :: нар {m} /nar/
pomegranate {n} (fruit)  :: нар {m} /nar/
pomelo {n} (grapefruit) SEE: grapefruit  ::
pomelo {n} (large fruit of the C. maxima or grandis)  :: помело {n}
Pomerelia {prop} (historical region in Pomerania)  :: Померелия
ponce {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
pond {n} (small lake)  :: е́зерце {n}
ponderous {adj} (dense) SEE: dense  ::
pony {n} (small horse)  :: по́ни {m}
poodle {n} (any of various breeds of poodle)  :: пудел {m} /pudel/
pool {n} (small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle)  :: локва
pool {n} (supply of resources)  :: общ запас
pool {n} (swimming pool) SEE: swimming pool  ::
poop {n} (stern) SEE: stern  ::
poop {v} (to break wind) SEE: break wind  ::
poor {adj} (with no possessions or money)  :: бе́ден
poor {adj} (of low quality)  :: лош
poorly {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
pop {v} (to hit) SEE: hit  ::
pop {v} (to ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate  ::
popcorn {n} (a snack food made from corn kernels popped by dry heating)  :: пуканки {f-p}
pope {n} (head of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: па́па {m}, па́па Ри́мски {m}
pope {n} (Russian Orthodox priest)  :: поп {m} /pop/
popinjay {n} (Picus viridis) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
popinjay {n} (parrot) SEE: parrot  ::
poplar {n} (any of various deciduous trees of the genus Populus)  :: топола {f}
poppy {n} (plant)  :: мак {m} /mak/
popsicle {n} (serving of frozen juice on a stick)  :: замразен плодов сок {m} /zamrazen plodov sok/
pop someone's cherry {v} (deflower) SEE: deflower  ::
populace {n} (inhabitants of a nation) SEE: population  ::
population {n} (all people living within a political or geographical boundary)  :: населе́ние {n}
porcelain {n} (hard, white, translucent ceramic)  :: порцела́н {m}
porcupine {n} (large rodent)  :: [also "hedgehog"] тарале́ж {m}, мъначка {f}
pore {n} (a tiny opening in the skin)  :: по́ра {f}
pork {n} (meat of a pig)  :: сви́нско {n}
porn {n} (pornography) SEE: pornography  ::
pornographer {n} (person involved in creation or dissemination of pornography)  :: порнограф {m} /pornograf/
pornographic {adj} (containing an explicit depiction of sexual activity)  :: порнографи́чен
pornography {n} (depiction of sexual subject matter with prurient intent)  :: порногра́фия {f}
Poroshenko {prop} (Ukrainian surname)  :: Пороше́нко {m} {f}
porphyrogenite {n} (honorific title)  :: багрянороден
porridge {n} (breakfast cereal dish, see also: oatmeal)  :: ка́ша {f}
port {n} (dock or harbour)  :: порт {m}, приста́нище {n}
port {n} (left-hand side of a vessel when facing the front)  :: бакборд {m} /bakbord/
portmanteau {n} (case)  :: голям кожен куфар {m}
Port Moresby {prop} (capital of Papua New Guinea)  :: Порт Морсби {m} /Port Mórsbi/
portrait {n} (painting of a person)  :: портре́т {m}
Portsmouth {prop} (city in southern England)  :: Портсмът
Portugal {prop} (country)  :: Португа́лия {f}
Portuguese {adj} (of or relating to the region of Portugal)  :: португалски
Portuguese {n} (person native to Portugal)  :: португалец {m}, португалка {f}
Portuguese {prop} (the language)  :: португа́лски {m}
port wine {n} (A type of fortified wine traditionally made in Portugal)  :: по́рто {n}, портвайн {m}
portyanki {n} (footwrap) SEE: footwrap  ::
Poseidon {prop} (the god of the sea)  :: Посейдон {m} /Posejdón/
positron {n} (positron)  :: позитрон {m} /pozitrón/
possess {v} (to have; to have ownership of)  :: притежавам
possess {v}  :: притежавам /pritežavam/
possibility {n} (quality of being possible)  :: възмо́жност {f}
possible {adj}  :: възможно
possum {n} (opossum) SEE: opossum  ::
post {n} (long dowel or plank protruding from the ground)  :: стълб {m} /stǎlb/
postage stamp {n} (piece of paper indicating postage has been paid)  :: по́щенска ма́рка {f}, ма́рка {f}
postal code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode  ::
post box {n} (box in which post can be left to be picked up) SEE: mailbox  ::
postcard {n} (rectangular piece of thick paper to be mailed without an envelope)  :: по́щенска {f}, по́щенска ка́ртичка {f}
postcode {n} (sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address)  :: по́щенски код {m}
poster {n} (advertisement, see also: placard)  :: плака́т {m}
postman {n} (mailman) SEE: mailman  ::
postmodernism {n} (a style of art, literature, etc)  :: постмодернизъм {m} /postmodernízǎm/
post office {n} (place)  :: по́ща {f}
pot {n} (vessel for cooking or storing food etc.)  :: те́нджера {f}
pot {n} (crucible) SEE: crucible  ::
potable {adj} (good for drinking)  :: питеен
potassium {n} (the chemical element)  :: ка́лий {m}
potato {n} (plant tuber eaten as starchy vegetable)  :: карто́ф {m}
potato chip {n} (potato crisp) SEE: potato crisp  ::
potato crisp {n} (thin fried slice of potato)  :: чипс {m}
Potter {prop} (surname)  :: Потър
potty {n} (bathroom) SEE: bathroom  ::
potty {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
potty {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot  ::
poultice {n} (A poultice or plaster)  :: компрес {m}
poultry {n} (birds)  :: птица
pound {n} (unit of mass (16 ounces avoirdupois))  :: фунт {m}
pound sterling {n} (currency of the UK)  :: брита́нска ли́ра {f}
pour {v} (to cause to flow in a stream)  :: лея /léja/
Po valley {prop} (large plain in northern Italy)  :: Паданска равнина {f}
powder {n} (fine particles of any dry substance)  :: прах {m}, прахче {n}
powder {n} (gunpowder) SEE: gunpowder  ::
power {n} (capability or influence)  :: власт {f}
power {n} (physical force or strength)  :: си́ла {f}
power {n}  :: сила {f} , власт {f} , степен {f}
powerful {adj} (having or capable of exerting power, potency or influence)  :: мо́щен, могъ̀щ
Poznań {prop} (Poznan) SEE: Poznan  ::
Poznan {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Познан {f} /Póznan/
practicability {n} (being practicable)  :: осъществимост {f} /osashtestvímost/, изпълнимост {f} /izpalnímost/
Prague {prop} (capital of the Czech Republic)  :: Пра́га {f}
Praia {prop} (capital of Cape Verde)  :: Прая {f} /Prája/
praseodymium {n} (chemical element)  :: празеоди́м {m}
prawn {n} (large shrimp)  :: скари́да {f}
pray {v} (to petition a higher being)  :: мо́ля се {impf}
pray {v}  :: казвам молитва
prayer {n} (practice of communicating with one's God)  :: молитва {f}
prayer beads {n} (string of beads, see also: rosary)  :: броени́ца {f}
praying mantis {n} (any of various predatory insects of the Mantidae family)  :: богомолка {f} /bogomólka/
preach {v}  :: проповядвам
preacher {n} (one who preaches)  :: проповедник /propovednik/
precarious {adj}  :: несигурен
precede {v} (go before, go in front of)  :: предшествам
precious {adv} (intensifier) SEE: very  ::
precious {adj} (of high value or worth)  :: скъпоце́нен, це́нен, скъп
precise {adj} (exact)  :: точен /tóčen/, прецизен /precízen/
predator {n} (any animal or other organism)  :: хи́щник {m}
predicate {n} (grammar)  :: сказу́емо {n}
preface {n} (beginning or introductory portion coming before the main text of a document or book)  :: предговор {m}
prefer {v} (to favor)  :: предпочитам
prefix {n} (letters at the beginning of a word)  :: предста́вка {f}, префи́кс {m}
pregnancy {n} (condition)  :: бре́менност {f}
pregnant {adj} (fertile) SEE: fertile  ::
pregnant {adj} (carrying developing offspring within the body)  :: бре́мен
premier {n} (prime minister of a country) SEE: prime minister  ::
preordain {v} (To determine the fate of something in advance)  :: предопределям /predopredeljam/
prep {n} (homework) SEE: homework  ::
prepare {v} (to make ready for a specific future purpose)  :: подго́твям
prepare {v} (to make ready for eating or drinking)  :: приго́твям
prepare {v} (to make oneself ready)  :: подго́твям се
preposition {n} (grammar: a type of word like "of, from, for, by")  :: предло́г {m}
prepuce {n} (prepuce / foreskin)  :: препуциум {m} /preputsium/
prerogative {n} (right, generally) SEE: right  ::
Presbyterianism {n} (form of Protestantism)  :: презвитериа́нство {n}
presbytery {n} (chancel) SEE: chancel  ::
prescription {n} (written order for the administration of a medicine)  :: реце́пта {f}
presence {n} (fact or condition of being present)  :: присъствие {n}
present {n} (gift) SEE: gift  ::
present {n} (current time)  :: настоя́ще {n}
president {n} (the head of state of a republic)  :: президе́нт {m}
presidential palace {n} (White House) SEE: White House  ::
press {v} (to press) SEE: bear  ::
Pressburg {prop} (Bratislava) SEE: Bratislava  ::
presumptuous {adj} (going beyond what is proper)  :: дързък, самоуверен
prevent {v} (to prevent) SEE: forestall  ::
Priam {prop} (king of Troy)  :: Приам {m} /Priam/
priapism {n} (medical condition)  :: приапизъм {m} /priapízǎm/
price {n} (cost required to gain possession of something)  :: цена́ {f}
prick {n} ((slang) a penis)  :: кур {m} /kur/, хуй {m} /huj/
priest {n} (clergyman)  :: свеще́ник {m}, поп {m}
priestess {n} (woman with religious duties)  :: жри́ца {f}
Prilep {prop} (a historic city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Прилеп {m} /Prílep/
prime {v}  :: Просто /prosto shislo/
prime minister {n} (chief member of the cabinet and head of the government)  :: мини́стър-председа́тел {m}, премие́р {m}
prime number {n} (natural number)  :: просто́ число́ {n}
primer {n} (introductory textbook)  :: буква́р {m}, а́збучник {m}
Primorsky Krai {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Приморски край {m} /Primórski kraj/
prince {n} (male ruler or head of a principality)  :: княз {m}
prince {n}  :: принц {m}
princess {n} (female member of royal family)  :: принце́са {f}
principality {n} (region)  :: княжество /knyajestvo/
print {n} (fingerprint) SEE: fingerprint  ::
printer {n} (computing: device used to print text or images)  :: при́нтер {m}
prior {adj} (former) SEE: former  ::
prison {n} (place of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes)  :: затво́р {m}, дранго́лник {m}, тъмни́ца {f}, тюрма́ {f}, занда́н {m}
prison {v} (imprison) SEE: imprison  ::
prisoner {n} (person incarcerated in a prison)  :: затворник {m}
Priština {prop} (city)  :: Прищина {f}
private {n} (rank)  :: редник
privet {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
privy {n} (lavatory or toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
probable {adj} (likely to be true)  :: правдоподо́бен, вероя́тен
probably {adv} (in all likelihood)  :: вероятно /verojátno/
Probištip {prop} (a town in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Пробищип {m} /Próbištip/
problem {n} (difficulty)  :: пробле́м {m}
procedure {n} (method for performing a task)  :: процеду́ра {f}
process {n} (series of events to produce a result)  :: проце́с {m}
processor {n} (microprocessor)  :: проце́сор {m}
proclaim {v} (to excitedly, verbosely and candidly describe)  :: провъзглася́вам {impf}
procreate {v} (to procreate) SEE: beget  ::
produce {v} (to make available to)  :: предоставям
produce {n} (offspring) SEE: offspring  ::
product {n} (commodity for sale)  :: стока {f}
product {n} (amount created by a process)  :: производство {n}
product {n} (consequence of efforts)  :: резултат {m}
product {n} (result of chemical reaction)  :: следствие {n}, продукт {m}
product {n} (multiplication result)  :: произведение {n}
profession {n} (occupation)  :: профе́сия {f}
professor {n} (a higher ranking for a teacher or faculty member at a college or university)  :: профе́сор {m}
progenitor {n} (founder) SEE: founder  ::
program {n} (set of structured activities)  :: програ́ма {f}
program {n} (software application)  :: програ́ма {f}
programme {n} (programme) SEE: program  ::
programming language {n} (code of reserved words and symbols)  :: ези́к за програми́ране {m}
progress {n} (a moving forward)  :: напредък {m}
progress {n} (advance or growth of civilization)  :: прогре́с {m}, напредък {m}
progressive {adj} (continuous) SEE: continuous  ::
prohibited {adj} (forbidden) SEE: forbidden  ::
project {n} (planned endeavor)  :: проект {m} /proékt/
promethium {n} (chemical element)  :: проме́тий {m}
promise {n} (vow)  :: обеща́ние {n}
promise {v} (to commit to something or action)  :: обеща́вам {impf}
Promised Land {n} (place which one eagerly seeks)  :: обетована земя {f}
promissory note {n} (document saying that someone owes a specific amount of money)  :: запис на заповед {m}
promo {n} (promotion)  :: промоция {f}
pronoun {n} (type of noun)  :: местоиме́ние {n}
pronounce {v} (to pronounce) SEE: say  ::
pronounce {v} (to sound out a word)  :: произна́сям {impf}, произнеса́ {pf}
pronunciation {n} (sound of a word)  :: произноше́ние {n}, и́зговор {m}
pronunciation {n} (way in which words are pronounced)  :: произноше́ние {n}, и́зговор {m}
proof {n} (any effort, process, or operation designed to establish or discover a fact or truth)  :: доказа́телство {n}
proof {n}  :: проба {f}, проверка {f}
proofread {v} (to check for errors in spelling and grammar)  :: корегирам, проверявам
propaganda {n} (concerted set of messages)  :: пропага́нда {f}
propane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C3H8)  :: пропа́н {m}
propeller {n} (mechanical device used to propel)  :: перка /perka/
property {n}  :: [imot] имот {m}
prophet {n} (one who speaks by divine inspiration)  :: проро́к {m}, проро́чица {f}
prophetess {n} (female prophet)  :: проро́чица {f}
proponency {n} (advocacy) SEE: advocacy  ::
pro rata {adv} (in proportion to some factor)  :: съразмерно /saraz'merno/
proscenium {n} (modern theatre: stage area between the curtain and the orchestra)  :: авансце́на {f}
prosciutto {n} (dry-cured ham from Italy)  :: прошу́то {n}
prose {n} (written language not intended as poetry)  :: про́за {f}
prospect {n} (position affording a fine view) SEE: lookout  ::
prostitute {n} (a person having sex for profit)  :: проститу́тка {f}, [vulgar] ку́рва {f}
prostitute {n} (promiscuous person) SEE: whore  ::
prostitution {n} (having sex for profit)  :: проституция {f} /prostitúcija/
prostokvasha {n} (soured milk)  :: катък {m}, крукмач {m}
protactinium {n} (chemical element)  :: протакти́ний {m}
protest {n} (formal objection)  :: протест {m}
Protestantism {n} (faith)  :: протестантство {n}
protist {n} (eukaryotic unicellular organisms)  :: протист {m} /protist/
protium {n} (lightest isotope of hydrogen)  :: протий {m} /prótij/
Proto-Indo-European {prop} (ancestor language of most European and Indian languages)  :: индоевропейски праезик {m} /indoevropéjki práezik/
Proto-Indo-Germanic {prop} (Proto-Indo-European) SEE: Proto-Indo-European  ::
proto-language {n} (common ancestor language)  :: праезик {m} /praezík/
proton {n} (positively charged nucleon)  :: протон {m} /protón/
Proto-Slavic {prop} (Proto-Slavic)  :: праславянски език {m}
Proto-Slavic {adj} (of or pertaining to Proto-Slavic language or people who spoke it)  :: праславянски /praslavjánski/
prototype {n} (an original object or form which is a basis for other objects)  :: първообраз {m} /pǎrvoóbraz/, прототип {m} /prototíp/
proud {adj} (gratified, feeling honoured, feeling satisfied)  :: горд
proud {adj} (possessed of a due sense of what one is worth or deserves)  :: горд
province {n} (a subdivision of government usually one step below the national level)  :: прови́нция {f}, о́бласт {f}
provocateur {n} (one who engages in provocative behavior)  :: провокатор {m} /provokátor/
prowess {n}  :: храброст, сръчност
proximately {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
proximity {n} (closeness; the state of being near as in space, time, or relationship)  :: близост {f} /blizost/
prune {n} (plum) SEE: plum  ::
psalm {n} (sacred song)  :: псалом {m}, псалм {m}
psalmist {n} (composer of psalms)  :: псалмописец {m} /psalmopísec/
psalmist {n} (composer of one of the Biblical Psalms)  :: псалмописец {m} /psalmopísec/
Pskov {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Псков {m} /Pskov/
psychiatrist {n} (doctor specializing in psychiatry)  :: психиатър {m}
psychokinesis {n} (movement inanimate objects by the use of psychic power)  :: телекинеза
psychologist {n} (expert in the field of psychology)  :: психолог {m}
psychology {n} (study of the human mind)  :: психоло́гия {f}
psychopolitics {n} (interaction between psychology and politics)  :: психополитика {f} /psihopolítika/
psychosis {n} (mental disorder)  :: психоза {f} /psihoza/
pub {n} (public house)  :: кръ̀чма {f}, пи́вница {f}, пъб {m}, механа́ {f}
public house {n} (pub) SEE: pub  ::
public servant {n} (convict) SEE: convict  ::
public transit {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport  ::
public transport {n} (form of transport)  :: обще́ствен тра́нспорт {m}
public transportation {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport  ::
pudding {n} (any dessert) SEE: dessert  ::
puddle {n} (a small pool of water)  :: ло́ква {f}
pulao {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf  ::
pull {v} (transitive: apply force to (something) so it comes towards one)  :: дърпам, влека, влача
pull apart {v} (disassemble) SEE: disassemble  ::
pullet {n} (spineless person) SEE: chicken  ::
pullet {n} (young hen)  :: пиле {n}
pulley {n} (one of simple machines)  :: макара {f} /makarà/, скрипец {m} /skripèts/
pulmonary tuberculosis {n} (tuberculosis infecting the lungs)  :: туберкулоза {f}
pulpit {n} (raised platform in church)  :: амвон {m}
pulsar {n} (rotating neutron star)  :: пулса́р {m}
pumice {n} (pumice)  :: пемза {f}
pump {n} (trainer or sneaker) SEE: trainer  ::
pump {n} (device for moving liquid or gas)  :: по́мпа {f}
pumpkin {n} (plant)  :: ти́ква {f}
pumpkin {n} (fruit of this plant)  :: ти́ква {f}
punch {v} (to herd cattle) SEE: herd  ::
punching bag {n} (device used to practice punching)  :: боксов чувал
punctuality {n} (state of being punctual)  :: акуратност {f} /akurátnost/
punctuate {v} (emphasize, stress) SEE: emphasize  ::
punctuation {n} (set of symbols)  :: пунктуа́ция {f}
punish {v} (to cause to suffer for crime or misconduct)  :: нака́звам {impf}, нака́жа {pf}
punishment {n} (the act of punishing)  :: наказа́ние {n}
punishment {n}  :: наказание {n} /nakazánie/
Punjab {prop} (geographical region in South Asia)  :: Пенджаб
Punjabi {n}  :: пенджабски
punk {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
pup {n} (young dog, etc.)  :: кученце {n} /kúčence/
pup {n} (young, inexperienced person)  :: младок {m} /mladók/
pup {n} (cute dog)  :: кученце {n} /kúčence/
pup {v} (to give birth to pups)  :: окучвам /okúčvam/, окуча /okúča/
pupil {n} (learner)  :: у́ченик {m}, у́ченичка {f}
pupil {n} (the hole in the middle of the iris of the eye)  :: зе́ница {f}
puppet {n} (movable model of a person or animal)  :: ку́кла {f}, марионе́тка {f}
puppet {n} (doll) SEE: doll  ::
puppy {n} (young dog)  :: кученце {n} /kučence/
purchase {n} (the act or process of seeking and obtaining something)  :: покупка {f}
puree {n} (food that has been ground into a thick liquid)  :: пюре {n} /pjuré/
purgatory {n} (Purgatory) SEE: Purgatory  ::
Purgatory {prop} (place of purging of sins in Christian theology)  :: чистилище {n} /čistílište/
purge {n} (forcible removal of undesirable people from political activity, etc.)  :: чистка {f} /čístka/
purple {adj} (colour)  :: виоле́тов {m}, пу́рпурен {m}, мо́рав {m}
purport {v} (to convey)  :: загатвам
purse {n} (small bag for carrying money)  :: портмоне {n} /portmoné/
pus {n} (fluid found in regions of infection)  :: гной {m}
Pusan {prop} (Busan) SEE: Busan  ::
push {v} (transitive: apply a force to (an object) so that it moves away)  :: бутам, блъскам
Pushkin {prop} (Russian surname)  :: Пушкин {m} /Púškin/
Puss in Boots {prop} (fairy tale)  :: Котара́кът в чи́зми {m}
pussy {n} (slang: female genitalia)  :: [extremely vulgar] пу́тка {f}
put {v} (to place something somewhere)  :: слагам
Putin {prop} (surname)  :: Пу́тин {m}
Putler {prop} (derogatory name of Vladimir Putin)  :: Пу́тлер {m}
put on {v} (to don clothing)  :: обличам {impf} /oblíčam/, облека {pf} /obleká/
put to death {v} (to kill as punishment) SEE: execute  ::
put to words {v} (verbally express) SEE: articulate  ::
put up with {v} (to put up with) SEE: bear  ::
puzzle {n} (crossword puzzle) SEE: crossword  ::
puzzle {n} (game for one person)  :: главоблъсканица {f} /glavoblăskanica/
pygmy {n} (a member of various African peoples)  :: пигме́й {m}
Pyongyang {prop} (capital of North Korea)  :: Пхеня́н {m}
pyramid {n} (ancient construction)  :: пирами́да {f}
pyramid {n} (in geometry, a solid with triangular lateral faces and a polygonal base)  :: пирамида {f} /piramída/
Pyrenees {prop} (the mountain range separating Spain from France)  :: Пиренеи
pyrotechnics {n} (firework) SEE: firework  ::
Pyrrhic victory {n} (a costly victory)  :: Пирова победа {f} /Pírova pobéda/
Pythagoras {prop} (Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher)  :: Питагор {m} /Pitagor/