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Rabat {prop} (capital of Morocco)  :: اَلرَّبَاط {m}, اَلرِّبَاط {m}
rabbi {n} (Jewish scholar or teacher)  :: حَاخَام {m}, حَبْر {m}, رَاڤ {m}, رَابِي {m}
rabbit {n} (mammal)  :: أَرْنَب {m}
rabies {n} (viral disease)  :: كَلَب {m}, دَاء اَلْكَلَب {m}
raccoon {n} (nocturnal omnivore living in North America, Procyon lotor)  :: رَاكُون {m}
race {n} (a large group of people set apart from others on the basis of a common heritage)  :: عِرْق {m}
race {n} (a large group of people set apart from others on the basis of common, physical characteristics)  :: عِرْق {m}
race {n} (contest)  :: سِبَاق {m}
race car {n} (car that goes at very fast speeds)  :: سَيَارَة سِبَاق {f}
Rachel {prop} (younger daughter of Laban)  :: رَاحِيل {f}
rachitis {n} (rickets)  :: كُسَاح {m}
racism {n} (race discrimination or dislike)  :: عِرْقِيَّة {f}, عُنْصُرِيَّة {f}
racist {adj} (relating to racism)  :: عِرْقِيّ, عُنْصُرِيّ
racist {n} (person who believes a particular race is superior to others.)  :: عِرْقِيّ {m}, عِرْقِيَّة {f}, عُنْصُرِيّ {m}, عُنْصُرِيَّة {f}
racket {n} (implement)  :: مِضْرَب {m}, [plural] مَضَارِب {m-p}
radiation {n} (shooting forth of anything from a point or surface)  :: إِشْعَاع {m}
radio {n} (receiver)  :: رَادْيُو {m}
radio {n} (technology)  :: مِذْيَاع {m}, رَادْيُو {m}
radioactive fallout {n} (material from a radioactive plume)  :: تَهَاطُل نَوَوِيّ {m}
radio station {n} (broadcast station emitting an audio signal)  :: مَحَطَّة إِذَاعِيَّة {f} /maḥaṭṭat ʾiḏāʿiyya/
radio telescope {n} (astronomical device)  :: مقراب راديوي
radish {n} (edible root)  :: فُجْل {m}
radish {n} (plant)  :: فُجْل {m}
radium {n} (chemical element)  :: رَادِيُوم {m} /rādiyum/
radius {n} (bone (human))  :: كُعْبُرَة {f}
radius {n} (line segment)  :: نُصْف قُطْر {m}, شُعَاع {m}
radon {n} (chemical element)  :: رَادُون {m} /rādun/
raft {n} (flat, floating structure)  :: طَوْف {m}
rag {n} (piece of cloth)  :: خِرْقَة {f}
rage {n} (a violent anger)  :: حَنَق {m}
rage {v} (act in an angry manner)  :: غَضِب {m}
rags to riches {n} (in a biographical context, from poverty to exceptional wealth)  :: مِنَ الْفَقْرِ إِلَى الثَّرَاءِ, مِنَ الْفَقْرِ الْمُطْلَقِ إِلَى غِنَى الْفَاحِشِ, مِنَ الْعُسْرِ إِلَى الْيُسْرِ
raid {n} (attack for the purpose of making arrests, seizing property, or plundering)  :: غَارَة {f}, غَزْوَة {f}
railway {n} (track, consisting of parallel rails)  :: سِكَّة حَدِيدِيَّة {f} /sikka ḥadīdiyya/, سِكَّة اَلْحَدِيد {f} /sikkat al-ḥadīd/
railway {n} (transport system using these rails)  :: سِكَّة حَدِيدِيَّة {f} /sikka ḥadīdiyya/
railway station {n} (place where trains stop)  :: مَحَطَّة اَلسِّكَك اَلْحَدِيدِيَّة {f} /maḥaṭṭat as-sikak al-ḥadīdiyya/, مَحَطَّة {f}, مَحَطَّة قِطَار {f} /maḥaṭṭat qiṭār/
rain {n} (condensed water from a cloud)  :: مَطَر {m}
rainbow {n} (multicoloured arch in the sky)  :: قَوْس قُزَحَ {m}, قَوْس قُزَح {m}
rain cats and dogs {v} (to rain very heavily)  :: أَمْطَرَ بِغَزَارَة /ʾamṭara bi-ḡazāra/
raincoat {n} (waterproof coat)  :: مِعْطَف {m}
raise {v} (to cause to rise)  :: رَفَعَ
raisin {n} (dried grape)  :: [collective] زَبِيب, زَبِيبَة {f}
raison d'être {n} (Reason for existence)  :: سَبَب اَلْوُجُود {m}
Rajab {prop} (month)  :: رَجَب {m}
rajah {n} (Hindu prince)  :: رَاجَا {m}
Rajasthan {prop} (a state in western India)  :: رَاجَاسْتَان {m} /rajastān/
rake {n} (a man habituated to immoral conduct)  :: رجل بلا أخلاق
rake {n} (garden tool)  :: شوكَة الحشائش
rake {v} (use a rake on)  :: 1.يجمع الحشائش.3, يسرح الشعر\الحشائش.2, قذائف مكثفَة
ram {n} (male sheep)  :: كَبْش {m}
Ramadan {prop} (holy ninth month of Islamic lunar calendar)  :: رَمَضَان {m}
Ramallah {prop} (city)  :: رَام اَللّٰه
rambutan {n} (fruit)  :: رَامْبُوتَان {m} /rambutān/
ramen {n} (soup noodles of wheat, with various ingredients (Japanese style))  :: رَامِن, رَامَن, رَامِن /rāmen/
Ramesses {prop} (name of pharaohs)  :: رَمْسِيس
rand {n} (currency of South Africa)  :: رَانْد {m} /rand/
random {adj} (all outcomes being unpredictable)  :: عَشْوَائِيّ
random {adj}  :: عَشْوَائِيّ
ransom {n} (money paid for the freeing of a hostage)  :: فِدْيَة {f}
rape {n} (act of forcing sexual activity)  :: اِغْتِصَاب {m}
rape {v} (force sexual intercourse)  :: اِغْتَصَبَ, غَصَبَ
rapid {adj} (Very swift or quick)  :: سَرِيع
rapist {n} (someone who rapes someone else)  :: مُغْتَصِب {m}
rap music {n} (music form)  :: مُوسِيقَى اَلرَّاب {f}, اَلرَّاب {m}
rare {adj} (very uncommon)  :: نَادِر
raspberry {n} (fruit)  :: تُوت اَلْعَلَّيْق {m}
raspberry {n} (plant)  :: عُلَّيْق {m}
Ras Tanura {prop} (city)  :: رَأْس تَنُورَة
rat {n} (rodent)  :: فَأْر {m}, جُرْذ
rate {n} (proportional relationship between amounts)  :: مُعَدَّل {m}
rate {n}  :: معدل /moʕáddal/ {m}
rather {adv} (preferably)  :: بِالْأَحْرَى /bi-l-ʾaḥrā/
rather than {conj} (to indicate that the following alternative is less preferred)  :: بَدَلًا مِن
rather than {prep} (instead of, in preference to)  :: أَكْثَر مِن, عَنّ
rational {adj} (reasonable; not absurd)  :: عَقْلَانِيّ
rattle {v} (to make a rattling noise)  :: قَعْقَعَ
raven {n} (bird)  :: غُرَاب {m}, زَاغ {m}
raw {adj} (uncooked)  :: نَيْء {m}
ray {n} (beam of light or radiation)  :: شُعَاع {m}
ray {n} (marine fish with a flat body, large wing-like fins, and a whip-like tail)  :: شفنين {m} /šifnīn/
Ray {prop} (city in Iran)  :: الرَّيّ
razor {n} (shaving knife)  :: مُوصَى اَلْحِلَاقَة {f}, مُوس اَلْحِلَاقَة {m}
re {n} (the second note in solfège)  :: رِي {m}, رِي {m} /rē/
re {prep} (regarding)  :: فِي مَا يَخُصّ
reach {v} (to arrive at by effort)  :: بَلَغَ
reach {v}  :: نَالَ
reaction {n} (action in response to an event)  :: رَد فِعْل {m}
reaction {n} (chemical transformation)  :: تَفَاعُل {m}
read {v} (look at and interpret letters or other information)  :: قَرَأَ
read {v} (speak aloud words or other information that is written)  :: قَرَأَ
read between the lines {v} (to infer a meaning that is not stated explicitly)  :: قَرَأَ مَا بَيْنَ السُّطُور
reader {n} (person who reads a publication)  :: قَارِئ {m}, قَارِئَة {f}
reading {n} (process of interpreting written language)  :: قِرَاءَة {f}, مُطَالَعَة {f}
reading room {n} (space set aside for reading)  :: قَاعَة اَلْمُطَالَعَة {f} /qāʿat al-muṭālaʿa/
ready {adj} (inclined, apt to happen)  :: حَاضِر, مُسْتَعِدّ
ready {adj} (prepared for immediate action or use)  :: جَاهِز, مُسْتَعِدّ
ready {v} (to make prepared for action)  :: جَهَّزَ
real {adj} (true, genuine, not merely nominal)  :: حَقِيقِيّ
real {n} (a unit of currency used in Brazil)  :: رِيَال {m}
real {n} (former unit of currency of Spain and Spain's colonies)  :: رِيَال {m}
real estate {n} (property that cannot easily be moved)  :: عَقَار {m}
reality television {n} (television genre)  :: تِلِفِزْيُون اَلْوَاقِع {m}
realize {v} (to become aware of)  :: أَدْرَكَ
realize {v} (to convert into actual money)  :: بَاعَ
realize {v} (to make real)  :: حَقَّقَ
really {adv} (actually)  :: حَقًّا
really {interj} (indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information)  :: وَٱللّٰه؟, لَيْسَ مَعْقُل!, حَقًّا
realpolitik {n} (pragmatic international government policy)  :: وَاقِعِيَّة سِيَاسِيَّة {f}
reap {v} (to cut with a sickle)  :: حَصَدَ
rear {adj} (being behind, or in the hindmost part)  :: خَلْفِيّ
reason {n} (that which causes: a cause)  :: سَبَب {m}
reason {n} ((the capacity of the human mind for) rational thinking)  :: عَقْل {m}
reasonably {adv} (in accordance with reason)  :: بِشَكْل مَنْطِقِيّ /bi-šakl manṭiqiyy/
reasonably {adv} (not extremely)  :: بشكل معقول
Rebecca {prop} (female given name)  :: رفقَة
rebel {n} (person who resists an established authority)  :: مُتَمَرِّد {m}, مُتَمَرِّدَة {f}
rebel {v} (to resist or become defiant towards)  :: تَمَرَّدَ, [imperfect] يَتَمَرَّدُ
rebellion {n} (armed resistance)  :: ثَوْرَة {f}
recall {v} (to remember, recollect)  :: تَذَكَّرَ
receipt {n} (written acknowledgement)  :: إِيصَال {m}
receive {v} (get)  :: اِسْتَقْبَلَ, اِسْتَلَمَ
receive {v} (take possession of)  :: اِسْتَلَمَ
receive {v} (to act as a host for guests)  :: اِسْتَقْبَلَ /istaqbala/ [past], يَسْتَقْبِل /yastaqbil/ [present], الاِسْتِقبَال /al-istiqbāl/ [verbal noun]
recent {adj} (having happened a short while ago)  :: أَخِير, جَدِيد
recently {adv} (in the recent past)  :: بِالْأَمْس /bi-l-ʾams/, مُنْذُ عَهْد قَرِيب, مُنْذُ فَتْرَة قَرِيبَة /munḏu fatra qarība/, مُؤَخَّرًا, حَدِيثًا
reception {n} (act of receiving)  :: اِسْتِقْبَال {m}
reception {n} (front desk)  :: مَكْتَب الِاسْتِقْبَال {m} /maktab al-istiqbāl/
reception {n} (social engagement)  :: اِسْتِقْبَال {m}, حَفْلَة اِسْتِقْبَال {f} /ḥaflat istiqbāl/
recession {n} (a period of reduced economic activity)  :: تَرَاجُع
recidivism {n} (committing new offenses after being punished for a crime)  :: عَوْد {m}
recipe {n} (instructions for making or preparing food dishes)  :: وَصْفَة {f}
recipient {n} (one who receives)  :: مُسْتَلِم {m}
reciprocate {v} (to mutually give and take something; to interchange)  :: بَادَلَ
recognise {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter)  :: تَعَرَّفَ
recognize {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter)  :: تَعَرَّفَ, imperfect: يَتَعَرَّفُ
recollect {v} (to recall past events)  :: تَذَكَّرَ
recommend {v} (to advise, propose)  :: يوصي يقترح
recommend {v} (to commend to the favorable notice of another)  :: وَصَّى, أَوْصَى
recompense {n} (that which compensates for a harm done)  :: مُكَافَأََة {f}, بَدَل {m}
record {n} (computing: set of data relating to a single individual or item)  :: سِجِلّ {m}, دَفْتَر {m}
record {n} (information put into a lasting physical medium)  :: تَسْجِيل {m}
record {n} (most extreme known value of some achievement)  :: رَقْم قِيَاسِيّ {m}
record {n} (vinyl disc/disk)  :: أُسْطُوَانَة {f}
record {v} (make a record of)  :: سَجَّلَ
recorder {n} (recording device)  :: مُسَجِّل {m}
recover {v} (intransitive: to get better, regain health)  :: شُفِيَ
recreation {n} (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates)  :: اِسْتِجْمَام {m}
rectangle {n} (quadrilateral)  :: مُسْتَطِيل
rectum {n} (terminal part of the large intestine)  :: مُسْتَقِيم {m}
recycle bin {n} ((computing) in Microsoft Windows, a storage location for deleted files)  :: سلَة المحذوفات {f}
recycling {n} (the practice of sorting and collecting waste materials for new use)  :: إِعَادَة تَدْوِير {f} /ʾiʿādat tadwīr/
red {adj} (having red as its colour)  :: أَحْمَر {m}, حَمْرَاء {f}, حُمْر {p}
red {n} (colour)  :: حُمْرَة {f}, أَحْمَر {m}
Red Cross {prop} (Red Cross)  :: اَلصَّلِيب اَلْأَحْمَر {m}
red-handed {adj} (in the act of wrongdoing)  :: مُتَلَبَّس {m}
redirection {n} (setting a new direction)  :: تَحْوِيل {m}
redness {n} (quality of being red)  :: حُمْرَة {f}
Red Sea {prop} (sea between Africa and Arabia)  :: الْبَحْر الْأَحْمَر {m}
Red Sea Governorate {prop} (governorate of Egypt)  :: البحر الأحمر
Red Square {prop} (Moscow square)  :: اَلْمَيْدَان اَلْأَحْمَر {m}
reduce {v}  :: انقص /’ánqaʂa/
reduction {n} (act, process, or result of reducing)  :: نَقْص {m}
reduplication {n} (the act of, or an instance of, reduplicating)  :: مضاعفة, مضاعفة {f}
red wine {n} (red coloured wine)  :: خَمْر أَحْمَر {m}
reed {n} (grass-like plant)  :: قَصَبَة {f}, بُوصَة {f}
reef {n} (rocks at or near surface of the water)  :: شَعَاب {m}
reek {n} (unpleasant smell)  :: نَتَانَة {f}
refer {v} (to direct to a source for help or information)  :: أَشَارَ اِلَى
referee {n} (sport: umpire, judge, the supervisor of a game)  :: حَكَم {m}
referendum {n} (direct popular vote)  :: اِسْتِفْتاء {m}
reflect {v} (to mirror, or show the image of something)  :: عَكَسَ
reflection {n} (act of reflecting; the state of being reflected)  :: اِنْعِكَاس {m}
reflexive pronoun {n} (a part of speech)  :: ضَمِير اِنْعِكَاسِيّ {m}
refrain {v} (to abstain (from))  :: اِمْتَنَعَ
refresh {v} (to renew or revitalize)  :: جَدَّدَ
refrigerator {n} (appliance that refrigerates food)  :: ثَلَّاجَة {f}
refuge {n} (state of safety, protection or shelter)  :: مَلْجَأ {m}, مَلَاذ {m}
refugee {n} (person seeking economic asylum)  :: لَاجِئ {m}
refugee {n} (person seeking political asylum)  :: لَاجِئ {m}
refund {n} (amount of money returned)  :: إِعَادَة مَال {f} /ʾiʿādat māl/
refurbish {v} (rebuild or replenish)  :: جَدَّدَ, صقل
refuse {v} ((intransitive) decline a request or demand)  :: رَفَضَ
refuse {v} ((transitive) decline (request, demand))  :: رَفَضَ
refute {v} (to prove (something) to be false or incorrect)  :: دَحَضَ
regal {adj} (of or having to do with royalty)  :: مَلَكِيّ
regarding {prep} (concerning)  :: بِالنِّسْبَة لِـ /bi-n-nisba li-/
regardless {prep} (paying no attention to)  :: دُونَ اَلاِهْتِمَام بِـ /dūna l-ihtimām bi-/
regardless of {prep} (without attention to)  :: بِغَضّ اَلنَّظَر عَن /bi-ḡaḍḍ an-naẓar ʿan/, دُونَ اَلاِهْتِمَام بِـ /dūna l-ihtimām bi-/
regards {n} (greeting at the end of a letter)  :: مَعَ تَحِيَّاتِي, مَعَ تَمَنِّيَّاتِي
regime {n} (form of government)  :: نِظَام {m}
regime change {n} (overthrow of a government)  :: تَغْيِير اَلْنِظَام
regiment {n} (army unit)  :: فوج {m} /fawj/
region {n} (an administrative subdivision)  :: إِقْلِيم {m}
region {n} (any considerable and connected part of a space or surface)  :: مِنْطَقَة {f}
register {v} (to enter in a register)  :: سَجَّلَ
registered mail {n} (type of mail)  :: بَرِيد مُسَجِّل {m}
regret {n} (instance of such an emotion)  :: أَسَف {m}
regret {v} (feel sorry about some past thing)  :: نَدِمَ
regular {adj} (normal)  :: عَادِيّ
regular {adj} (with constant frequency)  :: عَادِيّ
regulate {v} (adjust)  :: ضَبَطَ
regulation {n} (law or administrative rule)  :: تَنْظِيم {m}
Reich {n} (a German empire or nation)  :: إِمْبِرَاطُورِيَّة {f} [empire], رَايْش {m} /rayš/
reign {n} (The exercise of sovereign power)  :: حُكْم {m}
reindeer {n} (Rangifer tarandus)  :: رَنَة {f}
reinforce {v} (to strengthen by addition)  :: قَوَّى
reject {v} (refuse to accept)  :: رَفَضَ
rejoice {v} (be happy)  :: فَرِحَ بِـ
related {adj} (standing in relation or connection)  :: مُتَعَلَّق
relationship {n} (connection or association)  :: عَلَاقَة {f}
relationship {n} (kinship)  :: صِلَة {f}, عَلَاقَة {f}
relative {adj} (conditional; depending on something else)  :: نِسْبِيّ
relative {n} (someone in the same family; someone connected by blood, marriage, or adoption)  :: قَرِيب {m}, قَرِيبَة {f}
relatively {adv} (proportionally)  :: نِسْبِيّاً
relativity {n}  :: نِسْبِيَّة {f}
relax {v} (to become loose)  :: اِسْتَرْخَى
relax {v} (to make something loose)  :: اِسْتَرْخَى
release {v} (to free or liberate)  :: أطلق سراح
release {v} (to let go (of))  :: حَرَّرَ
relevance {n} (property or state of being relevant, pertinency)  :: عَلَاقَة {f}, صِلَة {f}
relief {n} (removal of stress or discomfort)  :: رَاحَة {f}
relief {n} (type of artwork)  :: نقش نافِر {m} /na'aesh naqir/
religion {n} (system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death)  :: دِيَانَة {f}, دِين {m}, مَذْهَب {m}
religious {adj} (committed to the practice of religion)  :: دِينِيّ {m}, دِينِيَّة {f}, مُؤْمِن {m}, مُؤْمِنَة {f}
religious {adj} (concerning religion)  :: دِينِيّ
relive {v} (to experience again)  :: أَحْيَا
rely {v} (rest with confidence)  :: اِعْتَمَدَ [على]
remain {v} (to continue unchanged)  :: بَقَى
remain {v} (to stay behind while others withdraw)  :: بَقِيَ, مَكَثَ
remainder {n}  :: [indefinite] بَاقٍ, [definite] [indefinite] بَاقٍ, [definite] اَلْبَاقِي
remark {n}  :: ملاحظَة /mulāħaʐa/ {f}
remedy {n} (medicine, application, or treatment)  :: تِرْيَاق {m}
remedy {n} (something that corrects or counteracts)  :: عِلَاج {m}, تِرْيَاق
remember {v} (to memorize)  :: اِسْتَذْكَرَ
remember {v} (to recall from one's memory)  :: تَذَكَّرَ
remind {v} (Cause one to experience a memory; bring to a person's notice)  :: ذَكَّرَ
remix {n} (rearrangement of an older piece of music)  :: رِيمِكْس {m} /rimiks/
remorse {n} (feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning)  :: نَدَم {m}, وَخَز الضَّمِير {m}
remote {adj} (at a distance)  :: بَعِيد
remote control {n} (device used to operate an appliance or mechanical toy from a short distance away)  :: تَحَكُّم مِن بُعْد {m}
remove {v} (to take away)  :: نَقَلَ, أَزَالَ
remuneration {n} (a payment for work done; wages, salary, emolument)  :: أَجْر {m}, رَاتِب {m}
remuneration {n} (something given in exchange for goods or services rendered)  :: أَجْر {m}, مُكَافَأَة {f}, تَعْوِيض {m}
Remus {prop} (the founder of Rome)  :: رموس
Renaissance {prop} (14th century revival)  :: نَهْضَة {f}, عَصْر اَلنَّهْضَة {m}
Renaissance {prop} (the period)  :: عَصْر اَلنَّهْضَة {m}, اَلنَّهْضَة {f}
renew {v} (to repeat; to go over again)  :: جَدِد
renovation {n} (act or process of renovating)  :: تَجْدِيد {m}, إِحْيَاء {m}, تَرْمِيم {m}
renown {n} (Fame or wide recognition)  :: شهرَة {f}
rent {n} (payment made by a tenant)  :: أُجْرَة {f}
rent {n} (payment made for the use of equipment or a service)  :: أُجْرَة {f}
rent {v} (to occupy premises in exchange for rent)  :: اِسْتَأْجَرَ
repair {n}  :: اِصْلَاح {m}
repair {v} (to restore to good working order)  :: أَصْلَحَ, صَلَّحَ
repay {v} (to pay back)  :: جَازَى
repeat {v} (do or say again)  :: كَرَّرَ, أَعَادَ
repent {v} (theology: to be sorry for sin as morally evil, and to seek forgiveness)  :: تَابَ
repent {v} (to feel sorrow or regret for what one has done or omitted to do)  :: تَابَ
repentance {n}  :: تَوْبَة {f}
repercussion {n} (a consequence or ensuing result of some action)  :: أَثَّر {m}
repetition {n} (act or an instance of repeating or being repeated)  :: تَكْرَار {m}, إِعَادَة {f}
replace {v} (to substitute)  :: اِسْتَبْدَلَ, بَدَّلَ
replica {n} (an exact copy)  :: نُشْخَة {f}
reply {n} (written or spoken response)  :: إِجَابَة {f}, جَوَاب {m}, رَدّ {m}
reply {v} (to give a written or spoken response)  :: أَجَابَ, رَدَّ
report {n} (information describing events)  :: تَقْرِير {m}
report {v} (to relate details of)  :: وَصَفَ, أَبْلَغَ
report card {n} (grades)  :: التقرير المدرسي عن الطالب
reporter {n} (journalist)  :: مُرَاسِل {m}, مُرَاسِلَة {f}, صَحَافِيّ {m}
repository {n} (a location for storage, often for safety or preservation)  :: مَخْزَن {m}
represent {v} (to stand in the place of)  :: مَثَّلَ
representative {n} (one who speaks for another)  :: مُمَثِّل {m}
reproduction {n} (the act of reproducing new individuals biologically)  :: تَكَاثُر {m}
reproductive organ {n} (organ for sexual reproduction)  :: عُضُو تَكَاثُر {m}
reproductive system {n} (reproductive system)  :: جِهَاز تَنَاسُلِيّ {m}
reptile {n} (a cold-blooded vertebrate)  :: زَحَّافَة {f}
republic {n} (a type of state)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة {f}
Republic of Albania {prop} (Official name of Albania)  :: جمهوريَة ألبانيا
Republic of Armenia {prop} (official name of Armenia)  :: جمهوريَة أرمينيا {f} /al-jumhūriyya l-ʾarmīnyā/, اَلْجُمْهُورِيَّة اَلْأَرْمِينِيَّة {f} /al-jumhūriyya l-ʾarmēniyya/
Republic of Botswana {prop} (official name of Botswana)  :: جمهوريَة بوتسوانا
Republic of China {prop} (state in East Asia)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة الصِّين {f} /jumhūriyyatu ṣ-ṣīn/, تَايْوَان {m} /taywān/
Republic of Djibouti {prop} (Djibouti)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة جِيبُوتِي {f} /jumhūriyyat jībūtī/
Republic of Equatorial Guinea {prop} (official name of Equatorial Guinea)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة غِينِيَا الاِسْتِوَائِيَّة /jumhūriyyat al-ḡīniyā l-istiwāʾiyya/
Republic of Estonia {prop} (official name of Estonia)  :: جمهوريَة إستونيا
Republic of Finland {prop} (official full name of Finland)  :: جمهوريَة فنلندا
Republic of India {prop} (official name of India)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة اَلْهِنْد {f}
Republic of Iraq {prop} (official name of Iraq)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة اَلْعِرَاق {f} /jumhūriyyat al-ʿirāq/
Republic of Korea {prop} (country)  :: كُورِيَا اَلْجَنُوبِيَّة {f} /kōriyā l-janūbiyya/
Republic of Niger {prop} (official name of Niger)  :: جمهوريَة النيجر
Republic of the Congo {prop} (country)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة اَلْكُونْغُو {f} /jumhūriyyat al-konḡō/
Republic of the Sudan {prop} (official name of Sudan)  :: جمهورية السودان {f}
Republic of Turkey {prop} (official name of the country of Turkey)  :: اَلْجُمْهُورِيَّة التُّرْكِيَّة {f} /al-jumhūriyya t-turkiyya/
Republika Srpska {prop} (Entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة صَرْب اَلْبُوسْنَة {f} /jumhūriyyat ṣarb al-būsna/
reputation {n} (what somebody is known for)  :: سُمْعَة {f}
request {n} (act of requesting)  :: طَلَب {m}
request {v} (to express the need or desire for)  :: طَلَبَ
requirement {n} (necessity)  :: مَطْلَب {m}
rescue {v} (to save from any danger or violence)  :: أَنْقَذَ, خَلَّصَ
research {n} (inquiry or examination)  :: بَحْث {m}
research {n}  :: بَحْث {m}
research {v} (to examine with continued care)  :: بَحَثَ
resemble {v} (to be like or similar to something else)  :: شَابَهَ, مَاثَلَ
resentment {n} (anger or displeasure felt out of belief that others have engaged in wrongdoing or mistreatment; indignation.)  :: مرارة
reservation {n} (arrangement by which something is secured in advance)  :: حَجَز {m}
reserve {n}  :: حَجْز {m}
reserve {v} (to book in advance)  :: حَجَزَ, imperfect: يَحْجُزُ
reservoir {n} (a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply)  :: فِنْطَاس {m}
reside {v} (to dwell permanently or for a considerable time)  :: أَقَامَ, سَكَنَ, عَاشَ
residence {n} (place where one lives)  :: مَسْكَن {m}
residence permit {n} (right to legally reside in a country)  :: إِقَامَة {f}
resident {n} (person living at a location or an area)  :: سَاكِن {m}, سُكَّان {p}
resign {v} (quit a job or position)  :: اِسْتَقَالَ
resilient {adj} (able to weather tribulation without cracking)  :: مرن
resist {v} (to withstand actions or effects of)  :: قَاوَمَ
resistance {n} (act of resisting)  :: مُقَاوَمَة {f}
resolve {v} (to find a solution to)  :: حَلَّ
resounding {adj} (having a deep, reverberating sound)  :: مُجِلْجِل
resource {n}  :: مَصْدَر {m}
respect {n} (admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit)  :: اِحْتِرَام {m}
respect {v} (to have respect for)  :: اِحْتَرَمَ
respiratory {adj} (relating to respiration; breathing)  :: جِهَاز تَنَفُّسِيّ {m}
respite {n} (brief interval of rest or relief)  :: متنفس {m}
resplendent {adj} (shiny and colourful, and thus pleasing to the eye)  :: نَاضِر
responsibility {n} (a duty, obligation or liability for which someone is responsible)  :: مَسْؤُولِيَّة {f}
responsibility {n} (the state of being responsible)  :: مَسْؤُولِيَّة {f}
responsible {adj} (answerable for an act performed or for its consequences)  :: مَسْؤُول {m}, مَسْئُول {m}; مَسْؤُولَة {f}, مَسْئُولَة {f}
rest {n} (relief afforded by sleeping; sleep)  :: رَاحَة {f}, اِسْتِرَاحَة {f}
rest {n} (remainder)  :: بَاقِيَّة {f}, أَثَارَة {f}
rest {v} (intransitive: take repose)  :: اِسْتَرَاحَ
restaurant {n} (an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables)  :: مَطْعَم {m}
rest in peace {v} (blessing or expression of hope)  :: مَاتَ, اُرْقُد فِي سَلَام
restore {v} (To bring back to a previous condition or state)  :: يستعيد
restrict {v} (to restrain within bounds)  :: حَدَّدَ
restriction {n} (act or state)  :: تقييد
restriction {n} (regulation or limitation)  :: قيد
restrictive {adj} (confining; limiting)  :: تَقْيِيدِيّ
restroom {n} (public room containing a toilet)  :: حجرَة التواليت {f}
result {n} (that which results)  :: نَتِيجَة {f}
Resurrection {prop} (75th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة القيامة
retain {v} (to keep in possession or use)  :: أَبْقَى, أَدَامَ, بَقَّى, حَفِظَ, رَعَى, صانَ, اِحْتَفَظَ
retell {v} (retell)  :: سَرَدَ
retina {n} (thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball)  :: شَبَكِيَّة عَيْن {f} /šabakiyyat ʿayn/, شَبَكِيَّة {f}
retire {n} (to stop working on a permanent basis)  :: اِعْتَزَلَ
retiree {n} (someone who has retired from active working)  :: مُتَقَاعِد {m}
retreat {v} (to withdraw military forces)  :: تَرَاجَعَ
retrieve {v} (to regain or get back something)  :: استرجع /istarajaʿa/
retroflex {adj} (bent backwards)  :: مُرْتَدّ
return {n} (act of returning)  :: عَوْدَة {f}
return {v} (to come or go back)  :: رَجَعَ, عَادَ
return {v} (to give something back to its original holder or owner)  :: أَرْجَعَ, أَعَادَ, رَدَّ
reunification {n} (the unification of something that was previously divided; used especially of a country)  :: إِعَادَة تَوْحِيد {f} /ʾiʿādat tawḥīd/
reunion {n} (a planned event at which members of a dispersed group meet together)  :: لَم شَمْل
reunion {n} (the process or act of reuniting)  :: لَم شَمْل
revamp {v} (to renovate, revise, improve or renew; to patch)  :: أَجَدَّ, أَحْيَا, اِسْتَجَدَّ, تَجَدَّدَ, جَدَّدَ, حَدَّثَ, عَصَّرَ, نَقَّحَ
reveal {v} (to uncover)  :: كَشَفَ
revelation {n} (manifestation of divine truth)  :: وَحْي {m}
Revelation {prop} (book of Bible)  :: رُؤْيَا {m}
revenge {n} (retaliatory action)  :: ثَأْر {m}, اِنْتِقَام {m}
revenge is a dish best served cold {proverb} (emotional detachment is preferable when taking revenge)  :: الاِنْتِقَامُ وَجْبَة تُؤْكَلُ بَارِدَة
reverse engineering {n} (analyzing the construction and operation of a product in order to manufacture a similar one)  :: هَنْدَسَة عَكْسِيَّة {f} /handasa ʿaksiyya/
revise {n}  :: مراجعَة
revise {v}  :: يُراجِع
revision {n} (act of revising)  :: مُرَاجَعَة {f}
revolt {n} (act of revolting)  :: عِصْيَان {m}, تَمَرُّد {m}
revolution {n} (political upheaval)  :: ثَوْرَة {f}, اِنْقِلَاب {m}
revolution {n} (removal and replacement of a government)  :: ثَوْرَة {f}, اِنْقِلَاب {m}
revolver {n} (a handgun with revolving chambers)  :: مُسَدَّس {f}
reward {n} (something of value given in return for an act)  :: مُكَافَأَة {f}, جَزَاء {m}
reward {v} (give a reward to)  :: مَنَحَ
Reykjavik {prop} (Capital of Iceland)  :: رِيكْيَافِيك {m} /rikyāfik/
rhenium {n} (chemical element)  :: رِنْيُوم {m} /rinyum/
rheum {n} (nose discharge)  :: غَمَص {m} [from eyes"semiliquid"], رَمَص {m} [from eyes"solid"]
rheumatism {n} (any painful disorder of muscles, tendons, joints, bones and nerves)  :: رَثْيَة {f}
Rhine {prop} (river that flows through Europe)  :: نَهْر اَلرَّايْن {m} /nahr ar-rayn/
rhinoceros {n} (herbivorous pachyderm with horn(s))  :: وَحِيد اَلْقَرْن {m}, كَرْكَدَّن {m}
rho {n} (letter of Greek alphabet)  :: رُو {m}
Rhode Island {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: رُود آيْلَانْد {m} /rūd ʾāyland/
Rhodes {prop} (island)  :: رُودُس
rhodium {n} (chemical element)  :: رُودْيُوم {m} /rudyum/
rhombus {n} (A parallelogram having all sides of equal length)  :: مُعَيِّن {m}
rhubarb {n} (any plant of the genus Rheum)  :: رَاوَنْد {m}
rhyme {n} (verse, poetry)  :: قَافِيَّة {f}
rhythm {n} (variation of strong and weak elements of sounds over time)  :: إِيقَاع {m} /ʾiqāʿ/
rial {n} (currency in Middle East)  :: رِيَال {m}
rib {n} (curved bone)  :: ضِلْع {m}
ribbon {n} (long, narrow strip of material)  :: شَرِيط {m}
rib cage {n} (part of skeleton)  :: القَفَص الصَدْرِيّ {m}
rice {n} (plants)  :: أَرُزّ {m}, رُزّ {m}
rice {n} (seeds used as food)  :: أَرُزّ {m}, رُزّ {m}
rich {adj} (having wealth)  :: غَنِيّ
Richard {prop} (male given name)  :: رِيتْشَارْد {m} /ritšard/
Richmond {prop} (capital of Virginia)  :: ريتشموند
Richter scale {prop} (logarithmic scale)  :: مِقْيَاس رِيخْتَر {m} /miqyās riḵtar/
rickshaw {n} (two-wheeled carriage)  :: رِيكْشَا {f}
riddle {n} (verbal puzzle)  :: لغز
ride {n} (informal: vehicle)  :: آليَّة {f}
ride {n} (instance of riding)  :: رُكُوب {m}
ride {v} (to be transported in a vehicle as a passenger)  :: رَكِبَ
ride {v} (to transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, bicycle etc.)  :: رَكِبَ, [horse] اِمْتَطَى
ridiculous {adj} (foolish, absurd)  :: سَخِيف
rifle {n} (firearm with a rifled barrel)  :: بُنْدُقِيَّة {f}
Riga {prop} (capital of Latvia)  :: رِيغَا {f}
right {adj} (complying with justice, correct)  :: صَحِيح {m}, صَوَاب
right {adj} (of direction)  :: يَمِين
right {adv} (on the right side)  :: عَلَى اَلْيَمِين
right {adv} (towards the right side)  :: إِلَى اَلْيَمِين
right {n} (legal or moral entitlement)  :: حَق {m}, حُقُوق {m-p}
right {n} (right, not left, side)  :: يَمِين
right {v} (to correct)  :: صَحَّحَ
rigid {adj}  :: متصلب, غير مرن
rime {n} (hoar frost)  :: بَرَد {m}
ring {n} (algebra: an algebraic structure)  :: حلقَة {f}
ring {n} (place where some sports take place)  :: حَلْبَة {f}
ring {n} (round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger)  :: خَاتَم {m}
ring {v} (to produce the sound of a bell or a similar sound)  :: طَرَقَ جَرَس, رَنَّ
ring finger {n} (finger between the middle finger and little finger)  :: بِنْصِر {m}
ringgit {n} (currency)  :: رِينْغِيت {m} /rinḡīt/
ringtone {n} (sound made by a telephone when ringing)  :: نَغْمَة الرَنَّة {f} /naḡmat ar-ranna/, نَغْمَة رَنِين {f} /naḡmat ranīn/, نَغْمَة {f}
rinse {v} (to wash something quickly using water and no soap)  :: شَطَفَ
Rio de Janeiro {prop} (municipality)  :: رِيُّو دِي جَانِيرُو {m}
riot {n} (tumultuous disturbance of public peace)  :: شَغَب {m}, عِصْيَان {m}
ripe {adj}  :: نَاضِج
ripped {adj} (torn, either partly or into separate pieces)  :: مُمَزَّق
rise {v} (of a celestial body: to appear to move from behind the horizon)  :: بَزَغَ, شَرَقَ
rise {v} (to move upwards)  :: نَهَضَ, اِرْتَفْعَ
risotto {n} (food)  :: رِيزُوتُو {m} /rizutū/, رِيزُوتُو {m} /rizoto/
rite {n} (ritual)  :: طَقْس دِينِيّ {m}, شَعِيرَة {f}
ritual {n} (rite)  :: شَعِيرَة {f}, مَرَاسِم {m}, طُقُوس {m-p}
rival {n} (competitor with the same objective)  :: مُنَافِس {m}
river {n} (large stream which drains a landmass)  :: نَهْر {m}, أَنْهَار {p}, أَنْهُر {p}
rivet {n} (cylindrical mechanical fastener)  :: بِرْشَام {m}
Riyadh {prop} (capital of Saudi Arabia)  :: اَلرِّيَاض {m}
riyal {n} (currency)  :: رِيَال
road {n} (a way for travel)  :: طَرِيق {m} {f} (طُرُق {m-p})
roam {v} (wander freely)  :: تَجَوَّلَ
roast beef {n} (Beef cooked by roasting)  :: لَحْم بَقَر مَشْوِي {m}
rob {v} (to steal from, using violence)  :: نَهَب, سَلَب
rob {v}  :: سرق /sáraqa/
robber {n} (one who robs)  :: سَارِق {m}
Robin Hood {prop} (legendary English outlaw)  :: رُوبِن هُود {m} /rubin hūd/
robot {n} (intelligent mechanical being)  :: رُوبُوت {m} /robut, rūbut/, إِنْسَان آلِيّ {m}
roc {n} (enormous mythical bird in Eastern legend)  :: رخ /ruxx/
rock {n} (mass of projecting rock)  :: صَخْرَة {f}
rock {n} (natural mineral aggregate)  :: صَخْرَة {f}
rock {n} (style of music)  :: رُوك {m}, رُوك {m} /rok/, مُوسِيقَى اَلرُّوك {f} /mūsīqā r-rūk/
rock and roll {n} (style of music)  :: رُوك أَنْد رُول {m} /rok ʾand rol/, رُوك أَنْد رُول {m}
rocket {n} (a rocket engine)  :: صَارُوخ {m}
rocket {n} (a vehicle)  :: صَارُوخ {m}
rocket {n} (non-guided missile)  :: صَارُوخ {m}, قَذِيفَة {f}
rock group {n} (musical group specializing in rock music)  :: مَجْمُوعَة رُوك {f} /majmūʿat rok/
rock music {n} (popular music genre)  :: مُوسِيقَى اَلرُّوك {f} /mūsīqā r-rūk/, اَلرُّوك {m}, اَلرُّوك {m} /ar-rok/
Rocky Mountains {prop} (mountain range)  :: جِبَال رُوكِي {m-p}
roe {n} (eggs of fish)  :: يَحْمُور {m}
roentgenium {n} (chemical element)  :: رُونْتْجِينْيُوم {m} /rontginyum/
role {n} (character or part)  :: دَوْر {m}
roll {v} (to cause to revolve)  :: دَحْرَجَ
rollercoaster {n} (amusement ride)  :: اُفْعُوَانِيَّة {f}
rolling pin {n} (food preparation utensil)  :: مِرْقَاق {m}
Rolls-Royce {prop} (British brand - manufacturer(s) of cars, aero engines, etc.)  :: رُولْز رُويْس {m} /rulz ruys/
Rom {n} (a member of the Romani people)  :: رُومَانِيّ {m}; غَجَرِيّ {m}, غَجَر
Roma {prop} (the Romani people)  :: رُومَانِيّ {m}
romaji {n} (romanization of Japanese)  :: رُومَاجِي {m} /rūmajī, romajī/
Roman {n} (the Roman script)  :: لَاتِينِيَّة {f}, رُومَانِيَّة {f}
Roman Catholic Church {prop} (part of the Christian churches in union with the pope in Rome)  :: اَلْكَنِيسَة اَلْرُومَانِيَّة اَلْكَاثُولِيكِيَّة {f}
Romance {adj} (of or dealing with languages or cultures derived from Roman influence and Latin)  :: رُومَانْسِيّ /rōmansiyy/
Romance language {n} (language descended from Latin)  :: لُغَة رُومَانْسِيَّة {f} /luḡa rōmansiyya/
Roman Empire {prop} (empire)  :: اَلْإِمْبِرَاطُورِيَّة الرُّومَانِيَّة {f}
Romania {prop} (South-Eastern European country)  :: رُومَانِيَا {f}
Romanian {n} (native of Romania)  :: رُومَانِيّ {m}, رُومَانِيَّة {f}
Romanian {prop} (official language of Romania)  :: رُومَانِيَّة {f}
Romanization {n} (putting text into the Latin (Roman) alphabet)  :: رَوْمَنَة {f}, نَقْحَرَة {f}, كَرْشَنَة {f}
romanize {v} (to transliterate to the Latin alphabet)  :: رَوْمَنَ, نَقْحَرَ, كَرْشَنَ
Romans {prop} (30th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة الروم
romantic {adj} (concerned with, or conducive to, romance and love)  :: رُومَانْسِيّ /rōmansiyy/
Rome {prop} (city)  :: رُومَا {f} /rūmā, rōmā/, [archaic]رُومِيَة {f}
Rome {prop} (empire)  :: رُومَا {f}
Romeo {prop} (character in Romeo and Juliet)  :: رُومْيُو {m}
Romeo and Juliet {prop} (the tragedy)  :: رُومْيُو وَجُولِيِيت /rūmyū wa-jūliyit/
Rome wasn't built in a day {proverb} (it takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive)  :: لَم تُبْنَ رُومَا فِي يَوْم
Romney {prop} (surname)  :: رُومْنِي /rumnī/
Romulus {prop} (legendary founder of Rome)  :: رومولوس
Ronald {prop} (male given name)  :: رُونَالْد {m}, رُونَالْد {m} /ronald/
ronin {n} (masterless samurai)  :: رُونِين {m} /rūnin/
roof {n} (the cover at the top of a building)  :: سَقْف {m}, سَطْح {m}
rook {n} (chesspiece)  :: طَابِيَة {f}
room {n} (division in a building)  :: غُرْفَة {f}, حُجْرَة {f}, قُمْرَة {f}
roommate {n} (a person with whom one shares a room)  :: رَفِيق السَّكَن {m}
roomy {adj} (spacious)  :: وَاسِع, رَحْب
Roosevelt {prop} (surname)  :: رُوزِفِلْت
rooster {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird)  :: دِيك {m}, ذَكَر {m} [suffix "for any kind"]
root {n} (arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression)  :: جَذْر {m} ([plural] جُذُور {m-p})
root {n} (of a tooth)  :: جَذْر {m} ([plural] جُذُور {m-p})
root {n} (part of a plant)  :: جَذْر {m} ([plural] جُذُور {m-p})
root {n} (philology: word from which another word or words are derived)  :: أَصْل {m} ([plural] أُصُول {m-p})
root {n} (primary source)  :: أَصْل {m} ([plural] أُصُول {m-p})
rope {n} (thick, strong string)  :: حَبْل {m}
rosary {n} (Catholic prayer beads)  :: مِسْبَحَة {f}, سُبْحَة {f}
rosary {n} (series of prayers)  :: مِسْبَحَة {f}, سُبْحَة {f}
rose {n} (flower)  :: وَرْدَة {f}
Roseau {prop} (The capital of Dominica)  :: رُوسُو {m} /rusū/
rosemary {n} (shrub)  :: إِكْلِيل الْغَار {m}, ضرم ضيق الأوراق
Rosemary {prop} (female given name)  :: إِكْلِيل اَلْجَبَل {m}
Rosetta Stone {prop} (large inscribed stone)  :: حَجَر رَشِيد {m}
Rostov {prop} (Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl oblast, Russia)  :: رُوسْتُوف {m} /rustūf/
Rostov-na-Donu {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: روستوف-نا-دونو {m} /rustūf-na-dunū/
rot {v} (to decay)  :: أَفْسَدَ, فَسَدَ
rottol {n}  :: رطل
Rottweiler {n} (breed of dog)  :: روت فايلر
rough {adj} (not smooth)  :: خَشِن
round {adj} (circular or cylindrical)  :: مُدَوَّر
round {adj}  :: مُسْتَدِير
round {n} (circular object)  :: دَائِرَة {f}
round angle {n} (An angle of 360 degrees)  :: Standard: زَاوِيَة تَامَّة {f} /zāwiya tāmma/
round bracket {n} (parenthesis, bracket)  :: قَوْس {m} (plural: أَقْوَاس {m-p})
route {n} (course or way traveled)  :: طَرِيق {m}
router {n} (a device that connects local area networks to form a larger internet)  :: راوْتَر {m}, موجه {m}
row {n} (line of objects)  :: صَفّ {m}
rowan {n}  :: غبيراء
rowboat {n} (small boat that is rowed)  :: زَوْرَق {m}
royal {adj} (of or relating to a monarch or their family)  :: مَلَكِيّ
royalty {n} (rank, status, etc. of a monarch)  :: مَلَكِيَة
rösti {n} (traditional dish in Germanophone Switzerland made from fried potatoes)  :: روستي
rub {v} (to move one object while maintaining contact with another object over some area)  :: حَكَّ
rubber {n} (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)  :: مَطَّاط {m}
rubber stamp {n} (piece of rubber to make an imprint)  :: خَتْم مَطَّاطِيّ
rubble {n} (the broken remains of an object, usually rock or masonry)  :: أَنْقَاض
rubidium {n} (element with atomic number 37)  :: رُوبِيدْيُوم {m} /rubidyum/
Rubik's cube {n} (cubical mechanical puzzle)  :: مُكَعَّب رُوبِيك {m}
ruble {n} (Russian monetary unit)  :: رُوبْل {m}
ruby {n} (type of gem)  :: يَاقُوت {m}
Rudd {prop} (surname)  :: رُود
rudder {n} (control surface of an aircraft)  :: سُكَّان {m}, دَفَّة {f}
rudder {n} (underwater vane used to steer a vessel)  :: سُكَّان {m}, دَفَّة {f}
rude {adj} (bad-mannered)  :: غَيْر مُهَذِّب
rue {n} (any of various perennial shrubs)  :: سذاب {m} /suḏaab/
rug {n} (partial floor covering)  :: سَجَّادَة {f}
rugby {n} (a sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball)  :: رَجْبِي {m} /ragbī/, رَجْبِي {m}, رَكْبِي {m}, رَغْبِي {m}
Ruhr {prop} (A branch of the river Rhine and its basin)  :: رُورْ
Ruhr {prop} ((The Ruhr) An urban area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)  :: حَوْضُ اُلْرُورْ /ḥawḍu ur-rūr/
ruin {n} (remains of destroyed construction)  :: خَرَاب {m}
ruin {v} (to cause the economical ruin of)  :: دَمَّرَ
rule {n} (regulation)  :: قَانُون {m}, قَاعِدَة {f}
rule {v} (to regulate, be in charge of, make decisions for, reign over)  :: حَكَمَ
ruler {n} (measuring or drawing device)  :: مِسْطَرَة {f}
ruler {n} (person who rules or governs)  :: حَاكِم {m}
rum {n} (distilled spirit)  :: رَم {m}
rumor {n} (statement or claim from no known reliable source)  :: إِشَاعَة
run {v} (to move quickly on two feet)  :: رَكَضَ, جَرَى
run away {v} (to flee by running)  :: هَرَبَ
runner-up {n} (the person who finishes second)  :: وَصِيفَة {f} /in beauty contest/
run time {n} (time during which a program is executing)  :: نَظْمَة
rupee {n} (monetary currency)  :: رُوبِيَّة {f}
rural {adj} (pertaining to non-urban areas)  :: فَلَّاحِيّ, قَرَوِيّ
Rus {prop} (people)  :: رُوس {m} {f}
rusalka {n} (female water spirit that leads handsome men to their deaths)  :: رُوسَالْكَا {f}
rush {n} (plant)  :: سَمَار {m}
rush {v} (hurry)  :: اِنْدَفَعَ, أَسْرَعَ, هَرِعَ, عَجِلَ
rush hour {n} (times of day when traffic jams are commonplace, principally due to commuting)  :: سَاعَة اَلذُّرْوَة {f} /sāʿat aḏ-ḏurwa/
Russia {prop} (country in Asia and Europe)  :: رُوسِيَا {f}
Russian {adj} (of or pertaining to Russia)  :: رُوسِيّ
Russian {n} (a person from Russia)  :: رُوسِيّ {m}, رُوسِيَّة {f}
Russian {n} (ethnic Russian)  :: رُوسِيّ {m}, رُوسِيَّة {f}
Russian {prop} (the Russian language)  :: رُوسِيَّة {f}, رُوسِيّ {m}, اَللُّغَة اَلرُّوسِيَّة {f} /al-luḡa r-rūsiyya/
Russian doll {n} (wooden doll)  :: مَاتْرْيُوشْكَا {f}, دُمْيَة رُوسِيَّة {f}
Russian Empire {prop} (state)  :: اَلْإِمْبِرَاطُورِيَّة الرُّوسِيَّة {f} /al-ʾimbirāṭūriyya r-rūsiyya/
Russian Federation {prop} (Russia)  :: اَلاِتِّحَاد اَلرُّوسِيّ {m}
Russian Orthodox Church {prop} (Russian Orthodox Church)  :: اَلْكَنِيسَة اَلْرُوسِيّة اَلْأُرْثُوذُكْسِيَّة {f}
Russian roulette {prop} (deadly game with revolver and random spinning)  :: رُولِيت رُوسِيّ {m} /rulit rūsiyy/
rust {n} (result of oxidation)  :: صَدٰأ {m}
rustic {adj} (country-styled)  :: رَيْفِيّ {m}
rustle {n} (soft, crackling sound)  :: حَفِيف {m}
rusty {adj} (affected by rust)  :: صَدِئ
Ruth {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: سِفْر رَاعُوث {m}
Ruth {prop} (female given name)  :: رُوث {f}, رَاعُوث {f}, رُوت {f}
ruthenium {n} (chemical element)  :: رُوتِينْيُوم {m}
rutherfordium {n} (chemical element)  :: رُوذَرْفُورْدِيُوم {m} /roḏarfordiyum/
Rwanda {prop} (country)  :: رُوَانْدَا {f}
Ryan {prop} (male given name)  :: ريان
Ryazan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: رْيَازَان {m} /ryazān/
rye {n} (the grass Secale cereale or its grains as food)  :: سُلْت, شَيْلَم, جَاوْدَار