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ta {interj} (thanks) SEE: thanks ::
tab {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette ::
tab {v} (navigational widget in a GUI) :: [Bokmål] fane {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fane {f}
table {n} (item of furniture) :: bord {n}
table {n} (grid of data in rows and columns) :: tabell {m}
table {n} (collection of arithmetic calculations) :: tabell {m}
table {v} (to put on a table) :: (to prepare a table for a meal) dekke (på) bordet
tablecloth {n} (a cloth used to cover and protect a table, especially for a dining table) :: duk {c}; [Bokmål] bordduk {m}; [Nynorsk] bordduk {m}
table of contents {n} (organized list summarizing book or document) :: innholdsfortegnelse
table salt {n} (salt to season food) :: [Bokmål] bordsalt {n}; [Nynorsk] bordsalt {n}
tablespoon {n} (a large spoon, used for eating food) :: suppeskje
tablespoonful {n} (measure of volume) SEE: tablespoon ::
tablet {n} (pill) SEE: pill ::
tablet {n} (tablet computer) SEE: tablet computer ::
tablet computer {n} (a type of computer) :: nettbrett {n}
table tennis {n} (game similar to tennis) :: bordtennis, pingpong
tabletop {n} (horizontal surface of a table) :: [Bokmål] bordplate {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] bordplate {f}
tabloid {n} (A newspaper that favours stories of sensational nature) :: [Bokmål] tabloidavis {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tabloidavis {f}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring rpm) :: [Bokmål] turteller {m}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring velocity) SEE: speedometer ::
tachyon {n} :: [Bokmål] takyon {n}; [Nynorsk] takyon {n}
tack {n} (nautical: distance between these maneuvers) SEE: board ::
tack {v} (nautical: to turn the bow through the wind) :: [Bokmål] slå
tacky {adj} (colloquial: in bad taste) :: [Bokmål] smakløs, harry; [Nynorsk] smaklaus, harry
tactile {adj} (of, or relating to the sense of touch) :: [Bokmål] taktil; [Nynorsk] taktil
tad {n} (a little bit) :: [Bokmål] tanke {m}
tadpole {n} (toad or frog larva) :: [Bokmål] rumpetroll {n}; [Nynorsk] rumpetroll {n}
taffeta {n} (woven fabric) :: [Bokmål] taft {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] taft {m} {n}
taffrail {n} (deck area at the stern of a vessel) :: [Nynorsk] lyfting {m}
tag {n} (small label) :: etikett {m}, merkelapp {m}
tag {n} (game) :: sisten
tag {n} (type of graffiti) :: tagg {m}
tag {n} (element of markup language) :: tag {m}
tagliatelle {n} (flat ribbons of pasta) :: [Bokmål] båndspagetti {m}
Tahiti {prop} (island) :: [Bokmål] Tahiti; [Nynorsk] Tahiti
Tahitian {prop} (language) :: [Bokmål] tahitisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tahitisk {m}
Tahitian {adj} (relating to Tahiti) :: [Bokmål] tahitisk; [Nynorsk] tahitisk
Taibei {prop} (Taipei) SEE: Taipei ::
taiga {n} (subarctic zone of coniferous forest) :: taiga, boreal barskog; [Nynorsk] taiga
tail {n} (appendage of an animal) :: [Bokmål] hale {m}, [of a bird] stjert {m}; [Nynorsk] hale {m}, [of a bird] stjert {m}
tail {n} (comet tail) :: hale {m}
tail {n} (surreptitious follower) :: forfølger {m}
tail {v} (to tail) :: forfølge, skygge
tailback {n} (a traffic jam) :: [Bokmål] bilkø {m}
tailboard {n} (tailgate) SEE: tailgate ::
tailbone {n} (coccyx) SEE: coccyx ::
tailfin {n} (fin at the tail of fish) :: [Bokmål] halefinne {m}; [Nynorsk] halefinne {m}
tailfin {n} (fin on the tail of an aircraft) :: [Bokmål] halefinne {m}; [Nynorsk] halefinne {m}
tailgate {n} (hinged board or hatch at the rear of a vehicle) :: [Bokmål] bakluke {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] bakluke {f}
tailless {adj} (without a tail) :: [Bokmål] haleløs, halelaus; [Nynorsk] halelaus
tailor {n} (person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing as profession) :: [Bokmål] skredder {m}, skredderske {f}; [Nynorsk] skreddar {m}
Tainan {prop} (a city in Taiwan) :: [Bokmål] Tainan
taint {n} (slang: the perineum) :: skrukk {m}
Taipei {prop} (Taipei) :: [Bokmål] Taipei
Taiwan {prop} (East Asian country) :: [Bokmål] Taiwan; [Nynorsk] Taiwan
Taiwan {prop} (East Asian island) :: [Bokmål] Taiwan; [Nynorsk] Taiwan
Taiwanese {adj} (relating to Taiwan) :: [Bokmål] taiwansk; [Nynorsk] taiwansk
Taiwanese {n} (person from Taiwan) :: [Bokmål] taiwaner {m}; [Nynorsk] taiwanar {m}
Tajik {n} (person) :: [Bokmål] tadsjiker {m}; [Nynorsk] tadsjikar {m}
Tajik {n} (language) :: tadsjikisk språk; [Bokmål] tadsjikisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tadsjikisk {m}
Tajik {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Tajikistan, the Tajik people or the Tajiki dialect) :: [Bokmål] tadsjikisk; [Nynorsk] tadsjikisk
Tajiki {prop} (dialect of Persian) SEE: Tajik ::
Tajikistan {prop} (Republic of Tajikistan) :: Tadsjikistan
take {v} (to grab with the hands) :: ta, gripe
take {v} (to grab and move to oneself) :: ta
take {v} (to get into one's possession) :: ta
take {v} (to gain a position by force) :: ta
take {v} (to have sex with) :: voldta
take {v} (to carry) :: bringe
take {v} (to choose) :: ta
take {v} (to endure) :: tåle, ta
take {v} (to ingest medicine) :: ta
take {n} (act of taking) :: fangst {m}
take {n} (something that is taken) :: fangst {m}
take {n} (profit) :: gevinst {m}
take {n} (film: attempt to record a scene) :: opptak {n}
take {n} (catch) :: mottak {n}
take a bath {v} (to bathe) SEE: bathe ::
take a break {v} (to have a short rest period in one's work) :: ta en pause
take action {v} (to act, especially decisively) :: aksjonere
take a leak {v} :: slå lens
take apart {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat ::
take apart {v} (criticise) SEE: criticise ::
take for granted {v} (assume something to be true without verification or proof) :: ta for gitt
take-home vehicle {n} (company car) SEE: company car ::
take lightly {v} (approach casually) :: [Bokmål] ta lett på, ikke ta på alvor [not take seriously]
taken {adj} (infatuated, fond of or attracted to) :: betatt
taken {adj} (informal: in a relationship) :: opptatt
take off {v} (to remove) :: ta av; [Bokmål] fjerne
take on {v} (To obtain the services of (a person) in exchange for remuneration; to give someone a job) SEE: employ ::
take one's hat off to {v} (to remove one's hat as sign of respect) :: [Bokmål] ta av seg hatten for
take one's hat off to {v} (to publicly praise) :: [Bokmål] ta av seg hatten for
take one's leave {v} (say goodbye) :: [Bokmål] anbefale seg
take one's own life {v} (commit suicide) SEE: commit suicide ::
takeover {n} (the purchase of a private company) :: [Bokmål] overtakelse {m}, overtagelse {m}
takeover {n} (the purchase of a public company) :: [Bokmål] overtakelse {m}, overtagelse {m}
takeover {n} (transfer of control) :: [Bokmål] overtakelse {m}, overtagelse {m}
take place {v} (to happen) :: finne sted, skje, hende
take revenge {v} (to avenge; to get back at) :: hevne
take seriously {v} (take seriously) :: [Bokmål] ta på alvor; [Nynorsk] ta på alvor
take the bull by the horns {v} (to deal directly with a matter; to confront a difficulty) :: [Bokmål] ta tyren ved hornene; [Nynorsk] ta tyren ved horna
take the wrong way {v} (to misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand ::
tale {n} (type of story) :: historie {m}
talent {n} (marked ability or skill) :: talent {m}
talented {adj} (endowed with talents) :: [Bokmål] talentfull, begavet; [Nynorsk] talentfull
talisman {n} (magical protective charms) :: talisman {m}
talk {v} (to communicate by speech) :: snakke, preke
talk {n} (conversation) :: samtale {m}
talk {n} (lecture) :: foredrag {n}, forelesning {m} {f}
talk {n} (major topic of social discussion) :: prat {n}, snakk {n}
talk {n} :: prat {n}, snakk {n}
talk {v} ((transitive) to discuss) SEE: discuss ::
talk around {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade ::
talkative {adj} (tending to talk or speak freely or often) :: [Bokmål] pratsom; [Nynorsk] pratsam
talking book {n} (audiobook) SEE: audiobook ::
talk over {v} (discuss) SEE: discuss ::
talk over {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade ::
talk page {n} (place on wikis where discussion of a page takes place) :: [Bokmål] diskusjonsside {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] diskusjonsside {f}
tall {adj} (of a person) :: [Bokmål] høy
Tallinn {prop} (Capital of Estonia) :: Tallinn
tallow {n} (hard animal fat obtained) :: [Bokmål] talg {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] talg {m} {f}
Talmud {prop} (collection of Jewish writings) :: [Bokmål] Talmud {m}; [Nynorsk] Talmúd {m}
talus {n} (A sloping heap of fragments of rock lying at the foot of a precipice) :: ur {c}; [Nynorsk] steinrøys {f}
tamarisk {n} (shrub of the genus Tamarix) :: [Bokmål] tamarisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tamarisk {m}
tambour {n} (drum) SEE: drum ::
tambourine {n} (percussion instrument) :: [Bokmål] tamburin {m}; [Nynorsk] tamburin {m}
tame {adj} (not wild) :: tam
tame {v} (to make something tame) :: temme
tame {v} (to become tame) :: temmes
Tamil {adj} (of or pertaining to the Tamil people, culture, or language) :: [Bokmål] tamilsk; [Nynorsk] tamilsk
Tamil {n} (person) :: [Bokmål] tamil {m}; [Nynorsk] tamil {m}
Tamil {n} (language) :: [Bokmål] tamil {m}; [Nynorsk] tamil {m}
Tamilian {n} (a person of Tamil ethnicity) SEE: Tamil ::
Tamil Tigers {prop} (guerrilla organization) :: [Bokmål] Tamiltigrene; [Nynorsk] Tamilske tigrane
tamper {n} (pipe tool) :: [Bokmål] tamper {m}
tamper {v} (alter by making unauthorized changes) :: [Bokmål] tukle, manipulere, modifisere
Tampere {prop} (city in Finland) :: Tammerfors
tampon {n} (A plug of cotton or other absorbent material) :: tampong {m}
tan {v} (to become tan due to exposure to sun) :: sole, brune
tang {n} (tongue) SEE: tongue ::
Tanganyika {prop} (lake) :: Tanganyikasjøen; [Nynorsk] Tanganyikasjøen
Tanganyika {prop} (territory, former country) :: Tanganyika
tangent {n} (in geometry) :: [Bokmål] tangent {m}; [Nynorsk] tangent {m}
tangent {n} (in trigonometry) :: tangens {m}
tangerine {n} (fruit) :: [Bokmål] tangerin {m}
tangible {adj} (touchable, palpable) :: følbar; [Bokmål] materiell; [Nynorsk] materiell
tangible {adj} (possible to be treated as fact) :: håndgripelig, konkret
tangible {adj} (comprehensible by the mind; understandable) :: begripelig, forståelig, fattbar
Tangiers {prop} (a port city in northern Morocco) :: [Bokmål] Tanger; [Nynorsk] Tanger
tangy {adj} (having a sharp, pungent flavor) :: sterk
Tania {prop} (female given name) :: Tanja
tank {n} (closed container for fluids) :: [Bokmål] tank {m}; [Nynorsk] tank {m}
tank {n} (armoured fighting vehicle) :: stridsvogn, tanks
tanked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
tanker {n} (vessel) :: [Bokmål] tankskip {n}, tankbåt {m}, tanker {m}; [Nynorsk] tankskip {n}, tankbåt {m}, tankar {m}
tanned {adj} (having a suntan) :: [Bokmål] solbrun; [Nynorsk] solbrun
tantalum {n} (A metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 73.) :: tantal
tantrum {n} (often childish display of bad temper) :: [Bokmål] raserianfall {n}, raseriutbrudd {n}, slå seg vrang [verb]
Tanya {prop} (female given name) SEE: Tania ::
Tanzania {prop} (United Republic of Tanzania) :: [Bokmål] Tanzania; [Nynorsk] Tanzania
Tanzanian {n} (a person from Tanzania or of Tanzanian descent) :: [Bokmål] tanzanianer {m}; [Nynorsk] tanzanianar {m}
Tanzanian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Tanzania and its people) :: [Bokmål] tanzaniansk; [Nynorsk] tanzaniansk
tap {n} (spigot) :: tappekran {m}
tap {n} (device to dispense liquid) :: kran {m}
tap {n} (interception with authority) :: [Bokmål] avlytting {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] avlytting {f}
tap {v} (to draw off liquid from a vessel) :: tappe
tap {v} (to place a listening device) :: avlytte
tap {v} (to intercept communication) :: avlytte
tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape ::
tape measure {n} (graduated ribbon for length measurement) :: [Bokmål] målebånd {n}
tapeworm {n} (parasitical worm of the class Cestoda) :: [Bokmål] bendelorm {m}; [Nynorsk] bendelorm {m}, bendelmakk {m}, bendelmark {m}
tapir {n} (large odd-toed ungulate with a long prehensile upper lip of the family Tapiridae) :: tapir
taproot {n} (long tapering root) :: [Bokmål] pælerot {m} {f}
tar {n} (substance) :: [Bokmål] tjære {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tjære {f}, tjøre {f}
tar {n} (byproduct of tobacco smoke) :: [Bokmål] tjære {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tjære {f}, tjøre {f}
tarantula {n} (wolf spider) :: [Bokmål] tarantell {m}; [Nynorsk] tarantell {m}
target audience {n} (group of people) :: [Bokmål] målgruppe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] målgruppe {f}
target group {n} (group of people) :: [Bokmål] målgruppe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] målgruppe {f}
tariff {n} (duties imposed) :: [Bokmål] toll {m}
tarn {n} (small mountain lake) :: [Bokmål] tjern; [Nynorsk] tjern {n}, tjørn {n}
tarp {n} (tarpaulin) :: presenning {m}
tarpaulin {n} (heavy, waterproof sheet of material) :: presenning {m}
tarpaulin {n} (any heavy, waterproof material used as a cover) :: presenning {m}
tarry {v} (to delay or be tardy) :: [Bokmål] drøye
tarry {v} (to linger in expectation of) :: [Bokmål] avvente
tarry {v} (to stay somewhere temporarily) :: [Bokmål] oppholde seg
tarsier {n} (insectivorous primate) :: spøkelsesaper
tart {n} (prostitute) :: prostituert, hore
tart {n} (woman with loose sexual morals) :: hore, tøs (slang)
task {n} (piece of work done as part of one’s duties) :: [Bokmål] oppgave {f}; [Nynorsk] oppgåve {f}
taskbar {n} (taskbar) :: oppgavelinje {c}
Tasmania {prop} :: Tasmania; [Nynorsk] Tasmania
tassel {n} (ball-shaped bunch of plaited or otherwise entangled threads) :: dusk {m}
taste {n} (one of the sensations produced by the tongue) :: smak {m}
taste {n} (implicit set of preferences) :: smak {m}
taste {n} ((figuratively) a small amount of experience) :: smakebit {m}
taste {v} (to sample the flavor of something) :: smake
taste {v} (to have a taste) :: smake
tasteless {adj} (having no flavour) :: [Bokmål] smakløs, smaklaus; [Nynorsk] smaklaus
tasteless {adj} (lacking refinement) :: [Bokmål] smakløs, smaklaus; [Nynorsk] smaklaus
tasty {adj} (having a pleasant or satisfying flavor) SEE: delicious ::
tat {n} (slang: tattoo) SEE: tattoo ::
ta ta {interj} (bye) SEE: bye ::
tatt {n} (tattoo) SEE: tattoo ::
tattoo {n} (an image made in the skin with ink and a needle) :: tatovering {m}
tattoo {v} (to apply a tattoo) :: tatovere
tau {n} (Greek letter) :: [Bokmål] tau {n}; [Nynorsk] tau {n}
taunt {v} (to make fun of (someone); to goad into responding) :: håne
taunt {n} (a scornful or mocking remark) :: forhånelse {m}, hån {m}, nid {n}
Taurus {prop} (constellation) :: Tyren
Taurus {prop} (astrological sign) :: Tyren {m}
Taurus {n} (Someone with a Taurus star sign) :: tyr
taut {adj} (tight; under tension, as in a rope or bow string) :: spent {n}
taut {adj} (showing stress or anxiety) :: anspent {n}, anstrengt {n}
taut {adj} (containing only relevant parts, brief and controlled) :: fortettet {n}
tavern {n} (bar) :: kro {m}, taverna {m}
tawny owl {n} (Strix aluco) :: kattugle
tax {n} (money paid to government) :: skatt {m} (income), avgift {m} (value added)
tax {v} (to impose and collect a tax) :: skattelegge
taxable {adj} (subject to tax) :: [Bokmål] skattbar; [Nynorsk] skattbar
tax evader {n} (one who avoids paying tax) :: [Bokmål] skattesnyter {m}; [Nynorsk] skattesnytar {m}
tax evasion {n} (illegal avoidance of tax) :: skatteunddragelse {m} {f}, skattesnyt, skattesvik
tax haven {n} (country that levies low taxes on foreign businesses) :: [Bokmål] skatteparadis {n}; [Nynorsk] skatteparadis {n}
taxi {n} (vehicle) :: [Bokmål] taxi, drosje {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] drosje {m} {f}, taxi {m}, taksi {m}
taxi {v} (move an aircraft) :: takse
taxi driver {n} (person who drives a taxicab) :: [Bokmål] drosjesjåfør {m}, taxisjåfør {m}; [Nynorsk] drosjesjåfør {m}, taxisjåfør {m}, taksisjåfør {m}
taxpayer {n} (person who pays tax) :: [Bokmål] skattebetaler {m}; [Nynorsk] skattebetalar {m}
Tbilisi {prop} (the capital city of Georgia (the country)) :: Tbilisi
Tchaikovsky {prop} (surname) :: Tsjajkovskij
tea {n} (main evening meal) SEE: dinner ::
tea {n} (drink made from leaves of tea plant) :: te {c}
tea bag {v} (small porous bag holding tea) SEE: teabag ::
teabag {n} (sachet of tea) :: [Bokmål] tepose {m}; [Nynorsk] tepose {m}
tea ceremony {n} (detailed ritual in Japan or Asia for preparing, serving and drinking tea) :: teseremoni {m}
teach {v} (to pass on knowledge) :: undervise, lære
teacher {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger ::
teacher {n} (person who teaches) :: [Bokmål] lærer {m}, lærerinne {f} (female teacher), frøken {m} {f} (female, rare/archaic), skolelærer {m}; [Nynorsk] lærar {m}, lærarinne {f} (female teacher), frøken {f} (female, rare/archaic)
teacher's desk {n} (pulpit) SEE: pulpit ::
teacher's desk {n} (lectern) SEE: lectern ::
teacup {n} (cup for drinking tea) :: [Bokmål] tekopp {m}; [Nynorsk] tekopp {m}
teahouse {n} (a cafe that sells tea) :: [Bokmål] tehus {n}
teakettle {n} (a vessel for boiling water for tea) :: [Bokmål] vannkoker {m}
teal {n} (duck) :: [Bokmål] krikkand {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] krikkand {f}
tea leaf {n} (leaf of the tea plant) :: teblad {n}
tea leaf {n} (thief) SEE: thief ::
tealight {n} (small, typically circular candle encased in thin metal cup) :: [Bokmål] telys {n}; [Nynorsk] telys {n}, teljos {n}
team {n} (set of draught animals) :: spann {n}
team {n} (group of people) :: [Bokmål] lag {n}, team {n}; [Nynorsk] lag {n}, team {n}
teammate {n} (one who is on the same team) :: [Bokmål] lagkamerat {m}; [Nynorsk] lagkamerat {m}
team sport {n} (sport competed between two teams each with two or more players) :: [Bokmål] lagidrett {m}; [Nynorsk] lagidrett {m}
teamwork {n} (cooperative effort of a team) :: [Bokmål] teamarbeid {n}; [Nynorsk] teamarbeid {n}
teapot {n} (vessel for tea) :: [Bokmål] tekanne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tekanne {f}
tear {n} (drop of clear salty liquid from the eyes) :: tårer {p}; [Bokmål] tåre {f}; [Nynorsk] tåra
tearful {adj} (accompanied by tears) :: [Bokmål] tårevåt; [Nynorsk] tårevåt
tear gas {n} (tear gas) :: tåregass {m}
tearoom {n} (teahouse) SEE: teahouse ::
tear up {v} (To damage) SEE: damage ::
tease {v} (to poke fun at) :: [Bokmål] erte
tea shop {n} (a shop where tea or coffee is served) SEE: teahouse ::
teaspoon {n} (small spoon) :: [Bokmål] teskje {m} {f}, teskei {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] teskei {f}
teaspoon {n} (unit of measure) :: [Bokmål] teskje {m} {f}, teskei {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] teskei {f}
teat {n} (projection of mammary gland) :: brystvorte {m}
teat {n} (feeding bottle top) :: [Bokmål] smokk {m}; [Nynorsk] smokk {m}
tea towel {n} (cloth for drying dishes and glassware) :: [Bokmål] kjøkkenhåndkle {n}, kjøkkenhandkle {n}
technetium {n} (chemical element) :: technetium
technically {adv} (based on precise facts) :: Teknisk sett
technically {adv} (having certain skills) :: teknisk
technically {adv} (regarding the scientific state of art) :: teknisk
technical term {n} (word that has a specific meaning within a specific field of expertise) :: [Bokmål] faguttrykk {n}, fagterm {m}, term {m}, fagord {n}; [Nynorsk] faguttrykk {n}, fagterm {m}, term {m}, fagord {n}
technique {n} (practical aspects of a given art) :: [Bokmål] teknikk {m}; [Nynorsk] teknikk {m}
technique {n} (method of achieving something) :: [Bokmål] teknikk {m}; [Nynorsk] teknikk {m}
techno {n} (style of music) :: [Nynorsk] techno
technobabble {n} (fake technical language used in fiction) :: teknobabbel
technological {adj} (of, relating to, or involving technology) :: [Bokmål] teknologisk; [Nynorsk] teknologisk
technology {n} (the study of or a collection of techniques) :: teknologi {f}
technology {n} :: teknologi
tectonic plate {n} (large piece of Earth's lithosphere) :: plate {m} {f}
teddy bear {n} (a stuffed toy bear) :: [Bokmål] bamse {m}, teddybjørn {m}; [Nynorsk] teddybjørn {m}
tedious {adj} (boring, monotonous) :: [Bokmål] ensformig, langtekkeligkjedelig, traurig; [Nynorsk] einsformig, kjedeleg
tediousness {n} (quality of being tedious) :: [Bokmål] kjedsomhet {m} {f}
teen {adj} (teenager) SEE: teenager ::
-teen {suffix} (to form numbers 13 - 19) :: [Bokmål] -ten; [Nynorsk] -ten
teenage {adj} (of an age between 13 and 19) :: [Bokmål] tenårig, tenårings-; [Nynorsk] tenårig, tenårings-
teenager {n} (person aged between thirteen and nineteen) :: [Bokmål] tenåring {m}; [Nynorsk] tenåring {m}
teens {n} (time of life between 13 and 19 years old) :: [Bokmål] tenår {p}; [Nynorsk] tenår {p}
teetan {n} (pipit) SEE: pipit ::
teething troubles {n} (small problems) :: [Bokmål] barnesykdommer {m-p}
Teigen {prop} :: Teigen
tečka {n} (tečka diacritic) SEE: dot ::
Tel Aviv {prop} (city in Israel) :: Tel Aviv
tele- {prefix} (over a distance) :: [Bokmål] tele-; [Nynorsk] tele-
telegram {v} (telegraph) SEE: telegraph ::
telegram {n} (message sent by telegraph) :: [Bokmål] telegram {n}
telegraph {n} (apparatus, or a process, for communicating) :: [Bokmål] telegraf
telemark {n} :: [Bokmål] telemarkskjøring {f}; [Nynorsk] telemarkskøyring {f}
telemarketer {n} (someone who sells products or services by making unsolicited telephone calls) :: [Bokmål] telefonselger {m}; [Nynorsk] telefonseljar {m}
telemarketing {n} (selling products or services by making calls to potential customers) :: telefonsalg
telemetry {n} (the science, and associated technology, of automatic recording) :: telemetri {m}
telepathy {n} (communication by psychic means) :: telepati, tankeoverføring, tankelesning
telephone {n} (a device used for two-way talking with other people) :: telefon {m}
telephone book {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory ::
telephone call {n} (conversation) :: [Bokmål] telefonsamtale {m}; [Nynorsk] telefonsamtale {m} {f}
telephone directory {n} (a listing of telephone subscribers) :: telefonkatalog {m}
telephone exchange {n} (equipment) :: [Bokmål] telefonsentral {m}; [Nynorsk] telefonsentral {m}
telephone exchange {n} (rooms) :: [Bokmål] telefonsentral {m}; [Nynorsk] telefonsentral {m}
telephony {n} (act of sound transmission via the electromagnetic spectrum) :: [Bokmål] telefoni {m}; [Nynorsk] telefoni {m}
telephoto lens {n} (telephoto lens) :: [Bokmål] teleobjektiv {n}; [Nynorsk] teleobjektiv {n}
telescope {n} (optical instrument that magnifies) :: [Bokmål] teleskop {n}; [Nynorsk] teleskop {n}
telescopic sight {n} (aiming device) :: [Bokmål] kikkertsikte {n}; [Nynorsk] kikertsikte {n}, kikkertsikte {n}
teleshow {n} (television show) SEE: television show ::
television {n} (medium) :: [Bokmål] fjernsyn {n}, TV {m}; [Nynorsk] fjernsyn {n}, TV {m}
television {n} (device for receiving television signals) :: [Bokmål] fjernsyn {n}, TV {m}, fjernsynsapparat {n}; [Nynorsk] fjernsyn {n}, TV {m}, fjernsynsapparat {m}
television {n} (program broadcasting) :: [Bokmål] fjernsyn {n}, TV {m}; [Nynorsk] fjernsyn {n}, TV {m}
television series {n} (series) SEE: series ::
television set {n} (television) SEE: television ::
television show {n} (live or recorded TV broadcast or program) :: [Bokmål] TV-program {n}
tell {v} (to pass information) :: fortelle
tell {v} (narrate) SEE: narrate ::
teller {n} (person who tells stories) :: forteller
teller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
tell it like it is {v} (to speak the truth) :: si det som det er
tellurium {n} (chemical element) :: tellur
Telugu {prop} (Dravidian language of India) :: telugu
temblor {n} (earthquake) SEE: earthquake ::
temperance {n} (state with regard to heat or cold) SEE: temperature ::
temperature {n} (a measure of cold or heat) :: [Bokmål] temperatur {m}; [Nynorsk] temperatur {m}
Templar {n} (one of the Knights Templar) :: tempelherre {m}, tempelridder {m}
template {n} (physical object) :: [Bokmål] mal {m}, sjablong {m}; [Nynorsk] mal {m}, sjablong {m}
template {n} (generic model) :: mønster {n}
temple {n} (worship place) :: [Bokmål] tempel {n}; [Nynorsk] tempel {n}
temple {n} (region of skull) :: [Bokmål] tinning {m}; [Nynorsk] tinning {m}
tempo {n} (frequency or rate) :: [Bokmål] tempo {n}; [Nynorsk] tempo {n}
tempo {n} (music: number of beats per minute) :: [Bokmål] tempo {n}; [Nynorsk] tempo {n}
temporal {adj} (of or relating to time) :: temporal
temporal {adj} (of limited time) :: temporær
temporal {adj} (of or relating to the material world) :: jordisk. timelig, verdslig
temporal {adj} ((euphemistic for) lasting a short time only) :: forbigående, temporær
temporal {adj} (of the temples of the head) :: temporal
temporary {adj} (for a limited time, ephemeral, not constant) :: [Bokmål] midlertidig; [Nynorsk] mellombels
temporary tooth {n} (milk tooth) SEE: milk tooth ::
tempt {v} (to provoke someone to do wrong) :: friste
tempt {v} (to attract, allure) :: friste
temptation {n} (act of tempting) :: [Bokmål] fristelse {m}
temptation {n} (something attractive, tempting or seductive) :: [Bokmål] fristelse {m}
temptation {n} :: [Bokmål] fristelse {m}; [Nynorsk] freisting {f}
tempting {adj} (attractive, appealing, enticing) :: [Bokmål] fristende
tempting {adj} (seductive, alluring, inviting) :: [Bokmål] fristende
ten {num} (the cardinal number occurring after 9 and before 11) :: ti
tenable {adj} (of a theory, argument etc: capable of being maintained or justified; well-founded) :: [Bokmål] holdbar; [Nynorsk] haldbar
tenant {n} (one who pays a fee in return for the use of land, etc.) :: [Bokmål] leieboer {m}
tenant farmer {n} (a person who farms land rented from a landlord) :: [Bokmål] leilending {m}
Ten Commandments {prop} (Moses' ten commandments) :: de ti bud {p}; [Nynorsk] dei ti bodorda {p}
tendency {n} (likelihood of behaving in a particular way) :: tendens {m}
tender {adj} (soft and easily chewed) :: [Bokmål] mør; [Nynorsk] mør, møyr
tender {n} (means of payment) :: [Bokmål] betalingsmiddel {n}
tender {n} (law: an offer to buy or sell something) :: [Bokmål] tilbud {n} [selling only], anbud {n}
tenderloin {n} (tenderest part of a loin of meat) :: indrefilet {m}
tendon {n} (tough band of inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with its bony attachment) :: [Bokmål] sene {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] sene {f}
tenet {n} (an opinion, belief or principle) :: [Bokmål] grunnsetning {m} {f}, dogme {n}, prinsipp {n}; [Nynorsk] grunnsetning {f}, dogme {n}, prinsipp {n}
tennis {n} (sport played by two or four players with strung racquets) :: [Bokmål] tennis {m}; [Nynorsk] tennis {m}
tennis court {n} (surface on which tennis is played) :: [Bokmål] tennisbane {m}; [Nynorsk] tennisbane {m} {f}
tennis player {n} (a person who plays tennis) :: [Bokmål] tennisspiller {m}, tennisspeller {m}; [Nynorsk] tennisspelar {m}
tenor {n} (musical range) :: [Bokmål] tenor {m}; [Nynorsk] tenor {m}
tenor {n} (musical performer) :: [Bokmål] tenor {m}; [Nynorsk] tenor {m}
tenor {n} (tone) :: [Bokmål] tenor {m}; [Nynorsk] tenor {m}
tense {n} (verb forms distinguishing time) :: [Bokmål] tempus
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) image of a tuple under a tensor product map) :: tensor
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) function of several variables) :: tensor
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) matrix of matrices) :: tensor
tent {n} (portable lodge) :: telt
tentative {adj} (of or pertaining to a trial or trials; essaying; experimental) :: forsøksvis, tentativ
tentative {adj} (uncertain) :: foreløpig, tentativ
tenth {adj} (ordinal form of ten) :: tiende
ten thousand {num} (10,000) :: titusen
tepid {adj} (lukewarm) :: [Bokmål] lunken; [Nynorsk] lunken
tepid {adj} (uninterested) :: [Bokmål] lunken; [Nynorsk] lunken
terbium {n} (chemical element) :: terbium
Teresa {prop} (female given name) :: Therese
term {n} (limitation, restriction or regulation) :: vilkår {n}
term {n} (word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge) :: [Bokmål] term {m}; [Nynorsk] term {m}
term {n} (relations among people) :: [Bokmål] fot {m}
term {n} (part of a year) :: [Bokmål] semester {n}, trimester {n}
termes {n} (a termite) SEE: termite ::
terminal {n} (airport building) :: [Bokmål] terminal {m}; [Nynorsk] terminal {m}
termination {n} (the last part (or morpheme) of a word, see also: suffix) :: [Bokmål] endelse {m}, ending {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] ending {f}
terminology {n} (doctrine of terms) :: [Bokmål] terminologi {m}; [Nynorsk] terminologi {m}
terminology {n} (terms used in any business, art, etc) :: [Bokmål] terminologi {m}; [Nynorsk] terminologi {m}
terminus {n} (end point of a transport system) :: [Bokmål] endestasjon {m}; [Nynorsk] endestasjon {m}
termite {n} (insect) :: termitt {m}
term of art {n} (term specific to a particular field) SEE: technical term ::
term of endearment {n} (word, phrase, or nickname expressing affection) :: kjæleord {n}
tern {n} (bird of family Sternidae) :: [Bokmål] terne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] terne {f}
Terra {prop} (the Planet Earth) SEE: Earth ::
terraced house {n} (type of house) SEE: rowhouse ::
terraforming {n} (planetary engineering) :: terraforming
terrestrial {adj} (of, relating to, or inhabiting the Earth or its inhabitants) :: [Bokmål] terrestrisk; [Nynorsk] terrestrisk
terrestrial {adj} (living or growing on land; not aquatic) :: [Bokmål] terrestrisk; [Nynorsk] terrestrisk
terrible {adj} (dreadful; causing alarm or fear) :: fryktelig, forferdelig
terrible {adj} (most formidable) :: fryktelig, forferdelig
terrible {adj} (intense; extreme in degree or extent) :: fryktelig, forferdelig
terrible {adj} (unpleasant) :: ubehagelig
terrible {adj} (very bad) :: fryktelig, forferdelig
territorial {adj} (of, relating to, or restricted to a specific geographic area, or territory) :: [Bokmål] territorial; [Nynorsk] territorial
territorial waters {n} (belt of coastal waters) :: [Bokmål] territorialfarvann {n}
territory {n} (large tract of land) :: [Bokmål] territorium {n}
terror {n} (extreme fear) :: [Bokmål] terror {m}; [Nynorsk] terror {m}
terrorism {n} (use of terror as a means of coercion) :: [Bokmål] terrorisme {m}; [Nynorsk] terrorisme {m}
terrorist {n} (person who uses terror as a weapon in a political struggle) :: [Bokmål] terrorist; [Nynorsk] terrorist {m}
tertiary {adj} (of third rank or order) :: [Bokmål] tertiær; [Nynorsk] tertiær
terza rima {n} (arrangement of triplets rhyming aba bcb cdc) :: tersin {f}
test {v} :: å teste, tester, testet, har testet
test drive {n} (trial run in a vehicle) :: [Bokmål] prøvetur {m}; [Nynorsk] prøvetur {m}
test-drive {v} (try out a vehicle) :: [Bokmål] prøvekjøre
test-driven development {n} (a software development process) :: [Bokmål] testdrevet utvikling {m} {f}
testicle {n} (male sex gland) :: [Bokmål] testikkel {m}; [Nynorsk] testikkel {m}
testify {v} (to make a declaration, or give evidence, under oath) :: [Bokmål] bevitne
testify {v} (to make a statement based on personal knowledge or faith) :: [Bokmål] bevitne
testimonial {n} (statement given under oath) SEE: testimony ::
testimony {n} (statement in court) :: [Bokmål] forklaring {m} {f}
testosterone {n} (steroid hormone) :: testosteron {n}
test tube {n} (glass tube) :: [Bokmål] prøverør {n}, reagensglass {n}, reagensrør {n}
tether {n} (a rope, cable etc. that holds something in place whilst allowing some movement) :: tjor
tetherball {n} (sport) :: [Bokmål] smashball {m}
tetragon {n} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral ::
tetrahedron {n} (polyhedron) :: tetraeder {n}
tetrahydrocannabinol {n} (THC) :: tetrahydrocannabinol {m}
Tetris {prop} (game in which falling shapes must be manipulated) :: Tetris
Teutonic Knights {prop} (order) :: [Bokmål] Tyske Orden; [Nynorsk] Tyske Riddarordenen
text {n} (a written passage) :: tekst
textbook {n} (formal manual of instruction) :: [Bokmål] lærebok {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] lærebok {f}
text editor {n} (something used to edit text in computers) :: teksteditor
text message {n} (a brief electronic message) :: [Bokmål] tekstmelding {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tekstmelding {f}
textual {adj} (of or pertaining to text) :: [Bokmål] tekstlig
textual criticism {n} (discipline for reconstructing old text forms) :: [Bokmål] tekstkritikk {m}; [Nynorsk] tekstkritikk {m}
texture {n} (feel or shape of a surface or substance) :: [Bokmål] tekstur {m}; [Nynorsk] tekstur {m}
Thai {adj} (of or pertaining to Thailand) :: [Bokmål] thailandsk; [Nynorsk] thailandsk
Thai {n} (person from Thailand or of Thai origin) :: [Bokmål] thailender {m}, thailending {m}; [Nynorsk] thailendar {m}, thailending {m}
Thai {n} (language) :: [Bokmål] thai {m}; [Nynorsk] thai {m}
Thailand {prop} (country in Southeast Asia) :: [Bokmål] Thailand; [Nynorsk] Thailand
thalamus {n} (botany:receptacle of a flower) SEE: receptacle ::
thaler {n} (historical monetary unit) :: daler
thallium {n} (chemical element) :: thallium
thalweg {n} (line that connects the lowest points in a valley or river channel) :: [for river] djupål {m}
Thames {prop} (river through London) :: [Bokmål] Themsen; [Nynorsk] Themsen
than {prep} (Introduces a comparison) :: enn
Thanatos {n} (Thanatos, the god of death) :: Thanatos
thank {v} (express gratitude or appreciation to someone) :: takke
thank {v} (credit or hold something responsible) :: takke
thankful {adj} (showing thanks) :: [Bokmål] takknemlig; [Nynorsk] takknemleg
thank God {interj} (exclamation of gratitude or relief) :: [Bokmål] gudskjelov; [Nynorsk] gudskjelov
thank goodness {interj} (express gratitude) :: [Bokmål] gudskjelov; [Nynorsk] gudskjelov
thankless {adj} (unappreciated) :: [Bokmål] utakknemlig; [Nynorsk] utakknemleg
thanks {interj} (used to express appreciation or gratitude) :: takk
thanks a lot {interj} (emphatic thanks) :: takk skal du ha, tusen takk, mange takk
thanks for nothing {interj} (unhappy for actual unhelpfulness) :: takk for ingenting
thanks for your help {phrase} (thanks for your help) :: takk for hjelpen
Thanksgiving {prop} (Thanksgiving Day) :: thanksgiving {m}
Thanksgiving Day {n} (Thanksgiving) SEE: Thanksgiving ::
thank you {interj} (an expression of gratitude) :: takk
thank you card {n} (card saying thank you) :: [Bokmål] takkekort {n}; [Nynorsk] takkekort {n}
thank you very much {interj} (greater gratitude than "thank you") :: mange takk
that {conj} (connecting a noun clause) :: at
that {pron} (which) :: som
that being said {adv} (that said) SEE: that said ::
thatch {n} (Straw for covering roofs or stacks) :: halm {m}
Thatcherism {prop} (political ideology of Thatcher's governments) :: thatcherisme {m}
that said {phrase} (even so) :: [Bokmål] når det er sagt
that's life {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life ::
that's what she said {phrase} (retort) :: [Bokmål] sa brura
thaw {v} (to melt, dissolve, or become fluid) :: tine
the {article} (article) :: det {n}, den {m} {f}, de {p}, -en {m}, -a {f}, -i {f}, -et {n}, -ene {m-p} {f-p}, -ane {m-p} {f-p}, -one {f-p}, -a {n-p}, -i {n-p}, -ene {n-p}
the {adv} (the + comparative, the + comparative) :: jo + comp., desto + comp.,; [Nynorsk] di + comp., di + comp.
the apple does not fall far from the tree {proverb} (a child is similar to its parents) :: [Bokmål] eplet faller ikke langt fra stammen, være sin far/mor opp av dage
theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema ::
theater {n} (place or building) :: teater {n}
theatre {n} (theater) SEE: theater ::
theatrical {adj} (of or relating to the theatre) :: [Bokmål] teatral
theatrical {adj} (fake and exaggerated) :: [Bokmål] teatralsk; [Nynorsk] teatralsk
theatricality {n} (theatrical behavior) :: [Bokmål] teatralskhet {m} {f}, teatralsk karakter {m}
the customer is always right {proverb} (proverb) :: [Bokmål] kunden har alltid rett
thede {n} (nation) SEE: nation ::
the die is cast {phrase} (the future is determined) :: [Bokmål] terningen er kastet; [Nynorsk] terningen er kasta
thee {pron} (thou) SEE: thou ::
thee {pron} (Objective case of 'thou') :: deg
the early bird catches the worm {proverb} (be motivated so you can accomplish what you want, in the morning) SEE: the early bird gets the worm ::
the early bird gets the worm {proverb} (whoever arrives first has the best chance of success) :: den som kommer først til mølla, får først malt, morgenstund har gull i munn; [Bokmål] morgenstund har gull i munn
the end justifies the means {proverb} (morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary) :: målet helliggjør midlene
theft {n} (act of stealing property) :: [Bokmål] tyveri {n}, tjuveri {n}; [Nynorsk] tjuveri {n}
the grass is always greener on the other side {proverb} (the others' circumstances seem more desirable) :: [Bokmål] gresset er alltid grønnere på den andre siden; [Nynorsk] graset er alltid grønare på den andre sida
The Hague {prop} (Dutch city) :: Haag
the icing on the cake {n} (something that intensifies the appreciation of something else) :: prikken over i'en (the dot above the i)
their {determiner} (belonging to them (plural)) :: [Bokmål] deres, sin dems [nonstandard]; [Nynorsk] deira, sin
theism {n} (belief in existence of at least one deity) :: [Bokmål] teisme {m}; [Nynorsk] teisme {m}
theistic {adj} (of or relating to theism) :: [Bokmål] teistisk; [Nynorsk] teistisk
them {pron} (third personal plural pronoun used after a preposition or as the object of a verb) :: dem
theme {n} :: tema
theme park {n} (amusement park that has one or more specific central themes) :: [Bokmål] temapark {m}; [Nynorsk] temapark {m}
theme song {n} (a song accompanying a program) :: kjenningsmelodi {m}
the more the merrier {proverb} (it is more fun with more people) :: jo flere, desto bedre, jo flere, jo bedre
then {adv} (at that time) :: da, den gang
then {adv} (soon afterward) :: , deretter, siden
then {adv} (next in order) :: , deretter
then {adv} (in that case) :: da, i så fall
then {adv} (at the same time; on the other hand) :: da
then {adj} (being so at that time) :: [Bokmål] daværende; [Nynorsk] dåværande
thence {adv} (from there) :: [Bokmål] derfra, derifra; [Nynorsk] derifrå, derfrå
thenceforth {adv} (that that time on) :: [Bokmål] fra da av; [Nynorsk] frå då av, frå da av
theocentric {adj} (having God as main focus) :: teosentrisk
Theodore {prop} (male given name) :: Theodor
theologian {n} (one who studies theology) :: [Bokmål] teolog {m}; [Nynorsk] teolog {m}
theologist {n} (theologian) SEE: theologian ::
theology {n} (study of God, or a god, or gods) :: teologi
theophany {n} (a visible manifestation of a deity) :: teofani {m}
Theophilus {prop} (biblical character) :: Teofilos {m}
theorbo {n} (theorbo) :: [Bokmål] teorbe {f}; [Nynorsk] teorbe {f}
theorem {n} (proved mathematical statement) :: [Bokmål] teorem {n}, læresetning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] teorem {n}, læresetning {f}
theorem {n} (mathematical statement that is expected to be true) :: [Bokmål] teorem {n}, læresetning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] teorem {n}, læresetning {f}
theoretical {adj} (of or relating to theory) :: [Bokmål] teoretisk; [Nynorsk] teoretisk
theoretically {adv} (in theory) :: [Bokmål] teoretisk
theoretician {n} (expert in the theory of a science or art) :: [Bokmål] teoretiker {m}; [Nynorsk] teoretikar {m}
theorist {n} (someone who constructs theories) :: [Bokmål] teoretiker {m}; [Nynorsk] teoretikar {m}
theory {n} (a coherent set of statements attempting to explain observed phenomena) :: teori {m}
theory {n} (an unproven conjecture) :: teori {m}
theory {n} (a field of study in mathematics) :: teori {m}
theory {n} (in logic: a set of axioms and all statements derivable from them) :: teori {m}
theory of relativity {n} (generic term of special and general relativity) :: [Bokmål] relativitetsteori {m}; [Nynorsk] relativitetsteori {m}
theosophic {adj} (of, or relating to theosophy) :: teosofisk
theosophy {n} (doctrine of religious philosophy and mysticism) :: teosofi {m}
the other day {adv} (lately) :: her om dagen; [Bokmål] for noen dager siden, nylig; [Nynorsk] for nokre dagar sidan, nyleg
the other way around {adv} (same but with things reversed) :: andre veien {m}
the other way round {adv} (same but with mentioned things reversed) :: [Bokmål] omvendt; [Nynorsk] omvend
the pen is mightier than the sword {proverb} (more power can achieved writing than fighting) :: [Bokmål] pennen er mektigere enn sverdet
therapist {n} (one who provides therapy) :: [Bokmål] terapeut {m}; [Nynorsk] terapeut {m}
therapy {n} (treatment of disease) :: [Bokmål] terapi {m}; [Nynorsk] terapi {m}
there {adv} (in or at that place) :: der
there {adv} (to or into that place; thither) :: dit
there be {phrase} (to exist) :: det er, det finnes
thereby {adv} (by that) :: [Bokmål] derved
therefor {adv} (therefore) SEE: therefore ::
therefore {adv} (for that or this reason; for that) :: [Bokmål] derfor; [Nynorsk] difor, derfor
therefore {adv} (consequently; by consequence) :: [Bokmål] følgelig, således
there is {phrase} (third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be) :: [plural and singular] det er
there is an exception to every rule {proverb} (every rule has an exception) :: ingen regel uten unntak
Theresa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Teresa ::
there's no place like home {proverb} (one feels most comfortable at home) :: borte bra, men hjemme best
there's no such thing as a free lunch {proverb} (nothing is free; everything has a price.) :: ingenting i livet er gratis
there you go {phrase} (here you are) SEE: here you are ::
thermal {adj} (pertaining to heat or temperature) :: [Bokmål] termisk; [Nynorsk] termisk
thermal spring {n} (hot spring) SEE: hot spring ::
thermodynamic equilibrium {n} (state of equal temperature) :: termodynamisk likevekt
thermodynamics {n} (science of heat-energy conversion) :: [Bokmål] termodynamikk {m}; [Nynorsk] termodynamikk {m}, varmelære
thermometer {n} (apparatus used to measure temperature) :: [Bokmål] termometer {n}; [Nynorsk] termometer {n}
thermosphere {n} (layer of the Earth's atmosphere) :: termosfæren
thermostat {n} (device which maintains the desired temperature) :: [Bokmål] termostat {m}; [Nynorsk] termostat {m}
the road to hell is paved with good intentions {proverb} (well-intended acts can lead to disasters) :: [Bokmål] veien til helvete er brolagt med gode intensjoner
thesaurus {n} (book of synonyms) :: begrepsordbok, begrepsklasseordbok, omgrepsordbok, omgrepsklasseordbok, tesaurus, synonymordbok {m} {f}
these {determiner} (plural of this) :: disse
Theseus {prop} (hero) :: Thesevs
thesis {n} (statement supported by arguments) :: tese {m}
thesis {n} (written essay submitted for a university degree) :: [Bokmål] avhandling {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] avhandling {f}
the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak {proverb} (achieving something is made impossible by frailty) :: [Bokmål] ånden er villig men kjødet er svakt
Thessalonians {prop} (books of the Bible) :: Tessalonikerne
Thessaly {prop} (region of Greece) :: Thessalia
the thing is {phrase} (introduce main point) :: greien her
Thetis {prop} (the mother of Achilles) :: Thetis
the upper hand {n} ((idiomatic) advantage) :: [Bokmål] overhånd, overhand; [Nynorsk] overhand {f}
the whole while {n} (always) :: [Bokmål] hele tiden, alltid; [Nynorsk] heile tida, alltid
they {pron} (third-person plural pronoun) :: de
thick {adj} (relatively great in extent from one surface to another) :: [Bokmål] tykk, tjukk; [Nynorsk] tjukk
thick as thieves {adj} (intimate, close-knit) :: [Bokmål] henge sammen som erteris
thicket {n} (copse) :: kratt {n}, kjerr {n}
thickness {n} (measure) :: [Bokmål] tykkelse {m}, tjukkelse; [Nynorsk] tjukn {f}, tjukkleik {m}
thief {n} (one who carries out theft) :: [Bokmål] tyv {m}, tjuv {m}; [Nynorsk] tjuv {m}
thigh {n} (upper leg) :: lår {n}
thimble {n} (a protective cap for the finger) :: [Bokmål] fingerbøl {n}; [Nynorsk] fingerbjørg {f}
thin {adj} (having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite) :: tynn
thin {adj} (very narrow in all diameters; having a cross section that is small in all directions) :: tynn, smal
thin {adj} (having little body fat or flesh; slim; slender; lean; gaunt) :: tynn, slank
thin {adj} (of low viscosity or low specific gravity) :: tynn
thin as a rake {adj} (incredibly thin) :: [Bokmål] tynn som en strek
thing {n} (that which is considered to exist as a separate entity, object, quality or concept) :: ting {m}, dings {m}, greie {f}; [Nynorsk] ting {m}
Thing {n} (public assembly) :: ting
thingummy {n} (thingy) SEE: thingy ::
thingy {n} (a thing) :: duppeditt {m}, dippedutt {m}; [Bokmål] dingsbums {m}
think {v} (to ponder, to go over in one's head) :: tenke, fundere
think {v} (communicate to oneself in one’s mind) :: tenke, resonnere
think {v} (to conceive of something or someone) :: komme på
think {v} (be of the opinion that) :: synes, mene
think {v} (guess, reckon) :: tro, anta
think {v} (consider, judge, regard something as) :: synes, mene
thinker {n} (one who spends time thinking) :: [Bokmål] tenker {m}; [Nynorsk] tenkar {m}, tenkjar {m}
thinker {n} (intellectual) :: [Bokmål] tenker {m}; [Nynorsk] tenkar {m}, tenkjar {m}
thinking {n} (thinking, thought) :: [Bokmål] tenkning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tenking {f}
think nothing of it {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
think of {v} (think) SEE: think ::
think tank {n} (group producing research and recommendations) :: [Bokmål] tenketank {m}, tankesmie {m} {f}
think up {v} (create in one's mind; invent) :: finne på
third {adj} (the ordinal form of the cardinal number three) :: [Bokmål] tredje; [Nynorsk] tredje, tridje
third {n} (one of three equal parts of a whole) :: [Bokmål] tredel {m}, tredjedel {m}; [Nynorsk] tredel {m}, tredjedel {m}
third cousin {n} (third cousin) :: [Bokmål] firmenning {m}; [Nynorsk] firmenning {m}
third party {n} (someone not directly involved in a transaction.) :: tredjeperson {m}; [Bokmål] tredjemann {m}, tredjepart {m}; [Nynorsk] tredjemann {m}, tredjepart {m}
third person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is not the audience or the one making the statement) :: tredje person
third person {n} (law: third party) SEE: third party ::
third rail {n} (the electrified rail that runs beside or between train tracks to power electric trains) :: [Bokmål] strømskinne {c}; [Nynorsk] straumskinne {f}, strømskinne {f}
Third Reich {prop} (Germany under the Nazi regime) :: Det tredje riket {n}
third time's a charm {proverb} :: alle gode ting er tre
Third World {prop} (developing countries) :: den tredje verden {m}
Third World War {prop} (World War III) SEE: World War III ::
thirst {n} (dryness) :: tørste
thirst {v} (to be thirsty) :: tørste
thirsty {adj} (needing to drink) :: tørst
thirteen {num} (the cardinal number occurring after twelve and before fourteen) :: tretten
thirteenth {adj} (13th) :: [Bokmål] trettende; [Nynorsk] trettande
thirtieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number thirty) :: [Bokmål] trettiende
thirty {num} (cardinal number) :: [Bokmål] tredve, tretti; [Nynorsk] tretti
thirty-eight {num} (38) :: trettiåtte
thirty-five {num} (35) :: trettifem
thirty-four {num} (34) :: trettifire, fireogtredve
thirty-nine {num} (39) :: trettini
thirty-six {num} (36) :: trettiseks
this {determiner} (the (thing) here) :: [Bokmål] den, denne, det, dette
this {determiner} (known (thing) just mentioned) :: [Bokmål] den, denne, det, dette
this {determiner} (known (thing) about to be mentioned) :: [Bokmål] den, denne, det, dette
this {determiner} (known (thing) that the speaker does not think is known to the audience) :: [Bokmål] den, denne, det, dette
this {determiner} (which is current) :: [Bokmål] denne, dette, , nå på [concerning coming day], nå til [concerning coming week, weekend or season]
this {determiner} :: denne {m}, dette {n}, disse {p}
this {pron} (The thing, item, etc. being indicated) :: denne {m} {f}, dette {n}
this and that {pron} (things) :: ditt og datt
this evening {adv} (during the evening of today) :: [Bokmål] i kveld
this morning {n} (during the morning of today) :: [Bokmål] i morges
thistle {n} (plant) :: [Bokmål] tistel {m}; [Nynorsk] tistel {m}
this way {adv} (as follows) SEE: thus ::
this year {adv} (during the current year) :: i år
thither {adv} (to that place) :: [Bokmål] dit, dit hen, ditover; [Nynorsk] dit
thole {v} (to suffer) SEE: suffer ::
thole {v} (to endure, to put up with) SEE: endure ::
thole {n} (ability to bear or endure something) SEE: endurance ::
thole {n} (pin for oars) :: [Bokmål] tollegaffel {m}, åregaffel {m}
Thomas {prop} (biblical Apostle) :: Tomas
Thomas {prop} (given name) :: Thomas
thong {n} (G-string) SEE: G-string ::
Thor {prop} (thunder god) :: Tor
Thor {prop} (male given name) :: Tor
Thora {prop} (female given name) :: Tora
thorium {n} (chemical element) :: thorium
thorn {n} (sharp protective spine of a plant) :: [Bokmål] torn {m}; [Nynorsk] torn {m}
thorn {n} (letter of the Latin alphabet (Þ, þ)) :: thorn {m}
thorough {adj} (detailed) :: [Bokmål] grundig; [Nynorsk] grundig
thorough {adj} (utter; complete; absolute) :: grundig , nøyaktig , nøye
thoroughbred {adj} (bred from pure stock) :: [Bokmål] fullblods; [Nynorsk] fullblods
thoroughbred {n} (thoroughbred horse (breed)) :: [Bokmål] fullblodshest {m}; [Nynorsk] fullblodshest {m}
thoroughly {adv} (in a thorough or complete manner) :: [Bokmål] grundig; [Nynorsk] grundig
thorp {n} (a hamlet, a village) :: [Bokmål] torp {n}; [Nynorsk] torp {n}
those {determiner} (plural of that) :: de
thou {pron} (singular informal form of "you") :: du
though {adv} (however) :: [Bokmål] dog; [Nynorsk] do
though {conj} (although) :: selv om
thought {n} (form created in the mind) :: [Bokmål] tanke {m}, tenkning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tanke {m}, tenking {f}
thought {n} (process) :: [Bokmål] tanke {m}, tenkning {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tanke {m}, tenking {f}
thought pattern {n} (the way a person usually thinks) :: [Bokmål] tankemønster {n}; [Nynorsk] tankemønster {n}
thought police {n} (a group that aims to control what other people think) :: tankepoliti {n}
thought process {n} (process of thinking) :: [Bokmål] tankegang {m}; [Nynorsk] tankegang {m}
thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000) :: tusen
thousandth {adj} (ordinal form of 1000) :: [Bokmål] tusende; [Nynorsk] tusende
thralldom {n} (a state of bondage, slavery, or subjugation to another person) :: trelldom {m}
thrash {v} (to thresh) SEE: thresh ::
thread {n} (long, thin and flexible form of material) :: tråd {m}
thread {n} (a screw thread) SEE: screw thread ::
threads {n} (clothes) SEE: clothes ::
threads {n} (thread) SEE: thread ::
threat {n} (expression of intent to injure or punish another) :: [Bokmål] trussel {m}; [Nynorsk] trussel {m}
threat {n} (indication of imminent danger) :: [Bokmål] trussel {m}; [Nynorsk] trussel {m}
threat {n} (person regarded as a danger) :: [Bokmål] trussel {m}; [Nynorsk] trussel {m}
threaten {v} (to make a threat against someone; to use threats) :: [Bokmål] true; [Nynorsk] true, truge
threaten {v} (to menace, or be dangerous) :: [Bokmål] true; [Nynorsk] true, truge
threaten {v} (to portend, or give a warning) :: [Bokmål] true; [Nynorsk] true, truge
threatening {adj} (presenting a threat) :: [Bokmål] truende; [Nynorsk] trugande
three {num} (cardinal number 3) :: tre, tri
three-dimensional {adj} (existing in three dimensions) :: [Bokmål] tredimensjonal; [Nynorsk] tredimensjonal
three-phase {adj} (using three separate alternating currents) :: [Bokmål] trefase; [Nynorsk] trefase
threesome {n} (a sexual activity involving three people) :: [Bokmål] trekant {m}; [Nynorsk] trekant {m}
three-way {adj} (in three directions) :: [Bokmål] treveis
three-wheel {adj} (having three wheels) :: [Bokmål] trehjuls; [Nynorsk] trehjuls
threnody {n} (a song or poem of lamentation) :: [Bokmål] klagesang {m}; [Nynorsk] klagesong {m}
thresh {v} (to separate the grain from the straw or husks) :: treske
threshold {n} (bottom-most part of a doorway) :: [Bokmål] terskel {m}, dørstokk {m}
threshold {n} (point at which an action is triggered) :: terskel {m}
threshold {n} :: terskel {m}
thrice {adv} (three times) :: tre ganger
thrift {n} (characteristic of using a minimum of something) :: [Bokmål] nøysomhet; [Nynorsk] nøysemd
thrift shop {n} (shop which sells used goods) :: [Bokmål] brukthandel {m}; [Nynorsk] brukthandel {m}
thrifty {adj} (given to, or evincing, thrift) :: [Bokmål] sparsommelig
thrip {n} (insect in the order Thysanoptera) SEE: thrips ::
thrips {n} (insect of the order Thysanoptera) :: trips {n}
thrive {v} (to increase in bulk or stature) :: blomstre
throat {n} (front part of the neck) :: hals {m}
throat {n} (gullet or windpipe) :: hals {m}, svelg {n}
thrombus {n} (blood clot formed in blood vessels that leads to thrombosis) :: [Bokmål] blodpropp {m}; [Nynorsk] blodpropp {m}
throne {n} (ornate seat) :: trone {c}
throne {n} (third highest order of angel) :: trone {c}
throne room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
through {prep} (from one side of an opening to the other) :: gjennom
through {prep} (by means of) :: ved at, gjennom at
through and through {adv} (entirely) :: tvers igjennom, fra ende til annen
throw {v} (to cause an object to move rapidly through the air) :: kaste, hive
throw {v} (to eject or cause to fall off) :: kaste
throw {n} (flight of a thrown object) :: kast {n}
throw {n} (a distance travelled) :: kast {n}
throw {n} (piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing) :: teppe {n}
throw a tantrum {v} (To have a temper tantrum) :: [Bokmål] slå seg vrang
throw away {v} (discard or dispose of) :: kaste
throwback {n} (atavism) SEE: atavism ::
thrower {n} (someone who or something that throws) :: [Bokmål] kaster {m}; [Nynorsk] kastar {m}
throw-in {n} (throw of the ball back into play) :: [Bokmål] innkast {n}; [Nynorsk] innkast {n}
throw in the towel {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up) :: kaste inn håndkledet
throw the baby out with the bathwater {v} ((idiomatic) to discard something valuable) :: [Bokmål] helle barnet ut med badevannet, kaste barnet ut med badevannet, slå barnet ut med badevannet; [Nynorsk] slå ut barnet med badevatnet
throw up {v} (to vomit) SEE: vomit ::
throw up one's hands {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up) SEE: throw in the towel ::
thru {prep} (through) SEE: through ::
thrush {n} (one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae) :: [Bokmål] trost {m}; [Nynorsk] trast {m} {f}, trost {m} {f}
thrush nightingale {n} (Luscinia luscinia) :: [Bokmål] nattergal; [Nynorsk] nattergal
thrust {n} (force due to propulsion) :: [Bokmål] skyvekraft {m} {f}, thrust {m}
thrust {v} (make an advance with force) :: støt
thulium {n} (chemical element) :: thulium
thumb {n} (digit) :: [Bokmål] tommel {m}, tommelfinger {m}; [Nynorsk] tommel {m}, tommelfinger {m}
thumb {n} (part of a slider) :: tommeskrue {m}
Thumbelina {prop} (a thumb-sized girl, the main character of a fairy tale) :: Tommelise {f}
thumbnail {n} (small picture) :: miniatyrbilde; [Nynorsk] miniatyrbilete
thunder {n} (sound caused by lightning) :: [Bokmål] torden {m}; [Nynorsk] tore {f}
thunder {v} (to make a noise like thunder) :: tordne
thunder {v} :: tordne
thundercloud {n} (cloud) :: [Bokmål] tordensky {m} {f}
thunderstorm {n} (storm with thunder and lightning) :: [Bokmål] tordenvær {n}; [Nynorsk] torevêr {n}
thunderstruck {adj} (astonished, amazed or so suddenly surprised as to be unable to speak) :: lamslått
Thuringia {prop} (state) :: [Bokmål] Thüringen; [Nynorsk] Thüringen
Thursday {n} (day of the week) :: torsdag
thus {adv} (in this way or manner) :: sånn, slik, på denne måten
thus {adv} (as a result) :: [Bokmål] således
thyme {n} (plant of the genus Thymus) :: [Bokmål] timian {m}; [Nynorsk] timian {m}
Tibet {prop} (region in Central Asia) :: [Bokmål] Tibet; [Nynorsk] Tibet
Tibet {prop} (shorthand for the Tibet Autonomous Region) :: [Bokmål] Tibet; [Nynorsk] Tibet
Tibetan {adj} (of or pertaining to Tibet) :: [Bokmål] tibetansk; [Nynorsk] tibetansk
Tibetan {adj} (of or pertaining to Tibetans) :: [Bokmål] tibetansk; [Nynorsk] tibetansk
Tibetan {adj} (of or pertaining to the Tibetan language) :: [Bokmål] tibetansk; [Nynorsk] tibetansk
Tibetan {n} (a person) :: [Bokmål] tibetaner {m}; [Nynorsk] tibetanar {m}
Tibetan {n} (a language) :: [Bokmål] tibetansk {m}; [Nynorsk] tibetansk {m}
Tibetan Mastiff {n} (Tibetan Mastiff) :: [Bokmål] tibetansk mastiff {m}
tibia {n} (bone of the leg) SEE: shinbone ::
tibia {n} (segment of insect's leg) SEE: shinbone ::
tick {n} (unit of time defined by timer frequency) SEE: jiffy ::
tick {n} (arachnid) :: flått {m}
ticket {n} (admission to entertainment) :: [Bokmål] billett {m}; [Nynorsk] billett {m}
ticket {n} (pass for transportation) :: [Bokmål] billett {m}; [Nynorsk] billett {m}
ticket {n} (traffic citation) :: bot {m} {f}
ticket {n} (permit to operate machine) :: [Bokmål] førerkort {n}
ticket collector {n} (ticket validity checker) SEE: ticket inspector ::
ticket inspector {n} (person who checks passengers have a valid ticket) :: [Bokmål] billettkontrollør {m}; [Nynorsk] billettkontrollør {m}
ticket machine {n} (ticket vending machine) :: [Bokmål] billettautomat {m}; [Nynorsk] billettautomat {m}
tickle {v} (to touch in a manner that causes tingling sensation) :: [Bokmål] kile; [Nynorsk] kitle
tic-tac-toe {n} (game) :: bondesjakk, tripp-trapp-tresko
tidal current {n} (flow of water caused by tide) :: [Bokmål] tidevannsstrøm {m} (etc.); [Nynorsk] tidvasstraum {m}
tidal energy {n} (energy contained in a tide) :: [Bokmål] tidevannsenergi {m}
tidal locking {n} :: bundet rotasjon {m}
tidal wave {n} (tsunami) :: tsunami {m}; [Bokmål] flodbølge {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flodbølgje {f}
tidal wave {n} (figurative: sudden, powerful surge) :: [Bokmål] flodbølge {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] flodbølgje {f}
tidal wave {n} (oceanography: crest of ocean water resulting from tidal forces) :: tidevannsbølge {m}
tiddlywinks {n} (game in which the objective is to shoot winks into a cup) :: loppe-spel
tide {n} (periodic change of sea level) :: [Bokmål] tidevann {n}, tidvatn {n}; [Nynorsk] tidvatn {n}
tide {n} (high tide) SEE: high tide ::
tide {n} (low tide) SEE: low tide ::
tide table {n} (table of high and low tide times) :: [Bokmål] tidevannstabell {m}
tidy {adj} (arranged neatly) :: [Bokmål] ryddig; [Nynorsk] ryddig
tie {n} (necktie) SEE: necktie ::
tiepin {n} (a tie tack, a pin or stud used to secure a tie to the shirt) :: [Bokmål] slipsnål {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] slipsnål {f}
Tierra del Fuego {prop} (archipelago between Chile and Argentina) :: Ildlandet {n}
tiger {n} (The mammal Panthera tigris) :: [Bokmål] tiger {m}; [Nynorsk] tiger {m}
tiger cub {n} (young tiger) :: [Bokmål] tigerunge {m}; [Nynorsk] tigerunge {m}
tiger shark {n} (Galeocerdo cuvier) :: tigerhai {m}
Tigger {n} :: Tigergutt {m}
tight {adj} (narrow) SEE: narrow ::
tight-fitting {adj} (snug, skintight) :: [Bokmål] tettsittende
tights {n} (women's garment) :: [Bokmål] strømpebukse {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] strømpebukse {f}
tigress {n} (female tiger) :: [Bokmål] hunntiger {m}, tigerhunn {m}; [Nynorsk] tigerho {f}, tigerhoe {f}
tile {n} (mostly rectangular shaped sheet of ceramic or fired clay to cover surfaces) :: [Bokmål] [roof] takstein {m}, tegl {n}, teglstein {m}, [elsewhere] flis {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] [roof] takstein {m}, tegl {n}, teglstein {m}, [elsewhere] flis {f}
tile {v} (to cover with tiles) :: [Bokmål] flislegge
tiled {adj} (covered with tiles) :: [Bokmål] flislagt
tiler {n} (a person who sets tile) :: [Bokmål] flislegger {m}
till {prep} (Until) :: til, inntil
till death do us part {adv} (phrase said as part of wedding vows indicating commitment) :: [Bokmål] til døden skiller oss ad
tiller {n} (part of the rudder) :: [Bokmål] rorkult {m}, rorpinne {m}
tilt at windmills {v} (attack imaginary enemies) :: [Bokmål] slåss mot vindmøller, kjempe mot vindmøller
timber {n} (trees considered as a source of wood) :: tømmer {n}
timber {n} (wood that has been cut ready for construction) :: trevirke {n}
timber {n} (beam used to support something such as a roof or a ship) :: takbjelke {m}
timberline {n} (tree line) SEE: tree line ::
time {n} (inevitable passing of events) :: tid {m} {f}
time {n} (quantity of availability in time) :: tid {m} {f}, tempo
time {n} (slang: serving of a prison sentence) :: soningstid {m} {f}, tid inne
time {n} (measurement under some system of the time of day or moment in time) :: [Bokmål] tid {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tid {f}
time {n} (instance or occurrence) :: tid, gang {m}
time {n} :: gang {m}, tidspunkt {n}
time {v} (to measure time) :: ta tid
time after time {adv} (again and again) :: [Bokmål] gang på gang
time capsule {n} (sealed container) :: tidskapsel
time-consuming {adj} (requiring significant amounts of time) :: [Bokmål] tidkrevende, tidskrevende
time heals all wounds {proverb} (negative feelings eventually fade away) :: tiden leger alle sår
time interval {n} (a period of time with fixed, well-defined limits) :: tidsintervall {n}, tidsrom {n}, periode
time is money {proverb} (time is money) :: tid er penger
timeless {adj} (eternal) SEE: eternal ::
time of day {n} (time according to the clock) SEE: time ::
timepoint {n} :: [Bokmål] tidspunkt {n}
times {prep} (multiplied by) :: ganger
time scale {n} (series of events used as a rough measure of duration) :: [Bokmål] tidsskala {m}; [Nynorsk] tidsskala {m}
timetable {n} (a structured schedule of events) :: [Bokmål] [transport] rutetabell {m}; [Nynorsk] [transport] rutetabell {m}
time zone {n} (range of longitudes where a common standard time is used) :: [Bokmål] tidssone {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tidssone {f}
timezone {n} (time zone) SEE: time zone ::
timing belt {n} (a part of an internal combustion engine) :: [Bokmål] registerreim {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] registerreim {f}
timing chain {n} (timing chain) :: [Bokmål] registerkjede {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] registerkjede {f}
Timor-Leste {prop} (East Timor) SEE: East Timor ::
Timothy {prop} (books in the New Testament) :: Timoteus
Timothy {prop} (companion of Paul) :: Timoteus
Timothy {prop} (male given name) :: Tim
timpanum {n} (middle ear) SEE: middle ear ::
timpanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum ::
tin {n} (element) :: tinn
tinder {n} (dry sticks etc.) :: [Bokmål] opptenningsved {m}
tine {n} (prong) :: tann {f}/{m}
tin ear {n} (inability to appreciate the elements of performed music) :: uten musikkøre {n}
tinge {n} (a small amount of something, especially of an added color) :: [Bokmål] anstrøk {n}
tinker {n} (itinerant tinsmith) :: kjeleflikker {m}
Tinkerbell {n} (fictional fairy) :: Tingeling {f}
tinkle {v} (urinate) SEE: urinate ::
tinnitus {n} (perception of nonexistent noise) :: [Bokmål] tinnitus {c}, øresus; [Nynorsk] tinnitus {c}, øyresus
tin opener {n} (tin opener) SEE: can opener ::
tin-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener ::
tin soldier {n} (toy soldier) :: [Bokmål] tinnsoldat {m}; [Nynorsk] tinnsoldat {m}
-tion {suffix} (producing a noun meaning the action or effect of a verb) :: -sjon {m}
tip {v} :: tips {n}
tip of the iceberg {n} (only the beginning) :: [Bokmål] toppen av isfjellet; [Nynorsk] toppen av isfjellet
tipsy {adj} (slightly drunk) :: brisen; [Bokmål] pussa
tip-top {adj} (excellent) SEE: excellent ::
tiramisu {n} (semifreddo dessert) :: tiramisu {m}, tiramisù {m}
tire {n} (rubber covering on a wheel) SEE: tyre ::
tired {adj} (in need of rest or sleep) :: [Bokmål] trett, trøtt; [Nynorsk] trøytt
tiring {adj} (that tires or tire) :: slitsom
Tirzah {prop} (biblical woman) :: Tirsa
Tirzah {prop} (biblical place) :: Tirsa
tisane {n} (herbal tea) SEE: herbal tea ::
tit {n} (a mammary gland, teat) :: pupp {m}
tit {n} ((slang, vulgar) a woman's breast) :: [Bokmål] pupp {m}; [Nynorsk] pupp {m}
tit {n} (chickadee) SEE: chickadee ::
titanium {n} (chemical element) :: titan
titfer {n} (hat) SEE: hat ::
tit for tat {n} (hat) SEE: hat ::
tit for tat {n} (act of returning exactly what one gets) :: like for like
tithe {n} (tenth) SEE: tenth ::
tithe {n} (tax paid to the Church) :: [Bokmål] tiende {m}; [Nynorsk] tiend {f}
title {n} (prefix or suffix added to a name) :: [Bokmål] tittel {m}; [Nynorsk] tittel {m}
title {n} (name of a book, etc) :: [Bokmål] tittel {m}; [Nynorsk] tittel {m}
title {n} (subject of a writing) :: overskrift; [Bokmål] tittel {m}; [Nynorsk] tittel {m}
titling {n} (stockfish) SEE: stockfish ::
titration {n} (determination of concentration, by addition of reagent until completion of reaction) :: [Bokmål] titrering {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] titrering {f}
titty {n} (kitty) SEE: kitty ::
Titus {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Titus {m}
Titus {prop} (biblical character) :: Titus
Titus {prop} (male given name) :: Titus {m}
T-junction {n} (junction in the shape of a T) :: [Bokmål] T-kryss {n}; [Nynorsk] T-kryss {n}
Tōkyō {prop} (Tokyo) SEE: Tokyo ::
to {particle} (infinitive-marker) :: å
to {prep} (in the direction of, and arriving at) :: til
to {prep} (used to indicate the indirect object) :: til
toad {n} (amphibian similar to a frog) :: [Bokmål] padde {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] padde {f}
toadstool {n} (an inedible or poisonous mushroom) :: [Bokmål] paddehatt {m}; [Nynorsk] paddehatt {m}
to and fro {adv} (back and forth) :: [Bokmål] til og fra, frem og tilbake, fram og tilbake; [Nynorsk] til og frå, fram og attende
toast {n} (toasted bread) :: toast {m}, ristet brød {n}
toast {v} (to engage in a salutation) :: skål {m}
toasted {adj} :: risted
toaster {n} (device for toasting bread) :: [Bokmål] brødrister {m}; [Nynorsk] brødristar {m}
toastmaster {n} (person who proposes toasts etc,) SEE: master of ceremonies ::
tobacco {n} (leaves of certain varieties of tobacco plant) :: tobakk
tobacconist {n} (smoker) SEE: smoker ::
to be continued {phrase} (continues in next episode) :: fortsettelse følger
to be honest {phrase} (frankly) :: for å være ærlig
Tobias {prop} (biblical character) :: Tobias
Tobias {prop} (male given name) :: Tobias
today {adv} (on the current day) :: idag [Riksmål]; [Bokmål] i dag; [Nynorsk] i dag
today {n} (today (noun)) :: i dag
toddler {n} (young human child) :: tulle; [Bokmål] småbarn {n}; [Nynorsk] småbarn {n}
to death {adv} (to a great degree) :: [Bokmål] i hjel [literally]; [Nynorsk] i hel [literally]
to-do {n} (task) :: [Bokmål] huskeliste {f}, gjøremål {n}; [Nynorsk] hugseliste {f}, gjeremål {n}
to-do list {n} (list of errands) :: gjøremålsliste {m}
toe {n} (each of the five digits on the end of the foot) :: {c}
toe {n} (any equivalent part in an animal) :: {c}
toe {n} (part of a shoe or sock covering the toe) :: {c}
to each his own {proverb} (every person is entitled to his or her personal preferences) :: enhver sin smak, hver sin smak
toenail {n} (the plate covering the end of a toe) :: [Bokmål] tånegl {m}
to err is human {proverb} (Everybody makes mistakes) :: det er menneskelig å feile
toffee {n} (uncountable: type of confectionery) :: [Bokmål] karamell {m}; [Nynorsk] karamell {m}
toffee {n} (countable: individual piece of toffee) :: [Bokmål] karamell {m}; [Nynorsk] karamell {m}
tofu {n} (protein-rich food made from curdled soy milk) :: tofu, bønne-ost
toga {n} (loose outer garment worn by the citizens of Ancient Rome) :: [Bokmål] toga {m}; [Nynorsk] toga {m}
together {adv} (at the same time, in the same place) :: i lag; [Bokmål] sammen; [Nynorsk] saman
together {adv} (into one place) :: samlet; [Bokmål] sammen; [Nynorsk] saman
Togo {prop} (Togolese Republic) :: [Bokmål] Togo; [Nynorsk] Togo
Togolese {n} (A person from Togo or of Togolese descent) :: [Bokmål] togoleser {m}; [Nynorsk] togolesar {m}
Togolese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Togo or its people) :: [Bokmål] togolesisk; [Nynorsk] togolesisk
toilet {n} (personal grooming) :: pynting {c}
toilet {n} (dressing room) :: omkledningsrom {n}
toilet {n} (room used for urination and defecation, see also: bathroom; men's room; ladies' room; outhouse; portable toilet; latrine; shitter) :: [Bokmål] toalett {n}, do {m}, WC {n} [informal], klosett {n}; [Nynorsk] toalett {n}, do {m}, WC {n} [informal], klosett {n}
toilet {n} (fixture used for urination and defecation, see also: flush toilet; squat toilet; chemical toilet; urinal; latrine) :: toalett {n}, vannklosett {n}
toilet {n} (place resembling a filthy toilet) :: dass {n}
toilet paper {n} (paper to clean oneself after defecation or urination) :: dopapir {n}, toalettpapir {n}, dorulle
toilet seat {n} (seat of a toilet) :: [Bokmål] toalettsete {n}; [Nynorsk] toalettsete {n}
toilet training {n} (The act of training a young child to use the toilet) :: [Bokmål] pottetrening {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] pottetrening {f}
token {n} (something serving as an expression of something else) :: [Bokmål] merke {n}, symbol {n}, nøkkel {m}
Tokyo {prop} (capital of Japan) :: Tokyo
told {v} (simple past tense) :: fortalte
tolerance {n} (ability to endure pain or hardship) :: [Bokmål] toleranse {m}
tolerance {n} (ability to tolerate) :: [Bokmål] toleranse {m}; [Nynorsk] toleranse {m}
tolerance {n} (permitted deviation from standard) :: [Bokmål] toleranse {m}; [Nynorsk] toleranse {m}
tolerant {adj} (tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something) :: [Bokmål] tolerant; [Nynorsk] tolerant
tolerate {v} (to allow without interference) :: tolerere, tåle
toll {n} (fee for using roads and bridges) :: [Bokmål] bompenger {p}; [Nynorsk] bompengar {p}
toll road {n} (toll road) SEE: turnpike ::
tollway {n} (turnpike) SEE: turnpike ::
tomato {n} (tomato plant) :: [Bokmål] tomatplante {m} {f}, tomat {m}; [Nynorsk] tomatplante {m} {f}, tomat {m}
tomato {n} (fruit) :: [Bokmål] tomat {m}; [Nynorsk] tomat {m}
tomato purée {n} (concentrated sauce made from tomatoes) :: [Bokmål] tomatpuré {m}; [Nynorsk] tomatpuré {m}
tomboy {n} (girl who acts as a typical boy would) :: [Bokmål] guttejente {m} {f}
tombstone {n} (stone on grave) :: gravminne
Tom, Dick and Harry {n} (anybody or everybody; random or unknown people) :: Gud og hvermann, Per, Pål og Askeladden
tomnoddy {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin ::
tomorrow {adv} (on the day after the present day) :: [Bokmål] i morgen; [Nynorsk] i morgon
tomorrow {n} (the day after the present day) :: i morgen {m}
ton {n} (unit of weight) :: [Bokmål] tonn {n}
tonality {n} (system of seven tones and tonic key) :: [Bokmål] tonalitet {m}; [Nynorsk] tonalitet {m}
tone {n} (pitch of a word that distinguishes a difference in meaning) :: tone
tone-deaf {adj} (unable to distinguish differences in pitch) :: tonedøv
toneme {n} (phoneme) :: tonelag {n}, tonem {n}
Tonga {prop} (country) :: [Bokmål] Tonga; [Nynorsk] Tonga
Tongan {n} (Austronesian language) :: [Bokmål] tongansk {m}; [Nynorsk] tongansk {m}
Tongan {n} (person from Tonga or of Tongan descent) :: [Bokmål] tonganer {m}; [Nynorsk] tonganar {m}
Tongan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Tonga, Tongans or their language) :: [Bokmål] tongansk; [Nynorsk] tongansk
tongue {n} (language) SEE: language ::
tongue {n} (organ) :: pløse {m} {f}
tongue {n} (flap in a shoe) :: tunge {c}
tongue and groove {n} (joint, in flooring or panelling) :: not og fjær
tongues-speaker {n} (one who speaks in tongues; one who exhibits glossolalia) :: [Bokmål] tungetaler {m}; [Nynorsk] tungetalar {m}
tonight {adv} (during today's evening) :: [Bokmål] i kveld; [Nynorsk] i kveld
tonight {adv} (during today's nighttime) :: [Bokmål] i natt; [Nynorsk] i natt
tonight {n} (nighttime today) :: i kveld [early night, late evening], i natt [night]
tonsil {n} (palatine tonsil) :: [Bokmål] mandel {m}; [Nynorsk] mandel {m}
tonsillitis {n} (inflammation of the tonsils) :: mandelbetennelse {m}
too {adv} (likewise) :: [Bokmål] også, òg, med; [Nynorsk] òg, også, med
too {adv} (more than enough; as too much) :: for, altfor
toodeloo {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
tool {n} (mechanical device intended to make a task easier) :: verktøy {n}
tool {n} (equipment used in a profession) :: verktøy {n}; [Bokmål] redskap {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] reiskap {m}
tool {n} (penis) :: kuk {m}
tool {n} :: tøffel {m}
tool {v} (to work on or shape with tools) :: bearbeide
tool {v} (to equip with tools) :: utstyre utruste
toolbox {n} (storage case for tools) :: [Bokmål] verktøykasse {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] verktøykasse {m} {f}
too many balls in the air {n} (too many tasks, responsibilities, or details to cope with or manage successfully) :: [Bokmål] for mange baller i luften
toon {n} (town) SEE: town ::
to one's way of thinking {prep} (in one's opinion) SEE: in one's opinion ::
tooth {n} (biological tooth) :: [Bokmål] tann {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tann {f}
tooth {n} (saw tooth) :: tann {c}
toothache {n} (ache in a tooth) :: [Bokmål] tannverk {m}, tannpine {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tannverk {m}, tannpine {f}
toothbrush {n} (brush for cleaning the teeth and tongue) :: [Bokmål] tannbørste; [Nynorsk] tannkost, tannbørste {m}
tooth enamel {n} (substance) SEE: enamel ::
tooth fairy {n} (a figure of modern myth) :: [Bokmål] tannfe {m}; [Nynorsk] tannfe {f}
Tooth Fairy {n} (figure of modern myth) :: [Bokmål] tannfe {m}; [Nynorsk] tannfe {f}
toothless {adj} (Having no teeth) :: [Bokmål] tannløs, tannlaus; [Nynorsk] tannlaus
toothless {adj} (Being weak) :: [Bokmål] tannløs, tannlaus; [Nynorsk] tannlaus
toothpaste {n} (paste for cleaning the teeth) :: [Bokmål] tannkrem {m}, tannpasta {m}; [Nynorsk] tannkrem {m}, tannpasta {m}
toothpick {n} (stick for removing food residue from the area between the teeth) :: [Bokmål] tannpirker {m}, tannstikker {m}; [Nynorsk] tannpirkar {m}, tannstikkar {m}
top {n} (uppermost part) :: [Bokmål] topp {m}; [Nynorsk] topp {m}
top {n} (uppermost part of a visual field) :: [Bokmål] topp {m}; [Nynorsk] topp {m}
top {n} (lid, cap, cover) :: [Bokmål] kork {m} {f}, deksel {n}, lokk {n}; [Nynorsk] kork {f}, deksel {n}, lokk {n}
top {n} (garment worn to cover the torso) :: [Bokmål] topp {m}; [Nynorsk] topp {m}
top {n} (child’s spinning toy) :: [Bokmål] snurrebass {m}; [Nynorsk] snurrebass {m}
top {n} (top of a ship's mast) :: [Bokmål] mers {n}; [Nynorsk] mers {n}
top {v} (to cover on the top or with a top) :: [Bokmål] toppe, dekke
top {v} (to cut or remove the top) :: [Bokmål] toppe
top {v} (excel) :: [Bokmål] toppe, overgå
top {adj} (on the top) :: [Bokmål] øverst
topic {n} (discussion thread) SEE: thread ::
topic {n} (subject; theme) :: [Bokmål] emne {n}, tema {n}; [Nynorsk] emne {n}, tema {n}
topless {adj} (naked from the waist up) :: [Bokmål] toppløs, topplaus; [Nynorsk] topplaus
topping {n} (food on top) :: pålegg {n} (on a sandwich/piece of bread)
top secret {adj} (information classified at the highest level) :: [Bokmål] topphemmelig
topside {n} (upper side) SEE: upper side ::
toque {n} (knitted hat) SEE: beanie ::
toque {n} (chef) SEE: chef ::
tor {n} (hill) SEE: hill ::
Torah {prop} (the Five Books of Moses - the full body of Jewish law) :: [Bokmål] Tora {f}; [Nynorsk] Torá {f}
torch {n} (flashlight) SEE: flashlight ::
torch {n} (stick with flame at one end) :: [Bokmål] fakkel {m}; [Nynorsk] fakkel {m}
torment {n} (extreme pain) :: pine, kval, lidelse
Tornedalen {prop} (Meänkieli) SEE: Meänkieli ::
Torne Valley Finnish {prop} (Meänkieli) SEE: Meänkieli ::
Toronto {prop} (provincial capital on Ontario, Canada) :: [Bokmål] Toronto {m}; [Nynorsk] Toronto {m}
torpedo {n} (underwater weapon) :: [Bokmål] torpedo {m}
torque {n} (a rotational or twisting force) :: dreiemoment {n}
torsion {n} :: torsjon {m}
tort {n} (injury or wrong) :: [Bokmål] tort {m} {f} [dated, now only in fixed expressions]; [Nynorsk] tort {f} [dated, now only in fixed expressions]
tort {n} (law: wrongful act causing injury) :: [Bokmål] tort {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tort {f}
tortoise {n} (land-dwelling reptile) :: [Bokmål] skilpadde {m} {f}, landskilpadde {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] skjelpadde {f}, landskjelpadde {f}
torture {n} (intentional causing of somebody's experiencing agony) :: tortur {m}
torture {n} ("suffering of heart" imposed by one on another, in personal relationships) :: tortur {m}
torture {v} (to intentionally inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on helpless victims) :: torturere
torturer {n} (one who tortures) :: torturist {m}
toss {n} (toss of a coin before a match) :: flipp {n}, kast {n}, myntkast {n}
toss {v} (to flip a coin) :: flippe, kaste
tosser {n} (wanker) SEE: wanker ::
total football {n} (football tactic) :: [Bokmål] totalfotball {m}
totalitarian {adj} (related to the system of government) :: [Bokmål] totalitær; [Nynorsk] totalitær
total loss {n} (insured item written off) :: [Bokmål] totaltap {n}; [Nynorsk] totaltap {n}
to that end {prep} (therefore) SEE: therefore ::
to the effect {prep} (with the meaning of) :: [Bokmål] i retning av; [Nynorsk] i den retning [to “that” effect]
to the letter {adv} (idiomatic for “literally”, following the rules as they're written) :: til punkt og prikke
to the max {prep} (very) SEE: very ::
touch {v} (make physical contact with) :: [Bokmål] berøre
touch {v} (affect emotionally) :: berøre, røre
touch {n} (act of touching) :: [Bokmål] berøring {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] berøring {f}
touch {n} (sense of perception by physical contact) :: følelse {m}
touch {n} (small amount) :: [Bokmål] anstrøk {n}
touch {n} (close communication) :: kontakt {m}
touch screen {n} (input/output device) :: [Bokmål] berøringsskjerm {m}, touchskjerm {m}; [Nynorsk] berøringsskjerm {m}, touchskjerm {m}
touch wood {v} (to make contact with wood or another material to avert bad luck) SEE: knock on wood ::
touch wood {interj} (hopefully; said when touching something wooden) SEE: knock on wood ::
tough {v} (endure) SEE: endure ::
tough {adj} (stubborn) SEE: stubborn ::
tough out {v} (endure) SEE: endure ::
toupe {n} (hairpiece) SEE: toupee ::
toupee {n} (wig) :: [Bokmål] tupé {m}; [Nynorsk] tupé {m}
tour {n} (journey) :: [Bokmål] tur {m}, rundtur {m}; [Nynorsk] tur {m}, rundtur {m}
tour {n} (guided visit) :: [Bokmål] rundtur {m}; [Nynorsk] rundtur {m}
Tour de France {prop} (annual long-distance cycling race through France) :: Frankrike rundt {m}, Tour de France {m}
tourism {n} (the act of travelling or sightseeing) :: turisme; [Bokmål] turisme {m}; [Nynorsk] turisme {m}
tourist {n} (someone who travels for pleasure) :: turist; [Bokmål] turist {m}
tournament {n} ((historical) series of battles) :: [Bokmål] turnering {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] turnering {f}
tournament {n} (series of games) :: [Bokmål] turnering {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] turnering {f}
tourniquet {n} (a tightly compressed bandage used to stop bleeding) :: turniké {m}
tour operator {n} (company that sells package holidays) :: [Bokmål] turoperatør {m}; [Nynorsk] turoperatør {m}
tour operator {n} (travel agency) SEE: travel agency ::
tovarish {n} (comrade) SEE: comrade ::
toward {prep} (in the direction of) :: mot
toward {prep} (in relation to) :: angående
toward {prep} (for the purpose of) :: på grunn av
towards {prep} (toward) SEE: toward ::
towel {n} (cloth used for wiping) :: [Bokmål] håndkle {n}, handkle {n}; [Nynorsk] handkle {n}, handklede {n}
tower {n} (structure) :: [Bokmål] tårn {n}
tower block {n} (tall building) :: [Bokmål] høyhus {n}, høghus {n}; [Nynorsk] høghus {n}
tower crane {n} (crane on a metal tower) :: [Bokmål] tårnkran {m} {f}
Tower of London {prop} (a fortress in London) :: [Bokmål] Tower of London {m}; [Nynorsk] Tower of London {m}
Tower of Pisa {prop} (Leaning Tower of Pisa) SEE: Leaning Tower of Pisa ::
to whom it may concern {phrase} (salutation) SEE: to whom this may concern ::
to whom this may concern {phrase} (phrase used to begin a formal letter to an unknown recipient) :: til hvem det måtte angå
town {n} (settlement) :: [Bokmål] by {m}; [Nynorsk] by {m}
town hall {n} (a building that houses the local government offices of a town) :: rådhus {n}
townhouse {n} (town hall) SEE: town hall ::
townhouse {n} (row house) SEE: rowhouse ::
town walls {n} (wall surrounding a town) :: bymur
tow truck {n} (motor vehicle for towing) :: slepelastebil {c}
toxin {n} (a toxic or poisonous substance) :: [Bokmål] giftstoff {n}, toksin {n}; [Nynorsk] giftstoff {n}, toksin {n}
toy {n} (something to play with) :: [Bokmål] leketøy {n}, leiketøy {n}, leke {m} {f}, leike {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] leiketøy {n}, leikety {n}, leike {f}
toyshop {n} (shop that sells toys) :: [Bokmål] leketøybutikk {m}, leketøysbutikk {m}
trace {n} ((electronics) electric current-carrying conductive pathway) :: kretskort {n}
traceability {n} (ability to trace a process) :: [Bokmål] sporbarhet {m} {f}
trace element {n} (chemical element in an organism’s diet) :: [Bokmål] sporstoff {n}; [Nynorsk] sporstoff {n}
trachea {n} (thin-walled, cartilaginous tube connecting the larynx to the bronchi) :: [Bokmål] luftrør {n}; [Nynorsk] luftrøyr {f} {n}
track {n} (mark left by something that has passed along) :: [Bokmål] spor
tractor {n} (farm vehicle) :: [Bokmål] traktor {m}; [Nynorsk] traktor {m}
tractor {n} (truck (or lorry) for pulling a trailer) :: [Bokmål] trekkvogn {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] trekkvogn {f}
tractor beam {n} (science fiction device) :: traktorstråle
tractor unit {n} (road vehicle) :: [Bokmål] trekkvogn {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] trekkvogn {f}
trade {n} (buying and selling) :: [Bokmål] handel {m}
trade {n} (instance of buying or selling) :: handel {m}
trade {n} (skilled practice of an occupation) :: håndverk {n}, fag {n}
trade deficit {n} (negative balance of trade) :: handelsunderskudd {n}
trade fair {n} (exhibition for a particular field) :: [Bokmål] messe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] messe {f}
trademark {n} (identification of a company's product) :: varemerke
trader {n} (one who gains a livelihood from trading) :: [Bokmål] kjøpmann {m}
trade union {n} (organization) :: [Bokmål] fagforening {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] fagforeining {f}
trade wind {n} (steady wind) :: [Bokmål] passat {m}, passatvind {m}; [Nynorsk] passat {m}, passatvind {m}
tradition {n} (a part of culture that is passed from person to person or generation to generation) :: [Bokmål] tradisjon {m}, overlevering {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tradisjon {m}, overlevering {f}
traditional {adj} (of or pertaining to tradition) :: [Bokmål] tradisjonell; [Nynorsk] tradisjonell
Traditional Chinese {prop} (Chinese written using traditional characters) :: [Bokmål] tradisjonell kinesisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tradisjonell kinesisk {m}
traditionally {adv} (traditional manner) :: [Bokmål] tradisjonelt; [Nynorsk] tradisjonelt
traffic {n} (pedestrians or vehicles on roads or on the air) :: trafikk {m}, ferdsel
trafficator {n} (blinking light) SEE: indicator ::
traffic circle {n} (an intersection with a circular shape and, usually, a central island) :: [Bokmål] rundkjøring {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] rundkøyring {f}
traffic jam {n} (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow) :: [Bokmål] trafikkork {m}, trafikk-kork {m}; [Nynorsk] trafikkork {m}, trafikk-kork {m}
trafficking {n} (human trafficking) SEE: human trafficking ::
trafficking {n} (the distributing of illegal drugs) SEE: drug trafficking ::
traffic light {n} (signalling device) :: [Bokmål] trafikklys {n}
traffic sign {n} (traffic sign) :: [Bokmål] trafikkskilt {n}; [Nynorsk] trafikkskilt {n}
traffic warden {n} (person who monitors parking) :: [Bokmål] parkeringsvakt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] parkeringsvakt {f}
tragicomic {adj} (related to tragicomedy) :: [Bokmål] tragikomisk; [Nynorsk] tragikomisk
tragicomical {adj} (related to tragicomedy) :: [Bokmål] tragikomisk; [Nynorsk] tragikomisk
trailer {n} (unpowered wheeled vehicle that is towed behind another, and used to carry equipment, with the exception of a caravan) :: [Bokmål] tilhenger {m}
trailer {n} (vehicle towed behind another, used for carrying equipment) :: [Bokmål] tilhenger {m}
train {n} (line of connected cars or carriages) :: tog {n}
train {v} (to practice an ability) :: trene, øve
train {v} (to improve one's fitness) :: trene, mosjonere
train crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing ::
trainee {n} (someone being formally trained in a workplace) :: [Bokmål] lærling {m}; [Nynorsk] lærling {m}
training {n} (the activity of imparting and acquiring skills) :: [Bokmål] trening {m} {f}, opplæring {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] trening {f}, opplæring {f}
train of thought {n} (flow of thinking) :: [Bokmål] tankegang {m}; [Nynorsk] tankegang {m}
train of thoughts {n} (train of thought) SEE: train of thought ::
train station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station ::
train time {n} (the time a train departs or arrives) :: [Bokmål] togtid {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] togtid {f}
trait {n} (an identifying characteristic, habit or trend) :: trekk {n}; [Bokmål] egenskap {m}; [Nynorsk] eigenskap {m}
traitor {n} (one who violates allegiance and betrays one's country) :: [Bokmål] landssviker {m}, landsforræder {m}, forræder; [Nynorsk] landssvikar {m}
traitor {n} (a betrayer) :: [Bokmål] forræder {m}, sviker {m}; [Nynorsk] svikar {m}
traitorous {adj} (characteristic of a traitor) :: [Bokmål] forrædersk
trajectory {n} (path of a body) :: bane {m}
tram {n} (passenger vehicle) :: [Bokmål] trikk {m}, sporvogn {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] trikk {m}, sporvogn {f}
tramp {v} (to hitchhike) SEE: hitchhike ::
tramper {n} (recreational walker) SEE: hiker ::
trampoline {n} (gymnastic and recreational device) :: [Bokmål] trampoline {m}; [Nynorsk] trampoline {m}
tramway {n} (track on which trams run) :: [Bokmål] sporvei {m}, sporveg {} {m}; [Nynorsk] sporveg {m}
trance {n} (A genre of electronic dance music) :: [Nynorsk] trance
tranche {v} (slice) SEE: slice ::
tranquil {adj} (free from emotional disturbance) :: [Bokmål] rolig; [Nynorsk] roleg
tranquil {adj} (calm; without motion or sound) :: [Bokmål] rolig; [Nynorsk] roleg
transaction {n} (exchange or trade, as of ideas, money, goods, etc.) :: [Bokmål] transaksjon {m}; [Nynorsk] transaksjon {m}
transaction {n} :: transaksjon
transclusion {n} :: transklusjon
transcript {n} (something which has been transcribed) :: [Bokmål] transkript {n}; [Nynorsk] transkript {n}
transcript {n} (sequence of RNA produced by transcription) :: [Bokmål] transkript {n}; [Nynorsk] transkript {n}
transcription {n} (in linguistics) :: [Bokmål] transkripsjon {m}
transfer {n} (instance) :: [Bokmål] overdragelse {m}
transferable {adj} (able to be transferred) :: [Bokmål] overførbar; [Nynorsk] overførbar
transfer window {n} (period during which transfers can be made) :: [Bokmål] overgangsvindu {n}; [Nynorsk] overgangsvindauga {n}, overgangsvindauge {n}
transformer {n} (device that changes the characteristics of AC electricity) :: [Bokmål] transformator {m}, trafo {m}, omformer {m}; [Nynorsk] transformator {m}, trafo {m}, omformar {m}
transfuge {n} (deserter) SEE: deserter ::
transfuge {n} (turncoat) SEE: turncoat ::
transfuse {v} (transfuse (all senses)) :: transfundere
transgender {adj} (not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles) :: [Bokmål] transkjønnet
transient {adj} (passing or disappearing with time; transitory) :: [Bokmål] transitorisk; [Nynorsk] transitorisk
transient ischemic attack {n} (temporary cessation or reduction of blood supply to part of the brain) :: [Bokmål] drypp {n}, transitorisk iskemisk anfall {n}
transit {n} (The passage of a celestial body) :: passasje
transition {n} (process of change from one form, state, style or place to another) :: overgang {m}
transition metal {n} (transition element) :: [Bokmål] innskuddsmetall {n}, overgangsmetall {n}, transisjonsmetall {n}; [Nynorsk] innskotsmetall {n}, transisjonsmetall {n}
transitive {adj} (grammar, of a verb: taking an object or objects) :: transitiv
transitory {adj} (lasting only a short time) :: [Bokmål] transitorisk, forbigående, midlertidig; [Nynorsk] transitorisk
translate {v} (to change text from one language to another) :: oversette
translation {n} (act of translating between languages) :: [Bokmål] oversettelse {m}; [Nynorsk] omsetjing {f}, omsetting {f}
translation {n} (result of translating between languages) :: [Bokmål] oversettelse {m}; [Nynorsk] omsetjing {f}, omsetting {f}
translation dictionary {n} (dictionary that provides translations between two or more languages) :: oversettelsesordbok, omsetjingsordbok
translator {n} (someone who translates) :: [Bokmål] oversetter {m}; [Nynorsk] omsetjar {m}, omsettar {m}
transliteration {n} (product of transliterating) :: transliterasjon
transmissible {adj} (able to be transmitted) :: [Bokmål] overførbar; [Nynorsk] overførbar
transmissible {adj} (contagious) :: [Bokmål] overførbar; [Nynorsk] overførbar
transmission {n} :: overføring
transmutation {n} (change) SEE: alteration ::
Transnistria {prop} (Transnistria, an autonomous territory in Moldova) :: Transnistria {n}
transparent {adj} (see-through, clear) :: gjennomsiktig, transparent
transparent {adj} (open, publicly visible) :: gjennomsynlig, gjennomskuelig
transparent {adj} (obvious) :: opplagt, åpenbar
transpire {v} (to happen, take place) SEE: happen ::
transport {v} (carry or bear from one place to another) :: føre; [Bokmål] transportere; [Nynorsk] transportere, føre
transport {v} (historical: deport to a penal colony) :: [Bokmål] deportere; [Nynorsk] deportere
transport {n} (act of transporting) :: [Bokmål] transport; [Nynorsk] transport
transport {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport ::
transrealism {n} (literary mode) :: transrealisme
transsexual {adj} (being a transsexual) :: [Bokmål] transseksuell; [Nynorsk] transseksuell
transsexual {n} (person whose gender identity did not match his/her birth sex, and who therefore is changing or has changed sex) :: transperson
transsexualism {n} (transsexuality) SEE: transsexuality ::
transsexuality {n} (the state, condition, or properties of being transsexual) :: transkjønnethet
transvestite {n} (cross-dresser, see also: cross-dresser) :: [Bokmål] transvestitt {m}; [Nynorsk] transvestitt {m}
trans woman {n} (a transgender or transsexual woman) :: [Bokmål] transkvinne {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] transkvinne {f}
Transylvania {prop} (Transylvania) :: Transilvania {n}; [Nynorsk] Transilvania {n}
trap {n} (device designed to catch or kill animals) :: felle
trap {n} (bend, sag, or other device in a waste-pipe to prevent the escape of noxious gases) :: [Bokmål] vannlås {m}; [Nynorsk] vasslås {m}
trash {n} (things to be discarded) :: avfall {n}, søppel {n}, boss {n}
trash bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag ::
trash can {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can ::
traumatic {adj} (of, caused by, or causing trauma) :: [Bokmål] traumatisk; [Nynorsk] traumatisk
travel {v} (to be on a journey) :: reise {m}; [Nynorsk] reisa, ferdast
travel {v} (to pass from here to there; to transmit) :: reise
travel {n} (act of traveling) :: [Bokmål] reise {m} {f}
travel {n} (length of a mechanical stroke) :: slaglengde {m}
travel agency {n} (tour operator) SEE: tour operator ::
travel agency {n} (company) :: [Bokmål] reisebyrå {n}; [Nynorsk] reisebyrå {n}
travel agent {n} (travel agency) SEE: travel agency ::
travel sickness {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
trawler {n} (fishing boat) :: [Bokmål] tråler {m}; [Nynorsk] trålar {m}
tray {n} (object on which things are carried) :: [Bokmål] brett {n}
treacherous {adj} (exhibiting treachery) :: [Bokmål] forrædersk
treacherous {adj} (unreliable; dangerous) :: [Bokmål] forrædersk
treachery {n} (treason) SEE: treason ::
treadmill {n} (piece of indoor sporting equipment) :: [Bokmål] tredemølle {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tredemølle {f}
treadmill {n} (mill worked by persons) :: [Bokmål] tredemølle {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tredemølle {f}, trømylne {f}
treason {n} (crime of betraying one’s government) :: [Bokmål] landssvik {n}, forræderi {n}, landsforræderi {n}; [Nynorsk] landssvik {n}, forræderi {n}, landsforræderi {n}
treasure {n} (collection of valuable things) :: skatt {m}
treasure {n} (any single thing one values greatly) :: skatt {m}
treasure {n} (term of endearment) :: skatt {m}
treasure hunt {n} (search for a treasure (game or real)) :: [Bokmål] skattejakt {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] skattejakt {f}
treasury {n} (place where state or royal money and valuables are stored) :: [Bokmål] statskasse {m} {f}
treat {v} (to handle, deal with or behave towards in a specific way) :: behandle
treat {v} (to care for medicinally or surgically) :: behandle
treat {v} (to entertain with food or drink) :: påspandere
treat {n} (An unexpected gift, event etc., which provides great pleasure) :: påspandering
treat {n} ((obsolete) A parley or discussion of terms; a negotiation) SEE: negotiation ::
treatise {n} (systematic discourse on some subject) :: [Bokmål] avhandling
treatment {n} (process or manner of treating) :: [Bokmål] medfart {m}; [Nynorsk] medfart {m}
treaty {n} (a binding agreement under international law) :: traktat {m}
treble {v} (to multiply by three) :: [Bokmål] tredoble; [Nynorsk] tredobla, tredoble
trebuchet {n} (trebuchet) :: [Bokmål] blide, valslynge {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] blide, valslynge {f}
tree {proverb} (large woody plant) :: tre {n}
treeless {adj} (having no trees) :: [Bokmål] treløs
tree line {n} (division in altitude) :: [Bokmål] tregrense {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tregrense {f}
tree-line {n} (timberline) SEE: tree line ::
tree trunk {n} (the main structural member of a tree) :: [Bokmål] trestamme {m}; [Nynorsk] trestamme {m} {f}
trellis {n} (An outdoor garden frame which can be used to grow vines or other climbing plants) :: [Bokmål] espalier {n}
trench {n} (military excavation) :: [Bokmål] skyttergrav {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] skyttargrav {f}
trench coat {n} (military-style raincoat) :: [Bokmål] trenchcoat {m}
trend {n} (an inclination in a direction) :: [Bokmål] trend {m}; [Nynorsk] trend {m}
trend {n} (A fad) :: [Bokmål] trend {m}; [Nynorsk] trend {m}
trespass {n} (sin) SEE: sin ::
tress {n} (A braid, knot, or curl, of hair; a ringlet) :: [Bokmål] hårlokk {m}, flette {m} {f}, krølle {m} {f}
triad {n} (grouping of three) :: trio {m}, triade {m}
trial {n} (appearance at judicial court) :: [Bokmål] rettergang {m}; [Nynorsk] rettargang {m}
trial and error {n} (solution by learning from mistakes) :: [Bokmål] prøving og feiling; [Nynorsk] prøving og feiling
trial run {n} (test of suitability or effectiveness) :: [Bokmål] prøvetur {m}; [Nynorsk] prøvetur {m}
triangle {n} (polygon) :: [Bokmål] trekant {m}; [Nynorsk] trekant {m}
triangular {adj} (shaped like a triangle) :: [Bokmål] trekantet, trekanta, triangulær; [Nynorsk] trekanta, triangulær
triangulation {n} (surveying technique) :: triangulering {m} {f}
triathlon {n} (athletics event in which contestants compete in swimming, cycling and running) :: [Bokmål] triatlon {m}; [Nynorsk] triatlon {m}
tribe {n} (group of people) :: [Bokmål] stamme {m}; [Nynorsk] stamme {m}
triboelectricity {n} (electricity produced by the triboelectric effect) :: [Nynorsk] triboelektrisitet, gnidingselektrisitet
tribology {n} (science and technology of lubrication) :: [Bokmål] tribologi {m}
tribulation {n} (adversity) :: motgang {m}, prøvelse {m}, trengsel {m}
tributary {n} (stream which flows into a larger one) :: [Bokmål] bielv {m} {f}, sideelv {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] sideelv {f}
trichotillomania {n} (disorder) :: trikotillomani
trick {n} (something designed to fool) :: trick {n}, trikk {n}, triks {n}, knep {n}
trick {n} (magic trick) :: trikk {n}, triks {n}
trick {n} (winning sequence in cards) :: stikk {n}
trick {n} (slang: customer to a prostitute) :: horekunde {m}
trick {v} (to fool; to cause to believe something untrue) :: lure, narre
trickery {n} (underhanded behavior) :: fusk {n}
trick or treat {interj} (extortion) :: knask eller knep
trickster {n} (fraud) SEE: fraud ::
tricolour {n} (A flag with three stripes of different colours) :: trikolor {m}
tricycle {n} (cycle with three wheels) :: trehjulssykkel
trident {n} (three-pronged spear) :: trefork
trifle {n} (thing of little importance or worth) :: [Bokmål] småting {m}; [Nynorsk] småting {m}
trigger {n} (finger-operated lever used to fire a gun) :: [Bokmål] utløser, utløyser; [Nynorsk] utløysar
trigger finger {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger ::
trigonometric function {n} (a function of an angle) :: [Bokmål] trigonometrisk funksjon {m}
trigonometry {n} (branch of mathematics) :: [Bokmål] trigonometri {m}
trilingualism {n} (the speaking of three languages) :: trespråklighet {m} {f}
trilogy {n} (collection of three works) :: [Bokmål] trilogi {m}; [Nynorsk] trilogi {m}
trimaran {n} (type of boat) :: trimaran
trimester {n} (period of three months) :: trimester {n}
Trinidad and Tobago {prop} (country) :: Trinidad og Tobago
Trinidadian {n} (a person from Trinidad) :: [Bokmål] trinidader {m}; [Nynorsk] trinidadar {m}
Trinidadian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Trinidad or to the people or language of that country) :: [Bokmål] trinidader {m}; [Nynorsk] trinidadar {m}
Trinity {prop} (Christianity: three persons of the Godhead) :: [Bokmål] treenighet {f}; [Nynorsk] treeininga {f}
Trinity Sunday {prop} (Sunday after Whitsunday) :: [Bokmål] Treenighetssøndag {m}; [Nynorsk] Treeiningssundag {m}
trinket {n} (a small showy ornament or piece of jewelry) :: smykke {n}, verdigjenstand {m}, nips {p}
trip {n} (journey) :: [Bokmål] reise {m}
trip {v} (to experience a state of reverie or to hallucinate) :: reise
triphthong {n} (monosyllabic vowel combination involving movement from one vowel to another) :: triftong
triple {adj} (made up of three related elements) :: [Bokmål] trippel; [Nynorsk] trippel
triple {adj} (three times the quantity) :: [Bokmål] trippel; [Nynorsk] trippel
triple {v} (to multiply by three) :: tredoble
triplet {n} (group of three) :: trio {m}
triplet {n} (one of a group of three) :: en av tre
triplet {n} (one of three siblings born at the same time of the same mother) :: trilling {m}
triplet {n} ((music): group of three notes played in place of two) :: triol {m}
triptych {n} (art: a picture or series of pictures painted on three tablets connected by hinges) :: [Bokmål] triptyk {n}; [Nynorsk] triptykon {n}
trip up {v} (cause to fall or stumble) :: [Bokmål] spenne bein, spenne ben
triquetra {n} (shape formed of three vesica piscis) :: trikvetra
triskaidekaphobia {n} (Fear of the number 13.) :: triskaidekafobi
triumph {n} (conclusive success; victory; conquest) :: [Bokmål] triumf {m}; [Nynorsk] triumf {m}
triumph {v} (to prevail over rivals) :: [Bokmål] triumfere
triumph {v} (to succeed) :: [Bokmål] triumfere
triumphal arch {n} (monumental arch that commemorates a victory) :: triumfbue {m}
triumphant {adj} (celebrating victory) :: [Bokmål] triumferende
trivia {n} (quiz) SEE: quiz ::
Trojan {n} (person from Troy) :: [Bokmål] trojaner {m}; [Nynorsk] trojanar {m}
Trojan {adj} (relating to the city Troy) :: [Bokmål] trojansk; [Nynorsk] trojansk
Trojan horse {prop} (epic wooden horse) :: [Bokmål] den trojanske hest {m}; [Nynorsk] den trojanske hesten {m}
troll {n} (supernatural being) :: troll {n}
troll {v} (to fish using a line and bait or lures trailed behind a boat) :: [Bokmål] dorge
troll {n} (person who provokes others) :: troll {n}
troll {v} (to saunter) SEE: saunter ::
troll {v} (to trundle) SEE: trundle ::
trolley bus {n} (bus powered via overhead electric cables) :: trolleybuss
trombone {n} (a musical instrument in the brass family) :: [Bokmål] trombone {m}; [Nynorsk] trombone {m}
Tromsø {prop} (municipality in Norway) :: Tromsø
Trondheim {prop} (city in Norway) :: Trondheim
troop {n} (unit of girl or boy scouts) :: tropp {m} {f}
trophy {n} (object rewarding success) :: [Bokmål] trofé {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] trofé {m} {n}
tropic {adj} (tropical) SEE: tropical ::
tropical {adj} (dated: metaphorical, figurative) SEE: figurative ::
tropical {adj} (of or pertaining to the tropics) :: [Bokmål] tropisk; [Nynorsk] tropisk
tropics {n} (region of the Earth) :: [Bokmål] tropene {p}; [Nynorsk] tropane {p}
troposphere {n} (lower levels of the atmosphere) :: [Bokmål] troposfære {m}; [Nynorsk] troposfære {m}
trot {n} (toddler) SEE: toddler ::
trot {n} (gait of an animal between walk and canter) :: trav {n}; [Nynorsk] tråv {n}
trot {v} ((of a horse) move at a gait between a walk and a canter) :: trave
troth {n} (truth) SEE: truth ::
troth {n} (oath, pledge or promise) :: troskapsed {m}
troth {n} (state of being pledged to marry someone; betrothal, engagement) :: forlovelse {m}
Trotskyism {n} (the political philosophy named after Leon Trotsky) :: trotskisme {m}
trouble in paradise {n} (unexpected problem in a supposedly positive situation) :: trøbbel i paradis
troublemaker {n} (one who causes trouble, especially deliberately) :: [Bokmål] bråkmaker {m}; [Nynorsk] bråkmakar {m}
troublemaker {n} (complainer) :: masekopp {m}
troublesome {adj} (giving trouble) :: [Bokmål] sjenerende
trough {n} (a long, narrow, open container for feeding animals) :: trau
trough {n} (a long, narrow container open at the top) :: kar, trau
trough {n} (short, narrow drainage canal) :: renne
trough {n} (a gutter under the eaves of a building) :: takrenne
trough {n} (a long, narrow depression between waves or ridges) :: bølgedal
trough {n} (a linear atmospheric depression associated with a weather front) :: lavtrykksrenne
trounce {v} (To win by a wide margin) :: knuse, mose
trouser {v} (to pocket) SEE: pocket ::
trousers {n} (article of clothing for the lower body) SEE: pants ::
trout {n} (fish) :: [Bokmål] ørret {m}, aure {m}; [Nynorsk] aure {m}
Troy {prop} (an ancient city) :: [Bokmål] Troja {n}; [Nynorsk] Troja {n}
truancy {n} (the act of shirking from responsibilities and duties) :: [Bokmål] skulking
truce {n} (a period of time in which no fighting takes place) :: [Bokmål] våpenhvile {m} {f}, våpenstillstand {m}; [Nynorsk] våpenkvild {f}, våpenkvile {f}, våpenstillstand {m}
truce {n} (an agreement between opposed parties) :: [Bokmål] våpenhvile {m} {f}, våpenstillstand {m}; [Nynorsk] våpenkvild {f}, våpenkvile {f}, våpenstillstand {m}
truce {n} :: våpenhvile {m}
truck {v} (trade) SEE: trade ::
truck {n} (semi-trailer) :: [Bokmål] semitrailer {m}; [Nynorsk] semitrailer {m}
truck {n} (vehicle designed for carrying cargo) :: [Bokmål] lastebil {m}; [Nynorsk] lastebil {m}
truck {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon ::
truck driver {n} (person employed to drive a truck) :: [Bokmål] lastebilsjåfør {m}; [Nynorsk] lastebilsjåfør {m}
trucker {n} (one who drives a truck) SEE: truck driver ::
true {adj} (A state in Boolean logic that indicates an affirmative or positive result) :: sann
true {adj} (Loyal, faithful) :: tro, trofast
true {adj} (Genuine) :: ekte, sann
true {adj} (Legitimate) :: ekte
truism {n} (self-evident or obvious truth) :: truisme {m}, (banal, forslitt, selvinnlysende) sannhet {c}
trumpet {n} (brass instrument) :: [Bokmål] trompet {m}; [Nynorsk] trompet {m}
trumpet {n} (musician playing a trumpet) :: trompetist {m}
trumpet {n} (elephant noise) :: trompetstøt {n}
trumpet {v} (sound loudly) :: trompetere
trumpet {v} (play the instrument) :: trompetere spille
trumpet {v} (make an elephant call) :: trompetere
trumpet {v} (proclaim loudly) :: utbasunere, proklamere
trumpeter {n} (person who plays the trumpet) :: [Bokmål] trompetist {m}; [Nynorsk] trompetist {m}
truncated icosahedron {n} (polyhedron) :: trunkert ikosaeder {n}
truncheon {n} (short club) :: [Bokmål] batong {m}; [Nynorsk] batong {m}
trundle {v} (to wheel or roll, esp. by pushing) :: trille
trundle {v} (to move heavily (on wheels)) :: skrangle
trunk {n} (tree trunk) :: [Bokmål] stamme {m}; [Nynorsk] stamme {m}
trunk {n} (swimming trunks) SEE: swimming trunks ::
trunk line {n} (main railway line) :: [Bokmål] stambane {m}; [Nynorsk] stambane {m} {f}
trunk road {n} (important main road) :: [Bokmål] stamvei {m}
truss {n} (framework of beams) :: fagverk {n}
truss {n} (architecture: triangular bracket) :: fagverk {n}
trust {n} (confidence in or reliance on some person or quality) :: [Bokmål] tillit {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] tillit {m} {f}
trust {n} (dependence upon something in the future; hope) :: forhåpning {m}
trust {n} (confidence in the future payment for goods or services supplied; credit) :: kredittverdighet {m}
trust {n} (trustworthiness, reliability) :: til å stole på, pålitelig
trust {n} (the confidence vested in a person who has legal ownership of a property to manage for the benefit of another) :: tillit {m}
trust {v} (to place confidence in) :: stole på, ha tillit til
trust {v} (to give credence to) :: tro på
trust {v} (to hope confidently) :: tro på
trust {v} (to show confidence in a person by intrusting (him) with something) :: stole på
trust {v} (to have trust) :: ha tillit
trust {v} (to be confident) :: være trygg
trustworthiness {n} (the state or quality of being trustworthy or reliable) :: [Bokmål] troverdighet {m} {f}
trustworthy {adj} (reliable) :: [Bokmål] troverdig
truth {n} (conformity to fact or reality) :: sannhet
truth {n} (true facts) :: sannhet
truth {n} :: sannhet
truth or dare {n} (game where players perform a dare or answer a question) :: nødt eller sannhet?
truth table {n} (table showing all possible truth values for an expression) :: [Bokmål] sannhetstabell {m}
try {v} (to attempt) :: prøve, forsøke
try {v} (to put on trial) :: stille for retten
try {v} :: prøve , tiltale
try {n} (an attempt) :: [Bokmål] forsøk {n}; [Nynorsk] forsøk {n}
try on {v} (to test the look of) :: [Bokmål] prøve
try out {v} (to test something) :: utprøve
Tryphena {prop} (biblical character) :: Tryfena
tsarina {n} (empress or wife of a tsar) :: [Bokmål] tsarina {m}; [Nynorsk] tsarina {f}
tsaritsa {n} (tsarina) SEE: tsarina ::
T-shirt {n} (type of shirt) :: [Bokmål] t-skjorte {m} {f}, T-skjorte {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] t-skjorte {f}, T-skjorte {f}
tsunami {n} (large, destructive wave generally caused by a tremendous disturbance in the ocean) :: [Bokmål] tsunami {m}; [Nynorsk] flodbølgje
tub {n} (broad, flat-bottomed vessel) :: kar {n}
tub {n} (bathtub) SEE: bathtub ::
Tuesday {n} (day of the week) :: tirsdag [Bokmål]; [Nynorsk] tysdag
tufted duck {n} (species of duck) :: toppand
tug {n} (tugboat) SEE: tugboat ::
tugboat {n} (small, powerful boat) :: [Bokmål] bukserbåt {m}, slepebåt {m}, taubåt {m}; [Nynorsk] bukserbåt {m}, slepebåt {m}, taubåt {m}
tughra {n} (signature of an Ottoman sultan) :: tugra
tug of war {n} (game) :: [Bokmål] dragkamp {m}; [Nynorsk] dragkamp {m}
tulip {n} (plant) :: [Bokmål] tulipan {m}; [Nynorsk] tulipan {m}
tumbledown {adj} (in disrepair, poorly maintained) :: [Bokmål] falleferdig; [Nynorsk] falleferdig
tumble dryer {n} (electrical device) :: [Bokmål] tørketrommel {m}; [Nynorsk] tørketrommel {m}, turketrommel {m}
tumbler {n} (acrobat) SEE: acrobat ::
tumbleweed {n} (plant which breaks loose and is driven by the wind) :: [Bokmål] markløper {m}
tumultuous {adj} (causing or characterized by tumult) :: omveltende
tumulus {n} (mound of earth) :: [Bokmål] gravhaug {m}; [Nynorsk] gravhaug {m}
tuna {n} (fish) :: [Bokmål] tunfisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tunfisk {m}
tuna {n} (flesh) :: [Bokmål] tunfisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tunfisk {m}
tundra {n} (flat treeless arctic region) :: [Bokmål] tundra {m}; [Nynorsk] tundra {m}
tuneful {adj} (having or producing a pleasing tune) :: iørefallende
tungsten {n} (chemical element) :: [Bokmål] wolfram {n}; [Nynorsk] wolfram {n}
tuning fork {n} (fork-shaped object which emits a tone) :: stemmegaffel {m}
Tunis {prop} (capital of Tunisia) :: Tunis
Tunisia {prop} (Republic of Tunisia) :: [Bokmål] Tunisia; [Nynorsk] Tunisia
Tunisian {n} (person from Tunisia) :: [Bokmål] tunisier {m}; [Nynorsk] tunisiar {m}
Tunisian {adj} (pertaining to Tunisia) :: [Bokmål] tunisisk; [Nynorsk] tunisisk
tunnel {n} (an underground or underwater passage) :: [Bokmål] tunnel {m}, tunell {m}; [Nynorsk] tunnel {m}, tunell {m}
tunnel vision {n} (restricted field of vision) :: [Bokmål] tunnelsyn {n}; [Nynorsk] tunnelsyn {n} {f}
tup {v} (fuck) SEE: fuck ::
tup {n} (ram) SEE: ram ::
turban {n} (man's head-dress) :: turban
turbine {n} (rotary machine) :: [Bokmål] turbin {m}; [Nynorsk] turbin {m}
turbot {n} (any of various flatfishes of family Scophthalmidae) :: piggvar
turbulence {n} (disturbance in gas, fluid) :: [Bokmål] turbulens {m}; [Nynorsk] turbulens {m}
turbulent {adj} (violently disturbed or agitated) :: [Bokmål] turbulent; [Nynorsk] turbulent
turbulent {adj} (being in disturbance or unrest) :: [Bokmål] turbulent; [Nynorsk] turbulent
turd {n} (piece of solid feces) :: bæsj {m}
turf {n} (a layer of earth covered with grass; sod) :: gressmatte {c}
turf {n} (a piece of such a layer cut from the soil and used to make a lawn) :: ferdigplen {m}
turf {n} (a piece of peat used as fuel) :: torv {c}
Turk {n} (a person from Turkey) :: [Bokmål] tyrker {m}; [Nynorsk] tyrk {m}, tyrkar {m}
Turk {n} (Muslim) SEE: Muslim ::
turkey {n} (bird) :: [Bokmål] kalkun {m}; [Nynorsk] kalkun {m}
Turkey {prop} (country at intersection of Europe and Asia) :: Tyrkia
Turkish {n} (official language of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) :: [Bokmål] tyrkisk {m}; [Nynorsk] tyrkisk {m}
Turkish {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Turkey, the Turkish people or the Turkish language) :: [Bokmål] tyrkisk; [Nynorsk] tyrkisk
Turkman {n} (person from Turkmenistan) :: [Bokmål] turkmener {m}; [Nynorsk] turkmen {m}, turkmenar {m}
Turkmen {n} (language spoken in Turkmenistan) :: [Bokmål] turkmensk {m}; [Nynorsk] turkmensk {m}
Turkmen {adj} (of or pertaining to Turkmenistan, the Turkmen people or the Turkmen language) :: [Bokmål] turkmensk; [Nynorsk] turkmensk
Turkmen {n} (Turkman) SEE: Turkman ::
Turkmenistan {prop} (Central Asian country) :: [Bokmål] Turkmenistan; [Nynorsk] Turkmenistan
Turku {prop} (A city in Finland) :: [Bokmål] Åbo; [Nynorsk] Åbo
turmeric {n} (plant) :: [Bokmål] gurkemeie {m}
turmeric {n} (spice) :: gurkemeie
turn {v} (move around an axis through itself) :: snu, snurre
turn {v} (change the direction or orientation of (something)) :: snu, vende, dreie
turn {v} (change one's direction of travel) :: svinge
turn {v} (become) :: bli
turn {v} (metamorphose) :: endre, forvandle
turn {v} (shape (something) on a lathe) :: dreie
turn {v} (go bad) :: tørne
turn {v} (in cricket, make the ball move sideways when it bounces) :: skru
turn {n} (change of direction or orientation) :: sving, vending, vridning
turn {n} (movement about an axis ending up with the same orientation) :: omdreining
turn {n} (chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others) :: (verb +) etter tur
turn {n} (one's chance to make a move in a game) :: tur {m}
turn {n} (poker, obsolete: flop) SEE: flop ::
turn back {v} (to turn back, retreat) SEE: return ::
turnbuckle {n} (nautical equipment) :: strekkfisk {m}
turncoat {n} (a traitor) :: forræder {m}. overløper {m}
turn in {v} (to relinquish; to tell on someone to the authorities) :: melde seg
turning point {n} (decisive point) :: [Bokmål] vendepunkt {n}; [Nynorsk] vendepunkt {n}
turning point {n} (crossroads) SEE: crossroads ::
turning point {n} (a T-junction) SEE: T-junction ::
turn into {v} (intransitive: become) :: forvandle seg til
turnip {n} (yellow root of Brassica napus) SEE: swede ::
turnip {n} (white root of Brassica rapa) :: [Bokmål] nepe {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] nepe {f}
turnkey {adj} (ready to use without further assembly) :: bruksklar
turn off {v} (switch off appliance or light) :: slått på, skru av, få av
turn of the century {n} (beginning or end of a certain century) :: [Bokmål] århundreskifte {n}; [Nynorsk] hundreårsskifte {n}
turn of the year {n} (end of one year and beginning of the next) :: årsskifte {n}
turn on {v} ((transitive) to power up) :: slå på, skru på
turn over {v} (to transfer) SEE: transfer ::
turnover {n} (sales transacted) :: omsetning {m} {f}
turnover {n} (loss of ball) :: [Bokmål] balltap {n}
turnpike {n} (toll road) :: bomvei {m}
turn signal {n} (turn signal) SEE: indicator ::
turntable {n} (rotating platform for turning locomotives) :: [Bokmål] svingskive {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] svingskive {f}
turpentine {n} (volatile essential oil) :: [Bokmål] terpentin {m} {n}; [Nynorsk] terpentin {m} {n}
turquoise {n} (gemstone) :: [Bokmål] turkis {m}; [Nynorsk] turkis {m}
turquoise {adj} (having a pale greenish-blue colour) :: [Bokmål] turkis; [Nynorsk] turkis
turtle {n} (land or marine reptile with a shell) :: [Bokmål] skilpadde {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] skjelpadde {f}
turtle {n} (sea turtle) :: [Bokmål] skilpadde {m} {f}, havskilpadde {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] skjelpadde {f}, havskjelpadde {f}
turtle {n} (turtle dove) SEE: turtle dove ::
turtle dove {n} (bird in the genus Streptopelia) :: turteldue
Tuscany {prop} (region in Italy) :: Toscana
tusk {n} (pointed tooth) :: [Bokmål] støttann {m} {f}, støyttann {m} {f}; [Nynorsk] støyttann {f}
tutor {n} (one who teaches another) :: [Bokmål] hjelpelærer {m}, gruppelærer {m}, privatlærer {m}
tutoy {v} (tutoyer) SEE: tutoyer ::
tutoyer {v} :: dus
Tuvalu {prop} (country in Oceania) :: Tuvalu
Tuvaluan {n} (A person from Tuvalu or of Tuvaluan descent) :: [Bokmål] tuvaler {m}; [Nynorsk] tuvalar {m}
Tuvaluan {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Tuvalu, the Tuvaluan people or the Tuvaluan language) :: [Bokmål] tuvalsk; [Nynorsk] tuvalsk
Tuvaluan {prop} (language) :: [Bokmål] tuvalsk {m}; [Nynorsk] tuvalsk {m}
Tuvan {prop} (language) :: [Bokmål] Tuvinsk
tuxedo {n} (formal jacket) :: [Bokmål] smoking {m}; [Nynorsk] smoking {m}
tuxedo {n} (formal suit) :: [Bokmål] smoking {m}; [Nynorsk] smoking {m}
Tuzla {prop} (a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina) :: Tuzla
TV {n} (abbreviation for television) :: TV, teve
TV series {n} (series) SEE: series ::
twaddle {n} (Empty or silly idle talk or writing) :: pjatt {n}, tomprat {m}, tullprat {m}, løst prat
twat {n} (vulgar slang, vagina) :: fitte {f}
tweezers {n} (small pincer-like instrument, usually made of metal, used for handling small objects) :: pinsett {m}
twelfth {adj} (ordinal form of twelve) :: tolvte
twelve {num} (cardinal number 12) :: tolv
twelveth {adj} (twelfth) SEE: twelfth ::
twentieth {adj} (ordinal) :: tjuende
twenty {num} (cardinal number) :: tjue, tyve
twenty-eight {num} (number) :: [Bokmål] tjueåtte; [Nynorsk] tjueåtte
twenty-eighth {adj} (ordinal form of twenty-eight) :: tjueåttende
twenty-eighth {n} :: tjueåttendedel
twenty-five {num} (twenty-five) :: [Bokmål] tjuefem; [Nynorsk] tjuefem
twenty-four {num} (cardinal number) :: [Bokmål] tjuefire; [Nynorsk] tjuefire
twenty-nine {num} (cardinal number) :: [Bokmål] tjueni; [Nynorsk] tjueni
twenty-one {num} (cardinal number) :: [Bokmål] tjueen, tjueén; [Nynorsk] tjueein
twenty-seven {num} (twenty-seven) :: [Bokmål] tjuesyv, tjuesju; [Nynorsk] tjuesju
twenty-six {num} (cardinal number) :: [Bokmål] tjueseks; [Nynorsk] tjueseks
twenty-three {num} (twenty-three) :: [Bokmål] tjuetre; [Nynorsk] tjuetre
twenty-two {num} (twenty-two) :: [Bokmål] tjueto; [Nynorsk] tjueto
twig {n} (a small thin branch) :: kvist {m}
twilight {n} (light before rising and after the setting of the Sun) :: skumring {m} (after setting of sun only), tussmørke {n}; [Nynorsk] tusmørker {n}
twin {n} (either of two people who shared the same uterus, or of two similar or closely related objects) :: [Bokmål] tvilling {m}; [Nynorsk] tvilling {m}
Twin Towers {prop} (the two main buildings of the World Trade Center) :: Verdens Handelssenter i New York
twist {n} (twig) SEE: twig ::
twist {v} (to turn the ends in opposite directions) :: vri
twitch {n} (Elymus repens) SEE: couch grass ::
two {num} (one plus one) :: to
two beers, please {phrase} (two beers, please) :: to øl, takk
TWOC {n} (The crime of taking without the consent of the owner) :: bilbrukstyveri {n}
two-dimensional {adj} (existing in two dimensions) :: [Bokmål] todimensjonal; [Nynorsk] todimensjonal
two-piece {adj} (comprising two pieces) :: [Bokmål] todelt; [Nynorsk] todelt
two-sided {adj} (reversible) SEE: reversible ::
two thousand {num} (cardinal number) :: to tusen
two-tone {adj} (having two colours / shades) :: [Bokmål] tofarget
-ty {suffix} (multiples of ten) :: [Bokmål] -ti; [Nynorsk] -ti
tycoon {n} (wealthy, powerful business person) :: [Bokmål] magnat {m}, tycoon {m}; [Nynorsk] magnat {m}
tympanic membrane {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum ::
tympanum {n} (middle ear) SEE: middle ear ::
tympanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum ::
type {n} (grouping based on shared characteristics) :: [Bokmål] type {m}; [Nynorsk] type {m}
TypeScript {prop} (scripting programming language) :: [Bokmål] TypeScript {m}
typewriter {n} (machine used to print text by pressing keys) :: skrivemaskin {m}
typhoon {n} (hurricane in the Pacific) :: tyfon {m}
typo {n} (error) :: [Bokmål] trykkfeil {m}, skrivefeil {m}; [Nynorsk] trykkfeil {m}, skrivefeil {m}
typographer {n} (typewriter) SEE: typewriter ::
typographer {n} (person skilled in typography) :: [Bokmål] typograf {m}; [Nynorsk] typograf {m}
typographic {adj} (typographic) SEE: typographical ::
typographical {adj} (pertaining to typography or printing) :: typografisk
typographical error {n} (typing error) :: [Bokmål] skrivefeil {m}, trykkfeil {m}; [Nynorsk] skrivefeil {m}, trykkfeil {m}
typography {n} (art and technique) :: [Bokmål] typografi {m}; [Nynorsk] typografi {m}
Tyr {prop} (norse god) :: Ty
tyranny {n} (government in which a single ruler has absolute power) :: [Bokmål] tyranni {n}; [Nynorsk] tyranni {n}
tyrant {n} (absolute ruler) :: [Bokmål] tyrann {m}; [Nynorsk] tyrann {m}
tyrant {n} (harsh and cruel ruler) :: [Bokmål] tyrann {m}; [Nynorsk] tyrann {m}
tyre {n} (wheel covering) :: [Bokmål] dekk {n}, bilgummi {m}; [Nynorsk] dekk {n}, bilgummi {m}
Tyumen {prop} (a city in Russia) :: Tjumen