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gab {n} (Idle chatter)  :: бърборене {n}
gab {v} (to talk or chatter a lot, usually on trivial subjects)  :: бърборя
gabardine {n} (type of woollen/ cotton-simulated cloth)  :: габердин {m}
gabble {v} (talk fast, idly, foolishly, or without meaning)  :: бърборя, дърдоря
gabble {v} (to utter inarticulate sounds with rapidity)  :: крякам
gabbler {n} (One who gabbles)  :: бърборко {m}
gabfest {n} (an occasion (such as a meeting) where people talk at length)  :: седянка {f}
gable {n} (triangular area of wall)  :: фронтон {m}
Gabon {prop} (Gabonese Republic)  :: Габо́н {m}
Gabonese {n} (A person from Gabon or of Gabonese descent)  :: габонец {m}
Gabonese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Gabon or the Gabonese people)  :: габонски {m}
Gabrovo {prop} (town)  :: Габрово
gad {v} (to move about at random with seemingly little purpose)  :: скитам се, шляя се
gad {n} (A sharp-pointed object; a goad)  :: шип {m}, острие {n}
gadfly {n} (slang: bloodsucker)  :: кръвопиец {m}
gadfly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae) SEE: horsefly  ::
gadget {n} (any device or machine)  :: джаджа {f}
gadolinium {n} (chemical element)  :: гадоли́ний {m}
gaff {n} (minor error or faux pas) SEE: gaffe  ::
gaff {n} (handle with a hook)  :: кука {f}
gaffe {n} (a foolish error, especially one made in public)  :: гаф {m}, грешка {f}
gaffer {n} (baby) SEE: baby  ::
gaffer {n} (chief lighting technician)  :: осветител {m}
gaffer {n} (old man)  :: старче {m}, дядка {m}
gaffer {n} (foreman)  :: бригадир {m}
gaffer {n} (glassblower) SEE: glassblower  ::
gaffer tape {n} (sturdy adhesive tape)  :: изолирбанд {m}
gag {n} (joke or prank)  :: шега {f}, номер {m}
gag {n} (convulsion)  :: повдигане {n}
gag {v} (To experience the vomiting reflex)  :: повдига ми се
gaga {adj} (senile)  :: изкуфял
Gagauzia {prop} (Autonomous region)  :: Гагау́зия {f}
gage {v} (to measure) SEE: gauge  ::
gage {v} (gauge) SEE: gauge  ::
gaggle {n} (group of geese)  :: ято гъски {n}
gaggle {v} (cackle) SEE: cackle  ::
gaiety {n} (state of being happy)  :: веселост {f}
gaily {adv} (merrily)  :: весело, радостно
gain {n} (act of gaining)  :: печелене {n}
gain {n} (what one gains (profit))  :: печалба {f}
gain {n} (factor by which signal is multiplied)  :: усилване {n}
gain {v} (acquire)  :: печеля, придобивам
gain {v} (put on weight)  :: напълнявам
gainful {adj} (Providing gain; profitable)  :: изгоден, доходен
gainsay {v} (to deny; to contradict)  :: отричам, противореча
gainword {n} (a word a language has borrowed from another language) SEE: loanword  ::
gait {n} (manner of walking)  :: похо́дка {f}
gait {n} (horse's way of moving)  :: конски ход {m}
gaiter {n} (covering for the ankle and instep)  :: гета {f}, гамаш {m}
gala {adj} (festive)  :: празничен, тържествен
gala {n} (pomp, show or festivity)  :: тържество {n}, празненство {n}
galactic {adj} ((medicine) pertaining to milk or the secretion of milk)  :: млечен
galactic {adj} (relating to the galaxy or a galaxy)  :: галактичен
galactic {adj} ((figuratively) enormous)  :: огромен
galah {n} (fool) SEE: fool  ::
galaxy {n} (collection of billions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc)  :: гала́ктика {f}
galaxy {n} (the Milky Way) SEE: Milky Way  ::
gale {n} (meteorology: a very strong wind)  :: вихър {m}, буря {f}
gale {n} (outburst of laughter)  :: взрив {m}, изблик {m}
gale {n} (Myrica gale)  :: блатиста мирта {f}
galena {n} (mineral)  :: галенит {m}
galeophobia {n} (fear of cats and felines) SEE: ailurophobia  ::
Galicia {prop} (historical kingdom in Central Europe)  :: Гали́ция {f}
gall {n} (impudence or brazenness)  :: нахалство {n}
gall {v} (to trouble or bother)  :: дразня
gall {v} (to chafe)  :: протривам, ожулвам
gall {n} (bile) SEE: bile  ::
gall {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder  ::
gallant {adj} (brave, valiant)  :: храбър, доблестен
gallant {adj} (honourable)  :: почетен
gallant {adj} (polite and attentive to ladies)  :: галантен
gallant {n} ((dated) fashionable young man)  :: кавалер {m}
gallantry {n} (courage)  :: смелост {f}, храброст {f}
gallantry {n} (chivalrous courtliness, especially towards women)  :: учтивост {f}, галантност {f}
gall bladder {n} (pear-shaped organ that stores bile)  :: жлъчен мехур {m}
gallery {n} (institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art)  :: гале́рия {f}
gallery {n} (establishment that buys, sells, and displays works of art)  :: галерия {f}
gallery {n} (area of a theater, concert hall, or auditorium)  :: галерия {f}
gallery {n} (roofed promenade along the wall of a building)  :: галерия {f}
galley {n} (ship propelled primarily by oars)  :: галера {f}
galley {n} (cooking room or kitchen and cooking apparatus of a vessel or aircraft)  :: камбуз {m}
Gallicism {n} (a loanword borrowed from French)  :: галицизъм {m} /galitsízam/
gallicize {v} (to make French as the culture, customs, pronunciation, or style)  :: пофренчвам
galligaskins {n} (shalwar) SEE: shalwar  ::
gallimaufry {n} (Any absurd medley)  :: галиматия {f}
gallinaceous {adj} (related to galina)  :: кокоши
galling {adj} (vexing)  :: оскърбителен, унизителен
gallium {n} (chemical element)  :: га́лий {m}
gallivant {v} (roam about for pleasure)  :: шляя се
gallivant {v} (flirt, romance)  :: флиртувам
gallon {n} (a unit of volume used for liquids)  :: галон {m}
gallon {n} (a Gallon in the U.S. Customary System)  :: галон {m}
galloon {n} (A braided trimming)  :: галон {m}, ширит {m}
gallop {n} (fastest gait of a horse)  :: галоп {m}
gallop {v} (to ride at a galloping pace)  :: галопирам
gallows {n} (wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging)  :: бесило {n}, бесилка {f}
gallows bird {n} (person who deserves to be hanged)  :: обесник {m}
galluses {n} (suspenders for trousers)  :: тиранти
galore {adj} (in abundance)  :: в изобилие
galosh {n} (waterproof overshoe used to provide protection from rain or snow)  :: гало́ш {m}, шушо́н {m}
galpal {n} (close female friend) SEE: girlfriend  ::
galvanic {adj} (of or pertaining to galvanism; electric)  :: галваничен
Galway {prop} (county in Ireland)  :: Голуей {m}, Каунти Голуей {m}
Galway {prop} (city in Ireland)  :: Голуей {m}
Gambia {prop} (The Republic of The Gambia)  :: Га́мбия {f}
Gambian {n} (person from Gambia)  :: гамбиец {m} /gambíets/, гамбийка {f} /gambíyka/,гамбийче {n} /gambíyche/
Gambian {adj} (of Gambia)  :: гамбийски {m} {m-p} {f-p} /gambíyski/, гамбийска {f} /gambíyska/, гамбийско {n} /gambíysko/
gamble {n} (a risk undertaken with a potential gain)  :: риск {m}
gamble {n} (a risky venture)  :: авантюра {f}
gamble {v} (to take a risk, with the potential of a positive outcome)  :: рискувам
gamble {v} (to play risky games for monetary gain)  :: играя комар
gambler {n} (one who plays at a game of chance, who gambles)  :: комарджия {m}
gambler {n} (one who takes risks)  :: авантюрист {m}
gambol {v} (to move about playfully)  :: подскачам от радост
gambol {n} (instance)  :: подскок {m}
game {n} (playful activity, amusement, pastime)  :: игра́ {f}
game {n} (contest between two individuals or teams)  :: мач {m}
game {n} (wild animals hunted for food)  :: дивеч {m}
game {adj} (willing to participate)  :: охотен
game {v} (To play games and be a gamer)  :: играя
game {v} (to gamble) SEE: gamble  ::
gamebird {n} (bird hunted for food or sport)  :: пернат дивеч {m}
gamecock {n} (fighting cock)  :: боен петел {m}
gamekeeper {n} (person employed to maintain the game)  :: лесничей {m}
gameness {n} (courage) SEE: courage  ::
gamesome {adj} (Full of sport; playful)  :: игрив
gamester {n} (A person who plays games)  :: играч {m}
gamester {n} (A gambler)  :: комарджия {m}
gamey {adj} (risque, sordid or sexually suggestive)  :: пикантен
gamin {n} (a street urchin; a homeless boy)  :: гамен {m}
gammon {n} (lower or hind part of a side of bacon)  :: шунка {f}
gammon {v} (backgammon: type of victory)  :: марс {m}
gamogenesis {n} (sexual reproduction)  :: полово размножаване {n}
gamut {n} (complete range)  :: гама {f}
gamut {n} (all the notes in the musical scale)  :: гама {f}
gamut {n} (all the colours available to a device)  :: палитра {f}
gander {n} (a male goose)  :: гъсок {m} /gǎsók/
gander {n} (a fool, simpleton)  :: глупак {m}
gang {n} (a company of persons)  :: ба́нда {f}
gang bang {n} (orgy) SEE: orgy  ::
Ganges {prop} (the sacred river)  :: Ганг {m}
gangly {adj} (tall and thin, especially so as to cause physical awkwardness)  :: слаб, тънък
gangrene {n} (the necrosis or rotting of flesh)  :: гангре́на {f}
gangster {n} (street gang member)  :: гангстер {m-p}
gangway {n} (passageway)  :: проход {m-p}
gangway {n} (temporary bridge)  :: сходня {f}
gangway {n} (nautical: passage through the side of a ship)  :: трап {m}
gangway {interj} (make way)  :: писта!
gannet {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
gantry {n} (framework of steel bars bridging over something)  :: портал {m}
gap {n} (hiatus) SEE: hiatus  ::
gap {n} (opening made by breaking or parting)  :: дупка {f}, пролука {f}
gap {n} (opening allowing passage or entrance)  :: проход {m}, пропуск {m}
gap {n} (opening that implies a breach or defect)  :: дупка {f}
gap {n} (vacant space or time)  :: интервал {m}
gap {n} (mountain pass)  :: пролом {m}, дефиле {n}
gap {v} (to notch)  :: прорязвам
gap {v} (to breach)  :: пробивам
gape {v} (to open the mouth wide)  :: зея, прозявам се
gape {v} (to stare in wonderment)  :: зяпам
gape {v} (to open wide)  :: зея
gape {n} (a yawn)  :: прозявка {f}
garage {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
garage {n} (place to store a car, etc.)  :: гара́ж {m}
garage {n} (place where cars are serviced and repaired)  :: серви́з {m}
garage {v} (to store in a garage)  :: гарирам
garb {n} (clothing)  :: облекло {n}, носия {f}
garb {v} (to dress in garb)  :: обличам
garbage {n} (waste material)  :: боклу́к {m}, отпа́дък {m}, смет {m}
garble {v} (to mutilate; to pervert)  :: изопачавам, изкривявам
garden {n} (piece of land outside with flowers and plants)  :: гради́на {f}
garden {n} (gardens with public access)  :: парк {m}
garden {n} (grounds at the front or back of a house)  :: гради́на {f}
garden {v} (grow plants)  :: обработвам градина
garden cress {n} (the leafy plant)  :: кресон {m}
gardenia {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Gardenia)  :: гардения {f}
garfish {n} (fish of family Belonidae)  :: зарган {m}
garganey {n} (duck)  :: чакръкчийка {f}, лятно бърне {n}
gargle {v} (to clean one's mouth)  :: правя гаргара
gargle {n} (sound)  :: гаргара {f}
garish {adj} (overly ostentatious; so colourful as to be in bad taste)  :: ярък, крещящ, показен
garland {n} (wreath of flowers)  :: гирлянда {f}
garland {n} (accolade, mark of honour)  :: аколада {f}
garlic {n} (plant)  :: че́сън {m}, чесно́в лук {m}
garlic mustard {n} (Alliaria petiolata)  :: лъжичина {f}
garment {n} (single item of clothing)  :: дреха {f}, одежда {f}
garner {n} (granary)  :: хамбар {m}
garnet {n} (mineral)  :: гранат {m}
garnet {n} (colour)  :: тъмно червен {m}
garnish {v} (to decorate with ornamental appendages)  :: украсявам
garnish {v} (to ornament)  :: гарнирам
garnish {n} (something added for embellishment)  :: украса {f}
garnish {n} (something set round or upon a dish)  :: гарнитура {f}
garnish {v} (fetter) SEE: fetter  ::
garniture {n} (something that garnishes)  :: украшение {n}, гарнитура {f}
garret {n} (an attic or semi-finished room just beneath the roof of a house)  :: мансарда {f}
garrison {n} (post)  :: гарнизон {m}
garrison {n} (troops)  :: гарнизон {m}
garrulity {n} (state or characteristic of being garrulous)  :: бъбривост {f}
garrulous {adj} (excessively or tiresomely talkative)  :: бъбрив, приказлив
garrulous {adj} (excessively wordy and rambling)  :: многословен
garrulousness {n} (garrulity) SEE: garrulity  ::
garter {n} (band around leg)  :: жартиера {f} /žartiéra/
gas {n} ((uncountable, chemistry) state of matter)  :: газ {m}
gas {n} ((countable, chemistry) chemical element or compound)  :: газ {m}
gas {n} ((uncountable) flammable gaseous hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon mixture)  :: приро́ден газ {m}
gas {n} ((US) gas in digestion)  :: га̀зове {m-p}
gas {n} (fuel)  :: бензин {m}
gas {v} (give a vehicle more fuel in order to accelerate)  :: давам газ
gas {v} (fill a vehicle's fuel tank)  :: зареждам
gasbag {n} (gasbag) SEE: windbag  ::
gasbag {n} (bag or bladder to hold a reservoir of gas)  :: газов балон {m}
gas chamber {n} (a sealed chamber in which people are executed with gas)  :: газова камера {f} /gázova kámera/
gasconade {n} (boastful talk)  :: самохвалство {n}
gaseous {adj} (relating to, or existing as, gas)  :: газов, газообразен
gaseous {adj} (of a liquid containing bubbles: gassy)  :: газиран
gash {n} (deep cut)  :: разрез {m}, дълбока рана {f}
gash {n} (slang: woman)  :: мацка {f}
gash {v} (to slash)  :: разрязвам, разсичам
gash {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
gasify {v} (to convert into gas)  :: газифицирам, превръщам в газ
gasket {n} (mechanical seal)  :: уплътнение {n}, набивка {f}
gasoline {n} (motor fuel)  :: бензи́н {m}
gasoline {n} (countable: a particular kind of gasoline)  :: газоли́н {m}
gasp {n} (A short, sudden intake of breath)  :: пъшкане {n}
gasp {n} (A draw or drag on a cigarette (or gasper))  :: дърпане {n}
gasp {v} (to draw in the breath suddenly)  :: ахвам
gasp {v} (to breathe laboriously or convulsively)  :: задъхвам се, дишам тежко
gas pedal {n} (accelerator) SEE: accelerator  ::
gas station {n} (a place which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car)  :: бензиноста́нция {f}
gassy {adj} (of a beverage, containing gas)  :: газиран
gastric {adj} (Of or relating to the stomach)  :: стомашен
gastritis {n} (inflammation of the lining of the stomach)  :: гастрит {m}
gastronome {n} (gourmet) SEE: gourmet  ::
gastronomy {n} (study of the relationship between food and culture)  :: гастрономия {f}, кулинария {f}
gastropod {n} (member of a class of molluscs)  :: коремоного {n}
gate {n} (door-like structure outside)  :: врата́ {f}
gate {n} (doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall)  :: порта {f}
gate {n} (movable barrier)  :: бариера {f}
gate {n} (money made by selling tickets for an event)  :: касов сбор {m}
gate {n} (in an air terminal)  :: изход {m}
gatecrash {v} (to go to a social event without being invited, or having paid)  :: влизам без билет
gatekeeper {n} (A person who guards or monitors passage through a gate)  :: портиер {m}
gateway {n} (entrance)  :: вход {m}, врата {f}
gather {v} (to bring together; to collect)  :: съби́рам {impf}, събера́ {pf}
gather {v} (—to harvest)  :: бера, жъна
gather {v} (—to accumulate over time)  :: натрупвам
gather {v} (—to congregate)  :: събирам
gather {v} (to bring parts of a whole closer)  :: събирам
gather {v} (—sewing: to add pleats or folds to a piece of cloth)  :: набирам
gather {v} (to infer or conclude)  :: правя извод
gather {v} (medicine: to be filled with pus)  :: гноясвам
gather {n} (a pucker)  :: набор {m}
gathering {n} (get-together, social function)  :: събиране {n}, събрание {n}
gathering {n} (group of people or things)  :: сборище {n}, струпване {n}
gauche {adj} (awkward, bumbling)  :: груб, нетактичен
gaud {n} (a cheap showy trinket)  :: дрънкулка {f}
gaudy {adj} (very showy or ornamented)  :: ярък, крещящ, безвкусен
gauge {n} (a measure; a standard of measure; an instrument to determine dimensions, distance, or capacity; a standard)  :: мярка {f}, размер {m}, шаблон {m}
gauge {n} (any instrument for ascertaining or regulating the level, state, dimensions or forms of things; as, a rain gauge; a steam gauge)  :: измерителен уред {m}
gauge {n} (distance between the rails of a railway)  :: междурелсие {n}
gaunt {adj} (lean, angular and bony)  :: мършав, костелив
gaunt {adj} (haggard, drawn and emaciated)  :: измъчен, изтощен
gaunt {adj} (bleak, barren and desolate)  :: мрачен, запуснат
gauntlet {n} (protective armor for the hands)  :: бронирана ръкавица {f}
gauze {n} (thin fabric with open weave)  :: газ {m}
gauze {n} (cotton fabric used as surgical dressing)  :: ма́рля {f}
gauze {n} (wire gauze used as fence)  :: предпазна мрежа
gauzy {adj} (transparent, hazy)  :: прозрачен, прозирен
gawk {n} (a simpleton, stupid or clumsy person)  :: глупак {m}, дръвник {m}
gawk {v} (to stare or gape stupidly)  :: зяпам, гледам глупаво
gawky {adj} (awkward, ungainly)  :: непохватен, недодялан
gawp {v} (gawk) SEE: gawk  ::
gay {adj} (happy, joyful and lively)  :: весел, безгрижен
gay {adj} (festive, bright, colorful)  :: шарен
gay {adj} (homosexual, see also: lesbian)  :: хомосексуа́лен {}
gay {n} (homosexual person, especially male, see also: lesbian)  :: гей {m}, хомосексуали́ст {m}
Gaza {prop} (city)  :: Га́за {f}
Gaza {prop} (Gaza Strip) SEE: Gaza Strip  ::
Gazan {adj}  :: газки {m}
Gaza Strip {prop} (Gaza Strip)  :: И́вица Га́за {f}, Га́за {f}
gaze {v} (To stare intently or earnestly)  :: вторачвам се
gaze {v} (To stare at)  :: взирам се
gaze {n} (A fixed look)  :: втренчен поглед {m}
gazette {n} (newspaper)  :: вестник {m}
gazetteer {n} (journalist)  :: журналист {m}
gazetteer {n} (geographic dictionary or encyclopedia)  :: географски справочник {m}
Gdańsk {prop} (city of Poland)  :: Гданск {m}
GDP {n} (abbreviation of gross domestic product)  :: БВП
gear {n} (equipment or paraphernalia)  :: приспособление {n}
gear {n} (a wheel with grooves)  :: зъбно колело {n}
gear {n} (a particular combination or choice of interlocking gears)  :: зъбна предавка {f}
gear {n} (motor car transmission)  :: предаване {n}, трансмисия {f}
gearbox {n} (train of gears)  :: скоростна кутия {f}
gear shift {n} (part of a gearbox involved in changing gear)  :: скоростен лост {m}
gear wheel {n} (wheel with a toothed rim)  :: зъбно колело {n}
gecko {n} (lizard of the family Gekkonidae)  :: гекон {m}
geek {n} (Australian: look) SEE: look  ::
geez {interj} (An exclamation denoting surprise or frustration)  :: Исусе
geezer {n} (device for boiling water) SEE: geyser  ::
geezer {n} (male person)  :: пич
geezer {n} (informal: old person, especially male)  :: дядка {m}
Gehenna {prop} (where sinners go)  :: геена {f} /geéna/
Gehinnom {prop} (Jewish realm of the afterlife) SEE: Gehenna  ::
gel {n} (suspension of solid in liquid)  :: гел {m}
gel {v} (become gel)  :: желирам
gelatine {n} (protein derived through partial hydrolysis of the collagen)  :: желатин {m}
gelatine {n} (edible jelly)  :: желе {n}, пелте {n}
gelation {n} (The formation of a solid by cooling)  :: замразяване {n}
gelation {n} (The formation of a gel)  :: коагулиране {n}
geld {n} (money) SEE: money  ::
geld {v} (castrate) SEE: castrate  ::
geld {n} (compensation) SEE: compensation  ::
gelding {n} (eunuch) SEE: eunuch  ::
gelid {adj} (very cold; icy)  :: леден
gem {n} (precious stone)  :: скъпоценен камък {m} /skăpocenen kamăk/
gem {n} (precious or highly valued thing or person)  :: съкровище {n}
gem {n} (obsolete: gemma) SEE: gemma  ::
geminate {adj} (forming a pair)  :: двоен
geminate {v} (to arrange in pairs)  :: удвоявам
gemination {n} (phonetical phenomenon)  :: удвояване {n}
gemma {n} (asexual reproductive structure)  :: пъпка {f}
gemmation {n} (asexual reproduction via gemmae)  :: пъпкуване {n}
Gemütlichkeit {n} (coziness)  :: уют
gendarmerie {n} (military body charged with police duties)  :: жандармерия {f}
gender {n} (grammar: voice (of verbs)) SEE: voice  ::
gender {v} (engender) SEE: engender  ::
gender {n} (grammar: division of nouns and pronouns)  :: род {m}
gender {n} (biological sex of persons or animals)  :: пол {m}
gene {n} (unit of heredity)  :: ген {m}
genealogist {n} (practitioner of genealogy)  :: генеалог {m}
genealogy {n} (the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors)  :: родословие {n} /rodoslóvie/
genealogy {n} (study and recording of descents)  :: родословие {n}
general {adj} (involving every part or member, not specific or particular)  :: общ, всеобщ
general {adj} (not limited in application; applicable to a whole class or category)  :: генерален
general {adj} (consisting of only the most important aspects; indefinite)  :: главен
general {adj} (miscellaneous, not limited to a specific class)  :: общ
general {n} (military rank)  :: генерал {m}
generalissimo {n} (supreme commander)  :: генералисимус {m} /generalísimus/
generality {n} (quality)  :: генералност {f}, общоприложимост {f}
generality {n} (generalization)  :: неопределеност {f}
generalize {v} (to speak in generalities, or in vague terms)  :: говоря общо
generalize {v} (to infer or induce from specific cases to more general cases or principles)  :: обобщавам
generalize {v} (to spread throughout the body and become systemic)  :: разпространявам
generally {adv} (as a rule; usually)  :: обикновено
generally {adv} (without reference to specific details)  :: общо взето
generate {v} (to bring into being)  :: създавам, пораждам
generate {v} (to procreate, beget)  :: пораждам
generate {v} (mathematics: to form a figure)  :: образувам
generation {n} (origination by some process; formation)  :: създаване {n}, образуване {n}
generation {n} (act of generating or begetting; procreation)  :: зараждане {n}
generation {n} (period of around thirty years)  :: поколе́ние {n}, поколение {n}
generation {n} (single step in the succession of natural descent)  :: поколе́ние {n}
generative {adj} (having the power of generating)  :: размножителен, производителен
generator {n} (apparatus: electrical generator)  :: генератор {m}
generic {adj} (very comprehensive)  :: обширен, неспецифичен
generic {adj} (of, or relating to a genus)  :: родов
generosity {n} (the trait of being willing to give one's money and/or time)  :: ще́дрост {f}
generosity {n} (acting generously)  :: великодушност {f}
generosity {n} (the trait of being more than adequate)  :: изобилие {n}
generosity {n} (good breeding; nobility of stock)  :: благородство {n}
generous {adj} (noble in behaviour, magnanimous)  :: великодушен, благороден
generous {adj} (willing to give and share unsparingly)  :: щедър
generous {adj} (large, ample)  :: обилен, богат
generous {adj} (of noble birth)  :: благороден
genesis {n} (the origin, start, or point at which something comes into being)  :: произход {m}
Genesis {prop} (the book of the Bible)  :: Битие {n} /Bitie/
genetic {adj} (relating to genetics or genes)  :: генетичен
genetic {adj} (caused by genes)  :: генен
Geneva {prop} (city)  :: Женева {f} /Ženéva/
Geneva Convention {prop} (international treaty)  :: Жене́вска конве́нция {f}
Genghis Khan {prop} (Genghis Khan)  :: Чингис ха́н {m}
genial {adj} (friendly and cheerful)  :: общителен, дружелюбен
genial {adj} (pleasantly mild and warm)  :: мек
genial {adj} (marked by genius)  :: гениален
genie {n} (an invisible Muslim spirit)  :: джин {m} /džin/
genie {n} (a fictional magical being)  :: джин {m} /džin/
genital {adj} (of, or relating to biological reproduction)  :: детероден
genital {adj} (of, or relating to the genitalia)  :: генитален
genitive {adj} (of or pertaining to the case of possession)  :: родителен /rodítelen/
genitive {n} (inflection pattern)  :: роди́телен паде́ж {m}
genitive case {n} (genitive) SEE: genitive  ::
genius {n} (someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or skill)  :: гений {m} /génij/
genius {n} (extraordinary mental capacity)  :: гениалност {f}
Genoa {prop} (Italian city)  :: Генуа {f} /Génua/
genocide {n} (systematic killing of substantial numbers of people)  :: геноцид {m} /genocíd/
genre {n} (kind; type; sort)  :: жанр {m}, вид {m}
genteel {adj} (Polite and well-mannered)  :: префинен
genteel {adj} (Stylish, elegant)  :: елегантен, изящен
gentian {n} (Any of various herbs of the family Gentianaceae)  :: тинтява {f}
genticide {n} (killing of a race or nation of people) SEE: genocide  ::
gentile {adj} (non-Jewish)  :: нееврейски
gentile {adj} (heathen, pagan)  :: друговерски
gentility {n} (The state of being elegant)  :: елегантност {n}
gentle {adj} (Tender and amiable)  :: благороден
gentle {adj} (Soft and mild rather than hard or severe)  :: мек, кротък
gentle {adj} (Docile and easily managed)  :: послушен
gentle {adj} (Polite and respectful rather than rude)  :: вежлив
gentleman {n} (man of breeding)  :: благородник {m}
gentleman {n} (polite term for a man)  :: господин {m} /gospodín/
gentleman {n} (polite form of address to men)  :: господин {m}
gentleman {n} (toilets intended for use by men)  :: мъжка тоалетна {f}
gentleness {n} (being gentle)  :: благост {f}, кротост {f}
gently {adv} (in a gentle manner)  :: нежно, внимателно
genuflect {v} (to bend the knee, as in servitude or worship)  :: коленича
genuflection {n} (the act of genuflecting, in the sense of bowing down)  :: коленичене {n}
genuine {adj} (real, authentic)  :: истински, оригинален, автентичен
genus {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification between family and species)  :: род {m}
genus {n} (group with common attributes)  :: клас {m-p}
geode {n} (hollow stone with crystals on the inside wall)  :: геод {m}
geodesy {n} (scientific discipline)  :: геодезия {f} /geodézija/
geographer {n} (a specialist in geography)  :: геогра́ф {m}
geographic {adj} (pertaining to geography)  :: географски
geographical {adj} (geographic) SEE: geographic  ::
geography {n} (study of physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth)  :: геогра́фия {f}
geoid {n} (surface of constant gravitational potential at zero elevation)  :: геоид
geology {n} (the study of the earth)  :: геоло́гия {f}
geometry {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: геоме́трия {f}
geophysics {n} (branch of earth science)  :: геофизика {f}
George {prop} (male given name)  :: Георги {m} /Geórgi/
Georgetown {prop} (capital of Guyana)  :: Джорджтаун
georgette {n} (fabric)  :: жоржет {m}
George VI {prop} (king of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952)  :: Джордж VI
Georgia {prop} (country)  :: Гру́зия {f}
Georgia {prop} (state of the USA)  :: Джо́рджия {f}, Джо́рджия {f}
Georgian {prop} (language of the country Georgia)  :: грузи́нски {m}
Georgian {n} (person from the country of Georgia)  :: грузи́нец {m}, грузи́нка {f}
Georgian {adj} (pertaining to the country, people or language of Georgia)  :: грузи́нски
ger {n} (yurt) SEE: yurt  ::
geranium {n} (cranesbill)  :: здравец {m}
geranium {n} (common name for Pelargoniums)  :: мушкато {n}
gerbera {n} (A daisy of the genus Gerbera)  :: гербер {m}
gerbil {n} (small rodent)  :: пясъчна мишка {f}
germ {n} (mass of cells)  :: ембрион {m}, зародиш {m}
germ {n} (pathogenic microorganism)  :: микроб {m}
german {adj} (Full brother or sister)  :: роден
German {n} (native or inhabitant of Germany; person of German citizenship or nationality)  :: герма́нец {m}, герма́нка {f}, не́мец {m}, не́мка {f}
German {prop} (the German language)  :: нѐмски {m}, нѐмски езѝк {m}
German {adj} (of or relating to the country of Germany)  :: герма́нски {m}, не́мски
German {adj} (of or relating to the German language)  :: не́мски
German Democratic Republic {prop} (East Germany from 1949-1990)  :: Германска демократична република
germander {n} (mint plant of genus Teucrium)  :: подъбиче {n}
germane {adj} (related to the topic being discussed)  :: уместен
germanium {n} (chemical element)  :: герма́ний {m}
germanium tetrahydride {n} (germane) SEE: germane  ::
germanomethane {n} (germane) SEE: germane  ::
German Shepherd {n} (Medium sized breed of dog)  :: не́мска овча́рка {f}
Germany {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: Герма́ния {f}
germinal {adj} (pertaining or belonging to a germ)  :: зародишен, зачатъчен
germinate {v} (sprout or produce buds)  :: покълвам, пониквам
germination {n} (process of germinating)  :: покълване {n}, поникване {n}
gesso {n} (mixture)  :: гипс {m}
Gestapo {prop} (the secret police of the Nazi party in the Second World War)  :: геста́по {n}
gestation {n} (period of time a fetus develops inside mother's body)  :: бременност {f}
gesticulate {v} (to make gestures)  :: жестикулирам, ръкомахам
gesticulation {n} (act of gesticulating)  :: жестикулиране {n}, ръкомахане {n}
gesture {n} (motion of the limbs or body)  :: жест {m}
gesture {v} ((intransitive) to make a gesture)  :: жестикулирам
gesundheit {interj} (said to someone who has just sneezed) SEE: bless you  ::
get {v} (to obtain)  :: доби́вам
get {v} (to receive)  :: получа́вам {impf}, полу́ча {pf}
get {v} (to become)  :: ставам
get {v} (to cause to become)  :: правя
get {v} (to fetch)  :: донасям
get {v} (to arrive at)  :: пристигам
get {v} (to take, catch (transportation))  :: хващам
get {v} (colloquial: to understand)  :: схващам
get {v} (to become ill with)  :: хващам
get {v} (to find as an answer)  :: получавам
get {v} (to beget) SEE: beget  ::
geta {n} (Japanese raised wooden clogs)  :: джапа́нка {f}
get a grip {v} (to relax; to calm down; to stop being angry)  :: вземи се в ръце, успокой се
getaway {n} (effecting of an escape)  :: бягство {n}, измъкване {n}
get down {v} (go down (intransitive)) SEE: go down  ::
get lost {interj} (Go away!)  :: изчезвай! /izčezvaj!/
get out of here {interj} (command to leave)  :: изчезвай! /izčezvaj!/
get outta here {interj} (get out of here) SEE: get out of here  ::
get together {v} (to meet)  :: срещам
get together {v} (to accumulate)  :: събирам се
get-together {n}  :: среща {f}, събиране {n}
get up {v} (to rise from one's bed)  :: става́м {impf}, ста́на {pf}
getup {n} (outfit)  :: облекло {n}, премяна {f}
getup {n} (Layout and production style)  :: оформление {n}
get well soon {phrase} (expressing hope that someone recovers soon)  :: оздравявай бързо
Gevgelija {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Гевгели /Gevgelí/
gewgaw {n} (a showy trifle, a toy)  :: дрънкулка {f}
geyser {n} (boiling spring)  :: гейзер {m}
geyser {n} (archaic: water heater)  :: проточен бойлер {m}
Ghana {prop} (The Republic of Ghana)  :: Га́на {f}
ghastly {adj} (Like a ghost in appearance; death-like; pale; pallid)  :: мъртвешки, смъртноблед
ghastly {adj} (horrifyingly shocking)  :: ужасен, страхотен
Ghent {prop} (capital city of the province of East Flanders, Belgium)  :: Гент
gherkin {n} (small cucumber)  :: корнишон {m}
ghetto {n} (area of a city in which Jews were concentrated)  :: еврейски квартал {m}
ghetto {n} (area of a city where people of another ethnicity concentrate or are concentrated)  :: гето {n}
Ghibelline {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the German emperors)  :: гибелин {m}
ghost {n} (spirit appearing after death)  :: дух {m}, призрак {m}
ghost {n} (false image on a television screen)  :: двоен образ {m}
ghost {n} (soul) SEE: soul  ::
ghostly {adj} (pertaining to ghosts)  :: призрачен
ghostly {adj} (spooky, frightening)  :: плашещ, призрачен
ghost town {n} (deserted town)  :: град-призрак {m} /grad-prízrak/
ghoul {n} (a spirit said to feed on corpses)  :: вампир {m}
ghoul {n} (A graverobber)  :: мародер {m}
giant {n} (mythical human)  :: великан {m}
giant {n} (Greek mythological creature)  :: титан
giant {n} (very tall person)  :: великан {m}, колос {m}
giant {n} (luminous star)  :: гигант {m}
giant {adj} (giant)  :: грамаден, гигантски
giaour {n} (infidel)  :: гяу́р {m}
gib {n} (used for holding a machine part in place)  :: чивия {f}
gib {n} (A castrated male cat)  :: кастриран котарак {m}
gibberish {n} (unintelligible speech or writing)  :: безсмислицa {f} /bezsmislitsa/, непонятен говор
gibberish {n} (needlessly obscure or overly technical language)  :: технически жаргон {m}
gibbet {n} (upright post with a crosspiece used for execution and subsequent public display; a gallows)  :: бесилка {f}
gibbet {v} (to execute (someone), or display (a body), on a gibbet)  :: обесвам
gibbet {v} (to expose (someone) to ridicule or scorn)  :: опозорявам
gibbon {n} (small ape)  :: гибон {m}
gibbous {adj} (characterized by convexity; protuberant)  :: издут, изпъкнал
gibe {n} (A facetious or insulting remark)  :: подигравка {f}, насмешка {f}
gibe {v} (To perform a jibe)  :: подигравам се, надсмивам се
giblets {n} (the organs of poultry)  :: пилешки дреболии {f-p}
Gibraltar {prop} (British overseas territory)  :: Гибралтар {m}
giddiness {n} (state of being giddy) SEE: dizziness  ::
giddy {adj} (dizzy)  :: замаян, зашеметен
giddy {adj} (causing dizziness)  :: главозамайващ
giddy {adj} (frivolous, impulsive, inconsistent, changeable)  :: лекомислен, вятърничав
gift {n} (something given to another voluntarily, without charge)  :: пода́рък {m}, дар {m}
gift {n} (a talent or natural ability)  :: дарба, тала́нт {m}
gifted {adj}  :: талантлив, даровит
gift of the gab {n}  :: дар слово
gig {n} (two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage)  :: двуколка {f}
giga- {prefix} (SI prefix)  :: гига-
gigantic {adj} (very large)  :: гигантски, колосален, огромен
giggle {v} (laugh)  :: кикотя се, хихикам
giggle {n} (laugh)  :: кикот {m}, хихикане {n}
gigolo {n} (male having sexual relationships for money)  :: жиголо {m}
gild {v} (to cover with a thin layer of gold)  :: позлатявам
gild {v} (to adorn)  :: украсявам
gilded {adj} (having the color or quality of gold)  :: златист {m} /zlatíst/
gilded {adj} (made of gold or covered by a thin layer of gold)  :: златен /zláten/, позлатен {m} /pozlatén/
gilding {n} (art)  :: позлатяване {n}
gilding {n} (leaf)  :: позлата {f}, варак {m}
Gilgamesh {prop}  :: Гилгамеш {m}
gill {n} (breathing organ of fish)  :: хри́ле {p}
gill {n} (mushroom organ)  :: ламела {f}
Gillard {prop} (surname)  :: Гилард {m} {f} /Gílard/
gilt {n} (gold or other metal in a thin layer; gilding)  :: позлата {f}, варак {m}
gilt {adj} (golden coloured)  :: златист
gilt {n} (A young female pig, at or nearing the age of first breeding.)  :: млада женска свиня {f}
gimbal {n} (device for suspending something)  :: кардан {m}
gimlet {n} (tool)  :: свредел {m}
gimp {n} (narrow ornamental fabric or braid of silk, wool, or cotton)  :: ширит {m}
gimp {n} (gumption; spirit; ambition; vigor; pep)  :: кураж {m}
gimp {n} (a cripple)  :: куц човек {m}
gin {n} (alcoholic beverage)  :: джин {m}
gin {n} (A snare or trap for game)  :: капан {m}, клопка {f}
gin {n} (A machine for raising or moving heavy objects)  :: скрипец {m}, лебедка {f}
ginger {n} (plant)  :: джинджифи́л {m}
ginger {n} (spice)  :: джинджифи́л {m}
ginger {n} (colour/color)  :: риж
ginger {adj} (reddish-brown)  :: риж
ginger beer {n} (queer) SEE: queer  ::
ginger beer {adj} (queer) SEE: queer  ::
gingerbread {n} (type of cake)  :: меденка {f}
gingerly {adv} (gently)  :: предпазливо, внимателно
gingiva {n} (gum) SEE: gum  ::
ginseng {n} (any of several plants, of the genus Panax)  :: женшен {m}
gippo {n} (Egyptian) SEE: Egyptian  ::
gippo {n} (Gypsy) SEE: Gypsy  ::
giraffe {n} (mammal)  :: жира́ф {m}, жира́фа {f}
gird {v} (to bind with a flexible rope or cord)  :: запасвам
gird {v} (to encircle with, or as if with a belt)  :: опасвам, окръжавам
gird {n} (sarcastic remark)  :: присмех {m}
gird {v} (To jeer at)  :: надсмивам се
gird {v} (To jeer)  :: надсмивам се
girder {n} (main horizontal support in a building)  :: трегер {m}
girdle {n} (circumference)  :: окръжение {n}
girdle {n} (belt)  :: колан {m}, пояс
girdle {v} (to gird, encircle, or constrain by such means)  :: опасвам, препасвам
girl {n} (young female person)  :: момиче́ {n}, дево́йка {f}, мома́ {f}
girlfriend {n} (a female partner in a romantic relationship)  :: га́дже {n} [boyfriend or girlfriend], прия́телка {f}
girlfriend {n} (a female friend)  :: прия́телка {f}
girlish {adj} (like a girl)  :: момичешки
Giro d'Italia {prop} (annual cycling race in Italy)  :: Обиколка на Италия {f}
girth {n} (the distance measured around an object)  :: обиколка {f}
gist {n} (the most essential part)  :: същина́ {f}, съ̀щност {f}
give {v} (transfer the possession of something to someone else)  :: да́вам {impf}, дам {pf}
give {v} (bend slightly when a force is applied)  :: поддавам
give away {v} (to make a gift of something)  :: подарявам
give away {v} (to relinquish control over)  :: отдавам
give away {v} (to unintentionally reveal a secret, or expose someone)  :: разкривам
give away {v} (sports: to concede)  :: предавам се
give back {v} (return)  :: връщам {impf} /vrǎ̀štam/, повръщам {pf} /povrǎ̀štam/
give birth {v} (produce new life)  :: раждам
give in {v} (to collapse or fall)  :: поддавам
give in {v} (to relent or yield)  :: отстъпвам, предавам се
give me {v} (expression of preference)  :: дайте ми /dájte mi/, [informal] дай ми /dáj mi/
given {prep} (considering, taking into account)  :: даден
given {adj} (already arranged)  :: даден
given {adj} (currently discussed)  :: настоящ
given {adj} (particular, specific)  :: конкретен
given name {n} (name chosen for a child by its parents)  :: со́бствено и́ме {n}, и́ме {n}
give or take {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
give out {v} (to utter, publish, announce)  :: обявявам
give out {v} (to issue)  :: издавам
giver {n} (one who gives)  :: дарител {m}
give rise to {v} (to be the origin of; to produce)  :: пораждам /poráždam/
give up {v} (surrender)  :: предавам се
give up {v} (stop, quit, desist)  :: преставам
give up {v} (abandon)  :: изоставям
gizmo {n} (thingy)  :: джаджа {f}
gizzard {n} (portion of the esophagus with ingested grit)  :: воденичка {f}
glabrous {adj} (Smooth, hairless)  :: гладък, неокосмен
glacé {adj} (having a glossy surface)  :: лъскав
glacé {adj} (coated with sugar)  :: глазиран
glacial {adj} (relating to glaciers)  :: ледников
glacial {adj} (cold and icy)  :: леден
glaciate {v} (To cover with ice)  :: заледявам
glacier {n} (a large body of ice which flows under its own mass, usually downhill)  :: ледни́к {m}, гле́тчер {m}
glad {adj} (pleased, happy, satisfied)  :: ра́достен, дово́лен, щастли́в
gladden {v} (to cause to become more glad)  :: радвам, развеселявам
glade {n} (open space in the woods)  :: поляна {f} /poljána/, просека {f}
gladiate {adj} ((botany) sword-shaped)  :: мечовиден
gladiolus {n} (plant)  :: гладиола {f}
Glagolitic {n} (the oldest known Slavonic alphabet)  :: глаго́лица {f}
Glagolitic alphabet {n} (writing system) SEE: Glagolitic  ::
glair {n} (Egg-white)  :: белтък на яйце {m}
glamorous {adj} (Having glamour; stylish)  :: очарователен, възхитителен
glamour {n} (beauty or charm)  :: очарование {n}, магия {f}
glance {v} (to look briefly at something)  :: поглеждам, преглеждам бегло
glance {v} (to sparkle)  :: проблясвам
glance {v} (to strike and fly off in an oblique direction)  :: рикоширам
glance {n} (a brief or cursory look)  :: бегъл поглед {m}
glance {n} (a deflection)  :: рикошет
glance {n} (mineral)  :: бленда {f}
gland {n} (organ that synthesizes and secretes substance)  :: жлеза {f} /žlezá/
gland {n} (cylindrical case used for straining)  :: салник {m}
glandular {adj} (pertaining to a gland or glands)  :: жлезист
glans {n} (acorn or mast of the oak)  :: дъбов жълъд {m}
glans {n} (goiter) SEE: goitre  ::
glare {n} (light)  :: блясък {m}
glare {n} (a stare)  :: втренчен поглед
glare {v} (to stare angrily)  :: гледам втренчено
glaring {adj} (reflecting with glare)  :: ярък, ослепителен
glaring {adj} (blatant, obvious)  :: явен, фрапантен
Glasgow {prop} (the city Glasgow)  :: Глазгоу {m}
glasnost {n} (a policy of the Soviet Union)  :: гласност {f} /glásnost/
glass {n} (hourglass) SEE: hourglass  ::
glass {n} (substance)  :: стъкло́ {n}
glass {n} (drinking vessel)  :: ча́ша {f}
glass {n} (quantity)  :: чаша {f}
glass {n} (magnifying glass or telescope)  :: леща
glass {v} (to furnish with glass)  :: остъклявам
glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror  ::
glass {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer  ::
glassblower {n} (person skilled in the art of glassblowing)  :: стъклодув {m}
glass cutter {n} (glazier) SEE: glazier  ::
glasscutter {n} (glazier)  :: стъклар {m}
glasses {n} (plural of "glass") SEE: glass  ::
glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
glassful {n} (amount that a glass will hold)  :: чаша {f}
glass harmonica {n} (a musical instrument)  :: гласхармоника {f}
glasshouse {n} (building made of glass in which plants are grown)  :: оранжерия {f}, парник {m}
glassine {n} (smooth, non-absorbing, grease- and moisture-resistant, super-calendered paper)  :: оризова хартия {f}
glasswort {n} (a plant)  :: солянка {f}
glassy {adj} (of or like glass)  :: стъклен, стъкловиден
glassy {adj} (dull, expressionless)  :: мътен, безизразен
glaucous {adj} (of a pale green colour with a bluish-grey tinge)  :: сивозеленикав
glaucous {adj} (covered with a bloom or a pale powdery covering, regardless of colour)  :: мъхест
glaucous gull {n} (Larus hyperboreus)  :: полярна чайка {f}
glaze {n} (coating on pottery)  :: глазура {f}
glaze {n} (layer of paint)  :: глеч {f}, гланц {m}
glaze {n} (edible coating)  :: глазура {f}
glaze {n} (reduced broth)  :: глеч {f}
glaze {v} (to install windows)  :: остъклявам
glaze {v} (to become glazed)  :: глазирам
glazed {adj} (showing no liveliness)  :: изцъклен
glazier {n} (craftsman who works with glass, fitting windows, etc)  :: стъклар {m}
gleam {n} (small shaft or stream of light)  :: лъч {m}
gleam {n} (glimpse or indistinct sign)  :: блещукане {n}, проблясък {m}
gleam {n} (brightness or splendor)  :: блясък {m}
gleam {v} (to shine, glitter, or glisten)  :: блестя
gleam {v} (to be briefly but strongly apparent)  :: просветвам
glean {v} (harvest grain left behind after the crop has been reaped)  :: баберкувам
glebe {n} (turf)  :: земя {f}, почва {f}
glebe {n} (area of land belonging to a parish)  :: църковна земя {f}
glede {n} (Milvus milvus)  :: червена каня {f}
glee {n} (Joy; merriment; mirth; gayety; particularly, the mirth enjoyed at a feast)  :: радост {f}, веселие {n}, ликуване {n}
gleeful {adj} (joyful)  :: весел, радостен, ликуващ
glen {n} (secluded and narrow valley)  :: клисура {f}
glib {adj} (having a ready flow of words but lacking thought or understanding)  :: словоохотлив
glib {adj} (Smooth or slippery)  :: гладък, плъзгав
glide {v} (To move softly, smoothly, or effortlessly)  :: плъзгам се, нося се леко
glide {v} (To fly unpowered, as of an aircraft)  :: планирам
glide {n} (The act of gliding)  :: плъзгане {n}
glide {n} ((fencing) An attack or preparatory movement)  :: гмуркане {n}
glider {n} (pilot)  :: планер {m}
glimmer {n} (faint light)  :: мъждукане {n}
glimmer {n} (flash of light)  :: проблясък {m}
glimmer {v} (to shine with faint unsteady light)  :: мъждукам
glimpse {n} (brief look)  :: бегъл поглед {m}
glimpse {n} (sudden flash)  :: проблясък {m}
glimpse {v} (see briefly)  :: зървам, съзирам
glint {n} (short flash of light)  :: проблясък {m}, светване {n}
glint {v} (to flash briefly)  :: блясвам, светвам
glisten {v} (to reflect light with a glittering luster)  :: лъщя, блестя
glisten {n} (glistening shine)  :: блясък {m}
glitch {n} (problem, bug, imperfection, quirk)  :: проблем {m}, повреда {f}
glitter {n} (bright, sparkling light; brilliant and showy luster; brilliancy)  :: бля́сък {m}
glitter {v} (to sparkle with light)  :: блестя
glittering {adj} (brightly sparkling)  :: блестящ, лъскав
gloaming {n} (twilight)  :: сумрак {m}
gloat {v} (to exhibit a conspicuous sense of self-satisfaction)  :: злорадствам
gloat {n} (an act or instance of gloating)  :: злорадство {n}
global {adj} (spherical)  :: сферичен
global {adj} (of or relating to a globe or sphere)  :: сферичен
global {adj} (concerning all parts of the world)  :: глобален
global {adj} (of a variable, in computing)  :: глобален
global warming {n} (increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere to cause climate change)  :: глобално затопляне {n}
globe {n} (Any spherical object)  :: кълбо {n}, сфера {f}
globe {n} (the planet Earth)  :: земно кълбо {n}
globe {n} (model of Earth)  :: глобус {m}
globeflower {n} (Trollius europaeus)  :: планински божур {m}
globular {adj} (roughly spherical)  :: сферичен, кълбовиден
globule {n} (a small round particle of substance; a drop)  :: топчица {f}, капчица {f}
globus cruciger {n} (royal symbol of power)  :: държава {f}
glockenspiel {n} (musical instrument)  :: глокеншпил /glokenšpil/
glom {v} (to steal, to grab)  :: крада, грабвам
gloom {n} (darkness, dimness or obscurity)  :: тъмнина {f}, мрак {m}
gloom {n} (a melancholy, depressing or despondent atmosphere)  :: мрачност {f}, меланхолия {f}
gloomy {adj} (imperfectly illuminated)  :: тъмен, мрачен
gloomy {adj} (affected with, or expressing, gloom; melancholy)  :: унил, меланхоличен
glorification {n} (the act of glorifying or the state of being glorified)  :: прослава {f}, възхвала {f}
glorify {v} (to exalt, or give glory or praise to something or someone)  :: славя, прославям
glorify {v} (to worship or extol)  :: превъзнасям, величая
glorious {adj} (exhibiting attributes, qualities, or acts that are worthy of or receive glory)  :: славен, прославен
glory {n} (great beauty or splendour)  :: великолепие {n}
glory {n} (honour and valour)  :: слава {f}
glory {n} (optical phenomenon)  :: сияние {n}
glory {v} (to exult with joy; to rejoice)  :: радвам се, ликувам
glory {v} (to boast; to be proud)  :: гордея се
gloss {n} (glossary) SEE: glossary  ::
gloss {n} (surface shine)  :: блясък {m}, лъскавина {f}
gloss {n} (superficially or deceptively attractive appearance)  :: външен блясък {m}
gloss {v} (give a gloss or sheen to)  :: лъскам
gloss {n} (brief explanatory note or translation of a difficult or complex expression)  :: бележка в полето {f}
glossa {n} (zoology: insect’s tongue, lingua)  :: език {m}
glossary {n} (list of words with their definitions)  :: речник {m}, речниково гнездо {n}
glossy {adj} (having a reflective surface)  :: лъскав, полиран
glove {n} (item of clothing)  :: ръкави́ца {f}
glove {n} (baseball: ability to catch a hit ball)  :: хващане {n}
glove box {n} (glove compartment) SEE: glove compartment  ::
glove compartment {n} (compartment recessed in an automobile’s dashboard)  :: жабка {f}
glow {v} (to give off light from heat or to emit light as if heated)  :: грея, светя
glow {v} (to radiate some emotional quality like light)  :: сияя
glow {n} (the state of a glowing object)  :: нажеженост {f}
glow {n} (the brilliance or warmth of color in an environment or on a person)  :: сияние {n}
glower {v} (to look or stare with anger)  :: гледам сърдито
glower {n} (an angry stare or glare)  :: сърдит поглед {m}
glue {n} (sticky adhesive substance)  :: лепило {n}
gluey {adj} (viscous and adhesive, as glue)  :: лепкав
glug {v} (to quickly swallow liquid)  :: пия на големи глътки
glum {adj} (despondent)  :: навъсен, намръщен
glut {n} (excess)  :: насищане {n}
glut {v} (fill, satisfy, sate)  :: насищам, пресищам
gluteus {n} ((anatomy) one of the several muscles of nates)  :: бедрен мускул {m}
glutton {n} (wolverine) SEE: wolverine  ::
glutton {n} (one who eats voraciously)  :: лакомник {m}, чревоугодник {m}
gluttonize {v} (to eat an excessive amount)  :: тъпча се, ям лакомо
gluttonous {adj} (given to excessive eating; prone to overeating)  :: ненаситен {m}, чревоугоднически {m}
gluttonous {adj} (greedy)  :: алчен {m}, ненаситен {m}
gluttony {n} (the vice of eating to excess)  :: лакомия {f}, ненаситност {f}, чревоугодие {n}
glycolysis {n} (cellular degradation of glucose)  :: глюкоза {f}
glyph {n} (carved relief representing a sound, word or idea)  :: глиф {m}
glyph {n} (graphic representation of a character)  :: символ {m}
glyptic {adj} (Of or pertaining to engraving)  :: резбарски, гравьорски
glyptics {n} (The art of engraving)  :: резбарство {n}, гравьорство {n}
gnarl {n} (knot in wood)  :: чеп {m}, чвор {m}
gnarl {v} (to snarl)  :: ръмжа
gnarled {adj} (knotty and misshapen)  :: чепат, чворест
gnarly {adj} (gnarled) SEE: gnarled  ::
gnash {v} (to grind one's teeth in pain or in anger)  :: скърцам със зъби
gnat {n} (any small insect of the order Diptera)  :: комар {m}
gnaw {v} (to bite something persistently)  :: гриза́ {impf}, гло́жда {impf}
gnaw {v} (to produce anxiety or worry)  :: глождя, терзая
gnawer {n} (rodent or other similar type of animal that gnaws)  :: гризач {m}
gnome {n} (legendary being)  :: джудже {n}, гном {m}
gnome {n} (elemental being of earth)  :: гном {m}
gnome {n} (dwarf, goblin)  :: джудже {n}
Gnosticism {n} (Gnosticism)  :: гностицизъм
go {v} (die) SEE: die  ::
go {v} (lead (tend or reach in a certain direction)) SEE: lead  ::
go {v} (to move through space (especially from one place to another) )  :: оти́вам, хо́дя, вървя́, я́здя [by transport] {impf}
go {v} (leave) SEE: leave  ::
go {v} (attack) SEE: attack  ::
go {v} (attend) SEE: attend  ::
go {v} (change) SEE: change  ::
go {v} (walk) SEE: walk  ::
go {v} (extend) SEE: extend  ::
go {v} (of time: elapse, pass) SEE: elapse  ::
Goa {prop} (state in western India)  :: Го́а {f}
goad {n} (pointed stick used to prod animals)  :: остен {m}
goad {v} (to encourage or stimulate)  :: подтиквам
goad {v} (to incite or provoke)  :: поощрявам, подстрекавам
goal {n} (result one is attempting to achieve)  :: цел {f}
goal {n} (in many sports, an area into which the players attempt to put an object)  :: врата {f}
goal {n} ((sport) act of placing the object into the goal)  :: гол {m}
goal {n} (point(s) scored)  :: гол {m}
goalie {n} (colloquial form of goalkeeper or goaltender)  :: вратар {m}
goalkeeper {n} (player that protects a goal)  :: вратар
goaltender {n} (player that protects a goal) SEE: goalkeeper  ::
goat {n} (animal)  :: коза̀ {f} [female], козѐл {m} [male]
goat {n} (lecherous man)  :: пръч {m}
goatee {n} (beard at the center of the chin)  :: козя брадичка {f}
goatfish {n} (Mullus barbatus)  :: барбун {m}
goatling {n} (A young goat)  :: козле {n}
goatsucker {n} (Caprimulgidae)  :: козодой {m}
gob {n} (lump of soft or sticky material)  :: буца {f}
gob {n} (slang: mouth)  :: плювалник {m}
gob {n} (slang: saliva or phlegm)  :: плюнка {f}
gob {n} (military slang: sailor)  :: моряк {m}
gob {v} (to spit)  :: плюя
gobble {v} (to make the sound of a turkey)  :: крякам
gobble {v} (to eat hastily or greedily)  :: плюскам, нагъвам
gobbler {n} (slang: turkey)  :: пуяк {m}
gobbler {n} (one who eats quickly)  :: лакомник {m}
Gobelin {n} (a mainly French and Flemish type of tapestry)  :: гоблен {m}
go-between {n} (An intermediary or middleman)  :: посредник {m}
goblet {n} (drinking vessel with a foot and stem)  :: бокал {m}, чаша със столче {f}
goblet drum {n} (drum from the Middle-East and North Africa)  :: тарамбука {m}
goblin {n} (hostile diminutive humanoid in fantasy literature)  :: го́блин {m}, таласъм {m}
go-cart {n} (support children as they learn to walk)  :: проходилка {f}
go-cart {n} (a racing vehicle)  :: картинг {m}
god {n} (deity)  :: бог {m}
god {v} (deify)  :: обожествявам
God {n} (omnipotent being)  :: Бог {m}
God {prop} (single deity of monotheism)  :: бог {m}
God {prop}  :: бог {m}
godchild {n} (a child whose baptism is sponsored by a godparent)  :: кръщелник {m}
goddamn {adj} (intensifier)  :: пуст, проклет
goddess {n} (female deity)  :: богиня {f} /bogínja/
godfather {n} (man present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner)  :: кръстник {m}
godfather {n} (mafia leader)  :: кръстник {m}
godforsaken {adj} (particularly awful; very bad; miserable; terrible)  :: затънтен
godless {adj} (not acknowledging any deity or god; without belief in any deity or god)  :: безбожен /bezbóžen/
godlike {adj} (having characteristics of a god)  :: божествен, богоподобен
godliness {n} (the condition and quality of being godly)  :: набожност {f}, благочестивост {f}
godly {adj} (of or pertaining to a god)  :: божи, божествен
godly {adj} (devoted to a god or God)  :: набожен, благочестив
go down {v} (descend)  :: спу́скам се, сли́зам, сля́за
go down {v} (decrease)  :: намаля́вам, намале́я
go down {v} (fall)  :: па́дам, па́дна
go down {v} (stop functioning)  :: спирам /spíram/, спра /spra/, падам /pádam/, падна /pádna/
go down {v} (be received)  :: прие́мам, прие́ма
go down {v} (be remembered)  :: по́мня, запо́мня, запо́мням
go down {v} (happen)  :: слу́чвам се, слу́ча се
godsend {n} (an unexpected good fortune)  :: божи дар {m}
godwit {n} (Bird)  :: крайбрежен бекас {m}
goer {n} (foot) SEE: foot  ::
Goethe {prop} (surname)  :: Гьоте /G'óte/
goffer {v} (To make wavy; to crimp)  :: набирам, плисирам
goggle {n} (a pair of protective eyeglasses) SEE: goggles  ::
goggle {v} (stare with wide eyes)  :: пуля се
goggle {n} (a wide-eyed stare)  :: пулене {n}
goggles {n} (protective eyewear)  :: предпазни очила {n-p}
Gogol {prop} (Gogol)  :: Гогол /Gógol/
goitre {n} (enlargement of the neck)  :: гуша {f}
gold {n} (element)  :: зла́то {n}
gold {n} (coin)  :: жълтица {f}
gold {n} (colour)  :: злато {n}
gold {n} (bullseye)  :: център на мишена {m}
gold {n} (gold medal)  :: златен медал {m}
gold {adj} (made of gold)  :: златен
gold {adj} (having the colour of gold)  :: златист
gold-bearing {adj} (containing or producing gold)  :: златоносен
Gold Coast {prop} (in Australia)  :: Гоулд Коуст {m}
goldcrest {n} (bird)  :: жълтоглаво кралче {n}
gold digger {n} (someone who digs or mines for gold)  :: златотърсач {m}
gold dust {n} (Gold in the form of very small pieces)  :: златен пясък {m}
gold dust {n} (Aurinia saxatilis)  :: игловръх {m}
golden {adj} (made of, or relating to, gold)  :: златен /zláten/
golden {adj} (having a colour or other richness suggestive of gold)  :: златен
golden {adj} (relating to a fiftieth anniversary)  :: златен
golden-crested wren {n} (goldcrest) SEE: goldcrest  ::
golden eagle {n} (large bird of prey)  :: ска́лен о́рел {m}
goldeneye {n} (duck)  :: потапница {f}, звънарка {f}
goldeneye {n} (fly of the family Chrysopidae)  :: златоочица {f}
Golden Gate {prop} (Golden Gate Bridge) SEE: Golden Gate Bridge  ::
Golden Gate Bridge {prop} (suspension bridge in California)  :: мост Голдън Гейт {m} /most Goldǎn Gejt/
Golden Horde {prop} (the Mongol invaders)  :: Зла́тна орда́ {f}
golden ratio {n} (Irrational number)  :: златно сечение /zlatno cečenie/
goldenrod {n} (plant)  :: златник {m}, енчец {m}
goldfish {n} (fish)  :: златна рибка {f} /zlátna ríbka/
goldsmith {n} (person who forges things out of gold)  :: златар {m}
golf {n} (ball game)  :: голф {m}
golf {v} (play golf)  :: играя голф
golf club {n} (the implement)  :: стик за голф {m}
golf club {n} (a club or organization)  :: голф клуб
Golgotha {prop} (the crucifixion hill)  :: Голгота {f}
Golodomor {prop} (Holodomor) SEE: Holodomor  ::
Gomel {prop} (city)  :: Го́мел {m}
gondola {n} (narrow boat, especially in Venice)  :: гондола {f}
gondolier {n} (Venetian boatman who propels a gondola)  :: гондолиер {m}
gonfalon {n} (a standard or ensign)  :: хоругва {f}
gong {n} (percussion instrument)  :: гонг {m}
gonorrhea {n} (STD)  :: гоноре́я {f}, три́пер {m}
good {adj} (acting in the interest of good; ethical good intentions)  :: до́бър
good {adj} (useful for a particular purpose)  :: добър, доброкачествен
good {adj} (of food, edible; not stale or rotten)  :: добър, годен
good {adj} (pleasant; enjoyable)  :: хубав
good {adj} (of people, competent or talented)  :: добър
good {adj} (favourable)  :: добър
good {n} (the forces of good)  :: добро {n}
good {n} (good result)  :: полза {f}, печалба {f}
good {n} (item of merchandise)  :: стока {f-p}
good afternoon {phrase} (greeting said in the afternoon)  :: до́бър ден
goodbye {interj} (farewell)  :: дови́ждане, сбогом, на добър час!
goodbye {n} (an utterance of goodbye)  :: дови́ждане {n}
good day {phrase} (greeting between sunrise and sunset)  :: до́бър ден
good-den {interj} (good evening) SEE: good evening  ::
good evening {n} (greeting said in the evening)  :: до́бър ве́чер
good-fellowship {n} (the spirit of goodwill)  :: дружба {f}, другарство {n}
good fortune {n} (good luck) SEE: good luck  ::
Good Friday {prop} (The Friday before Easter Sunday, the commemoration of the day on which Christ was crucified)  :: Разпе́ти пе́тък {m}
goodhearted {adj} (kind, generous and altruistic)  :: добър, добродушен
goodish {adj} (rather good than the contrary)  :: сносен
good-looking {adj} (attractive)  :: ху́бав, краси́в
good luck {interj} (wish of fortune or encouragement)  :: на до́бър час!, успех!
good morning {interj} (when seeing someone for the first time in the morning)  :: добро́ у́тро
goodness {n} (state or characteristic of being good)  :: добрина {f}, доброта {f}
goodness {n} (Christianity: moral virtue)  :: добродетел {f}
good night {phrase} (a farewell)  :: лека нощ
goods {n} (that which is produced, traded, bought or sold)  :: товар {m}
good-tempered {adj} (affable)  :: добродушен, благоразположен
goodwill {n} (favorably disposed attitude)  :: благосклонност {f}, добра воля {f}
goody {n} (A small amount of something good to eat)  :: лакомство {n}
gooey {adj} (of or relating to goo)  :: кашест
gooey {adj} (soft, sticky and viscous)  :: лепкав
goof {n} (a mistake or error)  :: гаф {m}
goof {n} (a foolish person)  :: глупак {m}
goof {v} (To make a mistake)  :: обърквам, оплесквам
go-off {n} (start; beginning)  :: старт {m}, начало {n}
Goofy {prop} (a Disney character)  :: Гуфи {m}
google {v} (to search for on the Internet)  :: гугълвам, гугля
Google {prop} (Google (in other scripts, the trademark may also be written in Roman letters))  :: Гугъл {m}
goombah {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
goon {n} (a thug)  :: главорез {m}
goon {n} (a fool)  :: чудак {m}
goosander {n} (diving duck)  :: голям потапник {m}
goose {n} (a grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae)  :: гъ́ска {f}, гъсо́к {m}
gooseberry {n} (fruit)  :: цариградско грозде {m}
goose egg {n} (nothing)  :: нула
goose egg {n} (swelling or bump)  :: цицина {f}
goosefoot {n} (flowering plant of the subfamily Chenopodioideae)  :: кучешка лобода {f}
goose-step {n} (a style of marching)  :: патешко ходене {n}
goose-step {v} (to march with a goose-step)  :: ходя по патешки
go out {v} (to leave, especially a building)  :: изли́зам {impf}, изля́за {pf}
goral {n} (type of ungulate ruminant)  :: горал {m}
Gorbachev {prop} (Russian surname)  :: Горбачо́в {m}
Gordian knot {n} (mythical knot)  :: гордиев възел {m} /górdiev vǎ̀zel/
gore {n} (thick blood)  :: съсирена кръв {f}
gore {v} (to pierce)  :: пробождам
gore {n} (triangular patch of fabric)  :: клин {m}
gorge {n} (deep passage)  :: пролом {m}, клисура {f}
gorge {n} (gullet)  :: гърло {n}
gorge {v} (to eat greedily)  :: тъпча се, ям лакомо
gorilla {n} (ape)  :: горила {f}
Gorizia {prop} (town & province)  :: Гориция
Gorno-Altaysk {prop} (town, centre of the Altai Republic, Russia)  :: Горно-Алтайск {m} /Górno-Altájsk/
gory {adj} (covered with blood, very bloody)  :: кървав, окървавен
goshawk {n} (bird of prey)  :: я́стреб кокошкар {m}
gosling {n} (young goose)  :: гъсе {n}
gospel {n} (first section of New Testament)  :: ева́нгелие
gospel {n} (account of the life, death, and teachings of Jesus)  :: евангелие {n}
gossamer {n} (cobwebs floating in the air)  :: есенна паяжина {f}
gossamer {n} (a soft, sheer fabric)  :: газ {m}, воал {m}
gossip {n} (person)  :: клюкар {m}
gossip {n} (idle talk)  :: клюка {f}, сплетня {f}
gossip {v} (to talk about someone else's private or personal business)  :: клюкарствам
Gostivar {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Гостивар {m} /Gostivar/
Gothenburg {prop} (city on the west coast of Sweden)  :: Гьотеборг {m}
Gothic {prop} (extinct Germanic language)  :: готски {m}
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to the Goths)  :: готски
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to the architectural style)  :: готически
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to a style of fictional writing)  :: готически
Gothic {adj} (of the type formerly used for printing German)  :: готически
Gothic {adj} (of or relating to the goth subculture or lifestyle)  :: готски
go to work {v} (work) SEE: work  ::
gouache {n} (paint)  :: гваш {m}
gouache {n} (painting)  :: гваш {m}
gouge {n} (cut or groove)  :: жлеб {m}
gouge {n} (chisel for scooping)  :: кръстат секач {m}
gouge {v} (make a mark by scooping)  :: издълбавам
goulash {n} (A stew of beef or veal and vegetables, flavoured with paprika and sour cream)  :: гулаш {m} /gúlaš/
gourd {n} (gourd fruit)  :: кратуна {f}
gourd {n} (the dried and hardened shell of a gourd fruit)  :: кратуна {f}
gourd {n} (head)  :: тиква {f}
gourmand {n} (person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink)  :: лакомник {m}
gourmand {n} (person who appreciates good food)  :: чревоугодник {m}
gourmandise {v} (eat food in a gluttonous manner)  :: тъпча се /tǎpča se/
gourmet {adj}  :: деликатесен
gourmet {n} (gourmet; a person who appreciates good food)  :: чревоугодник {m}
gout {n} (arthritic disease)  :: подагра {f}
govern {v} (to exercise sovereign authority in)  :: управлявам
govern {v} (to control the actions of)  :: направлявам
govern {v} (to exercise a determining influence on)  :: влияя
govern {v} (to control the speed or magnitude of)  :: регулирам
govern {v} ((intr.) to exercise political authority)  :: управлявам
govern {v} ((intr.) to have a determining influence)  :: влияя
governable {adj} (capable of being governed)  :: покорен, послушен
governance {n} (the process, or the power, of governing; government or administration)  :: управление {n}
governance {n} (the specific system by which a political system is ruled)  :: режим {m}
governance {n} (the group of people who make up an administrative body)  :: ръководство {n}
governess {n} (woman paid to educate children in their own home)  :: гувернантка {f}
government {n} (body with the power to make and/or enforce laws)  :: прави́телство {n}
governor {n} (leader of a region or state)  :: губернатор {m}
governor {n} (device which regulates or controls)  :: регулатор {m}
gown {n} (loose, flowing upper garment)  :: мантия {f}
gown {n} (woman's dress)  :: рокля {f}
gown {n} (official robe)  :: тога {f}
gown {n} (dressing gown) SEE: dressing gown  ::
grab {v} (to seize)  :: хващам, улавям
grab {v} (to make a sudden grasping or clutching motion (at something))  :: сграбчвам
grab {v} (to restrain someone; to arrest)  :: арестувам, задържам
grab {v} (to grip the attention; to enthrall)  :: завладявам
grab {n} (the act of grabbing something or someone)  :: хващане {n}, сграбчване {n}
grab {n} (a mechanical device that grabs)  :: екскаватор {m}
grace {n} (elegant movement, poise or balance)  :: грация {f}, елегантност {f}
grace {n} (free and undeserved favour, especially of God)  :: благоволение {n}
grace {n} (relief period for a debtor)  :: отсрочка {f}
grace {v} (to adorn; to decorate; to embellish and dignify)  :: украсявам
graceful {adj} (showing grace)  :: грациозен, елегантен
gracile {adj} (Slender; thin; lean)  :: строен, тънък
gracility {n} (The property or condition of being gracile.)  :: стройност {f}
gracious {adj} (kind and warmly courteous)  :: любезен
gracious {adj} (indulgent)  :: милостив, снизходителен
Grad {n} (rocket launcher)  :: Град {m}
gradation {n} (a sequence of gradual, successive stages; a systematic progression)  :: градация {f}, степенуване {n}
gradation {n} (a passing by small degrees from one tone or shade, as of color, to another)  :: градация {f}
gradation {n} (the act of gradating or arranging in grades)  :: градация {f}
gradation {n} (a calibration marking)  :: градуировка {f}
grade {n} (rating)  :: оце́нка {f}
grade {n} (performance expressed by a number, letter, or other symbol)  :: оце́нка {f}
grade {n} (degree or level of something)  :: степен {f}, ранг {m}, клас {m}
grade {n} (slope of a roadway or other passage)  :: наклон {m}
grade {n} (level of pre-collegiate education)  :: клас {m}
grade {n} (level of the ground)  :: ниво {n}
grade {v} (to assign scores to a test)  :: оценявам
grade {v} (to assign score to performance)  :: оценявам
grade {v} (to flatten a large surface)  :: изравнявам
gradient {n} (slope or incline)  :: наклон
gradient {n} (rate of inclination or declination of a slope)  :: наклон {m}
gradient {n} (in calculus)  :: градиент {m}
gradient {n} (in physics)  :: градиент {m}
gradient {n} (in vector algebra)  :: градиент {m}
gradual {adj} (proceeding by steps or small degrees)  :: постепенен
gradual {n} (antiphone or responsory)  :: тропар {m}
gradually {adv} (in gradual manner)  :: постепенно
graduate {n} (from a university)  :: абсолвент {m}
graduate {v} (to be recognized by a university as having completed the requirements of a degree)  :: завършвам университет
graduate {v} (to become a graduate at a ceremony)  :: абсолвирам се
graduate {v} (to mark a scale on (something) so it can be used for measuring)  :: градуирам
graduation {n} (the action or process of graduating)  :: абсолвиране {n}
graduation {n} (a marking (i.e. on a container) indicating a measurement)  :: градуиране {n}
graft {n} (small shoot or scion)  :: калем {m}, присад {m}
graft {v} (to insert a graft in another tree)  :: присаждам, ашладисвам
graft {n} (corruption in official life)  :: подкуп {m}
graft {n} (bribe)  :: подкуп {m}
grain {n} (harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops)  :: зърно́ {n}
grain {n} (single seed of grain)  :: зърно {n}, зрънце {n}
grain {n} (the crops from which grain is harvested)  :: зърнени храни {f-p}
grain {n} (linear texture of material or surface)  :: зърнистост {f}, текстура {f}
grain {n} (single particle of a substance)  :: частица {f}
grain {n} (unit of weight)  :: гран {m}
grain {v} (to make granular)  :: гранулирам
grained {adj} (Having a grain or grains)  :: зърнест, гранулиран
gram {n} (unit of mass)  :: грам {m}
gram {n} (Cicer arietinum)  :: нахут {m}
grammar {n} (rules for speaking and writing a language)  :: грама́тика {f}
grammar {n} (study of internal structure and use of words)  :: граматика {f}
grammar {n} (book describing grammar)  :: учебник по граматика {m}
grammary {n} (grammar) SEE: grammar  ::
grammatical case {n} (mode of inflection of a word)  :: падеж {m} /padéž/ / паде́ж {m}
grammatical mood {n} (in grammar, type of the relationship)  :: наклонение /naklonenie/
gramophone {n} (record player)  :: грамофо́н {m}
grampus {n} (killer whale) SEE: orca  ::
granary {n} (storage facility)  :: хамбар {m}
granary {n} (fertile, grain-growing region)  :: житница {f}
granary bread {n} (bread)  :: пълнозърнест хляб {m}
grand {adj} (of large size or extent)  :: голям, велик
grand {adj} (great in size, and fine or imposing in appearance or impression)  :: величествен, импозантен
grand {n} (one thousand of some currency)  :: хилядарка {f}
grandchild {n} (child of someone’s child)  :: внук {m}, вну́чка {f}
granddaughter {n} (daughter of someone’s child)  :: вну́чка {f}
grandee {n} (person of high rank)  :: големец {m}, велможа {m}
grandee {n} (high ranking nobleman in Spain or Portugal)  :: гранд {m}
grandee {n} (title for a high ranking nobleman in Spain or Portugal)  :: гранд {m}
grandeur {n} (state of being grand or splendid; magnificence)  :: величие {n}, великолепие {n}
grandeur {n} (nobility)  :: знатност {f}, благородство {n}
grandeur {n} (greatness; largeness; tallness; loftiness)  :: величественост {f}
grandfather {n} (grandfather (from either side))  :: дя́до {m}
grandiloquence {n} (lofty, pompous or bombastic speech or writing)  :: надутост {f}, високопарност {f}
grandiloquent {adj} (overly wordy or elaborate)  :: надут, високопарен
grandiose {adj} (large and impressive, in size, scope or extent)  :: грандиозен, внушителен
grandiose {adj} (pompous or pretentious)  :: помпозен, претенциозен
grandiosity {n} (the state of being grandiose)  :: помпозност {f}, претенциозност {f}
grandmaster {n} (Grandmaster) SEE: Grandmaster  ::
Grandmaster {n} (highest title for chess player)  :: гросмайстор {m} /grosmájstor/
grandmother {n} (mother of someone's parent)  :: ба́ба {f}
grandson {n} (son of one's child)  :: внук {m}
grandstand {n} (seating area)  :: трибуна {f}
grandstand {n} (audience)  :: публика {f}
grandstand {v} (to behave dramatically)  :: парадирам, играя за публиката
granite {n} (type of rock)  :: гранит {m}
granivorous {adj} (grain and seed eating)  :: зърнояден
granny {n} (colloquial: grandmother)  :: баба {f}, бабче {n}
granny {n} (colloquial, derogatory: an elderly woman)  :: старица {f}
grant {v} (To give over)  :: предоставям, отпускам
grant {v} (To bestow or confer, with or without compensation, particularly in answer to prayer or request)  :: предоставям
grant {v} (To admit as true what is not yet satisfactorily proved; to yield belief to; to allow; to yield; to concede)  :: разрешавам, допускам
grant {v} (To assent; to consent)  :: съгласявам се
grant {n} (The act of granting; a bestowing or conferring; concession; allowance; permission)  :: предоставяне {n}, отпускане {n}
grant {n} (The thing or property granted; a gift; a boon)  :: субсидия {f}
grantor {n} ((legal) A person who grants something)  :: дарител {m}
granular {adj} (consisting of, or resembling, grains)  :: зърнист, гранулиран
granulate {v} (to segment)  :: раздробявам, гранулирам
granulation {n} (formation of granules)  :: гранулиране {n}
granulation {n} (condition of being granulated)  :: зърнистост {f}
granule {n} (small particle)  :: зрънце {n}, гранула {f}
grape {n} (fruit)  :: грозде {p}
grape {n} (vine)  :: лоза {f}
grape {adj} (flavour)  :: гроздов
grape {n} (grapeshot) SEE: grapeshot  ::
grapefruit {n} (tree)  :: грейпфру́т {m}
grapefruit {n} (a large, round tart fruit)  :: грейпфру́т {m}
grape hyacinth {n} (Muscari racemosum)  :: кукувиче грозде {n}
grapery {n} (a place used for grape cultivation)  :: лозе {n}
grapeshot {n} (type of shot)  :: карте́ч {m}
grapevine {n} (the plant on which grapes grow)  :: лоза {f}
grapevine {n} (informal means of circulating gossip)  :: лъжлив слух
graph {n} (mathematical diagram)  :: графика {f}, диаграма {f}
graph {n} (an ordered pair in graph theory)  :: граф {m}
graphene {n} (large-scale, one-atom thick layer of graphite)  :: графен
graphic {adj} (drawn, pictorial)  :: графичен, изобразителен
graphic {adj} (vivid, descriptive)  :: нагледен
graphite {n} (form of carbon)  :: графит {m}
graphite {n} (colour)  :: графит {m}
grapple {v} (to seize and hold firmly)  :: хващам, сграбчвам
grapple {v} (to ponder and intensely evaluate a problem)  :: боря се, преодолявам
grapple {v} (to wrestle or struggle)  :: боря се
grapple {n} (tool with claws or hooks)  :: абордажна кука {f}
grapple {n} (a close hand-to-hand struggle)  :: абордаж {m}
grasp {v} (to grasp) SEE: hold  ::
grasp {v} (to grip)  :: хващам, улавям
grasp {v} (to understand)  :: схващам, осъзнавам
grasp {n} (grip)  :: хващане {n}, хватка {f}
grasp {n} (understanding)  :: разбиране {n}, схватливост {f}
grasping {adj} (Greedy, eager for wealth)  :: алчен, ненаситен
grass {n} (ground cover plant)  :: трева́ {f}
grass {n} (lawn)  :: морава {f}, тревна площ {f}
grass {n} (marijuana)  :: хашиш {m}
grass {n} (informer)  :: издайник {m}, информатор {m}
grass {v} (to inform on)  :: издавам, предавам
grass {v} (To cover with grass or with turf)  :: затревявам
grass-green {adj} (Of a bright green colour, like that of grass.)  :: яркозелен, тревнозелен
grasshopper {n} (an insect of the order Orthoptera)  :: скакалец
grass mud horse {n} (Mythical Baidu deity used for circumventing censorship)  :: кон от глина и трева /kon ot glina i treva/
grass snake {n} (Natrix natrix)  :: смок {m} {}
grassy {adj} (covered with grass)  :: тревист, покрит с трева
grate {n} (a horizontal metal grill)  :: ска́ра {f}, реше́тка {f}
grate {v} (shred)  :: стържа, настъргвам
grate {v} (irritate)  :: дразня
grate {v} (to make an unpleasant rasping sound)  :: скърцам
grateful {adj} (showing gratitude)  :: благодарен /blagodáren/, признателен /priznátelen/
grateful {adj} (recognizing the importance of a source of pleasure)  :: признателен
gratefulness {n} (the state of being grateful)  :: благодарност {f}, признателност {f}
grater {n} (A tool with which one grates)  :: ренде {n} /rende/, стъргало {n} /stǎrgalo/
gratification {n} (act of gratifying, or pleasing)  :: удовлетворение {n}, задоволство {n}
gratification {n} (that which affords pleasure)  :: удоволствие {n}
gratification {n} (reward; recompense; gratuity)  :: възнаграждение {n}
gratify {v} (to please)  :: задоволявам, удовлетворявам
gratify {v} (to make content, satisfy)  :: доставям удоволствие
grating {adj} (harsh and unpleasant)  :: стържещ, дразнещ
grating {n} (barrier)  :: решетка {f}
grating {n} (frame to hold a fire)  :: скара {f}
gratis {adv} (free, without charge) SEE: for free  ::
gratis {adj} (free of charge) SEE: free of charge  ::
gratitude {n} (state of being grateful)  :: благодарност {f}, признателност {f}
gratuitous {adj} (given freely)  :: безплатен, безкористен
gratuitous {adj} (not called for by the circumstances)  :: ненужен, безпричинен
gratuity {n} (reward provided freely, without obligation)  :: паричен подарък {m}
gratuity {n} (service charge)  :: бакшиш {m}
gratulate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate  ::
graupel {n} (supercooled droplets of water condense on a snowflake)  :: суграшица {f}
gravamen {n} (The grievance complained of)  :: оплакване {n}, жалба {f}
grave {n} (excavation for burial)  :: гроб {m}
grave {v} (to carve letters or similar)  :: гравирам
grave {v} (to carve to give a shape)  :: изрязвам
grave {v} (to impress on the mind)  :: запечатвам
grave {adj} (having a sense of seriousness)  :: сериозен
grave {adj} (serious in a negative sense)  :: тежък, сериозен
graveclothes {n} (The clothes in which a corpse is buried)  :: саван {m}, покров {m}
gravedigger {n} (a person employed to dig graves)  :: гробар {m}
gravedigger {n} (A necrophore, or burying beetle)  :: бръмбар-гробар {m}
gravel {n} (small fragments of rock)  :: чакъл {m} /čakǎ̀l/
gravelly {adj} (covered with gravel or pebbles)  :: чакълест
gravelly {adj} (unpleasantly harsh or rasping)  :: дрезгав
graver {n} (burin)  :: гравьорско длето {n}
graver {n} (carver or engraver)  :: гравьор {m}
graveyard {n} (tract of land in which the dead are buried)  :: гро́бище {n}
graveyard shift {n} (a night shift, such as especially one from midnight to 8AM on a three-shift schedule)  :: нощна смяна {f}
gravid {adj} (pregnant; now used chiefly of egg-laying animals, or metaphorically)  :: бременна
gravitate {v} (to move under the force of gravity)  :: бивам притеглен
gravitate {v} (to tend or drift towards someone or something, as though being pulled by gravity)  :: гравитирам
gravitation {n} (fundamental force of attraction)  :: гравитация {f}
gravitational interaction {n} (gravitational interaction in physics)  :: гравитационно взаимодействие {n}
gravitational wave {n} (fluctuation in spacetime that propagates as a wave at the speed of light)  :: гравитационна вълна {f} /gravitatsionna vŭlna/
gravity {n} (resultant force on Earth's surface)  :: земно притегляне {n}
gravity {n} (gravitation, gravity force on two mass bodies)  :: гравитация {f}
gravity {n} (graveness, the condition or state of being grave)  :: сериозност {f}, важност {f}
gravlax {n} (appetizer of dry-cured salmon)  :: гравлакс {m}
gravy {n} (sauce)  :: заливка {f}, сос {m}
gray {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember)  :: сив
grayling {n} (Thymallus thymallus)  :: липан {m} /lipán/
grayling {n} (Hipparchia semele)  :: кафявопетнист сатир {m}
graze {n} (act of grazing or scratching lightly)  :: докосване {n}, закачане {n}
graze {n} (light scratch)  :: драскотина {f}
graze {v} (to feed or supply with grass)  :: паса́ {impf}
graze {v} (to eat grass from a pasture)  :: паса́ {impf}
graze {v} (to tend cattle while grazing)  :: паса
graze {v} (to rub or touch lightly the surface of in passing)  :: закачам, одрасквам
graze {v} (to cause a slight wound to)  :: обелвам си кожата
grease {n} (animal fat)  :: мас {f}, мазнина {f}
grease {n} (oily or fatty matter)  :: ма́сло {n}, сма́зка {f}
grease {n} (shorn but not yet cleansed wool)  :: непрана вълна {f}
grease {v} (put grease or fat on something)  :: смазвам
grease {v} (to bribe)  :: подкупвам
greaseball {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
greasepaint {n} (mixture of grease and coloring)  :: грим {m}
greaseproof {adj} (Resistant to grease)  :: маслоустойчив
greasy {adj} (having a slippery surface)  :: хлъзгав
greasy {adj} (Containing a lot of grease or fat)  :: мазен, тлъст
great {adj} (important) SEE: important  ::
great {adj} (very big, large scale)  :: голя́м
great {adj} (very good)  :: чуде́сен, отли́чен
great {adj} (important title)  :: велик
Great Barrier Reef {prop} (Great Barrier Reef)  :: Голям бариерен риф {m} /Goljam barieren rif/
Great Britain {prop} (island)  :: Великобрита́ния {f}
greatcoat {n} (heavy overcoat)  :: балтон {m}, шинел {m}
Greater London {prop} (City of London, Westminster and 31 other London boroughs)  :: Голям Лондон {m} /Goljám Lóndon/
great-granddaughter {n} (the daughter of someone's grandchild)  :: пра́внучка {f}
great-grandfather {n} (father of grandparent)  :: прадядо {m}
great-grandmother {n} (mother of one's grandparent)  :: праба́ба {f}
great-grandson {n} (son of a grandchild)  :: пра́внук {m}
greathearted {adj} (bighearted) SEE: bighearted  ::
greatly {adv} (to a great extent)  :: много, значително
greatness {n} (The state, condition, or quality of being great; as, greatness of size, greatness of mind, power, etc)  :: величие {n}
greatness {n} (Pride; haughtiness)  :: високомерие {n}
great northern diver {n} (large member of the diver family, Gavia immer)  :: черноклюн гмуркач {m}
great northern loon {n} (great northern diver) SEE: great northern diver  ::
Great Pyramid at Giza {prop} (Great Pyramid of Giza) SEE: Great Pyramid of Giza  ::
Great Pyramid of Giza {prop} (the largest and most famous of the Egyptian pyramids)  :: Хеопсова пирамида {f} /Xeopsova piramida/
great skua {n} (Great Skua)  :: скуа {f}
great spotted woodpecker {n} (species of woodpecker)  :: голям пъстър кълвач
great tit {n} (Bird)  :: голям синигер
Great Wall of China {prop} (Chinese fortification)  :: Великата китайска стена {f}
greaves {n} (residue from animal fat)  :: пръжки {f-p}
grebe {n} (any of several waterbirds in the family Podicipedidae)  :: гмурец {m}
Greece {prop} (Country in Southeastern Europe)  :: Гъ̀рция {f}
greed {n} (selfish desire for more than is needed)  :: алчност {f}
greedy {adj} (having greed; consumed by selfish desires)  :: алчен
greedy {adj} (prone to overeat)  :: лаком
Greek {n} (inhabitant, etc., of Greece)  :: грък {m}, гъркиня {f}
Greek {prop} (language of the Greek people)  :: гръ̀цки {m} [ези́к]
Greek {adj} (of the Greek language, people or country)  :: гръцки /grətski/
Greek fire {n} (flammable substance)  :: гръцкият огън {m}
Greek Orthodox Church {prop} (Greek Orthodox Church)  :: Гръцката православна църква {f} /Grŭtskata pravoslavna tsŭrkva/
green {adj} (having green as its colour)  :: зеле́н {m}
green {adj} (inexperienced)  :: неопитен
green {adj} (envious)  :: завистлив
green {adj} (of bacon, etc.: unprocessed, raw)  :: суров
green {adj} (of fruit: unripe)  :: неузрял
green {adj} (of wine: acidic or too acidic)  :: кисел
green {adj} (lumber)  :: неизсъхнал
green {n} (colour)  :: зеле́н {m}
green {v} (make (something) green)  :: позеленявам
green {v} (add green spaces to)  :: озеленявам
green-blind {adj} (unable to see the color green)  :: далтонист
greenery {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana  ::
greenery {n} (green foliage)  :: зеленина {f}, растителност {f}
greenery {n} (foliage used as decoration)  :: зелена украса {f}
green-eyed {adj} (having green eyes)  :: зеленоок
green-eyed {adj} (jealous)  :: ревнив, завистлив
greengage {n} (a plum with greenish-yellow flesh and skin)  :: ренглота {f}
greengrocer {n} (person who sells fresh vegetables and fruit)  :: зарзаватчия {m}
greenheart {n} (A type of tree (Chlorocardium rodiei) native to Guyana.)  :: зелен абанос {m}
greenhorn {n} (inexperienced person)  :: новак {m}
greenhouse {n} (building in which plants are grown more quickly than outside)  :: парни́к {m}
greenhouse effect {n} (process by which a planet is warmed by its atmosphere)  :: парников ефект {m}
Greenland {prop} (a large self-governing island in North America)  :: Гренла́ндия {f}
Greenlander {n} (a person from Greenland or of Greenlandic descent)  :: гренландец {m} /grenlandets/
Greenlandic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Greenland, its people or language) SEE: Greenlandish  ::
Greenlandic {prop} (language) SEE: Greenlandish  ::
Greenlandish {prop} (language)  :: гренландски език {m} /grenlándski ezík/
greenness {n} (state of being green (green in color))  :: зеленина {f}
greensward {n} (Land that is green with grass.)  :: поляна {f}, морава {f}
green woodpecker {n} (Picus viridis)  :: зелен кълвач {m}
greet {v} (to address with salutations or expressions of kind wishes)  :: поздравявам, приветствам
greet {v} (to come upon, or meet, as with something that makes the heart glad)  :: посрещам, приемам
greet {v} (to accost; to address)  :: заговарям
greeting {n} (acknowledgement of a persons presence or arrival)  :: поздрав {m}, приветствие {n}
greeting card {n} (card sent as a greeting)  :: поздравителна картичка {f} /pozdravítelna kártička/
gregarious {adj} (of a person who enjoys being in crowds)  :: общителен
gregarious {adj} (of animals that travel in herds)  :: събиращ се на ята
Gregorian calendar {prop} (calendar)  :: григориа́нски календа́р {m}
gremlin {n} (A mythical creature )  :: гном {m}
Grenada {prop} (Caribbean country)  :: Грена́да {f}
grenade {n} (pomegranate) SEE: pomegranate  ::
grenade {n} (small explosive device)  :: грана́та {f}
Grenadian {n} (A person from Grenada)  :: гренадец {m}
Grenadian {adj} (pertaining to Grenada)  :: гренадски {m-p}
grenadier {n} (soldier)  :: гренадир {m}
grenadier {n} (fish)  :: миша опашка {f}
grey {adj} (having a color somewhere between white and black, as the ash of an ember)  :: сив
grey heron {n} (the Old World wading bird Ardea cinerea of the heron family)  :: сива чапла {f} /siva čapla/
greyhound {n} (lean breed of dog used in hunting and racing)  :: хрътка {f}
greylag {n} (large European goose) SEE: greylag goose  ::
greylag goose {n} (Anser anser)  :: сива гъска {f} /siva găska/
Grez {prop} (Grez)  :: Грез {m} /Gres/
grid {n} (rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size)  :: мрежа {f}, растер {m}
grid {n} (electricity delivery system)  :: електропреносна мрежа {f}, електрическа мрежа {f}
grid {n} (in computing)  :: мрежа {f}
grid {n} (electrode of a vacuum tube)  :: решетка {f}
griddle {n} (flat plate for cooking)  :: готварска плоча {f}
gride {v} (To produce a grinding or scraping sound)  :: стържа, скърцам
gridiron {n} (rack or grate for broiling)  :: скара {f}
gridiron {n} (any object resembling rack or grate)  :: решетка {f}
grief {n} (sadness)  :: мъка {f}, скръб {f}, печал {f}
grief-stricken {adj}  :: опечален
grievance {n} (complaint)  :: оплакване {n}, недоволство {n}
grievance {n} (formal complaint)  :: жалба {f}
grieve {v} (to cause sorrow to)  :: огорчавам, наскърбявам
grieve {v} (to feel very sad about)  :: скърбя
grievous {adj} (causing grief, pain or sorrow)  :: скръбен, печален, мъчителен
grievous {adj} (Serious, grave, dire or dangerous.)  :: тежък, сериозен
griffin {n} (mythical beast having the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle)  :: грифон {m}
griffon {n} (legendary creature) SEE: griffin  ::
griffon vulture {n} (Gyps fulvus)  :: белоглав лешояд /beloglav lešojad/
grill {n} (grating, grid)  :: скара
grill {n} (vehicle front cover)  :: решетка {f}
grill {n} (barbecue)  :: скара {f}, барбекю {n}
grill {v} (cook food)  :: пека на скара
grim {adj} (dismal and gloomy, cold and forbidding)  :: строг, суров, неприветлив
grim {adj} (rigid and unrelenting)  :: неумолим, непреклонен
grim {adj} (ghastly or sinister)  :: мрачен, зловещ
grimace {n} (a distortion of the face)  :: гримаса {f}
grimace {v} (to make grimaces)  :: гримаснича
grimalkin {n} (a cat)  :: стара котка {f}
grimalkin {n} (an old woman)  :: зла старица {f}, вещица
grime {n} (Dirt that is ingrained and difficult to remove)  :: мръсотия {f}, кир {f}
Grim Reaper {prop} (personification of Death)  :: а́нгел на смъ́ртта {m}
grimy {adj} (covered with grime)  :: мръсен, кирлив
grind {v} (to make smaller by breaking with a device)  :: раздробявам, меля, смилам
grind {v} (to remove material by rubbing with an abrasive surface)  :: шлифовам, полирам
grinder {n} (one who grinds)  :: точилар {m}
grinder {n} (molar)  :: кътник {m}
grinder {n} (tool)  :: точило {n}, шлайф {m}
grinder {n} (kitchen gadget)  :: мелничка {f}
grindstone {n} (wheel for grinding)  :: точило {n}, точилен камък {m}
grip {v} (to grip) SEE: grasp  ::
grip {n} (grip) SEE: grasp  ::
grip {v} (to take hold)  :: хващам, улавям
grip {n} (A hold or way of holding, particularly with the hand)  :: хващане {n}, улавяне, стискане {n}
grip {n} (A handle or other place to grip)  :: дръжка {f}, ръкохватка {f}
gripe {n} (complaint; petty concern)  :: оплакване {n}
gripe {n} (grasp, clutch, grip)  :: хващане {n}, улавяне {n}
gripe {n} (engineering: device for grasping or holding anything)  :: закопчалка {f}
gripe {n} (pinching and spasmodic pain in the intestines)  :: колики {f-p}
gripe {n} (Gyps fulvus) SEE: griffin  ::
grippe {n} (flu) SEE: flu  ::
griseous {adj} (Having a gray, mottled appearance)  :: перлено сив
grisly {adj} (horrifyingly repellent; terrifying, gruesome)  :: ужасен, страшен, зловещ
grist {n} (grain that is to be ground in a mill)  :: мливо {n}
gristle {n} (cartilage)  :: хрущял {m}
grit {n} (husked but unground oats)  :: булгур {m}
gritty {adj} (containing sand or grit)  :: пясъчен, песъчлив
gritty {adj} (spirited; resolute; unyielding)  :: твърд, издръжлив
grizzle {n} (Grey hair, grey wig)  :: сива коса {f}, сива перука {f}
grizzle {v} (To make or become grey, as with age.)  :: посивявам
grizzle {v} (to cry continuously but not very loudly - especially of a young child)  :: хленча
grizzly {n} (grizzly bear) SEE: grizzly bear  ::
grizzly bear {n} (Ursus arctos horribilis)  :: гри́зли {m}
groan {n} (low mournful uttered sound)  :: пъшкане {n}, охкане {n}, стон {m}
groan {n} (low guttural sound uttered in frustration or disapproval)  :: стон {m}, тежка въздишка {f}
groan {v} (to make a groan)  :: пъшкам, охкам, стена
groat {n} (hulled grain)  :: булгур {m}
grocer {n} (person selling foodstuffs and household items)  :: бакалин {m}
grocery {n} (shop or store that sells groceries)  :: бакалия {f} /bakalíja/
grocery store {n} (grocery) SEE: grocery  ::
Grodno {prop} (city)  :: Гродно {m} /Gródno/
grog {n} (alcoholic beverage made with rum and water)  :: грог {m}
grog {n} (alcoholic drink based on hot water and rum)  :: пунш {m}
groggy {adj} (Slowed or weakened, as by drink, sleepiness, etc.)  :: замаян, олюляващ се
groin {n} (long narrow depression of the human body that separates the trunk from the legs)  :: слабина {f}
grommet {n} (reinforced eyelet, or a small metal or plastic ring)  :: илик {m}
gromwell {n} (Lithospermum arvense)  :: птиче просо {n}
groom {n} (bridegroom) SEE: bridegroom  ::
groom {n} (person who cares for horses)  :: коняр {m}
groom {v} (to attend to one's appearance)  :: оправям
groom {v} (to care for animals)  :: тимаря, чистя
groom {v} (to prepare a ski slope)  :: утъпквам
groomsman {n} (attendant to a bridegroom)  :: шафер {m}
groove {n} (long, narrow channel)  :: жлеб {m}, канал
groove {n} (fixed routine)  :: коловоз {m}, рутина {f}
groove {v} (to cut a furrow into a surface)  :: издълбавам, правя жлеб
groovy {adj} (cool, neat, interesting)  :: отличен, превъзходен
grope {v} (obsolete: to feel with or use the hands)  :: опипвам
grope {v} (to search by feeling)  :: търся пипнешком
grope {v} (to touch closely and sexually)  :: опипвам
gropingly {adv} (In a groping manner; blindly)  :: пипнешком
grosbeak {n} (several finches and cardinals that have a large, powerful bill)  :: черешарка {f}
groschen {n} (coin)  :: грош {m}
gross {adj} (disgusting)  :: противен, отвратителен
gross {adj} (coarse, rude, obscene)  :: груб, циничен, неприличен
gross {adj} (bulky, fat)  :: охранен, тлъст
gross {adj} (whole amount, total)  :: общ, брутен
gross {n} (twelve dozen)  :: гроса {f}
gross {n} (total earnings or amount)  :: бруто {n}
Grosseto {prop} (province)  :: Гросето
Grosseto {prop} (town)  :: Гросето
grossly {adv} (in a gross manner)  :: грубо, вулгарно
gross national product {n} (economics)  :: брутен национален продукт {m}
gross weight {n} (total weight of vehicle)  :: бруто тегло {n}
gross weight {n} (total weight of product and its package)  :: бруто тегло {n}
grosz {n} (one hundredth of a Polish zloty)  :: грош {m} /groš/
grotesque {adj} (distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous)  :: странен, уродлив
grotto {n} (small cave)  :: пещера {f}
ground {n} (surface of the Earth)  :: земя́ {f}
ground {n} (soil, earth)  :: земя́ {f}
ground {n} (bottom of a body of water)  :: дъно {n}
ground {n} (basis, foundation, groundwork)  :: основа {f}, база {f}
ground {n} (background, context, framework, surroundings)  :: фон {m}
ground {n} (football field)  :: терен {m}
ground {n} (electrical conductor connected to point of zero potential)  :: заземяване {n}
ground {n} (electrical point of zero potential)  :: земя́ {f}
ground {v} (to connect an electrical conductor)  :: заземявам
ground {adj} (crushed, or reduced to small particles.)  :: смлян
groundbreaking {adj} (innovative)  :: новаторски
grounded {adj} (of a conductor connected to earth)  :: заземен
groundhog {n} (woodchuck) SEE: woodchuck  ::
ground ivy {n} (Glechoma hederacea)  :: самобайка {f}
groundless {adj} (baseless)  :: неоснователен
groundnut {n} (Apios americana)  :: фъстък {m}
ground pine {n} (Ajuga chamaepitys)  :: срещниче {n}
ground pine {n} (Lycopodium complanatum)  :: бухалковиден плаун {m}
groundsel {n} (Senecio)  :: спореж {m}, кръстец {m}
ground squirrel {n} (Spermophilus)  :: суек {m}, лалугер {m}
groundswell {n} (nautical sense)  :: мъртво вълнение {n}
ground water {n} (underground water) SEE: groundwater  ::
groundwater {n} (Water existing beneath the earth's surface in underground streams and aquifers)  :: подпочвена вода {f}
groundwork {n} (foundation)  :: основа {f}, база {f}, основен принцип {m}
group {n} (number of things or persons being in some relation to each other)  :: гру́па {f}
group {n} (in group theory)  :: група {f}
group {n} (people who perform music together)  :: група
group {n} (column in the periodic table)  :: група
group {n} (A set of teams playing against each other in a division, while at the same not playing against other sets of teams of the same division.)  :: група {f}
group {v} (put together to form a group)  :: групирам
group {v} (come together to form a group)  :: групирам се
grouper {n} (fish)  :: групър {m}
grouse {v} (to complain or grumble)  :: мърморя, оплаквам се
grout {n} (mortar used between tiles)  :: фина замазка {f}
grove {n} (small forest)  :: горичка {f}
grove {n} (orchard) SEE: orchard  ::
grovel {v} (to be prone on the ground)  :: лежа по очи
grovel {v} (to crawl)  :: пълзя
grovel {v} (to abase oneself)  :: унижавам се
grovel {v} (to be nice in the hope of securing something)  :: подмазвам се, раболепнича
groveler {n} (A person who grovels.)  :: подлизурко {m}
grow {v} ((intransitive) to become bigger)  :: раста́ {impf}
grow {v} ((intransitive) to appear or sprout)  :: раста
grow {v} ((transitive) to cause something to become bigger)  :: нараствам
growl {n} (deep threatening sound)  :: ръмжене {n}
growl {n} (sound made by a hungry stomach)  :: къркорене {n}
growl {v} (to utter a deep guttural sound)  :: ръмжа
grownup {n} (an adult)  :: възрастен {m}
growth {n} (increase in size)  :: расте́ж {m}
growth {n} (act of growing)  :: нарастване {n}
Grozny {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Гро́зни {m}
grub {n} (immature insect)  :: ларва {f}, личинка {f}
grub {n} (slang: food)  :: храна {f}
grub {v} (scavenge or scrounge)  :: ровя
grubber {n} (One who grubs)  :: търсач {m}
grubber {n} ( A machine or tool)  :: култиватор {m}
grubby {adj} (dirty)  :: мърляв, оцапан
grubby {adj} (having grubs in it)  :: червив
grudge {n} (deep seated animosity)  :: недоволство, неприязън {f}
grudge {v} (to be unwilling to give)  :: свиди ми се
grudgingly {adv} (in a manner expressing resentment or lack of desire)  :: неохотно
gruel {n} (thin watery porridge)  :: каша {f}
gruelling {adj} (so difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted)  :: изтощителен, мъчителен
gruesome {adj} (repellently frightful and shocking; horrific or ghastly)  :: страшен, ужасен
gruff {adj} (rough-, surly-natured)  :: груб, рязък
gruff {adj} (hoarse-voiced)  :: прегракнал, дрезгав
grumble {n} (a low thundering, rumbling or growling sound)  :: тътен {m}
grumble {n} (the sound made by a hungry stomach)  :: куркане {n}, къркорене {n}
grumble {v} (to make a low growling or rumbling animal noise)  :: ръмжа
grumble {v} (to make a low growling or rumbling stomach noise)  :: куркам
grumble {v} (to murmur or mutter with discontent)  :: мърморя, мрънкам
grume {n} (A clot (of blood))  :: съсирена кръв
grump {v} (To complain)  :: мърморя, цупя се
grumpy {adj} (unhappy and/or irritable)  :: нацупен, сръдлив
grunge {n} (subgenre of alternative music)  :: гръндж {m}
grunt {n} (short, snorting sound)  :: сумтене {n}
grunt {n} (cry of a pig)  :: грухтене {n}
grunt {v} (of a person: to make a grunt or grunts)  :: сумтя
grunt {v} (of a pig: to make a grunt or grunts)  :: грухтя
gruntle {v} (grunt) SEE: grunt  ::
Guadalajara {prop} (city in Spain)  :: Гуадалаха́ра {f}
Guadalajara {prop} (city in Jalisco, Mexico)  :: Гуадалаха́ра {f}
Guadalcanal {prop} (Pacific island)  :: Гуадалканал {m}
Guadalquivir {prop} (river in southern Spain)  :: Гуадалкивир {m}
guaiacum {n} (wood)  :: гваяк {m}
Guam {prop} (Territory of Guam)  :: Гуам
guanaco {n} (Lama guanicoe)  :: дива лама {f}
Guangzhou {prop} (Chinese city)  :: Гуанджоу {m} /Guandžóu/
guano {n} (dung from a sea bird or from a bat)  :: гуано {n}, птича тор {f}
guarana {n} (Paullinia cupana, a tree of South America)  :: гуарана {f}
guarantee {n} (anything that assures a certain outcome)  :: гаранция {f}, поръчителство {n}
guarantee {n} (written declaration)  :: гаранция {f}
guarantee {n} (person who gives such a guarantee)  :: гарант {m}, поръчител {m}
guarantee {v} (to give an assurance that something will be done right)  :: гарантирам
guarantee {v} (to assume responsibility for a debt)  :: поръчителствам
guarantee {v} (to make something certain)  :: обезпечавам
guarantor {n} (A person, or company, that gives a guarantee)  :: гарант {m}, поръчител {m}
guard {n} (person who or thing that protects something)  :: стража {f}, охрана
guard {n} (part of machine blocking dangerous parts)  :: протектор {m}
guard {n} (player in sports in general)  :: защитник {m}, гард {m}
guard {v} (to protect from some offence)  :: пазя, защитавам
guard {v} (to keep watch over)  :: пазя, охранявам
guard {v} (to watch by way of caution or defense)  :: предпазвам се
guarded {adj} (Cautious)  :: предпазлив
guarded {adj} (Watched over; supervised)  :: защитен, запазен
guardhouse {n} (The building housing military police)  :: караулно помещение {n}
guardhouse {n} ( A military prison)  :: арест {m}
guardian {n} (guard or watcher)  :: пазител {m}, блюстител {m}
guardian {n} (law: person legally responsible for a minor in loco parentis)  :: настойник {m}, опекун {m}
guardian {n} (law: person responsible for incompetent person)  :: попечител {m}
guardianship {n} (position)  :: попечителство {n}
guardrail {n} (rail set alongside a dangerous place)  :: парапет {m}
Guatemala {prop} (country in Central America)  :: Гватема́ла {f}
Guatemalan {n} (person)  :: гватемалец {m}
Guatemalan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Guatemala or its people)  :: гватемалски {m}
guava {n} (tree or shrub)  :: гуа́ва {f}
guava {n} (fruit)  :: гуа́ва {f}
guberniya {n} (an administrative subdivision in the Russian empire)  :: губе́рния {f}
Guelph {n} (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the Pope)  :: гвелф {m}
guenon {n} (monkey of the genus Cercopithecus)  :: гвенон {m}, морска котка {f}
guerdon {n} (a reward, prize or recompense)  :: награда {f}, възнаграждение {n}
guerrilla {n} (guerrilla war)  :: партизанска война {f}
guerrilla {n} (irregular soldier)  :: партиза́нин {m}
guess {v} (to reach an unqualified conclusion)  :: гадая, отгатвам
guess {v} (to solve by a correct conjecture)  :: досещам се, отгатвам
guess {v} (to suppose)  :: предполагам
guess {n} (prediction about the outcome of something)  :: догадка {f}, предположение {n}
guest {n} (recipient of hospitality)  :: гост {m}
guest {n} (patron, customer)  :: посети́тел {m}, клие́нт {m}
guest {n} (invited performer)  :: гост {m}
guest {v} (to appear as a guest)  :: гостувам
guesthouse {n} (small house for visitors)  :: къща за гости {f}
guesthouse {n} (boarding house) SEE: boarding house  ::
guest worker {n} (guest worker)  :: гастарбайтер {m} /gastárbajter/
guffaw {n} (a boisterous laugh)  :: кикот {m}
guffaw {v} (To laugh boisterously)  :: кикотя се
guidance {n} (the act or process of guiding)  :: ръководство {n} /rǎkovódstvo/, водачество {n}
guidance {n} (advice)  :: упътване {n}
guidance {n} (system to control the path of a vehicle)  :: управление {n}
guide {n} (someone who guides)  :: водач {m}
guide {n} (document, book)  :: ръководство {n}
guide {n} (sign)  :: ориентир {m}
guide {n} (any marking or object that provides quick reference)  :: указание {n}
guide {n} (device)  :: водач {m}
guide {v} (to serve as a guide person)  :: водя
guide {v} (to steer or navigate a ship)  :: управлявам
guide {v} (to supervise education)  :: ръководя
guideline {n} (non-specific rule or principle)  :: директива {f}
guidepost {n} ( a signpost)  :: пътепоказател {m}
guido {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
Guido {prop} (person of Italian descent)  :: жабар {m} /žabár/
guild {n} (association of tradespeople)  :: еснаф {m}, гилдия {f}
guile {n} (astuteness, cunning)  :: хитрост {f}
guile {n} ( Deceptiveness, deceit, fraud, duplicity, dishonesty)  :: измама {f}, коварство {n}
guile {v} (to deceive, to beguile)  :: мамя, хитрувам
guileful {adj} (full of guile)  :: коварен, измамнически
guileless {adj} (honest but naïve)  :: наивен, простодушен
guillemot {n} (seabird)  :: кайра {f}
guilt {n} (responsibility for wrongdoing)  :: вина́
guilt {n} (awareness of having done wrong)  :: виновност {f}
guilt {n} (legal)  :: вина {f}
guiltless {adj} (Free from guilt)  :: невинен
guilty {adj} (responsible for a dishonest act)  :: виновен
guilty {adj} (judged to have committed a crime)  :: виновен
guilty {adj} (having a sense of guilt)  :: гузен
guinea {n} (coin worth 21 shillings)  :: гвинея {f}
guinea {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
Guinea {prop} (Republic of Guinea)  :: Гвине́я {f}
Guinea-Bissau {prop} (Republic of Guinea-Bissau)  :: Гвинея-Бисау {f} /Gvineja-Bisau/
Guinea corn {n} (Sorghum vulgare)  :: сорго {n}
guinea fowl {n} (bird)  :: токачка {f} /tokačka/
guinea pig {n} (rodent)  :: морско свинче {n} /mórsko svinčé/
guinea pig {n} (experimental subject)  :: опитно зайче {n}
Guinevere {prop} (wife of King Arthur)  :: Гуиневир {f}
guise {n} (way of speaking or acting)  :: държание {n}
guise {n} (cover; cloak)  :: маскировка {f}, прикритие {n}
guitar {n} (musical instrument)  :: кита́ра {f}
Gujarat {prop} (state in India)  :: Гуджара́т {m}
Gujarati {prop} (language)  :: гуджара́ти {m}
gulch {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton  ::
gulch {n} (act of gulping) SEE: gulp  ::
gulch {n} (a narrow v-shaped valley)  :: клисура {f}
gules {adj} (heraldry, of the colour red)  :: червен
gulf {n} (geography)  :: за́лив {m}
gulf {n} (Abyss, chasm)  :: пропаст {f}, бездна {f}
Gulf of Finland {prop} (arm of the Baltic Sea)  :: Фи́нски зали́в {m}
Gulf of Mexico {prop} (gulf between USA and Mexico)  :: Мексикански залив {m}
Gulf of Naples {prop} (Mediterranean gulf along the coast of Campania)  :: Неаполски залив {m}
Gulf Stream {prop} (warm ocean current)  :: Гълфстри́йм {m}
gulfweed {n} (Sargassum bacciferum)  :: саргасово водорасло {n}
gull {n} (seabird)  :: чайка {f} /čájka/
gull {v} (to deceive or cheat)  :: измамвам
gullibility {n} (quality of being easily deceived)  :: доверчивост
gullible {adj} (easily deceived or duped, naïve)  :: доверчив, наивен
gully {n} (a trench, ravine or narrow channel which was worn by water flow, especially on a hillside)  :: дере {n}, овраг {m}
gully {n} (A road drain)  :: канавка {f}
gulp {n} (usual amount swallowed)  :: глътка {f}
gulp {n} (sound of swallowing)  :: гълтане {n}
gulp {v} (to swallow eagerly, or in large draughts)  :: гълтам, поглъщам
gulp {v} (to react nervously)  :: преглъщам
gum {n} (chewing gum) SEE: chewing gum  ::
gum {n} (flesh around teeth)  :: вене́ц {m}
gum {n} (sticky substance exuded by certain plants)  :: смола {f}, клей {m}
gum {n} (single piece of chewing gum)  :: дъвка {f}
gum arabic {n} (substance from acacia trees)  :: гума арабика {f}
gumbo {n} (gumbo) SEE: okra  ::
gumboot {n} (gumboot)  :: галош {m}
gummi {n} (gelatinous candy)  :: мек бонбон {m}
gummy {n} (gelatinous candy) SEE: gummi  ::
gumption {n} (common sense, initiative)  :: здрав разум {m}, практичност {f}
gumption {n} (boldness of enterprise)  :: предприемчивост {f},
gumshoe {n} (sneaker or rubber overshoe)  :: гуменка {f}, галош {m}
gumshoe {n} (slang: a detective)  :: детектив {m}
gum tree {n} (A eucalyptus tree)  :: евкалипт {m}
gun {n} (a very portable, short weapon, for hand use)  :: пистоле́т {m}
gun {n} (a less portable, long weapon)  :: пушка {f}
gun {n} ((military) A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity)  :: оръдие
gun {n} (a long surfboard designed for surfing big waves)  :: лонгборд {m}
gun {v} (shoot someone or something)  :: обстрелвам
gunboat {n} (small armed vessel)  :: канонерка {f}
gun dog {n} (dog used by hunter)  :: ловджийско куче {n}
gunk {n} (dirt or grime; any vague or unknown substance)  :: лепкав отпадък {m}
gunlock {n} (A mechanism fitted to a cannon that fires it when a cord is pulled)  :: затвор {m}
gunnel {n} (gunwale) SEE: gunwale  ::
gunner {n} (artillery soldier)  :: артилерист {m}
gunny {n} (fabric)  :: зебло {n}, кеневир {m}
gunpowder {n} (explosive mixture)  :: бару́т {m}
gunshot {n} (act of discharging a firearm)  :: оръдеен изстрел {m}
gunshot {n} ( The distance to which shot can be thrown from a gun)  :: обсег на оръдие {m}
gunsmith {n} (person skilled in the repair and servicing of firearms)  :: оръжейник {m}
gunstick {n} (stick to ram down the charge)  :: шомпол {m}
gunstock {n} ( The rear part of a rifle or shotgun which is pressed into the shoulder)  :: приклад {m}
gunwale {n} (top edge of the side of a boat)  :: планшир {m}
Guoyu {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin  ::
guppy {n} (Poecilia reticulata)  :: гупа {f}
gurgle {v} (to flow with a bubbling sound)  :: бълбукам
gurgle {n} (gurgling sound)  :: бълбукане {n}
gurnard {n} (marine fish of the family Triglidae)  :: морска лястовица {f}
gurney {n} (a stretcher having wheeled legs)  :: носилка на колела {f}
gush {n} (sudden rapid outflow)  :: бликване {n}
gush {v} (to flow forth suddenly)  :: бликвам, руквам
gusle {n} (single-stringed instrument)  :: гусла {f} /gusla/
gusset {n} (small piece of cloth inserted in a garment)  :: клин {m}
gusset {n} (machinery: a kind of bracket, or angular piece of iron)  :: ъглова плоча {f}
gust {n} (a strong, abrupt rush of wind)  :: порив {m}
gust {n} (any rush or outburst)  :: пристъп {m}
gustation {n} (The ability to taste flavors; the sense of taste)  :: вкусово усещане {n}
gustatory {adj} (relating to taste)  :: вкусов
gusty {adj} (of wind: blowing in gusts)  :: поривист
gut {n} (abdomen)  :: корем {m}
gut {n} (intestines of an animal used to make strings of a tennis racket or violin, etc)  :: черва {n-p}
gut {n} (narrow passage of water)  :: тесен пролив {m}
gut {v} (To eviscerate)  :: изкормвам /izkormvam/
gut {v} (To remove or destroy the most important parts of)  :: изтърбушвам
gut {adj} (made of gut)  :: чревен /čreven/
gut {adj} (instinctive)  :: инстинктивен /instinktiven/
gut {n} (intestine) SEE: intestine  ::
gutless {adj} (cowardly; lacking courage or morals)  :: страхлив, мекушав
guttate {adj} (spotted)  :: на капки
gutter {v} (to cut or form into small longitudinal hollows) SEE: channel  ::
gutter {n} (prepared channel in a surface)  :: канавка {f}
gutter {n} (ditch along the side of road)  :: канавка {f}
gutter {n} (duct or channel beneath the eaves)  :: водосток {m}
gutter {n} (groove beside a bowling lane)  :: улей {m}
gutter {v} (of a candle: to melt away)  :: капя
gutter {v} (to supply with a gutter or gutters)  :: правя канавки
guttle {v}  :: ям лакомо, лапам
guttural {adj} (sounding harsh and throaty)  :: гърлен
guttural {adj} (phonetics: articulated at the back of the mouth)  :: гърлен
guttural {adj} (medicine, anatomy: of, relating to, or connected to the throat)  :: на гърлото
guy {n} (male, man)  :: човек {m}, приятел {m}
guy {n} (in plural: people)  :: хора {m-p}
guy {n} (support cable)  :: ванта {f}
Guyana {prop} (country)  :: Гая́на {f}
guyline {n} (guy) SEE: guy  ::
guzzle {v} (To drink (or sometimes eat) voraciously)  :: наливам се
guzzle {v} ((by extension) to consume anything greedily)  :: тъпча се
gybe {v} (to change tack)  :: обръщам платно
gym {n}  :: гимназия {f}
gym {n} (short form of gymnasium) SEE: gymnasium  ::
gymnasium {n} (place for indoor sports)  :: гимнастически салон {m} /gimnastíčeski salón/
gymnasium {n} (type of school)  :: гимназия {f} /gimnázija/
gymnastics {n} (a sport)  :: гимнастика {f} /gimnástika/
gynaecoid {adj} (Characteristic of a woman)  :: женски
gynandromorph {n} (a person having certain physical characteristics of both sexes) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
gynecology {n} (branch of medicine specializing in the problems of women)  :: гинекология {f} /ginekológija/
gyp {n} (a cheat or swindle; a rip-off)  :: измамник {m}, мошеник {m}
gypseous {adj} (containing gypsum)  :: гипсов
gypsum {n} (mineral)  :: гипс {m}
gypsy {n} (any itinerant person, or any person suspected of making a living from dishonest practices or theft)  :: циганин {m} /cíganin/, циганка {f} /cíganka/
gypsy {n} (member of the Rom people) SEE: Gypsy  ::
Gypsy {n} (a member of the Romani people or another nomadic group)  :: ци́ганин {m}, ци́ганка {f}
Gypsy {prop} (the language of the Romani people) SEE: Romani  ::
Gypsy {adj} (of or belonging to the Roma people) SEE: Romani  ::
gyrate {v} (to revolve round a central point; to move spirally about an axis, as a tornado; to revolve)  :: въртя се
gyrate {adj} (Having coils or convolutions)  :: спираловиден, завит
gyre {n} (a swirling vortex)  :: вихър {m}, водовъртеж {m}
gyre {n} (a circular current, especially a large-scale ocean current)  :: кръговрат
gyrfalcon {n} (falcon) SEE: falcon  ::
gyrocompass {n} (north-seeking gyroscope)  :: жирокомпас {m}
gyrus {n} (anatomy)  :: изви́вка {f}
Gyumri {prop} (city in Armenia)  :: Гюмри́ {m}
gyve {v} (shackle)  :: оковавам, сковавам