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Haapsalu {prop} (town)  :: Haapsalu
Habacuc {prop} (Habakkuk) SEE: Habakkuk  ::
Habakkuk {prop} (male given name)  :: Bakum
haberdashery {n} (a shop selling such goods)  :: pasmanteria {f}
haberdashery {n} (ribbons, buttons, thread, needles and similar sewing goods sold in a haberdasher's shop)  :: pasmanteria {f}
habit {n} (an action done on a regular basis)  :: nawyk {m-in}, zwyczaj {m-in}
habit {n} (long piece of clothing worn by monks and nuns)  :: habit {m-in}
habitable {adj} (inhabited) SEE: inhabited  ::
habitation {n} (a place of abode)  :: domostwo {n}
habitation {n} (the act of inhabitating)  :: zamieszkiwanie {n}
habitué {n} (devotee) SEE: devotee  ::
habituation {n} (act of habituating, or accustoming)  :: habituacja {f}
hack {n} (miner's pick) SEE: pickaxe  ::
hack {v} (to gain illegal access to a computer network)  :: hakować
hackamore {n} (bridle with no bit)  :: hackamore,
hackberry {n} (shrub of the genus Celtis)  :: wiązowiec
hacker {n} (one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data)  :: haker {m}
hacksaw {n} (saw)  :: piła do metalu {f}
had best {v} (had better) SEE: had better  ::
haddock {n} (marine fish)  :: łupacz {m}
Hadean time {prop} (Hadean) SEE: Hadean  ::
Hades {prop} (from Greek mythology)  :: Hades {m}
Hades {prop} (the underworld, the domain of Hades)  :: Hades {m}
Hadrian {prop} (male given name) SEE: Adrian  ::
hadron {n} (particle)  :: hadron {m}
haemodialysis {n} (use of dialysis to remove waste from the blood)  :: hemodializa {f}
haemophilia {n} (any of several hereditary illnesses that impair the body's ability to control bleeding)  :: hemofilia {f}
haemorrhage {n} (hemorrhage) SEE: hemorrhage  ::
hafnium {n} (chemical element)  :: hafn {m}
hag {n} (an ugly old woman)  :: jędza {f}, baba {f}
hag {n} (a witch, sorceress, or enchantress; also, a wizard)  :: wiedźma {f}, czarownica {f}
haggle {v} (to argue for a better deal)  :: targować się
Hagia Sophia {prop} (a former basilica, now a museum in Turkey)  :: Hagia Sofia
ha-ha {interj} (approximation of the sound of laughter)  :: ha ha, cha cha
haha {interj} (representation of laughter)  :: ha ha, he he, hi hi
haiku {n} (Japanese poem of a specific form)  :: haiku
hail {n} (balls of ice)  :: grad {m}
Hail Mary {n} (Hail Mary pass) SEE: Hail Mary pass  ::
Hail Mary {n} (prayer)  :: Zdrowaś Mario, zdrowaśka {f} [informal]
hailstone {n} (single ball of hail)  :: kulka gradu {f}
Hainaut {prop} (province)  :: Hainaut {m}
hair {n} (a pigmented keratinaceous growth on the human head)  :: włosy {m-p}, [individual] włos {m}
hair {n} (one of the above-mentioned filaments)  :: włos {m}
hair {n} (the collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals)  :: włosy {m-p}
hair-brush {n} (a brush used in hair care) SEE: hairbrush  ::
hairbrush {n} (a brush used in hair care)  :: szczotka do włosów {f}
hair conditioner {n} (cosmetic product)  :: odżywka do włosów {f}
hair curler {n} (a small tube that is rolled into a person's hair) SEE: hair roller  ::
haircut {n} (act of cutting of hair)  :: strzyżenie {n}
haircut {n} (way hair is cut)  :: fryzura {f}
hairdresser {n} (professional for haircutting or hairstyling)  :: fryzjer {m}, fryzjerka {f}
hair dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer  ::
hairdryer {n} (electrical appliance for drying hair)  :: suszarka {f}
hairgrip {n} (flat hairpin with two prongs)  :: wsuwka {f}
hairless {adj} (bald) SEE: bald  ::
hairpin {n} (pin or fastener for the hair)  :: spinka do włosów {f}, spinka {f}
hair spray {n} (hairstyling product that stiffens the hair)  :: lakier do włosów
haitch {n} (name of the letter H) SEE: aitch  ::
Haiti {prop} (A country in the Caribbean)  :: Haiti {n}
hajduk {n} (outlaw, highwayman or freedom fighter in the Balkans)  :: hajduk {m}
hajib {n} (headscarf) SEE: hijab  ::
hajj {n} (pilgrimage to Mecca)  :: hadż {m}, hadżdż {m}
hake {n} (fish)  :: morszczuk {m}
halant {n} (virama) SEE: virama  ::
halation {n} (the blurring of light around a bright area of a photographic image, or on a television screen)  :: halo {n}
half {adj} (consisting of a half)  :: pół-
half {n} (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided)  :: połowa
half {v} (halve) SEE: halve  ::
half brother {n} (a male half-sibling)  :: brat przyrodni {m}
half-cell {n} (half cell) SEE: half cell  ::
half-hour {n} (period)  :: pół godziny
half-life {n}  :: okres połowicznego rozpadu {m}
half-life {n} (time in physics)  :: czas połowicznego rozpadu {m}, okres połowicznego rozpadu {m}
half-line {n} (ray)  :: półprosta {f}
halfling {n} (a hobbit)  :: niziołek {m}, niziołki {m-p}
half-naked {adj} (with very few clothes on)  :: półnagi
half note {n} (minim) SEE: minim  ::
half sister {n} (maternal half sister)  :: siostra przyrodnia {f}
half sister {n} (paternal half sister)  :: siostra przyrodnia {f}
half-staff {n} (half-mast) SEE: half-mast  ::
half-yearly {adj} (semiannual) SEE: semiannual  ::
halibut {n} (fish of genus Hippoglossus)  :: halibut {m}
halitosis {n} (condition of having foul-smelling breath)  :: Cuchnący oddech
hall {n} (corridor or a hallway.)  :: hol {m}, przedpokój {m}, sala {f}
hallelujah {interj} (exclamation to praise God)  :: alleluja, hosanna
hallmark {n} (an official marking)  :: probiernictwo {n}
hall of residence {n} (building for university students to live in)  :: akademik {m}
hallow {v} (to sanctify)  :: święcić, poświęcać
Halloween {prop} (31st of October)  :: Dziady {m-p}, Halloween {m}, wigilia Wszystkich Świętych {f}
hallows {n} (plural of hallow) SEE: hallow  ::
hallux {n} (big toe) SEE: big toe  ::
hallway {n} (corridor) SEE: corridor  ::
halo {n} (anything resembling the phenomenon)  :: halo {n}
halo {n} (atmospheric phenomenon)  :: halo {n}
halo {n} (luminous disc around the heads of saints)  :: aureola {f}
halogen {n} (any element of group 7)  :: halogen {m}, fluorowiec {m}
halter {n} (animal's headgear)  :: kantar {m}
halting problem {n} (problem in theoretical computer science)  :: problem stopu {m}
halva {n} (confection)  :: chałwa {f}
halve {v} (to divide in two equal parts)  :: połowić
ham {n} (actor with an exaggerating style)  :: kabotyn {m}
ham {n} (ham radio operator)  :: radioamator {m}
ham {n} (thigh of a hog cured for food)  :: szynka {f}
Ham {prop} (a son of Noah and the brother of Japheth and Shem)  :: Cham {m}
hamartia {n} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
hamartia {n} (tragic flaw)  :: Hamartia
Hamburg {prop} (city)  :: Hamburg {m}
Hamburg {prop} (state)  :: Hamburg {m}
hamburger {n} (sandwich)  :: hamburger {m}
Hamiltonian graph {n} (graph for which there is a Hamiltonian cycle)  :: graf hamiltonowski {m}
Hamiltonian path {n} (path which visits each vertex exactly once)  :: ścieżka hamiltonowska {f}
hamlet {n} (small village)  :: przysiółek {m}, sioło {n}
hammam {n} (Turkish bath) SEE: Turkish bath  ::
hammer {n} (bone of the middle ear; see also malleus)  :: młoteczek {m}
hammer {n} (tool)  :: młot {m}, młotek {m}
hammer and sickle {n} (symbol of communism)  :: sierp i młot [sickle and hammer]
hammerhead {n} (shark)  :: rekin młot {m}
hammerhead shark {n} (shark of the genus Sphyrna)  :: głowomłot {m}, rekin młot {m}
hammer throw {n} (athletic event where a heavy steel ball with a handle attached is thrown)  :: rzut młotem {m}
hammock {n} (swinging couch or bed)  :: hamak {m}
ham radio {n} (ham radio) SEE: amateur radio  ::
hamster {n} (small, short-tailed European rodent)  :: chomik {m}
hamstring {n} (biceps femoris) SEE: biceps femoris  ::
Hanakian {adj} (pertaining to Hanakia)  :: hanacki
Hanakian {n} (person from Moravia)  :: Hanak {m}, Hanaczka {f}
hand {n} (bunch of bananas)  :: kiść {f}
hand {n} (part of the fore limb)  :: ręka {f}, dłoń {f}
hand {n} (pointer of an analogue/analog clock)  :: wskazówka {f}
hand {n} (set of cards held by a player in a card game)  :: ręka {f}
handbag {n} (small bag used by women)  :: torebka {f}
handball {n} (team sport)  :: piłka ręczna {f}, szczypiorniak {m}
handball player {n} (person who plays handball)  :: piłkarz ręczny {m}, szczypiornista {m}
handcar {n} (a light railroad car propelled by a hand-operated pumping mechanism) SEE: draisine  ::
handcuff {n} (ring of a locking fetter for the hand)  :: kajdanki {p}
handcuffs {n} (metal rings for fastening wrists)  :: kajdanki {p}
handed {adj} (with hands joined) SEE: hand in hand  ::
handful {n} (amount held in hand)  :: garść {f}
handful {n} (handled with difficulty)  :: trudne do zniesienia
handful {n} (small quantity)  :: garść {f}, garstka {f}
handicap {n} (allowance granted in a race to the competitor)  :: fory
handicraft {n} (trade requiring skill of hand)  :: rękodzieło, rzemiosło {n}
hand job {n} (An act of masturbation performed by someone else's hand)  :: hand job {m}
handkerchief {n} (cloth for wiping the face, eyes, nose or hands)  :: chusteczka do nosa {f}, chusteczka {f}
handle {n} (computing: eference to an object or structure)  :: uchwyt {m}
handle {n} (part of an object held in the hand when used or moved)  :: rączka {f}, (of a door) klamka {f}, (knob) gałka {f}, uchwyt {m}, rękojeść {f}
handlebar {n} (bar for steering)  :: kierownica {f}
handless {adj} (without a hand)  :: bezręki
handling {n} (criminal offence)  :: paserstwo {n}
hand log {n} (simple device for measuring the speed of a vessel) SEE: chip log  ::
hand puppet {n} (puppet operated by the hand)  :: pacynka {f}
handsaw {n} (saw small enough to be used by one hand)  :: piła {f}
handset {n} (the part of a telephone containing both receiver and transmitter, held in the hand)  :: słuchawka {f}, aparat [mobile phone]
handsome {adj} (of man: attractive)  :: piękny, przystojny
hands up {interj} (surrender!)  :: ręce do góry!
handwork {n} (handiwork) SEE: handiwork  ::
handwritten {adj} (written with a pen or pencil)  :: odręczny
handy {adj} (easy to use)  :: wygodny {m}, dogodny {m}
handy {adj} (within reach)  :: podręczny {m}
handyman {n} (man who does odd tasks)  :: złota rączka
hang {v} (to be or remain suspended)  :: wisieć {impf}
hang {v} (to execute by suspension from the neck)  :: wieszać {impf}, powiesić {pf}
hang {v} (to hold or bear in a suspended or inclined manner or position)  :: wieszać {impf}, powiesić {pf}
hangar {n} (a large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept)  :: hangar {m}
hang by a thread {v} (to be in a precarious situation)  :: wisieć na włosku
hanger {n} (a clothes hanger)  :: wieszak {m}
hangeul {n} (Hangeul) SEE: Hangeul  ::
Hangeul {n} (Korean phonetic script)  :: hangyl {m}
hang glider {n} (aircraft)  :: lotnia {f}
hang glider {n} (rider)  :: lotniarz {m}
hang gliding {n} (flying in a hang glider)  :: lotniarstwo {n}
hangman {n} (executioner)  :: kat {m}
hangman's noose {n} (knot)  :: wisielcza pętla {f}
hang out {v} (to do nothing in particular)  :: przesiadywać
hang out to dry {v} (to abandon someone in need)  :: zostawić kogoś na lodzie
hangover {n} (illness caused by heavy drinking)  :: kac {m}
hangul {n} (Hangeul) SEE: Hangeul  ::
Hangul {prop} (Korean phonetic script) SEE: hangul  ::
Hanja {prop} (Korean phonetic script) SEE: hanja  ::
Hanoi {prop} (capital of Vietnam)  :: Hanoi {m}
Hanover {prop} (German city)  :: Hanower {m}
hanse {n} (Hanseatic League) SEE: Hanseatic League  ::
hanse {n} (merchant guild) SEE: Hanse  ::
Hanse {n} (German commercial league) SEE: Hanseatic League  ::
Hanse {n} (merchant guild)  :: hanza {f}
Hanseatic {adj} (of or pertaining to the German Hanse)  :: hanzeatycki
Hanseatic League {prop} (former commercial and military alliance)  :: Hanza {f}, Liga Hanzeatycka {f}
Hansel {prop} (fictional character in Hansel and Gretel)  :: Jaś {m}
Hansel and Gretel {prop} (the fairy tale)  :: Jaś i Małgosia {p}
Hanukkah {prop} (the Jewish festival)  :: Chanuka {f}, Święto Świateł {n}, Święto Świec {n}
Hanzi {n} (Chinese character) SEE: Chinese character  ::
Haora {prop} (Howrah) SEE: Howrah  ::
hapax {n} (hapax legomenon) SEE: hapax legomenon  ::
hapax legomenon {n} (word occurring only once)  :: hapax legomenon {n}
haphazard {adj} (random, chaotic, incomplete)  :: chaotyczny {m}
haplogroup {n} (group of haplotypes)  :: haplogrupa
haplology {n} (deleting syllables)  :: haplologia {f}
haply {adv} (perhaps) SEE: perhaps  ::
happen {v} (to occur)  :: zdarzyć się, wydarzyć się, dziać się, zaistnieć, stać się
happening {n} (a spontaneous or improvised event, especially one that involves audience participation)  :: happening
happening {n} (something that happens)  :: zdarzenie
happen on {v} (happen on) SEE: chance upon  ::
happily ever after {adv} (happily until one's death)  :: i żyli długo i szczęśliwie
happiness {n} (emotion of being happy)  :: szczęście {n}, radość {f}
happiness {n} (good luck)  :: szczęście {n}
happy {adj} (content (to do something); having no objection (to something))  :: zadowolony
happy {adj} (enjoying peace, comfort, etc.; contented, joyous)  :: szczęśliwy
happy birthday {interj} (good wishes for a birthday)  :: wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, wszystkiego najlepszego [lit.: all the best], sto lat
Happy Easter {phrase} (an expression used during Easter)  :: Wesołych Świąt (for both Christmas and Easter); Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych, Wesołych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy; Wesołego Alleluja
happy New Year {phrase} (Happy New Year)  :: szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, do siego roku
haptic {adj} (relating to haptics)  :: haptyczny
haptic {adj} (relating to the sense of touch)  :: haptyczny, dotykowy
harass {v} (to annoy; to molest)  :: dręczyć, nękać, gnębić, prześladować
harbinger {n} (that which foretells the coming of something)  :: zwiastun {m}
harbor {n} (harbour) SEE: harbour  ::
harbor {n} (harbour) SEE: harbour  ::
harbormaster {n} (official responsible for the enforcement of regulations in a port)  :: kapitan portu {m}
harbour {n} (for ships)  :: port {m}
harbourmaster {n} (harbourmaster) SEE: harbormaster  ::
hard {adj} (demanding a lot of effort to endure)  :: ciężki {m}
hard {adj} (of drink: strong)  :: mocny {m}
hard {adj} (of water, high in dissolved calcium compounds)  :: twarda {f}
hard {adj} (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand)  :: trudny {m}
hard {adj} (resistant to pressure)  :: twardy {m}
hard {adj} (severe)  :: surowy {m}
hard {adj} (unquestionable)  :: niepodważalny {m}
hard-boiled {adj} (callous)  :: bezduszny {m}
hard-boiled {adj} (of an egg)  :: ugotowane na twardo {n}
hard disk {n} (unit and all the disks within it)  :: dysk twardy {m}
hard drive {n} (device used for storing large amounts of data)  :: dysk twardy
harden {v} (become hard)  :: twardnieć
hardened {adj} (unfeeling or lacking emotion due to experience; callous)  :: stwardniały
hard labor {n} (forced labor) SEE: forced labor  ::
hard maple {n} (sugar maple) SEE: sugar maple  ::
hardpan {n} (layer of soil)  :: orsztyn, rudawiec
hard reset {n} (factory reset) SEE: factory reset  ::
hard roe {n} (roe) SEE: roe  ::
hardship {n} (difficulty or trouble)  :: trudność {f}
hardtack {n} (hard biscuit)  :: suchar {m}
hardware {n} (electronic equipment)  :: sprzęt {m}
hardware {n} (material part of a computer)  :: sprzęt {m}
hardware {n} (metal implements)  :: artykuły metalowe {p}
hardworking {adj} (taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly)  :: pilny {m}
hard-working {adj} (tending to work with ardour) SEE: hardworking  ::
hare {n} (animal)  :: zając {m}
harelip {n} (congenital malformation of the upper lip)  :: zajęcza warga {f}
harem {n} (the private part of an Arab household)  :: harem {m}
haricot {n} (common bean) SEE: common bean  ::
harm {n} (injury; hurt; damage; detriment; misfortune)  :: szkoda {f}, krzywda {f}
harm {v} (cause damage)  :: krzywdzić
harmful {adj} (likely to be damaging)  :: szkodliwy
harmless {adj} (incapable of causing harm or danger)  :: nieszkodliwy {m}
harmlessly {adv} (in a harmless manner)  :: nieszkodliwie
harmonica {n} (wind instrument)  :: harmonijka
harmonic mean {n} (type of average)  :: średnia harmoniczna {f}
harness {n} (restraint or support)  :: uprząż {f}
harness {n} (set of wires)  :: wiązka {f}, pęk {m}
harness {v} (to control or put to use)  :: ujarzmić {pf}, ujarzmiać {impf}
harness {v} (to place a harness on something)  :: zaprząc {pf}, zaprzęgać {impf}
harp {n} (musical instrument)  :: harfa {f}
harp seal {n} (a species of seal)  :: foka grenlandzka {f}
harpsichord {n} (musical instrument)  :: klawesyn {m}
harpsichordist {n} (one who plays the harpsichord)  :: klawesynista {m}, klawesynistka {f}
harpy eagle {n} (Harpia harpyja)  :: harpia wielka {f}
harquebus {n} (obsolete matchlock firearm)  :: arkebuz {m}
harridan {n} (vicious and scolding woman)  :: jędza {f}, wiedźma {f}
harrier {n} (birds of prey)  :: błotniak {m}
harrow {n} (device)  :: brona {f}
harrowing {adj} (causing pain or distress)  :: udręczony
harsh {adj}  :: szorstki {m}, szorstka {f}, szorstkie {n}
harvest {n} (autumn, fall) SEE: autumn  ::
harvest {n} (process of gathering the ripened crop)  :: żniwa {p}
harvest {n} (product or result of any exertion)  :: żniwo {n}, plon {m}
harvest {n} (season of gathering the ripened crop)  :: żniwa {n-p}
harvest {n} (yield of harvesting)  :: żniwa {p}, żniwo {n}, plon {m}
harvest {v} (to be occupied bringing in a harvest)  :: żniwować {impf}
harvest {v} (to bring in a harvest; reap)  :: zbierać
harvestman {n} (arachnid)  :: kosarz {m}
harvest mite {n} (harvest mite)  :: swędzik jesienny
has-been {n} (person declining in popularity or effectiveness)  :: has-been {m}
hash {n} (clipped form of hashish )  :: hasz {m}
hash {n} (key generated by a hash function)  :: skrót {m}
hash {n} (the # symbol)  :: krzyżyk {m}, kratka {f}, płotek {m}
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan {prop} (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)  :: Jordańskie Królestwo Haszymidzkie
hashish {n} (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant)  :: haszysz {m}
hashish {n} (marijuana generally) SEE: cannabis  ::
Haskell {prop} (language)  :: Haskell
Hassid {n} (a member of a Hassidic movement)  :: chasyd {m}
hassium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 108)  :: has {m}
hassle {n} (fight or argument)  :: kłótnia {f}
hassle {n} (trouble, bother, unwanted annoyances or problems)  :: kłopot {m}, problem {m}
haste {n} (speed, swiftness, dispatch)  :: pośpiech {m}
haste makes waste {proverb} (one makes mistakes when being too hasty)  :: co nagle, to po diable, gdy się człowiek spieszy, to się diabeł cieszy
hasty {adj} (acting in haste; being too hurried or quick)  :: pośpieszny
hat {n} (a head covering)  :: kapelusz {m}, [Old Polish] kłobuk {m}
hatch {n} (trapdoor) SEE: trapdoor  ::
hatch {v} (of an egg, to break open)  :: lęgnąć się, wykluwać się {impf}, wykluć się {pf}
hatch {v} (to shade an area) SEE: crosshatch  ::
hatchway {n} (doorway with hatch)  :: luk {m}
hate {n} (hatred) SEE: hatred  ::
hate {v} (to dislike intensely)  :: nienawidzić {impf}
hateful {adj} (full of hate)  :: nienawistny
hatmaker {n} (someone who makes hats) SEE: hatter  ::
hat-rack {n} (hat rack) SEE: hat rack  ::
hatrack {n} (hat rack) SEE: hat rack  ::
hatred {n} (strong aversion)  :: nienawiść {f}
hats off {interj} (Congratulations)  :: czapki z głów
hat stand {n} (hatstand) SEE: hatstand  ::
hatstand {n} (coat stand) SEE: coat stand  ::
hat-stand {n} (hatstand) SEE: hatstand  ::
hatter {n} (person who makes, sells, or repairs hats)  :: kapelusznik {m}
haul {n} (a long drive, especially transporting/hauling heavy cargo)  :: holowanie {n}, wleczenie {n}
haul {v} (nautical: to steer closer to the wind)  :: ostrzyć, wyostrzyć
haul {v} (to pull or draw something heavy)  :: ciągnąć
haul {v} (to transport something heavy)  :: transportować, wlec
haunt {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost  ::
haunted {adj} (frequented by a ghost)  :: nawiedzony
Hausa {n} (language)  :: hausa {m}
Hausa {n} (people)  :: Hausa
Havana {prop} (capital)  :: Hawana {f}
have {v} (must)  :: musieć
have {v} (to be related to)  :: mieć
have {v} (to possess)  :: mieć
have a look {v} (examine, observe) SEE: take a look  ::
have a nice day {phrase} (goodbye)  :: miłego dnia
have eyes bigger than one's belly {v} (have eyes bigger than one's stomach) SEE: have eyes bigger than one's stomach  ::
have eyes on {v} (have one's eye on) SEE: have one's eye on  ::
have eyes on {v} (observe) SEE: observe  ::
have fun {interj} (wish someone a good time)  :: baw się dobrze!, dobrej zabawy!
haven {n} (harbour)  :: port
have one's eye on {v} (watch) SEE: watch (verb)  ::
haversack {n} (oat bag)  :: chlebak {m}
have sex {v} (take part in a sexual act)  :: uprawiać seks
have to {phrase} (conclusion)  :: musieć
have to {phrase} (obligation)  :: musieć
having said that {conj} (that said) SEE: that said  ::
havoc {n} (devastation)  :: spustoszenie
Hawaii {prop} (chain of islands)  :: Hawaje {p}
Hawaiian {adj} (descended from the peoples inhabiting the Hawaiian islands prior to European contact)  :: hawajski
Hawaiian {adj} (of or having to do with a resident of the US state of Hawaii)  :: hawajski
Hawaiian {adj} (of or having to do with the culture of the US state of Hawaii)  :: hawajski
Hawaiian {adj} (of or having to do with the Hawaiian race, culture, or language)  :: hawajski
Hawaiian {n} (a descendant of the peoples inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands prior to European contact)  :: Hawajczyk {m-pr}, Hawajka {f}
Hawaiian {n} (a resident of the US state of Hawaii)  :: Hawajczyk {m-pr}, Hawajka {f}
Hawaiian {prop} (Hawaiian language)  :: hawajski {m-in}
hawk {n} (advocate of aggressive politics)  :: jastrząb {m}
hawk {n} (predatory bird)  :: jastrząb {m}
hawkbit {n} (flower of the genus Leontodon)  :: brodawnik {m}
hawker {n} (falconer) SEE: falconer  ::
hawker {n} (peddler) SEE: peddler  ::
hawkmoth {n} (hawk moth) SEE: hawk moth  ::
hawthorn {n} (type of shrub)  :: głóg {m}
hay {n} (grass cut and dried for use as animal fodder)  :: siano {n}
hay {v} (to cut green plants for fodder)  :: kosić siano
haya {n} (beech) SEE: beech  ::
haya {n} (Mexican beech) SEE: Mexican beech  ::
hay fever {n} (allergy to pollen)  :: katar sienny {m} [common use], pyłkowica {f} [medical term]
haystack {n} (a mound, pile, or stack of stored hay)  :: stóg {m}, stóg siana {m}
hazard {n} (chance) SEE: chance  ::
hazard {n} (peril)  :: niebezpieczeństwo {n}, ryzyko {n}
haze {n} (figurative haze, such as mental confusion)  :: otumanienie
haze {n} (mental confusion)  :: otumanienie
haze {n} (very fine particles suspended in the air)  :: mgiełka, mgła
hazel {adj} (colour)  :: [of eyes] piwny {m}, orzechowy {m}
hazel {n} (colour)  :: orzechowy {m}, piwny {m} (of eyes)
hazel {n} (hazelnut) SEE: hazelnut  ::
hazel {n} (tree / shrub)  :: leszczyna {f}
hazel {n} (wood)  :: leszczyna {f}
hazel grouse {n} (bird)  :: jarząbek {m}
hazelnut {n} (fruit)  :: orzech laskowy {m}
hazelnut {n} (shrub) SEE: hazel  ::
he {pron} (personal pronoun "he")  :: on
head {adj} (coming from in front)  :: czołowy
head {n} (end of hammer, etc.)  :: główka {f}
head {n} (headmaster, headmistress)  :: dyrektor {m-pr}, dyrektorka {f}
head {n} (leader or chief)  :: kierownik {m-pr}, kierowniczka {f}
head {n} (part of the body)  :: głowa {f}
head {v} ((intransitive) move in a specified direction)  :: kierować się
head {v} ((transitive) be in command of)  :: kierować
headache {n} (nuisance or unpleasant problem)  :: zmartwienie {n}, problem {m}
headache {n} (pain or ache in the head)  :: ból głowy {m}
headbutt {n} (sharp blow)  :: uderzenie głową {n}, uderzenie z Baśki {n} [slang]
headbutt {v} (to deliver a sharp blow)  :: uderzyć głową, uderzyć z Baśki [slang]
head cheese {n} (terrine) SEE: brawn  ::
headdress {n} (a hairdo) SEE: hairdo  ::
header {n} (brick that is laid sideways)  :: cegła wiążąca {f}, główka {f}
header {n} (headlong fall or jump)  :: skok na główkę {m}
header {n} (soccer: act of hitting the ball with the head)  :: główka {f}
header {n} (upper portion of a page layout)  :: nagłówek {m}
headhunter {n} (recruiter)  :: łowca głów {m}
head in the clouds {adv} (having fantastic or impractical dreams)  :: z głową w chmurach
headland {n} (bit of coastal land that juts into the sea)  :: cypel {m}, przylądek {m}
headless {adj} (without a head)  :: bezgłowy
headlight {n} (bright light in front of vehicle)  :: reflektor {m}
headline {n} (heading or title of an article)  :: nagłówek {m}
headlongs {adv} (headlong) SEE: headlong  ::
head of state {n} (the chief public representative of a nation)  :: głowa państwa {m} {f}
head-on {n} (collision from the front) SEE: head-on collision  ::
head over heels {adv} (tumbling upside down)  :: do góry nogami
headphones {n} (pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound)  :: słuchawki {p}
headpiece {n} (headset) SEE: headset  ::
headpiece {n} (headstall) SEE: headstall  ::
headpiece {n} (helmet) SEE: helmet  ::
headpiece {n} (something covering the head) SEE: headgear  ::
headscarf {n} (piece of material worn over the head)  :: chusta {f}, chustka {f}, apaszka {f}
headshot {n} (A gunshot to the head)  :: headshot {m}
head-shrinker {n} (slang: psychotherapist) SEE: shrink  ::
heads will roll {phrase} (some people will be fired for incompetence)  :: polecą głowy
head tax {n} (tax determined as uniform amount per individual) SEE: poll tax  ::
headwear {n} (headgear) SEE: headgear  ::
headword {n} (a word used as the title of a section)  :: hasło {n}
heal {v} (make better)  :: uzdrawiać {impf}, uzdrowić {pf}
healer {n} (person who heals)  :: uzdrowiciel {m}
health {n} (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction)  :: zdrowie {n}
healthcare {n} (health care) SEE: health care  ::
healthy {adj} (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit: well)  :: zdrowy {m}
heap {n}  :: kupa {f}
heap {n} (pile)  :: sterta {f}, kupa {f}
heap {n} (type of data structure)  :: kopiec {m}
hear {v} (to perceive with the ear)  :: słyszeć {impf}, usłyszeć
hearing {n} (sense used to perceive sound)  :: słuch {m}
hearing aid {n} (hearing assistance device)  :: aparat słuchowy {m}
hear on the grapevine {v} (to hear rumors) SEE: hear through the grapevine  ::
hear out {v} (to listen to someone until that person has finished)  :: wysłuchać
hearsay {n} (information that was heard by one person about another)  :: pogłoska {f}, plotka {f}
hearsay {n} ((law) evidence based on the reports of others rather than on personal knowledge)  :: pogłoska
hearse {n} (vehicle for transporting dead)  :: karawan {m}
heart {n} (an organ)  :: serce {n}
heart {n} (a shape or symbol)  :: serce {n}, serduszko {n}
heart {n} (a suit of cards)  :: kier {m}
heart {n} (centre or core)  :: serce {n}
heart {n} (seat of affections, understanding or will)  :: serce {n}
heart attack {n} (acute myocardial infarction)  :: zawał serca {m}
heartbreaker {n} (person who causes sorrow)  :: pożeracz serc {m}, pożeraczka serc {f}
heartburn {n} (pain caused by stomach acid)  :: zgaga {f}
hearth {n} (floor of fireplace)  :: palenisko {m}
hearth {n} (recess)  :: kominek {m}
hearth {n} (symbol)  :: ognisko domowe {n}
hearth and home {n} (a symbol of traditional family values)  :: ognisko domowe {n}
heartline {n} (heart line) SEE: heart line  ::
heart of gold {n} (kindheartedness)  :: złote serce {n}
heart-rending {adj} (heart-rending) SEE: heartrending  ::
hearts {n} (plural of "heart") SEE: heart  ::
hearts {n} (the card suit (♥))  :: kier {m}
hearts {n} (trick-taking card game)  :: kierki {p}
heart surgeon {n} (surgeon of the heart)  :: kardiochirurg {m}
heartthrob {n} (heartbeat)  :: bicie serca {n}
heat {n} (attribute of a spice that causes a burning sensation in the mouth)  :: pikantność {n}
heat {n} (condition or quality of being hot)  :: ciepło {n}, żar {m}, gorąco {n}
heat {n} (condition where a mammal is aroused sexually or where it is especially fertile)  :: ruja {f}, cieczka {f} [in dogs]
heat {n} (heating system) SEE: heating  ::
heat {n} (hot spell)  :: upał {m}
heat {n} (period of intensity, particularly of emotion)  :: afekt {m}, ferwor {m}
heat {n} (preliminary race, used to determine the participants in a final race)  :: rozgrzewka {f}
heat {n} (slang: one or more firearms)  :: spluwa {f}, klamka {f}, gnat {m}
heat {n} (slang: the police)  :: psy {m-p}
heat {n} (thermal energy)  :: ciepło {n}
heat {n} (undesirable amount of attention)  :: nagonka {f}
heat {v} (to arouse, to excite (sexually))  :: podniecać {impf}, rozgrzewać {impf}, podniecić {pf}, rozgrzać {pf}
heat {v} (to cause an increase in temperature of an object or space)  :: grzać {impf}, ogrzewać {impf}, podgrzewać {impf}, ogrzać {pf}, podgrzać {pf}
heathen {adj} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen  ::
heathen {n} (Heathen) SEE: Heathen  ::
heathen {n} (person who does not follow an Abrahamic religion)  :: poganin {m}
heather {n} (plant)  :: wrzos {m}
heating {n} (system)  :: ogrzewanie {n}
heat wave {n} (heat wave) SEE: heatwave  ::
heatwave {n} (period of very hot weather)  :: upał {m}
heaven {n} (paradise)  :: niebo {n}, raj {m}
heaven {n} (sky)  :: niebo {n}
Heaven {prop} (All meanings) SEE: heaven  ::
heavenly {adj} (extremely beautiful or pleasurable)  :: niebiański {m}
heavenly {adj} (pertaining to heaven)  :: niebiański {m}
heavenly {adj} (pertaining to the kingdom of God; divine)  :: boski {m}, niebiański {m}
heavenly body {n} (natural celestial body)  :: ciało niebieskie {n}
heavens {n} (the sky)  :: niebiosa {n-p}
heavy {adj} (having great weight)  :: ciężki
heavy metal {n} (type of music)  :: heavy metal {m}
heavy water {n} (water containing deuterium instead of normal hydrogen)  :: ciężka woda {f}
hebdomadal {adj} (occurring once a week) SEE: weekly  ::
Hebe {prop} (goddess of youth)  :: Hebe {f}
hebetude {n} (mental lethargy or dullness)  :: ogłupienie
Hebrew {adj} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: hebrajski
Hebrew {adj} (pertaining to the people)  :: hebrajski
Hebrew {adj} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
Hebrew {n} (person)  :: Hebrajczyk {m-pr}, Hebrajka {f}
Hebrew {n} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Hebrew {prop} (language, see also: Biblical Hebrew)  :: hebrajski
Hebrew {prop} (Yiddish) SEE: Yiddish  ::
he-cat {n} (male cat)  :: kocur {m}
hectare {n} (unit of surface area)  :: hektar {m}
hectolitre {n} (100 litres)  :: hektolitr {m}
hectometer {n} (hectometre) SEE: hectometre  ::
hedge {n} (thicket of bushes planted in a row)  :: żywopłot {m}
hedge garlic {n} (Alliaria petiolata) SEE: garlic mustard  ::
hedgehog {n} (animal)  :: jeż {m}
hedge sparrow {n} (Prunella modularis) SEE: dunnock  ::
hedonism {n} (philosophy)  :: hedonizm {m}
Hedwig {prop} (female given name)  :: Jadwiga {f}
heel {n} ((anatomy) part of the foot)  :: pięta {f}
heel {n} (end-piece of a loaf of bread)  :: piętka {f}
heel {n} (part of shoe)  :: obcas {m}
hefty {adj} (heavy)  :: cięzki {m}
hegemony {n} (domination, influence, or authority over another)  :: hegemonia {f}
he-goat {n} (billy goat) SEE: billy goat  ::
heifer {n} (young cow)  :: jałówka {f}
height {n} (distance from bottom to top)  :: wysokość
Heilongjiang {prop} (Amur) SEE: Amur  ::
heir {n} (one who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office)  :: następca {m}, sukcesor {m}
heir {n} (one who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another)  :: spadkobierca {m}, dziedzic {m}
heir {n} (successor in a role)  :: następca {m}
heirloom {n} (valued possession passed down through the generations)  :: dziedzictwo
heist {n} (a robbery or burglary)  :: rabunek {m}, napad {m}
heist {v} (to steal, rob or hold up something)  :: rabować {impf}
Hejaz {prop} (area)  :: Hidżaz
helicopter {n} (aircraft)  :: śmigłowiec {m-in}, helikopter {m-in}
helicopter mom {n} (protective woman) SEE: mama bear  ::
helio- {prefix} (related to the sun)  :: helio-
heliocentricism {n} (heliocentrism) SEE: heliocentrism  ::
heliocentrism {n}  :: heliocentryzm
heliometer {n} (astronomical instrument for measuring the diameter of the sun)  :: heliometr
Helios {prop} (god)  :: Helios {m}
heliosphere {n} (region of space)  :: heliosfera {f}
heliport {n} (facility for helicopters)  :: heliport {m}
helium {n} (chemical element)  :: hel {m}
helix {n} (curve)  :: helisa {f}
hell {n} (place of suffering in life)  :: piekło {n}
hell {prop} (where sinners go)  :: piekło {n}
hellebore {n} (Any species of genus Helleborus)  :: ciemiernik {m}
helleborine {n} (orchid of the genus Cephalanthera)  :: buławnik {m}
helleborine {n} (orchid of the genus Epipactis)  :: kruszczyk {m}
Hellenist {n} (specialist in the study of Greek culture or history)  :: hellenista {m}, hellenistka {f}
heller {n} (a 13th century coin equivalent to half a pfennig)  :: halerz {m}
heller {n} (Subdivision of Czech koruna)  :: halerz {m}
hellfire {n} (fire of hell)  :: ogień piekielny {m}
hellish {adj} (causing pain, discomfort or distress)  :: piekielny
hello {interj} (greeting)  :: cześć [informal], witaj, witajcie, witam [more formal], dzień dobry [formal], siema [informal], halo [on phone]
hello {interj} (is anyone there?)  :: halo?, jest tu kto?
hello {interj} (when answering the telephone)  :: halo, słucham
hellspawn {n} (fiend) SEE: fiend  ::
hellspawn {n} (monster) SEE: monster  ::
helm {n} (steering apparatus of a ship)  :: ster {m}
helmet {n} (protective head covering)  :: hełm {m}, kask {m}
helot {n} (serf, slave) SEE: slave  ::
helot {n} (Spartan slave)  :: helota {m}
help {interj} (cry of distress)  :: pomocy
help {n} (action given to provide assistance)  :: pomoc {f}
help {n} (person employed to help in the maintenance of a house)  :: pomoc domowa {f}
help {v} (transitive: provide assistance to (someone or something))  :: pomagać {impf}, pomóc {pf}
helpful {adj} (furnishing help; giving aid; useful)  :: pomocny, uczynny (of people)
helping {n} (serving) SEE: serving  ::
helping verb {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb  ::
helpless {adj} (uncontrollable) SEE: uncontrollable  ::
helplessness {n} (state of being helpless)  :: bezradność
help oneself {v} (take something freely)  :: częstować się
Helsinki {prop} (the capital city of Finland)  :: Helsinki {p}
Helsinkian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to, Helsinki)  :: helsiński {m}
Helsinkian {n} (person)  :: helsińczyk {m}, helsinka {f}
hemangioma {n} (tumor)  :: naczyniak krwionośny {m}
hematocrit {n}  :: hematokryt {m}
hematologist {n} (haematologist) SEE: haematologist  ::
hematology {n} (study of blood and related organs) SEE: haematology  ::
hematophagy {n} (practice of feeding on blood)  :: hematofag {m}
hem in {v} (to surround and enclose)  :: otoczyć
hemisphere {n} (any half-sphere)  :: półkula {f}
hemisphere {n} (half of the Earth)  :: półkula {f}
hemisphere {n} (lobe of cerebrum) SEE: cerebral hemisphere  ::
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane  ::
hemlock {n} (poisonous plant of genus Conium)  :: szczwół {m}
hemlock {n} (tree)  :: choina
hemoglobin {n} (the iron-containing substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen)  :: hemoglobina {f}
hemorrhage {n} (release of blood; bleeding)  :: krwotok {m}, krwawienie {n}
hemorrhoids {n} (haemorrhoids) SEE: haemorrhoids  ::
hemp {n} (Cannabis sativa)  :: konopie {p}
hen {n} (female chicken)  :: kura {f}
henbane {n} (Hyoscyamus niger)  :: lulek {m}
hence {adv} (as a result, therefore)  :: więc, skutkiem tego, w związku z tym
henchman {n} (a loyal and trusted follower or subordinate)  :: stronnik {m}, poplecznik {m}, zausznik {m}
henchman {n} (a member of a criminal gang)  :: zbir {m}, gangster {m}
henchman {n} (a person who supports a political figure chiefly out of selfish interests)  :: poplecznik {m}, zausznik {m}, stronnik {m}
hendecagon {n} (undecagon) SEE: undecagon  ::
hen harrier {n} (bird)  :: błotniak zbożowy {m}
henhouse {n} (house for chickens to live in)  :: kurnik {m}
hen night {n} (party) SEE: bachelorette party  ::
hen party {n} (bachelorette party) SEE: bachelorette party  ::
henpecked {adj} (plagued or overwhelmed by one's wife)  :: pod pantoflem
Henrietta {prop} (feminine form of Henry)  :: Henryka {f}
Henriette {prop} (female given name) SEE: Henrietta  ::
henry {n} (SI unit for electrical inductance)  :: henr {m}
Henry {prop} (given name)  :: Henryk {m}
hentai {n} (a work of anime that contains sexual art (esp. manga or anime))  :: hentai {n}
heparin {n} (a glycosaminoglycan)  :: heparyna {f}
hepatic {n} (liverwort) SEE: liverwort  ::
hepatitis {n} (liver inflammation)  :: zapalenie wątroby {n}
hepatitis A {n} (acute form of hepatitis)  :: WZW typu A {n}, wirusowe zapalenie wątroby typu A {n}
hepatocarcinoma {n} (cancer of the liver) SEE: hepatoma  ::
Hephaestus {prop} (Greek god)  :: Hefajstos {m}
heptagon {n} (A polygon with seven sides and seven angles)  :: siedmiokąt {m}
heptane {n} (saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon: C7H16)  :: heptan {m}
her {determiner} (belonging to)  :: jej
her {pron} (she)  :: jej, , nią, niej
Hera {prop} (queen of the gods, wife of Zeus)  :: Hera {f}
herald {n} (a harbinger giving signs of things to come)  :: herold {m}
herald {n} (moth)  :: szczerbówka {f}
heraldry {n} (the profession of devising and blazoning arms)  :: heraldyka {f}
herb {n} (plant used in medicine)  :: zioło {n}
herb {n} (plant used to flavour food)  :: zioło {n}
herb {n} (slang: marijuana)  :: zioło {n}
herbalism {n} ((obsolete) botany) SEE: botany  ::
herbarium {n} (collection of dried plants)  :: zielnik {m}, herbarium {n}
herbicide {n} (substance used to kill plants)  :: herbicyd {m}
herbivore {n} (plant-eating organism)  :: roślinożerca {m}
herbivorous {adj} (feeding only on plants)  :: roślinożerny
Hercules {prop} (The Roman name of Heracles, see also: Heracles)  :: Herkules
herd {n} (a crowd, a mass of people; now usually pejorative)  :: stado {n}
herd {n} (any collection of animals gathered or travelling in a company)  :: stado {n}, trzoda {f} (of pigs)
herd {n} (herdsman)  :: pasterz {m}
herding dog {n} (herding dog)  :: pies pasterski {m}
here {adv} (in, on, or at this place)  :: tu, tutaj
here {adv} (to this place)  :: tutaj, dotąd
here {n} (this place)  :: tu, tutaj
hereafter {adv} (from now on) SEE: from now on  ::
hereafter {n} (existence after death) SEE: afterlife  ::
here and there {adv} (from time to time) SEE: from time to time  ::
here and there {adv} (in one place and another)  :: tu i tam, tam i sam
hereby {adv} (formal phrase)  :: niniejszym
hereditary {adj} (of a disease or trait: passed in the genes)  :: dziedziczny
hereditary {adj} (of a person: holding a hereditary title or rank)  :: dziedziczny
hereditary {adj} (of a title, honor or right: granted to somebody's descendant after that person's death)  :: dziedziczny
hereditary {adj} (which is passed on as inheritance)  :: dziedziczny
heredity {n} (hereditary transmission)  :: dziedziczność {f}
heresy {n} (a controversial opinion)  :: herezja {f}
heresy {n} (dissension from religious dogma)  :: herezja {f}, kacerstwo {n}
heretic {adj} (heretical) SEE: heretical  ::
heretic {n} (someone who believes contrary to fundamentals)  :: heretyk {m}
hereto {adv} (so far) SEE: so far  ::
here you are {phrase} (said when you hand something over)  :: proszę, masz [informal]
heritage {n} (property)  :: spadek {m}
heritage {n} (tradition)  :: dziedzictwo {n}, spuścizna {f}
hermaphrodite {adj} (combining two opposing qualities)  :: hermafrodyczny
hermaphrodite {adj} (having both male and female gonads)  :: hermafrodyczny
hermaphrodite {n} (individual or organism having both male and female gonads)  :: hermafrodyta {m}
hermaphrodite {n} (person or thing possessing two opposing qualities)  :: hermafrodyta {m}
hermaphroditic {adj} (of or pertaining to hermaphrodism)  :: hermafrodytyczny
Hermaphroditus {prop} (Greek god)  :: Hermafrodyta
hermeneutical {adj} (concerning hermeneutics)  :: hermeneutyczny
hermeneutics {n} (art and science of text interpretation)  :: hermeneutyka {f}
Hermes {prop} (The Greek god Hermes)  :: Hermes {m}
hermit {n} (A recluse; someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship)  :: samotnik {m}, odludek {m}
hermit {n} (A religious recluse; someone who lives alone for religious reasons; an eremite)  :: pustelnik {m}
hermitage {n} (dwelling place of hermit)  :: pustelnia {f}, eremitorium {n}, erem {m}
hermitage {n} (place of seclusion)  :: odosobnienie {n}
hermit crab {n} (crab)  :: rak pustelnik {m}, krab pustelnik {m}
Hermitian {adj} (equal to its transpose conjugate)  :: hermitowski {m}
hermitic {adj} (of or pertaining to hermits) SEE: eremitic  ::
hermitical {adj} (of or pertaining to hermits) SEE: eremitic  ::
hernia {n} (part of the body protruding abnormally through a tear or opening in an adjacent part)  :: przepuklina {f}
hero {n} (main protagonist)  :: bohater {m}
hero {n} (person of great bravery)  :: bohater {m}, heros {m}
Herod {prop} (king)  :: Herod {m}
Herodotus {prop} (ancient historian)  :: Herodot
heroic {adj} (of or relating to heroism)  :: bohaterski {m}
heroin {n} (powerful and addictive drug)  :: heroina {f}
heroine {n} (female hero)  :: bohaterka {f}
heroism {n} (the qualities characteristic of a hero, the display of them)  :: bohaterstwo {n}
heron {n} (bird)  :: czapla {f}
herpes zoster {n} (acute viral inflammation)  :: półpasiec {m}
herpetological {adj} (of or relating to herpetology, the study of reptiles)  :: herpetologiczny
herring {n} (fish in Clupea)  :: śledź {m}
hers {pron} (that which belongs to her)  :: jej
hertz {n} (the derived unit of frequency)  :: herc {m}
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram {n} (plot of the absolute magnitude of stars)  :: diagram Hertzsprunga-Russella {m}
Herzeg-Bosnia {prop} (country on the Balkan peninsula)  :: Herceg-Bośnia {f}
Herzegovina {prop} (Southern wedge of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina)  :: Hercegowina {f}
Hesiod {prop} (Greek poet)  :: Hezjod {m}
hesitate {v} (to stammer; to falter in speaking)  :: jąkać się
hesitate {v} (to stop or pause respecting decision or action)  :: wahać się
hesitation {n} (act of hesitating)  :: wahanie {n}, niezdecydowanie {n}
Hesse {prop} (state)  :: Hesja
Hessian {adj} (pertaining to Hesse)  :: heski
Hestia {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Hestia {f}
heterogamy {n} (anisogamy) SEE: anisogamy  ::
heterogeneity {n} (diversity) SEE: diversity  ::
heterogeneous {adj} (diverse in kind)  :: heterogeniczny
heterogenous {adj} (heterogeneous) SEE: heterogeneous  ::
heteronym {n} (fictitious character writing in a different style)  :: heteronim {m}
heterosexism {n} (Discrimination in favor of heterosexuals)  :: heteroseksizm {m}
heterosexual {adj} (sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex)  :: heteroseksualny {m}
heterosexual {n} (a heterosexual organism)  :: hetero
heterosexuality {n} (heterosexual orientation)  :: heteroseksualizm {m}
hetman {n} (a historical military commander in various Eastern European countries)  :: hetman {m}
Hettangian {prop} (subdivision of the Jurassic period)  :: Hetang
heuristic {adj} (relating to general strategies or methods for solving problems)  :: heurystyczny {m}
heuristic {n} (heuristic method, heuristics)  :: heurystyka {f}
heuristics {n} (heuristic) SEE: heuristic  ::
he who laughs last laughs best {proverb}  :: ten się śmieje, kto się śmieje ostatni
he who laughs last laughs hardest {proverb} (he who laughs last laughs best) SEE: he who laughs last laughs best  ::
hexagon {n} (A polygon with six sides and six angles)  :: sześciokąt {m}
hexameter {n} (line in a poem)  :: heksametr {m}
hexameter {n} (poetic metre)  :: heksametr
hexane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C6H14)  :: heksan {m}
hexanoic acid {n} (caproic acid) SEE: caproic acid  ::
hexapod {n} (insect) SEE: insect  ::
hex key {n} (hex head wrench) SEE: hex head wrench  ::
hey {interj} (informal greeting)  :: hej
Hezbollah {prop} (radical islamic organisation)  :: Hezbollah
hi {interj} (friendly, informal greeting)  :: cześć, siema
hiatus {n} (interruption, break or pause)  :: przerwa {m}
hibernation {n} (state of inactivity during winter)  :: sen zimowy {m}
hiccup {n} (spasm of the diaphragm)  :: czkawka {f}
hiccup {v} (to hiccup)  :: czkać {impf}, czknąć {pf} [semelfactive]
hick {v} (hiccup) SEE: hiccup  ::
hickey {n} (bruise-like mark)  :: malinka {f}
hidden {adj} (obscure)  :: ukryty {m}
hidden {adj} (that has been hidden)  :: ukryty {m}
hidden {adj} (that has been moved out of sight; invisible or unapparent)  :: ukryty {m}
hide {n} (skin of an animal)  :: skóra {f}
hide {v} ((transitive))  :: chować, ukrywać
hide and seek {n} (game)  :: chowany {m}
hide one's light under a bushel {v}  :: trzymać światło pod korcem; bo nie jest światło by pod korcem stało (C.K.Norwid)
hideous {adj} (extremely ugly)  :: ohydny, obrzydliwy
hiding place {n} (a place where something or someone may be safely hidden)  :: schowek {m}
hierarchization {n}  :: hierarchizacja {f}
hierarchy {n} (body of authoritative officials organised by rank)  :: hierarchia {f}
hierarchy {n} (class of objects)  :: hierarchia {f}
hieroglyph {n} (element of ideographic writing system)  :: hieroglif {m}
Hieronymus {prop} (male given name)  :: Hieronim {m}
Higgs boson {n} (a hypothetical elementary particle)  :: bozon Higgs'a {m}
Higgs particle {n} (Higgs boson) SEE: Higgs boson  ::
high {adj} (elevated)  :: wysoki
high {adj} (slang: stoned)  :: naćpany
high {n} (anticyclone) SEE: anticyclone  ::
high bar {n} (horizontal bar) SEE: horizontal bar  ::
highchair {n} (elevated chair used for feeding babies)  :: wysokie krzesełko dla dziecka {n}
high court {n} (supreme court) SEE: supreme court  ::
higher education {n} (university education or higher)  :: wyższe wykształcenie {n}
higher learning {n} (higher education) SEE: higher education  ::
high five {n} (gesture)  :: piątka {f}
high five {v} (to slap high five)  :: przybić piątkę
high jump {n} (athletics event)  :: skok wzwyż {m}
highlander {n} (inhabitant of highlands)  :: góral {m}, góralka {f}
Highlander {n} (highlander) SEE: highlander  ::
high-level {adj} (of or pertaining to a person of high rank) SEE: high-ranking  ::
highly {adv} (extremely, greatly, awfully)  :: wysoko
highly {adv} (in a high or esteemed manner)  :: wysoko
high muckamuck {n} (muckamuck) SEE: muckamuck  ::
high priest {n} (clergyman)  :: arcykapłan {m}
high priest {n} (office of the Melchizedek priesthood)  :: arcykapłan {m}
high-spirited {adj} (energetic) SEE: energetic  ::
hight {v} (be called)  :: nazywać się {impf}
hight {v} (call) SEE: call  ::
high tech {n} (high technology) SEE: high technology  ::
high tide {n} (climax, culminating point or phase)  :: przypływ {m}
high tide {n} (the natural tide at its highest level)  :: przypływ {m}
highway {n} (main public road)  :: autostrada {f}, szosa {f}
Highway Code {prop} (road manual)  :: kodeks drogowy
highway robbery {n} (The asking of an excessive or exorbitant price) SEE: daylight robbery  ::
Hiiumaa {prop} (island of Estonia)  :: Hiuma
hijab {n} (headscarf)  :: hidżab {m}
hijab {n} (practice of wearing a headscarf)  :: hidżab {m}
hijack {v} (to seize control of a process)  :: zakłócać / zakłócić
hijack {v} (to seize control of a vehicle)  :: porywać / porwać
hijacker {n} (someone who hijacks)  :: porywacz {m}
Hijra {n} (Muhammad's departure from Mecca)  :: hidżra {f}, hedżra {f}
hike {n} (a long walk)  :: wędrówka {f}
hiker {n} (One who hikes, especially frequently)  :: wędrowiec {m}
hikikomori {n} (phenomenon whereby an individual becomes a recluse from society)  :: hikikomori {n}
hilarity {n} (something inducing laughter)  :: głupawka {f}
Hilbert cube {n} (topological space)  :: kostka Hilberta {f}
Hilda {prop} (female given name)  :: Hilda
hill {n} (elevated location)  :: wzgórze {n}, pagórek {m}, kopiec {m}
hillock {n} (small hill)  :: pagórek {m}
hilt {n} (grip of a sword)  :: jelec
him {pron} (he) SEE: he  ::
him {pron} (himself) SEE: himself  ::
him {pron}  :: jego, go, niego, jemu, mu, niemu, nim
Himalayas {prop} (a mountain range of south-central Asia)  :: Himalaje {p}
hindbrain {n} (hindbrain)  :: tyłomózgowie
hinder {adj} (of or belonging to that part in the rear)  :: tylny {m}
hinder {n} (slang: buttocks)  :: pośladki
hinder {v} (to delay or impede movement)  :: wstrzymywać, opóźniać
hinder {v} (to make a task difficult)  :: przeszkadzać, powstrzymywać
Hindi {prop} (language)  :: hindi
Hindi-Urdu {prop} (Hindustani) SEE: Hindustani  ::
hindrance {n} (something which hinders)  :: przeszkoda {f}
hindsight is 20/20 {proverb} (in hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset)  :: mądry Polak po szkodzie
Hinduism {prop} (religion)  :: hinduizm {m}
Hindu Kush {prop} (mountain range)  :: Hindukusz {m}
Hindustan {prop} (India) SEE: India  ::
hinge {n} (device for the pivoting of a door)  :: zawias {m}
hinge {n} (philately: paper rectangle for affixing postage stamps) SEE: stamp hinge  ::
hinge {n} (statistics: median of upper or lower half of a batch) SEE: quartile  ::
hint {n} (clue)  :: podpowiedź {f}
hint {n} (tiny amount)  :: odrobina {f}
hip {n} (joint)  :: biodro {n}
hip {n} (the fruit of a rose)  :: owoc dzikiej róży
hip hop {n} (popular urban culture) SEE: hip-hop  ::
hip-hop {n} (urban youth culture)  :: hip hop {m}
hippie {n} (1960s nonconformist)  :: hipis {m}
hippocaust {n} (hypocaust) SEE: hypocaust  ::
Hippocrates {prop} (an Ancient Greek male given name)  :: Hipokrates
hippodrome {n} (horse racing course)  :: hipodrom {m}
hippopotamus {n} (large African mammal)  :: hipopotam {m}
hiragana {n} (Japanese syllabary)  :: hiragana {f}
hire {v} (to employ)  :: najmować (do pracy), zatrudniać
hire {v} (to obtain the services of in return for fixed payment)  :: wynajmować / wynająć, wypożyczać / wypożyczyć
Hirnantian {prop}  :: Hirnant
his {determiner} (attributive: belonging to him)  :: jego, swój
His Holiness {n} (honorific title)  :: jego świątobliwość
hiss {n} (sound made by a snake, cat, escaping steam, etc.)  :: syczenie {n}
hiss {v} (to make a hissing sound)  :: syczeć
histidine {n} (essential amino acid; C6H9N3O2)  :: histydyna {f}
histogram {n} (graphical display)  :: histogram {m}
histology {n} (the study of the microscopic structure)  :: histologia {f}
histopathology {n} (study of tissue)  :: histopatologia {f}
historian {n} (writer of history)  :: historyk {m}
historic {adj} (having significance in history)  :: historyczny {m}
historic {adj} (historical) SEE: historical  ::
historical {adj} (pertaining to history)  :: historyczny {m}
historically {adv} (in a historic manner)  :: historycznie
historic present tense {n} (tense) SEE: historical present tense  ::
history {n} (aggregate of past events)  :: historia {f}
history {n} (branch of knowledge that studies the past)  :: historia {f}
history {n} (computing: record of previous user events)  :: historia {f}
history {n} (medicine: list of past and continuing medical conditions)  :: historia choroby {f}
history {n} (record or narrative description of past events)  :: historia {f}
history repeats itself {proverb} (Translations)  :: historia lubi się powtarzać
hit {n} (blow, punch)  :: uderzenie {n}
hit {n} (success, especially in the entertainment industry)  :: m; m, hit {m}, przebój {m}
hit {v} (to give a blow)  :: uderzać, uderzyć
hitchhike {v} (to try to get a ride in a passing vehicle while standing at the side of a road)  :: jechać autostopem, podróżować autostopem
hitchhiker {n} (a person who hitchhikes)  :: autostopowicz {m}, autostopowiczka {f}
hitherto {adv} (up to this time)  :: dotychczas, dotąd
Hitler {prop} (Austrian surname held by Adolf Hitler)  :: Hitler {m}
Hitlerian {adj} (related to Adolf Hitler)  :: hitlerowski
Hitlerism {n} (political philosophy of Hitler)  :: hitleryzm {m}
hitman {n} (contract killer)  :: płatny zabójca {m}, cyngiel {m} [slang]
hit on {v} (to approach somebody seeking love, sex, etc.)  :: podrywać {impf}
hit the jackpot {v} (to receive a favorable outcome, by luck)  :: rozbić bank
hit the nail on the head {v} (identify something exactly)  :: trafić w sedno {pf}
Hittite {adj} (of or relating to the Hittite people, language or kingdom)  :: hetycki {m}
Hittite {n} (person)  :: Hetyta {m}, Chittyta {m}, Chetyta {m}
Hittite {prop} (language)  :: hetycki {m}
HIV {n} (human immunodeficiency virus)  :: HIV
hive {n} (a box or basket for the reception and habitation of a swarm of honeybees) SEE: beehive  ::
hive off {v} (separate from a larger group)  :: odłączyć
hives {n} (medical condition) SEE: urticaria  ::
Hmong {prop} (people)  :: Miao
hmph {interj} (sound of annoyance or indignation) SEE: humph  ::
hnn {interj} (indicating thinking or pondering) SEE: hmm  ::
hoard {v} (to amass)  :: gromadzić
hoarfrost {n} (frozen dew drops)  :: szron {m}
hoarse {adj} (afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice)  :: ochrypły {m}
hoarseness {n} (having dry harsh voice)  :: chrypka {f}
hoax {n} (anything deliberately intended to deceive or trick)  :: mistyfikacja {f}, [dated] szalbierstwo {n}
hobby {n} (activity done for enjoyment in spare time)  :: hobby {n}
hobby {n} (Falco subbuteo)  :: kobuz {m-an}
hobo {n} (homeless person)  :: bezdomny {m}, kloszard {m}
hobo {n} (migratory worker)  :: robotnik sezonowy {m}
hobo {n} (tramp, vagabond; bum)  :: tramp {m}, wagabunda {m}, włóczęga {m}
Ho Chi Minh {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City  ::
Ho Chi Minh City {prop} (Saigon) SEE: Saigon  ::
hockey {n} (the sport)  :: hokej {m}
hockey stick {n} (instrument used in field hockey)  :: kij hokejowy {m}
hockey stick {n} (instrument used in ice hockey)  :: kij hokejowy {m}
hodja {n} (a Muslim schoolmaster)  :: hodża {m}, chodża {m}
hoe {n} (agricultural tool)  :: motyka {f}
hog {n} (animal of the family Suidae)  :: wieprz {m}, świnia {f}
hogan {n} (house)  :: jednopokojowe mieszkanie Indian Navajo
hogherd {n} (swineherd) SEE: swineherd  ::
hogshead {n} (cask)  :: okseft
hogshead {n} (measure)  :: okseft
hogweed {n} (umbelliferous plant)  :: barszcz {m}
hoi polloi {n} (elite) SEE: elite  ::
hoi polloi {n} (the common people)  :: plebs {m}, hołota {f} [pejorative]
hoist {v} (transitive: to raise; to lift; to elevate)  :: podnosić {impf}, podnieść {pf}, wciągać {impf}, wciągnąć {pf}
hoist by one's own petard {adj} (to be hurt or destroyed by one's own plot or device)  :: wpaść we własne sidła
Hokkaido {prop} (a northern largest island of Japan, or a prefecture based in itself)  :: Hokkaido
Hokkien {prop} (Min Nan) SEE: Min Nan  ::
hold {n} (cargo area)  :: ładownia {f}
hold {v} (to grasp)  :: trzymać
hold off {v} (to delay someone or something)  :: odroczyć
hold on {v} (wait a minute)  :: czekać
hold up {v} (to wait or delay)  :: wstrzymać, opóźnić
hole {n} (container)  :: wykop {m-in}
hole {n} (hollow in some surface)  :: dziura {f}
hole {n} (lack of an electron)  :: dziura {f}
hole {n} (opening in a solid)  :: otwór {m-in}
hole {n} (orifice (see anus etc. for specific body cavities))  :: otwór {m-in}
hole {n} (pit) SEE: pit  ::
hole {n} (place where a prisoner is kept)  :: karcer {m-in}
hole {n} (portion of a game of golf)  :: dołek {m-in}
hole {n} (undesirable place)  :: dziura {f}, nora {f}
hole {n} (weakness, flaw)  :: słaby punkt {m-in}
hole punch {n} (tool)  :: dziurkacz {m}
holiday {n} (day declared free from work by the government)  :: święto {n}
holiday {n} (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)  :: święto {n}
holiday {n} (period during which pupils and students do not attend their school or university)  :: wakacje {p}
holiday {n} (period of one or more days taken off work by an employee for leisure)  :: urlop {m}
holidayer {n} (one who is on holiday) SEE: holiday-maker  ::
holidaymaker {n} (one who is on holiday) SEE: vacationer  ::
holism {n} (theory or belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts)  :: holizm {m}
Holland {prop} (the Netherlands)  :: Holandia {f}
hollow {adj} (echoing, reverberating, as if in a hollow space)  :: głuchy
hollow {adj} (having an empty space inside)  :: pusty
hollow {adj} (without substance)  :: pusty
hollow {n} (feeling of emptiness)  :: pustka {f}
hollow {n} (sunken area)  :: nizina {f}, niecka {f}
holly {n} (any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Ilex)  :: ostrokrzew {m}
holmium {n} (chemical element)  :: holm {m}
holocaust {n} (sacrifice to a god)  :: całopalenie {n}
holocaust {n} (state-sponsored mass murder of an ethnic group)  :: holokaust {m}
Holocaust {prop}  :: Holokaust {m}
Holocene {prop} (The Holocene epoch)  :: holocen {m}
Holodomor {prop} (1932–33 famine in Ukraine)  :: Hołodomor {m}, Wielki Głód {m}
holograph {n} (hologram) SEE: hologram  ::
holomorphic {adj} (of a complex function)  :: holomorficzny {m}
holonym {n} (term that denotes a whole)  :: holonim {m}
holonymous {adj}  :: holonimiczny {m}
holonymy {n} (system of holonyms)  :: holonimia {f}
holy {adj} (dedicated to a religious purpose)  :: święty {m}
holy {adj} (revered in a religion)  :: święty {m}
holy {adj} (slang intensifier)  :: święty {m}
Holy Book {prop} (Holy Writ) SEE: Holy Writ  ::
Holy Communion {prop} (Christian sacrament)  :: eucharystia {f}, komunia święta {f}
holy day {n} (festival) SEE: feast day  ::
Holy Ghost {prop} (aspect of the Holy Trinity) SEE: Holy Spirit  ::
Holy Grail {prop} (artifact in Christian mythology)  :: Święty Graal {m}
Holy Land {prop} (that part of Asia in which most Biblical events are set)  :: Ziemia Święta {f}
holy moley {interj} (holy smoke) SEE: holy smoke  ::
Holy Roman Empire {prop} (state)  :: Święte Cesarstwo Rzymskie Narodu Niemieckiego {n} [Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation]
Holy See {prop} (episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: Stolica Apostolska {f}
holy shit {interj} (expression of surprise or the like)  :: o kurwa!, ja pierdolę!
holy smoke {interj} (expression of surprise)  :: no noǃ
Holy Spirit {prop} (Christian: aspect of the Holy Trinity)  :: Duch Święty
Holy Thursday {prop} (Maundy Thursday) SEE: Maundy Thursday  ::
holy water {n} (water, sanctified)  :: woda święcona {f}
Holy Week {prop} (week preceding Easter)  :: Wielki Tydzień {m}
homage {n} (demonstration of respect)  :: hołd {m}
homage {n} (in feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to his or her lord)  :: hołd {m}
home {adv} (at home)  :: w domu
home {adv} (homewards)  :: do domu, ku domowi, w stronę domu
home {n} (house or structure in which someone lives)  :: dom {m}
home {n} (someone’s native land)  :: ojczyzna {f}, macierz {f}
home base {n} (baseball) SEE: home plate  ::
home is where the heart is {proverb}  :: tam dom twój, gdzie serce twoje
Homel {prop} (Gomel) SEE: Gomel  ::
homeland {n} (country which one regards as home)  :: ojczyzna {f}, macierz {f}
homeless {adj} (lacking a permanent residence)  :: bezdomny {m}
homelessness {n} (state of being homeless)  :: bezdomność {f}
homeless shelter {n} (building to provide shelter for homeless)  :: schronisko dla bezdomnych {n}
homely {adj} (characteristic of or belonging to home)  :: swojski {m}
homemade {adj} (made at home)  :: domowy, domowej roboty
homeopathy {n} (system of treating diseases with very small amounts)  :: homeopatia {f}
homeostasis {n} (ability to stabilize internal environment)  :: homeostaza {f}
home page {n} (the main or first page of a Web site)  :: strona startowa
homer {n} (four-base hit) SEE: home run  ::
homer {n} (homing pigeon) SEE: homing pigeon  ::
home school {n} (boarding school) SEE: boarding school  ::
homesickness {n} (missing one's home or family)  :: nostalgia {f}, tęsknota za krajem {f}
home stretch {n} (final stretch of a race)  :: ostatnia prosta
home stretch {n} (idiomatic: final part of a distance or effort)  :: ostatnia prosta
homestretch {n} (final stretch of a race track) SEE: home stretch  ::
home theater {n} (home cinema) SEE: home cinema  ::
hometown {n} (place of birth or residence)  :: rodzinne miasto {n}
homeward {adv} (towards home)  :: do domu
homewards {adj} (leading toward home)  :: do domu
homework {n} (work that is done at home)  :: zadanie domowe {n}, praca domowa {f}
homicide {n} (a person who kills another)  :: morderca {m}, morderczyni {f}
homicide {n} (the killing of one person by another)  :: zabójstwo {n}
homily {n} (sermon)  :: homilia {f}
homo- {prefix} (Same)  :: homo-, izo-
homocentric {adj} (anthropocentric) SEE: anthropocentric  ::
homoerotic {adj} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
homogeneous {adj} (of the same kind; alike, similar)  :: jednorodny {m}, jednolity {m}
homogenise {v} (homogenize) SEE: homogenize  ::
homogenization {n} (homogenization)  :: homogenizacja {f}
homograph {n} (word with the same spelling but different meaning)  :: homograf {m}
homomorphism {n} (notion in mathematics)  :: homomorfizm {m}
homonym {n} (word with the same sound or spelling but different meaning)  :: homonim {m-in}
homophobia {n} (fear, dislike, or hate of homosexuals)  :: homofobia {f}
homosexual {adj} (sexually attracted solely or primarily to the same sex)  :: homoseksualny {m}
homosexual {n} (person who is attracted solely or primarily to others of the same sex)  :: homoseksualista {m}, gej {m}, lesbijka {f}
homosexuality {n} (sexual orientation)  :: homoseksualizm {m}
homothecy {n} (homothety) SEE: homothety  ::
homothety {n} (scaling transformation)  :: jednokładność {f}, homotetia {f}
Homs {prop} (a city in Syria)  :: Hims {n}
Honduras {prop} (A country in Central America)  :: Honduras
hone {n} (sharpening stone)  :: osełka {f}
hone {v} (to refine or master a skill)  :: doskonalić {impf}
honest {adj} (scrupulous with regard to telling the truth)  :: uczciwy {m}
honestly {adv} (in an honest manner)  :: uczciwie
honesty {n} (quality of being honest)  :: szczerość {f}
honey {n} (colour)  :: (kolor) miodowy
honey {n} (informal: attractive woman)  :: laska {f}
honey {n} (sweet substance produced by bees)  :: miód {m-in}
honey {n} (term of affection)  :: kochanie
honeybadger {n} (honey badger) SEE: honey badger  ::
honey bear {n} (kinkajou) SEE: kinkajou  ::
honey bear {n} (sloth bear) SEE: sloth bear  ::
honey bear {n} (sun bear) SEE: sun bear  ::
honey bee {n} (bee)  :: pszczoła {f} miodna
honeybee {n} (honey bee) SEE: honey bee  ::
honeycomb {n} (structure of cells made by bees)  :: plaster miodu
honeycomb stomach {n} (reticulum) SEE: reticulum  ::
honey dipper {n} (kitchen tool)  :: czerpak do miodu {m}
honeymoon {n} (period of time immediately following a marriage)  :: miesiąc miodowy {m}
honeysuckle {n} (plant)  :: wiciokrzew {m}
hong bao {n} (red envelope) SEE: red envelope  ::
Hong Kong {prop} (coastal administrative region in south-east China)  :: Hongkong {m}
hongweibing {n} (Red Guards (China))  :: hunwejbin {m}
honk {v} (to honk like a goose)  :: gęgać
honk {v} (to use a car horn)  :: trąbić
honor {n} (privilege)  :: zaszczyt {m}
honor {n} (token of praise or respect)  :: honor {m}, cześć {f}
honorarium {n} (compensation for services)  :: honorarium {n}, wynagrodzenie {n}, opłata {f}
honored {adj} (respected, having received honor) SEE: honoured  ::
Honorius {prop} (male given name)  :: Honoriusz {m}
honor roll {n} (honour roll) SEE: honour roll  ::
honour {n} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
honour {v} (honour) SEE: honor  ::
hood {n} (headwear)  :: kaptur {m}
hood {n} (neighbourhood) SEE: neighbourhood  ::
hood {n} (protective cover)  :: maska {f}
hood {n} (thug) SEE: thug  ::
-hood {suffix} (condition or state)  :: -stwo {n}, -ctwo {n}, -ość {f}
-hood {suffix} (group)  :: -stwo {n}
hoodie {n} (sweatshirt, with an integral hood)  :: bluza z kapturem {f}
hoodiecrow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
hoof {n} (tip of a toe of ungulates)  :: kopyto {n}
hook {n} (fishhook)  :: haczyk {m}
hook {n} (rod bent into a curved shape)  :: hak {m}
hook {n} (type of boxing punch)  :: sierpowy {m}
hookah {n} (pipe)  :: nargile {n}, fajka wodna {f}
hooker {n} (prostitute)  :: kurwa {f}, dziwka
hooker {n} (rugby player)  :: młynarz {m}
hooligan {n} (person that causes trouble or violence)  :: chuligan {m}
hoop {n} (circular band of metal used to bind a barrel)  :: obręcz {m}
hoop {n} (hoop earring) SEE: hoop earring  ::
hoop {n} (jockey) SEE: jockey  ::
hoop {n} (quart pot) SEE: quart pot  ::
hoopoe {n} (bird Upupa epops)  :: dudek {m}
hoopster {n} (basketball player) SEE: basketball player  ::
hooray {interj} (elated expression of approval)  :: hura
hoot {n} (cry of an owl)  :: pohukiwanie {n}
hoot {v} (To make the cry of an owl)  :: pohukiwać {impf}, hukać {impf}
hooter {n} (owl) SEE: owl  ::
hooter {n} (slang: nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
hoover {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
hoover {v} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
hop {n} ((plural) flowers of the hop plant)  :: chmiel {m}
hop {n} (the plant whose flowers are used in brewing)  :: chmiel {m}
hope {n} (belief that something wished for can happen)  :: nadzieja {f}
hope {n} (person or thing that is a source of hope)  :: nadzieja {f}
hope {v} (to want something to happen, with expectation that it might)  :: mieć nadzieję {impf}, spodziewać się {impf}
Hope {prop} (female given name)  :: Nadzieja {f}, Nadia {f}
hopeless {adj} (desperate) SEE: desperate  ::
hopelessness {n} (the lack of hope; despair)  :: beznadzieja {f}
hoplite {n} (A heavily-armed infantry soldier of Ancient Greece)  :: hoplita {m}
hopscotch {n} (child's game)  :: klasy {f-p}
hop to it {v} (hurry up) SEE: hurry up  ::
Horace {prop} (male given name)  :: Horacy {m}
Horace {prop} (poet)  :: Horacy {m}
horde {n} (wandering troop or gang)  :: horda {f}
hordeolum {n} (infection) SEE: stye  ::
horizon {n} (line that appears to separate the Earth from the sky)  :: horyzont {m}
horizontal {adj} (parallel to the plane of the horizon)  :: poziomy
horizontally {adv} (in a horizontal direction or position)  :: poziomo
horizontal plane {n} (transverse plane) SEE: transverse plane  ::
hormone {n} (substance produced by the body that effects physiological activity)  :: hormon {m}
horn {n} (antler) SEE: antler  ::
horn {n} (any of several musical wind instruments)  :: tuba {f}
horn {n} (growth on the heads of certain animals)  :: róg {m}
horn {n} (instrument used to signal others)  :: róg {m}
horn {n} (loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle)  :: klakson {m}
horn {n} (substance)  :: róg {m}
hornbeam {n} (tree of Carpinus)  :: grab {m}
hornbill {n} (bird)  :: dzioborożec {m}
horned {adj} (having horns)  :: rogaty
horned melon {n} (plant)  :: ogórek kiwano {m}
horned screamer {n} (kamichi) SEE: kamichi  ::
hornet {n} (a large wasp, of the genus Vespa, with a brown-and-yellow-striped body)  :: osa, szerszeń {m}
horn of plenty {n} (Craterellus cornucopioides) SEE: black chanterelle  ::
horny {adj} (hard or bony)  :: rogowy, zrogowaciały
horny {adj} (having horns)  :: rogaty
horny {adj} (sexually aroused)  :: napalony {m}
horology {n} (art, science and technology of timekeeping)  :: horologia
horoscope {n} (astrological forecast)  :: horoskop {m}
horoscope {n} (position of the planets and stars; diagram of such positions)  :: horoskop {m}
horrible {adj} (causing horror, terrible)  :: straszny, okropny
hors d'oeuvre {n} (appetizer)  :: zakąska {f}, przystawka {f}
horse {n} (members of the species Equus ferus)  :: koń {m}, klacz {f}
horse chestnut {n} (tree)  :: kasztanowiec {m}
horsefly {n} (fly of the family Tabanidae)  :: bąk {m}
horse-leech {n} (larger than the common leech)  :: pijawka końska
horseling {n} (foal) SEE: foal  ::
horseling {n} (pony) SEE: pony  ::
horse mackerel {n} (jack mackerel) SEE: jack mackerel  ::
horse mackerel {n} (pilot fish) SEE: pilot fish  ::
horsemanship {n} (equestrianism) SEE: equestrianism  ::
horsemeat {n} (horse meat)  :: konina {f}
horsemilk {n} (mare's milk) SEE: mare's milk  ::
horsepower {n} (metric)  :: koń mechaniczny {m} (symbol KM)
horsepower {n} (non-metric)  :: koń parowy {m} (symbol h.p., hp, HP)
horseradish {n} (condiment)  :: chrzan {m}
horseradish {n} (plant)  :: chrzan {m}
horseshoe {n} (metallic shoe of a horse)  :: podkowa {f}
horseshoe {n} (shape of a horseshoe)  :: podkowa {f}
horseshoe {v} (to apply horseshoes to a horse)  :: podkuwać {impf}, podkuć {pf}, kuć {impf}
horsetail {n} (plant)  :: skrzyp {m}
horsy {adj} (of or relating to horses)  :: koński
hortensia {n} (hydrangea) SEE: hydrangea  ::
hosanna {interj} (liturgical word)  :: hosanna
hose {n} (flexible tube)  :: szlauch {f}, wąż {m}
hose {n} (stocking-like garment) SEE: tights  ::
Hosea {prop} (prophet)  :: Ozeasz {m}
hospice {n} (provision of palliative care for the terminally ill)  :: hospicjum {n}
hospital {n} (building)  :: szpital {m}
hospitalise {v} (hospitalize) SEE: hospitalize  ::
hospitality {n} (act or service of welcoming, receiving, hosting, or entertaining guests)  :: gościnność {f}
hospitalization {n} (hospitalizing of a patient)  :: hospitalizacja {f}
hospitalize {v} (to send to a hospital)  :: hospitalizować, umieścić w szpitalu
host {n} (consecrated bread)  :: hostia {f}
host {n} (person who receives or entertains a guest)  :: gospodarz {m}
host {v} (perform the role of a host)  :: gościć, ugościć
hostage {n} (person given as a pledge or security)  :: zakładnik {m}, zakładniczka {f}
hostel {n} (an affordable overnight lodging place)  :: hostel {m}
hostel {n} (short for youth hostel) SEE: youth hostel  ::
hostile {adj} (belonging or appropriate to an enemy)  :: wrogi {m}
hostilely {adv} (in a hostile manner)  :: wrogo
hostler {n} (person at an inn who looks after horses)  :: stajenny {m}
hostler {n} (person employed to care for a locomotive)  :: parowozowy {m}
hot {adj} (having a high temperature)  :: gorący
hot {adj} (of the weather)  :: gorący
hot {adj} (spicy)  :: ostry, pikantny
hot air {n} (empty, confused or exaggerated talk)  :: bicie piany {n}
hot chocolate {n} (beverage)  :: gorąca czekolada
hotchpotch {n} (hodgepodge) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
hot dog {n} (frankfurter in a bun)  :: hotdog {m}
hot dog {v} (to perform a dangerous act as display) SEE: show off  ::
hotel {n} (establishment providing accommodation)  :: hotel {m}
hothouse {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
hotkey {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
hot spell {n} (heatwave) SEE: heatwave  ::
hot spring {n} (natural spring producing water whose temperature is greater than about 20°C (68° F))  :: gorące źródło {n}
Hottentot {n} (Khoekhoe) SEE: Khoekhoe  ::
Hottentot {prop} (Khoekhoe) SEE: Khoekhoe  ::
hottie {n} (informal: hot-water bottle) SEE: hot water bottle  ::
hottie {n} (slang: sexually attractive person)  :: ciacho {n} [male]
hot water bottle {n} (a flexible bottle for heat therapy)  :: termofor {m}
hot water heater {n} (apparatus in which water is heated for domestic hot water)  :: podgrzewacz wody {m}, piecyk gazowy {m}, piecyk elektryczny {m}, boiler {m}, terma {f}
hound {n} (dog)  :: gończy {m}, ogar {m}
hour {n} (time period of sixty minutes)  :: godzina {f}
hourglass {n} (clock)  :: klepsydra {f}, zegar piaskowy {m-in}
hourslong {adj} (lasting several hours)  :: kilkugodzinny
house {n} (bingo) SEE: bingo  ::
house {n} (genre of music) SEE: house music  ::
house {n} (human abode)  :: dom {m}
house arrest {n} (confinement of a person, by authorities, to his or her residence)  :: areszt domowy {m}
house-broken {adj} (house-trained) SEE: house-trained  ::
housebroken {adj} (house-trained) SEE: house-trained  ::
house cat {n} (domestic cat) SEE: domestic cat  ::
housecat {n} (housecat)  :: kot domowy {m}
housefly {n} (fly)  :: mucha domowa {f}
household name {n} (genericized trademark) SEE: genericized trademark  ::
house husband {n} (husband who remains in the homestead) SEE: househusband  ::
househusband {n} (husband who remains in the homestead)  :: gospodarz {m}, gospodarz domu {m}
house martin {n} (common house martin) SEE: common house martin  ::
house mouse {n} (mouse of the species Mus musculus)  :: mysz domowa {f}, mysz {f}
house music {n} (type of electronic dance music with an uptempo beat and recurring kickdrum)  :: house {m}
house of cards {n} (structure made by laying cards perpendicularly on top of each other)  :: domek z kart {m}
house of cards {n} (structure or argument built on a shaky foundation)  :: domek z kart {m}
House of Commons {prop} (lower house in UK or Canadian parliament)  :: Izba Gmin {f}
house of ill fame {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel  ::
house of worship {n} (house of worship) SEE: place of worship  ::
house party {n} (party at a house)  :: [colloquial] domówka {f}
house rat {n} (black rat) SEE: black rat  ::
house sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus)  :: wróbel {m}
housewarming {n} (party)  :: parapetówka {f}
housewife {n} (female head of household)  :: gospodyni domowa {f}
hovercraft {n} (a vehicle supported on a cushion of air)  :: poduszkowiec {m}
how {adv} (in what manner)  :: jak
how {adv} (in what state)  :: jak
how {adv} (to what degree)  :: jak
how {adv} (used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings)  :: jak
how {conj} (in which way)  :: w jaki sposób
how are you {phrase} (greeting)  :: jak się masz?, co słychać?
how come {adv} (why)  :: dlaczego, jakże
how do I get to {phrase} (how do I get to...?)  :: jak mogę dostać się do...?
how do I get to the airport {phrase} (how do I get to the airport?)  :: jak dostanę się na lotnisko?
how do I get to the bus station {phrase} (how do I get to the bus station?)  :: jak dostanę się na dworzec autobusowy?
how do I get to the train station {phrase} (how do I get to the train station?)  :: jak dostanę się na dworzec kolejowy?
how do you pronounce this word {phrase} (how do you pronounce this word?)  :: jak wymówić to słowo?, jak się wymawia to słowo?
how do you English {phrase} (request for translation into English)  :: jak się mówi ... po angielsku?
howdy {interj} (hi) SEE: hi  ::
however {adv} (nevertheless)  :: jednakże, jednak
howitzer {n} (a cannon)  :: haubica
howitzer {n} (a slightly different cannon)  :: haubica
howl {n} (protracted, mournful cry of a dog or a wolf)  :: wycie
howl {v} (To utter a loud, protracted, mournful sound or cry, as dogs and wolves often do)  :: wyć
how many {determiner} (what number)  :: ile {p}
how much {adv} (what is the cost/price)  :: ile, ile kosztuje
how much {determiner} (what quantity)  :: ile
how much does it cost {phrase} (how much is it)  :: ile to kosztuje?
how much is it {phrase} (how much does it cost) SEE: how much does it cost  ::
how no {adv} (why not) SEE: why not  ::
how old are you {phrase} (what is your age in years)  :: [informal] ile masz lat?, [formal, to a man] ile ma Pan lat?, [formal, to a woman] ile ma Pani lat?
how's it going {phrase} (how's it going? - informal greetings)  :: [informal] jak leci?
howzit {interj} (what's up) SEE: what's up  ::
Hradec Králové {prop} (city in the Czech republic)  :: Hradec Králové {m}
Hrodna {prop} (Grodno) SEE: Grodno  ::
hryvnia {n} (Ukrainian currency)  :: hrywna {f}
HTTP cookie {n} (packet of information sent by a server to a World Wide Web browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server)  :: cookie {n}, ciasteczko {n}
hub {n} (The central part of a wheel)  :: piasta {f}
Hubble constant {n} (number)  :: prawo Hubble'a {n}
hubbub {n} (A confused uproar, commotion, tumult or racket.)  :: gwar {m}, harmider {m}, wrzawa {f}, zgiełk {m}
hubby {n} (husband)  :: mężuś {m}
hubcap {n} (decorative disk for wheels)  :: kołpak {m}
hubris {n} (excessive pride or arrogance)  :: pycha {f}
Hudson River {prop} (Hudson) SEE: Hudson  ::
hue {n} (color or shade of color; tint; dye)  :: odcień {m}
hug {n} (affectionate embrace)  :: przytulenie, obejmowanie {n}, objęcie {n}
hug {v} (embrace)  :: przytulać {impf}, przytulić {pf}, tulić {impf}, obejmować {impf}, objąć {pf}
huge {adj} (very large)  :: ogromny, olbrzymi {m}
hugely {adv} (hugely)  :: ogromnie
Hugo {prop} (male given name) SEE: Hugh  ::
hullaballoo {n} (uproar or commotion)  :: raban {m}, poruszenie {n}, zamieszanie {n}
hullaballoo {v} (to make an uproar or commotion)  :: wywoływać wielkie poruszenie
hum {v} (to make sound with lips closed)  :: nucić
human {adj} (having the nature or attributes of a human species)  :: ludzki {m}
human {adj} (of or belonging to the species Homo sapiens)  :: ludzki {m}
human {n} (a human being)  :: człowiek {m}
human being {n} (person)  :: człowiek {m}, ludzie {p} [plural], istota ludzka {f}
humane {adj} (with regard for the health and well-being of another)  :: ludzki {m}, humanitarny {m}
humanely {adv} (In a humane way)  :: po ludzku, humanitarnie
humaniform {adj} (like a human or that of a human in form or appearance)  :: człekokształtny
humanism {n} (ethical system)  :: humanizm {m}
humanity {n} (human beings as a group)  :: człowieczeństwo {n}
human milk {n} (breast milk) SEE: breast milk  ::
human rights {n} (the basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed)  :: prawa człowieka {n-p}
human shield {n} (placement of civilians in or around targets)  :: ludzka tarcza {f}
human trafficking {n} (criminal activity in which people are recruited, etc. to serve an exploitative purpose)  :: handel ludźmi {m}
humble {adj} (near the ground)  :: niski {m}
humble {adj} (thinking lowly of one's self)  :: skromny {m}
humdrum {adj} (lacking variety or excitement; dull; boring)  :: monotonny {m}, prozaiczny {m}
humid {adj} (slightly wet)  :: wilgotny {m}, wilgotna {f}, wilgotne {n}
humidity {n} (amount of water vapour in the air)  :: wilgotność {f}
humidity {n} (dampness, especially that of the air)  :: wilgotność
humiliate {v} (to injure a person's dignity and self-respect)  :: upokarzać, poniżyć
humiliating {adj} (liable to humiliate)  :: upokarzający
humiliation {n} (the act of humiliating or humbling someone; abasement of pride; mortification)  :: upokorzenie {n}
humiliation {n} (the state of being humiliated, humbled or reduced to lowliness or submission)  :: upokorzenie {n}
humility {n} (characteristic of being humble)  :: pokora {f}
hummingbird {n} (any of various small American birds in the family Trochilidae)  :: koliber {m}
hummock {n} (small hill) SEE: hillock  ::
humour {n} (bodily fluid) SEE: bodily fluid  ::
humour {n} (mood)  :: humor {m}, nastrój {m}
humour {n} (something funny)  :: humor {m}
humourously {adv} (humorously) SEE: humorously  ::
hump {n} (deformity of the human back)  :: garb {m}
hump {n} (rounded fleshy mass)  :: garb {m}
humpback whale {n} (Megaptera novaeangliae)  :: humbak {m}, długopłetwiec {m}
humus {n} (group of compounds in soil)  :: humus {m}
Hun {n} (derogatory term for a German)  :: szkop {m}, fryc {m}
Hun {n} (member of nomadic tribe)  :: Hun {m}
hunchback {n} (deformed upper spinal column) SEE: humpback  ::
hunchback {n} (one who is stooped or hunched over) SEE: humpback  ::
hunchbacked {adj} (having hunched back) SEE: humpbacked  ::
hundred {num} (cardinal number 100)  :: sto
hundredth {adj} (ordinal of 100)  :: setny (abbreviation 100.)
Hungarian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Hungary)  :: węgierski
Hungarian {n} (person from Hungary)  :: Węgier {m-pr}, Węgierka {f}
Hungarian {prop} (the language)  :: węgierski {m-in}
Hungarian Hound {n} (Hungarian Hound)  :: gończy węgierski {m}
Hungarian Kuvasz {n} (Dog breed) SEE: Kuvasz  ::
Hungarian notation {n} (Hungarian notation)  :: notacja węgierska {f}
Hungary {prop} (the country)  :: Węgry {p}
hunger {n} (need for food)  :: głód {m}
hunger is a good sauce {proverb} (hunger is the best sauce) SEE: hunger is the best sauce  ::
hunger strike {n} (a fast undertaken as a means of protest)  :: głodówka {f}
hungry {adj} (affected by hunger; desirous of food)  :: głodny {m}
hungry {adj} (eager, having a desire for something)  :: spragniony {m}
hunker {v} (To crouch or squat close to the ground)  :: kucać
hunt {n} (the act of hunting, shooting)  :: polowanie {n}, myślistwo {n}, łów {m}
hunt {v} (to chase down prey)  :: polować
hunter {n} (person who hunts game)  :: myśliwy {m}
hunting {n} (chasing and killing animals for sport or to get food)  :: polowanie {n}
Huntington's chorea {n} (Huntington's disease) SEE: Huntington's disease  ::
Huocheng {prop} (Khorgas) SEE: Khorgas  ::
Huoerguosi {prop} (Khorgas) SEE: Khorgas  ::
hurdy-gurdy {n} (barrel organ) SEE: barrel organ  ::
hurler {n} (pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
hurler on the ditch {n} (opinionated person who offers advice) SEE: back-seat driver  ::
hurley {n} (hurling) SEE: hurling  ::
hurrah {interj} (expressing approval, appreciation, or happiness)  :: hura
hurricane {n} (meteorology: a wind scale for quite strong wind)  :: huragan {m}
hurricane {n} (weather phenomenon)  :: huragan {m}
hurry {n} (rushed action)  :: pośpiech {m}
hurt {v} (to be painful)  :: boleć {impf}
hurt {v} (to cause physical pain and/or injury)  :: sprawiać ból {impf}
Husayn {prop} (Husayn)  :: Husajn {m}
husband {n} (male partner in marriage)  :: mąż {m-pr}, małżonek {m-pr}
hush {v} (to become quiet)  :: zamilknąć {pf}
hush {v} (to make quiet)  :: uciszyć {pf}, uciszać {impf}
hush up {v} (to stop making sounds)  :: zamilknąć {pf}
hussar {n} (light cavalry of any of several European armies)  :: husaria {f}
Hussite {n} (follower)  :: husyta {m}, husytka {f}
hustler {n} (a male prostitute who sells his services to men)  :: męska dziwka, żigolo
hustler {n} (a pimp)  :: alfons
hustler {n} (one who hustles)  :: kanciarz
hustler {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
hut {n} (primitive dwelling)  :: chata {f}, szałas {m-in}
hut {n} (small wooden shed)  :: chata {f}
hutong {n} (alley) SEE: alley  ::
hutong {n} (lane) SEE: lane  ::
hyacinth {n} (plant of the genus Hyacinthus)  :: hiacynt {m}
Hyacinth {prop} (Hyacinthus) SEE: Hyacinthus  ::
Hyacinth {prop} (male given name)  :: Jacek {m}
hybrid {n} (biology: offspring resulting from crossbreeding)  :: hybryda {f}, krzyżówka {f}
hydra {n} (any of several small freshwater polyps of the genus Hydra and related genera)  :: stułbia {f}
Hydra {prop} (constellation)  :: Hydra {f}
Hydra {prop} (mythical serpent)  :: Hydra {f}
Hydra {prop} (one of Pluto's moons)  :: Hydra {f}
hydrangea {n} (shrub)  :: hortensja {f}
hydrate {n} (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules)  :: hydrat {m}
hydraulic {adj} (Having to do with water)  :: hydrauliczny
hydraulic {adj} (Related to hydraulics)  :: hydrauliczny
hydraulicking {n} (mining using pressurized water jets to dislodge rock or move sediment) SEE: hydraulic mining  ::
hydrobiology {n} (study of the biology of the organisms that inhabit bodies of water)  :: hydrobiologia {f}
hydrocarbon {n} (compound of carbon and hydrogen)  :: węglowodór {m}
hydrocephalic {adj} (hydrocephalous) SEE: hydrocephalous  ::
hydrocephalus {n} (skull enlargement due to fluid)  :: hydrocefalia {f}, wodogłowie {n}
hydrochloric {adj} (relating to hydrochloric acid)  :: chlorowodorowy
hydrochloric acid {n} (strong acid made by dissolving the gas, hydrogen chloride)  :: kwas solny, kwas chlorowodorowy
hydrocyanic acid {n} (prussic acid)  :: kwas pruski {m}
hydrodynamics {n} (study of fluids in motion)  :: hydrodynamika {f}
hydrofoil {n} (vessel)  :: wodolot {m}
hydrofracking {n} (hydraulic fracturing) SEE: hydraulic fracturing  ::
hydrogen {n} (chemical element)  :: wodór {m}
hydrogen cyanide {n} (the compound HCN)  :: cyjanowodór {m}
hydrogen fluoride {n} (HF)  :: fluorowodór
hydrogen peroxide {n} (H2O2)  :: woda utleniona {f}
hydrogen sulfide {n} (H2S)  :: siarkowodór {m}
hydrogen vehicle {n} (any vehicle that uses hydrogen as its principal fuel)  :: samochód na wodór
hydrogeology {n} (the geology of groundwater)  :: hydrogeologia {f}
hydrology {n} (science related to water)  :: hydrologia {f}
hydrolysis {n} (a chemical process of decomposition)  :: hydroliza {f}
hydromechanics {n} (fluid mechanics) SEE: fluid mechanics  ::
hydrometeorology {n} (the branch of meteorology)  :: hydrometeorologia {f}
hydrophilic {adj} (having an affinity for water)  :: hydrofilowy {m}
hydrophobic {adj} (lacking an affinity for water)  :: hydrofobowy {m}
hydrophyte {n} (plant that lives in or requires an abundance of water)  :: hydrofit {m}
hydrosphere {n} (waters of the Earth)  :: hydrosfera {f}
hydroxide {n} (univalent anion)  :: wodorotlenek {m}
hyena {n} (Animal)  :: hiena {f}
hygiene {n} (conditions and practices that promote and preserve health)  :: higiena {f}
hygienically {adv} (in a hygienic manner)  :: higienicznie
Hyōgo {prop} (Hyogo) SEE: Hyogo  ::
hygrometer {n} (instrument that measures humidity)  :: wilgotnościomierz
hygroscopic {adj} (readily taking up and retaining water)  :: higroskopijny {m}
hygroscopy {n} (ability of a substance to attract and hold water)  :: higroskopijność {f}
hymen {n} (membrane which occludes the vagina)  :: błona dziewicza {f}
hymn {n} (a song of praise or worship)  :: hymn {m}
hyperbaton {n} (rhetoric)  :: hyperbaton
hyperbola {n} (geometric curve)  :: hiperbola {f}
hyperbole {n} (rhetorical device)  :: hiperbola {f}
hyperbolic {adj} (pertaining to a mathematical hyperbola)  :: hiperboliczny
hyperbolical {adj} (hyperbolic) SEE: hyperbolic  ::
hypercube {n} (a geometric figure)  :: hipersześcian {m}
hypergeometric distribution {n} (probability distribution)  :: rozkład hipergeometryczny {m}
hyperglycemia {n} (unusually high concentration of sugar in the blood)  :: hiperglikemia
hyperlink {n} (link from one electronic document to another)  :: link {m}, łącze {n}, hiperłącze {n}, odnośnik {m}
hyperlink {v} (to point to another document by a hyperlink)  :: linkować
hypermetropia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness  ::
hypernova {n} (the gravitational collapse of a massive star to form a black hole)  :: hipernowa
hypernym {n} (superordinate grouping word)  :: hiperonim {m}
hypernymic {adj}  :: hiperonimiczny {m}
hypernymy {n}  :: hiperonimia {f}
hyperon {n} (baryon with nonzero strangeness)  :: hiperon {m}
hyperonym {n} (hypernym) SEE: hypernym  ::
hyperopia {n} (disorder of the vision) SEE: farsightedness  ::
hypersonic {adj} (five times the speed of sound)  :: hiperdźwiękowa
hypertension {n} (abnormally high blood pressure)  :: nadciśnienie {n}
hyperthermophile {n}  :: hipertermofil
hypertrophy {n} (an increase in the size of an organ due to swelling of the individual cells)  :: hipertrofia {f}
hyphen {n} (symbol used to join words or to indicate a word has been split)  :: dywiz {m}, łącznik {m}
hyphenation {n} (inclusion and location of hyphens)  :: dzielenia wyrazów {f-p}
hypnagogic jerk {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
Hypnos {prop} (Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep)  :: Hypnos {m}
hypnosis {n} (art or skill of hypnotism) SEE: hypnotism  ::
hypnosis {n} (a trancelike state)  :: hipnoza {f}
hypnotherapy {n} (treatment of disease through hypnotism)  :: hipnoterapia
hypnotic {adj} (inducing sleep; soporific)  :: nasenny
hypnotic {adj} (of or relating to hypnosis or hypnotism)  :: hipnotyczny {m}
hypnotic {n} (a soporific substance)  :: lek nasenny {m}, środek nasenny {m}
hypnotise {v} (hypnotise) SEE: hypnotize  ::
hypnotism {n} (hypnotism)  :: hipnoza
hypnotize {v} (To induce somebody into a state of hypnosis)  :: hipnotyzować
hypoallergic {adj} (hypoallergenic) SEE: hypoallergenic  ::
hypochondria {n} (psychological disorder)  :: hipochondria {f}
hypochondriac {adj} (affected by hypochondria)  :: hipochondryczny
hypochondriac {n} (person affected with hypochondria)  :: hipochondryk {m}, hipochondryczka {f}
hypocrisy {n} (Claim, pretense, or false representation of holding beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually possess)  :: hipokryzja {f}
hypocrite {n} (person practising hypocrisy)  :: hipokryta {m}, hipokrytka {f}
hypohydration {n} (dehydration) SEE: dehydration  ::
hyponym {n} (more specific word)  :: hiponim {m-in}
hyponymous {adj}  :: hiponimiczny {m}
hyponymy {n}  :: hiponimia {f}
hypoptilum {n} (aftershaft) SEE: aftershaft  ::
hyporachis {n} (downy lower barbs of a feather) SEE: afterfeather  ::
hypostasis {n} (inherent reality or substance)  :: hipostaza {f}
hypostasis {n} (postmortem lividity; livor mortis; suggillation) SEE: livor mortis  ::
hypotension {n} (disease of abnormally low blood pressure)  :: hipotonia {f}
hypotenuse {n} (The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle)  :: przeciwprostokątna {f}
hypothalamus {n} (a region of the brain, below the thalamus)  :: podwzgórze {n}
hypothetic {adj} (based on hypothesis or theory)  :: hipotetyczny {m}
hypothyroidism {n} (disease state)  :: niedoczynność tarczycy {f}
hypotrochoid {n} (geometric curve)  :: hipotrochoida
hyrax {n} (mammal of the order Hyracoidea)  :: góralek {m}
hysteresis {n} (a property of a system)  :: histereza {f}
hysteria {n} (behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion)  :: histeria {f}