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rabbi {n} (Jewish scholar or teacher)  :: rabín {m}
rabbinate {n} (office or function of a rabbi)  :: rabinát {m}
rabbit {n} (mammal)  :: králík {m}
rabbit {n} (fur)  :: králík {m}
rabbit {v} (to talk incessantly and childishly)  :: žvanit
rabies {n} (viral disease)  :: vzteklina {f}
raccoon {n} (nocturnal omnivore living in North America, Procyon lotor)  :: mýval {m}
race {n} (contest)  :: závod {m}
race {n} (a large group of people set apart from others on the basis of a common heritage)  :: rasa {f}
racehorse {n} (a horse that competes in races)  :: závodní kůň {m}
racer {n} (racehorse) SEE: racehorse  ::
racer {n} (someone who takes part in a race)  :: závodník {m}
rachitis {n} (rickets)  :: rachitida {f}
racial {adj} (of a race)  :: rasový
Racibórz {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Ratiboř {f}
racism {n} (race discrimination or dislike)  :: rasismus {m}, rasizmus {m}
racist {n} (person who believes a particular race is superior to others.)  :: rasista {m}
racist {adj} (relating to racism)  :: rasistický
rack {n} (torture device)  :: skřipec {m}
racket {n} (implement)  :: raketa {f}
racket {n} (loud noise)  :: rámus {m}
rack railway {n} (railway that uses a rack and pinion mechanism)  :: zubačka, ozubená dráha, ozubnicová dráha
raconteur {n} (storyteller)  :: vypravěč {m}
racoon {n} (raccoon) SEE: raccoon  ::
racquet {n} (an implement with a handle used to hit a ball)  :: raketa {f}
rada {n} (soviet) SEE: soviet  ::
rada {n} (a parliamentary body in a number of Slavic countries)  :: rada {f}
Rada {prop} (rada) SEE: rada  ::
radar {n} (method of detecting distant objects)  :: radar {m}
radiation {n} (process of radiating waves or particles)  :: záření {n}
radiation {n} (transfer of energy via radiation)  :: sálání {n}
radiation {n} (radioactive energy)  :: záření {n}, radiace
radiator {n} (device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air)  :: chladič {m}
radiator {n} (finned metal fixture that carries hot water or steam in order to heat a room)  :: radiátor {m}
radical {adj} (thoroughgoing)  :: radikální
radical {n} (person with radical opinions)  :: radikál {m}
radicalism {n} (social or political movements that aim at fundamental change in the structure of society)  :: radikalismus {m}
radicalization {n} (the process or result of radicalizing)  :: radikalizace {f}
radicalize {v} ((transitive) to make radical)  :: radikalizovat
radicalness {n} (state or the quality of being radical)  :: radikálnost {f}
radio {n} (technology)  :: rádio {n}, rozhlas {m}
radio {n} (receiver)  :: rádio {n}
radio {n} (transmitter)  :: rádio {n}
radioactive {adj} (exhibiting radioactivity)  :: radioaktivní
radioactive decay {n} (physical process)  :: radioaktivní rozpad {m}
radioactive fallout {n} (material from a radioactive plume)  :: radioaktivní spad {m}
radioactive waste {n} (type of waste)  :: radioaktivní odpad {n}
radioactivity {n} (emission of ionizing radiation)  :: radioaktivita {f}
radioactivity {n} (radiation emitted)  :: radioaktivita {f}
radio button {n} (selction button in graphical user interface)  :: výběrové tlačítko {n}
radio-controlled car {n} (radio-controlled car)  :: auto na dálkové ovládání {n}
radiographic {adj} (of or pertaining to radiography)  :: radiografický
radiography {n} (the process of making radiographs, and the science of analyzing them)  :: radiografie {f}
radioisotope {n} (a radioactive isotope of an element)  :: radioizotop {m}
radiologist {n} (practitioner of radiology)  :: radiolog {m}
radiology {n} (the use of radiation in diagnosis)  :: radiologie {f}
radiotherapy {n} (therapeutic use of radiation)  :: radioterapie {f}
radish {n} (plant)  :: ředkvička, ředkev, ředkev setá
radish {n} (edible root)  :: ředkvička {f}
radish {n} (a plant of the Raphanus genus)  :: ředkev
radium {n} (chemical element)  :: radium {n}, rádium {n}
radius {n} (bone (human))  :: vřetenní kost {f}
radius {n} (line segment)  :: poloměr {m}
radius {n} (length of this line segment)  :: poloměr {m}
radix {n} (biology: root) SEE: root  ::
radon {n} (chemical element)  :: radon {m}
raft {n} (flat, floating structure)  :: vor {m}
raft {n} (inflatable floating craft)  :: raft {m}
rafter {n} (one of a series of sloped beams)  :: krokev {f}
raftsman {n} (person who transports a raft of floating logs downstream to a sawmill)  :: raftař {m}, vorař {m}
rag {n} (piece of cloth)  :: hadr {m}
rag {n} (mean or tattered attire)  :: hadry {m}
rag {n} (shabby, beggarly fellow)  :: otrhanec {m}
ragbag {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
rag doll {n} (a doll made from cloth and rags)  :: hadrová panenka {f}
rage {n} (a violent anger)  :: zuřivost {f}, běs {m}, běsnění {n}
rage {n} (a current fashion or fad)  :: hit {m}, móda {f}, výkřik {m} (módy)
ragged {adj} (rent or worn into tatters, or till the texture is broken)  :: potrhaný
ragged {adj} (broken with rough edges)  :: členitý
ragged {adj} (wearing tattered clothes)  :: otrhaný
ragout {n} (stew of meat and vegetables mixed together)  :: ragú {n}
rags and tatters {n} (very old, torn clothes)  :: hadry {m-p}
Ragusa {prop} (Dubrovnik) SEE: Dubrovnik  ::
ragweed {n} (plant of the genus Ambrosia)  :: ambrózie {f}
raider {n} (one who engages in a raid)  :: nájezdník {m}
rail {n} (means of transportation) SEE: railway  ::
rail {n} (horizontal bar; railing)  :: zábradlí {n}
rail {n} (metal bar that makes the track of a railroad)  :: kolejnice {f}, kolej {f}, koleje {f-p}
railing {n} (fence or barrier)  :: zábradlí {n}
railroad {n} (permanent road consisting of fixed metal rails) SEE: railway  ::
railroad {n} (transportation system) SEE: railway  ::
railroad crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
railroad station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station  ::
railroad switch {n} (points) SEE: points  ::
railroad tie {n} (piece supporting the rails of a railroad)  :: pražec {m}, železniční pražec {m}
rail transport {n} (transport)  :: železnice {f}
railway {n} (track, consisting of parallel rails)  :: kolej {f}, železnice {f}, trať {f}
railway {n} (transport system using these rails)  :: železnice {f}
railway station {n} (place where trains stop)  :: železniční stanice {f}, stanice {f}, nádraží {n}
rain {n} (condensed water from a cloud)  :: déšť {m}
rain {n} (any matter falling)  :: déšť {m}
rain {n} (an instance of particles falling)  :: déšť
rain {v} (of rain: to fall from the sky)  :: pršet, dštít
rain {v} (to fall in large quantities)  :: pršet
rain {v} (to issue in large quantities)  :: sypat
rainbow {n} (multicoloured arch in the sky)  :: duha {f}
rainbow trout {n} (Oncorhynchus mykiss (countable))  :: pstruh duhový {m}
rain buckets {v} (to rain heavily) SEE: rain cats and dogs  ::
rain cats and dogs {v} (to rain very heavily)  :: lít jako z konve, padat trakaře
raincoat {n} (waterproof coat)  :: pláštěnka {f}
rain fire and brimstone {v} (send horror)  :: dštít oheň a síru, chrlit oheň a síru
rainforest {n} (forest in a climate with high annual rainfall and no dry season)  :: deštný prales {m}, deštný les {m}
rain pitchforks {v} (rain cats and dogs) SEE: rain cats and dogs  ::
rainwater {n} (water sourced from rain)  :: dešťovka {f}
rainy {adj} (abounding with rain)  :: deštivý
rainy season {n} (portion of the year when rainfall amounts are greatest)  :: období dešťů {n}
raion {n} (administrative unit)  :: rajón {m}
raise {v} (to cause to rise)  :: zvednout, zdvihnout {pf}, zvedat {impf}, zdvihat {impf}, povznést {pf}
raise {v} (to cause to live again)  :: vzkřísit {pf}
raise {v} (to bring up, to grow)  :: vychovat
raise {v} (to exponentiate)  :: umocnit
raisin {n} (dried grape)  :: rozinka {f}, hrozinka {f}
raison d'être {n} (Reason for existence)  :: smysl existence, příčina bytí, raison d'être, smysl bytí
rajah {n} (Hindu prince)  :: rádža {m}
rake {n} (garden tool)  :: hrábě {p}
rake {v} (use a rake on)  :: hrabat
rally {n} (motor racing: event)  :: rallye {f}, rally {f}
ram {n} (male sheep)  :: beran {m}
ram {n} (battering ram) SEE: battering ram  ::
Rama {prop} (avatar of Lakshmi)  :: Ráma
ramble {n} (stroll) SEE: stroll  ::
ramble {v} (wander) SEE: wander  ::
ramen {n} (soup noodles of wheat, with various ingredients (Japanese style))  :: ramen
ramification {n} (branching process)  :: rozvětvení {n}
rampart {n} (defensive ridge of earth)  :: val {m}
rampion {n} (Phyteuma)  :: zvonečník {m}
ranch {n} (small farm that cultivates vegetables or livestock)  :: ranč {m}
rancid {adj} (rancid) SEE: offensive  ::
rancid {adj} (being rank in taste or smell)  :: žluklý, ztuchlý
rancidity {n} (state of being rancid)  :: žluklost {f}
random {adj} (all outcomes being unpredictable)  :: náhodný {m}
random {adj} (undistinguished, average)  :: průměrný {m}, náhodný {m}
random {adj} (apropos of nothing)  :: nesouvisející {m}
random access memory {n} (computer memory that dynamically stores program and data values during operation and in which each byte of memory may be directly accessed)  :: paměť s náhodným přístupem
randomness {n} (property of all possible outcomes being equally likely)  :: náhodnost {f}
randomness {n} (measure of the lack of purpose, logic, or objectivity of an event)  :: nahodilost {f}, libovolnost {f}
random number {n} (number allotted randomly using a suitable generator)  :: náhodné číslo {n}
random sample {n} (sample)  :: náhodný výběr {m}
random variable {n} (measurable function from a sample space)  :: náhodná veličina {f}
range {n} (step of a ladder) SEE: rung  ::
range {n} (area for practicing shooting)  :: střelnice
range {n} (math: set of values of a function)  :: obor hodnot {m}
range {v} (to classify) SEE: classify  ::
ranger {n}  :: hraničář {m}
Rangoon {prop} (Yangon) SEE: Yangon  ::
rank {n} (a level in an organization such as the military)  :: hodnost {f}
rank {n} (chess: one of the horizontal lines of squares)  :: řada {f}
ransom {n} (money paid for the freeing of a hostage)  :: výkupné {n}
ransom {v} (to pay a price to set someone free)  :: vykoupit
ransomware {n} (malware)  :: ransomware {m}, vyděračský program {m}
ranunculus {n} (buttercup) SEE: buttercup  ::
rape {n} (act of forcing sexual activity)  :: znásilnění {n}
rape {v} (force sexual intercourse)  :: znásilňovat {impf}, znásilnit {pf}
rape {n} (rapeseed) SEE: rapeseed  ::
rape oil {n} (rapeseed oil) SEE: rapeseed oil  ::
rapeseed {n} (rapeseed plant)  :: řepka {f}
rapeseed oil {n} (vegetable oil)  :: řepkový olej {m}
rapid {adj} (Very swift or quick)  :: rychlý
rapid {n} (section of river)  :: peřej {m}
rapier {n} (slender straight sharply pointed sword)  :: rapír {m}
rapt {adj} (very interested; fascinated)  :: uchvácen {m}, pohroužen
raptor {n} (bird of prey) SEE: bird of prey  ::
rapunzel {n} (corn salad) SEE: corn salad  ::
rapunzel {n} (rampion) SEE: rampion  ::
rare {adj} (cooked very lightly)  :: krvavý
rare {adj} (very uncommon)  :: vzácný {m}, řídký
rarefied {adj} (less dense than usual)  :: ředěný, zředěný
rarely {adv} (not occurring at a regular interval)  :: zřídka
rareness {n} (property of being rare)  :: vzácnost {f}
rarity {n} (measure of the scarcity of an object)  :: vzácnost {f}
rarity {n} (rare object)  :: vzácnost {f}
rascal {n} (cheeky person)  :: rošťák {m}, uličník {m}, drzoun {m}, parchant {m}
rash {adj} (hasty)  :: zbrklý {m}
rash {n} (of skin)  :: vyrážka {f}
rashness {n} (quality of being rash)  :: unáhlenost {f}, zbrklost {f}
rasp {n} (coarse file)  :: rašple {f}
rasp {v} (to use a rasp)  :: rašplovat
raspberry {n} (plant)  :: malina {f}
raspberry {n} (fruit)  :: malina {f}
raster graphics {n} (structure representing grid of pixels)  :: rastrová grafika {f}
rat {n} (rodent)  :: krysa {f}, potkan {m}
rate {n} (speed) SEE: speed  ::
rate {n} (proportional relationship between amounts)  :: poměr
rate {n} (set price or fee determined in relation to a particular scale or standard)  :: sazba {f}
ratel {n} (Mellivora capensis) SEE: honey badger  ::
rather {adv} (preferably)  :: raději, spíš, spíše
rather than {conj} (to indicate that the following alternative is less preferred)  :: raději než
rather than {prep} (instead of, in preference to)  :: raději než, namísto
ratification {n} (formal declaration of agreement to a treaty etc)  :: ratifikace {f}
ratify {v} (give formal consent to)  :: ratifikovat
rating {n} (mark that refers to the ability of something)  :: hodnocení {n}, ohodnocení {n}
ratio {n} (number representing comparison)  :: poměr {m}
ration {n} (portion)  :: příděl {m}
rational {adj} (capable of reasoning)  :: racionální
rational {adj} (reasonable; not absurd)  :: racionální
rational {adj} (arithmetic: of a number)  :: racionální
rational {n} (rational number) SEE: rational number  ::
rationalism {n} (philosophical theory)  :: racionalismus {m}
rationalist {n} (person)  :: racionalista {m}
rationalization {n} (reorganization of a company)  :: racionalizace {f}
rationalization {n} (concealment of true motivation)  :: racionalizace {f}
rational number {n} (quotient of integers)  :: racionální číslo {n}
rationing {n} (ration) SEE: ration  ::
ratio variable {n} (ratio variable)  :: poměrová veličina {f}, poměrová proměnná {f}
rattler {n} (rattlesnake) SEE: rattlesnake  ::
rattlesnake {n} (poisonous snake)  :: chřestýš {m}
raven {n} (bird)  :: krkavec {m}
ravenous {adj} (very hungry)  :: vyhladovělý {m}
ravine {n} (a deep narrow valley)  :: rokle {f}, strž {f}
ravish {v} (rape) SEE: rape  ::
raw {adj} (uncooked)  :: syrový {m}
raw {adj} (untreated)  :: surový {m}
raw material {n} (material in its unprocessed, natural state)  :: surovina {f}
ray {n} (beam of light or radiation)  :: paprsek {m}
ray {n} (mathematics: line extending indefinitely in one direction from a point)  :: polopřímka {f}
Raynaud's disease {n} (Raynaud's disease)  :: Raynaudova choroba {f}
razor {n} (shaving knife)  :: břitva {f}
razor blade {n} (razor blade)  :: žiletka {f}
razor strop {n} (birch bracket) SEE: birch bracket  ::
razor strop {n} (leather strop for whetting a razor)  :: obtahovací řemen {m}
re- {prefix} (again)  :: pře-, znovu-
reach {v} (to extend, to thrust out)  :: sáhnout
reach {v} (to arrive at by effort)  :: dorazit, dojet
reaction {n} (action in response to an event)  :: reakce {f}
reaction {n} (chemical transformation)  :: reakce {f}
reactor {n} (a device which uses atomic energy to produce heat)  :: reaktor {m}
read {v} (look at and interpret letters or other information)  :: číst {impf}
read {v} (speak aloud words or other information that is written)  :: číst, předčítat
read {v} (have the ability to read text or other information)  :: číst, být gramotný
read {v} (of text, etc., to be interpreted or read in a particular way)  :: číst se
readability {n} (property of being capable of being read; legibility)  :: čitelnost {f}
readability {n} (property of being easy or engaging to read)  :: čtivost {f}
readable {adj} (legible) SEE: legible  ::
readable {adj} (enjoyable to read)  :: čtivý
readableness {n} (readability) SEE: readability  ::
read between the lines {v} (to infer a meaning that is not stated explicitly)  :: číst mezi řádky
reader {n} (person who reads a publication)  :: čtenář {m}
reader {n} (person who recites literary works, usually to an audience)  :: předčítač {m}
reader {n} (person employed by a publisher to read works and determine their merits)  :: korektor {m}, lektor {m}
reader {n} (any device that reads something)  :: čtečka {f}
readiness {n} (state or degree of being ready)  :: připravenost {f}
reading {n} (process of interpreting written language)  :: čtení {n}
reading {n} (process of interpreting a symbol)  :: čtení {n}
reading room {n} (space set aside for reading)  :: čítárna {f}
ready {n} (cash) SEE: cash  ::
ready {adj} (prepared for immediate action or use)  :: připravený {m}
ready {adj}  :: hotový
ready, set, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go  ::
ready, steady, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go  ::
reagent {n} (substance used in chemical reactions)  :: činidlo {n}
real {adj} (that has physical existence)  :: skutečný {m}, reálný {m}
real {adj} (mathematics: relating to numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to the points on a line)  :: reálný {m}
real {n} (mathematics: a real number) SEE: real number  ::
real {adv} (really) SEE: really  ::
real estate {n} (property that cannot easily be moved)  :: nemovitost {f}
realism {n} (concern for fact or reality)  :: realismus {m}
realistic {adj} (relating to the representation of objects, actions or conditions as they actually are or were)  :: realistický {m}
reality {n} (state of being actual or real)  :: skutečnost {f}
reality {n} (entirety of all that is real)  :: skutečnost {f}
realizable {adj} (capable of being realized or achieved)  :: uskutečnitelný {m}
realize {v} (to become aware of)  :: uvědomit si
realize {v} (to make real)  :: uskutečnit
really {adv} (actually)  :: skutečně
really {adv} (informally, as an intensifier; very, very much)  :: skutečně
really {interj} (indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information)  :: opravdu, skutečně
realm {n} (territory or state)  :: říše {f}
real number {n} (limit of a convergent sequence of rational numbers)  :: reálné číslo {n}
real property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate  ::
ream {n} (bundle of paper)  :: rys {m}
reap {v} (to cut with a sickle)  :: žnout, žít, kosit [scythe]
reaper {n} (the Grim Reaper) SEE: Grim Reaper  ::
reap hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle  ::
reaping hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle  ::
rear {v} (to bring up to maturity)  :: vychovat
rear {adj} (being behind, or in the hindmost part)  :: zadní
rear admiral {n} (naval officer below the rank of vice admiral)  :: kontradmirál {m}
rearm {v} (to replace or restore the weapons or arms)  :: přezbrojit
rear-view mirror {n} (mirror inside a vehicle giving view of the traffic behind)  :: zpětné zrcátko {n}
reason {n} (that which causes: a cause)  :: příčina {f}
reason {n} ((the capacity of the human mind for) rational thinking)  :: rozum {m}
reason {n}  :: důvod {m}
reason {v} (to arrange and present the reasons for or against; to examine, debate, discuss) SEE: debate  ::
reason {n} (math: ratio, proportion) SEE: ratio  ::
reasonable {adj} (just; fair; agreeable to reason)  :: rozumný
reasonable {adj} (inexpensive)  :: rozumný
reasonable {adj} (satisfactory)  :: rozumný
reasonableness {n} (state or characteristic of being reasonable)  :: rozumnost {f}
reasonably {adv} (in accordance with reason)  :: rozumně
reasoning {n} (action of the verb 'to reason')  :: uvažování {n}
reata {n} (lasso) SEE: lasso  ::
rebarbative {adj} (repellent)  :: odpudivý, odporný
rebel {n} (person who resists an established authority)  :: povstalec {m}, rebel {m}, buřič {m}, vzbouřenec {m}
rebel {v} (to resist or become defiant towards)  :: bouřit se
rebellion {n} (armed resistance)  :: povstání {n}, vzpoura {f}, rebelie {f}
rebellion {n} (defiance)  :: vzpoura {f}, povstání {n}, rebelie {f}
rebirth {n} (revival, reinvigoration)  :: znovuzrození {n}
rebuke {n} (harsh criticism)  :: výčitka {f}
rebuke {v} (to criticise harshly; to reprove)  :: vyčítat
rebus {n} (puzzle)  :: rébus {m}
recall {v} (to recall) SEE: reproduce  ::
recant {v} (to withdraw or repudiate formally and publicly)  :: odvolat
recapitulation {n} (subsequent enumeration of the major points)  :: rekapitulace {f}
recede {v} (move back, move away)  :: ustoupit
receipt {n} (written acknowledgement)  :: stvrzenka {f}, účtenka {f}
receive {v} (get)  :: obdržet {pf}, dostat {pf}
receive {v} (take possession of)  :: přijmout, obdržet, dostat
receiver {n} (person who receives)  :: příjemce {m}
receiver {n} (electronic device)  :: přijímač {m}
recension {n} (a critical revision of a text)  :: recenze {f}
recent {adj} (having happened a short while ago)  :: nedávný {m}
recently {adv} (in the recent past)  :: nedávno
receptacle {n} (container)  :: nádoba {f}, schránka {f}
receptacle {n} (botany: part of flower)  :: lůžko {n}
receptacle {n} (electrical: contact device)  :: zásuvka {f}
reception {n} (act of receiving)  :: obdržení {n}, přijetí {n}
reception {n} (electronics: act or ability to receive signals)  :: příjem {m}
reception {n} (social engagement)  :: recepce {f}
reception {n} (reaction)  :: přijetí {n}
reception {n} (front desk)  :: recepce {f}
reception desk {n} (place in public and company buildings)  :: recepce {f}
receptor {n} (a protein on a cell wall that responds to sensory stimuli)  :: čidlo {n}
recession {n} (a period of reduced economic activity)  :: recese {f}
recessive {adj} (in genetics)  :: recesivní
recidivist {n} (one who falls back into prior habits, especially criminal habits)  :: recidivista {m}
recidivous {adj} (prone to relapse into immoral or antisocial behavior)  :: náchylný k recidivě {f}
recidivous {adj} (recurring)  :: recidivní
recipe {n} (instructions for making or preparing food dishes)  :: recept {m}
recipient {n} (one who receives)  :: příjemce {m}
recitation {n} (act of reciting)  :: recitace {f}
recite {v} (to recite) SEE: say  ::
recite {v} (to repeat aloud some passage, poem or other text previously memorized, often before an audience)  :: recitovat
reciter {n} (one who recites)  :: recitátor {m}
reckless {adj} (careless or heedless; headstrong or rash)  :: bezohledný {m}, bezstarostný {m}
reckless {adj} (indifferent to danger or the consequences)  :: bezstarostný {m}, lehkomyslný
reclaim {v} (to recycle) SEE: recycle  ::
reclaim {v} (to tame or domesticate a wild animal) SEE: tame  ::
recognise {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter)  :: poznat
recognise {v} (to acknowledge the existence or legality of something)  :: uznat
recognition {n} (the act of recognizing or the condition of being recognized)  :: rozpoznání {n}
recognition {n} (Acceptance as valid or true)  :: uznání {n}
recognition {n} (Official acceptance of the status of a new government by that of another country)  :: uznání {n}
recognition {n} (honour, favorable note, or attention)  :: uznání {n}
recognizable {adj} (able to be recognized)  :: rozeznatelný, rozpoznatelný
recognize {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter)  :: poznat
recognize {v} (to acknowledge the existence or legality of something)  :: uznat
recollection {n} (act of recalling to the memory)  :: vzpomínání {n}
recollection {n} (power of recalling ideas to the mind)  :: paměť {f}
recollection {n} (that which is called to mind)  :: vzpomínka {f}
recollection {n} (archaic: the act or practice of collecting or concentrating the mind)  :: zklidnění mysli {n}
recommend {v} (to commend to the favorable notice of another)  :: doporučit
recommendation {n} (commendation) SEE: commendation  ::
recommendation {n} (act of recommending)  :: doporučení {n}
recommendation {n} (that which is recommended)  :: doporučení {n}
reconcile {v} (to restore a friendly relationship)  :: usmířit se, smířit se, smířit
reconcile {v} (to make things compatible or consistent)  :: sladit, srovnat
reconcile {v} (to make the net difference in credits and debits of a financial account agree with the balance)  :: vyrovnat, srovnat, urovnat
reconciliation {n} (reestablishment of friendly relations)  :: usmíření {n}
reconciliation {n} (Roman Catholic sacrament)  :: svátost smíření {f}, zpověď {f}
reconstruction {n} (act of restoring)  :: přestavba {f}, rekonstrukce {f}
record {n} (information put into a lasting physical medium)  :: záznam {m}
record {n} (vinyl disc/disk)  :: deska {f}
record {n} (computing: set of data relating to a single individual or item)  :: záznam {m}
record {n} (most extreme known value of some achievement)  :: rekord {m}
record {v} (make a record of)  :: zaznamenat
record {v} (make an audio or video recording of)  :: nahrát
record {v} ((intransitive) make audio or video recording)  :: nahrávat
recorder {n} (musical instrument)  :: zobcová flétna {f}
recording {n} (reproduction stored in a permanent medium)  :: záznam {m}, (of a sound) nahrávka {f}
record label {n} (brand of a company that produces records) SEE: label  ::
recover {v} (intransitive: to get better, regain health)  :: zotavit se
recovery {n} (return to normal health)  :: zotavení {n}
recreate {v} (to produce again, to recreate) SEE: reproduce  ::
recreation {n} (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates)  :: rekreace {f}
recreational drug {n} (drug taken for its effect on the mind)  :: droga {f}
recruit {n} (newly enlisted soldier)  :: branec {m}, rekrut {m}
recruit {v} (to supply with new men, as an army)  :: rekrutovat
rectangle {n} (quadrilateral)  :: obdélník {m}
rectangular {adj} (having a shape like a rectangle)  :: obdélníkový
recto {n} (The front side of a flat object)  :: líc
rector {n} (headmaster)  :: rektor {m}
rectorate {n} (office of a rector)  :: rektorát {m}
rectum {n} (terminal part of the large intestine)  :: konečník {m}
recuperate {v} (recover, especially from an illness) SEE: recover  ::
recursive {adj} (mathematics: of an expression, in which each term is determined by applying a formula to preceding terms)  :: rekurzivní
recursive {adj} (computing: of a program or function that calls itself)  :: rekurzivní
recursively {adv} ((computers) using recursion)  :: rekurzivně
recursively enumerable {adj} ((computing theory) of a set, such that there exists a deterministic algorithm which will list all the items in the set and no others)  :: rekurzivně spočetný
recyclability {n} (the quality of being recyclable)  :: recyklovatelnost
recyclable {adj} (able to be recycled)  :: recyklovatelný
recycle {v} (to break down and reuse component materials)  :: recyklovat
recycling {n} (the practice of sorting and collecting waste materials for new use)  :: recyklace {f}
red {adj} (having red as its colour)  :: červený {m}
red {adj} (of hair: orange-brown)  :: rusý {m}, ryšavý {m}
red {adj} (left-wing, socialist or communist)  :: rudý {m}
red {n} (colour)  :: červeň
red admiral {n} (butterfly)  :: babočka admirál {f}
Red Army {prop} (name of the Soviet army)  :: Rudá armáda {f}
Red Army man {n} (the lowest military rank of the Red Army)  :: rudoarmějec
red beet {n} (beetroot) SEE: beetroot  ::
red blood cell {n} (haemoglobin-carrying blood cell in vertebrates)  :: červená krvinka {f}, erytrocyt {m}
redbreast {n} (American robin) SEE: American robin  ::
red card {n} (sports: card)  :: červená karta {f}
Red Cross {prop} (Red Cross)  :: Červený kříž {m}
redcurrant {n} (plant)  :: červený rybíz {m}
redcurrant {n} (fruit)  :: červený rybíz {m}
red deer {n} (Cervus elaphus)  :: jelen lesní {m}
redden {v} (to become red)  :: červenat, rudnout
reddish {adj} (resembling the colour red)  :: červenavý
red dwarf {n} (small star)  :: červený trpaslík {m}
redeem {v} (to recover ownership of something by paying a sum)  :: vykoupit, vyplatit
redeem {v} (to liberate by payment of ransom)  :: vykoupit
redeem {v} (to save, rescue, recover)  :: vykoupit
redeem {v} (to clear, release from debt or blame)  :: vykoupit
redeem {v} (to expiate, atone for)  :: vykoupit
redeem {v} (to convert into cash)  :: proplatit
redeem {v} (to save from a state of sin)  :: vykoupit
redeemer {n} (one who redeems)  :: spasitel {m}
redefine {v} (to give a new or different definition to a word)  :: předefinovat
redefinition {n} (act or event of redefining)  :: redefinice {f}
redemption {n} (the act of redeeming or something redeemed)  :: vykoupení {n}
redemption {n} (the recovery, for a fee, of a pawned article)  :: vykoupení {n}
redemption {n} (salvation from sin)  :: vykoupení {n}
redemption {n} (rescue upon payment of a ransom)  :: vykoupení {n}
red-handed {adj} (in the act of wrongdoing)  :: při činu
redhead {n} (red-haired person)  :: zrzek {m}, zrzka {f}
redirect {v} (substitute an address or pointer to a new location)  :: přesměrovat
redirect {n} (substition of an address for another one)  :: přesměrování {n}
redistribution {n} (act of changing the distribution of resources)  :: přerozdělění {n}
red kite {n} (Milvus milvus)  :: luňák červený {m}
red knot {n} (the bird Calidris canutus)  :: jespák rezavý {m}
red line {n} (a line dividing ice rink in half)  :: červená čára {f}
redo {v} (to do again)  :: předělat
red oak {n} (Quercus rubra tree)  :: dub červený {m}
redoubt {v} (to dread) SEE: dread  ::
red panda {n} (Ailurus fulgens)  :: panda červená {f}, panda malá {f}
Red Planet {prop} (Mars)  :: rudá planeta
red poppy {n} (Papaver rhoeas) SEE: corn poppy  ::
Red Sea {prop} (sea between Africa and Arabia)  :: Rudé moře {n}
redshift {n} (change in wavelength)  :: rudý posuv {m}
Red Square {prop} (Moscow square)  :: Rudé náměstí {n}
red-throated diver {n} (loon)  :: potáplice malá {f}
red-throated pipit {n} (Anthus cervinus)  :: linduška rudokrká {f}
reductio ad absurdum {n} (proof by contradiction) SEE: proof by contradiction  ::
reduction {n} (act, process, or result of reducing)  :: snížení {n}, redukce {f}
reduction {n} (chemistry: reaction in which electrons are gained and valence is reduced)  :: redukce {f}
reductionism {n} (approach of studying complex systems)  :: redukcionismus {m}
redundant {adj} (superfluous)  :: nadbytečný
redundantly {adv} (in a redundant manner)  :: nadbytečně
red wine {n} (red coloured wine)  :: červené víno {n}
redwing {n} (Turdus iliacus)  :: cvrčala {f}
redwood {n} (the species Sequoia sempervirens)  :: sekvoj {f}
reed {n} (grass-like plant)  :: rákosí {n}, sítí {n}
reed {n} (weaving)  :: paprsek {n}
reef {n} (rocks at or near surface of the water)  :: útes {m}
reefer {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana  ::
reefer {n} (marijuana cigarette)  :: špek {m}, joint {m}
reek {n} (unpleasant smell)  :: zápach {m}, smrad {m}
reek {v} (to have or give off a strong, unpleasant smell)  :: páchnout
reel {v} (to walk shakily or unsteadily)  :: vrávorat {impf}
re-examine {v} (to examine again)  :: přezkoušet
refactor {v} ((computing) to rewrite existing source code in order to improve its readability, reusability or structure without affecting its meaning or behaviour)  :: refaktorovat
refer {v} (to direct to a source for help or information)  :: odkázat
referee {n} (sport: umpire, judge, the supervisor of a game)  :: rozhodčí {m}
referendum {n} (direct popular vote)  :: referendum {n}
refill {n}  :: náplň {f}
refine {v} (to reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state; to free from impurities; to free from dross or alloy)  :: čistit, vyčistit, pročistit, rafinovat
refine {v} (to purify from what is gross, coarse, vulgar, inelegant, low, and the like; to make elegant or excellent; to polish)  :: kultivovat
refine {v} (to improve in accuracy, delicacy, or excellence)  :: vylepšovat
refinement {n} (act, or the result of refining; the removal of impurities, or a purified material)  :: rafinace {f}
refinery {n} (building used to produce refined products)  :: rafinérie {f}
refining {n} (process) SEE: refinement  ::
reflation {n} (the act of restoring deflated prices)  :: reflace {f}
reflect {v} (to bend back from a surface)  :: odrážet
reflect {v} (to mirror, or show the image of something)  :: zrcadlit, odrazit, odrážet
reflection {n} (act of reflecting; the state of being reflected)  :: odraz {m}
reflection {n} (something that is reflected)  :: odraz {m}
reflection {n} (careful thought or consideration)  :: úvaha {f}, reflexe {f}
reflex {n} (automatic response)  :: reflex {m}
reflex arc {n} (neural pathway)  :: reflexní oblouk {m}
reflexive {adj} (in grammar)  :: zvratný {m}
reflexive {adj} (in mathematics)  :: reflexivní {m}
reflexive {adj} (resulting from a reflex)  :: reflexivní {m}
reflexive {n} (reflexive pronoun) SEE: reflexive pronoun  ::
reflexive {n} (reflexive verb) SEE: reflexive verb  ::
reflexive pronoun {n} (a part of speech)  :: zvratné zájmeno {n}, reflexivum {n}
reflexive verb {n} (verb with equivalent subject and direct object)  :: zvratné sloveso {n}, reflexivum {n}
reform {n} (amendment)  :: reforma {f}
Reformation {prop} (religious movement)  :: reformace {f}
reformatory {n} (juvenile institution) SEE: reform school  ::
reformer {n} (one who reforms, or who works for reform)  :: reformátor {m}
reform school {n} (institution for juveniles)  :: polepšovna {f}
reformulate {v} (to formulate again)  :: přeformulovat
refract {v} (to refract) SEE: disperse  ::
refraction {n} (bending of any wave)  :: lom {m}, refrakce {f}
refractory {adj} (not affected by great heat)  :: žáruvzdorný
refrain {v} (to abstain (from))  :: zdržet se
refrain {n} (burden of song)  :: refrén {m}
refresh {v} (to renew or revitalize)  :: občerstvit, osvěžit
refrigerate {v} (freeze) SEE: freeze  ::
refrigerator {n} (appliance that refrigerates food)  :: lednice {f}, chladnička {f}, lednička {f}
refuge {n} (state of safety, protection or shelter)  :: útočiště {n}
refuge {n} (place providing safety, protection or shelter)  :: útočiště {n}
refugee {n} (person seeking political asylum)  :: uprchlík {m}
refugee {n} (person seeking economic asylum)  :: uprchlík {m}
refugee {n} (person seeking refuge from natural disaster)  :: uprchlík {m}
refugee {n} (person granted formal asylum)  :: uprchlík {m}
refuse {n} (items or material that have been discarded)  :: odpad {m}
refuse {v} ((transitive) decline (request, demand))  :: odmítnout
refutability {n} (ability to be refuted)  :: vyvratitelnost {f}
refutable {adj} (able to be refuted)  :: vyvratitelný {m}
refutation {n} (an act of refuting)  :: vyvrácení {n}
refute {v} (to prove (something) to be false or incorrect)  :: vyvrátit
refute {v} (to deny the truth or correctness of (something))  :: zavrhnout
regard {n} (aspect; detail)  :: ohled {m}
regarding {prep} (concerning)  :: ohledně
regardless {adj} (having no regard)  :: nedbající
regardless {prep} (paying no attention to)  :: bez ohledu na
regardless of {prep} (without attention to)  :: bez ohledu na
regatta {n} (boat race)  :: regata {f}
regency {n} (system of government)  :: vladařství {n}
Regensburg {prop} (city in Germany)  :: Řezno {n}
regent {n} (one who rules in place of the monarch)  :: regent {m}, vladař {m}
regicide {n} (the killing of a king)  :: královražda {f}
regicide {n} (one who kills a king)  :: královrah {m}
regidor {n} (alderman) SEE: alderman  ::
regime {n} (mode of rule or management)  :: režim {m}
regime {n} (form of government)  :: režim {m}
regiment {n} (army unit)  :: pluk {m}
Regina {prop} (female given name)  :: Regina {f}, Regína {f}
region {n} (any considerable and connected part of a space or surface)  :: kraj {m}, oblast {f}, rajón {m}, okres {m}
regional {adj} (pertaining to a specific region)  :: regionální, oblastní
regionalism {n} (linguistic characteristic, see also: provincialism)  :: regionalismus {m}, oblastní slovo {n}
register {n} (formal recording)  :: registrace {f}
register {n} (book of such entries)  :: rejstřík {m}
register {n} (entry in such a book)  :: záznam {m}
register {n} (act of registering)  :: registrace {f}
register {n} (device that automatically records a quantity)  :: zapisovač {m}
register {n} (computing: part of the central processing unit used to store and manipulate numbers)  :: registr {m}
register {n} (printing: exact alignment of lines, margins and colors)  :: soutisk {m}, pasování {n}
register {n} (music: range of a voice or instrument)  :: rejstřík {m}
register {n} (music: organ stop)  :: rejstřík {m}
register {v} (printing: to adjust so as to be properly aligned)  :: pasovat, napasovat
register {n} (cash register) SEE: cash register  ::
registered trademark {n} (officially registered trademark)  :: registrovaná ochranná známka {f}
register office {n} (the local office in which births, marriages and deaths are registered, and in which civil marriages are conducted)  :: matrika {f}
registration {n} ((printing) alignment)  :: pasování {n}
regressive {adj} (whose rate decreases as the amount increases)  :: regresivní
regret {v} (feel sorry about some past thing)  :: litovat
regret {v} (to feel sorry about anything)  :: fr
regret {n} (instance of such an emotion)  :: lítost {f}
regrettable {adj} (of an event, action, or state, allowing or deserving regret)  :: politováníhodný
regular {adj} (with constant frequency)  :: pravidelný {m}
regular {adj} (normal)  :: normální, obyčejný
regular {adj} (grammar)  :: pravidelný {m}
regular expression {n} (computing: a concise description of a pattern to be matched)  :: regulární výraz {m}
regularity {n} (condition or quality of being regular)  :: pravidelnost {f}
regularly {adv} (with constant frequency)  :: pravidelně
regular verb {n} (a verb which conjugates regularly)  :: pravidelné sloveso {n}
regulate {v} (control) SEE: control  ::
regulate {v} (adjust)  :: regulovat
regulation {n} (law or administrative rule)  :: nařízení {n}
regulation {n} (EU: self-effecting legislative act)  :: nařízení {n}
regulator {n} (device that controls or limits something)  :: regulátor {m}
regulator {n} (person or group that sets standards of practice)  :: regulátor {m}
regurgitate {v} (to repeat verbatim)  :: papouškovat {impf}
rehearsal {n} (practicing of performance to test or improve it)  :: zkouška {f}
rehearse {v} (practice by repetition or recitation)  :: zkoušet
Reichstag {prop} (the lower chamber of the federal parliament of Germany until 1945)  :: říšský sněm {m}
reign {n} (The exercise of sovereign power)  :: vláda
reign {n} (The period during which a monarch rules)  :: panování {n}
reign {v} (exercise sovereign power)  :: vládnout
Reims {prop} (city)  :: Remeš
rein {n} (strap or rope)  :: otěž {f}, uzda {f}
reincarnation {n} (rebirth of a mental capacity in a physical life form)  :: převtělení {n}
reindeer {n} (Rangifer tarandus)  :: sob {m}
reindeer moss {n} (Cladonia rangiferina)  :: dutohlávka sobí
reinforced concrete {n} (building material)  :: železobeton {m}
reinvent the wheel {v} (to do work unnecessarily)  :: objevit Ameriku
reinvigorate {v} (to give new energy or strength)  :: oživit
reinvigoration {n} (the act or action of reinvigorating)  :: oživení {n}
reject {v} (to throw away, reject) SEE: discard  ::
reject {v} (refuse to accept)  :: odmítnout, zamítnout
rejection {n} (the act of rejecting)  :: odmítnutí {n}
rejoice {v} (make happy)  :: radovat
rejoice {v} (be happy)  :: radovat se
rejuvenate {v} (render young again)  :: omladit
relapse {n} (the act or situation of relapsing)  :: recidiva, ataka {f}, relaps {m}
relate {v} (to narrate) SEE: narrate  ::
relate {v} (to interact) SEE: interact  ::
related {adj} (standing in relation or connection)  :: související
related {adj} (being a relative of)  :: příbuzný
relation {n} (way in which two things may be associated)  :: vztah {m}
relation {n} (mathematics: set of ordered tuples, a Boolean function of two or more arguments)  :: relace {f}
relation {n} (member of one's family)  :: příbuzný {m}
relational {adj} (relative) SEE: relative  ::
relational {adj} (relating to, using, or being a method of organizing data in a database)  :: relační
relational database {n} (relational database)  :: relační databáze {f}
relationship {n} (connection or association)  :: vztah
relationship {n} (kinship)  :: příbuznost, příbuzenství
relationship {n} (romantic or sexual involvement)  :: vztah
relative {adj} (conditional; depending on something else)  :: relativní, vztažný {m} [of pronoun]
relative {n} (someone in the same family; someone connected by blood, marriage, or adoption)  :: příbuzný {m}
relative complement {n} (set of elements contained in one set but not another)  :: množinový rozdíl {m}
relatively {adv} (proportionally)  :: poměrně, relativně
relatively {adv} (somewhat) SEE: somewhat  ::
relative pronoun {n} (pronoun that introduces a relative clause)  :: vztažné zájmeno {n}
relax {v} (to make something loose)  :: uvolnit
relax {v} (to become loose)  :: uvolnit se
relax {v} (to make something (such as codes and regulations) more lenient)  :: uvolnit
relaxation {n} (act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed)  :: uvolnění {n}
relaxed {adj} (having an easy-going mood)  :: uvolněný {m}
relay {n} (electrical actuator)  :: relé {n}
relay {n} (athletics discipline)  :: štafeta {f}
relay {v} (to pass on or transfer (information))  :: předat
release {n} (software: distribution of a computer software product)  :: vydání {n}
release {v} (to let go (of))  :: uvolnit
release notes {n} (notes on a product release)  :: poznámky k vydání {f-p}
relent {v} (become less severe, soften in temper)  :: smilovat se, obměkčit se, slitovat se
relent {v} (slacken, abate)  :: ochabnout
relent {v} (become less rigid, yield)  :: změknout, povolit
relevant {adj} (directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic)  :: relevantní
reliability {n} (quality of being reliable)  :: spolehlivost {n}
reliable {adj} (fit to be relied on)  :: spolehlivý
reliably {adv} (in a reliable manner)  :: spolehlivě
relic {n} (part of a body or an object of religious significance)  :: relikvie {f}
relief {n} (removal of stress or discomfort)  :: úleva {f}
relief {n} (person who takes over a shift)  :: zástup {m}
relief {n} (humanitarian aid or assistance)  :: (humanitární) pomoc {f}
relief {n} (type of artwork)  :: reliéf {m}
relief {n} (difference of elevations on a surface)  :: reliéf {m}
relief printing {n} (printing method)  :: tisk shora {m}
relieve {v} (to give relief from physical pain)  :: ulevit
relieved {adj} (alleviated)  :: uklidněný, ulevený
religion {n} (system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death)  :: náboženství {n}
religious {adj} (concerning religion)  :: náboženský {m}
religious {adj} (committed to the practice of religion)  :: religiózní
religious order {n} (organized community of people following a specific religious devotion)  :: náboženský řád {m}
religious studies {n} (study of religious beliefs, behaviours and institutions)  :: religionistika {f}
reliquary {n} (container for religious relics)  :: relikviář {m}
relish {n} (pleasing taste)  :: požitek {m}, potěšení {n}, [2] příchuť {f}
relish {n} (savor; quality; characteristic tinge)  :: [2] příchuť {f}
relish {v} (to taste or eat with pleasure; to like the flavor of)  :: vychutnávat si
relocation {n} (moving to another place)  :: přemístění {n}, stěhování {n}
reluctance {n} (hesitancy in taking some action)  :: váhavost {f}
reluctant {adj} (not wanting to take some action)  :: neochotný, zdráhající se
reluctantly {adv} (in a reluctant manner)  :: váhavě
rely {v} (rest with confidence)  :: spoléhat
remain {v} (to stay behind while others withdraw)  :: zůstat, zbýt
remain {v} (to continue unchanged)  :: zůstat
remain {n} (That which is left of a being after its life is gone) SEE: remains  ::
remainder {n} (what remains after some has been removed)  :: zbytek {m}
remainder {n} (mathematics: amount left over after repeatedly subtracting the divisor)  :: zbytek {m}
remainder {n} (items left unsold and subject to reduction in price)  :: zbytek {m}
remaining {adj} (which remains)  :: zbývající
remains {n} (remains) SEE: wreck  ::
remains {n} (what is left after a person (or any organism) dies; a corpse)  :: ostatky {m-p}
remake {n} (new version of film)  :: remake {m}
remark {n} (expression of something noticed)  :: poznámka {f}
remark {v} (to express in words or writing, as observed or noticed)  :: poznamenat
remarkable {adj} (worthy of being remarked)  :: pozoruhodný
remember {v} (to recall from one's memory)  :: pamatovat {impf}
remember {v} (to memorize)  :: zapamatovat
remember {v} ((obsolete) to remind) SEE: remind  ::
remind {v} (Cause one to experience a memory; bring to a person's notice)  :: připomenout
reminder {n} (something that reminds)  :: [software] připomínač {m}, připomínka {f}, upomínka {f}, urgence {f}
reminder {n} ((finance) Writing that reminds of open payments)  :: upomínka {f}
reminisce {v} (to recall the past)  :: vzpomínat {impf}, vzpomenout {pf}
reminisce {v} (to talk or write about memories)  :: vzpomínat {impf}, vzpomenout {pf}
remission {n} (medicine: abatement or lessening of a disease)  :: remise {f}
remit {v} (to postpone) SEE: postpone  ::
remnant {n} (small portion remaining of a larger thing or group)  :: pozůstatek {m}
remorse {n} (feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning)  :: lítost {f}
remote {adj} (at a distance)  :: daleký, vzdálený, nepřístupný
remote {n} (remote control)  :: dálkový ovladač {m}
remote control {n} (device used to operate an appliance or mechanical toy from a short distance away)  :: dálkový ovladač {m}
remotely {adv} (at a distance, far away)  :: vzdáleně
remote procedure call {n} (software technology)  :: vzdálené volání procedur {n}
removal {n} (The process of moving, or the fact of being removed)  :: odstranění {n}
remove {v} (to remove) SEE: delete  ::
remove {v} (to take away)  :: odebrat, odstranit
remuneration {n} (a payment for work done; wages, salary, emolument)  :: mzda {f}
ren {n} (a kidney) SEE: kidney  ::
renaissance {n} (Renaissance) SEE: Renaissance  ::
Renaissance {prop} (14th century revival)  :: renesance {f}
Renaissance {prop} (the period)  :: renesance {f}
Renaissance {prop} (any similar revival)  :: renesance {f}, obrození {n}
Renaissance {adj} (relating to the Renaissance)  :: renesanční
Renaissance {adj} (relating to the style of the Renaissance)  :: renesanční
renal {adj} (pertaining to the kidneys)  :: ledvinový {m}, renální {m}
renal pelvis {n} (funnel-like dilated proximal part of the ureter in the kidney)  :: pánvička {f}
rename {v} (to give a new name to)  :: přejmenovat
Renata {prop} (female given name)  :: Renáta {f}
render {v} (to cause to become)  :: způsobit {pf}, způsobovat {impf}
render {v} (to interpret)  :: interpretovat {impf}
render {v} (to translate)  :: přeložit {pf}, překládat {impf}
render {v} (to pass down)  :: vynést {pf}, vynášet {impf} (rozsudek)
render {v} (to give; to give back)  :: poskytnout {pf}, poskytovat {impf}
render {v} (cover a wall with a layer of plaster)  :: nahodit {pf}, nahazovat {impf} (omítku)
render {v} (to pass; to run; said of the passage of a rope through a block, eyelet, etc.)  :: procházet {impf} (lano otvorem)
rendezvous {n} (meeting or date)  :: rande {n}
Renée {prop} (female given name) SEE: Renata  ::
renegade {n} (disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion etc.)  :: renegát {m}
renewable {adj} (Able to be renewed)  :: obnovitelný {m}
renewable {adj} (Sustainable)  :: obnovitelný {m}
renewable resource {n} (natural resource)  :: obnovitelný zdroj {m}
renewal {n} (act of renewing)  :: obnovení {n}, obnova {f}
rennet {n} (An enzyme)  :: syřidlo {n}
renounce {v} (give up)  :: vzdát se
renown {n} (Fame or wide recognition)  :: renomé {n}
rent {n} (payment made by a tenant)  :: nájemné {n}, nájem {m}
rent {n} (payment made for the use of equipment or a service)  :: nájemné {n}, nájem {m}
rent {v} (to occupy premises in exchange for rent)  :: pronajmout
rentier {n} (individual who receives capital income)  :: rentiér {m}
reoffender {n} (repeat offender) SEE: repeat offender  ::
reorganize {v} (to organize again)  :: reorganizovat
repaint {v} (to paint again)  :: přemalovat
repair {n} (act of repairing something)  :: oprava {f}
repair {v} (to restore to good working order)  :: spravit, opravit
repairman {n} (man whose job is to repair things)  :: opravář {m}
repeat {v} (do or say again)  :: opakovat {impf}
repeatedly {adv} (done several times)  :: opakovaně
repeat offender {n} (repeat offender)  :: recidivista {m}
repechage {n} (heat for competitors who have lost in a previous round)  :: opravná jízda {f} (in rowing)
repel {v} (physics: to force away)  :: odpuzovat
repellent {n} (substance used to repel insects)  :: repelent {m}
repentance {n} (condition of being penitent)  :: pokání {n}
repentance {n} (feeling of regret or remorse)  :: lítost {f}
repertoire {n} (list of dramas, operas, pieces, parts, etc., which a company or a person has rehearsed)  :: repertoár
repertoire {n} (set of skills possessed by a person; collection of items)  :: repertoár {m}
repetition {n} (act or an instance of repeating or being repeated)  :: opakování {n}
replace {v} (to substitute)  :: nahradit
replaceable {adj} (capable of being replaced)  :: nahraditelný {m}
replacement {n} (a person or thing that takes the place of another; a substitute)  :: náhrada {f}
replica {n} (an exact copy)  :: replika {f}
reply {v} (to give a written or spoken response)  :: odpovědět, [in letter] odepsat
reply {n} (written or spoken response)  :: odpověď {f}
report {v} (to be accountable)  :: zodpovídat se
report {n} (information describing events)  :: zpráva {f}, hlášení {n}
report {n} ((ballistics) the sharp, loud sound from a gun or explosion)  :: výbuch {m}, výstřel {m}
report card {n} (grades)  :: vysvědčení {n}, výzo {n} [colloquial], vízo [colloquial]
reporter {n} (journalist)  :: [journalist] zpravodaj {m}
repose {n} (rest)  :: odpočinek {m}, spánek {m}
repose {n} (quietness)  :: klid {m}
represent {v} (to stand in the place of)  :: reprezentovat, zastupovat
representable {adj} (capable of being represented)  :: reprezentovatelný
representation {n} (that which represents another)  :: reprezentace {f}
representation {n} (a figure, image or idea that substitutes reality)  :: vyobrazení {n}
representation {n} (theatrical performance)  :: představení {n}
representative {n} (one who speaks for another)  :: zástupce {m}
representative {n} (member of the House of Representatives)  :: poslanec {m}
reprise {n} (repetition) SEE: repetition  ::
reproach {n} (mild rebuke, or an implied criticism)  :: výtka {f}, výčitka {f}
reproach {n} (disgrace or shame)  :: hanba {f}
reproach {v} (to criticize or rebuke someone)  :: vyčítat, kárat
reproduce {v} (to produce an image or copy of something)  :: rozmnožit
reproduce {v} (to generate offspring)  :: rozmnožit se
reproducible {adj} (capable of being reproduced at a different time or place and by different people)  :: reprodukovatelný
reproduction {n} (the act of reproducing new individuals biologically)  :: rozmnožování {n}
reproduction {n} (a duplicate)  :: reprodukce {f}
reptile {n} (a cold-blooded vertebrate)  :: plaz {m}
republic {n} (a type of state)  :: republika {f}
republic {n} (one of the kinds of parts constituting Russia)  :: republika
republicanism {n} (republicanism as a form of government)  :: republikanismus {m}, republikánství {n}
Republic of Albania {prop} (Official name of Albania)  :: Albánská republika {f}
Republic of Estonia {prop} (official name of Estonia)  :: Estonská Republika {f}
Republic of Finland {prop} (official full name of Finland)  :: Finská republika {f}
Republic of Ireland {prop} (country)  :: Irská republika
Republic of Latvia {prop} (Official name of Latvia)  :: Lotyšská republika {f}
Republic of Lithuania {prop} (Official name of Lithuania)  :: Litevská republika {f}
Republic of Macedonia {prop} (Republic of Macedonia, see also: Macedonia; former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  :: Republika Makedonie
Republic of Turkey {prop} (official name of the country of Turkey)  :: Turecká republika
Republika Srpska {prop} (Entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina)  :: Republika srbská {f}
repulsive {adj} (physics: having the capacity to repel)  :: odpudivý {m}
reputation {n} (what somebody is known for)  :: pověst {f}
repute {n} (reputation, especially a good reputation)  :: reputace {f}
request {n} (act of requesting)  :: prosba {f}, žádost {f}
request {n} (formal message requesting something)  :: žádost {f}
request {v} (to express the need or desire for)  :: žádat, požádat
request {v} (to ask somebody to do something)  :: žádat, požádat
require {v} (ask) SEE: ask  ::
require {v} (to demand, call for authoritatively)  :: žádat, požadovat, vyžadovat
require {v} (to need)  :: žádat, vyžadovat
requirement {n} (necessity)  :: podmínka {f}
requirement {n} (something asked)  :: požadavek {m}
reredos {n} (screen or decoration behind the altar in a church) SEE: retable  ::
rerun {n} (television program shown after its initial presentation)  :: repríza {f}
rescue {v} (to save from any danger or violence)  :: zachránit
rescue {n} (liberation) SEE: liberation  ::
rescuer {n} (person who rescues)  :: záchranář {m}
research {n} (inquiry or examination)  :: výzkum {m}
researcher {n} (one who researches)  :: výzkumník {m}
resection {n} (surgical excision)  :: resekce {f}, vyříznutí {n}
resemble {v} (compare) SEE: compare  ::
resemble {v} (to be like or similar to something else)  :: připomínat {impf}, podobat se {impf}
resentment {n} (anger or displeasure felt out of belief that others have engaged in wrongdoing or mistreatment; indignation.)  :: vztek {m}, zlost {f}, dopal {m}
reservation {n} (limiting qualification)  :: výhrada {f}
reserve {v} (to reserve) SEE: hold  ::
reserve bank {n} (reserve bank as a central bank) SEE: central bank  ::
reserved {adj} (slow to reveal emotion or opinions)  :: odměřený
reservist {n} (a soldier who is assigned as reserved; after training, no longer in full active duty)  :: záložník {m}
reservoir {n} (place where anything is kept in store)  :: nádrž {f}
reservoir {n} (a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply)  :: nádrž
reset {v} (to set back to the initial state)  :: resetovat
reside {v} (to dwell permanently or for a considerable time)  :: bydlet {impf}
residence {n} (place where a corporation is established)  :: sídlo {n}
resident {n} (person living at a location or an area)  :: obyvatel
residential {adj} (of or pertaining to a place of personal residence)  :: obytný
resign {v} (quit a job or position)  :: odstoupit, rezignovat
resile {v} (to spring back; rebound)  :: vrátit se
resin {n} (secretion of plants)  :: pryskyřice {f}
resist {v} (to withstand actions or effects of)  :: odolat
resistance {n} (act of resisting)  :: odpor {m}
resistance {n} (shortened form of electrical resistance)  :: odpor {m}
resistance {n} (underground organization struggling for liberation)  :: odpor {m}
resistant {adj} (that which is not overcome by a disease or drug)  :: odolný {m}
resistible {adj} (able to be resisted)  :: odolatelný
resistor {n} (an electric component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it)  :: rezistor {m}, odpor {m}
resolute {adj} (firm, unyielding, determined)  :: odhodlaný {m}
resoluteness {n} (state or characteristic of being resolute)  :: odhodlanost {f}
resolution {n} (computing, photography: degree of fineness of image)  :: rozlišení {n}
resolution {n} (computing: number of pixels in an image as stored or displayed)  :: rozlišení {n}
resolution {n} (formal statement adopted by an assembly)  :: rezoluce {f}
resolve {v} (to find a solution to)  :: vyřešit
resorptive {adj} (of resorption)  :: resorpční
resource {n} (something that one uses to achieve an objective)  :: zdroj {m}
respect {n} (admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit)  :: respekt {m}, úcta {f}
respect {n} (polite greetings)  :: vyjádření úcty {n}
respect {n} (particular aspect of something)  :: ohled {m}
respect {v} (to have respect for)  :: respektovat, mít úctu
respect {v} (to have regard for the rights of others)  :: brát ohled
respect {v} (to abide by an agreement)  :: uznávat
respectable {adj} (deserving respect)  :: vážený {m}, úctyhodný {m}
respectively {adv} (in a relative manner)  :: v daném pořadí, po řadě
respiration {n} (breathing)  :: dýchání {n}
respirator {n} (device to allow breathing)  :: respirátor {m}
respiratory system {n} (system of organs)  :: dýchací soustava {f}
resplendence {n} (property of being replendent)  :: zář, třpyt, jas
resplendent {adj} (shiny and colourful, and thus pleasing to the eye)  :: zářivý, oslnivý, třpytivý, skvoucí
respond {v} (to say in reply, to respond) SEE: return  ::
respondent {n} (person that participates in research involving questionnaires)  :: dotázaný
response {n} (an answer or reply)  :: odpověď {f}, reakce {f}, odezva {f}
response {n} (the act of responding or replying)  :: odpovídání {n}, reagování {n}
responsibility {n} (the state of being responsible)  :: odpovědnost {f}
responsibility {n} (a duty, obligation or liability for which someone is responsible)  :: odpovědnost, zodpovědnost
responsible {adj} (answerable for an act performed or for its consequences)  :: odpovědný {m}
ressentiment {n} (obsolete: resentment) SEE: resentment  ::
rest {n} (relief afforded by sleeping; sleep)  :: odpočinek {m}
rest {n} (relief from exertion; state of quiet and recreation)  :: odpočinek {m}, oddech {m}
rest {n} (peace, freedom from trouble, tranquility)  :: klid {m}
rest {n} (repose afforded by death)  :: odpočinek {m}
rest {n} (pause of a specified length in a piece of music)  :: pauza {f}
rest {n} (symbol indicating a pause in music)  :: pauza {f}
rest {n} (physics: absence of motion)  :: klid {m}
rest {n} (object designed to be used to support something else)  :: podpěra {f}
rest {v} (intransitive: take repose)  :: odpočívat
rest {v} (stop working, become inactive)  :: odpočívat
rest {v} (stay, remain, be situated)  :: zůstat
rest {v} (intransitive: lie or lean or be supported)  :: spočívat
rest {n} (remainder)  :: zbytek {m}
rest {v} (to remain) SEE: remain  ::
restart {n} (act of restarting)  :: restartování {n}
restart {v} (To start again)  :: restartovat
restart {v} (In computing, to reboot)  :: restartovat
restaurant {n} (an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables)  :: restaurace {f}
restless {adj} (unable to be still or quiet)  :: neklidný {m}
restore {v} (To reestablish, or bring back into existence)  :: opravit, obnovit
restrain {v} (to control or keep in check)  :: mít pod kontrolou
restrain {v} (to deprive of liberty)  :: zbavit svobody, omezit
restrain {v} (to restrict or limit)  :: oklešťovat, restringovat, provést restrikci, omezit
restraining order {n} (order issued by legal authority forbidding specified action)  :: soudní zákaz {m}
restraint {n} (something that restrains, ties, fastens or secures)  :: připoutání {n}, spoutání {n}, pouta {n-p}
restrict {v} (to restrain within bounds)  :: omezit
restricted {adj} (limited within bounds)  :: omezený, limitovaný
restrictive {adj} (confining; limiting)  :: omezující, restriktivní
result {n} (that which results)  :: výsledek {m}, závěr {m}, důsledek {m}
resultant {adj} (following as a result or consequence of something)  :: výsledný
resulting {adj} (of something that follows as the result of something else)  :: výsledný
resume {n} (curriculum vitae) SEE: curriculum vitae  ::
resurrection {n} (the act of arising from the dead)  :: vzkříšení {n}
resurrection {n} (Christianity: the Resurrection)  :: vzkříšení {n}
retable {n} (table or shelf behind an altar)  :: retabulum {n}
retail {n} (sale of goods directly to the consumer)  :: maloobchod {m}
retailer {n} (retail sales company or salesman)  :: maloobchodník {m}
retain {v} (to keep in possession or use)  :: ponechat
retaliate {v} (do something harmful to get revenge)  :: oplatit {pf}, oplácet {impf}, odplatit {pf}, odplácet {impf}, pomstít {pf}, mstít se {impf}
retaliation {n} (act of responding violently to an act of harm or perceived injustice)  :: odplata {f}
reticulate {adj} (network-like)  :: síťkovaný {m}
reticulocyte {n} (immature red blood cell, having a reticular network of RNA)  :: retikulocyt {m}
reticulum {n} (the second stomach of a ruminant)  :: čepec {m}
retina {n} (thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball)  :: sítnice {f}
retinoblastoma {n} (malignant tumour of the retina)  :: retinoblastom {m}
retirement {n} (act of retiring, or the state of being retired)  :: výslužba
retort {v} (to retort; to throw back) SEE: return  ::
retort {n} (flask used for distillation)  :: křivule {f}
retract {v} (to pull back inside)  :: vtáhnout, zatáhnout
retract {v} (to take back or withdraw something one has said)  :: vzít zpět, odvolat
retreat {n} (act of pulling back or withdrawing)  :: ústup {m}
retreat {n} (quiet place affording privacy)  :: útočiště {n}
retreat {v} (to withdraw military forces)  :: ustoupit, stáhnout se {pf}
retreat {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
retreat {v} (retreat) SEE: withdraw  ::
retreat {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
retreat {n} (to turn back, retreat) SEE: return  ::
retrievable {adj} (capable of being retrieved or recovered)  :: zapamatovatelný {m}
retroactive {adj} (extending in scope, effect, application or influence to a prior time or to prior conditions)  :: retroaktivní, zpětný
retrograde {adj} (Directed backwards...)  :: upadající, zpátečnický
retrograde {adj} ((astronomy) In the opposite direction to the orbited body's spin)  :: retrográdní, zpětný
retrograde {adj} ((geology) Describing a metamorphic change)  :: retrográdní
retrogression {n} (decline)  :: zánik {m}
retromingent {adj} (cowardly) SEE: cowardly  ::
retro-orbital {adj} (situated behind the orbit or the eye)  :: retroorbitální
retroorbital {adj} (behind the orbit of the eye)  :: retroorbitální
return {n} (answer) SEE: answer  ::
return {v} (to come or go back)  :: vrátit se {pf}, vracet se {impf}
return {v} (to give something back to its original holder or owner)  :: vrátit
return {n} (act of returning)  :: návrat {m}
return {n} (finance: gain or loss from an investment)  :: návratnost {f}
return {v} (to take something back to a retailer for a refund) SEE: take back  ::
returns {n} (unsold merchandise returned to the supplier)  :: remitenda {f}
return ticket {n} (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place and back again)  :: zpáteční jízdenka {f}
reunification {n} (the unification of something that was previously divided; used especially of a country)  :: znovusjednocení {n}
reunion {n} (reunification) SEE: reunification  ::
reusability {n} (property or degree of being reusable)  :: znovupoužitelnost {f}
revanchism {n} (political policy of endeavouring to regain lost territory)  :: revanšismus {m}
revanchist {n} (avenger) SEE: avenger  ::
revanchist {n} (revanchist, vengeful person)  :: revanšista {m}, revanšistka {f}
revanchist {adj} (advocating a policy of revanche)  :: revanšistický
reveal {v} (to uncover)  :: odhalit
revel {v} (make merry)  :: oddávat se, vychutnávat si, hýřit
revelation {n} (the act of revealing or disclosing)  :: odhalení {n}, zjevení {n}
revelation {n} (manifestation of divine truth)  :: zjevení {n}
revenge {n} (retaliatory action)  :: pomsta {f}
revenge {v} (to take revenge for an action)  :: mstít se {impf}
revenue {n} (turnover, total sales)  :: výnos {m}
Reverend {n} (an honorary title added to the names of Christian clergy)  :: Důstojnost, Velebnost [often ironically]
reverent {adj} (showing respect or reverence; respectful)  :: uctivý {m}
reverse {n} (side of something facing away; opposite of front)  :: rub {m}
reverse dowry {n} (bride price) SEE: bride price  ::
reversible {adj} (able to be reversed)  :: vratný {m}
review {n} (account intended as a critical evaluation of a text or a piece of work)  :: recenze {f}
review {n} (judicial reassessment of a case or an event)  :: přezkoumání {n}
review {n} (stage show made up of sketches)  :: revue {f}
review {n} (survey of the available items or material)  :: recenze {f}
review {n} (periodical which makes a survey of the arts or some other field)  :: revue {f}
review {n} (military inspection or display for the benefit of superiors or VIPs)  :: přehlídka {f}
review {n} (forensic inspection to assess compliance with regulations or some code)  :: přezkoumání {n}
reviewer {n} (critic)  :: recenzent {m}
revise {v} (to review, alter and amend, especially of written material)  :: revidovat
revision {n} (act of revising)  :: revize {f}
revision {n} (changed edition)  :: revize {f}
revival {n}  :: obrození {n}
revoke {v} (to cancel or invalidate by withdrawing or reversing)  :: revokovat {impf}
revolt {n} (act of revolting)  :: vzpoura {f}
revolution {n} (political upheaval)  :: revoluce {f}
revolutionary {adj} (of or pertaining to a revolution in government)  :: revoluční {m}
revolutionary {n} (A revolutionist; a person who revolts)  :: revolucionář {m}
revolver {n} (a handgun with revolving chambers)  :: revolver {m}
reward {n} (something of value given in return for an act)  :: odměna {f}
reward {n} (result of an action)  :: odměna {f}
reward {v} (give a reward to)  :: odměnit
rewind {v} (wind back) SEE: wind back  ::
Reye's syndrome {n} (the disease)  :: Reyeův syndrom {m}
Reykjavik {prop} (Capital of Iceland)  :: Reykjavík {m}
reynard {n} (male fox)  :: lišák {m}
Rügen {prop} (Germany’s largest island)  :: Rujána
rhabdomyosarcoma {n} (tumor)  :: rabdomyosarkom {m}
rheme {n} (part of a sentence)  :: réma {n}
rhenium {n} (chemical element)  :: rhenium
rhetoric {n} (art of using language for persuasion)  :: řečnictví {n}, rétorika {f}
rhetoric {n} (meaningless language)  :: rétorika {f}, floskule {f}
rhetorical {adj} (part of or similar to rhetoric)  :: řečnický {m}
rhetorically {adv} (in a rhetorical manner)  :: rétoricky
rhetorical question {n} (question)  :: řečnická otázka {f}
rheumatoid arthritis {n} (chronic and progressive disease)  :: revmatoidní artritida {f}
Rhine {prop} (river that flows through Europe)  :: Rýn {m}
Rhineland {prop} (land on both sides of the river Rhine)  :: Porýní {n}
Rhineland-Palatinate {prop} (state)  :: Porýní-Falc
rhinitis {n} (inflammation)  :: rinitida {f}
rhinoceros {n} (herbivorous pachyderm with horn(s))  :: nosorožec {m}
rhinorrhea {n} (medical symptom)  :: rýma {f}
rhinosinusitis {n} (rhinitis combined with sinusitis)  :: rinosinusitida {f}
rhizome {n} (horizontal underground stem of some plants)  :: oddenek {m}
rhizosphere {n} (soil region influenced by plant roots)  :: rhizosféra {f}
Rhode Island {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Rhode Island {m}
Rhodes {prop} (island)  :: Rhodos {m}
Rhodian {adj} (of Rhodes)  :: rhodský
Rhodian {n} (Someone from the island of Rhodes)  :: Rhoďan {m}
rhodium {n} (chemical element)  :: rhodium {n}
rhododendron {n} (flowering shrub in the genus Rhododendron)  :: rododendron {m}
rhododendron {n} (oleander) SEE: oleander  ::
rhombencephalon {n} (hindbrain) SEE: hindbrain  ::
rhomboid {n} (parallelogram which is neither a rhombus nor a rectangle)  :: kosodélník {m}
rhombus {n} (A parallelogram having all sides of equal length)  :: kosočtverec {m}
rhotacism {n} (Inability to pronounce the letter R; derhotacization)  :: ráčkování {n}
rhubarb {n} (any plant of the genus Rheum)  :: rebarbora {f}
rhyme {n} (verse, poetry)  :: (dětská) říkanka {f}, rýmovačka {f}
rhyme {n} (word that rhymes with another)  :: rým {m}
rhyme {v} (transitive, to rhyme with)  :: rýmovat se
rhyme {v} (reciprocal)  :: rýmovat se
rhyme {v} (put words together)  :: rýmovat
rhyolite {n} (igneous rock)  :: ryolit {m}
rhythm {n} (variation of strong and weak elements of sounds over time)  :: rytmus {m}, takt {m}
rhythm {n} (tempo or speed of a beat, song, or repeated event)  :: rytmus {m}
rhythm {n} (flow, repetition or regularity)  :: rytmus {m}, tempo {n}
rhythm {n} (rhythm section) SEE: rhythm section  ::
rhythm section {n} (section of a band maintaining the rhythm)  :: rytmika {f}
rib {n} (curved bone)  :: žebro {n}
rib {n} (nautical: part of a ship’s framework)  :: žebro {n}
ribbed vault {n} (structure created by intersection of vaults)  :: křížová klenba {f}
ribbit {interj} (the sound made by a frog or toad)  :: kva
ribbon {n} (long, narrow strip of material)  :: stuha {f}
ribbon {n} (inked ribbon)  :: páska {f}
rib cage {n} (part of skeleton)  :: hrudní koš {m}
ribonucleic acid {n} (derivative of DNA, used in the transcription of genetic material)  :: ribonukleová kyselina {f}
ribosome {n} (organelle)  :: ribozom {m}
ribwort {n} (Old World plantain)  :: jitrocel
rice {n} (plants)  :: rýže {f}
rice {n} (seeds used as food)  :: rýže {f}
ricefield {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy  ::
rice milk {n} (milky liquid from rice)  :: rýžové mléko {n}
rice paddy {n} (field immersed in water dedicated for the cultivation of rice) SEE: paddy  ::
rich {adj} (having wealth)  :: bohatý {m}
Richard {prop} (male given name)  :: Richard {m}
Richter scale {prop} (logarithmic scale)  :: Richterova stupnice {f}, Richterova škála {f}
rickets {n} (disorder of infancy)  :: křivice {f}
ricksha {n} (rickshaw) SEE: rickshaw  ::
rickshaw {n} (two-wheeled carriage)  :: rikša {f}
ricotta {n} (Italian whey cheese)  :: ricotta {f}
riddle {n} (sieve) SEE: sieve  ::
riddle {n} (verbal puzzle)  :: hádanka {f}
riddle {v} (to put something through a riddle or sieve)  :: prosít {pf}
riddle {v} (to fill with holes like a riddle)  :: proděravět {pf}
ride {v} (to transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, bicycle etc.)  :: jet
ride {v} (to be transported in a vehicle as a passenger)  :: jet
ride {n} (instance of riding)  :: jízda {f}
rider {n} (driver) SEE: driver  ::
rider {n} (one who rides)  :: jezdec {m}
rider {n} (cyclist) SEE: cyclist  ::
ridge {n} (chain of mountains)  :: hřeben {m}
ridge {n} (chain of hills)  :: hřeben {m}
ridge {n} (elevation on ocean bottom)  :: oceánský hřbet {m}
ridicule {n} (derision)  :: výsměch {m}
ridiculosity {n} (the quality of being ridiculous; absurdity)  :: směšnost {f}, absurdita {f}, absurdnost {f}
ridiculous {adj} (foolish, absurd)  :: směšný {m}
ridiculously {adv} (in a ridiculous manner)  :: směšně, absurdně
Riesling {n} (a variety of grape)  :: Ryzlink {m}
Riesling {n} (a white wine made from this grape)  :: Ryzlink {m}
rifle {n} (firearm with a rifled barrel)  :: puška {f}, ručnice {f}
rift {n} (shallow place in a stream) SEE: ford  ::
rigging {n} (tackle of a sailing vessel)  :: takeláž {f}
right {adj} (straight, not bent)  :: přímý {m}
right {adj} (perpendicular)  :: pravý, kolmý
right {adj} (complying with justice, correct)  :: správný
right {adj} (appropriate, fit for purpose)  :: správný {m}
right {adj} (healthy, sane, competent)  :: zdravý {m}
right {adj} (of direction)  :: pravý {m}
right {adj} (conservative)  :: pravicový {m}
right {adv} (exactly)  :: přesně, dobře
right {adv} (very, extremely)  :: velmi, úplně, zcela
right {adv} (according to fact or truth)  :: správně
right {adv} (in a correct manner)  :: správně
right {adv} (to a great extent)  :: hodně
right {adv} (on the right side)  :: napravo
right {adv} (towards the right side)  :: vpravo, do prava
right {interj} (yes, that is correct; I agree)  :: v pořádku, správně, souhlasím
right {interj} (changing the subject in a discussion)  :: tak jo
right {interj} (checking agreement)  :: že?, viďte?, [informal] viď?, (rather formal) že ano?
right {interj} (adding seriousness or decisiveness before a statement)  :: dobrá
right {n} (which complies with justice, law or reason)  :: právo {n}
right {n} (legal or moral entitlement)  :: právo {n}
right {n} (right, not left, side)  :: na pravo
right {n} (right-wing politicians and parties)  :: pravice {f}
right {v} (to correct)  :: napravit
right {v} (to set upright)  :: napřímit {pf}
right angle {n} (angle of 90 degrees)  :: pravý úhel {m}
right-angled triangle {n} (right-angled triangle) SEE: right triangle  ::
right ascension {n} (angular distance)  :: rektascenze {f}
righteous {adj} (free from sin or guilt)  :: nevinný {m}, ctnostný {m}
righteous {adj} (moral and virtuous, suggesting sanctimonious)  :: počestný {m}
righteous {adj} (justified morally)  :: spravedlivý
rightful {adj} (by right, by law)  :: právoplatný
right-hander {n} (one who is right-handed)  :: pravák {m}, pravačka {f}
rightist {n} (supporter of the political right)  :: pravičák {m}
right now {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately  ::
right triangle {n} (a triangle having a right angle as one of its interior angles)  :: pravoúhlý trojúhelník {m}
right-wing {adj} (resisting political change)  :: pravicový
righty {n} (a right-handed person)  :: pravák {m}, pravačka {f}
rigid {adj} (stiff)  :: tuhý
rind {n} (hard outer layer of fruit, cheese)  :: kůra {f}
ring {n} (circumscribing object)  :: kroužek {m}
ring {n} (round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger)  :: prsten {m}
ring {n} (place where some sports take place)  :: ring {m}
ring {n} (astronomy: a formation of various pieces of material orbiting around a planet)  :: prstenec {m}
ring {v} (to produce the sound of a bell or a similar sound)  :: zvonit
ring {v} (to make, produce sound)  :: zvonit
ring {v} (to telephone someone)  :: zavolat, brnknout
ring {n} (algebra: an algebraic structure)  :: okruh {m}
ring {n} (typography: diacritical mark in the shape of a hollow circle) SEE: kroužek  ::
ring a bell {v} (to seem vaguely familiar)  :: to mi přijde povědomé, to mi něco připomíná, to mi něco říká
ring binder {n} (folder)  :: kroužkový pořadač {m}
ring down the curtain {v} (stop) SEE: stop  ::
ring finger {n} (finger between the middle finger and little finger)  :: prsteník {m}, prsteníček {m}
ringtone {n} (sound made by a telephone when ringing)  :: vyzváněcí melodie {f} [of a cell phone], vyzváněcí tón {m}
ring up the curtain {v} (start) SEE: start  ::
rinse {v} (to wash something quickly using water and no soap)  :: opláchnout, oprat
rinse {v} (to remove soap from something using water)  :: opláchnout
rinse {n} (the action of rinsing)  :: opláchnutí {n}
riot {n} (tumultuous disturbance of public peace)  :: nepokoj {m}, neklid {m}, bitka {f}, vřava {f}
rip {v} (to fart) SEE: fart  ::
rip {v} (to cause to become two parts)  :: roztrhnout
rip {v} (to copy data from optical disks)  :: kopírovat z disku
rip {v} (to steal)  :: okrást
ripe {adj} (ready for reaping or gathering, of fruits and seeds)  :: zralý {m}
ripe {adj} (intoxicated) SEE: intoxicated  ::
ripen {v} (to grow ripe)  :: zrát {impf}, dozrát {pf}
ripeness {n} (characteristic of being ripe)  :: zralost {f}
ripening {n} (process)  :: zrání {n}
rip off {v} ((idiom) to charge an exorbitant or unfair rate)  :: oškubat
ripple effect {n} (one event instigating a set of other events)  :: řetězová reakce {f}
rise {v} (to move upwards)  :: stoupat, zvedat se
rise {v} (of a celestial body: to appear to move from behind the horizon)  :: vyjít
rise {n} (action of moving upwards)  :: stoupání {n}
rise up {v} (to rise to the surface)  :: povstat {pf}, povstávat {impf}
risk {n} (possible, usually negative, outcome)  :: riziko {n}
risk {n} (likelihood of a negative outcome)  :: riziko {n}
riskless {adj} (free of risk)  :: bezrizikový
risk management {n} (process of dealing with risk)  :: řízení rizik {n}
risky {adj} (dangerous, involving risks)  :: nebezpečný, riskantní
risotto {n} (food)  :: rizoto {n}
rite {n} (ritual)  :: obřad {m}, rituál {m}
ritual {adj} (related to a rite)  :: rituální
ritual {n} (rite)  :: rituál {m}, obřad {m}
rival {n} (competitor with the same objective)  :: soupeř {m}, sok {m}, rival {m}
rivalry {n} (competition)  :: soupeření {n}, rivalita {f}
rive {v} (to rend asunder by force)  :: rozštěpit
rive {v} ((reflexive) to be split or rent)  :: rozštěpit se
river {n} (large stream which drains a landmass)  :: řeka {f}
river {n} (any large flow of a liquid)  :: potok {m}
riverboat {n} (watercraft)  :: říční loď {f}
river horse {n} (hippopotamus) SEE: hippopotamus  ::
riverine {adj} (of or pertaining to rivers)  :: říční
rivet {n} (cylindrical mechanical fastener)  :: nýt {m}
Rivne {prop} (city)  :: Rovno {n}, Rivne {n}
roach {n} (US: cockroach) SEE: cockroach  ::
roach {n} (Rutilus rutilus)  :: plotice {f}
road {n} (a way for travel)  :: cesta {f}, silnice {f}
road roller {n} (heavy engineering vehicle used to compact asphalt)  :: vibrační válec {m}, válec {m}
roadrunner {n} (bird of the Geococcyx genus)  :: kukačka kohoutí {f}
roadstead {n} (partly-sheltered anchorage outside a harbour)  :: rejda {f}
roadwork {n} (construction or maintenance done to roads)  :: práce na silnici
roan {n} (animal)  :: tisák {m} [horse]
roar {v} (to make loud, deep cry of emotion)  :: řvát
roar {n} (long, loud, deep shout)  :: řev {m}
roar {n} (cry of the lion)  :: řev {m}
roast {v} (to cook food by heating in an oven or fire)  :: péct
roast {v} (to process by drying through heat-exposure)  :: pražit
roast pork {n} (Pork cooked by roasting)  :: vepřová pečeně {f}
robber {n} (one who robs)  :: zloděj {m}, lupič {m}
Robert {prop} (given name)  :: Robert
robin {n} (Erithacus rubecula)  :: červenka {f}
robin {n} (Turdus migratorius)  :: drozd stěhovavý {m}
robinsonade {n} (genre of adventure fiction)  :: robinzonáda {f}
robot {n} (intelligent mechanical being)  :: robot {m}
robot {n} (traffic light) SEE: traffic light  ::
robotics {n} (The science and technology of robots)  :: robotika
rock {n} (natural mineral aggregate)  :: skála {f}
rock {n} (mass of projecting rock)  :: skála {f}
rock {n} (large stone or boulder)  :: kámen {m}
rock {n} (hill or island without vegetation)  :: útes {m}
rock {n} (something strong, stable, and dependable)  :: skála {f}
rock {n} (precious stone or gem)  :: drahokam {m}
rock {n} (confectionery made from sugar)  :: cukrkandl {m}
rock {n} (unintelligent person)  :: balvan {m}
rock {v} (move gently back and forth)  :: kolébat {impf}
rock {v} (cause to shake or sway violently)  :: rozkolébávat {impf}, rozkolébat {pf}
rock {v} (sway or tilt violently back and forth)  :: naklánět {impf}, vyklánět {impf}
rock {v} (disturb the mental or emotional equilibrium)  :: rozhodit {pf}, vyvést z míry {pf}
rock {n} (act of rocking)  :: kolébání {n}
rock {n} (style of music)  :: rock {m}
rock {v} (to play, perform, or enjoy rock music)  :: hrát rock {impf}
rock {n} (flax or wool on a distaff)  :: chomáč {m}
rock {n} (distaff) SEE: distaff  ::
rock dove {n} (Columba livia)  :: holub skalní
rocket {n} (a rocket engine)  :: raketa {f}
rocket {n} (non-guided missile)  :: raketa {f}
rocket {n} (a vehicle)  :: raketa {f}
rocket {n} (arugula) SEE: arugula  ::
rocket launcher {n} (device for launching a missile)  :: raketomet {m}
Rockies {prop} (Rocky Mountains) SEE: Rocky Mountains  ::
rocking chair {n} (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)  :: houpací křeslo {n}
rocking horse {n} (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing)  :: houpací kůň {m}
rockmelon {n} (melon) SEE: melon  ::
rock pipit {n} (Anthus petrosus)  :: linduška skalní {f}
rock the boat {v} (disturb the status quo)  :: dělat vlny
rocky {adj} (full of rocks)  :: skalnatý {m}, skalnatá {f}, skalnaté {n}
Rocky Mountains {prop} (mountain range)  :: Skalisté hory {f-p}
rococo {n} (style of baroque architecture etc.)  :: rokoko {n}
rod {n} (straight round stick, shaft, or bar)  :: tyč {f}
rod {n} (fishing rod or pole)  :: prut {m}
rod {n} (stick or bundle used for punishment)  :: metla {f}
rod {n} (archaic: unit of length)  :: tyč {f}
rod {n} (part of the retina of the eye)  :: tyčinka {f}
rod {n} (slang: pistol) SEE: pistol  ::
rodent {n} (mammal of the order Rodentia)  :: hlodavec {m}
rodeo {n} (sport)  :: rodeo {n}
roe {n} (roe deer) SEE: roe deer  ::
roe {n} (eggs of fish)  :: jikra {f}, jikry {p}
roebuck {n} (male roe deer)  :: srnec {m}
roe deer {n} (small deer species, Capreolus capreolus)  :: srna {f}, srnec {m}
roentgenium {n} (chemical element)  :: roentgenium
rogation {n} (deeply serious and somber prayer or entreaty)  :: litanie {f}
roger {interj} (received)  :: souhlas
role {n} (character or part)  :: role {f}
roll {v} (to cause to revolve)  :: válet
roll {n} (a scroll)  :: svitek {m}
rolled oats {n} (oat groats rolled into flat flakes)  :: ovesné vločky {f-p}
rollerblade {n} (type of roller skate)  :: inline brusle
rollercoaster {n} (amusement ride)  :: horská dráha {f}
rollie {n} (cigarette rolled by hand) SEE: roll up  ::
rolling pin {n} (food preparation utensil)  :: váleček {m}, váleček na těsto {m}
rolling stone {n} (womanizer) SEE: womanizer  ::
roll up {v} (to make into a bundle)  :: vyhrnout
rollup {n} (cigarette) SEE: roll up  ::
roll-up {n} (hand-made cigarette) SEE: roll up  ::
roly-poly {n} (A toy that rights itself when pushed over)  :: panáček vstaváček {m}, vstaváček {m}, vaňka vstaňka {m}
Rom {n} (a member of the Romani people)  :: Rom {m}; Cikán {m}, Cikánka {f}
Rom {prop} (language) SEE: Romani  ::
Rom {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani macrolanguage) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {n} (member of the Roma/Romani people) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani people)  :: Rom {m}, Romové
romaji {n} (romanization of Japanese)  :: rómadži {n}
Roman {adj} (of or from Rome)  :: římský
Roman {n} (a native or resident of Rome)  :: Říman {m}, Římanka {f}
Roman {n} (the Roman script)  :: Latinka {f}
Roman alphabet {n} (Latin alphabet) SEE: Latin alphabet  ::
Roman candle {n} (a type of firework)  :: římská svíce
Roman Catholic Church {prop} (part of the Christian churches in union with the pope in Rome)  :: Katolická církev {f}
Roman Empire {prop} (empire)  :: římská říše {f}
Romani {n} (member of the Roma people) SEE: Rom  ::
Romani {prop} (language)  :: romština {f}; cikánština {f}
Romani {adj} (of or belonging to the Roma people)  :: romský; cikánský
Romani {prop} (nomadic people) SEE: Roma  ::
Romania {prop} (South-Eastern European country)  :: Rumunsko {n}
Romanian {adj} (of or relating to Romania, its people, or language)  :: rumunský {m}
Romanian {n} (native of Romania)  :: Rumun {m}, Rumunka {f}
Romanian {prop} (official language of Romania)  :: rumunština {f}
Romanization {n} (putting text into the Latin (Roman) alphabet)  :: romanizace {f}, latinizace {f}
Roman nose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose  ::
Romans {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Římanům
Romans {prop} (30th sura of the Qur'an)  :: Římanům {m-p}
Romansch {prop} (the Romance language)  :: rétorománština {f}
Rome {prop} (city)  :: Řím {m}
Rome {prop} (empire)  :: Řím {m}
Romeo {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend  ::
roof {n} (the cover at the top of a building)  :: střecha {f}
roof {n} (the upper part of a cavity)  :: střecha {f}
roofer {n} (craftsman who lays or repairs roofs)  :: pokrývač {m}
roof tile {n} (tile covering a roof)  :: taška {f}
rook {n} (bird)  :: havran {m}
rook {n} (chesspiece)  :: věž {f}
rookie {adj} (amateur) SEE: amateur  ::
rookie {n} (an inexperienced recruit)  :: bažant
rookie {n} (a novice)  :: zelenáč
room {n} (space)  :: prostor {m}
room {n} (division in a building)  :: pokoj {m}, místnost {f}
roommate {n} (a person with whom one shares a room)  :: spolubydlící {m}
roost {n} (place for sleeping birds)  :: kurník {m}
rooster {n} (flower) SEE: violet  ::
rooster {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird)  :: kohout {m}
rooster {n} (informant) SEE: informant  ::
rooster {n} (violent person) SEE: brawler  ::
root {n} (part of a plant)  :: kořen {m}
root {n} (of a tooth)  :: kořen {m}
root {n} (part of a hair under the skin)  :: kořen, kořínek
root {n} (primary source)  :: kořen {m}
root {n} (arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression)  :: odmocnina {f}
root {n} (linguistic morphology: primary lexical unit of a word)  :: kořen {m}
root {n} (person who manages accounts on a UNIX system)  :: root
root {n} (arithmetic: square root) SEE: square root  ::
root hair {n}  :: kořenový vlásek
root mean square {n} (type of average)  :: kvadratický průměr {m}
rope {n} (thick, strong string)  :: lano {n}
rope ladder {n} (flexible ladder)  :: provazový žebřík {m}
ropemaker {n} (maker of ropes)  :: provazník {m}
rosary {n} (Catholic prayer beads)  :: růženec {m}
rosary {n} (non-Catholic prayer beads) SEE: prayer beads  ::
rose {n} (shrub)  :: růže {f}
rose {n} (flower)  :: růže {f}
rose {n} (colour)  :: růžový {m}, růžová {f}
rose-colored glasses {n} (overly optimistic perception of something)  :: růžové brýle {f-p}
rosehip {n} (the fruit of a rose plant)  :: šípek {m}
rosemary {n} (shrub)  :: rozmarýn {m}, rozmarýna lékařská {f}
rosette {n} (ornamental imitation of a rose)  :: rozeta {f}, růžice {f}
rosette {n} (architectural ornament)  :: rozeta {f}, růžice {f}
rosette {n} (botany: one or more whorls of leaves)  :: růžice {f}
rosette {n} (botany: type of plant growth)  :: růžice {f}
Rosicrucian {n} (member of Rosicrucian Order)  :: rosenkrucián {m}
Rosicrucian {adj} (related to Rosicrucianism)  :: rosenkruciánský
rosin {n} (liquid resin) SEE: resin  ::
roster {n} (schedule) SEE: schedule  ::
Rostock {prop} (city)  :: Roztoky {m}
Rostov {prop} (Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl oblast, Russia)  :: Rostov {m}
Rostov {prop} (Rostov-na-Donu) SEE: Rostov-na-Donu  ::
Rostov-na-Donu {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Rostov na Donu {m}
Rostov-on-Don {prop} (synonym of Rostov-na-Donu) SEE: Rostov-na-Donu  ::
rostrum {n} (zoology: beak) SEE: beak  ::
rostrum {n} (dais, pulpit, or similar platform)  :: stupínek {m}, pódium {n}, kazatelna {f}, řečniště {n}
rot {v} (to decay)  :: hnít {impf}
rotary {n} (traffic circle) SEE: traffic circle  ::
rotary phone {n} (rotary dial telephone)  :: rotační telefon
rotary printing press {n} (printing press using cylinders for carrying ink)  :: rotačka {f}
rotate {v} (to spin, turn, or revolve)  :: otočit
rotor {n} (a rotating part of a mechanical device)  :: rotor {m}
rotten {adj} (decayed, gone bad)  :: shnilý
Rottweiler {n} (breed of dog)  :: rotvajler {m}
rotula {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap  ::
rouge {n} (blush) SEE: blush  ::
rough {adj} (not smooth)  :: hrubý {m}
rough {adj} (approximate)  :: hrubý {m}
rough {adj} (turbulent)  :: bouřlivý {m}
rough {adj} (difficult)  :: nepříjemný {m}
rough {adj} (crude, unrefined)  :: surový {m}, neomalený {m}
rough {n} (unmowed part of golf-course)  :: raf (vyšší tráva kolem fairwaye)
roughage {n} (dietary fibre) SEE: dietary fibre  ::
rough-legged buzzard {n} (Buteo lagopus)  :: káně rousná {f}
roughly {adv} (in a rough manner)  :: hrubě
roughly {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
roughness {n} (property of being rough)  :: hrubost {f}
roulette {n} (game of chance)  :: ruleta {f}
round {adj} (circular or cylindrical)  :: kulatý {m}
round {adj} (spherical)  :: kulatý {m}
round {adj} (of corners that lack sharp angles)  :: kulatý {m}
round {adj} (of a number that has been rounded off)  :: kulatý {m}
round {n} (circular or repetitious route)  :: obchůzka {f}
round {n} (song with each subset starting at a different time)  :: kánon
round {n} (serving)  :: runda {f}
round {n} (segment of a sport event)  :: kolo {n}
round {v} (to shape into a curve)  :: zaokrouhlit
round {v} (to complete, fill out)  :: zakončit
round {v} (to approximate a number)  :: zaokrouhlit
round {v} (to turn past a boundary)  :: zahnout
round {v} (to turn and attack someone)  :: vrhnout se
round {prep} (around) SEE: around  ::
round {adv} (around) SEE: around  ::
roundabout {adj} (circuitous)  :: nepřímý
roundabout {n} (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island)  :: kruhový objezd {m}, okružní křižovatka
roundabout {n} (children's play apparatus which rotates around a central axis when pushed)  :: kolotoč
roundabout {n} (fairground carousel)  :: kolotoč
roundabout {n} (detour)  :: objížďka
round bracket {n} (parenthesis, bracket)  :: kulatá závorka {f}, závorka {f}
roundhouse {n} (a circular building in which locomotives are housed)  :: rotunda {f}
round table {n} (conference)  :: kulatý stůl {m}
roundworm {n} (animal of the phylum Nematoida)  :: hlístice {f}
rout {n} (large evening party)  :: raut {m}
rout {n} (a disorderly crowd)  :: lůza {f}, chátra {f}, dav {m}
rout {n} (the act of defeating and breaking up an army or another opponent)  :: drtivá porážka {f}, debakl {m}
rout {v} (to defeat completely, forcing into disorderly retreat)  :: porazit na hlavu {pf}, rozdrtit {pf}, rozprášit {pf}
route {n} (course or way traveled)  :: trasa {f}
route {n} (passing, course, road)  :: cesta {f}
route {n} (way to do something)  :: cesta {f}
route {v} (to direct along a particular course)  :: směrovat
route planner {n} (tool for finding optimal routes)  :: plánovač tras {m}
router {n} (any device that directs packets of information using OSI layer 3)  :: směrovač {m}
router {n} (a device that connects local area networks to form a larger internet)  :: směrovač {m}, router {m}
routine {n} (course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure)  :: běžná praxe {f}
routine {n} (set of normal procedures, often performed mechanically)  :: rutina {f}
routine {adj} (according to established procedure)  :: rutinní
routine {adj} (regular; habitual)  :: běžný, všední
routine {adj} (ordinary with nothing to distinguish it from all the others)  :: všední
roux {n} (mixture of fat (usually butter) and flour used to thicken sauces and stews)  :: jíška {f}, zápražka {f}
roving {adj} (wandering)  :: toulavý {m}, toulající se
Rovno {prop} (Rivne) SEE: Rivne  ::
row {n} (line of objects)  :: řada {f}
row {n} (in a table)  :: řádek {m}
row {v} (transitive:to propel over water using oars)  :: veslovat
row {v} (intransitive: to propel a boat or other craft over water using oars)  :: veslovat
rowan {n} (Sorbus aucuparia)  :: jeřáb ptačí {m}
rowan {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Sorbus)  :: jeřáb {m}
rowboat {n} (small boat that is rowed)  :: veslice {f}
rowing {n} (action of the verb "to row")  :: veslování {n}
rowing {n} (the sport)  :: veslování {n}
rowing boat {n} (rowboat) SEE: rowboat  ::
royal {adj} (of or relating to a monarch or their family)  :: královský
royal {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic  ::
r rotunda {n} (curved form of the letter r)  :: okrouhlé r
rösti {n} (traditional dish in Germanophone Switzerland made from fried potatoes)  :: rösti
résumé {n} (CV) SEE: curriculum vitae  ::
rub {v} (to move one object while maintaining contact with another object over some area)  :: třít, mnout
rubber {n} (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)  :: guma {f}, pryž {f}
rubber {n} (synthetic materials with the same properties)  :: guma {f}, pryž {f}
rubber {n} (eraser) SEE: eraser  ::
rubber band {n} (elastic band) SEE: elastic band  ::
rubber duck {n} (toy shaped like a duck)  :: gumová kachnička
rubberneck {n} (tourist) SEE: tourist  ::
rubber stamp {n} (piece of rubber to make an imprint)  :: razítko {n}
rubbish {n} (garbage) SEE: garbage  ::
rubbish {n} (nonsense)  :: nesmysl {m}
rubble {n} (the broken remains of an object, usually rock or masonry)  :: suť {f}
rubella {n} (disease caused by the Rubella virus infecting the respiratory tract)  :: zarděnky {f-p}
rubeola {n} (measles) SEE: measles  ::
rubidium {n} (element with atomic number 37)  :: rubidium
Rubik's cube {n} (cubical mechanical puzzle)  :: Rubikova kostka {f}
rub it in {v} (add insult to injury)  :: rozmazávat to {n}
ruble {n} (Russian monetary unit)  :: rubl {m}
rubric {n} (category or classification)  :: rubrika {f}
ruby {n} (type of gem)  :: rubín {m}
ruby {n} (5½-point type) SEE: agate  ::
rucksack {n} (a bag carried on the back) SEE: backpack  ::
ruction {n} (noisy quarrel or fight)  :: povyk {m}
rudd {n} (fish Scardinius erythrophthalmus)  :: perlín {m}
rudder {n} (underwater vane used to steer a vessel)  :: kormidlo {n}
rudder {n} (control surface of an aircraft)  :: kormidlo {n}
ruddy {adj} (reddish)  :: ruměný {m}, brunátný {m}, zrudlý, červený {m}, rudý {m}, narudlý {m}, červeňoučký {m}
rude {adj} (bad-mannered)  :: sprostý {m}, drzý {m}
rude {adj} (obscene, pornographic, offensive)  :: sprostý
rudely {adv} (in a rude manner)  :: hrubě
rudimentary {adj} (basic; minimal)  :: základní {m}
ruff {n} (circular frill or ruffle on a garment)  :: okruží
ruff {n} (the bird Philomachus pugnax (syn. Calidris pugnax))  :: jespák bojovný
ruff {v} (play a trump card) SEE: trump  ::
rufous-bellied kookaburra {n} (Dacelo gaudichaud)  :: ledňák rezavobřichý {m}
rug {n} (wig) SEE: wig  ::
rug {n} (partial floor covering)  :: kobereček {m}
rugby {n} (a sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball)  :: ragby {n}, rugby {n}
rugby player {n} (one who plays rugby)  :: ragbista {m}, ragbistka {f}
Ruhnu {prop} (island in the middle of the Gulf of Riga)  :: Ruhnu
ruin {n} (remains of destroyed construction)  :: zřícenina {f}, ruina {f}
ruin {v} (to cause the economical ruin of)  :: zruinovat
ruin {v} (to ruin) SEE: wreck  ::
rule {n} (regulation)  :: pravidlo {n}
rule {v} (to regulate, be in charge of, make decisions for, reign over)  :: vládnout
rule {n} (straight-edge) SEE: ruler  ::
rule out {v} (to make something impossible)  :: vyloučit
ruler {n} (measuring or drawing device)  :: pravítko {n}
ruler {n} (person who rules or governs)  :: vládce {m}
rules are made to be broken {proverb} (it is acceptable to break rules)  :: pravidla jsou od toho, aby se porušovala
rules of the road {n} (rules and regulations)  :: pravidla silničního provozu {n-p}
rum {n} (distilled spirit)  :: rum {m}
rumba {n} (dance)  :: rumba {f}
rumble {n} (low, heavy, continuous sound)  :: rachot {m}, lomoz {m}, burácení {n}, dunění {n}
rumble {n} (street fight or brawl)  :: pouliční rvačka {f}, pouliční bitka {f}
rumble {v} (to make a low pitched noise)  :: rachotit, lomozit, burácet, dunět, hřmět
rumble {v} (to move while making a rumbling noise)  :: rvát se, servat se
rumen {n} (first stomach of ruminants)  :: bachor {m}
ruminant {n} (artiodactyl ungulate mammal which chews cud)  :: přežvýkavec {m}
ruminate {v} (to chew cud)  :: přežvykovat
ruminate {v} (to meditate)  :: přemítat
rummy {n} (card game)  :: žolíky {m-p}, remy {m}
rumor {n} (statement or claim from no known reliable source)  :: zvěst {f}, drby
rumor {n} (uncountable: information)  :: drby
run {v} (to move quickly on two feet)  :: běhat {impf} [abstract], běžet {impf} [concrete]
run {v} (to cause to move quickly)  :: prohánět, prohnat
run {v} (to be in charge of)  :: řídit
run {v} (to flow)  :: téct, téci
run {v} (to extend in time, to last, to continue)  :: trvat, zabírat
run {v} (of a machine, to be operating normally)  :: fungovat
run {v} (to be a candidate in an election)  :: kandidovat
run {v} (of stitches, to unravel)  :: párat se, utíkat
run {v} (to flee away from a danger or towards help)  :: prchat
run {n} (the act of running)  :: běh {m}
run {v} (to smuggle illegal goods) SEE: smuggle  ::
run across {v} (to cross by running)  :: přeběhnout přes
run across {v} (to find by chance)  :: narazit na
run away {v} (to flee by running)  :: utéct
rung {n} (ladder step)  :: příčka {f}
runner {n} (long, narrow carpet for a high traffic area)  :: běhoun {m}
runner-up {n} (the person who finishes second)  :: druhý v pořadí
running dog {n} (lackey) SEE: lackey  ::
runny nose {n} (condition of discharge of mucus from the nose)  :: rýma {f}
runoff {n} (portion of precipitation or irrigation which does not infiltrate)  :: odtok
run over {v} (to drive over, causing injury or death)  :: přejet
runway {n} (section for landing or take-off)  :: vzletová a přistávací dráha {f}, ranvej {f}, runway {f}
runway {n} (platform for fashion shows)  :: molo {n}
rupee {n} (monetary currency)  :: rupie {f}
rupture {v} (to burst, break through, or split, as under pressure)  :: prasknout
rural {adj} (pertaining to non-urban areas)  :: venkovský
Rus {prop} (people)  :: Rus {f}
Rus {prop} (medieval East Slavic state)  :: Rus {f}
Rus {prop} (any of the medieval East Slavic principalities)  :: Rus {f}
rusalka {n} (female water spirit that leads handsome men to their deaths)  :: rusalka {f}
ruse {n} (trick)  :: úskok {m}, lest {f}
ruse {n} (guile)  :: úskočnost {f}
rush {n} (onslaught) SEE: onslaught  ::
rush {n} (haste)  :: spěch {m}
rush hour {n} (times of day when traffic jams are commonplace, principally due to commuting)  :: dopravní špička {f}
Rusian {adj} (related to the Rus (people))  :: ruský, staroruský
rusk {n} (light, soft bread, often toasted or crisped in an oven)  :: suchar {m}
Russia {prop} (country in Asia and Europe)  :: Rusko {n}
Russian {n} (a person from Russia)  :: Rus {m}, Ruska {f}
Russian {n} (ethnic Russian)  :: Rus {m}, Ruska {f}
Russian {prop} (the Russian language)  :: ruština {f}, ruský jazyk {m}
Russian {adj} (of or pertaining to Russia)  :: ruský {m}
Russian {adj} (of or pertaining to Rus)  :: ruský, staroruský
Russian doll {n} (wooden doll)  :: matrjoška {f}
Russian Empire {prop} (state)  :: Ruské impérium {n}
Russian Federation {prop} (Russia)  :: Ruská federace {f}
Russianism {n} (a word or other feature originating in the Russian language)  :: rusismus {m}
Russianness {n} (quality of being Russian)  :: ruskost {f}
Russian Orthodox Church {prop} (Russian Orthodox Church)  :: Ruská pravoslavná církev {f}
Russian roulette {prop} (deadly game with revolver and random spinning)  :: ruská ruleta {f}
Russian SFSR {prop} (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)  :: Ruská SFSR {f}
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic {prop} (official name for modern day Russia before the collapse of the Soviet Union)  :: Ruská sovětská federativní socialistická republika {f}
Russian studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: rusistika {f}
russification {n} (Russification) SEE: Russification  ::
Russification {n} (cultural Russification)  :: rusifikace {f}
Russki {n} (alternative term for Russian (derogatory))  :: Rusák {m}
Russo- {prefix} (relating to Russia or Russian)  :: rusko-
russula {n} (any mushroom of the genus Russula)  :: holubinka {f}
rust {n} (result of oxidation)  :: rez {f}
rust {n} (plant disease)  :: rez {f}
rust {v} (to oxidise)  :: rezavět
rusticate {v} (suspend or expel from a college or university)  :: vyloučit ze studií
rustle {n} (soft, crackling sound)  :: šustot {m}
rustle {v} (to move (something) with a soft crackling sound)  :: šustit
rusty {adj} (affected by rust)  :: rezavý {m}
rusty {adj} (of the rust color, reddish or reddish-brown)  :: rezavý {m}
rut {n} (sexual desire or oestrus)  :: říje {f}
rut {v} (To be in the annual rut)  :: říjet
rutabaga {n} (edible root)  :: tuřín {m}
Ruth {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Rút
Ruth {prop} (female given name)  :: Rút {f}
ruthenium {n} (chemical element)  :: ruthenium {n}
rutherfordium {n} (chemical element)  :: rutherfordium {n}
ruthless {adj} (without pity or compassion)  :: bezohledný {m}
rutile {n} (the most frequent of the three polymorphs of titanium dioxide)  :: rutil
Rwanda {prop} (country)  :: Rwanda {f}
Rwandan {n} (a person from Rwanda or of Rwandan descent)  :: Rwanďan {m}, Rwanďanka {f}
Rwandan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Rwanda, the Rwandan people or language)  :: rwandský {m}
Ryazan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Rjazaň
rye {n} (the grass Secale cereale or its grains as food)  :: žito {n}
rye {n} (ryegrass) SEE: ryegrass  ::
ryegrass {n}  :: jílek {m}
Rzeczpospolita {prop} (Poland) SEE: Poland  ::
Rzeczpospolita {prop} (Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth)  :: Řečpospolita {f}
Rzeszów {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Řešov {m}