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aah {interj} (expressing amazement or surprise)  :: о; o
aback {adv}  :: unatrag; уназад 1. изненађен 2. назад 3. натраг
abacus {n} (calculating frame)  :: рачунаљка {f}; računaljka {f}
Abakan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Абакан {m}; Abakan {m}
abandoned {adj} (no longer maintained, forsaken, deserted)  :: напуштен {m} /napušten/
abandoned {adj} (wicked, self-abandoned, given to sin)  :: запуштен {m} /zapušten/
abattoir {n} (public slaughterhouse)  :: klaonica {f}; кланица {f}; klanica {f}
Abbeville {prop} (town in Picardy, France)  :: Абевил {m}; Abevil {m}
abbot {n} (superior or head of an abbey or monastery)  :: игуман {m}, iguman {m}, опат {m}, opat {m}
abbreviation {n} (act or result of shortening or reducing)  :: abrevijacija {f}, kratica {f}
abbreviation {n} (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)  :: скраћеница {f}, абревијација {f}; skraćenica {f}, abrevijacija {f}, kratica {f}
abdest {n} (Islamic act of washing parts of the body)  :: а̀бдест {m}, а̀бдес {m}, а̀вдест {m}; àbdest {m}, àbdes {m}, àvdest {m}
abdicate {v} (renounce a throne)  :: abdicírati
abdicate {v} (surrender or relinquish)  :: abdicírati
abdication {n} (the act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder)  :: абдикација {f}; abdikacija {f}
abdicator {n} (one who abdicates)  :: abdìkant {m}
abdomen {n} (belly)  :: abdomen {m}; тр̀бух {m}; tr̀buh
abdomen {n} (cavity)  :: abdomen {m}
abdomen {n} (the posterior section of an arthropod's body)  :: abdomen {m}
Abdullah {prop} (Muslim given name)  :: Abdullah, Abdulah
Abel {prop} (biblical character)  :: Авељ, Абел; Avelj, Abel
abelian group {n} (a group in which the group operation is commutative)  :: Abelova grupa {f}
Abidjan {prop} (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire)  :: Абиџан, Абидјан; Abidžan, Abidjan
ability {n} (quality or state of being able)  :: спосо́бно̄ст {f}; sposóbnōst {f}
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush {proverb} (small but certain advantage is preferable)  :: боље врабац у руци него голуб на грани /bolje vrabac u ruci nego golub na grani/
abjad {n} (writing system)  :: suglasopis
Abkhaz {adj} (of or pertaining to Abkhazia)  :: abhaski
Abkhaz {n} (person from Abkhazia)  :: Абхаз {m}, Абхажанка {f}; Abhaz {m}, Abhažanka {f}
Abkhaz {prop} (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia)  :: абхаски {m}, абхазијски [језик]; abhaski {m}, abhazijski [jezik]
Abkhazia {prop} (territory in the Caucasus, see also: Republic of Abkhazia)  :: Абхазија {f}; Abhazija {f}
ablation {n} (amputation)  :: ablacija {f}
ablation {n} (progressive removal of material)  :: ablacija {f}
ablation {n} (removal)  :: ablacija {f}
ablative case {n} (grammatical case used to indicate movement away from something, removal, separation, source)  :: аблатив {m}; ablativ {m}
ablaut {n} (substitution of one root vowel for another)  :: а̀блаут {m}, (Ekavian and Ijekavian) пре́вој {m}, (Ijekavian) прије́вој {m}; àblaut {m}, (Ekavian and Ijekavian) prévoj {m}, (Ijekavian) prijévoj {m}
abnormal {adj} (not conforming to rule or system)  :: а̏бнорма̄лан; ȁbnormālan
abnormal {adj} (of or pertaining to behaviour that deviates from norms)  :: а̏бнорма̄лан; ȁbnormālan
abnormality {n} (something abnormal)  :: абнорма́лно̄ст {f}; abnormálnōst {f}
abnormality {n} (state of being abnormal)  :: абнорма́лно̄ст {f}; abnormálnōst {f}
abode {n} (slightly dated: residence)  :: obitavalište, nastan
abolition {n} (abolition of slave trade)  :: abolícija {f}
abolition {n} (act of abolishing)  :: abolícija {f}
abolition {n} (emancipation of slaves)  :: abolícija {f}
A-bomb {n} (atomic bomb)  :: атомска бомба {f}; atomska bomba {f}
abominable snowman {n} (humanoid or apelike animal said to exist in the Himalayas)  :: strašni snježni čovjek, jeti {m}
Aboriginal {adj} (of or pertaining to aborigines)  :: абориџински {m}
Aboriginal {n} (original inhabitant of any land)  :: абориџин {m}, aboridžin {m}, домородац {m}, domorodac {m}
Aboriginal {n} (original inhabitant of Australia)  :: Абориџин {m}
Aborigine {n} (an individual aboriginal Australian)  :: Абориџин {m}; Aboridžin {m}
abort {n} (miscarriage)  :: pobačaj
abort {n} (product of a miscarriage)  :: pobačaj
abort {v} (to cause a premature termination)  :: pobaciti
abort {v} (to miscarry)  :: pobaciti
abortion {n} (induced abortion)  :: абортус {m}; abortus {m}
abounding {adj} (ample, plenteous, plenty)  :: obilan, izobilan, izdašan
about {prep} (concerning)  :: o
about {prep} (on every side of)  :: о̏ко; ȍko
above {prep} (in or to a higher place)  :: над; nad
above all {adv} (of prime importance)  :: пре свeгa; pre svega
abracadabra {interj} (used to indicate that a magic trick or other illusion has been performed)  :: абракадабра /abrakadabra/
Abraham {prop} (male given name)  :: Аврам {m}, Ибрахим {m}; Avram {m}, Ibrahim {m}
Abraham {prop} (prophet in the Old Testament)  :: Аврам {m}, Ибрахим {m}; Avram {m}, Ibrahim {m}
Abram {prop} (Old Testament patriarch)  :: Аврам; Avram
abroad {adv} (in foreign countries)  :: иностранство {n}; inostranstvo {n}
absence {n} (state of being away)  :: odsustvo {n}
absent-minded {adj} (absent in mind)  :: rasejan
absinthe {n} (liquor)  :: апсинт {m}; apsint {m}
absolute zero {n} (coldest possible temperature)  :: апсолутна нула {f}; apsolutna nula {f}
absolutism {n} (political science: absolute or arbritary government; despotism)  :: апсолутизам {m}; apsolutizam {m}
absorbance {n} (logarithmic measure)  :: apsorpcija {f}
absorption {n} (act or process of absorbing or sucking in anything)  :: апсорпција {f}; apsorpcija {f}
absorption {n} (chemistry, physics: imbibing or reception by molecular or chemical action)  :: апсорпција {f}; apsorpcija {f}
absorption {n} (physiology: process by which the materials of growth and nutrition are absorbed)  :: апсорпција {f}; apsorpcija {f}
abstinence {n} (the act or practice of abstaining)  :: uzdržljivost, samoodricanje, uzdržavanje, umerenost, trezvenost, trezvenjaštvo
abstract {n} (an abridgement or summary)  :: sažetak {m}
abstract {n} (an abstraction)  :: apstrakcija {f}
abstract {n} (an extract of a vegetable substance)  :: ekstrakt {m}
abstract algebra {n} (math)  :: apstraktna algebra {f}, апстрактна алгебра {f}
absurd {adj} (contrary to reason or propriety)  :: apsurd
Abu Dhabi {prop} (capital of UAE)  :: Абу Даби {m}; Abu Dabi {m}
Abuja {prop} (The capital city of Nigeria)  :: Абуја {f}; Abuja {f}
abundance {n} (ample sufficiency)  :: изобиље {n} /izobilje/
abuse {n} (improper usage)  :: злоупотреба {f}; zloupotreba {f}
abuse {n} (physical maltreatment)  :: злостављање {n}; zlostavljanje {n}
abuse {v} (to hurt)  :: злостављати; zlostavljati
abuse {v} (to use improperly)  :: злоупотребити; zloupotrebiti
abyss {n} (bottomless or unfathomed depth)  :: bezdan {m}
abyss {n}  :: ponor {m}, ambis {m}, bezdan {m}, pučina {f}; понор {m}, амбис {m}, бездан {m}, костоломија {f}; ponor {m}, ambis {m}, bezdan {m}, kostolomija {f}
Abyssinia {prop} (historical name of Ethiopia)  :: Абисинија {f}, Абесинија {f}; Abisinija {f}, Abesinija {f}
Abyssinian {adj} (of or pertaining to Abyssinia)  :: abisinski {m}; абисински {m}
Abyssinian {n} (a native of Abyssinia)  :: abisinac {m}; абисинац {m}
Abyssinian {n} (cat)  :: abisinka {f}; абисинка {f}
Academy Award {n} (award)  :: Оскар {m}; Oskar
acanthus {n} (plant)  :: bodljikara {f}, primog {m}, tratorak {m}
accelerate {v} (to become faster)  :: ubr̀zati
accelerate {v} (to cause to move faster)  :: ubr̀zati
accelerate {v} (to hasten)  :: ubr̀zati
accelerate {v} (to quicken natural or ordinary progression or process)  :: ubr̀zati
acceleration {n} (act or state)  :: akcelerácija {f}, ubrzánje {n}
acceleration {n} (amount)  :: akcelerácija {f}, ubrzánje {n}
acceleration {n} ((physics))  :: akcelerácija {f}, ubrzánje {n}, акцелерација {f}
accent {n} (stronger articulation)  :: naglasak {m}, нагласак {m}
accept {v} (to receive with consent)  :: примити; primiti
acceptor {n} (one who accepts)  :: akceptor {m}
access {n} (way or means of approaching)  :: приступ {m}; pristup {m}
accessibility {n} (the quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach)  :: dostupnost, pristupačnost
accident {n} (unexpected event with negative consequences)  :: несрећа {f}, незгода {f}; nesreća {f}, nezgoda {f}
acclimatization {n} (the act of acclimatizing)  :: aklimatizacija {f}, aklimatiziranje {n}
accommodation {n} (lodging)  :: смјештај {m}; smještaj {m}
according to {prep} (based on statement)  :: prema
accordion {n} (A small, portable, keyed wind instrument)  :: хармоника {f}; harmonika {f}
accordionist {n} (player of the accordion)  :: хармоникаш {m}; harmonikaš {m}
account {n} (a registry of pecuniary transactions)  :: рачун {m}; račun {m}
account {n}  :: račun {m}
accountability {n} (state of being accountable)  :: odgovornost {f}, одговорност {f}
accountant {n} (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s))  :: рачуновођа {m}; računovođa {m}
accountant {n} (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another)  :: рачуновођа {m}; računovođa {m}
Accra {prop} (capital of Ghana)  :: Акра {f}; Akra {f}
acculturation {n} (process by which a person acquires the culture)  :: akulturacija {f}
acculturation {n} (process by which the culture of an isolated society changes)  :: akulturacija {f}
accumulate {v} (to grow in number)  :: akumulirati, nakupljati
accurate {adj} (exact or careful conformity to truth)  :: точан, тачан, прецизан; točan, tačan, precizan
accurately {adv} (exactly, precisely)  :: tačno, тачно
accusation {n}  :: tužba, žalba
accusative {n} (accusative case)  :: акузатив {m}; akuzativ {m}
accuse {v} (attribute blame to someone)  :: optužiti, okriviti
accused {adj} (having been accused)  :: tuženik
accuser {n} (one who accuses)  :: тужилац {m}, тужитељ {m}; tužilac, tužitelj {m}
acetamide {n} (amide of acetic acid)  :: acetamid
acetate {n} (salt or ester of acetic acid)  :: acetat
acetone {n} (the organic compound (CH3)2CO)  :: ацѐто̄н {m}; acètōn {m}
ace up one's sleeve {n} (a surprise advantage of which others are not aware)  :: кец у рукаву
Achaemenid Empire {prop} (empire ruled by the Achaemenid dynasty)  :: Ahemenidsko carstvo, Ahemenidsko Perzijsko Carstvo; Ахеменидско царство
ache {n} (dull pain)  :: бол {m} {f}; bol {m} {f}
ache {v} (be in pain)  :: болети {impf}, бољети {impf}; boleti {impf}, boljeti {impf}
Achilles {prop} (Greek mythical hero)  :: Ahil {m}, Ahilej {m}
Achilles heel {n} (vulnerability in an otherwise strong situation)  :: Ахилова пета {f}; Ahilova peta {f}
Achilles tendon {n} (strong tendon in the calf of the leg)  :: Ахилова тетива {f}; Ahilova tetiva {f}
acid {adj} (of or pertaining to an acid)  :: kisèlīnskī
acid {adj} (sour, sharp, or biting to the taste)  :: кисео; kiseo
acid {n} (a sour substance)  :: киселина {f}; kiselina {f}
acid {n} (in chemistry)  :: киселина {f}; kiselina {f}
acid {n} (LSD)  :: есид {m} /esid/
acidic {adj} (chemistry: having pH less than 7)  :: kȉseo
acidic {adj} (mineralogy: containing a high percentage of silica)  :: kȉseo
acidic {adj} (of or relating to acid)  :: kisèlīnskī
acid rain {n} (unusually acidic rain)  :: ки̏села ки̏ша {f}; kȉsela kȉša {f}
acknowledge {v} (to admit the claims or authority of)  :: priznati
acknowledge {v} (to admit the knowledge of)  :: priznati
acknowledge {v} (to own with gratitude)  :: priznati
aconite {n} (herb wolfsbane)  :: једић; jedić
acorn {n} (fruit of the oak tree)  :: жи̑р {m}, желуд {m}; žȋr {m}, želud {m}
acoustic {adj}  :: akustičan
acoustic guitar {n} (hollow-body guitar)  :: akustična gitara {f}
acoustics {n}  :: akustika {f}
acquaintance {n} (person)  :: pòznanīk {m}, pòznanica {f}
acquaintance {n} (state of being acquainted)  :: poznánstvo {n}
acquire {v} (to get)  :: сте̏ћи; stȅći
acquired immune deficiency syndrome {n} (infectious disease caused by HIV)  :: sindrom stečene imunodeficijencije {m}
acre {n} (unit of surface area)  :: акер {m}, aker {m}
acrimonious {adj} (sharp and harsh)  :: jedak, zajedljiv, žučljiv
acrobat {n} (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination)  :: акробата {m}; akrobata {m}
acrobatics {n} (art of performing acrobatic feats)  :: акробатика {f}; akrobatika {f}
acromegaly {n} (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones)  :: акромегалија {f}, akromegalija {f}
acronym {n} (word formed by initial letters)  :: акроним {m}; akronim {m}
Acropolis {prop}  :: Akropol; Akropol?; Akropol
Acropolis {prop} (Athenian Acropolis)  :: Акропољ {m} /Akropolj/
across the pond {prep} (on the other side of Atlantic Ocean)  :: преко баре
acrostic {n} (poem or text with certain letters spelling out a name or message)  :: а̏кростих {m}; ȁkrostih {m}
acting {adj} (temporarily assuming the duties or authority)  :: вршилац дужности {m} /vršilac dužnosti/
actinide {n} (a chemical element positioned under the lanthanides in the periodic table)  :: aktinid {m}
actinium {n} (chemical element)  :: актиниjум {m}, актиниj {m}; aktinijum {m}, aktinij {m}
actinology {n} (study of the effect of light on chemicals)  :: aktinologija {f}
action {n} (something done so as to accomplish a purpose)  :: rádnja {f}, ра́дња {f}, čȋn {m}, чи̑н
activate {v}  :: aktivírati
activation {n} (making active)  :: aktivácija {f}
activation energy {n} (activation energy)  :: aktivacijska energija {f}
active voice {n} (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action)  :: aktiv {m}
activism {n} (The practice of using action to achieve a result)  :: aktivizam {m}
actor {n} (person who performs in a theatrical play or film)  :: глумац {m}, глумица {f}; glumac {m}, glumica {f}
actress {n} (female actor, see also: actor)  :: глумица {f}; glumica {f}
actualism {n} (the belief that only actual things exist)  :: aktualizam {m}
actualize {v} (make real)  :: aktualizirati
acupressure {n} (mode of arresting hemorrhage)  :: akupresura {f}
acupuncture {n} (insertion of needles for remedial purposes)  :: akupunktura {f}
acupuncturist {n} (healthcare professional qualified or professionally engaged in the practice of acupuncture)  :: akupunkturist {m}
adage {n} (old saying)  :: poslovica, izreka
Adam {prop} (first man in Abrahamic religions)  :: Адам {m}, Adam {m}
Adam {prop} (male given name)  :: Адам {m}, Adam {m}
Adam and Eve {prop} (the first man and woman (according to Genesis))  :: Адам и Ева {m-p}, Adam i Eva {p}
Adam's apple {n} (the lump in the throat)  :: Адамова јабучица {f}; Adamova jabučica {f}
add {v} (to append, as a statement)  :: додати
add {v} (to perform the arithmetical operation of addition, to add up)  :: сабрати, додати
add fuel to the fire {v} (worsen a conflict)  :: доливати уље на ватру /dolivati ulje na vatru/
Addis Ababa {prop} (capital of Ethiopia)  :: Адис Абеба {f}; Adis Abeba {f}
addition {n} (act of adding)  :: додавање {n}, придодавање {n}; dodavanje {n}, pridodavanje {n}
addition {n} (arithmetic: process of adding)  :: сабирање {n}; sabiranje {n}
addition {n} (thing added)  :: додатак {m}, придодатак {m}; dodatak {m}, pridodatak {m}
additive {n} (substance altering another substance)  :: aditiv, dodatak, primjesa, pridodatak
addle {adj} (rotten)  :: покварен {m}; pokvaren {m}
addle {v} (to grow addle)  :: збунити се, смести се; zbuniti se, smesti se
addle {v} (To make addle)  :: збунити, смести, помести; zbuniti, smesti, pomesti
address {n} (direction for letters)  :: naslov {m}; адреса {f}; adresa {f}
address {v} (to direct, as words)  :: [reflexive, imperfective] obraćati, [reflexive, perfective] obratiti
Adelaide {prop} (state capital of South Australia)  :: Adelaide {m}
Aden {prop} (seaport of Yemen)  :: А̑ден {m}; Ȃden {m}
adequacy {n} (sufficiency)  :: adekvatnost {f}
adhan {n} ((Islam) The call to prayer)  :: езан {m}; ezan {m}
adherent {n} (a person who has membership in some group)  :: adhèrent {m}, slȅdbenīk {m}/sljȅdbenīk {m}, prìstalica {m} {f}, prȉstaša {m}; адхѐрент {m}, сле̏дбенӣк {m}/сље̏дбенӣк {m}, прѝсталица {m} {f}, при̏сташа {m}
adhesive {n} (substance that provides or promotes adhesion)  :: samolepljiv
adhesive tape {n} (adhesive tape)  :: лепљива трака {f}, љепљива трака {f}; lepljiva traka {f}, ljepljiva traka {f}
ad hoc {adj} (for this particular purpose)  :: ad hoc
adiabatic {adj} (occurring without gain or loss of heat)  :: адиабатски, adijabatski
ad infinitum {adv} (endlessly)  :: бесконачно, инфинитивно, бескрајност, до бескрајности, безгранично, неодређено; beskonačno, infinitivno, beskrajno, do beskrajnosti, bezgranično, neodređeno
adjectival {adj} (functioning as an adjective)  :: при́дјевскӣ; prídjevskī
adjective {n} ((grammar) a word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent)  :: [Ekavian] придев {m}, [Ijekavian] придјев {m}; [Ekavian] pridev {m}, [Ijekavian] pridjev {m}
administration {n} (the executive part of government)  :: administracija {f}
administrative {adj} (of or relating to administering or administration)  :: administrativni {m}, administrativna {f}, administrativno {n}
administrator {n}  :: администратор {m}; administrator {m}
admiralty {n} (office or jurisdiction of an admiral)  :: адмиралитет {m}, admiralitet {m}
admiration {n} (adoration; appreciation)  :: дивљење {n}; divljenje {n}
admit {v} (to concede as true)  :: prìznati
admittance {n} (physics: reciprocal of impedance)  :: admitancija {f}
adolescence {n} (period between childhood and maturity)  :: adolescencija {f}
adolescent {n} (a teenager)  :: adolescent {m}
Adolph {prop} (male given name)  :: Адолф {m} /Adolf/
adopt {v} (to take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen)  :: усвојити, usvojiti
adoptee {n}  :: посвојче {n}, нахранче {n}, нахранко {m}, нахранка {f}, усвојеник {m}, усвојеница {f}
adrenaline {n} (the compound epinephrine)  :: адреналин {m}; adrenalin {m}
Adrian {prop} (male given name)  :: Jadranko
Adriatic {adj} (of or pertaining to the Adriatic)  :: jȁdrānskī
Adriatic Sea {prop} (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)  :: Јадранско море {n}; Jadransko more {n}
adsorb {v} (to accumulate on a surface)  :: adsorbirati
adsorption {n} (process of forming a film on the surface of a solid)  :: adsorpcija {f}
adult {n} (fully grown human)  :: одрастао, пунолетан, пунољетство; odrastao, punoletan, punoljetstvo
adulterer {n} (one who commits adultery)  :: préljubnīk {m}, préljubnica {f}
adulteress {n} (woman or girl who commits adultery)  :: préljubnica {f}
adultery {n} (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)  :: браколомство {n}, прељуба {f}, прељуб {m}; brakolomstvo {n}, preljuba {f}, preljub {m}
adult movie {n} (pornographic film)  :: film za odrasle {m}
advance {n} (amount of money)  :: akontacija {f}, predujam {m}
advantage {n} (superiority; mastery)  :: предност {f} /prednost/
advantageously {adv} (in an advantageous manner)  :: про̏бита̄чно; prȍbitāčno
Advent {prop} (season before Christmas)  :: došašće
Adventist {n} (a believer in the Second Advent of Jesus)  :: adventista {m}, adventistkinja {f}, adventistica {f}
adventure {n} (that which happens without design)  :: pustolov {m}, pustolovina {f}
adverb {n} (lexical category)  :: при́лог {m}, адверб {m}; prílog {m}, adverb {m}
adverbial {adj} (of or relating to an adverb)  :: адвербан, приложни; adverban, priložni
advertisement {n} (commercial solicitation)  :: реклама {f}, оглас {m}, објављење, извештење; reklama {f}, oglas {m}, objavljenje, izveštenje
advice {n} (opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel)  :: са́вјет {m} (Ijekavian), са́вет {m} (Ekavian); sávjet {m} (Ijekavian), sávet {m} (Ekavian)
advise {v} (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn)  :: саветовати {impf}, савјетовати {impf}; savetovati {impf}, savjetovati {impf}
advisor {n} (one who offers advice)  :: саветник {m}, савјетник {m}; savetnik {m}, savjetnik {m}
adze {n} (cutting tool)  :: брадва {f}, брадвица {f}, тесла {f}, теслица {f}; bradva {f}, bradvica {f}, tesla {f}, teslica {f}
Aegean Sea {prop} (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Егејско море {n}; Egejsko more {n}
Aegidius {prop} (male given name)  :: Егидије
aeolian {adj}  :: eolski
aerial {n} (device for receiving or transmitting)  :: антена {f}; antena {f}
aerobic {adj} (involving or improving oxygen consumption by the body)  :: aeroban
aerobic {adj} (living or occurring only in the presence of oxygen)  :: aeroban
aerobiology {n} (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)  :: аеробиоло̀гија {f}; aerobiològija {f}
aerodynamics {n} (The science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases)  :: аеродина̀мика {f}; aerodinàmika {f}
Aeroflot {prop} (Russian airline)  :: Аерофлот {m}; Aeroflot {m}
aerography {n}  :: aerografija {f}; aerografija {f}; аерографија {f}; aerografija {f}
aerolite {n} (a meteorite consisting of silicate minerals)  :: аеро̀лӣт {m}; aeròlīt {m}
aerology {n} (branch of meteorology)  :: aerologija {f}
aeromechanics {n} (branch of mechanics)  :: aeromehanika {f}
aeronautical {adj} (pertaining to the scientific study of flight)  :: aeronautički
aeronautics {n} (mechanics and science of aircraft)  :: ваздухопловство {n}, зракопловство {n} аеронаутика {f}; vazduhoplovstvo {n}, zrakoplovstvo {n}, aeronautika {f}
aerosol {n} (colloidal system)  :: aerosol {m}
aerosol {n} (gaseous or airborne cloud of particulate matter)  :: aerosol {m}
aerostat {n}  :: aerostat {m}
aerostatics {n} (study of gases in equilibrium)  :: aerostatika {f}
Aeschylus {prop} (Greek tragedian)  :: Есхил; Eshil
Aesop {prop} (ancient Greek author)  :: Езоп {m}; Ezop {m}
aetiology {n} (study of causes or origins)  :: етиологија {f}; etiologija {f}
Afar {prop} (language)  :: afar, afarski
a few {pron} (a small number of things)  :: неколико; nekoliko
affair {n} (adulterous relationship)  :: afera {f}
affect {n} (psychology: feeling in response to a stimulus)  :: aфект {m}, afekt {m}
Affenpinscher {n} (Affenpinscher)  :: majmunski pinč {m}
affiliation {n} (The relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another)  :: pripadnost {f}
affinity {n} (family relationship through marriage of a relative)  :: srȍdnōst {f}, sròdstvo {n}
affinity {n} (natural attraction for something)  :: afinìtēt {m}, sklȍnōst {f}
affinity {n} (passionate love for something)  :: afinìtēt {m}
affix {n} (linguistics: a bound morpheme added to a word’s stem)  :: афикс {m}, afiks {m}
affix {n} (that which is affixed)  :: додатак {m}, dodatak {m}
affluence {n} (abundance of wealth)  :: и̏мӯћно̄ст {f}, ȉmūćnōst {f}
affluent {adj} (abounding in goods or riches; materially wealthy)  :: имућан; imućan
affluent {n} (someone wealthy)  :: имућник {m}, богаташ {m}; imućnik {m}, bogataš {m}
afford {v} (to incur, stand, or bear)  :: приуштити, priùštiti
affricate {n} (a sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative)  :: африка́та {f}, сливѐнӣк {m}; afrikáta {f}, slivènīk {m}
affront {n} (hostile encounter or meeting)  :: konfrontacija, suočavanje
affront {n} (open or intentional offense, slight, or insult)  :: uvreda
affront {v} (to insult intentionally, especially openly)  :: inzultirati, uvrijediti
Afghan {n} (person from Afghanistan)  :: Àfgan {m}, Àfgānka {f}, Afganistánac {m}, Afganìstānka {f}
Afghan {n} (person of Pashtun ethnicity)  :: Àfgan {m}, Àfgānka {f}, Afganistánac {m}, Afganìstānka {f}
Afghanistan {prop} (country)  :: Афганѝста̄н {m}, Авганѝста̄н {m}; Afganìstān {m}, Avganìstān {m}
A-flat major {n} (A-flat major)  :: As-dur
Africa {prop} (continent south of Europe)  :: Африка {f}; Afrika {f}
African {adj} (Of or pertaining to Africa)  :: афрички {m}; afrički {m}
African {n} (a native of Africa)  :: Африканац {m}, Афрѝка̄нка {f}; Afrikanac {m}, Afrìkānka {f}
Africanist {n} (a specialist in African studies)  :: afrikanist {m}, afrikanistica {f}, afrikanistkinja {f}
a friend in need is a friend indeed {proverb} (someone who helps you in your time of need is a real friend)  :: прави се пријатељ у невољи познаје, pravi se prijatelj u nevolji poznaje
Afrikaans {prop}  :: afrikaans {m}
Afrikaans {prop} (language)  :: африканс {m}, африкански {m}; afrikans {m}, afrikanski {m}, afrikanski jezik {m}
Afro-American {n} (a resident of the United States who is of African heritage)  :: Afroamerikanac {m}, Afroamerikanka {f}
Afro-Asiatic {adj} (of or pertaining to a language family)  :: afroȃzījskī, afrȃzījskī
Afro-Eurasia {prop} (supercontinent)  :: Afrika-Euroazija
after {adv} (behind; later in time; following)  :: после /posle/
after {prep} (as a result of)  :: после, због; posle, zbog
after {prep} (behind)  :: за, иза; za, iza
after {prep} (in allusion to, in imitation of; following or referencing)  :: по; po
after {prep} (in pursuit of, seeking)  :: за; za
after {prep} (in spite of)  :: после, унаточ [usually Croatia]; posle, unatoč [usually Croatia]
after {prep} (next in importance or rank)  :: после; posle
after {prep} (subsequently; following in time; later than)  :: после, послије; posle, poslije
after dark {prep} (after nightfall, at night)  :: nakon mraka, posle mraka, nadmrak
afternoon {n} (part of the day between noon and evening)  :: поподне {n}; popodne {n}
afterwards {adv} (at a later or succeeding time)  :: после, касније, после / послије, потом, накнадно; posle, kasnije, posle / poslije, potom, naknadno
afterword {n} (an epilogue)  :: поговор {m}, pogovor {m}
again {adv} (another time)  :: опет, поново, снова, однова; opet, ponovo, snova, odnova
against {prep} (in a contrary direction to)  :: против; protiv
against {prep} (in opposition to)  :: против; protiv
agate {n} (mineral)  :: ахат {m} /ahat/
agave {n} (genus)  :: агава {f}; agava {f}
age {n} (one of the stages of life)  :: старост {f}; starost {f}
age {n} (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time)  :: доб {m}; dob {m}
agency {n} (faculty of acting or of exerting power)  :: посредство {n}; posredstvo {n}
agency {n} (place of business of an agent)  :: агенција {f}; agencija {f}
agglomeration {n} (act of collecting in a mass)  :: aglomeracija {f}
agglomeration {n} (state of being collected in a mass)  :: aglomeracija {f}
agglutination {n} (act of uniting by glue or other tenacious substance)  :: aglutinacija {f}
agglutination {n} (clumping together of red blood cells or bacteria)  :: aglutinacija {f}
agglutination {n} (combination in which root words are united with little or no change of form or loss of meaning)  :: aglutinacija {f}
agglutinative {adj}  :: aglutinativan
aggregate {n} (any of the five aspects constituting the sentient being in Buddhism)  :: скупина /skupina/
aggression {n} (act of initiating hostilities or invasion)  :: агрѐсија {f}; agrèsija {f}
aggression {n} (hostile or destructive behavior or actions)  :: агрѐсија {f}; agrèsija {f}
aggression {n} (the practice or habit of launching attacks)  :: агрѐсија {f}; agrèsija {f}
aggressive {adj} (tending or disposed to aggress)  :: агресиван, насилан, насртљив; agresivan, nasilan, nasrtljiv
agha {n} (an honorific for high officials used in Turkey and certain Muslim countries)  :: а̀га {m}; àga {m}
agile {adj} (having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs)  :: gibak {m}; гибак {m}
agitprop {n} (political propaganda)  :: агитпроп {m}; agitprop {m}
agnostic {adj} (of or relating to agnosticism)  :: agnostički
agnostic {n} (one who holds to a form of agnosticism.)  :: agnostik {m}
agnosticism {n} (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)  :: агностицизам {m}; agnosticizam {m}
ago {adj} (past; gone by; since)  :: при̏је (Ijekavian), пре̏ (Ekavian); prȉje (Ijekavian), prȅ (Ekavian)
agouti {n} (a rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs)  :: агути; aguti
agree {v} (harmonize in opinion; be in unison or concord; be united; concur)  :: сагласити се, saglasiti se
agree {v}  :: složiti se
agreement {n} (an understanding to follow a course of conduct)  :: споразум; sporazum
agreement {n}  :: dogovor, договор
agreement {n} (state whereby several parties share a view or opinion)  :: сагласност {f}; saglasnost {f}
agriculturalist {n} (farmer)  :: тѐжа̄к {m}; tèžāk {m}
agriculture {n} (the art or science of cultivating the ground)  :: пољопрѝвреда {f}, poljoprìvreda {f}, рата́рство {n}, ratárstvo {f}, земљорадња {f}, zemljoradnja {f}, пољоделство {n} poljodelstvo {n} (Ekavian), пољодјелство {n} poljodjelstvo {n} (Ijekavian)
agrobiology {n} (the science of plant life and nutrition)  :: agrobiologija {f}
agrology {n} (the science and art of agriculture)  :: agrologija {f}
agrostology {n} (study of grasses)  :: agrostologija {f}
aha {interj} (exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition)  :: aha, аха
AIDS {n} (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)  :: СИДА; SIDA
air {n} (mixture of gases making up the atmosphere of the Earth)  :: ваздух, зрак {m}; vazduh {m}, zrak {m}
air {v} (to bring into contact with the air)  :: зрачити, израчити, изветрити, луфтирати; zračiti, izračiti, izvetriti, luftirati
aircraft {n} (machine capable of atmospheric flight)  :: zrakoplov {m}; летјелица {f} / летелица {f}; letelica {f} / letjelica {f}, vazduhoplov, zrakoplov {m} [Croatia]
air force {n} (branch of the military devoted to air warfare)  :: ratno zrakoplovstvo {n}, vojno zrakoplovstvo {n}
airline {n} (company that flies airplanes)  :: авиокомпанија {f}; aviokompanija {f}
airplane {n} (powered aircraft)  :: авион {m}, зракоплов {m}; avion {m}, zrakoplov {m}
airport {n} (a place designated for airplanes)  :: аеродром {m}, летелиште {n}, зрачна лука {f}; aerodrom {m}, letelište {n}, zračna luka {f}
airtime {n} (duration of transmission)  :: време емитовања
ajar {adj} (slightly turned or opened)  :: odškrinuto; одшкринут {m}; odškrinut {m}
ajar {adv} (slightly turned or opened)  :: odškrinut
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step {proverb} (a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step)  :: далеко путованје починје првим кораком; daleko putovanje počinje prvim korakom
ajvar {n} (a kind of relish)  :: а̀јва̄р {m}; àjvār {m}
akçe {n} (Ottoman silver coin)  :: акча {f}, акче {n}, аспра {f}, јаспра {f}; akča {f}, akče {n}, aspra {f}, jaspra {f}
akin {adj} (of the same kind; similar)  :: srȍdan
akin {adj} (of the same kin; related by blood)  :: srȍdan
Akkadian {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: akadski, акадски
Alabama {prop} (U.S. State)  :: Алаба̀ма {f}; Alabàma {f}
alabaster {n} (variety of gypsum)  :: alabaster {m}
alarm {n} (summons to arms)  :: аларм {m}; alarm {m}
alarm clock {n} (type of clock)  :: будилник {m}; budilnik {m}
alarmingly {adv} (in an alarming manner, frighteningly. In a way the induces fear or concern)  :: alarmantno
alas {interj} (exclamation of sorrow, etc.)  :: авај, avaj
Alaska {prop} (US state)  :: А̀љаска {f}; Àljaska {f}
Alaskan {adj} (of or pertaining to Alaska, its people or its culture)  :: а̀љаскӣ; àljaskī
Alaskan Malamute {n} (Alaskan Malamute sled dog)  :: aljaski malamut {m}
Albania {prop} (country in south-eastern Europe)  :: Албанија {f}; Albanija {f}
Albanian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Albania)  :: а̀лба̄нскӣ, ши̏птарскӣ; àlbānskī, šȉptarskī
Albanian {n} (Person from Albania)  :: Алба́нац {m}, А̀лба̄нка {f}; Albánac {m}, Àlbānka {f}
Albanian {prop} (language)  :: а̀лба̄нскӣ {m}; àlbānskī {m}
Albanisation {n} (cultural change)  :: албаниза́ција {f}; albanizácija {f}
Albanologist {n} (an expert in Albanian studies)  :: albanolog
Albanology {prop} (study of the Albanian language)  :: albanològija {f}
albatross {n} (seabird)  :: албатрос {m}, бурница {f}; albatros {m}, burnica {f}
albeit {conj} (despite its being; although)  :: иако, мада, премда, чак и ако; iako, mada, premda, čak i ako
Alberta {prop} (province)  :: Алберта {f}, Alberta {f}
albino {n} (one congenitally lacking melanin)  :: албино {m}, albino {m}
albumen {n} (white part of an egg)  :: беланце {n}, бјеланце {n}, белањак {m}, бјелањак {m}, беланац {m}, бјеланац {m}; belance {n}, bjelance {n}, belanjak {m}, bjelanjak {m}, belanac {m}, bjelanac {m}
alchemist {n} (one who practices alchemy)  :: алкемичар {m}; alkemičar {m}
alchemy {n} (ancient chemistry)  :: alkemija {f}
alchemy {n} (causing of mysterious transmutation)  :: alkemija {f}
alcohol {n} (intoxicating beverage)  :: алкохол {m}; alkohol {m}
alcohol {n} (organic chemistry sense)  :: алкохол {m}; alkohol {m}
alcohol-free {adj} (containing no alcohol)  :: bezalkoholan
alcoholic {adj} (having more than a trace amount of alcohol in its contents)  :: alkoholni
alcoholic {adj} (of or pertaining to alcohol)  :: alkoholni
alcoholic {n} (a person addicted to alcohol)  :: alkoholičar {m}
Alcoholics Anonymous {prop} (proper noun)  :: Anonimni Alkoholičari {m}
alcoholism {n} (chronic disease)  :: alkoholizam {m}, alkoholija {f}
alcoholize {v} (convert into alcohol)  :: alkoholizirati
alcoholize {v} (infuse or saturate with alcoholic spirit)  :: alkoholizirati
alcoholize {v} (subject to the influence of alcohol)  :: alkoholizirati
alcoholized {adj} (under the influence of alcohol)  :: alkoholiziran
Aldebaran {prop} (star)  :: Алдебаран; Aldebaran
alder {n} (any tree or shrub of the genus Alnus)  :: joha {f}, jova {f}
ale {n} (intoxicating liquor)  :: ел {m}; el {m}
Alemannic {adj} (of or relating to the Alemannic language)  :: alemanski
Aleppo {prop} (Syrian city)  :: Алеп {m}; Alep {m}
Aleutian {adj} (of the Aleutian Islands)  :: aleutski
Alexander {prop} (male given name)  :: Александар {m}; Aleksandar {m}
Alexander the Great {prop} (King of Macedonia)  :: Александар Велики {m}, Александар Македонски {m}; Aleksandar Veliki {m}, Aleksandar Makedonski {m}
Alexandria {prop} (city in Egypt)  :: Aleksandrija {f}
Alexandroupoli {prop} (city)  :: Александруполис, Алексадрополи, Дедеагач; Aleksandrupolis, Aleksandropoli, Dedeagač
alga {n} (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms)  :: alga {f}
algebra {n} (structure)  :: алгебра {f}; algebra {f}
algebra {n} (study of algebraic structures)  :: алгебра {f}; algebra {f}
algebra {n} (system for computation)  :: алгебра {f}; algebra {f}
algebraic equation {n} (mathematical equation)  :: алгебарска једнаџба {f}, algebarska jednadžba {f}
algebraic function {n} (math)  :: algebarska funkcija {f}
algebraic number {n} (complex number)  :: algebarski broj {m}
Algeria {prop} (country)  :: Алжир {m}; Alžir {m}
Algerian {adj} (of Algeria or its people)  :: àlžīrskī
Algerian {n} (person from Algeria)  :: Alžírac {m}, Àlžīrka {f}
Algiers {prop} (the capital of Algeria)  :: Алжир {m}; Alžir {m}
algology {n} (branch of botany dealing with algae)  :: algologija {f}
Algonquian {adj} (relating to a group of North American languages)  :: algonkijski
algorithm {n} (well-defined procedure)  :: алгоритам {m}; algoritam {m}
alibi {n} (criminal legal defense)  :: alibi {m}
Alice {prop} (female given name)  :: Алиса {f}; Alisa {f}
a lie has no legs {proverb} (you can't get away with a lie)  :: у лажи су кратке ноге; u laži su kratke noge
alien {n} (life form of non-Earth origin)  :: vanzemaljac {m}, izvanzemaljac {m}
alien {n} (person, etc. from outside)  :: izvanzemaljac
alienation {n} (emotional isolation or dissociation)  :: алијена́ција; alijenácija
alienation {n} (the act of alienating)  :: алијена́ција; alijenácija
alienation {n} (the state of being alienated)  :: алијена́ција; alijenácija
alimony {n}  :: alimentacija {f}
a little {adv} (to a small extent or degree)  :: мало; malo
a little bird told me {phrase} (idiomatic)  :: шапнула ми птичица /šapnula mi ptičica/
alive {adj} (having life)  :: жив, živ
Al Jazeera {prop} (Arabic satellite TV news channel)  :: Ал Џазира {f}; Al Jazeera {f}, Al Džazira {f}
alkali {n} (class of caustic bases)  :: baza {f}
alkaline {adj}  :: alkaličan
alkaline {adj} (of or relating to an alkali)  :: lužnat {m}, lužnati {m}
alkaline earth metal {n} (any element of group II of the periodic table)  :: zemnoalkalijski metal
alkaloid {n} (organic heterocyclic base)  :: alkaloid {m}
alkyne {n} (hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond)  :: алкин {m}; alkin {m}
all {determiner} (every individual of the given class)  :: sav
Allah {prop} (God, in Islam)  :: Аллах {m}, Алах {m}; Allah {m}, Alah {m}
Allahu akbar {interj} (Muslim takbir (proclamation))  :: Алаху екбер, Аллаху екбер; Alahu ekber, Allahu ekber
all-day {adj} (lasting throughout the whole day)  :: целодневни {m}
allegiance {n} (loyalty to some cause, nation or ruler)  :: odanost, lojalnost
allegorical {adj} (of, relating to, or containing allegory)  :: alegoričan
allegorist {n} (one who speaks or writes in allegories)  :: alegorik {m}
allegory {n}  :: alegorija {f}
allergic {adj} (excessively sensitive)  :: алѐргичан; alèrgičan
allergic {adj} (having an allergy)  :: алѐргичан; alèrgičan
allergic {adj} (pertaining to allergy)  :: алѐргичан; alèrgičan
allergically {adv} (because of allergies)  :: алѐргично; alèrgično
allergist {n} (doctor who specializes in the treatment of allergies.)  :: alergolog {m}
allergology {n} (the study of the causes and treatment of allergies)  :: alergologija {f}
allergy {n}  :: alèrgija {f}
allergy {n} (altered susceptibility)  :: alèrgija {f}
allergy {n} (antipathy)  :: alèrgija {f}
allergy {n} (disorder of the immune system)  :: алергија {f}; alergija {f}
alley {n} (narrow street)  :: сокак {m}, уличица {f}; sokak {m}, uličica {f}
alliance {n} (state of being allied)  :: alijansa {f}, savez {m}, алијанса {f}, савез {m}
alliance {n} (treaty between nations)  :: alijansa {f}
alliance {n} (union resembling that of families or states)  :: alijansa {f}, savez {m}
alligator {n} (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator)  :: алигатор {m}; aligator {m}
alliteration {n} (The repetition of consonants)  :: aliteracija {f}
all-night {adj} (lasting throughout the whole night)  :: целоноћни; celonoćni
allocation {n} (The process or procedure for allocating things, especially money or other resources.)  :: preraspodjela, redistribucija {f}, realokacija {f}
allodium {n} (freehold land or property)  :: alodij {m}
allomorph {n} (crystalline form of a substance)  :: alomorf {m}
allomorph {n} (phonological representation of a morpheme)  :: alomorf {m}
all one's eggs in one basket {n} (the state of having invested in one area only)  :: сва јаја у једној корпи /sva jaja u jednoj korpi/, сва јаја у истој корпи /sva jaja u istoj korpi/
allophone {adj} (alternative pronunciation for a phoneme)  :: alofon {m}
allotrope {n} (form of an element that has a different molecular structure to another form of the same element)  :: ало̀троп {m}; alòtrop {m}
allow {v} (to grant, give, admit, accord, afford, or yield; to let one have)  :: дозволити; dozvoliti
alloy {n} (metal combined of more elements)  :: слитина {f}, легура {f}; slitina {f}, legura {f}
all rights reserved {phrase} (copyright notice formula)  :: сва права задржана, сва права придржана; sva prava zadržana, sva prava pridržana
all roads lead to Rome {proverb} (different paths to the same goal)  :: Svi putevi vode do Rima
All Saints' Day {prop} (feast day)  :: Svi sveti, Сви свети
All Souls' Day {prop} (Christian feast day)  :: Dušni dan
all that glitters is not gold {proverb} (things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so)  :: није злато све што сија; nije zlato sve što sija
all the best {interj} (good luck)  :: све најбоље; sve najbolje
allude {v} (refer to something indirectly or by suggestion)  :: aludirati
alluvium {n} (deposited material)  :: aluvij {m}
Alma {prop} (female given name)  :: Alma
almanac {n} (book or table listing astronomical, nautical or other events for the year)  :: алманах {m}; almanah {m}
almond {n} (nut)  :: бадем {m}; badem {m}
almond {n} (tree)  :: бадем {m}; badem {m}
almost {adv} (very close to)  :: скоро; skoro
alms {n} (something given to the poor as charity)  :: milostinja
aloe {n} (plant of the genus Aloe)  :: алоја {f}; aloja {f}
alogical {adj} (not based upon logic)  :: alogičan
alogical {adj} (opposed to logic)  :: alogičan
alone {adj} (unique)  :: sam {m}, sama {f}, samo {n}, sami {p}; са̑м; sȃm
alone {adv} (by oneself)  :: sam
a lot {n} (a large amount)  :: мно̏гӣ, мно̏го; mnȍgī, mnȍgo
alpaca {n} (camelid animal of the Andes)  :: alpaka {f}
alpha {n} (name of the letter Α, α)  :: alfa {m} {f}, алфа {m} {f}
alpha and omega {n}  :: alfa i omega
alphabet {n} (an ordered set of letters used in a language)  :: азбука {f} [Cyrillic alphabet], абецеда {f} [Roman alphabet], алфабет {m}; azbuka {f} [Cyrillic alphabet], abeceda {f} [Roman alphabet], alfabet {m}
alphabetical {adj} (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet)  :: ȁbecēdnī, alfàbētskī
alphabetism {n} (form of discrimination)  :: alfabetizam {m}
Alpha Centauri {prop} (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus)  :: Алфа Кентаури; Alpha Centauri
alpha female {n} (dominant female animal)  :: alfa ženka
alpha female {n} (self-assured and strong woman)  :: alfa ženka
alpha helix {n} (secondary structure found in many proteins)  :: alfa uzvojnica {f}
alpha male {n} (dominant male in a group of animals)  :: alfa mužjak {m}, алфа мужјак {m}
alpha ray {n} (stream of alpha particles)  :: alfa-zrake
Alpine {adj} (Relating to the Alps)  :: alpinski, alpski {m}
alpine chough {n} (alpine chough)  :: жутокљуна галица {f} /žutokljuna galica/
alpinism {n} (mountain climbing)  :: alpinizam {m}
Alps {prop} (a mountain range in Western Europe)  :: Алпи {f-p} [Bosnia, Serbia]; Alpi {f-p} [Bosnia, Serbia], Alpe {f} [Croatia]
al-Qaeda {prop} (The global network of militant Islamic extremists.)  :: al-Kaida, Al-Kaida {f}, al-Qaeda {f}; ал-Каида {f}
already {adv} (prior to some time)  :: već, већ
Alsace {prop} (region on the west bank of the upper Rhine)  :: Елзас {m}, Алсаце {m}; Elzas {m}, Alsace {m}
Alsatian {adj} (of or relating to Alsace)  :: alzaški
Alsatian {n} (person from Alsace)  :: Alzašanin {m}, Alzašanka {f}
also {adv} (in addition; besides; as well; further; too)  :: такође, такођер; takođe, [Croatian] također
Altair {prop} (star)  :: Алтаир; Altair
altar {n} (flat-topped structure used for religious rites)  :: жртвеник {m}, олтар {m}; žrtvenik {m}, oltar {m}
Altay {prop} (a mountain range)  :: Алтај {m}; Altaj {m}
alter {v} (to change the form or structure of)  :: изменити, променити; izmeniti, promeniti
altercation {n} (dispute)  :: nesporazum {m}, spor {m}, sukob {m}, verbalni sukob {m}
alter ego {n} (alternate personality or persona)  :: алтер его, друго ја {n}; alter ego, drugo ja {n}
alternate {v} (to happen, succeed, or act by turns)  :: alternirati
alternate {v} (to perform by turns)  :: alternirati
alternate {v} (to vary by turns)  :: alternirati
alternation {n} (alternate succession)  :: alternacija {f}
alternative {adj} (other)  :: alternativan
alternative {adj} (Relating to a choice)  :: alternativan
alternative {n} (a situation which allows a choice between two or more possibilities)  :: alternativa {f}
alternative {n} (one of several things which can be chosen)  :: alternativa {f}
alternative lifestyle {n} (lifestyle outside the norm of its culture)  :: alternativa {f}
alternatively {adv} (in an alternative way)  :: alternativno
alternative medicine {n} (any of various medical methods and practices used in place of conventional medicine)  :: alternativna medicina {f}, алтернативна медицина {f}
although {conj} (in spite of the fact that)  :: iako, premda, mada, makar
altimeter {n} (an apparatus for measuring altitude)  :: vȉsinomjēr {m}, àltimetar {m}
altocumulus {n} (cloud)  :: алтокумулус {m}; altokumulus {m}
altostratus {n} (cloud type)  :: altostratus {m}
altruism {n} (policy that benefits others' interests)  :: altruizam {m}
altruist {n} (person imbued with altruism)  :: алтруист {m}; altruist {m}
altruistic {adj} (regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish)  :: алтруистичан; altruističan
alum {n} (chemistry: double sulfate)  :: stipsa {f}, alaun {m}
aluminium {n} (silvery metal)  :: алуминиjум {m}, алуминиj {m}; aluminijum {m}, aluminij {m}
alveolar {adj} (formed with the tongue touching or approaching the ridge behind the upper teeth)  :: alveolaran
alveolar {adj} (of or relating to the alvelous)  :: alveolaran
alveolar {adj} (relating to the alveoli)  :: alveolaran
alveolar {adj} (relating to the jaw ridge)  :: alveolaran
alveolar {n} (an alveolar consonant)  :: alveolar {m}, desnik {m}
alveolus {n} (anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity)  :: alveola {f}
alveolus {n} (small air sac in the lungs)  :: alveola {f}
always {adv} (at all times)  :: увек, увијек, стално, непрестано; uvek, uvijek, stalno, neprestano
always {adv} (constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals)  :: увек, увијек, стално, непрестано; uvek, uvijek, stalno, neprestano
amaranth {n}  :: trator {m}, trtunčica {f}, štir {m}
amateur {n} (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally)  :: аматер {m}, amater {m}
amateur {n} (someone who is inept)  :: amater {m}
amateurish {adj} (reflecting the efforts of an amateur)  :: amaterski
amateurishly {adv} (In an amateurish manner)  :: amaterski
amateurism {n} (the opinion or conviction)  :: amaterizam {m}
Amazon {n} (Mythological female warrior)  :: Амазонка {f}; Amazonka {f}
Amazon {prop} (River)  :: Амазон {m}, Амазона {f}; Amazon {m}, Amazona {f}
Amazon {prop} (Used attributively in compounds.)  :: амазонски, amazonski
Amazonian {adj} (of or relating to the Amazons)  :: amazonski
ambassador {n} (minister)  :: амбасадор {m}, велепосланик {m} [Croatia], велепосланица {f} [Croatia]; ambasador {m}, veleposlanik {m} [Croatia], veleposlanica {f} [Croatia]
ambassador {n} (representative)  :: амбасадор {m}, велепосланик {m} [Croatia], велепосланица {f} [Croatia]; ambasador {m}, veleposlanik {m} [Croatia], veleposlanica {f} [Croatia], izaslanik
amber {n} (fossil resin)  :: јантар {m}; jantar {m}
ambergris {n} (waxy substance produced by sperm whales)  :: амбра {f}; ambra {f}
ambiance {n}  :: ambijent {m}
ambiance {n} (particular mood or atmosphere of an environment)  :: ambijent {m}
ambiguity {n} (something liable to more than one interpretation)  :: амбигвитет {f}; ambigvitet, višeznačnost, dvosmislenost
ambiguous {adj} (open to multiple interpretations)  :: višeznačan {m}, dvosmislen {m}
ambiguous {adj} (vague and unclear)  :: nejasan {m}
ambition {n}  :: àmbīcija {f}, prègalāštvo {n}; častoljublje {n}
ambitious {adj}  :: ambiciozan
ambitious {adj} (possessing, or controlled by, ambition)  :: ambiciozan {m}, častohlepan
ambitiously {adv} (in an ambitious manner)  :: ambiciozno
ambivalence {n} (coexistence of opposing attitudes)  :: ambivalencija {f}, ambivalentnost {f}, podeljenost {f}
ambivalence {n} (state of uncertainty)  :: ambivalencija {f}, ambivalentnost {f}
ambrosia {n} (food of gods or delicious foods)  :: амброзија {f}; ambrozija {f}
ambulance {n} (emergency vehicle)  :: хитна помоћ, болничарска кола {f}, амбулантна кола {f}; hitna pomoć {f}, bolničarska kola {f}, ambulantna kola {f}
ambush {n} (a disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station)  :: за̑сједа {f} (Ijekavian), за̑седа {f} (Ekavian); zȃsjeda {f} (Ijekavian), zȃseda {f} (Ekavian)
amelioration {n} (act of making better)  :: amelioracija {f}
amelioration {n} (improvement)  :: amelioracija {f}
amen {adv}  :: amin; амин; amin
amend {v} (to make better)  :: poboljšati
amenity {n} (pleasantness)  :: udobnost
amenity {n} (something that makes life easier or more pleasant)  :: pogodnost, udobnost, komoditet
amenorrhoea {n} (lack of a menstrual period)  :: amenoreja
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the Americas)  :: američki
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture)  :: američki
American {n} (person born in or citizen of the USA)  :: Amerikanac {m}, Amerikanka {f}
American bison {n} (mammal)  :: амерички бизон; američki bizon
American football {prop} (American football)  :: амерички фудбал {m}; američki nogomet {m}
Americanism {n} (linguistic feature)  :: amerikanizam {m}
Americanize {v} (to make American)  :: amerikanizirati
American Samoa {prop} (US overseas territory in Oceania)  :: Američka Samoa
Americas {prop} (North and South America)  :: Америка {f}; Amerika {f}
americium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 95)  :: америциjум {m}, америциj {m}; americijum {m}, americij {m}
amethyst {n} (gem)  :: ametist {m}
Amharic {prop} (language)  :: а̀мхарскӣ; àmharskī
amino acid {n} (any of the twenty α-amino acids)  :: aminokiselìna {f}
amino acid {n} (any organic compound containing amino and carboxylic acid)  :: aminokiselìna {f}
Amir {prop} (given name)  :: Emir
Amman {prop} (the capital of Jordan)  :: Аман {m}, Амман {m}; Aman {m}, Amman {m}
ammeter {n} (device that measures an electric current)  :: ampermetar {m}
ammonia {n} (the compound NH3)  :: amonijak {m}
ammonium {n} (univalent NH4+ cation)  :: amonij {m}
ammunition {n} (articles used in charging firearms)  :: муниција {f}, municija {f}, streljivo {n} [Croatia], џебана {f}
amnesia {n} (loss of memory)  :: amnezija {f}
amnesty {n} (act of the sovereign power)  :: amnestija {f}
amnesty {n} (forgetfulness)  :: amnestija {f}
amoeba {n} (a member of a genus of unicellular protozoa)  :: аме́ба {f}; améba {f}
among {prep} (mingling or intermixing)  :: међу; među
amoral {adj} (of acts)  :: amoralan
amoral {adj} (of people)  :: amoralan
amorality {n} (lack of morality)  :: amoralnost {f}
amorphous {adj} (being without definite character or nature)  :: amorfan
amorphous {adj} (lacking a definite form or clear shape)  :: amorfan
amorphousness {n} (quality of being amorphous)  :: amorfnost {f}
amortization {n} (process of distributing asset cost)  :: amortizacija {f}, амортизација {f}
amount {n} (total or sum of items)  :: износ {m}, количина {f}, сума {f}; iznos {m}, količina {f}, suma {f}
ampere {n} (unit of electrical current)  :: а̀мпе̄р {m}; àmpēr {m}
ampere-hour {n} (unit of electric charge)  :: ampersat
ampersand {n} (the symbol &)  :: амперсенд {m}; ampersend {m}, žig, pečatni znak, združenje, labava veza
amphibian {n} (vertebrate)  :: водоземац {m}, амфибија {f}; vodozemac {m}, amfibija {f}
amphibious {adj}  :: amfibijski
amphibrach {n} (metrical foot of three syllables)  :: amfibrah {m}
amphitheater {n} (classic amphitheatre)  :: amfiteatar {m}
amphitheatre {n} (an open, outdoor theatre)  :: амфитѐа̄тар {m}; amfitèātar {m}
amphora {n} (type of jar)  :: amfora {f}
amplification {n} (in electronics)  :: amplifikacija {f}
amplification {n} (in physics)  :: amplifikacija {f}
amplification {n} (result of amplifying)  :: amplifikacija {f}, pojačanje {n}
amplitude {n} (magnitude)  :: amplituda {f}
amplitude {n} (math: maximum absolute value)  :: amplituda {f}
amplitude {n} (physics: maximum absolute value)  :: amplituda {f}
ampoule {n} (small glass vial hermetically sealed)  :: ampula {f}, ампула {f}
amputate {v} (To surgically remove a body part)  :: amputirati
amputation {n} (surgical removal of a limb)  :: ампутација {f}, amputacija {f}
Amsterdam {prop} (capital of the Netherlands)  :: Амстердам {m}; Amsterdam {m}
Amu Darya {prop} (river)  :: Аму-Дарја {f}, Amu-Darja {f}
amulet {n} (object intended to bring protection to its owner)  :: amulet {m}
Amur {prop} (the river between the Far East Russia and China)  :: Амур {m}; Amur {m}
an {article} (indefinite article)  :: Not used in Serbo-Croatian
anabasis {n} (military march up-country)  :: anabaza {f}
anabolic {n} (anabolic steroid)  :: анаболик {m}; anabolik {m}
anabolism {n} (the constructive metabolism of the body)  :: анаболизам {m}; anabolizam {m}
anachronism {n} (chronological mistake)  :: анакронизам {m} [Serbo-Croatian, Serbo-Croatian], анахронизам {m} [Serbo-Croatian]; anakronizam {m} [Serbo-Croatian, Serbo-Croatian], anahronizam {m} [Serbo-Croatian]
anachronism {n} (person or thing which seems to belong to a different time)  :: anakronizam {m}
anachronistic {adj}  :: anakroničan, anakronističan
anaconda {n} (any of various large nonvenomous snake of the genus Eunectes)  :: анаконда {f}; anakonda {f}
anadiplosis {n} (a rhetorical device)  :: anadiplóza {f}
anaesthesia {n} (loss of bodily sensation)  :: анестезија {f}, anestezija {f}
anaesthesiology {n} (science of administering anaesthetics)  :: anesteziologija {f}
anagram {n} (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase)  :: anagram {m}
analgesic {adj} (of or relating to analgesia)  :: analgetski, analgetički
analgesic {n} (medicine that reduces pain)  :: аналгетик {m}; аnalgetik {m}
analogous {adj} (having analogy; corresponding to something else)  :: analogan
analogously {adv} (in an analogous manner)  :: analogno
analogousness {n} (quality of being analogous)  :: analognost {f}
analogy {n} (relationship of resemblance or equivalence)  :: nȃlika {f}; анало̀гија {f}; analògija {f}
analphabet {n} (illiterate)  :: analfabet {m}
anal sex {n} (sex involving the anus)  :: анални секс {m}; analni seks {m}
analysis {n} (chemistry: process of breaking down a substance or the result of this process)  :: analiza {f}
analysis {n} (in mathematics)  :: analiza {f}
analysis {n} (logic: proof by deduction from known truths)  :: analiza {f}
analysis {n} (process of dismantling or separating into constituents in order to study)  :: analiza {f}
analyst {n} (chemical, financial or business analyst)  :: analitičar {m}
analyst {n} (person who analyzes)  :: analitičar {m}
analyst {n} (psychoanalysis practitioner)  :: psihoanalitičar {m}
analyst {n} (systems analyst)  :: analitičar {m}
analytically {adv} (in an analytical manner)  :: analitički
analytic function {n} (mathematical function)  :: analitička funkcija {f}
anamnesis {n} (medical history of a patient)  :: анамне́за {f}; anamnéza {f}
anamnesis {n} (recollection)  :: анамне́за {f}; anamnéza {f}
Anapa {prop} (city)  :: Анапа {f}; Anapa {f}
anapest {n} (metrical foot)  :: anapest {m}
anapest {n} (verse using this meter)  :: anapest {m}
anaphora {n} (linguistics: expression that refers to another expression)  :: anafora {f}
anaphora {n} (repetition of a phrase used for emphasis)  :: anafora {f}
anarchism {n} (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms)  :: анархизам {m}; anarhizam {m}
anarchist {n} (believer in anarchism)  :: anarhist {m}, anarhistkinja {f}
anarchist {n} (nihilist)  :: anarhist {m}, anarhistkinja {f}
anarcho-capitalism {n} (philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state and a self-regulating free market)  :: anarho-kapitalizam
anarchy {n} (absence of any form of political authority or government)  :: анархија {f}, бесправље {n}, безакоње {n}, безвлашће {n}; anarhija {f}, bespravlje {n}, bezakonje {n}, bezvlašće {n}
anarchy {n} (political disorder and confusion)  :: анархија {f}; anarhija {f}
anastrophe {n} (switching in the syntactical order of words)  :: anastrofa {f}, анастрофа {f}
anathema {n} (ban or curse)  :: анатема {f}; anatema {f}
anathema {n} (imprecation)  :: анатема {f}; anatema {f}
anathema {n} (person or thing)  :: anatema {f}
Anatolia {prop} (peninsula of Western Asia)  :: Анадолија {f}, Анатолија {f}; Anadolija {f}, Anatolija {f}
anatomical {adj} (Of or relating to anatomy or dissection)  :: anatomski
anatomically {adv} (pertaining to anatomy)  :: anatomski
anatomist {n} (one involved in the science of anatomical structures)  :: anatom {m}
anatomy {n} (art of studying the different parts of any organized body)  :: анато̀мија {f}; anatòmija {f}
ancestor {n} (one from whom a person is descended)  :: предак {m}, праотац {m}, претка {f}, предкиња {f}, прамајка {f}, прародитељ {m}; predak {m}, praotac {m}, pretka {f}, predkinja {f}, pramajka {f}, praroditelj {m}
ancestry {n} (condition as to ancestors)  :: порекло {n} / поријекло {n}; poreklo {n} / porijeklo {n}, postanak, preci
anchor {n} (tool to moor a vessel into sea bottom)  :: котва {f}, сидро {f}; kotva {f}, sidro {n}
anchor {n} (TV anchorman)  :: voditelj {m}, voditeljka {f}, водитељка {f}
anchorman {n} (TV host)  :: voditelj {m}, водитељ {m}
anchorwoman {n} (female anchorperson)  :: voditeljka {f}
anchovy {n} (small saltwater fish)  :: inćun {m}
ancient {adj}  :: drevan, antički, prastar
ancient {adj} (having lasted from a remote period)  :: стар, древан, стародреван, антички; star, drevan, starodrevan, antički
Ancient Greece {prop} (The ancient civilization of the Mediterranean)  :: Античка Грчка {f}, Стара Грчка {f}; Antička Grčka {f}, Stara Grčka {f}
Ancient Rome {prop} (civilization associated with Rome from the 9th century BC to the 12th century AD)  :: Антички Рим {m}, Стари Рим {m}; Antički Rim {m}, Stari Rim {m}
and {conj} (used at the end of a list to indicate the last item)  :: и; i
and {conj} (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera)  :: и; i
Andalusia {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: Андалузија {f}; Andaluzija {f}
Andes {prop} (mountain range in South America)  :: Ande {f-p}
and/or {conj} (inclusive "or")  :: и/или; i/ili
Andorra {prop} (country)  :: Андора {f}; Andora {f}
Andorran {adj} (pertaining to Andorra)  :: andorski
Andorran {n} (person from Andorra)  :: Andorac {m}, Andorka {f}
andragogy {n} (methods used to teach adults)  :: andragogija {f}
Andrew {prop} (male given name)  :: Андрија {m}, Андреј {m}; Andrija {m}, Andrej {m}
Andrew {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Андрија {m}; Andrija {m}
andrology {n} (a branch of medicine)  :: andrologija {f}
and so forth {phrase} (list continuation indicator)  :: i tako dalje, itd.; и тако даље, итд.
anecdote {n} (short account of an incident)  :: anegdota {f}
anechogenic {adj} (not echogenic)  :: анехоген {m}; anehogen {m}
anecumene {n} (all uninhabited parts of the world)  :: анекумена {f} /anekumena/
anemia {n} (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport)  :: anemija {f}, малокрвност
anemic {adj} (of or pertaining to anemia)  :: анѐмичан; anèmičan
anemometer {n} (an instrument for measuring and recording the speed of the wind)  :: вјетромјер {m}; vjetromjer {m}
anesthesia {n} (loss of bodily sensation)  :: анестезија {f}; anestezija {f}
anesthesiologist {n} (physician specializing in anesthesiology)  :: anesteziolog {m}
anesthetic {n} (a substance for the reduced perception of pain)  :: anestetik {m}
anesthetist {n} (person who gives an anesthetic)  :: anestetičar {m}
anesthetize {v} (administer anesthesia)  :: anestezirati, анестезирати
angel {n} (in Christian angelology, the lowest order of angels)  :: anđeo {m}
angel {n} (messenger from a deity)  :: анђео {m}; anđeo {m}
angel {n} (selfless person)  :: anđeo {m}
Angela {prop} (female given name)  :: Anđela
angelic {adj} (belonging to, proceeding from, or resembling an angel)  :: анђеоски; anđeoski
angelology {n} (study of angels)  :: angelologija {f}
anger {n} (A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something)  :: љу́тња {f}; ljútnja {f}, gnȇv {m} [Ekavian], gnjȇv [Ijekavian], gniv {m} [Ikavian, Chakavian]
angina pectoris {n} (intermittent chest pain)  :: ангина пекторис {f}; angina pektoris {f}
angiology {n} (branch of anatomy)  :: angiologija {f}
angioma {n} (benign tumor)  :: ангиом {m}; angiom {m}
Angkor Wat {prop} (Cambodian temple complex)  :: Ангкор Ват {m}, Angkor Vat {m}
angle {n} (geometrical figure)  :: у̏гао {m}, ку̑т {m}; ȕgao {m}, kȗt {m}
Anglican {adj} (pertaining to the Church of England and related churches)  :: anglikanski
Anglican {n} (member of an Anglican church)  :: anglikanac {m}, anglikanka {f}
Anglican Communion {prop} (a worldwide network of churches that are in communion with the Church of England)  :: Англиканска заједница {f}; Anglikanska zajednica {f}
anglicism {n} (word or other feature borrowed from English to another language)  :: anglicìzam {m}, anglìzam {m}
Anglicist {n} (expert on Anglistics)  :: anglist {m}, anglistkinja {f}
Anglo-American {adj} (of relating to England and USA)  :: angloamerički, англоамерички
Anglophile {n} (person who loves or admires the country, culture or people of England)  :: anglofil {m}
Anglophobe {n} (person who hates or fears England, its people or anything English)  :: anglofob {m}
Anglo-Saxon {adj} (descended from white English or North European settlers)  :: anglosaski
Anglo-Saxon {adj} (favouring a liberal free market economy)  :: anglosaski
Anglo-Saxon {adj} (related to nations which speak primarily English)  :: anglosaski
Anglo-Saxon {adj} (related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language)  :: anglosaski
Anglo-Saxon {n} (Germanic peoples inhabiting medieval England)  :: Anglosaksonac {m}, Anglosaksonka {f}
Anglo-Saxon {n} (person of North European descent like British)  :: Anglosaksonac {m}, Anglosaksonka {f}
Angola {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Анго̑ла {f}; Angȏla {f}
Angolan {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Angola or its people)  :: анголски; àngolskī
Angolan {n} (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)  :: Анголац {m}, Анголка {f}; Angólac {m}, Àngōlka {f}
angry {adj} (displaying anger)  :: гневан, гњеван; gnevan, gnjevan
angst {n} (feeling of acute anxiety or apprehension)  :: немир {m}, неспокојство {n}, анксиозност {f}
Anguilla {prop} (British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Ангвила {f}; Angvila {f}
anguish {n} (extreme pain)  :: agonija
anguish {v} (suffer pain)  :: patiti
angular momentum {n} (angular momentum)  :: ugaoni moment {m}
aniline {n} (the simplest aromatic amine)  :: anilin {m}
animal {adj} (of animals)  :: анималан, животињски; animalan, životinjski
animal {adj} (unhindered by social codes)  :: анималан, животињски; animalan, životinjski
animal {n} (organism other than man)  :: животиња {f}; životinja {f}
animal {n} (organism)  :: животиња {f}, звер {f}, скот {m}; životinja {f}, zver {f}, skot {m}
animal {n} (person who behaves wildly)  :: звер {m}, хајван {m}, животиња {f}; zver {m}, hajvan {m}, životinja {f}
animate {v} (to impart motion or its appearance)  :: animirati
animation {n} (causing images to appear to move)  :: animacija {f}
animator {n} (one who animates something)  :: animator {m}, animatorica {f}
animator {n} (one who creates an animation)  :: animator {m}, animatorica {f}
anime {n} (an animated work originated in Japan)  :: аниме {n}; anime {n}
animosity {n} (violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike)  :: анимозитет {m}; animozitet {m}
anion {n} (negatively charged ion)  :: анјон {m}, анион {m}; anjon {m}, anion {m}
anise {n} (plant and spice)  :: anis {m}
anisette {n} (alcoholic liqueur)  :: anasonka {f}
Ankara {prop} (capital of Turkey)  :: Анкара {f}; Ankara {f}
ankle {n} (joint between foot and leg)  :: gležanj {m}
Ann {prop} (female given name)  :: Ана {f}, Ana {f}
Anna {prop} (biblical prophetess)  :: Ана {f}, Ana {f}
annex {n} (addition, an extension)  :: aneks {m}
annex {v} (to add something to another, to incorporate into)  :: anektirati
annexation {n} (addition or incorporation of something)  :: анексија {f}, анексирање {n}; aneksija {f}, aneksiranje {n}
annihilation {n} (act of reducing to nothing)  :: anihilacija {f}
annihilation {n} (process of a particle and its corresponding antiparticle combining to produce energy)  :: anihilacija {f}
annihilation {n} (state of being annihilated)  :: anihilacija {f}
anniversary {n} (day an exact number of years since an event)  :: јубилеј {m}, годишњица {f}; jubilej {m}, godišnjica {f}, obljetnica {f} [Croatia]
annotate {v} (to add annotation)  :: anotirati
annoyance {n} (the psychological state of being annoyed or irritated)  :: razdraženost
annuity {n} (right to receive amounts of money regularly)  :: anuitet {m}
annul {v} (formally revoke the validity of)  :: anulirati
anode {n} (the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which oxidation occurs)  :: анода {f}; anoda {f}
anode {n} (the electrode through which current flows into a cell)  :: анода {f}; anoda {f}
anoint {v} (to apply oil to or to pour oil upon)  :: помазати; pomazati
anoint {v} (to smear or rub over with oil or an unctuous substance)  :: намазати; namazati
anomalous {adj} (deviating from the normal)  :: anomalan
anomaly {n}  :: anomalija {f}
anomaly {n} (dated: an irregularity or inconsistency)  :: anomalija {f}
anomaly {n} (science: any event, big or small, out of the ordinary)  :: anomalija {f}
anomie {n} (alienation or social instability)  :: anomija, otuđenje, alijenacija
anonym {n} (anonymous person)  :: anonimus {m}, anonimac
anonym {n} (pseudonym)  :: pseudonim {m}
anonymity {n}  :: anonimnost {f}
anonymous {adj} (of unknown name; whose name is withheld)  :: anoniman
anonymous {adj} (wanting a name, not named and determined)  :: anoniman
anonymous {adj} (without any name (of responsible agent) acknowledged)  :: anoniman
anonymously {adv} (in an anonymous manner)  :: anonimno
anorexia nervosa {n} (disorder)  :: anoreksija
anorthite {n} (mineral)  :: anortit {m}
another {determiner} (any or some)  :: још нетко; još netko
another {determiner} (not the same; different)  :: дру̏гӣ; drȕgī
another {determiner} (one more, in addition to a former number)  :: још један; još jedan
Anschluss {n} (the annexation of Austria into Germany in 1938 or an analogy)  :: аншлус {m}; anšlus {m}
answer {n} (reply to e-mail)  :: о̏дгово̄р {m}; ȍdgovōr {m}
answer {n} (response)  :: о̏дгово̄р {m}; ȍdgovōr {m}
answer {n} (solution)  :: рјеше́ње {n}, реше́ње {n}; rješénje {n}, rešénje {n}
answer {v} (to make a reply or response to)  :: одгово́рити {pf}; odgovóriti {pf}
answer {v} (to respond to a call)  :: јавити
ant {n} (insect)  :: мрав {m}; mrav {m}
Antabuse {prop} (medicine for the treatment of alcoholism)  :: antabus {m}
antagonism {n} (strong dislike)  :: антагонизам {m}; antagonizam {m}
Antananarivo {prop} (city)  :: Антананариво {m}; Antananarivo {m}
Antarctica {prop} (southernmost continent)  :: Антарктик {m}; Antarktik {m}
Antares {prop} (star)  :: Антарес; Antares
anteater {n} (mammal)  :: mravojed
antedate {v}  :: antidatirati
antelope {n} (mammal of the family Bovidae)  :: antilopa
antenna {n} (feeler organ)  :: антена {f}; antena {f}
anthill {n} (home of ants and termites)  :: мравињак {m}; mravinjak {m}
anthologist {n} (person who anthologises)  :: antologičar {m}
anthology {n} (assortment of things)  :: antologija {f}
anthology {n} (collection of literary works)  :: antologija {f}
Anthony {prop} (given name)  :: Antun, Anton, Ante
anthracite {n} (type of coal)  :: антрацит {m}; antracit {m}
anthrax {n} (disease)  :: антракс {m}, бедреница {f}, прострел {m}, црни пришт {m}; antraks {m}, bedrenica {f}, prostrel {m}, crni prišt {m}
anthropoid {adj} (having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance)  :: čovjekòlik, ȁntropoīdan
anthropoid {adj} (having characteristics of an ape)  :: majmunòlik
anthropological {adj} (relating to anthropology)  :: antropološki
anthropologist {n} (one who is versed in anthropology)  :: antropolog {m}
anthropology {n} (the study of humanity)  :: антропологија {f}; antropologija {f}
anthropomorphic {adj} (given human attributes)  :: antropomorfan
anthropomorphic {adj} (having the form of a person)  :: antropomorfan
anthropomorphism {n} (the attribution or ascription of human characteristics to inanimate objects, animals, forces of nature, etc)  :: antropomorfizam {m}
anti-Americanism {n} (the fear or dislike of the United States or American people, policies, culture or government)  :: антиамериканизам {m}; antiamerikanizam {m}
antibiotic {n} (substance that destroys or inhibits bacteria)  :: antibiotik {m}
antibody {n} (protein that binds to a specific antigen)  :: antitijelo {n}
antichrist {n} (Someone that works against the teachings of Christ)  :: Antikrist {m} , antikrist {m}
Antichrist {prop} (one under the direct control of the Devil)  :: Антихрист, Антикрист; Antihrist, Antikrist
anticline {n} (anticlinal fold)  :: antiklinala, aнтиклинала
anticlockwise {adv} (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock)  :: супротно од казаљке на сату
anticyclone {n} (system of winds)  :: антициклон {m}, антициклона {f}; anticiklon {m}, anticiklona {f}
antiderivative {n}  :: antiderivacija {f}
anti-fascism {n} (the opposition to fascist ideologies)  :: антифашизам {m}; antifašizam {m}
antifascist {adj} (opposed to fascism)  :: antifašistički
antifeminism {n} (any belief antagonistic to feminism)  :: antifeminizam {m}
antifeminist {n} (advocate of antifeminism)  :: antifeminist {m}, antifeministkinja {f}
antifeminist {n} (person antagonistic to feminism)  :: antifeminist {m}, antifeministkinja {f}
antifreeze {n} (a substance used to lower the freezing point of water)  :: антифриз {m}; antifriz {m}
Antigua and Barbuda {prop} (Country)  :: Антигва и Барбуда; Antigva i Barbuda
Antilles {prop} (Antilles)  :: Antili {p}
antilogarithm {n} (number of which a given number is the logarithm)  :: antilogaritam {m}
antimatter {n} (matter composed of antiparticles)  :: antimaterija {f}
antimetabole {n} (rhetorical technique)  :: antimetàbola {f}
antimissile {adj} (designed to destroy another missile in flight)  :: antiraketni
antimony {n} (chemical element)  :: антимон {m}; antimon {m}
antipathy {n} (contrariety or opposition in feeling)  :: antipatija {f}
antiphony {n} (singing by a choir split in two parts or a piece sung in this manner)  :: antifona {f}
antipode {n} (something directly opposite)  :: antipod {m}
antipsychotic {n} (any of a group of drugs used to treat psychosis)  :: antipsihotik {m}, neuroleptik {m}
antiquarian {adj} (pertaining to antiquaries; second-hand)  :: antikvaran
antiquated {adj} (old fashioned)  :: антикни; antikni
antique {adj} (old; out of date)  :: antički
antique {n} (old piece)  :: antikvitet {m}
antique shop {n} (store selling antiques)  :: антикварница {f} /antikvarnica/
antiquity {n} (ancient times)  :: antika {f}
antiquity {n} (the ancients)  :: antika {f}
anti-Semite {n} (anti-Semite)  :: антисемит {m}, antisemit {m}
anti-Semitic {adj} (exhibiting anti-Semitism)  :: antisemitski
anti-Semitism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Jews)  :: антисемитизам {m}; antisemitizam {m}
antiseptic {adj} (capable of preventing microbial infection)  :: antiseptičan
antiseptic {adj} (of or relating to antisepsis)  :: antiseptičan
antiseptic {adj} (sanitized or bowdlerized)  :: antiseptičan
antiseptic {adj} (very clean; aseptic)  :: antiseptičan
antiseptic {n} (substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms)  :: antiseptik {m}
antisocial {adj} (unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people)  :: antisocijalan
antitheism {n} (active opposition to theism)  :: antiteizam {m}
antithesis {n} (proposition that is opposite to other proposition)  :: antiteza {f}
antler {n} (bony structure on the head of deer, moose and elk)  :: рог {m}; rog {m}
antonomasia {n} (substitution of an epithet or title in place of a proper noun)  :: antonomazija {f}
antonym {n} (word which has the opposite meaning)  :: антоним {m}; antonim {m}, nasuprotnica {f}, odveznica {f}
Antwerp {prop} (city)  :: Антверпен {m}; Antverpen {m}
Antwerp {prop} (province)  :: Антверпен {m}; Antverpen {m}
anus {n} (lower opening of the digestive tract)  :: чмар {m}, анус {m}; čmar {m}, anus {m}
anvil {n} (block used in blacksmithing)  :: наковањ {m}; nakovanj {m}
anxiety {n} (concern)  :: стрепња {f}; strepnja {f}
any {pron} (Any things or persons)  :: свак {m}; svak {m}
anyone {pron} (anybody)  :: bilotko, itko, tkogod
anything {pron} (any thing of any kind)  :: bilošto, bilo što
aorist {adj} (pertaining to verb in aorist aspect)  :: аористни, aoristni
aorist {n} (a grammatical aspect)  :: аорист {m}; aorist {m}
aorist aspect {n} (a grammatical aspect)  :: а̏орист {m}; ȁorist {m}
aorta {n} (great artery)  :: аорта {f}; aorta {f}
apanage {n} (Grant as a birthright)  :: апана́жа {f}; apanáža {f}
apartment {n}  :: apartman {m}
apartment {n} (domicile occupying part of a building)  :: стан {m}, stan {m}
apathetic {adj} (void of feeling)  :: apatetičan, апатетичан, apatičan, апатичан
apathetically {adv} (in an apathetic manner)  :: apatično
apathy {n} (lack of emotion or motivation)  :: apatija
apatite {n} (type of mineral)  :: апатит; apatit
ape {n} (animal)  :: мајмун {m}; majmun {m}
aphelion {n} (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun)  :: афел {m}; afel {m}
apheresis {n} (loss of letters or sounds from the beginning of a word)  :: афѐреза {f}; afèreza {f}
aphid {n} (insect)  :: лисна ваш {f}; lisna vaš {f}
aphorism {n} (short phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought)  :: афоризам {m}; aforizam {m}
Aphrodite {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Афродита {f}; Afrodita {f}
apiary {n} (a place where bees and hives are kept)  :: пчѐлиња̄к {m}, пчеларник {m}; pčèlinjāk {m}, pčelarnik {m}
aplomb {n} (self-confidence)  :: aplomb, samopouzdanje
apocalypse {n}  :: apokalipsa {f}, apokalipsa {f}
apocalypse {n} (cataclysmic event)  :: откровење {n}, објава {f}; otkrovenje {n}, objava {f}
apocalypse {n} (end of the world)  :: откровење {n}, објава {f}; otkrovenje {n}, objava {f}
Apocalypse {prop} (the written account of a revelation of hidden things given by God to a chosen prophet)  :: Apokalipsa {f}, apokalipsa {f}
apocrypha {n} (writing of a doubtful authorship)  :: apokrif {m}
apocryphal {adj} (of doubtful authenticity)  :: apokrifan
apodictic {adj} (incontrovertible)  :: nepobitno, apodiktičan, apodiktično, neporecivo, neoborivo
apolitical {adj} (Having no interest or involvement in politics)  :: apolitičan, apolitički
apolitical {adj} (Having no political relevance or function)  :: apolitičan, apolitički
apolitically {adv} (done without political affiliation)  :: apolitički
apologist {n} (One who speaks or writes in defense of a faith)  :: apologet {m}, апологет {m}
apologize {v} (to make an apology or excuse)  :: испри́чати се {pf}; ispríčati se {pf}
apology {n} (an expression of regret)  :: извињење {n}; izvinjenje {n}
apostolic {adj} (pertaining to the apostles)  :: apostolski, апостолски
apostrophe {n} (sudden piece of dialogue)  :: апострофа {f}; apostrofa {f}
apostrophe {n} (the character ’)  :: апостроф {m}, изоставник {m}; apostrof {m}, izostavnik {m}
apparatchik {n} (member of a Communist apparat)  :: aparàtčik {m}, апаратчик {m}
apparel {n} (clothing)  :: одећа {f}
apparently {adv} (seemingly)  :: изгледа да, привидно; izgleda da, prividno
apparition {n}  :: priviđenje {n}, pričina {f}
apparition {n} (unexpected, wonderful, or preternatural appearance)  :: prikaza {f}
appear {v} (To come before the public)  :: nastupiti
appear {v} (To come or be in sight; to be in view; to become visible)  :: pojaviti se, ukazati se, doći na vidjelo
appear {v} (To stand in presence of some authority, tribunal, or superior person, to answer a charge, plead a cause, or the like)  :: istupiti
appearance {n} (Personal presence, form or look)  :: pojava, izgled, vanjština
appearance {n} (The act of appearing or coming into sight)  :: pojavljivanje
appellant {n} (litigant or party that is making an appeal)  :: apelant {m}
appellate {adj} (pertaining to something that is appealed to)  :: apelacijski, prizivni
appetite {n} (desire of or relish for food)  :: тек {m}, апетит {m}; tek {m}, apetit {m}
appetizer {n} (small, light first course)  :: predjelo {n}
applaud {v} (to express approval by clapping)  :: aplaudirati
applaud {v} (to praise, or express approval by words)  :: aplaudirati
applause {n} (act of applauding)  :: пљесак {m}, аплауз {m}; pljesak {m}, aplauz {m}
apple {n} (fruit)  :: јабука {f}; jabuka {f}
apple {n} (wood)  :: јабуковина {f}; jabukovina {f}
apple does not fall far from the tree {proverb} (a child is similar to its parents)  :: iver ne pada daleko od klade, jabuka ne pada daleko od stabla
apple pie {n} (pie with apple filling)  :: пи̏та о̏д ја̏бӯка̄ {f}; pȉta ȍd jȁbūkā {f}
apples and oranges {n} (non-comparable items)  :: ба̏бе и жа̏бе, кру̏шке и ја̏буке; bȁbe i žȁbe, krȕške i jȁbuke
applet {n} (a small program module that runs under the control of a larger application)  :: aplikacija {f}, aplet
apple tree {n} (tree that bears apples)  :: ја̏бука {f}, јабуково дрво {n}; jȁbuka {f}, jabukovo drvo {n}
apprehension {n} (act of grasping with the intellect)  :: poimanje, shvaćanje
apprehension {n} (arrest)  :: arest, hapšenje
apprehension {n} (distrust or fear at the prospect of future evil)  :: strepnja
apprehensive {adj} (anticipating something with anxiety or fear)  :: zabrinut {m}
apprehensive {adj} (Perceptive; quick to learn; intelligent; capable of grasping with the mind or intellect)  :: pronicav {m}, oštrouman {m}, inteligentan {m}, pronicljiv
apprentice {n} (trainee, especially in a skilled trade)  :: šegrt {m}
approach {v} (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer)  :: približiti se, pristupiti
appropriate {adj} (peculiar, suitable, fit, proper)  :: prìkladan, pȍdesan
appropriate {adj} (suitable to social situation)  :: prìmjeren, prìkladan
approximately {adv} (imprecise but close to in quantity or amount)  :: приближно; približno
apricot {n} (fruit)  :: кајсија {f}, зерделица {f}, марелица {f}; kajsija {f}, zerdelica {f}, marelica {f}
apricot {n} (tree)  :: кајсија {f}, зерделица {f}, марелица {f}; kajsija {f}, zerdelica {f}, marelica {f}
April {prop} (fourth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: април {m}; april {m}, travanj {m}
apéritif {n} (alcoholic drink served before a meal as an appetiser)  :: aperitiv {m}
apron {n} (clothing)  :: кецеља {f}, прегача {f}, фертун {m}, запрега {f}, опрегача {f}; kecelja {f}, pregača {f}, fertun {m}, zaprega {f}, opregača {f}
aptitude {n} (natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill)  :: sklonost, sposobnost, obdarenost, nadarenost, talent
aptitude {n} (the condition of being suitable)  :: podobnost, pogodnost
aptness {n} (the quality of being apt or suitable)  :: вѐрзӣрано̄ст {f}; vèrzīranōst {f}
Apuleius {prop} (author in the Roman Empire)  :: Апулеј {m}; Apulej {m}
aquamarine {n} (aquamarine colour)  :: аквамарин {m}; akvamarin {m}
aquamarine {n} (type of beryl)  :: аквамарин {m}; akvamarin {m}
aquanaut {n} (underwater explorer)  :: акванаут {m}; akvanaut {m}
aquarium {n} (public place where live fish are exhibited)  :: акваријум {m}, аквариј {m}; akvarijum {m}, akvarij {m}
aquarium {n} (tank for keeping fish)  :: акваријум {m}, аквариј {m}; akvarijum {m}, akvarij {m}
aquatic {adj} (relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water)  :: воден; voden
aquatint {n} (etching or print)  :: akvatinta {f}
aquatint {n} (form of etching with acid on a plate)  :: akvatinta {f}
aqueduct {n} (an artificial channel conveying water)  :: akvèdukt {m}, akvadȕkt {m}, vodovod
aqueduct {n} (a structure carrying water)  :: akvèdukt {m}, akvadȕkt {m}, vodovod
Arab {adj} (of or pertaining to Arabs and their nations)  :: арапски {m}; àrapskī {m}
Arab {n} (Semitic person)  :: Арапин {m}, Арапкиња {f}; Àrapin {m}, Àrapkinja {f}
Arabia {prop} (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf;)  :: Àrābija {f}
Arabian {adj} (related to Arabia)  :: арабијски {m}; arábījskī
Arabian {n} (person)  :: Арапин {m}; Arapin {m}, Arábljanīn {m}, Arabíjac {m}, Arábljānka {f}
Arabian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in the Middle East)  :: Арабијско полуострво {n}, Арапски полуоток {m}; Arabijsko poluostrvo {n}, Arapski poluotok {m}
Arabian Sea {prop} (part of the Indian Ocean)  :: Arapsko more
Arabic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour)  :: арапски {m}; arapski {m}
Arabic {prop} (alphabet)  :: арапски {m}, арабица {f}, аребица {f}; arapski {m}, arabica {f}, arebica {f}
Arabic {prop} (language)  :: арапски {m}; arapski {m}
Arab Republic of Egypt {prop} (Official name of Egypt)  :: Арапска Република Египат {f}; Arapska Republika Egipat {f}
arachnid {n} (eight-legged creature)  :: paučina
arachnology {n} (Study of the Arachnida)  :: arahnologija {f}
Aragonese {prop} (the language of Aragon)  :: арагонски {m} [језик]; aragonski {m} [jezik]
Aral Sea {prop} (Aral sea)  :: Aralsko more
arbalest {n} (late form of medieval crossbow)  :: samostrel
arcane {adj} (understood by only a few; obscure)  :: tajanstven, misteriozan
arch- {prefix} (chief, highest, most extreme)  :: nad-
archaeastronomy {n} (The archeological study of astronomy)  :: археоастрономија {m} /arheoastronomija/
archaeologist {n} (someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology)  :: археолог {m} /arheolog/
archaeology {n} (scientific study of past remains)  :: археологија {f}; arheologija {f}
archaeozoology {n} (the study of relationships between humans and animals over time)  :: arheozoologija {f}
archangel {n} (angel who leads other angels)  :: арханђел {m}, арханђео {m}; arhanđel {m}, arhanđeo {m}
archbishop {n} (senior bishop)  :: архиепископ {m}; arhiepiskop {m}
archer {n} (one who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow)  :: lukostrelac, strelac, streličar
archimandrite {n} (The superior of a large monastery, or group of monasteries, in the Orthodox Church)  :: arhimandrit {m}, episkop {m}
archipelago {n} (group of islands)  :: архипелаг {m}, острвље {n}; arhipelag {m}, ostrvlje {n}
architect {n} (designer of buildings)  :: архитекта {m}; arhitekta {m}
architectural {adj} (pertaining to architecture)  :: arhitekturni
architecture {n} (art and science of designing buildings and other structures)  :: архитектура {f}; arhitektura {f}
archive {n} (place for storing earlier material)  :: arhiv {m}
archive {v} (to archive)  :: arhivirati
Arctic {prop} (a region of the Earth)  :: Арктик {m}; Arktik {m}
Arctic Ocean {prop} (the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth, on and around the North Pole)  :: Северни ледени океан {m}, Арктички оцеан {m}, Арктички океан {m}; Severni ledeni okean {m}, Arktički ocean {m}, Arktički okean {m}
ardor {n}  :: vatrenost {f}, gorljivost {f}; vatrenost {f}, gorljivost {f}
arduous {adj} (needing or using up much energy)  :: mukotrpan
areola {n} (circle around the nipple)  :: ареола {f}; areola {f}
areology {n} (the observation and study of the planet Mars)  :: areologija {f}
Ares {prop} (the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera)  :: Ареј {m}, Арес {m}; Arej {m}, Ares {m}
are you allergic to any medications {phrase} (are you allergic to any medications?)  :: [Ekavian] da li ste alergičan na neke lekove?, [Ijekavian] da li ste alergičan na neke lijekove?
are you religious {phrase} (are you religious?)  :: [polite] da li ste vernik? {m}, [familiar] da li si vernik? {m}
are you taking any medications {phrase} (are you taking any medications?)  :: [Ekavian] da li uzimate neke lekove?, [Ijekavian] da li uzimate neke lijekove?
argent {adj} (of silver or silver coloured)  :: сребрна {f}, сребрнаста {f}; srebrna {f}, srebrnasta {f}
argent {adj} (of white or silver tincture on a coat of arms)  :: сребрна {f}; srebrna {f}
argent {n} (silver or metal tincture)  :: сребро {n}; srebro {n}
Argentina {prop} (Argentine Republic)  :: Аргенти́на {f}; Argentína {f}
Argentinian {adj} (pertaining to Argentina)  :: argentinski
Argentinian {n} (person from Argentina)  :: Argentinac {m}
argentite {n} (silver sulfide)  :: argentit {m}
arginine {n} (an amino acid)  :: arginin
argon {n} (a chemical element)  :: аргон {m}; argon {m}
Argonaut {prop} (A member of the Argo who searched for the Golden Fleece)  :: Аргонаути; Argonauti
argue {v} (intransitive: to debate, disagree, or discuss opposing or differing viewpoints)  :: спорити; sporiti
aria {n} (type of musical piece)  :: арија {f}; arija {f}
Arian {adj} (pertaining to Arianism)  :: аријански; arijanski
aristocracy {n} (class of people considered superior to others)  :: aristokràcija {f}
aristocracy {n} (government by such a class)  :: aristokràcija {f}
aristocracy {n} (the nobility or the hereditary ruling class)  :: aristokràcija {f}
aristocracy {n}  :: аристократија {f}; aristokratija {f}
aristocrat {n} (one of the aristocracy)  :: aristòkrat {m}, aristòkratkinja {f}
aristocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to an aristocracy)  :: aristòkratskī
aristocratic {adj} (partaking of aristocracy; befitting aristocracy)  :: aristòkratskī
arithmetic mean {n} (measure of central tendency)  :: aritmetička sredina {f}
arithmetic progression {n} (sequence)  :: aritmetički niz {m}, aritmetička progresija {f}
arithmetic series {n} (the sum of the terms in an arithmetic progression)  :: aritmetički red {m}
arity {n} (number of arguments)  :: aritet {m}, mjesnost {f}
ark {n} (Noah's ship)  :: ковчег {m}; kovčeg {m}
Arkhangelsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Архангелск {m}, Арханђел {m}; Arhangelsk {m}, Arhanđel {m}
arm {n} (body of water)  :: rukavac {m}
arm {n} (portion of the upper appendage from shoulder to wrist)  :: рука {f}; ruka {f}
arm {n} (weapon)  :: оружје {n}; oružje {n}
arm {v} (to supply with weapons)  :: naoružati {pf}, naoružavati {impf}, oboružati {pf}, oboružavati {impf}
armadillo {n} (burrowing mammal covered with bony, jointed, protective plates)  :: pasanac {m}
armchair {n} (a chair with supports for the arms or elbows)  :: наслоњач {m}, наслоњача {f}, фотеља {f}; naslonjač {m}, naslonjača {f}, fotelja {f}
Armenia {prop} (ancient kingdom and country in West Asia)  :: Јѐрме̄нија {f}, А̀рме̄нија {f}, Ѐрме̄нија {f}; Jèrmēnija {f}, Àrmēnija {f}, Èrmēnija {f}
Armenian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, Armenians, the language or alphabet)  :: àrmēnskī
Armenian {n} (person)  :: Arménac {m}, Àrmēnka {f}
Armenian {prop} (language)  :: àrmēnskī {m}
Armenian Apostolic Church {prop} (Armenian Apostolic Church)  :: Armenska apostolska Crkva
Armenian SSR {prop} (Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, see also: Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: Арменска ССР {f}; Armenska SSR {f}
armistice {n} (formal agreement to end fighting)  :: примирје {n}; primirje {n}
armor {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces)  :: oklop {m}
armoured train {n} (a railway train protected with armour)  :: блиндирани воз, оклопни воз, oklopni vlak
armpit {n} (cavity beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder)  :: па̏зухо {n}, па̏зух {m}; pȁzuho {n}, pȁzuh {m}
arm to the teeth {v} (to equip with weapons)  :: наоружати до зуба {pf}; naoružati do zuba {pf}
army {n} (government agency in charge of a state's army)  :: vojska {f}
army {n} (military force concerned mainly with ground operations)  :: во́јска {f}, а̀рмија {f}; vójska {f}, àrmija {f}
army {n}  :: војска {f}, армија {f}; vojska {f}, armija {f}
aromatic {adj} (fragrant or spicy)  :: mirišljav, aromatičan, mirisan
arrangement {n} (agreement)  :: aranžman
arrangement {n} (collection of things that have been arranged)  :: aranžman
arrangement {n} (plural: preparations for some undertaking)  :: pripreme {f-p}, priprave {f-p}
arrest {n} (act of arresting a criminal, suspect etc)  :: хапшење {n}; hapšenje {n}
arrest {n}  :: uhićenje {n}
arrest {v} (to take into legal custody)  :: хапсити {impf}, ухапсити {pf}; hapsiti {impf}, uhapsiti {pf}
arrest warrant {n} (a document authorizing an arrest)  :: nalog za uhićenje {m}
arrive {v} (to reach)  :: доспети {pf}; dospeti {pf}
arrogance {n} (act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner)  :: arogàncija {f}
arrogant {adj} (having excessive pride)  :: arogàntan
arrogantly {adv} (in an arrogant manner)  :: arogàntno
arrow {n} (projectile)  :: стрела {f}, стријела {f}, стрјелица {f}; strela {f}, strijela {f}, strjelica {f}
arrow {n} (symbol)  :: strelica {f}, стрелица {f}
arrowhead {n}  :: strelara
arsenic {n} (chemical element)  :: арсен {m}; arsen {m}
arson {n} (crime of setting a fire)  :: палеж {m}; palež {m}
arsonist {n} (one who has committed the act of arson, or illegally setting fire to property)  :: потпаљивач {m}, паликућа {m}; potpaljivač {m}, palikuća {m}
art {n} (human effort)  :: уметност {f}, умјетност {f}; umetnost {f}, umjetnost {f}
art {n}  :: umjetnost {f}; umetnost {f}
arthropod {n} (animal of Arthropoda)  :: člankonošci, зглавкари
artichoke {n} (Vegetable)  :: артичока {f}; artičoka {f}
article {n} (part of speech that specifies a noun)  :: члан {m}; član {m}
article {n} (story, report, or opinion piece)  :: чланак {m}; članak {m}
artifice {n} (crafty but underhanded deception)  :: smicalica, lukavstvo
artificial {adj} (man-made)  :: veštački
artificial intelligence {n} (intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity)  :: umetna inteligencija, umjetna inteligencija, veštačka inteligencija
artisan {n} (skilled manual worker)  :: занатлија {m}; zanatlija {m}
artist {n} (person who creates art as an occupation)  :: уметник {m}, уметница {f}, умјетник {m}, умјетница {f}; ùmetnīk {m}, ùmetnīca {f}, ùmjetnik {m}, ùmjetnica {f}
artist {n} (person who creates art)  :: уметник {m}, уметница {f}, умјетник {m}, умјетница {f}; ùmetnīk {m}, ùmetnīca {f}, ùmjetnik {m}, ùmjetnica {f}
artist {n} (skilled person)  :: ùmjetnīk {m}, ùmjetnica {f}
Aruba {prop} (autonomous territory of the Netherlands in the Caribbean)  :: Аруба {f}; Aruba {f}
Aryan {adj} (of or pertaining to Indo-European or Aryan peoples, culture, and languages)  :: ȃrījskī
Aryan {adj} (pertaining to the (alleged) Aryan master race)  :: ȃrījskī
Aryan {adj} (used primarily by neo-Nazis: pertaining to the Caucasian race)  :: ȃrījskī
Aryan {n} (in Nazism: a member of an alleged master race comprised of non-Jewish Caucasians)  :: ȃrijac {m}, ȃrījka {f}, ȃrijevac
Aryan {n} (obsolete: in 19th century ethnography, a subdivision of the Caucasian race)  :: ȃrijac {m}, ȃrījka {f}, ȃrijevac
Aryan {n} (rare: an Indo-Iranian)  :: ȃrijac {m}, ȃrījka {f}, ȃrijevac
Aryan {n} (rare: a Proto-Indo-European)  :: ȃrijac {m}, ȃrījka {f}, ȃrijevac
Aryan {n} (used primarily by neo-Nazis: a white)  :: ȃrijac {m}, ȃrījka {f}, ȃrijevac
as {conj} (at the same instant that)  :: ка̏о, колѝко; kȁo, kolìko
as {conj} (at the same time that)  :: док, за вријеме; dok, za vrijeme
as {conj} (considering that, because)  :: је̏р, зато што, pošto; jȅr, zato što, pošto
as {conj} (in the same way that)  :: ка̏о; kȁo
as {conj} (varying through time to the same proportion that)  :: ка̏д, ка̀да; kȁd, kàda
as {conj}  ::  ; ка̏о, ка̏ко, ка̀ко; kȁo, kȁko, kàko
asbestos {n} (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate)  :: азбест {m}; azbest {m}, àzbestnī [attributive]
ascend {v} (to fly, to soar)  :: penjati, popeti
Ascension {prop}  :: Вазнесењ {n}; Vaznesenj {n}
asceticism {n} (the principles and practices of an ascetic)  :: аскетизам {m}; asketizam {m}
Asclepius {prop} (Greek god of medicine and healing)  :: Асклепије; Asklepije
ASEAN {prop} (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)  :: ASEAN, Asocijacija nacija Jugoistočne Azije
asexuality {n} (state of not experiencing sexual attraction)  :: aseksualnost {f} /асексуалност/
ash {n} (solid remains of a fire)  :: пепео {m}; pepeo {m}
ash {n} (wood)  :: jasenovina {f}
ashamed {adj} (feeling shame or guilt)  :: pòsrāmljen, pòstīđen
A-sharp {n} (tone)  :: ais {m}
Ashgabat {prop} (the capital of Turkmenistan)  :: Ашхабад {m}; Ašhabad {m}
ashtray {n} (receptacle for ashes)  :: пепељара {f}; pepeljara {f}
ash tree {n} (Fraxinus tree)  :: jasen {m}
Asia {prop} (the continent of Asia)  :: А̑зија {f}; Ȃzija {f}
Asia Minor {prop} (peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea;)  :: Ма̑ла̄ А̑зија {f}; Mȃlā Ȃzija {f}
Asian {adj} (of, relating to or from Asia)  :: ȃzījskī
Asian {n} (person from Asia)  :: Ази́јац {m}; Azíjac {m}, Ȃzījka {f}
Asian {n} (person from or descended from people from east Asia)  :: Azíjac {m}, Ȃzījka {f}
Asian {n} (person from or descended from people from the Indian sub-continent)  :: Azíjac {m}, Ȃzījka {f}
aside {adv} (to or on one side)  :: споредан, sporedan, настрану, nastranu
as if {conj} (as though)  :: као да; kao da
as if {conj} (in mimicry of)  :: као да; kao da
as if {interj} (interjection)  :: Мош' мислит!, Да, баш!, је, је; Moš' mislit!, Da, baš!, je, je
as it were {adv} (to indicate a word or statement is not exact)  :: малтене /maltene/
ask {v} (make a request)  :: питати {impf}, молити {impf}; pitati {impf}, moliti {impf}
ask {v} (request an answer)  :: пи̏тати {impf}; pȉtati {impf}
as long as {conj} (while)  :: док, dok
as much as possible {adv} (as much as is possible)  :: što je više moguće
asocial {adj} (not social or sociable)  :: ȁsocijālan
asparagus {n} (asparagus plant)  :: вилина метла {f}, каленац {m}; vilina metla {f}, kalenac {m}
asparagus {n} (asparagus shoots (food))  :: вилина метла {f}, каленац {m}, шпарога; vilina metla {f}, kalenac {m}, šparoga
Asperger's syndrome {n} (autism related developmental disorder)  :: Aspergerov sindrom {m}
aspersion {n} (an attack on somebody's reputation or good name)  :: blaćenje, kaljanje
aspersion {n} (a sprinkling of holy water)  :: škropljenje
asphalt {n} (sticky, black and highly viscous liquid)  :: asfalt
asphalt jungle {n} (on the other side of Atlantic Ocean)  :: градска џунгла {f}
asphodel {n} (plant of the genus Asphodelus)  :: zlatoglav {m}, asfodel, brden
aspic {n} (dish)  :: пихтије {f-p}, пиктије {f-p}, хладетина {f}; pihtije {f-p}, piktije {f-p}, hladetina {f}
ass {n} (animal)  :: магарац {m}; magarac {m}
ass {n} (buttocks)  :: дупе {n}; dupe {n}
ass {n} (stupid person)  :: магарац {m}, магаре {m}; magarac {m}, magare {m}
assailant {n} (an attacker; someone who attacks another violently, or criminally)  :: napadač
assassin {n} (any ruthless killer)  :: ubojica, убојица {m}
assassin {n} (member of the historical Ismaili Muslim militant group)  :: asasin {m}
assassin {n} (one who, motivated by political reasons, intentionally kills a particular person)  :: atentator {m}, атентатор {m}
assassinate {v} (to murder by sudden or obscure attack)  :: smaknuti
assemble {v}  :: sklopiti, montirati
assemble {v} (to put together)  :: са̀ставити; sàstaviti
assembly {n} (congregation of people)  :: zbornica {f}
assembly {n} (legislative body)  :: skupština {f}
assent {v} (to agree to, give approval to)  :: pristanak {m}, odobrenje {n}
assertion {n} (affirmation; statement asserted)  :: тврдња {f} /tvrdnja/
asshole {n} (anus)  :: šupak {m}, šupak {m}, anus {m}, analni otvor {m}
asshole {n} (mean or rude person)  :: сероња {m}, шупак, шупчина; seronja {m}, šupak, šupčina
assimilate {v} (to absorb a group of people into a community)  :: asimilírati
assimilate {v} (to incorporate nutrients into the body after digestion)  :: asimilírati
assimilate {v} (to incorporate or absorb knowledge into the mind)  :: asimilírati
assimilation {n} (act of assimilating or the state of being assimilated)  :: asimilácija {f}
assimilation {n} (The metabolic conversion of nutriments)  :: asimilácija {f}
assist {n} (statistical recognition of making a pass)  :: asistencija {f}
assistance {n} (aid; help; the act or result of assisting)  :: помоћ {f}; pomoć {f}
associationism {n} (theory that association is the basis of consciousness)  :: асоцијацизам {m}, асоцијационизам {m}; asocijacizam {m}, asocijacionizam {m}
associationistic {adj} (of or pertaining to associationism)  :: асоцијационистички {m}; asocijacionistički {m}
as soon as {conj} (immediately after)  :: netom
assume {v} (to suppose to be true)  :: pretpostaviti
Assyria {prop} (Semitic Akkadian kingdom)  :: Asírija {f}
Assyrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia)  :: àsīrskī
Assyrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)  :: àsīrskī
Assyrian {n} (a citizen of an ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia)  :: Asírac {m}, Àsīrka {f}
Assyrian {n} (a person who resided in the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)  :: Asírac {m}, Àsīrka {f}
Assyriology {n} (study of the Assyrian language and culture)  :: asirologija {f}
Astana {prop} (the capital of Kazakhstan)  :: Астана {f}; Astana {f}
astatine {n} (the chemical element)  :: астат {m}; astat {m}
asterisk {n} (symbol used to highlight words or sentences)  :: звездица {f}, астериск {m}; zvezdica {f}, asterisk {m}
asteroid {n} (astronomy)  :: астероид {m}; asteroid {m}
asthenia {n} (loss of strength)  :: astenija {f}, slabost {f}
asthenosphere {n} (the zone of the Earth's upper mantle, below the lithosphere)  :: astenosfera {f}
a stitch in time saves nine {proverb} (a timely effort can prevent larger problems)  :: ono što možeš učiniti danas, ne ostavljaj za sutra
as to {prep} (according to)  :: према /prema/
Astrakhan {prop} (city and region in Russia)  :: Астрахан {m}; Astrahan {m}
astrobiology {n} (exobiology)  :: astrobiologija, астробиологија
astrogeology {n} (the science of planet's structure and composition)  :: astrogeologija {f}
astrology {n} (star divination)  :: астрологија {f}, звјездогатња {f}; astrologija {f}, zvjezdogatnja {f}
astronaut {n} (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose, see also: cosmonaut)  :: астрона̀ут {m}, козмона̀ут {m}, космона̀ут {m}; astronàut {m}, kozmonàut {m}, kosmonàut {m}
astronomer {n} (one who studies astronomy)  :: астроном {m}, звездар {m}, звездарица {f}; astronom {m}, zvezdar {m}, zvezdarica {f}, zvjezdoznanac {m} [archaic]
astronomical {adj} (of or relating to astronomy)  :: астрономски; astronomski
astronomical {adj} (very large)  :: астрономски, голем, огроман; astronomski, golem, ogroman
astronomy {n} (study of the physical universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere)  :: астрономија {f}, звјездознанство {n}; astronomija {f}, zvjezdoznanstvo {n}
astrophysics {n} (interdisciplinary branch of astronomy and physics)  :: астрофизика {f}, astrofizika {f}
Asturian {adj} (of or pertaining to Asturias in Spain)  :: àstūrījskī
Asturian {n} (a native of Asturias)  :: Astùrījac {m}, Astùrījka {f}
Asunción {prop} (capital of Paraguay)  :: Асунсион {m}; Asunsion {m}
as well as {conj} (and in addition)  :: kao i
asylum {n} (place of safety)  :: азил {m}, уточиште {n}; azil {m}, utočište {n}
asymmetrical {adj} (not symmetrical)  :: asimètričan
at all {prep} (at all)  :: уопште; uopšte
at all costs {prep} (sparing no effort)  :: под сваку цену, под сваку цијену; pod svaku cenu, pod svaku cijenu
at dark {prep} (during nightfall)  :: mračnost, mrak
atelier {n} (studio)  :: атеље {n}, ателијер; atelje {n}, atelijer
at hand {prep} (within easy reach; nearby)  :: при руци /pri ruci/
atheism {n} (rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without a belief that no deities exist))  :: ateizam {m}
Athena {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: Атина {f}; Atina {f}
Athens {prop} (capital city of Greece)  :: Атина {f}, Атена {f}; Atina {f}, Atena {f}
-ation {suffix} (-ation (suffix))  :: -ација {f}; -acija {f}
Atlanta {prop} (capital and largest city of the State of Georgia)  :: Атланта {f}; Atlanta {f}
Atlantic {prop} (the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Atlantik {m}
Atlantic Ocean {prop} (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)  :: Атлантски океан {m}, Атлантски оцеан {m}; Atlantski okean {m}, Atlantski ocean {m}
Atlantis {prop} (mythical country said to have sunk into the ocean)  :: Атланти́да {f}; Atlantída {f}
atlas {n} (bound collection of maps)  :: атлас {m}; atlas {m}
at last {prep} (after a long time; eventually)  :: на̏јзад; nȁjzad
at least {prep} (at a lower limit)  :: barem, najmanje
at long last {prep} (at last)  :: је̏два јѐдно̄м; jȅdva jèdnōm
ATM {initialism} ((banking) Automated Teller Machine)  :: банкомат {m}; bankomat {m}
atmosphere {n} (air in a particular place)  :: atmosféra {f}
atmosphere {n} (gases surrounding the Earth)  :: atmosféra {f}, атмосфе́ра {f}
atmosphere {n} (mood or feeling)  :: atmosféra {f}
atom {n} (physics: smallest possible amount of matter retaining its chemical properties)  :: атом {m}; atom {m}
atomic {adj} (of, or employing nuclear energy or processes)  :: атомски; àtōmskī
atomic bomb {n} (nuclear weapon)  :: атомска бомба {f}; atomska bomba {f}
atomization {n} ((metaphorically) the act of fragmenting)  :: атомизација {f}; atomizacija {f}
atomization {n} (the act of separating into atoms)  :: атомизација {f}; atomizacija {f}
atonal {adj} (lacking a tonal center or key (music))  :: а̏тона̄лан; ȁtonālan
at once {adv} (at the same time)  :: истовремено /istovremeno/, одједном /odjednom/
at once {adv} (immediately)  :: одмах /odmah/
atonement {n} (reconciliation of God and mankind)  :: iskupljenje {n}
atonement {n} (repair done for the sake of a damaged relationship)  :: pomirenje {n}, pomirba {f}
at one's fingertips {prep} (readily available)  :: у малом прсту /u malom prstu/
atrocity {n} (extremely cruel act)  :: svirepost {f}
at sign {n} (name of the symbol @)  :: мајмун {m}, лудо А, манки; majmun {m}, ludo A, manki
attaché {n} (diplomatic officer)  :: аташе {m}; ataše {m}
attack {n} (attempt to cause damage or injury)  :: напад {m}; napad {m}
attack {v} (to apply violent force)  :: нападати {impf}, напасти {pf}; napadati {impf}, napasti {pf}
attempt {n} (the action of trying at something)  :: покушај {m}; pokušaj {m}
attention {n} (mental focus)  :: pažnja, pozornost
attention {n}  :: paznja {f}
attention {n} (state of alertness in the standing position)  :: pozornost
attenuate {v} (To rarefy)  :: razrijediti, prorijediti
attenuate {v} (To reduce)  :: smanjiti
attenuate {v} (To weaken)  :: oslabiti
attic {n} (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof)  :: та̀ван {m}, поткровље {n}, поткровница {f}, мансарда {f}; tàvan {m}, potkrovlje {n}, potkrovnica {f}, mansarda {f}
attire {n} (one's dress or clothes)  :: odjeća, nošnja
Auckland {prop} (the largest conurbation in New Zealand)  :: Окланд {m}; Auckland
auction {n} (public sales event)  :: аукција {f}, aukcija {f}
audience {n}  :: gledaoci /viewers/, slušaoci /listeners/
audio {adj} (of or relating to audible sound)  :: zvučni, audio
audio {adj} (of or relating to the broadcasting or reproduction of sound)  :: čujan
audiology {n} (study of hearing and hearing defects)  :: audiologija {f}
audiovisual {adj} (audiovisual)  :: slušnovidni
audit {n} (independent review)  :: ревизија {f}; revizija {f}
audition {n} (performance by an aspiring performer)  :: audicija {f}
auditorium {n} (the space where the audience is located)  :: gledalište {n}
auger {n} (carpenter's tool)  :: свр̏дло {n}; svȑdlo {n}
augmentative {n} (a form of word that expresses large size, intensity, or seniority)  :: àugmentatīv {m}, uvećanica {f}; а̀угментатӣв {m}, увећаница {f}
August {prop} (eighth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: август {m}, аугуст {m}; avgust {m}, august {m}, kolovoz {m} [Croatia]
aunt {n} (affectionate term for an older woman, by means of fictive kin)  :: тета {f}; teta {f}
aunt {n} (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law)  :: тетка {f}, (maternal in-law) ујна {f}, (paternal in-law) стрина {f}; tetka {f}, (maternal in-law) ujna {f}, [Bosnia] daidžinca {f}, (paternal in-law) strina {f}, [Bosnia] amidžinca {f}
aureole {n} (circle of light or halo around the head of a deity)  :: ореол {m}, нимбус {m}; oreol {m}, nimbus {m}
austerity {n} (severity of manners or life)  :: surovost, oporost
austerity {n} (sourness and harshness to the taste)  :: oporost, oštrina
Australasia {prop} (Australasia (all uses))  :: Australazija {f}
Australia {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia)  :: Аустралија {f}; Australija {f}
Australia {prop} (continent of Australia)  :: Аустралија {f}; Australija {f}
Australian {adj} (of or pertaining to Australia, the Australian people or languages)  :: aùstrālskī, ау̀стра̄лскӣ
Australian {n} (a person from the country of Australia or of Australian descent)  :: Austrálac {m}, Aùstrālka {f}, Australijánac {m}, Australìjānka {f}
Austria {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: А̀устрија {f}; Àustrija {f}
Austria-Hungary {prop} (former country in Central Europe)  :: Аустро-Угарска {f}; Austro-Ugarska {f}
Austrian {adj} (related to Austria)  :: àustrījskī
Austrian {n} (Austrian person)  :: Austrijánac {m}, Austrìjānka {f}
autarchy {n} (condition of absolute power)  :: аутархија {f}; autarhija
autarky {n} (state of personal self-sufficiency)  :: autarkija {f}, samodovoljnost {f}
autecology {n} (one of two broad subdivisions of ecology)  :: autekologija {f}
author {n} (originator or creator of a work)  :: аутор {m}, ауторица {f}; àutor {m}, àutorica {f}
authorization {n} (act of authorizing)  :: autorizácija {f}
authorization {n} (formal sanction, permission or warrant)  :: autorizácija {f}
authorization {n} (power or right to give orders)  :: autorizácija {f}
authorize {v} (to grant power or permission)  :: autorizírati, ovlástiti
authorship {n} (quality or state of being an author)  :: autórstvo {n}
autism {n} (neurological disorder)  :: аутизам {m}; autizam {m}
auto- {prefix} (automatic)  :: ауто-; auto-
auto- {prefix} (regarding oneself)  :: ауто-; auto-
auto- {prefix} (relating to cars or the driving of cars)  :: ауто-; auto-
autobiographical {adj} (of or relating to person's life)  :: autobiografski
autobiography {n} (biography of oneself)  :: аутобиографија {f}; autobiografija {f}
autochthonous {adj} (native to the place where found)  :: autòhton
autocracy {n} (form of government)  :: samodržavlje, samovlašće, samovlast, аutokratija, autokracija {f}
autocrat {n} (ruler with absolute power)  :: samodržac, samovladar, autokrat {m}
autodidact {n} (a self-taught person)  :: autodidakt {m}, samouk {m}
autogamy {n} (self-fertilization)  :: samooplodnja, samooploðenje
automated teller machine {n} (banking)  :: банкомат {m}; bankomat {m}
automatic transmission {n} (a mechanical transmission which shifts gears automatically in response to speed and/or load)  :: аутоматски мењач {m}, аутоматски мјењач {m}; automatski menjač {m}, automatski mjenjač {m}
automaton {n} (machine or robot designed to follow a precise sequence of instructions)  :: automat {m}
automobile {n} (passenger vehicle)  :: аутомобил {m}; automobil {m}
automorphism {n} (an isomorphism of a mathematical object or system of objects onto itself)  :: automorfizam {m}
autonomous {adj} (acting on one's own)  :: sȁmostālan, nȅovisan
autonomous {adj} (self-governing)  :: sȁmostālan, àutonōman,
autonomy {n} (capacity for individual decision)  :: autonòmija {f}
autonomy {n} (self-government)  :: autonòmija {f}
autopsy {n} (a dissection performed on a cadaver)  :: autòpsija {f}, obdùkcija {f}, razudba {f}
autumn {adj} (of or relating to autumn)  :: јесенски; jesenski
autumn {n} (season)  :: јесен {f}; jesen {f}
autumnal {adj} (of or relating to autumn)  :: jèsēnjī
auxiliary {adj} (held in reserve for exceptional circumstances)  :: príčuvnī
auxiliary {adj} (helping; giving assistance or support)  :: pòmoćnī
auxiliary {adj} (relating to an auxiliary verb)  :: pòmoćnī
auxiliary {adj} (supplementary or subsidiary)  :: spȍredan, ȕzgrēdan, ùsputan
avalanche {n} (fall of earth, rocks, etc.)  :: усов {m}, лавина {f}; usov {m}, lavina {f}
avalanche {n} (large sliding mass of snow and ice)  :: усов {m}, лавина {f}, сњежна лавина; usov {m}, lavina {f}, snježna lavina
avenger {n} (one who avenges or vindicates; as, an avenger of blood)  :: о̀светнӣк {m}, осветница {f}; òsvetnīk {m}, osvetnica {f}
averagely {adv} (in an average manner)  :: prosječno
aversion {n} (fixed dislike)  :: averzija, otpor
aviation {n} (art or science of flying)  :: авијација {f}, ваздухопловство {n}, зракопловство {n}; avijacija {f}, vazduhoplovstvo {n}, zrakoplovstvo {n}
avocado {n} (fruit)  :: avokado
avocado {n} (tree)  :: avokado
avocet {n} (bird)  :: sabljarka {f}
Avogadro's number {n} (number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure Carbon-12)  :: Avogadrov broj {m}
await {v} (transitive: to wait for)  :: чекати {impf}, очекивати {impf}; čekati {impf}, očekivati {impf}
awake {adj} (conscious)  :: будан {m}; budan {m}
awakened {adj} (having been woken up)  :: probuđen {m}
aware {adj} (having knowledge of something)  :: свестан, svestan, свестан, svjestan
aware {adj} (vigilant, on one's guard)  :: будан, budan
away game {n} (athletic contest played in the opposing team's territory)  :: игра у гостима {f} /igra u gostima/; igra u gostima {f}
awesome {adj} (excellent, exciting)  :: do jaja
awl {n} (a pointed instrument)  :: шило {n}; šilo {n}
axe {n} (tool)  :: сѐкира {f}, сјѐкира {f}; sèkira {f}, sjèkira {f}
axe {n} (weapon)  :: сјѐкира {f}, сѐкира {f}; sjèkira {f}, sèkira {f}
axilla {n} (armpit)  :: пазух, пазухо; pazuh, pazuho
axiology {n} (particular value theory of a philosopher)  :: aksiologija {f}
axiology {n} (value theory)  :: aksiologija {f}
axiom {n} (established principle in art or science)  :: аксѝо̄м {m}; aksìōm {m}
axiom {n} (mathematics: fundamental assumption)  :: аксѝо̄м {m}; aksìōm {m}
axiom {n} (philosophy: supposed self‐evident or necessary truth)  :: аксѝо̄м {m}; aksìōm {m}
axiom of choice {n} (axiom of choice)  :: aksiom izbora {m}
axis {n} (basis of space or part of graph)  :: оса {f}, oсoвинa {f}; osa {f}, osovina {f}
axis {n} (geometry: imaginary line)  :: оса {f}, ос {f}; osa {f}, os {f}
axis of evil {n} (states sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction)  :: осовина зла {f}; osovina zla {f}
axle {n} (an axis)  :: osa {f}
axle {n} (a transverse bar or shaft)  :: osovina {f}
axle {n} (the pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel)  :: осовина {f}; osovina {f}
ayatollah {n} (a religious leader)  :: ајатолах {m}; ajatolah {m}
Ayers Rock {prop} (giant rock in Australia)  :: Ајерс рок {m}, Улуру {m}; Ajers rok {m}, Uluru {m}
Aymara {prop}  :: Aymara
Aymara {prop} (language of South America)  :: ајмара, ајмарски језик; ajmara, ajmarski jezik
Azerbaijan {prop} (country in Eastern Europe)  :: Азербејџан {m}; Azerbejdžan {m}
Azerbaijani {adj} (pertaining to Azerbaijan)  :: азербејџански; azerbejdžanski
Azerbaijani {n} (a person from Azerbaijan — see Azeri)  :: Азербејџанац {m}, Азербеџанка {f}; Azerbedžanac {m}, Azerbedžanka {f}
Azeri {n} (Azeri person)  :: Azer {m}, Azerbejdžanac {m}
Azeri {prop} (Azeri language)  :: азербејџански {m}, азерски {m}, азербејџански језик {m}, азерски језик {m}; azerbejdžanski {m}, azerski {m}, azerbejdžanski jezik {m}, azerski jezik {m}
Aztec {adj} (of or pertaining to the Mexica people)  :: àztečkī
Aztec {adj} (of or pertaining to the Nahuas)  :: àztečkī
Aztec {adj} (of or pertaining to the Nahuatl language)  :: àztečkī
Aztec {n} (a Mexica)  :: Àztēk {m}
Aztec {n} (a Nahua)  :: Ацтек {m}; Actek {m}, Àztēk {m}
Aztec {prop} (the Nahuatl language)  :: ацтечки {m}; actečki {m}, nahuatl {m}
Aztecan {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Aztecs)  :: ацтечки {m} /actečki/
azure {adj} (heraldry: of blue colour on a coat of arms)  :: азурна {f}, плава {f}; azurna {f}, plava {f}
azure {adj} (sky-blue coloured)  :: азурна {f}, плава {f}; azurna {f}, plava {f}
azure {n} (colour of the sky)  :: азурна {f}, плава {f}, ведра {f}; azurna {f}, plava {f}, vedra {f}
azure {n} (the blue sky)  :: плаветнило {n}; plavetnilo {n}
azure {v} (to colour)  :: оплавити; oplaviti