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ó {conj} :: obsolete spelling of o
ò {conj} :: obsolete spelling of o
{suffix} :: A suffix indicating the third-person singular indicative preterite of a verb
óbice {m} :: obstacle
óbito {m} :: death, passing
óblast {m} :: oblast
óbolo {m} :: obolus
óbolo {m} :: mite; couple of pennies
óculo {m} [architecture] :: oculus (round or oval window)
Óder {prop} {m} :: Oder
ófset {m} :: offset (printing method)
óleo {m} :: oil (liquid fat)
óleo {m} :: oil painting (a painting done with oil paints)
óleo {m} :: oil painting (the art of painting with oil paints)
ómicron {f} :: omicron; the Greek letter Ο, ο
ómnibus {m} :: Public bus
-ón {suffix} :: emphasizes that something is large, grand, intense, important
-ón {suffix} :: indicates that someone or something has large attributes, or larger than usual
-ón {suffix} :: for few cases, indicates that something is used wrong or frequently (forming adjectives and or nouns)
-ón {suffix} :: emphasizes contempt for subject
-ón {suffix} :: forms a noun from a different (usually larger) but related or similar one
-ón {suffix} :: suffixed to verbs, doing something repeatedly or often
-ón {suffix} :: for very few cases, indicates small size of or a lack of something (such as an ironic augmentative)
-ón {suffix} [chemistry] :: ending of every chemical element belonging only to the noble gases group, except helium (in spanish helio)
-ón {suffix} [nuclear physics] :: ending of most or every subatomic particle
ónfalos {m} :: omphalos
ónice {mf} :: alternative form of ónix
-ónimo {suffix} :: -onym
ónique {m} :: onyx
ónix {mf} :: onyx
o {letter} :: letter: o
o {f} :: Name of the letter O
o {conj} :: or
o {conj} :: eitheror
-o {suffix} :: suffix indicating the first-person singular present indicative of verbs
O {letter} :: The 16th letter of the Spanish alphabet
O {abbr} :: abbreviation of oeste; west
OA {abbr} :: Oaxaca (Mexican state)
oasis {m} :: oasis
Oñate {prop} :: surname
Oñati {prop} :: Oñati (town)
Oñati {prop} :: surname
Oaxaca {prop} {f} :: Oaxaca (state)
oaxaqueño {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Oaxaca
Obadías {prop} {m} :: Obadiah
Obama {prop} :: surname
obamista {mf} :: Obamist
obcecación {f} :: stubbornness, willful blindness
obcecado {adj} :: stubborn, obsessed
obcecar {vt} :: to blind
obducción {f} [geology] :: obduction
obedecer {v} :: to obey
obedecer {v} :: to be because of
obedecible {adj} :: obeyable
obediencia {f} :: obedience
obediente {adj} :: obedient
obedientemente {adv} :: obediently
obelisco {m} :: obelisk
obenque {m} [nautical] :: shroud
Oberón {prop} {m} :: Oberon
obertura {f} [music] :: opening, overture
obesa {f} :: feminine noun of obeso
obesógeno {adj} :: obesogenic
obesidad {f} :: obesity (state of being obese)
obeso {adj} :: obese
obeso {m} :: An obese person
obianguemista {m} :: A supporter of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea
obianguemista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea, or his politics
obispa {f} :: female bishop; bishopess
obispado {m} :: bishopric
obispal {adj} :: episcopal
obispillo {m} :: diminutive of obispo
obispo {m} :: bishop
obituario {m} :: obituary
objeción {f} :: objection
objetable {adj} :: objectionable
objetar {v} :: to object
objetivable {adj} :: objective (based on facts)
objetivación {f} :: objectivization
objetivamente {adv} :: objectively
objetivar {v} :: to objectify
objetividad {f} :: objectivity
objetivismo {m} :: objectivism
objetivo {adj} :: objective
objetivo {m} :: aim
objeto {m} :: object
objeto {m} :: objective; goal
objetor {m} :: objector
objetor {m} :: conscientious objector
objetora {f} :: feminine noun of objetor
objetora de conciencia {f} :: feminine noun of objetor de conciencia
objetor de conciencia {m} :: conscientious objector
objeto volador no identificado {m} :: unidentified flying object (all senses)
objetual {adj} :: objectual
oblación {f} :: oblation
oblanceoladas {adj} :: oblanceolate
oíble {adj} :: hearable
oblea {f} :: wafer (biscuit or in electronics)
oblicuamente {adv} :: obliquely
oblicuidad {f} :: obliquity
oblicuo {adj} :: oblique
obligación {f} :: obligation
obligadamente {adv} :: obligatorily, necessarily, out of necessity
obligado {adj} :: committed
obligado {adj} :: coerced, forced
obligante {adj} :: obligatory
obligar {v} :: to oblige, force, obligate
obligatoriamente {adv} :: compulsorily
obligatoriedad {f} :: obligatoriness
obligatorio {adj} :: mandatory
obligatorio {adj} :: obligatory
obliteración {f} :: obliteration
obliterar {v} :: to obliterate, to null, to erase, to annihilate, to destroy completely, to eradicate
oblongo {adj} :: oblong
obnubilación {f} :: dazzlement (inability to think clearly)
obnubilación {f} [neuroscience] :: a decreased level of alertness, characterised by the ability to respond correctly to complex tasks, but with difficulty; obtundation; obnubilation
obnubilar {v} :: to daze
oboe {m} [musical instruments] :: oboe
oboísta {mf} :: oboist
obovado {adj} :: obovate
obovoide {adj} :: obovoid
obra {f} :: work, usually literary or artistic
obra {f} :: construction
obra cinematográfica {f} :: film or motion picture
obra de arte {f} :: work of art, objet d'art
obrador {m} :: workshop
obraje {m} :: sawmill
obraje {m} :: fabrication; making
obraje {m} :: cloth factory
obra maestra {f} :: masterpiece
obra muerta {f} [nautical] :: topsides
obrante {adj} [formal] :: indicating
obrar {v} :: to act, to behave
obrar {v} :: to work (to function correctly)
obrera {f} :: feminine noun of obrero
obreril {adj} [attributive] :: worker; work; labour
obrerismo {m} :: trade unionism
obrerista {adj} :: supporting the Labour movement
obrerista {mf} :: A support of the Labour movement
obrero {m} :: worker
obrita {f} :: diminutive of obra
obús {m} :: howitzer
obscenamente {adv} :: obscenely
obscenidad {f} :: obscenity
obsceno {adj} :: obscene
obscurecer {v} :: archaic spelling of oscurecer
obscuridad {f} :: alternative spelling of oscuridad
obscuro {adj} :: alternative form of oscuro
obsecuencia {f} :: obsequiousness
obsecuente {adj} :: humble; obsequious
obsequiar {v} :: to present
obsequio {m} :: gift, present, offering
obsequiosa {f} :: feminine noun of obsequioso
obsequioso {m} :: obsequious
observabilidad {f} :: observability
observable {adj} :: observable
observación {f} :: observation
observacional {adj} :: observational
observador {adj} :: observant
observador {adj} :: observing
observador {m} :: observer
observadora {f} :: feminine noun of observador
observancia {f} :: observance
observante {adj} :: observant
observar {v} :: to observe
observatorio {m} :: observatory
obsesión {f} :: obsession
obsesionado {adj} :: obsessed
obsesionado {adj} :: possessed
obsesionante {adj} :: obsessing (causing obsession)
obsesionar {v} :: to obsess
obsesionarse {v} :: reflexive of obsesionar
obsesivamente {adv} :: obsessively
obsesivo {adj} :: obsessive
obseso {adj} :: obsessed
obsidiana {f} :: obsidian
obsolescencia {f} :: obsolescence
obsolescente {adj} :: obsolescent
obsoleto {adj} :: obsolete, outdated
obstaculización {f} :: obstruction, hindering
obstaculizador {adj} :: getting in the way; blocking
obstaculizar {v} :: to get in the way
obstante {adj} :: hindering
obstante {adj} :: obstructing
obstar {v} :: to hinder
obstáculo {m} :: obstacle
obstetra {mf} [medicine] :: obstetrician (physician who specialises in childbirth)
obstetricia {f} :: obstetrics
obstinación {f} :: obstinacy
obstinadamente {adv} :: obstinately
obstinado {adj} :: stubborn
obstinar {v} :: to be obstinate
obstrucción {f} :: obstruction
obstruccionismo {m} :: obstructionism
obstruccionista {adj} :: obstructionist
obstruccionista {mf} :: obstructionist
obstructivo {adj} :: obstructive
obstruir {v} :: to obstruct
obstétrico {adj} :: obstetric (relating to obstetrics)
obtención {f} :: acquisition, obtaining
obtener {v} :: to obtain
obtenible {adj} :: obtainable
obturación {f} :: sealing, covering (of an opening or aperture)
obturador {m} [photography] :: shutter
obturar {v} :: to block; clog
obtusamente {adv} :: obtusely
obtuso {adj} :: obtuse (blunt)
obtuso {adj} :: obtuse (intellectually dull)
obtuso {adj} [geometry] :: obtuse
obus {m} :: howitzer
obviamente {adv} :: obviously
obviar {v} :: to avoid; get round; get out of
obviar {v} :: to obviate
obviedad {f} :: obviousness
obviedad {f} :: Something that is obvious
obvio {adj} :: obvious, clear
Oc {interj} [colloquial, texting, Internet slang] :: K., OK
oca {f} [chiefly Spain] :: A goose, especially of the domestic European variety and with a white or grey plumage
oca {f} :: Oxalis tuberosa, an edible tuber
oca común {f} :: wild goose (Ansar ansar)
Ocampo {prop} {m} :: surname
océano {m} :: ocean
océano Antártico {prop} {m} :: océano Antártico (ocean)
océano Atlántico {prop} {m} :: Atlantic Ocean (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)
océano Índico {prop} {m} :: Indian Ocean
océano Pacífico {prop} {m} :: Pacific Ocean
océano Ártico {prop} {m} :: océano Ártico (ocean)
ocarina {f} :: ocarina
ocasión {f} :: occasion
ocasional {adj} :: occasional
ocasionalmente {adv} :: occasionally
ocasionar {v} :: to cause
ocaso {m} :: sunset
ocaso {m} [geography] :: west
ocaso {m} [literary] :: decline
occidental {adj} :: western
occidentalización {f} :: westernization
occidentalizar {v} :: to westernize
occidente {m} :: west, occident
occiduo {adj} [poetic, literary] :: Western, occidental
occipital {adj} [anatomy] :: occipital
occipital {m} :: occipital bone
occipital {m} :: (muscle) occipitalis
occipital {m} :: occipital lobe
occipito- {prefix} [anatomy] :: occipito-
occipitofrontal {adj} [anatomy] :: occipitofrontal
occipitofrontal {m} :: occipitofrontalis, occipitofrontalis muscle
occipitotemporal {adj} [anatomy] :: occipitotemporal
occipucio {m} [anatomy] :: occiput
occisa {f} :: feminine of occiso
occiso {m} :: deceased person, victim (especially, one who died violently)
occitana {f} :: feminine noun of occitano
occitano {adj} :: Of or relating to Occitania or the Occitan language
occitano {m} :: Person from or inhabitant of Occitania
occitano {m} :: Occitan (the Romance language)
Oceanía {prop} {f} :: Oceania
oceanario {m} :: oceanarium
oceanógrafo {m} :: oceanographer
oceanografía {f} :: oceanography
oceanográfico {adj} :: oceanographic
oceanología {f} :: oceanography
ocelado {adj} :: ocellated
ocelo {m} [zoology] :: eye (mark on an animal resembling an eye)
ocelo {m} [zoology] :: the eye of arthropods
ocelote {m} :: ocelot
oceánico {adj} :: oceanic
ochavón {m} :: octoroon
ochavo {adj} [obsolete] :: eighth
ochavo {m} [obsolete] :: eighth
ochavo {m} [historical] :: A former coin of Spain (17th to 19th century), equivalent to two maravedís
ochavo {m} :: Eight-day party
ochavona {f} :: feminine noun of ochavón
ochenta {num} [cardinal] :: eighty
ochentas {mp} :: eighties; 1980s
ochentavo {adj} :: eightieth
ochenta y cinco {num} :: eighty-five
ochenta y cuatro {num} :: eighty-four
ochenta y dos {num} :: eighty-two
ochenta y nueve {num} :: eighty-two
ochenta y ocho {num} :: eighty-eight
ochenta y seis {num} :: eighty-six
ochenta y siete {num} :: eighty-seven
ochenta y tres {num} :: eighty-three
ochenta y uno {num} :: eighty-one
ochentero {adj} [attributive] :: 1980s
ochentero {m} :: Someone born in the 1980s
ochentista {adj} [attributive] :: eighties (relating to the 1980s, 1880s etc.)
ocho {num} [cardinal] :: eight
ocho {m} :: eight
Ochoa {prop} :: surname of Basque origin
ochocentista {mf} :: 800 metres runner
ochocientas {num} :: feminine of ochocientos
ochocientos {num} :: eight hundred
ocio {m} :: leisure, recreation, spare time
ocio {m} :: diversion
ociosamente {adv} :: idly
ociosidad {f} :: idleness, inactivity
ocioso {adj} :: idle
ocioso {m} :: idler
ocla {f} :: seaweed
oclocracia {f} :: ochlocracy
oclocrático {adj} :: ochlocratic
ocluir {v} [medicine] :: to occlude
oclusal {adj} :: occlusal
oclusión {f} :: occlusion
oclusión {f} :: obstruction
oclusión {f} [linguistics] :: occlusion
oclusión {f} [meteorology] :: occluded front
oclusivo {adj} :: occlusive
ocote {m} [El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua] :: Any of several aromatic, resinous pine species native to Mexico and Central America, especially the Montezuma pine (Pinus montezumae)
ocotillo {m} [Mexico] :: ocotillo
ocra {m} [El Salvador] :: okra, Abelmoschus esculentus
ocre {m} :: ochre
octaédrico {adj} :: octahedral
octaedro {m} [geometry] :: octahedron
octagonal {adj} :: octagonal
octanaje {m} :: octane rating
octano {m} [organic compound] :: octane
octanoato {m} [organic chemistry] :: octanoate
octava {f} [music] :: octave
octavilla {f} :: Piece of paper of size 11 × 16 cm, half that of a cuartilla
octavilla {f} [politics] :: leaflet, flyer
octavilla {f} [poetry] :: A poem of eight lines consisting of two redondillas which share rhymes
Octavio {prop} {m} :: given name
octavo {adj} :: eighth
octavo {m} :: eighth
octeto {m} :: octet
octágono {adj} :: alternative form of octógono
octágono {m} :: alternative form of octógono
octógono {adj} :: octagonal
octógono {m} :: octagon
octillizo {m} :: octuplet
octillón {num} :: 1048
octingentésimo {adj} :: eight hundredth
octocoral {m} :: octocoral
octodecágono {m} [geometry] :: octadecagon
octogenario {adj} :: octogenarian
octogenario {m} :: octogenarian
octogonal {adj} :: alternative form of octagonal
octogésimo {adj} [ordinal] :: eightieth
octogésimo {m} :: eightieth
octopoda {f} :: octopod
octosilábico {adj} :: octosyllabic
octosílabo {adj} :: octosyllabic
octópodo {adj} :: octopod (eight-legged)
octópodo {m} :: octopod
octubre {m} :: October
octubrino {adj} :: of or pertaining to a festivity held in October, especially the fiestas octubrinas in Guayaquil, Ecuador
ocular {adj} :: ocular
ocular {m} :: eyepiece, eyeglass
ocularmente {adv} :: ocularly, visually, through the use of sight
ocultación {f} :: occultation
ocultamente {adv} :: occultly
ocultamiento {m} :: hiding, concealment
ocultar {vt} :: to hide, to conceal
ocultarse {v} :: to hide
ocultarse {v} :: to be hidden
ocultismo {m} :: occultism
ocultista {mf} :: occultist
oculto {adj} :: occult
ocupación {f} :: occupation (all senses)
ocupacional {adj} :: occupational
ocupado {adj} :: busy
ocupado {adj} :: occupied
ocupadísimo {adj} :: superlative of ocupado
ocupante {adj} :: occupying
ocupante {mf} :: occupant
ocupar {v} :: to occupy
ocupar {v} :: to use
ocupar {v} :: to employ
ocupar {vr} :: to pay attention to
ocupar {vr} :: to go about
ocurrencia {f} :: occurrence
ocurrente {adj} :: occurrent
ocurrente {adj} :: saying, meaning, showing or doing unexpected things
ocurrir {v} :: to happen, to occur
oda {f} :: ode
odalisca {f} :: odalisque
Odesa {prop} {f} :: Odesa (city)
Odessa {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Odesa
odiador {m} :: hater (one who hates)
odiadora {f} :: feminine noun of odiador
odiar {v} :: to hate
odiarse {v} :: reflexive of odiar
odio {m} :: hate
odiosidad {f} :: hate; hatefulness
odioso {adj} :: hateful, odious
odisea {f} :: odyssey
Odisea {prop} {f} :: Odyssey
Odiseo {prop} {m} [mythology] :: Odysseus
Odín {prop} {m} [Norse mythology] :: Odin
oído {m} :: hearing
oído {m} :: ear (especially the inner parts)
odonato {m} :: odonate
odontalgia {f} [medicine] :: toothache
odontálgico {adj} :: odontalgic
odontóloga {f} :: feminine noun of odontólogo
odontólogo {m} :: odontologist; dentist
odontoceto {m} :: toothed whale
odontoide {adj} :: odontoid
odontoide {m} :: odontoid
odontológico {adj} :: odontological, dental
odontología {f} :: odontology; dentistry
odorífero {adj} :: odorous, odoriferous
odorífero {adj} :: smelly
odre {m} :: goatskin, goatskin wine bag
OEA {initialism} :: Organización de los Estados Americanos: OAS
oenegé {f} :: NGO, non-governmental organization
oeste {m} :: west
Ofelia {prop} {f} :: given name, equivalent to Ophelia
ofenda {f} :: insult
ofender {v} :: to offend
ofenderse {v} :: reflexive of ofender
ofendido {adj} :: aggrieved
ofensa {f} :: insult
ofensa {f} :: offense
ofensiva {f} :: offensive
ofensivamente {adv} :: offensively
ofensividad {f} :: offensive (attacking play)
ofensivo {adj} :: offensive
ofensor {adj} :: offending
ofensor {m} :: offender
ofensora {f} :: feminine noun of ofensor
oferente {m} :: provider (of a service)
oferta {f} :: offer
ofertante {mf} :: bidder
ofertar {v} :: to offer
ofertón {m} :: super special offer
offline {adj} :: offline
offshore {adj} :: offshore
offshore {f} :: offshore, offshore company
offside {m} :: An offside position
oficentro {m} :: head office
oficial {adj} :: official
oficial {mf} :: officer, official
oficial {mf} :: clerk, functionary
oficial {mf} :: office worker, skilled workman
oficial {mf} :: artisan
oficial {mf} :: butcher
oficial {mf} :: executioner
oficialidad {f} :: officiality
oficialismo {m} :: ruling party
oficialista {adj} :: pro-government
oficialista {mf} :: pro-government supporter
oficialización {f} :: officialisation
oficializar {v} :: to make official
oficialmente {adv} :: officially
oficiante {mf} :: officiant
oficiar {v} :: to officiate
oficina {f} :: office
oficina {f} :: workshop
oficina {f} :: laboratory
oficinista {mf} :: office worker
oficinita {f} :: diminutive of oficina
oficio {m} :: profession, occupation
oficiosamente {adv} :: unofficially
oficiosamente {adv} :: officiously
oficiosidad {f} :: officiousness
oficiosidad {f} :: unofficialness
oficioso {adj} :: officious
oficioso {adj} :: unofficial (in contradistinction to oficial)
ofidio {adj} :: ophidian
ofidio {m} :: ophidian
ofimática {f} :: office information technology
ofimático {adj} [attributive] :: office; stationery
ofiolita {f} [geology] :: ophiolite
Ofiuco {prop} {m} :: Ophiuchus
ofiura {f} :: brittlestar
ofiuroideo {m} :: brittle star, ophiuroid (echinoderm)
ofrecer {v} :: to offer
ofrecerse {v} :: reflexive of ofrecer
ofrecido {adj} :: easy (A person who readily consents to sexual activity)
ofrecimiento {m} :: offering, offer
ofrenda {f} :: offering, sacrifice
ofrendar {v} :: to offer as a gift, to sacrifice
oftalmóloga {f} :: feminine noun of oftalmólogo
oftalmólogo {m} :: ophthalmologist
oftalmológico {adj} :: ophthalmological
oftalmología {f} :: opthalmology
oftalmoscopio {m} :: ophthalmoscope
oftálmico {adj} :: ophthalmic
ofuscación {f} :: bewilderment, confusion
ofuscación {f} :: blurring
ofuscación {f} :: obfuscation (lack of clarity)
ofuscar {v} :: to obfuscate
ofuscar {v} :: to confuse
ofuscar {v} :: to wow, astonish
oganesón {m} [chemistry] :: oganesson
ogaño {adv} :: rare spelling of hogaño
oglala {mf} :: Oglala Lakota tribe member
OGM {m} :: GMO
ogro {m} :: ogre
ogro {m} :: fiend, brute
ogro {m} :: crank
oh {interj} :: oh (expression of awe, surprise, pain or realization)
oh Dios mío {phrase} :: oh my God
Ohio {prop} {m} :: Ohio
ohm {m} :: alt form ohmio
ohmio {m} :: ohm
-oico {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -oic
-oide {suffix} :: -oid
oidor {m} [archaic] :: judge, magistrate for a royal audiency
oidor {m} :: hearer
oidora {f} :: feminine noun of oidor
oiga {interj} :: hey
ojalá {adv} :: hopefully (I hope that)
ojalá {interj} :: I hope so; let’s hope so
ojalá {interj} :: God willing
ojalá {interj} :: I hope (that); let’s hope (that) (followed by present subjunctive)
ojalá {interj} :: God grant (that) (followed by present subjunctive)
ojalá {interj} :: I wish (when used to refer to past events)
ojal {m} :: buttonhole
ojal {m} :: loop
ojazo {m} :: augmentative of ojo
ojeada {f} :: glance (brief look)
ojeador {m} [hunting] :: beater
ojeador {m} [sport] :: scout, talent scout
ojear {v} :: to glance
ojear {v} :: to ogle
ojear {v} :: to put the evil eye (on somebody), to curse by looking with malicious intents
ojera {f} [eyes, skin] :: coon eyes
ojera {f} :: ring or bag under the eye
ojeriza {f} :: spite, ill feeling
ojeriza {f} :: grudge
ojeroso {adj} :: coon-eyed
ojerudo {adj} :: big-eared
ojete {m} :: eyelet, grommet
ojete {m} :: eye hole
ojete {m} [colloquial] :: anus
ojete {m} [Argentina] :: anal orifice
ojete {m} [Mexico] :: wicked, mean, bad person
ojete {m} [slang as epithet] :: asshole
ojialegre {adj} :: laughing-eyed
ojiazul {adj} :: blue-eyed
ojigarzo {adj} :: blue-eyed
ojijunto {adj} :: Having eyes very close to each other
ojillo {m} :: diminutive of ojo
ojimoreno {adj} :: dark-eyed, brown-eyed
ojinegro {adj} :: dark-eyed, black-eyed
ojiplático {adj} :: agog, wide-eyed
ojito {m} :: diminutive of ojo
ojituerto {adj} :: cross-eyed, cock-eyed
ojiva {f} :: ogive
ojiva {f} :: warhead
ojival {adj} :: ogival
ojiverde {adj} :: green-eyed
ojizarco {adj} :: blue-eyed
ojón {m} :: Someone with big or very open eyes
ojón {m} :: A particular fish, having very large eyes
ojón {adj} :: Having big or very open eyes
ojo {m} :: eye
ojo {m} :: keyhole
ojo {interj} :: look! watch out!
ojo de agua {m} :: spring (place where water emerges from the ground)
ojo de buey {m} :: bullseye (glass)
ojo por ojo, diente por diente {phrase} :: eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
ojoso {adj} :: holey (full of holes)
ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente {proverb} :: out of sight, out of mind
ojota {f} [Chile, Argentina, Peru] :: flip-flop (artisanal type)
ojote {m} :: augmentative of ojo
ojudo {adj} [El Salvador, Honduras] :: having big eyes
ojuelos {mp} :: bright eyes
ojuelos {mp} :: spectacles
ojushte {m} [El Salvador] :: breadnut, Maya nut (Brosimum alicastrum)
okay {interj} :: OK (endorsement; approval)
okey {interj} :: okay, OK
okey {m} :: okey (game)
okinawense {adj} :: Okinawan
okinawense {mf} :: Okinawan
okinawense {m} :: Okinawan
okis {interj} [colloquial] :: okay; okey-dokey
Oklahoma {prop} {f} :: Oklahoma
okume {m} :: The wood of the tree Aucoumea klaineana
okupa {mf} [slang, Spain] :: squatter; squat
okupación {f} [slang, Spain] :: squatting
okupado {adj} [slang, Spain] :: squatted
okupar {v} [slang, Spain] :: to squat
olé {interj} :: An expression of encouragement and approval
ola {f} :: wave (on the surface of a liquid)
ola {f} [figuratively] :: sudden appearance of a large amount of something
ola de calor {f} :: heat wave, hot spell
olalia {f} :: olallieberry
Olano {prop} {m} :: surname
Olarte {prop} :: surname
olíbano {m} :: frankincense
olécranon {m} :: olecranon
oleada {f} :: wave
oleaginoso {adj} :: oleaginous (oily)
oleaginoso {adj} [of a plant] :: producing oily fruit
oleaje {m} [hydrography] :: surf
olear {v} :: to oil up
olear {v} :: to encourage; spur on (with cries of olé)
oleato {m} :: oleate
oleícola {adj} [attributive] :: olive oil
olefina {f} [organic chemistry] :: olefin
oleico {adj} :: oleic
oleicultura {f} :: olivegrowing and olive oil production
Oleksandr {prop} {m} :: Oleksandr (transliteration of Олександр)
Olenekiense {prop} :: Olenekian
oleoducto {m} :: oil pipeline
oleoplasto {m} [cytology] :: oleoplast
oleoso {adj} :: oily
oler {vt} :: to smell, to perceive by scent
oler {vi} :: to smell, to emit an odour
oler a pólvora {v} [idiomatic] :: to smell fishy; to seem as though there's something fishy going on
olerse la tostada {v} [idiomatic] :: to smell a rat
oleuropeína {f} [organic compound] :: oleuropein
oleyliberi {f} :: olallieberry
olfatear {v} :: to sniff
olfativo {adj} :: olfactory
olfato {m} :: smell, olfaction, sense of smell (sense that detects smells)
olfatorio {adj} :: olfactory
Olga {prop} {f} :: given name
ológrafo {adj} :: holographic (handwritten by a single writer)
olido {v} :: past participle of oler
oliente {adj} :: smelling, smelly
oligarca {mf} :: oligarch (a member of an oligarchy)
oligarquía {f} :: oligarchy
oligisto {m} [obsolete, mineral] :: hematite
oligómero {m} :: oligomer
oligoelemento {m} :: trace element
oligonucleótido {m} [biochemistry] :: oligonucleotide
oligopólico {adj} :: oligopolistic
oligopolio {m} :: oligopoly
oligopolización {f} :: oligopolization
oligopolístico {adj} :: oligopolistic
oligoqueto {m} :: oligochaete
oligosacárido {m} [carbohydrate] :: oligosaccharide
oligotrófico {adj} :: oligotrophic
oligárquico {adj} :: oligarchic (of or relating to oligarchy)
olimpíada {f} :: olympiad
olimpíada {f} :: Olympics
olimpera {f} :: feminine noun of olimpero
olimpero {adj} :: of, from, or supporting Club Olimpia, a football team from Paraguay
olimpero {m} :: Someone conencted to Club Olimpia, as a player, coach, fan etc
olimpiada {f} :: olympiad
olimpismo {m} :: Olympism
olimpista {adj} :: Of or associated with Club Olimpia
olimpista {mf} :: Someone associated with Club Olimpia, as a fan, player, coach etc
olimpo {m} :: hall of fame
Olimpo {prop} {m} :: Olympus
olingo {m} :: olingo
olinguito {m} :: olinguito
olio {m} :: alternative form of óleo
olisquear {v} :: to sniff at
oliva {f} :: olive (fruit)
oliva {f} :: olive tree
oliva {f} :: owl
Oliva {prop} :: surname
olivar {adj} :: olive color
olivar {m} :: olive grove
olivarero {adj} [attributive] :: olive
olivarero {m} :: olivegrower
Olivares {prop} :: surname
oliváceo {adj} :: olive; olive green
oliváceo {adj} [attributive] :: olive
Olivenza {prop} {f} :: Olivenza (city)
Olivera {prop} {f} :: surname
Oliverio {prop} {m} :: given name
olivino {m} :: olivine (family of minerals)
olivo {m} :: olive tree
olla {f} :: a pot or pan; a kettle
olla {f} :: a stew
olla {f} :: a pool, a whirlpool
olla a presión {f} :: pressure cooker
ollada {f} [Central America] :: the content of a pot
olla de presión {f} :: pressure cooker
olla express {f} :: pressure cooker
olla podrida {f} :: olla podrida (stew of seasoned meat and vegetables)
ollita {f} :: diminutive of olla
olluco {m} :: Ullucus tuberosus, the ulluco
olmeca {adj} :: Olmec
olmeca {mf} :: Olmec
Olmedo {prop} :: surname
olmo {m} :: elm
olímpicamente {adv} :: completely, utterly, epically
olímpico {adj} :: Olympic (pertaining to Mount Olympus)
olímpico {adj} :: Olympic (pertaining to the Olympics)
olímpico {adj} :: utter, total, epic
olímpico {m} :: Olympian
olor {m} :: smell, scent
olorcillo {m} :: whiff (faint smell)
olorosito {m} :: diminutive of olor
oloroso {adj} :: sweet (having a pleasant smell)
oloroso {adj} :: odorous
oloroso {m} :: oloroso
olote {m} [Central America, Mexico] :: corncob
Oltenia {prop} {f} :: Oltenia (historical region)
olívico {adj} :: From Vigo, Spain
olívico {m} :: Someone from Vigo, Spain
olvidable {adj} :: forgettable
olvidadizo {adj} :: forgetful
olvidado {adj} :: forgotten
olvidar {v} :: to forget; to elude, to escape (be forgotten by)
olvido {m} :: oblivion
olvido {m} :: forgetting, ending of memory
olvido {m} :: Idea meaning an abstract place to put what is wanted to be forgotten, as in the collocation consign to oblivion
-oma {suffix} [pathology] :: -oma
omaní {adj} :: Omani
omaní {mf} :: Omani
Omar {prop} {m} :: given name
omaso {m} :: omasum
omatidio {m} [zoology] :: ommatidium
ombú {m} :: A large evergreen tree native to the Pampa of South America, Phytolacca dioica
ombligo {m} :: navel (remnant of umbilical cord)
ombliguismo {m} :: navel-gazing
ombliguito {m} :: diminutive of ombligo
ombre {m} :: obsolete spelling of hombre
ombrófilo {adj} :: ombrophilous
ombrotrófico {adj} :: ombrotrophic
ombudsman {mf} :: ombudsman
OMC {prop} {f} :: initialism of w:Organización Mundial de Comercio (WTO (World Trade Organisation))
omega {f} :: omega; the Greek letter Ω, ω
omeya {m} :: Umayyad
omeya {adj} :: Umayyad
OMG {initialism} :: alternative form of OGM
ominar {v} :: to omen
ominosamente {adv} :: ominously
ominoso {adj} :: abominable, despicable
ominoso {adj} :: ominous
omisible {adj} :: omissible
omisión {f} :: omission
omisivo {adj} :: omissive
omiso {adj} :: neglectful, careless
omitir {vt} :: to omit
Omán {prop} :: Oman (country in the Middle East)
omnidireccional {adj} :: omnidirectional
omnipotencia {f} :: omnipotence (unlimited power)
omnipotente {adj} :: omnipotent
omnipresencia {f} :: omnipresence
omnipresente {adj} :: omnipresent
omnisapiente {adj} :: omniscient
omnisciencia {f} :: omniscience
omnisciente {adj} :: omniscient
omniteísmo {m} :: omnitheism
omnímodo {adj} :: all-embracing, all-enclosing
omoplato {m} :: alternative form of omóplato
omóplato {m} :: scapula
OMS {initialism} :: Organización Mundial de la Salud; WHO
-on {suffix} :: obsolete spelling of -ón
-ona {suffix} :: feminine noun of -ón
-ona {suffix} [organic chemistry] :: -one
onagra {f} :: evening primrose
onagro {m} :: onager (wild ass)
onagro {m} :: onager (military engine)
onanista {adj} :: onanistic
onanista {mf} :: onanist
-onas {suffix} :: feminine plural of -ón
once {num} [cardinal] :: eleven
once {f} [Latin American Spanish] :: snack (bread with tea or coffee)
onceavo {adj} :: eleventh
onceavo {m} :: eleventh
oncejo {m} :: obsolete spelling of vencejo
onceno {adj} :: eleventh
onceno {m} :: eleventh
oncidium {m} :: oncidium
oncóloga {f} :: feminine noun of oncólogo
oncólogo {m} :: oncologist (one who specialises in oncology)
oncocercosis {f} :: onchocerciasis
oncogén {m} :: oncogene
oncohematológico {adj} :: oncohematological
oncohematología {f} :: onco-hematology
oncológico {adj} :: oncological
oncología {f} :: oncology (branch of medicine)
onda {f} :: wave (on the surface of a liquid)
onda {f} :: Any other wave (including technological use)
onda {f} [Chile] :: style, fashion
onda {f} :: vibe or mood
onda acústica {f} :: sound wave
onda alfa {f} [neurology] :: alpha wave (electrical signal produced by the brain while the subject is relaxed)
onda de calor {f} :: heatwave
onda electromagnética {f} :: electromagnetic wave
onda gravitacional {f} :: gravitational wave
onda senoidal {f} [trigonometry] :: sine wave
onda sonora {f} :: sound wave
onda verde {f} :: green wave
onde {adv} :: obsolete form of donde
ondeante {adj} :: wavy
ondear {v} :: to wave
ondear {v} :: to undulate
ondear {v} :: to flutter, flap
ondulación {f} :: undulation
ondulación {f} [physics] :: permanent wave
ondulación {f} :: permanent wave, perm (hairstyle)
ondulante {adj} :: waving, undulating
ondular {v} :: to wave
ondulatorio {adj} :: undulating
ondulatorio {adj} :: wave (attributive, physics)
oneroso {adj} :: onerous
ONG {initialism} :: NGO (non-governmental organisation)
onicóforo {m} :: onychophoran
onicomicosis {f} :: onychomycosis
onicosis {f} [pathology] :: onychosis
oniomanía {f} :: oniomania
online {adj} :: online
onomasiología {f} :: onomasiology
onomatopeya {f} :: onomatopoeia
onomatopéyico {adj} :: onomatopoeic
onomástico {adj} :: onomastic (relating to a personal or place name)
onírico {adj} :: oneiric
onírico {adj} [attributive] :: dream
onsen {m} :: onsen
ONT {initialism} :: abbreviation of Organización Nacional de Transplantes
ontogenia {f} :: ontogeny
ontogenético {adj} [biology] :: ontogenetic, ontogenic
ontogénico {adj} :: ontogenetic
ontológicamente {adv} :: ontologically
ontológico {adj} :: ontological
ontología {f} :: ontology
ontologismo {m} :: ontologism
ONU {initialism} [politics, government] :: initialism of Organización de las Naciones Unidas (UNO (United Nations Organization))
onubense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Huelva (city in Spain)
onubense {mf} :: A native or inhabitant of Huelva
onusto {adj} :: loaded, heavy
onusto {adj} :: laden, burdened
onusto {adj} :: pressured
onza {f} :: Ounce
onza {f} :: Ounce; snow leopard
onza troy {f} :: troy ounce
onze {num} :: obsolete spelling of once
oobleck {m} :: oobleck
oolito {m} [geology] :: oolite
oolong {m} :: oolong
oolítico {adj} [geology] :: oolitic
oomiceto {m} [biology] :: oomycete
ooquiste {m} :: oocyst
oosfera {f} [botany] :: oosphere
oospora {f} [botany] :: oospore
ooteca {f} :: ootheca
opacar {vt} :: to overshadow
opacidad {f} :: opacity
opacificación {f} :: opacification
opaco {adj} :: opaque
opalescente {adj} :: opalescent
opción {f} :: option
opcionado {adj} :: likely to win (an election)
opcional {adj} :: optional
opcionalmente {adv} :: optionally
open {m} [sports] :: open
opening {m} :: opening sequence; title sequence
O.P.E.P. {prop} :: organización de los países exportadores de petróleo, OPEC
OPEP {prop} {f} :: OPEC; acronym of Organización de Países Exportadores de Petróleo
operabilidad {f} :: operability
operable {adj} :: operable (able to be treated by surgery)
operación {f} [computing, mathematics] :: operation
operacional {adj} :: operational, effective, operative
operacional {adj} :: working
operacionalmente {adv} :: operationally
operador {m} :: operator
operadora {f} :: feminine noun of operador, (female) operator
operando {m} :: operand
operante {adj} :: operating, operative, functional
operante {adj} :: influential
operar {v} :: to produce, to achieve
operar {v} :: to operate (to perform surgery)
operar {v} :: to operate (to deal in a commodity)
operaria {f} :: working woman
operario {m} :: operative
operario {m} :: workman
operarse {v} :: reflexive of operar
operativamente {adv} :: operatively
operatividad {f} :: operativeness
operativizar {vt} :: to make something operative, to put something into operation
operativo {adj} :: operative
operativo {m} :: operation
operatorio {adj} :: operational
operatorio {adj} :: operable
opereta {f} [music] :: operetta
operista {mf} :: opera singer
operón {m} :: operon
operístico {adj} :: operatic
operático {adj} :: operatic
opiáceo {adj} :: opiate
opimo {adj} :: rich, fertile, lush
opinable {adj} :: opinable, thinkable
opinador {m} :: opiner, thinker
opinante {adj} :: opinionated, critical
opinar {v} :: to think; to be of the opinion
opinar {v} :: to express one's opinion; to opine
opinión {f} :: opinion
opinión pública {f} :: public opinion
opinóloga {f} [Latin America] :: opinionated person, especially one who expresses their opinions about all kinds of topics on television
opinólogo {m} [Latin America] :: opinionated person, especially one who expresses their opinions about all kinds of topics on television
opio {m} :: opium
opioide {adj} :: opioid
opioide {m} :: opioid
opistoconto {m} [biology] :: opisthokont
opistosoma {m} [anatomy] :: opisthosoma
oponente {mf} :: opponent
oponer {vt} :: to pit (one thing against another); to set in opposition
oponer {vt} :: to put up (resistance etc.)
oponer {vr} :: to be opposed, to be in opposition
oponerse {vr} :: to oppose one another
oponible {adj} :: opposable (placed opposite something else)
oporto {m} :: port wine
Oporto {prop} :: Oporto (city)
oportunamente {adv} :: opportunely, timely
oportunidad {f} :: opportunity (in both senses: “chance for advancement, progress or profit” and “favorable circumstance or occasion”)
oportunismo {m} :: opportunism
oportunista {adj} :: opportunistic
oportunista {mf} :: opportunist
oportuno {adj} :: opportune
oportuno {adj} :: suitable, appropriate
oposición {f} :: opposition
oposición {f} [Spain] :: public exam
oposicionista {adj} :: opposition
oposicionista {mf} :: oppositionist (member of an opposition)
opositar {v} [Spain] :: to take the oposiciones (public exams)
opositor {adj} :: opposition
opositor {m} :: opponent
opositora {f} :: feminine noun of opositor
opresión {f} :: oppression
opresivo {adj} :: oppressive
opresor {m} :: oppressor (one who oppresses)
opresora {f} :: oppressor
oprimir {v} :: to press (e.g., a button or key on a telephone or keyboard)
oprimir {v} :: to oppress
oprobio {m} :: opprobrium
oprobioso {adj} :: opprobrious, disgraceful
ops {m} :: acknowledgment of a minor mistake, oops
opúsculo {m} :: opuscule, tract, short essay
opsonina {f} [biology] :: opsonin
opsonizar {v} [immunology] :: opsonize
optante {adj} :: opting
optar {v} :: to opt
optativo {adj} :: optional (left to personal choice)
optativo {m} :: optative (mood of verbs)
optimalidad {f} :: optimality
optimar {v} :: to optimize
optimismo {m} :: optimism
optimista {adj} :: optimistic
optimista {mf} :: optimist
optimistamente {adv} :: optimistically
optimización {f} :: optimisation
optimizador {adj} :: optimizing
optimizador {m} :: optimizer
optimizadora {f} :: feminine noun of optimizador
optimizar {v} :: to optimize
optómetra {mf} :: optometrist
optometría {f} :: optometry
opuesto {adj} :: opposed
opuesto {adj} :: opposite
opuesto {adj} :: contrary
opugnar {v} :: to attack
opugnar {v} :: to contradict, oppose
opulencia {f} :: opulence, luxury
opulento {adj} :: rich, wealthy, opulent
opusdeísta {mf} :: Opus Dei member
oquedad {f} :: hollow, hollow space, cavity, hole
oquedad {f} :: insubstantiality of speech or talk
-or {suffix} :: Used to create abstract nouns from adjectives
-or {suffix} :: Used to create agent nouns from verbs
oír {vi} :: to hear
oír {vt} :: to hear (passively perceive a sound)
oír {vt} :: to listen to (actively pay attention to a sound or a person speaking)
oír {vt} :: to heed; to listen to
oración {f} :: sentence
oración {f} :: clause
oración {f} :: prayer
oración {f} :: oration
oración final {f} :: final clause
oración simple {f} :: simple sentence
oración subordinada {f} :: subordinate clause
oracional {adj} [attributive] :: sentence
oracular {adj} :: oracular
orador {m} :: orator
oradora {f} :: feminine noun of orador
oral {adj} :: oral
oralidad {f} :: orality (state of being oral)
oralización {f} :: oralization/oralisation
oralizar {v} :: to oralize/oralise
oralmente {adv} :: orally
orangismo {m} :: Orangeism
orangután {m} :: orangutan
orante {mf} :: prayer; someone who prays
orar {v} :: to pray
orate {mf} [pejorative] :: A crazy person
oratoria {f} :: oratory
oratorio {adj} :: oratorical
orbe {m} :: orb
orbe {m} :: world
orbe {m} :: globefish
orbe {m} :: mound (part of the regalia)
orbicular {adj} :: orbicular
orbicular {m} :: orbicular muscle
orbicular de los párpados {m} :: orbicularis oculi, orbicularis oculi muscle
orbitador {adj} :: orbiting
orbitador {m} :: orbiter
orbital {adj} :: orbital
orbital {m} [chemistry] :: orbital
orbitar {v} :: to orbit
orbitario {adj} :: orbital
orca {f} :: orca, killer whale
Orcadas {prop} {fp} :: Orkney Islands
orco {m} :: Orcus
orco {m} [poetic] :: hell
orco {m} :: orc
orco {m} :: male orca, killer whale
oráculo {m} :: oracle
ordalía {f} :: ordeal, trial
ordeñador {adj} :: milking
ordeñador {m} :: milker (person who milks)
ordeñadora {f} :: milkmaid (female milker)
ordeñadora {f} :: milker, milking machine (machine which milks)
ordeñar {v} :: to milk (to express milk from mammal)
ordeñar {v} [figurative, colloquial] :: to milk (get the most advantage out of someone or something)
orden {f} :: order (command)
orden {f} :: order (request, purchase, or food)
orden {f} :: order (decoration)
orden {f} [military] :: order
orden {f} [religion] :: order
orden {m} :: order (arrangement, sequence, organization)
orden {m} :: orderliness
orden {m} :: good behavior
orden {m} [taxonomy] :: order
orden {m} [mathematics] :: order (highest exponent)
ordenación {f} :: ordination
ordenada {f} :: ordinate
ordenadamente {adv} :: orderly
ordenado {adj} :: ordered
ordenador {m} [Spain] :: computer
ordenador de sobremesa {m} :: desktop computer
ordenador portátil {m} :: notebook (computer), laptop
ordenamiento {m} :: legislation
ordenamiento {m} :: ordering, arranging
ordenanza {mf} :: orderly
ordenanza {mf} :: messenger
ordenanza {mf} [feminine only] :: ordinance
ordenar {v} :: to order
ordenar {v} :: to sort
ordenar {v} :: to enjoin
orden de alejamiento {f} :: restraining order
ordeño {m} :: milking
Ordóñez {prop} :: surname
ordinal {adj} :: ordinal
ordinalidad {f} :: ordinality
ordinariamente {adv} :: ordinarily
ordinariato {m} :: ordinariate
ordinariez {f} :: ordinarity
ordinario {adj} :: ordinary
ordinarísimo {adj} :: superlative of ordinario
Ordoño {prop} :: given name
orear {v} :: to air
orebce {m} [archaic] :: goldsmith
Oregón {prop} {m} :: Oregon
oreja {f} :: ear
oreja de Judas {f} :: wood ear
oreja de mar {f} :: abalone (edible univalve mollusc)
orejano {} [cattle] :: unbranded
orejano {} [cattle, Argentina, Colombia] :: unsociable
orejas de burro {m} [nautical, idiom] :: goose wing
orejera {f} :: earflap
orejera {f} :: earmuff
orejera {f} :: blinder (for horses)
orejera {f} :: earpad
orejera {f} :: ear armour
orejera {f} :: plug (jewellery for the ear)
orejerito {m} :: tyrannulet
orejita {f} :: diminutive of oreja
orejón {adj} :: big-eared
orejón {adj} :: absent-minded
orejón {m} :: big ears
orejón {m} :: pull of the ear (especailly on someone's birthday)
orejón {m} [historical] :: An Inca nobleman, characterised by decorations in the ears
orejota {f} :: augmentative of oreja
orejudo {adj} :: big-eared
orejuela {f} :: The earlike handle of a tray, bowl or other such utensil
Orellana {prop} :: surname
orellano {adj} [archaic] :: remote, separated
Orendain {prop} :: surname
orensano {adj} :: Of, from, or related to, Ourense
orensano {m} :: Someone from Ourense
orense {adj} :: Of or from El Oro Province, Ecuador
orense {mf} :: An inhabitant of El Oro Province, Ecuador
Orense {prop} {f} :: Orense (province)
Orense {prop} {f} :: Orense (city)
oreo {m} :: breeze
oreo {m} :: fresh air
oreodonte {m} :: oreodont
orfanato {m} :: orphanage
orfanatorio {m} :: orphanage
orfandad {f} :: orphanage
orfandad {f} :: hopelessness
orfebre {mf} :: goldsmith
orfebrería {f} :: gold work, goldsmithing
orfelinato {m} :: orphanage
orfeón {m} :: choir (singing group)
Orfeo {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Orpheus
orgía {f} :: orgy
organdí {m} :: organdy
organela {f} :: organelle
organelo {m} :: organelle
organera {f} :: feminine noun of organero
organero {adj} [attributive] :: organ (musical instrument)
organero {m} :: organmaker; organ constructor (maker of the musical instrument)
organógeno {adj} :: organogenic
organicidad {f} :: organicity
organigrama {f} :: organization chart
organillero {m} :: organ grinder
organillo {m} :: street organ
organismo {m} :: organism, creature
organismo {m} :: human body
organismo {m} :: organization, committee, body
organismo {m} :: corporate body
organista {mf} :: organist
organización {f} :: organization
Organización de las Naciones Unidas {f} :: United Nations
organizacional {adj} :: organizational
organizadamente {adv} :: in an organized manner
organizado {adj} :: organized
organizador {m} :: organizer
organizadora {f} :: feminine noun of organizador
organizar {v} :: to organize
organizarse {v} :: reflexive of organizar
organizativamente {adv} :: organizationally
organizativo {adj} :: organizational
orégano {m} :: oregano, pot marjoram (Origanum vulgare)
organoclorado {m} [organic chemistry] :: organochlorine
organofosfato {m} :: organophosphate
organogénesis {f} [biology] :: organogenesis
organografía {f} :: organography
organolitio {m} [organic chemistry] :: organolithium
organoléptico {adj} :: organoleptic
organometálico {adj} :: organometallic
organopónico {adj} :: organoponic
organza {f} :: organza
orgasmo {m} :: orgasm
orgasmo múltiple {m} :: multiple orgasm
orgia {f} :: obsolete spelling of orgía
orgiástico {adj} :: orgiastic
orgánicamente {adv} :: organically
orgánico {adj} :: organic (pertaining to an organism)
orgánico {adj} [physiology] :: organic (pertaining to an organ)
orgánico {adj} [chemistry] :: organic (pertaining to an organic compound)
orgánico {adj} [agriculture] :: organic (grown without agrochemicals)
orgánulo {m} :: organelle
orgásmico {adj} :: orgasmic
orgullo {m} :: pride (state of being proud)
orgullo {m} :: pride (sense of self-worth)
orgullo {m} :: pride (something of which one is proud)
orgullosamente {adv} :: proudly
orgulloso {adj} :: proud
orgullosísimo {adj} :: superlative of orgulloso
oribe {m} [archaic] :: goldsmith
orictognosía {f} [obsolete] :: oryctognosy
orictología {f} [obsolete] :: oryctology
orientable {adj} :: orientable
orientable {adj} :: adjustable
orientación {f} :: orientation
orientación familiar {f} :: home teaching
orientación sexual {f} :: sexual orientation
orientador {m} :: school counselor
orientadora {f} :: feminine noun of orientador
oriental {adj} :: eastern
oriental {adj} :: Oriental
oriental {adj} [dated, Argentina] :: Uruguayan
orientalismo {m} :: orientalism
orientalista {adj} :: orientalist
orientalista {mf} :: orientalist
orientalizante {adj} :: orientalizing
orientar {v} :: to orient
orientarse {v} :: reflexive of orientar
orientativo {adj} :: indicative
oriente {m} :: east
Oriente {prop} {m} :: Orient (countries of Asia)
Oriente Cercano {prop} {m} :: Near East
Oriente Medio {prop} {m} :: Middle East (region comprising southwest Asia and northeast Africa)
Oriente Próximo {prop} {m} :: Near East
orificio {m} :: orifice
oriflama {f} :: Oriflamme
origami {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: origami (the Japanese art of paper folding)
origen {m} :: origin
originador {m} :: originator
originadora {f} :: feminine noun of originador
original {adj} :: original
originalidad {f} :: originality
originalista {mf} :: originalist
originalmente {adv} :: originally
originar {v} :: to originate
originar {vt} :: to start
originar {vt} :: to give rise to, to cause
originariamente {adv} :: originally
originario {adj} :: original
originario {adj} :: native
orilla {f} :: shore or bank of a watercourse
orilla {f} :: edge, border
orillar {vt} :: to fix, to solve
orillar {vt} :: to avoid, to skirt
orillar {vi} :: to pull over (to the side of a road, etc.)
orillas {n} :: plural of orilla
orillero {adj} :: lower-class, common, vulgar
orillita {f} :: diminutive of orilla
orillo {m} :: selvage [US], selvedge [UK]
Orión {prop} {m} [mythology] :: Orion
Orión {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Orion
orina {f} :: urine
orinal {m} :: chamber pot
orinar {v} :: to urinate
orinarse {v} :: reflexive of orinar
oriónidas {fp} :: Orionids
orinoquense {adj} :: Orinocan; of or from Orinoco
orinoquense {mf} :: Orinocan; someone from Orinoco
Oriol {prop} {m} :: given name
oriotarra {adj} :: Of or related to Orio
oriotarra {mf} :: Someone from Orio
orisha {m} :: orisha
Oristán {prop} {m} :: Oristano
orito {m} [Latin America] :: A type of bright yellow, sweet miniature banana
oriunda {f} :: feminine of oriundo
oriundo {adj} :: native to
oriundo {m} :: native
orla {f} [heraldiccharge] :: orle
orla {f} :: border; trim
orlar {v} :: to trim
orlar {v} :: to add a border to
orleanista {adj} :: Relating to the House of Orléans
orín {m} :: rust [caused by moisture]
orín {m} [usually, in the plural] :: urine
ornamentación {f} :: ornamentation
ornamental {adj} :: ornamental
ornamentalista {mf} :: ornamentalist
ornamentar {v} :: to adorn or ornament
ornamento {m} :: ornament
ornar {v} :: to adorn
ornato {m} [formal] :: ornament
ornitina {f} [amino acid] :: ornithine
ornitisquio {m} :: ornithischian
ornitóloga {f} :: feminine noun of ornitologo
ornitólogo {m} :: ornithologist (expert in ornithology)
ornito- {prefix} :: ornitho-
ornitofobia {f} :: ornithophobia
ornitológico {adj} :: ornithological
ornitología {f} :: ornithology
ornitomancía {f} :: alternative spelling of ornitomancia
ornitomancia {f} :: ornithomancy
ornitomímido {m} :: ornithomimid
ornitorrinco {m} :: platypus
ornitópodo {m} :: ornithopod
oro {m} :: gold
oro {m} [in the plural] :: a suit in the Spanish deck of cards
oro {m} :: a card from this suit
oro {adj} [heraldry] :: or
orogenia {f} :: orogeny
orogénesis {f} [geology] :: orogenesis
orogénico {adj} :: orogenic
orografía {f} :: orography (all senses)
orográficamente {adv} :: orographically
orográfico {adj} :: orographic
orondo {adj} :: rotund, pot-bellied
orondo {adj} :: rounded
orondo {adj} :: smug
oro negro {m} :: black gold
oronja {f} :: any of several species of fungus of the genus Amanita
oronja {f} :: Caesar's mushroom
oronja falsa {f} :: fly agaric
oronja verde {f} :: death cap
oropel {m} :: tinsel
oropel {m} [figurative] :: faff
oropimente {m} [mineral] :: orpiment
oropéndola {f} :: oriole
orotavense {adj} :: Of or from La Orotava
orotavense {mf} :: Someone from La Orotava
oro y el moro {m} [idiomatic] :: everything under the sun
Orozco {prop} :: surname
orozuz {m} [plant] :: licorice
orquídea {f} :: orchid
orquesta {f} :: orchestra
orquestación {f} :: orchestration
orquestador {m} :: orchestrator
orquestal {adj} :: orchestral
orquestar {v} :: to orchestrate
orquestra {f} :: orchestra
orquideario {m} :: orchidarium
orquidectomía {f} [surgery] :: orchidectomy
orquideología {f} :: orchidology
orquidióloga {f} :: feminine noun of orquidiólogo
orquidiólogo {m} :: orchidologist
orquidóloga {f} :: feminine noun of orquidólogo
orquidólogo {m} :: orchidologist
orquiectomía {f} [surgery] :: orchiectomy
oírse {v} :: reflexive of oír
Ortega {prop} :: surname
orteguianamente {adv} :: in such a way atypical of José Ortega y Gasset, a Spanish philosopher
orteguiano {adj} :: Of or relating to José Ortega y Gasset, a Spanish philosopher
ortesis {f} :: orthosis
ortógrafa {f} :: feminine noun of ortógrafo
ortógrafo {m} :: orthographer
ortiga {f} :: nettle (plant)
Ortiz {prop} :: surname
orto {m} :: sunrise
orto {m} [vulgar, vesre, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay] :: arse, anus
orto- {prefix} :: ortho-
ortobirrotonda {f} [geometry] :: orthobirotunda
ortoclasa {f} [mineral] :: orthoclase
ortodóncico {adj} :: orthodontic
ortodoncia {f} :: orthodontics
ortodoncista {mf} :: orthodontist
ortodoxamente {adv} :: orthodoxly
ortodoxia {f} :: orthodoxy (all senses)
ortodoxo {adj} :: orthodox
ortodoxo {adj} :: Orthodox
ortoedro {m} [geometry] :: cuboid
ortoepía {f} :: orthoepy
ortofoto {m} :: orthophoto
ortogneis {m} [geology] :: orthogneiss
ortogonal {adj} :: orthogonal
ortogonalidad {f} :: orthogonality
ortogonalmente {adv} :: orthogonally
ortografía {f} :: orthography
ortografía {f} :: spelling (specific way of spelling a word)
ortografía {f} :: spelling (a person's ability to spell words)
ortographía {f} :: obsolete spelling of ortografía
ortográficamente {adv} :: orthographically
ortográfico {adj} :: orthographic
ortomolecular {adj} :: orthomolecular
ortonéctido {m} [zoology] :: orthonectid
ortonitrato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: orthonitrate
ortonormal {adj} :: orthonormal
ortopédica {f} :: feminine noun of ortopédico
ortopédicamente {adv} :: orthopedically
ortopédico {adj} :: orthopedic
ortopédico {m} :: orthopedist
ortopeda {mf} :: orthopedist
ortopedia {f} [medicine] :: orthopedics
ortopedista {mf} :: orthopedist
ortopnea {f} :: orthopnea
ortosa {f} [mineral] :: orthoclase
ortosimpático {adj} :: orthosympathetic
ortostato {m} :: orthostat
ortoéster {m} [organic chemistry] :: orthoester
ortostático {adj} :: orthostatic
ortotipografía {f} :: orthotypography
ortotópico {adj} :: orthotopic
ortovoltaje {m} :: orthovoltage
ortóptero {m} :: orthopteran
ortóptico {adj} :: orthoptic
oruga {f} :: caterpillar (insect or vehicle)
oruga {f} :: arugula (plant)
oruguero {m} :: triller (bird)
oruguero {m} :: cuckooshrike
orujo {m} :: orujo
orujo {m} :: The solid remains of juiced grapes or olives
orureño {adj} :: Of, from, or in the style of the Bolivian department (region) of Oruro
orvallo {m} [Spain] :: drizzle
orwelliano {adj} :: Orwellian
orzuela {f} [especially, Mexico] :: split ends (of hair)
orzuelo {m} :: stye
os {pron} :: you, to you, for you; dative and accusative of vosotros
osa {f} :: she-bear, female bear
-osa {suffix} :: feminine singular of -oso
-osa {suffix} [biochemistry] :: -ose (forms names of sugars)
osadía {f} :: boldness
osadía {f} :: audacity
osadamente {adv} :: gutsily
osado {adj} :: daring, bold
osamenta {f} :: skeleton
osar {vi} :: to dare
osario {m} :: ossuary
osasunista {adj} [soccer] :: Associated with Club Atlético Osasuna, a football club from Pamplona
osasunista {mf} [soccer] :: Someone associated with Club Atlético Osasuna
oscarizado {adj} :: Oscar-winning
oscense {adj} :: From Huesca
oscense {mf} :: Someone from Huesca
oscilación {f} :: oscillation
oscilador {m} :: oscillator
oscilador armónico {m} [physics] :: harmonic oscillator
oscilante {adj} :: oscillating
oscilar {v} :: to oscillate
oscilatorio {adj} :: oscillatory
osciloscopio {m} :: oscilloscope
osco {adj} :: Oscan
oscuramente {adv} :: obscurely
oscurantismo {m} :: obscurantism
oscurantista {mf} :: obscurantist
oscurecer {v} :: to darken
oscurecimiento {m} :: darkening, dimming
oscuridad {f} :: darkness, obscurity
oscurito {adj} :: diminutive of oscuro
oscuro {adj} :: dark (lacking light)
oscuro {adj} :: dark (of a color, deep in hue)
oscuro {adj} :: obscure, incomprehensible
oscuro {adj} :: suspicious, unclear
oscurísimo {adj} :: superlative of oscuro
o sea {adv} [colloquial] :: I mean; that is to say (used to introduce a new idea or explain a previous one)
osear {v} :: to shoo away
Oseas {prop} {m} [bible] :: Hosea (the book of the Bible)
osera {f} :: bear cave
oseta {adj} :: Ossetian
oseta {mf} :: Ossetian
oseta {m} :: Ossetian
osetia {f} :: feminine noun of osetio
Osetia {prop} {f} [geography] :: Ossetia
Osetia del Norte {prop} {f} :: North Ossetia
Osetia del Sur {prop} {f} :: South Ossetia
osetio {m} :: Ossetian (language)
osetio {m} :: Ossetian
osezna {f} :: (female) bear cub
osezno {m} :: bear cub
osicona {f} :: feminine noun of osicón
osificación {f} :: ossification
osiriaco {adj} :: Osirian
Osiris {prop} {m} [Egyptian mythology] :: Osiris
osita {adj} :: feminine noun of osito
osito {m} :: diminutive of oso, little bear
osito {m} :: (a lovable man) teddy bear
osito de peluche {m} :: teddy bear
osmio {m} :: osmium
osmolaridad {f} :: osmolarity
osmorregulación {f} :: osmoregulation
osmótico {adj} :: osmotic
-oso {suffix} :: -ous, -ful, -y
oso {m} :: bear
oso {m} [slang] :: bear (large hairy man, especially homosexual)
oso blanco {m} :: polar bear
osobuco {m} :: alternative spelling of ossobuco
oso de agua {m} :: A tardigrade, water bear
oso de anteojos {m} :: spectacled bear
oso hormiguero {m} :: anteater
oso hormiguero {m} :: An uncircumcised penis, a cheeser
oso hormiguero gigante {m} :: giant anteater
oso Kodiak {m} :: Kodiak bear
oso lavador {m} :: raccoon
oso malayo {m} :: sun bear
oso marino ártico {m} :: northern fur seal
oso negro {m} :: black bear
oso panda {m} :: panda; panda bear
oso pardo {m} :: brown bear (Ursus arctos)
oso polar {m} :: polar bear
Osorio {prop} {m} :: surname, the 36th most common in Colombia
ososo {adj} :: with bones
ososo {adj} :: related to bones
oso tibetano {m} :: Asian black bear; moon bear
oso viscoso {m} :: gummy bear
osso {m} :: obsolete spelling of oso
ossobuco {m} :: osso buco (Italian meat dish)
osté {pron} :: obsolete spelling of usted
osteóloga {f} :: osteologist
osteólogo {m} :: osteologist
ostensible {adj} :: ostensible, apparent
ostensiblemente {adv} :: ostensibly
ostentación {f} :: ostentation, boastfulness
ostentación {f} :: conceit
ostentar {v} :: to display or flaunt
ostentosamente {adv} :: ostentatiously
ostentoso {adj} :: flashy; showy
osteoarticular {adj} :: osteoarticular
osteoartritis {f} :: osteoarthritis
osteocondritis {f} :: osteochondritis
osteocondrosis {f} [pathology] :: osteochondrosis
osteodermo {m} :: osteoderm
osteofito {m} :: osteophyte
osteogénesis {f} :: osteogenesis
osteología {f} :: osteology
osteomielitis {f} :: osteomyelitis
osteomuscular {adj} :: osteomuscular
osteonecrosis {f} :: osteonecrosis
osteopatía {f} :: osteopathy
osteopenia {f} :: osteopenia
osteoporosis {f} :: osteoporosis
osteoporótico {adj} :: osteoporotic
osteopático {adj} :: osteopathic
osteosarcoma {f} :: osteosarcoma
osteosíntesis {f} [surgery] :: osteosynthesis
osteotomía {f} :: osteotomy
osteítis {f} :: osteitis
ostia {f} :: common misspelling of hostia
ostión {m} [Mexico] :: oyster (particularily from genus Crassostrea), specially when prepared or served for food
ostionería {f} [Mexico] :: synonym of ostionera (oyster bar)
ostionera {f} [Mexico] :: an oyster bar; a place where oysters can be bought (and eaten)
ostomía {f} [surgery] :: ostomy
ostra {f} :: oyster
ostracismo {m} :: ostracism (exclusion from a community)
ostras {interj} [euphemism] :: shoot, shank, sugar (euphemised form of "shit")
ostrácodo {m} :: ostracod
ostrería {f} [Mexico] :: synonym of ostionera (oyster bar)
ostrero {m} :: oystercatcher (bird)
ostrero {m} :: oyster farm
ostrogodo {adj} :: Ostrogothic
ostrogodo {m} :: Ostrogoth
Osvaldo {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Oswaldo
Oswaldo {prop} :: given name, equivalent to the English Oswald
otaku {mf} [fandom] :: otaku (one with an obsessive interest in something such as anime or manga)
otalgia {f} [pathology] :: otalgia; earache
OTAN {prop} {f} :: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
otar {v} [archaic] :: to spot; espy (from somewhere high)
otario {m} [Lunfardo] :: sucker
otario {m} [Lunfardo] :: sea lion
otavaleño {m} :: An inhabitant of Otavalo
otavaleño {adj} :: From or located at Otavalo
Otavalo {prop} {m} :: Otavalo
-ote {suffix} :: emphasizes size
-ote {suffix} :: emphasizes contempt for subject
otear {v} :: to survey
otear {v} :: to size up
Otelo {prop} {m} :: Othello (Shakespeare character)
otero {m} :: knoll
otitis {f} :: otitis
Otón {prop} {m} :: Otto; Otho
otoñada {f} :: autumn time
otoñal {adj} :: autumnal
otolito {m} [zoology] :: otolith
otomí {mf} :: A member of the Otomi people
otomí {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Otomi people and their language
otomí {m} :: the Otomi language
otomano {adj} :: Ottoman (relating to the empire centred in Turkey from the 14th century to the 20th)
otomano {m} :: Ottoman (Turk from the Ottoman Empire)
otomán {m} :: ottoman
otoño {m} :: autumn, fall
otoplastia {f} [surgery] :: otoplasty
otorgación {f} :: licence, permission
otorgamiento {m} :: Act of granting or awarding
otorgante {adj} :: granting, providing
otorgante {mf} :: providing
otorgar {v} :: to grant
otorgar {v} :: to award
otorongo {m} :: jaguar (big cat)
otorrino {m} :: ENT specialist
otorrinolaringóloga {f} :: feminine noun of otorrinolaringólogo
otorrinolaringólogo {m} :: otorhinolaryngologist
otorrinolaringología {f} :: otorhinolaryngology
ototóxico {adj} :: ototoxic (toxic to the ear)
otra vez {adv} [idiomatic] :: again
otredad {f} [philosophy] :: otherness
otro {adj} :: other, another
otro {interj} :: "Not again!" or "What, again?" (also Otra vez! or Otra vez?)
otro gallo cantaría {phrase} :: woulda, coulda, shoulda; if pigs had wings they would fly; if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle
otrora {adj} [formal] :: former, then
otrora {adv} [formal] :: formerly, in days of yore, in days gone by
Ottawa {prop} :: Ottawa (capital city of Canada)
otubre {m} [obsolete] :: alternative form of octubre
ourensana {f} :: feminine noun of ourensano
ourensano {adj} :: of or from Ourense
ourensano {m} :: A person from Ourense
Ouro Preto {prop} {m} :: Ouro Preto (placename)
out {m} [baseball] :: out
outfielder {m} :: outfielder
outfit {m} :: outfit (clothing)
outlet {m} :: An outlet store
outsourcing {m} :: outsourcing
ovación {f} :: ovation
ovacionar {v} :: to hail (praise enthusiastically)
oval {adj} :: oval (shaped like an oval)
ovalado {adj} :: oval (oval-shaped)
ovar {v} :: To lay (eggs)
ovario {m} [anatomy, botany] :: ovary
oveja {f} :: sheep
oveja negra {f} [idiomatic] :: black sheep
ovejera {f} :: feminine noun of ovejero
ovejero {m} :: shepherd
ovejita {f} :: diminutive of oveja, a small lamb (especially female)
ovejita {f} [slang, Latin America] :: a promiscuous woman; a hooker
ovejo {m} [Latin America] :: ram (male sheep)
ovejuno {adj} :: sheep, sheeplike
overo {adj} [Chile, Argentina, Uruguay] :: piebald; mottled
overol {m} :: overalls plural (not US), coveralls plural (US only)
ovetense {adj} :: Oviedan
ovetense {mf} :: Oviedan
Ovidio {prop} {m} :: Ovid
oviducto {m} :: oviduct
oviedismo {m} :: Collectively, the fans of Real Oviedo
oviedismo {m} :: The state of being a fan of Real Oviedo
oviedista {mf} [soccer] :: A person connected with Real Oviedo, a Spanish football team from the city of Oviedo
Oviedo {prop} :: Oviedo (city)
Oviedo {prop} :: The letter O in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
ovillar {v} :: to roll into a ball
ovillo {m} :: ball (of wool)
ovillo {m} :: ball (of things tied up)
ovillo {m} :: pile, bunch
ovino {adj} :: ovine
oviposición {f} :: oviposition
ovitrampa {f} :: mosquito egg trap
ovni {m} :: UFO
OVNI {m} :: objeto volador no identificado; UFO
ovo {m} :: egg-shaped decoration
ovoalbúmina {f} [protein] :: ovalbumin
ovocitario {adj} [cytology] :: ovum (attributive)
ovocito {m} :: oocyte
ovodonación {f} :: donation of one's ovum or ova
ovogénesis {f} :: oogenesis
ovoide {adj} :: ovoid (egg-shaped)
ovoide {m} :: ovoid
ovovivíparo {adj} :: ovoviviparous
ovíparo {adj} :: oviparous
ovárico {adj} :: ovarian
ovulación {f} :: ovulation
ovular {v} :: to ovulate
oxalato {m} [organic compound] :: oxalate
oxaloacetato {m} [organic compound] :: oxaloacetate
oxaloacético {adj} :: oxaloacetic
oxalocrotonato {m} [chemistry] :: oxalocrotonate
oxazol {m} [organic compound] :: oxazole
oxácido {m} :: oxyacid
oxear {v} :: to shoo away
oxígeno {m} :: oxygen
oxhídrico {adj} [chemistry] :: oxyhydrogen
oxhidrilo {m} [chemistry] :: hydroxyl
oxi- {prefix} [chemistry] :: oxy-
oxiácido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: alternate form of oxácido ("oxyacid")
oxidable {adj} :: oxidizable
oxidación {f} :: oxidation
oxidante {m} [chemistry] :: oxidizing agent, oxidant
oxidante {adj} [chemistry] :: oxidizing
oxidar {v} :: to oxidize
oxidasa {f} [enzyme] :: oxidase
oxidativo {adj} :: oxidative
oxidiana {f} :: synonym of obsidiana
oxidorreductasa {f} [enzyme] :: oxidoreductase
oxigenación {f} :: oxygenation
oxigenar {v} :: to oxygenate
oxigenasa {f} [enzyme] :: oxygenase
oxihemoglobina {f} :: oxyhemoglobin
oxilipina {f} [organic compound] :: oxylipin
oximercuración {f} [organic chemistry] :: oxymercuration
oximetría {f} :: oximetry
oxitocina {f} [hormone] :: oxytocin
oxálico {adj} :: oxalic
oxímoron {m} :: oxymoron (figure of speech)
oxoanión {m} [chemistry] :: oxoanion
oxocarbenio {m} [organic chemistry] :: oxocarbenium
oxonio {m} [chemistry] :: oxonium
oyamel {m} :: sacred fir (Abies religiosa)
oye {interj} :: (exclamation) hey
oyente {mf} :: listener (to the radio)
oyente {mf} :: Unregistered student, student who sits in lectures despite not being an official student
ozonización {f} :: ozonization
ozonólisis {f} [chemistry] :: ozonolysis
ozono {m} :: ozone
ópalo {m} :: opal
ópera {f} [music] :: opera
ópticamente {adv} :: optically
óptico {adj} :: optical; optic
óptimamente {adv} :: optimally
óptimo {adj} :: optimal
óptimo {adj} :: superlative of bueno, very good
órale {interj} [Mexico] :: let's go, come on, hurry (used to exhort)
órale {interj} [Mexico] :: oh my God, wow (indicates amazement, astonishment, excitement, surprise, shock, fear)
órale {interj} [Mexico] :: yes, ok (indicates approbation)
órbita {f} :: orbit
órdago {m} :: a large bet; an all-or-nothing bet
órden {mf} :: obsolete spelling of orden
órgano {m} :: organ (all senses)
órgano {m} :: means;medium
órice {m} :: oryx
órsay {m} [soccer] :: offside
Óscar {prop} {m} :: given name
ósculo {m} [formal, literary] :: kiss
ósculo {m} [zoology] :: osculum (opening in sponges)
óseo {adj} :: osseous, bony
ósmosis {f} :: osmosis
ósmosis {f} [slang] :: osmosis
ótico {adj} [anatomy] :: otic (related to the ear)
óvalo {m} :: oval
óvulo {m} [zoology] :: ovule (immature ovum)
óvulo {m} [botany] :: ovule
óxido {m} :: oxide
óxido {m} :: rust
óxido de calcio {m} :: calcium oxide
óxido de etileno {m} :: ethylene oxide
óxido de hierro {m} :: iron oxide
óxido de litio {m} :: lithium oxide
óxido de magnesio {m} :: magnesium oxide
óxido ferroso {m} :: ferrous oxide
óxido férrico {m} :: ferric oxide
óxido nitroso {m} :: nitrous oxide
óxido nítrico {m} :: nitric oxide