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a {article} (an) SEE: an ::
a {n} (name of the letter A, a) :: a
Aachen {prop} (city in North Rhine-Westphalia) :: Aachen
Aalborg {prop} (city in northern Denmark) :: Aalborg
Aarau {prop} (Swiss town) :: Aarau
aardvark {n} (mammal) :: aardvark, borudişli
Aarhus {prop} (Danish city) :: Aarhus
Aaron {prop} (male given name) :: Harun
aba {n} (coarse, often striped, felted fabric from the Middle East, woven from goat or camel hair) SEE: abaya ::
aback {adv} (backwards) :: geriye
aback {adv} (said of sails pressed backward) :: pupada
aback {adv} :: geriye, arkaya, arka tarafa
aback {n} (abacus) SEE: abacus ::
abacus {n} (calculating frame) :: abaküs
Abadan {prop} (city in Iran) :: Abadan
abaft {prep} ((nautical) behind; toward the stern relative to some other object or position; aft of) :: geride
abaft {adv} ((nautical) on the aft side) :: kıç tarafında
Abakan {prop} (city in Russia) :: Abakan
abalone {n} (edible univalve mollusc) :: denizkulağı
abandon {v} (to give up control of, surrender) :: bırakmak
abandon {v} (to leave behind or desert; to forsake) :: terk etmek
abandon {v} (to cast out, expel, reject) :: kovmak
abandoned {adj} (no longer maintained, forsaken, deserted) :: terk edilmiş, metruk
abandonment {n} :: terk
abash {v} (to make ashamed, to embarrass) :: utandırmak, mahcup etmek
Abastumani {prop} (small town) :: Abastumani
abate {v} (to bring down or reduce to a lower state) :: azaltmak, tenzil etmek
abate {v} :: [1] azaltmak
abattoir {n} (public slaughterhouse) :: mezbaha
abaya {n} (coarse, often striped, felted fabric from the Middle East, woven from goat or camel hair) :: abaye
Abaza {prop} (language) :: Abazaca
Abbas {prop} (A male given name) :: Abbas
Abbeville {prop} (town in Picardy, France) :: Abbeville
abbey {n} (monastery headed by an abbot) :: dergâh, tekke, manastır
abbey {n} (church of a monastery) :: dergâh, tekke, manastır
abbot {n} (superior or head of an abbey or monastery) :: başrahip
abbreviate {v} (to make shorter) :: kısaltmak, ihtisar etmek
abbreviated {adj} (shortened) :: kısaltılmış, muhtasar
abbreviation {n} (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase) :: kısaltma
abbreviature {n} (abbreviation) SEE: abbreviation ::
ABC {n} (alphabet) SEE: alphabet ::
abdest {n} (Islamic act of washing parts of the body) :: abdest
abdomen {n} (belly) :: karın
abdomen {n} (cavity) :: batın
abdominal {adj} (of or pertaining to the abdomen) :: karın ile ilgili
abdominal cavity {n} (hollow portion of the torso, containing abdominal organs) :: karın boşluğu
abdominoscopy {n} (Examination of the abdomen using an endoscope) :: abdominoskopi
abduction {n} (law: wrongful carrying off of a human being) :: adam kaçırma
Abdul {prop} (male given name) :: Abdal
Abdullah {prop} (Muslim given name) :: Abdullah, Aptullah
abearance {n} (behavior) SEE: behavior ::
abed {adv} (in bed, or on the bed) :: yatakta
Abel {prop} (biblical character) :: Habil
aberration {n} (act of wandering or deviation; abnormality) :: sapma, sapkınlık
aberration {n} (astronomy: small periodical change of position of heavenly bodies) :: aberasyon, sapınç
abessive {n} (the abessive case) :: -sız durumu, yokluk durumu
abhor {v} (to regard with horror or detestation) :: nefret etmek
abhorrent {adj} (inconsistent with) :: uyuşmaz, bağdaşmaz
abhorrent {adj} (contrary or discordant) :: karşıt
abhorrent {adj} (detesting; showing abhorrence) :: tiksinmiş
abhorrent {adj} (detestable or repugnant) :: tiksindirici
abide {v} (dwell) :: ikamet etmek, oturmak
abide {v} (abide by) SEE: abide by ::
abide by {v} (accept a decision or law and act in accordance with it) :: uymak
abide by {v} (remain faithful to something or someone) :: sadık kalmak
Abidjan {prop} (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire) :: Abican
abiogenesis {n} (origination of living organisms from lifeless matter) :: abiyogenez
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush {proverb} (small but certain advantage is preferable) :: bir eldeki kuş çalıdakinin iki misli değerdir
a bit {adv} (a little) SEE: a little ::
abject {adj} (Sunk to a low condition; down in spirit or hope) :: aşağılık
abject {adj} (Cast down; rejected; low-lying) :: aşağılanmış, hakir, zelil
abject {n} (A person in the lowest and most despicable condition) :: sefil
Abkhaz {adj} (of or pertaining to Abkhazia) :: Abhaz, Abaza
Abkhaz {n} (person from Abkhazia) :: Abhaz, Abaza
Abkhaz {prop} (a Northwest Caucasian language spoken in Abkhazia) :: Abhazca
Abkhazia {prop} (territory in the Caucasus, see also: Republic of Abkhazia) :: Abhazya
Abkhazian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Abkhazia) SEE: Abkhaz ::
Abkhazian {n} (Abkhaz) SEE: Abkhaz ::
Abkhazian {prop} (Abkhazian language) SEE: Abkhaz ::
ablative {n} (ablative case) SEE: ablative case ::
ablative case {n} (grammatical case used to indicate movement away from something, removal, separation, source) :: -den hâli // ayrılma hâli/durumu, çıkma hâli/durumu, -den hâli/durumu
-able {suffix} :: -ebil or -abil (because of vowel harmony)
able {adj} (healthy) SEE: healthy ::
able {v} (enable) SEE: enable ::
ablution {n} (the act of washing or cleansing) :: abdest, gusül, iğtisal [obsolete]
ablution {n} (the water used in cleansing) :: abdest suyu
abnormal {adj} :: anormal
abnormality {n} (state of being abnormal) :: anormallik
abnormalness {n} (abnormality) SEE: abnormality ::
abominable {adj} (hateful; detestable; loathsome) :: iğrenç, berbat, menfur
abomination {n} (the feeling of extreme disgust) :: tiksinme, iğrenme
abomination {n} (something abominable) :: iğrençlik
aborigine {n} (aboriginal inhabitant of a country) :: asıl yerli
Aborigine {n} (Aboriginal person from Australia, Aboriginal Australian) :: Aborjin
Aborigines {prop} (the Australian Aborigine peoples) :: Aborjinler {p}
abortion {n} (miscarriage) :: kürtaj
abortion {n} (induced abortion) :: kürtaj
abortionist {n} :: kürtajcı
about {prep} (on every side of) :: etraf
about {prep} (near, approximately, regarding time, size or quantity) :: yaklaşık
about {prep} (over or upon different parts of) :: hakkında
about {prep} (concerning) :: hakkında (+ genitive pronouns, but no endings on nouns)
above {prep} (in or to a higher place) :: yukarıya
above {prep} (superior to, surpassing) :: üstünde
above {prep} (more) :: daha
above {prep} :: üstünde
abracadabra {interj} (used to indicate that a magic trick or other illusion has been performed) :: abrakadabra
Abraham {prop} (prophet in the Old Testament) :: İbrahim, Ibram
Abraham {prop} (male given name) :: İbrahim
abroad {n} (countries or lands abroad) :: yurtdışı
abscess {n} (cavity filled with pus) :: apse
abscissa {n} (first of two coordinates) :: apsis
abscond {v} (to withdraw from) :: (geri) çekilmek
abscond {v} (to depart secretly) :: kaçmak, sıvışmak [colloquial], tüymek [colloquial]
abscond {v} (to hide (something)) :: saklanmak
absence {n} (state of being away) :: yokluk
absence {n} (lack; deficiency; non-existence) :: yokluk
absent-mindedly {adv} (preoccupiedly) :: beyinsizce
absent-mindedness {n} (state or quality of being preoccupied) :: dalgınlık
absinthe {n} (liquor) :: absint
absinthium {n} (Artemisia absinthium) SEE: wormwood ::
absolute {adj} (free from limitations or conditions) :: mutlak
absolute {adj} (free from imperfection; complete in itself) :: mükemmel
absolute {adj} (fundamental, ultimate, intrinsic, independent of references or relations to other things) :: mutlak
absolute {adj} :: kesin
absolute {n} :: pozitif
absolutely {interj} (yes; certainly) :: kesinlikle
absolute zero {n} (coldest possible temperature) :: mutlak sıfır
absolution {n} (absolving or setting free from guilt, sin or penalty; forgiveness of an offense) :: bağışlama, mağfiret, yarlıgama
absolution {n} (acquittal, or sentence of a judge declaring an accused person innocent) :: aklanma, beraat
absolution {n} (absolving from ecclesiastical penalties) :: bağışlama, yarlıgama, mağfiret
absolve {v} (to set free) :: azat etmek, özgür kılmak
absolve {v} (to pronounce free or give absolution) :: bağışlamak, yarlıgamak, aklamak
absolve {v} (law: to pronounce not guilty; to grant a pardon for) :: aklamak, bağışlamak
absolve {v} (theology: to pronounce free or give absolution from sin) :: bağışlamak, yarlıgamak
absolve {v} (theology: to remit a sin; to give absolution for a sin) :: bağışlamak, yarlıgamak
absolve {v} (obsolete: to finish, accomplish) :: erdirmek
absolve {v} (to pass a course or test; to gain credit for a class; to qualify academically) :: vermek, geçmek
absorption {n} (act or process of absorbing or sucking in anything) :: absorpsiyon, soğurma
absorption {n} (act or process of being absorbed and made to disappear) :: absorpsiyon, soğurma
absorption {n} (chemistry, physics: imbibing or reception by molecular or chemical action) :: absorpsiyon, soğurma
absorption {n} (physiology: process by which the materials of growth and nutrition are absorbed) :: absorpsiyon, soğurma
absorption {n} (entire occupation of the mind) :: eğilme
abstention {n} (the act of abstaining) :: çekimserlik
abstract {adj} (apart from practice or reality; not concrete) :: soyut
abstract {adj} :: soyut, abstre
abstract {v} :: soyutlamak
abstract art {n} (art that does not depict objects in the natural world) :: soyut sanat
abstract class {n} (in software - a class which cannot be instantiated) :: soyut sınıf
abstract factory pattern {n} (a software creation design pattern that decouples object creation) :: soyut fabrika tasarım örüntüsü
abstraction {n} (act of abstracting) :: soyutlama, abstraksiyon
abstract method {n} (software - a method of an abstract class that has to be implemented by all subtyping classes) :: soyut metot
abstract noun {n} (noun that denotes an abstract concept) :: soyut ad, soyut isim
absurdism {n} (absurdity) SEE: absurdity ::
absurdism {n} (philosophy which holds that the universe is chaotic and irrational) :: absürdizm
absurdity {n} :: saçmalık
Abu Dhabi {prop} (capital of UAE) :: Abu Dabi
Abuja {prop} (The capital city of Nigeria) :: Abuja
abundance {n} (ample sufficiency) :: bolluk, varlık [jeology]
abundant {adj} (fully sufficient; plentiful) :: bol
abuse {n} (delusion) SEE: delusion ::
Abydos {prop} (ancient city in Egypt) :: Abidos
Abyssinia {prop} (historical name of Ethiopia) :: Habeşistan
Abyssinian {prop} (Amharic) SEE: Amharic ::
acacia {n} (shrub or tree) :: akasya
academically {adv} (in an academic style or way) :: akademik olarak
academically {adv} (in terms of educational achievement) :: bilimsel olarak, ilmî olarak
academy {n} (learned society) :: akademi
academy {n} (specialized school) :: akademi
academy {n} (college or university) :: akademi, yüksekokul
academy {n} (place of training, school) :: akademi
acajou {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut ::
acanthocyte {n} (spur cell) SEE: spur cell ::
Acapulco {prop} (Mexican port city) :: Acapulco
accelerate {v} (to cause to move faster) :: hızlandırmak
accelerate {v} (to become faster) :: hızlanmak
accelerated {adj} (moving or progressing faster than is usual) :: ivmelendirilmiş
acceleration {n} ((physics)) :: ivme, hızlanma, hızlanma
accent {n} (stronger articulation) :: vurgu
accent {n} (distinctive pronunciation associated with a region, social group, etc.) :: şive, aksan
accent {v} (to emphasize) :: vurgulamak
accent {v} (to express the accent of) SEE: accentuate ::
accent {v} (to mark with written accents) SEE: accentuate ::
accent {n} (utterance) SEE: utterance ::
accentuate {v} (to pronounce with an accent) :: vurgulamak
accentuation {n} (act of accentuating) :: vurgulama
accept {v} (to receive with consent) :: kabul etmek
acceptable {adj} (capable, worthy or sure of being accepted) :: kabul edilebilir, uygun, makbul
access {n} (communication with a computer program or the Internet) :: erişim
accessible {adj} (easy of access or approach) :: erişilebilir
accessible {adj} (of a person, approachable) :: erişilebilir
accessible {adj} (easily understood) :: Kolayca anlaşılır, kolay anlaşılan
accession {n} (a coming to) :: katılım
accession {n} (increase by something added) :: artma
accession {n} (act of coming to or reaching a throne, an office, or dignity) :: göreve gelme, tahta çıkma
accident {n} (unexpected event with negative consequences) :: kaza
accident {n} (transport: unintended event that causes damage) :: kaza
acclaimed {adj} (greatly praised) :: alkışlanan, tezahür edilen
accoil {v} (nautical sense) SEE: coil ::
accommodate {v} (to render fit or suitable) :: uyum sağlamak, düzenlemek
accommodate {v} (to bring into agreement) :: [law] birbirine uygun kılmak , uydurmak
accommodate {v} (to provide housing for) :: kalacak yer sağlamak , kalacak yer vermek
accommodate {v} (to furnish with something desired) :: düzenlemek, tanzim etmek, yerleştirmek
accommodate {v} (to adapt to fit) :: uydurmak
accommodate {v} (to adapt oneself) :: alışmak
accommodating {adj} (affording accommodation) :: uysal, uyumlu, yardımsever
accompaniment {n} (music: that which gives support or adds to the background) :: eşlik
accompaniment {n} (that which accompanies) :: eşlik
accompany {v} :: eşlik etmek
accordance {n} (agreement; harmony; conformity) :: uygunluk, uyum
according to {prep} (based on statement) :: -e göre
accordion {n} (A small, portable, keyed wind instrument) :: akordiyon
account {n} (a registry of pecuniary transactions) :: hesap
account {n} :: hesap
accountant {n} (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s)) :: muhasebeci, muhasip, sayman
accountant {n} (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another) :: muhasebeci
accourage {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage ::
accoutred {adj} :: donanımlı, teçhizatlı
Accra {prop} (capital of Ghana) :: Akra
accreditation {n} (giving of credentials) :: akreditasyon, tastik, onay
accumulator {n} :: akü, akümülatör
accurate {adj} (exact or careful conformity to truth) :: kesin, dakik
accusation {n} (act of accusing or charging with a crime) :: suçlama
accusative {adj} (producing accusations; accusatory) :: suçlayıcı
accusative {adj} (related to accusative case) :: belirtme (hâli/durumu), -i hâli
accusative case {n} (case used to mark the immediate object) SEE: accusative ::
accuse {v} (attribute blame to someone) :: suçlamak
accused {n} (defendant) :: sanık, davalı, zanlı
acedia {n} (boredom) SEE: boredom ::
Acemoglu {prop} (surname) :: Acemoğlu
ace of spades {n} (the playing card belonging to the spades suit and featuring one pip) :: maça ası
acetic acid {n} (clear colourless organic acid, CH3COOH) :: asetik asit
ache {v} (be in pain) :: ağrımak, acımak
ache {n} (dull pain) :: ağrı, acı
acheful {adj} (full of aches) :: ağrılı, sancılı
acheilia {n} (liplessness) SEE: liplessness ::
achene {n} (small dry fruit) :: aken
achievement {n} (a reward in video games) :: başarım
Achilles {prop} (Greek mythical hero) :: Aşil
Achilles tendon {n} (strong tendon in the calf of the leg) :: Aşil tendonu
achoo {interj} (the sound of a sneeze) :: hapşu
acid {n} (a sour substance) :: asit
acid {n} (in chemistry) :: asit
acidosis {n} (abnormally increased acidity of the blood) :: asidoz
acid rain {n} (unusually acidic rain) :: asit yağmuru
acknowledge {v} :: kabul etmek
acne {n} (a skin condition) :: akne
aconite {n} (herb wolfsbane) :: kurtboğan
acorn {n} (fruit of the oak tree) :: palamut
acoustic guitar {n} (hollow-body guitar) :: akustik gitar
acquaintance {n} (state of being acquainted, acquaintanceship) :: aşina
acquaintanceship {n} (the state of being acquainted) SEE: acquaintance ::
acquaintanceship {n} (acquaintance) SEE: acquaintance ::
acquire {v} (to get) :: edinmek
acquired immune deficiency syndrome {n} (infectious disease caused by HIV) :: Edinilmiş Bağışıklık Eksikliği Sendromu
acquisition {n} (act or process of acquiring) :: edinim
acquit {v} (to declare or find innocent or not guilty) :: suçsuz bulmak
acquit {v} (to discharge (for example, a claim or debt)) :: muaf tutmak
acquit {v} (to discharge, release, or set free from a burden, duty, etc.) :: ödemek
acquit {v} (to clear oneself) :: aklamak, tenzih etmek
acquit {v} ((obsolete) to release, rescue) :: aklamak, beraat ettirmek, suçsuz bulmak
acquit {v} ((obsolete) to pay for, to atone for) :: ödemek
acquit {v} :: aklamak
acrid {adj} (sharp and harsh, or bitter and not to the taste; pungent) :: acı
acrid {adj} (causing heat and irritation; corrosive) :: aşındırıcı
acrobat {n} (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination) :: akrobat, cambaz
acrobatics {n} (art of performing acrobatic feats) :: akrobasi
acromegaly {n} (chronic disease marked by enlargement of the bones) :: akromegali
acropolis {n} (promontory of Ancient Greek cities) :: akropolis
actinium {n} (chemical element) :: aktinyum
action {n} (something done so as to accomplish a purpose) :: amel, eylem, fiil
action {n} (slang: Intercourse) :: münasebet
action at a distance {n} :: uzaktan etki
action word {n} (verb) SEE: verb ::
activate {v} (to put into operation) :: etkinleştirmek
activate {v} (to activate a software functionality) SEE: enable ::
activation energy {n} (activation energy) :: aktivasyon enerjisi
active {adj} (having the quality or power of acting) :: aktif
active {adj} (in action) :: faal
active {adj} (given to action) :: aktif, etkin, faal
active galactic nucleus {n} (region) :: etkin galaktik çekirdek
active power {n} (the real component of the power of an alternating current circuit) :: aktif güç
activism {n} (practice of using action to achieve a result) :: eylemcilik, aktivizm, etkincilik
activist {n} (one who is politically active) :: eylemci, etkinci, aktivist
activistic {adj} (activist) SEE: activist ::
actor {n} (person who performs in a theatrical play or film, see also: actress) :: oyuncu, aktör {m}, aktris {f}
actor {n} (one who acts; a doer) :: aktör {n}
actress {n} (female actor, see also: actor) :: aktris
actual {adj} (existing in act or reality, not just potentially) :: gerçek
actual {adj} (factual, real, not just apparent or even false) :: hakiki
actual {adj} (in action at the time being) :: güncel, aktüel, şimdiki
actual {adj} (emphasise a noun) :: esas, asıl
actuality {n} (the state of existing) :: gerçeklik
actually {adv} (In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively) :: aslında
actuary {n} (maker of insurance calculations) :: aktüer
acute {adj} (intense, sensitive, sharp, see also: intense; sensitive; sharp) :: keskin
acute {n} (acute accent) SEE: acute accent ::
acute accent {n} (acute accent) :: tiz vurgu
acute-angled triangle {n} (acute triangle) SEE: acute triangle ::
acute triangle {n} (triangle all of the angles of which are acute) :: dar açılı üçgen
Adam {prop} (first man in Abrahamic religions) :: Adem
Adam {prop} (male given name) :: Adem
Adam and Eve {prop} (the first man and woman (according to Genesis)) :: Adem ile Havva, Adem'le Havva, Adem ve Havva
adamant {n} (magnet or loadstone) SEE: magnet ::
Adam's apple {n} (lump in the throat) :: Adem elması
Adana {prop} (city) :: Adana
adapt {v} (to make suitable) :: uydurmak, adapte etmek
adapt {v} (to fit by alteration) :: uymak, uyum sağlamak, adapte olmak
adapt {v} (to make by altering) :: uyarlamak
adapt {adj} (adapted (adjective)) :: uygun, adapte
adaptable {adj} (capable of adapting or of being adapted) :: uyumlu
adaptation {n} :: uyum, adaptasyon, alışma, intibak
adaptiveness {n} (state or quality of being adaptive) :: uyumluluk
addend {n} (term added to another) :: toplanan
add fuel to the fire {v} (worsen a conflict) :: ateşe körükle gitmek
addict {n} (person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug) :: bağımlı, müptela
addict {n} (adherent or fan) :: müptela, düşkün, tutkun
addiction {n} (the state of being addicted) :: bağımlılık, iptila
addiction {n} (a habit or practice) :: düşkünlük, tutku
addictive {adj} (tending to cause addiction) :: alışkanlık yapan
Addis Ababa {prop} (capital of Ethiopia) :: Addis Ababa
addon {n} (add-on) SEE: add-on ::
add-on {n} (extension of core application) :: eklenti
address {n} (direction for letters) :: adres, unvan
address {n} (act of addressing oneself to a person) :: sözel başvuru
address {n} (manner of speaking to another) :: tarz
address {n} (attention in the way one addresses a lady) :: hitabe, konuşma, söylev
address {n} (skill) :: beceri, hüner
address {n} :: hitap, konuşma
address {v} (reflexively: to prepare oneself) :: kendini hazırlamak
addressee {n} (person or organization to which something is addressed or sent) :: muhatap
addresser {n} (a person who addresses an object to be delivered) :: gönderen
addresser {n} (a machine that addresses) :: göndergeç
add up {v} (be reasonable or consistent) SEE: make sense ::
Adelaide {prop} (state capital of South Australia) :: Adelaide
Aden {prop} (seaport of Yemen) :: Aden
adenine {n} (base that pairs with thymine or uracil) :: adenin
adenitis {n} (glandular inflammation) :: ak kan yangısı
adenosine {n} (nucleoside) :: adenozin
adept {adj} (well skilled) :: becerikli, mahir, usta, ehil
adequacy {n} (sufficiency) :: yeterlik
adequate {adj} (equal to some requirement) :: yeterli, uygun
adhan {n} ((Islam) The call to prayer) :: ezan
adhere {v} :: yapışmak
adhesive tape {n} :: yapıştırıcı bant
ad hoc {adj} (for this particular purpose) :: ad hoc (amaca özel)
ad hoc {adj} (special) SEE: special ::
ad hoc {adj} (impromptu) SEE: impromptu ::
adieu {interj} (farewell, goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
adios {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
Adjara {prop} (autonomous republic of Georgia) :: Acara
adjectival {adj} (functioning as an adjective) :: sıfat
adjective {n} ((grammar) a word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent) :: sıfat, ön ad
adjective {adj} (adjectival) SEE: adjectival ::
adjourn {v} :: ertelemek
adjudicator {n} (one who adjudicates) :: hakem
adjunct {n} (appendage) :: ek, ilave
adjustable spanner {n} (adjustable hand tool) :: İngiliz anahtarı, kurbağacık
adjustment {n} (result of adjusting, small change) :: ayarlama, ayar
adminicle {n} (aid) SEE: aid ::
adminicle {n} (auxiliary) SEE: auxiliary ::
administration {n} (the act of administering) :: idare, yönetim
administration {n} (the executive part of government) :: hükümet
admiral {n} (naval officer of the highest rank) :: oramiral
admiral {n} (a naval officer of high rank, immediately below Admiral of the Fleet) :: amiral
admiral of the fleet {n} (top rank in other navies) :: büyük amiral
Admiral of the Fleet {prop} (nautical rank) SEE: admiral of the fleet ::
admiralship {n} (state, property, or office of being an admiral) :: amirallik
admiralty {n} (office or jurisdiction) :: amirallik
admiration {n} (adoration; appreciation) :: hayranlık
admire {v} (regard with wonder and delight) :: hayran olmak
admit {v} :: kabul etmek
admonish {v} (warn or notify of a fault; exhort) :: ikaz etmek, kulağını bükmek
ado {n} :: gürültü, patırtı, telaş, yaygara
adobe {n} (unburnt brick) :: kerpiç
adolescence {n} (period between childhood and maturity) :: ergenlik, ilk gençlik, büluğ
adopt {v} (to take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen) :: evlat edinmek
adoption {n} (act of adopting, or state of being adopted) :: evlat edinme
adoption {n} (choosing and making that to be one's own which originally was not so) :: benimseme
adore {v} (worship) :: tapmak, tapınmak
adore {v} (love with entire heart and soul) :: tapmak
adore {v} :: tapmak [-ar]
adrenal {n} (noun sense) SEE: adrenal gland ::
adrenal gland {n} (endocrine gland situated above the kidney) :: böbreküstü bezi
adrenaline {n} (the compound epinephrine) :: adrenalin
Adriatic {prop} (Adriatic Sea) SEE: Adriatic Sea ::
Adriatic Sea {prop} (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice) :: Adriyatik Denizi
adroit {adj} (dexterous) SEE: dexterous ::
adsorption {n} (process of forming a film on the surface of a solid) :: adsorpsiyon
adult {n} (fully grown human) :: yetişkin
adult {adj} (fully grown) :: yetişkin, ergin
adult {adj} (intended for adults) :: yetişkin
adult {adj} (pornographic) SEE: pornographic ::
adultery {n} (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse) :: zina
adulthood {n} (time of life) :: yetişkinlik
adult star {n} (porn star) SEE: porn star ::
advance {v} (to bring forward; to move towards the front; to make to go on) :: ilerletmek
advance {v} (to raise to a higher rank; to promote) :: terfi etmek
advance {v} (to accelerate the growth or progress; to further; to forward) :: ilerlemek
advance {v} (to move forwards, to approach) :: ilerlemek
advance {n} (amount of money) :: öndelik
advantage {n} (any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success) :: avantaj
advantage {n} (the score where one player wins a point after deuce) :: avantaj
adventure {n} (encountering of risks) :: avantür, macera
adventure {n} (that which happens without design) :: macera, seruven
adventurer {n} (one who enjoys adventures) :: maceraperest, maceracı
adventurous {adj} (inclined to adventure) :: maceraperest
adventurous {adj} (full of hazard) :: serüvenli, tehlikeli
adventurousness {n} (quality of being adventurous) :: maceracılık, serüvencilik, maceraperestlik
adverb {n} (lexical category) :: belirteç, zarf
adversary {n} (opponent) :: rakip
advert {n} (advertisement) SEE: advertisement ::
advertise {v} ((transitive) to give public notice of; to announce publicly) :: duyurmak
advertise {v} ((intransitive) to provide information about a person or goods and services to influence others) :: reklâm yapmak
advertise {v} ((transitive) to provide public information about (a product, services etc.)) :: tanıtım yapmak
advertisement {n} (commercial solicitation) :: reklam, ilan, duyuru
advertorial {n} (advertisement presented as editorial) :: tanıtıcı reklam, haber-ilan
advice {n} (opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel) :: tavsiye öneri öğüt
advise {v} (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn) :: tavsiye etmek
adviser {n} (advisor) SEE: advisor ::
advisor {n} (one who offers advice) :: akıl hocası, danışman, müşavir
advocacy {n} (the profession of an advocate) :: avukatlık
Adygea {prop} (Adygea, Russia) :: Adıge, Adıge Cumhuriyeti
Adygei {prop} (Adygei) SEE: Adyghe ::
Adyghe {prop} (language spoken in the Republic of Adygea) :: Adigece
Aegean {prop} (Aegean Sea) SEE: Aegean Sea ::
Aegean {adj} (of or relating to the Aegean Sea) :: Ege, Egeli
Aegean Sea {prop} (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea) :: Ege Denizi, Adalar Denizi, Ege
aerial {n} (device for receiving or transmitting) :: anten
aerial {n} :: anten {f}
aerobiology {n} (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials) :: aerobiyoloji
Aeroflot {prop} (Russian airline) :: Aeroflot
aeroplane {n} (airplane) SEE: airplane ::
Aesculapius {prop} (Roman god) :: Asklepios
Aesop {prop} (ancient Greek author) :: Ezop
aetiology {n} (study of causes or origins) :: etiyoloji
Afar {prop} (language) :: Afarca
affable {adj} (friendly, courteous, sociable) :: arkadaş canlısı
affable {adj} (mild; benign) :: içten
affection {n} (any emotion) :: eğilim, meyil
affection {n} (feeling of love or strong attachment) :: duygulanmak, duygusal yakınlık, eğilim, meyil
affectionate {adj} (loving) :: sevecen
affiliate {v} (to adopt) SEE: adopt ::
affiliate {v} (to attach (to) or unite (with)) :: katmak, eklemek
affiliated {adj} (associated, related or united) :: bağlı, üye
affinity {n} (natural attraction for something) :: alaka, ilgi
affinity {n} (family relationship through marriage of a relative) :: sıhriyet
affinity {n} (attraction between atoms) :: alaka, ilgi
affix {n} (linguistics: a bound morpheme added to a word’s stem) :: ek
affix {n} (suffix) SEE: suffix ::
affliction {n} (a state of pain, suffering, distress or agony) :: ızdırap, dert, keder
affluence {n} (abundance of wealth) :: varlıklılık, varsıllık, zenginlik
affluent {n} (someone wealthy) :: zengin, varsıl, varlıklı
affluent {adj} (abounding in goods or riches; materially wealthy) :: varlıklı, zengin, varsıl
Afghan {n} (person from Afghanistan) :: Afgan
Afghan {prop} (Pashto language) :: Peştuca, Afganca
Afghan {adj} (pertaining to Afghanistan) :: Afgan
Afghan hound {n} (Afghan Hound) SEE: Afghan Hound ::
Afghan Hound {n} (Afghan Hound) :: Afgan tazısı
Afghani {n} (citizen or native of Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan ::
Afghani {adj} (relating to Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan ::
Afghanistan {prop} (country) :: Afganistan
aforementioned {adj} (previously mentioned) :: adı geçen, mezkûr, sözü geçen
aforethought {adj} (premeditated; planned ahead of time) :: kasıtlı, planlı, planlanmış
Afrasiab {prop} (mythical hero) :: Efrasiyab
Africa {prop} (continent south of Europe) :: Afrika
African {n} (a native of Africa) :: Afrikalı
a friend in need is a friend indeed {proverb} (someone who helps you in your time of need is a real friend) :: iyi dost kara günde belli olur, dost kara günde belli olur
Afrikaans {n} (language) :: Afrikanca, Afrikaans, Afrikaner
after {adv} (behind; later in time; following) :: sonra
after {prep} (subsequently; following in time; later than) :: sonra
after {prep} (behind) :: arkasında, ardından
after {prep} (in pursuit of, seeking) :: peşinde, ardında, arkasında
after {prep} (as a result of) :: sonucunda, sonrasında
after {prep} (in spite of) :: yerine
afterbirth {n} (material expelled after childbirth) :: döl eşi, son, , meşime, etene, plasenta
afterlife {n} (life after death) :: ahiret, öbür dünya, öteki dünya, diğer taraf
aftermath {n} (that which happens after, that which follows) :: ardından, sonrasında
afternoon {n} (part of the day between noon and evening) :: öğleden sonra
aftershock {n} (earthquake that follows in the same vicinity as another) :: artçı deprem, artçı sarsıntı, artçı şok
afterward {adv} (afterwards) SEE: afterwards ::
afterwards {adv} (at a later or succeeding time) :: sonradan, daha sonra, sonraları, sonra, sonrasında
afterword {n} (appendix) SEE: appendix ::
afterword {n} (epilogue) :: bağlak, son söz, epilog
Afyonkarahisar {prop} (Afyonkarahisar) :: Afyonkarahisar
again {adv} (another time) :: yeniden, tekrar, gene, yine, bir daha
against {prep} (in a contrary direction to) :: karşı
against {prep} (in opposition to) :: karşı
against {prep} :: karşı
agate {n} (mineral) :: akik, agat
age {n} (century) SEE: century ::
age {n} (whole duration of a being) :: ömür, yaşam
age {n} (one of the stages of life) :: çağ, yaş
age {n} (time of life at which some particular power or capacity is understood to become vested) :: olgunluk
age {n} (particular period of time in history) :: çağ
age {n} (great period in the history of the Earth) :: çağ
age {n} (generation, see also: generation) :: nesil, kuşak, jenerasyon
age {n} (a long time) :: devir, çağ
age {n} (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time) :: yaş
age {n} (advanced period of life; latter part of life) :: yaşlılık
age {n} (time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities) :: yetişkin, ergin
age {v} (intransitive: become old) :: yaşlanmak
aged {adj} (having the age of) :: yaşlı, yaşında, yaşındaki
ageful {n} (eternity) SEE: eternity ::
agency {n} (office of an agent, or factor) :: acentelik
agency {n} (agent) SEE: agent ::
agenda {n} (temporally organized plan) :: ajanda
agenda {n} (list of matters to be taken up) :: ajanda
agenda {n} (agenda book; notebook for organizing and planning) :: ajanda, andaç
agent {n} (one who exerts power) :: fail
agent {n} (one who acts in place of another) :: acente, temsilci, vekil, aracı
agent {n} (active power or cause) :: fail
agent {n} (computing: part of the system that performs action on behalf of a client or server) :: vekil
agent {n} (grammar: performer of the action in a sentence) :: yapıcı, kılıcı, fail
agglutinative {adj} (having words derived by combining parts) :: bitişken, eklemeli
aggregate {n} (a mass formed by the union of homogeneous particles) :: yığın, kitle, kütle
aggregate {n} (set (mathematics)) :: küme
aggregate {n} (any of the five aspects constituting the sentient being in Buddhism) :: skandha
aggregate {v} (To bring together; to collect into a mass or sum) :: yığmak, toplamak
aggression {n} (act of initiating hostilities or invasion) :: saldırganlık
aggressive {adj} (tending or disposed to aggress) :: saldırgan
aggressiveness {n} (state or quality being aggressive) :: saldırganlık, agresiflik
aggressor {n} (the person or country that first attacks or makes an aggression) :: saldırgan, mütecaviz
agha {n} (an honorific for high officials used in Turkey and certain Muslim countries) :: ağa
agitate {v} (to move with a violent, irregular action) :: sarsmak
agitate {v} (to move or actuate) :: sarsmak
agitate {v} (to stir up, to disturb or excite) :: sarsmak
agitprop {n} (political propaganda) :: agitprop
aglet {n} (cover of a shoelace) SEE: aiglet ::
agnosia {n} (inability to recognize objects) :: tanısızlık
agnostic {adj} (of or relating to agnosticism) :: agnostik, agnostisizmle ilgili, bilinmezci, bilinmezcilikle ilgili, şüpheci
agnostic {n} (one who holds to a form of agnosticism.) :: bilinemezci
agnosticism {n} (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable) :: agnostisizm, bilinemezcilik
ago {adv} (past; gone by; since) :: önce
agony {n} (extreme pain of mind or body) :: acı, ızdırap, kıvranma
agony {n} (paroxysm of joy) :: kıvranma
agony {n} (last struggle of life) :: kıvranma, can çekişme
agony aunt {n} (writer of an advice column) :: güzin abla
agorism {n} (philosophy that advocates the creation of a voluntaryist society through counter-economics) :: agorizm
agouti {n} (a rodent similar in appearance to a guinea pig but having longer legs) :: aguti
agree {v} (harmonize in opinion; be in unison or concord; be united; concur) :: katılmak
agree {v} (to yield assent, to accede) :: kabul etmek, onaylamak
agree {v} (to come to terms or to a common resolve) :: anlaşmak
agriculture {n} (the art or science of cultivating the ground) :: tarım, ekincilik
agriculturist {n} (one who practices agriculture, a farmer, a gardener) :: tarımcı, ziraatçi
Agrigento {prop} (province and city in Sicily) :: Agrigento
agronomy {n} (science of utilizing plants, animals, and soils for food, fuel, feed and more) :: agronomi, tarım bilimi
ague {n} (malaria) SEE: malaria ::
Ahmed {prop} (male given name) :: Ahmet
Ahmedabad {prop} (city in India) :: Ahmedabad
Ahriman {prop} (the hypostasis of chaos, destruction, evil in Zoroastrianism) :: Ehrimen
aid {n} (help; succor; assistance; relief) :: yardım
aid {n} (a person that promotes or helps in something being done; a helper) :: yardımcı
aid {n} (something which helps; a material source of help) :: yardım, yardımcı
aid {n} (aide-de-camp) SEE: aide-de-camp ::
aide {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant ::
aide {n} (military: officer who acts as an assistant to a more senior one) SEE: aide-de-camp ::
aide-de-camp {n} (military officer) :: yaver
AIDS {n} (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) :: AIDS
aiglet {n} (tip on a ribbon or cord) :: aglet
aikido {n} (Japanese martial art) :: aikido
ailurophile {n} (cat-lover) :: kedisever
ailurophobia {n} (irrational fear or hatred for cats) :: ailurofobi, kedi korkusu
aimless {adj} (without aim) :: amaçsız
aimlessly {adv} (without an aim) :: amaçsızca, amaçsızcasına
aimlessness {n} (state or quality of being aimless, or without purpose or direction) :: amaçsızlık
air {n} (historical: one of the basic elements) :: hava, tenek
air {n} (mixture of gases making up the atmosphere of the Earth) :: hava
air {n} (music: a song, an aria) :: arya
airan {n} (a Turkish and Altaic yoghurt drink) :: ayran
airbag {n} (protective system in automobiles) :: hava yastığı
airborne {adj} (carried by the air) :: havadaki
air-conditioned {adj} (equipped with air-conditioning) :: klimalı
air conditioner {n} (a machine that is used to control temperature and humidity in an enclosed space) :: klima
aircraft {n} (machine capable of atmospheric flight) :: hava taşıtı
aircraft carrier {n} (warship for launching aircraft) :: uçak gemisi
airfoil {n} (wing of an aircraft) SEE: wing ::
air force {n} (branch of the military devoted to air warfare) :: hava kuvetleri {p}
airline {n} (company that flies airplanes) :: hava yolu
airliner {n} (passenger aircraft) :: yolcu uçağı
airmass {n} (a body of air with uniform characteristics) :: hava kütlesi
airplane {n} (powered aircraft) :: uçak, [obsolete] tayyare
airport {n} (place designated for airplanes) :: havalimanı, havaalanı
air-to-air {adj} (fired from an aircraft in flight at another one) :: havadan havaya
air-to-air missile {n} (missile) :: havadan havaya füze
air-to-ground {adj} :: havadan karaya, havadan yere
air-to-ship {adj} :: havadan gemiye
air-to-surface {adj} (fired from an aircraft at a target on land or water) :: havadan karaya, havadan yere
air-to-surface missile {n} (missile) :: havadan karaya füze
airway {n} (windpipe) SEE: windpipe ::
Aisha {prop} (female given name) :: Ayşe
aitch {n} (name of the letter H, h) :: he
Ajax {prop} (either of two heroes of the Trojan War) :: Aias, Ajax
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step {proverb} (a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step) :: binlerce kilometrelik yolculuk bile tek bir adımla başlar
AKA {adv} (also known as) :: diğer adıyla, nam-ı diğer [obsolescent]
akçe {n} (Ottoman silver coin) :: akçe, akça
Akhalkalaki {prop} (an Armenian-populated town) :: Ahılkelek
Akhaltsikhe {prop} (a town in Georgia) :: Ahıska
akhirah {n} (afterlife) :: ahiret
akhund {n} ((historical) a spiritual leader in Persia, parts of Central Asia and Xinjiang, China) :: ahund
Akhuryan {prop} (river) :: Arpaçay
Ak Koyunlu {prop} (a Sunni Oghuz Turkic tribal federation) :: Akkoyunlu
Ak Koyunlu {n} (a member of this tribe) :: Akkoyunlu
Akrotiri and Dhekelia {prop} (British overseas territory) :: Ağrotur ve Dikelya
aksakal {n} (aqsaqal) SEE: aqsaqal ::
Alabama {prop} (U.S. State) :: Alabama
Alan {n} (member of a Sarmatian tribe) :: Alan
Al-Andalus {prop} (Islamic Spain) :: Endülüs
alarm clock {n} (type of clock) :: çalar saat
alas {interj} (exclamation of sorrow, etc.) :: ah, aman, eyvah
Alaska {prop} (US state) :: Alaska
Alaskan Malamute {n} (Alaskan Malamute sled dog) :: Alaska malamutu
Alawite {n} :: Nusayrî
Albania {prop} (country in south-eastern Europe) :: Arnavutluk
Albanian {adj} (of or pertaining to Albania) :: Arnavut
Albanian {n} (person from Albania) :: Arnavut
Albanian {n} (language) :: Arnavutça
albatross {n} (seabird) :: albatros
albedo {n} (the fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body) :: yansıtabilirlik
albeit {conj} (despite its being; although) :: her ne kadar, yine, gerçi, ise de
album {n} (book for photographs, stamps, or autographs) :: albüm
albumen {n} (white part of an egg) :: yumurta akı
alburn {n} (bleak) SEE: bleak ::
alchemist {n} (one who practices alchemy) :: simyacı
alchemy {n} (ancient chemistry) :: simya
alchemy {n} (causing of mysterious transmutation) :: simya
alcohol {n} (organic chemistry sense) :: alkol
alcohol {n} (intoxicating beverage) :: alkol
alcohol-free {adj} (containing no alcohol) :: alkolsüz
alcoholic {n} (a person addicted to alcohol) :: alkolik, ayyaş, içkici, küplü [slang]
alcoholic {n} (one who abuses alcohol) :: alkolik, ayyaş, içkici
alcoholic {adj} (having more than a trace amount of alcohol in its contents) :: alkollü
Alcoholics Anonymous {prop} (proper noun) :: Anonim Alkolikler
alcoholism {n} (chronic disease) :: alkoliklik
alcoholism {n} (acute alcohol poisoning) :: alkolizm
Aldebaran {prop} (star) :: Aldebaran
alder {n} (any tree or shrub of the genus Alnus) :: kızılağaç
Alejandro {prop} (cognates of Alejandro) SEE: Alexander ::
alembic {n} (chemical apparatus) :: imbik
Aleppo {prop} (Syrian city) :: Halep
Aleut {prop} (language of the Aleutian Islands) :: Aleutça
Alevism {n} ( Doctrine) :: Alevilik
Alevite {n} (Muslim who follows Alevism) :: Alevi
Alexander {prop} (male given name) :: İskender
Alexander the Great {prop} (King of Macedonia) :: Büyük İskender
Alexandria {prop} (city in Egypt) :: İskenderiye
Alexandroupoli {prop} (city) :: Dedeağaç
alexia {n} (word blindness) :: aleksi
alga {n} (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms) :: alg, su yosunu
algebra {n} (system for computation) :: cebir
Algeria {prop} (country) :: Cezayir
Algerian {n} (person from Algeria) :: Cezayirli
Algherese {prop} (Catalan dialect spoken in Alghero) :: Algeroca
Algiers {prop} (the capital of Algeria) :: Cezayir
algorithm {n} (well-defined procedure) :: algoritma
alhamdulillah {interj} ((Islam) praise be to God) :: elhamdülillah
Ali {prop} (male given name from Arabic) :: Ali
Ali Baba {prop} (a fictional character) :: Ali Baba
Alice {prop} (female given name) :: Alis
a lie has no legs {proverb} (you can't get away with a lie) :: yalancının mumu yatsıya kadar yanar
alien {n} (person, etc. from outside) :: yabancı
alien {n} (foreigner) :: yabancı, ecnebi
alien {n} (life form of non-Earth origin) :: uzaylı
alienation {n} (the state of being alienated) :: yabancılaşma
alienation {n} (emotional isolation or dissociation) :: yabancılaşma
alienist {n} (psychiatrist) SEE: psychiatrist ::
align {v} (To form in line; to fall into line) :: hizalamak
align {v} (To adjust or form to a line) :: hizalanmak
align {v} (To adhere oneself with a group or a way of thinking) :: hizalanmak
alim {n} (scholar of Islamic law) :: âlim
aline {v} (form in line, fall into line) SEE: align ::
aline {v} (adjust or form to a line) SEE: align ::
aline {v} (adhere oneself with a group or a way of thinking) SEE: align ::
aliphatic {adj} (organic chemistry: having carbon atoms arranged in an open chain) :: alifatik
a little {adv} (to a small extent or degree) :: biraz, çok az, azıcık, az
a little bird told me {phrase} (idiomatic) :: kuşlar söyledi
alive {adj} (having life) :: sağ, diri, canlı
alive {adj} (sprightly, lively, brisk) :: yaşam dolu, diri, canlı
alkali {n} (class of caustic bases) :: alkali
alkaloid {n} (organic heterocyclic base) :: alkaloid
alkane {n} (saturated hydrocarbon of formula CnH2n+2) :: alkan
alkene {n} (unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon with one or more carbon–carbon double bonds) :: alken
alkoxide {n} (alcohol-derived compound formed by replacing a hydrogen atom with another cationic species) :: alkoksit
alkyne {n} (hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond) :: alkin
all {adv} :: tamamen
all {determiner} (every individual of the given class) :: bütün
all {determiner} (throughout the whole of (a stated period of time)) :: bütün
all {determiner} :: hepsi, tamamı
all {pron} (everyone) SEE: everyone ::
all {pron} (everything) SEE: everything ::
Allah {prop} (God, in Islam) :: Allah
Allahu akbar {interj} (Muslim takbir (proclamation)) :: Allah'u ekber, Allah-u ekber
all-clear {n} (A sign or signal indicating that a hindrance or danger is clear) :: tehlike geçti işareti
allegedly {adv} (according to someone's allegation) :: iddiaya göre, sözde
all-encompassing {adj} (including everything) :: evrensel, kapsamlı, bütüncül
allergy {n} (disorder of the immune system) :: alerji
alleviate {v} (make less severe) :: azaltmak, dindirmek, hafifletmek [law]
alley {n} (narrow street) :: geçit, dar sokak, pasaj
alliance {n} (state of being allied) :: ittifak
alligator {n} (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator) :: timsah, alligator
alliteration {n} (the repetition of consonants) :: aliterasyon
allocate {v} (to set aside for a purpose) :: tahsis etmek, ayırmak
allocate {v} (to distribute according to a plan) :: paylaştırmak
allocation {n} (The process or procedure for allocating things, especially money or other resources.) :: tahsis etme
all of a sudden {adv} (colloquial: suddenly, see also: suddenly) :: birden
all of the sudden {adv} (all of a sudden) SEE: all of a sudden ::
allotment {n} (plot of land) :: hobi bahçesi
allotropic {adj} (of an element that exhibits allotropy) :: allotropik
allotropical {adj} (allotropic) SEE: allotropic ::
all over the place {prep} (In multiple directions or locations, often haphazardly; everywhere.) :: her tarafta, her yerde
allowance {n} (a child's allowance; pocket money) SEE: pocket money ::
alloy {n} (metal combined of more elements) :: alaşım, halita
all rights reserved {phrase} (copyright notice formula) :: tüm hakları saklıdır
all roads lead to Rome {proverb} (different paths can take to the same goal) :: tüm yollar Roma'ya çıkar
allspice {n} (spice) :: baharat
all's well that ends well {proverb} (A happy ending makes up for everything that has gone before...) :: sonu iyi biterse
all things come to those who wait {proverb} (good things come to those who wait) SEE: good things come to those who wait ::
all too {adv} (way too) SEE: way too ::
allure {n} (the power to attract, entice; the quality causing attraction) :: cezbetmek
alluring {adj} (having to power to allure) :: cazip, albenili, alımlı, çekici, cazibeli
allusion {n} (indirect reference, hint) :: gönderme
ally {n} (one united to another by treaty or league) :: müttefik
Almaty {prop} (city) :: Almatı
almond {n} (nut) :: badem
almond {n} (tree) :: badem
almond paste {n} (paste made from ground almonds and sugar in equal quantities) :: bademezmesi, badem ezmesi
almost {adv} (very close to) :: neredeyse
almost doesn't count {proverb} (near success (or correctness) is not deemed success (or correctness)) SEE: close, but no cigar ::
alms {n} (something given to the poor as charity) :: sadaka, zekât
aloha {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
aloha {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye ::
alone {adv} (by oneself) :: yalnız, tek
along {prep} (by the length of; in a line with the length of; lengthwise next to) :: boyunca
along {prep} (in a line with, with a progressive motion on; onward on; forward on) :: boyunca
along {adv} (in company, together) :: birlikte
along {adv} (onward, forward) :: ileri
alopecia {n} (baldness) SEE: baldness ::
a lot {n} (a large amount) :: çok
a lot {adv} (very much) :: çok, bir sürü, bir ton
a lot {adv} (often) :: çok sık, çok
alpenstock {n} (walking stick) :: dağ bastonu, dağ değneği, dağ çomağı
alpha {n} (name of the letter Α, α) :: alfa
alphabet {n} (an ordered set of letters used in a language) :: alfabe, abece
alphabetic {adj} (alphabetical) SEE: alphabetical ::
alphabetical {adj} (pertaining to the alphabet) :: alfabetik, abecesel
alphabetical {adj} (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet) :: alfabetik sırayla, alfabetik olarak
Alpha Centauri {prop} (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus) :: Alfa Centauri
alphanumeric {adj} (consisting of letters and numbers) :: alfanümerik, abecesayısal, abece-sayısal, abece sayısal
alphanumerical {adj} (alphanumeric) SEE: alphanumeric ::
alpha version {n} (software in an early status) :: alfa sürümü, birincil sürüm
alpine chough {n} (alpine chough) :: sarı gagalı dağ kargası
alpinism {n} (mountain climbing) :: dağcılık
alpinist {n} (mountain climber) SEE: mountaineer ::
Alps {prop} (a mountain range in Western Europe) :: Alpler {p}, Alp Dağları
al-Qaeda {prop} (The global network of militant Islamic extremists.) :: El Kaide
al-Quds {prop} (Jerusalem) SEE: Jerusalem ::
already {adv} (prior to some time) :: zaten, çoktan
Alsace {prop} (region on the west bank of the upper Rhine) :: Alsas
also {adv} (in addition; besides; as well; further; too) :: ayrıca, da, de, hem
also known as {adv} (used to introduce an alternative name) SEE: AKA ::
Altai {prop} (Altay) SEE: Altay ::
Altair {prop} (star) :: Altair
Altai Republic {prop} (federal subject of Russia) :: Altay Cumhuriyeti
altar {n} (flat-topped structure used for religious rites) :: sunak, mihrap
Altay {prop} (mountain range) :: Altay
alteration {n} :: tebdil, tebeddül
alternate {adj} (other; alternative) :: alternatif
alternative {n} (a situation which allows a choice between two or more possibilities) :: seçenek
alternative {n} (one of several things which can be chosen) :: seçenek
alternatively {adv} (in an alternative way) :: alternativ olarak, ya da
although {conj} (in spite of the fact that) :: rağmen
altimeter {n} (an apparatus for measuring altitude) :: yükseklikölçer, altimetre
altitude {n} (absolute height) :: irtifa, yükseklik
altitude {n} (distance measured upwards) :: irtifa, yükseklik
altitude {n} (distance measured perpendicularly from a figure's vertex to the opposite side of the vertex) :: irtifa, yükseklik
altogether {adv} (without exception; wholly; completely) :: hep birlikte, topluca, cümbür cemaat
altruism {n} (policy that benefits others' interests) :: diğerkâmlık
aluminium {n} (silvery metal) :: alüminyum
aluminium foil {n} (thin sheets of aluminium) :: alüminyum folyo
aluminium paper {n} (aluminium foil) SEE: aluminium foil ::
aluminum {n} (aluminium) SEE: aluminium ::
always {adv} (at all times) :: her zaman, daima
always {adv} :: her zaman
Alzheimer's disease {n} (mental disorder from brain tissue changes) :: Alzheimer
amadou {n} (spongy, flammable substance prepared from bracket fungi) :: kav
amalgam {n} (alloy) :: malgama
a man is known by the company he keeps {proverb} (people are similar in character to their friends) :: Körle yatan şaşı kalkar
amateur {n} (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally) :: amatör, özenci, özengen
amateur {adj} (showing lack of professionalism, experience or talent) :: acemi, çaylak, amatör
amaze {v} (to fill with surprise, astonish) :: şaşırtmak
amazing {adj} (very good) SEE: good ::
amazing {adj} (causing wonder and amazement) :: şaşırtıcı
Amazon {prop} (river) :: Amazon Nehri, Amazon
amœba {n} (amoeba) SEE: amoeba ::
ambassador {n} (minister) :: büyükelçi
ambassador {n} (representative) :: elçi, büyükelçi
amber {n} (fossil resin) :: kehribar, kılkapan, sapankapan
amber {n} (colour) :: kehribar rengi
amber {n} (traffic light colour) :: sarı
amber {n} (ambergris) SEE: ambergris ::
ambergris {n} (waxy substance produced by sperm whales) :: amber
amberjack {n} (fish of genus Seriola) :: ada balığı
ambigram {n} (design that reads as the same word or phrase in two different orientations) :: ambigram
ambiguity {n} (something liable to more than one interpretation) :: muğlâlık
ambiguous {adj} (open to multiple interpretations) :: belirsiz
ambivalence {n} :: belirsizlik, bir duruma karşı zıt görüşler bulunması/bulunmasının getirdiği belirsizlik
ambivalent {adj} (experiencing or expressing opposing feelings) :: ikircikli, ikircimli, kararsız, mütereddit
ambulance {n} (emergency vehicle) :: ambulans, cankurtaran
ambush {n} (a disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station) :: pusu, tuzak
ameliorate {v} (to make better) :: iyileştirmek
amen {adv} (so be it) :: amin
amen {adv} :: amin
amen {interj} (expression of strong agreement) :: amin
amenable {adj} (Willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions) :: bağlı, cevap verebilir, tabi olan, yumuşak başlı
amend {v} (to make better) :: iyileştirmek, düzeltmek
amend {v} (to become better) :: iyileşmek, düzelmek
amendment {n} (correction or addition to a law) :: tebdil
amendment {n} (that which is added) :: düzeltme, ıslah
amenity {n} (pleasantness) :: hoşluk, tatlılık
amenity {n} (something that makes life easier or more pleasant) :: tesis
amenity {n} :: memnuniyet, rahatlik
amerce {v} (to make an exaction) SEE: punish ::
America {prop} (United States of America) SEE: United States of America ::
America {prop} (Americas) SEE: Americas ::
American {n} (inhabitant of the Americas) :: Amerikalı
American {n} (person born in, or a citizen of, the U.S.) :: Amerikan, Amerikalı
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture) :: Amerikalı, Amerikan
American bison {n} (mammal) :: bizon
American Dream {n} :: Amerikan Rüyası
American English {n} (English of the United States) :: Amerikan İngilizcesi, Amerikanca
American football {n} (American football) :: Amerikan futbolu
American Indian {n} (a member of some indigenous peoples of the Americas) SEE: Indian ::
American Samoa {prop} (US overseas territory in Oceania) :: Amerikan Samoası
American Sign Language {prop} (language that uses hands, facial expressions, and other bodily behavior to communicate) :: Amerikan İşaret Dili
Americas {prop} (North and South America) :: Amerika
americium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 95) :: amerikyum
Amerindian {n} (an American Indian) SEE: Indian ::
Amharic {prop} (language) :: Amharca
amigo {n} (friend) SEE: friend ::
amino acid {n} (any organic compound containing amino and carboxylic acid) :: aminoasit
amino acid {n} (any of the twenty α-amino acids) :: aminoasit
Amir {prop} (given name) :: Emir
amiss {adj} (wrong) SEE: wrong ::
a miss is as good as a mile {proverb} (failure remains a failure) SEE: close, but no cigar ::
a mite {adv} (a little) SEE: a little ::
Amman {prop} (the capital of Jordan) :: Amman
ammeter {n} (device that measures an electric current) :: ampermetre
ammonia {n} (the compound NH3) :: amonyak
ammunition {n} (articles used in charging firearms) :: cephane, mühimmat
amnesia {n} (forgetfulness) SEE: forgetfulness ::
amoeba {n} (member of a genus of unicellular protozoa) :: amip
amongst {prep} (Used to denote a mingling or intermixing) :: arasında
amorous {adj} (inclined to love) :: aşık {p}
amount {n} (number of elements in a set) SEE: number ::
amount {n} (total or sum of items) :: miktar
amperage {n} (electric current) SEE: current ::
ampere {n} (unit of electrical current) :: amper
ampere-hour {n} (unit of electric charge) :: amper-saat
ampersand {n} (the symbol &) :: ampersand; ve imi
ampersat {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
amphetamine {n} (amphetamine) :: amfetamin
amphibian {n} (vertebrate) :: iki yaşamlı, amfibi
amphoteric {adj} (having the characteristics of both an acid and a base) :: amfoter
ampoule {n} (small glass vial hermetically sealed) :: ampul, ilaç ampulü, enjeksiyon ampulü
Amsterdam {prop} (capital of the Netherlands) :: Amsterdam
Amu Darya {prop} (river) :: Ceyhun, Amuderya
amulet {n} (protective charm) :: muska, tılsım
Amur {prop} (the river between the Far East Russia and China) :: Amur
amusement {n} (entertainment) :: eğlence
amusement {n} (an activity that is entertaining or amusing) :: etkinlik, uğraşı, eğlenti
amusement park {n} (commercially-operated collection of rides, games and other entertainment attractions) :: eğlence parkı, lunapark
amygdala {n} (region of the brain) :: amigdala
amylum {n} (amylum) SEE: starch ::
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis {n} (disease) :: amyotrofik lateral skleroz
an {article} (indefinite article) :: Not used in Turkish
anachronism {n} (chronological mistake) :: anakronizm, çağaşım, zamandışılık
anachronism {n} (person or thing which seems to belong to a different time) :: zaman aşımı
anaconda {n} (any of various large nonvenomous snake of the genus Eunectes) :: anakonda
Anadyr {prop} (city in Russia) :: Anadir
anagram {n} (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase) :: anagram, evirmece
Anaheim {prop} (city in Orange County) :: Anaheim
anal {adj} (of, related to, intended for or involving the anus) :: anal
anal {adj} (of the stage in psychosexual development) :: anal
analgesic {n} (medicine that reduces pain) :: analjezik
analog {adj} (represented by a continuously variable physical quantity) :: analog
analogue {n} (analog) SEE: analog ::
analogy {n} (relationship of resemblance or equivalence) :: analoji
anal sex {n} (sex involving the anus) :: anal seks
analysis {n} (decomposition into components in order to study) :: analiz, tahlil, çözümleme
analysis {n} (in mathematics) :: analiz
analysis {n} (logic: proof by deduction from known truths) :: analiz
analysis {n} (chemistry: process of breaking down a substance or the result of this process) :: analiz
analyst {n} (person who analyses) :: analist
analytic geometry {n} (branch of mathematics) :: analitik geometri
ananas {n} (pineapple) SEE: pineapple ::
Anapa {prop} (city) :: Anapa
an apple a day keeps the doctor away {proverb} (apples are good for you) :: güneş giren eve doktor girmez
anarchism {n} (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms) :: anarşizm
anarcho-capitalism {n} (philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state and a self-regulating free market) :: anarko-kapitalizm
anarcho-syndicalism {n} (A branch or field of anarchy that focuses on the abolition of capitalism) :: anarko-sendikalizm
anarchy {n} (absence of any form of political authority or government) :: anarşi
anathema {n} (ban or curse) :: aforoz
anathema {n} (imprecation) :: lanetleme, lanet
anational {adj} (not national) :: ulussuz
Anatolia {prop} (peninsula of Western Asia) :: Anadolu
anatomic {adj} (anatomical) SEE: anatomical ::
anatomical {adj} (Of or relating to anatomy or dissection) :: anatomik
anatomist {n} (one involved in the science of anatomical structures) :: anatomist
anatomy {n} (art of studying the different parts of any organized body) :: anatomi, yapıbilim
ancestor {n} (one from whom a person is descended) :: ata
anchor {n} (tool to moor a vessel into sea bottom) :: çıpa
Anchorage {prop} (city) :: Anchorage
anchorman {n} (TV host) :: spiker
anchovy {n} (small saltwater fish) :: hamsi
ancient {adj} (having lasted from a remote period) :: antik, antika, kadim
ancient {adj} (existent or occurring in time long past) :: antik, kadim
ancient {adj} (history: relating to antiquity) :: antik, kadim
ancient {adj} :: bayrı, eskil
Ancient Egypt {prop} (civilization) :: Antik Mısır
Ancient Greece {prop} (ancient civilization of the Mediterranean) :: Antik Yunanistan, Eski Yunanistan
Ancient Greek {n} (the Greek language of classical antiquity) :: Antik Yunanca, Eski Yunanca, Grekçe
Ancient Rome {prop} (civilization associated with Rome from the 9th century BC to the 5th century AD) :: Antik Roma
ancillary {adj} (subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory) :: yardımcı, tali
Ancona {n} (city, province) :: Ancona
and {conj} (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera) :: ve, ile
Andalusia {prop} (autonomous community of Spain) :: Endülüs
and how {phrase} (strong confirmation of preceding) :: hem de nasıl!
Andhra Pradesh {prop} (state in the union of India) :: Andhra Pradeş
andiron {n} (a utensil for supporting wood while burning) :: demir ayakklık
and/or {conj} (inclusive "or") :: ve/veya
Andorra {prop} (country) :: Andorra
Andorran {n} (person from Andorra) :: Andorralı
androgen {n} (androgen) :: androjen
androgenic hair {n} (body hair) SEE: body hair ::
androgynous {adj} :: çift cinsiyetli
Andromeda {prop} (constellation) :: Andromeda
and so forth {phrase} (indicating a list continues similarly) :: ve benzeri
and so on {phrase} (indicating a list continues) SEE: and so forth ::
anecdote {n} (short account of an incident) :: anekdot
anemia {n} (medical condition with decreased oxygen transport) :: kansızlık, anemi
anemone {n} (any plant of genus anemone) :: dağ lalesi, anemon
aneurysm {n} (abnormal blood-filled swelling) :: anevrizma
anew {adv} (again) :: yeniden, yine
Angara {prop} (river in Russia) :: Angara
angel {n} (messenger from a deity) :: melek, ferişte [archaic]
angel {n} (selfless person) :: melek
angel of death {n} (personification of death in fiction and in art) :: ölüm meleği
anger {n} (A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something) :: öfke, kızgınlık, hiddet
anger {v} (to cause such a feeling of antagonism) :: kızdırmak, öfkelendirmek
angiography {n} (medical imaging technique) :: anjiyografi
Angkor Wat {prop} (Cambodian temple complex) :: Angkor Vat
angle {n} (geometrical figure) :: açı
angle {n} (measure of such a figure) :: açı
angle {n} (viewpoint) :: açı, bakış açısı
angle bisector {n} (ray that divides an angle into two equal parts) :: açıortay
angle of attack {n} (angle between the chord line of an airfoil and the airflow over it) :: hücum açısı
Anglicanism {n} (beliefs and practices of the Anglican Church) :: Anglikanizm
Anglicity {n} (Englishness) SEE: Englishness ::
Anglo-Saxon {prop} (Old English) SEE: Old English ::
Anglosphere {prop} (set of anglophone countries) :: İngilizce konuşan insanlar topluluğu
ang moh {n} (white person) SEE: white ::
Angola {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Angola
Angolan {n} (person from Angola or of Angolan descent) :: Angolalı
Angra Mainyu {prop} (Ahriman) SEE: Ahriman ::
angry {adj} (displaying anger) :: kızgın, sinirli, asabi
Anguilla {prop} (British overseas territory in the Caribbean) :: Anguilla
angular velocity {n} (angle turned in a given time) :: açısal hız
animadversion {n} (criticism, a critical remark) :: eleştiri, kınama
animal {adj} (of animals) :: hayvansal, hayvanca, hayvanî
animal {adj} (unhindered by social codes) :: hayvanî, hayvanca
animal {n} (organism) :: hayvan, döngül, (dialectal) çer, töm
animal {n} (organism other than man) :: hayvan
animal {n} (person who behaves wildly) :: hayvan, dingil
animal rights {n} (fundamental rights for animals) :: hayvan hakları {p}
animal testing {n} (use of non-human animals in scientific experimentation) :: hayvan testi
animate {adj} (that which lives) :: canlı, diri
animate {adj} (possessing the quality or ability of motion) :: etkin
animate {adj} (dynamic, energetic) :: canlı, dinamik, faal, aktif
animate {adj} (in grammar) :: canlı
animate {v} (to impart motion or its appearance) :: canlandırmak
animation {n} (causing images to appear to move) :: animasyon
anime {n} (an animated work originated in Japan) :: anime
animism {n} (belief in spirits) :: canlıcılık
animist {n} (believer in animism) :: canlıcı
animistic {adj} (of or pertaining to animism) :: canlıcı
animosity {n} (violent hatred leading to active opposition; active enmity; energetic dislike) :: husumet, muhasamat [archaic], düşmanlık
anion {n} (negatively charged ion) :: anyon
anise {n} (plant) :: anason
anise {n} (fennel) SEE: fennel ::
anisotropy {n} (the property of being directionally dependent) :: anisotropi
Ankara {prop} (capital of Turkey) :: Ankara
ankh {n} (cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top) :: ankh, nil'in anahtarı
ankle {n} (joint between foot and leg) :: ayak bileği
anklebone {n} (the talus) :: aşık kemiği
ankle bracelet {n} (anklet) SEE: anklet ::
anklet {n} (a bracelet at the ankle) :: halhal
annex {v} (to add something to another, to incorporate into) :: katmak, eklemek, bağlamak, ilhak etmek
annex {n} (addition of territory) SEE: annexation ::
annexation {n} (addition or incorporation of something) :: ilhak
anniversary {n} (day an exact number of years since an event) :: yıl dönümü
annotation {n} (critical or explanatory commentary or analysis) :: belirtim, açıklayıcı not, bilgi notu
annotation {n} (comment added to a text) :: dipnot, hāşiye
annotation {n} (process of writing a comment or commentary) :: not ekleme, şerh ekleme
announcement {n} (act) :: ilan, beyan
announcement {n} (that which conveys what is announced) :: ilan, beyan
announcement {n} (content) :: ilan, beyan
announcement {n} :: duyuru
annoying {v} (causing irritation or annoyance; troublesome; vexatious) :: can sıkıcı, sinir bozucu, sinirlendirici, rahatsız edici
annual {adj} (happening once a year) :: yıllık
anoda {determiner} (another) SEE: another ::
anomaly {n} (deviation from norm) :: denksizlik, fevkaladelik, olağandışılık
anonymous class {n} :: adsız sınıf, isimsiz sınıf
anorexia {n} (anorexia nervosa) SEE: anorexia nervosa ::
anorexia nervosa {n} (disorder) :: anoreksiya nervoza
another {determiner} (one more, in addition to a former number) :: bir ... daha
another {determiner} (not the same; different) :: başka, farklı
another {determiner} (any or some) :: başka
answer {n} (response) :: yanıt, cevap
answer {v} (to make a reply or response to) :: cevap vermek
answer back {v} (to reply impertinently; to talk back) :: karşılık vermek, [yanıt] geri dönmek
ant {n} (insect) :: karınca, karışka, kumurska
Antalya {prop} (city, see also: Attalia) :: Antalya
Antarctica {prop} (southernmost continent) :: Antarktika
Antarctica {prop} (south polar region) :: Antarktika, Güney Kutbu
Antarctic Peninsula {prop} (the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica) :: Antarktika Yarımadası
Antares {prop} (star) :: Antares
anteater {n} (mammal) :: karıncayiyen
antebellum {adj} (of a period of time prior to a war) :: savaştan evvel
antebrachium {n} (forearm) SEE: forearm ::
antelope {n} (mammal of the family Bovidae) :: ceylan, antilop
antenna {n} :: anten {f}
antenna {n} (device to receive or transmit radio signals) SEE: aerial ::
anthem {n} (national anthem) :: marş
ant-hill {n} (anthill) SEE: anthill ::
anthill {n} (home of ants and termites) :: karınca yuvası
anthology {n} (collection of literary works) :: antoloji
Anthony {prop} (given name) :: Antümi
anthrax {n} (disease) :: şarbon
anthropogeography {n} (study of the geographical distribution of humankind) :: beşeri coğrafya
anthropology {n} (the study of humanity) :: antropoloji, insanbilim
anthropomorphic {adj} (having the form of a person) :: insansı
anthropomorphism {n} (the attribution or ascription of human characteristics to animals, inanimate objects, forces of nature, etc) :: insan biçimcilik
anthroposophy {n} (a spiritual philosophy) :: antropozofi
antibiotic {n} (substance that destroys or inhibits bacteria) :: antibiyotik
antibody {n} (protein that binds to a specific antigen) :: antikor
antibrachium {n} (antibrachium) SEE: forearm ::
Antichrist {prop} (one under the direct control of the Devil) :: Deccal
anticipation {n} (the act of anticipating) :: sezinleme
anticline {n} (anticlinal fold) :: yukaç, antiklinal
anticlockwise {adj} (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock) :: saat yönünün tersinde
anticlockwise {adv} (in the opposite direction to the hands of an analogue clock) :: saat yönünün tersinde
anticlockwisely {adv} (anticlockwise) SEE: anticlockwise ::
anticyclone {n} (system of winds) :: antisiklon
antifeminism {n} (any belief antagonistic to feminism) :: feminizim karşıtlığı
Antigua {prop} (island) :: Antigua
Antigua and Barbuda {prop} (country) :: Antigua ve Barbuda
Antiguan {n} (person) :: Antigualı
Antilles {prop} (Antilles) :: Antiller {p}
antimony {n} (chemical element) :: antimon
Antiochia {prop} (name of numerous Hellenistic cities) :: Antakya
antioxidant {n} (substance that slows oxidation) :: antioksidan
antioxidant {n} (vitamin that acts against free radicals) :: antioksidan
antioxidative {adj} (antioxidant) SEE: antioxidant ::
antioxygen {adj} (antioxidant) SEE: antioxidant ::
antioxygenic {adj} (antioxidant) SEE: antioxidant ::
antipode {n} (something directly opposite) :: antipot
antiquark {n} (the antiparticle of a quark) :: antikuark
antique {adj} (old; out of date) :: antika
antique {n} (old piece) :: antika
antirrhinum {n} (snapdragon) SEE: snapdragon ::
anti-Semitism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Jews) :: antisemitizm, Yahudi karşıtlığı, Yahudi düşmanlığı
antisepsis {n} (countering microbial infection) :: antisepsi
antisepticism {n} (antisepsis) SEE: antisepsis ::
Anti-Taurus {prop} (mountain range) :: Aladağlar
antless {adj} (without ants) :: karıncasız
Antonio {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony ::
Antony {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony ::
antonym {n} (word which has the opposite meaning) :: karşıtanlamlı, antonim
Antwerp {prop} (province) :: Anvers
Antwerp {prop} (city) :: Anvers
Antwerpian {n} (someone from Antwerp) :: Anversli
anus {n} (lower opening of the digestive tract) :: anüs, makat, göt [slang], şerç [archaic], göt deliği [vulgar]
anvil {n} (block used in blacksmithing) :: örs
anvil {n} (bone in inner ear) :: örs
anxietude {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety ::
anxiety {n} (concern) :: kaygı, endişe
anxiety {n} (eager desire) :: heves
anxiety {n} (pathological condition) :: anksiyete, endişe
anxious {adj} (full of anxiety) :: endişeli, kaygılı
anxious {adj} (accompanied with anxiety; worrying) :: huzursuz
anxious {adj} (earnestly desirous) :: istekli
anxiousness {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety ::
any longer {adv} (any more) SEE: any more ::
any more {adv} (in negative or interrogative constructions) :: artık
anyroad {adv} (anyway) SEE: anyway ::
anytime {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
anyway {adv} (in any way) :: neyse
anyway {adv} (used to indicate change of subject) :: neyse, her neyse
aorist {n} (a grammatical aspect) :: geniş zaman
aorist aspect {n} (a grammatical aspect) :: duyulan geçmiş zaman, geçmiş zamanın rivayeti, -miş'li geçmiş zaman
aoristic {adj} (aorist) SEE: aorist ::
aorta {n} (great artery) :: aort
apartheid {v} (policy of racial separation in South Africa) :: apartheid
apartment {n} (domicile occupying part of a building) :: apartman dairesi
apartment building {n} (residential building with multiple flats) :: apartman
apartmentmate {n} (one who shares an apartment (US)) SEE: roommate ::
ape {n} (animal) :: insansı maymun
Apennines {prop} (mountain range) :: Apeninler
apex {n} (highest point) :: zirve
aphorism {n} (short phrase conveying some principle or concept of thought) :: aforizm, özdeyiş
aphrodisiac {adj} (intensifying sexual desire) :: afrodizyak
aphrodisiac {n} (food or drug) :: afrodizyak
aphtha {n} (foot-and-mouth disease) SEE: foot-and-mouth disease ::
API {n} (application programming interface) :: UPA
apiarist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper ::
apiary {n} (a place where bees and hives are kept) :: arılık, kovanlık
a picture is worth a thousand words {proverb} (visualisation is better than verbal description) :: bir resim bin kelimeye bedeldir
a picture paints a thousand words {proverb} (a picture is worth a thousand words) SEE: a picture is worth a thousand words ::
apiculturalist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper ::
apiculture {n} (beekeeping) SEE: beekeeping ::
apiculturist {n} (beekeeper) SEE: beekeeper ::
apiece {adv} (apiece) :: birer
aplomb {n} (self-confidence) :: özgüven, tutarlılık
apocalypse {n} (end of the world) :: kıyamet
apocope {n} (loss or omission of a sound or syllable from the end of a word) :: apokop
apologia {n} (apology) SEE: apology ::
apologism {n} (apology) SEE: apology ::
apology {n} (an expression of regret) :: itizar, özür
apology {n} (formal justification, defence) :: savunca, müdafaa
aposiopesis {n} (abrupt breaking-off in speech) :: kesiklenme
apostate {n} (person who renounces a religion or faith) :: mürtet
apostatic {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate ::
apostatical {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate ::
apostle {n} (missionary or leader of a mission) :: havaryun
Apostle {n} (one of the group of twelve disciples) :: havari
apothecary {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
app {n} (small computer application) :: app, mobil uygulama
appalling {adj} (That appalls/appals or appall/appal) :: korkunç, müthiş, ürkünç, ürkütücü
apparatus {n} :: mekanizma
apparently {adv} (plainly) :: anlaşılan
apparently {adv} (seemingly) :: görünüşe göre, besbelli
appeal {v} (to accuse) SEE: accuse ::
appeal {v} (to apply for the removal of a cause to a superior judge or court) :: temyiz etmek
appear {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look ::
appear {v} (to appear) SEE: seem ::
appear {v} :: görünmek
appease {v} (to make quiet; to calm; to reduce to a state of peace; to still; to pacify) :: sakinleştirmek
appellative {n} (common noun) SEE: common noun ::
appendectomy {n} (surgical procedure) :: apandis ameliyatı
appendicectomy {n} (appendectomy) SEE: appendectomy ::
appendicitis {n} (inflamation of the vermiform appendix) :: apandisit
appendix {n} (vermiform appendix) :: kör bağırsak
appetite {n} (desire of or relish for food) :: iştah
appetite {n} (any strong desire) :: arzu, istek, şehvet
applaud {v} (to express approval by clapping) :: alkışlamak, el çırpmak
applaud {v} (to praise, or express approval by words) :: beğenmek, takdir etmek, alkışlamak
applause {n} (act of applauding) :: alkış
apple {n} (fruit) :: elma
apple {n} (wood) :: elma
apple {n} (tree) SEE: apple tree ::
apple core {n} (the central portion of an apple) :: elma eşeleği
apple juice {n} (the juice of apples, often used as a drink) :: elma suyu
apple of someone's eye {n} (favourite, a particular preference, or a loved one) :: gözbebeği
apple pie {n} (pie with apple filling) :: elmalı turta
apple tree {n} (tree that bears apples) :: elma, elma ağacı
applewood {n} (apple) SEE: apple ::
appliable {adj} (compliant) SEE: compliant ::
appliableness {n} (applicability) SEE: applicability ::
appliance {n} (application) SEE: application ::
appliance {n} (a device in its own right) :: aygıt, cihaz
appliance {n} (an implement, instrument or apparatus) :: aygıt, cihaz
applicability {n} (relevancy) :: uygulanabilme, uygulanabilirlik
applicableness {n} (applicability) SEE: applicability ::
application {n} (the act of applying or laying on, in a literal sense) :: başvuru, müracaat, dilekçe
application {n} (the act of applying as a means) :: tatbik [dated], uygulama
application {n} (the act of directing or referring something to a particular case) :: tatbik [dated], uygulama
application {n} (a computer program) :: uygulama
application {n} (a verbal or written request) :: dilekçe
application programming interface {n} (set of routines, protocols and tools) :: uygulama programlama arayüzü
applied mathematics {n} (area of mathematics) :: uygulamalı matematik
apply {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use ::
appointment {n} (act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office) :: atama, tayin
apportion {v} (to apportion) SEE: distribute ::
apportionment {n} (The act of apportioning or the state of being apportioned) :: bölüştürme, paylaştırma, [commerce] tahsis, [commerce] tevzi
apportionment {n} ((US) The allocation of direct taxation according to the population of the various states) :: paylaştırma
appraise {v} (determine value or worth) :: değer biçmel, kıymet takdir etmek
appreciate {v} (to be grateful for something) :: müteşekkir olmak, teşekkür borçlu olmak
appreciate {v} (to view as valuable) :: değerini bilmek, takdir etmek
appreciate {v} (to be aware of) :: anlamak
appreciate {v} (to increase in value) :: değeri artmak
apprentice {n} (one not well versed in a subject) SEE: newbie ::
apprentice {n} (trainee, especially in a skilled trade) :: çırak, öğrenci, bılız (dialectal), calçı (dialectal)
apprenticeship {n} (condition of, or the time served by, an apprentice) :: çıraklık
approach {v} (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer) :: yaklaşmak
approach {v} (To draw near, in a figurative sense) :: yaklaşmak
approach {v} (To come near to in place, time, or character) :: yaklaşmak
approach {v} (To take approaches to) :: yaklaşmak
appropinquation {n} (approach) SEE: approach ::
approportionate {v} (proportion) SEE: proportion ::
appropriate {adj} (obsolete: set apart for a particular use or person) :: sâhiplenmek
appropriate {adj} (peculiar, suitable, fit, proper) :: muvfâfık, uygun, yerinde
appropriate {adj} (suitable to social situation) :: biçilmiş kaftan, lâyık, yakışık alır, isâbetli
approval {n} :: izin, onay
approve {v} (To sanction officially; to ratify; to confirm; as, to approve the decision of a court-martial) :: onaylamak
approximately {adv} (imprecise but close to in quantity or amount) :: yaklaşık
apricot {n} (fruit) :: kayısı, zerdali
apricot {n} (tree) :: kayısı
April {prop} (fourth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: nisan, açaray
a priori {adv} (derived by logic) :: önsel
aprioristic {adj} (a priori) SEE: a priori ::
apron {n} (clothing) :: önlük
apse {n} (obsolete or dialectal: aspen tree) SEE: aspen ::
apterous {adj} (wingless) SEE: wingless ::
aqsaqal {n} (a village elder in some Central Asian cultures) :: aksakallı
aquamarine {n} (aquamarine colour) :: akvamarin
aquaponics {n} (system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics) :: akuaponik
aqua regia {n} (mixture of acids) :: kral suyu
Aquarian {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius ::
aquarium {n} (tank for keeping fish) :: (box-shaped) akvaryum, (bowl-shaped) fanus
Aquarius {prop} (constellation) :: Kova
Aquarius {prop} (astrological sign) :: Kova
aqueduct {n} (an artificial channel conveying water) :: su kemeri
aqueous {adj} (consisting mainly of water) :: sulu
aquifer {n} (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel) :: akifer, sutaşır
aquiline nose {n} (human nose with a hooked, bent shape) :: kargaburun, gagaburun, kanca burun
ar {n} (name of the letter R, r) :: re
Arab {adj} (of or pertaining to Arabs and their nations) :: Arap
Arab {n} (Semitic person) :: Arap
Arab {n} (horse) :: Arap atı, Arap
araba {n} (carriage) :: araba
arabesque {n} (ornamental design used in Islamic Art) :: arabesk
Arabia {prop} (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf;) :: Arabistan
Arabian camel {n} (dromedary) SEE: dromedary ::
Arabianization {n} (Arabisation) SEE: Arabisation ::
Arabianize {v} (Arabize) SEE: Arabize ::
Arabian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in the Middle East) :: Arap Yarımadası
Arabic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour) :: Arap
Arabic {n} (language) :: Arapça
Arabic {n} (alphabet) :: Arap, Arap alfabesi
Arabisation {n} (process of arabising) :: Araplaştırma
Arabization {n} (Arabisation) SEE: Arabisation ::
Arabize {v} (to make Arab) :: Araplaştırmak
Arabness {n} (quality of being Arab) :: Araplık
Arab Republic of Egypt {prop} (Official name of Egypt) :: Mısır Arap Cumhuriyeti
Arab Spring {prop} (movement) :: Arap Baharı
arachnology {n} (Study of the Arachnida) :: araknoloji
arachnophobia {n} (an abnormal or irrational fear of spiders) :: araknofobi
arak {n} (a Middle Eastern aniseed-flavoured alcoholic drink) :: rakı
Araks {prop} (river) :: Aras
Aramaean {prop} (Aramaic) SEE: Aramaic ::
Aramaean {n} (member of a West Semitic semi-nomadic and pastoralist people) :: Arami
Aramaean {adj} (of or pertaining to Aramaeans or Aram) :: Arami
Aramaic {prop} (the language) :: Aramice
Ararat {prop} (mountain) :: Ağrı Dağı
Arbil {prop} (city) :: Erbil
arbitrary {adj} (based on individual discretion or judgment) :: keyfî, isteğe bağlı, ihtiyarî
arbitrary {adj} (unrestrained by law; tyrannical) :: re'sen
arbitrary {adj} (determined by impulse) :: keyfî, dürtüsel
arbitrary {adj} (chosen at random) :: gelişigüzel, rastgele, lalettayin
arbitrator {n} (person who settles or judges) :: hakem, yargıcı
arboraceous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arborary {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arboreal {adj} (pertaining to trees) :: ağaçlık, ağaçsı
arboreous {adj} (wooded) SEE: wooded ::
arborical {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arboricole {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arboricolous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal ::
arborway {n} (avenue) SEE: avenue ::
Arbëresh {prop} (form of Albanian spoken in southern Italy) :: Arbıreşçe, Arbreşçe, Arbereşçe
Arbëreshë Albanian {prop} (form of Albanian spoken in southern Italy) SEE: Arbëresh ::
arc {n} (geometry: part of a curve) :: yay, kavis
arc {n} (curve) :: kavis, eğri
arc {n} (electric discharge) :: ark
arcane {adj} (understood by only a few; obscure) :: esrarlı, gizemli, saklı, içrek
arch {n} (architectural element) :: kemer
archaeologian {n} (archaeologist) SEE: archaeologist ::
archaeologist {n} (someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology) :: arkeolog, kazıbilimci
archaeology {n} (scientific study of past remains) :: arkeoloji
archaic {adj} (old-fashioned or antiquated) :: antik
archangel {n} (angel who leads other angels) :: baş melek
Archangel {prop} (Arkhangelsk) SEE: Arkhangelsk ::
archbishop {n} (senior bishop) :: başpiskopos
archduke {n} (rank) :: arşidük
archebiosis {n} (abiogenesis) SEE: abiogenesis ::
archeology {n} (archaeology) SEE: archaeology ::
archeopteryx {n} (ancient bird) :: archaeopteryx
archer {n} (one who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow) :: okçu
archery {n} (the practice) :: okçuluk
archfiend {n} (Satan) SEE: Satan ::
archipelago {n} (group of islands) :: aral, takımada, cezzar
architect {n} (designer of buildings) :: mimar
architectural pattern {n} :: mimari desen
architecture {n} (art and science of designing buildings and other structures) :: mimarlık
archive {n} (place for storing earlier material) :: arşiv, belgelik
archive {v} (to archive) :: arşivlemek, belgeliklemek
arcology {n} (urban development theory involving efficient use of space and resources) :: arkoloji
Arctic {prop} (a region of the Earth) :: Arktika
arctic fox {n} (Vulpes lagopus) :: kutup tilkisi
Arctic Ocean {prop} (the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth, on and around the North Pole) :: Kuzey Buz Denizi
arduous {adj} (needing or using up much energy) :: ağır, çetin, gayretli, güç, zor
arduous {adj} (hard to climb) :: sarp, çetin
are {v} (be) SEE: be ::
are {n} (unit of area) :: ar
area {n} (maths: measure of extent of a surface) :: alan
area {n} (particular geographic region) :: bölge, alan
area {n} (soccer: penalty area) SEE: penalty area ::
area code {n} (prefix appended to a telephone number indicating the geographical area) :: alan kodu
areligious {adj} :: dindışı, dinsiz
arena {n} (the sand-covered centre of an amphitheatre) :: arena
arenarious {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy ::
arenose {adj} (sandy) SEE: sandy ::
areography {n} (study of Mars' geographical features) :: areografi
areology {n} (the observation and study of the planet Mars) :: areoloji
Ares {prop} (the god of war, son of Zeus and Hera) :: Ares
are you allergic to any medications {phrase} (are you allergic to any medications?) :: (herhangi) bir ilaca alerjiniz var mı? [formal], (herhangi) bir ilaca alerjin var mı? [informal]
are you married {phrase} (are you married?) :: [informal] evli misin?, [formal] evli misiniz?
are you OK {phrase} (are you OK?) :: iyi misin
are your ears burning {phrase} (asked of somebody who was not present but was the topic of discussion) :: kulakların çınlıyor mu? (are your ears ringing?)
are you religious {phrase} (are you religious?) :: dindar mısın, [polite] dindar mısınız
argent {n} (silver or metal tincture) :: gümüş
Argentina {prop} (Argentine Republic) :: Arjantin
Argentine {prop} (Argentina) SEE: Argentina ::
Argentine {n} (person from Argentina) :: Arjantinli
Argentinian {n} (Argentine) SEE: Argentine ::
Argentinian {adj} (Argentine) SEE: Argentine ::
argileh {n} (hookah) SEE: hookah ::
arginine {n} (an amino acid) :: arginin
argon {n} (a chemical element) :: argon
Argos {prop} (city in Greece) :: Argos
arguably {adv} (as can be supported or proven) :: tartışmalı şekilde, tartışmasız
argue {v} (intransitive: to debate, disagree, or discuss opposing or differing viewpoints) :: münakaşa etmek, tartışmak
argue {v} (to have an argument, a quarrel) :: kavga etmek
arguing {n} (argument) SEE: argument ::
argument {n} (fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason) :: delil, hüccet, kanıt, sav
argument {n} (verbal dispute; a quarrel) :: münakaşa, tartışma, savunma
argument {n} (process of reasoning) :: akıl yürütme, ispatlama
argument {n} (independent variable) :: argüman, genlik
argument {n} (variable that is being passed to a function) :: değişken
Arian {n} (someone whose star sign is in Aries) SEE: Aries ::
Arica {prop} (Chilean city) :: Arica
Aries {prop} (constellation) :: Koç
Aries {prop} (astrological sign) :: Koç
arise {v} (get up, stand up) :: kalkmak
Aristotelianism {prop} (philosophical system) :: tristotelesçilik
Aristotle {prop} (ancient Greek philosopher) :: Aristoteles, Aristo
Arizona {prop} (a state of the United States of America) :: Arizona
ark {n} (Noah's ship) :: Nuh'un gemisi
Arkansas {prop} (US state) :: Arkansas
Arkhangelsk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Arhangelsk
arm {n} (upper appendage from shoulder to wrist) :: kol
arm {n} (weapon) :: silah
arm {n} (upper limb from shoulder to elbow) SEE: upper arm ::
armchair {n} (a chair with supports for the arms or elbows) :: koltuk
armed police {n} (police) SEE: police ::
Armenia {prop} (ancient kingdom and country in West Asia) :: Ermenistan
Armenian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, Armenians, the language or alphabet) :: Ermeni
Armenian {n} (person) :: Ermeni, Ermenistanlı
Armenian {n} (language) :: Ermenice
Armenian SSR {prop} (Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, see also: Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic) :: Ermenistan SSC
armhole {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit ::
armillary sphere {n} (instrument consisting of graduated metal circles) :: halkalı küre
arm in arm {adv} (arms linked) :: kol kola
armistice {n} (formal agreement to end combat) :: ateşkes {m}, mütareke
armor {n} (tank) SEE: tank ::
armor {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces) :: zırh
armored personnel carrier {n} (armored vehicle for carrying infantry soldiers in combat) :: zırhlı personel taşıyıcı
armour {n} (tank) SEE: tank ::
armour {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle etc.) :: zırh
armoured train {n} (railway train protected with armour) :: zırhlı tren
armpit {n} (cavity beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder) :: koltuk altı
armpit {n} :: koltuk altı
arm up {v} (arm) SEE: arm ::
arm wrestling {n} (a sport) :: bilek güreşi
army {n} (military force concerned mainly with ground operations) :: ordu, leşker
army {n} :: ordu
arolla pine {n} (Pinus cembra) SEE: Swiss pine ::
aroma {n} (a pleasant smell) :: rayiha
Aromanian {prop} (language) :: Ulahça
aromatherapy {n} (type of therapy) :: aromaterapi
aromatic {adj} (in organic chemistry) :: aromatik
around {adv} (generally) SEE: generally ::
arpeggio {n} (notes of a chord played individually) :: arpej
arquebus {n} (firearm) SEE: harquebus ::
arraign {v} (charge someone in a court of law) :: itham etmek, [law] mahkemeye çağırmak, suçlamak
arraignment {n} (charging of a defendant) :: itham, suçlama
arrange {v} (to set up, organise) :: düzenlemek
arrange {v} (to put in order) :: sıralamak, düzenlemek
arrange {v} (to plan; to prepare in advance) :: planlamak, ayarlamak
arrange {v} (music: to adapt an existing composition for presentation) :: düzenlemek, aranje etmek
arrangement {n} (act of arranging) :: ayarlama, düzenleme
arrangement {n} (music: adaptation of a piece of music) :: düzenleme, aranjman
array {n} (clothing/ornamentation) :: elbise, giyecek, giyim, giyim kuşam, giyisi
array {n} (collection laid out) :: aranjman (flowers, music), düzen, düzenleme, tanzim
array {n} (large collection) :: adet, bolluk, çokluk, gürlük, miktar sayı
array {n} (any of various data structures) :: dizi (standard term, general);; satır, sıra, sütun; çizelge (contextual, specific), matris
array {v} (to clothe, ornament) :: süslemek
arrear {n} (unpaid debt) :: bakiye, ödenmemiş borç
arrest {n} (act of arresting a criminal, suspect etc) :: tutuklama
arrest {v} (to take into legal custody) :: tevkif etmek
arrive {v} (to reach) :: varmak
arrogance {n} (act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner) :: kibir
arrogant {adj} (having excessive pride) :: kibirli
arrow {n} (projectile) :: ok
arrow {n} (symbol) :: ok
arse {n} (arse) SEE: ass ::
arsenic {n} (chemical element) :: arsenik
art {n} (human effort) :: sanat, zanaat, elişi, dörüt, epik
art {n} (conscious production or arrangement) :: sanat, dörüt
art {n} (skillful creative activity) :: sanat, dörüt
art {n} (aesthetic value) :: sanatsallık
art {n} (artwork) :: eser, yapıt, sanat eseri
art {n} (skill) :: sanat
art {n} :: sanat [-tı]
Arta {prop} (prefecture in Greece) :: Arta
Arta {prop} (city in Greece) :: Arta
Arta {prop} (department in Djibouti) :: Arta
art dealer {n} (someone who buys and sells works of art) :: sanat simsarı
artefact {n} (artefact) SEE: artifact ::
Artemis {prop} (Greek goddess) :: Artemis
artemisia {n} (plant of the genus Artemisia) :: yavşan
arteriography {n} (radiography of an artery) SEE: angiography ::
artery {n} (blood vessel from the heart) :: arter
artesian well {n} (aquifer) :: artezyen kuyusu
art historian {n} (an expert in art history) :: sanat tarihçiler
arthritis {n} (inflammation of a joint) :: artrit
arthrosis {n} (any degenerative disease of a joint between bones) :: artroz, dejeneratif artrit, osteoartrit
artichoke {n} (vegetable) :: enginar
article {n} (story, report, or opinion piece) :: makale, betke
article {n} (part of speech that specifies a noun) :: harfitarif, tanımlık
article {n} (section of a legal document) :: madde
article {n} (object) SEE: object ::
artifact {n} (man-made object) :: artefakt, insan yapımı
artificer {n} (savant) SEE: savant ::
artificer {n} (inventor) SEE: inventor ::
artificer {n} (artisan) SEE: artisan ::
artificial {adj} (man-made) :: yapay
artificial {adj} (false, misleading) :: yapay, sahte, yapmacık
artificial {adj} (unnatural) :: yapay, yapmacık
artificial {adj} :: yapay
artificial life {n} (study of synthetic systems that behave like living organisms) :: suni hayat, yapay hayat
artificial respiration {n} (manual or mechanical forcing of air into the lungs) :: suni teneffüs, yapay solunum
artisan {n} (skilled manual worker) :: zanaatkar, usta
artist {n} (person who creates art) :: sanatçı, dörütçü, dörütmen
artist {n} (person who creates art as an occupation) :: sanatçı, dörütçü, dörütmen
artistic {adv} (having creative skill) :: sanatsal, dörütsel
artistic {adv} (relating to art or artists) :: sanatsal, dörütsel
artistic {adv} (aesthetically pleasing) :: sanatsal, dörütsel
artistical {adj} (artistic) SEE: artistic ::
artmaker {n} (artist) SEE: artist ::
Artsakh Republic {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic ::
Aruba {prop} (territory in the Caribbean) :: Aruba
Aruban {n} (person from Aruba) :: Arubalı
Arubian {n} (Aruban) SEE: Aruban ::
arugula {n} (herb) :: roka
as {prep} (In the role of) :: olarak
as {conj} (relative conjunction) SEE: that ::
as {conj} (than) SEE: than ::
as {conj} (as if) SEE: as if ::
as {adv} (for example) SEE: for example ::
asafoetida {n} (resinous gum from wild fennel) :: şeytantersi
ASAP {adv} (as soon as possible) :: bir an önce
asbestos {n} (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate) :: asbest
asceticism {n} (the principles and practices of an ascetic) :: asetizm
Asclepius {prop} (Greek god of medicine and healing) :: Asklepios
ascribe {v} (attribute a cause or characteristic) :: atfedilmiş
ASEAN {prop} (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) :: ASEAN, Güneydoğu Asya Uluslar Birliği
asexual {adj} (having no interest in sex) :: aseksüel
asexual {adj} (without sexual action) :: aseksüel
asexual {adj} (having no distinct sex) :: aseksüel
asexuality {n} (state of not experiencing sexual attraction) :: aseksüellik
as far as one knows {adv} (to the best of my knowledge) :: bildiğim kadarıyla
Asgard {prop} (the abode of gods in Norse mythology) :: Ásgard
ash {n} (solid remains of a fire) :: kül
ash {n} (wood) :: dişbudak
ash {n} (tree) SEE: ash tree ::
Ashgabat {prop} (the capital of Turkmenistan) :: Aşkabat
Ashoka {prop} (emperor) :: Asoka
ashtray {n} (receptacle for ashes) :: küllük, tabla, kül tablası, sigara tablası
ash tree {n} (Fraxinus tree) :: dişbudak
ashugh {n} (mystic bard, balladeer, or troubadour) :: âşık
Asia {prop} (the continent of Asia) :: Asya
Asia Minor {prop} (peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea;) :: Küçük Asya [obsolete]
Asian {n} (person from Asia) :: Asyalı
Asian {adj} (of, relating to or from Asia) :: asyalı
as if {conj} (as though) :: sanki, gibi
ask {v} (request an answer) :: sormak
ask {v} (make a request) :: dilemek
ask for {v} (request) :: istemek
aslake {v} (mitigate) SEE: mitigate ::
Asoka {prop} (Ashoka) SEE: Ashoka ::
asp {n} (aspen) SEE: aspen ::
asparagus {n} (asparagus plant) :: kuşkonmaz
asparagus {n} (asparagus shoots (food)) :: kuşkonmaz
aspect {n} (quality of a verb) :: kip
aspect-oriented language {n} :: cephe yönelimli dil
aspen {n} (tree of genus Populus sect. Populus) :: titrek kavak
Asperger's syndrome {n} (autism related developmental disorder) :: Asperger sendromu
asperse {v} (scatter) SEE: scatter ::
asphalt {n} (sticky, black and highly viscous liquid) :: asfalt
asr {n} (afternoon prayer) :: ikindi, ikindi namazı
ass {n} (animal, see also: donkey) :: eşek
ass {n} (buttocks) :: göt, kıç, makat, popo
assassin {n} (member of the historical Ismaili Muslim militant group) :: haşhaşi
assassin {n} (one who, motivated by political reasons, intentionally kills a particular person) :: suikastçı
assassin {n} (any ruthless killer) :: katil
assassinate {n} (assassination) SEE: assassination ::
assassinate {n} (assassin) SEE: assassin ::
assassination {n} (murder for political reasons or personal gain) :: suikast
assault rifle {n} (a rifle) :: piyade Tüfeği
assembler {n} (assembly language) SEE: assembly language ::
assembly {n} (legislative body) :: cemiyet, dernek, meclis
assembly {n} (short for assembly language; see also assembly language) :: asamble
assembly language {n} (programming language) :: çevirme dili
assent {v} (to agree, give approval) :: kabul etmek, onaylamak, rıza göstermek
assent {n} (agreement, act of agreeing) :: kabul, onay
assertive {adj} (boldly self-assured) :: iddialı
assertiveness {n} (the quality of being self-assured) :: girişkenlik, iddiacılık, kararlılık, kesinlik, olumluluk, kendine güvenme
assess {v} (to determine the value of) :: değerlendirmek
asset {n} (something or someone of any value) :: varlık
assfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy ::
assfucker {n} (jerk) SEE: jerk ::
asshole {n} (anus) :: göt deliği
asshole {n} (mean or rude person) :: göt deliği
assignee {n} (one to whom a thing is assigned) :: görevlendirilen
assignee {n} (law: one to whom rights or property is being transferred) :: temlik alan
assignee {n} (an agent) :: vekil
assist {v} (to make a pass in a sport) :: asist
assist {n} (statistical recognition of making a pass) :: asist
assistance {n} (aid; help; the act or result of assisting) :: yardım
assistant {n} (an auxiliary software tool) SEE: wizard ::
assistant {adj} (having a subordinate or auxiliary position) :: asistan
assistant {n} (person who assists) :: yardımcı, asistan, muavin
assistive technology {n} :: yardımcı teknoloji
association {n} :: dernek, cemiyet
association football {n} (soccer) :: futbol
associative {adj} (algebraic property of an operator) :: birleşmeli
assonance {n} (repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds) :: asonans
as soon as {conj} (immediately after) :: -ır ... -maz, -ir ... -mez [both are verb endings]
as soon as possible {adv} (as soon as is possible) :: bir an önce, olabildiğince çabuk, mümkün olduğunca çabuk
assuage {v} (mitigate, relieve) :: yatıştırmak, dindirmek
assuage {v} (pacify) :: yatıştırmak, dindirmek
assumption {n} (the act of assuming, or taking to or upon oneself) :: varsayım
assumption {n} (supposition) :: varsayım
assumption {n} (thing supposed) :: varsayım
assure {v} (to make sure and secure) :: temin etmek, güvence altına almak
assure {v} (to give someone confidence in the trustworthiness of something) :: temin etmek (rahatlatıcı/ikna edici sözlerle)
Assyria {prop} (Semitic Akkadian kingdom) :: Asur
Astana {prop} (the capital of Kazakhstan) :: Astana
astatine {n} (the chemical element) :: astat, asatatin
aster {n} (plant) :: yıldızpatı
Asterix {prop} (A fictional character from French comic books) :: Asteriks
asteroid {n} (astronomy) :: asteroit
as the crow flies {adv} (in a straight line) :: kuş uçuşu
asthenia {n} (loss of strength) :: argınlık
asthma {n} (chronic respiratory disease) :: astım, yelpik
as though {conj} (as to suggest that) :: -ca, -ça, -ce, -çe, -casına
astigmatism {n} (defect of a lens) :: astigmatizm
astigmatism {n} (disorder of the vision) :: astigmatizm
a stitch in time saves nine {proverb} (a timely effort can prevent larger problems) :: bir mıh nal kurtarır, bir nal bir at kurtarır
astonishing {adj} (causing astonishment) :: şaşırtıcı
astonishment {n} (amazement, great surprise) :: şaşkınlık, şaşırtı, sürpriz
astonishment {n} (amazing thing) :: şaşırtı, sürpriz
astragalus {n} (anklebone) SEE: anklebone ::
Astrakhan {prop} (city and region in Russia) :: Astrahan
astrological sign {n} (sign that is used as the basis of astrology) :: burç
astrology {n} (star divination) :: astroloji
astronaut {n} (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose) :: astronot
astronomer {n} (one who studies astronomy) :: gök bilimci, astronom
astronomical unit {n} (measure of distance) :: astronomik birim
astronomy {n} (study of the physical universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere) :: gök bilimi [seldom], astronomi
astrophysicist {n} (one who studies astrophysics) :: astrofizikçi
astrophysics {n} (interdisciplinary branch of astronomy and physics) :: astrofizik
astute {adj} (Quick at seeing how to gain advantage) :: basiretli, keskin zekâlı
astuteness {n} (quality of being astute) :: açıkgözlük, kurnazlık, zekilik
asunder {adv} (into separate parts) :: ayrı ayrı, parça
as well as {conj} (and in addition) :: yanısıra
as well as {prep} (in addition to) :: yanı sıra
asylum {n} (place of safety) :: sığınak, iltica
asymmetry {n} (lack of symmetry or proportion) :: simetri
asymptomatic {adj} (not exhibiting any symptoms of disease) :: asemptomatik
asymptote {n} (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely) :: asimptot
as you know {adv} (as you know) :: bildiğin gibi, bildiğiniz gibi {p}
at {prep} (in or very near a particular place) :: -da, -de
at {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
a tad {adv} (a little) SEE: a little ::
ataman {n} (title) :: ataman
atelier {n} (studio) :: işlik, atölye
at first glance {prep} (after only a superficial examination or review) :: ilk bakışta
at first sight {prep} (at first glance) SEE: at first glance ::
atheism {n} (rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without a belief that no deities exist)) :: ateizm {m}
atheist {n} (a person who believes that no deities exist) :: ateist, tanrıtanımaz
atheist {n} (a person who rejects belief that any deities exist, whether or not that person believes that deities do not exist) :: ateist, tanrıtanımaz
Athena {prop} (Greek goddess) :: Athena
Athenian {n} (an inhabitant, resident, or citizen of Athens, Greece) :: Atinalı
Athens {prop} (capital city of Greece) :: Atina
athlete's foot {n} (fungal infection) :: ayak mantarı
at home {prep} (In one's place of residence) :: evde
Atikamekw {prop} (Algonquian language spoken by this people) :: Atikamekçe
Atlanta {prop} (capital and largest city of the State of Georgia) :: Atlanta
Atlantic Ocean {prop} (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east) :: Atlas Okyanusu, Atlantik Okyanusu
at large {prep} (on the loose) :: serbest
at large {prep} (in general) :: genellikle, umumiyetle
atlas {n} (bound collection of maps) :: atlas
atlas {n} (satin fabric, see also: satin) :: atlas
at last {prep} (in the end; finally; ultimately) :: sonunda, nihayet
at least {prep} (at a lower limit) :: en az
at least {prep} (anyway) :: bari
at long last {prep} (at last) SEE: at last ::
ATM {n} ((banking) Automated Teller Machine) :: bankamatik
atmosphere {n} (gases surrounding the Earth) :: atmosfer, havaküre
atmosphere {n} (mood or feeling) :: atmosfer
atmosphere {n} (a unit of measurement for pressure) :: atmosfer
atmospheric {adj} (relating to the atmosphere) :: atmosferik
at most {prep} (at the most; at a maximum or upper limit) :: en fazla
at no time {prep} (never) SEE: never ::
atom {n} (chemistry, physics: smallest possible amount of matter retaining its chemical properties) :: atom
Atomic Age {prop} (era during which nuclear energy was developed) :: Atom Çağı, Atom Devri
atomic bomb {n} (nuclear weapon) :: atom bombası
atomic clock {n} (reference clock) :: atom saati
atomic mass {n} (mass of an atom) :: bağıl atom kütlesi
atomic nucleus {n} (nucleus of an atom) :: atom çekirdeği
atomic number {n} (number of protons) :: atom numarası
at once {adv} (immediately) :: derhâl, çabucak, hemen, tezden
atonement {n} (amends to restore a damaged relationship) :: tazminat, telafi
atonement {n} (reconciliation of God and mankind) :: kefaret
Atropatene {prop} (ancient kingdom) :: Atropatena, Medya Atropatena
atrophy {v} (wither) :: körelmek
at sign {n} (name of the symbol @) :: güzel a, özel a, salyangoz, koç, kuyruklu a, çengelli a
at-sign {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
at symbol {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign ::
attaché {n} (diplomatic officer) :: ataşe
attachment {n} (process or means by which something is physically attached) :: bağlanma
attachment {n} (file sent along with an email) :: ek, eklenti
attack {n} (attempt to cause damage or injury) :: saldırı, hücum, hamle
attack {n} (offense of a battle) :: taarruz, hücûm
attack {v} (to apply violent force) :: saldırmak
attention {n} :: [1] dikkat {n}
attention whore {n} (someone craving attention) :: ilgi budalası, ilgi orospusu
attenuation {n} (a gradual diminishing in the strength) :: sönüm
at the outside {prep} (at most) SEE: at most ::
at the same time {prep} (simultaneously, see also: at once; simultaneously) :: aynı anda
at the top of one's lungs {prep} (very loudly) :: avazı çıktığı kadar
attic {n} (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof) :: tavanarası, çatı katı
attire {n} (one's dress or clothes) :: elbise, esvap, giysi, kılık, kıyafet
attire {v} (to dress or garb) :: giyinmek
attractive {adj} (having the quality of attracting by inherent force) :: cazip, çekici
attractive {adj} (having the power of charming) :: cazip
attractive {adj} (pleasing or appealing to the senses) :: cazip
attribute {v} (attribute a cause or characteristic) SEE: ascribe ::
attributive noun {n} (noun that modifies another noun attributively) :: tamlayan
atypically {adv} (in a manner which is not typical) :: tipik olarak
aubergine {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant ::
auction {n} (public sales event) :: açık artırma, müzayede, mezat
audacious {adj} (showing willingness to take bold risks) :: cesurane, gözü pek
audacious {adj} (impudent) :: arsız, cesurane, gözü pek
audacity {n} (insolent boldness) :: cesaret, cesurluk, cürret, küstahlık, korkusuzluk
audacity {n} (fearless daring) :: atılganlık, cesaret, cürret, girişkenlik
audible {adj} (able to be heard) :: işitilir, işitilebilir, duyulur, duyulabilir
audio {adj} (focused on audible sound) :: ses
audiologist {n} (doctor of audiology) :: odyolog
audiology {n} (study of hearing and hearing defects) :: odyoloji
audit {n} (examination in general) :: denetim
auditor {n} (one who audits bookkeeping accounts) :: denetçi
augment {v} (to increase, make larger or supplement) :: çoğaltmak, artırmak
augment {v} (to become greater) :: çoğalmak, artmak
augur {n} (diviner who foretells events by unusual occurrences) :: falcı, kâhin
augur {v} (to foretell events; to exhibit signs of future events) :: fal bakmak
augury {n} (divination based on the appearance and behaviour of animals) :: alâmet, kehanet
augury {n} (an omen or prediction; a foreboding) :: alâmet, işaret
August {prop} (eighth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: ağustos, orakayı, bozaran, harman ayı
aunt {n} (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law) :: hala, bibi, eme (paternal), teyze (maternal), yenge (in-law)
aunt {n} (affectionate term for an older woman, by means of fictive kin) :: teyze
Auriga {prop} (constellation) :: Auriga, Arabacı
aurochs {n} (European bison) SEE: European bison ::
aurora {n} (atmospheric phenomenon) :: kutup ışığı
auscultation {n} (diagnosis by stethoscope or similar auditory device) :: oskültasyon
Austin {prop} (capital of Texas) :: Austin
austral {adj} (Of, relating to, or coming from the south) :: güney
Australasia {prop} (Oceania) SEE: Oceania ::
Australia {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia) :: Avustralya
Australia {prop} (continent of Australia) :: Avustralya
Australian {n} (a person from the country of Australia or of Australian descent) :: Avustralyalı
Austria {prop} (country in Central Europe) :: Avusturya
Austria-Hungary {prop} (former country in Central Europe) :: Avusturya-Macaristan
Austrian {n} (Austrian person) :: Avusturyalı
Austrian German {prop} (a national standard variety of German) :: Avusturya Almancası
autarchy {n} (autocratic government) SEE: autocracy ::
authentic {adj} (of undisputed origin) :: gerçek, hakiki, otantik
authentic {adj} (conforming to reality and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief) :: gerçek, hakiki
authentication {n} (proof of the identity of a user logging on to some network) :: kimlik doğrulama, kimlik kanıtlama, tevsik
author {n} (writer) SEE: writer ::
author {n} (originator or creator of a work) :: yazar, müellif
authoritarian {adj} (characterised by a tyrannical obedience to an authority; dictatorial) :: otoriter
authoritarianism {n} (authoritarian form of government) :: otoriteryanizm
authority {n} (power to enforce rules or give orders) :: otorite, yetki
authority {n} (persons in command; specifically, government) :: salahiyetliler {p} [obsolescent], yetkililer {p}
authority {n} (person accepted as a source of reliable information on a subject) :: bilirkişi, uzman, yetkili
authorization {n} (act of authorizing) :: izin
autism {n} (neurological disorder) :: otizm, iç yöneliklik
autobiography {n} (biography of oneself) :: otobiyografi, özyaşamöyküsü
autochthonous {adj} (native to the place where found) :: asil yerli
autocracy {n} (form of government) :: otokrasi
autograph {n} (signature) :: imza
automated teller machine {n} (banking) :: bankamatik
automatic {adj} :: otomatik
automatically {adv} (In an automatic manner) :: otomatik olarak
automatic teller machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
autonomy {n} (self-government) :: özerklik
autopilot {n} (guiding system) :: otopilot {m}
autoteller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
autotomy {n} (invertebrate self-defense mechanism) :: ototomi
autumn {n} (season) :: sonbahar, güz, yaprak dökümü, hazan
auxiliary {n} (auxiliary verb) SEE: auxiliary verb ::
auxiliary {n} (person or group that acts in an auxiliary manner) :: yardımcı
auxiliary verb {n} (a helping verb) :: yardımcı fiil, yardımcı eylem
available {adj} (capable of being used) :: var, mevcut, kullanıma hazır
avalanche {n} (large sliding mass of snow and ice) :: çığ
Avar {prop} (language) :: Avarca
avarice {n} (excessive or inordinate desire of gain) :: açgözlülük
avarice {n} (inordinate desire for some supposed good) :: para hırsı, servet tutkusu
avatar {n} (A digital representation of a person or being) :: avatar
avenue {n} (broad street) :: cadde
aver {v} (to assert the truth of, to affirm with confidence; to declare in a positive manner) :: iddia etmek, ileri sürmek
aver {v} (to prove or justify a plea) :: kanıtlamak
Avestan {prop} (Old Iranian language) :: Zentçe
avian flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza ::
avian influenza {n} (strain of influenza) :: kuş gribi
aviation {n} (art or science of flying) :: havacılık
Avicenna {prop} (a Persian polymath) :: İbn-i Sina
aviculture {n} (bird breeding) :: kuşçuluk
Avignon {prop} (city in Provence) :: Avignon
aviphile {n} (bird-lover) SEE: ornithophile ::
avitaminosis {n} (vitamin deficiency) :: vitaminsizlik
avocado {n} (fruit) :: avokado
Avogadro's number {n} (number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure carbon-12) :: Avogadro sayısı
avoid {v} (to keep away from) :: kaçınmak
avoid {v} ((law) To defeat or evade; to invalidate) :: savuşturmak
avow {v} (declare openly) :: itiraf etmek, açıkça söylemek, ilan etmek
Avraham {prop} (given name) SEE: Abraham ::
avuncular {adj} (in the manner of an uncle) :: amcavari, emmice, amcacıl
avuncular {adj} (kind, genial, benevolent or tolerant) :: babacan
await {v} (transitive: to wait for) :: beklemek
awake {adj} (conscious) :: uyanık
awake {v} (to cause someone to stop sleeping) :: uyandırmak
awareness {n} (the state of consciousness) :: bilinç, bilinçlenme, farkındalık, uyanıklık, şuur, şuurlanma
awe {n} (feeling of fear and reverence) :: huşu
awe {n} (feeling of amazement) :: huşu
awe {v} (to inspire fear and reverence) :: huşu uyandırmak, huşulandırmak
awesome {adj} (causing awe or terror) :: korkunç, müthiş
awesome {adj} (excellent, exciting) :: harika, huşu veren [religious], süper [slang]
awful {adj} (oppressing with fear; appalling; terrible) :: berbat
awful {adj} :: iğrenç
awfully {adv} (very) SEE: very ::
awfully {adv} (badly) SEE: badly ::
awkward {adj} (lacking dexterity in the use of the hands) :: sakar, beceriksiz
awkward {adj} (not easily managed or effected; embarrassing) :: kullanışsız
awkward {adj} (perverse; adverse; untoward) :: garip, uygunsuz
awning {n} (a rooflike cover) :: tente
awning {n} (that part of the poop deck which is continued forward beyond the bulkhead of the cabin) :: tente
axe {n} (tool) :: balta
axe {n} :: balta
axilla {n} (armpit) :: aksilla, koltuk altı
axis {n} (geometry: imaginary line) :: eksen
axis {n} (basis of space or part of graph) :: eksen
axle {n} (the pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel) :: eksen
axle {n} (a transverse bar or shaft) :: şaft
axon {n} (a nerve fibre) :: akson
ayatollah {n} (a religious leader) :: ayetullah
aye {interj} (yes) :: evet
aye {n} (affirmative vote) :: evet
aye-aye {n} (nocturnal quadruped) :: ay-ay
Ayers Rock {prop} (Uluru) SEE: Uluru ::
Aymara {prop} (language of South America) :: Aymaraca
azalea {n} (plant) :: açelya
azan {n} (call to prayer) :: ezan
Azerbaijan {prop} (country in the Caucasus) :: Azerbaycan
Azerbaijani {n} (Azerbaijani person) :: Azeri, Azerbaycanlı
Azerbaijani {n} (language of Azerbaijan) :: Azerice, Azeri Türkçesi, Azerbaycan Türkçesi
Azerbaijani {adj} (pertaining to Azerbaijan) :: Azeri
Azerbaijan SSR {prop} (Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic) :: Azerbaycan SSC
Azeri {n} (Azerbaijani) SEE: Azerbaijani ::
Azeri {prop} (Azerbaijani) SEE: Azerbaijani ::
azure {n} (colour of the sky) :: gökşin, gökçe, gök, gök mavisi, gök rengi
azure {n} (the blue sky) :: gök
azure {adj} (sky-blue coloured) :: gökçe, gök rengi
azure {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli ::