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i {letter}  :: letter
{interj} [dated]  :: alternative form of io
I {letter}  :: The ninth letter of the Dutch alphabet
iatrogeen {adj}  :: iatrogenic
Iberisch {adj}  :: Iberian
-ica {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -icus
iconenschilder {m}  :: Someone who paints icons
iconografisch {adj}  :: iconographic
icoon {f} {m}  :: icon
-icus {suffix}  :: -ic or ician
idd {adv} [Internet, slang]  :: abbreviation of inderdaad (indeed)
ideaal {adj}  :: ideal, perfect(ly fit); optimal
ideaal {adj}  :: immaterial, aetheral
ideaal {adj}  :: purely cerebral, imaginary in physical terms
ideaal {n}  :: An ideal, perfect standard (of beauty, intellect, etc.)
ideaal {n}  :: Something/someone which lives up to it, perfect example
ideaal {n}  :: A utopic, unreal perfect aspiration, figment
ideaal {n} [algebra]  :: An ideal
ideaalbeeld {n}  :: ideal, paragon, ideal image (perfect standard)
idealiseren {v}  :: to idealize (US), idealise (UK)
idealisme {n}  :: The tendency idealism
idealiteit {f}  :: ideality (quality or state of being ideal)
idee {n}  :: idea
idee {n} {f}  :: [philosophy] idea, notion
ideeëloos {adj}  :: idealess
idem {adv}  :: idem, ditto
identiek {adj}  :: identical (exactly equal to)
identificatie {f}  :: identification
identificeren {v}  :: to identify
identiteit {f}  :: identity
identiteitsbewijs {n} [generally]  :: proof of identity, identification document
identiteitsbewijs {n} [more specifically]  :: passport or ID card
identiteitspolitiek {f}  :: identity politics
ideologie {f}  :: ideology (doctrine, body of ideas)
ideologisch {adj}  :: ideological
idiofoon {m}  :: idiophone
idioom {n}  :: idiom, expression or a combination of words used in a language in a way which is typical for that particular language
idioot {m}  :: an idiot
idioot {adj}  :: idiotic, foolish, stupid
idioot {adj}  :: annoying, irritating
idiootbestendig {adj}  :: idiot-proof
idiosyncrasie {f}  :: An idiosyncrasy, notably an individual hypersensitivity, as for a substance
Ido {prop} {n}  :: Ido
idolatrie {f}  :: idolatry
idool {n}  :: An idol
-ie {suffix}  :: A variant of -ij
-ie {suffix}  :: -ion, -y
-ie {suffix}  :: [Netherlands, colloquial] A variant of -je, a suffix forming diminutive nouns
ie {pron} [colloquial]  :: Third-person singular, masculine, subjective, mute form: he
ie {pron} [Holland]  :: Second-person singular, mute form: you
ie {adv}  :: always, every time, continuously
ie {adv}  :: ever, sometime, at some point
ieder {determiner}  :: each
ieder {determiner}  :: any
ieder {pron}  :: everybody, everyone
iedereen {pron}  :: everyone
ieders {pron}  :: everybody's
-ief {suffix}  :: -ive
-iek {suffix}  :: -ic; used mostly to calque words of Latinate origin
iel {adj}  :: thin, slender
iem. {abbr}  :: iemand
iemand {pron}  :: someone
iemand de les lezen {v} [idiomatic, Netherlands]  :: to read someone the riot act, to reprimand someone
iemand een kloot aftrekken {v} [idiomatic]  :: play a dirty trick on somebody
iemand liggen hebben {v} [idiomatic]  :: take advantage of, deceive
iemand met een kluitje in het riet sturen {idiom}  :: send someone off empty-handed or none the wiser
iemands {determiner} [possessive]  :: someone's, one's
iemands neus afbijten {v}  :: give a curt reply; shout at
iemker {m}  :: beekeeper
Ieneke {prop}  :: given name
Ienje {prop}  :: given name
iep {m}  :: elm
Ieper {prop}  :: Ypres
-ier {suffix}  :: appended to a word, it yields a noun which signifies the subject who performs something related to that word
Ier {n}  :: Inhabitant of Ireland, Irishman
Ierland {prop} {n}  :: Ireland (island)
Ierland {prop} {n}  :: Ireland (country)
Iers {adj}  :: Irish
Iers {prop} {n}  :: Irish (language)
-iet {suffix}  :: -ite
iets {pron}  :: something
iets {pron}  :: anything
ietsje {adv}  :: somewhat, a little bit
ietsje pietsje {adv} [colloquial]  :: a little, a little bit
ietsje pietsje {adj} [colloquial]  :: itty-bitty, a little (small amount or degree)
ietwat {adv}  :: somewhat
ieuw {interj}  :: ew
iezegrim {m}  :: curmudgeon (an ill-tempered stubborn person)
iezegrimmig {adj}  :: grumpy, moody
-ig {suffix}  :: -y; forms adjectives from nouns
-ig {suffix}  :: -ed, having [when attached to a noun preceded by an adjective that describes the noun]
IGEAN {prop} {f}  :: Intermunicipal organization in the province of Antwerp, Belgium, that actively participates, plans, assists and gives advice in matters waste disposal, spatial planning and development
iglo {m}  :: An igloo, Inuit snow/ice-built cabin
ignorant {adj}  :: ignorant
ignorantie {f}  :: ignorance
i-grec {c}  :: The letter Y, y (wye) in the Latin script
i-grec {c}  :: The letter Υ, υ (upsilon) in the Greek script
-ij {suffix}  :: -y; Forms abstract nouns denoting a state or concept related to the person(s) referred to by the stem
-ij {suffix}  :: -ery; Forms nouns denoting a business or an organization which is run by the kind of person(s) referred to by the stem
IJ {prop} {n}  :: the IJ
ijdel {adj}  :: vain, overly proud (of one's appearance, status etc.)
ijdel {adj}  :: idle, in vain, unfounded
ijdel {adj}  :: petty, mere, insignificant, worthless
ijdelheid {f}  :: vanity
ijk {m}  :: gauge
ijkboson {n} [particle]  :: gauge boson
ijken {v}  :: to gauge (weights or sizes to ensure they meet the standards)
ijken {v}  :: to calibrate
ijkpunt {n}  :: benchmark
ijl {adj}  :: rarefied (of a gas etc.), not dense
ijl {adj} [chiefly obsolete]  :: skinny, lacking fat
ijl {adj} [obsolete]  :: empty
ijl {f}  :: rush, haste
ijlen {v}  :: to speak in a quick and delirious fashion, to rave on
ijlen {v} [obsolete]  :: to hasten, hurry
ijlhoofdig {adj}  :: thoughtless, careless,
ijlhoofdig {adj}  :: confused, delirious
ijlings {adv}  :: hastily
ijltempo {n}  :: a very short time
ijs {n}  :: ice
ijs {n}  :: ice cream
ijsbeer {m}  :: polar bear
ijsberen {vi}  :: to pace up and down
ijsberg {m}  :: iceberg (mountain-size mass of floating ice)
ijsbreker {m}  :: icebreaker (shipping)
ijsbreker {m} [figuratively]  :: icebreaker (introduction)
ijsbreker {m} [figuratively]  :: pioneer
ijsco {c} [Netherlands]  :: ice cream
ijscokar {m}  :: ice cream cart, ice cream van (vehicle used by ice cream vendors)
ijscoman {m}  :: ice cream man (male ice cream vendor)
ijscovrouw {f} [rare]  :: ice cream lady, ice cream woman (female ice cream vendor)
ijscowagen {m}  :: ice cream cart, ice cream van (vehicle used by ice cream vendors)
ijsdag {m} [meteorology]  :: a day on which it freezes all day (specifically, on which the highest temperature is below 0 °C)
ijsdansen {n}  :: ice dancing (subdiscipline of figure skating)
ijsdansen {vi} [sports]  :: to engage in ice dancing
ijsgebergte {n}  :: icy mountain range, mountain range consisting of icy mountains, ice mountains or icebergs
ijshockey {n}  :: ice hockey
ijsje {noun}  :: an ice cream
ijskast {f}  :: refrigerator (originally a cupboard filled with ice to keep goods cool)
ijskoud {adj}  :: ice-cold, freezing cold
IJsland {prop} {n}  :: Iceland, a Nordic European island country in the Northern Atlantic
IJslander {m}  :: An Icelander, member or descendant of the people of Iceland
IJslander {m}  :: An Icelandic horse, a small, sturdy and longhaired breed of horse
IJslands {adj}  :: Icelandic, relating to Iceland and/or its (Germanic) people
IJslands {adj}  :: in or relating to the Icelandic language
IJslands {prop} {n}  :: The Icelandic (Germanic) language
ijsman {m}  :: A male icecream vendor
ijsplateau {n}  :: ice shelf
ijsregen {m}  :: ice pellets
ijssalon {m} {n}  :: ice-cream bar
ijsschol {f}  :: ice floe
ijsschots {f}  :: ice floe
ijsvogel {m}  :: kingfisher
ijsvrij {n}  :: A snow day
ijsvrij {adj}  :: Iceless
ijswoestijn {f}  :: ice desert (region with a surface of ice and little precipitation, like a polar desert)
ijszee {f}  :: a sea of ice
ijszee {f}  :: a polar ocean
ijver {m} [archaic]  :: urge, drive
ijver {m} [archaic]  :: jealousy
ijver {m}  :: dedication, devotion
ijver {m}  :: zeal, ambition
ijveren {v}  :: to devote oneself to
ijverig {adj}  :: assiduous, diligent
ijverzucht {f} [literary]  :: jealousy
ijzel {m}  :: black ice (thin film of ice)
ijzer {n}  :: iron (metal)
ijzer {n}  :: iron bar or tool
IJzer {prop} {m}  :: a river that flows through French and West Flanders to the North Sea
ijzeren {adj}  :: iron (made out of iron)
ijzeren gordijn {n}  :: iron curtain (iron barrier in a theatre)
IJzeren Gordijn {n} [historical]  :: the Iron Curtain
ijzerenheinig {adj}  :: imperturbable
ijzererts {n}  :: iron ore
ijzerhard {m}  :: the herbaceous plant verbena (Verbena officinalis), or the herb derived from this plant
ijzertijd {prop} {m}  :: Iron Age
ijzervreter {m}  :: a stout-hearted warrior
ijzerwarenwinkel {m}  :: hardware store
ijzerwinkel {m}  :: hardware store
ijzingwekkend {adj}  :: frightening
ik {pron}  :: First-person singular, subjective: I
ik begrijp het niet {phrase}  :: I don't understand
ik ben allergisch voor noten {phrase}  :: I'm allergic to nuts
ik ben atheist {phrase}  :: I'm an atheist
ik ben beroofd {phrase}  :: I've been robbed
ik ben bestolen {phrase}  :: I've been robbed
ik ben bi {phrase}  :: I'm bisexual
ik ben biseksueel {phrase}  :: I'm bisexual
ik ben de weg kwijt {phrase}  :: I'm lost
ik ben hetero {phrase}  :: I'm straight
ik ben heteroseksueel {phrase}  :: I'm straight
ik ben homo {phrase}  :: I'm gay
ik ben homoseksueel {phrase}  :: I'm gay
ik ben moe {phrase}  :: I'm tired
ik ben niet godsdienstig {phrase}  :: I'm not religious
ik ben vegetariër {phrase}  :: I'm a vegetarian
ik ben verdwaald {phrase}  :: I'm lost
ik ben verkouden {phrase}  :: I have a cold
ik ben verkracht {phrase}  :: I've been raped
ik ben ziek {phrase}  :: I'm sick
ik bloed {phrase}  :: I'm bleeding
ik dacht het niet {phrase} [sarcastic, strong refusal or denial]  :: I don't think so
ik denk van niet {phrase} [sincere]  :: I don't think so, I think that's not the case
ik eet geen varkensvlees {phrase}  :: I don't eat pork
ik eet geen vis {phrase}  :: I don't eat fish
ik eet geen vlees {phrase}  :: I don't eat meat
ik ga dood {phrase}  :: I'm dying
ik heb diabetes {phrase}  :: I have diabetes
ik heb een condoom nodig {phrase}  :: I need a condom
ik heb een dokter nodig {phrase}  :: I need a doctor
ik heb een gids nodig {phrase}  :: I need a guide (a person or a book)
ik heb een kaart nodig {phrase}  :: I need a map
ik heb een plattegrond nodig {phrase}  :: I need a map
ik heb een taxi nodig {phrase}  :: I need a taxi
ik heb een vraag {phrase}  :: I have a question
ik heb eten nodig {phrase}  :: I need food
ik heb geld nodig {phrase}  :: I need money
ik heb honger {phrase}  :: I'm hungry
ik heb je hulp nodig {phrase}  :: I need your help
ik heb koorts {phrase}  :: I have a fever (a serious or strong fever)
ik heb ... nodig {phrase}  :: I need ...
ik heb slaap {phrase}  :: I'm tired, I'm sleepy
ik heb suikerziekte {phrase}  :: I have diabetes
ik heb uw hulp nodig {phrase} [formal]  :: I need your help
ik heb verhoging {phrase}  :: I have a fever (a mild fever, elevated body temperature)
ik heb water nodig {phrase}  :: I need water
ik hou van jou {phrase}  :: I love you
ikke {pron} [colloquial]  :: ik
ik snap het niet {phrase}  :: I don't understand
ik spreek geen Engels {phrase}  :: I don't speak English
ik spreek geen Nederlands {phrase}  :: I don't speak Dutch
ik weet het echt niet {phrase}  :: I really don't know
ik zie u graag {phrase} [Belgium, idiomatic]  :: I love you
Ilias {prop} {c}  :: The Iliad
illegaal {adj}  :: illegal
illegaal {mf}  :: an illegal, illegal immigrant
illegaliteit {f}  :: illegality
illuminatie {f}  :: illumination (colored adornment in a manuscript)
illusie {f}  :: illusion
illustratie {f}  :: illustration
illustrator {m}  :: illustrator
Illyrië {prop}  :: Illyria
image {n}  :: image (characteristic perceived by others)
imaginair {adj} [mathematics]  :: imaginary
imago {n}  :: image
imago {n} [biology]  :: imago: the full grown form of an insect
imam {m} [Islam]  :: imam
imbeciel {adj} [pejorative]  :: stupid, idiotic
imbeciel {adj} [dated, now, offensive]  :: mentally retarded, imbecilic, idiotic (mentally disabled with the mental age of a young child)
imbeciel {m} [dated, now, offensive]  :: imbecile, idiot, retard (mentally disabled person with the mental age of a young child)
imbeciel {m} [pejorative]  :: imbecile, idiot, dumbass
Imke {prop} {f}  :: given name
imker {m}  :: beekeeper
immanent {adj}  :: immanent
immanentie {f}  :: immanence
imme {f}  :: beeswarm
imme {f}  :: honeybee
immenhuif {f}  :: beehive
immenkorf {m}  :: beehive
immens {adj}  :: immense, enormous, huge
immenveld {n}  :: artificial field with beehives, managed by beekeepers
immer {adv} [formal]  :: always
immers {adv}  :: Indicates that an explanation is being given for an earlier statement
immigrant {m}  :: immigrant
immigrante {f}  :: female immigrant
immigratie {f}  :: immigration
immigreren {v}  :: to immigrate
immuniteit {f}  :: immunity
immuniteitssysteem {n}  :: immune system
immuunsysteem {n}  :: immune system
impala {m}  :: impala
imperatief {m} [grammar]  :: the imperative mood or a word therein
imperativus {m} [grammar]  :: the imperative mood or a word therein
imperiaal {adj}  :: imperial
imperiaal {n}  :: roof rack
imperium {n}  :: empire
impertinent {adj}  :: insolent, ill-mannered
impetigo {m} [pathology]  :: impetigo
implantaat {n}  :: implant
implementatie {f}  :: implementation
implementeren {v}  :: to implement
impliceren {v}  :: to imply
impliceren {v}  :: to implicate, involve
impliciet {adj}  :: implicit
impopulair {adj}  :: unpopular
impopulariteit {f}  :: unpopularity
import {m}  :: Geographical import
importbruid {f}  :: mail-order bride
importbruidegom {m}  :: mail-order bridegroom
importeren {v}  :: to import
impressionisme {n} [arts]  :: impressionism
improvisatie {f}  :: improvisation
impuls {m} [physics]  :: momentum (product of mass and velocity)
impulsmoment {n}  :: angular momentum
impulsvector {f} {m} [physics]  :: momentum vector
in {adv}  :: in, inside
in {adv} [postpositional]  :: into
in {prep}  :: in; expressing containment
in {adj}  :: in style
in- {prefix}  :: from the adverb in
in- {prefix}  :: prepended to a noun or adjective, it reinforces the quality signified thereby
in- {prefix}  :: prepended to an adjective to negate its meaning; occurs mostly in borrowed terms from French: in-, un-
-in {suffix}  :: Forms nouns for the female counterpart of something
inactief {adj}  :: inactive, idle
inactief {adj}  :: suspended from duty, not currently deployed
inademen {v}  :: to breath in, inhale
inademing {f}  :: inhalation
inauguraal {adj}  :: inaugural
inaugureel {adj}  :: alternative form of inauguraal
inbakeren {v}  :: to swaddle
inbeelden {vr}  :: to imagine, to envisage
inbegrepen {adj}  :: included
inbegrip {n}  :: inclusion
inbelverbinding {f}  :: dial-up internet
inbezitneming {f}  :: taking possession of
inblazen {v}  :: to breath new life into, to give another chance to, to revive
in blijde verwachting {adj} [only attributive]  :: pregnant (in happy expectation)
inblikken {vt}  :: to can (to preserve)
inblikken {vi}  :: to look into
inboedel {m}  :: furniture
inboedelverzekering {f}  :: contents insurance
inboeten {v}  :: to lose, be deprived of
inborst {m}  :: character, nature, personality
inbraak {f} {m}  :: break-in
in brand steken {v}  :: to set on fire
inbreiden {v}  :: to rededicate land in an urban environment to new construction; to infill
inbreiden {n}  :: to act of infilling
inbreiding {f}  :: an infill development
inbreker {m}  :: burglar
inbreng {m}  :: input, say (ability to contribute)
inbrengen {v}  :: to add, to contribute
inbrengen {v}  :: to have a say
inburgeren {vi}  :: to integrate into a (foreign) society
inburgering {f}  :: integration (into a different community than one's own)
incalculeren {v} [literal and figurative]  :: to take into account, to include in a calculation
incantatie {f}  :: incantation, magic spell
incasseren {v}  :: to make (money), to rake in (something rewarding)
incasseren {v} [figuratively]  :: to bear, to endure
incentief {n}  :: incentive
inchecken {v}  :: to check in
inclusie {f}  :: integration, the act of including people who are often excluded
inclusie {f} [textual scholarship]  :: inclusion, envelope structure
inclusief {adj}  :: inclusive
inclusief {prep}  :: including, included
incongruent {adj}  :: incongruent, incompatible, not in agreement
incongruentie {f}  :: incongruence
inconsistentie {f}  :: inconsistency
incontinentie {f} [pathology]  :: incontinence, medical inability to regulate one's defecation
incubus {m}  :: An incubus, evil spirit
incubus {m}  :: A nightmare, horrible dream
incubus {m}  :: A burden, obsession, yoke
incunabel {m}  :: incunable
indamming {f}  :: curtailment
in de bres springen voor {v} [idiomatic]  :: to protect (someone) or to help (someone) in dire straits
in de fik {prep}  :: on fire, ablaze, aflame
in de gaten houden {v} [idiomatic]  :: to keep an eye on (lit.: "to keep in the holes") (mnemonic: the eyes are "holes" in the face)
in de hand houden {v}  :: to control, keep under control
in de kinderschoenen {idiom}  :: in its infancy
indelen {v}  :: to classify
indeling {f}  :: classification
indeling {f}  :: arrangement, layout
in de maling nemen {v} [idiomatic]  :: to fool, deceive
indenken {vr}  :: to imagine
in de oorlog had ik een cracker en die was lekker {phrase}  :: In the war, everything you ate tasted great
in de pan hakken {v} [idiomatic]  :: to defeat utterly or mercilessly, to cut to pieces (lit.: "to chop in the pan")
in de piepzak zitten {v} [idiom]  :: to worry, to fret, to be anxious
inderdaad {adv}  :: indeed
indertijd {adv}  :: at the time, back then
in de rug steken {v} [idiomatic]  :: to stab (someone) in the back, to betray (someone)
in de steek laten {v} [idiomatic]  :: to abandon, leave behind
in de waagschaal stellen {vt}  :: to risk, to put at risk
in de wacht slepen {vt}  :: to secure, to win, to achieve
in de war {adj}  :: tangled
in de war {adj} [of a person]  :: confused, puzzled, not making sense
in de war brengen {}  :: to confuse
in de wieg gelegd zijn {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be cut out for, have the talent for
in de wolken zijn {v}  :: To be over the moon, to be on cloud nine
in de wolken zijn {v}  :: To be exhilarated
index {m}  :: index
indexeren {v}  :: to index
Indië {prop} {n}  :: the Indies
India {prop} {n}  :: India (country)
indiaan {m}  :: Native American
Indiaan {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Indus
Indiaas {adj}  :: Indian
indianenreservaat {n}  :: A Native American reservation
Indiase {f}  :: a female Indian (a female inhabitant of the country, India)
indicatief {adj}  :: indicative, approximative, roughly estimated
indicatief {m} [grammar]  :: The indicative mood
indicativus {m} [grammar]  :: the indicative mood or a word therein
indien {conj} [formal]  :: if
indienen {v}  :: to offer, to hand in
indigo {n}  :: The colour indigo
indigo {adj}  :: indigo-coloured
Indiër {m}  :: an Indian (an inhabitant of the country, India)
Indisch {adj}  :: Pertaining to the Dutch East Indies
Indisch {adj} [Belgium]  :: Indian, pertaining to India
Indische Oceaan {prop}  :: Indian Ocean (the ocean separating Africa, southern Asia, Oceania and Antarctica)
Indische vos {m}  :: Bengal fox, Indian fox (Vulpes bengalensis)
indiscreet {adj}  :: indiscreet
indium {n}  :: indium
individu {n}  :: individual (person considered alone)
individualisme {n}  :: individualism
Indo {m}  :: An Indonesian of partially native, partially European descent
Indo-Arisch {adj}  :: Indo-Aryan, Indic
Indo-Europeaan {m}  :: Indo, a person of mixed, half European blood
Indo-Europeaan {m}  :: Indo-European
Indo-Europees {adj}  :: Indo-European
Indo-Iraans {adj}  :: Indo-Iranian
Indonesië {prop} {n}  :: Indonesia
indonesianistiek {f}  :: Study of Indonesia, its languages and culture
Indonesiër {m}  :: Indonesian, a person from and/or living in Indonesia
Indonesisch {n}  :: Indonesian; the language of Indonesia
Indo-Oeraals {adj}  :: Indo-Uralic
indringend {adj}  :: penetrating
indringer {m}  :: intruder, invader, transgressor
indruk {m}  :: impression
indrukken {v}  :: to press, to press down on
indruk maken {vi}  :: to make an impression, to impress
indrukwekkend {adj}  :: impressive, imposing
in dubio {adj}  :: in doubt
induiken {v}  :: to dive in
industrialiseren {v}  :: to industrialise (UK), industrialize (US)
industrialisering {f}  :: industrialisation (UK); industrialization (US)
industrie {f}  :: An industry, business(es) that produce(s) goods or services
industrieel {adj}  :: industrial, concerning an industry or industry in general
industrieel {adj}  :: Produced by an industry, not artisanally
industrieel {m}  :: An industrialist, manufacturer etc
industrieel {m}  :: An industrial bond
industriesector {m} [economy]  :: industrial sector (secondary sector)
indutten {v}  :: to doze off, to fall into a light sleep
ineen {adv}  :: together
ineens {adv}  :: at once
ineens {adv}  :: suddenly
ineenstorting {f}  :: collapse, breakdown
ineffectief {adj}  :: ineffective
inefficiënt {adj}  :: inefficient
inefficiëntie {f}  :: inefficiency
Ineke {prop}  :: given name
inelastisch {adj}  :: inelastic
in elk geval {adv}  :: alternative form of in ieder geval
inenten {v}  :: to vaccinate
inertie {f}  :: inertia
inertie {f} [figuratively]  :: Lack of dynamism or forcefulness
Ines {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Spanish Inés
inf. {abbr}  :: informeel
infaam {adj}  :: dishonourable, honourless
infaam {adj}  :: scandalous, odious, despicable
infanterie {f}  :: The infantry, non-mounted troops, notably on land
infanterist {m}  :: A foot soldier, infantryman
infanteriste {f}  :: a female foot soldier, a female infantryman
infantiel {adj}  :: infantile (like an infant; childish)
infarct {n}  :: infarct
infecteren {vt}  :: To infect, bring into contact with a contagious germ causing illness
infecteren {v} [figuratively]  :: To contaminate, pass on (to ...) some undesirable idea, habit etc
infectie {f}  :: infection
in feite {adv}  :: in fact
infernaal {adj}  :: Of or relating to hell, or the world of the dead; hellish
infernaal {adj} [by extension]  :: Of or relating to a fire or inferno
infernaal {adj}  :: Diabolical or fiendish
inferno {n}  :: hell-like place or situation
inferno {n}  :: hellfire
inferno {n}  :: a large fire
infinitief {m} [grammar]  :: infinitive
inflatie {f} [economics]  :: inflation, increase in the general price level
inflatie {f} [cosmology]  :: cosmic inflation, the expansion of the universe after the Big Bang
informateur {m}  :: advisor
informateur {m}  :: politician who researches the possible coalition options before a new cabinet is formed
informatica {f}  :: The discipline computer science, information science, informatics, study of computers and computing
informaticus {m}  :: computer scientist
informatie {f}  :: information
informatiekunde {f}  :: computer science, information science, informatics
informatiesysteem {f}  :: information system
informeel {adj}  :: informal, unofficial, unceremonious
informeel {adj}  :: familiar, colloquial
informeel {adj}  :: casual
informeel {adv}  :: informally
informeren {v}  :: to inform, to give information
informeren {v}  :: to inquire, to search or to ask for information
infra- {prefix}  :: infra-
infrarood {adj}  :: infrared
infrastructureel {adj}  :: infrastructural
infrastructuur {f}  :: infrastructure
infuus {n} [medicine]  :: IV, drip, an intravenous injection
-ing {suffix}  :: Creates action nouns referring to the performance of a verb, or the result thereof
-ing {suffix} [no longer productive]  :: Forms nouns for a person originating from a place or family
ing. {abbr}  :: ingenieur (polytechnic-educated engineer)
ING {prop}  :: Internationale Nederlanden Groep, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation
ingaan {v}  :: to enter, to go inside
ingaan {v}  :: (~ op) to go along with, to go into (a discussion, argument, request etc.)
ingang {m}  :: entrance
ingang {m} [electronics]  :: input
ingenieur {m}  :: engineer
ingesneeuwd {adj}  :: snowed in
ingetogen {adj}  :: modest, continent
ingetogenheid {f}  :: modesty, continence
ingeven {v}  :: to feed (esp. a baby)
ingeven {v}  :: to suggest, prompt, inspire
ingewanden {p}  :: guts
ingewekene {mf}  :: someone who has immigrated; immigrant
ingewijde {noun}  :: an initiate, an adept
ingewijde {noun}  :: an insider
ingewikkeld {adj}  :: complicated
ingeworteld {adj}  :: ingrained
ingezet {adj}  :: encrusted
ingieten {v}  :: to pour in
ingraven {v}  :: to dig in, to entrench
ingrediënt {n}  :: ingredient
ingreep {m}  :: intervention
ingreep {m}  :: surgery
ingrijpen {v}  :: to intervene
ingrijpend {adj}  :: Radical, thoroughgoing
Ingrisch {adj}  :: Ingrian
Ingrisch {prop} {n}  :: Ingrian (language)
inhalen {v}  :: to overtake, to pass (traffic)
inhalen {v}  :: to welcome, to receive warmly
inhalig {adj}  :: avaricious
inham {m}  :: inlet
in hart en nieren {adv}  :: through and through
inheems {adj}  :: native, indigenous, domestic, autochthonous
in het achterhoofd {prep}  :: See: in het achterhoofd
in het achterhoofd {prep} [idiom]  :: in mind, in the back of one's mind
in het bijzijn van {prep}  :: in the presence of
in het bijzonder {adv}  :: especially, in particular
in het echt {adv}  :: for real, in real life (as opposed to in a story or similar)
in het kort {prep}  :: in short
in het land der blinden is éénoog koning {proverb}  :: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
in het lood {adv}  :: plumb; straight, at a right angle
in het vervolg {adv}  :: henceforth, from now on
in het water vallen {v} [idiomatic, of an event or project]  :: to fail
inhoud {m}  :: content; contents
inhoud {m}  :: index; table of contents
inhoud {m} [physics]  :: volume
inhoudelijk {adj}  :: substantive
inhoudelijk {adv}  :: substantively (concerning content)
inhouden {vt}  :: to contain, to encompass, to include
inhouden {vt}  :: to mean, to imply
inhouden {vr}  :: to contain/restrain oneself
inhoudsopgave {f} {m}  :: table of contents
inhuldigen {v}  :: to inaugurate
inhuldiging {f}  :: inauguration, consecratory celebration
inhuren {v}  :: to hire (workforce, etc.)
inhuren {v}  :: to rent (obtain temporary possession of an object in exchange for money)
in ieder geval {adv}  :: in any case, anyhow
in iemands rapen schijten {v}  :: play a dirty trick on; take advantage; ruin it with somebody
in ijltempo {adv}  :: in no time (very quickly)
initiaal {f} {m}  :: initial
initiaal {adj}  :: initial
initiatief {n}  :: initiative
initiatiefnemer {m}  :: initiator
initieel {adj}  :: initial
injecteren {v}  :: inject (to push or pump something in)
injectie {f}  :: injection, the act of injecting
injectie {f}  :: what is thus delivered, notably medicine
injectiespuit {f}  :: syringe [for medical or other intravenous use]
-ink {suffix} [Low Saxon]  :: alternative form of -ing
in kaart brengen {v}  :: to inspect, to investigate, to assess
in kaart brengen {v} [literal]  :: to put on a map
inkeer {m}  :: repentance
inkerving {f}  :: groove
inklappen {v}  :: to fold in, fold up
inklokken {v}  :: to clock in
in koelen bloede {prep}  :: in cold blood
inkomen {v}  :: to come in
inkomen {v}  :: to warm up when starting an activity
inkomen {n}  :: income
inkomensgelijkheid {f}  :: income equality
inkomensongelijkheid {f}  :: income inequality
inkomensverdeling {f}  :: income distribution
inkomst {f} [dated]  :: entry (at a festival for example)
inkomst {f} [usually, in the plural]  :: income, revenue
inkomstenbelasting {f}  :: income tax
inkrimpen {v}  :: to shrink
inkt {m}  :: ink (coloured fluid used for writing, painting etc.)
inktpatroon {f} {m}  :: ink cartridge
inktvis {m}  :: squid (marine mollusk)
in kwestie {adj}  :: in question; concerned
inladen {v}  :: to load in, to ship
inlassen {v}  :: to insert, put in
inlaten {vr}  :: concern oneself
inlegzool {f} {m}  :: Extra sole to go inside a shoe (against smell or to make it fit)
inleiden {noun}  :: to usher in
inleiden {noun}  :: to introduce a topic; to prelude
inleiding {f}  :: introduction
inleven {vr} [ditransitive]  :: to put oneself into somebody else's place, to feel oneself as being somebody else, identify oneself with one's role, empathise with
inleven {vr} [ditransitive]  :: to project oneself into a situation, the past
in levenden lijve {adv}  :: in the flesh, in person
inleveren {v}  :: to turn in
inleveren {v}  :: to sacrifice, to compromise, to give up on
inlichten {v}  :: to inform
in lichterlaaie {adj}  :: ablaze
inlichting {f}  :: intelligence, source of information
inlichtingendienst {m}  :: intelligence agency
inlijven {v}  :: to incorporate
inlijving {f}  :: annexation
inloggen {v}  :: to log in
inlooppijn {f}  :: joint pain that occurs after a period of rest or inactivity and wears off again after a period of activity, often associated with arthrosis and other joint maladies
inlossen {v}  :: to redeem
inluiden {v}  :: to ring in, herald
inmiddels {adv}  :: meanwhile, in the meantime
Inn {prop} [geography]  :: The river Inn, which flows to the Danube
inname {f} {m}  :: ingestion, intake
inname {f} {m}  :: accession, conquest
innemen {v}  :: to swallow (a medicine)
innemen {v}  :: to confiscate
innemen {v}  :: to conquer
innemen {v}  :: to get in a means of transportation
innemen {v}  :: to charm
innen {v}  :: to cash (exchange (a check/cheque) for money)
innen {v}  :: to collect (e.g., taxes)
inner {m}  :: collector (of taxes)
innig {adj}  :: intimate
innovatie {f}  :: innovation
inoculatie {f}  :: inoculation (introduction of substance into the body to produce immunity)
inoculeren {v}  :: to inoculate
in orde {adj}  :: in order, correct, right, okay, as it should be
inpakken {v}  :: to pack up, load things into a package
inpakken {v} [figuratively]  :: to leave, to depart
inpakken {v}  :: to fascinate, charm
inparkeren {v}  :: to park in
inpeperen {v}  :: to pepper, to cover with pepper
inpeperen {v}  :: to rub in, to make (a point) annoyingly obvious
inpeperen {v}  :: to get back at
inpeperen {v}  :: to rub snow into, particularly in the face (during snowball fights)
in petto {adv}  :: in store
in plaats van {prep}  :: instead of, in place of
inpolderen {vt}  :: to turn into a polder
inpoldering {f}  :: turning wetland into a polder by building dikes around it
inproduct {n} [linear algebra]  :: dot product, scalar product, inner product
inreisverbod {n}  :: entry ban
inrichten {v}  :: arrange, organize
inrichten {v}  :: equip, furnish
inrichten {v}  :: set up
inrichting {f}  :: arrangement, constitution
inrichting {f}  :: institution (e.g. psychiatric)
inroepen {v}  :: to request
inroetsjen {vt}  :: to rapidly glide or slide into
in rook opgaan {v}  :: to go up in smoke
in ruime mate {adv}  :: to a large extent
inschakelen {vt}  :: to switch on, turn on (to turn a switch to the "on" position)
inschakelen {vt}  :: to enable (to activate a function of an electronic or mechanical device)
inschakelen {vt}  :: to call in
inschatten {v}  :: to assess, to evaluate
inschenken {v}  :: to pour
inschikkelijk {noun}  :: accommodating; acquiescent
inschikkelijkheid {noun}  :: accommodation [towards people]
inschrijven {v}  :: to register
inschrijving {f}  :: registration
inschuchteren {noun}  :: to intimidate, to browbeat
inscriptie {f}  :: inscription
insect {n}  :: insect
insectenhotel {n}  :: insect hotel
insekt {m}  :: superseded spelling of insect
insensibel {adj}  :: insensitive, crass
insensibel {adj}  :: imperceptible, unnoticeable
inslaan {v}  :: to shatter, to break with force
inslaan {v}  :: to turn into, to follow (e.g. a different path or a corner)
inslaan {v}  :: to make provision for (e.g. a feast)
inslaan {v}  :: to strike with force (e.g. lightning)
in slaap {adj}  :: asleep
in slaap vallen {v}  :: to fall asleep
inslag {m}  :: impact
inslag {m} [weaving]  :: woof, weft - which is woven crosswise through the warp
inslapen {v}  :: to fall asleep
insluipen {v}  :: to slip through, to creep in
insluiten {v}  :: to enclose
insluiten {v}  :: to include
insluiting {f}  :: inclusion (e.g. in a precious stone)
insmeren {v} [with direct object]  :: to rub in, to smear
insmeren {v} [with indirect object]  :: to rub a substance onto, to anoint
insneeuwen {v}  :: to snow in
insnijden {vti}  :: to cut into, to carve into
inspannen {v}  :: to put horses, ponys, donkeys or oxen in front of a cart or carriage
inspannen {v}  :: to exert (to put in vigorous action)
inspanning {f}  :: effort
in spe {phrase}  :: Prospective, hopeful, upcoming
inspiratie {f}  :: inspiration
inspirator {m}  :: An inspirer, inspirator, one that gives (creative) inspiration
inspireren {v}  :: to inspire
inspreken {v}  :: to record (especially sound)
inspreken {v}  :: to pep, encourage
inspringen {vi}  :: to fill in, to be replaced
inspringen {vi}  :: to indent (at the beginning of a paragraph)
inspuiten {v}  :: to inject
inspuiting {f}  :: injection
instabiel {adj}  :: unstable
instabiliteit {f}  :: instability
installatie {f}  :: installation
installatie {f}  :: something that's installed such as machinery
installeren {v}  :: To install
instantie {f}  :: authority
instantie {f}  :: instance
instantie {f}  :: agency, bureau
instanton {n} [mathematics, physics]  :: Instanton
instap {m}  :: boarding: the act of stepping into a vehicle
instappen {v}  :: to get in
instede {prep} [archaic]  :: instead of, in place of
insteek {c}  :: approach, manner, take, line
insteekhoes {f}  :: punched pocket
insteken {v}  :: to stab
insteken {v}  :: to insert, to put in (such as to lead a knitting needle through a loop)
instellen {v}  :: to set (up), to configure
instelling {f}  :: institution
instelling {f}  :: attitude
instelling {f}  :: configuration option
instelling {f}  :: adjustment
instemmen {v}  :: to agree
instemming {f}  :: agreement
instemming {f}  :: approval
instinken {v}  :: to fall for, to be fooled by
instituut {n}  :: institute
instorten {vi}  :: to collapse
instorter {m}  :: An inspirer, human source of inspiration and/or motivation
instorting {f}  :: A collapse, implosion etc
instorting {f} [figuratively]  :: A breakdown, downfall, undoing; decay; grave medical relapse
instorting {f}  :: An influx, flood
instorting {f}  :: An infusion
instorting {f} [figuratively]  :: An inspiration; suggestion
in strijd met {prep}  :: contrary to
instructeur {m}  :: instructor
instructie {f}  :: instruction, directive
instructrice {f}  :: female instructor
instrument {n}  :: instrument
instrumentalis {m} [grammar]  :: instrumental case
instrumentarium {n} [literal and figurative]  :: set of instruments, toolset
instuderen {v}  :: to rehearse (for a performance)
instuif {m}  :: housewarming
insuline {m}  :: insulin
integendeel {adv}  :: on the contrary
in tegenstelling tot {prep}  :: unlike, contrary to
integer {adj}  :: honest, trustworthy, having integrity
integraal {f} {m} [calculus]  :: integral
integraal {adj}  :: integral
integratie {f}  :: integration
integratie-interval {n}  :: integration interval
integreren {vi}  :: to integrate, to assimilate
integreren {vt}  :: to integrate, to assimilate
integreren {vt} [mathematics]  :: to integrate, calculate an integral
intellectueel {adj}  :: intellectual
intellectueel {mf}  :: an intellectual
intelligent {adj}  :: intelligent, bright, smart
intelligentie {f}  :: intelligence (capacity of mind)
intens {adj}  :: intense
intensiteit {f}  :: intensity
interageren {v}  :: to interact
intercity {c}  :: intercity train
intercostaal {adj}  :: between the ribs; intercostal
interdisciplinair {adj}  :: interdisciplinary (of or pertaining to multiple distinct academic disciplines or fields of study)
interessant {adj}  :: interesting, arousing or holding the attention of; fascinating
interessant {adj}  :: notable, important
interessant {adj}  :: profitable, benefic
interesse {f}  :: interest (e.g in a subject)
interesseren {v}  :: to interest (to attract attention or concern)
interesseren {v}  :: to show interest
interest {m} [finance]  :: interest
interieur {n}  :: interior
intern {adj}  :: internal, inside of something, of the body etc
internationaal {adj}  :: international, between, concerning, or transcending multiple nations
internationaal {m}  :: An international actor, e.g. player in a national sports team
internationaal {m}  :: A stock that is traded on exchanges in different countries
internet {n}  :: Internet (specific internet consisting of the global network of computers)
internetten {v}  :: to use the internet
internettoegang {m}  :: Internet access
internettrol {m}  :: internet troll
interne verbrandingsmotor {m}  :: internal combustion engine
interpolatie {f}  :: interpolation
interpretabel {adj}  :: interpretable
interpretatie {f}  :: interpretation, one's own explanation
interpreteren {v}  :: to interpret
interrex {m} [history]  :: An interrex, temporary head of state during the interregnum between two Roman consulates or from the death of a Polish king till the election and enthronement of his successor
interrumperen {v}  :: to interrupt
intersectionaliteit {f}  :: intersectionality
interval {n}  :: interval
interveniëren {v}  :: to intervene
interventie {f}  :: Intervention
interventiemacht {f}  :: humanitarian intervention
interview {n}  :: interview (3)
interviewen {v}  :: to interview
interviewer {m}  :: A male interviewer
interviewster {f}  :: A female interviewer
intiem {adj}  :: intimate, personal
intiem {adj}  :: warm, friendly
intijds {adj}  :: in time, timely
intijds {adv}  :: in time, timely
intikken {v}  :: to tap in lightly
intikken {v}  :: to type in, enter with a typewriter or keyboard
intimidatie {f}  :: intimidation
intimidator {m}  :: intimidator
intimideren {v}  :: to intimidate
intocht {m} [festivals]  :: entry, entrance. Commonly used for the arrival of Sinterklaas in the country
intolerantie {f}  :: intolerance
intomen {v}  :: to curb
intoxicatie {f}  :: intoxication
intrappen {v}  :: To kick in
intrappen {v} [colloquial]  :: To put in
intrede {f} {m}  :: entrance
intreden {v}  :: to enter, go in
intreden {v}  :: to set in, begin
intrekken {v}  :: to withdraw, revoke
intrekken {v}  :: to march in (see binnentrekken)
intrest {m}  :: alternative form of interest
intrigant {m}  :: an intriguer, a scheming individual
intrige {f}  :: intrigue; plot
intrigeren {v}  :: To intrigue
intrinsiek {adj}  :: intrinsic (inherent)
introduceren {v}  :: to introduce
intrusief {adj}  :: intrusive (tending to intrude)
intussen {adv}  :: meanwhile, in the meantime
intuïtie {f}  :: intuition
intypen {v}  :: to type in
inundatie {f}  :: inundation
inunderen {v}  :: to inundate
inval {m}  :: inspiration, brain wave
inval {m}  :: bust, raid
inval {m}  :: incursion, invasion
invalide {c}  :: disabled or handicapped person
invalide {adj}  :: disabled, handicapped
invallen {v}  :: to fall into
invallen {v}  :: to begin abruptly, to suddenly start appearing
invallen {v}  :: to fill in (e.g. for someone who is sick)
invallen {v}  :: to strike
invangen {v}  :: to capture
in verband met {prep}  :: in connection with
invers {adj}  :: inverse
inverse {noun}  :: inverse
inverteerbaar {adj} [mathematics]  :: invertible: which has an inverse
in verwachting {adj} [formal]  :: pregnant
investeerder {m}  :: investor
investeren {v}  :: to invest
investering {f}  :: investment
investeringsbank {f}  :: investment bank
investituur {f} [historical]  :: transfer of worldly feudal property
investituur {f}  :: inauguration, confirmation (ceremonious establishment into an office)
invitatie {f}  :: invitation
inviteren {v} [formal]  :: to invite
invloed {m}  :: influence
invloedrijk {adj}  :: influential
invoer {m}  :: input
invoer {m}  :: import
invoer {m}  :: introduction (of something new)
invoerapparaat {n}  :: input device
invoeren {v}  :: to introduce
invoeren {v}  :: to input
invoeren {v}  :: to import
invoering {f}  :: introduction (e.g. of a currency)
invorderen {v}  :: to confiscate
invorderen {v}  :: to collect (debt)
invriezen {v}  :: To freeze in; to refrigerate
invullen {v}  :: to fill in
inwaarts {adv}  :: inwards
in weerwil van {prep}  :: in spite of
inwendig {adj}  :: internal
inwendige {noun}  :: inside
in werking treden {v}  :: to enter into force
inwerkingtreding {f}  :: coming into force (e.g. of a treaty)
inwerpen {v}  :: to throw in
inwerpen {v} [of a coin]  :: to insert
inwijden {v}  :: to inaugurate
inwijden {v}  :: to consecrate
inwijkeling {m} [Belgian]  :: immigrant
inwijkeling {m} [Belgian]  :: newcomer, new arrival, new resident
inwijking {f} [Belgium]  :: immigration
inwilligen {v}  :: to grant, accede
inwoner {m}  :: inhabitant
inwonersaantal {n}  :: population (count)
inwonertal {n}  :: population (number of residents; statistic)
inz. {abbr}  :: inzonderheid
inzage {f} {m}  :: quick inspection or examination
inzake {prep}  :: concerning, as far as ... is concerned
inzamelen {vt}  :: to gather together, to collect (from somewhere, e.g. charity)
inzamelen {v}  :: to reap
inzameling {f}  :: collection (the act of collecting)
inzenden {v}  :: to send in
inzending {f}  :: entry, submission (e.g. to a contest)
inzet {m}  :: commitment, effort
inzet {m}  :: bet, stake
inzetten {v}  :: to insert
inzetten {v}  :: to start off
inzetten {v}  :: to use, to employ
inzetten {v}  :: place a bet
inzicht {n}  :: insight, intuition
inzicht {n}  :: awareness, senses
inzien {v}  :: to realise (UK); realize (US)
inzien {v}  :: to glance over, to inspect quickly and cursorily
in zijn eentje {adv}  :: alone, by oneself
inzitten {v} [~ over]  :: to worry (about), to be concerned (about)
inzittende {mf}  :: occupant of a vehicle or an aircraft
inzonderheid {adv} [formal]  :: especially
inzoomen {v}  :: to zoom in
io {interj} [dated]  :: io [exclamation of triumph]
Ionische Zee {prop}  :: Ionian Sea (European sea)
ionosfeer {m}  :: ionosphere
IP-adres {n}  :: IP address
i.p.v. {abbr}  :: in plaats van
ir. {abbr}  :: ingenieur (university-educated engineer)
Iraaks {adj}  :: Iraqi
Iraans {adj}  :: Iranian
Irak {prop} {n}  :: Iraq
Irakees {m}  :: Iraqi (someone from Iraq or of Iraqi descent)
Iran {prop} {n}  :: Iran
Iraniër {mf}  :: an Iranian
-ière {suffix}  :: feminine noun of -ier
Irene {prop}  :: given name
iridium {n}  :: iridium
iris {c}  :: iris
Irokees {adj}  :: Iroquoian
ironie {f}  :: irony
ironisch {adj}  :: ironic, ironical
ironisch {adv}  :: ironically
irritatie {f}  :: Irritation
-isch {suffix}  :: -ic
-isch {suffix}  :: -ian
ischemie {f}  :: ischaemia (local anaemia)
is er iemand thuis {phrase}  :: is there anybody home?
islam {m}  :: Islam
islamitisch {adj}  :: Islamic
Islamitische Staat {prop} {m}  :: Short for Islamitische Staat in Irak en de Levant (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant)
islamofobie {f}  :: The aversion Islamophobia, directing against Muslims and their Islamic faith
-isme {suffix}  :: -ism
isme {n}  :: ism
isogeen {adj}  :: coming from the same origin; isogeneic
isolatie {f}  :: insulation
isolatie {f}  :: isolation
isolationisme {n}  :: isolationism
isoleren {v}  :: to isolate
isoleren {v}  :: to insulate
isolijn {f}  :: isoline
Israël {prop} {n}  :: Israel
Israëlisch {adj}  :: Israeli
-ist {suffix}  :: appended to a word, it yields a noun which signifies the subject who performs something related to that word
Istanboel {prop} {n}  :: The Turkish metropole Istanbul, the former Constantinople (Byzantium)
-iste {suffix}  :: -ist in the female form
-istiek {suffix}  :: -istic
Istro-Roemeens {prop} {n}  :: Istro-Romanian language
Italië {prop} {n}  :: Italy
Italiaan {m}  :: An inhabitant of Italy
Italiaan {m}  :: A person of Italian descent
Italiaan {m}  :: (by extension) Something Italian, e.g. a restaurant
Italiaans {adj}  :: Italian
Italiaans {prop} {n}  :: Italian (language)
Italiaanse {f}  :: Italian (female inhabitant of Italy)
Italisch {adj}  :: Italic
-iteit {suffix}  :: alternative form of -teit
iteratie {f}  :: iteration
i.t.t. {abbr}  :: in tegenstelling tot
-ium {suffix}  :: -ium
i.v.m. {abbr}  :: in verband met
ivoor {n}  :: ivory, a hard natural material from elephant tusks and some other mammals' teeth
ivoor {n}  :: an ivory artifact
ivoorkleurig {adj}  :: ivory (having colour of ivory)
Ivoorkust {prop} {n}  :: Ivory Coast
ivoren {adj}  :: ivory
ivoren toren {m} [idiomatic]  :: ivory tower