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-i {suffix}  :: A nominal suffix used in eg. sylisyli, ukkoukki
-i {suffix} [archaic]  :: Used to mark the first part of a compound word, eg. lehmälehmi-
-i {suffix}  :: Derives a number of adverbs of generally lative or locative meaning, eg. auetaauki, ylä-yli
I {abbr}  :: improbatur
ia {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of ja
-iainen {suffix}  :: Deverbal suffix for forming names of ceremonies (used in plural form)
-iainen {suffix}  :: Suffix for forming certain nouns
-iainen {suffix}  :: Suffix for forming certain vulgar nouns
iankaiken {adv}  :: forever
iankaikkinen {adj}  :: eternal, everlasting
iankaikkisesti {adv}  :: forever, eternally
iankaikkisuus {n}  :: eternity
iatrofobia {n}  :: iatrophobia (fear for doctors)
iatrogeeninen {adj} [medicine]  :: iatrogenic
iatrokemia {n}  :: iatrochemistry
iberianilves {n}  :: Iberian lynx
Iberianmeri {prop}  :: The Balearic Sea
Iberian niemimaa {prop}  :: Iberian peninsula
iberiansusi {n}  :: Iberian wolf, Canis lupus signatus
ibizanpodenco {n}  :: Ibizan Hound
ibogaiini {n} [chemistry]  :: ibogaine
iboteenihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: ibotenic acid
ibuprofeeni {n}  :: ibuprofen
ibuprofeiini {n}  :: alternative form of ibuprofeeni
idea {n}  :: idea
ideaali {n}  :: An ideal
ideaalikaasu {n}  :: ideal gas
ideaalikaasulaki {n} [chemistry]  :: ideal gas law
ideaalinen {adj}  :: ideal
ideaaliseos {n} [chemistry]  :: ideal solution
ideaaliside {n}  :: elastic bandage
ideaalistaa {vt}  :: To idealize
ideaalisuus {n}  :: ideality
idealismi {n}  :: idealism
idealisoida {vt}  :: To idealize
idealisointi {n}  :: idealization
idealisti {n}  :: idealist
idealistinen {adj}  :: idealistic
idealistisesti {adv}  :: idealistically
idempää {adv}  :: From further east
idempi {adj}  :: More eastern
idempänä {adv}  :: In more eastern location
idempotenssi {n} [mathematics]  :: idempotence
identifikaatio {n}  :: identification
identifioida {vt}  :: To identify
identifiointi {n}  :: identification
identifioitua {vi}  :: To identify with
identiteetti {n}  :: identity
identiteettifunktio {n} [mathematics]  :: identity function
identiteettikriisi {n}  :: An identity crisis
identiteettimatriisi {n} [mathematics]  :: identity matrix
identiteettivarkaus {n}  :: identity theft (deliberate assumption of another person's identity)
identtinen {adj}  :: Identical
identtinen kuvaus {n} [mathematics]  :: identity function
identtisesti {adv}  :: identically
identtisyys {n}  :: identity, sameness
ideografia {n}  :: ideography
ideografia {n}  :: logography (use of logographs in writing)
ideografinen {adj}  :: ideographic
ideogrammi {n}  :: ideogram (graphic symbol which represents a defined idea without directly indicating the words that express the idea)
ideoida {vt}  :: To generate an idea of
ideointi {n}  :: ideation
ideologi {n}  :: ideologist
ideologia {n}  :: ideology
ideologinen {adj}  :: ideological
idiolatria {n}  :: idiolatry
idiolekti {n} [linguistics]  :: idiolect
idiomaattinen {adj}  :: idiomatic
idiomaattisesti {adv} [linguistics]  :: idiomatically
idiomaattisuus {n} [linguistics]  :: idiomaticity
idiomi {n}  :: idiom (phrase typical to a language, that cannot be understood from its parts alone)
idiootti {n}  :: idiot
idioottimainen {adj}  :: idiotic
idioottimaisesti {adv}  :: idiotically
idioottimaisuus {n}  :: idiocy (act of lacking sense)
idioottivarma {adj}  :: foolproof
idiosynkrasia {n}  :: idiosyncrasy
idiotia {n} [medicine]  :: idiocy
idis {n} [slang]  :: idea
idänkenttämyyrä {n}  :: southern vole (Microtus rossiaemeridionalis, formerly Microtus epiroticus)
idännaakka {n}  :: Daurian jackdaw, Coloeus dauuricus
idänpäästäinen {n}  :: Laxmann's shrew (Sorex caecutiens)
idäntä {n}  :: sprouting
idänturturikyyhky {n}  :: A species of pigeon, oriental turtle dove, Streptopelia orientalis
idänvaivaispäästäinen {n}  :: slender shrew, Sorex gracillimus
idokraasi {n} [mineral]  :: vesuvianite
idoli {n}  :: idol
idoosi {n} [chemistry]  :: idose
idätellä {v} [frequentative, figuratively]  :: To nourish
idätellä {v} [frequentative]  :: To sprout, germinate
idättää {vt}  :: To sprout, germinate
idätys {n}  :: germination
iduronihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: iduronic acid
idylli {n}  :: idyll
idyllinen {adj}  :: idyllic
idyllisesti {adv}  :: idyllically
ien {n}  :: gum (part of mouth)
ientulehdus {n} [disease]  :: gingivitis
ies {n} [figuratively]  :: Yoke, restraint, burden, load; repression, slavery, oppression, persecution, tyranny
ies {n}  :: Yoke
iestää {vt}  :: To yoke; to put a yoke
iestys {n} [rhetoric]  :: A zeugma
iestys {n}  :: yoking (act of putting a yoke)
iestys {n}  :: yoking (the yoking arrangement)
iglu {n}  :: igloo
ignoranssi {n}  :: ignorance
ignorantti {adj}  :: ignorant
ignoroida {v}  :: To ignore
iguaani {n}  :: A green iguana (Iguana iguana)
iguaani {n}  :: An iguana (any member of the genus Iguana)
igumeeni {n}  :: igumen
ihailevasti {adv}  :: adoringly
ihailija {n}  :: fan, admirer
ihailijakerho {n}  :: fan club
ihailijaposti {n}  :: fan mail
ihailla {v}  :: To adore, admire
ihailtava {adj}  :: admirable
ihailtavasti {adv}  :: admirably
ihailu {n}  :: admiration
Ihalainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ihan {adv}  :: exactly
ihan {adv}  :: totally
ihana {adj}  :: fabulous, fantastic
ihana {adj}  :: lovely, adorable
ihana {adj}  :: wonderful, marvellous, marvelous
ihanampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ihana
ihanko totta {phrase}  :: you don't say, is that so, really (is it true)?
ihanne {n}  :: ideal (something held up and admired as a model goal)
ihanneaika {n} [sports]  :: A predetermined regularity time, standard course time or ideal time for a performance, used in sports as diverse as regularity rally and dog agility as an element of the scoring system
ihannemaailma {n}  :: ideal world
ihannepaino {n}  :: ideal weight
ihanneyhteiskunta {n}  :: ideal society
ihannoida {v}  :: to glamorize
ihannoida {v}  :: to idolize
ihannointi {n}  :: idolization, idolizing (excessive adoration)
ihanteellinen {adj}  :: ideal
ihanteellisesti {adv}  :: ideally
ihastella {v}  :: To admire
ihastua {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: To fall for, become infatuated with
ihastua {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: To fall in love with
ihastua {vi}  :: To be thrilled, pleased
ihastus {n}  :: crush, infatuation
ihastuttaa {vt}  :: To delight, fascinate, thrill
ihastuttava {adj}  :: charming
ihastuttava {adj}  :: stunning
ihka {adv}  :: An intensifier used before certain adjectives
ihkauusi {adj}  :: brand new
ihku {adj} [slang]  :: cute, nice, sweet
ihme {adj} [colloquial]  :: strange, weird
ihme {n}  :: a miracle, wonder
ihmeellinen {adj}  :: Wonderful
ihmeellisesti {adv}  :: wonderfully
ihmeidentekijä {n}  :: miracle worker
ihmeissään {adv}  :: olla ~: to be astonished
ihmeissään {adv}  :: [While being] astonished
ihmeköynnös {n}  :: bougainvillea
ihmelapsi {n}  :: child prodigy
ihmelääke {n}  :: panacea
ihmemaa {n}  :: wonderland
ihmetellä {v}  :: to wonder, to ask in surprise
ihmeteltävä {adj}  :: astonishing, surprising
ihmetys {n}  :: astonishment
ihmetyttää {v}  :: To confuse, puzzle, befuddle, bewilder
ihminen {n}  :: A human being
ihminen {n}  :: A person
ihminen {n}  :: As a former part of compound (as the stem ihmis-) signifying human
ihminen päättää, Jumala säätää {proverb}  :: man proposes, God disposes
ihmisalkio {n}  :: human embryo
ihmisapina {n}  :: great ape
ihmisjahti {n}  :: manhunt (organized search for a criminal or enemy)
ihmisjoukko {n}  :: A crowd of people
ihmiskauppa {n}  :: human trafficking
ihmiskeskeinen {adj}  :: anthropocentric
ihmiskeskeisyys {n}  :: anthropocentrism
ihmiskilpi {n}  :: human shield
ihmiskunta {n}  :: humankind, mankind
ihmislapsi {n}  :: human child
ihmisluonto {n}  :: human nature
ihmismeri {n}  :: huge crowd
ihmismäinen {adj}  :: anthropoid (having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance)
ihmismäinen {adj}  :: humanlike, manlike
ihmismäistyä {vi}  :: To become more human
ihmisääni {n}  :: human voice
ihmisoikeudet {n}  :: human rights (basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed)
ihmisoikeus {n}  :: human right
ihmisoikeusjärjestö {n}  :: human rights organization
ihmisoikeusloukkaus {n}  :: human rights violation
ihmisoikeusrikos {n}  :: A crime against humanity
ihmispaljous {n}  :: A large crowd of people
ihmisparka {n} [of person]  :: poor thing
ihmisrakas {adj}  :: philanthropic
ihmisraunio {n}  :: human wreck
ihmisravinto {n}  :: Food appropriate for human consumption
ihmisrotu {n}  :: human race
ihmisryöstö {n}  :: A kidnapping
ihmisryöstäjä {n}  :: abductor
ihmissuhde {n}  :: relationship
ihmissusi {n}  :: A werewolf
ihmissyöjä {n}  :: (human) cannibal
ihmissyönti {n}  :: human cannibalism
ihmistiede {n}  :: anthropology
ihmistyä {vi}  :: To become civilized
ihmistyövoima {n}  :: human labor
ihmisviha {n}  :: misanthropy
ihmisvihaaja {n}  :: misanthropist, misanthrope
ihmisystävä {n}  :: philanthropist
ihmisyys {n}  :: humanity, manhood
iho {n} [anatomy]  :: skin of a human being or an animal
iho {n}  :: skin of a human being
-ihoinen {adj}  :: skinned
ihojaoke {n}  :: dermatome
ihokarva {n} [anatomy]  :: hair, body hair; pilus (individual strand of body hair)
ihokarva {n}  :: In plural (ihokarvat); the body hair collectively
ihokasvain {n}  :: skin tumor
ihokudos {n}  :: skin tissue
ihomato {n}  :: blackhead, comedo
ihonalainen {adj}  :: subcutaneous, hypodermic
ihonalaiskerros {n} [anatomy]  :: hypodermis
ihonalaiskudos {n} [anatomy]  :: subcutaneous tissue, hypodermis
ihonsiirto {n}  :: skin transplant
ihonväri {n}  :: skin colour, skin color (color)
ihonväri {n}  :: skin colour, skin color (color of human skin)
ihonväri {n}  :: skin colour, skin color (ethnicity)
ihopoimu {n}  :: skinfold
ihosolu {n}  :: skin cell
ihosyöpä {n} [pathology]  :: skin cancer
ihotauti {n}  :: skin disease
ihotautilääkäri {n}  :: dermatologist (specialist in dermatology)
ihotautioppi {n} [medicine]  :: dermatology (study of the skin and its diseases)
ihottuma {n} [medicine]  :: rash
ihotulehdus {n}  :: dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
ihra {n} [derogatory]  :: excess fat accumulated in a human body
ihra {n}  :: fat (adipose tissue of an animal, especially of a pig)
ihra {n}  :: lard (pig fat prepared for use in cooking or pharmacy)
iibis {n}  :: ibis
iibisnokka {n}  :: ibisbill, Ibidorhyncha struthersii (species of wading bird in the monotypic family Ibidorhynchidae, inhabiting the shingle riverbanks of the high plateau of Central Asia and the Himalayas)
Iida {prop}  :: female given name, a cognate of the English Ida
iik {interj}  :: eek! (scream)
iikka {n}  :: See joka iikka
Iikka {prop}  :: male given name
iiliäinen {n}  :: leech (annelid)
iiliäinen {n}  :: limpet (someone disregarding or ignorant of another's personal space)
iilimato {n}  :: leech
iiliskotti {n} [archaic]  :: trickster
iiliskotti {n} [dialectal]  :: hedgehog
Iina {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Ina
Iines {prop}  :: female given name, the Finnish equivalent of Ines or Inez
Iines Ankka {prop}  :: Daisy Duck
iiri {n}  :: The Irish language
iiriläinen {adj}  :: Irish
iiriläinen {n}  :: A Irish person
iirinkielinen {adj}  :: Irish (Irish-speaking, Irish-language)
iirintää {v}  :: To translate into Irish
iiris {n} [anatomy, rare]  :: An iris (part of an eye)
iiris {n}  :: An iris (flower)
Iiris {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Iris
Iiro {prop}  :: male given name
Iisai {prop}  :: Jesse [biblical character]
Iisak {prop}  :: Isaac. [biblical character]
Iisak {prop}  :: male given name
Iisakki {prop}  :: male given name
iisi {adj} [colloquial]  :: easy
iisisti {adv} [colloquial]  :: easily
iisoppi {n}  :: herb hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)
iäisyys {n}  :: The eternity, as a religious term; the time that elapses after the death
-iitti {suffix} [geology]  :: -ite
iivana {n} [derogatory]  :: A Russian
Iivana {prop}  :: male given name
Iivana {prop} [pejorative]  :: Russian; Russians collectively (commonly used nickname during WWII)
Iivari {prop}  :: male given name
Iivari {prop}  :: The letter "I" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Iivo {prop}  :: male given name
Iivonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ikä {n}  :: age
ikä {n}  :: life
ikä {n}  :: lifetime
ikebana {n}  :: ikebana
ikäero {n}  :: age difference
iki {adv} [dated]  :: eternally
iki- {prefix}  :: eternal
iki- {prefix}  :: primitive
ikiaika {n} [literary]  :: eternity
ikiajoiksi {adv}  :: forever
ikäihminen {n}  :: A politically correct term for an old person
ikiliikkuja {n}  :: perpetual motion machine
ikimaailmassa {adv}  :: [with a negation verb, idiomatic] ei ikimaailmassa: never ever, never in this world, never in a million years (strong rejection)
ikimerkki {n}  :: forever stamp [US], non-value indicator stamp [UK]
ikimuistoinen {adj}  :: unforgettable, immemorial
ikinä {adv}  :: (with the negation verb) never, not ... ever.
ikinä {adv}  :: [in question causes] ever
ikinä {adv}  :: [with the negation verb] never ever (emphatic never).
ikäinen {adj}  :: at the age of, aged
ikäinen {adj}  :: old
ikinen {adv}  :: joka ikinen: everyone
ikioma {adj}  :: very own, completely own
ikionnellinen {adj}  :: overjoyed
ikirauha {n}  :: everlasting peace, death
ikirouta {n}  :: permafrost
ikiuni {n} [poetic]  :: death
ikivanha {adj}  :: ancient, primeval
ikivanha {adj}  :: very old
ikivihanta {adj}  :: evergreen
ikivihreä {adj}  :: evergreen
ikäjakauma {n}  :: age distribution
ikäjakautuma {n}  :: alternative form of ikäjakauma
ikkuna {n}  :: sash (the opening part of a window)
ikkuna {n}  :: window (all senses)
-ikkunainen {adj}  :: windowed [used only in compounds]
ikkunakirjekuori {n}  :: window envelope
ikkunakuori {n}  :: window envelope
ikkunalasi {n}  :: window glass
ikkunalasta {n}  :: A squeegee
ikkunalauta {n}  :: windowsill
ikkunallinen {adj}  :: windowed (having a window)
ikkunaluukku {n}  :: exterior shutter
ikkunanlasi {n}  :: window glass
ikkunanpesijä {n}  :: window cleaner
ikkunanpuite {n}  :: sash, window sash
ikkunaostokset {n}  :: window shopping
ikkunapaikka {n}  :: window seat (in airplane, bus etc.)
ikkunapuite {n}  :: alternative form of ikkunanpuite
ikkunapöytä {n}  :: windowfront table
ikkunaruutu {n}  :: window screen
ikkunaton {adj}  :: windowless
ikkunoida {vt}  :: To screen, filter
ikäluokka {n}  :: generation, age group, age class
ikään {adv}  :: ikään kuin: as if
ikään {adv}  :: niin ikään: likewise
ikänä {adv}  :: negation verb + ~ never, not ... ever:
ikänä {adv}  :: (in question clauses) ever:
ikäneito {n}  :: spinster
ikneumoni {n}  :: Egyptian mongoose, ichneumon, Herpestes ichneumon
ikänäkö {n}  :: presbyopia (inability of the eye, due to ageing, to focus on nearby objects)
ikään kuin {conj}  :: as if
ikääntyä {vi}  :: To age
ikääntyminen {n}  :: aging
ikääntynyt {n}  :: Politically correct term for an old person
Ikonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ikoni {n} [computing]  :: icon
ikoni {n}  :: icon (person)
ikoni {n}  :: icon (religious painting)
ikonimaalari {n}  :: An icon painter, one who paints religious icons
ikonimaalaus {n}  :: religious icon painting
ikoninen {adj}  :: iconic
ikonografia {n}  :: iconography
ikonoklasmi {n}  :: iconoclasm
ikonoklasti {n}  :: iconoclast
ikonologia {n}  :: iconology
ikonostaasi {n}  :: iconostasis
ikosaedri {n} [geometry]  :: icosahedron
ikäraja {n}  :: age limit
ikärajoitus {n}  :: age limit
ikärasismi {n}  :: Age-based discrimination
ikäryhmä {n}  :: age group
iäkäs {adj}  :: elderly
iäksi {adv}  :: for ever
ikätoveri {n}  :: age-mate (one who is the same age as another)
iktyologi {n}  :: ichthyologist
iktyologia {n}  :: ichthyology
iktyoosi {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: ichthyosis (disease which gives the sufferer a dry, scaly skin)
ikuinen {adj}  :: everlasting, eternal
ikuinen {adj}  :: never-ending, perpetual
ikuisesti {adv}  :: eternally
ikuistaa {v}  :: To commemorate, immortalize
ikuisuus {n}  :: The eternity, as a non-religious concept
ikävä {adj}  :: bad, sad (e.g. accident)
ikävä {adj}  :: tedious, boring
ikävä {adv}  :: ikävä juttu: too bad
ikävä {adv}  :: ikävä kyllä: unfortunately
ikävä {adv}  :: sepä ikävä: what a pity
ikävä {n}  :: longing, yearning
ikävöidä {v}  :: To miss, long, yearn
ikävöinti {n}  :: longing, yearning
ikävuosi {n}  :: year of age
ikävystyä {vi}  :: To become bored
ikävystynyt {adj}  :: bored
ikävystyttää {vt}  :: To bore, tire, weary
ikäys {n}  :: dating (measurement of age)
ilahduttaa {vt}  :: to delight, cheer up
ilahtua {vi}  :: To be(come) delighted, be(come) pleased
ilakoida {v}  :: To rejoice
Ilari {prop}  :: male given name
ileostomia {n} [surgery]  :: ileostomy
iljanne {n}  :: slippery, icy ground
iljetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To can bring oneself (to do), dare ((to) do), venture (to do), have the nerve (to do)
iljetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To (can) stomach (to do), can stand (to do)
iljetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To have the impudence/nerve (to do), dare ((to) do), can (do)
iljettää {vt}  :: To disgust (to cause an intense dislike for something)
iljettävä {adj}  :: disgusting, gross
iljettävästi {adv}  :: disgustingly
iljetys {n}  :: abomination
ilkamoida {v}  :: To rejoice
ilkeä {adj}  :: bad, mean, wicked
ilkeä {adj}  :: mischievous, troublesome, cheeky, badly behaved
ilkeillä {vi}  :: To act badly, meanly, wickedly
ilkeämielinen {adj}  :: malicious
ilkeämielisyys {n}  :: malice
ilkeännäköinen {adj}  :: nasty looking
ilkeys {n}  :: wickedness, malice
ilki {adv}  :: totally, completely
ilkiö {n}  :: a rascal
ilkialasti {adv}  :: completely naked, stark naked
ilkialaston {adj}  :: stark naked
ilkimys {n}  :: rascal
ilkiteko {n}  :: outrage (offensive act)
ilkivalta {n} [insurance]  :: vandalism
ilkivalta {n}  :: mischief
ilkivaltainen {adj}  :: mischievous
ilkivaltaisesti {adv}  :: mischievously
Ilkka {prop}  :: Jaakko Ilkka ( hanged in 1597), leader of a Finnish peasant uprising
Ilkka {prop}  :: male given name, originally in honor of Jaakko Ilkka
ilkkua {v}  :: To jeer, scoff
ilkosen {adv}  :: stark (modifier used with words alasti and alaston)
ilkosen alasti {adv} [idiomatic]  :: stark naked; while being stark naked
ilkosillaan {adv}  :: stark naked
illakko {n}  :: dame's rocket, Hesperis matronalis
illalla {adv}  :: at evening
illallinen {n}  :: dinner; in formal occasions often used in plural (illalliset)
illallistaa {v}  :: To supper, eat dinner
illansuu {n}  :: nightfall
illansuussa {adv}  :: at dark (during nightfall)
illanvietto {n}  :: rout
illanvietto {n}  :: social evening
illastaa {v}  :: To have a supper
illatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: illative
illegaali {adj}  :: illegal
illempana {adv}  :: Later in evening
illusionismi {n} [arts]  :: illusionism
illusionismi {n} [philosophy]  :: illusionism
illusionisti {n}  :: illusionist
illusorinen {adj}  :: illusory
illustraatio {n}  :: illustration
illustroida {v}  :: To illustrate
illuusio {n}  :: illusion
ilma {n}  :: air
ilma {n}  :: weather
Ilma {prop}  :: female given name
ilma-alus {n}  :: aircraft, airship
ilmaaminen {n}  :: bleeding (act of removing air from a fluid system)
ilmaannousu {n}  :: takeoff
ilmaantua {vi}  :: To appear, to emerge; to turn up, to show up
ilma-ase {n} [countable]  :: air gun
ilma-ase {n} [uncountable]  :: air force
ilmahehku {n}  :: airglow
ilmaherruus {n}  :: air supremacy, air dominance
ilmahälytys {n}  :: air alert, air alarm (the warning signal during an air attack)
ilmahyökkäys {n}  :: airstrike, air attack
ilmailla {vi}  :: To aviate
ilmailu {n}  :: aviation
ilmailuala {n}  :: aviation industry
Ilmailulaitos {prop}  :: A similar authority in another country; in this usage often uncapitalized
Ilmailulaitos {prop}  :: Finnish Civil Aviation Administration; a former authority of the Finnish government with the responsibility for managing Finland's passenger airports and air traffic control. In the beginning of 2010 it was reorganized to a publicly held company and operates under the name Finavia
ilmailuyhtiö {n}  :: airline
ilmainen {adj}  :: Gratis, free
ilmais- {prefix}  :: As defining part in compound words, free
ilmaiseksi {adv}  :: for free
ilmaisemistapa {n} [rare]  :: Alternative term for ilmaisukeino
ilmaisija {n}  :: expresser, expounder
ilmaisin {n}  :: A detector
ilmaiskappale {n}  :: free copy
ilmaisku {n}  :: airstrike
ilmaista {v}  :: to denote
ilmaista {v}  :: to express (oneself)
ilmaista {v}  :: to indicate, point out, show, make known
ilmaisu {n}  :: expression (particular way of phrasing an idea)
ilmaisukeino {n}  :: means of expression, way of expressing oneself
ilmaisutapa {n}  :: Alternative term for ilmaisukeino
ilmajäähdytys {n}  :: air cooling
Ilmajärvi {prop}  :: Lake Ilmen
ilmajuuri {n} [botany]  :: aerial root
ilmakehä {n} [meteorology]  :: atmosphere
ilmakirje {n}  :: air letter (thin sheet of paper which may be folded to an airmail letter)
ilmakitara {n} [music]  :: air guitar
ilmakivääri {n}  :: An air rifle
ilmakuivata {vt}  :: To air-dry
ilmakuivattaa {vt}  :: To air-dry
ilmakuljetus {n}  :: air transport
ilmakuoppa {n} [aviation]  :: air pocket
ilmakupla {n}  :: An air bubble
ilmakuva {n}  :: aerial photograph
ilmakuvakartoitus {n}  :: aerial mapping
ilmakuvakartta {n}  :: aerial map
ilmakuvata {vt}  :: To take aerial photographs
ilmakuvaus {n}  :: aerial photography
ilmakäytävä {n}  :: air corridor
ilmalainausmerkki {n}  :: air quote (hand gesture resembling a quotation mark)
ilmalaiva {n}  :: blimp, airship, dirigible
ilmaliikenne {n}  :: air traffic
ilmamassa {n}  :: airmass
ilman {prep}  :: without:
ilman että {prep}  :: without (used to connect a main clause and a subordinate clause which presents something without which the action described in the main clause is or should be carried out)
ilmanherruus {n} [dated]  :: alternative spelling of ilmaherruus
ilmanlaatu {n}  :: air quality
ilman muuta {adv}  :: absolutely, without doubt, unhesitatingly
ilmanottoaukko {n}  :: air intake
ilmanpaine {n}  :: air pressure
ilmanpaine {n}  :: atmospheric pressure (pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere above an area)
ilmanpainekäyrä {n} [meteorology]  :: isobar
ilmanpainemittari {n}  :: A barometer
ilmanpuhdistin {n}  :: air cleaner, air purifier
ilmanraikastin {n}  :: air freshener
ilmansaaste {n}  :: air pollutant
ilmansuodatin {n}  :: air filter
ilmansuunta {n}  :: A compass point or point
ilmanvaihto {n}  :: ventilation
ilmanvastus {n}  :: air resistance, drag, atmospheric drag (force which resists motion of an object through air)
ilmapallo {n}  :: balloon
ilmapalloilla {vi}  :: To fly a hot-air balloon
ilmapatsas {n}  :: air column
ilmapöhö {n} [pathology]  :: emphysema
ilmapiiri {n}  :: atmosphere (mood or feeling in a situation)
ilmapiiri {n}  :: climate (figuratively: context in general of a particular political, moral etc. situation)
ilmapistooli {n}  :: air pistol
ilmapistooliammunta {n}  :: shooting with an air pistol
ilmapumppu {n}  :: air pump
Ilmapumppu {prop}  :: The constellation Antlia
ilmapuntari {n}  :: barometer
ilmapuolustus {n}  :: air defense
ilmapussi {n} [anatomy]  :: air sac (of birds)
ilmarako {n} [botany]  :: stoma
Ilmari {prop}  :: male given name
Ilmarinen {prop}  :: A common name of ships
Ilmarinen {prop}  :: A skillful smith, one of the main characters of Kalevala
ilmarinta {n} [disease]  :: pneumothorax
ilmarosvo {n}  :: air pirate
ilmarosvous {n}  :: air piracy
ilmasilta {n}  :: airlift
ilmasota {n}  :: air war
ilmastaa {vt}  :: To aerate
ilmaste {n}  :: aerating substance
ilmastin {n}  :: An aerator (device)
ilmasto {n}  :: climate
ilmastodiagrammi {n}  :: climate diagram
ilmastoida {v}  :: To air-condition
ilmastointi {n}  :: air conditioning
ilmastointilaite {n}  :: air conditioner, climate control
ilmastointiteippi {n}  :: duct tape
ilmastollinen {adj}  :: climatic
ilmastomalli {n}  :: climate model
ilmastonmuutos {n}  :: climate change
ilmasto-oppi {n}  :: climatology
ilmastotiede {n}  :: climatology
ilmastotyyppi {n}  :: climate type
ilmastovyöhyke {n}  :: climate zone
ilmastua {vi}  :: To become aerated
ilmastus {n}  :: aeration (process)
ilmasuoja {n} [military]  :: anti-air cover
ilmata {v}  :: To bleed (to remove air from hydraulic system)
ilmatankkaus {n}  :: aerial refueling
Ilmatar {prop}  :: An air spirit in Finnish mythology; the mother of Väinämöinen in the Kalevala.
Ilmatar {prop}  :: female given name
ilmatasku {n}  :: air pocket
ilmateitse {adv}  :: By air
ilmatiede {n}  :: meteorology
ilmatieteellinen {adj}  :: meteorological
ilmatieteilijä {n}  :: climatologist
ilmatiiviisti {adv}  :: airtightly, hermetically
ilmatiivis {adj}  :: airtight
ilmatila {n}  :: airspace
ilmaton {adj}  :: airless
ilmatorjunta {n}  :: air defense
ilmatorjunta {n}  :: When used as modifier in compound terms also anti-aircraft
ilmatorjuntaohjus {n}  :: An anti-aircraft missile
ilmatyyny {n}  :: airbag (protective system in automobiles)
ilmatyyny {n}  :: air cushion
ilmatyynyalus {n}  :: hovercraft, air cushion vehicle, ground-effect machine
ilmaurheilu {n}  :: air sport
ilmaus {n}  :: bleeding (act of removing air from a fluid system)
ilmaus {n}  :: expression (colloquialism or idiom)
ilmaus {n}  :: expression (particular way of phrasing an idea)
ilmava {adj}  :: fluffy, airy
ilmavaara {n}  :: air alarm (alarm sounded to warn for such hazard)
ilmavaara {n} [military]  :: air threat (threat of imminent enemy airstrike)
ilmavaivat {n}  :: flatulence
ilmavalokuva {n}  :: aerial photograph
ilmavalokuvaus {n}  :: aerial photography
ilmavarsi {n} [botany]  :: aerial stem
ilmavasti {adv}  :: airily (in the concrete sense only)
ilmaveivi {n} [ice hockey]  :: Michigan, high wrap, lacrosse move (deke consisting of lifting the puck with the stick and throwing it under the top corner of the goal, while skating behind the net)
ilmaverso {n} [botany]  :: aerial shoot
ilmavirta {n}  :: air current
ilmavirtaus {n}  :: air current
ilmavoima {n}  :: In plural, air force; see ilmavoimat
ilmavoima {n}  :: military force applied from the air
ilmavoimat {n}  :: air force
ilmavuus {n}  :: airiness
ilmaylivoima {n} [military]  :: air superiority
ilme {n}  :: air (feeling or sense)
ilme {n}  :: facial expression, look, mien, appearance, countenance (features and expression of the face)
ilmeetön {adj}  :: expressionless
ilmeettömästi {adv}  :: blankly, expressionlessly
ilmeettömyys {n}  :: expressionlessness
ilmehdintä {n}  :: making of faces (act of showing a number of facial expressions in a row, often to entertain someone or to draw attention to oneself)
ilmehtiä {v}  :: to make faces, make a face, pull a face
ilmeikkyys {n}  :: expressiveness
ilmeikäs {adj}  :: expressive
ilmeillä {v}  :: To make faces
ilmeinen {adj}  :: apparent, evident, obvious
ilmeisemmin {adv}  :: obviously
ilmeisesti {adv}  :: apparently, evidently, obviously
ilmeittää {v} [music, rare]  :: to give a personal touch or sound when playing or singing
ilmenemä {n}  :: manifestation
ilmeniitti {n} [mineral]  :: ilmenite
ilmentää {v}  :: to express
ilmentyä {vi}  :: To be manifested
ilmentymä {n} [biology]  :: expression (process of translating a gene into a protein)
ilmentymä {n} [computing]  :: instance
ilmentymä {n}  :: manifestation
ilmestyä {v}  :: to be issued, be released
ilmestyä {v}  :: to emerge (to come into view)
ilmestyä {v}  :: to show up, appear, pop up, materialize (to arrive, especially suddenly or erratically)
ilmestymisaika {n}  :: time of publication
ilmestymispäivä {n}  :: date of publication
ilmestymisvuosi {n}  :: year of publication
ilmestys {n}  :: Phenomenon, spectacle, sight
ilmestys {n} [religion]  :: Revelation
ilmestys {n}  :: Vision, apparition, manifestation
ilmestyskirja {n}  :: Revelation (A common term used of the last book of the Bible)
Ilmestyskirja {prop}  :: alternative spelling of ilmestyskirja
ilmestysmaja {n}  :: tabernacle (tent)
ilmetä {v}  :: To appear, turn out; to become apparent
ilmetty {adj}  :: (of a person, especially an actor) natural, veritable, genuine
ilmi {adv}  :: No direct English equivalent; expresses the idea of becoming evident, especially of something non-material that has been hidden or unknown. Examples:
ilmiö {n}  :: phenomenon
Ilmi {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Ilma
ilmiantaa {vt}  :: To inform, report (a crime, dissenter etc.)
ilmiantaja {n}  :: informer
ilmiasu {n}  :: appearance
ilmiasu {n}  :: phenotype
ilmiliekeissä {adv}  :: ablaze
ilmiömäinen {adj}  :: phenomenal
ilmiömäisesti {adv}  :: phenomenally
ilmiselvä {adj}  :: obvious
ilmituoda {v}  :: To reveal
Ilmo {prop}  :: male given name
ilmoitella {v}  :: To inform, announce (repeatedly, indifferently)
ilmoitse {adv}  :: by air
ilmoittaa {v}  :: To report, in the sense of notifying; to announce
ilmoittaja {n}  :: informant
ilmoittautua {v} [military]  :: to report (to show up or appear at an appointed time; to present oneself)
ilmoittautua {v}  :: to enrol/enroll in, register in (school = kouluun, a course = kurssille)
ilmoittautua {v}  :: to enter (a competition, contest = kilpailuun)
ilmoittautua {v}  :: to sign up for (to add one's name to the list of people who are participating in something)
ilmoittautuminen {n}  :: enrolment, registration, entrance
ilmoittautumisaika {n}  :: registration time
ilmoittautunut {n}  :: registree, matriculant
ilmoittua {v} [rare]  :: To become aired (exposed to air)
ilmoitus {n}  :: advertisement
ilmoitus {n}  :: announcement
ilmoitus {n}  :: declaration
ilmoitus {n}  :: notification, notice
ilmoitus {n}  :: return; in veroilmoitus
ilmoitustaulu {n}  :: bulletin board, notice board
ilo {n}  :: joy, delight, happiness, pleasure
ilo {n}  :: love, lover (especially when used with a possessive suffix)
ilohuuto {n}  :: cry of joy
iloinen {adj}  :: glad
iloinen {adj}  :: happy
iloisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of iloinen
iloisesti {adv}  :: happily, merrily, gaily
iloisuus {n}  :: joyfulness
iloita {v}  :: To be happy, glad, cheerful
ilokaasu {n}  :: laughing gas
ilolaulu {n}  :: paean (any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph)
ilolintu {n} [euphemistic]  :: prostitute
ilomielin {adv}  :: with pleasure (willingly; without argument)
Ilona {prop}  :: female given name
ilonkyynel {n}  :: A tear of joy
ilonpilaaja {n}  :: spoiler (document, review or comment that discloses the ending or some key surprise, or twist in a story)
ilonpilaaja {n}  :: spoilsport, cold fish, killjoy, party pooper, stick in the mud, wet blanket (someone who puts an end to others' fun)
ilonpitäjä {n}  :: merrymaker
ilonpito {n}  :: amusement, merrymaking
ilonpurkaus {n}  :: A burst of joy
ilosanoma {n}  :: gospel (message expected to have positive reception or effect)
ilostua {vi}  :: To become delighted
ilostuttaa {v}  :: To delight, cheer up
ilotalo {n}  :: fun house, brothel
ilotella {vi}  :: To frolic
ilotikku {n}  :: joystick
iloton {adj}  :: gloomy
ilottomuus {n}  :: joylessness (lack of joy)
ilotulite {n}  :: [usually plural] firework
ilotulitus {n}  :: fireworks
ilotyttö {n}  :: A (young) female prostitute
Ilpo {prop}  :: male given name
Ilppo {prop}  :: male given name, variant of Ilpo
ilta {n}  :: evening
Ilta {prop}  :: female given name
iltaa {interj}  :: good evening
ilta-aurinko {n}  :: evening sun
iltahartaus {n}  :: evening prayer, evensong
iltahelokki {n} [plant]  :: evening primrose, evening star (Oenothera biennis)
iltahämärä {n}  :: dusk, nightfall, gloaming (evening twilight)
iltahämärissä {adv}  :: at dark (at the time of nightfall)
iltaihminen {n}  :: A night person
iltaisin {adv}  :: In the evening
iltakuusi {n}  :: Six o'clock at evening
iltama {n}  :: soiree
iltapäivä {n}  :: An afternoon, roughly the period between 12 noon and 6 p.m
iltapäivälehti {n}  :: tabloid (a newspaper that favours stories of sensational nature)
iltapuku {n}  :: evening dress (ladies' long, festive dress)
iltarusko {n}  :: sunset, sundown, sunset glow, afterglow (reddish glow seen in the sky after sunset)
iltasatu {n}  :: bedtime story
iltatee {n}  :: evening tea
iltatähti {n}  :: The evening star
iltavuoro {n}  :: evening shift
iltayö {n}  :: The time after evening and before midnight
iltti {n}  :: tongue (flap in a shoe)
ilve {n}  :: trick, joke
ilvehtiä {v}  :: To jest, to make fun
ilveilijä {n}  :: An antic, geek (grotesque performer)
ilveillä {vi}  :: To antic (to perform antics)
ilves {n}  :: Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
ilves {n}  :: lynx (any of the four species in genus Lynx)
Ilves {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Ilves {prop} [uncountable]  :: The constellation Lynx
imaami {n}  :: imam
imaginaariakseli {n} [math]  :: imaginary axis
imaginaariluku {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary number
imaginaarinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: imaginary
imaginaariosa {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary part
imaginaariyksikkö {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary unit
imaginaatio {n}  :: imagination
imaginääriluku {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary number
imaginääriosa {n}  :: alternative form of imaginaariosa
imaista {vt}  :: To suck (rapidly, once)
imarre {n}  :: Short of kallioimarre, Polypodium vulgare
imarre {n}  :: With a modifier, used in the names of several similar-looking ferns of various genera
imarrella {vt}  :: To coax, cajole, beguile
imarrella {vt}  :: To flatter, compliment, (colloquially) to butter up, soft-soap, suck up to
imarrella {vt}  :: To toady to, truckle to, carry favor with, (colloquially) to brownnose, kiss/lick sb's ass/boots
imarteleva {adj}  :: flattering, complimentary
imartelija {n}  :: flatterer, sycophant (one who uses compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage)
imartelu {n}  :: flattery
imbesilli {n}  :: imbecile
imeä {v} [medicine]  :: to aspirate
imeä {v}  :: to absorb
imeä {v}  :: to pull towards
imeä {v}  :: to suck
imeksiä {v}  :: To suck (using mouth)
imelä {adj} [figuratively]  :: cloying, syrupy
imelä {adj}  :: overly sweet, sugary, syrupy
imelöittää {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of imeltää
imelöittää {v}  :: to sweeten
imelle {n}  :: sweetener
imellyttää {v}  :: alternative form of imeltää
imeltää {vt} [cooking]  :: To sweeten starchy foods by keeping them warm over a lengthy period
imeltyä {vi}  :: To become sweet
imeskellä {vi}  :: To suck (casually, for a while; like e.g. a lollipop)
imettää {vt}  :: to breastfeed
imettäjä {n}  :: wet nurse
imettäväinen {n} [dated]  :: mammal
imetys {n}  :: breastfeeding, lactation (process of providing breast milk to the offspring)
imetysaika {n}  :: lactation period
imeväinen {n}  :: A suckling (baby that has not been weaned yet)
imeväiskuolleisuus {n}  :: infant mortality
imeväiskuolleisuus {n}  :: infant mortality rate (the ratio of the number of children dying before their first birthday to the number of births, usually expressed as number per thousand live births)
imeyttää {vt}  :: To cause to be absorbed
imeytyä {vi}  :: to become sucked up, absorbed
imidatsoli {n} [chemistry]  :: imidazole
imiini {n} [chemistry]  :: imine
imijä {n}  :: sucker
imikkä {n}  :: lungwort
imitaatio {n}  :: imitation
imitaattori {n}  :: impersonator, mimic, mimicker (entertainer whose act is based upon performing impressions of others)
imitoida {vt} [esp. of an impressionist, + partitive]  :: To imitate, mimic, impersonate
imitoija {n}  :: impressionist (a comedian who imitates famous people)
imitoiminen {n}  :: imitation
imitointi {n}  :: imitation
Immanuel {prop}  :: Immanuel [biblical character]
Immanuel {prop}  :: male given name, rare in this form. Short forms: Immo, Manu
immateriaalinen {adj}  :: immaterial
immateriaalioikeudet {n} [legal, accounting]  :: intellectual property (copyrights, patents and trademarks as property category)
immateriaalioikeus {n} [legal, accounting]  :: intellectual property (an individual copyright, patent or trademark as property item; usually used in plural)
immateriaalioikeus {n} [legal]  :: immaterial law (legislature that concerns intellectual property)
immenkalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: hymen, maidenhead, virginal membrane
immenkukka {n}  :: clarkia
immersio {n}  :: immersion
immigrantti {n}  :: immigrant
Immo {prop}  :: male given name
Immonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
immunisaatio {n}  :: immunisation/immunization
immunisoida {vt}  :: To immunize
immunisoitua {vi}  :: To become immune
immuniteetti {n}  :: immunity
immunologi {n}  :: immunologist
immunologia {n}  :: immunology
immunologinen {adj}  :: immunological
immunoterapia {n}  :: immunotherapy
immunotoksiini {n}  :: immunotoxin
immunotoksikologia {n}  :: immunotoxicology
immuuni {adj}  :: immune
immuunijärjestelmä {n}  :: immune system
immuunikato {n}  :: AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome
immuunistaa {vt}  :: To immunize
immuunistua {vi} [rare]  :: To become immune
immuunius {n}  :: immunity
immuunivaste {n}  :: immune response
immyt {n} [poetic]  :: virgin
impakti {n}  :: impact
impala {prop}  :: impala
impata {v}  :: To sniff, huff something in order to get intoxicated
impedanssi {n} [physics]  :: impedance
imperaattori {n}  :: imperator
imperatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: imperative
imperfekti {n} [grammar]  :: Simple past, imperfect (tense)
imperialismi {n}  :: imperialism
imperialisti {n}  :: imperialist
imperialistinen {adj}  :: imperialistic
imperiumi {n}  :: empire (area under the power of one person)
imperiumi {n}  :: empire (group of states)
imperiumi {n}  :: empire (political unit)
impeys {n}  :: virginity
impi {n} [dated]  :: virgin
Impi {prop}  :: female given name used around 1900; rare today
implantaatio {n}  :: implantation
implantaatti {n}  :: alternative form of implantti
implantoida {v} [medicine, professional jargon]  :: To implant (to insert surgically into the body)
implantti {n}  :: implant
implikaatio {n}  :: implication
implikoida {v}  :: To imply (to suggest a logical inference)
implikoida {vt}  :: To implicate, imply (to have as a necessary consequence or accompaniment)
implisiittinen {adj}  :: implicit
implisiittisesti {adv}  :: implicitly
implisoida {v}  :: alternative form of implikoida
imploosio {n}  :: implosion
imponoida {v}  :: To impress
importoida {vt}  :: To import
impotenssi {n}  :: Sexual impotence
impotentti {adj}  :: Sexually impotent
imppaus {n} [colloquial]  :: Sniffing or huffing, or the inhalation of the fumes, of something in order to get intoxicated
impregnoida {v}  :: To impregnate
impressaario {n}  :: impresario
impressionismi {n}  :: impressionism
impressionisti {n}  :: impressionist
impressionistinen {adj}  :: impressionistic
improbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, corresponds to fail
improvisaatio {n}  :: improvisation
improvisatorinen {adj}  :: improvisatory
improvisoida {v}  :: To improvise
improvisointi {n}  :: improvising
impudenssi {n}  :: impudence
impulsiivinen {adj}  :: impulsive
impulsiivisesti {adv}  :: impulsively
impulsiivisuus {n}  :: impulsiveness
impulssi {n}  :: impulse
impulssi {n} [physics]  :: impulse
impulssimomentti {n} [physics]  :: angular momentum
imputoida {v} [statistics]  :: To impute
imputointi {n} [statistics]  :: imputation
imu {n}  :: suction
imu {n}  :: undertow; also aaltojen imu (flow of water returning seaward from the waves breaking on the shore)
imujuoksutin {n} [rare]  :: A siphon
imujuuri {n} [botany]  :: haustorium
imukala {n}  :: seasnail (Liparis liparis)
imuke {n}  :: A cigarette holder
imukärsä {n} [biology]  :: proboscis
imukudos {n} [anatomy]  :: lymphatic tissue
imukuppi {n}  :: plunger (device that is used to remove blockages from a toilet or sink by suction)
imukuppi {n}  :: sucker (organ or body part that does the sucking of octopus and some fishes)
imukuppi {n}  :: suction cup
imuneste {n} [physiology]  :: lymph
imupaperi {n}  :: blotting paper
imurauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: lymph gland
imuri {n}  :: fan (fan applied to exhausting air or other gas from somewhere - like from a house)
imuri {n}  :: vacuum cleaner
imuroida {vt} [computing]  :: To download
imuroida {vt}  :: To vacuum
imurointi {n} [colloquial, computing]  :: download
imurointi {n}  :: vacuuming
imusarja {n}  :: intake manifold, inlet manifold
imusolmuke {n} [anatomy]  :: lymph node
imusolmukeajos {n} [pathology]  :: bubo (inflamed swelling of a lymph node, especially due to an infection such as bubonic plague, gonorrhea, tuberculosis or syphilis)
imusolmukesyöpä {n} [oncology, pathology]  :: lymphoma
imusolmukkeentulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: A lymphadenitis
imusolu {n} [cytology, immunology]  :: lymphocyte
imusuonentulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: A lymphangitis
imusuoni {n} [anatomy]  :: lymph vessel, lymphatic vessel
imusuoniluomi {n}  :: lymphangioma (benign tumour of the lymph vessel)
imusuonisto {n} [anatomy]  :: lymphatic system
imuttaa {v} [slang]  :: To download
imuttaa {v} [slang]  :: To kiss intensively
-in {suffix} [adjectival]  :: Forms superlatives from adjectives
-in {suffix} [case suffix]  :: Instructive case suffix. Actually this is -n but it almost invariably added to the plural stem hence seen as -in even if the meaning is fundamentally singular
-in {suffix} [case suffix, rare]  :: Forms the genitive plural
-in {suffix} [case suffix]  :: Suffix variant for the illative singular, see -Vn
-in {suffix} [deverbal]  :: Used to form inanimate instrumental nouns from verbs and verbal stems
-in {suffix} [possessive, poetic]  :: A variant for the first-person singular possessive suffix -ni
inahtaa {vi}  :: To utter a sound
Inari {prop} [dated, rare]  :: male given name
Inari {prop}  :: female given name from the name of the lake
Inari {prop}  :: Inari ( the lake and the place )
inarinsaame {n}  :: The Inari Sami language
indefiniittinen {adj}  :: indefinite
indefiniittipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: indefinite pronoun
indeksi {n}  :: index
indeksikori {n}  :: market basket
indeksoida {v}  :: To index
indeksointi {n}  :: indexing
indifferentti {adj} [mechanics]  :: neutral, indifferent, marginally stable
indigokarmiini {n} [chemistry]  :: indigo carmine
indigonsininen {adj}  :: indigo
indigonsininen {n}  :: indigo
indigosini {n}  :: indigo
indiisi {n} [legal]  :: indicium
indikaatio {n}  :: indication
indikaattori {n}  :: An indicator
indikatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: indicative, indicative mood
indikatiivinen {adj}  :: indicative (serving as a sign)
indikoida {v}  :: To indicate
indisio {n} [legal]  :: indicium
indisoida {v}  :: To induce
indium {n}  :: indium
individi {n}  :: individual
individuaali {n}  :: An individual
individuaalinen {adj}  :: individual
individuaalistaa {vt}  :: To individualize
individuaatio {n}  :: individuation
individualismi {n}  :: individualism
individualisoida {vt}  :: To individualize
individualisti {n}  :: individualist
individualistinen {adj}  :: individualistic
indoarjalainen {adj}  :: Indo-Aryan
indoeurooppalainen {adj}  :: Indo-European
indoiranilainen {adj}  :: Indo-Iranian
indoiranilainen {n}  :: An Indo-Iranian or (rarely) Aryan
indoktrinaatio {n}  :: indoctrination
indoktrinoida {vt}  :: To indoctrinate
indoktrinointi {n}  :: indoctrination
indonesia {n}  :: Indonesian (language)
Indonesia {prop}  :: Indonesia
indonesialainen {adj}  :: pertaining to Indonesian
indonesialainen {adj}  :: pertaining to the Indonesian language
indonesialainen {n}  :: an Indonesian person
indonesiansureli {n}  :: mitred leaf monkey, Presbytis melalophos
Indonesian tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Indonesia
induktanssi {n} [physics]  :: inductance
induktio {n} [logic]  :: induction
induktio {n} [physics]  :: induction
induskulttuuri {n}  :: Indus Valley Civilization
indusoida {vt} [physics]  :: To induce
indusoitua {vi} [physics]  :: To become induced
industrialismi {n}  :: industrialism
industrialisti {n}  :: industrialist
inehmo {n} [archaic]  :: human
-inen {suffix} [adjectival]  :: A suffix that transforms nouns into adjectives; corresponds to -ous, -en and -y
-inen {suffix}  :: A suffix yielding an adjective, ending with -va/-vä, meaning tendency to be something
inertia {n}  :: inertia
inertti {adj}  :: inert
inessiivi {n} [grammar]  :: inessive, inessive case
inessiivi {n} [slang]  :: indoors
infantiili {adj}  :: infantile
infarkti {n} [pathology]  :: infarct
infektio {n} [pathology]  :: infection (the growth of micro-organisms in a host)
infektoida {vt}  :: To infect
infektoitua {vi}  :: To be infected
infernaalinen {adj}  :: infernal
infertiili {adj}  :: infertile
infinitesimaali {n} [mathematics]  :: infinitesimal
infinitesimaalinen {adj}  :: infinitesimal
infinitiivi {n} [grammar]  :: infinitive (uninflected form of a verb)
infinitiivi {n} [grammar]  :: verbal noun, infinitive (verbal noun)
inflaatio {n}  :: inflation
inflaatioteoria {n} [astronomy, physics]  :: inflation theory
inflammaatio {n} [medicine]  :: inflammation
inflatorinen {adj}  :: inflationary
influenssa {n} [pathology]  :: influenza
influenssaepidemia {n}  :: influenza epidemic
influenssi {n}  :: influence
infokratia {n}  :: infocracy
informaatikko {n}  :: informaticist, informatician (practitioner of informatics)
informaatio {n}  :: information
informaatioteknologia {n}  :: information technology
informaatioteoria {n}  :: information theory
informatiikka {n}  :: informatics
informatiivinen {adj}  :: informative
informoida {v}  :: To inform
infra- {prefix}  :: infra-
infraääni {n}  :: infrasound
infrapuna {n}  :: infrared
infrapunainen {adj}  :: infrared
infrapunakamera {n}  :: infrared camera
infrapunasignaali {n}  :: infrared signal
infrapunasäteily {n}  :: infrared radiation
infrapunateleskooppi {n}  :: infrared telescope
infrapunavalo {n}  :: infrared light
infrastruktuuri {n}  :: infrastructure
infuusio {n}  :: infusion
infuusio {n} [medicine]  :: intravenous therapy (infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein)
inha {adj}  :: appalling, gross, disgusting
inha {adj} [poetic]  :: bad, wicked, mean
Inha {prop}  :: Finnish surname
inhalaatio {n}  :: inhalation
inhalaattori {n} [medicine]  :: inhaler
inhaloida {v}  :: To inhale
inhalointi {n}  :: inhalation
inhibiittori {n}  :: inhibitor
inhibitio {n}  :: inhibition
inhibitorinen {adj}  :: inhibitory
inhiboida {vt}  :: To inhibit
inhiboitua {vi}  :: To become inhibited
inhimillinen {adj}  :: human
inhimillinen {adj}  :: humane
inhimillisesti {adv}  :: humanely
inhimillisin {adj}  :: superlative form of inhimillinen
inhimillistää {vt}  :: To humanize
inhimillistyä {vi}  :: To become more humane, to humanize
inho {n}  :: disgust, revulsion, abhorrence
inhokki {n} [colloquial]  :: pet peeve, pet hate (something that is personally annoying; a personal dislike)
inhota {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To loathe, detest, abhor
inhottaa {vt}  :: To disgust (to cause an intense dislike for something)
inhottava {adj}  :: disgusting, foul, obnoxious, hideous, gross, loathsome
inhottavasti {adv}  :: disgustingly
inhottu {adj}  :: disliked
iänikuinen {adj}  :: ancient
iänikuinen {adj}  :: constant
iänikuinen {adj}  :: eternal
iänikuisesti {adv}  :: constantly, eternally
ininä {n}  :: buzzing sound
inistä {v} [colloquial]  :: to whine, complain, grouse, grip
inistä {v}  :: to buzz on a relatively high frequency, as a mosquito
initiaali {n}  :: An initial
initiaatio {n}  :: initiation
injektiivinen {adj}  :: injective
injektio {n}  :: injection
injektio {n} [mathematics]  :: injection
injektioruisku {n}  :: hypodermic syringe
injektoida {vt}  :: To inject
injektori {n}  :: injector
inka {n}  :: An Inca
Inka {prop}  :: female given name
iän kaiken {adv}  :: eternally
inkarnaatio {n}  :: incarnation
inkarnoitua {vi}  :: To be incarnated
Inkeri {prop}  :: female given name
Inkeri {prop}  :: Ingria
inkerikko {n}  :: An Izhorian
inkeriläinen {adj}  :: Ingrian
inkeriläinen {n}  :: An Ingrian
Inkerinmaa {prop}  :: Ingria
inkeroinen {n}  :: An Izhorian
inkeroinen {n}  :: The Ingrian language
inkivääri {n}  :: ginger (plant, herb)
inkivääriolut {n}  :: ginger beer, ginger ale
inkivääriolut {n}  :: root beer
inkkari {n}  :: injun
inkkari {n}  :: short for inkkarikanootti
inkkarikanootti {n} [informal]  :: canoe, Canadian canoe (small, typically human-powered narrow boat)
inklinaatio {n} [geometry, astronomy]  :: inclination
inkluusio {n}  :: inclusion
inkognito {adv}  :: incognito
inkontinenssi {n}  :: incontinence
inkorrekti {adj}  :: incorrect
inkubaatioaika {n}  :: germination time
inkubaattori {n}  :: incubator
inkunaabeli {n}  :: incunable
inkvisiittori {n}  :: inquisitor
inkvisitio {n}  :: inquisition
inkvisitorinen {adj} [figuratively]  :: Rigorously examining or rigorously investigative
inkvisitorinen {adj} [legal]  :: Inquisitorial (describing a trial system in which the prosecutor also acts as a judge)
iänmääritys {n}  :: dating (age estimation)
innoissaan {adv}  :: enthusiastic, excited, rapt; jazzed up (about = elative)
innoite {n}  :: inspiration (something that inspires)
innoittaa {vt}  :: to inspire (to act as a source for inspiration)
innoittaja {n}  :: inspirer
innoittua {vi} [rare]  :: to be inspired
innoitus {n}  :: inspiration
innokas {adj}  :: avid, eager, enthusiastic
innokkaasti {adv}  :: avidly, eagerly, enthusiastically
innostaa {vt}  :: To excite, inspire
innostaja {n}  :: inspirer
innostava {adj}  :: invigorating (giving strength, energy and vitality)
innostua {vi}  :: To get excited
innostuneesti {adv}  :: excitedly, enthusiastically
innostunut {adj}  :: excited
innostus {n}  :: enthusiasm
innostuttaa {vt}  :: alternative form of innostaa
innota {v}  :: To enthuse overly
innoton {adj}  :: halfhearted
innottomasti {adv}  :: halfheartedly
innovaatio {n}  :: innovation
innovatiivinen {adj}  :: innovative
innovoida {v}  :: To innovate
inositoli {n} [chemistry]  :: inositol
insektisidi {n}  :: insecticide
inseminaatio {n}  :: insemination
insertti {n}  :: insert
insesti {n}  :: incest (sexual intercourse between near relatives)
insinööri {n}  :: An engineering degree granted by a polytechnic, used with or without the abbreviation amk, which specifies the level of education
insinööri {n}  :: A person who is qualified or professionally engaged in any branch of engineering, an engineer
insinööritaito {n}  :: engineering (application of science to the needs of humanity)
insinööritaito {n}  :: engineering skills (competence as engineer; often used in plural)
inskriptio {n}  :: inscription
inspehtori {n}  :: inspector
inspiraatio {n}  :: inspiration
inspiroida {vt}  :: To inspire
inspiroitua {vi}  :: To be(come) inspired
inssi {n} [colloquial]  :: driving test
inssi {n} [colloquial]  :: engineer
installaatio {n}  :: installation
installaatio {n}  :: installation artwork
installoida {v} [computing, slang]  :: To install
installointi {n} [computing, slang]  :: installation
instanssi {n}  :: instance
institutionaalinen {adj}  :: institutional
institutionaalistua {vi}  :: To be(come) institutionalized
institutionalismi {n}  :: institutionalism
institutionalisoitua {vi}  :: To be(come) institutionalized/institutionalised
instituutio {n}  :: institution
instituutti {n}  :: institute
instruktiivi {n} [grammar]  :: instructive
instrumentaali {n} [grammar]  :: instrumental case (noun case to express agency or means)
instrumentaali {n} [music]  :: instrumental (piece of music without lyrics)
instrumentaalirock {n} [music]  :: instrumental rock
instrumentaatio {n}  :: instrumentation
instrumentalisti {n} [music]  :: instrumentalist
instrumentoida {v}  :: To add measure instruments or code
instrumentoida {v}  :: To instrumentate (add an instrumental score)
instrumentoida {v}  :: To treat with instruments
instrumentti {n}  :: instrument
insuliini {n}  :: insulin
insulinooma {n} [oncology]  :: insulinoma
integraali {n} [mathematics]  :: integral
integraatio {n}  :: integration
integraatio {n} [mathematics]  :: integration
integriini {n} [cytology]  :: integrin (protein that functions as receptor in communication between cells)
integroida {v} [mathematics]  :: To integrate (as opposed to differentiate)
integroiminen {n} [mathematics]  :: integration
integrointi {n} [mathematics]  :: integration
integrointivakio {n}  :: constant of integration
integroitua {vi}  :: To integrate
integroituva {adj}  :: integrable
integumentti {n} [biology]  :: An integument (outer protective covering of an animal, such as skin or shell)
integumentti {n} [botany]  :: An integument (outer layer of an ovule, which develops into the seed coat)
intellektualismi {n}  :: intellectualism
intellektuelli {adj}  :: intellectual
intellektuelli {n}  :: intellectual, a member of intelligentsia
intelligenssi {n}  :: intelligence
intelligentsija {n}  :: intelligentsia
intendentti {n}  :: intendant
intensiivikurssi {n}  :: intensive course, boot camp
intensiivinen {adj}  :: intensive
intensiivisesti {adv}  :: intensively
intensiivisyys {n}  :: intensiveness
intensiteetti {n}  :: intensity
intentio {n}  :: intention
interaktiivinen {adj}  :: interactive
interaktiivisesti {adv}  :: interactively
interaktiivisuus {n}  :: interactivity
interaktio {n}  :: interaction
interferenssi {n} [physics]  :: interference
interferoida {v} [physics]  :: to interfere (of waves, to be correlated with each other when overlapped or superposed)
interferometri {n}  :: interferometer
interferoni {n}  :: interferon
interglasiaali {n}  :: interglacial
interiööri {n}  :: interior
interjektio {n} [grammar]  :: interjection
interleukiini {n}  :: interleukin
intermittoiva {adj}  :: intermittent
internationaali {n}  :: An international
internet {n}  :: internet
Internet {prop} [Internet]  :: the Internet
internet-protokolla {n} [Internet]  :: Internet Protocol
internoida {v}  :: To intern (imprison)
interpolaatio {n} [mathematics]  :: The process of interpolation
interpoloida {vt} [mathematics]  :: To interpolate
interpolointi {n} [mathematics]  :: The process of interpolation
interrailaaja {n}  :: alternative form of interreilaaja
interrailata {vi}  :: To travel using the InterRail train pass
interreilaaja {n}  :: interrail passenger
interreilata {v}  :: alternative form of interrailata
interrogatiivipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: an interrogative pronoun:
interseksuaalisuus {n}  :: intersexuality
interstadiaali {n}  :: interstadial
interstellaarinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: interstellar
intervalli {n}  :: interval
interventio {n}  :: intervention
Intia {prop}  :: India
intiaani {n}  :: Native American, Amerindian, (American) Indian
Intiaani {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Indus (Indus (constellation))
intiaanikanootti {n}  :: canoe, Canadian canoe (small, typically human-powered narrow boat)
intiaanikesä {n}  :: Indian summer
intiaanikieli {n}  :: An American Indian language
intiaanipokeri {n}  :: Indian poker (variant of poker)
intiaaniteltta {n}  :: teepee
intialainen {adj}  :: Indian (pertaining to India)
intialainen {n}  :: Indian (person from India)
intiankobra {n}  :: Indian cobra, Naja naja
intiankorppikotka {n}  :: Indian vulture, Gyps indicus
intianmusanki {n}  :: Jerdon's palm civet, Paradoxurus jerdoni
intianmuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology]  :: Indian pangolin, Manis crassicaudata
intiannorsu {n}  :: Asian elephant, Elephas maximus
intiannorsu {n}  :: Indian elephant, Elephas maximus indicus
intianpuuvilla {n}  :: Indian cotton
intiansarvikuono {n}  :: Indian rhinoceros, Rhinoceros unicornis
intiansusi {n}  :: Indian wolf, Canis indica
intiantapiiri {n}  :: Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus)
intiantiikeri {n}  :: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
intiantupaija {n}  :: Madras treeshrew or Indian treeshrew (Anathana ellioti)
Intian valtameri {prop}  :: The Indian Ocean
intianvaris {n}  :: house crow, Corvus splendens
intianviippa {n}  :: Jerdon's courser, Rhinoptilus bitorquatus
intiimi {adj}  :: intimate
intiimisti {adv}  :: intimately
intiimiys {n}  :: intimacy
intimiteetti {n}  :: privacy
intimiteettisuoja {n}  :: protection of privacy
into {n}  :: Eagerness, enthusiasm
into {n}  :: Passion, fervour/fervor, ardour/ardor
into {n}  :: Zeal, fanaticism
Into {prop}  :: male given name
intohimo {n}  :: Passion, fervour/fervor
intohimoinen {adj}  :: passionate, zealous
intohimoisesti {adv}  :: passionately, zealously
intohimoisuus {n}  :: passionateness, zealousness
intoilija {n}  :: enthusiast, freak
intoilla {vi}  :: to be enthusiastic (about something)
intoksikaatio {n}  :: intoxication
intoleranssi {n}  :: intolerance (extreme sensitivity to a food or drug)
intolerantti {adj}  :: intolerant
intomieli {n}  :: enthusiast
intomielinen {adj}  :: enthusiastic
intomielisesti {adv}  :: enthusiastically
intomielisyys {n}  :: enthusiasm
intonaatio {n}  :: intonation
intos {n} [rare]  :: debate, argument
intoutua {vi}  :: To become enthusiastic
intranet {n} [computing]  :: intranet
intransitiivinen {adj} [grammar]  :: Intransitive (of a verb, not taking a direct object)
intransitiivinen verbi {n} [grammar]  :: intransitive verb
intransitiiviverbi {n} [grammar]  :: intransitive verb
intravaskulaarinen {adj}  :: intravascular (pertaining to what is inside blood vessels)
intravenoosinen {adj}  :: intravenous (pertaining to what is inside veins)
intressi {n}  :: interest (business or amorous involvement)
intrigoida {v}  :: To intrigue (scheme)
introduktio {n}  :: introduction
introspektio {n} [psychology]  :: introspection
introversio {n}  :: introversion
introvertti {adj}  :: introvert
inttää {v}  :: To argue, insist
intti {n} [colloquial, military slang]  :: military (armed forces)
intuitiivinen {adj}  :: intuitive
intuitiivisesti {adv}  :: intuitively
intuitiivisuus {n}  :: intuitiveness
intuitio {n}  :: intuition
intuitionismi {n} [mathematics, philosophy]  :: intuitionism
inuktitut {n}  :: Inuktitut (language)
inuliini {n} [chemistry]  :: inulin
inva- {prefix}  :: invalid, disabled
invaasio {n}  :: invasion
invalidi {adj}  :: not valid, invalid
invalidi {n}  :: A person with a disability or a handicap
invalidisoida {v}  :: To disable (to cause a handicap)
invalidisoitua {vi} [of a person]  :: To become disabled
invaliditeetti {n}  :: handicap (mental or physical disadvantage)
invalidoida {vt}  :: To make someone disabled
invalidoitua {vi}  :: To become disabled
invarianssi {n}  :: invariance
invariantti {adj}  :: invariant
inventaario {n}  :: inventory
inventio {n} [music]  :: invention
inventoida {vt}  :: To produce an inventory
inversio {n}  :: inversion
inversio-ongelma {n}  :: inverse problem
investoida {vit} [intransitive, economics]  :: To invest (in something = illative)
investointi {n}  :: an investment
-io {suffix}  :: A denominal suffix that forms nouns from other nouns, adjectives, numbers or their stems
-io {suffix}  :: A deverbal suffix that forms nouns from verbs or verbal stems
ioni {n}  :: An ion
ionisaatio {n}  :: ionization
ionisaattori {n}  :: ionizer
ionisidos {n} [physics]  :: ionic bond
ionisoida {vt}  :: To ionise/ionize
ionisointi {n}  :: ionization
ionisoitua {vi}  :: To be(come) ionised/ionized
ionosfääri {n}  :: ionosphere
ioota {n}  :: iota (ninth letter of the Greek alphabet)
ipana {n} [colloquial]  :: a young child
IP-osoite {n}  :: an IP address
Irak {prop}  :: Iraq
irakilainen {adj}  :: Iraqi
irakilainen {n}  :: an Iraqi
Iran {prop}  :: Iran
iranilainen {adj}  :: Iranian
iranilainen {n}  :: an Iranian person
iravadindelfiini {n}  :: Irrawaddy dolphin, Orcaella brevirostris
Irene {prop}  :: female given name
iridium {n}  :: iridium
iridosykliitti {n} [pathology]  :: iridocyclitis
iriitti {n} [pathology]  :: iritis
Irina {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Ирина.
Irina {prop}  :: female given name of Finnish speakers
iriomotenkissa {n}  :: Iriomote cat, Prionailurus iriomotensis or Felis iriomotensis
irisoida {v} [rare]  :: to iridesce, be iridescent (to exhibit iridescence)
irisoiva {adj} [rare]  :: iridescent (reflecting light in a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colors)
Irja {prop}  :: female given name
irkata {vi} [Internet, slang]  :: To chat on IRC
irkku {n} [computing]  :: IRQ, interrupt request
irkku {n} [informal]  :: An Irishman or Irishwoman
irkku {n} [informal]  :: As a modifier in compound words, Irish
irkkukahvi {n} [colloquial]  :: An Irish coffee
irkut {n} [colloquial]  :: Ireland (seldom used in plain form)
irkut {n} [colloquial]  :: Irish people, Gaels
irkut {n}  :: (computing slang) IRQ's
irlanninkielinen {adj}  :: Irish (Irish-speaking, Irish-language)
Irlanninmeri {prop}  :: The Irish Sea
irlanninsetteri {n}  :: Irish Setter
irlanninsusikoira {n}  :: Irish Wolfhound
Irlannin tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Ireland
irlanti {n}  :: The Irish language
Irlanti {prop}  :: The island of Ireland
Irlanti {prop}  :: The Republic of Ireland
irlantilainen {adj}  :: Irish (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people)
irlantilainen {n}  :: An Irishman or Irishwoman
irlantilainen {n}  :: In plural (irlantilaiset), the Irish (Irish people)
Irma {prop}  :: female given name
Irmeli {prop}  :: female given name
irmossi {n} [music]  :: irmos
irokeesi {n}  :: An Iroquois, a mohawk (hairstyle)
irokeesi {n}  :: An Iroquois (member of an Iroquois tribe)
irokeesikampaus {n}  :: An Iroquois hairdo
irokeesikieli {n}  :: Any of the languages spoken by the Iroquois
irokeesitukka {n}  :: An Iroquois, a mohawk (hairstyle)
ironia {n}  :: irony
ironikko {n}  :: ironist
ironinen {adj}  :: ironic
ironisesti {adv}  :: ironically
ironisoida {vt}  :: To ironize
irrallaan {adv}  :: loose, free, untethered (not bound or tethered or leashed)
irrallinen {adj}  :: loose, disconnected
irrallinen {adj}  :: random
irrationaaliluku {n}  :: irrational number
irrationaalinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: irrational
irrelevantti {adj}  :: irrelevant
irrota {vi}  :: To loosen, detach, separate
irrottaa {vt}  :: to loosen, free, detach, unfasten, undo
irrottautua {vi}  :: To detach oneself
irrottautua {vi}  :: To secede
irrottua {vi} [rare]  :: alternative form of irrottautua
irstaasti {adv}  :: lewdly
irstailija {n}  :: debauchee
irstailu {n}  :: debauchery
irstas {adj}  :: Lewd, lascivious
irstaus {n}  :: lewdness, lasciviousness
irtaantua {vi}  :: To be detached, loosened
irtaantua {vi}  :: To secede
irtaimisto {n}  :: Movables (property not part of a real estate collectively)
irtaimistovakuutus {n}  :: contents insurance (insurance that pays for damage to, or loss of, an individual’s personal possessions whilst they are located within that individual’s home)
irtain {n}  :: movable, chattel
irtauma {n}  :: A part that has detached from something
irtautua {vi}  :: To secede
irtautuma {n}  :: alternative form of irtauma
irtautumislauseke {n} [legal]  :: escape clause (clause, term or condition in a contract that allows a party to that contract to avoid having to perform the contract or cancel it)
irti {adv}  :: clear (not touching, e.g. during defibrillation)
irti {adv}  :: Loose in the sense of not being fixed or stuck, unfastened, free
irtikytketty {adj}  :: disconnected, uncoupled
irtisanoa {v}  :: to dismiss (to terminate employment by the employer for reasons depending on the employee)
irtisanoa {v}  :: to fire, sack (slang verbs for any type of termination of employment by the employer)
irtisanoa {v}  :: to lay off (to terminate employment by the employer for reasons not depending on the employee)
irtisanominen {n}  :: dismissal (termination of employment by the employer due to reasons depending on the employee)
irtisanominen {n}  :: layoff (US), redundancy (UK) (termination of employment by the employer due to economic reasons, i.e. not connected to the behaviour of the employee)
irtisanominen {n}  :: sacking, getting the sack (UK)‚ firing (US) (colloquial for dismissal for any reason)
irtisanomisaika {n}  :: term of notice
irtisanomisilmoitus {n}  :: A notice of the termination of employment; pink slip [US]
irtisanomisraha {n}  :: severance payment
irtisanomissuoja {n}  :: protection against dismissal
irtisanoutua {vi}  :: To resign (one's office), quit, hand in one's notice, give in one's notice
irto- {prefix}  :: Used as modifier in compound terms to signify detachable, removable, separate, loose
irtokarkki {n}  :: bulk confectionery, loose candy, pick 'n' mix candy (candy sold by weight or piece)
irtolainen {n}  :: vagabond
irtolaisuus {n}  :: vagrancy
irtomaito {n} [dated]  :: milk dispensed into customer's container and paid by volume
irtonainen {adj}  :: loose (not packaged)
irtonaisesti {adv}  :: loosely (packed)
irtonumero {n}  :: A single copy of a newspaper or magazine, especially one sold at a newsstand; used when it is necessary to make a difference between subscriptions and retail sales of a paper
irtopää {n}  :: severed head
irtoparta {n}  :: fake beard
irtosolukoe {n} [pathology]  :: smear test, Pap test
irtotakki {n}  :: A sports jacket
irvailla {v}  :: To make fun of, to poke fun at
irviä {v}  :: To grimace
irviä {v}  :: To mock, joke
Irvikissa {prop}  :: Cheshire cat (fictional character)
irvistää {vi}  :: To grimace
irvistää {vi}  :: To grin
irvistelijä {n}  :: grinner (one who grins)
irvistellä {vi}  :: To grimace
irvistys {n}  :: grimace
irvistyttää {v}  :: To feel like grinning
irvistyttää {v}  :: To make grin
irvokas {adj}  :: grotesque
irvokkaasti {adv}  :: grotesquely
irvokkuus {n}  :: grotesqueness
isä {n}  :: father
-is {suffix} [colloquial]  :: -er; a suffix used to form nouns and proper nouns from place names, common nouns and adjectives; gives a familiar nuance to the original word; the original word is often truncated in the process
Isä {prop}  :: Father, Lord
-isa {suffix}  :: A suffix for making adjectives from some nouns and verbs
Isebel {prop} [biblical]  :: Jezebel
isentrooppinen {adj}  :: isentropic (having a constant entropy)
isähahmo {n}  :: father figure
isi {n} [familiar]  :: dad, father
isintimä {n} [dialectal]  :: stepfather
iskä {n} [colloquial]  :: dad, daddy
iskari {n} [colloquial]  :: shock absorber
iskeä {v}  :: to attack
iskeä {v}  :: to crack down]] (to enforce more stringently or more thoroughly)
iskeä {v}  :: to hit on, flirt (to try to get someone romantically interested in oneself)
iskeä {v}  :: to strike, hit
iskeeminen {adj} [pathology]  :: ischemic
iskelmä {n}  :: schlager, hit song, adult pop song
iskelmämusiikki {n} [music]  :: schlager
iskelmätähti {n}  :: adult pop star
iskemia {n} [cardiology]  ::  ischemia
iskeä silmää {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To wink (an eye)
iskettää {vt}  :: To have something hit
iskevä {adj}  :: witty
iskeytyä {vi}  :: To hit, impact
iskias {n} [disease]  :: sciatica
iskijä {n}  :: striker, hitter
Isko {prop}  :: male given name
iskos {n} [archaeology]  :: flake (prehistoric tool chipped out of stone)
iskostaa {vt}  :: to instill (to cause a quality to become part of someone's nature)
iskostua {v}  :: to get/be instilled (to become part of someone's nature)
iskostua {v}  :: to stick hard on; especially of something undesirable
isku {n}  :: attentat, attack, strike, raid
isku {n}  :: hit, blow
isku {n}  :: impact
iskuaalto {n} [physics]  :: A shock wave
iskuhaava {n}  :: A wound caused by striking
iskujoukko {n}  :: strike force
iskukuumennus {n}  :: ultra-high-temperature processing
iskukuumentaa {vt}  :: to process in UHT (especially milk and milk products)
iskulause {n}  :: slogan, catchphrase
iskulla {n}  :: singular adessive of isku
iskunappula {n}  :: punch (button of a joypad, joystick or similar device whose function is to cause a video game character to punch)
iskunkestävä {adj}  :: shockproof
iskunvaimennin {n}  :: shock absorber
iskupora {n}  :: hammer drill, percussion drill (rotary drill with a hammering action)
iskurepliikki {n}  :: Pick-up line
iskuri {n}  :: firing pin, striker (in firearms)
iskusana {n}  :: buzzword
iskusana {n}  :: slogan
iskutilavuus {n}  :: engine displacement
iskuvasara {n}  :: hammer (part of a firearm)
islam {n}  :: the religion of Islam
islamilainen {adj}  :: Islamic
islamilainen fundamentalismi {n}  :: Islamic fundamentalism
islamintutkija {n}  :: Islamist (person who specializes in Islamic studies)
islaminusko {n}  :: Islam
islamismi {n}  :: Islamism
islamisti {n}  :: Islamist
islamistinen {adj}  :: Islamist
islanninhevonen {n}  :: Icelandic horse
islannin kieli {n}  :: The Icelandic language
islanninlammaskoira {n}  :: Icelandic Sheepdog
islanti {n}  :: The Icelandic language
Islanti {prop}  :: Iceland
islantilainen {adj}  :: Icelandic, of or relating to Iceland
islantilainen {adj}  :: Icelandic, relating to the Icelandic language:
islantilainen {n}  :: An Icelander
isällinen {adj}  :: fatherly, paternal
isällisesti {adv}  :: In a fatherly manner
Ismael {prop}  :: Ishmael [biblical character]
Ismael {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
isämeidän {n} [Christianity]  :: Lord's prayer, paternoster
Isä meidän {prop}  :: Our Father, Lord's Prayer (prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount)
isämeidänrukous {n} [Christianity]  :: Lord's prayer, paternoster
Isä meidän -rukous {prop}  :: Our Father, Lord's Prayer
ismi {n}  :: ism
-ismi {suffix}  :: -ism
Ismo {prop}  :: male given name
isänisä {n}  :: paternal grandfather
isänäiti {n}  :: paternal grandmother
isänmaa {n}  :: fatherland
isänmaallinen {adj}  :: patriotic
isänmaallisesti {adv}  :: patriotically
isänmaallisuus {n}  :: patriotism
isänmaanrakkaus {n}  :: patriotism
isänmaanystävä {n}  :: patriot
isänmurha {n}  :: patricide (murder)
isännöidä {v}  :: To host
isännöidä {v}  :: To manage
isännöitsijä {n}  :: building manager, administrator of a condominium, deputy landlord
isännätön {adj}  :: masterless
isänpäivä {n}  :: Father's Day; in Finland, the second Sunday of November
isänpuoleinen {adj}  :: paternal
isäntä {n}  :: host
isäntä {n}  :: householder
isäntä {n}  :: master
isäntäeliö {n}  :: host organism
isäntäkasvi {n}  :: host plant, a plant that provides nourishment for pests or parasites
isäntämaa {n}  :: host country
isäntäsolu {n}  :: host cell
iso {adj}  :: big
iso {adj}  :: great
iso {adj}  :: In some compound terms, grand
iso {adj}  :: large
iso {n} [nautical]  :: As a short form of isopurje, a main (short form of mainsail)
iso- {prefix}  :: big, great, grand
iso- {prefix}  :: iso-
isoakseli {n}  :: major axis
isoakselin puolikas {n}  :: semimajor axis
isoalbatrossi {n}  :: shy albatross (Thalassarche cauta)
isoamyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: isoamyl acetate
isoamyylinitriitti {n} [chemistry]  :: isoamyl nitrite
isoapollo {n}  :: apollo or mountain apollo (Parnassius apollo)
isoauringonkukka {n}  :: the most commonly cultivated variant of sunflower, Helianthus annuus
isobaari {n}  :: isobar
isobaasi {n}  :: isobase
Iso-Britannia {prop}  :: Great Britain
Iso-Britannia {prop}  :: The United Kingdom
isobutaani {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutane
isobutanoli {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutanol
isobutyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutyl acetate
isobutyyrialdehydi {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutyraldehyde
isoeno {n}  :: great-uncle, brother of maternal grandfather
isoentsyymi {n} [chemistry]  :: isoenzyme
isoftaalihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: isophthalic acid
isohaarahaukka {n}  :: red kite (Milvus milvus)
isohampainen {adj}  :: Having large teeth, toothy
isohapero {n}  :: Russula paludosa, an edible mushroom
isohevosantilooppi {n}  :: roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus)
isohko {adj}  :: biggish
isohutia {n}  :: giant hutia (any rodent of the extinct subfamily Heptaxodontinae)
isoin {adj}  :: superlative form of iso
isoisä {n}  :: grandfather
isoisoisä {n}  :: great-grandfather
isoisoäiti {n}  :: great-grandmother
isoäiti {n}  :: grandmother
isoitiö {n} [botany]  :: megaspore
isoitiöpesäke {n} [botany]  :: megasporangium, macrosporangium
Isojalka {prop}  :: Bigfoot
isojalkakana {n}  :: megapode (bird of the family Megapodiidae)
isojärvisimpukka {n}  :: swan mussel (Anadonta cygnea)
isojättikenguru {n}  :: eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus)
isokaivajavyötiäinen {n}  :: greater fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus retusus)
Iso karhu {prop}  :: The constellation Ursa Major, the Big Bear
Iso Karhu {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Iso karhu
isokasuaari {n}  :: northern cassowary (Casuarius unappendiculatus)
isokenkäinen {n} [colloquial]  :: bigwig, nob
isokihu {n}  :: great skua (Stercorarius skua)
isokirvinen {n}  :: Richard's pipit (Anthus richardi)
iso kohtaus {n} [pathology, epilepsy]  :: A grand mal
Iso koira {prop}  :: The constellation Canis Major, the Great Dog
isokokoinen {adj}  :: large-sized
isokorvaopossumi {n}  :: common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis)
isokoskelo {n}  :: A species of merganser, Mergus merganser
isokotipäästäinen {n}  :: greater white-toothed shrew (Crocidura russula)
isokäpylintu {n}  :: parrot crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus
isokroninen {adj}  :: isochronal
isokronismi {n}  :: isochronism
isokudu {n}  :: greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)
isokuovi {n}  :: Eurasian curlew (Numenius arquata)
isolaatio {n}  :: isolation
isolaattikieli {n} [linguistics]  :: A language isolate
isolepakko {n}  :: common noctule, Nyctalus noctula
isolepinkäinen {n}  :: great grey shrike, Lanius excubitor
isoleusiini {n}  :: isoleucine
isoliitäjä {n}  :: great shearwater (Puffinus gravis)
isoloida {vt}  :: To isolate
isoloitua {vi}  :: To become isolated
isolokki {n}  :: glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus)
isoluinen {adj}  :: big-boned
isomasto {n} [nautical]  :: mainmast
isometria {n}  :: isometry
isometrinen {adj}  :: isometric
Isometsä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
iso monikulmaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A trapezium bone (os trapezium)
isomorfia {n}  :: isomorphy
isomummo {n} [colloquial]  :: great-grandmother
isomuura {n}  :: black-throated antshrike
isomuurahaiskarhu {n}  :: giant anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla
isonauraja {n}  :: laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)
isonokkamuura {n}  :: fasciated antshrike
isonokkonen {n}  :: stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)
isontaa {vt}  :: To enlarge
isontua {vi}  :: To grow in size
isopanda {n}  :: giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
isopentaani {n} [chemistry]  :: isopentane
isopeura {n}  :: A red deer, Cervus elaphus.
isopiikkohirvi {n}  :: red brocket or Peruvian red deer (Mazama americana)
isopistooli {n}  :: 25 metre center-fire pistol
isopistooliammunta {n}  :: 25 metre center-fire pistol shooting (shooting event)
isopreeni {n} [chemistry]  :: isoprene
isopropyylialkoholi {n}  :: isopropyl alcohol
isopropyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: isopropyl acetate
isopuksipuu {n}  :: boxwood, Buxus sempervirens
isopunasotka {n}  :: canvasback (Aythya valisineria)
isopurje {n} [nautical]  :: mainsail
isopussikaniini {n}  :: greater bilby, Macrotis lagotis
isopyrstömuura {n}  :: large-tailed antshrike
isorakeinen {adj}  :: large-grained
isorintainen {adj}  :: big-breasted, busty, buxom
isorokko {n} [disease]  :: smallpox
isorotta {n}  :: brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
isorumpu {n}  :: bass drum
isosetä {n}  :: great-uncle (brother of paternal grandfather)
isosimppu {n}  :: A species of fish in the family Cottidae, commonly known as father lasher, shorthorn sculpin and with a lot of other common names, Myoxocephalus scorpius
isosirri {n}  :: red knot (Calidris canutus)
isosisko {n}  :: big sister
isostasia {n} [geology]  :: isostasy
Iso-Syrtti {prop}  :: The Gulf of Sidra
isota {vi}  :: To grow bigger
isota {vt} [archaic + partitive]  :: To hunger for, desire (e.g. power)
isot aivot {n}  ::  alternative spelling of isotaivot
isotaivot {n} [anatomy]  :: cerebrum
Isotalo {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Isotalo {prop}  :: Finnish surname
isotella {vi}  :: To talk big
isot häpyhuulet {n} [anatomy]  :: The labia majora
isotooppi {n}  :: An isotope
isotrappi {n}  :: great bustard (Otis tarda)
isotrooppinen {adj}  :: isotropic
isotropia {n}  :: isotropy
isotäti {n}  :: great-aunt
isoukki {n} [colloquial]  :: great-grandfather
Iso valtameri {prop} [rare]  :: The Pacific Ocean
isovanhempi {n}  :: grandparent
isovarvas {n} [anatomy]  :: big toe
isoveli {n}  :: A big brother
isoveli {n}  :: Also with capital initial, the Big Brother (government surveillance)
isoviha {n}  :: The Greater Wrath, a period of Russian occupation of Finland (1714–1721)
isoviistäjä {n}  :: Atlantic petrel (Pterodroma incerta)
isovoihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutyric acid
isovoirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius scrobiculatus
isovyötiäinen {n}  :: giant armadillo (Priodontes maximus)
isovyötiäismyyrä {n}  :: greater fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus retusus)
isoympyrä {n}  :: great circle
isoympyräreitti {n} [navigation]  :: A great circle route
isäpuoli {n}  :: stepfather
Israel {prop}  :: Israel
israelilainen {adj}  :: Israeli
israelilainen {n}  :: An Israeli person
issias {n} [disease, dated]  :: A sciatica
issikka {n} [colloquial]  :: Icelandic horse
issikka {n} [dated]  :: horse cab
istahtaa {vi}  :: To sit down for a short while
-isti {suffix}  :: -ist
isätön {adj}  :: fatherless
Isto {prop}  :: male given name
isättömyys {n}  :: fatherlessness
istua {v}  :: to be a member in a board or similar
istua {v}  :: to be in jail
istua {v}  :: to sit
istuin {n}  :: seat
istuinluu {n} [skeleton]  :: An ischium (bone)
istujaiset {n}  :: get-together (small and intimate social gathering)
istukas {n} [botany]  :: cutting
istukka {n} [anatomy]  :: placenta
istukka {n} [technology]  :: chuck or socket
istuksia {v}  :: To sit around
istumalihas {n} [colloquial]  :: buttock
istumapaikka {n}  :: A seat (place in which to sit in a train, theatre etc.)
istuminen {n}  :: sitting
istunta {n}  :: sitting
istunto {n}  :: A meeting (session)
istunto {n}  :: A session (in computing, a sequence of interactions between the server and a user)
istunto {n}  :: A session (meeting of a council, court, or legislative body to conduct its business)
istunto {n}  :: A sit (a religious event, where the primary activity is to sit in meditation)
istuntopäivä {n} [legal]  :: A judicial day
istuskella {v}  :: To sit around
istute {n}  :: implant
istuttaa {vt}  :: To plant (place a seed or plant in soil or other substrate in order that it may live and grow)
istutus {n}  :: The act of planting
istutusaika {n}  :: planting time
istutuskuusikko {n}  :: planted spruce forest
istutuslapio {n}  :: A trowel (gardening tool)
istuutua {vi}  :: to sit down, take a seat, sit (take a seat)
isukki {n} [colloquial]  :: daddy
isäukko {n} [colloquial]  :: dad, father
isyys {n}  :: fatherhood, paternity
isyysloma {n}  :: paternity leave
isyysvapaa {n}  :: paternity leave
iätä {vt}  :: to date (to measure the age of)
itää {vi} [agriculture]  :: to germinate, sprout
itää {vi} [figuratively]  :: to develop, grow, take shape
itä {n}  :: east, one of the cardinal points of the compass
itä {n}  :: East, the Orient
itä {n}  :: (first part in compounds) east, eastern
itaalinen {adj}  :: Italic
Itä-Aasia {prop} [dated]  :: The East Asia
itäaasialainen {adj}  :: East Asian
itäaasialainen {n}  :: An East Asian person
itäafrikkalainen {adj}  :: East African
itäafrikkalainen {n}  :: A East African person
italia {n}  :: Italian (Romance language)
Italia {prop}  :: Italy
italiaano {n} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: Italian (person)
italialainen {adj}  :: Italian
italialainen {n}  :: Italian (person)
italialainen lakko {n}  :: work-to-rule
italialaistaa {vt}  :: To Italianize (to give something Italian characteristics)
italialaistua {vi}  :: To Italianize (to adopt an Italian way of life, or Italian manners)
italian kieli {n}  :: The Italian language
italiankielinen {adj}  :: Italian (expressed in Italian language)
italiankumina {n}  :: fennel
italiantaa {v}  :: To translate into Italian
italianvinttikoira {n}  :: Italian greyhound
italowestern {n}  :: spaghetti western
itara {adj}  :: stingy (covetous, meanly avaricious)
itarasti {adv}  :: stingily
itaruus {n}  :: stinginess
itäblokki {n} [historical]  ::  The Eastern Bloc
ite {pron} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: oneself (personal pronoun) (also plurally)
iteraatio {n}  :: iteration
iteraattori {n}  :: iterator
iterointi {n} [computing]  :: iteration
Itä-Eurooppa {prop}  :: Eastern Europe
itäeurooppalainen {adj}  :: Eastern European
itäeurooppalainen {n}  :: A Eastern European person
itägootti {n}  :: Ostrogoth
iäti {adv} [poetic, dated]  :: forever, eternally
itiö {n} [botany]  :: spore
itiöeläin {n}  :: An organism belonging to the phylum Apicomplexa
itiöemä {n} [biology]  :: A sporocarp or fruiting body of a fungus
itiökanta {n} [mycology]  :: basidium
itiökasvi {n} [botany]  :: cryptogam
itikka {n} [colloquial]  :: mosquito
itikka {n} [dialectal]  :: cow
itiökotelo {n} [mycology]  :: ascus
itiölava {n} [biology]  :: hymenium
itäinen {adj}  :: eastern
itiöpesäke {n} [botany]  :: A sporangium
itiöpöly {n}  :: spore dust
itäisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of itäinen
itäkaakko {n}  :: east-southeast
itäkarjalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the eastern Karelia
itkeä {vi}  :: To cry, weep
itkeskellä {vi}  :: To cry (occasionally, an unspecified period of time); to be sad
itkettää {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To make (sb) cry
Itä-Kiinan meri {prop}  :: The East China Sea
itkijä {n}  :: crier, one who cries
itkijä {n}  :: wailer
itäkoillinen {n}  :: east-northeast
itku {n}  :: cry (shedding of tears)
itkuinen {adj}  :: weepy, tearful
itkupaju {n}  :: weeping willow (decorative variety of willow with pendulous branches)
itkupilli {n}  :: crybaby
itku pitkästä ilosta {proverb}  :: it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye
itämaalainen {adj}  :: oriental
itämaalainen {n}  :: An Oriental (person from the Orient)
itämainen {adj}  :: oriental
itämerensimpukka {n}  :: Baltic macoma, Macoma balthica
itämerensuomalainen {adj} [linguistics]  :: Baltic-Finnic
Itämeri {prop}  :: The Baltic Sea
itämisaika {n}  :: germination time (time elapsed between sowing the seeds of a plant and the first appearance of the seedling)
itämisaika {n}  :: incubation period (time elapsed between an exposure to a pathogenic organism and the appearance of signs and symptoms)
iätön {adj}  :: ageless
itäosa {n}  :: eastern part
itäpuoli {n}  :: eastside
itäraja {n}  :: eastern border
itäroomalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Byzantine Empire
itäroomalainen {n}  :: A person from Byzantine Empire
Itä-Saksa {prop}  :: East Germany
itäsaksalainen {adj}  :: East German
itäsaksalainen {n}  :: A East German person
Itä-Saksan markka {n}  :: The official term for the former East German currency (until 1990), the East German mark or ostmark
itsari {n} [colloquial]  :: suey [slang], suicide [standard]
itse {n} [psychology]  :: self, ego
itse- {prefix}  :: self-, auto-
itse {pron}  :: (as modifier in compound words) auto-, self-; see also separate entry for itse-
itse {pron}  :: by -self, on/by one's own
itse {pron}  :: oneself; used reflexively with a possessive suffix
itse {pron}  :: oneself; used to emphasize the person of the head word
itseapu {n}  :: self-help
itsearviointi {n}  :: self evaluation, self assessment
itse asiassa {adv}  :: as a matter of fact
itsehallinnollinen {adj}  :: autonomous (self-governing)
itsehallinto {n}  :: autonomy
itsehallintoalue {n}  :: autonomous region
itsehedelmöitys {n} [biology]  :: self-fertilization
itsehillintä {n}  :: anger management (ability to control one's anger)
itsehillintä {n}  :: self-control, self-command (ability to control one's desires and impulses)
itsehillintä {n}  :: self-possession (calmness and composure, especially when under stress)
itseihailu {n}  :: self-admiration
itseinduktio {n} [physics]  :: self-induction
itseinho {n}  :: self-hatred
itseironia {n}  :: self-irony
itseisarvo {n} [ethics]  :: An intrinsic value
itseisarvo {n} [mathematics]  :: An absolute value
itseiva {n}  :: self-irony
itsejäljentävä {adj}  :: self-replicating
itsekannattava {adj}  :: self-supporting
itsekantava {adj}  :: self-supporting
itsekeskeinen {adj}  :: self-centered
itsekeskeisesti {adv}  :: In an self-centered or selfish manner
itsekeskeisyys {n}  :: self-centeredness, egocentricity
itsekiillottuva {adj}  :: self-polishing
itsekiinnittyvä {adj}  :: self-adhesive
itsekkäästi {adv}  :: selfishly
itsekkyys {n}  :: selfishness
itsekontrolli {n}  :: self-control
itsekriittinen {adj}  :: self-critical
itsekriittisyys {n}  :: self-distance (ability to critically reflect on oneself and one's relations from an external perspective)
itsekritiikki {n}  :: self-criticism
itsekäs {adj}  :: selfish
itsekseen {adv}  :: alone, by oneself, on one's own, unaided, unassisted
itsekukin {adj}  :: each one, everyone
itsekunnioitus {n}  :: self-respect
itsekuri {n}  :: self-discipline, self-restraint
itseliimautuva {adj}  :: self-adhesive
itselleen {adv}  :: to or for oneself
itseluottamus {n}  :: self-confidence, self-possession (confidence in one's own powers)
itsemme {pron}  :: The first-person plural of the reflexive pronoun, ourselves
itsemääräämisoikeus {n}  :: self-determination (political independence of a people)
itsemurha {n}  :: suicide
itsemurhaaja {n}  :: suicide (one who has committed suicide)
itsemurhahyökkäys {n}  :: suicide attack
itsemurhaisku {n}  :: suicide attack
itsemurhakandidaatti {n}  :: A suicide candidate, a person who is planning a suicide
itsemurhalentäjä {n}  :: kamikaze (pilot)
itsemurhalentäjä {n}  :: one who commits suicide with an aircraft
itsemurhapommittaja {n} [rare]  :: kamikaze
itsemurhapommittaja {n}  :: suicide bomber
itsemurhapommitus {n}  :: suicide bombing
itsemurhasopimus {n}  :: A suicide pact
itsemurhaviesti {n}  :: suicide note
itsemurhayritys {n}  :: suicide attempt
itseneuvova {adj}  :: self-guiding
itseni {pron}  :: The first-person singular of the reflexive pronoun, myself
itsenäinen {adj}  :: independent
itsenäisesti {adv}  :: independently
itsenäistää {vt}  :: To make independent
itsenäistyä {vi}  :: To become independent; (of a country) to gain independence
itsenäistyminen {n}  :: emancipation (act of setting free from the power of another)
itsenäistyminen {n}  :: nationhood (act of becoming an independent state)
itsenäistyminen {n}  :: The act of becoming independent
itsenäistyttää {v}  :: To force or encourage someone to reach independency, often against his or her own will
itsenäisyys {n}  :: independence
itsenäisyysjulistus {n}  :: declaration of independence
itsenäisyysliike {n}  :: independence movement
itsenäisyyspäivä {n}  :: Independence Day
itsenne {pron}  :: The second-person plural of the reflexive pronoun, yourselves (addressing many persons); yourself (addressing politely or formally one person)
itsenouseva {adj} [baking]  :: self-raising, self-rising
itsensä {pron}  :: The third-person singular and plural of the reflexive pronoun, himself, herself; itself; oneself; themselves
itsensäkieltäminen {n}  :: abnegation
itsensäpaljastaja {n}  :: exhibitionist
itsensäpaljastelu {n}  :: exhibitionism
itsensä toteuttaminen {n} [psychology]  :: self-actualization (psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and mental needs are fulfilled)
itsensä työllistäminen {phrase}  :: self-employment
itsensä työllistävä {adj}  :: self-employed (working for oneself, rather than for an employer)
itseohjaava {adj}  :: self-guiding
itseohjautuva {adj}  :: self-guided
itseoivallus {n}  :: self-realization
itseoppinut {adj}  :: autodidact, self-taught, self-educated
itsepalvelu {n}  :: self-service
itsepalvelupesula {n}  :: launderette; laundromat (US) (place that has facilities for washing and drying clothes that the public may pay to use)
itsepetos {n}  :: self-deception, self-delusion, self-deceit
itsepäinen {adj}  :: stubborn, opinionated
itsepintainen {adj} [medicine]  :: refractory (difficult to heal)
itsepintainen {adj}  :: obstinate, refractory, stubborn
itsepintaisesti {adv}  :: stubbornly
itsepintaisuus {n}  :: stubbornness
itsepäisesti {adv}  :: stubbornly
itsepäisyys {n}  :: stubbornness
itsepölytys {n} [biology]  :: self-pollination
itsepuolustus {n}  :: self-defense
itserakas {adj}  :: conceited (having an excessively favorable opinion of oneself)
itserakkaus {n}  :: self-love
itseriittoinen {n}  :: self-absorbed
itseruoskinta {n}  :: self-flagellation
itsesaastuttaja {n}  :: masturbator
itsesaastutus {n} [archaic]  :: self-pollution (masturbation)
itsesensuuri {n}  :: self-censorship
itsesi {pron}  :: The second-person singular of the reflexive pronoun, yourself
itsesiitos {n} [biology]  :: self-fertilization, autofecundation
itsesiliävä {adj}  :: non-iron
itsesäilytysvaisto {n}  :: survival instinct
itsesäilytysvietti {n}  :: survival instinct
itsesääli {n}  :: self-pity
itsessä {adv}  :: in and of itself, per se
itsesäätöinen {adj}  :: self-regulating, self-adjusting, self-steering
itsestään {adv}  :: by itself, spontaneously
itsestään selvä {adj}  :: self-evident
itsestään selvä {adj}  :: taken for granted (assumed to be true without verification or proof)
itsestäänselvyys {n}  :: something considered self-evident
itsestäänselvyys {n}  :: something taken for granted
itsesäätyvä {adj}  :: self-regulating, self-adjusting, self-steering
itsesuggestio {n}  :: autosuggestion
itsesuojelu {n}  :: self-preservation
itsesuojeluvaisto {n}  :: survival instinct
itsesyttyminen {n}  :: spontaneous combustion
itsesytyntä {n}  :: spontaneous combustion
itsetehty {adj}  :: self-made (made with one's own hands)
itse teossa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: in the act
itsetietoinen {adj}  :: self-conscious
itsetoiminen {adj}  :: automatic
itsetärkeä {adj}  :: self-important
itsetuho {n}  :: self-destruction
itsetuhoinen {adj}  :: suicidal
itsetuhoisuus {n}  :: self-destructiveness, suicidality
itsetunto {n}  :: self-esteem
itsetutkiskelu {n} [psychology]  :: self-examination, introspection
itsetyydyttäjä {n}  :: onanist
itsetyydytys {n}  :: masturbation
itsetyytyväinen {adj}  :: smug
itsetyytyväisesti {adv}  :: smugly
itsetyytyväisyys {n}  :: self-satisfaction
itsevalaiseva {adj}  :: self-luminous
itsevalta {n}  :: autocracy
itsevaltainen {adj}  :: absolute; as in absolute monarchy
itsevaltainen {adj}  :: autocratic, despotic
itsevaltias {n}  :: autocrat
itsevaltias {n}  :: sovereign
itsevarma {adj}  :: self-assured (confident in one's own abilities)
itsevarmuus {n}  :: self-assurance
itseviittaus {n}  :: self-reference
itsevoiteleva {adj}  :: self-lubricating
itseys {n}  :: selfness
itäsiperianlaika {n}  :: East Siberian laika
itäsuomalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the eastern Finland
itäsuomalainen {n}  :: A person from the eastern Finland
-ittain {suffix}  :: A denominal suffix producing an adverb out of an adjective that expresses a manner of doing something
-ittain {suffix}  :: A denominal suffix producing an adverb out of an adjective that expresses a point of view
-ittain {suffix}  :: A denominal suffix producing an adverb out of a noun or numeral that expresses a multiple of a quantity, often translated as by the or in their into English
Itä-Timor {prop}  :: East Timor
itätuuli {n}  :: eastern wind
itu {n}  :: sprout
iturata {n}  :: germline
Itävalta {prop}  :: Austria, a country in Central Europe
itävaltalainen {adj}  :: Austrian, related to Austria
itävaltalainen {n}  :: An Austrian person
itävaltaunkarilainen {adj}  :: Austro-Hungarian
itäviitta {n} [nautical]  :: The cardinal mark for east
iva {n}  :: Ridicule, sarcasm, mockery, derision; irony
ivailla {vt}  :: To ridicule, sneer
ivallinen {adj}  :: mocking, sardonic
ivata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To ridicule, mock, sneer, jeer at, scoff, satirise/satirize, deride