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each {determiner} (every)  :: minden, mindegyik
each other {pron} (to one another; one to the other)  :: egymás
eager {adj} (excited by desire in the pursuit of any object)  :: buzgó
eagle {n} (any of several large carnivorous birds in the family Accipitridae)  :: sas
eaglehawk {n} (a large Australian eagle)  :: ékfarkú sas
eagle owl {n} (large owl of genus Bubo)  :: uhu
ear {n} (organ of hearing)  :: fül
ear {n} (fruiting body of a grain plant)  :: kalász
ear {v} (archaic: to plough)  :: szánt
ear {v} (plough) SEE: plough  ::
ear {n} (external part of the organ of hearing) SEE: pinna  ::
eardrum {n} (membrane separating outer and middle ears)  :: dobhártya
earl {n} (a British or Irish nobleman)  :: gróf
ear lobe {n} (a part of the ear)  :: fülcimpa
early {adj} (at a time in advance of the usual)  :: korai
early {adv} (at a time before expected)  :: korán
early bird {n} (one who wakes early)  :: koránkelő
early riser {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird  ::
earn {v} (transitive: receive (money) for working)  :: keres
earnest {adj} (ardent)  :: buzgó
earnest {adj} (important, serious)  :: komoly, súlyos
ear, nose and throat {n} (a branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the ear, nose and throat)  :: fül-orr-gége
earphone {n} (sound device held near the ear)  :: fülhallgató
earphones {n} (small speakers worn over the ears)  :: fejhallgató, fülhallgató
earring {n} (piece of jewelry)  :: fülbevaló
earth {n} (soil)  :: talaj, föld
earth {n} (the ground, land)  :: szárazföld
earth {n} (electrical connection)  :: földelés
earth {n} (fox's lair)  :: lyuk, odú
earth {n} (one of the four basic elements)  :: föld
earth {n} (one of the five basic elements)  :: föld
earth {prop} (our planet, third out from the Sun) SEE: Earth  ::
Earth {prop} (third planet of the Solar System)  :: Föld
Earthling {n} (inhabitant of the planet Earth)  :: földlakó
earth pig {n} (aardvark) SEE: aardvark  ::
earthquake {n} (shaking of the surface of a planet)  :: földrengés
earth science {n} (any of the sciences dealing with the planet Earth)  :: földtudomány
earthworm {n} (worm (animal))  :: földigiliszta
earwax {n} (waxy substance secreted by the ear)  :: fülzsír
earwig {n} (the insect)  :: fülbemászó
earwitness {n} (witness who gives evidence of what he or she has heard)  :: fültanú
ease {v} (To alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain))  :: csillapít
easel {n} (upright frame for displaying or supporting something)  :: festőállvány
easily {adv} (without difficulty)  :: könnyen
east {n} (compass point)  :: kelet
east {adj} (in or towards the east)  :: keleti
east {adj} (meteorology: easterly)  :: keleti
east {adj} (of or pertaining to the east)  :: keleti
east {adj} (from the East)  :: keleti
east {adv} (towards the east)  :: kelet felé
East {prop} (Eastern world)  :: Kelet
East Asia {prop}  :: Kelet-Ázsia
East Asian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to East Asia)  :: kelet-ázsiai
East Asian {n} (a person from East Asia)  :: kelet-ázsiai
Easter {n} (Christian holiday)  :: húsvét
Easter Bunny {prop} (Symbolic rabbit sometimes depicted delivering Easter eggs to children)  :: húsvéti nyúl
Easter egg {n} (a dyed or decorated egg)  :: húsvéti tojás
Eastern Europe {prop} (Eastern Europe)  :: Kelet-Európa
east-northeast {n} (compass point)  :: kelet-északkelet
East Punjab {prop} (state in India)  :: Pandzsáb
East Sea {prop} (Baltic sea) SEE: Baltic Sea  ::
East Sea {prop} (Sea of Japan) SEE: Sea of Japan  ::
East Sea {prop} (Dead Sea) SEE: Dead Sea  ::
east-southeast {n} (compass point)  :: kelet-délkelet
East Timor {prop} (Country in Oceania)  :: Kelet-Timor
easy {adj} (comfortable) SEE: comfortable  ::
easy {adj} (requiring little skill or effort)  :: könnyű
easy chair {n} (a comfortable chair)  :: fotel, karosszék
easy come, easy go {proverb} (easily won and easily lost; usually said when resigned to a loss)  :: könnyen jött, könnyen ment
easy target {n} (anything that is easy to criticize)  :: könnyű célpont
eat {v} (to ingest, see also: consume; ingest)  :: eszik
eatable {adj} (able to be eaten) SEE: edible  ::
eat humble pie {v} (to admit one's faults)  :: megalázkodik
eating {n} (the act of consuming food)  :: evés
eavesdrop {v} (to hear a conversation one is not intended to hear)  :: hallgatózik, kihallgat
eaw {interj} (the sound of a donkey)  ::
ebb {n} (low tide)  :: apály
ebony {n} (wood)  :: ében, ébenfa
ebony {n} (tree)  :: ében, ébenfa
ebony {n} (colour)  :: ében, ébenfekete
ebullient {adj} (agitated)  :: túláradó
ebullioscope {n} (an instrument used to measure the boiling point of liquids)  :: ebullioszkóp
eccentric {n} (person who does not behave like others)  :: különc
eccentricity {n} (a ratio between distances in a conic section)  :: excentricitás
ecchymosis {n} (skin discoloration) SEE: bruise  ::
echidna {n} (any of the four species of small spined monotremes)  :: hangyászsün
echinacea {n} (plant)  :: kasvirág
echinoderm {n} (member of the Echinodermata)  :: tüskésbőrűek {p}
echo {n} (reflected sound)  :: visszhang
eclectic {adj} (selecting a mixture of what appear to be best of various doctrines, methods or styles)  :: eklektikus
eclipse {n} (passage of a planetary object between others)  :: fogyatkozás
eco- {prefix} (concerning ecology or the environment)  :: öko-
eco-friendly {adj} (ecologically friendly) SEE: environmentally friendly  ::
ecologist {n} (A scientist who studies ecology)  :: ökológus
ecology {n} (branch of biology)  :: ökológia, környezettan
e-commerce {n} (commercial activity conducted via the Internet)  :: e-kereskedelem
econometrics {n} (branch of economics)  :: ökonometria
economic {adj} (pertaining to an economy)  :: gazdasági
economical {adj} (relating to economy) SEE: economic  ::
economical {adj} (careful with money)  :: gazdaságos
economics {n} (study)  :: közgazdaságtan
economist {n} (expert in economics)  :: közgazdász
economy {n} (production and distribution and consumption)  :: gazdaság
ecosystem {n} (system of an ecological community and its environment)  :: ökoszisztéma
ecru {adj} (beige) SEE: beige  ::
ectoderm {n} (tissue layer in the embryo)  :: ektoderma
ectoplasm {n} (parapsychology: visible substance believed to emanate from spiritualistic mediums)  :: ektoplazma
ectoplasm {n} (parapsychology: an immaterial or ethereal substance)  :: ektoplazma
ectoplasm {n} (cytology: the outer granule-free layer of cytoplasm)  :: ektoplazma
ectothermic {adj} (of or relating to ectotherm)  :: hidegvérű
Ecuador {prop} (country in South America)  :: Ecuador
ecumenic {adj} (ecumenical) SEE: ecumenical  ::
ecumenical {adj} (ecclesiastical: pertaining to the Christian Church in a worldwide sense)  :: ökumenikus
ecumenical {adj} (general, universal, worldwide)  :: ökumenikus
ecumenism {n} (philosophy)  :: ökumenizmus
eczema {n} (acute or chronic inflammation of the skin)  :: ekcéma
eddy {n} (air or water running in an opposite direction to the main current)  :: bukószél (air)
edema {n}  :: ödéma
Eden {prop} (garden)  :: Éden, Édenkert
edentate {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless  ::
edentulous {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless  ::
edge {n} (boundary line of a surface)  :: szél
edge {n} (joining line between two vertices of a polygon)  :: oldal
edge {n} (place where two faces of a polyhedron meet)  :: él
edge {n} (thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument)  :: él
edge {n} (in graph theory: any of the pairs of vertices in a graph)  :: él
edgy {adj} (nervous)  :: feszült, ideges, ingerült
edgy {adj} (on the edge between acceptable and offensive)  :: ingerlékeny
edible {adj} (that can be eaten without harm; suitable for consumption)  :: ehető
Edinburgh {prop} (capital of Scotland)  :: Edinburgh
edit {v} (to change a text, or a document)  :: szerkeszt
Edith {prop} (female given name)  :: Edit
edition {n} (literary work)  :: kiadás
edition {n} (whole set of copies)  :: kiadás
editor {n} (person who edits)  :: szerkesztő
editorial {n} (article giving the opinion of editors)  :: vezércikk
editor in chief {n} (highest ranking editor)  :: főszerkesztő
Edom {prop} (region whose inhabitants traditionally traced their ancestry to Esau)  :: Edóm
e-dress {n} (e-mail address) SEE: e-mail address  ::
education {n} (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment)  :: nevelés, oktatás
education {n} (facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally)  :: műveltség
educator {n} (teacher) SEE: teacher  ::
Edward {prop} (male given name)  :: Edvárd
eel {n} (any fish of the order Anguilliformes)  :: angolna
eel {n} (Anguilla anguilla) SEE: European eel  ::
eelgrass {n}  :: közönséges tengerifű
effect {n} (result of an action)  :: hatás, effektus
effect {n} (movie and television industries term)  :: effektus
effect {n} (state of being binding and enforceable)  :: hatály
effect {n} (scientific phenomenon)  :: effektus
effective {adj} (having the power to produce a required effect or effects)  :: hatásos, hatékony
effective {adj} (producing a decided or decisive effect)  :: eredményes, célravezető
effectively {adv} (in an efficient or effective manner; with powerful effect)  :: hatékonyan, hathatósan, eredményesen
effectively {adv} (essentially)  :: tényleg, ténylegesen, valóban
effectiveness {n} (property)  :: hatásosság
effectiveness {n} (degree)  :: hatásosság
effervesce {v} (to emit small bubbles)  :: buborékol
efficient {adj} (making good use of resources)  :: gazdaságos, hatékony
efficient {adj} (using a particular proportion of available energy)  :: gazdaságos, hatékony
efflower {v} (leatherworking: remove an outer surface with a knife) SEE: graze  ::
effort {n} (the amount of work involved in achieving something)  :: erőfeszítés
effortless {adj} (without effort)  :: megerőltetés nélküli, könnyed
effrontery {n} (insolent and shameless audacity)  :: arcátlanság
e.g. {adv} (abbreviation for “for example”)  :: [például] pl.
egalitarianism {n} (political doctrine of universal equality)  :: egalitarizmus
egg cell {n} (ovum) SEE: ovum  ::
eggcup {n} (a small dish used to support a boiled egg while it is eaten)  :: tojástartó
eggnog {n} (alcoholic beverage)  :: tojáslikőr
eggplant {n} (plant)  :: padlizsán {c}
eggplant {n} (edible fruit)  :: padlizsán
egg-shaped {adj} (having the shape of an egg)  :: tojásdad
eggshell {n} (object)  :: tojáshéj
egg white {n} (albumen) SEE: albumen  ::
egg yolk {n} (central part of an egg) SEE: yolk  ::
egocentrism {n} (following ones egotistical desires)  :: egocentrizmus
egregious {adj} (Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion)  :: szörnyű
egress {n} (exit) SEE: exit  ::
egret {n} (Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea)  :: kócsag
Egypt {prop} (country in North Africa)  :: Egyiptom
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egypt)  :: egyiptomi
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egyptians)  :: egyiptomi
Egyptian {n} (person from Egypt)  :: egyiptomi
Egyptian {prop} (language)  :: egyiptomi
Egyptologist {n} (A person; one who is skilled professes or practices Egyptology)  :: egyiptológus
egyptology {n} (Egyptology) SEE: Egyptology  ::
Egyptology {n} (the study of ancient Egypt)  :: egyiptológia
Eid {prop} (Muslim religious festival)  :: bajrám
eiderdown {n} (a quilt stuffed with this down)  :: pehelypaplan, dunyha
Eifelian {prop}  :: Eifeli
Eiffel Tower {prop} (tower in Paris)  :: Eiffel-torony
eight {num} (cardinal number 8)  :: nyolc
eighteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: tizennyolc
eighteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number eighteen)  :: tizennyolcadik
eighth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eight)  :: nyolcadik
eighth grade {n} (period in school)  :: nyolcadik osztály
eighth note {n} (eighth note) SEE: quaver  ::
eight hundred {num} (cardinal number 800)  :: nyolcszáz
eighties {n} (the decade of the 1980s)  :: nyolcvanas évek
eightieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eighty)  :: nyolcvanadik
eight thousand {n} (cardinal number)  :: nyolcezer
eighty {num} (80)  :: nyolcvan
eighty-eight {num} (88)  :: nyolcvannyolc
eighty-first {num} (ordinal number 81st)  :: nyolcvanegyedik
eighty-five {num} (the cardinal number 85)  :: nyolcvanöt
eighty-four {num} (84)  :: nyolcvannégy
eighty-nine {num} (89)  :: nyolcvankilenc
eighty-one {num} (81)  :: nyolcvanegy
eighty-seven {num} (87)  :: nyolcvanhét
eighty-six {num} (cardinal number 86)  :: nyolcvanhat
eightysomething {n} (octogenarian) SEE: octogenarian  ::
eighty-three {num} (83)  :: nyolcvanhárom
eighty-two {num} (82)  :: nyolcvankettő
einsteinium {n} (element with atomic number 99)  :: einsteinium
either {conj} (Introduces the first of two options)  :: vagy...vagy...
ejaculation {n} (ejection of semen through the urethra)  :: magömlés, ejakuláció
eject {v} (to project oneself from an aircraft)  :: katapultál
elaborate {adj} (detailed)  :: mélyreható, alaposan kidolgozott
elaborate {v} (to give further detail or explanation)  :: kifejt
elastic {n} (elastic band) SEE: elastic band  ::
elastic band {n} (loop of rubber or similar material)  :: befőttes gumi
Elbe {prop} (European river)  :: Elba
elbow {n} (joint between upper arm and forearm)  :: könyök
elbow room {n} (room or space in which to move or maneuver)  :: mozgástér
elbow room {n} (freedom or leeway)  :: mozgástér
Elbrus {prop} (mountain)  :: Elbrusz
elder {adj} (greater than another in age or seniority)  :: idősebb
elder {n}  :: bodza
elderberry {n} (elder tree) SEE: elder  ::
elderberry {n} (fruit)  :: bodza
elect {v} (to elect) SEE: choose  ::
elect {v} (to choose in election)  :: választ
election {n} (process of choosing a new leader or representatives)  :: választás
elector {n} (in the Holy Roman Empire, a participant in the election of the emperor) SEE: Elector  ::
Elector {n} (elector or prince-elector)  :: választófejedelem
electoral {adj} (of, or relating to elections)  :: képviselői, választási
electoral district {n} (district represented by one or more elected officials)  :: választókerület
electorate {n} (geographic area encompassing electoral district) SEE: electoral district  ::
electric {adj} (electronic (musical instrument))  :: elektromos
electrical tape {n} (plastic tape)  :: szigetelőszalag, szigszalag
electric chair {n} (device used for performing execution by electrocution)  :: villamosszék
electric charge {n}  :: elektromos töltés
electric current {n} (measurement of the rate of flow of electric charge)  :: elektromos áram
electrician {n} (tradesman who works with electrical equipment)  :: villanyszerelő
electricity {n} (form of energy)  :: elektromosság, villamosság
electrodynamics {n} (study of phenomena associated with moving electric charges)  :: elektrodinamika
electrolyte {n} (substance that ionizes and conducts electricity)  :: elektrolit
electromagnetic {adj} (pertaining to electromagnetism)  :: elektromágneses
electromagnetic interaction {n} (electromagnetic interaction)  :: elektromágneses kölcsönhatás
electromagnetic radiation {n} (radiation)  :: elektromágneses sugárzás
electromagnetism {n} (a fundamental force)  :: elektromágnesség
electron {n} (the negatively charged subatomic particles that orbit atoms)  :: elektron
electron hole {n} (lack of an electron) SEE: hole  ::
electronic {adj} (generated by electronic device)  :: elektronikus
electronic {adj} (of or pertaining to the Internet)  :: elektronikus, internetes, online
electronic cigarette {n} (electronic cigarette)  :: elektronikus cigaretta, e-cigaretta
electronics {n} ((physics))  :: elektronika
electron microscope {n} (any of several forms of microscope that use a beam of electrons)  :: elektronmikroszkóp
electrum {n} (fossil resin) SEE: amber  ::
elegance {n}  :: elegancia
elegant {adj} (exhibiting elegance)  :: elegáns, előkelő
elegantly {adv} (gracefully)  :: elegánsan
element {n} (simplest or essential part or principle of anything)  :: elem
element {n} (chemistry: simplest chemical substance)  :: elem
element {n} (alchemy: one of the four basic building blocks)  :: elem
element {n} (place or state of being that an individual or object is better suited towards)  :: elem
element {n} (set theory: object in a set)  :: elem
elementary function {n} (function)  :: elemi függvény
elementary particle {n} (subatomic particle that does not consist of smaller particles)  :: elemi részecske
elementary school {n} (school for children) SEE: primary school  ::
elephant {n} (mammal)  :: elefánt
elephant seal {n} (mammal of the genus Mirounga)  :: elefántfóka
elevate {v} (promote) SEE: promote  ::
elevate {v} (ennoble) SEE: ennoble  ::
elevator {n} (permanent construction) SEE: lift  ::
eleven {num} (the cardinal number occurring after ten and before twelve)  :: tizenegy
eleven hundred {num} (one thousand one hundred)  :: ezeregyszáz
eleventh {adj} (ordinal form of eleven)  :: tizenegyedik
eleventh grade {n}  :: tizenegyedik osztály
elf {n} (mythical, supernatural being)  :: manó, elf, tündér, tünde
elf {n} (very diminutive person) SEE: dwarf  ::
Elias {prop} (male given name) SEE: Elijah  ::
elicit {v} (to evoke, educe)  :: kicsal
elide {v} (to leave out or omit)  :: kihagy
Elijah {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Illés
Elisabeth {prop} (female given name) SEE: Elizabeth  ::
elixir {n} (alchemy: liquid which was believed to turn non-precious metals to gold)  :: elixír
elixir {n} (liquid which is believed to cure all ills)  :: elixír
elixir of life {n} (elixir that brings immortality)  :: életelixír
Elizabeth {prop} (female given name)  :: Erzsébet
Elizabeth {prop} (mother of John the Baptist)  :: Erzsébet
elk {n} (Alces alces) SEE: moose  ::
elk {n} (wapiti - Cervus canadensis) SEE: wapiti  ::
Ella {prop} (female given name)  :: Ella
ellipse {n} (curve)  :: ellipszis
ellipsis {n} (typographic mark)  :: három pont
ellipsoid {n} (surface all of whose cross sections are elliptic or circular)  :: ellipszoid
elliptic function {n} (any function of a complex variable which is periodic in two directions)  :: elliptikus függvény
elm {n} (tree of genus Ulmus)  :: szil, szilfa
elongate {v} (to make long)  :: meghosszabbít
elongated {adj} (extensive in length)  :: meghosszabbított
elongated {adj} (stretched)  :: megnyújtott
elongation {n} (The act of lengthening)  :: hosszabbítás
eloquence {n} (the quality of artistry and persuasiveness in speech or writing)  :: ékesszólás, beszédkészség
eloquent {adj} (fluently persuasive and articulate)  :: ékesszóló
eloquent {adj} (effective in expressing meaning)  :: ékesszóló
El Salvador {prop} (country in Central America)  :: El Salvador, Salvador
elsewhere {adv} (in or at some other place)  :: máshol
elsewhere {adv} (to some other place)  :: máshová
elucidate {v} (make clear)  :: megvilágít
e-mail {n} (email) SEE: email  ::
e-mail {v} (email) SEE: email  ::
email {n} (message sent via email)  :: e-mail
email address {n} (e-mail address) SEE: e-mail address  ::
e-mail address {n} (unique identifier)  :: e-mail cím
Emajõgi {prop} (river in Estonia)  :: Emajõgi
emancipation {n} (act of setting free from the power of another)  :: felszabadítás, emancipáció
embarrass {v} (to humiliate; to disrupt somebody's composure or comfort with acting publicly or freely)  :: zavarba hoz
embarrassed {adj} (Having a feeling of shameful discomfort)  :: zavart
embarrassing {adj} (causing embarrassment)  :: [normal] kínos, [informal] ciki, gázos, gáz, [slang] égő
embassy {n} (organization representing a foreign state)  :: nagykövetség
embed {v} (lay as in a bed; lay in surrounding matter)  :: beágyaz
embed {v} (mathematics; embed in)  :: beágyaz
embellish {v} (To make more beautiful and attractive; to decorate)  :: díszít, szépít
embellish {v} (To make something sound or look better or more acceptable than it is in reality, to distort)  :: szépít, kiszínez
ember {n} (glowing piece of coal or wood)  :: zsarátnok; izzó fa(darab)/széndarab, parázs
embezzle {v} (to steal money that one has been trusted with)  :: sikkaszt
embezzlement {n} (The fraudulent conversion of property from a property owner)  :: sikkasztás
emblazon {v} (to adorn with prominent markings)  :: díszít
emblazon {v} (heraldry: to draw a coat of arms)  :: heraldikus díszítéssel lát el (pl. címert)
emblazon {v} (to celebrate or extol as with deeds or merit)  :: dicsőít, magasztal
emblem {n} (representative symbol)  :: embléma, jelkép
embody {v} (represent in a physical form; to incarnate or personify)  :: megtestesít
embolism {n} (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)  :: embólia
embroider {v} (to stitch a decorative design on fabric with needle and thread)  :: hímez
embroidery {n} (ornamentation)  :: hímzés, kézimunka
embroidery {n} (fabric)  :: hímzés, kézimunka
embroidery {n} (elaboration of an account with details)  :: kiszínezés
embroilment {n} (an entangled situation) SEE: imbroglio  ::
embryo {n} (fertilized egg before developing into a fetus)  :: embrió
embryo {n} (botany: rudimentary plant contained in the seed)  :: csíra, embrió
embryo {n} (the beginning; the first stage of anything)  :: csíra
-eme {suffix} (linguistic base unit)  :: -éma
emerald {adj} (rich green colour)  :: smaragdzöld
emerald {n} (gemstone)  :: smaragd
emerald {n} (colour)  :: smaragdzöld
emerald green {n} (colour)  :: smaragdzöld
emerge {v} (to come into view)  :: felmerül
emerge {v} (to come out of)  :: felmerül, felbukkan
emerge {v} (to become known)  :: kiderül
emergency brake {n} (type of brake)  :: vészfék
emergency escape {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape  ::
emergency stairs {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape  ::
Emery {prop} (male given name)  :: Imre
emigrate {v} (to leave one's country in order to reside elsewhere)  :: emigrál, kivándorol
Emil {prop} (male given name)  :: Emil
Emile {prop} (Emil) SEE: Emil  ::
emir {n} (Islamic prince or leader)  :: emír
emirate {n} (country ruled by an emir)  :: emírség, emirátus
emission {n} (something that is emitted)  :: kibocsátás
Emmentaler {prop} (Swiss cheese)  :: ementáli
emoji {n} (ideogrammatic icon used in text messaging)  :: emodzsi
emollient {n} (Something which softens or lubricates the skin)  :: bőrápoló krém
emoticon {n} (representation of an emotion of the writer)  :: emotikon, hangulatjel
emotion {n} (person's internal state of being)  :: érzés
emotional {adj} (of or relating to the emotions)  :: érzelmi, érzelmes, hangulati
empathic {adj} (showing or expressing empathy)  :: empatikus
empathically {adv} (in an empathic manner)  :: empatikusan
emperor {n} (ruler of an empire)  :: császár
emperor penguin {n} (largest penguin)  :: császárpingvin
emphasis {n} (special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important)  :: nyomaték
emphasis {n} (special attention or prominence given to something)  :: hangsúly
emphasis {n} (prominence given to a syllable or words)  :: hangsúly
emphasize {v} (stress)  :: hangsúlyoz
empire {n} (political unit)  :: birodalom, impérium, császárság
empire {n} (state ruled by an emperor)  :: császárság
empire {n}  :: birodalom
empiric {n} (unqualified or dishonest practitioner) SEE: charlatan  ::
empiric {adj} (empiric) SEE: empirical  ::
empirical {adj} (pertaining to or based on experience)  :: tapasztalati
empirical formula {n} (a notation indicating the ratios of the various elements present in a compound)  :: tapasztalati képlet
employ {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use  ::
employ {v} (to give someone work)  :: alkalmaz
employee {n} (individual who provides labor to a company or another person)  :: munkavállaló, alkalmazott, dolgozó
employer {n} (person or entity which employs others)  :: munkaadó, munkáltató
employment {n} (the act of employing)  :: alkalmazás
employment {n} (the state of being employed)  :: alkalmazás
employment {n} (the work or occupation for which one is paid)  :: állás
employment {n} (an activity to which one devotes time)  :: elfoglaltság
empower {v} (to give permission to)  :: felhatalmaz
empower {v} (to give confidence and/or strength to)  :: megerősít
empress {n} (female monarch of an empire)  :: császárnő
empress {n} (wife or widow of an emperor)  :: császárné
emptiness {n} (the state or feeling of being empty)  :: üresség
empty {adj} (devoid of content)  :: üres
empty set {n} (the unique set that contains no elements)  :: üres halmaz
empty space {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
Emsian {prop}  :: Emsi
emu {n} (Dromaius novaehollandiae)  :: emu
emulator {n} (software or hardware application that simulates another system)  :: emulátor
enable {v} (to activate a function of an electronical or mechanical device)  :: bekapcsol, aktivál
enantiomer {n} (one of a pair of mirror-image stereoisomers)  :: enantiomer
en bloc {adv} (as a whole)  :: en bloc
enchanting {adj} (having the ability to enchant)  :: elbűvölő
encircle {v} (surround)  :: körbevesz
enclose {v} (surround, fence in)  :: elkerít, bekerít
enclose {v} (insert into a container)  :: becsomagol
enclose {v} (hold, contain)  :: tartalmaz
encore {n} (brief extra performance after the main performance is complete)  :: ráadás
encore {interj} (please perform again)  :: vissza!
encounter {v} (meet (someone) or find (something) unexpectedly)  :: összetalálkozik, belebotlik
encounter {v} (engage in conflict)  :: összetűzésbe keveredik
encounter {n} (unplanned meeting)  :: találkozás
encounter {n} (hostile meeting)  :: összecsapás
encourage {v} (mentally support or motivate)  :: bátorít, felbátorít, biztat, buzdít
encourage {v} (foster, give help or patronage)  :: támogat
encouragement {n} (the act of encouraging)  :: bátorítás
encouragement {n} (that which serves to incite, support, promote or advance, as favor, countenance, reward etc.)  :: támogatás, pártolás
encroach {v} (to advance gradually beyond due limits)  :: betolakodik
encyclopaedia {n} (encyclopedia) SEE: encyclopedia  ::
encyclopedia {n} (comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topics)  :: enciklopédia, lexikon
end {n} (extreme part)  :: vég
end {v} (ergative, intransitive: be finished, be terminated)  :: befejeződik
endanger {v} (to put someone or something in danger)  :: veszélyeztet
endangered {adj} (in danger, at risk)  :: veszélyeztetett
endeavor {n} (a sincere attempt)  :: igyekezet
endeavor {v} (attempt through application of effort)  :: igyekszik
endive {n} (salad vegetable)  :: endívia
endocrine {adj} (producing internal secretions that are transported around the body by the bloodstream)  :: endokrin
endocrine system {n} (system of ductless glands)  :: endokrin rendszer
endocrinology {n} (study of the endocrine glands)  :: endokrinológia
endoderm {n} (tissue layer in the embryo)  :: endoderma
endodermis {n} (in a plant)  :: endodermisz
end of the world {n} (end of the world)  :: világvége
endogamy {n} (the practice of marrying within one's own social group)  :: endogámia
endogenous {adj} (produced, originating or growing from within)  :: endogén
endometrioma {n} (ovarian cyst)  :: endometrióma
endometriosis {n} (endometrium condition)  :: endometriózis
endorphin {n} (any of a group of peptide hormones)  :: endorfin
endoscope {n} (instrument)  :: endoszkóp
endure {v} (to endure) SEE: take  ::
endure {v} (endure, undergo) SEE: suffer  ::
endure {v} (to continue despite obstacles)  :: kitart
endure {v} (to tolerate something)  :: elvisel, kibír
end user {n} (the final consumer of a product; the intended recipient or user)  :: végfelhasználó
end user license agreement {n} (a contract between the manufacturer or copyright holder)  :: végfelhasználói licencszerződés
ENE {abbr} (east-northeast)  :: KÉK
enemy {n} (someone who is hostile to, feels hatred towards, opposes the interests of, or intends injury to someone else)  :: ellenség
energy {n} (impetus behind activity)  :: energia
energy {n} (physics)  :: energia
enforcer {n} (member of a group charged with keeping dissident members obedient)  :: verőember
enfranchise {v} (to grant freedom from servitude)  :: felszabadít
engage {v} (to engross or hold the attention of someone)  :: leköt
engage {v} (intransitive: to enter into battle)  :: harcba bocsátkozik
engage {v} (to enter into an activity)  :: belefog
engagement {n} (period of time when marriage is planned or promised)  :: eljegyzés
engagement ring {n} (a ring signifying a promise to wed)  :: jegygyűrű
engine {n} (mechanical device)  :: motor
engineer {n} (person qualified or professionally engaged in engineering)  :: mérnök
engineering {n} (application of science to the needs of humanity)  :: mérnöki tudomány, műszaki tudomány
England {prop} (region of Great Britain)  :: Anglia
English {adj} (of or pertaining to England)  :: angol, angliai
English {adj} (of or pertaining to the English language)  :: angol
English {prop} (people from England)  :: angol
English {prop} (the English language)  :: angol, angolul
English {n} (14-point type)  :: mittel
English Channel {prop} (The part of the Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain and France)  :: La Manche
English horn {n} (cor anglais) SEE: cor anglais  ::
Englishwoman {n} (a female native or inhabitant of England)  :: angol nő
enjail {v} (put in jail) SEE: imprison  ::
enjambment {n} (a technique in poetry)  :: áthajlás, enjambement
enjoy {v} (to receive pleasure or satisfaction from something)  :: élvez
enjoy {v} (to have the use or benefit of something)  :: élvez
enjoy your meal {phrase} (bon appétit) SEE: bon appétit  ::
enlighten {v} (to supply with light)  :: kivilágít, megvilágít
enlighten {v} (to make clear to the intellect)  :: felvilágosít
enlightened {adj} (educated or informed)  :: tájékozott
enlightened {adj} (freed from illusion)  :: felvilágosult
enlightenment {n} (act of enlightening, state of being enlightened)  :: megvilágosodás
enlightenment {n} (philosophy and psychology related to achieving clarity of perception, reason and knowledge)  :: megvilágosodás
Enlightenment {prop} (the Enlightenment)  :: felvilágosodás
ennoble {v} (To bestow with nobility, honour or grace)  :: nemesít, megnemesít
ennui {n} (listlessness, boredom)  :: kedvtelenség, közöny, unalom
enol {n} (an organic compound)  :: enol
enough {determiner} (sufficient)  :: elég
enough is enough {phrase} (the limit of patience or tolerance has been reached)  :: ami sok, az sok
ensemble {n} (a group of musicians, dancers etc who perform together; the chorus of a ballet company)  :: együttes
ensnare {v} (To snare, to catch through a snare or trap)  :: tőrbe csal
ensue {v} (to occur as consequence)  :: következik, származik, ered
ensure {v} (assure) SEE: assure  ::
enter {v} (to go into (a room, etc.))  :: bemegy, belép, bejön
enter {v} (to type into a computer)  :: felír, bejegyez
enter into {v} (enter into) SEE: penetrate  ::
enteritis {n} (intestinal disease)  :: bélgyulladás, vékonybélgyulladás, bélhurut
enterprise {n} (company, business, organization, or endeavor)  :: vállalkozás
enterprise {n} (undertaking, especially a daring and courageous one)  :: vállalkozás
enterprise {n} (willingness to undertake projects, energy and initiative)  :: vállalkozókedv
entertain {v}  :: szórakoztat
enthalpy {n} (a measure of the heat content)  :: entalpia
enthral {v} (hold spellbound) SEE: enthrall  ::
enthral {v} (make subservient) SEE: enthrall  ::
enthrall {v} (hold spellbound)  :: elbűvöl
enthrall {v} (make subservient)  :: rabjává tesz
enthuse {v} (to feel enthusiasm)  :: lelkesedik
enthuse {v} (to cause (someone) to feel enthusiasm)  :: lelkesít
enthusiastic {adj} (with zealous fervor; excited, motivated)  :: lelkes
enthusiastically {adv} (in an enthusiastic manner)  :: lelkesen
entire {n} (stallion) SEE: stallion  ::
entirely {adv} (to the full extent)  :: teljesen, egészen
entomology {n} (study of insects)  :: entomológia, rovartan
entourage {n} (retinue of attendants, associates or followers)  :: kíséret
entrail {n} (an internal organ of an animal)  :: zsiger
entrance {n} (place of entering)  :: bejárat
entrance {n}  :: bejárat
entrepreneur {n} (person who organizes and operates a business and assumes the associated risk)  :: vállalkozó
enumerate {v} (to specify each member of a sequence individually in incrementing order)  :: felsorol
enumerate {v} (to determine the amount of)  :: megszámol, számlál
envelope {n} (wrapper for mailing)  :: boríték
envious {adj} (feeling or exhibiting envy)  :: irigy, irigykedő
environment {n} (area around something)  :: környezet, környék
environmentalism {n} (ideology seeking to prevent the degradation of environment)  :: környezetvédelem
environmentalist {n} (one who advocates for the protection of the biosphere)  :: környezetvédő
environmentally friendly {adj} (causing little harm to the environment)  :: környezetkímélő, környezetbarát
envy {n} (resentful desire of something possessed by another)  :: irigység
envy {v} (to feel displeasure towards (someone) because of their good fortune, possessions)  :: irigyel
enzyme {n} (catalytic protein)  :: enzim
epee {n} (A fencing sword)  :: párbajtőr
ephedrine {n}  :: efedrin
ephemeral {adj} (lasting for a short period of time)  :: kérészéletű, efemer, röpke
ephemeral {adj} (existing for only one day)  :: tiszavirág életű
Ephesians {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Epheszosz, Pál levele az epheszosziakhoz
Ephesus {prop} (a city of ancient Anatolia, in what is now Turkey)  :: Epheszosz
epicaricacy {n} (rejoicing at or deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others)  :: káröröm
epicene {adj} (having no sexual characteristics) SEE: asexual  ::
epicene {adj} (androgynous) SEE: androgynous  ::
epicentre {n} (point above earthquake)  :: epicentrum
epidemic {n} (widespread disease)  :: járvány
epidemic {n} (occurrence of such disease)  :: járvány
epidemic {adj} (like an epidemic)  :: járványos
epidermis {n} (skin's outer layer in animals)  :: epidermisz, felhám
epidermis {n} (plant's outer layer)  :: epidermisz
epigram {n} (inscription in stone)  :: epigramma
epigram {n} (brief but witty saying)  :: epigramma
epigram {n} (short, witty or pithy poem)  :: epigramma
epilator {n} (electrical device)  :: epilátor
epilepsy {n} (medical condition)  :: epilepszia
epileptic {adj} (of or relating to epilepsy)  :: epilepsziás
epileptic {n} (person who has epilepsy)  :: epilepsziás
epilogue {n} (brief oration or script at the end of a literary piece)  :: utószó
epinephrine {n} (epinephrine)  :: epinefrin
Epiphany {n} (Christian feast)  :: vízkereszt, epifánia
episcopal {adj} (related to a bishop)  :: püspöki, episzkopális
episode {n} (incident or action connected with a series of events)  :: esemény, epizód
episode {n} (installment of a drama told in parts)  :: rész, epizód
epistle {n} (a letter)  :: episztola
epistle {n} (book of the New Testament)  :: levél
epitaph {n} (inscription on a gravestone)  :: sírfelirat
epithalamus {n} (segment of the diencephalon)  :: epitalamusz
epithelium {n} (membranous tissue)  :: hám
epitome {n} (embodiment or encapsulation of)  :: összegzés
epoch {n} (particular period of history)  :: kor
eponymous {adj} (relating to the person after which something is named)  :: névadó
equality {n} (fact of being equal)  :: egyenlőség
equality {n} (mathematics: fact of having the same value)  :: egyenlőség
equality {n} (equal treatment of people irrespective of social or cultural differences)  :: egyenlőség
equal sign {n} (a symbol)  :: egyenlőségjel
equation {n} (mathematics: assertion)  :: egyenlet
equation of time {n} (discrepancy between two kinds of solar time)  :: időegyenlet
equator {n} (circle around the earth)  :: Egyenlítő
Equatorial Guinea {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: Egyenlítői-Guinea
Equatorial Guinean {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Equatorial Guinea, the Equatorial Guinean people or the Equatorial Guinean culture)  :: egyenlítői-guineai
equestrianism {n} (the art or sport of riding horses)  :: lovaglás
equilateral {adj} (referring to a polygon all of whose sides are of equal length)  :: egyenlőoldalú
equilateral triangle {n} (type of triangle)  :: egyenlőoldalú háromszög
equinox {n} (intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator)  :: nap-éj egyenlőség
equiprobable {adj} (having equal probability)  :: egyenlő valószínűségű
equivalence class {n} (Any one of the subsets into which an equivalence relation partition is set)  :: ekvivalenciaosztály
equivalence relation {n} (binary relation)  :: ekvivalenciareláció
equivocation {n} (Logical fallacy)  :: mellébeszélés
equivocation {n} (Expression susceptible of a double signification, possibly misleading)  :: köntörfalazás
-er {suffix} ((used to form agent nouns) person or thing that does...)  :: ,
-er {suffix} ((used form a demonym) resident or inhabitant of...)  :: -i
-er {suffix} (used to form the comparative of adjectives)  :: -bb
era {n} (time period)  :: kor, korszak, éra
eraser {n} (thing used to erase something written or drawn)  :: radír, radírgumi, gumi [slang]
Erato {prop} (Muse of lyric poetry)  :: Erató
erbium {n} (chemical element)  :: erbium
Erdős number {n} (mathematics)  :: Erdős-szám
erection {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris)  :: erekció
eremite {n} (hermit) SEE: hermit  ::
ereyesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday  ::
ereyesterday {n} (the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday  ::
ergative {n} (ergative case) SEE: ergative case  ::
ergative case {n} (case used to indicate the agent of a verb)  :: ergativus
ergonomics {n} (science of the design of equipment)  :: ergonómia
Eric {prop} (male given name)  :: Erik
Erica {prop} (female given name)  :: Erika
Erika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Erica  ::
Eritrea {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: Eritrea
Erlenmeyer flask {n} (conical laboratory flask)  :: Erlenmeyer-lombik
ermine {n} (Mustela erminea)  :: hermelin
Ernest {prop} (given name)  :: Ernő
erogenous zone {n} (erogenous zone)  :: erogén zóna
Eros {prop} (God of love)  :: Erósz
erosion {n} (the result of having being eroded)  :: erózió
erosion {n} (the changing of a surface by mechanical action)  :: erózió
erosion {n} (destruction by abrasive action of fluids)  :: erózió
erotic {adj} (tending to arouse sexual desire)  :: erotikus
err {v} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
err {v} (make a mistake)  :: téved
erratic {adj} (unsteady, random; prone to unexpected changes; not consistent)  :: szabálytalan, egyenetlen
erroneous {adj} (containing an error; inaccurate)  :: téves
erroneously {adv} (incorrectly) SEE: incorrectly  ::
error {n} (mistake)  :: hiba
error {v} ((nonstandard) To make a mistake; to result in an error) SEE: err  ::
error-prone {adj} (in the habit of making errors)  :: könnyen meghibásodó, hibára hajlamos
erudite {adj} (scholarly, learned)  :: művelt
erudition {n} (profound knowledge, especially that based on learning and scholarship)  :: műveltség, tanultság
erupt {v} (to violently eject)  :: kitör
eruption {n} (violent ejection, such as that of lava from a volcano)  :: kitörés
erythrocyte {n} (red blood cell) SEE: red blood cell  ::
erythronium {n} (vanadium) SEE: vanadium  ::
erythropoietin {n} (a hormone)  :: eritropoetin
erythrose {n} (aldotetrose)  :: eritróz
Erzya {prop} (language)  :: erza
escalator {n} (mechanical device)  :: mozgólépcső
escallop {n} (scallop) SEE: scallop  ::
escape velocity {n} (minimum velocity)  :: szökési sebesség
escapism {n} (inclination to escape)  :: eszképizmus
Escaut {prop} (the river Scheldt) SEE: Scheldt  ::
escritoire {n} (A writing desk with a hinged door)  :: szekreter
ESE {abbr} (east-southeast)  :: KDK
Eskimo {prop} (group of native peoples)  :: eszkimó
Eskimo {prop} (language)  :: eszkimó
Eskimo {n} (member of the Eskimo people(s))  :: eszkimó
Eskimo {adj} (of, or relating to an Eskimo, Eskimos or their language, languages)  :: eszkimó
esoteric {adj} (Understood only by a chosen few or an enlightened inner circle.)  :: ezoterikus
esoterism {n} (inward forms of faith and religion)  :: ezoterika
Esperanto {prop} (auxiliary language)  :: eszperantó
espionage {n} (act of learning secret information through clandestine means)  :: kémkedés
espresso {n} (strong type of coffee)  :: eszpresszókávé, eszpresszó
-esque {suffix} (in the style of)  :: -os, -es
-ess {suffix} (female suffix)  :: -nő
essence {n} (inherent nature)  :: lényeg
essence {n} (concentrate)  :: kivonat, eszencia
essential amino acid {n} (amino acid which is a dietry requirement)  :: esszenciális aminosav
essentialism {n} (view that objects have properties that are essential to them)  :: esszencializmus
essential oil {n} (volatile oil used to make perfumes and flavourings)  :: illóolaj
ester {n} (compound with carbon-oxygen double bond joined via carbon to another oxygen atom)  :: észter
Esterházy torte {n} (Hungarian cake)  :: Esterházy-torta
Esther {prop} (female given name)  :: Eszter
Esther {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Eszter
estimate {n} (rough calculation or guess)  :: becslés
estimation {n} (the process of making an estimate)  :: becslés {f}
Estonia {prop} (country)  :: Észtország
Estonian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to the country of Estonia, its people or their language)  :: észt
Estonian {n} (person)  :: észt
Estonian {prop} (language)  :: észt
estragon {n} (tarragon) SEE: tarragon  ::
estrogen {n} (estrogen)  :: ösztrogén
estuary {n} (place where ocean tides and river water merge)  :: tölcsértorkolat
Esztergom {prop} (a city in Hungary)  :: Esztergom
et al. {phrase} (and others)  :: és tsai., et al.
etc. {phrase} (and so on, see also: and so forth)  :: stb., s a többi
et cetera {phrase} (noting the omission of the remainder of a list) SEE: etc.  ::
etch {v} (to engrave)  :: marat, gravíroz
eternal {adj} (lasting forever)  :: örök, örökös, örökkévaló
eternal life {n} (immortality) SEE: immortality  ::
eternity {n} (infinite time)  :: örökkévalóság
ethane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6)  :: etán
ethanol {n} (simple aliphatic alcohol: CH3-CH2-OH)  :: etanol
ether {n} (organic chemistry: a compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups)  :: éter
ether {n} (organic chemistry: diethyl ether, C4H10O)  :: éter
ether {n} (the fifth classic physical element)  :: éter
ether {n} (archaic: space filling substance)  :: éter
ether {n} (poetic and literary: the sky or heavens; the upper air)  :: éter
ethics {n} (study of principles governing right and wrong conduct)  :: etika, erkölcstan
Ethiopia {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: Etiópia
ethnic {adj} (of or relating to a group of people)  :: etnikai
ethnic cleansing {n} (ethnic cleansing)  :: etnikai tisztogatás
ethnic group {n} (ethnic group)  :: etnikum
ethnicity {n} (The characteristics of an ethnic group)  :: etnikum
ethnicity {n} (An ethnic group)  :: etnikum
ethnie {n} (ethnicity) SEE: ethnic group  ::
ethnography {n} (branch of anthropology)  :: néprajz
ethnology {n} (branch of anthropology)  :: etnológia
ethology {n} (study of human and animal behaviour)  :: etológia
etiquette {n} (forms to be observed in social or official life)  :: etikett
etiquette {n} (customary behavior)  :: etikett
Etruria {prop} (ancient country)  :: Etruria
Etruscan {n} (inhabitant of Etruria)  :: etruszk
Etruscan {prop} (extinct language of Etruria)  :: etruszk
etymological {adj} (of or relating to etymology)  :: etimológiai
etymologically {adv} (Based on or belonging to etymology)  :: etimológiailag
etymology {n} (study of the historical development of languages, particularly of individual words)  :: etimológia, szófejtés
etymology {n} (account of the origin and historical development of a word)  :: etimológia, szófejtés
Eucharist {n} (sacrament)  :: eucharisztia
Eucharist {n} (ceremony)  :: eucharisztia
Eucharist {n}  :: oltáriszentség
Euclid {prop} (Greek mathematician)  :: Euklidész, Eukleidész
Euclidean algorithm {prop} (math)  :: euklideszi algoritmus
Euclidean distance {n} (distance between two points defined as the square root of the sum of the squares of the differences between the corresponding coordinates of the points)  :: euklideszi távolság
Euclidean geometry {n} (mathematical system)  :: euklideszi geometria
Euclidean space {n} (ordinary space)  :: euklideszi tér
euclidianness {n} (being Euclidean)  :: euklidesziség
Euclidian space {n} (Euclidean space) SEE: Euclidean space  ::
Eugene {prop} (male given name)  :: Jenő
Eugenia {prop} (female given name)  :: Eugénia
eukaryote {n} (any of the single-celled or multicellular organisms whose cells contain at least one distinct nucleus)  :: eukarióta
eunuch {n} (castrated human male)  :: eunuch
eunuch {n} (such a man who was harem guard or in Middle Eastern courts under Roman Emperors, important officials of the state)  :: eunuch
euphemism {n} (use of a word or phrase to replace another word with one considered less offensive)  :: eufemizmus
euphonium {n} (brass instrument)  :: eufónium
euphoria {n} (an excited state of joy)  :: eufória
Euphrates {prop} (river in the Middle East)  :: Eufrátesz
Eurasia {prop} (the largest landmass on Earth, consisting of Europe and Asia)  :: Eurázsia
Eurasian {adj} (pertaining to Eurasia)  :: eurázsiai
Eurasian badger {n} (Meles meles)  :: borz, európai borz, eurázsiai borz
Eurasian black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus)  :: barátkeselyű
Eurasian sparrowhawk {n} (Accipiter nisus)  :: karvaly
eureka {interj} (exclamation indicating sudden discovery)  :: heuréka
Euripidean {adj} (of or relating to Euripides)  :: euripidészi
euro {n} (currency unit of the European Monetary Union)  :: euró
euro area {n} (Eurozone) SEE: Eurozone  ::
Europa {prop} (princess abducted to Crete by Zeus)  :: Európa, Európé
Europa {prop} (a moon of Jupiter)  :: Europé, Europa
Europe {prop} (European Union) SEE: European Union  ::
Europe {prop} (continent)  :: Európa
European {adj} (relating to Europe or the European Union)  :: európai
European {n} (person)  :: európai, européer
European bison {n} (the wisent species Bison bonasus)  :: európai bölény
European bullhead {n} (species)  :: botos kölönte
European Central Bank {prop} (central bank for the European Union)  :: Európai Központi Bank
European Commission {prop} (executive branch)  :: Európai Bizottság
European eel {n} (fish)  :: európai angolna
European mistletoe {n} (Viscum album)  :: fehér fagyöngy
European Union {prop} (European supranational organisation)  :: Európai Unió
europium {n} (chemical element)  :: európium
Euroscepticism {n} (scepticism of increasing powers of the EU)  :: euroszkepticizmus
Eurozone {prop} (those European Union members whose official currency is the euro)  :: eurózóna
Eurydice {prop} (mythology)  :: Eurüdiké
Eusebius {prop} (given name)  :: Özséb
Euterpe {prop} (the Muse of music and lyric poetry)  :: Euterpé
euthanasia {n} (practice of killing a human being or animal)  :: eutanázia
Euxine Sea {prop} SEE: Black Sea  ::
evacuation slide {n} (an inflatable slide used to evacuate passengers from an aircraft)  :: vészcsúszda
evaluate {v} (to draw conclusions from by examining)  :: értékel, kiértékel
evaluate {v} (to compute or determine the value of)  :: kiértékel
evaluation {n} (assessment)  :: értékelés
evaluation {n} (completion of a mathematic operation)  :: kiértékelés
evaluation {n} (substitution of a variable with its value)  :: kiértékelés
evangelist {n} (itinerant or special preacher, especially a revivalist)  :: hitszónok
evangelist {n} (writer of a gospel)  :: evangélista
Eve {prop} (the first woman)  :: Éva
even {adj} (flat and level)  :: egyenletes
even {adj} (without great variation)  :: egyenletes
even {adj} (equal)  :: egyenletes, egyenlő
even {adj} (arithmetic: divisible by two)  :: páros
even {v} (to make even)  :: kiegyenlít, egyenget
even {adv} (implying extreme example)  :: még, még ha
even {adv} (emphasising comparative)  :: még
evening {n} (time of day between dusk and night)  :: este
evening {n} (time of day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight)  :: este
evening star {n} (planet Venus seen in the evening)  :: esthajnalcsillag
event {n} (occurrence)  :: esemény
event horizon {n} (gravitational sphere within which light cannot escape)  :: eseményhorizont
eventuality {n} (possible event)  :: eshetőség
ever {adv} (always)  :: mindig
ever {adv} (at any time)  :: bármikor
Everest {prop} (Mount Everest) SEE: Mount Everest  ::
evergreen {adj} (of plants, that do not shed their leaves)  :: örökzöld
everlasting {adv} (Lasting or enduring forever)  :: örökös, örökkévaló
every {determiner} (all of a countable group)  :: minden
everybody {pron} (all people)  :: mindenki
every cloud has a silver lining {proverb} (in every bad situation there is an element of good)  :: minden rosszban van valami jó
every day {adv} (daily) SEE: daily  ::
everyday {adj} (commonplace, ordinary)  :: mindennapos
every Jack has his Jill {proverb}  :: mindenki megtalálja a párját, minden zsák megleli a maga foltját
everyone {pron} (every person)  :: mindenki, mind (when it is about a previously mentioned group)
everything {pron} (all the things)  :: minden, mind (when it is about a previously mentioned group)
everywhere {adv} (at all places)  :: mindenütt
evidence {n} (facts presented in support of an assertion)  :: bizonyíték
evidence {n} (anything admitted by a court as proof)  :: bizonyíték
evident {adj} (obviously true)  :: nyilvánvaló, evidens
evil {adj} (intending to harm)  :: gonosz
evil {n} (moral badness, wickedness)  :: gonosz
evil eye {n} (wicked look)  :: gonosz szem
eviscerate {v} (to disembowel)  :: kizsigerel
evoke {v} (to cause the manifestation of)  :: felidéz
evolution {n} (biology: change in the genetic composition of a population over time)  :: evolúció
ewer {n} (widemouthed pitcher)  :: vizeskancsó
exactly {adv} (in an exact manner)  :: pontosan
exaggerate {v} (to overstate, to describe more than is fact)  :: túloz, eltúloz
exaggerated {adj} (that has been described as greater than it actually is)  :: túlzó, túlzott
examination {n} (formal test)  :: vizsga
examine {v} (to observe or inspect carefully or critically)  :: megvizsgál, górcső alá vesz
example {n} (something representative of a group)  :: példány
example {n} (something serving to explain or illustrate a rule)  :: példa
example {n} (something serving as a pattern of behaviour)  :: példa
example {n} (person punished as a warning to others)  :: precedens
example {n} (parallel or closely similar case)  :: precedens
example {n} (instance as a problem to be solved)  :: példa
exasperate {v} (frustrate, vex, annoy)  :: dühít, feldühít, felbőszít
exasperation {n} (the act of exasperating)  :: mérgelődés, morgolódás
excavate {v} (to make a hole in (something); to hollow)  :: kiás, kiváj
excavate {v} (to remove part of (something) by scooping or digging it out)  :: elhord, kiemel, kikotor, kimélyít, alámos
excavate {v} (to uncover (something) by digging)  :: felás, feltár
excavator {n} (vehicle, often on tracks, used to dig ditches etc; a backhoe)  :: markológép
exceed {v} (to be larger, greater than something else or than expected or desirable)  :: meghalad, túllép
excel {v} (transitive: to surpass someone or something)  :: felülmúl, túltesz
excel {v} (intransitive: to be much better than others)  :: kimagaslik, kiemelkedik, jeleskedik, kitűnik
excellent {adj} (of the highest quality)  :: kitűnő, kiváló
except {v} (to exclude)  :: kizár
except {v} (to take exception, to object to)  :: visszautasít, óvást emel
except {prep} (with the exception of)  :: kivéve
exception {n} (that which is excepted or taken out from others)  :: kivétel
exceptional {adj} (forming an exception)  :: kivételes, rendkívüli
exceptional {adj} (superior due to exception or rarity)  :: kivételes, rendkívüli
exceptionally {adv} (unusual, remarkable or exceptional degree)  :: kivételesen
excerpt {n} (a clip, snippet, passage or extract from a larger work)  :: kivonat, szemelvény
excess {n} (insurance condition)  :: önrész
excessive {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something)  :: túlzott
exchange {n} (act of exchanging or trading)  :: csere, váltás
exchange {n} (place for conducting trading)  :: tőzsde
exchange {v} (To trade or barter)  :: cserél, elcserél, felvált, vált
exchange {v} (To replace with a similar item)  :: kicserél
exchange rate {n} (currency rate (finance))  :: árfolyam
exchange student {n} (student in an exchange scheme)  :: cserediák
exchequer {n} (treasury) SEE: treasury  ::
excited {adj} (having great enthusiasm)  :: izgatott
excited {adj} (being in a state of higher energy)  :: gerjesztett
exclaim {v} (to cry out)  :: felkiált
exclamation {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark  ::
exclamation mark {n} (punctuation “!”)  :: felkiáltójel
exclamation point {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark  ::
exclude {v} (to bar from entering; keep out)  :: kirekeszt
exclusion {n} (act of excluding or shutting out)  :: kizárás, kirekesztés , kizárt
exclusively {adv} (to the exclusion of anything or anyone else)  :: kizárólag
exclusive or {n} (exclusive disjunction)  :: kizáró vagy
excrement {n} (human and animal solid waste)  :: ürülék
excursion {n} (brief recreational trip)  :: kirándulás
excuse {n} (explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgement)  :: mentség
excuse me {phrase} (request for attention)  :: elnézést
excuse me {phrase} (sorry, as apology)  :: elnézést
execute {v} (to kill as punishment)  :: kivégez
execution {n} (act of executing or the state of being executed)  :: végrehajtás, kivitelezés, megvalósítás
execution {n} (act of putting to death or being put to death as a penalty)  :: kivégzés
execution {n} (carrying into effect of a court judgment, or of a will)  :: végrehajtás
executioner {n} (the person who carries out the execution)  :: hóhér
executor {n} (one who carries out some task)  :: végrehajtó
exegesis {n} (formal written exposition or explanatory essay)  :: egzegézis
exemplar {n} (role model) SEE: role model  ::
exercise {n} (any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability)  :: gyakorlat, gyakorlás
exercise {n} (physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness)  :: edzés
exercise {v} (to set into action)  :: edz
exercise {v} (to perform activities to develop skills)  :: gyakorol
exercise {v} (to take action, enforce)  :: gyakorol
exercise book {n} (booklet for students)  :: füzet
exhalation {n} (meteor) SEE: meteor  ::
exhaust {v} (to empty by drawing or letting out the contents)  :: kimerít
exhaust {n} (exhaust pipe) SEE: exhaust pipe  ::
exhausting {adj} (Very tiring)  :: fárasztó, kimerítő
exhaustive {adj} (including every possible element)  :: kimerítő
exhaust pipe {n} (pipe that vents waste gases from the engine)  :: kipufogó
exhibition {n} (large scale public showing of objects or products)  :: kiállítás
exhumation {n} (the act of digging up that which has been buried)  :: kihantolás, exhumálás
exhume {v} (To dig out of the ground; to take out of a place of burial; to disinter)  :: kiás, kihantol, exhumál
ex-husband {n} (a former husband)  :: exférj
exigent {adj} (urgent; needing immediate action)  :: sürgős, égető, szorongató
exigent {adj} (demanding; needing great effort)  :: követelő, követelődző, igényes
exile {n} (the state of being banished from one's home or country)  :: száműzés, száműzetés
exile {n} (someone who is banished from one's home or country)  :: száműzött
exile {v} (to send into exile)  :: száműz
exist {v} (to be)  :: van, létezik, él
existence {n} (state of being, existing, or occurring)  :: lét, létezés
existent {adj} (existing; having life or being, current; occurring now)  :: létező
existentialist {n} (a person who adheres to the philosophy of existentialism)  :: egzisztencialista
existential quantifier {n} (operator used in predicate calculus)  :: egzisztenciális kvantor
exit {n} (way out)  :: kijárat
exit {v} (go out)  :: kimegy
exon {n} (region of a gene)  :: exon
exoplanet {n} (planet outside Earth's solar system)  :: exobolygó
exosphere {n} (the uppermost layer of a planet's atmosphere)  :: exoszféra
exothermic {adj} (releasing heat)  :: exoterm
exotic {adj} (foreign, with the connotation of excitingly foreign)  :: egzotikus
exotic {adj}  :: egzotikus
exotically {adv} (in an exotic manner)  :: egzotikusan
exoticness {n} (the characteristic of being exotic)  :: egzotikusság
expansion {n} (act of expanding)  :: terjeszkedés
expansion {n} (product to be used with a previous product)  :: kiegészítő
expatriate {n} (person living outside own country)  :: emigráns
expatriate {n} (person banished from their own country)  :: száműzött
expect {v} (to expect) SEE: look  ::
expectable {adj} (being expected)  :: várható
expected {adj} (anticipated; thought to be about to arrive or occur)  :: várt
expectedly {adv} (as expected; predictably)  :: várhatóan
expectorate {v} (spit) SEE: spit  ::
expedient {adj} (simple, easy, or quick; convenient)  :: célszerű
expedition {n} (An important enterprise, implying a change of place)  :: expedíció
expel {v} (to remove from membership)  :: kizár
expenditure {n} (act of expending)  :: kiadás
expenditure {n} (amount expended)  :: kiadás
expense {n} (a spending or consuming; disbursement; expenditure)  :: költség
expensive {adj} (having a high price or cost)  :: drága
expensively {adv} (in an expensive manner)  :: drágán
experience {n} (event(s) of which one is cognizant)  :: élmény
experience {n} (activity which one has performed)  :: gyakorlat
experience {n} (collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge)  :: tapasztalat
experience {n} (the knowledge thus gathered)  :: tapasztalat
experience {v} (to observe or undergo)  :: tapasztal
experienced {adj} (having experience)  :: tapasztalt
expert {n} (person with extensive knowledge or ability)  :: szakértő
expertise {n} (great skill or knowledge)  :: szakértelem
expire {v} (die) SEE: die  ::
expired {adj} (dead) SEE: dead  ::
expiry {n} (death) SEE: death  ::
explain {v} (report)  :: magyaráz
explanation {n} (the act or process of explaining)  :: magyarázat
explanation {n} (something that explains)  :: magyarázat
explication {n} (the act of opening, unfolding, or explaining)  :: magyarázat
explicit function {n} (mathematics)  :: explicit függvény
explode {v} (to destroy with an explosion)  :: robbant, felrobbant, szétrobbant
explode {v} (to destroy violently)  :: megdönt, leront
explode {v} (to explode (intransitive))  :: robban, felrobban, szétrobban
exploded view {n} (a view in a drawing showing how parts in an assembly fit together)  :: robbantott ábra
exploit {n} (heroic or extraordinary deed)  :: hőstett
exploit {v} (use for one’s advantage)  :: kihasznál
exploit {v} (exploit) SEE: take advantage of  ::
exploitation {n} (act)  :: kizsákmányolás
exploiter {n} (one who exploits)  :: kizsákmányoló
exploration {n} (act of exploring)  :: felfedezés
explore {v} (to examine or investigate something systematically)  :: megvizsgál, kutat
explore {v} (to travel somewhere in search of discovery)  :: felfedez, kalandozik
explore {v} (to (seek) experience first hand)  :: felfedez
explore {v} (to examine diagnostically)  :: megvizsgál
explorer {n} (person who explores)  :: felfedező
explorer {n} (person who by expedition seeks new information)  :: felfedező
explosion {n} (violent release of energy)  :: robbanás
explosive {adj} (with the capability to, or likely to, explode)  :: robbanékony
explosive {adj} (easily driven to anger)  :: robbanékony
exponent {n} ((in mathematics))  :: kitevő
exponential {adj} (expressed in terms of a power of e)  :: exponenciális
exponential distribution {n} (class of continuous probability distributions)  :: exponenciális eloszlás
exponential function {n} (function in which an independent variable is in the form of an exponent)  :: exponenciális függvény
exponential growth {n} (growth proportional to value)  :: exponenciális növekedés
export {v} (to carry away)  :: kivisz
export {v} (to sell (goods) to a foreign country)  :: exportál
export {v} (computing: send (data) from one program to another)  :: exportál
exposition {n} (action of putting something out to public view)  :: kiállítás
express {n} (quick mode of transportation)  :: expressz
express {v} (to convey meaning)  :: kifejez, kijelent, kimond
express {v} (to excrete or cause to excrete)  :: kinyom, kisajtol, kicsavar
expression {n} (particular way of phrasing an idea)  :: kifejezés
expression {n} (colloquialism or idiom)  :: szólás, szóhasználat
expression {n} (facial appearance)  :: arckifejezés
expressionless {adj} (without expression)  :: kifejezéstelen
expressiveness {n} (the quality of being expressive)  :: expresszivitás, kifejező erő
express train {n} (a train making limited stops)  :: gyorsvonat, expresszvonat
expressway {n} (US: divided highway)  :: autópálya
expressway {n} (freeway) SEE: freeway  ::
exquisite {adj} (especially fine)  :: kitűnő, nagyszerű, pompás
extension {n} (computing: file extension)  :: kiterjesztés
extension cord {n} (an electrical cord)  :: hosszabbító zsinór
exterior {adj} (being from outside a country) SEE: foreign  ::
exterior {adj} (external) SEE: external  ::
extermination camp {n} (death camp) SEE: death camp  ::
external {adj} (outside of something)  :: külső
extinct {adj} (extinguished, no longer alight (of fire, candles etc.))  :: kialudt, elhamvadt
extinct {adj} (no longer used; obsolete, discontinued)  :: megszűnt
extinct {adj} (having died out)  :: kihalt
extinct {adj} (no longer erupting)  :: kialudt
extinguish {v} (to put out, as in fire; to end burning; to quench)  :: elolt, elfojt
extirpate {v} (to pull up by the roots)  :: gyökerestül kiirt
extirpate {v} (to destroy completely)  :: kiirt, gyökerestül kiirt
extort {v} (to wrest from an unwilling person by undue or illegal exercise of power or ingenuity)  :: kicsikar, kikényszerít, kizsarol
extra {adj} (beyond what is due, usual)  :: többlet
extra {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on  ::
extradition {n} (a formal process by which a criminal suspect is handed over to another government)  :: kiadatás
extramarital {adj} (taking place outside marriage)  :: házasságon kívüli
extra-natural {adj} (supernatural) SEE: supernatural  ::
extraneous {adj} (not belonging to, or dependent upon, a thing)  :: idegen
extraordinary {adj} (not ordinary)  :: rendkívüli
extrapolate {v} (to infer by extending known information)  :: extrapolál
extrapolation {n} (calculation of an estimate)  :: extrapoláció
extrapyramidal {adj} (of or pertaining to the neural pathways that are independent of the pyramidal tract)  :: extrapiramidális
extraterrestrial {adj} (originating from outside of the Earth)  :: földönkívüli
extraterrestrial {n} (being originating from outside of the Earth)  :: földönkívüli, űrlény
extremity {n} (furthest point)  :: véglet
extremity {n} (extreme measure)  :: szélsőség
extremity {n} (hand or foot)  :: végtag
extremity {n} (limb) SEE: limb  ::
extrovert {adj} (one who is outgoing, sociable)  :: extrovertált, kifelé forduló
extroverted {adj} (possessing the characteristic property of an extrovert)  :: extrovertált
exuviate {v} (to shed or cast off a covering)  :: vedlik
ex-wife {n} (a former wife)  :: exfeleség
eye {n} (organ)  :: szem
eye {n} (hole in needle)  :: fok
eye {n} (of a hurricane)  :: szem
eye {v} (to observe carefully)  :: megnéz, szemügyre vesz, megfigyel, figyel
eye {v} (to look as if intending to do sthg)  :: mustrál
eyeball {n} (ball of the eye)  :: szemgolyó
eyebrow {n} (hair that grows over the bone ridge above the eye socket)  :: szemöldök
eyebrow pencil {n} (makeup used to define or draw on the eyebrows)  :: szemceruza
eye doctor {n} ((mainly US) an ophthalmologist)  :: szemorvos, szemész
eyedrop {n} (eye medicine)  :: szemcsepp
eye for an eye {n} (compensation for an injury)  :: szemet szemért
eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth {proverb} (compensation for an injury)  :: szemet szemért, fogat fogért
eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
eyelash {n} (hair growing on the edge of an eyelid)  :: szempilla
eyelid {n} ((anatomy) a thin skin membrane that covers and moves over an eye)  :: szemhéj
eyeliner {n} (makeup)  :: szemceruza, szemkihúzó
eye MD {n} (ophtalmologist) SEE: eye doctor  ::
eye shadow {n} (makeup around the eyes)  :: szemfesték, szemhéjfesték
eyesight {n} (faculty of sight)  :: látás
Eyetie {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
eye tooth {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth  ::
eyewitness {n} (person who has seen and can testify about an event)  :: szemtanú
eyrie {n}  :: sasfészek
Ezekiel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Ezékiel