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I {pron} (personal pronoun)  :: ik, 'k
I am {interj} (I'm) SEE: I'm  ::
iambic {adj} (consisting of iambs or characterized by their predominance)  :: jambisch
Iamblichus {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Iamblichos {m}
I am blind {phrase} (I'm blind) SEE: I'm blind  ::
I am English {phrase} (I am English)  :: ik ben Engelsman {m}, ik ben Engelse {f}
I am hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry) SEE: I'm hungry  ::
I am thirsty {phrase} (I'm thirsty) SEE: I'm thirsty  ::
I am tired {phrase} (I'm tired) SEE: I'm tired  ::
I am twenty years old {phrase} (I'm twenty years old) SEE: I'm twenty years old  ::
I am ... year(s) old {phrase} (I'm ... year(s) old) SEE: I'm ... year(s) old  ::
-ian {suffix} (having a profession)  :: -iant
-ian {suffix} (related to)  :: -isch
iatrogenesis {n} (any adverse effect resulting from medical treatment)  :: iatrogenese {f}
iatrogenic {adj} (induced by physician or medical treatment)  :: iatrogeen
Iberia {prop} (ancient region of Georgia)  :: Iberië
Iberia {prop} (region south of the Pyrenees)  :: Iberië, Iberisch Schiereiland
Iberian {adj} (Native to Iberia)  :: Iberisch
Iberian Sea {prop} (Balearic Sea) SEE: Balearic Sea  ::
ibex {n} (type of wild mountain goat)  :: steenbok {m}, ibex {m}
ibid {abbr} (in the same place) SEE: ibid.  ::
-ible {suffix} (able to be done)  :: -baar
-ible {suffix} (expressing capacity or worthiness in a passive sense)  :: -baar
-ible {suffix} (relevant or suitable to, in accordance with)  :: various suffixes: -ig, -lijk, -baar, -ieus, etc.
iBook {n} (device)  :: iBook {c}
ibuprofen {n} (pharmaceutical drug)  :: ibuprofen
-ic {suffix} (Note: these translations are a guide only. For more precise translations, see individual words ending in -ic)  :: -isch
I came, I saw, I conquered {phrase} (used to indicate a total swift victory)  :: ik kwam, ik zag, ik overwon
Icarus {prop}  :: Icarus
ice {n} (diamond) SEE: diamond  ::
ice {n} (frozen dessert)  :: ijs {n}, ijsje {n}
ice {n} (water in frozen form)  :: ijs {n}
ice {v} (to cover with icing)  :: glaceren
ice {v} (to murder)  :: koudmaken
ice age {n} (period of extensive glaciation)  :: ijstijd {m}
iceberg {n} (huge mass of floating ice)  :: ijsberg {m}
icebox {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
icebreaker {n} (game, anecdote, or other activity to help introduce people)  :: ijsbreker {m}
icebreaker {n} (ship designed to break through ice)  :: ijsbreker {m}
ice-cold {adj} (as cold as ice)  :: ijskoud
ice cream {n} (dessert)  :: roomijs {n}, ijs {n}
ice cream {n} (in a cone)  :: ijsje {n}
ice cube {n} (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks)  :: ijsklontje
ice cube tray {n} (ice tray) SEE: ice tray  ::
ice dancing {n} (figure skating)  :: ijsdansen {n}
iced tea {n} (beverage)  :: ijsthee
ice floe {n} (floe) SEE: floe  ::
ice hockey {n} (hockey)  :: ijshockey
Iceland {prop} (country in Europe)  :: IJsland {n}
Icelander {n} (a person from Iceland or of Icelandic descent)  :: Ijslander {m}
Icelandic {adj} (of or relating to Iceland)  :: IJslands
Icelandic {prop} (language)  :: IJslands {n}
Icelandic Sheepdog {n} (Icelandic Sheepdog)  :: IJslandse herdershond {m}
Icelandish {adj} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
Icelandish {prop} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
icepick {n} (a pointed tool used for breaking ice)  :: ijspriem
ice skate {n} (a light boot, fitted with a blade, used for skating on ice)  :: schaats {c}
ice wine {n} (a sweet wine made from grapes that are harvested after being frozen on the vine)  :: ijswijn
ichthyological {adj} (ichthyological)  :: viskundig
ichthyology {n} (branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish)  :: viskunde {f}, ichtyologie {f}
icicle {n} (a spear-shape of ice)  :: pegel {m}, ijspegel {m}, ijskegel {m}
icing sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar  ::
icon {n} (exemplar)  :: icoon {f} {m}, idool {n}
icon {n} (image)  :: icoon {f} {m}
icon {n} (religious painting)  :: icoon {f} {m}
icon {n} (small picture, computer icon)  :: icoon {f} {m}, pictogram {n}
iconology {n} (the study of icons)  :: iconologie {c}
iconostasis {n} (a wall of icons)  :: iconostase
icosahedron {n} (a polyhedron)  :: regelmatig twintigvlak {n}
I could eat a horse {phrase} (very hungry)  :: Ik kan wel een heel paard op.
icy {adj} (characterized by coldness, as of manner, influence, etc.)  :: ijskoud
id {n} (id)  :: Es {n}, id {n}
ID {n} (identification or identity documentation) SEE: ID card  ::
idd {adv} (indeed Template:qualifier, see also: Internet)  :: idd
ide {n} (fish)  :: winde
idea {n} (fancy, hunch, impression)  :: indruk {m}, impressie {f}, idee {n}
idea {n} (image formed in the mind)  :: idee {n}, ingeving {f}, gedachte {f}, denkbeeld {n}
idea {n} (plan, intention)  :: bedoeling {f}, intentie {f}, plan {n}, idee {n}
idea {n} (thought, notion)  :: gedachte {f}, bedenking {f}, idee {n}
ideal {adj} (being optimal)  :: ideaal, optimaal
ideal {adj} (being perfect)  :: ideaal, perfect, volmaakt
ideal {adj} (conceptual)  :: ideëel, conceptueel
ideal {n} ((algebra))  :: ideaal {n}
ideal {n} (a perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc.)  :: ideaal {n}, perfectie {f}, streefdoel {n}
ideal gas {n} (hypothetical gas)  :: ideaal gas
idealist {n} (impractical person)  :: idealist {m}
idealist {n} (unrealistic or impractical visionary)  :: idealist
ideality {n} (quality or state of being ideal)  :: idealiteit
idealize {v}  :: idealiseren
identical {adj} (bearing full likeness)  :: identiek, identieke
identical {adj} (of twins, such that they share the same genetic code)  :: identiek, identieke, eeneiig
identifiable {adj} (capable of being distinguished and named)  :: herkenbaar, identificeerbaar
identification {n} (the act of identifying, or proving to be the same)  :: identificatie
identify {v} ((biology) to establish the taxonomic classification of an organism)  :: determineren, identificeren
identify {v} (to associate oneself with some group)  :: zich identificeren met
identify {v} (to establish the identity of someone or something)  :: identificeren
identikit {n} (facial composite)  :: compositietekening {f}, compositiefoto {f}
identity {n} (algebra: element) SEE: identity element  ::
identity {n} (algebra: function) SEE: identity function  ::
identity {n} (knowledge of who one is)  :: identiteit {f}, identiteiten {p}
identity {n} (name or persona)  :: identiteit {f}
identity {n} (the difference or character that marks off an individual from the rest)  :: persoonlijkheid
identity {n} (the sameness some individuals share to make up the same kind or universal)  :: identiteit {f}
identity card {n} (a card showing one's identity) SEE: ID card  ::
identity element {n} (member of a structure)  :: identiteit {f}
identity function {n} (A function whose value is always the same as its independent variable)  :: identiteit {f}
identity matrix {n} (diagonal matrix with all diagonal elements equal to 1)  :: eenheidsmatrix {m}
identity theft {n} (the deliberate assumption of another person's identity)  :: identiteits diefstal
ideogram {n} (a symbol)  :: ideogram {n}
ideologic {adj} (ideological) SEE: ideological  ::
ideological {adj} (of or pertaining to an ideology)  :: ideologisch
ideologue {n} (advocate of a particular ideology)  :: ideoloog
ideology {n} (doctrine, body of ideas)  :: ideologie
ideophone {n} (sound symbolic word)  :: ideofoon {m} {n}
ides {n} (day in the Roman calendar)  :: iden
idiom {n} (expression peculiar to a given language)  :: idioom {n}, taaleigen {n}
idiomatical {adj} (idiomatical) SEE: idiomatic  ::
idiophone {n} (any musical instrument that produces its sound by its own vibration)  :: idiofoon
idiosyncrasy {n} (language or behaviour particular to an individual or a group)  :: jargon, eigenaardigheid {f}
idiosyncrasy {n} ((medicine) individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance)  :: idiosyncrasie, overgevoeligheid
idiosyncrasy {n} (peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify)  :: kenmerk {n}, eigenaardigheid {f}
idiosyncrasy {n} (way of behaving or thinking)  :: eigenheid, eigenaardigheid {f}
idiosyncratic {adj} (peculiar to a specific individual)  :: eigenzinnig, eigenaardig, idiosyncratisch, karakteristiek
idiot {n} (person of low general intelligence)  :: idioot {m}
idiotic {adj} (having the quality of idiocy)  :: idioot
Idist {n} (Ido speaker)  :: idist {m} {f}
idle {adj} (not engaged in any occupation or employment)  :: nietsdoend
idle {adj} (not turned to appropriate use, not occupied)  :: inactief
idle {adj} (of no importance, worthless, useless)  :: nutteloos
idler {n} (one who spends his or her time in inaction)  :: luiaard {m} {f}
I'd like to kiss you {phrase} (I'd like to kiss you)  :: ik wil je kussen, ik wil je zoenen
I'd like to know {phrase} (phrase)  :: ik zou willen weten
Ido {prop} (artificial language reformed from Esperanto)  :: Ido {n}
idol {n} (representation of anything revered)  :: afgod {m}, godenbeeld, idool
idolator {n} (idolater) SEE: idolater  ::
I don't care {phrase} (I don't care)  :: het kan me niets schelen
I don't eat fish {phrase} (I don't eat fish)  :: ik eet geen vis
I don't eat meat {phrase} (I don't eat meat)  :: ik eet geen vlees
I don't eat pork {phrase} (I don't eat pork)  :: ik eet geen varkensvlees
I don't know {phrase} (“I don’t know”)  :: ik weet het niet, ik weenie (in modern spoken language)
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak English)  :: ik spreek geen Engels
I don't think so {phrase} (I think that what has been said is untrue)  :: ik denk het niet, ik denk van niet
I don't understand {phrase} (I don't understand)  :: ik begrijp het niet, ik snap het niet
idyllic {adj} (happy, peaceful, picturescue)  :: idyllisch
i.e. {abbr} (that is)  :: d.w.z.
if {conj} (supposing that)  :: als, indien; The Hague dialect: as, indien
if {conj} (whether)  :: of
if and only if {conj} (implies and is implied by)  :: dan en slechts dan als [Netherlands], als en slechts als [Belgium]
iff {abbr} (abbreviation of if and only if)  :: desda
if I'm honest {phrase} (to be honest) SEE: to be honest  ::
if I were you {phrase} (advice introduction)  :: als ik jou was, als ik u was
if looks could kill {phrase} (used to characterize a look of strong hostility)  :: als blikken konden doden
if need be {adv} (if necessary)  :: desnoods
if not {adv}  :: zo niet
if only {phrase} (signifies a wish)  :: was het maar zo dat, or use auxiliary hebben with inversion and maar; (Had ik maar veel geld. - If only I had lots of money!)
if the mountain won't come to Muhammad {proverb} (if one cannot get one's own way)  :: als de berg niet naar Mohammed komt, zal Mohammed naar de berg moeten gaan
if the shoe fits {phrase} (idiomatic)  :: wie de schoen past, trekke hem aan
igloo {n} (Inuit snow house)  :: iglo {m}
Ignatius {prop} (male given name)  :: Ignatius
igneous rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: stollingsgesteente {n}
ignis fatuus {n} (will o' the wisp) SEE: will o' the wisp  ::
ignite {v} (to set fire to, to light)  :: aansteken
ignominious {adj} (marked by shame of disgrace)  :: schamelijk
ignominy {n} (Great dishonor, shame, or humiliation)  :: schaamte
ignorable {adj} (that can be ignored)  :: negeerbare
ignorance {n} (condition of being uninformed or uneducated)  :: onwetendheid {f}, ignorantie {f}
ignorance is bliss {proverb} (Ignorance is bliss)  :: het geluk is met de onwetenden, wat niet weet, wat niet deert, Zalig zijn de onwetenden
ignorant {adj} (characterized by ignorance)  :: onwetend, ignorant
ignore {v} (to deliberately pay no attention to)  :: negeren
iguana {n} (a green iguana (Iguana iguana))  :: leguaan {m}
iguana {n} (any member of the genus Iguana)  :: leguaan {m}
iguana {n} (any of several members of the lizard family Iguanidae)  :: leguaan {m}
I hate you {phrase} (expression of intense dislike)  :: [informal] ik haat je, [formal] ik haat u, ik haat jullie {p}
I have a cold {phrase} (I have a cold)  :: ik ben verkouden
I have a fever {phrase} (I have a fever)  :: [strong fever] ik heb koorts, [mild fever] ik heb verhoging
I have a question {phrase} (I have a question)  :: ik heb een vraag
I have cancer {phrase} (I have cancer)  :: ik heb kanker
I have diabetes {phrase} (I have diabetes)  :: ik heb diabetes, ik heb suikerziekte
I have no money {phrase} (I have no money)  :: ik heb geen geld
I know you are but what am I {phrase} (assertion that an insult made by the party to whom the phrase is directed is actually true of that party)  :: wat je zegt, ben je zelf
ileum {n} (last division of small intestine)  :: kronkeldarm {m}, ileum {n}
I like you {phrase} (I like you)  :: ik vind je leuk
ill {adj} (bad) SEE: bad  ::
ill {adj} (having an urge to vomit)  :: misselijk
ill {adj} (in poor health, suffering from a disease)  :: ziek, zieke
illative case {n} (case used to indicate movement into something)  :: illatief {m}, illativus {m}
illegal {adj} (contrary to or forbidden by law)  :: strafbaar, illegaal, onwettig
illegal {n} (illegal immigrant)  :: illegaal {m} {f}, sans-papiers {m}
illegal alien {n} (person within a state without authorization)  :: illegaal {m}, sans-papiers {m}
illegal immigrant {n} (immigrant who has entered a country illegally)  :: illegaal {m}, sans-papiers {m}
illegible {adj} (not clear enough to be read)  :: onleesbaar
illegitimate {adj} (against the law)  :: illegaal, onrechtmatig
ill-intentioned {adj} (malevolent) SEE: malevolent  ::
illiteracy {n} (inability to read)  :: analfabetisme {n}
illiterate {adj} (unable to read and write)  :: ongeletterd
illiterate {n} (an illiterate person)  :: ongeletterde {m}, analfabeet {m}
illness {n} (an instance of a disease or poor health)  :: ziekte {f}
illness {n}  :: ziekte {f}, aandoening {f}
illocution {n} (aim of speaker)  :: illocutie {f}
illogical {adj} (contrary to logic; lacking sense or sound reasoning)  :: onlogisch
illuminate {v} (to clarify or make something understandable)  :: verhelderen
illuminate {v} (to decorate something with lights)  :: verlichten, illumineren
illuminate {v} (to decorate the page of a manuscript book with ornamental designs)  :: verluchten, verluchtigen
illuminate {v} (to shine light on something)  :: belichten
illumination {n} (the act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated)  :: verlichting {f}
illusion {n} (anything that seems to be something that it is not)  :: illusie {f}, zinsbegoocheling {f}
illusion {n} (belief in something that is in fact not true)  :: illusie {f}
illusion {n} (magician's trick)  :: illusie {f}, truuk {m}, trick {m}
illusive {adj} (illusory) SEE: illusory  ::
illustration {n} (picture designed to decorate)  :: illustratie {f}
illustrator {n} (person who draws pictures)  :: illustrator {m}
illustrious {adj} (dignified)  :: illuster, roemrijk
Illyria {prop} (region in the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Illyrië {n}
ilmenite {n} (a weakly magnetic dark gray mineral)  :: ilmeniet
I lost my backpack {phrase} (I lost my backpack)  :: ik heb mijn rugzak verloren
I lost my bag {phrase} (I lost my backpack) SEE: I lost my backpack  ::
I lost my bag {phrase} (I lost my handbag) SEE: I lost my handbag  ::
I lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys)  :: ik heb mijn sleutels verloren
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of affection or deep caring)  :: Ik hou van je, [both romantic and platonic] Ik hou van jou
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of romantic feeling)  :: Ik houd van je, Ik hou van je, Ik houd van jou, [emphasizes you] Ik hou van jou, [poetic] Ik heb je lief, Ik zie je graag, [Flemish] Ik zie u graag , [Flemish] Ik hou van u
I love you {phrase} (platonic expression of inclination or liking)  :: [Flemish] Ik heb u graag
I'm {contraction} (I am)  :: ik ben
I'm a Christian {phrase} (I'm a Christian)  :: ik ben christen
I'm afraid not {phrase} (unfortunately, no)  :: ik ben bang van niet
I'm afraid so {phrase} (unfortunately, yes)  :: ik ben bang van wel
image {n} (characteristic as perceived by others)  :: beeld {n}, imago {n}
image {n} (computing: file)  :: beeldkopie {f}
image {n} (graphical representation)  :: beeld {n}, beeltenis {f}, plaatje {n}
image {n} (mental picture)  :: beeld {n}, perceptie {f}
imagery {n} (imitation work) SEE: imitation  ::
imaginary {adj} (existing in imagination)  :: denkbeeldig
imaginary {adj} (non-real part of a complex number)  :: imaginair
imaginary number {n} (number of the form bi)  :: imaginair getal {n}
imagination {n} (a mental image)  :: verbeelding {f}
imagination {n} (construction of false images)  :: verbeelding {f}
imagination {n} (image-making power of the mind)  :: verbeelding {f}
imagine {v} ((intransitive) to guess)  :: raden, speculeren
imagine {v} ((intransitive) to use one's imagination)  :: fantaseren
imagine {v} ((transitive) to assume)  :: veronderstellen
imagine {v} ((transitive) to believe)  :: zich inbeelden , zich voorstellen
imagine {v} ((transitive) to conjecture)  :: zich inbeelden , zich voorstellen
imagine {v} ((transitive) to form a mental image of something)  :: zich inbeelden , zich verbeelden , zich voorstellen
I'm allergic to nuts {phrase} (I'm allergic to nuts)  :: ik ben allergisch voor noten
imam {n} (Muslim leader)  :: imam {m}
I'm an atheist {phrase} (I'm an atheist)  :: ik ben atheist
I'm ashamed {phrase} (I'm ashamed)  :: ik schaam me
I'm a vegetarian {phrase} (I'm vegetarian)  :: ik ben vegetariër
imbecile {n} (fool)  :: imbeciel {m}
imbecile {n} (person with limited mental capacity)  :: imbeciel {m}
imbibe {v} (drink)  :: tot zich nemen, nuttigen, drinken
imbibe {v} (take in)  :: tot zich nemen, opnemen
I'm bisexual {phrase} (I'm bisexual)  :: ik ben bi, ik ben biseksueel
I'm bleeding {phrase} (I'm bleeding)  :: ik bloed
I'm blind {phrase} (I'm blind)  :: ik ben blind
imbue {v} (to permeate or impregnate completely)  :: doortrekken,doordrenken
imbue {v} (to wet or stain completely)  :: nat maken,bevlekken
I'm cold {phrase} (I'm cold)  :: ik ben koud, ik heb het koud
I'm deaf {phrase} (I'm deaf)  :: ik ben doof
I'm divorced {phrase} (I'm divorced)  :: ik ben gescheiden
I'm dying {phrase} (I'm dying)  :: ik ga dood
I'm fine {phrase} (response)  :: het gaat goed
I'm fine, thank you {phrase} (expected, polite response to How are you?)  :: met mij gaat het goed, dank u
I'm full {phrase} (I'm full)  :: ik ben zat, ik ben vol
I'm gay {phrase} (I'm gay)  :: ik ben homo, ik ben homoseksueel
I'm hot {phrase} (I'm hot)  :: ik ben heet, ik ben warm, ik heb het warm
I'm hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry)  :: ik heb honger
I'm in love with you {phrase} (declaration of romantic feeling)  :: ik ben verliefd op je, ik ben verliefd op jou [for emphasis]
I miss you {phrase} (I miss you)  :: ik mis je [informal, singular], ik mis jullie [informal, plural], ik mis U [formal]
imitate {v} (to follow as a model)  :: nabootsen, imiteren
imitation {n} (act of imitating)  :: navolging {f}
imitator {n} (one who imitates another)  :: imitator {m}
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (ethnic))  :: ik ben Joods
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (religious))  :: ik ben joods
I'm looking for a job {phrase} (I'm looking for a job)  :: ik zoek een baan
I'm lost {phrase} (I'm lost)  :: ik ben verdwaald, ik ben de weg kwijt
immaculate {adj} (having no stain or blemish, spotless, undefiled, clear, pure)  :: vlekkeloos
Immaculate Conception {prop} (December 8th (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary))  :: Onbevlekte Ontvangenis {f}
Immaculate Conception {prop} (The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: onbevlekte ontvangenis {f}
immanence {n}  :: immanentie {f}
Immanuel {prop} (male given name) SEE: Emmanuel  ::
immeasurable {adj}  :: onmeetbaar
immediate {adj} (without delay)  :: direct, onmiddellijk
immediately {adv} (in an immediate manner)  :: meteen, direct, onmiddellijk
immense {adj} (huge, gigantic, very large)  :: immens
immerse {v} (to put under the surface of a liquid)  :: onderdompelen
immersion {n} (the act of immersing or the condition of being immersed)  :: onderdompeling
immersion blender {n} (tool)  :: staafmixer {m}
immethodical {adj} (unmethodical) SEE: unmethodical  ::
immethodically {adv} (unmethodically) SEE: unmethodically  ::
immigrant {n} (person who comes to a country to settle)  :: inwijkeling {m}, ingewekene, immigrant {m}
immigrate {v} (to move in from another country or area)  :: immigreren
immigration {n} (the act of immigrating)  :: inwijking {f}, immigratie {f}
imminent {adj} (about to happen, occur, or take place very soon)  :: imminent, dreigend
immobile {adj} (not mobile)  :: bewegingsloos
immodest {adj} (lacking modesty)  :: onbescheiden
immolate {v} (destroy)  :: vernietigen
immolate {v} (kill as sacrifice)  :: offeren
immortal {adj} (not susceptible to death)  :: onsterfelijk, ondoodbaar
immortalise {v} (to make eternally famous)  :: vereeuwigen
immune system {n} (system that protects the body from foreign material and organisms)  :: immuunsysteem {n}
immunity {n} (exemption from legal prosecution)  :: immuniteit, onschendbaarheid
immunity {n} (exemption from specified duties)  :: immuniteit, vrijstelling
immunity {n} (the quality of being resistant to infection)  :: immuniteit
immunize {v} (to make someone or something immune to something)  :: immuniseren
immunology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: immunologie {f}
I'm not religious {phrase} (I'm not religious)  :: ik ben niet godsdienstig
imp {n} (demonic creature)  :: kabouter {m}, aardmannetje {n}
imp {n} (mischievous child)  :: schelm {m}
impact {n} (the force or energy of a collision of two objects)  :: inslag, botsing {f}
impact {v} (to compress)  :: samenpersen
impact {v} (to influence)  :: inwerken, beïnvloeden
impair {v} (have a diminishing effect on)  :: beschadigen, verzwakken, verslechteren
impaired {adj} (Rendered less effective)  :: verzwakt, verminderd, beschadigd, verstoord
impairment {n} (result of being impaired)  :: handicap {m}
impala {n} (African antelope)  :: impala {m}
impale {v} (pierce something with any long, pointed object)  :: doorboren
impale {v} (put to death by piercing with a pale)  :: spietsen
impart {v} (communicate the knowledge of)  :: mededelen, communiceren
impart {v} (to give a part or share)  :: delen, verdelen
impart {v} (to hold a conference or consultation)  :: beraadslagen, vergaderen
impartial {adj} (treating all parties, rivals or disputants equally)  :: onpartijdig
impartiality {n} (The quality of being impartial; fairness)  :: onpartijdigheid
impassionate {adj} (dispassionate) SEE: dispassionate  ::
impassionate {adj} (impassioned) SEE: impassioned  ::
impatience {n} (quality of being impatient)  :: ongeduld
impatient {adj} (anxious and eager)  :: ongeduldig
impatient {adj} (restless and intolerant of delays)  :: ongeduldig
impatiently {adv} (without patience)  :: ongeduldig
impedance {n} (physics, measure of opposition to flow of current)  :: impedantie {f}
impede {v} (to get in the way of; to hinder)  :: belemmeren, in de weg staan, belleten, impediëren, hinderen
impediment {n} (hindrance; that which impedes progress)  :: hindernis {f}, obstakel {n}, belemmering, beletsel, impediment
impel {v} (To drive forward; to propel an object)  :: voortdrijven
impel {v} (To urge a person; to press on; to incite to action or motion via intrinsic motivation)  :: aanzetten
impending {adj} (about to happen)  :: nakend
impenetrable {adj} (not penetrable)  :: ondoordringbaar
imperative {adj} (essential)  :: noodzakelijk
imperative {n} (essential action)  :: must {m}
imperative {n} (imperative mood) SEE: imperative mood  ::
imperative mood {n} (imperative mood)  :: gebiedende wijs {m}
imperfect {adj} (unisexual) SEE: unisexual  ::
imperfect {n} (past tense)  :: onvoltooid verleden tijd {m}
imperial {adj} (related to an empire)  :: keizerlijk
Imperial Flanders {prop} (part of Flanders)  :: Rijksvlaanderen
imperialism {n} (the policy of extending power, by force)  :: imperialisme {n}
impersonal {adj} (lacking warmth or emotion)  :: onpersoonlijk
impersonal {adj} (not representing a person)  :: onpersoonlijk
impersonal subject {n} (pronoun when used as subject)  :: loos onderwerp {n}
impertinence {n} (Lack of pertinence; irrelevance)  :: onbeschaamdheid
impertinent {adj} (insolent, ill-mannered)  :: impertinent
impervious {adj} (immune to damage or effect)  :: onkwetsbaar, ongevoelig,
impervious {adj} (preventative of any penetration; impenetrable, impermeable)  :: ondoordringbaar, ondoorlaadbaar,
impervious {adj} (unaffected or unable to be affected by)  :: onvatbaar, ongevoelig,
impetigo {n} (contagious bacterial skin disease)  :: impetigo {m}
impetuous {adj} (characterized by sudden and violent force)  :: onstuimig, bruusk, gewelddadig
impetuous {adj} (describing one who makes arbitrary decisions)  :: impulsief
impetus {n} (a force, either internal or external, that impels; an impulse)  :: impuls, stuwkracht
impetus {n} (an activity in response to a stimulus)  :: stimulans, prikkel
impetus {n} (something that impels)  :: aanleiding, impuls
impetus {n} (the force or energy associated with a moving body; a stimulus)  :: drijvende kracht, stuwkracht
impinge {v} (To have an effect upon; to limit.)  :: beinvloeden
impinge {v} (To interfere with.)  :: beroeren, invloed hebben op
impinge {v} (To make a physical impact on to collide, to crash (upon).)  :: raken, treffen, botsen
impish {adj} (mischievous)  :: ondeugend
implacable {adj} (not able to placate or appease)  :: onverzoenlijk
implant {n} (anything surgically implanted in the body)  :: implantaat {n}
implement {n} (a tool)  :: gereedschap {n}, hulpmiddel {n}
implement {v} (bring about)  :: implementeren, [in de praktijk] toepassen, uitwerken
implementation {n} (process of moving an idea from concept to reality)  :: implementatie {f}
implementation {n} (result of implementing something)  :: implementatie {f}
implicate {v} (to connect or involve)  :: impliceren
implicate {v} (to intertwine) SEE: intertwine  ::
implication {n} (that which is implied, but not expressed)  :: implicatie
implicature {n} (An implied meaning)  :: implicatie
implicit {adj} (contained in the essential nature)  :: impliciet
implicit {adj} (implied indirectly)  :: impliciet
implicit {adj} (unquestioning or unconditional)  :: absoluut
implied {adj} (suggested without being stated directly)  :: onrechtstreeks
imply {v} (to have as a consequence)  :: impliceren, inhouden
imply {v} (to suggest by a logical inference)  :: suggereren
impolitic {adj}  :: onpolitiek, onverstandig, onoordeelkundig
import {n} (licence for import)  :: invoervergunning
import {n} (practice of importing)  :: import, invoer
import {n} (significance, importance)  :: belang {n}, gewicht {n}
import {n} (something brought in from a foreign country)  :: import, invoer
import {v} (to bring in from a foreign country)  :: invoeren, importeren
importance {n} (quality or condition of being important or worthy of note)  :: belangrijkheid {f}, belang {n}
important {adj} (having relevant and crucial value)  :: belangrijk
importantness {n} (importance) SEE: importance  ::
impose {v} (to establish or apply by authority)  :: opleggen
impossibility {n} (The quality of being impossible)  :: onmogelijkheid {f}
impossible {adj} (not able to be done)  :: onmogelijk
impossibly {adv} (in an impossible manner)  :: onmogelijk
imposter {n} (Someone who attempts to deceive by using an assumed name or identity or other devious disguise) SEE: impostor  ::
impostor {n} (someone who uses assumed identity)  :: bedrieger {m}
imposture {n} (The act or conduct of an impostor; deception practiced under a false or assumed character; fraud or imposition; cheating)  :: oplichter {c}
impotable {adj} (not drinkable) SEE: undrinkable  ::
impound {v} (to hold in the custody of a court or its delegate)  :: confisqueren, in beslag nemen
impoverish {v} (intransitive: become poor)  :: verarmen
impoverish {v} (transitive: deprive of some strength or richness)  :: verzwakken, verarmen
impoverish {v} (transitive: make poor)  :: verarmen
impoverishment {n}  :: verarming
impracticable {adj} (impassable)  :: onbegaanbaar, onberijdbaar
impracticable {adj} (not practicable)  :: onuitvoerbaar
impractical {adj} (not practical)  :: onpraktisch, onhandig
impracticalness {n} (impracticality) SEE: impracticality  ::
I'm pregnant {phrase} (I'm pregnant)  :: ik ben zwanger
impress {v} (compel (someone) to serve in a military force)  :: ronselen
impression {n} (impersonation)  :: impressie, uitbeelding, verbeelding
impression {n} (indentation or depression made by pressure)  :: indruk, deuk
impression {n} (outward appearance)  :: indruk, voorkomen {n}
impression {n} (overall effect of something)  :: indruk, impressie
impressionable {adj} (easily influenced)  :: beïnvloedbaar, ontvankelijk
impressionism {n} (movement in art)  :: impressionisme {n}
impressionist {n} (One who adheres to impressionism)  :: impressionist {m}
impressive {adj} (capable of being impressed)  :: onder de indruk
impressive {adj} (making, or tending to make, an impression; having power to impress)  :: indrukwekkend, imposant
imprint {n} (an impression; the mark left behind by printing something)  :: indruk
imprisonment {n} (confinement)  :: gevangenschap {n}
improper {adj} (Not according to facts)  :: onjuist, foutief
improper {adj} (Not consistent with established facts)  :: inconsistent, foutief
improper {adj} (not in keeping with conventional mores or good manners)  :: ongeschikt, misplaatst
improper {adj} (Not properly named)  :: verkeerd omschreven
improper {adj} (unsuitable to needs or circumstances)  :: ongepast
improve {v} (to become better)  :: beteren
improve {v} (to make something better)  :: beter maken, verbeteren
improvement {n} (act of improving)  :: verbetering {f}
improvidence {n} (state of being improvident)  :: zorgeloosheid, overhaasting
improvise {v} (to make something up as one goes on)  :: improviseren
improvised explosive device {n} (explosive weapon)  :: bermbom
impudence {n} (quality of being impudent)  :: onbeschoftheid, onbeschaamdheid,
impudent {adj} (Not showing due respect; impertinent; bold-faced)  :: brutaal
impudently {adv} (shamelessly) SEE: shamelessly  ::
impugn {v} (question the validity of)  :: betwisten
impugn {v} (To assault, attack)  :: aanvallen
impugn {v} (To verbally assault, especially to argue against an opinion, motive, or action)  :: bestrijden, weerspreken
impulsive {adj} (actuated by impulse or by transient feelings)  :: impulsief, impulsief
impulsive {adj} (having the power of driving or impelling; giving an impulse; moving; impellent)  :: impulsief
impulsive {adj} (highly reactive; inclined to make rapid decisions without due consideration)  :: impulsief
impulsive {adj} ((mechanics) acting momentarily, or by impulse; not continuous)  :: impulsief
impure {adj} (impure)  :: onzuiver
impurity {n} (a component or additive that renders something else impure)  :: onzuiverheid {f}, bezoedeling
impurity {n} (a state of immorality)  :: bezoedeling, onreinheid
impurity {n} (the condition of being impure)  :: onzuiverheid {f}, onreinheid
imputation {n} (act of imputing)  :: aantijging {f}
imputation {n} (that which has been imputed)  :: aantijging {f}
impute {v}  :: aanwrijven
I'm rubber, you're glue {phrase} (I'm rubber, you're glue)  :: wat je zegt ben je zelf
I'm sick {phrase} (I'm sick/ill)  :: ik ben ziek
I'm sorry {phrase} (I'm sorry)  :: het spijt me [I regret], ik bied mijn excuses aan [apology]
I'm straight {phrase} (I'm straight)  :: ik ben hetero, ik ben heteroseksueel
I'm thirsty {phrase} (I need a drink)  :: ik heb dorst
I'm tired {phrase} (I am tired (in need of rest or sleep))  :: ik ben moe, ik heb slaap
I'm twenty years old {phrase} (I am twenty years old)  :: ik ben twintig
I must go {phrase} (I must go)  :: ik moet gaan
I'm ... year(s) old {phrase} (I am ... year(s) old)  :: ik ben ... jaar oud, ik ben ...
in {adj} (in fashion, popular)  :: in, in
in {adv} (indoors; at home or the office and available for conversation)  :: binnen
in {adv} (moving to the interior)  :: binnen
in {adv} (still able to play)  :: in
in {prep} (after a period of time)  :: in, binnen
in {prep} (a state)  :: in
in {prep} (by the virtue of)  :: tijdens
in {prep} (contained by)  :: in
in {prep} (during)  :: tijdens, in
in {prep} (into)  :: in
in {prep} (part, member of)  :: in
in {prep} (pertaining to)  :: in
in {prep} (surrounded by)  :: in
-in' {suffix} (-ing) SEE: -ing  ::
inability {n} (lack of the ability to do something; incapability)  :: onvermogen
in absentia {adv} (while not present)  :: in absentia, bij afwezigheid
inacceptable {adj} (unacceptable) SEE: unacceptable  ::
inaccuracy {n} (inaccurate statement)  :: fout, onnauwkeurigheid {f}, onjuistheid, onwaarheid
inaccuracy {n} (incorrect calibration of a measuring device, or incorrect use; lack of precision)  :: onnauwkeurigheid {f}
inaccuracy {n} (lack of accuracy)  :: onnauwkeurigheid {f}
inaccurately {adv} (In an inaccurate manner; incorrectly; inexactly)  :: onnauwkeurig
inactivity {n} (quality of being inactive)  :: inactiviteit
inadequate {adj} (Not adequate)  :: onvoldoende, inadequaat, ontoereikend, ongeschikt
in advance {adv} (in advance) SEE: beforehand  ::
inadvertently {adv} (unintentionally)  :: onopzettelijk, (abusievelijk)
inalienable {adj} (incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred to another; not alienable)  :: onvervreemdbaar
inane {adj} (lacking sense or meaning)  :: zinloos, inhoudsloos, stom, flauw
inanity {n} (property of being inane)  :: inhoudsloosheid {f}, stupiditeit {f}, leegheid {f}, zinloosheid {f}
in a nutshell {adv} (in summary)  :: in een notendop
in any case {adv} (at any rate)  :: in elk geval, in ieder geval
inappropriate {adj} (not appropriate or suitable)  :: ongepast
inaudible {adj} (unable to be heard)  :: onhoorbaar
inauguration {n} (act of inaugurating)  :: inhuldiging {f}
inbalance {n} (imbalance) SEE: imbalance  ::
in-box {n} (container)  :: postvak {n}
in-box {n} (electronic folder)  :: inbox
in broad daylight {adv}  :: op klaarlichte dag
incandescent {adj} (remitting light as result of heating)  :: lichtgevend
incandescent {adj} (shining brightly)  :: witgloeiend
incandescent {adj} (showing intense emotion)  :: stralend,eclatant
incandescent {n} (incandescent lamp) SEE: light bulb  ::
incantation {n} (formula)  :: bezwering {f}, spreuk {f}
incarcerate {v} (to confine)  :: intomen
incarcerate {v} (to lock away in prison)  :: opsluiten, gevangenzetten
incarnate {adj} (flesh-colored) SEE: crimson  ::
incarnate {v} (incarn) SEE: incarn  ::
incense {n} (A perfume often used in the rites of various religions)  :: wierook {m}
incense {v} (anger, infuriate)  :: vertoornen
incentive {n} (something that motivates)  :: drijfveer {f}
inception {n} (the creation or beginning of something)  :: aanvang {m}
incessant {adj} (without pause or stop; not ending)  :: voortdurend, onophoudelijk
incessantly {adv} (in a manner without pause or stop)  :: onophoudelijk, aanhoudend, onophoudend
incest {n} (sexual relations between close relatives)  :: bloedschande {f}, incest {f}
incestuous {adj} (pertaining to or engaging in incest)  :: incestueus
inch {n} (unit of length)  :: duim {m}
inch {n} (unspecified but very short distance)  :: haarbreed {n}
in charge {adj} (having responsibility)  :: verantwoordelijk
inchoate {adj} (not fully formed)  :: embrionaal
inchworm {n} (measuring worm) SEE: measuring worm  ::
incident {adj} (arising as the result of an event)  :: inherent
incident {adj} (physics: falling on a surface)  :: inslaand
incident {n} (event causing interruption or crisis)  :: incident {n}, voorval {n}
incident {n} (event or occurrence)  :: incident {n}, voorval {n}, episode, gebeuren {n}, gebeurtenis
incident {n} (minor event incidental to others)  :: incident {n}, voorval {n}, episode, gebeuren {n}, gebeurtenis
incidentally {adv} (Without looking for sth/sb)  :: toevalligerwijze
incinerate {v} (destroy by burning)  :: verbranden
incipient {adj} (beginning, starting)  :: beginnend
incite {v} (to rouse, stir up or excite)  :: aanzetten, ophitsen
inclement {adj} (merciless)  :: genadeloos
inclement {adj} (stormy)  :: ruig, stormachtig
inclination {n} (geometry: angle of intersection)  :: inclinatie {f}
inclination {n} (mental tendency)  :: neiging {f}, tendens
inclination {n} (physical tilt or bend)  :: buiging, knik
inclination {n} (slant or slope)  :: inclinatie {f}, helling, glooiing {f}, glooiingshoek {m}
incline {v} (to tend to do or believe something)  :: neigen
inclined plane {n} (simple machine)  :: hellend vlak {n}
inclinometer {n} (instrument) SEE: clinometer  ::
include {v}  :: invoegen, bijvoegen
including {prep} (Such as, among which)  :: met inbegrip van
inclusion {n} (defect in precious stone)  :: insluiting {f}
inclusive {adj} (including (almost) everything within its scope)  :: inclusief
inclusive {adj} (including the extremes as well as the area between)  :: ..tot en met ..
incognito {adj} (Without being known; in disguise; in an assumed character, or under an assumed title)  :: incognito
incognito {adv} (without revealing one's identity)  :: incognito
in cold blood {adv} (in a ruthless and unfeeling manner)  :: in koelen bloede
income {n} (Money one earns by working or by capitalising on the work of others)  :: inkomen {n}
income tax {n} (tax levied on income)  :: inkomstenbelasting
in common {adv} (held in joint possession)  :: gemeen
in common {adv} (shared with others)  :: gemeen
incomparable {adj} (beyond comparison)  :: onvergelijkbaar
incompatible {adj} (impossible to coexist; irreconcilable)  :: onverenigbaar
incompetence {n} (inability to perform)  :: incompetentie
incompetent {adj} (unskilled, lacking normally expected degree of ability)  :: incompetent
incomplete {adj} (not complete)  :: inkompleet
incomprehensible {adj} (impossible or very difficult to understand)  :: onbegrijpelijk
inconceivable {adj} (unable to be conceived, unbelievable)  :: onvoorstelbaar, ongelovelijk
in conclusion {adv} (as a conclusion)  :: tot slot
inconducive {adj} (unconducive) SEE: unconducive  ::
incongruous {adj} (not matching)  :: onpassend
inconsistency {n} (state of being inconsistent)  :: inconsistentie {f}, tegenstrijdigheid {f}
inconsolable {adj} (Not consolable)  :: ontroostbaar
inconspicuous {adj} (not prominent or easily noticeable)  :: onopvallend
incontinence {n} (inability to restrain discharge)  :: incontinentie
incontinence diaper {n} (impenetrable sheet) SEE: incontinence pad  ::
incontrovertibly {adv} (in incontrovertible manner)  :: onweerlegbaar, ontegensprekelijk
inconvenience {n} (something inconvenient or bothering)  :: ongemak {n}, verstoring {f}
inconvenient {adj} (not convenient)  :: ongemakkelijk, storend, ongelegen, niet van pas komend
incorporate {v} (include as a part or ingredient)  :: inbouwen, inlijven
incorrigible {adj} (defective and materially impossible to correct or set aright)  :: onverbeterbaar, onherstelbaar
incorrigible {adj} (determined, unalterable)  :: onverbeterbaar, onveranderlijk
incorrigible {adj} (impervious to correction by punishment or pain)  :: onverbeterlijk
incorrigible {adj} (incurably depraved)  :: onverbeterlijk
incorrigible {adj} (unmanageable) SEE: unmanageable  ::
incorrigible {n} (an incorrigibly bad individual)  :: onverbeterlijke {m}
increase {n} (increased amount)  :: toename, stijging, vermeerdering
increase {v} (become larger)  :: toenemen, vermeerderen, verhogen
increase {v} (make larger)  :: opvoeren
incredible {adj} (amazing)  :: ongelofelijk
incredible {adj} (too implausible to be credible)  :: ongelofelijk
incredulity {n} (religious disbelief)  :: ongelovigheid
incredulity {n} (unwillingness to believe; doubt about the truth of something)  :: ongeloof {n}
incredulous {adj} (Skeptical, disbelieving)  :: ongelovig, sceptisch, skeptisch
incredulousness {n} (incredulity) SEE: incredulity  ::
incruental {adj} (bloodless) SEE: bloodless  ::
incubus {n} (an evil spirit)  :: incubus
incubus {n} (a nightmare)  :: nachtmerrie
incubus {n} (oppressive thing or person; a burden)  :: last, juk {n}, obsessie
inculcate {v} (teach by repeated instruction)  :: inprenten
incumbent {adj} (being the current holder of an office)  :: zittend
incumbent {n} (current holder of an office)  :: plaatsbekleder
incumbrance {n} (burden) SEE: encumbrance  ::
incumbrance {n} (interest, right, burden or liability) SEE: encumbrance  ::
incunable {n} (very early printed book, specifically one printed before 1501; an incunabulum)  :: wiegendruk {m}
incur {v} (to expose oneself to something inconvenient)  :: zich blootstellen aan {n}
incus {n} (accessory cloud in the shape of an anvil) SEE: thunderhead  ::
indebted {adj} (obligated to someone)  :: verschuldigd
indecent {adj} (offensive to good taste)  :: onfatsoenlijk, onbetamelijk
indecision {n} (inability to decide on a course of action)  :: besluiteloosheid
indecisive {adj} (inconclusive or uncertain)  :: onbeslist
indecisive {adj} (not decisive)  :: besluiteloos
indecisiveness {n} (condition of being indecisive) SEE: indecision  ::
indeclinable {adj} (not declinable)  :: onverbuigbaar
indeed {adv} (modal: truly; in fact; actually)  :: inderdaad, daadwerkelijk
indeed {interj} (indication of agreement)  :: inderdaad, en of
indefatigable {adj} (extremely persistent and untiring)  :: onvermoeibaar, onvermoeid
indefinite article {n} (word preceding a noun to indicate any member of the class of objects)  :: lidwoord van onbepaaldheid, onbepaald lidwoord {n}
indefinitely {adv} (Forever)  :: (voor) altijd
indefinite pronoun {n} (Pronoun not specifying the identity of its referent)  :: onbepaald voornaamwoord {n}
indelible {adj}  :: onuitwisbaar
indemnify {v} (To make restitution or compensation for)  :: vergoeden
indemnify {v} (To save harmless; to secure against loss or damage; to insure)  :: indekken, verzekeren
indent {v} (typography: to begin a line or lines at a greater or less distance from the margin)  :: inspringen
independence {n} (state of having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood)  :: zelfstandigheid {f}, onafhankelijkheid {f}
independence {n} (state or quality of being independent)  :: onafhankelijkheid {f}, zelfstandigheid {f}
independent {adj} (not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free)  :: onafhankelijk
independent clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone) SEE: main clause  ::
independently {adv} (in an independent manner)  :: onafhankelijk
in depth {adj} (thorough, comprehensive) SEE: in-depth  ::
in-depth {adj} (thorough, comprehensive)  :: gedegen, diepgravend
indestructible {adj} (not destructible)  :: onverwoestbaar
indeterminacy principle {n} (uncertainty principle) SEE: uncertainty principle  ::
indetermination {n}  :: [1] besluiteloosheid, stuurloosheid, [2] vaagheid, ongerichtheid
indeterminism {n}  :: indeterminisme {n}
index {n} (alphabetical listing)  :: inhoud {m}, index {m}, register {n}
index {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
index {v} (to arrange an index)  :: indexeren
index {v} (to take stock) SEE: inventory  ::
indexable {adj} (that can be indexed)  :: indexeerbaar
index finger {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger  ::
India {prop} (Bharat) SEE: Bharat  ::
India {prop} (the country)  :: India
Indian {adj} (of or pertaining to India)  :: Indisch, Indiaas
Indian {adj} (of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: Indiaans
Indian {n} (a person from India)  :: Indiër {m}, Indische {f}
Indian {n} (individual of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: Indiaan {m}, Indiaanse {f}
Indianapolis {prop} (capital of the State of Indiana, USA)  :: Indianapolis
Indian fig {n} (prickly pear) SEE: prickly pear  ::
Indian mulberry {n} (Morinda citrifolia)  :: Indische moerbei {m} {f}
Indian myna {n}  :: treurmaina
Indian Ocean {prop} (the ocean separating Africa, southern Asia, Australia and Antarctica)  :: Indische Oceaan
Indian summer {n} (stretch of warm days in autumn)  :: nazomer {m}
Indic {prop} (the Indic language group) SEE: Indo-Aryan  ::
indicate {v} (to point out; to discover; to direct to a knowledge of; to show; to make known)  :: aanwijzen, aanduiden, wijzen op
indicate {v} (to show or manifest by symptoms)  :: wijzen op, aangeven
indicate {v} (to signal in a vehicle the desire to turn right or left)  :: aangeven
indication {n}  :: aanwijzing {f}
indicative {n} (the indicative mood)  :: aantonende wijs {m}, indicatief {m}
indicative mood {n} (indicative mood)  :: aantonende wijs {m}, indicatief {m}
indict {v} (to accuse of wrongdoing)  :: beschuldigen
indict {v} (to make a formal accusation or indictment)  :: aanklagen
indictment {n} (accusation)  :: beschuldiging
indictment {n} (legal accusation)  :: beschuldiging
Indies {prop} (East Indies) SEE: East Indies  ::
Indies {prop} (West Indies) SEE: West Indies  ::
indifference {n} (the state of being indifferent)  :: onverschilligheid {f}
indifferent {adj} (not caring)  :: onverschillig
indigence {n} (poverty)  :: behoeftigheid {f}
indigenity {n} (indigenousness) SEE: indigenousness  ::
indigenous {adj} (born or engendered in, native to a land or region)  :: inheems, autochtoon, oorspronkelijk
indigenous {adj}  :: inheems, inlands, autochtoon
indigenous {adj} (innate, inborn)  :: aangeboren, ingeboren, overgeërfd
indigent {adj} (poor; destitute)  :: behoeftig, nooddruftig, onbemiddeld, arm, indigent
indigent {n} (a person in need or in poverty)  :: arme, behoeftige, noodlijder, armlastige
indign {adj} (disgraceful) SEE: disgraceful  ::
indign {adj} (unbecoming) SEE: unbecoming  ::
indign {adj} (unworthy) SEE: unworthy  ::
indignant {adj} (angry, infuriated, mad, resentful)  :: verontwaardigd
indignation {n} (anger aroused by some perceived offense or injustice)  :: verontwaardiging {f}
indignation {n} (self righteous anger or disgust)  :: gebelgdheid {f}
indigo {adj} (colour)  :: indigo, indigoblauw, indigoblauwe
indigo {n} (colour)  :: indigo {n}
indirect {adj} (not direct)  :: onrechtstreeks; indirect
indirect free kick {n} (soccer)  :: onrechtstreekse vrije trap {m}
indirectly {adv} (in a indirect manner)  :: onrechtstreeks
indirect object {n} (grammatical term)  :: meewerkend voorwerp {n}
indirect speech {n} (reported speech) SEE: reported speech  ::
indiscreet {adj} (not discreet; wanting in discretion)  :: indiscreet
indiscretion {n} (Want of discretion)  :: indescretie
indispensable {adj} (absolutely necessary)  :: onontbeerlijk
indispensable {adj} (not dispensable)  :: onmisbaar
indispensable {adj} (not subject to exemption)  :: onmisbaar
indisputable {adj} (not disputable)  :: onomstotelijk
indisputably {adv} (in a manner that is incapable of being disputed)  :: onomstotelijk
indissoluble {adj} (indestructable)  :: onlosmakelijk
indissolubly {adv} (in an indissoluble manner)  :: onlosmakelijk
indium {n} (metallic chemical element)  :: indium {n}
individual {adj} (intended for a single person)  :: individueel
individual {adj} (relating to a single person or thing)  :: individueel
individual {n} (person considered alone)  :: enkeling {m}, individu {n}
individuality {n} (person) SEE: person  ::
individualness {n} (individuality) SEE: individuality  ::
indoctrinate {v} (brainwash) SEE: brainwash  ::
indoctrination {n} (act of indoctrinating)  :: indoctrinatie
indomitable {adj} (incapable of being subdued, overcome, or vanquished)  :: ontembaar, niet klein te krijgen
Indonesia {prop} (country)  :: Indonesië {f}
Indonesian {adj} (referring to Indonesia)  :: Indonesisch, Indonesische
Indonesian {n} (person)  :: Indonesiër {m}, Indonesische {f}
Indonesian {prop} (language)  :: Indonesisch {n}, bahasa (slang of Indo people)
Induan {prop}  :: Indien
indubitable {adj} (not dubitable)  :: twijfelloos, onbetwijfelbaar
indubitably {adv} (Undoubtedly; unquestionably)  :: ongetwijfeld, zonder twijfel {f}
induce {v} (to cause; persuade; force)  :: opwekken, veroorzaken, overhalen, forceren
induced abortion {n} (procedure that terminates pregnancy by removing the fetus)  :: opgewekte bevalling {m}
inductance {n} (property)  :: inductie
inductance {n} (quantity)  :: inductie
induction {n} (the act of inducting)  :: toeleiding {f}, inductie {f}
in due time {adv} (eventually)  :: te zijner tijd
indulge {v} (to grant extension to payment)  :: uitstel van betaling toestaan
indulge {v} (to satisfy the wishes or whims of)  :: in de watten leggen, verwennen, koesteren
indulge {v} (to yield to a temptation)  :: toegeven, zwichten (voor de verleiding)
indulgence {n} (pardon or release from the expectation of punishment in purgatory)  :: aflaat {m}
indulgent {adj} (prone to indulge)  :: toegeeflijk
induration {n} (hardness) SEE: hardness  ::
induration {n} (process of becoming hard) SEE: hardening  ::
industrial {adj} ((of a society or country) having many industries)  :: geïndustrialiseerd, industrieel
industrial {adj} (of or relating to industry)  :: industrieel, industrie- , nijverheids-
industrialised {adj} (industrialized) SEE: industrialized  ::
industrial output {n} (what an industry produces)  :: industriële produktie {f}
industrious {adj} (hard-working and persistent)  :: ijverig, vlijtig
industry {n} (businesses of the same type)  :: sector {f}
industry {n} (businesses that produce goods)  :: industrie {f}, nijverheid {f}
industry {n} (tendency to work persistently)  :: werklust {m}
inebriation {n} (state or characteristic of drunkenness)  :: dronkenschap {f}
I need ... {phrase} (I need ... (something))  :: ik heb ... nodig
I need a compass {phrase} (I need a compass)  :: ik heb een kompas nodig
I need a condom {phrase} (I need a condom)  :: ik heb een condoom nodig
I need a dictionary {phrase} (I need a dictionary)  :: ik heb een woordenboek nodig
I need a doctor {phrase} (request for a doctor)  :: ik heb een dokter nodig
I need a drink {phrase} (I need a drink (non-alcoholic))  :: ik heb dorst, ik moet iets drinken
I need a guide {phrase} (I need a guide (a person who guides))  :: ik heb een gids nodig
I need a guide {phrase} (I need a guide (a written guide))  :: ik heb een gids nodig
I need a lawyer {phrase} (I need a lawyer)  :: ik heb een advocaat nodig
I need an interpreter {phrase} (I need an interpreter)  :: ik heb een tolk nodig
I need a pen {phrase} (I need a pen)  :: ik heb een pen nodig
I need a taxi {phrase} (I need a taxi)  :: ik heb een taxi nodig
I need food {phrase} (I need food)  :: ik heb eten nodig
I need gas {phrase} (I need gasoline)  :: ik heb benzine nodig
I need money {phrase} (I need money)  :: ik heb geld nodig
I need petrol {phrase} (I need petrol) SEE: I need gasoline  ::
I need sunscreen {phrase} (I need sunblock) SEE: I need sunblock  ::
I need water {phrase} (I need water)  :: ik heb water nodig
I need your help {phrase} (I need your help)  :: [formal] ik heb uw hulp nodig, [informal] ik heb je hulp nodig
ineffable {adj} (beyond expression)  :: onuitsprekelijk, onzeggelijk, onnoembaar
ineffable {adj} (forbidden to be uttered)  :: taboe, onnoembaar, geheiligd
inefficiency {n} (degree or measure of someone or something's lack of efficiency or effectiveness)  :: inefficiëntie
inelastic {adj} (lacking elasticity)  :: inelastisch
ineluctably {adv} (inescapable) SEE: inescapable  ::
inept {adj} (not able to do something)  :: ongeschikt, onbekwaam
ineptitude {n} (the quality of being inept)  :: dwaasheid
inequality {n} (statement that one quantity is less (or greater) than another)  :: ongelijkheid
inequality {n} (unfair, not equal, state)  :: ongelijkheid {f}
inequation {n} (a statement that two expressions are not the same) SEE: inequality  ::
inert gas {n} (noble gas) SEE: noble gas  ::
inertia {n} (in physics)  :: inertie, traagheid
inertia {n} (unwillingness to take action)  :: daadloosheid
inertial frame of reference {n} (frame of reference)  :: inertiaalstelsel {n}
inescapable {adj} (cannot be avoided)  :: onontkoombaar, onvermijdelijk
in essence {adv} (essentially) SEE: essentially  ::
inessive {n} (inessive case)  :: inessief {m}
inessive case {n} (case used to indicate location inside something) SEE: inessive  ::
inevitable {adj} (impossible to avoid or prevent)  :: onvermijdelijk, onafwendbaar
inevitable {adj} (predictable, or always happening)  :: voorspelbaar
inexistent {adj} (nonexistent) SEE: nonexistent  ::
inexorable {adj} (Impossible to stop or prevent: inevitable)  :: onvermijdelijk
inexorable {adj} (Unable to be persuaded: relentless)  :: onverbiddelijk
inexorably {adv} (in an inexorable manner; relentlessly)  :: onverbiddelijk, ontoegeeflijk
inexpensive {adj} (low in price)  :: goedkoop, goedkope
inexperience {n} (lack of experience)  :: onervarenheid {f}
inexpugnable {adj} (impregnable, unconquerable)  :: oninneembaar, onneembaar, ongenaakbaar
Inez {prop} (female given name)  :: Ines
in fact {adv} (actually, in truth)  :: feitelijk, in feite
infallible {adj} (without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy)  :: onfeilbaar
infallibly {adv} (in an infallible manner)  :: onfeilbaar
infamous {adj} (having a bad reputation)  :: berucht
infamy {n} (the state of being infamous)  :: berucht
infant {n} (very young human being)  :: zuigeling {m} {f}
infanteer {n} (soldier) SEE: infantryman  ::
infanticide {n} (a person who has killed a child)  :: kindermoordenaar {m}, kindermoordenares {f}
infanticide {n} (the murder of an infant)  :: kindermoord {f}, kinderdoding {f}, infanticide {f}
infanticide {n} (the murder of one's child)  :: kindermoord {f}, kinderdoding {f}, infanticide {f}
infantile {adj} (childish; immature)  :: infantiel, kinderlijk, kinderachtig
infantry {n} (regiment of infantry)  :: infanterieregiment {n}
infantry {n} (soldiers who fight on foot)  :: infanterie {f}, voetvolk {n}
infantry {n} (the part of an army consisting of infantry soldiers)  :: infanterie {f} [with definite article: de i.]
infantryman {n} (soldier who fights on foot)  :: infanterist, voetsoldaat {m}
infarct {n} (area of dead tissue)  :: infarct
infarction {n} (infarct) SEE: infarct  ::
infatuation {n} (An unreasoning love or attraction)  :: geliefde, vlam,
infatuation {n} (The act of infatuating; the state of being infatuated; folly; that which infatuates)  :: waanzinnige verliefdheid
in favor of {prep} (in support of)  :: ten gunste van, ten faveure van
infect {v} (to bring into contact with a substance that causes illness)  :: infecteren
infect {v} (to make somebody enthusiastic about one's own passion)  :: infecteren
infected {adj} (having an infection)  :: besmet
infection {n} (uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host)  :: infectie {f}
infectious {adj} (informal: memorable and invoking excitement or interest)  :: aanstekelijk
infectious {adj} (spreading quickly between persons)  :: aanstekelijk
infectiousness {n} (state or condition of being infectious)  :: infectiositeit
infer {v} ((intransitive) To draw a conclusion (by reasoning))  :: concluderen
infer {v} ((transitive) To conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence)  :: concluderen
inference {n} (act or process of inferring by deduction or induction)  :: afgeleid gegeven, conclusie
inferior {n}  :: inferieur
inferiority complex {n} (a sense of inferiority)  :: minderwaardigheidscomplex
infernal {adj} (by extension: of or relating to a great fire or inferno)  :: infernaal
infernal {adj} (diabolical or fiendish)  :: duivels, hels, infernaal
infernal {adj} (Of or relating to hell, or the world of the dead; hellish)  :: hels, infernaal
infernal {adj} (UK, as an expletive: very annoying; damned)  :: hels, infernaal
inferno {n} (large fire)  :: vuurzee {f}, inferno {n}
inferrible {adj} (that may be inferred) SEE: inferable  ::
infertility {n}  :: onvruchtbaarheid
infidel {n} (non-believer)  :: ongelovige {m} {f}
infidelity {n}  :: ontrouw {c}
infill {v} (to fill in the gaps in anything)  :: inbreiden
infinite {adj} (boundless, endless)  :: oneindig, eindeloos
infinite {adj} (figuratively, very large)  :: oneindig, eindeloos
infinite {adj} (number larger than any given number)  :: oneindig
infinitesimal {adj} (very small)  :: [jargon] infinitesimaal, [colloquial] oneindig klein
infinitesimal calculus {n} (Differential calculus and integral calculus considered together as a single subject)  :: infinitesimaalrekening {f}
infinitive {n} (a mood or mode of verbs)  :: infinitief {m}, onbepaalde wijs {m}
infinity {n} (endlessness, unlimitedness, absence of end or limit)  :: oneindigheid
infix {n} (morpheme inserted into word)  :: tussenvoegsel {n}, infix {n}
inflamed {adj} (affected by inflammation)  :: ontstoken
inflation {n} (expansion or increase in size)  :: opblazen {n}
inflation {n} (increase in prices)  :: inflatie
inflation {n} (inflation of the universe)  :: uitdijing {f}
inflected {adj} ((grammar))  :: verbogen
inflection {n} (change in curvature from concave to convex or from convex to concave)  :: buigpunt {n}
inflection {n} (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)  :: verbuiging {f}, vervoeging {f}
inflection {n} (turning away from a straight course)  :: bocht
inflorescence {n} (flower cluster)  :: bloeiwijze {f}
influence {n} (action exerted by a person or thing with power to cause change)  :: invloed, beïnvloeding
influence {n} (action of flowing in; influx) SEE: influx  ::
influence {n} ((astrology) element determining someone's character or individual tendencies)  :: invloed
influence {n} (electrostatic induction)  :: inductie
influence {n} (person or thing exerting such power or action)  :: invloed
influence {n} (power to affect, control or manipulate)  :: invloed, impact
influence {v} (intransitive: to exert influence)  :: invloed uitoefenen
influence {v} (transitive: to exert an influence upon)  :: beïnvloeden
influential {adj} (having considerable influence)  :: invloedrijk
influenza {n} (an acute contagious disease of the upper airways and lungs)  :: griep {f}
influx {n} (inward flow)  :: toevloed {m}
info {n} (information) SEE: information  ::
in focus {adj} (sharp and clearly visible)  :: scherpgesteld, scherp
in for a penny, in for a pound {proverb} (Expressing recognition that one must, having started something, see it through to its end, rather than stopping short thereof)  :: wie a zegt, moet ook b zeggen
inform {v} (instruct) SEE: instruct  ::
inform {v} (to act as an informer, denounce)  :: verklikken
inform {v} (to communicate knowledge to (an)other(s))  :: informeren, inlichten, voorlichten
inform {v} (to impart information or knowledge (intransitive))  :: informeren, voorlichten
inform {v} (to make known (intransitive))  :: informeren, kond doen
informally {adv} (in an informal manner)  :: informeel
information {n} (communicable knowledge)  :: informatie {f}
information system {n} (data processing system)  :: informatiesysteem
infowar {n} (information warfare) SEE: information warfare  ::
infrared {adj} (having the wavelength in the infrared)  :: infrarood
in front of {prep} (at or near the front part of)  :: voor
in front of {prep} (in the presence of someone)  :: voor, in het bijzijn van
-ing {suffix} (forming verbal nouns)  :: -ing {f}, nominalization of the infinitive
-ing {suffix} (materials, systems of objects)  :: -werk {n}, -systeem {n}
-ing {suffix} (to form present participles)  :: -end
in general {adv} (generally) SEE: generally  ::
ingenious {adj} (displaying genius or brilliance; tending to invent)  :: ingenieus
ingenious {adj} (witty; original; shrewd; adroit; keen; sagacious)  :: vernuftig
ingenuity {n} (ability to come up with solutions to difficult problems)  :: vernuft {n}
ingot {n} (a solid block of more or less pure metal)  :: baar {f}, staaf
ingrained {adj}  :: ingeworteld
Ingram {prop} (male given name)  :: Ingelram
ingrate {adj} (ungrateful) SEE: ungrateful  ::
ingratiate {v} (get someone's favor, especially through flattery)  :: bemind maken, in het gevlei komen
ingredient {n} (substance present in a mixture)  :: ingrediënt {n}, bestanddeel {n}
ingress {n}  :: entree
Ingushetia {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Ingoesjetië
inhabitant {n} (Someone or thing who lives in a place)  :: bewoner {m}, inwoner
inhabited {adj} (having inhabitants)  :: bewoond
inhalation {n} (the act of inhaling)  :: inademing {f}
inhale {v} (to draw air into the lungs)  :: inademen
inhaler {n} (canister containing medicine)  :: inhalator
inharmonic {adj} (disharmonious) SEE: disharmonious  ::
inharmonicity {n} (music)  :: inharmoniciteit
in heat {adj} (on heat) SEE: on heat  ::
inherent {adj} (natural part or consequence)  :: inherent, samengaand
inherit {v} (to receive a characteristic by genetic transmission)  :: erven
inherit {v} (to receive property or a title by legal succession etc.)  :: erven
inheritance {n} (biological attributes passed to offspring)  :: erfelijkheid
inheritance {n} (passing of title)  :: erfenis, nalatenschap
inheritance {n} (programming: mechanism for making parts of superclass available to subclass)  :: overerving {f}
inheritance {n} (that which a person is entitled to inherit)  :: erfenis, erfdeel {n}
inheritance tax {n} (tax on the property of the deceased)  :: erfbelasting {c}
inheritor {n} (heir) SEE: heir  ::
inhibit {v} (to hinder; to restrain)  :: remmen
inhibition {n} (Act of inhibiting)  :: remming {f}
inhospitable {adj} (Not offering shelter)  :: onherbergzaam
inimical {adj} (hostile)  :: vijandelijk
iniquitous {adj} (morally objectionable)  :: onrechtvaardig, moreel verwerpelijk
iniquitous {adj} (sinful)  :: boosaardig, zondig
iniquity {n} (denial of sovereignty of God)  :: godslastering {f}, godsloochening {f}
iniquity {n} (deviation from right)  :: misdaad {m}, afdwaling {f}
iniquity {n} (lawlessness)  :: wetteloosheid {f}
iniquity {n} (wrongful act)  :: misdaad {m}
initial {adj} (Chronologically first, early; of or pertaining to the beginning)  :: initieel, aanvankelijk, begin-, vroeg
initial {adj} (Spatially first, placed at the beginning, in the first position)  :: initieel, eerste, begin-, voorste
initial {n} (first letter of a word)  :: beginletter, initiaal, [for first names only] voorletter
initial {v} (to sign one's initial(s))  :: paraferen
initialize {v} (to assign initial values to something)  :: initialiseren
initiate {n} (A new member of an organization)  :: beginner {m}
initiate {n} (One who has been through a ceremony of initiation)  :: ingewijde {m} {f}
initiate {v} (to begin; to start)  :: beginnen, starten, aanvangen, initiëren
initiation codon {n} (start codon) SEE: start codon  ::
initiative {n} (a beginning; a first move)  :: initiatief
initiator {n} (one who initiates)  :: initiator {m}
inject {v} (to administer an injection to)  :: injecteren, inspuiten
inject {v} (to introduce something sudddenly or violently)  :: injecteren
inject {v} (to push or pump something in)  :: injecteren, inspuiten
inject {v} (to take or be administered something by means of injection)  :: spuiten
injection {n} (act of injecting, or something injected)  :: inspuiting {f}
injection {n} (medicine: something injected)  :: injectie, spuitje
injunction {n} (an official writ)  :: injunctie {f}, dwangbevel {n}, gerechtelijk bevel {n}
injunction {n} (that which is enjoined; command)  :: sommatie {f}, order {m}, bevel {n}, verbod {n}, gebod {n}
injunction {n} (the act of enjoining)  :: sommeren {n}, bevelen {n}
injurious {adj} (causing harm to one's reputation)  :: iemands reputatie beschadigen
injury {n} (damage or violation)  :: verwonding {f}, letsel {n}
injury time {n} (additional time played straight after each of the two halves)  :: blessuretijd {m}
ink {n} (coloured fluid used for writing)  :: inkt {m}
ink {n} (dark fluid ejected by squid etc)  :: inkt {m}
ink {v} (apply ink)  :: inkten
inkberry {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
ink bottle {n} (inkwell) SEE: inkwell  ::
inkling {n} (suspicion or hint)  :: vermoeden
inkpot {n} (inkwell) SEE: inkwell  ::
inkwell {n} (container for ink)  :: inktpot {m}
in-law {n} (father-in-law) SEE: father-in-law  ::
in-law {n} (mother-in-law) SEE: mother-in-law  ::
in-law {n} (relative by marriage)  :: aangetrouwd familielid, schoonfamilie {p}, aanverwant
inlet {n} (body of water let into a coast)  :: inham, {n}
in lieu of {prep} (instead; in place of; as a substitute for)  :: in plaats van
in-line skate {n} (A rollerblade)  :: skeeler {m}
in love {adj} (followed by "with": enamored (of a person, etc.))  :: verliefd op
in love {adj} (followed by "with": very fond (of an idea, etc.))  :: gek van
in love {adj} (of a person or persons: enamored)  :: verliefd
inmate {n} (one confined to institution, such as a prison)  :: gedetineerde, gevangene
inmost {adj} (innermost) SEE: innermost  ::
in my opinion {prep} (according to me)  :: naar mijn mening
inn {n} (lodging)  :: herberg {m}
inn {n} (tavern) SEE: tavern  ::
inner cabinet {n} (inner circle within a cabinet)  :: kernkabinet {n}
inner city {n} (central part of a city)  :: binnenstad {m} {f}, stadskern {m} {f}
inner core {n} (innermost part of the Earth)  :: binnenkern
Inner Mongolia {prop} (an autonomous region in northern China)  :: Binnen-Mongolië {n}
innermost {adj} (farthest inside or towards the center or middle)  :: binnenst
inner product {n} (generalization of the dot product)  :: inproduct {n}
inner tube {n} (inflatable rubber tube)  :: binnenband {m}
innkeeper {n} (person responsible for the running of an inn)  :: waard
innocence {n} (absence of responsibility for a crime)  :: onschuld
innocence {n} (lack of understanding about sensitive subjects such as sexuality and crime)  :: onschuld
innocent {adj} (not legally responsible for a wrongful act)  :: onschuldig
innocuous {adj} (harmless)  :: onschadelijk, onschuldig
innocuous {adj} (inoffensive)  :: onschuldig, onschadelijk, braaf
innominate bone {n} (hip bone) SEE: hip bone  ::
innovation {n}  :: innovatie {f}
innovative {adj} (characterized by the creation of new ideas or things)  :: innovatief
innuendo {n} (A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing, an implication or insinuation)  :: insinuatie {f}
innumerable {adj} (not capable of being counted) SEE: countless  ::
inoculate {v} (to add one substance to another)  :: inoculeren, enten
inoculate {v} (to provide immunity)  :: inenten
inoculation {n} (introduction of substance into the body to produce immunity)  :: inenting, inoculatie
in one's book {adv} (in one's opinion) SEE: in one's opinion  ::
in order {adj} (appropriate, worthwhile)  :: op zijn plaats
in order {adj} (in accordance with the procedural rules governing formal meetings)  :: in orde
in order {adj} (in sequence)  :: op volgorde
in order {adj} (ready, prepared)  :: op orde
in order {adv} (for the purpose of) SEE: in order to  ::
in order to {phrase} (as a means of achieving the specified aim)  :: om, ten einde
inordinate {adj} (excessive; unreasonable or inappropriate in magnitude)  :: buiten proportioneel
in other words {adv} (stated or interpreted another way)  :: zeg maar, met andere woorden
in particular {adv} (especially, individually or specifically)  :: in het bijzonder
in person {adv} (actually present)  :: persoonlijk, in het vlees, in persoon
in progress {prep} (underway) SEE: underway  ::
input {n} (something fed into a process)  :: invoer
input {v} (to enter data)  :: ingeven, invoeren
in question {adj} (under consideration or discussion)  :: in kwestie
inquirer {n} (one who enquires)  :: onderzoeker {m}, informateur {m}
inquisitive {adj} (eager to acquire knowledge)  :: nieuwsgierig, inquisitief
inquisitively {adv} (In an inquisitive manner)  :: nieuwsgierig
in recent memory {prep} (in living memory) SEE: in living memory  ::
in respect of {prep} (pertaining to)  :: ten opzichte van, met betrekking tot
insane {adj} (exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind)  :: gestoord, waanzinnig
insane asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
insanity {n} (state of being insane)  :: krankzinnigheid
inscription {n} (carved text)  :: inscriptie {f}
inscription {n} (dedication in a book)  :: ex libris {n}
inscription {n} (text on a coin)  :: inscriptie {f}
inscrutable {adj} (difficult or impossible to comprehend, fathom or interpret)  :: ondoorgrondelijk
in secret {adv} (secretly) SEE: secretly  ::
insect {n} (arthropod of class insecta)  :: insect {n}
insect {n} (contemptible or powerless person)  :: nietsnut
insecticide {n} (A substance used to kill insects)  :: insecticide {n}
insectivore {n} (insect eating animal)  :: insectivoor {m}, insecteneter {m}
insect screen {n} (window screen) SEE: window screen  ::
insecurity {n} (lack of security, uncertainty)  :: onzekerheid
insecurity {n} (vulnerability)  :: onveiligheid {f}, kwestbaarheid, kwetsbaarheid
inseminate {v} (to cause to become pregnant) SEE: impregnate  ::
inseminate {v} (to disperse or plant seds) SEE: sow  ::
insemination {n} (act of making pregnant)  :: inseminatie {f}
insensate {adj} (having no sensation or consciousness)  :: gevoelloos
insensate {adj} (senseless; foolish; irrational)  :: onzinnig
insensate {adj} (unfeeling, heartless, cruel, insensitive)  :: hardvochtig
inseparable {adj} (unable to be separated)  :: onscheidbaar
insert {v} (put in between or into)  :: invoegen
inshallah {interj} (God willing (Islam))  :: Insha'Allah
inside {adj} (within)  :: binnen
inside {n} (interior or inner part)  :: binnenkant {m}
inside out {adv} (with the inside turned to be on the outside)  :: binnenstebuiten
inside pocket {n} (inside pocket of a garment)  :: binnenzak {m}
insidious {adj} (producing serious harm in a stealthy, often gradual, manner)  :: sluipend, verraderlijk
insidious {adj} (treacherous) SEE: treacherous  ::
insight {n} (power of acute observation and deduction)  :: inzicht {n}
insignia {n} (symbol or token of power, status, or offic)  :: insigne {n}
insignificant {adj} (not significant; not important)  :: onbelangrijk, onbelangrijke
insinuate {v} (hint at (something))  :: insinueren
insipid {adj} (flat; lacking character or definition)  :: karakterloos
insipid {adj} (unappetizingly flavorless)  :: flauw, smaakloos, smakeloos
insist {v} (to hold up a claim emphatically)  :: blijven bij, volhouden, met klem beweren, erop staan, aandringen
insolation {n} (medicine: sunstroke) SEE: sunstroke  ::
insolence {n} (Arrogant conduct; insulting, bold behaviour or attitude)  :: onbeschoftheid
insolent {adj} (insulting in manner or words)  :: brutaal
insolent {adj} (rude)  :: brutaal
insolvable {adj}  :: onoplosbaar
insomnia {n} (sleeping disorder)  :: slapeloosheid {f}
inspection {n} (organization that checks that certain laws or rules are obeyed)  :: inspectie {f}, keuring {f}
inspection {n} (the act of examining something, often closely)  :: onderzoek {n}, inspectie {f}
inspiration {n} (breath)  :: adem {m}, ademhaling {f}
inspiration {n} (physiology: drawing of air)  :: inademing {f}, inademen
inspiration {n} (stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions)  :: inspiratie {f}
inspiration {n} (supernatural divine influence)  :: ingeving {f}, inspiratie {f}
inspirator {n} (inhaler) SEE: inhaler  ::
inspirator {n} (inspirer) SEE: inspirer  ::
inspire {v} (archaic: to breathe into; to fill with the breath; to animate)  :: beademen
inspire {v} (to infuse by breathing, or as if by breathing)  :: beademen
inspire {v} (to infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit)  :: inspireren
inspire {v} (to inhale) SEE: inhale  ::
in spite of {prep} (despite)  :: ondanks
instability {n} (physical state)  :: instabiliteit {f}
instability {n} (quality of being unstable)  :: instabiliteit {f}
install {v} (establish or settle in)  :: zich installeren
install {v} (set something up for use)  :: installeren, aansluiten, opzetten
installment {n} (act of installing; installation)  :: installatie
installment {n} (part of a serial)  :: aflevering
installment {n} (portion of debt)  :: afbetaling, schijf
instalment {n} (installment) SEE: installment  ::
instance {n} (case occurring, a case offered as an exemplification, an example)  :: voorbeeld
instance {n} (recurring occurrence occasion, case)  :: voorval
instant {adj} (immediate)  :: onmiddelijk, ogenblikkelijk
instant {adj} (imminent)  :: op handen zijnd , dreigend
instant {adj} (momentary)  :: kortstondig
instant {adj} (quickly prepared)  :: kant-en-klaar
instant {adj} (urgent)  :: dringend, ogenblikkelijk
instant {n} (period of time)  :: moment, ogenblik, poosje
instant {n} (point in time)  :: moment, ogenblik
instantaneously {adv} (Without any delay)  :: ogenblikkelijk
instant coffee {n} (beverage)  :: koffiepoeder {m}
instant noodle {n} (a mass of precooked noodles)  :: instantnoedels {p}
instanton {n} (A solution to the Yang-Mills field theory equation)  :: instanton {n}
instead {adv} (in the place of (it))  :: in plaats van
instead of {prep} (in lieu of; in place of; rather than)  :: in plaats van
instep {n} (top of the foot between the toes and the ankle)  :: wreef {f}
instigate {v} (to goad or urge forward; to set on; to provoke; to incite)  :: aanstichten
instill {v} (to cause a quality to become part of someone's nature)  :: bijbrengen
instinct {n} (a natural or inherent impulse or behaviour)  :: instinct {n}
instinctive {adj} (driven by impulse, spontaneous and without thinking)  :: instinctief, instinctmatig
instinctive {adj} (related to or prompted by instinct)  :: instinctief, instinctmatig
institute {n} (college)  :: instituut {n}
institution {n} (established organisation)  :: instelling
institutional {adj} (rudimentary) SEE: rudimentary  ::
instruct {v} (teach, give instruction)  :: instrueren
instruction {n} (act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information)  :: onderwijs {n}
instruction {n} (order or command)  :: aanwijzing {f}
instruction {n} (single operation of a processor)  :: instructie {f}
instructive {adj} (Conveying knowledge, information or instruction)  :: instructief, leerrijk, leerzaam
instructor {n} (one who instructs; a teacher)  :: leermeester {m}
instrument {n} (measuring device)  :: instrument {n}, meetinstrument {n}, meter {m}
instrument {n} (musical device)  :: instrument {n}, muziekinstrument {n}
instrument {n} (tool)  :: instrument {n}
instrumental {adj} (music)  :: instrumentaal
instrumental {n} (composition without lyrics)  :: instrumentaal
instrumental {n} (instrumental case) SEE: instrumental case  ::
instrumental case {n} (case to express agency or means)  :: instrumentalis
insubordination {n} (quality of being insubordinate)  :: insubordinatie
insufferable {adj} (not sufferable)  :: onduldbaar, ontoelaatbaar
insulator {n} (structure)  :: isolatie {f}
insulator {n} (substance)  :: isolator {m}, isolatiemateriaal {n}
insulin {n} (polypeptide hormone)  :: insuline {m}
insult {n} (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude)  :: belediging {f}
insult {v} (to offend)  :: beledigen
insultive {adj} (insulting) SEE: insulting  ::
insurance contract {n} (insurance policy) SEE: insurance policy  ::
insure {v} (to assure, give confidence in the trustworthiness)  :: verzekeren, borgen voor
insure {v} (to deal in such contracts)  :: verzekeren, doen in verzekeringen
insure {v} (to make sure or certain of; guarantee)  :: garanderen, verzekeren, waarborgen
insure {v} (to provide for compensation if some risk occurs)  :: verzekeren
insurer {n} (one who insures)  :: verzekeraar {m}
insurgent {adj} (rebellious)  :: opstandig
insurgent {n} (rebel)  :: opstandeling {m}, weerstander {m}, rebel
insurmountable {adj} (incapable of being passed over)  :: onoverkomelijk
insurrection {n} (mutiny or rebellion)  :: opstand {m}, muiterij {f}, rebellie {f}
intact {adj} (untouched)  :: intact
intangible {adj} (incapable of being perceived)  :: ontastbaar, ontastbare
intangible {n} (anything intangible)  :: ontastbare {n}
integer {n} (integer)  :: geheel getal {n}
integral {adj} (constituting a whole together with other parts or factors; not omittable or removable)  :: integraal
integral {adj} (math: of, pertaining to, or being an integer)  :: geheel
integral {n} (antiderivative) SEE: antiderivative  ::
integral {n} (limit of sums)  :: integraal
integral calculus {n} (calculus of areas and volumes)  :: integraalrekening {f}
integration {n} (act or process of making whole or entire)  :: integratie {f}
integration {n} (in analysis)  :: integratie {f}, integraalrekening {f}
integration {n} (in evolution)  :: integratie {f}
integration {n} (process of fitting into a community)  :: inburgering, integratie {f}
integument {n} (outer layer of an ovule)  :: omhulsel
integument {n} (outer protective covering of body)  :: bekleedsel , huid
intel {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence  ::
intellectual {adj} (belonging to, or performed by, the intellect; mental or cognitive)  :: verstandelijk
intellectual {adj} (spiritual) SEE: spiritual  ::
intelligence {n} (a department, agency or unit designed to gather such information)  :: inlichtingendienst {m}
intelligence {n} (capacity of mind)  :: intelligentie {f}
intelligence {n} (entity that has such capacities)  :: intelligent wezen {n}
intelligence {n} (information about the enemy)  :: inlichtingen {p}
intelligence quotient {n} (IQ score)  :: intelligentiequotiënt {n}
intelligent {adj} (characterized by thoughtful interaction)  :: intelligent
intelligent {adj} (of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright)  :: intelligent
intelligent {adj} (well thought-out, well considered)  :: intelligent, doordacht
intelligent design {prop} (conjecture)  :: intelligent design
intelligentsia {n} (intellectual élite)  :: intelligentsia
intelligible {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: verstaanbaar, begrijpelijk
intempestivity {n} (unseasonability; untimeliness)  :: intempestiviteit
intended {n} (fiancée) SEE: fiancée  ::
intended {n} (fiancé) SEE: fiancé  ::
intensify {v} (to render more intense)  :: intensiveren
intensive care unit {n} (intensive care unit) SEE: ICU  ::
intention {n} (course intended to follow)  :: voornemen {n}, opzet {n}
intention {n} (the goal or purpose behind a specific action)  :: bedoeling {f}
intentional {adj} (done with intent)  :: met voorbedachte rade
intentional {adj} (intended or planned; done deliberately or voluntarily)  :: opzettelijk
inter {v} (bury in a grave)  :: begraven
interact {n} (act or piece between others)  :: tussenspel {n}, entr’acte {m} {f}
interact {v} (act upon each other)  :: interageren, elkaar beïnvloeden, in wisselwerking zijn met
interaction {n} (conversation or exchange between people)  :: interactie {f}
interaction {n} (situation or occurrence in which two or more objects or events act upon one another)  :: wisselwerking {f}
inter alia {adv} (among other things)  :: onder andere
interbreed {v} (to breed or reproduce within a heterogenous community, the products of which produce hybrids)  :: inteelten
intercept {v} (to gain possession of)  :: onderscheppen
intercourse {n} (communication, conversation)  :: betrekkingen {f-p}
intercourse {n} (dealings between countries)  :: betrekkingen {f-p}
intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse)  :: geslachtsverkeer {n}, sexuele betrekkingen {f-p}
interdependent {adj} (Mutually dependent)  :: wederzijds afhankelijk
interdict {n} (A papal decree prohibiting the administration of the sacraments from a political entity under the power of a single person)  :: interdictie
interdisciplinary {adj} (of or pertaining to multiple distinct academic disciplines or fields of study)  :: interdisciplinair
interest {n} (attention that is given to or received from someone or something)  :: belangstelling {f}, interesse {f}
interest {n} (business or amorous link or involvement)  :: belang
interest {n} (great attention and concern from someone)  :: interesse {f}
interest {n} (the price of credit)  :: interest {m}, rente {f} {m}
interest {v} (to attract attention or concern)  :: interesseren
interested {adj} (having or showing interest)  :: geïnteresseerd, geïnteresseerde
interested {adj} (owning a share)  :: belanghebbend
interest group {n} (advocacy group) SEE: advocacy group  ::
interesting {adj} (arousing or holding the attention)  :: interessant, belangwekkend
interface {n} (computing: connection between a user and a machine)  :: interface {m}
interface {n} (computing, object-oriented: piece of code defining a set of operations that other code must implement)  :: interface {m}
interface {n} (computing: point of interconnection between systems or subsystems)  :: interface {m}
interface {n} (point of interconnection between entities)  :: koppeling {f}, aansluiting {f}, raakpunt {n}
interfere {v}  :: hinderen [hinder], moeilijk maken [make difficult]
interference {n} (act of interfering with something)  :: bemoeien
interferon {n} (any of a group of glycoproteins, that prevent viral replication in infected cells)  :: interferon {m}
interim {adj} (transitional)  :: tussentijds
interior {n} (the inside of an enclosed structure)  :: interieur {n}
interject {v} (to insert something between other things)  :: tussenwerpen
interject {v} (to interpose onseself)  :: tussenkomen
interjection {n} (an exclamation or filled pause in grammar)  :: tussenwerpsel {n}
interlanguage {n} (creole) SEE: creole  ::
interlanguage {n} (lingua franca) SEE: lingua franca  ::
interlanguage {n} (pidgin) SEE: pidgin  ::
Interlingua {prop} (interlanguage based on Romance languages)  :: Interlingua
Interlingue {prop} (Occidental) SEE: Occidental  ::
interlocutor {n} (A person who takes part in dialogue or conversation)  :: gesprekspartner
interloper {n} (one who interferes)  :: indringer
intermarriage {n} (mixed marriage) SEE: mixed marriage  ::
intermediary {n} (an agent acting as a mediator between sides that may disagree)  :: tussenpersoon {m}
intermediate frequency {n}  :: middenfrequentie
interment {n} (The act of burying a dead body; burial)  :: begrafenis {f}, teraardebestelling {f}
interminate {adj} (interminable) SEE: interminable  ::
interminated {adj} (interminable) SEE: interminable  ::
intermittent {adj} (stopping and starting at intervals)  :: met tussenpozen, wederkerend, intermitterend, fluctuerend
intern {n} (medical trainee working in a hospital)  :: intern {m}, co-assistent {m} {f}
intern {n} (student or recent graduate who works in order to gain experience in their chosen field)  :: intern {m}
intern {v} (to imprison (transitive))  :: interneren
internal {adj} (concerned with the domestic affairs of a nation, state etc.)  :: binnenlands
internal {adj} (concerned with the non-public affairs of a company or other organisation)  :: intern
internal {adj} (inside of something)  :: intern, inwendig
internal {adj} (within the body)  :: inwendig
internal combustion engine {n} (a piston or a rotary heat engine)  :: interne verbrandingsmotor {m}
internal refugee {n} (internally displaced person) SEE: internally displaced person  ::
international {adj} (between, concerning, or transcending multiple nations)  :: internationaal
International Date Line {prop} (line on the Earth's surface)  :: internationale datumgrens {f}
internationalise {v} (to make international) SEE: internationalize  ::
international law {n} (set of rules applied to the relations between nations)  :: volkenrecht {n}, internationaal recht {n}
international organisation {n} (organisation established by treaty)  :: internationale organisatie
International Phonetic Alphabet {prop} (standardized symbols for speech)  :: Internationaal Fonetisch Alfabet
internecine {adj}  :: verwoestend
internet {n} (the Internet, largest global internet) SEE: Internet  ::
Internet {prop} (specific internet consisting of the global network of computers)  :: Internet {n}
Internet cafe {n} (place where one can use a computer with Internet)  :: internetcafé
Internet Protocol {n} (one of the computer networking protocols)  :: Internetprotocol {n}
internship {n} (job taken by a student)  :: stage {m} {f}
interpolation {n}  :: interpolatie
interpret {v} (to act as an interpreter)  :: vertalen, tolken
interpret {v} (to explain or tell the meaning of)  :: interpreteren
interpretable {adj} (capable of being interpreted)  :: interpretabel
interpreter {n} (one who interprets speech in another language)  :: tolk {m}, vertolker {m}
interrex {n} (similar interim ruler)  :: interrex {m}
interrobang {n} (symbol ‽ - combination of ? and !)  :: interrobang
interrogate {v} (to question or quiz)  :: verhoren, ondervragen, interrogeren
interrogation {n} (act of interrogating or questioning)  :: ondervraging {f}
interrogation mark {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrogation point {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrogative {adj} (asking or denoting a question)  :: vragend
interrogative {n} (a question)  :: vraag
interrogative {n} (a word implying interrogation)  :: vraagwoord, interrogatief
interrogative pronoun {n} (pronoun used in a question)  :: vragend voornaamwoord {n}
interrupt {v} (to disturb or halt an ongoing process or action)  :: onderbreken
interruption {n} (a time interval during which there is a cessation of something)  :: onderbreking {f}
interruption {n} (the act of interrupting, or the state of being interrupted)  :: onderbreking {f}
intersection {n} (in geometry)  :: kruispunt {m}, doorsnijding {f}
intersection {n} (in set theory)  :: doorsnede
intersection {n} (junction of two or more paths, etc)  :: kruising {f}, kruispunt {m}
intersex {n} (condition) SEE: intersex  ::
interstice {n} (small opening or space)  :: tussenruimte {c}, opening {c}
interstitial {adj} (of, relating to, or situated in an interstice)  :: met betrekking tot een tussenruimte, tussenliggend, interstitieel
intertidal zone {n} (foreshore) SEE: foreshore  ::
interval {n} (distance in space)  :: interval {n}
interval {n} (intermission) SEE: intermission  ::
interval {n} (music: distance in pitch of notes)  :: interval {n}
interval {n} (period of time)  :: interval {n}
interval {n} (sports:half time) SEE: half time  ::
intervene {v} (to come between, or to be between, persons or things)  :: tussenkomen, ingrijpen, interveniëren
intervention {n} (act of intervening)  :: tussenkomst {f}
intervertebral disc {n} (disc between the vertebra in the spine)  :: tussenwervelschijf
interview {n} (conversation with journalist etc.)  :: interview {n}, vraaggesprek {n}
interview {v} (to have an interview)  :: interviewen
interviewee {n} (Someone being interviewed)  :: geïnterviewde {c}
interviewer {n} (one who interviews)  :: interviewer {m}, interviewster {f}
interweave {v} (to combine two things through weaving)  :: aanelkaarweven
intestinal obstruction {n} (bowel obstruction) SEE: bowel obstruction  ::
intestine {n} (alimentary canal)  :: darm {m}, ingewanden {p}
intestine {n} (subdivision of the alimentary canal)  :: darm {m}, ingewanden {p}
in the first place {adv} (to begin with)  :: allereerst, in de eerste plaats
in the flesh {adv} (with one's own body and presence)  :: persoonlijk, in het vlees
in the know {adj} (informed, aware)  :: ingeweid
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king {proverb} (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)  :: in het land der blinden is eenoog koning
in the least {adv} (at all) SEE: at all  ::
in the light of {prep} (in light of) SEE: in light of  ::
in the limelight {adj} (focus of attention)  :: in het spotlicht, in het centrum van de aandacht
in the long run {adv} (eventually)  :: op den duur, op termijn, uiteindelijk
in the long term {adv} (eventually) SEE: in the long run  ::
in the making {adj} (in the process of being made)  :: in wording
in the nick of time {prep} (at the last possible moment)  :: op het nippertje
in the offing {adj} (in the foreseeable future; on the horizon)  :: in het verschiet
in the same boat {adj} (in the same situation)  :: in hetzelfde bootje zitten
in the twinkling of an eye {adv} (immediately, instantaneously)  :: in een oogwenk
inthronize {v} (enthrone) SEE: enthrone  ::
intimacy {n} (feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else)  :: intimiteit
intimate {adj} (closely acquainted; familiar)  :: innig
intimate {v} (To suggest or disclose discreetly)  :: suggereren, laten doorschemeren
intimate partner violence {n} (domestic violence) SEE: domestic violence  ::
in time {prep} (as time passes)  :: mettertijd
intimidate {v} (to impress, amaze, excite)  :: imponeren, beïndrukken, impressioneren
intimidate {v} (to make timid or fearful)  :: intimideren, inschuchteren
intimidation {n} (act of making timid or fearful)  :: intimidatie
intimidator {n} (one who intimidates)  :: intimidator {m}
intonation {n} (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking)  :: intonatie {f}
intoxicate {v} (To stupefy by doping with chemical substances such as alcohol)  :: vergiftigen
intoxicated {adj} (stupefied by alcohol)  :: dronken, bedronken, gealcoholiseerd, zat [Flemish]
intoxication {n} (poisoning)  :: intoxicatie {f}
intractability {n} ((of people) the state of being intractable)  :: eigenzinnigheid {f}, eigenwijsheid {f}, eigengereidheid {f}, onhandelbaarheid {f}, balsturigheid {f}, onmeegaandheid {f}
intractability {n} ((of things) the state of being intractable)  :: lastigheid {f}, hardnekkigheid {f}
intractable {adj} (not easily controlled)  :: onhandelbaar
intransigence {n} (intransigence)  :: onverzettelijkheid {f}
intransigent {adj} (unwilling to compromise or moderate a position)  :: onverzettelijk
intransitive {adj} (of a verb, not taking a direct object)  :: onovergankelijk
intransitive verb {n} (action verb not taking a direct object)  :: onovergankelijk werkwoord {n}
intranslatability {n} (property of being untranslatable; inability to be translated)  :: onvertaalbaarheid {f}
intravenous {adj} (inside the veins)  :: intraveneus
intravenously {adv} (in an intravenous manner)  :: intraveneuze
intrepid {adj} (fearless)  :: onversaagd, onvervaard, onbevreesd
intrepidness {n} (fearlessness)  :: onverschrokkenheid {f}
intricacy {n} (The state or quality of being intricate or entangled)  :: verwikkeling
intricate {adj} (having a great deal of fine detail or complexity)  :: ingewikkeld, gecompliceerd
intrigue {n} (plot or scheme)  :: intrige {f}
intrigue {v} (to plan)  :: intrigeren
intriguing {adj} (causing a desire to know more)  :: intrigerend
intrinsic {adj} (inherent)  :: intrinsiek
intro {n} (short form of introduction)  :: intro
introduce {v} (to and make something or someone known by formal announcement or recommendation)  :: voorstellen
introduce {v} (to bring into practice)  :: introduceren
introduce {v} (to cause someone to be acquainted)  :: introduceren, voorstellen
introduction {n} (act or process of introducing)  :: inleiding, introductie
introduction {n} (initial section of a book or article which introduces subject material)  :: inleiding, introductie
introduction {n} (means of presenting one person to another)  :: introductie
introverted {adj} (possessing the characteristic property of an introvert)  :: eenzelvig, introvert, in zichzelf gekeerd
intrude {v} (to enter without welcome; to encroach)  :: binnendringen, storen
intruder {n} (someone who intrudes)  :: indringer {m}
intrusive {adj} (tending to intrude)  :: intrusief
intuition {n} (immediate cognition without the use of rational processes)  :: intuïtie {f}
intuition {n} (perceptive insight gained by the use of this faculty)  :: intuïtie {f}
intuitionistic logic {n} (a type of logic which rejects the axiom "law of excluded middle")  :: intuïtionistische logica {f}
in twain {adv} (in halves)  :: in tweeën
in two days {adv} (in two days - translation entry)  :: overmorgen
Inuktitut {prop} (language)  :: Inuktitut {n}
inundate {v} (to cover with large amounts of water)  :: inunderen
inundation {n} (act of inundating)  :: inundatie {f}
inure {v} (to cause to become accustomed to something unpleasant by prolonged exposure)  :: verharden, harden, stalen, gewennen
inure {v} (to take effect, or to benefit someone)  :: in voege treden, iemand begunstigen
inutility {n} (unprofitability) SEE: unprofitability  ::
inutility {n} (uselessness) SEE: uselessness  ::
inutterable {adj} (unutterable) SEE: unutterable  ::
invader {n} (one who invades; an assailant; an encroacher; an intruder)  :: indringer {m}, indringster {f}, indringers {m-p}, indringsters {f-p}
in vain {adv} (without success)  :: tevergeefs, vergeefs
invalid {adj} (not valid)  :: ongeldig
invalidate {v} (to make invalid)  :: ontkrachten
invariable {adj} (not variable)  :: onveranderlijk
invariably {adv} (always)  :: onveranderlijk steevast
inveigh {v} (to complain loudly, to give voice to one's censure or criticism Template:m, see also: en, see also: against (formerly also with Template:m, see also: en, see also: on, Template:m, see also: en, see also: at, Template:m, see also: en, see also: upon))  :: krachtig protesteren, schelden, tieren
inveigh {v} (To draw in or away; to entice, inveigle)  :: meesleuren, verleiden, lokken
invent {v} (create something fictional)  :: uitdenken, uitvinden, bedenken, verzinnen
invent {v} (design a new process or mechanism)  :: uitvinden, uitdenken
invented {adj} (imaginary) SEE: imaginary  ::
invention {n} (something invented)  :: uitvinding {f}
invention {n}  :: uitvinding {f}
inventive {adj} (creative, or skilful at inventing)  :: vindingrijk
inventiveness {n} (quality of being inventive)  :: vindingrijkheid {f}
inventor {n} (inventor)  :: uitvinder {m}
inventorize {v} (to make an inventory of) SEE: inventory  ::
inventory {v} (to take stock of the resources or items on hand; to produce an inventory)  :: inventariseren
inventress {n} (inventrix) SEE: inventrix  ::
inverse {adj} ((mathematics) having the properties of an inverse)  :: invers
inverse {adj} (opposite in effect or nature)  :: tegengesteld, tegenovergesteld
inverse {adj} (reverse, opposite in order)  :: omgekeerd
inverse {n} (math: element)  :: inverse {c}
inverse {n} (opposite of a given due to contrary effects or nature)  :: tegendeel {n}, tegengestelde {n}, tegenovergestelde {n}
inverse {n} (reverse procedure)  :: omgekeerde {n}, spiegelbeeld {n}
inverse Fourier transform {n} (inverse transform of the Fourier transform)  :: inverse Fouriertransformatie, inverse Fourier-transformatie
invert {n} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
invert {v} (turn upside down or inside out)  :: omdraaien, omkeren
invertebrate {adj} (lacking backbone)  :: ongewerveld
invertebrate {n} (animal without backbone)  :: ongewervelde
invertible {adj} ((mathematics) which has an inverse)  :: inverteerbaar
invert sugar {n} (equal mixture of glucose and fructose formed by the enzymatic hydrolysis of sucrose)  :: invertsuiker {f}
invest {v} (to clothe or wrap with garments) SEE: clothe  ::
investigate {v} (to conduct an inquiry or examination)  :: een onderzoek voeren
investigate {v} (to examine)  :: onderzoeken, een onderzoek instellen, uitzoeken
investigate {v} (to inquire into, study)  :: onderzoeken, bekijken, bestuderen
investigation {n} (the act of investigating)  :: onderzoek
investigator {n} (one who investigates)  :: onderzoeker {m}
investiture {n} (act of investing)  :: ep
investment {n} (a placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use)  :: investering
investor {n} (person who invests money in order to make a profit)  :: investeerder {m}
inveterate {adj} (malignant) SEE: malignant  ::
invigorate {v} (To impart vigor, strength, or vitality to)  :: versterken, kracht bijzetten
invincible {adj} (impossible to defeat, destroy or kill)  :: onoverwinnelijk, onoverwinnelijke
invincible {n} (someone that cannot be defeated, destroyed or killed)  :: onoverwinnelijke {n}
in vino veritas {proverb} (one tells the truth under the influence of alcohol)  :: kinderen en dronken mensen spreken altijd de waarheid
inviolable {adj} (not violable; not to be infringed)  :: onschendbaar
invisibility {n} (the state of being invisible)  :: onzichtbaarheid {f}
invisible {adj} (unable to be seen)  :: onzichtbaar, onzichtbare
invisibly {adv} (in a way that can not be seen)  :: onzichtbaar
invitation {n} (act of inviting)  :: uitnodiging {f}
invite {v} (ask for the presence or participation of someone)  :: uitnodigen, (archaic) laden, (formal) inviteren
invite {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
invoice {n} (bill)  :: factuur {f}, rekening {f}
invoice {v} (to bill)  :: factureren, in rekening brengen
invoke {v} (appeal for validation to a (notably cited) authority)  :: inroepen
invoke {v} (bring about as an inevitable consequence)  :: over (zich) afroepen
invoke {v} (call upon someone for help etc.)  :: aanroepen
invoke {v} ((computing) cause to execute)  :: oproepen
invoke {v} (conjure up by incantation)  :: oproepen
invoke {v} (solicit, petition for)  :: beroep doen op
involuntary {adj} (Not voluntary or willing; contrary or opposed to explicit will or desire; unwilling)  :: onwillekeurig
involuntary {adj} (Without intention; unintentional)  :: niet intentioneel
involved {adj} (complicated) SEE: complicated  ::
involvement {n} (the act of involving or state of being involved)  :: betrokkenheid
invulnerable {adj} (incapable of being wounded)  :: onkwetsbaar
iodine {n} (antiseptic)  :: jodium {n}, jodiumtinctuur {m}
iodine {n} (element)  :: jood {n}, jodium {n}
ion {n} (atom or group of atoms bearing an electrical charge)  :: ion
Ionian Islands {prop} (a group of islands in the Ionian Sea)  :: Ionische Eilanden
Ionian Sea {prop} (European sea)  :: Ionische Zee
ionic bond {n} (bond where atoms are connected by electrostatic attraction)  :: ionische binding
ionizing {adj} (capable of producing ions)  :: ioniserend, ioniserende
ionosphere {n} (part of Earth's atmosphere)  :: ionosfeer {m}
iota {n} (Greek letter)  :: jota {c}
iota {n} (small amount)  :: jota {c}
IPA {initialism} (International Phonetic Alphabet)  :: IFA
IP address {n} (number assigned to each computer's network interface)  :: IP-adres {n}
iPhone {n} (device)  :: iPhone {c}
iPod {n} (device)  :: iPod {c}
Iran {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Iran {n}
Iran {prop} (Persia) SEE: Persia  ::
Irani {adj} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Irani {n} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Iranian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Iran, the people or Iranian languages)  :: Iraans
Iranian {n} (person from Iran or of Iranian descent)  :: Iraniër {m}, Iraanse {f}
Iranistics {n} (Iranian studies) SEE: Iranian studies  ::
Iraq {prop} (country)  :: Irak
Iraqi {adj} (from or pertaining to Iraq)  :: Iraaks
irascible {adj} (prone to anger)  :: opvliegend, humeurig, prikkelbaar
irate {adj} (extremely angry)  :: woedend, ziedend
ire {n} (great anger)  :: toorn {m}, woede {f}
ire {v} (anger, fret)  :: woeden, laaien
Ireland {prop} (island)  :: Ierland
Irene {prop} (female given name)  :: Irene
iridium {n} (chemical element)  :: iridium {n}
iris {n} (part of the eye)  :: regenboogvlies {n}, iris {m} {f}
iris {n} (plant of the genus Iris)  :: iris {m} {f}
Iris {prop} (female given name)  :: Iris
Irish {adj} (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people)  :: Iers
Irish {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: Iers
Irish {n}  :: Ieren {p}
Irish {prop} (the language)  :: Iers {n}
Irish coffee {n} (coffee with a dash of whiskey, topped with whipped cream)  :: Irish coffee
Irishman {n} (man from Ireland)  :: Ier {m}
Irish Sea {prop} (a sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland)  :: Ierse Zee {f}
Irish Setter {n} (a breed of gun dog)  :: Ierse setter {m}
Irish Wolfhound {n} (Irish Wolfhound)  :: ierse wolfshond {m}
Irishwoman {n} (woman from Ireland)  :: Ierse {f}
iritis {n} (inflammation of the iris)  :: regenboogvliesontsteking {f}, iritis {f}
irksome {adj} (disagreeable or troublesome by reason of long continuance or repetition; bothersome; annoying; irritating; wearisome; tedious)  :: vervelend
iron {adj} (made of iron)  :: ijzeren
iron {n} (element)  :: ijzer {n}
iron {n} (for pressing clothes)  :: strijkijzer {n}
iron {n} (shackles) SEE: shackles  ::
iron {v} (to pass an iron over clothing)  :: strijken
Iron Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: ijzertijd {m}
Iron Age {prop} (mythology)  :: ijzertijd {m}
Iron Curtain {prop} (the dividing line between western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions)  :: IJzeren Gordijn {n}
iron fist {n} (ruthless control)  :: ijzeren vuist
ironic {adj} (characterized by irony)  :: ironisch
ironically {adv} (In an ironic manner)  :: ironisch
ironing {n} (act of pressing clothes with an iron)  :: strijken {n}
ironing {n} (laundry that has been washed and is ready to be ironed)  :: strijkgoed {n}
ironing {n} (laundry that has recently been ironed)  :: strijkgoed {n}
ironing board {n} (a long board on which one can iron)  :: strijkplank {f} {m}
ironmonger {n} (retailer in iron goods and hardware)  :: ijzerhandelaar {m}
iron ore {n} (ore containing iron)  :: ijzererts
iron-shot {adj} (ironshot) SEE: ironshot  ::
ironsmith {n} (blacksmith) SEE: blacksmith  ::
irony {adj} (of or pertaining to iron)  :: ijzerachtig, ijzerhoudend
irony {n} (condition contrary to expectations)  :: ironie {f}, het ironische {n}
irony {n} (statement that may mean the opposite of what is written literally)  :: ironie {f}
Iroquois {prop} (any of the Iroquois languages)  :: Irokese taal {f}
Iroquois {prop} (a person belonging to an Iroquois tribe)  :: Irokees {m}
Iroquois {prop} (hairdo)  :: hanenkam {m}
irrational {adj} (mathematics: of a number)  :: irrationaal, irrationale
irrational {adj} (unfounded or nonsensical)  :: irrationeel, irrationele, onzinnig, onzinnige, onredelijk, onredelijke
irrationality {n} (want of reason)  :: onredelijkheid
Irrawaddy {prop} (river that flows through Burma)  :: Irrawaddy
irreconcilable {adj} (unable to be reconciled; opposed; uncompromising)  :: onverzoenlijk, irreconciliabel, onverenigbaar
irredeemable {adj} (not able to be restored)  :: onherstelbaar
irredentism {n} (an annexation doctrine)  :: irredentisme {m}
irredentist {adj} (irredentist)  :: voorstander van hereniging met het moederland
irredentist {n} (adherent of irredentism)  :: irredentistisch
irregular {adj} (nonstandard)  :: onregelmatig
irrelevance {n} (lack of relationship with the topic at hand, lack of importance)  :: irrelevantie
irrelevant {adj} (not related, not applicable, unimportant, not connected)  :: irrelevant
irremediable {adj} (unable to be remedied)  :: onherstelbaar
irreparable {adj} (that is unable to be repaired)  :: onherstelbaar
irresistible {adj} (not able to be resisted)  :: onweerstaanbaar
irrespective {adj} (regardless)  :: ongeacht
irreverent {adj} (courageous, straightforward, having mass appeal, but likely to offend)  :: respectloos
irreverent {adj} (lacking respect or seriousness)  :: oneerbiedig
irreversible {adj} (incapable of being reversed)  :: onomkeerbaar
irrigation {n} (The act or process of irrigating)  :: bevloeiing {f}, irrigatie {f}
irritate {v} (to cause or induce displeasure or irritation)  :: irriteren
is {v}  :: is
Isaac {prop} (son of Abraham and Sarah)  :: Izaäk {m}, Izaak {m}
Isabella {prop} (female given name) SEE: Isabel  ::
Isaiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Jesaja
is anyone sitting here {phrase} (is anyone sitting here?)  :: gaat iemand hier zitten?
ISBN {initialism} (International Standard Book Number)  :: Internationaal Standaard Boek Nummer, Internationaal Standaard Boeknummer
ischemia {n} (local anemia)  :: ischemie {f}
ischemic {adj} (characteristic of, or accompanied by ischemia)  :: ischemische
ischium {n} (the lowest of three bones of the pelvis)  :: zitbeen {n}
-ise {suffix} (-ize) SEE: -ize  ::
Iseult {prop} (female given name)  :: Isolde
Isfahan {prop} (city in Iran)  :: Isfahan
-ish {suffix} (appended to adjectives)  :: -achtig, -ig
-ish {suffix} (appended to numbers)  :: rond
-ish {suffix} (appended to roots denoting names of nations or regions)  :: -isch, -s
-ish {suffix} (appended to words)  :: -achtig, -ig
Ishmael {prop} (eldest son of Abraham)  :: Ismaël {m}
is it going to rain {phrase} (is it going to rain)  :: zou het gaan regenen? gaat het regenen?
Islam {prop} (religion)  :: islam {m}
Islamic {adj} (Adjectival form of Islam)  :: islamitisch
Islamicize {v} (Islamize) SEE: Islamize  ::
Islamic Republic of Pakistan {prop} (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)  :: Islamitische Republiek Pakistan
Islamophobia {n} (The fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims)  :: islamofobie {f}
island {n} (area of land completely surrounded by water)  :: eiland {n}
island {n} (entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from itself)  :: eiland {n}, enclave
island {v} (isolate)  :: afsluiten, afzonderen, isoleren
island chain {n} (chain-like archipelago)  :: eilandenketen {m} {f}, eilandenrij
islander {n} (person who lives on an island)  :: eilander {m}, eilandbewoner {m}
island state {n} (state consisting of one or more islands)  :: eilandstaat {m}
isle {n} (isle) SEE: island  ::
Isle of Man {prop} (island)  :: Man
ism {n} (a form of discrimination)  :: isme {n}
-ism {suffix} (a principle, belief or movement)  :: -isme {n}
isobutylene {n} (isobutene) SEE: isobutene  ::
isolatable {adj} (isolable) SEE: isolable  ::
isolate {v} (transitive, chemistry: to separate a substance in pure form from a mixture)  :: afscheiden
isolate {v} (transitive, microbiology: to separate a pure strain of bacteria etc. from a mixed culture)  :: isoleren
isolate {v} (transitive: to insulate an electrical component from a source of electricity)  :: isoleren
isolate {v} (transitive: to insulate, or make free of external influence)  :: isoleren
isolate {v} (transitive: to place in quarantine or isolation)  :: isoleren
isolate {v} (transitive: to set apart or cut off from others)  :: isoleren
isolated {adj} (in isolation)  :: geïsoleerd
isolationism {n} (policy of non-interaction)  :: isolationisme {n}
isometry {n} (A function)  :: isometrie
isopentane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: 2-methylbutane)  :: isopentaan {n}
isosceles triangle {n} (triangle having two sides equal)  :: gelijkbenige driehoek {m}
isotherm {n} (line representing equal or constant temperature)  :: isotherm {m}
isothermal {n} (isotherm) SEE: isotherm  ::
isothermic {adj}  :: isothermisch, isotherm
isotope {n} (atoms of the same element having a different number of neutrons)  :: isotoop {m}
ISP {initialism} (Internet service provider)  :: internetprovider {m}
Israel {prop} (the state)  :: Israël {n}
Israeli {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people)  :: Israëlisch
Israeli {n} (person from Israel or of Israeli descent)  :: Israëli
Israelite {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient nation(s) of Israel, their inhabitants, or to the descendants of the patriarch Jacob)  :: Israëlitisch
Israelite {n} (native or inhabitant of Israel)  :: Israëliet {m}, Israëlitische {f}
issue {n} (an instalment of a periodical publication)  :: nummer
-ist {suffix} (One who follows a particular ideology, doctrine, belief system or theory)  :: -ist
-ista {suffix} (follower)  :: -ist
Istanbul {prop} (largest city of Turkey and last capital of Ottoman Empire)  :: Istanboel
isthmus {n} (narrow strip of land)  :: landengte, istmus {m}
Istro-Romanian {prop} (language)  :: Istro-Roemeens
it {pron} (object)  :: het, er
it {pron} (subject — inanimate thing)  :: het [for neutral nouns], hij [for gendered nouns]
it {pron} (subject of impersonal statement)  :: het
IT {initialism} (information technology)  :: ICT
IT {initialism} (information technology) SEE: information technology  ::
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to Italy)  :: Italiaans, Italiaanse
Italian {n} (person)  :: Italiaan {m}, Italiaanse {f}
Italian {prop} (language)  :: Italiaans
Italianization {n} (Process of forced assimilation into the Italian culture)  :: italianisering
Italian Republic {prop} (official name of Italy)  :: Italiaanse Republiek {f}
italic {adj} (having a slant to the right)  :: cursief
italicize {v} (to put into italics)  :: cursiveren
italics {n} (italic) SEE: italic  ::
Italy {prop} (European country)  :: Italië
itch {n} (a desire)  :: jeuk in de vingers, jeuk in de handen
itch {n} (a sensation felt on an area of the skin that causes a person or animal to want to scratch)  :: jeuk {m}
itch {v} (to feel the need to scratch)  :: jeuken, kriebelen
itch {v} (to want or desire)  :: jeuken in de vingers , jeuken in de handen
itchy {adj} (having or creating an itch)  :: jeukend
it doesn't matter {phrase} (it doesn't matter)  :: het maakt niet uit, het maakt niets uit, maakt niks uit, scheelt me niks
item {n} (distinct physical object)  :: exemplaar {n}, artikel {n}, stuk {n}, object {n}
item {n} (informal: two people who are having a relationship with each other)  :: koppeltje {n}
item {n} (matter for discussion in an agenda)  :: agendapunt {n}
item of clothing {n} (garment) SEE: garment  ::
iteration {n} (repetition in a computer program)  :: iteratie, herhaling
I think so {phrase} (I think so)  :: ik denk het wel, ik denk van wel
I think therefore I am {phrase} (philosophical proof of existence)  :: ik denk, dus ik ben
itinerant {adj} (travelling from place to place)  :: rondtrekkend, rondreizend
itinerary {n} (account or record of a journey)  :: wegbeschrijving, reisverslag {f}
itinerary {n} (guidebook for travellers)  :: routebeschrijving, reisgids {f}
itinerary {n} (route or proposed route of a journey)  :: weg {m}
-itis {suffix} (suffix denoting diseases characterized by inflammation)  :: -itis
it is what it is {phrase} (it is what it is)  :: het is wat het is
it never rains but it pours {proverb} (unfortunate events occur in quantity)  :: een ongeluk komt zelden alleen
I told you so {phrase} (told you so!)  :: da's wat ik u gezegd heb he!, wat heb ik je gezegd?
it's {contraction} (it has)  :: ’t heeft, ’t is
it's {contraction} (it is)  :: ’t is
its {determiner} (belonging to it)  :: zijn {m} {n}, haar {f}
its {pron} (that which belongs to it)  :: het ... ervan , de zijne
it's about time {interj} (expression of impatience)  :: het werd tijd, dat werd tijd, eindelijk
it's all Greek to me {phrase} (I don’t understand any of this)  :: (This is Chinese to me) dat is Chinees voor mij , [colloquial] (I don’t understand a ball from it) ik versta er geen bal van
it's a pleasure {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
it's cold outside {phrase} (it's cold outside (weather))  :: buiten is het koud
itself {pron} ((emphatic) it)  :: zelf
itself {pron} ((reflexive) it)  :: zichzelf
it's too expensive {phrase} (it's too expensive)  :: het is te duur
it was delicious {phrase} (it was delicious)  :: het was lekker, het was verrukkelijk
-ity {suffix} (Used to form nouns from adjectives.)  :: -heid, -iteit {f}
Ivalo {prop} (village in Northern Finland)  :: Ivalo
Ivano-Frankovsk {prop} (Ivano-Frankivsk) SEE: Ivano-Frankivsk  ::
-ive {suffix} (adjectival suffix: of the nature of; tending to)  :: -ief, -ieve
I've been raped {phrase} (I've been raped)  :: ik ben verkracht
I've been robbed {phrase} (I've been robbed)  :: ik ben beroofd, ik ben bestolen
I've lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys) SEE: I lost my keys  ::
ivory {adj} (having colour of ivory)  :: ivoorkleurig, ivoorkleurige
ivory {adj} (made of ivory)  :: ivoren
ivory {n} (colour)  :: ivoorkleur {f}
ivory {n} (material)  :: ivoor {n}
Ivory Coast {prop} (Côte d'Ivoire) SEE: Côte d'Ivoire  ::
ivory tower {n} (overly-academic perspective)  :: ivoren toren {m}
ivy {n} (plant)  :: klimop {m} {n}
I want my money back {phrase} (words to request a refund)  :: ik wil mijn geld terug
I want to go to the toilet {phrase} (I want to go to the toilet)  :: ik moet naar het toilet, ik moet naar de wc
I want to know {phrase} (I want to know)  :: ik wil weten
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (place name))  :: ik ben geboren in ...
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (year))  :: ik ben geboren in ...
I wish {phrase} (I would very much like that to be so)  :: was het maar zo dat, or use auxiliary hebben with inversion and maar (Had ik maar veel geld. - If only I had lots of money!)
Ixion {prop} (a Kuiper Belt object)  :: Ixion {m}
Ixion {prop} (king of Lapiths)  :: Ixion {m}