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L1 {n}  :: L1 {f}
L2 {abbr}  :: L2 {f}
lab {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory  ::
label {n} (small ticket or sign giving information)  :: Etikett {n}, Beschriftung {f}, Aufschrift {m}
label {n} (company selling records)  :: Musiklabel {n}, Plattenlabel {n}, Label {n}
label {v} (put a ticket or sign on)  :: etikettieren
label {v} (give a label to in order to categorise)  :: etikettieren
labeled {adj} (having a label, tagged)  :: beschriftet, gekennzeichnet
labellum {n}  :: Labellum, Lippe {f}
labia {n} (folds of tissue at opening of vulva)  :: Labia {p}, Schamlippen {f-p}
labial {adj} (linguistics: articulated by the lips)  :: labial
labial {n} (certain consonant)  :: Labial {m}
labialization {n} (labialization)  :: Labialisierung {f}
labialize {v} (make a sound labial)  :: labialisieren
labia majora {n} (outer folds of vulva)  :: große Schamlippen {f-p}
labia minora {n} ((anatomy) the two inner folds of skin within the cleft of the labia majora)  :: kleine Schamlippen {f}
labiate {n} (plant of mint family)  :: Lippenblütler {m}
labile {adj} (liable to slip, err, fall or apostatize)  :: labil
lability {n} (state of being labile)  :: Labilität {f}
lability {n} (susceptibility to change)  :: Labilität {f}
labium {n} (liplike structure)  :: Schamlippe {f}
labneh {n} (strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese)  :: Labneh {n}, Labné {n}
laboratory {n} (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)  :: Labor {n}, Laboratorium {n}
laboratory {n} (place where chemicals, drugs or microbes are prepared or manufactured)  :: Labor {n}, Laboratorium {n}
Labor Day {n} (holiday on May 1st) SEE: May Day  ::
laborer {n} (One who uses body strength instead of intellectual power to earn a wage, usually hourly)  :: Arbeiter {m}
laborious {adj} (industrious) SEE: industrious  ::
labor market {n} (market with labor of workers)  :: Arbeitsmarkt {m}
Labor Party {prop} (similar party in another country) SEE: Labour Party  ::
labor union {n} (labor union) SEE: trade union  ::
labour {n} (work)  :: Arbeit {f}
labour {n} (workers)  :: Arbeiter {m-p}
labour {n} (giving birth)  :: gebären
labour {v} (to work)  :: arbeiten
labour force {n} (people available for employment)  :: Arbeitskraft
Labour Party {prop} (British party)  :: Labor Party {f} [UK and other Anglophone countries]
Labour Party {prop} (similar party in another country)  :: Arbeiterpartei {f}, Labor Party {f} [UK and other Anglophone countries]
Labrador duck {n} (Camptorhynchus labradorius)  :: Labradorente {f}
laburnum {n} (tree)  :: Goldregen {m}
labyrinth {n} (maze)  :: Labyrinth {n}
labyrinth {n} (part of inner ear)  :: Labyrinth {n}
labyrinthal {adj} (like a labyrinth) SEE: labyrinthine  ::
labyrinthian {adj} (mazelike) SEE: labyrinthine  ::
labyrinthiform {adj} (having the form of a labyrinth) SEE: labyrinthine  ::
labyrinthine {adj} (physically resembling a labyrinth)  :: labyrinthartig
lac {n} (a resinous substance)  :: Lack {m}
lace {n} (fabric)  :: Spitze {f}
lace {n} (cord for fastening a shoe or garment)  :: Schnürband {n} (garment), Schnürsenkel {m} (shoes), Schuhband {n} (shoes)
lace {v} (fasten with laces)  :: schnüren
laceration {n} (an irregular open wound caused by a blunt impact to soft tissue)  :: Platzwunde {f}
Lacerta {prop} (a constellation)  :: Eidechse {f}
lachanophobia {n} (irrational fear of vegetables)  :: Lachanophobie {f}
lachrymable {adj} (lamentable) SEE: lamentable  ::
lachrymal {adj} (of or relating to tears) SEE: lacrimal  ::
lachrymose {adj} (tearful; causing tears)  :: ergreifend, traurig, nahe gehend
lack {n} (deficiency, need)  :: Mangel {m}
lack {v} (be without, need, require)  :: mangeln, fehlen, [transitive, dated] entbehren
lackadaisical {adj} (showing no interest or enthusiasm)  :: gleichgültig, lustlos, lasch
lackey {n} (liveried male servant)  :: Lakai {m}
lackey {n} (a fawning, servile follower)  :: Lakai {m}
lackluster {adj} (Having no shine or lustre; dull)  :: matt
lackluster {adj} (Not exceptional; not worthy of special merit, attention, or interest)  :: mittelmäßig
lackluster {adj} (Having no vitality)  :: langweilig, müde
Laconia {prop} (region in the southern Peloponnese)  :: Lakonien
laconic {adj} (using as few words as possible)  :: lakonisch, wortkarg
lacquer {n} (glossy, resinous material used as a surface coating)  :: Lack {m}
lacquer {n}  :: Lack {m}
lacquer {v} (to apply a lacquer to something)  :: lackieren
lacrimal {adj} (of or relating to tears)  :: Tränen-
lacrimal bone {n} (fragile bone situated near the eye)  :: Tränenbein {n}
lacrosse {n} (the sport)  :: Lacrosse {n}
lactase {n} (A β-galactosidase enzyme)  :: Laktase {f}, Lactase {f}
lactic acid {n} (2-hydroxy-propanoic acid (CH3.CHOH.CO2H))  :: Milchsäure {f}
lactone {n} (cyclic intramolecular ester)  :: Lacton {n}
lactoprotein {n} (protein)  :: Milcheiweiß {n}
lactose {n} (disaccharide sugar of milk and dairy products)  :: Laktose {f}, [alternatively:] Lactose, Milchzucker {m}
lactose intolerance {n} (inability to metabolize lactose)  :: Laktoseintoleranz {f}
lactose intolerant {adj} (unable to metabolize lactose)  :: laktoseintolerant
lacuna {n} (in linguistics)  :: lexikalische Lücke {f}
lacustrine {adj} (of or relating to lakes)  :: lakustrisch
lad {n} (a boy)  :: Junge {m}, Knabe {m}
lad {n} (familiar term of address for a man)  :: Bursche {m}
lad {n} (a groom who works with horses)  :: Stallbursche {m}
Ladakh {prop} (region)  :: Ladakh
ladder {n} (climbing tool)  :: Leiter {f}
ladder {n} (length of unravelled fabric in a knitted garment)  :: Laufmasche {f}
ladder snake {n} (Rhinechis scalaris)  :: Treppennatter {f}
laddie {n} (small boy)  :: Bubi {m}
lade {v} (To fill or load)  :: beladen
ladies and gentlemen {n} (phrase used to address an audience of men and women)  :: meine Damen und Herren, [ironic] Herrschaften {f-p}
ladies' fingers {n} (edible pods of the okra plant)  :: Okra {f}, Gemüse-Eibisch {n}
ladies first {proverb} (phrase encouraging gentlemanliness)  :: Ladies first
ladies' room {n} (lavatory intended for women, see also: toilet)  :: Damenumkleideraum {m}
Ladin {prop} (the Romance language)  :: Ladinisch {n}, ladinische Sprache
Ladinian {prop} (subdivision of the Triassic period)  :: Ladinium
ladle {n} (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle)  :: Kelle {f}, Suppenkelle, Schöpfkelle {f}, Schöpflöffel {m}
ladle {n} (container used in a foundry to transport and pour out molten metal)  :: Gießpfanne {f}
Ladoga {prop} (a lake in Russia)  :: Ladogasee {m}
lady {n} (woman of breeding and authority)  :: Dame {f}
lady {n} (wife of a lord)  :: Frau {f}, Herrin {f}, Dame {f}
lady {n} (polite term referring a woman)  :: Dame {f}, meine Dame {f}, Madam {f}
lady {n} (toilets intended for use by women)  :: Damentoilette {f}
Lady {n} (aristocratic title for a woman)  :: Frau, Herrin, Dame
lady abbess {n} (bawd)  :: Puffmutter
ladybird {n} (member of Coccinellidae)  :: Marienkäfer {m}
ladybird spider {n} (Eresus sandaliatus, a species of spider found primarily in northern and central Europe)  :: rote Röhrenspinne {f}
ladyboy {n} (effeminate homosexual man, especially an intergender person, see also: kathoey)  :: Ladyboy {m} [anglicism, uncommon]
ladybug {n} (ladybird) SEE: ladybird  ::
ladyfinger {n} (okra) SEE: okra  ::
lady-in-waiting {n} (woman who is a servant to a lady)  :: Hofdame {f}, Ehrendame {f}, Palastdame {f}
lady-killer {n} (uncaring womanizer)  :: Frauenheld {m}, Weiberheld {m}, Schürzenjäger {m}
ladylike {adj} (of or connected with the appearance or behaviour of a well-mannered woman)  :: damenhaft
ladylove {n} (a woman who is loved by someone)  :: Feinsliebchen {n}
Lady Luck {prop} (female personification of luck)  :: Glücksgöttin {f}
ladyship {n} (Term of respect)  :: Die Herrin {f}
lady's man {n} (womanizer) SEE: womanizer  ::
lady's man {n} (man who attracts women and enjoys their company)  :: Weiberheld {m}
lady's slipper {n} (orchid of the subfamily Cypripedioideae)  :: Frauenschuh {m}
lady's slipper {n} (Cypripedium calceolus)  :: Gelber Frauenschuh {m}
Laestrygonians {n} (tribe)  :: Laistrygonen
lag {v} (to fall behind)  :: zurückbleiben, zurückfallen
lager {n} (type of beer)  :: Lager {n}
laggard {n} (one who lags behind)  :: Nachzügler {m}, Bummler {m}
lagoon {n} (shallow body of water)  :: Lagune {f}
lagopode {n} (ptarmigan) SEE: ptarmigan  ::
Lagrange point {n} (a point in an the orbital configuration)  :: Lagrange-Punkt {m}
lahar {n} (volcanic mudflow)  :: Lahar {m}
lahmacun {n} (dish of Arab origin)  :: Türkische Pizza {f}
Lahti {prop} (city of Finland)  :: Lahti
laicism {n} (secularism)  :: Laizismus {m}
lain {v} (situated horizontally)  :: gelegen
lair {n} (of an animal)  :: Bau {m}, Höhle {f}
laissez faire {n} (economics: a policy of governmental non-interference in economic affairs)  :: Laissez-faire {n}
laity {n} (people of a church who are not ordained)  :: Laie
lake {n} (body of water)  :: See {m}
lake {n} (coloring agent)  :: Farbstoff {m}
Lake Como {prop} (lake in Italy)  :: Comer See
Lake Constance {prop} (Lake)  :: Bodensee
lake dwelling {n} (prehistoric structure)  :: Pfahlbau {m}
Lake Garda {prop} (lake in Italy)  :: Gardasee {m}
Lake Ladoga {prop} (Ladoga) SEE: Ladoga  ::
Lake Malar {prop} (third-largest lake in Sweden)  :: Mälaren
Lake Michigan {prop} (one of the five Great Lakes)  :: Michigansee {m}, Michigan-See {m}
Lake Mälaren {prop} (third-largest lake in Sweden)  :: Mälaren
Lake Ontario {prop} (the lake)  :: Ontariosee {m}
lakeshore {n} (the shore of a lake)  :: Seeuver {n}
lakeside {n} (the shore of a lake)  :: Seeufer {n}
Lake Superior {prop} (the lake)  :: Oberer See {m}
Lake Zurich {prop} (lake in Switzerland)  :: Zürichsee {m}
laksa {n} (a spicy stew from Indonesia or Malaysia)  :: Laksa {f}
Lakshmi {prop} (Hindu goddess of wealth)  :: Lakshmi
lama {n} (master of Tibetan Buddhism)  :: Lama {m}
lamb {n} (young sheep)  :: Lamm {n}
lamb {n} (flesh of lamb as food)  :: Lamm {n}, Lammfleisch {n}
lambaste {v} (to scold or verbally reprimand)  :: beschimpfen, zurechtweisen
lambaste {v} (to give a thrashing to)  :: verdreschen, verprügeln
lambda {n} (name of the Greek letter)  :: Lambda {n}
lambdacism {n} (pronunciation of other sounds as l)  :: Lambdazismus {m}
lambda point {n} (transition point between the normal and the superfluid forms of helium)  :: Lambdapunkt {m}
lambda probe {n} (device used to measure the proportion of oxygen in a fluid)  :: Lambdasonde {f}
lamblike {adj} (like a lamb)  :: lammfromm, lammartig
Lamb of God {prop} (Jesus, symbolized as a sacrifice)  :: Lamm Gottes {n}
lame {adj} (unable to walk properly because of a problem with one's feet or legs)  :: lahm
lame {adj} (slang: failing to be cool, funny, interesting or relevant)  :: ätzend, öde
lame {adj}  :: [2] lahm
lame duck {n} (an official who is marking time until leaving their office)  :: Lame Duck {n}
lamella {n} (gill of a mushroom) SEE: gill  ::
lament {n} (song expressing grief)  :: Klagegesang {m}, Klagelied {n}
lament {v} (express grief)  :: wehklagen
lament {v} (bewail)  :: beklagen
lamentable {adj} (deplorable)  :: beklagenswert
lamentably {adv} (regrettably) SEE: regrettably  ::
Lamentations {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Klagelieder {f-p}
lametta {n} (thin wire or foil)  :: Lametta {n}
lamia {n} (monster in mythology)  :: Lamia
laminate {v} (To assemble from thin sheets)  :: laminieren
laminate {n} (Material formed of thin sheets)  :: Laminat {n}
laminated {adj} (made by lamination)  :: laminiert
laminate flooring {n} (synthetic flooring simulating wood)  :: Laminat {n}, Laminatfußboden {m}, Laminatboden {m}
lamination {n} (process)  :: Laminierung {f}
lamination {n} (product of laminating)  :: Laminat {n}
lammergeier {n} (bird)  :: Lämmergeier {m}, Bartgeier {m}
lammergeyer {n} (vulture) SEE: lammergeier  ::
lamp {n} (device producing light)  :: Lampe {f}
lamp {n} (oil device producing light)  :: Lampe {f}, Öllampe {f}
lampoon {n} (written satirical attack)  :: Pamphlet {n}, Schmähschrift {f}, Spottschrift {f}
lampoon {v} (satirize) SEE: satirize  ::
lamppost {n} (pole that holds up a light)  :: Laternenpfahl {m}
lamprey {n} (a fish)  :: Neunauge {n}
lampshade {n} (cover over a lamp)  :: Lampenschirm {m}
lance {n} (weapon of war)  :: Lanze {f}
lance {n} (wooden weapon used in jousting or tilting)  :: Lanze {f}
lance {n} (spear or harpoon used by whalers)  :: Harpune {f}
lance {n} ((military) soldier armed with a lance)  :: Lanzer {m}
lance {n} ((military) instrument which conveys the charge of a piece of ordinance)  :: Harpune {f} mit Sprenggeschoss {n}
lance corporal {n} (lance corporal)  :: Gefreiter {m}
lancet {n} (surgical instrument)  :: Lanzette {f}
land {n} (part of Earth that is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water)  :: Land {n}, Länder {p}
land {n} (real estate or landed property)  :: Land {n}, Länder {p}
land {n} (country or region)  :: Land {n}, Länder {p}
land {n} (ground that is suitable for farming)  :: Land {n}, Länder {p}
land {v} (to descend to a surface, especially from the air)  :: landen
land {v} (to bring to land)  :: landen
land {v} (to deliver) SEE: deliver  ::
land {n} (fright) SEE: fright  ::
-land {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix))  :: -land {n}
land ahoy {interj} (interjection shouted by the ship's watch)  :: Land in Sicht
lander {n} (space probe)  :: Lander {m}
Landeshauptmann {n} (title of the head of government of an Austrian state or of specific Italian provinces)  :: Landeshauptmann {m}
landfall {n} (arrival of a ship at the shore)  :: Landung {f}
landfill {v} (to dispose of waste)  :: deponieren, ablagern
landfill {n} (site at which refuse is buried)  :: Deponie {f}, [garbage] Mülldeponie {f}, Müllhalde {f}
landfill {n} (material so disposed of)  :: Müll {m}
landgrave {n} (renderings of Landgraf)  :: Landgraf {m}
landgraviate {n} (countship of a landgrave)  :: Landgrafschaft {f}
landgravine {n} (wife of a landgrave)  :: Landgräfin
land ho {interj} (land ahoy) SEE: land ahoy  ::
-landia {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix)) SEE: -land  ::
landing {n} (coming to earth, as of an airplane)  :: Landung {f}
landing {n} (an in-between platform)  :: Treppenabsatz {m}
landing {n} (a place on a shoreline where a boat lands)  :: Anlegeplatz {m}
landing gear {n} (undercarriage)  :: Fahrwerk {n}
landlady {n} (female landlord)  :: Vermieterin {f}, Hauswirtin {f}
landline {n} (fixed telephone communications cable)  :: Festnetz {n}
landline {n} (telephone connected by such a fixed wire)  :: Festnetz {n}
landlocked {adj} (surrounded by land)  :: binnen-
landlord {n} (person who owns and rents land such as a house, apartment, or condo)  :: Vermieter {m}, Hauswirt {m}
landlouper {n} (vagabond) SEE: vagabond  ::
landlubber {n} (someone unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship)  :: Landratte
landmark {n} (recognizable feature)  :: Wahrzeichen {n}, Orientierungspunkt {m}
landmark {n} (notable location)  :: Sehenswürdigkeit {f}
landmass {n} (large continuous area of land)  :: Landfläche {f}, Landmasse {f}, Festland {n}
land mine {n} (mine that is placed on land)  :: Landmine {f}
Land of the Rising Sun {prop} (Japan)  :: Land der aufgehenden Sonne {n}
landowner {n} (a person who owns land)  :: Grundbesitzer {m}, Grundbesitzerin {f}
landscape {n} (portion of land or territory)  :: Landschaft {f}
landscape {n} (pictorial aspect of a country)  :: Landschaft {f}
landscape {n} (mode of printing)  :: Querformat {n}
landscape genetics {n} (discipline)  :: Landschaftsgenetik {f}
landscaper {n} (one that does landscaping)  :: Landschaftsgärtner {m}, Landschaftsgärtnerin {f}
landscaping {n} (the act of improving a landscape)  :: Landschaftsbau {m}
Landsknecht {n} (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century) SEE: lansquenet  ::
landslide {n} (natural disaster)  :: Erdrutsch {m}
landslide {n} (vote won by a wide or overwhelming majority)  :: erdrutschartiger Sieg, überwältigender Sieg
landslide victory {n} (overwhelming victory in an election)  :: Erdrutschsieg {m}, überwältigender Sieg {m}
lane {n} (passageway)  :: Gang {m}, Gasse {f}
lane {n} (division of roadway)  :: Spur {f}
lane {n} (course for ships or aircraft)  :: Spur {f}, Route {f}
Langhian {prop} (subdivision of the Miocene epoch)  :: Langhium
Langobard {n} (Lombard) SEE: Lombard  ::
language {n} (body of words used as a form of communication)  :: Sprache {f}
language {n} (the ability to communicate using words)  :: Sprache {f}
language {n} (nonverbal communication)  :: Sprache {f}
language {n} (vocabulary of a particular field)  :: Sprache {f}, Jargon {n}
language {n} (particular words used)  :: Sprache {f}
language {n} (computer language, see also: computer language)  :: Sprache {f}, Sprachen {p}
language barrier {n} (barrier to communication)  :: Sprachbarriere {f}
language code {n} (a standard identifier of a language)  :: Sprachcode {m}
language exchange {n} (language exchange)  :: Sprachenaustausch {m}
language family {n} (set of languages)  :: Sprachfamilie {f}
language isolate {n} (natural language without relatives)  :: isolierte Sprache {f}
language police {n} (language police)  :: Sprachpolizei {f}
language swap {n} (language exchange) SEE: language exchange  ::
Languedoc {prop} (French province)  :: Languedoc {n}
Languedoc-Roussillon {prop} (region of France)  :: Languedoc-Roussillon {n}
languid {adj} (lacking enthusiasm, energy or strength)  :: träge
languish {v} (to lose strength and become weak)  :: ermatten, erschlaffen, siechen
languish {v} (to pine away with longing)  :: schmachten, sehnen, sich verzehren
languish {v} (to live in miserable conditions)  :: dahinsiechen
languor {n} (a state of the body or mind caused by exhaustion or disease and characterized by a languid feeling)  :: einschläfernde Stille
La Niña {n} (temperature anomaly)  :: La Niña {n}
lanichol {n} (lanolin) SEE: lanolin  ::
laniol {n} (lanolin) SEE: lanolin  ::
lanky {adj} (tall, slim)  :: schlacksig
lanolin {n} (greasy yellow substance)  :: Wollwachs {n}
lansquenet {n} (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century)  :: Landsknecht {m}
lansquenet {n} (gambling card game)  :: Landsknecht {m}, Lansquenet {m}
lantern {n} (case of transparent material made to protect a flame, or light)  :: Laterne {f}
lantern {n} (a smaller and secondary cupola crowning a larger one)  :: Laterne {f}
lantern beetle {n} (Several kinds of cicadas)  :: Laternenträger {m}
lanternfish {n} (Any small, deep sea fish of family Myctophidae)  :: Laternenfisch {m}
lanthanum {n} (metallic element)  :: Lanthan {n}
Lao {n} (person)  :: Laote {m}, Laotin {f}
Lao {prop} (language)  :: Laotisch, Lao {n}
Lao {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Laos, the people or their language)  :: laotisch
Laocoön {prop} (The Trojan and the Argonaut)  :: Laokoon
Laos {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Laos {n}
Laotian {n} (Laotian person) SEE: Lao  ::
Laotian {prop} (language)  :: Laotisch, Lao {n}
Laotian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Laos)  :: laotisch
Lao-Tzu {prop} (Laozi) SEE: Laozi  ::
Laozi {prop} (influential Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism)  :: Laozi {m}
lap {n} (upper legs of a seated person)  :: Schoß {m}
lap {n}  :: [4,5] Schoß {m}
lap {v} (to overtake a straggler)  :: überrunden
lap {v}  :: [3] überlappen
lap {n}  :: [1] Überstand {m}, [1] Überhang {m}, [4] Runde {f}
lap {v} (to take liquid into the mouth with the tongue)  :: schlecken
laparoscope {n} (thin endoscope)  :: Laparoskop {n}
laparotomy {n} (surgical procedure)  :: Laparotomie {f}
La Paz {prop} (capital of Bolivia)  :: La Paz
lap dog {n} (small dog suited to resting in its master's lap)  :: Schoßhund {m}
lapel {n} (each of the two triangular pieces of cloth on a suit)  :: Revers {n}
lapidation {n} (act of stoning, sometimes to the point of death)  :: Steinigung {f}, [from Arabic] Radschm {m}, Lapidation {f}
lapis lazuli {n} (precious blue stone)  :: Lapislazuli {m}, Lapis Lazuli {m}, Lasurstein {m}, Lazurit {n}
Laplace operator {n} (mathematics, physics: differential operator used in modeling of wave propagation, heat flow and many other applications)  :: Laplace-Operator {m}
Laplace transform {n} (function on positive real numbers)  :: Laplace-Transformation {f}
Laplacian {n} (Laplace operator) SEE: Laplace operator  ::
Lapland {prop} (region in Scandinavia)  :: Lappland {n}
Lappeenranta {prop} (city of Finland)  :: Lappeenranta
lappet moth {n} (eggar) SEE: eggar  ::
Lappland {prop} (Lapland) SEE: Lapland  ::
Lapponian Herder {n} (breed of dog)  :: Lappländischer Rentierhund {m}
La Pérouse Strait {prop} (strait)  :: La-Pérouse-Straße {f}
lapse {n} (a temporary failure; a slip)  :: Entgleisung {f}
laptop {n} (computing: a laptop computer)  :: Laptop {m}, Klapprechner {m} [colloquial]
laptop computer {n} (laptop) SEE: laptop  ::
lapwing {n} (bird belonging to the subfamily Vanellinae)  :: Kiebitz {m}
Lara {prop} (female given name)  :: Lara {f}
larboard {n} (port) SEE: port  ::
larceny {n} (law: unlawful taking of personal property)  :: Diebstahl {m}
larch {n} (a coniferous tree)  :: Lärche {f}
larch {n} (the wood of the larch)  :: Lärche {f}, Lärchenholz {n}
lard {n} (bacon) SEE: bacon  ::
lard {n} (fat from the abdomen of a pig)  :: Schmalz {m}
larder {n} (cool room used as food storage)  :: Kühlraum {m}, Speisekammer {f}
large {adj} (of greater size, see also: big)  :: groß, weit
large-headed water snake {n} (Natrix megalocephala)  :: Großkopf-Ringelnatter {f}
large intestine {n} (bodily organ)  :: Dickdarm {m}
Large Münsterländer {n} (Large Münsterländer)  :: Großer Münsterländer {m}
largen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge  ::
large-scale {adj} (large in amount, scope or extent)  :: großangelegt, groß angelegt
large-scale {adj} (drawn large so as to show detail)  :: großangelegt, groß angelegt
largescale archerfish {n} (Toxotes chatareus)  :: Gefleckter Schützenfisch {m}
largess {n} (generosity in the giving of gifts or money)  :: Großzügigkeit {f}
large-tailed antshrike {n} (a passerine of the antbird family)  :: Langschwanz-Ameisenwürger {m}
Larissa {prop} (female given name)  :: Larissa
lark {n} (bird)  :: Lerche {f}
lark {n} (one who wakes early)  :: Frühaufsteher {m}, Frühaufsteher {m}, Lerche {f}
larkspur {n} (Delphinium)  :: Rittersporn {m}
larnax {n} (small closed coffin, box or cinerary urn)  :: Larnax
larva {n} (a stage of growth)  :: Larve {f}
larva {n} (an animal in such stage of growth, see also: tadpole)  :: Larve {f}
larval {adj} (of or relating to a larva or larvae, being a larva, larval-like, undeveloped)  :: laval, larvenähnlich, larvenartig
laryngeal {adj} (of or pertaining to larynx)  :: kehlkopflich, Kehlkopf-
laryngeal {n} (laryngeal sound)  :: Kehlkopflaut {m}
laryngeal {n} (in Proto-Indo-European linguistics, one of the typically three reconstructed consonants)  :: Laryngal {m}
laryngitis {n} (inflammation of the larynx)  :: Kehlkopfentzündung {f}
laryngological {adj} (of or pertaining to laryngology)  :: laryngologisch
laryngologist {n} (a person who studies or specializes in laryngology)  :: Laryngologe {m}, Laryngologin {f}
laryngology {n} (branch of physiology)  :: Laryngologie
larynx {n} (the organ)  :: Kehlkopf {m}
lasagna {n} (baked dish)  :: Lasagne {f}
lascivious {adj} (wanton)  :: lüstern, lasziv
lasciviousness {n} (the state or characteristic of being lascivious)  :: Lüsternheit {f}, Laszivität {f}
laser {n} (device producing beam of light)  :: Laser {m}
laser {n} (laser beam) SEE: laser beam  ::
laser {n} (laser printer) SEE: laser printer  ::
laser beam {n} (light from a laser)  :: Laserstrahl {m}
laser cooling {n} (process of using the force exerted by a laser to reduce the temperature of a gas)  :: Laserkühlung {f}
laser printer {n} (computer printer)  :: Laserdrucker {m}
laserwort {n} (plant of the genus Laserpitium)  :: Laserkraut {n}
lash {n} (eyelash; hair growing from the eyelid) SEE: eyelash  ::
lash {n} (thong of a whip)  :: Schlag {m}
lash {n} (stroke with a whip)  :: Peitschenhieb {m}
lass {n} (a young woman or girl)  :: Mädchen {n}, Jungfrau {f}
lass {n} (sweetheart) SEE: sweetheart  ::
lassi {n} (beverage)  :: Lassi {n}
lasso {n} (a long rope with a sliding loop)  :: Lasso
last {adj} (final)  :: letzter
last {adj} (most recent)  :: letzter
last {determiner} (the one immediately before the present)  :: letzter
last {adv} (after everything else)  :: zuletzt
last {adv} (finally)  :: zuletzt
last {v} (to endure, continue over time)  :: dauern, aushalten
last {v} (to hold out)  :: andauern, anhalten
last {n} (tool)  :: Leisten {m}
lastborn {adj} (born last in a family)  :: letztgeboren
last but not least {adv} (An expression to start the last item of a list)  :: nicht zuletzt, last but not least
last but one {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
last call {n} (Last announcement on which drinks can be purchased before closing time)  :: letzter Aufruf
Last Judgment {prop} (judgment day)  :: Jüngstes Gericht {n}
last mile {n} (portion of the infrastructure)  :: letzte Meile {f}
last name {n} (surname) SEE: surname  ::
last night {n} (previous evening or night)  :: gestern Abend [before midnight]; heute Nacht [after midnight; can also mean the coming night, depending on tense]; gestern Nacht, letzte Nacht [after midnight; both less common]
last night {adv} (during the night before today)  :: gestern Abend [before midnight]; heute Nacht [after midnight; can also mean the coming night, depending on tense]; gestern Nacht, letzte Nacht [after midnight; both less common]
last resort {n} (The only remaining option)  :: letztes Mittel {n}, letzter Ausweg {m}
last straw {n} (small additional burden)  :: der Tropfen, der das Fass zum Überlaufen bringt
Last Supper {prop} (last meal Jesus ate with disciples)  :: Abendmahl, das letzte Abendmahl {n}
last time {n} (the previous occurrence)  :: letztes Mal {n}
last year {adv} (year before this one)  :: letztes Jahr, im vergangenen Jahr
Las Vegas {prop} (city)  :: Las Vegas {n}
lat {n} (former currency of Latvia)  :: Lats {m}
latch {v} (to close with a latch)  :: verriegeln
latch {n} (fastening for a door)  :: Riegel {m}
latch {n} (crossbow)  :: Armbrust {f}
latch-key child {n} (A child who returns to an empty house)  :: Schlüsselkind {n}
latchkey kid {n} (schoolchild)  :: Schlüsselkind {n}
late {adj} (near the end of a period of time)  :: spät
late {adj} (near the end of the day)  :: spät
late {adj} (associated with the end of a period)  :: spät
late {adj} (not arriving until after an expected time)  :: verspätet
late {adv} (proximate in time)  :: spät
Late Antiquity {prop} (the period between classical antiquity and the Middle Ages)  :: Spätantike {f}
late bloomer {n} (person who reaches puberty or matures late)  :: Spätentwickler {m}
late bloomer {n} (person who achieves proficiency or success late)  :: Spätzünder {m}
late bloomer {n} (plant that blooms late)  :: Spätblüher {m}
Late Latin {prop} (form of the Latin language used between the 3rd and 8th centuries)  :: Spätlatein {n}
lately {adv} (recently) SEE: recently  ::
Late Middle Ages {prop} (Translations)  :: Spätmittelalter {n}
late modern {adj} (late modern)  :: spätmodern
latency {n} (delay)  :: Latenz {f}, Latenzzeit {f}, Verborgenheit {f}, Wartezeit {f}, Verzögerung {f}
latency {n} (delay between a stimulus and the response in an organism)  :: Latenzmechanismus {m}, Latenz, Verzögerung {f}
lateness {n} (The property of being late)  :: Verspätung {f}
latent {adj} (existing or present but concealed or inactive)  :: latent
latent heat {n} (heat that is released or absorbed accompanying a change of state or of phase)  :: latente Wärme {f}
later {adv} (more late)  :: später
later {adv} (afterward in time)  :: später, nachher
later {interj} (see you later)  :: bis bald
lateral thinking {n} (lateral thinking)  :: Querdenken {n}
Lateran {prop} (church and palace in Rome)  :: Lateran
later on {adv}  :: später, später einmal, späterhin, nachher
latex {n} (milky sap)  :: Latex {m}, Milchsaft {m}
latex {n} (emulsion)  :: Latex {m}
Latgale {prop} (region of Latvia)  :: Lettgallen
lath {n}  :: Latte {f}, Leiste {f}
lathe {n} (machine tool used to shape a piece of material)  :: Drechselbank {f}, Drehbank {f}, Drehmaschine {f}, Drehstuhl {m}, Holzdrehmaschine {f} [for processing wood]
lathe {v} (to shape with a lathe)  :: drehen
lather {n} (foam of soap and water)  :: Seifenschaum {m}
lather {v} (to cover with lather)  :: einschäumen
Latin {adj} (Roman Catholic) SEE: Roman Catholic  ::
Latin {adj} (of the language)  :: lateinisch
Latin {adj} (of the script)  :: lateinisch
Latin {adj} (of ancient Rome)  :: römisch
Latin {adj} (of Latium)  :: latinisch
Latin {adj} (of descendants from ancient Romans)  :: romanisch
Latin {adj} (of/from Latin America)  :: lateinamerikanisch
Latin {prop} (language of the ancient Romans)  :: Latein {n}, Lateinisch {n}
Latin {n} (person native to ancient Rome or its Empire)  :: Römer {m}
Latin alphabet {n} (the 26-letter alphabet)  :: lateinisches Alphabet {n}
Latin America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish or Portuguese)  :: Lateinamerika {n}
Latin American {n} (A native or inhabitant of Latin America)  :: Lateinamerikaner {m}, Lateinamerikanerin {f}
Latin American {adj} (Of or relating to Latin America)  :: lateinamerikanisch
Latinist {n} (scholar who studies Latin)  :: Latinist {m}, Latinistin {f}
Latinization {n} (act or process of Latinizing)  :: Latinisierung {f}
Latinize {v} (to transliterate to Latin script) SEE: romanize  ::
Latinize {v} (to translate to Latin language)  :: latinisieren
Latino {n} (person from Latin America)  :: Latino {m}
latitude {n} (angular distance north or south from the equator)  :: Breite {f}, geographische Breite {f}, Breitengrad {m}
latitude {n} (imaginary line parallel to the equator)  :: Breite {f}, Breitenkreis {m}, Breitengrad {m}
latrine {n} (a very simple toilet facility, usually just a pit or trench, see also: toilet; outhouse)  :: Latrine {f}
latrine {n} (chamber pot) SEE: chamber pot  ::
latte {n} (caffè latte)  :: Milchkaffee {m}, Café au Lait {m}, Caffè Latte {m}
latter {adj} (relating to or being the second of two items)  :: letzterer, zweiter
latter {adj} (near (or nearer) to the end)  :: letztere
latter {adj} (close (or closer) to the present time)  :: letzter
lattice {n} (A flat panel constructed with widely-spaced crossed thin strips of wood or other material, commonly used as a garden trellis)  :: Gitterzaun {m}, Gitterwerk {n}, Gitter {n}, Gatter {n}, Lattengerüst {n}
lattice {n} (a regular spacing or arrangement of geometric points)  :: Kristallgitter {n}, Gitter {n}
lattice {n} (partially ordered set in algebra)  :: Verband {m}
lattice window {n} (a window with strips of metal holding small pieces of glass)  :: Gitterfenster {n}, Bleiglasfenster {n}, Sprossenfenster {n}
Latvia {prop} (country)  :: Lettland {n}
Latvian {adj} (pertaining to Latvia or the Latvian language)  :: lettisch
Latvian {prop} (Baltic language of Latvia)  :: Lettisch {n}
Latvian {n} (person pertaining to Latvia)  :: Lette {m}, Lettin {f}
Latvian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Lettische SSR {f}
laud {v} (to praise, to glorify)  :: preisen
laudable {adj} (worthy of being lauded)  :: lobenswert, löblich
laudableness {n} (quality of being laudable)  :: Löblichkeit {f}
laudanum {n} (the tincture of opium once widely used)  :: Laudanum {n}
Lauenburg {prop} (city in Schleswig-Holstein)  :: Lauenburg
Lauenburg {prop} (city in Pomerania)  :: Lauenburg
laugh {n} (expression of mirth peculiar to the human species)  :: Lachen {n}, Lache {f}
laugh {v} (show mirth by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face and emission of sounds)  :: lachen
laugh {v} (be or appear cheerful)  :: lachen
laugh {v} (make an object of laughter or ridicule)  :: auslachen
laughable {adj} (fitted to exite laughter)  :: lächerlich, lachhaft
laughing gas {n} (common name for nitrous oxide)  :: Lachgas {n}
laughing gull {n} (European gull)  :: Lachmöwe {f}
laughing gull {n} (American gull)  :: Aztekenmöwe {f}
laughing kookaburra {n} (Dacelo novaeguineae)  :: Jägerliest {m}, Lachender Hans {m}, Kookaburra {m}
laughing stock {n} (object of ridicule)  :: Lachnummer {f}; Witzfigur {f}
laugh in one's sleeve {v} (laugh secretly or to oneself)  :: sich ins Fäustchen lachen
laugh one's head off {v} (laugh uproariously)  :: sich vor Lachen kringeln, sich totlachen
laughter {n} (sound (as) of laughing)  :: Gelächter {n}, Lachen {n}
laughter {n} (movement of the muscles of the laughing face)  :: Gelächter {n}, Lachen {n}
laughter is the best medicine {proverb} (Translations)  :: Lachen ist die beste Medizin
laugh up one's sleeve {v} (laugh secretly or to oneself)  :: sich ins Fäustchen lachen
launch {v} (throw, hurl, let fly, propel with force)  :: abschießen, lancieren
launch {n} (act of launching)  :: Start {m}
launch pad {n} (launch pad)  :: Startrampe {f}, Abschussrampe {f}
launchpad {n} (surface or structure)  :: Startrampe {f}, Abschussrampe {f}
launch vehicle {n} (vehicle for transporting objects into space)  :: Trägerrakete {f} [rocket]
launder {v} (to wash and iron)  :: waschen
launder {v} (to disguise the source of)  :: waschen
launder {n} (washerwoman) SEE: washerwoman  ::
launderette {n} (place with facilities for washing that public may use)  :: Waschsalon {m}, Münzwäscherei {f}
laundromat {n} (launderette) SEE: launderette  ::
laundry {n} (laundering; washing)  :: Wäsche {f}, Wäscherei {f}, Waschen {n}
laundry {n} (place or room where laundering is done)  :: Waschküche {f}, Waschsalon {m}
laundry {n} (that which needs to be laundered)  :: Wäsche {f}
laundry basket {n} (container for holding and transporting clothing)  :: Wäschekorb {m}
Laura {prop} (female given name)  :: Laura
Laurasia {prop} (supercontinent)  :: Laurasien {n}, Laurasia {f}
laureate {n} (one crowned with laurel)  :: Laureat {m}, Laureatin {f}
laurel {n} (evergreen shrub, of the genus Laurus)  :: Lorbeer {m}
laurel {n} (crown of laurel)  :: Lorbeerkranz {m}
Laurel and Hardy {prop} (Laurel and Hardy)  :: Dick und Doof
laurel wreath {n} (wreath worn as a symbol of victory)  :: Lorbeerkranz {m}
Laurence {prop} (male given name)  :: Lorenz
Lausanne {prop} (city)  :: Lausanne {n}
lava {n} (molten rock)  :: Lava {f}
lava {n} (magma) SEE: magma  ::
lavabo {n} (church washbasin)  :: Lavabo {n}
lava flow {n} (flow of lava)  :: Lavafluss {m}
lava lamp {n} (lamp used for decoration)  :: Lavalampe {f}
lavash {n} (a soft, thin flatbread)  :: Lavash {n}
lavatory {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
lavatory {n} (sink) SEE: sink  ::
lavender {n} (plant)  :: Lavendel {m}
lavender {n} (colour)  :: Lavendel {m}
laver {n} (Porphyra umbilicalis)  :: Nabel-Purpurtang {m}, Purpurtang {m}, Hauttang {m}, Nabel-Hauttang {m}
lavish {adj} (profuse)  :: freigiebig
lavish {adj} (excessive)  :: überreich
law {n} (body of rules established in a community by its authorities)  :: Gesetz {n}, Recht {n}
law {n} (any rule that must or should be obeyed)  :: Gesetz {n}
law {n} (statement of (observed, established) order, sequence or relationship of phenomena)  :: Gesetz {n}
law {n} (mathematics: statement that is true under specified conditions)  :: Gesetz {n}
law {n} (informal: the police)  :: Gesetz {n}
law and order {n} (enforcement of law, statutes and social conventions)  :: öffentliche Ordnung {f}
law firm {n} (business formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law)  :: Anwaltskanzlei {f}
lawful {adj} (conforming to or recognised by law or rules)  :: gesetzlich, legal, rechtsmäßig
lawlessness {n} (a lack of law and order)  :: Gesetzlosigkeit {f}
lawmaker {n} (legislator) SEE: legislator  ::
lawman {n} (lawyer) SEE: lawyer  ::
lawn {n} (open space between woods)  :: Lichtung {f}
lawn {n} (ground covered with grass)  :: Rasen {m}, Wiese {f}
lawn bowling {n} (bowls) SEE: bowls  ::
lawn mower {n} (machine for cutting grass)  :: Rasenmäher {m}
lawn-mower {n} (lawnmower) SEE: lawnmower  ::
lawnmower {n} (a device to cut grass)  :: Rasenmäher {m}
law of conservation of energy {n} (total energy remains constant)  :: Energieerhaltungssatz {m}
Law of Demeter {prop} (software design guideline)  :: Gesetz von Demeter {n}
law of nature {n} (physical law) SEE: physical law  ::
law of nature {n} (natural law) SEE: natural law  ::
Lawrence {prop} (male given name) SEE: Laurence  ::
lawrencium {n} (chemical element)  :: Lawrencium {n}
law school {n} (institution)  :: Law School
laws of war {n} (law concerning acceptable practices while engaged in war)  :: Kriegsrecht {n}, Kriegsvölkerrecht {n}
lawsuit {n} (case where a court is needed to resolve differences)  :: Gerichtsverfahren {n}, Rechtsstreit {m}, Prozess {m}
lawyer {n} (professional person authorized to practice law)  :: Rechtsanwalt {m}, Anwalt {m}, Rechtsanwältin {f} [female], Anwältin [female]
lawyer's wig {n} (Coprinus comatus)  :: Schopftintling {m}
lax {adj} (not strict; lenient; allowing for deviation)  :: lax
lax {adj} (loose; not tight or taut)  :: locker, lose
laxative {n} (substance with a laxative effect)  :: Abführmittel {n}, Laxativum {n}, Laxans {n}
lay {v} (to place something down in a position of rest)  :: legen
lay {v} (to leave something somewhere)  :: ablegen
lay {v} (to install certain building materials)  :: legen
lay {v} (to deposit an egg)  :: legen
lay {v} (to have sex with)  :: flachlegen
lay {adj} (non-professional)  :: Laien-
lay {adj} (non-clergy)  :: Laien-, laikal
layabout {n} (lazy person)  :: Faulenzer {m}, Tunichtgut {m}, Nichtsnutz {m} {}
lay-by {n} (road-side rest area)  :: Haltebucht {f}, Rastplatz {m}
lay claim {v} (say that something belongs to oneself)  :: Anspruch erheben
layer {n} (single thickness of some material covering a surface)  :: Lage {f}, Schicht {f}
layer {n} (item of clothing worn under or over another)  :: Bekleidungsschicht {f}, Lage {f}, Schicht {f}
layer {n} (deposit)  :: Schicht {f}
layer {n} (person who lays things, such as tiles)  :: [only in combined words, such as Fliesenleger {m}] -leger {m}
layer {n} (hen kept to lay eggs)  :: Legehenne {f}
layer {n} (shoot of a plant)  :: Absenker {m}, Ableger {m}, Kindel {n}
layer {v} (to cut or divide into layers)  :: trennen, spalten
layer {v} (to arrange in layers)  :: schichten, übereinanderlegen
lay figure {n} (jointed model) SEE: dummy  ::
lay figure {n} (unimportant person) SEE: Joe Average  ::
laying hen {n} (hen raised for egg production)  :: Legehenne {f}
lay judge {n} (lay person who is judge)  :: Laienrichter {m}, Schöffe {m}
layman {n} (someone who is not an ordained cleric)  :: Laie {m}
layman {n} (someone who is not a professional in a given field)  :: Laie {m}
lay off {v} (to dismiss workers from employment)  :: entlassen
lay open {v} (East Asian patent publication)  :: offenlegen
layout {n} (structured arrangement of items)  :: Einteilung {f}, Struktur {f}, Anordnung {f}
layout {n} (plan for such arrangement)  :: Einteilung {f}
layout {n} (process of arranging media content for publishing)  :: Gestaltung {f}, Layout {n}
layover {n} (pause in a journey)  :: Aufenthalt {m}
layperson {n} (one who is not a cleric)  :: Laie {m}
layperson {n} (one who is not intimately familiar with a given subject)  :: Laie {m}
Laysan duck {n} (Anas laysanensis)  :: Laysanente {f}
lay waste {v} (to completely destroy)  :: verheeren, verwüsten
Lazarus {prop} (New Testament characters)  :: Lazarus
laze {v} (be lazy, waste time)  :: Däumchen drehen
laziness {n} (quality of being lazy)  :: Faulheit {f}, Trägheit {f}
Lazio {prop} (Italian region)  :: Latium
lazurite {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli  ::
lazy {adj} (unwilling to work)  :: faul
lazybones {n} (person who is lazy)  :: Faulpelz {m}, Faultier {n}, Faulenzer {m}
lazy eye {n} (amblyopia) SEE: amblyopia  ::
Lübeck {prop} (city)  :: Lübeck {n}
lcm {initialism} (initialism for least common multiple)  :: kgV {n}
leach {v} (to purge a soluble matter out of something)  :: auswaschen
lead {n} (chemical element)  :: Blei {n}
lead {n} (plummet to measure depth of water)  :: Senkblei {n}, Lot {n}
lead {n} (typography: vertical space)  :: Durchschuss {m}
lead {n} (refill for writing tool)  :: Mine {f}
lead {v} (to cover, fill, or affect with lead)  :: verbleien
lead {v} (guide or conduct with the hand, or by means of some physical contact connection)  :: führen, leiten
lead {v} (conduct or direct with authority)  :: leiten
lead {v} (intransitive: be ahead of others)  :: führen
lead {v} (intransitive: to go first)  :: anführen
lead {n} (act of leading or conducting)  :: Führung {f}
lead {n} (precedence; advance position)  :: Führung {f}, Leitung {f}
lead {n} (mining: lode)  :: Ader {f}
lead {n} (leash)  :: Leine {f}
lead {n} (information obtained by a detective or police officer)  :: Spur {f}
lead {n} (information obtained by a news reporter)  :: Spur {f}
lead astray {v} (to cause to believe untruth)  :: irreführen
lead chamber process {n} (method for the production of sulphuric acid)  :: Bleikammerverfahren {n}
leaded {adj} (containing or treated with the element lead)  :: verbleit
leaden {adj} (made of lead)  :: bleiern
leader {n} (one having authority)  :: Anführer {m}, Anführerin {f}, Leiter {m}, Hauptmann {m}, Kopf {m}, Führer {m}, Führerin {f}, Chef {m}
leader {n} (dominant animal in a group)  :: Leittier {n}
leader {n} (pipe to conduct water from the roof)  :: Regenrinne {f}
leader {n} (principal article in a newspaper)  :: Leitartikel {m}
leaderless {adj} (without a person providing direction)  :: führungslos
leaderless {adj} (without a thing serving as leader)  :: führungslos
leaderlessness {n} (state or condition of being leaderless)  :: Führungslosigkeit {f}
leader of the opposition {n} (person in charge of the party in opposition)  :: Oppositionsführer {m}
Leader of the Opposition {n} (leader of the opposition) SEE: leader of the opposition  ::
leadership {n} (capacity to lead)  :: Führung {f}, Leitung {f}
leadership {n}  :: Führung {f}, Leitung {f}, [military] Kommando {n}
lead-free {adj} (containing no lead)  :: bleifrei
lead-free {adj} (petroleum: containing no tetraethyl lead; unleaded)  :: bleifrei
leading {adj} (providing guidance)  :: führend
leading {adj} (preceding)  :: vorangehend, vorausgehend, führend
leading {n} (Vertical space added between lines; line spacing)  :: Zeilenabstand {m}
leading question {n} (suggestive interrogation)  :: Suggestivfrage {f}
lead poisoning {n} (chronic intoxiction caused by lead) SEE: plumbism  ::
lead shot {n} (Small balls of lead used as projectiles)  :: Schrot {m}
leaf {n} (part of a plant)  :: Blatt {n}, Laubblatt {n}
leaf {n} (sheet of a book)  :: Blatt {n}
leaf {n} (flat section used to extend a table)  :: Platte {f}
leaf {n} (computing, mathematics: tree node without descendants)  :: Blatt {n}
leaf {n} (tea leaves) SEE: tea leaf  ::
leaf blower {n} (motorised garden tool)  :: Laubbläser {m}
leaf casting {n} (process)  :: Papieranfaserung {f}
leafless {adj} (without leaves)  :: blattlos
leaflet {n} (small piece of paper with information)  :: Faltblatt {n}, Broschüre {f}, Faltprospekt {n}, Flugblatt {n}
leaf-nosed bat {n} (animal)  :: Blattnase {f}
leaf sheath {n}  :: Blattscheide {f}
leafstalk {n} (stalk that supports a leaf) SEE: petiole  ::
leaf-storm {n} (a wind-driven burst of dead leaves)  :: Laubsturm {m}
leaf through {v} (to turn the pages of (a book) idly, reading short sections at random)  :: durchblättern
league {n} (a group or association of cooperating members)  :: Liga {f}, Bund {n}
league {n} (organization of sports teams)  :: Liga {f}
league {n} (distance)  :: Wegstunde {f}, Meile {f} [obsolete], Leuge {f} [obsolete]
League of Nations {prop} (International organization)  :: Völkerbund {m}
Leah {prop} (elder daughter of Laban)  :: Lea
leak {n} (hole which admits water or other fluid, or lets it escape)  :: undichte Stelle {f}, Leck {n}
leak {n} (entrance or escape of a fluid)  :: Leck {n}
leak {v} (to allow fluid to escape or enter)  :: [ship, pipe] lecken, [faucet] tropfen
leak {v} (to reveal secret information)  :: durchsickern, leaken
lean {v} (to hang outwards)  :: lehnen
lean {v} (to press against)  :: lehnen, anlehnen
lean {adj} (being slim and muscular)  :: mager, dürr, schlank
lean {adj} (of meat, having little fat)  :: mager
lean {adj} (having little extra or little to spare)  :: knapp
lean {adj} (having a low proportion of a desired substance)  :: mager
leaned {v} (simple past of lean)  :: lehnte
leaned {v} (past participle of lean)  :: gelehnt, angelehnt
Leaning Tower of Pisa {prop} (the leaning bell tower in the Italian town of Pisa)  :: Schiefer Turm von Pisa {m}
leap {v} (to jump)  :: springen, einen Satz machen, hüpfen
leap {n} (the act of leaping)  :: Sprung {m}, Satz {m}
leap {n} (distance traversed by a leap)  :: Sprungweite {f}
leap {n} (significant move forward)  :: Sprung {m}, Satz {m}
leap day {n} (extra day in a leap year)  :: Schalttag {m}
leapfrog {n} (game)  :: Bockspringen {n}
leap second {n} (second of time added to the year occasionally to compensate for variation in the rate of Earth's rotation)  :: Schaltsekunde {f}
leap to mind {v} (spring to mind) SEE: spring to mind  ::
leap year {n} (366-day year in the Gregorian calendar)  :: Schaltjahr {n}
learn {v} (to acquire knowledge or ability)  :: lernen
learn {v} (to attend educational activity)  :: studieren, lernen
learn {v} (to come to know; to become informed of; to find out)  :: erfahren
learned {adj} (having much learning)  :: gelehrt
learner {n} (one that is learning)  :: Lerner {m}, Lernerin {f}, Lernender {m}, Lernende {f}
learning {n} (action of the verb)  :: Lernen {n}
learning {n} (accumulated knowledge)  :: Gelehrsamkeit {f}, Kenntnis {f}
learning difference {n} (learning disability) SEE: learning disability  ::
learning difficulty {n} (learning disability) SEE: learning disability  ::
learning disability {n} (disability which prevents the sufferer from learning in a typical manner)  :: Lernbehinderung {f}
learn the hard way {v} (learn by experiencing the consequences of making mistakes)  :: auf die harte Tour lernen
lease {v} (to operate or live in some property or land through purchasing a long-term contract)  :: pachten
lease {n} (contract granting use or occupation of property)  :: Pacht {f}
leaseholder {n} (tenant holding a lease)  :: Pächter {m}
leash {n} (long cord for dogs)  :: Hundeleine {f}
least {determiner} (the smallest amount of)  :: geringst
least auklet {n} (bird)  :: Zwergalk {m}
least common multiple {n} (in math)  :: kleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches {n}
least weasel {n} (Mustela nivalis)  :: Wiesel {n}
leather {n} (material produced by tanning animal skin)  :: Leder {n}
leather {adj} (made of leather)  :: ledern
leatherette {n} (a type of fabric)  :: Kunstleder {n}
leatherman {n} (a member of the male gay leather subculture)  :: Ledermann {m}
leathery {adj} (having properties of leather)  :: ledern
leave {v} (To cause to remain as available, not take away, refrain from depleting)  :: lassen, zurücklassen
leave {v} (To transfer possession after death)  :: hinterlassen
leave {v} (To depart from, end one's connection or affiliation with)  :: verlassen
leave {v} (To depart (intransitive))  :: gehen, weggehen
leave {v}  :: belassen
leave {n} (permission to be absent)  :: Erlaubnis {f}, Verlaub {m}
leave {n} (absence from work)  :: Beurlaubung {f}, Freistellung {f}, Urlaub {m}
leave {n} (departure)  :: Abschied {m}
leave me alone {phrase} (stop talking to me)  :: [informal] lass mich in Ruhe
leaven {n} (any agent used to make dough rise)  :: Treibmittel {n}, Triebmittel {n}
leave of absence {n} (absence from work) SEE: leave  ::
leave out {v} (to leave out or to not include) SEE: omit  ::
leave someone in the lurch {v} (to abandon somebody and leave him or her in a difficult situation)  :: im Stich lassen, sitzen lassen
leban {n} (coagulated sour milk diluted with water)  :: Laban {n}
Lebanese {n} (A person from Lebanon)  :: Libanese {m}, Libanesin {f}
Lebanese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Lebanon, its people or language)  :: libanesisch
Lebanon {prop} (mountain range)  :: Libanon
Lebanon {prop} (Lebanese Republic)  :: Libanon {m}
lebensraum {n} (living space)  :: Lebensraum {m}
lebkuchen {n} (traditional German Christmas biscuit form of gingerbread)  :: Lebkuchen {m}
leblebi {n} (kind of snack)  :: Leblebi {f}
lecher {n} (a lecherous man)  :: Lüstling {m}, Wüstling {m}, Lustmolch {m}
lecherous {adj} (given to a lustful craving of sexual activities)  :: lüstern
lechery {n} (Inordinate indulgence in sexual activity)  :: Wollust {f}
lechwe {n} (species of antelopes)  :: Litschi-Moorantilope {f}
lect {n} (variety)  :: Lekt {m}
lectern {n} (a stand with a slanted top used to support a bible from which passages are read during a church service)  :: Pult {n}
lecture {n} (a spoken lesson)  :: Vorlesung {f} (educational lecture at a university), Vortrag {m} (talk)
lecture hall {n} (lecture theatre) SEE: lecture theatre  ::
lecturer {n} (person who gives lectures)  :: Lektor {m}, Lektorin {f}
lecturer {n} (member of university or college)  :: Lektor {m}, Lektorin {f}, Dozent {m}, Dozentin {f}
lecture theatre {n} (room in a university with many seats and a pitched floor)  :: Hörsaal {m}, Vorlesungssaal {m}, Auditorium {n}
LED {n} (light-emitting diode)  :: LED {f}, Leuchtdiode {f}
lederhosen {n} (knee-breeches made of leather)  :: Lederhose {f}
ledge {n} (shelf)  :: Sims {m}, Kante {f}, Leiste {f}, Regalbrett {n}, Schenkel {m}
ledge {n} (of rocks)  :: Sims {m}, Band {n}, Felsband {n}, Felsvorsprung {m}, Vorsprung {m}, Kante {f}, Platte {f}, Felsplatt {f}, Stufe {f}, Überhang {m}, Rücken {m}
ledge {n} (layer)  :: Lage {f}, Schicht {f}
ledge {n} (lode)  :: Ader {f}, Schicht {f}
ledge {n} (lintel)  :: Sturz {m}
ledge {n} (cornice)  :: Gesims {n}
ledger {n} (book for keeping notes)  :: Notizbuch {n}
ledger {n} (collection of accounting entries)  :: Hauptbuch {n}, Konto {n}
ledger line {n} (notation to inscribe notes outside the musical staffs)  :: Hilfslinie {f}
lee {adj} (side of the ship away from the wind)  :: Lee {f}
leech {n} (annelid)  :: Blutegel {m}, Egel {m}
leech {n} (person who derives profit from others)  :: Blutsauger {m}, Blutsaugerin {f}
leech {v} (to drain resources without giving back)  :: [download] saugen, [download, colloquial] leechen
leech {n} (paganism: a healer)  :: Heiler
leech {n} (physician) SEE: physician  ::
Leeds {prop} (city in England)  :: Leeds
Leeds {prop} (a village in Kent)  :: Leeds
leek {n} (vegetable)  :: Porree {m}, Lauch {m}
leek moth {n} (Acrolepia assectella)  :: Lauchmotte {f}
leery {adj} (Cautious, hesitant, or nervous about something; having reservations or concerns)  :: argwöhnisch
leeward {adj} (Downwind)  :: leewärts gelegen, windabwärts gelegen, windabgewandt gelegen, mit dem Wind gelegen, unter dem Winde gelegen
leeward {adv} (Downwind)  :: leewärts, windabwärts, windabgewandt, mit dem Wind, unter dem Winde
leeway {n} (drift of a ship or airplane in a leeward direction)  :: Abdrift {f}
leeway {n} (degree or amount of freedom or flexibility)  :: Spielraum {m}, Freiraum {m}
leeway {n} (adverse discrepancy or variation in a cumulative process)  :: Versäumte {n}, Rückstand {m}
left {adj} (the west side of the body when one is facing north)  :: link
left {adj} (pertaining to the political left)  :: links
left {adv} (on the left side)  :: links
left {adv} (towards the left side)  :: links, nach links
left {n} (the left side)  :: Linke {f}
left {n} (the ensemble of left-wing political parties)  :: Linke {f}
left {v} (remaining)  :: übrig
left-handed {n} (preferring the left hand over the right)  :: linkshändig
left-handedness {n} (state of being left-handed)  :: Linkshändigkeit {f}, Sinistralität {f} [technical]
left-hander {n} (a person who is left-handed)  :: Linkshänder {m}, Linkshänderin {f}
leftist {n} (a person who holds views associated with the political left)  :: Linkspolitiker {m}, links Stehender {m}
leftist {adj} (Pertaining to the political left)  :: linksorientiert, linksstehend
left-luggage office {n} (place where luggage may be left)  :: Gepäckaufbewahrung {f}
left out {adj} (not included or accepted)  :: außen vor, ausgegrenzt
leftover {adj} (remaining, left behind)  :: übrig, übergeblieben
leftover {n} (something left behind)  :: Rest {m}
leftovers {n} (food remaining after a meal)  :: Essenreste {p} {m}
left-recursive {adj}  :: linksrekursiv
left wing {n} (politics)  :: linker Flügel {m}
left-wing {adj} (supporting political change)  :: link
left-winger {n} (a person who belongs to the political left)  :: Linker {m}, Linke {f}
lefty {n} (left-hander) SEE: left-hander  ::
leg {n} (lower limb from groin to ankle)  :: Bein {n}
leg {n} (stage of journey)  :: Etappe {f}
legacy {n} (money or property bequeathed to someone in a will)  :: Erbe {n}, Erbschaft {f}, Nachlass {m}, Hinterlassenschaft {f}, Vermächtnis {n}
legacy {n} (something inherited from a predecessor; a heritage)  :: Wirken {n}, Erbe {n}, Vermächtnis {n}, Hinterlassenschaft {f}
legacy {adj} (aging computer system)  :: veraltet, altmodisch, überkommen
legacy {adj} (left behind, old or no longer in active use)  :: hinterlassen, vererbt, tradiert, Alt-
legal {adj} (relating to the law or to lawyers)  :: juristisch, rechtlich
legal {adj} (having its basis in the law)  :: juristisch, rechtlich
legal {adj} (allowed or prescribed by law)  :: legal
legal age {n} (age of majority) SEE: age of majority  ::
legal entity {n} (organisation that the law treats as a legal person) SEE: legal person  ::
legalese {n} (technical talk of the legal profession)  :: Juristenjargon, Juristensprache, Juristendeutsch
legalese {n} (wording that resembles how lawyers write)  :: Papierdeutsch, Behördensprache, Amtsdeutsch
legalise {v} (make legal)  :: legalisieren
legality {n} (lawfulness)  :: Legalität {f}
legalization {n} (process of making something legal)  :: Legalisierung {f}
legalize {v} (legalise) SEE: legalise  ::
legally {adv} (as permitted by law)  :: legal
legally binding {adj} ((legal) enforceable by law)  :: rechtskräftig
legal person {n} (organization or group of people)  :: juristische Person {f}, Legaleinheit {f}
legal studies {n} (study of theories and philosophies related to law) SEE: jurisprudence  ::
legal tender {n} (currency that cannot be refused as payment to extinguish a debt)  :: gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel {n}
legato {adv} (music: smoothly, in a connected manner)  :: legato, gebunden
legato {n} (slur curve)  :: legato, gebunden
legend {n} (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events)  :: Legende {f}
legendary {adj} (of or pertaining to a legend)  :: legendär
leghorn {n} (small white chicken breed)  :: Leghorn {n}
legibility {n} (property that makes legible or easily readable)  :: Lesbarkeit {f}
legible {adj} (being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting)  :: leserlich
legion {n} (the major unit or division of the Roman army)  :: Legion {f}
legionary {n} (member of a legion)  :: Legionär {m}
legionnaire {n} (a member of a legion) SEE: legionary  ::
legislate {v} (pass laws)  :: Gesetze geben
legislation {n} (the act of legislating)  :: Gesetzgebung {f}
legislation {n} (law already enacted by legislature)  :: Gesetz {n}
legislator {n} (who creates or enacts laws)  :: Gesetzgeber {m}, Gesetzgeberin {f}
legislature {n} (governmental body)  :: Legislative {f}, gesetzgebende Gewalt {f}
legist {n} (legislator) SEE: legislator  ::
legitimacy {n} (quality of being legitimate or valid; validity)  :: Rechtmäßigkeit {f}, Legitimität {f}
legitimate {adj} (valid)  :: gültig
legitimate {adj}  :: legitim
legitimately {adv} (in a legitimate manner)  :: legitim
legitimistic {adj}  :: legitimistisch
legitimize {v} (to make legitimate)  :: legitimieren
legless {adj} (without legs)  :: beinlos
legman {n} (errand boy) SEE: errand boy  ::
leg press {n} (exercise)  :: Beinpresse {f}
legroom {n} (space for legs)  :: Beinfreiheit {f}
legume {n} (fruit or seed of leguminous plants)  :: Hülsenfrucht {f}
legume {n} (member of Leguminosae family)  :: Leguminose {f}, Hülsenfrüchtler {m}
legumin {n} (any of a group of globulins)  :: Legumin {n}, Pflanzenkasein {n}, Pflanzenkäsestoff {m}
leg up {n} (forming a step with one's hands)  :: Räuberleiter {f}
leg warmer {n} (garment which extends from the knee to the ankle)  :: Stulpe {f}, Gamasche {f}
Le Havre {prop} (city)  :: Le Havre {n}
Leibniz {prop} (surname of German origin)  :: Leibniz
Leiden {prop} (city in South Holland)  :: Leiden {n}
Leipzig {prop} (City in Saxony, Germany)  :: Leipzig {n}
leishmaniasis {n} (pathology)  :: Leishmaniose {f}
leisure {n} (freedom provided)  :: Muße {f}
leisure {n} (time free)  :: Freizeit {f}, Muße {f}
leisured {adj} (Having leisure)  :: Muße habend
Leitha {prop} (river in Austria)  :: Leitha {f}
leitmotif {n} (melodic theme in an opera)  :: Leitmotiv {n}
lemma {n} (linguistics: lexeme) SEE: lexeme  ::
lemma {n} (mathematics: proposition used mainly in the proof of some other proposition)  :: Lemma {n}
lemma {n} (linguistics: canonical form of a term)  :: Lemma {n}, Stichwort
lemmatisation {n} (process of finding the lemma that corresponds to an inflected form of a word)  :: Lemmatisierung {f}
lemming {n} (rodent)  :: Lemming {m}
Lemnian {adj} (of or pertaining to Lemnos)  :: lemnisch
Lemnian {prop} (language)  :: Lemnisch {n}
lemniscate {n} (symbol for infinity)  :: Lemniskate {f}
lemniscate {n} (mathematics: figure-of-eight closed curve)  :: Lemniskate {f}
lemniscatic {adj} (shaped like a figure-of eight)  :: lemniskatisch
lemniscatic {adj} (of or pertaining to a lemniscate)  :: lemniskatisch
lemon {n} (citrus fruit)  :: Zitrone {f}
lemon {n} (tree)  :: Zitronenbaum {m}, Zitrone {f}
lemon {n} (colour/color)  :: Zitronengelb {n}
lemon {adj} (having the flavour/flavor and/or scent of lemons)  :: compounds with Zitrone
lemon {adj} (having the colour/color of lemons)  :: zitronengelb
lemonade {n} (still beverage)  :: Limonade {f}, Zitrone {f}
lemonade {n} (carbonated beverage)  :: Brause {f}, Limonade {f}, Limo {f}
lemon balm {n} (Melissa officinalis)  :: Zitronenmelisse, Gartenmelisse, Herzkraut, Melisse, Herztrost
lemongrass {n} (species of grass of the genus Cymbopogon)  :: Zitronengras {n}, Lemongras {n}
lemon juice {n} (the liquid extract of lemon fruit)  :: Zitronensaft {m}
lemon shark {n} (Negaprion brevirostris)  :: Zitronenhai {m}
lemon squeezer {n} (device used to extract juice from lemons)  :: Zitronenpresse {f}
lemon verbena {n} (shrub)  :: Zitronenverbene {f}, Zitronenstrauch {m}
lemur {n} (strepsirrhine primate of the infraorder Lemuriformes, superfamily Lemuroidea)  :: Lemur {m}, Lemure {m}
Lena {prop} (Lena River)  :: Lena {f}
lend {v} (to allow to be used temporarily)  :: leihen, verleihen, borgen
lend {v} ((proscribed) to borrow) SEE: borrow  ::
lender {n} (one who lends, especially money)  :: Darlehensgeber {m}, Verleiher {m}
length {n} (distance from end to end)  :: Länge {f}, Längenmaß {n}
length {n} (length of a horse)  :: Pferdelänge {f}
lengthen {v} (to make longer)  :: verlängern
lengthening {n} (sound change)  :: Längung {f}
lengthy {adj} (long)  :: lang, ausgedehnt, langdauernd, langwierig, ellenlang, langanhaltend
leniency {n} (quality of mercy or forgiveness, especially in the assignment of punishment as in a court case)  :: Milde {f}, Nachsicht {f}
lenient {adj} (tolerant; not strict)  :: nachsichtig
Lenin {prop} (a Russian revolutionary and politician)  :: Lenin {m}
Leningrad {prop} (name of Saint Petersburg, 1924-1991)  :: Leningrad {n}
Leningrad {prop} (Leningrad oblast)  :: Oblast Leningrad {f}
Leninian {adj} (of or pertaining to Lenin) SEE: Leninist  ::
Leninism {n} (the political philosophy named after Vladimir Lenin)  :: Leninismus {m}
Leninist {adj} (of or relating to Lenin)  :: leninistisch
Leninist {n} (an adherent of Lenin or Leninism)  :: Leninist {m}, Leninistin {f}
lenite {v} (cause a consonant to undergo lenition)  :: lenieren
lenition {n} (weakening of consonant articulation)  :: Lenierung {f}, Lenisierung {f}
lens {n} (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)  :: Linse {f}
lens {n} (device which focuses or defocuses electron beams)  :: Linse {f}
lens {n} (biology: genus of the legume family; its bean)  :: Linse {f}
lens {n} (anatomy: transparent crystalline structure in the eye)  :: Linse {f}
Lent {n} (Christian period of penitence before Easter)  :: Fastenzeit {f}
lenticular {adj} (of or pertaining to a lens)  :: Linsen-
lenticular {adj} (shaped like a biconvex lens)  :: linsenförmig
lenticular {adj} (relating to a lenticular image)  :: Linsenraster-
lenticular {n} (lenticular galaxy) SEE: lenticular galaxy  ::
lenticular galaxy {n} (galaxy that has flat disk but has lost most of its interstellar matter)  :: lentikuläre Galaxie {f}, linsenförmige Galaxie {f}
lentigo {n} (pigmented spot on the skin) SEE: freckle  ::
lentil {n} (plant Lens culinaris)  :: Linse {f}
lentil {n} (seed used as food)  :: Linse {f}
Leo {prop} (male given name)  :: Leo
Leo {prop} (constellation)  :: Löwe {m}
Leo {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Löwe {m}
Leo {n} (Someone with a Leo star sign)  :: Löwe {m}
Leo Minor {prop} (a spring constellation of the northern sky)  :: der Kleiner Löwe {m}
Leonard {prop} (male given name)  :: Leonhard
leonine {adj} (of or like a lion)  :: Löwen-
leopard {n} (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)  :: Leopard {m}; [archaic] Pard {m}, Pardel {m}, Parder {m}
leopard cat {n} (wild cat)  :: Bengalkatze {f}
leopardess {n} (female leopard)  :: Leopardin {f}
leopard seal {n} (Hydrurga leptonyx)  :: Seeleopard {m}
leopard shark {n} (Triakis semifasciata)  :: Leopardenhai {m}
Leopold {prop} (male given name)  :: Leopold
leotard {n} (skin-tight one piece suit of clothing)  :: Leotard {n}
leper {n} (person who has leprosy)  :: Aussätziger {m}
leper colony {n} (place of quarantine for lepers)  :: Leprakolonie {f}
lepidopterist {n}  :: Lepidopterologe {m}, Lepidopterologin {f}
lepidopterology {n} (scientific study of butterflies and moths)  :: Lepidopterologie {f}, Schmetterlingskunde {f}
Lepontic {prop} (the extinct language)  :: Lepontisch {n}
leprosarium {n} (institution or place to quarantine and treat leprous people)  :: Leprakolonie {f}, Leprakrankenhaus {n}, Lepraheim {n}, Leprosorium {n}, Leprosenhaus {n}
leprosy {n} (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae)  :: Lepra {f}, Aussatz {m}
leprosy {n} (disease of the skin not conclusively identified, which can also affect clothes and houses)  :: Aussatz {m}
lepton {n} (elementary particle)  :: Lepton {n}
leptospirosis {n} (disease)  :: Leptospirose {f}
Lepus {prop} (winter constellation of the northern sky)  :: Hase {m}
lesbian {adj} (of a woman: preferring female partners)  :: lesbisch
lesbian {adj} (between two women; pertaining to female homosexuality)  :: lesbisch
lesbian {adj} (intended for lesbians)  :: Lesben-
lesbian {n} (female homosexual)  :: Lesbe {f}, [obsolete] Lesbierin {f}
Lesbian {n} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian  ::
Lesbian {adj} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian  ::
Lesbian {n} (native or inhabitant of the island of Lesbos)  :: Lesbier {m}, Lesbierin {f}
Lesbian {adj} (of the island of Lesbos)  :: lesbisch
lesbianism {n} (Female homosexuality)  :: Lesbischsein, Lesbianismus
lesbo {n} (lesbian) SEE: lesbian  ::
Lesbos {prop} (island)  :: Lesbos {n}
lese majesty {n} (crime of violating majesty)  :: Majestätsbeleidigung {f}
lesene {n} (architectural element)  :: Lisene {f}
lesion {n} (a wound or an injury)  :: Verletzung {f}, Läsion {f}
Lesotho {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Lesotho
l'esprit de l'escalier {n} (retort thought of too late)  :: Treppenwitz {m}
less {adv} (to smaller extent)  :: weniger
less {adv} (in lower degree)  :: weniger
less {adj} (not as much)  :: weniger
less {adj} (smaller number of)  :: weniger
less {adj}  :: weniger als
-less {suffix} (lacking)  :: -los
less and less {determiner} (increasingly less)  :: immer weniger
lessee {n} (one to whom a lease is given)  :: Pächter {m}, Mieter {m}
lesser {adj} (the comparative of little)  :: weniger, kleiner, geringere
Lesser Caucasus {prop} (mountain range)  :: Kleiner Kaukasus
lesser celandine {n} (a European perennial herb, Ranunculus ficaria)  :: Scharbockskraut {n}
lesser flamingo {n} (the smaller of the two old world species of flamingo)  :: Zwergflamingo
lesser panda {n} (Ailurus fulgens) SEE: red panda  ::
Lesser Poland {prop} (a historical region of Poland)  :: Kleinpolen {n}
lesser spotted woodpecker {n} (Picoides minor)  :: Kleinspecht {m}
less is more {proverb} (less is more)  :: weniger ist mehr
lesson {n} (section of learning or teaching)  :: Lehrstunde {f}, Stunde {f}, Lektion {f}, Unterricht {m}
lesson {n} (something learned)  :: Lehre {f}
lesson {n} (something that serves as a warning or encouragement)  :: Lehre {f}
lessor {n} (owner of property that is leased)  :: Vermieter {m}
less-than-stellar {adj} (not very good) SEE: poor  ::
less-than-stellar {adj} (mediocre) SEE: mediocre  ::
lest {conj} (for fear that)  :: fürchtend, dassin der Furcht, dass
lest {conj} (that [...] not)  :: bevor, auf dass nicht
let {v} (to allow)  :: lassen
let {v} (to put up for rent)  :: vermieten
let {n} (hindrance caused by the net during serve at tennis)  :: Netzball {m}
let alone {conj} (to say nothing of)  :: geschweige denn, geschweige
let be {v} (not disturb)  :: in Ruhe lassen
let be {v} (used to assign a value)  :: sei
let bygones be bygones {v} (to disregard a past offense)  :: Schwamm drüber
let down {v} (to allow to descend)  :: herunterlassen, hinunterlassen
let down {v} (to disappoint)  :: im Stich lassen, enttäuschen, hängen lassen, hängenlassen
let go {v} (to no longer hold on)  :: loslassen
let go {v} (dismiss from employment)  :: sich trennen von
let go {v} (euphemistic: to fail to maintain a standard of appearance, behavior, or performance)  :: nachlassen
lethal {adj} (deadly)  :: tödlich, letal
lethargy {n} (pathological state of fatigue)  :: Lethargie {f}, Trägheit {f}, Schlafsucht {f}
lethargy {n} (state of extreme torpor or apathy)  :: Trägheit {f}, Lethargie {f}, Teilnahmslosigkeit {f}, Interesselosigkeit {f}, Nonchalance {f}
let know {v} (to inform)  :: bekannt geben
let loose {v} (release from restraint)  :: loslassen
Leto {prop} (mother of Apollo)  :: Leto
let's {v} (let us; forming first-person plural imperative)  :: lasst uns, [expressed with the first-person plural of the verb] + wir
let's go {interj} (hortative of go)  :: gehen wir, lasst uns gehen
let's go {interj} (hurry up)  :: beeilen Sie sich
let sleeping dogs lie {v} (leave things as they are)  :: schlafende Hunde weckt man nicht
letter {n} (letter of the alphabet)  :: Buchstabe {m}, Letter {f}
letter {n} (written message)  :: Brief {m}
letter bomb {n} (explosive device)  :: Briefbombe {f}
letterbox {n} (collection point for mail)  :: Briefkasten {m}
letterbox {n} (delivery point for mail)  :: Briefkasten {m}
letter carrier {n} (post office employee)  :: Briefträger {m}, Briefträgerin {f}, Postbote {m}, Postbotin {f}, Briefzusteller {m}, Briefzustellerin {f}, Zusteller {m}, Zustellerin {f}
letterhead {n}  :: Briefkopf {m}
lettering {n} (written text)  :: Beschriften {n}, Beschriftung {f}
letter of credit {n} (trade finance document)  :: Akkreditiv {n}
letter opener {n} (knifelike device)  :: Brieföffner {m}
letter to the editor {n} (letter to a periodical)  :: Leserbrief {m}
let the cat out of the bag {v} (to disclose a secret, often inadvertently)  :: die Katze aus dem Sack lassen
let there be light {phrase} (let there be light)  :: es werde Licht
let the sleeping dogs lie {v} (to avoid igniting a conflict) SEE: let sleeping dogs lie  ::
Lettic {adj} (Latvian) SEE: Latvian  ::
Lettish {adj} (Latvian) SEE: Latvian  ::
Lettish {prop} (Latvian) SEE: Latvian  ::
lettuce {n} (an edible plant, Lactuca)  :: Gartensalat {m} (cultivated lettuce), Lattich {m} (wild lettuce), Salat {m} (cultivated lettuce)
lettuce {n} (the leaves of the lettuce plant, eaten as a vegetable or dish)  :: Salat {m}
lettuce {n}  :: Salat {m}, Kopfsalat {m}
Letzeburgesh {prop} (Germanic language) SEE: Luxembourgish  ::
leucine {n} (essential amino acid; C6H13NO2)  :: Leucin {n}
leucoma {n} (opaque area or scar on the cornea of an eye)  :: Nebelfleck {m}
leukemia {n} (cancer of blood forming tissue)  :: Leukämie {f}
leukocyte {n} (a white blood cell)  :: Leukozyt {m}, weißes Blutkörperchen {n}
leukotriene {n} (any of several physiologically active lipids)  :: Leukotrien
lev {n} (currency of Bulgaria)  :: Lew {m}
Levant {prop} (the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea)  :: Levante {f}
levee {n} (embankment to prevent inundation)  :: Deich {m}
levee {n} (steep bank of a river)  :: Uferböschung {f}
levee {v} (to levee a river)  :: eindeichen
level {adj} (same height at all places)  :: eben, Niveau
level {adj} (at the same height as some reference)  :: auf gleicher Höhe , auf gleichem Niveau , auf gleicher Stufe
level {adj} (being unvaried)  :: konstant
level {n} (tool)  :: Wasserwaage {f}
level {n} (distance relative to a given reference elevation)  :: Niveau {n}
level {n} (degree or amount)  :: Grad {m}, Niveau {n}
level {n} (gaming: discrete segment of a game)  :: Level {m}
level {n} (gaming: numeric value for a character's experience and power)  :: Stufe {f}
level {n} (floor of a building)  :: Etage {f}
level {v} (to adjust so as to make level)  :: ebnen, planieren
level {v} (to destroy by reducing to ground level; to raze)  :: ebnen
level {v} (to progress to the next level)  :: empor steigen
level {v} (to levy) SEE: levy  ::
level crossing {n} (at-grade crossing)  :: Bahnübergang {m}, {m}
leveling seat {n} (seats that ensure a representation proportional to votes at the national level)  :: Ausgleichsmandat {n}
lever {n} (rigid piece)  :: Hebel {m}
lever {n} (small such piece to trigger or control a mechanical device)  :: Hebel {m}
lever {v} (to move with a lever)  :: hebeln
lever {adv} (rather) SEE: rather  ::
leverage {n} (force compounded by means of a lever rotating around a pivot)  :: Hebelwirkung {f}, Hebel {m}, Hebelkraft {f}
leverage {n} (influence which is compounded or used to gain an advantage)  :: Einfluss {m}
leverage {n} (use of borrowed funds)  :: Fremdfinanzierungsgrad {m}, Fremdkapitalaufnahme {f}, Verschuldungsgrad {m}, Hebelwirkung {f}
leverage {n} (ability to earn very high returns)  :: Hebelwirkung {f}, Hebel
leverage {v} (use, exploit, take full advantage of)  :: aushebeln, hebeln
lever arm {n} (the distance between the point of application and the pivot)  :: Hebelarm {m}
leveret {n} (a young hare)  :: Hasenjunges {n}
Levi {prop} (third son of Jacob)  :: Levi {m}
leviathan {n} (Biblical sea monster)  :: Leviathan {m}, Meerungeheuer {n}
levitate {v}  :: schweben
levitation {n} (raising of something without apparent physical cause)  :: Levitation
levitation {n} (technical suspension without mechanical support)  :: Schweben
Levite {n} (member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi)  :: Levit {m}, Levitin {f}
Leviticus {prop} (the book of the Bible and Torah)  :: Levitikus
levity {n} (lighthearted or frivolous act)  :: Leichtfertigkeit
levity {n} (lack of steadiness) SEE: instability  ::
levy {v} (to impose a tax)  :: erheben
levy {v} (to impose a fine)  :: erheben
levy {v} (to confiscate property)  :: einziehen, In Beschlag nehmen
levy {v} (to draft into military service)  :: einziehen
levy {n} (tax, property or people so levied)  :: Umlage
lewd {adj} (lascivious)  :: lüstern, lasziv
Lewis {prop} (male given name) SEE: Louis  ::
Lewy body {n} (abnormal aggregate of protein that develops inside nerve cells)  :: Lewy-Körperchen
lexeme {n} (unit of vocabulary, the different forms of the same lemma)  :: Lexem {n}
lexical {adj} (of a language's vocabulary)  :: lexikalisch
lexical item {n} (term that acts as a unit of meaning)  :: lexikalische Einheit {f}
lexicalize {v} (to convert to a single lexical unit)  :: lexikalisieren
lexical unit {n} (term that acts as a unit of meaning) SEE: lexical item  ::
lexicographer {n} (one who writes or compiles a dictionary)  :: Lexikograf {m}, Lexikografin {f}, Lexikograph {m}, Lexikographin {f}, Verfasser eines Lexikons {m}, Verfasserin eines Lexikons {f}
lexicographic {adj} (like a dictionary, relating to lexicography)  :: lexikografisch
lexicographical {adj} (lexicographic) SEE: lexicographic  ::
lexicography {n} (art or craft of writing dictionaries)  :: Lexikographie {f}
lexicologist {n} (an expert at lexicology)  :: [♂] Lexikologe {m}, Lexikologin {f}
lexicology {n} (linguistic discipline)  :: Lexikologie {f}
lexicon {n} (vocabulary of a language)  :: Lexikon {n}, Wortschatz {m}
lexicon {n} (vocabulary used by an individual)  :: Wortschatz {m}
lexicon {n}  :: Lexikon {n}
Leyden jar {n} (glass jar used to accumulate static electricity)  :: Leidener Flasche {f}, Kleistsche Flasche {f}, Kondensationsflasche {f}, Flaschenkondensator {m}
Lezghian {prop} (Lezgi) SEE: Lezgi  ::
Lezgi {n} (member of an ethnic group)  :: Lesgier {m}, Lesgierin {f}
Lezgi {prop} (language)  :: Lesgisch {n}, Lesgische Sprache {f}
Lezgi {adj} (of or pertaining to the Lezgi people, their culture or language)  :: lesgisch
LGBT {initialism} (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual)  :: LSBT, LGBT
Lhasa {prop} (Capital of Xizang (Tibet))  :: Lhasa
liability {n} (debt)  :: Schuld {f}, Schulden {f}, Verbindlichkeit {f}
liability insurance {n} (insurance against liability)  :: Haftpflichtversicherung {f}
liable {adj} (responsible)  :: [Switzerland] fehlbar; [Germany, Austria] haftbar, haftend, haftpflichtig
liable {adj} (exposed to a certain contingency)  :: neigend, unterworfen
liaison {n} (a tryst, romantic meeting)  :: Liaison {f}
liaison {n} (an illicit sexual relationship or affair)  :: Liaison {f}
liaison {n} (linguistics: a sandhi)  :: Liaison {f}, Bindung {f}, Mitbindung {f}
liana {n} (climbing woody vine)  :: Liane {f}
liar {n} (one who tells lies)  :: Lügner {m}, Lügnerin {f}
libation {n} (act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice)  :: Trankopfer {n}, Libation {f}
libel {n} (defamatory false written statement)  :: schriftliche Verleumdung {f}
libel {n} (act or crime)  :: schriftliche Verleumdung {f}
libel {v} (to defame someone)  :: schriftlich verleumden
libellist {n}  :: Verleumder {m}
libelous {adj} (defamatory, libeling)  :: verleumderisch
libelous {adj} (meeting the legal standards for libel)  :: verleumderisch
liberal {adj} (pertaining to the arts the study of which is considered worthy of a free man)  :: freiheitlich
liberal {adj}  :: liberal
liberalism {n} (the quality of being liberal)  :: Liberalismus {m}
liberalism {n} (a political movement)  :: Liberalismus {m}
liberalization {n} (the process or act of making more liberal)  :: Liberalisierung {f}
liberate {v} (to free)  :: befreien
liberated {adj} (free from traditional ideas)  :: befreit
liberated {v} (past of liberate)  :: befreite, befreiten
liberation {n} (act of liberating or the state of being liberated)  :: Befreiung {f}
Liberec {prop} (city in the Czech Republic)  :: Reichenberg {n}, Liberec {n}
Liberia {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: Liberia
Liberian {n} (A person from Liberia)  :: Liberianer {m}, Liberianerin {f}
Liberian {adj} (pertaining to Liberia)  :: liberianisch
libero {n} (football player)  :: Libero {m}
libero {n} (volleyball player)  :: Libero {m}
libertarianism {n} (political philosophy)  :: Libertarismus
liberty {n} (condition of being free)  :: Freiheit {f}
libidinous {adj} (having lustful desires)  :: lüstern, obszön
libido {n} (sexual urges or drives)  :: Libido {f}, sexuelle Begierde {f}
libido {n} (drives or mental energies related or based on sexual instincts but not necessarily sexual in and of themselves.)  :: Libido {f}
Libra {prop} (constellation)  :: Waage {f}
Libra {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Waage {f}
Libra {n} (Someone with a Libra star sign)  :: Waage {f}
librarian {n} (the manager of a library)  :: Bibliothekar {m}, Bibliothekarin {f}
librarian {n} (one who cares for the publications etc. in a library)  :: Bibliothekar {m}, Bibliothekarin {f}
librarian {n} (a person who processes and organizes information)  :: Archivar {m}, Archivarin {f}
library {n} (institution which holds books etc.)  :: Bibliothek {f}, Bücherei {f}
library {n} (collection of books)  :: Bibliothek
library {n} (collection of records)  :: Archiv
library {n} (collection of subprograms)  :: Bibliothek {f}
library {n} (deck or draw pile)  :: Bibliothek
libretto {n} (text of a dramatic musical work, such as an opera)  :: Libretto {n}
Libya {prop} (country in Northern Africa)  :: Libyen {n}
Libyan {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Libya, the Libyan people or the Libyan language)  :: libysch
Libyan {n} (person)  :: Libyer {m}, Libyerin {f}
licence {n} (license) SEE: license  ::
licence {v} (license) SEE: license  ::
licence to print money {n} (means of generating large income)  :: Gelddruckmaschine {f}
license {n} (legal document giving official permission to do something)  :: Lizenz {f}, Erlaubnis {f}, Genehmigung {f}, Schein {m}
license {n} (legal terms of product usage)  :: Lizenz {f}
license {v} (act of giving a formal authorization)  :: lizenzieren
license {v} (authorize officially)  :: lizenzieren
licensed {adj} (having been issued with a license)  :: lizenziert
licensed {adj} (authorized by license)  :: lizenziert
licensee {n} (person to whom a license is granted)  :: [receiver of a license] Lizenznehmer {m}, [license holder] Lizenzinhaber {m}
license plate {n} (an identifying plate attached to a vehicle)  :: Kfz-Kennzeichen {n}, Nummernschild {n}
licentious {adj} (lacking restraint, particularly in sexual conduct)  :: hemmungslos, liederlich, zügellos, ausschweifend
licentious {adj} (disregard for accepted rules)  :: lasterhaft, regellos, unorthodox, ungehörig, willkürlich
licentious {adj}  :: ausschweifend
lich {adj} (undead being)  :: Lich
lichen {n} (something which spreads across something else, causing damage) SEE: cancer  ::
lichen {n} (symbiotic association of fungi and algae)  :: Flechte {f}
lichenology {n} (scientific study of lichens)  :: Lichenologie {f}, Flechtenkunde {f}
Lichtenbach {prop} (Gottscheer village)  :: Lichtenbach
lick {n} (the act of licking)  :: Lecken {n}
lick {v} (to stroke with a tongue)  :: lecken
lick {v} (colloquial: to defeat decisively)  :: schlagen, besiegen
lick {v} (vulgar slang: to perform cunnilingus)  :: lecken
lick clean {v} (empty by eating contents)  :: auslecken
licker {n} (someone or something that licks)  :: Lecker {m}, Leckerin {f}
licking {n} (an act of licking)  :: Licken {n}
lick someone's ass {v} (to flatter someone) SEE: brownnose  ::
lickspittle {n} (fawning toady)  :: Speichellecker {m}
licorice {n} (plant)  :: Süßholz {n}, Lakritze {f}
licorice {n} (confection)  :: Lakritze {f}
lictor {n} (officer in ancient Rome)  :: Liktor {m}
lid {n} (top or cover)  :: Deckel {m}
lido {n} (outdoor swimming pool)  :: Freibad
lidocaine {n} (local anesthetic)  :: Lidocain {n}
lie {v} (be in horizontal position)  :: liegen
lie {v} (be situated)  :: liegen
lie {n} (position of fetus)  :: Kindslage {f}
lie {v} (tell an intentional untruth)  :: lügen, täuschen
lie {n} (intentionally false statement)  :: Lüge {f}
Lie algebra {n} (vector space)  :: Lie-Algebra
Liebfraumilch {n} (German white wine)  :: Liebfrauenmilch {f}
Liechtenstein {prop} (Principality of Liechtenstein)  :: Liechtenstein {n}
Liechtensteiner {n} (A person from Liechtenstein or of Liechtenstein descent)  :: Liechtensteiner {m}, Liechtensteinerin {f}
lie detector {n} (polygraph (informal))  :: Lügendetektor {m}
lie down {v} (assume a reclining position)  :: sich legen
liege {n} (A free and independent person; a lord paramount; a sovereign)  :: Lehnsherr {m}
liege {n} (The subject of a sovereign or lord; a liegeman)  :: Gefolgsmann {m}, Vasall {m}
lien {n} (a legal claim; a charge upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty)  :: Pfandrecht {n}
Liepāja {prop} (city in Latvia)  :: Libau {n}, Liepāja {n}
lieu {n} (in lieu, in lieu of) SEE: in lieu  ::
lieutenant {n} (lowest commissioned officer rank)  :: Leutnant {m}, Leutnantin {f}
lieutenant {n} (person who executes the plans and directives of another)  :: Gehilfe {m}, Stellvertreter {m}
lieutenant {adj} (military grade)  :: Leutnant {m}
lieutenant colonel {n} (military rank)  :: Oberstleutnant {m}
lieutenant governor {n}  :: Vizegouverneur {m}
life {n} (the state of being alive)  :: Leben {n}
life {n} (the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being)  :: Leben {n}
life {n} (the subjective and inner manifestation of the individual)  :: Leben {n}
life {n} (the world in general, existence)  :: Leben {n}
life {n} (a worthwhile existence)  :: Leben {n}
life {n} (something inherently part of a person's existence)  :: Leben {n}
life {n} (life sentence)  :: lebenslänglich
life {n} (duration)  :: Lebensdauer {f}
life-affirming {adj} (appearing to have an optimistic quality) SEE: optimistic  ::
life after death {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife  ::
life and limb {n} ((idiomatic) existence together with bodily faculties)  :: Leib und Leben
life assurance {n} (insurance policy) SEE: life insurance  ::
life belt {n} (buoyant ring)  :: Rettungsring {m}
lifeboat {n} (a boat to save shipwrecked people)  :: Rettungsboot {n}
life-buoy {n} (life preserver) SEE: life preserver  ::
life cycle {n} (course of stages through which an organism passes)  :: Lebenszyklus {m}
life cycle {n} (useful life of a product or system; developmental history of an individual or group)  :: Lebenszyklus {m}
life expectancy {n} (the amount of time one is expected to live)  :: Lebenserwartung {f}
lifeguard {n} (attendant)  :: Rettungsschwimmer {m}, Rettungsschwimmerin {f}
lifeguard {n} (bodyguard) SEE: bodyguard  ::
life insurance {n} (form of insurance)  :: Lebensversicherung {f}
life interest {n} (lifetime right)  :: Leibrente {f}
life is not all beer and skittles {proverb} (proverb)  :: das Leben ist nicht nur eitel Sonnenschein
life jacket {n} (An article of protective clothing)  :: Rettungsweste {f}, Schwimmweste {f}
lifeless {adj} (dead)  :: leblos
lifelike {adj} (Like a living being, resembling life)  :: lebensecht
lifelong {adj} (extending for the entire duration of life)  :: lebenslang
life of Riley {n} (ideal life of care-free prosperity)  :: leben wie Gott in Frankreich
life partner {n} (romantic partner for life)  :: Lebenspartner {m}, Lebenspartnerin {f}, Lebensgefährte {m}, Lebensgefährtin {f}
life preserver {n} (buoyant ring or vest)  :: [vest] Rettungsweste {f}, [ring] Rettungsring {m}, [ring] Rettungsreifen {m}
life ring {n} (life preserver) SEE: life preserver  ::
life's a bitch and then you die {proverb} (expect the worst)  :: das Leben ist eine Hure und dann stirbt man
lifesaving {adj} (lifesaving) SEE: life-saving  ::
life-saving {adj} (preventing death)  :: lebensrettend; Rettungs- [in compound words]
life sentence {n} (sentence of imprisonment for the rest of the defendant's life)  :: lebenslange Haftstrafe, lebenslänglich
lifespan {n} (length of time for which an organism lives)  :: Lebenserwartung {f}, Lebensdauer {f}
life style {n} (lifestyle) SEE: lifestyle  ::
life-style {n} (lifestyle) SEE: lifestyle  ::
lifestyle {n} (style of living)  :: Lebensstil {m}, Lebensweise {f}, Lebenswandel {m}
life-threatening {adj} (used to describe something that endangers life)  :: lebensbedrohlich
lifetime {n} (duration of the life of someone or something)  :: Leben {n}, Lebensdauer {f}, Lebenszeit {f}
lifetime {n} (informal, hyperbolic: a long period of time)  :: Ewigkeit {f}
lifework {n} (main occupation of one's life)  :: Lebenswerk {n}
lift {v} (to raise or rise)  :: heben, anheben
lift {v} (to steal)  :: klauen, stehlen
lift {n} (the act of transporting someone in a vehicle)  :: Mitfahrgelegenheit {f}, Beförderungsfahrt {f}
lift {n} (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)  :: Fahrstuhl {m}, Aufzug {m}, Lift {m}
lift {n} (upward force)  :: Auftrieb {m}
lift {n} (thief) SEE: thief  ::
lift a finger {v} (to make minimal effort)  :: [mostly used in the negative] Finger krumm machen
lifter {n} (spatula) SEE: spatula  ::
lifter {n} (weightlifter) SEE: weightlifter  ::
lifting {n} (weightlifting) SEE: weightlifting  ::
lifting gas {n}  :: Traggas {n}
lift music {n} (elevator music) SEE: elevator music  ::
ligament {n} (band of strong tissue that holds the bones of an animal in position)  :: Band {n}
ligand field theory {n}  :: Ligandenfeldtheorie {f}
ligase {n} (enzyme)  :: Ligase {f}
ligature {n} (typography: character that combines multiple letters)  :: Ligatur {f}
ligature {n} (music: group of notes played as a musical phrase)  :: Ligatur {f}
Liège {prop} (province in Belgium)  :: Lüttich {n}
liger {n} (animal born to a male lion and a tigress)  :: Liger {m}
light {n} (electromagnetic waves)  :: Licht {n}
light {n} (source of illumination)  :: Lichtquelle {f}, Licht {n}
light {n} (spiritual illumination)  :: Erleuchtung {f}, Licht {n}
light {n} (flame or something used to create fire)  :: Flamme {f}
light {v} (to start (a fire))  :: anzünden, anstecken, anmachen
light {v} (to set fire to)  :: anzünden
light {v} (to illuminate)  :: beleuchten, anstrahlen
light {adj} (having light)  :: erleuchtet, hell
light {adj} (pale in colour)  :: hell
light {adj} (of low weight)  :: leicht
light {adj} (low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.)  :: leicht
light bulb {n} (evacuated glass bulb containing a metal filament that produces light)  :: Glühbirne {f}, Glühlampe {f}
light bulb joke {n} (type of joke)  :: Glühbirnenwitz {m}
light cavalry {n} (military unit)  :: leichte Kavallerie {f}
light cone {n}  :: Lichtkegel {m}
light echo {n} (phenomenon observed in astronomy)  :: Lichtecho {n}
light-emitting diode {n} (rectifying semiconductor device)  :: Leuchtdiode {f}
lighten {v} (to alleviate)  :: erleichtern
lighter {n} (fire making device)  :: Feuerzeug {n}, Zigarettenfeuerzeug {n}, Zigarettenanzünder {m}
lighter {n} (a barge)  :: Leichter {m}
lightfast {adj} (resistant to fading)  :: lichtecht
light globe {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb  ::
light-headedness {n} (the property of feeling lighheaded)  :: Benommenheit {f}
lighthearted {adj} (joyful)  :: unbeschwert, fröhlich
lighthearted {adj} (enjoyable lack of seriousness)  :: unbeschwert
lighthouse {n} (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)  :: Leuchtturm {m}
lighthouse keeper {n} (person who lives in a lighthouse and tends the light)  :: Leuchtfeuerwärter {m}
light industry {n} (industry that does not require high capitalization or heavy machinery)  :: Leichtindustrie {f}
lightlike {adj} (having a space component equal to its time component multiplied by the speed of light)  :: lichtartig
lightly {adv} (in a light manner)  :: leicht
light-minded {adj} (not given to heavy thoughts or thinking)  :: leichtfertig
lightning {n} (flash of light)  :: Blitz {m}
lightning {n} (discharge)  :: Entladung {f}
lightning bug {n} (firefly) SEE: firefly  ::
lightning conductor {n} (metallic conductor) SEE: lightning rod  ::
lightning fast {adv} (extremely quickly) SEE: quick as a flash  ::
lightning fast {adj} (fast as lightning)  :: blitzschnell, blitzgeschwind, blitzartig
lightning-quick {adj} (incredibly fast) SEE: lightning fast  ::
lightning rod {n} (metallic conductor that protects from lightning)  :: Blitzableiter {m}
light pen {n} (a computer input device)  :: Lichtgriffel {m}
light pollution {n} (excess artificial light)  :: Lichtverschmutzung {f}
lightsaber {n} (a fictional type of sword)  :: Lichtschwert {n}, Laserschwert {n}
lights, camera, action {phrase} (tradicional cue at a beginning of a take)  :: Licht! Kamera! Action!, Licht, Kamera, Action!
light source {n} (source of illumination)  :: Lichtquelle {f}
light spectrum {n} (range of colors) SEE: spectrum  ::
lightspeed {n} (the speed of light)  :: Lichtgeschwindigkeit {f}
light switch {n} (switch used to turn the light on or off)  :: Lichtschalter {m}
lighttight {adj} (lighttight)  :: lichtdicht
light year {n} (astronomical distance)  :: Lichtjahr {n}
lignin {n} (aromatic polymer)  :: Lignin {m}
lignite {n} (coal)  :: Braunkohle {m}
Ligue 1 {prop} (division)  :: Ligue 1 {f}
Liguria {prop} (region)  :: Ligurien {n}
likable {adj} (having qualities tending to result in being liked; friendly, personable)  :: liebenswert
like {v} (enjoy)  :: mögen, gern haben, gefallen [intransitive, the person who likes is the object of the verb in the dative case]
like {v} (find attractive)  :: mögen, gern haben, gefallen + dat [with subject and object reversed]
like {v} (to show support for, or approval of, something posted on the Internet by marking it with a vote)  :: liken
like {n} (something that a person likes)  :: Vorliebe {f}
like {adj} (similar)  :: gleich
like {adv} (such as)  :: wie
like {n} (something similar to a given person or object)  :: meinesgleichen, deinesgleichen, seinesgleichen (his/its like), euresgleichen, unseresgleichen, ihresgleichen
like {prep} (similar to)  :: wie, nach
like {particle} (colloquial: mild intensifier)  :: so
-like {suffix} (having some of the characteristics of (used to form adjectives from nouns))  :: -artig, -ähnlich
like a bull in a china shop {adj} (clumsy, aggressive)  :: wie ein Elefant im Porzellanladen
like clockwork {prep} (with perfect regularity and precision)  :: wie geölt
like father, like son {proverb} (a son will have traits similar to his father)  :: wie der Vater, so der Sohn
likelihood {n} (probability)  :: Wahrscheinlichkeit {f}
likely {adv} (similarly) SEE: similarly  ::
likely {adv} (probably) SEE: probably  ::
likely {adj} (probable; having a greater-than-even chance of occurring)  :: wahrscheinlich
likely {adj} (plausible; within the realm of credibility)  :: wahrscheinlich, glaubhaft, plausibel
like-minded {adj} (of similar opinion)  :: gleich gesinnt, gleichgesinnt
liken {v} (compare)  :: vergleichen
likeness {n} (similarity) SEE: similarity  ::
likeness {n} (appearance or form; guise)  :: Gestalt {f}
likeness {n} (that which closely resembles; a portrait)  :: Abbild {n}
Likert scale {n}  :: Likert-Skala {f}, Likertskala {f}
like the clappers {prep} (very hard or rapidly)  :: in einem Affentempo, sehr schnell
likewise {adv} (also; moreover; too) SEE: too  ::
likewise {adv} (in like manner)  :: ebenfalls, gleichfalls, ebenso, ähnlich
likewise {adv} (the same to you)  :: ebenfalls, gleichfalls
likewise {adv}  :: gleichfalls, ebenfalls
liking {n} (like)  :: Zuneigung {f}, Sympathie {f}, Geschmack {m}, Vorliebe {f}
lilac {n} (shrub)  :: Flieder {m}, Fliederbusch {m}, Fliederbaum {m}, Fliederstrauch {m}
lilac {n} (flower)  :: Flieder {m}, Zartlila {n}, Fliederblüte {f}
lilac {n} (colour)  :: Lila {n}, Violett {n}
lilac {adj} (colour)  :: lila, lilafarbig, zartlila, violett, fliederfarben, fliederfarbig, fliederblau, lilafarben, veilchenfarben, veilchenfarbig, veilchenblau
Lilian {prop} (female given name)  :: Lilian {f}
Liliana {prop} (female given name) SEE: Lilian  ::
Lillian {prop} (female given name) SEE: Lilian  ::
lilliputian {n} (small person or being)  :: Liliputaner {m}, Liliputanerin {f}
lilliputian {adj} (very small)  :: liliputanisch
lily {n} (flower in the genus Lilium)  :: Lilie {f}
lily of the valley {n} (Convallaria majalis)  :: Maiglöckchen {n}
Lima {prop} (the capital of Peru)  :: Lima {n}
lima bean {n} (butter bean)  :: Limabohne {f}
limaçon {n} (plane curve)  :: pascalsche Schnecke {f}, Pascal'sche Schnecke {f}, pascalsche Limaçon {f}, Limaçon {f}
limb {n} (major appendage of human or animal)  :: Glied {n}, Gliedmaße {f}, Extremitäten {f-p}
limb {n} (branch of a tree)  :: Ast {m}
limb {n}  :: Glied {n}
limb {v} (to remove limbs)  :: zergliedern
limber {adj} (flexible) SEE: flexible  ::
limber {n} (two-wheeled vehicle)  :: Protze {f}
limber {v} (prepare an artillery piece for transportation)  :: aufprotzen
limber up {v} (to stretch one's muscles to make them more limber)  :: sich aufwärmen
limbo {n} (place for innocent souls)  :: Limbus {m}, Vorhölle {f}
limbo {n} (in-between state)  :: Limbo {n} (rarely used)
Limburg {prop} (province of the Netherlands or Belgium)  :: Limburg {n}
Limburgian {prop} (Limburgish) SEE: Limburgish  ::
Limburgic {prop} (Limburgish) SEE: Limburgish  ::
Limburgish {prop} (the Germanic language)  :: Limburgisch {n}
lime {n} (linden tree) SEE: linden  ::
lime {n} (inorganic material containing calcium)  :: Kalk {m}
lime {v} (to treat with lime)  :: kalken
lime {n} (green citrus fruit)  :: Limone {f}, Limette {f}
lime {n} (citrus tree)  :: Limone {f}, Limette {f}
lime {adj} (containing lime or lime juice)  :: Limetten-
lime green {adj} (having a bright, light-green colour)  :: lindgrün
lime juice {n} (the liquid extract of lime fruit)  :: Limettensaft {m}
limelight {n} (type of stage lighting)  :: Rampenlicht {n}, Kalklicht {n}
limelight {n} (attention or notice)  :: Rampenlicht {n}
limerence {n} (state of mind)  :: verliebtheit, verliebt
limerick {n} (rhyming verse of five lines)  :: Limerick {n}
Limerick {prop} (county)  :: Limerick
Limerick {prop} (town)  :: Limerick
limestone {n} (abundant rock of marine and fresh-water sediments)  :: Kalkstein {m}, Calciumcarbonat {n}, Kalk {m}
limestone {adj} (made of or with limestone)  :: Kalk-
liminal {adj} (pertaining to a threshold or entrance)  :: Schwell-
limit {n} (boundary)  :: Grenze {f}, Begrenzer {m}
limit {n} (mathematics: value to which a sequence converges)  :: Grenzwert {m}, Grenze {f}
limit {n} (mathematics: abstraction of this concept of limit)  :: Limes {m}, Grenzwert {m}
limit {v} (restrict)  :: befristen, begrenzen, beschränken
limitation {n}  :: Begrenzung
limited {adj} (with certain limits placed upon it)  :: begrenzt
limited liability company {n} (type of company)  :: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung {f}, GmbH
limitless {adj} (without limits; boundless)  :: grenzenlos, unbegrenzt
limit point {n} (a point)  :: Häufungspunkt {m}
limnologist {n} (specialist in limnology)  :: Limnologe {m}, Limnologin {f}
limnology {n} (science of lakes)  :: Limnologie {f}, Seenkunde, Gewässerökologie
limo {n} (limousine) SEE: limousine  ::
limonite {n} (mineral consisting of hydrous iron oxides)  :: Limonit {m}
Limousin {prop} (region)  :: Limousin {n}
limousine {n} (luxury sedan/saloon car)  :: Limousine {f}, Stretchlimousine {f}
limp {v} (to walk lamely)  :: hinken, humpeln, lahmen
limp {n} (gait)  :: Gehbehinderung {f}, Hinken {n}
limpet {n} (someone dependant)  :: Anhang {m}, Anhängsel {n}
limpid {adj} (clear)  :: klar, durchsichtig
limy {adj} (containing or resembling lime)  :: kalkig
linchpin {n} (securing pin)  :: Achsnagel {m}, Lünse {f}
Lincoln {prop} (a city, a surname)  :: Lincoln
Lincoln {n} (automobile)  :: Lincoln
Lincolnshire spinach {n} (perennial plant)  :: Guter Heinrich {m}
Lindau {prop} (Town)  :: Lindau
linden {n} (tree)  :: Linde {f}, Lindenbaum {m}
linden {n} (wood from such tree)  :: Linde {f}
lindgrenite {n} (mineral containing copper, hydrogen, molybdenum and oxygen)  :: Lindgrenit {m}
lindworm {n} (a wingless bipedal dragon)  :: Lindwurm {m}
lindwyrm {n} (a wingless bipedal dragon)  :: Lindwurm {m}
line {n} (rope, cord, or string)  :: Leine {f}
line {n} (path through two or more points, threadlike mark)  :: Linie {f}
line {n} (geometry: infinite one-dimensional figure)  :: Gerade {f}
line {n} (geometry: continuous finite segment of such a figure)  :: Strecke {f}
line {n} (graph theory: edge of a graph)  :: Kante {f}
line {n} (geography: circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map)  :: Breitenkreis {m}, Längenkreis {m}
line {n} (music: one of the straight horizontal and parallel prolonged strokes on and between which the notes are placed)  :: Linie {f}, Taktstrich {m}
line {n} (telephone or network connection)  :: Leitung {f}
line {n} (letter, written form of communication)  :: Zeile {f}, [to drop somebody a line] ein paar Zeilen
line {n} (threadlike crease marking the face or the hand; hence, characteristic mark)  :: Falte {f}
line {n} (straight sequence of people, queue)  :: Schlange {f}, Reihe {f}
line {n} (single horizontal row of text on a screen, printed paper, etc.)  :: Zeile {f}
line {n} (poetic: verse)  :: Zeile {f}
line {n} (sentence of dialogue, especially in a script or screenplay)  :: Zeile {f}
line {n} (official, stated position of an individual or political faction)  :: Linie {f}, Parteilinie {f} ["party line"]
line {n} (products or services sold by a business, or the business itself)  :: Linie {f}
line {n} (measure of length, one twelfth of an inch)  :: Linie {f}
line {n} (amount of powdery drug)  :: Line {f}
line {n}  :: Weg {m}, Pfad {m}
line {v} (to form or enter into a line)  :: sich eingliedern , sich aufreihen
line {v}  :: [1] auslegen, [2] aufreihen
lineage {n} (descent)  :: Geschlecht {n}
linear {adj} (having the form of a line)  :: linear
linear {adj} (in mathematics, of first-degree polynomial)  :: linear
linear {adj} (physics: involving only one dimension)  :: linear
linear algebra {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: lineare Algebra {f}
linear motor {n}  :: Linearmotor {m}
linear space {n} (vector space) SEE: vector space  ::
line code {n} (code)  :: Leitungscode {m}
lined {adj} (of paper)  :: liniert
lined antshrike {n} (A passerine bird of the antbird family)  :: Dunkelmantel-Ameisenwürger {m}
line feed {n} (computing: the character which advances the paper by one line or moves cursor to the next line)  :: Zeilenvorschub {m}
linen {n} (thread or cloth made from flax fiber)  :: Leinen {n}
line number {n} (number of a line in a text file)  :: Zeilennummer {f}
line of credit {n} (financial agreement)  :: Kreditlinie {f}
line of sight {n} (A straight line along which an observer has a clear view)  :: Blickrichtung {f}
line segment {n} (part of a line)  :: Segment {n}
linesman {n}  :: Linienrichter {m}
line spectrum {n}  :: Linienspektrum {n}
-ling {suffix} (Diminutive)  :: -chen, -lein, -ling, -erl
linger {v} (to stay or remain in a place or situation)  :: herumlungern, verzögern, Zeit brauchen, verweilen, bleiben, sich herumdrücken, herumtrödeln, trödeln, sich aufhalten, ausharren, sich Zeit lassen, zurückbleiben, nachklingen
linger {v} (to remain alive or existent)  :: ausharren, aushalten, durchhalten, fortbestehen, herauszögern, hinauszögern, fortbestehen, verbleiben
linger {v} (to consider or contemplate)  :: sich aufhalten, überdenken, zögern
lingerie {n} (women's underwear or nightclothes)  :: Damenunterwäsche {f}, Dessous {n-p}
lingonberry {n} (shrub)  :: Preiselbeere {f}
lingonberry {n} (berry)  :: Preiselbeere {f}
lingua franca {n} (common language)  :: Lingua Franca {f}, Verkehrssprache {f}
lingual {adj} (related to language) SEE: linguistic  ::
lingual {adj} (related to the tongue)  :: lingual, Zungen-
lingual {n} (sound articulated with the tongue)  :: Zungenlaut {m}
lingual bone {n} (hyoid bone) SEE: hyoid bone  ::
linguicide {n} (the death of a language)  :: Linguizid {m}, Linguozid {m}, Sprachmord {m}, Sprachenmord {m}
linguine {n} (ribbons of pasta narrower than tagliatelle)  :: Linguine {p}, Linguini {p}
linguist {n} (one who studies linguistics)  :: Sprachwissenschaftler {m}, Sprachwissenschafter {m}, Linguist {m}
linguistic {adj} (Relating to language)  :: sprachlich, linguistisch
linguistic {adj} (Relating to linguistics)  :: sprachwissenschaftlich, linguistisch
linguistics {n} (scientific study of language)  :: Linguistik {f}, Sprachwissenschaft {f}
liniment {n} (topical medical preparation)  :: Liniment {n}
lining {n} (covering for the inside of something)  :: Futter {n}
lining {n} (material used for inside covering)  :: Futterstoff {n}
lining {n} (act of attaching an inside covering)  :: Füttern {n}
link {n} (connection)  :: Verbindung {f}
link {n} (element of a chain)  :: Verknüpfung {f}, Glied {n}
link {n} (computing: connection between busses or systems)  :: Verknüpfung {m}
link {n} (computing: hyperlink)  :: Link {m}, Hyperlink {m}
link {v} (connect things)  :: verbinden, verknüpfen
link {v} (to contain a hyperlink to another page)  :: linken, verlinken
linkage {n} (connection or relation between things or ideas) SEE: link  ::
linker {n} (short oligonucleotide)  :: Linker {m}
Linköping {prop} (Swedish city)  :: Linköping
linnet {n} (Carduelis cannabina, a finch of Europe, western Asia and northern Africa)  :: Hänfling {m}
linocut {n} (woodcut in which a block of linoleum is used)  :: Linolschnitt {m}
linoleic acid {n} (fatty acid)  :: Linolsäure {f}
linoleum {n} (inexpensive waterproof covering)  :: Linoleum {n}
linseed {n} (seed of the flax plant)  :: Leinsamen {m}
linseed oil {n} (oil extracted from flax seeds)  :: Leinsamenöl {n}
lint {n} (a fine material made by scraping cotton or linen cloth)  :: Verbandmull {m}, Scharpie {f}
lint {n} (fuzzy fluff)  :: Fussel {m} {f}, Fluse {f}
lint {n} (fibrous coat of thick hairs covering the seeds of the cotton plant)  :: Flaum {m}
lintel {n} (horizontal structural beam)  :: Sturz {m}
Linus {prop} (male given name)  :: Linus
Linz {prop} (city)  :: Linz {n}
liocranid sac spider {n} (spider)  :: Feldspinne {f}
lion {n} (big cat Panthera leo)  :: Löwe {m}, [poetic] Leu {m}, [also dog breed, diminutive] Löwchen {n}, [diminutive] Löwlein {n}
lion {n} (heraldic charge)  :: Löwe {m}
lion cub {n} (young lion)  :: Löwenbaby {n}, Löwenjunges {n}, Löwenwelpe {m}, Löwenwelpin {f}
lioness {n} (female lion)  :: Löwin {f}
lionfish {n} (venomous fish)  :: Feuerfisch
lionhead cichlid {n} (cichlid)  :: Buckelkopfbuntbarsch {m}
lionhead rabbit {n} (breed of domestic rabbits)  :: Löwenkopfkaninchen {n}, Löwenkopf {m}
Lionheart {prop} (nickname of Richard I of England)  :: Löwenherz
lion's den {n} (a dangerous or frightening place)  :: Höhle des Löwen {f}
Lion's Head {prop} (mountain in South Africa)  :: Löwenkopf {m}, Löwenberg {m}
lion's share {n} (A generous portion)  :: Löwenanteil {m}
lion tamarin {n} (any of four species of small New World monkeys that constitute the Leontopithecus genus)  :: Löwenäffchen {n}
lip {n} (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth)  :: Lippe {f} (human's lip), Lefze {f} (animal's lip)
lip {n}  :: Lippe {f}, Rand {m}, Unverschämtheit {f}
Lipari Islands {prop} (group of islands of Italy)  :: Liparische Inseln {p}
lipase {n} (group of enzymes)  :: Lipase {f}
lip balm {n} (substance topically applied to the lips of the mouth)  :: Lippenbalsam {m}, Lippencreme {f}
Lipetsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Lipezk {n}
lip gloss {n} (a cosmetic product)  :: Lipgloss {n}
lipid {n} (organic compound)  :: Lipid {n}
liplessness {n} (medical condition)  :: Acheilia, Acheilie
lipometabolism {n}  :: Fettstoffwechsel {m}
lipophilic {adj} (having the quality of dissolving in lipids)  :: lipophil
lipophobic {adj} (chemistry: no affinity for fats or organic solvents)  :: lipophob
lipophobicity {n} (being lipophobic)  :: Lipophobie {f}
liposuction {n} (cosmetic surgery procedure in which bodily fat is removed by suction)  :: Fettabsaugung {f}, Liposuktion {f}
lipreading {n} (the act of reading lips)  :: Lippenlesen {n}
lip service {n} (cunnilingus) SEE: cunnilingus  ::
lip service {n} (Empty talk; words absent of action or intention)  :: Lippenbekenntnis {n}
lipstick {n} (make-up for the lips)  :: Lippenstift {m}
lip sync {n} (synchronization of music with lips)  :: Lippensynchronisation {f}
lip-sync {v} (to move lips in synchronization with sounds)  :: lippensynchron singen
liquefied natural gas {n} (natural gas converted to liquid)  :: Flüssigerdgas {n}
liquefied petroleum gas {n} (LPG)  :: Flüssiggas {n}
liquefy {v} (make into a liquid)  :: verflüssigen
liquescent {adj} (liquescent) SEE: melting  ::
liqueur {n} (a flavored alcoholic beverage)  :: Likör {m}
liquid {n} (substance that is liquid)  :: Flüssigkeit {f}
liquid {n} (l or r sound)  :: Liquida {f}, Liquid {m}
liquid {adj} (fluid; not solid and not gaseous)  :: flüssig
liquid {adj} ((of an asset) easily sold or disposed of)  :: disponibel
liquidate {v} (to settle a debt)  :: liquidieren
liquidate {v} (to settle the affairs)  :: liquidieren
liquidate {v} (to convert assets into cash)  :: liquidieren
liquidate {v} (to kill someone)  :: liquidieren
liquid crystal {n} (phase of matter)  :: Flüssigkristall {m}
liquidity {n} (state of being liquid)  :: Flüssigsein {n}
liquidity {n} (property of being able to be easily converted into cash)  :: Liquidität {f}
liquid nitrogen {n} (nitrogen in the liquid state)  :: Flüssigstickstoff {m}
liquor {n} (strong alcoholic drink derived from fermentation and distillation)  :: Spirituose {f}
liquorice {n} (plant) SEE: licorice  ::
liquorice {n} (confection) SEE: licorice  ::
liquor store {n} (liquor store, bottle shop)  :: Spirituosengeschäft {n}, Schnapsladen {m} [colloquial]
lira {n} (currency of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, former currency of Italy, etc.)  :: Lira {f}
Lisa {prop} (female given name)  :: Lisa {f}, Liese {f}
Lisbon {prop} (capital of Portugal)  :: Lissabon {n}
Liskov substitution principle {prop}  :: liskovsche Substitutionsprinzip {n}, Ersetzbarkeitsprinzip {n}
lisp {n} (The habit or an act of lisping.)  :: Lispelei {f}
lisp {v} (to pronounce the sibilant letter ‘s’ imperfectly)  :: lispeln, zuzeln
list {n} (enumeration or compilation of items)  :: Liste {f}
list {n} (computing: codified representation of a list)  :: Liste {f}
list {v} (to create or recite a list)  :: aufzählen
list {n} (nautical: tilting or careening manoeuvre)  :: Schlagseite {f}, Krängung {f}
list {v} (to tilt)  :: krängen
list box {n} (dropdown list) SEE: dropdown list  ::
listen {v} (to pay attention to a sound)  :: hören, zuhören
listen {v} (to expect or wait for a sound)  :: lauschen
listen {v} (to accept advice or obey instruction)  :: hören
listen {v} (to hear (something))  :: hören
listener {n} (someone who listens)  :: Zuhörer {m}, Zuhörerin {f}
listener {n} ((computing) a function that runs in response to an event)  :: Beobachter {m}
listen in {v} (to listen secretly)  :: zuhören
listening {n} (act of listening)  :: Zuhören {n}
listening post {n} (facility established to monitor radio and microwave signals)  :: Horchposten {m}
listening station {n} (facility established to monitor radio and microwave signals)  :: Horchposten {m}
listless {adj} (Lacking enthusiasm)  :: lasch, lustlos, antriebslos
listlessness {n} (state of being listless)  :: Lustlosigkeit {f}
lit {adj} (Lighted)  :: beleuchtet, angezündet
litany {n} (ritual liturgical prayer)  :: Litanei {f}
litany {n}  :: Litanei {f}, Wechselgesang {m}
litas {n} (currency of Lithuania)  :: Litas {m}
litchi {n} (lychee) SEE: lychee  ::
-lite {suffix} (forms names of rocks or minerals)  :: -lith
liter {n} (cubic decimeter) SEE: litre  ::
literacy {n} (ability to read and write)  :: Lese- und Schreibfähigkeit {f}
literacy {n} (understanding of something)  :: Kenntnisse {f-p}, Bildung {f}
literal {adj} (exactly as stated; read or understood without additional interpretation)  :: wörtlich, buchstäblich
literal {adj} (following the letter or exact words, not taking liberties)  :: buchstäblich
literally {adv} (not metaphorically)  :: wörtlich, buchstäblich
literary {adj} (relating to literature)  :: literarisch
literary {adj} (relating to writers, or the profession of literature)  :: literarisch
Literary Chinese {prop} (Classical Chinese) SEE: Classical Chinese  ::
literary science {n} (all kinds of scientific study pertinent to literature)  :: Literaturwissenschaft
literate {adj} (able to read, having literacy)  :: schriftkundig, schreibkundig, lese- und schreibkundig, des Lesens und Schreibens mächtig, alphabetisiert; [of cultures also] literal
literate {adj} (knowledgeable in literature and writing)  :: belesen, gebildet
literati {n} (well-educated, literary people)  :: Literat {m}, Literatin {f}
literature {n} (body of all written works)  :: Literatur
lithiasis {n} (formation of stone-like deposits)  :: Lithiasis {f}
lithium {n} (chemical element)  :: Lithium {n}
lithium aluminium hydride {n} (chemical compound, LiH)  :: Lithiumaluminiumhydrid {n}
lithium amide {n}  :: Lithiumamid {n}
lithium borohydride {n}  :: Lithiumborhydrid {n}
lithium hexafluorophosphate {n}  :: Lithiumhexafluorophosphat {n}
lithium hydride {n} (chemical compound, LiH)  :: Lithiumhydrid
lithium metaborate {n}  :: Lithiummetaborat {n}
lithium peroxide {n}  :: Lithiumperoxid {n}
lithograph {n} (noun)  :: Lithographie {f}, Steindruck {m}
lithographic {adj} (related to lithography)  :: lithographisch
lithographical {adj} (lithographic) SEE: lithographic  ::
lithography {n} (printing method)  :: Lithographie {f}
lithosphere {n} (The outer layer of the Earth)  :: Lithosphäre {f}, Gesteinsmantel {m}
Lithuania {prop} (country)  :: Litauen
Lithuania Minor {prop} (Lithuania Minor)  :: Kleinlitauen, Preußisch-Litauen
Lithuanian {adj} (referring to Lithuania)  :: litauisch
Lithuanian {prop} (language)  :: Litauisch {n}
Lithuanian {n} (person from Lithuania)  :: Litauer {m}, Litauerin {f}
Lithuanian Hound {n} (Lithuanian Hound)  :: Litauischer Jagdhund {m}
Lithuanian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Litauische SSR {f}
litigate {v} (to go to law)  :: prozessieren
litigation {n} (conduct of a lawsuit)  :: Rechtsstreit {m}
litigious {adj} (of or relating to litigation)  :: gerichtsstreitlich
litigious {adj} (inclined to engage in lawsuits)  :: prozessfreudig
litigious {adj} (argumentative or combative)  :: streitsüchtig, streitbar
litmus {n} (dyestuff from lichen)  :: Lackmus {m}
litmus paper {n} (test paper)  :: Lackmuspapier {n}
litotes {n} (rhetoric: stating a point by denying its opposite)  :: Litotes {f}
litre {n} (unit of fluid measure)  :: Liter {m}
litter {n} (platform designed to carry a person or a load)  :: Sänfte {f}, Trage {f}, Bahre {f}
litter {n} (animals born in one birth)  :: Wurf {m}
litter {n} (bedding for animals)  :: Streu {f}, Stroh {n}
litter {n} (discarded items)  :: Abfall {m}, Unrat {m}, Müll {m}, Abfälle {p}
litter {n} (material for litter tray)  :: Streu {f}, Einstreu {f}
litter {n} (layer of dead leaves and other organic matter)  :: Streu {f}, Bodenstreu {f}
litter {v} (drop or throw trash without properly disposing of it)  :: Abfall wegwerfen, vermüllen, wegwerfen
litter {v} (give birth)  :: werfen, ferkeln, abferkeln
litter box {n} (box to provide a soiling area for cats)  :: Katzenklo {n}
litterfall {n} (plant material that falls to the ground)  :: Streufall {m}
litterfall {n} (mass of fallen plant material per unit area)  :: Streufallmasse {f}
litter tray {n} (litter box) SEE: litter box  ::
little {adj} (small in size)  :: klein, wenig, [colloquial] lütt, lützel
little {adj} (very young)  :: klein
little {adj} ((of a sibling) younger)  :: klein, jung
little {adj} (small in number, few)  :: wenig
little {adv} (not much)  :: wenig
little {determiner} (small amount)  :: wenig
little auk {n} (Alle alle)  :: Krabbentaucher {m}
little black dress {n} (woman's short black dress)  :: kleines Schwarzes {n}
little boy {n} (a diminutive male child)  :: Knäbchen {n}, Knäblein {n}
little brother {n}  :: kleiner Bruder {m}, Brüderchen {n}
little by little {adv} (a small amount at a time)  :: Stück für Stück, nach und nach
little finger {n} (outermost and smallest finger of the hand)  :: kleiner Finger {m}
little girl {n} (a female child)  :: Mädchen {n}
little green man {n} (humorous: space alien, Martian, see also: alien)  :: kleines grünes Männchen {n}, grünes Männchen {n}
little owl {n} (species of owl)  :: Steinkauz {m}
little penguin {n} (Eudyptula minor)  :: Zwergpinguin {m}
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (a folktale)  :: Rotkäppchen {n}
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (the main character in this story)  :: Rotkäppchen
Little Russia {prop} (a historical area)  :: Kleinrussland {n}
little sister {n}  :: Schwesterchen {n}, kleine Schwester {f}
little toe {n} (smallest toe of the foot)  :: kleine Zehe {f}
little wonder {n} (small wonder) SEE: small wonder  ::
littoral {n} (the zone of a coast between high tide and low tide levels) SEE: foreshore  ::
littoralization {n}  :: Litoralisierung
liturgic {adj} (liturgical) SEE: liturgical  ::
liturgical {adj} (Pertaining to liturgy)  :: liturgisch
liturgy {n} (a predetermined or prescribed set of rituals)  :: Liturgie {f}
live {v} (be alive)  :: leben
live {v} (have permanent residence)  :: wohnen, leben
live {v} (survive, persevere, continue)  :: überleben
live {adj} (having life)  :: lebend
live {adj} ((broadcasting) Seen or heard from a broadcast, as it happens)  :: Live-
live {adj} (capable of causing harm)  :: scharf
live {adv} (as it happens)  :: direkt, live
live and let live {v} (be tolerant)  :: leben und leben lassen
live by the sword, die by the sword {proverb} (one who uses violence can expect a violent response)  :: wer das Schwert ergreift, der soll durchs Schwert umkommen
livelihood {n} (means of supporting oneself)  :: Lebensunterhalt {m}, Lebensgrundlage {f}, Auskommen {n}
lively {adj} (full of life)  :: lebhaft
live on {v} (survive by consuming certain thing)  :: von etwas leben
live on {v} (to endure)  :: weiterleben
liver {n} (organ of the body)  :: Leber {f}
liver {n} (organ as food)  :: Leber {f}
livermorium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 116)  :: Livermorium {n}
Liverpool {prop} (Liverpool, England)  :: Liverpool
Liverpool {prop} (NY, Canada or Australia)  :: Liverpool
Liverpudlian {adj} (of or relating to Liverpool in the United Kingdom)  :: Liverpooler
Liverpudlian {n} (a native or resident of Liverpool in the United Kingdom)  :: Liverpooler {m}, Liverpoolerin {f}
liver sausage {n} (spreadable sausage)  :: Leberwurst {f}
liverwort {n} (bryophyte with a leafy stem)  :: Lebermoos {n}
liverwurst {n} (liver sausage)  :: Leberwurst {f}
livery {n} (distinctive uniform worn by a group)  :: Livree {f}
livestock {n} (farm animals)  :: Vieh {n}, Nutztiere {n-p}
live stream {n} (Internet broadcast)  :: Livestream
live under a rock {v} (to be isolated from knowledge of current events)  :: hinterm Mond leben
live up {v} (to fulfil the expectations placed upon)  :: gerecht werden , halten
live weight {n} (weight of a living animal)  :: Lebendgewicht {n}
livid {adj} (pallid) SEE: pallid  ::
livid {adj} (having a dark, bluish appearance)  :: blau
livid {adj} (very angry, furious)  :: blass vor Wut, wütend
lividity {n} (livor mortis, suggillation) SEE: livor mortis  ::
living {adj} (having life)  :: lebend
living {adj} (in use or existing)  :: lebend, existent
living {adj} (of everyday life)  :: Lebens-
living {adj} (true to life)  :: lebensecht
living {n} (state of being alive)  :: Lebende {f}, Lebender {m}
living {n} (financial means; a means of maintaining life)  :: Lebensunterhalt {m}
living {n} (style of life)  :: Leben {n}, Lebensumstände {f}
living fossil {n}  :: Dauerform {f}
living hell {n} (continuing state of extreme pain, punishment or torment)  :: die Hölle durchleben [idiomatic]
living room {n} (room in a private house)  :: Wohnzimmer {n}, Salon {m} [Austrian]
living standard {n} (standard of living) SEE: standard of living  ::
living street {n} (type of street)  :: Verkehrsberuhigter Bereich {n} [officialese], Wohnstraße {f}, Begegnungszone {f} [Switzerland], Spielstraße {f}
living will {n} (document expressing a desire to die naturally in certain medical circumstances)  :: Patientenverfügung
Livonia {prop} (historical region)  :: Livland {n}, Liefland {n}
Livonian {prop} (language)  :: Livisch
livor mortis {n} (settling of the blood in the lower portion of the body)  :: Totenfleck {m}, Leichenfleck {m}
lizard {n} (reptile)  :: Eidechse {f}, Echse {f}
lizard {n} (coward) SEE: coward  ::
lizardfish {n} (member of the family Synodontidae)  :: Eidechsenfisch {m}
lizardfish {n} (the taxonomic family Synodontidae)  :: Eidechsenfische {m-p}
Ljubljana {prop} (Capital city of Slovenia)  :: Laibach {n}, Ljubljana {n}
llama {n} (South Americal mammal of the camel family, Llama glama)  :: Lama {n}
Lüneburg {prop} (city in Lower Saxony)  :: Lüneburg
LNG {n} ((petrochemistry) liquid natural gas)  :: LNG
lo {contraction} (look, see, behold)  :: sieh, guck
loach {n} (fish of the family Cobitidae)  :: Schmerle {f}
load {n} (burden)  :: Last
load {n} (a large number or amount)  :: ein Haufen
load {v} (to put a load on or in)  :: laden
load {v} (to fill with munition)  :: laden
load {v} (to read into memory)  :: laden
loaded {adj} (burdened by load)  :: geladen, beladen, beschwert, schwer beladen
loaded {adj} ((of a projectile weapon) armed)  :: geladen, scharf
loaded {adj} ((slang) having wealth)  :: schwerreich, steinreich, gut betucht
loaded {adj} ((slang) drunk)  :: geladen
loaded {adj} ((of a question) designed to produce a predictable answer, or to lay a trap)  :: Suggestivfrage {f}, Fangfrage {f}
loader {n} (tractor with a scoop)  :: Radlader
loaf {n} (block of bread)  :: Laib {m}, Laib Brot {m}, Brot {n}
loaf {v} (do nothing)  :: nichts tun, herumlungern, rumhängen [colloquial]
loafer {n} (idle person)  :: Faulpelz {m}
loafer {n} (footwear)  :: Loafer {m}, Slipper {m}
loam {n} (type of soil)  :: Lehm {m}
loan {n} (borrowed sum of money or other valuables)  :: Anleihe {f}, Darlehen {n}
loan {n} (contract and array of legal or ethical obligations surrounding a loan)  :: Darlehensvertrag {m}
loan {v} (to lend)  :: ausleihen, leihen
lo and behold {interj} (used to express surprise)  :: siehe da!
loan shark {n} (money lender; usurer)  :: Kredithai {m}, Wucherer {m}, Wucherin {f}
loan translation {n} (calque) SEE: calque  ::
loanword {n} (word taken from another language)  :: Lehnwort {n}, Fremdwort {n}
loath {adj} (unwilling, reluctant; averse, disinclined)  :: abgeneigt
loathe {v} (hate, detest, revile)  :: verabscheuen
loathing {n} (sense of revulsion, distaste, detestation, extreme hatred or dislike)  :: Hass {m}, Ekel {m}, Abscheu {f}
loathsome {adj} (highly offensive; sickening, abominable)  :: ekelhaft, abscheulich
lob {n} (lump) SEE: lump  ::
lobby {n} (entryway or waiting area; vestibule)  :: Lobby {n}, Foyer {n}, Vorraum {m}, Vorhalle {f}
lobby {n} (group of people who try to lobby)  :: Lobby {n}
lobby {v} (To attempt to influence)  :: lobbyieren
lobbyist {n} (A person who for remuneration reattempts to persuade politicians)  :: Lobbyist {m}, Lobbyistin {f}
lobe {n} (division of the brain)  :: Hirnlappen {m}
lobelia {n} (plant)  :: Lobelie {f}
lobotomy {n} (surgical operation)  :: Lobotomie {f}
lobster {n} (crustacean)  :: Hummer {m}
local {adj} (of a nearby location)  :: lokal, örtlich
local {n} ((UK) the nearest bar)  :: Stammkneipe {f}
local {n}  :: lokal
local anesthetic {n} (substance)  :: Lokalanästhetikum {n} [technical], lokales Betäubungsmittel {n}, Betäubungsmittel {n}
local area network {n} (network)  :: Local Area Network {n} [formal], lokales Netzwerk {n}
local battery {n} (A source of local power for a telephone instrument)  :: Sprechstellenschaltung
local cell {n}  :: Lokalelement {n}
local color {n} (aspects of a location that distinguish it from neighboring communities)  :: Lokalkolorit {n}
local derby {n} (a sports match between local rival teams)  :: Derby {n}, Regionalderby {n}
locale {n} (language-related settings)  :: Locale {n}
local government {n} (government whose remit covers less than that of the nation)  :: lokale Regierung {f}
localhost {n} (this computer)  :: Localhost {m}
localization {n} (act of localizing)  :: Lokalisieren {n}, Lokalisierung {f}
localization {n} (software engineering: act or process of making a product suitable for use in a particular country or region)  :: Lokalisierung {f}
local maximum {n} (math: maximum within restricted domain)  :: lokales Maximum {n}
local minimum {n} (math: minimum within restricted domain)  :: lokales Minimum {n}
Local Supercluster {prop} (Supercluster that includes the Milky Way)  :: Lokaler Superhaufen
locate {v} (to place; to set in a particular spot or position)  :: orten
location {n} (place)  :: Lage {f}, Ort {m}, Platz {m}
locative {n} (locative case) SEE: locative case  ::
locative case {n} (case used to indicate place, or the place where)  :: Lokativ {m}
lochia {n} (post-partum vaginal discharge)  :: Wochenfluss {m}, Lochien {p}
Lochkovian {prop}  :: Lochkovium, Lochkov ou Lochkovien
lock {n} (something used for fastening)  :: Schloss {n}
lock {n} (a mutex or other token)  :: Lock {m}
lock {n} (segment of a canal)  :: Schleuse {f}, Schiffshebewerk {n}
lock {n} (firing mechanism of a gun)  :: Schloss {n}
lock {v} (to become fastened in place)  :: blockieren
lock {v} (to fasten with a lock)  :: abschließen
lock {n} (length of hair)  :: Locke {f}
lock away {v} (to lock up; to lock in a safe place)  :: wegsperren
locked {adj} (that has been locked (with a key))  :: abgesperrt, abgeschlossen, zugeschlossen
locked-in syndrome {n}  :: Locked-in-Syndrom {n}, Eingeschlossensein-Syndrom {n} [colloquial], Gefangensein-Syndrom {n} [colloquial]
locker {n} (storage compartment)  :: Spind {m}, Schließfach {n}
locker room {n} (locker room) SEE: changing room  ::
locket {n} (chained ornament)  :: Medaillon
locking {n}  :: Locking {n}
lockjaw {n} (disease)  :: Tetanus {m}, Wundstarrkrampf {m}
lock out {n} (an event in which an employer bars employees from working)  :: Aussperrung {f}
lock out {v} (to prevent from entering a place, particularly oneself, inadvertently)  :: aussperren
lockout {n} (opposite of a strike)  :: Aussperrung {f}
locksmith {n} (one who practices locksmithing)  :: Schlosser {m}
lock up {v} (to imprison or incarcerate someone)  :: einschließen, einsperren, wegschließen
lock up {v} (of a computer: to cease responding)  :: sich aufhängen
lockup {n} (prison) SEE: prison  ::
loco {n} (locomotive (short form))  :: Lok {f}
locomotive {n} (self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails)  :: Lokomotive {f}
locoweed {n} (plant of genus Oxytropis)  :: Spitzkiel {m}
locoweed {n} (plant of genus Astragalus) SEE: milk-vetch  ::
Locris {prop} (region of ancient Greece)  :: Lokris
locum tenens {n} (someone who temporarily fulfills the duties of another)  :: Stellvertreter {m}, Vertretungsperson {f}, Vertreter {m}
locust {n} (type of grasshopper)  :: Heuschrecke {f}
locutionary {adj}  :: lokutionär
locutive {adj}  :: lokutiv
lode {n} (vein of metallic ore)  :: Ader {f}
lodestar {n} (star used as navigation reference)  :: Leitstern {m}
lodestar {n} (guiding tenet)  :: Leitstern {m}
Lode Star {prop} (Polaris) SEE: Polaris  ::
lodge {n} (inn) SEE: inn  ::
lodge {n} (recreational building)  :: Lodge {f}
lodge {n} (porter's rooms)  :: Loge {f}
lodge {n} (local chapter of freemasons)  :: Loge {f}
lodge {n} (beaver's shelter)  :: Biberburg {f}
lodge {v}  :: [1] feststecken, [3] beherbergen, [3] unterbringen, [4] hinterlegen, [4] deponieren, [5] einlegen, [5] einreichen
lodging {n} (place to live or lodge)  :: Unterkunft {f}
Lodz {prop} (city)  :: Łódź {n}, Lodz {n}, Lodsch {n}, [historical] Litzmannstadt {n}
loess {n} (sediment of eolian origin)  :: Löss {m}
loft {n} (an attic or similar space)  :: Dachboden {m}, Dachgeschoss {n}
loftiness {n} (arrogance) SEE: arrogance  ::
lofty {adj} (high, having great height or stature)  :: hoch, [almost exclusively in the form "in luftiger Höhe" [in lofty height]] luftig
lofty {adj} (idealistic)  :: ambitioniert
log {n} (trunk of dead tree, cleared of branches)  :: Holzscheit {n}, Stamm {m}, Baumstamm {m}
log {n} (bulky piece of timber)  :: Baumstamm {m}, Scheit {n}, Klotz {m}
log {n}  :: Holzklotz {m}, Scheit {n}
log {n} (very dumb person) SEE: blockhead  ::
log {n} (logbook) SEE: logbook  ::
log {n} (logbook) SEE: logbook  ::
loganberry {n} (raspberry-blackberry hybrid berry)  :: Loganbeere
logarithm {n} (The power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain a given number)  :: Logarithmus {m}
logarithmic {adj} (relating to logarithms)  :: logarithmisch
logarithmize {v} (derive the logarithm of a number)  :: logarithmieren
logboat {n} (dugout canoe) SEE: dugout  ::
logbook {n} (nautical: book in which details from journey are recorded)  :: Logbuch {n}, Schiffstagebuch {n}
log cabin {n} (small simple dwelling made from wood)  :: Blockhaus {n}, Blockbau {m}
loge {n} (upscale seating region in theatres or similar)  :: Loge {f}
loge {n} (stall) SEE: stall  ::
loge {n} (booth) SEE: booth  ::
logger {n} (worker whose occupation is to harvest trees)  :: Holzfäller {m}
logging {n} (making entries in a log)  :: aufzeichnen
logic {n} (method of human thought)  :: Logik {f}
logic {n} (mathematical study)  :: Logik {f}
logic {n} (formal or informal language)  :: Logik {f}
logic {n} (any system of thought, irrespective of its rigor or productiveness)  :: Logik {f}
-logic {suffix} (-logical) SEE: -logical  ::
logical {adj} (in agreement with the principles of logic)  :: logisch
-logical {suffix} (used to form adjectival forms of nouns)  :: logisch
logically {adv} (in a logical manner)  :: logischerweise
logic gate {n} (a physical Boolean device)  :: Logikgatter {n}
logician {n} (person who studies or teaches logic)  :: Logiker {m}, Logikerin {f}
logic programming {n} (programming paradigm)  :: logische Programmierung {f}
log in {v} (gain access to a computer system)  :: sich anmelden, sich einloggen, einloggen
login {n} (user's identification)  :: Login {n}, Benutzername {m}
login {n} (logging in)  :: Benutzeranmeldung {f}, Anmeldung {f}, Einloggen {n}
logion {n} (a saying that is attributed to Jesus but which is not in the Bible)  :: Logion
-logist {suffix} (person who studies or is an expert in the related -logy)  :: -loge {m}, -login {f}
logistics {n} (planning and implementing the flow of goods and services)  :: Logistik {f}
logistics {n} (military procurement, supply, maintenance, and transportation)  :: Logistik {f}
logo {n} (symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an entity)  :: Logo {n}
log off {v} (log out) SEE: log out  ::
logogram {n} (character or symbol that represents a word or phrase)  :: Logogramm {n}
logograph {n} (character or symbol that represents a word or phrase)  :: Logogramm {n}
log on {v} (log in) SEE: log in  ::
logopedics {n} (study and correction of speech defects)  :: Logopädie {f}
logorrhea {n} (excessive and often uncontrollable flow of words)  :: Logorrhö {f}
logotype {n} (symbol used by organization, logo)  :: Logotyp {m}
logotype {n} (single type two letters, a ligature)  :: Ligatur {f}
log out {v} (to exit an account in a computing system)  :: ausloggen, abmelden
-logy {suffix} (branch of learning)  :: -kunde {f}, -lehre {f}, -wissenschaft {f}, -logie {f}, -ik {f}
-logy {suffix} (something said)  :: [set of works] -teiler {m}
loin {n} (part of the body)  :: Lende {f}
loin {n} (cut of meat)  :: Rippenstück {n}, Karree {n}
loincloth {n} (garment)  :: Lendenschurz {m}, Lendentuch {n}, Schamschürze {f}
loins {n} (plural form of loin) SEE: loin  ::
Loire {prop} (river)  :: Loire
Loire {prop} (département)  :: Loire
loiter {v} (to stand about idly)  :: rumlungern, rumhängen, herumhängen, abhängen, herumlungern, herumlümmeln, trödeln, herumtrödeln, gammeln, herumgammeln, sich herumdrücken
Lojban {prop} (artificial logical language based on Loglan)  :: Lojban {n}
lol {interj} (Used to express laughter) SEE: LOL  ::
LOL {interj} (expression of laughter)  :: reps, lol, [lachen heraus loud] lal
lolcat {n} (image macro of a kitten or cat with a humurous caption)  :: Lolcat {m}
lolita {n} (sexually alluring girl)  :: Frühreifes Mädchen
loll {v} (to act lazily or indolently)  :: räkeln
Lolland {prop} (Danish island)  :: Lolland {n}
lollipop {n} (confectionery on a stick)  :: Dauerlutscher {m}, Lolli {m}, Lollipop {m}, Lutscher {m}
lolly {n} (money) SEE: money  ::
lolly {n} (confection) SEE: confection  ::
lolly {n} (lollipop) SEE: lollipop  ::
lollygag {v} (dawdle; to avoid work)  :: trödeln, schlampen
Lombard {n} (member of a Germanic people)  :: Langobarde {m}, Langobardin {f}
Lombard {n} (banker or moneylender) SEE: banker  ::
Lombardic {adj} (related to the Lombards)  :: langobardisch
Lombardic {prop} (the language of the Lombards)  :: Langobardisch {n}
Lombardish {adj} (related to the Lombards)  :: langobardisch
Lombardish {prop} (the language of the Lombards)  :: Langobardisch {n}
Lombard rate {n} (interest rate)  :: Lombardsatz {m}
Lombardy {prop} (region in northern Italy)  :: Lombardei {f}
London {prop} (in the United Kingdom)  :: London {n}
London {prop} (in Canada)  :: London {n}
London {prop} (of, from or pertaining to London in the UK)  :: Londoner, londonisch
Londoner {n} (person from or inhabitant of London)  :: Londoner {m}, Londonerin {f}
Londonian {n} (Londoner) SEE: Londoner  ::
London Underground {prop} (the London underground)  :: London Underground {f}
lone {adj} (having no companion)  :: einzeln
loneliness {n} (condition of being lonely)  :: Einsamkeit {f}
lonely {adj} (of person: unhappy by feeling isolated)  :: einsam, alleinig
lonely {adj} (of place: desolate)  :: abgeschieden, einsam, öde, verlassen
lonely {adj} (solitary) SEE: solitary  ::
loner {n} (one who lacks or avoids company)  :: Eremit {m}, Einzelgänger {m}, einsamer Wolf {m}, Eigenbrötler {m}
lonesome {adj} (unhappy due to being alone)  :: einsam
long {adj} (having much distance from one point to another)  :: lang
long {adj} (having great duration)  :: lang
long {adv} (over a great distance)  :: weit
long {adv} (particular duration)  :: lange
long {adv} (long duration)  :: lange
long {v} (to wait, to aspire)  :: (sich) sehnen
long {adj} (not short) SEE: tall  ::
long absent, soon forgotten {proverb} (love fades away when people are distant)  :: aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn
long ago {adv} (at a time in the distant past)  :: vor alter Zeit, längst
longanimous {adj} (long-suffering)  :: langmütig
long-awaited {adj} (having been awaited for a long time)  :: lang erwartet
longbow {n} (large bow)  :: langbogen {m}
longcase clock {n} (grandfather clock) SEE: grandfather clock  ::
long-chain {adj}  :: langkettig
long division {n} (procedure for dividing multidigit numbers)  :: schriftliche Division {f}
long drink {n} (large mixed drink)  :: Longdrink {m}
long-eared owl {n} (Asio otus)  :: Waldohreule {f}
longevity {n} (the quality of being long-lasting, especially of life)  :: Langlebigkeit {f}
long for {v} (to have desire for; to yearn)  :: begehren
long for {v} (to miss)  :: sich sehnen, verlangen
long-haired {adj} (Having long, uncut hair on the head)  :: langhaarig
long haul {adj} (travelling a long distance)  :: Fern-, Langstrecken-
longhorn beetle {n} (any Cerambycid)  :: Bockkäfer {m}
longhouse {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
longing {n} (melancholic desire)  :: Sehnsucht {f}, Sehnen {n}, Verlangen {n}
long in the tooth {adj} (old, aged)  :: alt, in die Jahre gekommen
longitude {n} (angular distance)  :: Länge {f}, geographische Länge {f}
longitudinal wave {n} (type of wave)  :: Longitudinalwelle {f}, Längswelle {f}
long-jawed spider {n} (spider)  :: Streckerspinne {f}
long johns {n} (garment for bottom half of the body)  :: lange Unterhose {f}
long jump {n} (athletics field event)  :: Weitsprung {m}
long jumper {n} (athlete)  :: Weitspringer {m}, Weitspringerin {f}
long-legged {adj} (having long legs)  :: langbeinig
long-legged buzzard {n} (Buteo rufinus)  :: Adlerbussard {m}
long live {v} (prosper)  :: es lebe, hoch, lang lebe
long-lived {adj} (having a long lifespan; surviving for a long period of time)  :: langlebig
long primer {n}  :: Korpus, Corpus, [South German, Austrian, Swiss] Garmond
long s {n} (the character ſ)  :: ſ; in antiqua: langes s {n}, Lang-s {n}, s longa {f}
longship {n} (type of Viking vessel)  :: Langschiff {n}
long since {adv} (long ago) SEE: long ago  ::
longsleeved {adj} (having long sleeves)  :: langärmlig, langärmelig
longstemmed {adj}  :: langstielig
long story short {adv} (Introducing a short version of, or simply the conclusion of, an involved story)  :: kurz gesagt, kurz und gut, lange Rede, kurzer Sinn
long-suffering {adj} (having endured discomfort)  :: langmütig
longsword {n} (a kind of sword)  :: Langschwert {n}
long-tailed duck {n} (Clangula hyemalis)  :: Eisente {f}
long-tailed pangolin {n} (Manis tetradactyla)  :: Langschwanzschuppentier {n}, Schwarzbauchschuppentier {n}
long-term {adj} (becoming evident after a relatively long time period)  :: Langzeit-
long-term {adj} (extending over a relatively long time period)  :: langfristig, langanhaltend
long time no see {interj} (idiomatic: I (or we) have not seen you for a long time)  :: lange nicht gesehen
longwave {adj} (having a wavelength of greater than 1000 meters)  :: langwellig
long ways, long lies {proverb} (Proverb)  :: wenn einer eine Reise tut, dann kann er was erzählen
long-winded {adj} (tediously long in speaking; consuming much time; unnecessarily verbose)  :: langatmig
long-windedness {n} (the use of more words than are necessary for clarity or precision; verbosity, prolixity)  :: Langatmigkeit {f}
Longyearbyen {prop} (settlement)  :: Longyearbyen
loo {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
look {v} (to try to see)  :: sehen, schauen, blicken, hinschauen, hinsehen, [colloquial] gucken, guggen, [rarely] kucken
look {v} (to appear, to seem)  :: scheinen, aussehen
look {v} (to search)  :: suchen
look {v} (to face)  :: schaut
look {v} (to expect)  :: erwarten
look {n} (action of looking)  :: Blick {m}
look {n} (physical appearance)  :: Aussehen {n}
look {n} (facial expression)  :: Fratze {f}, Blick {m}
look after {v} (to watch, to protect)  :: sich kümmern um, pflegen
lookalike {n} (person physically resembling another person)  :: Doppelgänger {m}
look and feel {n} (visual design and behaviour of a user interface)  :: Look and Feel {n}, Aussehen und Handhabung
look at {v}  :: betrachten
look back {v} (to look behind oneself)  :: zurückschauen, zurückblicken, nach hinten blicken, nach hinten schauen, umdrehen [reflexive]
look back {v} (to reminisce about the past)  :: zurückschauen, zurückblicken
look before you leap {proverb} (think before taking actionn)  :: erst wägen, dann wagen
look down on {v} (to regard or treat as inferior)  :: herabschauen auf
look for {v} (search; seek)  :: suchen
look forward to {v} (anticipate, expect, or wait for)  :: erwarten, sich freuen (+ auf + acc.)
looking glass {n} (mirror) SEE: mirror  ::
look into {v} (to investigate, explore, or consider)  :: nachsehen
look like {v} (seem, appear)  :: scheinen
look like {v} (be similar in appearance, resemble)  :: aussehen, ähneln
look on {v} (to watch; to observe)  :: zuschauen
lookout {n}  :: Ausguck {m}
looks {n} (appearance)  :: Aussehen {n}
look the other way {v} (To ignore something wrong)  :: wegsehen, wegschauen
look up {v} (used other than as an idiom)  :: hochsehen, nach oben sehen
look up {v} (to obtain information about something from a text source)  :: nachschlagen, nachsehen
loom {n} (weaving frame)  :: Webstuhl {m}
loom {v} (impend, threaten, hang over)  :: dräuen
loom {n} (bird of order Gaviiformes) SEE: loon  ::
loon {n} (idler)  :: Traumtänzer {m}, Faulenzer {m}
loon {n} (bird of order Gaviiformes)  :: Seetaucher {m}
loop {n} (shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself)  :: Schlaufe {f}, Schleife {f}
loop {n} (programmed sequence of instructions)  :: Schleife {f}
loop {n} (ring road) SEE: ring road  ::
loophole {n} (method of escape)  :: Ausflucht {f}, Hintertürchen {n}, Schlupfloch {n}
loophole {n} (slit in a castle wall)  :: Schießscharte {f}
loop quantum gravity {n} (theory)  :: Schleifenquantengravitation {f}, Schleifen-Quantengravitation {f}
loopy {adj} (Having loops)  :: gewunden
loopy {adj} (Idiotic, crazy or drunk)  :: durchgeknallt
loo roll {n} (toilet roll) SEE: toilet roll  ::
loose {v} (to let loose)  :: lösen
loose {v} (to unfasten)  :: lösen
loose {v} (to make less tight)  :: lockern
loose {v} (to let go)  :: loslassen
loose {adj} (not fixed tightly)  :: lose, locker
loose {adj} (not packaged)  :: lose
loose {adj} (relaxed)  :: entspannt
loose {adj} (indiscreet)  :: indiskret, lose
loose {adj} (promiscuous)  :: zügellos, ausschweifend, los
loose {adj}  :: lose
loose {adj} (not leashed) SEE: unleashed  ::
loose change {n} (coins kept in one's pocket or bag)  :: Kleingeld {n}
loose coupling {n} (computer science: low-level interdependent coupling between modules)  :: lose Kopplung {f}
loosehead {n} (rugby player)  :: linker Pfeiler {m}
loosen {v} (to make less tight)  :: lösen, lockern
loosestrife {n} (Lythrum)  :: Blutweiderich {m}
loosestrife {n} (Lysimachia)  :: Gilbweiderich {m}
loot {n} (the proceeds of theft, robbery etc., swag, contraband)  :: Beute {f}, Raubgut {n}
loot {n} (money)  :: Knete {f} [slang], Zaster {n} [slang]
loot {v} (to steal from)  :: plündern
looter {n} (one who loots)  :: Plünderer {m}
looting {n} (act of looting)  :: Plünderung {f}
loppers {n} (pruning shears with long handles)  :: Baumschere {m}
lopsided {adj} (not balanced)  :: einseitig, schief
loquacious {adj} (talkative, chatty)  :: gesprächig, redselig, geschwätzig, schwatzhaft
loquaciously {adv} (in a loquacious manner)  :: geschwätzig, schwatzhaft
loquacity {n} (talkativeness)  :: Schwatzhaftigkeit {f}, Geschwätzigkeit {f}, Gesprächigkeit {f}, Redseligkeit
loquat {n} (fruit)  :: Wollmispel {f}
lord {n} (property owner)  :: Gebieter {m}
lord {n} (aristocrat)  :: Herr {m}
lord {v} (to lord over)  :: herrschen
Lord {prop} (God)  :: Herr {m}, Gott {m}
Lord {prop} (Jesus)  :: Herr {m}
Lord {n} (British aristocratic title)  :: Lord {m}, Herr {m}
lordly {adj} (of or relating to a lord)  :: fürstlich, adelig, einem Lord gemäß
lordly {adj} (having the qualities of a lord; lordlike; noble)  :: fürstlich, vornehm, herrlich, herrschaftlich, hochherrschaftlich, prächtig, edel, erhaben
lordly {adj} (proud; haughty; imperious; insolent)  :: überheblich, arrogant, hochmütig, hochnäsig, herablassend, anmaßend, gebieterisch, stolz, herrisch
Lord's Day {n} (Lord's Day)  :: Herrentag {m}, Herrntag {m}, Tag des Herrn {m}
lordship {n} (title)  :: der Herr {m}
Lord's Prayer {prop} (the prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples)  :: Vaterunser {n}
lorelei {n} (siren, temptress)  :: Loreley {f}
Lorentz factor {n} (Lorentz factor)  :: Lorentzfaktor {m}
Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction {n} (Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction)  :: Längenverkürzung {f}, Längenkontraktion {f}, Lorentzkontraktion {f}
Lorentz force {n} (force)  :: Lorentzkraft, Lorentz-Kraft {f}
Lorentz transformation {n} (mathematics)  :: Lorentztransformation {f}
Lorraine {prop} (region west of Alsace)  :: Lothringen {n}
lorry {n} (motor vehicle) SEE: truck  ::
lorry driver {n} (person employed to drive a truck) SEE: truck driver  ::
Los Angeles {prop} (largest city in California)  :: Los Angeles
lose {v} (cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability)  :: verlieren
lose {v} ((transitive) fail to win)  :: verlieren
lose {v} (shed (weight))  :: verlieren, abnehmen (body weight)
lose {v} (have (somebody of one's kin) die)  :: verlieren
lose {v} (be unable to follow or trace (somebody or something) any longer)  :: verlieren
lose {v} (informal: shed, remove, discard, eliminate)  :: loswerden, weglassen
lose {v} (fail to be the winner)  :: verlieren
lose face {v} (lose respect of others)  :: das Gesicht verlieren
lose heart {v} (to despair)  :: den Mut verlieren
lose one's balance {v} (unsteady) SEE: unsteady  ::
lose one's cool {v} (to lose one's temper)  :: die Fassung verlieren
lose one's head {v} (behave irrationally or lose self-control)  :: den Kopf verlieren
lose one's life {v} (to die)  :: ums Leben kommen
lose one's temper {v} (to be explosively angry)  :: die Beherrschung verlieren
lose one's virginity {v} (to stop being a virgin after the first sexual intercourse)  :: seine/ihre Jungfräulichkeit verlieren
lose one's way {v} (get lost) SEE: get lost  ::
loser {n} (person who fails to win)  :: Verlierer {m}
loser {n} (someone who loses in a specified manner)  :: Verlierer {m}
loser {n} (someone with bad luck or poor skills who consistently loses)  :: Verlierertyp {m}, Versager {m}
loser {n} (person who is frequently unsuccessful in life)  :: Verlierer {m}
loser {n} (insult)  :: Verlierertyp {m}, Versager {m}
loser {n} (someone who has lost weight)  :: Gewichtsverlierer {m}
lose track {v} (forget one's train of thought)  :: den Faden verlieren
lose weight {v} (to become less heavy)  :: abnehmen, abmagern
losing streak {n} (sequence of losses)  :: Pechsträhne {f}
loss {n} (instance of losing)  :: Verlust {m}, [in a game or war] Niederlage {f}
loss {n} (something lost)  :: Verlust {m}
loss {n} (hurtful condition resulting from losing)  :: Verlust {m}
loss {n} (financial: negative result on balance)  :: Verlust {m}
loss leader {n} (item sold at or below cost to stimulate sales)  :: Lockvogelangebot
lossless {adj} (not losing information)  :: verlustfrei
loss of face {n} (loss of respect of others)  :: Gesichtsverlust {m}
lost {adj} (unable to find one's way)  :: verirrt
lost {adj} (in an unknown location)  :: verschollen, verloren
lost {adj}  :: verloren
lost and found {n} (department, service or location where items that are found can be claimed by their owners)  :: Fundbüro {n}
lost generation {n}  :: verlorene Generation {f}
lost property {n} (lost and found) SEE: lost and found  ::
lot {n} (number of things taken collectively)  :: Menge {f}, Los {n}, Charge {f}, Haufen {m}, Anzahl {f}
lot {n} (informal: a number of people taken collectively)  :: Gruppe {f}, Menge {f}, Haufen {m}, Häuflein {n}
lot {n} (distinct portion or plot of land)  :: Parzelle {f}, Grund {m}, Grundstück {n}
lot {n} (that which happens without human design or forethought)  :: Schicksal {n}, Los {n}
lot {n} (anything used in determining a question by chance)  :: Los {n}
lot {n} (fate that falls to one by chance)  :: Los {n}, Schicksal {n}
lot {n} (prize in a lottery)  :: Los {n}
lot {n} (large quantity or number) SEE: a lot  ::
Lot {prop} (nephew of Abraham)  :: Lot {m}
loth {adj} (reluctant) SEE: loath  ::
lotion {n} (ointment that one rubs on the skin)  :: Lotion {f}
lots {n} (lots) SEE: a lot  ::
lottery {n} (scheme for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance)  :: Lotterie {f}
lottery ticket {n} (slip of paper drawn in a lottery)  :: Los {n}, Lotterielos {n}
lotto {n} (game of chance similar to bingo)  :: Lotto {n}
lotto {n} (lottery)  :: Lotto {n}, Lotterie {f}
lotus {n} (Nymphaea) SEE: water lily  ::
lotus {n} (plant of the genus Nelumbo)  :: Hornklee {m}, Lotos {m}, Lotosblume {f}, Lotus {m}
lotus {n} (Diospyros lotus) SEE: date plum  ::
loud {adj} (of a sound)  :: laut
loud {adj} (noisy)  :: laut
loud {adj} (of a colour, clothing, etc.)  :: grell
loudly {adv} (in a loud manner)  :: laut
loudmouth {n} (one who talks too much or too loudly)  :: Großmaul {n}
loudness {n} (perceptual strength or amplitude of sound pressure)  :: Lautheit {f} [jargon], Lautstärkepegel {m} [jargon], Lautstärke {f}
loudness {n} (the physical strength of the sound pressure level)  :: Schalldruckpegel {m} [jargon]
loudspeaker {n} (transducer)  :: Lautsprecher {m}
loudspeaker {n} (encasing)  :: Lautsprecherbox {f}, Box {f}
Louis {prop} (male given name)  :: Ludwig {m}
Louisa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Louise  ::
louis d'or {n} (any gold coin introduced in France by Louis XIII)  :: Louis d'or {m}, Louisd'or {m}, Louisdor {m}
Louise {prop} (feminine form of Louis)  :: Luise
Louisiana {prop} (US state)  :: Louisiana
lounge {n} (waiting room)  :: Lounge {f}, Wartezimmer {n}, Warteraum {m}
lounge {n} (living room)  :: Wohnzimmer {n}
loupe {n} (magnifying glass often used by jewellers and watchmakers)  :: Lupe {f}, Vergrößerungsglas {n}
louse {n} (insect)  :: Laus {f}
louse {n} (worthless person)  :: Dreckskerl {m}, Dreckkerl {m}, Lumpenhund {m}, Lumpenkerl {m}
louse {v} (To remove lice)  :: lausen
lousewort {n} (plant of the genus Pedicularis)  :: Läusekraut {n}
lousy {adj} (remarkably bad; of poor quality, dirty, or underhanded)  :: lausig
lousy {adj} (Infested with lice)  :: verlaust
lout {n} (troublemaker)  :: Störenfried {m}, Unruhestifter {m}, Randalierer {m}, Querulant {m}
lout {n} (bumpkin)  :: Hanswurst {m}, Tölpel {m}
lout {n} (a rude violent man)  :: Rowdy {m}, Randalierer {m}, Halbstarker {m}, Hooligan {m}, Polterer {m}
loutish {adj} (resembling a lout)  :: rüpelhaft
Louvain {prop} (Belgian city)  :: Löwen {n}
louvar {n} (Luvarus imperialis)  :: Dianafisch, Hahnenfisch
louver {n} (a ventilating turret or lantern)  :: Luftschlitz {m}, Lüftungsgitter {n}
louver {n} (a slatted opening in a wall, door or window)  :: Luftschlitz {m}
louver {n} (a system of slits for ventilation)  :: Luftschlitz {m}
lovable {adj} (inspiring love)  :: liebenswert, reizend
lovage {n} (A Mediterranean herb)  :: Liebstöckel {m} {n}, Maggikraut {n}
love {n} (strong affection)  :: Liebe {f}, Zuneigung {f}, Minne {f}
love {n} (object of one's romantic feelings; darling or sweetheart)  :: Liebling {m}, Lieber {m}, Liebe {f}, Liebes {n}, Liebster {m}, Liebste {f}, Geliebter {m}, Geliebte {f}, Schatz {m}
love {n} (closing of a letter)  :: in Liebe
love {n}  :: Liebe {f}, Minne {f}
love {v} (have a strong affection for)  :: lieben, lieb haben, gern haben
love {v} (be strongly inclined towards doing)  :: lieben
love {v} (care about; will good for)  :: lieben, ehren
love {v} (to lust for)  :: lechzen, gieren, schmachten, schleckern, begehren
love {v} ((euphemistic): to have sex with)  :: mit ... schlafen, lieben, Liebe machen
love {n} (zero)  :: null
love affair {n} (adulterous relationship)  :: Liebesabenteuer {n}
love at first sight {n} (an instantaneous attraction)  :: Liebe auf den ersten Blick {f}
lovebird {n} (a parrot of the genus Agapornis)  :: Unzertrennlicher {m}, Unzertrennliche {f}, Agapornide {m}, Agapornide {f}, Liebesvogel {m}
lovebird {n} (an affectionate couple (or a person thereof))  :: Turteltauben {f-p} (cf. Turteltaube {f})
love bite {n} (swelling on the skin)  :: Knutschfleck {m}
love child {n} (child born as a result of a romantic liaison between unmarried parents)  :: Kind der Liebe {n}, außereheliches Kind {n}, uneheliches Kind {n}
loved {adj} (Being the object of love)  :: geliebt
loved one {n} (very close friend or family member)  :: "Angehöriger {m} oder Freund {m}", "Angehörige {f} oder Freundin {f}", usually in the plural: "Angehörige oder/und Freunde" (sometimes "Angehörige oder/und Freunde und Freundinnen")
love goggles {n} (blindness to criticism or objectivity directed at a person that one is in love with)  :: rosarote Brille {f}
love handle {n} (a protruding area of fat on the side of the body)  :: Rettungsring {m}
love hotel {n} (short-stay hotel for sex)  :: Love Hotel {n}
love-in-a-mist {n} (Nigella damascena)  :: Jungfer im Grünen {f}
love is blind {proverb} (proverb)  :: Liebe macht blind
loveless {adj} (without love)  :: ohne Liebe, lieblos, herzlos
love letter {n} (letter about the author's love)  :: Liebesbrief {m}
love life {n} (individual's amorous life)  :: Liebesleben {n}
lovelorn {adj} (rent and reived of and/or by love)  :: liebeskrank
lovely {adj} (Beautiful; charming; very pleasing in form, looks, tone, or manner.)  :: lieblich, liebreizend, herrlich, schön
lovely {adj}  :: herrlich
love match {n} (marriage based on mutual love)  :: Liebesheirat {f}
lover {n} (one who loves another person)  :: Geliebter {m}, Geliebte {f}
lover {n} (sexual partner)  :: Liebhaber {m}, Liebhaberin {f}
lover {n} (person who loves something)  :: Kenner {m}, Kennerin {f}, -freund {m}, -freundin {f}, -liebhaber {m}, -liebhaberin {f}
love rat {n} (adulterer) SEE: adulterer  ::
love seat {n} (A sofa for two people)  :: Zweiersofa {n}
lovesick {adj} (having an aching desire for one's beloved)  :: liebeskrank; but preferably use a construction with the noun Liebeskummer
lovesickness {n}  :: Liebeskummer {m}
love song {n} (song about love)  :: Liebeslied {n}
love triangle {n} (situation in which two people vie for the love of a third)  :: Dreiecksverhältnis {n}
lovey-dovey {adj}  :: turteltäubig
loving {adj} (expressing a large amount of love)  :: liebend
low {adj} (in a position comparatively close to the ground)  :: niedrig
low {adj} (depressed, sad)  :: niedergeschlagen
low {adj} (despicable)  :: gemein, niederträchtig
low {n} (area of low pressure)  :: Tief {n}, Tiefdruckgebiet {n}
low {adv} (close to the ground)  :: tief
low {adv} (at a lower frequency)  :: tief
low {adv} (with a low voice or sound)  :: leise
low {n} (flame) SEE: flame  ::
low {v} (moo) SEE: moo  ::
low blow {n} (an unfair or illegal blow in boxing)  :: Tiefschlag {m}
lowdown {n} (the whole truth)  :: Fakten {p}, Infos {p}, Informationen {p}
lower {v} (let (something) descend by its own weight, such as a bucket or sail)  :: herunterlassen
lowerable {adj} (that can be lowered)  :: absenkbar
lower arm {n} (section of an arm) SEE: forearm  ::
Lower Austria {prop} (the northeasternmost state of Austria)  :: Niederösterreich
lower case {n} (lower case letters, collectively)  :: klein schreiben , Kleinschrift {f}, Kleinbuchstaben {f-p}, Kleinschreibung {f}
lower chamber {n} (lower house) SEE: lower house  ::
lower deck {n} (deck of a ship immediately above the hold)  :: Unterdeck {n}
lower house {n} (part of a parliament)  :: Unterhaus {n}
lower jaw {n} (part of the face below the mouth)  :: Unterkiefer {m}, Kiefer {m}
lower jaw {n} (mandible of humans and other vertebrates )  :: Unterkieferknochen {m}
Lower Lusatian {prop} (Lower Sorbian) SEE: Lower Sorbian  ::
Lower Saxony {prop} (state)  :: Niedersachsen {n}
Lower Silesian {prop}  :: Niederschlesisch
Lower Sorbian {prop} (a Slavic language spoken in part of Brandenburg)  :: Niedersorbisch {n}
lowest common denominator {n} (smallest multiple of several denominators)  :: kleinster gemeinsamer Nenner {m}
low-fat {adj} (not having a high number of calories from fat)  :: fettarm
Low German {prop} (West Germanic language)  :: Niederdeutsch {n}, Plattdeutsch {n}
low-grade {adj} (of inferior quality)  :: minderwertig
lowland {n} (area which is lower than surroundings)  :: Tiefebene {f}, Tiefland {n}, Flachland {n}
Low Prussian {prop} (Mennonite Low German)  :: Niederpreußisch {n}
Low Saxon {prop} (language or language group)  :: Niedersächsisch, Westniederdeutsch {n}
low-speed {adj} (slower than normal speed)  :: niedertourig, niedrigtourig
low temperature flexibility {n} (ability of membrane to resist cracking at low temperature)  :: Kälteflexibilität {f}
low tide {n} (the tide at its lowest level)  :: Ebbe {f}, Niedrigwasser {n}
low tide {n}  :: Ebbe {f}
lox {n} (smoked salmon)  :: Räucherlachs
loyal {adj} (firm in allegiance to a person or institution)  :: loyal, treu
loyally {adv} (in a loyal manner)  :: loyal, treu
loyalness {n} (loyalty) SEE: loyalty  ::
loyalty {n} (the state of being loyal; fidelity)  :: Treue {f}, Loyalität {f}
loyalty {n} (faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation)  :: Treue {f}, Loyalität {f}
lozenge {n} (rhombus)  :: Raute {f}
lozenge {n} (medicated sweet)  :: Pastille {f}
L-shaped {adj} (shaped like the letter L)  :: L-förmig
Ltd. {abbr}  :: GmbH, G. m. b. H.
lube {n} (lubricant) SEE: lubricant  ::
lube {v} (lubricate) SEE: lubricate  ::
lubricant {n} (substance used to reduce friction)  :: Schmierstoff {m}, Schmiermittel {n}, Schmiere {f}, Gleitmittel {n}
lubricant {n} (personal lubricant) SEE: personal lubricant  ::
lubricate {v} (to make slippery or smooth)  :: schmieren
lubrication {n} (the application of lubricants)  :: Schmierung {f}
lubrication payment {n} (euphemism for a bribe)  :: Schmiergeld {n}
Lucas {prop} (male given name) SEE: Luke  ::
Lucerne {prop} (canton)  :: Kanton Luzern
Lucerne {prop} (city)  :: Luzern {n}
Lucia {prop} (female given name) SEE: Lucy  ::
Lucian {prop} (sophist of Syrian origin)  :: Lukian
lucid {adj} (clear; easily understood)  :: klar, übersichtlich, verständlich, einleuchtend, luzid, deutlich
lucid {adj} (mentally rational; sane)  :: rational, verständig, klar, brilliant, bei Verstand {m}
lucid {adj} (bright, luminous, translucent or transparent)  :: hell, klar, leuchtend, transparent, transluzent, licht, glänzend
lucid {adj}  :: einleuchtend , klar , bei Verstand , leuchtend
lucid dream {n} (lucid dream)  :: Klartraum {m}
Lucifer {prop} (figure mentioned in Isaiah 14:12)  :: Luzifer {m}
Lucifer {prop} (Venus, the morning star)  :: Luzifer {m}
Lucite {prop} (brand of tough transparent thermoplastic)  :: Acrylglas {n}, Plexiglas {n}
luck {n} (something that happens to someone by chance)  :: Glück {n}
luckily {adv} (in a lucky manner)  :: glücklich, auf glückliche Weise, mit Glück
luckless {adj} (unsuccessful in a failing manner)  :: erfolglos
luckless {adj} (without luck)  :: glücklos
luck out {v} (to experience great luck)  :: Schwein haben
luck out {v} (to run out of luck)  :: Pech haben, kein Glück haben
lucky {adj} (of people, having good fortune)  :: glücklich
lucky {adj} (being good by chance)  :: glücklich
lucky charm {n} (object kept for good luck)  :: Glücksbringer {m}
lucky streak {n} (winning streak) SEE: winning streak  ::
lucrative {adj} (producing a surplus; profitable)  :: lukrativ
lucubration {n} (intense and prolonged study or meditation)  :: Lukubration
Lucy {prop} (female given name)  :: Lucia
Ludfordian {prop}  :: Ludfordium
ludic {adj} (of or pertaining to play)  :: ludisch
ludicrous {adj} (idiotic or unthinkable, often to the point of being funny)  :: aberwitzig
Lufthansa {prop} (German airline)  :: Lufthansa {f}
Lugansk {prop} (Luhansk) SEE: Luhansk  ::
luge {n} (The sport of racing on luges)  :: Rennrodeln {n}, Rodeln {n}
luger {n} (competer in the luge)  :: Rodler {m}, Rodlerin {f}, Rennrodler {m}, Rennrodlerin {f}
luggage {n} (traveller's containers)  :: Gepäck {n}, Gepäckstück {n}, Reisegepäck {n}, [metaphorical] Ballast {m}
luggage cart {n} (vehicle pushed by travellers)  :: Gepäckwagen {m}
luggage rack {n} (rack attached to a car)  :: Gepäckträger {m}
lug nut {n} (nut to attach wheel to axle)  :: Radmutter {f}
lugsail {n} (sail)  :: Luggersegel {n}
lugubrious {adj} (gloomy)  :: düster, kummervoll
Luhansk {prop} (city)  :: Luhansk {n}, Lugansk {n}
Luhansk People's Republic {prop} (secessionist state in Luhanshchyna, the Ukraine)  :: Volksrepublik Lugansk
Lukas {prop} (given name) SEE: Luke  ::
Lukashenko {prop} (surname)  :: Lukaschenka, Lukaschenko
Luke {prop} (given name)  :: Lukas
Luke {prop} (evangelist)  :: Lukas
Luke {prop} (gospel of Luke)  :: Das Evangelium nach Lukas , Lk
lukewarm {adj} (temperature)  :: lauwarm
lukewarm {adj} (not very enthusiastic)  :: lau
lull {n} (a period without waves or wind.)  :: Windstille {f}
lullaby {n} (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)  :: Schlaflied {n}, Wiegenlied {n}
lumbago {n} (lumbar-region backache, see also: backache)  :: Lumbago {n}, Lumbalgie {f}, Hexenschuss {m}
lumber {n} (wood as building material)  :: Bauholz {n}
lumberjack {n} (person who fells trees)  :: Holzfäller {m}
lumbermill {n} (mill for processing lumber) SEE: sawmill  ::
lumen {n} (SI-unit for luminous flux)  :: Lumen {n}
lumination {n} (illumination) SEE: illumination  ::
luminescence {n} (emission)  :: Lumineszenz {f}
luminol {n} (chemical that exhibits blue chemiluminescence)  :: Luminol {n}
luminosity {n} (state of being luminous)  :: Helligkeit {f}
luminosity {n} (rate at which a star radiates energy)  :: Leuchtkraft {f}
luminous {adj} (emitting light; glowing brightly)  :: leuchtend
luminous energy {n} (SI-unit for luminous flux)  :: Lichtmenge {f}, Lichtenergie {f}
luminous flux {n}  :: Lichtstrom
luminous intensity {n} (measure of light)  :: Lichtstärke
lump {n} (something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound, hill, or group)  :: Kloß {m}
lumpenproletariat {n} (in Marxism: the lowest stratum of the proletariat)  :: Lumpenproletariat {n}
lumpfish {n} (lumpsucker) SEE: lumpsucker  ::
lumpsucker {n} (scorpaeniform fish)  :: Lump, Seehase
lump sum {n} (large one-time payment)  :: Pauschale {f}, Pauschalsumme {f}
Luna {prop} (Earth's moon) SEE: Moon  ::
lunacy {n} (state of being mad)  :: Verrücktheit {f}, Wahnsinn {m}
lunacy {n}  :: Wahnsinn
lunar {adj} (of, or pertaining to, the moon)  :: lunar
lunar {adj}  :: Mond-
lunar calendar {n} (a calendar that measures the passage of the year according to the phases of the moon)  :: Mondkalender {m}
lunar eclipse {n} (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon)  :: Mondfinsternis {f}
Lunarian {n} (imaginary inhabitant of the Moon)  :: Mondbewohner {m}, Selenit {m}, Lunarianer {m}, Lunarianerin {f}
lunar phase {n} (any one of the aspects presented by the moon)  :: Mondphase {f}
lunar year {n} (a year determined by a certain number of phases of the moon)  :: Mondjahr {n}
lunatic {n} (insane person)  :: Irre {m} {f}
lunatic asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
lunch {n} (meal around midday)  :: Mittagessen {n}, Lunch {m}
lunch {v} (to eat lunch)  :: zu Mittag essen, lunchen, soupieren
lunchbox {n} (container for transporting meals)  :: Brotzeitdose {f}, Brotdose {f}
lunchbox {n} (male genitals enclosed in clothing)  :: Gehänge {n}
luncheon {n} (a formal term for lunch) SEE: lunch  ::
luncheon {n}  :: Lunch {m}, Mittagsessen {n}, Mittagsrunde {f}
lunch meat {n} (cold cuts) SEE: cold cuts  ::
lunette {n} (small opening in a vaulted roof of a circular or crescent shape)  :: Lunette {f}
lunette {n} (crescent-shaped recess or void in the space above a window or door)  :: Lünette {f}
lunette {n} (Christianity: crescent-shaped clip for holding the host upright)  :: Lunula {f}
lung {n} (organ that extracts oxygen from the air)  :: Lunge {f}
lung cancer {n} (cancer of the lung(s))  :: Lungenkrebs {m}
lunge {n} (sudden movement)  :: Ausfall
lunge {v} (to make a sudden movement)  :: losstürzen, ausfallen
lungeing cavesson {n} (halter)  :: Kappzaum {m}
lungeing rein {n} (lunge line)  :: Longe {f}
lungfish {n} (air-breathing fish of the class Dipnoi)  :: Lungenfisch {m}
lunokhod {n} (a Soviet lunar rover)  :: Lunochod {m}
lupin {n} (any member of the genus Lupinus in the family Fabaceae)  :: Lupine {f}
lupine {adj} (wolf-like)  :: wölfisch
lupine {adj} (having the characteristics of a wolf)  :: wölfisch
lupine {adj} (ravenous)  :: mit Bärenhunger, unersättlich
lupine {n} (lupin) SEE: lupin  ::
Lupus {prop} (summer constellation of the northern sky)  :: Wolf {m}
lurch {n} (sudden or unsteady movement)  :: Schlingern {n} [unsteady], torkeln, taumeln
lurch {v} (to make a sudden, unsteady movement)  :: Ruck
lure {n} (tempting or attractive object)  :: Anlockungsmittel {n}, Lockmittel {n}, Lockung {f}, Lockvogel {m}, Lure {f}, Reiz {m}
lure {n} (artificial fishing bait)  :: Köder {m}
lure {v} (to entice)  :: anlocken, locken, ködern
lurid {adj} (melodramatic) SEE: melodramatic  ::
lurid {adj} (shocking, horrifying)  :: widerlich
lurid {adj} (being of a light yellow hue)  :: grell
lurid {adj}  :: [description] reißerisch
lurk {v} (to remain concealed in order to ambush)  :: lauern
lurk {v} (to hang out or wait around a location)  :: lauern
lurker {n} (someone who lurks)  :: Beobachter {m}, Lauerer {m}
lurker {n} (someone who observes a community)  :: Lurker {m}, passiver Zuschauer {m}, Beobachter {m}
Lusatia {prop} (region)  :: Lausitz {f}
Lusatian {adj} (of or pertaining to Lusatia or the Lusatians)  :: lausitzisch, Lausitzer
Lusatian Neisse {prop} (river)  :: Lausitzer Neiße {f}
luser {n} (incompetent computer user)  :: DAU {m}, Luser {m}
lush {adj} (dense, teeming with life)  :: üppig gewachsen
lush {adj} (beautiful, sexy)  :: geil
lush {adj} (amazing, cool, fantastic, wicked)  :: fantastisch, toll
Lusitania {prop} (ancient Roman province)  :: Lusitania
Lusitanian {adj} (of or pertaining to ancient Roman province of Lusitania)  :: lusitanisch
Lusitanian {n} (native or inhabitant of ancient Lusitania)  :: Lusitaner {m}, Lusitanerin {f}
Lusitanian {prop} (an extinct paleo-Hispanic language)  :: Lusitanisch {n}
Lusophone {adj} (of a person, Portuguese-speaking)  :: portugiesischsprachig
Lusophone {adj} (of a place, Portuguese-speaking)  :: portugiesischsprachig
Lusophone {n} (Portuguese speaker)  :: Portugiesischsprachige {m} {f}
lust {n} (strong desire, especially of a sexual nature)  :: Wollust {f}, Lust {f}
lust {n} (general want or longing)  :: Lust {f}, Begehren {n}, Verlangen {n}
lust {n} (delightful cause of joy, pleasure)  :: Freude {f}
lust {v} (strongly desire)  :: begehren, verlangen, sehnen
lust {v} (crave sexual contact)  :: begehren, verlangen
luster {n} (a shine, polish or sparkle)  :: Glanz, Lüster
luster {n} (refinement, polish or quality)  :: Lüster, Glanz
luster {n} (A period of five years, lustrum) SEE: lustrum  ::
lustful {adj} (full of lust)  :: lüstern
lustfully {adv} (in a lustful manner)  :: lustvoll
lustration {n} (a rite of purification, especially washing)  :: Lustration {f}
lustration {n} (restoration of credibility to a government by the purging earlier perpetrators)  :: Lustration {f}
lustre {n} (luster) SEE: luster  ::
lustre {v} (luster) SEE: luster  ::
lustre {n} (lustrum) SEE: lustrum  ::
lustrous {adj} (having a glow or lustre)  :: glänzend
lustrum {n} (period of five years)  :: Lustrum {n}, Jahrfünft {n}, Fünfjahresperiode {f}, Fünfjahreszeitraum {m}, Quinquennium {n}
lute {n} (stringed instrument)  :: Laute {f}
lutein {n} (yellow carotenoid pigment)  :: Lutein {n}
Lutetian {prop}  :: Lutetium
lutetium {n} (chemical element with atomic number of 71)  :: Lutetium {n}, Cassiopeium {n} [obsolete]
Luther {prop} (Martin Luther)  :: Martin Luther
Lutheran {adj} (pertaining to the theology of Martin Luther or his followers, or the Lutheran church)  :: lutherisch
Lutheran {n} (member of any Christian church identifying with the theology of Martin Luther)  :: Lutheraner {m}, Lutheranerin {f}
Lutheranism {n} (branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther)  :: Luthertum {n}
luthier {n} (a person who, or a business which, makes or repairs stringed wooden musical instrument)  :: Geigenbauer {m}, Geigenbauerin {f}
lutung {n} (Monkey of the genus Trachypithecus)  :: Haubenlangur {m}, Lutung {m}
Luwian {prop} (language)  :: Luwisch {n}
lux {n} (the derived unit of illuminance)  :: Lux {n}
Luxembourg {prop} (country)  :: Luxemburg {n}
Luxembourger {n} (person from Luxembourg)  :: Luxemburger {m}, Luxemburgerin {f}, Lützelburger {m}
Luxembourgian {n} (Luxembourger) SEE: Luxembourger  ::
Luxembourgian {adj} (Luxembourgish) SEE: Luxembourgish  ::
Luxembourgish {adj} (pertaining to Luxembourg)  :: luxemburgisch
Luxembourgish {prop} (language of Luxembourg)  :: Luxemburgisch {n}, luxemburgische Mundart {f}, luxemburgische Sprache {f}
Luxemburger {n} (Luxembourger) SEE: Luxembourger  ::
luxuriant {adj} (abundant in growth or detail)  :: luxuriös, üppig
luxurious {adj} (enjoying pleasures of luxury)  :: luxuriös
luxurious {adj} (being very fine and comfortable)  :: luxuriös
luxury {n} (very wealthy and comfortable surroundings)  :: Luxus {m}
luxury {n} (something desirable but expensive)  :: Luxus {m}
luxury {n} (something very pleasant but not really needed in life)  :: Luxus {m}
luxury good {n} (product or service not considered essential to everyday life)  :: Luxusgut {n}
Luzon Strait {prop} (strait between Taiwan and Luzon)  :: Luzonstraße {f}
Lviv {prop} (Lviv)  :: Lemberg {n}, Lwiw {n}
löwchen {n} (Löwchen) SEE: Löwchen  ::
Löwchen {n} (Löwchen)  :: Löwchen {n}
-ly {suffix} (turns nouns to adjectives with the sense "similar to")  :: -lich, -ig, -isch, -haft
-ly {suffix} (used to form adverbs from adjectives)  :: [normal adverbs are the same in form as the respective adjectives]; -erweise [forms adverbs that modify phrases or sentences], -lich
lyase {n} (enzyme)  :: Lyase {f}
lycanthrope {n} (werewolf) SEE: werewolf  ::
lycanthropy {n} (act of shapeshifting)  :: Lykanthropie {f}
lycée {n} (a public secondary school in France)  :: Lyzeum {n}
lyceum {n} (a public hall designed for lectures or concerts)  :: Lyzeum {n}
lychee {n} (tree)  :: Litschibaum {m}
lychee {n} (fruit)  :: Litschi {f}
Lycia {prop} (ancient region)  :: Lykien
Lycian {prop} (language)  :: Lykisch {n}
Lycian {n} (native of Lycia)  :: Lykier {m}
Lycian {adj} (relating to Lycia)  :: lykisch
Lydia {prop} (historical region)  :: Lydien
Lydia {prop} (biblical woman)  :: Lydia
Lydia {prop} (female given name)  :: Lydia
Lydian {n} (native or inhabitant of Lydia)  :: Lyder {m}, Lyderin {f}, Lydier {m}, Lydierin {f}
Lydian {prop} (language)  :: Lydisch {n}
Lydian {adj} (pertaining to Lydia)  :: lydisch
lye {n} (caustic alkaline solution)  :: Lauge {f}
lye {n} (potassium or sodium hydroxide)  :: Ätznatron {n}, kaustische(s) Soda) {n}
Lyme disease {n} (infection by bacteria of the genus Borrelia)  :: Lyme-Borreliose {f}, Lyme-Krankheit {f}
lymph {n} (the fluid carried by the lymphatic system)  :: Lymphe {f}
lymphatic system {n} (network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes)  :: Lymphsystem {n}
lymph gland {n} (informal: lymph node)  :: Lymphdrüse {f}
lymph node {n} (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system)  :: Lymphknoten {m-p}, Lymphsystem {n}
lymphocyte {n} (type of white blood cell)  :: Lymphozyt {m}
lymphoma {n} (malignant tumor that arises in the lymph nodes or in other lymphoid tissue)  :: Lymphom {n}
lynch {v} (execute without a proper legal trial)  :: lynchen
lynching {n} (execution of a person without a proper legal trial)  :: Lynchjustiz {f}
lynchpin {n} (a securing pin)  :: Achsnagel {m}, Lünse {f}
lynx {n} (wild cat)  :: Luchs {m}
Lynx {prop} (constellation)  :: Luchs {m}
lynx spider {n} (spider)  :: Luchsspinne {f}
Lyra {prop} (constellation)  :: Leier {f}
lyre {n} (stringed musical instrument)  :: Leier {f}, Lyra {f}
lyrebird {n} (Australian songbirds of the genus Menura)  :: Leierschwanz {m}
lyric {n} (lyric poem)  :: lyrisches Gedicht {n}
lyric {n} (words of a song) SEE: lyrics  ::
lyrical {adj} (expressive of emotion)  :: lyrisch
lyricist {n} (writer of lyrics)  :: Textdichter {m}, Liedtexter {m}
lyric poetry {n} (lyric poetry)  :: Lyrik {f}
lyrics {n} (the words to a song)  :: Liedtext {m}, Text {m}, Songtext {m}
lysergic {adj} (psychedelic) SEE: psychedelic  ::
lysergic acid diethylamide {n} (a powerful hallucinogen)  :: Lysergsäurediethylamid {n}
lysine {n} (essential amino acid, C6H14N2O2)  :: Lysin {n}
lysosome {n} (digestive organelle)  :: Lysosom {n}
lysozyme {n} (bacteriolytic enzyme)  :: Lysozym {n}