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-u {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from verbs. Most common with e- and i-stem verbs
-u {suffix}  :: Derives a number of nouns from other nouns
U {letter}  :: letter: uu
-ua {suffix}  :: Forms stative or inchoative intransitive verbs from transitive verbs
uatra {n} [archaic]  :: synonym of aatra
ubiikki {adj}  :: ubiquitous
ubiikkiyhteiskunta {n}  :: ubiquitous network society (society characterized and defined by an efficient data network that reaches overall)
ubikinoni {n} [biochemistry]  :: ubiquinone, ubiquinol, coenzyme Q
udar {n}  :: alternative form of utare
udella {v} [frequentative]  :: to ask questions about, to fish for information
udin kieli {n}  :: Udi (language of the Udi ethnic group in Azerbaijan)
udmurtti {n}  :: An Udmurt
udmurtti {n}  :: The Udmurt language
udometri {n}  :: udometer
-ue {suffix}  :: Forms collective nouns
ufo {n}  :: UFO
ufo {n}  :: ufo (alien spacecraft)
ufo {adj} [colloquial]  :: weird
UFO {initialism}  :: UFO [unidentified flying object]
ufohavainto {n}  :: UFO observation
ufoilla {v} [slang]  :: to express strange opinions and views
ufoilu {n}  :: Action of the verb ufoilla
ufologi {n}  :: A ufologist
ufomainen {adj}  :: UFO-like
ufotutkija {n}  :: ufologist, UFO researcher
ufotutkimus {n}  :: ufology, UFO research
ufouskonto {n}  :: UFO religion
Uganda {prop}  :: Uganda
ugandalainen {n}  :: An Ugandan
ugandalainen {adj}  :: Ugandan
ugandalaisuus {n}  :: state or quality of being Ugandan
ugandangueretsa {n}  :: Ugandan red colobus, Procolobus tephrosceles (endangered species of red colobus monkey)
ugandankobi {n}  :: Ugandan kob, Kobus kob thomasi (subspecies of kob antelope)
ugri {n}  :: Ugric (group of Uralic languages that includes Hungarian, Khanty and Mansi in a seven-category grouping Uralic languages, the others being Finnic, Sami, Mordvin, Mari, Permic and Samoyedic)
ugri {n}  :: Person belonging to this group
ugrilainen {adj}  :: Ugric
ugrilaisuus {n}  :: the state or quality of bring Ugric
ugristi {n}  :: An Ugricist
ugristiikka {n}  :: The study of Ugric languages
uhanalainen {adj}  :: endangered (facing the danger of extinction)
uhanalainen {adj}  :: threatened (facing a threat)
uhanalaisuus {n}  :: endangeredness (state or condition of being endangered, especially of a species)
uhata {vt} [_, + partitive]  :: to threaten
uhitella {v}  :: To be defiant, defy
uhitella {v}  :: To threaten
uhittelu {n}  :: defiance
uhittelu {n}  :: threatening
uhka {n}  :: threat
uhkaaja {n}  :: threatener
uhkaava {adj}  :: threatening, ominous
uhkaavasti {adv}  :: threateningly
uhkaavuus {n}  :: ominousness
uhkailla {v}  :: To threaten
uhkailu {n}  :: threatening (the act of making threats)
uhkakuva {n}  :: threat
uhkapeli {n}  :: gamble, a risky game
uhkapeli {n} [figuratively]  :: any gamble
uhkapeluri {n}  :: gambler
uhkarohkea {adj}  :: reckless (indifferent to danger or the consequences)
uhkarohkeasti {adv}  :: recklessly
uhkarohkeus {n}  :: recklessness
uhkarohkeus {n}  :: foolhardiness
uhkasakko {n}  :: penalty payment
uhkaus {n}  :: threat (expression)
uhkauskirje {n}  :: threatening letter
uhkavaatimus {n}  :: ultimatum
uhkayritys {n}  :: venture
uhkea {adj}  :: grand
uhkea {adj}  :: voluptuous
uhkeus {n}  :: grandness
uhkeus {n}  :: voluptuousness
uhku {n}  :: Slush on lake or sea ice formed by upwelling water
uhkua {vt} [figuratively + partitive]  :: To radiate, exude (esp. confidence)
uhkuavanto {n}  :: Same as uve
uhma {n}  :: defiance
uhmaikä {n}  :: negative age
uhmainen {adj}  :: defiant
uhmaisa {adj}  :: defiant
uhmakas {adj}  :: defiant
uhmakkaasti {adv}  :: defiantly
uhmakkuus {n}  :: defiance
uhmamieli {n}  :: defiance
uhmamielinen {adj}  :: defiant
uhmamielisesti {adv}  :: defiantly
uhmamielisyys {n}  :: defiance
uhmapäisyys {n}  :: defiance
uhmata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To defy
uhmata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To defy, oppose (or be opposed to), resist
uho {n}  :: bluster (talk)
uhota {vi}  :: To bluster (to talk pompously or violently)
uhraaminen {n}  :: The act of sacrificing
uhrata {vt}  :: To sacrifice
uhraus {n}  :: sacrifice (something sacrificed or act of sacrificing)
uhrautua {vi}  :: To sacrifice oneself
uhrautuja {n}  :: martyr (one who sacrifices oneself)
uhrautuminen {n}  :: self-sacrifice (the giving up of one's own benefit for the good of others)
uhrautuva {adj}  :: self-sacrificing
uhrautuvainen {adj}  :: self-sacrificing
uhri {n}  :: victim
uhri {n}  :: mark, stiff, pigeon, patsy ‎ (person who is deceived)
uhri {n}  :: sacrifice, offering (something sacrificed)
uhri {n}  :: casualty ‎ (person suffering from injuries or who has been killed due to an accident or through an act of violence)
uhri {n}  :: martyr (one who suffers greatly and/or constantly)
uhrialttari {n}  :: sacrificial altar
uhrieläin {n}  :: sacrificial animal
uhrikaritsa {n}  :: sacrificial lamb
uhrikivi {n} [paganism]  :: sacrificial stone (large stone or boulder used as sacrificial altar)
uhrikuolema {n}  :: sacrificial death
uhrilahja {n}  :: sacrifice, offering
uhrilammas {n}  :: sacrificial lamb
uhrilehto {n} [paganism]  :: sacred grove (grove in which sacrificial ceremonies were habitually held)
uhrilähde {n}  :: sacred well
uhrimetalli {n}  :: sacrificial anode
uhripappi {n}  :: aruspice
uida {vi}  :: to swim, bathe
uiguuri {n}  :: An Uyghur
uija {n}  :: A swimmer
uikkarit {n} [colloquial]  :: swimsuit
uikku {n}  :: grebe
uikkukana {n}  :: finfoot (three species of aquatic bird in the family Heliornithidae)
uikuttaa {v}  :: to yelp
uikutus {n}  :: yelping
uima {v}  :: Used as prefix to signifify swim, swimming, see uima-
uima- {prefix}  :: swim, swimming
uima-allas {n}  :: swimming pool
uima-asu {n}  :: swimsuit
uimahalli {n}  :: swimming pool
uimahousut {n}  :: swimming trunks
uimahyppääjä {n}  :: diver
uimahyppy {n}  :: diving or an act of the same (sport of jumping head first into water)
uimahyppytorni {n}  :: diving tower
uimakello {n}  :: swimming bell, umbrella (the main body of a jellyfish, excluding the tentacles)
uimakello {n}  :: pneumatophore or sail (the floating organ of siphonophores, such as the Portuguese man-of-war)
uimakoppi {n}  :: bathing hut, beach hut, bathing box (small booth near or on a beach intended for changing clothes before and after swimming, sometimes without a roof)
uimakoulu {n}  :: swim school
uimala {n}  :: A swimming facility, especially an outdoor swimming pool
uimalakki {n}  :: swim cap, bathing cap
uimalasit {n}  :: swimming goggles
uimaliike {n}  :: swimming stroke
uimaopettaja {n}  :: swimming teacher
uimapatja {n}  :: air mattress
uimapolyypit {n}  :: Nominative plural form of uimapolyyppi
uimapolyypit {n} [zoology]  :: Siphonophorae (taxonomic term) or the siphonophores
uimapolyyppi {n}  :: A siphonophore (any of the colonial marine invertebrates in the order Siphonophora)
uimapuku {n}  :: swimsuit, bathing suit; swimming costume [British]
uimapukuinen {adj}  :: wearing a bathing suit
uimarakko {n}  :: swim bladder
uimaranta {n}  :: beach (where one can swim)
uimarata {n}  :: swim lane, swimlane
uimarengas {n}  :: swim ring, swimming ring, rubber ring
uimarengas {n} [idiomatic, anatomy]  :: spare tire (excess fat accumulated near the waist)
uimari {n}  :: swimmer
uimaräpylä {n}  :: flipper (of a swimmer)
uimaseura {n}  :: swimming club
uimashortsit {n}  :: swimming shorts; bathing trunks, swimming trunks (pair of shorts worn for swimming or bathing)
uimastadion {n}  :: swimming stadium
uimataidoton {adj}  :: unable to swim
uimataito {n}  :: swimming skill
uimataitoinen {adj}  :: able to swim
uimavalvoja {n}  :: lifeguard
uimuri {n}  :: A float (in float chamber)
uimurikammio {n}  :: float chamber
uimuriventtiili {n}  :: float valve
uinahdus {n}  :: doze off (short nap, especially an unintentional one)
uinahtaa {vi}  :: To briefly fall asleep, to doze off
uinailla {v}  :: To slumber
uinailu {n}  :: slumbering
uinti {n}  :: swimming
uintikausi {n}  :: swimming season
uintikilpailu {n} [usually plural]  :: swimming contest
uintimatka {n}  :: swimming distance
uintityyli {n}  :: stroke (style of swimming)
uinua {v}  :: to slumber
uiskennella {v}  :: to swim (idly), to float
uisko {n} [military]  :: landing craft
uistaa {v}  :: A variant of uistella
uistelija {n}  :: angler (fisherman who uses a rod and lures for fishing)
uistelija {n} [fishing]  :: troller (one who fishes by trolling)
uistella {v} [fishing]  :: to cast
uistella {v} [fishing]  :: to troll (to angle with a trolling line)
uistelu {n} [fishing]  :: trolling
uistin {n}  :: A swimming fishing lure, especially a spoon lure
uittaa {vt}  :: To make (sb/sth) swim
uittaa {vt}  :: To dip
uittaa {vt} [South and Middle Ostrobothnian]  :: To overflow or spill liquid at an unintended spot of a container, typically at the edges of a spout
uitto {n}  :: timber rafting
uittohaka {n}  :: pike pole used in log driving
uittohukka {n} [forestry]  :: driving loss
uittohäviö {n} [forestry]  :: driving loss
uittokouru {n}  :: log flume
uittomies {n}  :: log driver, riverman
uittoränni {n}  :: log flume
uittoväylä {n}  :: floating channel
uivelo {n}  :: smew, Mergus albellus
ujellus {n}  :: whiz
ujeltaa {vi}  :: To whiz
ujo {adj}  :: shy, coy
ujohko {adj}  :: Somewhat shy
ujoilla {vi}  :: to shy
ujompi {adj}  :: comparative of ujo
ujostelematon {adj}  :: unabashed
ujostella {vi}  :: to behave shyly, to be shy
ujostelu {n}  :: shying
ujosti {adv}  :: shyly
ujostuttaa {vt}  :: To make someone feel shy
ujous {n}  :: shyness
ujua {v} [archaic]  :: To get stretched
ujua {v} [archaic]  :: To swim
ujua {v} [archaic]  :: To become thinner, to weaken
ujuttaa {v}  :: To foist
ujuttaa {v}  :: To plant (place (an object, or sometimes a person), often with the implication of intending deceit)
ujuttautua {vi}  :: to infiltrate
ukaasi {n}  :: ukase
ukaasi {n}  :: an angry complaint or command, particularly in response to a wrong
ukkeli {n} [colloquial]  :: old man
ukkeli {n}  :: man (little man or man-like creature, especially one from outer space)
ukki {n} [colloquial]  :: grandpa, grandfather
ukko {n}  :: old man, gaffer
ukko {n}  :: adult male wood grouse or black grouse
ukko {n}  :: player character in video games
Ukko {prop} [mythology]  :: The god of heaven in the Finnish mythology, often mentioned with the epithet ylijumala (supreme god)
Ukko {prop}  :: given name
ukkoetana {n}  :: ash-grey slug (Limax cinereoniger)
ukkometso {n}  :: capercaillie cock
ukkomies {n}  :: married man
ukkonen {n}  :: thunder
ukkonen {n}  :: thunderstorm
Ukkonen {prop}  :: surname
ukkoontua {v}  :: alternative form of ukkoutua
ukkosenjohdatin {n}  :: A lightning conductor [British], lightning rod
ukkosenjyrähdys {n}  :: thunderclap, thunderbolt
ukkosilma {n}  :: alternative form of ukonilma
ukkosmyrsky {n}  :: thunderstorm
ukkospilvi {n}  :: thundercloud
ukkosrintama {n} [meteorology]  :: squall line, frontal thunderstorm
ukkostaa {v}  :: to thunder
ukkoutua {vi} [of men]  :: To become old
ukkovarvas {n} [anatomy]  :: big toe
U-käännös {n}  :: U-turn
ukonhattu {n} [botany]  :: monkshood, wolfsbane, aconite (plant)
ukonilma {n}  :: thunderstorm
ukonkivi {n}  :: quartz
ukonkorento {n}  :: hawker, darner (dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae)
ukonnauris {n}  :: wallflower (plant in the genus Erysimum)
ukonnuoli {n}  :: thunderstone
ukonputki {n} [plant]  :: common hogweed, Heracleum sphondylium
ukonsieni {n} [mushroom]  :: parasol mushroom, Macrolepiota procera
ukonvaaja {n}  :: Thunderstone, a Stone Age tool used as a talisman
ukonvirva {n} [wather]  :: St. Elmo's fire (electrical discharge, or corona, sometimes seen at tops of tall pointed objects on land during thunderstorms, caused by ionization of the atmosphere)
ukottua {v}  :: alternative form of ukkoutua
ukraina {n}  :: The Ukrainian language
Ukraina {prop}  :: Ukraine
ukrainalainen {adj}  :: Ukrainian
ukrainalainen {n}  :: A Ukrainian person
ukrainalaisuus {n}  :: Ukrainianness (state or quality of being Ukrainian)
ukrainansokkohiiri {n}  :: Podolsk mole rat (Spalax zemni)
Ukrainan sosialistinen neuvostotasavalta {prop}  :: Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (the Bolshevik state of Ukraine)
ukrainantaa {v}  :: to translate into Ukrainian
uksi {n} [archaic]  :: door
ukulele {n} [musical instruments]  :: ukulele
ukuli {n} [colloquial]  :: owl
ula {n}  :: FM broadcast band (range of VHF radio frequencies between 87.5 to 108.0 MHz, used for radio broadcasting)
U-laakso {n} [geography]  :: A U-shaped valley
ulaani {n}  :: ulan
ulahtaa {v}  :: To yelp
ulappa {n}  :: open lake
ulappa {n}  :: open sea
ulappakeiju {n}  :: storm petrel (any bird of the family Hydrobatidae)
ulappakeiju {n}  :: white-faced storm petrel, Pelagodroma marina (the type species of this family)
ulappaliitäjä {n}  :: petrel, shearwater (bird of the family Procellariidae)
ulappalintu {n}  :: Any bird of the order Procellariiformes
ulataksi {n}  :: VHF taxi (taxi equipped with VHF radio operating in the frequency range 75.225-76.000 MHz for communication with taxi reservation service, now largely replaced with systems based on mobile data networks)
uleksiitti {n} [mineral]  :: ulexite
ulettua {v} [dialectal]  :: To reach, to be able to reach
ulina {n}  :: howling
ulista {vi}  :: To wail, howl
ulista {v} [figuratively]  :: To yell, scream
uljaasti {adv}  :: bravely, valiantly
uljas {adj}  :: brave, valiant, gallant
Uljas {prop}  :: given name
Uljas {prop} [rare]  :: surname
uljuus {n}  :: braveness, valiance, gallantry
ulko- {prefix}  :: outer, external
ulko- {prefix}  :: foreign
ulko- {prefix}  :: overseas (living outside one's own country)
ulko- {prefix}  :: outdoor
ulkoa {adv}  :: from outside
ulkoa {adv}  :: by heart
ulkoapäin {adv}  :: from outside
ulkoasiainministeriö {n}  :: The official full name of the Finnish ministry for foreign affairs
ulkoasiainministeriö {n}  :: A ministry for foreign affairs of another country
ulkoasiainministeri {n} [official]  :: minister of foreign affairs
ulkoasiainvaliokunta {n}  :: standing committee for foreign affairs
ulkoasiat {n}  :: foreign affairs
ulkoasu {n}  :: outfit, appearance
ulkoavaruus {n}  :: outer space
ulkoaviollinen {adj}  :: extramarital (taking place outside marriage)
ulkoeronto {n} [grammar, rare]  :: The ablative case
ulkoeurooppalainen {adj}  :: non-European
ulkofilee {n}  :: sirloin [US]; rump [UK] (cut of beef from the lower part of the back, where the last ribs are, or similar cut in pork or mutton)
ulkohuussi {n} [colloquial]  :: An outhouse (toilet)
ulkoilla {v}  :: to get some fresh air, to exercise (in fresh air, by walking, jogging etc.)
ulkoilma {n}  :: outdoors; also open
ulkoilma {n} [in compounds]  :: open-air
ulkoilmakahvila {n}  :: open-air cafe
ulkoilmakonsertti {n}  :: open-air concert
ulkoilmaravintola {n}  :: open-air restaurant
ulkoilmateatteri {n}  :: open-air theater
ulkoilu {n}  :: outdoor recreation, outdoor activities
ulkoiluttaa {v}  :: to walk (a dog etc.)
ulkoinen {adj}  :: External
ulkoisesti {adv}  :: Externally
ulkoistaa {vt} [buzzword]  :: To outsource
ulkoistaminen {n}  :: outsourcing
ulkokaihdin {n}  :: awning
ulkokatto {n}  :: roof (the cover at the top of a building)
ulkokiinalainen {adj}  :: overseas Chinese
ulkokiinalainen {adj} [linguistics]  :: Sino-Xenic
ulkokorva {n} [anatomy]  :: outer ear, external ear
ulkokuva {n} [photography]  :: exterior
ulkokäymälä {n}  :: outhouse (outbuilding containing toilet)
ulkokynttilä {n}  :: synonym of soihtukynttilä
ulkolainen {adj}  :: foreign
ulkolainen {n}  :: foreigner
ulkolaitamoottori {n} [nautical]  :: outboard motor
ulkolima {n} [cytology]  :: ectoplasm
ulkolämpötila {n}  :: exterior temperature
ulkoloinen {n}  :: ectoparasite
ulkomaa {n}  :: foreign country
ulkomaailma {n}  :: outside world
ulkomaalainen {adj}  :: foreign (originating from a foreign country)
ulkomaalainen {n}  :: foreigner
ulkomaalaislaki {n}  :: Aliens Act (a law managing non-citizens' relationship to a foreign country)
ulkomaalaisomistus {n}  :: foreign ownership
ulkomaali {n}  :: exterior paint
ulkomaanapu {n}  :: foreign aid
ulkomaanelävä {n} [belittling]  :: foreigner
ulkomaankauppa {n}  :: foreign trade
ulkomaankauppaministeri {n}  :: minister of foreign trade
ulkomaankauppapolitiikka {n}  :: foreign trade policy
ulkomaankirjeenvaihtaja {n}  :: foreign correspondent (reporter based in a foreign country)
ulkomaanmarkkinat {n}  :: foreign market
ulkomaanmatkailu {n}  :: international tourism, foreign tourism
ulkomaanosasto {n}  :: foreign affairs department
ulkomaanpassi {n}  :: passport (for traveling abroad)
ulkomaanpuhelu {n}  :: international phone call
ulkomaanraha {n}  :: foreign currency
ulkomaansuhteet {n}  :: foreign relations
ulkomaanvaluutta {n}  :: foreign currency
ulkomaanvelka {n}  :: foreign debt
ulkomailla {adv}  :: abroad, overseas (in a foreign country)
ulkomaille {adv}  :: abroad, overseas (to a foreign country)
ulkomailta {adv}  :: from abroad, from overseas
ulkomainen {adj}  :: foreign (from a different country)
ulkomeri {n}  :: high seas
ulkoministeri {n}  :: foreign minister, secretary of state
ulkoministeriö {n}  :: ministry for foreign affairs, foreign ministry, Foreign Office [UK], State Department [U.S.]
Ulko-Mongolia {prop}  :: Outer Mongolia
ulkomuoto {n}  :: appearance
ulkomuseo {n}  :: open air museum
ulkona {adv}  :: [static] out, outdoors
ulkona {adv}  :: [static] outside
ulkonainen {adj}  :: external
ulkonaisesti {adv}  :: externally
ulkonaisesti {adv}  :: superficially
ulkonaisuus {n}  :: externality
ulkonaliikkumiskielto {n}  :: A curfew
ulkonema {n}  :: projection
ulkonenä {n} [surgery]  :: nose (visible part of the nose as opposed to the internal parts)
ulkoneva {adj}  :: projecting, protruding
ulkonäkö {n}  :: look, appearance, semblance
ulko-olento {n} [grammar, rarely used]  :: adessive
ulkopaikallissija {n} [grammar]  :: Any of the three cases adessive, ablative and allative in Finnish that indicate location on a surface or in the neighbourhood of something, or a movement towards or from such location
ulkoplaneetta {n} [astronomy]  :: outer planet
ulkopoliittinen {adj}  :: foreign policy (of or pertaining to foreign policy)
ulkopolitiikka {n}  :: foreign policy
ulkopuoli {n}  :: outside
ulkopuolinen {adj}  :: external
ulkopuolinen {adj}  :: extra-
ulkopuolinen {adj}  :: off-
ulkopuolinen {adj}  :: out of it (not participating in some trend or group)
ulkopuolinen {n}  :: outsider (person)
ulkorakennus {n}  :: An outbuilding
ulkorakennus {n}  :: An outhouse (outbuilding)
ulkosuhteet {n}  :: foreign relations
ulkoteltta {n}  :: fly, tent fly, fly sheet (extra cover of a tent to protect against bad weather)
ulkotulento {n} [grammar, rare]  :: allative
ulkovalta {n}  :: foreign power (foreign country, especially in official context)
ulkovessa {n} [colloquial]  :: An outhouse (toilet)
ulkovuoro {n}  :: state of being the fielding team in baseball or a similar game, notably pesäpallo
ulkoydin {n} [geology]  :: outer core (outer part of the core of the Earth consisting of liquid iron-nickel alloy)
ulkustauti {n} [pathology]  :: peptic ulceration
Ulla {prop}  :: given name
ullakko {n}  :: attic
ullakkohuone {n}  :: garret (an attic or semi-finished room just beneath the roof of a house)
ullakkoikkuna {n}  :: dormer window
Ulla-Maija {prop}  :: given name
uloimmainen {adj}  :: outermost
uloin {adj}  :: outermost
uloke {n}  :: An appendage
uloke {n}  :: A projection
ulokepalkki {n} [architecture]  :: cantilever (beam anchored at one end and projecting into space)
ulokkeellinen {adj} [biology]  :: appendiculate (bearing appendages)
ulommainen {adj}  :: alternative form of uloimmainen
ulommainen {adj}  :: outer (further from center)
ulompi {adj}  :: outer (further from center)
ulompi linjamies {n} [American football]  :: offensive tackle
ulos {adv} [of movement]  :: out, outside; outdoors:
ulosajo {n}  :: driving off the road
ulosanti {n}  :: delivery (manner of speech)
uloshengitys {n}  :: exhalation
uloskäynti {n}  :: exit
ulosotto {n} [legal]  :: attachment (taking a person's property by a court-order to satisfy a debt)
ulosottomies {n}  :: distrainor
ulospäin {adv}  :: outward
ulostaa {vit}  :: to defecate, excrete, egest
ulostaa {vt} [jokingly, rare]  :: to oust, eject
ulostaminen {n}  :: defecation, egestion
uloste {n}  :: excrement, faeces/feces
ulostenäyte {n}  :: stool sample
ulostus {n}  :: defecation, excretion
ulostuslääke {n}  :: purgative, laxative
ulostuttaa {v}  :: to have the urge to defecate
ulostuttaa {v}  :: to make to defecate
ulosvirtaus {n}  :: outflux, efflux
ulottaa {vt}  :: To extend
ulottautua {vi}  :: To reach
ulotteikas {adj} [figuratively]  :: multifaceted
ulotteinen {adj}  :: dimensional (having dimension or dimensions)
ulotteisuus {n}  :: dimensionality (property of having dimensions)
ulottua {vi}  :: To extend, stretch
ulottua {vi}  :: To reach, to be able to reach
ulottuvilla {adv}  :: within reach, handy; normally used with a noun or pronoun in genitive, or a possessive suffix to specify within reach of what something is kept
ulottuvuus {n}  :: A dimension
ulpukka {n}  :: spatterdock, yellow water lily, cow lily, yellow pond-lily (Nuphar lutea)
ulsteri {n}  :: ulster (type of men's long overcoat made of rough material, often featuring a cape that covers the shoulders)
ulsteri {n}  :: greatcoat, carrick (men's long overcoat in general)
ulsterilainen {adj}  :: Ulster (relating to, or originating from Ulster)
ulsterilainen {n}  :: Ulsterman (male from Ulster)
ulsterilainen {n}  :: Ulsterwoman (female from Ulster)
ultima {n} [prosody]  :: ultima (last syllable in a multisyllable word)
ultimaalinen {adj} [rare, Anglicism]  :: synonym of äärimmäinen ("ultimate")
ultimaatumi {n}  :: ultimatum
ultimate {n}  :: ultimate frisbee (game)
ultimus {n} [academia]  :: In an academic promotion ceremony, the person who graduates with the second best grades and receives his/her diploma last
ultimusmaisteri {n} [academia]  :: In a masters' promotion ceremony, the graduate who has the second best average grade and who receives his/her diploma last
ultimustohtori {n} [academia]  :: In a doctoral promotion ceremony, the graduate who has the second best average grade and who receives his/her diploma last
ultra {n} [aviation]  :: ultralight (aircraft that weighs very little)
ultrakevyt {adj}  :: ultralight
ultrakevyt {n} [aviation]  :: ultralight (aircraft that weighs very little)
ultrakevytlento {n}  :: ultralight aviation
ultrakevytlento {n}  :: ultralight flight (flight with an ultralight aircraft)
ultralyhyt {adj} [rare]  :: ultrashort (very short)
ultralyhyt {adj} [physics, of wavelength]  :: ultrashort (being between 1 and 10 metres, corresponding to the frequency band 30 to 300 MHz, called VHF)
ultramariini {adj}  :: ultramarine
ultramariini {n}  :: ultramarine
ultramariininsininen {adj}  :: ultramarine
ultramoderni {adj}  :: ultramodern
ultraääni {n} [physics]  :: ultrasound (sound with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing)
ultraääni {n} [medicine]  :: ultrasound (use of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes)
ultraäänihoito {n}  :: ultrasound (use of ultrasound for therapy)
ultraäänikuva {n}  :: ultrasound image
ultraäänitutkimus {n}  :: ultrasonography
ultraviolettiaalto {n} [physics, chiefly in plural]  :: ultraviolet wave
ultraviolettisäteily {n}  :: ultraviolet radiation
ultraviolettivalo {n}  :: ultraviolet light
uluus {n}  :: ulus (raion, or district, in Sakha Republic, Russia)
ulvahdella {v}  :: To yelp (repeatedly)
ulvahdus {n}  :: A yelp
ulvahtaa {vi}  :: To yelp (once)
ulvaista {vi}  :: to yelp
ulvo {n} [dialectal]  :: The typical stench of a wet dog hair
ulvoa {vi}  :: To howl
ulvoja {n}  :: howler
ulvonta {n}  :: howling
umaijadi {n}  :: Umayyad
umeshu {n}  :: umeshu
umiakki {n}  :: umiak
umlaut {n}  :: umlaut (assimilation a->ä, o->ö or u->ü in German and some closely related languages)
ummehtua {vi} [of some materia]  :: To get musty, get moldy, mold, mildew
ummehtua {vi} [of air]  :: To get stuffy, go stale
ummehtunut {adj}  :: stale
ummessa {adv}  :: closed, clogged, blocked, constipated (not open or free)
ummet ja lammet {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: this and that; used especially with verbs puhua (to speak), luvata (to promise) etc. to indicate that someone is trying to deceive or distract the listener by speaking a lot, but leaving essential facts untold
ummetus {n} [medicine]  :: constipation
ummikko {n}  :: A person who speaks only their own mother tongue, a monolingual
ummistaa {v}  :: ummistaa silmänsä: To close one's eyes, to ignore
ummistaa silmänsä {v} [idiomatic]  :: To close one's eyes, to ignore
umpeen {adv}  :: sealed, closed, shut
umpeutua {v}  :: to close up
umpeutua {v}  :: to expire
umpi {n} [veterinary medicine]  :: constipation. The expressions olla ummella (to have constipation) and tulla ummelle (to get constipated) may be used of humans, but they are becoming archaic in this sense
umpi {n}  :: Deep, untouched snow (with no tracks)
umpi {n} [figuratively, archaic]  :: An insurmountable obstacle
umpi {n}  :: As a former part of compound adjective or adverb, indicates that the quality described by the adjective or adverb is total
umpi {n}  :: As a former part of compound noun, normally indicates the state of being closed or internal
umpi- {prefix}  :: When prefixed to an adjective or adverb, indicates that the quality described by the adjective or adverb is total
umpi- {prefix}  :: When prefixed to a noun, it normally indicates the state of being closed or internal
umpieritteinen {adj}  :: endocrine
umpieritysjärjestelmä {n} [anatomy, medicine]  :: endocrine system
umpihanki {n}  :: unbroken snow
umpihumala {n}  :: soddenness (state of being completely drunk)
umpihumalainen {adj}  :: sodden
umpihumalassa {adv}  :: sodden, completely drunk
umpikuja {n}  :: blind alley, dead-end, dead end, cul-de-sac, impasse (road or situation)
umpikuuro {adj}  :: stone deaf
umpilisäke {n} [anatomy, medicine]  :: appendix, vermiform appendix
umpilisäketulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: appendicitis
umpilisäkkeen tulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: appendicitis (inflammation of the vermiform appendix)
umpimähkäinen {adj}  :: haphazard
umpimähkäinen {adj}  :: indiscriminate
umpimähkäinen {adj}  :: promiscuous (made without careful choice; indiscriminate)
umpimähkään {adv}  :: At random, haphazardly, indiscriminately
umpimurtuma {n} [medicine]  :: Closed fracture (bone fracture where the bone does not break the surface of the skin)
umpinainen {adj}  :: solid
umpinainen {adj}  :: closed
umpio {n}  :: A hermetically sealed space or container
umpioida {v}  :: to seal hermetically
umpioida {v}  :: to conserve food by sealing hermetically
umpiovalaisin {n}  :: sealed beam (type of lamp)
umpiraide {n} [rail transport]  :: siding
umpirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: An endocrine gland
umpisilmä {n} [archaic]  :: blind; used especially of newly born animals whose eyes have not opened yet
umpisolmu {n}  :: An overhand knot
umpisolmu {n}  :: quagmire (precarious situation, hopeless tangle)
umpisuolentulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: typhlitis (inflammation of the blind gut, or caecum)
umpisuolentulehdus {n} [colloquial, ambiguous]  :: appendicitis (inflammation of the vermiform appendix)
umpisuoli {n} [anatomy]  :: blind gut, caecum, cecum
umpitavu {n} [linguistics]  :: A syllable ending with a consonant, closed syllable
umpu {n} [poetic]  :: bud
-un {suffix}  :: Suffix variant for the illative singular: see -Vn
unaarinen {adj}  :: unary
unbibium {n}  :: unbibium
unbinilium {n}  :: unbinilium
unbitrium {n}  :: unbitrium
unbiunium {n}  :: unbiunium
undekaani {n}  :: undecane
undekyleenihappo {n}  :: undecylenic acid
underground {n}  :: underground (culture)
undesyleenihappo {n} [fatty acid, pharmaceutical drug]  :: undecylenic acid
undulaatio {n}  :: undulation
undulaatti {n}  :: budgerigar, budgie, pet parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus
uneksia {vi}  :: To (day)dream (about/of = elative)
uneksija {n}  :: dreamer, daydreamer
uneksinta {n}  :: dreaming
uneliaasti {adv}  :: sleepily
uneliaisuus {n}  :: drowsiness, sleepiness
unelias {adj}  :: sleepy
unelma {n}  :: dream (meaning a desirable vision):
Unelma {prop}  :: given name
unelma-ammatti {n}  :: dream job
unelmaloma {n}  :: dream vacation
unelmamaailma {n}  :: dream world
unelmamaali {n}  :: dream goal
unelmatalo {n}  :: dream house, dream home
unelmatorttu {n}  :: A type of Swiss roll where cocoa is mixed into the sponge cake
unelmoida {v}  :: To daydream
unelmoija {n}  :: dreamer, daydreamer
unelmointi {n}  :: dreaming, reverie
unenomainen {adj}  :: dreamlike, dreamish, dreamy, oneiric
unenomaisuus {n}  :: dreamlikeness
unenpuute {n}  :: sleep deprivation
unessa {adv}  :: asleep
uneton {adj}  :: sleepless
unettaa {vt} [_, + partitive]  :: To make sleepy
unettaa {vt} [impersonal]  :: partitive + 3rd-pers. singular = to feel sleepy
unettava {adj}  :: soporific, somnolent
unettomuus {n}  :: insomnia
unho {n} [poetic]  :: oblivion
unhoittaa {vt} [dated, poetic]  :: to forget
unhoittua {v} [dated]  :: to be forgotten
unhola {n} [poetic]  :: oblivion; the state of being completely forgotten
unhottaa {v} [dated, poetic]  :: to forget
unhottua {v} [dated]  :: alternative form of unhoittua
uni {n}  :: dream
uni {n}  :: sleep
uniaattikirkko {n} [Christianity]  :: Uniate church
uniaika {n} [mythology]  :: Dreamtime (time of creation of the world in Australian mythology)
uniapnea {n}  :: sleep apnea
uniasu {n}  :: nightclothes, nighwear
uniformu {n} [archaic]  :: alternative form of univormu
unihalvaus {n}  :: sleep paralysis
unihiekka {n}  :: sleep (in the corner of the eye, dried up rähmä)
unihäiriö {n}  :: A sleep disorder, somnipathy
uniikki {adj}  :: unique
uniikkikappale {n}  :: unique (a thing without a like; something unequalled or unparallelled)
unikauhuhäiriö {n}  :: night terror (type of sleeping disorder)
unikeko {n}  :: A dormouse (any small rodent in the family Gliridae)
unikeko {n}  :: An edible dormouse or fat dormouse, Glis glis
unikeko {n} [humorous]  :: A person who sleeps later than others; a sleepyhead
unikeonpäivä {n}  :: Seven Sleepers Day, National Sleepy Head Day
unikko {n}  :: poppy
unikonsiemen {n}  :: poppyseed, poppy seed (spice)
unikorni {n}  :: unicorn
unilääke {n}  :: soporific, sleeping pill
uninen {adj}  :: sleepy
uninen {adj}  :: drowsy
uninen {adj}  :: somnolent (sleepy, drowsy)
unioni {n}  :: union
unirytmi {n}  :: sleep pattern
uniseksi {n}  :: unisex fashion
uniseksiasu {n} [colloquial]  :: unisex clothing
unisempi {adj}  :: comparative of uninen
unisesti {adv}  :: sleepily, drowsily
unisin {adj}  :: superlative of uninen
unissakulkija {n}  :: sleepwalker, somnambulist
unissakävelijä {n}  :: Sleepwalker, somnambulist
unissakävely {n}  :: somnambulism, sleepwalking
unissakävijä {n}  :: sleepwalker, somnambulist
unisuus {n}  :: sleepiness
unitabletti {n}  :: sleeping pill
unitarianismi {n} [religion]  :: Unitarianism
unitarismi {n} [Christianity]  :: unitarianism
unitauti {n} [pathology]  :: sleeping sickness
unitutkimus {n}  :: sleep research (study of sleep as neurophysiological phenomenon)
univaje {n}  :: sleep debt
univelka {n}  :: sleep debt
universaali {adj}  :: universal (of or pertaining to the universe)
universaali {adj}  :: universal (common to all members of a group or class)
universaalialgebra {n} [math]  :: universal algebra
universaalinen {adj} [dated]  :: universal
universaalisempi {adj}  :: comparative of universaalinen
universaalisin {adj}  :: superlative of universaalinen
universaalistaa {v} [rare]  :: to universalize (to make universal, to make consistent or common across all cases)
universaalistua {vi}  :: to become universal
universaalisuus {n}  :: universality
universiadit {n}  :: The Universiade
universumi {n}  :: universe
univormu {n}  :: uniform (distinctive outfit)
univormupukuinen {adj}  :: uniformed
unkari {n}  :: Hungarian language
Unkari {prop}  :: Hungary
unkarilainen {adj}  :: Hungarian
unkarilainen {n}  :: a Hungarian
unkarilaisuus {n}  :: Hungarianness (state or property of being Hungarian)
unkarin kieli {n}  :: The Hungarian language
unkarinkielinen {adj}  :: Hungarian-speaking
unkarinkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in the Hungarian language
unkarinnos {n}  :: Hungarian translation
unkarintaa {vt}  :: To translate into Hungarian
unkarinvinttikoira {n}  :: Magyar agar, Hungarian greyhound
unkarinvizsla {n}  :: vizsla
unohdella {v}  :: To forget (repeatedly)
unohdus {n}  :: oblivion (the state of being completely forgotten)
unohduttaa {v} [rare]  :: to make forget (to cause to forget)
unohtaa {vt}  :: to forget
unohtaja {n}  :: forgetter
unohtaminen {n}  :: forgetting
unohtavainen {adj}  :: forgetful, oblivious
unohtavaisuus {n}  :: forgetfulness
unohtelu {n}  :: forgetting
unohtua {vi}  :: To be/get/become forgotten
unohtumaton {adj}  :: unforgettable
unohtumattomasti {adv}  :: unforgettably
unssi {n}  :: ounce
Unsupported titles/Colon {}  :: Connects a suffix or clitic to a number, abbreviation or initialism
Untamo {prop}  :: given name
Unto {prop}  :: given name
untuva {n}  :: down (feather)
untuvainen {adj}  :: downy
untuvapilvi {n} [meteorology]  :: cirrus, cirrus cloud
untuvatäkki {n}  :: eiderdown
untuvikko {n}  :: chick (very young bird clad only in down)
untuvikko {n}  :: fledgling (immature, naïve and/or inexperienced person)
ununbium {n}  :: ununbium
ununennium {n}  :: ununennium
ununheksium {n}  :: ununhexium
ununkvadium {n}  :: ununquadium
ununoktium {n}  :: ununoctium
ununpentium {n}  :: ununpentium
ununseptium {n}  :: ununseptium
ununtrium {n}  :: ununtrium
Uolevi {prop}  :: given name
uoma {n}  :: riverbed, channel
uoma {n} [figuratively]  :: normal state of affairs, used primarily in the expression asettua uomiinsa (to settle down into normal state)
Uosukainen {prop}  :: surname
Uoti {prop}  :: given name
Uoti {prop}  :: surname
Uotila {prop}  :: surname
Uotila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Uotinen {prop}  :: surname
Uotsi {prop} [military slang]  :: Nickname of Soviet-made utility vehicles of the brand UAZ, formerly used by the Finnish military
U-palkki {n}  :: U-beam (beam with cross-section resembling the letter U with square corners)
upanishad {n}  :: Upanishad (authorless Hindu text)
upata {v} [colloquial]  :: to upload
upea {adj}  :: great, wonderful
upea {adj} [of looks]  :: gorgeous, great, magnificent, posh
upeaherkkusieni {n}  :: The prince, Agaricus augustus
upeammin {adv}  :: comparative of upea
upeasti {adv}  :: wonderfully, magnificently
upeimmin {adv}  :: superlative of upea
upeus {n}  :: magnificence, grandeur, brilliance, lavishness, splendor, gorgeousness (state or quality of being magnificent)
upokas {n}  :: crucible
upoksiin {adv}  :: sunken, submerged, under water (to the state of being under water or other liquid)
upoksissa {adv}  :: submerged
upoksista {adv}  :: from below the surface, from the depths, submerged (from the state of being under water or other liquid to the surface)
uposkasvi {n}  :: elodeid, underwater plant, submerse aquatic plant (plant that grows completely below the surface of water, or with only flowers above)
uposlehti {n} [botany]  :: submerged leaf (leaf of an aquatic plant that is completely under water)
uposlehtinen {n} [botany]  :: elodeid (stem plant that completes its entire life cycle submerged, or with only its flowers above the waterline)
uposlehtinen {adj} [botany]  :: elodeid
upota {vi} [_, + illative]  :: To sink (descend into liquid)
upota {vi} [_, + illative]  :: To get stuck in, get bogged down in
upota {vi} [_, + illative, of a saw]  :: To bite
upota {vi} [_, + illative]  :: To go over, strike home, do its work on
upote {n} [grammar, dated]  :: subordinate clause
upote {n}  :: inlay (material placed within a different material in the form of a decoration)
upote {n} [military]  :: Something, e.g. a vessel, sunk to the bottom to prevent use of a waterway from the enemy
upotella {vt}  :: to sink (repeatedly)
upotettu kustannus {n}  :: sunk cost
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (laiva, rahaa) = to sink (a boat, money)
upottaa {v}  :: to flood
upottaa {v}  :: to submerge, immerse
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (kätensä + illative) to stick, dunk (one's hands into something)
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (keihäs, puukko) = to plunge (a lance, knife)
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (katseensa) = to drill/burn (one's eyes)
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (surunsa) = to drown (one's sorrows)
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (kaappi) = to build in, flush (a closet)
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (naula, ruuvi, niitti) = to countersink (a nail, screw, rivet)
upottaa {v}  :: to embed
upottaa {v} [computing]  :: to insert
upottaa {v}  :: ~ (kivi sormukseen) = to set, mount (a gem into a ring)
upottaminen {n}  :: immersion
upotteinen {n} [grammar, dated]  :: subordinate
upotteinen {n}  :: inlaid (decorated with inlays)
upotus {n}  :: immersion
upotus {n}  :: embedding
upotus {n}  :: inlay (material placed within a different material in the form of a decoration)
upotuskaste {n}  :: immersion (total submerging of a person in water as an act of baptism)
upotuskoristelu {n}  :: inlay
upotuspiikki {n}  :: set (a punch for setting nails in wood)
upotuspora {n}  :: counterbore
upotussuolata {v}  :: to salt in brine (to salt food by totally submerging it in brine for a period of time)
upotussuolaus {n}  :: brine salting (method of salting food by immersing it in brine)
upouusi {adj}  :: brand new
uppeluksiin {adv} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of upoksiin
uppeluksissa {adv} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of upoksissa
uppiniskainen {adj}  :: stubborn, recalcitrant
uppiniskaisesti {adv}  :: stubbornly, recalcitrantly
uppiniskaisuus {n}  :: stubbornness
uppista {interj}  :: alternative form of upsista
uppo- {prefix}  :: signifies sinking or submerging, submersible
uppoama {n} [nautical]  :: displacement
uppoamaton {adj} [nautical, of a ship]  :: unsinkable
uppoasennus {n}  :: flush mounting (way of installing something, such as electric or light fixture, so that the surface of the fixture is flush with the surface on which it is mounted)
uppokanta {n}  :: flush head, flat head, countersunk head (in a bolt, screw or rivet, a flat conical top allowing it to be inserted flush with a surface)
uppokantainen {adj}  :: countersunk (of a bolt, screw or rivet: that has a flat conical top allowing it to be inserted flush with a surface)
uppokantanaula {n}  :: brad
uppokantaniitti {n}  :: flathead rivet (type of rivet designed to fit in a countersink so that it sits flush with a surface)
uppokantapultti {n}  :: flathead, flathead bolt (type of bolt designed to fit in a countersink so that it sits flush with a surface)
uppokantaruuvi {n}  :: flathead, flathead screw (type of screw or bolt designed to fit in a countersink so that it sits flush with a surface)
uppokeitin {n}  :: deep fryer, deep-fat fryer
uppokuumennin {n}  :: immersion heater
uppolukko {n}  :: flush lock (lock that is mounted flush with the surface of the door)
uppomuna {n}  :: poached egg
uppo-outo {adj}  :: Totally unknown
uppopaistaa {v}  :: to deep-fry
uppopaistaminen {n}  :: deep-frying (method of cooking)
uppopaistin {n}  :: deep fryer, deep-fat fryer
uppopaisto {n}  :: deep-frying (method of cooking)
uppopallo {n} [sports]  :: underwater rugby
uppoperho {n} [fishing]  :: wet fly (in fly fishing, a fly that fishes under the surface of water)
uppopumppu {n}  :: submersible pump
uppopuu {n}  :: snag (piece of wood in water)
upporikas {adj}  :: extremely rich, filthy rich
uppotukki {n}  :: snag (trunk of tree submerged in water)
uppouma {n}  :: displacement (of a ship)
uppoutua {vi} [_, + illative]  :: To get absorbed/wrapped up in, involve oneself deeply in, immerse oneself in
uppovaaka {n}  :: areometer, hydrometer (device for measuring density of a liquid)
uppovalaisin {n}  :: A light fixture with housing installed inside a wall or ceiling thus that the surface of the fixture is flush with its environment
Uppsala {prop}  :: alt form Upsala
ups {interj}  :: oops
Upsala {prop}  :: Upsala (city)
upsalalainen {adj}  :: Uppsalan (of or pertaining to the Swedish city of Uppsala)
upseeri {n} [military]  :: officer
upseeriaines {n} [military]  :: officer material (those persons collectively who are considered capable of being trained as officers)
upseerikerho {n} [military]  :: officers' club
upseerikokelas {n} [military]  :: officer candidate
upseerikoulu {n} [military]  :: officer school, military academy (any institution which trains officers for any military force)
upseerikunta {n} [military, collectively]  :: officers
upseerinarvo {n} [military]  :: officer rank
upseerinura {n} [military]  :: officer career
upseeristo {n} [military, collectively]  :: officers
upsis {interj}  :: oops
upsista {interj}  :: oops
upslaaki {n} [colloquial]  :: cuff (end of a pants leg, folded up)
ura {n}  :: track, groove or rut
ura {n}  :: career
uraa {interj}  :: Finnish transliteration of a Russian battle cry
uraani {n}  :: uranium
uraaniatomi {n}  :: uranium atom
uraaniesiintymä {n}  :: uranium deposit
uraanifluoridi {n}  :: uranium fluoride
uraaniheksafluoridi {n}  :: uranium hexafluoride
uraanikaivos {n}  :: uranium mine
uraanimalmi {n}  :: uranium ore
uraanipommi {n}  :: uranium bomb
uraanirikaste {n} [chemistry]  :: yellowcake
uraaniyhdiste {n}  :: uranium compound
uraauurtava {adj}  :: groundbreaking, seminal
uraauurtavasti {adv}  :: groundbreakingly
urahtaa {v}  :: to grunt
urakehitys {n}  :: career development
urakka {n}  :: contract
urakka {n}  :: arduous work
urakkapalkka {n}  :: piece rate (rate paid per unit produced)
urakkapalkka {n}  :: piecework pay (way of compensation based on units produced)
urakkapalkka {n}  :: contract pay (pay based on fulfilment of a contract)
urakoida {v}  :: To labour/labor, work
urakoida {v}  :: To do contract work
urakoija {n}  :: alternative form of urakoitsija
urakointi {n}  :: contract work
urakoitsija {n}  :: contractor, independent contractor
uralilainen {adj}  :: Uralic
Uralin vuoristo {prop}  :: Ural Mountains
Uralin vuoristo {prop}  :: Urals
uraniitti {n} [mineral]  :: uranite
uraniniitti {n} [mineral]  :: uraninite
Uranus {prop}  :: Uranus [planet]
uranuurtaja {n}  :: groundbreaker, pioneer
urasiili {n}  :: uracil
urautua {vi} [of road]  :: to become rutted
urbaani {adj}  :: urban
urbaanilegenda {n}  :: urban legend
urbaaninen {adj}  :: urban
urbaanistua {vi}  :: To become urbanized
urbanisaatio {n}  :: urbanization
urbanisoida {vt}  :: To urbanise/urbanize
urbanisoitua {vi}  :: To become urbanized
urbanisoituminen {n}  :: urbanization (process)
urea {n}  :: urea
ureaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: urease
uretaani {n}  :: urethane
urhea {adj}  :: brave (courageous)
urheasti {adv}  :: bravely
urheilija {n}  :: A sportsman or sportswoman
urheilijamainen {adj}  :: sportsmanlike
urheilijatar {n}  :: A sportswoman
urheilla {vi}  :: To participate in sport
urheilu {n}  :: athletics or sports in general
urheilu {n}  :: As modifier in compound terms sporting or sports
urheiluauto {n}  :: sports car
urheiluhalli {n}  :: sports hall
urheiluhenki {n}  :: sportsmanship
urheilujoukkue {n}  :: sports team
urheilukenttä {n}  :: sports field (flat area of land where sports events are staged)
urheilulaji {n}  :: a sport
urheilulääketiede {n}  :: sports medicine
urheilulääkäri {n}  :: sports physician
urheilullinen {adj}  :: sporty
urheilullisesti {adv}  :: sportingly
urheilullisuus {n}  :: sportiness
urheiluministeri {n}  :: sports minister, minister of sports (minister responsible for sports)
urheiluministeri {n} [Finland]  :: short for kulttuuri- ja urheiluministeri
urheilurintaliivit {n}  :: sports bra
urheilusali {n}  :: gym
urheiluseura {n}  :: sports club, athletic club
urheilutoimittaja {n}  :: sportswriter
urheilu-uutiset {n}  :: sportscast
urheiluvaatteet {n}  :: sportswear
urheus {n}  :: braveness
urho {n} [poetic]  :: hero
Urho {prop}  :: given name
Urho {prop}  :: The letter "U" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
urhokas {adj}  :: brave, valiant
urhokkaasti {adv}  :: bravely, courageously, valiantly
urhoollinen {adj}  :: brave, valiant
urhoollisesti {adv}  :: bravely, valiantly
urhoollisuus {n}  :: braveness, valiance
Uria {prop}  :: Uriah [biblical character]
uriaali {n}  :: urial, Ovis orientalis vignei
urina {n}  :: growling sound
urinaali {n}  :: urinal
urista {vi}  :: To growl
Urjala {prop}  :: Urjala (municipality)
urjeta {vi}  :: to follow, to come next
urkinta {n}  :: snooping
urkkia {vt} [disparaging]  :: To snoop, pry (be nosy)
urkkija {n}  :: snoop
urku {n} [normally in plural]  :: organ
urkuharmoni {n} [musical instruments]  :: harmonium
urkujensoittaja {n}  :: organist
urkupilli {n}  :: organ pipe
urkupillikaktus {n}  :: organ (species of cactus, Stenocereus thurberi)
urkupyssy {n} [firearms]  :: organ gun
urkuri {n}  :: organist
Urmas {prop}  :: given name
urofilia {n}  :: urophilia
urokaanihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: urocanic acid
urologi {n}  :: urologist
urologia {n} [medicine]  :: urology
urologinen {adj}  :: urological
uronihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: uronic acid
uros {n}  :: male, especially of mammalian species
uros {n}  :: adult man
uros {n}  :: hero
uros {n} [dated, poetic]  :: man (adult male person, especially a strong and brave one)
uroshirvi {n}  :: stag
uroskissa {n}  :: tomcat
uroskoira {n}  :: male dog
urosmetso {n}  :: a male capercaillie
urospuolinen {adj}  :: male (animal)
uroteko {n}  :: A deed (brave action)
urotyö {n}  :: A deed (brave action)
urotyö {n}  :: A labor (of Heracles etc.)
urpiainen {n}  :: common redpoll (Carduelis flammea)
Urpilainen {prop}  :: surname
urpo {n} [colloquial]  :: moron
Urpo {prop}  :: given name
urpoilla {vi} [slang]  :: to act like a moron
urpu {n} [botany]  :: catkin
Urpu {prop} [rare]  :: given name
urputtaa {vi}  :: to grumble, grouse, complain
Ursula {prop}  :: given name
urtikaria {n}  :: urticaria
Uruguay {prop}  :: Uruguay
uruguaylainen {adj}  :: Uruguayan, of or relating to Uruguay
uruguaylainen {n}  :: An Uruguayan
uruguaynvyötiäinen {n}  :: greated naked-tailed armadillo, Cabassous tatouay
urut {n}  :: organ (musical instrument)
-us {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from verbs, describing an action or event
-us {suffix}  :: Forms nouns, indicating resemblance or association
-us {suffix}  :: Short form of the suffix -uus, used where the stem of the root adjective ends in a vowel
USA {prop}  :: USA
U.S.A. {prop} [colloquial]  :: U.S.A.; the United States
usalainen {adj} [colloquial]  :: American (of or pertaining to the United States)
usalainen {n} [colloquial]  :: A person from the United States
usea {adj}  :: many
useaan otteeseen {adv}  :: repeatedly
useammanlainen {adj}  :: comparative of useanlainen
useammin {adv}  :: comparative of usein
useampi {adj}  :: comparative of usea
useanlainen {adj}  :: various, diverse
useasti {adv}  :: often, many times, repeatedly
useimmin {adv}  :: superlative of usein
useimmiten {adv}  :: usually, in most cases, for the most part
usein {adv}  :: often
uskaliaampi {adj}  :: comparative of uskalias
uskaliaasti {adv}  :: boldly, daringly
uskaliain {adj}  :: superlative of uskalias
uskaliaisuus {n}  :: audacity
uskalias {adj}  :: bold, daring
uskalias {adj}  :: adventurous
uskalikko {n}  :: daredevil
uskallus {n}  :: daring (boldness)
uskaltaa {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To dare ((to) do), venture (to do), have the courage (to do), be bold/brave enough (to do)
uskaltautua {vi}  :: To venture
usko {n}  :: faith
usko {n} [in inessive]  :: religious
Usko {prop}  :: given name
uskoa {vi} [_, + illative]  :: to believe in, have faith in (someone's abilities, chances etc.; someone's existence; the power, value etc. of something; the existence of something)
uskoa {vi} [_, + partitive]  :: to believe (someone, in something someone says/does), trust
uskoa {vt}  :: To entrust (something= genitive-accusative; to someone = allative); to confide (something= gen.-acc.; to someone = allat):
uskollinen {adj}  :: faithful
uskollisesti {adv}  :: faithfully
uskollisuudenvala {n}  :: homage
uskollisuus {n}  :: loyalty, fidelity
uskomaton {adj}  :: unbelievable, incredible
uskomatonta {interj}  :: unbelievable
uskomattomasti {adv}  :: unbelievably, incredibly
uskomattomuus {n}  :: incredibleness
uskomus {n}  :: belief
uskomusjärjestelmä {n} [philosophy]  :: belief system
uskomuslääkintä {n}  :: alternative medicine
uskomusolento {n}  :: mythical creature, mythological creature
uskonasia {n}  :: matter of faith
uskonkappale {n}  :: dogma
uskonkiihko {n}  :: religious bigotry
uskonkiihkoilija {n}  :: bigot, zealot, fundamentalist
uskonlahko {n}  :: A religious sect
uskonluopio {n}  :: apostate
uskonnollinen {adj}  :: religious
uskonnollisesti {adv}  :: religiously
uskonnollisuus {n}  :: religiousness
uskonnontutkimus {n}  :: religious studies
uskonnonvapaus {n}  :: freedom of religion
uskonnoton {adj}  :: Having no religion; nonreligious; irreligious
uskonnottomuus {n}  :: irreligiousness; irreligion
uskonoppi {n}  :: dogmatics
uskonoppinut {adj}  :: one educated in religious theory and practice
uskonoppinut {n}  :: theologian, religious scholar; one educated in religious theory and practice
uskonpuhdistus {n} [Christianity]  :: Reformation (religious movement initiated by Martin Luther)
uskonsota {n}  :: religious war
uskonto {n}  :: religion
uskontokammo {n}  :: religiophobia
uskontokunta {n}  :: religion (people of same faith collectively)
uskontomaantiede {n}  :: geography of religion
uskontopuolue {n}  :: religious party
uskontotiede {n}  :: religious studies
uskontotutkimus {n}  :: alternative form of uskonnontutkimus
uskontunnustus {n} [religion]  :: creed (statement of belief that summarizes the faith it represents)
uskonvaino {n}  :: religious persecution
uskonvapaus {n}  :: freedom of religion
uskoontulo {n}  :: conversion (becoming religious)
uskotella {v}  :: To make believe, pretend
uskotella {v}  :: To convince oneself (to pretend to oneself)
uskoton {adj}  :: unfaithful
uskottava {adj}  :: plausible, credible
uskottavasti {adv}  :: credibly, plausibly
uskottavuus {n}  :: credibility
uskottomampi {adj}  :: comparative of uskoton
uskottomin {adj}  :: superlative of uskoton
uskottu {n}  :: confidant
uskottu mies {n} [legal]  :: trustee, guardian ad litem
uskoutua {v}  :: To trust, confide
uskovainen {n}  :: A religious person, a believer
ussa {n} [slang]  :: religion (school subject)
usuttaa {vt}  :: To sic
usva {n}  :: Mist, fog
usvainen {adj}  :: misty
usvaisuus {n}  :: mistiness
-ut {suffix}  :: A variant of -nut, used with verbs that end in -a/ preceded by at least two consonants, i.e. the verbs in the following conjugation classes (the classes marked with *) only include one verb):
utahilainen {n}  :: Utahn, Utahan (person)
utahilainen {adj}  :: Utahn, Utahan (of or pertaining to Utah)
utare {n}  :: udder
utaretulehdus {n} [veterinary medicine]  :: mastitis
uteliaasti {adv}  :: curiously
uteliaisuus {n}  :: curiousness
utelias {adj}  :: curious, inquisitive
utelu {n}  :: query
utilitarismi {n}  :: utilitarianism
utilitaristi {n}  :: utilitarian
utilitaristinen {adj}  :: utilitarian
utooppinen {adj}  :: utopian
utopia {n}  :: utopia
utopisti {n}  :: An utopian, idealistic person
utopistinen {adj}  :: utopian
utopistisesti {adv}  :: In a utopian manner
Utsjoki {prop}  :: Utsjoki
-uttaa {suffix}  :: Forms causative, curative, or factive verbs
utu {n}  :: haze, mist
-utua {suffix}  :: Forms reflexive or inchoative intransitive verbs
utuinen {adj}  :: misty, foggy, hazy
utuinen {adj}  :: roriferous
utupilvi {n}  :: fog
uu {n}  :: letter: u
-uu {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from verbs
uudehko {adj}  :: Quite new
uudelleen {adv}  :: anew, again
uudelleen {adv}  :: re- (many English verbs starting with "re-" are translated into Finnish with uudelleen + verb)
uudelleenarviointi {n}  :: re-evaluation
uudelleenjärjestely {n}  :: reorganization
uudelleenjulkaisu {n}  :: rerelease
uudelleenkoulutus {n}  :: re-education
uudelleenkäynnistys {n} [computing]  :: restart
uudelleenkäynnistys {n} [computing]  :: reboot
uudelleensijoitus {n}  :: relocation
uudelleensyntyminen {n}  :: rebirth
uudelleenvalinta {n}  :: reelection
uudempi {adj}  :: comparative of uusi
uudenaikainen {adj}  :: modern
uudenaikaistaa {vt}  :: to modernize
uudenaikaisuus {n}  :: modernity (quality of being modern)
uuden-amsterdaminhylje {n}  :: synonym of amsterdamsaarenmerikarhu
uudenlainen {adj}  :: novel, nontraditional
uudenseelanninhaukka {n}  :: New Zealand falcon, Falco novaeseelandiae (species of falcon endemic to New Zealand)
uudentaa {vt}  :: to renew
uudentua {v}  :: alternative form of uudistua
uudenvuodenaatto {n}  :: New Year's Eve (day)
uudenvuodenlupaus {n}  :: A New Year's resolution
uudenvuodenpäivä {n}  :: New Year's Day
uudenvuodentina {n}  :: A piece of metal cast in a New Year molybdomancy event; see the entry tinanvalanta for explanation of the practice
uudestaan {adv}  :: anew
uudestaan {adv}  :: re-
uudestaan {adv}  :: afresh
uudestaan {adv}  :: again
uudestisyntyä {vi}  :: To be born again
uudestisyntyminen {n}  :: A revival, reinvigoration, rebirth (spiritual renewal)
uudestisyntyminen {n}  :: A reincarnation
uudestisyntynyt {adj}  :: reborn (revived or regenerated, especially emotionally or spiritually)
uudestisyntynyt {n}  :: A reborn person
uudin {n} [rare, usually plural]  :: curtain, drape
uudisasukas {n}  :: settler
uudisasutus {n}  :: settlement
uudismuodoste {n}  :: A neologism (recently coined word)
uudisraivaaja {n}  :: settler
uudisrakennus {n}  :: new building
uudissana {n}  :: neologism
uudistaa {vt}  :: To reform, make modern or new
uudistaja {n}  :: reformer
uudistettu {adj}  :: renewed
uudistettu {adj}  :: updated
uudistua {vi}  :: To be reformed, be modernised/modernized
uudistus {n}  :: reform
uudistushanke {n}  :: reform project
uudistusmielinen {adj}  :: Reformist
uudistusmielinen {n}  :: A reformist
uuhi {n}  :: a ewe
uukkari {n} [colloquial]  :: U-turn
uuma {n}  :: waist
uuma {n}  :: web (of a rail)
Uumaja {prop}  :: Umeå (city in Sweden at the Gulf of Bothnia)
uumajansaame {n}  :: The Ume Sami language
uumen {n}  :: depths, innards
uumoilla {v}  :: to hunch, have a hunch, sense, presage (to have an intuitive impression that something will happen)
uumoilla {v}  :: to foreshadow, foretell, forespell
uuni {n}  :: oven
uuni {n}  :: stove
uunijuusto {n}  :: Finnish dish made of cow beestings
uunikala {n}  :: baked fish
uunikinnas {n}  :: synonym of patakinnas
uunilintu {n}  :: willow warbler, Phylloscopus trochilus
uunilintu {n}  :: leaf warbler, chiffchaff (bird of the genus Phylloscopus)
uunillinen {n}  :: ovenfull
uunimakkara {n}  :: sausage baked in the oven
uuniomena {n}  :: oven apple
uunipaisti {n}  :: roast (hunk of meat roasted in oven)
uunipelti {n}  :: baking tray
uuniperuna {n}  :: A baked potato
uunipuuro {n}  :: A type of porridge baked in oven
uuniruoka {n}  :: baked food
uuno {adj} [colloquial]  :: stupid
uuno {n} [colloquial]  :: fool
Uuno {prop}  :: given name derived from Swedish Uno
uupua {vi}  :: to get tired, get exhausted, get fatigued
uupua {vi}  :: to be missing
uupumaton {adj}  :: tireless
uupumattomasti {adv}  :: tirelessly
uupumattomuus {n}  :: tirelessness
uupumus {n}  :: fatigue, exhaustion
uupunut {adj}  :: tired, exhausted
Uurainen {prop}  :: A municipality in the region of Central Finland
uuras {adj} [literary]  :: hardworking
uurastaa {vi}  :: to toil
uurna {n}  :: An urn, casket
uurnavaali {n}  :: ballot box (process or method of voting)
uurre {n}  :: furrow, line (deep wrinkle, such as in the skin of the face, especially on someone's forehead)
uurre {n}  :: rut (track worn in the ground, as from the passage of many wheels along a road)
uurre {n} [geology]  :: groove, striation (scratch or gouge cut into bedrock by glacial abrasion)
uurros {n}  :: groove
uurrostaa {vt}  :: To cut a groove
uurtaa {vt}  :: To groove, furrow
uurteellinen {adj}  :: groovy, having grooves
uurteinen {adj}  :: Grooved
uurteinen {adj}  :: Furrowed
uurteinen {adj}  :: Fluted
uurteisvalas {n}  :: rorqual (whale of the family Balaenopteridae)
-uus {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from adjectives, expressing a quality
uus- {prefix}  :: neo-
uusšamanismi {n}  :: neoshamanism
uusaste {n} [geometry]  :: gradian (unit of angle equal to 1/400 of full circle)
uusavuton {adj}  :: A (modern, young) person incapable of taking care of himself/herself because of excessive pampering
uusbarokki {n}  :: neobaroque
uusfasismi {n}  :: neofascism
uusfasisti {n}  :: neofascist
uusfasistinen {adj}  :: neofascist
uushopea {n}  :: nickel silver
uusi {adj}  :: new
uusia {v}  :: to renew
uusia {v}  :: to redo; to renovate, remodel; to redecorate; to revise; to revamp; to rearrange
uusia {v}  :: to retake, resit (an examination, test); to repeat (a crime); to replay (a match); to rerun (a TV program); to rebroadcast (a radio program)
uusi aika {n}  :: modern era, modern age, modern history (period after the Middle Ages, i.e. from abt. the year 1500 to today)
Uusi-Etelä-Wales {prop}  :: New South Wales (an Australian state)
Uusi-Guinea {prop}  :: New Guinea
uusi hieno {adj} [colloquial]  :: newfangled
uusija {n}  :: renewer
Uusi-Kaledonia {prop}  :: New Caledonia (overseas territory of France)
uusikuu {n}  :: new moon
Uusimaa {prop}  :: Uusimaa
uusiminen {n}  :: renewal
uusimuotoinen {adj}  :: Of or relating to a new form of something, having a new form; often best translated into English as "new" or "renewed"
uusin {adj}  :: superlative of uusi
uusinta {n}  :: rerun
uusinta {n}  :: renewal
uusinta {n}  :: replay
uusinta {n}  :: resit
uusinta {n} [fencing]  :: renewal, reprise (indirect renewal of an attack that missed or was parried)
uusintarikollinen {n}  :: repeat offender
uusiokäyttö {n}  :: reuse (act of salvaging or in some manner returning a discarded item into something usable)
Uusi-Seelanti {prop}  :: New Zealand
uusiseelantilainen {adj}  :: Of or relating to New Zealand
uusiseelantilainen {n}  :: A New Zealander
Uusitalo {prop}  :: surname
Uusitalo {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
uusitestamentillinen {adj} [Bible]  :: Related to the New Testament
Uusi testamentti {prop}  :: The New Testament
uusiutua {vi} [esp. of an illness]  :: To recur (to repeat itself)
uusiutuva {adj}  :: renewable
uusi vuosi {n}  :: alternative spelling of uusivuosi
uusivuosi {n}  :: New Year
uusivuosi {n}  :: New Year's Eve (celebration)
uusklassinen {adj}  :: neoclassical
uusklassisismi {n}  :: neoclassicism
uusklassisistinen {adj} [rare]  :: neoclassical
uusklassismi {n}  :: neoclassicism
uuskolonialismi {n}  :: neocolonialism
uuskonservatiivi {n}  :: neoconservative, neocon
uuskonservatiivinen {adj}  :: neoconservative
uuskonservatismi {n}  :: neoconservatism
uusköyhä {adj}  :: newly impoverished
uusköyhä {n} [in plural only]  :: see uusköyhät
uusköyhät {n} [in plural]  :: nouveau pauvre (peoople who have recently become poor)
uuslatina {n}  :: New Latin
uusliberalismi {n}  :: neoliberalism
uusliberalisti {n}  :: neoliberal
uusliberalistinen {adj}  :: neoliberal
uusnatsi {n}  :: A neo-Nazi
uusnatsismi {n}  :: neo-Nazism
uusnorja {n}  :: Nynorsk, one of the two Norwegian languages
uuspakana {n}  :: neo-pagan
uuspakanallinen {n}  :: neo-pagan (of or relating to neo-paganism)
uuspakanuus {n}  :: neopaganism
uusplatonismi {n}  :: Neoplatonism
uuspositivismi {n}  :: neopositivism
uusrealismi {n}  :: neorealism
uusrikas {adj}  :: newly rich
uusrikas {n} [in plural only]  :: see uusrikkaat
uusrikkaat {n} [in plural, pejorative]  :: new money, nouveau riche (wealthy persons whose fortunes are newly acquired)
uusromantiikka {n}  :: neoromanticism
uusvuos {n} [slang]  :: synonym of uusivuosi
uute {n}  :: extract (liquid)
uute {n}  :: tincture (alcoholic extract of plant material, used as a medicine)
uute {n}  :: beer (solution produced by seeping plant materials)
uutinen {n}  :: news item, item of news, news; tiding (individual piece of new information)
uutinen {n} [in plural]  :: news (new information of interest)
uutinen {n} [in plural]  :: news (report of current events)
uutinen {n} [usually in plural]  :: firstfruit (offering of the first of the harvest)
uutisankka {n}  :: canard
uutisankkuri {n}  :: anchorman, news anchor (main host of a news program on TV)
uutisartikkeli {n}  :: news article
uutisfilmi {n}  :: newsreel
uutiskanava {n}  :: news channel
uutiskierto {n} [media]  :: news cycle
uutiskirje {n}  :: newsletter
uutiskuvaaja {n}  :: news photographer, cameraman
uutismotti {n}  :: news blackout
uutisoida {vt}  :: To release a piece of news
uutispalvelu {n}  :: news service
uutispimennys {n}  :: news blackout
uutispommi {n}  :: bombshell (shocking news)
uutistenlukija {n}  :: news anchor [US], newscaster [British], newsreader [British]
uutistoimisto {n}  :: news agency
uutistoimitus {n}  :: newsroom (office of a news organisation)
uutisvuoto {n}  :: news leak
uuttaa {vt}  :: To extract (to withdraw by expression, distillation or other mechanical or chemical process)
uuttera {adj}  :: industrious
uutterasti {adv}  :: industriously
uutto {n}  :: extraction
uuttu {n}  :: birdhouse
uuttukyyhky {n}  :: stock pigeon (Columba oenas)
uutukainen {adj}  :: new
uutuus {n}  :: newness, novelty (state or quality of being new)
uutuus {n}  :: A novelty (new product, innovation)
uuvahtaa {vi}  :: To get tired
uuvana {n}  :: diapensia, Diapensia lapponica
uuvuksiin {adv}  :: to exhaustion (to the state of exhaustion)
uuvuksissa {adv}  :: exhausted (in the state of exhaustion)
uuvuttaa {vt}  :: to exhaust
uuvuttava {adj}  :: backbreaking, exhausting, gruelling (so difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted)
uvaroviitti {n} [mineral]  :: uvarovite
uve {n}  :: A hole in the ice of a lake etc. created by water flowing from below the ice
uveavanto {n}  :: Same as uve
uvulaarinen {adj} [phonetics, anatomy]  :: uvular
uzbekinkielinen {adj}  :: Uzbek-speaking
uzbekinkielinen {adj}  :: Uzbek-language (expressed in the Uzbek language)
uzbekintaa {v}  :: to translate into Uzbek
Uzbekistan {prop}  :: Uzbekistan
uzbekistanilainen {adj}  :: Uzbekistani (of or pertaining to Uzbekistan)
uzbekistanilaisuus {n}  :: property of being Uzbekistani
Uzbekistanin tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Uzbekistan
uzbekki {n}  :: Uzbek (language)
uzbekki {n}  :: Uzbek (person)