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ta {interj} (thanks) SEE: thanks  ::
tab {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette  ::
table {n} (item of furniture)  :: taula {f}
table {n} (grid of data in rows and columns)  :: taula {f}
table {n} (collection of arithmetic calculations)  :: taula {f}
tablecloth {n} (a cloth used to cover and protect a table, especially for a dining table)  :: tovalles {f-p}, estovalles {f-p}
table football {n} (foosball) SEE: foosball  ::
table soccer {n} (foosball) SEE: foosball  ::
tablespoon {n} (a large spoon, used for eating food)  :: cullera de sopa {f}
tablespoon {n} (a unit of measure)  :: cullerada {f}
tablespoonful {n} (measure of volume) SEE: tablespoon  ::
tablespoonful {n} (the amount contained in a tablespoon)  :: cullerada {f}
tablet {n} (pill) SEE: pill  ::
tablet {n} (tablet computer) SEE: tablet computer  ::
tablet computer {n} (a type of computer)  :: tauleta tàctil {f}
table tennis {n} (game similar to tennis)  :: tennis de taula {m}, ping-pong {m}
taboo {n} (inhibition or ban)  :: tabú
taboo {n} (in Polynesia: something which may not be used)  :: tabú
taboo {adj} (excluded or forbidden from use, approach or mention)  :: tabú
tabor {n} (small drum)  :: tabalet {m}
tabular {adj} (organized as a table or list)  :: tabular {m} {f}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring rpm)  :: tacòmetre {m}, compta-revolucions {m}, comptavoltes {m}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring velocity) SEE: speedometer  ::
tachycardia {n} (rapid resting heart rate)  :: taquicàrdia {f}
tachymeter {n} (surveying instrument)  :: taquímetre {m}
tacit {adj} (Done or made in silence; implied, but not expressed; silent)  :: tàcit
tacitly {adv} (in a tacit manner)  :: tàcitament
taciturn {adj} (untalkative, silent)  :: taciturn
taciturnous {adj} (taciturn) SEE: taciturn  ::
Tacitus {prop} (Roman cognomen)  :: Tàcit {m}
tack {n} (nautical: distance between these maneuvers) SEE: board  ::
tack {n} (thumbtack) SEE: thumbtack  ::
tackle {n} (sports: attempt to take control over the ball)  :: entrada {f}
tackle {n} (American football, rugby: play where a defender brings the ball carrier to the ground)  :: placatge {m}
tackle {v} (American football, rugby: to bring a ball carrier to the ground)  :: placar
tackle {n} (American football: offensive position) SEE: offensive tackle  ::
tactful {adj} (possessing tact)  :: discret
tactic {n} (action to achieve some end)  :: tàctica {f}
tactical {adj} (of or relating to tactics)  :: tàctic, {m}, tàctica, {f}
tactician {n} (person skilled in tactics)  :: estrateg {m}, estratega {f}
tactile {adj} (tangible)  :: tàctil
tactile {adj} (used for feeling)  :: tàctil
tactile {adj} (of, or relating to the sense of touch)  :: tàctil
tactless {adj} (without tact)  :: indiscret
tadpole {n} (toad or frog larva)  :: capgròs {m}, cullerot {m}
tag {n} (small label)  :: etiqueta {f}
tag {n} (game)  :: tocar i parar
tag {v} (to label)  :: etiquetar
Tahitian {n} (native or inhabitant)  :: tahitià {m}
Tahitian {prop} (language)  :: tahitià {m}
Tahitian {adj} (relating to Tahiti)  :: tahitià
taiga {n} (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)  :: taigà
taikonaut {n} (Chinese astronaut)  :: taikonauta {m} {f}
tail {n} (appendage of an animal)  :: cua {f}
tail {n} (tail-end of a creature)  :: natja {f}
tail {n} (rear of an aircraft)  :: cua {f}
tail {n} (comet tail)  :: cua {f}
tailbone {n} (final fused vertebrae)  :: còccix {m}
tailor {n} (person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing as profession)  :: sastre {m}, sastressa {f}
tailor {n} (Pomatomus saltatrix) SEE: bluefish  ::
tailpiece {n} (secures strings on a musical instrument)  :: cordal {m}
Taiwan {prop} (East Asian country)  :: Taiwan
Taiwan {prop} (East Asian island)  :: Taiwan {m}
Taiwanese {adj} (relating to Taiwan)  :: taiwanès
Taiwanese {n} (person from Taiwan)  :: taiwanès {m}, taiwanesa {f}
Tajik {n} (person)  :: tadjik {m} {f}
Tajik {prop} (language)  :: tadjik {m}
Tajik {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Tajikistan, the Tajik people or the Tajiki dialect)  :: tadjik {m} {f}
Tajiki {prop} (dialect of Persian) SEE: Tajik  ::
Tajikistan {prop} (Republic of Tajikistan)  :: Tadjikistan {m}
tajine {n} (Moroccan stew)  :: tagina
take {v} (to grab with the hands)  :: agafar, prendre
take {v} (to grab and move to oneself)  :: prendre
take {v} (to get into one's possession)  :: prendre
take {v} (to gain a position by force)  :: prendre
take {v} (to have sex with)  :: violar, forçar
take {v} (to carry)  :: portar
take {v} (to choose)  :: agafar, escollir
take {v} (to ingest medicine)  :: prendre
take {n} (film: attempt to record a scene)  :: presa
take apart {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
take away {v} (to take away) SEE: remove  ::
take care {v} (be cautious, careful)  :: tenir cura
take into account {v} (to consider or regard; to include)  :: tenir en compte
take off {v} (to imitate) SEE: imitate  ::
take off {v} (to quantify) SEE: quantify  ::
take one's leave {v} (depart) SEE: depart  ::
take one's own life {v} (commit suicide) SEE: commit suicide  ::
take one's time {v} (go about something slowly and carefully)  :: prendre el seu temps
take over {v} (to adopt a further responsibility)  :: assumir
take place {v} (to happen)  :: tenir lloc
take root {v} (to grow roots into soil)  :: arrelar
take the law into one's own hands {v} (punish someone according to one's own idea of justice)  :: fer justícia pel seu compte
take the wrong way {v} (to misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand  ::
talc {n} (soft mineral)  :: talc {m}
tale {n} (type of story)  :: conte {m}, faula {f}
talent {n} (unit of weight and money)  :: talent {m}
talent {n} (marked ability or skill)  :: talent {m}
talented {adj} (endowed with talents)  :: talentós
talisman {n} (magical protective charms)  :: talismà {m}
talk {v} (to communicate by speech)  :: parlar, conversar
talk {n}  :: conversa {f}, conversació {f}, conferència {f}
talk {v} ((transitive) to discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
talk around {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
talking book {n} (audiobook) SEE: audiobook  ::
talk over {v} (discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
talk over {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
tall {adj} (of a person)  :: alt
tall {adj}  :: alt
Tallinn {prop} (Capital of Estonia)  :: Tallinn
tallow {n} (hard animal fat obtained)  :: sèu
Talmud {prop} (collection of Jewish writings)  :: Talmud {m}
talon {n} (hooked claw)  :: urpa {f}
talus {n} (A sloping heap of fragments of rock lying at the foot of a precipice)  :: talús {m}
talus {n} (anklebone) SEE: anklebone  ::
tambour {n} (drum) SEE: drum  ::
tambourine {n} (percussion instrument)  :: pandereta {f}
tame {adj} (not wild)  :: mans
tame {v} (to make something tame)  :: domar, amansir
tamer {n} (one who tames or subdues)  :: domador {m}
Tamil {adj} (of or pertaining to the Tamil people, culture, or language)  :: tàmil
Tamil {n} (person)  :: tàmil {m} {f}
Tamil {prop} (language)  :: tàmil {m}
Tamilian {n} (a person of Tamil ethnicity) SEE: Tamil  ::
tampon {v}  :: tamponar
tam-tam {n} (flat gong)  :: tam-tam {m}
tang {n} (tongue) SEE: tongue  ::
Tanganyika {prop} (lake)  :: Llac Tanganyika
Tanganyika {prop} (territory, former country)  :: Tanganyika {f}
tangent {n} (in geometry)  :: tangent {f}
tangent {n} (in trigonometry)  :: tangent {f}
tangent {n} (nearly unrelated topic)  :: tangent {f}
tangible {adj} (touchable, palpable)  :: tangible
Tangiers {prop} (a port city in northern Morocco)  :: Tànger {m}
tango {n} (ballroom dance)  :: tango {m}
tank {n} (closed container)  :: tanc {m}, dipòsit {m}
tank {n} (military armoured fighting vehicle)  :: tanc {m}
tanked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
tankette {n} (A small tank)  :: tanqueta {f}
tank top {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet  ::
tanned {adj} (having a suntan)  :: bronzejat
tannery {n} (place where people tan hides to make leather)  :: adoberia {f}
tannery {n} (business of a tanner)  :: adoberia {f}
tantalize {v} (to tease someone by offering something desirable but keeping it out of reach)  :: tantalitzar
tantalum {n} (A metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 73.)  :: tàntal {m}
tantamount {adj} (equivalent in meaning or effect)  :: equivalent
tantrum {n} (often childish display of bad temper)  :: enrabiada {f}, rebequeria {f}
Tanzania {prop} (United Republic of Tanzania)  :: Tanzània {f}
Tanzanian {n} (a person from Tanzania or of Tanzanian descent)  :: tanzà {m}, tanzana {f}
Tanzanian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Tanzania and its people)  :: tanzà
tap {n} (spigot)  :: tap {m}
tap {n} (device to dispense liquid)  :: aixeta {f}
tapestry {n} (heavy woven cloth)  :: tapís {m}
tap water {n} (water from a tap)  :: aigua de l'aixeta {n}
tar {n} (substance)  :: quitrà {m}
tar {n} (coal tar)  :: quitrà de carbó {m}
tar {n} (byproduct of tobacco smoke)  :: quitrà {m}
tar {v} (to coat with tar)  :: enquitranar
Tarantian {prop}  :: Tarantià
Tarantino {n} (dialect of Sicilian)  :: tarentí {m}
Tarantino {n} (native or inhabitant of Taranto)  :: tarentí {m}, tarentina {f}
Taranto {prop} (city and province)  :: Tàrent
tariff {n} (duties imposed)  :: aranzel {m}
tariff {n} (a schedule of rates, fees or prices)  :: tarifa {f}
tarot {n} (card game)  :: tarot {m}
tarragon {n} (perennial herb Artemisia dracunculus)  :: estragó {m}
tarragon {n} (the leaves of Artemisia dracunculus)  :: estragó {m}
Tarragona {prop} (A city and a port)  :: Tarragona {f}
Tarragona {prop} (A province of Catalonia)  :: Tarragona {f}
tarsal {adj} (of or relating to the tarsus)  :: tarsal, tarsià
tarsier {n} (insectivorous primate)  :: tarser
tarsus {n} (the part of the foot between the tibia and fibula and the metatarsus)  :: tars {m}
tart {n} (pie, pastry)  :: pastís
tart {n} (prostitute)  :: puta, bagassa, bandarra
tart {n} (woman with loose sexual morals)  :: marcolfa, marfanta
tartare sauce {n} (sauce served with fish)  :: salsa tàrtara {f}
tartaric acid {n} (white crystalline acid)  :: àcid tartàric {m}
tartrazine {n} (food colouring)  :: tartrazina {f}
Tartu {prop} (second-largest city in Estonia)  :: Tartu
task {n} (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)  :: tasca {f}
Tasmania {prop} (Australian state)  :: Tasmània {f}
Tasmania {prop} (island comprising majority of state)  :: Tasmània {f}
taste {n} (one of the sensations produced by the tongue)  :: gust, sabor, tast
taste {v} (to sample the flavor of something)  :: tastar, gustar
taste {v} (to have a taste)  :: tastar
taste {v} (to experience)  :: tastar
tastebud {n} (a small organ on the tongue used for tasting)  :: papil·la gustativa {f}
tasting {n} (taking of a small amount of food or drink in order to taste it)  :: tast {m}, degustació {f}
tasty {adj} (having a pleasant or satisfying flavor) SEE: delicious  ::
tat {n} (slang: tattoo) SEE: tattoo  ::
tat {n} (vulgar tastelessness) SEE: sleaze  ::
ta ta {interj} (bye) SEE: bye  ::
Tatar {prop} (language)  :: tàtar
tatter {n} (A shred of torn cloth)  :: drap {m}
tattoo {n} (an image made in the skin with ink and a needle)  :: tatuatge {m}
tattoo {v} (to apply a tattoo)  :: tatuar
tattoo artist {n} (tattoo artist)  :: tatuador {m}
tattooist {n} (tattoo artist) SEE: tattoo artist  ::
tau {n} (Greek letter)  :: tau {f}
tau {n} (tauon) SEE: tauon  ::
taunt {v} (to make fun of (someone); to goad into responding)  :: mofar-se
tauon {n} (particle)  :: tauó {m}
taut {adj} (tight; under tension, as in a rope or bow string)  :: tens, tibant
taut {adj} (showing stress or anxiety)  :: tens
tawny owl {n} (Strix aluco)  :: gamarús
tax {n} (money paid to government)  :: impost {m}, taxa {f}
taxable income {n} (base upon which an income tax system imposes tax)  :: base liquidable {f}
tax avoidance {n} (legal exploitation of tax rules)  :: elusió fiscal {f}
tax evasion {n} (illegal avoidance of tax)  :: evasió fiscal {f}
taxi {n} (vehicle)  :: taxi {m}
taxidermy {n} (art of stuffing dead animals)  :: taxidèrmia {f}
taxi driver {n} (person who drives a taxicab)  :: taxista {m} {f}
taximeter {n} (device in a taxicab that calculates the fare)  :: taxímetre {m}
taxis {n} (biology: movement of an organism in response to a stimulus)  :: taxi {f}
taxonomy {n} (science of finding, describing, classifying and naming organisms)  :: taxonomia {f}
taxonomy {n} (classification in a hierarchical system)  :: taxonomia {f}
taxpayer {n} (person who is pays tax)  :: contribuent {m} {f}
tax return {n} (report determining amount of taxation)  :: declaració de la renda {f}
Tayma {prop} (oasis)  :: Tayma {f}
Tbilisi {prop} (the capital city of Georgia (the country))  :: Tbilisi
tea {n} (main evening meal) SEE: dinner  ::
tea {n} (drink made from leaves of tea plant)  :: te {m}
tea bag {v} (small porous bag holding tea) SEE: teabag  ::
teabag {n} (sachet of tea)  :: bossa de te {f}
tea ceremony {n} (detailed ritual in Japan or Asia for preparing, serving and drinking tea)  :: cerimònia del te {f}
teach {v} (to pass on knowledge)  :: ensenyar
teacher {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
teacher {n} (person who teaches)  :: ensenyant {m} {f}
teaching {n} (something taught)  :: ensenyament {m}
teaching {n} (the profession of teaching)  :: ensenyament {m}
teakettle {n} (a vessel for boiling water for tea)  :: bullidor {m}, tetera {f}
teal {n} (duck)  :: xarxet comú
teal {adj} (colour)  :: xarxet
tea leaf {n} (leaf of the tea plant)  :: fulla de te {f}
tea leaf {n} (thief) SEE: thief  ::
team {n} (group of people)  :: equip {m}
tea oil {n} (oil contained in species of Camellia)  :: oli de llavors del te {m}
tea plant {n} (Camellia sinensis)  :: te {m}
tear {v} (rend)  :: estripar, esquinçar
tear {v} (become torn)  :: esquinçar, esgarrar
tear {n} (drop of clear salty liquid from the eyes)  :: llàgrima {f}
tear gas {n} (tear gas)  :: gas lacrimògen {m}
tear gland {n} (lacrimal gland) SEE: lacrimal gland  ::
tear up {v} (To damage) SEE: damage  ::
tease {v} (to comb)  :: pentinar
teaspoonful {n} (unit of capacity)  :: culleradeta {f}
tea tree {n} (Camellia sinensis) SEE: tea plant  ::
technetium {n} (chemical element)  :: tecneci
technical {adj} (pertaining to the useful or mechanic arts)  :: tècnic
technical foul {n} (basketball rules violation)  :: falta tècnica {f}
technically {adv} (based on precise facts)  :: tècnicament
technically {adv} (having certain skills)  :: tècnicament
technically {adv} (regarding the scientific state of art)  :: tècnicament
techno {n} (style of music)  :: techno, tecno
technocracy {n} (a system of governance where people who are skilled or proficient govern in their respective areas of expertise)  :: tecnocràcia {f}
technological {adj} (of, relating to, or involving technology)  :: tecnològic
technologically {adv} (in a technological manner)  :: tecnològicament
technology {n} (the study of or a collection of techniques)  :: tecnologia {f}
tectonic {adj} ((geology) relating to large-scale movements)  :: tectònic
teddy bear {n} (a stuffed toy bear)  :: osset de peluix {m}, osset de feltre {m}
tedious {adj} (boring, monotonous)  :: tediós
tee {n} (name of the letter T, t)  :: te {f}
teen {adj} (teenager) SEE: teenager  ::
-teen {suffix} (to form numbers 13 - 19)  :: -ze [11 to 16], di- [17 to 19]
teenager {n} (person aged between thirteen and nineteen)  :: adolescent
teetan {n} (pipit) SEE: pipit  ::
teeter {v} (tilt back and forth on an edge)  :: titubejar
tečka {n} (tečka diacritic) SEE: dot  ::
telamon {n} (male figure as pillar)  :: telamó {m}, atlant {m}
Tel Aviv {prop} (city in Israel)  :: Tel Aviv
telegram {v} (telegraph) SEE: telegraph  ::
telegraph {n} (apparatus, or a process, for communicating)  :: telègraf {m}
telegraph {v} (to send a message by telegraph)  :: telegrafiar
telegraphy {n} (communication by means of the telegraph)  :: telegrafia {f}
telekinesis {n} (ability to move objects with the power of one's thoughts)  :: telecinesi {f}
telematic {adj} (pertaining to telematics)  :: telemàtic
telematics {n} (science of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices)  :: telemàtica {f}
teleology {n} (study of the purpose of occurrences)  :: teleologia {f}
telepathic {adj} (of, relating to, or using telepathy)  :: telepàtic
telepathically {adv} (by means of telepathy)  :: telepàticament
telepathy {n} (communication by psychic means)  :: telepatia
telephone {n} (a device used for two-way talking with other people)  :: telèfon {m}
telephone {v} (to call someone)  :: telefonar, trucar, cridar
telephone {n} (Chinese whispers) SEE: Chinese whispers  ::
telescope {n} (optical instrument possessing magnification)  :: telescopi {m}
telescopic {adj} (of or relating to a telescope)  :: telescòpic
telescreen {n} (screen for broadcasting)  :: telepantalla {f}
television {n} (medium)  :: televisió {f}
television {n} (device for receiving television signals)  :: televisió {f}, televisor {m}
television {n} (program broadcasting)  :: televisió {f}
television series {n} (series) SEE: series  ::
television set {n} (television) SEE: television  ::
televisual {adj} (suitable for broadcasting on television)  :: televisiu
televisual {adj} (telegenic)  :: televisiu
tell {v} (to pass information)  :: dir, explicar
tell {v}  :: explicar
tell {v} (narrate) SEE: narrate  ::
tellin {n} (marine bivalve mollusc)  :: tellina {f}
telltale {adj}  :: revelador {m}
telluric acid {n} (hydrated form of tellurium oxide)  :: àcid tel·lúric {m}
tellurium {n} (chemical element)  :: telluri
telophase {n} (final stage of mitosis or meiosis)  :: telofase {f}
Telugu {prop} (Dravidian language of India)  :: telugu
Telychian {prop}  :: Telychià
temblor {n} (earthquake) SEE: earthquake  ::
temper {n} (tendency to be of a certain type of mood)  :: humor {m}
temper {n} (heat treatment)  :: tremp {m}
temper {v} (to moderate or control)  :: temperar
temperance {n} (state with regard to heat or cold) SEE: temperature  ::
temperance {n} (Tarot card)  :: temperança
temperate {adj} (moderate; not excessive heat, climate)  :: temperat
temperate {adj} (not marked with passion)  :: temperat
temperate {adj} (moderate in the indulgence of the natural appetites or passions)  :: temperat
temperature {n} (a measure of cold or heat)  :: temperatura {f}
temperature {n} (elevated body temperature)  :: febre {f}
tempest {n} (storm)  :: tempesta {f}
tempest {v} (To storm)  :: tempestejar
template {n} (physical object)  :: plantilla {f}
temple {n} (worship place)  :: temple {m}
temporal {adj} (of or relating to time)  :: temporal
temporal {adj} (of limited time)  :: temporal
temporal {adj} ((euphemistic for) lasting a short time only)  :: temporal {m} {f}
temporal {adj} (of the temples of the head)  :: temporal {m}
temporal {n} (temples of the head)  :: temporal {m}
temporal bone {n} (either of two compound bones at the sides of the skull)  :: temporal {m}
temporal lobe {n} (Division of cerebrum)  :: lòbul temporal {m}
temporarily {adv} (for a relatively brief period of time)  :: temporalment
temporary {adj} (for a limited time, ephemeral, not constant)  :: temporal
temporary {n} (short-term employee)  :: eventual
temporary tooth {n} (milk tooth) SEE: milk tooth  ::
temporize {v} (to deliberately act evasively or prolong a discussion)  :: temporitzar
tempt {v} (to provoke someone to do wrong)  :: temptar
tempt {v} (to attract, allure)  :: temptar
tempt {v} (to provoke)  :: temptar
temptation {n} (something attractive, tempting or seductive)  :: temptació {f}
tempter {n} (Someone that tempts)  :: temptador {m}, temptadora {f}
tempter {n} (Male seducer)  :: seductor {m}
tempting {adj} (attractive, appealing, enticing)  :: temptador {m}, temptadora {f}
tempting {adj} (seductive, alluring, inviting)  :: temptador {m}, temptadora {f}
ten {num} (the cardinal number occurring after 9 and before 11)  :: deu
ten {n} (the number following nine)  :: deu {m}
tenacious {adj} (unwilling to yield from a point of view etc; dogged)  :: tenaç
tenant {n} (one who pays a fee in return for the use of land, etc.)  :: llogater {m}; inquilí {m}
tenant farmer {n} (a person who farms land rented from a landlord)  :: masover {m}
Ten Commandments {prop} (Moses' ten commandments)  :: Deu Manaments {m-p}
tend {v} (to be probable or likely)  :: tendir
tendency {n} (likelihood of behaving in a particular way)  :: tendència {f}
tendentious {adj} (biased opinion)  :: tendenciós
tendentious {adj} (slanted)  :: tendenciós
tendentiously {adv} (in a tendentious manner)  :: tendenciosament
tender {adj} (sensitive or painful)  :: tendre
tender {adj} (soft and easily chewed)  :: tendre
tender {adj} (fond, loving, gentle, sweet)  :: tendre
tenderly {adv} (in a tender manner)  :: tendrament
tenderness {n} (a tendency to express warm, compassionate feelings)  :: tendresa {f}
tendon {n} (tough band of inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with its bony attachment)  :: tendó {m}
tenfold {adv} (by ten times as much)  :: decuplicar
tennessine {n} (chemical element with atomic number 117)  :: tennessi {m}
tennis {n} (sport played by two or four players with strung racquets)  :: tennis {m}
tennis player {n} (a person who plays tennis)  :: tennista {m} {f}, tenista {m} {f}
ten o'clock {n} (the start of the eleventh hour)  :: les deu {f}
tenpin bowling {n} (bowling) SEE: bowling  ::
tense {n} (verb forms distinguishing time)  :: temps
tense {adj} (showing stress or strain)  :: tens
tense {v} (make or become tense)  :: tesar
tent {n} (portable lodge)  :: tenda {f}
tentacle {n} (elongated, boneless, flexible appendage)  :: tentacle {m}
tenth {adj} (ordinal form of ten)  :: desè {m} (abbreviation 10è), dècim {m}
tenuous {adj} (thin in substance or consistency)  :: tènue {m} {f}
TEOTWAWKI {n} ((acronym) The end of the world as we know it)  :: la fi del món tal com el coneixem
tepid {adj} (lukewarm)  :: tebi
tepid {adj} (uninterested)  :: tebi
tequila {n} (liquor)  :: tequila {m}
terbium {n} (chemical element)  :: terbi {m}
terebinth {n} (a Mediterranean tree)  :: terebint {m}
Teresa {prop} (female given name)  :: Teresa {f}
term {n} (limitation, restriction or regulation)  :: terme {m}
term {n} (word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge)  :: terme {m}
termes {n} (a termite) SEE: termite  ::
terminal {n} (airport building)  :: terminal
terminal {n} (railway station)  :: terminal
terminal {n} (device for entering data into a computer)  :: terminal
terminal {adj} (resulting in death)  :: terminal
terminal {adj} (appearing at the end)  :: terminal
termination {n} (The last part (or morpheme) of a word, see also: suffix)  :: terminació {f}
terminology {n} (doctrine of terms)  :: terminologia {f}
terminology {n} (terms used in any business, art, etc)  :: terminologia {f}
termite {n} (insect)  :: tèrmit {m}
Terra {prop} (the Planet Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
terrace {n} (platform that extends outwards from a building)  :: terrassa {f}
terrace {n} (raised, flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides)  :: feixa
terrace {n} (row of connected residential houses)  :: filera {f}
terrace {n} (standing area at a football ground)  :: grada {f}
terraced house {n} (type of house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
terra-cotta {n} (pottery)  :: terracota {f}
terracotta {n} (hard red-brown earthenware)  :: terracota {f}
terra firma {n} (land)  :: terra ferma {f}
terramare {n} (prehistoric settlements of the Po valley)  :: terramarnes {m-p}
Terrassa {prop} (city)  :: Terrassa {f}
terrestrial {adj} (of, relating to, or inhabiting the Earth or its inhabitants)  :: terrestre
terrestrial {adj} (living or growing on land; not aquatic)  :: terrestre
terrible {adj} (dreadful; causing alarm or fear)  :: terrible
terrible {adj} (most formidable)  :: terrible
terrible {adj} (intense; extreme in degree or extent)  :: terrible
terribly {adv} (in a terrible manner)  :: terriblement
terrify {v} (to frighten greatly; to fill with terror)  :: aterrir
territorial {adj} (of, relating to, or restricted to a specific geographic area, or territory)  :: territorial
territory {n} (large tract of land)  :: territori {m}
territory {n} (administrative unit)  :: territori {m}
territory {n} (area which an animal defends)  :: territori {m}
terror {n} (extreme fear)  :: terror {m} {f}
terror {n} (something causing fear)  :: terror {m} {f}
terrorism {n} (use of terror as a means of coercion)  :: terrorisme {m}
terrorist {n} (person who uses terror as a weapon in a political struggle)  :: terrorista {m} {f}
terrorist {adj} (of or relating to terrorism)  :: terrorista
terrorize {v} (fill with terror)  :: terroritzar
tertiary {adj} (of third rank or order)  :: terciari
Tertiary {adj} (of the first part of the Cenozoic era)  :: terciari {m}, terciària {f}
Tertiary {prop} (first part of the Conzoic era)  :: terciari {m}
tesla {n} (Unit of measurement of magnetic flux density)  :: tesla {m}
tessellation {n} (the property or fact of tessellating)  :: tessel·lació {f}
tessellation {n} (tiling pattern with no gaps; the result of tessellating an area or plane)  :: tessel·lació {f}
test {n} (challenge, trial)  :: prova {f}, test {m}
test {n} (academics: examination)  :: examen {m}, prova {f}, test {m}
test {n} (product examination)  :: test {m}
test {v} (to place a product or piece of equipment under everyday and/or extreme conditions)  :: provar
test {v}  :: provar
testicle {n} (male sex gland)  :: testicle {m}
testicular {adj} (testicular)  :: testicular
testosterone {n} (steroid hormone)  :: testosterona {f}
tether {n} (a rope, cable etc. that holds something in place whilst allowing some movement)  :: amarra {f}
tetragon {n} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral  ::
tetrahedron {n} (polyhedron)  :: tetràedre {m}, tetraedre {m}
tetrahydrocannabinol {n} (THC)  :: tetrahidrocannabinol {m}
tetralogy {n} (A series of four related works)  :: tetralogia {f}
tetrameter {n} (a line in a poem having four metrical feet (poetry))  :: tetrámetro {m}
tetraplegia {n} (paralysis of all four limbs)  :: tetraplegia {f}
tetraplegic {n} (quadriplegic) SEE: quadriplegic  ::
Teutonic {adj} (relating to the ancient Germanic people)  :: teutó, teurònic
Teutonic {adj} (having qualities regarded as typical of German people)  :: teutònic
Texan {adj} (of or pertaining to Texas)  :: texà
Texan {n} (an inhabitant or a resident of Texas)  :: texà {m}, texana {f}
textbook {n} (formal manual of instruction)  :: llibre de text {m}, llibre de classe {m}
textual {adj} (of or pertaining to text)  :: textual
texture {n} (feel or shape of a surface or substance)  :: textura {f}
texture {n} (art: quality produced by interaction of elements)  :: textura {f}
texture {n} (computer graphics: image applied to a polygon)  :: textura {f}
-th {suffix} (used to form the ordinal numeral)  :: , -èsim
Thai {adj} (Of or pertaining to Thailand)  :: tailandès
Thai {n} (person from Thailand or of Thai origin)  :: tailandès {m}, tailandesa {f}
Thai {prop} (language)  :: tailandès {m}, thai {m}, tai {m}
Thailand {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Tailàndia {f}
Thais {prop} (female given name)  :: Taís
thalamic {adj} (of or pertaining to the thalamus)  :: talàmic
thalamus {n} (anatomy: structure within forebrain)  :: tàlem {m}
Thalia {prop} (the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry)  :: Talia {f}
thallium {n} (chemical element)  :: tal·li
Thames {prop} (river through London)  :: Tàmesi
than {prep} (Introduces a comparison)  :: que
thanatophobia {n} (fear of death)  :: tanatofòbia {f}
Thanatos {n} (Thanatos, the god of death)  :: Tànatos {m}
Thanetian {prop}  :: Thanetià
thank {v} (express gratitude or appreciation to someone)  :: agrair
thankful {adj} (showing thanks)  :: agraït
thankless {adj} (unappreciated)  :: ingrat
thankless {adj} (ungrateful)  :: desagraït
thanks {interj} (used to express appreciation or gratitude)  :: gràcies, mercès, merci
thanks for your help {phrase} (thanks for your help)  :: gràcies per la teva ajuda, gràcies pel vostre ajuda
thanks to {prep} (because of)  :: gràcies a
thank you {interj} (an expression of gratitude)  :: gràcies, moltes gràcies, mercès
thank you very much {phrase} (greater gratitude than "thank you")  :: moltes gràcies, moltes mercès
that {conj} (connecting a noun clause)  :: que
that {determiner} (what is being indicated)  :: aqueix {m}, aqueixa {f}
that {pron} (that thing)  :: [near] açò, [neutral] això, [far] allò
that is {adv} (in other words)  :: és a dir, o sia
that is to say {adv} (in other words) SEE: that is  ::
that's life {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
thaw {v} (to melt, dissolve, or become fluid)  :: descongelar
the {article} (article)  :: el {m}/lo {m}, la {f}, els {m-p}, les {f-p}, [salat dialects] es {m}, so {m}, sa {f}, es {m-p}, sos {m-p}/ets {m-p}, ses {f-p}
theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
theater {n} (place or building)  :: teatre {m}
theater {n} (drama or performance as a profession or artform)  :: teatre {m}
theater {n}  :: teatre {m}
theatre {n} (theater) SEE: theater  ::
theatrical {adj} (of or relating to the theatre)  :: teatral
theatrical {adj} (fake and exaggerated)  :: teatral
Thebes {prop} (Any of two important cities in antiquity, either in Greece or Egypt.)  :: Tebes
the die is cast {phrase} (the future is determined)  :: s'ha tirat el dau, el dau ha estat tirat, la sort ha sigut llançada
thee {pron} (thou) SEE: thou  ::
the early bird catches the worm {proverb} (be motivated so you can accomplish what you want, in the morning) SEE: the early bird gets the worm  ::
the early bird gets the worm {proverb} (whoever arrives first has the best chance of success)  :: qui matina fa farina
The End {n} (end of a story)  :: fi {m}
the end justifies the means {proverb} (morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary)  :: els fins justifiquen els mitjans
the ends justify the means {proverb} (the end justifies the means) SEE: the end justifies the means  ::
theft {n} (act of stealing property)  :: robatori {m}
The Hague {prop} (Dutch city)  :: la Haia {f}
their {determiner} (belonging to them (plural))  :: llur
them {pron} (third personal plural pronoun used after a preposition or as the object of a verb)  :: [accusative] els {m}, les {f}, [dative] els
thematic {adj} (relating to, or having a theme or a topic)  :: temàtic
the more the merrier {proverb} (it is more fun with more people)  :: com més serem, més riurem
themselves {pron} (the reflexive case of they, the third-person plural personal pronoun)  :: es
themselves {pron} (the persons of unspecified gender previously mentioned, as the object of a verb or following a preposition)  :: mateixos
then {adv} (at that time)  :: llavors
then {adv} (soon afterward)  :: després, llavors
then {adv} (next in order)  :: després
then {adv} (in that case)  :: llavors
then {adv} (at the same time; on the other hand)  :: mentrestant, al mateix temps
theocracy {n} (government under the control of a Church)  :: teocràcia {f}
theocracy {n} (rule by God or gods)  :: teocràcia {f}
theocratic {adj} (pertaining to theocracy)  :: teocràtic
theodicy {n} (a justification of a deity)  :: teodicea {f}
Theodore {prop} (male given name)  :: Teodor {m}
theologian {n} (one who studies theology)  :: teòleg {m}
theologic {adj} (theological) SEE: theological  ::
theological {adj} (of or relating to theology)  :: teològic
theologically {adv} (in a theological manner)  :: teològicament
theologist {n} (theologian) SEE: theologian  ::
theologize {v} (discuss or speculate about theological subjects)  :: teologitzar
theology {n} (study of God, or a god, or gods)  :: teologia {f}
the one {n} (particularly special or compatible person or thing)  :: l'elegit {m}, l'elegida {f}
theonym {n} (name of a god)  :: teònim {m}
theorbo {n} (theorbo)  :: tiorba {f}
theorem {n} (proved mathematical statement)  :: teorema {m}
theoretical {adj} (of or relating to theory)  :: teòric
theoretically {adv} (in theory)  :: teòricament, en teoria
theorize {v} (formulate theories)  :: teoritzar
theory {n} (a coherent set of statements attempting to explain observed phenomena)  :: teoria {f}
theory {n} (an unproven conjecture)  :: teoria {f}
theory {n} (a field of study in mathematics)  :: teoria {f}
theory {n} (in logic: a set of axioms and all statements derivable from them)  :: teoria {f}
theory of everything {n} (theory of everything)  :: teoria del tot {f}
theory of relativity {n} (generic term of special and general relativity)  :: teoria de la relativitat {f}
therapeutic {adj} (of, or relating to therapy)  :: terapèutic
therapeutical {adj} (therapeutic) SEE: therapeutic  ::
therapist {n} (one who provides therapy)  :: terapeuta {m} {f}
therapy {n} (treatment of disease)  :: teràpia {f}
there {adv} (in or at that place)  :: allà, allí
there are {phrase}  :: hi ha
there be {phrase} (to exist)  :: haver-hi
therefor {adv} (therefore) SEE: therefore  ::
therefore {adv} (for that or this reason; for that)  :: per tant, per això
there is {phrase} (third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be)  :: hi ha [singular and plural]
thereof {adv} (of this, that or it)  :: en
Theresa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Teresa  ::
there's no fool like an old fool {proverb} (no wisdom with age)  :: a cent anys, coteta verda
there's no such thing as a free lunch {proverb} (nothing is free; everything has a price.)  :: ningú dóna duros a quatre pessetes
there you go {phrase} (here you are) SEE: here you are  ::
thermalism {n} (therapeutic use of hot-water springs)  :: termalisme
Thermidor {prop} (the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: termidor {m}
thermite {n} (mixture of aluminum and ferric oxide)  :: termita {f}
thermochemistry {n} (the study of the thermodynamics of chemical reactions)  :: termoquímica {f}
thermodynamic {adj} (relating to the conversion of heat)  :: termodinàmic
thermodynamic {adj} (relating to thermodynamics)  :: termodinàmic
thermodynamic equilibrium {n} (state of equal temperature)  :: equilibri termodinàmic
thermoelectric {adj} (of, pertaining to, or exhibiting thermoelectricity)  :: termoelèctric
thermoelectricity {n} (physics: direct conversion of heat into electricity)  :: termoelectricitat {f}
thermometer {n} (apparatus used to measure temperature)  :: termòmetre {m}
thermonuclear {adj} (of, or relating to the fusion of atomic nuclei at high temperatures)  :: termonuclear
thermopause {n} (boundary between the thermosphere and the exosphere)  :: termopausa {f}
thermosphere {n} (layer of the Earth's atmosphere)  :: termosfera {f}
thermostat {n} (device which maintains the desired temperature)  :: termostat {m}
the road to hell is paved with good intentions {proverb} (well-intended acts can lead to disasters)  :: l'infern està ple de bones intencions
Theron {prop} (5th century BC tyrant of Akragas)  :: Teró {m}
thesaurus {n} (book of synonyms)  :: diccionari de sinònims
thesaurus {n} (information science: hierarchy of titles)  :: tesaurus {m}
Theseus {prop} (hero)  :: Teseu
thesis {n} (statement supported by arguments)  :: tesi {f}
thesis {n} (written essay submitted for a university degree)  :: tesi doctoral {f}, tesi {f}
the straw that broke the camel's back {n} (The small additional burden which causes failure)  :: la gota que fa vessar el vas
theta {n} (Greek letter)  :: theta {f}
Thetis {prop} (the mother of Achilles)  :: Tetis
they {pron} (third-person plural pronoun)  :: ells {m-p}, elles {m-f}
thick {adj} (having a viscous consistency)  :: espès
thief {n} (one who carries out theft)  :: lladre {m}
thigh {n} (upper leg)  :: cuixa {f}
thighbone {n} (femur)  :: fèmur {m}
thimble {n} (a protective cap for the finger)  :: didal {m}
thin {adj} (of low viscosity or low specific gravity)  :: clar
thin {v} (to make thinner)  :: aprimar
thin {v} (to become thinner)  :: aprimar-se
thing {n} (that which is considered to exist as a separate entity, object, quality or concept)  :: cosa {f}
thing {n}  :: cosa {f}
think {v} (to ponder, to go over in one's head)  :: pensar
think {v} (communicate to oneself in one’s mind)  :: pensar
think {v} (guess, reckon)  :: pensar
think nothing of it {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
think of {v} (think) SEE: think  ::
think up {v} (create in one's mind; invent)  :: idear
third {adj} (the ordinal form of the cardinal number three)  :: tercer
third {n} (person or thing in the third position)  :: tercer
third {n} (one of three equal parts of a whole)  :: tercer {m}
third {n} (interval)  :: tercera {f}
third base {n} (the baseball base)  :: tercera base {f}
thirdly {adv} (in the third place; third in a row)  :: tercer, tercerament
Third World War {prop} (World War III) SEE: World War III  ::
thirst {n} (dryness)  :: set {f}
thirst {n} (figuratively)  :: set {f}, ambició {f}
thirsty {adj} (needing to drink)  :: assedegat
thirteen {num} (the cardinal number occurring after twelve and before fourteen)  :: tretze
thirty {num} (cardinal number)  :: trenta
thirty-eight {num} (38)  :: trenta-vuit; [Valencian] trenta-huit
thirty-five {num} (35)  :: trenta-cinc
thirty-four {num} (34)  :: trenta-quatre
thirty-nine {num} (39)  :: trenta-nou
thirty-one {num} (31)  :: trenta-un
thirty-seven {num} (37)  :: trenta-set
thirty-six {num} (36)  :: trenta-sis
thirty-three {num} (33)  :: trenta-tres
thirty-two {num} (32)  :: trenta-dos
this {determiner} (the (thing) here)  :: aquest, est, este
this {pron} (The thing, item, etc. being indicated)  :: això {n}, aquest {m}, aquesta {f}
thistle {n} (plant)  :: card {m}
this year {adv} (during the current year)  :: enguany
Thomas {prop} (given name)  :: Tomàs
thong {n} (footwear)  :: xancleta {f}
thong {n} (G-string) SEE: G-string  ::
thoracic {adj} (of the thorax)  :: toràcic
thoracic cavity {n} (chamber of the human body)  :: caixa toràcica {f}
thorax {n} (region of the mammalian body)  :: tòrax {m}
thorium {n} (chemical element)  :: tori {m}
thorn {n} (sharp protective spine of a plant)  :: aculi, espina, eculi, agulló, fibló
thorough {adj} (detailed)  :: minuciós
thoroughly {adv} (in a thorough or complete manner)  :: completament, exhaustivament
thou {pron} (singular informal form of "you")  :: tu
thou {v} (to address someone using the informal second-person singular pronoun)  :: tutejar
thought {n} (form created in the mind)  :: pensament {m}
thought {n} (process)  :: pensament {m}
thought {n}  :: pensament {m}
thoughtful {adj} (demonstrating thought or careful consideration)  :: pensarós
thoughtful {adj} (demonstrating kindness or consideration)  :: atent
thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000)  :: mil (exact); miler or milenar (approximately, or a set of a size numbered in the thousands)
thousandth {adj} (ordinal form of 1000)  :: mil·lèsim {m}, milè {m} (abbreviations 1000è {m}, 1000a {f})
Thrace {prop} (historical and geographic area in southeast Europe)  :: Tràcia
Thracian {adj} (of or pertaining to Thrace, Thracians of the Thracian language)  :: traci {m}
Thracian {n} (Inhabitant of Thrace)  :: traci {m}
Thracian {n} (ethnic Thracian)  :: traci {m}
thrall {n} (one who is enslaved)  :: esclau {m}
thrash {v} (to thresh) SEE: thresh  ::
thread {n} (long, thin and flexible form of material)  :: fil {m}
thread {n} (a theme or idea)  :: fil conductor {m}
thread {n} ((Internet): a series of messages)  :: fil {m}, tema {m}
thread {v} (put thread through)  :: enfilar
thread {n} (a screw thread) SEE: screw thread  ::
threads {n} (clothes) SEE: clothes  ::
threads {n} (thread) SEE: thread  ::
threat {n} (expression of intent to injure or punish another)  :: amenaça {f}
threat {n} (indication of imminent danger)  :: amenaça {f}
threat {n} (person regarded as a danger)  :: amenaça {f}
threaten {v} (to make a threat against someone; to use threats)  :: amenaçar
threaten {v} (to menace, or be dangerous)  :: amenaçar
threaten {v} (to portend, or give a warning)  :: amenaçar
threatening {adj} (presenting a threat)  :: amenaçador
threateningly {adv} (In a threatening manner)  :: amenaçadorament
three {num} (cardinal number 3)  :: tres
three {n} (digit/figure 3)  :: tres {m}
three-dimensional {adj} (existing in three dimensions)  :: tridimensional
three-dimensional {adj} (having depth (or the illusion of depth) as well as height and width)  :: tridimensional
three hundred {num} (cardinal number 300)  :: tres-cents
three o'clock {n} (the start of the fourth hour)  :: les tres {f}
thresh {v} (to separate the grain from the straw or husks)  :: trillar
threshing floor {n} (floor of a threshing house)  :: era {f}
threshold {n} (bottom-most part of a doorway)  :: llindar {m}
threshold {n} (entrance)  :: llindar {m}
threshold {n} (point at which an action is triggered)  :: llindar {m}
threshold {n}  :: llindar {m}
thrice {adv} (three times, see also: three; time)  :: tres vegades, tres voltes, tres cops
thrifty {adj} (given to, or evincing, thrift)  :: estalviador
throat {n} (front part of the neck)  :: gola {f}
thrombocyte {n} (platelet) SEE: platelet  ::
throne {n} (ornate seat)  :: tron {m}
throne {n} (position)  :: tron {m}
throne {n} (third highest order of angel)  :: tron {m}
throne room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
throng {n} (group of people)  :: gent assai [Algherese]
through {prep} (by means of)  :: mitjançant
throughout {prep} (in every part of; all through)  :: al llarg de
throw {v} (to cause an object to move rapidly through the air)  :: llançar, tirar
throw away {v} (discard or dispose of)  :: llençar
throw-in {n} (throw of the ball back into play)  :: servei {m}
throw in the towel {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up)  :: llançar la tovallola, tirar la tovallola
throw-out {n} ((soccer) an overarm throw of the ball from a goalkeeper)  :: servei de porteria {m}
throw up {v} (to vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
throw up one's hands {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up) SEE: throw in the towel  ::
thru {prep} (through) SEE: through  ::
thrush {n} (one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae)  :: tord {m}
Thu {abbr} (abbreviation of Thursday)  :: dj.
Thule {prop} (the northernmost location of the ancient world)  :: Thule {f}
thulium {n} (chemical element)  :: tuli {m}
thumb {n} (digit)  :: polze {m}
Thumbelina {prop} (a thumb-sized girl, the main character of a fairy tale)  :: Patufeta {f}, Polzeta {f}, Ditona {f}
thumbtack {n} (nail-like tack)  :: xinxeta {f}
thunder {n} (sound caused by lightning)  :: tro {m}
thunder {v} (to make a noise like thunder)  :: tronar
thunderstorm {n} (storm with thunder and lightning)  :: tempesta {f}
thurible {n} (censer) SEE: censer  ::
Thuringia {prop} (state)  :: Turíngia {f}
Thursday {n} (day of the week)  :: dijous {m}
thus {adv} (in this way or manner)  :: així
thus {adv}  :: així
thwart {v} (to prevent; to halt; to cause failure)  :: frustrar, desbaratar
thy {determiner} (possessive determiner)  :: teu {m}
thyme {n} (plant of the genus Thymus)  :: farigola {f}
thyristor {n} (semiconductor diode)  :: tiristor {m}
thyroid {adj} (referring to the gland situated in the neck)  :: tiroïdal
thyroid {n} (thyroid gland) SEE: thyroid gland  ::
thyroid {n} (thyroid cartilage) SEE: thyroid cartilage  ::
thyroid cartilage {n} (the largest cartilage in the larynx)  :: cartílag tiroide {m}
thyroid gland {n} (large butterfly-shaped endocrine gland)  :: tiroide {f}
ti {n} (seventh note of a major scale) SEE: si  ::
Tiber {prop} (river)  :: Tíber {m}
Tibet {prop} (region in Central Asia)  :: Tibet {m}
Tibetan {adj} (of or pertaining to Tibet)  :: tibetà
Tibetan {adj} (of or pertaining to Tibetans)  :: tibetà
Tibetan {adj} (of or pertaining to the Tibetan language)  :: tibetà
Tibetan {n} (a person)  :: tibetà {m}, tibetana {f}
Tibetan {prop} (a language)  :: tibetà {m}
tibia {n} (bone of the leg) SEE: shinbone  ::
tibia {n} (segment of insect's leg) SEE: shinbone  ::
tic {n} (local and habitual convulsive motion)  :: tic {m}
tick {n} (arachnid)  :: paparra {f}
ticket {n} (admission to entertainment)  :: bitllet {m}
tickle {v} (to touch in a manner that causes tingling sensation)  :: fer pessigolles
tidal {adj} (relating to tides)  :: mareal
tide {n} (periodic change of sea level)  :: marea {f}
tió de Nadal {n} (a wooden Christmas character that is beaten until it poops gifts)  :: tió de Nadal {m}, tronca de Nadal {f}, [colloquial] caga tió {m}
tidy {adj} (arranged neatly)  :: endreçat
tie {n} (tie score)  :: empat {m}
tie {n} (strong connection between people)  :: lligam {m}
tie {n} (curved line connecting two notes of the same pitch, combining their lengths)  :: lligadura {f}
tie {v} (to attach or fasten with string)  :: fermar, lligar, ennuar
tie {n} (sleeper) SEE: sleeper  ::
tie {n} (necktie) SEE: necktie  ::
tier {n} (layer or rank)  :: rang {m}
tierce {n} (unit of liquid measure)  :: tercer {m}
tiger {n} (The mammal Panthera tigris)  :: tigre {m}
tight {adj} (narrow) SEE: narrow  ::
tight end {n} (player)  :: ala tancat {m}
tigress {n} (female tiger)  :: tigressa {f}, [nonstandard] tigra
Tigris {prop} (river in Southwest Asia)  :: Tigris {m}
tilde {n} (diacritical mark)  :: titlla {f}
tilde {n}  :: titlla
tile {n} (mostly rectangular shaped sheet of ceramic or fired clay to cover surfaces)  :: teula {f}, rajola {f}
tile {v} (to cover with tiles)  :: enrajolar (floor), teular (roof)
tilery {n} (a place where tiles are made)  :: teuleria {f}, bòbila {f}
till {n} (cash register)  :: caixa {f}
tiller {n} (part of the rudder)  :: arjau {m}
tilt {v} (to slope or incline (something); to slant)  :: inclinar
tilt at windmills {v}  :: lluïtar contra molins de vent
timber {n} (beam used to support something such as a roof or a ship)  :: biga {f}
timbre {n} (quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume)  :: timbre {m}
time {n} (inevitable passing of events)  :: temps {m}
time {n} (quantity of availability in time)  :: temps {m}
time {n} (slang: serving of a prison sentence)  :: pena {f}
time {n} (time of day, as indicated by a clock, etc)  :: hora {f}
time {n} (instance or occurrence)  :: vegada {f}, cop {m}
time {n}  :: vegada, ocasió
time heals all wounds {proverb} (negative feelings eventually fade away)  :: el temps cura totes les ferides
time-lapse {adj} (photographic technique)  :: filmació a intervals
timeless {adj} (eternal) SEE: eternal  ::
timely {adj} (done at the proper time)  :: oportú
timely {adj} (happening or appearing at the proper time)  :: oportú
time of day {n} (time according to the clock) SEE: time  ::
time-out {n} (in sports)  :: temps mort {m}, téntol {m}
time zone {n} (range of longitudes where a common standard time is used)  :: fus horari {m}, zona horària {f}
timezone {n} (time zone) SEE: time zone  ::
timid {adj} (lacking in courage or confidence)  :: tímid
timidly {adv} (in a timid manner)  :: tímidament
Timișoara {prop} (city in Romania)  :: Timișoara
timpanum {n} (musical instrument) SEE: kettledrum  ::
timpanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
timpanum {n} (hearing organ) SEE: tympanum  ::
timpanum {n} (ornamental panel) SEE: tympanum  ::
tin {n} (element)  :: estany {m}
tinamou {n} (bird of the family Tinamidae)  :: tinamú {m}
tinder {n} (dry sticks etc.)  :: esca {f}
tinea {n} (ringworm) SEE: ringworm  ::
Tinkerbell {n} (fictional fairy)  :: Campaneta {f}
tinned {adj} (preserved in tins) SEE: canned  ::
tinned {adj} (previously prepared) SEE: canned  ::
tin opener {n} (tin opener) SEE: can opener  ::
tin-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener  ::
tiny {adj} (very small)  :: minúscul
-tion {suffix} (producing a noun meaning the action or effect of a verb)  :: -ció {f} (always forms a feminine noun)
tip {n} (extreme end of something)  :: punta {f}, punxa {f}
tip {n} (small amount of money left for a servant as a token of appreciation)  :: propina {f}
tip {n} (piece of private information)  :: indici {m}
tip {v}  :: abocar
tipcat {n} (game in which a wooden piece is struck with a stick)  :: bòlit {m}
tipcat {n} (wooden piece used in tipcat)  :: bòlit {m}
tip-top {adj} (excellent) SEE: excellent  ::
tiramisu {n} (semifreddo dessert)  :: tiramisú {m}
tire {n} (rubber covering on a wheel) SEE: tyre  ::
tire {v} (to become sleepy)  :: cansar-se, fatigar-se
tire {v} (to make sleepy)  :: cansar, fatigar
tire {v} (to become bored)  :: cansar-se, avorrir-se
tire {v} (to dress or adorn)  :: adornar, guarnir
tired {adj} (in need of rest or sleep)  :: cansat {m}, cansada {f}
tired {adj} (fed up) SEE: fed up  ::
tireless {adj} (indefatigable)  :: incansable
tirelessly {adv} (in a tireless manner)  :: incansablement
tiresome {adj} (causing fatigue or boredom)  :: empipador
tissue {n} (woven fabric)  :: teixit {m}
tissue {n} (aggregation of cells)  :: teixit {m}
tit {n} (chickadee) SEE: chickadee  ::
titan {n} (something or someone large in stature, greatness or godliness)  :: tità {m}
Titan {n} (mythological giant)  :: Tità {m}
Titan {prop} (moon of Saturn)  :: Tità {m}
titanic {adj} (titanic)  :: titànic
Titanic {adj} (of the Titans)  :: titànic
titanium {n} (chemical element)  :: titani {m}
titanium dioxide {n} (brilliant white pigment)  :: diòxid de titani {m}
tithe {n} (tenth) SEE: tenth  ::
tithe {n} (tax paid to the Church)  :: delme {m}
Tithonian {prop} (age 152.1-145Ma ago)  :: Titonià
Titian {prop} (sixteenth century Italian painter)  :: Ticià {m}
title {n} (prefix or suffix added to a name)  :: títol {m}
title {n} (certificate of ownership)  :: títol {m}
title {n} (name of a book, etc)  :: títol {m}
titling {n} (Prunella modularis) SEE: dunnock  ::
titling {n} (stockfish) SEE: stockfish  ::
titubant {adj} (stumbing, staggering)  :: titubant, titubejant
titubate {v} (to stagger)  :: titubar, titubejar
titubate {v} (to stutter)  :: titubar, titubejar
Tōkyō {prop} (Tokyo) SEE: Tokyo  ::
tmesis {n} (insertion of one or more words between the components of a word)  :: tmesi {f}
to {particle} (infinitive-marker)  :: -ar (1st conjugation); -er, -r, -re (2nd conj.); -ir (3rd conj.)
to {prep} (in the direction of, and arriving at)  :: a, cap a
to {prep} (used after certain adjectives to indicate a relationship)  :: a
to {prep} (used to indicate ratios)  :: a
to {prep} (used to indicate the indirect object)  :: a
toad {n} (amphibian similar to a frog)  :: gripau {m}
toadstool {n} (an inedible or poisonous mushroom)  :: bolet verinós
Toarcian {prop}  :: Toarcià
to arms {prep} (to arms)  :: a armes!, a les armes!
toast {n} (toasted bread)  :: torrada {f}
toast {n} (salutation)  :: brindis {m}
toast {v} (to lightly cook by browning over fire)  :: torrar
toast {v} (to engage in a salutation)  :: brindar
toaster {n} (device for toasting bread)  :: torradora {f}
tobacco {n} (any plant of the genus Nicotiana)  :: tabac {m}
tobacco {n} (leaves of certain varieties of tobacco plant)  :: tabac {m}
tobacconist {n} (smoker) SEE: smoker  ::
tobacconist {n} (tobacconist's shop) SEE: tobacconist's  ::
tobacconist's {n} (shop that sells tobacco products)  :: tabaqueria {f}
tobacco pipe {n} (smoking tool)  :: pipa {f}
to boot {adv} (in addition) SEE: in addition  ::
toccata {n} (musical piece)  :: tocata {f}
Tocharian {prop} (language)  :: tokhari {m}
Tocharian {adj} (related to Tocharians)  :: tokhari
today {adv} (on the current day)  :: avui
today {adv} (nowadays)  :: avui en dia, avui dia
today {n} (today (noun))  :: avui, hui {m}
toddle {v} (walk unsteadily)  :: tentinejar
toddler {n} (young human child)  :: nen {m}
to death {adv} (to a great degree)  :: a mort
to do with {prep} (relate or relevant to)  :: tenir a veure amb
toe {n} (each of the five digits on the end of the foot)  :: dit del peu {m}
toe {n} (any equivalent part in an animal)  :: dit {m}
together {adv} (at the same time, in the same place)  :: junt
Togo {prop} (Togolese Republic)  :: Togo
Togolese {n} (A person from Togo or of Togolese descent)  :: togolès
Togolese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Togo, the Togolese people or the Togolese language)  :: togolès
toil {n} (labor, work)  :: treball
toilet {n} (room used for urination and defecation, see also: bathroom; men's room; ladies' room; outhouse; portable toilet; latrine; shitter)  :: bany {m}, servei {m}, servici {m}, vàter {m}
toilet {n} (fixture used for urination and defecation, see also: flush toilet; squat toilet; chemical toilet; urinal; latrine)  :: escusat {m}, lavabo {m}, vàter {m}
toilet paper {n} (paper to clean oneself after defecation or urination)  :: paper higiènic {m}
Toki Pona {prop} (constructed language)  :: toki pona
Tokyo {prop} (capital of Japan)  :: Tòquio {m}
Tokyoite {adj} (relating to Tokyo)  :: toquiota
Tokyoite {n} (person from Tokyo)  :: toquiota {m} {f}
tolerable {adj} (Capable of being borne, tolerated or endured; bearable or endurable)  :: tolerable
tolerant {adj} (tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something)  :: tolerant
toleratable {adj} (tolerable) SEE: tolerable  ::
tolerate {v} (to allow without interference)  :: tolerar
tom {n} (male cat)  :: gat {m} (depending of the context is male or general)
tom {n} (male of other animals)  :: mascle {m}
tom {n} (male turkey) SEE: turkey-cock  ::
tomato {n} (tomato plant)  :: tomaquera {f}
tomato {n} (fruit)  :: tomàquet {m}
tomato sauce {n} (ketchup) SEE: ketchup  ::
tomb {n} (small building or vault for the remains of the dead)  :: tomba {f}
tombstone {n} (stone on grave)  :: làpida
tomcat {n} (tom) SEE: tom  ::
Tom, Dick and Harry {n} (anybody or everybody; random or unknown people)  :: En Pau, en Pere o en Berenguera
tome {n} (one in a series of volumes)  :: tom {m}
tomnoddy {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
tomography {n} (imaging by sections or sectioning)  :: tomografia {f}
tomorrow {adv} (on the day after the present day)  :: demà
tomorrow {n} (the day after the present day)  :: demà {m}
tomorrow is another day {proverb} (a phrase indicating that tomorrow will bring new opportunities)  :: demà serà un altre dia
Tom Thumb {prop} (the thumb-sized hero of a fairy tale)  :: Polzet {m}
-tomy {suffix} (cutting, incision, section)  :: -tomia {f}
tone {n} (specific pitch, quality and duration; a note)  :: to {m}
tone {n} (pitch of a word that distinguishes a difference in meaning)  :: to {m}
tone {n} (manner in which speech or writing is expressed)  :: to {m}
tone {n} (shade or quality of a colour)  :: to {m}
tone-deaf {adj} (unable to distinguish differences in pitch)  :: dur d'orella
tone poem {n} (piece of symphonic music which has a narrative) SEE: symphonic poem  ::
toner {n} (powder used in laser printers and photocopiers)  :: tòner {m}
tone up {v} (to firm and strengthen the body through exercise)  :: tonificar
Tongan {prop} (Austronesian language)  :: tongalès {m}
Tongan {n} (person from Tonga or of Tongan descent)  :: tongalès {m}, tongalesa {f}
Tongan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Tonga, Tongans or their language)  :: tongalès
tongue {n} (language) SEE: language  ::
tongue {n} (organ)  :: llengua {f}
tongue-twister {n} (phrase which is difficult to say)  :: travallengua {m}
tonic {n} (tonic water) SEE: tonic water  ::
tonic water {n} (carbonated beverage)  :: tònica {f}
tonight {adv} (during today's evening)  :: anit
tonight {adv} (during today's nighttime)  :: anit
tonight {n} (nighttime today)  :: anit
tonsil {n} (palatine tonsil)  :: amígdala {f}
tonsillitis {n} (inflammation of the tonsils)  :: tonsilito
tonsure {n} (bald patch resulting from being tonsured)  :: tonsura {f}
tontine {n}  :: tontina {f}
too {adv} (likewise)  :: també
too {adv} (more than enough; as too much)  :: massa
toodeloo {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
tool {n} (mechanical device intended to make a task easier)  :: eina {f}
tool {n} (equipment used in a profession)  :: eina {f}
tool {n}  :: eina {f}
tool {v} (to work on or shape with tools)  :: donar forma
tool {v} (to equip with tools)  :: equipar
tool {v}  :: cisellar
toolbox {n} (storage case for tools)  :: caixa d'eines {f}
too many {determiner} (excessive)  :: massa
too much {adv} (excessively)  :: massa
toon {n} (town) SEE: town  ::
tooth {n} (biological tooth)  :: dent {f}
tooth {n} (saw tooth)  :: dent {f}
tooth {n} (gear tooth)  :: dent {f}
toothbrush {n} (brush for cleaning the teeth and tongue)  :: raspallet de les dents {m}
tooth enamel {n} (substance) SEE: enamel  ::
top {n} (child’s spinning toy)  :: baldufa {f}
top {n} (top of a ship's mast)  :: cofa {f}
topaz {n} (gem)  :: topazi {m}
topic {n} (discussion thread) SEE: thread  ::
topographic {adj} (of, or relating to topography)  :: topogràfic
topological {adj} (of or relating to topology)  :: topològic
toponym {n} (place name)  :: topònim {m}
toponymic {adj}  :: toponímic
toponymy {n} (study of place names)  :: toponímia {f}
topple {v} (to push, throw over, overturn or overthrow something)  :: tombar, enderrocar
topple {v} (to totter and fall, or to lean as if about to do so)  :: vinclar
topspin {n} (type of spin)  :: efecte de rodolament {m}
toque {n} (chef) SEE: chef  ::
tor {n} (hill) SEE: hill  ::
Torah {prop} (the Five Books of Moses - the full body of Jewish law)  :: Torà {f}
torch {n} (flashlight) SEE: flashlight  ::
torch {n} (stick with flame at one end)  :: torxa {f}
toreador {n} (a bullfighter)  :: torejador {m}, torero {m}
torero {n} (bullfighter) SEE: toreador  ::
torment {n} (extreme pain)  :: turment {m}
torment {v} (to cause severe suffering)  :: turmentar
tormentor {n} (someone who torments)  :: turmentador {m}
tornado {n} (column of air)  :: tornado {m}
Toronto {prop} (provincial capital on Ontario, Canada)  :: Toronto {m}
torpedo {n} (underwater weapon)  :: torpede {m}
torpedo {v} (to send a torpedo)  :: torpedinar
torpedo {v} (to sink a ship with one of more torpedoes)  :: torpedinar
torrent {n} (violent flow, as of water etc.)  :: torrent {m}, riera {f}
torrential {adj} (coming or characterized by torrents; flowing heavily or in large quantities)  :: torrencial
torso {n} (body excluding the head and limbs)  :: tors {m}
tortilla {n} (Spanish omelette) SEE: Spanish omelette  ::
tortoise {n} (land-dwelling reptile)  :: tortuga {f}
Tortonian {n}  :: Tortonià
torture {n} (intentional causing of somebody's experiencing agony)  :: tortura {f}
torture {v} (to intentionally inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on helpless victims)  :: torturar
torturer {n} (one who tortures)  :: torturador {m}
Tosk {prop} (Tosk)  :: tosc
tot {n} (small child)  :: infant {m}
tot {n} (measure of spirits)  :: glop {m}
total {n} (amount)  :: total {m}
total {n} (sum)  :: suma {f}
total {v} (to add up)  :: totalitzar
total {v} (to equal after calculation)  :: totalitzar
totalitarian {adj} (related to the system of government)  :: totalitari
totalitarianism {n} (system where state wields absolute control)  :: totalitarisme {m}
totally {adv} (In a total manner; completely)  :: totalment
to that end {prep} (therefore) SEE: therefore  ::
to the max {prep} (very) SEE: very  ::
touch {v} (make physical contact with)  :: tocar
touché {interj} (fencing hit)  :: touché
touch wood {v} (to make contact with wood or another material to avert bad luck) SEE: knock on wood  ::
touch wood {interj} (hopefully; said when touching something wooden) SEE: knock on wood  ::
tough {v} (endure) SEE: endure  ::
tough {adj} (stubborn) SEE: stubborn  ::
tough {adj} (resilient) SEE: resilient  ::
tough out {v} (endure) SEE: endure  ::
Toulouse {prop} (a city in France)  :: Tolosa
Tour de France {prop} (annual long-distance cycling race through France)  :: Tour de França {m}
tourism {n} (the act of travelling or sightseeing)  :: turisme {m}
tourist {n} (someone who travels for pleasure)  :: turista {m} {f}
touristic {adj} (catering to tourists)  :: turístic
tournament {n} ((historical) series of battles)  :: torneig {m}
tournament {n} (series of games)  :: torneig {m}
tourniquet {n} (a tightly compressed bandage used to stop bleeding)  :: torniquet {m}
tovarish {n} (comrade) SEE: comrade  ::
tow {v} (pull something using a line)  :: remolcar
toward {prep} (in the direction of)  :: cap a
toward {prep} (in relation to)  :: sobre, en relació a
toward {prep} (for the purpose of)  :: per, per a
towards {prep} (toward) SEE: toward  ::
towel {n} (cloth used for wiping)  :: tovallola {f}
towel rail {n} (a rail, sometimes heated, in a bathroom on which towels are hung to dry)  :: tovalloler {m}
tower {n} (structure)  :: torre {f}
tower {n} ((figuratively) any item that is higher than it is wide)  :: torre {f}
tower {n} (Tarot card)  :: la torre, casa de déu
Tower of Babel {prop} (tower erected at Babel)  :: Torre de Babel {f}
Tower of Pisa {prop} (Leaning Tower of Pisa) SEE: Leaning Tower of Pisa  ::
tower over {v} (to be considerably taller than)  :: torrejar
town {n} (settlement)  :: poble {m}
town hall {n} (a building that houses the local government offices of a town)  :: casa de la vila {f}, casa del comú {f}, ajuntament {m}, casa consistorial {f}, casa comuna {f}, casa de la ciutat {f}
townhouse {n} (town hall) SEE: town hall  ::
townhouse {n} (row house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
town square {n} (an open area in a town)  :: plaça {f}
town twinning {n} (pairing of towns or cities)  :: agermanament
towpath {n} (path alongside a canal or river)  :: camí de sirga {m}
tow truck {n} (motor vehicle for towing)  :: grua {f}
toxic {adj} (having a harmful chemical nature)  :: tòxic, verinós
toxicity {n} (degree)  :: toxicitat {f}
toxicity {n} (quality)  :: toxicitat {f}
toy {n} (something to play with)  :: joguina {f}
toymaker {n} (craftsman who makes toys)  :: joguinaire {m} {f}
trace {v} (to draw or sketch)  :: traçar
traceability {n} (ability to trace a process)  :: traçabilitat {f}
trace element {n} (chemical element in an organism’s diet)  :: oligoelement {m}
trachea {n} (thin-walled, cartilaginous tube connecting the larynx to the bronchi)  :: tràquea {f}
tracheal {adj} (of or pertaining to the trachea)  :: traqueal
tracheitis {n} (inflammation of the trachea)  :: traqueïtis {f}
tracheotomy {n} (surgery to insert a tube into the neck)  :: traqueotomia {f}
trachoma {n} (infectious disease)  :: tracoma {m}
track {n} (mark or impression left by the foot)  :: petjada {f}
track {n} (caterpillar track) SEE: caterpillar track  ::
tracksuit {n} (garment)  :: xandall {m}
tract {n} (an area)  :: extensió {f}
tract {n} (a series of connected body organs)  :: tracte {m}
tract {n} (a small booklet)  :: fullet {m}
tract {n} (a brief treatise)  :: tractat {m}
tract {n}  :: opuscle {m}
tractable {adj} (capable of being easily led)  :: tractable {m} {f}
tractable {adj} (capable of being handled or touched)  :: tractable {f}
tractor {n} (farm vehicle)  :: tractor {m}
trade union {n} (organization)  :: sindicat {m}
tradition {n} (a part of culture that is passed from person to person or generation to generation)  :: tradició {f}
traditional {adj} (of or pertaining to tradition)  :: tradicional
traditional Chinese medicine {n} (medical practices of Chinese culture)  :: medicina tradicional xinesa {f}
traditionally {adv} (traditional manner)  :: tradicionalment
traducer {n} (someone or something that translates languages) SEE: translator  ::
Trafalgar {prop} (A headland in Province of Cádiz)  :: Trafalgar
traffic {n} (pedestrians or vehicles on roads or on the air)  :: tràfic {m}
trafficator {n} (blinking light) SEE: indicator  ::
traffic jam {n} (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow)  :: embotellament
trafficking {n} (the distributing of illegal drugs) SEE: drug trafficking  ::
traffic light {n} (signalling device)  :: semàfor {m}
traffic sign {n} (traffic sign)  :: senyal de trànsit {m}
tragedy {n} (drama or similar work)  :: tragèdia {f}
tragedy {n} (genre of such works, and the art of producing them)  :: tragèdia {f}
tragedy {n} (disastrous event, especially one involving great loss of life or injury)  :: tragèdia {f}
tragic {adj} (causing great sadness)  :: tràgic
tragic {adj} (relating to tragedy)  :: tràgic
tragicomic {adj} (related to tragicomedy)  :: tragicòmic
tragus {n} (small piece of thick cartilage of the external ear)  :: tragus {m}
trail {v} (drag behind)  :: arrossegar
trail {n} (footprints or signs of something/someone has passed previously)  :: rastre {m}
trail {n} (track followed by a hunter)  :: rastre {m}, pista {f}
trail {n} (route for travel over land)  :: pista {f}, corriol {m}
train {n} (line of connected cars or carriages)  :: tren {m}
train {v} (to practice an ability)  :: entrenar
train {v} (to teach a task)  :: entrenar
train crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
trainer {n} (person who trains another; coach)  :: entrenador {m}
training {n} (training)  :: entrenament {m}
train of thought {n} (flow of thinking)  :: curs dels pensaments {m}
train of thoughts {n} (train of thought) SEE: train of thought  ::
train station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station  ::
trait {n} (an identifying characteristic, habit or trend)  :: tret {m}
traitor {n} (one who violates his allegiance and betrays his/her country)  :: traïdor {m}
traitor {n} (a betrayer)  :: traïdor {m}
traitor {v} (act the traitor toward)  :: trair
traitor {adj} (traitorous)  :: traïdor
traitorous {adj} (characteristic of a traitor)  :: traïdor
Trajan {prop} (the Roman emperor)  :: Trajà {m}
trajectory {n} (path of a body)  :: trajectòria {f}
tram {n} (passenger vehicle)  :: tramvia {m}
tramp {n} (homeless person)  :: rodamón {m}
tramp {v} (to hitchhike) SEE: hitchhike  ::
trance {n} (A genre of electronic dance music)  :: trance
tranche {n} (slice) SEE: slice  ::
trans- {prefix} (across, through, over, beyond, to or on the other side of, outside of)  :: trans-
transalpine {adj} (on the other side of the Alps)  :: transalpí
transatlantic {adj} (spanning or crossing the Atlantic)  :: transatlàntic
transcend {v}  :: trascendir
transcendentally {adv} (in a transcendental manner)  :: transcendentalment
transclusion {n}  :: transclusió {f}
transcription {n} (in linguistics)  :: transcripció {f}
transcription {n} (in genetics)  :: transcripció {f}
transept {n}  :: creuer {m}, transsepte {m}
transferable {adj} (able to be transferred)  :: transferible
transfer RNA {n} (short-chain RNA)  :: ARN de transferència {m}
transfigure {v} (transform the outward appearance)  :: transfigurar
transform {v} (change greatly the appearance or form of)  :: transformar
transformation {n} (act of transforming)  :: transformació {f}
transformation {n} (mathematical term)  :: transformació {f}
transformation {n} (linguistics: rule that systematically converts one syntactic form into another)  :: transformació {f}
transfuge {n} (deserter) SEE: deserter  ::
transgender {adj} (not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles)  :: transgènere
transgression {n} (violation of a law, command or duty)  :: transgressió {f}
transgressor {n} (someone who transgresses)  :: transgressor {m}, transgressora {f}
transistor {n} (solid-state semiconductor device, with three terminals)  :: transistor {m}
transistor {n} (small portable radio)  :: transistor {m}
transit {n} (The act of passing over, across, or through something)  :: trànsit {m}
transition {n} (process of change from one form, state, style or place to another)  :: transició {f}
transitional {adj} (of or relating to a transition)  :: transitori
transitional {adj} (temporary; pending the implementation of something new)  :: transitori
transitive {adj} (making a transit or passage)  :: transitiu
transitive {adj} (grammar, of a verb: taking an object or objects)  :: transitiu
transitively {adv} (in a transitive manner)  :: transitivament
transitory {adj} (lasting only a short time)  :: transitori
translatable {adj} (capable of being translated into another language)  :: traduïble
translate {v} (to change text from one language to another)  :: traduir
translate {v} (to change from one medium to another)  :: traduir
translation {n} (act of translating between languages)  :: traducció {f}
translation {n} (result of translating between languages)  :: traducció {f}
translationary {adj} (translation of language)  :: traduccional
translationary {adj} (shifting of coordinate axes)  :: translacional
translator {n} (someone who translates)  :: traductor
transliterate {v} (to represent letters or words in the characters of another alphabet or script)  :: transliterar
transliteration {n} (product of transliterating)  :: transliteració {f}
translucent {adj} (allowing light to pass through, but diffusing it)  :: translúcid
translucent {adj} (clear, lucid, or transparent)  :: translúcid
transmigrate {v} (to migrate to another country)  :: transmigrar
transmigrate {v} (to pass into another body after death)  :: transmigrar
transmission {n}  :: transmissió {f}
transmit {v}  :: transmetre
transmitter {n} (something that transmits something)  :: transmissor {m}
transmitter {n} (electronic device)  :: transmissor {m}
transmutation {n} (change) SEE: alteration  ::
transmutation {n} (transformation) SEE: transformation  ::
transmute {v} (to convert one thing into another)  :: transmutar
Transnistria {prop} (Transnistria, an autonomous territory in Moldova)  :: Transnístria {f}
transom {n} (crosspiece over a door)  :: travesser {m}
transom {n} (transom window) SEE: transom window  ::
transom window {n} (window above a door)  :: tarja {f}
transparent {adj} (see-through, clear)  :: transparent
transparently {adv} (in a transparent manner)  :: transparentment
transphobia {n} (fear or hatred of transsexuality or transgenderism)  :: transfòbia {f}
transpire {v} (to happen, take place) SEE: happen  ::
transpire {v} (to give off)  :: transpirar
transpire {v} (botany: to give off water and waste products through the stomata)  :: transpirar
transpire {v} (to become known)  :: transpirar
transplant {v} (uproot and replant (a plant))  :: trasplantar
transplant {v} (resettle or relocate (something))  :: trasplantar
transplant {v} (medicine: transfer (tissue/organ))  :: trasplantar
transport {v} (carry or bear from one place to another)  :: transportar
transport {v} (historical: deport to a penal colony)  :: deportar
transport {n} (act of transporting)  :: transport {m}
transport {n} (historical: deported convict)  :: deportat {m}
transportable {adj} (Capable of being transported; easily moved)  :: transportable
transpose {n} (music: write or perform (a piece) in another key)  :: transportar
transrealism {n} (literary mode)  :: transrealisme
transsexual {adj} (being a transsexual)  :: transexual
transsexual {n} (person whose gender identity did not match his/her birth sex, and who therefore is changing or has changed sex)  :: transsexual {m} {f}
transsexualism {n} (transsexuality) SEE: transsexuality  ::
transsexuality {n} (the state, condition, or properties of being transsexual)  :: transsexualitat {f}
transubstantiate {v}  :: transsubstanciar
transuranic {adj} (element with atomic number greater than 92)  :: transurànic
transverse {adj} (lying across)  :: transversal
transverse {adj} (not tangent)  :: transversal
transverse colon {n} (part of colon)  :: còlon transvers {m}
Transylvania {prop} (Transylvania)  :: Transsilvània {f}
trap {n} (device designed to catch or kill animals)  :: parany {m}
trapdoor {n} (door set into floor or ceiling)  :: trapa {f}
trapdoor {n} (similar door on a stage)  :: trapa {f}
trapdoor {n} (secret access to a program)  :: porta del darrere {f}
trapeze {n} (trapezium) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapeze {n} (swinging horizontal bar)  :: trapezi {m}
trapeze artist {n} (trapezist) SEE: trapezist  ::
trapezist {n} (gymnast who performs on a trapeze)  :: trapezista {m} {f}
trapezium {n} (polygon with two parallel sides)  :: trapezi {m}
trapezium {n} (bone)  :: trapezi {m}
trapezoid {n} (trapezoid bone)  :: trapezoide {m}
trapezoid {n} (quadrilateral with two sides parallel) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapezoid {n} (quadrilateral with no sides parallel) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapezoidal {adj} (in the shape of a trapezoid)  :: trapezoïdal
trapped {adj} (caught in a trap)  :: atrapat
traumatic {adj} (of, caused by, or causing trauma)  :: traumàtic
traumatise {v} (to injure)  :: traumatitzar
traumatise {v} (to cause a trauma)  :: traumatitzar
travel {v} (to be on a journey)  :: viatjar
travel {v} (to pass from here to there; to transmit)  :: transitar
travel {v} (in basketball)  :: fer passes
travel {n} (act of traveling)  :: viatjar
traveler {n} (one who travels) SEE: traveller  ::
traveller {n} (one who travels)  :: viatger {m}
travel sickness {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
tray {n} (object on which things are carried)  :: safata {f}
treachery {n} (treason) SEE: treason  ::
tread {v} (to step on)  :: trepitjar
tread {n} (step)  :: trepitjada {f}
tread {n} (grooves in a sole)  :: dibuix {f}
treason {n} (crime of betraying one’s government)  :: traïció {f}
treasure {n} (collection of valuable things)  :: tresor {m}, tesor {m}
treasure {n} (any single thing one values greatly)  :: tresor {m}, tesor {m}
treasure {n} (term of endearment)  :: tresor {m}, tesor {m}
treat {n} ((obsolete) A parley or discussion of terms; a negotiation) SEE: negotiation  ::
treatment {n} (process or manner of treating)  :: tractament {m}
treatment {n} (medical care for an illness or injury)  :: tractament {m}
trebuchet {n} (trebuchet)  :: trabuquet {m}
tree {proverb} (large woody plant)  :: arbre {m}
treecreeper {n} (any of various small passerine birds of the family Certhidae)  :: raspinell {m}
tree trunk {n} (the main structural member of a tree)  :: tronc {m}
trema {n} (the diacritical mark) SEE: diaeresis  ::
Tremadocian {n}  :: Tremadocià
tremble {v} (to shake)  :: tremolar
tremble {n} (a shake)  :: tremolor
tremulous {adj} (trembling or shaking)  :: tremolós
trench {n} (long, narrow ditch or hole)  :: trinxera {f}
trencher {n} ((archaic) a long plate on which food is served)  :: tallador {m}
Trento {prop} (city)  :: Trent {f}
trepanation {n} (practice of drilling a hole in the skull)  :: trepanació {f}
trespass {n} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
trestle {n} (a folding or fixed set of legs used to support a table-top or planks)  :: cavallet {m}
triacetin {n} (chemical element)  :: triacetina {f}
triage {n} (the process of sorting patients)  :: triatge {m}
trial {n} (chance to test something out)  :: prova {f}
trial {n} (appearance at judicial court)  :: procés {m}, judici {m}
trial and error {n} (solution by learning from mistakes)  :: prova i error, assaig i error, tempteig {m}, tanteig {m}
triangle {n} (polygon)  :: triangle {m}
triangle {n} (percussion instrument)  :: triangle {m}
triangle {n} (love triangle) SEE: love triangle  ::
triangulation {n} (surveying technique)  :: triangulació {f}
triathlon {n} (athletics event in which contestants compete in swimming, cycling and running)  :: triatló {m}
tribal {adj} (of or relating to tribes)  :: tribal
tribal {adj} (based on or organized according to tribes)  :: tribal
tribe {n} (group of people)  :: tribu {f}
tribometer {n} (instrument to measure friction of surfaces)  :: tribòmetre {m}
tribune {n} (elected official in Ancient Rome)  :: tribú {m}
tribune {n} (protector of the people)  :: tribú {m}
tribune {n} (domed or vaulted apse in a Christian church)  :: tribuna {f}
tribune {n} (place or an opportunity to speak; platform)  :: tribuna {f}
trichotillomania {n} (disorder)  :: tricotilomanía
trick {n} (winning sequence in cards)  :: basa {f}
trick {v} (to fool; to cause to believe something untrue)  :: enganyar
trickle {v} (to flow in a very thin stream or drop continuously)  :: rajar, regalimar
trickster {n} (fraud) SEE: fraud  ::
tricycle {n} (cycle with three wheels)  :: tricicle {m}
trident {n} (three-pronged spear)  :: trident {m}
trifle {n} (insignificant amount)  :: fotesa {f}
trifle {n} (thing of little importance or worth)  :: fotesa {f}
trifling {adj} (trivial)  :: insignificant
triforium {n} (gallery of arches)  :: trifori {m}
trigger {n} (finger-operated lever used to fire a gun)  :: gallet {m}
trigger finger {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger  ::
triglyceride {n} (lipid, ester of glycerol and three fatty acids)  :: triglicèrid {m}
trigon {n} (rare: triangle)  :: trígon {m}
trigonometric {adj} (of or relating to trigonometry)  :: trigonomètric
trigonometry {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: trigonometria {f}
trill {n} (rapid alternation of notes)  :: trinat {m}
trillion {num} (a million million, 1012)  :: bilió
trillion {num} (a million million million, 1018)  :: trilió
trilobite {n} (member of the class Trilobita)  :: trilobit {m}
trilogy {n} (collection of three works)  :: trilogia {f}
trimaran {n} (type of boat)  :: trimarà {m}
trimer {n} (molecule)  :: trímer {m}
trimerous {adj} (organized in threes)  :: trímer
trimester {n} (period of three months)  :: trimestre {m}
trimester {n} (term of academic year)  :: trimestre {m}
trimethadione {n} (drug)  :: trimetadiona {f}
trimethoprim {n} (antibiotic)  :: trimetoprim {m}
trimethylamine {n} ((CH3)3N)  :: trimetilamina {f}
trimorphism {n} (property of crystallizing in three distinct forms)  :: trimorfisme {m}
trimotor {adj} (that has three motors)  :: trimotor
trimotor {n} (aircraft with three piston motors)  :: trimotor {m}
trinal {adj} (having three parts, triple) SEE: tripartite  ::
Trinidad and Tobago {prop} (country)  :: Trinitat i Tobago {f}
trinity {n} (group or set of three people or things)  :: trinitat {f}, trio {m}
Trinity {prop} (Christianity: three persons of the Godhead)  :: trinitat
Trinity Sunday {prop} (Sunday after Whitsunday)  :: Diumenge de Trinitat {m}
trinket {n} (a small showy ornament or piece of jewelry)  :: quincalla {f}, galindaina {f}
trinket {n} (a mere trifle)  :: fotesa {f}, petitesa {f}, bagatel·la {f}
trip {n} (act of tripping someone)  :: traveta {f}
trip {v} (fall over or stumble over an object)  :: entrebancar-se
trip {v} (to cause to stumble)  :: fer una traveta
tripartite {adj} (in three parts)  :: tripartit
tripartite {adj} (done by three parties)  :: tripartit
tripe {n} (stomach lining of animal for food)  :: butza {f}
tripe {n} (entrails)  :: butzes {f-p}
triphasic {adj} (having three phases)  :: trifàsic {m}
triphosphate {n} (any salt or ester containing three phosphate groups)  :: trifosfat {m}
triphthong {n} (monosyllabic vowel combination involving movement from one vowel to another)  :: triftong {m}
triple {adj} (made up of three related elements)  :: triple
triple {adj} (three times the quantity)  :: triple
triple {adj} (composed of three layers)  :: ternari
triple {adj} ((music) three times as fast)  :: ternari
triple {n} ((baseball) a three-base hit)  :: batada triple {f}
triple {n} (sequence of three elements)  :: terna
triple {v} (to multiply by three)  :: triplicar
triple {v} (to become three times as large)  :: triplicar
triple play {n} ((baseball) a play where three outs are recorded)  :: triple eliminació {f}
tripod {n} (a three-legged stand or mount)  :: trípode {m}
Tripoli {prop} (capital of Libya)  :: Trípoli
triptych {n} (art: a picture or series of pictures painted on three tablets connected by hinges)  :: tríptic {m}
triquetrum {n} (anatomy)  :: os piramidal {m}
trisect {v} (to cut into three pieces)  :: trisecar
trisomic {adj} (having three copies of a chromosome)  :: trisòmic
triumph {n} (conclusive success; victory; conquest)  :: triomf {m}
triumph {n} (trump card) SEE: trump  ::
triumphal arch {n} (monumental arch that commemorates a victory)  :: arc triomfal {m}
triumphant {adj} (celebrating victory)  :: triomfant, triomfador
triumvirate {n} (a ruling group of three)  :: triumvirat {m}
trivet {n} (stand with three short legs)  :: trespeus {m}
trivial {adj} (of little significance or value)  :: trivial
trivial {adj} (common, ordinary)  :: trivial
trivial {adj} (concerned with or involving trivia)  :: banal
trivialise {v} (trivialize) SEE: trivialize  ::
trivialize {v} (make something appear trivial)  :: trivialitzar
tRNA {n} (transfer RNA)  :: ARNt {m}
troika {n} (carriage)  :: troica {f}
troika {n} (group of three) SEE: triumvirate  ::
Trojan {n} (person from Troy)  :: troià {m}, troiana {f}
Trojan {adj} (relating to the city Troy)  :: troià
Trojan horse {prop} (epic wooden horse)  :: cavall de Troia {m}
Trojan horse {n} (computing: malicious program)  :: cavall de Troia {m}
troll {v} (internet: to attempt to lure others into combative argument)  :: trolejar
trolley {n} (cart or shopping cart)  :: carretó {m}
trolley bus {n} (bus powered via overhead electric cables)  :: troleibús {m}
trombone {n} (a musical instrument in the brass family)  :: trombó {m}
Tromsø {prop} (municipality in Norway)  :: Tromsø
troop {n} (collection of people)  :: colla {f}, tropa {f}
troop {n} (military forces)  :: tropa {f}
troop {n} (company of stageplayers)  :: soldats {m}
trophy {n} (object rewarding success)  :: trofeu {m}
tropical rainforest {n} (forest)  :: selva tropical {f}
tropopause {n} (zone of transition between troposphere and stratosphere)  :: tropopausa {f}
troposphere {n} (lower levels of the atmosphere)  :: troposfera {f}
trot {n} (toddler) SEE: toddler  ::
Trotskyism {n} (the political philosophy named after Leon Trotsky)  :: trotskisme {m}
Trotskyist {n} (a supporter of Trotskyism) SEE: Trotskyite  ::
Trotskyite {n} (an advocate of the communist doctrines of Leon Trotsky)  :: trotskista {m} {f}
troubadour {n} (an itinerant performer of songs)  :: trobador {m}, trobadora {f}
trouble {n}  :: treball {m}
troublemaker {n} (one who causes trouble, especially deliberately)  :: cerca-raons {m}
trough {n} (a long, narrow, open container for feeding animals)  :: cóm, obi {m}
trouser {v} (to pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
trousers {n} (article of clothing for the lower body) SEE: pants  ::
trousseau {n} (bridal clothes)  :: nuviatge {m}
trout {n} (fish)  :: truita {f}
trowel {n} (mason's tool)  :: paleta {f}
trowel {n} (scoop-like gardening tool)  :: desplantador {m}
Troy {prop} (an ancient city)  :: Troia {f}
truancy {n} (the act of shirking from responsibilities and duties)  :: absentisme
truck {n} (semi-trailer)  :: camió {m}
truck {n} (vehicle designed for carrying cargo)  :: camió {m}
truck {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon  ::
truck driver {n} (person employed to drive a truck)  :: camioner {m}
trucker {n} (one who drives a truck) SEE: truck driver  ::
true {adj} (concurring with a given set of facts)  :: veritable
true {adj}  :: ver
truffle {n} (tuber)  :: tòfona
truism {n} (self-evident or obvious truth)  :: obvietat {f}, [less common, unauthorized] truisme {m}
truism {n} (banality or cliché)  :: banalitat {f}, lloc comú {m}, tòpic {m}, clixé {m}
truly {adv} (honestly, genuinely)  :: veritablement
trump {v} (to play a trump on a card of another suit)  :: trumfar
trump card {n} (trump) SEE: trump  ::
trumpet {n} (brass instrument)  :: trompeta {f}
trumpeter {n} (person who plays the trumpet)  :: trompetista {m} {f}, trompeter {m}, trompeta {m} {f}
trunk {n} (tree trunk)  :: tronc {m}
trunk {n} (extended nasal organ of an elephant)  :: trompa {f}
trunk {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car)  :: portaequipatge {m}, maleter {m}
trunk {n} (torso) SEE: torso  ::
trunk {n} (swimming trunks) SEE: swimming trunks  ::
trust {n} (confidence in or reliance on some person or quality)  :: confiança {f}
trust {v} (To place confidence in)  :: fiar-se, confiar
trustworthy {adj} (reliable)  :: fidedigne
truth {n} (state or quality of being true to someone or something)  :: veritat {f}
try {v} (to attempt)  :: intentar, tractar de
try {v} (to make an experiment)  :: intentar, provar, tractar de
try {v} (to work on something)  :: esforçar-se
try {v} (to put to test)  :: provar
try {v} (to taste, sample, etc)  :: provar, tastar
try {v} (to put on trial)  :: jutjar
try {n} (a score in rugby)  :: assaig {m}
try out {v} (to test something)  :: provar
tryptophan {n} (essential amino acid)  :: triptòfan {m}
tsar {n} (an emperor)  :: tsar {m}
tsarina {n} (empress or wife of a tsar)  :: tsarina {f}
tsarist {n} (one who supports a tsar)  :: tsarista {m} {f}
tsarist {adj} (expressing support for a tsar)  :: tsarista {n}
tsarist {adj} (from the time of the tsar)  :: tsarista {n}
tsaritsa {n} (tsarina) SEE: tsarina  ::
T-shirt {n} (type of shirt)  :: samarreta {f}
tsunami {n} (large, destructive wave generally caused by a tremendous disturbance in the ocean)  :: tsunami {m}
tub {n} (bathtub) SEE: bathtub  ::
tuba {n} (a large brass musical instrument)  :: tuba {f}
tubby {adj} (stout, rotund)  :: rabassut
tube {n} (a pipe)  :: tub {m}
tuber {n} (fleshy underground stem)  :: tubercle
tuberculosis {n} (infectious disease)  :: tuberculosi {f}
tuck {n} (short sword) SEE: rapier  ::
Tue {abbr} (abbreviation of Tuesday)  :: dt.
Tuesday {n} (day of the week)  :: dimarts {m}
tug {n} (tugboat) SEE: tugboat  ::
tugboat {n} (small, powerful boat)  :: remolcador {m}
tulip {n} (plant)  :: tulipa {f}
tumbler {n} (acrobat) SEE: acrobat  ::
tumor {n} (oncology, pathology: an abnormal growth)  :: tumor {m}
tumour {n} (tumor) SEE: tumor  ::
tumult {n} (noise as made by a crowd)  :: tumult {m}
tumult {n} (riot or uprising)  :: tumult {m}
tuna {n} (fish)  :: tonyina {f}
tundra {n} (flat treeless arctic region)  :: tundra {f}
tune {n} (melody)  :: melodia {f}
tune {n} (song, short musical composition)  :: tonada {f}
tune {v} (to modify a musical instrument)  :: afinar
tungsten {n} (chemical element)  :: tungstè {m}
Tungusic {adj} (of or pertaining to these languages)  :: tungús
tunic {n} (garment)  :: túnica {f}
tuning fork {n} (fork-shaped object which emits a tone)  :: diapasó {m}
Tunis {prop} (capital of Tunisia)  :: Tunis
Tunisia {prop} (Republic of Tunisia)  :: Tunísia {f}
Tunisian {n} (person from Tunisia)  :: tunisià {m}, tunisiana {f}
Tunisian {adj} (pertaining to Tunisia)  :: tunisià
tup {v} (fuck) SEE: fuck  ::
tup {n} (ram) SEE: ram  ::
turban {n} (man's head-dress)  :: turbant {m}
turbinal {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbinate {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbinate bone {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbojet {n} (type of jet engine)  :: turbojet {m}
turboprop {n} (type of gas-turbine aircraft engine)  :: turbohèlix {m}, turbohèlice {m}, turbopropulsor {m}
turd {n} (piece of solid feces)  :: cagarro {m}
turf {n} (a layer of earth covered with grass; sod)  :: gespa
Turinese {adj} (of or relating to Turin)  :: torinès
Turinese {n} (a person from Turin)  :: torinès {m}, torinesa {f}
Turk {n} (a person from Turkey)  :: turc {m}, turca {f}
Turk {n} (Muslim) SEE: Muslim  ::
turkey {n} (bird)  :: gall dindi {m}, indiot {m} [only male], polla d'índia {f} [only female]
Turkey {prop} (country at intersection of Europe and Asia)  :: Turquia {f}
turkey-cock {n} (male turkey)  :: indiot {m}
turkey vulture {n} (a common North American vulture, Cathartes aura)  :: zopilot {m}, urubú {m}
Turkish {prop} (official language of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)  :: turc {m}
Turkish {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Turkey, the Turkish people or the Turkish language)  :: turc {m}
Turkish delight {n} (confection)  :: delícies turques {f-p}
Turkman {n} (person from Turkmenistan)  :: turcman {m}, turcmana {f}
Turkmen {prop} (language spoken in Turkmenistan)  :: turcman {m}
Turkmen {adj} (of or pertaining to Turkmenistan, the Turkmen people or the Turkmen language)  :: turcman
Turkmen {n} (Turkman) SEE: Turkman  ::
Turkmenistan {prop} (Central Asian country)  :: Turkmenistan {m}
turmeric {n} (plant)  :: cúrcuma {f}
turmeric {n} (spice)  :: cúrcuma {f}
turmeric {n} (dye)  :: cúrcuma {f}
turn {v} (move around an axis through itself)  :: girar
turn {v} (change the direction or orientation of (something))  :: girar
turn {n} (chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others)  :: torn {m}
turn back {v} (to turn back, retreat) SEE: return  ::
turn down {v} (refuse, decline, deny)  :: rebutjar, refusar
turn down {v} (reduce amount)  :: abaixar, disminuir, reduir
turning point {n} (crossroads) SEE: crossroads  ::
turn into {v} (intransitive: become)  :: convertir-se
turnip {n} (white root of Brassica rapa)  :: nap {m}
turn on {v} ((transitive) to power up)  :: engegar
turn out {v} (to result; end up)  :: resultar
turn out {v} (to become apparent or known)  :: resultar
turnover {n} (loss of ball)  :: pèrdua de possessió {f}
turn signal {n} (turn signal) SEE: indicator  ::
turnstile {n} (rotating mechanical device)  :: torniquet
turpentine {n} (volatile essential oil)  :: aiguarràs {m}
turquoise {n} (gemstone)  :: turquesa {f}
turquoise {n} (colour)  :: turquesa {f}
turquoise {adj} (having a pale greenish-blue colour)  :: turquesa
turret {n} (a little tower)  :: torrelló {m}
turtle {n} (land or marine reptile with a shell)  :: tortuga {f}
turtle {n} (turtle dove) SEE: turtle dove  ::
turtle dove {n} (bird in the genus Streptopelia)  :: tórtora {f}
Tuscan {adj} (of or relating to Tuscany or its inhabitants)  :: toscà
Tuscan {n} (person from or inhabitant of Tuscany)  :: toscà {m}
Tuscany {prop} (region in Italy)  :: Toscana
tusk {n} (pointed tooth)  :: ullal {m}
tutor {n} (one who teaches another)  :: tutor {m}
tutorial {n} (self-paced learning exercise)  :: tutoria {f}, tutorial {m}
tutorial {n} (interactive class taught by a tutor)  :: tutoria {f}
TV {n} (abbreviation for television)  :: TV
TV series {n} (series) SEE: series  ::
twat {n} (vulgar slang, vagina)  :: cony {m}
tweet {n} (sound)  :: piulada {f}
tweet {n} (internet: entry)  :: piulada {f}
tweet {v} (to make a short high-pitched sound)  :: piular
tweet {v} (internet: to post an update to Twitter)  :: piular
tweezers {n} (small pincer-like instrument, usually made of metal, used for handling small objects)  :: pinces {f-p}, [nail tweezers] alicates d'ungles {f-p}
twelfth {adj} (ordinal form of twelve)  :: dotzè {m}, dotzena {f}
twelfth {n} (one of twelve equal parts of a whole)  :: dotzè {m}
Twelfth cake {n} (cake eaten on Twelfth Night) SEE: king cake  ::
twelve {num} (cardinal number 12)  :: dotze
twelve o'clock {n} (the first hour of the day)  :: les dotze {f-p}, les dotze en punt {f-p}
twelveth {adj} (twelfth) SEE: twelfth  ::
twelve-tone technique {n} (system of musical composition)  :: dodecafonisme {m}
twentieth {adj} (ordinal)  :: vintè {m}; vigèsim {m}
twentieth {n} (portion of whole)  :: vintè {m}
twenty {num} (cardinal number)  :: vint
twenty-eight {num} (number)  :: vint-i-vuit; [Valencian] vint-i-huit
twenty-first {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-one)  :: vint-i-unè {m}
twenty-first {n} (ordinal)  :: vint-i-unè {m}
twenty-first {n} (portion of a whole)  :: vint-i-unè {m}
twenty-five {num} (twenty-five)  :: vint-i-cinc
twenty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: vint-i-quatre
twenty-nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: vint-i-nou
twenty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: vint-i-un
twenty-second {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-two)  :: vint-i-dosè
twenty-second {n} (person or thing in the twenty-second position)  :: vint-i-dosè {m}
twenty-second {n} (one of twenty-two equal parts of a whole)  :: vint-i-dosè {m}
twenty-seven {num} (twenty-seven)  :: vint-i-set
twenty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: vint-i-sis
twenty-three {num} (twenty-three)  :: vint-i-tres
twenty two {num} (22)  :: vint-i-dos
twenty-two {num} (twenty-two)  :: vint-i-dos
twice {adv} (two times)  :: dos cops, dues vegades
twilight {n} (light before rising and after the setting of the Sun)  :: crepuscle {m}
twin {n} (either of two people who shared the same uterus, or of two similar or closely related objects)  :: bessó {m}
twin {adj} (forming a pair of twins)  :: bessó
twin {adj} (forming a matched pair)  :: bessó
Twin Towers {prop} (the two main buildings of the World Trade Center)  :: Torres Bessones {f-p}
twisted {adj} (contorted)  :: tort
twisty {adj} (curly) SEE: curly  ::
Twitter {v} (tweet) SEE: tweet  ::
two {num} (one plus one)  :: dos {m}, dues {f}
two {n} (digit or figure)  :: dos {m}
two beers, please {phrase} (two beers, please)  :: dues cervesas, per favor
two hundred {num} (cardinal number 200)  :: dos-cents {m}, dues-centes {f}
two-move checkmate {n} (quickest possible checkmate) SEE: fool's mate  ::
two o'clock {n} (the start of the third hour)  :: les dues {f}
two-sided {adj} (symmetrical) SEE: symmetrical  ::
two-wheel tractor {n} (tractor with one axle)  :: motocultor {m}
-ty {suffix} (-ity) SEE: -ity  ::
Tyche {prop} (Greek goddess of luck/fortune)  :: Tique {f}
tycoon {n} (wealthy, powerful business person)  :: magnat {m}
tympanic membrane {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
tympanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
tympanum {n} (triangular space between the sides of a pediment)  :: timpà {m}
type {n} (blood group) SEE: blood type  ::
type {n} (computing theory: tag indicating data type)  :: tipus {m}
type {v} (to use a typewriter)  :: teclejar
type {v} (to enter characters into a computer using keyboard)  :: teclejar
typecast {v} (to cast an actor in the same kind of role repeatedly)  :: encasellar
typecast {v} (to identify someone as being of a specific type)  :: encasellar
typewriter {n} (machine used to print text by pressing keys)  :: màquina d'escriure {f}
typhlitis {n} (inflammation)  :: tiflitis {f}
Typhon {prop} (monster with 100 heads)  :: Tifó
typhoon {n} (hurricane in the Pacific)  :: tifó {m}
typhous {adj} (of or pertaining to typhus)  :: tifoide, tífic
typhus {n} (disease)  :: tifus {m}
typical {adj} (capturing the overall sense of a thing)  :: típic
typically {adv} (in a typical manner)  :: típicament
typographer {n} (typewriter) SEE: typewriter  ::
typographic {adj} (typographic) SEE: typographical  ::
typographical {adj} (pertaining to typography or printing)  :: tipogràfic
typography {n} (art and technique)  :: tipografia {f}
typology {n} (systematic classification of the types of something according to their common characteristics)  :: tipologia {f}
tyrannical {adj} (of, or relating to tyranny, of a tyrant)  :: tirànic
tyrannical {adj} (despotic, oppressive, authoritarian)  :: tirànic
tyrannically {adv} (in a tyrannical manner)  :: tirànicament
tyrannize {v} (to oppress someone)  :: tiranitzar
tyrannosaurus {n} (dinosaur)  :: tiranosaure {m}
tyranny {n} (government in which a single ruler has absolute power)  :: tirania {f}
tyranny {n} (absolute power, or its use)  :: tirania {f}
tyrant {n} (absolute ruler)  :: tirà {m}
tyrant {n} (harsh and cruel ruler)  :: tirà {m}
tyrant {n} (oppressive and harsh person)  :: tirà {m}
tyre {n} (wheel covering)  :: neumàtic {m}, pneumàtic {m}
Tyre {prop} (an ancient sea port and city state of Phoenecia)  :: Tir
Tyrolean {n} (someone from Tyrol)  :: tirolès
Tyrolese {adj} (of or relating to Tyrol)  :: tirolès
tyrosine {n} (nonessential amino acid)  :: tirosina {f}