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n {n}  :: See under N
{conj}  :: nor
{conj}  :: neither...nor
{conj}  :: either...or
N {letter}  :: letter: enne
nababbo {m} [historical]  :: An Indian ruler within the Mogul empire; nabob
nababbo {m} [by extension, jocular]  :: A very rich person; moneybags, nabob
nabisso {m}  :: synonym of abisso
nabla {m} [analysis]  :: nabla (the symbol )
nablo {m}  :: alternative form of nebel
Nabucco {prop}  :: A diminutive form of Nabucodonosor
Nabucco {prop}  :: An opera by Verdi
Nabucodonosor {prop}  :: Nebuchadnezzar (Biblical king)
nabuk {m}  :: nubuck
naca {f} [regional]  :: cradle, especially hung like a hammock
naca {f} [regional]  :: a kind of net
Naccari {prop}  :: surname
Naccari {prop}  :: Andrea Naccari, Italian physician
nacchera {f} [musical instruments]  :: castanet
nacchera {f}  :: fan shell (Pinna nobilis)
nacchera {f} [obsolete]  :: mother-of-pearl, nacre
naccherino {m}  :: castanet player
naccherino {m}  :: lively child
nachero {adj}  :: chubby (short and fat)
nachos {m}  :: nachos
Nacor {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Nahor
Nadi {prop}  :: surname
Nadi {prop}  :: Nedo Nadi, Italian fencer
Nadia {prop}  :: given name
nadir {m} [astronomy]  :: nadir
nadirale {adj}  :: nadiral; nadir (attributive)
nadololo {m} [medicine]  :: nadolol
naïf {adj}  :: naive
naïf {n}  :: a naive person
nafta {f}  :: naphtha
nafta {f}  :: diesel (fuel)
naftalene {m} [organic compound]  :: naphthalene
naftalico {adj}  :: naphthalic
naftalina {f}  :: alternative spelling of naftalene
naftenato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: naphthenate
naftene {m} [organic chemistry]  :: naphthene
naftenico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: naphthenic
naftilammina {f} [organic compound]  :: naphthylamine
naftile {f} [organic chemistry]  :: naphthyl
naftochinone {m} [organic compound]  :: naphthoquinone
naftogenesi {f} [geology]  :: naphthogenesis
nagaica {f}  :: nagyka
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop}  :: Nagorno-Karabakh (region in South Caucasus)
nagra {m}  :: A portable tape recorder, typically used by journalists
nagualismo {m}  :: nahualism
nahuatl {m}  :: Nahuatl (language)
nahuatl {adj}  :: Nahuatl
naia {f}  :: cobra
naia {f}  :: national service, draft
naiade {f}  :: naiad
naibi {m}  :: A form of playing cards of Arab origin
nailon {m}  :: nylon
naione {adj} [military]  :: conscript
Nairobi {prop}  :: Nairobi
naja {f} [slang]  :: compulsory military service; draft, conscription
Namibia {prop}  :: Namibia
namibiana {f}  :: Namibian (female)
namibiano {adj}  :: Namibian
namibiano {m}  :: Namibian
nana {f}  :: (female) dwarf
nanchino {m}  :: nankeen (fabric)
Nanchino {prop}  :: Nanjing, Nanking
nandù {m}  :: rhea
nandù comune {n}  :: American rhea
nandù di Darwin {m}  :: Darwin's rhea
nanerottola {f} [derogatory, female]  :: dwarf, midget
nanerottolo {m}  :: dwarf, midget (small person)
nanfa {f}  :: synonym of acquananfa
nanismo {m}  :: dwarfism
nanizzante {adj} [botany]  :: growth-retarding
nanna {f}  :: beddy-byes, bye-byes (time to sleep, childish)
nanni {m}  :: Only used in the term fare il nanni
Nanni {prop}  :: given name
nannodia {f}  :: lullaby
nannufaro {m}  :: alternative form of nenufaro
nannufero {m}  :: alternative form of nenufero
nano- {prefix}  :: nano-
nano {adj}  :: dwarfish
nano {m}  :: dwarf, midget
nano {m} [colloquial, often offensive]  :: shorty (etc)
nanoaggregato {m}  :: nanoaggregate
nanoanalisi {f}  :: nanoanalysis
nanoarte {f} [art]  :: nanoart
nanobiotecnologia {f} [biology]  :: nanobiotechnology
nanobiotecnologico {adj}  :: nanobiotechnological
nanobrillamento {m}  :: nanoflare
nanocandela {f}  :: nanocandela
nanocapsula {f}  :: nanocapsule
nanocefalia {f}  :: microcephaly
nanocefalo {adj}  :: microcephalic
nanochimica {f} [chemistry]  :: nanochemistry
nanocircuiteria {f}  :: nanocircuitry
nanocomposito {m}  :: nanocomposite
nanocoulomb {m} [physics]  :: nanocoloumb
nanocristallino {adj}  :: nanocrystalline
nanocristallo {m}  :: nanocrystal
nanocurie {m}  :: nanocurie
nanodiamante {m}  :: nanodiamond
nanoelettrodo {m}  :: nanoelectrode
nanoelettronica {f}  :: nanoelectronics
nanoelettronico {adj}  :: nanoelectronic
nanofabbricazione {f}  :: nanofabrication
nanofarad {m}  :: nanofarad
nanofibra {f}  :: nanofiber
nanofilo {m}  :: nanowire
nanofiltrazione {f}  :: nanofiltration
nanofluidica {f}  :: nanofluidics
nanofosfato {m}  :: nanophosphate
nanofotonica {f}  :: nanophotonics
nanofotonico {adj}  :: nanophotonic
nanogeoscienza {f}  :: nanogeoscience
nanogrammo {m}  :: nanogram
nanoindentatore {m}  :: nanoindenter
nanoindentatura {f}  :: nanoindentation
nanoindentazione {f}  :: nanoindentation
nanoionica {f} [physics]  :: nanoionics
nanolitografia {f}  :: nanolithography
nanomacchina {f}  :: nanomachine
nanomagnete {m} [physics]  :: nanomagnet
nanomanipolazione {f}  :: nanomanipulation
nanomateriale {m}  :: nanomaterial
nanomeccanica {f}  :: nanomechanics
nanomeccatronica {f}  :: nanomechatronics
nanomedicina {f} [medicine]  :: nanomedicine
nanomelia {f}  :: nanomelia
nanometrico {adj}  :: nanometric
nanometro {m}  :: nanometre / nanometer
nanometrologia {f}  :: nanometrology
nanomielia {f}  :: nanomyelia
nanomondo {m}  :: nanoworld
nanomotore {m}  :: nanomotor
nanoparticella {f}  :: nanoparticle
nanoparticellare {adj}  :: nanoparticulate
nanoparticolato {m}  :: nanoparticulate
nanopatologia {f}  :: nanopathology
nanopolimero {m}  :: nanopolymer
nanopolvere {m}  :: nanodust
nanoporo {m}  :: nanopore
nanopotenziato {adj} [science fiction]  :: nanotechnologically enhanced
nanoprocessore {m} [computing]  :: nanoprocessor
nanoscala {f}  :: nanoscale
nanoschiuma {f}  :: nanofoam
nanoscienza {f}  :: nanoscience
nanoscopia {f} [optics, biology]  :: nanoscopy
nanoscopico {adj}  :: nanoscopic
nanosecondo {m}  :: nanosecond
nanosfera {f}  :: nanosphere
nanosomia {f}  :: nanosomia
nanostruttura {f}  :: nanostructure
nanostrutturato {adj}  :: nanostructured
nanostrutturazione {f}  :: nanostructuring
nanotecnologia {f}  :: nanotechnology
nanotecnologico {adj}  :: nanotechnological
nanotomografia {f}  :: nanotomography
nanotossicologia {f}  :: nanotoxicology
nanotribologia {f}  :: nanotribology
nanotubo {m}  :: nanotube
nanufero {m}  :: alternative form of nenufero
Naos {prop}  :: Naos, the brightest star in the constellation of Puppis
NAP {initialism}  :: Nuclei Armati Proletari
napea {f}  :: Napaea
napello {m}  :: synonym of aconito
napoleone {m}  :: Napoleon (old French coin)
napoleone {m}  :: snifter (brandy glass)
napoleone {m}  :: nap (card game)
Napoleone {prop}  :: Napoleon (Bonaparte)
Napoleone {prop}  :: given name; a saint's name, rare today
napoleonico {adj}  :: Napoleonic
napoleonide {mf}  :: Follower of Napoleon
napoletana {f}  :: Neapolitan (female inhabitant)
napoletana {f} [feminine only]  :: Neapolitan flip coffee pot
napoletanismo {m}  :: Any Neapolitan word, idiom or expression that has entered the Italian language
napoletanità {f} [usually uncountable]  :: The property of being Neapolitan; Neapolitanness
napoletano {adj}  :: Neapolitan (relating to Naples)
napoletano {m}  :: Neapolitan (male inhabitant)
napoletano {m} [uncountable, masculine only]  :: Neapolitan (language)
napoli {mf} [northern Italy, derogatory]  :: Neapolitan (inhabitant)
napoli {mf} [feminine only]  :: Neapolitan-style pizza, topped with tomato, salted anchovies, oregano, olive oil and capers
Napoli {prop}  :: Napoli (province/and/city)
Napoli {prop}  :: The letter N in the Italian phonetic alphabet
Napolitano {prop}  :: surname
Napolitano {prop}  :: Giorgio Napolitano, Italian politician and eleventh President of Italy
nappa {f}  :: tassel
nappa {f}  :: soft leather
nappante {v}  :: present participle of nappare
nappare {vt}  :: to chrome-tan leather
nappare {vt}  :: to spoon a sauce onto food
nappina {f}  :: tassel
nappina {f}  :: epaulette with tassels
nappista {mf}  :: A member of the Nuclei Armati Proletari
nappo {m}  :: cup
nappo {m}  :: basin
naprapatia {f}  :: naprapathy
Narbona {prop}  :: Narbonne
narbonese {adj}  :: Of or from Narbonne
narceina {f} [organic compound]  :: narceine
narcisismo {m} [psychology]  :: narcissism
narcisista {adj}  :: narcissistic
narcisista {mf}  :: narcissist
narcisisticamente {adv}  :: narcissistically
narcisistico {adj}  :: narcissistic
narciso {m}  :: daffodil, daff, narcissus
narciso {m}  :: narcissist
Narciso {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Narcissus
Narciso {prop}  :: given name, borne by several saints
narcissico {adj} [psychology]  :: synonym of narcisistico
narcisso {m}  :: synonym of narciso
Narcisso {prop}  :: Narcissus
narco- {prefix}  :: narco-
narcoanalisi {f}  :: narcoanalysis
narcoanalitico {adj}  :: narcoanalytic
narcodollaro {m}  :: narcodollar
narcoipnosi {f}  :: narcohypnosis
narcoipnotico {adj}  :: narcohypnotic
narcolessia {f} [medicine]  :: narcolepsy
narcomane {mf}  :: narcomaniac
narcomania {f}  :: narcomania
narcosi {f}  :: narcosis
narcosi {f}  :: general anaesthesia
narcoterapia {f}  :: narcotherapy
narcoterrorismo {m}  :: narcoterrorism
narcoterrorista {mf}  :: narcoterrorist
narcotest {m}  :: drug test
narcoticamente {adv}  :: narcotically
narcotico {adj}  :: narcotic
narcotico {adj}  :: boring (annoyingly so)
narcotico {m}  :: narcotic
narcotina {f} [organic compound]  :: narcotine
narcotismo {m}  :: narcotism
narcotizzante {v}  :: present participle of narcotizzare
narcotizzare {vt}  :: to narcotize
narcotizzazione {f}  :: narcotization
narcotrafficante {mf}  :: narcotrafficker
narcotraffico {m}  :: drug traffic
Nardò {prop}  :: A town in the Lecce province of Puglia
nardo {m}  :: spikenard (plant or oil extracted from it)
Narenta {prop}  :: The river Neretva that flows in Croatia
narghilè {m}  :: narghile, hookah
narice {f} [anatomy]  :: nostril
narnese {adj}  :: Of, or from, Narni
narnese {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Narni
Narni {prop}  :: a town in the province of Terni in Umbria in Italy
Naro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Sicily
narrabile {adj}  :: narratable
narrante {v}  :: present participle of narrare
narrare {vt}  :: to tell or narrate
narratario {m}  :: narratee
narrativa {f}  :: fiction
narrativa {f}  :: narrative
narrativamente {adv}  :: as a narrative, narratively
narratività {f}  :: narrativity
narrativizzante {v}  :: present participle of narrativizzare
narrativizzare {v}  :: To narrativize
narrativizzazione {f}  :: narrativization
narrativo {adj}  :: narrative
narratologia {f}  :: narratology
narratologico {adj}  :: narratological
narratologo {m}  :: narratologist
narratore {m}  :: narrator
narratorio {adj}  :: synonym of narrativo
narratrice {f}  :: narrator (female); narratrix
narrazione {f}  :: narration, account
narrazione {f}  :: story, tale
nartece {m} [architecture]  :: narthex
narvalo {m}  :: narwhal (mammal)
nasale {adj} [anatomy, phonetics]  :: nasal
nasale {f}  :: nasal consonant
nasale {m} [muscle]  :: nasalis, nasalis muscle
nasalità {f}  :: nasality
nasalizzante {v}  :: present participle of nasalizzare
nasalizzare {vt}  :: To nasalize
nasalizzazione {f}  :: nasalization
nasalmente {adv}  :: nasally
nasardo {m} [music]  :: nasard
nasata {f}  :: A hit with the nose
nasata {f}  :: A blow on the nose
nascente {adj} [of the moon etc]  :: rising
nascenza {f}  :: birth, nativity
nascenza {f}  :: swelling, excrescence
nascere {vi}  :: to be born
nascere {vi}  :: to bud, sprout
nascita {f}  :: birth
nascituro {m}  :: unborn or soon-to-be-born child
nascondarella {f}  :: alternative form of nasconderella
nascondente {v}  :: present participle of nascondere
nascondentesi {v}  :: present participle of nascondersi
nascondere {vt}  :: To hide or conceal something
nasconderella {f}  :: synonym of nascondino
nascondersi {v}  :: reflexive of nascondere
nascondersi {v}  :: to hide (oneself)
nascondiglio {m}  :: hiding place, hideaway
nascondiglio {m}  :: cache, hoard
nascondimento {m} [literary]  :: the act of hiding or concealing; concealment
nascondimento {m} [literary, archaic]  :: hiding place
nascondino {m} [games]  :: hide-and-seek [British], hide-and-go-seek [US]
nasconditore {m}  :: hider, concealer
nascoso {adj}  :: alternative form of nascosto
nascostamente {adv}  :: secretly (whilst hidden)
nascosto {adj}  :: hidden
nascostosi {v}  :: past participle of nascondersi
nasello {m}  :: hake (Merluccius merluccius)
nasello {m}  :: nib
nasello {m}  :: nosepiece
nasetto {m}  :: nosepiece
nasetto {m}  :: cabin hook
Nashira {prop}  :: Nashira, a star in the constellation of Capricornus
nasica {m}  :: proboscis monkey
Nasidio {prop}  :: Nassidius
nasino {m}  :: little nose
naso- {prefix}  :: naso-
naso {m} [anatomy]  :: nose
naso adunco {m}  :: aquiline nose, hooked nose
nasobuccale {adj}  :: nasobuccal
nasofacciale {adj} [anatomy]  :: nasofacial
nasofaringeo {adj} [anatomy]  :: nasopharyngeal
nasogastrico {adj}  :: nasogastric
nasolabiale {adj} [anatomy]  :: nasolabial
nasolacrimale {adj} [anatomy]  :: nasolacrimal
nasone {m} [colloquial]  :: A person with a large nose
nasone {m}  :: A cast iron cylindric water fountain with a hooked faucet, especially one in Rome
nasopalatino {adj} [anatomy]  :: nasopalatal
naspo {m}  :: reel (for thread)
nassa {f}  :: creel, trap for fish
nasseriano {adj}  :: Nasserist
Nasso {prop}  :: Naxos (island of Greece)
nastico {adj} [biology]  :: nastic
nastraio {m}  :: ribbon / tape maker
nastrame {m}  :: An assortment of ribbons
nastrante {v}  :: present participle of nastrare
nastrare {vt}  :: To tape
nastratrice {f}  :: taping machine
nastratura {f}  :: taping
nastriera {f}  :: An ornament made of ribbons
nastriforme {adj}  :: nastriform, ribbon-shaped
nastrino {m}  :: ribbon (in place of a medal)
nastro {m}  :: ribbon
nastro {m}  :: tape
nastro adesivo {m}  :: adhesive tape
nastroteca {f}  :: tape library
nastro trasportatore {m}  :: conveyor belt
nasturzio {m}  :: nasturtium
nasturzio {m}  :: watercress
nasua {f}  :: coati (of genus Nasua)
natabile {adj}  :: navigable
natale {adj}  :: native (of one's birth)
natale {m}  :: birthday
natale {m}  :: birth
Natale {prop}  :: Christmas
Natale {prop}  :: given name. The masculine form of Natalia
Natalia {prop}  :: given name of Latin origin, cognate to Natalie
natalista {mf}  :: An advocate for an increase in the birth rate
natalità {f}  :: birth rate / birthrate
natalizio {adj}  :: Christmas (attributive)
natalizio {adj}  :: birthday (attributive)
natalizio {m}  :: birthday
Nataniele {prop}  :: Nathaniel
natante {adj}  :: floating, swimming
natante {m}  :: small craft or boat
natatoia {f}  :: flipper (of a marine animal)
natatorio {adj}  :: swimming
natazione {f}  :: natation
Natel {m} [Switzerland]  :: mobile phone, cellphone
natica {f} [anatomy]  :: buttock, bum
naticuto {adj}  :: Having large buttocks
natimortalità {f} [statistics]  :: perinatal mortality rate, stillbirth rate
natio {adj}  :: native (relating to a place of birth)
Natisone {prop}  :: A river that flows in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
nativa {f}  :: native of a place (female)
nativamente {adv}  :: natively
nativamente {adv}  :: primordially
nativismo {m}  :: nativism
nativista {mf}  :: nativist
nativistico {adj}  :: nativist, nativistic
natività {f}  :: nativity
Natività {prop}  :: the Nativity of Christ
nativo {adj}  :: native
nativo {m}  :: native (of a place)
nativo americano {m}  :: Native American
nato {adj}  :: born (also used in combination)
nato {adj}  ::
natola {f} [nautical]  :: The part of a rowlock that the oar rests in
natrice {f}  :: grass snake (of genus Natrix)
natriemia {f} [medicine]  :: natremia
natriuresi {f} [pathology]  :: natriuresis
natrolite {f} [mineral]  :: natrolite
nattè {m}  :: basketweave
natta {f}  :: wen (cyst)
Natta {prop}  :: surname
Natta {prop}  :: Giulio Natta, Italian chemist
natufiano {adj}  :: Natufian
natura {f}  :: nature
natura {f}  :: essence, character
naturale {adj}  :: natural
naturale {adj} [of mineral water]  :: still (not sparkling)
naturaleggiante {v}  :: present participle of naturaleggiare
naturaleggiare {v}  :: To represent as natural
naturalezza {f}  :: naturalness
naturalismo {m} [arts, philosophy]  :: naturalism
naturalista {adj}  :: naturalist (all senses)
naturalista {mf}  :: naturalist (all senses)
naturalisticamente {adv}  :: naturalistically
naturalistico {adj}  :: naturalistic
naturalità {f}  :: naturalness
naturalità {f}  :: naturalization
naturalizzante {v}  :: present participle of naturalizzare
naturalizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of naturalizzarsi
naturalizzare {vt}  :: to naturalize
naturalizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of naturalizzare
naturalizzarsi {vr}  :: to become naturalized
naturalizzato {adj}  :: naturalized
naturalizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of naturalizzarsi
naturalizzazione {f}  :: naturalization
naturalmente {adv}  :: naturally, of course, sure
naturalmente {adv}  :: naturally, by nature
natura morta {f} [arts]  :: still life
naturamortista {mf} [arts]  :: still life painter
nature {adj}  :: natural
naturismo {m}  :: nudism, naturism
naturista {adj}  :: nudist, naturist
naturista {mf}  :: nudist, naturist
naturistico {adj}  :: naturistic
naturopata {f}  :: naturopath
naturopatia {f}  :: naturopathy
naturopatico {adj}  :: naturopathic
naufraga {f}  :: (female) A castaway, a shipwreck survivor
naufragante {v}  :: present participle of naufragare
naufragare {vi}  :: to be shipwrecked, be wrecked
naufragare {vi} [figuratively]  :: to be wrecked, to fall through
naufragio {m}  :: a shipwreck, a wreck
naufragio {m} [figuratively]  :: a wreck, a failure
naufrago {m}  :: A castaway, a shipwreck survivor, a shipwrecked sailor
Naum {prop} [biblical]  :: Nahum, Book of Nahum
naupatia {f}  :: seasickness
nauplio {m}  :: nauplius
Nauru {prop}  :: Nauru
nauruano {adj}  :: Nauruan
nauruano {m}  :: Nauruan (person, language (masculine singular only))
nausea {f}  :: nausea
nauseabondo {adj}  :: sickening, disgusting, nauseous
nausea mattutina {f}  :: morning sickness
nauseante {v}  :: present participle of nauseare
nauseante {adj}  :: sickening, disgusting, nauseous
nauseare {vt}  :: To nauseate, to make sick
nauseare {vt}  :: To disgust
nauseato {adj}  :: nauseated, disgusted
nausee mattutine {n}  :: morning sickness (recurring)
nauseosamente {adv}  :: sickeningly, disgustingly, nauseatingly
nauseoso {adj}  :: sickening, disgusting, nauseating, nauseous
Nausicaa {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Nausicaa
Nausicaa {prop}  :: given name
nautica {f}  :: navigation (science)
nautico {adj}  :: nautical
nautilo {m}  :: nautilus (cephalopod)
nautofono {m} [nautical]  :: bell buoy
navale {adj}  :: naval, ship (attributive), boat (attributive)
navale {adj}  :: marine, sea (attributive)
navalestro {m} [nautical]  :: boatman, ferryman
navalismo {m}  :: navalism
navalistico {adj}  :: navalistic
navalmeccanica {f}  :: shipbuilding
navalmeccanico {adj}  :: shipbuilding (attributive)
navalmeccanico {adj}  :: naval engineering (attributive)
navalmeccanico {m}  :: shipbuilding worker
navalmeccanico {m}  :: naval engineer
navarca {m} [nautical]  :: master (of a ship), commodore (of a fleet)
Navarino {prop}  :: Pylos
navarrese {adj}  :: Navarrese
Navarria {prop}  :: surname
navarrino {adj}  :: synonym of navarrese
navarro {adj}  :: Navarrese
navarro {m}  :: Navarrese
navassa {f}  :: alternative form of navazza
navata {f}  :: nave - properly navata centrale
navata {f}  :: aisle - properly navata laterale
navata centrale {f}  :: nave
navata laterale {f}  :: aisle
navazza {f}  :: A type of wooden crate used for the transport of grapes
nave {f}  :: ship
nave ammiraglia {n}  :: flagship
nave cisterna {f}  :: tanker
nave corsara {n}  :: privateer
nave costiera {f}  :: coaster (vessel)
nave da guerra {f}  :: warship
navera {f}  :: A wound produced by the point of a weapon
naverante {v}  :: present participle of naverare
naverare {v}  :: To stab (wound with the point of a weapon)
nave scuola {f}  :: schoolship
navetta {f}  :: shuttle (all senses)
navetta portaincenso {f}  :: incense boat
navicante {v}  :: present participle of navicare
navicare {v}  :: alternative form of navigare
navicella {f}  :: diminutive of nave: a small ship
navicella {f}  :: gondola (of an airship)
navicella {f}  :: incense boat (vessel for incense)
navicellaio {m}  :: ferryman
navicella spaziale {f}  :: spacecraft
navicello {m} [nautical]  :: ferry (on a river)
navichiere {m} [nautical]  :: boatman, ferryman
navicolare {adj} [skeleton]  :: navicular
navicolare {m} [skeleton]  :: navicular, navicular bone
navigabile {adj}  :: navigable
navigabilità {f}  :: navigability
navigante {v}  :: present participle of navigare
navigante {mf} [nautical]  :: navigator, sailor, seaman, mariner
navigante {adj}  :: navigation, navigator (attributive)
navigare {vt}  :: To sail, to navigate
navigare {vi}  :: To sail, to go to sea
navigare {vi}  :: To surf (the Internet)
navigare alla quadra {v}  :: to sail on a square-rigged ship
navigato {adj}  :: experienced (especially of a seaman)
navigato {adj}  :: expert
navigatore {m}  :: navigator, seaman, sailor, mariner
navigatore {m}  :: websurfer
navigatore GPS {m}  :: GPS receiver, satnav, tom tom
navigatore satellitare {m}  :: GPS receiver, satnav
navigatorio {adj}  :: navigation (attributive)
navigatrice {f}  :: navigator (female)
navigazione {f}  :: navigation, shipping (traffic)
navigazione {f}  :: surfing (the Internet)
navigero {adj}  :: busy with shipping
naviglio {m} [nautical]  :: vessel
naviglio {m} [nautical]  :: fleet
naviglio {m} [nautical]  :: waterway
navigrafo {m}  :: An instrument once used to measure speed and direction of an aircraft relative to the ground
navile {m}  :: synonym of naviglio
navimodellismo {m} [nautical]  :: model ship / boat building or collecting
navimodellista {mf}  :: Maker or collector of model ships
navisfero {m}  :: A form of celestial globe once used for simple navigation
navoncella {f}  :: green-veined white (butterfly of the species Pieris napi)
navone {m}  :: oilseed rape (Brassica napus)
Nazaret {prop}  :: Nazareth
nazianzeno {adj} [historical]  :: of or pertaining to the town of Nazianzus; Nazianzen
nazianzeno {m} [historical]  :: an inhabitant of the town of Nazianzus; Nazianzen
Nazianzo {prop} [historical]  :: the town of Nazianzus
nazifascismo {m}  :: Nazi-Fascism
nazifascista {adj}  :: Nazi-Fascist
nazifascista {f}  :: Nazi-Fascist
nazificante {v}  :: present participle of nazificare
nazificare {vt}  :: to Nazify
nazificazione {f}  :: Nazification
naziocentrico {adj}  :: That views everything from the standpoint of his own country
nazionalcomunismo {m}  :: National Communism, National Bolshevism
nazionalcomunista {mf}  :: National Communist, National Bolshevik
nazionalcomunistico {adj}  :: National Communist, National Bolshevik
nazionale {adj}  :: national, domestic, home (attribute)
nazionale {f}  :: national sports team
nazionale {mf}  :: athlete etc in such a team
nazionalismo {m} [politics]  :: nationalism
nazionalista {adj}  :: nationalist
nazionalista {mf}  :: nationalist
nazionalisticamente {adv}  :: nationalistically
nazionalistico {adj}  :: nationalistic, nationalist
nazionalità {f}  :: nationality
nazionalizzante {v}  :: present participle of nazionalizzare
nazionalizzare {vt}  :: to nationalize
nazionalizzazione {f}  :: nationalization
nazionalmente {adv}  :: nationally
nazionalpopolare {adj}  :: national-popular
nazionalsocialismo {m}  :: National Socialism, Nazism
nazionalsocialista {adj}  :: National Socialist, Nazi
nazionalsocialista {mf}  :: A member or supporter of the National Socialist Party; a Nazi
nazionalsocialistico {adj}  :: National Socialist
nazione {f}  :: nation
Nazioni Unite {prop}  :: United Nations
nazireato {m}  :: Nazarite (vow)
nazireo {m}  :: Nazarite (person)
naziskin {mf}  :: skinhead
nazismo {m}  :: Nazism
nazista {adj}  :: nazi
nazista {m}  :: Nazi
nazista {f}  :: female Nazi
nazistico {adj}  :: Nazi (attributive)
nazistoide {adj}  :: That has Nazi or fascistic qualities
nazzareno {adj}  :: Nazarene; Nazareth (attributive)
nè capo nè coda {adv}  :: synonym of senza capo nè coda
nè carne nè pesce {n}  :: neither fish nor fowl
nè carne nè pesce {n} [idiomatic]  :: Something or someone which is not easily categorized; something or someone that does not rightly belong or fit well in a given group or situation
nécessaire {m}  :: overnight bag or case
né così né cosà {adv}  :: Not this way, and not that way either
ne {adv}  :: from there
ne {pron}  :: of it
ne {pron}  :: of them [sometimes not translated in English]
ne {contraction}  :: apocopic form of nel
neanch {adv}  :: apocopic form of neanche
neanch' {adv} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of neanche
neanch' {conj} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of neanche
neanche {adv}  :: neither
neanche {adv}  :: not even
neanche {conj}  :: neither
neanche {conj}  :: not even
Neandertal {m}  :: Neanderthal
neandertaliano {adj}  :: Neanderthal
nebbia {f}  :: fog, mist
nebbiogeno {adj}  :: mist-forming (artificially)
nebbiolina {f}  :: mist
nebbiolo {m}  :: A grape variety cultivated in the Langhe
nebbiolo {m}  :: A fine red wine made near Alba from these grapes
nebbione {m}  :: pea-souper (thick fog)
nebbiosamente {adv}  :: hazily, vaguely, confusedly
nebbiosità {f}  :: fogginess, mistiness
nebbiosità {f}  :: haziness, vagueness
nebbioso {adj} [weather]  :: misty, foggy
nebbioso {adj}  :: hazy, confused, vague
nebel {m} [music]  :: psaltery
nebiolo {m}  :: alternative form of nebbiolo
nebride {f}  :: nebris
nebula {f} [archaic]  :: fog, mist; cloud
nebula {f}  :: nebula
nebulare {adj}  :: nebular
nebulina {f} [protein]  :: nebulin
nebulizzante {v}  :: present participle of nebulizzare
nebulizzare {vt}  :: to nebulize, spray, atomize
nebulizzatore {m}  :: atomizer [for perfume, etc.]
nebulizzatore {m}  :: nebulizer
nebulizzazione {f}  :: nebulization, atomization
nebulosa {f}  :: nebula
nebulosamente {adv}  :: hazily, vaguely
nebulosità {f}  :: nebulosity, haziness, vagueness
nebuloso {adj}  :: nebulous
nebuloso {adj}  :: vague, hazy
neccio {m}  :: A sort of muffin, made from chestnut flour, baked between two hot iron plates
necessariamente {adv}  :: necessarily
necessario {adj}  :: necessary
necessario {adj}  :: indispensable
necessario {adj}  :: required
necessario {adj}  :: inevitable
necessario {m}  :: necessary, what is necessary
necessario {m}  :: the essentials
necessario {m}  :: materials
necesse {adj} [archaic, Scholastic philosophy, logic]  :: necessary, needful; necessarily true
necesse {m} [archaic, Scholastic philosophy, logic]  :: a statement which is necessarily truthful; tautology
necessità {f}  :: necessity, need
necessitante {v}  :: present participle of necessitare
necessitare {vt}  :: To need, require or necessitate
necessitare {vi}  :: To be necessary, needed or required
necessitazione {f}  :: necessitation
necessitismo {m} [philosophy]  :: necessity (deterministic)
necessitoso {adj}  :: needful
necistà {f}  :: alternative form of necessità
necro- {prefix}  :: necro-
necrobiosi {f} [biology]  :: necrobiosis
necrobiotico {adj} [biology]  :: necrobiotic
necrofagia {f} [zoology]  :: necrophagia, necrophagy
necrofagico {adj} [biology]  :: necrophagic
necrofago {adj}  :: necrophagous
necrofago {m}  :: necrophage
necrofila {f}  :: feminine of necrofilo
necrofilia {f}  :: necrophilia
necrofilo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to necrophilia; necrophilic
necrofilo {adj}  :: That is affected by necrophilia
necrofilo {m}  :: necrophile, necrophilist
necrofito {m} [biology]  :: necrophyte
necrofoba {f}  :: feminine of necrofobo
necrofobia {f}  :: necrophobia
necrofobico {adj}  :: necrophobic
necrofobo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a person who suffers from necrophobia
necrofobo {m}  :: a male person who suffers from necrophobia; necrophobe [male]
necroforo {m}  :: gravedigger
necroforo {m}  :: Any beetle of the genus Nicrophorus; necrophore
necrolisi {f} [pathology]  :: necrolysis
necrologia {f}  :: necrology
necrologico {adj}  :: necrological
necrologio {m}  :: obituary (notice)
necrologio {m}  :: register of deaths
necrologista {mf}  :: necrologist, obituarist
necromante {mf}  :: One who practices divination involving the dead or death; necromancer; alternative form of negromante
necromanzia {f}  :: Divination involving the dead or death; necromancy; alternative form of negromanzia
necronimo {m}  :: necronym
necropoli {f}  :: necropolis
necropsia {f}  :: autopsy, necropsy, post mortem
necroptosi {f}  :: necroptosis
necroptotico {adj}  :: necroptotic
necrormone {f} [biology]  :: necrohormone
necrosante {v}  :: present participle of necrosare
necrosare {v}  :: synonym of necrotizzare
necroscopia {f} [medicine]  :: necroscopy
necroscopicamente {adv}  :: via an autopsy or post mortem
necroscopico {adj}  :: autopsy, necropsy [attributive]; necroscopic, post mortem
necroscopo {m}  :: pathologist
necrosi {f} [pathology]  :: necrosis
necrospermia {f} [pathology]  :: necrospermia
necrotico {adj} [pathology]  :: necrotic
necrotizzante {v}  :: present participle of necrotizzare
necrotizzante {adj} [medicine]  :: necrotizing
necrotizzare {vt}  :: to necrotize
necrotizzato {adj}  :: necrotized
necrotomia {f}  :: necrotomy
necrotrofia {f} [biology]  :: necrotrophy
necrotrofismo {m} [biology]  :: synonym of necrotrofia; necrotrophy
necrotrofo {adj} [biology]  :: necrotrophic
necrotrofo {m}  :: A necrotrophic organism
nectina {f} [protein]  :: nectin
necton {m} [biology]  :: nekton
nectonico {adj} [biology]  :: nektonic
nederlandese {adj}  :: Variant of neerlandese
nederlandese {mf}  :: Variant of neerlandese
nederlandofono {adj}  :: netherlandophone, batavophone
Neemia {prop} [Biblical character]  :: Nehemiah, Book of Nehemiah
Neemia {prop}  :: given name
neente {pron}  :: alternative form of niente
neerlandese {adj}  :: Dutch
neerlandese {mf}  :: Dutch
nefandamente {adv}  :: wickedly
nefandezza {f}  :: baseness, vileness
nefandezza {f}  :: sodomy
nefandità {f} [rare]  :: wickedness, baseness, vileness
nefando {adj}  :: base, vile, nefandous, wicked
nefariamente {adv}  :: nefariously, villainously
nefario {adj}  :: nefarious, villainous
nefastamente {adv}  :: tragically
nefastamente {adv}  :: inauspiciously
nefasto {adj}  :: tragic, bad
nefasto {adj}  :: inauspicious, ill-omened
Nefele {prop} [Greek god]  :: Nephele, goddess of clouds
nefelina {f} [mineral]  :: nepheline
nefelio {m}  :: synonym of litchi
nefelio {m}  :: Small, white scar on the cornea
nefelometria {f} [chemistry]  :: nephelometry
nefelometro {m} [chemistry]  :: nephelometer
nefelopia {f} [pathology]  :: nephelopia
nefeloscopio {m}  :: alternative form of nefoscopio
nefologia {f}  :: nephology
nefoscopia {f}  :: nephoscopy
nefoscopio {m}  :: nephoscope
nefralgia {f}  :: nephralgia
nefrectomia {f} [surgery]  :: nephrectomy
nefridio {m}  :: nephridium
nefrite {f} [medicine]  :: nephritis
nefrite {f} [mineralogy]  :: nephrite
nefritico {adj}  :: nephritic
nefro- {prefix}  :: nephro-
nefrocarcinoma {m} [pathology]  :: nephrocarcinoma
nefrogenico {adj} [medicine]  :: nephrogenic
nefrografia {f}  :: nephrography
nefrografico {adj}  :: nephrographic
nefroide {adj}  :: nephroid
nefroide {f} [geometry]  :: nephroid
nefrolitiasi {f} [pathology]  :: nephrolithiasis
nefrolito {m} [pathology]  :: nephrolith
nefrologia {f} [medicine]  :: nephrology
nefrologico {adj}  :: nephrological
nefrologo {m}  :: An nephrologist
nefrone {m} [anatomy]  :: nephron
nefropatia {f} [pathology]  :: nephropathy
nefropatico {adj}  :: nephropathic
nefrope {m}  :: prawn (Nephrops norvegicus)
nefropessi {f} [surgery]  :: nephropexy
nefroplegia {f} [pathology]  :: nephroplegia
nefroptosi {f}  :: nephroptosis
nefrorrafia {f} [surgery]  :: nephrorrhaphy
nefrorragia {f} [medicine]  :: nephrorrhagia
nefrosclerosi {f}  :: nephrosclerosis
nefrosi {f} [pathology]  :: nephrosis
nefrosico {adj} [medicine]  :: nephrosic
nefrotico {adj} [pathology]  :: nephrotic
nefrotomia {f} [surgery]  :: nephrotomy
nefrotossico {adj}  :: nephrotoxic
negabile {adj}  :: deniable
negabilità {f}  :: deniability
negante {v}  :: present participle of negare
negantesi {v}  :: present participle of negarsi
negare {vt}  :: to deny
negare {vt}  :: to negate
negarsi {v}  :: reflexive of negare
negarsi {vr}  :: to deny oneself (something)
negarsi {vr}  :: to pretend one is not in
negarsi {vr}  :: to refuse to have sex (with)
negativa {f} [grammar, photography]  :: negative
negativamente {adv}  :: negatively
negativismo {m}  :: negativism
negativissimo {adj}  :: superlative of negativo
negatività {f}  :: negativeness, negativity
negativizzante {v}  :: present participle of negativizzarsi
negativizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of negativizzarsi
negativizzarsi {vr}  :: To become negative
negativizzazione {f} [medicine]  :: negativization
negativo {adj}  :: negative
negativo {m} [photography]  :: negative
negato {adj}  :: negated
negato {adj}  :: denied, refused
negato {adj}  :: useless, hopeless (at)
negatone {m} [dated, physics]  :: negatron, electron
negatore {adj}  :: denying
negatoscopio {m}  :: negatoscope, diaphanoscope
negatosi {v}  :: past participle of negarsi
negatrone {m} [obsolete, physics]  :: negatron
negazione {f}  :: negation
negazionismo {m}  :: denial (of the Holocaust or other such events)
negazionista {adj}  :: denier (attributive); revisionist
negazionista {mf}  :: denier (of the Holocaust or other such events)
negazionistico {adj}  :: denier (attributive); revisionist
negghienza {f}  :: negligence, laziness
neghienza {f} [rare]  :: laziness, indolence
neghittaggine {f}  :: negligence, carelessness
neghittaggine {f}  :: indolence, laziness
neghittosamente {adv} [literary]  :: lazily, indolently
neghittosità {f} [literary]  :: laziness, indolence
neghittoso {adj} [literary]  :: lazy, indolent, idle
neglettamente {adv}  :: neglectedly
negletto {adj}  :: neglected
negletto {adj}  :: rundown
negli {contraction}  :: (contraction of in gli) in the
negligé {m}  :: alternative form of négligé
negligente {adj}  :: negligent
negligente {adj}  :: careless
negligente {v}  :: present participle of negligere
negligentemente {adv}  :: negligently
negligentemente {adv}  :: carelessly
negligenza {f}  :: negligence
negligenza {f}  :: carelessness
negligenza grave {f}  :: gross negligence
negligere {vt}  :: to neglect to do something, neglect to take something into consideration
negli ultimi tempi {adv}  :: lately, recently, of late
negossa {f} [nautical]  :: A small fishing net on the end of a long, wooden handle
negoziabile {adj}  :: negotiable
negoziabilità {f}  :: negotiability
negoziale {adj} [legal]  :: contractual
negozialità {f}  :: That can be negotiated
negozialità {f}  :: The property of being contractual
negozialmente {adv}  :: contractually
negoziante {v}  :: present participle of negoziare
negoziante {mf}  :: shopkeeper
negoziante {mf}  :: dealer
negoziante {mf}  :: monger
negoziare {vt}  :: To negotiate, to transact
negoziare {vi}  :: To trade, to deal
negoziato {m}  :: negotiation, talks
negoziatore {m}  :: negotiator
negoziatrice {f}  :: negotiator (female)
negoziazione {f}  :: negotiation
negozietto {m}  :: Small shop; boutique
negozio {m}  :: A shop, a store
negozio {m}  :: A deal, a bargain a business
negozio {m}  :: A legal transaction (Negozio giuridico)
negreggiante {v}  :: present participle of negreggiare
negreggiare {v}  :: alternative form of nereggiare
negrezza {f}  :: alternative form of nerezza
negricante {adj}  :: synonym of nereggiante
negride {adj}  :: black African
negride {adj}  :: negroid
negriere {m}  :: slave trader
negriero {adj}  :: slave (attributive)
negriero {m}  :: slave trader
negriero {m} [by extension]  :: slave driver
negrillo {m}  :: An African Pygmy
negrità {f}  :: negritude
negrito {m}  :: black skin
negritudine {f}  :: negritude
negro {adj} [archaic]  :: black
negro {adj} [now, offensive]  :: negro
negro {m} [now, offensive, ethnic slur, now, vulgar]  :: nigger
negroafricano {adj}  :: African Negro
negroamericano {adj}  :: American Negro, Afro-American
negrofumo {m}  :: alternative form of nerofumo
negroide {adj}  :: negroid
negromante {mf}  :: necromancer, specifically:
negromante {mf}  :: One who practices divination involving the dead or death
negromante {mf} [by extension]  :: Any sort of sorcerer or soothsayer
negromantesco {adj}  :: necromantic
negromantico {adj}  :: necromantic
negromanzia {f}  :: necromancy, specifically:
negromanzia {f}  :: Divination involving the dead or death
negromanzia {f} [by extension]  :: Any sort of sorcery or witchcraft
negroni {m}  :: negroni (cocktail made from gin, Campari and vermouth)
Negroponte {prop}  :: obsolete form of Eubea
negrore {m}  :: synonym of nerezza
negus {m} [historical]  :: Title of the highest grade in the hierarchy of the Ethiopian Empire; Negus
negussita {adj} [historical]  :: Of or pertaining to a Negus (historical ruler of the Ethiopian Empire)
neh {interj} [dialectal, chiefly Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland]  :: isn't it?; don't you?; wouldn't she?, ...
nei {contraction}  :: (contraction of in i) in the
nel {contraction}  :: (contraction of in il) in the
nel bel mezzo di {prep}  :: in the midst of; right in the middle of
nel caso {conj}  :: in case
Neleo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Neleus
nel frattempo {adv}  :: meanwhile
nel frattempo {adv}  :: in the meantime
nel giro di {adv}  :: Within, in less than
nel giro di {adv}  :: run
nell' {contraction}  :: (contraction of in l') in the
nell {contraction}  :: alternative form of nell'
nella {contraction}  :: (contraction of in la) in the
nelle {contraction}  :: (contraction of in le) in the
nello {contraction}  :: (contraction of in lo) in the
nello stesso tempo {adv}  :: at the same time, together, at once, simultaneously
nemaspermio {m}  :: synonym of spermatozoo
nematelminto {m}  :: nemathelminth, nematode
nematico {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: nematic
nematocida {adj}  :: nematicidal
nematocida {m}  :: nematicide
nematode {m}  :: nematode
nematologia {f}  :: nematology
nematomorfo {adj}  :: nematomorphic
nematomorfo {adj}  :: filiform, threadlike
nembifero {adj}  :: cloud-bearing
nembo {m}  :: nimbus
nembo {m}  :: rain cloud (especially a dark one)
nemboso {adj} [literary]  :: cloudy
nembostrato {m}  :: nimbostratus
Nembrod {prop}  :: Nimrod
Nembrotte {prop}  :: Nimrod
Nembrotto {prop}  :: Nimrod
nemeo {adj}  :: Nemean
nemesi {f}  :: nemesis
Nemesi {prop} [Greek god]  :: Nemesis
nemicamente {adv}  :: hostilely
nemichevole {adj}  :: as an enemy
nemichevolmente {adv}  :: as an enemy
nemico {m}  :: enemy, foe
nemico {adj}  :: enemy
nemico {adj}  :: hostile, foe
nemistà {f}  :: alternative form of nimistà
nemmanco {adv}  :: not even
nemmeno {adv}  :: not even
nemorale {adj} [botany]  :: nemoral
nemorense {adj}  :: woodland (attributive)
nencio {adj}  :: stupid
nenfro {m} [geology]  :: A variety of tuffa used in Etruscan building and sculpture
nenia {f}  :: dirge
nenia {f}  :: wail
nenufaro {m}  :: nenuphar, white waterlily (Nymphaea alba)
nenufero {m}  :: yellow waterlily (Nuphar lutea)
neo- {prefix}  :: neo-
neo {m}  :: mole (on skin)
neo {m}  :: beauty spot
neo {m}  :: flaw, defect
neo {m} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of neon
neoaccademico {adj}  :: neoacademic (relating to the Neoplatonic Academy)
neoacquisto {m} [sports]  :: A player recruited to a team during the current season
neoangiogenesi {f} [medicine]  :: neoangiogenesis
neoantigene {m}  :: neoantigen
neoantropo {m}  :: modern man (Homo sapiens)
neoartico {adj}  :: Nearctic
neoassunto {adj}  :: newly-recruited
neoassunto {m}  :: newly-recruited employee
neoatticismo {m}  :: Neo-Atticism (style of late Hellenistic sculpture)
neoattico {adj}  :: Neo-Attic
neoavanguardia {f}  :: neo-avantgarde
neobarocco {adj}  :: neobaroque
neobarocco {m}  :: neobaroque
neoborghesia {f}  :: neo-bourgeoisie (new middle class)
neocampione {m} [sports]  :: new champion
neocapitalismo {m}  :: neo-capitalism
neocapitalista {mf}  :: neo-capitalist
neocapitalistico {adj}  :: neo-capitalist
neocastellano {adj}  :: Of or from Neuchâtel
Neocastello {prop}  :: Neuchâtel
neocatecumenale {adj}  :: neocatechumenal
neocatecumenato {m}  :: A member of a Roman Catholic organisation that prepares young people for adulthood
neocattolico {adj}  :: neo-Catholic
neocattolico {m}  :: neo-Catholic
neocentrismo {m} [politics]  :: neocentrism
neocentrista {mf} [politics]  :: neocentrist
neocentrista {adj} [politics]  :: neocentrist
neoclassicamente {adv}  :: neoclassically
neoclassicismo {m}  :: neoclassicism
neoclassicista {mf}  :: neoclassicist
neoclassico {adj}  :: neoclassical
neoclassico {m}  :: neoclassicist
neocolonialismo {m}  :: neocolonialism
neocolonialista {mf}  :: neocolonialist
neocolonialistico {adj}  :: neocolonialist
neoconservatore {m}  :: neoconservative
neoconservatorismo {m}  :: neoconservatism
neoconsigliere {m}  :: Newly appointed counselor / adviser
neocoria {f}  :: neokorate
neocoro {m}  :: neokoros
neocorporativismo {m}  :: neo-corporatism
neocorporativo {adj}  :: neo-corporative
neocorteccia {f} [anatomy]  :: neocortex
neocorticale {adj}  :: neocortical
neocostituito {adj}  :: newly-formed
neocriticismo {m} [philosophy]  :: neocriticism
neocriticista {mf} [philosophy]  :: neocriticist
neocriticistico {adj}  :: neocritical
neodada {adj}  :: Neo-Dada (attributive)
neodadaismo {m}  :: Neo-Dada
neodadaista {mf}  :: Neo-Dadaist
neodamode {m}  :: Neodamode
neodamodo {m}  :: Neodamode
neodarvinismo {m}  :: Neo-Darwinism
neodarwinismo {m}  :: Neo-Darwinism
neodarwinista {mf}  :: Neo-Darwinist
neodemocristiano {adj}  :: Describing any of several reformed versions of the Italian Christian Democrat party, especially the Rinascita della Democrazia Cristiana
neodifensore {m} [football]  :: new defender
neodimio {m} [chemistry]  :: neodymium
neodiplomato {adj}  :: newly-graduated
neodiplomato {m}  :: Recent graduate
neodirettore {m}  :: Newly appointed director
neoebraico {adj}  :: modern-Hebrew
neoebraico {m}  :: modern Hebrew (language)
neoegiziano {n}  :: new Egyptian (language)
neoegiziano {adj}  :: new Egyptian
neoeletto {adj}  :: newly-elected
neoeletto {m}  :: newly elected person
neoellenico {adj}  :: modern Greek
neoellenico {m}  :: modern Greek (language)
neofascismo {m}  :: neofascism
neofascista {adj}  :: neofascist
neofascista {mf}  :: neofascist
neofascistico {adj}  :: neofascist
neofilia {f}  :: neophilia
neofita {mf}  :: neophyte
neoformato {adj}  :: newly-formed
neoformazione {f}  :: neoformation
neoformazione {f}  :: neologism
neogene {m} [geology]  :: Neogene
neogenico {adj}  :: neogenic
neoghibellinismo {m}  :: A political movement during the Italian Risorgimento in favour of a unitary republican state (rather than a monarchy)
neoghibellino {adj}  :: Relating to neoghibellinismo
neoglicogenesi {f}  :: alternative form of gluconeogenesi
neogotico {adj}  :: neogothic
neogotico {m}  :: Gothic revival
neogovernatore {m}  :: newly-elected governor
neogrammatico {m}  :: Neogrammarian
neogrammatico {adj}  :: Neogrammarian (attributive)
neogreco {adj}  :: modern Greek
neogreco {m}  :: modern Greek (language)
neoguelfismo {m}  :: neoguelphism
neoguelfo {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to neoguelphism
neoguelfo {m}  :: An advocate of neoguelphism
neohegeliano {adj}  :: neo-Hegelian
neohegelismo {m}  :: neo-Hegelianism
neoidealismo {m} [philosophy]  :: neo-idealism
neoidealista {mf} [philosophy]  :: neoidealist
neoilluminismo {m} [philosophy]  :: A school of thought inspired by the values of the Enlightenment
neoimperialismo {m}  :: neoimperialism, neocolonialism
neoimperialista {adj}  :: neoimperialist, neocolonial
neoimperialista {mf}  :: neoimperialist, neocolonialist
neoimperialistico {adj}  :: neoimperial, neocolonial
neoimpressionismo {m} [arts]  :: neoimpressionism
neoimpressionista {mf} [arts]  :: neoimpressionist
neoindiano {adj}  :: Describing the complex of modern Aryan languages spoken in India
neoistituito {adj}  :: newly-instituted
neoitterbia {f} [mineral]  :: neoytterbia
neoitterbio {m}  :: neoytterbia
neokantiano {adj} [philosophy]  :: Neo-Kantian
neokantismo {m} [philosophy]  :: Neo-Kantianism
neolalia {f}  :: neolalia
neolamarckismo {m}  :: neo-Lamarckism
neolatinista {mf}  :: A New Latin scholar
neolatino {adj}  :: Romance
neolatino {adj}  :: neo-Latin, New Latin (attributive)
neolaureato {adj}  :: newly-graduated or -qualified
neolaureato {m}  :: A newly-graduated or -qualified person
neoliberale {adj}  :: neoliberal
neoliberalismo {m}  :: neoliberalism
neoliberismo {m} [economics]  :: neoliberalism
neoliberista {mf} [philosophy]  :: neoliberal
neoliberty {m} [architecture]  :: An Italian architectural movement which evolved in the late 1950s in opposition to international modernism
neolinguista {mf}  :: neolinguist
neolinguistica {f}  :: neolinguistics
neolitico {adj}  :: neolithic
neologia {f}  :: neology (the formation of neologisms)
neologico {adj}  :: neologistic
neologismo {m} [linguistics]  :: neologism
neologista {mf}  :: neologist
neologizzante {v}  :: present participle of neologizzare
neologizzare {v}  :: To neologize
neoluddismo {m}  :: neo-Luddism
neoluddista {adj}  :: neo-Luddite
neoluddista {mf}  :: neo-Luddite
neomaltusianismo {m}  :: Neo-Malthusianism
neomaltusiano {adj}  :: Neo-Malthusian
neomamma {f}  :: new mother
neomania {f}  :: synonym of neofilia
neomanierismo {m} [art]  :: neo-Mannerism
neomarxismo {m}  :: Neo-Marxism
neomarxista {mf}  :: Neo-Marxist
neomecenatismo {m}  :: A new form of patronage mainly involving sponsorship of events or teams
neomelodico {adj} [music]  :: Describing a style of Neapolitan singing that attempts to fuse traditional songs with tales of modern life and love
neomercantilismo {m} [economics]  :: neomercantilism
neomercantilistico {adj}  :: neomercantilist
neomicina {f}  :: neomycin
neoministra {f}  :: newly-appointed minister (female)
neoministro {m}  :: newly-appointed minister
neon {m} [chemistry]  :: neon
neonatale {adj}  :: neonatal
neonato {adj}  :: newborn
neonato {m}  :: newborn, baby, infant
neonatologa {f}  :: neonatologist (female)
neonatologia {f} [medicine]  :: neonatology
neonatologico {adj}  :: neonatological
neonatologo {m}  :: neonatologist
neonazismo {m}  :: Neo-Naziism
neonazista {adj}  :: Neo-Nazi
neonazista {f}  :: Neo-Nazi
neonista {mf}  :: neonist
neopaganesimo {m}  :: neopaganism
neopaganismo {m}  :: neopaganism
neopagano {adj}  :: neopagan
neopagano {m}  :: neopagan
neopalladianesimo {m} [architecture]  :: neo-Palladianism
neopapà {m}  :: A man who has just become a father
neopatentato {adj}  :: newly patented
neopentecostale {adj}  :: neo-Pentecostal
neopentecostalismo {m}  :: neo-Pentecostalism
neopersiano {adj}  :: Iranian
neopersiano {m}  :: Persian (language of Iran)
neopitagorico {adj}  :: neopythagorean
neopitagorismo {m}  :: Neopythagoreanism
neoplasia {f}  :: neoplasia
neoplasma {m}  :: neoplasm
neoplasticismo {m} [art]  :: neoplasticism
neoplastico {adj}  :: neoplastic
neoplatonico {adj}  :: Neoplatonic
neoplatonismo {m}  :: Neoplatonism
neopositivismo {m}  :: neopositivism, logical positivism
neopositivista {mf}  :: neopositivist, logical positivist
neopositivistico {adj}  :: neopositivistic
neoprene {m}  :: neoprene
neopresidente {mf}  :: A newly appointed president
neoproclamato {adj}  :: newly-proclaimed
neoproletariato {m}  :: neo-proletariat
neoproletario {adj}  :: neo-proletarian
neoproletario {m}  :: neo-proletarian
neopromosso {adj}  :: newly promoted
neopromosso {m}  :: A newly promoted person
neopromosso {m} [sports]  :: A team that has been promoted from one league to the next higher
neoprotezionismo {m}  :: neo-protectionism
neoprotezionistico {adj}  :: Describing any of several Italian political parties or groups who favour protectionism, often under a different name
neopurismo {m} [linguistics]  :: neo-purism
neopurista {mf} [linguistics]  :: neo-purist
neopuristico {adj} [linguistics]  :: neo-purist, neo-puristic
neorealismo {m}  :: neorealism
neorealista {adj}  :: neorealistic
neorealista {f}  :: neorealist
neorealisticamente {adv}  :: neorealistically
neorealistico {adj}  :: neorealistic
neoricardiano {adj} [economics]  :: neo-Ricardian
neorinascimentale {adj}  :: neo-Renaissance, Renaissance revival (attributive)
neoromanico {adj}  :: neo-Romanesque
neoromanticismo {m}  :: neo-romanticism
neoromantico {adj}  :: neo-romantic
neoscolastica {f}  :: neo-scholasticism
neoscolastico {adj}  :: neo-scholastic
neosegretario {m}  :: newly designated leader, newly appointed leader (of a political party, trade union etc)
neosindaco {m}  :: A newly-elected mayor
neosintetizzato {adj}  :: newly-synthesized
neosposa {f}  :: Newly-married woman
neostoma {m} [surgery]  :: The aperture formed by neostomy
neostomia {f} [surgery]  :: neostomy
neostoricismo {m}  :: neo-historicism, neo-historism
neoteri {m}  :: The classical neoteric poets, or modern poets who use the same style
neoterico {adj}  :: neoteric
neoterismo {m}  :: neoteric poetry
neoterismo {m}  :: neophilia
neotestamentario {adj}  :: New Testament (attributive)
neotetanure {m}  :: neotetanuran
neotipo {m} [biology]  :: neotype
neotomismo {m}  :: neo-Thomism
neotomista {mf}  :: neo-Thomist
neotomista {adj}  :: neo-Thomist
neotomistico {adj}  :: neo-Thomistic
neottolemo {m}  :: A large, blue, neotropical butterfly (Morpho neoptolemus)
Neottolemo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Neoptolemus
neoumanesimo {m}  :: neo-humanism
neoverismo {m}  :: synonym of neorealismo
neoverista {m} {m}  :: synonym of neorealista
neoverista {adj}  :: synonym of neorealista
neozelandese {adj}  :: of or relating to New Zealand
neozelandese {mf}  :: New Zealander
neozoico {adj}  :: Neozoic (attributive)
neozoico {m}  :: Neozoic (period)
nepa {f}  :: water scorpion (of family Nepidae)
Nepal {prop}  :: Nepal
nepalese {adj}  :: Nepalese
nepalese {mf}  :: Nepalese, Nepali
nepalese {ms} [singular only]  :: All the languages from Nepal including Khas Nepali, Maithili language, Nepal Bhasa, Tamang language, Gurung language
nepente {f}  :: pitcher plant (of genus Nepenthes)
nepente {f}  :: nepenthe
Nepero {prop}  :: Napier
nepote {m} [literary]  :: alternative form of nipote
Nepote {prop}  :: Nepos
nepotismo {m}  :: nepotism
nepotista {mf}  :: nepotist
nepotisticamente {adv}  :: nepotistically
nepotistico {adj}  :: nepotistic
neppur {adv}  :: apocopic form of neppure
neppure {conj}  :: (synonym of neanche) not even
nequità {f} [obsolete]  :: Variant of iniquità
nequitoso {adj}  :: wicked
nequitoso {adj}  :: iniquitous
nequizia {f}  :: nastiness
Nera {prop}  :: A river that flows in Umbria
neracchiolo {adj}  :: blackish (of a complexion)
nerale {m} [organic compound]  :: neral
nerastro {adj}  :: blackish
nerazzurro {adj}  :: blue-black
nerazzurro {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the F.C. Internazionale Milano, the famous Italian football team based in Milan
nerazzurro {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to any other sporting team wearing a blue-black shirt
nerazzurro {m}  :: A F.C. Internazionale Milano player or supporter
nerazzurro {m}  :: A player or supporter of any sporting club wearing a blue-back shirt
nerbante {v}  :: present participle of nerbare
nerbare {v}  :: To whip (beat with a whip)
nerbata {f}  :: blow
nerbata {f}  :: whiplash
nerbatore {m}  :: whipper
nerbatura {f}  :: synonym of nerbata
nerbo {m}  :: whip
nerbo {m} [figuratively]  :: backbone
nerboruto {adj}  :: brawny, muscular, sinewy
nerbuto {adj}  :: wiry and strong
nerchia {f}  :: stick
nerchia {f} [vulgar]  :: penis
nereggiamento {m}  :: blackening, darkening
nereggiante {v}  :: present participle of nereggiare
nereggiante {adj}  :: blackening, darkening
nereggiare {vi}  :: to appear to be, or tend to be black
nereggiare {vi}  :: to start to darken [especially of fruit]
nereide {f}  :: nereid
Nereo {prop} [Greek god]  :: Nereus
Nereo {prop}  :: given name
neretese {adj}  :: Of or from Nereto
neretino {adj}  :: Of or from Nardò (Roman "Neretum")
Nereto {prop}  :: A small town in the Teramo province of Abruzzo
neretto {m}  :: bold (type)
neretto {m}  :: article in bold type
nerezza {f}  :: blackness
Neri {prop}  :: given name
nericante {v}  :: present participle of nericare
nericante {adj}  :: alternative form of nereggiante
nericare {v}  :: alternative form of nereggiare
nericcio {adj}  :: blackish (somewhat black)
nerigno {adj}  :: blackish (somewhat black)
nerissimo {adj}  :: dark black
neritico {adj}  :: neritic
nero {adj}  :: black
nero {m}  :: black colour
nero {m}  :: fascist, the extreme right
nero {m}  :: ink
nero {m}  :: a person of black skin
nero {m} [heraldry]  :: sable
neroargento {adj}  :: black and silver
neroazzurro {n}  :: Variant of nerazzurro
nero come la pece {adj}  :: pitch-black
nero di seppia {m}  :: nero di seppia (cuttlefish ink, used as a sauce for pasta or risotto)
nerofumo {m}  :: lampblack, carbon black
nerofumo {adj}  :: Very black
nerognolo {adj}  :: blackish
nerone {m}  :: A cruel, ruthless person; a tyrant
Nerone {prop}  :: Nero (Roman emperor)
neroniano {adj}  :: Neronian (of or pertaining to the emperor Nero)
neroniano {adj}  :: ruthless, cruel
neroverde {adj}  :: black and green
neroverde {adj}  :: Relating to any of several sports clubs whose players wear these colours
nerume {m}  :: grime, dirt
nerume {m}  :: sooty mould
nervato {adj}  :: nerved, ribbed
nervatura {f} [chiefly in the plural]  :: nerves
nervatura {f} [botany]  :: veining
nervatura {f} [architecture]  :: rib
nerveo {adj} [anatomy, physiology]  :: nervous (relating to nerves)
nervetto {m} [especially in plural]  :: A dish of calf's head with vegetables etc
Nervia {prop}  :: A river that flows in Liguria
nervianese {adj}  :: Of or from Nerviano
Nerviano {prop}  :: A town in the Milano province of Lombardia
nervino {adj}  :: nerve (attributive)
nervo {m} [anatomy]  :: nerve
nervo {m} [botany]  :: vein, nerve
nervo {m} [in the plural]  :: nerves (agitation caused by a negative emotion)
nervo ottico {m} [neuroanatomy]  :: optic nerve
nervosamente {adv}  :: nervously
nervosamente {adv}  :: irritably
nervosetto {adj}  :: antsy
nervosismo {m}  :: nervousness
nervosismo {m}  :: irritability
nervosissimo {adj}  :: Very nervous
nervosità {f}  :: nervousness, irritability, nervosity
nervosità {f}  :: incisiveness
nervoso {adj} [medicine, anatomy]  :: nervous, nerve (attr.)
nervoso {adj}  :: irritable, touchy, cross
nervoso {adj}  :: tense, unquiet, nervous, jumpy, high-strung, high-spirited
nervoso {m} [familiar]  :: irritability, bad mood
nervo vago {m} [anatomy]  :: vagus nerve
nervovascolare {adj}  :: alternative form of neurovascolare
nesciente {adj}  :: nescient, ignorant
nescientemente {adv}  :: nesciently, ignorantly
nescienza {f}  :: nescience, ignorance
n-esimo {adj} [mathematics]  :: Variant of ennesimo
nesonimo {m}  :: nesonym
nesosilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: nesosilicate
nespola {f}  :: medlar (fruit)
nespola {f}  :: loquat (fruit)
nespolo {m}  :: medlar (tree)
nespolo {m}  :: loquat (tree)
nessile {adj}  :: braided; knotted together
nesso {m}  :: connection
nesso {m}  :: link
nesso {m}  :: nexus
Nesso {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Nessus
nessun {adj}  :: apocopic form of nessuno
nessun {pron}  :: apocopic form of nessuno
nessun' {adj} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of nessuna
nessun' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of nessuna
nessuno {adj} [in negative sentences]  :: no, any
nessuno {pron}  :: none
nessuno {pron} [masculine only]  :: no one, nobody
nestaia {f}  :: A nursery for plants being grafted
nestiatria {f} [medicine]  :: fasting as a cure
nestore {m}  :: kaka (parrot of genus Nestor)
Nestore {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Nestor
Nestore {prop}  :: given name
Nestore {prop}  :: A river that flows in Umbria
nestorianesimo {m}  :: Nestorianism
nestoriano {adj}  :: Nestorian
netgamer {n}  :: netgamer
netino {adj}  :: Of, or from, Noto
netino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Noto
Neto {prop}  :: A river that flows in Calabria
nettacessi {mf}  :: toilet cleaner
nettamente {adv}  :: clearly
nettamente {adv}  :: definitely, decidedly, absolutely
nettamento {m}  :: cleaning, cleaning up
nettamina {f}  :: A long-handled tool used for removing debris from mines
nettante {v}  :: present participle of nettare
nettapenne {m}  :: pen wiper
nettapiedi {m}  :: doormat
nettapipe {m}  :: pipe cleaner
nettarasoio {m}  :: strop (for cleaning razors)
nettare {m}  :: nectar
nettare {vt} [rare, literary]  :: to clean, clean up
nettareo {adj} [literary]  :: nectarine, sweet, delicious
nettarina {f}  :: nectarine (fruit)
nettarinia {f}  :: sunbird (of the family Nectariniidae)
nettarino {m}  :: nectarine (fruit)
nettarino {adj}  :: nectarine (like nectar)
nettario {m} [botany]  :: nectary
nettaroconca {f} [botany]  :: synonym of nettaroteca
nettaroteca {f} [botany]  :: The part of a flower containing nectar
nettarovia {f} [botany]  :: A structure, in flowers, that guides insect pollinators towards the source of the nectar
nettatoia {f}  :: hawk (plasterer's tool)
nettatoio {m}  :: cleaner (tool)
nettatore {m}  :: cleaner (person)
nettatura {f}  :: cleaning
nettezza {f}  :: cleanness, cleanliness
nettezza {f}  :: clarity
nettezza urbana {f}  :: cleansing department (of a town etc.); department of sanitation
nettissimo {adj}  :: Very clear
nettissimo {adj}  :: Very decided, very marked
netto {adj}  :: clear
netto {adj}  :: net
netto {adv}  :: clearly
nettorina {f}  :: bleach, disinfectant (domestic)
nettunense {adj}  :: Neptunian
nettunense {adj}  :: Of or from Nettuno in Lazio
nettunese {adj}  :: Of or from Nettuno in Lazio
nettuniano {adj} [geology, astronomy]  :: Neptunian
nettunio {m} [chemistry]  :: neptunium
nettunio {adj} [poetic, literary]  :: Neptunian
nettunismo {m} [geology]  :: Neptunism
nettunista {mf} [geology]  :: Neptunist
Nettuno {prop}  :: Neptune (planet)
Nettuno {prop}  :: A small coastal town in the province of Lazio, site of an Allied landing during World War II
netturbino {m}  :: street cleaner
netturbino {m}  :: garbage man
neuma {f} [music]  :: neume
neumatico {adj}  :: neumatic
neuno {adj}  :: obsolete form of niuno
neuno {pron}  :: obsolete form of niuno
neurale {adj}  :: neural
neurale {adj}  :: nervous (relating to the nervous system)
neuralgico {adj}  :: alternative form of nevralgico
neuralizzazione {f}  :: neuralization
neuraminidasi {f} [biochemistry]  :: neuraminidase
neurasse {m}  :: alternative form of nevrasse
neurassite {f} [pathology]  :: neuraxitis (inflammation of the nervous system)
neurastenico {adj}  :: alternative form of nevrastenico
neurectomia {f} [surgery]  :: neurectomy
neurina {f} [organic compound]  :: neurine
neurite {f} [pathology]  :: neuritis
neuritico {adj}  :: neuritic
neuro- {prefix}  :: neuro-
neuro {m}  :: neurological clinic (properly clinica neurologica)
neuro {m} [colloquial]  :: madhouse
neuroanastomosi {f} [surgery]  :: neuroanastomosis
neuroanatomia {f}  :: neuroanatomy
neuroanatomico {adj}  :: neuroanatomical
neurobalistico {adj}  :: neuroballistic
neurobiologia {f}  :: neurobiology
neurobiologico {adj}  :: neurobiological
neurobiologismo {m}  :: neurobiologism
neurobiologo {m}  :: neurobiologist
neuroblasto {m}  :: neuroblast
neuroblastoma {m} [oncology]  :: neuroblastoma
neurochimica {f} [biochemistry]  :: neurochemistry
neurochimica {f}  :: neurochemist (female)
neurochimico {adj}  :: neurochemical
neurochimico {m}  :: neurochemist
neurochirurgia {f}  :: neurosurgery
neurochirurgico {adj}  :: neurosurgical
neurochirurgo {m}  :: neurosurgeon
neurocito {m}  :: neurocyte, neuron
neurocranio {m} [skeleton]  :: neurocranium
neurodegenerativo {adj} [pathology]  :: neurodegenerative
neurodeliri {m} [colloquial]  :: loony bin
neurodermite {f} [disease]  :: neurodermitis, atopic dermatitis
neurodinia {f} [pathology]  :: neurodynia
neuroeconomia {f}  :: neuroeconomics
neuroendocrinologia {f}  :: neuroendocrinology
neuroepiteliale {adj}  :: neuroepithelial
neuroetica {f}  :: neuroethics
neurofarmacologia {f}  :: neuropharmacology
neurofibrilla {f}  :: neurofibril
neurofibrillaro {adj}  :: neurofibrillary
neurofilamento {m}  :: neurofilament
neurofisiologia {f} [physiology]  :: neurophysiology
neurofisiologico {adj}  :: neurophysiological
neurofisiologo {m}  :: neurophysiologist
neurofisiopatologia {f} [pathology]  :: neurophysiopathology
neurofisiopatologo {m} [pathology]  :: neurophysiopathologist
neurogeno {adj} [medicine]  :: neurogenic
neuroglicopenia {f} [medicine]  :: neuroglycopenia
neuroglicopenico {adj}  :: neuroglycopenic
neuroimmagine {f}  :: neuroimaging
neuroimmunologico {adj}  :: neuroimmunological
neuroipofisario {adj}  :: neurohypophyseal
neuroipofisi {f}  :: neurohypophysis
neurolabile {adj}  :: neuropathic
neurolettico {adj}  :: antipsychotic, neuroleptic
neurolettico {m} [pharmacology]  :: antipsychotic, neuroleptic
neurolinguistica {f}  :: neurolinguistics
neurologa {f}  :: neurologist (female)
neurologia {f} [medicine]  :: neurology
neurologicamente {adv}  :: neurologically
neurologico {adj}  :: neurologic, neurological
neurologo {m}  :: neurologist
neuroma {m}  :: neuroma
neuromediatore {m}  :: neuromodulator, neurotransmitter
neuromero {m} [embryology]  :: neuromere
neuromotorio {adj}  :: neuromotor
neuromuscolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: neuromuscular
neuronale {adj}  :: neuronal
neurone {m} [cytology]  :: neuron
neurooncologia {f}  :: neurooncology
neuropatia {f} [pathology]  :: neuropathy
neuropatico {adj}  :: neuropathic
neuropatologia {f}  :: neuropathology
neuropatologico {adj}  :: neuropathological
neuropatologo {m}  :: neuropathologist
neuropeptide {m}  :: neuropeptide
neuroplegico {adj}  :: neuroplegic
neuroprotesi {f}  :: neuroprosthetics
neuropsichiatra {f}  :: cognitive and behavioral neurologist; neuropsychiatrist
neuropsichiatria {f} [medicine]  :: neuropsychiatry
neuropsichiatrico {adj}  :: neuropsychiatric
neuropsichico {adj}  :: neuropsychic, neuropsychiatric
neuropsicologa {f}  :: neuropsychologist (female)
neuropsicologia {f} [psychology]  :: neuropsychology
neuropsicologico {adj}  :: neuropsychological
neuropsicologo {m}  :: neuropsychologist
neurormone {m}  :: neurohormone
neuroscientifico {adj}  :: neuroscientific
neuroscienza {f}  :: neuroscience
neuroscienziato {m}  :: neuroscientist
neurosecernente {adj}  :: neurosecretory
neurosedativo {adj}  :: neuro-sedative
neurosi {f}  :: Variant of nevrosi
neurosifilide {f} [pathology]  :: neurosyphilis
neurospasmo {m}  :: neurospasm, tic, nervous twitch
neurosteroide {m}  :: neurosteroid
neuroterapia {f}  :: neurotherapy
neurotico {adj}  :: Variant of nevrotico
neurotomia {f} [surgery]  :: neurotomy
neurotonico {adj}  :: neurotonic
neurotonico {m}  :: neurotonic
neurotossico {adj}  :: neurotoxic
neurotossina {f}  :: neurotoxin
neurotrasmettitore {m} [biochemistry, neuroscience]  :: neurotransmitter
neurotrasmissione {f}  :: neurotransmission
neurotrofico {adj}  :: neurotrophic
neurotropo {adj}  :: neurotropic
neurovascolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: neurovascular
neurovegetativo {adj} [anatomy]  :: neurovegetative
neustria {f}  :: lackey moth (Malacosoma neustria)
neutrale {adj}  :: neutral
neutrale {m}  :: A neutral
neutralino {m} [physics]  :: neutralino
neutralismo {m}  :: neutralism (all senses)
neutralista {mf}  :: neutralist
neutralistico {adj}  :: neutralist, neutralistic
neutralità {f}  :: neutrality
neutralizzabile {adj}  :: neutralizable
neutralizzabilità {f}  :: neutralizability
neutralizzante {v}  :: present participle of neutralizzare
neutralizzante {adj}  :: neutralizing
neutralizzare {vt}  :: to neutralize, counteract, nullify
neutralizzatore {m}  :: neutralizer
neutralizzazione {f}  :: neutralization (all senses)
neutralmente {adv}  :: neutrally
neutrinico {adj} [physics]  :: neutrinic
neutro {adj}  :: neutral (in all senses)
neutro {adj}  :: neuter
neutrofilia {f}  :: neutrophilia
neutrofilo {adj}  :: neutrophil, neutrophile, neutrophilic
neutrone {m} [physics]  :: neutron
neutronico {adj}  :: neutron (attributive)
neutronio {m} [physics]  :: neutronium
neutropausa {f}  :: neutropause
neutropenia {f} [pathology]  :: neutropenia
neutrosfera {f}  :: neutrosphere
Neva {prop}  :: Neva
nevaia {f}  :: alternative form of neviera
nevaio {m}  :: snowfield
nevale {adj}  :: alternative form of nivale
nevare {v} [obsolete, impersonal]  :: to snow
nevato {adj}  :: snow-clad
nevato {adj}  :: snowcapped
nevato {adj}  :: snow-white
neve {f} [weather]  :: snow
neve {f} [slang, uncountable]  :: snow (cocaine)
nevicante {v}  :: present participle of nevicare
nevicare {v} [impersonal]  :: to snow
nevicata {f}  :: snowfall
nevicata {f}  :: snow (an instance of falling of snow)
nevico {adj}  :: Relating to, or associated with a mole (on the skin)
neviera {f}  :: icehouse
nevigare {v}  :: alternative form of nevicare
Nevio {prop}  :: given name
nevischiante {v}  :: present participle of nevischiare
nevischiare {v}  :: to sleet
nevischio {m}  :: sleet
nevisiano {adj}  :: Of or from Nevis or Saint Kitts and Nevis
nevografo {m}  :: alternative form of nivografo
nevola {f}  :: synonym of cartellata
nevometro {m}  :: snow-gauge
nevosità {f}  :: snowfall (the amount of snow that falls on one occasion)
nevoso {adj} [weather]  :: snowy
nevoso {adj}  :: snowclad, snow-covered
nevoso {m} [historical]  :: Nivôse (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar)
nevralgia {f}  :: neuralgia
nevralgico {adj}  :: neuralgic
nevrasse {m} [anatomy]  :: neuraxis
nevrassite {f}  :: alternative form of neurassite
nevrastenia {f}  :: neurasthenia
nevrastenico {adj}  :: neurasthenic
nevrastenico {adj}  :: hot-tempered
nevrectomia {f}  :: alternative form of neurectomia
nevrilemma {f}  :: neurilemma
nevrite {f} [pathology]  :: neuritis
nevritico {adj}  :: alternative form of neuritico
nevro- {prefix}  :: neuro-
nevroglia {f}  :: glia, neuroglia
nevropatia {f}  :: alternative form of neuropatia
nevrosi {f} [psychology]  :: neurosis
nevroticamente {adv}  :: neurotically
nevrotico {adj}  :: neurotic (all senses)
nevrotizzante {v}  :: present participle of nevrotizzare
nevrotizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of nevrotizzarsi
nevrotizzare {vt}  :: to make neurotic
nevrotizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of nevrotizzare
nevrotizzarsi {vr}  :: to become neurotic
nevrotizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of nevrotizzarsi
nevvero {interj} [colloquial, Northern Italy]  :: isn't it so?; isn't that true?
newton {m}  :: newton
newtoniano {adj} [physics]  :: Newtonian
newyorchese {adj}  :: alternative spelling of newyorkese
newyorchese {mf}  :: alternative spelling of newyorkese
newyorkese {adj}  :: New York (attributive)
newyorkese {mf}  :: New Yorker
négligé {m}  :: negligee
ni {adv} [colloquial]  :: Neither yes nor no (a play on no and si)
ni {mf}  :: nu (Greek letter)
niacina {f} [organic compound]  :: niacin
Niassa {prop}  :: Nyasa
Nibali {prop}  :: surname
Nibali {prop}  :: Vincenzo Nibali, Italian cyclist
nibbio {m}  :: kite - the bird
nibbio bruno {m}  :: black kite
nibbio codadirondine {m}  :: swallow-tailed kite
nibbio reale {m}  :: red kite
Nibelunghi {prop}  :: Nibelungs, Nibelungen
nibelungico {adj}  :: Nibelungs, Nibelungen (attributive)
Nicà {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Calabria
Nicaragua {prop}  :: Nicaragua
nicaraguegno {adj}  :: Nicaraguan
nicaraguense {adj}  :: Nicaraguan
nicaraguense {mf}  :: Nicaraguan
nicaraguese {adj}  :: synonym of nicaraguense
nicchia {f}  :: niche
nicchia {f}  :: cavity, hollow (in a hill etc)
nicchia ecologica {f} [ecology]  :: ecological niche
nicchiamento {m}  :: shilly-shallying
nicchiante {v}  :: present participle of nicchiare
nicchiare {vi}  :: To hesitate or shilly-shally
niccianesimo {m}  :: alternative form of nietzschianesimo
nicciano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of nietzschiano
niccio {m}  :: alternative form of neccio
Niccolò {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Nicola, cognate to English Nicholas
Niccola {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Nicholas
Nicea {prop}  :: Nicaea, İznik
niceno {adj}  :: Nicene, Nicaean
nichel {m} [chemistry]  :: nickel
nichelante {v}  :: present participle of nichelare
nichelare {vt}  :: To nickel (plate with nickel)
nichelargento {m}  :: nickel silver
nichelato {adj}  :: nickel-plated
nichelatore {m}  :: nickel-plater
nichelatura {f}  :: nickel-plating
nichelcromo {m}  :: nichrome
nichelifero {adj}  :: nickeliferous
nichelino {m} [dated]  :: A small nickel coin used in Italy before the Second World War
nichelino {m} [by extension]  :: Money of little value
Nichelino {prop}  :: A town in the province of Torino in Piemonte
nichelio {m}  :: alternative form of nichel
nicheloso {adj}  :: nickelous
nichilismo {m}  :: nihilism
nichilista {adj}  :: nihilistic
nichilista {mf}  :: nihilist
nichilistico {adj}  :: nihilistic
nichilità {f} [obsolete]  :: nonentity
Nicia {prop}  :: Nicias
Nico {prop}  :: given name
Nicobare {prop}  :: Nicobar Islands
nicodemismo {m}  :: Nicodemism
nicodemita {mf}  :: Nicodemite
Nicodemo {prop}  :: Nicodemus
Nicolò {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Nicola, cognate to English Nicholas
Nicola {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to English Nicholas
nicolaismo {m}  :: Nicolaism
nicolaita {mf}  :: Nicolaitan
Nicolao {prop}  :: given name
Nicoletta {prop}  :: given name, feminine diminutive form of Nicola ( Nicholas)
Nicolucci {prop}  :: surname
nicomacheo {adj}  :: Nicomachean
Nicosia {prop}  :: Nicosia
nicotina {f}  :: nicotine
nicotinammide {f} [organic compound]  :: nicotinamide
nicotinico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: nicotinic
nicotinismo {m}  :: nicotinism (nicotine poisoning)
nicotino {adj}  :: nicotine (attributive)
nictalope {adj}  :: nyctalopic
nictalopia {f} [pathology]  :: nyctalopia
nictalopo {adj}  :: nyctalopic
nictemerale {adj}  :: alternative form of nittemerale
nicticora {f}  :: alternative form of nitticora
nictitante {adj}  :: alternative form of nittitante
nictitazione {f}  :: alternative form of nittitazione
nictografia {f}  :: nyctography
nictografo {m}  :: nyctograph
nicturia {f} [medicine]  :: nocturia
nidata {f}  :: alternative form of nidiata
nidiace {adj} [ornithology]  :: nestling
nidiaceo {adj} [ornithology]  :: nestling
nidiandolo {m}  :: nest egg (egg placed in a bird's nest to encourage it to lay)
nidiata {f}  :: brood (of birds etc)
nidiata {f}  :: litter (of animals)
nidicolo {adj}  :: nidicolous
nidificante {v}  :: present participle of nidificare
nidificare {vi}  :: to nest
nidificazione {f}  :: nidification, nest building
nidiforme {adj}  :: nidiform (nest-shaped)
nidifugo {adj}  :: nidifugous
nidio {m}  :: Variant of nido
nido {m}  :: nest, home
nidore {m}  :: The smell of burning animals, nidor
Nidvaldo {prop}  :: Nidwalden (Swiss canton)
niellante {v}  :: present participle of niellare
niellare {vt}  :: To decorate with niello
niellatore {m}  :: A person who makes niello articles
niellatura {f}  :: niello-work
niello {m}  :: niello
nielsbohrio {m}  :: nielsbohrium
nient {pron}  :: apocopic form of niente
nient' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of niente
nient' {adv} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of niente
nient'affatto {adv}  :: not at all
nient'altro {pron}  :: nothing else
niente {pron}  :: nothing
niente {pron}  :: anything
niente {adj}  :: no, (after a negative) any
niente {adv}  :: at all
niente {adv}  :: nothing, anything
niente {m}  :: nothing
niente di fatto {adv}  :: nowhere
nientedimanco {adv}  :: alternative form of nientedimeno
niente di meno {adv} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of nientedimeno
nientedimeno {adv}  :: even
nientedimeno {adv}  :: no less
nientedimeno {interj}  :: I say!, you don't say!, really!
nientemeno {adv}  :: actually
nientemeno {adv}  :: even
nientemeno {adv}  :: no less
nientepopodimeno {adv} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of nientedimeno
nientepopodimeno {interj} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of nientedimeno
nientologo {m}  :: know-it-all
nietzscheano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of nietzschiano
nietzschianesimo {m} [philososphy]  :: Nietzscheanism
nietzschiano {adj} [philosophy]  :: Nietzschean (all senses)
nievo {m}  :: [Northern Italy] synonym of nipote
nievo {m}  :: (male) grandchild, grandson
nievo {m}  :: nephew
Nievo {prop}  :: surname
nife {m} [geology]  :: nife
niffo {m}  :: snout
niffo {m}  :: muzzle (part of an animal's head)
nigella {f}  :: nigella
Niger {prop}  :: Niger (country)
Niger {prop}  :: Niger (river)
Nigeria {prop}  :: Nigeria
nigeriana {f}  :: Nigerian (female)
nigeriano {adj}  :: Nigerian
nigeriano {m}  :: Nigerian
nigerina {f}  :: Nigerien (female)
nigerino {adj}  :: Nigerien
nigerino {m}  :: Nigerien
Niggli {prop}  :: surname
Niggli {prop}  :: Paul Niggli, Swiss geologist
night {m}  :: nightclub
nigranilina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: nigraniline, aniline black
nigricante {adj}  :: blackish
nigricante {adj}  :: swarthy
nigritella {f}  :: Any of various mountain orchids of the genus Nigritella
nigrizia {f}  :: synonym of negritudine
nigrizia {f}  :: synonym of nerezza
nihonio {m} [chemistry]  :: nihonium
nikud {n}  :: nikud
Nilde {prop}  :: given name
niliaco {adj}  :: Nilotic (relating to the Nile)
Nilo {prop}  :: Nile
nilota {mf}  :: Nilote
nilotico {adj}  :: Nilotic
nimbato {adj}  :: nimbed, haloed
nimbo {m}  :: halo
nimbo {m}  :: nimbus
Nimega {prop}  :: Nijmegen
nimichevole {adj}  :: alternative form of nemichevole
nimichevolmente {adv}  :: alternative form of nemichevolmente
nimico {adj}  :: alternative form of nemico
nimistà {f}  :: enmity, hostility
-nimo {suffix}  :: -nym
nimo {pron}  :: nobody
né in cielo né in terra {adj}  :: nowhere
né in cielo né in terra {adj}  :: unprecedented
né in cielo né in terra {adj}  :: inadmissible (evidence)
ninfa {f}  :: nymph
ninfacea {f}  :: Any water lily of the family Nymphaeaceae
ninfale {adj}  :: nymphean, nymphal
ninfea {f}  :: water lily
ninfeggiante {v}  :: present participle of ninfeggiare
ninfeggiare {v}  :: To act mawkishly, coyly or flirtatiously
ninfeo {m}  :: nymphaeum
ninferno {m}  :: alternative form of inferno
ninfetta {f}  :: nymphet
ninfomane {adj}  :: nymphomaniac (attributive)
ninfomane {f}  :: nymphomaniac
ninfomania {f}  :: nymphomania
ninfosi {f}  :: pupation
Ninive {prop}  :: Ninive (ancient city)
ninja {n} [historical]  :: ninja
ninna {f} [colloquial]  :: sleep, beddy-byes
ninna nanna {f}  :: alternative spelling of ninnananna
ninnananna {f}  :: lullaby
ninnante {v}  :: present participle of ninnare
ninnare {vt}  :: to sing a lullaby
ninnare {vt}  :: to lull or rock to sleep
ninnolante {v}  :: present participle of ninnolare
ninnolare {vt}  :: To amuse
ninnolo {m}  :: knick-knack, trinket
ninnolo {m}  :: plaything
ninnolo {m}  :: frill
ninnolone {m}  :: idler, loafer, time-waster
nino {m}  :: baby (informal, hypocorism)
niobato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: niobate
Niobe {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Niobe
niobico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: niobic
niobio {m} [chemistry]  :: niobium (a metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 41)
nipio- {prefix}  :: paedo-, pedo- (related to children or infants)
nipiologia {f}  :: paedology
nipiologico {adj}  :: paudeological, pedological
nipiologo {m}  :: paedologist, pedologist
nipitella {f}  :: alternative form of nepitella
nipote {mf}  :: grandchild, grandson, granddaughter
nipote {mf}  :: nephew, niece, nibling
nipote {mf} [by extension, in the plural]  :: descendants
nipoteria {f}  :: All of one's grandchildren or nephews/nieces
nipotina {f}  :: granddaughter
nipotina {f}  :: niece
nipotino {m}  :: grandson
nipotino {m}  :: nephew
nipotismo {m}  :: Variant of nepotismo
nipplo {m}  :: nipple (on a mechanism)
nippofilia {f} [usually uncountable]  :: Japanophilia (strong interest in Japan)
nipponico {adj}  :: Japanese, Nipponese
nipponismo {m} [linguistics]  :: Nipponism (Japanese word or expression used in the Italian language)
Nipro {prop}  :: The river Dnieper
niquità {f}  :: alternative form of iniquità
nirvana {m}  :: nirvana
nirvanico {adj}  :: nirvanic
nisba {adv}  :: nix, none
nisba {adv}  :: [colloquial] in no way
Niscoromni {prop}  :: surname
Nisida {prop}  :: A very small island in the gulf of Naples
nisina {f} [medicine]  :: nisin
Nisiro {prop}  :: Nisyros (Greek island)
Niso {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Nisus
Niso {prop}  :: given name
nisseno {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Caltanissetta
nisseno {m}  :: Native of inhabitant of Caltanissetta
nissuno {pron}  :: alternative form of nessuno
nistagmico {adj}  :: nystagmic
nistagmo {m} [physiology, pathology]  :: nystagmus
Nistro {prop}  :: The river Dnieper
nitidamente {adv}  :: clearly
nitidamente {adv}  :: sharply
nitidezza {f}  :: clearness
nitidezza {f}  :: clarity
nitidezza {f}  :: sharpness (of an image)
nitido {adj}  :: sharp (of an image)
nitido {adj}  :: clear
nitido {adj}  :: limpid
nitido {adj}  :: clean
nitramidina {f}  :: nitramidine
nitrante {v}  :: present participle of nitrare
nitrare {vt}  :: To nitrate
nitratante {v}  :: present participle of nitratare
nitratare {vt}  :: To add nitrates to the land as fertilizer
nitratazione {f}  :: The addition of nitrates to the land as fertilizer
nitratina {f} [mineral]  :: nitratine, nitre, saltpetre
nitrato {adj}  :: nitrated
nitrato {m}  :: nitrate
nitrato di magnesio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: magnesium nitrate
nitrato di sodio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium nitrate
nitratore {m}  :: nitrator
nitratura {f}  :: See nitratazione
nitrazione {f}  :: nitration
nitrenio {m} [inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry]  :: nitrenium
nitrente {v}  :: present participle of nitrire
nitreria {f}  :: nitrary
nitrico {adj}  :: nitric
nitriera {f}  :: nitrary
nitrificante {v}  :: present participle of nitrificare
nitrificante {adj}  :: nitrifying
nitrificare {vt}  :: to nitrify
nitrificazione {f}  :: nitrification
nitrile {m}  :: nitrile
nitrire {vi}  :: To neigh
nitrito {m}  :: the neigh of a horse
nitrito {m} [chemistry]  :: nitrite
nitro {m}  :: nitre, saltpetre
nitro {f}  :: nitroglycerine
nitro- {prefix}  :: nitro-
nitroammina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: nitroamine
nitrobarite {f} [mineralogy]  :: nitrobarite
nitrobatterio {m}  :: nitrobacterium
nitrobenzene {m} [organic compound]  :: nitrobenzene
nitrobenzolo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: nitrobenzene
nitrocarbammide {f} [organic chemistry]  :: nitrourea
nitrocellulosa {f}  :: nitrocellulose
nitrocomposto {m} [chemistry]  :: nitro compound
nitroderivato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: nitro-derivative
nitrofilo {adj} [botany]  :: nitrophilous
nitroformiato {m} [chemistry]  :: nitroformate
nitrofosfato {m}  :: nitrophosphate
nitrogenasi {f} [enzyme]  :: nitrogenase
nitrogeno {m} [obsolete, chemistry]  :: nitrogen
nitroglicerina {f} [organic compound]  :: nitroglycerine
nitroglicol {m} [organic compound]  :: nitroglycol
nitrogruppo {m} [organic chemistry]  :: The nitro functional group
nitroguanidina {f} [organic compound]  :: nitroguanidine
nitrometano {m} [organic chemistry]  :: nitromethane
nitronaftalina {f} [organic compound]  :: nitronaphthalene
nitroprussiato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: nitroprusside, nitroferricyanide
nitrosammina {f} [organic chemistry]  :: nitrosamine
nitrosazione {f}  :: nitrosation
nitroso {adj} [chemistry]  :: nitrous
nitrosonio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: nitrosonium
nitrossido {m} [organic chemistry]  :: nitroxide
nitrossile {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: nitrosyl
nitrurazione {f}  :: nitriding
nitruro {m}  :: nitride
nitruro di sodio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: sodium nitride
nittalope {adj}  :: alternative form of nictalope
nittalopia {f}  :: alternative form of nictalopia
nittemerale {adj}  :: nictemeral
Nitti {prop}  :: surname
nitticora {f}  :: black-crowned night heron
nittitante {adj}  :: nictitating
nittitazione {f}  :: nictitation
niubbo {m} [Internet]  :: newbie, noob
niuno {adj} [literary]  :: no, any
niuno {pron} [literary]  :: no one, nobody
nivale {adj} [literary]  :: snowy
nivale {adj} [geography]  :: snow (attributive)
nivazione {f} [geology]  :: nivation
niveo {adj} [literary]  :: snow-white, snowy, niveous
niveo {adj} [literary]  :: snowy, covered in snow
niveometrico {adj}  :: alternative form of nivometrico
nivografo {m}  :: A graphical instrument that measures snowfall
nivologia {f}  :: The study of snow
nivometrica {f}  :: (measured amount of) snowfall
nivometrico {adj}  :: nivometric
nivometro {m}  :: alternative form of nevometro
nizatidina {f} [organic compound]  :: nizatidine
nizioleto {m} [Venice]  :: A type of Venetian street sign painted directly on the plaster of walls
Nizza {prop}  :: Nice (Mediterranean city in France)
Nizza Monferrato {prop}  :: Nizza Monferrato (town)
nizzarda {f}  :: feminine noun of nizzardo
nizzardo {adj} [attributive]  :: Nice (from or pertaining to the French city of Nice)
nizzardo {m}  :: A person from Nice
nizzese {adj}  :: Of or from Nizza Monferrato
nizzese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Nizza Monferrato
nn {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging, slang]  :: abbreviation of non
no {adv}  :: no
no {adv}  :: not
Noè {prop}  :: Noah [biblical character]
Noè {prop}  :: given name
NO {abbr}  :: Novara (Italian town in Piemonte)
noachide {adj}  :: Noahide
noachide {mf}  :: Noahide
Noale {prop}  :: A small town near Mirano in the Veneto
nobel {mf}  :: alternative case form of Nobel
Nobel {m}  :: short for premio Nobel; Nobel Prize
Nobel {mf} [metonymy]  :: A Nobel Prize winner
nobelio {m} [chemistry]  :: nobelium
nobildonna {f}  :: noblewoman
nobile {adj}  :: aristocratic, noble, titled
nobile {adj} [figuratively]  :: noble, lofty
nobile {adj} [chemistry]  :: noble
nobilea {f}  :: The nobility (as a group)
nobilesco {adj}  :: noble, aristocratic
nobiliare {adj}  :: noble
nobilissimo {adj}  :: Very noble, very worthy
nobilità {f}  :: nobility (all senses)
nobilitamento {m}  :: ennoblement
nobilitante {v}  :: present participle of nobilitare
nobilitantesi {v}  :: present participle of nobilitarsi
nobilitare {vt}  :: To ennoble or dignify
nobilitarsi {vr}  :: To ennoble oneself
nobilitatore {m}  :: ennobler
nobilitatosi {v}  :: past participle of nobilitarsi
nobilitazione {f}  :: ennobling, ennoblement
nobilmente {adv}  :: nobly
nobiltà {f}  :: nobility
nobilume {m}  :: The nobility (as a group)
nobiluomo {m}  :: nobleman
noblesse oblige {phrase}  :: Noble or more generally high-ranked people have honourable obligations towards lower-ranked or less fortunate ones, and should behave nobly towards them
noblesse oblige {m}  :: noblesse oblige (the honourable obligation that is the responsibility of those of high rank)
nocca {f}  :: knuckle
nocchia {f}  :: alternative form of nocciola
nocchier {m}  :: apocopic form of nocchiero
nocchiere {m} [nautical]  :: Variant of nocchiero
nocchiero {m} [nautical]  :: helmsman
nocchiero {m} [nautical]  :: boatswain, bosun
nocchieruto {adj}  :: knotty
nocchino {m}  :: A blow to the head using the knuckles
nocchio {m} [botany]  :: knot, node
nocchioluto {adj}  :: knotty
nocchioso {adj}  :: synonym of nocchiuto
nocchiuto {adj}  :: knotty
nocciola {f}  :: hazelnut, filbert
nocciola {m}  :: hazel (color)
nocciola {adj}  :: hazel (color)
nocciolaia {f}  :: spotted nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes)
nocciolaia {f}  :: hazelnut seller (female)
nocciolaio {m}  :: hazelnut seller
nocciolato {m}  :: nut chocolate
noccioleto {m}  :: hazel grove
nocciolina {f} [rare]  :: diminutive of nocciola
nocciolina {f}  :: peanut
nocciolino {m}  :: Chopped, toasted hazelnuts
nocciolino {m}  :: dormouse
nocciolino {m}  :: A boyish game involving peach stones
nocciolo {m}  :: stone, kernel (of a fruit)
nocciolo {m} [figuratively]  :: core, heart
nocciolo {m}  :: hazel (tree)
nocciolo {m}  :: hazel (wood)
nocciuola {f} [literary]  :: alternative form of nocciola
nocciuolo {m}  :: obsolete form of nocciolo
noccola {f}  :: synonym of nocca
noccoliere {m} [weapons]  :: knuckle duster
noccoluto {adj}  :: knuckled
noce {f}  :: nut, walnut (fruit)
noce {m}  :: walnut tree
noce {m}  :: the wood of that tree
noce americano {n}  :: hickory
noce del piede {f} [skeleton, familiar]  :: malleolus
noce di cocco {f}  :: coconut
nocella {f} [anatomy]  :: wrist bone
nocella {f}  :: pivot (of a compass)
noce moscata {f} [spices and herbs]  :: nutmeg
nocente {adj} [obsolete, literary]  :: harmful, noxious
nocente {adj} [obsolete, literary]  :: guilty
nocente {v}  :: present participle of nuocere
nocepesca {f}  :: nectarine (fruit)
nocepesco {m}  :: nectarine (tree)
Nocera {prop}  :: Any of several places in Italy
nocerino {adj}  :: Of or relating to Nocera
nocerino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Nocera
noceto {m}  :: walnut orchard
nocetta {f}  :: A system of catching birds using decoys placed under tall plants
nocetta {f}  :: A cut of meat (veal) from the lower thigh
nocetta {f}  :: hazel (colour)
nocevole {adj}  :: synonym of nocivo
nocevolezza {f}  :: harmfulness
nocibile {adj} [obsolete]  :: harmful, noxious, injurious
nocicettivo {adj}  :: nociceptive
nocicettore {m} [biology]  :: nociceptor
nocicezione {f} [biology]  :: nociception
nocino {m}  :: nocino
nocino {m}  :: A childish game in which walnuts are thrown against a pyramid of four other walnuts
nocitore {adj}  :: harmful, injurious
nocivamente {adv}  :: harmfully, noxiously, injuriously
nocività {f}  :: harmfulness
nocivo {adj}  :: harmful, bad, noxious, injurious
nocosomiale {adj}  :: nocosomial
nocumento {m} [literary]  :: harm, injury, damage
nocuo {adj}  :: harmful, injurious, noxious
nodale {adj}  :: nodal
nodale {adj}  :: of fundamental importance
nodello {m}  :: fetlock
nodello {m}  :: node in the stem of a reed
noderoso {adj}  :: synonym of nodoso
nodino {m}  :: A chop (cut of meat), especially of veal or pork
nodo {m}  :: knot, gnarl
nodo {m}  :: bond, tie
nodo {m}  :: node, vertex
nodo {m}  :: crux
nodo {m}  :: road junction
nodo {m} [unit of measure]  :: knot
nodo gordiano {m}  :: Gordian knot
nodo linfatico {m} [anatomy]  :: lymph node
nodoroso {adj}  :: alternative form of noderoso
nodo scorsoio {m}  :: slip knot, running knot
nodosità {f}  :: knottiness
nodosità {f}  :: nodosity
nodoso {adj}  :: knotted
nodoso {adj}  :: knotty, gnarly
nodoso {adj} [medicine, biology]  :: nodose
nodrente {v}  :: present participle of nodrire
nodrice {f}  :: alternative form of nutrice
nodrire {v}  :: alternative form of nutrire
nodrito {adj} [heraldry]  :: couped
nodulare {adj}  :: nodular
nodularina {f}  :: nodularin
nodulizzante {adj}  :: nodulizing
nodulo {m}  :: nodule
noduloso {adj}  :: nodulose
noematico {adj}  :: noematic
Noemi {prop}  :: Naomi [biblical character]
Noemi {prop}  :: given name
noesi {f} [philosophy]  :: noesis
noetheriano {adj} [mathematics]  :: noetherian
noetico {adj} [philosophy]  :: noetic
noi {pron}  :: we; us
noia {f} [obsolete]  :: anguish, sorrow
noia {f}  :: boredom, tediousness
noia {f}  :: bore, yawn, drag
noia {f}  :: nuisance, bother, trouble, hassle
noialtri {pron}  :: us
noiante {v}  :: present participle of noiare
noiare {v}  :: synonym of annoiare
noiosamente {adv}  :: boringly, tediously
noiosissimo {adj}  :: Very boring, very tedious
noiosità {f}  :: tediousness, boringness
noioso {adj}  :: boring, tedious, dull, tiresome
noioso {adj}  :: annoying, troublesome, irritating
noioso {m}  :: bore
noioso {m}  :: annoying person, nuisance
noi stesse {pron}  :: ourselves
noi stessi {pron}  :: ourselves
nol {pron} [literary, archaic]  :: contraction of non lo
Nola {prop}  :: Nola: a town near Naples in Campania in Italy
nolano {adj}  :: Of or from Nola
Nolcini {prop}  :: surname
noleggiabile {adj}  :: hireable, charterable
noleggiamento {m}  :: hiring, renting, chartering
noleggiamento {m}  :: lease, charter
noleggiante {v}  :: present participle of noleggiare
noleggiare {vt}  :: to hire, rent, charter
noleggiare {vt}  :: to hire out, rent out
noleggiatore {m}  :: hirer
noleggiatore {m}  :: charterer
noleggio {m}  :: hire, hiring, renting
noleggio {m}  :: hire, rental, freight
nolente {adj}  :: unwilling
nolo {m}  :: hire, hiring, renting
nolo {m}  :: hire, rental, freight
nomade {adj}  :: nomadic
nomade {m}  :: A nomad (male or of unspecified sex)
nomade {f}  :: A nomad (female)
nomadico {adj}  :: nomadic
nomadismo {m}  :: nomadism
nomadistico {adj}  :: nomadistic
nomante {v}  :: present participle of nomare
nomar {v}  :: apocopic form of nomare
nomare {vt} [obsolete]  :: to name
nomare {vt} [obsolete]  :: to call (someone by name)
nome {m}  :: name
nome {m}  :: first name
nome {m}  :: name, reputation
nome {m} [grammar]  :: noun
nomea {f}  :: notoriety
nomea {f}  :: reputation
nome aggettivo {n}  :: synonym of aggettivo: adjective
nome binomiale {m}  :: binomial name
nome botanico {m} [botany]  :: botanical name
nome comune {m}  :: common name
nome da nubile {m}  :: maiden name
nome da ragazza {m}  :: maiden name
nome d'arte {m}  :: stage name
nome d'arte {m}  :: nom de plume, pen name
nome di battaglia {m}  :: nom de guerre
nome di battesimo {m}  :: Christian name, first name
nome di dominio {m} [computing]  :: domain name
nome di host {m} [computing]  :: hostname
nome di luogo {m}  :: placename
nome generico {m}  :: generic name
nome in codice {m}  :: code name
nomenclatura {f}  :: nomenclature
nomenclaturale {adj}  :: nomenclatural
nomenklatura {f}  :: nomenklatura
Nomentano {prop}  :: A district of Rome
nome proprio {m} [grammar]  :: proper noun
nome proprio di persona {m}  :: given name, first name
nome scientifico {m}  :: scientific name
nome utente {m} [computing]  :: username
-nomia {suffix}  :: -nomy
-nomia {suffix}  :: -nomics
nomico {adj} [sciences]  :: nomic
nomignolo {m}  :: nickname, pet name
nomina {f}  :: nomination, appointment, election
nomina {f}  :: constitution, assignment
nominabile {adj}  :: mentionable
nominabilità {f}  :: Property of being mentionable
nominale {adj}  :: nominal (in all senses)
nominalismo {m} [philosophy]  :: nominalism
nominalista {mf} [philosophy]  :: nominalist
nominalisticamente {adv}  :: nominalistically
nominalistico {adj}  :: nominalistic
nominalizzante {v}  :: present participle of nominalizzare
nominalizzare {vt}  :: [linguistics] To nominalize
nominalizzatore {m} [linguistics]  :: nominalizer
nominalizzazione {f} [linguistics]  :: nominalization
nominalmente {adv}  :: nominally
nominante {v}  :: present participle of nominare
nominanza {f}  :: name (fame, reputation)
nominare {v}  :: to name, call, dub
nominare {v}  :: to mention
nominare {v}  :: to nominate, designate, elect, appoint
nominare {v}  :: to institute
nominare {v}  :: to constitute
nominatamente {adv}  :: by name
nominatamente {adv}  :: namely
nominatamente {adv}  :: expressly, explicitly
nominativamente {adv}  :: nominally
nominativamente {adv}  :: namely
nominatività {f}  :: registration
nominativo {adj}  :: nominative (in all senses)
nominativo {adj}  :: registered
nominativo {m}  :: nominative case
nominato {adj}  :: named
nominato {adj}  :: mentioned
nominato {adj}  :: famous (rare)
nominatore {m}  :: nominator
nominatrice {f}  :: (female) nominator
nominazione {f}  :: appointment
nominazione {f}  :: name
-nomo {suffix}  :: -nomer, -nomist (forms nouns relating to experts in a field)
-nomo {suffix}  :: -noumous
nomofilace {m}  :: nomophylax
nomofilachia {m}  :: The uniform interpretation of national legislation (by the Supreme Court)
nomofilatico {adj}  :: nomophylactic
nomofilattico {adj} [legal]  :: nomophylactic
nomofobia {f}  :: nomophobia
nomografia {f}  :: nomography
nomografico {adj}  :: nomographic
nomografo {m}  :: nomograph
nomogramma {m} [mathematics]  :: nomogram, nomograph
nomologia {f}  :: nomology
nomoteta {m}  :: nomothete
nomotetico {adj}  :: nomothetic
non {adv}  :: not
non {adv}  :: un-
Nona {prop}  :: Nin, a town of Croatia
non affatto {adv}  :: not at all
nonagesimo {adj}  :: ninetieth
nonagono {m}  :: synonym of ennagono
nonano {m} [organic compound]  :: nonane
non avere né arte né parte {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be good-for-nothing
non belligeranza {f}  :: nonaggression
nonbelligeranza {f}  :: alternative form of non belligeranza
non buttarti alla cieca {proverb}  :: look before you leap
non capisco {phrase}  :: I don't understand
non c'è che dire {phrase}  :: without a doubt
non c'è che dire {phrase}  :: no doubt
non c'è di che {phrase}  :: Don't mention it, no problem, not at all (conventional reply to an expression of gratitude)
non c'è due senza tre {proverb}  :: bad things come in threes (unfortunate events usually occur more than twice)
non c'è due senza tre {proverb}  :: good things come in threes (fortunate events hopefully occur more than twice)
Noncello {prop}  :: A river that flows in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
nonché {conj}  :: let alone
nonché {conj}  :: as well as
nonconformismo {m}  :: nonconformism
nonconformista {adj}  :: nonconformist
nonconformista {mf}  :: nonconformist
nonconformistico {adj}  :: nonconformist
noncototiente {adj} [mathematics]  :: noncototient (attributive)
noncredente {mf}  :: nonbeliever
non c'è trippa per gatti {phrase} [idiom]  :: there isn't a snowball's chance in hell (what someone is suggesting is not going to happen under any circumstances even though it may have happened in the past)
noncurante {adj}  :: indifferent (to)
noncurante {adj}  :: careless (of)
noncurante {adj}  :: nonchalant
noncurantemente {adv}  :: indifferently (to)
noncurantemente {adv}  :: carelessly (of)
noncurantemente {adv}  :: nonchalantly
noncuranza {f}  :: carelessness
noncuranza {f}  :: indifference
noncuranza {f}  :: nonchalance
nondimanco {conj}  :: synonym of nondimeno
nondimen {conj}  :: apocopic form of nondimeno
nondimeno {conj}  :: nonetheless
non dire gatto se non ce l'hai nel sacco {proverb}  :: don't count your chickens before they're hatched
non dire né ai né bai {phrase}  :: Don't say a word
non di solo pane vive l'uomo {proverb}  :: man cannot live by bread alone
nonenzimatico {adj}  :: nonenzymatic
noneso {adj}  :: Nones (dialect) (attributive)
nonetto {m} [music]  :: nonet
non fumatore {m}  :: non-smoker
non fumatrice {f}  :: [female] non-smoker
nonile {m}  :: nonyl
non innacquato {adj}  :: undiluted, unadulterated, straight, without adding water
nonio {m}  :: nonius
non-io {m} [philosophy]  :: nonego, nonself
Nonis {prop}  :: surname
non lo so {phrase}  :: I don't know
non me fotte {phrase}  :: I don't give a fuck
non-metallo {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: nonmetal
nonmetallo {m}  :: alternative form of non-metallo
nonna {f}  :: grandmother, granny, grannie
nonna materna {f}  :: maternal grandmother
nonna paterna {f}  :: paternal grandmother
nonnetto {m}  :: grandpa
nonnina {f}  :: grandma, granny
nonnino {m}  :: grandpa, granddad
nonnismo {m}  :: hazing
nonno {m}  :: grandfather
nonno {m} [in the plural]  :: grandparents
nonno materno {m}  :: maternal grandfather
nonno paterno {m}  :: paternal grandfather
nonnulla {m}  :: trifle, mere nothing, nothing
nono {adj}  :: ninth
nono {m}  :: ninth (fraction)
nono {m}  :: ninth (one in 9th position)
nonostante {conj}  :: though (+ conjunctive)
nonostante {conj}  :: in spite of; notwithstanding
non parlo inglese {phrase}  :: I don't speak English
non parlo italiano {phrase}  :: I don't speak Italian
nonpertanto {conj}  :: synonym of nondimeno
non piangere sul latte versato {proverb}  :: don't cry over spilt milk
non piangere sul latte versato {proverb}  :: don't cry over spilled milk
non piangere sul latte versato {proverb}  :: there's no use crying over spilt milk
non plus ultra {m}  :: the last word in ~, the very best
nonsenso {m}  :: absurdity
nonsenso {m}  :: foolishness
non-stop {adv}  :: nonstop
nontiscordardimé {m}  :: forget-me-not
nontotiente {adj} [mathematics]  :: nontotient
nonuplo {adj}  :: nonuple
nonuplo {m}  :: nonuple
non vedenti {mp}  :: The visually handicapped
non vendere la pelle dell'orso prima di averlo ucciso {proverb}  :: don't count your chickens before they're hatched
nonviolento {adj}  :: nonviolent
nonviolenza {f}  :: nonviolence
noologia {f}  :: noology
noosfera {f}  :: noosphere
nop {interj} [colloquial, neologism]  :: nope
noradrenalina {f} [hormone]  :: noradrenaline
norbertino {adj}  :: Norbertine
Norberto {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Norbert
Norbiato {prop}  :: surname Typical of Veneto
norbissina {f}  :: norbixin
Norcia {prop}  :: A town in the province of Perugia, Umbria, Italy
norcineria {f}  :: pork butcher's (shop selling pork, salami etc)
norcino {adj}  :: Of or from Norcia
norcino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Norcia
norcino {m}  :: pork butcher
nord {m}  :: north
nord {adj}  :: northern
nord- {prefix}  :: north (attribute), northern
Nordafrica {prop}  :: North Africa
nordafricano {adj}  :: North African
nordafricano {m}  :: North African
Nordamerica {prop}  :: North America
nordamericano {adj}  :: North American
nordamericano {m}  :: North American
nordatlantico {adj}  :: North Atlantic (attributive)
nordcoerano {adj}  :: North Korean
nordcoerano {m}  :: North Korean (person)
nordcoreano {adj}  :: North Korean
nordcoreano {m}  :: North Korean
nordest {m}  :: north-east
nordeuropeo {adj}  :: North European
nordeuropeo {m}  :: A North European person
nordico {adj}  :: Nordic
nordide {mf} [anthropology]  :: Nordic
Nordio {prop}  :: surname Typical of Veneto
nordirlandese {adj}  :: Northern Irish, of Northern Ireland
nordirlandese {mf}  :: A Northern Irish person
nordista {adj}  :: Yankee
nordista {adj}  :: northern
nordista {mf}  :: Yankee
nordista {mf}  :: northerner
nordoccidentale {adj}  :: north-west (attributive), north-western
nordorientale {adj}  :: northeastern, northeast, northeastward
nordovest {m}  :: north-west
nord-ovest {m}  :: north-west
nord-sud {adj}  :: North-South (attributive)
nordtirolese {adj}  :: North-Tyrolean
nordvietnamita {adj}  :: North Vietnamese
nordvietnamita {f}  :: North Vietnamese
norepinefrina {f} [chemistry]  :: norepinephrine, noradrenaline
noria {f}  :: noria
Norimberga {prop}  :: Nuremberg
norma {f}  :: rule, norm, regulation
norma {f}  :: model, form, pattern
norma {f}  :: instruction, direction
norma {f}  :: rule, custom
normale {adj}  :: normal
normalissimo {adj}  :: Very normal
normalista {mf}  :: student of a scuola normale
normalista {mf}  :: student of the it
normalità {f}  :: normality
normalizzante {v}  :: present participle of normalizzare
normalizzantesi {v}  :: present participle of normalizzarsi
normalizzare {vt}  :: to normalize
normalizzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of normalizzare
normalizzarsi {vr}  :: to normalize [return to normality]
normalizzato {adj}  :: normalized
normalizzatore {m} [maths]  :: normalizer
normalizzatore {adj}  :: normalizing
normalizzatosi {v}  :: past participle of normalizzarsi
normalizzazione {f}  :: normalization [all senses]
normalmente {adv}  :: normally
Normandia {prop}  :: Normandy (region of France)
Normanni {prop}  :: Normans (Norsemen)
normanno {adj}  :: Norman
normanno {m}  :: Norman
normante {v}  :: present participle of normare
normare {vt} [mathematics]  :: to norm
normativa {f}  :: (especially in plural) regulations
normativamente {adv}  :: normatively
normativamente {adv}  :: prescriptively
normativismo {m}  :: normativism
normatività {f}  :: normativity
normativo {adj}  :: normative
normatore {adj}  :: normative
normazione {f}  :: normation
normo- {prefix}  :: normo-
normoblasto {m} [cytology]  :: normoblast
normodotato {adj}  :: Of normal intelligence
normodotato {m}  :: A person of normal intelligence
normoergia {f} [immunology]  :: normoergy
normografo {m}  :: stencil
normolineo {m}  :: synonym of normotipo
normopeso {adj} [medicine]  :: Having normal weight; normoweight
normotensione {f}  :: normotension
normotermia {f}  :: normothermia
normotermico {adj}  :: normothermic
normoteso {adj} [medicine]  :: normotensive
normoteso {m}  :: normotensive person
normotipo {m}  :: A person with a normal build
norreno {m}  :: Old Norse
norreno {adj}  :: Norse
norvegese {adj}  :: Norwegian, Norway (attributive)
norvegese {m}  :: Norwegian (male or of unspecified sex)
norvegese {m}  :: (in plural) The Norwegian
norvegese {f}  :: Norwegian woman
norvegese {m} [singular only]  :: The Norvegian language
Norvegia {prop}  :: Norway
Norzia {prop}  :: Nortia
nosco {pron} [poetic, archaic]  :: with us
nosco {pron} [poetic, archaic, by extension]  :: among us
nosco {pron} [poetic, archaic, by extension]  :: towards or against us
nosco {pron} [poetic, archaic, by extension]  :: in our time
Nosiglia {prop}  :: surname
noso- {prefix} [pathology]  :: noso-
nosocomiale {adj}  :: nosocomial
nosocomio {m}  :: hospital
nosofobia {f}  :: nosophobia
nosogenesi {f}  :: nosogenesis, pathogenesis
nosografia {f}  :: nosography
nosografico {adj}  :: nosographic
nosologia {f}  :: nosology
nosologico {adj}  :: nosological
nosomania {f}  :: nosomania
nosoparassita {m}  :: nosoparasite
nosoterapia {f} [medicine]  :: nosotherapy
nosotropico {adj} [medicine]  :: nosotropic
Nossa {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Lombardy
nossale {adj}  :: related to a damage or harm; only used in azione nossale
nossignora {adv}  :: no, Madam
nossignore {adv}  :: no, Sir
nostalgia {f}  :: nostalgia, homesickness, longing
nostalgicamente {adv}  :: nostalgically
nostalgico {adj}  :: homesick
nostalgico {adj}  :: nostalgic
nostalgico {m}  :: A person who longs for the way things were; especially someone who hopes for the return of Fascism
nostalgismo {m}  :: nostalgia (yearning for the things of the past)
nostra {pron}  :: our
nostrale {adj}  :: home-grown, home-made
nostrale {adj}  :: local
nostrano {adj}  :: local
nostrano {adj}  :: home-grown or home-made
Nostra Signora {f}  :: "Our Lady", the title for the Virgin Mary
nostratico {adj}  :: Nostratic (attributve)
nostre {pron}  :: ours
nostri {pron}  :: our
nostro {adj} [possessive]  :: our
nostro {adj} [possessive]  :: of ours
nostro {adj} [emphatic]  :: our own
nostro {adj}  :: ours
nostro {pron}  :: See under il nostro etc
nostro {m}  :: ours, our own
nostro {m} [in the plural]  :: our possessions, friends, relatives etc
nostromo {m} [nautical]  :: petty officer
nota {f}  :: note (in all senses)
nota {f}  :: list
nota {f}  :: bill
nota bene {phrase}  :: nota bene (used to add an aside or warning to a text)
notabilato {m}  :: notability (notable people as a group)
notabile {adj}  :: notable
notabile {adj}  :: prominent
notabile {mf}  :: notable (person)
notabilità {f}  :: notability
notabilmente {adv}  :: notably
notaiesco {adj}  :: lawyerly
notaio {m}  :: notary, notary public
notante {v}  :: present participle of notare
notare {v}  :: to notice, to note
notaresco {adj}  :: alternative form of notaiesco
notaria {f}  :: The profession of a notary
notariato {m}  :: The function or profession of a notary
notarile {adj}  :: notarial
notatore {m}  :: alternative form of nuotatore
notazionale {adj}  :: notational
notazione {f}  :: notation (all senses)
noteria {f}  :: alternative form of notaria
notevole {adj}  :: notable, noteworthy, remarkable
notevole {adj}  :: considerable, sizeable
notevolissimo {adj}  :: Very notable, noteworthy or remarkable
notevolissimo {adj}  :: Very considerable or sizeable
notevolmente {adv}  :: notably
notevolmente {adv}  :: remarkably
notevolmente {adv}  :: considerably
notifica {f}  :: notification
notificabile {adj}  :: notifiable
notificabilità {f}  :: notifiability
notificante {v}  :: present participle of notificare
notificantesi {v}  :: present participle of notificarsi
notificare {v}  :: to notify someone of something
notificare {v}  :: to give someone notice of something
notificarsi {vr}  :: To reveal oneself
notificato {adj}  :: notified
notificato {m}  :: A person who has received an official notification
notificatore {m}  :: notifier
notificatosi {v}  :: past participle of notificarsi
notificazione {f}  :: notification
notissimo {adj}  :: Very well-known
notizia {f}  :: item of news
notizia {f}  :: piece of information
notiziante {v}  :: present participle of notiziare
notiziare {v}  :: To give notice, communicate, inform
notiziario {m}  :: news (radio, TV etc)
notizie {f}  :: news
notizie {f}  :: information
noto {adj}  :: well-known, known, famous, notorious
noto {m}  :: the known
Noto {prop}  :: a town in the province of Syracuse in Sicily in Italy
notocorda {f} [anatomy, zoology]  :: notochord
notomia {f}  :: synonym of anatomia
notonetta {f}  :: water boatman, backswimmer (of genus Notonecta)
notonette {m}  :: notonectid
notoriamente {adv}  :: notoriously
notorietà {f}  :: fame, renown
notorietà {f}  :: notoriety
notorio {adj}  :: well-known
notorio {adj}  :: notorious
notoso {adj}  :: synonym of macchiato
notricante {v}  :: present participle of notricare
notricare {v}  :: alternative form of nutricare
notrice {f}  :: alternative form of nutrice
nottambula {f}  :: night owl, night bird (person active at night)
nottambulismo {m}  :: A love of nightlife
nottambulo {m}  :: night owl, night bird (person active at night)
nottante {mf}  :: night nurse
nottata {f}  :: A night in its entirety
nottataccia {f}  :: A night of bad weather or when things go wrong
notte {f}  :: night
nottetempo {adv}  :: at night, during the nighttime
nottiluca {f}  :: noctiluca (of the genus Noctiluca)
nottilucente {adj}  :: noctilucent, nightshining
nottivago {adj}  :: nightwandering, noctivagous, noctivagant
nottola {f}  :: noctule
nottola {f} [obsolete, rare]  :: little owl
nottola {f}  :: latch (shaped like a beak)
nottolino {m}  :: Small latch on a door or window
nottolino {m}  :: The cylinder in which a key is inserted, tumbler
nottolino {m}  :: A ratchet
nottolone {mf}  :: nighthawk (all senses)
nottua {f}  :: noctuid
notturlabio {m}  :: nocturlabe
notturna {f} [sports]  :: evening match, evening sporting event
notturno {adj}  :: nocturnal
notturno {adj}  :: nightly
notturno {m} [music]  :: nocturne, notturno
notturno {m}  :: nightclub
notula {f}  :: bill (in a restaurant etc)
noumenico {adj} [philosophy]  :: noumenal
noumeno {m} [philosophy]  :: noumenon
nova {f}  :: nova
novaiorchese {adj}  :: Of or from New York
novaiorchese {mf}  :: New Yorker
novanta {adj}  :: ninety
novanta {m}  :: ninety
novantacinque {adj}  :: ninety-five
novantacinque {m}  :: ninety-five
novantacinquesimo {adj}  :: ninety-fifth
novantacinquesimo {m}  :: ninety-fifth
novantadue {adj}  :: ninety-two
novantadue {m}  :: ninety-two
novantaduesimo {adj}  :: ninety-second
novantaduesimo {m}  :: ninety-second
novantamila {adj}  :: ninety thousand
novantamila {m}  :: ninety thousand
novantanove {adj}  :: ninety-nine
novantanove {m}  :: ninety-nine
novantanovesimo {adj}  :: ninety-ninth
novantanovesimo {m}  :: ninety-ninth
novantaquattresimo {adj}  :: ninety-fourth
novantaquattresimo {m}  :: ninety-fourth
novantaquattro {adj}  :: ninety-four
novantaquattro {m}  :: ninety-four
novantasei {adj}  :: ninety-six
novantasei {m}  :: ninety-six
novantaseiesimo {adj}  :: ninety-sixth
novantaseiesimo {m}  :: ninety-sixth
novantasette {adj}  :: ninety-seven
novantasette {m}  :: ninety-seven
novantasettesimo {adj}  :: ninety-seventh
novantasettesimo {m}  :: ninety-seventh
novantatré {adj}  :: ninety-three
novantatré {m}  :: ninety-three
novantatreesimo {adj}  :: ninety-third
novantatreesimo {m}  :: ninety-third
novantenne {mf}  :: nonagenarian
novantenne {adj}  :: ninety-year-old
novantennio {m}  :: A period of ninety years
novantesimo {adj}  :: ninetieth
novantesimo {m}  :: ninetieth
novantina {f}  :: About ninety people or things
novantottesimo {adj}  :: ninety-eighth
novantottesimo {m}  :: ninety-eighth
novantotto {adj}  :: ninety-eight
novantotto {m}  :: ninety-eight
novantunesimo {adj}  :: ninety-first
novantunesimo {m}  :: ninety-first
novantuno {adj}  :: ninety-one
novantuno {m}  :: ninety-one
novantuno {m}  :: A former Italian repeating rifle, the Carcano Mod. 91
Novara {prop}  :: Novara (province)
Novara {prop}  :: Novara (town)
novarese {adj}  :: Of or from Novara
Novarese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Novara
Novaro {prop}  :: surname
novatore {m}  :: innovator
novatore {adj}  :: innovatory
novazione {f}  :: novation
nove {num} [cardinal]  :: nine
nove {adj}  :: nine
nove {m}  :: nine
nove {fp} [following the article le]  :: nine o'clock (a.m. or p.m.)
Nove {prop}  :: A small town in the Vicenza province of Veneto
novecentesco {adj}  :: twentieth-century
novecentesimo {adj}  :: nine hundredth
novecentesimo {m}  :: nine hundredth
novecentismo {m}  :: Any of the arts and literature of the twentieth century (1900s)
novecentista {mf}  :: An artist or writer of the twentieth century (1900s)
novecentista {mf}  :: A historian who specializes in the twentieth century
novecentistico {adj} [arts]  :: twentieth-century, 1900s (attributive)
novecento {adj}  :: nine hundred
novecento {m}  :: nine hundred
novecento {m}  :: the twentieth century (1900s)
Novecento {m}  :: twentieth century (1900s)
novecentocinquanta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty
novecentocinquanta {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty
novecentocinquantacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-five
novecentocinquantacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-five
novecentocinquantadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-two
novecentocinquantadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-two
novecentocinquantanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-nine
novecentocinquantanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-nine
novecentocinquantaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-four
novecentocinquantaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-four
novecentocinquantasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-six
novecentocinquantasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-six
novecentocinquantasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-seven
novecentocinquantasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-seven
novecentocinquantatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-three
novecentocinquantatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-three
novecentocinquantotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-eight
novecentocinquantotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-eight
novecentocinquantuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-one
novecentocinquantuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifty-one
novecentocinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and five
novecentocinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and five
novecentodicianove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and nineteen
novecentodicianove {m}  :: Nine hundred and nineteen
novecentodiciasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventeen
novecentodiciasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventeen
novecentodiciotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighteen
novecentodiciotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighteen
novecentodieci {adj}  :: One hundred and ten
novecentodieci {m}  :: One hundred and ten
novecentododici {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twelve
novecentododici {m}  :: Nine hundred and twelve
novecentodue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and two
novecentodue {m}  :: Nine hundred and two
novecentonovanta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety
novecentonovanta {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety
novecentonovantacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-five
novecentonovantacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-five
novecentonovantadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-two
novecentonovantadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-two
novecentonovantanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-nine
novecentonovantanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-nine
novecentonovantaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-four
novecentonovantaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-four
novecentonovantasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-six
novecentonovantasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-six
novecentonovantasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-seven
novecentonovantasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-seven
novecentonovantatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-three
novecentonovantatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-three
novecentonovantotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-eight
novecentonovantotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-eight
novecentonovantuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-one
novecentonovantuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and ninety-one
novecentonove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and nine
novecentonove {m}  :: Nine hundred and nine
novecentootto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eight
novecentootto {m}  :: Nine hundred and eight
novecentoquaranta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty
novecentoquaranta {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty
novecentoquarantacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-five
novecentoquarantacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-five
novecentoquarantadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-two
novecentoquarantadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-two
novecentoquarantanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-nine
novecentoquarantanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-nine
novecentoquarantaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-four
novecentoquarantaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-four
novecentoquarantasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-six
novecentoquarantasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-six
novecentoquarantasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-seven
novecentoquarantasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-seven
novecentoquarantatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-three
novecentoquarantatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-three
novecentoquarantotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-eight
novecentoquarantotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-eight
novecentoquarantuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and forty-one
novecentoquarantuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and forty-one
novecentoquattordici {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fourteen
novecentoquattordici {m}  :: Nine hundred and fourteen
novecentoquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and four
novecentoquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and four
novecentoquindici {adj}  :: Nine hundred and fifteen
novecentoquindici {m}  :: Nine hundred and fifteen
novecentosedici {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixteen
novecentosedici {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixteen
novecentosei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and six
novecentosei {m}  :: Nine hundred and six
novecentosessanta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty
novecentosessanta {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty
novecentosessantacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-five
novecentosessantacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-five
novecentosessantadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-two
novecentosessantadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-two
novecentosessantanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-nine
novecentosessantanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-nine
novecentosessantaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-four
novecentosessantaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-four
novecentosessantasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-six
novecentosessantasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-six
novecentosessantasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-seven
novecentosessantasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-seven
novecentosessantatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-three
novecentosessantatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-three
novecentosessantotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-eight
novecentosessantotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-eight
novecentosessantuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-one
novecentosessantuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and sixty-one
novecentosettanta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy
novecentosettanta {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy
novecentosettantacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-five
novecentosettantacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-five
novecentosettantadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-two
novecentosettantadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-two
novecentosettantanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-nine
novecentosettantanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-nine
novecentosettantaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-four
novecentosettantaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-four
novecentosettantasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-six
novecentosettantasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-six
novecentosettantasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-seven
novecentosettantasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-seven
novecentosettantatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-three
novecentosettantatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-three
novecentosettantotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-eight
novecentosettantotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-eight
novecentosettantuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-one
novecentosettantuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and seventy-one
novecentosette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and seven
novecentosette {m}  :: Nine hundred and seven
novecentotré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and three
novecentotré {m}  :: Nine hundred and three
novecentotre {adj}  :: Nine hundred and three
novecentotre {m}  :: Nine hundred and three
novecentotredici {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirteen
novecentotredici {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirteen
novecentotrenta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty
novecentotrenta {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty
novecentotrentacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-five
novecentotrentacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-five
novecentotrentadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-two
novecentotrentadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-two
novecentotrentanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-nine
novecentotrentanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-nine (number)
novecentotrentaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-four
novecentotrentaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-four
novecentotrentasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-six
novecentotrentasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-six
novecentotrentasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-seven
novecentotrentasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-seven
novecentotrentatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-three
novecentotrentatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-three
novecentotrentotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-eight
novecentotrentotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-eight
novecentotrentuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-one
novecentotrentuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and thirty-one
novecentottanta {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty
novecentottanta {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty
novecentottantacinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-five
novecentottantacinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-five
novecentottantadue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-two
novecentottantadue {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-two
novecentottantanove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-nine
novecentottantanove {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-nine
novecentottantaquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-four
novecentottantaquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-four
novecentottantasei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-six
novecentottantasei {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-six
novecentottantasette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-seven
novecentottantasette {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-seven
novecentottantatré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-three
novecentottantatré {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-three
novecentottantotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-eight
novecentottantotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-eight
novecentottantuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-one
novecentottantuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and eighty-one
novecentotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and eight
novecentotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and eight
novecentouno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and one
novecentouno {m}  :: Nine hundred and one
novecentoventi {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty
novecentoventi {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty
novecentoventicinque {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-five
novecentoventicinque {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-five
novecentoventidue {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-two
novecentoventidue {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-two
novecentoventinove {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-nine
novecentoventinove {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-nine
novecentoventiquattro {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-four
novecentoventiquattro {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-four
novecentoventisei {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-six
novecentoventisei {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-six
novecentoventisette {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-seven
novecentoventisette {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-seven
novecentoventitré {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-three
novecentoventitré {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-three
novecentoventotto {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-eight
novecentoventotto {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-eight
novecentoventuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-one
novecentoventuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and twenty-one
novecentuno {adj}  :: Nine hundred and one
novecentuno {m}  :: Nine hundred and one
nove di cuori {m}  :: nine of hearts
nove di fiori {m}  :: nine of clubs
nove di picche {m}  :: nine of spades
nove di quadri {m}  :: nine of diamonds
novella {f}  :: tale, story, short story
novella {f} [archaic, literary]  :: information of interest, news
novellaio {m}  :: short story writer
novellame {m}  :: fry (young fish)
novellamente {adv}  :: newly, early
novellante {v}  :: present participle of novellare
novellare {vi} [literary, archaic]  :: to tell stories
novellare {vi} [literary, archaic, by extenstion]  :: to narrate, relate, recount
novellare {vi} [literary, obsolete]  :: to be engaged in conversation, talk, discuss
novellatore {m}  :: storyteller
novelletta {f}  :: short story
novelletta {f} [music]  :: novelette
novelliere {m}  :: short story writer
novellina {f}  :: beginner, greenhorn, newbie, newcomer (female)
novellino {m}  :: beginner, greenhorn, newbie, newcomer
novellista {mf}  :: short story writer
novellistica {f}  :: short stories
novellistica {f}  :: short story writing
novellistico {adj}  :: short story (attributive)
novellizzazione {f}  :: novelization
novello {adj}  :: new, early
novello {adj} [used attributively]  :: spring
novello {adj}  :: newly
novello {adj}  :: another, second
novembre {m}  :: November
novembrino {adj}  :: November (attributive)
novemila {adj}  :: nine thousand
novemila {m}  :: nine thousand
novena {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: novena
novenario {m}  :: (in classical Italian verse) A line of verse containing nine syllables
novendiale {adj}  :: novendial
novendiale {m}  :: novendial
novennale {adj}  :: nine years (attributive)
novennale {adj}  :: nine-yearly
novenne {adj}  :: nine-year-old
novenne {mf}  :: nine-year-old
novennio {m}  :: (period of) nine years
noverante {v}  :: present participle of noverare
noverare {v}  :: To count, enumerate
novero {m}  :: group
novero {m}  :: category
novese {adj}  :: Of or from Nove
Novese {prop}  :: An area of southern Piemonte
novgorodiano {adj}  :: Novgorodian
novilunio {m}  :: new moon
novità {f}  :: novelty
novità {f}  :: item of news
novizia {f}  :: novice
novizia {f}  :: beginner
novizia {f}  :: newcomer
noviziale {adj}  :: novice (attributive)
noviziato {m}  :: novitiate
noviziato {m}  :: apprenticeship
novizio {m}  :: novice
novizio {m}  :: beginner
novizio {m}  :: newcomer
novizza {f}  :: alternative form of novizia
novizzo {m}  :: alternative form of novizio
novocaina {f}  :: novocaine, procaine
nozionale {adj}  :: notional
nozione {f}  :: notion, idea
nozionismo {m}  :: The accumulation of facts for no purpose; superficial knowledge; rote learning
nozionismo {m}  :: The teaching of the basics only, with no insight
nozionista {mf}  :: A teacher or student who teaches/learns by rote
nozionisticamente {adv}  :: superficially
nozionistico {adj}  :: superficial; rote learning
nozze {fp}  :: wedding
nozze d'argento {n}  :: silver wedding
nozze di diamante {fp}  :: diamond wedding
nozze d'oro {fp}  :: golden wedding
nu {mf}  :: The name of the letter N
nube {f}  :: cloud
nube {f}  :: haze
nubecola {f} [astronomy]  :: Small nebula
nubecola {f}  :: cloudy impurity in a liquid
nubecola {f} [pathology]  :: whitish opacity of the cornea
nubecolare {adj}  :: cloudy
nubiano {adj}  :: Nubian
nubiano {m}  :: Nubian
nubifero {adj}  :: nubiferous
nubifero {adj}  :: cloudy
nubifragio {m}  :: cloudburst, downpour
nubilato {m}  :: spinsterhood
nubile {adj}  :: unmarried
nubile {f}  :: unmarried woman
nubile {f}  :: spinster
nubiloso {adj}  :: cloudy
nubiloso {adj}  :: obscure, confusing
nubrifagio {m} [weather]  :: downpour, cloudburst, rainstorm
nuca {f}  :: nape, back of the neck
nucale {adj} [anatomy]  :: nuchal
nucifraga {f}  :: nutcracker (of genus Nucifraga)
nucleale {adj}  :: nuclear
nucleale {adj}  :: fundamental, essential
nucleante {adj}  :: nucleation (attributive); nucleating
nucleare {adj} [physics, biology, sociology]  :: nuclear
nucleare {m}  :: nuclear power
nucleare {m}  :: nuclear industry
nuclearista {adj}  :: advocating nuclear power
nuclearizzante {v}  :: present participle of nuclearizzare
nuclearizzare {vt}  :: to nuclearize
nuclearizzare {vt}  :: to supply with nuclear power
nuclearizzazione {f}  :: nuclearization
nuclearmente {adv}  :: In a nuclear way; related to a nucleus or to nuclear power; nuclearly
nucleasi {f} [enzyme]  :: nuclease
nucleasico {adj}  :: nucleasic
nucleato {adj} [biology]  :: nucleate, nucleated
nucleazione {f}  :: nucleation
nucleico {adj}  :: nucleic (all senses)
nucleina {f} [biochemistry]  :: nuclein
nucleo {m}  :: nucleus
nucleo {m}  :: core
nucleo {m}  :: unit, group, squad
nucleo atomico {m} [physics]  :: atomic nucleus
nucleocapsulare {adj} [anatomy]  :: nucleo-capsular
nucleocosmocronologia {f} [astronomy]  :: nucleocosmochronology
nucleo familiare {m}  :: household
nucleofilo {adj} [chemistry]  :: nucleophilic
nucleogenico {adj}  :: nucleogenic
nucleoide {m} [biology]  :: nucleoid
nucleolare {adj}  :: nucleolar
nucleolemma {m}  :: nuclear envelope
nucleolitico {adj}  :: nucleolytic
nucleolo {m}  :: nucleolus
nucleone {m} [physics]  :: nucleon
nucleonica {n} [physics]  :: nucleonics
nucleoporina {f} [protein]  :: nucleoporin
nucleoscheletro {m}  :: nucleoskeleton
nucleoside {m} [biochemistry]  :: nucleoside
nucleosidemonofosfato {m} [biochemistry]  :: nucleoside monophosphate
nucleosintesi {f}  :: nucleosynthesis
nucleosintetico {adj}  :: nucleosynthetic
nucleosoma {m} [genetics]  :: nucleosome
nucleosomico {adj}  :: nucleosomal
nucleotermoelettrico {adj}  :: nuclear-thermoelectric
nucleotide {m} [biochemistry]  :: nucleotide
nucleotidico {adj}  :: nucleotidic
nucleotidiltrasferasi {f} [enzyme]  :: nucleotidyltransferase
nuclide {m}  :: nuclide
nuculanio {m} [botany]  :: polypyrenous drupe
nudamente {adv}  :: nakedly, in the nude
nude-look {adj}  :: see-through (clothing)
nudezza {f}  :: synonym of nudità
nudismo {m}  :: nudism
nudista {mf}  :: nudist
nudità {f}  :: nudity, nakedness
nudo {adj}  :: naked, nude, bare
nudo {m} [arts]  :: nude
nudo bruco {adj} [literally]  :: naked as a worm; very poor
nudricante {v}  :: present participle of nudricare
nudricare {v}  :: alternative form of nutricare
nudrice {f}  :: alternative form of nutrice
nudrire {v}  :: alternative form of nutrire
nugola {f} [archaic]  :: alternative spelling of nuvola, i.e. cloud
nugolo {m}  :: host, crowd, cloud - large number of threatening things (especially insects etc)
null' {pron} [sometimes before a vowel]  :: apocopic form of nulla
nulla {adv}  :: nothing, anything
nulla {m}  :: nothing
nulla {pron}  :: nothing, anything
nulladicente {adj}  :: tight-lipped
nulladimanco {conj}  :: synonym of nondimeno
nulladimeno {conj}  :: synonym of nondimeno
nullafacente {adj}  :: work-shy
nullafacente {mf}  :: layabout
nullaggine {f}  :: nullity, nothingness
nullameno {adv}  :: synonym of nientedimeno
nulla osta {m}  :: visa
nulla osta {m}  :: An official declaration not to be against something or someone
nulla osta {m}  :: permission
nullaosta {m}  :: authorization, permission
nullaosta {m}  :: nihil obstat
nullatenente {adj}  :: proletarian (owning no property)
nullatenente {adj}  :: destitute, indigent
nullatenente {mf}  :: proletarian (person who owns no property)
nullatenente {mf}  :: a person who is destitute
nullatenenza {f} [legal]  :: propertylessness
nullificante {v}  :: present participle of nullificare
nullificantesi {v}  :: present participle of nullificarsi
nullificare {vt}  :: To nullify
nullificarsi {vr}  :: To be nullified
nullificatosi {v}  :: past participle of nullificarsi
nullificazione {f}  :: nullification
nullipara {adj}  :: nulliparous
nulliparità {f}  :: The condition of being nulliparous
nulliploide {adj} [genetics]  :: nulliploid
nulliploidia {f} [genetics]  :: nulliploidy
nullismo {m}  :: nihilism
nullisomia {f} [genetics]  :: nullisomy
nullista {adj}  :: nihilist
nullista {mf}  :: nihilist
nullistico {adj}  :: nihilistic
nullità {f}  :: nullity
nullità {f}  :: invalidity (state of not being valid)
nullità {f}  :: nonentity, random
nullo {adj} [archaic, literary, chiefly in the singular]  :: no, not any [determiner]
nullo {adj}  :: futile, ineffectual, vain
nullo {adj} [mathematics]  :: null; equating zero
nullo {adj} [law]  :: null, null and void
nullo {pron} [obsolete, literary]  :: no one, nobody
nume {m} [literary]  :: a god, particularly that of Greco-Roman mythology
numerabile {adj}  :: numerable
numerabile {adj}  :: countable
numerabilità {f}  :: The quality of being numerable
numerabilità {f}  :: countability
numerale {adj}  :: numeric
numerale {m}  :: numeral
numerante {v}  :: present participle of numerare
numerare {vt}  :: to number
numerare {vt}  :: to count
numerario {adj}  :: number (attributive), numerary
numerario {m}  :: cash (ready money)
numerativo {adj}  :: numerative
numerato {adj}  :: numbered
numeratore {m} [mathematics]  :: numerator
numeratore {m}  :: numbering machine
numerazione {f}  :: numbering, numeration
numeretto {m}  :: A small number (close to zero)
numeretto {m}  :: A numeral written in small fonts
numeretto {m} [familiar]  :: queue ticket, queue number
Numeri {prop} [biblical]  :: Numbers, Book of Numbers
numericamente {adv}  :: numerically
numerico {adj}  :: numerical
numerino {m}  :: A small number (close to zero)
numerino {m}  :: A numeral written in small fonts
numerino {m} [familiar]  :: queue ticket, queue number
numerizzante {v}  :: present participle of numerizzare
numerizzare {v}  :: To number (mark the members of a group with numbers)
numerizzato {adj} [Switzerland]  :: numbered
numero {m}  :: number
numero {m}  :: numeral, figure, digit
numero {m}  :: sketch; short and often humorous or satirical scene or play
numero abbondante {m} [mathematics]  :: abundant number
numero algebrico {m} [mathematics]  :: algebraic number
numero amicabile {m} [mathematics]  :: amicable number
numero arabo {m}  :: Arabic numeral, arabic numeral [US]
numero armonico {m} [mathematics]  :: harmonic number
numero atomico {m} [physics, chemistry]  :: atomic number
numero automorfo {m} [mathematics]  :: automorphic number
numero barionico {m} [physics]  :: baryon number
numero binario {m} [maths]  :: binary number
numero cardinale {m} [mathematics]  :: cardinal number
numero civico {m}  :: house number
numero complesso {m} [mathematics]  :: complex number
numero composto {m} [mathematics]  :: composite number
numero decimale {m} [mathematics]  :: decimal number
numero deficente {m} [mathematics]  :: deficient number
numero di Avogadro {ms} [chemistry, physics]  :: Avogadro's number
numero di cetano {m} [chemistry]  :: cetane number
numero di coordinazione {m} [chemistry]  :: coordination number
numero difettivo {m} [mathematics]  :: defective number
numero di Fibonacci {m} [mathematics]  :: Fibonacci number
numero di Mach {m} [physics]  :: Mach number
numero di massa {m} [physics]  :: mass number
numero di ossidazione {m} [chemistry]  :: oxidation number
numero di ottano {m} [chemistry]  :: octane number
numero di Reynolds {m} [physics]  :: Reynolds number
numero di serie {m}  :: serial number
numero di telefono {m}  :: telephone number, phone number
numero d'onda {m} [physics]  :: wavenumber
numero d'ossidazione {m} [chemistry]  :: oxidation number
numero esadecimale {m} [maths, computing]  :: hexadecimal number
numero immaginario {m} [mathematics]  :: imaginary number
numero intero {m} [mathematics]  :: whole number; integer
numero in virgola mobile {m} [mathematics, computing]  :: floating-point number
numero ipercomplesso {m} [mathematics]  :: hypercomplex number
numero iperreale {m} [mathematics]  :: hyperreal number
numero irrazionale {m} [mathematics]  :: irrational number
numero leptonico {m} [physics]  :: lepton number
numerologia {f}  :: numerology
numerologo {m}  :: numerologist
numero magico {m} [mathematics]  :: magic number
numero naturale {m} [mathematics]  :: natural number
numero neutronico {m} [physics]  :: neutron number
numero ordinale {m} [mathematics]  :: ordinal number
numero perfetto {m} [mathematics]  :: perfect number
numero piramidale {m} [mathematics]  :: pyramidal number
numero pratico {m} [mathematics]  :: practical number
numero primo {m} [mathematics]  :: prime number
numero quantico {m} [mathematics, physics]  :: quantum number
numero razionale {m} [mathematics]  :: rational number
numero reale {m} [mathematics]  :: real number
numero romano {m}  :: Roman numeral
numerosamente {adv}  :: in great number, numerously
numero sfenico {m} [mathematics]  :: sphenic number
numerosissimo {adj}  :: innumerable
numerosità {f}  :: numerousness, numerosity
numerosità {f} [statistics]  :: size (of an observed sample)
numeroso {adj}  :: numerous; (singular) large, big; (plural) many, several
numero socievole {m} [mathematics]  :: sociable number
numero telefonico {m}  :: telephone number, phone number
numero tondo {m}  :: round number
numero transfinito {m} [mathematics]  :: transfinite number
numero trascendente {m} [mathematics]  :: transcendental number
numero triangolare {m} [mathematics]  :: triangular number
numero uno {m}  :: The first in a series, or the most important in a group
numero verde {m}  :: toll-free number, freephone number, free call number, 800 number
numida {adj}  :: Numidian
numida {mf}  :: Numidian
Numidia {prop}  :: Numidia
numidico {adj}  :: Numidian
numinosità {f}  :: numinousness
numinoso {adj}  :: numinous
numismatica {f}  :: numismatics
numismatico {adj}  :: numismatic
nummario {adj}  :: nummary
nummo {m}  :: nummus (Roman or Byzantine copper coin)
nummolaria {f}  :: creeping Jenny, moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia)
nummulare {adj} [pathology]  :: nummular
nummulare {adj}  :: nummular (coin-shaped)
nummulite {m}  :: nummulite
nummulitico {adj} [geology]  :: nummulitic
nun {n}  :: nun, specifically:
nun {n}  :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤍
nun {n}  :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter נ/ן
nun {n}  :: The name of the Arabic-script letter ن
nuncupazione {f}  :: nuncupation
nundinale {adj}  :: nundinal
nundine {f}  :: nundine
Nunki {prop}  :: Nunki, the second brightest star in the constellation of Sagittarius
nunzia {f}  :: messenger (female)
nunziale {adj}  :: nuncial
nunziatura {f}  :: nunciature
nunzio {m}  :: nuncio
nunzio {m}  :: messenger (feminine: nunzia)
Nunzio {prop}  :: given name from the word meaning messenger of God
nuocente {v}  :: present participle of nuocere
nuocere {vi}  :: to harm, injure or damage
nuora {f}  :: daughter-in-law
nuorese {adj}  :: of or relating to Nuoro or the Nuoro people
nuorese {mf}  :: a native or inhabitant of Nuoro
Nuoro {prop}  :: Nuoro (province)
Nuoro {prop}  :: Nuoro (town)
nuotante {v}  :: present participle of nuotare
nuotare {vit}  :: to swim
nuotata {f}  :: swim
nuotatore {m}  :: swimmer
nuotatrice {f}  :: swimmer (female)
nuoto {m}  :: swimming (the activity of being moving oneself through water using one's arms and legs, carried out for amusement, exercise, sport or entertainment.)
nuoto sincronizzato {m} [swimming]  :: synchronized swimming/synchronised swimming
nuova {f}  :: news
Nuova {adj}  :: New (in placenames)
Nuova Caledonia {prop}  :: New Caledonia
Nuova Delhi {prop}  :: New Delhi
Nuova Guinea {prop}  :: New Guinea
Nuova Inghilterra {prop}  :: New England
nuovaiorchese {adj} [dated]  :: alternative form of newyorchese
nuovaiorchese {mf} [dated]  :: alternative form of newyorchese
nuovamente {adv}  :: again
nuovamente {adv}  :: newly, recently
Nuova Orleans {prop}  :: New Orleans
Nuova Scozia {prop}  :: Nova Scotia
Nuova York {prop} [dated]  :: New York
Nuova Zelanda {prop}  :: New Zealand
nuovissimo {adj}  :: brand-new
nuovo {adj}  :: new
nuovo {m}  :: a new one
Nuovo {adj}  :: New (in placenames)
nuovo di zecca {adj}  :: brand new, brand spanking new, utterly new
Nuovo Ebridi {prop}  :: New Hebrides
Nuovo Galles del Sud {prop}  :: New South Wales (an Australian state)
Nuovo Messico {prop}  :: New Mexico
Nuovo Testamento {prop} [biblical]  :: New Testament
nuraghe {m}  :: A form of megalithic tower found in Sardinia
nuragico {adj}  :: Of or relating to a nuraghe, a type of megalithic edifice found in Sardinia
Nure {prop}  :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
nuristani {mf}  :: Nuristani
nuristani {adj}  :: Nuristani (attributive)
nuro {f}  :: alternative form of nuora
nursery {f}  :: nursery (place for the care of children)
nursino {adj}  :: Of or from Norcia
nutazionale {adj}  :: nutational
nutazione {f} [astronomy]  :: nutation
Nutella {prop}  :: Nutella (a sweet spread made from hazelnuts, sugar, vegetable oils, cocoa solids and skimmed milk)
nutraceutico {m}  :: nutraceutical
nutrente {v}  :: present participle of nutrire
nutrentesi {v}  :: present participle of nutrirsi
nutria {f}  :: coypu, nutria
nutribile {adj}  :: That can be nourished; nourishable
nutricazione {f}  :: synonym of nutrizione
nutrice {f}  :: wet nurse
nutriente {adj}  :: nutritious, nourishing, nutritive
nutriente {m}  :: nutrient, nutriment
nutrigenetica {f}  :: nutrigenetics
nutrigenomica {f}  :: nutrigenomics
nutrigenomico {adj}  :: nutrigenomic
nutrimento {m}  :: nourishment, food
nutrimento {m}  :: nutrient
nutrire {vt}  :: To feed or nourish
nutrire {vi}  :: To be nourishing
nutrirsi {vr}  :: To eat
nutriterapia {f}  :: nutritional therapy
nutritivo {adj}  :: nutritional, nutritive
nutritizio {adj}  :: synonym of nutritivo
nutrito {adj}  :: fed
nutritore {m}  :: nourisher
nutritore {m}  :: feeder, feeding trough (masculine only)
nutritosi {v}  :: past participle of nutrirsi
nutrizionale {adj}  :: nutritional
nutrizione {f} [medicine]  :: nutrition
nutrizione {f}  :: nourishment
nutrizionista {m}  :: (male) nutritionist
nutrizionista {f}  :: (female) nutritionist
nuvol {f}  :: apocopic form of nuvola
nuvola {f}  :: cloud
nuvola elettronica {f} [physics]  :: electron cloud
nuvolaglia {f}  :: mass of clouds
nuvolato {adj}  :: clouded
nuvoletta {f}  :: Small cloud
nuvoletta {f}  :: puff (of smoke etc)
nuvolo {adj} [regional]  :: cloudy
nuvolo {m}  :: cloud
nuvolone {m}  :: big cloud
nuvolosità {f}  :: cloudiness
nuvoloso {adj}  :: cloudy, overcast
nuziale {adj}  :: wedding (attributive), bridal (attributive)
nuziale {adj}  :: nuptial
nuzialità {f} [statistics]  :: marriage rate
n'è vero {interj}  :: rare spelling of nevvero
nvitar {v}  :: apocopic form of invitare