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a {article} (an) SEE: an  ::
a {n} (name of the letter A, a)  :: إِي {m} /ʾey/ [English], آ {m} [Latin, etc.]
Aachen {prop} (city in North Rhine-Westphalia)  :: آخِن {m}
aardvark {n} (mammal)  :: خِنْزِير اَلْأَرْض {m}
aardwolf {n} (the mammal species Proteles cristatus)  :: ذِئْب الأَرْض {m}, عِسْبَار {m}
Aaron {prop} (biblical brother of Moses)  :: هَارُون‏‎ {m}
Aaron {prop} (male given name)  :: هَارُون
abaca {n} (plant)  :: قَنَب مَانِيلَا {m} /qanab manilā/
aback {adv} (backwards)  :: إِلَى اَلْخَلْف
aback {n} (abacus) SEE: abacus  ::
abacus {n} (calculating frame)  :: مِعَد {m}, مِعْدَاد {m}
abacus {n} (uppermost member of the capital of a column)  :: نَاصِيَّة {f}
Abadan {prop} (city in Iran)  :: عَبَادَان
Abaddon {prop} (the destroyer)  :: اَبَادُون {m} /abadūn/
Abaddon {prop} (Hell)  :: جَحِيم {m}
abaft {prep} ((nautical) behind; toward the stern relative to some other object or position; aft of)  :: خَلْف
abaft {adv} ((nautical) on the aft side)  :: فِي مُؤَخَّرَة
abaka {n} (plant) SEE: abaca  ::
Abakan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: أَبَاكَان {m} /ʾabakān/
abalone {n} (edible univalve mollusc)  :: أُذُن اَلْبَحْر {f}
abandon {v} (to give up control of, surrender)  :: اِنْصَرَفَ, يَنْصَرِفُ
abandon {v} (to leave behind or desert; to forsake)  :: تَرَكَ, يترك
abandoned {adj} (no longer maintained, forsaken, deserted)  :: مَهْجُورّ {m}, مَتْرُوك {m}
abandonment {n} (act of abandoning)  :: هِجْرَان {m}, هُجْرَان {m}, هَجْر {m}
abase {v} (to lower as in rank, so as to hurt feelings)  :: ذَلّ
abasement {n} (the act of abasing)  :: ذُلّ {m}
abatable {adj} (Capable of being abated)  :: قَابِل لِلتَخْفِيف {m} /qābil li-t-taḵfīf/
abate {v} (to bring down or reduce to a lower state)  :: نَقَّص
abate {v} (to bring down a person physically or mentally)  :: أْضْعَفّ
abate {v} (to decrease or make less in strength)  :: ضَعُفّ
abate {v} (to be defeated)  :: هَزَم
abatement {n} (the act of abating or the state of being abated)  :: تَقْلِيل {m}, إِنْقَاص {m}, إضْعَاف {m}
abatis {n} (means of defense)  :: حِظَار {m}
abattoir {n} (public slaughterhouse)  :: مَسْلَخ {m}, مَجْزَر {m}
Abbas {prop} (A male given name)  :: عَبَّاس {m}
Abbasid {adj} (relating to the Abbasids)  :: عَبَّاسِيّ
abbatial {adj} (belonging to an abbey)  :: دَيْرِيّ, دَيْرَانِيّ
abbess {n} (female superior of a nunnery)  :: رئيسَة دير {f}
abbey {n} (monastery headed by an abbot)  :: دَيْر {m}
abbot {n} (superior or head of an abbey or monastery)  :: رَئِيس الدَّيْر
Abbott {prop} (surname)  :: أَبُوت {m} {f} /ʾabut/, أَبُوت {m} {f} /ʾabot/
abbreviate {v} (to make shorter)  :: إِخْتَصَرَ
abbreviation {n} (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)  :: اِخْتِصَار {m}
abbreviature {n} (abbreviation) SEE: abbreviation  ::
ABC {n} (alphabet) SEE: alphabet  ::
ABC book {n} (primer) SEE: primer  ::
abdelavi {n} (variety of melon)  :: عَبْد اللَّاوِي, عَبْدَلَّاوِي {m}
abdest {n} (Islamic act of washing parts of the body)  :: وُضُوء
abdomen {n} (belly)  :: بَطْن {m}, جَوْف {m}
abduct {v} (to take away)  :: يَخْطِفّ
Abdullah {prop} (Muslim given name)  :: عَبْدُ ٱللّٰه {m}
abearance {n} (behavior) SEE: behavior  ::
abecedarium {n} (a book used to teach the alphabet) SEE: primer  ::
Abel {prop} (biblical character)  :: هَابِيل {m}
abide {v} (to dwell)  :: يَبْقَى
Abidjan {prop} (the largest city of Côte d'Ivoire)  :: أَبِيدْجَان {m}
ability {n} (quality or state of being able)  :: قُدْرَة {f}, مَقْدِرَة {f}, اِسْتِطَاعَة {f}
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush {proverb} (small but certain advantage is preferable)  :: عُصْفُورٌ فِي ٱلْيَدِ أَفْضَلُ مِنْ عُصْفُورِينَ عَلَى ٱلشَّجَرَةِ
a bit {adv} (a little) SEE: a little  ::
abjad {n} (writing system)  :: أَبْجَد {m}
abjure {v} (to renounce upon oath)  :: اِرْتَدَّ
Abkhazia {prop} (territory in the Caucasus, see also: Republic of Abkhazia)  :: أَبْخَازْيَا {f}
ablaze {adj} (on fire)  :: مُشْتَعِل {m}
able {adj} (permitted to)  :: قَادِر
able {adj} (skillful)  :: قَادِر, قَدِير, بَارِع, مَاهِر {m}
able {adj} (healthy) SEE: healthy  ::
able {v} (enable) SEE: enable  ::
ablution {n} (the act of washing or cleansing)  :: وُضُوء {m}, غُسْل {m}, اِغْتِسَال {m}
ablution {n} (the water used in cleansing)  :: وَضُوء {m}
abnegation {n} (denial; renunciation)  :: نكران تنازل
abnormal {adj} (not conforming to rule or system)  :: غَيْر طَبِيعِيّ
aboard {adv} (on board)  :: عَلَى ظَهْر, عَلَى مَتْن
abode {n} (obsolete: act of waiting)  :: بَقَاء {m}
abode {n} (stay or continuance in a place; sojourn)  :: إِقَامَة {f}
abolish {v} (to end a law, system, institution, custom or practice)  :: أَبْطَلَ, أَلْغَى
abolish {v} (to destroy)  :: دَمَر
abolishment {n} (The act of abolishing)  :: إِلْغَاء {m}, إِبطَال {m}
abolition {n} (act of abolishing)  :: إِلْغَاء {m}, اِبْطَال {m}
abominable {adj} (hateful; detestable; loathsome)  :: بَغِيض {m}
abominate {v} (to feel disgust towards, to hate in the highest degree)  :: يَمْقُت
aborigine {n} (aboriginal inhabitant of a country)  :: سَاكِن أَصْلِيّ
abort {v} (to miscarry)  :: يُجْهِض
abortion {n} (miscarriage)  :: إِجْهَاض {m}, إِخْفَاق {m}, خَسَارَة {f}
abortion {n} (induced abortion)  :: خِدَاج {m}
abortive {n} (that which is born or brought forth prematurely; an abortion)  :: سَقْط {m}
abound {v} (to be plentiful)  :: كَثُر, تَوَفَر
abound with {v} (abound) SEE: abound  ::
about {prep} (on every side of)  :: حَوْلَ
about {prep} (near, approximately, regarding time, size or quantity)  :: حَوَالِي {m}
about {prep} (concerned with, engaged in)  :: عَن
about {prep} (concerning)  :: عَن
about to {phrase} (indicating imminence)  :: عَلَى وَشْك [followed by a verbal noun in the definite form]
above {prep} (over, on top of)  :: أَعْلَى
above {prep} (in or to a higher place)  :: فَوقَ
above {prep} (farther north)  :: شَمَالِيّ
above {prep} (superior to, surpassing)  :: أَعْلَى
above {prep} (more)  :: أَكْثٰر
Abqaiq {prop} (gated community and oil-processing facilities)  :: بقيق
Abraham {prop} (prophet in the Old Testament)  :: إِبْرَاهِيم {m}
Abraham {prop} (male given name)  :: إِبْرَاهِيم {m}, أَبْرَاهَام {m}
Abraham {prop} (surname)  :: إِبْرَاهِيم {m} /إبراهيم/, إِبْرَاهِيم {m}
Abraham {prop} (14th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة إبراهيم
abroad {adv} (in foreign countries)  :: [where] فِي الْخَارِج (place), اِلَى الْخَارِج (direction)
abroad {prep} (throughout)  :: فِي اَلْخَارِج
absence {n} (state of being away)  :: غِيَاب {m}
absent {adj} (being away from a place)  :: غَائِب
absinthium {n} (Artemisia absinthium) SEE: wormwood  ::
absolute monarchy {n} (rule)  :: مَلِكِيَّة مُطَلَّقَة {f} /malikiyya muṭallaqa/
absolute zero {n} (coldest possible temperature)  :: صِفْر مُطَلِّق {m}
absolve {v}  :: أحلّت
absorb {v} (to include so that it no longer has separate existence)  :: يحتمل, يستوعب, يسع
absorb {v} (to suck up or drink in)  :: يمتص
abstain {v} (refrain from)  :: اِمْتَنَعَ
abstract {adj} (apart from practice or reality; not concrete)  :: تَجْرِيدِيّ
absurdism {n} (absurdity) SEE: absurdity  ::
absurdism {n} (philosophy which holds that the universe is chaotic and irrational)  :: عَبَثِيَّة
absurdity {n} (the quality of being absurd)  :: ساخافَة
Abu Dhabi {prop} (capital of UAE)  :: أَبُو ظَبْي {m}
Abuja {prop} (The capital city of Nigeria)  :: أَبُوجَا {f} /ʾabujā/
abundance {n} (ample sufficiency)  :: الكثرَة
abuse {n} (delusion) SEE: delusion  ::
Abyssinia {prop} (historical name of Ethiopia)  :: الْحَبَشَة {f}
academician {n} (member of an academy)  :: أَكَادِيمِيّ {m}
academy {n} (learned society)  :: مَجْمَع {m}, أَكَادِيمِيَّة {f}
academy {n} (specialized school)  :: مَجْمَع {m}, أَكَادِيمِيَّة {f}
academy {n} (college or university)  :: مَجْمَع {m}, جَامِعَة {f}, مَعْهَد {m}, أَكَادِيمِيَّة {f}
acajou {n} (cashew tree) SEE: cashew  ::
acajou {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut  ::
accelerate {v} (to cause to move faster)  :: تسريع
accelerate {v} (to hasten)  :: إستعجال
accelerate {v} (to become faster)  :: إسراع
acceleration {n} ((physics))  :: عجلَة, تسارع {m}
accent {n} (stronger articulation)  :: نَبْر {m}
accent {n} (orthography: mark to indicate accent)  :: عَلَامَة نَبْر {f} /ʿalāmat nabr/
accent {n} (distinctive pronunciation associated with a region, social group, etc.)  :: لُكْنَة {f}, تَلَفُّظ {m}, نُطْق {m}
accent {n} (prosody: stress on syllables of a verse)  :: نَبْر {m}
accept {v} (to receive with consent)  :: قَبِلَ, imperfect: يَقْبَلُ
access {n} (act of approaching or entering)  :: وُلُوج
access {n} (right or ability of approaching or entering)  :: حق وُلُوج
access {v} (to gain or obtain access to)  :: وَلَجَ
accessory {adj} (having a supplementary function)  :: كمالي
accessory {adj} (assisting a crime)  :: مساعد
accident {n} (unexpected event with negative consequences)  :: حَادِث {m}
accoil {v} (nautical sense) SEE: coil  ::
accommodation {n} (lodging)  :: إِقَامَة
accompaniment {n} (music: that which gives support or adds to the background)  :: مُصَاحَبَة {f}
accompany {v} (to perform an accompanying part or parts in a composition)  :: صَاحَبَ
accompany {v} (to attend as a companion)  :: رَافَقَ
accompany {v} (to keep company)  :: رَافَقَ
accomplishment {n} (the act of accomplishing)  :: تَنْفِيذ {m}
accord {n} (agreement or concurrence of opinion)  :: تَفَاهُم {m}
according to {prep} (based on statement)  :: طِبْقًا لِـ /ṭibqan li-/, وَفْقًا لِـ /wafqan li-/
according to {prep} (in proportion)  :: بِالنِّسْبَة لِـ /bi-n-nisba li/
accordion {n} (A small, portable, keyed wind instrument)  :: أَكُورْدِيُون {m} /ʾakurdiyūn/
account {n} (a registry of pecuniary transactions)  :: حِسَاب {m}
accountant {n} (a reckoner, or someone who maintains financial matters for a person(s))  :: مُحَاسِب {m}, مُحَاسِبَة {f}
accountant {n} (one who is skilled in, keeps, or adjusts, accounts)  :: مُحَاسِب {m}, مُحَاسِبَة {f}
accountant {n} (one whose profession includes organizing, maintaining and auditing the records of another)  :: مُحَاسِب {m}, مُحَاسِبَة {f}
accounting {n} (development and maintenance of system for recording and analyzing financial transactions)  :: مُحَاسِبَة {f}
accounts receivable {n} (total monetary amount)  :: حِسَاب مَدِين {m}
accourage {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
Accra {prop} (capital of Ghana)  :: أَكْرَا {f}
accuracy {n} (state of being accurate)  :: دِقَّة {f}
accurate {adj} (exact or careful conformity to truth)  :: مَضْبُوط, دَقِيق
accusative {n} (accusative case)  :: مَنْصُوب {m}
accusative case {n} (case used to mark the immediate object) SEE: accusative  ::
accuse {v} (attribute blame to someone)  :: اِتَّهَمَ
accuser {n} (one who accuses)  :: مُتَّهِم {m}
ace {n} (card with a single spot)  :: آس {m}
ace {n} (very small quantity or degree)  :: ذَرَّة {f}
acedia {n} (boredom) SEE: boredom  ::
acerola {n} (fruit)  :: كرز هندي {f} /karz hindiin/
acetamide {n} (amide of acetic acid)  :: أسيتاميد
acetone {n} (the organic compound (CH3)2CO)  :: أَسِيتُون {m} /ʾasitūn/
ache {v} (be in pain)  :: أَلِمَ, آلَمَ, أَوْجَعَ
ache {n} (dull pain)  :: أَلَم {m}, وَجَع
achievement {n} (act of achieving or performing)  :: إِنْجَاز {m}
Achilles {prop} (Greek mythical hero)  :: أَخِيل {m}
Achilles heel {n} (vulnerability in an otherwise strong situation)  :: نُقْطَة ضَعِيف {f}
Achilles tendon {n} (strong tendon in the calf of the leg)  :: وَتَر أَخِيل {m}
acid {adj} (sour, sharp, or biting to the taste)  :: حَامِض
acid {adj} (sour-tempered)  :: لَاذِع
acid {n} (a sour substance)  :: حَامِض {m}, حَمْض {m}
acid {n} (in chemistry)  :: حَامِض {m}
acid {n}  :: حٰمْض {m}
acidity {n} (quality of sourness to the taste)  :: حُمُوضَة {f}
acidness {n} (acidity) SEE: acidity  ::
acid rain {n} (unusually acidic rain)  :: مَطَر حَمْضِيّ {m}
acne {n} (a skin condition)  :: حَبّ اَلشَّبَاب {m-p}
acorn {n} (fruit of the oak tree)  :: بَلُّوط {m} (collective), بَلُّوطَة {f} (singulative)
acoustic guitar {n} (hollow-body guitar)  :: غِيتَار صَوْتِيّ {f} /gitār ṣawtiyy/
acqua alta {n} (regular flooding in Venice)  :: أَكّْوَا أَلْتَا {f}
acquire {v} (to get)  :: حَصَلَ
acquired immune deficiency syndrome {n} (infectious disease caused by HIV)  :: مُتَلَازِمَة نَقْص المَنَاعَة المُكْتَسَب {f} /mutalāzimat naqṣ al-manāʿa l-muktasab/
acre {n} (unit of surface area)  :: آكِر {m}
Acre {prop} (city)  :: عَكَّا
acrobat {n} (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination)  :: بَهْلَوَان {m}
acrobatics {n} (art of performing acrobatic feats)  :: بِهْلَوَانِيَّات {f}
acronym {n} (any abbreviation formed by initial letters)  :: اِخْتِصَار {m}
acronym {n} (word formed by initial letters)  :: اِخْتِصَار {m}
across {prep} (from the far side)  :: عَبْرَ
across {prep} (on the opposite side)  :: عَبْرَ
across {prep} (from one side to another)  :: عَبْرَ
acting {n} (occupation of an actor)  :: تَمْثِيل {m}
actinium {n} (chemical element)  :: أَكْتِينْيُوم {m} /ʾaktinyum/
action {n} (something done so as to accomplish a purpose)  :: عَمَل {m}
actions speak louder than words {proverb} (it is more effective to act than speak)  :: الْأَعْمَال أَعْلَى صَوْتًا مِن الْكَلِمَات
action word {n} (verb) SEE: verb  ::
activate {v} (to put into action)  :: فَعَّلَ
active {adj} (having the quality or power of acting)  :: نَشِيط, عَامِل
active {adj} (quick in physical movement)  :: نَشِيط
active {adj} (in action)  :: شَغَّال, عَامِل
active {adj} (given to action rather than contemplation)  :: حَرِك
active {adj} (brisk; lively)  :: فَارِه, حَرِك
active {adj} (in grammar)  :: فَاعِل
active participle {n} (active participle)  :: اِسْمُ ٱلْفَاعِلِ {m} (name of the doer)
active voice {n} (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action)  :: صِيغَة مَعْلُوم {f} /ṣīḡat maʿlūm/, مَبْنِيّ مَعْلُوم {m} /mabniyy maʿlūm/
activist {n} (one who is politically active)  :: نَاشِط {m}, نَاشِطَة {f}
activistic {adj} (activist) SEE: activist  ::
activity {n} (state or quality of being active)  :: نَشَاط {m}
actor {n} (person who performs in a theatrical play or film, see also: actress)  :: مُمَثِّل {m}, مُمَثِّلَة {f}
actor {n} (plaintiff) SEE: plaintiff  ::
actress {n} (female actor, see also: actor)  :: مُمَثِّلَة {f}
Acts {prop} (Book of Acts) SEE: Acts of the Apostles  ::
Acts of the Apostles {prop} (fifth book of the New Testament)  :: أَعْمَال الرُّسُل {p}
actual {adj} (existing in act or reality, not just potentially)  :: حَقِيقِيّ, وَاقِعِيّ, فِعْلِيّ
actual {adj} (in action at the time being)  :: حَاضِر, رَاهِن
actually {adv} (In act or in fact; really; in truth; positively)  :: فِعْلاً
acupuncturation {n} (acupuncture) SEE: acupuncture  ::
acupuncture {n} (insertion of needles for remedial purposes)  :: الوَخْز بِالْإِبْر {f} /al-waxz bi-l-ʾibr/
acute {adj} (medicine: of an abnormal condition)  :: شَدِيد
acute {adj} (medicine: of a short-lived condition)  :: شَدِيد
acute {n} (acute accent) SEE: acute accent  ::
acute accent {n} (acute accent)  :: نَبْرَة حَادَّة {f} /nabra ḥādda/
Adam {prop} (first man in Abrahamic religions)  :: آدَم {m}
Adam {prop} (male given name)  :: آدَم {m}
Adam and Eve {prop} (the first man and woman (according to Genesis))  :: آدَم وَحَوَّاء /ʾādam wa-ḥawwāʾ/
adamant {n} (magnet or loadstone) SEE: magnet  ::
adamantly {adv} (in an inflexible manner)  :: بعناد
Adam's apple {n} (lump in the throat)  :: تُفَّاحَة آدَم {f} /tuffāḥat ʾādam/, حَرْقَدَة {f}
adapt {v} (to change to make oneself suitable)  :: يتكيف مع
adaptation {n} (the quality of being adapted)  :: تكيف
add {v} (to make an addition)  :: اِضَافَ
add {v} (to perform the arithmetical operation of addition, to add up)  :: جَمَعَ
add fuel to the fire {v} (worsen a conflict)  :: صَبَّ اَلزَّيْت عَلَى اَلنَّار, زَادَ اَلنَّار حَطَباً
addict {n} (person who is addicted, especially to a harmful drug)  :: مدمن {m}, مدمنَة {f}
addiction {n} (a habit or practice)  :: الْإِدْمَان {m}
addictive {adj} (tending to cause addiction)  :: مسبب للإدمان {m}
Addis Ababa {prop} (capital of Ethiopia)  :: أَدِيس أَبَابَا {f}
Addison's disease {n} (Addison's disease)  :: مَرَض أَدِيسُون {m} /maraḍ ʾadisun/
addition {n} (arithmetic: process of adding)  :: جَمْع {m}
address {n} (direction for letters)  :: عُنْوَان {m}, عِنْوَان {m}
Adelaide {prop} (state capital of South Australia)  :: أَدِيلِيد {m} /ʾadilīd/
Aden {prop} (seaport of Yemen)  :: عَدَن {m}
adequate {adj} (equal to some requirement)  :: كَاف
adhan {n} ((Islam) The call to prayer)  :: أَذَان
ad hoc {adj}  :: حصري, حصريا
ad hoc {adj} (special) SEE: special  ::
adieu {interj} (farewell, goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
adieu {n} (a farewell)  :: الوداع
Adige {prop} (river in South Tyrol)  :: أَدِيجِي {m}
adios {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
adjectival {adj} (functioning as an adjective)  :: وَصْفِيّ, نَعْتِيّ
adjective {adj} (methods of enforcement and rules of procedure)  :: إِجْرَائِيّ
adjective {n} ((grammar) a word that modifies a noun or describes a noun’s referent)  :: نَعْت {m}, صِفَة {f}
adjective {adj} (adjectival) SEE: adjectival  ::
adjudication {n} (judgment)  :: فَصْل فِي دَعْوَى {m}, حُكُم {m}
adjustment {n} (result of adjusting, small change)  :: ضَبْط {m}
adjutant general {n} (a military chief administrative officer)  :: سِرْيَاوَرَان
administration {n} (the act of administering)  :: إِدَارَة {f}, مُرَاقَبَة
administration {n} (the executive part of government)  :: إِدَارَة تَنْفِيذِيَّة {f} /ʾidārat tanfīḏiyya/
admiration {n} (adoration; appreciation)  :: إِعْجَاب {m}
admire {v} (regard with wonder and delight)  :: عَجَبَ
admit {v} (to concede as true)  :: أَعْتَرَفَ
admonish {v} (warn or notify of a fault; exhort)  :: حَذَّرَ
adobe {n} (unburnt brick)  :: لَبِنَة {f}, لَبِن {m-p}, طُوب {m-p}
adolescent {n} (a teenager)  :: فَتًى {m}
adopt {v} (to take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen)  :: تَبَنَّى
adopt {v} (to take or receive as one's own what is not so naturally)  :: تَبَنَّى
adoption {n} (act of adopting, or state of being adopted)  :: تَبْنِي {m}
adorable {adj}  :: فَاتِن, جَذَّاب
adore {v} (love with entire heart and soul)  :: عَشِقَ
adrenaline {n} (the compound epinephrine)  :: أَدْرِينَالِين {m}
Adriatic {prop} (Adriatic Sea) SEE: Adriatic Sea  ::
Adriatic Sea {prop} (sea that stretches from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Venice)  :: اَلْبَحْر اَلْأَدْرِيَاتِيّ {m}
adult {n} (fully grown human)  :: بَالِغ {m}, رَاشِد {m}
adultery {n} (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)  :: زِنَاء {m}, زِنىً {m}, عُهْر {m}, خَيَانَة زَوْجِيَّة {f} /ḵayāna zawjiyya/
advance {v} (to move forwards, to approach)  :: يقرب
advantage {n} (any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success)  :: أَفْضَلِيَّة {f}, فَائِدَة {f}
adventure {n} (encountering of risks)  :: مُغَامَرَة {f}
adventure {n} (remarkable occurrence)  :: مُخَاطَرَة {f}
adventure {n} (mercantile or speculative enterprise of hazard)  :: مُجَازَفَة {f}
adventure {n} (that which happens without design)  :: مُجَازَفَة {f}
adventure {v}  :: يجازف, يخاطر, يغامر
adverb {n} (lexical category)  :: ظَرْف {m}
adverbial {n} (grammar: word or phrase modifying a verb)  :: ظَرْف {m}
adversary {n} (opponent)  :: خَصْم {m}
adversity {n} (state of being adverse)  :: بُؤْس {m}, مُصِيبَة {f}
advert {n} (advertisement) SEE: advertisement  ::
advertently {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose  ::
advertisement {n} (commercial solicitation)  :: إِيذَان {m}, إِعْلَان {m}
advice {n} (opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel)  :: نَصِيحَة {f}
advise {v} (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn)  :: نَصَحَ
advise {v} (to give information or notice to; to inform)  :: بَلَّغَ, أَبْلَغَ, أَخْبَرَ
advocacy {n} (the act of arguing in favour of, or supporting something)  :: تَأْييد {m}
advocacy {n} (the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard)  :: مُنَاصَرَة {f}
Adygea {prop} (Adygea, Russia)  :: أَدِيغِيَا {f}
Adygei {prop} (Adygei) SEE: Adyghe  ::
Adyghe {prop} (language spoken in the Republic of Adygea)  :: الْأَدِيغِيَّة
Aegean {prop} (Aegean Sea) SEE: Aegean Sea  ::
Aegean Sea {prop} (sea of the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea)  :: بَحْر إِيجَة {m} /baḥr ʾīga/
Aelita {prop} (given name)  :: إيليتا
aerial {n} (device for receiving or transmitting)  :: هَوَائِيّ {m}
Aeroflot {prop} (Russian airline)  :: إِيرُوفْلُوت {m} /ʾiruflūt/
aeronautics {n} (mechanics and science of aircraft)  :: عِلْم اَلطَّيَرَان {m}
aeroplane {n} (airplane) SEE: airplane  ::
Aesop {prop} (ancient Greek author)  :: إِيسُوب {m} /ʾisūb/
a few {pron} (a small number of things)  :: بِضْعَة
affair {n} (adulterous relationship)  :: عَلَاقَة غَرَامِيَّة {f} /ʿalāqa ḡarāmiyya/
affection {n}  :: ميل
affective {adj}  :: حسي
affiliate {v} (to adopt) SEE: adopt  ::
affix {n} (linguistics: a bound morpheme added to a word’s stem)  :: أَفِكْس
affix {n} (suffix) SEE: suffix  ::
affluent {n} (tributary) SEE: tributary  ::
afford {v} (to incur, stand, or bear)  :: أَعْطَى
afford {v} (to offer, provide, or supply)  :: أَعْطَى
Afghan {n} (person from Afghanistan)  :: أَفْغَانِيّ, أَفْغَانِيَّة {f}
Afghani {n} (citizen or native of Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan  ::
Afghani {adj} (relating to Afghanistan) SEE: Afghan  ::
Afghanistan {prop} (country)  :: أَفْغَانِسْتَان {f}
afoot {adv} (in progress)  :: عَلَى قَدَم وَسَاق
aforethought {adj} (premeditated; planned ahead of time)  :: مُدَبَّر {m}, مُبَيَّت {m}
afraid {adj} (impressed with fear or apprehension; in fear; apprehensive)  :: خَائِف, مَرْعُوب
Africa {prop} (continent south of Europe)  :: أَفْرِيقِيَا {f}, إِفْرِيقِيَا {f}
African {adj} (Of or pertaining to Africa)  :: إِفْرِيقِيّ
African {n} (a native of Africa)  :: إِفْرِيقِيّ {m}, إِفْرِيقِيَّة {f}
African Union {prop} (multinational organisation)  :: اَلاِتِّحَاد اَلْإِفْرِيقِيّ {m}, اَلاِتِّحَاد اَلْأَفْرِيقِيّ {m}
a friend in need is a friend indeed {proverb} (someone who helps you in your time of need is a real friend)  :: الصَّدِيق وَقْت الضَيِّق
Afrikaans {prop} (language)  :: لُغَة أَفْرِيكَانِيَّة {f} /luḡa ʾafrīkāniyya/
Afrikaans {prop}  :: أَفْرِيكَانِيَّة (’afriqaníyya) {f}
Afrikaner {n} (member of ethnic group)  :: أَفْرِيكَانِيّ {m}, أَفْرِيكَانِيَّة {f}
after {prep} (subsequently; following in time; later than)  :: بَعْدَ
after {prep} (behind)  :: خَلْفَ, وَرَاء
after all {prep} (in the end; anyway)  :: فِي النِّهَايَة
afterbirth {n} (material expelled after childbirth)  :: خَلَاص
afterlife {n} (life after death)  :: آخرة {f}
afternoon {n} (part of the day between noon and evening)  :: بَعْدَ الزَّوَال, زَوَالِيّ, هَاجِرِيّ, بَعْد الظُّهْر
afterward {adv} (afterwards) SEE: afterwards  ::
afterwards {adv} (at a later or succeeding time)  :: أَخِير, بَعْدَ ذٰلِك
Afyonkarahisar {prop} (Afyonkarahisar)  :: افيون قره‌حصار
again {adv} (another time)  :: مَرَّة أُخْرَى {f} /marra ʾuḵrā/, كَرَّة أُخْرَى {f} /karra ʾuḵrā/ [adverbial accusative used], ثَانِيَةً
again and again {adv} (repeatedly)  :: مرارا وتكرارا /mira'ran wa tikra'ran/
against {prep} (in a contrary direction to)  :: ضِدّ
against {prep} (in opposition to)  :: ضِدّ
against the clock {prep} (in a time-restricted manner)  :: ضد الساعة /dhid el sa'a/
age {n} (century) SEE: century  ::
age {n} (whole duration of a being)  :: زَمَن {m}
age {n} (part of the duration of a being or thing between its beginning and any given time)  :: عُمْر {m}
age {n} (one of the stages of life)  :: عُمْر {m}, سِنّ {m}
age {n} (particular period of time in history)  :: عَصْر {m}
agency {n} (office of an agent, or factor)  :: وِكَالَة {f}
agency {n} (place of business of an agent)  :: وَكَالَة {f}
agenda {n} (list of matters to be taken up)  :: جدول أعمال, برنامج
Age of Enlightenment {prop} (period of history)  :: عَصْر اَلتَّنْوِير {m}
aggregate {n} (any of the five aspects constituting the sentient being in Buddhism)  :: سْكَانْدَا
aggression {n} (act of initiating hostilities or invasion)  :: عِدْوَان {m}
aggression {n} (the practice or habit of launching attacks)  :: عِدْوَان {m}
aggressive {adj} (tending or disposed to aggress)  :: عدواني
aggressor {n} (the person or country that first attacks or makes an aggression)  :: مُعْتَدٍ {m}, بَاغٍ {m}, مُعْتِد {m}
agha {n} (an honorific for high officials used in Turkey and certain Muslim countries)  :: آغَا {m}
agile {adj} (having the faculty of quick motion in the limbs)  :: رَشِيق, خَفِيف اَلْحَرَكَة
aglet {n} (cover of a shoelace) SEE: aiglet  ::
agnostic {n} (one who holds to a form of agnosticism.)  :: لَاأَدْرِيّ {m} /lā-ʾadriyy/
agnosticism {n} (view that the existence of a God or gods is unknown, unknowable, unproven, or unprovable)  :: لَاأَدْرِيَّة {f} /lā-ʾadriyya/
ago {adj} (past; gone by; since)  :: قَبْلَ
agouti {n}  :: أَغُوطِي
Agra {prop} (city in India)  :: آكْرَة {f}
agree {v} (harmonize in opinion; be in unison or concord; be united; concur)  :: وَافَقَ, imperfect: يُوَافِقُ
agreement {n} (state whereby several parties share a view)  :: إِقْرَار {m}
agreement {n} (legally binding contract)  :: اِتِّفَاقِيَّة {f}, عَقْد {m}
agreement in principle {n} (legally enforceable agreement)  :: اتفاق من حيث المبدأ /ittifaq min haithu el-mab'da/
agriculture {n} (the art or science of cultivating the ground)  :: زِرَاعَة {f}
Agrigento {prop} (province and city in Sicily)  :: جِرْجَنْت {m}, كِرْكَنْت {m} [traditional names], أَغْرِيجِنْتُو {m} [modern Italianism]
agronomy {n} (science of utilizing plants, animals, and soils for food, fuel, feed and more)  :: عِلْم الزِرَاعَة {m}
ague {n} (malaria) SEE: malaria  ::
ah {interj} (an expression)  :: آه
ahead of one's time {prep} (in advance of commonly accepted ideas)  :: سابق عصره {m} /sabiq as'rih/, سابقة عصرها {f} /sabiqat as'riha/, سابقون عصرهم {m-p} /sabiqoon as'rihom/, سابقات عصرهن {f-p} /sabiqat as'rihin/
Ahmed {prop} (male given name)  :: أَحْمَد /Ahmad/
Ahmedabad {prop} (city in India)  :: أَحْمَد آبَاد {m}
Ahvaz {prop} (city in Iran)  :: أَهْوَاز, أَحْوَاز
Aichi {prop} (Aichi prefecture, in Southern central of Japan)  :: آيْتْشِي {m} /ʾaytšī/
Aidan {prop} (male given name)  :: أيْدِين {} /ʾaydin/
aide {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant  ::
AIDS {n} (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)  :: اَلْإِيدْز {m}
aiglet {n} (tip on a ribbon or cord)  :: فوهة /fawha/
Ainu {prop} (language)  :: لُغَة آيْنْوِيَّة {f} /luḡa ʾaynwiyya/
air {n} (historical: one of the basic elements)  :: هَوَاء
air {n} (mixture of gases making up the atmosphere of the Earth)  :: هَوَاء {m}
air {n} (music: a song, an aria)  :: نَغَم {m}
airan {n} (a Turkish and Altaic yoghurt drink)  :: عَيْرَان, شِنِينَة
airborne {adj} (in flight)  :: في الجو
Airbus {prop} (a European aircraft manufacturer)  :: إِيرْبَاص {m}
air conditioner {n} (a machine that is used to control temperature and humidity in an enclosed space)  :: مُكَيِّف الهَوَاء {m}, تَكْيِيف {m}
air conditioning {n} (the state of temperature and humidity produced by an air conditioner)  :: تَكْيِيف {m}
air conditioning {n} (an air conditioner or system of air conditioners)  :: تَكْيِيف {m}
aircraft {n} (machine capable of atmospheric flight)  :: طَائِرَة {f}
airfoil {n} (wing of an aircraft) SEE: wing  ::
air force {n} (branch of the military devoted to air warfare)  :: سِلَاح طَيَرَان {m}
air hostess {n} (female flight attendant) SEE: stewardess  ::
airline {n} (company that flies airplanes)  :: شَرِكَة طَيَرَان {f} /šarikat ṭayarān/, خُطُوط جَوِيَّة {m-p}
airliner {n} (passenger aircraft)  :: طَائِرَة رِحْلَات {f}
airmail {n} (the system of conveying mail using aircraft)  :: بَرِيد جَوِّيّ {m}
airplane {n} (powered aircraft)  :: طَائِرَة {f}, طَيَّارَة {f}
airport {n} (a place designated for airplanes)  :: مَطَار {m}
airship {n} (self-propelled lighter-than-air aircraft that can be steered) SEE: dirigible  ::
air ticket {n} (a pass entitling the holder to travel in an aeroplane)  :: تَذْكِرَةُ الطَّيَرَان {f}
airway {n} (windpipe) SEE: windpipe  ::
airway {n} (trachea) SEE: trachea  ::
airworthiness {n} (the state of being airworthy)  :: صلاحية الطائرات {f} /ṣalāḥiya aṭ-ṭāʾirāti/
Aisha {prop} (female given name)  :: عَائِشَة {f}
aitch {n} (name of the letter H, h)  :: إِتْش {m} /ʾeytš/, هَا {f}
a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step {proverb} (a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step)  :: رِحْلَة اَلْأَلْف مِيل تَبْدَأ بِخَطْوَة وَاحِدَة /riḥla l-ʾalf mīl tabdaʾ bi-ḵaṭwa wāḥida/
AK-47 {n} (Kalashnikov assault rifle)  :: إيه كيه-47 {m}
Akan {prop} (Niger-Congo language)  :: أَكَانِيَّة
Akan {prop} (language group spoken in Ghana)  :: أَكَانِيَّة
Akita {prop} (Japanese surname)  :: أَكِيتَا {f}
Akkad {prop} (ancient kingdom of Mesopotamia)  :: أَكَّد, أَكَّاد
Akkad {prop} (capital city of the kingdom of Akkad)  :: أَكَّد, أَكَّاد
Akkadian {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: أَكَّدِيّ, أَكَّادِيّ
Akkadian {prop} (Semitic language)  :: أَكَّدِيَّة {f}, أَكَّادِيَّة {f}
Akutagawa {prop} (surname)  :: أَكُوتَاغَاوَا {m} {f} /ʾakutaḡāwā/
Alabama {prop} (U.S. State)  :: أَلَابَامَا {f} /ʾalabāmā/
Aladdin {prop} (a given name)  :: عَلَاء الدِّين
Aladdin {prop} (the Arabic tale)  :: عَلَاء الدِّين
Aladdin {prop} (the fictional young man)  :: عَلَاء الدِّين {m}
Al-Andalus {prop} (Islamic Spain)  :: اَلْأَنْدَلُس
alarm {n} (summons to arms)  :: إِنْذَار {m}
alarm clock {n} (type of clock)  :: مُنَبِّه {m}, سَاعَة مُنَبِّهَة {f} /sāʿa munabbiha/
alarmed {adj} (worried) SEE: worried  ::
alas {interj} (exclamation of sorrow, etc.)  :: وَاحَسْرَتَاه, وَاهًا
Alaska {prop} (US state)  :: أَلَاسْكَا /ʾalaskā/
Albacete {prop} (province)  :: ﭐَلبَسِيط
Albania {prop} (country in south-eastern Europe)  :: أَلْبَانِيَا {f}
Albanian {adj} (of or pertaining to Albania)  :: أَلْبَانِيّ
Albanian {n} (person from Albania)  :: أَلْبَانِيّ {m}, أَلْبَانِيَّة {f}
albatross {n} (seabird)  :: قَطْرَس {m}
albeit {conj} (despite its being; although)  :: وَلَو
Albert {prop} (male given name)  :: أَلْبِرْت {m} /ʾalbert/
Alberta {prop} (province)  :: أَلْبِرْتَا {f}
album {n} (book for photographs, stamps, or autographs)  :: أَلْبُوم {m}
album {n} (phonograph record (LP))  :: أَلْبُوم {m}
album {n} (group of audio recordings on any media)  :: أَلْبُوم {m}
alchemist {n} (one who practices alchemy)  :: خِيمِيَائِيّ {m}
alchemy {n} (ancient chemistry)  :: اَلْخِيمِيَاء {f}, خِيمِيَاء {f}
alcohol {n} (organic chemistry sense)  :: كُحُول {m}
alcohol {n} (intoxicating beverage)  :: كُحُول {m}
alcoholic {n} (one who abuses alcohol)  :: سِكِّير {m}, خِمِّير {m}, مُعَاقِر {m}
alcoholic {adj} (of or pertaining to alcohol)  :: رُوحِيّ, كُحُولِيّ
Aldebaran {prop} (star)  :: اَلدَّبَرَان {m}
ale {n} (intoxicating liquor)  :: مِزْر {m}
Alejandro {prop} (cognates of Alejandro) SEE: Alexander  ::
Alejandro {prop} (male given name transliterated)  :: أَلِيخَانْدْرُو {m}, آلِيخَانْدْرُو {m}
aleph {n} (first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet and descendant script)  :: أَلِف {m}, [symbol] ا
Aleppo {prop} (Syrian city)  :: حَلَب {f}
alert {adj} (attentive)  :: يَقِظ
Aleutian Islands {prop} (archipelago)  :: جُزُر أَلُوشْيَان {f-p} /juzur ʾalyušyān/
Alexander {prop} (male given name)  :: إِسْكَنْدَر {m}, [transliteration] أَلِكْسَنْدَر {m}, الإسكندر {m} /al-ʾiskandar/
Alexander the Great {prop} (King of Macedonia)  :: اَلْإِسْكَنْدَر اَلْأَكْبَر {m}
Alexandria {prop} (city in Egypt)  :: اَلْإِسْكَنْدَرِيَّة {f}
Alexandroupoli {prop} (city)  :: أليكساندروبولي
Alfvén {prop} (surname)  :: ألففين {m} {f} /alfīn/
Alfvén wave {n} (a hydromagnetic shear wave in a charged plasma)  :: مَوْجَة أَلْفْفِين {f} /mawjat ʾalffīn/
alga {n} (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms)  :: طُحْلُب {m}
algae {n} (plural of alga)  :: طَحَالِب {p}
algal {adj} (pertaining to, or like, algae)  :: طُحْلُبِيّ {m}
algebra {n} (system for computation)  :: عِلْم الْجَبْر {m}, جَبْر {m}
algebra {n} (study of algebraic structures)  :: جَبْر {m}, عِلْم الْجَبْر {m}
Algeria {prop} (country)  :: اَلْجَزَائِر {p}
Algerian {n} (person from Algeria)  :: جَزَائِرِيّ {m}, جَزَائِرِيَّة
Algerian {adj} (of Algeria or its people)  :: جَزَائِرِيّ
Alghero {prop} (port town in Sardinia)  :: أَلْغِيرُو {m} /ʾalḡēro/
Algiers {prop} (the capital of Algeria)  :: اَلْجَزَائِر
algolagnia {n} (Physical condition)  :: التلذذ بالألم
algorithm {n} (well-defined procedure)  :: خُوَارِزْمِيَّة {f}
alhamdulillah {interj} ((Islam) Praise be to God)  :: الْحَمْدُ لِلّٰه /al-ḥamdu li-llāh/
Ali {prop} (male given name from Arabic)  :: عَلِيّ {m}
Ali Baba {prop} (a fictional character)  :: عَلِيّ بَابَا {m}
alibi {n} (criminal legal defense)  :: دَفْع بِالْغَائِبَة {m} /dafʿ bi-l-ḡāʾiba/
Alice {prop} (female given name)  :: أَلِيس {f}
a lie has no legs {proverb} (you can't get away with a lie)  :: حَبْلُ ٱلْكَذِبِ قَصِير
alien {n} (person, etc. from outside)  :: غَرِيب {m}
alien {n} (foreigner)  :: أَجْنَبِيّ {m}
alien {n} (life form of non-Earth origin)  :: غَرِيب {m}
alienist {n} (psychiatrist) SEE: psychiatrist  ::
alif {n} (first letter of the Arabic alphabet)  :: أَلِف {m}, [symbol] ا
alim {n} (scholar of Islamic law)  :: عَالِم {m}
a little {adv} (to a small extent or degree)  :: قَلِيل, بِضْع
a little bird told me {phrase} (idiomatic)  :: عُصْفُور صَغِير أَخْبَرَنِي
alive {adj} (having life)  :: حَيّ
aliyah {n} (immigration of Jews into Israel)  :: عَلْيَا {p}
Al Jazeera {prop} (Arabic satellite TV news channel)  :: الجَزِيرَة {f}, قَنَاة اَلْجَزِيرَة ٱلْفَضَائِيَّة {f} /qanāt al-jazīra l-faḍāʾiyya/
alkali {n} (class of caustic bases)  :: قَلَوِيّ {m}
alkaline {adj} (having a pH greater than 7)  :: قَاعِدَة {f}
alkekengi {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry  ::
alkyne {n} (hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond)  :: ألكاين {m}
all {determiner} (every individual of the given class)  :: كُلّ, جَمِيع
all {n} (everything possible)  :: جَمِيع
all {n} (everyone) SEE: everyone  ::
all {n} (everything) SEE: everything  ::
Allah {prop} (God, in Islam)  :: اللّٰه {m}
Allahabad {prop} (city in India)  :: اَللّٰه أَبَاد {m}
Allahu akbar {interj} (Muslim takbir (proclamation))  :: اَللَّٰهُ أَكْبَرُ
all and sundry {pron} (all; everyone)  :: الكل و يزيد
Allat {prop} (pre-Islamic Arabian goddess)  :: اَللَّات {f}
all day {adv} (the entire day)  :: طُول اَلْيَوْم, طُول اَلنَّهَار, كُلّ اَلْيَوْم
allergy {n} (disorder of the immune system)  :: أَرَجِيَّة {f}, حَسَّاسِيَّة {f}
allergy {n} (hypersensitivity)  :: أَرَجِيَّة {f}, حَسَّاسِيَّة {f}
alleviate {v} (make less severe)  :: خَفَّفَ, لَطَّفَ, سَكَّنَ
alleviation {n} (alleviation)  :: تَخْفِيف {m}, تَسْكِين {m}
alley {n} (narrow street)  :: زُقَاق {m}
All Fools' Day {n} (April Fools' Day) SEE: April Fools' Day  ::
all good things come to an end {proverb} (nothing good lasts forever)  :: كُلّ الْأَشْيَاء الْجَيِّدَة تَنْتَهِي
All Hallows' Day {prop} (All Saints' Day) SEE: All Saints' Day  ::
alligator {n} (large amphibious reptile of genus Alligator)  :: تِمْسَاح {m}, تِمْسَاح أَمْرِيكِيّ {m}, قَاطُور {m}
allocate {v} (to set aside for a purpose)  :: خَصَّصَ
all of a sudden {adv} (colloquial: suddenly, see also: suddenly)  :: فَجْأَةً
all of the sudden {adv} (all of a sudden) SEE: all of a sudden  ::
allot {v} (to assign)  :: خَصَّصَ
all over {prep} (everywhere; covering completely)  :: جَمِيع أَنْحَاء, كُلّ
allow {v} (to grant, give, admit, accord, afford, or yield; to let one have)  :: سَمَحَ, أَذِنَ
allow {v} (to permit)  :: سَمَحَ بِ /samaḥa bi-/, سَمَحَ
allowed {v} (to be let one have)  :: مَسْمُوح بِه
all right {adj} (good)  :: جَيِّد
all right {adv} (fairly well)  :: حَسَنًا
all right {interj} (Used to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent )  :: حَسَنًا
all rights reserved {phrase} (copyright notice formula)  :: جَمِيع اَلْحُقُوق مَحْفُوظَة, كَافَّة اَلْحُقُوق مَحْفُوظَة /kāffat al-ḥuqūq maḥfūẓa/
all roads lead to Rome {proverb} (different paths can take to the same goal)  :: كُلُّ الطُّرُقِ تُؤَدِّي إِلَى رُومَا
All Saints Day {prop} (All Saints Day) SEE: All Saints' Day  ::
All Saints' Day {prop} (feast day)  :: عِيدُ جَمِيعِ اَلْقِدِّيسِينَ
all that glitters is not gold {proverb} (things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so)  :: كُل مَا يَلْمَعُ لَيْسَ الذَّهَب {m}
all too {adv} (way too) SEE: way too  ::
allusion {n} (indirect reference, hint)  :: تَلْمِيح {m} /talmīħ/
ally {n} (one united to another by treaty or league)  :: حَلِيف, حُلَفَاء {p}
al-Mada'in {prop}  :: اَلْمَدَائِن
almond {n} (nut)  :: لَوْز {p} [collective], لَوْزَة {f} [singulative]
almond paste {n} (paste made from ground almonds and sugar in equal quantities)  :: مَعْجُون لَوْز {m}
almost {adv} (very close to)  :: تَقْرِيبًا
alms {n} (something given to the poor as charity)  :: صَدَقَة {f}, خَيْر {m}
almsgiving {n} (the act of voluntarily giving alms)  :: زكاة /zakat/
aloha {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
aloha {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
alone {adv} (by oneself)  :: وَحِيد, مُنْفَرِد
along {prep} (by the length of; in a line with the length of; lengthwise next to)  :: عَلَى طُول
along {prep} (in a line with, with a progressive motion on; onward on; forward on)  :: بِالتَّوَازِي مَعَ /bi-t-tawāzī maʿa/
along {prep}  :: بِجَانِب
alongside {prep} (together with or at the same time)  :: تَزَامُنًا
along the lines of {prep} (similar to but not exactly equal)  :: عَلَى غِرَار
along with {conj} (in addition to)  :: تَضَامُنًا مَعَ
aloof {adv} (at or from a distance)  :: بَعِيدًا عَنّ, بِمَعْزِل عَن /bi-maʿzil ʿan/
alopecia {n} (baldness) SEE: baldness  ::
a lot {n} (a large amount)  :: كَثِيرًا
a lot {adv} (very much)  :: كَثِيرًا
a lot {adv} (often)  :: كَثِيرًا
alpaca {n} (camelid animal of the Andes)  :: أَلْبَكَة {f}
alpenglow {n} (a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains)  :: شَفَق أَلْبِيّ {m}
alpha {n} (name of the letter Α, α)  :: أَلْفَا {f}
alpha and omega {n} (the first and the last)  :: اَلْأَلْف وَالْيَاء /al-ʾalf wa-l-yāʾ/
alphabet {n} (an ordered set of letters used in a language)  :: حُرُوف الْهِجَاء {m-p}, أَبْجَد {m}, اَلْأَلِفْبَاء {m}, اَلْأَلِفْبَائِيَّة {f}
alphabetic {adj} (alphabetical) SEE: alphabetical  ::
alphabetical {adj} (pertaining to the alphabet)  :: أَلِفْبَائِيّ, أَبْجَدِيّ
alphabetical {adj} (in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet)  :: ألِفْبَائِيّ, أبجَدِيّ
Alpha Centauri {prop} (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus)  :: رِجْل قِنْطَوْر
Alps {prop} (a mountain range in Western Europe)  :: جِبَال اَلْأَلْب {p}
al-Qaeda {prop} (The global network of militant Islamic extremists.)  :: اَلْقَاعِدَة {f}
al-Quds {prop} (Jerusalem) SEE: Jerusalem  ::
already {adv} (prior to some time)  :: قَد
also {adv} (in addition; besides; as well; further; too)  :: أَيْضًا, كَذٰلِكَ /ka-ḏālika/, بِالمِثْل
Altai {prop} (Altay) SEE: Altay  ::
Altair {prop} (star)  :: النسر الطائر /an-nasr aṭ-ṭāʾir/
Altai Republic {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة أَلْطَاي {f} /jumhūriyyat ʾalṭāy/, جُمْهُورِيَّة أَلْتَاي {f} /jumhūriyyat ʾaltāy/
altar {n} (flat-topped structure used for religious rites)  :: مَذْبَح {m}, هَيْكَل {m}
Altay {prop} (mountain range)  :: أَلْتَاي {m}, أَلْطَاي {m}
alter {v} (to change the form or structure of)  :: غَيَّرَ
alternating current {n} (electric current that reverses direction periodically)  :: تَيَّار مُتَرَدِّد {m}
although {conj} (in spite of the fact that)  :: رَغْم أَنَّ , مَعَ أَنَّ, وَلَوْ
aluminium {n} (silvery metal)  :: أَلُومِنْيُوم {m}
aluminum {n} (aluminium) SEE: aluminium  ::
alumnus {n} (a male pupil or student)  :: طَالِب {m}, طَلَبَة {m-p}
alumnus {n} (a male graduate)  :: خِرِّيج {m}, خِرِّيجُون {m-p}
alumnus {n} (a student)  :: طَالِب {m}, طَالِبَة {f}, طَلَبَة {m-p}, طَالِبَات {f-p}
alumnus {n} (a graduate)  :: خِرِّيج {m}, خِرِّيجَة {f}, خِرِّيجُون {m-p}, خِرِّيجَات {f-p}
alveolar {adj} (relating to the jaw ridge)  :: سِنْخِيّ
alveolar {adj} (formed with the tongue touching or approaching the ridge behind the upper teeth)  :: لِثَوِيّ
alveolar ridge {n} (ridge that forms the borders of the maxilla and the mandible)  :: سِنْج {m}
always {adv} (at all times)  :: دَائِمًا, أَبَدًا, دَوْمًا
Alzheimer's disease {n} (mental disorder from brain tissue changes)  :: أَلْزْهَايْمْر /ʾalzhaymr/
a.m. {adv} (before noon)  :: قَبْلَ الظُّهْر, صَبَاحًا
Amaterasu {prop} (Japanese sun goddess)  :: أَمَاتِيرَاسُو {f}
amateur {n} (person attached to a pursuit without pursuing it professionally)  :: هَاوٍ {m}
amaze {v} (to fill with surprise, astonish)  :: عَجَّبَ
amazing {adj} (very good) SEE: good  ::
amazing {adj} (causing wonder and amazement)  :: مُدْهِش, مُذْهِل
Amazon {prop} (river)  :: نَهْر الْآمازُون {m}
amœba {n} (amoeba) SEE: amoeba  ::
ambassador {n} (minister)  :: سَفِير {m}
ambassador {n} (representative)  :: سَفِير {m}
amber {n} (fossil resin)  :: كَهْرَمَان {m}
amber {n} (ambergris) SEE: ambergris  ::
ambergris {n} (waxy substance produced by sperm whales)  :: عَنْبَر {m}
amberjack {n}  :: الاغوطي
ambiguity {n} (something liable to more than one interpretation)  :: غُموض {f}
ambiguous {adj} (open to multiple interpretations)  :: غامض
ambulance {n} (emergency vehicle)  :: سَيَّارَة إِسْعَاف {f} /sayyārat ʾisʿāf/
ambush {n} (a disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station)  :: كَمِين {m}
amen {adv} (so be it)  :: آمِين
amen {adv} (truly, verily)  :: آمِين
amen {interj} (expression of strong agreement)  :: آمْيْن
amend {v} (to make better)  :: حَسَّنَ
amend {v} (to become better)  :: حَسُنَ
amenity {n} (convenience) SEE: convenience  ::
Ame-no-Uzume {prop} (Japanese goddess of dawn, joy and springtime)  :: أَمِه نُو أُوزُومِه {f}, أَمَه نُو أُوزُومِه {f}
amerce {v} (to make an exaction) SEE: punish  ::
America {prop} (United States of America) SEE: United States of America  ::
America {prop} (Americas) SEE: Americas  ::
American {n} (person born in or citizen of the USA)  :: أَمْرِيكِيّ {m}, أَمْرِيكِيَّة {f}, أَمْرِيكَانِيّ {m} /ʾamrikāniyy/, أَمْرِيكَانِيَّة {f}
American {prop} (American English)  :: اَلْإِنْجِلِيزِيَّة اَلْأَمْرِيكِيَّة {f} /al-ʾingilīziyya l-ʾamrīkiyya/
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the Americas)  :: أَمْرِيكِيّ, أَمْرِيكَانِيّ
American {adj} (of or pertaining to the U.S. or its culture)  :: أَمْرِيكِيّ, أَمْرِيكَانِيّ
American English {prop} (English of the United States)  :: اَلْإِنْجِلِيزِيَّة اَلْأَمْرِيكِيَّة {f} /al-ʾingilīziyya l-ʾamrīkiyya/
American football {n} (American football)  :: كُرَة اَلْقَدَم اَلْأَمْرِيكِيَّة {f} /kurat al-qadam al-ʾamrīkiyya/
Americanisation {n} (assimilation)  :: أَمْرَكَة {f}
Americanization {n} (Americanisation) SEE: Americanisation  ::
Americanize {v} (to make American)  :: أَمْرَكَ
American Samoa {prop} (US overseas territory in Oceania)  :: سَامُوَّا اَلْأَمْرِيكِيَّة {f}
American Sign Language {prop} (language that uses hands, facial expressions, and other bodily behavior to communicate)  :: لُغَة اَلْإِشَارَة الْأَمْرِيكِيَّة {f} /luḡat al-ʾišāra l-ʾamrīkiyya/
Americas {prop} (North and South America)  :: أَمْرِيكَا {f}, أَمِيرِكَا {f} /ʾamīrikā/, أَمْرِيكَة {f}
americium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 95)  :: أَمْرِيكِيُوم {m} /ʾamrīkiyum/
Amharic {prop} (language)  :: أَمْهَرِيّ {m}, أَمْهَرِيَّة {f}
amid {prep} (surrounded by)  :: بَيْن
amidst {prep} (in the midst or middle of; surrounded or encompassed by; among)  :: بَيْن
amigo {n} (friend) SEE: friend  ::
Amir {prop} (given name)  :: أَمِير
amiss {adj} (wrong) SEE: wrong  ::
Amman {prop} (the capital of Jordan)  :: عَمَّان {m}
ammeter {n} (device that measures an electric current)  :: أميتر {m} /'umitr/
ammunition {n} (articles used in charging firearms)  :: ذُخِيرَة {f}
amnesia {n} (loss of memory)  :: فِقْدَان ذَاكِرَة
amnesty {n} (act of the sovereign power)  :: عَفْو {m}
amniotic sac {n} (sac in which foetus develops)  :: كيس سلوي
amoeba {n} (member of a genus of unicellular protozoa)  :: أَمِيبَا {f}
among {prep} (mingling or intermixing)  :: بَيْنَ
amount {n} (number of elements in a set) SEE: number  ::
amount {n} (total or sum of items)  :: مَبْلَغ {m}, مِقْدَار {m}
Amoy {prop} (Xiamen) SEE: Xiamen  ::
amperage {n} (electric current) SEE: current  ::
ampere {n} (unit of electrical current)  :: أَمْبِير {m}
ampersat {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
amphitheatre {n} (an open, outdoor theatre)  :: مُدَرَّج {m}
ample {adj} (fully sufficient; abundant)  :: مُتَوَفِّر
ampoule {n} (small glass vial hermetically sealed)  :: أَمْبُولَة {f}
amputation {n} (surgical removal of a limb)  :: بَتْر {m}, قَطْع {m}
Amramites {prop} (3rd sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة آل عمران
Amsterdam {prop} (capital of the Netherlands)  :: أَمْسْتِرْدَام {m}
Amu Darya {prop} (river)  :: جَيْحُون {m}, جِيحُون {m}, أَمُو دَارْيَا {f}, اوقسوس /oqsus/
Amur {prop} (Heilongjiang) SEE: Heilongjiang  ::
Amur {prop} (the river between the Far East Russia and China)  :: آمُور {m}
amusing {adj} (entertaining)  :: مُمْتِع
amylum {n} (amylum) SEE: starch  ::
an {article} (indefinite article)  :: Not used in Arabic
-an {suffix} (of or pertaining to)  :: ـِيّ
anaconda {n} (any of various large nonvenomous snake of the genus Eunectes)  :: أَنَاكُنْدَة {f} /ʾanakonda/
Anadyr {prop} (city in Russia)  :: أَنَادِير {m} /ʾanadīr/
anaesthesia {n} (loss of bodily sensation)  :: تَخْدِير {m}
anaesthetic {n} (anaesthetic)  :: مخدر {m}
anagram {n} (word or phrase created by rearranging letters from another word or phrase)  :: جِنَاس نَاقِص {m}, قَلْب {m}
anal {adj} (of, related to, intended for or involving the anus)  :: شَرَجِيّ
analgesic {n} (medicine that reduces pain)  :: مسكن ألم
analog {adj} (represented by a continuously variable physical quantity)  :: تَنَاظِرِيَّة
analogous {adj} (having analogy; corresponding to something else)  :: مُمَاثِل
analogue {n} (analog) SEE: analog  ::
analogy {n} (relationship of resemblance or equivalence)  :: مَمَاثَلَة {f}
anal sex {n} (sex involving the anus)  :: جِنْس شَرَجِيّ {m}
analysis {n} (decomposition into components in order to study)  :: تَحْلِيل {m}
analysis {n} (in mathematics)  :: تَحْلِيل رِيَاضِيّ {m}
analysis {n} (chemistry: process of breaking down a substance or the result of this process)  :: تَحْلِيلْ مُخْتَبَرِيّ {m}
analyst {n} (person who analyses)  :: مُحَلِّل مُتَخَصِّص {m}
analyze {v} (to subject to analysis)  :: حَلَّلَ
ananas {n} (pineapple) SEE: pineapple  ::
Anapa {prop} (city)  :: أَنَابَا {f}
anaphylactic shock {n} (severe allergic reaction)  :: تأق {m}
an apple a day keeps the doctor away {proverb} (apples are good for you)  :: تُفَّاحَةٌ وَاحِدَةً فِي الْيَوْمَ تَغَنِيكُ عَنْ زِيَارَةً الطَّبِيبِ
anarchism {n} (belief that proposes the absence and abolition of government in all forms)  :: فَوْضَوِيَّة {f}
anarcho-capitalism {n} (philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state and a self-regulating free market)  :: لاسلطوية رأسمالية
anarchy {n} (absence of any form of political authority or government)  :: فَوْضَى {f}
Anatoli {prop} (transliteration of Анато́лий)  :: أَنَاتُولِي {m}
Anatolia {prop} (peninsula of Western Asia)  :: الأناضول {m}
Anatolius {prop} (male given name)  :: أَنَاتُولِي {m} /ʾanatūlī/
anatomist {n} (one involved in the science of anatomical structures)  :: مُشَرِّح {m}, مُشَرِّحَة {f}
anatomy {n} (art of studying the different parts of any organized body)  :: تَشْرِيح {m}
Anbar {prop} (historical city in Iraq)  :: اَلْأَنْبَار
ancestor {n} (one from whom a person is descended)  :: سَلَف {m}
anchor {n} (tool to moor a vessel into sea bottom)  :: مِرْسَاة {f}, أَنْجَر {m}
anchor {n} (TV anchorman)  :: مُذِيع {m}
anchor {v} (to hold an object to a fixed point)  :: رَسَا
Anchorage {prop} (city)  :: أَنْكُورَاج {m} /ʾankuraj/
anchorman {n} (TV host)  :: مُذِيع أَخْبَار {m}, قَارِئ أَخْبَار {m}, مُقَدِّم أَخْبَار {m}, مُذِيع {m}
ancient {adj} (having lasted from a remote period)  :: قَدِيم, عَتِيق, عَرِيق
Ancient Egypt {prop} (civilization)  :: مِصْر اَلْقَدِيمَة {f}
Ancient Greece {prop} (The ancient civilization of the Mediterranean)  :: اَلْيُونَان اَلْقَدِيمَة {f}
Ancient Greek {prop} (the Greek language of classical antiquity)  :: اَللُّغَة اَلْيُونَانِيَّة اَلْقَدِيمَة {f} /al-luḡa l-yūnāniyya l-qadīma/
Ancient Rome {prop} (civilization associated with Rome from the 9th century BC to the 12th century AD)  :: رُومَا اَلْقَدِيمَة {f}
and {conj} (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera)  :: وَـ /wa-/
Andalusia {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: اَلْأَنْدَلُس
Andalusian {adj} (from, or pertaining to, Andalusia)  :: أَنْدَلُسِيّ
Andes {prop} (mountain range in South America)  :: أَنْدِيز {m}
Andhra Pradesh {prop} (state in the union of India)  :: أَنْدْرَا بْرَدِيش
Andorra {prop} (country)  :: أَنْدُورَا {f}
Andorra la Vella {prop} (capital of Andorra)  :: أندورا لا فيلا {f}
Andrew {prop} (the Apostle)  :: أَنْدَرَاوُس {m}
Andrew {prop} (male given name)  :: أَنْدَرَاوُس {m}, أَنْدْرُو {m}
andrewsarchus {n} (prehistoric mammal)  :: أندروساركوس
android {n} (robot with human form)  :: إِنْسَان أُوتُومَاتِيكِيّ {m} /ʾinsān ʾotomātīkiyy/, رُوبُوت {m} /rūbut/, إِنْسَان آلِيّ {m}
Android {prop} (mobile operating system)  :: أندرويد
and so forth {phrase} (indicating a list continues similarly)  :: وَهٰكَذَا /wa-hākaḏā/
and so on {phrase} (indicating a list continues) SEE: and so forth  ::
anecdote {n} (short account of an incident)  :: نَادِرَة {f}, أُطْرُوفَة {f}, أُفْكُوهَة {f}, طُرْفَة {f}, فُكَاهَة {f}
anemone {n} (sea anemone) SEE: sea anemone  ::
anemone {n} (any plant of genus anemone)  :: شَقِيقَة النُّعْمَان {f} /šaqīqat an-nuʿmān/
anesthesia {n} (loss of bodily sensation)  :: تَخْدِير {m}
anesthetic {n} (a substance for the reduced perception of pain)  :: مُخَدِّر {m}
anesthetization {n} (an administration of anesthesia)  :: تَخْدِير {m}
aneurysm {n} (abnormal blood-filled swelling)  :: أم الدم /ummuddam/
anew {adv} (again)  :: مَرَّة ثَانِيَة
angel {n} (messenger from a deity)  :: مَلْأَك {m}, مَلَاك /malak/, مَلَك {m}
angel of death {n} (personification of death in fiction and in art)  :: مَلَاك اَلْمَوْت {m}
anger {n} (A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something)  :: غَضَب {m}
anger {v} (to cause such a feeling of antagonism)  :: أَغْضَبَ
anger {v} (to become angry)  :: غَضِبَ
Angkor Wat {prop} (Cambodian temple complex)  :: أَنْغْكُور وَات {m} /ʾanḡkōr wāt/
angle {n} (geometrical figure)  :: زَاوِيَة {f}
anglicisation {n} (process of anglicising)  :: أَنْجَلَة {f} /ʾangala/
anglicise {v} (make English)  :: تَأَنْجَلَ /taʾangala/
Anglo-Saxon {prop} (Old English) SEE: Old English  ::
Anglo-Saxon {n} (Germanic peoples inhabiting medieval England)  :: أَنْجْلُوسَكْسُونِيُّون {m-p} /ʾanglosaksūniyyūn/
Anglo-Saxon {adj} (related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language)  :: أَنْجْلُوسَكْسُونِيّ /ʾanglusaksuniyy/
Angola {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: أَنْغُولَا {f} /ʾanḡōlā/
angry {adj} (displaying anger)  :: غَاضِب
angstrom {n} (A very small unit of length, 10-10 m)  :: أَنْغْسْتْرُوم {m}, أَنْجْسْتْرُوم {m} /ʾangstrūm/
Anguilla {prop} (British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: أَنْغِيلَا {f}, أَنْجْوِيلَا {f} /ʾangwīlā/
Anhui {prop} (province of China)  :: آنْهُوي {m} /ʾanhūy/, آنْخْوي {m} /ʾanḵūy/
animal {n} (organism)  :: حَيَوَان {m}
animal {n} (organism other than man)  :: حَيَوَان {m}
animal rights {n} (concept that animals are entitled to certain fundamental rights)  :: حقوق الحيوان {p}
animate {adj} (that which lives)  :: حَيّ {m}
animation {n} (causing images to appear to move)  :: إِحْيَاء
anime {n} (an animated work originated in Japan)  :: أَنِمِي {m}
anise {n} (plant)  :: أَنْسُون {m}
anise {n} (fennel) SEE: fennel  ::
Ankara {prop} (capital of Turkey)  :: أَنْقَرَة {f}, [archaic] أَنْكُورِيَة {f}
ankh {n} (cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top)  :: عَنْخ {m}
ankle {n} (joint between foot and leg)  :: كَاحِل {m}, كَعْب {m}
annex {n} (addition of territory) SEE: annexation  ::
annexation {n} (addition or incorporation of something)  :: ضَمّ {m}, إِلْحَاق {m}
anniversary {n} (day an exact number of years since an event)  :: عِيد سَنَوِيّ {m}
announce {v} (to give public notice, or first notice of)  :: أَعْلَنَ
announcement {n}  :: اِعْلَام {m}, إعلان
announcer {n} (announcer)  :: مُذِيع {m}
annoy {v} (to disturb or irritate)  :: أَزْعَجَ
annoyance {n} (that which annoys)  :: إِزْعَاج {m}
annoying {v} (causing irritation or annoyance; troublesome; vexatious)  :: مُزَعِج
annual {adj} (happening once a year)  :: سَنَوِيّ
anoda {determiner} (another) SEE: another  ::
anorexia {n} (loss of appetite)  :: قَهَم {m}
another {determiner} (one more, in addition to a former number)  :: [indefinite] آخَر {m} أُخرى {f}, إضافي {m} إِضافيَّة {f}
another {determiner} (not the same; different)  :: آخَر, أُخْرَى {f}
Anschluss {n} (the annexation of Austria into Germany in 1938 or an analogy)  :: آنْشْلُوس {m} /anšlūs/
Anshan {prop} (a prefecture-level city in northeastern China)  :: آنْشَان {m}, أَنْشَان {m}
answer {n} (response)  :: رَدّ {m}, جَوَاب {m}, إِجَابَة {f}
answer {v} (to make a reply or response to)  :: أَجَابَ, رَدَّ
answerer {n} (person or thing that answers)  :: مُجِيب
ant {n} (insect)  :: [collective] نَمْل, نَمْلَة {f} (singulative)
Ant {prop} (27th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة النمل
Antananarivo {prop} (city)  :: أَنْتَانَانَارِيفُو {m} /ʾantānānārīvō/
Antarctica {prop} (southernmost continent)  :: أَنْتَارْكِتِيكَا {f}
Antarctic Peninsula {prop} (the northernmost part of the mainland of Antarctica)  :: شِبْه الْجَزِيرَة‏ اَلْقُطْبِيّة‏ اَلْجَنُوبِيَّة {f} /šibh al-jazīra al-quṭbiyya al-janūbiyya/
Antares {prop} (star)  :: قلب العقرب
anteater {n} (mammal)  :: آكل النمل
antebrachium {n} (forearm) SEE: forearm  ::
antelope {n} (mammal of the family Bovidae)  :: ظَبْي {m}
antenna {n} (feeler organ)  :: هَوَائِيّ {m}
antenna {n} (device to receive or transmit radio signals) SEE: aerial  ::
anthem {n} (national anthem)  :: نَشِيد {m}
Anthony {prop} (given name)  :: أَنْتُونِيّ {m}
anthrax {n} (disease)  :: جَمْرَة خَبِيثَة {f}
anthropology {n} (the study of humanity)  :: أَنْطْرُوبُولُوجْيَا {f} /ʾanṭrubulūjyā/
anti- {prefix} (anti-)  :: ضِدّ, نَقِيض, مُضَادّ
antibiotic {n} (substance that destroys or inhibits bacteria)  :: مُضَادّ حَيَوِيّ {m}
antibrachium {n} (antibrachium) SEE: forearm  ::
antichrist {n} (Someone that works against the teachings of Christ)  :: ضِدّ اَلْمَسِيح {m}
anticyclone {n} (system of winds)  :: إعصار مضاد
antidotary {n} (antidote) SEE: antidote  ::
antidote {n} (remedy to counteract a poison)  :: تِرْيَاق {m}
Antigua and Barbuda {prop} (country)  :: أَنْتِيغُوَا وَبَرْبُودَا /ʾantīḡuwā wa-barbūdā/
anti-Jew {n} (anti-Jew)  :: مُعَاد لِلْيَهُودِيَّة {m} /muʿād li-l-yahūdiyya/
antimatter {n} (matter composed of antiparticles)  :: مَادَّة مُضَادَّة {f} /mādda muḍādda/
antimony {n} (chemical element)  :: أَنْتِيمُون {m} /ʾantimūn/
antiquated {adj} (old fashioned)  :: عَتِيق, بَالٍ
antique {adj} (old; out of date)  :: عَتِيق, قَدِيم
anti-Semite {n} (anti-Semite)  :: مُعَاد لِلْسَامِيَّة {m} /muʿād li-s-sāmiyya/, مُعَاد لِلْيَهُودِيَّة {m} /muʿād li-l-yahūdiyya/ [specifically anti-Jewish]
anti-Semitism {n} (prejudice or hostility against Jews)  :: مُعَادَاة السَّامِيَّة {f} /muʿādāt as-sāmiyya/
antiterrorism {n} (activity aiming at opposing terrorism)  :: مُكَافَحَة اَلْإِرْهَاب {f} /mukāfaḥat al-ʾirhāb/
antitoxin {n} (antibody to a specific toxin)  :: تِرْيَاق {m}
antivenin {n} (antitoxin)  :: مضاد السم
antivenom {n} (antivenin) SEE: antivenin  ::
Antonio {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony  ::
Antony {prop} (male given name) SEE: Anthony  ::
antonym {n} (word which has the opposite meaning)  :: عَكْس {m}, نَقِيض {m}
anus {n} (lower opening of the digestive tract)  :: اِسْت {m}, شَرْج {m}
anvil {n} (block used in blacksmithing)  :: سَنْدان {m}, سِنْدَان {m}
anxietude {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety  ::
anxiety {n} (concern)  :: قَلَق {m}
anxiousness {n} (anxiety) SEE: anxiety  ::
any {determiner} (at least one (kind))  :: أَيّ {m}, كُلّ
any {pron} (Any things or persons)  :: أَيّ, كُلّ, أَيَّة {f}, أَيْمَا
anyroad {adv} (anyway) SEE: anyway  ::
anytime {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
anytime {adv} (at any time)  :: أَيّ وَقْت [at any moment]
anyway {adv} (used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement)  :: عَلَى أَيُّ حَالٍ
Aomen {prop} (Macau) SEE: Macau  ::
Aomori {prop} (surname)  :: آوْمُورِي {m}
aorta {n} (great artery)  :: أَبْهَر {m}, وَتِين {m}
apart {adv} (apart from) SEE: apart from  ::
apart from {prep} (except for)  :: بِغَضّ النَظَر عَن /bi-ḡadd an-naẓar ʿan/
apartheid {v} (policy of racial separation in South Africa)  :: أَپَارْتْهِيد {m} /ʾaparthīd/, فَصْل عُنْصُرِيّ {m}
apartheid {v} (any policy of racial separation, see also: segregation)  :: فَصْل عُنْصُرِيّ {m}
apartment {n} (domicile occupying part of a building)  :: شَقَّة {f}
apartmentmate {n} (one who shares an apartment (US)) SEE: roommate  ::
apatheticness {n} (apathy) SEE: apathy  ::
apathy {n} (lack of emotion or motivation)  :: لَامُبَالَاة /lā-mubālāh/, عَدَم اِكْتِرَاث, خُمُول
ape {n} (animal)  :: قِرْد {m}, حِبْن {m}, سَعْدَان {m}
Apennines {prop} (mountain range)  :: اَلْأَبِينِينِي {m} /al-ʾabininī/
apex {n} (highest point)  :: ذروَة
aphelion {n} (the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the Sun)  :: أَوْج {m}
Aphrodite {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: أَفْرُودِيت {f}
aphtha {n} (foot-and-mouth disease) SEE: foot-and-mouth disease  ::
aphthous ulcer {n} (ulcer in the mouth caused by break in mucous membrane)  :: قُرْحَة فَمَوِيَّة {f} /qurḥa famawiyya/
Apia {prop} (capital of Samoa)  :: آبيا {f}
apocalypse {n} (end of the world)  :: القيامَة {f}
Apocalypse {prop} (the written account of a revelation of hidden things given by God to a chosen prophet)  :: رُؤْيَا {m}, كَشْف {m}
Apocalypse {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: رُؤْيَا {m}, كَشْف {m}
apogee {n} (a point in an orbit around the Earth)  :: أَوْج {m}
Apollo {prop} (the son of Zeus)  :: أَبُولُّو {m} /ʾabullū/
Apollo {n} (asteroid type)  :: أَبُولُّو {m} /ʾabollū/
apologia {n} (apology) SEE: apology  ::
apologise {v} (apologise) SEE: apologize  ::
apologism {n} (apology) SEE: apology  ::
apologize {v} (to make an apology or excuse)  :: إِعْتَذَرَ
apology {n} (an expression of regret)  :: اِعْتِذَار {m}
apology {n} (formal justification, defence)  :: دفاع
apology {n}  :: إعتذار - أسف
apostasy {n} (renunciation of set of beliefs)  :: اَلرِّدَّة {f}, اِرْتِدَاد {m}
apostate {n} (person who renounces a faith)  :: مُرْتَدّ
apostatic {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate  ::
apostatical {adj} (apostate) SEE: apostate  ::
a posteriori {adv} (in a manner that deduces theories from facts)  :: البعديَة /alʾbādiya/
apostle {n} (missionary or leader of a mission)  :: رَسُول {m}
apothecary {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
apothecary {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist  ::
app {n} (small computer application)  :: تَطْبِيق {m}
Appalachians {prop} (a mountain range in eastern North America)  :: جِبَال اَلْأَبَلَاش {m-p}
apparently {adv} (plainly)  :: ظَاهِرًا, عَلَى مَا يَبْدُو
apparently {adv} (seemingly)  :: ظَاهِرًا
appeal {v} (to accuse) SEE: accuse  ::
appeal {n} (application for the removal of a cause to a superior judge)  :: اِسْتِئْنَاف {m}, اِلْتِمَاس {m}
appear {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look  ::
appear {v} (to appear) SEE: seem  ::
appear {v} (To seem; to have a certain semblance; to look)  :: ظَهَرَ, بَدَا ([present tense:] يَبْدُو)
appearance {n} (Personal presence, form or look)  :: شَكْل {m}
appearance {n} (Semblance, or apparent likeness)  :: شَكْل {m}
appearing {n} (appearance) SEE: appearance  ::
appendectomy {n} (surgical procedure)  :: اِسْتِئْصَال الزَائِدَة الدُودِيَّة {m} /istiʾṣāl az-zāʾida ad-dūdiyya/
appendicectomy {n} (appendectomy) SEE: appendectomy  ::
appendicitis {n} (inflamation of the vermiform appendix)  :: التهاب الزائدة
appetite {n} (desire of or relish for food)  :: شَهِيَّة {f}
appetizer {n} (small, light first course)  :: مَزَّة {f}, المشهي
applaud {v} (to express approval by clapping)  :: صَفَّقَ
applause {n} (act of applauding)  :: تَصْفِيق {m}
apple {n} (fruit)  :: تُفَّاحَة {f}, [collective] تُفَّاح {m}
apple {n} (tree) SEE: apple tree  ::
Apple {prop} (Apple Inc.)  :: أَبْل {m}
apple blossom {n} (the flower of an apple tree)  :: زَهْرَة تُفَّاح {f}
apple pie {n} (pie with apple filling)  :: فطيرَة التفاح {f}
apple tree {n} (tree that bears apples)  :: شَجَرَةُ اَلتُّفَّاحِ {f}
applewood {n} (apple) SEE: apple  ::
appliable {adj} (applicable) SEE: applicable  ::
appliance {n} (application) SEE: application  ::
appliance {n} (a device in its own right)  :: جِهَاز {m}
applicable {adj} (suitable for application; relevant)  :: قابل للتطبيق
application {n} (the act of applying or laying on, in a literal sense)  :: تَطْبِيق {m}
application {n} (a computer program)  :: تَطْبِيق {m}
application programming interface {n} (set of routines, protocols and tools)  :: وَاجِهَة بَرْمَجَة اَلتَّطْبِيقَات {f} /wājihat barmajat at-taṭbīqāt/
apply {v} (employ, apply) SEE: use  ::
apply {v} (to put to use for a purpose)  :: طبّق على (Tabbaqa `ala), اِنْطَبَقَ عَلَى
appointment {n} (arrangement for a meeting; an engagement)  :: مَوْعِد {m}, مِيعَاد {m}
appreciate {v} (to be grateful for something)  :: يُدْرِك, يَتَفَهّم
appreciate {v} (to value highly)  :: يُقَدِّر قيمَة
appreciate {v} (to be aware of)  :: يُدْرِك, يَتَفَهّم
appreciate {v} (to increase in value)  :: يَرْفَع قيمَة, يَرْفَع ثَمَن
apprentice {n} (one not well versed in a subject) SEE: newbie  ::
apprentice {n} (trainee, especially in a skilled trade)  :: مُبْتَدِئ {m}
approach {v} (to come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer)  :: اِقْتَرَبَ
appropinquation {n} (approach) SEE: approach  ::
appropriate {adj} (peculiar, suitable, fit, proper)  :: مُنَاسِب
approve {v} (To regard as good; to commend; to be pleased with; to think well of)  :: اِسْتَحَسَنَ
approve {v} (To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance)  :: وَافَقَ
approximately {adv} (imprecise but close to in quantity or amount)  :: حَوَالِي, تَقْرِيبًا
apricot {n} (fruit)  :: مِشْمِش {m}, [singulative] مِشْمِشَة {f}
April {prop} (fourth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: أَبْرِيل {m}, نِيسَان {m}
April Fools' Day {n} (First day of April)  :: يَوْم كَذْبَة أَبْرِيل {m} /yawm kaḏba ʾabrīl/
a priori {adv} (derived by logic)  :: مُسَبَّق
apriori {adv} (a priori) SEE: a priori  ::
aprioristic {adj} (a priori) SEE: a priori  ::
apron {n} (clothing)  :: مِرْيَلَة {f}, مِئْزَر {m}, وِزْرَة {f}
Apulia {prop} (region of Italy)  :: بوليا {f}
apurpose {adv} (on purpose) SEE: on purpose  ::
Aqdas {prop} (Bahá'í central holy book)  :: الأقدس
aqua regia {n} (mixture of acids)  :: مَاء مَلَكِيّ {m}
Aquarian {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius  ::
aquarium {n} (tank for keeping fish)  :: حَوْض اَلسَّمَك {m}, أَكْوَارِيُوم {m} /ʾakwāriyum/
aquarium {n} (public place where live fish are exhibited)  :: حَوْض اَلسَّمَك {m}
Aquarius {prop} (constellation)  :: بُرْج اَلدَّلْو {m}, الدَّلْو {m}
Aquarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: بُرْج اَلدَّلْو {m}, الدَّلْو {m}
Aquarius {n} (Someone with a Aquarius star sign)  :: بُرْج اَلدَّلْو {m}, الدَّلْو {m}
aquatic {adj} (relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water)  :: مَائِيّ
aquatile {adj} (aquatic) SEE: aquatic  ::
aquifer {n} (an underground layer of water-bearing porous stone, earth, or gravel)  :: طَبَقَة جَوْفِيَّة {f} /ṭabaqa jawfiyya/
Aquila {prop} (constellation)  :: الْعُقَاب
aquiline nose {n} (human nose with a hooked, bent shape)  :: أَنْف مَعْقُوف {m}
ar {n} (name of the letter R, r)  :: آر {m}
-ar {suffix} (of, near, or pertaining to)  :: ـِيّ
Arab {adj} (of or pertaining to Arabs and their nations)  :: عَرَبِيّ
Arab {n} (Semitic person)  :: عَرَبِيّ {m}, عَرَبِيَّة {f}, عَرَب [collective]
araba {n} (carriage)  :: عَرَبَة {f}
Arabia {prop} (a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf;)  :: شِبْهُ اَلْجَزِيرَةِ اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ {f}
Arabian {adj} (related to Arabia)  :: عَرَبِيّ
Arabian camel {n} (dromedary) SEE: dromedary  ::
Arabianization {n} (Arabisation) SEE: Arabisation  ::
Arabianize {v} (Arabize) SEE: Arabize  ::
Arabian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in the Middle East)  :: شِبْه اَلْجَزِيرَة اَلْعَرَبِيَّة {f} /šibh al-jazīra l-ʿarabiyya/
Arabian Sea {prop} (part of the Indian Ocean)  :: بَحْر اَلْعَرَب {m}
Arabian tea {n} (khat) SEE: khat  ::
Arabic {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour)  :: عَرَبِيّ
Arabic {prop} (language)  :: الْعَرَبِيَّة {f}, عَرَبِيّ {m}, اللُّغَة الْعَرَبِيَّة {f} /al-luḡa l-ʿarabiyya/
Arabic {prop} (alphabet)  :: أَبْجَدِيَّة عَرَبِيَّة {f} /ʾabjadiyya ʿarabiyya/
Arabic script {n} (letters of the Arabic language)  :: حُرُوف اَلْهِجَاء {m}, أَبْجَدِيَّة عَرَبِيَّة {f} /ʾabjadiyya ʿarabiyya/, حُرُوف أَبْجَدِيَّة {m}, أَلِف بَاء {f} (sometimes written in one word: أَلِفْبَاء {f})
Arabisation {n} (process of arabising)  :: تَعْرِيب {m}
Arabism {n} (an idiom characteristic of the Arabic language)  :: عُرُوبَة {f}
Arabization {n} (Arabisation) SEE: Arabisation  ::
Arabize {v} (to make Arab)  :: أَعْرَبَ, عَرَّبَ
Arab League {prop} (an international organization of Arabic-speaking nations)  :: جَامِعَة اَلدُّوَل اَلْعَرَبِيَّة /jāmiʿat ad-duwal al-ʿarabiyya/
Arabness {n} (quality of being Arab)  :: العروبة {f}
Arabophobia {n} (the fear, hate or dislike of Arabs)  :: مُعَادَاة اَلْعَرَب {f} /muʿādat al-ʿarab/, كَرْه اَلْعَرَب {m}
Arab Republic of Egypt {prop} (Official name of Egypt)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة مِصْر اَلْعَرَبِيَّة /jumhūriyyat miṣr al-ʿarabiyya/
Arab Spring {prop} (movement)  :: اَلرَّبِيع اَلْعَرَبِيّ {m}, [Arab revolutions] اَلثَّوْرَات اَلْعَرَبِيَّة {f-p}
Arab World {prop} (Arabic speaking world)  :: اَلْعَالَم اَلْعَرَبِيّ {m}
arachnid {n} (eight-legged creature)  :: حَيَوَان عَنْكَبُوتِيّ {m}
arachnidan {n} (arachnid) SEE: arachnid  ::
arachnophobia {n} (an abnormal or irrational fear of spiders)  :: رُهَاب اَلْعَنَاكِب {m}
arak {n} (a Middle Eastern aniseed-flavoured alcoholic drink)  :: عَرَق {m}
Aramaean {prop} (Aramaic) SEE: Aramaic  ::
Aramaean {n} (member of a West Semitic semi-nomadic and pastoralist people)  :: آرَامِيَّة
Aramaean {adj} (of or pertaining to Aramaeans or Aram)  :: آرَامِيَّة
Aramaic {prop} (the language)  :: الْآرَامِيَّة {f}
Aramaic {adj} (pertaining to the language, alphabet, culture or poetry)  :: آرَامِيّ
arancino {n} (baked stuffed rice ball from Sicily)  :: أَرَانْشِينِي {m}
aration {n} (ploughing) SEE: ploughing  ::
Arbil {prop} (city)  :: أَرْبِيل
arboraceous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arborary {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arboreal {adj} (pertaining to trees)  :: شجري
arborical {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arboricole {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arboricolous {adj} (arboreal) SEE: arboreal  ::
arborway {n} (avenue) SEE: avenue  ::
arc {n} (geometry: part of a curve)  :: قَوْس {m}, مُنْحَنَى {m}
arch {n} (inverted U shape)  :: قَوْس {m}
archaeologic {adj} (archaeological) SEE: archaeological  ::
archaeological {adj} (relating to the science or research of archaeology)  :: أَثَرِيّ
archaeology {n} (scientific study of past remains)  :: آثَار {m-p}, عِلْم الْآثَار الْقَدِيمَة {m}
Archangel {prop} (Arkhangelsk) SEE: Arkhangelsk  ::
archbishop {n} (senior bishop)  :: أَرْشِي اِبِسْقُوبُس {m}
archeological {adj} (archaeological) SEE: archaeological  ::
archeology {n} (archaeology) SEE: archaeology  ::
archer {n} (one who shoots an arrow from a bow or a bolt from a crossbow)  :: [indefinite] رَامٍ {m}, [definite] الرَّامِي {m}
archfiend {n} (Satan) SEE: Satan  ::
Archimedes {prop} (an ancient Greek mathematician)  :: أَرْخِمِيدَس {m}
Archimedes' screw {n} (A screwlike device that raises water)  :: تَابُوت رَفْع الْمِيَاه
archipelago {n} (group of islands)  :: أَرْخِبِيل {m}
architect {n} (designer of buildings)  :: مِعْمَارِيّ {m}, مُهَنْدِس مِعْمَارِيّ {m}
architecture {n} (art and science of designing buildings and other structures)  :: هَنْدَسَة مِعْمَارِيَّة {f}, عِمَارَة {f}
archive {n} (place for storing earlier material)  :: أَرْشِيف {m}
archon {n} (chief magistrate)  :: أَرْخُن {m} /ʾarḵon/
Arctic {adj} (Pertaining to the northern polar region of the planet)  :: قُطْبِيّ شَمَالِيّ
Arctic {prop} (a region of the Earth)  :: أَرْكِتِيك, القُطْب الشَمَالِيّ {m}
Arctic Ocean {prop} (the smallest of the five oceans of the Earth, on and around the North Pole)  :: اَلْمُحِيط اَلْمُتَجَمِّد اَلشَّمَالِيّ {m}, اَلْمُحِيط اَلشَّمَالِيّ {m}
arduous {adj} (needing or using up much energy)  :: شَاق
are {v} (be) SEE: be  ::
area {n} (maths: measure of extent of a surface)  :: مِسَاحَة {f}
area {n} (particular geographic region)  :: مِنْطَقَة {f}
arena {n} (an enclosed area, often outdoor)  :: صَالَة {f}
areola {n} (circle around the nipple)  :: هَالَة {f}
are you married {phrase} (are you married?)  :: هَل أَنْتَ مُتَزَوِّج؟ [to a man], هَل أَنْتِ مُتَزَوِّجَة؟ [to a woman]
are you OK {phrase} (are you OK?)  :: هَلْ أَنْتَ بِخَيْر؟ [to a man], هَلْ أَنْتِ بِخَيْر؟ [to a woman, the same basic Arabic spelling]
are you religious {phrase} (are you religious?)  :: هَل أَنْتَ مُؤْمِن؟, هَل أَنْتِ مُؤْمِنَة؟
Arezzo {prop} (capital city of Arezzo)  :: أَرِيتْسُو {m}
argent {n} (silver or metal tincture)  :: فِضَّة {f}
Argentina {prop} (Argentine Republic)  :: اَلْأَرْجَنْتِين {m}
Argentine {prop} (Argentina) SEE: Argentina  ::
argileh {n} (hookah) SEE: hookah  ::
argon {n} (a chemical element)  :: أَرْجُون {m}, أَرْجُون {m} /ʾargūn/, أَرْغُون {m}
argue {v} (intransitive: to debate, disagree, or discuss opposing or differing viewpoints)  :: نَاقَش, جَادَلَ
argue {v} (to have an argument, a quarrel)  :: شَجَرَ, تَشَاجَرَ
arguing {n} (argument) SEE: argument  ::
argument {n} (fact or statement used to support a proposition; a reason)  :: حُجَّة {f}
aria {n} (type of musical piece)  :: نَغَم {m}
Arian {n} (someone whose star sign is in Aries) SEE: Aries  ::
Arica {prop} (Arica)  :: أَرِيكَا {f}
Aries {prop} (constellation)  :: بُرْج اَلْحَمَل {m}, اَلْحَمَل {m}
Aries {prop} (astrological sign)  :: بُرْج اَلْحَمَل {m}, اَلْحَمَل {m}
arigato {interj} (“thank you”, used in the context of, or to evoke, Japanese culture)  :: اَرِيقَاتُو, آرِيجَاتُو, أَرِيغَاتُو
arise {v} (start to exist, originate)  :: نَهَضَ
aristocracy {n} (the nobility or the hereditary ruling class)  :: أَرِسْتُقْرَاطِيَّة {f}
aristocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to an aristocracy)  :: أرستوقراطي {m} /'arstuqrati/
aristocratical {adj} (aristocratic) SEE: aristocratic  ::
Aristotle {prop} (ancient Greek philosopher)  :: أَرِسْطُو {m}
arithmetic {n} (mathematics of numbers, etc.)  :: حساب
arithmetical {adj} (arithmetic) SEE: arithmetic  ::
arithmetic mean {n} (measure of central tendency)  :: المتوسط الحسابي 
Arizona {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: أَرِيزُونَا {f} /ʾarizūnā/
ark {n} (Noah's ship)  :: سَفِينَة {f}
Arkansas {prop} (US state)  :: أَرْكَنْسَاس {m}
Arkhangelsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: أَرْخَانْغِيلْسْك {m} /ʾarḵanḡilsk/, أَرْخَانْجِيلْسْك {m} /ʾarḵangilsk/
Ark of the Covenant {prop} (the sacred container, a gold-plated wooden chest)  :: تَابُوت اَلْعَهْد {m}
arm {n} (upper appendage from shoulder to wrist)  :: ذِرَاع {m} {f}
arm {n} (weapon)  :: سِلَاح {m} /silāḥ/
arm {n} (upper limb from shoulder to elbow) SEE: upper arm  ::
Armageddon {prop} (site of a prophesied final battle between the forces of good and evil)  :: أَرْمَجِدُون {m}, أَرْمَجِدُون {m} /ʾarmagidūn/
armchair {n} (a chair with supports for the arms or elbows)  :: كُرْسِيّ ذُو ذِرَاعَيْن {m}, أَرِيكَة {f}, كُرْسِيّ {m}
armed forces {n} (the military forces of a nation)  :: قُوَّات المُسَلّحَة {f-p}, قُوَّات {f-p}, جَيْش {m}
Armenia {prop} (ancient kingdom and country in West Asia)  :: أَرْمِينِيَا {f} /ʾarmēniyā/
Armenian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Armenia, Armenians, the language or alphabet)  :: أَرْمِينِيّ {m} /ʾarmēniyy/, أَرْمِينِيَّة {f} /ʾarmēniyya/
Armenian {n} (person)  :: أَرْمِينِيّ {m} /ʾarmēniyy/, أَرْمِينِيَّة {f} /ʾarmēniyya/
Armenian {prop} (language)  :: أَرْمِينِيَّة {f} /ʾarmēniyya/
armhole {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit  ::
armistice {n} (formal agreement to end fighting)  :: هُدْنَة {f}, وَقْف نَار {m}
armor {n} (tank) SEE: tank  ::
armor {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle, or other object intended to deflect or diffuse damaging forces)  :: دِرْع {m}
armored personnel carrier {n} (armored vehicle for carrying infantry soldiers in combat)  :: ناقلَة جنود مدرعَة {f}
armour {n} (tank) SEE: tank  ::
armour {n} (protective layer over a body, vehicle etc.)  :: دِرْع {m}
armpit {n} (cavity beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder)  :: إِبْط {m}
arms race {n} (a competition for military supremacy)  :: سِبَاق تَسَلُّح {m}
arm up {v} (arm) SEE: arm  ::
arm-wrestle {v} (arm wrestling) SEE: arm wrestling  ::
arm wrestling {n} (a sport)  :: مُصَارَعَة ذراعية {f}
army {n} (military force concerned mainly with ground operations)  :: جَيْش {m}
around {prep} (defining a circle or closed curve containing)  :: حَوْلَ
around {prep} (following a path)  :: حَوْلَ
around {prep} (near)  :: بِالْقُرْب /bi-l-qurbi/, قُرْبَ
around {adv} (generally) SEE: generally  ::
arquebus {n} (firearm) SEE: harquebus  ::
arrange {v} (to set up, organise)  :: رَتَّبَ
arrangement {n} (act of arranging)  :: تَرْتِيب {m}
arrest {n} (act of arresting a criminal, suspect etc)  :: تَوْقِيف {m}
arrest {v} (to take into legal custody)  :: اِعْتَقَلَ
arrival {n} (act of arriving or something that has arrived)  :: وُصُول {m}, وِفَادَة {f}
arrive {v} (to reach)  :: وَصَلَ
arrive {v} (to get to a certain place)  :: وَصَلَ
arrogant {adj} (having excessive pride)  :: مُتَكَبِّر
arrow {n} (projectile)  :: سَهْم {m}
arrow {n} (symbol)  :: سَهْم {m}
arse {n} (arse) SEE: ass  ::
arsenic {n} (chemical element)  :: زِرْنِيخ {m}
art {n} (human effort)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
art {n} (conscious production or arrangement)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
art {n} (skillful creative activity)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
art {n} (study)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون
art {n} (aesthetic value)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
art {n} (artwork)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
art {n} (field or category of art)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
art {n} (nonscientific branch of learning)  :: فَنّ {m}, [plural] فُنُون {m-p}
artery {n} (blood vessel from the heart)  :: شِرْيَان {m}
art historian {n} (an expert in art history)  :: مُؤَرِّخ الفَنّ {m}, مُؤَرِّخة الفَنّ {f}
Arthur {prop} (male given name)  :: آرثر
artichoke {n} (vegetable)  :: خُرْشُوف {m}, خُرْشُوفَة {f} [singulative], أَرْضِي شَوْكِي {m} /ʾarḍī šawkī, ʾarḍī šōkī/
article {n} (story, report, or opinion piece)  :: مَقَال {m}, مَقَالَة {f}
article {n} (part of speech that specifies a noun)  :: أَدَاة اَلتَّعْرِيف {f} /ʾadāt at-taʿrīf/
article {n} (object) SEE: object  ::
artificer {n} (inventor) SEE: inventor  ::
artificial {adj} (man-made)  :: مُتَصَنَّع
artificial intelligence {n} (intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity)  :: ذَكَاء اِصْطِنَاعِيّ {m}
artificial intelligence {n} (branch of computer science)  :: ذَكَاء اِصْطِنَاعِيّ {m}
artificial intelligence {n} (quality of a machine)  :: ذَكَاء اِصْطِنَاعِيّ {m}
artillery {n} (weapon)  :: مِدْفَعِيّة
artist {n} (person who creates art)  :: فَنَّان {m}, رَسَّام {m}
artmaker {n} (artist) SEE: artist  ::
arugula {n} (herb)  :: جَرْجِير {m-p}
Arunachal Pradesh {prop} (Arunachal Pradesh)  :: أَرُونَاجَل بْرَدِيش {m} /ʾarunajal bradīš/
-ary {suffix} (of or pertaining to)  :: ـِيّ
Aryan {n} (in Nazism: a member of an alleged master race comprised of non-Jewish Caucasians)  :: آرِيّ {m} /ʾariyy/
Aryan {n} (used primarily by neo-Nazis: a white)  :: آرِيّ {m} /ʾariyy/
Aryan {n} (rare: an Indo-Iranian)  :: آرِيّ {m} /ʾariyy/
Aryan {n} (rare: a Proto-Indo-European)  :: آرِيّ {m} /ʾariyy/
Aryan {adj} (of or pertaining to Indo-European or Aryan peoples, culture, and languages)  :: آرِيّ {m} /ʾariyy/
as {adv} (to such an extent or degree)  :: كَـَ, مِثْل
as {conj} (in the same way that)  :: كَ, كَمَا, مِثِل, مِثْلَمَا
as {conj} (at the same instant that)  :: لَمَّا, عِنْدَمَا, حِينَ
as {prep} (Introducing a basis of comparison)  :: مِثْل
as {conj} (relative conjunction) SEE: that  ::
as {conj} (expressing concession) SEE: though  ::
as {conj} (than) SEE: than  ::
as {conj} (as if) SEE: as if  ::
as {adv} (for example) SEE: for example  ::
as a matter of fact {prep} (actually)  :: فِي الْحَقِيقَة
as a result {conj} (consequently)  :: كَنَتِيجَة لِـ /ka-natīja li-/
asbestos {n} (any of several fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate)  :: أَسْبِسْتُوس {m} /ʾasbistus/, أَسْبِسْت {m}
ascend {v} (to go up)  :: اِرْتَفَعَ, صَعَد
Ascension Island {prop} (an island in the South Atlantic)  :: جَزِيرَة أَسِنْسِيُون {f} /jazīrat ʾasensiyōn/
ascent {n} (act of ascending; motion upwards)  :: صُعُود {m}, تَسَلُّق {m}
Asclepius {prop} (Greek god of medicine and healing)  :: أسقليبيوس
ASEAN {prop} (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)  :: أَسْيَان {m}, رَابِطَة أُمَم جَنُوب شَرْق آسِيَا /rābiṭat ʾumam janūb šarq ʾāsiyā/
asexuality {n} (state of not experiencing sexual attraction)  :: لَاجِنْسِيَّة {f} /lā-jinsiyya/
as for {prep} (regarding; about)  :: أَمَّا ... فَـ /ʾammā ... fa-/
ash {n} (solid remains of a fire)  :: رَمَاد {m}, سَكَن {m}
ash {n} (wood)  :: دَرْدَار {m}
ash {n}  :: شُحُوب [ashen complexion]
ash {n} (tree) SEE: ash tree  ::
ashamed {adj} (feeling shame or guilt)  :: خَجْلَان {m}, خَجُول {m}
Ashgabat {prop} (the capital of Turkmenistan)  :: عَشْق آبَاد {m}, عِشْق آبَاد {m}, عَشْق آبَاد {m}, عِشْق آبَاد {m}
Ashkelon {prop} (city in Israel)  :: عَسْقَلَان
Ashoka {prop} (ancient Indian emperor)  :: أَشُوكَا {m}
ashtray {n} (receptacle for ashes)  :: مِنْفَضَة سَجَائِر {f} /minfaḍat sagāʾir/, مِنْفَضَة {f}
ash tree {n} (Fraxinus tree)  :: شَجَرَة اَلدَّرْدَار {f} /šajarat ad-dardār/
Ashura {prop} ((Islam) a holy day falling on the 10th day of Muharram)  :: عَاشُورَاء
Asia {prop} (the continent of Asia)  :: آسِيَا {f}
Asian {n} (person from Asia)  :: آسِيَوِيّ {m}, آسِيَوِيَّة {f}
Asian {adj} (of, relating to or from Asia)  :: آسِيَوِيّ {m}
as if {conj} (as though)  :: كَمَا لَو, كَأَنَّ
as if {conj} (in mimicry of)  :: كَمَا لَو
ask {v} (request an answer)  :: سَأَلَ
ask {v} (make a request)  :: طَلَبَ, سَأَلَ
asker {n} (person who asks a question)  :: سَائِل
asleep {adj} (in a state of sleep)  :: نَائِم
as long as {conj} (if, assuming)  :: , مَا دَامَ
as long as {conj} (while)  :: عِنْدَمَا, بَيْنَمَا
Asmara {prop} (capital of Eritrea)  :: أَسْمَرَة {f}
as much as possible {adv} (as much as is possible)  :: قَدْر اَلْمُسْتَطَاع, قَدْر اَلْإِمْكَان
as of {prep} (from a specified time)  :: اِعْتِبَارًا مِن, اِبْتِدَاءً مِن
Asoka {prop} (Ashoka) SEE: Ashoka  ::
as opposed to {prep} (in contrast to)  :: فِي مُقَابِل, عَلَى نَقْيِض, بَدَلًا مِن
asparagus {n} (asparagus plant)  :: هِلْيُون {m}, هِلْيَوْن {m}
asparagus {n} (asparagus shoots (food))  :: هِلْيُون {m}
aspect ratio {n}  :: النِّسْبَة الْبَاعِيَّة {f} /al-nisba l-bāʿiyya/
as per {prep}  :: وَفْقًا لِـ /wafqan li-/
asperse {v} (scatter) SEE: scatter  ::
asphalt {n} (asphalt concrete)  :: أَسْفَلْت {m}
aspiration {n} (hope or ambition)  :: أَمَل {m}
aspiration {n} (burst of air that follows the release of some consonants)  :: زَفْر {m}
aspirin {n} (analgesic drug)  :: أَسْبِرِين {m}
asr {n} (afternoon prayer)  :: صَلَاة اَلْعَصْر {f} /ṣalāt al-ʿaṣr/, عَصْر {m}
as regards {prep} (regarding)  :: فِيمَا يَتَعَلَّقُ بِـ /fī-mā yataʿallaqu bi-/
as regards {prep}  :: بالنسبَة ل (bil-nisba li-)
ass {n} (animal, see also: donkey)  :: حِمَار
ass {n} (buttocks)  :: عَجِيزَة {f}, مُؤَخَّرَة {f}, طِيز {m}
Assam {prop} (state in India)  :: أَسَام {m}
Assamese {prop} (language)  :: أَسَامِيَّة {f}
assassin {v} (assassinate) SEE: assassinate  ::
assassin {n} (member of the historical Ismaili Muslim militant group)  :: حَشَّاش {m}
assassin {n} (one who, motivated by political reasons, intentionally kills a particular person)  :: قَاتِل {m}, سَفَّاح {m}, سَفَّاك {m}
assassinate {v} (to murder by sudden or obscure attack)  :: اِغْتَالَ
assassinate {n} (assassination) SEE: assassination  ::
assassinate {n} (assassin) SEE: assassin  ::
assassination {n} (murder for political reasons or personal gain)  :: اِغْتِيَال {m}
assault {n} (a violent onset or attack)  :: اِقْتِحَام {m}
assault rifle {n} (a rifle)  :: بُنْدُقِيَّة هُجُومِيَّة {f} /bunduqiyya hujūmiyya/
assegai {n}  :: زفاية + ال (az-zaghāya)
assembler {n} (assembly language) SEE: assembly language  ::
assembly language {n} (programming language)  :: لُغَة تَجْمِيع {f} /luḡat tajmīʿ/
assess {v} (to determine the value of)  :: يُقَدِّر [imperfective]
assess {v} (to give or charge with)  :: يُغَرِّم [imperfective]
assfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy  ::
assfucker {n} (jerk) SEE: jerk  ::
asshole {n} (mean or rude person)  :: بَوْش {m}
assign {v} (to designate or set apart something for some purpose)  :: تعيين شخص لعمل ما
assimilation {n} (phonology: sound change process)  :: مُمَاثَلَة {f}, تَمَاثُل {m}
assistance {n} (aid; help; the act or result of assisting)  :: مُسَاعَدَة {f}
assistant {n} (person who assists)  :: مُسَاعِد {m}
association {n}  :: /cemiyet/
associative {adj}  :: تَجْمِيعِيَّة
as soon as {conj} (immediately after)  :: مَا أَن, حَالَمَا, بِمُجَرَد
as soon as possible {adv} (as soon as is possible)  :: فِي أَقْرَب وَقْت مُمْكِن, فِي أَسْرَع وَقْت مُمْكِن
assume {v} (to suppose to be true)  :: اِفْتَرَضَ, imperfect: يَفْتَرِضُ
assured {adj} (confident) SEE: confident  ::
Assyria {prop} (Semitic Akkadian kingdom)  :: آشُّور
Assyrian {n} (a person who resided in the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)  :: آشُورِيّ
Assyrian {n} (a citizen of an ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia)  :: آشُورِيّ
Assyrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)  :: آشُورِيّ
Assyrian {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia)  :: آشُورِيّ
Astana {prop} (the capital of Kazakhstan)  :: أَسْتَانَا {f}
astatine {n} (the chemical element)  :: أَسْتَاتِين {m}
astern of {prep} (behind (prep))  :: خَلْف
asteroid {n} (astronomy)  :: كُوَيْكِب {m}
asthenia {n} (loss of strength)  :: ضَعْف {m}
asthma {n} (chronic respiratory disease)  :: رَبُو {m}
asthmatic {adj} (having the characteristics of asthma)  :: مُتَعَلِق بِدَاء اَلرَّبْو {m}
asthmatic {n} (person who suffers from asthma)  :: مُصَاب بِدَاء اَلرَّبُو {m}
as though {conj} (as to suggest that)  :: كَمَا لَو, كَأَنَّ
astigmatic {adj} (suffering from astigmatism)  :: لَابُؤَارِيّ {m} /la-buʾāriyy/, لَانُقَطِيّ {m} /lā-nuqaṭiyy/
astigmatism {n} (defect of a lens)  :: اللَابُؤَارِيَّة {f}, اللَانُقَطِيَّة {f}
as to {prep} (with reference or regard to)  :: بِالنِّسْبَة إِلَى /bi-n-nisba ʾilā/
as to {prep} (according to)  :: وَفْقًا لِـ /wafqan li-/
astonish {v} (to surprise, astound, flabbergast)  :: أَذْهَلَ
astonished {adj} (amazed)  :: مَذْهُول {m}
astonishing {adj} (causing astonishment)  :: مُذْهِل {m}
astonishment {n} (amazement, great surprise)  :: ذُهُول {m}
astound {v} (to astonish, bewilder or dazzle)  :: ذُهِل
astounded {adj} (surprised, amazed, astonished or bewildered)  :: مَذْهُول {m}
astounding {adj} (that astounds)  :: مُذْهِل {m}
astraddle {adv} (astride)  :: مُنْفَرِج اَلسَّاقَيْن {m}
Astrakhan {prop} (city and region in Russia)  :: أَسْتْرَاخَان {m} /ʾastraḵān/
astral {adj} (relating to or resembling the stars)  :: نَجْمِيّ {m}, نَجْمِيَّة {f}
astray {adv} (in a wrong direction)  :: بِضَلَال, عَلَى ضَلَال
astride {adv} (with one’s legs on either side)  :: مُنْفَرِج اَلسَّاقَيْن {m}
astride {prep} (with one’s legs on either side of)  :: مُنْفَرِج اَلسَّاقَيْن {m}
astringent {n} (substance which draws tissue together)  :: مُقَلِص {m}
astrolabe {n} (astronomical and navigational instrument)  :: أَسْطْرُلَاب {m}
astrologer {n} (one who studies astrology)  :: مُنَجِّم {m}, مُنَجِمَة {f}
astrological {adj} (pertaining to astrology)  :: فَلَكِيّ {m}
astrologist {n} (astrologer) SEE: astrologer  ::
astrology {n} (star divination)  :: تَنْجِيم {m}
astronaut {n} (member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft, or someone trained for that purpose)  :: رَجُل فَضَاء {m}, رَائِد فَضَاء {m}, مَلَّاح فَضَائِيّ {m}
astronautics {n} (navigation through space)  :: مِلَاحَة فَضَائِيَّة {f} /milāḥa faḍāʾiyya/
astronautics {n} (science and technology of spaceflight)  :: مِلَاحَة الْفَضَاء {f} /milāḥat al-faḍāʾ/
astronomer {n} (one who studies astronomy)  :: عَالِم فَلَك {m}
astronomic {adj} (pertaining to astronomy) SEE: astronomical  ::
astronomic {adj} (incredibly large) SEE: astronomical  ::
astronomical {adj} (of or relating to astronomy)  :: فَلَكِيّ {m}, فَلَكِيَّة {f}
astronomical {adj} (very large)  :: فَلَكِيّ {m}, فَلَكِيَّة {f}
astronomically {adv} (relating to astronomy)  :: فَلَكِيًّا
astronomically {adv} (in the extreme)  :: بِشَكْل فَلَكِيّ /bi-šakl falakiyy/
astronomical unit {n} (measure of distance)  :: وَحْدَة فَلَكِيَّة {f} /waḥda falakiyya/
astronomy {n} (study of the physical universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere)  :: فلك, عِلْم اَلْفَلَك {m}
astrophysicist {n} (one who studies astrophysics)  :: عَالِم فِيزِيَاء فَلَكِيَّة {m}
astrophysics {n} (interdisciplinary branch of astronomy and physics)  :: فِِزِيَاء الفَلَكِيَّة {f}
astute {adj} (Quick at seeing how to gain advantage)  :: دَاهٍ [indefinite], الدَّاهِي [definite]
astutely {adv} (in an astute manner)  :: بِدَهَاء
astuteness {n} (quality of being astute)  :: دَهَاء {m}
Asunción {prop} (capital of Paraguay)  :: أَسُونْسِيُون {m} /ʾasunsiyōn/
asunder {adv} (into separate parts)  :: إِرْباً
as well {adv} (in addition, also)  :: أيضًا
as well as {prep} (in addition to)  :: بِالْإِضَافَة إِلَى /bi-l-ʾiḍāfa ʾilā/
asylee {n} (someone granted asylum)  :: لاجئ {m}
asylum {n} (place of safety)  :: مَلْجَأ {m}
asylum {n} (mental asylum)  :: لُجُوء {m}
asylum seeker {n} (one who seeks asylum)  :: طَالِب لُجُوء {m}
asymmetrical {adj} (not symmetrical)  :: غَيْر مُتَمَاثِل {m}, غَيْر مُتَمَاثِلَة {f}, غَيْر مُتَكَافِئ {m}, غَيْر مُتَكَافِئَة {f}
asymmetry {n} (lack of symmetry or proportion)  :: عَدَم تَنَاسُق {m}
asymptomatic {adj} (not exhibiting any symptoms of disease)  :: بِدُون أَعْرَاض, بِلَا أَعْرَاض
asymptotic {adj} (pertaining to values or properties approached at infinity)  :: مُقَارِب {m}
asymptotically {adv} ((analysis) in an asymptotical manner, in the way of an asymptote)  :: مُتَقَارِباً {m}, مُقَارِبًا {}
asynchronous {adj} (not synchronous)  :: لَا مُتَزَامِن {m}, لَا مُتَزَامِنَة {f}
as you know {adv} (as you know)  :: كَمَا تَعْلَمُ
at {prep} (in or very near a particular place)  :: عِنْد
at {prep} (indicating time)  :: فِي
at {prep} (in the direction of)  :: صَوْب
at {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
ataman {n} (title)  :: أٰتَامَان {m}
at first glance {prep} (after only a superficial examination or review)  :: لِلْوَهْلَة اَلْأُولَى /li-l-wahla l-ʾūlā/
at first sight {prep} (at first glance) SEE: at first glance  ::
at gunpoint {prep} (under coercion by someone with a firearm)  :: تَحْتَ التَّهْدِيد بِالسِّلاح
atheism {n} (rejection of belief that any deities exist (with or without a belief that no deities exist))  :: إِلْحَاد {m}, زَنْدَقَة {f}
atheist {n} (a person who believes that no deities exist)  :: مُلْحِد {m}, كَافِر {m}, دَهْرِيّ
atheist {n} (a person who rejects belief that any deities exist, whether or not that person believes that deities do not exist)  :: مُلْحِد {m}, كَافِر {m}, دَهْرِيّ
Athena {prop} (Greek goddess)  :: آثِين {f}
Athens {prop} (capital city of Greece)  :: أَثِينَا {f}
athlete {n} (person who actively participates in physical sports)  :: رِيَاضِيّ {m}, رِيَاضِيَّة {f}
athlete {n}  :: رياضَة (riyá:ɖa)
athwart {prep} (From one side to the other side of)  :: بِعَرْض
-ation {suffix} (-ation (suffix))  :: ـِيَّة
Atlantic {adj} (pertaining to the Atlantic Ocean)  :: أَطْلَسِيّ
Atlantic Ocean {prop} (the ocean lying between the Americas to the west and Europe and Africa to the east)  :: اَلْمُحِيط اَلْأَطْلَسِيّ {m}, اَلْأَطْلَسِيّ {m}
Atlantis {prop} (mythical country said to have sunk into the ocean)  :: أَطْلَانْطِس {f}
atlas {n} (bound collection of maps)  :: أَطْلَس {m}
Atlas {prop} (Greek mythology)  :: أَطْلَس {m}
Atlas Mountains {prop} (Atlas Mountains)  :: جبال الأطلس
at last {prep} (after a long time; eventually)  :: أَخِيرًا
at least {prep} (at a lower limit)  :: عَلَى اَلْأَقَلّ
at length {prep} (for a long time)  :: بِالتَّفْصِيل /bi-l-tafṣīl/, بِإِسْهَاب /bi-ʾishāb/
at length {prep} (finally)  :: أَخِيراً
at long last {prep} (at last) SEE: at last  ::
ATM {n} ((banking) Automated Teller Machine)  :: مَاكِينَة اَلصَّرَّاف الْآلِيّ {f} /mākīnat aṣ-ṣarrāf al-ʾāliyy/, آلَة صَرَّاف الْآليّ {f} /ʾālat aṣ-ṣarrāf al-ʾāliyy/
atmosphere {n} (gases surrounding the Earth)  :: جَو {m}
atmosphere {n} (mood or feeling)  :: جَو
at most {prep} (at the most; at a maximum or upper limit)  :: فِي مُعْظَم, في الأغلب
at night {adv} (during the night)  :: فِي اَللَّيْلَ
at no time {prep} (never) SEE: never  ::
atom {n} (chemistry, physics: smallest possible amount of matter retaining its chemical properties)  :: ذَرَّة {f}
atom {n} (historical: theoretical particle of matter)  :: ذَرَّة {f}
atomic {adj} (of, or employing nuclear energy or processes)  :: نَوَوِيّ, ذَرِّيّ
atomic bomb {n} (nuclear weapon)  :: قُنْبُلَة ذَرِّيَّة /qunbula ḏarriyya/
atomic clock {n} (reference clock)  :: سَاعَة ذُرِّيَّة {f}
atomic energy {n} (energy released by an atom)  :: طَاقَة ذَرِّيَّة {f} /ṭāqa ḏarriyya/
at once {adv} (immediately)  :: حَالاً
atonement {n} (reconciliation of God and mankind)  :: كَفَّارَة {f}
atop {prep} (on the top of)  :: فَوْق
atrocity {n} (extremely cruel act)  :: بِشَاعَة {f}
at sign {n} (name of the symbol @)  :: آت
at-sign {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
at symbol {n} (at sign) SEE: at sign  ::
attach {v} (to fasten, to join to)  :: رَبَطَ
attaché {n} (diplomatic officer)  :: مُلْحَق {m}
attachment {n} (file sent along with an email)  :: إِلْحَاق {m}, مُلْحَق {m}
attack {n} (attempt to cause damage or injury)  :: هُجُوم {m}, حَمْلَة {f}
attack {v} (to apply violent force)  :: هَاجَمَ
attend {v} (to be present at)  :: حَضَرَ
attention {n} (mental focus)  :: إِهْتِمَام {m}
at the expense of {prep} (by taking away from)  :: عَلَى حِسَاب, عَلَى نَفَقَة
at the feet of {prep} (very devoted to)  :: تَحْتَ نَاظِرَيْ
at the feet of {prep} (very near to)  :: تَحْتَ نَاظِرَيْ
at the hands of {prep} (by the actions of)  :: تَحْتَ تَصَرُف
at the moment {prep} (right now)  :: حَالِيًّا, فِي هٰذِهِ اَللَّحْظَة
at the same time {prep} (simultaneously)  :: فِي نَفْس اَلْوَقْت
attic {n} (space, often unfinished and with sloped walls, directly below the roof)  :: عِلِّيَّة {f}
at times {prep} (on occasion, sometimes)  :: أَحْيَانًا
attitude {n} (disposition or state of mind)  :: مَوْقِف {m}
attorney {n} (lawyer)  :: [indefinite] مُحَامٍ {m}, [definite] الْمُحَامِي {m}
attorney general {n} (major government officer)  :: نَائِب عَامّ {m}
attract {v}  :: جَذَبَ
attractive {adj} (having the quality of attracting by inherent force)  :: جَذَّاب
attractive {adj} (having the power of charming)  :: جَذَّاب
attribute {n} (grammar: word qualifying a noun)  :: مِيزَة {f}
at your service {prep} (way of introduction)  :: فِي خِدْمَتِكَ [to masc sg], فِي خِدْمَتِكِ [to fem sg], فِي خِدْمَتِكُمَا [to com d], فِي خِدْمَتِكُم [to masc pl], فِي خِدْمَتِكُنَّ [to fem pl]
aubergine {n} (eggplant) SEE: eggplant  ::
Auckland {prop} (the largest conurbation in New Zealand)  :: أُوكْلَانْد {m} /ʾokland/
auction {n} (public sales event)  :: مَزَاد {m}, مُزَايَدَة {f}
audible {adj} (able to be heard)  :: مسموع
audience {n} (group of people seeing a performance)  :: جُمْهُور {m}, نَظَّارَة {f}
audio {adj} (of or relating to audible sound)  :: سَمْعِيّ, أُودْيُو
audio {adj} (of or relating to the broadcasting or reproduction of sound)  :: سَمْعِيّ, أُودْيُو
audiobook {n} (audiobook)  :: كِتَاب مَسْمُوع {m}, كِتَاب سَمْعِيّ {m}
audition {n} (performance by an aspiring performer)  :: تَجْرِبة أَدَاء
auditory {adj} (of or pertaining to hearing)  :: سَمْعِيّ
August {prop} (eighth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: أَغُسْطُسْ {m}, آبُ {m}
aunt {n} (a parent’s sister or sister-in-law)  :: (paternal) عَمَّة {f}, (maternal) خَالَة {f}
auricle {n} (outer ear) SEE: pinna  ::
auricular {n} (little finger)  :: خِنْصِر {m}
aurora {n} (atmospheric phenomenon)  :: شَفَق قُطْبِيّ {m}
Auschwitz {prop} (city in Poland)  :: أَوْشْفِيتْز {m} /ʾawšfitz/
Auschwitz {prop} (concentration camp)  :: أَوْشْفِيتْز {m} /ʾawšfitz/
auscultate {v} (to practice auscultation)  :: تَسَمَّعَ
auscultation {n} (diagnosis by stethoscope or similar auditory device)  :: تَسَمُّع {m}
Aussie {n} (an Australian)  :: أُوزِي, أُوزِي /ʾozī/, أُسْتُرَالِيّ {m}, أُسْتُرَالِيَّة {f}
Australasia {prop} (Oceania) SEE: Oceania  ::
Australia {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia)  :: أُسْتُرَالِيَا {f}
Australia {prop} (continent of Australia)  :: أُسْتُرَالِيَا {f}
Australian {n} (a person from the country of Australia or of Australian descent)  :: أُسْتُرَالِيّ {m}, أُسْتُرَالِيَّة {f}
Australian {adj} (of or pertaining to Australia, the Australian people or languages)  :: أُسْتُرَالِيّ
Australian Capital Territory {prop} (Territory of Australia)  :: إِقْلِيم اَلْعَاصِمَة اَلْأُسْتُرَالِيَّة {m} /ʾiqlīm al-ʿāṣima l-ʾusturāliyya/, مُقَاطَعَة اَلْعَاصِمَة اَلْأُسْتُرَالِيَّة {f} /muqāṭaʿat al-ʿāṣima l-ʾusturāliyya/
Australian dollar {n} (official currency of Australia)  :: دُولَار أُسْتْرَالِىّ {m} /dōlār ʾustrāliyy/
Australian English {prop} (English language used in Australia)  :: اَلْإِنْجِلِيزِيَّة الْأُسْتُرَالِيَّة {f} /al-ʾingilīziyya l-ʾusturāliyya/
Australian white ibis {n} (species of wading bird)  :: أبو منجل الأبيض الأسترالي
Austria {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: اَلنَّمْسَا {f}, اَلنِّمْسَا {f}, أَوْسْتْرِيَا {f}
Austria-Hungary {prop} (former country in Central Europe)  :: اَلنِّمْسَا وَالْمَجَر /an-nimsā wa-l-majar/
Austrian {adj} (related to Austria)  :: نَمْسَاوِيّ, نِمْسَاوِيّ
Austrian {n} (Austrian person)  :: نَمْسَاوِيّ {m}, نِمْسَاوِيّ {m}, نَمْسَاوِيَّة {f}, نِمْسَاوِيَّة {f}
autarchy {n} (autocratic government) SEE: autocracy  ::
author {n} (writer) SEE: writer  ::
author {n} (originator or creator of a work)  :: مُؤَلِّف {m}
authority {n} (power to enforce rules or give orders)  :: سُلْطَة {f}
autism {n} (neurological disorder)  :: مَرَض التَّوَحُّد {m}
autistic {adj} (having or pertaining to autism)  :: تَوَحُّدِي {m}
autistic {n} (person who has autism)  :: مُتَوَحِّد {m}
autobiography {n} (biography of oneself)  :: سِيرَة ذَاتِيَّة {f}
autocracy {n} (form of government)  :: أُوتُوقْرَاطِيَّة {f} /ʾutuqrāṭiyya/
autograph {n} (signature)  :: تَوْقِيع {m}
automated teller machine {n} (banking)  :: مَاكِينَة صَّرَّاف آلِيّ {f} /mākīnat ṣarrāf ʾāliyy/, آلَة صَرَّاف آليّ {f} /ʾālat ṣarrāf ʾāliyy/
automatic teller machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
automobile {n} (passenger vehicle)  :: سَيَّارَة {f}
autopsy {n} (a dissection performed on a cadaver)  :: تَشْرِيح {m}
autoteller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
autumn {n} (season)  :: خَرِيف {m}
auxiliary language {n} (international auxiliary language) SEE: international auxiliary language  ::
available {adj} (capable of being used)  :: مُتاح
available {adj} (readily obtainable)  :: مُتاح
avalanche {n} (large sliding mass of snow and ice)  :: تَيْهُور {m}, اِنْهِيَار ثَلْجِيّ {m}
avarice {n} (excessive or inordinate desire of gain)  :: طَمَع
avatar {n} (The physical embodiment of an idea or concept; a personification)  :: أَفَاتَار {m} /ʾafatār/
avatar {n} (A digital representation of a person or being)  :: أَفَاتَار {m} /ʾafatār/
avenge {v} (to take vengeance for)  :: اِنْتَقَمَ
avenue {n} (broad street)  :: شارع
average {n} (any measure of central tendency)  :: معدل {m} /mu'adal/
aviation {n} (art or science of flying)  :: طَيَرَان {m}
Avicenna {prop} (a Persian polymath)  :: اِبْن سِينَا {m}
avocado {n} (fruit)  :: أَفُوكَادُو {m} /ʾafukādū/
Avogadro's number {n} (number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure carbon-12)  :: ثَابِت أَفُوجَادْرُو {m}
avoid {v} (to keep away from)  :: تَجَنَّبَ
Avraham {prop} (given name) SEE: Abraham  ::
await {v} (transitive: to wait for)  :: اِنْتَظَرَ, imperfect: يَنْتَظِرُ
awake {adj} (conscious)  :: مُسْتَيْقِظ, سَاهِد, يَقِظ, مُتَنَبِّه
awake {v} (to gain consciousness)  :: صَحَى, اِسْتَيَقَظَ
awake {v} (to cause someone to stop sleeping)  :: أَيْقَظَ
awaken {v} (transitive: to cause to become awake)  :: أَفَاقَ, أَيْقَظَ, أَصْحَى
awaken {v} (intransitive: to stop sleeping)  :: صَحَى, اِسْتَيَقَظَ
awakening {n} (being roused into action or activity)  :: صحوَة (ʂáħwa) {f}
award {n} (decision of arbitrators)  :: قرار {m} /qarar/
award {n} (trophy or medal)  :: جائزة {f} /jāʾiza/
awareness {n} (the state of consciousness)  :: وعي
awash {adj} (washed by the waves or tide)  :: مغسول بالأمواج
away {adv} (from a place; hence)  :: بَعِيدًا
awful {adj} (very bad)  :: فَظِيع
awfully {adv} (very) SEE: very  ::
awl {n} (pointed instrument)  :: مِخْرَز {m}
axe {n} (tool)  :: فَأْس {m}
axiom {n} (philosophy: supposed self‐evident or necessary truth)  :: بَدِيهِيَّة {f}
axis {n} (geometry: imaginary line)  :: مِحْوَر {m}
axis of evil {n} (states sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction)  :: مِحْوَر اَلشَّرّ {m}
ayah {n} (A verse in the Quran.)  :: آية /ʾāya/
ayatollah {n} (a religious leader)  :: آيَةُ اللّٰه {f}
aye-aye {n} (nocturnal quadruped)  :: آيآي
Ayers Rock {prop} (Uluru) SEE: Uluru  ::
ayin {n} (Semitic letter)  :: عَيْن {m}, ع [letter]
Aymara {prop} (language of South America)  :: لغَة أيمارا
Ayurveda {n} (traditional Hindu alternative medicine)  :: أَيُورْفِيدَا {f}
Ayyavazhi {prop} (religion)  :: يافاجي
Azerbaijan {prop} (country in the Caucasus)  :: أَذَرْبَيْجَان {m}, آذَرْبَيْجَان {m}
Azerbaijani {prop} (language of Azerbaijan) SEE: Azeri  ::
Azerbaijani Turkic {prop} (Azeri) SEE: Azeri  ::
Azeri {n} (Azeri person)  :: أَذَرْبَيْجَانِيّ {m}, آذَرْبَيْجَانِيّ {m}, أَزِيرِيّ {m}, أَذَرْبَيْجَانِيَّة {f}, آذَرْبَيْجَانِيَّة {f}, أَزِيرِيَّة {m}
Azeri {prop} (Azeri language)  :: أَذَرْبَيْجَانِيَّة {f}, آذَرْبَيْجَانِيَّة {f}, أَزِيرِيّ {m}
Azeri Turkic {prop} (Azeri) SEE: Azeri  ::
azimuth {n} (an arc of the horizon)  :: سَمْت {m}
Azores {prop} (an archipelago and an autonomous region)  :: اَلْأَزُور
Azrael {prop} (angel of death)  :: عَزْرَائِيل {m}, عِزْرَائِيل {m}, مَلَك اَلْمَوْت {m}
azure {n} (colour of the sky)  :: لَازَوَرْدِيَّة, لَازَوَرْد
azure {adj} (sky-blue coloured)  :: لَازَوَرْدِيّ
azure {n} (lapis lazuli) SEE: lapis lazuli  ::
Ålesund {prop} (Norwegian municipality in Møre og Romsdal)  :: أوليسوند