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Traditional Simplified Pinyin Meaning
det.: one
zài in, at, on, etc.
yǒu have, possess
piece, item
I, me, ego, self
non, do not, no, nowise, not, nope, nae, no more, nix
zhè now, this, det.: this, it*
he, she, it, they (referring to inanimate things in object position)
also, too, as well, either, even
jiù then, at once, right away, an indicator strengthening speaker's evaluation
rén person, people
dōu all, even, already
shuō speak, talk, explain, scold
ér conj.: and yet
men plural marker for personal pronouns or for nouns referring to people
le particle: indicating new situation or completed action
yào want, need, must, should
huì to be able, can, will, to meet
duì correct, true, toward
to reach, to catch up, and
and, with, gentle, peaceful
and, together with, to give
using, taking, from a point on, because of
hěn pretty, thrice, monstrously, gey, quite, mighty, stinking, sopping, some, assai, full, most, clinking, much, thumping, awfully, fiendishly, thundering, very, real, really, bally, proper, grossly, powerful, so, rattling, well, considerably, greatly, terribly
zhǒng m.[kind]
de particle: emphasizing an action/situation
great, macro, old, very, vast, tall, big, high, much
néng can or to be capable of
zhe [aspect]
she, her, she (neologism for {1ta1}[2]), )
det.: that
shàng on, above
dàn conj.: but, yet, still, nevertheless, only, merely
nián year
hái still, yet, also, too, as well, besides
可以 可以 kěyǐ can, may
zuì most, to the highest degree, much, superlatively
自己 自己 zìjǐ lonesome, number_one, own, ego, self, oneself, name
wéi by
lái come, arrive
suǒ that which
他們 他们 tāmen they
liǎng det.: two, both (sides), either (side), a few, some
det.: each, every
can, may
wéi be, become
huò conj.: or, either or
hǎo good
děng conj.: and so on, etc
yòu again, moreover
jiāng be about to
因為 因为 yīnwèi conj.: because, for, on account of
in, at, to, from, out of, by
yóu from, via, by, through, owing/due to
cóng from, since, through
gèng more, still/even more, further, furthermore
bèi by
cái then and only then, just now, only (before a number)
zhě nominal suffix, one who, -er
měi det.: every
order, sequence, next
indicating pre-verbal object as thing dealt with by the action
sān det.: three
什麼 什么 shénme anything, what
問題 问题 wèntí problem, mishap, query, job, interface, question, inquiry, matter, enquiry, trouble, issue, worry, subject, topic, hang-up, business, quaere
det.: its, his, her, their, it, this, that
ràng allow, induce sb. to do sth.
this, det.: this, here
zuò make, do
zài again, once more, further(more), in a higher degree, and then, not (do sth.) before
所以 所以 suǒyǐ conj.: so, therefore, as a result
zhǐ only, merely
then, in that case
台灣 台湾 Táiwān Taiwan
què however, but, yet, indeed
bìng to be side by side, simultaneously, and
wèi location, digit, m.[general], , status, figure, throne, position, place, condition
xiǎng think, suppose, reckon, consider, want to, would like to, feel like (doing sth.)
to go, to leave, in order to
ne particle: marking quesitons about subject already mentioned; indicating strong affirmation
學生 学生 xuéshēng academic, pupil, pup, tutee, follower, scholar, schoolchild, schoolboy, alumnus, disciple, learner, scholastic, student
表示 表示 biǎoshì demonstrate, exhibit, prove, show, extend, manifest, express, stamp, signify, mark, witness, look, give, denote, evince, expression, bespeak, say, profess, mean, offer, utter, infer, indicate, represent, read, speak, refer, give tongue to, intend, be, shew, pay, stand_for, establish, stand for, present, render, betoken
dào up until
公司 公司 gōngsī place of business, business organization, incorporation, establishment, business concern, office, concern, business establishment, business, enterprise, company, corporation
jiāng introducing object of main verb
如果 如果 rúguǒ conj.: if
社會 社会 shèhuì community, society, monde, social, public
kàn see, look at, watch, read, look upon, regard, look after, call on, visit
xiǎo small, little, petty, minor;young
tiān sky, heaven
因此 因此 yīncǐ conj.: therefore, consequently
xīn new, fresh, up-to-date
但是 但是 dànshì conj.: but, however, yet, still
they (neologism for {1ta1}[3] [4]), [4]), ), this, that, it
zhōng center, middle, interior
使 使 shǐ rarefy, piss_off, germinate, drench, blow_out, leave, cut_up, refract, run, dress_up, compose, shed, frizz, put_off, trot, send, strike, send (as envoy), peal, alienate, pull_in, tone_up, bring around, astound, sublease, wither, cripple, bed_down, address, rehearse, usage, warm, smell_out, throw, inflect, get_down, skunk, capsize, congeal, bowl_over, bring_on, unseat, ensure, amalgamate, pro
工作 工作 gōngzuò work, job
quán det.: all, Surname, whole, Quan
覺得 觉得 juéde imagine, guess, believe, reckon, suspect, suppose, think, listen, feel, consider, think_of, appear, conceive
使用 使用 shǐyòng use, employ, apply
這些 这些 zhèxiē det.: these
bìng actually, truly
由於 由于 yóuyú conj.: owing/due/thanks to
時候 时候 shíhòu day, moment, (a point in) time, (duration of) time, time
知道 知道 zhīdào tell, have, ken, understand, infer, wis, learn, cognize, gather, know, be aware of, wise up, savvy, mind, realize
這樣 这样 zhèyàng so, such, like this, this way
as soon as
認為 认为 rènwéi find, treat, deem, suppose, look_on, repute, discount, esteem, accredit, feel, account, calculate, estimate, take to be, reckon, expect, think, hold, trust, recognise, opine, sound off, adjudge, consideration, consider, regard as, look upon, believe_in, disbelieve, allow, conceive, regard, call, imagine, view, forecast, believe, suspect, rate, animadvert, look on, listen, speak up, figure, c
時間 时间 shíjiān moment, day, clock time, fourth_dimension, relativity, hour, duration, time, when, while, temporal, economy
shì responsibility, trouble, event, thing, worry, accident, case, involvement, work, affair, job, concern, business, toast, matter
guò [aspect]
xiàng to, towards
可能 可能 kěnéng probably, maybe
中國 中国 Zhōngguó Cathay, China, china
美國 美国 Měiguó House_of_Representatives, the United States of America, US, U.S.A., bench, Columbia, Yankeeland, U.S., United States, Democrat, Yankeedom, USA, America, United States of America
dào arrive, reach, go to
together) with
det.: how many, a few, several, some
系統 系统 xìtǒng lineage, filiation, scheme, pedigree, system, formation, superstructure, programme, organization, succession, tract, system of rules, organisation, program
政府 政府 zhèngfǔ sirkar, state, country, nation, governmental, body politic, government, administration, civil order, polity, commonwealth, regime, res publica, land
大家 大家 dàjiā sundry, great master, rich and influential family, pontiff, all of us, everyone, authority, master, distinguished family
國家 国家 guójiā sirkar, state, country, patria, a people, nationality, nation, republic, soli, body politic, clime, national, civil order, polity, commonwealth, land, res publica
許多 许多 xǔduō lot, scores, lots, sight, pot, heap, quantity, plenty, slews, ton, battalion, many, scads, tidy sum, power, spate, chunk, pile, crowd, vastness, batch, lashings, whole lot, mint, mound, pocketful, large number, trunkful, ream, mickle, great deal, flock, mass, slew, heaps, a lot of, piles, whole slew, mess, raff, slue, gobs, much, lotta, multitude, volume, wad, store, raft, tons, satiety, rafts, doze
生活 生活 shēnghuó life, existence, livelihood
gēn with, to, from
已經 已经 yǐjīng already
大學 大学 dàxué university, college
研究 研究 yánjiù study, research
yīn conj.: because, as
běn det.: this
èr det.: two, second
活動 活动 huódòng activity, maneuver, behavior
gāi det.: this, that
世界 世界 shìjiè mundane, creation, world, monde, orb, nature, domain
yīng should, ought to
det.: four
希望 希望 xīwàng hope, wish
方式 方式 fāngshì path, plan, pattern, tenor, system, method, manner, style, way, guise, fashion, wise, means, shape, how, embodiment, agency, gate, mode, sort
nèi inside
xiàng m.[general]
ā particle: used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
xià under (condition/fact etc.)
環境 环境 huánjìng circumambiency, environmental, circumstances, environment, entourage, surround, atmosphere, setting, surroundings, ambiance, condition, context, circumstance, surrounding, frame, milieu, ambient, consideration, environs, medium, ambience
一些 一些 yīxiē det.: some, a few, a little
必須 必须 bìxū must
文化 文化 wénhuà civilization, literacy, acculturation, Kultur, vandalism, cultural, education, schooling, culture
gāo tall, high
孩子 孩子 háizi kid, issue, chap, daughter, children, sonny, son or daughter, child, spawn, boy, kipper, son
沒有 没有 méiyǒu not have, there is not, be without
不能 不能 bùnéng must/may/can not, not be allowed
according to, in accordance with, such as, as if, like, for example
開始 开始 kāishǐ begin, start
yuán m.[standard]
不同 不同 bùtóng different
réng yet, anyway, still
網路 网路 wǎnglù WWW, net, network, Internet, meshwork, web, world wide web, mesh, reticulation
日本 日本 rìběn Nippon, Cipango, Nihon, Japan, japan, Japanese
yòng with
中心 中心 zhōngxīn center, heart, hub
lái come, arrive
duì right; correct
雖然 虽然 suīrán conj.: though, although
重要 重要 zhòngyào important, significant, major
地方 地方 dìfāng country, soil, terrain, part, clime, way, territory, room, neighbourhood, tinderbox, locality (as distinct from the central administrat, child, tract, province, position, respect, where, region, space, place, local
進行 进行 jìnxíng be in progress, go on, carry on/out
關係 关系 guānxì relation, bearing, impact, membership credentials, "backdoor connections"
市場 市场 shìchǎng bourse, bazar, marketplace, grocery store, agora, bazaar, securities industry, grocery, piazza, plaza, rialto, mart, pitch, market
tài excessively, too, extremely, very
老師 老师 lǎoshī rabbi, professor, swami, instructor, teacher, mast
提供 提供 tígōng feed, offer, put_up, afford, proffer, set_up, capitalize, bring_forward, sponsor, extend, ply, provision, sustain, equip, supply, cough_up, bear, render, furnish, cater, billet, provide
學校 学校 xuéxiào seminary, schoolhouse, educational institution, school, institution
應該 应该 yīnggāi should, ought to
指出 指出 zhǐchū point, point_out, catch_out, bespeak, indicate, denote, point out (that), note, show, designate, point out
經濟 经济 jīngjì economy, financial condition, income
其他 其他 qítā det.: others, the rest, other, else
jiā family, household, home, house
發展 发展 fāzhǎn develop, expand, grow
教育 教育 jiàoyū education
成為 成为 chéngwéi find, join, comprise, turn to, commemorate, sample, entomb, come_up, commence, get hold, learn, add up, necessitate, run, make up, constitute, make, form, come, amount, represent, fall, presage, change, be, turn, turn into, become, line up, come up, shape, portend, foretell, get
duō many, much, more, more than the correct/required number, excessive, too much, much/far more
非常 非常 fēicháng extraordinary, unusual, special, very, extremely, highly
便 便 biàn as early as, soon afterwards, little as, as early, and then, and so, so, as early/little as, as little as, then, in that case
方面 方面 fāngmiàn side, aspect, sector, part, light, facet, behalf, way, respect, direction, bearing, field, phase, sphere, angle, hand
很多 很多 hěnduō det.:
chī feed, have, be subject to, absorb, chow, live on, eat, have one's meals, be a strain, exhaust, fare, take in, live off, annihilate, wipe out, partake, suffer, ingest, consume, graze, lunch, manducate, incur, take, get, use up, make, taste, soak up
然後 然后 ránhòu therewith, and so, and_then, and then, thereupon, after that, so, then, with that
wèi or not (at end of sentence), have not yet, or not, not
發現 发现 fāxiàn find, discover
電腦 电脑 diànnǎo electronic computer, computery, data processor, information processing system, computer
一樣 一样 yīyàng same, equal, similar
而且 而且 érqiě conj.: furthermore, and
xīn heart, mind, feeling, center, core
不過 不过 búguò conj.: but, however, only
無法 无法 wúfǎ nohow, unable to, unable, cannot
企業 企业 qǐyè proposition, business enterprise, business organization, business concern, concern, commercial enterprise, endeavour, endeavor, industry, business, project, corporation, enterprise
zhèng precisely, punctually
服務 服务 fúwù be in the service of, serve
jiào rather, quite, relatively, more
不會 不会 búhuì won't
臺灣 台湾 táiwān Taiwan
céng once, ever, before
particle: calling for agreement or disagreement
空間 空间 kōngjiān elbow room, allowance, margin, roomage, open air/sky/space, road, leeway, way, open air, sheets, room, tolerance, opening, clear, sky, spacial, interspace, vacuity, spatial, dimension, open sky/space, space, place, vacuum
看到 看到 kàndào view, receive, ken, observe, lamp, catch, see, take in, watch, chatter away, lay_eyes_on, boast, brag, shoot the breeze, spy, catch sight of, catch sight of
det.: five
如何 如何 rúhé how
國內 国内 guónèi interior (of country), interior, home, intestine, internal, domestic
men pluralizer after pronouns and nouns of persons
not have, there is not
對於 对于 duìyú in regard) to, toward, at, for
以及 以及 yǐjí conj.: as well as, along with, and
之後 之后 zhīhòu later, behind, at the back of, after
可是 可是 kěshì conj.: but, yet, however
dāng when, while
人員 人员 rényuán strength, personnel, force, staff
compared with
xiān earlier, in advance, before
產品 产品 chǎnpǐn baby, brand, output, product, produce, end product, merchandise, fruitage, growth, manufacture, wares, production
資訊 资讯 zīxùn stuff, message, information, news, info
資料 资料 zīliào food, source, info, means, data, information, material, datum, data point, matter
比較 比较 bǐjiào relatively, fairly
先生 先生 xiānshēng doctor of Chinese medicine, Don, mulla, Ms., sir., teacher, gentleman, gospodin, Signor, signor, fortune-teller, babu, baboo, Herr, Mister, bey, mister, bwana, husband, siree, buckra, sirrah, senor, guv, sahib, Mr., rabbi, don, signore, Dan, sir, m'sieur, effendi, Tuan, baas, Monsieur, lording, monsieur, doctor, Mr, milord, Mynheer, signior, esquire, bookkeeper, Senor, rabboni, Senhor, sieur, sen
the earth, land, soil, fields, ground, place, position, background, distance
除了 除了 chúle except, besides
大陸 大陆 dàlù Ch. mainland
需要 需要 xūyào need, want, require, demand
xiàng be like
zài indicating an action in progress
gěi give, give to
suì year (for crops), m.[standard], , year of age, year (of age), year, annum, year for crops
qǐng request, ask (a favor), engage, hire (teacher/etc.), Please...
yuè moon
xiē m.[proximation]
míng m.[general]
lìng det.: another
ruò conj.: if, as if
also, too
地區 地区 dìqū section, country, area, latitude, zone, terrain, parts, locality, sector, province, prefecture, region, district, faubourg
技術 技术 jìshù mechanics, know-how, prowess, science, Minerva, superior skill, art, competence, technology, craft, craftsmanship, skill, education, technique, artistry, engineering, technological, equipment, technical
zhì to, until, till
特別 特别 tèbié unusual, specially
其實 其实 qíshí as a matter of fact, actually, in fact
國際 国际 guójì international
不要 不要 búyào never, noway, don't want, don't (do sth.)
發生 发生 fāshēng happen, occur, take place
參加 参加 cānjiā join, attend, take part in, give (advice/etc.)
一定 一定 yīdìng must
其中 其中 qízhōng among, of them, in it, among them, which, them, det.: it, in, in which
wèn ask, examine, question, interrogate
台北 台北 táiběi capital of Nationalist China, capital of Republic of China on Taiwan, Taipei
包括 包括 bāokuò consist_of, consist of, subtend, embrace, comprise, incorporate, embody, involve, count, subsume, take_in, comprehend, incorporation, include, comprize, run, cover, package, consist in
jiǎng discourse, utter, talk, negotiation, make clear, negotiate, parley, pay attention to, speak, syllable, discuss, explain, tell, be particular about, explanation, interpretation, interpret, relate, discussion, stress, mouth, say, remark, verbalize
造成 造成 zàochéng make_for, give rise to, create, set_up, strike, creation, cause, contribute, bring_about, procure, give, bring about, cut_out, necessitate, shape, present, bring_forth, generate, yield, make, breed
kàn think, consider
xiàng be like, resemble
cháng often, usually, frequently
at present, in the immediate future, then, promptly, at once
喜歡 喜欢 xǐhuān like, love, be fond of, be happy/elated
go, go to
méi not
出現 出现 chūxiàn appear, arise, emerge
政治 政治 zhèngzhì paternalism, trouble, government, policy, political relation, political science, polity, politics, political affairs, political
huà words, thing, language, tongue, talk, speech, spoken_language, conversation, utterance, expression, story, tale, saying, natural language, sayings, word
zǒu scram, travel, foot, go away, evaporate, ankle, waltz, step, bugger off, etc., go through, leave, leak, run, buzz off, leg, pad, fork, visit, go, escape, lose flavor, work, call on, strike, sashay, trace, pursue, gang, lose shape/etc., get_along, come_along, walk, hoof it, lose flavor/shape/etc., leg it, let out, shape, drive, cover, take, get, hoof, move
單位 单位 dānwèi department, unit, denomination, module, building block, unit of measurement, monad, unit (in measurement or organization)
一直 一直 yīzhí e'er, away, continuously, all the way, right, forever, all_along, always, the whole way, all along, straight, slap, through, ever, evermore
ba particle: used to show mild imperative or uncertainty
是否 是否 shìfǒu whether or not, is it so or not
當然 当然 dāngrán certainly, of course
zhěng det.: exact
處理 处理 chǔlǐ handle, deal with, dispose of, process
歷史 历史 lìshǐ past records, historical, history
了解 了解 liǎojiě understand, comprehend, find out, acquaint oneself with
then, in that case
怎麼 怎么 zěnme how
機會 机会 jīhuì scouth, occasion, good luck, hap, liberty, fortune, opportunity, chance, joss, hazard, happy chance, probability, luck, scope, room, break, turn, opening
jiā m.[general]
tīng hear, list, hearken, obey, obedience, listen, heed, administer, let, allow, hark
所有 所有 suǒyǒu det.: all
只要 只要 zhǐyào conj.: so long as, provided
朋友 朋友 péngyou amigo, connections, kith, friend, boy, crony, ami, boy/girl friend, companion, mate, boy friend or girl friend, compadre, boy friend, Mac, paisano, matey, old_boy, sport, folks, pard, hearty, Kamerad, cocker, cobber, girl friend, pardner, company
lìng make, cause
甚至 甚至 shènzhì even (to the point of), so much so that
yòng use, employ, apply, eat, drink, spend
zhēn really, truly, indeed, clearly
liù det.: six
ya particle: replacing 啊 when preceding word ends in a, e, i, o, or (y)u; used in direct address and exclamation; indicating obviousness/impatience/suggestion; used for confirmation
情況 情况 qíngkuàng event, things, state of affairs, circumstantiality, case, circumstances, way, plight, experimental condition, streak, military situation, matter, condition, mood, circumstance, context, occasion, thing, instance, affair, shape, situation, juncture, consideration
還是 还是 háishì still, nevertheless
qián copper coin, cash, money, fund, sum
方法 方法 fāngfǎ know-how, plan, attack, system, stepping-stone, manner, method, gateway, idea, measure, way, guise, key, wise, quomodo, plan of attack, tack, machinery, process, avenue, modus, how, means, channel, gate, approach, agency, gamesmanship, mode, medium, sort
diǎn m.[proximation]
任何 任何 rènhé aught, det.: any
經驗 经验 jīngyàn experience
藝術 艺术 yìshù beaux-arts, aesthetical, artistic production, artistic, ars, art, academy, aesthetic, artistic creation, skill, craft, artistry, esthetic
你們 你们 nǐmen you, you (plural), you-all
shí det.: ten
主要 主要 zhǔyào main, chief, principal, major
媽媽 妈妈 māmā mummy, mammy, ma, mother, mamma, mum, mommy, female parent, mom, Mama, mater, mama, momma
增加 增加 zēngjiā increase, raise, add
提出 提出 tíchū put forward, pose, raise
為什麼 为什么 wèishéme why, why?, how come, why is it that?, whereat, whereto
conj.: in order to, so as to
nín you
計畫 计画 jìhuà plan, project, program
zuò do, make, rise, write, compose, pretend, affect, feign
利用 利用 lìyòng use, utilize, take advantage of, exploit
東西 东西 dōngxī thing, creature
zài exist, live, be at/in/on, depend on, rest with
tiáo bar, item, short note, a long narrow piece, streak, clause, stripe, sth. long and narrow, filet, m.[general], , article, strip, assize, twig, ingot, slip
設計 设计 shèjì design, plan
zhǎo look for, seek, call on, approach
之間 之间 zhījiān among, between
成長 成长 chéngzhǎng grow up, mature
能夠 能够 nénggòu can, able, would, may
決定 决定 juédìng decide, resolve, make up one's mind, determine
學習 学习 xuéxí study, learn, emulate
shéi who, someone, anyone
jiàn see, be exposed to, become visible, call on, refer to, meet with, appear to be, appear, vide, catch sight of, meet
bàn det.: half
時代 时代 shídài day, period, a period in one's life, epoch, present time, historical period, time, chapter, period in one's life, modern times, historic period, contemporary world, times, era, modern world, age
完成 完成 wánchéng fill in, finish out, fulfil, practice, complete, finish, encompass, clear_up, top_off, cleave, top off, accomplishment, make out, effect, perfective, fulfill, go through, exercise, discharge, fill out, completion, end, run, bring ... to fruition, round_out, achieve, execute, round out, make, cap off, accomplish, practise, follow through, come, finalize, fulfilment, dispatch, bring ...
dài look after, raise
相當 相当 xiāngdāng quite, fairly, considerably
同學 同学 tóngxué class fellow, fellow student, condisciple, classmate, schoolmate, schoolfellow, form of address used in speaking to a student
jiàn correspondence, paper, document, bit, m.[general], , single item, letter, piece
能力 能力 nénglì department, potency, ability, acquisition, acquirement, capacity, performance, oomph, sufficiency, energy, competence, accomplishment, size, might, faculty, hand, coequal, efficiency, inner resources, capability, giftie, attainment, capableness, zip, skill, competency, power
別人 别人 biérén others, other people, another person
生命 生命 shēngmìng breath, god, head, anima, days, organism, blood, life, living thing, skin, longevity, being, vital, life form
xià below, under, underneath
lái time (since)
cháng m.[event]
會議 会议 huìyì synod, moot, conference, board, convocation, soviet, congress, talks, indaba, negotiation, junta, group discussion, convention, meeting place, session, council, rendezvous, colloquy, coming together, powwow, seance, meeting, forum, consultation, roll-up, get-together, assembly
容易 容易 róngyì easy
開發 开发 kāifā develop, open up, exploit
民眾 民众 mínzhòng civil, crowd, masses, populace, rank_and_file, the masses, the masses of the people, the populace, demos, mob, multitude, plebs, commons, the common people, the people, million, public
事情 事情 shìqíng proposition, pie, shebang, thing, affair, occasions, undertaking, concern, question, business, schmear, matter
shū volume, document, style of calligraphy, book, script, letter
事實 事实 shìshí mood, circumstance, fact, factual, reality, verity, case, deed, sooth, troth, actuality, truth, matter, matter of fact
有關 有关 yǒuguān be related
from, since
組織 组织 zǔzhī tissue, nerve, weave, organization, organized system
yán say, talk, speak
duō more than the correct/required number, much/far more
ài love, like, be fond of, be keen on, cherish, be apt to
建立 建立 jiànlì establish, set up, found
相關 相关 xiāngguān cognate, relational, interrelate, associated, be interrelated, relevant, related, be mutually related
jūn without exception, all
產生 产生 chǎnshēng come into being, produce, engender, emerge
duō det.: more than, much more
業者 业者 yèzhě dealer, interest
解決 解决 jiějué solve, resolve, settle, dispose of, finish off
完全 完全 wánquán completely, fully, wholly, absolutely
的話 的话 dehuà conj.: if
接受 接受 jiēshòu receive (honors, have, receive, acknowledge, sweep up, espouse, etc.), come to grips, adopt, embrace, greet, welcome, hook on, seize on, take up, accede, taken, entertain, latch on, buy, fasten on, swallow, imbibe, accept, receive (honors/etc.), undergo, get to grips, take, adapt, acceptance, thole
zhī tell, notify, inform, be expert in, know, sense, be aware of, administration, notification, administer, be in charge of, realize
yuē about, around
一般 一般 yībān general, ordinary, common
推動 推动 tuīdòng push forward, promote
過程 过程 guòchéng unconscious process, mechanism, process, act, round, course
管理 管理 guǎnlǐ manage, supervise, take care of
功能 功能 gōngnéng functional, niche, function, competence, capacity, anatomy
shǒu hand
generalized verb of doing with specific meaning determined by its object, strike, hit, fight, construct, forge, mix
shuǐ water, H2O, liquid, bubble, a general term for rivers, lakes, seas, etc., Shiu, waters, aqueous, Aquarius, river, Surname, blister, drink, eau, aqua
要求 要求 yāoqiú request, demand
小朋友 小朋友 xiǎopéngyǒu child (adult address to child), little boy, children, little boy/girl, girl, little girl, little boy or girl, child
教授 教授 jiàoshòu professor
nán make difficulties, take to task, put ... into a difficult position, disagreeable, make difficult, unpleasant, hard, difficult, troublesome, blame
我國 我国 wǒguó our country
告訴 告诉 gàosù tell, preach, notify, impart, inform, represent, apprize, send word, share, advise, give notice, apprise, assure, let know
內容 内容 nèiróng subject_matter, content, cognitive content, internal, contents, mental object, meat, substance, matter, lining
結果 结果 jiéguǒ result, outcome, consequence
調查 调查 diàochá investigate, look into, survey
家庭 家庭 jiātíng hearthstone, background, fireside, establishment, household, hearth, domestic, hearthside, menage, home, family unit, family, house
成立 成立 chénglì found, establish, be tenable, hold water
選擇 选择 xuǎnzé select, opt
經營 经营 jīngyíng manage, run, engage in
然而 然而 ránér conj.: even so, but
父母 父母 fùmǔ parental, parents, father and mother, folks
xiě description, bewrite, direct, describe, pencil, draw, paint, inscribe, write, depiction, write_out, throw_off, depict, address, author, screeve, word, compose
人類 人类 rénlèi man, wight, human_being, human, human race, mankind, individual, human species, Homo_sapiens, populace, creature, hominid, world, mortality, microcosm, humans, humanitarianism, humanity, humanness, human beings/species, people, species, humankind, human beings, public, mortal
至於 至于 zhìyū as for/to
mǎi pick up, invest, hire, buy, purchase, put_down, trade, get
尤其 尤其 yóuqí especially
配合 配合 pèihé coordinate, cooperate
進入 进入 jìnrù go_into, get_in, debouch, get in, go into, move into, come_into, pass, step_in, lapse, get_into, set in, go in, get into, kick in, penetrate, intromission, pierce, come_in, come in, enter, entry, sink, impenetrate
例如 例如 lìrú for instance/example, e.g., such as
děi should be, need
討論 讨论 tǎolùn to discuss, to take something up with someone, to talk about
according to, judging by
作品 作品 zuòpǐn writing, musical composition, whole kit and caboodle, works (of literature, artwork, kit and caboodle, product, whole works, creation, full treatment, kit and boodle, whole kit and boodle, works (of literature/art), composition, thing, piece of music, workpiece, output, art), written material, opus, whole shebang, whole caboodle, production, whole kit, piece, workmanship, wo
情形 情形 qíngxíng circumstance, trimness, event, trim, instance, state of affairs, case, circumstances, status, situation, condition
資源 资源 zīyuán resource, natural resources, mine, resources
原因 原因 yuányīn origin, causation, reason, wherefore, causal, breeder, spore, cause, causal agent, whence, causal agency, occasion, root, subject, causality, why, starter
particle: used when informing sb. of st.; indicating excitement/doubt/comfort/etc.
運動 运动 yùndòng sports, athletics, exercise, movement, campaign
觀念 观念 guānniàn conception, intension, theory, philosophy, idolum, connotation, idea, sense, presentation, notion, concept, construct, intellection, presentment, thought, notional, conceit
gěi for, for the benefit of, by (in passive cons.)
軟體 软体 ruǎntǐ software
品質 品质 pǐnzhí calibre, appraisal, caliber, character, self, intrinsic, brew, quality, timber, sort
經過 经过 jīngguò pass, go through, undergo
如此 如此 rúcǐ thus, like this, such
ēn O.K., How come, Huh, What, Why, Agreed!, well, um
精神 精神 jīngshén god, guts, heart, pneuma, consciousness, vigor, life, energy, vim, courage, esprit, moral, get-up-and-go, ginger, vitality, Psyche, psyche, spunk, gumption, juice, sand, mind, mental, mens, mickey, mettle, nature, grit, oomph, genius, vigour, substance, psychic, backbone, nous, nerve, pazazz, essence, pep, spirit, inward, drive, push, soul, gist
影響 影响 yǐngxiǎng influence
zhī it, him, her, this
guò pass, cross, transfer (e.g., ownership), undergo a process, go through, celebrate, observe
好像 好像 hǎoxiàng seem, be like
chéng become, turn into
參與 参与 cānyū participate in
以後 以后 yǐhòu afterwards, later, future, in the future, hereafter
於是 于是 yūshì conj.: thereupon, hence, consequently, as a result
部分 部分 bùfèn partial, department, section, partialness, slice, pars, part, det.: part, percent, partage, sphere, component, divvy, segment, portion, fraction, sector, chapter, share, percentage, piece, division, sectional, parcel
另外 另外 lìngwài conj.: in addition, besides, moreover
公園 公园 gōngyuán common, green, garden, commons, park
透過 透过 tòuguò via
訓練 训练 xùnliàn training
努力 努力 nǔlì make great effort, try hard
研究 研究 yánjiù research, study
具有 具有 jùyǒu be provided with, have, have got, possess, hold, possession, carry, inhere, bear
共同 共同 gòngtóng common, joint
所謂 所谓 suǒwèi so-called
xià det.: next, second
行為 行为 xíngwéi fact, demeanor, form, deportment, dealing, behavior, doings, course, act, point, goings-on, demeanour, procedure, lapse, going, bearing, turn, behaviour, activity, ongoing, thing, human action, conduct, commitment, human activity, behavioral, agency, deed, comportment, action
合作 合作 hézuò cooperate, collaborate, work together
jīng as a result of, through, after
合作 合作 hézuò cooperate, collaborate, work together
目標 目标 mùbiāo polestar, objective, goal, bourn, object, meaning, aim, end point, target, cause, landmark, butt, lodestar, bull's eye, mark, tee, cynosure, end, bell ringer, loadstar, quaesitum, destination
起來 起来 qǐlái [aspect]
考慮 考虑 kǎolù think over, consider
cháng long, be strong/good (in/at)
意見 意见 yìjiàn latitude, point_of_view, estimation, sight, conceit, verdict, hypothesis, attitude, estimate, possibility, judgement, appraisal, ground, slant, differing opinion, ruling, complaint, thinking, suggestion, comment, advisement, mind, apprehension, say, vote, impression, deliverance, view, understanding, feeling, idea, notion, sentiment, judgment, advice, current, opinion, advert, theory, v
辦法 办法 bànfǎ road, expedient, policy, agency, measure, way, method, means
音樂 音乐 yīnyuè music
lián conj.: including
shòu passive signifier
廠商 厂商 chǎngshāng factory owner, factories and stores, firm, maker, business organization, business concern, manufacturing business, concern, manufacturer, business
zhī m.[general]
受到 受到 shòudào experience, receive, come in for, suffer, undergo, come_in_for, be given, come_to, be subjected to
一切 一切 yīqiè det.: everything, every
或是 或是 huòshì conj.: or, perhaps
中央 中央 zhōngyāng central authorities (of state/party/etc.)
mǒu det.: some, certain
女性 女性 nǔxìng lady, female sex, womankind, feminie, female, sex, petticoat, femininity, female person, woman, she, patroness, womanhood, fair, feminine
教學 教学 jiāoxué teach and study
extraordinary, unusual, special, very, extremely, highly
獲得 获得 huòdé find, cop, acquirement, come_into, gain, draw, pick_up, pull, achievement, score, procure, come_by, get hold, purchase, nab, come upon, derive, latch, incur, achieve, make, bring, receive, arrive, come_out, pocket, obtain, luck into, sack, win, enter upon, pick up, garner, harvest, attain, come up, line up, extract, secure, possess, earn, reap, accrue, cover, take, acquire, get, arrive_at
真的 真的 zhēnde really, truly, indeed
road, path, way, journey, distance, means, sequence, logic, line, region, district, route, sort, grade, class
lái particle: used to denote the beginning of an action
kuài fast, quick, quick-witted, ingenious, sharp (of knives), straightforward
國小 国小 guóxiǎo primary/elementary school, primary school
部份 部份 bùfèn composition, segment, section, side, portion, slice, proportion, part, det.: part, share, component, division, phase, place, piece
工程 工程 gōngchéng process, construction, engineering, engineering project, project
女人 女人 nǔrén jade, crumpet, female, female person, Gill, bitch, chick, fair, squaw, womenfolk, adult female, doll, momma, wench, skirt, womankind, girl, jill, wife, broad, petticoat, sister, woman, bimbo, bird, jane, she, hen, hairpin, dame, women
舉行 举行 jǔxíng hold (meeting/etc.)
sentence, m.[general],
只是 只是 zhǐshì merely, only, just, simply be
duàn m.[general]
根據 根据 gēnjù on the basis of, according to
現象 现象 xiànxiàng phenomenon, phenomenal, appearance
人民 人民 rénmín multitude, citizen, quarter, Volk, hoi polloi, subject, people, nationals, masses, the people, mass, demotic
土地 土地 tǔdì country, acre, terra, soil, premise, realm, territory, dirt, local god of the land, farming, earth, ground, kingdom, holding, agrarian, solid ground, benefice, esplees, tract, village god, glebe, terra firma, land, dry land
面對 面对 miànduì face up, stand up, face, look_out_on, confront, front, affront, envisage, accost, breast
注意 注意 zhùyì pay attention to, take note of
這裡 这里 zhèlǐ this place, there, here
新聞 新闻 xīnwén unco, leak, intelligence, newsworthiness, witting, journalistic, information, journalism, courant, news
繼續 继续 jìxù go, resume, keep_on, abide, come on, persist in, extend, run_on, run on, carry_on, stretch, sustain, pursue, keep going, continuance, get_along, get_on, remain, continue, keep_up, go ahead, keep up, come up, continuation, hold, carry, run, go_on, maintain, go on, bide, plow ahead, hold_on, piece, restart
相信 相信 xiāngxìn deem, believe, credit, esteem, accredit, feel, trow, count, have faith in, guess, lippen, buy, be convinced of, hold, think, trust, accept, know, hone, believe_in, favour, believe in, hope
政策 政策 zhèngcè statism, tack, line, policy, statecraft
變成 变成 biànchéng grow_into, change into, go, form, grow into, change state, develop into, turn to, fall, turn_into, be, turn, become, turn into, grow, run, get
計劃 计划 jìhuà plan, project, program
強調 强调 qiángdiào underscore, spotlight, place emphasis on, point_up, highlight, point, point up, enforce, emphasise, urge, underline, overstress, give emphasis to, play up, keynote, insist, punctuate, accent, betone, foreground, emphasize, emphatic, stress, set off, overemphasize, accentuate, bring out
xué study, learn, imitate, mimic
人士 人士 rénshì public figure, personage
qián front
qián det.: former, preceding
存在 存在 cúnzài exist, be
制度 制度 zhìdù ism, organization, dispensation, regimen, machine, regulations, form, system, regime, organisation, economy, institutional, institution
意義 意义 yìyì importance, significance, denotation, purport, drift, signality, emptiness, meaning, construction, bearing, substance, import, effect, insignificancy, hang, signification, sense
代表 代表 dàibiǎo representative, delegate
課程 课程 kèchéng course of instruction, lesson, course, course of lectures, course of study, curricular, class, curricula, syllabus, curriculum, program
gāi ought to, should
méi not have, there is not, be without
zhì conj.:
需求 需求 xūqiú need, requisition, demand, want, desiderative, requirement, call
人生 人生 rénshēng lifetime, life, lifespan, human life, time of life
那些 那些 nǎxiē det.: those
成功 成功 chénggōng succeed
爸爸 爸爸 bàbà old man, father, papa, pappa, daddy, pa, begetter, pop, dada, dad, male parent, pater, pappy, pops, poppa
產業 产业 chǎnyè estate, manufacture, industry, domain, manufacturing, property
負責 负责 fùzé preside, be responsible for, see, entail, sponsor, be in charge of, blame, answer, undertake, liable, respond
民間 民间 mínjiān grass roots, people-to-people, nongovernmental, among the people, folk, popular
suī conj.: though, although, even if
影響 影响 yǐngxiǎng influence, affect, effect
直接 直接 zhíjiē direct, immediate
幾乎 几乎 jīhū chiefly, anear, about, near, just_about, most, well-nigh, almost, closely, practically, intimately, all but, nearly, just about, virtually, much, nigh
fèn m.[general]
實際 实际 shíjì practical, literal
團體 团体 tuántǐ fraternity, sect, phalanx, collective, body, group, sodality, element, organisation, corporation, confession, college, establishment, brotherhood, community, organization, squad, union, administration, society, army, commonwealth, consort, company, lineup, combine, governance, clan, combination, fellowship, organizational, bloc, team, party, connection, family, brass, squadron
價值 价值 jiàzhí value, worth
使得 使得 shǐdé render, wreck, compel, cause, make
lèi m.[kind]
形成 形成 xíngchéng take shape, form
科技 科技 kējì technology, tech, engineering science, applied science, science and technology, technological, engineering
這麼 这么 zhèmo so, such, this way, like this
dāng assume office of, take charge of
det.: seven
不但 不但 búdàn conj.: not only
wǎng go toward
本身 本身 běnshēn per se, self, oneself, identity, itself
標準 标准 biāozhǔn standard, criterion
似乎 似乎 sìhū it seems, quasi, apparently, seemingly, as if
應用 应用 yìngyòng application, use
或者 或者 huòzhě conj.: or, either...or...
動物 动物 dòngwù thing, critter, crittur, zoic, anthropomorphism, animal, deer, animate being, beast, creature, burrow, sire, worker, fauna, brute
電話 电话 diànhuà blower, phone call, headphone, earpiece, telephone, telephone_call, buzz, earphone, horn, telephone set, phone_call, telephony, phone
態度 态度 tàidù stance, treatment, demeanor, dealing, deportment, pose, behavior, manner, demeanour, way, bearing, attitude, air, behaviour, front, mien, conduct, mental attitude, approach, posture, address, position, bedside_manner, movement, gesture, comportment, presence, sort
建設 建设 jiànshè construction
事業 事业 shìyè proposition, task, pidgin, institution, undertaking, deed, facilities, life history, endeavour, endeavor, cause, career, project, action, enterprise
lǎo old, aged;of long standing, outdated, tough, overgrown, dark (of colors)
那麼 那么 nàmo so
常常 常常 chángcháng oftentimes, ofttimes, commonly, ordinarily, oft, often, a great deal, normally, frequently, unremarkably, much, usually
graphic symbol, writing, pronunciation (of a word), form of a written character, receipt, printing type, script, name taken at the age of 20, courtesy name, wordage, character, grapheme, contract, scripts, symbolic representation, style of handwriting, word
zuò sit, take seat
舉辦 举办 jǔbàn conduct, hold, run
自我 自我 zìwǒ self, oneself
有的 有的 yǒude det : some
possess, have, provide, furnish
目的 目的 mùdì view, pretence, objective, goal, purport, intention, bourn, object, motive, motivation, meaning, aim, end point, hent, target, scope, sense of purpose, errand, purposefulness, sake, function, end, purpose, quaesitum, intent
kuài m.[general]
條件 条件 tiáojiàn mood, formula, conditional, precondition, prerequisite, requisition, factor, qualification, requirement, stipulation, proviso, circumstances, provision, term, reservation, if, condition
即使 即使 jíshǐ conj.: even, even if/though
hǎo very, quite, good to, easy to
十分 十分 shífēn very, fully, utterly, extremely
多少 多少 duōshǎo det.: how many, how much, many
fàng loose, bloom, make longer, set ... free, let sb. have his own way, show, readjust, free, make larger, put in, fly, etc., release, discharge, leave alone, bung, lay aside, put, expansion, make longer/larger/etc., fling, localize, lend (money) at interest, let go, set, pasture, pose, set free, blossom, lay, let off, put out to pasture, send away, play, expand, make larger/etc., readjus
yòu conj.: and, in addition, but, on the other hand
電影 电影 diànyǐng cinematography, moving_picture, pix, kinema, picture, film, movie, moving picture, flick, cinema, motion_picture, cinematic, celluloid, picture show, motion picture, flicker
科學 科学 kēxué ology, scientific, science, scientific knowledge
執行 执行 zhíxíng carry out, execute
biān border, boundary
委員會 委员会 wěiyuánhuì board, soviet, commission, committee, court, citizens committee, mission, delegacy, deputation, delegation, council
溝通 沟通 gōutōng communicate, link up
kāi open, open up, reclaim (land), open out, come loose, start, begin, operate, turn on (light), run (business), hold (meeting/etc.), divide into, reveal
一起 一起 yīqǐ in_chorus, together, in all, in the same place, holus-bolus, altogether, in company
zhāng m.[general]
針對 针对 zhēnduì in the light of, in connection with
員工 员工 yuángōng employee, personnel, reason, force, staff, cause
引起 引起 yǐnqǐ elicit, beget, causation, give rise to, incite, pique, engender, bring_on, trigger, fire, compel, kick_up, superindividual, draw, spawn, invite, touch_off, occasion, lead, bring_about, procure, touch off, raise, enkindle, give, poke, produce, capture, generate, stir, arouse, excite, put forward, provoke, breed, bring, conjure up, grip, create, kindle, tempt, set_up, interest, give rise, enga
自然 自然 zìrán natural world
那麼 那么 nàmo like that, in that way
安全 安全 ānquán safe, secure
總統 总统 zǒngtǒng president (of a republic)
此外 此外 cǐwài conj.: besides, in addition, moreover
擁有 拥有 yǒngyǒu occupy, have, receive, aught, hold back, keep, keep back, owe, retain, own, possess, possession, hold, seize, take, acquire, corral, hold on
並且 并且 bìngqiě conj.: and, besides, moreover
事件 事件 shìjiàn fact, event, page, incidental, go, case, job, natural event, timing, proceedings, social occasion, happening, occurrence, matter, occasion, incident, shebang, affair, chapter, concernment
設計 设计 shèjì plan, design
研究所 研究所 yánjiùsuǒ graduate_school, research institute, school, laboratory, graduate school, institute
語言 语言 yǔyán linguistic communication, lingual, language, idiom, tongue, oral communication, speech, perspicuity, lingo, contumely, Fortran, parole, natural language, spoken language, linguistic process
嚴重 严重 yánzhòng serious, significant, acute, critical, severe, grave
故事 故事 gùshì spiel, recital, relation, scam, rede, plot, yarn, narration, story, fiction, tale, history, legend, narrative
學術 学术 xuéshù ology, academic, systematic learning, science, learning
piàn m.[general]
設備 设备 shèbèi installation, set, device, appointment, plant, fixing, system, appliance, fixture, fitting, accommodation, fitment, finishing, unit, furnishings, materiel, contrivance, paraphernalia, facilities, rig, equipage, setout, facility, fixings, equipment
之外 之外 zhīwài beyond, apart from, excluding
chē vehicle
基本 基本 jīběn fundamental, essential, main
實在 实在 shízài indeed, really, honestly, in fact, as a matter of fact
jiǔ for long time, of specified duration
tào m.[general]
達到 达到 dádào extend to, find, fulfil, compass, encompass, extend, gain, answer, achievement, succeed, fulfill, live_up_to, attainment, strain, bring_up, achieve, get to, touch, strive, make, accomplish, progress to, come, hit, come_out, obtain, reach, attain, clock_up, suffice, do, get, arrive_at
改善 改善 gǎishàn improve, perfect
結構 结构 jiégòu constitution, configuration, framing, structural, design, underframe, framework, construction, structure, schematism, economy, fabric, mechanics, composition, machinery, contexture, texture, constellation, fable, ordonnance, skeleton, organization, frame, architecture, chemistry, make
zhù inhabit, cease, stay, visit, shack, dwell, stop, people, live, reside, populate, dig
jiē all, everyone
改變 改变 gǎibiàn change, transform
take, hold, seize, capture
小組 小组 xiǎozǔ squad, section, unit, group
支持 支持 zhīchí sustain, hold out, bear;support, back, stand by
zuò fare, stand, base, constellation, footstall, pedestal, m.[general], , customer, Aquarius, seating, plinth, place, seat
醫院 医院 yīyuàn spital, hospital, infirmary, hospice
conj.: since...then
jǐn scantily, simply, alone, merely, barely, only, but, just
值得 值得 zhíde be worth, merit, pay, rate, behove, worthwhile, worth, worthy, deserve, call_for, command
學者 学者 xuézhě academic, literate, pandit, letters, litterateur, learned person, literati, philomath, pundit, academician, faculty member, scholar, bookman, clerk, student, scholarly person, man of letters, man of learning, speleologist, doctor, clerisy, initiate, swami, punditry, savant, learned man, sophist
det.: eight
交通 交通 jiāotōng intercourse, commutation, transportation, communication, commuting, traffic, traffic_light, liaison man, communications, dealings, liaison
階段 阶段 jiēduàn staged, period, phase angle, stage, gradation, level, peg, grade, remove, phase, leg, step
就是 就是 jiùshì conj.: even if, even
申請 申请 shēnqǐng apply for
主管 主管 zhǔguǎn person in charge
申請 申请 shēnqǐng apply for
tóng det.: simialr, same
感覺 感觉 gǎnjué sense perception, feeling
電視 电视 diànshì TV, box, iconoscope, video, television set, teevee, orthicon, huckster, TV set, radiovision, television, telecasting, airwave, telly
母親 母亲 mǔqīn venter, materfamilias, mother, mither, sultana, maternal, female parent, mater
particle: used to persuade someone to do something; used to emphasize the obvious
香港 香港 xiānggǎng Hong Kong
記者 记者 jìzhě journalist, writer, correspondent, newspaperwoman, newspaperman, gazetteer, newswriter, reporter, pressman, newshound, newsman, newsperson
壓力 压力 yālì force per unit area, P, strain, overwhelming force, pressure sensation, burdensomeness, oppressiveness, pressure, onerousness, stress, compulsion, constraint, muscle, lading
快樂 快乐 kuàilè happy, cheerful
gǎn dare, make bold, have courage to, be sure, have confidence to, venture, have the confidence to, be certain
yuàn public facility, college, courtyard, designation for certain government offices and pub, hospital, clinic, branch of government, university, institutes, compound, abbey, academy, institute, yard, educational institution, faculty
也許 也许 yěxǔ possibly, peradventure, conceivably, assumedly, mayhap, doubtless, ablings, perhaps, perchance, potentially, probably, maybe, presumably, ablins, just
人們 人们 rénmen workforce, hands, work force, folk, people, they, the people, men, manpower, common people
tán talk, chat
生產 生产 shēngchǎn produce, manufacture
I'm afraid, dread, funk, I suppose, be afraid of, fear
jiù prep.: with regard to, concerning
身體 身体 shēntǐ soma, system, physical structure, body, health, carcase, corpus, frame, person, somatic, organic structure, personage
規定 规定 guīdìng rules, disciplines, regulations
程度 程度 chéngdù latitude, rate, degree, point, measure, way, grade, gree, pitch, cut, length, plane, stage, level, extent, scale, notch
積極 积极 jījí positive, active, energetic, vigorous
知識 知识 zhīshì lear, know-how, understanding, ken, instruction, science, sophistication, consciousness, light, awareness, cognizance, knowledge, lore, mastery, know, cognition, acquaintanceship, mind, intellect, knowingness, equipment
作為 作为 zuòwéi regard as, look on as, take for
機構 机构 jīgòu internal structure of an organization, motion, gadget, instrumentality, institute, organ, mechanism, gear, representation, mechanics, machinery, apparatus, establishment, institution, means, organization, agency, setup, delegacy, outfit
而是 而是 érshì conj.: if not A, then B
鼓勵 鼓励 gǔlì encourage, urge
角色 角色 jiǎosè theatrical role, character, persona, part, function, office, fictional character, actor, fictitious character, personage, role
狀況 状况 zhuàngkuàng repair, background, picture, state (of affairs), state of affairs, status, gear, scene, setting, scope, condition, state, circumstance, trimness, context, showing, trim, factor, condition/state (of affairs), situation, shoes, consideration, place
專家 专家 zhuānjiā guru, pundit, adept, expertise, professional person, specializer, specialist, proficient, whiz, oner, expert, swami, savant, dab, professional, authority, stunner, technician
according to, on the grounds of
清楚 清楚 qīngchǔ clear
不僅 不仅 bùjǐn conj.: not only
比賽 比赛 bǐsài match, competition
wán amuse oneself, treat lightly, have fun, resort to, enjoy, appreciate, play, toy, trifle with, employ, disport, shoot, amuse onself
效果 效果 xiàoguǒ operation, execution, result, effect, background, sound effects, purpose, point, background signal, fruitage, outcome, force, punch
yuè ~A~B) the more A the more B
保護 保护 bǎohù protect, safeguard
gòng totally, together, in all, in company, altogether
開放 开放 kāifàng lift a ban/etc., be turned on, be in operation
附近 附近 fùjìn neighborship, neighborhood, precinct, vicinity, neighbourhood
shàng det.: preceding, previous
父親 父亲 fùqīn parent, father, pere, Pa, begetter, governor, abba, male parent, pater, guv
專業 专业 zhuānyè professional
經費 经费 jīngfèi finances, monetary resource, expenses, expense, expenditure, pecuniary resource, fund, outlay, funds, outgo, cash in hand
曾經 曾经 céngjīng in one case, , one time, formerly, syne, at one time, of all time, once, ever
工作 工作 gōngzuò work
願意 愿意 yuànyì will, be willing, please, wish, like, care
分別 分别 fēnbié separately, respectively
重視 重视 zhòngshì attach importance to, take sth. seriously, value
不少 不少 bùshǎo det.: a lot of
歡迎 欢迎 huānyíng invite, greet, take in, receive, welcome, gratulate, embrace, salute
小孩 小孩 xiǎohái kid, tyke, encumbrance, kinchin, youngster, wean, small fry, chick, juvenile, imp, urchin, minor, nestling, prattler, tike, kiddie, tot, fry, bud, mammet, pinafore, nipper, enfant, mite, bairn, chicken, shaver, child, chit, kiddy, infant, tiddler, sprig
小時 小时 xiǎoshí hour
中國人 中国人 zhōngguórén Chinese person, Chinese people, Chinese
顯示 显示 xiǎnshì demonstrate, argue, exhibit, prove, display, show, illustrate, manifest, demonstration, announce, stamp, unroll, witness, write, give, evince, dangle, betray, bespeak, say, profess, develop, indicate, signal, flaunt, read, register, manifestation, speak, reveal, evidence, tell, shew, proclaim, discover, stage, bear, establish, record, prognosticate, betoken, note, signalize
中共 中共 zhōnggòng Chinese Communist Party
chū produce, turn out, arise, happen
男人 男人 nánrén male, man, chap, mankind, buck, bastard, gentleman, jack, gent, men, blighter, cuss, hombre, lad, adult male, groom, husband, bimbo, dog, fellow, mon, menfolk, fella
避免 避免 bìmiǎn forbear, preclude, refrain_from, forebear, escape, help, elude, leapfrog, refrain from, stave_off, evite, shun, obviate, avoid, evade, waive, help oneself, ward_off, ward, miss, avert, ward off, balk, refrain
屬於 属于 shǔyū fall under, be part of, pertain, appertain, belong, relegate, fall into, belong_to, fall_under, reside, belong to, attach
實施 实施 shíshī put into effect, implement
聲音 声音 shēngyīn voice, vocal, language, huskiness, vox, vocalization, audio, noise, sonic, tone, sound, phone, audio frequency
主義 主义 zhǔyì tenet, principle, hang, system, ticket, creed, philosophy, school of thought, evangel, ism, gospel, masonry, maxim, doctrine, -ism
行動 行动 xíngdòng action, operation
不可 不可 bùkě cannot, should not, must not
只有 只有 zhǐyǒu can only, have no choice but, to be forced to
校園 校园 xiàoyuán schoolyard, campus
興趣 兴趣 xìngqù relish, appetite, zestfulness, dish, cup of tea, pastime, hobby, interest, gusto, bag, avocation, zest
shān Shan, jebel, pike, mountain, whitethorn, hump, anything resembling a mountain, gable, kop, chimney, hill, Surname, mount
表現 表现 biǎoxiàn manifestation, expression
回來 回来 huílái come back, get_back, recur, revisit, come, return, be back, come_back
主任 主任 zhǔrèn head, principal, captain, chair, director, head teacher, chief, chairman, school principal
裡面 里面 lǐmiàn inside, interior
經常 经常 jīngcháng everyday, daily, alway, often, a great deal, frequently, sempre, much, regularly, constantly, evermore, day-to-day
不再 不再 búzài no more/longer
電子 电子 diànzǐ electron
shòu receive, accept, endure, suffer, be subjected to
思想 思想 sīxiǎng cogitation, mentation, imagery, imaging, lunatic_fringe, mental imagery, idea, thinking, imagination, ideology, thought, pensee, ideological
tóu head, hair (style), top/end of sth., chief
終於 终于 zhōngyū in the last analysis, at long last, at last, lastly, ultimately, all things considered, out, on the whole, at_last, eventually, in the final analysis, finally
謝謝 谢谢 xièxiè thank
協助 协助 xiézhù assist, help
chú except
當地 当地 dāngdì locality, the place (named/mentioned/etc.)
正式 正式 zhèngshì formal (of actions/speeches/etc.)
真正 真正 zhēnzhèng true, indeed, certainty
let droop, hang down, lower
xìng nature, character, sex, gender
fèn m.[general]
因素 因素 yīnsù consideration, ingredient, constituent, factor, strand, component, element
推出 推出 tuīchū present to public
shàng go up, mount, board, get on, go to, go to, leave for, present, forge/go ahead, enter, place sth. in position
價格 价格 jiàgé price
particle: used to denote an action away from the speaker or to denote the direction of the action
認識 认识 rènshì know, recognize
方向 方向 fāngxiàng path, set, directional, aspect, tenor, course, lay, exposure, way, range, aim, trend, direction, bearing, orientation, hand, tack, way of life, quarter, channel, line, heading
責任 责任 zérèn need, care, encumbrance, buck, accountability, blame, obligation, turn, load, responsibleness, incumbrance, responsibility, onus, commission, burden, commitment, loading, trust, pigeon, charge, business, fault, place, liability, duty, guardianship
說明 说明 shuōmíng explain, illustrate, show
工業 工业 gōngyè industrial, industry
大量 大量 dàliàng det.: any numer of, a great many
zuò be, become, be used as
逐漸 逐渐 zhújiàn step_by_step, by degrees, gradually
心理 心理 xīnlǐ mental_state, psychology, mentality
一點 一点 yīdiǎn det.: a little bit
gōng supply, feed, be for (the use/convenience of)
must, have to
簡單 简单 jiǎndān terse, casual, commonplace, simple, oversimplified, ordinary, uncomplicated
運用 运用 yùnyòng utilize, wield, apply
觀察 观察 guānchá observe, survey, inspect
往往 往往 wǎngwǎng oftentimes, ofttimes, always, more often than not, frequently, oft, often
規劃 规划 guīhuà plan, program
減少 减少 jiǎnshǎo reduce, decrease
重新 重新 chóngxīn over_again, newly, afresh, anew, again
業務 业务 yèwù service, practice, vocational work, line of work, affair, line, occupation, professional work, business, transaction
報導 报导 bàodǎo report,
仍然 仍然 réngrán still, yet
感到 感到 gǎndào feel, sense
開放 开放 kāifàng open to the world, open to traffic or public use
領域 领域 lǐngyū demesne, line of business, field of operation, country, background, terrain, realm, part, arena, sphere of influence, setting, territory, precinct, radius, scope, domain, sphere, frontier, orbit, preserve, area, world, kingdom, ambit, signory, province, region, field, universe, hemisphere
有效 有效 yǒuxiào run, stand, valid, effective, efficacious, avail, make, hold
girl, female, woman, neodymium, hen, daughter, beaver, creature
yào want/wish (to), ask (for)
從事 从事 cóngshì engross, have, join, treat, plow, handle, follow, embark, undertake, attend_to, attack, occupy, absorb, go_into, work, engage, prosecute, go_about, go in for, pursue, be, meddle, embark_on, perform, enter, cover, deal, address, be engaged in, deal with, place, wage
發揮 发挥 fāhuī bring into play, give free rein to, develop (idea/etc.), elaborate
人才 人才 réncái talent, capable person, a talented person, qualified personnel, a person of ability
反而 反而 fǎnér conj.: on the contrary, instead
行政 行政 xíngzhèng administration
銀行 银行 yínháng jug, depository financial institution, bank building, banking company, banking concern, bank
公共 公共 gōnggòng common, commonly, publicly, public, communal
媒體 媒体 méitǐ mass media, media, medium
提高 提高 tígāo raise, heighten, enhance, increase, improve
dài period, generation
自然 自然 zìrán naturally, of course, in ordinary course of events
社區 社区 shèqū community
力量 力量 lìliàng fibre, strength, potency, ability, guts, kick, cogency, point, dint, energy, mightiness, physical strength, demon, force, punch, whiz, tooth, might, forcefulness, exercise, fiber, powerfulness, lift, pith, leverage, agency, push, muscle, power
ā indicating elation, indicating doubt or questioning, indicating puzzled surprise, indicating agreement/approval
教育部 教育部 jiàoyūbù Education, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Education Department
the more...
超過 超过 chāoguò overpass, overreach, outwalk, outstrip, overstep, outmarch, distance, pass, overstride, outpace, overtop, surpass, crown, exceed, overtake, preponderate, overrun, top, outrun, go_over, transcend, outrange, transgress, go past, break, excess, overhaul, overshine
維持 维持 wéichí keep, preserve
家長 家长 jiāzhǎng masterman, housemaster, graybeard, patriarch, parent of schoolchildren, patriarchal, goodman, patriarchate, paterfamilias, the head of a family, genearch, patriarchy, householder, head of household, the parent or guadian of a child
結合 结合 jiéhé combine, unite, integrate, link, be joined in wedlock
校長 校长 xiàozhǎng prexy, head, principal, headteacher, schoolmaster, master, warden, president, beak, rector, superintendent, director, head teacher, preceptor, headmaster, chancellor, school principal
通常 通常 tōngcháng normal, commonly, customarily, more often than not, general, usual, on average, as a rule, ordinarily, mostly, as usual, typically, generally, normally, by and large, unremarkably, on the average, usually
缺乏 缺乏 quēfá be short of, lack
委員 委员 wěiyuán commissar, committee man, committee, committee member, commissioner, committeeman, delegate, board member, commissary
特色 特色 tèsè motif, a character, a characteristic, manner, trait, differentiation, flavor, colour, singularity, distinction, characteristic, hue, stripe, physiognomy, a distinguishing feature, idiom, specialty, character, difference, particular, distinguishing feature, distinguishing feature/quality, salience, coloration, distinguishing quality, specific, feature, peculiarity, artistic st
結果 结果 jiéguǒ finally
有時 有时 yǒushí now and then, at times, betweentimes, from time to time, sometimes
教師 教师 jiàoshī beak, don, school teacher, schoolman, teacher, schoolmaster, preceptor, professor, pedagogue, schoolteacher, coach, master, instructor, educator, preceptorship
之前 之前 zhīqián before, prior to, ago
yuǎn far, distant (lit./fig.)
控制 控制 kòngzhì control, dominate, command
běn m.[general]
否則 否则 fǒuzé conj.: otherwise, if not, or else
law, method, way, mode, standard, model, legalists, Legalist School, Buddhist doctrine, dharma, magic arts
shǎo lack, be deficient, lose, be missing
原則 原则 yuánzé god, rule, formula, regulation, principle, fundamental, axiom, basis, linguistic rule, faith, principium
yào demand, request
liǎn map, mug, kisser, puss, visage, snoot, frontispiece, pan, smiler, mazzard, mush, facial, countenance, phiz, figurehead, face, physiognomy, front, human face
通過 通过 tōngguò adopt, pass, carry (motion/legislation)
建議 建议 jiànyì propose, suggest, recommend
工具 工具 gōngjù stock-in-trade, instrumentality, instrument, ministry, hand_tool, escalator, creature, utensil, material, gear, pawn, lobster-joint, cat's-paw, kit, apparatus, tool, appurtenances, paraphernalia, means, wood, tackle, implement, medium, lever, outfit
作業 作业 zuòyè school assignment, work, task, operation, production
lead, attain, extend, amount to, ryke, express, attainment, inform, reach
節目 节目 jiémù item, item (on program), programme, act, telecast, number, program
智慧 智慧 zhìhuì lore, sapiency, sconce, wit, intelligence, gumption, savvy, wiseness, soundness, wisdom, grey_matter, sapience
來自 来自 láizì come from, originate from, come, stem/originate from, attach_to, stem, come/stem/originate from, hail
ér conj.: and
變化 变化 biànhuà change, transformation
同樣 同样 tóngyàng same, equal, similar
形式 形式 xíngshì circumstance, form, kind, modality, reading, interpretation, variety, shape, embodiment, species, mode, version, sort
zhàn to stand
以為 以为 yǐwéi imagine, think/believe/consider erroneously, treat, deem, believe, suspect, suppose, consider erroneously, repute, animadvert, esteem, trow, speak up, feel, count, believe/consider erroneously, calculate, view as, guess, ween, look, expect, think erroneously, think, hold, opine, interpret, sound off, take_for, consider, take for
健康 健康 jiànkāng healthy, sound
擔任 担任 dānrèn hold the post of, take charge of, assume, take_charge, fill, shoulder, adopt, skipper, assume the office of, assume office of, act_as, take, act as, play, undertake, take over, take on
人口 人口 rénkǒu population
規劃 规划 guīhuà program, plan
gāng exactly, only a short while ago, just now, barely, only just, just
特殊 特殊 tèshū exceptional, special, particular; peculiar, distinctive
原來 原来 yuánlái originally, formerly
dào say, speak, talk, think, suppose
fēn separate, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate
傳統 传统 chuántǒng rule, patrimony, legacy, custom, heritage, convention, conventionality, routine, normal practice, common practice, tradition
總是 总是 zǒngshì always
前往 前往 qiánwǎng depart, cruise, go_to, go, leave, go to, proceed to, pay, seek, leave for
投資 投资 tóuzī investment
加強 加强 jiāqiáng strengthen, augment, reinforce
不斷 不断 búduàn unceasingly, continuously
對象 对象 duìxiàng boy/girl friend, mate, fair game, boy friend, prey, boy, object, quarry, target, girl friend, catch, match
追求 追求 zhuīqiú seek, pursue, woo, court
加上 加上 jiāshàng conj.: in addition (to)
compare, contrast, emulate, draw analogy
思考 思考 sīkǎo ponder over, reflect on
製作 制作 zhìzuò make, manufacture
台北市 台北市 táiběishì capital of Republic of China on Taiwan
取得 取得 qǔdé gain, acquire, obtain
出來 出来 chūlái come forward, issue, come up, step up, step to the fore, out (toward one), come_out, pop out, come out, rise, come to the fore, step forward, emergence, come forth, emerge
加入 加入 jiārù join, accede to
tái short for Taiwan
安排 安排 ānpái arrange, plan, fix up, provide (meals/etc.)
兒童 儿童 értóng kid, nipper, enfant, tyke, youngster, small fry, minor, shaver, nestling, tike, child, chit, fry, children, infant, tiddler, small-fry
國中 国中 guózhōng middle school, junior high school
範圍 范围 fànwéi demesne, latitude, shot, compass, extensity, panorama, parameter, boundary, arena, stretch, territory, radius, spectrum, scope, extension, sphere, orbit, circumscription, limits, purview, grasp, extent, region, space, limit, hemisphere, horizon, envelope, bounds, realm, terrain, tether, sphere of influence, range, circuit, domain, precinct, reach, area, length, spread, bailiwick, ambit, con
老人 老人 lǎorén oldster, ancient, old woman, crock, one's aged parents or grandparents, old man/woman, one's aged parents/grandparents, Sir, old person, gaffer, pop, one's aged parents, the aged/old, old_man, senior_citizen, oldie, greybeard, old man, graybeard, old, grandparents, the old, the aged, senior citizen, old_boy, old boy, woman, old-timer, old man or woman, one's aged grandparents
雙方 双方 shuāngfāng both, the two parties, two parties, both sides
it (animal)
北京 北京 běijīng capital of Red China, Beijing, Peking, Beijing (Peking), Peiping
年輕 年轻 niánqīng junior, young
結束 结束 jiéshù end, close, conclude
jiāo teach
程式 程式 chéngshì formula, instruction, computer programme, pattern, form, modality, subprogram, routine, programme, course, function, subroutine, procedure, mode, order, sequence, computer program, program
婦女 妇女 fùnǔ feme, womankind, female, femininity, cummer, woman, femme, quean, bevy, matron, toots, womanhood, feminine, womenfolk, women
找到 找到 zhǎodào light upon, find, discover, run_down, founded, regain, strike, come upon, come across, run down, trace, turn_up, happen upon, get, chance on, chance upon
彼此 彼此 bǐcǐ each other, one another, I/me too
全球 全球 quánqiú global, whole world
成本 成本 chéngběn cost
回到 回到 huídào remount, retour, recur, turn back, regress, regain, revert, go_back, return to, return, go back to
而已 而已 éryǐ particle: imparting finality (that's all)
之下 之下 zhīxià under the condition of, under, beneath, below
děng wait
biàn change, transform
期間 期间 qíjiān length, period, time period, amount of time, duration, course, interim, period of time, time, standing, chapter, tract, space, term, streak, efflux
fēi not
小姐 小姐 xiǎojiě Signorina, Senorita, senorita, signorina, young_lady, damosel, Dona, mum, young lady, damoiselle, missy, tootsy, demoiselle, damsel, Miss, Fraulein, miss, sheila, sister, toots, senhorita, damozel, Ladyship, ladyship, Mademoiselle, mademoiselle
整體 整体 zhěngtǐ integrity, allness, entirety, integer, integral, monolith, entireness, ensemble, wholeness, entire, tout ensemble, whole, totality, unity
採用 采用 cǎiyòng invoke, admit, assume, adoptive, use, adopt, select for use, embrace, accept, employment, take, introduce, take up, take_on, take over, take on, borrow, employ, adoption
根本 根本 gēnběn at all, utterly
jiào to be called
歐洲 欧洲 ōuzhōu Europe
正在 正在 zhèngzài course of, be, be in process
加以 加以 jiāyǐ handle; treat (used before polysyllabic verbs or verbal nouns)
充滿 充满 chōngmǎn swarm, be brimming, inhabit, be brimming with, teem, crawl, fill, lard, pullulate with, brim, be permeated with, bathe, be filled with, permeated with, abound in, implement, exuberate, fill up, flow, abound, burst, perfuse, foam, bristle, crackle, inform, pervade, be imbued with, simmer, glut, teem in, permeate, congest, be full of, reek, charge, suffuse, pullulate, overfill, swell
系列 系列 xìliè succession, set, spectrum, course, train, series
隨著 随着 suízhe along with, in the wake of, in pace with
zǎo early, long ago, in advance, beforehand, prematurely
等等 等等 děngděng conj.: and so on, etc
pretty, quite an, very, quite, jolly, fearfully, quite a, molto, middling, considerably, greatly
不足 不足 bùzú not be enough, not be worth (doing sth.), cannot, should not
zǒng always, invariably, anyway, after all, inevitably, sooner or later
分析 分析 fēnxī analyze
shēn deepen, penetrating, profound, deep, dark
報告 报告 bàogào report, speech, (student) term paper
不錯 不错 búcuò not bad, pretty good;correct, right
在於 在于 zàiyū be at, on, lie, in, depend on, lie_in, rest with, lie in, be determined by, consist_in, consist in
páng side, by the side of, other
xiào smile, laugh
conj.: hence, so, therefore, as a result
消費者 消费者 xiāofèizhě customer, buyer, consumer
意識 意识 yìshì consciousness, witting, sensibility, conscious, conscience, ideology, awareness, subconscious, mentality
公尺 公尺 gōngchǐ m.[standard]
民族 民族 mínzú tribe, citizenry, ethnos, ethnic minority/group, race, nationality, group, Volk, nation, folk, people, ethnic group, ethnographer, family, ethnic minority
為主 为主 wéizhǔ give first place to
大眾 大众 dàzhòng the broad masses, roughscuff, the public, herd, concourse, commonality, riffraff, masses, commonness, the masses, throng, multitude, commonage, commonalty, plebeian, plebs, horde, the people/masses, community, the people, million, mass, public
到底 到底 dàodǐ to the end, at last, after all
yuàn will, wish, may, desire
大概 大概 dàgài chiefly, if not, perchance, approximately, believably, maybe, presumably, plausibly, almost, conceivably, most likely, assumedly, ablings, likely, perhaps, probably, supposedly, ablins, credibly, assumably, belike
對方 对方 duìfāng other party, the other party, fellow, party, other side, adversary, other side/party
官員 官员 guānyuán beg, official, mandarinate, administrative official, office-bearer, officer, bureaucrat, placeman, federal agent, government officials, agent, officialism, functionary, director, officeholder, officialdom, myrmidon
發表 发表 fābiǎo voice, enounce, enunciate, publish, free, sound, announce, pronounce, deliver, circulation, put_out, release, issue, vend, circularize, give, give_out, denote, present, circulate, publicize, blazon, promulgate, mouth
進一步 进一步 jìnyībù go step further
自由 自由 zìyóu free, unrestrained
正確 正确 zhèngquè correct, true, exact, proper, right
豐富 丰富 fēngfù rich, abundant, plentiful
國民黨 国民党 guómíndǎng Kuomintang, Nationalist Party, Kuomintang (KMT)
戰爭 战争 zhànzhēng war, warfare
怎麼樣 怎么样 zěnmeyàng How are things?
只好 只好 zhǐhǎo can only, have no choice but, have to, be forced to
明顯 明显 míngxiǎn clear, obvious
改革 改革 gǎigé reform
表達 表达 biǎodá express, convey, voice
肯定 肯定 kěndìng affirm, approve, regard as positive
qiáng strong, powerful, vigorous, better, slightly more than, plus
高興 高兴 gāoxìng glad, happy, cheerful, merry, pleased
det.: which
shù wood, Ruptiliocarpon caracolito, tree, arbor, Surname, caracolito
適合 适合 shìhé qualify, conform, fit, go, befit, quadrate, will, accord, tailor, beseem, serve, comport, gee, answer, become, fit_in, service, pertain, like, accommodate, agree, belong, characterize, make, suit, match
chá tea
bié don't
國外 国外 guówài overseas
關心 关心 guānxīn be concerned about
蘇聯 苏联 sūlián Russia, Soviet, USSR, Soviet Union
成績 成绩 chéngjī execution, carrying into action, achievement, result, showing, carrying out, performance, grade, success, doing, batting average
人物 人物 rénwù character, persona, original, spirit, figure painting, character in literature, figure, person in literature, person, fish, personage, personality
聽到 听到 tīngdào hear
創造 创造 chuàngzào create, produce, bring about
不必 不必 búbì need not, not have to
不論 不论 búlùn conj.: no matter how/who/what/etc.
shàng still, yet, fairly, rather
居民 居民 jūmín municipality, population, citizen, denizen, townie, people, dweller, populace, residenter, resident, towny, inhabitant, habitant, liver
不管 不管 bùguǎn conj.: no matter, regardless of
美麗 美丽 měilì beautiful
伊拉克 伊拉克 yīlākè Al-Iraq, Iraq, Irak
帶來 带来 dàilái bring, redound, impart, bring_on, bring on, express, fetch, lend, convey, contribute, bring about, bestow, carry, bring oneself, add, usher, incur, land
yǒu there is/are
bān way, kind, variety, sort
永遠 永远 yǒngyuǎn e'er, always, for_good, evermore, ever, forever
感情 感情 gǎnqíng warmheartedness, reticence, sensation, affection, susceptibility, feeling, feelings, heart, affective, withers, expression, tenderness, emotion, sentiment, fondness, soul, affectionateness, soulfulness, passion
兒子 儿子 érzi son, male offspring, boy
這樣子 这样子 zhèyàngzi so, such, like this, this way
全部 全部 quánbù lot, aggregate, all, gross, entirety, allness, shebang, caboodle, complete, bunch, sum, total, gamut, entire, det.: all, totality, whole, everything