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l {letter} :: letter
l {letter} [humorous, possibly, offensive] :: Sometimes, the consonant r is changed to l when depicting stereotypical speech of a Chinese person
L {letter} :: letter
la {pron} /lɐ/ :: alternative form of a
{adv} /ˈla/ :: there (in that place, far from both the speaker and the audience)
{adv} :: used with an adverb phrase to indicate that something is far
{adv} :: [colloquial, in negative phrases] that; particularly (to a significant extent)
{adv} :: [colloquial, in interrogative phrases] even (expresses intensified disagreement with a previous sentence)
{m} :: [music] la (sixth note of a major scale, in solfège)
{interj} :: meaningless syllable used in joyful singing
{adv} :: obsolete spelling of
{adv} :: obsolete spelling of
{f} /ˈlɐ̃/ :: wool
Laayoune {prop} {f} :: Laayoune (city)
labaça {f} :: dock (any of the weedy herbs in the genus Rumex)
labareda {f} :: blaze
lábaro {m} :: labarum
lábaro {m} :: flag
lábdano {m} :: alternative form of ládano
labéu {m} :: stain on someone's reputation, dishonour
lábia {f} /ˈla.βjɐ/ :: craftiness
lábia {f} :: ruse
labiada {n} :: specimen of the Lamiaceae family of plants
labiado {adj} :: having the shape of lips; liplike
labialização {f} [phonetics] :: labialisation (rounding of the lips during pronunciation)
lábio {m} /ˈla.βi.u/ :: lip (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth)
lábio {m} :: labium (liplike structure; especially one of the two pairs of folds of skin either side of the vulva)
lábio {m} :: labium (lip of a labiate corolla)
lábio leporino {m} [teratology] :: harelip (congenital malformation of the upper lip)
lábios maiores {mp} [anatomy] :: labia majora (outer folds of vulva)
lábios menores {mp} [anatomy] :: labia minora (inner folds of skin within the cleft of the labia majora)
labiríntico {adj} :: labyrinthine (physically resembling a labyrinth)
labiríntico {adj} :: labyrinthine; convoluted (intricate and complicated)
labirintite {f} [pathology] :: labyrinthitis (inflammation of the labyrinth of the inner ear)
labirinto {m} :: labyrinth, maze
laboral {adj} /ˌˈɾaw/ :: Of or pertaining to labor
laboratorial {adj} :: laboratory (attributive)
laboratório {m} /lɐ.βu.ɾɐ.ˈtɔ.ɾju/ :: laboratory (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)
laborioso {adj} :: laborious; toilsome (requiring much physical effort)
laborioso {adj} :: laborious; industrious (hard-working and persistent)
labrador {m} :: Labrador (dog breed)
Labrador {prop} {m} /ˌla.bɾa.ˈdoʁ/ :: Labrador (traditional region)
Labrador {m} :: alternative case form of labrador
labro {m} [anatomy or poetic] :: upper lip
labro {m} [entomology] :: labrum (the uppermost of the mouthparts of insects)
labuta {f} :: toil, drudgery
labutando {v} :: gerund of labutar
labutar {v} :: to toil, labour
labutar {v} :: to plod
laca {f} :: lake (red colouring agent)
laca {f} :: lac (resinous substance produced by insects)
lacaio {m} :: lackey, minion, servant
laçando {v} :: gerund of laçar
laçar {v} /lɐ.ˈsaɾ/ :: to lasso (to capture with a lasso)
laçar {v} :: to lace; to lace up (to fasten something with laces)
laçar {v} :: to enlace (to bind or encircle with a laces)
lãçar {v} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of lançar
lã cardada {f} :: worsted (fine smooth wool fabric)
lacassá {num} [India] :: lakh (one hundred thousand)
lacedemónio {adj} [European orthography] :: Lacedaemonian (of, from or pertaining to Lacedaemonia)
lacedemónio {m} [European orthography] :: Lacedaemonian (inhabitant of Lacedaemonia)
lacedemônio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lacedemónio
lacedemônio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lacedemónio
laceração {f} :: laceration
Lacerdópolis {prop} :: Lacerdópolis (placename)
lacinho {m} /la.ˈsi.ɲu/ :: diminutive of laço
Lácio {prop} {m} /ˈla.sju/ :: Lácio (region)
laço {m} /ˈ :: any type of tie that is easily undone
laço {m} :: lasso (long rope with a sliding loop on one end)
laço {m} :: lace; shoelace
laço {m} [figurative, usually plural] :: bond; tie (strong connection between people)
Laconia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Lacónia
Lacónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] /la.ˈɐ/ :: Lacónia (region)
Lacônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Lacónia
lacónico {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of lacônico
lacônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] /la.ˈ :: laconic (using as few words as possible)
lacração {f} [Brazil, neologism, often pejorative] /la.kɾa.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: excessive political correctness and progressive militancy
lacraia {f} :: centipede (segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda), especially one that is venomous
lacrar {v} :: to seal
lacrar {v} [Brazil, neologism] :: to do something very well so that one gets popular attention
lacrar {v} [neologism, pejorative] :: to act or say something in the context of political correctness and militancy
lacrau {m} /lɐ.ˈkɾaw/ :: scorpion
lacre {m} :: seal (wax or resin used to seal letters)
lacre {m} :: seal (object which will be visibly damaged when covering or container is opened)
lacrimal {adj} /la.kɾi.ˈmaw/ :: lachrymal (relating to tears)
lacrimal {adj} :: which produces tears
lacrimal {m} [skeleton] :: lacrimal bone
lacrimejando {v} :: gerund of lacrimejar
lacrimejante {adj} [of eyes] :: tearful
lacrimejar {v} :: to weep
lacrimoso {adj} :: lachrymose; tearful (having tears on one’s eyes; about to cry)
lacrimoso {adj} :: lachrymose (causing tears, or emotional distress)
lacrosse {m} [sports] :: lacrosse
lactação {f} :: lactation, breastfeeding
lactama {f} [organic compound] :: lactam (nitrogen analogue of lactones)
lactase {f} [enzyme, organic compound] :: lactase (a β-galactosidase enzyme)
lácteo {adj} /ˈlaktju/ :: dairy (relating to milk-based products or processes)
lácteo {adj} :: milky (resembling milk)
lácteo {adj} :: lactic, milk (attributive) (of, or relating to milk)
lacticínio {m} :: obsolete spelling of laticínio
láctico {adj} :: lactic (of, relating to, or derived from milk)
lactodensímetro {m} :: lactometer
lactómetro {m} :: lactometer
lactose {f} [carbohydrate] :: lactose (disaccharide sugar of milk)
lacuna {f} :: hiatus (gap in a series)
lacuna {f} :: blank (space to be filled in)
Lada {m} :: Lada (a Russian car model)
ladainha {f} [religion] /lɐ.ðɐ.ˈi.ɲɐ/ :: litany (prayers recited by a leader alternated with responses from the congregation)
ladainha {f} :: litany (prolonged or tedious account)
Ladainha {prop} :: Ladainha (placename)
ládano {m} :: labdanum (resin extracted from rockrose)
lã de aço {f} :: steel wool (pads of fine strips of steel used as an abrasive)
ladear {v} :: to flank (to be located by the side(s) of something)
ladeira {f} /lɐ.ˈðɐj.ɾɐ/ :: slope (area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward)
lã de vidro {f} :: glass wool (insulating material made from fibreglass)
ladino {adj} :: wily; sly; cunning
ladino {m} :: Ladin (Romance language spoken in northeastern Italy)
ladino {m} :: Ladino (Romance language spoken by Sephardi Jews)
Ladislau {prop} {m} :: given name
lado {m} /ˈla.ðu/ :: side
lado a lado {adv} :: side by side (beside or alongside one another)
lado a lado {adv} :: side by side (with a common purpose)
lado de fora {m} :: outside
Ládoga {prop} {m} /ˈɡɐ/ :: Ládoga (lake)
ladra {f} :: feminine noun of ladrão
ladra {f} :: feminine noun of ladro
ladram {m} /ˈla.dɾɐ̃w̃/ :: obsolete spelling of ladrão
ladraõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of ladrão
ladrão {m} /lɐ.ˈðɾɐ̃w̃/ :: thief
ladrão {interj} [games, sports] :: man on!
ladrãozeco {m} [dismissive] /ˌla.dɾɐ̃w̃.ˈzɛ.ku/ :: diminutive of ladrão
ladrar {v} [of dogs] /lɐ.ˈðɾaɾ/ :: to bark
ladrilhar {v} :: to tile (to cover with tiles)
ladrilho {m} :: tile
ladrilho {m} :: brick
ladroens {n} :: obsolete spelling of ladrões
ladroẽs {n} :: obsolete spelling of ladrões
Laepus {prop} {m} :: a god of the ancient Lusitanians
Lafaiete Coutinho {prop} :: Lafaiete Coutinho (placename)
Lagamar {prop} :: Lagamar (placename)
lagar {m} /lɐ.ˈɣaɾ/ :: a vat in which olives and grapes are pressed
lagarta {f} /lɐ.ˈɣaɾ.tɐ/ :: caterpillar
lagarta-do-cartucho {f} :: armyworm (the larva of any of the Spodoptera genus of noctuid moth)
lagartear {vi} /la.ɡaʁ.ˈt͡ʃja(ʁ)/ :: to bask (to sprawl and rest in a sunny spot)
lagartear {vi} :: to crack in a zigzag pattern
lagartixa {f} /lɐ.ɣɐɾ.ˈti.ʃɐ/ :: a small lizard
lagartixa {f} :: wall lizard
lagartixa {f} [chiefly Brazil] :: gecko
lagarto {m} /lɐ.ˈɣaɾ.tu/ :: lizard (any reptile of the order Squamata other than snakes)
lagarto monitor {m} :: alternative spelling of lagarto-monitor
lagarto-monitor {m} :: monitor lizard (lizard of the genus Varanus)
Lages {prop} :: Lages (placename)
lago {m} /ˈla.ɣu/ :: lake
lagoa {f} /lɐˈɣoɐ/ :: a small lake
Lagoa {prop} {f} /lɐˈɣoɐ/ :: Lagoa (city/and/municipality)
Lagoa {prop} {f} :: Lagoa (city/and/municipality)
lagôa {f} :: superseded spelling of lagoa
Lagoa Bonita do Sul {prop} :: Lagoa Bonita do Sul (placename)
Lagoa da Prata {prop} :: Lagoa da Prata (placename)
Lagoa das Sete Cidades {prop} {f} :: Sete Cidades (a lake in the Azores)
Lagoa dos Patos {prop} :: Lagoa dos Patos (placename)
Lagoa dos Três Cantos {prop} :: Lagoa dos Três Cantos (placename)
Lagoa Dourada {prop} :: Lagoa Dourada (placename)
Lagoa Formosa {prop} :: Lagoa Formosa (placename)
Lagoa Grande {prop} :: Lagoa Grande (placename)
Lagoão {prop} :: Lagoão (placename)
Lagoa Real {prop} :: Lagoa Real (placename)
Lagoa Santa {prop} :: Lagoa Santa (placename)
Lagoa Vermelha {prop} :: Lagoa Vermelha (placename)
Lago de Genebra {prop} {m} :: Lago de Genebra (lake)
Lagoinha {prop} :: Lagoinha (placename)
Lago Ness {prop} {m} :: Lago Ness (lake)
lagopo {m} :: ptarmigan (a small grouse, Lagopus)
lagópode {m} :: ptarmigan (a small grouse, Lagopus)
Lagos {prop} /ˈlaɣuʃ/ :: Lagos (city/and/municipality)
Lagos {prop} :: Lagos (city)
lagosta {f} :: lobster
lagostim {m} :: crayfish (freshwater crustacean resembling lobster)
Lago Superior {prop} {m} :: Lago Superior (lake)
Lago Tanganica {prop} {m} :: Lago Tanganica (lake)
lagrima {f} :: obsolete spelling of lágrima
lágrima {f} /ˈla.ɣɾi.mɐ/ :: tear, teardrop
lágrima de apache {f} :: Apache tear (rounded nodule of obsidian)
lágrimas de crocodilo {fp} [idiomatic] :: crocodile tears (display of tears that is forced or false)
lagryma {f} :: obsolete spelling of lágrima
lágryma {f} :: obsolete spelling of lágrima
laguna {f} :: lagoon (shallow body of water separated from the sea by a bar)
Laguna {prop} :: Laguna (placename)
lahar {m} [geology] :: lahar (volcanic mudflow)
Lahore {prop} {f} /la.ˈhɔ.ɾi/ :: Lahore (city)
laia {f} :: ilk, variety, race
laico {m} /ˈlaj.ku/ :: layman (someone who is not an ordained cleric)
laico {adj} :: lay (not belonging to the clergy, but associated with them)
laico {adj} :: non-religious (having no relation with religion)
laico {adj} :: secular (not bound by the vows of a monastic order)
lais de guia {m} [nautical] :: bowline (type of knot)
laissez-faire {m} [economics] :: laissez faire (a policy of governmental non-interference in economic affairs)
laivo {m} :: stain
laivo {m} [colloquial, in the plural] :: smattering (superficial or shallow knowledge of a subject)
laja {f} :: alternative form of laje
laje {f} :: flagstone (rectangular paving or roofing stone)
laje {f} [Brazil] :: a flat concrete roof
Laje {prop} :: Laje (placename)
lájea {f} :: alternative form of laje
lajeado {adj} [construction] :: paved with flagstones
lajeado {m} [construction] :: a surface paved with flagstones
lajeado {m} [hydrology] :: a rocky riverbed
Lajeado {prop} :: Lajeado (placename)
Lajeado do Bugre {prop} :: Lajeado do Bugre (placename)
Lajeado Grande {prop} :: Lajeado Grande (placename)
lajear {vt} [construction] :: to pave with flagstones
Lajedão {prop} :: Lajedão (placename)
Lajedinho {prop} :: Lajedinho (placename)
Lajedo do Tabocal {prop} :: Lajedo do Tabocal (placename)
Laje do Muriaé {prop} :: Laje do Muriaé (placename)
lajem {f} :: alternative form of laje
Lajes das Flores {prop} /ˈlaʒɨʒ ðu ˈpiku/ :: Lajes das Flores (village/and/municipality)
Lajes do Pico {prop} /ˈlaʒɨʒ ðɐʃ ˈfloɾɨʃ/ :: Lajes do Pico (village/and/municipality)
Lajinha {prop} :: Lajinha (placename)
Lakshmi {prop} {f} [Hindu god] :: Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth)
lama {f} /ˈlɐ.mɐ/ :: mud (soil and water)
lama {m} :: lama (master of Tibetan Buddhism)
lama {mf} :: alternative form of lhama
lamaçal {m} :: slough (muddy or marshy area)
lama de neve {f} :: slush (half-melted snow)
Lamarão {prop} :: Lamarão (placename)
lamarckismo {m} [biology] :: Lamarckism (theory that structural variations in creatures are produced by the direct influence of physical environments)
lambada {f} :: lambada
Lambari {prop} :: Lambari (placename)
lambda {m} :: lambda (name of the Greek letter Λ, λ)
lambe-botas {mf} :: bootlicker (person who behaves in a servile or obsequious manner)
lamber {v} :: to lick
lambida {f} /lɐ̃.ˈbi.dɐ/ :: an instance of licking
lambreta {f} :: motor scooter (small motorcycle or moped with a step-through frame)
lambuçar {v} :: alternative form of lambuzar
lambugem {f} :: gluttony
lambugem {f} :: leftovers (of food on a plate)
lambuja {f} :: handicap (advantage given to opponent)
lambujar {v} :: to nibble, to eat sweets (on the sly)
lambujem {f} :: alternative spelling of lambugem
lambuzar {vt} :: to smear sticky or greasy food or substance
lamecha {adj} :: alternative form of lamechas
lamecha {m} :: alternative form of lamechas
lamechas {adj} :: overly sentimental
Lamego {prop} {f} /lɐˈmeɣu/ :: Lamego (city/and/municipality)
lamen {m} :: alternative form of ramen
lámen {m} :: instant noodles
lamentação {f} :: lamentation (expression of grief, suffering, or sadness)
lamentar {v} :: to lament
lamentável {adj} :: lamentable; pitiful
lamento {m} /lɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: wailing, moaning, weeping
lamento {m} :: lamentation, lament
lamento {m} :: complaint
lâmia {f} [Greek mythology] :: lamia (monster with the body of a woman and the body of a serpent below the waist)
Lamim {prop} :: Lamim (placename)
lâmina {f} /ˈlɐ.mi.nɐ/ :: blade
lâmina {f} [mycology] :: gill (any of the folds on the underside of a mushroom’s cap)
laminação {f} :: lamination
lâmina de barbear {f} :: razor blade (blade used for shaving)
laminar {v} :: to laminate
lamiré {m} [music] :: tuning fork
lamiré {m} [figurative] :: starting signal
lâmpada {f} /ˈlɐ̃.pɐ.ðɐ/ :: lightbulb
lâmpada {f} :: light (source of illumination)
lâmpada {f} :: spotlight (bright lamp)
lâmpada de Argand {f} :: Argand lamp (a lamp with a circular hollow wick and glass chimney)
lâmpada de mercúrio {f} :: mercury-vapour lamp (lamp in which the arc discharge takes place in mercury vapour)
lâmpada de vapor de mercúrio {f} :: mercury-vapour lamp (lamp in which the arc discharge takes place in mercury vapour)
lamparina {f} /lɐ̃.pɐ.ˈɾi.nɐ/ :: small oil lamp
lampejar {vi} :: to flash (to shine briefly)
lampejo {m} /lɐ̃.ˈpe.ʒu/ :: flicker (an unsteady flash of light)
lampejo {m} :: spark (small particle of glowing matter)
lampêjo {m} :: obsolete spelling of lampejo
lampião {m} /lɐ̃.pi.ˈɐ̃w̃/ :: street lamp
lampião {m} :: lamp (hand-held)
lampião {m} :: lantern
lampreia {f} :: lamprey (eel-like fish with no jaw)
lamúria {f} /la.ˈmu.ɾja/ :: lamentation, whine
lamúria {f} :: monotonous, tiresome, droning speech, often to obtain something
lamuriar {v} :: to whine; to bemoan; to lament
LAN {f} [networking] /ˈlɐ̃/ :: LAN (local area network)
lança {f} /ˈlɐ̃.sɐ/ :: lance, spear (long stick with a sharp tip)
lança {m} [Brazil, slang] :: clipping of lança-perfume
lança-chamas {m} :: flamethrower
lançadeira {f} :: shuttle (part of a loom)
lançador {m} :: launcher (someone or something that launches, throws)
lança-granadas {m} :: grenade launcher (weapon that shoots grenades)
lança-granadas-foguete {m} :: rocket propelled grenade (weapon)
lançamento {m} /ˌlɐ̃.sa.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: launch; release (the act of launching: presenting something for the first time)
lançamento {m} :: a product presented for the first time
lançamento {m} :: launch; hurl (the act of launching: throwing something with great force)
lançamento {m} :: [nautical] launch (the act of launching: releasing a watercraft into the water)
lançamento {m} :: [astronautics] launch (the act of launching: flying a rocket out of the ground)
lançando {v} /lɐ̃ˈsɐ̃du/ :: gerund of lançar
lança-perfume {m} :: an aromatic spray often taken as a recreational drug, popular in Brazil
lançar {v} /lɐ̃.ˈsaɾ/ :: to launch
lançar {v} :: to throw or shoot (with force)
lançar luz {v} :: See: lançar luz
lançar luz {v} [sobre, em, .idiomatic] :: to shed light on (to cause to become clearer or better-known)
lançar mão {v} [de] :: to embrace, to adopt
Lancastre {prop} {mp} :: Lancaster (an English royal dynasty)
lance {m} :: throw (act of throwing something)
lance {m} :: bid (offer at an auction)
lance {m} [sports] :: a series of actions carried out during a game
lance {m} [colloquial] :: thing (only used for non-physical things)
lance {m} :: flight (series of stairs between landings)
lancear {v} :: to spear (to pierce with a spear)
lanceiro {m} [military unit] :: spearman (soldier armed with a spear)
lanceta {f} :: lancet (pointed, two-edged surgical instrument)
lancha {f} [watercraft] /ˈlɐ̃.ʃɐ/ :: any small and fast boat
lancha {f} [watercraft] :: motorboat
lanchando {v} :: gerund of lanchar
lanchar {v} /lɐ̃ˈʃa(ɹ)/ :: to have a snack (food eaten between meals)
lanche {m} /ˈlɐ̃.ʃɨ/ :: afternoon tea, high tea
lanche {m} :: snack
lancheira {f} :: lunchbox (container for transporting meals)
lanchonete {f} [Brazil] :: a small eatery for quick snacks
lancil {m} :: curb, kerb; kerbstone
lande {f} [Portugal] :: a cork oak acorn
lande {f} :: alternative form of landa
landegrave {m} [rare, historical] :: landgrave (nobiliary title ranking used in the Holy Roman Empire)
-lândia {suffix} :: -land (forms the names of regions and cities)
langbeinita {f} [mineral] :: langbeinite
langobardo {m} :: Lombard (member of a Germanic people)
lânguido {adj} /ˈlɐ̃.ɡi.du/ :: languid; listless (lacking enthusiasm, energy or strength)
lanhar {v} :: to open slashes in [something] by hitting it with a cutting tool, such as for curing it
lanhar {v} [by extension] :: to whip
lan house {f} [Brazil] /ˌlɐ̃ ˈhawz/ :: an establishment providing access to computers, usually with Internet connection and videogames
Lan house {f} :: alternative spelling of lan house
LAN house {f} :: alternative spelling of lan house
lanolina {f} :: lanolin (greasy yellow substance secreted by woolly animals)
lanoso {adj} :: woolly (made of wool)
lanoso {adj} :: woolly (having much wool)
lanoso {adj} :: woolly (similar to wool in appearance or texture)
lansquené {m} :: alternative form of lansquenete
lansquenete {m} [military unit, historical] :: lansquenet (one of a class of German mercenary of the 16th and 17th centuries)
lantâneo {m} :: lanthanide
lantanídeo {m} :: lanthanide
lantanídio {m} [chemistry] :: lanthanide
lantânio {m} /lɐ̃.ˈtɐ.ni.o/ :: lanthanum (metallic element)
lantejoila {f} :: alternative form of lantejoula
lantejoula {f} :: sequin (sparkling spangle used for decoration)
lanterna {f} /lɐ̃.ˈtɛɾ.nɐ/ :: flashlight (battery-powered hand-held lightsource)
lanterna {f} :: lantern (case of transparent material made to protect a flame, or light)
lanterna {f} :: headlight (light in front of a vehicle)
lanterna {f} :: lamp of a lighthouse
lanterna {f} [architecture] :: roof lantern (type of cupola)
lanterna {f} [Brazil, slang] :: the last place in a competition
lanterna {mf} [Brazil, slang] :: the contestant in the last place of a competition
lanterna de Aristóteles {f} [zoology] :: Aristotle's lantern (jaws of sea urchins)
lanternim {m} :: diminutive of lanterna
lanternim {m} :: louver (turret for ventilation and light on mediaeval buildings)
lanterninha {mf} [Brazil] /ˌlɐ̃.tɛɾ.ˈni.ɲɐ/ :: usher (a person who shows people to their seats, especially in cinemas or theatres)
lanterninha {f} :: diminutive of lanterna
laociano {adj} :: alternative form of laosiano
laociano {m} :: alternative form of laosiano
Laocoonte {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Laocoön (a Trojan priest)
Laocoonte {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Laocoön (one of the argonauts)
Laore {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Lahore
Laos {prop} {m} /ˈlaws/ :: Laos (country)
laosiano {adj} :: Lao; Laotian (of, from or pertaining to Laos and its people)
laosiano {adj} :: Lao; Laotian (in or relating to the Laotian language)
laosiano {m} :: Lao; Laotian (person from Laos)
laosiano {m} :: Lao; Laotian (national language of Laos)
Lao Zi {prop} {m} :: Laozi (influential Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism)
lapa {f} /ˈla.pɐ/ :: grotto; cave, especially one used as shelter
lapa {f} :: limpet (a small mollusc)
lapada {f} [Beira, Trás-os-Montes] :: a strike with a stone
lapão {m} :: Saami; Sami; Lapp (member of nomadic people of Lapland)
lapão {m} [uncountable] :: Saami; Sami; Lapp (group of Finno-Ugric languages spoken by the Saami)
lapão {adj} :: of or relating to the Saami people
Lapão {prop} :: Lapão (placename)
laparoscópico {adj} :: laparoscopic (relating to laparoscopy)
La Paz {prop} {f} :: La Paz (capital city)
lapela {f} :: lapel (each of the two triangular pieces of cloth on a suit)
lã penteada {f} :: worsted (fine smooth wool fabric)
lápida {f} :: alternative form of lápide
lapidação {f} :: cut (of a gemstone)
lapidação {f} :: lapidation
lapidando {v} :: gerund of lapidar
lapidar {v} :: to cut (a gemstone)
lapidar {v} :: to stone, lapidate
lápide {f} /ˈla.pi.d͡ʒi/ :: tombstone (stone on grave)
lápis {m} /ˈla.piʃ/ :: pencil
lápis azul {m} :: See: lápis azul
lápis azul {m} [Portugal, idiomatic, figurative] :: censorship
lapiseira {f} :: mechanical pencil (pencil that uses a mechanism to dispense refillable lead)
lapiseira {f} :: pencil case
lápis estríptico {m} [medicine] :: styptic pencil (short medicated stick used to stop bleeding)
lápis hemostático {m} [medicine] :: styptic pencil (short medicated stick used to stop bleeding)
lápis-lazúli {m} [mineralogy] :: lapis lazuli (precious blue stone)
Lapónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Lapónia (traditional region)
Lapônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Lapónia
lapónio {m} [European orthography] :: Saami; Sami; Lapp (member of nomadic people of Lapland)
lapónio {m} [European orthography, uncountable] :: Saami; Sami; Lapp (group of Finno-Ugric languages spoken by the Saami)
lapónio {adj} [European orthography] :: Saami; Sami; Lapp (of or relating to the Saami people)
lapônio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lapónio
lapônio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lapónio
lapso {m} :: lapse (a temporary failure; a slip)
laptop {m} [computing] /ˌlɛp.ˈtɔp/ :: laptop computer (class of portable computers)
laque {num} [India] :: lakh (one hundred thousand)
laquê {m} /la.ˈke/ :: hairspray
Láquesis {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Lachesis (one of the Fates)
lar {m} [affectionate] /ˈlaɾ/ :: home (place or building where one dwells)
Lara {prop} {f} /ˈla.ɾɐ/ :: given name
laracha {f} [colloquial] :: joke
laranja {adj} /lɐˈɾɐ̃ʒɐ/ :: orange (having orange as its color)
laranja {f} :: orange (fruit)
laranja {f} :: orange (color)
laranja amarga {f} :: bitter orange (fruit of the bitter orange tree)
laranja amarga {f} :: See: laranja amarga
laranja azeda {f} :: bitter orange (fruit of the bitter orange tree)
laranja azeda {f} :: See: laranja amarga
laranja-cravo {f} [regional, Northeast Brazil] :: mandarin orange
laranjada {f} :: orangeade (orange juice)
laranja-da-china {f} :: blood orange (Citrus sinensis, a type of orange)
laranja da China {f} :: alternative spelling of laranja-da-china
laranja-da-terra {f} :: bitter orange (fruit of the bitter orange tree)
Laranjal {prop} :: Laranjal (placename)
Laranjal Paulista {prop} :: Laranjal Paulista (placename)
laranja-mimosa {f} [regional, Center-West and Southeast Brazil] :: mandarin orange
laranjeira {f} /ˌla.ɾɐ̃.ˈʒe(j).ɾa/ :: orange tree
laranjeira-amarga {f} :: bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium, a citrus tree)
laranjeira-azeda {f} :: bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium, a citrus tree)
laranjeira-da-terra {f} :: bitter orange (Citrus × aurantium, a citrus tree)
lar, doce lar {phrase} :: home sweet home (an exhortation of one’s home)
lareira {f} /lɐˈɾɐjɾɐ/ :: fireplace
largada {f} :: start of a race
largadinha {f} [volleyball] :: off-speed hit
largamente {adv} /laɾ.ɣɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: widely (by a large distance)
largamente {adv} :: widely (to a great degree)
largando {v} :: gerund of largar
largar {vt} /lɐɾ.ˈɣaɾ/ :: to drop, shed
largar {vt} :: to abandon, leave
largar {vt} [colloquial] :: to give up (stop or quit an activity etc.)
largar {vi} :: to leave
largar de mão {v} [idiomatic] :: To throw up one's hands
largar mão {v} [idiomatic] :: to give up; to quit
largo {m} /ˈlaɾ.ɡu/ :: square (open space in a town)
largo {m} [nautical] :: high seas (parts of the ocean surface that are far from shore)
largo {adj} :: wide; broad (having a large width)
largo {adj} :: ample; spacious
largo {adj} [of clothes] :: loose (not fitting tightly)
largo {m} [music] :: largo (a very slow tempo)
largo {m} [music] :: largo (a musical piece or movement in such a tempo)
largueza {f} :: largess; generosity
largura {f} /lɐɾ.ˈɣu.ɾɐ/ :: width (measurement of something from side to side)
largura de banda {f} :: bandwidth (width of a frequency band)
larica {f} [colloquial] :: munchies (craving for food as a result of use of cannabis)
larica {f} [botany] :: darnel
larice {m} :: alternative form of lariço
lariço {m} :: larch
laringal {adj} [phonetics] :: laryngeal (uttered by using the larynx)
laringal {f} [phonetics] :: laryngeal (laryngeal sound)
laringe {f} :: larynx
laringeal {adj} :: laryngeal (relating to the larynx)
laringeal {f} [Indo-European linguistics] :: laryngeal (certain reconstructed Proto-Indo-European phonemes)
laríngeo {adj} :: laryngeal (relating to the larynx)
laringite {f} /ˌla.ɾĩ.ˈʒi.te/ :: laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx)
laringologia {f} :: laryngology (branch of physiology that deals with the larynx)
laringológico {adj} [medicine] :: laryngological (of or pertaining to laryngology)
laringologista {mf} :: laryngologist (a person who studies or specialises in laryngology)
La Rioja {prop} {f} :: La Rioja (autonomous community)
Larissa {prop} {f} :: given name
Larissa {prop} {f} :: Larissa (city/regional capital)
larva {f} :: larva (early growth stage of some insects and amphibians)
laryngite {f} :: obsolete spelling of laringite
las {pron} /lɐʃ/ :: alternative form of a
lasanha {f} :: lasagna
lasca {f} /ˈlas.kɐ/ :: chip; splinter (small piece removed from the surface of something)
lascando {v} :: gerund of lascar
lascar {v} :: to chip
lascívia {f} :: lust, lasciviousness
lascivo {adj} :: lewd, lascivious
lá se foi {phrase} :: there goes (used to comment on the permanent loss of something)
laser {m} :: laser (device that produces a monochromatic, coherent beam of light)
lá se vai {phrase} :: there goes (used to comment on the permanent loss of something)
lasqueira {interj} :: damn! (expresses anger, irritation or disappointment)
Lassa {prop} {f} :: Lassa (city/regional capital)
Lassance {prop} :: Lassance (placename)
lassar {v} /la.ˈsa(ɹ)/ :: to loosen (to make something less tight)
lassi {m} :: lassi (beverage made with yoghurt)
lassidão {f} :: lassitude, tiredness, fatigue
lasso {adj} /ˈ :: weary; very tired; exhausted
lasso {adj} [of a person] :: degenerate; dissolute (unrestrained by morality)
lasso {adj} :: lax; loose (not tight)
lasso {adj} :: worn out (damaged and useless due to hard or continued use)
lastar {v} [obsolete] :: to pay a debt
lastar {v} [obsolete] :: to be the victim of a harmful action
lastimando {v} :: gerund of lastimar
lastimar {v} :: to regret
lastimar {v} :: to mourn
lastimar {v} :: to injure
lastimável {adj} :: regrettable
lastimável {adj} :: lamentable
lastro {m} [nautical] :: ballast
lastro {m} :: coverage
Las Vegas {prop} {f} :: Las Vegas (city)
lata {f} /ˈlatɐ/ :: can, tin [UK, Australia]
lata {f} :: tin, tin-plate (material)
lata {f} [colloquial] :: cheek, nerve
lata de sardinha {f} [idiom] :: An extremely crowded, tight place or vehicle (a bus, a train, etc.), to the extent that the people are unable to move
latagão {m} :: A tall, vigorous man
Latakia {prop} {f} :: Latakia (city)
latão {m} /lɐ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: augmentative of lata
latão {m} :: brass (alloy of copper and zinc)
Lataquia {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Latakia
Latáquia {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Latakia
lataria {f} :: bodywork
lata-velha {f} [slang] :: hooptie (old, worn-out car)
látego {m} :: whip, especially one consisting of a rope and a thong
latejamento {m} :: throb (strong beat or palpitation)
latejar {vi} :: to throb (to pound or beat rapidly or violently)
latejo {m} :: throb (strong beat or palpitation)
latêjo {m} :: obsolete spelling of latejo
latência {f} :: latency; delay (time between the start of a process and its conclusion)
latência {f} [electronics] :: latency (delay due to the transmission and processing of signals)
latência {f} [medicine] :: latency (delay between a stimulus and the response in an organism)
latente {adj} :: latent (existing or present but concealed or inactive)
lateral {adj} :: lateral (of, pertaining to or located in the side)
lateral {adj} :: of lesser importance
lateral {f} [sports] :: sideline (line defining the side boundary of a playing field)
lateral {f} [sports] :: throw-in (set-piece where the ball is thrown back into play)
lateral {f} [phonetics] :: lateral (sound in which the airstream proceeds along the sides of the tongue)
lateral {mf} [sports] :: winger (offensive player who plays on either side of the centre)
látex {m} :: latex (milky sap used to make rubber)
laticínio {m} :: dairy product
lático {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of láctico
latido {m} :: bark (dog’s short, explosive utterance)
latifundiário {adj} :: latifundial (related to a latifundium)
latifundiário {m} :: owner of a latifundium
latifundio {m} :: large estate, large land property
latim {m} [uncountable] /lɐ.ˈtĩ/ :: Latin (language of the ancient Romans)
latim {m} :: any of the several phases of Latin (such as Medieval Latin, Vulgar Latin and Old Latin)
latim clássico {m} :: Classical Latin (Latin language as spoken and written formally by the Ancient Romans)
latim eclesiástico {m} :: Ecclesiastical Latin (the Latin language as used by the church)
latim medieval {m} :: Medieval Latin (formal Latin used during the Middle Ages)
latim vulgar {m} :: Vulgar Latin
latinar {vi} :: to speak Latin, to understand Latin
latinar {vt} :: to write in Latin
latinar {vt} :: to translate from Latin
latinha {f} :: diminutive of lata
latinização {f} [historical] :: Latinization (adoption of Roman culture)
latinização {f} [linguistics] :: Latinization (adoption of the Latin language)
latinizar {vt} :: to romanize, to Latinize, to transliterate into Latin script
latinizar {vt} :: to Latinize, to translate into Latin language
latino-americano {m} :: Latin American (person from Latin America)
latino-americano {adj} :: Latin American (of/from Latin America)
latino-falisco {m} :: Latino-Faliscan (branch of the Italic language family)
latir {v} [of dogs] :: to bark
latir {v} [by extension] :: to shout
latir {v} [rare] :: to beat, throb
latitude {f} [geography, astronomy] :: latitude (angular distance north or south from the equator)
latitude {f} [geography] :: latitude (imaginary line parallel to the equator)
latitudinário {adj} :: latitudinarian (tolerant, especially of other people’s religious views)
latitudinário {m} :: latitudinarian (a person who is tolerant)
lato {adj} /ˈla.tu/ :: broad, wide
latoeiro {m} :: tinsmith (person who makes or repairs things with tin or other cheap metals)
Latona {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Leto (mother of Apollo)
-latria {suffix} :: -latry (worship or obsession with)
latrina {f} :: latrine (simple toilet facility)
latrocida {mf} :: a robber who intimidates the victim with a weapon
latrocínio {m} [legal] :: hold-up; armed robbery (robbery where the thief intimidates the victim with a weapon)
latrocínio {m} [legal] :: robbery followed by the murder of the victim
latrotoxina {f} :: latrotoxin
Látvia {prop} {f} :: Látvia (country)
laudação {f} /ˌlaw.da.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: laudation; praise (favourable representation)
láudano {m} :: laudanum (tincture of opium)
Laura {prop} {f} /ˈlaw.ɾɐ/ :: given name
laurêncio {m} /law.ˈɾẽ.si.o/ :: lawrencium (chemical element)
laurêncio {m} :: Laurente (someone from the ancient Roman city of Laurentum)
laurêncio {adj} :: of or relating to Laurentum, an ancient Roman city
Laurêncio {prop} {m} /law.ˈɾẽ.sju/ :: given name
Laurentino {prop} :: Laurentino (placename)
laurita {f} [mineral] :: laurite
Lauro de Freitas {prop} :: Lauro de Freitas (placename)
Lauro Müller {prop} :: Lauro Müller (placename)
lava {f} /ˈla.vɐ/ :: lava (melted rock)
lavabo {m} /la.ˈva.bu/ :: lavabo (washbasin, especially one used for ceremonious washing)
lavabo {m} :: lavatory (room containing a toilet)
lavação {f} :: the act of washing
lavada {f} [sports, video games, colloquial] :: a win by a big difference
lavadeira {f} :: laundress, washerwoman
lavadeira {f} :: dragonfly
lavadeiro {m} :: washer (person who washes for a living)
lavador {m} :: washer (someone or something that washes)
lavadura {f} :: washing; wash (the act of washing)
lava encordoada {f} :: pahoehoe (form of lava flow)
lavagante {m} :: European lobster (Homarus gammarus)
lavagem {f} /lɐvaʒɐ̃j̃/ :: washing, rinsing
lavagem {f} :: slops, dishwater
lavagem a seco {f} :: dry cleaning (process of cleaning using a chemical solvent other than water)
lavagem cerebral {f} :: brainwash (mental pressure to change someone’s memory, belief or ideas)
lavagem de dinheiro {f} :: money laundering (act of obscuring the origin of money that has been obtained illegally)
lava-jato {m} :: car wash (place at which a car is washed, often mechanically)
lavalouça {f} :: dishwasher (machine that washes dishes)
lavamento {m} :: washing; wash (the act of washing)
lavanda {f} /lɐ.ˈvɐ̃.dɐ/ :: lavender (plant and flower)
lavanda {f} :: lavender (color)
lavandaria {f} :: launderette, laundromat
lavandeira {f} :: laundrywoman
lavandeira {f} :: wagtail (various small passerine birds)
lavandeira {f} :: Leonurus sibiricus, plant from Lamiaceae
lavandeira {f} :: Black-and-white monjita (Xolmis dominicanus) or White-rumped monjita (Xolmis velatus), South and Central American birds from Tyrannidae
lavanderia {f} :: alternative form of lavandaria
lavandisca {f} :: wagtail (various small passerine birds)
lavar {v} /lɐˈvaɾ/ :: to wash (to clean with water)
lavatório {m} :: washbasin
lavável {adj} :: washable
laverca {f} :: skylark (Alauda arvensis, a passerine)
Lavínia {prop} {f} :: Lavínia (placename)
Lavínia {prop} {f} [Roman mythology] :: Lavinia (last wife of Aeneas)
Lavínia {prop} {f} :: given name
lavoura {f} :: farming, agriculture
lavoura {f} :: tillage
lavoura {f} :: mining
lavra {f} /ˈla.vɾa/ :: authorship
lavra {f} [uncountable] :: cultivation; agriculture
lavra {f} :: act of tilling
lavra {f} [Brazil] :: mine
lavra {f} [Brazil, uncountable] :: mining
lavrado {v} :: past participle of lavrar
lavrado {adj} :: ploughed
lavrado {adj} :: wrought
lavrador {m} :: farmer
lavrador {m} :: husbandman
lavrador {m} :: ploughman
lavrando {v} :: gerund of lavrar
lavrar {v} /lɐˈvɾaɾ/ :: to plough; to cultivate
lavrar {v} :: to transpose
Lavras {prop} :: Lavras (placename)
Lavras do Sul {prop} :: Lavras do Sul (placename)
Lavrinhas {prop} :: Lavrinhas (placename)
lawrêncio {m} :: alternative form of laurêncio
laxante {adj} :: laxative (causing movement of the bowels)
laxante {m} :: laxative (substance with a laxative effect)
Laxmi {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Lakshmi
layout {m} [publishing, Internet] /lej.ˈawt͡ʃ/ :: layout (physical arrangement of content on a page)
lazarento {m} :: leper (someone who suffers from leprosy)
lazarento {m} [Brazil, offensive] :: cunt (unpleasant or objectionable person)
lazarento {adj} :: leprous (who suffers from leprosy)
lazarento {adj} :: unpleasant; objectionable
lazareto {m} :: leprosarium (institution or place to quarantine and treat leprous people)
Lázaro {prop} {m} [biblical character] /ˈɾu/ :: Lazarus (man brought back to life by Jesus)
Lázaro {prop} {m} :: given name
lazer {m} /lɐ.ˈzeɾ/ :: leisure (time free from engagement)
LCD {m} [electronics, computing] :: LCD (liquid crystal display)
Lda. {f} [economics] :: abbreviation of Limitada, limited liability company
leal {adj} :: loyal
lealdade {f} /ljaɫ.ˈda.ðɨ/ :: loyalty
lealmente {adv} :: loyally
Leandro Ferreira {prop} :: Leandro Ferreira (placename)
Leaõ {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Leão
leão {m} /ˈljɐ̃w̃/ :: lion (mammal)
leão {m} [heraldiccharge] :: lion
Leão {prop} {m} :: Leão (province/and/former kingdom)
Leão {prop} {f} :: Leão (city/provincial capital)
Leão {prop} {m} :: nickname of the Brazilian internal revenue service
Leão {prop} {m} :: historical given name
Leão {prop} {m} [astronomy] :: Leo (a constellation)
Leão {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Leo (a zodiac sign)
leão americano {m} :: American lion (Panthera leo, an extinct lion endemic to the Americas)
leão americano {m} :: American lion; cougar; mountain lion
leão americano {m} :: See: leão americano
leão asiático {m} :: Asian lion
leão-baio {m} :: cougar (Puma concolor)
leão-da-montanha {m} :: cougar (Puma concolor)
Leão da Neméia {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Leão de Nemeia
leão-de-chácara {m} [Brazil] :: bouncer (member of the security personnel of an entertainment venue)
Leão de Nemeia {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Nemean Lion (invulnerable lion slain by Hercules)
leão-do-atlas {m} :: Barbary lion
leão do Cabo {m} :: Cape lion (Panthera leo melanochaita, an extinct lion subspecies)
leão-marinho {m} :: sea lion (any marine mammal of the Otariidae family)
leãozinho {m} :: diminutive of leão
Lebensraum {prop} {m} [historical] :: Lebensraum (territories regarded as vital for the flourishing of the German race)
Lebon Régis {prop} :: Lebon Régis (placename)
lẽbrado {v} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of lembrado
lebrão {m} :: hare
lebre {f} /ˈlɛ.βɾɨ/ :: hare, rabbit
lebre ártica {f} :: arctic hare (Lepus arcticus, a hare of the arctic regions of North America)
lebrel irlandês {m} :: Irish Wolfhound
lebroto {m} :: leveret (young hare)
Lecco {prop} {f} :: Lecco (town/and/province)
lecionar {vti} /le.sjo.ˈna(ɾ)/ :: to give lessons, teach, to instruct
lecionar {v} :: to exercise the function of a teacher or professor
led {m} :: alternative spelling of LED
LED {m} /ˈlɛd͡ʒ/ :: LED (light-emitting diode)
lediça {f} /lɨ.ˈði.sɐ/ :: alternative form of ledice
Lediça {prop} {f} [rare] :: given name
ledice {f} /lɨ.ˈði.sɨ/ :: Great joy; pleasure
ledo {adj} /ˈle.ðu/ :: happy, joyful
lédo {adj} :: obsolete form of ledo
Leeds {prop} {f} :: Leeds (city)
legação {f} :: legacy, bequest
legação {f} :: legation
legado {m} :: legacy
legado {m} :: ambassador
legado {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: nuncio (diplomatic representative of the Roman Catholic Church)
legal {adj} /lɨˈɣaɫ/ :: legal
legal {adj} [Brazil, familiar] :: cool, nice, good
legalês {m} :: legalese (wording that resembles how a lawyer writes)
legalidade {f} :: legalness
legalização {f} :: legalization
legalizando {v} :: gerund of legalizar
legalizar {v} :: to legalize
legalmente {adv} :: legally
legando {v} :: gerund of legar
legar {v} :: to bequeath, leave, will (make a bequest)
legar {v} :: to legate
legatário {m} :: legatee
legenda {f} [cinema, television ] :: subtitle (textual versions of film dialogue)
legenda {f} :: caption (title or brief explanation attached to an illustration or cartoon)
legenda {f} :: legend (key to the symbols and colour codes on a map or graph)
legendado {adj} [of video] :: subtitled (containing subtitles)
legendar {v} :: to subtitle (to add subtitles to a film or broadcast)
legendário {adj} :: legendary (relating to legends and myths)
legendário {adj} :: legendary; exceptional; (having unimaginable greatness)
legião {f} [historical, military, Ancient Rome] /ˌle.ʒi.ˈɐ̃w̃/ :: legion (major unit or division of the Roman army)
legião {f} [military] :: legion (large military or semimilitary unit trained for combat)
legião {f} :: legion (large number of people)
legionário {m} [military unit, Ancient Rome] /ˌle.ʒi.o.ˈna.ɾi.u/ :: legionary (soldier in a Roman legion)
legionário {m} [military unit] :: legionnaire (soldier in the French Foreign Legion)
legionário {adj} [military] :: legionary (relating to a legion)
legislação {f} [legal] /lɨ.ʒiʒ.lɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: legislation; law
legislador {m} :: legislator (who creates or enacts laws)
legislar {v} /ˌlɨ.ʒiʒ.ˈlaɾ/ :: to legislate
legislativo {adj} /lɨ.ʒiʒ.lɐ.ˈ :: legislative
legislativo {m} [politics] :: short for poder legislativo
legislatura {f} :: legislature (governmental body with the power to make, amend and repeal laws)
legista {adj} :: skilled in law
legista {mf} :: clipping of médico-legista
legista {mf} :: clipping of médica-legista
legitimação {f} :: legitimacy
legitimamente {adv} :: legitimately (in a legitimate manner)
legitimar {vt} :: to legitimize (make legitimate)
legitimidade {f} :: legitimacy
legítimo {adj} /lɨ.ˈʒ :: legitimate [all senses]
legítimo {adj} :: rightful
legítimo {adj} :: legal, lawful
legível {adj} :: readable; legible
legivelmente {adv} :: legibly (in a legible manner)
lego {m} /ˈlɛ.ɡu/ :: Lego (small, coloured plastic toy bricks made by the Lego Company)
lego {m} [trademark generalisation] :: any similar brick toy
lego {m} [figurative] :: things that can be assembled together to form a larger thing
Lego {m} :: alternative spelling of lego
legoa {f} :: obsolete spelling of légua
légoa {f} :: obsolete spelling of légua
legua {f} :: obsolete spelling of légua
légua {f} :: league (the distance a person can walk in an hour, used as a unit of measurement)
legume {m} :: legume (fruits of leguminous plants)
legume {m} [by extension] :: any vegetable
leguminosa {f} :: legume (member of Leguminosae family, such as peas or beans)
leguminoso {adj} :: leguminous (relating or belonging to the Leguminosae family)
lei {f} /ˈlɐj/ :: law
Leia {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Lia
Léia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Leia
leia-se {v} :: See: leia se
leia-se {v} :: to be understood as
Lei Áurea {prop} {f} :: The law that abolished slavery in Brazil in 1888
leiaute {m} :: alternative spelling of layout
Lei de Gérson {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: The attitude of taking advantage of others; a disregard for ethics
Lei de Murphy {prop} {f} :: Murphy’s law (adage which states that if anything can go wrong it will)
Leiden {prop} {f} :: Leiden (city)
Lei dos Sexagenários {prop} {f} :: The law that freed slaves when they reached the age of 60 in Brazil, in 1885
Lei do Ventre Livre {prop} {f} :: The law that freed children born of slaves in Brazil in 1871
leigo {m} /ˈlej.ɡu/ :: layman (someone who is not an ordained cleric)
leigo {m} :: layman (someone who is not a professional in a given field)
leigo {adj} :: lay (not belonging to the clergy, but associated with them)
leigo {adj} :: non-religious (having no relation with religion)
leilam {f} :: obsolete spelling of leilão
leilaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of leilão
leilão {f} /lɐj.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: auction
leiloando {v} :: gerund of leiloar
leiloar {v} :: to auction
leiloeiro {m} :: auctioneer (one who conducts an auction)
lei marcial {f} :: martial law (rules by military authorities in a time of crisis)
Lei Maria da Penha {prop} {f} :: Brazil's Federal Law 11340, sanctioned in 2006, with the intent of reducing domestic violence
Leipzig {prop} {f} :: Leipzig (city)
leira {f} /ˈlɐj.ɾɐ/ :: furrow
leira {f} :: a strip of cultivated land
Leiria {prop} {f} :: Leiria (district)
Leiria {prop} {f} :: Leiria (city/and/municipality)
Lei Rouanet {prop} {f} :: Brazil's Federal Law 8313 of 23 December 1991, whose role is providing monetary funds for use in art and culture, including the production of movies
Lei Saraiva-Cotejipe {prop} {f} :: synonym of Lei dos Sexagenários
lêiser {m} :: laser
leishmânia {f} :: leishmania (a trypanosome protozoa of genus Leishmania)
leishmaniose {f} [pathology] :: leishmaniasis (any disease caused by the protozoans of the genus Leishmania)
leita {f} :: milt (fish semen)
leitão {m} /lɐj.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: piglet (young pig)
leitaria {f} :: dairy (place, where milk is processed)
leitaria {f} :: dairy (shop selling dairy products)
leite {m} /ˈlɐj.tɨ/ :: milk
leite {m} [slang] :: semen, cum, jizz
leite condensado {m} :: condensed milk (milk that has been reduced and sweetened to the consistency of syrup)
leite de coco {m} :: coconut milk (liquid extracted from the meat of a brown coconut)
leite de peito {m} :: breast milk (milk produced by humans)
leite de soja {m} :: soy milk (beverage made from soy beans)
leite em pó {m} :: powdered milk
leite gordo {m} :: whole milk (milk from which nothing has been removed)
leiteira {f} :: feminine noun of leiteiro
leiteira {f} :: a type of pan used to boil milk
leiteira {f} :: a type of pitcher used to serve milk
leiteiro {m} :: milkman (man who delivers milk early in the morning)
leitelho {m} :: buttermilk (liquid left over after producing butter)
leite materno {m} :: mother's milk; breast milk
leite moça {m} [Brazil] :: condensed milk
leite ninho {m} [Brazil] :: powdered milk
leitmotiv {m} [music] :: leitmotif (a recurring melodic theme in an opera)
leitmotiv {m} [by extension] :: leitmotif (recurring theme)
leito {m} /ˈlɐj.tu/ :: bed
leito {m} :: riverbed
leito de morte {m} :: deathbed (bed or place where a dying person rests)
leito de morte {m} :: deathbed (last hours before death)
leitor {m} /lɐj.ˈtoɾ/ :: reader (one who reads text)
leitor {m} :: reader (device which reads digital information)
leitor {m} :: lector (lay person who reads aloud certain religious texts in a church service)
leitoso {adj} :: milky (resembling milk in color or consistency)
leituga {f} /lɐj.ˈtu.ɣɐ/ :: cat's ear (Hypochaeris radicata); smooth cat's ear (Hypochaeris glabra)
leituga {f} :: hare lettuce (Sonchus fruticosus and Sonchus pinnatus)
leituga {f} :: prickly lettuce (Lactuca serriola)
leituga {f} :: European umbrella milkwort (Tolpis barbata)
leitura {f} /lɐjˈtuɾɐ/ :: reading
leitura labial {f} :: lipreading (the act of identifying what someone says from the movement of their lips)
lelé {adj} [colloquial, chiefly childish] :: Lacking sanity; insane; crazy; demented
lema {m} :: motto; slogan
Lemberg {prop} {f} :: Lemberg (city/and/municipality/regional capital)
lembrança {f} /lẽ.ˈbɾɐ̃.sɐ/ :: memory (stored record in one’s memory)
lembrança {f} :: souvenir (item of sentimental value, to remember an event or location)
lembrancinha {f} :: diminutive of lembrança
lembrancinha {f} :: souvenir (item of sentimental value, to remember an event or location)
lembrar {v} [de, .optionally, ._, .pronominal] /lẽ.ˈbɾaɾ/ :: to remember
lembrar {v} [de, .optionally, ._, .pronominal] :: to remember to
lembrar {v} [de] :: to remind someone to
lembrar {vt} :: to resemble; to remind someone of (to look similar)
lembrar-se {vr} :: to remember (to recall from one’s memory)
lembrete {m} :: reminder (a note, object or event that serves to remind one of something)
leme {m} [nautical] /ˈle.mi/ :: rudder (underwater vane used to steer a vessel)
leme {m} [aeronautics] :: rudder (control surface of an aircraft)
Leme {prop} :: Leme (placename)
Leme do Prado {prop} :: Leme do Prado (placename)
lemingue {m} :: alternative form of lémingue
lémingue {m} [European orthography] :: lemming (any of several species of small Arctic and Subarctic rodents)
lêmingue {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: lemming
Leminski {prop} {mf} :: surname
lemming {m} :: alternative form of lémingue
lémnio {adj} [European orthography, Portugal] :: Lemnian (of, from or pertaining to Lemnos)
lémnio {m} [European orthography, Portugal] :: Lemnian (someone from Lemnos)
lêmnio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lémnio
lêmnio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lémnio
lemniscata {f} [mathematics] :: lemniscate (figure-of-eight closed curve)
Lemnos {prop} {f} :: Lemnos (island/and/regional unit)
lémure {m} [European orthography] /ˈlɛ.mu.ɾ(ɨ)/ :: alternative form of lêmure
lêmure {m} [Brazilian orthography] /ˈɾi/ :: lemur
lêmure-voador {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lémur-voador
Lemúria {prop} {f} [historical] :: Lemúria (hypothetical island)
lémur-voador {m} [European orthography] :: flying lemur; colugo (South-East Asian arboreal gliding mammal of genus Dermoptera)
Lena {prop} {m} :: Lena (a river in Siberia)
lenço {m} /ˈlẽ.su/ :: headscarf
lenço {m} :: handkerchief
lenço de papel {m} /ˈlẽ.su ˈðɨ pɐ.ˈpɛɫ/ :: tissue (sheet of absorbent paper)
Lençóis {prop} :: Lençóis (placename)
Lençóis Paulista {prop} :: Lençóis Paulista (placename)
lençol {m} /lẽˈsɔɫ/ :: (bed) sheet
lençol freático {m} [geology] :: an accumulation of groundwater
lenda {f} /ˈlẽ.dɐ/ :: legend (story describing extraordinary events)
lenda {f} :: legend (person of extraordinary accomplishment)
Lenda Negra {prop} {f} [historiography] :: Black Legend (the depiction of Spain as cruel, greedy and fanatical)
lendário {adj} :: legendary
lêndea {f} :: nit (egg of a louse)
lene {adj} /ˈ :: smooth, mild, gentle, soft
lenga-lenga {f} :: alternative spelling of lengalenga
lengalenga {f} /lẽ.ɡɐ.ˈlẽ.ɡɐ/ :: rigmarole
lengalenga {f} :: monotonous, tiresome, droning speech
lengalenga {f} [Portugal] :: synonym of parlenda
lenha {f} /ˈle.ɲɐ/ :: firewood
lenhador {m} :: woodcutter, lumberjack
lenhoso {adj} [botany] :: wooden; ligneous (made of or relating to wood)
lenição {f} [phonetics] :: lenition (weakening of a consonant)
leniência {f} /le.niˈẽ.sja/ :: leniency, mercy, forgiveness
leniência {f} :: tolerance
leniente {adj} :: lenient; tolerant; permissive
Leningrado {prop} {f} [historical] :: Leningrado (city)
Leningrado {prop} {m} :: Leningrado (oblast)
leninismo {m} :: Leninism (the political philosophy of Vladimir Lenin)
leninista {adj} :: Leninist (of or relating to Lenin or Leninism)
leninista {mf} :: Leninist (an adherent of Leninism)
lenitivo {adj} [medicine] :: lenitive
lenitivo {m} [medicine] :: lenitive
lenização {f} [phonetics] :: lenition (weakening of a consonant)
lentamente {adv} /lẽtɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: At slow speed; slowly
lente {f} [optics] /ˈlẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: lens (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)
lente {f} [anatomy] :: lens (transparent crystalline structure in the eye)
lente {f} :: lens (device which focuses or defocuses electron beams)
lente {f} [figuratively] :: lens (a way of looking, literally or figuratively, at something)
lente {f} [geology] :: a fossil or deposit between two strata
lente {f} :: clipping of lente de contato
lente de contato {f} :: contact lens (thin lens placed directly on the eye)
lentejoila {f} :: alternative form of lantejoula
lentejoula {f} :: alternative form of lantejoula
lentícula {f} [chiefly geology] /lẽˈt͡ʃi.ku.lɐ/ :: diminutive of lente
lentícula {f} [botany, rare] :: synonym of lenticela
lentidão {f} :: slowness (quality of being slow)
lentilha {f} /lẽ.ˈt͡ʃi.ʎa/ :: lentil (plant Lens culinaris)
lentilha {f} :: lentil bean
lentilha-d'água {f} :: duckweed (any of several simple, aquatic plants of the subfamily Lemnoideae)
lentiviral {adj} [virology] :: lentiviral (of or pertaining to a lentivirus)
lentivírus {m} :: lentivirus (any virus of the genus Lentivirus)
lento {adj} /ˈlẽ.tu/ :: slow (not quick in motion)
lento {adj} :: soft; not firm
lento {adj} :: wet, humid, moistened, viscous, slimy
Leo {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] /ˈlɛw/ :: Leo (constellation)
Leo {prop} {m} :: pet form of Leonardo
leoa {f} :: lioness
Leoberto Leal {prop} :: Leoberto Leal (placename)
Leo Minor {prop} {f} [constellation, rare] :: Leo Minor (a spring constellation of the northern sky)
Leonardes {prop} {mf} :: surname
Leonardo {prop} {m} /ˌle.o.ˈnaʁ.du/ :: given name
Leonel {prop} {m} :: given name
leonês {adj} :: Leonese (of, from or relating to León)
leonês {m} :: Leonese (someone from León)
leonês {m} [countable] :: Leonese (Romance language spoken in León)
leonino {adj} :: leonine (relating or similar to a lion)
Leonor {prop} {f} /lew.ˈnoʁ/ :: given name
leoparda {f} :: feminine noun of leopardo; leopardess
leopardo {m} /ˌle.o.ˈpaɻ.do/ :: leopard
leopardo asiático {m} :: leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis, a wild cat of southeast Asia)
leopardo-das-neves {m} :: snow leopard (a large feline mammal, Uncia uncia)
leopardo-nebuloso {m} :: clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
Leopoldina {prop} :: Leopoldina (placename)
Leopoldo {prop} {m} :: given name
Leópolis {prop} {f} :: Leópolis (city/and/municipality/regional capital)
Leovigildo {prop} {m} :: historical given name
Lepanto {prop} {f} :: Lepanto (town)
lepídio {m} :: pepperwort (plant in the genus Lepidium)
lépido {adj} :: laughing, cheerful, joyful
lepidolita {f} [mineral] :: lepidolite
lepidopterologia {f} [entomology] :: lepidopterology (scientific study of butterflies and moths)
lepisma {m} :: any insect of the genus Lepisma, such as the silverfish
lepra {f} /ˈlɛ.pɾɐ/ :: leprosy (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae)
leprosa {f} :: feminine noun of leproso
leprosaria {f} :: leprosarium (institution or place to quarantine and treat leprous people)
leprosário {m} :: leprosarium (institution or place to quarantine and treat leprous people)
leproso {m} :: leper (person who has leprosy)
leproso {adj} :: leprous (suffering from leprosy)
leprosório {m} :: alternative form of leprosário
leptão {m} [Portugal, particle] :: lepton (elementary particle)
leptocúrtico {adj} [statistics] :: leptokurtic (having positive kurtosis)
lépton {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of leptão
leptospirose {f} :: leptospirosis (an acute disease caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira)
leque {m} /ˈlɛ.kɨ/ :: fan (hand-held device)
leque {m} :: fan (anything resembling a hand-held fan in shape, e.g., a peacock’s tail)
leque {m} :: array, variety, range
leque {m} :: scallop
leque aluvial {m} [geology] :: alluvial fan (cone-shaped deposit of alluvium)
lequessá {num} :: alternative form of lacassá
ler {v} /ˈleɾ/ :: to read (to look at and interpret written information)
ler {v} :: to read (to speak aloud written information)
LER {f} :: acronym of lesão por esforço repetitivo
lerdo {adj} :: slow
lerdo {adj} [by extension] :: stupid
ler nas entrelinhas {v} [idiomatic] :: to read between the lines (to infer a meaning that is not stated explicitly)
ler-se {vr} [of text] :: to read (to be interpreted or read in a particular way)
lesada {adj} :: feminine singular form of lesado
lesadas {adj} :: feminine plural form of lesado
lesado {adj} :: injured
lesado {adj} [law] :: aggrieved, wronged
lesados {adj} :: masculine plural form of lesado
lesa-majestade {f} :: lese majesty (crime against royalty)
lesando {v} :: gerund of lesar
lesão {f} :: lesion, wound
lesão corporal {f} [legal] :: battery (crime of striking another)
lesão em chicote {f} [traumatology] :: whiplash (injury to the upper spine caused by a violent jerk of the head)
lesão por esforço repetitivo {f} [pathology] :: repetitive strain injury (injury to muscles and tendons caused by repetitive use)
lesar {vt} :: to prejudice; to damage
lesar {vt} :: to injure; to hurt
lesar {vt} [law] :: to violate
lesbianismo {m} :: lesbianism
lésbica {f} /ˈlɛə/ :: a lesbian woman
lésbico {adj} /ˈlɛ :: lesbian
Lesbos {prop} {f} :: Lesbos (island/and/regional unit)
lesma {f} /ˈ :: slug (gastropod)
lesma {mf} [figurative] :: a slow person
lesmar {vi} :: to snail (to move too slowly)
Lesotho {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Lesoto
Lesoto {prop} {m} :: Lesoto (country)
lessepsiano {adj} :: Lessepsian
Lessoto {prop} {m} :: rare spelling of Lesoto
leste {m} /ˈlɛʃ.tɨ/ :: east (compass point)
leste-sudeste {m} :: east-southeast
leste-sueste {m} :: east-southeast
lesto {adj} /ˈlɛʃ.tu/ :: agile
letal {adj} :: lethal
letalidade {f} :: lethality
letão {adj} /le.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: Latvian (of, or relating to Latvia)
letão {m} :: Latvian (person from Latvia)
letão {m} [uncountable] :: Latvian language
letargia {f} [pathology] :: lethargy (pathological state of fatigue)
letargia {f} :: lethargy (state of extreme torpor or apathy)
letárgico {adj} :: lethargic; sluggish
Letícia {prop} {f} :: given name
letivo {adj} :: school (attributive)
Letónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] /lɨ.ˈtɔ.njɐ/ :: Letónia (country)
Letônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Letónia
letra {f} /ˈle.tɾɐ/ :: letter (letter of the alphabet)
letra {f} :: calligraphy (style of handwriting of a person)
letra {f} [music, usually in the plural] :: lyrics (words of a song)
letra {f} [soccer, Brazil] :: a kind of kick, in which the player kicks with the leg opposite to the ball
letrado {adj} /le.ˈtɾa.du/ :: literate (able to read, having literacy)
letrado {adj} :: knowledgeable in literature; well-read
letrado {adj} :: learned, erudite
letrado {m} :: one who is able to read
letrado {m} :: one who is knowledgeable in literature
letrado {m} :: one who is learned
letras {n} [music] /ˈle.tɾɐʃ/ :: lyrics
Letras {prop} {fp} :: designates fields of study and academic disciplines encompassing linguistics, literature and related sciences in Portuguese-speaking countries
letreiro {m} :: sign, signage
letreiro {m} :: notice, label
letreiro {m} :: billboard, placard
letrinha {f} /le.ˈtɾi.ɲɐ/ :: diminutive of letra
letrista {mf} [music] :: lyricist (person who writes the lyrics of a song)
lettra {f} :: obsolete spelling of letra
leu {m} /ˈlew/ :: leu (currency unit of Romania and Moldova)
léu {m} /ˈlɛw/ :: idleness
leucemia {f} /ˌˈmi.a/ :: leukemia (cancer of blood forming tissue)
leucemia linfoblástica aguda {f} :: acute lymphoblastic leukemia (type of leukemia that affects the lymphocytes)
leucina {f} [amino acid] :: leucine (an essential amino acid)
leucita {f} [mineral] :: leucite
leucócito {m} :: leukocyte
Leucótea {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Leukothea (minor sea goddess)
leucoxena {f} [mineral] :: leucoxene
lev {m} :: lev (currency of Bulgaria)
leva {f} /ˈlɛ.vɐ/ :: wave (sudden unusually large amount of something)
levado {adj} /lɨ.ˈva.ðu/ :: taken
levado {adj} :: mischievous, naughty
levantador {m} :: raiser
levantador {m} :: lavator
levantador {m} [volleyball] :: setter (player who is responsible for setting, or passing, the ball)
levantador de peso {m} [weightlifting] :: weightlifter (person who competes for maximum weight lifted)
levantador de pesos {m} :: alternative form of levantador de peso
levantamento {m} :: lifting
levantamento {m} :: uplift
levantamento {m} :: elevation
levantamento de peso {m} [sports] :: weightlifting (sport in which competitors lift heavy weights)
levantar {v} /lɨ.vɐ̃.ˈtaɾ/ :: [de, .sometimes, .pronominal] to stand up; to get up (to rise from a lying, sitting or fallen position)
levantar {vt} :: to raise; to get someone up (to cause someone or something to stand up)
levantar {vip} :: to get up (to get out of bed after waking up)
levantar {vt} :: to lift; to raise (to put into a higher position)
levantar {vt} :: to raise (to cause to have a higher value)
levantar {v} :: [.figurative, .pronominal, de] to get up (to recover from a setback)
levantar {vt} :: to raise (to collect or levy)
levantar {vt} :: to build; to erect (to create a building)
levantar {vt} :: to raise; to put forth (to cause to arise; to create)
levantar {v} :: [contra, .pronominal] to revolt (against); to rebel (against) (to start a rebellion)
levantar {v} :: [contra] to revolt (to provoke into rebellion)
levantar {vit} :: [volleyball] to set (to put the ball in the air such that it can be driven by an attack)
levantar do lado errado da cama {v} [idiomatic] :: to get up on the wrong side of the bed (to feel irritable without a particular reason)
levantar voo {v} [of an aircraft or spacecraft] :: to take off (to begin flight)
Levante {prop} {m} :: Levante (traditional region)
levantino {adj} :: Levantine (of, from or relating to the Levant)
levantino {m} :: a person from the Levant
levar {vt} /lɨˈvaɾ/ :: to take (to move something to a destination)
levar {vt} :: to take away (to remove someone or something from the current location)
levar {vt} :: to take out (to get food from an eatery to be eaten elsewhere)
levar {vt} :: to accompany; to take (to go with somebody somewhere)
levar {vt} :: [figurative] to take to; to bring to (to provide with or introduce to)
levar {vt} :: to take (to remove something from its rightful place or owner)
levar {vt} :: to sweep away; to blow away (to destructively move something away)
levar {vt} :: to steal; to take (to illegally take an object from its owner)
levar {vt} :: [euphemistic] to take; to kill (to cause someone to die)
levar {vt} :: to take (to be the object of an interaction, especially a violent one)
levar {vi} :: [colloquial] to get it (to be punished or beaten up)
levar {vt} :: to take (to require a given amount of time)
levar {vt} :: to contain; to take (to have as an ingredient)
levar {vt} :: to take (to have capacity for)
levar {vt} :: to carry (to have in one’s immediate possession)
levar {v} :: [a, .of a path] to lead to (to have as its destination)
levar {v} :: [a] to lead to (to produce or tend to produce a given result)
levar {v} :: [por, .pronominal] to let oneself be overwhelmed by an emotion or force
levar {vt} :: to take (to face consequences for)
levar a breca {v} [idiomatic] :: to suffer a misfortune
levar a breca {v} [idiomatic] :: to disappear
levar a breca {v} [idiomatic] :: to die
levar a cabo {v} [idiom] :: to carry out (to do something)
levar água ao mar {v} [idiomatic] :: to carry coals to Newcastle (do something unneeded or redundant)
levar às cavalitas {vt} :: to piggyback (to carry someone on one’s back or shoulders)
levar em conta {v} [idiomatic] :: to take into account (to consider or regard)
levar tempo {v} :: to take time (to require a comparatively long period of time)
leve {adj} /ˈlɛ.vɨ/ :: light (of low weight; not heavy)
leve {adj} :: gentle, light (having little force)
leve como uma pena {adj} [simile] :: light as a feather (extremely light, having minimal weight)
lêvedo {adj} [of dough] :: leavened or fermented with yeast
levedura {f} :: yeast
Leve Leite {prop} {m} :: A program to distribute milk to children in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, established in 1995
levemente {adv} :: lightly (in a light manner; with little weight or force)
levemente {adv} :: slightly (to a very small extent)
leveza {f} :: lightness, weightlessness
leveza {f} :: levity
Levi {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Levi (third son of Jacob)
Levi {prop} {m} :: given name
leviandade {f} :: levity (lightness of manner or speech)
leviano {adj} :: flighty, thoughtless
leviano {adj} :: frivolous, flippant
leviano {adj} :: fickle
leviano {adj} :: imprudent, inconsiderate
leviano {adj} :: precipitate, rash
leviano {adj} [Brazil] :: ligh, weightless
leviatã {m} [Bible] :: leviathan (biblical sea monster)
levístico {m} :: lovage (a Mediterranean herb)
levitação {f} :: levitation (raising of something without apparent physical cause)
levitar {v} :: to levitate
Levítico {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Leviticus (the book of the Bible and Torah)
levogiro {adj} :: alternative form of levógiro
levógiro {adj} :: levogyre; levorotatory (that rotates the plane of polarised light to the left)
Lewandowski {prop} {mf} /ˌle.vɐ̃.ˈdɔ :: surname
lexema {m} [linguistics] :: lexeme (unit of vocabulary)
lexical {adj} :: synonym of léxico
léxico {m} :: lexicon (the words of a language or in a given field)
léxico {adj} :: lexical (concerning the words of a language)
lexicografia {f} :: lexicography (art or craft of writing dictionaries)
lexicográfico {adj} :: lexicographic
lexicógrafo {m} :: lexicographer (one who writes or compiles a dictionary)
lexicologia {f} [linguistics] /ˌlɛˈʒi.a/ :: lexicology (linguistic discipline)
lexicología {f} :: obsolete spelling of lexicologia
léxicon {m} :: alternative form of léxico
lexiologia {f} :: alternative form of lexicologia
ley {f} :: obsolete spelling of lei
leygo {m} :: obsolete spelling of leigo
leygo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of leigo
leylam {f} :: obsolete spelling of leilão
leylaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of leilão
leylão {f} :: obsolete spelling of leilão
leytor {m} :: obsolete spelling of leitor
lezira {f} :: alternative form of lezíria
lezíria {f} /lɨ.ˈzi.ɾi.ɐ/ :: marshland
lgc {interj} [Internet slang] :: lógico!
lha {contraction} /ˈʎɐ/ :: contraction of lhe a
lha {contraction} :: contraction of lhes a
lhama {mf} :: llama
lhas {contraction} /ˈʎɐʃ/ :: contraction of lhe as
lhas {contraction} :: contraction of lhes as
Lhasa {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Lassa
lhe {pron} /ʎɨ/ :: third-person singular indirect objective personal pronoun; (to) him/her/it
lhe {pron} :: second-person singular indirect objective personal pronoun, when used with a pronoun other than tu; (to) you
lhe {pron} :: equivalent to a third- or second-person possessive pronoun
lhes {pron} /ˈʎɨʃ/ :: plural of lhe
lho {contraction} /ˈʎu/ :: contraction of lhe o it/him to him/her/it
lho {contraction} :: contraction of lhes o
lhos {contraction} /ˈʎuʃ/ :: contraction of lhe os
lhos {contraction} :: contraction of lhes os
Lia {prop} {f} :: Leah (elder daughter of Laban)
Lia {prop} {f} :: given name
Liampó {prop} :: Ningbo
libação {f} :: libation
libanês {adj} :: Lebanese (of, from, or pertaining to Lebanon)
libanês {m} :: Lebanese (a person from Lebanon)
Líbano {prop} {m} /ˈli.bɐ.nu/ :: Líbano (country)
libelinha {f} :: damselfly (insect)
libelo {m} :: libel
libelo de sangue {m} :: blood libel (the accusation that Jews abduct Christian children to collect their blood)
libélula {f} /liˈbɛlulɐ/ :: dragonfly
liberação {f} :: liberation (all senses)
liberal {adj} /li.βɨ.ˈɾaɫ/ :: liberal, generous, tolerant
liberal {adj} [politics] :: liberal
liberal {mf} [politics] :: liberal
liberalidade {f} :: liberality
liberalidade {f} :: generosity, largesse
liberalismo {m} :: liberalism (the quality of being liberal)
liberalismo {m} [politics] :: liberalism (movement founded on the autonomy and personal freedom of the individual)
liberalismo {m} [economics] :: liberalism (theory in favour of laissez faire and the free market)
liberalíssimo {adj} :: very bounteous
liberar {v} :: to release (free, liberate)
liberar {v} :: to allow; to legalise
Liberato Salzano {prop} :: Liberato Salzano (placename)
liberdade {f} /li.βɨɾ.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: liberty
liberdade condicional {f} :: parole (release of a prisoner on the understanding that he checks in regularly and obeys the law)
liberdade de expressão {f} /li.βɨɾ.ˈða.ðɨ ðɐjʃ.pɾɨ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: freedom of expression (right to voice one’s opinion without fear of harm)
liberdade de imprensa {f} /li.βɨɾ.ˈða.ðɨ ðĩ.ˈpɾẽ.sɐ/ :: freedom of the press (right of media to disseminate ideas and opinions)
Libéria {prop} {f} /li.ˈbɛ.ɾi.ɐ/ :: Libéria (country)
liberiano {adj} :: Liberian (of, from or relating to Liberia)
liberiano {m} :: Liberian (a person from Liberia)
líbero {mf} [volleyball] :: libero (designated ball-control specialist)
liberrimamente {adv} /li.ˌbɛ.ʁi.mɐ.ˈmẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: superlative of livremente
libérrimo {adj} /li.ˈbɛ.ʁ :: superlative of livre
libertação {f} /li.βɨɾ.tɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: release, liberation
libertação {f} :: deliverance
libertação {f} :: freedom
libertação {f} :: emancipation
libertar {v} /ˌli.βɨɾ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to free, liberate (make free)
libertarianismo {m} :: libertarianism (political philosophy maintaining that all persons are the absolute owners of their own lives)
libertarismo {m} :: alternative form of libertarianismo
liberticida {adj} :: liberticidal, liberticide
liberticida {mf} :: liberticide (one who causes the destruction of liberty)
liberticídio {m} :: liberticide (the destruction of liberty)
libertinagem {f} :: debauchery; profligacy (shameless and immoral behaviour)
Líbia {prop} {f} :: Líbia (country)
libidinoso {adj} :: libidinous, lustful
libido {f} [psychology] :: libido (sexual urges or drives)
libido {f} [psychology] :: libido (drives based on sexual instincts)
líbio {adj} :: Libyan (of, from or relating to Libya)
líbio {m} :: Libyan (person from Lybia)
libra {f} /ˈli.βɾɐ/ :: pound (unit of mass)
libra {f} :: pound (unit of sterling or other currency)
Libra {f} [astrology] /ˈli.bɾɐ/ :: Libra (astrological sign)
Libra {f} [zodiac constellations] :: Libra (constellation)
libra esterlina {f} :: pound sterling (currency of the United Kingdom)
libras {f} :: alternative spelling of LIBRAS
Libras {f} :: alternative spelling of LIBRAS
LIBRAS {f} /ˈli.bɾɐs/ :: acronym of língua brasileira de sinais
libré {f} :: livery (distinctive uniform worn by a group)
libreto {m} :: alternative form of livreto
Libreville {prop} {f} :: Libreville (capital city)
licantropia {f} [mythology] :: lycanthropy (ability to shapeshift into a wolf)
licantropo {m} [mythology] :: werewolf; lycanthrope (human who shapeshifts into a wold)
lição {f} /liˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: lesson
lição de casa {f} :: homework (schoolwork that is done at home)
licença {f} /li.ˈsẽ.sɐ/ :: license; permit (legal document giving official permission to do something)
licença {f} :: authorization; permission
licença {f} :: permission given to an employee to miss work for some time (due to ill health, for example)
licença {interj} :: clipping of com licença
licença artística {f} [arts] :: artistic licence (any departure from fact or convention by an artist)
licença poética {f} [narratology] :: poetic licence (the figurative right to embellish a story)
licenciatura {f} [Portugal, before the Bologna Process] :: the academic degree earned for finishing a course with the duration of four, five or, in some cases, six years
licenciatura {f} [Portugal, after the Bologna Process] :: the academic degree earned for finishing the first study cycle
licenciatura {f} [Brazil] :: an academic degree which allows the person to teach primary and secondary education
licenciosidade {f} :: profligacy (shameless and immoral behaviour)
licencioso {adj} :: licentious
liceu {m} [dated, colloquial] /liˈsew/ :: secondary school
lichia {f} :: lychee (tree)
lichia {f} :: lychee (fruit)
Lícia {prop} {f} :: Lícia (historical region/and/province)
Licínio de Almeida {prop} :: Licínio de Almeida (placename)
lício {adj} :: Lycian (of, from or relating to Lycia)
lício {m} :: Lycian (native of Lycia)
lício {m} [uncountable] :: Lycian (Anatolian language spoken in ancient Lycia)
licitação {f} :: licitation
licitação {f} :: bidding (at an auction)
licitamente {adv} :: licitly, legally
licitando {v} :: gerund of licitar
licitar {v} :: to bid
licitar {v} :: to auction
lícito {adj} :: lawful, licit
licitude {f} :: permissibility
licitude {f} :: legality
licor {m} :: liquor (strong alcoholic drink derived from fermentation and distillation)
licorne {m} :: unicorn
licoroso {adj} [of wine] :: sweet
licranço {m} :: slowworm (Anguis fragilis, a legless Old-World lizard)
lictor {m} :: lictor (official in Ancient Rome)
lida {f} :: read (an instance of reading)
lida {f} :: the act of dealing with something
lida {f} :: drudgery; labour; habitual work
lidar {v} /li.ˈðaɾ/ :: to deal with, to handle
lidar {v} :: to fight, to struggle
lidar {v} :: to bullfight
lide {f} :: work; toil
lide {f} :: fight
líder {mf} /ˈli.ðɛɾ/ :: leader
liderança {f} [uncountable] /li.ðɨ.ˈɾɐ̃.sɐ/ :: leadership (capacity of someone to lead)
liderança {f} :: [collectively] the leaders of an organisation
liderando {v} :: gerund of liderar
liderar {v} /li.ðɨ.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to lead or head
líder de torcida {f} :: cheerleader (person who encourages a team or entertains the audience)
líder supremo {m} :: See: líder supremo
líder supremo {m} :: Supreme Leader (head of state of Iran)
Lídia {prop} {f} /ˈli.d͡ʒjɐ/ :: given name
Lídia {prop} {f} :: Lídia (historical region/and/ancient kingdom)
lídimo {adj} /ˈli.ð :: legal, lawful, legitimate
lídio {adj} :: Lydian (of, from or relating to Lydia)
lídio {m} :: Lydian (native of Lydia)
lídio {m} [uncountable] :: Lydian (Anatolian language spoken in ancient Lydia)
lido {adj} :: well-read
lidocaína {f} :: lidocaine
Liechtenstein {prop} {m} :: Liechtenstein (country)
Liège {prop} {f} :: Liège (province)
Liège {prop} {f} :: Liège (city/provincial capital)
lierne {m} [rare, architecture] :: lierne
liga {f} /ˈli.ɡa/ :: alloy (metal combined of more elements)
liga {f} :: league; group; association
liga {f} :: league (organization of sports teams which play against one another for a championship)
liga {f} [uncountable] :: connection (act of connecting)
liga {f} :: garter (band worn around the leg to hold up a sock or stocking)
Liga Árabe {prop} {f} [geopolitics] :: Arab League (an international organisation of Arabic-speaking nations)
ligação {f} /liɣɐˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: link
ligação {f} :: connection
ligação {f} [Portugal, internet] :: hyperlink, weblink
ligação {f} :: call (telephone conversation)
ligado {adj} /li.ˈɣa.ðu/ :: connected
ligado {adj} :: turned on
ligado {adj} :: bandaged
ligado {adj} [Brazil, mainly São Paulo city, slang] :: attentive, watchful
ligado no 220 {adj} [Brazil, idiom, colloquial] :: restless, uneasy (unable to hold still, continually moving)
ligadura {f} [surgery] :: ligature (thread used to close a vessel or duct)
ligadura {f} [music] :: slur; ligature (the symbol indicating a legato passage)
ligamento {m} [anatomy] :: ligament (band of strong tissue that holds the bones of an animal in position)
ligando {m} [chemistry] :: ligand (something that binds to another chemical entity)
ligante {m} [chemistry] :: ligand (something that binds to another chemical entity)
ligar {vt} /li.ˈɣaɾ/ :: to link; to connect; to join (to put things together so they work together)
ligar {vt} :: to connect; to associate (to consider multiples things related)
ligar {vt} :: to turn on (to make a device start operating)
ligar {v} [para, a, -an indirect objective pronoun, .telephony] :: to call; to dial (to attempt to talk to someone with a telephone)
ligar {v} [para, .Brazil, .informal] :: to care (about); to mind (to have concern or interest in)
ligar {vr} [Brazil, colloquial] :: to become aware; to realize or perceive something
ligar {vt} [metallurgy] :: to alloy (to make an alloy from)
ligar {vt} [surgery] :: to tie (to tie a ligature around a vessel)
ligatura {f} [typography] :: ligature (character that combines multiple letters)
ligeiramente {adv} :: lightly
ligeiramente {adv} :: slightly
ligeireza {f} :: lightness
ligeireza {f} :: brevity
ligeireza {f} :: rapidity
ligeiro {adj} :: light
ligeiro {adj} :: quick, nimble
light {adj} [of food] /ˈlajt͡ʃ/ :: light (low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt or other undesirable substances)
lignina {f} [organic compound] :: lignin (aromatic polymer)
lignite {f} :: lignite (type of coal)
ligre {m} :: liger (hybrid animal born to a male lion and a tigress)
lígure {adj} :: Ligurian (of, from or relating to Liguria)
lígure {adj} :: Ligurian (belonging or relating to the Ligurians, an ancient tribe of northwestern Italy)
lígure {mf} :: Ligurian (native of Liguria)
lígure {mf} :: Ligurian (one of an ancient tribe of northwestern Italy)
lígure {mf} :: Ligurian (Gallo-Italic language spoken in Liguria and Monaco)
lígure {mf} :: Ligurian (ancient Indo-European language spoken by the Ligurians)
Ligúria {prop} {f} :: Ligúria (region)
ligúrio {adj} :: Ligurian (of or pertaining to Liguria)
ligúrio {m} :: Ligurian (person from Liguria)
ligúrio {m} :: Ligurian (Gallo-Italic language)
lilás {adj} :: lilac (colour)
lilás {m} :: lilac (plant, colour)
lilau {f} :: fountain
lilau {f} :: mountain spring water
Liliana {prop} {f} :: given name
Lilongwe {prop} {f} :: Lilongwe (city/capital city)
lima {f} /ˈlima/ :: lime (fruit)
lima {f} :: file (tool to smoothen a surface)
Lima {prop} {m} /ˈli.mɐ/ :: Lima (river)
Lima {prop} {f} :: Lima (capital city)
limaçon de Pascal {f} [geometry] :: limaçon (plane curve)
Lima Duarte {prop} :: Lima Duarte (placename)
limalha {f} [in the plural] :: filings
limão {m} /liˈmɐ̃w̃/ :: lemon (citrus fruit)
limão {m} [Brazil] :: lime (citrus fruit)
limão {m} [Southern Brazil] :: lemandarin, rangpur
limar {vt} :: to file (to smooth with a file)
límbico {adj} [anatomy] :: limbic
limbo {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: limbo (place for innocent souls)
limbo {m} [figurative] :: limbo (state of neglect or oblivion)
limbo {m} [botany] :: blade (the flat part of a leaf or petal)
Limburg {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Limburgo
Limburgo {prop} {m} :: Limburgo (province)
Limburgo {prop} {m} :: Limburgo (province)
limburguês {m} /ˌlĩ.buɾ.ˈɡe(j)s/ :: someone from Limburg
limburguês {m} [uncountable] :: Limburgish (Germanic language)
limburguês {adj} :: of Limburg
limeira {f} /li.ˈme(j).ɾa/ :: lime [citrus tree]
Limeira {prop} :: Limeira (placename)
Limeira do Oeste {prop} :: Limeira do Oeste (placename)
limerence {f} [psychology, rare] :: limerence (state of mind caused by a romantic attraction)
limiar {m} :: threshold, border, limit
limiar {adv} :: no limiar de: about to
liminar {f} [law] :: preliminary injunction
limitação {f} /li.mi.tɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: limitation
limitação {f} :: shortcoming
limitado {adj} /limiˈtaðu/ :: limited
limitando {v} :: gerund of limitar
limitar {v} /li.mi.ˈtaɾ/ :: to limit, confine, demarcate
limite {m} /li.ˈmi.t͡ʃi/ :: limitation; limit
limítrofe {adj} :: neighbouring, bordering
limítrofe {adj} :: frontier (attributive)
limnologia {f} :: limnology (science of studying lakes)
limoado {adj} :: alternative form of limonado
limoeiro {m} /li.ˈmwɐj.ɾu/ :: lemon (tree)
limoeiro {m} [Brazil] :: lime (tree)
limoeiro {m} [Southern Brazil] :: lemandarin (tree), rangpur (tree)
limonada {f} :: lemonade
limonado {adj} :: lemon (having a light greenish-yellow colour)
limonita {f} [mineral] :: limonite
limousine {f} :: alternative spelling of limusine
limpa-chaminés {mf} :: chimney sweep (person whose job is to clean soot from chimneys)
limpador {m} :: cleaner (person or device that cleans)
limpador {adj} :: which or who cleans
limpador de chaminés {m} :: chimney sweep (person whose job is to clean soot from chimneys)
limpador de parabrisa {m} :: windscreen wiper (device to clear a windshield)
limpador de parabrisas {m} :: alternative form of limpador de parabrisa
limpa-neve {m} :: snow plough (vehicle used to push snow off roads)
limpante {adj} :: cleaning
limpar {v} /lĩ.ˈpaɾ/ :: to clean (to remove dirt from a place or object)
limpar {v} [figurative] :: to remove all contents from a location or container
limpar {vi} [of the sky or weather] :: to stop being cloudy or foggy; to clear up
limpar {v} :: to eviscerate and descale an animal for consumption
limpar o salão {v} :: See: limpar o salão
limpar o salão {v} [idiomatic] :: to pick one's nose (to remove snot from one’s nose manually)
limpeza {f} [uncountable] /lĩ.ˈpe.zɐ/ :: cleanliness (the property of being cleanly)
limpeza {f} :: act of cleaning
limpêza {f} :: obsolete spelling of limpeza
limpeza étnica {f} :: ethnic cleansing (extermination or expulsion of an ethnic group)
limpidez {f} :: clarity
limpidez {f} :: purity
limpidez {f} :: transparency
límpido {adj} :: limpid, clear, bright, transparent
limpo {adj} /ˈlĩ.pu/ :: clean (not dirty)
limpo {adj} :: clean (not having used drugs or alcohol)
limusina {f} :: alternative form of limusine
limusine {f} :: limousine (a luxury sedan/saloon car)
Limusino {prop} {m} [dated] :: synonym of Limousin
Limusino {m} :: Limousin (a breed of cattle)
linária {f} :: toadflax (any plant of the genus Linaria)
lince {m} /ˈlĩ.sɨ/ :: lynx
lince-do-canadá {m} :: Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis)
lince-do-deserto {m} :: caracal (Caracal caracal)
lince-ibérico {m} /lĩ.si.ˈβɛ.ɾi.ku/ :: Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)
lince-vermelho {m} :: bobcat (Lynx rufus)
linchagem {f} :: lynching (execution of a person without a proper legal trial)
linchamento {m} :: lynching (execution of a person without a proper legal trial)
linchar {v} :: to lynch (to execute without a proper legal trial)
linda {f} /ˈlĩ.dɐ/ :: feminine noun of lindo
lindamente {adv} :: prettily; beautifully (in a beautiful manner)
lindeza {f} :: prettiness
lindíssimo {adj} :: superlative of lindo
lindo {adj} /ˈlĩ.du/ :: pretty; beautiful
lindo {m} :: beauty (a beautiful person)
Lindóia {prop} :: Lindóia (placename)
Lindóia do Sul {prop} :: Lindóia do Sul (placename)
Lindolfo Collor {prop} :: Lindolfo Collor (placename)
linear {adj} :: linear (having the form of a straight line)
linear {adj} [mathematics] :: linear (being a first-degree polynomial)
linear {adj} :: linear (made in a step-by-step, logical manner)
linearidade {f} :: linearity
Lineu {prop} {m} :: given name
Lineu {prop} {m} :: surname Linnaeus
linfa {f} [physiology, immunology] :: lymph (fluid carried by the lymphatic system)
linfático {adj} [anatomy] :: lymphatic (pertaining to lymph or lymphatic system)
linfócito {m} [cytology, immunology] :: lymphocyte (type of white blood cell)
linfoide {adj} [anatomy] :: lymphoid (like or relating to the lymphatic system)
linfóide {adj} :: obsolete spelling of linfoide
linfoma {m} [oncology, pathology] :: lymphoma (malignant tumour that arises in lymphoid tissue)
linfoma de Hodgkin {m} [disease, oncology] :: Hodgkin's lymphoma (malignant lymphoid neoplasm)
linfonodo {m} [anatomy, immunology] :: lymph node (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system)
lingala {m} /lĩ.ˈɡa.lɐ/ :: Lingala (Bantu language)
lingerie {f} /lɐ̃ʒeˈʁi/ :: women's underwear
lingotando {v} :: gerund of lingotar
lingotar {v} :: to cast into ingots
língua {f} [anatomy] /ˈlĩ.ɡwɐ/ :: tongue
língua {f} :: language
língua artificial {f} [linguistics] :: constructed language (an artificially created language)
língua auxiliar {f} :: auxiliary language (language used for intercommunication between people who speak different languages)
língua azul {f} :: See: língua azul
língua azul {f} :: bluetongue (disease of ruminants)
língua brasileira de sinais {f} :: Brazilian Sign Language (sign language used in Brazil)
língua de sinais {f} :: sign language (language where the words consist of hand shapes, motions, positions and facial expressions)
língua de sinais americana {f} :: American Sign Language (a sign language used in the United States and Canada)
língua de sinais argentina {f} :: Argentine Sign Language (a sign language used in Argentina)
linguado {m} :: sole, flounder
língua d'oc {f} :: Occitan (Romance language spoken in southern France)
língua estrangeira {f} :: foreign language (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place)
língua franca {f} :: lingua franca (language used for communication between peoples)
linguagem {f} /lĩ.ˈɡwa.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: language (the general system or concept of communication using words, symbols or gestures)
linguagem {f} :: language (wording, choice of words; style)
linguagem {f} :: language (a particular language used by a group of people, spoken or written)
linguagem {f} :: jargon (language characteristic of a particular group)
linguagem {f} [computing] :: programming language
linguagem corporal {f} :: body language (nonverbal communication)
linguagem de computador {f} [programming, uncommon] :: computer language; programming language
linguagem de consulta {f} [computing] :: query language (computer language used to access and modify databases)
linguagem de marcação {f} :: markup language (computer language that uses markups)
Linguagem de Marcação de Hipertexto {prop} {f} :: Hypertext Markup Language
linguagem de montagem {f} [computing] :: assembly language (programming language using mnemonics that correspond to processor instructions)
linguagem de programação {f} [programming] :: programming language (code of reserved words and symbols)
linguagem de sinais {f} :: sign language (language where the words consist of hand shapes, motions, positions, and facial expressions)
linguagem formal {f} [computing theory] :: formal language (a finite set of possible strings)
língua geral {f} :: Old Tupi (Tupian language used as a lingua franca in early colonial Brasil)
linguajar {m} :: the way someone speaks
linguajar {v} :: to talk, to chat
lingual {adj} [anatomy] /lĩ.ˈɡwaɫ/ :: lingual (relating to the tongue)
lingual {adj} [phonetics] :: lingual (articulated with the tongue)
língua materna {f} :: mother tongue (one's native tongue)
língua natural {f} :: natural language (language that developed naturally)
linguarudo {adj} /lĩɲ̞ᵑɡʷaˈɾudʊ̥/ :: long-tongued
linguarudo {adj} [figurative] :: who speaks too much and ends up inappropriately revealing information; who is a big mouth; who is a compulsive gossiper
linguarudo {adj} :: popular name for a genus of sea snails, Olivancillaria, so called because of the anatomical structure it uses for burrowing into the sand
linguatulose {f} :: linguatulosis (parasitical condition caused by the Linguatula serrata)
linguiça {f} /lĩ.ɡuˈi.sɐ/ :: linguica, longaniza, long pork sausage
lingüiça {f} :: obsolete spelling of linguiça
linguista {mf} :: linguist (one who studies linguistics)
lingüista {mf} :: obsolete spelling of linguista
linguística {f} :: linguistics
linguística {adj} :: feminine of linguístico
lingüística {f} :: obsolete form of linguística
linguística computacional {f} [linguistics, computer science] :: computational linguistics (field dealing with the rule-based modelling of natural language)
linguística diacrônica {n} [linguistics] :: diachronic linguistics
linguística histórica {n} [linguistics] :: historical linguistics
linguístico {adj} :: linguistic (relating to languages)
lingüístico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of linguístico
linha {f} /ˈli.ɲɐ/ :: line; string; thread
linha {f} :: line (path through two or more points)
linha {f} :: line (threadlike crease or wrinkle marking the face, hand, or body)
linha {f} :: line (circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map)
linha {f} :: line (straight sequence of people or objects)
linha {f} :: line (row of text)
linha {f} :: line or series of products
linha {f} :: line (telephone connection)
linha {f} :: fishing line
linha {f} :: railroad track
linha {f} :: mass transportation itinerary
linha aérea {f} :: airline (company that flies aeroplanes)
linha branca {f} :: Collectively, the most common electric appliances: fridge, stove, microwave, etc
linhaça {f} :: linseed (seeds of the flax plant)
linha costeira {f} :: coastline (shape, outline or boundary of a coast.)
linhada {f} :: a casting of the fishing line
linha de Armstrong {f} :: Armstrong line (altitude above which water boils without a pressurised environment)
linha de chegada {f} [sports] :: finish line (line marking end of a race)
linha de comando {f} [computing] :: command line (text prompt where the user inputs commands)
linha de pesca {f} :: fishing line (chord or line where the hook or lure is attached)
linha de Wallace {prop} {f} [biogeography] :: Wallace Line (line that separates the ecozones of Asia and Wallacea)
linha do tempo {f} :: timeline (graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events)
linha-dura {mf} :: hard-liner (a person who takes a firm position on some policy)
linha-dura {adj} :: hardline (rigidly holding to a set of beliefs)
linhagem {f} :: lineage (series or succession of ancestors or descendants)
Linha Nova {prop} :: Linha Nova (placename)
linhite {f} :: lignite (type of coal)
linho {m} /ˈli.ɲu/ :: flax
linho {m} :: linen (material)
link {m} [computing] :: link (text or a graphic that can be activated to open another document)
linoléico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: linoleic
linque {m} [computing, internet] :: link
Lins {prop} :: Lins (placename)
lintel {m} :: sill (horizontal beam bearing the upright portion of a frame)
lio {m} :: sheaf; bundle (collection of things bound together)
lipase {f} [enzyme] :: lipase (any enzyme which catalyses the hydrolysis of lipids)
Lipetsk {prop} {f} :: Lipetsk (oblast)
Lipetsk {prop} {f} :: Lipetsk (city/regional capital)
lípide {m} [organic chemistry] :: lipid
lipídio {m} [organic chemistry] :: lipid
lipo {f} :: short of lipoaspiração
lipoaspiração {f} [surgery] :: liposuction (surgery in which fat is removed by suction)
lipofílico {adj} :: lipophilic (which dissolves fats)
lipograma {m} :: lipogram
lipomeria {f} [pathology] :: lipomeria
lipoproteína {f} [biochemistry] :: lipoprotein (an assembly that contains both proteins and lipids)
lipossolúvel {adj} :: liposoluble
liposucção {f} [surgery, rare] :: liposuction (surgery in which fat is removed by suction)
lipoxigenase {f} [enzyme] :: lipoxygenase
Lípsia {prop} {f} /ˈlip.sjɐ/ :: Lípsia (city)
liquefação {f} :: liquefaction
liquefazendo {v} :: gerund of liquefazer
liquefazer {vt} :: to liquify
líquen {m} :: lichen (symbiotic organism)
liquidação {f} [finance] :: settlement
liquidação {f} :: liquidation
liquidação {f} :: clearance sale
liquidador {m} :: liquidator (one who liquidates)
liquidador {m} :: liquidator (worker involved in cleaning up the Chernobyl disaster)
liquidâmbar {m} :: sweetgum (any of the deciduous trees of genus Liquidambar)
liquidando {v} :: gerund of liquidar
liquidar {v} :: to settle
liquidar {v} :: to liquidate
liquidar {v} :: to pay off
liquidar {v} [slang] :: to kill
liquidez {m} :: liquidity
liquidificador {m} :: blender (machine with rotating blades, used to mash or liquefy food ingredients)
líquido {m} [chemistry, physics] /ˈðu/ :: liquid (substance that is liquid)
líquido {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: liquid (not solid or gaseous; composed of particles that move freely among each other on the slightest pressure)
líquido {adj} [finance] :: liquid (easily sold or disposed of without losing value)
líquido {adj} [finance] :: liquid (having sufficient trading activity to make buying or selling easy)
líquido amniótico {m} [anatomy] :: amniotic fluid (fluid that surrounds a developing embryo or fetus)
lira {f} :: lyre (a stringed musical instrument)
lira {f} :: lira (unit of currency)
lírico {adj} /ˈli.ɾi.ku/ :: lyrical, lyric
lírio {m} /ˈli.ɾju/ :: lily
lírio branco {m} :: annunciation lily (Lilium candidum, the common white lily)
lírio-do-amazonas {m} :: Amazon lily (Eucharis amazonica, a bulbous plant of South America)
lírio-do-mar {m} :: sea lily (any of several stalked crinoids)
lírio do vale {m} :: alternative spelling of lírio-do-vale
lírio-do-vale {m} :: lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis, a flowering plant with richly fragrant pendant bells)
Lisboa {prop} {f} /liʒˈboɐ/ :: Lisboa (capital city)
Lisboa {prop} {f} :: Lisboa (district)
lisboense {adj} :: Lisboner (of, from or relating to Lisbon)
lisboense {mf} :: Lisbonite; Lisboner (person from Lisbon)
lisboês {adj} :: Lisboner (of, from or relating to Lisbon)
lisboês {m} :: Lisboner; Lisbonite (someone from Lisbon)
lisboesa {f} :: feminine noun of lisboês
lisboeta {adj} :: From Lisbon
lisboeta {adj} :: Of or relating to Lisbon
lisboeta {mf} :: A native of Lisbon
lisbonense {adj} :: Lisboner (of, from or relating to Lisbon)
lisbonense {mf} :: Lisboner; Lisbonite (someone from Lisbon)
lisbonesa {f} :: feminine noun of lisbonês
lise {f} [medicine, pathology] :: lysis (gradual recovery from disease)
lise {f} [biochemistry] :: lysis (destruction of cells)
lisencefalia {f} :: lissencephaly (disorder characterised by the lack of folds and grooves of the brain)
lisérgico {adj} [organic chemistry] :: lysergic
lisina {f} :: lysine
liso {adj} /ˈli.zu/ :: smooth
liso {adj} :: plain
liso {adj} :: flat
liso {adj} :: straight
liso {adj} [colloquial] :: flat-chested (woman)
liso {adj} [colloquial] :: broke
lisonja {f} :: flattery
lisonjando {v} :: gerund of lisonjar
lisonjar {v} :: alternative form of lisonjear
lisonjeando {v} :: gerund of lisonjear
lisonjear {v} :: to flatter
lisonjear {v} :: to butter up
lisonjeiro {adj} :: flattering, complimentary
lisossoma {m} :: alternative form of lisossomo
lisossômico {adj} :: lysosomal
lisossomo {m} [cytology] :: lysosome (digestive organelle)
lista {f} /ˈliʃ.tɐ/ :: list
lista de espera {f} :: waiting list (ordered list of people waiting to obtain a good or service)
lista de observação {f} :: watchlist (list of items requiring special attention)
lista de reprodução {f} :: playlist
lista de Swadesh {f} [linguistics] :: Swadesh list (list of a language’s basic vocabulary)
listagem {f} /lis.ˈta.ʒẽj̃/ :: listing
listagem {f} :: the act of listing
listagem {f} [computing] :: a printout of a program or data set
listagem {f} :: a list
lista negra {f} :: blacklist (list of people or entities to be shunned or banned)
listar {vt} :: to list (to create or recite a list)
lista telefónica {f} [European orthography] :: telephone directory (a listing of telephone subscribers)
lista telefônica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lista telefónica
Listenstaine {prop} {m} :: rare form of Liechtenstein
listra {f} :: stripe (long, straight region of a colour)
listrado {adj} :: striped (having stripes)
lisura {f} /liˈzuɾa/ :: flatness (physical characteristic of being flat)
lisura {f} [figuratively] :: honesty, sincerity
litania {f} [religion] :: litany (prayers recited by a leader alternated with responses from the congregation)
litargírio {m} [mineral] :: litharge
liteira {f} :: litter (platform mounted on two shafts, used for the human-powered transportation of people)
literal {adj} :: literal (understood exactly as written, without additional interpretation)
literal {m} [programming] :: literal (value written in the source code)
literalmente {adv} :: literally, word for word
literário {adj} :: literary
literatura {f} [uncountable] /li.tɨ.ɾɐ.ˈtu.ɾɐ/ :: literature (body of all written works)
literatura {f} :: literature (collected creative writing of a nation, people, group or culture)
literatura {f} :: literature (all published material in academic journals on a particular subject)
litíase {f} [pathology] :: lithiasis
litígio {m} [legal] :: litigation
litígio {m} :: dispute
litígio {m} :: controversy
lítio {m} /ˈlitiu/ :: lithium
litisconsórcio {m} :: joinder
litografia {f} :: lithography (printing method which uses etched plates)
litografia {f} :: lithograph (image produced by lithography)
litograficamente {adv} :: lithographically
litopone {m} :: lithopone
litoral {adj} :: coastal
litoral {m} :: beach; coast; coastline
litorâneo {adj} [geography] :: littoral (relating to the seaside)
litorina {f} :: periwinkle (any mollusc of the genus Littorina)
litorina {f} [rail transport] :: railcar (self-propelled railroad wagon)
litosfera {f} :: lithosphere (outermost layer of a rocky planet)
litotes {f} [rhetoric] :: litotes (an understatement employed for rhetoric effect)
litro {m} :: litre; liter [US]
litterario {adj} :: obsolete spelling of literário
litteratura {f} :: obsolete spelling of literatura
Little Rock {prop} {f} :: Little Rock (city/state capital)
Lituânia {prop} {f} /li.ˈtwɐ.njɐ/ :: Lituânia (country)
lituânico {m} :: Lithuanian (Baltic language spoken in Lithuania)
lituânio {m} :: Lithuanian (Baltic language spoken in Lithuania)
lituano {adj} :: Lithuanian (of, from or referring to Lithuania)
lituano {m} :: Lithuanian (person from Lithuania)
lituano {m} :: Lithuanian (Baltic language spoken in Lithuania)
liturgia {f} :: liturgy (a predetermined or prescribed set of rituals)
liturgicamente {adv} :: liturgically (in the manner of liturgy)
litúrgico {adj} :: liturgical
liturgista {mf} :: liturgist (a person knowledgable about liturgy)
liturgo {m} :: liturgist (a person knowledgable about liturgy)
Liubliana {prop} {f} :: Liubliana (capital city)
Liverpool {prop} {f} /ˌli.veʁ.ˈpuw/ :: Liverpool (city)
Lívia {prop} {f} :: given name
lívido {adj} /ˈðu/ :: livid
Livónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Livónia (historical region)
Livônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Livónia
livónio {adj} [European orthography] :: Livonian (pertaining to Livonia or Livonians)
livónio {m} [European orthography] :: Livonian (person from Livonia)
livónio {m} [European orthography, uncountable] :: Livonian (a Finno-Ugric language spoken in Livonia)
livônio {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of livónio
livônio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of livónio
Livorno {prop} {f} :: Livorno (province/and/city)
livramento {m} :: deliverance (extrication from imprisonment)
Livramento de Nossa Senhora {prop} :: Livramento de Nossa Senhora (placename)
livrar {v} [de] /li.ˈvɾaɾ/ :: to save
livrar {v} [de] :: to free; to release
livrar {v} [de] :: to exempt
livrar {v} [de, .pronominal] :: to get rid of
livrar {v} [de, .pronominal] :: to escape
livraria {f} /li.vɾɐ.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: bookshop (a shop that sells books)
livrar-se de {v} :: to get rid of; to dispose of
livre {adj} /ˈli.vɾɨ/ :: free
livre {adj} :: unoccupied
livre {adj} :: clear, open
livre-arbítrio {m} [philosophy] :: free will (ability to choose one’s actions)
livre-cambismo {m} :: free trade (trade free from government interference)
livre comércio {m} :: free trade (trade free from government interference)
livreiro {m} /li.ˈvrɐj.ɾu/ :: book salesman
livremente {adv} :: freely (all senses)
livrete {m} /li.ˈvɾe.t͡ʃi/ :: booklet (short book)
livrete {m} :: a small notebook
livrete {m} [banking] :: bankbook; passbook (booklet used to record bank transactions)
livrete {m} :: a set of identification documents
livreto {m} /li.ˈvɾe.tu/ :: book (script of a musical)
livreyro {m} :: obsolete spelling of livreiro
livro {m} /ˈli.vɾu/ :: book
livro aberto {m} :: See: livro aberto
livro aberto {m} [idiomatic] :: open book (thing easily interpreted)
Livro das Lamentações {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Lamentations (a book of the Bible)
livro de frases {m} :: phrase book (book with translations of everyday expressions and vocabulary)
Livro de Mórmon {prop} {m} [Mormonism] :: Book of Mormon (one of the sacred works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
livro de texto {m} :: textbook (formal manual of instruction)
livro de visitas {m} :: guest book (ledger for visitors to leave comments about an establishment)
livro didático {m} :: textbook (formal manual of instruction)
livro digital {m} :: e-book (electronic book)
livro eletrónico {m} [European orthography] :: e-book (electronic book)
livro eletrônico {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of livro eletrónico
livro falado {m} :: audiobook
livro-texto {m} :: textbook
lixa {f} /ˈli.ʃɐ/ :: sandpaper (paper coated with abrasive material)
lixa {f} :: nail file (small file used to file fingernails and toenails)
lixa {f} :: any dogfish shark characterised by rough skin
lixando {v} :: gerund of lixar
lixão {m} :: dump; landfill (a place where garbage is left)
lixar {vt} :: to sand (with sandpaper)
lixar {vt} :: to polish
lixar {v} [colloquial] :: to screw up, to ruin
lixar {vp} [colloquial] :: to get screwed up, to be in difficulties
Lixboa {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Lisboa
lixeira {f} :: rubbish bin; trash can; garbage can (container for waste)
lixeira {f} [computing] :: recycle bin (storage location for deleted files)
lixeiro {m} :: garbage collector (person who collects and disposes of waste)
lixívia {f} :: lye (caustic alkaline solution)
lixiviação {f} :: lixiviation, leaching
lixiviando {v} :: gerund of lixiviar
lixiviar {v} :: to lixiviate, leach
lixo {m} /ˈli.ʃu/ :: garbage; waste; rubbish (useless material to be discarded)
lixo {m} :: rubbish bin (small container for waste)
lixo {m} [colloquial] :: crap (something of poor quality)
lixo electrónico {m} :: superseded spelling of lixo eletrónico
lixo eletrónico {m} [European orthography, Internet] :: spam (unsolicited bulk electronic messages)
lixo eletrónico {m} [European orthography] :: See: lixo eletrónico
lixo eletrônico {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of lixo eletrónico
lixo nuclear {m} :: radioactive waste (waste containing radioactive chemical elements)
Ljubljana {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Liubliana
lo {pron} /ˈlu/ :: alternative form of o
loa {f} /ˈlo.ɐ/ :: praise
loa {f} [usually in plural] :: carol
lôa {f} :: obsolete spelling of loa
loba {f} :: feminine noun of lobo, a she-wolf
loba {f} [pejorative slang] :: a bitch, a slut: a sexually promiscuous woman
loba {f} [archaic, ecclesiastical] :: a wide cassock worn by Portuguese clergy
lobacho {m} :: wolf cub (young wolf)
lobato {m} :: wolf cub (young wolf)
lobby {m} [politics] /ˈlɔ.bi/ :: lobby (group of people who try to influence public officials)
lobby {m} :: lobby (reception area of a large building)
lobby {m} [Internet] :: lobby (virtual area where users find other users to a start a private conversation or video-game match with)
lóbi {m} :: lobby
lobinho {m} :: diminutive of lobo
lobismulher {f} [rare, nonce word] :: a female werewolf
lobisomem {m} {mf} /ˌˈzɔ.mẽj̃/ :: werewolf (person who is transformed or can transform into a wolf or a wolflike human)
lobista {mf} /lo.ˈbis.ta/ :: lobbyist (a person who for remuneration reattempts to persuade politicians)
lobo {m} /ˈlo.βu/ :: wolf (a wild canid)
lobo {m} [anatomy] /ˈlɔ.βu/ :: lobe (division of the brain)
lôbo {m} :: obsolete spelling of lobo
lobo cinzento {m} :: grey wolf (Canis lupus, a species of wolf found in the northern hemisphere)
lobo-da-tasmânia {m} :: thylacine (extinct carnivorous marsupial)
lobo do mar {m} :: seadog (experienced sailor)
lobo em pele de cordeiro {m} [idiomatic] :: wolf in sheep's clothing (a disguised danger)
lobo-guará {m} :: maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus, a canid of South America)
Lobo Mau {prop} {m} :: Big Bad Wolf (any fictional evil wolf that appears in fairy tales or fables)
lobo mexicano {m} :: Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi, a rare subspecies of the grey wolf)
lobo parietal {m} [anatomy] :: parietal lobe (one of the lobes of the brain)
lôbrego {adj} :: lugubrious (gloomy)
lobrigando {v} :: gerund of lobrigar
lobrigar {v} :: to glimpse
lobular {adj} :: lobular (of or relating to a lobule)
lóbulo {m} :: ear lobe (lower part of the ear)
locação {f} :: tenancy
locador {m} :: hirer, lessor (person who leases something to another person)
locadora {f} :: rental (a business that rents products or services)
local {adj} /lu.ˈkaɫ/ :: local
local {m} :: premises, rooms
local {m} :: site
local {m} :: place, location
localidade {f} :: locality (area considered the site of certain activities)
localisar {v} :: superseded spelling of localizar
localização {f} :: location
localização {f} :: placement
localização {f} :: localization
localizado {adj} :: located
localizando {v} :: gerund of localizar
localizar {v} :: to locate
localizar {v} :: to localize
localizar {v} :: to circumscribe
localizar-se {vr} :: to lie (to be situated in a location)
localmente {adv} /lukaɫˈmẽtɨ/ :: locally (with respect to a place)
locando {v} :: gerund of locar
loção {f} :: lotion (ointment to be rubbed on the skin)
locar {v} :: To lease, hire
locar {v} [obsolete] :: To locate
locatário {m} :: tenant
locativo {m} [grammar] :: locative (grammatical case expressing the place where or the time during which something occurs)
locomoção {f} :: locomotion (ability to move from one location to another)
locomotiva {f} :: locomotive, engine (railway)
locomotiva-tênder {f} :: tank engine (steam locomotive train which carries its own fuel and water in the same unit)
locomotor {adj} :: locomotive (relating to locomotion)
locução {f} [grammar] :: phrase (group of words that functions as a single unit)
locução prepositiva {f} :: phrasal preposition
locupletando {v} :: gerund of locupletar
locupletar {v} :: to enrich
locupletar {v} :: to become rich
locutor {m} :: announcer; commentator (one who makes announcements or comments on radio or TV)
lódão {m} :: hackberry (shrub of the genus Celtis)
lodo {m} /ˈlo.ðu/ :: sludge, slime
lodo {m} :: mud
lodo {m} :: silt
lodoso {adj} :: muddy (full of mud)
Lodz {prop} {f} :: Lodz (voivodeship)
Lodz {prop} {f} :: Lodz (city/regional capital)
loess {m} [geology] :: loess (accumulation of wind-blown sediment)
loesse {m} :: alternative form of loess
loganberry {f} :: loganberry (raspberry-blackberry hybrid)
logar {vp} [computing, colloquial in Portugal] :: to log in (to access a computer system by entering the username and password)
logar {m} :: obsolete spelling of lugar
logaritmo {m} :: logarithm (for a number x, the power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain x)
logaritmo natural {m} [mathematics] :: natural logarithm (logarithm in base e)
-logia {suffix} [sciences] /lo.ˈʒi.ɐ/ :: -logy (forms the names of scientific fields of study)
lógia {f} [architecture] /ˈlɔ.ʒjɐ/ :: loggia
lógica {f} /ˈlɔ.ʒi.kɐ/ :: logic
lógica fuzzy {f} [computing] :: fuzzy logic (logic based on the notion of non-binary membership of sets)
logicamente {adv} :: logically (in a logical manner)
-lógico {suffix} :: -logical; -logic (forms adjectives relating to scientific fields that end in -logia)
lógico {adj} /ˈlɔ.ʒi.ku/ :: logical (in agreement with the principles of logic)
lógico {m} :: logician
lógico {interj} :: of course (asserts that an associated phrase is rather obvious or evident)
login {m} [computing] /lɔ.ˈɡĩ/ :: login (the act of logging into a system)
login {m} [computing] :: username (name that identifies an user of a computer system)
-logista {suffix} :: -logist (person who studies or is an expert in a given field)
logística {f} /lo.ˈʒis.t͡ʃi.ka/ :: logistics (planning and implementing the flow of goods and services)
logístico {adj} :: logistic (relating to the transportation of goods or supplies)
-logo {suffix} [sciences] /lo.ɡu/ :: -logist; -logue (forms the names of professionals and scholars working in a given scientific field)
logo {adv} /ˈlɔ.ɣu/ :: soon (in a short while)
logo {conj} [formal] :: thus, therefore (for this reason)
logo {m} /ˈlo.ɣu/ :: logo (a logotype)
logogrifo {m} :: logogriph (word puzzle in which the clues are in verse)
logo que {conj} :: as soon as
Logos {prop} {m} [philosophy] /ˈlo.ɡus/ :: Logos (rational principle in Ancient Greek philosophy)
Logos {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Logos (the word of God)
logotipo {m} /ˌlo.ɡo.ˈt͡ʃi.po/ :: logotype (symbol used by organization, logo)
logótipo {m} :: alternative form of logotipo
logradouro {m} :: patio (public open space)
lograr {v} :: to acquire, obtain
lograr {v} :: to achieve
lograr {v} :: to succeed
loiça {f} /ˈloj.sɐ/ :: alternative form of louça
Loire {prop} {m} :: Loire (river)
loirinha {f} :: diminutive of loira
loiro {adj} /ˈloj.ɾu/ :: alternative form of louro
loiro {m} :: alternative form of louro
loisa {f} :: obsolete form of lousa
loja {f} /ˈlɔ.ʒɐ/ :: shop
loja {f} :: hut
loja de conveniência {f} :: convenience store (a small retail store)
loja de departamento {f} :: department store (store containing many departments)
loja dos trezentos {f} [Portugal, dated] /ˈlɔ.ʒɐ ˈðuʃ tɾɨ.ˈzẽ.tuʃ/ :: dollar store, pound shop
lojista {mf} /luˈʒiʃtɐ/ :: shopkeeper
LOL {interj} [internet slang, text messaging] :: LOL
lolardo {m} [Christianity, historical] /lo.ˈlaʁ.du/ :: Lollard (follower of Lollardism)
Lolland {prop} {f} :: Lolland (island)
loló {f} {m} [Brazil] :: a street drug comprising an aerosol of chloroform in ether solution, which can cause cardiac arrest
lombada {f} :: A long bump
lombada {f} :: The back of a book or of cattle
lombada {f} [Brazil] :: speed bump
Lombardia {prop} {f} /ˌlõ.baʁ.ˈd͡ʒi.ɐ/ :: Lombardia (region)
lombardo {m} :: Lombard (member of a Germanic people who settled in Italy during the Dark Ages)
lombardo {m} :: Lombard (native of Lombardy)
lombardo {m} [uncountable] :: Lombard (Romance language spoken in Lombardy)
lombardo {adj} :: Lombard (of, from or relating to Lombardy)
lombo {m} /ˈlõ.bu/ :: back (the rear of body)
lombo {m} :: loin (meat)
lombriga {f} :: giant roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides, a parasitic roundworm)
Lomé {prop} {f} :: Lomé (capital city)
lona {f} :: canvas (a type of coarse cloth)
London {prop} {f} :: London (city)
London {prop} {f} [relatively rare] :: London (capital city)
Londres {prop} {f} /ˈlõ.dɾɨʃ/ :: Londres (capital city)
londrino {m} :: Londoner (person from London)
londrino {adj} :: of, from or relating to London
longa {f} [grammar] /ˈlõ.ɡɐ/ :: long syllable
longa {f} [music] :: long (a note formerly used in music, twice the length of a breve)
longa {f} {m} :: clipping of longa-metragem
longamente {adv} :: long, lengthily
longamente {adv} :: extensively
longa-metragem {f} {m} [cinema] :: feature film
longan {m} :: longan (fruit of the longan tree)
longana {f} :: longan (Dimocarpus longan, a tree of southern Asia)
longana {f} :: longan (the fruit of the longan tree)
longanimidade {f} /lõ.ɡɐ.ni.mi.ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: longanimity, generosity, magnanimity
longe {adv} /ˈlõ.ʒɨ/ :: far, a long way
longe dos olhos, longe do coração {proverb} :: out of sight, out of mind (something not nearby is forgotten)
longevidade {f} :: longevity
longevo {adj} :: long-lived (having a long lifespan)
longinquidade {f} :: remoteness (the condition of being remote)
longínquo {adj} /lõ.ˈʒĩ.kwu/ :: remote (at a distance)
longitude {f} [geography] /lõ.ʒi.ˈtu.ðɨ/ :: Angular distance measured west or east of the Greenwich Meridian
longitude {f} [geography, astronomy] :: An imaginary line perpendicular to the equator, passing through the North Pole and South Pole
long neck {f} /ˌlõɡ.ˈnɛ.ki/ :: longneck (beer bottle with a long neck)
longo {adj} /ˈlõ.ɡu/ :: long
Longyearbyen {prop} {f} :: Longyearbyen (village/capital)
lontra {f} /ˈlõtɾɐ/ :: otter
Lontra {prop} :: Lontra (placename)
lontra-gigante {f} :: giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)
Lontras {prop} :: Lontras (placename)
loop {m} [computing] :: loop (repeating sequence of instructions)
loop {m} :: loop (aircraft manoeuvre)
looping {m} :: loop (aircraft manoeuvre)
Lopes {prop} {mf} /ˈlɔ.pɨʃ/ :: surname
loquacidade {f} :: loquaciousness (the quality of being loquacious)
loquacidade {f} :: talkativeness (the quality of being talkative)
loquaz {adj} :: loquacious; talkative; chatty
loquete {m} :: alternative form of aloquete
lorandita {f} [mineral] :: lorandite
lorde {m} :: lord (titled nobleman)
Lorena {prop} {f} :: Lorena (region/and/former duchy)
Lorena {prop} {f} :: given name
Lorena {prop} {f} :: Lorena (placename)
lorota {f} [slang] :: lie; bullshit; nonsense
lorpa {adj} :: stupid, imbecile, idiotic
lorpa {adj} :: rude, impolite
lorpa {mf} :: an idiot, a fool
lorpa {mf} :: peasant; someone who lives in the countryside
los {pron} /luʃ/ :: alternative form of o
Los Angeles {prop} {f} /loz ˈɐ̃.ʒe.lis/ :: Los Angeles (city)
Los Ângeles {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative spelling of Los Angeles
losango {m} /lo.ˈzɐ̃.ɡu/ :: rhombus (a parallelogram having all sides of equal length)
losango {m} [heraldiccharge] :: lozenge
losângulo {m} [proscribed] :: rhombus (parallelogram having all sides of equal length)
lotação {f} :: filling, stocking
lotação {f} :: blending (of wine, prior to bottling)
lotação {f} :: capacity (of a place, vessel etc)
lotação {f} [Brazil] :: bus (public transport)
lotação esgotada {f} :: full house (a situation in which the maximum capacity of a place is filled with people)
lotado {adj} /lu.ˈta.ðu/ :: full
lotado {adj} :: crowded
lotar {v} /lu.ˈtaɾ/ :: alternative form of lotear
lotar {vt} :: to crowd (to fill with people)
lotar {vi} :: to become filled with people
lotar {vt} :: to pack; to cram (to fill as much as possible)
lotar {vi} :: to become packed, crammed
lotaria {f} :: lottery
lote {m} :: lot
lote {m} :: plot (of land)
lote {m} :: batch
lotear {vt} /luˈtjaɾ/ :: to distribute into lots
loteria {f} :: lottery
lotérica {f} :: short for casa lotérica
lotérico {adj} :: of or relating to a lottery
lótus {m} /ˈlɔtuʃ/ :: lotus (an aquatic flowering plant of the genus Nelumbo)
louça {f} /ˈlow.sɐ/ :: dishware, dishes; crockery
louça {f} :: china (vessels made of pottery etc)
loucamente {adv} :: madly
louçania {f} :: decoration
louçania {f} :: elegance, gracefulness, beauty
louco {adj} /ˈlo(w).ku/ :: crazy, mad, insane
louco {m} :: a madman, a crazy person
loucura {f} [uncountable] /lo(w).ˈku.ɾɐ/ :: insanity, madness
loucura {f} :: an insane act
Loulé {prop} /loˈlɛ/ :: Loulé (city/and/municipality)
Lourdes {prop} :: given name
Lourdes {prop} :: Lourdes (placename)
loureiro {m} /lo(w).ɾɐj.ɾu/ :: bay (Laurus nobilis, a shrub of the Mediterranean)
Lourenço {prop} {m} /lo(w).ˈɾẽ.su/ :: given name
Loures {prop} /ˈlowɾɨʃ/ :: Loures (city/and/municipality)
Lourinhã {prop} {f} /loɾiˈɲɐ̃/ :: Lourinhã (village/and/municipality)
louro {m} /ˈlo(w).ɾu/ :: blond (fair haired person)
louro {m} :: blond (pale golden brown colour)
louro {m} :: laurel (plant)
louro {m} :: laurel leaf, used as food
louro {adj} :: blonde (having blonde hair)
louro {adj} :: blonde (blonde coloured)
louro {m} :: parrot
lousa {f} /ˈlo(w).zɐ/ :: board (blackboard, whiteboard etc)
lousa {f} :: flagstone (piece of rock or stone used for paving or roofing)
lousa {f} [Portugal] :: slate (rock)
Lousã {prop} {f} /lowˈzɐ̃/ :: Lousã (village/and/municipality)
Lousada {prop} {f} /lowˈzaðɐ/ :: Lousada (village/and/municipality)
louva-a-deus {m} :: praying mantis
louvando {v} :: gerund of louvar
louvar {v} /lo(w).ˈvaɾ/ :: to praise
louvável {adj} :: praiseworthy; laudable (deserving praise)
Louveira {prop} :: Louveira (placename)
louvor {m} [uncountable] /low.ˈvoɾ/ :: praise; worship (especially of a religious entity)
louvor {m} :: a commendation; a praise
Lovaina {prop} {f} :: Lovaina (city/regional capital)
LP {m} :: LP; long-play (33 rpm vinyl record)
LP {f} :: initialism of língua portuguesa
LSD {n} :: LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
lua {f} /ˈlu.ɐ/ :: moon (largest natural satellite of planet Earth)
lua {f} [astronomy] :: moon (any substantially sized natural satellite of a planet)
Lua {prop} {f} :: Moon (sole natural satellite of the Earth)
Lua {prop} {f} :: Lua (lightweight programming language)
lua cheia {f} /lu.ɐ.ˈʃɐj.ɐ/ :: full moon
lua de mel {f} :: honeymoon (period of time immediately following a marriage)
lua de mel {f} :: honeymoon (trip taken by a newly married couple during this period)
lua-de-mel {f} :: obsolete spelling of lua de mel
lua minguante {f} :: waning moon (the moon when it appears smaller each night)
Luana {prop} {f} :: given name
Luanda {prop} {f} /ˈlwɐ̃.dɐ/ :: Luanda (capital city)
lua nova {f} /lu.ɐ.ˈnɔ.vɐ/ :: new moon
luar {m} /ˈlwaɾ/ :: moonlight
luau {m} :: luau (elaborate Hawaiian feast)
lubrificação {f} :: lubrication (the application of lubricants)
lubrificando {v} :: gerund of lubrificar
lubrificante {m} :: lubricant
lubrificar {v} :: to lubricate
Lucas {prop} {m} /ˈlu.kɐs/ :: given name
Lucas {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Luke (early Christian evangelist)
Lucas {prop} {m} [book of the bible] :: Luke (a book of the New Testament)
Lucélia {prop} :: Lucélia (placename)
lucense {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Lugo
lucense {mf} :: Someone from Lugo
lucerna {f} /lu.ˈsɛɾ.nɐ/ :: alternative form of luzerna
lúcia {f} [botany] :: a plant of genus Lucya, family Rubiaceae
Lúcia {prop} {f} /ˈlu.sjɐ/ :: given name
Luciana {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Luciano
Luciano {prop} {m} /lu.ˈsjɐ.nu/ :: given name
Luciano {prop} {m} [philosophy] :: Lucian (ancient Syrian sophist)
Lucianópolis {prop} :: Lucianópolis (placename)
lucidez {f} :: lucidity (property of being lucid)
lúcido {adj} :: lucid; clear (easily understood)
lúcido {adj} :: lucid; sane (mentally rational)
lúcido {adj} :: lucid (bright, luminous, translucent or transparent)
Lúcifer {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Lucifer (name of the Devil)
luciferismo {m} [religion] :: Luciferianism (belief system that venerates the essential characteristics identified with Lucifer)
lucina {f} [poetic] :: The Moon
lúcio {m} :: northern pike (Esox lucius, a large freshwater of Europe)
lucioperca {f} :: zander (Sander lucioperca, an European freshwater fish)
Lucknow {prop} {f} :: Lucknow (city/state capital)
Luçon {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Luzon
lucrar {v} [business] /luˈkɾaɾ/ :: to profit (to earn a profit)
lucrativo {adj} :: profitable (producing profit)
Lucrécio {prop} {m} :: given name
lucro {m} /ˈlu.kɾu/ :: profit; benefit
lucro {m} [economics] :: profit (positive income minus expenditures)
lucta {f} :: obsolete spelling of luta
luctador {adj} :: obsolete spelling of lutador
luctador {m} :: obsolete spelling of lutador
luctar {v} :: obsolete spelling of lutar
lucto {m} :: obsolete spelling of luto
lucubração {f} :: alternative form of elucubração
lúcuma {f} :: lucmo
ludibriar {v} :: to hoodwink (To deceive by showing false strength, reality or influence)
ludibriar {v} :: to cheat (manage to avoid something)
ludíbrio {m} :: mockery; ridicule; derision
ludíbrio {m} :: laughing stock (object of ridicule)
lúdico {adj} :: ludic; playful (of or pertaining to play)
ludismo {m} [historical] :: Luddism (opposition to the Industrial Revolution by textile workers)
ludismo {m} [by extension, pejorative] :: Luddism (opposition to technological progress)
ludista {mf} :: Luddite (19th century textile worker who destroyed machinery)
ludista {mf} [by extension, pejorative] :: Luddite (one opposing technological advancement)
ludopédio {m} [formal] :: football; soccer (team sport)
ludovicense {adj} :: an inhabitant of city of São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
lufa {f} :: gust
lufa {f} [figurative] :: bustle
lufada {f} :: gust (strong, abrupt rush of wind)
lufa-lufa {f} [colloquial] :: bustle
lufar {v} :: to blow
Lugansk {prop} {f} :: Lugansk (oblast/and/separatist state)
Lugansk {prop} {f} :: Lugansk (city/regional capital)
lugar {m} /lu.ˈɣaɾ/ :: place (location or position)
lugar {m} :: available room
lugar {m} :: place (position within a rank)
lugar {m} :: [uncountable] opportunity (chance for advancement, progress or profit)
lugar {m} :: a reserved or available seat
lugar {m} :: a position in a book, song or film
lugar-comum {m} :: commonplace (platitude or cliché)
lugar-comum {m} :: commonplace (something that is ordinary)
lugarejo {m} :: hamlet
Lugar Nenhum {prop} {m} [idiomatic] :: middle of nowhere (remote place; a place lacking population, interesting things or defining characteristics)
luge {m} [uncountable] /luːʒ/ :: luge (sport)
luge {m} [countable] :: luge (sled used in the sport)
lugre {m} :: siskin (small European finch)
lúgubre {adj} :: sombre; gloomy; sinister
Luís {prop} {m} :: given name
Luísa {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Luís
Luís Antônio {prop} :: Luís Antônio (placename)
Luisburgo {prop} :: Luisburgo (placename)
Luis Eduardo Magalhães {prop} :: Luis Eduardo Magalhães (placename)
Luisiana {prop} {f} {m} :: Luisiana (state)
Luislândia {prop} :: Luislândia (placename)
luita {f} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative form of luta
luitador {adj} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative spelling of lutador
luitador {m} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative spelling of lutador
luitar {v} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative spelling of lutar
luito {m} [obsolete or dialectal] :: alternative form of luto
Luiz {prop} {m} :: given name. Masculine of Luiza
Luiza {prop} {f} :: given name, feminine form of Luiz
Luiz Alves {prop} :: Luiz Alves (placename)
Luiziânia {prop} :: Luiziânia (placename)
lula {f} /ˈ :: squid (sea animal)
Lula {prop} {m} [Northeast Brazil] :: A pet form for Luís or Luiz
lulopetismo {m} [Brazil, politics, colloquial] /ˌˈt͡ʃ :: the political practices of former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his Workers' Party (Brazil)
Lulopetismo {m} :: alternative case form of lulopetismo
lumbago {m} [pathology] :: lumbago (pain in the lower back)
lume {m} /ˈlu.mɨ/ :: flame, fire (to cook or keep oneself warm)
lume {m} [anatomy] :: lumen
lúmen {m} [physics] :: lumen (SI-unit of luminous flux)
lúmen {m} [anatomy] :: lumen (the space within tubular organ)
Luminárias {prop} :: Luminárias (placename)
luminescência {f} :: luminescence
luminosidade {f} :: luminosity
luminoso {adj} /lu.mi.ˈno.zu/ :: luminous
lunar {adj} /luˈnaɾ/ :: lunar
lunar {m} :: mole, birthmark
lunática {f} :: feminine noun of lunático
lunático {m} /luˈnatiku/ :: lunatic
lunático {adj} :: lunatic
Luneburg {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Luneburgo
Lüneburg {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Luneburgo
Luneburgo {prop} {f} :: Luneburgo (city)
luneta {f} :: spyglass (portable telescope)
luo {m} :: Luo (member of a tribal group in eastern Africa)
luo {m} :: Luo (a language spoken by the Luo people)
lupa {f} /ˈlu.pɐ/ :: magnifying glass
lupanar {m} :: brothel (house of prostitution)
Lupércio {prop} :: Lupércio (placename)
lúpulo {m} [botany] :: hop (plant whose flowers are used in ale brewing, Humulus lupulus)
lúpus {m} [pathology] :: lupus (an autoimmune disease)
Lusácia {prop} {f} :: Lusácia (historical region)
Lusaka {prop} {f} :: Lusaka (capital city)
lusco {adj} :: one-eyed
lusco {adj} :: cross-eyed
lusco {adj} :: blind
lusco-fusco {m} /luʃkuˈfuʃku/ :: twilight
lusco-fusco {m} :: nightfall
Lusitânia {prop} {f} /lu.zi.ˈtɐ.njɐ/ :: Lusitânia (ancient kingdom/and/province)
Lusitânia {prop} {f} [poetic] :: Lusitânia (country)
lusitânico {adj} [historical] :: Lusitanian (of or relating to the pre-Roman Lusitanian people)
lusitânico {adj} [poetic] :: Portuguese (of or relating to Portugal)
lusitânico {adj} [poetic] :: Portuguese (of or relating to the Portuguese language)
lusitano {m} [historical] /ˌlu.zi.ˈtɐ.nu/ :: Lusitanian (member of ancient Lusitania or its people)
lusitano {m} [uncountable] :: Lusitanian (the extinct language spoken by the Lusitani)
lusitano {m} [poetic] :: Portuguese (person from Portugal)
lusitano {adj} [historical] :: Lusitanian (of the ancient Lusitania or its people)
lusitano {adj} :: of the Lusitanian language
lusitano {adj} [poetic] :: of Portugal
lusitano {adj} [poetic] :: of the Portuguese language
luso- {prefix} /ˈlu.zɔ/ :: Luso-
luso {adj} /ˈlu.zu/ :: Lusitanian (Of or pertaining to ancient Roman province of Lusitania, its people or culture)
luso {adj} :: Portuguese (Of or pertaining to Portugal, its people or culture)
luso {m} :: Lusitanian (A native or inhabitant of ancient Lusitania)
luso {m} :: Portuguese (A native or inhabitant of Portugal)
Luso {prop} {m} [Roman god] /ˈlu.zu/ :: Lusus (Roman god; supposed son or companion of Bacchus)
Luso {prop} {m} :: Luso (village/and/parish)
lusofobia {f} /lu.zɔ.fu.ˈβi.ɐ/ :: Lusophobia (hatred or aversion towards the Portuguese)
lusofonia {f} :: Lusosphere; Lusophony (places where Portuguese is spoken, taken as a whole)
lusófono {adj} [of a person] :: Portuguese-speaking, Lusophone
lusófono {adj} [of a place] :: Portuguese-speaking
lusófono {m} :: Lusophone, a Portuguese-speaker
lusque-fusque {m} :: alternative form of lusco-fusco
lustral {adj} :: lustral (relating to ritual purification)
lustrar {v} :: to shine; to polish
lustre {m} /ˈluʃ.tɾɨ/ :: chandelier
lustroso {adj} :: glossy; lustrous (having a reflective surface)
luta {f} /ˈlu.tɐ/ :: fight (physical conflict between two parties)
luta {f} :: fight; striving (great effort in pursuing something)
luta de classes {f} [sociology] :: class struggle (struggle between social classes)
lutador {adj} /lu.tɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: Who fights
lutador {m} :: fighter, combatant
lutar {v} [em] /lu.ˈtaɾ/ :: to fight (in) (participate in a conflict)
lutar {v} [com, contra] :: to fight against (participate in a conflict against an enemy)
lutar {v} [contra] :: to fight; to struggle against (try to stop something)
lutar {v} [por] :: to fight (for); to strive (for); to struggle (try to obtain something)
lutar {v} [contra] :: to struggle (against) (attempt to counteract a force)
Lutécia {prop} {f} :: Lutécia (ancient town)
Lutécia {prop} {f} :: Lutécia (placename)
lutécio {m} :: lutetium (chemical element)
lúteo {adj} :: yellowish; yellow with a tinge or orange or red
luteranismo {m} :: Lutheranism (branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther)
luterano {adj} /ˌlu.te.ˈɾɐ.no/ :: Lutheran (related to the Lutheran church)
luterano {m} :: Lutheran (member of the Lutheran church)
luteria {f} :: lutherie (the craft of making musical instruments)
lutherano {adj} :: obsolete spelling of luterano
lutherano {m} :: obsolete spelling of luterano
lutiê {mf} :: luthier (person who makes or repairs stringed wooden musical instruments)
lutinha {f} /lu.ˈt͡ʃi.ɲɐ/ :: diminutive of luta
luto {m} /ˈlu.tu/ :: mourning (sorrow over someone’s death)
luva {f} [clothing] /ˈlu.vɐ/ :: glove
luva {f} :: type of sleeve for connecting pipes
luva {f} [in the plural, figuratively] :: tip; bribe
luva de boxe {f} [boxing] :: boxing glove (padded mitten worn in boxing)
luva de cozinha {f} :: oven glove (glove designed to carry hot objects)
luva de forno {f} :: oven glove (glove designed to carry hot objects)
luvaria {f} /ˌˈɾi.ɐ/ :: glove shop
lux {m} :: lux (the derived unit of illuminance)
luxação {f} [medicine] :: dislocation; luxation (dislocating of an organ from its proper place, especially a bone from a joint)
Luxemburgo {prop} {m} /lu.ʃẽ.ˈbuɾ.ɣu/ :: Luxemburgo (country)
Luxemburgo {prop} {?} :: Luxemburgo (capital city)
luxemburguês {adj} /ˌlu.ʃẽ.buɾ.ˈɡe(j)s/ :: Luxembourgish (of Luxembourg)
luxemburguês {m} :: Luxembourger (citizen of Luxembourg)
luxemburguês {prop} {m} :: Luxembourgish (language of Luxembourg)
luxemburguez {m} :: obsolete spelling of luxemburguês
luxemburguez {adj} :: obsolete spelling of luxemburguês
luxo {m} [uncountable] /ˈlu.ʃu/ :: extravagance; prodigality
luxo {m} :: luxury (something pleasant but unnecessary)
luxuoso {adj} :: luxurious
luxuoso {adj} :: stately
luxúria {f} :: lust (strong desire, especially of a sexual nature)
luxurioso {adj} :: lustful (full of lust)
Luys {prop} {m} :: given name, archaic variant of Luís
luz {f} /ˈluʃ/ :: light (medium within which vision is possible)
luz {f} :: light; light source (object that emits light)
luz {f} :: [figurative] light; enlightenment (knowledge about things as they really are)
luz {f} [colloquial] :: electricity
Luz {prop} {f} :: given name
Luz {prop} {f} :: Luz (placename)
luz da rua {f} :: streetlight
luz de Drummond {f} [theatre, obsolete] :: Drummond light, limelight (stage lighting obtained by burning lime)
luz de rua {f} :: alternative form of luz da rua
luzerna {f} /lu.ˈzɛɾ.nɐ/ :: oil lamp
Luzerna {prop} :: Luzerna (placename)
luzes, câmera, ação {phrase} [cinematography] :: lights, camera, action (traditional cue at a beginning of a film take)
Luzia {prop} {f} :: given name
luzindo {v} :: gerund of luzir
luzir {v} /lu.ˈziɾ/ :: to shine (to emit light)
Luzon {prop} {f} :: Luzon (island)
Luzón {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Luzon
Lviv {prop} {f} :: Lviv (oblast)
Lviv {prop} {f} :: Lviv (city/and/municipality/regional capital)
Lvov {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Lviv
Lx.ª {prop} {f} :: abbreviation of Lisboa
lycença {f} :: obsolete spelling of licença
lyceo {m} :: obsolete spelling of liceu
lyceu {m} :: obsolete spelling of liceu
lynce {m} :: obsolete spelling of lince
Lyon {prop} {f} :: Lyon (city)