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dab {n} (fingerprint) SEE: fingerprint  ::
dab {n} (flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae)  :: писия {f}
dab {n} (one skilful or proficient, an expert, an adept)  :: майстор {m}, специалист {m}
dab {n} (small amount, blob)  :: мазка {f}
dab {n} (soft tap)  :: потупване {n}
dab {v} (apply softly tapping)  :: цапвам, мацвам
dab {v} (softly tap)  :: потупвам
dabble {v} (partially wet)  :: пляскам, пръскам
dabble {v} (participate)  :: меся се, бъркам се
dabchick {n} (type of bird)  :: малък гмурец
dace {n} (Leuciscus leuciscus)  :: клен {m} /klen/
dacha {n} (Russian villa or summer house)  :: да́ча {f}
dachshund {n} (breed of dog)  :: дакел {m} /dákel/
Dacia {prop} (ancient kingdom and Roman province)  :: Дакия {f} /Dákija/
dad {n} (informal a father)  :: та́тко {m}
daddy longlegs {n} (cranefly) SEE: cranefly  ::
daddy longlegs {n} (spider) SEE: daddy long-legs spider  ::
daffodil {n} (flower)  :: нарцис {m} /narcís/
daft {adj} (insane, mad)  :: побъркан, ненормален
daft {adj} (silly)  :: неразумен
daft {adj} (stupid)  :: глупав
Dagestan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Дагеста́н {m}
dagger {n} (a stabbing weapon)  :: кама {f}
dago {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
dahlia {n} (any plant of the genus Dahlia)  :: далия {f}, гергина {f}
daily {adj} (that occurs every day)  :: всекидневен {m}, ежедневен {m}, катадне́вен
daily {adv} (every day)  :: всекидневно, ежедневно
daily {n} (a newspaper that is published every day)  :: ежедневник {m}
dainty {adj} (delicately small and pretty)  :: не́жен, изи́скан
dainty {adj} (fastidious and fussy when eating)  :: приди́рчив
dainty {n} (a delicacy)  :: деликатес, лакомство
dairy {adj} (referring to products produced from milk)  :: млечен
dairy {n} (place, where milk is processed)  :: мандра {f}
dairy {n} (products produced from milk)  :: млечни произведения
dairy {n} (shop selling dairy products)  :: млекарница {f}
dairyman {n} (man who works in a dairy) SEE: milkman  ::
dais {n} (raised platform)  :: подиум {m}, естрада {f}
daisy {n} (Bellis perennis)  :: паричка {f}, маргаритка {f}
Dalai Lama {n} (the supreme head of Tibetan Buddhism)  :: далай-лама {m} /dálaj-láma/
dale {n} (valley)  :: долина {f}
dalliance {n} (a wasting of time in idleness or trifles)  :: губене на време
dalliance {n} (playful flirtation)  :: флирт {m}
dally {v} (to delay unnecessarily)  :: отлагам
dally {v} (to interchange caresses)  :: флиртувам
dally {v} (to waste time)  :: губя си времето, играя си
Dalmatian {prop} (Extinct Romance language of Croatia.)  :: далматински език {m} /dalmatínski ezík/
daltonic {adj} (color blind) SEE: color blind  ::
dam {n} (structure placed across a flowing body of water)  :: бент {m}
dam {v} (block)  :: заприщвам
damage {n} (abstract measure of something not being intact; harm)  :: щета {f}
damage {n} (cost or expense)  :: вреда {f}
damage {v} (to make something less intact or even destroy it; to harm or cause destruction)  :: повреждам
Damascus {prop} (the capital city of Syria)  :: Дама́ск {m}
damask {n} (damask rose) SEE: damask rose  ::
damask {n} (fabric)  :: дамаска {f}
dammara {n} (dammer) SEE: dammer  ::
damn {adv} (awfully, extremely)  :: ужасно
damn {n} (use of damn as a swear word)  :: проклятие {n}
damn {v} (theology: to condemn to hell)  :: проклинам
damn {v} (to put a curse upon)  :: кълна, проклинам
damn {v} (to put out of favor)  :: осъждам, порицавам
damnable {adj} (capable of being damned)  :: проклет
damnable {adj} (deserving of damnation)  :: осъдителен
damnation {n} (Condemnation to everlasting punishment in the future state, or the punishment itself)  :: вечни мъки {p}
damnation {n} (The state of being damned; condemnation; openly expressed disapprobation)  :: проклятие {n}
damned {adj} (god-forsaken)  :: прокълнат
damned well {adv} (damn well) SEE: damn well  ::
damp {adj} (Being in a state between dry and wet)  :: влажен /vlážen/
damp {adj} (Dejected)  :: унил, потиснат
damp {n} (A gaseous product, formed in coal mines, old wells, pits, etc)  :: рудничен газ
damp {n} (Dejection)  :: униние {n}, потиснатост {f}
damp {n} (Moisture)  :: влага {f}, влажност {f}
damp {v} (To put out, as fire)  :: задушавам
damp {v} (To render damp)  :: овлажнявам
damp {v} (To suppress vibrations or oscillations)  :: заглушавам, затихвам
dampen {v} (become damp, to deaden)  :: навлажнявам се
dampen {v} (depress, lessen)  :: обезсърчавам, угнетявам
dampen {v} (make damp)  :: навлажнявам
dampproof {adj} (resistant to the effects of damp)  :: непромокаем
damselfish {n} (fish of Pomacentridae)  :: кестенка
damson {n} (fruit)  :: си́ня сли́ва {f}, сли́ва {f}
damson {n} (tree)  :: сли́ва {f}
dance {n} (movements to music)  :: танц {m}
dance {v} (move rhythmically to music)  :: танцу́вам
dancer {n} (euphemism for stripper)  :: танцьорка {f}
dancer {n} (person who dances)  :: танцьо́р {m}, балети́ст {m}
dandelion {n} (plant, wild flower of the genus Taraxacum)  :: глухарче {n}
dandify {v} (dress as a dandy)  :: наконтвам, натруфвам
dandle {v} (To move up and down on one’s knee or in one’s arms, in affectionate play)  :: дундуркам
dandle {v} (To treat with fondness, as if a child; to fondle)  :: глезя, приласкавам
dandruff {n} (skin flakes)  :: пъ̀рхот {m}
dandy {adj} (like a dandy)  :: контешки
dandy {n} (man very concerned about his clothes and his appearance)  :: конте, франт {m}
dandy {n} (yawl) SEE: yawl  ::
Dane {n} (person from Denmark or of Danish descent)  :: датчанин {m}
dang {adj} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
danger {n} (exposure to liable harm)  :: опа́сност {f}
danger {n} (instance or cause of liable harm)  :: заплаха {f}
dangerous {adj} (full of danger)  :: опа́сен, риско́ван
dangle {v} (hang loosely)  :: вися
dangle {v} (hang or trail something loosely)  :: закачвам, провесвам
Danify {v} (Danicize) SEE: Danicize  ::
Danish {n} (native of Denmark) SEE: Dane  ::
Danish {prop} (language)  :: датски
Danish crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
dank {adj} (dark, damp and humid)  :: влажен, усоен
Dantean {adj} (of or pertaining to Dante or his style) SEE: Dantesque  ::
Danube {prop} (river of Europe that flows to the Black Sea)  :: Дуна́в {m}
dapper {adj} (neat, trim)  :: спретнат
dapper {adj} (stylishly or neatly dressed)  :: докаран, елегантен
dapple {adj} (having a spotted skin or coat)  :: пъстър, петнист
dapple {v} (to mark with spots)  :: изпъстрям, изпъстрям се
darbuka {n} (goblet drum) SEE: goblet drum  ::
darby {n} (tool)  :: маламашка
Dardanelles {prop} (strait)  :: Дардане́ли {f-p}
dare {n} (a challenge)  :: предизвикателство {n}
dare {v} (to brave or face up to)  :: осмелявам се
dare {v} (to defy or challenge)  :: предизвиквам
dare {v} (to have courage)  :: смея, дръзвам
daredevil {adj} (recklessly bold; adventurous)  :: безразсъден
daredevil {n} (person who engages in risky behavior)  :: луда глава, смелчага
daring {adj} (courageous)  :: смел, безстрашен
daring {adj} (willing to take on risks)  :: дързък, авантюристичен
daring {n} (boldness)  :: смелост {f}, безстрашие {n}
Darius {prop} (any of several Persian kings)  :: Дарий {m}
dark {adj} (having an absolute or relative lack of light)  :: тъ̀мен
dark {adj} (hidden, secret)  :: тъ́мен
dark {adj} (not bright or light, deeper in hue)  :: тъ́мен, мрачен
dark {adj} (without moral or spiritual light)  :: мрачен
dark {n} (a complete or partial absence of light)  :: мрак {m}, тъмнина {f}
dark {n} (ignorance)  :: невидение {n}, незнание {n}
dark {n} (nightfall)  :: свечеряване {n}
darken {v} (to become dark(er) in colour)  :: потъмнявам
darken {v} (to become darker (less bright))  :: потъмнявам
darken {v} (to make dark by reducing light)  :: затъмнявам
darkey {n} ((slang, offensive) a person with dark skin)  :: чернилка {f}
dark matter {n} (particles of matter that cannot be detected by their radiation)  :: тъмна материя {f} /tǎ̀mna matérija/
darkness {n} (state of being dark)  :: мрак {m} /mrak/, тъмнина {f} /tǎmnina/
darling {adj} (dear, cherished)  :: любим, мил, скъп
darling {n} (person who is dear to one)  :: любим {m}, любима {f}
darmstadtium {n} (transuranic chemical element with atomic number 110)  :: дармщадтий {m} /dármštadtij/
darn {adj} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
darn {interj} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
darn {v} (damn) SEE: damn  ::
darn {v} (stitch with thread)  :: замрежвам, закърпвам
darnel {n} (type of ryegrass found in wheatfields)  :: глушица
darner {n} (dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae) SEE: hawker  ::
darning needle {n} (damselfly) SEE: damselfly  ::
dart {n} (game)  :: дартс {p}
dart {n} (sharp-pointed missile weapon)  :: стреличка {f}
dart {n} (zoology: fish) SEE: dace  ::
dart {v} (to fly or pass swiftly)  :: спускам се
dart {v} (to start and run with velocity; to shoot rapidly along)  :: хуквам
dart {v} (to throw suddenly or rapidly)  :: мятам, хвърлям
dart {v} (to throw with a sudden effort)  :: мятам, хвърлям
Darth Vader {prop} (Malevolent individual)  :: Дарт Вейдър {m} /Dart Véjdǎr/
Darwinism {n} (principles of natural selection)  :: дарвинизъм {m}
dash {n} (dashboard) SEE: dashboard  ::
dash {n} (Morse code symbol)  :: тире {n} /tiré/
dash {n} (short run)  :: втурване {n}, спринт {m}
dash {n} (typographic symbol)  :: тире {n} /tiré/
dash {n} (vigor) SEE: vigor  ::
dash {v} (informal: to leave)  :: напускам
dash {v} (to destroy)  :: разбивам
dash {v} (to dishearten)  :: обезкуражавам
dash {v} (to run short distance)  :: втурвам се, спринтирам
dash {v} (to throw violently)  :: хвърлям
dashboard {n} (panel under the windscreen of a motor car or aircraft)  :: арматурно табло {n} /armatúrno tabló/
dasheen {n} (cocoyam) SEE: cocoyam  ::
dashing {adj} (chic, fashionable)  :: елегантен
dashing {adj} (spirited, audacious and full of high spirits)  :: жив, енергичен
data {n} (information)  :: да́нни {n-p}
data bank {n} (databank) SEE: databank  ::
databank {n} (database) SEE: database  ::
database {n} (collection of information)  :: ба́за да́нни {f}
data flow {n} (transfer of data between the components of a computer) SEE: data stream  ::
date {n} (assigned end; conclusion)  :: срок {m}
date {n} (date palm) SEE: date palm  ::
date {n} (fruit of the date palm)  :: фурма́ {f}, фи́ник {m}
date {n} (meeting with a lover or potential lover; a person so met)  :: сре́ща {f}
date {n} (point in time)  :: вре́ме {n}
date {n} (point of time at which a transaction or event takes place)  :: да́та {f}
date {n} (pre-arranged social meeting)  :: сре́ща {f}
date {n} (that which specifies the time of writing, inscription etc.)  :: да́та {f}
date {v} (to determine the age of something)  :: дати́рам {impf} {pf}
date {v} (to note or fix the time of, as of an event)  :: дати́рам {impf} {pf}
date {v} (to note the time of writing or executing)  :: дати́рам {impf} {pf}
dated {adj} (marked with a date)  :: датиран
dated {adj} (out of date)  :: отживял, старомоден
date of birth {n} (birthday) SEE: birthday  ::
date palm {n} (Phoenix dactylifera)  :: фи́никова па́лма {f}
date tree {n} (date palm) SEE: date palm  ::
dative {adj}  :: дателен /dátelen/
dative {n} (dative case) SEE: dative case  ::
dative bond {n} (coordinate bond) SEE: coordinate bond  ::
dative case {n} (case used to express direction towards an indirect object)  :: дателен падеж {m} /dátelen padéž/
datum {v} (single piece of information)  :: данна {f}, изходна величина
daub {n} (crude or amateurish painting)  :: цапотене {n}
daub {n} (soft coating of mud, plaster etc)  :: мазилка {f}
daub {v} (to apply something in hasty or crude strokes)  :: цапам, мажа
daughter {n} (female offspring)  :: дъщеря́ {f}
daughter-in-law {n} (wife of one's son)  :: снаха́ {f}
daunt {v} (to discourage)  :: сплашвам
daunt {v} (to overwhelm)  :: обезкуражавам
dauntless {adj} (invulnerable to fear or intimidation)  :: неустрашим
Davis {prop} (surname derived from David) SEE: Davidson  ::
daw {n} (Coloeus monedula) SEE: jackdaw  ::
daw {v} (dawn) SEE: dawn  ::
dawdle {v} (to move or walk lackadaisically)  :: шляя се
dawdle {v} (to spend time idly and unfruitfully, to waste time)  :: безделнича
dawdle {v} (to spend (time) without haste or purpose)  :: разтакавам се, туткам се
dawn {n} (morning twilight period)  :: зора {f}, разсъмване {n}
dawn {n} (rising of the sun)  :: зора {f}, разсъмване {n}
dawn {n} (time)  :: зори {p}
dawn {v} (to begin to brighten with daylight)  :: съмва се, зазорява се
dawn {v} (to start to appear, to be realized)  :: изгрявам, появявам се
day {n} (part of a day period which one spends at one’s job, school, etc.)  :: ден {m}
day {n} (period between sunrise and sunset)  :: ден {m}
day {n} (period from midnight to the following midnight)  :: деноно́щие {n}, ден {m}
day {n} (period of 24 hours)  :: деноно́щие {n}, ден {m}
day {n} (rotational period of a planet)  :: денонощие {n}
day after tomorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow - translation entry)  :: вдру́гиден
day and night {adj} (night and day) SEE: night and day  ::
daybed {n} (couch)  :: кушетка, канапе
day before yesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday - translation entry)  :: за́вчера
day before yesterday {n} (day before yesterday - translation entry)  :: о́нзи ден {m}
daybreak {n} (dawn)  :: зазоряване {n}
daydream {n} (a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts)  :: блян {m}, мечта́ {m}
daydream {v} (to have such a series of thoughts)  :: блену́вам {impf}, мечта́я {impf}
daydreamer {n} (one who daydreams)  :: мечта́тел {m}
Dayi method {prop} (Dayi) SEE: Dayi  ::
day laborer {n} (laborer who is paid one day at a time, with no promise that more work will be available in the future)  :: надничар
day lark {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird  ::
daylight {n} (daybreak) SEE: daybreak  ::
daylight savings time {n} (daylight saving time) SEE: daylight saving time  ::
daylight saving time {n} (an adjustment of the official time during summer)  :: лятно време {n} /ljátno vréme/
daylily {n} (plant of Hemerocallis)  :: хемерокалис
day off {n} (a day of vacation etc.)  :: свободен ден {m} /svobóden den/
daypack {n} (small backpack)  :: еднодневка
daze {n} (the state of being dazed)  :: шемет {m}, замаяност {f}
daze {v} (to stupefy with excess of light, with a blow, with cold, or with fear; to confuse; to benumb)  :: замайвам, зашеметявам
dazed {adj} (stunned)  :: зашеметен {m}, зашеметена {f}
dazzle {v} (confuse the sight)  :: заслепявам
dazzle {v} (figuratively)  :: смайвам, поразявам
deacon {n} (a clergyman ranked directly below a priest)  :: дя́кон {m}
deacon {n} (a designated minister of charity in the early Church)  :: дя́кон {m}
dead {adj} (figuratively, not alive)  :: мъ̀ртъв
dead {adj} (fully and completely motionless)  :: неподви́жен
dead {adj} (no longer alive)  :: мъ̀ртъв
dead {adj} (of a device: completely inactive; without power)  :: изгасен
dead {adj} (without emotion)  :: неодушевен
dead {adv} (Exactly right)  :: направо, напълно
dead {adv} (Very, absolutely, extremely, suddenly)  :: абсолютно, безусловно
dead {n} (those who have died)  :: мъртвите {p}
dead calm {n} (condition of a flat sea without waves)  :: затишие {n}
dead end {n} (street or path that goes nowhere)  :: задънена улица {f}
dead-end {adj} (blocked)  :: задънен
dead-end {n} (position) SEE: impasse  ::
dead-end {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end  ::
deadlock {n} (standstill)  :: застой {m}, мъртва точка {f}
deadly {adj} (lethal)  :: убийствен, смъртоносен
deadly {adj} (very accurate)  :: много точен
deadly {adj} (very boring)  :: много скучен
deadly nightshade {n} (deadly nightshade; Atropa belladonna)  :: беладона {f} /beladona/, лудо биле {n}
Dead Sea {prop} (lake in the Middle East)  :: Мъртво море {n} /Mǎ́rtvo móre/
deaf {adj} (unable to hear)  :: глух
deaf aid {n} (hearing aid) SEE: hearing aid  ::
deaf as a doorpost {adj} (stone deaf) SEE: stone deaf  ::
deaf as a post {adj} (stone deaf) SEE: stone deaf  ::
deafen {v} (to make deaf)  :: оглушавам
deafen {v} (to make soundproof)  :: заглушавам, правя звуконепроницаем
deafening {adj} (loud enough to cause hearing loss)  :: оглушителен
deaf-mute {adj} (unable to hear or speak)  :: глухоня́м
deal {adj} (made of deal)  :: елов, чамов
deal {n} (distribution of cards)  :: раздаване {n}
deal {n} (instance of buying or selling)  :: сделка {f}
deal {n} (large number or amount or extent)  :: количество {n}
deal {n} (plank of softwood)  :: чамова дъска
deal {n} (wood that is easy to saw)  :: чам {m}
deal {v} (to administer in portions)  :: разпределям
deal {v} (to be concerned with)  :: имам работа с
deal {v} (to distribute (cards))  :: раздавам
deal {v} (to give out as one’s portion or share)  :: раздавам, разпределям
deal {v} (to handle, manage)  :: справям се
deal {v} (to trade)  :: търгувам
dealer {n} (a particular type of stock broker or trader)  :: дилър {m}
dealer {n} (one who deals in things, e.g. automobiles)  :: търговец {m}
dealer {n} (one who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers)  :: дилър {m}
dealer {n} (the person who deals the cards in a card game)  :: раздавач {m}
dean {n} (church dignitary)  :: главен свещеник
dean {n} (senior official in college or university)  :: декан {m}
dear {adj} (an informal way of addressing the recipient in a letter's opening line)  :: скъп
dear {adj} (formal way of addressing)  :: уважаем
dear {adj} (high in price; expensive)  :: скъп {m}
dear {adj} (loved; lovable)  :: любим
dear {adj} (loving, affectionate, heartfelt)  :: мил, драг
dear {adj} (precious to or greatly valued by someone)  :: скъп
dear {adj} (sore) SEE: sore  ::
dear {n} (a very kind, loving person)  :: любим {m}, възлюбен {m}
dear {n} (beloved#noun) SEE: beloved  ::
dear me {interj} (good heavens) SEE: good heavens  ::
dearth {n} (period when food is rare)  :: оскъдица {f}, глад {m}
dearth {n} (scarcity)  :: недоимък {m}
death {n} (cessation of life)  :: смърт {f}
deathbed {n} (the bed on which someone dies)  :: смъртно легло {n} /smǎ̀rtno legló/
death camp {n} (facility)  :: лагер на смъртта {m} /láger na smǎ̀rtta/
death cap {n} (Amanita phalloides)  :: зелена мухоморка
death duty {n} (inheritance tax or estate tax)  :: данък наследство
deathlike {adj} (deadly) SEE: deadly  ::
death note {n} (suicide note) SEE: suicide note  ::
death sentence {n} (sentence)  :: смъртна присъда {f}
deathwatch {n} (a deathwatch beetle)  :: бръмбар-гробар
deathwatch {n} (a vigil beside a dying person)  :: бдение при умиращ
Debaltsevo {prop} (Debaltseve) SEE: Debaltseve  ::
debar {v} (To exclude or shut out; to bar)  :: възпирам, препятствам
Debar {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Дебър {m} /Débăr/
debark {v} (to disembark) SEE: disembark  ::
debark {v} (to remove bark)  :: свалям кората
debark {v} (to unload)  :: свалям, стоварвам
debarment {n} (The act, an instance of debarring)  :: възпиране {n}, препятстване {n}
debase {v} (lower in character, etc)  :: понижавам, унижавам
debatable {adj} (controversial)  :: спорен, дискусионен
debate {n} (argument, or discussion, usually in an ordered or formal setting)  :: деба́ти {m-p}
debate {n} (discussion of opposing views)  :: дискусия {f}
debate {n} (informal and spirited but generally civil discussion of opposing views)  :: разискване {n}, дискусия {f}
debate {v} (participate in a debate)  :: дебатирам, дискутирам
debauch {n} (act of debauchery)  :: разврат {m} /razvrát/
debauch {n} (orgy) SEE: orgy  ::
debauch {v} ((transitive) to debase something)  :: развалям, изопачавам
debauch {v} ((transitive) to morally corrupt someone; to seduce)  :: покварявам, развращавам
debauchery {n} (debauchery)  :: разврат {m}
debenture {n} (certificate that certifies an amount of money owed to someone)  :: разпи́ска за дълг {f}
debenture {n} ((finance) a type of bond)  :: облига́ция {f}
debilitate {v} (to make feeble; to weaken)  :: отслабвам, омаломощавам
debility {n} (state of weakness)  :: безсилие, немощ
debone {v} (remove the bones from something)  :: обезкостявам
debris {n} (litter and discarded refuse)  :: остатъци {p}, отпадъци {p}
debris {n} (rubble, wreckage, scattered remains of something destroyed)  :: отломки {m-p} /otlómki/, развалини {f-p} /razválini/
debris {n} (ruins of a broken-down structure)  :: отломки {p}
debt {n} (action, state of mind, or object one has an obligation to perform for another)  :: задължение {n}
debt {n} (money that one person or entity owes or is required to pay to another)  :: дълг {m}
debt {n} (state or condition of owing something to another)  :: дълг {m}
debunk {v} (to discredit or expose the falsehood of something)  :: развенчавам, изобличавам измама
deca- {prefix}  :: дека-
decade {n} (a period of ten years)  :: десетилетие {n}
decade {n} (a series of ten things)  :: десятка {f}, декада {f}
decadence {n} (state of moral or artistic decline or deterioration)  :: упа́дък {m}, декаде́нтство {n}
decadent {adj} (characterized by moral or cultural decline)  :: упадъчен
decadent {n} (person affected by moral decay)  :: декадент {m}
decaf {n} (a decaffeinated drink)  :: безкофеиново кафе
decagon {n} (polygon with ten sides)  :: десетоъгъ̀лник {m}
decal {n} (design or picture to be transferred)  :: ваденка
Decalogue {prop} (the Ten Commandments) SEE: Ten Commandments  ::
decameter {n} (decametre) SEE: decametre  ::
decanoic acid {n} (capric acid) SEE: capric acid  ::
decant {v} (to pour from one vessel into another)  :: преливам
decant {v} (to pour off gently so as not to disturb the sediment; to decant wine)  :: отдекантирам
decanter {n} (receptacle for decanted liquor)  :: гaрафа
decapitate {v} (remove the head of) SEE: behead  ::
decapitation {n} (beheading)  :: обезглавяване {n}
decapitator {n} (beheader) SEE: beheader  ::
decathlon {n} (athletic contest)  :: десетобой {m}
decay {n} (deterioration of condition)  :: влошаване {n}
decay {n} (process or result of being gradually decomposed)  :: разлагане {n}
decay {v} (to deteriorate)  :: разлагам се, развалям се
decay {v} (to rot)  :: гния, загнивам
decease {n} (departure, especially departure from this life; death)  :: смърт {f}, кончина {f}
deceased {adj} (no longer alive)  :: умрял, покоен
deceased {n} (dead person)  :: покойник {m}
deceit {n} (act or behavior intended to deceive)  :: измама {f}, лъжа {f}
deceitful {adj} (deceptive in multiple ways)  :: измамнически
deceitful {adj} (deliberately misleading or cheating)  :: измамен, неверен
deceive {v} (trick or mislead)  :: мамя, измамвам
decelerate {v} (reduce the acceleration of something)  :: намалявам скоростта
decelerate {v} (reduce the rate of advancement of something)  :: намалявам скоростта
decelerate {v} (to go slower)  :: забавям
December {prop} (twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: деке́мври {m}
decency {n} (quality of being decent)  :: благоприличие
decent {adj} (fair; good enough; okay)  :: приличен
decent {adj} (showing integrity, fairness, moral uprightness)  :: благоприличен
decent {adj} (significant; substantial)  :: приличен, значителен, значителен
deception {n} (instance of actions fabricated to mislead)  :: изма́ма {f}, лъжа́ {f} [lie], заблужде́ние {n} [delusion]
deceptive {adj} (misleading, attempting to deceive)  :: измамен, заблуждаващ
decide {v} (give judgement)  :: реша́вам, разреша́вам
decide {v} (to resolve or settle)  :: реша́вам {impf}, реша́ {pf}, разреша́вам {impf}
decided {adj} (determined)  :: решителен
decidua {n} (a mucous membrane that lines the uterus)  :: плацента {f} /placenta/
deciduous {adj} (of or pertaining to trees which lose their leaves in winter or the dry season)  :: листопаден
deciduous holly {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
deciduous tooth {n} (baby tooth) SEE: milk tooth  ::
deciduous winterberry {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
deciliter {n} (decilitre) SEE: decilitre  ::
decimal {adj} (concerning numbers expressed in decimal or calculations using decimal)  :: десетичен /desetíčen/
decimal {n} (decimal place) SEE: decimal place  ::
decimal {n} (number expressed in this system) SEE: decimal number  ::
decimal {n} (number system)  :: десетична система {f} /desetíčna sistéma/
decimal number {n} (number expressed in the decimal system)  :: десетично число {n} /desetíčno čisló/
decimal point {n} (decimal place) SEE: decimal place  ::
decimate {v} (to collect or pay a tithe) SEE: tithe  ::
decimation {n} (tithing) SEE: tithing  ::
decimeter {n} (decimetre) SEE: decimetre  ::
decipher {v} (to decode or decrypt a code or cipher)  :: дешифрирам
decipher {v} (to read illegible or obscure text)  :: разчитам
decisecond {n} (a unit of time)  :: децисекунда {f} /det͡sisekunda/
decision {n} (choice or judgement)  :: решение {n} /rešenie/
decision {n} (firmness of conviction)  :: решителност {f} /rešitelnost/
decision {n} (result arrived at by the judges)  :: по точки /po točki/
decision-making {n} (alternative form of decision making) SEE: decision making  ::
decisive {adj} (having the power or quality of deciding a question or controversy)  :: решаващ
decisive {adj} (marked by promptness and decision)  :: решителен
deck {n} (floorlike covering on a ship)  :: палуба {f}
deck {n} (pack of playing cards)  :: тесте {n}, колода {f}
deck {v} (decorate) SEE: decorate  ::
deck {v} (dress up) SEE: dress up  ::
deckhand {n} (a member of the crew)  :: матрос
deck out {v} (decorate) SEE: decorate  ::
deck out {v} (dress up) SEE: dress up  ::
declaim {v} (to recite in theatrical way)  :: декламирам, рецитирам
declaration {n} (act or process of declaring)  :: заявяване {n}, деклариране {n}
declaration {n} (list of items for various legal purposes)  :: декларация {f}
declaration {n} (written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief)  :: заявление {n}, декларация {f}
declare {v} (to announce one's support, choice, opinion, etc)  :: провъзгласявам, заявявам
declare {v} (to announce something formally or officially)  :: обявявам, заявявам
declare {v} (to make a declaration)  :: декларирам
declare {v} (To make outstanding debts, e.g. taxes, payable.)  :: декларирам
declension {n} (act of declining)  :: скланяне {n}
declension {n} (way of categorizing nouns)  :: склонение {n} /sklonénie/
declination {n} (at a given point, the angle between magnetic north and true north)  :: отклонение {n}, деклинация
declination {n} (at a given point, the angle between the line connecting this point with the geographical center of the earth and the equatorial plane)  :: деклинация {f}
declination {n} (declension) SEE: declension  ::
declination {n} (refusal)  :: отказ {m}
decline {n} (downward movement, fall)  :: западане {n}, упадък {m}
decline {n} (sloping downward)  :: склон
decline {n} (weakening)  :: влошаване {n}
decline {v} (inflect)  :: скланям
decline {v} (move downwards)  :: спадам, наклонявам се надолу
decline {v} (refuse)  :: отказвам
decline {v} (weaken)  :: западам, влошавам се
declivity {n}  :: склон, стръмнина /надолу/
decollate {v} (behead) SEE: behead  ::
decollete {adj} (having a low-cut neckline)  :: деколтиран
decompose {v} (to decay)  :: разлагам се
decompose {v} (to separate)  :: разглобявам
decomposition {n} (act of taking something apart)  :: разглобяване {n}
decomposition {n} (biological process)  :: гниене {n}, разлагане {n}
decomposition {n} (splitting into constituent parts)  :: разлагане {n}
decompress {v} (To bring someone (such as a diver) back to normal atmospheric pressure)  :: декомпресирам
decompress {v} (To relieve the pressure or compression on something)  :: намалявам налягането
decompress {v} (To restore compressed data to its normal size)  :: разгъвам
deconstruction {n} (disassembly) SEE: disassembly  ::
decorate {v} (to furnish with decorations)  :: украсявам /ukrasjavam/, декорирам /dekoríram/
decorate {v} (to improve the appearance of a house, room, office and so forth)  :: ремонтирам, реновирам
decoration {n} (act of adorning)  :: украсяване {n}
decoration {n} (any mark of honor to be worn upon the person)  :: орден {m}
decoration {n} (that which adorns)  :: украса {f}, украшение {n}
decorative {adj} (that serves to decorate)  :: декоративен
decorous {adj} (behaving properly)  :: пристоен, благоприличен
decorum {n} (a convention of social behavior)  :: етикет {m}
decorum {n} (appropriate social behavior; propriety)  :: благоприличие {n}
decouple {v} (to unlink)  :: разделям, отсъединявам
decoy {n} (animal used by hunters to lure game)  :: изкуствена птица {f} /izkústvena ptíca/
decoy {n} (person or object meant to lure something to danger)  :: примамка /primámka/
decrease {n} (amount of decrease)  :: намаляване {n}, намаление {n}
decrease {v} (become smaller)  :: намалявам се /namaljávam se/
decrease {v} (make smaller)  :: намалявам /namaljávam/
decree {n}  :: декрет {m}, указ {m}
decrepit {adj} (weakened or worn out)  :: грохнал, вехт
decry {v} (to denounce as harmful)  :: заклеймявам
decubitus {n} (bedsore) SEE: bedsore  ::
decumbent {adj} (having upward pointing tips)  :: стелещ се
decuple {adj} (tenfold) SEE: tenfold  ::
decuple {v} (tenfold) SEE: tenfold  ::
dedicate {v} (to address or inscribe (a literary work, for example) to another as a mark of respect or affection)  :: надписвам
dedicate {v} (to commit (oneself) to a particular course of thought or action)  :: посвещавам се
dedicate {v} (to open (a building, for example) to public use)  :: откривам
dedicate {v} (to set apart for a deity or for religious purposes; consecrate)  :: посвещавам
dedicate {v} (to set apart for a special use)  :: предназначавам
dedicated {adj} (devoted, loyal, conscientious)  :: предан, посветен
dedication {n} (note prefixed to a work of art)  :: посвещение {n}
deduce {v} (reach conclusion by logic)  :: заключавам
deduct {v} (to take one thing from another)  :: изваждам, намалявам, удържам
deductible {n} (excess) SEE: excess  ::
deduction {n} (ability or skill to deduce)  :: дедукция {f}
deduction {n} (conclusion)  :: умозаключение {n}
deduction {n} (process of reasoning)  :: размишление {n}
deduction {n} (that which is subtracted or removed)  :: отбив {m}, удържане {n}
deed {n} (action)  :: действие {n}, постъпка {f}
deed {n} (legal contract)  :: акт {m}, документ {m}
deem {v} (to evaluate according to one's beliefs)  :: смятам /smjátam/
deem {v} (to hold as a personal opinion)  :: смятам /smjátam/, считам /sčítam/, мисля /míslja/
deep {adj} (difficult to awake)  :: дълбок /dǎlbók/
deep {adj} (having its bottom far down)  :: дълбок /dǎlbók/
deep {adj} (of a color, dark and highly saturated)  :: тъмен, наситен
deep {adj} (of a sound or voice, low in pitch)  :: нисък
deep {adj} (profound)  :: дълбок /dǎlbók/
deep {adv} (deeply)  :: дълбоко
deep {n} ((literary) part of a lake, sea, etc)  :: глъбина {f}
deepen {v} (to become deeper)  :: задълбочавам се
deepen {v} (to make darker or more intense)  :: усилвам
deepen {v} (to make deep or deeper)  :: задълбочавам, удълбочавам
deep-fat fryer {n} (heated vessel for frying food by immersing in hot fat or oil) SEE: deep fryer  ::
deep freeze {n} (freezer) SEE: freezer  ::
deep-fry {n} (deep-fat fryer) SEE: deep-fat fryer  ::
deep fryer {n} (vessel for deep frying)  :: фритюрник {m} /fritjúrnik/
deep sea {n} (open sea) SEE: open sea  ::
deer {n} (animal of the family Cervidae)  :: еле́н {m}
deer {n} (meat from the animal) SEE: venison  ::
deer antler knife {n} (shaped like deer antlers) SEE: deer horn knife  ::
deerfly {n} (deer fly) SEE: deer fly  ::
deer ked {n} (Lipoptena cervi) SEE: deer fly  ::
deer meat {n} (venison) SEE: venison  ::
deets {n} (details) SEE: details  ::
deface {v}  :: обезобразявам, дискредитирам
defalcate {v} (embezzle)  :: злоупотребявам
defalcation {n} (act of cancelling part of a claim)  :: злоупотреба
defamation {n} (act of injuring another's reputation by any slanderous communication)  :: клевета {f}, хула {f}
defamatory {adj} (damaging to someone's reputation)  :: клеветнически /klevetníčeski/
defame {v} (to disgrace, bring into disrepute)  :: клеветя
defame {v} (to harm, to diminish the reputation of)  :: позоря, хуля
default {n} ((finance) condition of failing to meet an obligation)  :: неустойка {f}, неизпълнение {n}
default {n} (value used when none has been given.)  :: стойност по подразбиране
defeasance {n}  :: отмяна, анулиране
defeat {n} (the act of defeating or being defeated)  :: пораже́ние {n}
defeat {v} (to overcome in battle or contest)  :: разбивам, побеждавам
defeatism {n} (acceptance of defeat without struggle)  :: дефетизъм {m} /defetízǎm/
defect {n} (fault or malfunction)  :: недостатък {m} /nedostatăk/, повреда /povreda/
defect {v} (to abandon; to change one's loyalty)  :: дезертирам /dezertiram/
defective {adj} (having one or more defects)  :: повреден, неизправен
defence {n} (defence) SEE: defense  ::
defenceless {adj} (defenceless) SEE: defenseless  ::
defend {v} (ward off attacks from)  :: защита́вам {impf}, браня́ {impf}
defendant {n} (person prosecuted or sued)  :: обвиняем {m}, ответник {m}
defender {n} (a lawyer)  :: защи́тник {m}
defender {n} (someone who defends)  :: защи́тник {m}, брани́тел {m}
defender {n} (sports term)  :: защи́тник {m}
defense {n} (action of protecting from attack)  :: защи́та {f}, отбра́на {f}
defense {n} (anything employed to oppose attack)  :: отбра́на, отбранителни съоръжени {p}
defenseless {adj} (lacking any form of defense; vulnerable; open to attack)  :: беззащи́тен
defensive {adj} (intended for defence; protective)  :: защитен, отбранителен
defensive {n} (means, attitude or position)  :: отбрана
defer {v} (to submit to the opinion or desire of another)  :: отстъпвам
defer {v} ((transitive) to delay)  :: отлагам, отсрочвам
deference {n} (great respect)  :: почит {f}
deference {n} (the willingness to carry out the wishes of others)  :: отстъпка {f}, съобразяване {n}
deferent {adj} (Showing deference)  :: почтителен
deferential {adj} (showing deference)  :: почтителен
deferment {n} (act or instance of deferring)  :: отсрочка {f}, отлагане {n}
deferred {adj} (of or pertaining to delay of an action)  :: отсрочен, забавен
defiance {n} (the feeling of being defiant)  :: непокорство {n} /nepokorstvo/
defiant {adj} (boldly resisting opposition)  :: предизвикателен
defiant {adj} (defying)  :: непокорен, неподчиняващ се
deficiency {n} (inadequacy or incompleteness)  :: недостатък {m}
deficiency {n} (Insufficiency)  :: недостиг {m}, дефицит {m}
deficient {adj} (insufficient or inadequate in amount)  :: недостатъчен, недостигащ
deficient {adj} (lacking something essential)  :: несъвършен, с недостатъци
deficit {n} (deficiency) SEE: deficiency  ::
defile {n}  :: дефиле {n}, проход {m}
defile {v} (to make impure or dirty)  :: опетнявам, осквернявам
defile {v} (to march in a single file)  :: дефилирам
defilement {n}  :: замърсяване, опетняване
define {v} (demark the limits of)  :: обозначавам
define {v} (describe, explain, make definite and clear)  :: очертавам
define {v} (express the essential nature of)  :: изразявам
define {v} (state meaning of)  :: дефинирам, формулирам
define {v} (to determine)  :: определям
definite {adj}  :: определен, сигурен
definite article {n} (article introducing a noun and specifying it as the particular noun considered)  :: определителен член {m}
definitely {adv} (without question and beyond doubt)  :: със сигурност
definition {n} (action or process of defining)  :: определя́не {n}
definition {n} (act of defining)  :: определя́не {n}
definition {n} (clarity, especially of musical sound in reproduction)  :: я́сност {f}
definition {n} (clarity of visual presentation, distinctness of outline or detail)  :: ря́зкост {f}, раздели́телна спосо́бност {f}
definition {n} (product of defining)  :: дефини́ция {f}
definition {n} (sharp demarcation of outlines or limits)  :: ря́зкост {f}
definition {n} (statement expressing the essential nature of something)  :: определе́ние {n}, дефини́ция {f}
definition {n} (statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol)  :: определе́ние {n}, дефини́ция {f}
definitive {adj} (conclusive or decisive)  :: решителен
definitive {adj} (definite, authoritative and complete)  :: окончателен
definitive {adj} (explicitly defined)  :: експлицитен
deflagrate {v} (to burn with intense light and heat)  :: изгарям
deflate {v} (reduction, usually in volume)  :: изпразвам, намалявам, изпускам въздуха
deflation {n} (decrease in the general price level)  :: дефлация {f}
deflect {v} (to deviate)  :: отклонявам се
deflect {v} (to make deviate)  :: отклонявам
deflection {n}  :: отклонение
defloration {n} (the act of deflowering)  :: лишаване от девственост
deflower {v} (to take the virginity of a woman or girl)  :: лишавам от девственост
defoliate {v} (to remove foliage from plants)  :: обезлистявам
defoliation {n} (separation of ripened leaves from a branch or stem)  :: обезлистяване {n}, листопад {m}
deform {v} (to alter the shape of by stress)  :: деформирам
deform {v} (to become misshapen or changed in shape)  :: деформирам се
deform {v} (to spoil the form of)  :: деформирам
deform {v} (to spoil the looks of; to disfigure)  :: обезобразявам
deformation {n} (act of deforming, or state of being deformed)  :: деформация {m}, обезобразяване {n}
deformed {adj} (unusual of shape)  :: обезобразен, уродлив
deformity {n} (Something which is deformed)  :: урод
deformity {n} (The state of being deformed)  :: уродливост
defraud {v} (to obtain money or property by fraud)  :: измамвам
deft {adj} (skillful)  :: сръчен, изкусен, ловък /lóvǎk/
defy {n} (challenge) SEE: challenge  ::
defy {v} (to provoke to combat or strife)  :: предизвиквам
defy {v} (To renounce or dissolve all bonds)  :: игнорирам, пренебрегвам
degenerate {adj} (having deteriorated, degraded or fallen from normal)  :: изроден, дегенерирал
degenerate {v} (to lose good or desirable qualities)  :: израждам се, дегенерирам
degeneration {n} (condition of a tissue or an organ in which its vitality has become diminished)  :: дегенерация {f} /degenerácija/
degeneration {n} (process or state of growing worse)  :: израждане {n} /izraždane/
degradation {n} (act of reducing in rank, character, or reputation, or of abasing)  :: понижаване {n}, упадък {m}, деградация {m}
degradation {n} (diminution or reduction of strength, efficacy, or value; degeneration; deterioration)  :: упадък {m}
degradation {n} (state of being reduced in rank, character, or reputation)  :: падение {n}
degrade {v} (to lower in value or social position)  :: понижавам, разжалвам
degrade {v} (to reduce in quality or purity)  :: упадам, деградирам, разлагам се
degree {n} (academic award)  :: научна степен
degree {n} (amount, proportion, extent)  :: степен {f}
degree {n} (in geometry: unit of angle)  :: градус {m}
degree {n} ((mathematics) the sum of the exponents of a term)  :: степен
degree {n} (unit of temperature)  :: градус {f}
degree of comparison {n}  :: степени за сравнение {p}
degree of freedom {n} (minimum number of coordinates usable to describe a mechanical system)  :: сте́пен на свобо́да {f}
degustation {n} (tasting) SEE: tasting  ::
deification {n} (Act of deifying)  :: боготворене
deify {v} (to make a god of)  :: обожествявам, боготворя
deign {v} ((intransitive) to condescend)  :: благоволявам, снизхождавам
Dei gratia {adv} (by the Grace of God) SEE: by the Grace of God  ::
deism {n} (belief)  :: деизъм {m}
deity {n} (a powerful entity that possesses numerous miraculous powers)  :: божество {n} /božestvo/
deity {n} (essential nature of a god, divinity)  :: божественост {f} /božéstvenost/
deject {v} (make sad or dispirited)  :: обезсърчавам
dejection {n} (a state of melancholy or depression)  :: униние {n}
delay {n} (period of time before an event occurs)  :: отлагане {n}, забавяне {n}, закъснение {n}
delay {v} (put off until a later time)  :: отлагам, забавям
delayed miscarriage {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
delectation {n} (great pleasure; delight)  :: наслада, удоволствие
delegacy {n} (position or state of being a delegate)  :: делегация
delegate {n} (deputy, envoy, representative)  :: делегат {m}, представител {m}
delegate {v} (to commit a task to someone)  :: делегирам, упълномощавам
delete {v} (to delete) SEE: strike  ::
delete {v} (to remove)  :: премахвам, изтривам
deleterious {adj} (harmful)  :: вреден
deletion {n}  :: премахване {n}, изтриване {n}
Delhi {prop} (National capital territory and old city in northern India)  :: Де́лхи
deliberate {adj} (carefully considered)  :: обмислен /obmíslen/
deliberate {adj} (intentional)  :: умишлен /umíšlen/, преднамерен /prednaméren/
deliberate {adj} (not hasty or sudden)  :: обмислен /obmíslen/
deliberate {v} (consider carefully)  :: обмислям
deliberation {n} (careful discussion and examination of the reasons for and against a measure)  :: разискване {n}
deliberation {n} (the act of deliberating, or of weighing and examining the reasons for and against a choice or measure)  :: обмисляне {n}, преценяване {n}
delicacy {n} (elegance of construction or appearance)  :: изтънченост {f}
delicacy {n} (quality of being delicate)  :: изтънченост {f}, деликатност {f}
delicacy {n} (refinement in taste)  :: изтънченост {f}
delicacy {n} (something appealing, especially a pleasing food)  :: лакомство {n}, деликатес {m}
delicately {adv} (tactfully) SEE: tactfully  ::
delicious {adj} (pleasing to taste)  :: вку́сен
delight {n} (joy, pleasure)  :: наслада {f}, удоволствие {n}
delight {v} (to give pleasure to)  :: доставям удоволствие
delightful {adj} (pleasant; pleasing)  :: възхитителен
delimit {v} (to demarcate)  :: разделям, разграничавам
delimit {v} (to mark or fix the limits of)  :: определям граница
delimitation {n}  :: разграничаване {n}, ограничение
delineate {v} (depict, represent with pictures)  :: скицирам
delineate {v} (describe or depict with words or gestures)  :: обрисувам
delineate {v} (sketch out, draw or trace an outline)  :: очертавам
delineation {n} (a graphic verbal description)  :: обрисуване {n}
delineation {n} (an image of the outline of an object)  :: очертание {n}
delineation {n} (the act of delineating; depiction)  :: очертаване {n}, скициране {n}
delinquency {n} (a criminal offense)  :: правонарушение
delinquency {n} (a debt that is overdue for payment)  :: просрочен дълг
delinquency {n} (misconduct)  :: простъпка, пропуск
delinquent {n} (one who breaks the law)  :: нарушител {m}, виновник {m}
delirious {adj} (being in the state of delirium)  :: бълнуващ
delirium {n} (mental state of confusion)  :: делир /delir/, делириум {m}
deliver {v} (to bring or transport something to its destination)  :: доставям
deliver {v} (to give birth)  :: раждам
deliver {v} (to set free)  :: освобождавам, избавям
deliverance {n}  :: избавяне {n}, освобождение {n}
delivery {n} (act of conveying something)  :: доставка {f}
delivery {n} (act of giving birth)  :: раждане {n} /raždane/
delivery {n} (item which has been conveyed)  :: доставка {f}
dell {n} (valley) SEE: valley  ::
delphinium {n} (Plant)  :: синя ралица {f}
delta {n} (fourth letter of modern Greek alphabet)  :: делта {f} /délta/
delta {n} (landform at the mouth of a river)  :: делта {f}
deltoid {adj} (in the shape of Δ) SEE: triangular  ::
delude {v} (to deceive)  :: заблуждавам
deluge {n} (a great flood)  :: потоп {m}
deluge {v} (to flood with water)  :: наводнявам
Deluge {prop} (the Biblical flood)  :: Потопът {m}
delusion {n} (act of deluding; deception; a misleading of the mind)  :: заблу́да {f}, илю́зия {f}
delusion {n} (state of being deluded or misled)  :: заблу́да {f}, заблужде́ние {n}
delusive {adj} (inappropriate to reality)  :: измамен, илюзорен
delve {v} (to dig in the ground)  :: копая
delve {v} (to search carefully for information)  :: ровя се
demagogue {n} (orator)  :: демагог /demagog/
demand {n} (claim for something)  :: потре́бност {f}
demand {n} (desire to purchase goods and services)  :: търсене {n}
demand {v} (to request forcefully)  :: искам, изисквам
demarcate {v} (mark the limits or boundaries of something)  :: разграничавам
demarcation {n} (act of marking off a boundary or setting a limit)  :: разграничаване {n}
demarcation {n} (strictly defined separation)  :: разграничение {n}
demarcation {n} (thus fixed limit)  :: разграничение {n}
demean {n} (resources) SEE: resources  ::
demeanor {n} (The outward way in which a person behaves)  :: държание {n}, поведение {n}
demented {adj} (insane or mentally ill)  :: луд, побъркан
demented {adj} (suffering from dementia)  :: дементен
dementia {n} (madness or insanity)  :: слабоумие {n} /slaboúmie/
dementia {n} (progressive decline in cognitive function)  :: слабоумие {n} /slaboúmie/
demerit {n} (quality of being inadequate)  :: недостатък
demesne {n} (a lord's chief manor place)  :: имение {n}
Demetrius {prop} (male given name)  :: Димитър {m} /Dimitr/
demijohn {n} (bottle)  :: дамаджана {f}
demilitarization {n} (demilitarisation) SEE: demilitarisation  ::
Demir Hisar {prop} (town in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Мургашево {n} /Murgaševo/
demise {n} (death, see also: death)  :: смърт {f} /smǎrt/
demise {n} (the conveyance or transfer of an estate, either in fee for life or for years)  :: прехвърляне {n}
demise {n} (transmission by formal act or conveyance to an heir or successor)  :: предаване по наследство {n}
demobilize {v} (to disband troops)  :: разпускам
demobilize {v} (to release someone from military duty)  :: демобилизирам
democracy {n} (government under the rule of its people)  :: демокра́ция {f}
democracy {n} (rule by the people)  :: демокра́ция {f}
Democratic People's Republic of Korea {prop} (country in East Asia (official name))  :: Коре́йска наро́дно-демократи́чна репу́блика {f}, КНДР {f}
Democratic Republic of the Congo {prop} (large central African nation, formerly called Zaire)  :: Демократи́чна репу́блика Ко́нго {f}
democratic socialism {n} (socialism based on democratic principles)  :: демократичен социализъм {m}
Democritus {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Демокрит /Democrit/
demographic {adj} (of or pertaining to demography)  :: демографски
demographical {adj} (demographic) SEE: demographic  ::
demolish {v} (to destroy)  :: събарям, разрушавам
demolition {n} (the action of demolishing or destroying, in particular of buildings or other structures)  :: събаряне {n}, срутване {n}
demon {n} (evil spirit)  :: де́мон {m}
demonic {adj} (Pertaining to evil spirits)  :: демоничен
demonisation {n} (demonization) SEE: demonization  ::
demonize {v} (turn into a demon)  :: демонизирам
demonology {n} (study of demons)  :: демонология {f} /demonológija/
demonstrate {v} (to display the method of using an object)  :: показвам, демонстрирам
demonstrate {v} (to participate in a demonstration)  :: демонстрирам
demonstration {n} (act)  :: демонстрация {f} /demonstrácija/
demonstration {n} (event)  :: демонстрация {f} /demonstrácija/
demonstration {n} (public display of opinion)  :: демонстрация {f} /demonstrácija/
demonstrative {adj} (given to open displays of emotion)  :: нагледен
demonstrative {adj} ((grammar) that specifies the thing or person referred to)  :: показателен
demonstrative {adj} (that serves to demonstrate, show or prove)  :: показателен, демонстративен
demonstrative {n} (demonstrative adjective) SEE: demonstrative adjective  ::
demonstrative {n} (demonstrative pronoun) SEE: demonstrative pronoun  ::
demonstrator {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger  ::
demote {v} (To lower the rank or status)  :: понижавам в ранг
demotic {adj} (of or for the common people)  :: на простолюдието
demur {n} (hesitation as to proceeding; suspense of decision or action; scruple)  :: , колебание {n}, скрупули {p}
demur {v} (intransitive: To balk; to oppose.)  :: , противя се, опъвам се
demur {v} (intransitive: To delay; to pause; to suspend proceedings)  :: , колебая се, отлагам
demur {v} (transitive, obsolete: To cause delay to; to put off)  :: , отлагам
demure {adj} (modest, quiet, reserved)  :: сериозен, скромен
den {n} (home of certain animals)  :: бърлога {f} /bărloga/, леговище {n} /legovište/
denaturated {adj} (denatured) SEE: denatured  ::
denaturize {v} (denature) SEE: denature  ::
dendrite {n} (projection of a nerve cell)  :: дендри́т {m}
Deng {prop} (Chinese surname)  :: Дън {m} {f} /Dǎn/
denial {n} (negation in logic)  :: отричане {n}
denial {n} (refusal to comply with a request)  :: отказ {m}
denigrate {v} (blacken)  :: почерням
denigrate {v} (to criticise so as to besmirch)  :: очерням
denigrate {v} (to treat as worthless)  :: омаловажавам
denigration {n} (blackening or defamation)  :: очерня́не {n}, почерня́не {n}
denim {n} (textile with diagonal pattern)  :: деним {m}
denizen {n} (an inhabitant of a place; one who dwells in)  :: жи́тел {m}, обита́тел {m}
denizen {n} (one who frequents a place)  :: постоянен посетител {m}
denizen {n} ((UK) a citizen naturalized through letters patent)  :: натурализиран чужденец
Denmark {prop} (country in Western Europe)  :: Да́ния {f}
denominate {v} (to express in a monetary unit)  :: деноминирам
denominate {v} (to name)  :: наричам, именувам
denomination {n} (act of naming, designation)  :: наричане {n} /naričane/, именуване {n} /imenuvane/
denomination {n} (class or society with the same name, a sect)  :: секта {f} /sekta/
denomination {n} (name, designation, or title)  :: име {n} /ime/, название {n} /nazvanie/
denomination {n} (unit in a series of units)  :: стойност {f} /stojnost/
denominative {adj} (being a name)  :: нарицателен
denominator {n} (The number or expression written below the line in a fraction)  :: знамена́тел {m}
denotation {n} (act of denoting)  :: означаване {n}
denotation {n} (primary or explicit meaning)  :: главно значение {n}
denotation {n} (something signified or referred to)  :: обозначение {n}
denote {v} (to indicate, mark)  :: означавам
denote {v} (to make overt)  :: показвам, издавам
denounce {v} (to announce the termination of; especially a treaty)  :: денонсирам
denounce {v} (to criticize or speak out against)  :: порицавам, осъждам
denounce {v} (to make a formal or public accusation against)  :: обвинявам
denounce {v} (to make known in a formal manner)  :: оповестявам
de novo {adv} (anew) SEE: anew  ::
dense {adj} (compact; crowded together)  :: плътен, компактен
dense {adj} (having relatively high density)  :: гъст /gǎst/
dense {adj} (opaque; allowing little light to pass through)  :: непрозрачен /neprozráčen/
dense {adj} (slow to comprehend; of low intelligence)  :: тъп, глупав
dense {adj} (thick; difficult to penetrate)  :: гъст /gǎst/
densimeter {n} (densitometer) SEE: densitometer  ::
density {n} (number of particles or other quantity contained by a given volume)  :: плътност {f} /plǎ̀tnost/
density {n} (physics: amount of matter contained by a given volume)  :: плътност {f} /plǎ̀tnost/
dent {n} (shallow deformation in the surface)  :: вдлъбнатина {f}, щърбел
dent {v} (produce a dent)  :: нащърбвам
dental {adj} (of or concerning dentistry)  :: зъболекарски
dental {adj} (of or concerning the teeth)  :: зъбен
dental alveolus {n} (tooth socket) SEE: tooth socket  ::
dental floss {n} (cord of thin filaments used to clean the areas between the teeth)  :: коне́ц за зъ̀би {m}
dentate {adj} (Having teeth or toothlike projections)  :: назъбен
dentist {n} (specialized medical doctor)  :: зъболе́кар {m}
dentition {n} (process of growing teeth) SEE: teething  ::
denture {n} (artificial replacement of one or more teeth)  :: изкуствени зъби {p}
denture {n} (complete replacement of all teeth in a mouth)  :: чене {n}
denture {n} (set of teeth, the teeth viewed as a unit)  :: захапка {f}
denude {v} (divest of all covering)  :: оголвам
deny {v} (disallow) SEE: forbid  ::
deny {v} (to assert that something is not true)  :: отри́чам {impf}, опроверга́вам {impf}
deodorant {adj} (acting to control odor)  :: дезодорант
deodorant {n} (any agent to eliminate, reduce, mask, or control odor)  :: дезодора́нт {m}
deodorant {n} (odor-controlling cosmetic for the underarm)  :: дезодора́нт {m}
Deo volente {interj} (God willing) SEE: God willing  ::
deoxysugar {n} (deoxy sugar) SEE: deoxy sugar  ::
depart {v} (to deviate)  :: отклонявам се
depart {v} (to die)  :: умирам
depart {v} (to go away from)  :: заминавам
depart {v} (to leave)  :: напускам, тръгвам, отивам си
departed {adj} (euphemistic: dead)  :: покоен
department {n}  :: отдел {m}, отделение {n}
department store {n} (store containing many departments)  :: универса́лен магази́н {m}
departure {n} (death)  :: смърт {f}
departure {n} (deviation from a plan or procedure)  :: отклонение {n}
departure {n} (the act of departing)  :: заминаване {n}, тръгване {n}
depend {v} (rely on support)  :: разчитам на
depend {v} (trust)  :: вярвам, разчитам
dependability {n} (characteristic of being dependable)  :: надеждност
dependable {adj} (able to be depended on)  :: надежден, сигурен
dependence {n} (irresistible need)  :: зависимост {f}
dependence {n} (state of being dependent)  :: доверие {n}, зависимост
dependent {adj} (relying upon; depending upon)  :: зависим, подчинен
dependent {n} (one who relies on another for support)  :: протеже {n}
dependent clause {n} (subordinate clause) SEE: subordinate clause  ::
depict {v} (to render a representation of something, see also: describe)  :: описвам, изобразявам
depilate {v} (to remove hair from the body)  :: обезкосмявам
depilation {n} (epilation) SEE: epilation  ::
deplete {v} (exhaust) SEE: exhaust  ::
deplete {v} (to empty or unload)  :: изпразвам, изчерпвам
deplorable {adj} (deserving strong condemnation; shockingly bad)  :: плачевен
deplorable {adj} (lamentable, to be felt sorrow for, worthy of compassion)  :: за оплакване
deplore {v} (to bewail; to weep bitterly over; to feel sorrow for)  :: оплаквам, съжалявам
deplore {v} (transitive: To condemn; to express strong disapproval of)  :: осъждам, не одобрявам
deploy {v} (to prepare and arrange (usually military unit or units) for use)  :: разгръщам
deploy {v} (to unfold, open, or otherwise become ready for use)  :: разгръщам се
deport {v} (to evict, especially from a country)  :: изселвам, изгонвам
deportation {n} (act of deporting or exiling)  :: изселване {n}, депортиране {n}
depose {v} (to give evidence or testimony)  :: давам показания
depose {v} (to put - or lay something down)  :: депонирам
depose {v} (to remove (a leader) from office)  :: детронирам
depose {v} (to take an oath)  :: давам клетва
deposit {n} (asset that was left to the care of the other)  :: депозит {m}
deposit {n} (money placed in an account)  :: влог {m}
deposit {n} (sediment or rock different from the surrounding material)  :: залеж {m}
deposit {v} (to entrust one's assets to the care of another)  :: депонирам
deposit {v} (to lay down)  :: отлагам се
deposit {v} (to put money or funds into an account)  :: влагам
deposition {n} (act of depositing material, especially by a natural process; resultant deposit)  :: отлагане {n}, утаяване {n}
deposition {n} (process of taking sworn testimony out of court; the testimony so taken)  :: показания под клетва
deposition {n} (production of a thin film of material onto an existing surface)  :: отлагане {n}
deposition {n} (removal of someone from office)  :: сваляне от длъжност
depositor {n} (person)  :: вложител
depository {n} (a place where something is deposited)  :: склад {m} /sklad/, хранилище {n} /hranílište/
depot {n} (bus or railway station)  :: депо́ {n}
depot {n} (card games) SEE: tableau  ::
depot {n} (military: place where recruits are assembled)  :: военнопле́ннически ла́гер {m}
depot {n} (warehouse or similar storage facility)  :: склад {m}
depravity {n} (A particular depraved act or trait)  :: извратеност {f}
depravity {n} (Inborn corruption)  :: греховност {f}
depravity {n} (The state or condition of being depraved)  :: поквара {f}, поквареност {f}
deprecate {v} (express disapproval of)  :: не одобря́вам
deprecation {n} (act of deprecating)  :: възражение {n}, протест {m}
depreciate {v} (To belittle)  :: подценявам
depreciate {v} (To reduce in value over time)  :: обезценявам
depreciation {n}  :: обезценяване {n}, амортизация {f}
depredate {v} (to ransack or plunder)  :: грабя, плячкосвам
depredation {n} (A raid or predatory attack)  :: плячкосване {n}
depress {v} (to make depressed, sad or bored)  :: гнетя, потискам
depress {v} (to press down on)  :: натискам
depressed {adj} (severely despondent and unhappy)  :: унил, потиснат
depressed {adj} (suffering from clinical depression)  :: депримиран
depressing {adj} (Causing depression or sadness)  :: тягостен, угнетителен
depression {n} (economics: period of major economic contraction)  :: икономическа криза {f}
depression {n} (geography: low area)  :: падина {f}
depression {n} (meteorology: area of lowered air pressure)  :: депресия {f}
depression {n} (psychology: state of mind)  :: униние {n}, депресия {f}
deprivation {n} (state of being deprived)  :: лишаване {n}, отнемане
deprive {v} (take something away; deny someone of something)  :: лишавам, отнемам
depth {n} (vertical distance below a surface)  :: дълбочина {f}
depths {n} (plural of depth) SEE: depth  ::
deputy {n} (representative)  :: представител {m} /predstavítel/, заместник {m} /zaméstnik/
derail {v} (to come off the tracks)  :: дерайлирам
derange {v} (to cause disorder in something, to distort it from its ideal state)  :: разбърквам, размествам, размествам
derange {v} (to cause someone to go insane)  :: побърквам
derange {v} (to disrupt somebody's plans, to inconvenience someone)  :: обърквам
deranged {adj} (disturbed or upset, especially mentally)  :: объркан /obǎrkan/
deranged {adj} (insane)  :: побъркан /pobǎrkan/
derby {n} (bowler hat) SEE: bowler hat  ::
derby {n} (horse race)  :: конно надбягване
derby {n} (local derby) SEE: local derby  ::
derelict {adj} (abandoned)  :: изоставен, напуснат
deride {v} (to harshly mock; ridicule)  :: осмивам /osmivam/
derision {n} (act of treating with contempt)  :: присмиване {n}, осмиване {n}
derisive {adj} (deserving or provoking derision)  :: смехотворен
derisive {adj} (expressing or characterized by derision; mocking)  :: насмешлив, подигравателен
derivation {n} (act of receiving anything from a source)  :: извеждане
derivation {n} (A leading or drawing off of water)  :: деривация
derivation {n} (A leading or drawing off of water)  :: деривация
derivation {n} (mathematics)  :: диференциране
derivation {n} (The act of tracing origin or descent, as in grammar or genealogy)  :: етимология
derivative {n} (chemical derived from another)  :: производно
derivative {n} (in analysis: function) SEE: derived function  ::
derivative {n} (in analysis: value)  :: производна {f}
derivative {n} (something derived)  :: производно {n}
derive {v} (create (a compound) from another by means of a reaction)  :: добивам
derive {v} (deduce (a conclusion) by reasoning)  :: извличам
derive {v} (obtain (something) from something else)  :: добивам
derive {v} (originate (from))  :: произхождам
dermatographism {n} (skin disorder) SEE: dermatographia  ::
dermatologic {adj} (dermatological) SEE: dermatological  ::
dermis {n} (skin layer underlying epidermis)  :: дермис {m}
dermographia {n} (skin disorder) SEE: dermatographia  ::
dermographism {n} (skin disorder) SEE: dermatographia  ::
derogate {v} (to debase oneself) SEE: debase  ::
derogate {v} (to detract from something; to belittle; disparage)  :: омаловажавам
derogate {v} (to take away or detract from)  :: отнемам от
derogatory {adj} (tending to lessen in value)  :: пренебрежителен, подценяващ
derrick {n} (device used for lifting and moving large objects)  :: кран {m}, поде́мник {m}
derrick {n} (framework constructed over a mine or oil well)  :: сонда́жна ку́ла {f}
dervish {n} (a member of Dervish fraternity of Sufism)  :: де́рвиш {m}
desaturate {v}  :: разреждам
descend {v} (to come down as from source or original)  :: произлизам, предавам се по наследство
descend {v} (to make an attack, or incursion, as if from a vantage ground)  :: налитам, нахвърлям се
descend {v} (to pass from a higher to a lower place)  :: слизам, спускам се
descendant {n} (one who is the progeny of someone)  :: пото́мък {m}
descent {n} (drop to a lower status or condition)  :: понижение {n}
descent {n} (instance of descending)  :: слизане {n}, спускане {n}
descent {n} (lineage or hereditary derivation)  :: произход {m}
descent {n} (sloping passage or incline)  :: нанадолнище {n}
descent {n} (way down)  :: слизане {n}
describe {v} (to give rise to a geometrical structure)  :: очертавам /očertavam/
describe {v} (to represent in words)  :: описвам /opísvam/
description {n} (account in words)  :: описание {n}
description {n} (characteristics)  :: описание {n}
description word {n} (adjective) SEE: adjective  ::
descriptive {adj} (describing a language)  :: описателен
descriptive {adj} (of, or relating to description)  :: описателен, нагледен
descriptor {n} (information science) SEE: index term  ::
descry {v} (see) SEE: see  ::
descry {v} (to notice carefully; to detect)  :: съзирам /sǎziram/, забелязвам
desecrate {v} (to profane or violate sacredness)  :: оскверня́вам {impf}
desecration {n} (act of disrespect towards sacred)  :: оскверняване {n} /oskvernjávane/
desert {n} (barren area)  :: пусти́ня {f}
desert {n} (that which is deserved or merited; a just punishment or reward)  :: заслужено {n}
desert {v} (to abandon)  :: напускам, изоставям
desert {v} (to leave military service)  :: дезертирам
desert cat {n} (African wildcat) SEE: African wildcat  ::
deserter {n} (person who leaves a military or naval unit)  :: дезертьор {m}
desertion {n} (deserting)  :: изоставяне, напускане, дезертьорство
deserve {v} (to merit)  :: заслужавам
deserving {adj} (meriting, worthy)  :: заслужаващ
deserving {adj} (worthy of reward or praise)  :: похвален, достоен
deserving {n} (desert, merit)  :: заслуга, достойнство
desiccate {v} (to dry)  :: изсушавам
desiccate {v} (to preserve by drying)  :: суша
design {n} (appearance)  :: диза́йн {m}
design {n} (art of designing)  :: диза́йн {m}
design {n} (composition)  :: компози́ция {f}, констру́кция {f}
design {n} (intention)  :: наме́рение {n}
design {n} (pattern)  :: шарка {f}, десен {m}
design {n} (plan)  :: план {m}, констру́кция {f}, диза́йн {m}
design {v} (to plan an artwork etc.)  :: замислям, проектирам
designate {v} (to call by a distinctive title; to name)  :: назначавам, именувам
designate {v} (to indicate or set apart for a purpose or duty)  :: определям, предназначавам
designate {v} (to mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate)  :: означавам, обозначавам
designedly {adv} (in a designed manner)  :: преднамерено, умишлено
designer {n} (person who designs)  :: диза́йнер {m}
desinential inflection {n} (ʾiʿrāb) SEE: ʾiʿrāb  ::
desirable {adj} (suitable to be desired)  :: желан, желателен
desire {n} (feeling of desire)  :: желание {n}
desire {n} (something wished for)  :: жела́ние {n}
desire {n} (strong attraction)  :: жела́ние {n}, жадуване {n}
desire {v} (desire) SEE: want  ::
desire {v} (want emotionally or sexually)  :: жела́я {impf}, жаду́вам {impf}
desire {v} (wish for earnestly)  :: жела́я {impf}, и́скам {impf}
desist {v} (to cease to proceed or act)  :: въздържам се, спирам
desk {n} (lectern) SEE: lectern  ::
desk {n} (table for writing and reading)  :: бюро́ {n}, писа́лище {n}
desman {n} (insectivore of the mole family)  :: мускусен плъх
desolate {adj} (barren / lifeless)  :: пуст
desolate {adj} (deserted)  :: безлюден, необитаван
desolate {adj} (hopeless)  :: безнадежден, безутешен
desolate {adj} (unfit for habitation)  :: необитаем
desolate {v} (to deprive of inhabitants)  :: обезлюдявам, опустошавам
despair {n} (loss of hope)  :: отчаяние {n}
despair {v} (to be hopeless)  :: губя надежда
despair {v} (to cause to despair)  :: отчайвам
despair {v} (to despair of)  :: отчайвам се
desperado {n} (bold outlaw)  :: разбойник
desperate {adj} (filled with despair)  :: отчаян
desperate {adj} (having reckless abandon)  :: безразсъден
desperation {n} (a state of despair, or utter hopelessness)  :: безнаде́ждност {f}
desperation {n} (the act of despairing or becoming desperate; a giving up of hope)  :: отча́яние {n}
despicable {adj} (deserving to be despised)  :: презрян /prezrján/, жалък /žálǎk/ [pathetic]
despise {v} (to regard with contempt or scorn)  :: презирам {impf} /prezirám/
despite {prep} (in spite of)  :: въпреки
despoil {v} (To deprive for spoil; to take spoil from; to plunder; to rob;)  :: ограбвам
despoil {v} (To violently strip (someone), with indirect object of their possessions etc.; to rob.)  :: грабя, плячкосвам
despoilment {n} (act of plundering)  :: ограбване, плячкосване
despond {v} (To give up the will, courage, or spirit)  :: падам духом
despondence {n} (despondency) SEE: despondency  ::
despondency {n} (a feeling of depression or disheartenment)  :: униние
despondency {n} (loss of hope or confidence)  :: отчаяние, безнадеждност
despondent {adj} (in low spirits from loss of hope or courage)  :: загубил надежда, паднал духом
despotic {adj} (acting or ruling as a despot)  :: деспотичен /despotíčen/
despotic {adj} (of or pertaining to a despot)  :: деспотичен /despotíčen/
despotism {n} (government by a singular authority)  :: деспотизъм {m}
dessert {n} (sweet confection served as the last course of a meal)  :: десерт {m} /desért/
destabilise {v} (destabilise) SEE: destabilize  ::
destination {n} (purpose for which anything is destined)  :: предназначе́ние {n}
destination {n} (the place set for the end of a journey, or to which something is sent)  :: местоназначе́ние {n}
destiny {n} (predetermined condition; fate; fixed order of things)  :: съдба {f}, у́част {f}, орис {f}
destitution {n} (extreme state of poverty)  :: мизерия {f}
destroy {v} ((computing) to remove data (e.g., from memory))  :: изтривам
destroy {v} (to cause destruction)  :: разрушавам
destroy {v} (to damage beyond use or repair)  :: унищожавам
destroy {v} (to put down or euthanize (e.g. an animal))  :: изтребвам
destruct {v} (to cause the destruction of)  :: разрушавам /razrušávam/
destructive {adj} (causing destruction; damaging)  :: разрушителен
desuetude {n} (disuse, obsolescence)  :: неупотреба, отживялост
desultory {adj} (jumping, or passing, from one thing or subject to another, without order or rational connection)  :: безреден, безсистемен
desultory {adj} (leaping or skipping about)  :: разхвърлян
detach {v} (to take apart or take off)  :: отделям, откачам, отцепвам
detachable {adj} (designed to be unfastened)  :: отделяем, подвижен
detached {adj} (having or showing no bias or emotional involvement; disinterested)  :: отделен, самостоятелен
detached {adj} (not influenced by anyone else; characterized by an impersonal objectivity; impartial)  :: безпристрастен
detachment {n} (impartiallity)  :: безпристрастност
detachment {n} (indifference)  :: отчужденост
detachment {n} (military unit)  :: отряд, чета
detachment {n} (separation)  :: отделяне, откъсване
detail {n} (something considered trivial enough to ignore)  :: детайл {m}
detail {n} (something small enough to escape casual notice)  :: детайл {m}, подробност {f}
detail {n} (uncountable: a profusion of details)  :: детайлност {f}
detail {v} (to explain in detail)  :: излагам подробно
detain {v} (put under custody)  :: запрещавам, задържам под стража
detain {v} (to detain) SEE: hold  ::
detainee {n} (one who is detained)  :: задържан {m}, арестант {m}
detect {v} (to detect) SEE: notice  ::
detect {v} (to discover or find by careful search, examination, or probing)  :: откривам, намирам
detection {n} (act of detecting or sensing something)  :: откриване, разкриване
detective {n} (person employed to find information)  :: разузнавач {m}
detective {n} (police officer who looks for evidence)  :: детекти́в {m}
detector {n} (device capable of registering a specific substance or physical phenomenon)  :: детектор {m}, датчик {m}
detention {n} (act or state)  :: задържане {n} /zadǎržánie/, арестуване {n} /arestuváne/
deter {v} (to persuade someone not to do something)  :: разубеждавам
deter {v} (to prevent something from happening)  :: възпирам
detergent {n} (any non-soap cleaning agent, especially a synthetic surfactant)  :: препарат за почистване {m} /preparat za počistvane/
deteriorate {v} (grow worse)  :: развалям се, влошавам се
deteriorate {v} (make worse)  :: развалям, влошавам
deterioration {n} (process of making or growing worse)  :: разваляне, влошаване
determinant {n} (in mathematical sense)  :: детерминанта {f}
determinate {adj} (distinct, defined)  :: определен, установен, ограничен
determination {n} (act of defining a concept or notion by giving its essential constituents)  :: определение {n}
determination {n} (act of determining, or the state of being determined)  :: определяне {n}, установяване {n}
determination {n} (act, process, or result of any accurate measurement)  :: определяне {n}
determination {n} (quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions; decision of character; resoluteness)  :: решителност {f}
determination {n} (state of decision; a judicial decision, or ending of controversy)  :: решение {n}
determination {n} (that which is determined upon; result of deliberation; purpose; conclusion formed; fixed resolution)  :: определение {n}
determinative {n} (determiner) SEE: determiner  ::
determine {v} (to ascertain definitely)  :: опреде́лям
determine {v} (to set the limits of)  :: опреде́лям, установя́вам
determined {adj} (decided or resolute)  :: решителен /rešítelen/
determiner {n} (class of words)  :: детерминанта /determinanta/
deterrent {adj} (serving to deter)  :: предпазен
detest {v} (to dislike intensely)  :: мразя, ненавиждам
detestation {n} (hate coupled with disgust)  :: отвращение {n}, омраза {f}
dethronize {v} (dethrone) SEE: dethrone  ::
detonate {v} (to blow up)  :: избухвам
detonate {v} (to cause an explosion)  :: възпламенявам
detonation {n} (an explosion)  :: взрив {m}, експлозия {f}, избухване {n}
detonator {n} (device used to detonate an explosive device)  :: детонатор {m}, запалка {f}
detour {n} (diversion or deviation)  :: отклонение {n}, заобикаляне {n}, обиколка {f}
detour {v} (intransitive: to make a detour)  :: заобикалям
detour {v} (transitive: to direct or send on a detour)  :: карам да заобиколи
detractor {n} (a person that belittles the worth of another person or cause)  :: злословник {m}
detriment {n} (harm, hurt, damage)  :: вреда {f} /vréda/
detrimental {adj} (causing damage or harm)  :: вреден, увреждащ
detrition {n} (attrition, erosions by frictions)  :: изтъркване {n}
dette {n} (debt) SEE: debt  ::
detune {v}  :: разстройвам
deuce {n} (Devil, used in exclamations of confusion or anger)  :: дявол {m}
deuce {n} (number two)  :: двойка {f}
deuce {n} (playing card)  :: двойка {f}
deuce {n} (side of a dice with two spots)  :: двойка {f}
deuced {adv} (damned)  :: дяволски
deuterium {n} (isotope of hydrogen, see also: heavy hydrogen)  :: деуте́рий {m} /deutérij/
Deuteronomy {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Второзаконие
devaluation {n} (depreciation)  :: обезценяване {n} /obescénjavane/, девалвация {f} /devalvácija/
devastate {v} (to ruin many or all things over a large area)  :: опустошавам
devastating {adj} (causing devastation)  :: опустошителен
devastation {n} (act of devastating or state of being devastated)  :: опустошение {n} /opustošénie/
develop {v} (to bring out photographic images)  :: проявявам
develop {v} (to create)  :: разработвам
develop {v} (to progress through stages)  :: развивам се
develop {v} (to progress)  :: развивам се
development {n} (application of new ideas to practical problems (compare research))  :: усъвършенстване {n}
development {n} (process of developing)  :: развитие {n}, напредък {m}
deviant {adj} (of or pertaining to a deviation)  :: отклоняващ се
deviant {n} (thing that deviates)  :: отклонение {n}
deviate {v} (To fall outside of, or part from, some norm; to stray)  :: отклонявам се
deviate {v} (To go off course from; to change course; to change plans)  :: отклонявам се
deviation {n} (act of deviating)  :: отклонение {n}
deviation {n} (shortest distance between the center of the target and the point where a projectile hits or bursts)  :: девиация {f}
deviation {n} (state or result of having deviated)  :: отклонение {n}
device {n} (computing) SEE: peripheral device  ::
device {n} (heraldry: personal motto or emblem)  :: девиз {m}
device {n} (piece of equipment)  :: устро́йство {n}, приспособле́ние {n}
device {n} (project, stratagem, artifice)  :: план {m}, прое́кт {m}
device {n} (rhetoric: device) SEE: rhetorical device  ::
devil {n} (a creature of hell)  :: дя́вол {m}, гя́вол {m} [alternative, archaic]
devil {n} (dust devil) SEE: dust devil  ::
devil {n} (the devil: the chief devil)  :: сатана
devil {v} (annoy or bother)  :: измъчвам, безпокоя
devilish {adj} (extreme, excessive)  :: голям /goljam/, страхотен /strachoten/
devilish {adj} (resembling or characteristic of a devil)  :: дяволски /djavolski/, сатанински /sataninski/
devilish {adv} (devilishly) SEE: devilishly  ::
devilry {n} (mischief)  :: дяволия {f}
devilry {n} (wickedness, cruelty)  :: злоба {f}, жестокост {f}
devious {adj} (Deviating; not straightforward, not honest, not frank; not standard)  :: околен, лъкатушен, непряк
devise {v} (leave in a will)  :: завещавам
devise {v} (use the intellect to plan or design)  :: измислям, изобретявам
devoid {adj} (empty, completely without)  :: празен, лишен от
devolve {v} (to be inherited by someone)  :: пада се на
devolve {v} (to delegate something to someone else)  :: предавам, прехвърлям
devote {v} (to commit oneself for a certain matter)  :: посвещавам, отдавам
devoted {adj} (vowed; dedicated; consecrated)  :: посветен на
devoted {adj} (zealous; characterized by devotion)  :: предан, верен
devotion {n} (ecclesiastical: a prayer)  :: молитви
devotion {n} (feelings of strong or fervent affection; dedication)  :: привързаност, вярност
devotion {n} (religious veneration, zeal, or piety)  :: набожност
devotion {n} (the act or state of devoting or being devoted)  :: преданост
devotional {adj} (of or pertaining to devotion or worship)  :: набожен, благочестив
devour {v} (to eat greedily)  :: поглъщам, ям лакомо
devout {adj} (devoted to religion or to religious feelings and duties)  :: набожен, благочестив
devshirme {n} (collection of non-Muslim children to be converted to Islam)  :: девширме, кръвен данък
dew {n} (moisture in the air that settles on plants, etc)  :: роса́ {f}
dew {v} (moisten)  :: оросявам
Dewar {n} (dewar) SEE: dewar  ::
Dewar flask {n} (dewar) SEE: dewar  ::
Dewar vessel {n} (dewar) SEE: dewar  ::
dewberry {n} (Rubus caesius)  :: полска къпина
dexterity {n} (skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands)  :: сръчност {f}, ловкост {f}
dexterous {adj} (agile; flexible)  :: ловък
dexterous {adj} (skillful in some specific thing)  :: ловък, сръчен, умел, изкусен, находчив
dexterous {adj} (skillful with one's hands)  :: сръчен, умел
dextro {adj} (dextrorotatory) SEE: dextrorotatory  ::
dextrogyre {adj} (dextrorotatory) SEE: dextrorotatory  ::
Dhivehi {prop} (an Indo-Aryan language)  :: дхивехи
diabetes {n} (A group of metabolic diseases)  :: диабет {m} /diabét/
diabetes {n} (diabetes insipidus) SEE: diabetes insipidus  ::
diabolic {adj} (extremely evil or cruel)  :: зъл, жесток
diabolic {adj} (showing wickedness typical of a devil)  :: дяволски, сатанински
diachronic linguistics {n} (historical linguistics) SEE: historical linguistics  ::
diacritic {adj} (denoting a distinguishing mark) SEE: diacritical  ::
diacritic {adj} (distinguishing) SEE: diacritical  ::
diacritic {n} (diacritical mark) SEE: diacritical mark  ::
diagnose {v} (determine the root cause of)  :: диагностицирам
diagnosis {n} (identification of the nature and cause of an illness)  :: диагно́за {f}
diagnostic {adj} (of, or relating to diagnosis)  :: диагности́чен
diagonal {adj} (geometry: joining two nonadjacent vertices)  :: диагона́лен
diagonal {adj} (having a slanted or oblique direction)  :: кос
diagonal {n} (geometry: diagonal line or plane)  :: диагонал {m}
diagonal {n} (slash) SEE: slash  ::
diagonal {n} (something forming or resembling a diagonal line)  :: диагонал {m}
diagram {n} (graph or chart)  :: диагра́ма {f}
diagram {n} (plan, drawing, sketch or outline to show workings or parts relationships)  :: план {m}, скица {f}
diagram {n}  :: чертеж {m}
dial {n} (clock face) SEE: clock face  ::
dial {n} (disk with finger holes on a telephone)  :: телефонна шайба
dial {n} (graduated, circular scale over which a needle moves)  :: циферблат {m}
dial {n} (sundial) SEE: sundial  ::
dial {v} (To measure or indicate something with a dial)  :: отчитам
dial {v} (To select a number, or to call someone, on a telephone)  :: набирам
dial {v} (То read (a clock))  :: показвам
dialect {n} (variety of a language)  :: диале́кт {m}
dialectology {n} (the study of dialects)  :: диалектология {f} /dialektológija/
dialog {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals)  :: разгово́р {m}
dialog {n} (literary form resembling a conversation)  :: диало́г {m}
dialog {n} (verbal part of a literary or dramatic work)  :: диалог {m}
dialog {v} (discuss)  :: разговарям
dialogue {n} (conversation or other discourse between individuals)  :: разгово́р {m}, диало́г {m}, бесе́да {f}
dialogue {n} (literary form resembling a conversation)  :: диало́г {m}
dialogue {n} (verbal part of a literary or dramatic work)  :: диало́г {m}
dialogue {v} (discuss)  :: разговарям
dialysis {n} (chemical method)  :: диализа {f}
dialysis {n} (haemodialysis) SEE: haemodialysis  ::
diamantiferous {adj} (yielding diamonds) SEE: diamondiferous  ::
diameter {n} (line)  :: диаметър {m}
diametral {adj} (contrary)  :: насрещен, противоположен
diametral {adj} (relating to a diameter)  :: диаметрален
diamond {adj} (made of, or containing diamond)  :: диамантен
diamond {adj} (of, relating to, or being a sixtieth anniversary)  :: диамантен
diamond {n} (card games: card of the diamonds suit)  :: каро́ {n}
diamond {n} (diamond ring) SEE: diamond ring  ::
diamond {n} (gemstone)  :: диама́нт {m}, бриля́нт {m}
diamond {n} (rhombus) SEE: rhombus  ::
diamond {n} (uncountable: mineral)  :: диама́нт {m}
diamonds {n} (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♦)  :: кари {p}
Diaoyu Islands {prop} (Senkaku Islands) SEE: Senkaku Islands  ::
diaper {n} (absorbent garment worn by a baby, or by someone who is incontinent)  :: пелена {f} /pelena/
diaper rash {n} (rash in the diaper area) SEE: nappy rash  ::
diaphanous {adj} (of a fine, almost transparent texture)  :: прозирен
diaphanous {adj} (Transparent; allowing light to pass through; capable of being seen through)  :: прозрачен
diaphragm {n} (acoustics: vibrating membrane in a speaker)  :: мембра́на {f}
diaphragm {n} (anatomy: separating membrane or sheet of muscle)  :: мембра́на {f} /membrána/
diaphragm {n} (anatomy: sheet of muscle separating thorax from abdomen)  :: диафра́гма {f}
diaphragm {n} (chemistry: permeable or semipermeable membrane)  :: мембра́на {f}
diaphragm {n} (mechanics: flexible membrane)  :: мембра́на {f}
diaphragm {n} (optics: structure with a central aperture used to limit the passage of light)  :: диафра́гма {f}, бленда {f} /blénda/
diarchy {n} (form of government)  :: двувластие
diarrhea {n} (medical condition)  :: диария {f}
diarrheic {adj} (diarrheal) SEE: diarrheal  ::
diary {n} (daily log of experiences)  :: дневни́к {m}
diaspora {n} (dispersion of a group of people)  :: диаспора /diasporá/
dibber {n} (tool)  :: садилка
dice {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance) SEE: die  ::
dicey {adj} (fraught with danger)  :: потенциално опасен
dicey {adj} (of uncertain, risky outcome)  :: рискован
dichotomy {n} (separation or division into two)  :: разполовяване {n}
dichotomy {n} (such a division involving apparently incompatible or opposite principles) SEE: duality  ::
dick {n} (slang: penis)  :: кур {m}, хуй {m}
dickhead {n} (glans penis) SEE: glans penis  ::
dicotyledon {n} (in botany)  :: двусемеделни
dictaphone {n} (dictation machine) SEE: dictation machine  ::
dictate {n} (an order or command)  :: заповед {f}, нареждане {n}, диктат {m}
dictate {v} (to order, command, control)  :: командвам, нареждам
dictate {v} (to speak in order for someone to write down the words)  :: диктувам
dictation {n} (an activity in school where the teacher reads a passage aloud and the students write it down)  :: диктовка {f}
dictation {n} (orders given in an overbearing manner)  :: предписание {n}
dictation {n} (the act of ordering or commanding)  :: нареждане {n}
dictation {n} (the process of speaking for someone else to write down the words)  :: диктовка {f} /diktòvka/
dictation machine {n} (sound recording device)  :: диктофо́н {m}
dictator {n} (totalitarian leader of a dictatorship)  :: дикта́тор {m}
dictatorship {n} (a government led by a dictator)  :: диктату́ра {f}
diction {n} (clarity of word choice)  :: дикция {f} /díkcija/
dictionary {n} (publication that explains the meanings of an ordered list of words)  :: ре́чник {m}, слова́р {m}
diddle {v} (to cheat; to swindle)  :: измамвам, изигравам
Didymoteicho {prop} (city)  :: Димотика /Dimotika/
die {n} (device for cutting into a specified shape)  :: матрица {f}
die {n} (embossed device used in stamping)  :: щампа {f}
die {n} (polyhedron used in games of chance)  :: зар {m}
die {v} (to stop living)  :: умѝрам {impf}, умра̀ {pf}, издъхвам
dielectric {n} (physics: nonconducting material)  :: изолатор {m}
dieresis {n} (diacritic) SEE: diaeresis  ::
diesel motor {n} (diesel engine) SEE: diesel engine  ::
diet {n} (controlled regimen of food)  :: дие́та {f}
diet {n} (food a person or animal consumes)  :: дие́та {f}, хра́на {f}
diet {n} (habitual consumption)  :: дие́та {f}
dietary {adj} (of, or relating to diet)  :: диетичен
differ {v} (not to have the same characteristics)  :: различавам се /različávam se/
difference {n} (arithmetic: result of a subtraction)  :: разлика {f}
difference {n} (characteristic of something that makes it different from something else)  :: различие {n}
difference {n} (disagreement or argument about something important)  :: несъгласие {n}, разногласие {n}
difference {n} (quality of being different)  :: разлика {f}
difference {v} (to distinguish or differentiate)  :: различавам
difference equation {n} (recurrence relation) SEE: recurrence relation  ::
different {adj} (not the same)  :: друг, разли́чен
differential {adj} (dependent on)  :: разграничителен
differential {adj} (relating to a difference)  :: отличителен
differential {adj} (relating to differentiation or differential calculus)  :: диференциален
differential {n} (differential gear) SEE: differential gear  ::
differential {n} (infinitesimal change)  :: диференциал {m}
differential gear {n} (differential gear)  :: диференциал {m}
differentiate {v} (math: to calculate the derivative)  :: диференцирам
differentiate {v} (math: to calculate the differential)  :: диференцирам
differentiate {v} (to modify, be modified)  :: видоизменям
differentiate {v} (to perceive the difference)  :: отличавам се, разграничавам се
differentiate {v} (to show or be the distinction)  :: различавам се
differentiation {n} (act of differentiating)  :: раличаване {n}
differentiation {n} (act of distinguishing or describing a thing, by giving its different, or specific difference)  :: разграничаване {n}, разграничение {n}
differentiation {n} (gradual formation or production of organs or parts by a process of evolution or development)  :: видоизменение {n}
differentiation {n} (in analysis)  :: диференциране {n}
differently {adv} (in a different way)  :: различно, другояче
difficult {adj} (hard, not easy)  :: тру́ден, мъ́чен, те́жък
difficulty {n} (obstacle)  :: пречка {f}, затруднение {n}, препятствие {n}
difficulty {n} (state of being difficult)  :: трудност {f}, мъчнотия {f}
diffidence {n} (The state of being diffident, timid or shy; reticence or self-effacement)  :: неувереност, нерешителност, стеснителност
diffract {v} (intransitive)  :: разлагам се, пречупвам се
diffract {v} (transitive)  :: разлагам, пречупвам
diffraction {n} (the breaking up of an electromagnetic wave as it passes a geometric structure)  :: дифракция {f}
diffuse {adj} (not concentrated)  :: дифузен, разсеян
diffuse {v} (To be spread over or through as in air, water, or other matter, especially by fluid motion or passive means)  :: разпръсвам се, разсейвам се
diffuse {v} (To spread over or through as in air, water, or other matter, especially by fluid motion or passive means)  :: разпръсвам, разсейвам, разпространявам
dig {n} (archeological investigation)  :: разкопки {p}
dig {v} (to move hard-packed earth out of the way)  :: копая, разкопавам, ровя, ри́я
digest {n} (compilation of statutes or decisions analytically arranged)  :: сборник {m}
digest {n} (magazine of abridged articles)  :: резюме {n}
digest {v} (to separate food in the alimentary canal)  :: смилам
digest {v} (to think over and arrange methodically in the mind)  :: разбирам, усвоявам
digest {v} (to undergo digestion)  :: смилам се
digestible {adj} (capable of being digested)  :: смилаем
digestion {n} (ability to use this process)  :: храносмилане {n}
digestion {n} (process in gastrointestinal tract)  :: храносмилане {n}
digestive {adj} (of, relating to, or functioning in digestion)  :: храносмилателен
digger {n} (gold miner) SEE: gold digger  ::
digger {n} (large piece of machinery)  :: екскаватор {m}
digger {n} (nickname for a friend) SEE: bugger  ::
digger {n} (one who digs)  :: копач {m}
digger {n} (spade (playing card)) SEE: spade  ::
dig into {v} (to research a particular subject)  :: ровя
digit {n} (finger or toe)  :: пръст {m}
digit {n} (numeral)  :: ци́фра {f}
digital {adj} (having to do or performed with a finger)  :: пръстов, на пръстите
digital {adj} (of or relating to computers)  :: цифров, дигитален
digital {adj} (representing discrete values)  :: цифров, дигитален
digitalis {n} (genus)  :: напръстник {m}
digitigrade {adj} (walking on the toes)  :: който ходи на пръстите си
digits {n} (slang: telephone number)  :: телефо́н {m}
dignified {adj} (respectable)  :: достоен, величествен
dignify {v} (to exalt in rank)  :: въздигам, повишавам
dignify {v} (to honor)  :: удостоявам
dignify {v} (to invest with dignity or honour)  :: величая, придавам достойнство
dignitary {n} (important or influential person)  :: сановник {m}
dignity {n} (quality or state)  :: досто́йнство {n}
digraph {n} (directed graph) SEE: directed graph  ::
digress {v} (to deviate)  :: отклонявам се
digression {n} (departure from the subject)  :: отклонение {n}
digs {n} (lodgings) SEE: lodgings  ::
dilapidate {v} (to cause to become ruined or put into disrepair)  :: руша, разрушавам
dilapidate {v} (to fall into ruin or disuse)  :: руша се, разнебитвам се
dilapidate {v} (to squander or waste)  :: прахосвам
dilapidation {n} (the state of being dilapidated, reduced to decay, partially ruined)  :: разнебитено състояние
dilate {v} (To become wider or larger; to expand)  :: разширявам се, разпростирам се
dilate {v} (To enlarge; to make bigger)  :: разширявам, разтварям
dilation {n} (delay) SEE: delay  ::
dilative {adj} (that dilates, or causes dilation)  :: разширяващ
dilatory {adj} (intentionally delaying)  :: отлагащ
dilatory {adj} (slow or tardy)  :: бавен, муден
dildo {n} (artificial phallus)  :: изку́ствен пе́нис {m} /izkústven pénis/, ди́лдо {n} /díldo/, фалос /falos/
dilemma {n} (circumstance in which a choice must be made between two alternatives)  :: дилема {f} /diléma/
dilettante {adj} (pertaining to or like a dilettante)  :: дилетантски, любителски
dilettantism {n} (the act of behaving like a dilettante, of being an amateur)  :: дилетантизъм {m}
diligence {n} (one of the seven contrary virtues)  :: трудолю́бие {n}
diligence {n} (public stage-coach)  :: дилижа́нс {m}
diligence {n} (qualities of a hard worker, including conscientiousness, determination, perseverance)  :: стара́ние {n}, прилежа́ние {n}
diligent {adj} (performing with intense concentration, focus, responsible regard)  :: прилежен, усърден, старателен
dill {n} (fool) SEE: fool  ::
dill {n} (herb of the species Anethum graveolens)  :: ко́пър {m}
diluent {n} (That which dilutes)  :: разредител {m}
dilute {adj} (having a low concentration)  :: разреден
dilute {v} (to add more of a solvent to a solution; especially to add more water)  :: разреждам, разводнявам
dilution {n} (action of the verb dilute)  :: разреждане {n}
diluvial {adj} (Relating to a flood)  :: делувиален
dim {adj} (indistinct)  :: неясен, замъглен
dim {adj} (not bright, not colourful)  :: мътен
dim {v} (to become darker)  :: потъмнявам
dim {v} (to make something less bright)  :: помътнявам
dime {n} (A coin worth one-tenth of a dollar)  :: монета от 10 цента
dimension {n} (in computing)  :: измерение {n}
dimension {n} (in geometry)  :: размерност {f}
dimension {n} (in physics)  :: измерение {n}
dimension {n} (in science fiction)  :: измерение {n}
dimension {n} (measure of spatial extent)  :: размер {m}
dimension {n} (single aspect of a thing)  :: измерение {n}
dimension {v} (to mark, cut or shape something to specified dimensions)  :: оразмерявам
dimensional lumber {n} (dimension lumber) SEE: dimension lumber  ::
dimensional stone {n} (dimension stone) SEE: dimension stone  ::
diminish {v} (To become smaller)  :: отслабвам
diminish {v} (To make smaller)  :: намалявам
diminish {v} (To taper)  :: заострям
diminution {n} (lessening, decrease or reduction)  :: намаляване {n}, намаление {n}
diminutive {adj} (serving to diminish)  :: умали́телен
diminutive {adj} (very small)  :: мъничък, миниатю́рен
diminutive {n} (grammar: word form expressing smallness)  :: умали́телно и́ме {n}
Dimitrovgrad {prop} (town)  :: Димитровград
dimple {n} (skin depression, especially at corners of the mouth)  :: трапчинка {f}
dimple {n} (small depression or indentation in generic surface)  :: падина {f}
din {n} (loud noise)  :: врява {f}, глъчка {f}
Dinah {prop} (female given name) SEE: Dina  ::
dine {v} (to eat; to eat dinner or supper)  :: обядвам, вечерям
diner {n} (a small and inexpensive type of restaurant which is modelled to resemble a dining car)  :: ваго́н-рестора́нт {m}
ding-a-ling {n} (dick) SEE: dick  ::
dinghy {n} (inflatable boat)  :: надуваем сал {m}
dinghy {n} (small boat)  :: корабна лодка {f}
dingle {n} (small, narrow or enclosed, usually wooded valley)  :: дол {m}
dingleberry {n} (cranberry) SEE: cranberry  ::
dingy {adj} (drab; shabby; dirty; squalid)  :: мръсен, изцапан, окъсан
dining car {n} (restaurant carriage)  :: ваго́н-рестора́нт {m}
dining room {n} (room, in a home or hotel, where meals are eaten)  :: столова {f}, трапезария {f}
dinky {adj}  :: спретнат, изящен
dinner {n} (a formal meal)  :: банке́т {m}
dinner {n} (a meal given to an animal)  :: хранене {n}
dinner {n} (main meal of the day)  :: вече́ря {f} [eaten in the evening, but the midday meal is the main meal]
dinner {n} (midday meal)  :: обе́д {m}
dinner hour {n} (the hour when dinner takes place) SEE: dinnertime  ::
dinner jacket {n} (tuxedo) SEE: tuxedo  ::
dinner plate {n} (dinnerplate) SEE: dinnerplate  ::
dinnertime {n} (mid-day break) SEE: lunchtime  ::
dinosaur {n} (extinct reptile)  :: диноза́вър {m}
diocese {n} (region administered by a bishop)  :: епархия {f} /epárxija/
diopter {n} (alidide) SEE: alidide  ::
diopter {n} (speculum) SEE: speculum  ::
dip {n} (lower section of a road or geological feature)  :: откос {m}, спускане {n}
dip {n} (short swim to refresh)  :: топване {n}
dip {v} (to lower into a liquid)  :: топвам
diphallasparatus {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
diphallic terata {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
diphallus {n} (diphallia) SEE: diphallia  ::
diphthong {n} (complex vowel sound)  :: дифтонг {m} /diftóng/
diploma {n} (certificate)  :: диплома {f}
diplomacy {n} (art of conducting international relations)  :: дипломация {f}
diplomacy {n} (tact and subtle skill in dealing with people)  :: такт {m}
diplomat {n} (person who is accredited to represent a government)  :: диплома́т {m}
diplomatic {adj} (concerning relationships between governments)  :: дипломатически /diplomatíčeski/
diplomatic {adj} (exhibiting diplomacy)  :: дипломатичен /diplomatíčen/
diplomatist {n} (diplomat) SEE: diplomat  ::
dipole {n} (dipole antenna) SEE: dipole antenna  ::
dipper {n} (bird)  :: воден кос {m} /vóden kos/
dipper {n} (vessel)  :: черпак {m} /čerpák/
dipsomania {n} (addiction to alcohol)  :: алкохолизъм {m}
dire {adj} (expressing bad consequences)  :: страшен /strášen/, ужасен /užásen/
dire {adj} (warning of bad consequences)  :: зловещ /zlovéšt/
direct {adj} (Straight, constant, without interruption)  :: пряк /prjak/, непосредствен /neposrédstven/
direct {v} (to aim at)  :: упътвам, насочвам
direct {v} (to manage, control, steer)  :: ръководя, управлявам
direct current {n} (electric current in which the electrons flow in one direction, but may vary with time)  :: прав ток {m} /prav tok/, постоянен ток {m} /postojánen tok/
direction {n} (indication of the point toward which an object is moving)  :: посо́ка {f}, направле́ние {n}
direction {n} (work of the director (manager))  :: управле́ние {n}, ръково́дство {n}
directions {n} (direction) SEE: direction  ::
directive {adj} (that directs)  :: направляващ, ръководещ
directive {n} (authoritative decision)  :: директива {f} /direktíva/
directive {n} (form of legislative act addressed to the EU Member States)  :: директива {f} /direktíva/
directive {n} (instruction or guideline)  :: указание {n} /ukazánie/
directly {adv} (exactly; just)  :: точно
directly {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately  ::
directly {adv} (in a direct manner)  :: директно
directly {adv} (in a straightforward way)  :: непосредствено
directly {adv} (plainly, without circumlocution or ambiguity)  :: пряко, непосредствено
directly {adv} (soon; next; when it becomes convenient)  :: веднага
director {n} (supervisor, manager, see also: film director)  :: ръководител {m}, директор, режисьор {m} [film]
directory {n} (list of names, addresses etc.)  :: указател {m} /ukazátel/
direct product {n} (product of objects) SEE: categorical product  ::
direct product {n} (product of sets) SEE: also Cartesian product  ::
directrix {n} (a female who directs) SEE: directress  ::
dirge {n} (a mournful poem or piece of music composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.)  :: погреба́лна пе́сен {f}
dirigible {n} (a self-propelled airship that can be steered)  :: дирижабъл {m} /dirižábǎl/
dirt {n} (soil or earth)  :: земя́ {f}, по́чва {f}
dirt {n} (stain or spot (on clothes etc))  :: петно {n}, мръсотия {f}
dirty {adj} (covered with or containing dirt)  :: мръ́сен, изца́пан
dirty {adj} (dishonourable, violating standards or rules)  :: нечестен
dirty {adj} (morally unclean, obscene or indecent)  :: циничен, неприличен
dirty {adj} (that makes one dirty)  :: мръсен
dis {n} (diss) SEE: diss  ::
dis {v} (diss) SEE: diss  ::
disability {n} (absence of physical, intellectual, or moral fitness)  :: недъгавост
disability {n} (legal incapacity or incompetency)  :: неправоспособност
disability {n}  :: неспособност {f}
disable {v} (to deactivate a function of an electronical or mechanical device)  :: изключвам, деактивирам
disable {v} (to render unable; to take away the ability)  :: правя неспособен
disabled {adj} (for the use of people with physical disabilities)  :: инвалиден
disabled {adj} (having a physical disability)  :: недъгав, инвалиден
disabled {adj} (made incapable of use or action)  :: изключен
disabled {n} (The people who are disabled, regarded as a group)  :: инвалид {m}
disaccord {n} (absence or reverse of accord)  :: разногласие, разединение
disaccustom {v} (to cause someone to break a habit or become unaccustomed to something)  :: отвиквам
disadvantage {n} (setback or handicap)  :: пречка {f}, неудобство {n}
disadvantage {n} (weakness)  :: неизгодно положение
disadvantageous {adj} (not advantageous)  :: неизгоден, неблагоприятен
disaffection {n} (discontent)  :: недоволство {n}
disagree {v}  :: различавам се, не съвпадам
disagreeable {adj} (exciting repugnance)  :: неприятен, противен
disagreeable {adj} (not agreeable, unsuitable)  :: неподходящ
disagreement {n} (A condition of not agreeing or concurring)  :: несъоъветствие {n}
disagreement {n} (An argument or debate)  :: разногласие {n}
disallow {v} (to refuse to allow) SEE: forbid  ::
disallow {v} (to reject as invalid, untrue, or improper)  :: отхвърлям, не приемам
disappear {v} (to vanish)  :: изчезвам {impf} /izčezvam/, изчезна {pf} /izčezna/
disappearance {n} (action of disappearing or vanishing)  :: изче́зване {n}
disappoint {v} (to displease)  :: разочаровам
disappointment {n} (circumstance)  :: неприя́тност {f}
disappointment {n} (emotion)  :: разочарова́ние {n}
disapprobation {n} (act of disapproval)  :: неодобрение
disapproval {n} (disapproval)  :: неодобрение {n}, порицание {n}
disapprove {v} (to condemn)  :: осъждам, порицавам
disapprove {v} (to refuse to approve) SEE: reject  ::
disarm {v} (to deprive of arms)  :: обезоръжавам
disarmament {n} (the reduction of military forces and armaments)  :: разоръжаване {n} /razorǎžavane/
disarrange {v} (undo the arrangement of)  :: разбърквам, разбутвам
disarrangement {n} (upset of the normal order)  :: разбъркване, разбутване
disarray {n} (Want of array or regular order)  :: бъркотия {f}, безпорядък {m}
disarray {v} (To take off the dress of; to unrobe)  :: събличам
disarray {v} (To throw into disorder; to break the array of)  :: разбърквам
disarticulate {v} (to disjoint)  :: разглобявам, разчленявам
disassemble {v} (to take to pieces)  :: разглобявам, демонтирам
disassembly {n} (process of disassembling)  :: разглобяване
disaster {n} (unexpected catastrophe causing physical damage, etc.)  :: злополу́ка {f}, катастро́фа {f}
disaster {n} (unforeseen event causing great loss, etc.)  :: бе́дствие {n}
disastrous {adj} (foreboding disaster; ill-omened)  :: пагубен
disastrous {adj} (of the nature of a disaster; calamitous)  :: бедствен, катастрофален
disavow {v} (to deny or show the contrary of)  :: отказвам се
disavow {v} (to refuse to own or acknowledge)  :: отричам се
disavowal {n} (denial)  :: отказване {n}, отричане {n}
disband {v} (to break up or cause to cease to exist)  :: разпускам /raspuskám/, разформировам /rasformirovam/
disbelief {n} (astonishment)  :: учудване {n}
disbelief {n} (unpreparedness, unwillingness, or inability to believe that something is the case)  :: недоверие {n}, скептицизъм {m}
disbelieve {v} (not believe)  :: не вярвам, скептичен съм
disburse {v} (to pay out)  :: изплащам, разплащам се
disc {n} (disk) SEE: disk  ::
discard {n} (anything discarded)  :: захвърляне {n}, изоставяне {n}
discard {n} (discarded playing card)  :: изчистена карта {f}
discard {v} (to discard, set aside) SEE: remove  ::
discard {v} (to throw away, reject)  :: захвърлям, изхвърлям
discern {v} (to detect with the senses, especially with the eyes)  :: съзирам
discern {v} (to distinguish something as being different from something else; to differentiate)  :: разпознавам, различавам
discern {v} (to perceive differences)  :: различавам
discern {v} (to perceive, recognize or comprehend with the mind; to descry)  :: забелязвам
discernible {adj} (possible to discern)  :: забележим, различим
discerning {adj} (of keen insight)  :: прозорлив, проницателен
discharge {n} (act of accomplishing (an obligation))  :: изпълнение {n} /izpălnenie/
discharge {n} (act of expelling or letting go)  :: освобождаване {n} /osvoboždavanie/, изпускане {n} /izpuskane/
discharge {n} (act of releasing a member of the armed forces from service)  :: уволнение {n} /uvolnenie/
discharge {n} (act of releasing an accumulated charge)  :: разряд {m} /razrjad/
discharge {n} (act of releasing an inpatient from hospital)  :: изписване {n} /izpisvane/
discharge {n} (volume of water transported by a river in a certain amount of time)  :: дебит {m} /debit/
discharge {v} ((electricity) the act of releasing an accumulated charge)  :: разреждам
discharge {v} ((medicine) to release (an inpatient) from hospital)  :: изписвам
discharge {v} ((military) to release (a member of the armed forces) from service)  :: уволнявам
discharge {v} (to accomplish or complete, as an obligation)  :: изпълнявам /izpălnjavam/
discharge {v} (to expel or let go)  :: освобождавам, изпускам
discharge {v} (to operate (any weapon that fires a projectile, such as a shotgun or sling))  :: изстрелвам
disciple {n} (an active follower or adherent of someone, or some philosophy)  :: последовател {m}
disciple {n} (a person who learns from another, especially one who then teaches others)  :: ученик {m}
discipline {n} (category in which a certain activity belongs)  :: дисципли́на {f}
discipline {n} (controlled behaviour, self-control)  :: дисципли́на {f}
discipline {n} (punishment)  :: наказание {n}
discipline {n} (specific branch or knowledge or learning)  :: дисциплина {f}
discipline {v} (to impose order on someone)  :: дисциплинирам
discipline {v} (to teach someone to obey authority)  :: дисциплинирам
discipline {v} (to train someone by instruction and practice)  :: възпитавам
disclaim {v}  :: отказвам се от, отричам се
disclaimer {n} (a denial)  :: отказ {m}
disclaimer {n} (a public disavowal)  :: отричане {n}
disclose {v} (make known)  :: откривам, издавам
disclose {v} (open up) SEE: open up  ::
disclose {v} (physically expose to view)  :: показвам, разкривам
disclosure {n} (the act of revealing something)  :: разкритие {n}
discoid {adj} (of, pertaining to, or shaped like a disc / disk)  :: дисковиден
discomfit {v} (to embarrass greatly)  :: обърквам, смущавам
discomfiture {n} (a feeling of frustration, disappointment, perplexity or embarrassment)  :: объркване {n}, смущение {n}
discomfort {n}  :: неудобство, притеснение
disconcert {v} (bring into confusion)  :: обърквам
disconcert {v} (frustrate)  :: смущавам
disconcert {v} (upset the composure)  :: разстройвам
disconnect {n} (lack of connection or accord) SEE: mismatch  ::
disconnect {n} (switch used to isolate a portion of an electrical circuit) SEE: disconnector  ::
disconnect {v} (to remove the connection between an appliance and an electrical power source)  :: откачам, прекъсвам
disconnect {v} (to sever or interrupt a connection)  :: разединявам, разделям, прекъсвам
disconnected {adj} (feeling a lack of empathy or association with something)  :: несвързан
disconnected {adj} (that is no longer connected)  :: откъснат, изключен
disconsolate {adj} (cheerless, dreary)  :: тъжен, печален
disconsolate {adj} (inconsolable)  :: неутешим
discontent {n} (a discontented person)  :: недоволник {m}
discontent {n} (dissatisfaction) SEE: dissatisfaction  ::
discontention {n} (discontent) SEE: discontent  ::
discontinue {v} (to stop a process)  :: прекъсвам, преустановявам
discontinuity {n} (lack of continuity)  :: прекъснатост {f}
discontinuity {n} (point in the range of a function)  :: точка на прекъсване
discontinuous {adj} (in mathematics)  :: прекъснат
discord {n} (lack of agreement)  :: несъгласие {n}, разногласие {n}
discord {n} (musical dissonance)  :: дисонанс {m}
discord {n} (strife resulting from lack of agreement; dissension)  :: раздор {m} /razdór/
discordant {adj} (not in harmony or accord)  :: несъгласуван, нехармоничен
discount {n} (reduction in price)  :: отбив {m}, отстъпка {f}
discourage {v} (to dishearten)  :: обезсърчавам /obezsǎrčavam/, обезкуражавам /obeskurážavam/
discourage {v} (to persuade somebody not to do something)  :: разубеждавам /razubeždávam/
discourse {n} (formal lengthy exposition of some subject)  :: доклад {m}, лекция {f}
discourse {n} (verbal exchange or conversation)  :: разговор {m}
discourse {v} (engage in discussion or conversation)  :: разговарям, дискутирам
discourse {v} (to debate)  :: дискутирам
discourse {v} (write or speak formally and at length)  :: докладвам, държа реч
discourteous {adj} (impolite)  :: неучтив, невъзпитан
discover {v} (expose something previously covered)  :: нами́рам {impf}
discover {v} (find something for the first time)  :: откри́вам {impf}
discovery {n} (something discovered)  :: откритие {n} /otkrítie/
discovery {n} (the discovering of new things)  :: откритие {n} /otkrítie/
discredit {v} (harm reputation)  :: дискредитирам /diskreditíram/
discreet {adj} (not drawing attention, anger or challenge; inconspicuous)  :: предпазлив, сдържан
discreet {adj} (respectful of privacy or secrecy; quiet; diplomatic)  :: дискретен, тактичен
discrepancy {n} (discrepant state)  :: несъгласие {n} /nesǎglásie/, различие {n} /razlíčie/
discrepancy {n} (inconsistency)  :: несъответствие {n} /nesǎotvétstvie/, несъгласие {n} /nesǎglásie/
discrete {adj} (Separate; distinct; individual)  :: отделен
discretion {n} (the ability to make wise choices or decisions)  :: благоразумие {n}
discretion {n} (the freedom to make one's own judgements)  :: усмотрение {n}, преценка {f}
discretion {n} (the quality of being discreet or circumspect)  :: дискретност {f}
discriminate {v} (to distinguish)  :: различавам, разграничавам
discriminate {v} (to make decisions based on prejudice)  :: дискриминирам
discrimination {n} (distinct treatment on the basis of prejudice)  :: дискримина́ция {f}
discursive {adj} (tending to digress from the main point; rambling)  :: безсистемен, несвързан
discus {n} (athletics sport of throwing the discus)  :: мятане на диск {n} /mjatane na disk/
discus {n} (round plate-like object for throwing)  :: диск {m} /disk/
discuss {v} (to converse or debate concerning a particular topic)  :: разисквам, обсъждам
discussion {n} (conversation or debate)  :: разискване {n} /raziskvane/, обсъждане {n} /obsăždane/
discussion {n} (text giving further detail on a subject)  :: дискусия {f} /diskusija/
disdain {n} (feeling of contempt or scorn)  :: презрение {n}, пренебрежение {n}
disdain {v} (to regard with strong contempt)  :: презирам
disdainful {adj} (showing contempt or scorn)  :: презрителен, пренебрежителен
disease {n} (an abnormal condition of the body causing discomfort or dysfunction)  :: бо́лест {f}, заболя́ване {n}
diseased {adj} (Affected with of suffering from disease)  :: болен, заболял
disembark {v} (remove from on board a vessel)  :: дебаркирам
disembark {v} (to go ashore, to leave a train or airplane)  :: дебаркирам
disembody {v} (to cause one's soul, spirit, or consciousness to become separated from the physical body)  :: обезплътявам
disembowel {v} (to take or let out the bowels)  :: изкормям
disgorge {v} (to vomit or spew)  :: повръщам, изхвърлям лава
disgrace {n} (condition of being out of favor)  :: позор {m}, безчестие {n}
disgrace {v} (disrespect another)  :: позоря
disgraceful {adj} (bringing or warranting disgrace)  :: срамен, позорен
disgruntled {adj} (unhappy, dissatisfied)  :: недоволен, раздразнен
disguise {n} (attire to hide/assume an identity)  :: дегизиране {n}
disguise {n} (that which masks what's beneath)  :: маскиране {n}
disguise {v} (to change the appearance)  :: маскирам
disguise {v} (to prevent revealing something secret)  :: прикривам
disgust {n} (an intense dislike or repugnance)  :: отвращение {n} /otvrašténie/
disgust {v} (to cause an intense dislike for something)  :: отвращавам
disgusting {adj} (repulsive, distasteful)  :: отвратителен, противен
dish {n} (contents of such a vessel)  :: блюдо
dish {n} (specific type of food)  :: ястие
dish {n} (tableware to be/being washed)  :: съдове
dish {n} (type of antenna)  :: чиния
dish {n} (vessel for holding/serving food)  :: чини́я {f}
disharmonious {adj} (not harmonious)  :: дисхармоничен
disharmony {n} (the absence of harmony)  :: разногласие {n}, дисхармония {f}
dishevel {v}  :: разчорлям, разрошвам
dishonest {adj} (not honest)  :: нечестен /nečésten/, непочтен /nepočten/
dishonesty {n} (an act which is fraudulent or dishonest)  :: измама {f}, мошеничество {n}
dishonesty {n} (characteristic or condition of being dishonest)  :: нечестност {f}, непочтеност {f}
dishonor {n} (dishonour) SEE: dishonour  ::
dishonor {v} (dishonour) SEE: dishonour  ::
dishonour {n} (shame or disgrace)  :: срам {m}, позор {m}
dishtowel {n} (a cloth or towel used to dry dishes) SEE: tea towel  ::
dishwasher {n} (machine)  :: съдоми́яна маши́на {f}, съдомиялня {f}
dishwasher {n} (person)  :: мияч на съдове {m}
dishwashing {n} (dishwashing) SEE: dishes  ::
dishwashing {n} (dishwashing) SEE: washing-up  ::
dishwater {n} (washing water)  :: помия {f}
disinclination {n} (the state of being disinclined)  :: нежелание {n}, неохота {f}
disinfect {v} (sterilize by the use of cleaning agent)  :: дезинфекцирам, обеззаразявам
disinfection {n} (treatment)  :: дезинфекция {f}, обеззаразяване {n}
disinformation {n} (intentionally false information)  :: дезинформа́ция {f}
disinherit {v} (to exclude from inheritance)  :: лишавам от наследство
disintegrate {v} (break up into one's parts)  :: разлагам се, разпадам се
disintegrate {v} (cause to break into parts)  :: разлагам
disintegration {n}  :: разлагане /razlagane/, разпадане /razpadane/
disinter {v} (To take out of the grave or tomb; to unbury; to exhume; to dig up)  :: изравям, ексхумирам
disinterested {adj} (having no stake in the outcome)  :: безкористен
disinvite {v} (to cancel an invitation) SEE: uninvite  ::
disjoin {v} (To separate)  :: откъсвам, отделям
disjoint {v} (To render disjoint)  :: разглобявам
disk {n} (a thin, flat, circular plate)  :: диск {m}
disk {n} (a vinyl phonograph/gramophone record)  :: пло́ча {f}
diskindness {n} (unkindness) SEE: unkindness  ::
disk jockey {n} (person who selects and plays recorded music) SEE: disc jockey  ::
dislike {n} (feeling of distaste)  :: антипа́тия {f}, неприя́зън {f}
dislike {v} (not to like something)  :: не харе́свам
dislocate {v} (to dislodge a bone)  :: изкълчвам
dislocation {n} (act or state of displacing)  :: изместване {n}
dislocation {n} (dislocating of a joint)  :: изкълчване {n}
dismal {adj} (depressing)  :: тъ̀жен, уни́л
dismal {adj} (gloomy and bleak)  :: мра́чен
dismantle {v} (divest)  :: събличам
dismantle {v} (remove fittings or furnishings)  :: оголвам, разоборудвам
dismantle {v} (take apart)  :: разглобявам
dismay {n} (a sudden loss of courage)  :: страх {m}, смут {m}
dismay {v} (to disable with alarm or apprehensions)  :: уплашвам, ужасявам
dismiss {v} (to discharge)  :: уволнявам
dismiss {v} (to order to leave)  :: отпращам
dismiss {v} (to reject, refuse to accept)  :: отхвърлям
dismissal {n} (act of sending someone away)  :: отпращане
dismissal {n} (deprivation of office)  :: уволнение {n} /uvolnénie/
dismissal {n} (rejection of a legal proceeding, or a claim)  :: отхвърляне
dismount {v} (to get off)  :: слизам
Disney {prop} (Walt Disney Company)  :: Уолт Дисни Къмпани
Disneyland {prop} (Disneyland, theme park)  :: Дисниленд {m} /Disnilend/
disobedience {n} (refusal to obey)  :: непослушание {n}, неподчинение {n}
disobedient {adj} (not obedient)  :: непослу́шен, непоко́рен
disobey {v} (to refuse to obey)  :: не се подчинявам
disorder {n} (absence of order)  :: безпорядък {m}
disorder {n} (disturbance of civic order or of public order)  :: безредици {p}
disordered {adj} (chaotic)  :: разбъркан, неподреден
disorganised {adj} (disorganized) SEE: disorganized  ::
disorient {v} (to cause to lose orientation or direction)  :: разориентирам, обърквам
disorientation {n} (a state of confusion with regard to time, place or identity)  :: дезориентация {f}
disorientation {n} (the loss of one's sense of direction)  :: дезориентация {f}
disown {v} (to refuse to own)  :: отричам се, отказвам се
disparage {n} (marriage)  :: неравностоен брак {m}
disparage {v} (to dishonor by a comparison)  :: подценявам
disparage {v} (to match unequally)  :: омаловажавам
disparate {adj} (composed of inherently different elements)  :: несравним, несъизмерим
disparity {n} (incongruity)  :: несъответствие {n}, несъразмерност {f}
disparity {n} (the state of being unequal; difference)  :: разлика {f}, неравенство {n}
dispassionate {adj} (not showing, and not affected by emotion, bias, or prejudice)  :: безстрастен
dispatch {n} (A message sent quickly)  :: депеша {f}, телеграма {f}
dispatch {n} (dismissal) SEE: dismissal  ::
dispatch {n} (The act of dispatching)  :: експедиция {f}
dispatch {v} (To hurry)  :: бързам
dispatch {v} (To send with promptness)  :: пращам
dispatcher {n} (A person who controls the movements of vehicles)  :: диспечер {m}
dispatcher {n} (One who dispatches (something))  :: експедитор {m}
dispel {v} (to drive away by scattering)  :: разсейвам, разпръсквам
dispensable {adj} (able to be done without; able to be expended; easily replaced)  :: неналожителен, без който може
dispensation {n} (act of dispensing)  :: раздаване {n}, разпределяне {n}
dispense {v} (to eliminate or do without)  :: минавам без
dispense {v} (to issue, distribute, or put out)  :: раздавам, разпределям
disperse {v} (to scatter)  :: разпилявам, разпръсквам, разсейвам
dispersion {n} (degree of scatter of data)  :: разсейване
dispersion {n} (optics: separation of visible light to its component frequencies)  :: разсейване
dispersion {n} (process)  :: разпръскване, разпиляване
dispersion {n} (state)  :: разхвърляност, разпиляност
dispirit {v} (Lower the morale of)  :: обезкуражавам, обезсърчавам
dispirited {adj} (without spirit) SEE: despondent  ::
displace {v}  :: измествам, замествам
displacement {n} (physics: vector quantity which denotes distance with a directional component)  :: преместване {n}
displacement {n} (the quantity of anything, as water, displaced by a floating body, as by a ship)  :: водоизместимост {f}
displacement {n} (the state of being displaced)  :: изместване {n}, отместване {n}
displacement speed {n} (hull speed) SEE: hull speed  ::
display {n} (electronic screen)  :: монитор {m}
display {n} (spectacle)  :: излагане {n}, показ {m}
display {v}  :: показвам
displeasure {n} (disapproval)  :: неодобрение {n}
displeasure {n} (feeling of being displeased with someone or something)  :: неудоволствие {n}
disport {n} (A pastime)  :: забава {f}, забавление {n}
disport {v} (to amuse oneself divertingly or playfully)  :: развличам се /razvlíčam se/, забавлявам се /zabavljávam se/
disposable {adj} (that is designed to be discarded rather than refilled or repaired)  :: за еднократна употреба
disposal {n} (disposing of)  :: отстраняване {n}, избавяне от
disposal {n} (power to use something)  :: разположение {n}, разпореждане {n}
dispose {v} (to get rid of something)  :: отстранявам, избавям се от
disposition {n} (Temperamental makeup or habitual mood)  :: характер {m}, нрав {m}
disposition {n} (tendency or inclination)  :: предразположение {n}, склонност {f}
disposition {n} (The arrangement or placement of certain things)  :: разоложение {n}, разставяне {n}
disproportionate {adj} (not proportionate)  :: несъответен
disproportionate {adj} (out of proportion)  :: непропорционален /neproporcionálen/
disprove {v} (to refute)  :: опровергавам, оборвам
dispute {n} (argument, failure to agree)  :: спор {m}, полемика {f}
disqualification {n} (act of disqualifying)  :: дисквалификация {f}
disqualify {v} (to make ineligible)  :: дисквалифицирам, лишавам от права
disquisition {n} (discourse)  :: изследване {n}, дисертация {f}, трактат {m}
disregard {n} (not paying attention or caring about)  :: пренебрежение {n}, незачитане {n}
disregard {v} (disregard) SEE: neglect  ::
disregard {v} (to ignore)  :: пренебрегвам, игнорирам
disrespect {n} (lack of respect)  :: неуважение {n}
disrespect {v} (to show a lack of respect)  :: не уважавам
disrespectful {adj} (lacking respect)  :: неуважителен
disrobe {v} (undress someone or something)  :: събличам
disrupt {v} (to interrupt or impede something)  :: прекъсвам /prekăsvam/, разкъсвам /razkăsvam/
disrupt {v} (to throw into confusion or disorder)  :: разстройвам /razstrojvam/
disruption {n} (disorder)  :: безредие {n}
disruption {n} (interruption)  :: прекъсване {n}, разрив {m}
dissatisfaction {n} (unhappiness or discontent)  :: недоволство {n} /nedovólstvo/
dissatisfactory {adj} (causing dissatisfaction) SEE: unsatisfactory  ::
dissect {v} (to study a dead animal's anatomy by cutting it apart)  :: правя дисекция
dissection {n} (the act of dissecting, of cutting a dead body apart)  :: дисекция {f} /disékcija/
dissemble {v} (to deliberately ignore something)  :: правя се че не виждам
dissemble {v} (to disguise or conceal something)  :: прикривам
dissemble {v} (to falsely hide one's opinions or feelings)  :: преструвам се, лицемеря
dissembler {n} (someone who dissembles)  :: лицемер
disseminate {v} (intransitive: to become scattered)  :: разпространявам се
disseminate {v} (to disseminate) SEE: disperse  ::
disseminate {v} (transitive: to sow and scatter principles, etc. for propagation, like seed)  :: разпръсквам, разпространявам
dissemination {n} (act of disseminating)  :: разпръскване {n}, разпространение {n}
dissension {n} (an act of expressing dissent, especially spoken)  :: разногласие {n}, раздор {m}
dissension {n} (strong disagreement; a contention or quarrel; discord)  :: препирня {f}
dissent {n} (act of disagreeing with an authority)  :: разногласие {n} /raznoglásie/, разкол {m} /razkól/
dissent {n} (disagreement with the ideas of an authority)  :: несъгласие {n} /nesǎglásie/
dissent {v} (to disagree)  :: не се съгласявам
disservice {n} (an ill turn or injury)  :: лоша услуга {f}
dissever {v}  :: разделям, отделям
dissident {n} (ecclesiastical: one who disagrees)  :: разко́лник {m}
dissident {n} (person who opposes the current political structure, group or laws)  :: дисиде́нт {m}, дисиде́нтка {f}
dissimilar {adj} (not similar)  :: различен, неприличащ
dissimilate {v} (make dissimilar)  :: правя различен
dissimulate {v} (to deceive by concealment or omission)  :: преструвам се, симулирам
dissimulation {n} (the act of concealing the truth)  :: преструвка, лицемерие
dissipate {v} (to dissipate) SEE: disperse  ::
dissipate {v} (to drive away)  :: разсейвам, разпръсквам
dissipate {v} (to use up or waste)  :: пропилявам
dissipated {adj} (wasteful of health or possessions in the pursuit of pleasure)  :: прахоснически
dissipation {n}  :: разсейване, разпръскване
dissociate {v} (chemistry: to separate compounds into simpler parts)  :: разлагам
dissociate {v} (chemistry: to undergo dissociation)  :: дисоциирам
dissociate {v} (to make unrelated)  :: разделям, разединявам
dissociate {v} (to part, stop associating)  :: отделям се, откъсвам се
dissociation {n} (act of dissociating)  :: разделяне {n}, разединение {n}
dissociation {n} (chemistry: process of breaking up)  :: разлагане {n}, дисоциация {f}
dissoluble {adj} (which can be dissolved or disintegrated)  :: разтворим
dissolute {adj} (dissolute)  :: разпуснат, развратен
dissolution {n} (dissolving, or going into solution)  :: разтваряне {n}
dissolution {n} (termination of an organized body or legislative assembly)  :: разпускане {n}
dissolve {v} (fade out) SEE: fade out  ::
dissolve {v} (intransitive: to be disintegrated into a solution by immersion)  :: разтварям се
dissolve {v} (to disperse a group)  :: разпускам
dissolve {v} (to terminate a union of multiple members actively)  :: разпускам
dissolve {v} (transitive: to disintegrate into a solution by immersion)  :: разтварям
dissonance {n} (a harsh, discordant combination of sounds)  :: неблагозвучие {n}, дисонанс {m}
dissonance {n} (a state of disagreement or conflict)  :: несъгласие {n}
dissonance {n} (conflicting notes that are not overtones of the note or chord sounding)  :: дисхармония {f}
dissuade {v} (convince not to try or do)  :: разубеждавам, разубедя
distaff {adj} (of, relating to, or characteristic of women)  :: женски
distaff {n} (anything traditionally done by or considered of importance to women only)  :: женска работа
distaff {n} (part of a spinning wheel)  :: хурка {f}
distance {n} (amount of space between two points)  :: разстоя́ние {n}, диста́нция {f}
distance {v} (move away)  :: дистанцирам се
distant {adj} (far off)  :: далечен, отдалечен
distaste {n} (feeling of dislike)  :: отвращение, антипатия, неразположение
distasteful {adj} (having a bad or foul taste)  :: отвратителен
distasteful {adj} (offensive)  :: отблъскващ
distasteful {adj} (unpleasant)  :: неприятен, противен
distemper {n} (paint)  :: темперна боя {f}
distend {v} (To cause to swell)  :: раздувам
distend {v} (To extend or expand)  :: разтеглям, разширявам
distich {n} (couplet)  :: двустишие
distil {v} (to exude in small drops)  :: процеждам се
distil {v} (to make by means of distillation)  :: дестилирам
distil {v} (to subject a substance to distillation)  :: дестилирам
distil {v} (to trickle down in small drops)  :: капя
distil {v} (to undergo distillation)  :: дестилирам се
distill {v} (exude in small drops) SEE: distil  ::
distill {v} (make by distillation) SEE: distil  ::
distill {v} (subject to distillation) SEE: distil  ::
distill {v} (trickle down in small drops) SEE: distil  ::
distill {v} (undergo distillation) SEE: distil  ::
distillate {n} (liquid that has been condensed from vapour)  :: дестилат, есенция
distillation {n} (falling in drips (act))  :: изкапване
distillation {n} (separation of a substance)  :: дестилация {f}
distillation {n} (substance once extracted)  :: дестилат {m}
distinct {adj} (different from one another)  :: отделен, различен
distinct {adj} (noticeably different)  :: особен
distinct {adj} (very clear)  :: ясен, отчетлив
distinction {n} (a feature that causes someone or something to be better)  :: отли́чие {n}
distinction {n} (that which distinguishes)  :: разлика {f}, разли́чие {n}
distinctive {adj} (that is characteristic or typical of something)  :: характерен
distinctive {adj} (that serves to distinguish between things)  :: отличителен /otličítelen/
distinguish {v} (to see someone or something as different from others)  :: различавам /različávam/
distinguish {v} (to see someone or something clearly or distinctly)  :: отличавам /otličávam/
distinguished {adj}  :: виден, изтъкнат, бележит
distort {v} (to bring something out of shape)  :: изкривявам, деформирам
distort {v} (to give false account of)  :: изопачавам
distortion {n} (act of distorting)  :: изкривяване {n}, измятане {n}
distortion {n} (misrepresentation of the truth)  :: изопачаване {n}
distortion {n} (noise)  :: изкривяване {n}
distortion {n} (result of distorting)  :: изкривяване {n}, деформация {f}
distract {v} (To divert the attention of)  :: отвличам, разсейвам
distracted {adj} (having one's attention diverted; preoccupied)  :: объркан
distraction {n} (something that distracts)  :: развлечение {n}
distraction {n} (the process of being distracted)  :: отвличане, разсейване {n}
distrain {v} (To seize somebody's property in place of payment of a debt)  :: налагам запор
distrait {adj} (absent-minded)  :: невнимателен, разсеян
distraught {adj} (Deeply hurt, saddened, or worried)  :: объркан
distribute {v} (to deliver or pass out)  :: раздавам
distribute {v} (to distribute) SEE: disperse  ::
distribute {v} (to divide into portions and dispense)  :: разпределям
distribute {v} (to scatter or spread)  :: разпръсквам
distribution {n} (act of distribution or being distributed)  :: разпределяне {n}
distribution {n} (distribution in statistics)  :: разпределение {n}
distribution {n} (frequency of occurrence or extent of existence)  :: разпределение {n}
distribution {n} (process by which commodities get to final consumers)  :: разпространение {n}
distribution {n} (the result of distributing; arrangement)  :: разпределение {n}
distributor {n} (device that distributes current to the spark plugs)  :: дистрибутор {m}
distributor {n} (one who distributes, a thing that distributes)  :: разпределител {m}
district {n} (administrative division)  :: окръг {m}, околия {f}
district {n} (area or region)  :: район {m}, участък {m}, област {f}
district {v} (to divide into districts)  :: районирам
Distrito Federal {prop} (Federal District) SEE: Federal District  ::
distrust {n} (lack of trust or confidence)  :: недоверие {n}, съмнение {n}
distrust {v} (to put no trust in)  :: съмнявам се
distrustful {adj} (marked by distrust; doubtful; suspicious)  :: недоверчив, подозрителен
disturb {v} (confuse or irritate)  :: безпокоя, смущавам
disturb {v} (have negative emotional impact)  :: тревожа
disturbance {n} (act of disturbing, being disturbed)  :: смущение {n}, смут {m}
disturbance {n} (interruption of that which is normal or regular)  :: безредие {n}, бъротия {f}
disunite {v}  :: разделям, разединявам
disuse {n} (disuse)  :: излизане от употреба
ditch {n} (trench)  :: канавка {f}, траншея {f}
ditch {v} (to abandon)  :: изхвърлям
ditch {v} (to dig ditches)  :: копая канавка
ditsy {adj} (ditzy) SEE: ditzy  ::
dittany {n} (dittany of Crete)  :: росен
ditto {adv} (likewise) SEE: likewise  ::
ditto {n} (informal: duplicate)  :: копие {n}
ditto {n} (the aforesaid)  :: същото, горното
ditto {v} ((transitive) To repeat the aforesaid, the earlier action etc)  :: повтарям
diuresis {n} (polyuria) SEE: polyuria  ::
diurnal {adj} (done once every day)  :: ежедневен /ežednéven/
diurnal {adj} (happening during daylight; primarily active during the day)  :: дневен /dnéven/
divagate {v} (stray off from a subject)  :: отклонявам се, лутам се
dive {n} (a decline)  :: спускане {n}
dive {n} (aerial descend with the nose pointed down)  :: пикиране {n}
dive {n} (a jump into water)  :: гмуркане {n}
dive {v} (to descend)  :: потапям се
dive {v} (to swim under water)  :: гмуркам се
diver {n} (someone who dives)  :: гмуркач {m}
diver {n} (the loon (bird))  :: гмурец {m}
diverge {v} (to have no limit)  :: не се схождам
diverge {v} (to run apart)  :: отклонявам се
divergence {n} (the degree of divergence)  :: отклонение {n} /otklonénie/
divergent {adj} (growing further apart; diverging)  :: отклоняващ се
divergent {adj} (of a series, not converging)  :: разходящ
diverse {adj} (different)  :: различен
diverse {adj} (various)  :: разнообразен
diversify {v} (To make diverse)  :: разнообразявам
diversion {n} (act of diverting)  :: отклоняване
diversion {n} (A detour, such as during road construction)  :: отклонение {n}
diversion {n} (hobby; an activity that distracts the mind)  :: развлечение {n}
diversion {n} (tactic used to draw attention away from the real threat or action)  :: отвличане {n} /otvlíčane/
diversity {n} (quality of being diverse; difference)  :: разнообразие {n}
divert {v} (distract)  :: отвличам
divert {v} (turn aside)  :: отклонявам
divertimento {n} (eighteenth-century composition in several short movements)  :: дивертисмент {n}, дивертименто {n}
divest {v} (to strip, deprive, or dispossess of something)  :: отнемам, лишавам
divest {v} (undress) SEE: undress  ::
divide {v} (calculate quotient)  :: деля
divide {v} (divide up; share by dividing)  :: разделям
divide {v} (of a cell)  :: деля се
divide {v} (separate into two or more parts)  :: разделям
divide {v} (split into two or more parts)  :: разделям
divided {adj} (disunited)  :: разединен
divided {adj} (having conflicting interests or emotions)  :: раздвоен
divided {adj} (separated or split into pieces)  :: разделен
dividend {n} (arithmetic: a number or expression)  :: делимо {n} /delímo/
dividend {n} (finance: a payment of money by a company to its shareholders)  :: дивидент {m}
divider {n} (object that separates)  :: разделител {m}, сепаратор {m}
divination {n} (act of divining)  :: предсказване {n}
divination {n} (art of discovering secrets or seeing the future by supernatural means)  :: гадаене {n}, врачуване {n}
divination {n} (indication of future, prediction)  :: прогноза {f}
divine {adj} (beautiful, heavenly)  :: небесен
divine {adj} (eternal, holy or otherwise godlike)  :: божествен, свръхестествен
divine {adj} (of or pertaining to a god)  :: божествен
divine {adj} (of superhuman or surpassing excellence)  :: божествен
divine {n} (a deity) SEE: deity  ::
divine {n} (theologian, cleric)  :: богослов {m}
divine {v} (foretell (something))  :: предсказвам
divine {v} (guess (something))  :: гадая
diving {n} (action of the verb "to dive")  :: гмуркане {n}
diving {n} (practice of swimming underwater)  :: гмуркане {n}
diving {n} (sport of jumping head first into water)  :: скок във вода {m}
diving bell {n} (airtight chamber used by divers)  :: кесон {m}
diving board {n} (diving platform) SEE: diving platform  ::
diving board {n} (springboard) SEE: springboard  ::
divinity {n} (a deity)  :: божество {n}
divinity {n} (property of being divine)  :: божественост {f} /božéstvenost/
divinity {n} (study of religion or religions)  :: богословие {n}
divisible {adj} (capable of being divided)  :: делим
divisible {adj} (of an integer, that when divided leaves no remainder)  :: делим
divisim {adv} (formal: separately) SEE: separately  ::
division {n} (act or process of dividing anything)  :: делене {n}, разделяне {n}
division {n} (arithmetic: calculation involving this process)  :: деление {n}
division {n} (arithmetic: process of dividing a number by another)  :: деление {n}
division {n} (each of the parts resulting from division)  :: част {f}, раздел {m}
division {n} (large military unit)  :: дивизия {f}
division {n} (section of a large company)  :: подразделение {n}
divisor {n} (arithmetic: a number or expression)  :: делител {m} /delítel/
divorce {n} (legal dissolution of a marriage)  :: развод {m}
divorce {n} (separation of connected things)  :: разрив {m}, разделяне {n}
divorce {v} (to end one's own marriage)  :: развеждам се
divorce {v} (to legally dissolve a marriage)  :: развеждам
divorce {v} (to separate something that was connected)  :: разделям
divulge {v} (to indicate publicly; to proclaim)  :: разкривам /razkrivam/
divulge {v} (to make public)  :: разгласявам /razglasjavam/
divulsion {n} (act of separating by force, especially by dilation or pulling apart)  :: разкъсване
divvy up {v} (divide) SEE: divide  ::
Diwali {prop} (festival of lights)  :: Дива́ли
dizziness {n} (state of being dizzy)  :: замайване {n}, замаяност {f}
dizzy {adj} (having a sensation of turning around)  :: замаян
dizzy {adj} (producing giddiness)  :: шеметен
dizzyness {n} (dizziness) SEE: dizziness  ::
DJ {n} (person who selects and plays recorded music) SEE: disc jockey  ::
Djibouti {prop} (Republic of Djibouti)  :: Джибути
Djiboutian {adj} (pertaining to Djibouti)  :: джибутски {m}
Dmitry {prop} (transliteration of Дмитрий)  :: Димитър {m}
Dnepropetrovsk {prop} (Dnipropetrovsk) SEE: Dnipropetrovsk  ::
Dnieper {prop} (river to the Black Sea)  :: Дне́пър {m}
Dnipropetrovsk {prop} (city)  :: Днепропетро́вск {m}
do {v} (perform, execute)  :: пра́вя
doable {adj} (possible to do) SEE: feasible  ::
dobra {n} (official currency of São Tomé and Príncipe)  :: добра /dobra/
Dobrich {prop} (city in Bulgaria)  :: Добрич {m} /Dóbrič/
Dobruja {prop} (region)  :: Добруджа
docile {adj} (accepting instructions)  :: схватлив, възприемчив
docile {adj} (yielding to control)  :: податлив, послушен
docileness {n} (docility) SEE: docility  ::
dock {n} (any plant in genus Rumex)  :: лапад {m}
dock {n} (body of water between two piers or wharves)  :: док {m}
dock {n} (burdock)  :: репей {m}
dock {n} (part of a courtroom where the accused sits)  :: подсъди́ма скаме́йка {f}
dock {v} (to cut off a section of an animal's tail)  :: подрязвам
dock {v} (to reduce wages; to deduct)  :: орязвам
docker {n} (dockworker) SEE: dockworker  ::
docker {n} (one who performs docking)  :: докер {m}
dockyard {n} (ship repair place)  :: корабостроителница {f} /korabostroítelnica/
doctor {n} (person who has attained a doctorate)  :: доктор {m}
doctor {n} (physician)  :: до́ктор {m}, лекар {m}
doctor {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
doctor {v} (act as a medical doctor to)  :: лекувам
doctor's certificate {n} (medical certificate) SEE: medical certificate  ::
doctrine {n} (belief)  :: вяра {f}, верую {n}
doctrine {n} (body of beliefs or teachings)  :: учение {n}, доктрина
document {n} (original or official paper)  :: докуме́нт {m}
document {v} (to record in documents)  :: документирам
documentary {adj} (of, related to or based on documents/that serves to document something)  :: документа́лен
documentary {n} (documentary film)  :: документа́лен филм {m}
documentation {n} (documents that explain the operation of a particular machine or software program)  :: документа́ция {f}
dodder {n} (parasitic plant (of about 100-170 species) of the genus Cuscuta)  :: кукувича прежда {f}
dodder {v} (shake or tremble)  :: треперя от слабост
dodge {v} (to avoid by moving out of the way)  :: избягвам, отбягвам
dodge {v} (to avoid; to sidestep)  :: избягвам
dodgem {n} (dodgem) SEE: bumper car  ::
dodgy {adj} (dishonest)  :: нечестен
dodgy {adj} (evasive and shifty)  :: увъртащ, избягващ
dodgy {adj} (risky)  :: рискован
dodgy {adj} (unsound and unreliable)  :: ненадежден
dodo {n} (Raphus cucullatus)  :: додо {m}
doe {n} (female deer)  :: сърна {f} /sǎ̀rna/
doe {n} (female fallow deer)  :: кошута {f} /košuta/
does anyone here speak English {phrase} (does anyone here speak English?)  :: има ли някой, който говори английски?
dog {n} (animal)  :: куче {n}, пес {m} [colloquial], псе {n} [colloquial]
dog {n} (hinged catch) SEE: pawl  ::
dog {n} (male canine)  :: пес {m}
dog {n} (metal support for logs) SEE: andiron  ::
dog {n} (slang: man) SEE: guy  ::
dog collar {n} (collar for a dog)  :: нашийник {m}
dog days {n} (hot, lazy days)  :: горещници {p}
doge {n} (chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa)  :: дож
dogend {n} (unsmoked end of cigarette)  :: фас, угарка
dogfish {n} (bowfin) SEE: bowfin  ::
dogfish {n} (shark in family Dalatidae) SEE: kitefin shark  ::
dogfish {n} (shark in family Scyliorhinidae) SEE: catshark  ::
dogged {adj} (stubbornly persevering, steadfast)  :: твърдоглав
doggish {adj} (currish)  :: кучешки
doggy {n} (a dog, especially a small one)  :: кученце {n}
doggy paddle {n} (swimming stroke) SEE: dog paddle  ::
doghouse {n} (kennel) SEE: kennel  ::
doghouse bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
dogma {n} (authoritative principle, belief or statement of opinion)  :: догма {f}
dogma {n} (doctrine)  :: доктрина {f}
dogmatism {n} (arrogance in stating opinion)  :: догматизъм {m}
dog paddle {n} (swimming stroke)  :: кучешката {f}
dog rose {n} (the species Rosa canina)  :: шипка {f} /šípka/
dog shit {n} (deceitful statements, etc) SEE: bullshit  ::
dogshit {n} (dog excrement) SEE: dog shit  ::
Dog Star {prop} (Sirius) SEE: Sirius  ::
dogwood {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Cornus)  :: кучешки дрян {m}
Doha {prop} (capital of Qatar)  :: Доха {f} /Dóha/
doing {n} (a deed or action)  :: поведение {n}
dole {n} (money or goods given as charity)  :: ми́лостиня {f}, подая́ние {n}
dole {n} (unemployment benefit)  :: по́мощ при безрабо́тица {f}
doleful {adj} (evoking sadness)  :: скръбен, печален
doline {n} (any sinkhole) SEE: sinkhole  ::
doll {n} (a toy in the form of a human)  :: ку́кла {f}
dollar {n} (designation for specific currency)  :: до́лар {m}
dollhouse {n} (miniature house for dolls) SEE: doll's house  ::
dollop {n} (considerable lump)  :: буца {f}, голямо парче {n}
dolorous {adj} (solemnly or ponderously sad)  :: скръбен, печален
dolour {n} (painful grief or suffering)  :: скръб, печал
dolphin {n} (aquatic mammal)  :: делфи́н {m}
dolphin {n} (dauphin) SEE: dauphin  ::
dolphin {n} (mahi-mahi) SEE: mahi-mahi  ::
dolt {n} (A stupid person; a blockhead or dullard)  :: глупак {m}, тъпак
domain {n} (geographic area owned or controlled by a single person or organization)  :: област {f}
domain {n} (group of related items)  :: област {f}
domain {n} ((mathematics) the set on which a function is defined)  :: интервал на съществуване
dome {n} (anything shaped like an upset bowl)  :: кубе {n}
dome {n} (architectural element)  :: ку́пол {m}, свод {m}
domestic {adj} (internal to a specific country)  :: местен
domestic {adj} ((of a domesticated animal) kept by someone)  :: питомен
domestic {adj} (of or relating to the home)  :: домашен, семеен
domestic {n} (house servant; a maid)  :: домашна помощница
domesticate {v} ((intransitive) to adapt to live with humans)  :: култивирам
domesticate {v} (to make domestic)  :: опитомявам
domesticate {v} (to make fit for domestic life)  :: опитомявам
domesticate {v} ((transitive) to adapt to live with humans)  :: култивирам
domestication {n} (The act of domesticating the action of taming)  :: опитомяване {n}
domestic violence {n} (violence committed in a domestic setting)  :: домашно насилие {n}
domicile {n} (home or residence)  :: резиденция {f} /rezidéncija/, местожителство {n} /mestožítelstvo/
dominance {n} (state of being dominant)  :: господство {n}, преобладаване {n}
dominant {adj} (ruling, governing)  :: преобладаващ, господстващ
dominant {n} (tone of a musical scale)  :: доминанта {f}
dominate {v} (to govern, rule or control by superior authority or power)  :: господствам, преобладавам
domination {n} (act of dominating)  :: преобладаване {n}, господство
domineer {v} (rule over)  :: тиранизирам, потискам
domineering {adj} (overbearing, dictatorial or authoritarian)  :: властен, тираничен
Dominica {prop} (Commonwealth of Dominica)  :: Домини́ка {f}
Dominican Republic {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Доминика́нска репу́блика {f}
dominion {n} (a kingdom, nation, or other sphere of influence)  :: доминион {m}
dominion {n} (power or the use of power; sovereignty over something)  :: суверенна власт
Domodedovo {prop} (airport in Russia)  :: Домодедово {n} /Domodédovo/
domovoi {n} (domovoy) SEE: domovoy  ::
don {n} (professor) SEE: professor  ::
don {v} (put on clothes)  :: обличам, навличам
Don {prop} (River in European Russia)  :: Дон {m} /Don/
Donald Duck {prop} (one of the Disney characters)  :: Доналд Дък {m}
donate {v} (to give away something of value)  :: дарявам
donation {n} (a voluntary gift or contribution for a specific cause)  :: дарение {n} /darenie/, дар {m} /dar/, подаряване {n} /podarjavane/
Donbas {prop} (An industrial region in eastern Ukraine.)  :: Донба́с {m}
Donbass {prop} (Donbas) SEE: Donbas  ::
done {adj} (being exhausted or fully spent)  :: изтощен
done {adj} (In a state of having completed or finished an activity)  :: направен, извършен
done {adj} ((of food) ready, fully cooked)  :: сготвен
Donets {prop} (one of several rivers)  :: Донец {m}
Donetsk {prop} (city)  :: Доне́цк {m}
donjon {n} (fortified tower) SEE: keep  ::
donkey {n} (a domestic animal, see also: ass)  :: мага́ре {n}
donkey {n} (a stubborn person)  :: инат {m}
donnish {adj} (bookish)  :: сух, педантичен
Don Quixote {prop} (the protagonist of a famous Spanish novel)  :: Дон Кихот {m}
don't {contraction} (do not)  :: не /ne/
don't let the door hit you on the way out {phrase} (good riddance) SEE: good riddance  ::
don't look a gift horse in the mouth {proverb} (a phrase referring to unappreciatively questioning of a gift or handout too closely)  :: на харизан кон зъбите не се гледат
don't mention it {phrase} (it is too trivial to warrant thanks)  :: няма́ защо́, моля́
donut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough) SEE: doughnut  ::
doodad {n} (thingy) SEE: thingy  ::
doodah {n} (thingy) SEE: thingy  ::
doodle {n} (a fool, simpleton)  :: глупак {m}
doodle {n} (small mindless sketch)  :: драскулка {f}
doom {n} (death)  :: гибел {f}
doom {n} (ill fate)  :: орис {f}, участ {f}
doom {n} (Last Judgment) SEE: Last Judgment  ::
doom {v} (to condemn)  :: обричам
doomsday {n} (day when God is expected to judge the world)  :: страшният съд {m}
door {n} (portal of entry into a building, room or vehicle)  :: врата́ {f-p}
doorcase {n} (doorframe) SEE: doorframe  ::
doorhandle {n} (door handle) SEE: door handle  ::
doorkeeper {n} (person in charge of an entryway)  :: врата́р {m}, портие́р {m}
doormat {n} (coarse mat that appears at the entrance to a house)  :: изтривалка {f}
doorpost {n} (doorjamb) SEE: doorjamb  ::
doorstep {n} (big slice of bread)  :: дебела филия {f}
doorstep {n} (threshold of a doorway)  :: праг {m} /prag/
doorway {n} (passage of a door)  :: вход {m}
dope {n} (absorbent material used to hold a liquid)  :: поглътител {m}, абсорбент {m}
dope {n} (aeronautics: varnish used to waterproof, strengthen, etc.)  :: аеролак
dope {n} (slang: any illicit drug)  :: допинг {m}
dope {n} (slang: any narcotic)  :: наркотик {m}
dope {n} (viscous liquid used to prepare a surface)  :: смазка {f}
doppelganger {n} (ghostly double of a living person)  :: двойник {m}
dorado {n} (mahi-mahi) SEE: mahi-mahi  ::
dork {n} (vulgar, slang: penis)  :: кур {m} /kur/, хуй {m} /huj/
dormant {adj} (inactive, asleep, suspended)  :: спящ, латентен, неактивен
dormer {n} (roofed projection)  :: капандура
dormitory {n} (building or part thereof)  :: общежи́тие {n}
dormitory {n} (room for sleeping)  :: о́бща спа́лня {f}
dormouse {n} (rodent)  :: сънливец /sănlivec/
Dorothea {prop} (female given name) SEE: Dorothy  ::
Dorothy dollar {n} (business generated by homosexuals) SEE: pink pound  ::
dorsal {adj} (of a knife: having only one sharp side)  :: едноостър
dorsal {adj} (relating to the side in which the backbone is located)  :: гръбен
dose {n} (measured portion of medicine)  :: доза {f} /dóza/
dose {n} (quantity of an agent administered at any one time)  :: доза {f} /dóza/
doss-house {n} (sleeping-place for the homeless)  :: нощен приют {m}
dossier {n} (A collection of papers and/or other sources)  :: досие {n} /dosié/
dot {n} (decimal point)  :: точка {f}
dot {n} (dot in URL's or email addresses)  :: точка {f}
dot {n} (morse code symbol)  :: точка {f}
dot {n} (punctuation mark)  :: то́чка {f}
dot {n} (small spot or mark)  :: то́чка {f}, то́чица {f}
dotage {n} (senility)  :: изкуфяване {n}, сенилност {f}
dote {v} (to act in a foolish manner)  :: изкуфявам, оглупявам
dote {v} (to be excessively fond of)  :: влюбвам се до уши
do the dishes {v} (to wash up dishes)  :: мия чинии
dot product {n} (scalar product) SEE: scalar product  ::
dotterel {n} (bird in the plover family Charadriidae)  :: планински дъждосвирец {m}
double {adj} (Designed for two users)  :: двоен
double {adj} (false, deceitful, or hypocritical)  :: двуличен
double {adj} (folded in two; composed of two layers)  :: удвоен, сгънат на две
double {adj} (having two aspects; ambiguous)  :: двойнствен
double {adj} (made up of two matching or complementary elements)  :: двоен
double {adj} (of flowers, having more than the normal number of petals)  :: кичест
double {adj} (twice the quantity)  :: двойно
double {n} (a person resembling or standing for another)  :: двойник {m}
double {n} (twice the number or size etc)  :: двойно {n}
double {v} (bridge: to make a call that will double certain scoring points)  :: контрирам
double {v} (to act as substitute)  :: дублирам
double {v} (to clench)  :: свивам
double {v} (to copy)  :: копирам
double {v} (to fold over so as to make two folds)  :: сгъвам на две
double {v} (to increase by 100%)  :: удвоявам
double {v} (to multiply by two)  :: удвоявам
double bed {n} (a bed designed for two adults)  :: легло персон и половина {n} /legló persón i polovína/
double-breasted {adj} (closing with an overlap)  :: двуреден
doublecross {v} (betray)  :: измамвам, предавам, играя двойна игра
double-dealing {adj} (cheating, dishonest)  :: двуличен
double-dealing {n} (deceit or treachery)  :: двуличие, измама
double-decker {n} (vehicle with two decks)  :: двуетажен автобус {m} /dvuetážen avtóbus/
double Dutch {n} (incomprehensible language)  :: неразбираем език {m}
double-edged {adj} (a blade that is sharp on both edges)  :: двуостър
doublet {n} (article of men's clothing)  :: жакет {m}
doublet {n} (pair of two similar or equal things)  :: чифт {m}
double take {n} (reaction to surprising sight)  :: закъсняла реакция
doubleton {n} (bridge: two cards of same suit)  :: дубъл {m}
doubleton {n} (math: set of two elements)  :: дубъл {m}
doubletree {n} (device that connects two horses to a wagon)  :: ок
doubloon {n} (former Spanish gold coin)  :: дублон {m}
doubt {n} (uncertainty)  :: съмне́ние {n}
doubt {v} (to lack confidence in something)  :: съмнявам се {impf}
doubtful {adj} (experiencing or showing doubt)  :: съмняващ се
doubtful {adj} (improbable or unlikely)  :: невероятен
doubtful {adj} (subject to, or causing doubt)  :: съмнителен
doubtful {adj} (suspicious, or of dubious character)  :: подозрителен
doubtful {adj} (undecided or of uncertain outcome)  :: несигурен
doubtless {adj} (characterized by no doubt)  :: несъмнено, безспорно, сигурно
douche {n} (a jet or current of water or vapour directed upon some part of the body to benefit it medicinally)  :: душ {m} /duš/
dough {n} (mix of flour and other ingredients)  :: те́сто {n}
dough {n} (money (slang))  :: мангизи {p}
doughnut {n} (deep-fried piece of dough or batter)  :: поничка {f}
doughty {adj} (brave)  :: смел /smel/, решителен /rešítelen/
dour {adj} (expressing gloom or melancholy)  :: мрачен, намусен
dour {adj} (stern, harsh and forbidding)  :: строг, суров
douse {v} (plunge suddenly into water; duck; immerse)  :: потапям, намокрям
douse {v} (put out; extinguish)  :: гася
dove {n} (bird of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae)  :: гълъб {m} /gǎ̀lǎb/
dovecot {n} (dovecote) SEE: dovecote  ::
dovehouse {n} (dovecote) SEE: dovecote  ::
dowel {n} (a pin fitting into holes, partly in one piece and partly in the other to keep them in their position)  :: шпонка, шпилка, щифт, дюбел
down {adv} (from a high to a low position, downwards)  :: надолу
down {adv} (in a lower position)  :: долу
down {adv} (south)  :: юг
down {n} (soft, immature feathers)  :: пух {m}, мъх {m}
down {prep} (from one end to another)  :: по
down and out {adj} (in a condition of poverty or debility)  :: обеднял
downbeat {adj} (sad)  :: мрачен, песимистичен
downfall {n} (precipitous decline in fortune; death or rapid deterioration, as in status or wealth)  :: провал {m}, крах {m}
downgrade {v} (To place lower in position)  :: понижавам
downhill {adj} (easy) SEE: easy  ::
downhill {adj} (going down a slope)  :: нанадолен
downhill {adj} (located down a slope)  :: долен
downhill {adv} (down a slope)  :: надолу
downhill {n} (alpine skiing) SEE: alpine skiing  ::
downhill {n} (discipline of alpine skiing)  :: спускане {n}
downing {n} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
download {v} (to transfer data from a remote computer to a local one)  :: свалям
downplay {v} (to de-emphasize; to present or portray something as less important or consequential)  :: омаловажавам
downpour {n} (heavy rain)  :: порой {m}
downright {adv} (really; actually; quite; thoroughly; utterly)  :: съвсем, напълно
downside {n} (disadvantageous aspect of something that is normally advantageous)  :: недостатък {m}
downspout {n} (vertical pipe or conduit)  :: олук {m}
Down's syndrome {prop} (condition caused by chromosomal deficiency) SEE: Down syndrome  ::
downtime {n} (amount of time lost)  :: престой {m} /prestój/
down-to-earth {adj} (practical; realistic)  :: практичен, реалистичен
downtown {n} (either the lower, or the business center of a city or town)  :: це́нтър на гра́да {m}
downward {adj} (moving down)  :: спадащ
downward {adv} (toward a lower level)  :: надолу
down with {interj} (away with (...!))  :: долу на /dólu na/
downy {adj} (having down)  :: пухест, мъхест
dowry {n} (property or payment given at time of marriage)  :: зестра {f} /zestra/
do you believe in God {phrase} (do you believe in God?)  :: вярвате ли в Бог?, вярваш ли в Бог?
do you need help {phrase} (Do you need help?)  :: имате ли нужда от помощ? /imate li nužda ot pomošt?/, имаш ли нужда от помощ? /imaš li nužda ot pomošt?/
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak English? (English specifically))  :: [informal] гово́риш ли англи́йски?, [formal or plural] гово́рите ли англи́йски?
do you speak English {phrase} (do you speak...? (fill with the name of the current foreign language))  :: гово́рите ли бъ̀лгарски?
doze {n} (short sleep or nap)  :: дрямка {f}
doze {v} (bulldoze) SEE: bulldoze  ::
doze {v} (to sleep lightly or briefly)  :: дремя
dozen {n} (dozens: a large number)  :: десетки {p}
dozen {n} (twelve)  :: ду́зина {f}
dozy {adj} (sleepy)  :: сънен, сънлив
Dr {n} (Doctor)  :: д-р {m}
drab {adj} (dull, uninteresting)  :: сив, скучен, eднообразeн
drab {n} (promiscuous woman, prostitute)  :: проститутка
drab {n} (slattern)  :: курва
drachma {n} (currency)  :: драхма {f} /dráhma/
dracology {n} (dragonlore) SEE: dragonlore  ::
draft {n} (action or act of pulling something along)  :: теглене, дърпане
draft {n} (amount of liquid that is drunk in one swallow)  :: глътка {f}
draft {n} (conscription)  :: набор {m}
draft {n} (current of air)  :: течение {n}
draft {n} (depth of water needed to float ship)  :: газене {n}
draft {n} (draw through a flue)  :: тя́га {f}
draft {n} (early version of a written work)  :: чернова {f}
draft {n} (order for money to be paid)  :: менителница {m}
draft {n} (preliminary sketch)  :: скица {f}
draft {v} (to conscript a person)  :: мобилизирам
draft {v} (to write a first version)  :: скицирам
draft animal {n} (draught animal) SEE: draught animal  ::
drafting {n} (act or process)  :: начертаване {n}
drafting {n} (art)  :: чертане {n}
drafty {adj} (characterized by gusts of wind; windy)  :: изложен на течение
drag {n} (device for dragging along the bottom of a body of water)  :: драга {f}
drag {n} (puff on cigarette)  :: дърпане {n}
drag {n} (street) SEE: street  ::
drag {v} (to move slowly)  :: влача се, мъкна се
drag {v} (to pull along a surface)  :: тегля, дърпам
dragon {n} (constellation Draco) SEE: Draco  ::
dragon {n} (Komodo dragon) SEE: Komodo dragon  ::
dragon {n} (lizard of the genus Draco) SEE: Draco  ::
dragon {n} (mythical creature)  :: драко́н {m}, змей {m}
dragonfly {n} (insect of the infraorder Anisoptera)  :: во́дно ко́нче {n}
dragon fruit {n} (fruit)  :: пита́я {f}
dragon's wort {n} (tarragon) SEE: tarragon  ::
dragoon {n} (horse soldier)  :: драгун {m}
dragoon {v} (to force someone into doing something; to coerce)  :: принуждавам
drain {n} (conduit for liquids)  :: канал {m}, водосток, утечка {f}, разход {m}
drain {v} (cause liquid to flow out of)  :: отводнявам
drain {v} (dry out a wet place)  :: пресушавам
drain {v} (to lose liquid)  :: изтичам, оттичам се
drainage basin {n} (topographic region in which all water drains to a common outlet)  :: водосборна зона {f}, водосборен басейн {m}
draisine {n} (light auxiliary rail vehicle)  :: мотриса /motrísa/
drake {n} (male duck)  :: паток {m} /patok/
dram {n} (⅛ oz. apoth.) SEE: drachm  ::
dram {n} (Greek weight) SEE: drachma  ::
dram {n} (Turkish weight) SEE: dirhem  ::
dramatic {adj} (having a powerful, expressive singing voice)  :: драматичен /dramatičen/
dramatic {adj} (of or relating to the drama)  :: драматичен /dramatičen/
dramatic {adj} (striking in appearance or effect)  :: драматичен /dramatičen/
dramatic present {n} (tense) SEE: historical present  ::
dramatist {n} (playwright) SEE: playwright  ::
dramatization {n} (the act of dramatizing)  :: драматизация {f}
dramatize {v} (to adapt a literary work)  :: драматизирам
dramatize {v} (to present something in a dramatic or melodramatic manner)  :: драматизирам
dramaturgical {adj} (dramaturgic) SEE: dramaturgic  ::
drape {n} (curtain, drapery) SEE: curtain  ::
drape {v} (to cover or adorn with drapery or folds of cloth, or as with drapery)  :: драпирам
drapery {n}  :: драперия
drapes {n} (UK plural) SEE: drape  ::
drastic {adj} (extreme, severe)  :: драстичен
drat {interj} (cry of anger or frustration)  :: по дяволите!
drat {v} (to damn or curse)  :: проклинам
draught {n} (game piece)  :: шашки {p}
draughts {n} (game for two players)  :: да́ма {f}
draughtsman {n} (one who drinks drams) SEE: tippler  ::
draw {n} (procedure by which the result of a lottery is determined)  :: теглене {n}
draw {n} (tie as a result of a game)  :: равенство {n}
draw {v} (to attract)  :: привличам, примамвам
draw {v} (to cause) SEE: cause  ::
draw {v} (to close curtains etc.)  :: дърпам
draw {v} (to deduce or infer)  :: заключавам
draw {v} (to determine the result of a lottery)  :: тегля
draw {v} (to disembowel) SEE: disembowel  ::
draw {v} (to end a game with neither side winning)  :: завършвам наравно
draw {v} (to inhale) SEE: inhale  ::
draw {v} (to produce a picture)  :: рису́вам {impf}, нарису́вам {pf}
draw {v} (to pull out)  :: тегля, дърпам, изтеглям
drawback {n} (a disadvantage)  :: пречка {f}, затруднение {n}
drawer {n} (artist who primarily makes drawings)  :: гра́фик {m}
drawer {n} (one who draws something)  :: черто́жник {m}, рисувач {m}
drawer {n} (open-topped box in a cabinet used for storing)  :: чекмедже {n}
drawers {n} (long underpants)  :: дълги гащи {p}
drawers {n} (plural of drawer) SEE: drawer  ::
drawers {n} ((slang) clothing worn on the legs)  :: гащи {p}
drawers {n}  :: гащи {p}
drawing {n} (action where the outcome is selected by chance using a draw)  :: теглене {n}
drawing {n} (act of producing a picture)  :: рисуване {n}, чертане {n}
drawing {n} (picture, likeness, diagram or representation)  :: рису́нка {f}, черте́ж {m}
drawing pin {n} (tack for attaching paper) SEE: thumbtack  ::
drawing room {n} (private room on a sleeping car)  :: гостна стая, салон
drawl {n} (way of speaking slowly)  :: провлечен говор
drawl {v} (to speak with a drawl)  :: говоря провлечено
dray {n} (horse-drawn cart)  :: каруца {f}
dread {n} (great fear in view of impending evil)  :: страх {m}, боязън {m}
dread {v} (to anticipate with fear)  :: опасявам се
dread {v} (to fear greatly)  :: страхувам се
dreadful {adj} (causing dread)  :: страшен, ужасен
dream {n} (hope or wish)  :: сън {m}, сънища {p}, мечта́ {f}
dream {n} (imaginary events seen while sleeping)  :: сън {m}
dream {v} (daydream) SEE: daydream  ::
dream {v} (see imaginary events while sleeping)  :: сънувам
dream {v} (to create an imaginary experience)  :: мечтая
dream {v} (to hope, to wish)  :: мечтая /mečtája/
dreamcatcher {n} (decorative Native American object)  :: ловец на сънища {m}
dreamer {n} (ladybird) SEE: ladybird  ::
dreamish {adj} (resembling a dream) SEE: dreamlike  ::
dreamlike {adj} (like something from a dream)  :: приказен, фантастичен, мечтателен
dreamy {adj} (resembling a dream) SEE: dreamlike  ::
dreamy {adj} (sexy or attractive)  :: чудесен
dreary {adj} (drab)  :: тъжен, мрачен
dredge {n} (dragnet) SEE: dragnet  ::
dredge {n} (dredging machine)  :: драга {f}
dredge {v} (to coat moistened food with powder)  :: наръсвам
dredge {v} (to make a channel deeper)  :: драгирам
dredge {v} (to unearth)  :: изгребвам
dreg {n} (sediment in a liquid)  :: ута́йка {f}
dreggy {adj} (muddy) SEE: muddy  ::
drench {v} (to soak, to make very wet)  :: намокрям, напоявам
Dresden {prop} (capital city of the German Federal State of Saxony)  :: Дрезден {m}
dress {n} (apparel)  :: облекло́ {n}
dress {n} (garment)  :: ро́кля {f}
dress {v} (to bandage (a wound))  :: превързвам
dress {v} (to clothe oneself)  :: облѝчам се {impf}, облека̀ се {pf}
dress {v} (to clothe (something or somebody))  :: обли́чам {impf}, облека́ {pf}
dressage {n} (event of the horse sport)  :: паркур {m} /parkur/
dressage {n} (schooling of a horse)  :: обяздване {n} /objazdvane/
dresser {n} (bedroom furniture)  :: тоалетка {f}
dresser {n} (kitchen furniture)  :: кухненскибюфет {m}
dressing {n} (activity of getting dressed)  :: обличане {n}
dressing {n} (material applied to a wound)  :: превръзка {f}
dressing {n} (sauce, especially a cold one for salads)  :: сос {m}
dressing {n} (stuffing of fowls, pigs, etc.) SEE: forcemeat  ::
dressing-down {n} (reprimand) SEE: reprimand  ::
dressing gown {n} (item of clothing)  :: халат {m}, пеньоар {m}
dressing room {n} (changing room)  :: гримьорна, съблекалня
dressing table {n} (low table equipped with mirror for dressing and makeup)  :: тоале́тка {f}
dressmaker {n} (person who makes women's clothes)  :: шивачка {f} /šivačka/
dressy {adj} (elegant, smart or stylish)  :: натруфен, елегантен
dribble {n} (small amount of liquid)  :: капка {f}
dribble {n} (sport)  :: дрибъл {m}
dribble {n} (trickle)  :: капене {n}, росене {n}
dribble {v} (to bounce the ball with one hand at a time)  :: дриблирам
dribble {v} (to fall in drops or an unsteady stream)  :: капя, църцоря
dribble {v} (to let saliva drip from the mouth)  :: лигавя се
dribble {v} (to let something fall in drips)  :: изкапвам
dribble {v} (to move the ball, by repeated light kicks)  :: дриблирам
dribble {v} (to run with the ball, controlling its path with the feet)  :: дриблирам
dried {adj} (without water or moisture)  :: сух, изсушен
drift {n} (act or motion of drifting)  :: течение {n}, дрейф {m} /drejf/
drift {n} (angle which the line of a ship's motion makes with the meridian, in drifting)  :: дрейф {m}
drift {n} (course or direction along which anything is driven; setting)  :: насока {f}
drift {n} (distance through which a current flows in a given time)  :: дрейф {m}
drift {n} (distance to which a vessel is carried off from her desired course by the wind, currents, or other causes)  :: дрейф {m}
drift {n} (mass of matter which has been driven or forced onward together in a body, or thrown together in a heap, etc.)  :: навяване {n}
drift {n} (shallow place in a river) SEE: ford  ::
drift {n} (the tendency of an act, argument, course of conduct, or the like; object aimed at or intended; intention)  :: тенденция {f}
drift {v} (to deviate gently from the intended direction of travel)  :: дрейфувам
drift {v} (to move haphazardly without any destination)  :: нося се
drift {v} (to move slowly, pushed by currents of water, air, etc)  :: дрейфувам
drill {n} (activity done as an exercise or practice)  :: трениро́вка {f}, строева́ подгото́вка {f}
drill {n} (cotton fabric)  :: габардин {m}
drill {n} (driving part of a drill)  :: бургия {f}
drill {n} (Old World monkey)  :: мандрил {m}
drill {n} (tool)  :: свредел {m} /svrédel/, бормашина {f} /bormašína/
drill {v} (to cause to drill, or practise)  :: обучавам
drill {v} (to make a hole)  :: пробивам, сондирам
drill {v} (to practice)  :: тренирам, обучавам се
drill bit {n} (twist drill) SEE: twist drill  ::
drink {n} (action of drinking)  :: пиене {n}
drink {n} (alcoholic beverages in general)  :: алкохолни напитки {p}
drink {n} (served alcoholic beverage)  :: питие́ {n}
drink {n} (served beverage)  :: питие́ {n}, напи́тка {f}
drink {n} (type of beverage)  :: напитка {f}
drink {v} (consume alcoholic beverages)  :: пия {impf}
drink {v} (consume liquid through the mouth)  :: пи́я {impf}
drinkable {adj} (of good or satisfactory quality)  :: пивък
drinkable {adj} (safe to drink)  :: питеен, годен за пиене
drink-driving {n} (drink-driving) SEE: drunk driving  ::
drinker {n} (one that drinks)  :: пияч {m}
drinker {n} (regular drinker)  :: пия́ница {m}
drinking straw {n} (a long plastic or paper tube through which a drink is drunk)  :: сла́мка {f}
drip {n} (a drop of a liquid)  :: капка {f}
drip {n} (an apparatus that slowly releases a liquid)  :: система {f}
drip {v} (to fall one drop at a time)  :: капя
drip {v} (to leak slowly)  :: капя
drip {v} (to put a small amount of a liquid on something, drop by drop)  :: изкапвам
dripstone {n} (protective moulding)  :: корниз {m}, навес {m}
drivable {adj} (driveable) SEE: driveable  ::
drive {n} (motivation to do or achieve)  :: стимул {m}
drive {n} (trip made in a motor vehicle)  :: возене {n}
drive {v} (cause a mechanism to operate)  :: задвижвам
drive {v} (cause animals to flee out of)  :: гоня́ {impf}
drive {v} (compel (to do something))  :: принуждавам
drive {v} (herd (animals) in a particular direction)  :: гоня́ {impf}
drive {v} (operate (a wheeled motorized vehicle))  :: карам
drive {v} (to motivate)  :: мотивирам
drive-in {n} (drive-in restaurant) SEE: drive-through  ::
drivel {n} (saliva, drool)  :: лиги {p}, слюнка {f}
drivel {n} (senseless talk)  :: глупости {p}, безсмислици {p}
drivel {v} (to have saliva drip from the mouth)  :: лигавя се
drivel {v} (to talk nonsense)  :: говоря глупости
driver {n} (one who drives something)  :: водач {m}
driver {n} (person who drives a motorized vehicle, such as a car or a bus)  :: шофьо́р {m}
driver {n} (program acting as interface between an application and hardware)  :: драйвър {m}
driver's licence {n} (document) SEE: driver's license  ::
driver's license {n} (documenting permitting this person to drive)  :: шофьо́рска ка́рта {f}, шофьо́рска кни́жка {f}
drive sale {n} (garage sale) SEE: garage sale  ::
driving {n} (action of operating a motor vehicle)  :: шофиране {n}
driving licence {n} (document) SEE: driver's license  ::
drizzle {n} (light rain)  :: ситен дъжд
drizzle {v} (to rain lightly)  :: ръмя
drizzle {v} (to urinate)  :: пикая
drizzly {adj} (abounding with drizzle; drizzling)  :: ръмящ
droll {adj} (oddly humorous; whimsical)  :: смешен, комичен
dromedary {n} (Camelus dromedarius, the single-humped camel)  :: едногъ́рба ками́ла {f}
drone {n} (a low-pitched hum or buzz)  :: бръмча
drone {n} (fixed-pitch pipe in bagpipe)  :: ручило {n}
drone {n} (hum or buzz)  :: бръмчене {n}
drone {n} (male bee)  :: тъ̀ртей {m}
drool {n} (saliva)  :: лиги {p}
drool {v} (to secrete saliva in anticipation of food)  :: лигавя се, текат ми лигите
drool {v} (to talk nonsense)  :: говоря глупости
droop {v} (to lose all enthusiasm or happiness)  :: унивам
droop {v} (to sink or hang downward; to sag)  :: свеждам, клюмвам
droop {v} (to slowly become limp; to bend gradually)  :: отслабвам, клюмвам
drop {n} (small mass of liquid)  :: ка̀пка {f}
drop {n} (small, round piece of hard candy)  :: драже {n}
drop {v} (to allow to fall from one's grasp)  :: изпускам
drop {v} (to decrease in value)  :: спадам, понижавам се
drop {v} (to fail to pronounce)  :: пропускам
drop {v} (to fall)  :: падам
dropdown {n} (computing: selection object) SEE: dropdown list  ::
drop-down {n} (type of menu) SEE: dropdown list  ::
drop in the ocean {n} (drop in the bucket) SEE: drop in the bucket  ::
droplet {n} (very small drop)  :: капчица {f}
dropsy {n} (swelling)  :: воднянка {f}
dropwort {n} (perennial herb)  :: орехче {n}, отвратниче {n}
dross {n} (Residue that forms on the surface of a metal)  :: шлака {f}
dross {n} (The impurities in metal)  :: примес {m}
drought {n} (a period of unusually low rain fall)  :: су́ша {f}
droughty {adj} (lacking rain)  :: сушав
drove {n} (a number of cattle driven to market or new pastures)  :: черда, стадо
drown {v} (to be suffocated in fluid)  :: давя се, удавям се
drown {v} (to deprive of life by immerson in liquid)  :: давя
drown {v} (to overpower)  :: заглушавам
drown {v} (to overwhelm in water)  :: потапям, заливам
drowse {n} (state of being sleepy and inactive)  :: дрямка
drowse {v}  :: дремя
drowsy {adj} (disposing to sleep)  :: приспивателен
drowsy {adj} (inclined to drowse)  :: сънлив /sǎnliv/
drug {n} (psychoactive substance ingested for recreational use, especially illegal and addictive one)  :: дро́га {f}, нарко́тик {m}
drug {n} (substance used as a medical treatment) SEE: medicine  ::
drug {v} (to administer intoxicating drugs)  :: дрогирам се, взимам наркотици
drug abuse {n} (substance abuse) SEE: substance abuse  ::
drug addiction {n} (dependency on illegal drugs)  :: наркома́ния {f}
drug baron {n} (druglord) SEE: druglord  ::
drugstore {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
drum {n} (barrel etc. for liquid)  :: варел {m}
drum {n} (musical instrument)  :: бараба́н {m}, тъ̀пан {m}
drum {v} (to beat a drum)  :: бия барабан
drum {v} (to beat with a rapid succession of strokes)  :: барабаня
drum {v} (to review to establish memorization)  :: набивам
drummer {n} (one who plays the drums)  :: барабанчик {m}, барабанист {m}
drummer {n} (traveling salesman)  :: пътуващ търговец
drum set {n} (drum kit) SEE: drum kit  ::
drunk {adj} (elated by emotion)  :: опиянен, въодушевен
drunk {adj} (intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol)  :: пия́н
drunk {n} (habitual drinker)  :: пияница {m}
drunkard {n} (person who is habitually drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
drunk driver {n} (drunk driver) SEE: drink-driver  ::
drunkness {n} (drunkenness) SEE: drunkenness  ::
drupe {n} (stone fruit) SEE: stone fruit  ::
Druzhkovka {prop} (Druzhkivka) SEE: Druzhkivka  ::
dry {adj} (free from liquid or moisture)  :: сух /suh/
dry {adj} (free of water in any state)  :: сух /suh/
dry {v} (to become dry)  :: съхна, изсъхвам
dry {v} (to make dry)  :: суша, изсушавам
dryad {n} (female tree spirit)  :: дриада {f} /driada/
dryer {n} (household appliance for drying clothing)  :: суши́лня {f}
dryly {adv} (in a dry manner)  :: хладно, безчувствено
drywall {n} (A building material)  :: гипсокартон {m}
dual {adj} (double)  :: двоен
dual {adj} (having two components)  :: от две части
duality {n} (the mathematical equivalence of two seemingly different theoretical descriptions of a physical system)  :: дуализъм {m}
dual number {n} (Grammatical number denoting a quantity of exactly two) SEE: dual  ::
dub {v} (to confer knighthood)  :: посвещавам
dub {v} (to name, to entitle, to call)  :: наричам
Dubai {prop} (one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates)  :: Дуба́й {m}
dubbing {n} (dubbin) SEE: dubbin  ::
dubious {adj}  :: съмнителен, несигурен
Dublin {prop} (the capital of the Republic of Ireland)  :: Дъблин /Dəblín/
dubnium {n} (chemical element)  :: дубний {m} /dúbnij/, нилсборий {m} /nilsbórij/
Dubrovnik {prop} (Croatian port-city)  :: Дубровник
duchess {n} (female ruler of a duchy)  :: херцогиня {f} /hercogínja/, дукеса {f} /dukésa/
duchess {n} (female spouse or widow of a duke)  :: херцогиня {f} /hercogínja/, дукеса {f} /dukésa/
duchy {n} (a dominion or region ruled by a duke or duchess)  :: херцогство {n} /hércogstvo/, княжество {n} /knjážestvo/
duck {n} (aquatic bird of the family Anatidae)  :: па́тица {f}, па́тка {f}, па́ток {m}
duck {n} (cotton fabric)  :: док {m}
duck {n} (female duck)  :: па́тица {f}
duck {n} (flesh of a duck used as food)  :: патешко месо {n}
duck {v} (to lower into the water)  :: гмуркам се, потапям се
duck {v} (to lower the head or body)  :: навеждам се
duck {v} (to try to evade doing something)  :: избягвам
duckbill {n} (duck-billed platypus)  :: птицечовка
duckling {n} (young duck)  :: пате {n}
ducks {n} (pair of twos) SEE: deuces  ::
duck soup {n} (something which is easy) SEE: piece of cake  ::
duckwalk {v} (jump)  :: патешко ходене
duckweed {n} (plant)  :: водна леща {f}
duct {n} (a pipe, tube or canal which carries air or liquid from one place to another)  :: канал {m} /kanál/, тръба {f} /trǎbá/
ductile {adj} (capable of being pulled or stretched into thin wire)  :: ковък
ductile {adj} (easily led)  :: податлив
ductile {adj} (molded easily into a new form)  :: пластичен
ductility {n} (ability of material)  :: разтегливост {f}
dud {n} (loser) SEE: loser  ::
dud {n} (obsolete: clothes) SEE: duds  ::
dude {n} (colloquial: man)  :: пич {m}
dude {n} (colloquial: term of address for a young man)  :: пич
dude {n} (dandy) SEE: dandy  ::
due {adj} (owed or owing, to be paid by the stated time)  :: дължим
due {adv} (used with compass directions: directly or exactly)  :: право
due {n} (deserved acknowledgement)  :: дължимо {n}, полагаемо
duel {n} (combat between two persons)  :: дуел {m} /duél/
duel {n} (struggle between two parties)  :: двубой {m}
duel {v} (engage in a duel)  :: дуелирам се
dueler {n} (dueler) SEE: duelist  ::
duenna {n} (a chaperon of a young lady)  :: компаньонка
duenna {n} (a governess or nanny)  :: гувернантка
duet {n} (a musical composition for two performers)  :: дует {m} /duét/
due to {prep} (caused by)  :: благодарение на
duffer {n} (incompetent or clumsy person)  :: некадърник {m}, нескопосник {m}
dug {n} (mammary gland on domestic mammal)  :: цицка, бозка
dugong {n} (Dugong dugon)  :: дюгон {m}
dugout {n} (canoe)  :: еднодръвка {f}
dugout {n} (shelter)  :: укритие {n}, землянка {f}
duke {n} (grand duke)  :: велик херцог {m}
duke {n} (male holder of a dukedom)  :: херцог {m}, дук {m}
duke {n} (male ruler of a duchy)  :: хе́рцог {m}, дук {m}
duke {n} (slang: fist)  :: юмрук {m}
dulcet {adj} (generally pleasing, soothing, agreeable)  :: приятен
dulcet {adj} (sweet to the taste)  :: сладък
dulcet {adj} (sweet (voice, tone), melodious)  :: мелодичен
dulcimer {n} (musical instrument)  :: цимбал /cimbal/
dulcour {n} (sweetness; dulcitude; suavitude) SEE: sweetness  ::
dull {adj} (boring)  :: скучен
dull {adj} (lacking the ability to cut easily; not sharp)  :: тъп
dull {adj} (not bright or intelligent)  :: тъп
dull {adj} (not shiny)  :: матов
dull {v} (to become dull)  :: притъпявам се
dull {v} (to render dull)  :: притъпявам
dull {v} (to soften, moderate or blunt)  :: смекчавам
dullard {n} (A stupid person; a fool)  :: тъпак {m} /tǎ̀pak/
duly {adv} (properly)  :: съответно, надлежно
duly {adv} (regularly)  :: навреме
duma {n} (lower house of Russian national parliament)  :: ду́ма {f}
dumb {adj} (extremely stupid)  :: тъп
dumb {adj} (unable to speak) SEE: mute  ::
dumbbell {n} (a stupid person)  :: тъпак {m}
dumbbell {n} (a weight with two disks attached to a short bar)  :: ги́ра {f}
dumbfound {v} (to confuse and bewilder)  :: смайвам, слисвам
dumbledore {n} (beetle) SEE: beetle  ::
dumbledore {n} (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee  ::
dumbledore {n} (dandelion) SEE: dandelion  ::
dumb show {n} (performance)  :: пантомима
dumfounded {adj} (dumbfounded) SEE: dumbfounded  ::
dummy {n} (a deliberately nonfunctional placeholder)  :: бутафо́рия {f}
dummy {n} (an unintelligent person)  :: тъпак {m}
dummy {n} ((bridge) the partner of the winning bidder, who shows his or her hand.)  :: мор
dummy {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier  ::
dummy {n} (something constructed with the size and form of a human)  :: манекен {m}
dump {n} (a place where waste or garbage is left)  :: бунище {n}, отвал {m}
dump {v} (to discard, to get rid of)  :: отървавам се от
dump {v} (to release)  :: стоварвам
dumpling {n} (food)  :: кне́дла {f}
dumpy {adj} (short and thick)  :: тантурест, трътлест
dun {adj} (of a brownish grey colour)  :: сиво-кафяв
dun {n} (colour)  :: сиво-кафяв
Dundee {prop} (city)  :: Дънди {m}
dune {n} (a ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind)  :: дю́на {f}
dung {n} (manure)  :: оборски тор {m}, тор {m}
dung {v} (to fertilize with dung)  :: торя
dungaree {n} (heavy denim fabric, often blue; blue jean material)  :: дънков плат
dungeon {n} (underground prison or vault)  :: донжон {m}
dung heap {n} (mound)  :: торище {n}
dunghill {n} (heap of dung)  :: торище {n}
dunlin {n} (Calidris alpina)  :: тъмногръд брегобегач
dunnage {n} (baggage) SEE: baggage  ::
dunnage {n} (personal effects) SEE: personal effects  ::
dunnock {n} (bird)  :: сивогуша завирушка
duodecuple {adj} (twelvefold) SEE: twelvefold  ::
duodenum {n} (first part of the small intestine)  :: дванадесетопръстник {m}
duology {n} (dilogy) SEE: dilogy  ::
dupe {n} (deceived person)  :: лековерник {m}, будала {m}
dupe {v} (to swindle, deceive, or trick)  :: мамя, измамвам
duplex {adj} (double)  :: двоен, сдвоен
duplex {adj} (two direction)  :: двупосочен
duplicate {n} (an identical copy)  :: копие
duplicate {v} (to make a copy of)  :: правя копие
duplication {n} (act of duplicating)  :: удвояване, вадене на копия
duplicitous {adj} (Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech)  :: двуличен
duplicity {n} (intentional deceptiveness)  :: двойственост {f}, двуличие {n}
durability {n} (Permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force)  :: трайност {f}
durable {adj} (able to resist wear; enduring)  :: траен, устойчив
duramen {n} (heartwood) SEE: heartwood  ::
duration {n} (amount of time)  :: продължителност {f}, времетраене {n}
duress {n} (constraint by threat)  :: принуда {f}
Durex {prop} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
Durex {prop} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
durian {n} (fruit)  :: дуриа́н {m}
during {prep} (for all of a given time interval)  :: в продълже́ние на
during {prep} (within a given time interval)  :: по вре́ме на
Durrës {prop} (Adriatic port city in Albania)  :: Драч {m}
dusk {n} (period of time at the end of day when sun is below the horizon but before full onset of night)  :: здрач {m} /zdrač/, сумрак {m} /sumrak/, привечер {f} /privečer/
dusky {adj} (dark-skinned) SEE: dark-skinned  ::
dust {n} (fine, dry particles)  :: прах {m}
dust {v} ((intransitive) to clean by removing dust)  :: бърша прах
dust {v} (to spray something with fine powder or liquid)  :: поръсвам
dust {v} ((transitive) to remove dust from)  :: бърша прах
dustbin {n} (container for trash) SEE: garbage can  ::
dustcart {n} (rubbish collection vehicle) SEE: garbage truck  ::
dustman {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
dustpan {n} (flat scoop for assembling dust)  :: лопа́тка {f}
Dutch {adj} (of the Netherlands, people, or language)  :: холандски
Dutch {prop} (people from the Netherlands)  :: холандец {m}
Dutch {prop} (the Dutch language)  :: холандски
Dutch cap {n} (contraceptive device) SEE: cervical cap  ::
Dutch clover {n} (Trifolium repens) SEE: white clover  ::
Dutchman {n} (a Dutch man)  :: холандец
duteous {adj} (obsequious; submissively obedient)  :: покорен, послушен
dutiable {adj} (on which duty must be paid when imported or sold)  :: облагаем с мито
duty {n} (period of time)  :: дежурство {n}
duty {n} (tax; tariff)  :: мито {n}
duty {n} (that which one is morally or legally obligated to do)  :: дълг {m} /dǎlg/
duty-free {adj} (exempt from duty, especially customs)  :: безмитен
duvet {n} (quilt)  :: юрган {m}
dwarf {adj} (miniature)  :: дребен
dwarf {n} (astronomy: relatively small star)  :: джудже {n}
dwarf {n} (being from folklore, underground dwelling nature spirit)  :: джу́дже {n}, гном {m}
dwarf {n} (small person)  :: джу́дже {n}
dwarf {n} (something much smaller than the usual of its sort)  :: мъниче {n}
dwell {v} (live, reside)  :: живе́я {impf}, обита́вам {impf}
dweller {n} (inhabitant) SEE: inhabitant  ::
dwelling {n} (a place or house in which a person lives)  :: жилище {n} /žílište/
dwell on {v} (to continue to think or talk about (something or someone))  :: спирам се на
dwindle {v} ((intransitive) to decrease, shrink, vanish)  :: смалявам се, свивам се
dyad {n} (a set of two different elements)  :: двойка {f}, чифт {m}
dyadic operation {n} (two-operand operation) SEE: binary operation  ::
dye {n} (a colourant, especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied)  :: боя {f}
dye {n} (die) SEE: die  ::
dye {v} (to colour with dye)  :: боядисвам, боядисвам /bojadisvam/
dyer {n} (one whose occupation is to dye)  :: бояджия {m}
dying {adj} (approaching death)  :: умиращ
dying {adj} (declining, or drawing to an end)  :: пропадащ
dying {adj} (pertaining to the moments before death)  :: предсмъртен
dying {n} (process of approaching death)  :: умиране {n}
dying {n} (those who are currently expiring)  :: умиращи {p}
dyke {n} (barrier to prevent flooding)  :: дига {f}
dyke {n} (ditch and bank running alongside each other)  :: канавка {f}, отводнителен канал
dyke {n} (ditch) SEE: ditch  ::
dynamic {adj} (able to change)  :: променлив
dynamic {adj} (not steady; in motion)  :: динамичен
dynamic {adj} (powerful)  :: динамичен, енергичен
dynamic {n} (a behavior)  :: динамика {f}
dynamic {n} (the varying loudness or volume)  :: динамика {f}
dynamics {n} (a branch of mechanics)  :: динамика {f} /dinámika/
dynamite {n} (class of explosives)  :: динами́т {m}
dynamitist {n} (dynamiter) SEE: dynamiter  ::
dynasty {n} (A series of rulers or dynasts from one family)  :: династия {f}
dyne {n} (unit of force)  :: дина
dyscalculia {n} (pathology: difficulty with numbers)  :: дискалкулия
dysgraphia {n} (language disorder)  :: дисграфия, аграфия
dyslogistic {adj} (expressing censure or disapproval)  :: неодобрителен
dyspepsia {n} (pathology: disorder of digestion)  :: храносмилателно разстройство
dysphagia {n} (difficulty in swallowing)  :: разстройство в дъвченето
dysphoria {n} (state of feeling unwell, unhappy, restless or depressed)  :: дисфория
dyspnea {n} (difficult respiration)  :: затруднено дишане {n}
dysprosium {n} (chemical element)  :: диспро́сий
dystopia {n}  :: дистопия
dzhigit {n} (a brave equestrian in the Caucasus and Central Asia)  :: джиги́т {m}